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No. 1259120

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
Just the same old salt

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


Previous thread: >>>/ot/1177704

No. 1259123

First time making a thread, since nobody else seemed to be doing it. I hope it's alright.

No. 1259133

Samefren. Just thought I'd start off with an actual topic to discuss.

Have any of you nonas ever owned an Artisul tablet? They have some of their models on sale right now and I'm trying to decide if I want to get one. I've heard good reviews about them (no line jitter unlike other non-Wacom tablets, great performance and design), but I've also heard many complaints that they borderline do not function for some people. Is it worth the purchase?

No. 1259914

File: 1657647129690.png (1.49 MB, 1318x928, _Untitled.png)

>Walks around to ask artists for opinions
>Accidently picks the proud NFT supporter Jisu as one of these artists
>Said supporter is also dripped in Smash related drama
>Also has her art be the thumbnail
Um Proko, your research reps?

No. 1259981

She's a good artist, her art is very expressive and beautifully rendered so perfect for a thumbnail, if someone cares about actually creating and not the drama around it they'd definitely want to hear what an artist like her has to say

No. 1261410

>Said supporter is also dripped in Smash related drama

Anon if you had payed attention she’s actually a csa survivor.

No. 1261752

File: 1657742029395.png (9.23 MB, 1125x2436, 8CB977AD-F239-45E6-8ACA-DE7269…)

>video supposedly about potential clients
>throws in random complaint for half the video about students sending her questions for their class and not even knowing who she is (the fucking audacity)
>would totally do a zoom meeting with a whole class if their teacher just emailed her tho :)

do artists get paid to do student questionnaires?

some client complaints are understandable ngl

No. 1261761

I went to an art school and a lot of the guest teachers were absolutely insufferable and not fit to teach at all. Just there to smell their own farts and gloat at how successful they were, while getting mad nobody understood what they were trying to convey as they couldn't teach for shit. Plus they were usually not that great artists anyways so idk why they had their head stuck up their own asses.

No. 1262046

she responded to a comment saying they probably had an assignment to reach out to an artist they like and so a teacher email wouldn’t work.

Says the “problem” is that it puts all the “work” on the freelance artist and who spends all their time working to pay the bills constantly.

But she would be delighted to do a zoom call etc to the whole class? (When more than likely it’s only one student from that class who follows her and emailed her.)

How would that not take up even more time than responding to some email questions?
They’re not gonna pay you for your time to answer the questionnaire with your autobiography, and so definitely not for a guest lecture, so why pretend like you’d be interested and not ToTaLlY oFfEnDeD they want your time for free it it’s oh so valuable?

I do not understand a lot of these artists today. Just ignore the emails if they bother you THIS much

No. 1262056

She has a very obnoxious face.

No. 1262080

She looks like a weird Kristen Stewart.

No. 1262085

why are artists so insufferable and obnoxious.. goddamn none of these motherfuckers know how to have any ounce of fun anymore kek

No. 1262091

lol this. i took a piano class and art teachers are horrible. barely learned shit the entire semester because she was too focused on "wrist rainbows" to move past anything even if I played everything fine

No. 1262628

What on earth are "wrist rainbows"?

No. 1262689

When you play piano you're supposed to keep your hands and wrists elevated above the keys in a kind of curved shape. That's probably what the teacher was talking about. Though I don't think a music teacher trying to teach proper technique and posture is the same thing as mediocre art teachers being obnoxious.

No. 1262879

it would have eventually bitten you in the ass, to be fair. this is like saying an art teacher sucks for trying to encourage good posture so you don't ruin your back at 25 lol

No. 1263328

File: 1657884598315.png (191.28 KB, 1353x971, sweatie.png)

sage for venting
>forgot to sage in og post
>posted in the wrong thread

even if i don't care about internet fame and how i'd actually would nuke any of my account reaching over 1k followers, it gets sometimes sad to draw alone

I suck massive balls at socializing and I can count my fans on my fingertips, and my followers on the number of half of my hand. I don't draw fotm or starchildren OC, I don't pretend to be in the alphabet soup, I'm not that attractive so I can't pose in front of my drawing and finally I just have a newgrounds account because it feels less mind numbing than twitter

My problem is that I have mixed feelings about just knowing I'll never be famous and I just have a handful of clients that love my art and give me pocket money for my comm work. The other day, a client called me a hidden gem.

I am afraid of fame, but the lack of fame and seeing that my art has no visibility as I don't go the easy way out aka FoTM and conventional nsfw drawings, I know it's impossible. There's also the fact I refuse my ocs to be an alphabet soup fest to seem so speshuul and inclusive

I also don't want art to be my carreer, but the gaslighting making one believe than high follower count = good is giving me brainworms

>pic rel is a sketch i've done of the dna girl i've seen in gc back then, but i can't find ref of her so she looks like that one egirl from the game where zoomers didn't get the message and larp as her. I'm sorry for my handwriting but I just wanted to post a sketch I drew for nonnas

No. 1263476

Honestly, anons, even with my really good lining, imo starting late and my work looking better than my boyfriends (he does NSFW, but will do more degen because he does commissions) and doing not raunchy stuff, but still delving into NSFW with nudity and pinups, just feels so bad when you get like 9 likes. Then you have this ugly lolicon bs commissioned from you BF for $120 and 1000s of likes later… when its sloppy and ugly. Feels so bad sometimes to get no acknowledgement unless you completely do lolicon/shota/degend/cum covered art. Even cute art gets you nowhere now. Its as if all art spaces, including innocent ones, have been overrun by incels and your market no longer exists unless you magically go viral which is incredibly rare. It makes wanting to share not with it when I really do want someone else to like what I made.

No. 1263480

>Dating a man who draws shitty lolicon

No. 1263489

Is she the one that ruined an episode of the draftsmen podcast? Marshal was by himself because Stan was on family leave. I think she’s a student of Marshal’s or Stan’s and proceeded to talk about racism and sexism and sjw things that had nothing to do with the topic while saying Marshal was an idiot. Thankfully a lot of people said she was in the wrong but it still left a bad taste because they’re usually neutral and focus on art technique and history. It was a strange ep fr.

No. 1263492

nonnie are you me? lol

No. 1263497

Do you have creative friends who also draw/write/make characters and are invested in your work/OCs? I think that's the cure, at least it is for me. I don't use social media at all and art is just a hobby for me, but I have a couple people in my life who are very supportive of me and my stories, and we talk character design and world building all the time, and always share our drawings and wips with each other. It makes the hobby much more fulfilling.
Think more about why you're longing for fame, followers, attention, money, etc. Maybe there's something else in your life or your past that's troubling you, but for some reason you think it would be solved by being a famous artist. Maybe you just need to get off social media, who knows.
I like your doodle btw it's very cute!

No. 1263504

thank you a lot for your reply, i already am off socials, i just have a newgrounds now, and i found a few friends but i know it'll fall out

No. 1263537

Anon, hes not actually in to it and draws various themes in NSFW (furries and cons give out the most money). It makes money. Id rather have gas in my car and supplemental income with our already 3 jobs. Even his SFW stuff gets ignored and it sucks.

No. 1263545

It seems you're both in a really tight spot but it's still disgusting he would accept a lolicon commission even if he's not into it. Would make me question being with him tbh.

No. 1263724

Don't know anything about that, but Jisu was sexually abused by a number of big name Smash people while she was still a minor. One of them helped her run her art store, and iirc, when they had a falling out, he had sole legal ownership of the brand and all the artwork under it. Which meant Jisu was no longer able to sell or distribute her own artwork.

She does go through periods where she vanishes for a while or drops projects (the newest nft scandal for instance), but I'd say she's justified in having some mental health problems and PTSD given what she went through for years.

No. 1263764

ngl you both need to learn and apply marketing skills. there's plenty of cute/sfw art that gets popular, it just takes different marketing tactics than catering to nsfw niches.

even as someone that does nsfw my art doesn't get a lot of views/likes bc I don't market it very well. Social media is an algorithm game you gotta learn how to run it.

No. 1264535

Sucks for her. Was she able to get any legal action against her abusers? If she comes back and then disappears she needs to work on dealing with her past because she’ll be forgotten as an artist soon enough. If she plans to make this her job she’ll need to have support.

I don’t know much about Smash but I remember reading something about Reddit drama mods or abuse etc in that fandom before. It’s not surprising it’s multiple occupancies within that fandom.

No. 1264536

Occurrences ^

No. 1264615

Do you guys have any mutuals/friends who are either constantly getting harassed or getting involved with art drama? What's it like? All my moots and friends are fringe artists who are popular in their niches, but keep to themselves.

No. 1264698

I used to have some friends and acquaintances in high school who I could show my art to, and I really miss those days because we would just draw silly shit together and have fun. I was usually the most skilled one but it didn’t even matter because we were just trying to make each other laugh. Now I just have my siblings, and they keep telling me my art is good and that I should get on social media, but I’ve been putting it off because idk if I really want that. I’ve actually started accounts before and made a few posts but it’s nerve racking and feels like too much pressure, and I know it’s not completely rational but I feel like I have to be perfect because I’m exposing myself to the world. It gets to me and then idk what to even draw/post.

I don’t really have an answer, just wanted to vent too. Maybe one day I’ll give it a fair shot, but for now I’ll just enjoy being able to draw whatever/whenever I want with no pressure, even if I do miss the social interaction aspect.

No. 1264774

rather see a woman in a thumbnail than a man, which is oftentimes who is featured on these big name pro artist youtuber channels like Proko

No. 1264785

Unrelated but is anyone else extremely put off by the ugliness of the average tiktok thumbnail.
it's so cluttered with text and little icons.

It seems like a lot of artists are getting onto the platform now too which also sucks, it's a worse timesink/numbers game than all of social media combined, hoping the platform dies like Vine.

No. 1264838

If you're worried about the stress of putting yourself out in public, make your Twitter/IG account private at first, only let people you know follow you. When you feel more comfortable you can make them public, or keep them private if it feels better that way.

No. 1264864

Booktok and arttok are a bane for artists and creatives. I would like to see that platform die too but I think it’s too popular. Other SMs have adapted that format like IG and YouTube.
Trying to be an artist on that platform seems like a nightmare. You either find crappy tutorials, fotm challenges or drama.

No. 1264945

Yeah, my BF suggested checking out Tweetmaps. It shows you when you get the most engagement and you can post things automatically through there if you want or just follow the algorithm map it shows you.

No. 1265108

File: 1658003227009.png (5.29 MB, 3575x2000, 2873818318273009.png)

3 different artist with the same style. how do they even do it? how does one adopt this artstyle?

No. 1265113

i'd argue the styles are similar but not the same. i can see some subtle differences between them but if you want to adopt this art style then you need to study it and find what makes it look like that

No. 1265130

File: 1658004443247.jpeg (367.72 KB, 2200x1920, BD6B837B-0074-4260-B26A-628658…)

Ohisashiburi I’m pretty sure is the og. Be careful tho she draws loli if you plan to study her art.

No. 1265138

Genshin anime style

No. 1265139

Go over what defines an art style. i.e. How does the artist use color, composition, contrast etc.?
Use the basics to examine examples of the art style you want to adopt.

Is their work romantic? More abstract? Is their line work heavy or fine? Do their shadows tend to be harsh or soft? How do they handle hair, eyes and other features?

Then, use qualities about their work that you discover this way and begin to practice them in your own work either one at a time or at a faster pace if you’re comfortable.

No. 1265204

No different from how manga artists can sometimes have the same style.

No. 1265280

I had a few. They either ended up deactivating due to mental health or blocked when I unfollowed. Sometimes you feel bad for them when they deal with hate. But then they keep starting obviously controversial discourse and making dumbass decisions and they act like the most persecuted people ever, wondering why they deal with so much drama. Plus some are just plain assholes. Sometimes drama gets to the point that people dig up their past and even just associating with that artist makes people act like you support every ‘bad’ thing they did. Even worse when your other art mutuals hate them. Just a very annoying experience all around.

No. 1265443

That doesn’t look anything like genshin. It’s just a popular anime style right now

No. 1265447

File: 1658032511914.jpeg (260.46 KB, 1080x1865, 37A38A9B-6D1A-41F1-B630-E2D74A…)

I get where this is coming from (stereotypes are annoying/assigning tropes based on race isn’t a good look) but these people are acting like putting an anime character in a dancer costume is a hate crime

No. 1265455

Maybe not a crime but it is very annoying when something is written so obviously by horny dude artists/writers.
This reminds me so much of Primrose from Octopath Traveler. Raped and traumatized by her boss but once you got her away from that and in your party, her “power” was seducing enemies. Lmfao

No. 1265481

I used to run in the popular sjw circles, and everytime there was a fight I would see tweets nonstop through their private account. I eventually distanced myself when they start to cannibalize their own friends because they were "problematic" as in said something stupid once. It was really crazy because these were people who would uplift you and make you feel so important. But if you misstep by an inch, suddenly you're no better than the evil cishet white man. Interestingly, the people who they turned against were usually ~enby~ women or woc.

No. 1265557

File: 1658051572016.jpeg (785.96 KB, 1125x1332, BA601EB1-5F82-49E3-BA5F-9A6D4C…)

I know this is old news but I am just now seeing this and I want to know if I have gone crazy or something.

He doesn't own the tiki drummer character and he's not the original artist who created it. Even the original artist who created it probably doesn't own it, it's owned by Disney. It's wrong for the person who clearly used his actual model to claim it as their own work, but the original "thief" here is the guy who decided to model a character that doesn't belong to him in the first place. Kind of ironic he is so insulting toward the Disney contractor that used the model.

I know people really hate Disney for various reasons but can we please stop pretending that what they do doesn't fall perfectly within the law? Granted, Disney is the reason copyright laws and fair use are the way they are today. That is what people should actually be angry about, the principle of the matter and not the legal aspect of it.
Because legally speaking, this guy has no leg to stand on.

Fan art does not fall under fair use if you make no changes to the copyrighted character etc. to make it effectively not that character anymore. Even IF you make no profit from or do not sell the work. And even if you do make changes, it may not be enough to fall under fair use. There are some grey areas but to put it in black and white terms, you don't have the right to copy the character or IP. A lot of companies just don’t bother to go after fan artists because it’s largely not worth it and can look bad just in principle.
But people are acting like what Disney did was literally illegal and this guy can sue.

He didn't even make any derivative changes to the character. He literally just recreated it in a specific medium, released it for free, and then got mad that Disney made money off of their own character.
If the tiki character belonged to some individual artist online and this guy had done the same thing to them, absolutely nobody would be on his side, even on principle because he directly just copied a character that isn't his. People are just up in arms because this character happens to belong to a large company or a company they already hate.

Like am I nuts or has the vast majority of the art community become crazy dumb?

No. 1265606

I will try to follow your advice, thank you!

No. 1265636

Uh. If Disney wholesale took something he made, even if it's their own ip, that's still really shitty of them. He said they took his work, not his character, which is an accurate statement.

No. 1265644

File: 1658063882027.jpeg (39.66 KB, 320x240, 461F6BEF-4F19-4F06-A098-FFA568…)

Lmfao what a loser.
Are you a retard? Like what? From a moral standpoint no it’s not shitty and legally he has no leg to stand on. But what’s worse, he appears so homosexual by crying to media outlets lmfao. If that were me, I’d be proud and let people win the battles for me if there’s a need (no need), then again, I’m not a tiktok retard lol. Imagine pretending to be a fan and then it fails because you couldn’t profit from it lol.

No. 1265646

Do you also think it’s a compliment when artist steal deviantart pieces for album covers?

No. 1265652

How is it remotely comparable? An artist would never do that considering 99% of deviantartist’s artwork is utterly turd goods. But fine, I’ll pretend DA is not full of aurtistic retards, since Disney only used his print that was stolen from their design for wholesale purposes, it would probably be for an album that was never even released beyond on soundcloud lmfao.

No. 1265673

Ah you’re underage and not a professional in the industry. Got it.

No. 1265720

People have weird ideas about fanart, you're just working for free to promote whatever franchise you're illustrating/3d modeling/cosplaying/whatever. If any franchise uses the work you make or is in turn inspired by it, it's fair game.

No. 1265884

File: 1658076225803.jpg (238.68 KB, 969x1000, Loomis.jpg)

>Have no well respected books to read unlike us
>Flock to the biggest number person for guidance
>Oops, it turns out 2 other people had the same idea
>The likelihood of this rises considerably if the original lets you buy PSDs to skip the trouble of recreating the art so you can toggle off layers

No. 1265970

A professional in the industry would have never considered his fanart part of his portfolio

No. 1265974

you can include fanart in your portfolio if it's well done, never met an industry professional that dismisses fanart (of course, don't make your entire portfolio fanart)

No. 1265980

Include it but don’t whine when the original gangster profits off it motherfuckAh

No. 1266056

How is it shitty if the work is of a character THEY literally own?
They own the entire concept of this character period. Works the same way for these same artists who shit their pants anytime someone even remotely copies their precious OC.
But as soon as Disney takes back what is theirs, they want to throw that shit out the window all of a sudden. Completely retarded and entitled behavior from the art community to the surprise of absolutely no one.

No. 1266059

File: 1658085682798.png (Spoiler Image, 9.78 MB, 1125x2436, BF672FD5-C4C2-40CC-A95E-6A0DA8…)

Dude photographers everywhere must constantly laugh their asses off and wipe their tears with bills at ultra realism artists.
This entire account is just a bunch of paintings with a huge disclaimer: THIS IS A PAINTING NOT A PHOTO

Fucking sure, Jan.

No. 1266083

I'd like some of whatever paint thinner you've been drinking.

It's shitty to take someone's work without acknowledging them. If, for example, someone drew fanart of your OC and then you used it wherever you wanted without mentioning the artist, that'd be scummy of you, even if it's your character. Even if it's a commission.

No. 1266144

I think digital artists like this are very lucky that most normies have never heard of photobashing.

No. 1266152

Sorry in advance for a boring answer. One of my closest art friends is constantly involved in drama, which mostly just makes me pity everyone who believes what they read without question. I'm not trying to be a famous artist so I don't care what people say about my friends. I can see how it would impact friendships if you're trying to make connections, even if you know what's being said isn't accurate.

No. 1266160

it usually gets the normies to click since it's visually impressive

No. 1266166

Retard just what? It’s literally just a mold to print out for free, whoever was the 12 year old bangladeshi that painted the statue for disney did a far better paint job than the art thief did.

No. 1266224

If you're not going to contribute anything of worth beyond spouting profanity to look edgy, the least you can do is learn to sage you monkey.

No. 1266270

I recently deactivated my “art Twitter” because of two micromanaging, inappropriate and aggressive commissioners. It’s my fault for getting into these situations considering the fact that I made exceptions for them when I was clearly closed, but it’s worn me down and I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m never working for musicians who want “AsSetS” again unless I make it strictly clear that I will not be spending time making unpaid revisions. Why commission a specific artist if their consistent art style does mot meet your criteria? It’s baffling and I’m deeply demotivated

No. 1266300

nonny, I say this with peace and love, you should charge more. I had the same situation as you except with a commissioner wanting me to draw his vtuber design. 5000 changes and he didn't even use the art I made for him. If they are using your art to profit off of (that includes just promotional materials, not merch or anything) you need to charge more. That will chase away the people who aren't serious or don't have a real idea in mind. If I charge a reg person $75 I'd charge a musician using it as an asset $200 for the same work, for example. Put that in your TOS! They are likely taking advantage of you because they are cheap. They can be someone else's problem, don't subject yourself to that.

No. 1266376

It’s Disney’s character, it’s their IP sure, but the person who stole it is themselves someone who already works with Disney. They were so lazy they had to take the hours of labor from another person and pass it as their own work, that’s the real underlying problem. Imagine gaslighting someone into thinking they are being bitter for pointing out that they essentially took a product that someone else created it, spent their own time and money to find the materials and make something out of it and did a scummy thing by passing it as your own laborious creation. In the fake barbie world of capitalism you would think these hue companies would pretend to be hiring these people for their “original” work but no. You’re trying way too hard to be a contrarian for something that most people don’t give a shit about, no one ever said the law argues in the basis of ethics and that is why he likely will never receive any sort of compensation for this. I don’t know why people like you think it’s productive to always defend the clear shitty person in the situation, maybe to make yourself seem like an independent freethinker but at some point you’re just going to have to shut the fuck up and realize you are focusing on the wrong thing.

No. 1266389

I didn't want to say anything cause I'm no professional, but I agree with this a lot. The OP made it sound like he was mad Disney made merch of their own character but I think that clearly wasn't the issue here.

No. 1266564

The amount of commissions I've got where someone gave me a reference of their character and then said "but draw them in this style" and linked to an artist with a completely different style than me was enough to make me quit commissions. The artist they linked to would always be some insanely talented professional who either didn't do commissions or priced them extremely high.

No. 1266636

Am I just going crazy or? It’s literally not the guy’s character lol. All he did was copy the original design.

No. 1266682

Please listen to >>1266300 for your own sake.
Charge more, update your terms to reflect revisions.

No. 1267825

ntayrt but this it ot. don't be such a sperg about saging

No. 1268166

has twitter really shadowbanned the word commission (+alternatives)?

No. 1268205

That behavior smells like people from SoundCloud. If not, I'm sorry either way. I hope you don't let them stop you from making money.

No. 1268237

So I want to start an art account, probably on twitter (not sure yet).
Last time I started one I couldn't find my posts under the hashtags
I used, making it harder for people to find me. I didn't spam or used
more than 5 hashtags. Anyone knows why that happened?
I'd also appreciate any advice for starting an account from scratch!

No. 1268273

That’s hilarious
I don’t use Twitter so I really don’t know but that just sounds like a major cope
Sorry artists there just aren’t that many commissions out there

No. 1268429

it did, because people linked their commission info on outside sites
I use "comm" and it works fine

No. 1268457

File: 1658255240658.png (318.89 KB, 1273x940, agp.PNG)

It amazes me what hot garbage takes off and gets promoted on Webtoon. This looks like a 12 year old with a how to draw anime book made it. The content over quality meme is too real. It pisses me off because I have a friend who works her ass off on a great web series and is an amazing artist, but she barely gets any recognition over fetish service like this. It's shit like this that makes her wanna quit

No. 1268574

This feels like a trans person who is living out how easy a transition could be in an ideal setting, but the fact he just liked dressing up as a girl and not the trans aspect, except the flag and probably nod towards it, feels extremely fetishy and less like it's a fantasy for transition and instead a fantasy for wanting to be a sissy.

Seems like using the guise of trans women to bypass people second guessing the fetish aspect of just dressing up as a girl.

No. 1268578

I should've checked beforehand, but it feels a bit of both. I guess the character is trans, but the way the person writes the synopsis and title makes it sound like it's possibly a low-key fetish. I didn't read everything, but I skimmed a few pages and read some comments and they are trans in the comic, so maybe it is a fantasy of an ideal transition situation?

No. 1268596


Webtoon is such a cesspool of the same shitty gimmicks and low effort consumable storytelling that teens eat up. None of the comics worth reading are mainly on webtoon. If you want to read "overly long story title, but with a twist gimmick" comic no.343, you'll love webtoons.

No. 1268745

sorry if this gets asked often. I only check this thread occassionally so I don't remember what others have said to this particular thing, especially because i was not interested in knowing anyway, so i probably filtered all that out of my brain. Anyway, how long does a full drawing take good artists? fully coloured, background, lighting, everything. I have problems sitting on the same thing for long because i feel slower than others, when I'm probably not. Does it take days?? I want to start something big but i have no idea when to give up

No. 1268766


I'm a "fast" artist or so people around me always told me that, since I'm able to finish a fully rendered piece in a handful of hours if I feel like it.

That however comes at the price of my health, so nowadays I stopped being a "fast artist" and I try to purposefully take a day or two to finish my art for the sake of my own body. It's also good because by taking a longer time to finish a piece, I get to pick up mistakes I failed to notice earlier.

Basically? I'd say it heavily depends on the person. I've known artists who are as fast as I am, and others who need weeks to finish something. Plus, I wouldn't say that being "fast" is a good thing speaking from my own experience.

No. 1268769

File: 1658269198390.jpg (889.23 KB, 1439x2560, FYCXsALXgAABNxp.jpg)

I usually just speed scroll past any artists that post selfies, but how tf did she think this was a flattering look?

No. 1268777

I was staring at her crimson chin and was seriously freaked by her skelly claw when i zoomed out, is this person trans or just ugly?

No. 1268779

Let bricks dress cute. Fuck you lol

No. 1268789

It’s cute, you guys are just weird and nitpicky kek

No. 1268791

File: 1658270982029.gif (760.85 KB, 225x183, 33E87386-D071-4A12-B5CA-EBCD91…)

ugly girls can’t have nothing in this world, can they?

No. 1268809

sage but beauty School was like this too

No. 1268834

Ngl I’m not a fan of this artist, her content and style are just so boring and generic. but I don’t get what looks bad about this. I don’t really care if girls want to wear pink poofy dresses and shoes, I see like hundreds of those online. Her face looks average to me. If she walked by on the street I probably wouldn’t think anything other than she has cute sneakers.

No. 1268845

I have no idea why anons critique random women who are clearly not models or influencers, they don’t have to look “amazing” or gorgeous they’re just posting pictures of themselves like the thousands of other normies do on social media. Stop being so autistic lol

No. 1268859

spend less time on lolcow, seriously

No. 1268875

My friend is always jaded about algorithms since webtoons and tapas push those genres so hard. Are there any other websites that might be worth looking into other than just making her own website for the whole thing and promoting that? I really hate seeing her so discouraged because her stuff is actually good

No. 1268897

Personal tip, You shouldn’t compare times with artists because it’ll really drain you. Some artists with high details/realistic work can take less than 4 hours (or even 10-20 mins) while others take a whole day or even more. Same with artists with shit art.
With that said, try to work at your own pace. Just because you “work fast”, doesn’t or shouldn’t mean that you’re better as an artist

No. 1268923


Is this vendetta posting or something? She looks fine. She's not particularly pretty or stylish but what has she done to warrant getting roasted this hard? seriously, I don't know who this is lol

No. 1268958

webtoons ruined webcomics forever, they are the Mcdonalds of comics and I despise them eternally

No. 1269017

Globalcomix seems to be decent enough. Dillyhub is confusing but might be worth looking into.

If your friend is really good, she can wait until Hiveworks' applications are open and try to pitch her series.

No. 1269059

If you want to criticize her art, criticize her art. But she looks fine. There's nothing wrong with this photo.

No. 1269081

huge fucking shoes
entered to her account and her art seems weird for porn twitter tbh

No. 1269090

>like my gesture drawings a lot even when the poses are from imagination
>try to clean them up and fix any wonky anatomy
>now they’re technically correct but look really stiff and boring
Has anyone else here suffered from this and managed to overcome it?

No. 1269097

The only silver lining is this is top peaking material. Just the title alone tbh kek

No. 1269166

At least better than Kathy McMahon kek

No. 1269212

That’s why they say to learn the rules before you break them, strictly realistic poses and anatomy look stiff, but once you know what you’re doing you can exaggerate them in appealing and cool ways

No. 1269214

being trans is a fetish, lurk moar idiot.

No. 1269227

No one cares about your nitpicking. Wrong thread, anon.

No. 1269238

Sorry for the ot, does anyone know where the dress is from? I kinda like it

No. 1269243

i would make my gestures exaggerated to try and fix that

No. 1269412

In what way?

No. 1269427

When you use google lens on her photo, a LOT of shop links with identical / very similar dresses come up!

No. 1269476

I really wish I could have a digital art career that makes some form of money, doesn’t have to be a lot. For artfag anons how long did it take you to finally accrue a substantial fan base where you can make money off of ads/commissions? I know this is like the same question being asked a billion times but I just want to know.

No. 1269481

I think it looks fine on her body type? If you're gonna critize anything I think it should be how it looks like she's cosplaying a fairy because that dress is pretty costume-y.

No. 1269484

About a four year investment of building a gallery of furry porn charging close to nothing, but currently I charge 100 bucks per character with background. Which is great for me as I live in Latin America and the usd conversion means I can live comfortably

No. 1269492

its known as a selkie dress because they made it or something then everyone else did since theirs is expensive.

No. 1269494

Nta but damn, I live in europe and the conversion from usd turns half of my earnings into dust.

No. 1269505

Wow, love you latinanon, wish you very well and stay safe!

No. 1269533

i have almost a thousand watchers on FA, it took me 7 years but i had a lot of long breaks in drawing. I do art as my job now but the money isn't good. It would be good 3 years ago but now i can't pay my bill from it. Some people pay but some are complaining even about my cheap prices still, i'm gonna have to raise them again at least a little.

No. 1269538

what is FA?

No. 1269550


No. 1269566

File: 1658325470407.jpg (390.51 KB, 1268x950, photo_2022-07-16_09-27-51.jpg)

>>1269550 Samefag…anyway i'm really salty and just sad about money, This artist Miles-DF is amazing and all but he/she sells an Ych for 1 year worth of pay where i live. I could take the time and paint a picture of this quality, even more detailed, but nobody would buy it for that kind of money from me. It's all about the name and luck to be on the right website at the right time so enough rich people see you. I'll never be so lucky.

No. 1269574

You’re too sweet, thank you, same for you!

I’m sorry, I know how frustrating it is that that guy gets to sell everything in minutes when there are higher skill artists. Are you making sure to do YCHs, gay NSFW and cartoon style? Those are the themes that seem to attract the most. Scrotes love their specific scrotey kinks and gross hyper explicit perspective. I wish you luck nonnie, don’t lower your prices if you can avoid it. If they want pieces from you they should pay for it.

No. 1269576

Is that $5,200…. DOLLARS?
That price is honestly insulting. Who tf is buying a furry picture instead of a car

No. 1269614

sometimes i do them but i gotta do more, i'm thinking about animating somethig gay and weird. Thanks.
i guess it's the gucci of furryart

No. 1269624

This. Generally speaking if artists stopped taking in these "$30 emergency commissions" just to squeeze out a few bucks they would already weed out most unpleasant and entitled clients by having higher prices.

I really don't see what's wrong with this or why it warrants posting here. It's just a generic pink poofy outfit that you can think is cringe if you're not into that sort of thing but it's not offensive or anything. It's just a dress and shoes and I don't even see what exactly makes her a cow, it just seems to be another generic not-quite-anime artist with a self-insert marysue. People really should stop bringing their petty twitter feuds here.

No. 1270046

File: 1658343693823.jpeg (290.46 KB, 1170x1088, 8E906D00-C4A4-4A62-8BC2-9998A7…)

This is sad but true. OP is a troon who draws big boobed furry girls though why is he complaining about shit like this

No. 1270055

He seems salty that women want to draw attractive male characters. I bet he only wants to draw ugly women.

No. 1270061

Straight men drawing women exaggerate the eyes and lips way, way more than straight women drawing men

No. 1270067

he can keep crying. His own drawings are worse.

No. 1270069

I mean I can understand how it’s jarring for fanartists to draw characters much more attractive than they really are (fujos drawing paul dano as a pointy chin yaoi boy) but him complaining about woman drawing attractive men while he draws pornified female characters is peak moid irony.

No. 1270071

Is second picture "yassified" Chad? Kek.

No. 1270073

Looked at the quote tweets (he disabled replies of course) and it's all either people screencapping his big tiddy anime hentai girls and saying "This you?" or people making Jojo jokes

No. 1270097

It's just like that when you have the disposable income and already have your needs taken care of for the most part.

not to mention depending on where you get it from or how much of a deal it is, a 5200 car might cost more in maintenance and repair.

No. 1270212

Weird that he only point out the jojo memes but not people calling out the way he draws women hmmmm

No. 1270299

>be a tranny
>complain when men are feminized

No. 1270369

>Oh no how dare women draw attractive men grrrrr I can't coom to that it makes me insecure for being an ugly lump of moid!!!! women bad raaghhh!!!!
>he said while only drawing sketchy chicken scratches of pornified attractive anime girls

At least he's getting dragged in the QRTs and it's absolutely hilarious, how the fuck do you claim to "identify as a woman" when you hate them this much. Someone show him how a "straight man" draws an average female character.

No. 1270604

File: 1658369759369.jpeg (140.2 KB, 1170x1500, 9B9F9097-A5D8-4ACF-A261-E8D9B6…)

What’s with artists drawing super masculine men and going, “She/Her,” cause that’s one masculine women.. l

No. 1270640

Honestly, the western side of the webtoon app is either great or terrible, of course on the Korean side there’s terrible ones but it seems it’s way more properly vetted and less, that.

No. 1270665

Either 1. It’s a troon 2. The artist doesn’t know what a butch lesbian looks like

No. 1270694

It’s not, you own your likeness regardless, and while fanart is generally ok, while they do own the IP and character, you own your legal rights to your own rendition of said character, which is in majority of 99 percent of cases a unique rendition rather than a copy paste of in game art or assets if you get what I’m explaining.

No. 1270700

It’s just wild you got a whole manly like figure, broad shoulders, conventionally attractive man face in almost all the she/her’s they draw, … it almost reads as satire but they’re completely serious.

No. 1270741

I think it may be a fujo fetish thing combining the whole "effeminate gay men go by she/her" psyop and the type of man they are attracted to (masculine men). Or maybe it's just a twist on the "gay men go by she/her" psyop by itself and they flip the script by making the masc homo the she/her.

No. 1270749

File: 1658377422838.jpeg (90.81 KB, 510x764, 7A22FE17-AE41-4439-8732-2AFBB1…)

If feminine anime characters like that Astolfo guy can be male, then it makes sense to me there’d be artists who go the opposite direction.
What do you think of pic related? She’s a butch lesbian and I’m curious how anons would see her since threads have mentioned butches before

No. 1270757

File: 1658378067776.jpg (152.51 KB, 519x737, tumblr_n83j634Lbd1qdihvyo2_540…)

the only artists that draws men like on the right is Araki. He couldn't sound more jealous even if he tried, he's too coombrained to differentiate between attractive men and gay caricatures from 50's cartoons.

No. 1270766

she's ugly both as a man and woman

No. 1270787

Even with all those layers of clothing her figure is obviously female. Kek Astolfo gets away with being male since most anime styles generally tend make characters look androgynous.

No. 1270789

artist name please? asking as a fellow dante yume kek

No. 1270813

Ayrt and idk but maybe it's because it's made by a woman or something, men draw stuff way more exagerated and round and anime like (at least in Twitter) it feels so angular and more comic like, not that it's bad or anything, just stands out a little bit

No. 1270846

But nobody said she was or wanted to be a man

Doesn’t really stick out as like attractive to me but I’m sure she’s cute

No. 1270906

File: 1658390665752.jpg (210.05 KB, 688x969, tumblr_npr1waHGxT1qdihvyo1_128…)


No. 1270927

Haha this fucker is so salty, I love to see them seething.

It's most likely her trying to make a cool female characters but failing because she only knows how to draw hot men. I see this a lot in bl korean webtoons as well, if there's a female character often it's just a man drawn with boobs or something that looks like a tranny.

No. 1271103

File: 1658409946097.jpg (211.16 KB, 1080x1494, 52418t.jpg)

You're right. If you check the artist's other works it becomes obvious that it's just a masculine woman and that they barely even draw men. What is a butch supposed to look like according to anons kek does she have to have curves and long eyelashes or what?

No. 1271210

Holy shit hes getting his ass beat on the QRTs kek. And of course its a tranny

No. 1271215

hot as fuck ngl

No. 1271264

this reads more female than >>1270604 because you can see her boobs in the first one

women will never have broad shoulders like a man. her hairline, jawline, facial features and skeleton are different from a man's. if the artist isn't skilled enough to draw a masculine woman with accurate anatomy, it'll read as a dude.

No. 1271265

I wish more gay men would draw men like this instead of bara shit kek

No. 1271286

She still has big man hands and strong facial features. Shoulders are a little too big too, but at least you can see she has breasts. Still looks like a man with boobs though.

No. 1271504

Speak for yourself. I have wide as fuck shoulders. Not all women have cute sloping shoulders, anon, especially if you work out and building your traps and stuff.

No. 1271546

Kek what the fuck is wrong with you two? Is it only a woman if you can see her chest? What does it matter if the shoulders are "too broad" or face too angular? No one cares about your opinions on this and this is only one artist in a sea of coomers drawing women (and so called femboys) with exaggerated tits and hips, but I guess that's already so common that there's no point in complaining about it

No. 1271687

>What does it matter if the shoulders are "too broad" or face too angular?

because these are drawings, not real women. real women don't need breasts, or soft faces, and there can be women in all shapes, but like you simplify for animation, there is a commonly understood separation between male/female anatomy when it comes to art.

men and women are different, and if an artist wants to exaggerate certain features to create androgyny, they better be skilled enough to do it right, or it'll just look like the opposite sex. slapping on she/her pronouns doesn't make the drawing look like a woman lol

No. 1271695

File: 1658440652225.jpg (106.06 KB, 512x1024, Sakura_Ogami_Fullbody_Sprite_(…)

Seethe. I wish more female character looked like this so that coomer moids would flip their shit over muh unrealistic masculine women while having absolutely no problems with traps.

No. 1271696

I mean, get mad at coomers and their stupidity, but this looks like a man. And traps look like girls. It's the same shit lol

No. 1271703

File: 1658441335745.jpg (102.25 KB, 450x675, women-bodybuilder.jpg)

You could take like 2 seconds to google image search "female bodybuilders" and get a plethora of women that look almost exactly like >>1271103 . Are you honestly so autistic you're trying to clock a cartoon character with obviously exaggerated features like cartoon characters tend to have?

No. 1271737

This artist is based and I love her work, I've been following her for awhile. It took me awhile to figure out but I think she's a cryptoterf kek.

No. 1271748

File: 1658444604333.jpeg (1001.54 KB, 1170x1549, CDB146F3-A9C3-4F4B-9581-958F35…)

Don’t make me tap the sign

No. 1271750

You should marry a coomer because you are just as dumb as them

No. 1271757

It still looks entirely like a man. Idk what the insecure butches here are on about, there are no female features.

No. 1271775

This is especially embarrassing since there are a ton of female artists that draw men like the left one and are into it
Tranny should leave his coomer hugbox for once lul

No. 1271781

File: 1658447078191.jpeg (80.57 KB, 785x614, 9BA3BF72-3889-4B5B-B106-440BD3…)

Kek I love watching trannies get ratio’d by women

No. 1271783

>noooo you can't just make male characters look pretty

No. 1271800

It's because they're being "feminized" in the way actual women like, not the way pornsick AGP males such as himself like

No. 1271803

>wahhh how dare women want to draw and look at attractive men and not my ugly ass
Keep screeching, moids kek

No. 1271810

I love Rae

No. 1271814

She may do well with Comicfury. Built-in, older audience, and your page is customizable and not a watered-down webtoon format. Alternatively, Wordpress w/a webcomic theme is an option.

No. 1271819

Thembies and fake boys do this too

No. 1271825

That’s surprising, I’d thought with the having gnc lesbian characters they’d wouldn’t mind trans people. I’m genuinely curious what exactly did they do or say to sound the alarms?

No. 1271830

Yeah because they are straight women

No. 1271835

File: 1658451284603.jpg (61.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What do you guys think of Telepurte? Me and my friends are convinced he's a secret sex pest

No. 1271839

I think any scrote who draws and animated shit like this needs to be euthanized

No. 1271846

Honestly if 90% of his content wasn't coomer shit he wouldn't be nearly as popular. Whenever he's in a collab video like RubberRoss he's on dimensional gross coomer humor. It's all he knows

No. 1271847

File: 1658451733605.png (154.03 KB, 1200x902, FYKAk55WIAAQsZe.png)

This one (and any others similar to it) are based and actually accurate

No. 1271857

I watched some of his videos. Most are barely animations. Just women breathing or laying there on a three frame cycle
Though the man has made some good animations, they're rare and barely get any views compared to his booba animations
I'm just waiting for the expose video that he groomed a teen on discord

No. 1271904

File: 1658456110396.png (506.2 KB, 596x596, acatcie progress.png)

Always weird to see re-draw posts where there is 0 progress, if not an active regression. Do the artists truly think no one will notice?

No. 1271909

File: 1658456911437.jpg (819.7 KB, 1256x1038, 954748.jpg)

No. 1271919

Pretty sure the pic below is drawn by a mtf but this is true

No. 1271935

File: 1658458601435.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20220721-195600.png)

If anyone has more images like these PLEASE share they're my favorite

No. 1271942

I could cry the new one is so much worse

No. 1271949

>having gnc lesbian characters they’d wouldn’t mind trans people
are you a scrote

No. 1271952

Honestly that one isn't that bad. You can see her lines became less chicken scratchy (or at least she actually cleans them up) and those white lines were kinda dumb and random. Acatcie specifically had other re-draws that were posted in past threads and were way worse. She also had redraw posts where it was extremely obvious the "old" post was fake and made specifically so she could make a fake re-draw but still managed to look better than the "newer" one.
She hasn't posted in a huge while tho, so I feel it's kinda beating a dead horse to even mention her.

No. 1271954

This is kind of sad, the old design was so cute and interesting.

No. 1271957

Never seen an mtf artist have that level of technical skill. Are you a troon anon?

No. 1271961

File: 1658459700386.jpeg (71.38 KB, 980x551, 5388C9B6-B3B5-4FB9-8020-9F2504…)

A classic

No. 1271964

Uh… did they swap the dates on accident?

No. 1271979

No hijab or vitiligo, fail

No. 1271986

Holy fuck the fun expression and movement are gone. Became some modern corporate art shit.

No. 1272000

What happened with her?

No. 1272017

What does this mean?

No. 1272040

the one on top is professional art from the anime industry and the one at the bottom is from some nobody on tumblr maybe. a more fair comparison would be using actual fanart by an MtF from Twitter

No. 1272044

Thank you. I can't stand anons who think broad shoulders are apparently masculine. Not every women has little baby non-existant slopes for shoulders.

No. 1272046

File: 1658466437654.jpg (184.1 KB, 1296x2152, ultimate showdown.jpg)

I don't mind his stuff. He does great rendering.

No. 1272049

Tbh, top one was probably made by 2 or 3 different people. Promotional stuff like that sometimes gets approved for sketches/idea, then lining, and if they are in the process of putting out a bunch of things, especially LL with all their merch and even coverings on trains and shit, that's a lot of work that gets passed off and finished by different groups.

You sound fucking stupid, anon.

No. 1272053

he immediately talks about sex with any female fan dumb enough to reach out to him. Dude is a desperate incel

No. 1272067

Nta but I think the point they’re trying to make is mtfs artist tend to draw more in a cutesy anime style while ftms artists draw characters in a woke sjw style. You anons need to chill.

No. 1272078

I miss Rory, her art was hilarious
I felt kind of bad for her when she got canceled for that Finn drawing. I really don't think she was trying to be racist since all the white people she drew were also surreal blobby muppet people with giant lips.

No. 1272083

This thread is literally ridden with autistic /ic/ scrotes who think 2015 level owning the sjws bantz is the funniest shit ever because hoo hoo feminism bad. They're the ones constantly defending coomer artists and whining about someone not drawing girls attractive enough and being men they have absolutely no tact to hide their own cluelessness. Take a look at this for example >>1271825

No. 1272390

It seems like every lewd artist has a red oni girl OC.

No. 1272409

File: 1658490620192.jpg (965.12 KB, 1141x1250, 1405915282264.jpg)

Female artists who draw hot guyd are based, like Nicola Scott

No. 1272415

What comic is this from?

No. 1272418

File: 1658490969695.jpg (72.42 KB, 500x632, Stephanie-Priscilla-blaze1213i…)

Thoughts on Stephanie Priscilla? I think she can't draw and is only popular because she appeals to coomers with a (poorly done) retro art style/aesthetic.

No. 1272422

Can't draw how? I think that is very generic, but pleasant to look at. Like fast food of art.

No. 1272426

File: 1658491820875.jpg (511.02 KB, 1209x1911, huiR9f0.jpg)

Secret Six, written by Gail Simone, there are a lot of shirtless buff dude scenes

No. 1272428

I never said they’d had to draw bimbo, huge breast, spine twisting coomer women, if they’re happy drawing very masculine women then it’s fine, not my cup of tea and neither are bimbos but I’m not the target audience, I just found it a little surprising on how masculine they looked since I’m not a lesbian or consume this content. I don’t know what the issue was with that one reply of mine because the artist said it their self, the characters gnc and lesbian, so I was curious how they were a cryptoterf, since I’d would’ve thought being gnc was pro lgbt…

No. 1272436

File: 1658492425800.jpg (383.89 KB, 1624x2048, EroRKgzUUAASFiz.jpg)

She's not the worst artist out there, but for an artist that has 40k on Twitter alone, her characters look stiff and unlively, the anatomy is sometimes bad, and the bright colors that she uses in a lot of her drawings are eyebleeding and terrible.

No. 1272441

I mean, to continue the fast food analogue McDonalds is the biggest restaurant chain in the world with basic ass food. I think her style is appealing to many people, simple as.

Her art is very ripped off on Aliexpress btw, I unknowingly bought stickers and so many of them use her art

No. 1272445

I hope he gets castrated.

No. 1272497

File: 1658497352866.jpg (370.22 KB, 1440x1800, FYEgVbyUsAA238g.jpeg.jpg)

She's not popular because of coomers, she has almost 500k followers on instagram because her art has an aesthetic that appeals to the people on there. Everyone knows that artists who limit themselves to a certain palette or style will grow big followings because people like seeing the same or similar things over and over. Her technical skills are obviously lacking but it doesn't even matter because the colors cover it up and no one spends much time looking at individual art pieces anymore. It literally is the fast food version of art as >>1272422 said.

No. 1272577

>He does great rendering
That's average rendering anon, not great by any means. Also yeah he's obviously a degenerate.

No. 1272769

She did a really big hiatus and then posted an insta story saying she didn't really want to draw anymore because of how much criticism she got.
I'm kinda armchairing here, but I get a bit the feeling the reason she was so stagnant was that she wasn't even all that art-inclined from the start (but was lucky to have a naturally good/decent eye for colours + getting caught in the wave when cutesy "aesthetic" artists were the big insta trend) and she was starting to get burned out and tired of doing it.

No. 1272905

I don't like how everything is super pink except people's hair which is inexplicably not affected by the intense pink light in the room

No. 1272984

I don't care if he's a degen, tbh. Not every girl is an innocent Heidi roaming the hills and singing the sound of music. I like his work, anon and I can separate the art I do like from the art I don't like from him. Not everything he draws is even good at all, especially when he's experimental, but I'm not going to throw every piece of art out the window just because he's a dude who drew >>1271835 [which is a massive vanilla photo too]. This can easily be for women's gaze too and why not? Pair her up with >>1271103 tall girl

No. 1273049

farmers are just as obsessed with their ideas of seeing trannies and moids everywhere like coomers constantly see sex. same shit different website

No. 1273231

Looking through her insta I don’t see any coomer art

No. 1273238

File: 1658527256084.jpg (38.73 KB, 326x430, 1610228574451.jpg)

this is a terrible comparison, it's more so anon just isn't into drawn masculine women lol

No. 1273257

No. 1273266

No. 1273277

>This thread is literally ridden with autistic /ic/ scrotes who think 2015 level owning the sjws bantz is the funniest shit ever because hoo hoo feminism bad.

This is so true. I also notice if you compliment an artist that isn’t the best, they will be quick to put on their art critic berets and say “well well that rendering isn’t that good, it’s just average!”, it’s so cringe and it’s very obvious that they are also insecure and thirsty to dim the light of any amateur who still finds art enjoyable kek

No. 1273350

>Not every girl is an innocent Heidi
just admit you’re a pick-me and go

No. 1273402

It was only mentioned in one reply but does anyone have experience using tweepsmap? It won't send out a tweet that I'm using it like those apps that tell you if someone followed or un-followed you, right?

No. 1273409

This art looks something a scrote would post in the beg threads on /ic/, it’s really generic and amateur looking

Looks like she got into artists like Hisashi Eguchi and Yoshitake Yamane that do the retro style but doesn’t really know anatomy.

No. 1273451

butch. lesbians get 0 representation so it's easy to not be used to seeing women who look like that, confusing it with troonery is maximum retardation.

No. 1273583

>Add AYLMAO skin
>Gain a million appeal points with the Twitter crowd
How well paying are her 3 avenues of cash exactly? Are 50K follower artists the actual suckers for believing that art makes exponentially more money than the lowly fast food worker does?

No. 1273666

Sorry I like NSFW art, anon. Grow up, maybe.

No. 1273667

My BF uses. He likes it.

No. 1273701

Ok moid

No. 1273807


it's really fucking weird and creepy for somebody to make sexual advances at every fan with a vagina who talks to him. liking the art but not the artist is a far cry from making obvious digs at other women for not wanting to be sexually harassed by some guy who does art that is at best just okay compared to other professionals.

No. 1273831

Idk anon, I like this. The stiff expressions and poses are very retro, and the color schemes are pretty standard for synthwave inspired art.

No. 1273970

File: 1658575436301.jpg (41.47 KB, 479x558, d5e22b682c6e6f81824efa6144634d…)

It drives me insane how I still cannot figure out what color scheme (just basic stuff! eyes and hair color) to give to my OC. I am so FUCKING SICK of that. I keep wanting to just give my natural hair color and eye color but I end up overthinking about it too much since it's my OC that I am drawing. How do people even figure out what haircolor to give to their OC that will be their mascot?!?! It's so silly, I know. Maybe I should think in 'what if I would want to cosplay it' or something, then I start thinking that black hair color would be nice but I am really into 'colorful' cute anime chars, but here I am cannot figure such simple thing out.

No. 1273997

I like his animations they're sometimes quite mesmerizing and he has done a lot of impressive but I wish he would stop being such a coomer like "oh wow another boobly woman how original". Unfortunately I'm not surprised about him being creepy towards his female fans
Be honest with yourself is this really for the female gaze?

No. 1274003

File: 1658577116732.jpg (11.37 KB, 692x142, KzFycw5.jpg)

What sign

No. 1274046

I always think about personality and the feel of a design before even matching a face, height, outfit, color scheme. Someone who is self conscious and shy wouldnt wear skin tight clothing in bright colors. Money plays a role too because if they arent rich they wont be wearing designer, but if they know how to sew theres a possibility of interesting outfits. Time period and location play a role too. Steampunk vs cyberpunk sort of thing. Put them in a role of power or none, their economic class, how that has shaped their life, the hobbies, if they like or resent their life and parents, what kind of person it made them.

No. 1274149

File: 1658587618726.jpg (154.14 KB, 652x640, hmmmmm.jpg)

I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to pay 14 a month to use it but I guess you gotta spend money to make money…….

No. 1274178

i feel like people make these types of posts to go viral easily by sparking outrage. any publicity is good publicity to them!

No. 1274250

File: 1658592782447.jpg (194.14 KB, 1080x1198, sc-cinnabus.jpg)

Cinnabus feels like the bastard child of Mickey Moon and reddit girls posing in a slutty position to get attention to her art. I'm sorry for my post being more about being a thot than about her art

She draws messed up "bleached" and slightly ryona porn while she self inserts herself to it, advertises her onlyfan because of fucking course she has one and coomers can't realize she's using a snow filter when her black shirt is literally brown.

Her art is average at best and she only makes banks because she's open being a woman drawing le fucked up porn, shows her tits and advertise herself for having an onlyfans.

She also looks like the kind of onlyfan girl to claim oh how the other girls are soooo vanilla and I'm betting my hand her porn is at most a pathetic dildo like peenus angelic does it lol. I'm also betting my other hand she looks as haggard as Manaknight without a filter.

Twitter :

No. 1274271

she looks like if shoeonhead was black

No. 1274291

File: 1658595266692.jpg (103.84 KB, 1440x1080, Versailles No Bara - 04 (BDRip…)

people can do what they want in art, kek. who cares if someone wants to make a reverse trap/bifaxuen character

No. 1274317

at least she has breasts and doesn't go about how "uwu small" she us

No. 1274318

I'm so sick of art influencers. The ones who don't even show their own art on their videos, they just show popular art while scribbling some red lines and say "look guys look at how these pictures use these art fundamentals anyway make sure to like comment subscribe" while not actually teaching you to do anything. Influencer culture and youtube monetization has ruined art. Why are these types so popular when they don't actually do anything?

No. 1274335

Are you the kind of person thinking momokun is a better Thot than the other e thots because she has tits?

No. 1274374

Kek you're so fucking triggered by me saying his rendering is average, it's ridiculous. You're either a moid or a pickme.
Even if he wasn't a degenerate (which is a good reason not to like someone's art, especially if he's a man who can't keep his dick away from the drawing tablet) his rendering IS objectively average. His animations are nice (in quality), although some of them have very few frames. The rendering you call "great" is literally just your standard Instagram painting style. It's average.

No. 1274466


You're overthinking this way too much. Just pick colors you like. If you're really stumped, make a bunch of palette variations then choose your favorite. Or poll some friends on their favorite if you can't decide.

No. 1274492

You moid’s art sucks, try Reddit next time you want to try advertising for them

No. 1274561

Everybody is triggered here tbh

No. 1274572

NTA, but the person in the photo you posted is clearly an actual muscular woman, while >>1271103 is really just the artist drawing a man, lazily throwing tits on and saying "she/her" kek
Traps like Astolfo are a shit meme too. I'm tired of the coping, this is ridiculous

No. 1274587

There’s a difference between liking tasteful NSFW art and cooming to generic moid shit. I can rec some yume/fujo NSFW artists once you learn to stop hating yourself.

No. 1274650

Is it possible to retain a strong sense of aesthetics and style in personal, while also doing fanart? I want to do both, but I’m afraid if I begin doing fan art my person style will decline or am I just overthinking

No. 1274660

people here always state their opinion on random artists and their work, idk why you think this specific one you like will be the exception

No. 1274671

What if your OC accidentally has tranny colors in their palette and looks good with nothing else?

No. 1274691

File: 1658612442167.webm (776.93 KB, 720x720, 1656152233845.webm)

Do just like nonnie here >>1263328

Make the character the most gender critical character on earth to make trannies seethe and cry about it when they put your character as their pfp and learn the actual origin of it.

On a serious note. Pastel characters are too overdone and limiting yourself to a palette is why all OCs are all unique yet all the same, generate a random palette instead if you're autistic about it.

Araki taught me how a good character doesn't need an actual fixed and curated color palette to look good. A good design is also about the shape and silhouette of the character, how their personality and story sparks in how you draw them. The color is just like the cherry on top of it.

Good luck, anon!

No. 1274703

Great tips nonna!

No. 1274707

I hope this artist goes back to her original style. It stands out more than being an AC clone. Sad.

If this is all her work the majority looks like she traced or heavily referenced AI Yazawa, unless she’s doing some fan art, like picrel.

No. 1274728

He does, but I will say that I see him often use the excuse of "these were supposed to be delayed by hours…apart" or sometimes "days apart" when it's clearly a post that even he has marked at the end of the tweet 1/3 and so forth. It does have issues with fucking up when you do multiple posts like that. otherwise he can be asleep and it'll post for him and stuff, but tbh, twitter itself does still have a time function, so you can schedule you're own posts yourself. The only other thing I think is useful, which is the only reason I share his account and we are connected, is that it has told me what time I get the most engagement to post. It's like 7am. Which fucking sucks, but tbh, unless someone around 11am or something finally reblogs it, I don't get much traction because no one is fucking awake that early and regardless, people will see it if you reblog at the right times, so the time to post thing is pretty useless.

No. 1274732

Ngl, going to save the art version as reference

No. 1274733

NTA, but that is such a weird conclusion you came up to. Wtf.

No. 1274771

Any way of getting commissions fast? probably a retarded question since most people getting commissions bought have an established fanbase/steady customers but still…

No. 1274787


No. 1274825

I like it but I also like Hisashi Eguchi like other nonna >>1273409 mentioned lol

No. 1274833

So what? It's your OC. Make it look like whatever you want. Don't give it a fixed color palette. Change the hair and eye color all you want without changing the design. Don't like it? Redesign it. There are no rules. Too many of you agonize over the tiniest details that no one other than you will ever notice or care about. Spend less time on lolcow if it's affecting your mentality that much.

What? Most women have small or average-sized breasts. Really fucking sick of the idea that if a woman is depicted with a flat chest, the artist must be a pedophile.

No. 1274850

Nobody mention anything about pedophilia wtf. Hyojin/squizzy for example flaunts her small deform flat chested body to her simps feeding them the idea that she is a uwu small thicc Asian girl.

No. 1274909


well, depends. if you want commissions fast but with a sacrifice, underprice them (which is honestly a shitty option).

the best way is to build your fanbase- and also maybe do some of those YCH commissions.

No. 1274928

File: 1658627638358.jpeg (340.76 KB, 1170x1776, 1CFDE760-6F1F-440D-9F06-8E5A28…)

I used to hate those ship dynamic memes so fucking much and now that lolifags have found them I can’t even stand it.

No. 1274943

What does that pic even mean

No. 1274958


No. 1274959

>deformed flat-chested
NTA, yes it's fucked how she advertises herself to scrotes but are you seriously called someone deformed for having a small chest? the fuck?

It means that the moid's favorite kind of pairing has a big, responsible adult character who is seduced by a slutty small child character. In other words, the artist is a pedophile

No. 1274962

No. I say deformed because parts of body makes her look out of proportion but that’s likely because she edits them.

No. 1274973

File: 1658629938535.png (89.04 KB, 264x275, 1586139093995.png)

The fuck are you on if you think this is a flat chest? Every picture I can find of this girl is emphasizing how large her chest is, not downplaying it.

No. 1274993

They like the size dynamic. Doesn't mean pedophilia. Wtf, is wrong with some anons. My boyfriend and I are literally this because I'm 5'3" and he's 6'1".

No. 1275009

Anon is right, OP Draws that type of shit why are you defending it?
And no one asked about your scrote, out of all the threads to talk about him you chose a fucking art thread? what an obnoxious midget

No. 1275014

Strange, I was wrong
Anon was being dumb yeah but you don’t have to be so aggressive

No. 1275050

File: 1658638079377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 268.39 KB, 850x1245, pyramid_head_silent_hill_and_1…)

This. The post is about size difference couple of gentle giant / comically short character. It doesn't even have sexes to it it you be lesbian gay straight and even for monster shit

I love drawing huge hunky monster men like pyramid head with smaller character like the nurses or even monster OC with an astounding size difference with their peer and this shipping dynamic speaks to me

If anon see pedophilia with it she's got a fucking issue when it's a meme about size queens and kings.

No. 1275054

aren't size queens about dick size though rather then height, like one of my FWB's is 5'10(not that tall for a man) and he has the biggest dick I have seen on a man

No. 1275060

yeah size queens were originally about dick size or requiring a large dick and this "size dynamic" shit has pedo origins

No. 1275067

Size dynamic does not have pedo origins. A lot of girls like the trope because its a dominant kink, not a pedo kind. get help.

No. 1275072

I'm NTA, I didn't say liking big dudes makes you a pedo enabler, but it doesn't make you size queen, its not what it means

No. 1275074

The person who tweeted that is indeed into loli. The "I shouldn't do this part" should've probably been a hint that it's not just about size differences. Idk why you guys didn't consider any of this before jumping at OP and thinking something is wrong with them.

No. 1275082

I'm not the anon who said the size queen thing. I'm >>1274993

Thats fine and dandy for them, but the actual tweet doesn't have that context just from looks alone, so I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be taken as "BLANK couple dynamic" and "does anyone agree??". The "I shouldn't so this" also refers to big dicks which is a common trope that comes with this size different dynamic.

No. 1275084

Lmao the state of this thread

No. 1275095

Just because it doesn't have that context to you doesn't mean that's not what it's about. If the OP of that tweet is someone likes loli, I think it's safe to assume that's what that "ship dynamic" tweet was about too. You and the other anon(s) need to stop taking it so personally because of your own kinks or relationships. Nobody said you can't like size differences and no one is attacking what you guys like.
Samefag because I forgot to say this, but I have no idea what gender or sexuality would even have to do with that picture regardless of what it's about.

No. 1275098

after 38 threads all the nonas that post here have become senile. rip

No. 1275137

It doesn't discount the fact that it is a valid dynamic regardless of this lolicon. Anons stay mad.

No. 1275144

Twitterfag pls gtfo at this point

No. 1275151

it irks me when a vent sketch gets thousands of notes and it doesn't even look good

No. 1275339

I feel like social media is ruining my will to do art. I keep trying to come up with things to draw for big fandoms, like genshin and the like, because I see how easy it is to garner attention there with even the crappiest of doodles. But drawing that stuff, whilst it satisfies my attention needy ego, drains me. In reality all I want to draw is my OCs and fanart for a relatively obscure game (it's popular in CN platforms but virtually unheard-of in ENG-speaking ones…), but I know from experience that That won't get me any more than maybe 5 likes on twitter if I'm lucky… people say that it's best to draw whatever you want rather than follow trends, but it's so demotivating when you spend hours on something only for it to be completely overlooked, whilst crappy art gets loads of attention just because it caters to the fandom of Popular Anime Husband #2433635. I know there are big artists who only draw original content, but usually it's either a case of them having God-tier art skills, or spending every day marketing their OCs and keeping up with every art meme trend ever…

No. 1275444

You could try a mix of those if you can manage or focus your attention on pieces that matter to you and sometimes post doodles of popular subjects because it's relatively easy to get attention for those fandoms as you said. You really shouldn't draw only for social media attention though, especially if it's twitter where one thing can blow up and reach 20k likes while the rest of your stuff stays below 1k. It'll make you hate your art because the less liked pieces will start to seem worse to you even if they aren't. You might grow resentful of your followers for not liking your new posts or for overlooking something you thought was sure to hit. It's a lot more fulfilling to draw for yourself or a small group of people that will actually care about and engage with it. Don't stress out about social media unless you depend on it for money and draw the things you and your friends like

No. 1275488

should I just give in and do Genshit/seasonal anime stuff to get commissions?

No. 1275497

if you just want to make money you should just do fotm and popular stuff. it will also increase the people seeing your OC.

No. 1275565

Nothing against you anon, but I never understood this mindset. Assuming you draw merely as a hobby and you don't want to make a career out of it, why should the attention you get on social media influence how you feel about drawing? Don't you do it because you find it fun? I don't post 90% of the stuff I make, so I don't get any likes or followers from it and I still draw because I simply enjoy it. Draw what you want and have a good time. If your art getting no more than 5 likes makes you not want to draw, don't post it. You don't have to. You can and should separate your enjoyment of a hobby from the attention it can get you.

No. 1275638

Not that anon, but some people find the engagement fun. Fanart is after all, a person interacting with the fandom, and when no one responds back I can see how that could get lonely after a while.

No. 1275692

No. 1275747

No. 1275930

nonas have become schizos

i miss when you could just talk about artists without it devolving into in-fighting, pedophilia and tranny speculations. like you could actually say you thought an artist was good at something without people having to swoop in and just say lul no it isnt good its just average

No. 1276562

Let’s change it then anon.

What’s your current favorite traditional artist and digital artist? I’m always look for new artists in both mediums.

No. 1276700

I'm just gonna assume that they think like me and it feels good when people appreciate art you share in general, in general, even if growing an audience isn't your your specific reason for posting. People enjoying the art you do create means a lot and it can feel really really crappy when you spend a lot of time on something and it gets 0 engagement. What unfortunate is that in order to get that engagement you have to market and if you're not really someone who feels comfortable doing that it makes the whole situation messy

No. 1276860

Sage for vent kind of but I'm tired of the self-masturbatory attitude of some artists. I know you have to hype up your own work to sell them but if I see one more artist shill their autobiographical comic as a "beautiful, poetic and deeply subversive piece of media" I'm actually gonna fucking lose it. I don't care that you're successful, I don't care that you've worked for Marvel and DC, I don't care that you're a child prodigy or whatever. Yes your art is cool but please I don't want to keep scrolling through your posts about how trauma made you amazing and how you're stronger and more intelligent than anyone else in this godforsaken world. Please, I'm begging you, please shut up. The more I see you humblebrag about succeeding despite severe mental illness, the less I want to read your comic.

No. 1277283


"I'm sooo incredibly lucky, privileged and grateful-"
I mute when I see that. Just feels like self congratulatory shoving it in your face.

No. 1277367

File: 1658807394926.jpeg (322.42 KB, 1170x929, 9F8841FC-2A12-430F-8E51-E48AEE…)

Sorry to ruin the thread again. I liked Hallot alot back when she used to draw DMC fanart but what’s with the tranny flag? Did she troon out or is she just a TRA now?

No. 1277374


Case in point for the weird fixation on irrelevant tranny speculation shitting up the thread.

No. 1277382

Weird gripe but why are art galleries always so cold? Went to one today, lovely paintings / exhibit but absolutely freezing, especially compared to outside.

No. 1277389

Probably to preserve the artwork

No. 1277393

Because they hate women

No. 1277443

That works but the real money comes from hitting fandoms that are niche but have cult followers

Anon is discussing an artist so it’s relevant, unlike your complaining

No. 1277512

File: 1658819542247.png (90.17 KB, 377x1238, Screenshot 2022-07-26 001035.p…)

Burger Nonnies Joannes has 40% off the we r memory keepers button press stuff. I want to get it so bad but I don't think my audience buys buttons. It came out to $161 with SAVE10 coupon for the press (comes with medium), large & small insert, large/small/medium 100 each refills. I want to get it!

No. 1277522

Make pins for you and put them on things and if a friend says they'd like one like yours or suggest one, tell them you can make one for the price of $1/$2/$3. Unless you are going to be making really good print material and not just shit like Hot Topic and Boxlunch already sells, like screengrabs, don't be charging anything other than that. These are cheap as hell and easy to make, but don't go in to it thinking you are going to make money. Just start out making pins for whatever shit you personally like.

No. 1277540

Yeah, that's what I was thinking cheap items in my shop. I draw more fantasy art no fanart so I was thinking zodiac sign art magnets or compact mirrors but I'm in debt so even if it is a good deal I probably shouldn't buy it?

No. 1277558

Anon isn't complaining about the artist's art, though, just speculating on icons in their bio.

No. 1277561

I will be your voice of reason. Do not buy it. No one buys buttons these days. People who want pinnable things buy enamel pins and people who want cheap things buy stickers. Everyone else buys keychains. It's not a good deal. You are still spending $161 you don't have for something you won't even make a profit off of.

No. 1277566

It's not a good deal because you're not going to make money off it AND you're in debt, don't do it.

No. 1277572

Aye Aye thank you nonnies for being my voice of reason I won't buy it.

No. 1277717

Thanks for the indirect tip anon. I haven’t been to cons in a few years (before covid) and I don’t know what most people like to buy. Enamel pins are still popular but from my research it seems you have to outsource to China to get anything done and it’s expensive. Stickers and keychains are still going strong, but what about prints?

No. 1277792

I'll prob do that then and add vtuber shit since it sells gets rewtweets from the vtubers a lot of the time

No. 1277913

does anyone have examples of artists who started in their twenties? whenever i come across an 18 y/o that can actually draw well i feel like killing myself and giving up

No. 1277928

I should have known, smh

No. 1277937

File: 1658858932366.png (10.8 KB, 678x120, Capture.PNG)

Van Gogh?

No. 1277964

People are way too hard on themselves with things like this. Would you criticize someone who picked up an instrument or a new sport at 30 or 40? With drawing it always seems to be seen as something “everyone can do”, but a lot of people really can barely draw at all because they’ve never tried much. You should be nicer to yourself about it.

No. 1277969

i was kind of hoping for online, currently alive artists. i already know about gogh.

i really should be but i'm not, i'd like examples of other people doing it

No. 1278088

Natsume Ono, now stop being whiny

No. 1278216

I've been trying to post twice a day at less than 20 followers and I'm still struggling. I enjoy drawing a lot, and I love looking at my art, then I post it and I just feel like shit. Think I'm just going to quit art honestly. I wish I had never picked it up.

No. 1278242

reverse traps are good but only when they're cute lol

No. 1278279

I’m just curious as there are so much tutorials (that mainly just talk talk talk about fundies), but as a 30 y/o wanting to learn to draw digitally and paint irl is there cohesive methods? I’m just tired of drawing boxes and circles and cubes and spheres.

If the books are a good way to start I’ll try them instead but skillshare and yt is mainly talking about fundies/not actually helpful. I love semi-realism and want to avoid drawing anime like when I was 12.

Sorry if topic is annoying!

No. 1278340

File: 1658881775183.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1772, 8532A030-D76A-4AC7-A9FB-46577A…)

Why is Dave Rapoza posting so many same-faced anime girls all of a sudden? It’s not that bad but I prefer his realistic stuff.

No. 1278343

Don't quit art because of social media culture nonnie. If you genuinely enjoy doing it then do it for yourself!

No. 1278345

This will be based on my very limited experience, but I hope it helps you in some way. The best way to learn things, including fundamentals is to struggle with them a bit first. Try drawing what you want to draw, it will look like absolute shit in the beginning but slowly you'll understand what you need to study more. The reason everyone insists on fundamentals is because you keep coming back to them all the time, you never learn them 100% in one go. I have always learned better when I tried applying fundamentals to what I want to draw, I realize which ones I was the worst at, then went back to them, then tried again… repeat. When studying from courses, videos whatever, avoid the same artist, school etc, I lost count how many times I heard the same explanation but in different ways, for some reason that little difference was enough to make me finally understand things. My final tip is to look for how graphic designers use gestalt, composition, color. They tackle the same ideas we need to deal with while drawing but usually with more simple elements, which personally made me understand the concepts much easier than looking at master's art explanations of the same concepts, but maybe I am just dumb. Do a study from an artist you like, even if you fail it will be worth as practice. Do them in black and white in the beginning so it's a bit easier and don't worry if turn out terrible, I know plenty of people who are amazing, true references in their fields, but they still are rarely happy with what they create. Creating is a weird experience of never being satisfied, always striving to do better, you need to fall in love with the process, the result is almost never as satisfying.

No. 1278358

You people really need to get out of your little weeb bubble, check out traditional art spaces there’s an abundance of people 30, 40, 50+ that have only been doing it a couple years or just starting and learn to make cute art

No. 1278384


Thank you so much for your input! I wasn’t sure if I should focus faces, figures, etc but I think I’ll push myself into the deep end while taking a few days a week to study one, the other and environments. The last time I seriously drew I was 17 and studying fashion, I just need to get my head space less jumbled to think more like I did at 17 while pushing the old weeb in me away.

Thank you again for your feedback! I think I’ll pick up some anatomy books too, because realism/semi realism are the styles I like the most.

I where I grew up, the majority of people in university and college were my age now, only a year or two in. I think too many people focus on how young others start. I’m not same anon who asked.

No. 1278573

Might be client work

No. 1278960

The average 18 year old in modern times in first/second world countries kind of mirrors a very sedentary lifestyle. Some don’t have to die in a war, help the family farm, become a nurse during the war or help a war effort through factory work. I’m probably speaking out of the bias of a burgerfag, but 18 year olds have more time to scribble shit and practice than someone as old as you nonna who has more duties or responsibilities. Take your time, there’s a shit load of artists like >>1277937 who started very late and even created art but died during a war. A lot of 18 year olds live a tiny bit comfier lives in the western world, much time to waste

No. 1278976

It kills me because I can't remember his name right now but I remember reading an interview with Magic the Gathering cards illustrator where he said he only started getting into drawing/painting in his 30 once his children weren't toddlers anymore and he had more time for himself. There are definitely more stories like this but people just don't share. You see amazing artist in late 30 and assume they've been doing it all their life, when they may be just doing it for a few years. Or (most commonly) you don't see the age at all and you don't care because it doesn't matter.

No. 1279040

Might not be helpful because I'm not going to post proof, but I sucked at drawing at 23 AFTER getting an art degree at university. It was laughable how hard it was to draw even after going to school for it, and starting to draw in high school. But I'm in my 30s now and getting industry work. You just have to keep going. You get to a point where age doesn't matter, you don't have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. The best thing about art is that anyone can learn how to do it, as long as your hand and brain are functioning, you can do it.

No. 1279263

You might find this useful anon

No. 1279330


Speaking as a zoomer who took classes with a lot of these "prodigies", you'd be surprised by how many resources and art supplies they have at their fingertips. Knew a girl who called herself self-taught when both her parents were artists and let her attend figure drawing classes since age 12. Knew another girl who got expensive, professional-grade art supplies every other month while still in grade school. All of them seemed to live very comfortable and responsibility-free lives allowing them only to focus on art, and they've probably been at it for a much longer time than you were ever afforded, Nona.

>In fact, most of them are so privileged that they complain of having trauma from being "young and gifted".

Don't beat yourself for not meeting this ridiculous standard. Your art reflects your worldview, something these (often) cushy nepotism babies unfortunately lack. You have something valuable and unique to offer the world via your art.

No. 1279461

Something else to keep in mind is how there is this double-standard when it comes to skills related to art and skills with other activities: people in regards to art act as if this skill is only due to natural talent, but accept that other skills require practice. I mean, people accept that athletes practice, so they're being dense in thinking that the same shouldn't be extended to art. And these teenagers who appear to be surpassing older people had the fortune to have the access to a ton of resources older people didn't have, but even then, teenagers have had to practice. And many skills you can pick up at just about any age, including making art. So don't take it to heart that there's teens who are surpassing you or many other older artists in their skills.

No. 1280002

File: 1658969727914.png (1.12 MB, 1247x1215, __Untitled.png)

There is no reason to idolize consistency when it creates seemingly identical drawings.
It's in your best interests to redline 5 existing arts as pre-preparation so you can make 1 good drawing instead of 12 that you would never want us to see.

No. 1280014

File: 1658970759574.png (185.19 KB, 720x1086, Screenshot_20220727-210651~2.p…)


This zine's first mistake was doing blind applications, they didn't know what terminally online losers they were welcoming into the zine. Being a good artist shouldn't be the only criteria for acceptance into a zine, you need to pick people that you know will work well together, and aren't anti-social weirdos.

Do nonas ever get worried about psychos digging up your past like this, especially if you drew nsfw or problematic ships? Things that used to be ok in 2010 will literally get you doxxed and called a pedo in 2022.

As always, it's women who face consequences, while male coomers draw the most disgusting shit out in the open.

No. 1280016

Hey nonnies, do you have any tips for not interacting with fandoms? I really like to make fanart of my fav fandoms but I absolutely despise and fear the fan base. Any tips? Thanks!

No. 1280018

When I was in college the best student in the art classes wasn’t even planning on being an art major, and she took private lessons at a museum. I think anyone into drawing should read that “An Artists Journey Manga” because it delves into taking classes outside of school

No. 1280019

*My So-Called Artist’s Journey

No. 1280062

What's the point of worrying? They fucked up when they didn't laugh their loser intel out of the group for bothering with that much effort instead of working on their contribution. Safe to say, but these witchhunts are triggered out of jealousy and the need for control.

No, I'm not afraid of someone who will never get past drawing horn-nosed genderblobs with cankles. It is sad that it makes me reluctant to join group projects that would give me a chance to collaborate with other women, but I think being the change you want to see will help counter these people once you take their power away. I wish the artist the best of luck. It might be a blessing in disguise.

No. 1280153

What are the art challenges in august or September? Something like inktober or mermay, preferably with a popular hashtag. I want to both practice and gain a twitter following.

No. 1280201

You're welcome. I hope you have a great next con. I still carry prints. They're not as popular these days, but they make your table stand out and give you height. It's great for attracting people in crowded cons where a table with only small items might get skipped over. 11x17s also sell for $30 these days, so it's basically printing money. Don't go HAM on the prints but definitely bring some.

No. 1280230

It's pretty easy. You just don't follow or interact with anything related to the fanbase that you dislike, outside of maybe some fellow artists. If you don't want to read their comments you can turn them off on almost every platform. Post what you want and leave, no one is going to care and your question itself is kind of silly. What are you expecting the fanbases to do exactly?

No. 1280280

holy shit kek the entire account was deleted. does that mean the zine is finished? good, that's what they deserve for being fucking retards

No. 1280322

its bizarre how LoL turned from a toxic shitfiesta into a full-on woke-pandering community. People keep swiping Riot's past sexual assault and harassment allegations. They would have been canceled if they were as big as Blizzard back then or now.

No. 1280455

Yeah, they cancelled the zine, it's only been a month into the creation period lmao

Another reason this zine might've got more scrutiny is because it's a "queer" themed zine, always a signal for pearl clutching gendies. The mods were cowards for rewarding stalking/doxxing behavior.

No. 1280592

What did the artist do anyway for these freaks to call her problematic? I personally have some squicks with certain ship tropes but if I’m organizing a zine I wouldn’t give a fuck about what ships the applicant likes. Ironic how this happens when scrotes who draw lolicon get jobs in the industry.

No. 1280618

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an artist get kicked out of a zine because of some mundane stuff. >>1280014 To answer your question the artist drew a ship between a woman and her adoptive father which is creepy but not something worthy of blacklisting. Also kek at the autists in the qrts trying to turn this into some anti/proship debate when a real woman got doxxed.

No. 1280737

File: 1659032971242.jpeg (131.22 KB, 714x1010, EF194F39-C827-4AAC-BDF6-B05EAA…)

A lot of challenges dont seem super popular but for August there’s ISmaugust. It’s all about dragons and not LotR. I guess you could retool it to fantasy only if you don’t want to draw dragons all month. Unsure of the popularity of the hashtags.
September has swordtember and sketchtember which you could roll into inktober or another October challenge if you want to get ahead of the due dates.

No. 1280744

Thanks again nonny. What do you usually stock for cons or buy? I have seen bigger prints being sold at higher volumes than smaller ones; could depend on the location too. I have 5x7 and 8x10, a few 11x17 wouldn’t hurt.

No. 1280749

File: 1659033257167.jpeg (441.95 KB, 1604x2048, 5A6D34C4-74DA-41B1-9AC3-D6C49C…)

I know drawing Asians with too yellow skin is bad but how is drawing eyes like this racist…?

No. 1280788


well, the big bulging anime eyes aren't realistic either. it's a stylization choice imo, there's nothing racist about it unless you wish to make it into a racist caricature.

No. 1280792

File: 1659035335477.png (545.47 KB, 603x334, bao.PNG)

It isn't, people are just retards.
Reminder that this animation, made about Chinese immigrant culture by a Chinese immigrant, was called racist because the eyes were deemed too squinty.
There are plenty of Asians with eyes in that style. Not everyone has anime eyes or eyelid surgery.
Think of it this way, wouldn't giving an Asian character round big eyes in the same way non Asians do be considered erasure?

No. 1280803

Some literally do though - not that there is anything wrong with it, I think eyes like that are really beautiful

No. 1280811

Would people really take advice from someone who doesn't know how to draw? Let's be honest here.

No. 1280818

I like the two on the right, they are like a cute childish Yoshitaka Amano.

No. 1280834

those eyes are stylized, not in a mocking way as far as i can see. and even if it was mocking… yeah caricatures are a thing and most people merely pretend to be offended by them. i'm genuinely shocked sometimes when faced with people this sheltered.
>thus don't do that
cute how you think you're the one to hand out permissions

No. 1280843

>most people merely pretend to be offended by them
I really don't think it's pretending to be offended by caricatures that are meant to be offensive or racist.

No. 1280866

File: 1659039995298.jpg (129.53 KB, 636x1080, hypocrite.jpg)

This TIF tard draws East Asian people with weird slit eyes herself. I can already predict the excuses 'IM ASIAN SO I CAN DO IT!! NON ASIANS DO NOT INTERACT'… girl shut the fuck up

No. 1280894

kek this seems way more racist than the nicely drawn ones

No. 1281155

If Asians draw eyes like this, then it's not racist!!! This isn't like a minstrel caricature of a black person invented by white people.

Idiots like this just scare people into not drawing different ethnic features at all. I guess fugly anime and cartoons are the only safe stylizations in the twitterverse

No. 1281397

Kek it doesn't matter what race draws asians with those eyes since it doesn't change the fact some Asians do have those eyes. Ofc there are racial caricatures but that issue won't be fixed by demonising any artist who just draws a certain ethnic feature, twittards have such black and white thinking. And then when they're not whining that you should only draw your own race, they're attacking artists for not drawing other races. Pick a struggle. Well I would say they should stop self imposing struggles to perform online by seeing racism when it isn't there, because there's enough actual racism around as it is, but they aren't ready for that.

No. 1281405

lol other ethnicities with this exact eye shape exist, are we prohibited from drawing those too? twittertards need to start eating grass and finish the transition into genuine cows at this point.

No. 1281573


But then again this post is referring to a artist that was in hot water earlier this year or last year about two white artists which would give their asian characters yellow skin, and only these eyes. One of them then drawing nsfw with all these all three features which came off as… and then the icing on the cake of having no self awareness was that they slanted up the eyes to a unnatural degree.

And if I recall, all their non Asian characters never had these eyes, it wasn’t just centered around these artists in the meme, there was broadly a wider discussion on why do non Asian artists often fixate on this one stereotypical appearance.

It was a mess. I don’t think it’s inherently bad tor non Asians to draw those eyes but so many of the artists who bite the concepts from random aesthetics Pinterest accounts have no self awareness or tact.

No. 1281576

Apt, eloquent, wonderfully said and much better than I could put together, thank you.

No. 1281592

Also, while I wouldn’t do it personally, reclaiming aspects of the imagery as a Asian is very, very different contextually from drawing narrow eyes, yellow skinned Asian characters from a non Asian, while not all, a East Asian drawing themselves as yellow, though this is a hyper specific context. In short, it’s super, super, super easy to just draw these eyes and not be a weirdo.

No. 1281617

You are clearly knowledgeable in this, I wish I knew more about the eastern side of history so I could contribute but as is, all I can do is thank you for sharing.

No. 1281660


No. 1281728

any other anons planning on hoarding up art supplies they are using since prices can get higher again? myself i'm running out of paper and where i live paper got ridiculously expensive . recently i was lucky to get few pads locally for less than on the net, though i'll have to pay more to get them on the net. watercolors are really long lasting medium though it isn't same for gouache and i already have to get few more colors i'm using up the most

No. 1281733

watercolor paper is so fucking expensive here i've seen tedi has some pretty thick paper i haven't expected that form them but i will give it a shot since it's 1/5 the price

No. 1281922

File: 1659101085817.jpg (1.4 MB, 2000x2030, 1659026616276724.jpg)

is anyone else a bit weirded out by artists like pic rel who draw nothing but themselves for most of the time? Like how do you not get bored of yourself

No. 1281943

Yeah it's kind of weird to me, but not really different from how a lot of cartoonists have made their comics/cartoons for decades now, where the main character is them/their family/self insert, etc. I can sort of understand it because at least your following would care about you/your work instead of whatever fanart character they followed you for.

No. 1281948

does anyone know if the copic marker refill inks have been discontinued? I remember seeing them in amazon this many years ago, but I can't find them anymore.

No. 1281961

Isn't it like keeping a diary/blogging in comic form?

No. 1281966

i had a classmate an art highschool who drew only herself for years, only other thing she drew was foxes because her name is a word similar to fox in our language. I remember long after highschool she had an exibition and it was all paintings of herself. It's super weird and she was very self obsessed with herself at school. She wasn't very pretty in my opinion so i never understand why she liked herself so much.

No. 1281983

File: 1659107013968.png (1.32 MB, 800x1080, 1659034994135501.png)

This doesn't seem weird she's smart. She knows the goth girl thing is hot shit right now it's deliberate choice. I'm not into it but I get why it sells. I just saw some men seething about her a few days ago saying she's a fake goth girl and an attentionwhore because she doesn't like people drawing porn of her but still wants to be successful. What a terrible crime
>she wasn't very pretty so I never understand why she liked herself so much

No. 1281989

I know fuck all about this person but god I'm so sick of this "retro" anime style, and then you see the actual person and they just look like a boring fuck.

No. 1281995

wtf what? She wasn't good looking and she was a desperate pickme assclimbing every moid at school. Now that i'm thinking about it she was probably compensating her low selesteem by convincing herself she was the shit. If she pains herself enough times sitting on a crescent moon or riding a fox all the moids will notice her flowing red hair and a quirky personality.

No. 1282004

File: 1659108029028.jpeg (129.68 KB, 1100x620, AF787D3B-B0A5-4138-B914-549B71…)

Don’t you know? If you don’t draw Asians with wide anime eyes then you’re being racist
Pictel was made by a Chinese studio and Chinese people got angry at it because of how the characters looked like, the design was very deliberate.

No. 1282011

This looks cool

No. 1282022

Was just thinking it looked cute. What’s it from?

No. 1282026

apparently it's "i am what i am".

No. 1282034

I looked into this thinking this was some western savior antics bullshit taking offense for inexistent racism but actually the backlash really is from the chinese and they don't like that the characters don't fit the beauty standards, it's kind of interesting : https://www.cartoonbrew.com/politics/slanted-eyes-in-chinese-indie-film-i-am-what-i-am-spark-backlash-211997.html

No. 1282038

Yeah I don't like this either because it comes off as self-obsessed but it's not particularly offensive and I can get how people find it relatable. Art is already pretty self-centered in nature anyways so I feel like I can't criticize stuff like this too much.

No. 1282040

Kind of reminds me of Gorillaz

No. 1282041

Oh that's right

No. 1282061

>Another Chinese person wrote an essay arguing that “squinting” eyes is a greater offense to a Chinese person than depicting a Black person eating watermelon and fried chicken in the United States.
what an insanely retarded take.

No. 1282069

The (possibly self hating) chinese forgive me, but this designs feel pretty refreshing among all the uncanny valley hyper realism and Disney/Pixar knock off 3D art.

No. 1282115

Lots of minorities are self-hating. The "skin-whitening product" industry is huge in South Asia. It's common for South Koreans to get double eyelid surgery. It's sad that these negative mindsets are seeping into art, especially character design.

No. 1282123

she held an exhibition of her art while you spew hate about her looks on lolcow kek

No. 1282160

Amazon is very inconsistent about stocking art supplies, I order my copic refills through dick blick. Sometimes the super popular colors are out of stock but they are pretty quick about restocking.

No. 1282166

Thats kind of how a lot of 4 panel comics got started too. It's a sort of 'Day in the Life'. Other comics that did this were WHOMP! and Jen-Jen on Tapas.

No. 1282207

The boy in the red shirt eyes actually look like normal monolids but what the fuck is wrong with the other two, they look inbred.

No. 1282209

>"hey guys here's a lil' twenty minute doodle I whipped up hehe"
>fully lined, colored, shaded and rendered drawing.
Why do they do this?

No. 1282221

She honestly doesn't look that bad either, anon is just a seething jealousfag kek

No. 1282225

lmao glad i am not the only one who thinks people who say that are full of shit

No. 1282232

I know I’m late, but this same thing happened with an Elden Ring zine not even a month ago because the artist had drawn questionable nsfw a long time ago or something. I believe it was Jojo ships which people get weird over anyway. I think all this virtue signaling shit is stupid unless it’s something legitimately depraved and the zine states beforehand they won’t take you if you’ve done whatever in the past.

No. 1282235

This usually happens because of gesture drawing and its not completely rendered and refined. This complete disconnect between what a sketch is vs what an artist is actually capable of in a finished piece is so indicative of how your own view of sketching is.

No. 1282276

She’s really pretty to me tbh. Idk anything about her personality so it might be shit. I don’t really care if people draw comic strips about their life, but when people only do self portraits it can be strange.

No. 1282280

No. It's basically just a visual diary or blog. What a weird thing to gripe about.

No. 1282281

It gets on my nerves when people call fully rendered and complete images “doodles”. I think of doodles as something you do in your spare time that doesn’t really have a big goal in mind. Idk if it is related to humblebragging or maybe even trying to play themselves down but I wish people would just call a finished piece a finished piece.

No. 1282290

What one artist considers a doodle isn't going to be the same as what another artist considers a doodle. If someone spend about an hour on their finished pieces, then a 20 minute drawing might not be a doodle. But if this is an artist that spends 40, 50 hours on finished pieces then something quick that only takes them an hour IS a doodle for them. It's about the amount of effort spent.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Because you think she wasn't attractive, it makes her self-obsessed and vain to enjoy drawing herself? Do you think only attractive people are allowed to be comfortable with themselves, anon? She got her work in a gallery, good for her. Stay bitter.

No. 1282296

I don't understand the anger that comes from an artist who called their unfinished work 'doodles'. Sorry it's not all scribbles? How do anons thing charcoal artists doodle? They work in sometimes broad strokes, and create forms, but that also creates depth due to the overlapping of the charcoal.

Here's an example. This isn't finished. This is a sketch, a doodle, but an anon would probably flip and call this a finished piece or a rendered 'sketch'. Come on.

No. 1282300

i like the designs as well, and i'm very surprised the chinese are self-hating when they seem so diligently patriotic.
and to think once upon a time, on dA, teenagers would post random scribbles on lined paper with the caption "this took me 2 hours O.o"

No. 1282307

Slightly OT but I’m always surprised by how long digital artists think is normal to spend on art. I think if you aren’t like full on oil painting or doing some large commission for big money then anything around or over 10 hours (unless you count like conceptualiIng, thumbnails, and color studies which lets be real most digital artists getting commissions aren’t doing) is fucking insane. I just assume they suck at art.

No. 1282313

this. most hobbyist digital artists just immediately start sketching and skip most of the steps that actually take up time, i've reached the point that when i see someone say that they needed +10 hours or days to finish a piece that doesn't even have a detailed background i just imagine that they're either shit at art or they're lazy. digital art has so many shortcuts to buy time that if you need that long to finish a simple piece then admit you're just bad.

No. 1282318

As a digital artist, it looks like it takes less time just because we are able to backspace and undo. you don't get the luxury in normal art. You can buy all the brushes and everything you want, but that won't make you good at art digitally. The same way the brushes don't mimic real brushes. For traditional I usually like watercolor and colored pencils and that takes a while, but with digital I don't have to worry about drying time and I can fix any bleeds easily. You do still need to have some grasp of color, form.. It's not a 1:1 and you can tell, when anons post, just how bad those shortcuts just looped together look. I would say digital photography has more of the easy editing.

No. 1282322

I dunno like it can take time for artists to think about the direction a piece might go in and may not know on the fly, or need time to re-evaluate it or come back to it later with fresh eyes. That doesn't make someone bad at art, that's just normal. You sound like pompous assholes ngl

No. 1282334

Oh I fully agree. I don't have the attention span to spend more than 10 hours on a complex, finished piece. Even 5 hours is pushing it. Most of my drawings take me less than one or two hours, because I get sick of looking at them.

I know people draw at different rates, but if you're spending 15 hours painstakingly drawing a sketch and lineart and it looks equivalent to something someone else could finish in two hours, your process is very inefficient.

No. 1282336


That's what thumbnailing is for, but we all know most twitter artists don't do these and just bruteforce their art process into completion. like >>1282334 said, if you need over 15 hours to finish a piece that doesn't even have a proper background or any detail that may justify lots of time, then youre process is horribly inefficient. Or maybe you just suck.

No. 1282354

Sometimes I wonder if people just don’t know all the shortcuts that are available to them. For a long time, I didn’t because I didn’t watch many tutorials on art programs or digital art in the beginning, just to tried to navigate it myself. I do feel there are some shortcuts that almost feel like cheating and I don’t like using those so some steps can take a little longer (I’m an intermediate artist though, someone much better could probably do it much more quickly than me). Some people have a tendency to over-render things too and end up putting more and more time in when it’s not needed. Sometimes efficiency is just something people have to work at, whether you use shortcuts or not. I do agree the other anons are being a bit harder on beginners or people newer to using digital art programs. If you’ve been at it for a long time and are good at fundamentals though, I don’t think it should take an exorbitant amount of time unless you’re just have a problem with perfectionism/the over-rendering thing. It’s good to know when to stop.

No. 1282381

as someone who used to do this back in the good old deviantart days, its probably because theyre insecure about their art. if someone says it looks like shit, you can just answer "well its just a doodle haha its not supposed to be good", or if the opposite happens, its an ego boost because "if this is just a doodle, then you must be a really good artist!!1!". it takes a bit more courage to say that the product you present is the best you can do and put a lot of effort into it, because then when you receive criticism it hurts a lot more.

No. 1282383

File: 1659126576822.jpg (93.03 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_2022-07-29-15-27-49…)

I don't really use IG so I got curious. Do you think this has some truth to it or is this a massive cope?

No. 1282391

I hope so. I never got the appeal of it for artists.

No. 1282398

Yes. The art theft on there is rampant anyways.

No. 1282402

Imo, it's a lot more artist friendly than twitter because of how they display the images. Anyway IG seems dead for everyone, not just artists.

No. 1282427

It's competing with tiktok using their short form videos that clog the entire app and hide posts. Instagram was never made for artists, but there was a point where you'd get good engagement that correlated with your followers. Now having an art account is basically posting nothing there.

No. 1282442

How much of this backlash is due to the insane Americanisation of internet spaces especially political spaces. A lot of people start using the same terminology Americans so and apply the same lenses to their own countries. I’m aware the Chinese internet is a bit censored and they have their own alternative social media platforms.

No. 1282443

Is there any app that isn't trying to compete with tiktok and by that making itself worse?

No. 1282445

I don’t mind the video format, it’s a really good for exposure and some of the challenges are kind of fun and only possible on video format
But it is getting tiring, no one is looking at the art or details.

No. 1282446

That trend is super retarded, is a bubble that once it burst is gonna fuck up every app as well as the content creators very hard. Reject modernity, embrace DeviantArt

No. 1282448

If DeviantArt's interface weren't so fucked I'd start using it again in no time. I always loved that site despite its flaws but the "eclipse update" makes me lose interest in giving it a try just by looking at it.

No. 1282459

Lost faith in DA after someone with admin privileges on the site leaked my IP to several people, one with a vendetta against me. And another who led a discord community I was part of and tried to kick me out of it. I opened a support ticket with DA, got told I was mistaken, that couldn't happen and was also illegal (the person who was given the IP was even boasting about getting her admin friend to prove my identity) and then stopped responding. Said community leader now is sponsored by DA on twitch.

Basically don't fucking trust DA, they don't vet people who have access to users' private information.

No. 1282476

What would be consider a self taught artist? Is a self taught artist someone who practice art with out any guidance?

No. 1282480

Yes, or not going to school for the people who think giving someone money is the only way to learn something kek

No. 1282495


IG is annoying with the reels with the fact that you need to post them now to get a crumb of attention, but I enjoy it more than twitter where I post and it gets absolutely nothing.

No. 1282525

Even with reels it's hit or miss, because 9 times out of 10 you will get a recommended reel with that "use this audio because it will boost your art etc etc" with some low quality art. Then you get suggested those "3x" audios and people responding back to how annoying those are. It's such a mess

No. 1282533

Honestly I wanna make money off of my art.

No. 1282536

Then you may just prosper yet.

No. 1282560

Strangely inspirational kek

No. 1282566

Oh good, that's what I strive to be.

No. 1282665

Same. I was planning to use IG for that but i don’t want to use Twitter or FB. DA’s new update is broken on mobile and I don’t know where else to go for social media engagement.

No. 1282840

i wonder how much of its userbase died with eclipse. at least 1/3, right?

No. 1282885

I'm taking a wild guess but is she Finnish?

No. 1282897

She wasn't talking about the goth girl but someone whose photos haven't been posted

No. 1283091

i would do the same if i was hot not gonna lie

No. 1283096

professional artists can make amazing stuff pretty fast, i guess it comes with experience. this dude can shit up fully rendered illustrations in 4 hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7GGgZ9OEcw

No. 1283105

I drew some weird stuff in the past and now I am scared of getting canceled for it. I hate the modern internet.

No. 1283145

>She wasn't very pretty in my opinion so i never understand why she liked herself so much
Not everyone is as obsessed with looks as you are
I'm scared of being cancelled over Pixiv/Twitter likes from when I was pornsick years ago

No. 1283147

Same. I drew and wrote some weird shit as a teenager (nothing scrote-tier, think cringey DA self-insert fic with teenage views of sex and consent) and despite me burying those accounts the best I can I'm worried about some 13 year old he/they digging it up to cancel me. I have a reasonably sized audience and noone has brought it up to me yet, but the worry is still there.

No. 1283155

File: 1659182525615.jpg (372.06 KB, 1280x960, 1652551545865.jpg)

I made the mistake of making a career out of providing art/graphics to influencers/youtubers, so now I am stuck forever walking on eggshells trying not to get canceled and lose my job. I still post my degenerate personal art on /ic/ and I often get asked for a blog, but I don't wanna bite and end up #canceled.

No. 1283170

File: 1659183867329.jpg (45.84 KB, 508x800, 6618da09-b535-414b-a22c-e525cb…)

what makes westaboo art so soulful? I find the original PnP cartoon horrible, probably one of the ugliest looking cartoons ever, however, I am obsessed with Japanese fanart of the show. I am trying to study what makes it so appealing compared to western fanart.

No. 1283191

I got canceled multiple times for making edgy drawings as a teenager and the best way to go about it is to not address it at all. Close your DMs for a week, block some people, and you're good. Worst thing is, you have to get used to ""mutuals"" dropping you to preserve their own clouth, but you'll grow apathy for it pretty quick.

No. 1283231

It's clean, appealing colours, no woke shit unlike most Western fanart, has an interesting twist on the style that still stands out as unique. I didn't know this was PnP fanart until I read your comment and I think this art is really cute! Did you find any other fanart like this?

No. 1283252

File: 1659192907010.png (244.58 KB, 2000x3500, [19-05-09] 1126378770099662848…)

There's a bunch of it on Twitter and pixiv. I am amazed at how Japanese artists take super ugly designs, shoot them with the ''westaboo'' laser beam and make them appealing. They are also weirdly cute, pic rel is the husbando of the artist and she draws a bunch of utterly soulful and cutesy art of this random side character from PnP I forgot existed, mad respect honestly.

No. 1283253

File: 1659192945385.jpg (219.91 KB, 1419x2080, [19-02-06] 1093127930861867008…)

here's another from the same character, i also like how she varies on the style.

No. 1283262

Carl is hardly a "random side character" he is in like every single episode. But so cute, thanks for sharing these!

No. 1283273

This colouring is actually really pretty. Who's the artist?
My two cents: I loved Disney a lot when I was younger and there's a lot of these types of artists around even today. Insanely high skill especially for the subject matter. A lot of them also draw pretty degenerate porn and don't try to hide it, which tbh I admire them for. It has to be autism but I think they're based as fuck.

No. 1283279

File: 1659194574592.jpg (557.21 KB, 920x653, 29309825_p0_master1200.jpg)

is he really? i just remember him being there for like a second saying a punchline
@kinu_0825 . so far I haven't seen any of these westaboo artists draw porn, most seem to get obsessed over a western show and make a bunch of cute fanart/AU of it

No. 1283284

File: 1659194927134.jpg (460.56 KB, 2048x1536, [19-10-20] 1185722357115052032…)

also, i like how there is a dedicated Japanese PnF fujo community.

No. 1283303

No. 1283587

Pre-Social media, I knew a few artists who did this. They posted pinups but had a persona they channeled and were unrecognizable in person. There's a balance you can strike up, but I don't think it flows as well during the current era unless you keep hard boundaries.

Considering that most cancellations stem from the ringleader politicizing their own obsessions (a ship that contradicts their favorite ship or self-insert fantasy, for example), we need to stop living in fear of hypocrites.

Not that the JP art scene isn't w/o its problems, but I think it's because lots of them come from a place where drawing as a hobby is genuinely appreciated from within, so improving your artwork just to draw your favorite characters better is a drive many adopt. Combine that with how their fandom culture isn't as politicized as ours, and you get stuff that's coming from the heart, untainted and free.

It is my DREAM to go to a westaboo event.

No. 1283739

Am I the only one who's sick of the trend of people making pixel art on microsoft paint and other basic art programs and then instead of submitting the art as it is they screenshot it to show off that it was done on paint/they have the need to mention that it was done on paint? what type of low fruit humblebrag is this?

No. 1283899

File: 1659231754652.jpg (1.16 MB, 4096x2892, [19-05-31] 1134490144482816000…)

>Not that the JP art scene isn't w/o its problems
i find it hilarious that bunch a of JP fujos managed to make a fanbook of a super niche ship from a western cartoon completely funded by themselves but western artists can't even make a Persona Fanbook funded by fans without spending all the money on genshit

No. 1283934

western artists are too busy cancelling each other out of jealousy to get anything done

No. 1283949

Back in the day most pixel art was made in paint. Not really a brag? Some people like the aesthetic of having the UI of the art program in their posts. Or they're too lazy to actually save and upload and a screenshot is faster. People do it with sketches and paintings too.

No. 1283989

File: 1659240223369.jpeg (520.4 KB, 750x778, 7975D4C9-5781-40AC-9A99-62A407…)

Kek thought you were talking about stuff like pic related until I realized you said pixel art. I don’t really have an issue because like other anon said >>1283949
Artists who do the same with detailed paintings are obviously humblebragging, but at the same time I can’t help but be impressed anyway. Wondering what made this stuff more popular in recent years, because back when everyone still used tumblr, the mspaint artists I followed always posted the art as is.

No. 1284088

File: 1659249670073.jpg (916.11 KB, 1076x1382, Screenshot_20220730-233704_Ins…)

Just stumbled on this sideways improvement.

No. 1284178

File: 1659255036049.jpg (195.17 KB, 1080x1166, -t015ux.jpg)

>>1283989 the worst part of this is OP just copied a Korean toy artist's photo on Instagram, only credited them when the pic blew up. Notice the do not copy text on their profile.

No. 1284416

Love this fanart. Who's the artist?

No. 1284444

I'm a huge PnF fan and never thought about looking at JP fanart, it looks really cute. Is there an specific tag where I can find more of this?

No. 1284453

Wheres the callout and the post crediting? You haven't posted anything about this.

No. 1284461

sorry for the sperg but there's an artist in the ff14 sphere that insists everyone calls their catgirl a catboy, draws them with obvious boobs, vagina and female form, but gets mad when people "misgender" them. i can't with this fanbase.

No. 1284465

Are you me I was JUST thinking of this. That one artist that drew mavis on ms paint and it blew up on IG.

No. 1284471

Is it sideways? I thought the pic on the right has better shading and color blocking compared to the original. The anatomy looks sort of better, mostly in the hands and how they interact with the stick. There isn't a ton of improvement and maybe I'm blind, but I can see a better grasp of fundamentals in the second pic compared to the first.

No. 1284496

these weebs want asspats. it's not hard to draw on mspaint, there's a transparent brush that allows you to blend like what's done in this painting. it just takes longer because of the lack of layers. it's no different than drawing on tegaki

No. 1284522

File: 1659290082319.png (1.2 MB, 1103x862, 1E714EF1-8F50-4148-B70F-01B563…)

I feel bad but I honestly enjoy seeing some of it. That being said I don’t really follow any artists that do it regularly, just see it from time to time. I’m an older millennial and it does make me feel nostalgic since it’s what so many people started with. I get how it could be annoying and how people would use it to humblebrag though. But it is nice seeing people play with the medium too.

No. 1284615

I was in a temporary raid last year and one girl was a gender special and I couldn’t with her. Don’t want to imagine being commissioned by them.

Don’t they have brushes now instead of pencil? I remember this and Photoshop were used a lot in the dolling community but Paint had a higher skill level if you just did pixel dolls because of its limitations

No. 1284646

Wait, there is? I've been doodling on mspaint lately and I didn't know there was a transparent brush, which is it?

No. 1284735

Kek are you talking about the min-height miqote with modded e-girl makeup in an “mlm” relationship with an edgy max-height malexaela? The one who makes NSFW gposes with that god awful pastel filter? I can think about 10 different individuals who fit this criteria. Post some screenshots I wanna laugh.

No. 1284952

File: 1659307910829.png (47.2 KB, 647x530, mspaint.png)

It's the "marker" brush. The "natural pencil" also has some transparency.

The "oil paint" and "watercolor" brush also has some tapering on the end and some texture. This is MS Paint version 6.1

No. 1284981

>lots of them come from a place where drawing as a hobby is genuinely appreciated from within, so improving your artwork just to draw your favorite characters better is a drive many adopt.
nta but I had never thought about it like this and you're absolutely right! The Japanese scene fully allows you to focus on creating art with anime characters and whatever self-indulgent themes you want while the western scene is still so deep in the old masters and the fundamentals of classical art, even outside of art school, that people don't take things like fanzines seriously. Dignity and expression has to be saved for pretentious studies and polished art pieces, not for silly comics and cartoons.

No. 1285040

>That one artist that drew mavis on ms paint and it blew up on IG
Could someone post this picture? I've never seen it before.

No. 1285088

are any other nonnies in the thread traditional artists? i just need to vent for a second, i'm an oil painter in an art discord and am so sick of seeing genderblobs with bad anatomy with no rendering get so much praise when a piece i spent weeks on gets ignored.

in other news, i finished my first big commission today for a friend of a friend, what's the best way of getting more? i'm in a city with a lot of art festivals, i'm thinking of building my portfolio and trying to get accepted to one to sell some work and hopefully get some actual commissions from serious buyers. are there any other good ways to get your name out there?

No. 1285114

Have you tried your local art center or gallery. Some of them have open exhibits and you can apply? Always worth a shot.
You can also volunteer for charity auctions and do ornaments for exposure at the holidays to help raise money for a good cause too. If you have a portfolio take it to your local coffee shops and see if they’d be willing to hang your pieces. If you have a Facebook list commissions in the marketplace. Basically get into your local community that’s always how I’ve made money.

No. 1285116

i'm going to try all of these, thank you nonna! i'm also going to try submitting to my uni's art gallery, but since i'm a masters student (not in art) they might not accept me since a lot of their calls for submission specify undergrad only

No. 1285157

File: 1659323935551.jpg (141.2 KB, 1589x2048, FYWZImlakAAkV3P.jpg)

Searching #フィニアスとファーブ on sites like Twitter and Pixiv will give you lots of good, decent PnF fanart by JP artists.

No. 1285164

You’re welcome anon. Another is local fairs and competitions. It gets you out in front of people who like traditional art and lets you network and talk to people. It’s a place you can give people a link to a portfolio and you’re contact info.
I’d say anything that lets you submit go for it. There’s also a lot of online ezines. Some pay. Some for free but you can submit personal pieces that fit the themes and see what comes out. Being published looks good when negotiating for more corporate stuff later. The more you do for people the more stuff spreads word of mouth too.

No. 1285169

File: 1659324548787.jpeg (684.06 KB, 1087x1494, 013D156D-F3FC-4B03-AF43-9EBD9C…)

No. 1285172

File: 1659324618769.jpeg (769.75 KB, 1042x1630, 96F0560F-96F6-4A4E-9BDF-C108E7…)

The artist. They turned off the number of likes but you can see by the comments how it was received

No. 1285212

This shit blew up on Instagram? It's so fucking meh anyone could draw it kek

No. 1285262

>are any other nonnies in the thread traditional artists?
Yep, and I want to make money from my stuff too if not make a career out of it, though I'm not sure how realistic the second one is with traditional art unless you have good contacts.

Like the other nona said getting involved in local things is a good start, I'm currently making an updated portfolio to show local galleries, and just random pieces to sell at fairs. With galleries keep in mind costs like commission fees, it varies by gallery and some can get pretty high, though there is one near me that charges 0 commission and charges wall space rent instead.

No. 1285264

Samefag to add I didn't mean to be discouraging, I hope making a career out of it is possible and tbh it's more possible than ever in some ways, but when you start out with 0 contacts (I'm not doing an art degree either) just prepare to network and for it to take a long time.

No. 1285337

Oh but you can't regulate it. It's still a very limited program, honestly I can understand people wanting to mention it if they manage to do a complex painting with it. If it's shit like >>1285169 though, it's just them wanting attention.

No. 1285359

where do i learn color theory/rendering? i have been neglecting it for the past 3 years and now that my drawing skills are pretty decent my rendering and color choices drags it down

No. 1285411

File: 1659341540604.jpg (430.49 KB, 1150x1367, tranny time.jpg)

i don't think they're the same, but now i'm really curious anon, can you share?
i'm talking about picrel
honestly wish we had a FF14 thread for gossip cuz there's so many cows in this game

No. 1285415

You can always talk about it in xiv general if you make it on /m/? Though i think it already should be in catalogue, not many people used it. Making a specific gossip one would only attract cows imo

No. 1285466

File: 1659352512797.jpeg (157.65 KB, 1017x1920, 4BF737F9-9046-41C7-A1D2-38BD96…)

Okay but the chara is extremely cute ijs

No. 1285490


There's a pretty large fair coming up, I'll see if it's not too late to submit some pieces. It'll probably take a few years to build a network but hopefully I can solidify myself and have a steady supplemental income.
I'll be sure to check out some ezines as well!
Do you guys market yourself on social media at all? I don't have any dedicated pages but share on my personal accounts to friends/family.

No. 1285495

is anybody else doing smaugust this year? if so are you using somebody else's prompts or making your own? sorry for ot

No. 1285497

No but now that I know what that is, I might participate. I'll just draw something involving dragons.

No. 1285502

I don’t understand. I looked at the picture and the comments looked fine. Self post?

No. 1285508

I used too. I got pretty big in a niche tumblr circle. Doing traditional style portraits of characters in groups there wasn’t that type of art but it was mostly because I loved the content I was drawing and it showed. Authenticity always got me attention. Striving for it it didn’t. Social media is partially selling yourself to people and partly feeding the algorithm what it wants but it can burn you out pretty quick. Instagram was always so saturated I could get views but not a lot of sells there. Tumblr people were willing to talk and I could get commissions. If you’re good with people you can always try teaching kids at your local art center or homeschool co-ops. You might be able to make a chunk of money that way too. I ended up with two classes at a homeschool co-op and one at the local art center I co-taught and it was great. It also gave me access to the studio at the center for free every week.

No. 1285509

File: 1659359359149.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1526, D4A9B4C3-84C9-4FD1-8090-12A09F…)

I hate when her stuff comes on my feed. Her color choices are bad and she’s not even talented all she does is put clay in mold and she has such a huge fan base over being a talentless hack.

No. 1285520

Is making ceramics with molds a niche or something? I only knew one person that would fire molds, it was an old lady and as a kid I would go to her studio to paint them while my mom was at work

No. 1285539

File: 1659363023724.png (1.14 MB, 1106x878, examples.png)

Can anyone recommend me some artists with a cute and simple artstyle? I want to simplyfy my art and therefore would like to study artstyles. But finding tasteful artstyles is hard, most simple artstyles look like they where drawn by tumblr fakebois.

idk why, but I have a hard time drawing more simplistic, I also appreciate any tips and advice!

No. 1285548

I mean I've seen two people so far who get views on their pottery making even though it's average, because they're attractive. Can't remember their names but one was a blasian girl who was in a grammarly ad once, and the other was some guy. I'm sure this happens for many other insta and tiktok artists too

No. 1285566

Not sure of your living area, but how about checking out your local libraries, too? I live in a fairly middle-class neighborhood and my library constantly has local artwork that has an artist's contact info and sometimes they even sell the art to display. Of course you'll get more success from art places, but trying your luck in various places isn't a bad idea.

No. 1285635

>They turned off the number of likes
that's not something the user can choose to do, anon. It's based on region. Some EU/UK law against online envy or something

No. 1285638

I’m confused, neither of those examples are simplified, they’re just cartoony. Or is that your point?

No. 1285643

You can absolutely do that on your own account. Though I do think based on region you can still see the number of likes.

No. 1285663

File: 1659373248361.jpg (89.44 KB, 750x1334, leinstagram.jpg)

No. 1285735

kek why do fanartists draw zenos so pretty, he’s an ugly fucker in-game

No. 1285771

You think so? I don't really know tbh.
It's a generic as fuck catgirl and I utterly fail to see how this thing is "male" in any way at all.

No. 1285791

study the shapes, shading, and movement in character design for 2D animation, that's where these simple styles originate from.

No. 1285889

off-topic but kek I almost thought this was catradora

No. 1285963

Your examples made me think of “ocean in space” and there are a lot of artists like that. I want to say it’s just chibi anime but you’re probably wanting something not anime so I’d look to European artists too. Illustrators in general tend to have some cute styles if you don’t like anime style.

Yes I want to talk about xiv cows. Maybe a general mmo thread or just use the old one here.

Kek I can see it. Zeno’s art makes him prettier than the game. I don’t care for his character or Emet Selch but some people fangirl and ship their character with them. I don’t get it lol.

No. 1286069

Yes please link if anyone makes one. There’s so much milk going on there lately.
I mean I can get Zenos (even though he’s weird-looking) since he’s an archetypal evil prince character with a near-psychosexual obsession with the player. I don’t understand Emet yumejos - I thought he was gay with Hythlodaeus.

No. 1286076

I can try. Would it go in /m/?

No. 1286079

File: 1659396823677.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2030, F156F88A-F78D-403C-BB3C-F5727F…)

Did Happy D Artist leave for a while? I thought she was digital only.

No. 1286081

I think so. Most video game threads are on there.

No. 1286099


i could name just with both my hands the names of all the strange people ive met on my man years playing ffxiv.

ngl i bought some good prints of graha and venat, and her work is actually fantastic. but the amount of people who draw specifically lewd art of baddies, designed to have no redemption is baffling to me, and i know far too many people who do it too

No. 1286106

Kek I mean people have always found villainous characters particularly attractive for some reason (I do too, not personality-wise I just like edgy designs) but seeing Emet-Selch’s scoliosis ass reinterpreted as a sexy tradhusband makes me lose it

No. 1286108

Made it here, I’m a n00b

No. 1286114

File: 1659400442525.png (172.18 KB, 720x505, 509284B0-C8B4-45D1-9548-F9982C…)

Huh, is this true?

No. 1286122

Men fucking love being pedophiles huh

No. 1286129

Men love invading women's spaces and ruining literally everything female dominated.

No. 1286132

File: 1659401581468.gif (59.83 KB, 220x149, ugh-dana.gif)

>let's create 'legal' childporn in response to women liking grown male x grown male comics
Men are literally subhuman.

No. 1286140

File: 1659402405547.png (1.04 MB, 1791x2560, 6A009E5F-E1AC-4493-8012-FC4FEF…)

Yes. This is a magazine article from 1985 that has a comment about it

No. 1286146

Kek start calling moids bugs at cons. The descriptions remind me of Genshiken. Not surprising.

No. 1286148

I miss these labelled caricatures of communities that used to be everywhere, reminds me of the goth ones. I wish people still drew these for modern nerd communities

No. 1286149

How is that even fucking comparable in their heads? Who's first thought is to escalate that far? I fucking hate men

No. 1286153

it must’ve been some disgusting spiteful moid frame of thought like “oh you want to subject MY MALE EYES to gay sex? fine, but i’ll subject you to these little kids i wanna fuck!”
pedos seriously think their fucked up freak of nature deviance is just like any other sexuality

No. 1286165

The goth ones were fun as the lolita fashion too. They crossed streams a lot with Japanese fashion. Today’s list would be problematic but also worse - boring. What does the current gen have that really sets itself apart? All I’ve seen is mimicry. For example gothic fashion today is not even about the culture or music but vaguely all black and “spooky” aesthetic. It’s bland.

No. 1286167

doesn’t Yaoi also consist a lot of underage dude x older dude?

No. 1286190

There are shotafags in fujoshi spaces but they’re not as widespread as lolicoomers.

No. 1286201

They just got better at hiding, they’ve always been prominent

No. 1286208

File: 1659409815466.jpeg (420.65 KB, 950x1400, 1640009887430.jpeg)

Not sure if you meant the thing about lolicon or the part about women dominating Comiket, but it's true
Also here's Kentaro Miura defending lolishit lol

No. 1286209

File: 1659409873325.png (2.75 MB, 1390x2048, 1647928798982.png)

No. 1286215

Nasty paraphilias are rampant in every art community. At least with yaoi shota has never actually reached the mainstream.
Disgusting. I love Berserk but Miura was no better than the rest of creepy moids in the manga industry.

No. 1286218

I’m pretty sure there’s been a discussion before about berserk and women, I liked berserk for a while but there are many female-related complaints I have about it

No. 1286225

It’s very voyeuristic during rape scenes (Miura even had to apologize on his earlier portrayals of Casca). Too bad you can’t criticize anything unless you want scrotes to yell at you saying it’s “supposed to be disturbing”.

No. 1286237

This is interesting and even applies to online artists because I’ve definitely seen the weird creepy loli in military gear artists online, I don’t know how to describe it but they all got “that,” style that’s similar…

No. 1286239

You know what’s something I’ve noticed that super fucked up, those faux woke, types target non English artists, than knowining their main language isn’t English purposely misinterpret google translated replies to call them problematic while not speaking the language, it’s so hideously obnoxious…

No. 1286240

It's like they're addicted to starting petty online fights.
They should get an actual hobby, like drawing kek

No. 1286249

I have truly come to believe that Japan is a really pedophilic country and should have been occupied by the soviets, their degenerate culture should have died instead of being allowed to fester and breed and spread to the west, don't get me wrong I love aspects of Japanese culture, aesthetics and art(I'd say over half of my favorite media is Japanese) but there are cultural aspects of Japan that are so awful and I feel so many weebs willingly ignore, there's a reason why lolicon, shotacon, fujoism and waifu culture went mainstream in Japan rather then confined to underground sex shops and frankly Japanese degen behavior is only getting worse and more blatant, both the men and women are contaminated at this point


No. 1286256

Please stop posting that video, I can't even stand looking at the thumbnail. And you've said the exact same thing for months now, stfu we get it, we don't need you to tell us what we already know about Japan and pedophilia.

No. 1286261

We don't know someone who is underage posing in videos posted here.

No. 1286266

when rightoids celebrate the stabbing of that japanese socialist politician by that fascist, this is what they’re endorsing

No. 1286294

File: 1659416690732.jpeg (342.79 KB, 1170x1013, EBC3CBBB-C7E0-4DE6-856F-0EBE35…)

Genshin fans are a different breed

No. 1286298

I don't know much about this Luna Sol person, but from what I've seen in these threads I'm inclined to believe a lot of the drama surrounding her is self-inflicted. Regardless of their stance, I fully believe people who engage in and who's online presence revolves around "anti vs. pro" debates are just attention whores looking for drama.

No. 1286308

This is what happens when you give a chronically online, mentally stunted porn addict fujo money and a platform.

I miss the days where we can point and tell someone how disgusting their fetishes are and stop normalising it

No. 1286318

This tracks. It's all she ever talks about. She literally could be just making her art and minding her business but decides to make entire threads justifying the shit she indulges in.

Her art must not pull as much as she wishes it could, because no artist who actually runs a healthy business has time to spend on this bullshit. I think this is just her marketing strategy at this point.
Bitch and whine about haters, then when things are too quiet, stir up more shit with more asinine tweets she has nothing to do with just to stay relevant.

No. 1286319

File: 1659418888398.jpeg (35.98 KB, 496x619, EF7F0176-4C60-40E4-A0E7-FD0DA8…)

Kek acting all high and mighty when her art looks like this

No. 1286321

Shadman probably makes no money than her. What lawyers? lol anyone can copy paste a fake John Doe from Google. That's why its easy.

No. 1286323

Dear god wtf is that giant head, tits, and female combined male looking torso

No. 1286324


Almost none of the proportions in her figures are good. He looks mutated.

There's no way she would've gotten the attention she did if she didn't draw genshit or interact with its screaming teen fandom. She'd have otherwise been overlooked.

Teens need to be monitored online but the way she's so reactionary to their heckling leads me to believe she fully expects it so she gets more eyes on her work because it makes her look like an 'underdog'.. not because her art is actually any good, because let's be real; nobody follows her for that.

No. 1286333

>I miss the days where we can point and tell someone how disgusting their fetishes are and stop normalising it

lol weeb gen z twitter is right there for you, nonita.

No. 1286338

File: 1659421242848.jpg (615.37 KB, 2218x2218, [21-08-01] 1421911574957248514…)

i like ibu chuan

No. 1286342

File: 1659421803212.jpg (214.03 KB, 1280x975, 1647984387481.jpg)

> At least with yaoi shota has never actually reached the mainstream.
the very first yaoi was shota that was inspired by a 14 years old boy actor and it was extremely popular during the 80's/90's, if you search hentai sites you can check most of the yaoi magazines used to be shota too. The very first yaoi VN to be translated to english was also shota. Stop pretending like Japanese fujos give a crap about loli, most of them are equally if not more degenerate than the moids. Unlike us, they don't have an ''us vs them'' mentality and just mind their own business.

No. 1286344

Yes. It's been discussed in multiple threads on Lolcow and anon >>1286208 linked the two best English language resources about it. Basically women were dominating Comiket with their bishounen and BL works and men felt threatened, so they created loli porn to drive women out but so many men were attracted to it the meme turned into an actual widespread genre. It's why Comiket now has separate days for female and male works.

The "shota" in fujoshit is some "vaguely teenaged twink" nowhere near comparable to moid lolicon with toddlers and elementary school kids, it's not even teenage girls they're attempting to portray but actual prepubescent children under 12. The actual shota is 90% of the time created by men who are so deep into their hate of women they don't even consider them worthy of their greasy dicks and instead replace them with little boys to abuse. And you can tell they're only attracted to lolicon for the misogyny since the entire genre started from such a spiteful way of trying to assert dominance over women who were doing nothing more than minding their own business.

No. 1286345

Paki-chan please fuck off, how the fuck do you always appear in less than an hour in literally every thread around the site? Do you ever let your little brother use the computer?

No. 1286347

>shota defenders itt

No. 1286351

Off topic but fun fact: This same actor is the guy who played the first old man to be sacrificed in Midsommar

No. 1286353

File: 1659422599938.jpg (255.68 KB, 1038x768, the author drew some nasty por…)

not defending it, just saying that nonnies are retarded for pretending Japanese fujos are in any way better than lolicons when the genre became huge for having constant rape scenes and underage boys. Fujos are fucking degenerate too, there is a HUGE south park community there and it's purely because of the shota characters, a better comparison is yaoi versus yuri, where yuri is mostly just girls giggling and being ''cute uwu tehehe'' while yaoi is filled with rape and angsty scenarios, comiket was never ''invaded'' by moids, it just grew as anime and manga became bigger and more popular. Stop pretending Japanese artists abide by dumb western moral rules when they don't care and ALL are degenerates.

No. 1286354

also to add, the author of gravitation used to employ high school girls to help her draw her porn doujins

No. 1286355

>And other hot takes fresh from the 2002 Anti-yaoi Livejournal community

No. 1286365

You are confusing me with someone else, are you new to imageboards?

No. 1286368

Just a correction: lolicon was already an underground phenomenon but it was when the Comiket scrotes started to promote it so aggressively out of spite that it truly became popular (the "lolicon boom"), later resulting in it becoming mainstream. Before that, pedo otaku moids were already sexualizing the little girls in anime such as Ghibli films.
>The "shota" in fujoshit is some "vaguely teenaged twink" nowhere near comparable to moid lolicon with toddlers and elementary school kids
True. More explicitly pedophilic shotacon, with pre-adolescent boys, is very rare in fujo spaces. Although it used to be way less frowned upon, at least in the west, to ship/draw underage teen boys with adults.

lol the left eye looks kinda wonky.

No. 1286369

soy de latinoamerica amigui, pero buen intento de bait, supongo.

No. 1286370

Nta but you sound psycho kek. The idea some of you anons have that anyone who criticizes fujos (or shota now I guess?) has to be pakianon is ridiculous.

No. 1286371

I remember this shitty anime being shilled everywhere, hell, they would even sell its merch when i was a kid.
Couldn't find it, but apparently one of the characters was gang-raped later in manga and author somehow forgot about that and people were complaining.

No. 1286376

>comiket was never ''invaded'' by moids, it just grew as anime and manga became bigger and more popular. Stop pretending Japanese artists abide by dumb western moral rules when they don't care and ALL are degenerates.
The women at Comiket did care about scrotes invading their convention with comics about little girls being raped by animals, and the moids did care enough about there only being content for women to start a whole movement to make pedophilia comics popular.

No. 1286377

Okay nonny, but I really don't think the old-school mid-2000's fujo boogeymen you love to sperg about are as prominent nowadays as the disgusting coomer lolibros you see in the middle of the day in every art circle that get to draw all their shit without issues because no one attacks male coomers.

No. 1286378

Nta but that is literally paki-chan. She's always sperging the fuck out about Bjorn Andresen and how fujos are "literally worse than lolicon moids" like it was a prayer she has to repeat.

No. 1286379

File: 1659423963663.png (46.13 KB, 700x1028, MMK_42-1.png)

the gravitation manga is fun trash, it basically makes no sense but it has that fun late 90's vibes I really enjoy. It's at least less forgettable than junjou and its clones.
do you have proof? so far I haven't seen proof of it

No. 1286382

we are talking about japanese fujos, not western ones. I am mostly complaining about how nonnies try to bend an issue from a niche subculture in the 90's to their modern American moral standards.
lol, soy de latino america pero si quieren seguir preteniendo que soy su boogeyman, prosigan pues.

No. 1286383

Why can't we just agree that shotacons and lolicons should all kill themselves asap quickly.

No. 1286385

Sorry about your poor eyesight nonnie

No. 1286386

didn't miura make another manga series about lolis whose piss is magical?

No. 1286387

NTA but tbh you're right. At least here in the west, you'll see women censoring each other if they dare draw a 17 year old anime guy fucking an 18 year old, while references to lolishit (or straight shota) has become disturbingly common among even the normiest of anime watchers on shitty Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of members.

>do you have proof? so far I haven't seen proof of it
Picrel taken straight from the second link here >>1286208 is proof (testimony from the scrote who started it) that the moids deliberately promoted lolicon at Comiket out of spite.
From the same article:
>in the 1995 Comiket and one other dōjinshi market in 1993, female and male participants tend to socialize separately. As minority participants, males that enjoy erotic dōjinshi depicting cute girl characters were viewed with suspicion by female participants that enjoy yaoi.
That was in 1995, as noted in the article, three years later there was a bit more friendly interaction between the two groups, but at least up until 1995, about a decade after the lolicon boom, women at Comiket still "viewed [the pedo scrotes] with suspicion".

No. 1286388

File: 1659424805760.jpg (21.94 KB, 381x229, Untitled3.jpg)

sorry dropped my pic

No. 1286390

Let's be real, fujos could draw the most milquetoast, wholesome stories in the world like they often do these days but this sperg and her kin would still call them degenerates worse than male pedophiles. There are even plenty of yumes and female hetshippers who love oneeshota (older woman x little boy) but they're conveniently never brought up because it's heterosexual content and men can self insert as the boy being suffocated with big mommy milkers. There's just no point in arguing because we all know the real reason why they're hating.

No. 1286392

Nice try, but these anti-fujos have repeatedly said that they're not talking about non-pedo/non-explicit BL. It's you who acts like yaoi is all about fluffy SFW gay boys kissing and holding hands with no sex.

No. 1286395

>western fujos vs japanese fujos
Supongo que con "fujos japoneses" te refieres a no-americanos o uh, asiaticos? (coreanos, tailandeses, chinos, filipinos etc y la diaspora tambien supongo..?) lol. Bueno, definitivamente hay fujos que les gusta esa mierda del shota, pero eso no es cuestión de "lol western vs non-western" y resumirlo a eso es muy estúpido. Hay fujos que les gusta el shota y fujos que lo odian y prefieren contenido menos degenerado. En ambas partes del globo. Las generaciones y las audiencias cambian nona, y basura como gravitation o loveless ya no se ve tanto actualmente.

No. 1286396

Nice gaslighting girlboss but Paki-chan here literally said:
>nonnies are retarded for pretending Japanese fujos are in any way better than lolicons when the genre became huge for having constant rape scenes and underage boys.
Sounds a whole lot like the retarded bad faith act generalizing being described. You can pretend like there's some grand goal of extubating pedos but in the end it's just being mad over women liking something that has nothing any average piece of media doesn't by attempting to draw reaching parallels with drawn child porn created by degenerate, misogynist males seething over women succeeding them in popularity. And in the case of someone like paki-chan, it's just late stage NLOGism and an inexplicable neurotic obsession.

No. 1286397

>they're conveniently never brought up because it's heterosexual content
Yep and that applies to any rapey material too. Shoujo had plenty of it, but who cares as long as it's women being hurt and degraded lmao.

No. 1286398

seems to me like you are making it a bigger problem than it is. You are treating it as if fujos were completely squeaky clean before the lolifags ''invaded'' their space when in reality fujoshis are equally perverted and were already making shotacon content. Unless you have double standards and think shota drawn by women is fine but loli drawn by men isn't.
my point is not hard to understand, it seems like you just want to feel like the victims. To reiterate, fujos were perverts and they don't care about loli/shota or problematic content like westerners do. It's just Americans trying to bend things they don't like to fit their standards. If you are going to call lolifags pedos(which they are) but want to defend fujos that have been making rape/shota/incest, etc then you have a serious case of double standards.

No. 1286401

no1curr paki-chan, let your brother use the computer to look up more survivalist videos and go be dense in the real world for a change

>Me watching shoujofags sperg about how they want to be kidnapped, choked, forcibly bred and spat on by their abusive yandere anime boyfriends and then turn around to lecture fujos about being degenerates for having a gentle ravishment kink

No. 1286402

how are lolicons pedos but fujos aren't when they make the same content? that's what I don't understand. You can't just decide what you want to condemn because one is made by women and the other by men. Also, a reminder that yaoi used to be called ''misogynistic'' too because the woman is always portrayed as a whore who wants to steal the seme from the uke or something like that. Also, keep trying to force the paki boogeyman when I already proved I am from south America, lmao.

No. 1286403

Who cares if fujos sexualize poor little wee men honestly I'm far more concerned about the ones that develop porn brainrot and troon out and that's my biggest critique to yaoi, the potential damage it can do to women not that it hurts the half of the population who holds all political and economical power and uses it to abuse the other one lmao men can go fuck themselves and I get enjoyment out of it when I see them feeling self conscious and insecure over 2d pretty boys. Serves them right after literal decades of being sociopathic little bitches and treating women like pieces of meat while looking like trolls at best.

No. 1286404

no1curr paki-chan's disciple, go be mad about early 00's yaoi tropes being worse than men fantasizing about raping little girls in the real world for a change

No. 1286405

I don't see anyone defending fujos who draw pedoshit, that's some reach there. Nonas are saying that fujos who enjoy shitty old school rapey yaoi unironically are not as rampant as shameless lolimoids.

No. 1286406

>y basura como gravitation o loveless ya no se ve tanto actualmente.
Sí, eso es lo que yo venía diciendo (NTA). Parece ser que la mayoría de ejemplos populares de shota en el yaoi japonés son de hace unas dos décadas. Al fin y al cabo, el problema no es solo de las fujos, es un problema que puede afectar a cualquier mujer a la que le gusta el anime, y como la nona de arriba dijo, también hay yumes a las que les gusta el shota x mujer adulta.

It's not Paki-chan.

>Shoujo had plenty of it
That's true, but yaoi comes from shoujo/josei (I forgot). They're not completely separate, stop acting like they are. Compared to straight manga porn for women, yaoi is much more popular. A lot of fujos (not all) like yaoi because they can see explicit, violent, dark or taboo content without having to see women suffer.
And shoujo is rarely, if ever, explicit. Besides, no one is denying that shoujo also is plagued with rapey or pedophilic themes that basically teach girls that they should let older men abuse them. But just because shoujo is shitty too doesn't mean that yaoi can't be criticized for its own issues.

No. 1286410

you are a brain rotten fujotard, go schlick to rape while you lie to yourself thinking it's somehow feminist when a woman is a degenerate.
I already explained that shota is pretty common in fujo circles and that no one but western fujos cares about its morality. I just find it funny how they put fujos in a pedestal just for being women while lolifags get shit on, when they are both porn sick coomers.
>Sí, eso es lo que yo venía diciendo (NTA). Parece ser que la mayoría de ejemplos populares de shota en el yaoi japonés son de hace unas dos décadas. Al fin y al cabo, el problema no es solo de las fujos, es un problema que puede afectar a cualquier mujer a la que le gusta el anime, y como la nona de arriba dijo, también hay yumes a las que les gusta el shota x mujer adults.
el loli tambien anda muerto, en general el anime ha cambiado para ser mas atractivo al publico chino y americano. Pero eso no cambia que mucho del contenido primerizo de yaoi era ''controversial'' que es lo que le quiero hacer entender a la nonnas. Solamente me parece idiota que defienda a capa y espada a las fujos japos cuando son igual de degeneradas que los hombres, hasta diria que la mierda shojo es incluso peor que algunos anime harem/ecchi, ya que al menos en esos anime la mona china lo agarra a putazos al protagonista generico cuando hace algo ''pervertido'' mientras que en el shojo pareciera que el fetiche de las autoras es hacer a la protagonista sufrir(te estoy mirando a ti Kaichou wa maid-same).(infighting)

No. 1286412

>Compared to straight manga porn for women, yaoi is much more popular.
This sentence alone shows you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Embarrassing.
>just because shoujo is shitty too doesn't mean that yaoi can't be criticized for its own issues.
No, but it's curious how the very popular rapey themes in shoujo or the popularity of oneeshota, or hell, even the actual lolicon porn never get such a retarded rise out of the same people who have meltdowns over fujos and claim to be warriors of light fighting for good morals. I'm sure the pedophile scrotes appreciate your effort though!

No. 1286414

nta but you can criticize all of those things, it just happens that the discussion started because anons were discussing about lolicons AND fujos. You are no different than the moids saying ''b-but men get raped too''

No. 1286415

No. 1286417

>You are treating it as if fujos were completely squeaky clean before the lolifags ''invaded'' their space when in reality fujoshis are equally perverted
AYRT, the men at that time were drawing little girls being fucked by dogs. I'd say that's worse than whatever fujos were drawing at the time.

>This sentence alone shows you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
Most porn drawn by and for women who are into anime/manga fandom is gay.
>it's curious how the very popular rapey themes in shoujo, even the actual lolicon porn never get such a retarded rise out of the same people who have meltdowns over fujos
Abusive relationships in shoujo are discussed from time to time (see: manga thread) and barely no one tries to defend it, and everybody here agrees that scrotes are pedophiles and lolicon men are despised by all of us and we all talk about it all the fucking time in case you're blind. There's no need for spergouts in either case because no one is defending that shit, unlike fujo shit.

No. 1286418

File: 1659427368175.jpeg (281.94 KB, 1575x1793, FZGeaIzUIAAwe1g.jpeg)

yaoi sperg trying to ruin another thread kek
Back on topic, this "my favorite ship dynamic" shit is going around Twitter again and some of these are cute but others are fucking cringe.

No. 1286419

I hate all these fucking woke sexuality terms honestly

No. 1286421

File: 1659427584149.jpeg (240.1 KB, 1962x1874, FYyKGdtWQAIUi0v.jpeg)

I honestly don't even know what that word means. Also here's my favorite one so far

No. 1286422

File: 1659427599233.jpeg (54.25 KB, 600x433, enzai.jpeg)

>I'd say that's worse than whatever fujos were drawing at the time.
literally the same thing but with boys?

No. 1286426

I was talking about the 80s when yaoi and lolicon were just starting to become popular. Of course later yaoi works have more degen and explicit content. Enzai is from the early 2000s.

No. 1286427

Not arguing that people don't criticize the rapey tropes in shoujo or joseimuke in general. It's the certain reoccurring spergs who start infights every time they see the word "fujo" and go over the same old "they're worse than male pedos" song and dance every time while never having such high energy for things objectively more damaging and worse to women found in numerous forms of media. It's not one of the many young female actresses that Paki-chan goes around plastering all over the site talking about how she was sexually abused and inspired pedo tropes, it's the one guy from decades ago whose androgynous looks vaguely inspired a character in one iconic BL in the 70's. And as mentioned by >>1286358 she whiteknights Varg of all people because she's desperate for white moid approval so let that set the tone for her posts.

No. 1286433

File: 1659427914108.jpg (109.5 KB, 850x389, sample_a95b3010ec5c31b2ac4b3ef…)

what makes you believe they weren't drawing the same thing in the 90's/80's if they are doing it now and super violent yaoi content was always popular?

No. 1286434

>Solamente me parece idiota que defienda a capa y espada a las fujos japos cuando son igual de degeneradas que los hombres,
>"fujos japos"
No te voy a debatir más porque no me interesa corregirte, sólo me da risa que sigas con eso de las "fujos japos". estrictamente japos, haha.

>Pero eso no cambia que mucho del contenido primerizo de yaoi era ''controversial'' que es lo que le quiero hacer entender a las nonnas

Y? muchas cosas comenzaron siendo problemáticas noni.(ingles por favor!)

No. 1286436

I haven't really been reading this infight/derail, but every so often anons argue about shota/loli and try to defend it or say one is worse than the other and it's very weird to me. I don't understand what's wrong with you people.

No. 1286439

you have your own thread and site to fuck off to, stop pretending like your persecuted cause you have an addiction to eroticized eastern drawings of boys fucking each other
>and go over the same old "they're worse than male pedos"
can you please give me one example of anyone in this thread or site saying fujos are worse then actual male pedophiles, cause the only comparisons made in this thread were with lolicons, also could you stop accusing every sensible person of being paki-chan, its a headcanon you've created to justify your fetish, If I created a poll you'd find most users here think fujos are just coomers not worse then moids but still degen asf

No. 1286440

>It's the certain reoccurring spergs who start infights every time they see the word "fujo" and go over the same old "they're worse than male pedos"
I definitely agree that saying that fujos are as bad or worse than lolicon males is just plain wrong. I just hate how every time one of the anti-fujos spergs out, fujos will also sperg out, denying that there's anything wrong with yaoi or that shotafag fujos exist and insulting non-fujos for liking het content for some fucking reason, just deflecting any sort of criticism and trying to change the subject to het content, instead of addressing the actual points or just NOT replying to the anti-fujo.
Also I do think that Paki-chan is a hypocrite and a retard for simping for Varg. But she's not the only one who criticizes yaoi. And how do you know the other anti-fujos don't discuss how young actresses are exploited and abused in other threads? This whataboutism whenever someone says something critical of yaoi or fujos is really annoying.

No. 1286443

NTA but what's the point in posting these cherrypicked visual novels from well over a decade ago, DMMD even having all characters be clearly very adult when you're trying to make a stand about fujos being pedos? You want me to start spamming all the mainstream anime series with moid-targeted loli porn in them? If so, we're going to be here all night. I legitimately do not understand why people here have such a boner for whiteknighting for literal pedophile men who created a genre for raping little girls out of spite just because a fujo aiden made them cringe and arguing for multiple posts that actually, it's the fujos that are no better than those men because [that one pwobwematic thing from 2005].

The venn diagram of IRL pedos and lolicon males is a circle, anon.

No. 1286444

I'm not aware of any such yaoi manga being published back then in the 70s or 80s; on the other hand, the lolifags were proud of having published a whole magazine full of "taboo themes" and that loli was "a forbidden genre at the time". I doubt BL authors from that era have talked about doing something similar. And despite the more degenerate fujo content in later years (a lot of which borrows from scrote porn, by the way, so it's not like these women became that degenerate without male influence), I don't think fujos are "as bad as" male coomers.
Still, please understand that I'm not saying that fujos aren't degenerates and coomers. They absolutely are, at least the ones who consume the explicit stuff. But saying that they're as bad as degenerate men is just wrong (some especially degenerate fujos might be, but most of them are definitely not).

No. 1286446

you have your own thread and site to fuck off to, stop pretending like your persecuted cause you have an addiction to eroticized eastern drawings of boys fucking each other
>and go over the same old "they're worse than male pedos"
can you please give me one example of anyone in this thread or site saying fujos are worse then actual male pedophiles, cause the only comparisons made in this thread were with lolicons, also could you stop accusing every sensible person of being paki-chan, its a headcanon you've created to justify your fetish, If I created a poll you'd find most users here think fujos are just coomers not worse then moids but still degen asf

No. 1286447

You know what I actually made a poll, so now we can finally put an end to the Fujo question


No. 1286450

Stop replying to me with this post, I'm not even a fujo and you tell me to go back to FC kek
>can you please give me one example of anyone in this thread or site saying fujos are worse then actual male pedophiles, cause the only comparisons made in this thread were with lolicons
Like the other nonny said, lolicons are actual male pedophiles. They lust after girls who are not even teenagers. Meanwhile, not even half of all fujos are shotafags. It's not a fair comparison to make.

No. 1286451

I'll personally start addressing the points when you start making them. Saying "there are problematic elements to BL" is like saying "there are problematic elements to high fantasy" because Game of Thrones overuses rape as a plot device despite many other books focusing on anything but. From posting outdated early 00's series to not even knowing what the story content in them actually is it's pretty clear that you have no personal experience with the genre and instead rely your entire outlook on second hand information. What can be said about that? I'm sorry that Gravitation's mangaka drew a smutty doujin when the actual series is a story about adult pop bands and the lead singer falling in love with no graphic sex scenes at all? That there's one visual novel with graphic rape scenes? What's the purpose in that?

To recap, the entire infight spawned from one sperg basically claiming that "fujos have no business talking shit about the lolicons who drew child porn to spite them because they're just as bad" with nothing to really back it up besides "there are some fujos that like shota" while it's a well known fact that shota as a genre is almost entirely created and dominated by the same pedophilic men who love loli or limped their dicks masturbating to it to the point they had to break the next taboo. But because Paki-chan in particular is so hung up on Kaze to ki no uta's mangaka taking inspiration from Björn Andrésen's looks for one of her characters she's set on this tard crusade about how the basis of BL is pedophilic rape indistinguishable from a bunch of misogynistic moids who drew animals raping prepubescent girls to scare off women. And of course people similar to her grab any opportunity to join her in this retardation with arguments that boil down to "fujos annoy me so they must be morally bankrupt".(derailing)

No. 1286452

That link…

No. 1286454

Wasn't this derail not about men but about children

No. 1286455

It's a legit poll site that people use, I checked.

No. 1286458

who cares oh my god

this made me cringe reeeeal hard, I hate when people treat polyamory like it's some ultra uwu woke shit and now this?

No. 1286460

>or switch places and become car
This is joke is so stupid, it took me a minute to get

No. 1286465

I think you're mixing a lot of people up.

No. 1286474

seriously at what point did fujos decide their addiction to drawn gay pornography was somehow deep and complex, you are a coomer there's no debate about it, you keep on venting over paki-chan where there is literal proof that majority of us are dreaded "antis"(derailing)

No. 1286477

I feel like 9/10 polyamory fans just want to cheat on or cuck their lovers but call it something cute

No. 1286480

Call anons when women are 99% of pedophiles kek. This infighting is so retarded.

No. 1286483

It's ridiculous that some of you really have the audacity to agree with an autistic pakistani neet girl (who posts her grandma and brother on lolcow) that's so deep into her handmaidenry that she seethes every time other women do something the poor white moids don't like. If you want to discuss the origins of some genres in manga, at least know what you're talking about instead of going "this thing totally has pedophilia in it because I say so!! You're LITERALLY into children!!" and completely ignoring the context in which such genre was born. But also do it in another thread instead of shitting this one up with autism idk.

No. 1286485

I just assume anyone going muh yaoi is just like pedophile moids! are moids trying to cope over being degenerates, just like when 4fags anime board had a mental breakdown when Free! was made because it was something for women with pretty boys and no power fantasy shit for the deranged scrotums.

No. 1286486

Isn't Paki-chan also the same anon who calls rees about dworkin being a subhuman jew? She's pretty much a deranged polfag, if it is really a women and not a moid. Still can't get over the handposting. Absolutely fucking funny, and fat too.

No. 1286490

"hurr durr proship hurr durr antis" I hate the assumption that you are either one or the other if you show indifference towards the whole discussion. Art twitter is on a whole new level of insufferable for this reason alone.

No. 1286516

File: 1659438100433.png (37.23 KB, 863x589, CAPTURE.png)

and is paki-chan in the room with us? is every single "anti-fujo" i.e normal non degenerate person actually paki-chan as well, how deep does this grand conspiracy go

No. 1286519

The /ic/ scrotes in this thread are absolutely insufferable, they spend hours defending male artists drawing pedoshit and bitch about muh SJWs ruining western civilization all the time yet suddenly concern troll about fujos or pretty much anything else women like and enjoy that they can't sexualize and coom over while never even touching art besides drawing chicken scratch anime tits.

My god, who gives a fuck. Your autism gives me so much second hand embarrassment it's incomprehensible. I actually feel like I should just drop all weebshit and imageboards and become a full on normie to avoid fate like yours, it's that cringe.

No. 1286523

You realise scrotes can answer the pole, there's no barrier to prove its only women, and vpns exist. Poles like the ones for movies have no reason for scrotes to tamper, but ones reeing about women being 'muh just as bad and totes pedos' does. Scrotes just cope about everything women like which doesn't serve them. Not a fujo, but anti-fujos are mega retarded to not see it as scrotes coping about being the actual pedo sex. Need I remind you real shota is mostly consumed by scrotes the same way loli is kek.

No. 1286526

Can anyone help me find a comic that was like, from the pov of a wolf and it portrayed borzoi dogs as uncanny valley monsters? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think it was made by a popular Twitter artist

No. 1286529

Post here >>>/ot/1068958 instead for help finding things.

No. 1286530

File: 1659439763040.jpg (506.84 KB, 900x2475, Epg_XFRVgAUtmdE.jpg)

This one? It's by SparrowLucero

No. 1286541

Hell yeah thanks nona

No. 1286542

Kek, I love this.

No. 1286553

File: 1659442315012.gif (822 KB, 200x204, 21EE468D-F488-4B59-9C95-A978B0…)

Yesterday: Thread pretty quiet. Cool might be good
Today: Wtf

No. 1286567

Paki-chan found it, that's always how threads go to hell and this time it was extra bad because scrotes camp this one a lot. It's always either her, the schizoposting troon or romanianon.

No. 1286571

Ikr? I was so bored yesterday browsing lc because no one was active, they’re only active enough to engage in endless flame wars about shit no one cares about. Anons have become so weak and pathetic trying to win an argument on the internet, it’s just mindless shitflinging that goes no where. Hope they were all banned for infighting and being retarded

No. 1286775


Honestly, she would make the best cow if anyone could compile all the cringe shit she's done in the last two years, she's taylor nicole dean levels of unhinged attention seeking on twitter

No. 1286783

File: 1659459334545.jpg (905.72 KB, 1069x1275, Screenshot_20220802-094719_Ins…)

Anyway… here's some art to whine about.

Tiri's stubborn refusal to use refs or study anatomy is really stagnating her art. Rather than improving, the awkward parts of her style have just gotten more pronounced and every post is uglier than the last. They've all got tiny heads on thick necks with vacant fish-eyed stares and beach balls stapled to their chests.

No. 1286802

She draws cartoons. What wrong with this? It's not supposed to be a 1:1 human anatomy because it's cartoony. The neck looks like a normal neck you'd see on someone anyway. It's not massively thick and it's not overly long. It looks anatomical. The boob is sloped, you can tell and it's overall just slightly exaggerated from human form. Your post sounds pretty vendetta based.

No. 1286813

Lol at first glance I thought she was grabbing her own titty

No. 1286816

God yeah. I know someone like this who is obsessed with pro vs anti drama and never shuts up about how she’s being attacked all the time and making herself into a victim. It’s not that hard to just consume and make things for fandom and you don’t need to pick a fight or try and escalate things with every person who doesn’t agree with you on something. It’s all so self-inflicted and annoying. It’s not healthy to be that way and some of these people really need to go outside for five seconds.

No. 1286818

I thought she was squeezing juice out of a deformed boob.

No. 1286824

smaller heads is a rarer stylization decision, cool to me.

No. 1286827

File: 1659462605388.jpg (398.23 KB, 1064x1464, Screenshot_20220802-104944_Ins…)

Lol, vendetta? She has 140k followers, anon.

No. 1286830

Yeah, her stuff looks stylized, not broken. Her following means nothing when the anon is making a personal vendetta post.

No. 1286832

File: 1659462679362.png (84.03 KB, 391x483, ffff.PNG)


They're literally sperging out on twitter right now, they've been having a very public meltdown for the last 72 hours over lolisho lol


all this just to come out liking shota because their dad threatened to rape them and they were groomed as a 15 yr old

No. 1286836

File: 1659462816024.jpg (481.76 KB, 1070x1223, Screenshot_20220802-105345_Ins…)

Maybe you should take a look at some of her art if you think it's not broken.

No. 1286844

Anon, I like their stuff. I've been a follower for a while. They know anatomy, but they have a style. You don't have to like the style, but its not that wonky.

No. 1286847

Nice rendering but the subject matter is boring normie instathot content, no wonder she’s popular

No. 1286852

File: 1659463321031.png (1.8 MB, 1686x1000, FTciKFRWIAAKmPv.png)

Looked through her art and tbh given the basic subject matter she still manages to squeeze some interesting works out of it unlike plenty other "generic girl" artists

No. 1286853

File: 1659463321405.png (338.29 KB, 645x525, Screen Shot 08-02-22 at 01.59 …)

I know theres more important things to discuss, but god, this fucking male bee OC with giant tits

No. 1286854

>Rampant reeing about women doing things men don't like and whiteknighting for pedo men
>Butthurtly caping for yet another instagram coomer titty artist #54353 once again and claiming it's just muh stylization when the bodies are broken beyond repair for full bimbofication purposes
The scrotes in this thread, I fucking swear.

No. 1286855

Yeah they know anatomy, they just have a cartoony look to it as well, it's exaggerated.

No. 1286872

The thread has moved on, let that infight go already holy fuck.

No. 1286876

Do you have no reading comprehension, or does your personally appointed tard rangler read your posts out loud to you?
the only pedo apologism I see is from the pro-fujo side anyway? Regardless, lc may not be for someone of your stunted temperment.

No. 1286881

Everything about this person seems so obnoxious to me. I'm not into Genshin Impact so I didn't know much about Luna Sol, but I kind of hate this thread for introducing me to them. I just saw that disgusting "fuck machine" sticker they have on their shop

No. 1286889

Tiri regularly posts girls with pretzel spines and deletes comments on her anatomy errors. When asked, she repeatedly says she doesn't care about anatomy and doesn't want to learn. You don't have to defend her faults just because you like her art.

No. 1286894

I’ve only seen a few of her portraits in the algorithm. I didn’t know she did full body. you can see where she struggles a bit.

No. 1286904

31 years old and posting this cringe ass shit. I'm not on the side of the hate campaign but I can see why they hate her.

they got upset because people were saying it was creepy "Feral" furry art. I don't know what they were expecting(Rule 1)

No. 1286909

>im using a reference!!
>proceeds to try drawing an arm and ditch everything else
excellent. shows how much this person is a consuming hoarder, nothing to be proud of.

No. 1286924


For someone who is "so unbothered by the haters", she spends an awful lot of energy catering to and feeding their egos and justifying every little thing she does.

Like I said before, this is just her marketing campaign at this point because on its own her art is lackluster. Nobody really follows her for her art. And she'll keep doing it because that's her strategy to stay relevant. She claims on her twitter that she has no fear and is so happy and has everything, but in reality if she didn't garner this much attention she'd be in the ditch living off her husband.

No. 1286927

I wish you'd have spoilered this degeneracy.

No. 1286933


She's been on twitter for 6 hours today alone fighting trolls. This has been going on relentlessly day and night since July 31st. It's august 2nd now. But she's "unbothered" and "not upset".

No. 1286938


If I was her, and I knew I wanted to make NSFW art I would simply not make art pieces I knew were going to be 'problematic' and 'trigger' a fandom I knew had a bunch of 'anti' teens in it.
But what do I know, it got her the attention she wanted, and endless content to bitch about. And yet she ends up in a marathon meltdown, lmao.

No. 1286963

nayrt but the thigh gap with the massive thighs makes no sense and neither does how the swimsuit is working with the boobs. That’s pretty wonky imo. I don’t know this artist but I think it’s ok for nona to point out the strangeness in some of the art. It’s stuff normies wouldn’t notice because they see pretty rendered girl with boobies.

No. 1286970

These kind of people get on my last nerve. No one would even give a shit if they didn’t constantly throw tantrums. They still might get called out for their content but this is just blatant attention whoring and trying to stir drama. This is the kind of shit that should have been left in high school.

No. 1287053

Who is this artist? If she’s drawing shota ? it finally clicks that she’s using a female reference for a teen. I always wondered why the male characters in yaoi looked like women.

No. 1287077

File: 1659473909590.png (381.17 KB, 542x811, 11222081710.png)

Nonnas, I thought you said hype trains are a free 1000 likes and a free 100 followers. Explain.

No. 1287085

No. 1287087

This is so fucking ugly, how do you not see anything wrong with this? The overly done rendering on the face compared to the simplistic and lazy shading on her body. The ridiculous bolt on tits with the weirdly round hips, and oddly high up vagina, while somehow having a thigh gap. Not to mention the pencil neck.

No. 1287099

>I always wondered why the male characters in yaoi looked like women.
Well, it's not like there's a lot of photo reference for beautiful naked men in suggestive poses, and photo reference for women is infinitely more common.

No. 1287122


No. 1287131

File: 1659477106260.png (717.15 KB, 1079x1430, Screenshot_20220802-144353.png)

Ignoring the sperging upstream, I'm surprised this artist even posted a side by side because the self portrait looks insanely darker for some reason

No. 1287132

NTA but the artist literally mentions shota twice. And we all know that "femboy" shit overlaps a lot with shota anyway.

No. 1287134

Looks like she was using a SNOW filter, or her phone camera quality just makes it look like a filter was used.

No. 1287135

IDK anon, it's clear there's a very strong white light on the photo, maybe even upped contrast, she could just as well be this dark in normal light

No. 1287136

it's way darker and she looks absolutely nothing like herself in her self-portrait, kek. surely she must realise this, but then again, it's not like anyone is going to call her out for it since she's a black yank

No. 1287139

I can't imagine an existence where a person is so obsessed with sex that they have "fav shota doujin" that they leave up on their computer for "inspiration."

Coomers really are the most pathetic people. I can't imagine being so simple minded that looking at porn everyday is enough to keep me content.

No. 1287167


I hate to ask but has she ever had her own thread at some point?

No. 1287168

The one major red flag I get from this is that there was somebody on snow(stwawbewwymilk or whatever the fuck) who used similar arguments as Luna like "If you call my art gross, you're transphobic!!" "If you say lolisho is weird, you're actually anti-queer and anti-sex!!11!!!". Though Luna's seems more like she's being inflammatory on purpose because she realized bad attention is still attention because her art's not getting any.

They both need lobotomies to be honest. And I fucking hate when they try to bring other queer people into their arguments to justify the weird shit they're into

No. 1287178

File: 1659479507758.jpg (1016.43 KB, 2384x3504, 33744918421_7b0cc63bc8_o.jpg)

Writers and webcomic artists seem to love this, but I absolutely hate stories where the obviously rapey villain goes all "haha I wasn't gonna rape you why would you even think that, silly girl" as a way for the creator to somehow point and be all "see? he's not a rapist! He's just quirky and sexy, haha".

No. 1287193

If we're to judge from this page's example, the fictional dude in made up fantasy story is clearly stating that he's interested in consent and not willing to violate it, which sounds like a healthy fantasy to have, are you implying you know better than the author that it's a rapist or what? IRL moids would rape women in any scenario you can think of, it doesn't mean someone can't fantasize about similar scenario but played out in a safe and healthy way.

No. 1287206

Kidnapped her, undressed her in her sleep and is keeping her there against her will sure seems like a dude who's interested in consent, kek.

No. 1287216

Author literally says so, do you know better than the author? Are people not allowed to have unrealistic fantasies?

No. 1287224

It doesn't matter what the author says or knows. They display a scenario where a woman is being made fun of and assumed full of herself because she thought a man who's already been creepy is going to assault her. It's a stupid trope and all it does is add to the idea that women shouldn't assume the worst of men even when there's screaming red flags everywhere.

No. 1287228

Nta but lol "author sez so so that means kidnapping a girl and undressing her actually ISN'T creepy" as if. And yeah, having this smug-boy rape fantasy is embarrassing actually

No. 1287231

This art style reminds me of Holly Brown's, especially the guy

No. 1287237

I dislike this trope too, since it's always done to make the woman look stupid and irrational for being rightfully wary of a man. I often see male authors (and sometimes even female ones) write shit like this, the punchline is just 'haha dumb hysterical woman sees sexism in everything' even though it's completely logical for her to assume the worst.

No. 1287238

Holly Brown also seemed to love adding creepy rape scenes in her stories too, so it checks out.

No. 1287243

File: 1659481106041.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1340x1226, lunasolcringe.png)


I don't think so, but I'm waiting for the day she does just to document the social cringe

No. 1287252

You know there was an artist called Lirthel on twitter who actually got in trouble for being into the same shit(though she's tame compared to this) but the difference was that her reply to people was "well I like what I like" and ignored them and moved on and that why I respect her more.

>deep breath
Surely she's joking, right?

No. 1287253

Sometimes I really wonder how much is coom vs how much is performative shit. The push for being the most degenerate reminds me of Nemu a little bit, she was always obsessed with being a cute girl who drew absolutely depraved shit. She was into it but I also think a lot of it was just trying to get that name for herself.

No. 1287255

One day we will have a conversation on the false empowerment of women “reclaiming” male sexual fantasies but there has been enough fighting in this thread.

No. 1287256

Me too, I was trying to think of who it reminded me of and haven’t thought about her in a while.

No. 1287271

File: 1659483033875.jpeg (364.05 KB, 1170x1671, 8A6CF8E9-64E5-4308-BE7F-A66F7D…)

Twitter coomers are grasping at straws

No. 1287280

Damn have we had a good art cow in a while? They're all dead now pretty much. nemu was like a final boss kek

No. 1287285

I haven’t been here in months. Who is nemu?

No. 1287300

>>>/w/9836 very old milk

No. 1287301

I miss Holly tbh. Didn't wanna necro her thread but I checked up on it recently and it's just depressing. I hope she's doing okay now.

No. 1287305

Kek is this a selfpost?

No. 1287315

File: 1659485555044.jpeg (528.06 KB, 1170x780, C1F4665A-C8D7-47A9-ABFF-35B389…)

She’s a pretty popular (and admittedly talented) artist now but does anyone remember when she drew fucked-up fetish shit on her tumblr sideblog (barabait) or am I confusing her with someone else. Apologies in advance for digging up old milk.

No. 1287320

jesus christ I forgot how much blatant cp she drew

No. 1287334

Every time I think to myself, oh it couldn’t have been THAT bad, it was actually worse.

No. 1287341

Any anons doing some august challenge? i think i'll start tomorrow anyways because better late than never haven't choose any yet tho

No. 1287349

I really thought it was just the weird vomit stuff but yeah. Was a rough reminder to see that.

No. 1287523

Do any nonas have advice for being too inspired or influenced by other artists? If you take away my inspirations you've got basically nothing because I'm so heavily inspired by certain artists I like, and seem to have no original creative thoughts or drive of my own. That last part is something that can't be taught, but can it be taught to stop relying this much on outside influences at least?

No. 1287561

File: 1659509175212.png (277.83 KB, 370x362, TM.png)

Does Tomoki Misato have any milk on him? He's not known for being a weirdo or anything, right?

No. 1287570

Literally who

No. 1287574

Artstyle, sense of aesthetics, drawing taste, It’s okay to be heavily inspired, as long as you’re not directly recreating their pieces. Besides, everyone still has differing little quirks, likes, dislikes that manifest on tithe art, so chances are you, like everyone else will grow into a good artist with their own style that’s inspired by your favorites yet has a touch of you like every else.

No. 1287580

Made vidrel and Pui Pui Molcar.

No. 1287582

You know what’s hard, at least in my personal opinion, finding artists who draw men pretty, but in a soft masculine way, not a femboy way. So far I only found one artist and I’m so deprived I need more.

No. 1287583

I hate this video so much

No. 1287584

Unironically, go outside and touch grass. Get off the internet and try drawing outside, in a cafe, etc. You don't even need to draw the things around you (though that also helps), but being in a different environment can help you get naturally inspired. Nothing is truly original, but if you actively practice trying to find inspiration outside of other artists your brain will find it a lot easier to do in the future.
Also be careful with how inspired you get by other artists, because before you know it you'll just end up cloning them.

No. 1287585

Imo and based on personal experience, If a moid makes "cute-but-creepy" things and writes about sexual abuse, he's absolutely cooming to it.

No. 1287586

Skimmed through it, and ngl I’m digging the visual style especially the eyes the characters have against the soft plush material, it gives it a sorta uncanny look that works well, can’t comment on the story because I was out of context.

No. 1287606

Give the link, nonnie.
Also I tend to find these artists around DC fandom.

No. 1287629

that girl did ceramic scuplture or just pottery?

No. 1287684

it’s not even anything special it’s just gym shorts, these people have practically fetishized the existence of tomboys into nothingness I wish they would hang themselves

No. 1287686

This definitely is becoming the vendetta thread. I’ve seen her art on my ig feed a lot of times and there’s nothing that special about her work. As women our bodies have become commodified even in the art space so basically no one would give the slightest fuck if she drew something with more integrity and meaning and I’m pretty sure she knows this. A lot of these artists are capable of making art pieces that are beyond “pretty wahmen” with same body syndrome, it’s just what responds well to their own social media engagement sadly. Everyone is all talk about wanting to see more “representation” of women without balloon titties and plastic porn face proportions.

No. 1287707

getting second hand depression looking at this photo lol

No. 1287709

Look at how all these trends use women's clothing too. Why is every single thing we wear so sexualised by coomers?

No. 1287772

What do you mean by "her faults"? Why should she waste time on studies if she already has a big following and likes her art this way? It's clearly stylized and there's no rule that artists have to take every criticism to heart or strive to improve just because someone else is telling them to. What would you even want her to change? It really just sounds like you're mad that she's getting so much attention for something you personally find unappealing

No. 1287946

I know right? Such a well-adjusted man kek

No. 1288017


It's wild that anons in this thread will dogpile on the smallest flaw or stagnation in an artist's work if their personal life is steeped in drama. But as soon as it's an artist they personally like, the white knighting comes out in full and the anon who posted must have a vendetta.

No. 1288035

so she makes money off of dumb coomers? honestly good for her

No. 1288079

I don't think she draws bleached art

No. 1288120

Calling any positive opinion "white knighting" makes you sound like a scrote

No. 1288123

File: 1659553485476.png (237.19 KB, 500x416, 055CEC92-06C6-48A7-B09B-A28BB1…)

random image because diarrhoea asshole photo on main homepage

No. 1288124

File: 1659553507974.jpeg (45.25 KB, 500x288, 0FE79860-AE71-4C9C-A01B-3A2F74…)


No. 1288126

You should go to /w/. That's all they do on that board any time nothing critical comes out of an anon's post.

No. 1288137

idk how much youre into anime adjacent art styles, but i really love the way Kaneoya Sachiko draws men

No. 1288256

if you have to ask there probably isnt any

nta but they're not entirely wrong. any artist who gets posted will have the most minor flaw or detail about their art blown out of proportion or anons will outright make tinfoils about the artist's motives, whether or not they're trans, and anything else to justify hating the artist.

No. 1288547

I looked this person up and ofc in the results I find some tumblr post saying not to like them, they probably support nazis since they draw them. The replies set them straight so I wont post pic but funny to come across these cancel culture weirdos in the wild

No. 1288655

Btw Kaneoya is a woman.

No. 1288696

i found out that the more crazy detailed the design of OC or fursona is the more autistic the moid owning it is and will make trouble for you and will make you edit shit multiple times. Autistic moids can have simple OC's too, but normal people never have the crazy detailed shit with million stripes and tatoos on every bodypart

No. 1288745

I love that channel

No. 1288814

>japan is safer for kids than other countries
>literally so full of molestations that women need to have their own train cars
>junior idol shit is legal and basically real cp and child abuse
Obviously the low rape stats are just because assaults go unreported or aren't taken seriously by cops.

No. 1289003

>junior idol shit is legal and basically real cp and child abuse

not to defend japan, or any country for that matter, wherever men live there's a high risk of rape/sexual assault of girls

but child beauty pageants are glorified in the usa, it's the same shit, arguably worst because girls as young as 3 are caked on with heavy makeup. anyone with a hate boner for japan but doesn't get equally as angry at the sexualization of girls by westerners come across as lowkey racist.

No. 1289033

What’s this webcomic called?
It reminds me of Holly Brown so much that I wonder if it’s her’s under a pseudonym

No. 1289093

File: 1659629908183.jpg (775.47 KB, 726x1575, d1caiq2-3e124604-8eab-4b4f-98c…)

A part of me used to feel bad for her because she was getting harassed irl at conventions but I lost all my sympathy when she kept feeding into the negative attention. Now she's suddenly identifying as a 'transmasc enby' to deflect criticism. Her excuse for drawing femboy shota porn now is that it gives her 'gender euphoria'. It's pathetic.
It's called Mias and Elle. IIRC, it took the author, Jenny Clements, almost ten years to write, develop, and publish the story. The characters used to be VERY popular on DeviantArt and it was impossible not to see them on the front page. I never understood their appeal. The moid is supposed to be a pervert so he's always creeping on the girl.

I can see Holly being inspired by Mias and Elle though. It's been around forever and Holly probably would've enjoyed the story's rapey undertone.
Ignore them anon. Kaneoya is based.

No. 1289095

File: 1659630220404.png (70.63 KB, 589x640, fdgfdgfd.png)

Same anon, Here's Luna claiming she's transmasc and throwing a fit when people call her bluff kek. She's such a creep.

No. 1289128

Feels like the story you'd write as a teenager and which you probably should have left behind once you matured past being into rapey fuckboys.

No. 1289155

>it's the same shit
it's not the same shit, don't pull the race card. beauty pageants are bad and creepy but the audience for bp's aren't mostly middle aged pedo men, unlike japan. junior idol shit is bought by actual pedos. quoting >>1286249
>"Chaku Ero", which means "erotically clothed" is a kind of soft porn - it doesn’t involve nudity, but it can get very, very close and is often overtly sexual.
>“My youngest was six years old,” he says. “We filmed her in her bathing costume playing with some toys.”
>According to Kazuko Ito, a Human Rights Lawyer who is trying to challenge this definition, “Chaku Ero is child pornography. That’s the reality.”
A 3 year old in makeup isn't worse than this, wtf.

No. 1289226

Wrong thread for this shit. Fuck off to meta.

No. 1289268

Im thinking of getting into twitter art, can anyone suggest me some accounts. For reference i like weird/dark art, pop surrealism and i also like looking at 2d men lol,

No. 1289272

File: 1659641212335.jpg (354.18 KB, 2000x2000, FZVf0ZdX0AEWaxq.jpg)


I supported her up until her whole "if you don't like CP you're brainwashed by the far right" manifesto

"Lolicons + Shotacons = Pedos" Are they not????? I feel like we're a few weeks away from her going full on CP on main, she's literally testing the waters to see if her followers are going to be cool with shota.

No. 1289441

File: 1659652667930.jpeg (304.9 KB, 1100x1375, C59B575D-717A-470A-8763-33C3B2…)

I don’t care how popular she is. Her art will never be as good like Ikuko Itoh’s or any of the sailor moon artists.

No. 1289445

is this that girl who always redraws things in a sailor moon style? Like random movies and shows?

No. 1289451

No. 1289460

>furries = zoophiles
>ddlg = pedo
>queer is a slur
these are perfectly reasonable opinions to have kek

No. 1289467

I don't think she's trying to be like them. Her art is good and cute.

No. 1289522

File: 1659656553625.png (1.11 MB, 1422x812, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 7.43…)

why do people make cute anime characters look like freaks?
>hehe look there's a character with a hooked nose, let's make her look like quasimodo so she'll look even more relatable!!1

No. 1289534

File: 1659656953940.png (1.72 MB, 1412x952, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 7.49…)

I know I sound autistic rn but??

No. 1289538

ugly fanart but I love that snk has cute characters with hooked/prominent noses and it isn't meant to be a bad thing.

No. 1289540


lol it's almost a caricature nose at this point. sad because characters with hooked noses done right look really nice.

No. 1289542

Does she have a cleft lip

No. 1289555

File: 1659657621768.jpeg (279.17 KB, 1099x1196, pipi on Twitter.jpeg)

yes I love pieck and she's my self insert because we are both brunette with roman (?) noses, but the fan art they make is so weird
some of the fan art is super cute though, despite hidden in garbage

No. 1289561

File: 1659657861010.jpeg (60.29 KB, 1200x975, @pokko_jeong on Twitter.jpeg)

No. 1289613

File: 1659659242799.png (858 KB, 858x480, 8E11C5CA-3A93-4F43-B61D-C68C9A…)

>every time I have sold art supplies online something goes wrong
>previously sold a lot of markers and I had to list it three times because of buyers ghosting
>hesitated to sell another set but a buyer surprisingly paid immediately after asking if they were still available
>just got an email over a month after the sale saying that it’s being disputed with a claim that the buyer “didn’t recognize the transaction”

No. 1289997

File: 1659672977307.jpg (205.47 KB, 552x704, Screenshot_20220805-050548_Ins…)

Why are some artists so edgy?Usually I'll see art that looks nice at first glance then when I realise how edgy it is I instantly wince. The self harm scars and the weird anorexic but still curvy body is just unnecessary, so many people glamorise self harm in art and its so obvious. I don't know if they do it for asspats or they genuinely think it looks good, it's awkward to look at

No. 1290011

I like the art on the right

No. 1290095

It's all about the asspats, edgy artists try to be 22deep44u but the things they do end up looking like shit because they don't really relate to the pain they're trying to illustrate/express. It always looks pretentious because it is pretentious.

No. 1290407

As a depressed teen I drew a lot of edgy shit and I know of other artist that did that too. They use art to express how they feel and most of them don't have a high skill level because they are young. I don't see anything wrong with it tbh.

No. 1290423

it's just modern vent art tbh

No. 1290431

Same as >>1290407 I drew a lot of edgy stuff in the past, even do so sometimes now; yeah it's pretentious but it helps. Some people can relate, some dont, but that's how it is with any personal creations.

No. 1290655

No. 1290700

1. underaged artist
2. 20-25 yo adult with ongoing angst
3. that’s just their taste

Stop acting like you never went through that phase anon lmao. Like the other anons said it’s likely to vent their frustrations about their own body image, mental health, at least they aren’t “trauma-dumping” about it to anyone else and using healthy avenues to express their emotions.

No. 1290813

I know that sometimes woke types will draw characters uglier for woke points but these drawings just look like lack of skill. They probably just appreciated SNK actually drawing noses with structure but just need some more practice to be able to pull it off nicely.
First one is bad stylisation it would probably look decent if it weren't for the weird glabella, and second one is just failed attempt at realism. I think Occam's razor says not everything is done ugly on purpose.

An aside, and this feels mean to say, but the second one reminds me of one of the girls from the big bang theory kek

To be fair, the philtrum is pretty hard for unpracticed people because it's extremely easy to make it look weird as shit. Making the shading so harsh was definitely a bad choice.

No. 1290846

I need some advice. Today I posted a drawing on instagram, and I usually look through the hashtags I used to make sure it shows up. For the first time, I saw my post on the pages right after I posted, but after a few minutes it wasn't showing up under ANY of the hashtags. Why is this happening? This never happened before. I thought maybe it's because I included the word 'blood.' (it's a vampire themed drawing) Would that actually cause the post to not show up? Please help my account is extremely small and I can't afford to post something and then have it disappear into nothingness

No. 1290858

Because there's nothing wrong with it really.

No. 1291059

>"I'm not on the side of the hate campaign"
Well anon you should be. I hope this dumb fucking bitch dies and the dogshit doujin artist she shills in that picture dies even harder. They are both horrendous, disgusting pick me pig artists that draw art to pander to their coomer scrote audience. These women have no self-respect or dignity, all they draw is young boys being raped and defiled to satisfy their scrotes. They claim it's their fetish and while that might be true to some degree (because of how twisted they are), they're also very much doing it for monetary gain and male attention.
I expect this disgusting coomer behavior from men, but not from women. This is completely sick and twisted behavior and it will NEVER, EVER be okay. I don't care if this stupid bitch claims that her therapist thinks drawing young boys being brutally raped is a "healthy coping mechanism" for her CPTSD. They are both completely full of shit and there is no fucking excuse for this abhorrent shit. NO EXCUSES. Drawing youngs boys getting sexually assaulted is not how you resolve trauma and I will fucking die on that hill. Seriously FUCK these people, I hope these artists rot in hell for an eternity.

No. 1291085

take your fucking meds

No. 1291121

No. 1291133

Not an argument, you pathetic little man.

No. 1291160

you look like that don't you

No. 1291188

Second this. They sound just as insane as Luna.

No. 1291193

she's right though

No. 1291197

I am objectively right about everything I have posted. If you disagree with me you are a scrote and/or you're just as twisted as they are. Kindly fuck off.

No. 1291200

I would agree to some extend without all that autistic edge

No. 1291203

Never. I don’t think your mind set is healthy.

No. 1291204

More meaningless buzzwords, get fucked.

No. 1291206

What is wrong with my "mindset" exactly? I rightfully called them out on their bullshit. Nothing I have said about them is incorrect.

No. 1291212

Luna only just recently admitted liking shota with her full chest. I really, really hate how she conflates loli/shota with LGBT+ bullshit. People like her are making their case worse by saying 'it's ok to like loli and if you are against it you're a conservative neonazi'. I fucking hate everything about every angle of that argument. loli/shota =/= gay rights, she's so fucking delusional for believing the crap she does and thinking that she's OK. She can't have her cake and eat it too.
consuming degenerate coomer content WHILE actively engaging with a teenage hate mob DAILY, that's a recipe for brainrot if I ever saw one.

Honestly, let her burn. She'd have a solid case for herself if she wasn't insane.

No. 1291213

You’ are really defensive today, huh. But then again when are you not.

No. 1291220

NTA but why are you acting like you know that anon personally?

No. 1291224

What? I don’t get your question, I’m just poking at the chimp for lols. This an art thread if you need to speak out your thoughts on proship/anti stuff they’re is literally one in kiwi farms and would hold more value than here.

No. 1291229

Nta, but that topic fits fine in this thread and not everyone wants to go to scrote central KF.

No. 1291238

I can't believe I spent all day reading this trainwreck of a thread only to discover that one of the people in her circle (drdala) was, I'm 99% sure, someone I used to be mutuals with in the Homestuck era of Tumblr (like 2010-2012). She drew a ton of porn of sexy GLaDOS and human Wheatley, Dala from fallout 3, Sucre from Off, and other really obscure characters she treated as self inserts.

It could be someone else, but it's unlikely there's two people out there so obsessed with a minor fallout character that they'd build their entire identity around a human design that was only ever canonically shown in a single grainy photograph. Her art style has changed so much and I don't have any of her old art to compare, but her interests and other handles are similar to names she used when we were friends: She used to go by Milk/Milku and, I think, Pearl for a while.

No. 1291242

Wrong again you fucking ape. This is the artist SALT thread where we discuss our issues with art and artists here, particularly things that make us angry. You're so daft you can't even read the thread OP.
You don't even know where you are, so fuck off already. You disgusting lolishota loving moid tourist.

No. 1291243

No, I stay. Seethe, chimp.

No. 1291251

Is this the same creator who had that suspect story of their boy cousin or brother? It was threads back and I barely remember it, but I think her icon was the one that went with the post or the name at least came up. I remember Lunasol and there was another issues with her IRL that involved someone underage.

No. 1291253

Cute cat but I stay forever like everybody

No. 1291257

We just need to pray the tranny away.

No. 1291274

I legit don't get all the hate for that particular fanart (which has been posted twice). There are cases where characters are drawn much uglier and on purpose. That one looks fine except for how it doesn't resemble the character it's supposedly depicting but if it were an OC or whatever there'd be nothing wrong with it. Maybe since I don't give a fuck about SnK I don't find it as ugly or offensive as you do.

No. 1291285

Same, I don't think it's that bad

No. 1291328

>first time animated characters with hook noses are portrayed as cute/sexy
>99% of other female characters with hook noses are ugly villains
>"aight, now how do I turn this character into a fat midget with an exaggerated nose?xD

No. 1291366

I'd say google one of those keywords with, like, Pinterest or Twitter art, then find the source of an artwork you like and from there you can go through the artist's likes/following. That's usually how I discover some.

No. 1291383

Those drawings aren't ugly because of the noses but because the art styles themselves are ugly

No. 1291387

you sound insecure as fuck

No. 1291391

File: 1659751377031.png (116 KB, 244x360, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.0…)

damn sorry for not liking the one hook nose rep turned into ww2 jewish caricatures

No. 1291395

File: 1659751643442.png (1.17 MB, 1602x812, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.0…)

this is cope
why do they make her look so masculine?
it's because they see a hook nosed character and associate it with being a tranny

No. 1291400

The chin is a little too long but it’s not all that masculine

No. 1291404

I really don't understand this discussion honestly. What's wrong with drawing Pieck with a hook nose when she does have a hook nose? Are they supposed to make her have a button nose? The jaw is too big, but that's probably a problem with the artists art style rather than them seeing her as masculine. Honestly, the only one I didn't like is >>1289534 and that's because of that horrible philtrum line.

No. 1291409

Cope how?
Look again at >>1289522 and >>1289534. The noses are almost the least offensive part compared to other factors such as the lips or philtrum in that second especially. They definitely struggle to draw cute girls with big noses but I have no doubt these artists draw cute girls with small noses just as hideous.

No. 1291425

They gave her a cleft lip too kek

No. 1291430

Man forget the face let's talk about that shitty Photoshop brush scar

No. 1291435

File: 1659754036580.jpg (824.88 KB, 1240x1244, why.jpg)

Rya is not the prettiest npc but jesus christ this artist did her so dirty. This has almost 2k likes right now

No. 1291443

SJWs can't draw and make everyone ugly, it has nothing to do with her nose

No. 1291449

Which photo are you referring to? These all look like different shots. I thought it was a 4-panel Ai generation.

No. 1291451

Lookin inbred

No. 1291455

the ones on the right are screenshots from the game, the ones on the left are horrid fanart (probably what the nona is talking about)

No. 1291456

They look good. It's okay not to like a style of art, but they aren't objectively even bad.

No. 1291457

>Artist on Twatter has over 1000 pictures in their media
>Only 50 of these are drawings, the rest is random shit
I hate those attention whores and I hate Twatter for having such a shit system

No. 1291467

On a technical level, I like them. I like the muted, organic colors and linework, it makes me think of old european children's book art.

By the way, Rennala and Rya are both very popular characters from an INSANELY popular game, so a different approach from the usual coomer pornstar garbage fanart is absolutely harmless to me.

No. 1291470

Samefag but holy shit Rya's model is actually very ugly, I never looked at it that closely. She doesn't have eyebrows?

No. 1291705

What does posting stuff other than art have to do with being an attention whore

No. 1291738

I think they're just very pale, I haven't actually taken a closer look. I think shes 'ugly' because of her true nature (which I think is cuter anyway)

Those are some fair points, I also do think the palettes and lines are nice. I was just salty about how much uglier they made them both compared to their actual faces

No. 1291822

I thought this was Loish at first glance. Styles like this are just boring now. I unfollowed Loish because of her constant same face. Her older work had more fluidity and variety.
Her work is like Drachnea, if he’s still around. I think they both trace and photobash but it sells so eh. I don’t like it either because it’s slightly uncanny and I can’t figure out why it looks stiff.
Could be a glitch or IG shadow banning the hashtag.
What game? I hate it too but some artists are trying to find their style through exaggeration. However not knowing either character they stand out for being really ugly. The bottom one looks particularly slow, like an old design of the bigger stupid brute archetype.

No. 1291828

File: 1659791116984.gif (5.11 MB, 480x260, B7FCABBE-4990-410C-B85D-47466C…)

No. 1291875

File: 1659795096286.jpg (516.46 KB, 1599x2048, 0183075440.jpg)

>what game?
Elden ring. rennala (top one) is conventionally attractive (she's a queen and whatnot) while the blonde one's main characteristic is that she's kind of weird looking and also a shapeshifter. Personally I appreciate more when she's given charm without resorting to making her conventionally pretty, although some artists pull it off better than others. Picrel is by komemerda

No. 1291991

nta but it's clearly masculine, look at that caveman brow bridge and they make her roman nose look like a beak

No. 1292027

I thought it might’ve been from there. That art looks better than the previous example. She still looks like a woman but not ugly, she’s plain and her tired eyes are kinda fun for a shape shifters. Maybe she doesn’t get enough sleep because of it lol.

No. 1292068

See this is where this shitty discourse led in the end and I was predicting it years ago. People bullied nerdy women drawing their teenage anime shounen characters kissing shirtless and people called them pedophiles for it so many times the word lost its meaning and now they feel obligated to defend ddlg, zoophiles and loli/shotacon because they've been made to believe that you need to accept and tolerate either everything or nothing.

No. 1292142

What is she saying?

No. 1292277

It's not that bad.

Thanks for reccing a new artist to follow, anon. Love this art style.

No. 1292580

File: 1659841379385.png (3.31 MB, 1125x2436, EE7D44C6-190A-457A-A8B1-36CFAE…)

Why can’t Asians draw black people normally, ffs.

No. 1292590

fucking lol jesus christ. it was always a trip watching anime in the 2000s and seeing a horrifically drawn black person caricatured like a minstrel show. things got better in the 2010s but now i guess people think it’s just brave and think they’re not whitewashing or something? i can’t even guess

No. 1292604

File: 1659843740408.jpeg (138.09 KB, 720x900, EE059B7F-ED8B-4634-9F99-E9CD27…)

what confuses me is why is this racist but other exaggerated interpretations like >>1280749 and >>1282004 not? to be clear, i don’t think either are racist because asian and black people have respectively been portraying themselves that way for thousands of years. why is it that still drawing like pic related is acceptable

No. 1292605

File: 1659843870905.jpeg (820.26 KB, 1668x843, 53613EBB-6368-45C7-8383-7A8B5E…)

but if you draw like this, you’re a racist fascist neo nazi

No. 1292694

>portraying themselves

No. 1292709

As an Asian anon, I can say that it has to do with how most of the world doesn't have a extensive, intense history of anti-black racism like the US does (as in the slavery of black people, the Jim Crow laws, the civil rights movement, and minstrel shows/darky iconography) and how people really only care about stuff related to their own country.

No. 1292742

NTA but why are you guys so sensitive to that? I don't think the artist was intentionally making her look "masculine", as if female characters couldn't be drawn with those features, some people just like drawing women like that, and it doesn't have anything to do with turning them into trannies, holy shit, you're so obsessed with trannies that you don't even allow women to draw women however the fuck they want, why do artists need to make female characters look perfectly pretty all the time? Just because you don't like it personally? tbh you kinda sound like a coomer scrote complaining about his waifus not being drawn feminine and sexualized enough to coom to them

No. 1292744

Blah blah
It looks like a man

No. 1292747

It’s because, it’s how the people see themselves versus how others apply stereotypes to them, and what’s the iconography rooted in which is cultural, time, and historically dependent alongside the discussion of, historical versus contemporary art and identity etc

No. 1292748

It’s unfortunate cause this book is a very solid and actually great book on stylized anime anatomy rooted in realistic fundamentals.

No. 1292751

>you kinda sound like a coomer scrote
That's because they are scrotes who find drawing unattractive women or in a way they can't masturbate to her is the worst crime there is. It's a reoccurring thing, they start whining about either coomer artists being oppressed for drawing garbage or muh SJWs drawing women ugly and/or masculine all the fucking time.

No. 1292763

If I had seen the drawing without knowing who it was supposed to be, I would have thought it was a male character. I think it's just due to lack of skill and that the artist will get better with time. The problem is usually that artists who practise and get better start taking advice from coomer tutorials and turn what was potentially interesting and unattractive characters into the soft and feminine features we see on instagram all the time. I'd love to find a tutorial that explains how to draw a masculine or ugly woman without just drawing a male face with long hair.

No. 1292843

Are there any structured online drawing & painting courses for advanced artists? I'm pretty good artist (mostly realistic portraits), but I feel I could be better, but my problem is that due to my ADHD, I need structured content with practical excercises for it to be actually effective (just reading Loomis and the like does not work for me), and all the online courses I've found are for beginners.

No. 1292979

clap if you care

No. 1293012

If I hadn't been told otherwise, I would assume the drawing was a man. It reminds me of people who just draw flat chested female characters and label them "femboys". I think the artist needs more practice drawing women.

No. 1293061

File: 1659888692575.jpg (271.98 KB, 960x1707, ab2422c2d8e20310f92d5f68071412…)

the difference here is stylization. anime girls/boys don't look like japanese people, so why do the black people in anime get stylized with big noses and lips and weird round eyes??? they should be stylized like an anime character, but they're not. that's why it's racist.

there are black people stylized correctly in anime, it's not hard. won't give excuses for professionals.

No. 1293074

File: 1659889196907.png (511.32 KB, 1280x720, 004.png)

I don't think Michiko is black though, isn't she supposed to be hispanic with the "Malandro" surname and everything? Picrel is an actual black person from the same anime.

No. 1293185


Michiko is supposed to be more of a latina or specifically brazillian, seeing how Michiko to Hatchin's world is inspired off Brazil

No. 1293202

File: 1659895851878.jpg (70 KB, 577x565, reaction-pics-confused-meme-Fa…)

some hispanic and brazilian people are afrodescendant anons
do you guys think there's like no black latinos?
idk if michiko is though, didn't watch the anime or anything

No. 1293212


imo theres no need to clutch your pearls nona everyone with a brain knows that black latinos exist. it's just easier to just refer to all of them as just latinos plain and simple because latinos (and especially brazilians) can look like pretty much anything. (source: i'm a latina myself)

michiko seems to be more of a native-black latina mix (a cafuzo) judging by her long straight dark hair and eye shape.

No. 1293221

File: 1659897135010.jpg (23.53 KB, 735x635, dfe8b30be11000327f6ed0cef32c7b…)

ohyeah i know we don't look like anything specific but the
>don't think she's black, she's supposed to be hispanic
just tickled my brain folds
i probably misinterpreted what they meant or smth

No. 1293347


Imagine not only being deeply fixated upon arguing with 13 yo's online, but doing it so much that your brain melts to the point where you start attempting to reclaim lolisho in a wall of Twitter posts over an anime con sign that was triggering to you.

No. 1293368

File: 1659902005700.jpeg (105.71 KB, 1200x675, 83D8E9B1-0B49-4416-BA16-BC74F5…)

i’m pretty sure all of the characters in the show are mixed to some degree, there’s always been a massive japanese population in brazil due to immigration and the show reflects that (which would also explain why they all have japanese first names and western last names)

also all races are drawn realistically in this show. for example hatchin, her dad, and her adoptive family are white, and most of the characters she and michiko run into are black or hispanic. the difference is some characters are conventionally attractive. having an ugly or normal looking character isn’t racism

No. 1293386

File: 1659903166575.jpg (245.72 KB, 1080x1257, 1624984176937.jpg)

How accurate do you think this is ?

No. 1293389

It's basically every tranny self insert ever.

No. 1293391

File: 1659903502246.jpeg (852.52 KB, 698x1603, 5870B823-3728-4016-A0C4-8FFA11…)

What book?
Some anon mentioned drawing shoujos from around the world and it’s cool to see how they tackle racial differences in drawing anime/manga
Kek is this the same artist that drew how to make a SJW/Tumblr character?

No. 1293393

I'm sorry but I'm kekking at the white person hair style being described as being "wavy", also its interesting to see Middle East people considered caucasoid

No. 1293407

In older classifications they were to escape persecution. and white people can have wavy hair like that. It’s classified as 2c or 3a or something like that. It’s not unique to other races.

No. 1293414

yeah its primarily hair type associated with white people, its mostly straight hair

No. 1293421

Isn't this just WataMote girl

No. 1293422

File: 1659905238433.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, tryharder.jpg)

No. 1293428

You do know Asians have way straighter hair than white people? Straight hair requires a thick and coarse texture, most caucasian people have lighter hair that tends to be wavy.

No. 1293465

Artist nonnas, what exercises helped you when you were just starting out with lineart drawing? I started yesterday and filled up a page of spheres a la Loomis but not sure where to go after other 3D shapes.

No. 1293524

>doesn't check the thread for 3 days and someone goes on an unhinged rant

some of yall would fit right in with the 13 year olds on twitter racebaiting and arguing over characters no one with actual problems in their life cares about

No. 1293529

samefag but also
>mfer saying 3 year olds put in makeup and forced to perform for adults/their parents for monetary gain/value is somehow not the same as junior idols being commodified and sold to adults

all of you please take your meds

No. 1293533

If you want more practice with 3D shapes you could draw them with a part taken out, or combined randomly with other shapes. And exercises I've used to help with line control is drawing lines that taper from thick to thin (doesn't have to be straight), and cross hatching straight lines of a certain thickness consistently.

No. 1293546

Both Michiko and Atsuko look the same, except Atsuko has an afro, and Michiko doesn't. They're probably both mixed like most Brazilians are though since Atsuko has the blonde hair even in childhood.

No. 1293552

japanese and koreans often have thick wavy hair, hence the invention of the japanese straight perm.

No. 1293594

File: 1659917762772.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1367, 1F4E424F-9279-4DDE-9B39-7B8D39…)

I like this guy’s art. It’s animu but nostalgic - I don’t know any other artists who replicate the pc-98 pixel style as good as him. Too bad he’s always getting into pointless discourse.

No. 1293597

Craziest part is you think the page is about how to draw black people, nope. The question asked was "How to draw afro hair", and yet the description is like "Okay, first draw your a little character with thick eyebrows and lips so it can match the hair." So the little sambo character wasn't even necessary.

No. 1293608

Nah, the majority of its straight when it’s about East Asians, they can have thick wavy hair though too.

No. 1293610

This is like being mad that you can’t say the n world but black people can

No. 1293645

>popular artist posts ocs
>gets barely 400-600 likes each
>reuploads same exact drawings together calling them lesbians
Shit like this makes me want to avoid mentioning anything about lesbians. The “sapphic” online community just feels so shallow. I see people excitedly share that they didn’t care about an artwork until they realized it was lesbians.
I respect the hustle of lesbian/bi artists getting clout and money off these people though

No. 1293650

>drawing black people as ugly is racist

No. 1293658

>being purposely dense
But for what purpose?

No. 1293660

I think it was accurate for 2010, nowadays I think that any looking like an egirl/has a pretty vacant face draws more attention online

No. 1293668

A little off topic but I always found artvsartists interesting because you can see how certain features of said artist is incorporated in their art. Like, those who are big so happen to draw bigger people(even if they’re not) or those who draw realistically often draw noses similar to their own

No. 1293671

>white person draws ugly asian with exaggerated features
it's ok, and fuck the asians who think it's racist because that's how they really look. asians have never been discriminated against or had racial caricatures made of them the way other races have.
>white person draws ugly black person with exaggerated features
kill them

No. 1293675

Wish your dense ass would kill yourself instead

No. 1293677

black people were enslaved before and in present day all across north africa and the middle east

No. 1293679

same anon, the prophet muhammed literally called black people raisin heads lmfao

No. 1293682

There are plenty of Black people with lips in that style. Not everyone has small lips or lip surgery.
Think of it this way, wouldn't giving a Black character thin lips in the same way non Blacks do be considered erasure?

No. 1293690

File: 1659925311349.png (8.26 KB, 1273x85, 1.PNG)

Ok anons don't call me crazy, but has this anon been racebaiting about black people across threads for the past few days? The twitter thread, stupid questions thread and probably some others too. The typing style is very similar. Don't know why mods won't ban

No. 1293691

There are ways to draw a black person with larger lips and not have them looking like a sambo caricature, the same way there are ways you can draw asian characters with slanted eyes not have them looking like they stepped out of a ww2 propaganda poster. Is that simple enough explanation for you?

No. 1293697

Did I fucking stutter? Back to 4fag with you

No. 1293699

It's probably the same virgin trying to rile others up. Which one of you rejected this beta to make it so obsessed with black people kek

No. 1293705

There's definitely a moid on here right now, I suspected it from other posts but he's on /g/ in the 'black problem' thread telling us to not use the internet because white men invented it lmao

Women gave birth to every man and enable their privileged existence through domestic and emotional labour so we are entitled to all their labour and creations until the end of time amen

No. 1293740


Don’t engage.
>report all moid posts
>ignore all moid created threads
>hide all moid created threads


Don’t engage with the rapist no matter what.
You’re rewarding him with attention.

No. 1293864

File: 1659933355550.jpg (172.03 KB, 1024x818, Layers-of-The-Earth.jpg)

Parts taken out? Like picrel where part of the sphere is missing? Those line control exercises sound awesome, I'm gonna try that next, thank you!

No. 1294864

File: 1660008232834.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1080, uomic.png)

Can anyone recommend me artists similar to picrel? Artist name is uomic, I really like the anime style and rendering they do

No. 1294921

Yes like the image, though the chunk taken out doesn't have to be uniform in shape and depth like that if you want to challenge yourself. Glad you found what I said helpful.

No. 1294961

i hate the femboy meme and wish it would die, i just want to search male coom art without finding futa loli shit

No. 1295110

nonnas I need advice for life drawing. I look at the subject more than I do my paper but it still ends up looking like shit and nothing at all like the original subject matter i was trying to draw.

No. 1295180

It'll get better with practice. If you can have a teacher pointing out flaws while you're working you'll learn quicker, but comparing the object to your drawing and fixing mistakes should also help. In what way is it different? Are you using the pen measuring method to make sure that distances are correct and proportional? Life drawing isn't just viewing the object but also understanding it to some extent

No. 1295196

File: 1660038409392.jpg (56.39 KB, 636x560, 1652825284452.jpg)

Adding to what other anon said you can try grid method, in art school I had an teacher that had us make a physical frame out of cardboard and strings, it can help - but only in the beginning, because it can become a crutch otherwise. Good practice would be also to plan out objects you're drawing in simplified forms just focusing on composition, so for example instead drawing a skull, bottle and vase just draw a square and two rectangles, focusing only on their relative sizes and placements, and only then go to planning out details of actual shapes.

No. 1295206

jeonghee1414 and CiloRanko

No. 1295317

There's no quick way to get better, just keep practicing. I'd suggest drawing the same still life over and over, for a set time limit. That way you can see your progress and self-critique easier.

No. 1296203

Do any of you have good resources for digital art? I'm an ultra beginner so idk what I'm doing at all.

No. 1296219

This website! https://www.ctrlpaint.com/library
Just scroll a bit down to "Making the Switch to Digital Tools" and go through everything that interests you. There is a lot of very good explanations and exercises.

No. 1296433

File: 1660099442932.jpg (59.85 KB, 1000x963, 70b91ff531b1cc0c8e9cae0223f905…)

nonas this is so fucking embarassing. i was cleaning my room and found a shitload of drawings i made in highschool, and honestly compared to the art that i make now they look so much fucking better. the composition and poses look really fluid and the shit i do now is just really stiff and boring in comparison. how the fuck do i reverse this

No. 1296486

nta but thanks for the rec! I've been doing digital for years and everything takes me ages to finish. I really want to make the process more efficient and easier.

No. 1296503

What i’d suggest is to go back and relearn some of the things you’re struggling with. The same thing has happens to me many times and that and getting out of my comfort zone is the only way I reversed it.

No. 1296510

Nta but thanks I’ve been struggling with that too as well as not knowing how to get out from my art block; this may help. I go to draw and I feel nothing. I have no goals, no community.

No. 1296516

It’s so beautiful I’m gonna cry

No. 1296553

File: 1660108718505.jpeg (63.99 KB, 313x475, 1660107587877.jpeg)

I Recently read The Rape of the Masters and I was surprised to learn wokeoid shit was happening in art academia even back then(the book was released in 2003) the book details how well established and influential academics, since about 90's have been adding "meaning" to notable works of art, these include professor David Lubin's adding Freudian castration fantasies and latent transgender expression within Sargeant's "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit", and Svetlana Alpers' trying to imply Marxist commodification rhetoric and implications of gender-confusion in Ruben's "Drunken Silenus."
and I was left wondering, what's the end goal for these people, is this all some elaborate joke or do they really believe the shit they spout

No. 1296759

kelsey rodriguez is just garyvee for artists and I just know she lurks lolcow, I know it. (or at least her cohost on her podcast does).
there’s something about her face in her thumbnails I can’t stand. and her art business genre of content comes off to me as a artist as very disingenuous, I would love to hear what background she comes from to allow her to afford all this YouTube equipment and tech to have such high quality videos while making such low quality work.

No. 1296772

she uses nice combinations of colors but the themes are boring…like her personality. Looking at her furniture and equipment she is kinda rich. It's the style of living all my artistic friends want to live but will never be able to.. and boy do they have much more interresting art.

No. 1296777

I thought this was Sarah Tepes at first. They have a similar look and video style. Looking at her channel she seems ok. Not doing a lot of art but focusing on marketing right now. The video wasn’t attention grabbing because it’s just her talking lol but it seems ok for beginners I suppose.

No. 1296784

i found her a while ago and she said she makes 6k a month so im not surprised. one thing im not sure this vid points out though is that because art is not a need the art market doesn't do well if everyone is struggling to pay for essentials like housing, bills, food that are all up. if someone makes an essential need for people they'll always have money.

No. 1296836


Oh my god,I'm so glad I'm not the only one who felt this way about her. The Gary vee of artists is the perfect description for her. I can't stand her humble bragging fast talking style or her dry-ass art. You're right in that it's always the ones with money making consistent YouTube videos with the most generic art.
I feel like There's a lot missing in her videos about how she grew. I'm willing to bet she had plenty of help, which wouldn't be a problem if she weren't so disingenuous about it. But there's always going to be newbies eating this kind of shit content up. It's not her art that's particularly interesting it's these 'advice' videos. Advice I'm also willing to bet she never actually had to take.

I'd love to be wrong, though.

No. 1297009

I hate videos like this because she's not making 6k off being an artist, she's making her income from giving Art Advice/Marketing tips, which is totally different from living off your art.

Art youtubers like Baylee Jae give a more realistic look at life as an artist, even if you don't particularly like her art.

Youtubers like this sell being an artist as some sort of lifestyle. Any art youtuber thumbnail that's focused on "aesthetics" instead of the actual art or art business itself, is immediately off-putting to me.

No. 1297022

Thank you nona, do you know more artists with more of a painting style rather than cell shading as well?

No. 1297024

You’re surprised that artists are woke? Why? I always got the impression that with modern artists you’re almost expected to be woke

No. 1297073

I keep thinking I remember a recent video where she mentions that she even has yet to be monetized by YouTube. So she's not getting money that way and that makes some of her advice odd because she has yet to personally understand that aspect. Hearing about something is different than actually experiencing something.

No. 1297185

i'd say lalalalack and click_burgundy. the latter sometimes goes for cell shading like style depending on the character they draw but most of their work is done in a painterly style

No. 1297225

Do any of you work better without a guide? I was trying to draw a head and face with that whole circle and 3 lines guide for the eyes that people usually do but for some reason it made me draw worse but when I draw freely I suddenly am able to actually draw the damn face.

No. 1297258

Going to be a coomer for a moment but can you anons name any female artists that primarily create erotic art for other women? I want to break into this part of the art market because I feel like the closest we have is fujo art, but I want to make straight art with lots of femdom themes. It feels like a really hard thing to find, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Does this interest you?

No. 1297267

It definitely does interest me, but don’t show the body of the woman too much because actually straight women are bothered by seeing titty everywhere kek. It’s very rare to see such content but has a lot of unexplored profit so you could delve into it. Oh and also, there’s a ton of coomer “art” for men with the self-insert males being absolutely disgusting fat middle aged pigs, but I’ve never seen that done with women. Maybe you could make the women ungodly looking also, it feeds into the femdom degradation for me.

No. 1297279

Thank you for the encouragement and advice! I was thinking similarly regarding how I depict women, moreso considering very average looking clothed women; or even the thing that hentai does, which is where they dont even give the man a face so the male reader can self-insert (but do that with the female characters) I just generally like the idea of making art that is only hot to women and that men will find frustrating or confusing. Also heavy emphasis on female POV.

No. 1297335

If you draw a variety of different face shapes, bodies and looks you won't have to make a faceless woman, as it can kind of work against your intention (scrotes love an illustrated woman who's just a pair of boobs and legs with no face, after all). I love the idea of them being clothed and average looking. Doesn't have to be anything extreme either. Just a woman enjoying herself while the man is just there to serve her and make sure she's pleased.

No. 1297336

We would love to see your art by the way! I’m sure farmers would be very interested also

No. 1297347

Make the male super hot with unrealistic body standards.

No. 1297348

File: 1660171675953.jpeg (827.7 KB, 960x875, B42D9C1A-6C9C-4B5F-81B3-363AA9…)

What is supposed to be a sad panel is redrawn to look like she’s bored.

No. 1297351

Looks like the same expression to me honestly

No. 1297361

the original doesn't seem that expressive tbh the bangs kind of hide the eyebrows

No. 1297367

File: 1660173313811.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.21 KB, 1200x1200, Ek3asj7X0AAKsjw.jpg)

luoman19921/ArtLuoman, she does mostly F/F and M/M but a decent amount of femdom stuff as well. very femgaze imo

No. 1297375

I don’t know if it’s for other women specifically but soranamae is a FFXIV artist who only does pinups of women in the game (no lalas that I’ve seen). They’re tasteful and cute. Her palette is soft too. I know you said femdom and this is the opposite lol but I don’t think they’re too coomer-minded.

No. 1297378

But she's just pleasuring him while he's tied up. Where is her pleasure? The focus on her needs? It's nicely drawn, but it's still just the kind of femdom scrotes are trying to meme women into liking.

No. 1297381

accidentally based

No. 1297383

File: 1660173962503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.66 KB, 2048x2048, Eyrf9BQU8AEtnCz.jpg)

that's true, maybe this one is more representative of that, idk

No. 1297406

Kek tells me the artist hasn’t ever actually tried this because it doesn’t work out very well, especially if you’re arching your back like that he can’t even get to your clit smh

No. 1297413

Nta, but it's just art nonna. It's supposed to be hot not realistic.

No. 1297419

it really feels like manga/print comics are in a completely different world from webcomics/webtoons/etc. both digital and print comic artists have to deal with tight deadlines and demands from publishers and readers, but it seems like digital comics get away with much shallower stories and worse art and still retain subscribers/revenue. is it just because the barriers to entry for both making and reading digital comics are lower?

No. 1297430

Much better!

No. 1297453

Nonnas how do you deal with advertising commissions or anything that involves selling your art without feeling dirty or a shill. I think I get modest reach on my stuff for a small account but the moment I advertise something I get one or two pity likes from a friend or worse, a bot. It's kinda crushing whenever this happens so I just don't bother.

No. 1297460

File: 1660181489594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.94 KB, 1920x1080, 98422311_p0.jpg)

Pixiv has a lot of gems. It's obviously not free from moid femdom but it being mostly untouched by annoying westerners is a great point in its favor. This one is from users/2784396

No. 1297467

I'm surprised she has pubic hair

No. 1297470

a surprising amount of pixiv artists give girls pubic hair that's actually drawn well and in a way that doesn't look gross like western coom artists do

No. 1297473

No. 1297474

I disagree to an extent. I blame the vertical scrolling format. Before webtoon, webcomics usually (but not always) had a standard comic page layout format, and artists would update maybe a couple times a week which, while still difficult, was a lot more manageable. Webtoon-style comics becoming the norm has started forcing artists to churn out 100+ drawings/pages a week to meet their weekly update quota. And producing the required quantity on a short deadline means the overall quality of the art and story suffers for it.

Sure, there's shortcuts in digital art, but a lot of webcomic creators are younger people fresh out of high school or college that don't understand that they need to pace themselves or push back against the sites that are hiring them and advocate for their own wellbeing.

It's concerning how many webtoon artists need to take extended breaks because they're injuring their wrists at 19 years old.

No. 1297475

Idk about digital art but 3d models of women never have pubic hair and have the same girl vagina. Ugh I hate scrote art

No. 1297504

Bitch it’s a drawing

No. 1297515

Western moid tastes are making it there but for the most part I think japanese/asian men still find pubic hair hot. It is a mark of sexual maturity after all, and some scrotes are not pedophiles

No. 1297582


Preach, nona. I think most Webtoons are shitty because of how severely burnt out creators are, as well as how Webtoon editors even actively encourage worse storytelling. One artist signed to an Originals deal revealed in a Twitter thread (which I can't find for the life of me) that her editors pressure the hell out of her to abandon her original story plans and direction to pursue what has more mass market appeal.