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No. 926266

We already have one for Twitter, Reddit, and so on… why not for our worse half? Post screencaps, vents, arguments, trolling, or whatever else from

No. 926275


No. 926278

Go back to /r9k/ femcel

No. 926290

you're allowed to call out 4chan retardation ON 4chan, unlike twitter and reddit where you'll get blocked or downvoted for going against the circlejerk. that's why those threads exist, because you can't criticize dumb stuff on those platforms without getting wangdangled. if you see something dumb on an imageboard you can just call it out right there…coming here to whine about it is just sad.

No. 926291

Wouldn’t this bring even more scrotes that want shit up lolcow?

No. 926298

No, we need this thread. Stop ruining the fun, anon

No. 926300

OP is a scrote, just report the thread. Anyone with half a brain knows this thread will only invite more scrotes.

No. 926302

I don't think OP is a scrote and this is a fun idea for a thread, only thing is that if we make a 4chan hate thread, they could come and troll us or make a lolcow womanhating thread themselves.

No. 926303

lol nobody cares about lolcow enough to make a "lolcow hate thread" relax nonnies

No. 926307

This site hates 4chan all over, why do we need a specific thread for that? retarded

No. 926311

so they can spam this thread on 4chan and ask for raids

No. 926320

File: 1632943009529.jpeg (84.99 KB, 569x541, 501D9425-5A71-4870-9478-D9EADD…)

4chan's circlejerking is so redundant at this point that you can condense their faggotry into a formula


>incel sperging
>scrote shit
>something something occasionally quippy line or copypasta worth capping
>see the first 3, rinse and repeat

No. 926324

Agreed, the whole site is a bore. I can't even muster up disdain towards them anymore when their misogyny is so stupid and predictable. It's like getting mad at a baby for shitting itself

No. 926328

>make a lolcow womanhating thread themselves
They already have general woman hating threads over there. Like others said all this thread accomplishes is just encouraging the /r9k/ trolls that already visit this site to bait.

Also I don't get the women that hang out on 4chan and actually pick up scrotes from there. Go read /soc/, it's fucking comedy material. You get romantic partner threads where 4chan scrotes sound like a nightmare even when they're trying to market themselves in the best light, the "adopt a NEET" where they expect some young woman to move in and birth kids but expect nothing but a roof over her head as "security" and the camwhoring threads where insecure women go to show a nude to get some compliments but instead they instantly start to demand she do degrading stuff and show closeups of her asshole.

No. 926346

browsing there made me more depressed and bored, how is it that they're even less productive than lc

nothing provocative about the thousandth thread spewing the n word a thousand times over or criticizing the same movies or spewing the same conspiracy theories, once in a blue moon you'll get some demented shit like the serial killer larp threads but people don't realize 4chans interesting posts are a dime a dozen and the rest is the same edgelord shit. everytime a thought inducing or funny thread is posted it's either buried or locked in favor of something more asinine

props to the 4ch devs also not using their big brains to fix the search function, I hadn't used it in over a month, I go back today to check it, and it's still broken! idiots

No. 926434

They're usually teenage girls and women under 20 with extremely low self esteem

No. 926475

I read a hilarious adopt a NEET thread where an overly demanding anto-vaxxer conservative idiot was so pathetic even there he got mocked by everyone. He claims one woman got in contact with him but she wanted to get married and that was unacceptable, as if any actual conservative woman would just move in with a guy she's not married to

No. 926928

College recently started and there have been three separate occasions where a guy im talking to slips 4chan speak into the conversation(one of them even said kek). That site has literally ruined 2 generations of men

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