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No. 374

General "Shit from tumblr" thread.

SJW bullshit, fresh lolcows, whatever you like.

Starting with this gem of a blog

No. 390

File: 1403822798422.jpg (266.8 KB, 1007x686, size.jpg)

No. 391

File: 1403822889702.jpg (27.22 KB, 597x443, pretentious.jpg)

No. 392

File: 1403823403944.png (170 KB, 1242x1920, poison.png)

No. 393

File: 1403823529994.png (52.81 KB, 510x434, penname.png)

No. 394

Interesting. So this board i'm on is full of women who dislike tumblr feminists and SJW?

I didn't know there was this many of you.

No. 395

When you do this with race SJW get butthurt though.

No. 396

Everyone with a brain dislikes them.

No. 397

Most girls on the internet aren't crazy SJWs or feminazis. I actually don't think I've ever met or befriended a girl who was one.

No. 398

File: 1403829015528.jpg (36.89 KB, 527x239, male.jpg)

No. 400

Why do they need so many names?!?!! Like wtf, you ain't no special flower. Why do people feel the need to label everything? Just be whoever you are and stop being a pretentious asshole about it. People will probably be more accepting, cause honestly you're just confusing the shit out of everyone. Like seriously the more people have to throw their differences in your face, the more annoying it is. The saying goes the nail that sticks out gets hammered. Celebrate your differences, but stop acting like your some special shit because of it.

No. 409

File: 1403836610844.jpg (44.5 KB, 276x750, tumblr_n68cttu7B51r9x29zo1_500…)

Not sure if SJW bullshit exactly, but whatever

No. 413

No. 415

That first one I truly feel bad for because she seems to have a lot of legit problems but I don't get why people like that are so popular.

No. 417

is it really that suprising?

No. 418

I want to believe it's a troll, but…

brb barfing

No. 420

I'm pretty sure it's because she typesss lii ike th is and pretends to have multiple personalities.
Those sorts of kids are older than dirt on the internet, she's probably like 12 and will either grow up and find healthier, more effective ways to deal with her family/life problems or she'll end up like the autistic 30+ year olds on dA who draw bad furry porn for money.

No. 421

>>I should probably stick with "Liv"

You should probably stick to not being an irritating twat. See how that persona works out.

Children playing make-believe. Getting bitchy when a people don't play along. The LGBT community doesn't need these circus acts linking themselves to it and making fools of them.

No. 433

Not being rude, but I don't find this ridiculous Tumblr shit. #Yesallwomen was bothered a lot by man who whined about how not all men are like that. And she agreed everytime but tried to explain how it is still logical that women are careful, because they had experiences with men who aren't nice to them. When they still harassed her for being a feminazi, she posted this quote so maybe people would understand that she isn't against all men, but she sure as hell is careful.

No. 442

File: 1403873962915.jpg (34.06 KB, 620x640, aquaticape.jpg)

No. 443

File: 1403874026954.jpg (33.19 KB, 528x333, trigger.jpg)

No. 444


> Not all black people are thieves?

> Imagine a bowl of M&Ms…

No. 448

>#Yesallwomen was bothered a lot by man who whined about how not all men are like that.

Feminist spotted. Seriously this "men are doggggggggs" crap is annoying. she makes it sound SOOO dramatic. Poisoned m&m? yea uhuh. This m&m thing basically applies to everyone. Not just "awful men". There are shitty people everywhere, and no matter what you do, you are going to come across them. Deal with it.

No. 450

Where the fuck does she even get 10% from lmao? If 10% of men were seriously rapists or some shit the rape stats would be wayyyyy higher.

>10% of women are golddigging whores

>Go ahead, get married

>10% of Asian drivers have been in a devastating car accident

>Go ahead, drive to china town

No. 456


>hello!!!! i’m virus (i also go by vix) and i’m a non-binary, mentally ill, and queer cluster of animals trapped in a fleshy vessel. i identify as otherkin (kintypes: goat/sheep, dog, bear, and hellhound) and i prefer they/it pronouns! i’m profoundly deaf and i have speech problems. i currently reside in alberta, canada.

Have fun

No. 465

File: 1403906283702.png (42.39 KB, 541x443, notallblacks.png)

No. 484

I lolled

You guys do realize it is a quote by someone else right (A man even) and that she isn't claiming that all men are scary rapist bastards, she is just saying that it is reasonable for girls to be cautious and that men shouldn't be putting on their fedora's being like ''Why you so scared, I AM A GOOD MAN. NOT ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS!!11''
Nor is 10% a statistic for rape, it is an analogy to make a point, she never claimed it were rape statistics

No. 485

But people are avoiding ticks like the plague, because some of them carry lyme. Nor is this quote saying to avoid all men. Like I said in >>484 it is just meant to make clear that it isn't unreasonable to be cautious of men (especially when late at night, walking home alone)

No. 488

The "all men!" feminists are as annoying as the "not all men!" men.
There isn't really a bigger turn-off than than a guy who cares enough to complain about feminism.

No. 512

File: 1403983054484.png (102.03 KB, 1280x561, 1403979664868.png)

No. 525

>There isn't really a bigger turn-off than than a guy who cares enough to complain about feminism.
Me and my gf make fun of tumblr feminists and sjw all the time. problem?

No. 526

>Thinking SJW feminism us actual feminism and not just Missandry.

Real feminists would laugh gat them too, problem? Seriously though, if you feel your gf gets an equal vote to you, has a right to dreams career and aspirations and should be able to move through her daily life un-victimized, not harassed and safe then you're actually what a "real" feminist is. So don't be dumb.

No. 527

I smell a feminist samefag. The "bowl of poisoned m&ms" is a poor analogy. Anyone who's sane can see that.

No. 534

One thing is making fun of tumblr feminists like people here do, something else is to be actually butthurt by the "all men" claims.

No. 536

File: 1404003861757.jpeg (405.51 KB, 640x3904, 1NIE9Hv.jpeg)

No. 537

File: 1404003907409.jpeg (33.82 KB, 640x429, v1fQrDSl.jpeg)

No. 539

File: 1404004263073.jpeg (134.76 KB, 1024x962, 9iiBKcvh.jpeg)

No. 540

File: 1404004308423.jpeg (44.03 KB, 640x408, KiEEyD7l.jpeg)

No. 541

File: 1404009587645.png (114.22 KB, 253x354, hmmm..png)

>I love being a fatty buuuuuut I can't be with a fatty

No. 547

Lol that's my go to response now when dealing w SJW.

There was a reddit thread (I don't visit there much so I don't know if I can find it again) but it was about fat people who lost weight and how much better their sex lives were because they didn't have to worry about crushing their partner, being out of breath or even worry about if it was in all the way (this is a big problem for overweight males) and I thought that was really interesting because I didn't know because so large would hinder sex in that manner.

I should try and find that thread.

No. 549

Being so large^

No. 568

That was always something that bothered my about my obese friends lording their sex lives around.
I asked a guy friend what the sex was actually like and he summed it up with "difficult."
>finding a comfortable position for both is hard
>stopping constantly for either chafing or breathing
>one girl hadn't bathed beforehand and when one of her rolls shifted the whole room smelled like sweat

No. 572

At first I thought ''What is the tumblr thing'' and then I read that Emily Jones comment. Then I guess those '''Post this on 10 other posts or else your mom gets eaten by a ghost'' things are damaging too for people with paranoia.

Gurll if you look like a pig, you can't have high standards for fuck sake.

As a bisexual women, I wouldn't touch that with a ten feet pole. No matter if she is attractive or not. If you think people are obligated to find you pretty, you can fuck right off into hell.

No. 575

File: 1404042889643.jpeg (10.78 KB, 527x306, p3xTdxI.jpeg)

No. 576

>stop learning Spanish

No. 580

Yes lets all stop learning languages, so we can only communicate with our own race. That will help us!

No. 585

>I don't think you're of Hispanic heritage because you look white

This person is a fucking dumbass. Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic people can be white, black, and even asian. There's a big population of white Hispanics, its called Spain! Mexicans are also white if they have European background. I hope someone pointed that out to them or I'm going to scream.

No. 642

File: 1404099328813.jpg (64.73 KB, 500x375, 1346279576608.jpg)

>You look white
>therefore you cannot be hispanic

I think Spain would like a word with this person.

No. 651

Can you guys please just go away already?

No. 653


I'm almost certain this is a troll.

No. 664

Can who go away, exactly?

No. 671

File: 1404144353214.png (307.97 KB, 524x396, hNzB3y5.png)

No. 672

File: 1404144409996.png (7.63 KB, 499x160, h6jd3uU.png)

No. 674

File: 1404144460132.jpeg (87.34 KB, 640x589, wsFJiTRl.jpeg)

No. 678

>she looks like she's eating Tumblr
>abundant bodies
>abundance of obesity and health issues

This chick is the embodiment of Tumblr. Obese, quirky, and speaks for the 'oppressed' without leaving her house.

No. 679

But crooked (The opposite of straight) isn't even a sexuality. Unless that is also one of those weird Tumblr sexualities/genders

No. 680

File: 1404148949359.jpg (23.92 KB, 694x262, 1385963671849.jpg)

No. 681

There goes my lunch.

No. 682

>>680 That is definitely not beautiful. She probably doesn't even have a beautiful personality if she is posting her nudes on Tumblr, silly lass.

No. 689

File: 1404160270340.gif (987.49 KB, 500x225, tumblr_mr4xcx4Pia1qfy88jo3_500…)

This one makes me laugh because they seem to forget how much of an advantage it is to be bilingual when it comes to getting a job.

No. 719

File: 1404204700681.jpg (10.11 KB, 236x347, 32dba2dc9311185ae1a0bc46c03d1c…)

Idk about you anon but my teeth were queer as fuck before I got braces forced upon me by The Man. Also does that mean ohaguro is like blackfacing?

No. 723

My teeth are very weeaboo and try to be yellow.

No. 736

File: 1404219147315.jpg (55.32 KB, 560x509, 1404193518167[1].jpg)

No. 737

Tumblr in a nutshell

No. 754

Oh yuck. Is that a female? It looks like an obese male.

No. 770

this is great actually

No. 772

Unichan autists. All you do is shitpost.

No. 773

>>Women take precautions to avoid being raped


>>Women don't take precautions to avoid being raped


No. 806

File: 1404294785771.png (13.37 KB, 289x378, Not being political correct ma…)

You can never win with these guys. No matter how you look at it is always the fault of the woman. I got fondled once at a festival by some drunk idiots, they kept grabbing my ass and tits from behind me. And when I finally snapped at them it was like ''Woooo, don't act like we rapists and shit. It was just fun and games. Fucking feminazi.'' And later someone told me ''Yeah girl, no need to get all mad. You know how boys are.'' I hate how ''Boys will be boys'' is still an argument. If you can teach a dog to ignore its natural instinct to immediately have a go at his food, why can't we teach men to stop harassing girls.

To make up for my rant. Here is a tumblr pic and check out:
It is okay if she just posts anthems made to empower females. But man when she starts giving opinions she is freaking annoying. Ex: ''Pissbaby is an ableist slur, don't use that.'' or hating Macklemore just for being a straight white guy and not accepting him as someone who does support the gay community. She also refuses to post artists like Lady Gaga and Brooke Candy even though those two make songs that empower females, just because they are cultural appropriating which is equal to being racist in her opinion. She also shamed Jessie J for working with Robin Thicke. And she almost refused to post songs by Snow da Product, because she made this song called ''Cookie cutter bitches'', because apperantly that is a song that is oppressive to females and shames females for not being unique.

No. 811

File: 1404320240153.png (707.17 KB, 983x1066, 1404309741260.png)


>It all started earlier this month when Richman, very proud of his recent weight loss after years of heavy eating for his shows, posted a picture on Instagram showing off his new physique. “Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little…” he wrote, using the hashtag #thinspiration.

>Unbeknownst to Richman, that word is extremely sensitive.

Pic related: she got him fired.

No. 812

Auch, that is nasty. I mean I don't think Thinspiration is a good word to use, because most of the time it is connected with the Pro-anna movement. But still nothing to fuss about. I mean he is proud of his weight loss and he should be. It might not be the best choice of words, but firing someone over that or getting into a nasty internet fight? Why bother..

No. 815

I was doing a survey on SurveyMonkey and I got a question that said this (sorry I couldn't screencap but it was bland text anyway):

>Celebrities like Scout Willis, along with models like Anja Rubik and Cara Develgine have teamed up to “free the nipple,” by protesting Instagram’s policy against nudity and partial nudity. Scout picked up the cause because she believes the rules are outdated, prejudiced toward women, and infringe on a woman’s ability to have a positive attitude toward her body.

>She’s said: “I am not trying to argue for mandatory toplessness, or even bralessness. What I am arguing for is a woman’s right to choose how she represents her body—and to make that choice based on personal desire and not a fear of how people will react to her or how society will judge her. No woman should be made to feel ashamed of her body.”

No. 819

wut. Why lady gaga? She does trashy pop, not rap. Is her style black now?

No. 820

File: 1404326071834.png (1.14 MB, 866x811, 1330178240726.png)

Wow, I'm fucking mad. "Thinspiration" is used some times by pro-ana kids, ya. So is "diet" and "calorie counting". Lots of people use thinspiration on other sites, it's just a means of showing that you can lose weight too, if you try. Pic related. The image on the right is a perfectly healthy weight, not too thin, not too fat, and it's thinspiration.

No. 824

I don't understand why he used #thinspiration to describe a hotel room. Am I missing something?

If you read the article, he didn't get fired so much for using the hashtag but for responding to these HAES idiots and calling them cunts and really immature stuff like: Richman told one of his Instagram critics to “Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.” He told another that the only thing that was [expletive] up was “your Dad’s choice to go without a condom.”

IMO he should have just ignored them and let the hashtag stand as a big fuck you and I doubt the network would have canceled his show since he was one of the bigger stars on there.

I guess his ego got the best of him.

No. 825


Also WOW. She looks amazing! Good for her, this really made me smile.

No. 827

Hotel room? What the heck were you reading? He was talking about his weightloss and how a suit he bought a year ago didn't fit him.

But you're completely right. He handled that really poorly. As a b-list celebrity, he can't afford an act like that. Besides, the things he said were pretty awful.He should have done like you said and ignored them. Not go all ape-shit.

No. 828

Wow, what the fuck. He's happy about his weight loss, so what? Other than "omg it's used by proanas", what's so offensive about it? SJWs are retarded but he didn't react as maturely as he could've about it, especially on that bit about telling people to go kill themselves.

No. 829


lol I'm an idiot. I thought I read suite (as in hotel suite) that he purchased a year ago. I kept thinking man that must be some expensive ass hotel if he had to wait a year to get in.

Ok, now it all makes sense.

No. 832

Oh wow what an asshole. Mobbing on someone for using a word you don't like is idiotic but as a celebrity telling people on the internet to kill themselves is just… wow. I can't say I feel remotely bad for him, knowing this.

No. 834

Celebrity or not, he is a human being. We all have our moments. The thing is he is under a media microscope, so he should have known better. Ehh, as long as he doesn't say anything racist or homophobic, I think everything will just blow over. Seems like that's all what the media cares about.

No. 838

hes already fired and show pulled from the network

No. 840

He was acting like a complete jackass, but tbh I'm really upset about the show. My dad is a big fan.

No. 849

I have that bra but i would never wear it like that. goddamn.

No. 850

On of her newest wigs for Artpop had dreads. And I recall something about her wearing a Kimono/Sari or something like that.

Oh wow that is some nice weight loss progress. Mine is stalling so bad, so I hope next year when the new Pole Fitness season starts, I can get a nice body by pole dancing. I mean those ladies always have nice bodies, and it is probably because of that right?

No. 859

File: 1404393199072.jpg (70.95 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n7qdcmLudh1qb3fzyo1_128…)

enjoy your meal

No. 873

I agree he's no angel in this thing. But I think a lot of people are fed up with being policed by SJWs to begin with. You shouldn't be afraid to post something that isn't purposely offensive just because some SJW might get their feathered ruffled over it.

SJWs always go on about people policing their comments and erasing their experiences and feelings. How marginalized they are because of other people's privilege. But they sure are fast to do the exact same thing to anyone that even remotely upsets them. I don't condone Richman's comments as he's a TV personality with an image that he needs to protect in order to keep his career afloat. Celebrities used to be so careful about scandal. But the internet has really changed that. However I can kind of sympathize even if I think he shouldn't have been such a jackass there. But I've been super tempted to have an all-out with an SJW once myself. But I let it go. It wasn't worth it.

He probably didn't know what connotations thinspiration had. Maybe he thought it sounded like a cool word combo for his weightloss success. The hashtag police are pretty relentless when you take "their" tags or use one that is offensive to them.

So he misused a hashtag. Let it go. It wasn't a slur against eating disorders. Jeez.

No. 906

Apparently she got fat again

No. 916


Who is she?
Such a shame, she looked really great.

No. 923

utterly disgusting. Fair enough, be happy with yourself and your personality but she can't for one second think this is remotely healthy and that her health will be maintainable at this weight.

No. 938

Okay. She was mad about anorexia being promoted, yet is fat as a whale. Really? If she believes in ending "healthism", then why is she upset about anorexia being promoted? (Not that it's being promoted, but she thought it was cuz durr.) Someone who is that fat has an eating disorder in the same sense that anorexics do. Her argument against anorexia is that it's unhealthy, yet she claims that her health is none of your business and tries to promote unhealthy obese bodies. Shouldn't she be trying to claim that anorexics should be able to do/eat whatever they want without anyone judging? Isn't she "body policing" right now? This double think is amazing.

No. 989

Guys, can we please get back on topic?

The 4Chan raid of the sjw related tags was hilarous.

No. 992

File: 1404570231673.png (12.64 KB, 306x394, tumblr_n88ssom74o1s7q0plo1_400…)

No. 1004


No. 1007

No. 1023

File: 1404597743965.jpg (84.25 KB, 500x628, 523532.jpg)

No. 1039

File: 1404607290354.png (72.97 KB, 235x279, 1349322633162.png)


Hasn't there been an internet sissy fight between tumblr and /b/ for several years now?

You would think that anyone that knows anything about 4chan would just laugh it off and not take a porn and gore raid seriously.

No. 1041

It actually wasn't Tumblr that started it, it was /pol/ attacking /b/ pretending to be Tumblr.

No. 1045

Someone on /pol/ wanted to stir shit against SJWs so they made a fake tumblr blog that was announcing Tumblr's attack on 4chan. There was also a Twitter with like 2 followers.
/b/ fell for it because they are retards and then SJWs started to take /b/ seriously because they are retards too.

No. 1047

The worst thing is that /b/ is still flooding the tags with gore when nobody gives a shit anymore anyways, makes them look even more stupid than the few sjw that actually jumped onto it.

No. 1087

File: 1404679914849.jpg (456.77 KB, 1280x853, 1.jpg)

>>SJW posting Mike Tyson
He's a convicted rapist.

No. 1088

File: 1404680194112.png (341.4 KB, 500x837, YT.png)

No. 1091

File: 1404680690066.jpg (129.77 KB, 640x960, crime.jpg)

Does that mean I can blame all black people for their inflated crime rates?

No. 1092

File: 1404681051914.png (73.69 KB, 501x255, starbooks.png)

From that blog again. I have never heard of a white person getting offended by the Starbucks joke. We embrace it. It seems like the majority of people making jokes like that are white girls trying to be cool. "Lol, I got Starbucks. Omg, I'm so white! XD".

No. 1102

No. 1103

Most people that rant about racial discrimination are white.

No. 1104

She's hispanic, but she keeps bringing up black issues. Black people hair being a major one. http://princesswhatevr.tumblr.com/tagged/gpoy

Her hair doesn't even look curly.
>>Most people that rant about racial discrimination are white.

No they aren't.

No. 1105

I don't get why. Hispanic people have issues that she could probably more accurately comment on.

No. 1108

Hispanic is not a race. A black person can also be Hispanic.

Tbh I have seen a lot of sjw rant about problems they don't even face, especially regarding the LGBTQ community.

No. 1109

>buy me lingerie
>buy me lingerie

Jeez what's with tumblr and asking people to buy you stuff.

No. 1110

I don't think she understands it well enough. She's one of those "THIS OUR LAND GRINGO WHERE MY FOODSTAMPS" people who was born in America, yet has a strong sense of nationalism towards mexico and an irrational hatred of America. She also mentioned that Hispanics aren't white (what is Spain?)She's just incredibly ignorant about everything she has opinions on.

No. 1111

That along with having a donation button also posting a linking to their amazon wishlist.

No. 1112

That's true, but she's not black. She keeps trying to identify with the Native Americans because she's metzo.

No. 1113

>there’s literally nothing stopping you [from doing this thing that costs money]
people with money. only people with money

>travelling the world, “dropping everything” and moving to another city/state/country, majoring in your liberal arts interest of choice, applying/going to your dream college/university, buying your dream house, working at your dream job, cultivating/building/guiding your own dreams, dreaming. living.

And you could probably find hundreds of memoirs of dirt poor people making it in this world…

No. 1115

Is anyone else annoyed by the influx of people on tumblr slapping a donation button on their page, begging for donations for something stupid and making lame excuses as to why they can't work. "I keep looking but I can't find a jobbbb wahhhhhhh. Donate so I can meet my catfish!!" Or I can't go outside I'm tooooo depressed!

I am not lying guys I have seen someone put up a donation button so they can "buy kawaii stuff". PayPal needs to put up rules for this because people are misusing it.

No. 1117

>Hispanics aren't white
stress sigh

Hispanics refer to spanish speaking people of Spanish (Spain) origin, so are really the white ones…
She probably means Latino (which is the spanish speakers of nonwhite (or, rather non-Spain)origin), but either way she's full of shit.

I don't even use tumblr and I noticed it. The people who slap on a donate button are the same people who are so fixated on their own opinions and shit that they're self-centered enough to believe that whatever shit they're going through is so incredibly horrible that they deserve random people's money to help them. It's awful and sickening since a lot of these people are so called "activists" or are "concerned" for people in worst situations but still beg for money like they need it.

No. 1118

Latino/Latinas are people who have Latin American origin/ancestry. I think they can be white as well. Idk I'm not that great with this stuff.

But yea she is really annoyingly ignorant about this.

No. 1120

File: 1404687639594.png (59.53 KB, 638x391, ockhamsrazor.png)

No. 1121

The thing that annoys me the most is people using "mental illness" as an excuse to not being able to work. There are many many people who struggle with mental illness, but still manage to have a job an careers. I myself do but I am a full time student and work my ass off. I know there are cases where this can hinder being able to work, but these people obviously do not fit this category. At least sell overpriced craft garbage on etsy or draw.

No. 1123

The term Latino actually came about as a counter to "hispanic" which was mostly of Spanish (white) origin for spanish speaking people of amerindian, black, etc backgrounds.

tbh both terms are convoluted in history and culture that it's pretty hard to separate the two, unless you really care to try (which most people don't).

No. 1124

>let's be logical
>lists illogical phenomena; "I feel that I am an angel"
>I cannot find an alternate explanation that is less complex…
How about, you're crazy?

No. 1127

File: 1404689648709.png (271.12 KB, 429x842, fuckwimin.png)

>>supporting misogyny to avoid siding with Europeans

No. 1130

It reminds me of kids who would convince their parents they need a day or two off school by exaggerating the symptoms of a minor cold, except they continue that for the rest of their life, and are trying to convince society instead.

The people who are too mentally ill to get a job are almost always too mentally ill to have or maintain a tumblr.

No. 1151

File: 1404698860343.png (8.7 KB, 533x252, jesuschrist2.png)

Okay a lot of people probably consider me an "sjw", but I draw the line at this shit. This is going too fucking far.

No. 1152

How are those people even real, I mean, how do people become THAT retarded?

No. 1157

File: 1404702514735.png (45.77 KB, 625x629, icray.png)

No. 1163

No. 1167


>Calling themselves a psychopath

lololol 2edgy4me

You must be 14.

No. 1169

Holy fuck.. the secondhand embarassment I just got from reading that… christ.

No. 1170

>I have contacts in dark places that you don't want to know about.

NOOOO. What are these dark places? Your mothers basement?

No. 1172

File: 1404705315617.png (603.62 KB, 1177x600, suicide.png)

No. 1173

File: 1404705431409.png (66.47 KB, 1446x714, bewareofsharpedges.png)

lol I just looked at that account and the way they answer asks is just painful.

~sophisticated edgy sociopath~

No. 1180

So by reading this blog, this person is apparently:
>a ~psychopath~
>a 1337 hacker
>an aerospace engineer
>a convict
>has "contacts in dark places"
Did I miss anything? I mean, I've seen a lot of 3edgy5me teens on tumblr, but this one is my favorite.

No. 1188

This is just like that fucking Navy Seals copypasta, holy shit

No. 1190


No. 1191

New lolcow in the making?

No. 1193

File: 1404711640397.jpg (53.85 KB, 290x400, 1357262454537.jpg)

No. 1194

>I don't have a 4chan account

heh heh

No. 1196


These asks are cringeworthy

definitely a new lolcow

No. 1197

>I'm not allowed near schools
pedo detected

No. 1199

File: 1404713245603.jpg (626.54 KB, 557x2848, da.jpg)

These retards don't realize /b/ is fishing for their reactions

No. 1200

File: 1404713475406.jpg (26.4 KB, 480x314, BG5eg-CCcAAvptd.jpg)

I am imagining a 200+ pound pizzafaced woman just heaving and seething in rage at the effort of typing all that shit out.

No. 1212

Because we are all responsible for what our ancestors did right? Also being white =/= having ancestors who owned/traded slaves. I come from a family of respected fishermen thank you very much.

I agree, I especially hate how people misuse (mental) illness to get money. ''Waaa but I have [insert something not so threatening in her] so I can't have a job, now buy me kawaii stuff!'' I agree if you are ill things will be harder then for normal people. But I saw I guy who had one leg shorter then the other, and only one arm do one of the best break dances ever. So these Tumblrtards should stop making whiny excuses about how their depression/asthma/idon'tevenknow apparently limits them so much that they can't just get a job or save up.

No. 1213

When do people learn that fighting 4chan is no use. They gain pleasure from your anger. If you just ignore them, they go away.

No. 1231


SJWs/tumblr people have never shown to be terribly bright. SJWs in particular are a minority (in my experience), but they're incredibly stupid and very loud about it.

No. 1238

One thing about sjw i've been thinking about is how much they bash men yet wouldn't that also make from trans feel like shit for wanting to be men? Or are they okay because they started out as females? I've wanted to bring g this point up but didn't know if t was stupid. Personally if I was transitioning from female to male and saw a bunch of people shitting in the gender I wanted to be i'd start second guessing myself.

No. 1240

Wow, it's been a long time since I've actually laughed in real life because of something I saw online.

tumblr fucking sucks

No. 1244

/b/ and Anonymous aren't even the same thing. Is tumblr the sheltered white suburban kids of the internet?

No. 1245

Like >>1231 said, the dumb SJW are a minority but always the loudest, the average Tumblr user didn't give a fuck.

No. 1246

They don't seem to understand that the majority of white people back then were shit eating peasants. Less than one percent even owned slaves, and the slaves were also treated a lot better than white indentured servants.

No. 1247

>"It's hilarious the pathicness of it all, is it not?"

top kek

No. 1250

I've been thinking this too for a long time, like would that break their brains if you pointed this out like is it okay because they used to be women but isn't that being unthoughtful about how they want to be men or should you hate them too because now they're men they are the great enemy..

No. 1257

I think they'll say it's not the same because men are born with privilege and blah blah but transmen aren't so they know what it's like to be oppressed and all.

No. 1258


Oh god no, all the sjws I'm in mutual follows with (nice friends who turned to the ridiculous side. I still hold on to thinking maybe they'll come back to normal…) absolutely hate transmen because they're men. I don't get it. Trans people get so much shit regardless of their gender.

No. 1263

Oh, they bash transmen too. Once they become passing men they, too, gain male privilege

No. 1276

new copypasta

No. 1277

>>4,028 notes

No. 1282

>I feel like an angel
>there is no scientific proof that angels exist
>there is lots of scientific proof that teenagers are bad at decision making and logic due to low activity in their brain's frontal lobe and higher activity in the amygdala
>making a giant fucking leap of logic and saying "angels exist" is somehow more straightforward than assuming I'm just a stupid teenager trying to be unique

No. 1287

File: 1404826672170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.17 KB, 423x750, 1404824142630.jpg)

There's a .webm floating around on /pol/ and /b/ of a girl who apparently slit her wrist over the whole tumblr/4chan shitstorm fiasco, and she took a video of it an uploaded it to youtube. The video is down on youtube, and lolcow.ml doesn't recognize .webm's. If someone knows how to convert .webm's I could post it. I'll try to look for a .gif version, too.

Here's another image that she posted from the incident, tugging on her tendon, and she apparently lost the use of her thumb.

Spoilers coz' it's nasty as shit.

No. 1288

I remember there was something similar floating around when they started the #cutforbieber thing, doubt it is real.

No. 1289

If it's legit, holy shit what an idiot.

No. 1307

If this is real, this persons problem is far beyond 4chan.

No. 1308

>4chan is adding gore to the tags?
>I'll show them!

I thought it looked fake, not enough blood but then again I'm no expert in those things.

I follow a furry drama blog and they were all worried about the 4chan spam. I found it hilarious. I wanted to tell them that if they ignore it, they won't be bothered but I don't think they'll listen.

No. 1311

File: 1404831748278.jpg (115.41 KB, 423x750, 4634.jpg)

No. 1345

File: 1404856268627.png (Spoiler Image, 971.77 KB, 1285x2380, screencaps of injured manatee.…)

I don't know about the suicide claims that people on tumblr are making, but this one about the girl losing usage of her thumb seems pretty real, at least according to the video. Still am too retarded to make a .gif out of a .webm, but I took caps of the .webm like a caveman for your viewing displeasure.

I wish I could upload the .webm, you can actually see her cardiac rhythm in the blood splurting from two different veins, which seems too complicated for some edgy landwhale on tumblr to fake. If any of you are really desperate to see it I'm sure you can find it on /b/ in one of their threads circlejerking about the raid.

Spoilers again because it's nasty.

No. 1349

File: 1404867950874.webm (1.57 MB, 640x360, peaceful skeleton realm attack…)

Just added webm support. Click a thumbnail to play one. Audio and video both allowed. Can upload just audio, just video, or both, as long as it's webm. Above each post is an option to play it once or loop it. You can also spoiler a webm, which will hide the thumbnail until it is clicked.

Tell me if anyone encounters any bugs with it.

No. 1350

Can't believe anything these days with the amount of special effects

No. 1356

You're amazing admin. We're more advanced then 4chan now

No. 1363

Here's the GIF:

Idk if it's the whole video. People said that it is real and that the girl is still alive because she "cut across". Whoever this is, they need to get off the internet because they are clearly fucked up.

No. 1390

Holy fuck, what did she cut herself with? This girl should have her internet taken away, that shit ain't normal.

How is she not institutionalized? Pulling on her tendon like that is fucked up.

Is it ironic that 4chan got this girl to do a gore video by triggering her with gore videos? They're probably fapping to this right now.

No. 1398

Why that and the tendon pic are so fucked up. I find it so fascinating to look at. I keep wondering if it is real. Especially since the managed to cut in such a way that the tendon looks fully intact. Wouldn't that be severed if she cut so deep?

No. 1422

Tumblr confuses me so bad in this regard.

>We hate Transmen because they're men!

>We hate Transwomen because they're men!

Like?? Pick your brand of crazy and stick to it, jesus.

No. 1426

>apparently lost the use of her thumb.

serves her right

No. 1428

Anon I find it fascinating too. It's the fact that someone intentionally did that to themselves that's really startling.

If you really wanna see some messed up shit, look up Emo Cutter Girl on ED. Scary stuff.

No. 1442

Seriously, tumblr?

No. 1531

File: 1404950634144.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1280x720, 1404824077196.webm)

Thanks, admin! Here's the video.

Once again, it's gross, so spoilers.

No. 1591

File: 1405010393997.jpg (74.3 KB, 648x579, tumblr_n8i6gr0bZF1tcmjv5o1_128…)

No. 1595

Tumblr doesn't usually rile me up but this just angers me. What kind of ass tells that to her baby cousin? I assume the girl is much younger and she just scared the crap out of her by telling her she's going to die and she's not a princess.

I thought that what her grandpa does is rather cute and it's something special in their relationship. And this idiot probably ruined it for her. I usually don't send anon messages but I just might to her.

No. 1599

1. The chance that the girl wouldn't identify as female if she wasn't "indoctrinated" is miniscule. Why do SJW's act like transgendered people make up like 1/4+ of the population?

2. Nobody knows what happens after we die. Either way, it's not something a little kid should be thinking about.

3. "Empowerment" = smug satisfaction, apparently.

4. She should be prevented from speaking to children.

No. 1600

I agree. When I see post like these I can neve find the words for my irritation. The grandpa was just sharing something that is important to him to his granddaughter. It seems like whenever religion or gender is brought up, SJW have to come shit all per it. They are more harmful than helpful.

If that person whispered that to my daughter, I would keep her as far away as possible. She is a little girl. Let her enjoy the innocence of childhood. She has plenty of time to figure out how fucked up the world is when she's older.

No. 1601

The princess part reminds me of an argument on Facebook about Mulan not being a real princess. This woman posted how she teaches her daughter "what a real princess is" and does not play pretend princess. Like, I don't want to teach people how to raise their children, but that is fucked up. Way to shit on your kids childhood. And seriously, what's the real difference between these so called princesses and everyone? Just a stupid name and fortune pretty much.

No. 1602

Forgot to add she said she literally tells her daughter that she cannot be a princess.

No. 1611

Lol well yes we literally cannot be princesses unless we were born into royalty. I get what you mean though. That's pretty dumb.

I never pretended to be a princess but I pretended to be Rogue and a ninja (thanks X-Men and TMNT) but if my mom dissuaded me from that, saying I can't be 'x' then that's just crushing to a kid. Let them run. They don't get the chance to do so at school anymore. I think they're going stir crazy.

Lol I imagined her having to put up a sign in her yard saying she can't be around kids because she's a SJW, like a pedo has to.

Truth. I went to her Tumblr but I couldn't find the entry after scrolling for a bit. I think it's probably really old. Hmmm.

No. 1612

Jesus H. People like this need to watch The Little Princess and get that sand out of their vags.

No. 1614

Omg anon I was about to post a reference to that!!! I love that movie!

>All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us.

No. 1615

off topic but i still cant get over how much this girl looks EXACTLY like the girl from blue is the warmest color. i thought it was her, grown up, in the movie, until i realized that the girl in a little princess would be too old, and of course, isn't french

No. 1616

Not old, she probably deleted it after people called her out on it yesterday.

No. 1618

That explains it. Did anyone screencap her response, if there was any?

No. 1620

Didn't see her publishing any.

No. 1621

File: 1405040923168.jpg (109.75 KB, 640x726, tumblr_n760rforvu1tcmjv5o1_128…)

No. 1622

No. 1623

File: 1405041177442.jpg (18.49 KB, 562x277, tumblr_n66tdr4hFC1tcmjv5o1_128…)

No. 1624


I don't know where this victim mentality came from, but it's pathetic.

I've never lived in fear of men when I was growing up. I still don't.

And lol at 'tell your male friends to stop being a rapist' like they're predisposed to doing such things. That's really insulting.
Though these 'women' are predisposed to fear so maybe it evens out.

No. 1625

No. 1626

Ughhh these kind of feminist are the WORST. They talk about equality, but from their misandric (YUP, MIDANDRIC I SAID IT, GET OVER IT) blubbering it sounds like they consider themselves better than men. All men are rapist~~ they are the equivalent to the sexist douchebags who say all women are sluts. They are doing more harm than good, and making women plus reasonable feminist look bad.

No. 1627


Hope I don't sound stupid but wow, wtf are with these words? Did these people just google random shit and see what pops up?

>women are raised to feel bad about their existence

>Being anti-self-dx is racist, transphobic, classist and ableist

Wtf is wrong with these people?!?!? Why are they always assuming shit?!!

No. 1635


Back to the topic of gender sjw, has anyone seen this video? (Feel free to enjoy the comments).

It seems more like they just want to have a little girl to dress up. If they are so concerned they should just put him in neutral clothing and letting decide later on. The poor kid is gonna grow up with identity problems.

Seeing this, I have to agree with the anon who said people believe transgenderism is a lot more common than it actually is.

No. 1646

Ugh I hate parents like these. They're so self absorbed.

It reminds me of that crazy vegan lady who kept breast feeding her 13 year old son and dressed him in dresses and made him keep his hair long and they ate dirt or something. I think he finally got away.

No. 1652

Are you talking about Kaelin and Katherine Marion? That woman was crazy. She would film him take a bath, eating flowers. One time she fed him this weird shit and made him keep eating it even though he puked it up. There's also a creepy picture of her kissing him on the lips. Freakin creepy relationship they had.

No. 1655

What the fuck. I hate kids, but I wouldn't even do that to a kid. Have some heart and let them indulge in fantasies. A kid can speak up for it self. When someone called me princess back in the day, I would just say back. ''I am a dragon, not a princess!'' and the parent would say: ''Well okay then my little dragon. Goodnight.''

No. 1656

He'll end up hating his parents. I mean what if he is 7 years old? Will they still put dresses on him? Because that will probably result in bullying and him feeling miserable for having to wear girly clothes even though he is not a girl. I mean if the kid does end up Trans you will know. I saw this documentary over a boy named Valentine (she is now a girl) and from early age she preferred to grow out her hair, put on her sisters/mom's clothes. That was for the parents a sign that their boy wanted to be a girl, and so they supported her. They bought her actual fitting girls clothes, ect.

No. 1657

File: 1405066769977.jpg (68.11 KB, 416x599, image.jpg)

Ugh. Now I'm remembering how pissed my sister-in-law was when her daughter's teacher told the class there's no such thing as Santa. My niece was only about 7. Who fucking does that to a little kid?

No. 1661

Jesus christ that doll

No. 1662


Oh god, that shit was nightmare-inducing. She went by the handle "perfect mommy" or "vegan mommy" or something. She'd make her son film her, too. Once she wore this sexy santa outfit as "a present" for him or something, and there was this one video where she's in the tub, naked, making him film her as she kept saying crap about "esssssential oilssssss".

I think he finally grew up and got out of her grasp, though. I'll try to look her up on ED again and post it here.

No. 1663

File: 1405083902778.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.88 KB, 399x600, 399px-Mommysanta.JPG)

Here it is. https://encyclopediadramatica.es/Katherine_Marion

Her handle was "Momma K", my bad. I spoilered her son's "christmas present" because it'll make you vomit in your mouth a little.

No. 1669

Yes, thanks! I think he was found on 4chan or something. She is insane.

No. 1675

File: 1405100466595.png (43.53 KB, 980x363, 4646.png)

Made me think of pic related.

No. 1677

Someone on PULL claims to have known them.

>I've been lurking this forum recently when I came across this.

>I live in Vancouver and personally know the mother and son. Im his age…
>My mom used to teach at a daycare and katherine tried to enroll her son. Which is how I know them. >She is exactly how the encyclopedia dramatica page describes her. Her son also has a horrible attitude. I remember having to hang out with him because he would randomly drop by hour house. I cant remember much but he was quite rude and hard to talk to. He also used to constantly come and beg for 20 dollars. One time i think even his mother came and asked for money.
>And incase you guys were worried about his eating habits, he would take the money he got and secretly go to mcdonalds and buy a big mac.
>Shes honestly crazy and destroyed her son. Thats all I had to add.


Dude seems to have escaped though, here is his current facebook

No. 1678

>>1663 oh man that is fucking gross. That poor kid. Mama K had a very creepy attachment to him. I was always concerned if she was…molesting him or something.

Glad the guy has gotten away (and from the looks of it had actual friends now). I remember there was a video where he was playing with this little bird Tweety? he made saying how he wanted to fly away.

No. 1680


Them damn muffin thighs, wtf.

No. 1699

File: 1405118545756.jpg (37.95 KB, 478x353, schizophrenia.jpg)

No. 1700

With that sort of response, I'm almost tempted to believe this person actually is schizophrenic and in denial about it.

No. 1702

this makes me want to vomit
schizo is absolutely real (as i'm sure everyone here knows)
this person should have to go out and work with genuinely schizo homeless people and try to tell them it's a "social construct" that made them lose their job and live on the street

No. 1716

My great-aunt had schizophrenia. She would hear babies crying and children in distress, which was terrifying for her. But yeah, just a social construct, right?

Also, where is "monoeuronormative" coming from? Are they suggesting that a mental disorder as visible as schizophrenia wouldn't be considered a mental disorder (or equivalent) in every other culture in the world? SJW's need to stop cramming race into places where it doesn't apply.

No. 1717

The SJW are really counter productive fucks. Anyone who suggest schizophrenia is "made up" is an insensitive fuck.

No. 1718

File: 1405142499479.png (19.51 KB, 689x426, sjw-bs.png)

No. 1719

File: 1405142559709.png (43.4 KB, 517x241, tumblr_n8h7y0dLFL1tqikk8o1_128…)

They are litterally making up names now. Magigender? how cute!

No. 1720

File: 1405142635228.png (23.34 KB, 507x204, tumblr_n8bkjldhGM1sln4rfo1_128…)

aaaaaaand to add to that

No. 1726

>If you're going to hate at least include a third of the people your godamn hating on
Haha what

No. 1729

Yup they are litteraly whining about not being hated on

>make the tag more popular

Proof they do it for attention

No. 1736

Yes, Schizophrenia is not real. That is why my dad's nephew hung himself and left a note that he couldn't take the voices in his head anymore. This person is rude and insensitive.

And then they wonder why everyone with serious gender issues (Trans, ect) hates Tumblr so much. It feels like the bisexual craze that was around when I was growing up. And as an actual bisexual I can remember how annoying it was, that everyone thought that I made it up, just to be ''Cool and special'', because being bisexual was the ''Cool and special'' thing to do.

No. 1762

What the hell happened to gender being a spectrum? Aren't MOST people a little to one side or the other of whatever label they use? Why does absolutely every possible point on the line need it's own totally special name? Why do TOTAL STRANGERS need to know 100% how you feel about your gender? And everybody has to stay current with all the latest shit that was just made up or they are biggots.

No. 1763

I don't even get why they get so upset of getting called the wrong gender. I mean, they always say gender is a social construct that doesn't exist but use it themself.

No. 1876

So… schizophrenia is not real, but being aporagender/magicalgender/an angel/demon/whatever the fuck else is.

It genuinely saddens me that a lot of these people are in their late teens/twenties. This logic is like a four year old's logic, or the lack of.

No. 1887

Definitely sounds a lot like something a schizo would believe in. "I'm not sick, they're all liars". Yeah.

No. 1892

Words of wisdom anon.

In the blog I found those on, there was this person who was feeiously against "cissies" and claimed to have a cisgendered girlfriend who was accepting of their hate which is basically towards her.

And I'm not 100% sure, but I believe they were using a German article as a pronoun for their girlfriend…

No. 1926

Speaking of schizophrenia, check out this article about it.
The audio at the end is really strange and I bet if you send it to this chick, it's nothing like her RP fantasies.

That's what irks me about Tumblr the most, they make light of these diseases.


No. 1934

That is scary as fuck! I can only imagine the intense suffering schizophrenic people who hear this all the time feel.

No. 1935

File: 1405217873328.png (25.98 KB, 476x252, tumblr_n6afujsxP11sho7opo1_500…)

Another gem.

No. 1936


what the ever loving fuck

No. 1937

my favorite is "whispering" and strangers

No. 1940

File: 1405221069966.png (12.42 KB, 611x172, tumblr-bs-2.png)

Adding to that. I don't know what's with tumblr thinking mental illness is fake. I'm willing to bet they have some and don't realize it.

No. 1951

what the actual fuck. 14 year old genderqueer demisexual….. trigger words… how about you fucking grow up. dare one of these sjw say this irl:

"omg can but not, paper is really triggering!!!!!!! so is rope and whispering!!!! and straight men!!!"

all hope in humanity is lost when people start claiming that mental disabilities/illnesses aren't real. "people never take other's feelings into account" so i want you to ask a murderer what they were feeling as they killed your family because of schizophrenia. like ???????? 9edgy2me

No. 1952


No. 1961

Oh man that is scary. I was already freaked out by this infomercial about schizo's and their psychotic episodes:

I totally understand why they often commit suicide. You don't want to live like that.

No. 1962

Well strangers isn't that weird. There are people with severe phobia's of going outside, because of all the strangers. However wind, paper, rope, sponges. Then you must freak out every few seconds, because girl wind/paper/rope and sponges are all around us.

No. 1964

Phobia yes. As a "trigger" I don't even know. Triggers usually refer to online, and i don't understand how strangers can be a trigger online. This person is just pulling shit out of their ass.

No. 1965

Going by the original meaning a trigger doesn't have to be online at all (e.g. war veterans with PTSD can be triggered by loud noises) but I get what you mean. It does seem like this person is confusing triggers with phobias.

Videogames, though? I wonder where that came from.

No. 1966

File: 1405249339341.jpg (79.64 KB, 570x603, 1405248420703.jpg)

No. 1968

Maybe she played Amnesia as her first game? I would be scarred for life too.

No. 1969

Anyone knows what's the Dashcon fiasco/drama about?

No. 1979

Copied from -cgl-
>Con organisers ask for $17000 dollars in an hour otherwise the con will be shut down because "upper management doesn’t like the people at the con"
>turns out Dashcon didn't read the contract properly and it said payment due on day one
>Saying they'll refund donations once money's in from walk-ins

>Main draws of the convention, Welcome to Night Vale, walk after not being paid
>Anyone who forked out for extra-cost reserved seating for the event gets an extra hour with the ball pit
>an extra hour in a tiny, timed-entry, homestuck-paint-filled kiddie pool with some plastic balls in a giant empty room
>which deflated
>Guests leaving left and right
>AA is a sad disaster, artists making no money

>We are waiting for someone to die
>Murder? Suicide? BDSM Gone-Oh-Wrong? Place your bets, kids.
>Schedule highlights: Dr Horrible Sing-along (without license), already-cancelled WtNV panel, "Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons", a female surfer, Admin Q&A finale

No. 1981

No. 1982

File: 1405259504893.png (44.23 KB, 500x247, tumblr_inline_n8m62vvDt41qbsm8…)


What is this shit?

No. 1983

Ladies and gentlemen: The tumblr userbase


These retards are cheering and using that sign from Hunger Games after they got scammed out of money.

No. 1985

File: 1405260433302.jpg (37.35 KB, 400x300, tumblr_inline_n8n3ligmDZ1rg91g…)

Apparently, this was the ball pit.

No. 1986

One of their shitty panels. They also had one about homoerotic subtext in your fandom.

A play by play by a very disgruntled attendee

No. 1987

Not to sound like a pretentious ass, but did they even read the book? Do they know what that sign means because I don't think it means what they think it means.

No. 1989

File: 1405261767841.png (388.46 KB, 294x1131, Dashcon.png)


A fan fiction auction? Really? Man, is this an Ed, Edd, and Eddy episode?

No. 1995

File: 1405270286320.jpg (177.24 KB, 561x1327, sad.jpg)

All this OC omg

No. 1996

I love you guys. All the ballpit/dashcon OC is amazing.

And now for something more informative

Another tale of terror by an attendee

No. 1997

The baker street babes posted about their experience as a guest for Dashcon. Needless to say, they aren´t happy

No. 2008

Now I don't have to wonder what Tumblr looks like in real life.

No. 2011

>is this cultural appropriation if it’s from a book that’s not real

Wah. You're getting scammed out of your money and you're worrying about this shit?

No. 2012

Don't worry anon you're not being pretentious. These people are stupid.

From the book:
>It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means goodbye to someone you love

Thank yiuu guiiiiz. Tis es sewwew admirabullll

No. 2013

Here's another tumblr summing the events, along with the schedule of the con and other posts from attendees.


No. 2016

In my elementary school it meant to be quiet when the teacher did that, since the kids had to do it in return.

No. 2017

My favorite part is that there were 18+ panels that 15 year olds may have attended. Get them started early with BDSM, right?

No. 2018

File: 1405291826952.jpg (122.63 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_n8o2z8ae7p1s7swxko1_128…)

In other news, someone pissed in the ballpit at the event. You would think it was already unsanitary enough from having Homestuck fans in it.

No. 2019

File: 1405292413940.png (1.02 MB, 615x1495, 1405286487930.png)

To be fair, it's not like they got to see anything sexy. I mean, just look at them. They look exactly how I pictured people from tumblr to look like.

No. 2020

They should not be involved in BDSM in any capacity. It's embarrassing.

No. 2021

But how else could they have sex with anyone, other than by tying them up so they can't run away screaming in terror?

No. 2022

Really? When I was in elementary school we had the quiet wolf hand gesture. Further sums up to them being really dumb.

Man this keeps on getting better and better! Oh noes someone peed in the already sad little ball pit! At least the jumping castle won't fly away. Hahahaha.

No. 2023

10/10 would not sex. Most of them are hambeasts.

So what is Dashcon exactly? Is doesn't sound like an anime convention.

No. 2024

Lol point.

What's quiet wolf?

And yeah, that didn't surprise me that someone peed in the ball pit. I think that's common in Chuck E Cheez too.

It's Tumblr: The Con.
I thought it was for MLP but it's a hodge podge of the current popular fandoms - Homestuck, Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock, Night Vale and shipping.

No. 2025

Lmfao nothing but ugly bitches. Tumblr personafied

No. 2026

17000dollars.tumblr made a fundraiser for something that actually matters (http://www.aliforneycenter.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.personalCampaignDonations&participantID=2585) and they've only raised a bit more than a hundred bucks in a few hours.

Dashcon somehow raised 17K in what seems to be a few hours.

Tumblrfucks will never stop being hypocritical cunts that only care about themselves.

No. 2027

This hand sign used to shut us up haha.

So basically tumblr get together. Wow that just sounds like a disaster. Now the "not liking people at the con" part makes sense. Hahaha.

No. 2028

I can't fathom why these tumblr kiddies seem to think they have any right to decide how someone spends their money.

No. 2034

File: 1405305924569.png (323.59 KB, 695x710, otherkin-shit.png)

Found this fucking gem. Otherkins are my favsies<3 (nd I'm pretty sure they just made up kinshaming).

No. 2045

Yes, because the whole English speaking world is going to stop saying the word "horny" because a bunch of freaks with daddy issues and think they're part unicorn say it offends them.

Honestly I wonder how these people function in public. Do they bitch out strangers for not referring to them as "fae/dae/etc" and correct you if you say "horny"? These people are incredibly common on tumblr, but I've never encountered any irl.

No. 2054

So if they are not horny? What are they then. In heat? That is just gross

No. 2056

I was never raised to feel bad about being female, what the hell were these peoples parents doing? In my country we generally get treated as equals.

No. 2059

There are so many parents these days that let the computer do the parenting.

No. 2065

Me either and I live in America. I wouldn't let some cases like this male you think otherwise. It's like what the other poster said, kids used to be raised by TV and now it's the internet. Sadly a lot of parents phone this stuff in.

No. 2070

File: 1405376022990.jpg (59.08 KB, 671x334, image.jpg)

Trigger warning: don't be nasty.

No. 2073

That is 1:1 the same copypasta of the Bronycon orgy but with the name changed.

No. 2099

I found it on EDF.

No. 2101

File: 1405379245689.png (46.47 KB, 500x219, d0b.png)

As comparison.

No. 2121

No. 2135

Dashcon pretty much sums up the tumblr populace: a joke.

No. 2151

Fuck off, Hebe, you autistic cockmongler.

No. 2152

File: 1405385555121.jpg (868.43 KB, 1108x1610, e90.jpg)

No. 2195

File: 1405423035917.jpg (130.72 KB, 986x665, tumblr_n8qupfITkA1qfogm2o1_500…)

No. 2196

File: 1405423203167.jpg (48.6 KB, 500x530, tumblr_n8qnegKZRO1qbui8qo1_500…)

White people who travel are racist.

No. 2197

> Da fuck is Genderdox, Gray Asexual, a star seed
> Poor, does drugs and has an ipad

I don't even have a comment on this one. Just what…

No. 2198

Gender dox=Gender Paradox aka having multiple genders and being genderless at the same time.

No. 2199

That doesn't even make sense. How do Tumblr kids believe in this bullshit

No. 2200

No clue but it seems to be like a contest who is the most special snowflake when it comes to their gender/sexuality.

No. 2201

File: 1405430879448.jpg (25.49 KB, 491x214, appropriation.jpg)

No. 2203

I don't understand half these words. She is fat though, that is probably the most accurate on there.

No. 2204

File: 1405436199611.png (233.2 KB, 348x750, tumblr_n8n4bo2fFy1t1ob4lo1_500…)

No. 2205

File: 1405436241601.png (722.49 KB, 573x1376, tumblr_n8n4bo2fFy1t1ob4lo2_128…)

No. 2206

No. 2207

This has to be a troll.

No. 2208

Holy shit they're just ready to pounce on any little thing to try to get SJW brownie points, even without taking 5 seconds to fact-check. It really is a sport of one-upsmanship and who can be the most PC to make themselves feel like the most tolerant unbigoted person in all the internet.

No. 2209

File: 1405438160269.jpg (283.1 KB, 522x1432, wtf.jpg)

It continues

No. 2210


Urgh, this cunt was recently featured in an Internet Aristocrat video too.


No. 2211

>complains about getting "harassed"
>harasses everybody
Dat SJW logic.

No. 2213

I remember this one. The OP wasn't being serious.

No. 2224

hey. xigbar! that me B^)

No. 2226

How is she trans at all? That's what makes me laugh about tumblr. I may not agree with trans but the few I've known were serious about it and weren't throwing it around for funsies.

I think these are the people who believe you don't need a diagnosis from a professional to be considered trans. If you're a tomboy, then you can say you're trans!

No. 2230

No. 2232

I lolled, it is tubby custard

No. 2287

File: 1405460538089.jpg (141.27 KB, 500x550, tumblr_n8rmquCPhb1ttay5mo1_500…)

No. 2289

File: 1405460589231.jpg (134.72 KB, 500x639, tumblr_n8rmquCPhb1ttay5mo2_500…)

Part 2.

No. 2291

File: 1405460714121.jpg (491.78 KB, 986x1027, tumblr_n8rmquCPhb1ttay5mo4_128…)

Part 3.

No. 2295


what a retard

did he remove the cards that were offensive to tumblr?
I have the game and most cards would be offensive to your typical SJW. Maybe I have the old version.

No. 2296

I have no clue but this post is going around a lot recently.

No. 2308

File: 1405466198066.jpg (23.5 KB, 500x361, tumblr_n8rybagUln1rg4llco1_500…)


No. 2313

>this is my city
So much second hand embarrassment. This bitch works at Burger King and can't say anything other than "you sexist motherfucker" over and over again.

No. 2317

No wonder she is so fat.

No. 2322

No. 2334

But CaH is meant to be offensive. Why change the concept of a game that is so good?

No. 2335


Cry more

No. 2347

SJW logic.

No. 2349

File: 1405510537134.jpg (335.93 KB, 1238x718, tumblr_n8sid4aTJK1t5pqhbo1_128…)

No. 2351

I facepalm at the Israël vs Palestina discussions. I know some jews, and they really worry about it. Some of my friends were blatantly told that ''Israël is the terrorist here, and that they should stop believing the zionist stories about Hamas being a terrorist organization'' At least Israël honored the cease fire, until they were sick of Hamas that kept firing rockets at them.

No. 2363

File: 1405516414866.jpg (67.44 KB, 1280x588, 46346.jpg)

No. 2364

File: 1405516770874.png (37.21 KB, 567x575, 46364.png)

No. 2368

This, tumblr just does not care about the facts in this situation. I think it breaks down to Palestine linking into their victim complex or something. Don't get me wrong Israel isn't perfect and no Palestinian deserves this, but it's Hamas that is preventing any future there, not the IDF protecting their people.

No. 2369

Yes exactly. I mean both Israël and Palestine acted bad in the past, however they are prevented to move that past behind those acts, because of Hamas that keeps targeting the jews of Israël. Can't believe that Tumblr defends such an organization. Wouldn't put it past them to defend Al-Quaida and ISIS too..

No. 2370

The other day I read "America so quick to help Malala when the taliban "allegedly" shot her, yet not help palestine"
Like, oh right tumblr, not guilty till proven with the Taliban is it?

No. 2371

What's logic doing in this thread?

Oh, I guess my husband is assaulting me every time we have sex. Even if it's just ok sex, because that happens, (bad sex = rape) then I've been violated.

Do none of these women have boyfriends? How embarrassing.

No. 2372

Oh jeez that is bad. I mean I thought the rad fems of Tumblr would be all over Malala for going against terrorist oppressors.

Hoo boy, I didn't even read that one. I guess I can now claim that I was raped. Even though I initiated sex, but hey he was bad in bed. So I guess that makes me a rape victim.

No. 2373

>What's logic doing in this thread?
Because it is "experience with Tumblr idiots" related.

No. 2386

Propably only short relationships that lasted less than 3 months.
Those people come across as very young.
But this isn't surprising considering how most of them would like to have a sugar daddy.

No. 2389

True, but I usually don't see well thought out replies.

We are all victims.

It's not surprising that they would have short relationships, if any. I just feel bad for whoever they're with, it sounds like they would have no fun at all.

No. 2402

File: 1405554256515.png (46.28 KB, 543x233, look_at_the_tags.png)

She is like an endless source of lulz.

No. 2403

File: 1405554411411.png (49.46 KB, 547x146, then_they_would_be_gay.png)

No. 2412

File: 1405559747512.png (55.19 KB, 640x243, triggered.png)

No. 2414

Why do anorexics always balloon up to an unhealthy weight after they get help?

No. 2422

Usually their metabolism gets fucked from starving themselves. And in response to that, the body converts everything into fat to replenish lost fuel sources. Combine that with bad nutrition and they put on the pounds really quick.

No. 2425

As a former anorexic, I can give you a few reasons:

-in treatment, such as inpatient, you're encouraged to eat high calorie, fattening foods to help restore weight. You get used to eating that way and may continue to do so and end up gaining weight.

-ED sufferers usually have other disorders and take medicine. A good amount of psych meds have weight gain as a side effect, particularly SSRI's and antipsychotics.

-An ED sufferer may start binging to make up for the lack of food previously.

It is important to realize that anorexia specifically has an extremely high relapse rate and also a high suicide rate. Not every anorexic balloons during recovery, and not every anorexic recovers.

No. 2426

File: 1405578352816.jpg (204.03 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_n8ue1s8RRM1scdxbio2_128…)

No. 2427


No. 2428

That girl is stupid af as whole.

No. 2429

Basically a wannabe wigga. Anyone who decides they are "transracial' (outside of adoption), is a fucking idiot and has no grasp on the concept of ethnicity/race.

No. 2430

>words like "penis" and :vagina" are misogynistic.

what do want people to use? fanny and tillywilly? these are scientific words!!! This has got to be a troll.

No. 2431

>I don’t get it. What does biology have to do with the names of peoples private parts are misogonystic. Please stop.

da fuck. troll identified.

No. 2432

She always changes her name and url tho when it becomes too much for her, defeats the purpose of trolling.

No. 2437

I know feministsongs also refuses to publish songs that have the word crazy in it, because it is ableist and can hurt the mentally ill of Tumblr. Such a stupid hugbox that blog. It started out as a fun blog with songs that empower women. Now it is a hugbox where songs get deleted because ''Bloobloo Brooke Candy is racist, just like Iggy Azalea.'' and ''P!nk promotes domestic violence in Please don't leave me and is so sexist in Stupid Girls. So no songs of her can be considered feminist now!''

If she isn't attracted to men, she is a lesbian…

Anorexics crying about how weight loss triggers them are so annoying. Then don't look in the fitspiration tags or any tags that have to do with weight loss.

Holy fuck, what the hell. SJW's are so inconsiderate about Jews. You would think they would baby them like they do with blacks, because they faced genocide and were actually oppressed. Instead they spew a lot of hateful nonsense.

No. 2439

>Israel can be really shitty
well that's a legit complai-

>when the taliban "allegedly" shot her
She probably wanted it, am I right? If it's a legitimate shooting, a child's body has ways to shut that whole thing down~

I wonder if any of these people are delusional enough to voice opinions like this when they do leave their house. Like they spend so much time in their tumblr hugbox that they start thinking this sort of thing is a-okay and anyone that disagrees is oppressing them, so they actually start saying things out loud to neighbours, coworkers and friends. Or is there still something left in there that tells them that's probably not a good idea?

No. 2445

File: 1405596431436.png (87.23 KB, 500x256, 534535.png)

No. 2447

File: 1405597767975.png (419.46 KB, 1002x802, 65467687654654645.png)

i am getting some DUMB SHIT on my "what is dysphoria" post. Thankfully the sensible outweighs the crazy.

No. 2452

>Africans were building cities and monuments
Yeah so that is why Africa is still a third world country that needs white people help. Doesn't know a shit about preventing HIV and the actual causes of Aids (No really they don't. When we raised money for kids with HIV, we actually met some African kids that had HIV and they are shunned by everyone. Because they think you can get AIDS from just touching HIV infected people or sharing the same food), and now their is a mass outbreak of Ebola, because they have no clue what proper hygiene is or a quarantine. Please tell me again how Africans are more evolved then white people.

No. 2453

Not to mention that humans needed ages till they arrived to Europe and did spread there, not to mention all the pagan and greek monuments.

No. 2457

>Africa is still a third world country.
>Africa is still a third world country.
>Africa is still a third world country.
Stopped reading there. You're terminally retarded, anon, please seek help

No. 2458

File: 1405604173298.jpg (1.34 MB, 2079x1034, 1405602701132.jpg)

To be fair, the Israelis are just as big of assholes. I think the defense comes from the PC culture making it so you HAVE to defend muslims, so they probably don't even understand the situation.

No. 2459

File: 1405606059378.jpg (123.86 KB, 692x692, 1405603413879.jpg)

No. 2460

Sometimes I wonder how people like this can survive with their level of stupidy.

No. 2465

File: 1405611292854.jpg (141.08 KB, 615x567, 35235.jpg)

No. 2467

File: 1405611555410.jpg (118.34 KB, 483x816, 436436.jpg)

No. 2475

Is the first person serious? Because I read that with a very ironic voice. Still I think Daniel Tosh is a huge dick that isn't mildly funny unless your 14. However it is very stupid to assume that his lame jokes are the deciding factor in rape.

No. 2476

I know Africa is a continent and not a country anon. (I assume this is your problem with my post?) In my country we say ''Derde wereld landen'' when we talk about the poor African country's. So I kinda literally translated that, and hoped for the best. So I guess that isn't a correct term? Still though, you know what I mean. Most African country's are poorer then dirt. So claiming that they are more evolved then White people is ridiculous

Yes exactly. I think this person needs to grab their history book again and reed some more about the Germanic culture and the Roman Empire.

No. 2480

I agree, which is why I think it's incredibly stupid to get offended by his jokes. He's purposely trying to offend people for the negative attention and possible mention on the news. Same thing with family guy. People stopped watching, so they do offensives things so people will watch to see what the big deal is about. Like that "lil Sarah palings kid is a regard "joke that came out of no where and was on the news. Just ignore it and it will go away. There sjw are doing exactly what they want them to do, they're making them famous.

No. 2485

I agree with that. Tosh is a huge asshole. I seen videos of him back stage, and he seems like a hot headed, narcissistic piece of shit. He came to my school twice and crapped up the place. Family guy, whoever is a little more than a bunch of crap like tosh.0. Underneath it lies a crack at politics and today's society. So there's a bit of substance in it. Either way, neither of these should be taken seriously. They are meant to be offensive.

I think we can all agree that saying comedy makes people rapists is a bunch of garbage. That's like saying violent video games make people want to steal cars and rob banks.

>because of femmanisam, I no longer feel the urge to be rape people. I now realize that I'm just a white privileged misogynist turd and must erase my existence.

No. 2487

I agree. By giving a show attention, you just give them what they want. I just roll my eyes and change to another channel whenever Tosh is on. Not worth raging about. Only thing I would like if Comedy Central would stop broadcasting advertisements about Tosh that include people/animals throwing up (Like that guy that threw up all over his hand) Most of the time they are even broadcast around dinner time (Which is even more disgusting, seeing how I am eating a meal). That kinda stuff isn't really offensive or anything (Unless you are one of those SJW's who has a trigger for puke). I just have a very sensitive gag reflex when it comes to puke (I can't help out friends who are puking, because I will start puking myself) and it really annoys me.

No. 2489

File: 1405624894844.png (10.73 KB, 580x343, wat.png)

No. 2490

I find that most people who complain about people wanting to ban violent/rapey media have no real understanding of the topic. They just don't like seeing their hobbies being criticised. I did a research paper on media and children for college, and I had a lot of access to scientific journals/studies on the topic. The evidence that media negatively effects the brain (especially in children) is overwhelming. There isn't even a debate. It's just social conditioning. I had the opisite view point before I started looking at the evidence, too. The people in that tumblr post are obviously being sarcastic, but rape porn really does make rape seem like less of a crime to the viewers.

No. 2491

No. 2492

I think it is satire. It amuses me anyways. Because it reads like "if tumblr had a baby "

No. 2494

Probably because jews are now pretty successful.

No. 2509

Lol I really hope they're joking.
If you're a lesbian with a man, it's PIV and that means rape.

No. 2540


>Men like The Three Stooges.

Looks like a troll article to me. I could be wrong though.

No. 2544

It's supposed to be satire.
The sad thing is, it sounds a lot like what SJW/feminists believes.

No. 2556

Wtf is that stopwhitegirls2k14 thing.

No. 2565

File: 1405711785800.png (879.24 KB, 1089x1433, dubmlr.png)

This. This is what I see on a daily basis. People on tumblr playing the "boohoooo I'm unfortunate I need moniesssss" story, and then they beg for donations. This person isn't exactly begging, but they're just as bad. LOOK at how much they are charging for their commissions. That is ridiculous for the level of their work. They practically ARE begging. Dude, we all got bills to pay. At least make your crap drawings priced fairly. You'll probably get more commissions. idk maybe I'm just being mean? (I marked out their name though). I just think this is fucking ridiculous.

No. 2566

>Suspended without pay for no real reason
Lol there's ALWAYS a reason for something that severe.

No. 2567

File: 1405713881982.png (20.49 KB, 412x498, gimmemonies.png)

Here is another stupid one I saw awhile ago asking for money to meet her online boyfriend. Of course, she has "personal problems" that prevent her from saving up the money. "But finding a job is so hrrrrrddd. No one is hiring!!". If you have problems with money, then maybe you should reevaluate your priorities??? Oh and it seems the boyfriend has "certain reasons" too. I don't understand the logic of these people.

No. 2568

File: 1405716360165.png (162.67 KB, 434x633, sosad.png)

This person is a lol cow. All they do this bitch about things, complain about her constant health issues, and beg people to buy her stuff. Remind me of PT.

Much unfortunate.

No. 2569

File: 1405716416801.png (29.61 KB, 821x579, monies.png)

GEEEZ I wonder where the money goes, plus begging for steam gaames.

No. 2570

If you're going to charge insane amounts of money for your art, at least make it good art.

>wat r solid lines

No. 2571

File: 1405716484609.png (16.64 KB, 487x451, TotesWannaMeetHim.png)

But it totally wanna meet him.

No. 2572

File: 1405716573552.png (12.69 KB, 416x364, MommyWhy.png)

MOMMY Y U MAKE ME BUY THINGS I ACTUALLY NEED. Keep in mind she put the donation >>2567 4 weeks ago.
She spends a lot of money on alpaca plushes which are expensice so she does have problems saving money but its not because of her health issues…

No. 2573

Sorry for the many bumps. She still has the donation button up btw.

No. 2574

> Jordan hasn't made me cry this hard in so long
> Don't ask


Man, at first I felt a little bit of sympathy for them because I get the pain in living in a LDR (not to the extent of begging for monies but hey, love makes you do crazy things) but now she just sounds like a spoiled brat. She sounds like fucking PT.

~I can't raise money for my dream because my health is so fragile~
And then blows whatever money she gets or whatever money some poor bloke donated on steam games or 12 alpacas (what the fuck)

No. 2575

Let me point out that these alpaca plushes range from 12$ to $60 EACH depending on the size. She probably used any donations to buy more. She could have easily saved up the money without begging, but nope.

No. 2576

While she was asking for money, at the same time she was talking about waiting for 4 packages with alpacas to arrive, one of which worth at least $100. I hope no one did donate to her.

No. 2577

Oops, oh shit I forgot to blurr her name out. Oh well, you can browse her tagged personal and enjoy.

No. 2578

Plus you can get fakes (that look almost 1:1 like the original) for like 5 bucks at taobao.

No. 2587

File: 1405724705385.png (8.62 KB, 420x339, lol.png)

No. 2588

File: 1405724740058.jpg (23.12 KB, 250x188, tumblr_mtz3f1JU0s1syb335o1_250…)

No. 2589

File: 1405724878715.png (41.92 KB, 602x608, 34234.png)

No. 2590

Just saw some pics from her off her collection, she has a couple of big ones that all had to cost at the very least $40 (even the obvious bootleg she has) and several smaller ones all at least $10 not including the shipping it had to cost.

No. 2593

It's probably even more than that. She said she got the big ones for 46$ each. The smaller ones are $18 and medium ones $25 average depending on seller. So she does spend a shit ton of money on them. They are not cheap.

No. 2596

No. 2597

>I need money so my brother told me to sell my alpacasso, lol yeah okay

>my brother is giving me his old computer omfg. like it’s really old but it can play tomb raider and bioshock infinite at the highest setting!! So many games I can play now that i couldn’t on my lameo laptop. omg i’m so excited. I just have to pay him back the 300ish when I get the money!! And since it’s my bro I can pay back anytime (like $50 now, 100$ in 3 months or something ya feel me)

Liking dem priorities.

Also, the post where her mom bought her the shorts came after the two where her mom told her to buy her own shit. That's a considerate mom for such a spoiled cunt.

No. 2600

Jesus 10 dollars for such a shitty sketch? Even I a complete non-artsy retard can do better then that.

Waawaawaa give me money. I hate these kinds of retards, I save very hard for the stuff I want or find an odd job here and there. I know getting an actual job is hard, but sjeez at least learn how to manage your money instead of being a filthy beggar.

''Somebody should buy me the 2k game bundle'' ''You guys should gift me'' She isn't even asking anymore but demanding. Also no wonder you can't meet your boyfriend if you spend all your money on Steam games and Arpacasso's

I don't get why people buy the real thing. I have a high quality fake (And it's a huge one) off Taobao for 15 bucks or something. If I bought the real deal it would have been around 40..

That text is nasty, and the cake also looks really sad and nasty.

No. 2610

File: 1405776012189.jpg (462.68 KB, 1280x640, Don´t be fat yooo.jpg)

Was practicing my retouching skills by using the #Fatspo tag. And it actually made me kinda sad. A lot of girls have a huge potential to be cute. Or already have a cute face but a really fat body. And they are kinda wasting their chance to be gorgeous by preferring to be fat.

No. 2612

You need to practice human anatomy first by the looks of it. Nobody has a jaw like that except E.T.

No. 2621

I buy real alpacasso because it's a collector thing. If the bootleg was super cheap and decent quality I wouldn't mind it but there are idiots that pay comparable prices for hideous bootlegs.

No. 2624

Yeah that jaw is bad and I should feel bad. However I got sick of trying to get some actual shape into that fat shapeless blob that is her head. So I decided to leave it this way to at least show you guys what I am trying to say.

A yeah I can understand if you actually plan on collecting them. I just find them cute and snuggly. So I think the prices of real Arpacasso are a bit steep compared to the better bootlegs.

No. 2638

How does she already have lines like that on her face? I have smile lines but she looks older than she should in that picture. Girl def needs to lose some weight.

No. 2646

I dont think those are smile lines. Its just gravity pulling the fat on her cheeks down.

No. 2662

File: 1405811560899.jpg (93.67 KB, 500x376, lmao.jpg)

No. 2697

File: 1405860144253.png (17.92 KB, 509x238, italy.png)

I've been seeing comments like this a lot lately. I don't really know my Italian side well but I remember they were pretty dark and only recent immigrants going back a generation. My father's hair was so black it was practically blue. My mother is Polish and Ukrainian and I don't even consider myself Italian (look I'm erasing myself!) because I don't know those people.
I'm pretty pale with green eyes but my siblings are darker with dark eyes.

I have never thought or was told that Italians were not white. No one Italian American, no matter how dark has ever told me they weren't white or spoken of themselves as being another race. It just seems really new. Unless it didn't matter where I grew up. Someone came up to me speaking Spanish once and was surprised that I didn't. But I don't think I look anything other than white. So I was confused.

So is this a new thing or is it something that only exists in European culture or with American SJWs?

Am I supposed to start identifying as a woman of color now because of this? I guarantee if I did I'd get heaps of "white privilege erasing out experiences" posts from the same people claiming all this stuff.

No. 2698

I feel like it is an Americunt SJW thing. Most Italians or people or mixed + Italian heritage I know are slightly tan, however not very dark skinned. So I never heard of this ''You have to be dark, to be Italian'' thing. Just identify with what you feel comfortable with anon. If you don't have a bond with the Italian side of the family, then don't bother to diving in in the Italian Culture just for the sake of ''Well one part of me is Italian..'' I mean it is not as if Italian culture is prone to being erased anyway. I get Native Americans being very protective of their children, and demand that even the kids that are adopted by American families get taught the Native American culture. But their are plenty of Italians that will keep the traditions and culture going, so it doesn't depend on those few who don't feel Italian at all.

No. 2699

Italians are still caucasian but then again the whole race thing is stupid, the appearance of the people of every european country varies because of the different kind of climate. I the past, every "main" race had own subraces but they aren*t used anymore since after WW2.

No. 2700


No. 2708


My sides, some fat bitch ate them.

No. 2709

It also depends on where in Italy you're from. Sicilians are more likely to be darker, while people from Milan might be lighter skinned.

I know Sicily has been conquered a lot. In 750 BC, the Greeks started colonizing there, and then eventually the Vandals (Germanic tribe), Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, etc.

My boyfriend is Sicilian and looks olive skinned, so does his sister, albeit a little darker. And when she tans, she gets very dark.

No. 2715

File: 1405881104475.png (219.15 KB, 494x607, 1405858214449.png)

No. 2716

Something similar I've noticed is calling anyone with thick dark hair Hispanic even though it's about the most generic human phenome possible.

E.g. Sarah Hyland and a million others. On the flipside someone like Selena Gomez would be considered simply white even in northern Europe (but with a Mediterranean grandparent or something).

A couple times I've even seen people ask if a white woman has some Asian in them.

E.g. Taylor Swift, yet nobody called Renee Zellweger Asian back in the day and white men frequently have very narrow eyes.

No. 2718

File: 1405882666339.png (20.69 KB, 517x253, digit.png)

That makes sense. My parents divorced when I was very young and due to some bad things there's no reason to contact those people. So I mostly grew up with Polish American culture.

Race has divided people so much already for no reason. People like this only make it worse because they drive the wedge deeper and deeper.

I also found this on her tumblr. I often wonder if these asks are serious or if someone just wants to see what she will say. Even hippies said "dig it". It doesn't really belong to anybody. Dialect and lingo has a lot to do with where you grew up. I grew up in a mostly black neighborhood. A lot of people of all races spoke very similar and used the same type of slang.

"our language" huh? Even if she doesn't feel white because she's 100% Italian, she's not black either. And by SJW standards she's being hypocritical.

But logic is lost on people like this. She's probably not even well educated about jazz. I bet she knows little about it's history. She probably read a few blurbs on the chitlin circuit and got all fired up or something.

She's a great lolcow.

No. 2727


Wait you're black?

Niiiiiiii! I'm just kidding anon.

But, seriously are you? I just assumed the board was full of asians and white girls.

No. 2730

That person said they were Italian-Polish American and looks kinda white with green eyes.

No. 2731


ahhh my bad yo

No. 2735

Not that Anon but there's probably a few of is around. We just don't go around shouting it out.

No. 2736


Bloody auto correct…

No. 2737

File: 1405904742176.jpg (530.79 KB, 713x1145, 1389224922438.jpg)

It's different outside the US. At the same time there WAS a lot of discrimination against Italian immigrants early on when they started coming to America, but it's definitely different. I'm not quite sure of the origin, but in Australia, "wog" is a (sometimes, according to some) slur for people from / who look like they're from Italy and Greece/other parts southern Europe, as well as the general Mediterranean region and North Africa. I think it's used in Britain for people from the Middle East, as well. If she's in America and really considers herself a poc, she's still 'white passing', white on forms at schools (I think?) and benefits from it I assume.

"Dig it" came from black jazz artists, if I remember right. It was picked up by the "hipster" at the time (and parodied hilariously by Del Close!) I don't remember what it's etymology is, but I remember someone saying it had to do with the word "dig" being used in an African language… either way, it's pretty old as a slang term, and honestly, I'm imagining a weird white Tumblr girl trying to look cool and 'cultured'.
I am black and study a lot of black and African history, however, and the person who's answering the question is saying some pretty fucking weird shit with the "our language" stuff- in a lot of the journalist and activist circles I follow (that aren't rife with Tumblr-white-feminists and the like), there is a distinction between "nonblack PoC" and black people just because of how large the diaspora is and how racism affects that worldwide. In general, as much as the website tries to championship stuff like this (and I'm saying this as someone who would probably be pegged as an 'SJW' by a lot of people), nobody wants to fucking do their research or pay attention to history or look outside the lens of middle-class America. But everybody wants to be smart and special. And they're shit at it.

I don't understand how this happens, but it's kind of strange. Most of those kinds of celebrities would probably consider themselves white until it's most convenient or 'cool' to not (so for example when Zoe Saldana didnt want to touch or identify with 'black' until she conveniently began playing Nina Simone and people were upset). I feel that a lot of people on Tumblr are that way, too. A lot of girls in my classes last year would suddenly start talking about their Native American grandmas when it came to certain times in history. It's way more insulting than helpful when it comes to speaking out on issues.

Sorry for how long that all was. A lot of people on tumblr PROBABLY mean well, but are really, really misguided.

No. 2740

File: 1405906207244.jpg (40.29 KB, 422x750, tumblr_n918u8sUUa1rg4llco1_500…)

No. 2750

why do niggers insist on living in England? Don't you shits have your own continent? Oh, that's right. It's filled with niggers, thus, it's a hell hole. Loll niggers have no history or culture worth learning, so they adapt that of others.

No. 2753

File: 1405928448578.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, bait.png)

>inb4 anyone responds

No. 2754

I just remembered some funny story contributing to the Italian story. But not really SJW related
> Whitest Dutch girl ever. Only Dutch ancestors not even mixed with something slightly else. Very pale, thin dark-blonde hair
> Holiday in Turkey, Turkish people start asking me if I am from Italy. ''No, I am Dutch'' At least one of your parents is Italian right? ''No, I am full Dutch'' You don't look Dutch. (Okay the fuck)
> Back in the Netherlands. Some creepy hobo starts petting me. ''You look like my Portuguese girlfriend.'' (Oh.. okay.. I am not Portuguese in the slightest..
> Shrug it off, just some confused Turkish people (Seeing how my friends were all super blonde girls) and a drunk hobo
> Holiday in Portugal. Guy starts talking in Portuguese to me. ''Sorry I don't speak Portuguese.'' Oh sorry I thought you were from here.
> WTF, I do not look like Portuguese/Italian people in the slightest way

No. 2756

Ok. Wow. I'm 100% italian, born and raised in italy, and let me tell you this "italians aren't white" shit is making me weep for humanity. There is no such thing as "mediterrenean race", wtf?! We are indeed caucasians, some of us might be a bit tan, whether it be in Sicily or Milan, as some of us are pale as snow (e.g me). We also have naturally blond, blue-eyed people too, and guess what? We're all the same fuckin' race.

No. 2757

I am the writer of >>2754
and I fully agree with you that. So I hope you aren't pissed off at me for saying ''But I don't look Italian'' what I meant to say is: Most people assume you to be Italian if you have olive/tan skin and thick dark hair. I also find that they most of the time have quite beautiful straight noses (I dunno, I just have a nose thing or something were I look at peoples nose first) So I was quite confused why they would mistake a girl with skin as pale as a ghost, thin darker blonde hair and a button nose for someone Portuguese/Italian. I mean it wouldn't be my first choice if I had to guess my race..

No. 2758


Don't worry, it wasn't directed to you at all :) I was replying to the post from tumblr that was talking about how that person with italian roots didn't see herself as white but of "mediterranean race", whatever the fuck that means. It's true that we have a "stereotypical look" to us, aka tan, dark-haired and dark-eyed, such as northern european people have stereotypically have light skin, blond hair etc. I'm sure we both know it's not always the case, but that's not the point. The point is that it's just dumb assuming that if people are a bit "tan", they don't belong to the caucasian race! Just as much as for you being mistaken for italian/portuguese simply because you developed a bit of a tan from the sun, it's equally dumb (on those creepy guys' part) imo :D

No. 2762

File: 1405948459382.png (71.01 KB, 558x473, lol.png)

…worst part is that it isn't a parody account like he did guess.

No. 2768


What I meant about those celebs is that they identify as white but some audience members don't seem to believe they are.

With Sarah Hyland specifically I remember a comment about Modern Family asking why the parents are white but the daughters are Hispanic. Why would anyone not think those girls are white?

I think Hollywood prefers a Germanic/Scandinavian look so much that people have forgotten what the rest of Europe actually looks like. If that's the case then it's easier to understand why some people might start to believe that Italians aren't white.

No. 2774

>uses a picture of a white cishet male as avatar
>attacks white cishet males on the internet
I will never understand the doublethink Tumblr is so into.
They worship Benedict Cumberdatch and other white male cis actors, but they also advocate misandry, get angry at people for being cissexual and/or hetero, and love to shit on white people.

No. 2775


I think it's because they're mostly teen girls.

They're boy crazy hence why they love Cumberbatch etc.

But they also want to rebel and so eat up all the SJW shit (plus people of all ages love to feel holier than though).

If you've lived your whole life being a normal girl and then suddenly people on Tumblr start telling you that you're actually a special princess if only you weren't oppressed then why wouldn't you eat it up? This has always happened at colleges but is crazier on Tumblr because the audience is even younger and more naive.

No. 2790

File: 1405971347492.jpg (19.67 KB, 624x468, 1393603078760.jpg)

To expand on this, many American social justice tumblr-tots don't realise that in Europe, you can be white and still be treated like shit. In Ireland, where I live, if you're a traveller (nomadic race ethnically separate to most Norman/English Irish half breeds)you'll be followed around shops, kicked out of establishments, and get petitions from the council to get your home uprooted and moved somewhere else. I appreciate the place these kids are coming from but this whole NO WHITE PEOPLE EVER FACE PREJUDICE just shows how little they know about ANYWHERE outside of the US. Shh. Go lie down tumblr kids.

No. 2791

Someone should have taken a shit in the bouncy house.

No. 2793

I agree with you, but pikeys are a terrible example. They are awful people 99% of the time and that's why they face "prejudice" The only people who defend them are people who've never had to live near them, or had any contact with them.

No. 2815

Gotta agree, travellers are pretty terrible, they get moved off their land because they're disgustingly messy, they disturb he peace all of the time and when they move on it ends up costing a ton to clean up all their rubbish that they just dump.
If they had some respect and cleaned up after themselves, didn't make a lot of noise at night and generally didn't make a nuisance of themselves then they wouldn't be moved on all the time.

No. 2843

This is one thing I don't get. All those actors mentioned in OP's picture and all the Superwholock guys, in my honestly opinion they're all fugly as sin. I literally do not understand why girls think they're ~so hot~ and fangirl over them. They're good actors sure, but appearance-wise I really think they're less than average.

No. 2854

It's Tumblr. Of course they don't have any taste.

No. 2864

i am part Heatling and i am offended by this

No. 2867

File: 1406018964952.jpg (93.92 KB, 501x508, TheUsualIrishWayofDoingThings.…)

Or even their own history. Only a little over a century ago Irish-Americans were treated like trash. The stereotype was that they were lazy, violent, always drunk and possessed less than stellar mental faculties. "No Irish need apply" signs were commonplace, and many Irish people ended up in crime because there was pretty much no other way for them to earn a living. The Irish had organized crime down to an art before the people who would form the Jewish and Italian mobs even arrived in America.
This is why it boggles me to see television personalities like Bill O'Reilly complain about stinky lazy job-stealing Mexicans who will never amount to anything… because his ancestors faced the exact same criticism. With that surname he would never have gotten where he is now if he lived a hundred years ago. He would've been turned away at the door because, you know, what if he steals anything? Can't trust the Irish.

TL;DR people have always been discriminatory shits and skin tone is just one of many identifying factors that can get you singled out and discriminated against

No. 2868


It's not "their land". They move on to land they don't own and by the time the landowner/council/police get organised to move them off (which usually takes a month or more) the Pikeys just move on to someone else's land and repeat the whole process. Of course they come back to the same place a year later.

Last time we were moving into a new house they sent a 10 year old kid over to look at everything we were unpacking to see if we were worth stealing from. It's not the first time I've seen them use their kids like this and if you shout at the kid to fuck off they'll come over saying you're abusing their children.

Some people have never encountered Pikeys and think it's just an insult against normal poor people, but Pikeys are on a whole other level beyond even white trash.

No. 2873

No. 2876

File: 1406040550674.png (50.27 KB, 331x379, tumblr_n941utmKa01tp4zg3o7_400…)

No. 2878

Special snowflakes of Tumblr™: We need to go deeper.

No. 2879

>To expand on this, many American social justice tumblr-tots don't realise that in Europe, you can be white and still be treated like shit

American SJWs should study ex-Yugoslavian countries and their relations with each other.

No. 2880

Sorry that was a typo I missed, I meant to say the land not their land.

We had Pikeys settle close to where I live and when they were finally moved the clean up was horrific, they had even left bags of shit, literally human shit.
They also treat their own women pretty awfully and I'm not gonna shake my fist over feminism but really the girls are treated worse than their dogs, no education, boys doing 'grabbings' it all just strikes me as being really barbaric.

The kids are foul, they just swear all the time and its really disgusting or they're dressing up like sluts from the age of about 2 or just wandering around in nothing more than a nappy, its should be considered fucking abuse.

No. 2881

They've finally gone full retarded.

No. 2882

In America, these people are called Section 8'ers.

No. 2885

I saw a show about travelers called ''My big fat gypsy'' wedding. And I was really confused, some girls seemed so sad that after their Disney style wedding they had to be housewives, others broke free and went to college postponing marriage for exactly that reason, and then there were the girls who saw it as a dream come true to be a true Cinderella before she became a princess only with a lot of kids to look after.

No. 2886

I think for a lot of girls that's all they have, they're brought up thinking all their good for is keeping their home clean and having lots of children, like living in the dark ages. Now though they have all this outside influence seeing girls who don't have to live that life and it must be really conflicting to struggle between wanting more for themselves and wanting to do what their family tells them they should want to do.
I watched that show and felt quite sorry for a lot of the girls, it all just seemed so strange to me the way they think even their 'luxuries' are really tacky like their revealing clothes and bejewling everything they touch its all so tacky but they really think it makes them look rich.

No. 2888

Not to mention the over one million white euro slaves in north africa back then who were sold to brothels, harems, and generally treated like shit.

No. 2893

File: 1406059332037.jpg (1.5 MB, 2592x1944, arpaio-marchmayron-2.jpg)

>>This is why it boggles me to see television personalities like Bill O'Reilly complain about stinky lazy job-stealing Mexicans who will never amount to anything… because his ancestors faced the exact same criticism. With that surname he would never have gotten where he is now if he lived a hundred years ago. He would've been turned away at the door because, you know, what if he steals anything? Can't trust the Irish.

Mexicans and Irish are very different. The thing about Irish Americans is that they've integrated to the point where no one can even tell them apart from any other kind of white American. They identify with America. Mexicans have been migrating way back when, during the same time as the Irish. The difference is that Mexicans, no matter how many generations they've been living here, will never integrate or identify with America. The mexicans who do are the rare exception, not the norm. Irish immigrants back in the day, in the face of discrimination, tried hard to dismiss their Irish heritage, and tried to make it clear that they identified with America. Especially Irish who were involved in politics or who wanted to get anywhere in life. Google, "American Presidents with Irish ancestry" and you'll get a long list. They played it down as much as possible, and worked with American interest in mind. Mexicans involved in politics do the opposite. Just look at Sonia Sotomayor. In mexico, they teach that all of Mexico's problems are caused by them losing a war that they started 200 years ago and selling us land. I'm not kidding. They think the south west rightfully belongs to them. The land was practically uninhabited when they sold it to us, and now they want it back because we turned it into California. They literally have intentions to take over this country, and they admit it. Living in Arizona, I've had to deal with their bullshit all my life. They're the stupidest fucks alive, regardless of education. Go live with them and you'll see what I mean.

No. 2895

While I agree with some points that you're making, I think you also need to realize that it was much easier for the Irish to downplay their Irish heritage and integrate into American culture because they're white. It's much harder for nonwhites to do the same, since everywhere they go they're "brown/yellow/etc" first and American later. Even the most Americanized Asian or Mexican person here still get that kind of stigma attached to them.

The thing with Mexican politicians (and other minority politicians) is that they end up pandering to that percentage of the population they share race or ethnicity with. And that population is generally stupid enough to just vote for them because they look the same. See all the black people who voted for Obama just because he's "black" and not because they actually agree with his stance.

No. 2907

I know this is super far up in the thread but this shit pisses me off so much.

I used to have to take the bus a lot, so many rude idiots take up space with their backpacks, purses and etc on buses, or feel entitled to sit in the aisle seat when the window seat is empty on the forward facing seat pairs and it's seriously like half men, half women being dickheads. The 'I am being oppressed by your open legs' shit is insane, and it makes me think it is propagated by people who never ride public transport! People are always in the way, my gosh. You ask them to move!

No. 2908

Speaking of that pic, how do they even know the old dude is racist? Maybe he looks annoyed cuz you have your damn legs in the aisle.

No. 2909


> In mexico, they teach that all of Mexico's problems are caused by them losing a war that they started 200 years ago and selling us land.

LOL IDK where did you heard that, but at least here in Mexico where I've studied from kindergarden to college they never taught us that. If anything, textbooks picture Santa Anna as the greedy asshole he was. Please check your facts before making stupid generalizations.

If you were to meant either butthurt wetbacks or those Stone calendar-hugging hippies bitching about "whites stole muh Aztlan", yes you're right. I despise them so much.

No. 2919

I've heard this shit all too often from beaners, and I've met a lot of beaners. The only explanation I can think of is that there's a huge class divide. Are you white? Did you go to private school?

No. 2924

Watch out, Anon. Say you're Latina and you'll have some aspie sperg out on your ass.

No. 2927

Dunt make fun of mexicans, we're too sensitive. ;_; U can make fun of french, canadians and brits, but we off limits, ok?!

No. 2928

Sorry, not Mexican or even remotely Latino. I love it when racist white people are offended by dumb shit.

No. 2935

File: 1406082020703.jpg (120.1 KB, 900x600, 1388374933508.jpg)

Why do mexicans keep trying to claim that shitting on them is racist? They have no other way to defend their race, aside from pointing fingers and calling people racist for hating them. I though you guys weren't a race? Can you dumb beaners keep your arguments consistent? You come to our country and trash the place, we have every right to hate you.

No. 2937

Lol I'm not even Mexican. You just happened to scream angry racist white person as soon as you ask people to confirm their race. Like what the fuck does that even matter, seriously?

No. 2938

>wanting someone to confirm they're white or not
>claims not racist

No. 2940

File: 1406083424233.jpg (89.75 KB, 934x550, sy4u.jpg)

>>Asking someones race is racist
Shhhh, back to tumblr with that autism. Welcome to the real world. Notice how spergs are only willing to discus race if it benefits their own race? They always want race to be talked about more, yet can't handle it when whites acknowledge their culture is different. The truth is, if you want to go to another country and be treated well regardless of what country, ethnicity, or religion you're from, you would want to go to a white country. We're the most progressive race in the world, yet you refuse to acknowledge it. We're successful because we have the ability to self reflect. If there is a rape problem withing our communities, we jump on it, while other races would deny it's existence. Being defensive and bitching at anyone who points out the problems of your race isn't doing you guys a whole lot of favors.

No. 2945

>if you want to go to another country and be treated well regardless of what country, ethnicity, or religion you're from, you would want to go to a white country.
Nah. Russia, Poland and a lot of other Yuro countries are pretty terrible in that regard

No. 2951

File: 1406091004963.jpg (294.77 KB, 1248x617, racial-tolerance-map-hk-fix.jp…)

Only in comparison to other countries which are white or highly influenced by white cultures.

No. 2952

Nope, I'm brown and went to public schools.

Certainly people like that hasn't yet realised that the crab mentality is actually why is this country neck deep in the shit.

No. 2954

A lot of countries on that chart are in grey, anon.

No. 2957

because they live in mud houses

No. 2963

top edge

No. 2964

>>implying they don't live in mud houses

No. 2966


No. 2969

Yeah it didn't feel like Disney to me at all. The dresses were so huge and heavy they sometimes fell over, they were slathered in make-up and bejeweled to the max. Not my idea of a Disney wedding..

I do hate men with open legs on public transport though. But not because of oppression. I just hate how they don't keep their legs on their side of the seats. In the beginning I used to move (I really dislike people touching me, especially strangers)so our legs wouldn't touch, which would only result in said guys claiming even more space. So now if I am not wearing a skirt, I do the open leg thing and touch legs until they feel uncomfortable and move their damn leg to their own side.

Urg Eurofags have to deal with Pollacks, Bulgarians and other trash like that now. A lot of them (Not saying all) are terrible people and come to the Netherlands to do one of these three:
1. Work under minimal wage/for minimal wage for a while, then move back to their home country and be rich over there. Repeat process if they run out of money. Causing a lot of Dutch people to lose their jobs, since the Eastern Europeans are cheap as fuck.
2. Work for a while, stop working, claim welfare, live off welfare (sometimes even using that welfare in their own country instead of over here)
3. Be in some sort of East European thievery gang. Steal all sorts of shit from peoples homes or threaten jewelry stores with guns and rob those. Then quickly move their ass and everything they stole back to the country they came from.

They really have no respect for other countries. Not saying all of them are like this. There luckily are plenty of sensible ones to, that come here to actually live like a normal person. However the bad seeds are becoming a real problem, yuck.

No. 2982

Oh god and the poor little girls on their first communion. If the dress isn't so heavy it cuts and scars her hips is isn't a good dress now dress like a slut and dance like a stripper because its a party!
They have a strange idea of what's slutty and what's innocent like dress and dance like a whore go for it that's fine but kiss a boy! Jesus, you're going to hell.

No. 2983

File: 1406122687301.png (467.97 KB, 702x749, 3434.png)

"She was an anti-feminist, so I gave her facebook and name to a few guys who want to "re-educate" her with their "meat"."

No. 2984

File: 1406122988032.png (14.85 KB, 517x193, 33523.png)

"Bisexual people don’t exist. They’re just straight people trying to infilitrate gay-safe areas."

No. 2985

No. 2989

Oh god yes I saw that one. Poor kid. And yeah I also found that really weird. They dress like prostitutes, my mom would slap me if I would dear wear such clothes at such an age. But kissing a boy is a big no no. I also hated how aggressive these boys were with the girls, pushing them in a corner, violently trying to hold her head so they could snog, and if they kissed she would now be girlfriend, because hey ''he conquered her!''

No. 2990

Holy shit, what a bitch. I am really sick in my stomach right now. I don't think even /b/ or /pol/ would do something that vile and disgusting. Rad/Tumblr feminist are really the worst.

Lol yes, I am so straight. That is why I want to snog boobies and make love to females, just so I can infiltrate your gay culture. Are you kidding me right now. Bisexuals get so much hate lately from both Straight and Gay communities, it is disgusting. We are portrayed as non-existant, untrustworthy, chronic cheaters… Sigh

No. 2991

Why hasn't she been arrested yet? I mean, come on, there's a fucking confession right there, is there evidence of the rape?

No. 3025

>Urg Eurofags have to deal with Pollacks, Bulgarians and other trash like that now. A lot of them (Not saying all) are terrible people and come to the Netherlands to do one of these three:
1. Work under minimal wage/for minimal wage for a while, then move back to their home country and be rich over there. Repeat process if they run out of money. Causing a lot of Dutch people to lose their jobs, since the Eastern Europeans are cheap as fuck.
2. Work for a while, stop working, claim welfare, live off welfare (sometimes even using that welfare in their own country instead of over here)
3. Be in some sort of East European thievery gang. Steal all sorts of shit from peoples homes or threaten jewelry stores with guns and rob those. Then quickly move their ass and everything they stole back to the country they came from.

It's like you just described every illegal immigrant ever. The Mexicans/South Americans in my region aren't any better. It would be fine if they got work legally and used that money within our economy, but a lot of them work for less than minimum wage and then send the money back home to their families (and inevitably the cartels) so they can bring them over here so they can repeat the process. The community LOSES money from this and hurts the economny, I don't understand why people get upset when communities don't want this happening to them.

No. 3043

What the fuck?!

No. 3068

I know, I once heard somebody say. ''God Europe must have it easy, they don't have Mexicans stealing jobs.'' And all I thought was ''Yeah but we have our own kind of Mexican over here, they are called East-Europeans.''

No. 3074

File: 1406135284997.png (797.68 KB, 1196x1574, ugly nigger.png)

So this was an adventure.
>White girl tries to send unfriendly black hottie/model with shitton of followers hate on anon
>she gets exposed and said blogger mocks her
>all her followers follow suit and shit all over her
>white girl deletes her blog
>all of collective black tumblr laughing at her

No. 3075

File: 1406135421763.png (297.18 KB, 383x715, tumblr_n91gdxPE2B1qztxibo1_500…)

No. 3077

Its really damn barbaric, and it has to be scary these guys dragging you away from your friends but everyone just laughing and even if you say no and push them away they won't stop. They're teaching these poor girls that they're just dirt.

No. 3078


Anyone got a link to a Tumblr with the new version of Know Anon installed and running?

I'd like to look at how it works since Tumblr broke the old one by moving ask forms to the main tumblr.com domain.

Too lazy to create a throwaway to install it myself.

No. 3084


Self replying.

I see how they did it. Simpler than expected.

I wonder if you could use the same technique to replace your own ask box with one pointing to another tumblr. Then post inflammatory stuff but all the hate messages would go to someone else.

No. 3088

How did they do it? This is pretty interesting

No. 3091


Nigger I dare you to walk down the streets of Detroit. Murica can't even handle the shit in their own country, but claim white peoplez are ~so smart and progressive~ and the brown folks are stealing their fruit picking jobs because that's obviously every white mans dream job. Admit it, you guys are lazy as fuck and would never stoop as low as to pick fruit or be busboys at a shit restaurant for minimum wage.

Ignore the chinks, ragheads, and dirty Indians coming into the US and that take scholarships, take up space at prestigious schools (or any school really, they're everywhere), all to become terrible doctors and take every decent job out there from white people.

I'm not a beaner, but I know they're actually native/indigenous to the United States and were here before your ancestors were (both the Spanish and the natives were here before the rest of Eurofags committed the biggest genocide in written history).

I mean you can blame the brown and black folks for all the problems your ancestors created, but that doesn't change the fact that Native Americans and Mexicans (who are actually really part Native American, not 1/18th like all white folks claim) can bitch about whatever they want.

But what do I know, I'm ~autistic~

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

Fucking Unichan tards on our board.

No. 3092


The ask boxes on Tumblr are iframes on a separate domain (the main www.tumblr.com domain) which prevents Javascript from accessing them and stealing data.

So a regular ask box is:

- http://langsettte.tumblr.com

With the new version of Know Anon it's:

- http://langsettte.tumblr.com

The trick here is the two ask forms and they're styled with CSS so that they appear on top of each other. The message input and submit button are on the first form, but crucially the anonymous selection is on the second form. So when you choose to ask as an anon you're actually changing the wrong form.

There's two ways Tumblr can fix this.

1 - Have ask boxes default to Anonymous.
2 - Add the X-Frame-Options header to the ask form pages, but this only has full support in IE and Firefox.

Personally I wouldn't install Know Anon. The code they ask you to use is packed and so they could change it to anything else at their whim and manipulate your Tumblr.

No. 3093

Also I'm pretty sure you could manually set it up so that it's the following:

- http://hateblog.tumblr.com

Then whenever anyone tries to send hate mail to hateblog it will actually be puppies that is receiving it.

No. 3109

Oh god that was such glory. And not because of the white girl got shat all over her. But because Tumblr actually engaging in drama. Delicious drama.

Wtf is that…

Yeah I think it really shouldn't be allowed. It is really bordering on abuse and rape. BUT MUH CULTURE, no you uncultured swines. That isn't something to be proud of.

No. 3114

Black girl looks like a man. :/ I'm sorry, but the white girl really is prettier. The black girl is COVERED in make up.

No. 3116

I think that is a personal taste thing. I think the black girl looks fierce and I would love to make out with her. The white girl however looks like an inbred piece of white trash

No. 3118

If the white girl looks like that in hospital then she must look great cleaned up. Kind of looks like Sophie Turner.

Black girl kind of looks like a tranny (it's the glammy makeup) but I'd still do her.

No. 3121

This. Lets take an unflattering hospital picture and compare it with a flattering Photoshopped selfie. I know I'm gonna get shit for this, but I honestly think black girls are incredibly jealous/intimidated by white girls. I'm always hearing black girls raging and hating on white girls, meanwhile, white girls don't have a whole lot to say about them. OMG BITCH IS SO UGLY SHE HAS NO ASS BLACK GIRLS > WHITE BITCHES.

No. 3130

File: 1406151506019.gif (92.38 KB, 400x368, 13806.gif)

>Mexicans were the exact same indigenous people that lived in North America!
>The indigenous people were magical fairies that never ever fought with each other or killed each other! Only white people ruined everything!

How about no. The different native tribes fucking hated one another and did in fact have huge wars that wiped one another out, especially the Eastern tribes versus the plains tribes (the ones east of the Rockies, that is). The tribes in North America were separate from the tribes in Central and South America, so no, North America wasn't stolen from the Central American natives, it already didn't belong to them in the first place. It belonged to the northern tribes which were warring for it with one another. If you're going to be anally irritated for someone at least make sure it's the right group.

No. 3133

>>I'm not a beaner, but I know they're actually native/indigenous to the United States and were here before your ancestors were

Haha, no. Confirmed for beaner. I'm assuming that by "beaner" you mean "Mestizo", as that seems to be what you're talking about here. They're the decedents of Spaniards and tribes who were allied with them. They helped the Spanish colonize. They helped them wipe out the Aztecs, yet beaners still try to claim proud injun heritage. lol. Pretty ironic, considering they treat the natives in their own country horribly, yet still try to identify with them to fit their own interest. Niggers ruined detroit, yet you're claiming whites are the ones with the problem? Thinks for bringing up detroit, I'm not sure why you brought it up, it just kinda proved my point. City filled with niggers that was once prosperouse, but went down the shitter after the white people left. Okay.

No. 3135


Mexico is in North America, not Central America dumbass, this is shit they teach you in elementary school.

My point is that natives are natives and they were still here before your ancestors, whether you like it or not, whether they were killing each other or not. They were here before your ancestors. You're justifying indiscriminate genocide because they warred against each other. That was their problem, not Europe's. Quit acting like Europe came to the Americas to make the Natives play nice with each other.

And just like people in Europe would torture and kill each other because sorcery and witchcraft and the devil and Hey! lets start The Crusades in the name of jeebus and other crazy shit.
I literally did not say anything about Native Americans being without fault in any part of my post, they're human and humans are prone to being violent and territorial.

My point was that Mexicans are part Native American. Not as in the U-ESSAY, but as in the continents of the Americas, both North, Central and South Americas were full of Natives. Native American. As in the continents. Canada has their own Native Americans, the Eskimos, are you going to say they're not Native American because they're in Canada? Or is Canada also not part of North America your derpness?
Central America has their own Native Americans as do the South Americans.

You can call them indigenous if that makes you feel better, but they are indigenous to the Americas. Not just Murica. They were still here before your ancestors, and yes they can bitch, because they have always lived here in the Americas.

And just for clarification, California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and some other states I think were lost to the US thanks to a greedy shit president at the time that agreed to sell massive amounts of land for a few millions dollars that he kept for himself (The same Mexican president that brought bubble gum to the USA). Guess what? Mexicans lived in these lands and stayed.

But you know, fuck history and whine about brown people because of your ignorant bias (lol Mexico is in Central America, duuur huuuuurrr). Take it easy on the Fox News.

No. 3136

Angry storm front shitting up the board

No. 3139

>> Haha no.
Are you implying indigenous people came after white folks? Because you know… that's not correct. It doesn't matter how Mexicans or Mexican Americans treat each other, it's not like white people care. They care about brown people invading "their" (i.e white) land. And yes, they have injun heritiju, because believe it or not, the Spaniards did rape and prostituted Native American women. White people saw Native Americans as less than 2nd hand citizens, they thought of them as godless animals because they worshiped other gods, not their own true bearded apathetic man in the sky. So yes Mexicans are the descendants of Spanish and Native Americans. They're mixed and one of the worlds most racially diverse people.

Detroit is in America, yeah negros ruined it, but you still can't control it or fix it, it's practically anarchy there. Even the cops that are worshiped all across the US are crooked as fuck in Detroit, even the white ones gasp.

No. 3143

Can someone delete these long ass racist butthurt bitching replies pls no one cares. I come to this thread to see funny shit from tumblr not two dummies fighting about irrelevant shit.

No. 3146

File: 1406161250848.jpg (145.06 KB, 838x982, 1359843293004.jpg)

>>Are you implying indigenous people came after white folks?

YOU'RE NOT FUCKING AZTECS, YOU STUPID MEXICAN SHITS. WOW. You married the Spanish and started families with them out of your own free will, now you're trying to claim white people are evil for conquering and doing what you helped (and wanted) them to do. lol. The thing I don't understand is why people like you, who want to deport whitey back to Europe, are also the same people who bitch about Europeans wanting less immigration in their own countries. If this was Europe we were talking about, you would be crying about how no one owns land because of their race and bla bla bla. That's war, Mrs. Butthurt. You lose war, you give clay. Germany lost massive land after WWI and WWII, but you don't see them bitchinglike. They don't flood those lands illegally and claim it rightfully belongs to them.

>>They care about brown people invading "their" (i.e white) land.

We care about mexicans causing a massive amount of crime everywhere they land, kidnapping our young girls for prostitution, and selling drugs. You did nothing to build this country. You're not a fucking Native American. You did nothing to contribute to this country, all you do is ruin it. This is why we hate you, yet you can't think of any other reason for us to hate you aside from you being brown. Mexicans were not the decedents of the indigenous people of the U.S., yet they try to claim all the credit.

>>Detroit is in America, yeah negros ruined it, but you still can't control it or fix it, it's practically anarchy there. Even the cops that are worshiped all across the US are crooked as fuck in Detroit, even the white ones gasp.

I still don't understand why you brought it up, but, okay. Look at how niggers ruined a white city! Perfect example of how shit white people are! If that city were still filled with whites, it would be a paradise and you know it. The only solution to the problem would be to execute all the blacks, but we can't do that now, can we?

No. 3148

File: 1406161831210.jpg (51.7 KB, 566x480, read a book nigger.jpg)

>>Not just Murica.

No they were not. We know who the Native tribes that were in the U.S. are. They live on reservations. Get it? We know who our indigenous populations are, and mexicans are not among them. You need a scape gout, but there aren't any white Spaniards in Mexico to blame for all your shit because you bred with them. Now your trying to get white Americans to pay for your lazy asses. Too chicken shit to start a war, I see.

>>They were here before your ancestors. You're justifying indiscriminate genocide because they warred against each other. That was their problem, not Europe's. Quit acting like Europe came to the Americas to make the Natives play nice with each other.

What are you going on about here?

>>So what if the natives were killing each other before the white people arrived! They got involved and won! They should pay!


No. 3163

Lmfao this is srsly getting ridiculous

No. 3165

I dunno, I'm black but I don't really hear any bitching about white girls outside maybe SJW Tumblr where everyone's either a really bitter person who's not white or a white person trying waaaay too hard.

No. 3167

>My point is natives are natives
You might have well just said "all asians are asians desu~ ^o^" and started stuffing your face with mochi, cheap chinese food and made a pooping pose at a camera.

No. 3178

>They helped them wipe out the Aztecs, yet beaners still try to claim proud injun heritage. lol. Pretty ironic, considering they treat the natives in their own country horribly, yet still try to identify with them to fit their own interest.

Mexianon from some posts above here. This reminds me of a couple of anecdotes:

>A journalist decides to dress up as Huichol and went to Polanco (a luxury shopping/bussiness district) just for shit and giggles. People reacted bad, woman don't allowing their children walk near him, policeman showing up and start questioning the man about why he was there, etc.

>Few years ago there were a huge media coverage about the Tarahumara hunger crisis, with rallies, food collecting,donations etc AND a not-so-subtle advertising of some cheesy soap opera about a ~poor beautiful Tarahumara woman(a whitewashed, meaty and probably not even mexican actress) and a rich handsome guy~ hah

But indigenous people not always are so innocent and sweet. My ex-boss wife's was mugged by an entire indigenous family and I've had few bad experiences with them too.

No. 3188

Nah I browsed to her other pictures (Because I thought hospital pic vs normal glam pic was unfair too) and she didn't look much different, healthier yes. But still like an inbred.

I never hear that outside Tumblr to be honest. In fact I have received compliments from darker girls about my ass, hair and sometimes skin. I always think of it like this ''You want what you can't get'' Girls with straight hair are desperate for curls, while curly haired girls want to straighten the hell out of it. I had a friend once with a nice light brown tan and I told her I was so jealous of her skintone. And she just looked at me like ''Bitch you crazy?'' and then told me she was jealous at me for having pale porcelain skin.

No. 3193

the girl looks inbred in and out of the hospital. she's ugly af. the other girl isn't that cute either.

No. 3197

to become tumblr famous you have like 6 options with variations:

1.be a black girl, take sexual/revealing selfies, wear makeup you wouldn't wear out of the house in ur selfies, be a bitch, be ghetto/cyber ghetto/soft ghetto, pretend u like anime

2.be asian

3.be anorexic and be goth/soft grunge or whatever, be anorexic and kawaii, pretend u like anime

4. be a below average black guy, like anime and nerd shit but also be ghetto and hood at the same time

5. b a white girl that acts like they're from the hood and listens to hip hop music and gels their baby hairs down


No. 3198


No. 3203

Other girl isn't marvelously cute, but still in my opinion has a certain something to her. (or maybe I just like bitchy girls, idk) The other girl is inbred and bland though, no saving that.

There is so much truth in this that it is painful.

No. 3222

>be ghetto/cyber ghetto/soft ghetto
…those styles don't even exist, the names were created as joke parody/insult.

No. 3232

I hate how painful the truth can be sometimes. I have a friend that's a black girl on Tumblr and she get attacked by SJWs for not being a living breathing stereotype. She's so damn mellow it pisses them off. Oh, Tumblr.

No. 3273

Technically speaking they are/were some cultures that under certain conditions would view shizo not as an illness, but as some spiritual power, mostly tribal cultures with shamanic believes. Though it would depend on severity and individual, some shizophrenics could be viewed as possesing divine powers and some as just… well, ill people.
Calling viewing shizo as illness "euronormative" is bullshit though, shamanic believes were quite common in Europe (see Russia, Finland etc).

No. 3302

On the flipside of that, there's plenty of cultures throughout the world that would consider the sufferers of schizophrenia to be under possession of a demon or spirit, and would subsequently try to oust the demon by various wacky methods that would usually end up with the schizophrenic person dead.

Don't forget, you have to make up some new word for your unique special sexuality that no one else has, or you're not oppressed enough.

No. 3309

They started that way but they are not a joke anymore.they are just like pastel goth or soft grunge. This girl claims that she started cyber ghetto and takes it srsly. Personally I think she's like 13 the way she talks.



I found out about it BC I like cyberpunk things/looks and abuch of these cyber ghetto bitches started following my blog….

No. 3311

God fucking damnit…

No. 3318

I feel you anon. I'm 100% Polish and had sjw tell me I cannot be white since Slavs are actually Asian… Right, I'm totally Asian with blue eyes and blond hair!

I think tumblr sjw can't understand that Europe (or world in general…) is different from USA. It's impossible to just lump us all together as "whites", since every country has different culture, language and history.

No. 3352

File: 1406255902732.png (288.7 KB, 500x670, tumblr_n98lyswaXw1sxs2mko1_500…)

No. 3373

Poland = Asia? Uhm what were they smoking. It is Europe and not even on the border of Asia..

No. 3381


Also Polish here. Once an American told me (IRL, not on the internet) that Slavs are not considered "white" in the US and she was very upset by the fact that we do think we're white. Can someone… logically explain this?

No. 3383

They think everything in eastern Europe is like Russia and had parts in Asia before some war.

No. 3385

I'm a dirty eurofag too, so I can only shed and outsider perspective, but I think it's to do with how America is such a melting pot of different cultures people often look for some sort of identity to cling to. I guess some of them feel having added "non-white" identity is even more super special and unique.

When I see someone on the internet going "oh, I'm 1/4 German, 1/4 Irish, 1/6 Dutch, 1/6 Italian, 3/8 Russian, 7/12 black and 12/37 Native American" I know they're definitely a white American because pretty much no other country is so obsessed by the race and ethnicity of their distant ancestors.

No. 3387

File: 1406288729531.jpg (34.49 KB, 292x257, image.jpg)

Eastern Europeans (I'm not sure if Russians are counted here) and the Irish are not considered white because we gathered a lot of oppression points throughout history, iirc.

One guy said once that he was an exchange student in California and people got offended when he said he was from Montenegro, told him not to "say that word again".

No. 3388

he got fired because he told her to kill herself in the comments after she commented that. Not because of #thinspiration.

No. 3389

>people got offended when he said he was from Montenegro, told him not to "say that word again".

What? Is it because he is from a "black mountain"?

No. 3390

Obviously because Americans are too ignorant to know Montenegro and just hear "negro".

No. 3391

File: 1406294750589.png (392.38 KB, 516x438, Untitled.png)

I just find it hilarious how self-centered that is.
Black slurs in America have nothing to do with us, and negro is an actual word used in languages other than English.
Here, have an article about a piece of licorice candy offending people.

No. 3393

Oh god candy containing the word negro. We once had Negro Kisses as candy (Now just called kisses) and people got all butthurt over how racist that was. It literally translates to Black. BUT OH MY GOD NOT THE WORD NIGGER OR ANYTHING SIMILAR OR WE GET OFFENDED!

No. 3400

Neekerinpusut, right?

No. 3401

afaik the reason they're called negro is because their creator's last name was Negro (and because they're, well, black)

No. 3414

I remember someone from Poland telling me that he was talking to a nigger American who asked him what kind of minorities they had in Poland. He says, "we have a lot of Germans" and the black guy started laughing and was like, "lol, why do you call them minorities if they're white?" I then had to explain that our media uses that term as a PC way of saying "none-white", sort of like the term "youths" in Britain.

No. 3415

and the same thing with lakupekka iirc. I still call them neekerinpusut though

No. 3417

Lol, it's weird that you guys say that. I've never head it outside of trolls on /pol/. I always hear them trying to dismiss said oppression points because they're white, though. "Omg white people r always bringing up the Irish STAP!"

No. 3418

>nigger American

No. 3419

Shhh, it's a term of endearment.

No. 3573

tumblr presumes so much, why the hell is it so bad to have mixed traditions from friends or family to them? I'm half Norwegian half German and I had both sides of culture, traditions and heritage growing up. A very close family friend is Thai/Polish and she has passed on little bits and pieces to me growing up from those cultures. It's how the world happened, it's not racist or disgusting like sjws seem to think it is.

No. 3628

File: 1406495581134.jpg (28.57 KB, 263x395, 785876.jpg)

No. 3632

File: 1406499289307.gif (11.56 KB, 500x500, 1354032805914.gif)


Nobody ever told me I live in a mud house.

No. 3635


No. 3652


No. 3659

Vegans are total psycho's man. I once heard one say. ''If it was legal to eat people, I would totally do that. Eat all the bad ones, that can't leave our pure animals alone.'' Felt like some real Hannibal Lecter shit.

No. 3660

I think Cumberbatch looks like a human/grey alien hybrid. He's super weird looking. I don't see the draw. Maybe I just don't know what attractive is. I don't know.

I try to avoid fandoms. If I watch any popular shows I watch who I talk about it with because some people are just crazy over it.

No. 3666

Sometimes I think my country is being run by SJWs.
>Bank's no longer carry piggybanks for their customers here because it's racist and offensive towards muslims
>Boys aged 6 and up aren't allowed in public female bathrooms because of sexism and rape culture

No. 3673

>piggybanks are racist and offensive towards muslims
Wouldn't actual pork be far more offensive towards muslims, though? Often when organizations and companies do things to seem more ~tolerant~ it's always so dumb and meaningless, like why do they even bother.

No. 3674

I head that some fire department in England had to remove an add because it has a puppy on it, which was offensive to Muslims.

No. 3676

Certain grocery shops here have stopped selling pork. Or they've been asked to stop, I can't quite remember which.
My college cafeteria has stopped serving pork in order to not offend muslims.
I mean, I personally don't mind so much cause I'm not a big fan of that meat but the reasons for it is retarded. I should probably mention that I live in a country where pork is a national meat and one of the main imports that keep our market going here.

How the fuck can a puppy be offensive to muslims? Jesus christ, I am slowly turning into a massive racist but I don't even give a fuck at this point.

No. 3680


Except neither of those 'facts' are in the least bit fucking true.

>Bank's (sic) no longer carry piggybanks for their customers here because waa waaa muslims


>Boys aged 6 and up aren't allowed in public bathrooms

I have no idea where the fuck you got this from because a) I've never ever heard of it and b) Google is turning up sod all. Although to be honest a 7 year old should be able to go to the loo by their own damn self, there's no law about it.

Funny thing is, muslims don't consider dogs unclean. They consider their SALIVA unclean, and that you should thoroughly wash any food container licked by a dog. Other than that, the Quran repeatedly refers to dogs as companions and guards, and involves people blessed by Allah for giving food, water or shelter to a dog. There's even a part where a prostitute gives water to a dog dying of thirst and is granted eternal paradise for it. Any bullshit about dogs not being clean is CULTURAL, not religious.

So quit bollocking about moslems and try tackling the real issue: the culture that many of our immigrants come from.

I'm the whitest fucking English girl there is and I'm so fucking sick of everyone going on about 'political correctness gone mad hur hur hur' (when 99% of the 'examples' they have are pure made up bullshit) and using that immigrant scapegoat for every fucking social problem. Maybe we should be trying to solve the poverty and isolation that's behind so many extremist beliefs, and helping immigrants integrate instead of polarising them further.

Or we can go hurr hurr muslims hurr hurr romanians, elect Nigel fucking Farage and stick our thumbs even further up our own arses. We could do that.


No. 3682


>Certain grocery shops here have stopped selling pork. Or they've been asked to stop, I can't quite remember which.

Yeah, those two things are quite a bit different… My local store was asked to arrange everything color coded by a crazy guy who thought he was God, doesn't mean they did it.

No. 3683

First off, I'm not in the UK. Also, this is from 2005, our current year is 2014. Stop making assumptions, things have changed since then.
It comes up in local news time after time that x or y is being taken up for debate because muslims are outraged about it. Did just re-read the info about the banks and it's another thing being taken up for debate, not something that has happened yet. My mistake, but stop assuming that it's bullshit cause it isn't a thing where you are.

>I have no idea where the fuck you got this from because a) I've never ever heard of it and b) Google is turning up sod all. Although to be honest a 7 year old should be able to go to the loo by their own damn self, there's no law about it.

Again, my country is not the entire world, so just because it isn't a thing where you are, doesn't mean it is in other places.
Yeah, I think it's fine that they're saying 7 year olds should go to bathrooms and public changing rooms by themselves and not go with mommy once they reach that age, but their reasons for it is downright retarded.

For the record, I'm in Denmark and I highly doubt stuff like this would go international which is likely why you can't really find anything in english.

No. 3684


>Did just re-read the info about the banks and it's another thing being taken up for debate, not something that has happened yet.

So it's not true, then. The thing you presented as a fact, is not true. I'm assuming it's bullshit, because it is. It's untrue.

>It comes up in local news time after time that x or y is being taken up for debate because muslims are outraged about it.

"Look at this outrageous thing we'll frame in the headline as being a fact but actually has not happened and will almost definitely never happen" is a cornerstone of pulp journalism. Local newspapers occasionally filling column inches with some 'debate' (hint: this means the thing hasn't actually happened) is a bit different from "SJWs are running my country", don't you think?

As for the restroom thing: please show me one link, in any language, that shows this policy as a law and a fact. And not just some people on Stormfront going 'look tumblr feminists kek'. Not even "oh someone theorised that maybe sometime this may be a thing". Something to back up your actual statement.

No. 3685

Where is the world going. So much intolerance for each other. What is wrong with just saying ''No I am a muslim and don't want a piggy bank'' I remember a funny story about an ex boyfriend of mine. His father was muslim and they went on a family trip to the petting zoo when he was a little boy. They had piglets there and my ex wanted to pet one. His father went all crazy protective, being afraid that he catch disease from the filthy pigs. And also being really confused as why the other kids seemed to be enjoyed petting pigs.

I understand not offering pork to a muslim, just like you don't offer cow to a Hindu. But their are other people in a cafeteria/grocery store, and I don't see how it is offensive to carry a product, unless you sell specifically to Muslims. Plenty of other people who do want to buy pork.

No. 3686

There's a passage in the Koran in which Mohammad is waiting for an angel, and it doesn't show up. He notices a dog and a painting in the room, he gets rid of them and purifies the area and the angel shows up and tells him they can't enter houses with dogs or art in. Mohammad proceeds to order the killing of all dogs in response. Black dogs are particularly offensive.

This is a load of bullshit. Go and actually read a Koran before preaching to other people. The passage is Muslim #5248 if you're interested in educating yourself.

No. 3687

Who in the great fuck pissed in your coffee this morning?

The boys in the bathrooms and changingrooms debate was fucking massive last year. Our politicians participated and were the ones to say that "When boys reach the age of 6, they start getting interested in the opposite sex, so they should not be allowed anywhere near naked women after that point."
I really wish I could find it on video, but it would do little use to you anyway since you likely can't speak the language.

Here is one

Here is one

Here is one

Have fun translating and maybe calm the fuck down. I'm not gonna spend my day arguing with someone who gets pissy and tells me I'm full of shit because ~they~ haven't heard about it yet. Every country has it's own thing going on, and this is hardly news-worthy for the rest of the world.

No. 3688

>>"Look at this outrageous thing we'll frame in the headline as being a fact but actually has not happened and will almost definitely never happen" is a cornerstone of pulp journalism. Local newspapers occasionally filling column inches with some 'debate' (hint: this means the thing hasn't actually happened) is a bit different from "SJWs are running my country", don't you think?

Lol, are you dumb? You said you were white, but I honestly think you're a mudslime trying to cover for her ass.

>>As someone who is from this country, I am telling you what thing in my country are like.

>>no u lie cuz u no like muslims i never heard of these articles
>>That's because they aren't in your language
>>that means they dont exist lol

Aside from that,
>>Maybe we should be trying to solve the poverty and isolation that's behind so many extremist beliefs, and helping immigrants integrate instead of polarising them further.

Why should they? Why should they change anything about themselves to please people who willingly came to their country? They knew they were going to Denmark, and they knew it was going to be different. If they don't like it, they should have moved to another muslim country. There are plenty. You're trying to tell someone that they should clean up after someone else. It's their job to adjust to the culture and support themselves financially, not ours.

No. 3689

Just here to say that I agree with your statement:
> Every country has it's own thing going on, and this is hardly news-worthy for the rest of the world.

It isn't big news like a terrorist attack, an impending war or a disaster. So other country's don't give a fuck and go about local changes and the big news.

No. 3747


You're right, as with many things in all holy books, the dog thing is much debated. But technically nothing can be forbidden or dirty unless god himself says so. Mohammed did not have the 'power' to make things haram. Therefore, Mohammed's attitude towards dogs is not indicative of an actual religious law. Also, even in the passage you are talking about, Mohammed does not kill all dogs. He kills all the dogs in one place (ie, that were responsible for not letting the angel in) apart from a few guard dogs. Not 'all dogs ever'. Most Muslims don't take much notice of the dog thing and there are numerous interesting articles out there about this very issue. Here is one: http://www.quran-islam.org/articles/dogs_%28P1159%29.html but there are lots of others, arguing any perspective you want. It's religion, it's always going to be like that.

You keep putting things in my mouth that I absolutely never said. Let me sum up my points as you're obviously not that amazing at reading comprehension:

- The two scenarios of political correctness you gave above are not actual things that happened. They are things that were considered or debated about.

- Politicians or newspapers proposing something and debating it is far, far away from writing that thing into law. Hundreds of ridiculous legislations are proposed every year, in every country. The most polarising capture the public interest and are widely reported.

- I did not say that these things weren't true or didn't exist because "it isn't a thing where I am". I said that they weren't true because they're not. Again, something dreamed up and talked about is a million miles away from an actual law.

- There is no doubt that there are many problems surrounding immigrants and many EU politicians' hypersensitivity to them and other SJ-type issues. However, most of the extreme "political correctness" stories are overexaggerated at best and completely false at worst. That sort of thing doesn't help anyone.

Thank you for calling me Muslim (sorry, "mudslime"), it really shows your mature and reasonable side. I assure you that I am white as snow (not that it fucking matters). Not sure exactly what I would be trying to "cover my ass" for either way (existing?) but regardless - the attitude that they should magically change themselves, without any external help, to fit your country obviously isn't working. It isn't working anywhere. Closing your ears and calling anyone who doesn't think they should be deported a dirty mudslime isn't helping either. I therefore humbly propose that perhaps it is best to try a tactic widely used to integrate other minorities.

No. 3749

You're responding to two different people here, I'm not >>3688.

> I did not say that these things weren't true or didn't exist because "it isn't a thing where I am".

You're right, here is what you said
>I've never ever heard of it
Thus implying it's bullshit cause of it. Fuck off with that logic thanks.

>- Politicians or newspapers proposing something and debating it is far, far away from writing that thing into law. Hundreds of ridiculous legislations are proposed every year, in every country. The most polarising capture the public interest and are widely reported.

Did you not read the stuff I linked? Cause it sounds like you didn't. I never said that this is a law, so maybe learn to read yourself.
This is a debate that was started because more and more swimming-schools around the country started forbidding it, it's still going on now and politicians are giving a massive thumbs up because they feel that it's sexist to allow small boys near naked women.

Honestly, you seem to be completely missing the point on top of everything else. Since your first post against this, you've sounded insanely butthurt and have made some pretty stupid assumptions.

Also, the bank thing? It's gone through in other countries of Europe. And no, I'm not talking about the article you linked to. It's only a matter of time before it happens here too.

I'm done talking to a paranoid 12 year old, bye bye now.

No. 3750

>the attitude that they should magically change themselves, without any external help, to fit your country obviously isn't working. It isn't working anywhere.

In countries with extremely stringent controls on who enters it does, because at the end of the day the people who aren't integrating are doing so because they don't want to and are in the country because they want to take advantage. Countries like Japan and Australia are great examples. You can't even get in without showing a willingness to fit in and obey cultural norms. There's no such attitude in Europe. People are expected to welcome strangers into their country and tolerate sometimes dangerous behaviours that run counter to that countries own ideal. The entire point of having different countries is so people can segregate themselves into groups of people they want to be around. There's no point in even having borders if you don't control who's allowed in and who isn't.

No. 3751


>You're responding to two different people here, I'm not >>3688.

Apologies, I must have misread, was under the impression it was both the same person somehow. My bad.

>I never said this is a law

>Bank's no longer carry piggybanks for their customers here because it's racist and offensive towards muslims
Was exactly what you said. Which is untrue.

Basically, you just keep saying stuff with absolutely no evidence to back it up. When asked for evidence, you throw a fit about it. You're the one resorting to random personal insults and strawman arguments, not me. We don't agree - that's fine. But you can't make a statement that's untrue and then have a paddy when you're called on it.

No. 3752


I don't agree with many elements of what you've said, but it's largely subjective so let's agree to disagree in this case. The only thing that I will say is that I agree that structured integration programs are needed (that was my point above). In some countries, immigrants are expected to attend language and culture classes. In most parts of Europe, they are just thrown into the country and expected/allowed to deal with it, which is exactly what I believe leads to the ghettoes and isolated communities we're seeing more and more of.

No. 3753

I gave you the links so you can read about it because most swimmingschools in this country are forbidding this shit and you call it bullshit, saying it's just a debate and nothing else. Nothing else I can give you when you refuse to read what I have given you.

Saying that banks aren't doing something isn't the same as saying "THIS IS LAW".
The debate that's up right now is that a bank is considering pulling their piggybank off the market because they're getting a shitload of complaints from offended muslims. Once again, some politicians have given a thumbs up on that. Oh but I guess I'm just full of shit because you haven't heard about it :-)

You should probably be smart enough to know that english isn't my first language so of fucking course there's going to be misunderstandings here. I never said it was a law, so just cut the crap. Again, you've missed the point, so I am done.

Politicians over here are coming up with the most retarded comments to the decisions of independent and state-owned places, they think that boys that are less than 10 could go out on the street and rape a girl any day, they're slowly closing up the borders whilst doing everything they can to satisfy the people they want to keep out, all the while fucking over the natives. There, I retracted my original statement, it's no longer been said that it's a law since that's all you seem to give a fuck about.

No. 3756

No, they're not just thrown into the country. They move there themselves because they know that they'll be allowed in and allowed to reap the benefits of that country regardless of whether they try to fit in or not. The ghettos and isolated communities are a product of people moving into areas populated by their own people, on purpose, so they don't have to make an effort to integrate. It's entirely a product of having no control on immigration.

No. 3758

Fuck those dirty fucking rag headed camel jockeys. These dumbfucks put puppies into sacks and play soccer with them in their nasty ass countries. They also like to light dogs on fire because muh muhammad

US soldiers actually go in and save the puppies/dogs from these hideous deaths because these ignorant shitheads think it's funny to torture puppies.

Like, seriously, fuck muslims, they smell like ass, they're racist and antisemitic (but pull out the race/reigion card as fast as niggers do), they're stingy and will steal your hours if you ever have to work for them, they hate it when they have to deal with women in a position of power, and they treat women in retail jobs like trash.
They are the worst thing to happen to the USA, and people complain about the Mexicans.

Why the fuck do they come to the USA anyway? They hate everything about us except capitalism.

No. 3776

well that's the most over-simplified thing i've ever read lol

ok no one likes sjws and tumblr but you don't have to disagree with them by becoming the anti-tumblr

you too

No. 3781

File: 1406571516885.jpg (24.71 KB, 480x360, 1383179619469.jpg)

>>the anti-tumblr
Are you seriously trying to imply that this is a radical way of thinking? Holy shit. Instead of wasting time and money on forcing immigrants to change the culture they've lived their whole lives with, why not just keep them out? Problem solved. If you have to forcefully teach people how to not be anti-social, destructive assholes, then they're the ones with the problem. Would they do the same for you? Of course not. You people keep talking about how you want "multiculturalism", but in reality, you want everyone to share your culture. A people who share a culture are united. Telling people to accept those who go against the morals they grew up with is retarded. Just keep them out and the conflict is resolved. They obviously have no desire to change, they would be betraying their own people and abandoning what they were raised to believe is right.


You're trying to make the situation into something it's not. All you're doing is trying to get others to pay and work to make your people stop behaving badly. And yes, I think you're an immigrant who's trying to shift the blame onto the people who didn't do shit.

No. 3782

Okay. Then who is putting them here? Jews?

No. 3783


Well they aren't just taking a running jump over the English channel, for a start. Illegal immigrants is a whole other beast; I think everyone here is talking about legal immigrants, who yes, have been let in by the authorities. Maybe before letting them in they should make them actually learn the culture


Lol ur right everyone who disagrees with you is a dirty immigrant you found the secret

No. 3785


"My people"? Are you fucking kidding me?

I've told you multiple times, I'm from fucking Cornwall you moron. This is my country. I don't like it getting fucked up by muslims, or gypsies, or lazy benefits scroungers anymore than you.

But you can't just say to close the borders, that's fucking defeatist and vastly over simplistic.

It's crazy how butthurt you're getting over me simply saying that maybe it's not 100% the fault of every individual immigrant and maybe there's something the state could do about it.
I find it hard to see how "make immigrants sit exams and learn about the culture before they come over" is even very left-wing, let alone "oh you're a muslim trying to make excuses" (which by the way, is the most pathetic fucking strawman I've ever heard).

I'm really really not a fan of muslims or gypsies or benefits scroungers, but you're just sounding more and more racist for racism's sake.

No. 3786


Muslims and Indians come to the US legally, they're not fleeing shit, they actually have the money to come here and live here, start up a business, or buy a franchise (7/11, hotels anyone?), and money left over to send their kids to expensive ass universities to become shit apathetic doctors. They just refuse to become Americanized. They come here and hate everyone that's not like them.

They don't even know basic hygiene like washing their fucking hands after taking a dump.

You're left handed? Well it fucking sucks for you because using your left hand to hand them things or shake their hands is like you shitting on their foreheads and they lose their shit.

Go back to your shit country you burka wearing dumbass. Have fun getting raped and beaten for being a woman.

No. 3787


Is anyone here even talking about the US? I was under the impression it was all about Europe and shit

Regardless, butthurt rating 11/10, remind us again how your major argument is that everyone else is a muslim just like obama

No. 3790

I thought we were talking about immigrants in general, and all the bullshit they cause.

>>your major argument is that everyone else is a muslim just like obama

Not that anon, but
>>Muslims and Indians

Aside from that, how is accusing someone of Islam her major argument? She's talking about all the disgusting shit sandniggers and Indians do. You haven't been able to back up any of your arguments ITT, they all center around
>>this offends me
>>we need to take durkas in and change their diapers
>>omfg, that's real clever making fun of muslims again
>>focusing on some trivial shit and missing the point
>>I'm gonna stop talking now because you're winning the argument

No. 3791

America also has a problem with honor killings That's when every member of the family is involved in killing a disobedient daughter (disobedience could range from anything to: moving out on their own (when they come of age), refusing to wear the burka, working, or refusing an arranged marriage).

They also trick disobedient daughters into visiting a "sick" grandma/uncle in whatever Middle Eastern country they're from and then force them to marry while they're there.

They're U.S citizens? Too bad so sad, she needs her husbands or fathers permission to even get near the airport.

These people are fucking disgusting and my heart goes out to those girls that want to be free from the crazy tyranny of their bullshit religion.

With honor killings even the mother and brothers protect the father (which is usually the one that kills the daughter to restore his honor). They lie and provide alibi's for the father or in some cases the brother/uncle if the father isn't around.

And rape? Incest? lol. These shitheads need to take strapped to chairs and put in hardcore re-education Orange Clockwork style before coming here and learn that as soon as their children turn 18 they can do as they please. And no, you're not allowed to fucking beat your wife or daughter because dinner wasn't to your liking.

No. 3792


I don't think Obama is Muslim, that's just silly. I voted for him the first time (second time I was really disillusioned with him), but I think he really let us down and didn't keep his promises. He was mostly all talk and no walk.

Good for him getting Obamacare started though.

No. 3793


Bitch are you fucking retarded? Ignorant immigrants are a problem in every 1st world country. Just stay in tumbler and qq there.

No. 3795

No. 3796


No one ever said something offended them so far in this thread? Personally my only argument is that closing the borders is a dumb response to a social issue. And that responding to this statement with "WELL I BET YOU'RE A PAKI" isn't very constructive.

No. 3797

>>These shitheads need to take strapped to chairs and put in hardcore re-education Orange Clockwork style before coming here and learn that as soon as their children turn 18 they can do as they please. And no, you're not allowed to fucking beat your wife or daughter because dinner wasn't to your liking.

Jesus I'm an idiot today.

I meant to say they need to be strapped to chairs (Orange Clockwork stlye) and given a hardcore re-education.

No. 3798


Point taken, I'm sorry for assuming you're Middle Eastern. I agree we shouldn't close the borders, but they really should be forced to become Americanized or Britishized (made that one up).

No. 3799

Everyone has already deconstructed your argument from hell and back. Do you really think living with people who were raised in places like >>3795 is a good idea? The only way for them to fully integrate would be to close your boarders to everyone who isn't an infant. People learn their customs at a young age. Sitting them down and telling them they think the wrong way isn't going to change shit, and throwing money at them will make you bankrupt. Poor people who grew up in bad conditions, when given money, still act like poor people. You want to take people in from tight religious cultures and teach them your ways, but it's not going to happen. They'll feel their way of life is being insulted/threatened, to which my point is, there are countries that would suit them much better.

No. 3800

>>defeatist and vastly over simplistic
Letting all that trash in is defeatist. You do realize they're laughing at you, right?

>>over simplistic

Seems like the perfect solution to me. It's simple, easy to do, and solves the problem entirely. And of course your white. Whites are the only people who think like this, other races have a sense of self-preservation.

No. 3803


I was the one shitting on Muslims, I really don't think they should close borders (IMO), but I do believe they need to be closely monitored and forced to take classes to re-educate and condition them them. They don't like it? They can stay in their shit countries and continue their shit ways.

No. 3806

That's basically what we're doing already, and it's not working. Old habits are hard to break. You have to take classes/tests to gain citizenship, as well as speak English.

No. 3807


Oh dude those tests are a joke. Sometimes they don't even need to speak English to pass the test. Questions are easy as fuck like "Who was the first president" or "Who is the current president". Shit needs to be tougher.

No. 3808

No you don't, if you're a citizen in an EU country you have the right to travel freely. Some of the countries in the EU are complete shit holes who'll let anyone in, so it's as easy as becoming a citizen there.

No. 3809

So, people can just come to your country, and they can become citizens with no effort? Ahh, I've heard about that travel freely thing. I really don't think that's wise, I heard France is considering leaving it. I can see how it would be nice if you didn't have an immigration problem, though.

No. 3810

>>classes to re-educate and condition them
What's keeping them from faking it though? How can you measure someones personal beliefs without them lying? Learning about another country wont integrate you.

No. 3812

The idea is good in essence, but the fact that countries like Romania are allowed in and therefore considered equal to countries like Germany, France and so on completely ruins it. It's also bad for those countries, because people who're highly skilled workers like doctors move over to wealthier countries and get menial jobs as janitors and shit because the pay is so much better. So not only does it fuck over the poor of the wealthy countries, it robs the developing countries of their most skilled workers and stops them from ever being able to properly develop.

No. 3867

File: 1406589445369.png (269.24 KB, 500x552, Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.15…)

No. 3882

what the fuck are they smoking?

No. 3895

Does it say why these people think that this husky promote rape?
Cause all I see is a fierce husky.

No. 3897



>UConn basketball coach Geno Auriemma said the logo “is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”

>In response, Luby wrote, “What terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them.’ And I know I am not alone.”

It still doesn't make much sense to me, but I think it's because the new logo is more 'aggressive' and 'masculine', maybe? SJWs will make everything about rape.

No. 3903

her response just sounds like she fucked a dog

No. 3910

That just looks like a normal husky. I would even say it looks like a happy husky.

>promoting rape

I hate saying this phrase, but I can't even.

No. 3966

File: 1406654974780.jpg (94.31 KB, 651x719, 1406654234126.jpg)

No. 4001

Is his therapist Hannibal Lecter? (I hope some other fan of the Hannibal series gets this joke)

No. 4003

Clockwork Orange, dear.

No. 4102

I'm almost certain this tumblr is a joke.

No. 4103

While I agree, those were obviously sarcasm. They're saying that the joke isn't a big deal because it's not like it's going to magically make them go out and rape someone, and that SJWs getting up in arms about it is unnecessary.

But I do disagree with your, "comedy makes people rapists" comment. It's not even about that, and it was never about that. It was just outrage that he not only said a rape joke, but blatantly disrespected a rape victim in the audience. Do you guys lack critical thinking skills, because that isn't the only time you all have seemed to either take somthing seriously, or not understood what it was about and responded at face value…

No. 4104

>pretend to like anime

I wanted to be offended at this, but I know so many bitches who do it that I can't be. Especially with the new Sailor Moon Crystal coming out, shit.

No. 4108

That could be said about every SJW but people are indeed that stupid.

No. 4177

File: 1406757548350.png (5.72 KB, 517x149, 242.png)

No. 4186

This thread would be more lol worthy if you weren't posting blatant troll bait.

No. 4194

The problem with SJW is that they all sound like that too.

No. 4196

File: 1406771340982.jpg (44.64 KB, 500x418, tumblr_n5wc7h3P2s1qba3iuo1_500…)

No. 4208

Either that girl has a hormone imbalance or that's a man, baby.

No. 4263

They might have PCOS. Surprisingly a large amount of fat people have it, I'm surprised it hasn't overtaken thyroid problems as the "I can't help being fat" Excuse.

No. 4356

nah, i've followed them for a while. hormonally this person is normal. they naturally grow a tiny peach fuzz lady stache, which isn't abnormal for most women, but dye it black and use makeup to make it darker for body acceptance or some bs. they did have a video though where they got a shot of testosterone to the ass n the back seat of the car and they played it off as something romantic and subversive ("Losing my virgini-T in the back of a chevy" or something)
the luxery-legay duo are quite something and i'm surprised they haven't been brought up on any sjw threads before.

No. 4370

i would kill myself if i looked like this idk how people do it

No. 4522

File: 1406920039624.jpg (37.74 KB, 471x369, tumblr_mw8pvhmNxM1qzloj3o1_500…)

Just found this getting reblogged a lot on Tumblr and wat.

No. 4548

I'm the anon that posted this
My grandmother on my mother's side was 100% Polish with parents from Poland and my grandfather was 100% Ukrainian with parents from Ukraine. I never met my great grandparents because they died before I was born. I didn't live during the Depression so I can't say what experiences immigrants from eastern Europe had. But my grandmother told me that her parents struggled to learn English in order to get jobs and avoid the "dumb polack" slurs that were common at the time.

My Ukrainian great grandparents had a farm on land that is now a mall. When I'm there I like to think to myself "This was once all mine." My great grandfather worked himself so hard that he had massive heart attack at age 29. My great grandmother had to run a speakeasy during the prohibition to make ends meet. One night someone tried to dismantle and steal the still, which caused it to explode. The barn caught on fire and there was so much damage they had to sell the land and move to town.

I have never heard my grandparents say they were not considered white growing up. Although I know there was prejudice against immigrants back then. No Irish Need Apply, dumb polacks, greasy Italians ect…

I went to a small parish school that was made up of many Polish immigrants, so I had a lot of friends who were born in Poland as a child. Several priests and nuns there were from Poland too. I never heard anyone bring up that they weren't white. In fact, we were considered an all white school and at one point got a black student. This was scandalous because the section of the city it was in was still all white. Me being from a mostly black neighborhood didn't see what the big deal was at all. I never liked the school or the area it was in. I felt like it was stuck in a time warp or something. And it was too close to this nasty chemical plant.

I think this Polish people aren't white thing is some new type of nonsense. But it's also like a throwback to an age when certain immigrants faced discrimination because of where they were from. A lot of it had to do with difficulties with English, accents and "too many of those people" moving into neighborhoods that didn't have them before. Taking all the jobs, marrying the women. That sort of things.

Not sure where the Asian thing comes from. Dumb kids lumping in all the former Soviet block and Eastern Europe countries together as Russia, which they think is Asia? Maybe they think the conquering Mongols somehow made the whole area Asia? Even if you have Mongolian ancestors from that, it's going back a really long time.

As someone who grew up around people born in Poland or from parents born in Poland I cannot possibly understand how they aren't white. People are way too caught up on race. It's sad that this stuff spreads like wildfire on places like tumblr. I feel bad for impressionable kids who read this stuff and think it's what they should believe. It's almost as bad as the made up special snowflake sexualities. Or maybe they're both as awful.

No. 4712

The therapist does sound like Hannibal lol

No. 4739

I wonder if he grows up to be a homicidal maniac and engineer. That would be awesome.

No. 4753

File: 1406997312242.jpg (40.94 KB, 500x297, 5253.jpg)

How can people even compare that.

No. 4814

Does anyone else find it really disappointing when you follow someone and they seem cool, only for them to randomly come out with some SJW crap? I always feel like we could have been friends until that moment.

No. 4815

Not only you.

No. 4816


On Tumblr thus far, Fullten, Charms and Ixnay on the Oddk.

No. 4818

The fact that Charms is doing it now is fucking hilarious. She's hopped on the ~Multisectional feminism~ bandwagon because she's a ~Sex worker~ now. A few years ago I recall her saying black people could never look good in lolita. It's so transparent, she's only interested because it's useful to her in some way. Why hasn't someone posted the screenshot on tumblr? The fallout would be hilarious.

No. 4820

tl;dr so basically she's a fat, ugly ,stupid feminist?

No. 4821

Do you have the screencap? I'll probably post it.

No. 4822

I don't, but I know someone from /cgl/ must have because I've seen it posted. Might be in the archive.

No. 4828

File: 1407087303778.jpg (49.51 KB, 800x281, 1334793952778.jpg)

It reminds me of this old gem.

No. 4833

can someone tell me what the hell cultural appropriation is? versus cultural appreciation? I'm about damn tired of seeing people say you're appropriating a culture by learning thr language, celebrating their holidays etc on my dash. i don't even agree with cultural appropriation because if i am genuinely interested in Asian culture (like my mother. it's been passed down) I'm going to celebrate it, whether I'm Asian or not. i get that some people take the piss out of cultures. that, i can call appropriation.

another question: since my mom loves Asian culture (mostly Chinese), she likes to decorate the house in a kind of feng shui appearance, i guess you could say. oriental rugs, chopstick placements (the miso bowls and chopsticks etc), the tea sets. is that "cultural appropriation"?

No. 4837

Actual cultural appropriation would be wearing historical clothes without any knowledge about its culture only to appear edgy, like, wearing a war bonnet for some photos because it is ~so edgy~ and ~deep~. Then again the whole cultural appropriation thing is stupid anyways, most cultures are more than happy if you love their culture because it keeps that alive.

No. 4870

I think basically cultural appropriation is if you take an aspect from a culture that is not your own and bastardize it. For example if you wear a hijab and a bikini bc it's "sexy" or whatever. If you have a genuine interest and respect, coupled with a willingness to learn about said culture, you're fine.

No. 4929

thank you for your responses. that's what i thought it was. these sjw and feminazis just make shit up as they go along to control people it seems

did you guys see the #WomenAgainstFeminism tag on Twitter? in it was a whole bunch feminidiots calling the women against them idiots and other names and they didn't know that they were doing just what the antifeminists wanted. all of them looked so damn stupid lmao. thwy were proving why there were antifeminists in the first place. one woman said (this isn't word for word btw)
>>i'm against feminism because I feel like I'm more attacked/oppressed by women than men.

No. 4968

>thwy were proving why there were antifeminists in the first place. one woman said (this isn't word for word btw)
>>i'm against feminism because I feel like I'm more attacked/oppressed by women than men.

That's the exact reason I for one don't like modern-day feminism. I think equal rights is very important for both sexes, but the newest wave of feminism I feel doesn't represent the concept well at all. A lot of feminists want equal outcome, not equal opportunity, and don't even start with equal responsibility. When feminists talk about women it feels like I'm being condescended to, like I'm incapable of being responsible for anything I do like a retarded child. This whole "anti-feminists are just being used by MRA's/are just brainwashed by the patriarchy/just trying to get male attention!" only emphasizes that feminists think women aren't able to make any decisions by themselves, which goes completely against the idea of feminism in the first place.

No. 4996

(anon you quoted)
all of what you said sums up why I'm against (modern day) feminism.

what really gets me is how they scream misogyny but are hardcore misandrists. it's always a double edged sword with them.

No. 4997

As a guy, the most frequent feminists I run into are actually other guys. They fully buy into the "you're a feminist if you think women are equal" narrative and believe that merely being un-feminist (not even anti-) means that you want to oppress women.

They're so scared of insulting women that they follow any kind of dumbshit. I don't know if I hate them more for being misandrists or for being plain old pathetic.

You don't have to be a Christian to be an abolitionist. You don't have to be a Marxist to support social welfare. So why must you be a feminist to support female equality?

Even going into the past (pre 60s) a lot of the feminists are pretty dodgy. The suffragettes in particular (within the British empire anyway) clearly didn't give a shit about women as a whole and just wanted rich women to be able to vote. In this sense, your average modern woman probably owes her right to vote as much to the Chartists, and I bet most so called feminists have never heard of them.

No. 5004

As someone who hangs with actual gay people, this creeps me out and reminds me of the My mom the weeaboo comic. Because really, that would be more awful then coming out and not being accepted. I mean picture a weeb as a mom being all like ''MY KAWAII LITTLE UKE/SEME SON. LETS TURN YOU INTO SOME S&M BISHOUNEN EMO ROCKER''

Fuck, this is why I am ashamed to being feminist. Neo fem/Rad Fem takes it way to far. All I want is equal rights with equal paychecks. But these rad fems want that all men worship them and act like slaves.

No. 5012

I think at this point the only solution is for moderates of both feminism and men's rights to distance themselves away from the radical feminazis and neckbeards and just go for what both parties want: equals rights, responsibility, opportunity, and respect for both sexes. Most people already want and are fine with that, it's not hard to just go "I don't want to castrate all men/make a gubment funded waifu project, all I want is equal pay as women/equal paternity rights as men".

No. 5016

File: 1407157726628.png (48.58 KB, 574x301, 1407153078803.png)

SJW are attacking JonTron now.

>He called Playstation Now retarded.

>Some guy complained that it's rude to call something retarded and Jon called him retarded.
>One million outraged tumblrino posts later Jon calls tumblr a national threat

No. 5017

File: 1407157787159.png (23.62 KB, 745x374, 1407151247437.png)

Jon is not giving up

No. 5018

File: 1407157834035.png (122.27 KB, 769x727, 1407151529663.png)

And the angry SJWs jerking off in their hugbox

No. 5021

File: 1407160167615.jpg (482.2 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_n3iyxbzrRc1rir9pco1_128…)


Apparently men are oppressing women merely by using public transport now.

Check out this blog: http://movethefuckoverbro.tumblr.com/

Can you spot the oppressor in the attached pic?

No. 5022


tbh I kind get the angle of this but in this case (where there are clearly empty seats) the photo is unwarranted.

What does annoy me is when you're on public transport and there's limited seating and there's some guy next to you who feels it absolutely necessary to spread his legs wide open to air his balls up, thus pushing you farther into another person or into a corner.

I've heard the argument "yeah well balls get really hot and sweaty", but god knows we all know that vagina's can get pretty gross and humid in hot weather too.

I don't think this is a case of misogyny or oppression though, it's just some dudes being insolent assholes.

No. 5023

File: 1407161198005.jpg (139.04 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n57awunwE51rir9pco1_500…)


Like this.
God this guy can get fucked.

No. 5024


P.S. for none British readers, to "get fucked" is an idiom for "go away in an unpleasant and or violent manner".

No. 5026

It reminds me of something. Cryaotic's twitter:

>I am now apparently an ableist because reluctantly left a video game character to die in a zombie apocalypse game to save others. Jesus.

Th character he left to die had some sort of social anxiety.

No. 5027

Man, nothing winds me up more than people who go on about certain words being offensive because of their history. I have this one SJW friend in particular who does it but still uses the word "Lame" All the time. If we have to consider the history of every single word then you can't say anything any more because they all have "Offensive" roots. Especially insults, as the objective is to hurt someone's feelings by saying it.

No. 5029


He's about the only legit asshole on the whole blog.

A lot of pictures seem to be complaining that guys are leaving spaces between themselves, but I bet SJWs would complain even more if guys started sitting right next to women and touching hips.

Most of these guys I'd just tell to move over and sit next to them. Most people on public transport just lay about until it starts to fill up so sometimes you need to ask for a seat.

No. 5030

File: 1407165281081.png (331.06 KB, 526x439, 342.png)

Perfect parody for this.

No. 5315

they complain about guys sitting like that but of course the sweating 300+lbs woman taking up the same, if not more space on a train, most likely scowling at everyone as that is generally my experience of self-righteous types, is beautiful and should be accepted and given her space.

No. 5326

this. as long as I don't think the guy has t spread his legs so much, if it was the case woman, everyone would be told to shut up thinprivilegeshitallover

No. 5335

The whole Jontron thing starts to get annoying as fuck, SJW act like there are no other problems in the world right now.

No. 5342

What's all the mess with Jontron?

No. 5343

No. 5345

I'm so glad Jontron stood his ground instead of backstepping, apologizing, or trying to say he meant something else. More people need to do this.

No. 5350

This is dumb as fuck. Jontron is harmless. SJWs like to get angry over the dumbest shit. One got angry at me for posting on my Tumblr in response to Grey DeLise's post saying that she's one of the few entertaining people on this retarded site. One, I used retarded in the correct way since Tumblr is full of retards, and two, she is fucking awesome because she is great at pissing SJW's off. I haven't even watched Avatar: The Last Air Bender until I found her. Long live Princess Azula

No. 5353

They complain about guys like in this pic who isn't even rubbing against people because the train is nearly empty, but why aren't they complaining about morbidly obese people spilling all over others? So it's okay for landwhales to have half their gut squashing up against somebody because "waah it's not my fault I can't stop eating like a hippo"?

All my times riding the bus nearly every day for about 3 years, I've only seen douchebags like this about 4 or 5 times. They sat like that and annoyed both girls AND guys, and everyone near them gave them the stinkeye. It's clearly not done because "the patriarchy" is encouraging men to oppress women. It's assholes being assholes and everyone hates them. Same with the girls who REFUSE to move their tiny bag and give up the seat next to them when the bus is so crowded that everyone is getting squished while standing. Them and the macho leg fuckers can all choke on a bag of hairy dicks together.

No. 5354

File: 1407283167832.png (9.41 KB, 603x210, yogscast.png)


Oh man, this Jontron "retarded" talk reminded me about this anti-Yogscast blog that is SJW idiocy in every single post.

I remember finding it in December because it was polluting the Yogscast livestream tags but completely forgot about it. It used to be merely eye rollingly stupid but now it seems so stupid it might be a parody.

Section of video mentioned in pic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo2lQetXN00#t=410

No. 5368

I think the public transit thing is retarded. Even if a guy is sitting with their legs spread, most of the time you can ask them to move over and it's no problem. I think these tumblrgirls are too retarded (I mean have ~social anxiety~) so they would rather shout oppression!! at things they want rather than just politely ask for them.

It's bizarre to me, how do these people function? They seem to not understand how the world works at all, how can they live like that? It must be exhausting.

No. 5369

>It's bizarre to me, how do these people function? They seem to not understand how the world works at all, how can they live like that? It must be exhausting.
I imagine them being online 24h doing nothing but writting whereever they are how much they get harassed when nothing happens in reality.

No. 5481

This. The fucking handbag thing girls do is much more prevalent and annoying, I've only seen guys sitting with backpacks on seats a few times but nearly every journey on public transport has some girl looking at people with disgust as they ask her to move her bag.

No. 5483

> most of the time you can ask them to move over and it's no problem.

Fucking this. On that blog someone asked them why they can't just ask them to move over and the blog owner cried "wahh wahh threat of violence". Bitch please, I'm doubtful some random guy's going to hit you (even MORE so if you're female, despite what they think) if you ask them politely to move over, especially on a crowded bus where you have so many witnesses.

No. 5512

This, they take thing that have actual threat of violence and distort the shit out of it.
Street harassment carries threat of violence
"You look nice, pretty, adorable" is not street harassment.
Creepers sitting too close and making comments/touching on trains is a problem, taking up too much space (though annoying) isn't.

Making a comment or request to an abusive partner could carry threat of violence, stranger on a crowded train not so much.

No. 5516

File: 1407362686842.jpg (20.97 KB, 320x250, Devvo_by_jo1991.jpg)


I think they are just suburban middle class kids who have never experienced any kind of street violence.

I used to live in the English midlands (sort of Corby area) which is full of chavs and basically all of us guys had been punched or mugged on the street by the time we were 20. The girls never got any trouble because the police never gave a shit about young guys getting beaten up but a girl getting beaten or raped would be headline local news.

Everyone would avoid certain areas after dark and walk an extra mile if needed. You didn't use your phone at night because the light of it would attract people to snatch it off you.

These SJWs never talk about taking real defensive actions which to me means they don't perceive themselves under an actual real thread. They complain about theoretical microaggression rather than a real guy pushing them around.

To me this is real aggression that happened a couple times a year at least: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNaCHXrnr9U#t=112

(Devvo is a spoof character by David Firth of Salad Fingers fame but it's so accurate.)

No. 5524

It's funny, because if you suggest them taking some sort of defense against "harassment" they immediately pipe up "WELL WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO MEN SHOULD LEARN HOW TO BE PROPER HUMANS/MEN SHOULD STOP/MEN SHOULD blahblahblah YOU ENABLIST".

It doesn't matter if you should/shouldn't have to, get your fatass off of tumblr for a second and take a self-defense class. I'm sure lecturing an attacker on patriarchy will totally save your life one day.

No. 5536

Yeah, I gotta be honest, I do feel sympathy for chicks who are sick of creepy dudes yelling at them on the street only because it's been happening to me since I was 11.
But tbh, your probably right when you say they've never had a real experience with street violence. Most of my life up until 3 months ago I lived in neighborhoods where people routinely got shot, stabbed, mugged, etc. so when I hear these girls go on about "omg they looked at me when I walked by!! I just know they wanted to rape and dismember me!! QQ" I can't help but think they're legitimately retarded.

No. 5544

>when I hear these girls go on about "omg they looked at me when I walked by!! I just know they wanted to rape and dismember me!! QQ" I can't help but think they're legitimately retarded.

They pretty much are. I grew up in relatively safe neighborhoods (not even in the suburbs/middle class to rich areas) and when random dudes catcall at me it's just something like "eyy mama/u pretty/can I give you a ride/etc" but all you have to do is keep walking and ignore them.

What's the age range of SJWs anyway? I feel like most of them are teens with no actual life experience.

No. 5595

Sadly a good number of the SJWs I've seen on tumblr are aged 21-30+, it's sometimes really young girls but the main noise force is around their mid-twenties which just baffles me.

No. 5632

File: 1407427266829.jpg (25.2 KB, 480x360, 279827655776ec4ccdb7a2e21926e5…)

Remember crazy anime yaoi fan girls? The ones that used to appear in /cgl/ horror stories and were usually ugly and/or fat and nobody liked them?

I think a good number of them "evolved" into SJW.

No. 5672

Fucking lol'd.

No. 5715

One thing I don't understand is you get SJW who say "I'm a POC! My family is from Spain!". And when SJW say "white" they're implying that anyone white are "oppressors" because of history etc . Now I'm going off a shoddy memory of school history classes, but aren't Spain/Portugal/other countries I'm obviously forgetting the pioneers of conquistadors/inquisition and what not? So technically isn't it impossible to call yourself a POC (aka oppressed)if your ancestry is rooted in that?

I'm honestly confused about this because I've seen SJW who claim to be fighting the "white oppressor" by calling their Spanish/Portugese ancestry as proof of them not being a white oppressor.

No. 5717

Yes. Basically SJWs are fucking stupid.

Any SJW that uses Spanish heritage as proof that they're "POC" or aren't hereditarily linked to "white oppression" has literally no idea of what they're mouthing off about.

Spanish colonialism is some of the most brutal examples of "white oppression", and anyone with at least 6th graders knowledge of history should know that.

No. 5784

It's because Spanish people are typically brown. That's literally it. They think racism is colour coded and the browner you are the more oppressed you are. I also see a lot of people conflating prejudice towards Italian immigrants in America with the rest of the Mediterranean populace, because they're all totally from the same place. They also assume the relationships in Europe between different countries are the same as in America.

Basically it's just ignorance, mostly wilful, and any excuse to give themselves a special label.

No. 5827

>racism is color-coded
This is a thing SJWs argue about too. "Shadism" basically means the whiter you are the better you are. So you're right on the money with that.

No. 5984

File: 1407538067299.png (164.09 KB, 500x374, 3535.png)

Long post incoming.

No. 5985

File: 1407538096444.png (351.11 KB, 500x750, 35535.png)

No. 5986

File: 1407538153039.png (262.53 KB, 500x606, 4553.png)


No. 5996

So… long story short, a SJW trans person's mad cause someone doesn't want their dick/vagina, aka people have preferences.

But somehow it's transphobia because they're a trans person?

No. 5999

Pretty much.

No. 6003

Lol yeah. If you're not attracted to a trans person, it's your fault. Not because they don't have 'x'.

Like a chick I knew who became ftm got mad at gay guys when they found out because they wanted the D and he did not. It's reasonable to me and you can't say that those gay guys are phobic just because they were expecting something else.

Like if I was dating a ftm (I'm female) I'd want a guy and not a guy with a toy because I'm not attracted to that.

No. 6015

Spanish people aren't typically brown though, they're generally white or at least consider themselves as white. The term "hispanic" came about as a way to differentiate spanish speaking people with ancestry from Spain (aka white) from spanish speaking people with non-Spain (aka non-white) ancestry.

Of course it largely depends on where in Spain the person is from to determine their "whiteness". Southern spain has a lot of admixture from North Africa/moors, Galicia in northern Spain was founded by Celtic people, much of Spain was conquered by Germanics, etc.

Saying you're a POC because your family is from Spain/not considering Spanish colonialism as part of white opression is a whole new level of retardation for SJWs holy shit.

No. 6017

As far as I'm concerned if what you're packing doesn't match what you say you are, you should probably let that person know beforehand if you don't want to run in to these kinds of problems. And not just like "I have a PENIS but I'm a GIRL so DEAL with it or you're TRANSPHOBIC CISSCUM" but an honest to goodness conversation. Like, when do they tell their S.O. they don't have the genitals they're expecting? It's rude as fuck if they do it right before having sex like that's a huge cockblock if you're expecting the D and get a face full of gross vagina. I feel like these SJWs expect it to go "oh that's not what I was expecting but it's okay because I love you!!" which…doesn't happen all that often in the real world. I think what usually happens is the person feels hurt or lied to that this person they care about couldn't trust them enough to disclose their trans-ness/just really aren't into that set of genitalia. I mean, people have broken up with others for stupider things. (I know a girl who's bf had a huge foot fetish and broke up with her because he couldn't stand her feet shape.)

No. 6018

>>People confusing Spaniards for Mestizo Mexicans.

No. 6020

FUCKING THIS. Holy shit I have a story that sounds like something straight out of a TV comedy for you guys. Excuse my awkward English firstly.

> Was in high school

> Friend, "E", meets this guy
> Cute, stereotypical pretty-boy. Feminine face but had nice arms, nice sense of style, wore lots of layers even in summer, unisex name, higher than average male voice but it's high school so maybe puberty, etc.
> Friend falls hard and fast for him ("B"), B likes her as well, they end up dating
> One day a friend of B says to E, "hey I didn't know you were a lesbian"
> "wat"
> B's friend tells E that B is actually a transmale
> "wat"
> E tells us all that B's friend told her (B's a transmale but wants to keep it top secret cause s/he doesn't want to get judged or whatever and everyone thinks B's a male anyway from first glance), we all decide to investigate this
> A good pile of evidence comes up, one of which includes someone calling up B's house, asking to speak to B. B's father says "No, /she/ isn't here right now, I'll tell you when /she's/ back home."
> We're all throughly confused and concerned
> E tries to not let this bother her, but she's 100% straight and it does
> They end up breaking up a month or two later for different reasons, though I suspect the gender thing was sitting in the back of E's mind
> Fast forward two years later
> B came out publicly about being a transmale earlier this year

If you're trans, I honestly find it a shitty fucking move to not tell your S.O. you're a transperson. I asked E about this back then, and she told me that if B actually was a transmale, she'd love to be friends. However she couldn't date, marry, or have sex with someone with a vagina because it made her uncomfortable, which is perfectly rational. Fuck people like this.

No. 6023

how do trans people get vaginas do they cut the penis off and drill a hole

No. 6024

Sex-reassignment surgery. It's scary shit, they cut off the balls and then flip the penis inside out or something.

No. 6027

but vaginas are more than just a hole. there's other stuff to add. i don't even wanna know how they do that if they do…..

No. 6030

stress sigh

No. 6032

I think cosmetically it can sort if look like own but it doesn't have the same function (no female button aka clit) and I think it has to be lubricated all the time or the body will try to deal itself because it thinks it's a huge wound, which it is.

For chicks who have the surgery it's just a fake scrotum from part of the leg or whenever they take skin and a micro peen. It can't really grow because it's made from the clit.

No. 6033

Phone errors. Apologies.

No. 6048

File: 1407558574367.jpg (49.49 KB, 508x594, o.JPG)

Just saw this on my dash. Goddamn it.

No. 6063

Of course, only white people bleach their hair, am I right? GDI I hate SJWs so much. Some dumbass 13 year old white kid got angry at me for calling something ghetto on YouTube and asks, "How is ghetto a bad thing?! You need to check your privilege, you racist!!" Of course they were too stupid to look at my icon right next to my name to see that I'm quite brown and not ashamed of my race so…

No. 6069

A white friend told me that I have white privilege even though I'm just a pale Asian.
>"But Anon you're light skinned!"

No. 6070

lol another examples of SJWs proving themselves to be totally brain dead. Incidentally the girl in the pic is wearing an actual yukata + geta and wearing it properly (though her pose is a bit much). The fact that reverseracist called it a "dollar store geisha getup" makes her way more offensive than meloetta could ever be by just wearing it.

No. 6091

File: 1407586981888.jpg (14.86 KB, 300x225, patientQ_ALT_300x225.jpg)


You guys forget that all foetuses begin as female, so the penis is essentially an inflated, external vagina.

But yeah, typically what they do is sever the dick in half, turn it inwards with the nerves serving as the sensitive pseudo vaginal walls, and then I believe a large part of the glans and frenulum serve as a pseudo clitoris.

A lot of MtF genetalia is surprisingly convincing, but FtM genetalia… well, there's a long way to go in perfecting that…

No. 6176

When I said brown, I meant tanned brown. I know they're just as Caucasian as the rest of Europe.

No. 6180

No it isn't you tard, the penis is an enlarged clitoris. Not an inside out vagina. The vagina is roughly where the testes end up.

No. 6182

File: 1407616047674.png (79.85 KB, 437x412, 1337569830941.png)

Jesus H I gagged a little. I don't even know what to ask about this. Where's the foreskin, or do they just come pre-circumcised when going FtM? What is that weird purple patch on the left thight? Do they recreate the spongy tissue that a penis is made from, muscles around it and all, or it it just kind of a floppy blood filled sausage forever? What the fuck is going on with the ballsack?

I was also reminded of this one FtM that /cgl/ was talking about, who got mad because straight females didn't want to date FtM's, and said that it was transphobic. Anyone know who I'm talking about? It's been like, 2 years.

FtM's should consider, maybe straight girls aren't transphobic. Maybe they're creepy-floppy-blood sausage-phobic.

No. 6186

I think the purple is where they've taken skin for skin grafts from.

No. 6189


Yeah the purple is from where they've inserted a balloon under the skin to stretch it over, then removed the excess skin and used it to make a wingle-wangle.

They're not very convincing yet though are they?

No. 6191

all sausages are blood sausages, anon

No. 6192

Spaniards are pretty pale though.

No. 6195

… no they're not. Most sausages are minced meat (and spices and oats and things) inside a casing. A blood sausage is a sausage made just from blood, no actual meat, and oats and so on.

No. 6196

File: 1407619870528.jpg (216.58 KB, 500x609, hand.jpg)

My Galician hand. Brown as fuck.

No. 6197

…What? Every Spaniard I've ever met was pretty damn pale.

Somewhat related but what do you call a Spanish wannabe that thinks everything Spanish is the shit and that Spain is the greatest place on Earth? I know one girl like this who claims that her "US citizenship is in jepordy" because they "misplaced the papers like they did in the 90s" when she was fucking born in Arizona. She recently named her baby after a Pokemon too.

No. 6199

Wut. Do you have caps of the citizenship thing?

Spainboo? Espanophile? idk

No. 6200

This. Spaniards are pale, particularly from the area abutting France. My father is Puerto Rican but his grandfather was from Spain, so his whole family line is pale compared to other Puerto Ricans. My Uncle's nickname is "Pinto" because he's pale and covered in freckles, like a Pinto Horse.

No. 6202

I was browsing tumblr once and I came across SJWs who think Asians (especially pale ones) are actually MORE privileged than white people because of the "model minority" stereotype (Asians are hardworking, kind people, etc) and somehow that means that Asia's past of getting raped by pretty much every other country out there is nulled out.

No. 6204

I wish I did. This girl has been full of cray cray and lies since she was 14. She's 27 now and still hasn't changed which makes me worry about her baby. Her mom is a Spaniard but her dad is Cuban and she's fucking American as hell. To further expand on her citizenship story, my friend who knew her just as long as I did (since middle school) even asked her, "Wait, you were born in Arizona" to which Spainaboo replies, "I lived there when I was younger yes, but my mum decided to wait until I learned Spanish to tell me that I was born in Spain. She only told me Arizona so I'd fit in at school better." She's so full of shit it's unbelievable. Did I mention she used to be a gargantuan weeaboo before all this?

Idk how she keeps getting more and more psychotic. Perhaps I should talk more about her on the personal lolcow thread…

No. 6213

It was really dumb too since I had been making an argument against something she said and this was used to ~negate~ what ever point I was making.

No. 6231


Where does the clit end up? If the vag is sewn up then what's actually left to stimulate?

Also I think I found the page that pic originates from. It looks like they just sculpt the head out of the same skin as the shaft.

No. 6233

That looks awful. I can't see how having that hanging below would resolve any identity issues. Can it even become erect?

No. 6235

File: 1407642367084.jpg (25.92 KB, 304x370, F5.jpg)

That looks freshly done, I'm hoping they look a bit better when fully healed because holy shit that looks nothing like a real penis. If I were FtM I'd just wear a prosthetic, you can get ones that are pretty much lifelike.

No. 6244

the whole procedure is on liveleak

sorry im too lazy to post it here atm

No. 6245

nevermind here it is

>the penis is essentially an inflated, external vagina

what is anatomy

No. 6264


I've heard that some FtM's have a small inserted into their arm that they can use to pump up the pseudo penis, but I don't believe it can actually perform any function other than being used to piss out of.

No. 6266

Damn. That's so depressing. If I were ftm I don't think I'd even bother. Being unhappy but functional without mangled pseudo-genitalia seem the better option to me.

No. 6272

I agree.

The procedure hardly sounds worth the pain or trouble. Can you imagine having to explain that mess to who ever your partner is?

No. 6273

This doesn't even look that bad to me. It looks a bit pasted on at the top but once it heals and the pubes grow in it will look better.

There are currently a couple was to buikd a dick. You can either gave a magnificent meat rod that yo can fuck people with but isnt as sensitive and beeds pumping up or you can have a sensitive self boneting babydick. No surprisr that not everybody bothers.

No. 6274

Typos courtesy of shitty cellphone keyboard.

No. 6308

I'm with you. I googled ftm surgery because I was hoping that they weren't this bad, but damn. They are (and worse). I applaud anyone who knows the risks and still go through with it.

No. 6442

Which Pokemon? I didn't know people actually did things like that.

No. 6443

Rosalia, the Rose Pokemon from generation 3. First she was going to name her Rosalina… You know, like the Mario princess. I'd like to think it was a coincidence but she used to be a gigantic weeb before all this. Hell, she even used to call English class "Engrish" class. I find it funny because she always said that Rose was "a slut's name" and yet…

No. 6577

File: 1407802245586.jpg (120.96 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

its not even been half an hour and already tumblr's pulling the white cishet card this is digusting.

No. 6583


I hate tumblr so much. I see any of that and I'll unfollow

R.i.p. Robin :C

No. 6588

What a fucking dumb asshole. Yeah, let's make global news reports every time some random black person gets killed in some random place, people that no one knows. Don't make a big deal over a world famous inspirational comedian's death just because he's a white cis male!

No. 6615

File: 1407809449893.png (19.43 KB, 521x160, 3532.png)

There are so many posts like this right now and yet they wonder about people going on a killing spree, hence, I just wait for the day SJW cause one with their posts.

No. 6616

File: 1407809485534.png (18.1 KB, 319x188, 3525.png)

No. 6618

Wtf at that post. Mrs. Doubtfire is an amazing film. I see no intent to ridicule, haras, insult, tease, and/or advocate abuse towards trans people when I watch it. If he was dressing as a female and going "hurr sure I'm so stupid because I'm dressing as a woman and women are stupid" then maybe. Just maybe. I can think of a dozen films that are more disrespectful to trans and gay people than Mrs. Doubtfire.

No. 6619

Holy fucking shit.

If that isn't satire then that person needs to be hit by a bus.

No. 6632

File: 1407816528152.jpg (36.97 KB, 460x276, Ian-McKellen-as-Widow-Twa-009.…)


I remember seeing feminists complaining about cross dressing years and years ago, definitely pre-Tumblr.

Basically, there's kind of a lot of cross dressing in English celebrations. Usually to celebrate things swapping such as the solstice or crossing the equator. The most famous of which is probably the Christmas pantomime.

Apparently such cross dressing is humiliating to women, even though women cross dress too (usually as a young buy such as Peter Pan).

(Pic is Ian McKellan)

No. 6634

Tumblr loves RuPaul's Drag Race, though.

No. 6635

Just had to view his Tumblr. He's super ghetto and super racist. Gee, what a surprise!

No. 6672


RuPaul is glamorous and shocks middle America.

Dames are comical and based on an old Pagan tradition that middle England is so OK with they take their kids to see.

Therefore, feminists see Dames as old school patriarchy mocking women. Mrs Doubtfire is a Dame.

No. 6680

consider this >>6672
a lot of people are going to be sad about Williams, so obviously the hip edgy tumblr thing to do is post "No but see, here in 1978 he wore an Egyptian cotton shirt, obviously appropriating POC craft. YOUR FAVE IS PROBLEMATIC SMH"

No. 6686

File: 1407841881147.jpg (69.59 KB, 504x314, izzard-&-python_thumb[3].jpg)


Probably, but (UK) feminists also have a history of complaining about cross dressing in comedy.

No. 6705

Are Tumblr SJW now media reporters too?
…because it totally isn't caused by the islam, let's blame it on men!

No. 6712

You're thinking Roselia. Rosalia is a legit name.

No. 6761

Thats pretty acceptable as far as naming your kid pokemon names go

No. 6768

Yeah, if I met someone named Rosalia I wouldn't think of the Pokemon off of first thought. I was expecting some shit like Celebi.

No. 6772

Top Comment:
>>Blaming Islam conflicts with your liberal tendencies so we will will just blame the completely abstract and intangible "patriarchy" instead.

then people reply calling him ignorant, and say abstract patriachy is real!1!11

>>Nothing abstract about patriarchy that takes the form of a father who starves and beats a girl until she agrees to leave home and marry an old man of whom she has never even heard and who, once she has met him and he has laid hands on her, disgusts and terrifies the girl.

This is about confronting the abuse of power by men, some of whom invoke and pervert Islam as just one of their tools of domination.

i like how this scenario has nothing to do with the article, just guilt trips the naïve into thinking it's always the man's fault. honestly, this article is so biased, i can't even.

No. 6773

forgot to greentext the 2nd to last paragraph.

and by man's fault, in this situation, it's the patriarchy's fault for something that is (more than likely) normal in their culture.

No. 6805

Im on a fairly crowded bus right now, just saw a large guy get up presumably because he knows he's big and takes up 1.5 seata to free up room…only to have an even larger woman plop down…

No. 6846

If they have a problem with Eddie Izzard they're seriously skewed in their understanding, he did/does all of his stand up shows wearing what he wanted to wear, which was feminine clothing and makeup. It wasn't a gimmick or making fun of women he was very definite about that.They're getting annoyed about someone who is a self proclaimed transvestite. As for Monty Python, it was a different era and was nothing but hilarious honestly. They usually played pretty strong old ladies from what I remember.

No. 6867

Eddie Izzard even went as far to say "They're not women's dresses, they're my dresses, I paid for them." If that doesn't align with destroying the fuckin' connotations of gender then I don't know what does.

No. 6868

File: 1407878849044.jpg (24.42 KB, 400x374, essayay_charlie_chaplin_in_dra…)


They don't complain about anyone in particular. Pretty much every British comedian goes drag at some point just to have more characters to portray.

I think they don't like it because it doesn't fit their narrative.

(Pic is Charlie Chaplin)

No. 7208

File: 1408129932781.jpg (269.49 KB, 1280x960, 1408125307675.jpg)

No. 7222

Is she retarded?

No. 7225


Hope she's trolling

No. 7227

must suck to be ugly AND dumb

No. 7232

It's highly likely.

No. 7240

….that's fucking disgusting

No. 7247

No. 7249

File: 1408177473147.png (1.24 MB, 1118x759, 1408172471872.png)

CWC, PT's male counterpart has gone full Tumblr

No. 7250



God, I miss CWC so much

No. 7251

I reckon this deserves its own thread

No. 7253

No. No, Chris, you are just a weird little man who has put pussy on a pedestal. You don't really love women, you love their bodies and barely see them as individuals.

But, hey, what's one more person pissing in the pool that is this movement, right?

No. 7255

File: 1408188696500.png (66.74 KB, 1834x116, sjwswede.png)

Is this true?

No. 7256

File: 1408188722262.jpeg (104.92 KB, 768x1024, dd.jpeg)


No. 7286

I haven't been following it so take what I say with a can of salt. But from what I can tell, it's another ambiguous case where there weren't many (or any) witnesses who can attest to what actually happened. The city of Ferguson, Missouri is majority black, but is most of the police force and city officials are white (I guess). So a black boy gets shot by police and no one knows what really happened → people getting up in arms a la Trayvon Martin.

As for the protests, I think they escalated into riots during which looting and rape could happen.

No. 7287

This is fucking ridiculous and an embarrassment to America. I can understand why people were upset over Trayvon Martin but this guy? He's a fucking thug!!!! There's video of him threatening an old man and stealing cigarettes for fucks sake. He isn't innocent by any stretch of the imagination. I don't think he deserved to be shot but he wasn't fucking innocent as these idiots claim. Only the ghetto variety of blacks are mad about this. The normal ones don't really care because he's a fucking thug. Of course, the ever stupid SJWs are up in arms about it too.

No. 7288

Chris, being an ugly cross dresser isn't going to help you get pussy. Get reincarnated into a non-retarded, good looking, androgynous male then come back and try cross dressing again.

No. 7290

You're trolling right? Lil Tray Tray was ten times worse than this guy.

No. 7293

How exactly? All I know is he had some Mary Jane in his system.

No. 7295

Seriously. He also tried to take the cops gun, that's just a death sentence. They don't fuck around with that.

No. 7296

Not the person you're replying to, (and I agree that this guy was worse than tray tray) but Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and was smashing his head into the concrete.

No. 7302

He didn't just have mary J in his system, he had traces of a codeine based cocktail as well. Ironically the "Innocent" Things he was buying from the store - skittles and watermelon ice tea - are ingredients for this mix, it's called lean. This was also corroborated by his internet search history. He'd been illegally bought a gun by his dad. He instigated the attack on Zimzam by sitting on top of him and smashing the back of his head into the pavement.

No. 7440

>use tumblr for pretty pictures and pretty pictures only
>person who used to post a lot of pretty pictures and no text posts suddenly blows up about Ferguson
>Fuck this. My everyday life is stressful enough and I'm on tumblr to unwind, not to find more reasons to hate everything.
>apparently I wasn't the only one because every other post from her is now about people who unfollowed her
>start getting anon hate calling me a racist scumbag who deserves to get shot by black people
>as if that's not a really fucking racist thing to say

This never happened to me before. I used to have such a well-calibrated crazy radar that I could avoid this sort of thing but with this particular girl it came out of seemingly nowhere. I think I'm going to unfollow everyone who has ever posted anything remotely whiny or personal, just in case.

No. 7442

It's fucking inevitable, that's what it is. I used to follow two or three cool artists. Gorgeous art. Then the virus crept in. Now they all only post about muh mental illness, muh nonbinary, muh ableism, muh racism. (spoiler alert: all of them are white college dropout girls). They take themselves so fucking seriously but all they do is post about worthless shit and make stupid pointless arguments.

No. 7475

File: 1408291535927.png (185.36 KB, 560x566, 1408241448413.png)

sims community on tumblr is the worst

No. 7484

>implying the sims doesn't let you do just about anything you want.
I don't think those tumblr kiddos understand how the sims works.

No. 7523

What do they even mean when they say honest representation? Isn't their whole view that people can be these weird things but are also totally normal people and shouldn't be discriminated against?

What does a "dmab transfeminine" even look like? Wouldn't making a character that looks "polyamorous queer femme" be called out as a caricature/stereotype?

It's things like this that make me believe tumblr SJWs was started by a few trolls and caught on to something larger.

No. 7528

I've only played the SIMS mobile version (a very very old one) so idk about newer versions, but I recall your sim were able to have a relationship with males or females or both. I don't understand what the fuck SJW's are ranting for.

Unless they want tags over their characters' heads with their ~privilege-free snowflake speshul label~ on them.

No. 7532

Pretty much the only SJW thing you can't do or imagine in Sims games is to have sims with male bodies wear dresses/bras/bikinis, sims with female bodies grow facial hair or have them have drama-free polyamorous relationships. And I'm 99.9% sure there are mods for all of those things.

It's like playing with dolls! The games never pretend to tell you what's going on in your sim's head on a level deeper than "I have to pee" or "Whee! I'm in an expensive car!". Any interpretation that makes sims heteroneurowhatevernormative also purely comes from the player's mind. Player-made sims literally have less built-in personality and backstory than Barbie dolls so I really don't understand what this person wants EA to do. Have sims be able to oppress and victimize each other based on gender identity and mental illness? Sure, that sounds awesome.

I just… troll. This has to be a troll. They got me, good job.

No. 7537

>Have sims be able to oppress and victimize each other based on gender identity and mental illness

I'd totally buy that SIMS release

No. 7642


I guess they want a special window where it says which sim uses which pronouns.



what the fuck?

No. 7648

>implying anyone who isn't an idiot would want to defend Justin Bieber
nice try, Tumblr

No. 7655

No. 7813

The comments section on SimSecret actually scares me sometimes. A couple weeks ago there was a huge argument about how not being attracted to transgendered people was exactly the same as transphobia and how being mainly attracted to certain races was racism.

Tip: Look for fraulinefive's replies.

No. 7867

>But I've been super tempted to have an all-out with an SJW once myself.
I've done that once….it's like talking to a brick wall. They don't respond to logic….at all

No. 7910

I remember something like that happening on tumblr a little while ago. I think it was someone asked someone else if they'd date them and they said no and everyone freaked out because they were gay and black but then got even more offended when the other person involved said it was just because of their personality that they wouldn't date them. I have no idea why it was such a huge problem. I don't understand tumblr, ever.

No. 8107

No. 8132

Her amazon wishlist is full of shitty food you can buy at a grocery store, gift cards to shitty food restaurants, and expensive electronics. Oh wow.

No. 8191

Oh she's a transtrender and doesn't believe it's a medical condition. From her selfies page all I saw was some vapid kid. Yeah she's not a transwoman in the slightest.

No. 8196

>the blue haired girl who is my avatar and standing on my blog is from the anime Puella Magia Madoka Magica, her name is Sayaka, and she is trans)
>she is trans

the fuck?

>Her amazon wishlist is full of shitty food you can buy at a grocery store, gift cards to shitty food restaurants,

No wonder
Look at her selfies, she is a fat ass using myspace angles.

No. 8198

File: 1408542525707.jpg (20.75 KB, 554x168, oioz.JPG)

Oh and she fears for her life every day and hide her "trans pride"

Oh yeah, she claims she is 85% female 15% agender, whatever the fuck that means (definitely not trans)

No. 8203

File: 1408543415419.jpg (85.53 KB, 873x349, as.JPG)


No. 8212

That guy is fucking retarded. But then, so is the OP for their shitty "let's turn the plot of Meguca into something to do with hating truscum!!!!1".

No. 8217

No. 8249

> sayaka is trans

uh…. no? where does that even come from?

No. 8253

honestly, I just don't get this ~omg such fear~ thing. she claims to be a transwoman, yes? and she passes as a woman, I'm presuming from her saying she's part agender that she was born female? so what is there to be upset about? I don't know any cis people who actively hate on trans people. It's usually a case of "Oh, sorry I didn't realise" and then everything's cool.

No. 8263


I'm pretty certain she's a cis woman saying she's trans for the attention, she seems mentally ill

No. 8278

mra fedorafag detected
plz kill yourself kthnx

No. 8279

I want to laugh at delusional SJWs and transtrenders, but then you racist misogynistic fedorafaggots have to ruin it. You're literally why dumblrs exist

No. 8637

Yeah, this is actually funny.

No. 8647

I don't think disagreeing with that image constitutes an MRA position at all.

If someone made an image creating an analogy of women being poisoned M&Ms because 3 of their ex-girlfriends were crazy, people would justifiably be offended.

If someone made it about Muslims, what do you think the reaction would be?

Dumb sweeping generalizations like these remain illogical no matter what standpoint you're arguing from, at least not without other supporting evidence. And in this case the supposed supporting evidence ("10% of men are rapists") is simply false.

Similarly, if you look around the Internet, you'll find various statistics claiming that between 7 and 30% of all Muslims are radicalists and believe non-Muslims should be converted or killed. It's all pseudoscience and rhetoric.

No. 8656

Hands down the best thing to counter this is using crime statistics for black people. A minority of the population and yet they're committing a huge percentage of the crime, regardless of the country. Plenty of statistics to back it up. The look on their face whilst they try and reconcile the fact the same rhetoric would justify being massively racist is priceless every time.

No. 8693

File: 1408666713214.jpg (2.98 MB, 1801x1707, Al_Sharpton_by_David_Shankbone…)

>>Only the ghetto variety of blacks are mad about this.

Kidding me? All the "educated" blacks are the ones making the most fuss. Stop trying to defend them for no reason, I don't see the point.

No. 8706

I agree and disagree. I'm a white nationalist, so your race analogy doesn't bother me. >>433 is true, you need to look at the context of the picture. People should be able to talk about race and gender related issues without some retarded faggot getting butthurt and crying about how "but we not all like that whaa". Yes. Everyone knows that. It's like saying that men are taller than women. It doesn't mean that no shot men and no tall women exist, stop being retarded and butthurt when people try to talk about these issues. I also think it's retarded for a man to cry about sexism turds menz. You have just as big of a victim complex as social justice warriors if you think your gender is seriously being oppressed by society. The only "issues" MRAs seem to be able to think of are:

1. False rape accusations. False accusations of all kinds happen, but false rape accusations are the only ones that are mostly done by women. Thus, it's misandry. :(



4. Tfw no third world gf to obey my every command. :(

5. Women getting abortions without the fathers consent. You're not the one carrying the baby and going though child birth, make dealings.

6. Prison rape. Something done by men to other men. It's not like prisons do nothing to try and combat it.

No. 8708

Boy, this thread went to shit. Again.

No. 8714

File: 1408669772495.png (162.05 KB, 1024x896, niggers.png)

Oldie but a goodie

No. 8733

File: 1408675221043.png (54.25 KB, 523x647, dumbgook.png)

God, she's a fucking moron.

No. 8735

No. 8741

This kind of stuff isn't related to the board and definitely not the thread. Please keep it to /b/ or elsewhere.

No. 8750

File: 1408680490210.jpg (315.23 KB, 1280x960, eww.jpg)


No. 8751

People say Sayaka's a lesbian because of what happened regarding Kyoko (trying to keep this vague incase someone bitches for spoilers)

That + she's a tomboy + short hair = OMG SHE'S DEF LES GUYS

There's some weird post on tumblr made by a desperate SJW that digs waaaaaayy too deep into Madoka/history that somehow "proves" this. They talk about how the colour blue represents some gender issues or some vague shit like that. If I can find it I'll post it, it's gold.

No. 8752

Well it was confirmed during the movie but I read them as friends in the series.

No. 8753

Guy with a trans boyfriend here. Yeah he has one of those and they FEEL lifelike too. Minus the warmth.

No. 8755

I need to watch Jon Tron now.

No. 8757

And not an attractive one in the bunch

No. 8978


I mean, I can see the whole sayaka x kyoko thing, but calling her trans is way out of the left field

No. 8979

o also this blog is a goldmine


No. 9058

I looked even though I knew it's make me furious. I can't even handle nonp-canon ships let alone this sheer level of bullshit.

No. 9083

No. 9145

File: 1408773403261.png (121.39 KB, 668x712, antifa.png)

I don't know if this is tumblr, but it's defiantly SJW related. Every antifa I've ever met has been a loud mouthed dumb fuck who thinks having a job is oppressive fascism. They almost always live in some socialist European country, too. How the fuck is your country fascist? Do you even know what that word means? Who are you fighting against? People who earn their money? Guess what, you have to work under communism, too. I want this trend to die so bad. Lazy ass kids don't know how good they have it in their country when they have time to riot and protest over miniscule shit.

No. 9152

I'm not super familiar with this movement. Is this like those Ayn Rand followers who think people with jobs and participants of society are "sheeple"?

No. 9161

Not really. It's like the European version of this, except on the left, with Social justice shit, violence, and a hatred of free speech whilst simultaneously advocating freedom. They think that not being antifa and being racist is one in the same. They do nothing to advocate change, they just promote violence against those they don't agree with. Like, in Sweden, they stole the subscriber list of the National Democrats newspaper, then threatened the subscribers. I wouldn't care if this was just some small radical group, except it's not. It's super fucking trendy among euro kids until they eventually grow out of it.

No. 9170

I hate them so much.
In Germany they've ruined a lot of demonstrations that were supposed to be peaceful with their violence. So we didn't get the permission to do these again, it would have been too much trouble since those were just very small demonstrations.

Antifa here is full of "punks" that are living off unemployment benefits or have a middle-class family that pays for their brand "punk" clothes.
They don't want to change anything. They are just kids who think vandalism and violence is cool.
Very few of them do useful things. Usually those who are older.

If you criticize them you are instantly called a Nazi and your opinion is irrelevant.
Being called a Nazi used to be a big thing here but due to the overuse of this word it doesn't effect you as much anymore.

No. 9188

Yikes. I'm so glad we don't have many in the U.S, though we have our own breeds of retards. Speaking of Germany…


>>In 1995, the fortieth anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, Anti-Germans praised the bombing on the grounds that so many of the city's civilians had supported Nazism.

What the fuuuuuuck.

No. 9196

This so much. Especially about the fact that usually are eurofags from socialist countries which storically, have never experienced fascism. I've lived in Sweden for a while and don't get me wrong, I fucking love Sweden, but once I witnessed some kind of anti-fascism parade in the middle of the town and I was like what?? Like dude, you live in a (almost perfect) functioning socialist country which is as feminist and progressive and blablabla as you can get… the hell you know what's like living under a fascist dictatorship?? I'm italian so my grandparents sure know something about it, and since there are still some parties here that promote fascist ideas I can tell you that something about that too… but you socialist swede fucks?? Stop appropriating mah culture!!!11!! (just kidding, I love you Sweden. But still, mind your own country's problems and not our's.)

No. 9197

They are just a small goup and not organised well.
There are still a few people that celebrate that day.

But they do it as a part of a counter-demonstration because every year on the 13th February there is a demonstration organized by neo-Nazis in Dresden.
Most people who are part of the counter-demonstration think the Anti-Germans are going too far though.

No. 9211

But you don't have to work under communism, you have to get a job and then laze around while being more protected than a polar bear thanks to labourers' unions :^)
Just one of the reasons Yugoslavia fell apart and is now several tiny shitholes full of gypsies and lazy fucks.

No. 9212

But Sweden specializes in meddling in others' problems and telling them what to do, it's basically mini-USA with less guns.
Their most recent gay pride was for protesting the laws in Russia, since they have nothing to complain about at home.
As if Russians give a shit.

No. 9310

We don't have anything like the Antifa/AFA in the UK but stories about them still reach here (well actually there are anti-fascist organisations here but they're nowhere near as crazy).

You guys make it sound like they're some kind of dumb ass San Francisco SJW style protest movement but they're way more towards the brown shirt end of things. They have a history of violently attacking centre right politicians and even Wikipedia calls them "militant". The dominant centre left parties turn a blind eye and de facto use the AFA as their street thugs.

Sometimes I feel like the UK and France are about the only European countries with a real organic political system and everyone else has just been faking since after WWII.

No. 9430

I found this article while researching Oculus Rift stuff. It's exactly the kind of shit the Zoe Quinn drama is about.


It's an interesting article about how hormones affect what cues we use for depth perception. If anything it's anti-SJW because of its take on gender differences and even points out that researching them in the 90s was verboten. But look at the title and slug that Quartz have chosen:

>Is the Oculus Rift sexist?

>Is the Oculus Rift designed to be sexist?

A perfectly good article ruined by SJW clickbait.

No. 9996

No. 10037

Yes they're designing that head set specifically for males. I've seen a lot of people get dizzy on those things becauae the technology wasn't up to par yet.

I haven't tried the Rift but I get dizzy from motion like that, so I'm not too excited to try it. My husband however would love to.

The issue here is that female gamers who would be interested in Rift would be a small percentage compared to males, I bet. And with how much it costs already why would they make a Rift more female friendly when they wouldn't make back their investment money etc?

I can see the mass appeal for the public or oh look 3d games! Oh it makes me dizzy, ok let's go somewhere else. It's kind of a novelty, like the 3ds, but you can't alter the depth. I really don't see it selling well at this point in time.

No. 10061


They're not designing it for males (even if they do primarily market it towards them).

Males use parallax for depth cues whereas females use shadows. Parallax is very easy for a computer to recreate but shadows are not.

It will be interesting if when the OR is available commercially that say 90% of males can use it without sickness but only 50% of females can. Will people actually complain about such a situation even though it's unavoidable?

It looks like this researcher's work was done in the late 90s and early 00s so it might be out of date. Lighting in games might be good enough now that females don't have a problem.

The OR is about immersion rather than merely 3D so I think it will be a lot more successful than the 3DS.

No. 10088


That doesn't sound right at all. I'm not exactly an expert but I have a basic knowledge of visual processing, especially from a neurological standpoint, and I've never heard anything like this. As with all senses, there's some research that shows a difference between men and women but iirc it's tenuous at best and generally quite outdated.

There's no question that these things vary from person to person but it's unlikely there's much of a gender difference, and incredible that there would be such a regimented contrast. Humans are not sexually dimorphic. We aren't fruit flies.

No. 10090


Just to add, the only variation I can think that there would be is a difference in the way that children are taught visual cues (in the same vein of the types of play encouraged in each gender leading to the formation of different skillsets). But that's learned behaviour, rather than anything biological.

No. 10091


Last post I promise but I just noticed this and I have to address it:

>Males use parallax for depth cues whereas females use shadows

This is just completely incorrect. Every single animal with binocular vision uses parallax for depth cues in stereopsis. The only scenario where you would ever not do so would be if you had strabismus or were blind in one eye.

No. 10105

That first part was sarcasm. We need a sarcastic font on this board.

No. 10107

>Humans are not sexually dimorphic.
I don't think you know what sexually dimorphic means, we most certainly are.

>(in the same vein of the types of play encouraged in each gender leading to the formation of different skillsets
This is bullshit. Almost all SEX differences (Not gender, we're talking about biology here.) are biological in nature and measurable before an infant has had any sort of conditioning through play or anything else.

No. 10111

File: 1409009777643.gif (899.57 KB, 380x214, UaXy4vW.gif)

>"I'm not exactly an expert"
>but expert enough to dismiss professional researcher out of hand

>"Humans are not sexually dimorphic"

>doesn't know meaning of the term

>"Every single animal with binocular vision uses parallax for depth cues in stereopsis"

>misses point, see attached GIF

No. 10113

I'm going to find the episode of QI this is in and make a gif that loops properly.

No. 10117


>I don't think you know what sexually dimorphic means, we most certainly are.

I actually really have to apologise, this was my mistake, I missed out a word somehow? I meant to type "Humans are not very sexually dimorphic", which we're not, we're really one of the least sexually dimorphic animals. That was my typo though, so completely my bad.

As for the play thing, I was using that simply as an example of taught behaviour influencing development. The impact that different forms of play have on children's development has been thoroughly documented, as well as the fact that the type of play they are encouraged to engage in is often influenced by their gender (and culture, age, etc). So I was just relating this back as an example.
However, I would respectfully disagree with your final statement. Many sex differences are simply not measurable before an infant has had any sort of conditioning. As we are talking about visual processing, a child's eyes are not fully developed until they are close to a year old. Depth perception in particular is crap until they're at least in the vicinity of 7 months old (I study the sensory development of babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months, and in some its quite noticeable). There is also a lot of variation between children (some of the 6 month olds we get in are great, some - generally the ones who've had less visual stimulation or spent a lot of time parked in front of a screen - are quite behind) so it's very reasonable to assume that environmental elements are a factor.

I don't believe that there is a significant difference between the depth perception of males and females, but if there were there would be plenty of time for their development to be influenced.


I don't understand how your .gif proves me wrong? My statement is absolutely correct, every animal with binocular vision does use parallax for depth cues. We don't exclusively use it, of course, or screens wouldn't work and Gordon Brown wouldn't have been able to walk out of #10 without tripping over the kerb. But your original statement was that
>Males use parallax for depth cues whereas females use shadows
which, as I said, is incorrect. Both genders use parallax for depth cues (along with other elements).

> expert enough to dismiss professional researcher out of hand


The paper that was linked is the thesis of an undergraduate student.

Studying a BA in computer science.

If you know of any evidence conducted by a professional researcher, I would be very interested in having a look at it.

No. 10118


I have to add that I by no means am trying to tell you that this phenomenon is impossible, I'm just commenting that it sounds very unlikely.
As the only evidence that I have been able to find to back up that statement is in the form of the paper linked, an undergraduate thesis written for an IT degree by a student with presumably very little background in the study of the visual system, I don't feel particularly convinced.

No. 10123


I am not saying that women don't use parallax or that men only use it. If I did then shading illusions wouldn't work on men.

But the hollow face illusion does show that lighting cues can dominate over other depth cues. This is the same as what apparently happened to women in VR environments (at least with 90s computer graphics that have shitty lighting).

When I try to look for more info in relation to VR it seems to mostly pull up stuff from Dana Boyd (Microsoft) or Eugenia Kolasinski (West Point). It's all old stuff from the VR boom in the 90s.

The wider area of research is motion sickness but it seems like everybody has only looked at who is susceptible and how to condition people against it. Gender and race differences seem to be widely documented.

Here's a 2006 summary from John Golding (Westminster): http://www.movesinstitute.org/~amela/HFgroup/Resources/Golding2006-Susceptibility.pdf

It really seems like research into this area dried up after the early 00s. Presumably once methods of conditioning were refined and VR turned out to be a bust nobody could be bothered.

I think whether the OR makes people sick or not will depend on the game. Graphics are much better today and the OR gives you a lot of control over your POV unlike IMAX or 3D movies. But if someone intentionally sets out to make a nausea inducing game I'm sure they could do it.

No. 10124


Also on her blog she says that she chose the article title.

So if she trusts her own research why does she think that the title is appropriate? Does she want us all to wait 20 years for lighting tech to catch up before any of us can enjoy VR?

Or maybe she doesn't trust her research and just wanted some clickbait to create traffic.

No. 10158

File: 1409049409867.png (481.02 KB, 481x582, lmao.png)

this girl is always begging people to reblog her selfies and saying she cute. so tired of her reblogging her shitty selfies 500 times and whining that no one notices her.

she thinks the reason she gets people saying shes uggo is from all white girls and it's bc she's black.

no ur just ugly.


No. 10177

she's not that bad looking

No. 10178

I think she's being kinda sarcastic, I see a lot of Tumblr people who type like that nowadays.

No. 10179


Bitch complaining about silly MP players

>"A frightening trend is surfacing in the world of online gaming – hackers rewriting code to simulate sexual assault."


No. 10182

File: 1409066499778.jpg (10.64 KB, 168x217, 7060_788685407818576_852928840…)

No. 10192


I couldn't believe that this wasn't from The Onion. It's hilarious.

Then /v/ also goes and deletes all threads about it. Seriously, guys?

No. 10201

For someone who is half horse, I guess.

No. 10238

shes not. go to her blog.
i always see girls like this on tumblr. ugly as shit and think the only people that don't think they are the shit are white girls/ white people.

they say they are posting selfies "for themselves" come the fuck on. the only reason people post selfies is for others to see and comment on.

No. 10239

File: 1409093067276.jpg (246.5 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_narqnb34WK1qbcztuo2_128…)

She does weaboo face

No. 10240


No. 10247

where the fuck are her eyebrows

No. 10250

back to the oculus rift thing, I've tried it, didnt make me dizzy or anything the only complaint was it was big and didnt feel very secure on my face.

No. 10252

In the case of nonwhite girls they might just be projecting insecurities about not feeling pretty because they're not white.

It's sad, but it happens. In my personal experience, as a nonwhite girl, I sometimes can't help but have that tiny voice telling me that even when I look my best and most attractive, I'll probably still only fall around average when compared to white girls. Then I realize that's a stupid train of thought and stop giving a fuck.

No. 10256

File: 1409106541205.jpg (85.24 KB, 640x450, 1373990500_mama-june-4.jpg)

No. 10257

Are you black?

No. 10266

File: 1409116741983.jpg (18.85 KB, 615x323, sony-vr-headset.jpg)

i hate the fish eye bullshit on the oculus rift. also it's ugly

i think the sony morpeus looks cooler tbh

No. 10267


No. 10268

she said she's non white. doesn't mean she's black, but i don't see what that has to do with anything.

No. 10269

Well if shes black she might have a big butt so then she can share pictures with stockings and garter belt combo

No. 10270


No. 10271

Got Dayum. She look like somebody old ass auntie. Can't believe she's only 20.

No. 10273

No she shouldn't. Stockings + garter belt combo looks better on people with smaller lower bodies. See: Charms, that shit ain't cute.

No. 10276

Only if youre gay

No. 10402

File: 1409186759384.jpg (84.42 KB, 979x648, 1403826955870.jpg)


No. 10416

I'm a black girl and I'm tired of mediocre ass black girls like her and Del'Andra gyaru who don't even try. Black women already have a terrible image stop making it worst. At least wear wigs that compliment you, makeup, and try to look good.

No. 10418

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. She isn't ugly but…
Anyway demanding attention when you haven't done anything interesting is extremely unattractive.

No. 10421

File: 1409196719746.png (104.65 KB, 610x357, Untitled.png)

i hate when ugly people post tmi bullshit

No. 10423

she seriously just wants people to like/reblog her selfies and compliment her.

bitch if you have to ask, you ain't cute.

No. 10451

Can we see your hair and ass?

No. 10453

I'm not a fatass like most black girls posting on tumblr so my ass isn't huge. And I have $200 imported human hair

No. 10454

Whats your natural hair like? Id still like to see your butt

No. 10465

It's… not a troll
And she isn't the only one

No. 10476

>$200 imported human hair
>not already having top-tier hair genes
What are you even doing with your life

No. 10482

Says you. That shit is hot as fuck on girls with pear shapes so long as they're not fat.

No. 10483

She looks fucking bland.

No. 10518

She thinks shes the shit tho.

No. 10519

If you go through her Tumbler, there really isn't anything to it. No cute makeup or clothes, no art or anything to give her blog any individuality.She just reblogs pictures and post selfies.

No. 10687

what's her blog url?

No. 10711

see >>10158

It isn't even that hard since you can follow the comment chain.
Don't be lazy, anon.

No. 11062

File: 1409517484923.png (815.4 KB, 1325x3280, 8heSgjV[1].png)


You guys forgot the best part:
when /b/tards doxxed the fuck out of him and he tried to backtrack and say he was joking and bawleeted everything from his dumblr

No. 11063

Dayum, I wish someone could do this to Jrcach.

No. 11131

Surprised no one mentioned this guy yet:
"David Peter Reimer (August 22, 1965 – May 5, 2004) was a Canadian man who was born biologically male. However, he was sexually reassigned and raised as female after his penis was accidentally destroyed during circumcision.[1] Psychologist John Money oversaw the case and reported the reassignment as successful and as evidence that gender identity is primarily learned. Academic sexologist Milton Diamond later reported that Reimer failed to identify as female since the age of 9 to 11,[2] making the transition to living as a male at age 15. Reimer later went public with his story to discourage similar medical practices. He later committed suicide, owing to suffering years of severe depression, financial instability, and a troubled marriage."

No. 11141

I think this just proves that gender identity isn't primarily learned. There's a lot of cases like this where it just ends in tragedy.

No. 11143

it's like split between people who actually crazy denying it even exists, and people who are fine but make up shit for themselves so they can feel ~speshul~

No. 11173

I don't understand. I did a quick little search into this case and apparently in the beginnings of the research feminist were using this as a example of equality between man and woman. How?

No. 11186

I…really don't know. Maybe they were like the leading scientist about this in how they were making extrapolations/assumptions before the results.

They probably thought that he would turn out a find young woman like, and thus men and woman are the same etc

No. 11187

I remember feminists using David Reimer as proof that gender is environmental well into the early 00's (it didn't actually come out that Reimer had reverted until the late 90s). They didn't totally give up on Reimer until he committed suicide which was global news at the time.

If you want to follow the real story look into his psychologist John Money. So much of the modern gender bullshit comes from him.

No. 11188


If you start watching at 14:16, it talks about cases like this where they try to raise a child to be the opposite sex. Bad idea. I once had a psychology teacher tell me that gender differences were entirely environmental. What the fuck? Guhhhhh. This is the problem with the social sciences, the people in them aren't real scientists and they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Obviously,there are big overlaps between the genders, and gender differences don't justify prejudice, but don't fucking lie.

No. 11192

I just don't see how proving ( or disproving) one's sexual identify is linked to how your raised has anything to do with gender equality?

No. 11196


It doesn't have much to do with gender per se, but it becomes a hot topic if you stray into wider leftist causes.

If for the sake of racial equality you believe that intelligence is all down to nurture, then why not believe the same about gender? The added bonus is that if you believe the two are equivalent then a rich middle class white woman can now claim to be as oppressed as a blue collar black guy.

No. 11198


Actually I totally phrased that wrong by focusing on intelligence.

I meant that if you believe that all racial differences are down to nurture, then why not all gender differences too?

No. 11201

I don't really think it's a matter of personal belief/ideology. I think it's more a matter of biology, and that people need to look at the facts and make their own conclusions from it. I also disagree with the notion that the races are the same. They showed us a video about how ~race is an illusion~ in school, but the people in the video were all just talking heads. They didn't really provide sufficient data to back up their arguments, imho. I understand what they were trying to say, in that race is a social construct. However, technically everything that humans label/define is a social construct. Race is just how we classify people with certain traits, it doesn't mean that no differences exist. Having a higher IQ also doesn't make you a better/more important person. It's not like people with low IQ levels are doomed to a lifetime of insignificance.

No. 11205

i think kaelin is grown up now
i saw his fb a couple months ago and hes actually bretty cute

No. 11208

Agreed, he seems like he's doing fine and looks like a normal kid now. And have you noticed that Katherine used to comment on his photos and stuff with her crazy-ass new age speech, and now she doesn't anymore? Seems like they're no longer friends on facebook, for good. I hope she's finally out of his life now.

No. 11212

File: 1409578020267.jpg (139.12 KB, 720x960, hng.jpg)

Why do I love redheads so much? Of course, evil lurks beneath. He carries the crazy gene, he must. I hear he has horrible social skills, prolly from not being allowed to socialize with anyone other than his mother.

No. 11220

my apologies. didn't even see that lmao. i've been trying to avoid those pictures.

No. 11248

god my heart goes out for this guy, he really proved that lolcowism is not a victimless crime. internet rumors say his dad got custody of him, thus his journey into regular society.

No. 11249

Hmm I love red hair too, but I heard somewhere that he is a bit of a douche.

No. 11266

Honestly I've always thought he was a cute child, I think he'd look good with long hair now (I have a thing for long-haired guys, DON'T JUDGE!). As for his personality, it's no surprise that he has some behavioural problems due to his upbringing. Honestly, I wouldn't blame him for that, he's been through a lot and it's probably gonna take a long time for him to become a normal, well-adjusted member of society. I wish him the best 'cause he deserves it, since he decided to cut ties with crazy Momma K once and for all.

No. 11284

>social sciences aren't real sciences
>hurr durr social scientists are a giant monolith
you know there are quack hard scientists too right? Based on you using "teacher" instead of "professor," I'm going to guess this was in high school. Well no shit your teacher retarded, high school soft and hard science classes are a joke

No. 11292

Nah, it was a professor, it was in my abnormal psychology class.
>>you know there are quack hard scientists too right?

But there are a lot more in social science. It's hard to bullshit when you have to show you're work. Not much new can be discovered in social science, it's mostly theoretical/ideological. Sociology especially is a fucking joke.

No. 11586

File: 1409814774252.png (72.01 KB, 671x750, umm.png)


Thinking you're still a little girl and everything you do is excused bc you're 19. Bitch you're not a loli anymore face it.

No. 11587

did anyone post this guy yet?


No. 11590

File: 1409818380658.png (25.24 KB, 487x346, homogook.png)


No. 11616

File: 1409857600707.png (46.13 KB, 300x228, so-hardcore.png)

>last time a white man tried to touch me, I snapped his finger in half and had the cops called on me.

No. 11637

File: 1409865753784.png (224.48 KB, 539x405, Stop_being_obtuse_copy.png)

No. 11652

i really think she used the word obtuse to seem smart and that's a smart sounding word to her

No. 11653

does he have mental issues?

No. 11657

File: 1409871657357.png (30.93 KB, 482x217, Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.16…)

just another edgy fag chink.
Doesn't even know what his 'profile' is.

No. 11669

Funny, some people were talking about IQs on cgl a while ago and one girl said that she was always seen as smart because she's fluent in six languages or something (I'm guessing including her mother tongue) but some time later her class had their IQ tested and her result was in the lower 90s or so.

No. 11670

meant to quote >>11201

No. 11689

File: 1409930365424.jpg (40.13 KB, 493x269, 79.JPG)

No. 11690

so he wants sum big black cock huh

No. 11697

The flaming fuck is going on here??? Is this person trying to say that the rapist is the victim?

No. 11698

No. It's like when people tell sob stories to make their point so people will have to believe them.

No. 11701

Why do jappies ignore all the horrible things they did during WWII? I know America isn't innocent, but at least we didn't go around stabbing children in their vaginas so we could stick our dicks in them. Two nukes not enough.

No. 11723

he's apparently a gay half jap half korean, so thrice the sjw retardation in one package.

No. 11734

he's not gay though, he also likes chicks

No. 11754

well, I'm seeing more stuff about dicks than vaginas on his tumblr.

No. 11763

he creeps me out for some reason.



No. 11771

File: 1409989052225.jpg (74.45 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nauif8CW1t1tjtqjao1_500…)

Many people on tumblr praise him for his looks, but to me he doesn't look attractive at all.
His face makes him look like a female, his body has some weird proportions and he looks kind of short.

I imagine his voice is squeaky.

No. 11775

He's not aesthetically attractive and being a poorly educated racist doesn't help

No. 11776

Oh god he has access to a child.

No. 11783

File: 1410013554387.jpg (43.23 KB, 395x562, opo.JPG)

he looks and sounds very tryhard

No. 11787

File: 1410016211755.jpg (31.74 KB, 400x366, 49d.jpg)

No. 11793

dude claims he lived in new york for about 4-5 years and has never experienced direct racism but still throws shitfits

i guess he has a huge inferiority complex or is really insecure

No. 11800

I wonder if that's really him, though. I wouldn't be surprised if the person behind this blog is actually a very bored female and just used photos of some ulzzang for fun.

It just seems strange to me that a guy like that is so involved with tumblr's brand of social justice – it's really a whiny teen girl thing.

No. 11803

He's gay. And Korean. Think about it.

No. 11806

>appropriating Italian culture

No. 11808

Koreans don't seem to be into the whole 3rd wave feminism thing though.

No. 11809

The majority of my male friends are Korean and I love them to death, but they don't really show a lot of feminist-like behaviours. I think it's just how they're raised. The family structure is still pretty traditional and I butt heads with them a lot because of it.
inb4 korean/asian fetishist

No. 11829

No. 11865

LOL he totally has this

No. 11866

without all the angles and brightness n shit he ain't cute

No. 11868

File: 1410087312166.jpg (45.01 KB, 666x888, tumblr_nb71vwqasL1tjtqjao1_128…)

what a faggotino

No. 11902

His friend's a qt3.14 though.

This guy patrols the asian/korean/ulzzang/etc tags on tumblr. He's really cringey himself but I love how he calls out weebs on their shit.

No. 11905

>trigger discipline

he looks white, lel

No. 11910

This. I think this dude is a fag, but I hate weebs even more. I wish more asian people would yell at them.

No. 11943

He thinks he looks like miyavi. bitch pls.
People need to stop telling him this because he doesn't. It's embarrassing how much he copies him even his tattos……

No. 11944

I think he's mixed with white and he's lying about it.

No. 11945

Um, that girl ain't cute. Looks basic 2 me. lmao @ thme grey ass eyebrows.

No. 11960

a place where I can hate SJW without transphobia?
what is this magical place.
how did I get here.

No. 11966

Oh fuck off with your tiny grotesque sewn on lifeless fake peen

No. 11967

People still care about miyavi after he wifed that model, named their kids some stupid shit, and became a sellout normalfag?
He had them crazy ass fangirls. Surprised they didn't commit seppuku or some shit.

No. 11970

File: 1410184329499.jpg (163.61 KB, 635x803, df.JPG)

what the fuck is with his layout?

No. 11979

I wouldn't be surprised if he's full asian. I've met a few asians like that who look vaguely white or pretty white, but actually aren't at all. They just inherit a certain combination of features that we typically ascribe to whites.

See: Micky thread where people are getting confused just because some of her features are ones we ascribe to asians.

No. 11987

Guhhhh it burns my eyes. Why?

No. 12003

Shes not a model, she's a host for an English language TV show about Japanese music in Japan. She's ethnically Japanese, but she was born and raised in Hawaii. They met when he went on her show, and they only got married because he knocked her up.

>inb4 fangirl whiteknighting

Their first kid was born 5 months after they got mmarried. It was a shotgun wedding.

No. 12031

The kid's name is fucking Lovelie Miyavi. Holy shit I feel so bad for her.

No. 12035

ikr. I hate when people name their kids stupid shit and don't think about how it will affect them in the future. "Lovelie" is the stupidest fucking name.

No. 12036

mention any facts about anita or zoe
watch him freak out and blame white people for every injustice
his twitter is insane ramblings

No. 12040

does he think he's a member of plastic tree?

No. 12046

File: 1410237766746.jpg (68.76 KB, 318x408, ss (2014-09-08 at 10.34.56).jp…)

> Bawwwwww white people bombed my country
> Bawwwwww white people were responsible for the Holocaust

> But the Japanese massacred a bunch of innocent civillians too

> lol dun curr

He's literally like every SJW weeb ever. Complete blind eye to the shit that Japan did in WWII.

No. 12047

what an idiot. how can you complain about white people bombing japan and just ignore WHY THE FUCK they bombed them and also ignoring all the shit they did to chinese.

No. 12053

He claims he ~never denied~ the shit things Japan did to other parts of Asia because he's half Korean. That doesn't even fucking make sense, not denying =/= acknoledging.

You could use his logic against him so well.

> Half-Korean =/= Chinese

> Just cause you ~know due to your ancestry~ doesn't mean you can speak over Chinese people and dismiss this as nothing

No. 12059

I tried asking him few "legit" questions, aka questions that weren't SJW whining about whites. For example I asked him about his thoughts on North Korea or the current relations between Japan and Korea and if he would ever travel to European countries even though they are predominately white.

Never answered any of those which lead me to believe he only answers these type of asks:
1. Asks where someone is complaining about da evil whitey
2. Asks where someone calls him out on being racist and a hypocrite (he answers with some random facts about animals)
3. Asks where someone calls him racial slurs (of course he answers those immediately, must show how white people are big bullies)
4. Asks where someone compliments his looks and asks him to sit on their face or something

Also should he get a separate thread?

No. 12062

I think he should

No. 12085

fuck off

>implying any place is completely without phobias
>implying people who go here don't stem from transphobic places
don't expect much. but I'll be nice to you, if you're nice to me.

No. 12094

I don't know what that anon was meaning but I don't agree with trans folk because I suspect there are deeper issues there that can't be fixed by giving them drugs. This is for another thread (maybe) but I can't nod in blind agreement when someone tells me they're a man or woman.

No. 12162

Hey, it's not my fault your dick can't get hard and looks retarded.

No. 12248


Idk which is worse, Lovelie Miyabi or Jewelie Aoi. Or that their moms Japanese is so mediocre that miyavi had to move to LA during her pregnancy to attend a rapid learning English school and he had to enroll his kids in a multinational school so they could learn English alongside Japanese.

No. 12337

That's fine, as long as you can be civil to them. Oh and that anon just meant to instigate.

What exactly defines a retarded dick? I get the impression that you've studied developmentally challenged boys penises to figure out what characterises a "retarded looking dick". :^)

No. 12474

stop responding to the person trolling your wonky penis ok. it just make u look butthurt.

No. 12482

man ive been out of the j-rock seen for years. would love to know the whole story.

No. 12599

File: 1410460422974.png (472.64 KB, 550x1100, 1410455758786.png)

Dunno if <i should post it here or in Zoe thread since it's related to Gamergate, but anyways SJW gets blown the fuck out.

No. 12769

File: 1410542724318.png (47.57 KB, 644x405, yyIywyL.png)

No. 12771

Lol because 'murrica never went to war. Ever.

No. 12780

HAHAHAHA I refuse to believe this isn't a joke.
>>How many pepple did u have to kill to have free health care?!?

No. 13915

File: 1411166374473.png (277.92 KB, 622x336, wrongretard.png)


"Mbeki deferred to a group of dissident—and thoroughly discredited—academics and naysayers in the U.S. With AIDS predicted to wipe out a full 25% of South Africa's population by the year 2010, Mbeki pinned all South Africa’s hopes on containing the disease on the advice of a controversial molecular biologist, Peter Duesberg, who claimed HIV was relatively harmless and that AIDS was caused more by poverty-related conditions such as undernourishment than by unprotected sex. So, instead of administering the cocktail of HIV medications known to be effective, Mbeki had his health minister contrive alternative remedies for AIDS, including beetroot and garlic."

No. 13979


Your post supports >>11292 but your picture doesn't? Even the quote you pulled says that the quacks are "thoroughly discredited".

The issue is not whether or not quacks exist, but how the wider scientific community deals with them.

The fact that Mbeki bought into the pseudoscience says no more about AIDS researchers than Ufologists do about NASA.

No. 14019

File: 1411241024125.png (35.49 KB, 720x261, tumblr.png)

No. 14022

Is… Is this a troll trolling a troll?

No. 14091

My love of pistachio must be rooted in my fetishization of men from Mars.

No. 14247

Has anyone noticed the huge increase in girls posting half nude selfies or butt pics on tumblr? And this sudden obsession over big asses and being "thick". I'm kind of tired of seeing big butt pics every time i'm scrolling my dash from people I wouldn't expect to post/reblog something like that when I followed them.

It used to be more everyone being obessed with being anorexic, but now people seem to be sort of putting down thinner girls…..maybe it has something to do with this "cyberghetto", kawaii thug, embracing of "hiphop culture while still being a fucking nerd and watching anime" shit. I can't be the only one noticing this.

No. 14248

ALso excessive use of "bae", "thot", and other black/hip hop related slang.

No. 14249

It's not just you. I appreciate seeing a nice ass but when it's Nicki Minaj tier? That's just fucking nasty.

No. 14252

>something to do with this "cyberghetto", kawaii thug, embracing of "hiphop culture while still being a fucking nerd and watching anime" shit

Yeah, why is this a thing? I don't get it.

No. 14255

This is why I stay off Tumblr, the community just makes me rage. The trends are all just "everything I like mashed together, combined with what I wish I was". It's pretentious as living fuuuuck. None of these nappy headed kawaii hoes grew up in a ghetto. All these tumblr faggot "sub-styles" need to just be classified under "hipster" from now on, because that's what it fucking is. Different hipster sub-styles.

No. 14360


she claims she started cyber ghetto and that she gets paid when ever people use the term, though clearly the money comes from those shitty ads on her blog.

No. 14361

Like it's really weird to me. More and more girls are doing these kinds of pictures while their face is still attached to their blog. Now taking selfies of your butt and boobs is just as normal as taking one of your face.

No. 14362

I also feel as though thin girls/girls without huge fat asses are being put down now for some reason. Why can't they just appreciate all body types without tearing down another? But people keep saying thin shaming doesn't exist and doesn't matter. pls.

No. 14367

>With the net-ghetto’s we’re trying to take those thing and make them normal and not ghetto. Take for example the long nails 1 year ago if a black girl had really long nails everyone would call her ghetto as an insult but now you can walk around with long nails and say i’m cyber/soft ghetto

It's cool she's soft ghetto, not full on ghetto.

No. 14369

Does she really think people will think like that? To most there is only one type of ghetto and they're not gonna put you into a tumblr sub-category.

And wtf is the "net-ghettos"? This shit is getting out of hand.

No. 14373

Okay, I don't get this shit. First ghetto is considered a "racial slur" and now they want to be called "soft" or "cyber" ghetto? Seriously, Wtf? I don't consider long nails on black women to be ghetto unless they're those long obnoxious ones that you can't do shit with. When it comes to those I always wonder, HOW DO YOU WIPE YOUR ASS???

No. 14466

File: 1411522233849.jpg (131.16 KB, 768x649, _20140923_211942.JPG)

>omg stop victim blaming!1!1!
>don't teach how to stay safe!! just tell them not to do it!

She can't be serious with this shit, can she?