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No. 1249634

Previous thread >>>/ot/1225693
board rules apply. no racebait. ignore & report bait

No. 1249642

I guess it could be considered an orientation if it only counts the "aromantic asexuals" so those who genuinely do not desire any kind of non-platonic relationship. People may argue that even then it's not a natural orientation but a symptom of another underlying cause, but if the asexual people themselves are otherwise fine and do not see a problem with having no sexual or romantic desire then there is no point in trying to change that.

No. 1249647

I don't trust people who are okay with situationships/fwb, the concept itself sounds childish and chaotic

No. 1249650


No. 1249663

The "Trans epidemic" should be treated with anti psichotics and therapy, not hormones and operations.

No. 1249667

My friend has a fbw relationship, she wants sex but doesn't want to deal with the rest of the man lol

It's a stale moid bait nonna

No. 1249672

Based. No other mental illness has treatment by giving into the ill person's delusions or wants.

No. 1249687

Not speaking of het relationships, but honestly it feels childish to set rules for each other like you're a parent and having to give up your privacy and own personhood and alonetime for the sake of a relationship. The ideal relationship to me is a friendship with benefits, like an actual friendship and there are benefits and you're monogamous because you feel like it and not because you have become the official prop of your girlfriend on TikTok and now constantly have to be loyalty tested and watched. Like this new obsession with wanting an official relationship asap bugs the fuck out of me. No getting to know each other, straight to being on a texting and call schedule from the first week on Tinder, then plans for moving in after 2 months probably. You want anything less or you're not glued to your phone and you don't post photos on Instagram or Snapchat of what you're constantly doing so everyone can keep an eye on you? You're such a fuckgirl! Even though they're the one going through a "committed relationship" a year which blows up and causes lots of drama. It's like having to live up to standards from American romcom movies or TikTok relationships.
Despite all this invading of each other's privacy and not giving any space, somehow everyone managed to find time to cheat on each other. Like whenever I actually hear of what happens in the community it's either weird trans shit, weird kink shit or all the fucking cheating. Sounds more neurotic, dramatic and childish than my years long situationship/relationship with my ex, both still positive about it, only non-toxic experience we've had. It was simple and uncomplicated, just felt natural. I really don't get why trying to commit asap and jumping into the deep, moving as fast as possible, is seen as a good idea. Yeah if you're male attracted and dealing with men, I get it, but why does this have to be with samesex relations too? It's also like the uhaul and 10 hour long date memes have gone from being ironic to now having become legit expectations or else you don't really care about her. So yeah if that is what the modern relationship is, I do prefer friends with benefits, like actual friends not just casual hook up partner. Or situationship. And if that makes me sus, so be it. And I'm not femme so it's not like I can actually be in the closet, so it's not about that either. Sorry for the rant.

No. 1249692

Most men deserve violence. Especially the white ones

No. 1249929

If you still live in the Anglosphere as a native English speaker shut the fuck up about US-centrism. Especially if you're British because it's literally your fault the US even exists in the first place.

No. 1249936

Kek damn go off sis

No. 1249940

I do not think children's lives are more valuable than adults' are. Like I understand most parents would rather sacrifice themselves for their kids if they had the choice, and it's not really about parent-child feelings, I just don't agree with the premise that the person who lived, always deserves to live more. For me the more someone lived, the more of "a person" they are, and the bigger the effective loss left behind them is, on like, a very abstract level.

No. 1249970

File: 1656878811125.jpg (146.14 KB, 1062x714, ER_s1i3X0AI0uF-.jpg)

The only good part of summer is watermelon. Everything else can fuck off

No. 1249991

Literally what Patrick Bateman said in the novel American Psycho kek

No. 1249995

watermelon has a horrible texture and the taste isnt good enough to make up for it

No. 1250000

Only if its old. Fresh watermellon has an amazing crispy texture.

No. 1250002

Cherries and strawberries are superior.

No. 1250008

No. 1250033

Boooo nta but my biggest gripe with most other fruits is they’re too sour, I love watermelon, best flavor. I hate honeydew and the texture of blueberries is gross, and blackberries are too bitter. I do like cherries but I’m too afraid to eat them now cause of the worms. Grapes are also really good. THESE ARE MY FRUIT OPINIONS.

No. 1250035

I respecc your fruit opinions. What do you think about bananas and apples?

No. 1250047

I'm fine with the texture but I find watermelon bland compared to other fruits. I'm with this anon >>1250002 although I'm also really fond of nectarines.

No. 1250073

please do not blaspheme the watermelons

No. 1250228

Watermelon is bland compared to some fruits but it is the least bland of the melons

No. 1250251

'Kay Idk where else to write this but I'll just put it here, in the off-chance that this IS an unpopular opinion. Today I was dicking around on Youtube and saw these videos of air traffic controllers being sassy to airline pilots, and vice versa. Some of it was catty (think passive-aggressive high school girls) but most of it wasn't that funny. Guess you gotta be autistic or something to think hearing someone go "Earth to Endeavor 4611" is comedy gold. But then I stumbled upon this Youtuber who does shit like vidrel. They host "RP" sessions where one guy is the air traffic controller and all the other guys just goof around in planes and do fake callsigns and spout random air traffic lingo. It's the oddest fucking thing I've ever seen. And somehow this youtuber guy gets like half a million views on these vids. Everyone in these vids sounds like a stoner or a weedy Russian kid.

No. 1250256

When I was a kid, if I did an assignment and no one else did, I didn't get mad if the teacher forgot about it. I just thought to myself "Everyone else is going to have to do it tonight, while I'll have less work? Nice, glad I got that out of the way"

No. 1250260

the tower guy was kinda funny. this video is just reminding me of how high stress it must be to be an actual air traffic controller. seems very scary to be responsible for maintaining the safety of so many lives.

No. 1250261

I absolutely fucking hate TikTok and will never download it mostly because watching people eyefuck themselves at the camera while lipsyncing makes me feel physically ill. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone when I see TikToks.

No. 1250267

Is that unpopular? Genuinely asking

No. 1250277

Same, and I’m going to risk sounding like a boomer when I say tiktok induces some kind of mild brain damage, particularly in kids. I’ve heard some elementary school teachers talk about their students pre and post tiktok and it’s surreal. Tiktok content is basically cocomelon for kids/teens.

No. 1250368

“Play stupid games win stupid prizes.” is retarded reddit speak

No. 1250371

I don't like the phrase either, but I just remember it from 4chan scrotes gloating about protesters being hit by cars.

No. 1250372

Good flavor but sometimes the texture is too off putting
Nothing wrong with the flavor or texture I just don’t really like them for some reason. And even though I hate sour things I prefer green apples.

No. 1250377

it got very popular on aita posts

No. 1250403

I think the phrase "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" is funny. I just laugh whenever I read it, not sure why. Can't hate it

No. 1250468

I agree, it's like too much sugar. In small doses it's perfectly fine, but it's designed to be addicting and takes up time kids would use to develop their brains and bodies by instead making them stare at a screen until they feel insecure about how they look. Kids also soak up information by default, so they think Enby McButcherboob is telling the truth about how safe and good it is to take hormone blockers after hearing it over and over again.

No. 1250629

I genuinely like looking at Dollskill and I think their models are pretty, and the clothes are interesting. Trashy as fuck, unethical, and I'd never wear them, but you can't deny they're nice to look at

No. 1250637

You don't sound like a boomer. I am 32 and I uninstalled TikTok after a few days of using it because I can feel it affect MY brain and attentionspan, too.

It's an awful social media, giving too quick of a dopamine fix and stealing hours from you at a blink of an eye. I really don't think ANYONE should be using it.

No. 1250644

I ain't reading all that cope, are you the weirdo from the relationship advice thread?

No. 1250645

I was watching the tiktoks in the condo on thread and one of them was a woman saying dumb mundane shit but in that “aren’t I so funny” tone of voice while organizing her excessive consumption and the camera was constantly zooming in and out. I think it’s supposed to be a funny effect because for whatever reason gen x decided that zooming in is comedy gold, but it just reminded me about some shit I read about the addictive quality of childrens cartoons where there’s constant scene changes, color flashes, and motion.

No. 1250652

>watching people eyefuck themselves at the camera while lipsyncing makes me feel physically ill

I absolutely hate that too, something so offputting about those clips, especially with the quick transitions of light/colour/movement

No. 1250656

It’s fucked. It’s become the very definition of social contagion for me.

No. 1250678

>The ideal relationship to me is a friendship with benefits, like an actual friendship and there are benefits and you're monogamous because you feel like it
I feel the same way. I would rather keep the freedom to be myself. My friends like me for who I am and tolerate my 'flaws' because if they do not like me, they can take it or leave it. They choose to love me and understand me. In romantic relationships and some friendships too it seems no matter what there are these special expectations to be something very specific for the other person, and if you fail, in their view you don't care about them enough. You break up and they despise you for disappointing them. The idea of being in a romantic relationship tires me. I'm all for establishing authentic connections with people; meaning accepting each other as we are and enjoying each other's company because we choose to, offering gentle support instead of being controlling and expecting things and ultimately being disappointed in the other for not being up to some subjective standard. So far it has been rare as fuck to run into a person who doesn't get consumed by idealism, jealousy, expect regular sex, and become overall possessive. I'm not going to make any type of a silent agreement and sign myself over to someone.

No. 1250864

I think most of the nonnies here are probably cute just from seeing obscured pics on the kibbe/plastic surgery thread. It makes me sad how so many normie looking women consider themselves ugly because of what they see online.

No. 1251039

Some mental illnesses are like the universe's way of preventing someone from discovering the truth. For example, if someone can see into the future, they may become overwhelmed by the amount of intense visions, to the point where they develop psychosis. No one can find out the truth of the universe and stay sane.

No. 1251047

I never press tofu, no way am I going to wait just for that

No. 1251051

Yeah, schizos were once seen as shamans,

No. 1251066

Which weirdo? You got to be a little more specific than that, but probably not. I don't think I've contributed in recent threads.
You get what I mean.

No. 1251070

The social media hate threads should be merged into one. I still post in all of them.

No. 1251072

I think one has to have pretty high opinion of themselves already to be posting their pics on an imageboard, especially one known mostly for extreme nitpicking on every single detail. So imho nonnies that post their photos are the hottest ones so not really representative of the rest of us

No. 1251079

I'm average and I posted a pic of myself once (with everything important censored naturally). One nonnie said I'm obese and should apply myself, other nonnies told her I just look average so that made me feel better kek. But I have seen a twitter cow post her full face on /g/ (before people found out she's a cow).

No. 1251080

I posted myself in the kibbe thread and someone pointed out something really objective and factual but that I’m insecure about it sorta stung kek, I’m alright looking and I’ve seen people in the plastic surgery thread, they all have cute mouths and noses. They’re always like,”I look old” or say their chin is too weak but the truth is that cuteness exists in many fonts and that Instagram models are kind of plain anyways. Yeah they’re pretty but not striking Maybe this is just me after huffing too much copium.

No. 1251149

Salad dressing is unnecessary, gross, and bad.

No. 1251159

It makes everything soggy

No. 1251171

if moids didn't lurk here i would probably post myself too so i could have constructive criticism, some nonnies are harsh but i feel like i'd get honest input for once

No. 1251179

File: 1656973732599.jpeg (798.29 KB, 2500x1875, morallyreprehensible.jpeg)

The single most superior way of organizing a bookshelf isn't by author or name or volume or genre or color or height. It's by date bought. Just stacking them right next together, even if there's eight books smacked between volume 2 and volume 3 of books of the same series. It's just the right amount of chaotic and cozy. Everything listed from author to genre are too library-ish, which I can appreciate I guess, but isn't for me. Color and height is very ikea-bookletish, and if that's your kind of aesthetic, then, anon-chan, please, tell me, what went wrong in your life?

No. 1251183

It scares me when people absolutely drench their salad in dressing, especially something like ranch or blue cheese. I do like salad with a tiny bit of oil and vinegar, but there comes a point when a salad is not a salad anymore.

No. 1251189

How do people live like that? I remember when I used to use IG frequently and was trying to curate a page that made my life look semi-interesting and scrolling through I was always comparing myself and my life to everyone else. The minute I deleted that was one of the best things I’ve done for my mental health. It was nice to just go back to living without having to document every little thing I was doing or plan outfits and makeup around a single IG post. I realize this is about tiktok but I think they are similar in some ways.

No. 1251190

they are all extremely mentally ill and insecure. people who live liek that are just not happy people.

No. 1251194

I respect it, I only really press mine 50% of the time and will just give it a quick pat down otherwise

No. 1251195

Nayrt but does it actually matter that much? I always press it but it’s annoying.

No. 1251196

Looking at the colours just makes me happy, no big deal. Comfortable for the eyes.

No. 1251197

I don't understand people who don't sort books by height. What if they physically don't fit on your shelves?

No. 1251198

IMO, sorting by color = pretty

No. 1251199

wrong. its ugly af

No. 1251202

It's ok to be blind

No. 1251226

this, there's just something visually satisfying about varied colours and some chaos especially with books

No. 1251228

color is the most notable thing so of course it looks good. 100% agree

No. 1251267

Sex work is not work. Neither is it empowering.

No. 1251305

This modern hysteria over spoilers is so stupid - good stories are not ruined by spoilers, unless they're specifically mystery themed.

No. 1251322

Tiktok is more based than Twitter/Tumblr. Frequently I'll see a Tiktok reposted on those sites and it receives completely hysterical reactions. Then I find the original video on Tiktok find the comments and reactions on there much more rational and level-headed.

No. 1251329

None of them are based tbh.

No. 1251341

"Rosie the Riveter" isn't a "feminist icon". In fact due to how much the illustration's been appropriated and bastardized, I've come to hate the original. Faggots taking a piece of American culture and ruining it, without even bothering to learn about the history behind it…

No. 1251342

I'm going to counter this as someone seeking a fwb relationship atm, but aren't friendship breakups significantly more painful than relationship ones? Sure I agree with what you said about how friendships feel vs romantic relationships, but when things go wrong in a friendship they really impact you a whole lot more than a relationship.

Based, pressing tofu is unnecessary

No. 1251431

Alice: Madness Returns would've been better if there was at least one hot male character. Wouldn't even need to be a love interest, just pleasing to the eye

No. 1251445

Ellen Page was always fucking ugly, nothing of value was lost.

No. 1251531

Why are you so surprised by that, that’s how the anons feel about unattractive women like Shayna.

No. 1251534

File: 1656998581588.jpeg (369.87 KB, 1365x2048, 84465035-8579-4809-9F91-578867…)

You are not only wrong but >>1251501 this.

Shayna is a pedopandering weirdo there was never any hope to begin with

No. 1251536

you’re all so full of shit if she were to be some scrote-hating terf who came out denouncing twitter trannies you would all be kissing her ass and calling her gorgeous, beautiful, all of that fluff compliments you give exclusively to women who fit your insane standards of eurocentric feminine beauty

No. 1251538

>all of that fluff compliments you give exclusively to women who fit your insane standards of eurocentric feminine beauty
Wtf? Why are you implicitly weaponizing non-European women for this lol

No. 1251543

No. 1251544

It’s a Twitter fag, I can smell the pronouns in bio from here.

No. 1251547

I dont get this, are you saying Ellen looks nonwhite?

No. 1251551

no I’m saying only anons give a shit about the stake her abritrary beauty has because they’re also white as well, everything on this website is just so white, /g/ is full of white scrotes, celebricows thread adores white people, it’s always white i’m tired of seeing them everywhere

No. 1251557

Sounds like that's your personal problem.

No. 1251558

t. probably a guilty white woman
Anyway, what should they do? Become transracial for you? Kek

No. 1251580

Pretty much. Obsession with blue eyes and pale skin. Anons weird fixation on big boobs and being weirdly defensive of having IVF to have biological kid "because adopted kids are screw ups", nitpicking cows for having ethnic features etc. I swear to God some people here have the same mindset as neo nazis, seriously I've never seen a non-white person do ANY of these things

No. 1251599

NTA, but the original rant anon. I didn't have a friend break up, I'm still friends with my ex(?), just don't have the benefits anymore. Nothing went actually wrong, we both look back positively on that time. The only people trying to keep us from hanging out are generally whoever she's dating next, because I'm seen as a threat. That is the main downside tbh, if you stop the benefits and she goes on to date someone in the typical way. You automatically become "the ex" anyway and seen as a lot more dangerous, because of still being friends.

No. 1251602

I'm probably here more often and longer but some anons can't even say they personally prefer brown eyes without a butthurt blue eyed anon sperging about how they're coping, height spergs, the "studies" anon from CC who kept projecting their macromastia fetish on everyone. If you said you had pale skin you were accused of humbebragging. And there's an anon who constantly sperges about how they "need to spread their good genetics" which is why IVF is a necessity and adoption won't do because they think adopted kids are all demonic mistakes

As for ethnic features seriously? Anons always nitpick hair texture, nose size being the biggest one, or saying cows look "dirty" if they're anything outside of a pure skinny white girl. mickey and kenna are examples I can think of. Almost every single black, middle eastern or latina cow was constantly called dirty and had ethnic features nitpicked, even that chubby Filipina girl

No. 1251604

Nonna, which Kenna are you talking about? SimplyKennas thread were active only on PULL, no one cared about her on LC.

No. 1251605

Ok maybe you should look for a community with an userbase that isn't predominantely white then. Idk you can hardly blame white people for posting about other white people and sticking to their own beauty standards.

No. 1251625

Are you saying all white people are racist?

No. 1251628

File: 1657007210046.png (94.98 KB, 625x626, 38c (2).png)

No. 1251633

In my case I'm inclined to disagree because the only so-called friendship breakup I've had happened because she had a crush on me and expected a level of loyalty that was ridiculous and relationship-tier. It felt the same some relationship breakups did because of the whole "you've failed my expectations" spiel. Most of the friendships that have ended in my life phased out organically, because with friends I've always been able to choose a comfortable level of engagement, and sometimes it's very little. Either because it simply works or because I've had to set a boundary to only engage a certain amount for my own wellbeing. I find there are levels of friendship that romantic relationships lack; romantic relationships are very all or nothing and the aftermaths reflect it. Friends drifting away doesn't hurt me, it just means we've grown apart. In a relationship there is a certain attachment that breeds resentment if broken. It can be very sudden. That resentment hurts, because in the end what mattered more is not who I am, but how well I fulfill the "girlfriend" role. Often there is nothing left to salvage, because the value of the relationship was in getting something specific from the other person. It was never about actual chemistry.

No. 1251635

No. 1251651

In a memorial for the victims of the recent school shooting in Texas, I remember one write up for a 10-year-old girl was like “She always loved making TikToks and hoped to have a viral video someday”

No. 1251671

Didn't the lolcow statistic poll say most users were actually Asian?

No. 1251678

I don't care if my skin ages if I don't have a skincare routine, we're all getting old anyway, it's impossible to remain wrinkle free and not sagging forever.

No. 1251681

Same, and I never got the whole "premature aging" thing. Who fucking cares. My skin ages with life, there's nothing premature about it.

No. 1251683

I haven't heard of that poll but can you really trust that considering the amount of weebs here kek I'm big doubt.

No. 1251687

My only skincare routine is:
-sleep well
-eat well
-drink plenty of water

No. 1251698

The biggest thing to age skin is sun exposure, so I guess all skincare anons should just become hikkis

No. 1251703

100% agree anon but some folks ignore basic care like spf and do shit like intense tanning and you cant tell me them looking like leather bags at 35 isnt premature aging from bad habits kek

No. 1251730

There was a statistic poll? Where can i find it?

No. 1251732

Why do moids like comparing women to cars "being unused" every single moid I new autistically obsessed over old cars

No. 1251737

Meh this site attracts communities that tend to be mostly Asian women, I believe it. This was also years ago when cows like various twitchers, Asian cosplayers, etc were more active instead of everyone just obsessing over ewhores

No. 1251755

Ayrt and I agree, those people are insane. I don't really bother with sunscreen unless it's summer and I'm on a hike or something, I'm the kind of person who crosses the street to get some shade.

No. 1251764

Not slathering myself with that shit ew

No. 1251768

well it's different everywhere, it's weird to me that people obsess about sunscreen, putting it on everytime they go out. Sunscreen make me acne horrible anyway so i avoid it unless i'm all day at the beach or something. I'd rather burn a lil bit and it be gone in a week instead of suffering with acne for two months because of one day using sunscreen.

No. 1251842

There is way too much fear around aging in general imo. I think the narrative that once you turn 30 you’re an elderly crone is incredibly toxic because all things considered, it’s still pretty early in life. Some people don’t work things out until then and most people in the early 30s don’t even look much different from how they did in their twenties. I realize eternal youth has always been the desire but it is weird to me that people focus so hard on numbers, like when incels say the moment a woman turns 30 she hits the wall. I don’t understand this, but I feel like having friendships with older women has helped me get over my own fear of aging because they usually really know what they’re about. I will say I get annoyed at the ones who are like 40 or 50 though and obsessed with finding “cures” for wrinkles or aging or whatever. Like it’s embarrassing for them, just accept that everyone gets older, including yourself. Nothing wrong with it and if anything, it’s a success to live a long life.

No. 1251845

I was never taught to wear sunscreen growing up and had some skin wrinkles on my forehead by like twenty because I was very outdoors all the time. I started wearing it and it did slow that process down, so I do trust sunscreen now. It makes me break out on occasion but I’d rather have the minor acne tbh. No hate on anyone who doesn’t like it, I understand because it is kind of uncomfortable if you put too much on. I just feel like it has helped a little.

No. 1251867

I’ve never seen a sperg about brown eyes being ugly and I’ve been here since 2014, maybe you’ve been on here too much. Also you’re choosing to be here even though it’s a shitty, catty, dumb gossip-centric gossip board so that’s on you.

No. 1251869

There's nothing wrong with ghosting people and it isn't as confusing and distressing as people make it out to be unless you are literally socially retarded. Take a hint.

No. 1251871

No. 1251874

I've only once seen an anon say
>meh, brown eyes are boring
and it provoked a ton of replies, kek

No. 1251881

nta the brown vs blue eyes infighting happens like monthly, it's so stupid from both sides kek

No. 1251882

I agree so much, I've actually thought of this a lot. It used to be if you moved away or changed jobs or something, you would fall out of contact with people naturally. Now, because of social media and phones everywhere, there's no normal way to just let relationships dissolve. Ghosting is literally fine, you don't have to keep messaging and responding to people you don't like and it's weird to expect people to write messages explaining they don't want to be friends anymore vs just not talking. Only exception is if you're actually dating. Other than that ghosting is fine.

No. 1251885

This. If the Sun kills me, it just wasn't meant to be. What a lousy lifeform I was to succumb to that. I'm not going to pay for some chemical cocktail to have peace of mind.

No. 1251886

Exactly. When do you ever see anons fawning over any woman at all? You could post the hottest supermodel and it will be the most bizarre mixed bag of “she’s beautiful but she’s __” “shes fucking ugly” and then like paragraphs of unsolicited advice about her appearance she will never see from women who are mid in comparison. If they’ve supposedly been on lc for a long time you’d know that even the most stereotypically attractive women are not impressive to a lot of anons.

No. 1251888

Men who have a history of hoeing or are "experienced" is the least sexy thing in the world. All I can think of is how they're going to do uncomfortable things thinking they're sex god's just because women in the past pretended to like it to hurry sex over, compare you to partners in the past, or have bizarre made up stories about how they totally made a hot ginger busty Asian cougar virgin squirt so hard she lactated and pushed out her IUD. Some of these men are so bad at making up stories it's insane

No. 1251891

Reminds me how someone posted in the celebricows thread how Jordan Peterson called a supermodel ugly and the responses were agreeing with him and calling her obese when she looked normal, oof.

No. 1251895

The constant expectations to "keep in touch" has caused me to ghost multiple people I didn't really care to legitimately ghost but was tired of seeing them complain about how I don't participate in their constant small talk. I feel like "ghosting is bad" only really applies for people who are romantically/sexually involved only because it can confuse some people

No. 1251898

She was beautiful but she was also obese. People calling her ugly was weird to me though.

No. 1251901

File: 1657031546296.jpg (138.96 KB, 700x913, 1-6284aea51d1d3__700.jpg)

She is definitely overweight, but I see fatter people in public who I would call obese. (Not a murrican, I live in Europe)

No. 1251903

she is not 'normal' i would not say obese but she is fat/overweight

No. 1251913

She is likely obese, obesity is a medical standard not a perception. People have just seen way too many super obese people to recognize something as "little" as this is still obese too.

No. 1251916

My body is about the same size as this, and I'm medically classified as obese, even morbidly obese.

No. 1251918

She's fat yeah, but technically fat is the normal in most western countries now lol

No. 1251926

she's "fat" but imo she looks very attractive

No. 1251929

I’m not a person who requires small talk, but I had a long distance friend once who would initiate calls with me every day and then out of nowhere stopped talking to me. She came back two years later to apologize but didn’t give a reason, then repeated the same process again. I still don’t know what I did and an explanation would have been nice. People like that can eat shit. Why play with someone twice like that? I don’t care if my acquaintances ghost me but this was just weird.

No. 1251938

I was somewhat like this minus the everyday calls. In my mind I was supposed to go above and beyond to maintain a friendship but it became extremely exhausting so you only keep a very limited amount of people in your life. This is only because this is what most normies expect socially from friends so you assume everyone is like that because normies also think communication is annoying/weird

No. 1251949

She is obese. Fuck, I am obese, and I am smaller than that.

Her face is beautiful, yes, but she is not "normal".

No. 1251952

i mean, she is normal though. that is a normal size that many people are. normal only has to mean that it's standard/common. it doesn't mean she isn't overweight, and she's certainly not ugly.

No. 1251956

the Jordan Peterson Ellen page tweet got me thinking that getting a mastectomy for aesthetic reasons isn't that much more unheatlthy than getting a breast augmentation. both come from a woman's severe mental distress surrounding her body, both are unnatural, pretty sure a breast augmentation is more dangerous too. why be for the criminalization of one but not the other?

No. 1251962

Because moids can't comprehend a woman spending thousands to look in a way that is unappealing to them, same reason why the foam at the mouth over breast reductions (even though they'd most likely prefer the "after" look of most breast reductions nude vs in clothes anyway since breast reductions clean up sagging, asymmetry, and extremely large areolas all in which moids find unattractive)

No. 1251970

Maybe that’s what it was for her then? I still wish she had just said something. I would have understood if that was the case, because I wear myself emotionally thin trying to be there for people all the time.

No. 1251971

I might not be pro tran but any woman who wants to alter her chest can do so. I'll never think a woman is 'ruined' just because she chose to remove her breasts. Maybe that's because I don't view woman as just walking sets of tits. Some people do.

No. 1251974

This. Scrotes can’t understand why any woman would do something that isn’t related to be appealing to them. I think it’s fine for women to have their breasts removed for whatever reason that isn’t related to “that’s what will make me a man”, and as long as they understand the risks that come with that particular surgery. It’s also not like that would be a deterrent for men who want to be shitty, they’ll fetishize and fuck anything. I’m convinced we can’t escape objectification no matter what we do.

No. 1252132

I would

No. 1252150

The driving force behind women removing their breasts is utterly sad. You can't tell me that most women like Ellen Page didn't do it because of men indeed viewing women as walking breasts and the misogyny that comes with being female. How fucking sad is it that we've reached an era where women are supported to hack off their chest because deep down she hates being objectified and viewed as a woman and desperately tries to escape that. It's not about a woman being breast-less, it's about what caused her wanting to be why I'm not supportive of it.

No. 1252174

> hack off their chest
Having watched someone go through a mastectomy for cancer.. can we please stop referring to having a mastectomy done (no matter what the reason for it is) as hacking off your chest? It's gross.

No. 1252179

Agreed. Slutshaming has only worked for me in the sense that I'm disgusted by males (males only) that sleep around, which is one of the last things it intended to. Walking petri dishes.

No. 1252191

It was just figure of speech, calm down.

No. 1252209

>no matter what the reason for it is
There is no point in completely removing healthy body parts.

No. 1252210

>It’s also not like that would be a deterrent for men who want to be shitty, they’ll fetishize and fuck anything.
Exactly, it's absolutely pointless. Women should never have to get healthy body parts removed just because moids cannot behave. Why don't men get their dicks removed if being around women gets them so hard they cannot control themselves?

No. 1252236

I genuinely will never see the big deal if it’s done with adequate care by a professional, seasoned doctor in sterile surroundings. The problem isn’t elective mastectomies, it’s the lack of education. I do not see how it differs from a rhinoplasty. It is still our bodies and still our choice. To me, it hinges entirely on whether they are making an informed and careful decision they will not regret.

No. 1252237

She has a very beautiful face

No. 1252240

Rhinoplasties are also pointless butchering

No. 1252245

And it is not up to you to decide whether it makes someone happy or not. Rhinoplasties are also harmless when done by a skilled doctor that cares about their patients. The problem is that this is rarely the case, both for elective mastectomies and for rhinoplasties. No one deserves to be botched for being mentally ill. Doctors should be held accountable, moneyfarm clinics should be shut down, and there should be stringent education for those seeking either. If it isn’t a rash decision and is done carefully and makes them feel better, so be it. It isn’t our bodies to govern. Again (broken record I know) if we had more education and it wasn’t so kneejerk taboo to talk about the horrors of detrans there would probably be a lot less rash surgerical procedures being done. We need to improve the whole system yeah but taking it away or being upset at Paige for removing some technically non-functional tissue doesn’t really change anything.
>inb4 seethe cope dialate or whatever
I think bottom surgery is a horrible way to butcher people because it isn’t benign and the effects it leaves behind are cruel and awful

No. 1252254

Imagine caring so much about male opinions that you feel the need to mutilate yourself over them. Rhinoplasties and elective mastectomies are the two sides of the same internalized male gaze coin. Whether you mutilate yourself to appeal to moids or to repel the moids, in the end it still means that moids live rentfree in your head.
>And it is not up to you to decide whether it makes someone happy or not
Cocaine also makes people happy, should it be legal and widely available in a ~safe environment~?
>No one deserves to be botched for being mentally ill
Exactly. They deserve proper therapy for their mental illness not physical butchery.

No. 1252258

What you're saying is on the same level of "I don't see the big deal with girls starving themselves to a bmi of 15 if it's done under professional care, it's their own choice". Terrible example because that would never happen irl but do you get the point I'm trying to make? It's not a problem that a woman makes a decision about her own body, it's that there's heavy mental stress if not downright mental illness behind that decision and women need to be protected from that instead of being supported to mutilate their bodies.

No. 1252264

>I think bottom surgery is a horrible way to butcher people because it isn’t benign and the effects it leaves behind are cruel and awful
But it makes them happy, so what's your problem? Why is it up to you to decide what's cruel for another person? Maybe they like the pain? How can you define "butchery"?
Seriously, stop this delusion. "Umm well if (this obviously self-destructive act, born out of self-hatred and mental illnesses) makes you happy, who is anyone to judge???" is how we ended up with troonacy in the first place.

No. 1252276

I agree except for
>anti psichotics
I don't think you have any sort of grasp on what psychosis is or what psychiatric medications are.

No. 1252288

It isn’t the same, it’s a completely false equivalency. A mastectomy is still benign and not having breast tissue will not have longterm harmful effects. You can be angry but it still isn’t your body or your decision. I genuinely just want better education and for people to stop demonizing ftms as if they’re actually harming anyone.

No. 1252292

Removing breast tissue =/= removing or adding on to a complex sex organ filled with so many veins and nerves that it will rot and reject if you don’t spend the rest of your life on immunosuppressants.

No. 1252297

If the person's an adult, they consent to it and it makes them happy, why would either be wrong? Many get both procedures, are you going to tell them their "happiness" doesn't matter because of your opinions? It's not for you to decide anon

No. 1252299

While we're at it, is self-harm/cutting okay to you, as long as it doesn't go too deep? That's not even removing tissue, technically, it's even more benign. Is that a decision we should defend and accept?

No. 1252303

Scarification is gay and lame but if done and cared for properly in a way that it isn’t harming the persons nerves or tissue and heals superficially, yeah still their body and their choice. And still gay and lame.

No. 1252305

Ok so you're 14 mentally, got it

No. 1252306

This isn’t true at all. This is completely wrong and you know it, you’re just trying to be contrarian in any means possible because you hate that anyone alters their bodies. Bottom surgery results in so many suicides and lifelong complications. Mastectomies do not, just as breast augmentations do not, you’re just being a pedantic cunt now.

No. 1252308

I’m mentally 14 for knowing it is not my right to govern the bodies of others like a dictator and simply hope and push for better education and resources, yeah, okay.

No. 1252315

It's called sarcasm. I'm using your own retard logic against you. "I want to do it, so it's okay" is never an excuse to defend fucked up shit. Use your brain, you delusional fuck. If anyone's a pathetic cunt, it's you for trying to defend depressed, mentally battered women mutilating themselves with the aid of money-hungry doctors and calling it "freedom". You cannot separate these things, they stem from the same problem, and that's women's bodies being pathologized and shamed, coupled with dysphoria (a literal brain problem). Mutilation is not a cure for shit, and neither is destroying your hormones. I'd say "seek help" if "help" in the western world wasn't a million-dollar industry paved with women's blood. In the meantime, stop shilling that horseshit here, we see enough of this grooming on Twitter

No. 1252322

>You're a dictator if you don't think cutting yourself is okay
Brain worms

No. 1252325

I’m not shilling it I’m just not demonizing it and spewing vitriolic hatred for those who do it. I’m here for cows, and I don’t believe having a mastectomy in of itself makes you a cow. We will never, ever improve or change if we consider this kind of hatred and governance to be “activism.” Once there is more education it becomes less taboo, and less people will desire it and will subsequently become disillusioned from thinking it’s a magic fix-all. It’s an unsustainable craze, but I will never dehumanize causalities. I’m literally just saying that if they don’t regret it it genuinely does not matter as it’s just breast tissue, and reducing us to breast tissue is just as contradictory. I’m not delusional, I’m just settled in a healthy middle-ground where I refuse to hate ftms and mock them maliciously because everyone else already does that.

No. 1252339

What hatred? What dehumanization? All I've seen anons say here is that it's a bad thing to do. It is bad, from every standpoint but the weakest "But it makes me happy" (just like getting high would make a drug addict happy). If your defense for something is "You might not regret it" and you champion that, the door is wide open for literally anything else, I don't understand how you don't see that. Ironically, by claiming it's hatred for those who do it when all we've said is that "chopping off your breasts is bad", you're actually reducing those women to breast tissue. You're just reducing them to the act of removing said breast tissue, like that's their whole identity. If you're actually complaining about the fakeboi thread in /snow/'s entire existence, that's because some FtMs also act like cows online on top of the existing self-destructive and/or coerced decisions, that's just life. There are no sacred cows on lolcow.farm. Many of them post misogynistic and hateful BS aimed not only at themselves, but all women, but we shouldn't say anything? Fuck that

No. 1252346

I’m not talking about those cows—I agree a cow is a cow. I’m just not comparing a mastectomy to drug addiction because those are completely false, melodramatic equivalencies. It’s not like I’m saying sewing a grafted sausage to your genitalia is uwu validating and okay uwu. I just don’t think mastectomies are the harbinger of misogyny, sorry.

No. 1252355

You tried to claim everyone here hates FtMs because they rightfully pointed out that self-harm because of mental problems and internalized misogyny is a bad thing, that's way more melodramatic. You're on the same level as the "uwu validation" squad because your mindset is the exact same. There's nothing affirming or healthy about self-mutilation in any form, it's all dumb shit that makes moids richer and blames the female body for not fitting retarded moulds, end of

No. 1252364

It's so weird it's women who get slut shamed when men objectively act worse and become delusional when they sleep around, slutty women often just get low self esteem or at worse just joke about it. I've never in my life seen women make up weird sex stories or spread lies about male anatomy all because they're experienced

No. 1252369

>everyone here hates ftms
I literally just said “everyone else hates ftms” and it made no reference to lolcow. Have fun being revved up with hatred all the time, I don’t care. Baw about breast removal, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and ps all you want but it isn’t going anywhere so whatever girl.

No. 1252384

Aw not you again, for fuck's sake. I recognize you from the Roe v Wade thread.

No. 1252387

>I didn't say you hate!!
>Omg you're like soo hateful whatever girl!!
I'm guessing either Twitter made you so brain dead that you can't even think straight, or you were just born this way and you're really, really annoyed that the whole world isn't like that. Good luck to you either way, sorry we don't stan breast mutilation sis

No. 1252393

It's weird moids are now blasting Ellen page for slicing her tits off considering how much they use to complain about how flat and disappointing her tits are. Like shouldn't you moids be happy that the flat and disappointing tits are gone and she become the male you claim "she might as well be"? I also partially blame them for her wanting to troon out

No. 1252409

Anything a woman does or looks like is a problem in moid's eyes. Sadly, that won't stop some women from wanting to satisfy them.

No. 1252415

You're right but Ellen stopped them all together from making harsh comments about her body. "Who cares what people think" anons aside, as a lesbian, it's sometimes difficult to feel completely feminine, having people strip you of your femininity because of uncontrollable features on your body would obviously make you want to give up all together. Being FtM is an easy way to get people to shut up or even better, some people will even backtrack and claim you were super feminine before or something. I also feel like this is why a lot of tifs will show off their breasts and hips or humblebrag about how feminine they look. Insane expectations of the female body has definitely made a lot of women troon out

No. 1252427

I don't know, anon. She looks fucking miserable this way, and IIRC she even broke up with her wife or gf for not "accepting it" well enough. This isn't some big "fuck you" to society, she just seems utterly broken

No. 1252443

You don’t have to stan it, just acknowledge that it isn’t your body or your decision to make. Simple as.

No. 1252445

Nta but we will see. Paige has literally always looked neurotic and anxious.

No. 1252446

I think I really like my large aquiline nose even if it’s ugly for a woman. After seeing so many non-distinct conventionally attractive noses I feel like it adds some character? I’m glad that I feel this way because I’ve been bullied for my nose all my life—for example being called a “witch” or having my ex’s friends who used to only refer to me as “the bird” behind my back. I hate how women and girls with large noses are disparaged for this at a young age and made to hate a feature that’s so easily botched by surgeons just because our noses aren’t sloped. Maybe the point was to bully me into a nose job? I never had money for that but I remember begging my parents for one when I was 11, which is fucking sad looking back as a fully grown woman. Sadly a number of girls get nose jobs as graduation presents because our hatred of big noses runs deep. I’m never getting a nose job and I am proud of that, idgaf.

No. 1252452

those types of noses are godlike, anon

No. 1252454

>the bird
Men genuinely just cannot go a day without obsessing over the way women look

No. 1252455

Same goes for all surgery, including bottom surgery, stop being so hateful you transphobe(back to twitter, tranny)

No. 1252456

I do not think having more access to mental health services would have stopped any of the mass indiscriminate shootings young moids have been carrying out. I think the more recent ones are all just as much of a social contagion as eating disorders and self-harm are.

No. 1252460

I think we should just not allow moids certain freedoms. They can't be outside after 6pm, can't be online, can't own a weapon, and be monitored every minute of every day. We should be treating them like the unstable time bombs that they are.

No. 1252464

You’re trying so hard to “gotcha!” me as if actual genital mutilation is comparable. Autists creates very black and white thinking.

No. 1252466

Im very happy for girls who found happiness or a community in it but the way “curly girl method” hair looks genuinely makes me gag..it looks so segmented and greasy and disgusting to me, maybe I just have a weird visual trigger or something. Im so sorry curly greasy gorls

No. 1252471

No I agree. My hair is curly and I wash it every 3 days max. Can’t stand walking around greasy.

No. 1252476

Probably super unpopular opinion but curly hair in general almost never looks good to me. Whenever I see those before and after pictures of women doing the curly girl method, I almost always think they look better before. I’d sell my soul to have naturally straight hair kek.

No. 1252481

No one gives a shit that you want to cut your tits off and change your name to Bakugo. Don’t expect others to play along and ~validate~ your delusion.

No. 1252487

What "gotcha"? I already know you're dedicated to dying on this hill, it's just fucking sad. By the way, a lot of diagnosed FtMs also have autism, but I'm sure you think that's just a happy coincidence

No. 1252488

i hate how people call basically any hair "frizzy" these days, esp curly. it leads to lots of people over oiling ends and looking greasy

No. 1252489

But some people are respectful enough to participate in their delusion, you’re such a miserable sour puss acting like a downright cunty animal because she wants to get rid of her boobs.

No. 1252490

You're in the wrong neighborhood matey

No. 1252491

I’m not ftm I’m just not melodramatic about breast tissue.

I believe it, don’t care either. You’re different sides of the same coin.

Yes everyone who disagrees with you in the unpopular opinions thread must be twannies.

No. 1252492

NTA but
>participating in delusions
No, it's patronizing and enabling. The exact thing people do when they don't give a fuck and just want you to fuck off and 41% so they can live in their happy little bubble without questioning society

No. 1252493

Lol you mean cowardly and brainwashed. Sorry I’m diagnosed with being too based. You will never be a man.

No. 1252494

"Don't care" and "not ftm" but you've been trying to force people to support and accept breast removal for hours, crying that it's hateful not to, etc etc. This fixation is a sign of actual autism, you know? Like a special interest in trooning out. I don't have it, but you sure seem to

No. 1252496

Everyone notices that you’re trying to minimize your shit take by focusing on mastectomy instead of the mentally illness that is trooning out.

No. 1252498

Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it, truth is very subjective. I could be a man, a woman, anything, and there really is nobody stopping that fact because reality is different for everyone. You will never be a truth crusader, you are just on the other extreme end of braindead zealotry where you don’t think, you just respond to the primitive signals in your mind that hates anything different from muh white, skinny, lana del rey, no-wokie guud me guud my whiteness guud i’m a stupid white bitch that cries and weaponized human emotions to get what I want. White women are absolute repulsive robotic demons who scream at innocent women in public and when reinforcements are called you break down in fake alligator tears to shift the attention on you, that’s what you do and your incessant bitching and whining about aidens is exactly that. White women will never have power or responsibility all you do is just sit on your ass and terrorize other women for their decisions or only care once shit hits the fan for you. Die in a fire anon

No. 1252502

KEK what's goin' on itt!

No. 1252504

Kekkk, you really struck a nerve

No. 1252505

But my take isn’t about transgenderism and is literally just about the cosmetic act of breast removal. Women get breast reductions all of the time, I don’t see the big deal, I really truly don’t. You keep saying it harms them but that only happens if they regret it later (most who go to a reputable surgeon don’t) and they aren’t botched with like, rotting nipples that aren’t falling off.

No. 1252506

I’m the original anon and >>1252498 is not me

No. 1252507

LmaOOO biology isn’t real we live in a simulation WAKE UP NEO

No. 1252508

Sorry samefag I meant to say that >>1252498
is me

No. 1252509

The sanest tranny everyone

No. 1252511

Monumental reach, I can open a lolcow tab every half hour or 45 minutes and type a 35 second response. I’m not forcing anything, you are genuinely so melodramatic. This is the unpopular opinions thread. I’m not upset, not seething, not coping, not an Aiden. Sorry that just evades you for whatever reason.

No. 1252512

Why are you doing that kek the racebait sperg is not me, talk about worms for brains

No. 1252513

Pretty sure that’s a troll just trying to derail because civil discussion is impossible for them, but it’s hard telling

No. 1252514

File: 1657074978794.gif (565.65 KB, 220x175, 1655600979390.gif)

>I’m not forcing anything, you are genuinely so melodramatic. This is the unpopular opinions thread. I’m not upset, not seething, not coping, not an Aiden. Sorry that just evades you for whatever reason.

No. 1252515

And you know I’m right. What is the most difficult thing that a normal white woman has experienced in her life? The slightest mention of struggle, strife, suffering that does not relate to her very experience flips their Ice Age neurons into anger mode and tell people to fuck off and start calling random anons trannies and scrotes for not agreeing with them. Not everyone is a terf and many people don’t care about radical politics and it will remain that way for a very long time. You aren’t going to change the entire world into what you think is correct, it’s only YOUR truth that your little free-thinker brain believes in. So fucking autistic, the only thing you read is /pol/ politics because the only connection you have is to image boards while you hypocritically call trans men “terminally online”. What the fuck are you then? A sane person? You smelly bitch? Get it right, you are exactly like them you’re just a smelly bitch with the political leanings of a 13 year old boy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1252517

Bitch you know anons aren’t mad about breast reduction, imagine trying to gaslight on a Chilean felting forum.

No. 1252518

Nta but why are you so angry?

No. 1252519

Didn’t read plus ur trans

No. 1252520

Any anon who gets angry when a woman gets a breast reduction/breast removal is a trad thot who thinks all women are fertile goddesses and if we alter our bodies that must mean we are no longer women and trying to be like men. Anons on here are all conservative retards and it’s funny because they were crying about roe v wade but who’s the one trying to take your rights away? Don’t even get me started on the eurofags who get bitter because they’re mad Americans care way more about our lives than their stupid ass countries.

No. 1252521

Someone challenging their delusions makes fee fees hurt!

No. 1252522

Because I’m so tired of having my life dictated by other white women and I’m pretty sure I absolutely fucking hate them. They are inherently racist, me expressing my anger towards them is enough to get them to act like smug idiots because they know they are the very mold of evil that get away with everything. I had to hijack anon’s little infighting because it just had to be said. Have a great night dumbfucks!

No. 1252523

I know for a fact you’re white

No. 1252524

>me expressing my anger towards them is enough to get them to act like smug idiots
On the internet? You don't say!

No. 1252525

Did you know that the “white women are so evil” meme is blatant misogyny? Tard

No. 1252526

Again I am not the racebait anon. I’m also not posting anymore just because this actually isn’t like integral to me or anything and I’m genuinely just chatting—I have no desire to alog or write manifestos and I don’t think this >>1252522 >>1252515 is anything but a troll. I don’t really have actual qualms with people who disagree with me on things that aren’t like, genuinely important rights-wise so sperging like above doesn’t serve me any purpose. Goodnight anons.

No. 1252527

So all this shit was just some weirdo white enby/TIF from burgerland chimping out all this time?

No. 1252528

>trad thot who thinks all women are fertile goddesses and if we alter our bodies that must mean we are no longer women and trying to be like men
Way to reveal you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, trad thots absolutely are for altering their bodies for scrotes, be it mommy milkers or dainty waifs

No. 1252529

But she's not white, she's nonbinary!

No. 1252531

Imagine how things would stay the same that’s how much white women contribute nothing to the world but making other women’s lives worse than they already are. Who was the one sniffing out slaves and snitching on them? Wasn’t just the scrotes.(racebait)

No. 1252534

Your gender identity doesn't make your skin any darker Becky

No. 1252535

You are a white troll trying to stir outrage, go to bed

No. 1252538

I don't think there's anything wrong with having incest ships, abusive ships, age gap ships or shipping underage characters together. I think when done right incest fanfiction can be some of the hottest there is.

No. 1252539

On a woman? Aw ty anon I wish I had more people who felt that way. Usually only lesbians appreciate stronger noses on women bc men are too fragile for it
Yep not to toot my own horn but I’m actually very good looking and my nose is my one not so cute feature so they were literally nitpicking a screenshot that they took from a video of my side profile bc it has a bump. These losers were actual incels and even had the audacity to say to my ex that I could “get it” if I wasn’t dating my ex. Like uh what happened to me being a bird, are you guys aerosexual/aviansexual now?!

No. 1252540

there's nothing wrong with breast removal as long as you're an adult and not a tif. i don't think anyone cares about the procedure itself unless they dislike all plastic surgery in general, the problem with it is that tifs get rid of their breasts and then pretend that they're no longer women because of it

No. 1252542

What a scrote mind does to a mfer (and if you’re not please do us a favor as women and disappear)

No. 1252543

NTA but could it be that you’re the crazy one and that’s why everyone, not just white women, thinks you’re insane? Chances are that other people know you’re batshit but you only notice white women being “smug” because you hate them to begin with. Or maybe they can sense you’re seething at them and that’s why they don’t like you kek.

No. 1252549

lol mods ban this ugly hysterical chopped up tranny please, they think white women can't get raped or something too idk didn't waste time reading too much

No. 1252552

Incest in fiction has been around since ancient times nona. Hell, even Flowers in the Attic was published way back in 1979.

No. 1252554

it is impressive how the anons arguing with you had their reading comprehension crumble because a troll posted a totally unrelated post. some "feminists" prefer to act as superior and short sighted as as possible for the sake of radicalism when the most theory they've obviously read is reblogging a solanas quote once a month on tumblr

No. 1252555

a lot of those dynamics are normalized to some degree and accepted unless you're a foaming at the mouth anti. if they were entirely taboo flowers in the attic and wuthering heights wouldn't be considered romances tbh

No. 1252559

I am begging you to realize that was extremely obvious b8. And if you scroll up, they were banned.

No. 1252560

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is actually >>1252508 >>1252522 >>1252515
This is such an obvious troll but anons are conveniently responding like this is a real person, I’m assuming to aid their “argument”. Some women think they’re so #pinkpilled that they refuse to care about or think about the bigger picture or what we actually need to do to improve things. I’m an adult and I don’t need to alog or attempt to derail someone by pretending to be a nonwhite liberal to redirect the tone of the discussion, I can literally just close the tab and move on.

No. 1252564

NTA but didn't you say "goodnight" before? Anyway, weird that you're complaining about no one arguing with you now, but you ignored >>1252528

No. 1252569

Once again, like most of you, I close and open tabs randomly when I’ve got downtime. Scrolled /ot/, replied to that response in passing. Also >>1252520 wasn’t me, I didn’t even read it or the response to it. I’ve been on lolcow for years, it does not hurt or trigger me to see differing opinions, and I don’t consider excessive alogging to be productive either.
>Anyway, weird that you're complaining about no one arguing with you now
Can you like really not read? Not once did I complain about responses or wanting an argument, now you’re just making shit up.

No. 1252570

File: 1657081095784.png (35.53 KB, 1775x258, 3782.png)

>"I won't be posting anymore, goodnight anons, I can literally just close the tab and move on"
>"But here I come to infight and shit-stir again"
Winning hearts and minds with this sort of thing, definitely not seething. Let the thread rest and recover, go to bed. You can start up your next booby butcher brawl in a day or two, everyone's had their fill

No. 1252574

Nothing about my tone implies shit-stirring or infighting. Also, you really think you’re doing something by posting a screenshot of the fact that I added that you just completely made up a statement I did not make as an afterthought because it isn’t true. You are the one stirring up infighting.

No. 1252579

I added it to show you attaching inflammatory, antagonistic bait just for the sake of it, proving that you're way more invested in this than you probably should be. You and the other anon were claiming the others' reading comprehension "crumbled" because of the baiter, when all that really happened is that you weren't the main one getting replies and attention anymore. You posted some tinfoil that the troll must've actually been the anons you were arguing with because you still can't let it go. If you want to twist that into "making shit up", that's alright, but you really just need to log off, close the tab, and take a break like you claimed you were going to. If people who reply to you are all the problem(s), then the solution really is to just stop replying instead of pretending you will and then coming back

No. 1252582

Nah you really just want to argue, why lie

No. 1252583


No. 1252588

File: 1657083177096.jpg (69.61 KB, 564x558, 484a38599f6ff5f65013645677a434…)

Minions memes contain unfathomable depth, are absolutely profound and will be known as a key relic of internet archeology one day. On the surface level they are dismissed as nothing more than Facebook-tier middle aged women's shitposts, but the fact that these creatures can transcend appeal through all ages, races and mental capacities is a feat in itself. What other avatar of memery can compare; both zoomers and grandma Tessie love them. In comparison, does grandma Tessie know or give a fuck about Amongus? No. Add to that the grainy compression and retarded chaos of a premise/joke present on most of these images that give a glimpse into the state of mind of its creator; truly a hopeless psychotic soul. A impressively apt glimpse into the current state of the greater human psyche, as we combine that which shouldn't make sense, that which should hold no aesthetic, philosophical meaning or appeal. They are are a cry to our creator, if such a thing exists, that we no longer can stomach reality and have lost the desire to make meaning of this wretched 3d plane. We long to escape out mind and flesh prisons.

No. 1252590

I just think they're funny and silly

No. 1252599

Dark winged liner looks good even if the person has light hair and the makeup doesn't 'match.' As long as the wing is done correctly and the style is suited to their face I pretty much always like a cateye look. I also don't think wearing winged liner without full face of makeup looks weird at all. I don't know how unpopular this actually is but I've seen several people complaining about it recently and it irked me.

No. 1252609

Unironic facebook mom minion memes are still funnier than any reddit man could ever hope.

No. 1252611

I usually don't wear them these days but I love winged liners! I do think it can look a little weird if you're not wearing any other makeup at all, but it's not terrible.

No. 1252626

I am one of those people who hates plastic surgery and disagrees with the whole idea of it, why are you so invested into defending unnecessary surgery just because "moids hate it!!!" Moids also hate fat women, are you going to defend morbid obesity next? And no, breast tissue really is not useless and removing it is not just harmless and breast reductions mostly get rid of the fat while trying to keep the breast tissue.

No. 1252628

>3 hours ago

No. 1252631

Not even that long since lolcow is not that fast of an imageboard.

No. 1252642

For many people breast reduction is necessary, most women who get breast reduction surgery have very large boobs that cause chronic back pain.
I think plastic surgery in general is kind of trashy but breast reduction is one of the surgeries I don't see much of an issue with.

No. 1252643

are you new?

No. 1252646

Oh yeah and people get double mastectomies if they are genetically predisposed to breast cancer.
And just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should police what others do with their bodies. I don't like plastic surgery either but I'm not gonna piss and moan online about the women who choose to get it.

No. 1252649

Same. Breast reductions are medically necessary since carrying around several pounds of fat is awful for your ligaments and bones, if I hadn't had a breast reduction I'd probably need to get multiple back and neck surgeries a year, I still go to the chiropractor from the damage it did to my neck and back

I remember people on CC will shame women into not getting breast reductions and accuse them of lying about their pain. An anon came in claiming that her breasts were 12% of her body weight and anons called her blessed, hot, etc and praised her for not getting surgery after she complained about her neck and back going numb and years of pain, anyone who said otherwise was "a mad chestlet who wanted her to mutilate herself". It's weird because we can comprehend how extra weight on legs, arms, etc can cause bone and muscle problems but people magically play dumb when it comes to breasts

No. 1252650

I just said why full mastectomies amd breast reduction are not comparable. Breast reduction doesn't actually remove the breast tissue, but the fat surrounding it so I'm not at all against breast reductions.
Cancer predisposition is still a health concern. And the more plastic surgery is normalized the more it will be expected from every one. People make fun of you for your large hooked nose? Just get a rhinoplasty and stop being ugly! The nose itself is the problem, not the fact that certain nose shapes are needlessly mocked for superficial reasons!

No. 1252653

I promise you women are not going to be ostracized into getting mastectomies, anon.

No. 1252654

Didn't the tiffy say she'd fuck off hours ago lol? Doesn't seem like it

No. 1252658

Emotional abuse around breast size can pressure women into getting drastic and unnecessary breast surgeries. Sure the actual problem is the people shitting on women but bashing the woman falling victim won't do anything until we discuss the people who actually push women into doing these things

No. 1252664

You genuinely believe that you’re only talking to one person at all times?

No. 1252665

>Sure the actual problem is the people shitting on women but bashing the woman falling victim won't do anything until we discuss the people who actually push women into doing these things
You are so right but also it's harder to discuss this issue when so many people push the "it's her body she's not harming anyone!!" angle which does shift the discussion from societal misogyny and extreme beauty standards to a simple matter of body autonomy. Much like the "sex work" debate actually.

No. 1252671

>random anon brings it up again hours later
>anons currently online reply
>who would think different anons have different takes on an opinion
>must mean it’s a samefag

No. 1252680

File: 1657091535394.jpg (64.57 KB, 570x737, il_570xN.693562753_3a56.jpg)

I low-key love when incels bitch about "western women", using the term western specifically and then going on to describe us being independent and not taking their shit. It makes me feel like a badass femme fatale from an old western movie

No. 1252697

chiropractors don't do anything and are pseudo medicine…

No. 1252698

File: 1657092836311.jpg (54.44 KB, 780x438, intro-1586294632.jpg)

i hope more of them get their lives destroyed by women from other cultures. that's why anfisa is a queen. this fat dude was constantly complaining about women in the "west" being "feminists" and he got his comeuppance so hard from her. love her.

No. 1252722

It definitely helped me with pain and posture. Pseudo medicines can work and lots of people use psuedo medicines in everyday life such as ginger for nausea, get because it's not a million dollar bill for multie surgeries and buckets of sickness inducing pills doesn't mean it doesn't work

No. 1252753

And in the "not-west" the men there complain about their women being unattractive prudes while they see "western" women as big breasted sex machines (that are certainly not worth anything else but sex). Moids are worthless and unappreciative all around the world and I thank every woman who fucks them up.

One of my friends got actual nerve damage from her breasts being too big and messing up her posture and ended up getting a reduction. It quite honestly makes me fly into a fit of rage seeing people try to make women stop from getting breast reductions just because big booba so hot and gorgeous when they risk severe health issues with them.

No. 1252909

>Much like the "sex work" debate actually.
This exactly. Choices aren't made in a vacuum, and a lot of people fail to see that

No. 1252917

Same tbh I don’t give a shit unless a person is just intensely obsessed with that stuff and gets weird about it. Otherwise idgaf if people want to ship fictional twins or explore dark things that way.

No. 1252918

This. They’re usually not trying too hard and make me laugh every time.

No. 1252944

I don't watch 90 Day Fiance but every time I hear some story about a woman marrying one of the actual creepy mail order bride motherfuckers and just absolutely taking him for everything he has I laugh my ass off. The men are getting everything they deserve for thinking they can buy a submissive houseslave online and not treating women like human beings, I hope all the women who fuck them over are able to start genuinely better lives with the resources they get out of it.

No. 1253562

I literally cannot with moids who shamelessly just make up shit about female anatomy just so they can look like "lady experts" or whatever. The coomer moids who say shit like "I penetrated her uterus, she lactated so hard out of her massive tits bro and squirted gallons" is one thing, but it seems like some will just pull shit out of their ass for no apparent reason? I had a moid tell me my anemia was because of high estrogen like wtf, and then another moid tell me I shouldn't breastfeed because I have small boobs and the milk will be "bad". Ironically I ended up being an overproducer. The funniest part is that when you correct these moids they'll either continue their weird hentai obgyn larp or just go dead silent. Why even bother making up stuff up that you know could be wrong and then not being able to handle the embarrassment of being wrong?

No. 1253565

File: 1657177318743.jpeg (9.08 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

Sorry brakalakalynn, just because you enjoy rubbing your swampy cooch to incest doesn't mean everyone else wants to or that it's mentally healthy
>Inb4 it's just a fantasy
I swear to God if you use this defense you're confirming yourself to be a gross moid, only because gross moids always use this defense for pedo and incest porn and then 9/10 times when you check their history they actually do attempt to fulfill their fantasy

No. 1253569

I've never once heard this. Every single person who talks about roses in the attic specifically mentions it's fucked up and it was considered a horror book and wuthering heights has always been labeled a tragedy

No. 1253571

i read recently that studies are showing that brothers are now sexually assaulting their sisters at high rates that usually and historically were dwarfed by evil and predatory fathers (likely becauase of porn).

No. 1253573

100% because of porn and "FaNtAsYs". College girls were getting assaulted in record numbers because porn decided to start sexualizing them, then it was foreign women, then teachers, nurses, etc, then moids in positions of power played in porn (doctor, massage therapist, etc) started assaulted women and now people act as if we're pearl clutchers for taking note of a pattern and trying to stop it. A fantasy would be fucking a celebrity or something unrealistic, fucking a family member is completely realistic and disgusting. Are we all supposed to trust that "we're not going to be like them this time! Let us have our gross fantasies"?

No. 1253593

Kill yourself

No. 1253611

File: 1657183095668.jpg (205.67 KB, 1440x1373, Screenshot_20220702-234318_Vid…)

To me it is so obvious that men are to blame for ethot photoshopping and the evolving beauty standard. I never see anyone talking about it, only blaming the women for editing their waist to be the size of their head and their face to look like a sex doll. Do you really think they enjoy spending time doing that shit, then having to look in the mirror and see their real self? Of course not, but I believe many of them feel they have to because of men's standards, and the fact that so many other girls are doing it so if they don't, they'll look ugly by comparison.
I just was thinking of this cause in the skyleigh momo or whatever thread someone wrote "how can anyone believe her shops are real", that's absolutely right but the truth is unfortunately many men are fucking retarded and do believe it. In a world where men think these insane edits are real, ofc a non edited girl will feel she has no chance at love/relationships.
The other day I showed my bf a screenshot of a video of a girl on ig doing her makeup, I said check this out, she has tape pulling up her eyes. The tape is extremely obvious to me, he kept swearing it's her natural face and she didn't do anything lmfao, I increased the contrast and he finally saw. Why would people even believe someone who isn't asian has this kind of eyes naturally is incredible to me, but men believe women can have anime character proportions too.

No. 1253628

People saying bachelors degrees are worthless are just jealous they didn't get to go to college

No. 1253630

Eh I'm from an EE and know a few women with eyes like this, all you need is a little bit of tatar heritage. But all of your other point stands of course. Can't imagine the depth of body dysmorphia of any woman who edits her appearance regularly and like you say, it's the coomer brained society's fault first and foremost that this is what they think they have to look like, so I don't blame them for doing it to themselves.

No. 1253632

I have a bachelor's degree and it's useless but i'm art major so it's different I guess?

No. 1253633

>anemia was because of high estrogen
lol wtf. this seems like some weird stereotyping thing like anemia = weak and weak = woman and woman = estrogen. why can't we just ban moids from discussing hormone and reproductive anatomy all together?

No. 1253635

Uni is for forming contacts, so if you have a degree in humanities or arts and don't just study out of mere interest, and are too autistic or introverted to play social games on campus, it can seem like a waste.

No. 1253645

I have never heard of this. In my country bachelor graduates are sought after because they have good theoretic knowledge that blue collar workers don't have and also have practical appliable skills that uni graduates don't have.

No. 1253728

Morrisey is an ugly whiny annoying faggot and I refuse to believe any woman is attracted to him

No. 1253738

yeah i agree

No. 1253760

Chocolate and strawberries aren't a good combo
Chocolate and fruit aren't a good combo

They're great separate but chocolate covered stuff are a meme

No. 1253764

Lol no. I went through Master’s and looking back it was a huge waste of time and money because even though I got a good job, I could have still found one without the degree that makes just as much. I only went to college because I was extremely naive at 18 and my parents were adamant about it. Looking back I wouldn’t have gone and I encourage every kid just out of high school to look at all their options first before jumping in, or at least waiting a little bit to go to college.

No. 1253800

As if there would be any publish/funded research about how women are even 1% better than men. Technically since women have more connectivity between the two sides of the brain we would be smarter, there was even a bit of research on it before it was "withdrawn". We are no more progressive nowadays than 1800s "woman dumb bc brain smaller than man's". It's just more complicated terminology nowadays. If they don't even tell the basic truth about reproduction like trust your perceptions does, then do ppl really think we're any more progressive?

No. 1253896

You can pry chocolate covered raisins from my cold, dead hands.

No. 1253904

Nah, keep them.

No. 1253939

Bill Chipher is not an interesting villain.

No. 1253969

What kind of studies? I have us being able to smell more, see more colors, being better and preferred in STEM and coding when we hide our sex, being better at big machinery too. We also have women having more education, jobs, and houses than men in a lot of places like burger land when you compare generations and trends. We kill them across the board in most things tbh

No. 1253973

Also to add the Ovum chooses the sperm. It may chose no sperm if non are acceptable. We think the opposite because a freak moid made a frog jizz on leather pants

No. 1254020

File: 1657219169967.jpg (5.25 KB, 236x236, smug little kitteh.jpg)

Get help

No. 1254041

he works well as a hot white guy in a suit, that's all that matters.

No. 1254060

Having a silent X chromosome that holds "superpower" like abilities that sperm deactivates, re typ's blog. Also parthogenisis (certain electrical currants in the body can trigger it), intuition (fluoride and tech and medicine and pollution and other shit messing with the amygdala & pineal gland deadening our intuition), telepathy (advanced communication, women already have lil convos with just eyes and microexpressions). Controlling nature and faith healing if you want to get woowoo, too.

No. 1254064

Never. Can't wait to get some later.

No. 1254065

Idk about jealousy since I usually hear it from people who have one but I agree that they're are absolutely still valuable with the exception of a few career paths. Job searching/interviews with and without a degree were two entirely different experiences for me. So glad I went back.

No. 1254089

I'm with you nonnie, I fucking love chocolate covered raisins

No. 1254141

I like him and his music but I don’t think he’s attractive like at all he doesn’t have any sex appeal and seems asexual

No. 1254151

are you the same person who has been talking about human parthogenisis before? whatever the case do you have some links or further reading i am very interested

No. 1254154

I wish all those shoop vs reality accounts and videos wasn’t pushed on girls so much and pushed on men instead, but it doesn’t give them a boner so they don’t give af

No. 1254163

File: 1657226876969.png (186.89 KB, 597x600, haj.png)

I don't find the Ikea shark plush comfortable to sleep with. Mine was second-hand but if I bought it new I'd return it.

No. 1254168

File: 1657227032703.jpg (605.25 KB, 1800x1800, Fiesta_Shark_Blue_Fixed.jpg)

it looks kinda ugly too
i like this one better or the hammerhead sharks that come up on google

No. 1254372

>secondhand blahaj
I hope a troon didn’t have it first nonna

No. 1254424

File: 1657245004471.jpeg (134.21 KB, 750x854, E0193A78-F463-4425-9512-02EB39…)

I’m starting to like Julia Fox because of the moid seethe she causes as she chooses to dress and look like this. Obviously I don’t know if she’s physically healthy or not, but if she is, more power to her for choosing her own vibe even as someone born so stereotypically beautiful

No. 1254426

staring at that navel made me realize why stick thin stopped being the standard right around HD cameras popularity

No. 1254428

Now that you mention it, that is a weird bellybutton.

No. 1254439

is her stomach like this from childbirth or was it lipo or something? Her skin looks rippled

No. 1254440

Does she really make moids seethe? I remember seeing them thirst over her when Kanye picked her up, and she gives pickme vibes with the obsession with being called a "MILF" (even in photos to celebrate her child's birth), fake ass, being proud of being a meth addict and the "love letters" about sucking scrote dick, etc

No. 1254447

It's probably from lipo. If I'm right, when the surgeon is too rough it creates that unnatural flat look.

No. 1254450

File: 1657248913281.jpeg (63.55 KB, 683x757, 8976233F-FD09-4AA7-849C-D3843C…)

Yes her stomach is most likely the result of botched lipo
Yes she does, moids constantly talk about her ruining her looks, how “washed” she is etc., and hated the avant-garde styles Kanye got for her, since this is probably the first time they saw a woman in fashion that weren’t created for picrel.
Before this, moids were completely obsessed with her thick sexay character in Uncut Gems and coomerposted all over the place with fancams of her ass shots in that movie. She has her issues and was a dominatrix so is more sex positive than I agree with personally, but after vocally supporting Amber Heard, I’ve tried to let go of my own biases over her as I do like seeing women in the public eye openly choose an image for themselves that is contrary to what men expect of them, and doubly so if it’s somebody who they considered a sex symbol

No. 1254451

File: 1657249656002.jpeg (44.83 KB, 590x350, 2BAA82E8-3997-4C76-8DD9-CBA376…)

Samefagging to add a bit more proof of men’s hatred of strange, avant-garde or alt fashion that isn’t sexy egirl goth.
These hairstyles are clearly faked for this Marc Jacobs show, yet there was absurd moid meltdowns about the Hadids on Twitter where they begged for these looks to be fake, talking about how hot they were before and how ruined they were.
This MJ collection was kind of shit tbh and some of the fashion Twitter accounts were way too flattering to it in their defense of these looks, but the bald caps are VISIBLE! Moids are seriously blind. And even if they were really shaved and styled…it’s just hair.

No. 1254453

Possibly but it also looks like she has a veiny stomach

No. 1254468

Bella looks good like this. She would seem less painfully insecure in an alternative style.

No. 1254474

>stereotypically beautiful

she looks like she would be in an IRL version of the “death by snoo snoo” meme, what the fuck are you talking about? I swear lsafags love to lie about people KEK

No. 1254488

I like her too. I stay quiet about it but you should never justify liking women tbh the worst she is is a pickme, if you have a man idoru they’re probs a molester

No. 1254489

No. 1254491

She is beautiful when she’s not trashed and making stupid faces with bleached brows. Relax.

No. 1254493

I think people who say "lsafags" at innocuous posts must be projecting

No. 1254511

I sent this to a group chat and a notoriously sexist MRA supporting moid commented a disgusted gif and said she looks like a demon kek point proven

No. 1254522

Anons will hate literally anyone and everyone. She’s a queen.

No. 1254524

I don’t know who you are but this made my entire night thank you so much.

No. 1254613

Libfems who don't understand why a movie could contain violence and be rated PG-13 but is rated R with boobs and sex scenes, like, would you rather watch a violent action scene with your parents or a sex scene with your parents? That's why. Idk why people like to play dumb over things that could be potentially sexually arousing

No. 1254677

People need to do some sort of self reflection if they’ve been cheated on in every or most relationships they’ve been it. This does not mean they deserved it. This means that there is a pattern in the type of partner they choose and it needs some addressing.

No. 1254713

i like her now too. i disagree with some things she does but she's clearly willing to be outspoken despite being relatively unknown and her main supporters being gross coomers. good for her. i hope she doesn't associate with postleft faggots anymore.

No. 1254972

Sounds victim blame-y. Not all cheaters are blatant and dumb about it. It’s like people who blame women for picking men who lie, are emotionally unavailable, who become more controlling over time, watch porn behind their backs, say insensitive things. That’s just most men and you’re more than likely going to encounter many like that if you’ve dated in general. I only think it’s an issue if women continue to stay with men who repeatedly display those behaviors, because then it’s not being blindsided after finding out a guy’s true colors, it’s just enabling by showing them they will always be forgiven and still get to have a girlfriend after fucking up.

No. 1255015

File: 1657296207953.jpeg (840.05 KB, 2000x2400, 90F4662B-E8AE-404A-A083-CAE438…)

Not an LSAfag, this is what she looked like a few years ago. I think she looks great here obviously, but I don’t think I need to explain why moids were all over her. I also think it’s cool that she’s embracing a new, avant garde style.

No. 1255020

File: 1657296745979.jpeg (289.71 KB, 1064x1500, F8A576D2-CA8D-4510-9257-DABE41…)

Fr, ppl will say shit like “he has red flags so he’s hot!!!” and then get surprised when they get cheated on or something bad happens.

No. 1255029

File: 1657297595911.jpg (168.94 KB, 1200x1600, 20220708_182148.jpg)

I don't like how now so many champions have a star guardian skin, it kind of cheapens it for me. I didn't mind that much when they made the second group (though having ezreal as one of the "magical girls" was not the best idea in my opinion), but now it's getting ridiculous.
Basically what I'm saying is that they should have stopped with the star guardian skins after the first group, maybe with the second one if we exclude Ez

No. 1255095

Men getting cheated on? Yes. Women getting cheated on? No

When women cheat it's usually because the male is emotionally neglectful or they don't bother putting in the energy to be a good partner. If men cheat most of the time it's due to their own selfishness regardless of how good a partner is. I've met amazing and beautiful women who've been cheated on by moids and I've also met homely trailer trash who manage to find faithful men

No. 1255153

> I only think it’s an issue if women continue to stay with men who repeatedly display those behaviors
…. Did you not read what anon wrote? That was her point lol

No. 1255511

I’m starting to think she’s a fucking alien trying desperately to fit in

No. 1255684

Colorism exists in white people but not how people think (not pertaining to skin color). I'm middle eastern and had a baby with a white guy and his family is weirdly more colorist than mine. His mom obsessed over the baby having blue eyes and literally texts me every day to "make sure the eyes are still blue" and then what pam? They're not an ugly brown or else you'll be disappointed that she got my hideous brown eyes? Terrible. They already seemed disappointed that my kid had my thick dark hair and not a lovely ginger or blonde. If they're doing this to their grandkid I can only imagine what kind of bullshit young white girls with brown hair and brown eyes had to put up with

No. 1255699

Hearing old white grandmothers at my job (baby clothes store) gushing about how a baby has blue eyes and fair hair, how cute the baby is, oh and don't forget those blue eyes!

So what?…

No. 1255702

You married a white man girl what were you expecting

No. 1255712

Her thousand yard stare lends to this theory

No. 1255722

Penis in vagina sex is overrated. Fingering and oral is superior.

No. 1255733

How am I supposed to know what people's families are like
It also makes me sad since white people gush about mixed babies and then post a picture of a baby with 100% white features, big blue/green eyes and only slightly tan skin

No. 1255736

>How am I supposed to know what people's families are like
Nta but kek what. Anon you're supposed to get to know your partner's family.

No. 1255799

File: 1657353981580.jpg (106.48 KB, 937x1331, mean gays.jpg)

People who throw tantrums or whine about gay ships or gay headcanons in fandom specifically, never het ships, are usually unironically homophobic at least to a degree no matter how hard they try to sugarcoat it. They're the kind that once left alone with someone they think to be "one of them" they'll start with the "now I'm not homophobic or anything but gay people just shouldn't be so gay all the time" rant, being a cryptolesbian myself I can confirm this is based on experience. If you get so fucking mad over people shipping characters or consider someone explaining why the ship works from an objective perspective as "forcing it down your throat" it's pretty clear what cards you are playing with. Especially seeing how your precious hetships probably are going to be canon either way since heterosexuality is always considered the status quo everything defaults to so why the fuck do you even care.

No. 1255853

Inshallah you survive the upset homophobe-chans coming for you kek

No. 1255856

so fucking true or when they trans/ace one of the charachters to make sure it's still het/sexless but parade around like champions of progressivness

No. 1255885

Everyone I knew who self victimized over liking canon m/f ships in fandom spaces 10 years ago is now a "queer" themby in a spicy straight relationship with a guy

No. 1255893

Ah yes those poor white women with dark features…so oppressed kek

No. 1255939

I never adjusted myself for some retarded moid. Why would you want a moid who genuinly believes in unnatural and absurd beauty standards in the first place? This is on you tbh

No. 1255950

nta but you don't fall in love with someone's family. they're usually something you get used to and deal with.

No. 1255984

Holy shit why does everything have to be so extreme to you? Pointing out an issue that affects young kids self esteem isn't "acting oppressed". If it doesn't effect you then just ignore it. Idk why you think everything needs to be about you

No. 1255993

File: 1657378175376.jpeg (959.76 KB, 3464x3464, 15F483CE-525E-4BB7-9761-A22ABD…)

I can’t believe they said colorism exists within white people KEK. They want to be oppressed so bad for being born an ugly duckling with brunette hair

No. 1255996

>idk why everything has to be about you!!!

I don’t know maybe it’s because.. having brown eyes and brown hair doesn’t constitute as colorism you fucking moron. No one cares how you feel, why don’t you ask the arbitrators of white womanhood for making you ugly in the first place.

No. 1255998

>men believe women can have anime character proportions too.
Even those who do believe in Photoshop and surgery, it's always because they "know people" with extreme proportions, what they mean by this is that they sexted or thirsted after normie girls who photoshopped their stuff but because it's a normie girls that moids believe they're incapable of photoshop or using angles or knew girls in real life that used shapewear and push up bras and stuff and then go by that. I was constantly compared to peers that I knew wore push up bras, waist trainers, etc when I just wore sports bras because moids truly don't grasp how artificial the average normie woman can be

No. 1255999

OP was talking about her baby, not herself. And clearly her MIL is lowkey racist so she does have reason to be mildly concerned about how she might treat her kid growing up.

No. 1256003

Preference for blue eyes and blonde hair and general fair features has always been pervasive cross culturally. It's a struggle black women, latinas, Med, and Middle Eastern women all have to deal with, or white Americans who have any bit of that heritage mix up, because they tend to. Stop making this about you, for fuck's sake.

No. 1256009

What part of "not how people think" do you don't understand?
>No one cares how you feel
Obviously you do and the fact there's an entire discussion relating to my post? What was even the point of throwing this in there?
>having brown eyes and brown hair doesn’t constitute as colorism you fucking moron
It may not be the traditional form of colorism but it still instills the idea that the whiter/more European you appear = the better.

Anyway your biggest issue seems to be the fact that you're foaming at the mouth all because I called it colorism and said it could affect kids self esteem, I even mentioned that this train of thought considered non-white babies ugly/"less than" by default but nope because I talked about white kids somehow it's all about me making white people oppressed

No. 1256011

Men love denying that certain women had work done. They love pretending they're so uwu wholesome and prefer natural women. I wonder if we'll get to a point where the majority of men finally go all "yeah I love fake women" and getting surgeries will be a status thing like in South Korea.

No. 1256012

Funny how this struggle has to include every other flavor of woman when we damn well know who it majorly affects and it isn’t the latinas with racial pride that rivals KKK members or the poor whittle MENA women like effina trying their hardest to not look like you kek. A part of colorism is the desperate act of not wanting to be the undesirable and what’s the undesirable in every universal culture? Not looking black.

No. 1256013

Because it’s a stupid example and it’s not as violent towards black women. You are stupid, your baby is stupid, and your mom is stupid.

No. 1256015

Lol this. Twitter anon is so unbearable and lost considering she seems to have forgotten she's in the unpopular opinion thread.
You're right but it's definitely more common among white people only because it's more likely for white people to have blonde hair and blue eyes, where as Latinos, middle eastern, blacks, etc your baby is practically expected to have dark hair and dark eyes unless your partner is white, which sucks even more since people will obsess about the baby having blonde hair or blue eyes and both brown hair and brown eyes tend to be dominant traits

No. 1256018

What even are you talking about? Just because it's not "violent towards black women" doesn't mean we aren't allowed to talk about it ever. Chill your snowflake ass out and go back to twitter to rant about how some bitch on lolcow said white people are colorist if they obsess over blonde hair/blue eyes because literally no one cares here besides you

No. 1256020

I see what you're saying and of course it's expected. But aryan white features are still coveted, not just among whites. Look at how people fawn over light eyed people with darker skin. Or how men of color will go after white women. Let's not forget how skin bleaching is still huge in India. Plenty of darker skin cultures continue to chase after those features. This is a bit off topic though but you know what I mean

No. 1256022

There isn’t even losing if the grand majority of people on this god forsaken website is only white and lives inside of the only bubble they know. I’ve never had a twitter account ever, I’m absolutely fucking tired of seeing the stupidest, most ignorant shit imaginable. Every white person no matter what the fuck they say is just racist and so is anon, hope her fucking baby drowns in the bathtub deadass.

No. 1256023

Yes but no one is denying colorism exists in those cultures, the entire point of my post was that colorism/obsession with being as white as possible exists among white people themselves and could affect the self esteem of white kids.

I PROMISE you, nothing I have ever posted, said or thought on the face of this earth ever said anything close colorism not existing or being as bad as it is to women who aren't white. I even mentioned my own family being comparatively colorist but that still doesn't seem good enough since I didn't make a novel beforehand about how bad and oppressed women are who aren't white

No. 1256029

File: 1657379736796.jpg (56.82 KB, 800x450, maam.jpg)

>Every white person no matter what the fuck they say is just racist and so is anon, hope her fucking baby drowns in the bathtub deadass.

No. 1256032

mods please get the raging twitterfag the fuck outta here

No. 1256033

take your meds anon

No. 1256036

File: 1657379883736.jpeg (56.07 KB, 679x665, 0C498BE7-98C2-4D28-8CF3-8F87AB…)

One click of this button and all of women’s problems would sort itself out overnight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256040

that's a troon tho

No. 1256042

I hope weed never gets legalized where I live simply because it stinks like hell. It smells like my middle schools gym.

No. 1256044

The original Anon is middle eastern, take your fucking meds you insane bitch.

No. 1256046

File: 1657380153786.jpeg (8.26 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

white wimminz bad

No. 1256047

>I've never had a twitter account ever

No. 1256048

They got all caught up and shitting themselves over a word used to describe the Aryan obsession among white people that they couldn't read anything else. Wishing death on a baby is exactly the behavior I'd expect from Twitter anon thought

No. 1256051

In your puny little mind you think that’s really going to do shit kek.
>they’re angry, they’re telling the truth about how they feel about white people and instead of trying to understand this festering hatred I need to do exactly what my genetics tell me to do, act like a barbaric racist and claim it’s in self offense they were racist first!!
Hating white people will never be racism, it’s the response of years upon years of living in the conglomerate hellhole your ancestors have created and what you continue to benefit off of and force us all to live in. Keep spamming your trash ass memes calling me a black tranny, the n-word, because I simply don’t care because I hate you and your people and will always and the mods banning me to enforce the rules will never stop that.

No. 1256055

File: 1657380551575.jpg (75.37 KB, 427x640, DSC1923.jpg)

No1curr or agree with you here. Either integrate or go back to twitter. Nobody believes the "I'm not from Twitter" either. Sorry you got butthurt from an unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread, a hivemind like twitter will protect your feefees

No. 1256060

if you point to me where anyone called you the n word I will send you 200 dollars

No. 1256062

You can just say you try to find boyfriends on 4chan and go.

No. 1256063

I read this thread like three times where did someone say the n-word
Also if you hate the majority userbase here so much, leave? LSA is right around the corner.

No. 1256065

>the n-word

So you’re black but you’re scared to say nigga? Hmm.

No. 1256066

It's a white troon SJW from Twitter. Black women don't wish deaths on babies over something so miniscule

No. 1256067

LSA would've ate them alive if they're shitting their pants this bad over "white people experience colorism". At least other unstable infighters try to skew words before putting words in others mouths, they're just shamelessly and blatantly doing it kek

No. 1256070

That place is total ass too. Makes me feel even stronger about not wanting to be black or any race in this shit world

No. 1256077

Simmer down, Frank. I know it’s upsetting that black men keep choosing cis white women over you, but that’s no reason to sperg the fuck out.

No. 1256143

Someone post the 97% statistic again, I think someone needs a reminder who is actually ruining the world.

No. 1256147

File: 1657385115447.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, Crime Kitty.png)

here you go nonna

No. 1256148

I find it annoying that big women will bash smaller women but then praise celebs from the 50s and 60s. Those celebrities are the same size as the women that these women pick on but because people are stupid they just believe these celebs were big due to them being called curvy. The definition of curvy changing the way it’s used has ruined peoples minds.

No. 1256157

Why white trannies wish they were black women so bad? Is because the denigration fetish, isn't it? As for an autistic white y chromosome there is nothing worse than being a black woman. it's so perverse.

No. 1256177

Also black women are real women and face actual problems so it would give trannies oppression points
they constantly compare themselves to black women on the basis that "they're just like men! but they're women, so they're just like me!"

No. 1256418

Wait, isn't that comic literally what happened with that one artist who got mad the queers were following her?

No. 1256427

Can confirm, my grandparents were shitty to my younger sister with brown eyes/hair. Always calling her ugly, animal names, and second-best. She never internalized it though, just assumed they were hypocritical assholes and moved on with her life. Ironically, she ended up being the one who looked most like them and is also more conventionally attractive and conservative like they are.

No. 1256470

I agree with this + clothing and cameras back then showed off curves a lot better and clothing nowadays is just straight up unflattering and either is too thin and shows off everything including underwear creases and all that or pushes fat to unflattering places and creates a flat or boxy appearance. Even bras nowadays seem flattening which is why so many women are wearing 2 bras. Fatties also have a tendency to call skinny women flat chested/flat butts regardless of their actual butt or boob size which I seriously don't get, they're have the same mindset as hentai addicted moids when it comes to women's bodies

No. 1256473

File: 1657404282216.jpeg (42.63 KB, 320x349, 09FF2EE9-5752-466D-B22F-C7E5C4…)

It’s all cope. I have an athletic body type so I’m rather envious of small dainty figures and curvy romantic bodies alike

No. 1256484

Huge agree. People’s idea of “curvy” now is so cartoonishly exaggerated.

No. 1256493

I literally said this in this exact thread a few years ago and got clowned. I basically was like white peoples Version of “colorism” is blonde vs brunettes vs red heads and it makes me laugh all the time because you can just simply dye your hair or wear a wig. It’s so unserious lol

No. 1256496

Meanwhile other races are literally injecting chemicals into their veins and rubbing god knows what on their skin to burn off their melanin essentially. It’s not the same lol

No. 1256502

Johnny Test was not that bad

No. 1256509

There is no “colorism” for white people and it will never, ever be comparable to actual colorism. Getting clowned because I’m pasty will never be the same as what bw have gone through their entire lives.

No. 1256516

You seriously have no clue what you're talking about. The "god knows what" is GLUTATHIONE for crying out loud. It's perfectly safe in small quantities and used to protect the liver. Plenty of white women go to IV bars or take it in pill form to get it. I promise you there's not hoards of dark skinned women injecting themselves with mystery fluid in the streets to get whiter skin

As for skin whitening products plenty of white women use them too for discoloration and acne spots. In fact one of the places I learned about things like ambi was from white women.

You also fail to mention white women are using mystery eye drops and getting legitimately dangerous surgeries to lighten their eyes. Why can't we acknowledge we all face struggles with not appearing "white enough" instead of turning it into the oppression Olympics

No. 1256517

No1curr go away troon. You already got banned now you're just ban evading

No. 1256519

I love Johnny Test.

No. 1256524

Feels so good being white and having every nonwhite seethe bc the internet gave them an inferiority complex(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256526

Shut up we're having a race war

No. 1256530

File: 1657408372907.jpg (18.01 KB, 330x385, 330px-S_M_2021.jpg)

Always loved the twins.

No. 1256532

Fair, they were the best part. The dog and the boy deserve to die though.

No. 1256539

I agree it's not the same, but like…there are still brunette women with huge complexes about not being blond, weird seething about eye color, etc. It's laughable but it's still present. Maybe they should come up with their own term for it. I've had friends with black hair go on about how "inferior" they feel to blond women and I just kept quiet. Red-haired women seem to get some flak for their hair color if they're not super conventionally attractive in every other way, too

No. 1256542

button fly >>>>>>> zipper fly. in fact, zipper flys and spandex are the core causes of jeans not being flattering to most people

No. 1256544

Feels good being an actual woman and I can say the definition of what a woman is, feelsgoodman. you’re either an ugly white woman or tranny

No. 1256548

File: 1657409125100.png (972.05 KB, 1468x811, 786t5r.png)

No. 1256550

File: 1657409133652.jpeg (270.52 KB, 670x591, E13CCEA8-01DE-4060-8E77-F9771F…)

they don’t realize they were shitheads to them because they think the slightest tinge of skin color (anything that’s black, brown, or dark) is tainting their “pure” nordic white race. they really think that’s tantamount to being abused and neglected by your in-laws and other vicious white people specifically because you were not born white enough, and being white enough is always the standard in colorism but these people are ALREADY categorized as white so it makes no fucking sense? kek… it’s like complaining that you were treated differently because you pissed in the same toilet but your pee happened to be blue. you’re so right they can just dye their fucking hair or stay out of the sun or something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256551

Yeah but as other anons said, it's even pushed on children and not just women. White people will literally bully white children for not looking "white" enough. I imagine white women's insecurity comes from that

No. 1256553

What are you talking about? Are you ban evading again?

No. 1256554

Stop making these weird fucking images, Mr. Ploddint, you can't spell for shit and you need your phone confiscated

No. 1256558

white women will never be opressed, so stop trying to push the narrative that you are because your own mommy found you ugly, i’m tired of it

No. 1256562

I'm not the anon you replied to, your entire post is just jumbled up words that make zero sense. Do you even speak English?

No. 1256567

File: 1657409699853.jpg (379.15 KB, 1536x2048, 1656986744559.jpg)

You are literally a white man sperging daily about white women, black women, Asian women, Latina women, Indian women, MENA women, etc. You don't get to decide who's oppressed or not, gtfo

No. 1256572

they make a lot of sense if you were here for the infighting earlier

No. 1256578

No. 1256581

I looked at the infight and still no. Also I don't trust anyone who wishes a baby drowns because someone said white people face colorism in a different way to be logical or reasonable

No. 1256582

they don’t face colorism and they never will, get over it snowflake

No. 1256585

So thankful to never have to deal with colorism, sounds annoying

No. 1256586

No one cares about what you say. We will just keep discussing the colorism white people face. You literally have no influence here

No. 1256589

Why's the race war still happening, are jannies on their break?

No. 1256590

You can keep discussing it with other white people it doesn’t always mean white people are truthful or correct kek, thought that would already be clear with the already ridiculous presumption that they do face colorism. I don’t need to have influence or the majority opinion to know I’m right, that’s only a white tactic boo <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256592

Jannies are always on break

No. 1256593

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Just go back to twitter pls

No. 1256594

They banned Twitterfag but they keep ban invading

No. 1256595

File: 1657411481840.jpg (17.4 KB, 400x225, close-up-face-portrait-woman-e…)

Jannies right now

No. 1256596

You're just pissed that you face colorism and that probably sucks but it's other people of your same race doing it to you. I guess I can understand the frustration. But damn shut up.

No. 1256599

Lmao no, I’m tired of everything being white, white this, my first world white girl problems everything is about me, me, me. You’re just as selfish and egotistical as your cigarette white trash mommy

No. 1256600

Why are you bringing my mother into this you asshole, she's never smoked.

No. 1256602

Are you drunk?

No. 1256603

This is exactly what's so frustrating about communication in general lately. As a whole, people seem less and less capable of nuance or multi-faceted understanding of experiences. The person who wanted to kill white babies genuinely thinks they're 100% correct, and if they did post that sentiment on twitter, they'd find an echo-chamber agreeing for sure. They'd have absolutely no self-awareness that a discussion about women's and children's self-esteem has brought them to the point of telling strangers that they want children to die. So strange, and it seems like there's nothing anyone can do to educate or help someone like that. Best to distrust and just stay away, because extremists like that are dangerous.

No. 1256604

File: 1657412019465.jpeg (453.04 KB, 750x725, 4A7E9ACF-C356-4DF8-A16C-A798CB…)

picrel is your momma

No. 1256605

File: 1657412030892.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, itthread.png)

Can you both shut up no one cares damn

No. 1256606

You're the same person who posted this shit:
All you do is racebait and try to suck on Ellen Page's enlarged clitoris

No. 1256608

My mom did not smoke and she was classy, certainly not white trash at all. She did yell at me though. Now I just think you had a shit mom and are projecting.

No. 1256609

White women weaponizing ppl’s empathy they clearly don’t deserve. Idgaf about anon’s kid, or “nuance” that you only give grace to other white women. I’m tired of trying to “understand” nonexistent white pain since forever, the same shit has never been done for black women or women of color as a whole. This is nothing to do with your sterile facts, this is all pure emotion and the impact that white women do have on other women but I’m not allowed to express my hatred or frustration without being “nice and submissive” enough. I’m fucking tired of being nice to white women, I’m tired of having to shut up and listen to your nonexistent fucking problems you have to make up because you have ALL of the fucking privilege and you don’t see that shit because you’re all blind(take your sperg to a California classroom)

No. 1256610

Lol this. I knew a lady who kept gushing about how cute her son was when he was a baby and pulled up a photo that looked like ET on meth but it's okay because he had demonic blue eyes and blonde hair kek

No. 1256611

The anon who's baby you told to drown was middle eastern, not white

No. 1256612

see >>1256606
Her words:
>Because I’m so tired of having my life dictated by other white women and I’m pretty sure I absolutely fucking hate them.
She's a self-hating white woman who thinks only other white women use this board

No. 1256613

Middle easterners are just as racist and colorist as white people. They adore white people and hate black people, that’s literally why they keep trying to appropriate and claim egypt from the real black Africans who were also apart of the country as well

No. 1256615

Anon are you seriously arguing about your mother with a stranger troll on lolcow

No. 1256616

>Wahh do what I say or else it's reasonable for me to want babies to die

No. 1256619

I thought white people can't be colorist?

No. 1256621

White people can’t be colorist to other white people, only colorist to non-white

No. 1256623

What race are you?

No. 1256624

Okay then…

No. 1256625

File: 1657412834463.jpg (275.66 KB, 968x996, 1606191986739.jpg)

I'm gonna post my own colorism opinion here between the tard fight. Jpop and kpop were healthier when they briefly had tan people. I love seeing people like TRF or Namie Amuro or the 'trashy' orange-brown kpop idols abusing bronzer of 15 years ago like Lee Hyori or Rainbow more than the weird aesthetic since. I honestly even miss ganguro
The BTS softboi aesthetic and the anemic looking shit pushed onto female idols for incel scrotes to think they are cutesy and child-like isn't sexy, it's horrendous and looks like a joke. Red Velvet and Aespa look like they're about to fucking drop dead, this shit looks like gray post-mortem skin wtf???

No. 1256626

Yes, I must defend her honor

No. 1256628

>ever healthy

No. 1256630

this belongs in the kpop general thread that was posted in 2XX board, definitely don’t make a kpop general thread in the 2XX board where the mods barely look at the posts definitely don’t do that

No. 1256631

They look like they did not want to take that photo

No. 1256633

Not white

No. 1256634

>Let's enthuse over exploited women and children with mandated eating disorders in the radical feminism board!
Swallow something pointy

No. 1256636

File: 1657413096493.png (102.45 KB, 254x300, 1739ECB6-D335-4C8A-A808-1895AD…)

On the j-pop side, I unironically miss spray-tanned bronze goddess problematic queen koda kumi

No. 1256639

cry me a river the mods keep banning these idiots from making their own containment thread and they keep spilling over in unrelated threads, the admin isn’t here just let them have their fucking kpop already

No. 1256641

No, fuck off. They have their own entire imageboard, Choachan, and failing that, they can go back to Twitter where they belong. Why do they need to come here? This site has nothing to do with kpop

No. 1256644

If you're gonna be coy I'll just headcanon you're an Italian

No. 1256645

Fine fine fine I’m brunette.. is that enough? I said I’m not white

No. 1256647

This site has nothing to do with kpop but anime, yaoi, celebrities, porn, movies, television belong here?

No. 1256649

At least anime is related to imageboard culture. Also, funny how none of the groups you mentioned are 1% as autistic as kpopfags and don't shit up every single thread with their fixation. You guys used to have a kpop general and even a critical, but those came to an end because unlike weebs/fujoshi and general movie/TV watchers, you couldn't act normal or keep it in your multiple containment zones
Again, you have an entire board: https://choachan.cafe/boards.js
There's literally no reason for you to force yourselves here

No. 1256651

You talk like a moid with heavy mental issues. If you're not trolling check yourself into a mental hospital unironically, you are one of the most unhinged users I've ever seen here

No. 1256653

There is chaochan and fujochan for kpoppers. They can go there.

No. 1256654

But I see fujos spamming naked men all the time? Seems very odd that you’re ignoring that fact while telling women with a normal fixation on pop groups to go away. Interesting.

No. 1256655

The joke went way over your head autist-chan

No. 1256657

Nta but what point are you even making? The kpop threads aren't allowed here because they are a twitterfag magnet.

No. 1256658

My unpopular opinion is that I'm glad there are no more kpop threads.

No. 1256659

>But I see fujos spamming naked men all the time?
That's only ever happened in moid-infested threads that ultimately got deleted or locked. If there ever comes a time I have to see naked cartoon man drawings, gifs and fujoshi sperging about their ships every single time I scroll down on /ot/, that'll be the day that their "fujo" thread is clearly a space they can't keep themselves to, and I'll tell them to fuck off to fujochan just like I'm telling you, don't worry
>normal fixation
>but I must infest and derail every space on the internet with it, even when I'm politely asked to stop
Not adding up

No. 1256660

The hatred for women with normal obsessions while you allow straight fujos who love watching men suck each other’s dick is astounding.

No. 1256662

Sure. Anyway, kpop isn't allowed, Twitterfag BS isn't allowed, and trannies aren't allowed

No. 1256663

Why are you minimodding for you sad bitch go away kek

No. 1256665

Go back.

No. 1256666

Mentioning the rules isn't minimodding lol, go back newfag

No. 1256668

>following rules on an imageboard

No. 1256670


No. 1256671

Literally this

No. 1256672

File: 1657415048039.jpg (165.38 KB, 735x891, 59db65f3ec5863c15c057525d6c541…)

dont mind kpoppers
'ate troons
'ate twitterfags
'ate 3d moids
simple as

No. 1256674

imagine actually following the rules

No. 1256677

Who's them boys kissing?

No. 1256678

File: 1657415234587.png (53.9 KB, 1128x501, 1651098407468.png)

My unpopular opinion is that minimodding on an imageboard is really sad.

No. 1256680


No. 1256681

>t. janny or tranny

No. 1256683

>posts you make when you found out about lolcow through Kaitlyn's article but you want to fit in really badly

No. 1256687

You know nobody read that fucking article

No. 1256689

File: 1657415810433.jpg (106.99 KB, 735x638, b55b58d96128a84f3f36b522d9aced…)

Gin & akai from detective conan

No. 1256691

>calling everyone you don’t like scrotes/moids/kpopfags/twitterfags/summerfags/tranny jannies

it’s like a broken record, imagine always being tense and thinking every little thing is a scrote, what a sad way to post on an image board

No. 1256694

Notice how you didn't deny it kek

No. 1256695

>waaah why can't I have kpop threads?
>because it breaks the rules
>waaah stop minimodding
go to sleep

No. 1256703

If I deny it, I’ll still be called a scrote, if I ignore it, I’ll still be called a scrote, you never win so why tf should I try to do anything?

No. 1256733

What problematic things did she do? I was too young to understand, I was just jamming

No. 1256764

File: 1657420541527.jpeg (56.25 KB, 500x376, 21638239-C21B-460C-AFAB-B13D8A…)

Is she ded or something? Why you missing her?
She is naturally tan btw, I remember she was heavily bullied over it as a child. People use artifical bronzers but that’s fine, black people use bronzer too. And I don’t understand why people hated on her so much, she’s literally the Japanese Ariane Grande. I wish people would leave women alone.

No. 1256772

If I call her an n word will you give me half her price?

No. 1256797

Missing that era specifically- a lot of great songs and videos and she was getting popular. She's actually still making music and touring! I remember she fell off for a while because Japanese fans canceled her for saying she wanted to have kids "before 25 because after that your uterus goes bad" or something ridiculous like that. Like yeah it was an uneducated thing to say, but it's not like the generation before her wasn't trying to brainwash all women into having kids as fast as possible or shaming the ones who waited.

No. 1257004

Unpopular opinion related to her: Real Emotions is a masterpiece, the insecure America' straight teenage boys complaining about it in FF10-2 are either deaf or mentally ill for saying it was shit. Even the English version is great.

No. 1257007

Kind of based.

No. 1257038

Thank you anon for taking the convo where I needed it to go. These kpop idols and their white as fuck faces and their bright blue cross eyed looking color contacts and their fried and dyed and laid to to side blonde hair be KILLING my vision and must be stopped. We need a Namie Amuro/Lee Hyori of this generation because the white as snow skin is forced and hurting my eyes lol. It’s just annoying that when idols do tan like: hyolin and Jessie they gotta pair it with booty shaking as if dark skin = booty shake. But that’s me being nit picky lol. I thought with that “gyaru” song trending girls we would get a tan era but no still everyone is super white with fried blonde hair. I’ll end my kpop rant before I get banned

No. 1257041

This is embarrassing. Most weebs nowadays are into kpop. The only reason why it’s not a part of your precious “board culture” is because kpop is loved mainly by nerdy women. Why do you guys want to model this site after what dirty men do down to a tea so bad? It’s embarrassing and sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257052

We're definitely better off without them but ngl I wish we had kpop threads that were exclusively for talking shit about kpop. Being a hater is fun, it's stans who ruin it.

No. 1257071

It was done years before that happened but people were posting it as a "the prophecy came true" joke kek.

No. 1257091

Can't stand these people. Taking their kids away from friends, sports and education just because they wanted to travel. Shoving them into coffin sized beds while they get a big king bed because? And then making their kids do all the work for "education" on top of it

Is this even legal? Can I report this ? From what I know parents in America legally have to provide their kid with a room and space no?

No. 1257094

Showing up to work with hickeys is childish and weird and I don't understand how people believe otherwise. Cover it up with makeup or a scarf or something.

No. 1257108

What are you talking about, kpop is loved by normies to the point it reached mainstream culture,not nerdy women. Which is also the reason it's not part of the board culture, because it attracts obnoxious twitter children.

No. 1257111

What she said verbatim:
>"When women turn 35, their amniotic fluid goes rotten, so I'd like them to have a child by 35"
A horrible statement to make and she was like 26 during that time so not a dumbass teenager either. I love her music and style but the backlash she got was entirely deserved.

No. 1257115

Based nona, I love my mother so much that I too would argue with an anonymous stranger

No. 1257267

This is a popular opinion.

No. 1257372

/m/ is the superior board. Underaged posters and summerfags are making /ot/ practically unusable.

No. 1257387

They keep shitting up the anime thread though

No. 1257704

A husbando is an imaginary friend you want to fuck and/or be romantically involved with, and dedicated husbandofags are really just pretending to date a product of their imaginations. I don't care if you're doing it because irl men suck or whatever other justifiable reason; it still seems bizarre to devote that much time and mental energy to daydreaming.

No. 1257708

Based. Godspeed surviving the incoming husbandofag sperg storm though.

No. 1257722

Living in an LGBT supportive/progressive/first world environment but personally not wanting to be gay, and trying to date the opposite sex isn't the same as actual conversion therapy. I've seen people in places like Tumblr try to equate the two for trauma points or something, but it's just disrespectful IMO

No. 1257723

You ever look at genshit impact threads? All the anime ones too tbh

No. 1257752

Maladaptive daydreaming is very common for obvious reasons I personally envy them and their ability to be satiated by 2D alone

No. 1257757

That is happening in /m/ and all over the site too though.

No. 1257781

It’s unregulated, there is never red texts, and they’ve taken over already. Nobody cares enough about lolcow anymore to hellweek.

No. 1257785

File: 1657483360689.jpeg (83.38 KB, 500x335, image (3).jpeg)

Drive-in movie theatres suck

No. 1257799

I've never been to one! why do you think they suck?

No. 1257801

The difference is that she isn’t a cow, you’re just an asshole. Not everyone is going to hate other women as much as you do. Women are not required to be activists or pander to your every whim to be likable or even tolerable. Baw about it more, we don’t care.

No. 1257807

File: 1657484401130.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 167.27 KB, 667x874, ptsdpdf_Page_57.jpeg)

> she isn't a cow
Yeah okay kek picrel

No. 1257814

Do you have anything else besides an edgefag book she made tons of money off of in like 2014

No. 1257818

Im a asshole because I don't care for Julia Fox? Where did I say she was required to be anything? I just don't find anything about her to be "Girl bossy" and it's like the same Nonnie (you) get pissed whenever anyone says otherwise about her.

No. 1257820

yeah her entire life

No. 1257821

> made tons of money off of

No. 1257828

She's disgusting. The only thing separating her from being a Luna Slater is management.

No. 1257845

She sold it like a zine for hundreds, physical copies in leftover stock a few years ago were bought for a ridiculous price. She panders to wealthy New Yorkers. You aren’t going to make us go “you know what, sure, yeah you’re totally right she is such a stupid cow ugh.” Not all of us hate women sorry.

No. 1257846

>She panders to wealthy New Yorkers.
You mean wealthy men who like to exploit women?
NTA but I don't think it's "hating women" to not support that kind of thing, sorry

No. 1257854

anons who think that anons who use the drama boards "hate women" clearly don't know what they're on about. most of those threads are full of pick mes or crazy girl neckbeards like moo.

No. 1257859

Why do newfags try to completely separate /ot/ from the rest of the board like lolcow is in any way like 4chan in terms of userbase size so you can use one sub board as a subculture. The same anons who post in snow also post in /ot/ and transplants still don’t change that.

No. 1257873

File: 1657487919876.gif (1.37 MB, 640x360, AE2E0A1C-AB15-42A5-85D9-4D122A…)

No! It’s real, Legoshi really does rub my feet and give me piggyback rides.

No. 1257881

Not one person has said they hated her or women. Saying someone isn't a girlboss isn't hating women. Integrate better summerfag.

No. 1257888

nonnie > nona, nonna, etc.

No. 1257893

No, I don’t think I will.

No. 1257896

One feminist wannabe-activist woman in my country has been speaking out about abortion due to recent events, and likes to talk about how americans do actually have pretty late abortions, in like the 20-22nd week. It made a lot of older women go "whoa, it changes so much. I used to think, women should do whatever they want, but this is actual murder of the defenseless" with like tears in their eyes. "Why would someone wait that late to have it, there can't be a good (non-medical) reason!!"
And I don't really get if I'm like overly edgy because of spending too much time on the internet, but I don't really see the point. Maybe the father walked off halfway through the pregnancy, let her get rid of the kid. All these descriptions of how horrific medical abortions personally don't make me feel anything.

No. 1257901

because they are new and trying to get cred or something. even on /meta/ anons constantly have a them vs. us mentality when it comes to drama boards. even though most of us use both, though i find this part of the site to be unhinged in a less palatable way. there are definitely anons who just use /ot/ and they shouldn't be here.

No. 1257905

Just remind them horrifying deformities exist, and drug addicts who get pregnant. And fetuses are in a dream like state. It’s more painless and compassionate to abort a fetus than it is to let it be born. Before abortions people would just dump a deformed baby or kill it straight up.

No. 1257911

>they shouldn't be here.
nta but why not? most /ot/ only anons say that they did used to use the cow boards but stopped because it got boring and a lot of cows are milkless now. it's not like they came here from a different site (most of them at least)

No. 1257918

last time i checked, there’s no rule that forbids anyone from only using /ot/. i don’t know why you’re triggered by people frequenting a board they enjoy, i’d rather everyone stay in their respective lanes than shit up various threads for no reason because anons will bitch about that also

No. 1257956

This gif activated my fight or flight

No. 1257957

I think anons just don't want to be redtext-ed lol nonnie is still cute

No. 1258233

I like danger hair sometimes. My hair bores me in winter. It also isn't that hard to make it look nice, if you know your color wheels and don't use fucking box dye. (add some red if you don't want the blue to start bleeding out green for ffs.) People avoiding me on top of it? What more could you want?

No. 1258241

having danger hair is fun and that's all that matters

No. 1258281

FLCL anime has shitty music and it's kind of overrated

No. 1258305

File: 1657528665905.webm (243.21 KB, 480x480, for (you).webm)

So true.

No. 1258341

i like flcl because it wasn't super sexy or fetishy from what i remember

No. 1258342

It was pretty lewd. Not overtly but it was there. Did we watch the same show?

No. 1258364

last time i saw it was when i was like 13 so i probably missed it. i recall there being jokes but it wasn't like overly super sexy from what i remember. again this was years and years ago though

No. 1258399

Ummmm the music was the only thing I liked about it, that show was so bad xd random annoying shit. Horrible.

No. 1258404

File: 1657541480119.gif (50.58 KB, 269x386, E21C66E6-A617-4729-8A08-DB50A3…)

Rock band 3 fucking sucks, it is NOT better than rb2. The characters are too shiny and the males have really fucked proportions. The tour mode also isn’t as fun, I like that in 2 you start out in your home town and sometimes get local shirts. The most annoying thing is clothes not being buyable!! You can only get some from unlocking challenges, yeah I’m not gonna buy all the instruments AND the pro versions to unlock all the clothes that’s so retarded. And it’s annoying having to scroll through all the clothes every single time, there’s no way to favorite clothes or add them to a closet like in 2. The only thing that’s better is more customization for the face I guess but that’s really it, I fucking hate rock band 3.

No. 1258406

that pic is so fucking adorable

No. 1258453

Actually I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but going to the store > online shopping.

Online shopping sucks. Yeah I can buy literally anything and everything I want and it's great for items that aren't available in my region or near me, but for most things I hate it. Great, I've bought and paid for something. Now I have to wait, at minimum, one day for it. Even if I paid for overnight shipping, and that's assuming everything is packed up immediately, there's no shipping delays, and the mailman doesn't make me play cat and mouse for it. People shit on going to the store but I like going out to buy things! I like feeling it in my hands, and I like being able to leave the store with it. Even if it's a particularly busy day and spend a few hours waiting on line, that's still less than a whole day waiting for my package to get to me. Shopping is always a leisurely activity to me, so I think it's fun to get outside and walk around. Even when I go to the grocery store I like to dilly dally around and walk around even if I've been to the store thousands of times.

No. 1258466

Minions are funny and cool. I love Minions.

No. 1258467

I agree. Especially online clothes shopping. Why wait to see if something even looks good on me? Maybe it's different for other areas but just driving to a mall costs less in gas than overpaying for shipping and it's instant gratification. Online shopping is barely "convenient"

No. 1258489

I can’t have sex to music, it makes me feel really stiff and awkward, also ashamed for some reason. plus if the sex is bad I don’t want to ruin my favorite songs.

No. 1258492

As a Black woman pedophilia isnt just white incels or sad porn-addicted redditors. Black scrotes especially on twitter hide their latent pedophilia under cover of 'wall', 'that little girl is fast' (the same shit they dragged Aaliyah through for years) and 'aging badly' rhetoric
Some people like Millie Bobby Brown look awkward with her styling but whenever scrotes on 'normal' social media sites comment on her looks, its always with an undertone of missing her 'fuckability' (i.e. when she debuted). They used to do this with Ellen Page because of that Hard Candy movie until she went insane. They whine about Blu Ivy being unfuckable and having her dads face already. They love Isabella Merced because she is light-skinned and looks like a kid. They sexualize North and honestly maybe this is schizo chan-tier but I feel like that is the plan. I truly fucking hate these scrotes

No. 1258493

yeah, it's not a race thing, it's a male thing

No. 1258496

I’ve honestly just accepted it at this point. I realize it’s sad on the outside looking in but I can deal with it. I do try to not talk about it constantly though and keep it under wraps except for a couple friends knowing.

No. 1258499

I don't see how that's an unpopular opinion, everyone I know knows that males of all races and religions are degenerates.

No. 1258502

based, nona.

No. 1258503

Good for you tbh nona. One of my favorite songs is forever ruined because a scrote raped me to it. If I hear the start it makes me get very panicky. Now I just hate any music playing during sex.

No. 1258507

To be fair to that anon, I have heard people saying that black men preferring "thicc" body types means they're less pedophilic than other races

No. 1258511

Its an unpopular opinion among some people who will just try to link this type of sexual degeneracy with caucasians or peoples of Eurasia or 'people not of the faith' (whatever that happens to be) in general. And I guess the point I was making was that a lot of these men I'm referring to dont even use pornography, they're promiscuous with loads of adult female partners irl (aka what society deems to be a normal, charismatic and popular scrote) and STILL making questionable, disgusting comments

Yes. That's the type of bs Im talking about. And it always is a cover for abusing Black girls on the edge of menarche

No. 1258514

Oh nvm I think I get what you mean. Because that remind me of people in my ethnic group sperging that things like homosexuality is a white people thing (we're not black or white, for context). Is it the kind of comments you're talking about?

No. 1258518

Yeah people say that in Black spaces too tbh. Especially hoteps. Its just total nonsense

No. 1258520

> t. middle aged Facebook mom

No. 1258522

Patriarchy would not be possible without the women who support it. Truly, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart I hate every pick me and handmaiden who supports trannies, sex work, and the overturning of Roe V. wade. I wish all you stupid cunts would move to an island with your precious moids instead of throwing normal women and also children under the bus just for the slightest bit of male attention. They will never be satisfied until we are all second class citizens who can't vote, leave the house, work, have human rights. But these women don't get that and think if they keep complying with these men and sabotaging other women that they will be safe, not realizing they are also women. And most men hate us and cannot see our humanity. I truly do not like you "Not All Men" "Not My Nigel" "Transfemme Males Are More Oppressed Than cIs wOmEn" fuck off and die. Those moids deserve yall

No. 1258525

File: 1657550312676.jpg (27.9 KB, 500x499, perfect.jpg)

No. 1258532

And she’s right!

No. 1258534

I agree with you. I used to not be of that opinion, but every day that goes on just solidifies it in my mind and the main thing that brought me here was how so many women cape for troonery and sex work without any kind of critical thinking about why those things are harmful to women. It’s getting to the point where I just don’t want to associate with them at all. I can’t go a day without scrolling somewhere and seeing a post about “not all men” in one sense or another.

No. 1258541

Same here. I never have sex to music or let any of my fav media playing in the background 'cause fear it will get ruined if we ever break up.

No. 1258635

I think emo/alternative girls who complain about the attention they get in public need to get a life. If you deviate enough from the social norm, yes, everyone will look at you just on the basis you stand out even if it's a way of standing out that's codified and copied. People will also mention shallow stuff like your piercings/hair/tattoos just because it is new to them or they haven't seen it irl, it's normal human curiousity.

I say this as someone who does dress differently. As an example, guys mention my multiple lower back dermals all the time, is it creepy to an extent, yes, especially because many times it's obvious why they are asking, but it's not every day you see that where I live so it is fair game. If it is not overt sexual harassment, I think it is fair. You know socially how people react to tattoos/etc. so you shouldn't be surprised when they react.

No. 1258647

I really can't stand people who dress or style themselves in a loud or outlandish fashion that will Garner attention then act like theyre being harassed for no reason. I have a lot of tattoos because I've been apprenticing to be a tattoo artist. I've had plenty of people give their opinions and sometimes people are dicks but I also understood that my tattoos can grab certain people's attention. So why get upset at those people?

But honestly anon I think those people would complain even if they didn't get attention lol. They just like having people give them their energy constantly. It makes you wonder if they even dress for themselves or for the attention of other people

No. 1258650

how the hell do you keep dermals like that from ripping or getting fucked

No. 1258651

It honestly depresses me to feel this way because my whole life I've cherished my female friendships deeply and really believed in a "sisterhood". Ive learned these past few years that many women are too far gone. I would try to help these women because I saw them as victims of the patriarchy (which they are) but I can't ignore that these women will perpetuate and promote misogyny in hopes of finding favor with the men. I feel like many women have been bred to be slaves to men. I know of too many women who put men before even children. It's fucking depressing but I'm grateful for the women in my life who aren't self hating psychopaths

No. 1258655

I'm not alt or emo or goth or anything in particular (I'm lazy/low maintentence tbh) but I've had scrotes come up to me before and hone in on any lil thing that they think is alt.. all because they want to imagine you are also.. probably kinky by default? It's some weird shit when they connect dots that arent even there.

No. 1258656

I forget they are on me. The only time I remember is if I itch my back and my nails snag a bit. As for snagging on clothes, I've never actually dealt that, I'm not sure if it's because I use the largest gems possible so it covers the anchor base sufficiently. I also wear low rise clothing the majority of the time so that also relates to why I don't have snagging issues.

No. 1258660

i get looked at in public because my height and complexion make me stand out a lot where i live, as much as i'm used to it and know rationally that it's unavoidable, it does bother me and i don't think that'll ever change, so while i agree that complaining is useless i do empathize with those girls

No. 1258666

I definitely think it's stupid to complain about people staring. Obviously when you see someone dressed really alternatively you naturally start to stare. But actually going up to someone and commenting on their fashion/hair/whatever is honestly just retard behavior. There's no reason to bother someone because of the way they're dressed, it's not affecting you.

No. 1258675

ayrt and same. Even friends I thought I might be able to talk to about things seem too trapped in their ideologies. I had a TiF friend who I thought was generally open and understanding about a lot of things and when I told her once I was questioning a lot of trans stuff, she started kind of patronizing me and treating me like a child and asking why I related to them and how could I not see it was a cult. That’s exactly how I felt about what she was doing as a TRA lol. Another group of friends had an actual discussion with me about it but in the end we got nowhere because they wanted to cape for men so hard. I don’t understand how they can’t see how little men care about us and will throw us under the bus at any given moment. You don’t have to dedicate your life to them.

No. 1258680

The only thing that ever really annoyed me (was into lolita but kind of phased out of it) was when people would just take photos without asking, and some of them would laugh about it like they were going to go post this rando on their FB or whatever. I got used to comments and questions from normies but that kind of thing always struck me as really rude. Even now I’ll call people out if I see them snapping a pic of a stranger and it’s obvious they’re just doing it to be a dick.

No. 1258764

The time you are able to delete posts should be more than 30 minutes. It should only be 30 minutes on /snow/

No. 1258800

Every controversy Doja Cat gets into makes me like her more tbh. Shes messy in the way every moid ever is and just gets skewered and she doubles down on it like an autistic moron. I can relate to that
I did feel a bit bad for Lorry Hill but tbh her videos are invasive I wouldnt like to be the subject of them

No. 1258953

I feel like people blow stuff she did out of proportion too. Yeah I don’t like her but calling her a predator for messaging a 17 year old platonically and the way people were calling her “grown ass woman” like it seemed ageist I saw Twitterfags say things like “she’s almost 30!” Those people need to go outside and stop watching euphoria and riverdale

No. 1258960

this reminds me that one of my pet hates (not sure if it counts as an "unpopular opinion") is when people say e.g. a 26-year-old is "nearly 30." no they're not, they're 26.

No. 1258962

Anon it’s every race. As a Hispanic I see it all the time. Construction workers and welders especially are subhumans who want to fuck anything that moves and my stepdad was one he was a sicko who watched stepdaughter porn

No. 1258969

File: 1657574550610.png (2.22 MB, 1242x1527, 9A4BE1D6-E2C5-4BA7-8669-22A0B2…)

baby-buyers should be lynched.

No. 1258977

The devil works hard but God works harder

No. 1259003

Gay men reproduce by molestation so its good they didn't get a son

No. 1259011

I agree but for me it's not just about the experience (tho I do like it), it's necessary because I'm short as fuck and finding women's clothing that's not too big here in burgerland (it's especially a problem here because vanity sizing is fucking rampant) can be difficult, so it's better that I'm able to try it on before I buy. And since I brought up vanity sizing, my unpopular opinion is that vanity sizing is retarded as fuck and shouldn't as prevalent in the US as it is.

No. 1259016

Hard agree. As someone who used to have coloured hair a lot, I absolutely hated being stared at but at the end of the day people are going to look if you have purple or blue hair or outlandish clothes. Yeah it's annoying but it is what it is. If anything I much preferred the annoying questions by normies than the countless autistic weebs and alt subculture people who would try and befriend me solely from the haircolour. Like I watch anime occasionally and don't have any tattoos or piercings nor do I ever want any and I honestly think they stereotyped me more than some of the normies did.

But yeah agreed, don't complain about stares if you have Ronald McDonald hair.

Also unpopular opinion (although probably not here) but I think that people over their mid 20's that are obsessed with a subculture label are some of the biggest losers.
You can wear whatever the hell you like, like wear those demonias at 50 if you please, but if you call yourself a goth when you've been out of highschool for over 5 years you need to go outside.

No. 1259017

Gay men shouldn't be allowed to use women for their child fantasies. Disgusting!! If they aren't women, they shouldnt be allowed children.

No. 1259020

Real Emotions is such a jam in both Eng and Jp!

No. 1259043

>nooooooooo we wanted an infant son to rape in the ass
god i hate male gays

No. 1259049

Lol I love you

No. 1259053

Sucks that the apparent takeaway of this post here was 'homosexuals are evil pedophiles' instead of just that surrogacy is one of the most fucked up concepts imaginable. This wouldn't be any better if it had been an infertile straight couple because nobody should be able to rent out women's bodies just because they feel entitled to a baby

No. 1259054

I hate when anons here use the term 'pickme' to describe women, it sounds like misogynist scrote talk. It should be redtexted.

No. 1259063

I'm not one of those "all gay people are pedos" schizos but this headline alone has multiple red flags. First of all to even actually go ahead and use a surrogate is unethical as hell and you need to have some degree of sociopathy to be able to put a woman through it. Secondly, to explicitly demand a son sounds suspicious as hell, after checking out the original news source it gets even weirder.
>Before the couple wed in 2013 they had already chosen the names of their future kids and even created Gmail accounts for them.
Like what the fuck were these people planning? If you want to have kids you have to be prepared for a 50% chance for them to not be the gender you want them to be, they're not toys you can customize as you wish.

No. 1259064

>gay men
>logical thinking

No. 1259066

File: 1657582512875.png (413.62 KB, 672x752, hgvcfn.png)

This person made a good point. How do they know it's not just an afab boy? Goddamn transphobic TEHMs (this is sarcasm btw in case anyone can't tell)

No. 1259073

Her messaging a kid about his coworker is pathetic but it reminds me the Chris Rock and Will Smith slap. Like it's really not a big deal at all and feels like a forced distraction. Idk who actually gives a fuck about shit like that except severely retarded people

No. 1259075

I feel like any person who does this shit just to have a kid that looks like them is really off mentally and probably like one of those cold robotic pageant moms that are obsessed with image. I just feel bad for kids to born to narcissistic weirdos like that

No. 1259077

Not defending it but it makes sense to me why a gay or lesbian couple would prefer a child of the same sex. I'm a lesbian and if I ever end up adopting a child I would definitely prefer a girl because I think that it presents less problems down the road - like it would be more difficult for a kid to navigate puberty for example if both their parents are the opposite sex from themselves, especially if they lack a positive adult role model of their own sex. Obviously it's not insurmountable and plenty of kids do fine in those situations but it's something I've considered at least. That said the use of surrogacy alone makes it clear they're over-entitled weirdos, I despise surrogacy so much.

No. 1259083

File: 1657583968428.jpg (424.33 KB, 2000x1333, isaiah-metz.jpg)

I honestly think its an incredibly common mental illness the world over. I mean just look at sex ratios in China or India. Femicide is pure evil, this is why the concept of picking and choosing disturbs me

Scrotes (especially adopted neglected adolescent ones) are often dangerous to women, this 22 year old (lying about his age) scrote was adopted and raped two four year old girls in the house (along with 115 other sex-related charges). Gayscrotes dont really have that issue with a girl. It just seems like femicidal bullshit to me

No. 1259086

Stranger Things. I have tried to get into the show, I saw the latest season. I don't get the obsession with 80s quirky kids, Gen Z's being obsessed with it? The plot is predictable. It's the Goonies and IT combined. Literally.

And the fact that people have never heard Kate Bush until the show is just… sad.

No. 1259089


Personally, I think a kid should be raised by a father and mother. Doesn't alway work out that way though.

No. 1259091

i’m a firm believer that men , gay or straight, should not be near infants in any capacity, especially not raising them.

No. 1259093

Nta, I don't think the gender matters as long as they have 2 parents.

No. 1259100

Someone told me "I heard Kate Bush was almost completely unknown until Stranger Things!" and I almost had a stroke.

No. 1259131

The more a couple posts about how happy they are together on social media, the more dysfunctional the relationship (probably) is.

No. 1259140

True but I hate when I see a girl post about her relationship and the guys got nothing. I get such a longing pity.

No. 1259170

South Park can be quite enjoyable as long as you do not take it seriously or interact too much with the people who do.

No. 1259172

I agree, I never have interacted with any fandom stuff unless we count some lc conversations

No. 1259177

My unpopular opinion is that men should not raise children without a woman involved in some way, doesn't matter if homosexual male couple or single male of any orientation. Even worse if they're not even willing to adopt and insist on surrogacy.
I think the average man is actually even worse about it than the pageant moms, men are the ones obsessed with "passing on their genes" and such shit.
I don't see anything wrong with women of any orientation, single or female-partnered or male-partnered, not wanting to raise a moid.

No. 1259188

Any kind of "your best friend and your lover have to be separate people" rhetoric is heterosexual thinking (yea yea not all hets but this pretty much is the mainstream hetero attitude) that doesn't really make sense in same-sex relationships.

No. 1259194

I thought the mainstream attitude was for hets to write "I'm marrying my best friend" into their vows?

No. 1259196

It's because straight people don't like to be together but do it anyway for some reason

No. 1259198

We do, but anytime we talk about it people get pissy

No. 1259199

It is. What anon's referring to has nothing to do with straight people. It's more of an old person mindset that you can't be best friends with your partner.

No. 1259200

everytime they say that, it's code for both of them having lost most of their best friends because of their own relationship fr

No. 1259201

It is, idk what OP means. A lot of people do have a best friend that's not their significant other but usually it's someone the same gender as them, which makes sense IMO. I don't think I've ever heard someone say your lover can't be your best friend though.

No. 1259204

This is because romantic love is fuckin awesome

No. 1259205

This is such a bad, immature take fr

No. 1259219

well it's mostly an old straight person mindset

No. 1259223

I don't care about Hunter Biden and his hacked technology leaks.

No. 1259244

It’s fun to be courted by a man it’s fun to date a man especially when it’s passionate puppy love. its fun banging a man I do not imagine marrying a man is fun tho

No. 1259266

File: 1657600388647.jpeg (202.15 KB, 1200x1800, 53B212BC-FE2E-4094-8F1E-F65E8C…)

The whole “you can wing cooking but you can’t wing baking” thing is a absolute lie. I’ve been cooking as a hobby for 10 years now, occasionally trying stuff with baking and desserts, and I’ve “wung” baked goods for myself many times and they’ve came out pretty damn good. Now if I’m trying something for the first time or making something special for an event or something I’ll absolute follow a recipe to the T, usually testing it beforehand even. But in times where I just felt like playing in the kitchen, or if I or a family member just have a sweet craving, I’ve made a bunch of different things successfully by eyeballing it and guesswork. Off the top of my head I’ve made various cookies, cakes, and quick breads like banana bread. If you’re a beginner you should 100% use recipes each time, but if you’ve logged a bunch of hours in the kitchen and know how certain ratios look, can more or less recall certain recipes by memory, you shouldn’t feel tied down to a recipe every single time. I say this all because tonight I had a craving for a dessert and didn’t have exact ingredients for recipes I know on hand, so I improvised a recipe for Nutella brownies and my only regret is not writing down what I did because they’re a solid 8/10.

No. 1259294

I've heard that pedos tend to not discriminate based off gender so it's still a possibility gay men could sexually abuse a girl the same way straight men do to boys. They tend to be equal opportunists but not always

No. 1259295

I have 3 friends with lesbian moms and they're all fucked up in the head from not having a dad. I feel bad because if they complain too much about it people will tell them they're ungrateful to their moms. It especially seems to fuck with the guy I grew up with who had 2 moms. Girls tend to deal with not having a dad better if they have an extra mom I think lol. They seem a little less bothered about this than girls raised by single moms. But idk why any woman would intentionally raise a son without a dad or uncle to teach him how to be a man. Coddled boys grow up to be resentful men and are desperate for an emotional bond with other men, but still expect women to baby them like their moms did. Boys need good fathers.

No. 1259296

Samefag but one of the girls I know has a trans man "dad". Like her mom started off lesbian then transitioned. She's one of those misogynistic hateful dykes that pretends to be a hard ass dude so I think that is a bigger factor for her daughters emotional trauma rather than having no dad

No. 1259297

Alot of gay couples look related.

No. 1259299

We need to go back to sex seperate living like in tribes. Send the boy to the men's side when he's 12 and don't let him come to the women's side unless it's to make a baby.
Anyway the vast majority of men aren't fit to care for a pet let alone a whole human being. Their patriarchy made them unable to deal with reality & exist in a survival of the fittest setting.

No. 1259318

A lot of straight couples look related.

No. 1259319

Our men are too busy complaining about women on the internet and watching kpop videos on YouTube to ever be of any use in society like ever

No. 1259332

They would just spend all their time planning raids on the female tribe.
Men unironically need women in their lives to teach them basic concepts like empathy & how not to be a piece of shit. Left on their own, male echo chambers revert to straight up orcs.

No. 1259335

>nobody should be able to rent out women's bodies
If surrogacy is done with the consent of the surrogate mother, then why not?

No. 1259348

Nta but the issue is with the potential for exploitation, such as poor women giving consent because they have little other options and would otherwise not have consented. It's why you see more surrogates in poorer countries than more wealthy ones.

No. 1259352

* or poorer backgrounds. It also has the potential to hurt the women surrogating the child if the surrogate-buyers back out of the deal, leaving her with a child or the need to receive an abortion which can be either illegal depending on the location, expensive, cause social backlash, or be both painful physically and mentally. The human body should not be paid for to be used, things like working as a cashier is where a person is being paid to provide a service using their body, but the body itself is not a service, such as when it is with surrogacy and prostitution, etc. Too much potential exploitation.

No. 1259359

Piggybacking on what the other anon said - I think that a lot of women (esp ones who haven't been pregnant before) underestimate the toll that it takes on your body, underestimate the dangers of complications, and the primal attachment that you feel towards the child. It's easy to say "oh yeah, I would do that for a million dollars" when you're not actually in that situation. But to spend 9 months carrying a living being inside of you, spending gruelling hours birthing it, then looking it in the eyes, holding its tiny little hands, and having it taken away to be raised by another "mom"… it's emotionally devastating in a way that's difficult to convey.

It may be consensual, but it's still exploitative.
Like how human hair wigs are technically consensual, but when you view the circumstances that forced these SEA women to sell their hair, you realize that it's not consensual≠ethical.

I do make an exception though in the rare cases where someone wants to be a surrogate for a family member who can't conceive.

No. 1259389

I almost agree with you sometimes but then I still feel pity and empathy for women. I just saw a Reddit screenshot on Instagram by an anonymous female poster. She says she has three children, has no income except a small inheritance, husband makes six figures annually but his “condition” is that if she sends the kids to daycare she has to pay for it. Of course, the woman had to sacrifice a career to have kids with this unworthy man. Moreover, he gives her a monthly allowance of $100-300 and strictly controls her spending. (This money is mostly spent for kids) He also complains that she’s using the inheritance for her education and is not sharing it with the husband. This is financial and emotional abuse at best.

I wonder what makes western women settle for this? Religion? Low self esteem? This is the life that moids and pick me women want for us.

No. 1259394

Its also genetically the surrogate mothers as well as mother and fetus share dna between them

No. 1259424

same tbh and it's really annoying because the 4chan moids would not care if he was the son of a "based" loser like trump etc etc

No. 1259448

Imagine being that girl and knowing your mother was SUED for making you. Stop shilling for scrotes, you know it’s not because they want girls to grow up with strong mother figures. Fuck off

No. 1259463

Liberal brainrot. I’m going to assume ignorance instead of malice and tell you what’s actually happening: poor women get turned into literally baby-making livestock and make no money out of it. You can not consent into being a slave. 16 year old Indian girls are found CHAINED to beds like cows so they don’t run away with the baby that they are creating and are monitored 24/7, they don’t even have the right to eat what they want. And after 9 months of torture, the brother (or father, or uncle. Basically any male family member that “owns” her) will steal the money she makes and she will be re-impregnated with another baby that will be stolen from her immediately after birth. This doesn’t happen only to the “poor brown people” either. (It was so widespread in Ukraine the baby-buyers threw fits about not having their babies delivered on time because of the war.) The media image of the surrogate that WANTS to be exploited is not real. This is the reproductive equivalent of being a streetwalker, the type of prostituted woman who gets murdered and dumped in a ditch. What you’re saying is the equivalent of libfems pointing at camgirls and claiming that “consensual sex work” is empowering.
Pregnancy is the most challenging thing the human body can go through, especially back to back pregnancies. My family has suffered from osteoporosis of “if you fall down once after a certain age your hip will be shattered into dust and you will be bedridden until you die” severity for generations because husbands would not stop impregnating them. These girls are quite literally being bred to death. And if you don’t have a problem with that, have a problem with the fact that the technology which can turn YOU into a mere baby-vessel with no rights exists and is being abused all around the world. This could be you.

No. 1259470

This post should be shared on all social media outlets and news channels. But I doubt moid owned media channels will accept it…..

No. 1259481

Fuck anon. I am >>1259359 and I had no idea about any of this. I just kind of opposed surrogacy on principle, even when under the impression that they really did consent. Can you link me some 101 resources?

No. 1259486

I don't understand that when we're kids, we're highly encouraged to freely use and develop our fantasy, but when we're adults, it's suddenly a negative, childish, escapist and unhealthy trait.

No. 1259496

It's kind of trippy to think of how much effort the world puts into making sure kids have fantasy and fun and just carefree play.. and then yeah one day you're considered as being past the point of being owed.. a carefree life. You get a taste of it at the start and then, poof!

No. 1259514

THIS. Surrogacy is slavery. That's how it is.

No. 1259530

Bless your soul anon. I'm saving this post to make potential liberal cunts shut up.

No. 1259533

Irl? Don’t. Anon is based and right though.

No. 1259540

You gotta come in with receipts irl. I am still waiting.
It's nice that anon assumed ignorance over malice. But nobody is going to want to listen if you just call them pedo slave supporters without showing them the studies & stories that validate it. Ijs.

No. 1259547

NTA Just go to ovarit and use the search to look for surrogacy. You realize it’s no anons job to spoon feed you? Are you a Reddit retard with your
>>got got recipets that are easily findable and Google-able or can I continue to live in my ignorance bubble because you didn’t spoon feed me!!

No. 1259558

It's not normal for women to fantasize about being raped. Men try to push it as some sort of "gotcha" against women and feminism, but all it is is a symptom of a society where women groomed from birth to cater and give up control to men.

No. 1259561

It's such a head fuck of a contradiction. As soon as you desire it.. it's not rape anymore so how can rape even be a fantasy?

No. 1259564

I have never in my life heard of ovarit. Don't chastise other women for trying to educate themselves jfc

No. 1259568

Nta but considering that anon made it clear that she disagrees with them in her post, I doubt she's "shilling" for them. Seeing the situation from a different perspective doesn't mean you're defending anyone. I don't know why that attitude is so common on this site.

No. 1259575

Stop being a fucking idiot, anon is just asking for help. I've never seen anyone here have a problem with sharing feminist resources before.

No. 1259596

Anon I’m tired of seeing the surrogacy shills promote it over and over again. They then get told it’s awful and despite there being an entire world of information they demand the original anon do all the work for them in giving sources. Just go look for it. Here

No. 1259598

Nobody promoted it or demanded that anyone do anything, it was just a question.

No. 1259601

who gives a fuck about what boys need or want this should be about what daughters really need, go fuck yourself

No. 1259605

wrong, every semi-decent man i have met had no father figure and only a strong mother. boys do not "need" father figures to indoctrinate them into psychotic male socialization

No. 1259607

>go to ovarit
nta but that's an awful idea, the culture on ovarit is terrible, especially now that so many people into retards like Matt Walsh think it's for them just because they also hate troons

No. 1259614

NTA but I've only seen people speaking negatively of him there what thread did you see supporters on

No. 1259617

jk rowling just tweeted to him supporting his shitty documentary

No. 1259630

What are you talking about? Her recent tweets iirc weren’t positive towards him in the slightest just a “thank you for saying what women have already been saying for years”

No. 1259635

File: 1657635871190.jpg (151.33 KB, 1068x996, 1657575661194.jpg)

you don't think that's supportive of his film?

No. 1259636

Would that not be positive?

No. 1259639

It's not supportive, she's telling him she's rather make TRAs accountable than call terfs "cowards" for being silent. There's context to this tweet, the guy called some famous woman a coward for backing off and apologizing after calling trannies men, and JKR disagreed with him for that and said it's understandable women would back off after receiving death and rape threats.

No. 1259659

I'm pissed that Running Up That Hill will forever be tied to reatarded gen Z tik toks. At least nobody has touched the Placebo cover yet. It may be gatekeeping, but oh well, it's the unpopular opinion thread

No. 1259670

I love the Placebo cover and the original. I have never watched Stranger Things and went to listen to the Kate Bush version on youtube and the entire comments were filled with Stranger Things references and I had no idea what any of it meant. Then I saw a bunch of articles saying how Gen Z Revived Kate Bush and I was like wtf

No. 1259672

unpopular opinion: running up that hill is not a good song, it's boring

No. 1259710

File: 1657641420008.png (407.08 KB, 601x465, E5u3B8FWUAEmk4k.png)

I'm truly tired of uwu games, tv shows and so on that are 'comfy' with natural green environments full of fields or space age Halo-type settings. A cast of supportive characters in flower crowns with all the scrotes acting like weeping TIFs (yawn) or spineless hikiko isekai self-insert twerps (kill them all). Female characters looking like 10 year olds (or ugly troons), random types of glittery shiny furfags making cutesy noises and NPCs who are all kind. I dont hate comfy games but it has a time and a place tbh (things like Harvest Moon or whatever that are MEANT give that 'homey' feeling). I want to be disturbed. I want to be challenged. I want characters that piss me off

I'm not talking about horror. I mean stuff like the first Animal Crossing villagers in the English translation being rude shady motherfuckers. Lara Croft being surrounded by predatory and violent scrotes and blowing their heads off. Sims having NPCs that smack you with a handbag if you show PDA in public or crazy fans that try to stalk you if you become famous. I miss premades like Olive Specter in Sims 2 who were hinted to be murderous gold diggers rather than yet another boring 'queer' fatass fantasy from the Sims team. I miss characters that are straight up annoying guttersnipes by inclination like Blue or treacherous like Ryder (not have every bad character be those just because they have xyz type of bigotry and 'muh terf grandmother', thanks Deadendia). I want POC characters like Catalina who are emotionally complex and capable of evil. I want industrial filthy environments, dingy nightclubs, prisons etc. For fucks sake the Bratz games I played as a little kid have more drama in them due to the Tweevils extra asses than any title in 2022

No. 1259746

Lol. Keep deciding for men they don't need positive male influences. No wonder these fucks grow up and demand to be in our spaces. They're so used to having women like you treat them like one of the girls. Pathetic

No. 1259756

"Psychotic male socialization" comes from being coddled by their mothers and having society tell them they can do whatever they want. We all know men do not give a fuck about what women think or have to say- they listen to other men. What the fuck makes you think a women can inspire these men to be good people? Do you look to men to know how to be a good woman? Like are you fucking retarded? And yes some men can be good people despite having no positive male role model but those are anomalies. I know good men who had grandpa's, uncle's, step dad's who guided them. They care about the women in their lives but men listen to other men. Full stop.

No. 1260135

>"Psychotic male socialization" comes from being coddled by their mothers
Brainlet mother wound seething, nothing to see here.

No. 1260229

Cope. If males were supposed to be around children they would have breasts. Something tells me you’re the same retard who keeps reee’ing about surrogacy links.

No. 1260385

Eurovision songs that aren't sung in the language of the country its representing are an automatic out for me.

No. 1260390

Every goddamn time we try to send out one in our language, my stupid ass people vote otherwise and we end up trying to send some fat autistic looking men in there (thank u covid cancelling that shit)

No. 1260410

I agree with you on principle but it's sort of necessary for countries to send English songs unless you want to go back to the era where every country had to send a song in a native language and Ireland kept winning kek

No. 1260471

Same thing with ballads. Fuck ballads.

No. 1260625

Don't act surprised when even more men grow up to be effeminate spoiled women haters. Raised by a bunch of women who don't even like men. Do you think these boys will grow up any better than a boy with a shitty father? Honestly replies like this make me understand why some men grow up to hate women. Some of you don't even want them to be men because you think men=bad when all men have the capability of being better people. But u wanna give them an excuse to stay terrible people and just say men are doomed to be that way. Lol this is why I don't fuck with feminists. It's so obvious alot of you don't even know wtf u actually believe in ur just mad at men and offer no real fucking solutions. If statistically men think women talk to much and can't see us as people what makes you think they are going to start respecting their mothers? After literally centuries of doing whatever they want? Are we on the same planet? And again MEN FOLLOW OTHER MEN. Stupid cunts(calm down)

No. 1260627

Agree. Plus Israel and Australia needs to be booted out

No. 1260630

Also why do so many women feel it's our responsibility to teach men how to be men? Do you ladies ask trans women and drag queens about womanhood? Wtf would even a masculine woman know about being a man? Nothing. Men do not appreciate women. They care about the opinions of other men more than anything but you think they will magically listen to us.

No. 1260669

It's pretty gross to not wash your hair more often if you are active person who spends a lot of time outside. Even if you personally don't do anything to become dirty, you're still unclean and your hair is full of car exhaust, pollutants, smoke, other people's respiratory droplets etc.

I think if they did a study, they would find similar food and fecal matter in long women's hair that they find in men's beards.

No. 1260672

Based anon, I like you.

No. 1260682

based and absolutely correct opinion. games should be challenging, dammit. if you want a hugbox environment where nothing opposes you go jump in a fucking bouncy castle.

No. 1260686

It just depends on activity and hair type. I only wash my hair every 1 1/2-2 weeks because I don't really exercise and it's standard for people with my hair since it's not typically oily or anything. It's different for everyone and hair really isn't a one-size-fits-all thing, even when it comes to washing.

No. 1260692

well that's the thing. You don't exist in a vacuum; your personal activity levels are not the only thing contributing to dirt and grime in your hair. you probably are walking around town and having all the gross modern society air soaked up in your hair, and then let it sit and build up in it for a week. That's pretty gross, that's all I'm saying.

No. 1260693

that's not unpopular

No. 1260695

The actual dead skin, dirt, sweat and oil that can be on your scalp and skin is a lot more important than particles in the air. Your hair doesn't "soak" in it and it doesn't build up like the actual stuff from your body does.

No. 1260697

Great, then move your pickme ass back to twitter and go teach some scrotes to be "better people" and report back your success.

No. 1260742

This is an example of someone with cum inside their brain.

No. 1260783

It's a man. The 'stupid cunts' wasn't a giveaway? That's what every moid who finally gathers the courage to post here writes. Same exact words. Yawn

No. 1260790

I miss the Animal Crossing villagers being bitchy too.

No. 1260873

Damn this is misogynistic, ew. Are you gonna tell her to shove a cock in her mouth to shut her up next anon?
Are you a lesbian? Which group of women on here is it that speak like this? Is this what radfeminism is? Real question.

No. 1260877

Lol great non-misogynistic comeback retard

No. 1260878

>scrotal post calling women stupid cunts and blaming women for men's actions
>scrotoid gets called a cumbrain
>"This is so misognyistic!!!"
You're pathetic and YWNBAW. You solidified that second part by trying to have some weird lesbian degradation fantasy fulfilled, too

No. 1260880

I wish men had physical standards they had to live up to to impress women like women do to impress men. I think it would be awesome if dick enlarging surgeries were a thing like BBLs and boob jobs are. That'd honestly be kind of hilarious but great if all men gave a shit about looking good and having nicely shaped penises or something lol

No. 1260882

Lesbian degradation fantasy? What the fuck are you even talking about lmao

No. 1260885

Women say cunt too. I call women who are cunts cunts. I stated my opinion that boys need good men to lead them and you idiots are getting upset because you think a woman can teach a boy to be a man. You have no proof that boys fare well with single moms or lesbian couples compared to a mom and dad. All you dumbasses have to say is I have cum for brains even though I don't like PIV or dating. And it has nothing to do with what I even said. And of course u call me a man because any woman who doesn't agree with you psychotic "feminists" is a man. Fucking weirdos lol

No. 1260888


No. 1260891

You all insulted me first then want to act hurt I said cunt. Also anon who called you misogynistic wasn't even me dumbass lol please show me articles that back up your claims that boys don't need dad's and have no problem learning to be good men from their mothers. Would you say a girl can learn how to be a woman from a man or a gay couple? No. But all you have are insults because youre delusional and think women should work and take care of their families all by themselves. How are you any different from modern men who sit on their asses while their wives work, feed them, and care for their children alone. Or dudes who leave altogether while the mom fends for herself. Why do you fucking weirdos want men to not be held accountable and take responsibility? You're literally enabling them to be deadbeat losers

No. 1260894

Men who come to bait and attention whore on LC shouldn't try to "improve themselves" like the anon in that deleted bait thread was saying, they should just fuck off somewhere until their Y chromosome inevitably leads to their demise. It's even grosser when they try to "reverse le femoid logic" by calling it "misogyny" when anons rightfully insult them, and type long rants trying to force everyone to accept their newfound online gender identity. It's honestly ridiculous how obvious they make themselves these days, and I'm tired of it.

No. 1260896

No because If they’re here then there’s probably something wrong with them that’s easily fixable. Like be real they’re just lonely internet addicts, you give them a purpose outside of the computer then they exponent (sorry for maybe wrong word I’m fkd up) it and become greater then they are, which is ultimately the goal, right? How dare anyone settle with their own mediocrity. Such weakness. Those with such strong opinions are easily and I mean EASILY swayed to the truth, so who are we to lead them astray?

No. 1260905

They don't come here to listen or be "fixed", though. They're just here to bash women, spam fucked up shit and poorly try to shill their own garbage worldviews with "AHEM LISTEN TO ME YOU DUMB CUNTS, AS A TOTALLY LEGIT LADYBRAINED FEMALE," at the front. They don't like the truth, especially with no filter. And it's really not even our job in the first place. It's irritating that we as women can't have a single space to ourselves on the internet, they hate us but will follow us forever

No. 1260909

The amount of sensitivity you're portraying and long novels you're writing to yourself 100% out you as a male. Anger issues lol

No. 1260924

Bisexual/ Pansexual men can be/ have been just as predatory as straight men and I'm tired of pretending like it's not. Plenty acting like being attracted to dudes somehow gives them a pass to do the same harrassment to women any other dude does but ohhh they are "queer". And I swear a lot of them use that identity to collect victim points or move away from the fact that they are still a man. And I hate the pandering to these dudes, like they get treated as gods gift or somehow they are better partners for women. Honestly gay people are right for being "biphobic" or "panphobic" to these fucking scrotes.

No. 1260980

Yes yes YEA I hate that so many shows now are uwu cutesy wholesome, give me some substance please.

No. 1261007

Nta I think you’re knee-jerking and what she’s saying makes sense and is literally not anything a moid would ever say

No. 1261140

File: 1657707428862.jpg (92.06 KB, 1275x717, cumbrain.jpg)

NTA but no it doesn't. I'm the one that person chimped out at, and I wasn't in the retarded fight one way or another. I just saw a post attacking women and pinning blame on them for men being shit, thought "This is some shit someone posts when they're a literal cumbrain" and said as much. That poster's unhinged reactions thereafter told me everything I needed to know, I was right. It's probably a failmale or tranny who blames mommy for all his mental problems, and rationalizes it later
All moids have dick and cum in their brains, because they are mindless chimps. If you're a woman and you function like them, then maybe you do too. If you think this is misogynistic (and I'm still convinced this isn't a valid complaint, but that same scrote swooping into "be himself" after I didn't reply to his sad first attempt to infight by crying misogyny), reorient how you view women

No. 1261161

You sound paranoid.

No. 1261162

No. 1261164


No. 1261167

Pathetic samefagging moid.

No. 1261170

I'm confused by this post. Most of the top AAA titles are gritty with complex characters, and the ones that aren't, aren't like that intentionally (Minecraft, Breath of the Wild and so on). There's a lot of violence and grey morality, I feel kinda icky about this line
>Lara Croft being surrounded by predatory and violent scrotes and blowing their heads off.
you miss more sexism and harassment in games? Is that it? It's not like it's nonexistent but even if it was that's a really odd thing to miss esp given we know for a fact gamer scrotes jerk off to this shit and in the past it was often included for that very reason

No. 1261175

If someone uses cunts and feminists as an insult just because nonnas disagreed with the "poor moids are fixable, they just need a proper man to lead them, you just bash them cause you're angry, silly radfem!" it is a seething moid or an absolutely braindead pickme.

No. 1261197

Doing multiplication and division in your head is easier than addition and subtraction is.

No. 1261201

But head multiplication and division involves addition and subtraction too?

No. 1261206

I have no idea what I read but
>even though I don't like PIV or dating.
Good. No one would want to be friends with a schizo like you nevermind date you.

No. 1261208

Why are you treating pansexuality like some real thing lmao

No. 1261209

not any of those anons, but no one called them cunts or railed against feminists except the exact moid/pickme that was saying men are going to be effeminate etc etc if strong women raise them. saying someone is a cumbrain (or code for male) isn't misogynistic. just stop.

No. 1261211

No. 1261212

Nta but in modern circles I think bi means you like women and men, pan means you also like trannies. So tranny-chasers

No. 1261219

How is it not misogynistic to shut a woman down by saying she has cum in her brain?

No. 1261223

These people just want to hate on women but make it """feminist""", it's pointless to fight them. Let them seethe.

No. 1261227

Lolcow sucks now smh

No. 1261228

Literal DARVO, holy shit. You shit on women and then scream it's misogyny when it's thrown back in your face. I don't even care if I get banned for this shit, kill yourselves you worthless male-brained pieces of shit.

No. 1261232

Nta but it's not a woman.

No. 1261233

…what? Shitting on women how? You were the ones calling women cumbrains, right?

No. 1261235

Don't a-log, just ignore. It's a male who had an absent father figure and now blames his mother for how he turned out to be a failed male himself. I've known so many men who didn't have fathers but turned out to be ok, it the man's own fault if he grows messed up. No excuse.

No. 1261239

File: 1657713846115.png (87.93 KB, 879x628, 20892474384.png)

It always amazes me how blatantly misogynistic and flat out using women as bartering material a lot of 'progressive' rhetoric has evolved into being. Like I'm sorry but some nonnas here act as if its just about troons or porn and its not.
This Afghan man in France raped a 12 year old boy on his way to a playground and sexually assaulted a 17 year old girl a year before, inbetween jerking off on a bench at a beach. But the retards in court are arguing if he just had a wife to rape 24/7 like 'back home', none of this would've have happened. Cool I guess that makes it okay then!

Its a very short slippery slope to say 'due to cultural factors' rape can be prevented by having a wife, to incels demanding government-mandated wives.

No. 1261243

Being against calling women cumbrains makes you a male?

No. 1261245

Saying women can't raise kids properly and they totally need a man even though most men don't do any parenting duties makes you male. What was your relationship with your father? Are you projecting your daddy issues because you think everything wrong with you is your father/mothers fault?

No. 1261247

Males are a plague upon this earth

No. 1261249

Afghan men are faggots. They literally take little boys as dlaves until the boys commit suicide. It's disgusting how westerners are defending a practice that's frowned upon in most Muslim countries.

No. 1261250

the one (likely male) who is crying misogyny over being called a cumbrain was repeatedly calling women "stupid cunts" and feminists (in a derogatory way) for literally nothing. follow the actual discussion.

No. 1261252

I was not part of that conversation, I just came to say calling women words like that is retarded and not the least bit feminist

No. 1261253

yeah clearly you weren't, because you haven't followed any bit of the conversation or the context which is very integral to the rest of the convo. actually follow along or your input is useless. as it has been repeated, she called that person a cumbrain because she believes it's a male.

No. 1261254

you're right nonnie and this is annoying asf.

No. 1261257

So you won't answer my question about your father? I'm assuming you're samefagging and projecting your daddy issues. Get help.

No. 1261260

I'm not the male that was talked about earlier, but my relationship with my father is fine thank you for asking nonny, very thoughtful of you.

Fair enough, I just saw >>1261208 and thought the last sentence was retarded

No. 1261268

i understand people liking certain keyboard switches for their various feel but the "switch sounds" mattering is actual autism. especially when people end up putting buds or over ear headphones on.

No. 1261270

My unpopular opinion is you’re ALL annoying and should shut up.

No. 1261271

Yes, which is the moid I was talking about?

No. 1261273

You can't be misogynistic against moids.

No. 1261299

yes, i know, nonnie. i was explaining that you weren't being misogynistic towards the man/idiot

No. 1261660

Average/ugly people have happier relationships. All the hot people I know have dramatic and tumultuous relationships and marriages. Most of the stable, happily married people I know are plain at best.

No. 1261663

I think I mostly agree with adoptees who say international adoptions should be outlawed. A lot of the adoption agencies in the countries these children are being adopted from are extremely predatory to the mothers. I think most of the time the moms are shamed into giving up their children (either because of cultural shame toward single mothers, having a child before being married, and or being poor) that they actually would want to keep and raise themselves. Also, it’s disgusting how many of these agencies are purely for profit. When international adoptees speak out about wishing they had not been adopted and just been able to have been raised by their bio family people online get mega butthurt and speak as though adoptees should be grateful to have been adopted.

No. 1261667

nah your Cherry MX blue sounding garbage is still shit. bad cope

No. 1261671

i don’t think britney spears is/was cute. she’s always looked musty and like a hot mess, and she’s just not that good looking in the face

No. 1261676

I thought she was cute when she was younger, but she was never going to age well.

No. 1261681

My cousin was given up by her bio mother because of the reason you gave and my aunt adopted her, but even if there's some sort of international aspect to it we're from the same ethinicity/tribe so I wonder how she feels about it. Legally speaking my aunt is only considered a foster parent, not an adopting parent by the country where my cousin is from (and my bio family too I guess, my grandparents are immigrants) and my aunt is so stupid she never noticed until my cousin turned 18 or 19, so it's a hot mess right now.

No. 1261686

I don't think they should be outlawed but more strictly regulated. Although that'd be very difficult in poor asf countries. In my country there's a tv-show that searches for the bio families of adoptees, most often they're from really poor countries like Columbia or Romania and the mother genuinely had to give up the child to give it a better life. So I think there's also a lot of good done with international adoptions. But that's just my perspective I'm obviously not particularly knowledgeable on the subject.

No. 1261690

How about the country you live in, is your aunt considered her legal parent under your legal system? Just curious.

No. 1261694

I have no clue. Last time I heard about this she contacted an international lawyer but she's very uneducated and wanted to start shit with the adoption center in the other country despite her being at fault for not reading the official paperwork correctly.

No. 1261696

samefagging but I remember seeing a tv show like this as a kid, but I'm in a European country were nearly half of kids are born out of wedlock and nobody gives a fuck, so you can guess how that went. Almost every single time the adopted child, now an adult, found their bio mom thanks to genealogy or private detective the bio mothers threatened to call the police, yelled at them, insulted them, looked horrified. The children were almost all born with no mother indicated in their birth documents because the mothers gave them up at the maternity, I'm guessing they were absolutely unwanted or the result of rapes and incest cases.

No. 1261703

Maybe my opinion sort of inspired by this is that I think adoption is very difficult in general and people underestimate that. In countries like Japan and in a lot of non-Christian countries it's almost nonexistent as a practice
Even if you take out the trans-racial or international adoption aspect, and you have a wealthy parent adopting a child of the same race and nationality, you can STILL end up with the Joan Crawford scenario (though technically she bought Christina off the mafia and never truly adopted her)
Occasionally you get a child who fits in like a jigsaw piece into their adoptive family or hear weird stories of women who abducted babies from the hospital and the grown up child sides with the abductor more than their bioparent (like Gloria Williams) but it's not that common

No. 1261749

I think being ugly actually makes relationships really difficult. If you never feel secure in yourself, you never feel completely secure someone actually cares about you either.

No. 1261764

File: 1657742964114.gif (3.16 MB, 360x360, 34cb4f_df7c5e8a_400.gif)

Homeless people shouldn't be allowed to own pets. They can barely feed themselves what makes them think they can care for the damn animal

No. 1261770

Usually their pets are animals they had before they fell on hard times, or strays they came across.

No. 1261779

Babe, beautiful women get cheated on constantly. Scrotes will cheat on you too if he’s the one who’s insecure because he knows you have options.

No. 1261796

This is purely anecdotal but I remember as a teenager sitting outside at a cafe and someone tied their dog up outside to go into the cafe. A few minutes later a homeless man that was sitting around nearby untied the dog and started walking away with it. I was scared to confront him directly so I told a guy nearby that this homeless man was walking away with a random dog. The guy I told confronted the homeless man and hopefully the owner came out shortly after. I still sometimes wonder why the homeless guy would just steal a random dog. Like what would he do with it? The dog was a dachshund.

No. 1261799

I don’t care about the infight, but what are the effects of coomers in women?

No. 1261800

He'd sell it

No. 1261801

No, I totally agree with that, it's just that I think being ugly and having low self-esteem make feeling secure in a relationship difficult.

No. 1261804

Men cheat no matter what. Though ugly ones cheat more as they think fucking women will fix their mental health issues, it won't. Ugly men deep down know they're defective and they'll always be suicidal no matter how much attention they get.

No. 1261812

I'd have left you too if I was your father. You're a failure.

No. 1261820

The issue there is with low self-esteem though, you can be ugly while not being insecure.

No. 1261960

I really hate real estate agents. I'm kind of surprised they don't get more hate considering how much a lot of people hate landlords but at least landlords have responsibilities (though a lot of them do suck and don't live up to their responsibilities as I've seen in my personal life).

like literally I've seen people becoming millionaires off of real estate. they are just selling houses and properties that aren't even theirs. it's a bit of a bullshit profession imo and I hate how rich people get off of it.

No. 1261980

File: 1657751771467.png (1 MB, 1316x789, chrome_KqexITcz0s.png)

The glossy look skincare youtubers do for their videos looks so dumb (I tried to pick a flattering screenshot). Another example is the Welsh twins.

No. 1261981

I think she has an ok face I could see why people think she is pretty tho

No. 1261983

it looks so oily. people don't understand how to do 'dewy'

No. 1261992

File: 1657752249974.png (1.34 MB, 772x1039, a1c6091bc35e7b7c25a35ea52af0ef…)

I think it's supposed to be "glass skin" but it looks really bad. Her makeup looks greasy and not like a healthy glow, but if I'm being honest most of the glass skin stuff looks oily to me. Perhaps she isn't doing that on purpose and she genuinely just has oily skin.

No. 1261993

File: 1657752255452.jpg (226.38 KB, 1024x1280, original.jpg)

take it back. she was gorgeous

No. 1261997

Dogs get you more sympathy when spanging. Also those types are usually hella lonely and depressed and a dog makes companionship. The dogs are usually pretty happy but don’t know any better

No. 1261999

I've seen a lot of them talk about how the kpop hype for glass skin is out now

No. 1262152

I literally thought she had oil on her face in this pic

No. 1262218

BASED as fuck and sums up the LARPing moids on this board. I’m so tired of them automatically calling us the sexists and having “narrowed views of femininity” because “not all women have the same opinions as you”. It’s just shitty gaslighting because women are diverse but men who go on the internet are not. They all act the same even when they try to pretend to be one of us. Fuck off moids.

No. 1262280

File: 1657775831007.jpg (132.94 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20220714-150938__01…)

Anons that don't simp for the unkempt manlet known as moist critical are based

No. 1262287

How can anyone simp for that thing? He needs to shave, pluck his eyebrows, go to a hairdresser and even then that doesn't fix his manlet complex and personality.

No. 1262407

Finally watched this "master and slave" inverview that was once posted I think in hate thread? Or maybe vent; and recently posted again in conspiracy and I gotta say, I totally understand what kind of mental illness could've lead the woman to do this, and kinda, idk, I feel like normally I would kinkshame but if that works for her to escape all the issues from before and gives her semblance of being taken care of, then whatever. Also the scrote is so old, maybe he will die soon and she will get all the money. They both say themselves that they would never recommend this kind of thing to anyone and they're not here to promote it, so the comments are where it gets fucked up with everyone praising them and saying it's relationship goals and sooo healthy

No. 1262414

So you want to try to fix the incels that spam cp and gore here by being nice to them?

No. 1262416

Right? And why is that on us? They can do that for themselves, if that's too hard then just die alone as they deserve

No. 1262420

Cries in Swedish

No. 1262421

Bisexual men are worst of all in my experience.

No. 1262445

It's been quite some time since watching The Right Opinion, but man his videos are just miserable to sit through. All his videos are like 2+ hours long and it's like oh shit, he must really go super in depth ala Fredrik Knudsen, but no, he really doesn't. It's always just a massive slog. It feels like he fluffs up his sentences to prolong the video. I don't care for his psychological evaluations (for lack of a better term) either, I don't care about why a human would do xyz if I'm watching a video about Nikado Avocado's downfall. I just don't care, I just want to hear about the downfall itself. You always think you're going to hear about some youtube personality, but no it's mostly just him going on about the nature of humanity, you know, just really huffing his own farts.

No. 1262450

That guy sounds like he’s trying super hard to make his voice deeper than it really is, he sounds weird.

No. 1262451

If you watch his old gaming videos then watch him now, it's SUPER apparent he was making his voice deeper on purpose. He still sounds like he is but it's less deep than back in around 2017.

No. 1262452


TRO is, like most YT commentators for sure not for everybody. I will say that he's been a pretty stand up guy in the past during the NCO (new commentary order) thing he if anything took too much of the blame on his own shoulders for example. He's generally fairly well liked and respected within commentary circles (last I checked been out of the loop for a while). But again his style isn't for everyone. Each their own right?

No. 1262453

I don't feel bad when I see minor males (say 13 to 18) depicted in sexual or violent contexts. 12 year olds already watch porn and harass their female peers. 15 year olds sexually abuse younger women and are psychopatic enough to kill one of their own or an elderly person and they're fucking whores. Anyone's who's been around young males enough knows that they're fucking demons with no self-control or empathy. So no, I don't care how a young moid gets depicted in fiction and I don't care about them generally.

No. 1262454

I unironically liked him at one point but when an anon on the moovie room said hes into pissing into girls mouths I stopped watching him. The kiddie tent in his video bg has to be for ddlg too. Fucking weirdo.

No. 1262457

tbh i think kim kardashian and pete davidson are so cute… why shouldn't kim be with some himbo over a decade younger than her and make everyone including kanye west (barf) seethe? good on her. i'm sick of men getting a pass when they date younger women which is so obviously predatory in comparison to the situation kim and pete are in, or any older woman/younger male scenario.

No. 1262472

Based. I’ve hated teenage boys my entire life and I hate them even more now that I’m just about old enough to be the mother of one. They catcall, they assault, they harass, they rape, murder and abuse.

No. 1262474

He WHAT???

No. 1262478

Teenage boys are the worst most annoying demographic on the planet.

No. 1262481

People going from door to door uninvited just trying to sell you a service shouldn't really be an ok practice.

I just had two big loud fuckers in suits at my door and I watched them go around other doors after. My area is full of elderly people who live alone too and I don't think it's ok for those people to be put in a position where they can't tell if they're being sold shit, being visited for a legitimate reason or whether robbers are scoping out which houses are empty during the day. That's a growing thing in my country. I've neighbours who live alone and function but they're not 'all there' aswell. They're vulnerable people. I know 'ring' doorbells are taking off in other countries which probably helps but… just don't show up to strangers doors if you don't have a good reason or an invite? How is that tolerated in the first place?

I have this vivid memory of an insurance salesman showing up at our door when I was only a kid. My mom answered but then called my dad to the door to talk to him. When he immediately asked my dad about his income that hit such a nerve that my dad roared at him to mind his fucking business lol. He lost his shit and now I get it.

No. 1262484

I'm 30 and I am still terrified of teenage boys, and I turn tail whenever I see a gang of them in public.

No. 1262496

Do a service project, anon. Make “no soliciting” signs and then go door to door (heh) asking your neighbors if they want you to install one for them.

No. 1262499

They knock as late as 8/9pm here too and it always startles my household. I don't even answer the door anymore. If it's a package they will leave it, if it's maintenance they would've called first. I will look right at them through my giant door window then walk away.

No. 1262595

what are the laws/ordinances regarding solicitation in your country? start complaining about the people soliciting to your municipality, i would assume there are at least permits required to solicit like there are in america, which most people/companies totally forgo unlawfully.

No. 1262749

I fucking hate teenage boys. They'll harass you and act threatening towards you, but the worst part is that you know if you defended yourself against them they'd start crying and acting like the pissbabies they are because they're minors and protected by the law and their mommies will come running to defend them.

The other day I was walking back from the gym and these teenage boys started screaming at me from a schoolbus driving by. They were calling me ratchet and hurling a bunch of other insults at me. Of course those little faggots were too cowardly to say something like that to my face without the protection of being in a schoolbus.

No. 1262767

Recorded them and send the video to the school and complain next time. The bus has a number on it so they’ll be able to identify which bus it is. The driver can identify the kids and the driver is liable for everything happening on that bus. Teenage boys who can’t behave are a safety risk.

No. 1262787

Haters fall in to two categories only:
1. More experienced people who know what you’re doing is fucking stupid
2. People who are jealous and need to take it out without admitting they’re jealous

No. 1262788

What irks me is the cry to protect “women and children!” During war times when the ‘child’ is a 17 year old male. I also don’t see why people are so pro teenage boys being allowed into womens refuges with their mothers when they are capable of hurting the women and girls there

No. 1262818

I don’t think male mass shooters are mentally ill, there are more factors as to why these lone wolf tragedies happen and I think some of these men just have bad personalities that lead to bad actions.

No. 1262821

Most of the time it's the first one which is why people calling out their "haters" is fucking retarded kek

No. 1262822

Back when I lived in a city and in a rough-ish part too I would dread walking past teen boys in groups because they repeat the same old cringe routine. They won't say shit to you if you pass by one of them alone but in groups they're constantly trying to prove their balls to each other.. by attempting to harass strangers. Lone strangers. So brave! What a display of masculinity!

The thing is they rely on being minors to get away with it. As soon as you don't just ignore them and you get in any way aggressive back they scream that they're not 18 yet. Yeah and? If you're over 6 foot tall, you're in a gang of 5 or 6 fellas and if you're harrassing a lone woman why do you need to hide behind your age to make sure nobody dares dish it back at you? They think being 17 is their do whatever you want card? Bunch of spotty virgins with someting to prove.

I moved to a different area then. Rural-ish. Everyone here kinda knows each other and not one teenager has said a thing to me. I was pretty surprised by it at first but it makes sense not to try people here.

No. 1262824

Well males on average have a higher propensity for violence because of testosterone, also men externalize negative emotions and blame others. No mental illness, just the Y chromosome in action.

No. 1262828

I agree, I think in general most men that do awful things don't actually have any diagnosable mental illness. People just don't like to admit it because the idea that somebody can commit horrific acts and not have anything medically wrong with their brain is scarier than the alternative. I kind of hate the mental illness excuse anyway, feels like any moid can commit the most disgusting crime imaginable and everyone is like "this is why we need mental health awareness uwu, he needs help not prison"

No. 1262839

This is exactly the sort of thing why I believe Far or whatever their name is in /pt/ about being harassed by teenage boys. They have way too much free time on their hands and in groups they do some really fucked up and cruel shit to people.

No. 1262843

There's the autism link too. I'm not shitting on women who are on the spectrum but male tism is dark at times. I think alot of us here have dealt with creepy male tists but once you start paying attention to it.. it's staggering how many young male killers (both shootings and single murders) are autistic or they get assesed for autism during their trials and are found to have it. Male puberty and autism is a hell of a combination.

No. 1262846

File: 1657837211311.jpg (277.49 KB, 1063x1203, p0s7hocfn1i41.jpg)

>People just don't like to admit it because the idea that somebody can commit horrific acts and not have anything medically wrong with their brain is scarier than the alternative.
They also don't want to admit that it's always men and that male violence and entitlement is the issue, not necessarily to the point of shooting up a school but just in general. Women want to think it's just a small minority of 'bad apples' and most men are good (so they can keep dating/marrying/procreating with them). Men want to perpetuate that so they can keep women around and take advantage.

No. 1262852

god, the whole "neener neener I'm a minor" thing is one of the most uniquely annoying things about zoomers. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but when I was a teenager, none of my friends wanted to be thought of as kids, whereas now you're like, LITERALLY A CHILD? until you turn 18. Unfathomably fucking cringy that they would use that as a shield after harassing you. Just…wow.

No. 1262855

I agree, it can be useful sometimes if it's young people trying to get summer money helping you with things but 9 times out of 10 it's not that and it's just someone from a competing internet service company from the one you use trying to sell you on the other one

No. 1262868

Nta but extremely based and correct. They don’t want to address the problem because it’s to their benefit not to.

No. 1262888

>Men use violence to uphold their morals
The author of this tweet needs to be on a watch list.

No. 1262964

Extremely deep voices in men make me cringe and I don't find them sexy at all. Don't get me wrong I think high pitched voices are terrible too and I'd say there's a certain frequency of deep voices that I like (the higher end I guess), but I've never understood how guys like Corpse Husband got thirsted over for their voices.

No. 1262977

IBS might as well mean someone doesnt have the time/money/care to find all their food allergies and intolerance or it's that their own doctor doesnt give enough shits to find them. Some allergies are massive and really hard to avoid other than giving up restaurants and cooking at home.

No. 1262986

Not even /ot/ is enjoyable anymore. Do I really have to contain myself in /g/ or /m/ now? Jesus fucking christw

No. 1262994

>thinks mens values are morals and not dedication to coom and subjugation to ensure coom
XY detected kek.

No. 1262995

There needs to be a support group for terf/gender critical women who are into the furry fandom I just like drawing cute cartoon animal ocs dont associate me with the troons and degeneracy

No. 1263079

I don’t spend nearly as much time as I used to here and not because I’ve matured but just because it’s so slow.

No. 1263080

Nona, are you me? I love drawing anthro animals too but I can't fucking stand how it attracts degens and gendies. I unironically want a GC furry artist group to exist.

No. 1263249

The problem is you would have to keep a really tight security over anyone who joins. You'd have troons constantly trying to weasel their way in and corrode it from the inside.

No. 1263250

I don’t understand the Fiona Apple ass kissing, Ive only listened to one or two songs and they were okay I guess, not great. What albums/songs should I listen to?

No. 1263266

are you a wine mom? if not listen to poe.

No. 1263273

wtf random poeanon angry johnny is one of my favourite songs ever

No. 1263292

>fiona apple
>wine mom music

No. 1263482


If you haven't this one. Great showcase of her vocal range and it's a good song IMO. At the same time it's pretty clear in the video that's she's suffering from a eating disorder at least today it is, not sure if people picked up on it at the time but it has been confirmed that she was in the years since it was made and there are some points in the video where she looks frantic and a little lost and out of it. It kind of tells it's own story beyond just the lyrics in the song without meaning to.

No. 1263499


Forgot to mention apparently from reading the comments on the video there was some kind of thing that went on at that year's MTV awards about her saying "This world is bullshit" or whatever that's what the post says she said anyways. I guess that was a big deal back then.

No. 1263510

I guess I’m missing the part of the brain that makes Fiona Apple’s music appealing, I listened to a few songs and they were all so underwhelming. The musical arrangements are boring as shit and her voice isn’t anything special. Nonnies in the other thread who said she was better than Kate Bush and Björk, the fuck are you smoking?

No. 1263521


No worries, your opinion is part of what makes you you one person hears a symphony the other a discordant screaming fit, there's no accounting for it. Keep being you. All the best.

No. 1263524

My unpopular opinion is I find it hard to enjoy that song because it comes off like it was written and directed by a scrote

No. 1263525

there was like nothing about her online praising her (aside from those who already knew her) until the past like two years and coquettes being obsessed with her image. tidal, when the pawn…, and extraordinary machine are amazing albums. listen to the the extraordinary machine unreleased version produced by jon brion rather than the released version. this is one of my favorite songs by fiona because i relate to it and i think it's very pretty, i like the message personally (nice to listen to on a walk with headphones). but her vibe changes from album to album, it's really worth it to just listen to tidal for an intro to her music. she's great. i think fiona is a lot more relatable than bjork or kate bush imo and the types of music are just entirely different.

No. 1263549

well she was a teen in that video. she wrote that song when she was like 16 but yeah it was a scrote that made the scrote-y, 90s calvin klein inspired mv. still a classic song imo. not sure why you think her voice isn't unique, there really aren't many women with her voice. her voice isn't fully displayed in that song but it's definitely a unique voice. if you're expecting literally bjork or more ethereal stuff, no, she's not it. but her voice is still unique. she screams/yells in some songs but otherwise it's more chill music save for some of her more recent albums, which maybe you'd be more interested in.

No. 1263553

I like this song. Not sure why some people don't but music is all about personal taste anyways (or what's popular whichever).

No. 1263555

Semi related but there was a mom on Tiktok I followed whose 9 or so year old daughter was being sexually abused by her 14 year old cousin. He would make her watch porn and reenact it with him and was fully addicted to porn at the age of 14. He was even on the dark web trying to search out child pornography. The mom of the girl found out and pressed charges on him and his family which made her sister (the mom of the cousin) super pissed. Eventually it came out that the 14 year old had been watching porn since he was about 10 years old and escalated from there. I can’t find her tiktok anymore I’m not sure if she deleted her account now as more legal action has been coming. It terrified me all the ipad kids are now growing into porn addicted teenagers. Disgusting.

No. 1263589

I feel like a lot of people posting in the MTF threads are self posting AGPs with a degradation kink and HSTS practicing their mean girl larp. I didn't really think it was that many of them till I was told join the MTF discord to post about my tranny ex. But when I was on the discord is was filled with anime PFPs and people discussing how "passing" some troons were, how straight men love troons more than women, and pathetic comments like "they're more feminine than me". I only posted one thing about my ex and they told me I can't post about it because it "sounded like a vendetta" lol. I haven't been on the troons thread in months mostly because of infighting but now I'm wondering how much of it are "lesbian" and "straight woman" trannies calling each other ugly fags. Also I feel like alot more handmaidens are on here too than say last year. This site has become unbearable with the fake feminism. Alot of you weirdos say vile shit about the women on here then wanna nitpick shit another anon is saying so you can scold them for not being feminist. Like ur on lolcow dumbass this isn't ovarit. It's a gossip forum lol. But now I'm wondering even the radfem anons are women because troons have moved on to appropriating radfem despite being like the antithesis of it

No. 1263601

There's an MTF Discord, wtf? Such a thing would definitely be full of trannies

No. 1263641

it's ok, kinda boring

No. 1263684

this is the first time i'm listening to her music, she sounds/reminds me a bit of P!nk at times

No. 1263685

my big cousin (4 years older) did this to me when i was a kid, but it was with magazines and then when i was around 10/11 i told my big brother and our cousin stopped coming around to stay. we haven't spoken about it since and my family never invites my cousin to family parties/weddings/funerals

No. 1263687

this happened before the internet, unfortunately. when only vhs tapes existed.

No. 1263732

nta sure but it's far more widespread now

No. 1263734

You mean specifically when they're shown as sex pests right?
Showing them in sexual contexts but in a neutral way (or even positive barf) is bad imo because it continues the normalization of them being degenerates in real life.
I honestly think all those 80's highschool sex comedies created real damage to society in that way. We need more media depicting teen boys as a genuine threat to society

No. 1263796

I personally am drawn to her music for her lyrics, they're fun and clever. I'm sure some raging farmers would think Fiona a turbo-pickme tho

No. 1263867

Guava is disgusting

No. 1263950

Female autists who have spent too much time around moids or too much time on retarded parts of the internet full of moids and thusly act like moid autists themselves deserve to be treated like the idiot moids they love so much, I don't care. Most of the women with autism I know are so nice, and you can tell that a lot of it stems from specifically being a woman with autism. There's a sisterhood there, an understanding. The female autists who act like moids and speak like moids and are aggressive and argumentative and generally incapable of holding a decent conversation without being a cock are completely odious and there is NO understanding there. What's more is that most of the time they KNOW they're doing it. Why should I feel anything for them or give them the time of day when it's their choice to act like retarded 4chan incels? Fuck that. If you're a woman with autism and you choose to act like a moid that calls women roasties or something, you deserve to be treated like one too. Learn to fucking mask like the rest of us or something.

No. 1264228

I doubt casual tranny haters would bother with the discord, I'm sure most of the thread is just people who wanna laugh at them and people who want a quick vent. Meanwhile a discord is more likely to attract those with bizarre, personal complexes about troons and femininity and say weird shit like you mentioned.

No. 1264242

I hate it for these reasons too but also because of the chronically online comments. Zoomers are the worst. They pick fights with everyone about menial shit and anything they hate aesthetically they call 'millenial' all the while recycling trends from them.
They are are shitty little Theythems with no work ethic and it's funny how they call everyone Karens and try to be woke and 'tolerant' yet they are the biggest assholes around.
>Let's cancel everyone just because we don't like their opinion and dox them on tiktok, get them fired!

No. 1264408

"those weird things on your front page is because you're a perv on the DL" anons are the worst. I've had multiple search results, recommendations, etc pop up for things that aren't even remotely related to anything I've ever searched or are even interested in pop up. Internet algorithm is weird but not always perfect

No. 1264428

File: 1657963881110.jpeg (81.09 KB, 638x385, BDCDD054-D4B4-45DE-A0C1-FB6081…)

People should not be inherently sympathetic towards drug addicts and homeless people like they’re all ‘uwu victims of circumstance’ or whatever

No. 1264438

File: 1657964841670.jpeg (115.65 KB, 680x1005, 8085D7C2-8521-4C85-A59C-5B5A24…)


I could have turned out like that, because I only have (autistic) brothers, was shunned by women and treated like a male by everyone since I'm weird ugly and big. I've lurked 4chan since I was 15 and ED before that, I felt edgy and cool and part of a "club" which is the most retarded pointless one you could EVER want to be in, but there's a ~meme culture~ that's very tempting to enter as an insecure sperg woman on rock bottom, to score points with the only people you think you deserve: psychopathic autistic males (they're barely people though)

The joy I feel when I meet another female autist… Immeasurable. I can't tolerate male autists anymore, not for a lack of trying. Fellow women on the spectrum are so so so much better than men but if you haven't met any you might get stuck in NLOG hell, lest you stop trying to meet girls because you're so alienated. A lot of autistic women are trooning out and become intolerable queerio activists too, but even that's still miles better than /pol/tard pedophiles kek

I feel sorry for some of the women like that but only if they're like me and don't truly enjoy moidchan, just fell into it out of "funny memes" and stayed out of stockholm syndrome autist loneliness. Once you've spent time on moidchan you also start feeling like a piece of shit that won't ever leave, it's sort of a running gag (you're here forever xDDDD) but very similar to an abusive relationship especially in how it makes you feel as a woman

If they end up like isabella janke or one of those pickmes repeating rape "jokes" and becoming a nazi they're a lost cause, but some of them might need time to grow up - seeing as they're autists. Parroting scrote memes might be the only way they feel allowed to socialize. It's inexcusable and cringe but I can somewhat relate to the milder cases, as can a lot of lolcow posters (some of y'all dating 4channers for example)

No. 1264455

Also how do I learn to mask better, I feel awful when I compare myself to some other sperg women who come off as cute well-adjusted old ladies in temperament while I am more like a moid in how I socialize (without the abrasiveness, psychopathy and narcissism. I'm not mean and have never been)

I suck at small talk and at accomodating others, I feel like a retarded man most of the time so I (regrettably) resorted to hanging out with guys for a large part of my life and didn't really learn how to make small talk or ask people about themselves since men don't give a fuck about you

No. 1264471

This. homeless men in particular are that way since they're often too stupid to research for help for themselves or spread the lie that "no one wants to help men" when in fact, in some cities it's the complete opposite and there's actually MORE resources for men (in my city there's like 1 women's shelter that only allows in junkies for rehab but the men's shelter always has availability and they don't need any prior requirements, these shelters are owned by the same people)

Some men don't even bother trying since it's like "well some internet randos told me no one wants to help men so why even try".it's also a lot easier for moids to join the military, get good paying blue collar jobs without any prior experience, etc. Also males parents often baby them and let them live with them forever unless they did something extremely messed up, if a moid got kicked from his parents place there's often something extremely wrong with him

As far as drugs go you're completely right, it takes a degenerate mind to get hooked on drugs to the point of it ruining your life. Most people are able to catch addictions forming before they let it go too far, these moids we're probably just too stubborn to listen or care

No. 1264474

I will never gaf about homeless moids at all, ESPECIALLY alcoholics, since very often their alcohol abuse leads them to abandon their wife and kids if they have them and live on the streets chasing booze. Plus they can be an enormous pain in the ass - if they're not stealing booze/moeny, they're either bothering other people and getting into fights or harassing women on the streets. Vermin.

No. 1264518

I can believe it because I had the nastiest sparkling water of my life recently and it was guava flavored. Might as well have been armpit flavored

No. 1264533

There is something about that pic that perfectly explains the current state of LC as well

No. 1264636

I have sympathy for the non-visible homeless aka people that live in their cars but otherwise have a job and maintain their hygiene. The visibly methed up homeless men that wonder in and out of traffic however I can’t stand. I live in a city with a lot of encampments full of decommissioned RVs, tenta and clearly broken down cars and it is like a zombie movie there. They’re a hotbed for crime but a lot of other citizens make a big fuss when the city tries to clear out these encampments. Typically the city has to have social workers come and offer the people of the encampments services and from speaking to the people who do volunteer work MOST of the homeless people deny services. They’re much happier sticking around in their encampments doing drugs and trading stolen car parts and other lifted things amongst each other. The encampments are a huge issue and women living in these encampments are victimized in horrible and unimaginable ways. It annoys me to no end that non homeless people think it’s unethical of the city to break up the encampments.

No. 1264673

They just don't want to have to pay extra taxes to house them in actual homes.

No. 1265102

The concept of Kidz Bop (innocent versions of pop songs for kids) is actually a good idea, it's a shame the execution is so poor.

No. 1265399

>age gap ships

No. 1265403

I'm not defending the crackhead homeless people, but a lot of the offered help is just shipping them off to shelters, which are known for being crowded and dehumanizing and have really strict rules with little room for error. A lot of people prefer to live in their own tent, because at least they can keep their belongings and have some privacy. I used to work with volunteer services in a big city, so I saw this issue come up a lot. I wish there were better options specifically for women though, I don't really give a shit about the men.

No. 1265471

Crowded shelters with strict curfews and rules are still a better option than the streets. These shelters are supposed to be a temporary transition, plus a lot of the time they have staff to help find jobs and an apartment with three meals a day

No. 1265477

File: 1658037258519.jpg (29.36 KB, 460x543, aGzpE0X_460s.jpg)

Can't stand artfags who sperg about how you need to jump through hoops before doing something like using art you found on Google for a tattoo or a shirt of your own . If you're not directly profiting off of the art it shouldn't even matter and if you go out your way to sue some nobody for using your design for their own personal thing then you have a stick up your ass

No. 1265479

I secretly get more enjoyment out of observing summerfags in fight on /w/ than I do from /pt/ and /snow/.

No. 1265485

File: 1658038652643.jpeg (84.91 KB, 828x772, 9A1BCD23-7F45-4D1F-9A62-1456F7…)

Driving without shoes is superior to wearing shoes while driving.

No. 1265505

In that situation, the tattooer would be paid for her work but the designer wouldn't be paid for having her work used and displayed. Only the tattooer profits, that's wrong imo.

No. 1266278

This has happened to me 3 times and I’m so sick of it. The person receiving the art in my case did not know that it was stolen. It’s still cool to see something I made be chosen as a tattoo but it does feel kind of fucked from a few angles.

No. 1266505

File: 1658122861684.jpeg (66.35 KB, 1300x1300, B9E67DAF-F593-4B83-ABC0-8E4982…)

Chad hand mixers >>>>>>>>>>>>>> incel retard stand mixers

No. 1266507

No. 1266819

Male vtubers are ugly overdesigned trash and some even uglier guy hides behind them.
Female vtubers are usually lolcows who failed to get popular and keep infantilizing themselves and selling the online wife gimmick for money

No. 1266822

most vtubers remind me of corpse husband in the sense that they hind behind a drawing and probably look hideous in real life.

No. 1267024

This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's the fucking facts. Vtuber husbando/waifufags are absolutely excruciating to witness, it's men simping for a histrionic BPD-chan larping as an animu waifu and feeding her mental illness, and women worshiping an ugly scrote hiding behind a 2D avatar while having a long history of sexual misconduct and grooming minors a few years ago. Despicable.

No. 1267025

>This comment was sponsored by the association of people who never make bread.

No. 1267036

my thoughts exactly

No. 1267037

I was disappointed to learn that male vtubers (at least the handful of English ones I briefly checked out) dont even try to make their voices sound handsome and appealing. They just sound like normal scrotes and yet female vtubers break their vocal chords trying to sound like sexy anime toddlers kek

No. 1267042

It's only a matter of time before we see the inevitable dick pics Vox sends to an underage girl. I hate that faggot so much

No. 1267043

Amnesia OST drama cd

No. 1267046

I always thought that these female vtubers are actually males using some kind of voice filter? idk why. It's probably a case sometimes, right?

No. 1267047

Vtubers are an eyesore cluttering up youtube search results. I just want to watch a normal fucking game playthrough, not look at an ugly anime avatar "reacting" to what's happening.

No. 1267049

Yes, I am a seiyuufag

No. 1267051

Sex work is real work. I used to be anti sex work for years but i changed my mind. Many disabled women use sex work as a way of income because they cannot hold a traditional job, it's fine if women are sexual beings too. What changed my mind was seeing radfems not giving a fuck about how anti-sex work people (men and women) hate sex workers and see them as disgusting whores that need to be punished so that "pure" women remain intact.
This whole good woman vs bad woman shit is pathetic. I hate madonna/whore complex. Talk to any man about anti-sex work and youll see he views these women as damaged.
Also one things I dont get is that people agree sex workers tend to have rape trauma then make fun of them. None of you care about womens health and the fact women are raped by men. I wish people would be honest about it. Dont forget all the men hating on sex workers while watching PORN. It's crazy to see women who are supposedly feminists agree with those men just because both hate sex workers.
Anyways thats my unpopular opinion kek i know this site is radfemmy (despite being made to make fun of women aka cows). Idgaf if women do sex work and sex workers dont deserve to be harassed and kicked out of jobs or even killed and raped. Some women are asexual, some are sexual, who gives a shit.
(and no, this isnt saying porn is good or the depravity of moids is somehow fine). Women shouldnt be judged for what they do with their bodies. Stop agreeing with conservative/right wing men thinking they care about women. they dont, you retards (and leftist men are also garbage)

No. 1267059

>Many disabled women use sex work as a way of income because they cannot hold a traditional job, it's fine if women are sexual beings too
Da fuq?
Making sex a job for women isn't about their own female sexuality, it's about serving male sexuality. Those disabled women aren't doing it because they're horny. Holy shit have some empathy.

No. 1267064

Anime art spaces are full of fanart for them and some of my friends follow them, but I don't get the appeal. Even normal male streamers are ugly compared to the female ones.

No. 1267068

Have you listened to Suburas from diabolic yet?

No. 1267075

is this bait. I mean do agree with some part tha you said like the part about some of the anti-sex-work people being misogynists or purists but not all of them are.
Also you do realize that those disabled women that you mentioned are forced to do that to survive, that has nothing to do with sexuality.

No. 1267078

Just gtfo already tranny

No. 1267079

>Many disabled women use sex work as a way of income because they cannot hold a traditional job
But this is a problem with current employment structure and how it excludes disabled people. Sex work is not the answer to this problem, anon. We shouldn't have to resort to selling our bodies sexually in order to survive just because traditional employment is inaccessible.

No. 1267080

The part where the poster thinks that women do it because they're "sexual beings" not desperate for money sounds extremely male.

No. 1267091

Sex work is work, but in patriarchal, woman hating society no matter the amount of convincing and activism, it's impossible for people to just do it because they "like sex"; it will always inevitably lead to abuse, be it physical abuse or a trauma of having to always have your boundaries pushed and being treated like an object instead of company. Women should not be berated for what they choose to do with their body, but encouraging people to do sex work and claiming it's just like any other job is extremely dangerous and naive.

No. 1267128

Yaaaawn your opinion is shit and wrong. Before you reply, go read the 50 times this “unique” stance has been brought up and destroyed by fax and logic on here.

No. 1267206

Tbh I agree with you on the Madonna/whore complex thing. I can’t stand how many regular people treat porn as normal but still hate on sex workers. This isn’t so much directed at radfems, but regular people who watch porn all the time and justify it, call women prudes for not wanting their spouse to look at porn, etc. It’s become pretty much accepted that almost every man watches porn, most people think it’s okay, but still can’t wait to call sex workers whores. The same people act like going to strip clubs is fine and then disparage the strippers. I just hate the hypocrisy.

No. 1267218

This drives me absolutely insane. The most degenerate, porn-addicted men still feel morally superior to porn stars and other sex workers. I will always have a thousand times more respect for women selling their bodies than men.

No. 1267221

Why is this pro-sexwork anon still not banned? He comes to unpopular opinions thread to tell how empowering sexwork is every thread.

No. 1267224

Women sell their bodies out of mental illness, retardation(yes literal medical disability), desperation, etc. Men on the other hand knowingly take advantage of these women by either pimping or raping them for money. It's so acceptable for men too, unless men are shamed using porn or seeing prostitutes nothing will change.

Even if women give up sexwork, they'll kidnap and traffic women like they do now.

No. 1267237

I think men might be soulless. Think they’re empty ass relationships and lack of real hobbies makes them walk around like husks. That’s why they’re obsessed with us. Like zombies they only feel alive when consuming. Validation, love, support, actual connections. Men are dead inside and can’t support each other. Too bad claiming to be a women won’t unrot your dying Y as you age or bring back your soul.

No. 1267293

That's what I think too. Every time I interact with a man it's just like there's nothing inside. Literally emotionally empty. You can't really have a serious discussion with a man, they're all so superficial in every way. Beside fucking they don't have many interests (if they do it's a shallow interest and it's always the same stuff like sports, pretentious movies, pretentious music, cars, videogames) and even fucking is just… empty. They don't even see sex as something intimate with another person, they just go "penis hurt therefore I must stick it into something" which is also why they literally fuck anything.
They truly do seem soulless.

No. 1267300

When I decided to check the most popular ones out (Vox and the crew around him) to see what the hype was about this was my first thought. They sound like the stale leftovers of a regular twitch moid. Like the only thing they have going on for them is the overdesigned clump of an anime model someone else made for them. They aren't funny or witty, their entire appeal is based on some twisted online boyfriend experience, their voices sound like the basic male weeb you'd find at any anime discord voice chat. Why the fuck do so many women love them? At least the Japanese ones make an attempt with their performance but my god I simply don't understand why the English ones are so damn popular.

No. 1267436

File: 1658177192442.jpg (65.71 KB, 320x180, h1VvxD-pSCw4-2UafrXbzh0IIcw@32…)

the ricky martin situation is so KAWAII SUGOI. It reminds me of my favorite yaoi's. Its just like the yaois but real life. Ah it make my fujo heart go uwu.

Possessive seme ricky stalking his uke nephew.(irl fujo lover)

No. 1267452

absolutely yamete

No. 1267454

Anti-fujo sperg, you're weird as fuck

No. 1267458

>m-maybe if I make the joke again someone will find it funny

No. 1267469

Stop doing crack. Go to rehab. Seek professional help.

No. 1267496

Men were never supposed to live into their 80’s. If we let all men die of natural causes in their 40s to 60s the world would be a better place.

No. 1267498

Can someone tell me who this is about? Is it the penguin0 guy?

No. 1267506

No. 1267514

Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. Monday is monday, you can't do much about it, wednessday is already half the week over, thursday means only one more day, friday is finally friday, saturday is everything we've waited for and sunday… well, it's nice I guess. But with Tuesday you know you've only finished two days and still have three more to go, so you're not even halfway through.
Bonus opinion: I said it's nice I guess but I actually like sundays better than saturdays because they feel so gloomy and I like feeling that melancholy-lite. I can see how this isn't everyones cup of tea though.

No. 1267528

File: 1658181694737.jpg (34.84 KB, 500x280, tumblr_inline_nr4jtdRiPn1qfu9b…)

In this story the nephew Dennis is the naive uke and Ricky is the abusive seme.
His nephew cant resist him when he starts singing livin la vida loca or doing tango, ricky accidentally dislocates his hip since he is nearing old age.
In the middle of the story they cant help but fall in love with each other and do the naughty with each other secretly.
His husband doesnt know and is oblivious to Ricky cheating on him despite ricky openly inviting his nephew to sleep over with them and share the same bed with ricky.
The story takes a turn when Ricky starts becoming abusive and possessive towards our uke, bitch-slapping him across the face and forcing his length on his boy bussy. The uke starts crying and the second male lead swoops up to save the uke and that is rickys brother, Eric. Eric and Dennis fall in love and Eric urges our uke to break up with the main male lead.
Dennis leaves Ricky , Ricky does not take that well and goes full on yandere and starts stalking Dennis, contacting him everyday and throwing shit on his house. Dennis is feeling very stressed out but thankfully he has Eric to soothe him, but Dennis cant help but think of Ricky when he goes to sleep.
With the encouragement of his friends and Eric our uke Dennis decides to file a restraining order against Ricky.
Ricky is broken-hearted by this and cries in the rain how his uke could do this to him.
The news hit the media and the identity of the person filing the restraining order is still unknown then, Ricky denies all allegations.
Eric seeing Ricky so smug and boasting about having the best lawyers decides to go public and air out that the person filing the restraining order is his nephew, Now the whole world knows Ricky fucked his nephew in the butt.
Now our uke and the seme are in an on-going legal battle and the distraught uke is confused wherever to give up and get back with seme or stay with eric and win the legal battle.

Now lets wait what will happen in the next chapter. SUGOI~~~

No. 1267533

File: 1658181931448.jpg (24.85 KB, 540x332, 30781b8e44a86209e450bb51bc0e98…)

No. 1267547

I hate you for this.

No. 1267548

File: 1658182296927.gif (151.91 KB, 370x300, d705300da1d768f2cf805e8c5ecf1b…)

do u like it, i think its so SUGOI~~ KYAHHHHH
thank u~~

No. 1267555

Damn, I love Tuesdays. I hope we can still be friends.

No. 1267557

No bitch it's SUGOKINAI and YABAI (derogatory), delete this at once.

No. 1267564

File: 1658182853241.gif (4.55 MB, 720x404, RQsqOD.gif)

ricky martin and his nephew be like: real life yaou.

No. 1267575

File: 1658183291784.jpg (156.22 KB, 700x681, IMG_20220421_023028.jpg)

kakoi, but also sodoku kudasai

No. 1267583

This is who that anon was talking about when she said fujos are pornsick

No. 1267590

File: 1658184093778.jpg (50.95 KB, 730x582, 1656729311730.jpg)

No. 1267618

pretty sure that anon is the one who posted this lmao

No. 1267650

This. It seems like she hate-read/hate-watched so much BL/fujo content that now she associates real life with it. That makes her resent fujoshi even more, and here we see the results

No. 1267652

File: 1658187218866.jpg (26.34 KB, 340x325, 1595175308691.jpg)

anon your original post was hilarious but this gif genuinely makes me uncomfortable

No. 1267653

Paki-chan is too autistic to write something this elaborate but it reminds me of the scrote who was lurking the Genshin Impact thread and had a gigantic meltdown over fujoships one time, resulting in him writing unhinged posts like this.

No. 1267660


No. 1267667

File: 1658187940212.jpg (7.01 KB, 459x355, 51vsUSUP3EL._AC_SY355_.jpg)

lol neither, Im way too creative for the anti-fujo sperg or the scrote. I do enjoy some BL/yaoi content though, dear door was pretty good.
author says next month~~~~~~~~~~

No. 1267669

Women who act shocked and sad when their scrote friend confesses their love or sexual attraction to them might be legally retarded. It's already common knowledge that men usually do not interact with women they'd never fuck. I don't even know why you'd want to be friends with a scrote they treat their male friends and female friends they don't find hot like shit.

No. 1267706

For real and moids don't even hide it, every time some woman states that "men and women can be genuine friends" scrotes automatically seethe and rage cause they, as males, don't see friendship with the opposite sex as we do: if a man is talking to you there's a big chance he wants something out of you which most women seem to not realize or straight up ignore, i don't know why they even try at this point

No. 1267746

Everyone is a hypocrite when it comes to sex workers. I worked at a breasturant years ago and my uncle came in WITH HIS KIDS and shamed me for working there. It was ironic as fuck because he acted like I worked in some whore house but not only consumed it himself but brought his kids there. If you don't think it's a family friendly restaurant then why the fuck would you bring your kids there retard?

No. 1267777

This will possibly be an unpopular opinion and may not be the case, but it might be because he thought you were too good to work at a place where young women are essentially selling a sexy body image as the servers. Seeing random women there dresses that way doesn't probably hit the same way, there's no association or feeling of personal or by-proxy failure to protect their modesty. When they're related to you and not braindead perverts, they probably are shocked and ashamed to see you dressed that way because you're still a child in their mind. Or that you're having to resort to working under conditions that compromise your modesty, where slimy patrons are guaranteed to treat you like a whore.

No. 1267816

>assuming men view women in any kind of high status

anon’s never heard of the madonna-whore complex

No. 1267863

NTA, but this really isn’t a good justification imo. I’ve heard so many guys justify places like Hooters, “I only go for the wings, the servers make great money, it’s family friendly, they just wear tank tops” and shit, but somehow they have a problem if it’s their family member or girlfriend working there. Suddenly then it’s exploitive. It sounds way more like ownership than genuine concern to me, I just don’t buy it.

No. 1267865

Freud was a pervert, and I would garner much of that projected onto his work. So yes, I've heard of it, but I refuse to acknowledge the works of a man that believed that children were sexually attracted to their parents. Women masturbating was also considered a symptom of hysteria, according to him. He's considered controversial for a reason, and many of his takes are toilet bound.

No. 1267867

How can he think his niece is too good to work there but other women aren't. He's just upset over the fact that it's a woman he has some connection to, if she was a complete random women, he wouldn't give a fuck and be a pervert as all men who visit brestaurants.

No. 1267870

Many of his theories were also informed by the fact that for his female patients, it was often the father or brother paying, so he was reluctant to address any sexual abuse stuff going on and instead chocked it up to parent fucking rather than being abused because the patient cashflow would stop because the abuser was the one paying. Frued is a hackfrued kek.

No. 1267878

Ok, well their chicken sandwiches and curly fries used to be really fucking good.
I'm just trying to frame the thought process that could be going into it. Protection is sort of a part of control, and I'm not really disagreeing with you on control playing a part of it. If a woman went to a male strip club (gross, but stay with me), and saw her nephew working there she would probably internally melt from wanting to get out of the situation. It's just sort of humiliating and awkward to see someone you know that you still see as a kid in a situation like that.
Because those restaurants are like a safe commodity for them to go windowshop, daydream, and go home. It's there paired with sports programming and occasionally their retarded friends, so it taps all the boxes for feeling like a masculine superstar while they actively gain diabetes. I would guess they don't think about the exploitation of other women because it's not anyone they care about working there, and they can rationalize it as okay or something?

No. 1267891

I do not give a single fuck about Europeans dying in the heat wave. Europeans are the most responsible for and have benefitted the most from the pollution that's causing global warming so it's fair that for once they should feel a tiny fraction of the suffering they've inflicted on the rest of the world.

No. 1267912

this is so mean and I can't stop laughing

No. 1267931

Those channels about prostitutes and junkies do a lot more harm than people recognize. It’s starting to breed a genre on YouTube that I would characterize as misery in the form of entertainment. A lot of them feel like they have ulterior motives towards the people featured in those videos (especially the women). The channel Soft White Underbelly also platforms pimps and it is hypocritical because he has said he tries to help many of the women he interviews but goes on and platforms their abusers and collaborates with rapist scumbags like Adam22. The cam videos recording homeless people and prostitutes walking are creepy and borderline stalking. Do they not realize that they probably wouldn’t want to be recorded being in that state? They are treating these sick people like zoo animals under the guise of awareness.

No. 1267932

dw you're going with us xo

No. 1267933

I just don’t see how that is similar anon. I suppose I will have to agree to disagree. Men aren’t sexualized the same way women are, and most women don’t have that kind of Madonna/whore complex. I definitely don’t see women shaming men for being sexual in the same way, and there definitely aren’t “hot guy restaurants” like Hooters where women go to ogle attractive men who wear sexualized outfits (yes there are male strip clubs, but nothing mainstream like the breastaurants that anon mentioned). There just isn’t a similar male equivalent that I can see. A restaurant where women wear little clothing and act sexual is taken for granted, and regular women are supposed to be okay with it. My original point was more about the hypocrisy of men who are okay with such an establishment, yet shame the workers for being whores. I would definitely say that women do not shame male strippers in the same way, I don’t even know any women who have been to a male strip club, but I definitely know men and women who have gone to female strip clubs and talk disparagingly about the strippers. That kind of hypocrisy is just annoying to me.

No. 1267935

just checking are you from the us of a

No. 1267938

ow the edge

No. 1267940

File: 1658209122915.jpeg (72.84 KB, 712x712, 66671F0D-6CED-4145-82A3-120B25…)

Dating is useless because people are too realistic and not the fantasy in my head.

No. 1267946

>Europeans are the most responsible
Burger education at its peak

No. 1267948

An American did not write that lol

No. 1267952

Owl City Hospital Flowers is severely underrated

No. 1267971

Jopping literally saved my life

No. 1267972

then why don't men do it? men are sexual beings too

No. 1267977

Katherine Harlow, is that you?

No. 1267978

My unpopular opinion is ana-chans/Bulimic pukers are as bad as scrotes.(Aside from the ones anorexic out of trauma/Autism/OCD/etc.) I hate them so much. I believe we've recently had a surge of ED-twt summerfags and they're literally ruining every thread imaginable. They'll go around calling any woman disgusting and fat whales even bodyshame pregnant women likr scrotes, then post their own weights/bodies in their own threads which will always be at least above average and most of the time in obese territory. When they're finally underweight, it's never in the pretty ice-skater / ballet girl way they imagined, they just end up looking like living corpses.

They also blame other unrelated women for their ED even though all anorexics are straight women and gay men, people who are most likely to try hardest to conform to man's beauty ideals.

No. 1267979

they sure are retarded pick-mes but definitely not "as bad as scrotes"

No. 1267980

I feel bad for trannys because I love being a woman so much and I get why they don't want to be a scrote.

No. 1267982

If they're grooming girls as young as 11 in online spaces to starve themselves for men's approval, they're as bad as men. I've known a few teen girls who got into those spheres and ended up with health problems because those 20+ year old women thought it was ok to include teens in their starvation chats.

No. 1267984

cocaine is literally the most boring drug out there despite its popularity. why do people love it so much? it does nothing and is a completely worthless drug

No. 1267992

Most ana-chans will just call someone fat and move on, the difference is moids will fixate on the woman, stalk and sexually harass her if they don't like her body. They'll sperg and even kill pregnant women because they can't stand the fact women have sex with men who aren't them (seriously, the highest cause of death for pregnant women is homicide from a moid). Come back when ana-chans start murdering pregnant women

No. 1267993

You haven't had that good shit or you have ADHD so it doesn't have that much of a good effect on you

No. 1267999

File: 1658216383276.png (309.19 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_20220719-023752.png)

Moids do this too. I use to follow ED accounts and a lot of them were in chats with moids who "guided" them and a lot had who heavily manipulated them into starvation, would posts chats with their boyfriends too. There was even an issue with moids posing as pro Ana coaches or would fly out heavily anorexic women to do "photoshoots" and write gross fanfics about torturing them. In fact, after seeing a lot of eating disorder groups I'd say a good 80-90% of the time the cause of their eating disorder is because of a moid in their life

No. 1268000

As I said, anachans groom teens and cause then to get health issues which can be fatal at times. They're as bad as men if they target underage girls ans invite them to their cult of starvation.

No. 1268001

Yeah anacoaches who are pedos that want to target young girls do exist. You also make a good point when you say how a lot of the times, men in women's lives cause their anorexia. The thing is, anorexics will never admit to it and they'll just blame some fat or old woman instead when they're only striving for male approval.

No. 1268002

File: 1658216819983.png (332.5 KB, 720x1228, Screenshot_20220719-024213.png)

They are IF that's the case but the women you're talking about is rare. Vast majority of women I knew with an eating disorder is because of their shit tier boyfriends. It's definitely not fair to say "ana-chans are just as bad as moids!!" when moids are unarguably guilty of this 10 times more than women. It's like saying female teachers are as bad as moids because some are rapists. It makes no sense because theres shitty awful people in every group but it doesn't make them "just as bad" as moids

No. 1268003

Anorexics admit to men influencing their ED all the time, whether it's trying to please a specific moid, enjoying male attention, or having low self esteem because of how moids talk about them (and on the other hand, lots are trying to desexualize themselves and avoid male attention). Pro ana communities tend to be pretty honest about stuff like that since they're happy to try and out-crazy one another and it's meant to be private/personal.

I hate ana chans because of how competitive they are, it makes them nasty and spiteful. But I don't think there's an epidemic of them grooming each other, the last thing they want is other girls being skinnier than they are. They are bad influences and enablers ofc but it's not like they intentionally manipulate younger women into losing weight for their own nefarious purposes the way men do.

No. 1268009

File: 1658217649825.jpg (175.06 KB, 686x856, 12.jpg)

but where do they even find these men though? I feel like 90% of scrotes are into thicck bodytypes on women, the only men I can think of who are into anachans are jaded gen-xers

No. 1268010

Then you don't know men kek

No. 1268012

One in a million female teachers are rapists, anorexics are way more likely to groom young girls into anorexia than those numbers, especially when they're behind anonymous accounts in social media platforms. I understand you don't get it because you probably don't know how common ana stuff is in teen girl media and twitter but if you don't believe me, you can just go on twitter and search up and teengirl topic to see how long it takes until you stumbled upon a ED-Cult.
Yeah I don't blame the ones who are doing it out of trauma or some other mental illness, of course. I do hope they get better as they're just using this as an unhealthy way to cope with their other issues. Those ones don't tend to be the groomer types either but if you go onto teen tiktok or twitter and spend one hour there, you'll stumble upon multiple 20+ yo women(no they're real women and girls in this case) looking to invite young girls into their private ana-chat/groups etc.

Anorexics in proana forums are actually logical and they're neither stupid nor evil enough to think it's ok to influence other women in unhealthy ways but the ones in twitter and tiktok are a whole different story. They see no issue hosting ED advice chats and helping other girls starve themselves or find ways to purge without getting caught.

If you still don't believe me, there is even an ED thread in /g/ you can check and they do blame women for their issues there. They'll go on about how jealous old fat women are the ones who caused the their issues when in reality, they think they'd be more attractive if they starved just a bit more.

No. 1268014

Men don't want skellies. Ideally they want thin women with huge butts or asses, skellies don't have either, so most normie men would be more interested in a chubby or skinnyfat girl than a jarring looking ana-chan.
It's still true that some men get off on negging them to lose weight or find it satisfying to see a woman ruin her health to fit his standards.
In the end, no normal man finds anorexics attractive, if he does it's a huge redflag as ana-fetishizers tend to be pedos or hebephiles. There are so many stories of pedos taking advantage of anorexic girls because they're dumb and small like kids.

No. 1268015

Pick-mes will never be "just as bad" let alone "worse than" men because while we all grow up in a male supremacist society it's one thing to grow up as a member of the "superior" group versus a member of the "inferior" one.

No. 1268016

File: 1658218548442.jpg (55.62 KB, 379x500, 51bM3funthL.jpg)

the 2000s were obsessed with thinness, both accusing women who had the tiniest bit of flab to be whales, and shaming EDs.
that's why we have fat positivity now, honestly the former was the lesser evil

No. 1268017

I know men are bustards, but most men are into big titted bimbo sex dolls, not skinny anachans who reek of cigarettes

No. 1268018

Pickmes CAN be as bad as men if they allow men to do criminal shit. I've heard so many stories of mothers covering up for their sons or husbands they rape their daughters. I've also heard of women knowingly allowing their kids to get assaulted by her boyfriends so the man would stay with her or selling her kids to men. If she's an average pickme she's not that bad but once they knowingly help men commit crimes, they're just as bad as men.

No. 1268019

It's probably a butthurt skelly, lol.

No. 1268020

i had a lightbulb moment reading your post, maybe men into ana-chans are pedos ?
anas often like words like pure and and dainty ethereal, and pedos thrive on destroying innocence.

No. 1268022

Nta but read my reply >>1268014 where I said anafetishizers are either pedo (interested in kids) or hebephiles(interested in young teens). A lot of pedos knowingly target anorexic women because they have the mind and body of a child, at least that's the closest they can get without it being illegal.

No. 1268026

File: 1658219568224.jpg (52.78 KB, 547x775, Dp32K0jX4AEMr8W.jpg)

might be, but anachan women tend to look a decade older then their real age, their bodies are harder often then young children, so I don't know why a pedo would be interested, like I can't image a pedo scrote being into someone like picrel

No. 1268032

Depends on the culture. I'm slav and when I was at my skelliest (like BMI 17) after coming home from Japan, men made a big deal about it and were into it. When I was studying in Japan for a year, my host families actively tried to make me thinner even though I was already really thin (and that's where I became really skelly and my BMI dropped to 16). I personally don't like it and I'm trying to gain weight to have more energy.
I think some men are into huge boobs but me being thin usually overpowered that and weirdly they'd get upset when I say I wanna gain weight. Huge asses aren't attractive here at all, it's made fun of and considered fat, toned asses are the beauty standard and even skinny people can have that.
But I feel like if I was in America or like Latin America, my body shape wouldn't be attractive.

No. 1268035

>Muh men don't want anorexic girls unless they're attracted to teens
Someone please pull up the study showing where men were most attracted to 14, yr olds kek. Most men are pedos because men are disgusting groomers. If this was the case skinny mini porn stars and strippers like Sasha gray would have never made it big

No. 1268037

Underweight women usually look younger than their age, unless they’re drug addicts or scarily underweight

No. 1268038

>Cherry picked image of "ana-chan" which is obviously a drug addict, and not even anorexic skinny

No. 1268039

>I'd say a good 80-90% of the time the cause of their eating disorder is because of a moid in their life
I believe this. Dated one who pinched the fat on my arms and complimented my hipbones starting to stick out

No. 1268040

File: 1658222434627.jpg (72.38 KB, 634x678, DHCWo3lWAAEVnHw.jpg)

I think it gets lost in translation that most ana-chans strive to be nothing but bone (except for the ones who do this because of trauma/trying to desexualize themselves). Most ana-chans WANT ass and tits, MPA has multiple threads on how to keep T&A while being skinny for crying out loud. In fact most IG models known for being "thick" most likely restrict but just get implants, there's also another subsection of these women who simply just can't get bigger tits and ass no matter how much weight they gain so compensate by just being extremely thin.Most anorexics want to look like playboy models, lingerie models, etc. Being nothing but bone with ass and tits is still being nothing but bone with added artificialness. In fact the whole "men like ass and tits" argument against anorexia not only shows the ignorance but defeats the point and can make some anorexics even worse since these people will just post anorexic women who had surgery anyway

No. 1268042

men take what they can get
women could collectively decide to stop doing anything, but they're too insecure and hold too much spite for each other

No. 1268043

Not ana-chan but same goes for binge eaters. I'm on the larger side of a healthy weight and dated a moid who was obsessed with attempting to make me chubby (was also a control freak and most likely wanted to "ruin" me for other men). Compared me to his ex and said she was chubby and made it known about how much nicer/bigger her ass and tits were (while I was ranting about being insecure about my weight at 15 mind you and he was 18), I was homeless for a short while and he would nitpick me for losing weight and beg for nudes and ghost me if I didn't send them on demand, just for him to nitpick, say something like "you lost weight, are you eating?" (I didnt, I was a higher end of a healthy weight, even overweight BMI perhaps) and then just ignored, wouldn't compliment or even attempt to be sexual. Just wanted to see my naked body to complain about it being "skinny" and then ignore me