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File: 1647335198478.png (497.37 KB, 798x600, scottsdale-cat-clinic.png)

No. 1098435

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

Previous thread: >>1018367

No. 1098443

Ignore moid baits please. Thank you.

No. 1098445

nice threadpic op it really captures the spirit of mundanity

No. 1098454

I'm glad you like it, I looked for a picture including an everyday action and a cat, and there were many such pictures but I chose this one on account of the cat's silly face

No. 1098458

File: 1647338835226.jpg (12.03 KB, 217x300, Yuri Knorozov.jpg)

I have a burn blister on my finger and it's taking a lot of willpower to not pop it.

No. 1098501

I put a boric acid pill in my vagina last night and it made me so uncomfortably wet. I feel like I lost out on so much good sleep because I didn't wanna get up to change

No. 1098597

It was supposed to be Elsie as OP but ok whatever

No. 1098615

tempted to repierce my ears on my own

No. 1098623

lole is this yaoi kuznetsov

No. 1098648

my nee neighbors are really loud farters like i can always hear them farting this didn't happen with previous neighbors

No. 1098657

lmfao fr? i wouldnt be able to keep myself from laughing sheesh its like asking for a lol everytime you hear the sound of intestinal bass

No. 1098659


No. 1098696

File: 1647362773020.jpg (70.41 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1261641558-170667a…)

I bought a disposable analog camera and I'm excited to try it out. I have really good memories of coming back from vacations and picking up a developed film from a photostore to then go through all the photos we took with my family, remembering how nice time we had; looking through photos on the phone is nothing like it. Hope it will feel the same now as it did then.

No. 1098761

Haven't played Sims 4 in months so now I have to download a million updates

No. 1098815

why does my sweet precious kitty have to fall asleep on me when i only meant to sit down for a moment reeeeeeee

No. 1098818

i love online window shopping because most of the time i scratches my impulse buying itch just fine. the downside is that i can always tell where people buy their clothes. the upside is that i can spot overprized drop shipping from wish/aliexpress very easily and i usually leave reviews to deter people from buying from such stores. another downside is that i find one of my online friends incredibly cheap and tacky because i know all her clothes, shoes and accessories come from aliexpress and i know how horrendous the quality is. i'm not saying you have to buy expensive clothes, but even a 100% cotton tee from h&m for less than 10 dollars is better quality than some flimsy shirt with a heart cutout from aliexpress.

No. 1098970

nothing i love more than maintaining a long unbroken email chain

No. 1099014

I toured some new apartments today and yesterday and they were really cute and close to shops and food and stuff!

No. 1099032

I finally figured out how to make gin taste good in a cocktail and convinced my roommate she doesn’t have to cut off leaves to her plants just because they have a hint of browning

No. 1099062

I keep thinking the toothbrush bristles in the threadpic are the cat's teeth

No. 1099120

i hate a lot of things but there is nothing i hate more than sleeping on dirty sheets after a long shower. i wish i was the type of person that showers every morning but i always spend an hour in there and i don’t wake up early enough.

No. 1099123

Now after the time change it feels weird for the sunset to be at 7:30 again

No. 1099133

lole i have two beds and one is usually clean and unsweaty for situations like yours

No. 1099158

File: 1647389955462.jpeg (38.56 KB, 590x350, 792536A1-9F47-43DD-AC7F-2D9329…)

you shouldn’t have shared this information with me, anon

No. 1099167

What are you doing for an hour in there?

No. 1099181

washing my hair and exfoliating. idk how other women are able to take quick showers. i stopped shaving, sometimes i don’t shampoo, still take at least 45 minutes.

No. 1099205

I can shower in a decent amount of time but also hate doing it in the morning because it feels like blowdrying my hair takes forever. When I shower at night I just towel it off and go to sleep. If it's not a hair wash day and I can just use a shower cap then morning showers aren't so bad though.

No. 1099276

File: 1647399430306.jpeg (510.66 KB, 1456x1091, 1EBCF4A5-E3C8-4CFC-860B-9B2303…)

I finally know how to trim my eyebrows perfectly for my face, I look great.

No. 1099288

No. 1099307

Tag yourself, I’m ferrofluid eyebrow

No. 1099316


I'm the ring light iris reflection

No. 1099317

I'm for sure the pony brow

No. 1099423

I randomly was craving a poptart(literally haven’t had one in like a decade) so I got a pack of the s’mores ones yesterday. I’ve spent all day shitting.

I don’t know how people like Shaynus eat garbage all day every day. I want to die.

No. 1099429

I stood near a woman who smelled exactly like my best friend growing up. The mix of cigarettes and sweet cotton candy perfume kinda made me wanna cry.

No. 1099512

Got banned from a farming facebook group after telling a 25 yo tradthot her 37 year old scrote was too old and taking advantage of her

No. 1099850

File: 1647447009030.gif (327.08 KB, 450x253, samesideeven.gif)

For the past three weeks, my eyebrow starts twitching really hard whenever I'm annoyed or thinking about something unpleasant. At first I thought it was just some coincidence, but I tried it out just now and it legitimately started right in the moment I on purpose started to think about something annoying.

No. 1099853

I had to do a double take because I thought I made this post and forgot kek. I also recently had my first poptart in almost a decade, and it was a smores one too! It didn't make me shit though. It's really a once in a while treat, can't believe I ate them almost regularly as a kid.

No. 1099866

Get on my level, I have gigantic eyebrows and look like the Rock whenever anything happens.

No. 1099926

I jumped rope today, it was hard because I am weak, I made a "cake" which is just biscuits in pudding and whipped cream on top but it doesn't matter it tastes great and I already ate a third of it, and I decided tomorrow I will dress up nicely and go to lidl to buy cookies

No. 1099951

I'm a vegetarian and my friend isn't so when she ordered lunch at my place today my cats went fucking bonkers at the smell of her roast beef sandwich. It was pretty funny and she was generous enough to share a little with them.

No. 1100033

i’m about to hang out with my ex best friend who i haven’t seen in like 3-4 years. i ended the friendship because she had a huge meltdown over nothing and it was the final straw for me after a bunch of other things she did. she is autistic though and i didn’t understand that’s why she reacted like that at the time. but i have a lot of great memories from when we were friends. she randomly texted me a few weeks ago to thank me for introducing her to an artist whose concert she was going to. it’s really nice to know she doesn’t hate me, and i’ve matured a lot since our break up. excited but also scared it’ll be awkward. idk. cleaning my room rn. wish me luck!

No. 1100062

Good luck Nonnie! Nice of you to give her another chance.

No. 1100184

File: 1647465924124.jpg (62.54 KB, 600x804, 1je75f.jpg)

Trying so desperately to hold myself off from going on a massive yarn shopping spree today

No. 1100302

This pic stresses me out so much the dudes head is going to pop

No. 1100332

thank you, anon, i’m gonna need it because she asked me if i want to hang out at her sugar daddy’s house. umm what the fuck? kinda sad that she’s having sex with some guy for weed and money. but i have trouble saying no so i might do it.

No. 1100373

Please don't meet her at some lazy bum's house that's she's been mooching from nonnie, esp alone. They might put you in an awkward position and ask for money or worse… trust me I've delt with people like this recontacting me and they always wanted something it wasn't just to be friends like we used to again.

No. 1100392

The comments section on audiobookbay for any mildly controversial book is entertaining

No. 1100395

yeah tbh we used to get in trouble together a lot. i’m just going to tell her that i can’t go because i hate men and hope she understands.

No. 1100408

It's thundering and lightning outside and I'm right next to my window. Livin life on the edge.

No. 1100432

Went to visit my 4 year old niece today

>"what's your favorite animal anon?"

>"I know!" hands me cat sticker and runs away

so cute

No. 1100437

That's adorable, nonnette. She sounds darling.

No. 1100449

i tried a new bubble tea place today and it was really good

No. 1100471

My niece looks exactly like me and people always mention it. Even if I'm a child free bitch, I find it cute

No. 1100589

Still thinking about the last few episodes of Search Party cause wtf

No. 1100739

File: 1647509357600.jpg (26.8 KB, 603x704, FN1umOyX0AAqq2Y.jpg)

My ex-army husband really liked the new Batman film, which is weird for him since I'm the comicfag who drags him along to these movies, usually his complain is always against things being "unrealistic" and not tactical enough but he really liked this version of Batman, especially the cowl which he kept on referring to as a helmet
so this was the one comic book that he actually liked

No. 1100862

Babysitting my nephew and praying for time to go faster because these poorly animated and cheap children's cartoons are making my brain implode. "Welcome to Friendship City, today we are going to the Friendship Forest to find the rare Friendship Flower! Oh no, we got lost on the Friendship Path! Call the Friendship Police on your friendphone!"

No. 1101158

File: 1647542697817.jpg (468.04 KB, 1200x1200, tumblr_9e16b25b42ec37663b22df0…)

There's a winter storm out and I've been drinking hot teas and creamy coffee. I feel so relaxed since I drink coffee like twice a week. I'm also thinking about how my boyfriend wants me to stop drinking teas and coffee because he thinks it's a type of drug

No. 1101570

My husband is asleep very peacefully next to me right now, meanwhile I can never know how to deal with my insomnia. He falls asleep so easily, I'm jealous. I never know what to do whilst he's sleeping and I can't sleep because I'm afraid my usual hobbies would wake him up. I wish sleep was easier. I'm afraid of trying to sleep recently because every time I do a lot of upsetting thoughts come to me randomly. Come to think of it, my husband is a much more peaceful and generally happier person than me. I wish I could be more like him. A lot of 'little' things make him happy and I think that's a really good and amazing trait. I noticed the other day that I very rarely see him without a smile on his face when he's talking to me. He's able to stop himself from overthinking like I do, but I snowball a lot and once I start thinking about something in depth I can't stop thinking about it for hours unless I get distracted. I'm doing it right now. It's a very hard behaviour to unlearn and change. Or maybe it's just that I hate where we're living now, hard to be happy in an environment that makes you unhappy. I don't even know if this belongs in this thread or not, I just like using lolcow as a diary and rambling into the void. I really like that actually. I wish it was easier to move countries…

No. 1101587

File: 1647568636341.jpeg (116.83 KB, 1125x633, 8F38C6BA-2D95-40E5-99C3-B016BD…)

whenever I dim those slidey light switches this image replaces everything going on in my mind

No. 1101606

Just made a pizza and the crust got overcooked and hard. Oh well, I hope it softens up once it spends some time in the fridge. Maybe I'll steam it when I go to reheat it tomorrow. Still yummy.

No. 1101645

Kek you keep sippin nona don't let anyone take away your cozy drinks. Especially not tea. Teas are good for you.

No. 1101797

My cat has zoomies right now and now she wants to fight to the death

No. 1101938

Ive felt like my nostril was plugged the whole day but whenever I blew my nose it was completely clear: no blockage. Just felt like something heavy way back in my sinuses, like in my god damn skull. Finally just blew my nose hard enough to have this super hardened gunk fly out at 100mph. It was like the weight of a metal nail, truly incredible. That was better than sex and I will remember the feeling for at least a decade. Felt like removing a bullet from my head.

No. 1101944

kisses you on the forehead
Goodnight anons. I'm going to bed.

No. 1101956

File: 1647584333599.png (18.36 KB, 112x112, static-assets-upload2357956280…)

Goodnight nonny

No. 1102109

File: 1647600972882.jpg (50.97 KB, 564x837, midsize.jpg)

i just found out what midsize is and im very pleased to find it while I was scrolling through pinterest. its good to see someone who has the same body type as me for once.

No. 1102324

File: 1647614295048.jpg (121.25 KB, 1200x900, hero-image.fill.size_1200x900.…)

I've been taking pictures with shitty old point and shoot digital cameras from 15+ years ago and it's been so much fun! I used to take pictures on film but it got too expensive, so this has become my replacement activity lol.

No. 1102350

File: 1647615308667.jpg (34.21 KB, 612x408, 1210488930-612x612.jpg)

For some reason my cat has taken to sleeping on my dad's car roof. He won't sleep on any other family member's cars, just my dad's.

No. 1102416

Today is one of the first warm days we've had this year in my city! I opened the window today and was surprised at how nice the air felt. Sadly, I will be cooped up for most of the day because I work from home so I thought maybe I would text some friends and see if they wanted to do something after work! I haven't received a response yet so I'll be kind of bummed if it turns out they're all busy. I know if I don't have any social obligation to go outside I'll probably just stay indoors and waste the beautiful day (or whatever is left of it by the time I finish work). Hopefully at least one person will be free…

No. 1102426

Same here nonnie! I wanted to go on a picnic but figured it would lonely just by myself. It feels very wasteful when it's a nice day outside yet you're just spending it inside. I can't even open a window unless I want to listen to my neighbour's horrible music taste either. I hope you find someone who'll hang out with you!

No. 1102448

Do you ever print them out or just keep them saved on your computer or whatnot?

No. 1102482

How's the quality of your picture with the old camera? I'd love to get a proper camera I'd keep long term but just to take good looking, fun pics like when I go on trips but I'm just using my phone and it's probably already more than enough.

No. 1102658

File: 1647630783837.jpg (46.66 KB, 550x550, 550x550.jpg)

Listening to Anita Baker and getting ready to go buy some shit.

No. 1102700

i love anita baker, have a nice time out, anon

No. 1102709

When I get Uber Eats or something similar, I debate for hours whether I should buy it or not then as soon as I hit the Order button I immediately feel regret. And I only use it when I have coupons.

No. 1102759

i always have to have my boyfriend press the order button..

No. 1102790

Watching a program about people in American jails and they keep showing little clips of inmates rapping. The women are, without exception, far superior to the men.

No. 1102818

Update: It was a success! 2/3 of them were free tonight so we are going to a rooftop bar later to drink margaritas. I hope you can enjoy the nice weather too. I don't know if you also live in a city, but if you can't have a picnic maybe you could at least take a nice walk and get some coffee or something to eat and eat/drink it outside? Or maybe in your house/apartment with the window open (or on the balcony if you're lucky and have one of those).

No. 1102855

One of my professors is an old dude but his voice sounds really young and at first I thought he was a hot young dude but no it’s an old man, he’s really cool though so it’s ok.

No. 1102876

File: 1647641358345.jpg (46.82 KB, 610x458, gfjzh.jpg)

I'm living the life, eating pumpkin bread rn. I fucking love bread, I wish I could live off of plain bread for the rest of my life.

No. 1102893

Finally someone who knows what's up, you go nonn

No. 1102898

I got high last night and ordered garlic fingers. I forgot…. Just found the leftovers in the fridge. It's all coming up me, baby!

No. 1102948

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' is the truest thing I've ever heard. A guy fucked me over recently and I'm dealing with it but I haven't been this angry in years.

No. 1102951

What the fuck are garlic fingers? Sounds amazing I loooove garlic

No. 1102970

Schizos fascinate me so much. Why does Kiwi have the more entertaining cows

No. 1102976

File: 1647644237911.jpg (149.28 KB, 600x400, garlicfingies.jpg)

Apparently they're regional to here in Atlantic Canada, wow. Accidentally doxxed myself.

They're basically baked pizza dough with melted cheese, garlic butter, and parsley. Dip in donair sauce (which as another regional thing, comes from "doner" kebab.) They're so yummy

No. 1102979

$5 sushi rolls at the grocery store today so I made sure to buy the container with the most pieces in it. Yeehaw

No. 1103007

burgers have it but we just call it cheese bread. it's also sold here in alberta. donair sauce is disgusting and you're all brainwashed into thinking it tastes good.

No. 1103010

i thought you meant some weird term for garlic bread, but that looks like full blown pizza

No. 1103022

some knockoff lamacun?

No. 1103044

Ayrt, nice we call that garlic or cheese bread which usually has garlic too in US. I really thought it was gonna be some like fried garlic cloves with aioli or some shit I guess those would be garlic nails though not long enough for fingers

No. 1103080

File: 1647653168304.png (1.37 MB, 1112x616, image.png)

Anons…I failed. I spent about $80 (give or take) on yarn today, but this is Big Crafts fault not mine! I know it's not a crazy amount, but I still feel a little ashamed. I just couldn't resist. Anyway, picrel is just some that I bought, aren't they beautiful? Pictures don't do them justice. I bought some knitting needles so I could try my hand at knitting some stuff.

No. 1103086

Lmao nice purchase nonna! it's very pretty

No. 1103087

I LOVE knitting. Just make sure your gauge is correct for the stripes, or alternatively you can use this website. I love it

Sorry for such an ugly link but its fucking incredible

No. 1103096

I think my mom peaked today haha

No. 1103097

Thanks anon! I've never really payed any attention to gauge, but I'll make sure to remember it with knitting! I plan to use the stripey yarns for a crochet project though.

No. 1103102

File: 1647655244704.jpg (1.96 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220318_220008.jpg)

Fair enough! Crochet is the same rules, it'll make such a neat project. What are you planning with it? Here's kinda how planned pooling looks with the same yarn but different guages in crochet

No. 1103112

File: 1647656120391.jpg (694.39 KB, 616x2000, African-Crochet-Heidi-Bears-Pa…)

That's amazing, I really should start considering my gauges more. I bought it to make a small African flower animal. Either using black and the purple-green-blue yarn or white and the pink-purple yarn. When I started crocheting I thought I wouldn't make any stuffed animals, but I've completely fallen in love with these.

No. 1103115

Ohh those are going to look adorable! Making stuffed animals is my favourite, they make such great gifts too if you can stockpile. Hard to part with them, though. Best of luck, those patterns are stunning! God-tier taste.

No. 1103120

I’m gonna need to make a bird now!

No. 1103121

File: 1647656747673.jpg (932.45 KB, 1081x1081, Pie-Stack.jpg)

It's only anecodotal, but yesterday I had 80% meat. I had two large marinated lamb chops and a good 500g of sweet and sour pork that I cooked up. There were a few bullshit veges and shallots mixed in with the pork, but it was negligible.

I woke up this morning, just, not hungry. I started work at 4am, and breezed through that without my morning breakfast pie, then I had a bullshit tiny bridge pie at the family breakfast this morning to save appearances. And for the rest of the day, I've eaten nothing, apart from that bridge pie, I haven't had anything to eat in a good 26 hours and I barely feel hungry.

Is eating 80% meat the secret?

No. 1103124

My kneejerk reaction to mock you is simply because I'm really jealous, that diet sounds dope

No. 1103150

lately I've been getting up, making a huge breakfast, and then getting on the computer and playing a crossword. If I still have any food left when im done I go onto the nyt and play their games. I hate the nyt but their games are good. and I dont get hungry for like the rest of the day if I eat a lot in the morning. its nice

No. 1103153

My boyfriend and I tagteamed the bathroom while our favourite album was playing, and I took down a shelf in there and now it looks like it's staged to sell. Our house is so meticulous right now, I'm excited to have guests come over to see our antiques and trinkets

No. 1103194

Maybe you know this, but our hunger (and mammalian hunger in general) is satiated by protein

No. 1103197

i didnt know penis was a protein

No. 1103405

I love swimming so much. I remember being taught to swim and figuring it out immediately, and being put in swim classes with much older kids. I lived a 40 minute bike ride from a lake growing up and would go every day I could during the nicer months. I was even a lifeguard for a few years. I think I was honestly happiest when I got to live somewhere with a pool.

No. 1103497

I’ve just dropped a mug full of coffee on the floor, barely avoiding all my cables and power strip, but it’s stained the wall. RIP.

No. 1103515

I saw someone cleaning their cats ears with a q-tip on youtube and tried to do the same to my cat. she has some gunk in there. she didn't like it though so I stopped. I don't think you're meant to clean your cats ears.

No. 1103517

I loved swimming as a kid. after I learned to swim I made so much progress and even won an award for it. I stopped going once I turned around 13 and started hating my body, which sucks. I'm glad to hear you love swimming so much, may there aways be a pool nearby you.

No. 1103519

peak trans? I peaked my mum sometime last year. I'll tell her about trans related things and she agrees with me. I'll then tell her she'd be labelled a TERF if anyone knew she felt that way and she says she doesn't care kek

No. 1103530

if your cat’s ears are dirty I’d just use a cotton pad or some tissue. I’d be so scared of poking my cats’ eardrum with a qtip.

No. 1103568

File: 1647696926754.jpg (114.58 KB, 1034x1200, 614QJg47IqL._SL1200_.jpg)

In 13.5 hours I'm going to sit on my living room floor and blast picrel whilst getting silly high I CAN'T WAIT

No. 1103888

I hope you do!

No. 1103939

My vet said, no joke, that it was "actually impossible" to rupture a cat or a dog's eardrum with a qtip. Is my vet retarded?

No. 1104357

File: 1647756868861.png (230.63 KB, 860x653, EA81E6C3-A68D-4F26-8DB0-26333F…)

I saw my best friend yesterday and gave her her birthday gift, she loves it! I’m glad my aunt helped me with it and with the money to have lunch with my best friend.
Since we were with her mom we only got to hold hands for a while, so that was nice, we usually hug and basically cuddle if nobody is watching though.
Her family really likes me so that makes me happy, I would mostly feel awkward around them, but not anymore.
Life would be perfect if my family was living close by and if I had a job.

No. 1104494

File: 1647768618748.jpg (130.85 KB, 1080x1070, suomi.jpg)

Bumping to block out child pornography, just another day on www.lowcow.farm.

No. 1104557

File: 1647772528594.jpg (46.52 KB, 639x396, growing-basil-from-cuttings.jp…)

I've managed to make my market-bought basil survive and thrive for over 4 months so today I've took a few cuttings and set them up for a comfy growth, if it works out they will be my first homegrown herbs, somehow I'm very excited for it! Feels like some sort of milestone

No. 1104603

Congrats nonnie that is awesome!! I tried growing my herbs as well but so far I failed, they always died on me. I might try again though

No. 1104635

I am so happy for you nonniette! I went to see my best friend too! I want to have a feedback loop of saying one stupid word or phrase with her on the sofa and laugh until we both can't look at each other (because it makes us laugh even more).

No. 1104644

Great job nonna! I really want to try growing my own basil too, I’ve seen a few people make their own pesto from home grown basil and I’d like to try doing that.

No. 1104686

That’s so cool anon what watering schedule do you use?

No. 1104705

File: 1647782671612.png (60.96 KB, 367x334, pot.PNG)

I got lucky with my survivor basil but overall you have much higher chance for your herbs to do well if you buy them in a garden shop (not sure if it's the right name? I mean place specializing and selling only plants and gardening related supplies), market-sold herbs are kept in bad environment and undergo a lot of drastic temperature changes in a short time, which makes them look good in the store but die soon after being brought home.
I don't have any specifically strict schedule but usually I'd water about 2 times a week, few times it happened to be less but it was still ok. And it's best if you water it by pouring it to the "base" of the pot, I mean a setup like picrel but in my case it's just a pot being put in a shallow bowl where the water would go. I didn't know that earlier, so I wonder if me watering my previous basils straight to the soil contributed to killing them…
Good luck! I've just made pesto with the leaves I had co crop preparing the cutting and I'm honestly surprised how easy and delicious it was. Also the feeling of preparing something like that from scratch is the best; hope you will get to do it too soon!

No. 1104815

i'm an obsessive daydreamer. at this point i have like an entire secret, 2nd life within my daydreams. i'm 30, khhv, forever alone, etc, but in my daydreams everything works out with my cute boyfriend. his appearance changes but right now it's adam driver and in my daydreams people often comment on how he looks and sounds exactly like adam driver, but obviously he's not adam driver.

>meetcute in a home goods store, i buy plates, he buys mugs

>i randomly tell him that he should go for the mugs he's looking at since i have them and i like how they feel in my hand
>somehow start talking about coffee before we move on with our shopping
>he approaches me as i leave the store, asks for a coffee date, i say yes
>we end up going to mcdonalds because i'm sooo quirky and tell him that i don't care where we go, we could even just go to mcdonalds since i like cheeseburgers
>start talking daily, i work a lot, he has a wellpaying office job too so we meet in person like once a week
>he eventually picks me up after work sometimes, even just to drive me home because i live on the other side of town
>relationship progresses into me staying over at his place a lot because shorter commute to work
>eventually move in with him
>everyone has their own bedroom so we don't annoy each other with different sleep times, evening rituals, sleep behavior, etc - everything is perfect
>entire arc about him having a cancer scare and my life being a mess, but eventually it turns out it's not cancer
>get closer to his mom during that time who teaches me how to cook and treats me like a daughter
>we go to disneyland because i always wanted to go
>happened to watch safiya nyagaard's proposal video shortly before that and cried because it was so cute
>he proposes to me like in safiya's video
>tweet about getting married on semi-abandoned twitter account, all my terminally online friends are jealous and envy me for finding a cool normie guy and getting married
>AD lookalike bf is very normal indeed, likes things a normal amount, plays videogames but like a normal amount, cleans up after himself, buys groceries, etc.
>also doesn't want any kids so we decide to get pets
>we eventually get married and have a small wedding, only my parents and his parents plus siblings, since i don't have any siblings at all
>entire arc about him wanting to move for a job and me being against it, even though i don't like our city but i can't imagine myself finding a job that pays this well since my degree is very useless and my skills are very specific for my current job
>eventually we move, he gets a huge promotion and i'm just unemployed for a while until i find a job thanks to a friend of a friend's gf of my AD lookalike husband
>settle into new city, life is good

i'm running out of ideas…

No. 1104824

are you all literal children or something? i know the thread is for mundane shit, but fuck.

No. 1104882

>growing crops
>”o-only children do that sort of thing!!”

No. 1104893

goo goo ga ga kill yourself

No. 1105019

What's so unbearably childlish about this to the point to enrage you so much? Growing herbs yourself is neither easy or common, it's not like watching a bean plant growth for a primary school project, which kinda sounds like it may be your only reference point

No. 1105636

I had a really, really bad day but I'm happy I made myself a nice meal instead of going straight to bed.

No. 1105677

>bullying farmers for farming

No. 1105711

File: 1647845590311.jpg (44.51 KB, 922x922, E7UBb19WQAE4gwW.jpg)

Went shooting today at a gun range. I forgot about the ear ringing and it smells like fireworks after. It was kinda fun but it doesn't make me feel as gun obsessed as moids are. But now I kind of want my own gun kek

No. 1105712

Learn to enjoy life

No. 1105764

File: 1647858352821.jpeg (77.69 KB, 600x486, 446C3313-4F80-45CC-A6D7-D3214C…)

I’ve been living with my parents for the last year and saved so much money but I’ve missed living my life because we live in the middle of nowhere. I just got a job in the city which is going to cost me more to live in but I’ll be glad to be able to hang out with people my own age again. And hopefully my previous job experience will give me a good leg to stand on when it comes to negotiations.

No. 1105964

I was about to go full Karen at the store because the cashier wouldn't let me pay how I wanted despite having done it several times before, but she was barely an adult and bored out of her mind for working in a convenience store, I already had a shitty day so there was no point in getting angry for nothing.

No. 1105966

Hope that butt is her own butt and it isn't someone posting someone else's butt out here for everyone to see.

No. 1106017

I went to the drugstore and there was a lady who legit went through a number of skincare products and massaged it into her face while standing there

No. 1106162

File: 1647899787040.jpg (91.6 KB, 640x853, pznr5cyu47k81.jpg)

I always want to have drama in my Sims game, but I'm way too lazy and impatient (I think this is a relict from playing it on an old af WinXP computer) to send my sim to a community lot and have them start shit there like flirting with married sims, so I'm on the like third romance sim in my family that's withering away from loneliness and horniness in its house.

No. 1106165

ive been considering doing this, but living with my parents would make me want to kill myself (plus my teenage bedroom has been overtaken by my parents' stuff and has zero space for my clothes and other belongings), so i will probably not do that…

No. 1106184

File: 1647902552225.jpg (72.53 KB, 392x241, 20220321_193950.jpg)

Reminds me of the vampire dude I had in the sims 2. I had so many romances and it was so hard to keep them all (they called all the time), so one day I choose one of my girlfriends to marry and invited all the others to the wedding. I thought it was genius idea, just break up with all of them at once.. I can still hear the sound of hearts breaking. Also I had lots of roaches for the rest of my vampire life because all the exes started kicking my trash can and at some point I gave up fixing it.

No. 1106186

There's some kind of eczema or contact dermatitis on my hands and I have no idea what from. I don't even know when I got it cause I just noticed it.

No. 1106204

I get it from using too much hand sanitizer and washing my hands too much.Try some baking soda to absorb extra moisture (if they aren't sores yet)

No. 1106212

I get the same shit I always thought some soaps just fucked with me. My hands are super dry though

No. 1106234

I love you anon

No. 1106491

the cute guy I saw on the metro got off at the same stop as me but went to take the A line instead of going into the station with me ugh. I hate the A line, it's shitty and old and it probably brings bad luck tbh. Last time I took it was winter 2019. You know what happened immediately after? Covid!

No. 1106519

An anon posted about Angel Slices in a thread, so I ordered some and a bunch of other UK sweets online and I'm very excited to try them out. Trying snack cakes not pumped with vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup is a luxury for me as a burger

No. 1106538

It's 6:10 AM and i have to go to class at like 7:30 AM and i didn't sleep and i KNOW i'm going to regret it, my left eye feels weird
Wish me a Nice day pls

No. 1106539

That shit is fucking DELICIOUS and so low cal for how good it is. Enjoy anon.

No. 1106585

Bought a new mouse and although I'm generally pleased with it, you could hear the clicks from outer space

No. 1106590

Hope you have a good day nonna!!

No. 1107113

File: 1647972713561.jpg (48.56 KB, 500x334, head-in-hands (1).jpg)

I made 1 cup of rice, and fuck it's so much rice. Idk what I'm going to do with all of this shit. This is why I don't eat rice often.

No. 1107144

I just got shocked for the first time in my 26 years of life. Fucking hell that's uncomfortable, even if it lasted like 2 seconds.

No. 1107210

No. 1107234

Every time I do it I think “well that was stupid of me, guess I didn’t die though so I won’t tell anyone.” I’ve only ever gotten shocked through incredibly stupid means.
>trying to plug in/unplug Christmas lights with the plugs buried in snow
>using a fork to fish my toast out of the toaster
>prepping to replace an outlet without switching the breaker first.

No. 1107240

>using a fork to fish my toast out of the toaster

No. 1107249

Hmm I've considered using a fork like that and each time decided not to, thanks anon now I am positive I should never go through with it.

No. 1107263

Just unplug the toaster first and it’s fine.

No. 1107275

I had to unplug something behind my washing machine and was to lazy to move it so I just grabbed metal tongs to unplug it. I obviously got shocked and felt very dumb.

No. 1107339

today I was standing in goodwill and i spent 3 full minutes after opening a trapper keeper trying to close it bc i am slow, and right when I figured it out some dude came up to me and starting going off about how ‘I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are could I get your number’ and I kept dodging until I finally had to straight up say I’m a lesbian for him to leave me alone and I realized he had been standing there watching me struggle with the binder like a retard the entire time, I think he genuinely thought I was special needs and therefore easier to ‘get with’ but maybe that’s just me hating moids in general

No. 1107352

Sometimes I take 1 sip of a coffee drink and just instantly know it's going to give me bowel problems

No. 1107428

Theres a nonny in the lucinda thread thats always PRposting and mentioning things only locals would get and i daydream about meeting up with her on the daily. No one ever replies to her so i like to imagine we're the only two pr nonnettes on the entire site. I love you me salve-chan vamos pa plaza del sol juntas.

No. 1107481

I'm drinking tea out of a mint colored mug and eating mint chocolate kitkats. I look to my left and see that my fucking journal is also mint colored. Green isn't even my favorite color nor is mint my favorite flavor, but somehow this happened. Do colors have any significance like numbers? What does it mean if I'm seeing a lot of mint green in my life…

No. 1107488

green is lucky

No. 1107495

I thought I would despise teaching… but I actually like planning things to keep the kids entertained and such. Damn, does that means my family was right and I’ve always been destined to become a teacher? It’s such a sad job, I don’t want to put lots of effort on educating kids just so their piece of shit, waste of space useless families fuck everything up.

No. 1107497

I once read that sometimes you just crave some colors because you need them. I don’t really like blue but most of my stuff are blue because I subconsciously pick them that color.

No. 1107500

They cancelled school today because the weather was going to be bad… It rained for 10 minutes kek. At least it was a day off

No. 1107531

File: 1648008887397.jpg (51.41 KB, 502x686, 89920833_223279112380712_42434…)

Had a pleasant philosophical conversation today. Maybe life ain't bad and people aren't assholes. Also, I need to poop.

No. 1107676

File: 1648022430083.jpg (141.79 KB, 1004x1024, KS7F6I3BG.jpg)

recent years have ruined colorful hair
everyone who has it besides musicians seems to be a:
>a hypersexual libfem pickme with an onlyfans and drug addictions
>an autistic perma online bpd-chan nlog munchie with delusions of grandeur
i have so many cool colours on my shelf but i don't want to be associated and hate crimed with these types of women. maybe i'll dye my pubes.

No. 1107678

I love rainbow hair like this. I’m too cowardly to pull it off. Anon I won’t judge you for having badass rainbow hair, pls dye your hair a fun colour today. I’m rooting for you and also living vicariously.

No. 1107689

IDK I work in art/entertainment related industry and it seems like a common thing to do for artsy / geeky people that are more outgoing than usual basement dweller geek; I know the two types you're talking about but I think there are enough people of that third type to not necessarily have a bad association. At least for my Euro country. Also, to some extent, belonging to these two types you've mentioned is also defined by the way a person carry herself, fashion, accessorizing etc. If I saw a girl with colorful hair, and idk, shitload of support this and that pins, ofc I'd have an assumption of raging woke nlog, but if not, there would be no reason to think she's one. Ultimately, if this is something you want to do, you shouldn't let someone else's negative association stop you - if someone has enough bad will to judge you without talking to you, they will do it regardless of hair color.

No. 1107742

Whenever I see someone with rainbow hair irl it looks washed out and not so good. Idk why they would choose a style they can't upkeep.

No. 1108121

I was opening a banana while listening to Bottle Pop by the Pussycat Dolls and the sap from the stem got on my face.
I hate how unripe bananas leave a starchy feeling my in my mouth.

No. 1108179

File: 1648069190873.jpg (179.91 KB, 1200x1200, 20220304_125552.jpg)

When i came home from work and poured tea from a thermos it was still hot. This tea was made 10 hours ago. Despite a rubber band missing from the cap its at perfect temp… what is this sorcery???

No. 1108180

I am gonna go to the store to get a craft supply for myself as a treat for being so bored. Then, I will make myself another shirt for the summer. Amen.

No. 1108193

Whenever i finish doing a big load of dishes i feel empty inside when it's all done and clean. Also considering getting another fish in my tank.

No. 1108209

Oh god I need this

No. 1108377

>tfw it's a five day old post but you still want to wk donair sauce

No. 1108595

File: 1648081192679.jpg (32.63 KB, 600x444, middle-age-senior-catholic-nun…)

I saw a nun in sunglasses driving an SUV today. Idk why I thought it was cool bc I never thought about them going around in public in the robes and veil. Sorry for stock photo thought it was funny

No. 1108675

nuns are usually chill as fuck a lot of them are gay or gnc and choose it for that reason. like it’s sad they felt like that was their only option but a lot of them are cool chicks regardless

No. 1108695

I need to remember to order that stuff I need.

No. 1108698

I unlocked my phone and opened the browser and somehow I was on a pastebin full of gibberish codes. No idea wtf I clicked to get on that.

No. 1108701

I started (and eventually cancelled) the process to become a nun many years ago and spent a good deal of time talking to them. They come in all sorts. My perception of the older ones especially was that many sought a quick way to find a stable home and community after growing up in chaos. Many didn't even have particularly religious parents but sought comfort of the church and meaningful service and purpose. Maybe I'll make a longer post about it all someday.

No. 1108706

I got me a bag of dried fruit and the strawberries are the best tasting ones. I love dried strawberries mmmmmm

No. 1108721

File: 1648089290506.jpg (23.17 KB, 221x444, 95ccf710d27c9be31b0ca3de39a68a…)

Me in the gothic movie night considering becoming a nun for community and wearing cool draping clothes but I know I'll never bow down to misogynistic moid religion so it will stay a far off dream. Probably will volunteer just to get myself involved and out there.
Women's land self sustaining community and nunnery of the great Saint Solanas when?

No. 1108726

File: 1648089811244.jpg (413.37 KB, 575x1024, d3ddlfk-2b142bbd-dc62-4f25-869…)

I mean, you could still dress as a badass gothic nun if you want to, no one's gonna care about religious appropriation for Christians (cept other Christians kek)

No. 1108728

I have no idea why because i dont like religion and priests/pastors are gross but ive always thought nuns were so fucking metal. i go to thrift stores with my mom a lot and i see them quite often and like giving them the quick ‘hi sister’. (Also lots of amish and mormons people as well because secondhand is pious etc)

No. 1108733

File: 1648091016343.jpg (129.76 KB, 1200x674, 6afad13e-7bba-11e9-9cce-178843…)

Yeah but I don't want to be some cow ready to be posted on /snow/ or perform an a purity or goth aesthetic for likes and compliments from strangers. I genuinely like the clothes as daily wear and the sense of sisterhood, if only it were in a different circumstance. Also don't want to be sexualized "OMG THIS GIRL I SAW IS SUCH A GOTH MOMMIE DOM NUN OMG I BET SHE LIKES BEEDEEESSEMM MILKEEEEEE EE IS SHE A PRUDE OR PERVERT LETS POST HER ON OUR TOTALLY NOT CREEPY AND INSANE COLLECTION OF STRANGERS EXISTING COLLEGE PAGE?" I was born to wear non-sexualized tasteful slightly frilly or gothic or regal or ready for farmwork nun clothes depending on the day. No I'm not autistic lmao.

No. 1108738

Just order a dress without the head part

No. 1108798

File: 1648096903692.jpg (65.63 KB, 730x1095, remothered___red_nun_by_xpholx…)

NONNIE you don't understand. I want the whole habit. The entire habit. The black draping dress and the cowl with a little bit of hair or bangs hanging out. I want to be a nun in a gothic movie without the manufactured moid religion or racism or expectation of purity while priests are molesting 5 little boys at a time. I want to feel the wind move my clothes and caress my face side by side with my sister's. Different colored habits on different days. The veil swishing behind me like a huge ponytail or down my shoulders like thick hair without constant upkeep. A gothic habit with flowing lace sleeves that don't emphasize your breasts with stupid harnesses and fetish libfem shit. Then instead of worshipping some guy that popped out of a "pure virginal maid" we acknowledge and love our bodies and ancient goddesses without religious commodification like drive-through ash Wednesdays. Do prayers and rituals in the forest naked and sing songs to our ancestors in harmonies. Do some creepy shit to scare moids and pick me infiltrators away. No libfem sex-positive they-them pandering for members simping for gay men tradwife buzzword of the week nonsense. I fucking love habits and I need a community of sane moral maybe a little evil girlboss female centering women kek I may be a little autistic.

No. 1108822

I just killed a big ol' black beetle. I feel really bad cause I only realized it was a harmless beetle after I mushed it, but I don't think I would've been able to catch it and take it outside. I didn't observe it before because I'm a scared bitch who isn't used to bugs inside.

No. 1108826

The head part is so that you don't have to think about how your hair looks throughout the day. Unironically. Also nice when you're gardening with the sun on top of your head, no burning scalp.
We can be like the Sisters of the Valley you posted. Just need to find enough people and a place for it.

No. 1108831

I fell asleep a lil earlier than usual tonight, then about 3 hours later I woke. I've been awake since and I feel like I'm past the point where I can expect to sleep any more. Dunno how falling asleep two whole hours early fucks you up like this but seems it always does.

No. 1108846

This happened to me last night. Went to bed earlier than usual, woke up feeling extremely refreshed and then realized I only slept 3 hours and now it's the middle of the night and I'm not tired.

No. 1108858

>I didn't observe it before because I'm a scared bitch who isn't used to bugs inside.
This made me cackle nona, I too have a frenzied visceral reaction to indoor bugs. I just smash them with whatever large object is closest no matter what they are. I know most aren't going to cause any problems whatsoever but shit they shouldn't be in my private sanctuary if they wanna live!

No. 1108864

i hate this game

No. 1109084

I want to be a part of this so badly, anon.

No. 1109095

File: 1648130774596.jpg (24.74 KB, 412x338, 1646463630814.jpg)

I gained weight! I lost about 6-7 kilos while being sick (I'm quite short so it was pretty noticeable). I was 57kg after losing weight, now I'm 61kg and even though it's not the same weight I used to be I already look so much better and healthier. My cheeks came back, skin cleared up, my boobs aren't so saggy and I have hips again! Also I can sit comfortably, when I was at a lower weight it felt like I was always sitting on my bones. I love being a fattychan.

No. 1109099

Tell me which forest to meet you in and I'll be there

No. 1109100

File: 1648130964420.jpg (7.7 KB, 246x250, wqf2hbrcblfq.jpg)

Proud of you nonnie!

No. 1109122

i always thought i looked best in black or at least with black pants as a minimum because something something black makes you look less fat something, but i just bought blue denim jeans for the first time in years and wore them with a striped shirt (another sin for fatties) and i looked so good??

No. 1109177

File: 1648136693985.jpg (62.42 KB, 548x955, 61XaDMuxxPL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

I made instant tapioca it was eh, I'll take the brown sugar version (picrel) next time

No. 1109221

frogspawn looking mankiness, never want to see that again

No. 1109469

File: 1648149018248.jpg (64.59 KB, 519x571, BMI.JPG)

Girls! I'm so happy I reached a healthy BMI! I gained around 10+ kilograms during the lock-down and I'm finally back to a healthy weight I'm just so happy I can't believe it.

No. 1109470

eww you made me google that

No. 1109476

I keep burning stuff in my instant pot because I've gotten lazy with cooking and just shove a bunch of stuff in there I think will taste good together then I burn it or it turns into mush.

No. 1109563

Congrats nonna!! What diet were you doing?

No. 1109646

>be me, age 16
>go to small local convention with friends
>meet really sweet OHSHC cosplayer and we hit it off
>add each other on our country's weeb website (kinda like facebook for weebs at the time)
>message back and forth for a while
>she invites me to her house for the weekend (1 1/2 hours away from me)
>arrive at her place
>it's a palace
>marble everywhere
>golden faucets
>giant bedrooms
>guest house just for partying
>dad is board member of a company that has a monopoly on something in our country
>jokingly ask if they have a housekeeper too
>"oh no, no"
>"the housekeeper only comes twice a week, silly"
>guy runs around in the garden
>think it's her brother
>it's the gardener
>property is wayyy bigger than i first thought, actually consists of two of these giant palace-like houses, plus the smaller party house and lots of garden space
>spend entire weekend feeling super out of place
>friend's mom hugs me super tight when she brings me to the station, says she's glad her daughter made a "humble" friend
>just smile and nod
>go home
>think about this weekend at least once a year for the next 15 years

idk the concept of rich weebs is always fascinating for me.

No. 1109651

Congrats nonnie!

No. 1109663

today i overheard two older ladies bond on the bus over their families, children, alcoholic moids they divorced… it felt bittersweet hearing them go from complete strangers to sharing so much with each other and then parting. they will probably never see each other again. i kinda made it happen too kek i'm like cupid in that sense

No. 1109665

so what you wanna say is that you met irl renge 15 years ago

No. 1109688

I actually began doing portion control! so I would limit my carb intake to 1 cup, protein to 1-1/2 cup, fruit 1 cup and veggies 2 cups for lunch and dinner!

thank u nonny! <3

No. 1109689

I looked into different ISAs and bonds and currently I'm better off just saving my money and praying to fuck I don't have to spend another winter in my dad's shitty rent free apartment. I know I am priveleged not to pay rent but I live in a student flat in a student area working long hours and I just want better neighbours and to not feel like I live in the equivalent of my childhood bedroom.

No. 1109697

I want to advise all the employed UK nonnies under 25 or above to open a lifetime isa if you are at least a year away from wanting a house. Wish I fucking did. I just hope I can gurn to the bank of daddy to help prop up my deposit.

No. 1109746

File: 1648161913744.gif (2.14 MB, 480x360, YES.gif)

One of my friends is peaking and linked me a gender crit video. So happy for her

No. 1109748

I'm so excited for the Harry Potter game just because of the troons throwing such a shitfit over it. Every new post I see demonizing JK Rowling makes me wanna spend the money more kek

No. 1109899

i really hope it breaks records and wins bunch of awards lol

No. 1110316

I'm turning 29 and I feel like I'll be single for the rest of my life. I don't mind having flings every now and then but relationships just never work out for me. I might as well give up looking for one and save myself the mental energy. Scrotes aren't worth it anyway and gay women are so hard to find I'll win the lottery before finding a compatible girlfriend. I'm fully embracing the weird cat lady lifestyle and I love it.

No. 1110378

File: 1648204310668.jpg (108.9 KB, 1022x1024, 1615463528817.jpg)

I want to share that I browse lolcow exclusively after afternoon dog walk, while eating my lunch.

No. 1110385

You sound cute and well-adjusted. I stole your image

No. 1110390

We Stan a queen with a healthy routine

No. 1110396

Sounds like a good routine, I browse early in the morning and one breaks at work kek

No. 1110435

stop scrolling cp bump

No. 1110479

File: 1648213872982.png (106.05 KB, 512x462, 017.png)

i heavily decluttered my life a few months ago but now that i have to move in a few weeks and i have a total of 10 moving boxes, i'm tempted to declutter even more. like just get rid of all the technically useful but completely unused stuff i have, like legal pads or paperclips. in the sims i always liked it more when my sims only had the bare necessities and their rooms looked sort of empty?

No. 1110504

If you need it but like the empty aesthetic i guess you could hide it in a box and in a closet. I have never met someone who is like the opposite of a consumer, someone who gets happy from things looking empty. Bet it saves money though.

No. 1110511

i actually treat myself a lot, but it's more like buying myself fancy body wash that costs more than 99 cents per bottle or getting expensive chocolate that isn't available at the store or going for one 100% cotton sweater instead of buying 4 cheap ones made of synthetic fibers that stink once you start sweating… so in the end i still spend money and have less. it's purely reactionary though since my mom has hoarder tendencies. not the gross kind with dirt and garbage everywhere, but she does have a looot of stuff she doesn't need/use at all.

No. 1111248

File: 1648261550604.gif (150.01 KB, 220x213, funny.gif)

My glasses finally shipped

No. 1111256

I recently got new glasses too it’s the best feeling, hope they’ll arrive soon nonny!

No. 1111333

I was feeling down yesterday and then I saw my sperg friend post her fujo columbine (I think) fanart on her main SNS unprompted asking for art critique. The sheer power that female autists generate cheered me up a lot. Who gives a shit anymore I like her so much, even more so that she's unabashedly retarded

No. 1111365

i bought all kinds of cake decorating stuff today

No. 1111540

I watch a lot of old TV and one thing I notice is boomers love talking about all the obscure actors on the shows. There will be a random side character who appears in just 1 episode and in the comments section or forums the boomers will post huge biographies of the random unknown actor playing them.

No. 1111550

They're just old school fans of that actor. If they had live TV audiences I bet when that actor came on screen people would have been clapping and cheering while the actor just soaks it tf up

No. 1111587

I opened my wardrobe and a fluffy feather flew out of it, I freaked out because I thought it was a huge nasty bug, I almost screamed

No. 1111608

Wait, is that why some random The Nanny characters would show up and nobody would do anything on-scree for a whole minute while the audience was losing their shit? That explains so much.

No. 1111655

Am I the boomers now? I wouldn't really call any of the The Nanny cameos some random characters.

No. 1111904

holy shit anon that gave me a laugh. i didn’t know columbine fujos still existed. did people bash her or did the sheer force of her spergery silence people into submission?

No. 1111909

I tried to put on my skirt but I couldn't even pull it over my legs, how did this happen, I weighed myself and I weigh the same I've just been walking around a lot more. Man this sucks it was a skirt from my aunt

No. 1112142

File: 1648319324132.jpeg (91.01 KB, 1103x1456, 889D4144-D144-4C86-A109-D87A77…)

Ordered a My Melody phone stand as a treat, i worry women im attracted to will come into my home spot shit like my sanrio wares and immediately think im a stunted uwu type woman kek I just have to hope they stay attracted to me i guess lmao

No. 1112180

Every time I wear a form fitting skirt (not often) I spend like 10 minutes staring at my ass

No. 1112236

Just put a big mean dragon statue next to it to show that you are a well rounded individual

No. 1112415

File: 1648330242468.jpg (101.35 KB, 522x918, 81NIVC9UvrL._AC_SX522_.jpg)

Good idea. She should get this one, the skull and headstones combined with the dragon (does it hoard… graves? THAT IS SCARY!) will be an effective neutralizer of the 'stunted uwu' vibe that any sanrio merch could possibly give off. Literally foolproof.

No. 1112425

File: 1648330648991.jpeg (245.95 KB, 800x800, C39D41C0-C147-4491-B61D-187B96…)

No, nonnie, try to make it match with the rest of the decoration.

No. 1112428

I think I've been getting freckles ? Idk, I'm black and I'm not completely sure what freckles are supposed to look like on us on my arm from sun exposure, but there's a little part of me that's paranoid that it might be cancer. Anyway, sunscreen here I come.

No. 1112429

This is so pretty. Imagine if this were a perfume bottle.

No. 1112507

You are the tumblr DREAM!

Are they itchy? I get sun rashes or something on my arms but I'm so white I get burned if I go out for one second so maybe it's different. Or maybe it's just the same kind of sun freckles white people get in summers, they usually get fainter in winter afaik

No. 1112512

File: 1648336961658.jpeg (207.48 KB, 750x974, 21FFD5A8-3DBC-4008-9665-D16A98…)

I want a thread full of dragon figurines now.

No. 1112592

No no they're not itchy, they're very tiny and tbh I wouldn't even notice them if I didn't spend so much time observing my body. I definitely want to wait and see if they get lighter during the colder months.
>You are the tumblr DREAM!

No. 1112608

Getting brown goddess/faux locs tomorrow. I really love any hairstyle that is curly at the end. Every time I'm about to get my hair done I start making accessories out of excitement.

No. 1112625

File: 1648347337653.jpg (109.37 KB, 540x960, 7f14c55f_2565f544_640.jpg)

I want more react pics with women in them. I'm tired of men and want to be exposed to more women memes

No. 1112694

I try and always use female react memes and if I can't find what I'm lookin for then I use a cat or dog.

No. 1112721

i understand the sentiment but a meme of dead looking girls flying flat on the snow is kinda weird and scrotey.

No. 1112728

Showered, washed my hair, and currently resting in clean sheets. I'm not looking forward to having to steam my dress for the tea party tomorrow but I know it'll be worth it. Going to play some Kirby and read this new husbando fanfic before bed. Good night anons, sleep well!

No. 1112731

Yeah I almost reported that anon kek that image is definitely coomer shit.

No. 1112734

File: 1648358134282.gif (1.07 MB, 211x250, 848E82D9-B236-4050-BEAF-61EE3D…)

i like using men as reaction images. Do your little dance for me little scrote

No. 1112736

File: 1648358275835.jpg (47.82 KB, 584x448, 6HyqKA.jpg)

kek I'm not a scrote, I genuinely thought the image was silly but I guess anons always gotta jump straight into the sexual shit

No. 1112740

i wasn’t calling you a man. i was referring to the dude in the gif but whatever zzz

No. 1112744

It’s teens in schoolgirlesque outfits posing dead looking but still trying to be sexy anon like how can you not see the objectification?

No. 1112749

nta but they’re planking….it was literally a trend forever ago

No. 1112750

How are they trying to be sexy? By having a human female body? By showing a bit of legs? You sound creepy

No. 1112751

You can tell some anons here have a brain rotted by porn

No. 1112754

Lying in the snow wearing a mini skirt and short sleeves. I’m sure they’re all wearing that same type of outfit because it’s nice and warm! Jfc actual retards

No. 1112764

okay but this is not good. anyone remember that meme from a long ass time ago of a pretty girl in a pink bra who was super beautiful but allegedly dead/posing as kind of dead? reminds me of this. anyways this meme is upsetting, i do not like it

No. 1112767

File: 1648361595267.jpg (1.16 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-shirtless-man-lyin…)

>Lying in the snow wearing a mini skirt and short sleeves
anon ffs that's part of the joke, that's how you know they're not dead and are memeing
Moids run out into the snow shirtless all the time

No. 1112771

his head is up and it's a stock photo, not an actual meme. very different

No. 1112776

jesus christ you are such a retard

No. 1112777

not really, you're ignoring the context of male meme shit. yeah obviously everyone runs out into the snow and throws themselves down sometimes but that's not the same as an aesthetic trend utilized by males on specific parts of the internet. if you're not willing to actually analyze the potential context, why engage with the discussion?

No. 1112787

Nta but it's because you are the one who is looking at some random, no context picture of some girls laying on snow and is screaming "male meme". Calm down, OP just wanted more memes featuring women and thought the picture looked funny enough to post, it's not that deep.

No. 1112794

No they just said it looks good. Normies fear the autistic fujo

No. 1112796


No. 1112807

File: 1648365194190.jpg (79.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1647614691597.jpg)

>Want to complain about something stupid in things you hate thread
>Go to thread
>Inevitably read horrific discussion about moids getting off to beastiality
>Day ruined
Not anons' fault for discussing it, but goddamn I wish I didn't read the replies

No. 1112810

are guys “locker room talk” similar to posts in /r9k, /b in 4chn?

No. 1112824

I'm not American and watched it with the French dub on TV everytime there were reruns when I was a kid and then a teenager so if the actors showing were well-known in the USA in the 90s I wouldn't have known back then.

No. 1112842

Wearing a miniskirt doesnt mean you try to be sexy. Youre fucking retarded. Some of you need to stop sexualizing school uniforms and teenage girls in general

No. 1112865

How is this sexual? The only people who would get off to this would be necrophiles which would be the case with that pretty girl with pink bra too.

No. 1112876

I almost forgot I got a mango the other day. Ate it, and it was perfectly ripe. I love mango

No. 1113209

A store near me recently got in those mini shopping carts where your toddler can push one around and it's usually cutesy when you see it, lil kids trying to be all helpful. Today a woman and her two (not that young) hyperactive sons made my shopping trip miserable from the moment I stepped in til I was out of there. I could not get away from them lol. Racing around with the carts and getting in everyones way. I couldn't even switch up aisles without them showing up again and again. Its always boys, they're never young enough to really justify the indoor chasing games. Dunno if the mom was lazy or just defeated by the obvious joy that is raising boys.

No. 1113512

I can't watch movies anymore. 45 minutes already feels like an eternity and then I check and see there's 45 minutes left and I just can't continue. One 45-50 minute TV episode per day is the maximum I can do.

No. 1113567

you need to watch better movies

No. 1113630

you need anime

No. 1113663

It's the defeat. She's probably barely holding onto sanity with every spastic movement and felt the eyes of every shopper in that place. Or maybe not. I imagine the ultra patient moms to be like docile cattle, and that's probably a healthier state than wanting to commit arson because your kid is being a shithead in public.

No. 1113676

I just spent a considerable amount of money on a record for the first time in I think years and I'm so happy! It's Tom Waits' Blue Valentine, I've loved that album for so long but never got it and now I have it, I know I'm going to play it often and vinyl just has more flair for some reason. It's consoomer tier shit I know but I've been trying to cut back on my internet use and listening to m old records and cd's really help with it.

No. 1113775

You need to spend less time getting your attention span zapped by internet feeds.

No. 1113997

File: 1648438986254.gif (372.38 KB, 640x640, 1648239999763.gif)

Just had my scalp tortured for over 5 hours and my hair still isn't done. It's times like this where I hate having 4c hair.

No. 1114022

File: 1648439777257.png (121.92 KB, 312x296, sad crying cat thumbs up.png)

did the most musical little fart of my life

No. 1114111

I know I'm feeling really sad when a mean comment on lolcow makes my nght even worse kek

No. 1114412

Can you take breaks when your hair is being done or do they follow you to the toilet? Also on long car journeys i write fanfiction so it goes faster. That may help. Sorry it hurts.

No. 1114581

It was honestly probably me taking breaks that made the process take so long lol

No. 1114735

Girl you better go easy on that scalp or you gonna end up like jada kek

No. 1114750

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. >mfw thinking of you hurting

No. 1114754

File: 1648484970414.png (224.18 KB, 401x420, smack.PNG)

You're next.

No. 1114807

File: 1648488507121.jpg (37.19 KB, 720x684, a.jpg)

I walked sorta close behind a guy on my way home from work and kept coming closer and closer at one point because I was about to head towards my apartment building and he kept looking over his shoulder and walking faster like I was going to rob or stab him. Ngl it felt kinda good kek.

No. 1114811

Now that I've pretty much stopped drinking soda, the smell of dark soda actually is starting to disgust me. The smell of pepsi on someone's breath is vomit worthy.

No. 1114815

I didn't realize that Chris and Will used lolcow too! Guess they're in the company of grimes and doja. What kind of irl husbandofag are you two?

No. 1114824

Does soda color mean anything? I always thought it's just artificial coloring.

No. 1114870

I think I accidentally created Venus ver2013 just now in Sims when making custom townies.

No. 1114891

File: 1648493795978.png (55.68 KB, 300x250, 2E796140-8344-4FFF-90B3-0F955D…)

You made me ugüu, I hope I can do that someday.

No. 1114895

No. 1114935

No. 1115078

No. 1115228

I've been on the verge of tears multiple times today but I can't stop playing this song in my head

No. 1115561

File: 1648541399129.jpg (151.29 KB, 1280x720, og-image.jpg)

It's 3 am and I really want to eat again. Though I know its bad for you and I will make a ton of noise just going to the kitchen. I have been craving late night foods since I've been staying up later and not being tired at all, it might be boredom tbh

No. 1115636

Why are you on the verge of tears? I hope you get through it so you can get back to boogying too

No. 1115677

About to read and sleep. Goodnight all.

No. 1116179

File: 1648579025799.png (152.78 KB, 1920x1281, 4cd62d949a595c54acfbc32a26c18f…)

I've been trying to make latte art at home but I don't have a milk steamer and it's so frustrating… so many things can go awry!!

No. 1116223

Look how cute this is! I think I'm gonna buy some thread and attempt a few of these friendship bracelets for summer.

No. 1116232

Calm right now. All I hear is my dog snoring, the tiktok of the clock, and my hamster crunching on something in her cage

No. 1116241

This looks cute but also kinda advanced but last year I started learning these from scratch! So much fun, very relaxing once you get the hang of it

No. 1116249

>the tiktok of the clock

No. 1116255

File: 1648582892532.png (372.28 KB, 720x932, LFA-reproductives.png)

Just learned about male fire ants
>"When they mate with queens, they somehow eliminate the maternal genetic contribution in the fertilized eggs that give rise to W. auropunctata males. Because the males are getting their only set of genes from their fathers, they, like the queens, are clones of their parent.
>The clonality seen in queens and males results in a unique system where genes are passed down only to individuals of the same sex, keeping male and female gene pools separate"
>"Now you have an extreme example of sexual antagonism, where the male has taken it to a new level, essentially parasitizing the female to make his own offspring"
Even aggressive 99.9% female ant species has parasitic males.

No. 1116260

Male ants have haplod, aka 1 set of chromosomes, while females have diploid, aka 2sets of chromosomes, though. So the male is still lesser, having half amount of genetic material.

No. 1116447

My ass is covered in blonde hairs, but I don't wanna shave them. It's kind of soft and velvety

No. 1117415

File: 1648662307751.jpg (60.42 KB, 640x427, 20220327_055119.jpg)

Just before i got of work i cried because a customer was mean to me

I hate going home on a sour note!!!

No. 1117423

Fuck that customer, I hope you feel better anon. Go do something relaxing, you've earned it.

No. 1117427

That asswipe customer will die in seven days. Have a cute video to cheer you up so you can go home in a better mood!

No. 1117446

File: 1648663566747.jpg (233.02 KB, 1241x1549, 20220325_224752.jpg)

Ty nonnies i hope you both have wonderful day. the guinea piggies cheered me right up!!!

No. 1117795

I think my rat is technically a calico. She is brown and white but also visible orange. It's weird because orange rats don't seem to exist and neither do calico rats, but I think by this definition of having three colors she's a calico. Right?

No. 1117803

All angry customers ime are clearly chronically miserable and usually out of shape and ugly too. They're mad all the time because their life sucks ass.

No. 1117806

File: 1648681843501.jpeg (4.69 KB, 280x180, download (1).jpeg)

She might have the fawn color gene, which is like a blondeish orange. Tri-coloring is rarer in rats, but common in guinea pigs as far as I've seen. She might be a rare girl indeed!

No. 1117977

File: 1648697620269.jpeg (53.36 KB, 1200x603, the-allure-of-a-good-cup-of-co…)

I hate the taste of coffee but I love the smell of coffee. So I bought some skincare products that smell like coffee. Now I smell like coffee and I still don't have to drink it. I think that's pretty cool.

No. 1118561

My bf should be home right now after finishing work. I thought someone was opening the door so I shouted "Baby!" all cute like and then they knocked and it was the postman. Help

No. 1118599

She seems rare to me, she's already living longer than my previous rat and she doesn't even have any tumors or breathing problems, she's just beginning to get grey hairs despite being over 2 years old. Very good girl.

No. 1118676

Please tell me your coffee skincare products

No. 1118688

Have been obsessed with combing my cat recently because she's shedding like crazy and is old so isn't that great at grooming anymore. I will sit on the couch and watch TV and groom her for like an hour at a time, it's our new nighttime ritual.

No. 1118697

I'm jealous, my cat hates getting brushed. She'll run as soon as she sees it, the only thing worse is the vacuumer.

No. 1118705

Started cackling in my car when Goodbye Horses started playing, happy troon day

No. 1118729

My cat tries to play battle the brush to the death, also he sniffs it and makes a disgustang face which makes me laugh ‘cos it’s his own fluff

No. 1118753

My coworker who works in another store flaked out on our plans today. We were supposed to get a really late lunch with beer and he texted me 30 mins before i had to meet him that he couldnt make it. I know this is silly, but i already put on my outfit and perfume because i was off today and looking forward to it. I'm big mad

No. 1118786

I want an arnold palmer so bad, but the last time I drank one was at Chick-Fil-A and it made my stomach do backflips.
Anyway, I drank instant coffee this morning and (unexpectedly) it's killing me.

No. 1118818

Nonnies manifest I get this motherfuckers dick, he's been so difficult recently

No. 1118891

I've had bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco stuck in my head for the past 16 hours and it's driving me loco

No. 1119013

Last year I conquered my fear of the gym but only the cardio area. Today I'll try to conquer my fear of the weights area.

No. 1119014

The ones I'm using are from Frank Body. There might be better ones out there. I initially hated the packaging but I'm over it because I smell like coffee now.

No. 1119038

same anon manifest beautiful make up sex for me fanks

No. 1119098

Making up signatures is so fun. I just pull up a random name generator and start going at it.

No. 1119145

File: 1648789379818.jpeg (139.97 KB, 1300x1065, E8D2BAEF-FBB0-4C28-92CA-DEC6F8…)

No. 1119147

…this picture awoke something primal in me…

No. 1119160

what if he uses his precision and fast fingers to hack parts of your body for pleasure also

No. 1119168

I just made butter dip biscuits and they're so fucking delicious. They're good by themselves, but I'm struggling to decide if I should make biscuits and gravy or a breakfast sandwich with them.

No. 1119170

Samefag but it's 2 am so I really should just go to bed and save it for breakfast, but fuck it. The biscuits are fresh and I need to CONSUME

No. 1119179

File: 1648794582820.gif (2.61 MB, 498x460, james mcavoy.gif)

Anon please, have mercy I'm dying over here…

No. 1119184

I didn't realize how wrong my post sounded, kek.

No. 1119211

It is finally spring, it is warm, I want to sit on the balcony with a coffee to enjoy myself, but my neighbours are cooking something vomit-inducing again.
I HATE YOU I HATE YOU you ruin my quality of life

No. 1119265

Some guy came to check my water flow meter and he will not shut up. Keeps humming and saying every number he gets out loud. Also tries to engage me in small talk. Annoying

No. 1119454

I love it when my mother wakes up in a bad mood and decides to reorganising everything in the kitchen to make herself even angrier because "everything is a mess and in the way" even if the kitchen was completely clean. Why can't she just take a relaxing bath or something instead?

No. 1119490

I woke up feeling nauseous and sighed thinking it was going to be another day stuck in bed with a migraine. Decided to take a shower, change my bedsheets and bring in some extra pillows while I was still feeling fine. Put on some generic meditation music and ended up having the best nap of my life. Woke up pain free and with the nausea gone. I'm so relieved!

No. 1119499

It's my birthday and I'm gonna eat at the chinese restaurant!

No. 1119516

Happy birthday anon! Have fun and stay safe

No. 1119540

I like being on lolcow high but I legit sound a little mentally delayed whenever I reply or post.

No. 1119553

Kek we have the same mom. She will rant about how she has so much cleaning to do even though she’s so tired, but her house looks totally clean. There’s zero consequence in waiting till the morning to wipe down her already-clean cabinets with Pledge but she gets it in her head that it’s a problem and won’t stop till she’s ‘fixed’ it. Totally an obsessive thing although she won’t acknowledge that.

No. 1119591

File: 1648829375623.gif (37.99 KB, 220x165, sad_jerry.gif)

I found messages from someone who died recently while deleting stuff from my phone and it made me tear up today. I can look at photos of them without issue but the messages felt more personal to me. I know it's useless to keep it on my phone since they will never text me again but I can't bear to delete them

No. 1119595

File: 1648830023636.jpg (29.95 KB, 679x650, 61XFd1jtVoL._SX679_.jpg)

bought some strawberry mochi ice cream today, i think it's my new favorite. it's sweet but not as addicting as some other flavors so I can eat one and stop without eating the whole tray in one sitting.

No. 1119604

kek same. i’ll spend 25 minutes trying to word a post then realize im too high to make sense and end up deleting everything.

No. 1119616

Sometimes I'll post them but because my mary juana post editing skills are shit, I'll miss obvious typos and I'll have words that I forgot to delete. Then I'll look back and read it when I'm less high and feel so embarrassed kek. It ain't easy being a stoned bologne.

No. 1119653

I envy you nonnies brave enough to post. I get so paranoid that I've posted something and am too high to remember so instead of laughing at cows and nonnies like I want to I just frantically check all the threads I've read looking for posts I can delete.

No. 1119663

just do it, anon. a spelling mistake or whatever is not a big deal. have fun and fuck it up

No. 1119776

I want to eat more mochi ice cream this year. Sesame and peanut mochi are ♥ so good
>not as addicting as some other flavours
tell me about these crack mochis so i can try them nonnette

No. 1120038

was in desperate need of new bras. I bought what I thought was the same kind I bought last time but I went to put it on and realized it has no clips at all and you just have to pull it over your head/arms. I could probably still return it even though I ripped off all the tags but I don't wanna bother. I'm just so damn annoyed.

No. 1120059

That's the only way I put on my bras because I'm lazy. It's interesting to me that you see that as a hassle. I need new bras too I just want a front clasping one

No. 1120066

NTA but I feel tired just thinking about pulling a bra on like a T-shirt

No. 1120276

Some of my family is coming over tomorrow, we're eating lunch together and then they're going shopping and I don't have to with and can just continue reading my book and listen to music for an hour or two while still catching up with my aunt and cousin a bit (during lunch) and having some rest on the weekend. I know I might sound like a bitch but this is so nice to me. Just drink coffee, eat good food, have some rest, then have them come over a bit later and then have some more time for myself. Mmmm

No. 1120280

I learned I have been saying "areola" wrong. I have been saying it "airy-OH-luh." Turns out it's "uh-REE-uh-luh."

No. 1120283

What???? I've only ever heard people say airy-oh-luh

No. 1120284

Maybe it's a regional thing, idk. That's how my surgeon said it. I had no idea what he was talking about at first.

No. 1120288

My aunt calls milk 'melk' No one else around us says it like that. Could be just a personal pronunciation thing

No. 1120359


No. 1120369

File: 1648881348311.jpeg (85.89 KB, 720x720, E2B47A4E-F56B-436D-8084-2FE76D…)

I hope every farmer has a great week

No. 1120371

Also I’m craving oranges holy shit

No. 1120382

File: 1648882029035.jpg (69.55 KB, 480x719, FKXOY5AWYAAHU_l.jpg)

god i wish this were real. we all need giant oranges in our lives.

No. 1120409

My mother complimented my crepes.
As a french female, this denotes my passage into adulthood.

No. 1120446

Maybe that's just a pocket-sized guy

No. 1120469

gtfo nonnie your iq is too high for this 'website'
i recently got stabbed, as a british female i feel it's a true coming of age
also french nonnette what do you put on your crepes? i want to cook french food in 2022

No. 1120484

My phone is on its last legs, the glass is cracked and the battery is dead, so I was thinking I could just change them but now it's struggling to load internet pages, I constantly get the message to close the app or wait, and the /ot/ catalog keeps crashing (not the other boards though). Ffs I don't want to change my phone now, I hate planned obsolescence.

No. 1120492

Have you tried resetting it to factory settings, my phone was pretty bad, it would just shut down and restart out of the blue while it was sitting on the desk, or it would freeze while I was using it. Then I reset the settings and it's like new. The battery just runs dry faster because I figure I must have turned on a lot of those battery saving settings before and now I don't remember them

No. 1120519

I hate how I always have mucus in my throat. Especially after I wakeup and it feels kinda painful

No. 1120535

Doesn't sound like mucus but rather GERD.

No. 1120543

i don’t remember which thread but some nonnie posted “KAGEROU BY BUCK-TICK” and i finally listened to it, thank you nonnie it’s a great song, i really need to listen to all of buck-ticks albums already

No. 1120583

Enjoy buck tick Nlnoonie they're great and climax live 1992 is a blessing for your soul

No. 1120625

The weekend.. a time to relax at home, except my neighbours find some sort of outdoor banging and bashing type task to partake in every time. If it's right outside my window and noisy as hell they just love it. Living in a huge apartment block was quieter… gardens are the issue

No. 1120641

I love those noises. DIY is the sound of summer saturdays.

No. 1120644

File: 1648910490178.jpg (269.09 KB, 1024x736, postcrossing.jpg)

I found my old Postcrossing cards from 8-10 years ago, I forgot I had them. There's some really cute ones. I wish stamps hadn't become so ridiculous expensive because I'd love to send them again.

No. 1120653

It's not GERD, I don't even get acid reflux. I can cough the mucus out, I just don't usually do it unless it's really irritating me.

No. 1120757

I didn’t think I’d have the pleasure of drinking hot tea while looking at the falling snow from my window this late in the year, but here i am.

No. 1120764

I'm envious anon!! It's already so hot here and I hate every second of it. Enjoy your tea!

No. 1120765

I turned the heating waayy up and I'm wearing a turtleneck but I feel like I'm freezing nevertheless

No. 1120775

File: 1648916264041.jpg (132.94 KB, 617x800, 1630218045019.jpg)

bumping but i bought "citrus vodka" (not like patron citronage or anything decent) but "citrus vodka"… girls i am suffering pouring straight pine-sol down my gullet. lord help me until i can get industrial floor cleaner out of my life and some delicious peach or mango into it

No. 1120952

I made a stuffed animal for the first time today, it looks alright, a little stupid but alright

No. 1120984

post pics, don't be selfish

No. 1121163

Men’s insecurity fills me with warmth.

No. 1121398

File: 1648932285446.jpeg (18.8 KB, 253x160, 5F39FB5D-0926-4118-8F66-528CFB…)

Had a dream about getting in a car crash with my ex and knocking him off him motorcycle, but somehow he was completely fine, just lost his shirt in the crash kek, and even after two minutes of ripping me out for hitting him with a car the only thing he wanted to know was when I was gonna text him again

No. 1121406

Had a really good weekend so far. Kinda bonded with my boyfriend's mom a bit last night took his niece to the fair this morning. She cackled on every ride lol

No. 1121407

File: 1648932710995.png (Spoiler Image, 332.6 KB, 401x499, Untitled.png)

Okay I didn't want to because I know we have at least one person who makes stuffed animals as a pro, but I found a shred of confidence, you may see it

No. 1121413

So cute! It looks very soft, and I love the marbled look on the ears. You should feel proud nonna

No. 1121421

I know nothing about plushies but looks very cute and Easter-y to me!

No. 1121426

Lemon sugar but holy shit nonna r you good

No. 1121435

Awwww! I love it! I find corduroy so hard to work with but you’ve done a beautiful job here. You should be very proud nonna.

No. 1121436

Thank you, it's just that there's threads sticking out of it everywhere and it wouldn't survive three seconds after encountering a child. But I have to say if you ever wanted to try making a toy, it's not very hard (to make an average looking one at least) you should try if you are interested.

No. 1121939

Made some vitamin c serum and did a coffee scrub on face. Cat was unamused by me all day. Hopefully she gives me cuddles later.

No. 1122000

I'm sorry everyone I saw someone made the mundane shit thread with the Elsie drawing after I made this one because they liked the drawing, I have to confess I made this thread with the cat picture and I made the drawing of elsie, I saw the last thread was full and nobody made a new one yet so I took the opportunity and made this thread because I didn't want to see my drawing as a thread picture for another month, because do you know how embarrassing it is knowing that other anons keep getting my drawing shoved in their faces, and I think it's unfair that twice in a row the thread pic would be a drawing I made, I think that's not fair towards other anons, but in the end I still monopolized both the thread pictures. I'm sorry
I know I'm being a bit melodramatic. But sorry if I disappointed someone

No. 1122166

Can't decide if I want a cold or warm breakfast today

No. 1122349

Finally started (mostly) automatically calling my fujo ex friends “she” after months of they/theming them without thinking. Sometimes I guess it really is the small things.

No. 1122508

Our landlady gave us her old clothes, she does that sometimes because she outgrew them, there's two huge bags of it, I skimmed through it and there was an awesome emerald colored corduroy coat and a plaid dress with puffy shoulders and a stand up collar with ruffles it looks so cool, what luck.

No. 1122529

honestly anon getting 'second hand clothes bags' is so much fun. lucky dip.

No. 1122642

I feel sick because I keep eating butter fudge instead of getting actual food

No. 1122678

congrats on breaking the brainwashing anon

No. 1122837

I just ate a breakfast sandwich and it was so fucking good fuck. I want to get another one but I'm full and I'm supposed to be on a diet

No. 1122998

That's awesome nonnie! Wear them with pride.

No. 1123032

File: 1649046743997.jpeg (133.25 KB, 1170x1273, 47E3DB1A-9B8C-41F7-9403-D2C230…)

this shit again

No. 1123040

File: 1649047019032.jpeg (50.57 KB, 720x1280, D7477602-6D55-47D7-87C0-CA69AF…)


No. 1123041

File: 1649047020245.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP DON'T SCROLL.png)

>one dedicated schizo with a severe scat addiction

No. 1123044

bump to take weird shit off the thread teaser

No. 1123045

Thank you again jannies I hope you're having a good day

No. 1123052

What a badass we have right here. Does it make him feel big and strong to post pictures on the Internet from his mother's basement? Oh my, what a big and strong boy you are

No. 1123523

Some random kid and I shared a bag of chocolate creme eggs on the train today. I bought myself a bag as a treat after a shitty day and the kid sitting right next to me kept looking at them, so I asked if he wanted some and then we just ate them in silence. What a weird day.

No. 1123603

I love small forums. I posted some of my art on a forum (it has about 30 active members) and got a few lovely compliments, it made me so happy. I don't like sharing my art (in real life or on imageboards, it's quite personal to me) but because it is such a small forum I feel comfortable sharing it. I've had full on conversations with most members and it really does feel like a family, even if that's pathetic. They're so nice, and most of them are very smart too. I can talk about music, feelings, whatever the fuck on there and it's so nice. I love being anonymous on here for my particularly retarded thoughts and when I just need some advice from other women. I hate what the internet's become but I love forums and imageboards so much. Although they are dying I hope they never fully go away. ♥

No. 1123641

File: 1649101198612.gif (2.85 MB, 360x360, tumblr_76bd118fca452730becc2c1…)

I sneezed so well and with so much power just now, it's such a relief, I'm feeling weirdly proud. Is this the feeling mothers get when their newborns manage to burp properly?

No. 1123687

nonna you probably made that kid's day, that's really sweet

No. 1123910

File: 1649127882717.png (1.41 MB, 888x1200, standing_2f411aaf-20de-42ce-9a…)

Just found out Annie cat fucking died this morning and I'm about to start bawling. Rip Annie cat..

No. 1123912

that'll be a core memory someday. bless you nona ♥

No. 1123970

How did you find a place like this anon? I remember forums used to be huge but now it's like 95% of them just died out because of social media. Everyone has moved to Discord it seems but I miss the slower pace of forums

No. 1123973

no!!! RIP sweet beautiful baby annie… i hope and pray she had a good life. we can only tell from sm that she did but still, so sad. she was so cute…

No. 1123998

My hairdresser appointment is tomorrow, all is finally right in the world. My hair was in such a bad way I’d resorted to wearing beanies indoors until my appointment…

No. 1124400

my package left a city that's 4 hours away 16 hours ago, why hasn't it arrived yet reeeeee

No. 1124613

>cat pretending that he’s ignoring me
>well fine then
>walk just out of his line of sight
>turn around
>cat flopped mysteriously behind me

No. 1124681

Pads are just starting to become more and more undesirable to me. I'm thinking of making re-usable cotton pads or getting a cup. Leaning towards cup because less mess and cleanup tampons aren't in the question because my flow is too light for one
Speaking of, I can't believe some women use sea sponges as tampons kek.

No. 1124701

I use toilet paper, weirdly enough I don't leak all over my fucking ass at night now.

No. 1124731

Nta but how?? The blood just gets through the toilet paper (and the rest of what you're wearing…) and makes it a sticky mess.

No. 1124939

Cup is really great, I wish I've gotten one sooner! Although it's not as trustworthy as tampons (in a sense I wouldn't be brave enough to go swimming on my heaviest flow days with a cup and I could do that with a tampon for sure)

No. 1124969

A few days ago a man gave me a card to contact him about a "free trip" and I'm pretty sure it was some trafficking shit. Maybe I'm just paranoid and he just a regular scammer, not a trafficker.

No. 1125069

do it!!! the cup rocks. it can be difficult to get used to but its sooo much better than tampons

No. 1125087

Im just finished staring at a pic of my boyfriend to make myself happier
He just texted me saying he's coming over and if I needed snacks

He's a wizard

No. 1125099

ntayrt but whenever i've tried using a cup i leak so much blood i still need to use pads. idk why but i never got the hang of inserting/getting the seal right even though i tried several methods… any advice? could just be super heavy flow but idk

No. 1125118

The cup might just not be a good fit. The first cup I bought fit me perfectly, and would only ever barely leak if the cup was very full. I then bought a cup with the same size, but from another brand, and it kept leaking no matter what. Cups are kinda like jeans, in my experience, kek.

It might also be a heavy flow that makes the cup fill much quicker. In that case you could try to check the cup every one or two hours to see how quickly it fills to find the best rate to switch it at. It's some trial and error, but it's insane how little of an issue my period has become after getting comfortable with a cup!

No. 1125120

You're the wizard, you summoned him by focusing on his image. Well done. Try manifesting a fat stack of cash next

No. 1125160

>went to the dermatologist
>appointment lasted 5 minutes top
>she confirms my diagnosis and tells me I have a shit load of dandruff because of it right now
>have more appointments after that one
Fuck, I hope the dandruffs aren't too obvious.

No. 1125293

Sorry for the late reply, I found it by accident while searching for some information on a kind of niche thing lol. I asked my question and once I started posting there often they ind of 'welcomed' me. There's also 3 other semi-big forums in my country but most other ones have like 2 posts per week at maximum, sadly. Idk everyone I know of I stumbled upon while searching for something else.

No. 1125395

It's only 11 am and I'm schleepy. But at night, I can't fucking schleep. Why.

No. 1125438

I’m taking my boyfriend to meet the local sloth for our anniversary and I’m so fucking excited. He’s going to turn into a little kid.

No. 1125508

One of my neighbors has been practicing her singing and it sounds so wonderful. I don't know exactly what kind of music it is, but I think it's classical or folk maybe? Usually not a fan of when my neighbors practice instruments or whatever, but her voice is so pretty. I'm just vibin' to her while I do my work.

No. 1125768

I have a pimple right on my nose bridge. Like a fucking third eye.

No. 1125789

It will probably make your face look more symmetrical, and you can put a gem on it to be enlightened

No. 1125974

File: 1649301194145.jpeg (60.56 KB, 736x963, ae67f280-afe6-41c3-ae3a-67bda7…)

Nonnies its fucking started, I fucking found one on the wall. A huge one too. I hate summer I hate killing I hate them so much but I need this fucker gone I can't leave the room. Send help

No. 1125988

Oh god no I'm sorry nonita nothing worse than being invaded

No. 1125991

I complain about my husband's over cleaning but I'm thankful for him when cockroach season arrives, he kills scores of them,

No. 1125994

I live in the south and our house is usually very clean, but still these fuckers find their way in. It's the huge ones that live on trees and fly, they aren't in here for food so idk why they even come in the house. I didn't think I'd see one so early, but it rained heavily so now they're here. Fml

No. 1126005

> idk why they even come in the house
> it rained heavily

No. 1126015

The first roach of the spring appeared the other night. Why is it always me? Why can't they ever come around during the waking hours and have someone else kill them? Why me?

No. 1126022

File: 1649306196278.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.57 KB, 720x699, e7fb52f5-d259-42d8-bd4b-f4de02…)

I know that's why this dude showed up but other times it'll not rained for weeks and they still creep in
TW Roach funeral

No. 1126029

are those the German water bug kind? they're the absolute worst

No. 1126469

I ordered a couple of things to decorate my room and I'm so excited for them to get here. I painted it light grey ages ago and back then I used to love the minimalist look, but I didn't realise that 1. every little stain will show and not go away 2. how boring and plain it got once the novelty wore off lmao
I also bought a wood vinyl to covermy old, dirty and beaten up ikea desk. Hopefully my room looks more cozy soon

No. 1126814

Nonna's the unthinkable has happened! A scrote was actually not an asshole for once! I sort of bullied him off a forum (started a witchhunt, didn't really mean to), he said he felt hurt and actually stopped posting for about 3 months when he posted 24/7 usually. I didn't really feel any type of way about it but today I saw him post a lot again and didn't want some kind of vendetta so I DM'ed him saying I didn't mean to start shit, glad you're back and whatever (he helped me a few times before with personal shit, listened to my crytyping and gave me advice). You know what he said? 'Witchhunt? Why didn't you invite me, I'm missing out on all the fun around here! I know I can be a dick, no need to apologize.' I thought it was stupid he took it so hard cyberbullying?? just walk away from the screen nigga hahhaha but I felt a little bit shit about it so I didn't leave it for once in my life, and he basically said it's all good! I'm so used to people holding grudges it actually surprised me. He annoyed me a little bit before but this is kind of cool, I'm not used to people acting mature on the internet because.. Well, it's the internet. This is coming from a NEET btw lol, it's really no big deal but I feel kind of good about it. I'm glad not every scrote is a shitstain. The whole thing, even though it's really about nothing, it left me with kind of a warm glow.

No. 1126859

I fucking hate roaches and I never saw one until I moved in adulthood. Every summer I want to go back to my hometown where I never saw any of those disgusting fuckers

No. 1126864

I will make a little lasagna for dinner today.

No. 1126868

I love making my lunch and getting in front of my computer to browse lolcow while I eat. With my little tv show on in the background. It makes me so happy

No. 1126873

File: 1649361830441.png (100.2 KB, 1280x720, rowoch.png)

get cat

No. 1126901

NTA but my cat doesn't care about them, is she broken?

No. 1127002

File: 1649369545729.jpg (74.27 KB, 567x756, 48a3db688f155d5f14b516050739af…)

I need to get geck

No. 1127008

Roaches are the fucking worst and I hate to say it but I'm a little desensitized to them.
Last summer I had 2 flying roaches in my living room. Thankfully at different times. It was terrifying knowing they could have landed on my head.

No. 1127016

I got recognized at a place I go to often, made eye contact with a cashier and she smiled at me. She was like 'You come here pretty often, hum?' But I looked pretty shit today I just ran out the house to do errands. Now I gotta look more presentable when I go in reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1127052

This image is so weirdly cute tbh

No. 1127054

File: 1649373997851.jpeg (194.36 KB, 1024x682, 597C4F43-CF7A-4087-A190-2751FD…)


No. 1127105

I have the same sharp edges as my mother and I love it. I love her, she always stands up for herself most of her workplace is afraid of her because of it lol, never takes shit. She never taught me to be that way, I think I just kind of inherited and internalized it. At home she's always been the dominant one too. I love her, when I was a child I always thought she looked like a goddess (modern clothes with long blonde hair). I'm so glad I got to grow up with a strong woman who stands up for herself and doesn't do 'what the man says', ever. Love you mom ♥

No. 1127122

That's awesome anon. She's probably so proud of you.
I'm so glad I've had so many strong female figures in my life. I hope one day I can have a daughter of my own to raise to be kick ass and independent and know she is beautiful.
My mom is the also the dominant one in the relationship. She also hates men kek.

No. 1127281

I got a whole bag of plums from costco thinking they were 5 at most. Now i have too many plums. Help im a fool.

No. 1127339

Both of my tarantulas have been chilling at the bottom of their enclosures for literal months and I'm amazed they're still alive. They're fossorial species and they still have fat abdomens so they're fine, but it still stresses me out if I haven't checked on them in a while. I'm probably stressing them out more by picking up their enclosures and shining a flashlight on them to see if they've death-curled on me, but I've gotta check for my own sanity.

No. 1127433

I worked today and it was fun. Everyone around me was in a good mood and made jokes. Was a good day

No. 1127470

that's so sad, it would give me constant anxiety. i've followed some tarantula ppl on yt and it's so sad when they just up out of nowhere and die. are yours at least female so they live considerably longer?

No. 1127647

I think one of them might be male unfortunately because of the pedipalps, but they're both pretty young so I still have at least a few years with them. The other is most likely female and also from one of those immortal desert species. I like to call them my basement dwellers, but I do wish they'd pop out for food sometimes.

No. 1127668

I literally hallucinated a tarantula just recently it was so weird. I know it couldn't be real because no tarantulas in this country. WTF

No. 1127683

I let it slip to the new coworker that I was single and I vaguely implied I was attracted to women and for some reason he thinks I'm into swinging??? He recommended me some clubs while I'm as celibate as a nun, and even if I was dating I would be monogamist, I hate when people think being single and/or bi = being into hookup culture. The dude was already not giving me a very good vibe, I think I'm going full grey rock on him.

No. 1127759

There's this weirdly sweet smell coming from this one and only spot in my room, just above my sofa, where I usually rest my arm and head on whenever I'm sitting instead of lying. I can't exactly place the smell, but I think it reminds me of corn sugar. I can't smell it all the time, it's just a few times an hour for like four or five seconds, and the more I try to focus on it, the less I can smell it. It basically disappears when I do just as much as move my head slightly, so I can't follow it to find out where it comes from or what it is, either, and this is driving me crazy. I know that's not what it is, but I'm starting to grow paranoid something died in my room and now it's decomposing. on the other hand, i might have lost a blueberry or two under my sofa, so maybe it's them starting to mold

No. 1127772

The stench of death is apparently very specific and unbearable, you wouldn't be so casual about that smell if something had really died there.

No. 1127785

I think mold smells less sweet but maybe something fell under your pillow or so?

No. 1127788

Have you possibly spilled some sort of sugary drink on the sofa?

No. 1127800

*in the past

No. 1127918

File: 1649441016281.jpeg (72.74 KB, 749x814, E77B8A0F-06DB-4E73-A6BA-AE0D7C…)

last night i went to applebees with my grandmother and i’m almost certain that the only other diners there were my gender studies teacher from last semester and her boyfriend (?). i really admired her but i think she didn’t like me because i’m a terf or whatever. tried to hard not to make eye contact. their food is actually pretty alright.

No. 1127921

The smell of death is specific but it’s not unbearable in small amounts. I used to work at an awful sloppy place and my boss would poison the mice, who would then crawl into the walls and die. You had to sit out the stench for a few weeks until they finished rotting. Not necessarily fun but I could still work, and customers seemed oblivious beyond maybe thinking it smelled a little weird.
It definitely does have a touch of sweetness to it, in a sickly sort of way.

No. 1128034

I went for a walk outside. I didn't like it there was too many people dressed fancy in bars

No. 1128042

nonners…why do you have a gender studies teacher kek

No. 1128056

well the class was called “women and gender studies” because we have to be inclusive now…i wanted to read and discuss feminist literature, but also silently sit in the back of the class while everyone discusses gender theory shit because it’s funny and i like to make myself uncomfortable i guess.

No. 1128099

I'm so fucking sleepy but I need to cook for me and my sister today

No. 1128108

Just washed my face and slapped some lotion and sunscreen on. I think washing makeup off is therapeutic.
I have a patch of skin under my eye that is slightly lighter than the rest of my face, and it always trips me up when I'm moisturizing because I think it's dry ashy skin.

No. 1128112

Gonna see Sanic 2 with friends and I'm going to do either a small bright blue cat eyeliner look or maybe a shimmery dark blue smoky eye. I'm very excited to see my friends!
Agreed, I love taking makeup off at the end of the day.

No. 1128119

Sounds like a cute look. Hope you have fun nonna! Let me know your thoughts on Sanic 2 later.

No. 1128124

literally just vibing to this classic, is a good friday nonnies. Let's dance.

No. 1128215

So I could either buy the book I wanna get with a really pretty cover, but it'd be in my native language and I'd have to wait for three to five days, or I could immediately get it in English, the original language, with an ugly as hell cover. Both cost about the same… Struggles…

No. 1128246

When faced with this issue, I always buy in my native language because that encourages them to translate more of the good shit,vote with your money and shit like that.

No. 1128248

File: 1649463355923.jpg (57.84 KB, 680x676, IMG_3366.jpg)

I'm going to keep it pushing and all the haters can suck my clit

No. 1128250

damn right

No. 1128391

Whenever I make up names of places for my stories I get really paranoid that it mean's something weird in another language. Even after I google the name I made up and run it through google translate, I feel like it just sounds dumb

No. 1128395

I agree with this anon

No. 1128436

So after reading that coffee spikes cortisol levels if it is drunk right after waking up, I started waiting few hours before drinking it in the morning and I feel so much better. I don't get that rapid heartbeat feeling anymore or the Niagara-falls level of sweating

No. 1128452

I think you should order it in your native language. you might have to wait a few extra days but in the long run you won't have to have an ugly book copy. btw, what book is it?

No. 1128458

I just woke up, drank water and felt like puking immediatly after great perfect lovely amazing very good thank you for this start life

No. 1128476

File: 1649491154074.jpg (10.14 KB, 236x180, 61c854a36ce5a5d2f2545e8aa43969…)

CP on front page CP in OT carefull scrolling

No. 1128649

File: 1649507163548.jpg (8.69 KB, 256x400, 304048923-256-k741094.jpg)

today I saw CP on lolcow for the first time. I also neutered my cat l, well, the vet did. Picrel for bump

No. 1128660

the way nonnas wordlessly band together to bump it off the front page makes me tear up a bit, y’all are cool

No. 1128666

Pixielocks just inadvertantly helped me through a major life transition… I have a study opportunity in East Asia next year and was really backtracking on it, convincing myself I wasn't ready and it was going to be scary etc, trying to make myself give up on the subject of study and game myself into thinking I had zero interest in it. Then I remembered how Jill was going to study at Bunka but followed through on exactly that pattern of thought, leading to her current stagnant substance abuse/DID fakery/lack of skill - probably the #1 thing that went wrong for her. So thank you anons on the Jill threads for helping me through this huge liminal space in my life. I don't want to end up like her!

No. 1128674

what country are you going to?

No. 1128692

what fucking degenerate is actually posting cp in the first place? they need to be locked away for a very long time

No. 1128696

All the nonnas did the same for me so now I must carry on the legacy. We're stronger together like this nonny, ily!

No. 1128711

It's just your regular salty incel anon. They do it because they're pedophiles, failures and want attention.

No. 1128740

A couple moved in nextdoor to me. I got chatting to the guy yesterday and we talked about what work he's having done on the house, discussed him putting up a new dividing fence out the back, I said to go ahead with no objections on my end. I'm a hermit type, a tard at times and awkward when talking to people but it went really well. We're both home owners and not renters so I'm pretty relieved that he seems alright.

Today I bumped into him in a nearby store and met his wife for the first time. He introduced us and she just acted like she did not want to know me. Couldn't get away from me quick enough? Wouldn't really look at me. Part of me is weirded out but at the same time.. story of my life. I don't like scrotes very much but I've no social difficulties with them whereas women want nothing to do with me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I care more about how women view me so fuck me this is just fab.

No. 1128753

they’re just intimidated by the raw power you give off anon

No. 1128971

I got a library card and I'm headed there today to check out my first book. I'm so excited!

No. 1128972

I dare you to approach a member of staff and ask them how much a book costs.

No. 1128973

What look did you do anon? I hope you had fun!

No. 1128976

Thank you nonnies! I went with the dark blue smoky eye! It was a lot of fun ♥
Anon asking how sanic 2 is, it's very much a kids movie lol. I think carreyfags might enjoy it, there were plenty of Robotnik scenes. Sadly Knuckles gets little screen time which really sucked because he was so adorable and was definitely my favorite, t. not a sonicfag

No. 1128978

I put a screen protector on my phone and now it looks like my phone has a slight layer of oil on it. I hate this.

No. 1129154

File: 1649527287463.gif (81.61 KB, 74x80, 1647248282928.gif)

Finally applied for some jobs and also opened up commissions woo!

No. 1129326

File: 1649536501189.jpg (224.5 KB, 672x936, 8ed-284-trained-armodon.jpg)

I remembered MTG cards I got in a magazine when I was a kid and I spent a long time looking for them on the internet and I found them! I would always laugh at this description.

No. 1129390

Made eggs. Love eggs

No. 1129397

queen shit

No. 1129432

I have no idea how some people sleep at night with no blinds/curtains, and especially when someone sleeps with the window open!!! I would be scared someone would be watching me or climb in

No. 1129446

I wanted to make waist beads today, but no stores had the string I needed.

No. 1129546

Synced up my period with taking boric acid pills so I get a 2 for 1 deal out of my pads

No. 1129589

I live in the 2nd floor and still have this fear kek I could never live on a house, I would be so paranoid every night.

No. 1129609

Why not just buy huge packs of pads?

No. 1129620

I was really just joking nonna lol. I'm fine with buying pads, I have extra. It just makes sense to line them up at the same time

No. 1129626

Great choice for a look nona! I'm the anon that asked about the movie.That's a shame. I love Knuckles so much. I have a console my brother gifted me a few years ago that will let you play all the old NES/SNES/Genesis games. He downloaded Sonic & Knuckles specifically because he knew I loved that game. Was Tails cute or annoying?

No. 1129959

I'm kinda scared to look up what boric acid does.

No. 1129966

I know it can be used for yeast infections.

No. 1129972

I'm a loner and too anxious to go alot of places on my own but I still enjoy my boring weekends now over the ones I had in my last relationship. He had a car and we went places together which was handy and all but.. It was always on his time. We got up when he wanted. If he wasn't hungry we both had to skip breakfast and plan a large lunch instead. I couldn't have a down day and ask for a couple hours alone to chill and get my head together. I would wake up with a knot in my stomach and wait for him to dictate our day to me. We even fought about who was going to make coffee because he refused to ever take a turn. We could have mad sex and still he wouldn't be so kind as to just make me a coffee for once. Not even in the afterglow of sex could he do that. It was one rule for me and another for him.

Sometimes boredom gets me down but I can get up in my own time and eat when I want. This is still better.

No. 1130222

AYRT, Tails was pretty cute! Though he is kind of a damsel in distress which might be annoying (but I'm not a big Sonic fan so idk if that's his character or not) but Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were all qts though Knuckles was the one who won my heart. And also, Idris Elba's voice for Knuckles was really cute lol… I think the movie has turned me into a little bit of a Knucklesfag. Also if you are going to see it, be warned that the pointless human subplots are really drawn out in this movie in particular and it's really tedious and boring. BUT ALSO TYERE'S A REALLY EPIC POST CREDIT SCENE OH YEAH BAYBEE WOOHOO!

No. 1130307

I think I'll rewatch Watamote tonight, and I think I'll be able to appreciate it way better now, now that I'm able to freely admit to myself that I'm just as much trash as Tomoko is, than when I watched it first with 11 because I simply refused to see it lol.

No. 1130325

i'm not a weeb so i don't know about all of this stuff but is she a coomery character or just a messy bitch with no shame or both?

No. 1130353

From what I remember, she was simply an absolutely shameless mess. But as I said, I was 11 when I watched it, and I didn't notice stuff like that until an embarrassingly late age, so maybe I'm setting myself up for some disappointment tonight.

No. 1130359

does tomoko ever get less… gross? idk what word to use for her
i got like two episodes in then had to quit becuase her attitude pissed me off so much

No. 1130385

Been drawing daily for a good while now, going to have to break my streak today because I'm sick. Maybe I should just push through and draw for a bit but my head is killing me, though the thought of breaking my streak is also killing me.

No. 1130387

i made my friend's partner give me a germs burn on my hand impulsively. now i'm watching memphis rap conspiracies that are super interesting

No. 1130398

Ooh I love Memphis rap, my favorite music of all time. drop the link we can watch together in spirit. It’s nice when someone else does it because they give it their all

No. 1130402

a day off isnt going to ruin your progress
go rest, feel better soon

No. 1130403

aaww wholesome nonnie moment

No. 1130404

If you really don't feel up to it, it's ok to take a break. Forcing yourself to draw is how you kill motivation and passion. Skipping today won't ruin the progress you've had so far.

No. 1130414

For most of my life my hair was shoulder length and for a while I completely forgot about it. Then yesterday I straightened it and I realized it reached down almost to the middle of my back!! I think I'll cut it tomorrow

No. 1130482

I have a huge period pimple, and I'm trying so hard to not pop it. I'm also drinking a sugar-y drink right now, and I can't imagine that it's helping.

No. 1130502

I bought a book of Victorian poetry from a secondhand book seller. I just opened it and saw some guy (I assume the previous owner) signed his name on the front page and dated it 'September 25 1947.' It looks like he annotated a lot of the inside too. Kind of surreal to imagine some dude (who might not even be alive right now) holding the exact same book I am like 50+ years ago.

No. 1130734

I popped it. Wasn't even a good one.

No. 1130738

Today I watched some clips from the newest Spider-Man movie and up until then I had never heard Tom Holland’s voice before. The last time I saw a superhero movie was over a decade ago so I’m totally out of the loop with all the current popular actors

No. 1130765

Ntayrt, not really. I read the manga and while she gets friends, she still does her shtick. Maybe not as annoyingly strong as before but she still does it. It'll be interesting to see how it ends. Not holding my breath.

No. 1130780

It's really funny but embarrassingly relatable to the point I had to pause it and get up for a while and rethink some life choices. Props to you if you can sit through it without secondhand cringing. I'm sad there might not be a season 2 because people found so horribly relatable it got poor reception

No. 1131368

Fun video, yes i spent 3 hours watching. i love rap conspiracies

No. 1131369

imagine investing into people who are proven to be dumber then most Gorrilas, sorry nonna but you should sterilize yourself right now, no offense but a pathetic human being like you doesn't deserve their genes to e allowed to spread

No. 1131372

okay..that was weird.

No. 1131375

welp, welcome back, (c)rapchan

No. 1131377

I'm serious, the fact you invested so much time into the lives of mongoloids who are the lowest form of human beings on the planet, actually disgusts me. I truly can't view you as my human equal and think you should sterilize yourself right now

No. 1131383

Chill out and take your meds

No. 1131386

you didn't disprove any of my statements

No. 1131389

bih, you cannot even spell 'gorilla'. let anon enjoy her rap video rabbitholes

No. 1131390

I'm knitting myself and my cats all matching handkerchiefs, right now just practicing shawl shapes until I pick a perfect yarn. Taking "crazy cat lady" to the next level.

No. 1131399

i love you. that's so cute. if i was talented and patient enough to knit, i'd totally be doing the same. it's essential that society normalizes crazy cat ladyism

No. 1131419

This is the cutest thing I've read on lolcow all day bless you and your cats nonita

No. 1131431

File: 1649689705005.jpg (37.58 KB, 503x552, RDT_20210524_200736872651666.j…)

I'm once again going to try to give myself a brasilian wax. I'm too poor to go to the extetician to do that and have never been to one, I tried some months ago with a messy result. I'm using one of those wax roll-ons you plug in the electricity and it has melted , I have no more excuses to procrastinate. It seems so difficoult to me. How do I even reach the inner ass cheecks? Do you nonnies have some secret waxing position for the complicated spots? Any general tips in general?

No. 1131442

So cute! If I had a cat I would be making accessories for them all day

No. 1131444

I've been wearing makeup more often recently. I actually like it.

No. 1131458

File: 1649692364012.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1080x811, C757397C-87E6-4E1A-AA57-752793…)

>browsing the MTF thread
>Free bleeding senses start tingling
>gets period

The irony

No. 1131462

Your terve body is flexing it's femaleness nona.

No. 1131568

Is this Robert Pattinson?

No. 1131569

He looks like a mix between RPattz and Kiwi Null

No. 1131575

lol i was thinking this as well

No. 1131582

File: 1649700125593.jpg (254.16 KB, 1200x1500, beads.jpg)

I got the string and I've finally started making them. It's gonna take a little while cause I have to put the beads on one by one, but I'm super excited to wear it once it's finished! I have to stop myself from buying a bunch of beads lol.
I'm making this pair for weight loss, but I also want to make more just for fashion.

No. 1131583

I'm very old and out of the loop; is this a new trend, or just for you? it's cute

No. 1131588

In what situation do you wear this? To the beach? Very cute.

No. 1131592

Sorry for reposting nonna. It's been a traditional accessory in some African countries for years, according to the internet they're used to track the growth of girls and they also symbolize femininity. I've never worn them before because I'm American, but I thought they were super cute so I decided to make some.
The ones I'm making now will stay on me 24/7 because I'm using them to track weight loss (the beads move down as you lose weight). You can wear them anywhere!

No. 1131593

Samefag, but I guess what they're used for and what they symbolize differs from country to country. I've also heard that they're used to promote fertility (I guess like a good luck charm). I believe in Ghana you're not even supposed to show the beads to anyone aside from female family members.

No. 1131600

wow, i love these!!! so cute! can you post your beads when finished? i'd love to see how they come out

No. 1131610

I've been putting off the same thing, noonie.

My family used to run a beauty salon but we closed a while ago and I still keep some of the equiptment. For a Brazillian either get a melting pot and heat up a can of wax or get bootled wax and melt it in hot water by submerging the tubes and dab it on your tool every time you use it. For a Brazillian you have to put the wax on with a wooden or plastic spatula or any butterknife-like tool (a metal one can burn you because it heats up fast). I would advice against using the roll-ons on your private area - they are for legs and arms but they can hurt delicate places like the armpits and bikini zone. If you end up using them, try first rolling the wax on a sheet and then waxing with it. This wastes more product but it's less brutal on the skin. Also - use baby power before applying the wax to remove moisture and get a post-wax lotion to soothe the skin after waxing, most drugstores have them. Other general rules and tips - pull against the growth (!!!), don't do it on an empty stomach or before your period (it'll hurt more), don't take a shower for at least an hour after waxing.

No. 1131619

nta and I've never waxed before so forgive me for the retarded question, but why are you not supposed to shower for at least an hour after waxing?

No. 1131623

Ah I don't think I can anon! I'm a little shy when it comes to posting pictures on here kek
Nta, but it can irritate the skin.

No. 1131625

just say fuck it to all this and buy a tria. shave before using it and never have to deal with asscrack hair again. i have posted about it before but it's remarkably effective. so effective that my my mom mocks me now and calls me "alopeepeecia girl" because i stopped lasering my vulva halfway through when i realized it was way more effective than i'd ever imagined so now i have chemo vulva pubes

No. 1131631

This applies most for the Brazillian since it's a very sensitive area but it's a good rule of thumb for waxing in general. It's because the skin gets very tender and irritated afterwards and, if the hair is thick, pulling it out can make the follicles bleed a bit (harmless but it's still open skin). Running hot water over "hurt" skin can further irritate it and at worst make you vulnerable to infection (rare but it's a possibility).

No. 1131644

Nta but did you realise you actually want pubes? I've often wondered if women who commit to laser ever regret it. I've a weird love hate relationship with my own body hair.

No. 1131645

A friend is reading the hobbit for the first time and was confused about who is gollum and who is smeagol. So I gave a spoken essay on power and corruption and how bilbo, frodo and smeagol encompass the small folk and how their innocence and ignorance of the larger world makes them less vulnerable to the corruption of the one ring of power. 10/10 wish more people would ask me about lotr

No. 1131646

What is tria?

No. 1131653

i just wanted slightly thinned out pubes. i didn't think it'd be so effective wherever i lasered. it got rid of probably 70% of the hair in each spot which i did not expect. i expected maybe 20% for an at home laser (not IPL), so my now patchy pubes are not at all ideal. i highly underestimated its effectiveness but if you for sure do not want to deal with asscrack hair for example, i would say this is perfect for it.
it's an at home portable laser. it's like the only actual at home laser on the market. it's not IPL or anything.

No. 1131654

Do have any idea if it works on light hair, too?

No. 1131657

i think it's probably going to take more treatments for light hair, but it'll probably still work. i have read reviews that it does work, it just takes more treatments. i have dark brown, almost black pubes, so it was super effective. it's worth a shot at least. it's far cheaper and less stressful/embarrassing than getting your pubes and crack professionally lasered, so it's worth a shot imo.

No. 1131691

Cleaned my room, did yoga and coursework and spent some time in the sun. It was a good day.

No. 1131722

File: 1649709119310.gif (2.6 MB, 498x280, nervous-laugh-retsuko.gif)

I do work on a japanese association and the president is japanese. We had a meeting recently and she asked me if it was okay for her to proceed in japanese which I thought was a bit weird cause she knows I can understand it but anyway no matter, and I said it was okay. The other 3 people in the room said it was no shame if I didn't understand, and I replied it was good because I am studying to get the JLPT N2 certificate. They all said "Oooh" and started lightly clapping in admiration/playfulness, and I tried to dismiss it but I got really nervous. Just because I am studying for it, it doesn't mean I'll pass! But now I feel extra pressured to pass lmao else it will just look like I was trying to boast without even having the skills to back it up - Especially since there is a girl there that is fluent in japanese. Manifest it for me nonnas

No. 1131724

I just looked this up and it says not to use it around your genitals. Did it cause any discomfort or anything?

No. 1131788

it was slightly stinging but no long term effects or anything. just felt like a little more intense version of the sting on my legs because naturally the hair is courser and darker than on my legs. didn't burn my skin or cause discoloration or anything but ymmv. tbf they probably say this out of liability because you're handing over a commercial grade laser to someone with 0 experience but it's likely to be fine imo. it's not like lasers aren't used every day on the genital area by pros. i didn't do the inside of my lips or anything, just the mons pubis basically

No. 1131829

ty so much nonnie, this sounds like great advice. I will try your way, I did read your post just before starting all wrong . Tomorrow Ill get the other wax, the baby powder and the lotion! love you

No. 1131838

File: 1649716037402.png (7.15 KB, 229x220, 317D532E-1903-42E8-ACA6-71ADC5…)

nona, don’t worry!! you said outright you’re studying for n2 so i doubt it will be an issue. and the overly eager cheering is just typical japanese mannerisms. plus, as long as you have textbooks like 新完全マスター, all of which are available online w/ the cds, you should be fine. when are you taking n2 btw? good luck ♥

No. 1131905

File: 1649722559492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 3120x2705, beads.jpg)

Samefag, I've decided to stop being a pussy. Here's how they look so far. They're not exactly how I wanted, but I'm still happy!

No. 1131910

Those look cute nona! I love the colours

No. 1131930

I need to make whipped cream, buts it's very late so I don't want to make much noise. I refuse to hand whip cream.

No. 1131933

not to be an enabler but hand whipping cream really doesn’t take too long… i say go for it

No. 1131982

Nta but is there some special technique you know to make that shit easy? I've done it before but it took me a good 30 min and my arm felt like it was going to drop off afterwards

No. 1131984

> Waist beads are commonly used to gauge changes in weight. Rather than step on a scale, people can use waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen.

>Waist beads don’t stretch. If you were to gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight. Conversely, if you were to lose weight, the beads will feel loose and fall further down to the hips.

This is a cool idea and they’re very cute! Ive been trying to lose weight and have about a bajillion seed beads, I think I wanna make one for me!

No. 1131993

Please do anon! They're so pretty and I think it's much healthier for the mind than a scale. If you make one, be careful about what cord you use to put the beads on. Some stretch out over time (like elastic string or hemp) and it defeats the purpose of tracking weight.

No. 1131997

Thank you!

No. 1132123

I made cooked zucchini and it was good, just on a frying pan with some water and butter. I'm impressed

No. 1132157

Nta, it needs to be ice cold so put it in the freezer about 20 minutes before whipping, and add a little icing sugar to it. Hold it on the edges of the bowl so you don't warm it up. Whips up in a few minutes.

No. 1132254

I'm a garlic, olive ol and hot pepper pan fried zucchini kinda gal but appreciate yours too!

No. 1132289

How do you fry them and have them not turn mushy? I can only do it if they're breaded.

No. 1132321

When I put on lip balm this morning it just went on so smooth. My lips are so soft, wish I had a gf to smooch.

No. 1132356

I bought ice cream

No. 1132364


No. 1132409

I just lost one of my wireless headphones. I swear it was on my bed

No. 1132423

I found it. It was in my trash can underneath fake hair, sitting on top of a pad wrapper.

No. 1132443

File: 1649779531768.gif (243.32 KB, 500x281, 0c66ee6e7b3b22c8d44535b06ed1df…)

Thanks, anon! I do have the sou matome and the shinkanzen master books! I've been studying a little everyday but I fear it won't be enough. But so far I've been doing decently on mock tests, I just need to step up my dokkai game.
I'll be doing it on July! If it was the December exam, I'd be more sure of my self, but hopefully my efforts will pay off nonetheless!

No. 1132444

No. 1132446

NTA but I've heard from friends that the summer exam is easier than the winter exam. Not sure how true it is, but good luck nonna!

No. 1132448

I returned to doing ring fit adventure today after 3 weeks of yoga/focusing on my core because my back was hurting. The first 10 minutes were absolute hell but then I got back in my groove. I missed the fun workouts.

No. 1132450

Strawberry and vanilla and chocolate

No. 1132453

It is once again time to follow through on decisions I made whilst in a manic state. Once again, cucked by me of the past for a brief giggle. Thanks bitch.

No. 1132464

filin the ol taxes today whoopee

No. 1132483

I just cut my real hair while taking out my faux locs hahaha

No. 1132497

zucchini is like 100% water, you don't need to add water, anon. spice/flavor your zucchini and add a pinch of olive oil to pan sautee. sauteed zucchini is amazing almost always. it's kind of hard to fuck up because it's so good

No. 1132557

I feel bad today I think I'm going to take the pretty notebook I bought and write in it, I feel a bit of shame about it for some reason, because when women have a journal "haha silly women are so childish and superstitious that they write words in a book" but when a man writes in a journal "holy shit he is so enlightened what an alpha male"

No. 1132570

Journaling feels really nice, especially in a cute journal; you'll enjoy it and quickly forget about ever feeling embarrassed!

No. 1132634

Isn't habitual journaling seen as something desirable and cool nowadays? Like "that girl" got my life together kinda shit. I've definitely never heard
>haha silly women are so childish and superstitious that they write words in a book
this sentiment regardless

No. 1132648

File: 1649793148377.jpg (1.06 MB, 4032x3024, unnamed.jpg)

Look how comfy we are

No. 1132650

i'm jealous

No. 1132652

v cute and comfy, enjoy

No. 1132661

Cutie patootie

No. 1132667

What game?

No. 1132674

elden ring (let's play by gab smolders)

No. 1132739

Just cut another piece of hair hahaghagahaha

No. 1132743

File: 1649798276803.gif (6.89 MB, 2160x250, 2.gif)

If this was any other medium, I'd resolutely disagree, but nobody is ever going to sub or scanlate books, so this is a really good argument lol.
The one in my native language really is way prettier lol… It's the original of Howl's Moving Castle. I saw the Ghibli movie last week again, and then came upon this gifset on my dash, tagged #shithowlsaysinthebook, and now I'm wanting to read it lol. There were two more but I for the life of mine can't manage to merge them onto this, and I don't wanna just link it because (imageboard).

No. 1132744

This photo made me feel mushy inside

No. 1132752


No. 1132763

Put down the scissors, nona wtf

No. 1132778

Nonnie, did you put the scissors down?

No. 1132785

Nope! Im on number #4 now!
I will go put my bonnet on to hide my shame. Then I will make whipped cream and eat ice cream and decompress.

No. 1132802

I have You Oughta Know stuck in my head on loop, even though I don’t feel that way toward my ex at all. It’s just a banger of a song.

No. 1132831

File: 1649805659318.gif (1020.67 KB, 500x260, 763a28300baee24eb2fdb9fe030043…)

>the summer exam is easier than the winter exam
I really never heard this before, but I hope it's accurate! Thanks, anon ♥

No. 1132838

I cut #5. I was joking before, but I think I will just cut all of my hair off.
I love how long hair looks, but I hate having it. I've actually shaved my head multiple times before because I thought it would help me escape judgement from other people (it didn't). I can't properly say what I want to because I'm getting emotional and feel insecure right now. Goodnight anons.

No. 1132852

ofc! i believe in you!! honestly if you’re scoring well for mock tests already you’ll be fine even without studying everyday.

there is a 10% higher pass rate for summer exams but i did the winter exam and still passed n2 without being what i would consider fully prepared kek

No. 1132871

I cut my finger and it was looking purple and like it was starting to swell. I put it in some salt water and watched all this blood leech out. It was kinda gross/cool. My finger looks normal now and will probably heal just fine.

No. 1133187

I have been waking up at 5 all week going to sleep at 23 and today i woke up at 9 having gone to sleep at 1. This sucks

No. 1133362

I'm about to go on a long walk in the woods! The weather looks beautiful and I'm gonna dress in my most cozy walking outfit and wear my best hiking boots. I'm gonna bring along some snacks, water and some sketching material and try to do some nature journaling! I hope to see lots of ducks by the lake, lots of squirrels in the woods, and maybe even a salamander! If I see any salamanders I'll take a pic for you, nonnies.

No. 1133477

How lovely. Thank you for reminding me to do things like this. I am hoping to sketch and make picnics too ♥

No. 1133633

It's 4pm and the only thing I've ate today was a few pieces of Lindt chocolate (both milk and dark). I think I will go get some leftover bean curd and bland ass rice I got from a Chinese place.
That sounds so nice anon, enjoy yourself! I wish I did stuff like this. Hope to see some animal pics!

No. 1133635

does anyone else have certain foods that you get obsessed with and you end up eating it for every meal until you get sick of it? mine right now is kitkats. i'm gonna go buy some xl kitkats

No. 1133641

I do, I just eat the same food for a couple of days in a row. Last time it was chicken nuggets, this time it's croissant sammiches. I eat other stuff too though, of course.

No. 1133652

i had a chicken nugget phase too recently! my last was breakfast burritos. i hope you enjoy your croissant sandwiches nona

No. 1133662

File: 1649881557192.jpg (1.26 MB, 1862x3222, Nuttina McEats.jpg)

I'm back from my walk nonnies! I didn't see any ducks or any salamanders today unfortunately. But I did see two squirrels and I shared some nuts with one of them! I wasn't sure she'd grab them if I chucked them over to her but she went for it! We snacked together. The other one I tried to give nuts to as well but she just chittered at me so I left them on the ground for her.

No. 1133667

File: 1649881635289.jpg (5.01 MB, 3120x4160, hot moss bun.jpg)

Also check out this humongous mossy glacier rock, there are lots of big ass rocks around here but today this one was my fav

No. 1133671

This is a rock? Wtf

No. 1133672

Yes! I’m on a cottage cheese roll right now, i’d put it on everything

No. 1133675

sounds like you had a good time! sharing with the squirrels sounds really cute. this made me really happy for some reason.. i'm going to try to get out some more too.

No. 1133680

>Nuttina McEats
hehe. Sounds like fun nonna.

No. 1133681

File: 1649882113469.jpeg (25.48 KB, 286x280, F964CE8A-D21C-4714-893C-2596B4…)

I just had some green, it tastes just like how green used to taste like when I was a kid, good to know that green will always taste green regardless of the brand.
Of course, apple green tastes differently, specially the apple green sold in those little jello packages, that apple green tastes particularly green, not too dark green, but not too light green either, just a nice touch of green.

No. 1133683

You ever try blue?

No. 1133687

File: 1649882241546.gif (2.08 MB, 320x240, 4D894D19-65F7-44B2-8E31-3313EA…)

Good rock

No. 1133690

Sadly, I haven’t, what does blue taste like? I faintly remember the taste of the blue Gatorade from the early 2000’s, I haven’t tried to make the comparison with the new blue, it looks too light blue to taste as blue as the old blue.

No. 1133692

That's so cute! I would love to be in a peaceful forest right now.

No. 1133703

Always been a big fan of green taste

No. 1133745

Blue tastes like blue, lighter blue is a sweeter blue usually

No. 1133803

I bought a used copy of a book. I loved in my teens for a couple dollars because it was the only copy I could find online. Got in the post today and it’s signed by the author!!

No. 1133809

Going to attempt to shit out three drafts of a paper tonight (though I'd settle for two). Cheers nonas.

No. 1133824

you can do it, nonita! good luck!

No. 1133953

I think I'll have breakfast for dinner today. Also I bought a Burt's Bees lipstick a couple days ago and I'm so in love with it. It's nothing revolutionary of course, but so perfect for me.

No. 1133971

That sounds lovely, nonnie. I will make sure try lighter blue in the future.

No. 1133988

I've been watching The Walking Dead for the first time. I'm on season 2 now.

No. 1133991

i just ate some pretzels

No. 1134002

Almost finished with my toothpaste, glad my mom just kindly bought me some

No. 1134030

Samefag, but I also just realized that TWD ended this year. I thought it ended a couple years ago.

No. 1134145

This made me feel a little nostalgic. Haven't touched the series in years but I was so hyped about it when it came out.

No. 1134147

I kept getting woken up tonight, I’m so cranky

No. 1134152

I'm so sorry nonna, nothing's more miserable and frustrating than disrupted sleep. I hope you can finally get some lasting rest very soon

No. 1134517

I wanna make my favorite cookie recipe today, but I don't wanna eat all the dough this week. Maybe I'll keep enough dough to eat for dessert every day until Monday and just freeze the rest.

No. 1134708

A corner store near my work got a new coffee machine installed so I tried out a flat white from it today. They were out of sugar sachets and I'm too awkward to ask so I paid for it and was ready to be disappointed.. it might be one of the best coffees I've ever had. A taste sensation.

No. 1134765

Its been 8 weeks but i cannot wait for the time to pass by so i can outgrow these awkward hair growth weeks.

No. 1134797

Thank you nonnie, I was finally able to take a nap in the afternoon and felt much less like a zombie. Sharing the bedroom wall with a zoomer family with young kids in the middle of a divorce is… Intense

No. 1134886

Maybe you should pick it back up! It's definitely not the best piece of television I've ever seen, but I kind of like it so far.

No. 1134896

What an angel. I also love gab, she's chill

No. 1135067

I saw a lipgloss I liked a little while ago but I didn't buy it because it was a lip plumper and I already have plump lips that are perfect for me. Kind of sad.

No. 1135079

File: 1649968136482.jpg (6.66 KB, 320x320, avon-sjaj-320x320-c-default.jp…)

do those even work? ot but for a couple of weeks i wanted a lip gloss in a tube, like the one in picrel. my first lipgloss was like that but sadly they don't make em in tubes nowadays, or at least i haven't found one

No. 1135090

kit kats are so delicious and i’m gonna eat a whole bag of them for my omad

No. 1135095

praying for your digestive system nonny

No. 1135213


No. 1135246

Pic is bringing back memories. I've no idea how but a tube of simple and pretty cheap lip gloss had the ability to make me feel all glam and grown up back then. Like that's all it really took at the time and I miss how simple life was. Standards were so chill compared to now.

No. 1135264

File: 1649973023293.jpeg (55.49 KB, 768x768, BA4474CB-EAE1-4EB4-AE39-AA112E…)

Burts bees has lipgloss in squeeze tubes, but a bit pricier than other drugstore stuff and sadly no sparkly ones. Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen tube lipgloss other than like Lancôme juicy tubes in a few years. Elf and NYC used to have a lot. You can find “lip oil” in tubes, though. I used to have picrel and I loved it so much but I lost it.

No. 1135273

File: 1649973321397.jpg (15.65 KB, 400x400, bb9bc428932b9db084f515609c6a6c…)

You should try the beauty supply store, they probably sell what anon posted here >>1135264
Colorpop also sell that kind of lipgloss

No. 1135316

There's a moth in my house and I'm hoping it'll respect my space, I'd rather leave it alone and not have to try to chase it out. Settle down now moth, it's bedtime.

No. 1135324

File: 1649974741220.jpeg (66.95 KB, 1080x1080, 0C3EBE61-557B-4E91-A44A-E5C9E3…)

If you ever get pantry moths you’ll learn to drop the pacifism real quick.

No. 1135347

that just looks like a fancy roach

No. 1135352

I only ever get these solitary moths that love curtains more than anything

No. 1135437

>do those even work?
Idk, honestly. I usually just avoid them because I don't think
Regarding the rest of your post, like the anon above said, find a beauty supply store! They're definitely still around. I also know that there are "small businesses" online that sell lipgloss in squeeze tubes so search around for that if you can trust it. I was gifted a tube lipgloss that had butterflies and glitter in it a couple years ago.

No. 1135438

cat jihad

No. 1135443

File: 1649981576224.png (96.69 KB, 269x448, jelly pop gloss.PNG)

Samefag, but have you been looking online anon? Idk what country you're in but I took a quick peek and elf's website and saw picrel. It's not plain like your pic but it has the same tube.
Also, I've realized that I didn't finish my first sentence. I was trying to say that I don't think my lips need to be bigger.

No. 1135475

Saw a native man so tall and hot my bf and I both stopped and looked at eachother to acknowledge what we were seeing. His braids were down to his ass.

No. 1135477

You saw a chad and you should have ignored your bf to go talk to him

No. 1135526

No she should have introduced him to me as my future husband

No. 1135870

File: 1650022568103.jpg (10.36 KB, 586x586, 4059729288363_1_1.jpg)

hi anons, thank you for your suggestions i didn't think my post would gain so much traction but i guess there is something about those little squeeze tube lipglosses. i have tried looking online, unfortunately i'm from a europoor country and we don't get many american products and when we do it's a very limited range. i did look online though a bit and i found picrel in one drug store chain. not a glittery one but it's super cheap like one buck so i'll go look for it later today. you're right about checking smaller make-up stores, i tried one, but my work hours are so awkward, they're all closed by the time i'm done with work. sorry for blogposting. i will try and check out some smaller businesses on the weekend!

No. 1135987

File: 1650029320889.png (1.01 MB, 1778x599, 1649803392285.png)

Old pokemon shading is so nice. I wish it was easier to draw nice.

No. 1136008

I hate the oversized glasses trend so much. I went trying on some glasses and in most of them I looked like a toddler trying on her parent's glasses or something. My face must be freakishly narrow because children's glasses looked normal on me. Narrow glasses need to come back

No. 1136045

This. It makes people look button nosed and bug eyed. It is 90% ugly.

No. 1136080

Looks like wet on wet watercolor washes(and dip pen ink line art). So cozy looking and not super hard to pull off.

No. 1136246

The new deodorant I bought smells kinda nasty

No. 1136264

I hate the smell of most deoderants. Last one I bought I didn't sniff test it first because with face masks and all that jazz I didn't want anyone to judge me for just huffing it in the store. Got home and I lucked out, love it. It's a mens one.

No. 1136273

just ask for them. they don't push them anymore, especially to young people, because most think they're ugly and ask for the trendy shits anyway. but they will give you whatever you ask for and always have those basic shits around.

No. 1136283

I did my tax return, I hope it goes through because it’s pretty hueg

No. 1136347

File: 1650047318293.png (279.27 KB, 356x448, bread.PNG)

Time to grind

No. 1136437

i busted my ass in school and got a really good job upon graduation a year ago. yesterday, i was able to replace my sibling's broken car with a new (it's used, but new to us kek) one all on my own and i feel so proud of myself. we're from a poor rural area and watching them cry tears of appreciation in the dealership hit me right in the feels. i feel powerful and even more determined to excel in my career now.

No. 1136497

samefag i got that juicy bomb lipgloss and it itched the scratch! got it in cherry taste/smell and the fact that it has bomb in the title makes it even better

No. 1136535

i’m a little sad today. kit kats aren’t as delicious right now either…

No. 1136611

i hope tomorrow treats you a little kinder nonna

No. 1136631

Just saw a pic of Ellen Page and it reminded me that I need to wax my little stache and happy-trail/stomach.

No. 1136736

I know you didnt ask but i thibk happy trails are cute on women anon.

No. 1136751

I wanted to say the same thing anon but I got a little shy ♥

No. 1136756

Thanks I guess but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say to stuff like this…

No. 1136758

thanks friend, i hope so too

No. 1136783

I only meant to listen to Pink Matter, but I think I'm about to rope myself into listening to the whole Channel Orange album again

No. 1136795

I'm thinking work related stress really must have caused my period being irregular. When I was still employed, it was either early or late or skipped a month. It came on the day I was fired and it actually came perfectly in time one month into unemployment. Am I crazy to see a connection between the two?

No. 1136827

You know yourself best. If you noticed a connection it's probably there. I know that for me, travel always makes my period irregular and work stress always fucks up my sleeping schedule.

No. 1136847

File: 1650091896433.jpeg (230.06 KB, 1082x1200, raccoony.jpeg)

That's great, nonny. You're a good person. Love your family like this all your life.

No. 1136920

We recently adopted a new cat from my friend and this lidl boy is covered in fucking fleas and now the fleas went to my other cat nonas help me how do i get rid of it its driving me insane since they might get into my bed

No. 1136926

Wash the cats in warm water with dishsoap

No. 1136929

Give them flea tablets and the infection will be unable to progress by killing all the fleas and depending on the brand will stop the whole thing within 6 hours. Spray yourself with insect repellent and clean your home and laundry with boiling water. If that doesn't work buy flea powder and put it on your bedding to relieve their presence. Normally I give my pets long lasting medical flea and tick prevention so these situations can't proliferate/get Lyme disease etc. if you have the money it works well

No. 1136931

Thank you nonnie! Ill try this. i hope ur meals always delicious

No. 1136945

elaborating on this nona's advice, after you give them the flea tablet (capstar is the brand I've used), start obsessively vacuuming your house every day until you don't find any fleas in the bag/cannister. Also comb the cats daily with a flea comb. If you're not a britbong, Get a box of borax and mash it into any carpet or rugs you have, then vacuum it up, daily. Borax isn't poisonous like flea powder, but it kills by dehydrating them. Lint rollers are really good at picking up eggs from bedding. The eggs are very distinct on the surface of the roller because they're so round. If the infestation persists and you're desperate, get an IGR (insect growth regulator) and spray it all over your house. It's expensive, but non-toxic, and it stops the life cycle. Constant vacuuming is really important though. Unfortunately they've probably laid eggs in your house already so it takes a while to stop them. Good luck and fuck all blood sucking parasites to hell.

No. 1136949

Also, immediately dispose the bag after vacuuming.

No. 1137008

capstar is great but very expensive. because it often requires repeated treatment it's cheaper to just buy the active ingredient pills online. a 3-4 pack of capstar is like $25, you can get like 20 pills for like $18 online without a script

No. 1137092

Borax? Like the shit they make slime with??

Also I'm gonna take your advice with the lint rollers ive been obsessively vacuuming my room for 3 days now. My mother adviced me to lay my mattress out in the sun to try and kill them

No. 1137172

I can't wait to get my vehicle fixed. The weather is so nice and I want to get out of it city. Why do I live here? Honestly I used to love it. I'd go downtown, see shows, check out new restaurants but now all I wanna do is drive to the in-laws for the weekend and sit in the quiet woods.

No. 1137179

Use diatomaceous earth

No. 1137239

My bedframe broke so I had to put my bed and box spring thing on the floor. It's more comfy this way tbh, and now my bed is finally completely against the wall.

No. 1137251

I prefer my bed like that too. I have a couple inch platform and that's it.

No. 1137258

Yeah, that stuff. It's a good all purpose cleaner/deodorizer to have around the house, like for laundry and cleaning bathtubs and whatnot. It works by piercing their exoskeleton and drying their guts up. Diatemaceous earth works the same way, but it's somewhat dangerous to use because it's so fine and can damage your lungs if you inhale it. So I wouldn't use it liberally indoors with cats around. Borax crystals are more like salt crystals so there's very little airborne powder.

No. 1137259

File: 1650131258942.jpg (354.23 KB, 895x555, Olivia-Donaldson-Perth-portfol…)

I got breast implants and now thanks to nerve fuckery when I drink something cold it feels like the cold liquid runs through my whole breast. I feel like a camel storing fruit punch in my hump to enjoy later. Sip sip

No. 1137316

I was just watching a vid about men getting surgery in their legs to add a couple inches of height. People were freaking out that anyone would put themsleves through surgery just to be more appealing/attractive.. Love how there's always magically different rules for scrotes. Surgery is shocking apparently.

No. 1137319

Don't scroll

No. 1137321

I think it's just sad that we're at this stage where people are modifying their bone structure and bodies causing potential health problems. botching your face is bad enough, now people are changing their skeletal structure?

No. 1137326

I just feel like we're desensitised to the 101 different sugeries that are mainly targeted at women.. and now that there's a male equivalent I find it hard to cry for them while I see fake asses on so many women and nobody cries over their pain or their recovery time in the slighest.

No. 1137342

I have back pain

No. 1137343

No. 1137349

When I had sliced my finger, after it had healed I'd rub over the scar and feel the sensation elsewhere. weird but pretty fun, did go away after a few months tho.

No. 1138327

Thought I was about to have a heart attack for a second just now. Had to let you guys know because anonymous internet ladies are the first that should know about my medical emergencies.

No. 1138331

Lately I've been getting these new random lil heart flutters while I'm just chilling doing nothing…makes me stop and wait for an incoming medical disaster but then nothing else happens. Was it like that?

No. 1138336

It wasn't really a flutter. More like a weird feeling in my chest/throat and for half a second it felt like my heartbeat was irregular but it wasn't exactly where my heart was. I don't know, it was weird. I had my heart checked about a year ago and nothing was wrong so I think I'm ok.

No. 1138360

working at a drive thru looks stressful as fuck. they make the people take orders and take customers payment at the window at the same time. and they probably get paid minimum wage. I could never work at a drive thru. I feel bad going through them but I need my overpriced latte.

No. 1138362

I'm not even on tiktok but I keep seeing this on insta and youtube.. people fucking with drive thru workers or making content out of their drive thru trip. Even the vids of people bringing their pets with them are kind of bad when a large dog just jumps in the window and that's meant to be cute or funny. They're not getting paid enough to have to deal with some of that new shit.

No. 1138368

jesus wtf, that's awful

No. 1138373

I watched an hour long video about demi lovato today. For the first time I can say I genuinely was confused at times by all the they/them pronounces. There was a part in the vid where the youtuber was talking about both demi and her mom and then for the next few mins every time I heard 'they' I wasn't sure if she was referring to demi or to both demi and her mom. It legit fucked up a whole segment of the video in a way where it should've been redone to clarify.

No. 1138407

I'm considering something like that for shoe storage under the bed but eh, I can just get a cheap shoe rack, most of them fit in the closet just fine.

No. 1138426

File: 1650232370714.webm (3.85 MB, 640x480, 1612436220555.webm)

I kind of want to make a dating profile but I don't have any pictures of myself. I don't particularly like taking pictures of myself, especially when I'm enjoying myself. I don't really know how to take decent photos either and I don't like wearing makeup, yet alone 'photo makeup'

No. 1138440

When I worked in a drive thru, we were timed on how long it took us to serve the customers. There was a little clock over our heads and we had to take the order, make it and serve it all within 23 seconds or else at the end of the week we would get shamed on our times and compared to other stores. There was also this car wash nearby that took these little tokens that look a lot like our dollar in a handful of change, and people would slip those tokens in there and rip us off. The till had to be correct so that came out of our tips.

No. 1138449

Microwaved some spicy tuna and cheese, ate it all up.

No. 1138483

>thinkin bout getting some comfy basic sportswear
>Dip on over to adidas website because they having a sale
>Click on "women"
>Sort by "new"
>A third of the models are men
>No I don't mean GNC women, no I don't mean trannies, just regular ass men
>Very thin/fit woman modeling an "end fatphobia" sweatshirt
>Plus size model bursting out of an ugly snakeskin print sausage casing
>Everything is incredibly illfitting and unflattering
>Retarded gender/weight/race/mental illness propaganda on every page
>Click on "men"
>Only male models
>Clothes look normal
>No propaganda
When did adidas start hating women so much?

No. 1138539

When they released that ad campaign where they said men should be competing in womens sport. It's Impossible Impossible or something and on their youtube channel. A lot of people are boycotting Adidas over it.

No. 1138645

File: 1650251111754.jpeg (56.69 KB, 710x760, 1537938569184.jpeg)

I just ate 12 vanilla oreo cookies. I regret it deeply.

No. 1138647

whataburger y u no serve honey butter biscuit at 9pm instead of 11pm I don't want to be out of the house that late

No. 1138648

I used to work at a busy Starbucks with a drive thru and it was the most stressful job. Customers were assholes. My boss was an asshole. My younger gen z coworkers were always on their phones. It was mentally exhausting

No. 1138649

No wonder they offer troons free plastic surgery after working for a couple of months, they're trying to slow down the employee turnover because no sane person would stay.

No. 1138652

Adidas had gone so downhill. Ugh. I stopped supporting them a while back, but it feels like nothing is going to change because men will keep shopping addidas.

No. 1138666

Foodservice is extremely thankless. I've had so many friends who've worked it and hated it. I refuse to unless I have to, when one of my exes worked food I literally could not stand the way he smelled after work. That shit clings to you, it's olfactory hell

No. 1138674

Don't want to spark a zoomer hate debate but fuck I hate that they can't fucking leave their phone in their locker while working. I know fast food and detail are jobs that fucking suck but it is not an excuse. I have to work twice as hard because of these slackers. This does not apply to all of them obviously but the ones I worked with were like that. Why do you have to make this dumbass tiktok while on the clock? I'm a loser that still has to work these jobs and I am currently desperate for a job but I refuse to apply to places like McDonald's because of that, I'd hate my life even more.

No. 1139102

I got bedbug powder on my face a couple days ago and it gave me some of the worst looking acne I've had for a very long time. I popped it, but I probably shouldn't have.

No. 1139130

My boyfriend was trying a new conditioner for curly hair but it made his hair kind of look like crap. But on my wavy hair? This conditioner has given me the cutest ringlets with no styling I've ever had.

No. 1139156

At my old job, i had two people whom i worked with constantly who never stopped on their phone. they'd take an order and then immediately pulled out their phone to text. like wtf.
Making tik toks at work should be a firable offense. i'm so sick of working twice as hard because zoomers cant stop with their phones for a few hours a day.

No. 1139299

File: 1650307710659.jpg (38.35 KB, 500x500, envie-dai-.jpg)

I hate how spinahc makes everything green. I'm making broccoli cheddar soup and decided to throw spinach in there since it's going bad, but I just realized that it's gonna be green when I put the cheese in.

No. 1139309

I managed to fix my completely bent YSL sunglasses by soaking them in hot water until the plastic was more malleable, then bending them back into shape. I'm so pleased it work and I don't have to take them to an optician's and pay to have it done.

No. 1139310

adidas sell an "end fatphobia" sweatshirt? kek

No. 1139315

File: 1650309434377.jpg (40.5 KB, 600x600, WARPPED_TOP_Beige_HT4949_HM1.j…)

My bad, it's not a sweatshirt, just a top being worn over a sweater so it looked like a sweatshirt to me in some pictures. But yeah, idk. Why adidas.

No. 1139318

good job nona. I never fix glasses without screwing them up worse

No. 1139323

Haha I was being dramatic the soup came out orange

No. 1139339

The morning show news presenter was just talking about Ronaldo and his wife sounding like it was going to be a cute family story and then she stumbled and said one of their newborn twins had died during delivery. Even she and her cohosts said “well, that’s a bit of a sad way to end the sports news”. Whoever writes those teleprompter cues is getting fired kek

No. 1139366

The new shoe smell smells like literal human dookie to me, specifically the runny kind of dookie. As a kid I was really confused as to why all my new shoes smelled like shit straight out of the box. I think I might be nose blind.

No. 1139367

I thought it spelled "Elvis" until I zoomed in.

No. 1139371

No. 1139411

I have an buttload of things I need to do today but I don't feel like doing any of them, I just wanna play games and stuff

No. 1139564

File: 1650331045294.gif (1.28 MB, 498x368, ew-patrick.gif)

I was watching a tutorial on how to cook something and the lady in the vid was massaging raw meat with painted nails and rings on her fingers… please tell me I'm not the only one grossed put by that

No. 1139566

The rings are gross, but was she supposed to take her nail polish off before cooking?

No. 1139567

I guess, I always thought raw meat was best handled with gloves. The polish didn't bother me as much as the rings but the thought of getting salmonella under my nails isn't cute…

No. 1139571

Most people just wash their hands

No. 1139576

File: 1650332394295.jpg (21.14 KB, 355x355, brush.jpg)

Do you not use these? I go through them like crazy

No. 1139583

Anon just wash your nails. You should be doing that every time you wash your hands. There's nasty shit lurking in them even if you don't handle food or dirt, having no polish on won't stop that.

No. 1139660

File: 1650340405121.jpg (121.77 KB, 749x867, peekaboo hair.jpg)

Doing knotless braids on myself with yarn. Easiest shit ever, I don't know why I wasn't doing it before.

No. 1139664

Was it Alison Roman? She talks about people complaining when she cooks with her rings and nail polish on, kek

No. 1139696

Cute af. Are you doing this exact style?

No. 1139700

that looks soo pretty

No. 1139703

I'm super bothered by people who wear rings and watches when they cook. Cooking with babbish does this.

No. 1139704

Yes, I'm doing a mix of black and pink braids. Haven't decided exactly where the pink will be yet.

No. 1139733

I felt so comfortable and sleepy last night that the thought of actually having a good sleep made me excited enough that I ended up awake for another half hour. Got a good sleep eventually!

No. 1140107

Finally, slowly but surely, got all my teeth problems fixed after years and years of childhood neglect. I'm so happy, I feel so confident. I'm never neglecting oral care again. I can't stop staring at my teeth whenever I pass by a mirror kek.

No. 1140111

So happy for you, Nona! I hope you get tons of smiling opportunities.

No. 1140113

That's amazing, I'm so happy for you! Long shot but are you the anon who started the dental journey around the same time as Lillee Jean? I remember a post about that and for some reason it stuck with me and I hope that anon is doing okay

No. 1140121

Congratulations! I also had a slew of dental problems due to childhood neglect, getting it fixed feels amazing. Show those teeth off anon!

No. 1140457

I'm JEALOUS anon but I'm happy for you!! I hope you'll get to smile a lot!

No. 1140503

The veins in my eyelids are really visible today. Wonder what that means.

No. 1140506

Are you hot or have you been exercising? Heat will be doin that.

No. 1140508

I had a cry for the first time in a while. This isn't a sad story though, a positive one, rather, as I obtained something from it. After my tears had settled on this piece of plastic, they left these kind of stain/circles. Upon further tasting, it seemed like these circles were like salt crystals, and I thought- as a dirt poor student who doesn't want to buy salt…could I make my own this way?

I am therefore endeavouring to create more of this homemade salt. If this works, I wonder if I could turn a profit from this, as some type of novelty object.

No. 1140531

>Easiest shit ever
I lied. This is not the easiest shit ever. Gonna peel my scalp off.

No. 1140535

I have times throughout the day where I get really hot for a few minutes due to various reasons

No. 1140569

Making risotto after failing once, wish me luck. I will not let the risotto kick my ass

No. 1140586

omg nonna what type of risotto…is it like nutty mushroom with a creamy sauce and parmesan stirred through…does it have chicken? i love risotto please tell me oh my gosh im so excited for you i want risotto now now now

No. 1140599

File: 1650402585075.jpeg (5.38 KB, 225x225, jus_right.jpeg)

Mushroom risotto with cream sauce (from a packet of course i'm fake Italian) Didn't burn it this time like I did previously, came out pretty good

No. 1140623

I'm hella craving an iced latte before work, but my anxiety is so bad today, I'm afraid it will make me have a panic attack. I know I could get decaf but even that would be too much caffeine probably. might do it anyway yolo

No. 1141083

File: 1650436406779.jpg (25.06 KB, 400x220, love.jpg)

Thank you so much nonnies, I'm so blessed. Saved up for years and it paid off. Hope you guys have a good week
I'm afraid I'm not her, hope she is doing alright

No. 1141105

My, the weather is shit today

No. 1141106

What is it like?

No. 1141107

Like late autumn
Cold and rainy
I'd never guess it's Easter time if someone hid my calendar

No. 1141112

That sounds nice nona. Some of my favorite weather is when the sky is grey and gloomy with a bit of rain.

I'm trying to enjoy the last few days of cool mornings before it becomes hot as sweaty ballsacks here

No. 1141115

Eh, I was hoping by now weather would be nice enough to go rollerskating, I've been looking forward to it all winter

No. 1141116

Watching ant videos before bed. Can't sleep today.

No. 1141121

I couldn’t sleep either last night, I’m so tired. Are you watching antscanada videos?

No. 1141154

oh yeah…that sounds so luxurious…i'm sure your italian license will arrive in the mail very soon nonna

No. 1141227

Just came back from vacation and now I chill with a cup of coffee and catch up with what you all have been up to. Can confirm what >>1141105 said though, weather is shit.

No. 1141244

Finally ordered some new walking shoes and some summer clothes, last summer was incredibly hot and humid, now I am prepared!

No. 1141283

File: 1650456847108.png (1.16 MB, 1280x854, sleep.png)

Gonna watch some anime and go to sleep at eight in the morning.

No. 1141355

File: 1650461573891.jpeg (100.48 KB, 750x878, C15AEE8D-B504-4858-B4EE-41075A…)

Samefag, I went that night and beaded me a waist band with my huge collection of seed beads. I was worried that it would cut into my stomach as I moved around and stuff but it didn’t, it just rolled up my torso which is very nice. I used the smallest beads I have cause I was worried about it bothering me while sleeping, and it doesn’t. I wore it for about a day until I accidentally popped it off at the clasp when I was trying to adjust my shirt. I set it on my desk and after about a week I decided to give it another try. During that time I had actually lost a few pounds, and I was really surprised to see that i could tell in the waistband. It sat a finger’s length above my belly button and now sits about two knuckles’ length. Since then I’ve been wearing it and it’s crazy how sensitive it is on me—I can tell the difference between when I first wake up and when my tummy is full of food and water at the end of the day. I love it!

No. 1141405

I'm trying to hang a couple of picture frames but the wall is super thick and the nails won't go in and now im left with no pretty pictures and a huge hole in my wall instead because I was too stubborn to stop.
Gonna send my mother to buy me some glue or stickers.

No. 1141411

I actually ended up falling asleep about 30 min-1 hour after making that post kek. Anyway, yes it was an Antscanada video. I wanted to watch a nature documentary but didn't feel like finding a good one so I settled for ants.

No. 1141414

I'm celebrating 420 with my fiancé tonight.

We have a sunroom and we put up some pretty lights in there. I think we're gonna roll a joint, move my keyboard and his guitar into the sunroom and then just smoke and play together.

We're also picking up some ice cream for munchies.

No. 1141431

My leg hair is at the point where it's so long that it actually causes me physical pain. Don't feel like shaving or waxing right now but I have to.

No. 1141440

Tell me your secrets of playing whole stoned. Even a light puff makes my hands lose all coordination.

No. 1141441

Woah I get that on my pubes I didn't know it could happen to your legs. Do they pull on your pants/shoes?

No. 1141446

Just trim stop torturing yourself

No. 1141449

Yeah, they feel very uncomfortable when I'm wearing pants. I was scratching my legs super hard last night because of the feelings. I don't let my pubes get long anymore for person reasons, but strangely enough even when I was rocking a full bush my underwear never pulled on it.
I don't see hair removal as torturing myself. Completely getting rid of the hair is easier and will stay shorter longer.

No. 1141453

I'm glad you like your waist beads nonna! I've also been wearing them and they're great. I've already bought more beads to make more.

No. 1141463

> Completely getting rid of the hair is easier and will stay shorter longer
what's the problem then? why not just do it

No. 1141465

It didn't say it was a problem? All I said is that I don't feel like doing it right now.

No. 1141580

There was a spider in the shower and I was afraid it would drown so I moved it to the window. Please be careful little fella!

No. 1141638

I peed so long that I managed to read half a chapter of my manga. 21 seconds my ass.

No. 1141656

Happy 420 yall! My high-school best friend is meeting up with me to catch up since I moved away from our hometown four years ago. Then my parents are going to get seafood with me!! Today couldn't get better (unless someone gave me shrooms hehe)

No. 1141700

Get it! Iced latte sounds so good right now

No. 1141701

File: 1650483010523.jpeg (263.47 KB, 1800x1800, Oatmeal-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies…)

I regret buying oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The texture of the chocolate chips and the oatmeal don't go together. I really should have just stuck to oatmeal raisin.

No. 1141735

Oatmeal raisin < oatmeal chocolate chip < oatmeal

No. 1142259

File: 1650548097679.gif (8.46 MB, 300x224, Tumblr_l_298029081245315.gif)

Reporting back with the fleas im going crazy here but luckily the borax came in and i already spread it in my room to test it out. Anyway, ive been using a lice comb for my cats but istg everytime i think ive combed everything off after a few hours they come back im starting to think theyre coming from our floors and jumping onto my boys. Thinking about heating up the comb a bit to kill the eggs for extra measure. I think the flea infestation is getting worse since me and cousin wake up with mad flea bites.

No. 1142269

my cat had fleas that wouldn't go away and i lifted up a floorboard near her litterbox and there were so many of them lurking in a beam underneath it was insanely gross. i'd definitely say check the flooring

No. 1142315

File: 1650554178708.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3024x3024, 9DD5C679-4F75-4837-A54A-5F8FC4…)

She killed da mous

No. 1142325

hewwo cute cat!!!!!!1

No. 1142327

File: 1650555556024.png (508.08 KB, 640x480, imagen_2022-04-21_103906242.pn…)

i've been here before

No. 1142333

I can smell this image

No. 1142336

File: 1650556220498.jpg (23.33 KB, 425x696, 7658763453453.jpg)

All this needs are these

No. 1142345

She did a good job!

No. 1142473

The harder it is for me to find the exact movie I want to watch for free online, the absolute better it feels when I finally find it in HD. Fuck a paywall, my superpower is finding every single media I want to watch for absolute free except Unexpected S04E16 Tell All part 1, holy fuck I will probably go to my grave without this episode and it bothers me so much I haven't watched anything since. But I might be able to scam a website for a free trial using a fake CC just to get it, I just need an American IP address. Weeeeee

No. 1142517

File: 1650566782961.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1088, 1606261873316.png)

bump because of CP

No. 1142611

File: 1650570048990.jpeg (6.16 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

I ate a shameful amount of crisps today.

Also, I miss pizza pringles. They haven't sold them in my country for years now. Do other coutries still have them?

No. 1142622

Juris and Nanaca were such un-fleshed characters (Nanaca less so), I don't get why the two of them got seperate endings while we never got an Odelia exclusive one

No. 1142653

File: 1650571702147.gif (2.81 MB, 570x640, orangejustice.gif)

I listened to too much techno music and now I can hear it when I'm not listening too. Untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz

No. 1142660

Recommend me some good unz unz unz songs nona

No. 1142669

I like Codex Empire a lot but it's not so untz untz, right now I'm listening to some djs play music so I don't fall asleep and it's very untz untz but I don't know the names of the songs. If you play this video and look at the gif it goes perfectly together

No. 1142671

I got a raise!!!

No. 1142683


No. 1142687

File: 1650573442637.gif (90.23 KB, 220x144, tenor.gif)

No. 1142695

File: 1650574165361.gif (476.94 KB, 498x403, usagy-usagyuuun.gif)

If you think about it we are partying together
Well done!

No. 1142696

I don't remember hearing about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome once in my daily life. But it seems like every cow in gossip spaces online claims to have it or gets arm chair diagnosed with it by commenters.

No. 1142794

Canada still has them anon.

No. 1142893

I just came back from watching Everything Everywhere All At Once and probably spent the last half hour of that movie crying nonstop. It was really embarrassing because afterward my makeup was all fucked up from crying and my friends were with me.

No. 1143006

I'm cold, hungry and tired

No. 1143007

anyone used to have their grandparents or parents sing them this lullaby? i used to love it because it was just soo sweet in comparison to so many english lullabies

Duérmete mi niño, duérmete mi amor
duérmete pedazo de mi corazón.
Este niño mío que nació de noche
quiere que lo lleve a pasear en coche.
Este niño mío que nació de día
quiere que lo lleve a la dulcería.
Duérmete mi niño, duérmete mi amor
duérmete pedazo de mi corazón.

No. 1143011

OMG NONNY YES my grandmother used to sing that to me all the time when I was little you just brought back so many memories

No. 1143012

aaaah i'm so glad i could bring you back memories. my grandma and my parents used to sing it to me too, especially my grandma. so many lovely memories of her singing it to me with so much love in her eyes. such a sweet lullaby. english lullabies could never.

No. 1143043

I'm now warm and full. Still tired though.

No. 1143077

File: 1650613459245.jpg (68.84 KB, 612x410, sleepy cow.jpg)

go to sleep anon, we'll be here when you get back.

No. 1143118

This is so sweet sounding. Oh gosh

No. 1143120

Omg I want to see it so badly. Spoilers wanted, was it “sad” sad or “happy” sad

No. 1143234

One of my cats changed up her routine a bit so she's been coming into my bedroom and spending some time cuddling before going to sleep on the chair in my room. She never used to hang out in here at all, it's nice.

No. 1143240

Definitely “happy” sad! There’s a lot of emotional moments mixed with absurdity that makes those scenes hit even harder.

No. 1143251

Just found out one of my highschool teachers passed away from cancer. He was so young too. Highschool was so long ago for me but I went to an extremely small school, so having repeat teachers throughout the years was very common and everyone knew everyone. I count myself very lucky that I can look back very fondly on my highschool days, even if it wasn't the best time of my life, because I was surrounded by many great teachers and friends.

He wasn't the best teacher, but was still such a fun guy to talk to. I was really into Doctor Who for a while in highschool and we would talk about it a bit. I saw another former teacher post something to reminiscence on their friendship and it just really made me sad. I hope he's in a good place now.

No. 1143254

aw that sounds so sweet anon ♥ spanish lullabies truly do hit differently

No. 1143919

Trying to decide if I should make spaghetti or a real meal for dinner.
I also think pancakes sound good, but I never have much luck making them from scratch.

No. 1143926

I did go to bed soon after making that post. I was violently woken up because of an alert, so I had a little trouble getting back to sleep but it was ok. I will make sure to get more hours of rest tonight.

No. 1144092

File: 1650688722056.jpeg (676.24 KB, 1410x828, 42B89420-08BE-4547-AEEE-FC757A…)

I’m so excited to finally start my new life, i’m going to do my best and be happy.

No. 1144128

what goes wrong with ur pancakes anon? i hope your dinner turned out yummy

No. 1144165

What du you mean by start a new life ? Are you leaving your town ?

No. 1144174

I bought half a kilo of zucchinnis and then I realized I want to cook something else for today. Since living on my own I am in a constant loop of buying vegetables and scrambling to use them up before they go bad. I hate cooking for 1 person. I can either make a big batch of something, and eat it for half a week or make 1-2 portions and then have half an onion stinking up my fridge/pantry. I try to plan meals so I use up whatever is sitting half used but then that leads to making the same stuff over and over again. Life is pain.

No. 1144175

Happy for you, nonna. May you continue to prosper.

No. 1144179

This probably isn't helpful but quickly fried zuc, mushroom, and tomato in butter+garlic is pretty good.

No. 1144210

I’m moving abroad for a new job, so yes!
Thank you so much nonnie

No. 1144231

Wow congrats nonna!! That's a big change, may I ask where you're moving? And do you know people there or are you going to be alone? And how did you find the job?

No. 1144239

Okay, I'm really going to cut my hair. It's going to happen today. I've been meaning to do it for a whole week

No. 1144241

Day later and drinking cold water brings pain to the upper right side. So it wasn't the Mentos that cracked. Shit.

No. 1144247

I'm going to a live opera on Sunday. It's gonna be my first opera since the pandemic. Actually I can't even remember what the last opera I went to was, it was probably in 2018 or 2019. I really wish I had friends to go to it with. My sister said she would go with if I wanted but I didn't want to drag her along.

No. 1144473

Drank boba tea for the first time and I liked it even though I tried milk tea before and that time I hated it

No. 1144516

My nails are pretty, I painted one hand transparent blue with glitter and the other transparent gold with glitter. Thank you mom for long nails genetics

No. 1144702

Tomorrow will be the second round of the French presidential elections, so I'll go vote early in the morning and take a nice walk all day long in my city so I can relax and have some kind of physical activity this week without actually working out. I hate how almost everything is closed on Sundays but maybe it's a good opportunity to go outside without impulsively buying useless crap or something.

No. 1144786

I went for groceries and saw a boy attacking his mother with a plastic sword. She then also grabbed plastic sword and began fighting back. This was cute to see, and reminded me of my father and me doing the same when we went shopping, just that we hit each other with pool noodles instead lol. When I saw them later at the cash register, they had the swords in their cart, so I guess they'll continue their fight once they're home.

No. 1144986

Idk, the texture is never right. Like it always comes out too gummy. I will find a recipe and try again today though. I want breakfast sausages so pancakes would be nice to eat with them.
Kek this is cute but from the first sentence I thought this was gonna end badly.

No. 1145298

I'm bummed they tore down this cute eccentric little house on the edge of this neighborhood. It was kind of old but had character, you can tell someone really cared about it when it was built bc they had mosaic tile patterns in the plaster on the outside. Now they're prob going to use that space to make more dumb little town houses for the rich folks. Also saw a lot of roadkill today, poor creatures

No. 1145303

Where do you live that it’s more expensive to live in a townhouse than a detached single-family house?

No. 1145305


No. 1145320

Wore a very nice outfit today and bought some mini hand sanitizers to carry with me, they're pink.

No. 1145323

It was in the 'rich' area of town, so the rent for those townhouses are crazy. Anything in that part of town is more expensive than even a bigger place outside it, bc of the community I guess

No. 1145396

There's a fucking fire in my oven

No. 1145418

The cheap nail polish made my hands smell like a plastic factory. Now I'm gonna get phalange cancer

No. 1145425

File: 1650767897517.jpg (59.61 KB, 911x960, bb819fb0e5fc5d9cc103babfef8f7d…)

This shit gave me a fucking heart attack. The food I was cooking was fine, but I just threw it out because it killed my entire appetite. I'm eating cereal for dinner tonight, staying away from stoves forever.
before anyone asks why my first instinct was to post about this on lolcow, I was waiting for the fire to go out by itself. There's nothing I could have done anyway. It went out about a minute after I posted.

No. 1145436

I'm glad you're safe and nothing was damaged! Hopefully the cereal was yummy.

No. 1145441

File: 1650770351243.jpg (132.35 KB, 1080x770, this u.jpg)

No. 1145447

File: 1650771115973.jpg (30.46 KB, 500x281, MV5BYzcxYjlhMGYtNjBhOS00NmU4LT…)

I'm spending my Saturday night watching a Netflix documentary about birds of paradise and all the things they do to attract a mate. I can't tell if this documentary is for children, but I am getting so much joy watching these colorful, tiny birds build towers out of sticks and doing silly little dances so they can get laid lol. This one bird built this seven foot tower of sticks and his rival came over and vandalized it and I was so emotional for him.

No. 1145448

Thank you anon, the cereal was great.

No. 1145796

File: 1650801360742.jpeg (470.56 KB, 1280x718, 3791F27D-4079-4174-A536-BA9990…)

The crowds at Coachella looks insane, I don’t think I could handle being around that many people

No. 1145808

File: 1650803215973.jpg (47.59 KB, 1024x262, 22.jpg)

I know nothing about this Youtuber and it just popped up on my recommended but kek I'll never be able to read such a title with a straight face.

No. 1145811

who gives a s word about this kind of stuff? why do we need to know? is it some kind of achievement or quirky trait to these people? swear down i'm embarrassed for her.

No. 1145815

kek. She's one of the EA game changers that shill TS4.

No. 1145822

I thought that was a pic of the ground. Wtf

No. 1145920

She has that smug Jillian “dx collector” face

No. 1146041

File: 1650816871454.jpg (37.2 KB, 474x473, 4337f3cc0f6df323a2bfffbfeb4408…)

>tfw want to make cookies but can't use oven and don't feel like pulling out any of my other kitchen gadgets to cook them
Guess I'm eating raw cookie dough today

No. 1146048

I used to follow her until she got caught up in twitterfag shit she says she's "Agender and Autigender (autistic gender)" so this was most likely just for attention

No. 1146070

I did it but it went wrong so I'm calling a hairdresser tomorrow

No. 1146193

Samefag, it's been like 5 days and I'm still not done with my hair sigh. I only have two more sections to go. I'm starving and need to piss, but I will not allow myself to eat or use the bathroom until I finish at least one section.

No. 1146309

I just remembered a funny moment where I was really young I'd say less than or equal to 12 years old, where my mom came up to me and said "you draw really well"
Confused, because I don't show anyone my drawings, I went to my room and realized I left my notebook open on my bed. And what was it? It was art of my warrior cat ocs killing each other. Was my mom being serious or shady? What must she have thought of me…

No. 1146337

Your mom just liked your OCs and wanted you to draw hers too

No. 1146478

I want to draw fanart of my new favorite show but I’m not caught up yet and I don’t want to come across spoilers while looking up character references

No. 1146498

You say this jokingly but my mom kind of did have OCs

No. 1146516

Tell me the character name and I'll google "[name] ref sheet" for you

No. 1146652

I've been to govball, it feels like it was a lot more contained than Coachella despite being NYC? Does Coachella use gates like Govball does or not

No. 1146657

I sometimes lurk my country's subreddit and there's been an influx of Americans who want to move to my country, asking questions like "I'm of x nationality, is that going to be a problem for me?" which makes me feel bad for them like damn, is it really that bad in America? Xenophobes exist everywhere but they hate all foreigners equally here and you usually don't have to fear for your life. Many also ask about no-go zones and we don't have/need that where I live, even in the big cities. But then you'll read delusional ones like "I am/was a Navy Seal. Will this grant me any benefits regarding citizenship?" and all my sympathy goes out he window again.

No. 1146663

Hey, same! Americans also like to ask about buying or building houses here, not realizing you don't just barge in and do shit like that

No. 1146685

For the first time in my life I've been able to buy a brand name dress, brand new and all ♥ It's a first for me, I'm so happy I got a nice quality dress that's actually new! I only ever bought second hand and the occasional fast fashion before, but treating myself to a moderately expensive dress I know I'm going to wear the shit out of feels really nice. I'm happy.

No. 1146716

Congratulations anon! What dress is it?

No. 1146770

File: 1650853726030.jpg (192.16 KB, 841x1095, Screenshot_20220424-212836.jpg)

This nonny is rocking the strawberry dress huh

No. 1146774

My lip touched the outside of my car. Kinda gross.

No. 1146781

I bought a cow cake

No. 1146782

Congrats anon, I know it's going to look stunning on you!

No. 1146784

Nobody tell nonnie where fruits and vegetables come from.

No. 1146788

Did it taste good?

No. 1146790

and you shared no pics with us? for shame, anon

No. 1146796

i have one of those expensive shark vacuums and the stupid charger takes forever to charge and dies naturally so quickly. thank god i got it on clearance because this shit is not worth it. so much expensive shit simply is not worth it.

No. 1146804

File: 1650856412314.jpg (90.59 KB, 777x1700, 498831a.jpg)

Thank you nonatella's ♥ It's this knock off vintage dress lol (Hell Bunny though, it was originally 70 euros but I it was on sale for 45! Going to wear it to my grandma's 90th birthdayin a few weeks!). I love the details on the collar and pockets, plus I have a secondhand dress from Hell Bunny so I know the quality is good too! Can't wait for it to arrive, and wear it with combat boots, polkadot tights and some cool accessories ahhh! I'm happy to finally have a nice formal dress to save just for special occasions.

No. 1146809

I don't wash my car as often as I wash my fruits and veggies. I wash those before I eat them, but I wasn't prepared to basically lick my car so I didn't wash it beforehand.

No. 1146811

I just ate a burrito that tasted a little sour. Threw it out and making spaghetti bolognese instead.

No. 1146818

File: 1650858892304.png (1.16 MB, 1437x847, purepng.com-blue-ford-focus-ca…)

>won't lick her car

If you loved me you'd kiss my exhaust pipe

No. 1146827

File: 1650861265795.png (843.96 KB, 1200x800, Man-Has-Sex-With-Car.png)

I'm sorry ford-chan. I now realize that I was being immature and stupid. Now, come give me a big smooch.

No. 1146948

File: 1650871581514.jpg (1.42 MB, 4160x2340, moocow.jpg)

it wasn't very sweet so it was right up my alley.

No. 1147054

cow cake? sign me the fuck in

No. 1147060

Did you ask them to make it like that or did you find a cow cake in the wild?

No. 1147097

that is so fucking cute and i love non-sweet cake. you're not by chance american, are you? if yes, where did you get this cake?

No. 1147138

I went to class, I realized I don't look at my notes later anyway, I just learn everything from the book so I stopped taking notes and drew a muscular warrior
It's beautiful, I don't like the color but I love the shape, I saved this picture so one day when I learn to sew I can make my own in light blue. I wanna sew so bad but my sewing machine cable has still not arrived
Daaamn, nice

No. 1147144

File: 1650886975313.jpg (178.42 KB, 1264x1116, luckycow.jpg)

I send you lucky vibes for a fast cable delivery.

No. 1147147

Thanks anon! They sell it in a forest green too, maybe other colors I'm not sure. Good luck with sewing if they got nothing you like though!

No. 1147152

Thank you for the luck and the image I love it!
Thank you, it's okay I'm really cheap, I only buy clothes for peanuts at the second hand store kek. Have fun in your dress, not to sound like a troon but give it a twirl for me

No. 1147219

Haha I feel you, just wanted one nice dress for special occasions lol. and um, this is between us but i'll give it a twirl just for you nonatella

No. 1147406

File: 1650899920543.gif (2.45 MB, 498x278, hamburger-burger.gif)

Did a really tough workout today and had a burger on my way home. It was delicious. My sister wants to come over in the evening to watch a movie so I'm making chicken skewers for us both. Too much food today, but I don't even care. It's a nice day.

No. 1147443

Wanted to order my lazy girl dinner of a chicken burger and chips but guess what, I'm on a budget so I am defrosting a chicken breast to have homemade fakeaways tonight. Looking forward to it because it will be fresher, tastier and a bigger portion, all for the low low price of like 35 minutes in the kitchen.

No. 1147811

I’m gonna get really high and watch Brainscan (~•3•)~

No. 1147918

File: 1650918266488.jpg (94.46 KB, 1280x720, DcMwG4hV0AASwyk.jpg large.jpg)

I love dumplings. They're versatile, cheap, filling and easy to make and I am making some right now. Really looking forward to it.

No. 1148018

Same. I have spinach dumplings to heat up. they're so delicious over a steamer.

No. 1148089

dumped a whole double pack of pocky in my fist and ate the whole bundle of it in three bites like a psychopath. feeling strong

No. 1148916

I scraped dead skin off my face with a swiss army knife, it was oddly satisfying.

No. 1148938

Sometimes I’ll get packing tape and use it to take layers of dry dead skin off my elbows. You can see all the wrinkles and texture of the elbow on the tape. Elbow-prints.

No. 1148942

No one is forced to get plastic surgery, it's a choice.
Based on insecurity/frivolous wants sometimes.

No. 1148968

You beast

No. 1148992

I made a post once about scraping my flaky skin off with an eyebrow razor in the skincare thread and some nonnies freaked out on me, heh

No. 1149001

Wow, what a groundbreaking post.

No. 1149005

File: 1650985169521.jpg (134.71 KB, 800x1000, 3856836636.jpg)

Kinda want to show up at this store I saw this cute cashier at, but I have nothing to get there. They recognize me enough because I go pretty often but usually I have something I actually need to pick up, how weird is it just walk in a browse for a while then leave? And not even to be looking for something but rather someone?

No. 1149022

I don't think it's weird to just browse, like how are they supposed to know? You always had a reason to show up there before. It woul've been weird if you always showed up but never bought anything.

No. 1149036

Ayrt and honestly my skin felt much smoother than after a regular exfoliation, I just probably didn't use the correct tool (it was 10pm and I was annoyed by all the dry spots so I just grabbed the first sharp object in my vicinity lmao), an eyebrow razor sounds safe enough.

No. 1149057

It's a pet store so I have to go often to ask if they have bugs stocked for my animals, so yeah she knows why I frequent the store. Though today I don't really need anything, sometimes I go to look at fish too, maybe I'll see her there

It does feel nice but I'll warn you about doing it too often, it can make your skin more flakey. Better use some moisturizer after. Also probably should disinfect the knife before & after doing it, kek

No. 1149080

I woke up during my nap today salivating super hard because I was about to throw up from hunger. For some reason my dumb, sleepy ass just kept swallowing to try and make it better and then fell back asleep instead of getting up to eat.

No. 1149142

They found a dead body near my usual route to the store, been driving pass a dead person all these months huh

No. 1149155

File: 1650992751662.jpeg (193.06 KB, 1300x956, 288EB700-EE11-4810-9BF4-516FBC…)

Was it in the snow? My uncle as a kid found the body of a man while playing in a parking lot snow pile as it was melting. Saw a glove sticking out of the snow, went to pick it up, had a hand inside. Blegh

No. 1149161

File: 1650992890062.gif (292.6 KB, 200x150, received_303343768627499.gif)

FLEA ANON REPORTING IN AGAIN. We got frontline and applied it to my baby boys now they're sort of protected. Theyre not there on the neck but theres still small ones on his body and head. Unlike before where the fleas where everywhere, this time its only a few of them. My concern is that theres still more on their bodies, especially the newly adopted one. I read on reddit that if i just keep putting frontline on my cats they'll just be a walking flea trap(?) And the fleas would be gone for 3 months. I bought fipronil spray just in case to spray down the hallways and rooms. Been vacuuming a shitton during my free time

No. 1149164

Oh that's gnarly, especially as a kid. I once just walked into a bike crash scene as a kid and saw a dead body, but it's kinda different than this I think? Based on the road they found the body, I don't think there was any snow, it has just melted so makes sense. They think it's this teen boy who went missing a few months back, tragic.

No. 1149178

wow, did you see? did it smell?

No. 1149192

Anon, no! It's by two different school routes and there's a kindergarten like a few hundred meters away so I fucking hope it wasn't some other kids who found it. I mean him I guess, it was the general area he was last seen in and all, hhnggh.

No. 1149264

This honestly freaks me out so much that I get shudders every time I see a snow pile. Not only are there probably dead animals from the road in there but I know my friend's mom had a friend killed by a plow so your story rings especially for me. Not sure if it was noticed right away or if she was found like the guy your uncle found. Sounds absolutely traumatizing

No. 1149420

File: 1651005674957.png (1.01 MB, 882x632, Screen-Shot-2017-01-15-at-7.07…)

After wasting an entire day crying I've had a full meal and will go to sleep in my cozy bed. I hope tomorrow will be better

No. 1149423

I love mens pants, they have so many pockets. Womens pants pockets are so small, and for what???

I like not having to carry a small backpack to carry the essentials. I can fit my keys, wallet, and phone perfectly. Plus they are comfy

No. 1149428

Yom I hope your meal was tasty + tomorrow can be better for you

No. 1149429

Blame the purse industry for little to no pockets on women's clothes.

No. 1149437

Hope you feel better nonna. Sleep tight. I'll say a little mantra for you to have lovely dreams.

No. 1149532

I hope you wake up well rested and feeling better!

No. 1149574

I’ve worked remote for over a year now but tomorrow I’ll be meeting a coworker face to face for the first time. I’m really nervous! I feel like I’ve forgotten how to interact with people since it’s been so long. Please send me strength nonas.

No. 1149597

I keep grabbing products that don't have a price tag or the barcode isn't in the system. I always say sorry but I forget to double check

No. 1149598

Good luck anon! I'm sure it'll go smoothly. It's like riding a bike, even if it's been a while and you're wobbly at first, then you remember you can do it!

No. 1149613

nitenpyram is the best imo, better than frontline because it's very safe compared to many other options and effective. dust/sprinkle your house and cats with (food grade if possible) diatomaceous earth as well. some people really like Revolution but it's pricy if you don't buy it from Chewy or something or an online pharmacy for 3 cats because vets mark up like crazy

No. 1149684

it absolutely disturbs me that we have posters under 18 on here

No. 1149687

the average age of an imageboard user is like 15-21. I remember feeling desperately out of touch when I was 23.

No. 1149698

i see a lot of posters saying they're 30+, i think it's very different for female imageboards because we just have no places to speak freely and lc, cc, and i guess fujochan afford you the anonymity and freedom that other places don't, so i think there's a particular persistent appeal that would keep people here, plus the culture off of the drama boards is entirely different from the chans or even the rest of the site, so i can see people sticking around much longer

No. 1150907

I keep eating loose meat sandwiches

No. 1150917

I finally went to the dmv to get my drivers license renewed and now I’m finally getting my car renewed as the plates are super expired and I’ve been putting it off for so long just because I was very anxious to go to the dmv but it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I hate owning a car. But now that I have my new driver’s license I can get a library card and start reading again.

No. 1150954

I got a cheap posture corrector and though I feel retarded wearing it, it's already making a difference. I'm sore though

No. 1150972

Make sure you also exercise the relevant muscles, nonna! Otherwise it will be back to the same thing after you stop wearing it.

No. 1150984

Ohh thank you! I'll look into some posture exercises, too. I really hurt my back from sitting down too much several months ago. I'm better now, but I don't want it to happen again. Also I hate that I slouch sfm

No. 1151002

Oh, that's similar to my problems then, focus on you core muscles and it will be fine!

No. 1151040

File: 1651086921921.jpg (40.5 KB, 564x538, 73cf7e50674f1ba5619fd324463b37…)

I spent like the last half hour watching videos of cats and dogs saving lives (elderly, babies, kids, other cats and dogs, etc) and I didn't think I'd be crying nonstop. Maybe I am just more sensible in general since I had a death in the family last week. I love animals so much, though. Wishing all animals a great rest of their lives.

No. 1151043

Is that the belty thing with the loops that pulls your shoulders backwards when you wear it?

No. 1151109

Holy shit I just bashed my head full force into the dresser trying to grab something. I have a small gash over my eye now. Not really mad about it just feeling stupid and don't want to say how I got it

No. 1152376

I found dried blood on my pillowcase. Have no idea how I got it on there or when it happened

No. 1152402

Umm nonnie is it little spottings of blood or like a puddle? Cause you might have some friends in bed with you…

No. 1152431

Two big splotches. I do have bedbugs, but most of them are gone. I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but after closer inspection…I think it might actually be chocolate. Anyway, I'm gonna go wash it.

No. 1154419

I was making an egg to put on my egg, but the yolk came out runny so I had to throw it away. Sad because the yolk is my favorite part.

No. 1154456


No. 1154458

File: 1651204495795.jpg (218.98 KB, 1024x862, J92OPKX.jpg)

No. 1154481

I just ate the edges off the brownies because the edges are the best part!

No. 1154484

File: 1651205510458.jpg (251.55 KB, 1468x1586, FKX_T96XIAIsbaR.jpg)

i'm happy for you and that you enjoyed your edges, but it's a known fact that the gooey inside is the best part, fight me

No. 1154493

File: 1651205740104.jpg (48.73 KB, 283x323, 17c7d79924fcc26547c9121fe8a5e4…)

Only when they're freshly baked but I respect your opinion

No. 1154504

File: 1651206209127.jpg (30.32 KB, 564x564, 1585034564625.jpg)

you have a point. i respect yours too given consideration to that. have a lolly, nonners.

No. 1154512

File: 1651206953029.jpg (6.88 KB, 225x225, licka.jpg)

Thank you nonnita!

No. 1154523

I honestly think I may have a sugar addiction. Starting tomorrow I'm cutting down on my sugar intake (which sucks because I love to bake). Gonna be planning meals, which will be fun.

No. 1154590

what kind of egg is going on an egg and couldn't the broken yolk egg still be eaten?

No. 1154596

who eats eggs on eggs? like you say, how in the world is a non-broken yolk so important when it's going on another egg? also i can't stand wasteful people. runny yolk is delicious and that was unnecessary. some poor chicken went through hell pushing that egg out of her cloaca and anon just callously threw it away. for shame.

No. 1154602

I meant to say egg on ramen, sorry. And yeah you can eat broken yolks. The probably was that I didn't boil it long enough (I swear I thought it was cooked!) and the yolk was still runny inside. I personally don't like runny yolks and only eat them hard so I threw it away and just kept the white of the eggs. I was sad because I think the yolk is the best part and I couldn't eat it.

No. 1154606

Runny yolks are superior to any other type of egg. Also you could have just cooked it more, putting it in hot ramen would set the yolk.

No. 1154607

The yolk was already broken. I wasn't going to drop it back in the water. And mixing it with the ramen would not have been how I wanted to eat it.

No. 1154610

but if your ramen was hot it would've cooked it?

No. 1154612

I was boiling the fucking egg anon! It was a broken yolk, it would not have cooked the same in the ramen than if it would have just finished cooking in the water. How many times do I need to explain this

No. 1154620

you made a grave mistake, just accept it

No. 1154622

I'm going to throw an egg at you, anon.

No. 1154627

You do know people INTENTIONALLY drop in broken or scrambled yolks into hot soups? The yolk cooks and it's delicious.

No. 1154628

anon cannot be helped. she suffers from severe egg-related mental illness. i'll be praying for her recovery and hopeful development in tastebuddery tonight.

No. 1154639

For the last time, I'm not saying the yolk wouldn't have cooked, I'm saying it would not have cooked the way I wanted. I wanted the texture of a boiled egg, which is why I was boiling it in the first place. I never said you can't put drop eggs into ramen to cook them, I said that's not how I personally wanted it. I swear you guys are retarded.

No. 1154640

And we are saying you are a dum dum for throwing away perfectly good food.

No. 1154643

You can dig it out of my trashcan and eat it yourself if it's that serious nonna.

No. 1154717

i'm in your trash right now nonnie, next step is confiscating your eggs

No. 1154728

I tell how long I've slept for by looking at how many energy units I've regained in a gacha game I play.

No. 1154729

never have anyone my age or with my specific motivations for my irl "husbando" to sperg with… depresses me

No. 1154755

I got fired and I don’t know why I feel relieved. I probably shouldn’t feel this way.

No. 1154756

The same thing happened to me some time ago and I felt the same way

No. 1154761

ive been drinking a lot of milk not sure why

No. 1154806

I burned my lunch completely but I'm still going to eat it, YOLO

No. 1154864

I took a plane yesterday and today I feel exhausted even though I slept well, I’m so tired I can barely walk. I don’t feel sick, I have no idea what’s up with me.

No. 1154874

That's jet lag isn't it? Was it a long flight

No. 1154881

It was a 5 hour flight, but the time difference is just an hour! I’m scared of flying though, so maybe it’s all the accumulated stress melting away that makes me feel so exhausted.

No. 1154895

I feel you nonna. I also took a plane yesterday on top of having the flu and today I feel like a corpse. Hang in there, hopefully it gets better in a few days.

No. 1155015

File: 1651238973790.png (339.67 KB, 307x929, Screenshot 2022-04-29 152844.p…)

I never thought I'd say this about a toothpaste but like….I want to buy this for the packaging ever since I saw this in the store

No. 1155031

omg I've seen this stuff in a store near me but in white and I thought it was an overpriced tiny bottle of hair conditioner. I've thought that for months.

No. 1155040

Wait they put acid in toothpaste now? I hate the future

No. 1155048

File: 1651240932036.png (91.7 KB, 1318x444, Screenshot 2022-04-29 160153.p…)

Hyaluronic acid is an acid in name only

No. 1155060

tinfoil thread is that way

No. 1155065

Then why would they call it that?

No. 1155173

Because it has a low, acidic PH level

No. 1155201

The huge, red Colgate logo ruins it.

No. 1155215

Two thoughts. One, why is a bag of doritos 4.99 now? And the bag is smaller now too? And second, why is the gym always so busy specifically on Tuesday but not any other days?

No. 1155225

i ordered some chinese takeout and i'm excited to eat it when it gets here..!

No. 1155232

I can only speak for Europe but regarding the first question, apparently because of ~inflation~ because resources are getting more scarce due to 'rona (don't know why that's supposed to be an issue because things have gone back to normal pretty much everywhere) and the Ukraine war thingy (animal feed, idk if that's the proper English term and electricity) but I think it's bullshit because stuff's been getting more expensive and the packaging smaller for months now (even before the war) and some things that stayed the same price during rona are suddenly 20% more expensive I'm not usually a tinfoil nonny but I think it's because governments and corporations are getting greedier than they already are and use these things as "justifications" to make us believe that the price increases are justified.

No. 1155282

Guys I just found out England could have been called Sexland…I am so proud…

No. 1155291

but it wasn't, so

No. 1155294

Yeah, they should have placed that elsewhere

No. 1155295

Wait what? Source?

No. 1155306

File: 1651255564435.jpg (83.69 KB, 1055x375, Screenshot_20220429-200411_Sam…)

They would have renamed it anyway in the name of political correctness

No. 1155384

I put a bright green nyx jumbo pencil on my waterline, feeling cute and daring. Should I put blue mascara on my bottom lashes only as well?

No. 1155438

My autist friendless high school self would have never thought I'd have a good life right now. I don't have many friends but I do have a few close ones and they are all true treasures. I get to go to college next year and actually learn something I'm interested in. My teenage years sucked (well, most people's do) and I never thought I would be even remotely happy. I'm looking forward to the future now, can't wait to work for a while and eventually be a grandma knitting on my porch ♥

No. 1155451

I’m so happy to hear that. Reminds me that things do get better. I hope you have fun in college and honestly I’m excited for you because you alone get to see how far you’re going to go, and you’ve brought yourself here by yourself. Nice job !

No. 1155455

Sorry, late and you probably already did or didn’t but I would say yes. Put some blue mascara on your eyebrows too, it’s cute and I get a lot of compliments when I do

No. 1155493

Thank you so much nonna! Sorry you're going through a rough time right now, but there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Life's just hills and valleys, nothing more ♥

No. 1155931

Mom called and told her I was doing homework but I was drawing my husbando. Also I heard my cat on the phone

No. 1155991

Don't know why but this made me laugh, thanks nona

No. 1156237

I met another butch today in a rural village, had a nice chat. Nice to know I'm not alone here.

No. 1156436

I had a dream where I went out and got taco bell and then I kept partially waking up and thinking "I better eat that taco bell before it gets cold"

No. 1156447

hello yall dont scroll mods havent cleaned cp yet

No. 1156479

My neighbour finally got good with their synth/computer/whatever that electrical musical device they're playing is!
For the last couple of months it honestly sounded like the building was haunted, no joke. It's been getting better and better, and today it sounds just like the computer from my favourite scene in my favourite guilty pleasure movie with a shit ending, the girl should have gotten together with the computer

No. 1156533

I found a bump on my areola. It felt different from my other areola bumps so I squeezed it and white shit came out. Didn't know areola pimples were a thing.

No. 1156617

they are and mine have a lot, I fuckin hate it. I kind of have them in my labia too.

No. 1156709

Probably a Fordyce spot rather than a pimple.

No. 1156719

That was precious milk and you should have harvested it.

No. 1156732

File: 1651358816460.png (11.4 KB, 719x106, spot.PNG)

>They're seen most often on male genitalia
What are you trying to say about me anon?

No. 1157244

i thought fordyce spots couldnt be popped? it just sounds like a pimple or something. you can get pimples like anywhere

No. 1157461

I want to bake something I can bring to work and share with my nice coworkers, but I suck at baking and I'm cheap. What's an easy thing to make?

No. 1157464

Brownies or chocolate chip cookies. It's very basic but you can't really go wrong with that.

No. 1157470

I was just about to say brownies
Everybody loves brownies and they're just mix'n'bake

No. 1157533

Anons said that fenugreek seeds make your sweat smell good. I bought some and it's true, my sense of smell has become such that lots of things that used to not smell at all or smell different now smell horrible, my sweat smells very very awful to me, not like normal smelly sweat, like something awful that I've never smelled before, yet it smells normal to others. But after eating these seeds it doesn't even smell bad, it smells like the seeds.

No. 1157535

i didn't experience the sweat thing. however, it makes your pee smell like very sweet maple syrup

No. 1157544

File: 1651411569282.jpg (102.39 KB, 729x1024, IMG_4208-729x1024.jpg)

Thirding brownies. If you wanna spice it up you could make brownies with cookie dough on top (Betty Crocker sells a really cheap box mix that has both the cookie dough and brownie batter so you don't have to buy both separately) or you could even make those brownies that have Oreos in the middle. I've made both multiple times before and they're always a hit with everybody. I'm realizing now that this must sound super American so sorry if you're not a burger kek.

No. 1157580

Banana bread!! Impossible to fuck up. My favorite recipe is Bon Apetite's Best Banana Bread, but I changed it up a bit. I use white sugar, sour cream instead of mascarpone, raisins and chocolate instead of nuts. I also beat sugar and eggs for a solid 3 minutes first, then add sour cream and beat for 1 minute and then just follow the rest as is.

No. 1157581

meant to say sugar and BUTTER, not eggs kek.

No. 1157586

that is interesting, but it sounds more like you’re saying it changed your sense of smell rather than your actual scent in general??
how do the seeds taste? and how much do you need to eat to change the smell?

No. 1157591

>impossible to fuck up
When I worked as a receptionist this sweet client gifted our office some chocolate chip banana bead. Let me tell you it was the driest, tasteless, most horrible sweet bread I had ever eaten. None of us ate more than one bite and it all got tossed. I have no idea what that lady did wrong. My thought is inexperienced bakers see how wet the dough is and get scared and add more flour?

No. 1157592

it can definitely be too dense or dry and too sweet. it is hard to fuck up though.