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No. 1018367

Post mundane events in your life. No infighting pls.
Previous Thread >>>/ot/967576

No. 1018375

Holy shit nonna i love you he is my husband

No. 1018376

i love the sniper

No. 1018377

OP here, send your love to the anon who drew it

No. 1018378

File: 1641506275442.png (487.11 KB, 831x600, Wow she is outside.png)

Nooooo wait I didn't finish the one with board-tan yet this is so embarassing I'm sorry just wait here for twenty minutes and I will finish it

No. 1018383

Sorry anon! I was trying to wait for your to finish the Elsie version, but I was like "fuck it" and just made the thread. I will delete this and remake the thread once you're done.

No. 1018384

Mine too let's be sister-wives

No. 1018395

I love this image thread and the board-tan version too, look at him enjoying life, being a professional with standards makes him happy.

No. 1018405

but it’s already so good??

No. 1018406

Don't delete anything, just use it in the next one

No. 1018420

I thought the OP pic was Hank Hill

No. 1018425

Currently doing my hair with a webcam.

No. 1018432

Why is pic xy kek

No. 1018437

it's our husbando!

No. 1018467

what's this shitty ass threadpic
husbandofags fuck off

No. 1018469

File: 1641510587745.png (519.07 KB, 831x600, Wow she is outside.png)

I'm sorry I am so slow

No. 1018472

Killjoy, let anon have this one

No. 1018474

It's been a couple days since the last one filled up, so if you care so much about the thread pic you should have made the thread yourself. I don't even care about TF2 or that character, but it's nice art and other anons seemed to like it so I chose that.

No. 1018485

Lovely! Thank you so much anon, it's beautiful. Hopefully it gets used as next thread pic.

No. 1018544

Today I thought the sky was melting and I heard laughing and sighing behind me that wasn't there. I don't even do drugs.

On one hand it's like, hey, extra quirky points for me, on the other, it's like wtf why is this happening again, it keeps happening in weird ways

No. 1018563

I tried to replace a light bulb and broke the glass cover thing over it and I didn't even cut myself on the glass while cleaning it up but then I went to clean the bathroom and pressed the trigger on a spray bottle and right on that finger with which I pressed there was a shard of glass. It hurt very much
Maybe you have a deficiency of some vitamin or mineral

No. 1018619

I learned that not eating throughout the day can cause health problems

No. 1018621


No. 1018631

nta but fatigue, dizziness, body aches and future bone deficiency?

No. 1018633

File: 1641521548862.jpg (443.96 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_14780628981224.jpg)

Finally re-ordered and activated my credit card after not activating the first one for 4 years kek. Still waiting for my last paycheck to arrive by mail since the 24th though… gonna call tomorrow

No. 1018642

I love passively grinding skills on runescape like damn it's so satisfying. I'm not a fan of combat since I haven't played for 15 years but I love that skilling is so much easier and afk. I've gotten 4 skills to 99 in the past few months and it's been nice

this is so fucking cute

No. 1018662

Ya, apparently (and oddly, I saw someone else mentioning this) if you just eat at the end of the day, that can cause your blood sugar to spike; do it often enough and blammo, diabetes. Fuckin oops. Also if you don't eat all day and then eat sugar, it's extra bad because your body is going to make the blood sugar (cause you're finally eating) and then you're doubling the sugar with what you're eating.

No. 1018717

File: 1641531208045.jpeg (158.58 KB, 1080x537, D01460E3-A13E-4B3E-BB8E-EBBA68…)

Super cute thread pic, love that for artistnonnie

No. 1018719

I feel hungry even though I just ate fruit and a sandwich and I'm not sure why

No. 1018720

Because an anon here drew it, I don't know the character but the fact that it was made by an anon here makes me like and appreciate it because artists make imageboards way more fun

No. 1018721


No. 1018760

i'm cold too

No. 1018800

In the spirit of giving I donated some $100 worth of books to a local hospital's children's library off their Amazon wishlist. I hope they like the book. I should donate more often.

No. 1018802

It's been snowing for the past 5 hours and I couldn't be any happier watching it fall with my dogs, wine and the possibility that work might be closed tomorrow.

No. 1018845

File: 1641542265498.png (447.16 KB, 831x491, E7qhD6nXIAEYer5.png)

it's too damn cold!

No. 1018861

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate today!
First Chrstmas without family in a long time since some of them have the coof, so that's kind of a bummer.

No. 1018869

File: 1641546271694.jpg (1.73 MB, 2431x3424, Drawing of Mary, mother of Jes…)

You shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven, Nonny.

No. 1018871

Looks like she's holding a bloody menstrual pad in her right arm. Sorry.

No. 1018908

Middle age scrotes really couldnt fucking draw

No. 1019142

File: 1641571437888.jpg (261.58 KB, 2048x1173, DbBijiRVMAA5rT-.jpg large.jpg)

i had a job interview earlier today and i have a good feeling about it, i think. they already told me about details like at what time i would have to start in the morning, how many paid time off i get per year and when i would be able to switch to working from home, so i think that's a good thing? there's another step in the application process that includes me coming to the office in person and checking out the work space and the software and everything, but they'll let me know if i passed today's interview on monday… wish me luck, nonnitas.

No. 1019292

File: 1641578201135.jpg (180 KB, 741x490, Hb14665a8ebe44c36b3f742bbc7e20…)

I want to buy a daily planner and some cute stickers off aliexpress, but last time my order never arrived or was maybe stolen. It was all grouped into one package, which has never happened to me before, and the tracking page told me it was delivered successfully after a failed attempt, but aliexpress told me it was still on the way when I started disputes because time was running out. I think it could also have something to do with the adress not stating a city but "other" with the zip code. It's so stupid that they only give you a handful of big cities to choose from, sorry I live in fucking nowhere

No. 1019599

I need a humidifier so bad. My nose gets dry so often cause of the air, and my little diffuser really isn't doing it.

No. 1019628

rooting for you nona! sounds like you have it in the bag

No. 1019681

I just made nachos and they're so good. They're not super loaded (only cheese, black beans and tomatoes cause that's all I have and didn't feel like going to the store) but they're still amazing. I wish I had avocado and sour cream though.

No. 1019735

So I'm not imagining things and they're really playing the bobbobbob song or vidrel on TV or in random documentaries we were watching in school like it was once the case when that one girl at the other end of the class and me both exclaimed at the same time that they got the song from the Sims 2?

No. 1019745

Got a call from my dentist
"Confirming appoint for Monday? You can come in earlier at 11 if you like."
"Okay, that would be great but my appointment is on Tuesday, who were you calling?"
"Sorry, confirming an appointment for Monday."

We go back and forth a bit, I say my name but she just asks again "Okay and Monday?" then I realize she is saying MANDEEP and called me by mistake lol. Wish I could have got in tomorrow!

No. 1019783

Seeing this after the alt-cows thread, I cant escape.

No. 1019854

File: 1641607465520.png (44.66 KB, 549x1133, booklist share.png)

Waiting for the bookseller to cash my check and start shipping my books.

No. 1019930

I’ve done it. I’ve moved up in group chats and now I’m in the one that plans trips together. Holy shit I’m so excited.

No. 1019989

File: 1641617317591.png (1.41 MB, 1423x1080, Patty_Hype_056.png)

I want a pretty patty right now.

No. 1019997

me too

No. 1020005


Which one nonny? I'd love to try the orange lol.

No. 1020009

The magenta one looks delicious. It's a very classy burger.

No. 1020020

I got baby oui oui today in the mail and cried to this song

No. 1020021

Link pls

No. 1020059

i just bought nice sturdy wire hangers so my closet will be uniform and pretty looking, im excited. the plastic ones always break and im tired of replacing them

No. 1020303

which one did you get? I'm still hoping for an aliexpress bootleg, those things are overpriced. Double so for me since I'm not in USA. I do love that vid, though!

No. 1020556

Are you trying to say you pissed yourself at the mall (in a kawaii way)? I don't get it.

No. 1020617

I love when that happens, sometimes I hear final fantasy music too. One time I ran upstairs to get my brother to hear it yelling at him "COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW YOU GOTTA SEE THIS HURRY UP"

No. 1020915

File: 1641686534522.gif (1.36 MB, 498x280, froot-marina.gif)

Currently eating three pieces of french toast, grapes, and bananas. One piece of toast has strawberries, the other has blueberries, and the third has bananas.

No. 1020963

File: 1641690050518.jpg (27.33 KB, 660x350, christinaaaaaaa.jpg)

No. 1021033

Please stop smoking weed, nonnie.

No. 1021203

I had some really good Chinese take-out for dinner tonight. The spring roll was especially delicious.

No. 1021209

File: 1641711971182.png (447.94 KB, 592x453, 5E63878E-F676-4507-8A56-21215E…)

Sounds like you had a healthy and tasty meal, nona. Maybe I’ll make French toast too…

No. 1021211

This reminds me that a local bakery chain discontinued my fav sandwich - toast with goat cheese and cranberry. So sad.
No, I can't make it myself. Because.

No. 1021212

did you eat it with syrup or no?

No. 1021214

No, I don't like french toast with syrup. I ate it with almond butter, it helped the fruit stick.
Hope you make some and enjoy it anon! French toast is one of my favorite foods.
That sounds good, maybe I'll pick up the ingredients next time I go shopping.

No. 1021215

Samefag, but what a cute pic.

No. 1021220

If you try it, go generous with the cheese, and make sure the cheese and cranberries get hot enough to mix their flavours slightly. Oh yum yum

No. 1021228

Happy Halloween nonnas!!!

No. 1021230

File: 1641713804405.jpeg (104.37 KB, 660x495, 1F09E895-A429-488F-B6AD-31DC5F…)

Good morning lolcow

No. 1021234

File: 1641714120914.jpg (43.41 KB, 288x400, bf51dbb604545385145066e06e2a0a…)

Happy Halloween!!!

No. 1021325

Trying period underwear for the first time. First hour was anxiety about leakage, then I just forgot about it entirely. Can’t believe I went for this long without them!

No. 1021328

I'm the anon who wanted chocolate in the vent thread. I got my chocolate, and it was delicious.

No. 1021336

How is it when you lay down? Don't want a wet butt. I want to try them but they're expensive af

No. 1021347

the disappointment of playing harvest moon ds as a kid and realising i could only play as a boy and court girls. but then being okay with it because all the guys were fugly and i could choose to believe i was just becoming best friends with the girls. and proceeding to gift lumina relaxteas every day

No. 1021361

I was upset when I got DS Cute because I thought all the bachelors were ugly and would have rather played as a boy to marry Flora

No. 1021363

Are they really that good?

No. 1021373

File: 1641730922787.jpg (2.19 MB, 2300x3253, Haeckel_Discomedusae_28[1].jpg)

Today, I discovered a marvelous book of divine pictures.


No. 1021374

File: 1641731116129.png (425.67 KB, 447x652, Elli_BTN.png)

Same, only with FoMT. The bachelors grew onto me after some time, but my straight heart will always belong to Elli.

No. 1021375

i always wanted ds cute as a kid! flora was my favourite to doodle, such a qt
elli is so adorable, i wanted fomt too really bad just because i wanted to encounter her more

No. 1021420

I watched a gnc women compilation, they all looked great, and now i have this intense urge to dress as a handsome tomboy again. I'm glad my parents never judge me for presenting so masculine, they just let me be and even complimented me, i always thought they were more conservative. I remember when i got a buzzcut, wore flannels and worked out all the time, they just were like "ay looking fresh" or something kek

No. 1021431

I’d say go for it anon!

No. 1021432

File: 1641739126405.jpg (701.53 KB, 1920x1080, 200206_grey-seal_seals_seal.jp…)

Thank you anon, this looks great.

No. 1021439

good taste!!! i was playing FoMT again recently and she's so sweet. also she has the best theme in BTN

No. 1021457

File: 1641741233306.jpeg (993.15 KB, 1170x1149, D1E345AC-981F-4CE5-8D3A-1C6D7D…)

Even though I have to wait to get a cat, I went on Petfinder to get some prospects. I’m sure most of these guys will still be there when I’m ready as they’ve all been posted 5+ months ago. Most of them are older too with the youngest being like 7 years old. They’re all at different shelters within 50 miles of me and I don’t really have time to go visit them all to see which would be a better fit. I just want a calm and relaxed kitty. I think I do have a type, though.

No. 1021461

get them all!!!! please just get a kitty though anon, i'm sure any of them would be thrilled to bits to be with you. please choose an older cat like you say, they're so awesome and in need of homes. all beautiful babies.

No. 1021463

I really wish I could get them all. It hurts my heart seeing some of these elder sweeties in a shelter. I truly do hate the effort it takes to raise a kitten, so I definitely can’t be persuaded into getting one of those instead. They’re not even that cute to me? Mature cats are better in like every way.

No. 1021485

I do love the grumpy fellow in the middle. I’m very jealous that you get to have a cat all to yourself!

No. 1021496

>adopting old cats
you're an angel nonnie.

No. 1021502

Why don’t more people adopt older cats? They’re not hyper, they can have a LOT of life left at even 10 plus years old, they're usually less vocal, all of those are pros in my book. One downside is that you might have to feed them a special diet, but that’s not even that much more expensive than regular food. I guess I just don’t see why they sit there for ages.

No. 1021556

I’m officially cutting carbs out for now, kinda proud of myself because i can’t turn bread, rice or noodles down and i was offered a bowl of the most delicious looking rice today but managed to decline

No. 1021584

Thanks for the tip nonna, I'll keep it in mind.

No. 1021800

i'm so grateful i grew up with ghibli films. just a lovely collection of works i could relate to and find solace in as a lonely kid

No. 1021826

They’re all treasures, every time I watch them I feel like I’ve been taught to enjoy life again. When I have kids I hope we can watch them together. Hopefully you’re not a lonely adult, ghibli-anon

No. 1021837

File: 1641769525292.gif (3.09 MB, 498x278, my-neighbors-the-yamadas-tonar…)

thats so cute, i hope your future kids will enjoy the films as much as we do!! and thank you, fortunately i do have some good friends now. one of them also loves ghibli so we get to bond over it

No. 1021848

Glad to hear you got a happy ending nonners, will have to force my friend into watching ghibli too kek

No. 1022138

Sorry for the intrusive question, but where are you that it's Halloween?

No. 1022166

"No man can be a good judge of the comfort a woman feels in the society of one of her own sex."

jane austen gets it.

No. 1023168

Love that time of the month on lolcow where nonnies dredge up old inactive threads.

No. 1023184

File: 1641900933107.jpg (56.58 KB, 828x824, power.jpg)

been growing out my bleached hair for over a year and now I want to bleach it again. this has happened every time i've tried to grow it out, and I know I should just stick with it this time because i want healthy hair but I hate how my clothes don't suit my hair colour anymore.

No. 1023187

I went looking for jobs for students, I looked for programming stuff but they all want HTML and CSS web design stuff, I hoped I could do something in python or C like I did in school but nobody is looking for that so I gave up. I'm gonna sell paintings

No. 1023193

I woke up at 8.30am today and thought it was pretty good, but now its 1pm and I'm still in bed. I've ran out of things to browse or watch and I have many tasks lined up that I don't want to do. I always thought "I can't get out of bed" was exaggerated, but this has somehow become the norm for me. I either wake up very late or ruin my day by not getting up. My throat hurts and I just want to sleep forever. Whatever, time for breakfast

No. 1023233

just read patricia highsmith’s personal life and political views section on wikipedia. shit is wild af

No. 1023264

I did the dishes and made box brownies and now I'm not even sure if I feel like eating. Which means I probably should, last time I "didn't feel hungry" I ended up passing out kek

No. 1023368

In 2 hours and 6 minutes I get to wash my hair. I can't wait to feel all warm, soothed and sudsy, letting my medicated shampoo tingle on my scalp for a few minutes while I just stand in the steamy shower, inhale, exhale, stare into space.
I should have washed it before work but I didn't have time to style it and I had a big meeting today (that went well!) but now my scalp is killing me. Just a few more hours!

No. 1023369

I do the same thing, sometimes I'm so hungry that I don't actually want to eat and the thought of eating disgusts me. I think it might just be because of nausea.

No. 1023397

>normie coworkers are talking about troon and enby shit
On one hand they don't get it and mostly see it as some kind of fashion fad (which it technically is lol) but on the other I'm biting my tongue not to spout radfem and gc rethoric.

No. 1023402

The only time I've seen coworkers talking about tranny shit it was between a moderate muslim straight guy and a flaming white gay (you know the type) and when the muslim guy said it's ok to be gay and trans people shouldnt suffer from discrimination but transwomen aren't actually women the white gay took so personally somehow. Then when the muslim guy asked if the gay guy would be ok with having sex with a transman suddenly the gay guy really took his time to say that he definitely would. This seemed surreal.

No. 1023411

As usual, white men are full of shit

No. 1023447

My sister is LARPing as a deaf person online now. I guess her tranny grift wasn't going to plan.

No. 1023480

I knit four pair of socks in like a month, I feel so motivated to create fabrics

No. 1023514

Ayrt and my situation was different, it was three women and they were talking about it because high fashion and jewellery have been pushing androgyny in their recent marketing campaign (and not the classy androgyny like in the 80s, the current year tacky shit) and they think it's just a way of expressing yourself. They are the kind of people who think makeup=woman, so I can see why they see it like that.
Honestly it's extremely fucking hard to peak normies, you can't show them the online shit like Kevin Gibes because they'd think you have weird hobbies.

No. 1023526

Someone please do fun shit

No. 1023530

No. 1023618

File: 1641927351545.jpeg (53 KB, 500x330, DC130B97-33F6-4E3C-8387-ACAA5E…)

this is it anon, I've have had it with being stuck in my room all day and I'm going to bring my work out to a cafe today. We have been reported to have 4-5 omicron cases since new year so far but everytime I go out to buy groceries it's just crowded everywhere as usual. This is it, I'm going to stop being skeptical today and just say fuck it and sit maskless sipping on coffee and having cheesecake while I go through my work tasks. I used to get more focus when I didn't have to work from home anyways. I just want to be productive and feel a bit less miserable in compared to being surrounded by the four walls of my room. This is your chance to either to call me stupid or enable my dumbass behavior Today.

No. 1023624

Just wanted to say that I'm jealous of your bravery. I'd chew off my left arm to go sit in a library, but the thought of putting my mother's health at risk keeps me in isolation. I'm glad you're gonna go out. I hope you don't get sick, and I like being able to live vicariously through you in this moment. Have fun anon

No. 1023680

I'm glad you're going out! You're at your own little table at a cafe, eating your cheese cake, what harm is there in that? I wish I could go visit a cafe or something but we're getting hundreds to thousands of cases right now. It's the people traveling out of their state/province that are a problem. I know we wouldn't be having this big of an outbreak right now if it weren't for people crowding in from a particular province to "escape covid"

No. 1023724

On one hand I'm glad that people have stopped talking about Squid Game because I was sick of hearing about it but on the other hand it's kinda scary how quickly people have moved on to the next shiny thing (Arcane), it really says something about how we consume media nowadays. Remember back during Lost's heydays when there were entire forums dedicated to the show, with people discussing it and crafting theories until the last episode?

No. 1023771

i agree. tv shows need to start coming out one episode per week. i’m so glad succession does this

No. 1023826

Agree and I hate how they binge the entire series in one sitting too. Some of us can't sit for hours on end to watch a week's worth of episodes

No. 1023924

File: 1641942828147.jpg (58 KB, 499x499, triggerfish.jpg)

yamma pley tigatoe?

No. 1023948

Everyone, stop looking, we have finally found Dory

No. 1024094

Going to try to make milk bread

No. 1024101

Share the recipe right now

No. 1024103

I'm making it for the first time anon, but here you go.

No. 1024130

File: 1641958343690.jpg (33.8 KB, 236x236, 11742089.jpg)

Nevermind, milk is expired by 1 day. I only have almond milk I'm going to cry.

No. 1024140

Unless it smells bad it should be fine to use

No. 1024145

All dairy milk smells bad to me so I have no idea if it's off or not. It would have to be super expired for me to tell.
Anyway, I'm making cookies now.

No. 1024146

Just for your future reference, if you can't tell, it's not spoiled. Spoiled milk has a very strong revolting smell that is clearly distinct from fresh milk.

No. 1024148

File: 1641959780513.png (144.46 KB, 503x295, 1460601406735.png)

I'm going to the game store tomorrow nonas, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or New Pokemon Snap?

No. 1024159

No. 1024160

Are you interested in the Legends: Arceus game that comes out at the end of the month? Also I'd get Snap, the remake can't be that different than Pokemon games I've played in the past.

No. 1024169

I completely forgot about that one lol. It does look cool though, I'm glad they're finally switching up the gameplay a little

No. 1024177

Get Pokemon Snap nonny, I've played both and the Snap sequel is way more fun.

No. 1024214

File: 1641965939629.png (66.05 KB, 300x196, 712B547E-EA8B-45CC-ABC7-EFA213…)

I was recently reminded of when the super straight meme was going around and I’m still happy about all the good arguments I saw and watching average normies spread “TERF rhetoric” when it was trending.

No. 1024218

The realisation that having to do that in HM shaped my attraction towards women for life. Probably.

No. 1024236

I’m watching a new show for the first time in forever and I love it. I’m pretending you’re all watching it with me now

No. 1024240

I need a new show, whatcha watching?

No. 1024261

sure, what are you watching?

No. 1024322


I’m sorry by “new show” I mean for me. It’s older. It’s American Horror Story. I watched Asylum first, then Coven. Asylum is my favorite so far. Didn’t like Freak Show very much. So then I went back and watched Murder House. It’s pretty good.

No. 1024326

well I've watched all the seasons so in spirit I'm right there nona

No. 1024403

File: 1641984531615.jpeg (67.15 KB, 564x556, 1626769582503.jpeg)

i almost posted the link to the ftm thread in my zoom class

No. 1024409

I hated how "moderate" the TRAs became in their arguments only to come back to what they were after it calmed down.
>o-of course you can have sex preference!
>it's just transphobic to not date someone because they're trans
that's the same

No. 1024414

i kinda miss the feeling of making my friends laugh hard. i still meet up with my friends sometimes and we call and have a nice time and all. but all the friends i used to fuck around and laugh really hard with, i'm distant from now. i remember one time where i was in a high school class and i was reading a textbook with a friend, and there was an image of some old guy with long orange hair and a microphone and i said something like "damn, hayley williams really let herself go" and my friend laughed so hard it boosted my confidence for at least five years

No. 1024464

>o-of course you can have sex preference!
>it's just transphobic to not date someone because they're trans
yet they always seethe if lesbians like ftms

No. 1024482

just randomly remembered when i was a kid i used to be obsessed with rules (still am) to the point where i would invent fake schools and dance academies in my head and write out enrollment guides, rule books etc into notebooks. i also find it relaxing to read refund guides, enrollment guides for universities, rules for submitting documents etc. maybe this is also why i chose to study law. ironically i don’t really like following rules but there’s something about reading about them and dreaming up rules for some hypothetical organisation that i could run that’s so soothing

No. 1024509

I'm very excited for the Scott Pilgrim and Redwall cartoons that are being made right now, but I can't help but feel a little worried because they're being produced by Netflix. Redwall is being worked on by the guy who made Over the Garden Wall so that gives me hope but I just love these two book series so much I am going to be devastated if they fuck it up and ruin it for new audiences. I'm also desperate for Cluny the Scourge, I hope he's going to be in the new series, I am all about that rat.

No. 1024534

I had a dream in which i was a lesbian and had a cute girlfriend and we went adventuring. Maybe my prayers to the homo god have been answered

No. 1024539

I want your dream to come true.

No. 1024728

maybe you just like structure anon, I can understand the appeal. I'm sort of a mix-match on the concept since I see rules as a challenge to how much I can fuck with them until the authorities finally have had it with me. (for example on lolcow)

No. 1024736

I fried an egg really nicely. I've also been practicing on how to make the perfect boiled egg for me! I watched an egg-boiling tutorial to master the art of boiling eggs nonnies don't make fun of me I just love eggs so much.

No. 1024740

I can flip seven eggs in a pan at once and poach an egg perfectly, get in my level and then we can really talk eggs

No. 1024744

This is cute, you should become a technical writer

No. 1024764

I'm planning on pimping out the back of my closet. I want to get a plush area rug, some pillows and blankets, and I'll have a pile of books and cds to read/listen to. It's gonna be a little space where I can go to destress and relax. I'm calling it the "positivity corner". Gonna try to pick up the needed materials today! This is gonna be fun.

No. 1024767

I LOVE IT, have a good time!!

No. 1024779

I'm switching from Celexa to Zoloft today, wish me luck.

No. 1024794


I despise eggs but am trying to get a taste for them since they're so good for you. My biggest issue is the texture and I am 99% sure that I am just not cooking them correctly. You nonas have any tips that could make them taste better?

No. 1024808

File: 1642008999293.jpg (230.52 KB, 735x1103, c87a7613c0b1e681ffc0c4ccc32df0…)

Why don't you make scrambled eggs? It's my favorite way of eating eggs.

No. 1024819

Do you like ramen eggs? I like ramen eggs

No. 1024822

Care to explain the flipping part

No. 1024833

You gotta make sure there's lots of oil on that pan, homie, you gotta make sure the whites are about half cooked, homie, you gotta use a rubber spatula and go around the edge of the eggs to make sure there is no sticking, homie, you gotta swirl the pan around a little bit to get the eggs loose and read for flippin, homie, then you have to kind of tilt the pan down so the eggs go near the edge of the pan and when they look like they're about to go over, pull back the pan flicking it towards you back to being straight and the eggs should flip. If you want over easy, turn the heat off and let the eggs rest for just a little bit, if you want them harder just let them rest a little longer. Homie.

No. 1024839

Back of house nonnas are truly powerful.

No. 1024844

File: 1642010267902.jpg (41.59 KB, 450x300, 78089839-strong-aggressive-coo…)

You're darn tootin

No. 1024922

I hate when sites can't just tell you what couriers they typically use or have their contract with. Like even in the FAQ page they'll leave that important detail out?

I ordered something online a few days ago and once it dispatched I checked up reviews on the courier (seeing as so few places here use them) Well it's not good lol. It's already late now and these reviews are killing me. Bu-bye order.

No. 1025004

Every once in a while I get Ariana Grandes Side To Side stuck in my head out of nowhere, even when it isn't possible for me to have it heard somewhere in passing and me not even listening to her on my own at all. Just like now. And it's only ever this song.

No. 1025007

Is it Lasership? Kek

No. 1025103

I own a pair of cursed panties. They are normal when they are in the drawer but when they get in contact with liquid they stink like a kitchen pipe. Must be something with the fabric. Anyway I routinely put them back in the washing machine thinking "this time the smell will wash out" but it doesn’t, and then i forget which ones they are, and it’s been going on for a few years. Just had a workout and it smells like I’m hanging out at the sewer spill.

No. 1025227

I'll make soup, eventually.

No. 1025267

Throw them away, anon…. or donate them to science or something.

No. 1026235

File: 1642104163900.jpg (176.06 KB, 1200x1200, 20211228_182255.jpg)

Finally back home from a late shift. Time for a beer, hanging with my cats, and meal prepping for many more boring mundane days

No. 1026238

I've been taking iron supplements because of anemia. The doctor advised me to take the pills with orange juice. The simple act of peeling and grinding the oranges every morning as soon as I wake up makes me feel more healthy.

No. 1026239

I took iron tablets for the same reason for a while and it made my poop pure black, have you experienced this?

No. 1026243

Nta but my mom poops green because of the iron supplements.

No. 1026247

Freaky. Currently trying to get ahold of my bf and I get a call I assume is spam since it's so close to mine. I search the number and it brings up a catering company but the first thing their business advertises on Google is "CALL BF'S NAME"

No. 1026252

It's normal

It helps iron uptake. Meanwhile calcium inhibits it so don't have dairy before or after

No. 1026273

Yeah, that's normal nonnie. I'll turn back to the usual color after you stop taking them.

No. 1026300

The only hand cream I have left at home is the one with shea butter, and I hate the smell of shea butter which is the reason why this tube is the only one left full. I'll go out tomorrow and buy some better smelling hand cream, but now I'll have to suffer under the reign of the shea butter smell which overpowers everything.

No. 1026301

File: 1642108394941.jpg (201.36 KB, 717x904, Screenshot_20220113-210859_Chr…)

I dont own a console or play games but someone recently bought me a gift card for a game store. I had a look online and I had pretty limited options but for the nostalgia I picked out a sonic plush and pokemon plush.

They arrived today. You can't go wrong with a tomy pokemon plush but the sonic.. fuck me it's ugly and shitty quality. It was the more expensive of the two and its worse than any bootleg one I've seen. I looked around online and found it's a real licensed plush but just not the one I ordered. Uggo sonic pic is taken from an amazon review. Mine is slightly worse again.

No. 1026304

Damn that sucks nona. Is it possible to return/exchange it for another pokemon plush??

No. 1026305

I'm especially upset about the twisted shoe design on that person's version. Dang that sucks anon, but at least it's kinda funny in a way. What a letdown

No. 1026306

Mail it to Chris chan

No. 1026309

weird how chris chan got associated with sonic fans when he's every bit of a pokemon fan as he is a sonic one

No. 1026314

sonic is always ugly. shit design

No. 1026317

not really

No. 1026318

Pyrocynical has a nice name

No. 1026322

The way his design translates to plush form is pretty hit and miss.

I guess they often miss

No. 1026639

I'm eating stew, drinking almond milk, and watching a movie

No. 1026646

Sounds nice. Enjoy your meal

No. 1026651

The veggie burgers I bought are really tasty but they fall apart like nothing. I basically put it on my bun like a spread.

No. 1026662

Which brand did you buy?

No. 1026663

Crumble them on a salad or on some mashed potatoes or something!

No. 1026667

File: 1642138023248.png (523.61 KB, 660x660, DrPraegers-VeggieBurgers-Calif…)

these guys. I cooked them in the oven cause I didn't feel like standing at the stove so maybe they're better fried
good idea! I might put them in fried rice with some eggs

No. 1026669

I can’t March marks a year. It felt so long ago.

No. 1026685

they are better cooked on the stove with a little oil, but they are also good with eggs, or eggs and rice.

No. 1026694

one day we'll be 90% of the population and I'll be very happy. Dead already, but happy nonetheless.

No. 1026800

apparently i was high as fuck the other night and ordered some old japanese ps2 games on suruga-ya and i just had an anxiety attack thinking i must have put the wrong address since my japanese forwarding address changed since the last time i ordered from there but somehow my high ass actually correctly changed the address to the new one

somewhat shocked i managed to successfully do that when i can barely even remember making the order, this is the first time i dont remember ordering something and i hope it doesnt happen again but im not complaining either because i actually want everything i ordered

No. 1026812

CEX is calling me later to have a short interview on the phone and I am so nervous kek I hope they offer me a job or at the very least a proper job interview in person. It’s only for part time, but I really need to start building up my resume somehow and a job there doesn’t seem that bad.

No. 1026816

Found the autistic chinaboo sperg

No. 1026825

when i’m bored or want to escape from life i imagine i’m the showrunner/creative director of an adaptation of my favourite YA book series. sometimes i write scripts in my head and imagine how i would adapt certain scenes so they work for tv. i also like to imagine what sorts of wardrobes the characters would get and how to subtly change them to signal character growth/regression. i also like to imagine which songs would form the soundtracks of the episodes and which songs would go in the ending credits of each episode. then i like to imagine putting in a preview/extra scene at the end of the credits that in an ideal world people would hear the song of the ending credits and then it would fade into the extra scene (obviously irl the steaming service would have a button to skip the the ending scene and no one would watch all the credits but that’s okay). then i imagine how i would handle all the marketing for each new season and each episode (in my fantasy land the episodes would air on a weekly basis) and it would be cool if a playlist of the songs that would play in each episode was released a few days before the episode so fans could make predictions for the emotional tone of the episode). i also like to imagine how we would selectively adapt the books to transform or leave out the more “problematic” elements for good pr. in my dreams this show is popular enough to warrant all 4 seasons being made (1 season = 1 book) but still remains a cult classic with a dedicated fandom. anyway it’s my favourite form of escapism. when i was teenager i used to imagine becoming friends with the characters which is impossible but this seems more productive.. but equally impossible. the book series was nearly made into a tv show but the project was dropped and i’m glad about that because there’s no way it could be adapted that would satisfy me

No. 1027051

File: 1642175262769.jpg (38.18 KB, 500x500, 63025bdd2d594535aee320ee70062b…)

I emailed them afterwards. Probably the most autistic email I've ever sent. I attached comparison pics of the sonic listed and the one I got lol. I really thought they'd just be like "uh yeah it's an assortment.."

But yeah there was a mix up in stock. The shitty one I got is leftover stock that they'd been mixing in with the the newer ones. I'm getting a replacement. Just hope I don't get eggman this time. Come on anyone other than eggman.

No. 1027079

>man hands
Begone tranny

No. 1027091

can you read?

No. 1027099

I want an eggman plushie

No. 1027106

Nonnie, I have the same fantasy, it’s kind of why I never write, but I get you.

No. 1027108

> Uggo sonic pic is taken from an amazon review. Mine is slightly worse again.

No. 1027149

Samefag but I went and checked kek. The reviewer is called Katelyn. Just some mom reviewing stuff she bought for the kids. >>1027079

No. 1027252

Does your bf have a common name?

No. 1027324

I just had three delicious bowls of stew and I am in heaven

No. 1027340

It is so hard not to judge the nonas in the femdomme thread good god

No. 1027352

My first relationship had that dynamic.. I thought I was winning at life. I get secondhand embarrassment and these cringey memories flooding back whenever I read it. That could be my younger (oh so naive) self bragging about how I have it all figured out.. when I really didn't. That bubble burst and it burst hard for me.

No. 1027371

What did you think you had figured out?

No. 1027388

I just remembered the class picture we had in fifth grade. Two boys were absent that day, so my teacher just photoshopped them in from other pictures we had from class trips. Considering she just did it on the fly, it looked surprisingly good.

No. 1027393

Glad you got out of that. I cringe in embarrassment at how I behaved in relationships/sex in my late teens and early 20s too. The only reason I saw was some coomer post on the front page that I clicked on thinking it would be making fun of, well, coomers/scrotes. Unfortunately that was not the case kek

No. 1027415

Just that I had found a good one, a loyal guy who wasn't an asshole, who'd be there long term and I wouldn't be dealing with scrotes and their usual shit. I thought I had bypassed all the shit we have to go through when dating men. 4 years of full on bliss and then one day he disappeared with no warning signs and no answers to this day. God knows what was really going on in his head that he never shared with me. Too much of our relationship was wrapped up in that dumb dynamic. It felt real right up until he walked without a word. I stopped existing in a moment. Just like that. Now I see that it was probably to him.. just kink fulfillment that he'd go to great lengths to keep. It was fake. It really was too good to be genuine.

Then I dated normal guys and dealt with normal bs and honestly.. at least I wasn't living in fantasy land thinking they were just perfect. Scrotes who hold back their shit for years or fake things are to me the worst. Don't waste my youth lol. Put your shit on display, be annoyed with me if you feel that way, but communicate and be real with me so I know what I'm getting. I had a face to face break up with an asshole of a guy and I could've thanked him for simply giving me the closure of a real break up. Seeing as the other guy never did and that messed with me for way too long afterwards.

My ex wore a dog collar in public and would pretend it was a metal thing.. like a style.. I cringe so hard at how we started dating and next thing his parents are asking about the collar. Oh that's just fashion.. oh my god we were idiots.

No. 1027559

The one that is mad that others aren't into pegging and say everyone else is bad at sex while she isn't even getting orgasms from her sub is just tragic. I hope it's a larping moid.

No. 1027812

I'm having cheesecake with bananas, rasperries and blueberries as my first meal today. Also, I found cara cara oranges at Lidl yesterday and I felt very lucky.

No. 1027846

I finished ripping up the carpet staples! Now my furniture is back in its rightful place.

No. 1027867

File: 1642199424001.jpeg (67.83 KB, 640x360, 8D789F7C-7118-4933-90C5-C3C577…)

Ayrt, I was talking about the post right before all that started but just went to read since you mentioned it. Jfc

No. 1027878

File: 1642200535038.jpg (132.54 KB, 700x1067, 1-5cf0e179238b9__700.jpg)

I want to dye my hair, but if I do that it will be harder to find braiding hair that matches my real hair's color

No. 1027882

i found a bag of gummy bears in the kitchen cupboard earlier and had some and they were delicious and i planned to eat more later on and now its later on and the bag of gummy bears is not there anymore and my family is asleep so i can't ask them what happened to the bag of gummy bears and i'm starting to think maybe the bag of gummy bears didn't exist and i just imagined the bag of gummy bears

No. 1027897

Maybe a member of your family noticed that the bag of gummy bears had been opened and decided to indulge in some gummy bears

No. 1027899

what makes you think that?

No. 1027908

but there were so many in the bag.. why didn't they put it back, i scoured the whole kitchen for them… the investigation will continue tomorrow morning

No. 1027924

Sometimes my family members will take an entire bag of snacks to their room to munch on and then bring it back downstairs later, so maybe that's what happened. Hopefully your gummy bears are safe and uneaten somewhere nona. Keep us posted

No. 1028008

File: 1642209638035.jpg (50.17 KB, 400x475, tumblr_nu26j0HSN11ufrz9no1_400…)

I've always told myself to wait a certain moment to start shit for the "perfect time" but you know what fuck it I will dress autumnly and order an orange/light brown liptint for this spring, won't wait next fall season (also it'll be a new school year so I'd be too depressed)

No. 1028090

Just found out one of my friends who always seemed to be leaning more towards GC / radfem stuff started following a local TIM. I feel so bertrayed kek

No. 1028133

is it because he is talented at something?

No. 1028144

Do it. Fall colors my ass. If the weather permits, it's a fit.

No. 1028454

I just got the sweets I ordered for myself, I'm so excited to eat some as a sort of celebration after fucking up next week's exam!! I've been thinking about ordering from this company for years now, but no occasion seemed important enough so I'll just make this important now

No. 1028517

my dad has always been really weird about my brother dating women (more so than my sister dating men or me dating women) and my brother and i discussed it and decided it’s probably because i (the eldest) was most definitely an accident. he knew my mum for a few months and when he knocked her up they got married soon after. so he’s probably nervous about my brother doing the same thing

No. 1028539

Watching the biathlon world cup in honor of my husbando sniper

No. 1028674

I really have to go outside to get some vitamin D but its -22C

No. 1028702

Nonnie do you live in Siberia?? Can you make an outside bonfire?

No. 1028716

Just take some d3 pills then like the rest of us that live in snowy places.

No. 1028719

File: 1642268965014.jpg (83.21 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_324359133107047.jpg)

The sun is a liability anyway

No. 1028905

that is indeed what happened, except it turned out my sister ate them all. womp womp

No. 1029148

Do any farmers have recommendations for youtubers who make comfy videos about living alone? I used to get a lot of them recommended to me (like sueddu or Nami’s Life for example) and I found them really relaxing, but I’d love to know if farmers have any go-to youtubers. Something about seeing other people live their mundane lives alone somehow makes me feel less alone lol. Anyway, gonna order some pizza and drink beer for dinner. I know it’s super unhealthy but I have been craving pizza all week.

No. 1029153


I love Shayna's Purple Palace channel. Early/mid 20s American artist living in Paris. She's sweet and down-to-earth while also being a bit kooky and amusing.

Here's her "how I find joy in living alone" vid

No. 1029172

File: 1642302782060.gif (444.23 KB, 220x209, 01A3FABE-2099-4F87-9652-67863E…)

I drove 20 minutes into town to get groceries and go to the gym after, but the supermarket was out of the one main thing I needed for dinner and the gym was closed for maintenance.

No. 1029185

>friend invites me to eat out and watch a movie with people she's also friends with
>agree because someone I'm familiar with goes
>we eat out, it's fine there was good food and they were pretty funny
>go to see the movies, they kept on talking the WHOLE TIME
>not whispering, loud talking
>using their phones with on the highest brightness
>taking pictures, scrolling through social media, share their phone during the movie and laugh
>lie and say that I need to leave early for doctors appointment, in reality it was unbearable.
I know I'm being a bit dramatic but it literally ruined my day. I feel drained

No. 1029243

i feel crazy because every time i’m chilling alone at home i start crying and freaking out and then being okay and then not okay. i’m not happy with the circumstances of my life. i want to be diagnosed with hysteria and pumped full of barbiturates like how the classy ladies back in the day dealt

No. 1029261

File: 1642313545567.gif (43.95 KB, 320x274, giphy.gif)

I finally got to make milk bread, but I don't think it came out right. The actual bread is fine, but it's more dense than I thought it would be. I think maybe it's because the tangzhong wasn't properly incorporated? I should've followed the recipe and mixed it with the egg. I could have also added too much flour while kneading.

No. 1029264

maybe those things but did your yeast fully activate?

No. 1029267

The dough was sitting for 2 hours in a warm area but it didn't rise enough to be double the size, so I guess not.

No. 1029396

i bought a white noise machine because i saw an anon talk about how great they are and i love it. i still hate my roommate's trumpet like nose blowing but i love reading while listening to the crackle of firewood.

No. 1029398

In what way a separate device like this is better than, for example, playing white noise from youtube on your computer? Genuinely curious

No. 1029399

i'm trying to reduce screen time to fix my fried attention span so i put my phone far away from my bed! you can't play around, buy shit on amazon and scroll lolcow for 3 hours with a white noise machine.

No. 1029405

Ohh ok, that's a very fair point actually! remembered how last time I looked for relaxing sounds it took me like 30 minutes bc I just jumped around the internet. Thanks nona, enjoy your chill vibes

No. 1029412

Could be a variety of things. Overkneading, wrong grain of flour, old yeast, thermic shock
But if you indeed added a lot of flour while kneading thats most likely the problem, next time don’t add any

No. 1029441

Decided to stop at a different location of the grocery chain I usually go to and they had a bigger size of the kimchi I like on sale let's goooo (but then the sale didn't work at the self-checkout and the 15 year old kid looked too stressed to know how to make it happen so we let it go)

No. 1029454

I bought a sweater at the second hand clothes store yesterday, I love it it's grey and it's that fuzzy viscose fabric that shines, and it has felt flowers on it, but my mom washed it for me and it was shedding soooooooooooo much. So I read online that if you put it in the dryer for 10 minutes all the loose fibers will come off and it won't shed anymore, and it worked! This works for plant derived fibers. For animal derived fibers the internet says to put it in the freezer for a few hours.

No. 1029724

File: 1642353824993.jpg (113.15 KB, 1280x720, ha chicken.jpg)

Where I live it usually isn't super cold in the winter (a few days ago it was 80°F) but today it is pretty cold and I don't have a lot of stylish cold weather clothing so I'm dressed like the home alone burglar

No. 1030018

File: 1642380086252.jpeg (490.85 KB, 778x1078, 72C5D085-448C-4347-84BA-7CAC60…)

i think my mental illness mightve contributed to a lot of memory loss, like
today I'm just reading this manga about baseball, and half-way through during practice art, the players are assigned to play table tennis.
For some reason this panel just invoked a memory that I somehow couldn't recognize: I used to play table tennis. Maybe it was short term, only a semester, or something. Though I remember every of it so vividly: The route I'd have to take to enter the practice room, our coach bitching about sharing room with other clubs, how one side of the paddle always feel good on my palm, and my attitude toward the sport was mild - but still enjoyed the overall experience. I even vaguely remembered we'd had challenges of how many times we can bounce the ball on two side of the paddle.

this is just so random, considering I didn't have this kind of brain-unclogging experience when I was watching Ping Pong anime (masaaki yuasa).

I'm in my 30s and my everyday worries are pretty much similar to people of my age: trying to keep up with work and paying the bills on time, also depression and loneliness. So unearthed memories like these really come at a surprise to me (In a sense of: What? I Really did that myself?)

Idk anons do you have similar experience where your brain randomly unlock a repressed memory or something like that.

No. 1030364

I've got a therapy session coming up and I feel so impotent about the whole thing. I can't jump out the gate with all my shameful embarrassing shit that's actually holding me back, so I know I'll spend the hour crying and talking in circles about some inane tangent topic like why I'm always late for work.

I like the therapist well enough but I've only got a handful of sessions with her so it would be a big push for me to bring up my deep stuff knowing I'll only see her a few more times. Also I'm not sure she can even help me, but that's probably the shame talking.

I want to get the most out of this but I'm so fucking terrified. How can I bring up stuff not even my closest loved ones know, things I've never said out loud before. What if the meeting is being recorded or someone overhears me bawling from my bedroom window?

I'm brave in other parts of my life but I'm private to an unhealthy degree. I hope this isn't a waste of time but maybe getting these sessions was the wrong decision and she'll think I'm a munchie princess who cries about nothing.

No. 1030371

I have that too, rarely but still. Same age as you, I don't know what your mental illness is but I'm diagnosed and medicated for chronic depression and ADHD (not medicated though). Few times in my life due to encountering something randomly or talking to someone who was present in some past time of my like, like middle school friend, I've remembered something fairly big that happened; it made no sense for me to forget something like that while I remembered a lot of smaller things, and - at least in case of middle school memory - I could confirm with that friend it indeed really happened. Such a weird experience.

You need to tell your therapist all that you've written there. Therapist is there to help you through the process, you dont have to cross your own boundaries in a pace that is not comfortable for you but you really need to tell her there's something going on, even if you're not ready to go into details, don't derail with mundane things even if it's tempting. Maybe it will be helpful to write down what is really bothering you? Harder to run away what already is a physically existing written list than from your thoughts.

No. 1030457

File: 1642423897365.jpg (30.29 KB, 306x576, you're an idiot.jpg)

Just spent two hours reading death poems, last words, and last meals. I cried a little. I know I and everyone I love will die, but sometimes I understand it more than other times.

Also watched anime.

No. 1030459

You just reminded me of when I was 11 and obsessed with the Chicken Soup book On Death and Dying. I would read stories about people dying from terminal illnesses, or people's recounting of their grief, and I would just cry and cry. I have no idea why I did that.

No. 1030467

I ran a little and didn’t eat any snacks.

No. 1030523

just watched the coconut music video by kim petras, there’s something so viscerally uncomfortable about watching him shake his bolt on tits in an attempt to be sexy.

it kind of reminds me of when freddie’s sister performed ass to ass in season 2 of skins


No. 1030568

File: 1642434095214.jpg (19.81 KB, 163x163, eh.JPG)

Why do I buy shit I don't need at least the bubble tea are never a regret

No. 1030612

For the first time in ages I got up really early today (5 am) and went out for a drive to get breakfast and now it’s almost noon and I’ve spent the day reading. This is nice. It’s chilly outside but sunny, I wish I didn’t have such bad cramps so I could go for a walk or drive to the beach.

No. 1030681

File: 1642441067584.jpg (27.23 KB, 500x346, tumblr_o9mikosXZ51s0umr9o3_500…)

I think I am finally quitting smoking.
I've quit drinking except socially at parties with friends since the start of december and haven't slipped up yet.
Here's to my lungs being clear again!

No. 1030744

Keep it up, anon, and pull through.
That was the best decision ever, I promise.

No. 1031004

New laptop uses same charger as old laptop. Nice

No. 1031005

Today I accidentally stole something for the very first time in my life, I was in a store and I picked some yoghurt, and while checking things around I couldn't find anything I wanted there so I left while I forgot I still had the yoghurt in my bag. I still needed to do grocery shopping so I went to my usual shop and ended up paying for the yoghurt there.

No. 1031027


Anon you’ve fucked up the inventory system of 2 stores now instead of 1, next time just ride the dopamine high of free yogurt and be more careful in the future kek

No. 1031035

Their inventory system was probably already fucked, I was too lazy to go back home just to put the yoghurt in the fridge and I still have that goody two shoes mentality of stealing being bad, so I would have probably felt guilty if I didn't pay lol.

No. 1031042

Woke up at 4 pm again.

No. 1031046


No. 1031200

I just sneezed and felt something come out of my vagina. I really hope it was discharge and not pee. It's kind of crazy how sneezing can do that.

No. 1031231

Lost my sense of smell and taste because of Omicron. I can't smell my candles or the cafe I work at. Now all I can do is eat extremely spicy things to feel anything. Like a pudgy cat I am food-driven so the inability to enjoy food has bummed me out a little. Maybe I'll get some lost pounds out of it.

No. 1031252

I lost 10 lbs when I had Covid last year. The no taste sucked (besides being fatigued) Glad to actually enjoy food again.

No. 1031270

I’m going on a 5 hr trip today to see the beach. I’ve been cooped up in my room for 2 years now, havent been out because the city all holds dark memories so very excited to be with the ocean

No. 1031280

I changed all my device's theme's to either light mode or customized it into pink like the girltalk theme

No. 1031284

why are the unit quizzes on duolingo all about responding to words that havent been taught yet? what is the fucking purpose of that? and its not like a few words that are new, theyre throwing full sentences at me when all the unit has covered so far is how to say shit like "i eat bread" and "you are a man"

No. 1031286

a month or so ago i did the same, i love the girltalk theme. i dont dress very girly but ive been making my phone as decorated and sickly-sweet as possible

No. 1031393

The idea is that you understand the concepts behind things like "the man eats bread" or "I am twenty years old" and can apply them to understand things you haven't memorized yet. But Duolingo sucks and ducks everything up in execution.

No. 1031499

File: 1642510276493.jpg (383.87 KB, 1440x960, 01-2.jpg)

i'm making potato stew with sausage today!

No. 1031504

Yummm, have fun!

No. 1031592

Every morning while I tidy the kitchen, I set my roomba to turn on so it feels like we're tag-teaming the tidy up together. I love when I can hear him distantly from the back room as he sweeps up the little litter crumblies my cats kick everywhere. I named him Mr. Butlertron. I wish it had an option where it would groan in disgust, or let out a big, exasperated sigh when it has to really clean a spot though. That's the only thing missing

No. 1031622

Nona pls mail me some that sounds/looks so yummy

No. 1031781

I just sat for too long writing a reply post to a cute nona in which my leg fell asleep and I tripped on myself for standing up too fast.
Now I'm on the floor waiting for blood rushing back to my feet and whew starting to feel the pain
lolcow gives me sprain

No. 1031832

I just cracked my neck and my arm suddenly started hurting. What did I fucking do

No. 1031852

This is so cute anon, you and Butlertron are an unstoppable duo

Late but thanks for the advice, I didn't tell her exactly what was in my post but I tried to be present and not distract with tangents. It was a good session and she very gently got me to open up about my family a little. I felt good afterwards and feel more confident I made the right decision by starting therapy.

No. 1031869

I did ate the spicy noodle challenge noodles and my butthole regrets it

No. 1031880

Cervical radiculopathy

No. 1032018

God why do I suck at making pancakes. Every time I get the craving for some and make them I regret it because I just can't get it right. Should be a really simple recipe but I just can't do it.

No. 1032028

What's wrong with the pancakes, nonners? Too flat? Taste weird? What's the dealie?

No. 1032047

yeah what do you use for your pancake dough? mine are ready-mixed
sometimes I can eat them raw just because

No. 1032060

I wish i could make some for you i have a killer buttermilk pancake recipe
besides i wish i could cook for another human being its been so long

No. 1032091

I used to suck at pancakes, burnt outside and raw middle. Trick is to start slow on lower heat, wait for the bubble to rise. I still kind of get the raw splatter when flipping but it's been getting better. Also for extra good pancakes, add more baking powder

No. 1032093

I just made stew and it tastes so good. I'm making bread to go with it, but I think I might just make mashed potatoes instead.

No. 1032117

Fuck yes, stew and mashed potatoes is so good

No. 1032152

Refrigerate the dough for like 20 minutes, you dolt

No. 1032224

File: 1642554740809.png (1.02 MB, 1246x562, yearbook1922.PNG)

I found some old high school yearbook scans from the early 1900s and even late 1800s on archive.org and I'm looking at them dreaming of living in the past and appreciating the style and names of old timey ladies.

No. 1032490

I got ID'd buying mirin! I wasn't even aware of the alcohol content at 8%. My country is so strict with booze, can mirin even get you drunk? Seems bizarre it would be on the regular grocery shelf if so.

No. 1032494

Coming here gives me the exact feelings I used to get when I was on the internet in 2007, I don't know how to describe it because it's so emotional. It's just this vibe of comfort and excitement. I just love that I can come here and you guys will be here. If anything happens to LC I hope we can all find each other again in some other corner of the internet, but I'll appreciate it while it's here. You anons mean a lot to me, I appreciate every post you make.

No. 1032498

Imagine having yearbook quotes this based. Pretty sure my yearbook quote was "Cats are great".

No. 1032678

They cut my yearbook quote and didn't even tell me until after it too late, so I guess I just don't have a quote. I have no idea what kind of quotes everyone else has. I have never opened my yearbook. We didn't do that whole yearbook signing thing you see in the movies, which is kind of weird to me.

No. 1032765

I just got floss after being out of it for a couple of days and it's great to feel like my teeth are well cleaned again.

No. 1032836

I was born in the 00s, and i don't understand zoomers obsession with that decade, maybe because it was my entire childhood and is not particularly "retro" to me. Its so surreal seeing these kids act so excited about such a mundane era, the 00s were literally a tragicomedy, and a very meanspirited decade. The only reason I miss the 00s is because this era is far worse, as if that was even possible.

No. 1032860

I'm a zoomer and i whole heartedly agree. The 2000s was cunty and the start of this current bullshit. I would literally take any era before the 2000s over the 2000s.

No. 1032910

why is the sniper hot

No. 1032968

I misquoted a philosopher and I was already considered a retard by my school before cuz non ambitious sperg, so now my retardation is on the record for all of history. Had the rare school where the popular kids were the ones with 4.0 GPAs so it mattered kek

No. 1033042

Just discovered that my dog loves blankets and knows how to tuck herself in

No. 1033043

Post more

No. 1033052

We did the signing at my school and it was great, my friends loaded it up with inside jokes and the people I really liked left sweet messages and it was really special to me. Then on graduation day, my parents left half way through. I wanted them to meet my friend's parents, I wanted to feel like a normal person with a normal family and was excited to introduce them and they just left me there half way through the ceremony. I was devastated and at some point during my crying I lost track of my yearbook and it never turned up. Art that I had made was on the very first page of the yearbook, it was literally an entire page and I was so proud. I can't ever get that back. Bleh sorry to vent this suddenly, it just all came back to me.

No. 1033058

File: 1642618970500.jpg (532.52 KB, 1280x1709, Tumblr_l_36217417374307.jpg)

I'm a 90s kid and the optimistic, gaudy futurism of late 90s/early 00s combined with rose tinted view of a child made me think the era was full of optimism and freedom. I even had one of those robot dogs called Techno and dreamt about how in the future we'd have robot butlers lol. I can understand the appeal from that side, the part that's full of dreams and distanced from reality.

No. 1033059

I left all of my yarn in my car. My car is down the street. Covered in about a foot of snow and ice. I'm so dumb and lazy!

No. 1033063

File: 1642619246657.jpeg (18.5 KB, 364x500, TeknoDinkieDog-3.jpeg)

I had the Dinkie Tekno dog and he was the coolest thing in the world to me. I wish I knew whatever happened to all my old toys. My parents were inconsiderate and threw things away that I played with, claiming I didn't play with them. Like bitch how would you know? I played alone in my room most of the time, how do you know what I'm doing in there? Anyway he was dope, he would come when you called him. When he was really happy, the screen on his face would display fireworks and he would bark all happy.

No. 1033074

damn you articulated my exact sentiments as a kid. the optimism totally dissipated now haha.

No. 1033081

Your parents sound shitty. Sorry to hear that nona.

No. 1033086

I fucking love robot cats

No. 1033087


No. 1033342


No. 1033538

File: 1642650198809.jpg (228.9 KB, 520x650, proxy-image.jpg)

>Mad at the internet
>"Go cook some cornbread and maybe you'll feel better"
>Bake cornbread
>Feel better
Thanks cornbread

No. 1033548

weathergirl who talked like the goosebumps meme is leaving my local station. sad. ill miss you termpratures

No. 1033561

I want my own happy little kitchen and to decorate the walls with things similar to your picrel so badly

No. 1033601

Bingeing Cher Lloyd songs

No. 1033606

based and underrated taste anon

No. 1033640

File: 1642661278982.jpeg (125.8 KB, 786x717, 0A2AE645-BC67-4140-B5B8-88EED1…)

I saw this meme image and I actually quite like it

No. 1033641

I enjoy it as well, thanks for sharing nonnatella!

No. 1033681

File: 1642665169058.jpeg (238.56 KB, 1920x963, 3DBF4074-0068-4C15-8AE8-42A7D3…)

I miss going to the beach. The last time I had a proper vacation trip was late-mid 2020 when we finally had 100 days without new cases.
I'm planning a vacation trip on April, or maybe March if things still calmed down during that time. Just anytime in summer, I want to take a trip to the beach, lounge all day and enjoy the sea breeze.
My problem is that I will probably have no one to travel with, since I stopped talking to my friends. It will be a solo trip. I hope it is worth it.

No. 1033792

File: 1642671567023.jpg (18.13 KB, 450x450, cutest.jpg)

my online order of these childhood toys just arrived and i am so fricking happy. they are the tiny european and asian version. in the american version they are much bigger because burgers choke on everything kek. i asked the seller of a lot to include cats and they complied. my whole order is kittens. they're a bit stained and faded but the nostalgia of collecting and playing with them brings me so much happiness.

No. 1033795

omg anon I have so many of these stashed in a box! I loved them so much as a child, congrats on getting some of them! Even as an adult I still think they're very cute.

No. 1033806

I love being alone on the beach, it's nice to go with friends but alone you can really relax and take it all in, the fresh air, the sound of waves, the feel of sand… you should definitely go the moment opportunity arises, nonna♥

No. 1033858

File: 1642677723894.jpg (2.21 MB, 3024x3687, talkbackhoroscopejan20.jpg)

These are so cute! I love collecting things that were special to me as a kid. I just recently bought a talkback diary for only 5 bucks! I used to pretend I was a spy and was communicating with other agents and would type myself messages and save them kek. Here is my horoscope for today nonnies

No. 1033896

Being alone at the beach is so ideal, but I'd need someone to watch my stuffs when I'm playing with the water, or at least keep me from disgusting moids commenting on my body. Aaah, I still want to go though.

No. 1033903

I'm gonna play minecraft after I wake up. I wanna build a big fancy prairie barn for my animals.

No. 1033937

Aww, they'll love it!

No. 1034208

File: 1642696888662.jpeg (331.75 KB, 1440x1800, 00F43F31-3E0F-4E78-9F9B-D41256…)

BUMP FOR GORE. Gore raid is currently on /snow/ front page too, stay safe nona

No. 1034209

same anon also this is the first time I ran into raid this explicit, how do you guys deal with this for years

No. 1034221

File: 1642697583873.jpg (152.15 KB, 1080x1484, 20220119_074258.jpg)

Thank u nonny and jannies for protecting me from the gore

No. 1034810

What about a coin purse?

No. 1034814

I have this ugly, dark neutral green (gray in certain lighting) yarn and I have no idea what to do with it. I could save it for future scrap projects or use it to make a hat now BUT if I use it to make a hat I likely will need to buy more of this ugly yarn, and I don't know how I feel about that.
Sorry for deleting a million times, but good idea! Would be good to keep my needles in.

No. 1034820

My cat is absolutely obsessed with bread products and I can see her sniffing the air, trying to find the fig newtons that are zipped up in my lunch bag

No. 1034826

I'd probably be doing the same every minute of every day if my sense of smell was as good as hers.

No. 1034844

Dpeneding on how many meters/yards you have of it, you could use it for coasters, notion/storage bowls (might be easier with crochet), or fingerless glove things for typing or just weaering around the house if you have cold hand syndrome. I would suggest pot holders, but if it's acrylic I wouldn't trust it near heat. If you want to make a hat, wouldn't it be better to use yarn you actually like?

No. 1034871

File: 1642725998339.png (17.6 KB, 744x210, reams.png)

I was rsading the old dreams thread and this made me laugh so much I couldn't breathe

No. 1034877

put it in lolcow caps

No. 1034880

holy fuck I am weaaak

No. 1034887

You got it

No. 1034913

File: 1642726954462.jpg (138.16 KB, 1199x704, 1-Teddy-bear-planter-crochet-p…)

>pot holders
Oh, nice! I'll make one for my plants. Thanks anon.

No. 1034986

File: 1642732049505.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

this is amazing

No. 1035889

Back on a diet, I guess.

No. 1036051

>i got banned for "spreading misinformation"
Fucking kek

No. 1036057

>he only trusted his sega colleagues
Is my favourite part of the dream logic.

No. 1036066

Mine toooo

No. 1036096

Made cookies. They were yummy

No. 1036207

What type of cookie did you make, nonnette?

No. 1036278

I feel a little sick/nauseas right now, and I'm not sure why. I just ate so it can't be hunger. Maybe I should just go drink some water and lie down.

No. 1036302

Shortbread with coconut and dried mango!

No. 1036303

took a massive, decent quality shit. love that empty satisfying feeling when you do that.

No. 1036529

It's snowing outside for the first time (in my specific area) in years. I'm so happy, I want to stare at it for hours.

No. 1036531

Are you in the southeastern USA?

No. 1036602

I woke up at 4:44 and because I'm crazy I also woke my boyfriend up for a hug to commemorate the 4:44

No. 1036611

It's snowing here too, lovely big fluffy puffy snowflakes. It's gorgeous

No. 1036612

File: 1642847465210.png (13.15 KB, 280x270, 411650908@2x.png)

thinking about selling my ps4. what do, what do.

No. 1036618

I plan to do that after I platinium all of my games. At least my trophies will stay even if I switch to PS5, I wish Nintendo had a system like that…

No. 1036621

File: 1642848166222.jpg (30.98 KB, 450x302, 40ce3cd80ee61f9acdead167a82d57…)

i barely finish any games because i get tired of them easily, so i already sold a lot of my games. i only have p5 royal (started but never finished) and tales of vesperia (still wrapped) here, and obviously some games i downloaded from the store. i just barely touch my ps4… in the beginning i would play during semester breaks but now i don't even do that. same for my switch. i put my ps4 away like a month ago because i got a fire stick for all my streaming needs so now my ps4 is just sitting in the shelf and collecting dust.

maybe i'm… not really a gamer gurl anymore…

No. 1036637

File: 1642850384036.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1125x1497, B4437B65-C561-4A8D-AC9B-823FC2…)

I skipped out groceries today and definitely dont want to cook in the weekend so I ordered myself some fried chicken.

No. 1036664

Yesterday all I ate was breakfast and two cookies, I know I have to eat now but I don't want to because I know my stomach is going to hurt so bad, and also I didn't sleep much so I feel like lingua ignota "I DON'T EAT, I DON'T SLEEP, I DON'T EAT, I LET IT CONSUME ME". Maybe I should instead listen to music that talks about how nice it is to live a healthy life

No. 1036677

No. 1036682

Well now you've cursed her to have that fucking song playing as background music in her head for the next odd hours

No. 1036736

Thanks, it's perfect, I wish I had peaches but I will eat a tangerine in your honor. (I just had lunch and washed the dished I am moving up in the world again)

No. 1036896

My eyes are too thirsty even though I keep watering them, depending on computers to work is annoying.

No. 1036945

Wearing my wool shawl and running around my house pretending I'm some kind of babushka witch is cozy and makes me happy

No. 1037080

you sound cute

No. 1037355

I got a rash from my old faithful solid deodorant, so I sprung for the expensive hypo allergenic deodorant that everyone recommended. Turns out it's a milky gel with was already a bad sign, no matter how long I let those gel roll ons dry they always give me clammy pits throughout the day.
9 hours later I'm not itchy but I'm swampy and I smell like BO. Sigh.

No. 1037371

File: 1642889918113.png (81.53 KB, 680x880, create-a-set-of-personalized-c…)

I can write in three scripts, but only one of them is pretty. Both are legible (most of the time, that is), but the 12 year old in me is pissed I'm not being able to write as flowerly-pretty and fast at the same time as I am in the other one. I always tell myself I'll practice, but then I always lose motivation after like two or three days (and having to practice at all kinda bruises my ego ngl), just like I'll probably do this time also.

No. 1037376

I write pretty Cyrillic uppercase and Latin lowercase. Vice-versa is meh. It's because of the shape of the letters, not because of my hand. The ones I can write pretty are better designed.

No. 1037384

I have a browser extension to change the playback rate of videos, so I like to listen to songs at 1.3 speed, or at 1.1 or 0.9 speed it's really nice to experiment

No. 1037408

passed through a town & stopped at a lil gas station bbq and the cashier was the cutest gal i've ever seen in my life. as a southern gay, finding another wlw southern girl is rare. but she was really smiley, said i was the prettiest girl she's seen, and drew hearts all over my receipt. i got flustered and was like "thanks have a nice day!!" but now regretful. what if she was being more than just nice? people arouns here are really nice and it's extremely hard to tell when it's just a straight girl doling out compliments

No. 1037455

I was sweeping my bathroom and I saw a web between two pipes so I swept it up unknowingly displacing a spider from his home. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late and he was crawling all over the floor. I feel bad. I didn't see him otherwise I wouldn't have swept up his home like that. I remember a few weeks ago sitting on the toilet and seeing him build his home between those pipes. Now I have ruined it.

No. 1037470

anon, are you assuming its gender? (no for real, how do you know is a male? kek)

No. 1037488

you're cute, i feel similarly when these things happen. luckily, spiders build webs quickly. some spiders rebuild them like everyday, even.

No. 1037536

i just had jamaican oxtail for the first time, it was soooo good. been a pescatarian since i was a kid but recently ive been eating more meats. i feel so satisfied and full

No. 1037556

The snow outside from last night has all dissolved. I can only pray we will be blessed with another snowfall. I feel inspired to make mittens.

No. 1037574


I was vegan for over 10 years and nothing compared to how healthy I felt when I started incorporating local red meat (from transparent farms) back into my diet. I felt revitalized. Yes, animals being raised for food is tragic but our bodies are so hard-wired for it and my system was absolute bunk at absorbing multivitamins. I was always on the verge of fainting if I did cardio & got full on pneumonia every winter despite multivites & B-12 shots, until going back to red meat. Oxtail is such a rich and nutritional way to step back in.

No. 1037731

I've never been into mushrooms because I don't like the texture, but I tried a mushroom food a little while ago that was so good and now I kind of want to make an oyster mushroom burger. I think I'm coming over to the shroom side.

No. 1037743

I've been crying for the late 20 minutes. The packers lost. I grew up in a family of bears fans but when I was a child had temporary custody in Wisconsin. My family is texting me and laughing. My co workers are texting me and laughing. I've been a pack fan for over 30 years and this was supposed to be the win of an Era. I'm not going to feel like we almost had this again for probably 20 more years. Rodgers is gone. Adams is gone. I have no friends so I'm crying alone tonight

No. 1037853

Aren’t spiders with webs mostly female and the males just go around to mate?

No. 1038590

Hmm you may be right, anon. The spider in my bathroom seemed to have been there for a few weeks so I'm guessing it was probably a female then because if it was male it probably wouldn't have stayed in the same place for so long?

No. 1038858

im just so good at my fuckin job. like, i really be the best front desk person around here, thats crazy. guests love me, im so productive, i really am just that good, damn

No. 1039008

I hate going to my friend's house because of her glass coffee and dining table. Stresses me out!

No. 1039045

Hotel job, nonnie?

No. 1039055

good for you anon

No. 1039112

File: 1643002801526.jpeg (171.16 KB, 720x885, E8BC8D41-32FF-49DD-B98B-35DFE7…)

Hungry all day but I stayed in bed instead of eating

No. 1039143

File: 1643008802893.jpg (27.48 KB, 500x500, sabonhomeblog.jpg)

I'm trying to make sweet potato cookies, please pray that it comes out well for me nonnas

No. 1039448

One of the stray cats I used to feed disappeared in June and I feared the worst, but he came by last night out of nowhere

No. 1039710

File: 1643049531615.jpeg (24.03 KB, 474x473, ket.jpeg)

i'm getting a late start to the day but i swear to god i'm gonna get shit done today. i have just now decided to not have depression anymore.

No. 1039717

kek, me and you both. I better come back later and see we both accomplished our mundane tasks today

No. 1039724

File: 1643049991850.jpeg (215.78 KB, 1280x1707, download (3).jpeg)

love you nonny keep us updated. now we both gotta go do mentally healthy things see you later

No. 1039760

how is the vet gonna tell me my dog has "dental attrition" of teeth x,y,and z when they REMOVED those teeth from my dog in april of last year?

No. 1039764

thank you!

No. 1039776

I had a blood test this morning and the nurse commented on 'how great' my blood is. Apparently if your blood has a lot of oxygen in it, it has a lighter color, if it doesn't have much oxygen in it, it's dark. Today I learned

No. 1039845

I never had a phone, and now that I think about it, one of the reasons for my dislike of them could stem from the fact that touchscreens got popular. I used to play games, listen to music and text my aunt from my parents keyboard phones, but then one day my mom got a phone with a touchscreen and I grew so frustrated trying to handle it that I started crying and from then on I always said I never want a phone even though before that I wanted a white flip phone. It's been more than a decade but I still can't stand touchscreens, they can burn in hell.

No. 1039861

This reminds me of when I had to get surgery on my ovaries and the gyno said I had a beautiful uterus. I think it's endearing when medical workers comment on this kind of stuff you wouldn't even think of

No. 1039865

I'm fucking STARVING

No. 1039869

The day will soon be ending for me here nonnies but I too decided to try getting a little better today, hope you will get out of it soon and be happy forever

No. 1039877

I had really satisfactory sex today!! Bf really likes pleasuring me and I'm happy to let him!! I'm really happy noonas

No. 1039887

File: 1643055169040.png (34.25 KB, 700x891, 2F7B673D-C389-450D-8497-A144B2…)

Hopefully she knows what she’s talking about. Arterial blood is supposed to be bright red because it’s oxygenated, venous blood is usually dark red because it’s deoxygenated. Veins are preferred to arteries for blood drawing because they’re easier, but blood that’s brighter colored than it’s supposed to be indicates anemia.

No. 1039891

I saw a little snowman on the stone wall outside the window today, the landlords' children must have made it, I wanted to take a photo but I didn't and a little while later the snowman was gone. I'm sad I wanted to look at the snowman

No. 1039912

had a similar experience the other night when the moon looked sick af on my drive home from work. i thought about pulling into a park to take a pic but decided id try when i got home instead. then my neighbors house completely blocked my view of the moon

No. 1040012

I really need to get up so I can shave my vagina and clean, but I'm so lazy I don't feel like it

No. 1040049

Don't do it slob-chan

No. 1040060

File: 1643065739159.jpeg (22.38 KB, 400x400, xRqk5RTG_400x400.jpeg)

Mean. Anyway, I just shaved. Now I just have to clean and cook.

No. 1040062

What do you plan on making

No. 1040065

Apologies pristine-chan♥

No. 1040067

File: 1643066049585.jpg (552.6 KB, 2560x2560, street-toast-insta-scaled.jpg)

Probably an egg sandwich, I really just want something quick because I haven't ate all day. I've been into "street toast" picrel.
Apology accepted ♥

No. 1040071

File: 1643066306794.gif (153.38 KB, 275x275, 1639271307480.gif)

I did my little tasks. Tomorrow I have a lot more to do but hopefully some motivation will come

No. 1040079

>>1040071 congrats nonna, hope you manage tomorrow too

No. 1040097

I might get some food delivered but idk. I'm starving but have nothing in the house except like plain carbs. I guess I could make buttered noodles but that's so boring and unsatisfying. Any hot tips from u ladies. Really want a five guys milkshake but that's so unhealthy and expensive and it's getting late

No. 1040099

I have my final driver's test tomorrow and I'm nervous as fuck. I'm a good driver, but being near a stranger makes me freak out and panic. I know I'm not gonna sleep tonight and it sucks

No. 1040200

File: 1643074467858.jpg (51.99 KB, 300x235, Tumblr_l_5318414517310.jpg)

I just touched my left cheek for half a second and my pimple burns. My cheeks and forehead are slightly oily but my nose is always super oily. And ever since I started using the green Garnier fructis shampoo+conditioner again my hair gets oily faster too. The US government is going to come after me at this rate.

No. 1040205

File: 1643074714566.jpg (199.39 KB, 940x529, skillet-fried-chicken.jpg)

This is you anon

No. 1040213

Last night I made up an interpretive dance in honor of a really good pimple pop I did 5 minutes before so you are in good company.

No. 1040244

Woohoo, I am going to drink some apple tea and eat a piece of cake and finish the Lovecraft story I started this weekend. I just downloaded the Twisted Wonderland app so I will be playing that in between. My life is the definition of mundane because this is the only shit I do to enjoy myself as a break from work and school. Sometimes it makes me sad, but right now I’m just waiting for my tea to finish brewing and then I can get comfy.

How did the cookies turn out?

No. 1040336

File: 1643084300857.jpg (48.47 KB, 658x1072, foggy.jpg)

The street lamps looked cool on my walk. The fog is so thick!

No. 1040338


No. 1040357

Girl be living in silent hill

No. 1040403

They came out so good! The recipe is just an altered version of a recipe I really like, so I wasn't sure how they would come out. They were a little dense, but I think it's cause I added a little extra flour. I'm going to just under-bake the rest of the dough.

No. 1040421

File: 1643095811416.gif (49.07 KB, 220x164, D9896BBC-B28A-4C31-BEA0-91CD4B…)

My office lead is leaving next week and getting me ready to take on his projects when he goes. I have a meeting with him, our supervisor and manager tomorrow to review my job description (and discuss a pay bump now that I’m basically going to be an office lead on an assistants salary) and I’m so nervous that I’ll just turn into this wee fucker. Wish me luck nonas!!

No. 1040425

File: 1643096068877.jpg (270.4 KB, 943x1081, Screenshot_20220124-232254_Sam…)

Inb4 scrote
I'm an at birth female. With a vagina. And also not a foot fetish person.

I really want to know in /snow/ photoshop why this was posted

No. 1040434

I remember reading a story about this in an old children's horror tale compilation.

No. 1040443

You've got this! <3

No. 1040523

I’m moving soon. Gonna be so far from family now. I’ll really have to put myself out there again. It’s so exciting but also very scary.

No. 1040657

Airplane noise is so relaxing. I have to stay awake it's a short flight but mmm dizzing off bbrrrr

No. 1040728

I just put my nose studs back in. I've had them pierced for 11 years now but every time I put them in after an extended period, everyone in my life remarks on my "new piercings" so I roll with it. According to strangers recollections, I've gotten it "repierced" hundreds of times.

No. 1040733

I never realized how ugly Motion City Sountrack are kek

No. 1040873

Sometimes I imagine a scenario where I become a minor e-celeb and then do something incredibly embarrassing so an admin decides to out me as a farmer by giving all the posts from my IP address a unique signature and everyone can see all the retarded things I've ever said on here

No. 1040876

I would actually kill myself

No. 1040920

me too. sometimes i imagine farmers talking about me and being like "her nose looks fucking broken" and there being a long infight about nose beauty standards and the history of noses or some shit and it devolving into racebait

No. 1040947

My mom called my dogs "doggos" where did she learn that god damned word

No. 1041006

social media

No. 1041203

Eating frozen gooseberries coated in powdered sugar rn! This shit bussin'

No. 1041546

Woah, I'm eating gooseberries right now but came by to post something completely unrelated. Very cute. I know it was 5 hours ago, but I'm high fiving you from the future.

My boyfriend calls his grandparents all the time and it's really cute to hear them talk. Also I sewed myself a heatpack out of an old linen skirt, some rice and some loose tea leaves and I've never been happier or toastier! I just wear it on my neck as I do dishes or on my stomach in the morning to warm up in a chilly livingroom

No. 1041569

gawd I love the cheesecake factory rye bread

No. 1041651

File: 1643170556690.png (96 KB, 512x512, 79d9433fd393728691c2fb374fea38…)

Talking about this? It slaps. Gotta be careful not to devour the whole bag in a night

No. 1041680

I'm eating gooseberries right now and I hadn't had them before in my life until today. Weeeiiiird coincidence, ladies.

No. 1042020

File: 1643205875540.jpg (241.68 KB, 964x634, why.jpg)

Finally watched Brokeback Mountain. I'm sad now.

No. 1042077

Have you watched Maurice? It has a similar vibe and feel to it (sad historical gays), but it has a more bittersweet ending The full movie is even available on youtube if you look around a little just add "slime tutorial" to your search query lol

No. 1042213

Welp I am covid positive for the very first time, I have to stay home for a week, I hope I haven't spread it to my friends yesterday. I only got common flu symptoms, which is why I wasn't worried in the first place, ishould be alright but I'm kinda annoyed I can't do anything, especially since I had something planned for tomorrow.

No. 1042231

You hope you didnt spread covid to your friends, but didnt care about exposing them to the "common flu"? What's wrong with you kek

No. 1042254

Isn’t this what feet are supposed to look like in 1000 years or something

No. 1042262

I'm ESL and I had a brain fart, I wanted to say a regular cold or something, ofc if I had the flu I would not have left my home lol

No. 1042338

I'm waiting on results from an at-home std test kit. You swab/take blood at home and post it off. Tbh when I was taking the blood I really struggled to get enough in the vial. I was short of the amount they ask for but I'd used every lancet in the kit (they give you 3) and the flow of blood had just stopped. I struggled for ages and my finger was in bits. I hope they can still run it and that it wasn't all a waste.

I haven't even had sex in ages, my last ex cheated on me and this worry has nagged at me for too long.

No. 1042352

Colds are still contagious though.

No. 1042365

Do you regulary tell the guys to use condoms, anon? You should be mostly fine

No. 1042367

its always okay to worry but there's nothing you can do about it now until you get the results of if it worked or not, so try put it out of your mind if you can since thinking about it or preparing for the answer isnt going to change it really, if you have to retake you have to retake, and if its positive if youre asymptomatic its probably very treatable with a short run of medication
best wishes, hope you feel okay soon anonnita you did the responsible thing

No. 1042378

nta but youre sweet anonita this is a lovely post with several layers of cute

No. 1042382

I had the same experience. I tested a couple months after finding out my ex was cheating. Was it sh24 or something lol. Thankfully whatever I sent off was enough and it came back negative. I went through all the lancets and it was an ordeal lol, good luck

No. 1042398

There's corn smut (which is a fungal parasite which infects corn cobs and makes them swell up) and then there's foot smut which does the same thing to the big toe, turning it into bigger toe

No. 1042435

I just ate a giant jar of smoked sprats. It was delicious

No. 1043015

I just failed to make instant mac and cheese 5 times in a row Well, the fifth time was fine but instant macaroni is so gross so I just threw it away. I'm just going to make brussel sprouts.

No. 1043018

yes it's the absolute best shit

No. 1043029

No. 1043229

File: 1643262099775.jpeg (536.83 KB, 1500x1500, E40E7A0F-13DA-48C0-9587-773FFF…)

Vibe here is especially schizo today/night. The dumbassshit thread is extra exceptional. Celebricow’s favorite entity, Grimes, was summoned concurrently. Some weird chaotic moods and confessions in the venting #1 and venting #2 threads. And let’s not forget the kpop sperging. How’s the moon doing ladies? Is she full or new?

No. 1043237

>Celebricow’s favorite entity, Grimes, was summoned
What do you mean?

No. 1043247

Azealia stans summoned the Grimes entity and shit up the end of the thread with race sperging.

No. 1043257

Eating fries with ranch

No. 1043318

A ham and cheese hot pocket burned my mouth

No. 1043322

Now you can tell your grandchildren that god delivered his holy smite to you in the form of a ham and cheese hot pocket. Embellish with details as necessary

No. 1043436

I washed my face with a flower shaped scrubby I just made and it made my disgustingly happy. Getting to use items that you actually make with your own hands is awesome. I want everything in my house to be handmade by me. I want to build a home with my own bare hands. It was a very good scrubby.

No. 1043437

Yaaay, that's so cool. Build your house, nona, I believe in you.

No. 1043587

My 1st cousin once removed built most of her house by herself and sells homemade pottery (teapots and mugs and things) for a living. You can do it, anon.

No. 1043640

I just drank cold water on a very empty stomach, and oh my god that was the worst pain I have ever felt. I thought it would be refreshing, I feel betrayed.
Thanks anons! Funnily enough, pottery is something I've been wanting to learn for a while.

No. 1043655

Ah I know the feeling, it's the stabbing kind of pain like swallowing a sword

No. 1043762

File: 1643308914883.jpg (224.86 KB, 1240x1878, healthy-homemade-granola-recip…)

I am snuggling with my dog. She's so soft and warm and smells like granola.

No. 1043998

File: 1643316476412.png (35.53 KB, 231x144, question.png)

I'm writing something for school and listening to spyro music. It's very good
What's a scrubby and how do you make that?

No. 1044051

My cat smells like roasted peanuts

No. 1044058

My boyfriend started to listen to marina and the diamonds as well as melanie martinez. Um did my bf become a tumblrina from 2014?

No. 1044061

>inb4 troonout

No. 1044101

File: 1643321559046.png (832.25 KB, 640x936, nomgfpbhh.png)

One of my cats ran away 6 months ago, I thought the worst but today I got sent a Facebook post & someone had found her! I'm so happy!! She doesn't remember us (she's quite old so I get it) & she's also very stubborn but the girl who's been feeding her is trying her best to get her interested in going into a cat basket. I hope she comes home soon I miss her little hugs

No. 1044105

im so happy for you nona. i hope you get her back safe and sound as soon as possible!

No. 1044107

That's so sweet!! I'm happy for you. Give her a lil kiss from me

No. 1044117

File: 1643321945084.gif (33.39 KB, 200x156, 137379j2fq4ie80c.gif)


No. 1044126

Oh my god congrats I’m elated for you!!! It would be devastating for me if my baby ran away.

No. 1044162

Basically like a rag or sponge for washing and cleaning. Scrub = scrubby, get it?
>how do you make that
That's amazing! It sounds like she's in good hands, I hope you get to see your baby soon.

No. 1044169

File: 1643323612714.jpeg (266.07 KB, 750x1334, CCC17277-D9A4-418F-81C8-2EB336…)

I made focaccia

No. 1044173

I got it. Thank you, that's very cool
Mmmm… bon appetit

No. 1044197

damn anon you got skills

No. 1044210

Looks tasty

No. 1044212

Looks amazing. What's your recipe? I had a focaccia failure recently

No. 1044216

You remember that feeling when you first actually listened to the lyrics of those songs you liked in childhood because you finally learned English or whatever, and now you find out that those were songs about topics children shouldn't actually listen to? I'm reliving it now, with Japanese songs, because I'm slowly noticing that pretty much every favorite song of mine I've had with like ten or eleven is either about cheating or doing inappropriate things.

No. 1044247

yeah i do remember the feeling of BETRAYAL

No. 1044271

I feel this about this song

No. 1044286

I just had this today, I was listening to an anime op that I used to watch as a kid and still know all the lyrics to… And them I realized that it's pretty much about sex, although implied. But I think it's kinda funny

No. 1044292

Kek, this is us

No. 1044354

File: 1643337348367.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.47 KB, 828x240, F9B6D7B9-6B8D-4BC9-B526-892F14…)

I’m getting to this level of tumblr now. This is exciting! Perhaps my followers will start noticing I’ve… been reblogging things from other people with terf/rad/adjacent things in their usernames!! Like I have been for the past six months!

What can I say, the tumblr Radfems do also reblog some great cat pictures and memes. They’re a very diverse crowd. But once you start reblogging the discourse, normal users start questioning you.

No. 1044355

Oh f: I didn’t mean to spoiler. That’s my bad

No. 1044358

>hey so uhhh
>or like…..
That smug condescending tone pisses me off so much lol

No. 1044365

File: 1643337726720.jpg (29.46 KB, 567x471, bcf11fc80dc0c93adbd9afb0ac79e2…)

>hey so uhhhh are you SURE you wanna go against the hive mind??? Apologize profusely NOW.

No. 1044368

kek picrel. u captured it perfectly

No. 1044369

I mean, I did answer and asked “which one”

No. 1044370

you should just say "yes!"

No. 1044374

Very true. I’ve had another ask of if I’m a terf… last week? Week before? But none of them ever want to do a follow-up to my answers.

No. 1044385

Somehow, I ended up in the "how to be freight broker" rabbit hole in youtube and I keep watching these videos, even though I would never, ever be a freight broker.

No. 1044789

Eating seaweed with my cat while we watch YouTube

No. 1044932

File: 1643390562251.jpg (201.72 KB, 1284x873, Ez61Oo_XIAYTvAf.jpg)

i kept meticulously checking my bank account for when my money came in just so i could order myself an early vday gift. yes it's a sex toy kek i'm so excited to get it!!!

No. 1044936

Good for you anon!

No. 1044949

I tried making poach eggs for the first time in my life and the first attempt was a success, I don't get why people say they are hard to make.

No. 1045030

My mom came home from the store with a leek and waved it and said she is miku. I love my mom

No. 1045036


No. 1045164

Your mom sounds cute, anon.

No. 1045286

File: 1643405430592.jpeg (20.52 KB, 402x392, images.jpeg)

I spent my whole life thinking I could easily make poached eggs because my parents taught me to just crack an egg into a thing like pic related and microwave it. I guess it doesn't count though cause it looks different to a 'real' poached egg.

No. 1045367

every time I'm at work I'm just thinking all day "I can't wait to be off so I can go home and play video games/read/watch movies" but then I just end up browsing lolcow for 4 hours with youtube videos playing in the background and then fall asleep

No. 1045382

The texture is super different.

Look up the 'vortex' technique for poaching eggs, it was a game changer for me because my egg white always dissipated. Add a touch of vinegar to the water.

No. 1045415

File: 1643412601073.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220128-201939_ani…)

Look at this cute bassist border collie I just got. I love it.

No. 1045417

what is this game? is it like neko atsume but with dogs?

No. 1045419

Carnivores get out

No. 1045420

Animal restaurant. The workers are cats but your customers are any animal really, sometimes even humans

No. 1045608

I broke four out of six guitar strings that I just bought today while changing them. I don't think god wants me to play guitar. PAIN

No. 1045641

What’s the secret

No. 1045674

File: 1643440665327.png (233.07 KB, 400x400, 01254834-8906-4393-971D-DD284B…)

Electric toothbrush too loud for my autistic ears

No. 1045728

I ate sour cream and onion fries and now I feel kind of sick

No. 1045754

The 'vortex' technique anon said.
I once watched someone perform that technique and determined it's not worth the hassle to even try. I'll rather spend my life poached egg free.

No. 1045781

File: 1643454256728.jpg (44.49 KB, 500x500, rsdfsdf.jpg)

First unofficial pay check with 13, spend it all on weeb shit.
First actual pay check with 20, will spend it (not all) on weeb shit.
One could say I stagnated in character development, but I'm just going to say I'm staying true to myself.

No. 1045787

This is cute anon, as long as you're responsible with your money it's cool to spend part of it on things that make you happy. I'm 30 and still feel super guilty spending money on hobbies or non essentials.

No. 1046168

File: 1643484488582.jpeg (56.09 KB, 678x452, DB3AABD2-2420-443F-8487-EE3256…)

Keep fantasising about seeking all of my shit, quitting my job, buying a van and doing a massive solo tour of the USA. I want to hit every single mainland state and see it all, from the tiniest little village in Virginia to the poorest shithole in Louisiana to the richest shiniest suburbs in LA. I would vlog everything I see on the way and live cheap if my savings and make up the difference with ad revenue and tips/patreon. Maybe I’ll put it on my long-term to do list.

No. 1046174

I support yoooou!

No. 1046176

I spent my first ever pay cheque on 400 dollars of MLP:FiM merchandise. I still have it all too! Even the tshirts that no longer fit me, I'm gonna make em into a quilt hehe

No. 1046179

This is my dream too.
I want to live in a van and travel.


No. 1046190

after I graduate I'm gonna work full time for a couple of years, buy a tiny house, work for 2 a week because my living costs are now so low I can afford it and start reading all the books I want.

No. 1046197

The hell? How do you like that shit over the age of 3

No. 1046204

File: 1643486700474.png (Spoiler Image, 3.69 MB, 3300x3500, ddn7e5r-98d4db5b-8654-4808-882…)

>quilt out of mlp merch
i'm so sorry this is all i could think of

No. 1046221

Kek honestly how did my own mind not make that connection

No. 1046243

Bassists are the sexiest band members

No. 1046431

I think my laptop's battery is dying, which is extremely obnoxious since it's not accessible easily, I'll have to completely unscrew the bottom. My previous laptop was so much better with this, you pushed one button and the battery was out.

No. 1046483

I have to take a small loan out because I bought a new truck. I spun out on an overpass and smashed my current one up. Not real bad but it's not very reliable anymore.
I'm also dealing with intense fear of driving now, on any road that isn't 100% dry and clear.

No. 1046920

File: 1643562668640.gif (209.99 KB, 498x498, damgom-menari.gif)

i told my roommate to keep it down in the evenings so i could sleep without earplugs because they get painful for me after a while and i really shouldn't have to rely on earplugs to sleep just because she has to bang pots and pans at midnight or listen to tiktoks on her phone on the highest volume… now she barely interacts with me anymore and barely leaves her room outside of getting ready for work/class, cooking and going to the bathroom. i fucking love it. she used to be so annoying and chatty and would watch me cook just to waffle about some inane shit which made me feel like she was trying to get me to hurry up and cook faster so she could use the kitchen. we have a tiny apartment and i haven't seen her since friday afternoon - it's sunday evening right now. it's like she barely exists. i love it so much.

No. 1046932

>listen to tiktoks on her phone on the highest volume
I live with someone that does this. You don't know how bad it is until you're in this situation but it's genuinely the most infuriating thing ever.

No. 1046935

ayrt, it's absolute hell, right?? probably because everything sounds so tinny when it's played loudly on a phone. i don't mind spotify or a youtube video, but tiktoks or ig videos are insufferable. my mom does it too but i barely hear it because i only visit her like 2 or 3 times a year. also with her i can just go SHUT UPPPP but with my roommate i try and be a bit friendlier and not kick her door in and tell her to be quiet. the joys of living with roommates.

No. 1047333

I don't make rice that often but when I do, I love washing it. It's literally my favorite part.

No. 1047360

Different nonnie; I get along a lot better with my roommate now but I hate that she still plays tiktoks out loud, ESPECIALLY when she still has her phone connected to the Bluetooth speaker. Like please just put your airpods in, I really don't wanna hear it.

No. 1047405

Making spiced applesauce. The spices smell great.

No. 1047455

File: 1643600668991.gif (9.91 MB, 640x462, B850B33B-205C-4F84-A180-B5FD4E…)

Gonna make braised daikon and air fried tofu aaa I’m hungry

No. 1047459

Has anyone tried The Laundress? I want to try it out but I’m worried about the scent.

No. 1047735

Bruh are you transjapanese

No. 1047902

whenever i'm mixing stuff i'm singing chiyos song during it

No. 1048075

I think it might be nice if we had a goodnight thread. And if you see it it's a sign to go to bed, or you can just say goodnight to other anons about to sleep

No. 1048082

I'm going to do ketamine IV treatment for my depression. I hope it works

No. 1048085

Good luck nonnie, hope you will feel at least a little better soon.

No. 1048088

It didn’t work for me when I did it, but it was interesting at least.

No. 1048112

That's so cute nonnie, if you don't end up making it, I will

No. 1048116

My roommate started dating someone and they're really hitting it off. I'm happy for her but I dread the thought of having to replace her if they move in together, we're very compatible as roommates and friends and I don't want to live alone.

No. 1048412

File: 1643676229899.png (255.59 KB, 436x582, ulPdyjDP9_g1DRwmZp3hY0CDyCbwET…)

aaaa i did too many squats to get the top score in a video game and now my legs be jelly

No. 1048455

literally saved $10 off our dinner by ordering delivery right off of the company's website instead of that doordash shit. between the amount you as a customer save, and the money that can go to the restaurant instead of some fukkin app, there's no point in using those delivery services besides pure human laziness
>but the place i want to order from doesnt do their own delivery
all the more reason to order and pick it up yourself then, because that likely means theyre a local place that cant hire a dedicated driver, and these are the restaurants getting screwed by delivery apps more than anything

No. 1048647

File: 1643689686275.png (597.05 KB, 1200x800, chocolate-pickles.png)

I just ate a bread and butter pickle without realizing that it's a bread and butter pickle. It wasn't bad, but I also don't know if I appreciated that surprise.

No. 1048648

And now Iiiiiii'm gonna eat a dill pickle. pickle sisters.

No. 1048651

This is the worst. Sweet pickles are inhumane.

No. 1048659

Samefag, I was very disgusted by that photo when I first saw it, but now I think I should try chocolate covered pickles tomorrow. Has anyone ever had it? I'll make sure to not get Hershey chocolate.

No. 1048710

Shit pickle

No. 1048730

File: 1643694999766.gif (42.4 KB, 300x250, 3333383pbi97s13v2.gif)

Taking a small break, see you nonnies on the weekend!

No. 1048736

see you nonny! hope you have a great week.

No. 1048737

File: 1643696051914.jpg (37.61 KB, 408x408, Dp_HBKAVYAEzbKv.jpg)

I'm so spoiled I have the warmers on under my blankets and I don't wanna move (prolly a fire hazard though)

Also anyone know what these blankets are called? I have one with pandas on it

No. 1048739

I just know them as Mexican blankets

No. 1048740

They're San Macros Mexican blankets.

No. 1048741

Polyester faux fur/faux fleece/faux mink

Cheapest plastic in china.

No. 1048742

*Marcos, fuck lmao. Apparently they're also called Korean mink-style blankets.

No. 1048743

Got one from my local flee market for $60

No. 1048744

Really? That's weird bc my family isn't Mexican. They do shop at markets though, I'll ask where it came from
Maybe it is but they're super warm and getting me through the winter

No. 1048746

Yeah they’re comfy af and I’m not shitting on em, they just are made of cheap polyester and priced like a quality item.

No. 1048751

Waking up for work in 3.5 hours but I haven't slept at all

No. 1048761

Eating some mini frosted donuts. About as good as I remembered, but definitely not great.

No. 1048900

I had to shave the winter coat off of my legs today. I turned on the ac and now I'm hot (from the ac) and cold (from the shower) at the same time.

No. 1048907

Because it’s full of hfcs?

No. 1048922

File: 1643718197050.jpeg (162.47 KB, 1400x1400, F9675D1D-6BE5-42C8-8890-447130…)

I slept 1 hour and got done with my morning routine without too much difficulty. Made it early to work and my day is off to a productive start!

No. 1048931

Nice! but get some proper sleep today

No. 1048945

File: 1643720830582.jpg (43.89 KB, 1200x1200, Hot-Chocolate-Recipe-2.jpg)

i just made hot chocolate out of oat milk, cocoa powder and a tiny bit of sugar. it wasn't as thick and creamy as hot chocolate from a café, but it still made me happy!

No. 1048956

My boss is so dumb. I never realized until today how dumb he is. He sent me a "strategy" document that is just a stream of consciousness ramble of his different ideas. There were no goals, metrics to track, or even a thought about who this project is for and why we should do it in the first place.
I used to think he was just disorganized but he's a straight up airhead. White men in suits are truly seen as competent by default, I can't believe I fell for it lol. At least I can coast here because he's too dumb to even notice if I'm doing my job well. I'm the one who suggested doing progress reports when I started lol shoulda kept my mouth shut.

No. 1048992

I think it's funny when anons tell other people to sage and don't know how to sage themselves. kek

No. 1048997

Preach nonny. I think 80% of male middle management are moronic “idea guys” that throw out garbage until it sticks and they get promoted.

No. 1049006

Someone just offered me $60 for a handmade hat. They normally go for about $40 each so this is really nice! I'm going to immediately turn around and buy more art supplies with it. Heaven.

No. 1049007

God that sounds annoying to work with. Is the pay at least good?

No. 1049019

Feels great to see people value your craft, happy for you anon!

No. 1049030

Tfw no one to kiss and hold me rn

No. 1049038

I present to lolcow, my chore list of good intentions:
>break out organizer and finally load christmas wrapping papers, bags, and misc. stuff in it
>vaccuum entire house including couch and stairs
>do laundry
>finally replace and label spice bottles
>mop front entrance area and kitchen
>pick up a covid at home test
>clean up clutter
>wet vaccuum living room rug

Ugh there's so much shit to do…

No. 1049087

File: 1643734639225.jpg (51.89 KB, 736x490, 6b4ec42b426b8b647f66f4cfc0b7cb…)

I'm here for you nona

No. 1049243

Gonna try to make sushi with carrot salmon, very excited.

No. 1049288

You just don't get it…

No. 1049291

File: 1643751025215.jpg (385.69 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_a1c4be8a912bd01086a0ef8…)

Ate a whole box of Trader Joes macarons. It's fine though cause they were Valentines themed.

No. 1049300

omg based i would say pegasister but its kind of a weeird name brony nonita i wish we were friends. every person i know who says they like mlp is just trendhopping ( apparently its very trendy right now ) or only likes the way the characters look. its been my special interest since 2011

No. 1049302

today I ate 1 box of kraft dinner and 4 cans of diet pepsi.

No. 1049307

File: 1643752659168.png (525.39 KB, 860x1065, Brewster.png)

Brewed my coffee perfectly, I don't know if I can recreate this

No. 1049316

File: 1643753522372.gif (13.19 MB, 530x640, 39BF37A5-E98F-4A9A-9ABA-C9C185…)

I made some omurice and put some onions and carrots in because I'm trying to eat more veggies, but now I'm annoyed because eating it, the carrots taste too jarringly different in texture to everything else and it's ruined me damn omurice!!

No. 1049321

You ATE pepsi?! WoAh

No. 1049442

I just made a fruit granola bowl, and the strawberries I bought are so bright. I've never seen strawberries so beautiful in my life.

No. 1049464

Wow Kraft sounds amazing right now, wish I had some at home.

No. 1049484

I made homemade chocolate pudding. It tastes great.

No. 1049679

I rescheduled an appointment I had this week for 2 weeks ahead and now I regret it, fuck.

No. 1049681

me but i've done it twice now

No. 1049683

it's always amazing to find delicious, ripe strawberries. glad you enjoyed them nonnie

No. 1049854

My best friend makes YouTube videos and I find them boring, but I still watch on double speed, like and comment on every video. She's been going about two years now and has about 800 subscribers and a few regular viewers who seem to really enjoy her content. It's nice to see her steadily growing her channel and I'm proud of her for sticking with it.

No. 1050333

I just got a Livin La Vida Loca AMV(? it's just yaoi stills) from 2008 with 172 views suggested. I don't understand why, but I'll take it, thx youtube.

No. 1050394

Those videos are jewels, I still love that one I watched as a teen which the title had something along the lines of “Hot sexy yaoi slideshow” Sadly, I’ve never found again that one remix of that video’s song that was amazing back then.

No. 1050526

File: 1643842921037.jpg (50.24 KB, 720x720, Homemade-Butter-1200-720x720.j…)

I just made butter and god it smells so good. Like movie theater popcorn.
Popcorn is one of those foods that smell way better than they are.

No. 1050539

I kind of wanna dye my hair black but I know I'll regret it in a month or two

No. 1050676

I went to go see a play with a C-list actor I liked in it a couple of months ago and afterwards I dm'd him on twitter telling him I loved his performance. We playfully bantered back and forth for a bit and left it at that.
I never go on/check my twitter but just today I saw he dm'd me out of the blue a week ago asking how I was going. I'm trying so hard to contain my excitement but I've responded to him so late. I'm hoping he wants to go on a date because I find him really cute and he's not a popular enough actor to have a huge ego.

No. 1050763

File: 1643867917539.jpg (50.26 KB, 768x1024, strawberry.jpg)

I just made strawberry milk. So good.
I wonder why whoever took this photo decided to decorate with coconut shells.

No. 1050827

I got a microwaveable plushie and it’s so nice but walking around with it on my stomach makes me feel ridiculous

No. 1050863

File: 1643884160880.jpg (922.89 KB, 1920x1080, FJkzlHfUcAICMBV.jpg)

On my third coke zero tonight

No. 1050898

File: 1643888285905.jpg (8.13 KB, 360x300, 66a135004c41cc8864cca0e2fa52ed…)

i feel like a proper adult now because i decided to buy salmon (which i hated all my life) and fried it and it was delicious.

No. 1051015

I have a bird clock that makes different bird sounds each hour and I really like it. When my bf's friend is over he hates it also he is too stupid to read an analog clock so he thinks it's pointless because it "has no numbers". For some reason that makes it funnier to me. I joke with his friend that it doesn't matter because it's bird o clock

No. 1051045

i aspire to be like u

No. 1051053

how many of you are on simsecret? i noticed that almost all sims blogs have their pronouns in their description so i googled if the term terf was mentioned on simsecret and found a bunch of "cope, seethe and dilate" and "ywnbaw" comments. i love it.

No. 1051062

File: 1643907037253.png (50.6 KB, 579x306, salmon likers.png)

you can do it, nonna, and then we'll be sophisticated salmon likers together.

No. 1051071

File: 1643907585298.jpg (58.9 KB, 590x832, 7894bda867ab0c172533bc13828122…)

I like this. Is it cute, I want one

No. 1051077

File: 1643908520102.gif (618.21 KB, 200x200, CAD3A02C-B4C4-4674-80C6-8856CE…)


No. 1051098



No. 1051155

how could you hate salmon nona whats wrong with you

No. 1051158

I am. I had a similar experience to you after reading a based comment, and was also pleasantly surprised lol.

No. 1051177

caught my ex creeping on my instagram. got a notification that he liked a photo of mine (but immediately unliked it lol). I can tell he was creeping because we don't follow each other anymore so he actually had to go out of his way to look at it.

No. 1051204

Kek silly scrote, is there a chance he wanted you to see it or accidental? My mundane ex story is that the most recent one messaged me this week to ask if I wanted some tomato seeds, I ignored it.

No. 1051261

File: 1643918520098.gif (261.16 KB, 422x498, 71f77267391e65d770205299a5feab…)

my mom got me flowers just because

No. 1051315

File: 1643920839308.jpg (225.89 KB, 1201x1801, 0_org_zoom.jpg)

I already used up the chapstick my aunt got me a few months ago. It was coconut scented and it melted perfectly and moisturized my lips and didn't just sit on top of them like solid wax. It was perfect and I asked her to get me more, and she said she will get me one of each scent. I'm so excited, I remember there was a cookie scent, chocolate, candy, vanilla… I CAN'T WAIT but also I feel bad that my aunt will spend lots of money on me. But that's what aunts are like, they want to give us presents, when I tell her I don't want anything for my birthday or christmas she gets angry.

No. 1051432

maybe. he's been doing more horny posting on discord than average.

also, tomato seeds? I don't know why that make me laugh lol. Do you garden and he's attempting to get in your favor again?

No. 1051716


Chapstick…lots of money

Is this a poor person larp?

No. 1051725

I wish my colleagues would chat less. I wish open offices didn't become a thing, cubicles were much nicer, you get a nice space to yourself you can decorate a little bit, you don't get your colleague's shit spilling over on your desk and you get privacy. Why am I such an antisocial fuck? No! IT IS THE WORLD WHO IS WRONG! WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF THROUGH SMALLTALK WITH MY COLLEAGUES? I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! I do feel kind of guilty though, they all got me something for Christmas, and I didn't bother…

No. 1051726

NTA but chapstick can get expensive. idk how much anon's cost, but one tube of a 'quality' brand can be $20+. I stick to the $5 ones I like and it still adds up like crazy because I want one in my handbag, one at my desk, one near my bed, one near my couch, etc etc and I go through them quick af so it's probably my most costly beauty product. And it always feels like an especially annoying rip off because you just know they're formulated to make you reliant on their products.

No. 1051771

When I was fourteen I visited my family abroad simultaneously to two family friends. They were a pair of extremely handsome young men in their early twenties. As was to be expected, I developed an unbearable crush on one of the two. He was utterly charming, good-looking and successful. He had a great taste in music and was perfectly my type. We had a few similar interests that fueled my interest in him, and in hindsight, I'm rather certain he knew I had a crush on him. We went camping and played games together with the other young visitors. He would sit next to me and offered his coat when I was cold. He sat with me when it was dinnertime and laughed at my jokes. Again, in hindsight, it was clear he was aware of my feelings for him as an awkward teenage girl, and just dealt with it playfully. Fortunately, he didn't reciprocate whatsoever. I was heartbroken, since I truly liked him so much. But I was a very, very awkward, nerdy fourteen year old girl. Even if age wasn't a factor, I wasn't very attractive at the time. However, four years later, I'm visiting my family again. Obviously I've changed a lot. I've gained confidence and maturity, as much as an eighteen year old can have it, alongside beauty. I've definitely grown into a beautiful young lady. Now, those guys are coming to visit again..! I was shocked to hear this, since it is a dream come true for fourteen year old me. I can't deny being slightly nervous, but I'm mainly excited. I simply have much better chances this time around. I also have experience dating two guys in their twenties at this point, so I'm not intimidated by them in that regard. I'm just very excited. We're going to go camping again and I look forward to finally being able to converse with them properly. With all of the misandry and confidence I've developed, I might not even like my past crush! But it will be fun. I've been a little lonely here with solely my family. It'd be fun to have people around who can be age-appropriate friends (or more…). Ahh, just imagine when we do fall in love… And we go hiking together… He kisses behind my ear, slightly beneath it… And along my jawline… and my chin… and then my lips… softly at first… then passionately… and he grabs me more firmly and even a bit of my hair… and we simply fall deeply in love and can tell each other anything… and depend on each other… and feel inseparable… like Romy and Alain, but then…until the end of time. ahh anyway, I'm excited [emoji]

No. 1051772

this post is so cute… <heart emoji3 <heart emoji3

No. 1051834

I came up with a new product idea while I was in bed. It would be called BeTwixt, and because the word betwixt means between it would be two twix and something between them but I can't decide what yet. Caramel would be too sweet, so maybe the milky stuff that's in kinder pingui and it would all be wrapped in chocolate

No. 1051914

I'm not masturbating.

No. 1051933

File: 1643977174454.jpg (64.25 KB, 1000x750, MV5BZGU3OWVlYjgtNDgzMi00MmE4LT…)

I ate too many taquitos and now I feel really, really sick

No. 1051937

I laughed really hard

No. 1052277

>he's not a popular enough actor to have a huge ego.
Good luck nona but don't bank on this kek you'd be surprised

No. 1052374

I'm about to get a snack, hop in bed, and crochet until I fall asleep. I'm about to sleep so good, you guys have absolutely no idea.

No. 1052409

tell us how it went!!

No. 1052412

I dyed my hair and it turned out a weird grey color and a bit splotchy but I don't care, and I painted my nails lavender on one hand and minty on the other and I ruined them right away in the shower.

No. 1052425

I made a post somewhere in /ot/ and I could've sworn it was in the dumbass shit thread but I can't find it, even after "site:lolcow.farm"ing. Those are the only times I curse the no-account system on imageboards.

No. 1052643

Update: I asked him out to a gig last night and he responded today with a yes!! I'm so excited. He's busy filming a show outside of our city so he's going to let me know when he has some down time. I'll let you know if/when that happens nonnies

He's one of those celebs who keeps a very low social media profile, he had one big role on a US show and then went back to my country and now is taking more local roles. All of his posts come across as very genuine, like if he weren't famous you'd expect him to say the same things, so while I'm cautious all the signs I'm seeing are pointing to good things.

No. 1052651

I love being good looking. I love knowing I look good and getting compliments.

No. 1052737

in person classes start next week, i am looking forward to making friends. i am feeling lonely, i want to have fun with friends and make silly jokes

No. 1052963

good luck!

No. 1053813

I've always thought how insane it was that someone could describe someone else's face. Or draw someone from memory. I doodled my bf's face tonight and it really looked like him and I was able to keep drawing him over and over. Honestly I think he'll appreciate this as a super cheesy Valentine's gift.

No. 1053861

The whole day, I've felt like something bad is going to happen in the near future and I can't shake the feeling off. I'm putting this out somewhere so hopefully it goes away.

No. 1053865

I need that confidence. Good for you, anon

No. 1053883

I've been wanting to take these classes for months now and I went to ask for their price and it was so expensive it made my heart jump. Everything is so expensive. Everything costs money. Cultivating a respectable life costs money. Maintaining dignity costs money. Your health costs money. Even the things that you think wouldn't cost money cost money. Opting out of consumerism costs money. I put hope on this dumb little thing to take my mind off some things and it cost money. I hate complaining and I'm more than ok with expensive everything is but it's just weird to me today how everything costs money.

No. 1053934

This guy keeps flirting with me (over text) in the most autistic way possible and somehow I find it adorable

No. 1053948

this is sweet anon

No. 1054409

My armpit hurts. I didn't know armpits could hurt. I thought it was an ingrown hair, but everything's smooth. It just hurts, and has been hurting for the past two days. I'm confusion.

No. 1054455

I’ve been watching old soviet cartoons and they are so beautiful and nostalgic, I miss being little and spending my weekend mornings watching them.

No. 1054769

Ngl that's kind of adorable. Post updates

No. 1054771

File: 1644189080472.jpg (7.8 KB, 563x494, Tumblr_l_287928040238172.jpg)

thank you!

No. 1054775

Sometimes when I have hormonal breast pain it extends to my armpit

No. 1054907

File: 1644194813966.jpeg (73.71 KB, 605x530, 42768F5F-0AC3-44FD-A2F7-F2BA10…)

I had an incredible rock that I lost but then today I found it in my pants drawer. I love you rock.

No. 1054918

post pics

No. 1054935

Is that a rock in your pants (drawer) or are you just..

Im sorry

No. 1054975

File: 1644198798916.jpeg (27.53 KB, 465x659, syv8yvsy8.jpeg)

you reminded me of my 2 cool rocks. i got them 3 years ago iirc and i use them as workout dumbbells.
do you have a name for your rock, nonna? i just realized i should probably name mine.. i love my rocks.

No. 1055038

Ok, it doesn’t LOOK all that remarkable. But this rock contains the Moho from the Semail Ophiolite. I collected it out there last fall.
(That little stripe in the middle that you can stick your finger on is the base of the crust, from a chunk of oceanic lithosphere that got pushed onto the continent in the Middle East. Not really a rock you could find for sale even if you wanted to, so if i had really lost it I wouldn’t be able to replace it.)

No. 1055040

File: 1644206516184.jpeg (3 MB, 4032x3024, 5B8D8CB0-42F7-4717-B0C1-401D89…)

Whoops forgot to attach pic.

No. 1055077

that's actually extremely cool, anon. thanks for posting the pic and explaining. i love it.

No. 1055263

Made a quesadilla and it was delicious

No. 1055969

File: 1644264606905.jpeg (118.92 KB, 1200x802, AD558659-5F58-44A9-9592-7C622A…)

The Made in Abyss mangaka looks just like my dentist.

No. 1055990

My life is so simple and boring, but I consider both of those things to be blessings. No news is good news.

No. 1055993

Hope you make lots of friends nonas! Are they allowing clubs to meet up too? I recommend checking them out if they're allowed to meet! I made many friends from clubs in my university.

No. 1056010

Had some friends over for dinner and I'm glad I stuck with a simple air fryer chicken with dirty rice. I was self conscious that it wasn't a fancy dinner party meal but it came out well, they loved it and it was easy to make, so I wasn't all tired and frazzled when they came. We had a fun night.

No. 1056037

wish kojimbo got a better haircut

No. 1056039

my cat says “rah” and “mohhh” not meow

No. 1056045

They both look like weird ugly frogs. Left one genuinely looks special needs.

No. 1056073

Something something the rich just fee everything even stuff that should be free and live off of everyday ppls hard work.

No. 1056083

>got a 4 euro nail polish at sephora
>still surprised when it comes off one day after putting it on
I'm so ridiculously cheap AND can't even perform femininity right

No. 1056097

how expensive is good nail polish if 4 euro are cheap

No. 1056109

Oh I have no idea. I only used it when I was 12-13 and my mom bought them for me. Maybe something like 8/9 euros is more like a good, lasting nail polish that isn't from a famous brand here? It may also change from country to country.
Makeup is really fucking expensive. I will keep buying only the necessary stuff and save the rest for travels/clothes/books/videogames.

No. 1056152

this is why you gotta shoplift

No. 1056177

cheap nail polish is around 0.99-1.50eur. Where do you live anon where you think 4eur is cheap or are you upper class rich.

No. 1056273

File: 1644275876439.jpg (43.52 KB, 323x463, download.jpg)

Time to stop infighting on lolcow and go work on my beanie

No. 1056294

NTA but 4€ nail polish is cheap as fuck in Finland.

No. 1056327

Good luck

No. 1056365

File: 1644280297209.jpg (40.62 KB, 411x514, FB_IMG_1644280247831.jpg)

BlissandKittens!! I haven't seen her art in so long! When I used to still have a Facebook she was my favorite art page. She was so responsive and kind to me, too.

No. 1056493

I was gonna finish this paper tonight since it was due yesterday but idgaf anymore. It'll get done tomorrow. I'm gonna relax.

No. 1056685

Exposed as bourgeois?! But idk guys. As I said I'm not really an expert, I live in the north of Italy right now. I haven't really seen cheaper but there's probably something out there

No. 1056790

Where do you live that has such cheap nail polish?

No. 1057532

You can totally get $1-2 nail polish in burgerland. It’s not gonna be high quality but they do have it.

No. 1057787

File: 1644358779505.png (136.37 KB, 500x496, 4nm0df.png)

It's almost time for me to take my box braids out, and I'm really sad about it because they're really cute! and they're super small so I'm dreading the takedown process
Also, my little restaurant in this app I play is currently going through judging to see if I qualify for a "Mew-chelin" star, and it's very stressful. I wasn't prepared for this at all. No one tells you how hard it is to run a virtual cat restaurant.

No. 1057808

Oohhh jeeee I love you

No. 1057846

File: 1644360544605.png (12.22 KB, 255x352, Beancurd.png)

Anyway, I'm sorry but I have to share that this little cutie just came to my restaurant. Her name is Beancurd…I love her

No. 1057848

She's so fucking CUTE thank you for sharing nona pretend I put a heart emoji in this spoiler lol

No. 1057878

It's nice other people are playing this game, she came into mine too!
I just finished the 3 star mew-chelin challange. It's fine, if you miss it you can start it again. Hardest part was catching 8 sharks.
I probably won't be doing the 4 stars so soon

No. 1057888

I just took mine down yesterday. I'm still not completely sure if I cut off some of my actual hair with the braids but we're just not going to worry about that

No. 1057906

He looks like a walking stereotype of a pedo

No. 1057956

I finally took my Christmas tree down yesterday. I'm embarrassed it took so long but also it was kinda nice after all the snow we got last week, finally looked properly festive.

No. 1058190

File: 1644378514054.gif (2.64 MB, 498x280, anime-food-soup.gif)

About to make soup and watching The Gilded Age. I'm only about 20 minutes in, but I like when shows have cute female friendships, so I like it already.
I'm so ready for this soup. It's incredibly cold outside, so I really need this.

No. 1058205

Not late. Ours is still up. Has some new decorations on it. It might be easier to just keep it up and switch out the ornaments on it for the season

No. 1058275

I walked past a house today who still had their giant ass tree with lights blinking in the middle of their window, all I thought was "cute"

No. 1058279

Hope your soup was tasty, anon. I'm making some lentil and carrot soup right now.

No. 1058290

I just finished making it! Took way longer than it was supposed to lol. Anyway it's very yummy, I hope yours is good too!

No. 1059133

Today I recovered an account I hadn't used in five years on a game modding website just to complain about a sexy mod not being sexy enough for my taste. The characters are dressed in tight revealing outfits, yet for some reason the male characters' crotches are disappointingly flat.

No. 1059136

I made dessert today. I put ladyfingers on the bottom of a container and put chocolate pudding with ground hazelnut on them. Then I put some more ladyfingers on top. It was great

No. 1059170

I have an obviously female name and one of my online handles is my name without anything added. I keep it as it makes me feel like the alpha among my name-sharers. But sometimes I get DM'd by moids online asking to meet up despite my disclaimer of having a boyfriend. I send them the kpop man acting like a dog gif. They usually ask if I accidentally sent that or what that means, I send them a faster version of the gif. Thank you nonnies for this wonderful gif.

No. 1059172

You're an evil genius.

No. 1059177

Hahahahahaha you made my day

No. 1059192

No. 1059202

Does anyone have the slower version?

No. 1059203

it was posted in retarded shitposting not that long ago

No. 1059383

I had a huge hankering for 28 cent burritos yesterday. Not sure why, but it was good despite the mushy insides. Eating real food today though.

No. 1059409

Why is it so funny?

No. 1059413

I'm on the third day of my one month break and I feel really good. Not lonely or sad at all, I feel no pressure to do any tasks and can just do any chores at my own leisure without having to strictly plan them into my days because I'd otherwise have no time and energy due to classes. I have some small artistic projects planned that I want to finish before everything gets annoying again, but I can really imagine myself living the neet life forever. It's so comfortable. I feel a little guilty, but in a way it's almost like summer break. I haven't felt this good in a while

No. 1059414

I want to curb stomp him sooooo bad

No. 1059420

Every time I see this gif I want to punch him in the face

No. 1059470

this is becoming the new forbidden man borzoi meme flavor of the month except I hate it a lot more, not about to counterintuitively find something else to force meme tho

No. 1059481

This is why china banned fags. I hope he lives in regret for this behaviour.

No. 1059548

I am currently reading fucked up encanto incest fanfics, yet I have never watched the actual movie and never will! ooga booga!

No. 1059554

No. 1059557

Love yourself.

No. 1059562

File: 1644466666086.jpg (45.46 KB, 219x219, oogabooga.jpg)

i have accepted degenracy(in fanfiction) and refuse to budge on my self hatred!

No. 1059563

I don't hate myself for reading fucked up fanfiction because I know my exact reasons for liking it and they have nothing to do with irl. It's all cool.

No. 1059568

File: 1644467092515.jpg (69.06 KB, 474x317, understanding.jpg)


No. 1059569

Based. Fucked up fanfiction is the best.

No. 1059571

File: 1644467386464.jpeg (28.13 KB, 564x436, 311FAE80-0336-4137-B101-56C91C…)

No. 1059585

The grossest part is reading encanto fics

No. 1059587

Repulsive on many levels.

No. 1059590

Now this, I do agree with. But in a sense I've been there.

No. 1059593

File: 1644469333270.jpg (26.47 KB, 196x141, AAAAAAA.jpg)


No. 1059647

File: 1644477099066.jpeg (28.21 KB, 518x421, FBEBFB98-8F81-4FC3-9116-46057F…)

Drew for about 2 hours when I should've gone to bed. I'm glad I did but the program messed up at the end, I'm so lucky I saved. Now… sleep.

No. 1059710

It's Thursday and I can do this, I can be a semi normal semi productive person for two more days. I'm logging off, putting my phone in a drawer and writing out my to do list ♥

No. 1059839

I woke up really early and now I am contemplating what I could eat for breakfast that would be quick to make and filling. I was thinking of a cup of cranberry juice with an avocado bagel. Ughhhhhhh genuinely cannot wait to taste that first bite of a hit crispy bagel with avocado and then to wash it down with tart cranberry. Mouth: watering.

No. 1059970

Woke up before 12pm for the first time in at least of month, feeling really good about myself!!

No. 1060138

I want to play my tamagotchi. Gonna bust that shit open and look at some cute little babs

No. 1060156

I made a bracelet it looks pretty

No. 1060210

There’s really nothing better than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a kitty on your lap and just playing video games

No. 1060223

I will play with mine too
I'm gonna make one too
I'm gonna curl up with my kitty and play video games toooooooooo

No. 1060472

I went to the dollar store a couple days ago and they had some really gorgeous colors of yarn. Idk if they were new, but they were the only colors there. There was this rose gold yarn that I really regret not getting so I hope it's still there the next time I go.

No. 1060585

File: 1644530163288.jpg (65.73 KB, 620x495, Blanket_Cat_2.jpg)

My cat hates me but if there's any of my clothing lying around in the apartment ANYWHERE, she'll choose to sleep on top of that and starts growling if you're trying to pull the piece of clothing away. It doesn't matter if something either of my parents wore is lying next to it, or when there's a freshly washed blanket or something. She'll always choose mine. What's your deal cat? Do you like me? Do you hate me? Stupid ass living definition of a tsundere.

No. 1060796

it's how cat has chosen to express love

No. 1060824

Sage for ramble but I wish septiksiren was still as milky as she used to be. I'm glad she's matured and I actually quite like her now but she used to be such an oversharing pickme, she was my personal cow for years

No. 1061236

I just remembered I have copic markers. I should really use those instead of letting them sit around like they have been for almost a year

No. 1061247

Aren't you worried they'll dry out with time?

No. 1061286

I keep having dreams about being in school again or being pregnant

No. 1061287

Why do people sage on /ot/

No. 1061295

They probably are a little dry now, I'll check later. I don't want them to dry out obviously, but I just didn't want to draw. Art block, I guess.

No. 1061300

Nightmare fuel.

No. 1061587

I bought these frozen potato things lately and when you place them on a baking tray theres a pretty big size difference between one piece and the next. Too much of a difference. You end up with half of them being undercooked and the other half being teeth breakers. Or one end is rock hard and the other end 'of the same piece' is undercooked potato.. I hate em.

No. 1061728

I left my turkey pepperoni sticks out on accident. I already felt kind of bad buying them because they were so expensive. I feel extra bad wasting it because I just started eating meat again.

No. 1061747

What kind of potato things? And why don't you just sort them before cooking or take the small ones out as soon as they are done? Or make the big ones smaller? But I do understand the frustration, already done stuff shouldn't make you work this hard

No. 1061769

File: 1644605835923.jpg (40.55 KB, 600x450, 20d9d08000380a09444310fbc171db…)

These. They were cheap in lidl and I liked them more on the other days I had them. Was at the end of the bag today though so the mismatched sizes were extra noticable and hard to get around.

No. 1061776

Lmao anon, why'd you call them "potato things" and not just fries

No. 1061787

I'm not american. Fries are called chips here, but chips are something else in america. A certain type of breakfast is also called 'a fry' here. None of it translates. These are potato thingys lol

No. 1061822

I just drank a ginger shot, and holy fuck blegh. I also drank it on an empty stomach which I think made it worse. I do feel a little better though.

No. 1061851

I gained weight… Fuckkkkk fine I'll start exercising again and watching what I eat so I'll stop hating the way I look

No. 1061943

File: 1644616684222.png (406.06 KB, 576x590, 9c3.png)

me rn because I got my period and a nosebleed at the same time

No. 1062043

Guy at work got a hair transplant and now I have to see his half-shaved back of head/weird ass healing front hairline until it grows in.

Honestly, that’s the third thing he should’ve fixed. His fucked up teeth and weak chin really should’ve been higher priority than that. His hair was thinning in the back already and looked thin to begin with… so I don’t think he’s going to have luck with this and should’ve just gone bald with dignity.

No. 1062065

Wishing you good levels of Fe

No. 1062071

I love when my cat wakes up from a nap, it's always the same exact actions every single time and always cute. He just suddenly opens his eyes wide, stares for a few seconds, then goes RRRR. RRRRR? RRRRRR!, then looks around in different directions, wriggles out of his place and immediately walks to his feeding bowl.

No. 1062127

The school ones are usually pretty bad but the pregnancy ones vary. I remember a recent dream where I had a daughter. She didn't even look anything like me but she made me so incredibly happy. I felt genuine joy being with her and for some reason feeding her salmon. Then I woke up and felt odd because I felt such a burst of joy over someone non-existent, kek. I loved my little dream daughter.

No. 1062162

File: 1644633372144.jpg (74.91 KB, 594x771, FKrYm07VcAQh5pv.jpg)

This is the cutest thing ever. God bless cats.

No. 1063673

My boyfriend just bought another tarantula. We have two, and both are against a white wall in our studio. Looks like moving art! They also have a dedicated cricket tank, but we keep that in the bedroom for good luck and because it sounds like Animal Crossing all night. Just so neat. One is a Costa Rican Tiger Rump and an Orange Tree Spider, they look really neat together due to the matching orange. Both are VERY active so theh're always wandering around and doing neat shit. Just.. very pretty. Neither can be held though otherwise I would!

No. 1063704

Tarantulas are so pretty, tell them I said hi

No. 1063710

Sounds cool. What's the fascination for people who buy these things though? Is it the scientific aspect or…?

No. 1063712

Tripping on 3 tabs of acid rn I wish I had someone to talk to

No. 1063719

I will! I'll wave at them, it makes them do an aggressive li'l dance
I'm gonna be honest I have no idea. He's just really into spiders and then he started doing like.. moooonths of research before sourcing one. The nerd knows every fact about every breed/type like an autist. I like them because they're entirely silent and I'm absolved from any sort of care for them outside of the occasional feeding

No. 1063723

Hi bitch!

No. 1063728

it bums me out that my one dog does nothing but wait for me to come home whenever i leave for work. he'll just sit in our spare bedroom in the dark since it gives him a visual on the back door, and even if my husband makes an effort to engage with him and keep him on his lap eventually he slinks back to just waiting and watching. the dog we've had for way longer isnt anywhere near as clingy & ive followed every tip i can find to help my dog deal with separation anxiety but he never gets better at handling it. i think its related to how long he spent in a shelter before we got him, but that was back in 2016. i just makes me sad. often when i come home after greeting me the 1st thing he does is run to the water bowl and drink a ton, like he's been thirsty but hasn't even allowed himself to drink because that would mean leaving his post

No. 1063760

Sup man, meant to post this an hour ago but oh well

No. 1063761

Baking lemon squares for tomorrow. Hope they come out good. They'll be done in about 22 minutes.

No. 1063763

Hope your experience is wonderful

No. 1063776

You could move his water bowl to where he likes to hang out. My old dog used to lie on my bed whenever we left him to hold the fort.

No. 1063784

My corn snake is going to shed soon. I've had her for 6 years already and it's insane to think it's been that long

No. 1063786

Used up all of the ink in a pen, I feel so satisfied and accomplished.

No. 1063792

Listening to a 90s-2000s R&B playlist of ne yo, mario, and usher. I am soothed

No. 1063794

Update: lemon squares taste amazing.

No. 1063796

Excellent, well done anon!
I made a mug brownie because I'm lazy kek

No. 1063811

> it's insane to think it's been that long
Snakes are very long anon, I don’t know what to tell you.

No. 1063947

File: 1644746947430.jpg (61.39 KB, 700x526, small-soda-cans.jpg)

I need soft drinks sold in tiny tiny cans. I keep buying them and throwing them away less then half-full. So wasteful.


No. 1064010

Can you not get sodas sold as drink mixers in 100ml (half cup) cans where you live? Usually next to tonic water you'll have ginger beer, lemonade, cola etc at least in my country.

No. 1064015

>I keep buying them and throwing them away less then half-full
Same. I've basically cut soda out but sometimes I convince myself that I should try it again and only take 2 sips max before throwing it out.

No. 1064018

Unfortunately, no. Can't even buy beer cans smaller than half a litre. The can situation here sucks.

No. 1064047

File: 1644749954990.jpg (11.11 KB, 236x419, 9adad2b65fdc7db1a9bc550c272307…)

I had to see a post that said "Men are sharing the things they wish women knew about them" while on Instagram. This is why I never use that app.

No. 1064054

I'd hardly call throwing out basically liquid sugar wasteful imho. If you really want you could rebottle the remaining in a plastic bottle and throw it in the fridge tho.

No. 1064085

I Hate Men.

No. 1064104

I bet you could find silicone can sealing lids on Amazon or similar. Like the Tupperware you get with a button that sucks the air out.

No. 1064124

I had an allergic reaction to fuck knows what and now my face and behind the ears is full of little white pimples. It's KILLING me not being able to scratch or pop them, it hurts.

No. 1064146

Take an antihistamine, hope you feel better soon!

No. 1064157

thank you anon! do antihistamines work for breakouts tho? I don't have any other symptoms other than the spots, which I guess will go away on their own in a couple of days

No. 1064203

nta but the spots sound like hives from the allergic reaction, so antihistamines would help

No. 1064337

Lastnight I had one of those rare nights where every time I woke up I had a dead arm or pain in my arm from sleeping on it. I feel like I don't sleep that deep anymore.

No. 1064531

I was making a new breadmaker recipe and impulsively added caramelized onions and cheese to it as it was mixing. Hope it doesn't end up ruined, this bread maker is already a little fussy so it was a risky move.

No. 1064567

File: 1644773000501.gif (4.52 MB, 350x370, f78b4733e55d9a431e8847decb6340…)

Why is Kendrick Lamar on the "Gold School" playlist on Spotify? The playlist is all songs from around 2000-2007 and then there are just three songs from Kendrick from 2012 and it fucks with the whole vibe of the playlist. 2010s rap sounds totally different than early 2000s rap. I like Kendrick Lamar, a lot, but I'm listening to this playlist to get a particular sound and feeling. I'm glad I can hide songs in a playlist though, it basically makes the issue moot. I just wish I understood the logic of the person who curated the list.

No. 1064662

I just put some avocado in my soup and I loved it.

No. 1064677

I thought that making some hand warmers would be quick and easy, but it's taking me so long to make them cause I'm a fucking idiot. I'm weary, anons.

No. 1064683

An artist I like has uploaded an acoustic version of my favorite song of his after a literal decade and I love it, and I think I'd love it even more if I knew where I could find an instrumental version of the acoustic. But it doesn't look like one will be uploaded or sold any time soon, or like, ever…

No. 1064687

That's a bit weird but I'm happy for you that it worked out ok

No. 1064744

File: 1644779176213.jpeg (168.15 KB, 1000x1000, 40BF7FC6-5621-48E5-BBC9-BB2005…)

Get one of these and save for later.

No. 1064762

I'll regularly open up a can of monster and finish it about 30 hours later.. no standards here.

No. 1064897

I'm making some pies for my parents and just put them in the oven. It hasn't even been ten minutes and the room already smells like apricots and magic

No. 1064918

Took me a while but I figured out what these reminded me of.. menstrual cups

No. 1064927


No. 1064958

Yep, that's where we are.

No. 1064961

Moids kill the vibe I'm away to bed

No. 1065227

I burned myself a couple hours ago, and my arm looks so weird with the huge blisters. The shape of the burns make me feel like I'm an alien creature and they are my arm gills.

No. 1065322

I've been rinsing my hair in ice water for a month now and it's better than any conditioner, hair mask or treatment I've ever had before. Doesn't hurt that my hair is virgin hair and I never apply heat or chemicals to it, but this is still fucking next level. It feels like kitten-soft. It never tangles now, each hair itself is smoother overall. Would highly recommend. I actually think I started it because someone on here recommended it to someone else and now I'll never go back

No. 1065334

are you the oil splash anon from the temp thread in /g/?? i just burnt my finger on the hot rim of my frying pan. it burnsss.

No. 1065411

Yep! I'm sorry about that anon, feel better soon.

No. 1065460

Tried pomelo for the first time. Loved it

No. 1065505

A lesbian artist I follow recently changed her pronouns from she/her to she/they, ffs why are all lesbians (in fact a lot of great female artists) trooning out?

No. 1065538

So glad you discovered how good cold water is for hair. Last year I had lukewarm/cold showers and I had no acne, no body acne, and thick, soft hair. The only thing is who tf wants to do that in winter?? Anyway, thanks for reminding me to get back on it, it really is the best

No. 1065566

Samefag, Now I've popped one of the blisters. I'm going to fucking scream, this is what I was was hoping wouldn't happen

No. 1065570

Damn I need to change my ways

No. 1065776

The she/they ones just do it because of social pressure and a desire to be cool. It’s the gender equivalent of putting a pink streak in your hair during the early 2010s.

No. 1065834

I wish I could do this but I live in a cold climate and I'm too cowardly to put up with the discomfort. Will try just putting at least the ends of my hair in ice water though! It'll be fine for dyed hair too I assume?
Do you put actual ice in the water or do you just run the tap extra cold?
Let's change our ways together nonna

No. 1065855

My sister gets so lucky with adopting animals. They’re so nice and sweet and all get along even with a new dog introduced but my cats who have known each other for a decade fight constantly and horribly. I feel like a bad cat mom

No. 1065929

File: 1645588132134.png (1.11 MB, 1471x1199, lctan milk bunker.png)

I started journaling again. I'm glad. I'm writing all kinds of things, like what I'm eating, what I'm reading and what I think about individual passages, what I'm thinking, what I don't want to think about, plans that might happen, etc. I'll be able to go back, read this journal, and know exactly what I was up to then. And I've written about some of my theological beliefs and those are sure to change over time. I'm recording so many different facets of my person whereas with my first journal in high school I just complained about my mom.

No. 1065930

Did you draw that? How cute!

No. 1065933

No, just reposting bunker art. I love all the art everyone did!

No. 1066067

File: 1645598603062.gif (1.6 MB, 498x278, B8D08D26-811E-4E5C-94D9-A0C3BB…)

My rescue cat has been with us for 5 years and she pisses everywhere. Can’t get her to stop tried everything. Feel like pure shit tbh.

No. 1066096

There was a small incident at work yesterday when I was alone at the office, I completely panicked but I ended up handling it really well despite that. I'm super proud of myself.

No. 1066127

There's rice that has been sitting on my stove for around 3 hours. I don't usually mess around with that stuff, but I think I'm gonna eat it.

No. 1066130

good luck!

No. 1066235

File: 1645620468013.gif (22.57 KB, 200x200, BriefIncompatibleCornsnake-max…)

I'm watching a video about how to clean chitlins. I will never eat them in my life, but the lady making the video has such a sweet, kind voice and I'm interested in how they're cleaned.

No. 1066259

3 hour old rice is harmless, nonners.

No. 1066345

Every time she breaks into the chorus it makes me tear up, I don't even know why. It's just so beautiful I cry.

No. 1066348

One of my friends had a baby girl recently and I'm so happy for her because I know that little girl is going to grow up in a nice caring family to a based terf mother

No. 1066383

Good taste anon, I love this song

No. 1066407

dum dums taste really good. i am eating a blue one rn and it’s heavenly

No. 1066412

these days have been really simple…i get up about 7-9am, draw for at least 12 hours in total, do crosswords, play with my cat, talk to friends. breaking up with my boyfriend was the best thing i could've ever done. also im gonna order a vegetarian burger

No. 1066443

anon that all sounds great! i need to channel some of this energy into my life. glad to hear you're living your best life after breaking up with your bf.

No. 1066452

The blue ones are my favorite, great taste anon

No. 1067492

I'm eating graham crackers with almond butter cause my fries aren't baking fast enough.

No. 1067563

I ate some crackers yesterday that were shit. How do you manage to fuck up such a simple thing?
The quality of food products has gone massively down lately. I dread dinnertime because I know I won't enjoy it.

No. 1067573

Honestly, the crackers weren't good but I've never liked graham crackers anyway so I'm biased.

No. 1067669

This wound that I have just has a little piece of black skin on it. Kind of disturbing, but it looks crunchy.

No. 1067914

So I'm not the only one noticing this! Meat and dairy taste weird and premade grain products have weird textures. I bet the whole factory processes are cheaping out on products bc they know ppl are paying more for groceries now. I literally just started getting groceries from a local farmer even though there's not much selection. Market food is so off tasting or bland that my body physically doesn't want to put it in my mouth.

No. 1067954

Had a strange dream last night that lolcow was updated and all of a sudden it wasn't anonymous anymore. We all had profile pictures and even if you didn't make an account you had one with your name on it and are post history was tied to it. So i guess lolcow basically became kiwifarms (idk I've never used it but it sounds like it's like this) and I was very stressed kek. I think this was my second lolcow dream so far.

No. 1067979

File: 1645725203630.png (57.12 KB, 497x829, hewwo.png)

i miss /m/.

No. 1068014

File: 1645726596471.gif (1.53 MB, 500x399, 01-cat-stretching-feet.gif)

Hello nonnies, I am thinking about going into library science (though I am not 100% sure) and I am meeting with my advisor to talk about what majors would suit me. Did anybody pick a major randomly because they liked how it sounded/seemed like it would suit them? I haven't been to a library in forever but the prospect of working in a library sounds really appealing. Anyway, I'm very excited because I was one of those kids in hs that thought I'd just die homeless because I didn't think I had it in me to actually pursue a career and education. I want to change that!

No. 1068022

File: 1645727119039.jpg (47.02 KB, 564x1002, 316edafeeff2adf6160a3c0975adbd…)

i picked a major simply because i liked the sound of it. i really enjoyed university and was very good at what i was doing, but after my graduation i fell into a hole because i felt very hopeless regarding my job prospects. if you can do some internships, you'll probably be good, but for me internships weren't an option because the time for internships was at the height of covid, long before any vaccines had been on the horizon, and i was too scared to go outside because of my chronic lung disease.

if you like reading, organizing and keeping an eye on things, library science sounds like a good fit for you! i actually wished i knew i could get into library sciences as well, but sadly i only saw that was a major at a different college in my city when i had already graduated. you aren't stuck to libraries either, you might as well work in archives or in data management. i have an acquaintance who has a degree in library sciences and she works as an archivist/data manager in a huge pharmaceutical company.

good luck, anon!!

No. 1068028

Definitely look up some interviews or interview someone yourself if you can to get a good idea of what the job is like. One of the best things to do, especially internships like other Nonna said. I chose a career because I liked the sound of it and so far im still really interested, but I haven't graduated yet. However I did get to see what they do first hand since my brother had a speech therapist for a while and it seemed like a really undermined field. Follow your heart nonnie, best of luck!!!!

No. 1068038

I picked literature because of an anime and because I liked to read, it was honestly a mistake and I should’ve listened to the people telling me to go study modern languages.
I think it’s important to read about the career you want to study and to check out the courses that the university will offer, because you may not like the vast majority of the courses and you may end up having a bad time like it did.
Also remember that you have to understand your limits, when I picked literature, I thought I would manage to learn how to properly remember dates, names and how to analyze books.
But I still can’t remember a date to save my life, I still mix up names of people and all of my professors used to put a huge ass red Zero on my essays and a “did you read the book?” Comment.
Just make your life easier, don’t challenge yourself right now, you have the rest of your life to do so.

No. 1068048

A good way to learn about the bad parts of the career you want to pursue is to check internet forums about it (ie reddit, your teachers likely won't tell you about them). All jobs have some shitty aspects, so you really want to know what they are before majoring in it, and if you can deal with them

No. 1068050

File: 1645728219397.jpg (76.81 KB, 519x780, a461d35f7416b25e57de2fdee5960d…)

Me too, nonners, me too.
I also miss the tarot anons at /g/, nothing ever came true from their predictions for me, but it's still so fun, nonetheless!

No. 1068070

File: 1645728818465.jpg (201.32 KB, 743x1386, de31f1e71fa3bb1f18d6c5e7436f3a…)

I predict you'll cross paths with a brave white cat

No. 1068076

File: 1645728949240.jpg (42.43 KB, 564x564, 30ecfb82b30a2475b1adddda1c5fd6…)

The best prediction ever!

No. 1068103

I had the same dream some weeks ago lmao Lolcow was black with purple font then

No. 1068206

File: 1645732037182.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.59 KB, 710x474, VuRAaxZ.jpg)

Spoilers for spiders but everyday I come home I am happy to see the progress of the little spider that built a web near my front door. Yesterday I even saw she caught a meal for herself! I used to not be too kneen on insects and spiders but I've come to appreciate them when they exist in their own little worlds.

Pic rel is not my spider btw just a cute jumping spider

No. 1068299

Think this spooder might be gay

No. 1068859

I may have been the fat kid, but that meant the boys always asked me to be the goalie when they played soccer.
A large number of my Wednesday afternoons were saved that way

No. 1069031

I really want a salad with mushrooms, roasted turkey, lettuce, arugula, almonds or cashews, cherry tomatoes or mandarin, cheese and some honey mustard.

No. 1069033

Samefag, I also want a caramel latte, a lemon cake and a strawberry-kiwi and lemon smoothie.

No. 1069102

File: 1645770375405.png (398.1 KB, 438x438, 1645639235449.png)

Saw this pic of pussy hats in the MTF thread, and I think I'm gonna make a sack beanie that looks like this. In black though. They have a pattern for this, so that's nice.

No. 1069173

Almond butter toast is so good. Right next to plain buttered toast. Warm, crunchy, simple…the best.

No. 1069181

I'm all alone in my office, and I barely have anything to do… I should have stayed home then. What do?

No. 1069250

Watch netflix or whatever you can access, you're not losing your vacation days, you get paid, enjoy!

No. 1069265

Some guy was here for an hour to clean the windows and I told my last client I can't do what he wants because it's too late for me to help him so I'm completely free now. I'll read fics on my phone, I don't have netflix.

No. 1069360

I want to go on vacation by myself where I can be left tf alone. If i google for places i only get advertisements and popular tourist spots. I just want to hang out in the woods or mountains and not see a single human being ever. Where should I even look to find something??

(Also i live in Germany and I'd go to Austria or Switzerland too so if anyone has a specific recommendation I'd appreciate that)

No. 1069692

I'm making myself a shirt using a pattern that I created, and it's working beautifully. My last shirt also worked out well and fit like it was custom made (it was). The straps are soft and there are minimal seams for added comfort. It makes my tits look amazing and you can't see my nipples, even when it's cold. I am unstoppable now

No. 1069767

I had a dream about eating cake and it was yummy. Good dream.

No. 1069801

File: 1645812271538.jpg (38.31 KB, 628x741, That cat has a sick ass vape i…)

A couple nights ago I had a dream where I was just vaping. I could feel it going into my throat and lungs. Woke up straight out of the dream and was confused coz I swore I felt the sensation of it.

No. 1070060

My cat is obsessed with doors being open. He can be off doing his own thing but I go to the bathroom and he stops to run as fast as he can to scratch at the door until I’m done. He keeps opening every cabinet. He’s even started to scratch at the windows thinking I will go and open them all for his highnd-ass

No. 1070163

I was trying to cook, and the pan started smoking. There wasn't even anything in it, it was a clean pan.

No. 1070210

File: 1645824500798.jpg (53.17 KB, 500x402, 704606d63a024b6ef323c552b7cf97…)

Whenever i watch my boyfriend code for his job i often imagine myself doing the same thing, but not for a miserable company rather as a hobby. He has a bunch of college books about programming languages and sometimes i want to pick one out and dip my toes into it. Im not the brightest but i keep daydreaming about it too often.

No. 1070213

Do it! You don't have to be super smart.

No. 1070221

You should try it nona! It's fun and easy to learn.

No. 1070240

File: 1645825228206.png (826.07 KB, 1200x511, Untitled.png)

I haven't visited lolcow for a week and it works again great because I wanted to tell you about my eventful day, first I had an exam but that's not important what is important is I was playing pokemon and I got a shiny charm which makes shiny (very rare) pokemon appear more often, and there's this device called dexnav that counts how many pokemon I have defeated of each kind and if I defeat a lot of them they will be more likely to be shiny.
So I decided to find a shiny Persian and I ran through the grass looking for it and defeating all possible persian. I beat like over a hundred because all my pokemon now have 252 speed effort values. I noticed the "search level" (which makes the shiny pokemon more likely) wasn't going up very fast and it only went up when I beat a meowth… so I realized I have to fight meowth and not persian… Ok then I beat a hundred meowths and a few meowths after that I found a shiny one!! I've only ever seen one shiny pokemon in my life and I didn't have any pokeballs to catch it. I caught it and I named it Mickey and it's now a persian and it's gold and stars stream out of it and gives me lots of money and I'm rich.
Then I decided to look for a shiny swablu because it's gold too. So I defeated a hundred swablus. And then I realized the "search level" goes up when you see a pokemon, not when you defeat it… I didn't have to defeat all those pokemon I could have just entered a battle and run away and spend 80% less time…
Ok well then I just decided to enter every battle and run away and I've seen 250 swablus so far and no shiny, which is normal probably I don't know but that means I was really lucky when I found a shiny meowth. Maybe I'm gonna win the lottery

No. 1070246

So do it, you're not bound to it for life once you pick a book up. Give it a try!

No. 1070255

I started teaching myself to code recently because I'm a NEET with nothing better to do and I agree with the other anons. It's super easy to learn but just the right amount of challenging. Idk why I had this idea in my head that it was just boring and mechanical work that lack creativity, I should have started learning years ago.

No. 1070363

File: 1645829855208.png (178.54 KB, 540x377, Capture.PNG)

Good luck nonny! which game are you playing?

No. 1070388

File: 1645831150601.png (194.36 KB, 894x894, snom.png)

Thank you for telling us about your day nona. Hope your lucky streak continues!

No. 1070391

They are so cute all together, like christmas ornaments! I'm playing hacked Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon R.O.W.E. Thanks for the luck I will find it one day

No. 1070393

Go for it. I went to uni for IT and it's super easy to learn coding. I was shit at maths before starting my schooling and knew nothing of coding before hand, so it's pretty easy to pick up. If you want to know how and what languages I was taught in uni; we learned Python then Java and Visual Basic and HTML and JavaScript and SQL, then learned C++ and C#.

No. 1070395

File: 1645831333044.jpg (348.14 KB, 2048x1536, FKq-55cXsAEEoIg.jpg)

There is no cat in this picture.

No. 1070396

This order was chosen as the teachers believed it is the easiest to transition from one to the next (Python to Java to C++, the others were just learned at the same time).

No. 1070398

File: 1645831445178.jpg (316.79 KB, 1536x2048, FJ9183JX0AA0uao.jpg)

Or this one

No. 1070406

File: 1645831679776.png (Spoiler Image, 12.65 KB, 76x68, Screenshot_586.png)

then what is this??

No. 1070407

File: 1645831711119.png (Spoiler Image, 11.58 KB, 70x62, Screenshot_585.png)

and this!

No. 1070410

File: 1645831980493.jpg (721.56 KB, 2048x1536, FI553wpWYAQD7st.jpg)

Oh but you are wrong…..

No. 1070415

File: 1645832222566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.13 KB, 117x227, vatwail.jpg)

Found the kitty

No. 1070417

File: 1645832293168.png (Spoiler Image, 19.15 KB, 96x69, Screenshot_587.png)

No. 1070426

>>1070417 was just about to post the same pic. you are good at this

No. 1070434

File: 1645832872380.jpg (610.63 KB, 1536x2048, FIYKPIEWYAIa3SR.jpg)

My final test…..

No. 1070435

File: 1645832875268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.96 KB, 736x552, 0b8ee105a0c8b2aefc62c27af7d051…)

there is a reasons for this. don't tell though, okay?

No. 1070436

File: 1645832934474.png (Spoiler Image, 24.7 KB, 105x102, Screenshot_589.png)


No. 1070438

File: 1645832993786.jpg (468.2 KB, 2048x1536, FH5K9liXIAY-b9W.jpg)


No. 1070439

File: 1645833076907.png (Spoiler Image, 10.24 KB, 75x47, Screenshot_590.png)

you got more??? i'm waiting

No. 1070441

File: 1645833202276.gif (221.27 KB, 84x84, 1639931298529.gif)

kek stop cheating
Here is your prize!

No. 1070445

File: 1645833311813.gif (7.27 MB, 320x314, tumblr_3d88191a728ba300b70fdf3…)

Here is 2nd place's prize. Thanks for playing!

No. 1070450

File: 1645833401713.jpg (24.74 KB, 700x525, 115-586f6e7572e0d__700.jpg)

i thought you wouldn't tell!


t-thanks….. I LOVE IT.

No. 1070451

superior kitty finder, one step ahead.

No. 1070978

Was waiting to get a self service coffee in a store today. The guy in front of me was taking his time as he chatted away to someone. I realised I'm going to be waiting a while so I stand to the side so that I'm not blocking the newspaper stand. I stand in front of the greeting cards seeing as I've never seen anyone buy a card in there. An old guy comes in and by walking towards me and essentially herding me out of the way like a dog might herd sheep… he gets me to move over a few steps. Turns out he was buying a newspaper so he moved me in front of the very thing he wants? he herds me again lol. Dude getting coffee continues to take his sweet time. He's chatting about a sports event happening in our usually dead town today.. I eventually get my coffee, I leave and the town is swarming with 95 percent men. We never have anything drawing visitors in.. but of course it'd be sports and it'd be dickheads when we finally do.

No. 1071014

File: 1645874688460.gif (351.06 KB, 734x521, 1832605cvmbrterlj.gif)

anons, fingers crossed but i took an edible and i think for the first time after like 13 years now i may be able to enjoy it again. after waking and baking for a few of my teen years i suddenly snapped into a paranoid, anxious mindset every time i took it, no matter what i did, but this time feels different. excited!

No. 1071304

hope things are going well nonnie

No. 1071482

I feel horrible because I can't stop thinking about that scene in Seinfeld when an old Ukrainian dude smashes Kramer's Risk board while yelling that Ukraine is not weak.

No. 1071525

I thought that said pimples

No. 1071666

File: 1645901760215.jpg (169.14 KB, 1080x1080, pink-succulent-SC.jpg)

i think i'm gonna buy a succulent. i always loved how those pink/pink-green ones look. maybe i'm actually a plant person, who knows? now that i beat my social media addiction, anime/manga/vidya addiction, and BL addiction, i have to develop new interests. wish me luck, nonnies!

No. 1071823

i ate too much instant ramen now my head is fucking killing m e

No. 1071870

File: 1645910477965.jpg (98.15 KB, 500x641, 08918466a329c9c68ce65e1153fa5f…)

I really could be productive and go outside today on my day off, but I'm really comfy in bed. Is anything outside going to make me happier than being right here right now?

No. 1071874

You should do it anon! Houseplants are such a joy. You probably already know, but those plants need high sun or heat to turn pink/orange/red

No. 1072184

File: 1645924709128.jpeg (60.39 KB, 353x411, 89A30876-74DF-45A6-9F93-F95C9C…)

i love my mom so much, it’s her birthday next week and i'm going to try to make her chocolate sweets even though i'm terrible at cooking, also i bullied my dad into buying her a super nice jewellery box

No. 1072249

Do it! I'm a plant autist so I think everyone should own a million plants. My plants might actually be one of the most fulfilling hobbies in my life tbh, and it's not a bad side-hustle either. Just repot it! These plants come potted in totally unsuitable soil (mostly sphagnum peat moss) that are basically designed to kill the plant after some time. If you like watering your plants often buy Bonsai Jack succulent soil. If you'd rather water them a lot less often or plan to leave it outside, you can make a mix with coco coir and pumice from General Pumice Products.

No. 1072256

Aw nonna this is so cute i’m sure your mom will love it, I hope she will have the best day ever.

No. 1072263

File: 1645929696986.jpg (133.09 KB, 800x1200, Nama-Chocolate-II.jpg)

You sound so cute nonnie. I recommend this recipe for something very easy and yummy! https://www.justonecookbook.com/nama-chocolate/

It's a copycat recipe of Royce Chocolate's chocolate. It does need to be kept refrigerated but I looooooooove it so much. It's also a stupid easy recipe, but I recommend buying really yummy baking chocolate since that will be the only favor of this sweet. The silky smooth texture is almost like having ice cream!

No. 1072281

thanks so much for the recipe anon! it’s similar to what i had in mind but even better because of the dark chocolate. i’m a bit worried about choosing the right kind of chocolate but otherwise it sounds doable.

No. 1072449

Nta, but it's an easy recipe that you could try doing different variations on for her. The texture is truly amazing though.

No. 1072453

Cats are so cute when they clean their little face

No. 1072463

I like it when they clean between their tiny toes, so meticulous, so adorable

No. 1072496

File: 1645958140008.gif (31.08 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

I finally finished the beanie today (I'm such a fucking slow hooker). Anyway, I ended up making it striped navy blue and black with some ribbing. The pussy hat pattern isn't actually available, so I just chose a different pattern and altered it. It's very cute and I'm happy with how it turned out, but I'm actually not sure how it fits since I have an afro right now. It fits on my mannequin head, but the mannequin is bald and has a smaller head than me. I'm gonna cry if I have to frog and re-do this.

No. 1072502

I don't know how it works but if it is too small maybe you could get it wet with hot water and stretch it out and leave it to dry

No. 1072503

Went onto YouTube and my recommendations were all news clips about women who've been beat within an inch of their life by partners. What the hell did I watch to cause this change… foodie beauty vids.

No. 1072531

Are you sure no one else used your youtube account? Maybe you left it logged in somewhere else than just your computer? It's concerning.

No. 1072553

Foodie Beauty is a cow who gets beaten by her partner

No. 1072585

Shes a lolcow who has been publicly airing her toxic relationship shit for months now. She keeps saying he hit her and then she takes it back or distorts the details 5 mins later. Nobody knows what's real.

I'm just amused that the most serious cases of DV you could ever imagine are what's being recommended. Totes the same thing.

No. 1072735

File: 1645970608673.jpg (120.64 KB, 750x740, tumblr_71c11c0f4d2602ad725bc03…)

i just ordered kebab. i hope it'll taste good.

No. 1073132

Thank you anon! I will be sure to try this if it doesn't fit. I feel dumb because I had flat hair like just 3 days before I made the beanie lol

No. 1073149

File: 1645981614011.jpg (29.31 KB, 600x600, wishiwasbread.jpg)

There's this really yummy bakery right down the street from where I live and I have started going there every Sunday to get my bread for the week. I always get rung up by the same qt (albeit kind of young looking) cashier. He's really friendly every time and today I felt that he was extra nice to me. I wonder if he recognizes me now? I am also probably just projecting since he's pretty much paid to be nice lol. It's actually probably better if he doesn't recognize me because I'm going to be really self-conscious every time I go now.

No. 1073232

Well??? Don't leave us hanging

No. 1073241

it tasted pungent

No. 1073249

I dreamed i went to the chinese diner and called the waiter a cutie and smacked his ass.
I think i need to lay off their fried rice for a while

No. 1073254

don't believe >>1073241 it was really good!!! but surprisingly salty kek.

No. 1073404

I pulled some neon pink film out of my mouth. Not sure what it is.

No. 1073422

I've had that before. I think its just peeling skin or something?

No. 1073447

I keep forgetting to schedule ny cat to get spayed so she's acting all cuddly but making seal noises

No. 1073809

I really miss my blackberry. You could do almost anything via keyboard shortcut. Now I have to swipe a million times to turn on location or bring up apps.

No. 1073957

i miss my sidekick. blackberrys were decent though but they wider keyboard feature was better. there was NO REASON to phase them out.

No. 1074198

File: 1646007600768.jpg (128.36 KB, 1080x1080, 888a520875f01246e31a30bbf33602…)

I have some healing wounds on my arms, and it's so interesting to watch my actual skin color come back on those areas as little dots.

No. 1074229

that's hypopigmentation, luv

No. 1074761

No, it's just that the skin heals pale. The melanin comes back as dots around my hair follicles.

No. 1075240

File: 1646059984953.jpg (31.94 KB, 1280x1280, candy-bracelet-wholesale-min__…)

I am currently knitting a sweater that is both lacey and filled with cables, in colours that are reminiscent of candy necklaces. picrel

No. 1075246

I hope you'll share once you're done! Sounds cute

No. 1075253

get some sunlight

No. 1075387

I just learned how to get food out of my trachea. It worked, but I'm realizing that everyone else probably already knew how to do it but me.

No. 1075399

I didn’t know the other ways, I usually just take a sip of something or wait it out.

No. 1075438

File: 1646064610560.jpg (57.81 KB, 1000x500, innocent-drinks-smoothies-new-…)

I only just realised the Innocent smoothie is part of the meal deal in Tesco. I've been getting the orange juice or the Naked drink this whole time. I can't believe the sheer amount of these I've missed out on!

No. 1075439

That sounds so cool! I used to love those as a kid too.

No. 1075440

You're supposed to lay on your stomach with a pillow under your pelvis, and cough. It worked for me, but the food only came out once I sat back up.

No. 1075447

Yeah some of the juice and smoothie options they include in it are super expensive to buy on their own. I always take advantage of that.

No. 1075542

Slowly but surely losing weight. I've been trying not to weigh myself every single morning because I know the second that number goes up even a bit I'll be sad. I've been doing good though.

No. 1075762

File: 1646073109197.gif (83.34 KB, 220x353, 3123893544597343423.gif)

i hope that nona who said she wanted to make a moomin dollhouse didn't give up

No. 1075784

my curls are looking very juicy today. This is a good sign of things to come.

No. 1075787

File: 1646073504747.jpg (177.87 KB, 736x726, 6f527245bcedfaf0352200799d4dd8…)

Don't worry I didn't! I'm currently in the process of gathering materials and finishing my floor plan!

No. 1075788

Love the word "juicy" to describe curls, gonna use it

No. 1075801

File: 1646073790350.jpg (12.78 KB, 635x344, D1F2JWBW0AAqiF2.jpg)

yay i'm so glad! and i'm happy that tumblr helped you. wish you all the luck and patience to complete it!

No. 1076124

I can't wait for the next Resident Evil in like 6 years kek

No. 1076429

As a child my dad was anime fan and had a lot of merch from Japan which I played with and inevitably ruined. Now I look up them up online and some pieces are going for hundreds of dollars. I do feel bad for ruining his stuff but also I'm glad I got to enjoy them as a kid too.

No. 1076540

Was he mad at you when you ruined them?

No. 1076692

my company has these quarantine restrictions in place for when theres an exposure in the workplace, and so many of my coworkers have had weeks and weeks off because they were "exposed" while i have been so fortunate to be able to keep working. well, i guess i was exposed last week and now i get 5 days off! im so excited!

No. 1076725

File: 1646097508609.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.3 KB, 705x705, 4E140320-34FC-4B33-A033-F51B8F…)

drew what was supposed to be a parody of julia fox in my class notes today, what the fuck have i done

No. 1076807

this lady at work gave me a huge bottle of guarana antarctica today because she didn't want it. i've never had it before. not drinking it tonight because it's too late, but i am wondering what it tastes like.

No. 1077140

Making some mitts. I hope they're done in time so I can show them off later.

No. 1077215

kekkk its perfect anon. you've done great

No. 1077251

Guys does anyone remember pop music pre 2014?

Like it was so much more light hearted and uplifting. Stuff like early Katy Perry, LMFAO, Carly Rae Jepsen- it sounded so simple and fun. It's all rap stuff these days, and it's not the same. I hope they bring back the type of pop that used to come on Heart radio on the way back from primary school. That was fun. I also want neon clothes back and ironic fashion. Also vine, retarded 'challenges', and being able to say retarded. Ok im done being a nostalgiafag now

No. 1077275

Yeah and it was shit.

No. 1077428

Today was my very first time using the public transport in Berlin (the trains), and even though I was late for my appointment and got lost a few times I still did it!! I'm so proud of myself nonnas and to think I was having anxiety attacks and regretting moving to a new country alone but this shows I just need a little time to get used to everything and that people won't point and laugh, because everyone is caught up in their own shit

No. 1077436

I had a fave pair of trousers lately. They still look perfect on the outside but the inside is full of bobbles/pilling and it feels disgustang on my skin.

I just got home from a day of wearing them, skin crawling from the friction and I turned them inside out. Torture pants!

No. 1077618

Take a disposable razor and shave the pills off!

No. 1077845

The h*ll it was not! Today's pop will never come close to even RIVALLING what we used to have!

No. 1078583

File: 1646172855081.jpg (159.94 KB, 900x573, pluto-franz-von-stuck.jpg)

I bought a huge canvas and now I don't know what to pick to paint on it, it would be a waste to just paint something from a photo, but all the ideas I make up in my head I think it's not good enough to be worthy of the big canvas. I made up an idea and then I went online and saw someone else's painting and thought THIS is the kind of painting worthy of being on a big canvas, not mine. This is stupid my idea is good and I will paint it. It looks good it doesn't have to be the same level as some professional painter who's thirty years older than me

No. 1078597

File: 1646173187220.jpg (126.1 KB, 1920x1080, just-some-cats-chilling-1.jpg)

I think more women should go out with their natural hair. I'm in between styles and out with my natural fro with no products, and it's chill. I know other people may judge me or think I look a certain way, but fuck it.

No. 1078715

Let your creativity run free Nona! You can always paint over another layer of paint

No. 1078900

I’m trying to draw my husbando in an embarrassing position but it isn’t looking like how I wanted it to look like. I want it to be from like an angle looking from the floor, I want the dick to be on the first plane but I also want to be able to look at his face. It isn’t working. I wish I knew something about anatomy and perspective but I’m retarded. I even tried looking at coomer anime pictures but nothing has the angle that I want and dicks are a mystery to me, how the fuck do they even work?

No. 1078983

You might just have to suck it up and look at real life reference. Or try to find one of those 3D posing aps.

No. 1079227

The world has gone insane, I feel like I've been living in a Killing Joke song since 2015.

No. 1079237

I hate it all, there's only a shower in this whole house where 4 non related people live and of course it's in my bathroom, my housemate has her boyfriend over for like 3 days and he just took a shower and the bathroom is smelling ATROCIOUS. Normally it smells nice when someone takes a shower ewww

No. 1079359

Thanks, I came up with an idea it's gonna be great, I think in art even if some artist is not as good as others their work is valuable because nobody else but them could come up with the exact same idea and composition and colors etc. Everyone has something else to add to the world

No. 1079522

Marshmallows, oranges and pickles sound so fucking good right now. I think I'm gonna mix some oranges and cut up marshmallows together later today.

No. 1079542

Samefag, add ketchup to this too. Pickles dipped in ketchup and chick-fil-a sauce…

No. 1079560

Do you ever just have those days when for a few hours you're productive and talkative and you're even happy about what you accomplished but then you get home to your room alone and you just feel like rotting on the ground and kinda stay there forever… doing nothing at all

No. 1079862

I've been noticing a lot more people buying super cheap "great value" products and groceries at the supermarket. There is nothing wrong with buying such things but today I saw an elderly lady buy a cart full of great value things and it makes me sad that even more people in my country can't seem afford "regular priced" foods (they're still more expensive than they should be, don't get me wrong), even though we have a high standard of living. And yeah yeah I know, that's the price you pay in such a country but it's never been this bad. 50% of households with children (where both parents are working regular jobs) can barely afford basic necessities like clothing and food anymore because rent and utilities take up most of their salaries.

No. 1080017

My boyfriends dad gave us like over 30 pringle tubes that haven't been released to the public yet for us to try out as a treat. Well unfortunately they don't taste great and it's a shame we have to throw them away.

No. 1080021

You have Pringles connections? I'm jealous anon. Tell your boyfriend's dad to send me a truck full of sour cream and onion and BBQ chips.

No. 1080176

I woke up tonight with a really fucking bad stomach ache and after trying to poo and laying flat on my back and then in fetal position i decided to try my luck and force burp (I was that gross girl in school) and i burped like 10 times and could feel a weird reflex in my stomach and then the aching went away.

No. 1080206

Got a bird feeder recently and it's probably the most entertaining thing I've purchased as of late. Watching different bird species visit and interact with each other is a ton of fun.

No. 1080271

could you also ask him to change the sour cream and onion formula back to how it was six years ago

No. 1080273

I ordered some new contact lenses and they have 46% water content, 2% lower than the ones I previously had. I wonder if I'll feel the difference

No. 1080342

I think I just took out some of my tooth filling while flossing.

No. 1080358

90% of what I have bought in the past ten years has been Great Value. A lot of people just don't know any different.

No. 1080423

I noticed some days ago that I always get a head ache whenever I hold my pee for to long. It might just be my imagination, but the head ache always ceases about 15 minutes after I finally go, too.

No. 1080430

Could be a tension headache.

No. 1080628

Goat cheese is so fucking good

No. 1080643

I still wonder why I received a birthday card with blood in the envelope.

No. 1080671

what happened to the nonnie who took a bath with toilet detergent last night? is she okay?

No. 1080694

Thank you for asking anon. I'm fine, but I think that if I used the whole block instead of just a half of it I'd be not. I'm getting actual bubble bath gel tomorrow

No. 1080700

Why is it that I show more compassion for others than I do for myself? Just had a talk with my best friend's little sister because she's been going through some stuff and she told me that I'm very sensible and that she's feeling better now. It's not that I hate myself or have low self esteem either but I somehow hold myself to different standards than others. I tell them that it's okay to mess up and not have things figured out but then I beat myself up over the same things. It's weird because I genuinely believe what I tell them but I also feel like a hypocrite because I don't apply these things to myself.

No. 1080737

Might do a full version of her and post it later, I want to add detail to the baby dangling off her side and the birkin

No. 1080739

Is it just me or does restaurant food suck now since all these lockdowns and restrictions started, not just fast food but actual restaurants too

No. 1080746

Nta, but glad you're okay, this will go down in history

No. 1080770

Someone put up a few pics of their cat around the neighborhood letting us know he passed away. I've seen this cat around for years, he was always super friendly. He was white and polydactyly. I never knew his name until now. It was Simon and he was 17 years old.

No. 1080773

Yep. It's shit.

No. 1080794

ayrt hello im so glad youre okay!! i feel better about the whole thing knowing nothing serious happened. thank you for providing an iconic moment in lolcow history

No. 1080860

Don't overthink people choosing to shop generic store brand over name brand, anon, it's often their choice. A lot of people look down on food branding just like others do on fashion labels (ie. why buy a $75 blahblahdesigner tee when this $10 gap tee is just as good?).

No. 1081038

One more day of working at home and not doing anything at all because my coworker and I are still waiting for instructions. I'll go back to reading a book I started yesterday and writing in my journal.

No. 1082157

File: 1646329494051.jpg (355.43 KB, 1079x1313, Screenshot_20220303-122859_Sam…)

No. 1082206

my birthday was the 1st and both the 2nd & 3rd are also birthdays of people in my immediate family (one of whom died several years ago now), so we used to have 'birthday season' in a sense but it hasn't been like that since i was a kid.
anyway without meaning to i have barold and bonbon living on my animal crossing island, i knew her birthday was the 3rd but i didnt kno his was the second.
anyway this is dumb but it was really nice to have birthday season sneak up on me again after so many years

No. 1082221

It actually is different from designer brands in that the great value food is often produced from the same manufacturer as the branded food. It is usually the exact same product or extremely similar.

No. 1082227

I was on a car trip to see some family and my husband and I stopped on the side of the road in some random area just go wander and explore a bit. We went into this huge red field, the red is from all of the wild blueberry bushes. We were walking through and we went up this really tall hill, it overlooked a valley area with some trees that then rose back up into rolling green hills. We sat down in the grass and cuddled a bit and then from out of the tree, four deer came out and stood on the hill across from us. They were so beautiful, all females. They stood there and stared at us, and we stared back at them, and it was awesome. It was so quiet and still. After a little while they pranced away together and I couldn't believe how white their tails were, just the most brilliant white, like fresh snow. It was such a peaceful experience.

No. 1082531

After some time, I got too lazy to name my screenshots anything, so about half of my 300+ lolcow screenshots are named keyboard smashing. It was easy enough to oversee still when it were only 100~150 screenshots, but it's getting harder and harder to find again the stuff I want… Maybe I should tidy everything up.

No. 1082597

I observed three shooting stars along Regulus tonight

No. 1083755

i have a boyfriend now. it’s very nice

No. 1083767

File: 1646375421475.jpg (51.56 KB, 740x417, yrc_11_229_t1-07.jpg)

I can't wait to go camping this year. We decked out the back of our vehicle with curtains, lights, and a platform for a bed. My bf built and installed everything himself too which was kinda hot ngl. Already planning food and drinks!

No. 1083787

The reason they changed it was because of budget cuts. They're doing the same for all Kellogg products so expect everything to be worse like especially the PopTarts. They are cheaping out on everything, but the cereals should stay about the same. Also for some reason one of Dwayne Johnson's cousin works with my boyfriends dad.

No. 1083800

eek-gads! sooo lucky. i saw one many moons ago. they are super cool

No. 1083840

File: 1646382417567.jpg (70.52 KB, 375x495, 4adfdf7bd50613c0b55c579fcf7be8…)

My gecko shitted on me while I was holding him. The absolute asshole

No. 1083945

I've had a single white hair growing since last year and weirdly enough I'm kinda excited about it, I haven't seen any physical change on me since the end of my teenage years, and the fact that it's completely white makes me hopeful all my hair will be white, I think white haired old women are so classy and elegant.

No. 1084095

File: 1646397201525.gif (380.98 KB, 400x210, rQm.gif)

I was singing/dancing in my dream last night (It was an Usher song, can't remember which one) and suddenly I woke up because it felt like someone gave me a light smack, like a pat, on my cheek. No one was there though. Weird. I wonder if it was me who smacked myself.

No. 1084205

Atm if I look through the roots of my hair I can see the point where some black strands suddenly turned to white. I'm excited for the change. I feel like some women might think it's weird to want it but I've been waiting for this.

No. 1084412

File: 1646407236322.jpg (25.72 KB, 350x500, 25862876b3c9389ca967d678d7c0e5…)

There's this one woman in my class who looks so incredibly familiar, but I know for a fact I don't know her from before. It was driving me crazy, but just now I realized she looks like a female version of Atsushi Sakurai.

No. 1084415

I bet she's gorgeous

No. 1084916

File: 1646425035850.png (671.38 KB, 600x707, 1c2 (1).png)

I miss having long nails. I want cute and colorful ones.

No. 1084925

I resisted the urge to cut my own hair while high yesterday. I knew it was a terrible idea when I thought of it and usually have pretty good impulse control while under the influence, but yesterday I was feeling like 50/50 that it would turn out fine. Glad I didn't go through with it.

No. 1085142

It's been really sunny out and I wish I was shameless enough to just carry around a parasol. It seems so nice, I love how they look too but it doesn't suit my style sadly.

No. 1085152

About to go to the store to get ingredients for seed bombs. Gonna go to a park with my boyfriend and little brother and throw them there to make it pretty. IT use to be a golf course so there's a lot of open space without any plants and I think it could make it look even better.

No. 1085153

Yes it does suit you?

No. 1085154

My questionmark looks sarcastic and bitchy, that was not my intent, I'm sure it does suit you because they suit every style, everyone, all weather!!??

No. 1085217

File: 1646438484705.jpg (13.62 KB, 256x256, c642e63faa94245c7ad105875fbe0f…)

Today I got my booster shot and I'm feeling okay, just a little drowsy and thirsty. I'll spend the rest of the day in bed reading fanfiction and listening to god is an astronaut.

No. 1085219

What fanfics anon? I felt the same after my booster. Have fun relaxing!

No. 1085228

Thank you anon! I don't know yet but maybe some reader insert about starting a new life in the countryside and finding a sexy farmer/lumberjack boyfriend.

No. 1085243

I'm about to make a drawstring pouch for my earbuds and other knickknacks. With the colors I have, it could either be ugly as fuck or pretty cute in a rustic, scrap project way. Wish me luck.

No. 1085596

The more I learn about people in general, the more I realize how lucky I am for good health and for my body. I got lucky

No. 1085597

Good luck nonna!!!

No. 1085633

Same, I really got the jackpot on the genetic lottery, I really should be more grateful.

No. 1085722

Someone in /m/ posted about a manga called Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai. I bulldozed through the 5 available translations online and will probably end up buying the last 3 released books.

No. 1086060

I discovered that I had a paper cut lastnight and I had no memory of how it happened. I traced back my movements and I'm pretty sure I got it while opening up the wrapper of a band aid.. the irony.

Existence is pain.

No. 1086434

File: 1646499069611.jpg (359.71 KB, 1982x1587, Cat_monitor_reflection.jpg)

nonas i am so happy. i just bought an old 4:3 monitor. i am filled with so much nostalgia. i had a CRT monitor for a reaaly long time (it finally died in 2013) since then i used a standard 16:9 and while that's practical and obviously much nicer than what i had, i missed the sqare format of my old monitor. this one is so niceee ahhh.

No. 1086967

Been trying to eat fiber everyday. About to make a granola yogurt bowl.

No. 1086969

File: 1646525518782.jpg (152.21 KB, 640x480, P1030827_medium2.jpg)

Thanks nonna, I finished it a couple hours ago and I really love it. I had to freehand some of it, but it came out cute. I'm not brave enough to post a pic, but it looks similar to picrel. The top of my pouch is bigger and has a wavy look to it though.. I hope to make a pink one soon once I go through my yarn.

No. 1087120

I'm watching some cute hens for family friends. The little ladies are pretty chill. Thankfully no rooster.

No. 1087173

I didn't win the genetic lottery in some ways, but I won in really subtle things that make my quality of life so much better and I try to be more grateful for the little things my parents gave me kek

No. 1087192

Adorable! Good job nonya

No. 1087214

I tried a new brand of eggs lately and they made me sick. But now I'm confused on how simply changing where I get my eggs from can have such a big affect. They're just eggs, so why did these ones in particular make me so ill?

No. 1087216

I was scooping out shea butter into a smaller container to keep in my bag and with all the excess butter all over my hands, I just rubbed it into my feet and holy shit my feet are so soft. I just filed off all the dead skin the other day too. I should really moisturize my feet more often.

No. 1087228

I've been trying to build my stamina back up after a long spell of not taking care of myself physically and just a few weeks in I feel so much better. I almost barfed during a small hike when I first started but made it up no problem tonight.

No. 1087486

My mother just advocated I meet a man with kids already so I still get grandkids. For context I'm in my early 30s and been single for a year and some months. She didn't like that my last boyfriend had a kid. I'm getting mixed messages but I guess she reckons I'm never getting pregnant and she is probably right. My step brothers are normal and have kids and she loves them. I've saw them maybe twice. It feels weird when she talks about having grandkids that I don't really know but I guess if I'm not giving her any she's got to get that love somewhere.

No. 1087502

Don't date men with kids. Women try to make relationships work no matter what when kids are evolved and if they left the man even then, he's %100 useless. You don't have to live your life to satisfy your mother. She could actually adopt a child if she wants one, if not a pet.

No. 1087520

It's snowing. Horizontally.

No. 1087659

File: 1646582773975.jpg (276.01 KB, 1920x1080, wallpaper-2.jpg)

I won two tickets to the newest Batman film from the oreo contest.

No. 1087666

No. 1087782

I am going to make cinnamon rolls from scratch

No. 1088346

I was feeling stressed out and anxious over the coming work week due to some work problems, bought a CBD sparkling water for the heck of it. I never thought CBD made me feel anything but i've finally stop obsessing about what might happen this week and focus enough to relax and read. I wanna buy a whole case of these.

No. 1088357

I am so comfortable right now

No. 1088597

What was the brand bc I could seriously use this kinda help

No. 1088660

File: 1646641157349.jpg (57.25 KB, 647x594, frog leroy 2.jpg)

About to watch a movie. I'll update later.

No. 1088877

Ok so how was it

No. 1089046

File: 1646671917011.jpeg (64.97 KB, 474x732, 11F74B06-06FD-41CA-90DA-98A8E3…)

Whenever I have to kill childe so he can give me his husband’s butt plugs, I can’t help but remember that some guy from a group of friends of a friend of mine, would call me childe. So now I hear “Childe” with his voice and it’s weird.

No. 1089289

I wore stockings today, the ones with silicon on the top so they don't slide off. But they kept sliding OFF! I wore them yesterday with no problem and today they were falling off and I was out in the street god dammit it was embarassing. But I have a tip if you have these kind of stockings, rub some water on the silicon grip and it will grip again. I used my spit. Also isn't it great that the picture for Mundane Shit is the sniper a.k.a. mr. Mundy

No. 1089462

spoiler for poop talk my poop is SO fucking green today. not like a brown poo that's a lil tinted green. its straight green. green eggs and ham green. grass green. it's so green it's almost comical. i eat leafy greens regularly but my poop never turns green, nevermind THIS green. i did eat some veg last night but i've never had my poop turn so green because of it!!! what the fuck lol

No. 1089469

I just ate some chips, and the smell of the remnants in the bowl is making me sick. Chips (other than doritos and sour cream lays) might honestly be the next food I cut out.

No. 1089476

My hair is turning white and I’m not even 22 yet. I’ve gotten my first white hairs in my teenager years. Man, I really don’t want to turn all salt and pepper by 26. Ugh.

No. 1089482

Why not? I think the salt and pepper look looks really cool

No. 1089615

I have to trim a couple of my cats claws today, wish me luck. It's a two person job and she screams bloody murder the whole time.

No. 1089620

I had several classmates get white hair strands, a bunch of them when I was 16 and in hs. Don't worry about it much.

No. 1089622

Had a nice comfy dream where Andrew Hussie was a hot blond blue-eyed fit himbo (don't laugh) who communicated with me telepathically and we kissed. He had pink full juicy lips and he hugged me so tenderly… I miss him…

No. 1089649

Gonna make some steak tacos with mushroom steak later tonight. I'll let you guys know how yummy they are l8r.

No. 1089651

File: 1646693992319.jpg (53.41 KB, 704x466, dumb deer.jpg)

I was too tired last night, so I watched David Lynch's Dumbland shorts instead. Weird that it was made by David Lynch. They're like any stupid, shitty Flash animations from the early 2000's.

No. 1089669

I read this with a cowboy accent.

No. 1090284

i haven't watched anime in almost 8 months and i feel like a recovering addict or something. it feels good not to consume it but i also feel like whenever i get exposed to it somewhere, i might tip back into getting addicted to it.

No. 1090607

I just shaved for the first time with a safety razor instead of a shitty cartridge one and oh my god this is what shaving was actually supposed to be. Feels good, efficient and such a close shave it's like I've been waxed or something. But why are the razor blades so expensive, I thought they'd be like 50 C a piece but they were like 2 dollars each at a chain store(?) Is it just because it's uncommon. Anyway nonas if any of you are into shaving still just buy a safety razor and be enlightened. Seriously

No. 1090671

what brand would you recommend, and do you think it would work better for dark thick body hair than normal razors? I'm tired of having these dark follicles and everything growing back so quickly

No. 1090727

Order blades online, way cheaper

No. 1090880

this was my first winter in a long time that i was not underweight

and it was really nice. didn't feel miserable all the fucking time because of the cold. and i think even my depression got better. it was really really nice.

No. 1091064

File: 1646774090272.jpeg (96.77 KB, 563x752, i hug you forever fren.jpeg)