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File: 1555036352164.jpg (174.98 KB, 570x410, e0AsAMF.jpg)

No. 9826

Hellweek will begin April 15th to April 22nd. Posts made during this week will receive extra scrutiny and moderation will increase. However, this is not applicable to posts before or after hellweek. Boards unrelated to drama will not be participating so there's no need to worry about moderation changes there.

Examples of trends and behaviors to be targeted:
∙ Spamming low effort images
∙ Spamming social media statuses with no context
∙ Blogging and inserting your personal life into the discussion
∙ Derailing threads to uphold your politics or personal beliefs
∙ Unwarranted/emotional overreactions
∙ asking to be spoonfed
∙ extreme and abnormal nitpicking
∙ posting in a way that indicates you're new to lolcow.farm

All rules listed on https://lolcow.farm/rules still apply, but are not the primary focus. The goal is to purge as many newfags as possible while improving the overall posting quality.
Ban lengths for the listed behaviors may not exceed 1 week. Ban lengths for everything else may not exceed 4 days.

Please post any questions, suggestions, or concerns in this thread. General complaints stay in the general complaints thread.

No. 9832

will excessive lack of sage be grounds for punishment during hellweek? it’s a real problem in certain threads right now especially the altcows thread.

No. 9836

Can you start this any sooner? This newfaggotry is ridiculous

No. 9837

it's only two days away, anon…

No. 9840

It really depends on the quality of the post, I'm more concerned with anons minimodding and screeching "sage" in every thread.
One day away now. The twitter and instagram types can can either integrate or leave with a ban.

I also wish this didn't have to be said but standard bans are based off of rule violations (duh). Whether or not you love or hate staff doesn't factor into the ban or the length, that would be biased.
A good way to appeal a ban would be to acknowledge an offense, or dispute it. A bad way to a appeal a ban would be to reference how much you've defended the moderation team as if it's relevant to the ban. I hope that shit stops and I don't want to see it occur during hellweek.

No. 9841

>A bad way to a appeal a ban would be to reference how much you've defended the moderation team

holy shit never thought some anons would be so thirsty lmao

No. 9842


>One day away now

What time zone or UTC?

No. 9843

UTC +1

No. 9845

Yes, please, thank you, the minimodding is out of control lately!

Also pronoun policing one way or the other.

No. 9848

I agree, sperging and policing about pronouns is really obnoxious and quickly derails threads. Could we also better crack down on the "hi cow" posts and replies to that? They are so out of hand in many threads.

No. 9850

If you want something brought to our attention please report it. It's easier for us to take action that way than merely describing hypothetical reports.

No. 9852

hey can we postpone hellweek for like…2 weeks? it’s just really problematic with the recent notre dame tragedy. the title of “hell week” and whatnot. we should hold it at a more appropriate time.

No. 9854

this low effort bait smh

No. 9856

I agree to Hellweek as long as mods stop namefagging me. I'll do my best to abide(keith please stop)

No. 9857

File: 1555391304541.png (196.8 KB, 1884x890, wth.png)

I'm guessing this is because of hellweek, but everything on PT is super zoomed in.

No. 9858

I was about to post about the same thing. Same goes for /ot/ and /w/.

No. 9859

File: 1555391593959.png (514.36 KB, 1911x1077, uhok.png)

Ok so not just me seems like its all the boards

No. 9860

Having the same problem. Only /g/ is normal for me.

No. 9861

This just happened to me- it's weird.

Also I'm super new to doing discord- is that still a thing for here or did I miss something in my wandering around the abyss ?

No. 9862

It should be fixed now. Sorry about that.
It's still around but the invite was killed because of a raid threat, I'll add a new one to the index.

No. 9863

Thank you- I was asking around- it makes sense to keep it safe - but it would be nice to chat in real time with folk about things

No. 9864

File: 1555395321395.png (488.78 KB, 1598x1330, z.png)

Text is back to normal, but I'm getting this at the top of my screen. Am I the only one?

No. 9865

It's showing up on the default theme. It'll get fixed later. Sorry for the inconvenience, try using another theme.

No. 9866


how do i get rid of this hell week theme it's making my shite laptop catch fire

No. 9867

Just change the style. Bottom right corner.

No. 9868

File: 1555402377530.png (14.39 KB, 907x102, wasabi.png)

I just checked every other theme and they all have the vertical line of images, except strangely Wasabi which made it horizontal.

No. 9870

File: 1555415266454.jpeg (137.15 KB, 640x853, 68157A92-79F9-4638-9950-4AA666…)

Excuse me what the fuck is this garbage and who’s retarded idea was this. Where on mobile is there an option to change the theme. I hardly post on here and just want to read what the fuck

No. 9871

if you can't figure that out, maybe you should use a different source of gossip. it's at the bottom of the page, you can't miss it

No. 9874

>defending admin's cringy bs

No. 9875

>not realising it's a (fun if exhausting) theme and to scroll down and look at the theme list and change it.

No. 9876

File: 1555428583616.jpg (96.79 KB, 600x796, e18.jpg)

No. 9877

To be fair, it's distracting and makes reading the site difficult to read. Changing the theme makes those "read the rules" floaters stay at the top of the page which makes scroll loading shittier.

No. 9880

It also needs to be changed every single time if you browse on incognito. It keeps defaulting to this which is annoying as fuck on mobile. They should be at the top and under the post box and scattered around annoyingly, the falling ones are just so beyond obnoxious and makes it impossible to browse. It also doesn’t actually encourage anyone to read the rules because it seems like a joke.

No. 9883

File: 1555434833626.jpg (36.95 KB, 640x427, D3C1aKjXgAAqBzn.jpg)

this is how you all look complaining about a joke theme that will be gone on monday

No. 9884

Idk I like the theme, I think it's funny. It's a little distracting on mobile. I think we should have more special, temporary themes.

Also, that's how incognito works. Ofc it won't keep your changes… come on anon.

No. 9886

i agree with you re: special temp themes, it gives this site some personality (funny for an all-anon site). it's always a funny shock when the site reloads and it's a ridiculous new theme like tractorgate week in the onision threads (still best joke theme imo, though the PULL clone was a close second and auto-applying names/avatars in third). anyone bitching about how obnoxious it is to scroll down and adjust their theme once is a killjoy.

No. 9888

In defense of some anons, there were a few technical issues. The intent was amusement but the execution could have been better.

No. 9891

I have my setting on darkcow and yet I'm getting the hellweek dark theme?

No. 9892

Same, the floaty "read the rules" overlays every theme.

No. 9893

me too. tried clearing cache, the read the rules waterfall won't disappear even when i change to other themes.

No. 9894

Please get these floaties off the screen they're everywhere on every theme

No. 9895

i did the same things. having a hard time reading anything cuz theres so many. appreciate the joke but now it's kinda broken.

No. 9897

Nothing is broken anymore, floaties are working the way they should. If you don't want the floaties you can adblock the image URL

They'll be removed out of the code next week.

No. 9898

File: 1555464876283.jpg (20.34 KB, 806x210, filter.jpg)

More clarification. adblock > dashboard > filters
Enable adblocking


No. 9901

The theme shows up fine on desktop but I don't browse on mobile

No. 9902

Are the floaters on every theme now? On mobile and switched to every possible theme

No. 9903

For me they are yeah lol not really bothering me unless I’m typing tho

No. 9904

yeah I’m on mobile and they’re “working” even in “lite mode” up top scroll up >>9897

No. 9905

is there a way to stop the floating on mobile, all the themes have it for me too? it annoys the crap out of my adhd eyeballs

No. 9908

Can we just ban the mod staff and whoever thought this stupid ass theme was a good idea?

Mod staff is more annoying then the newfags anyway.

No. 9909

I agree!

No. 9910

Please get rid of the floaties - this is awful and annoying as hell.

No. 9911


Samefag but why the fuck should I have to Adblock the floaties to use this website when you can just take them out of the code? The username shouldn’t have to work around the website, that’s not how this works.

They serve no purpose, it just makes using the website more annoying

No. 9912

I dont know about you anons, but the floaters are hurting my eyes. Going to take a break from here and see what KF is up to.

No. 9913

i love the red and black theme, i wanna keep it forever. i actually really like the floaties too. happy hellweek!!!

No. 9914

Hellweek is basically the mods being faggots about everything possible

No. 9915

change the theme anon, bottom right of every page

No. 9916

Why are the floaters on every theme? Yeah I'm staying away from this site for the time being…

No. 9917

I didn't make the theme, I thought it would be a fun idea. If it's really that bad that the floaters can be removed but we're going to have to wait because I'm at work. Adblocking should work on mobile as well for the time being.

No. 9918

Lmfao these all sound like the same sped

No. 9919

File: 1555474740091.png (360.88 KB, 512x512, nnCujQm.png)



No. 9920

I just don't get it. Everyone here was new once and this site isn't the easiest to navigate sometimes. People on here saying there are threads when there aren't any to mislead people don't get banned but asking for the thread is bannable?

No. 9921

It's literally just click ABP button→block element → click on a floatie, that's it. Some people are whining far too much about something that takes a few seconds.

No. 9922

You've never been new here Raven, but you sure act like it.
Floaties were removed a few hours ago.

No. 9923

ok I'm rubbing my hands with glee at that first reply

guys calm down, as well as the adblock method spelled out here you can use a css customiser extension like stylebot, click on a floater and choose visibility > hide. bam.

No. 9924

I agree!

No. 9928


No. 9930

Kekekekekek fuckin based

No. 9935

you were advised to use the catalog and/or make a thread but vendetta posting is a no-no isn't it dianon?. Before you keep demanding threads on people you're jealous of maybe try to be less visibly vitriolic.
>>9922 I'm down for this, imagine being so harrassed by a fatgoff so relentlessly you willingly give up hours and hours precious free time just to stop the sperging.

No. 9948

Can mods address anons not embedding Youtube videos and double posting to correct their post?

No. 9960


Tinfoil: Raven was playing both sides, bringing up Emily and responding "take this to the Emily Boo thread" in order to get farmers to talk about her.

I guess we'll find out when Admin tags her posts. I'm also interested to see how many of the posts about Adora were Raven's.

No. 9970

Having just dipped into the thread, I do agree. On the face of it it looks like she's trying to get one made by having a back and forth with herself.
>skinwalks her
>she's not goff!

No. 9972


Did you see the more recent back and forth, "Take this to the Emily Boo thread" vs "There is no Emily Boo thread"? I think she was playing both sides in that, too. All of the regulars know there has never been an Emily Boo thread. I posted >>>/snow/796830 and >>>/snow/797824.


I don't see anyone suggesting she make a thread.

No. 9973

yes that's what I saw, and I skimmed the earlier emily comments as well which have 'several anons' agreeing with her. the whole thing is suspicious. she's likely done or tried some engineering before, like sparking the isa-logan-dorian conversation and pretending she's kady sperging out, I guess to get the girl a thread?

No. 9982

File: 1555689142160.jpg (27.27 KB, 620x324, 95-theses.jpg)

>Boards unrelated to drama will not be participating so there's no need to worry about moderation changes there
As someone who almost never bothers to go to /pt/….do you mean /pt/ and /snow/ by this? Clarification on this would be more helpful than the list of targeted behaviors.

>Examples of trends and behaviors to be targeted

This list is just….the rules? I don't really understand the concept of this – so mods are just actually going to enforce rules for a week? But only on some boards? Again, maybe because I frequent the other boards mostly and rarely /pt/ but I feel like I haven't really seen these particular behaviors in excess lately. Usually just a few random newfags here or there that can be easily corrected.

I was really hoping you'd be targeting the people that completely sperg out over sage and try and mini-mod every single comment with their own interpretation of the rules or start infighting. That's the cancerous behavior I've been seeing worsen in the past year, but maybe the updated rules are expected to take care of that? Idk, I guess I imagined Hellweek to be torches and pitchforks, this seems more like just expecting people to follow directions

No. 9986

>do you mean /pt/ and /snow/ by this?
non-drama boards are /g/, /ot/ and /m/

No. 9990

>I was really hoping you'd be targeting the people that completely sperg out over sage and try and mini-mod every single comment with their own interpretation of the rules or start infighting.
Yes, I addressed this in another post. >>9840
Yeah those anons have been dealt with. The point of hellweek is to cut down on stuff like that.

No. 9992

I think hellweek just means that this specific set of rules will be enforced strictly and that bans are more frequent and without exception for every post that violates these rules on the drama boards /pt/,/snow/ and /w/. There still is moderation under normal operation, just not this strict. The userbase knows what to expect this way, stricter moderation of themselves and fellow anons, and can adjust to this period with the prospect of general post quality improving. Sounds like admin specifically wants to purge new users that stick out and worsen post quality. Moderation is always a balancing act between "lax" and "strict", "lazy, useless non-moderation" and "power-tripping nazi mods" as some anons would say

No. 9993

>I'm new, what is drama
>Can you address just the things that bother me thx

No. 9995

File: 1555732508377.gif (676.65 KB, 160x160, 1549524393871.gif)

You're totally right, sorry senpai. I saw the whining about sage and immediately just scrolled past it to read the rest of the thread like I usually do. Godspeed.

Good way of expanding on the concept, thanks anon!

For what it's worth, this is the kind of unnecessary in-fighting starting I was referring to, thanks for the example anon! Some of us just remember the days before sage was implemented and threads were actually about the cows themselves and not toddlers fighting over who can call each other an autist the loudest.

No. 9999

check my quads

No. 10001

File: 1555735998437.jpg (54.09 KB, 300x484, 45whm4xb4ud01.jpg)


No. 10002

It's /meta/. I wouldn't reply in this manner in a thread, its derailing.

But idk, just explore the board a bit? I don't use /ot/ but I know where it is and what's in it. Admin's statement about where it would apply and what to was pretty clear.

No. 10003

Why no response to >>>/pt/654622 for continuing to engage with bait 12 hours after mods had addressed it?

No. 10004

>It's /meta/. I wouldn't reply in this manner in a thread, its derailing
So derailing with your own opinion is acceptable behavior because it's /meta/, but asking a perfectly reasonable question directed at mods….is unacceptable behavior on /meta/? I don't think you understand how any of this works. Do you wait by the Customer Service desk at Walmart to yell at customers who try to speak to employees in your free time too?
>It's the Walmart returns line. I wouldn't scream at a stranger in another aisle in this manner, it's harassment

honestly though, this is literally the exact behavior I was talking about, almost comically so
>try and mini-mod every single comment with their own interpretation of the rules or start infighting

No. 10006

and yet I still got namefagged! >:((maybe if you hadnt ban evaded an hour long ban until you had a permanent one, keith)

No. 10007

and it's the funniest shit, can we make it a banner?

No. 10008

Im not sure how anyone else feels about this but I think Momokun should go back to /snow/ I've been lurking a lot and even though there's a lot of activity it's all nitpicking, discussing taxes (which to my knowledge Vegas residents dont pay income tax) and commenting on her weight. Yes its entertaining to see her gross Patreon sets but there are other people just as gross in /snow/
She hasn't done anything PT worthy in awhile. Even her Japan trip was anons nitpicking about how its rude to eat in public or some random obscure custom in which she might have offended the Japanese.
If her previous exploits are enough to keep her in /pt/ then it doesnt matter what I think but the cringe is unreal some days and we can only report so much.
She is releasing a topless set eventually but is that enough to keep a months worth of "the hair clip is on the wrong side" in /pt/?

No. 10009

>vegas residents don't pay income tax

are you fucking stupid, or 12? also moo gets a lot of nitpicks because her entire "thing" is being good at cosplay, which she is not.

No. 10012

Moo has hinted that she doesn't really do taxes, though. The only time she has ever mentioned it is when she pretended to do them when she saw us talking about it in her thread. If Vegas residents don't pay taxes then why would Moo pretend to do them? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. People getting their panties in a twist about it and sperging out are the ones who make a big deal about it more so than the people who mention taxes.

No. 10013

vegas residents don't have sales tax. every US resident has to pay income taxes.

No. 10014

You're right, that anon said income tax though which wouldn't make sense since Moo already pretended to do them.

No. 10015


I talk about moving Moomoos thread full of nitpicking and sperging and the first thing you do is start another tax fight in another thread.
Canadianfag here i had no fucking clue there was state AND federal income tax so yah my bad. But you completely missed my point further proving the exact behaviour thats been going on in the momokun thread for 3 months.

"Stop fucking talking about taxes stop sperging about her cats reeee" meanwhile every second day the same topics come up over and over again. Its filled with mini mods and derailers with some ugly badly photoshopped pictures in between.

No. 10016

You could have googled before assuming that, though? And where's the tax fight? Correcting you isn't fighting.

I think the staff has been pretty good at staying on top of the issues in Moo's thread. People have been getting banned for legit nitpicking which is a huge difference from before the new admin came on board.

No. 10017

>tfw it turns out angry anti-taxfags don't even wtf we're talking about when we're tinfoiling

the thread isn't bad when people speculate, what kind of site do you think this is? speculation draws out discussion and then it's even better when it turns out to be the truth (much like the lipo) i can get behind not wanting tinfoil like moo being a pedo, even though she probably is, cause that's heavy stuff, but speculation is good, especially for lurking cows, the end up dancing for us.

No. 10018

I honestly think that autosage and moving threads to /snow/ solves nothing. It's a lazy punishment when the moderation doesn't know how to handle undesirable behavior. We're not as understaffed as we were in January so there's no reason to move the moo thread.
All threads have nitpicking. The nitpicking I want to curb has to be extreme or repetitive. The moo thread has been pretty good about it ever since I implemented the fat ban.

I think wanting to curb on a legitimate conversation about taxes is unfair. Speculation can be fun and it can have legitimate reasoning behind it. Tinfoiling becomes tinfoiling when it reaches the verge of fanfiction.

Speculation has been an effective tool in the onision, shay, and TND threads; and I'm only referencing instances from the past year.
If you think there is a problem with a few posts, report them.

No. 10019

The tax fanficcing is annoying as shit but I'd much rather see it than the cat autism and absolute clown tier blogposting nitpick reachers that used to dominate the thread and tried to make a comeback during her trip to Japan.

No. 10311

Will there be a new General Complaints & Issues thread?

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