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No. 90306

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No. 90315

File: 1589949895671.jpeg (140.08 KB, 1076x1169, EYbyrrfXYAAJcyq.jpeg)

The lyrics that Taeyong wrote for NCT's song…………..What kind of Christian Grey fantasy is this?

No. 90317

File: 1589950002046.jpeg (189.81 KB, 828x928, 90BED0C1-B5F2-4AC1-B3BF-D8FF23…)

this is my favorite thread pic ever, the anon who created it deserves a fucking award

also apparently jaehyun stans are trying to show support by spamming his instagram with positive comments, i love how they admit they cant read korean and warn other delulus not to "like korean comments with hearts"

kfans are trolling the fuck out of them with long messages filled with hearts so that these ifans who cant read korean think its a support post and like it when its actually kfans fucking with jaehyun lmfao

why cant these fans just let this blow over instead of trying to protect their oppa…there is no way any of these dudes are even venturing close to looking at their socials right now

No. 90319

"cosplay snow white, i like it, let me be your hobbit"

No. 90323

File: 1589951082457.jpeg (195.16 KB, 828x1253, 885F0111-C173-4D6F-8E10-064B83…)

taeyong's lyrics have always been weird, his whiplash lyrics are also similarly 50-shades of grey-esque, but in a really awkward cringey way. none of his lyrics are "hot", theyre honestly just kinda dirty and weird in a "oh man this dude's trying to be sexy but its just awkward" way

he also decided to say whiplash was inspired by his sister, so the nct fandom clowns him a ton for saying that

honestly him and mark write some dirty lyrics, and considering mark's such an uptight church boy it's actually quite funny. i wonder what mark's pastor dad thinks about some of the stuff he's written kek

No. 90324

if these lyrics were executed in english as written here they honestly would have no i-fans. super cringey

No. 90326

Western KPOP fans are mental. Trying to support their behaviors like the idols are children that need coddling. Oppa didn’t do nuffin!

No. 90327

yup the delulu international fanbase is honestly admirable with how absolute batshit blind they are

with nth room potentially digging up celebrities and thus potentially shithead idols, i cannot wait for the inevitable meltdown if a remotely welll-known idol gets outed for being a piece of human garbage

No. 90331

how tf did you get masturbation from that?

No. 90332

>>[ -272, -2] "But this was way more peaceful than i thought it would be because all those i-roaches were sending hearts and going around with their fucking hashtags."

Korean netizens are absolutely done with i-fans at this point. Seriously, it’s creepy af how this people baby grown ass men and excuse their shitty actions. They could have harmed so many human beings just to get their dicks wet. Let them take the brunt of their actions.

No. 90334

File: 1589954122620.jpeg (193.95 KB, 828x988, 78FF4ADD-9822-444C-8EB0-0B3E9E…)

yeah it seems kfans have reached their boiling point with these oppapologist ifans, they seem to be having a good time taking the piss out of them though and taking advantage of the general lack of intelligence

theyve baited these ifans several times already into reposting or liking long korean messages filled with emojis that look like fan support messages but are actually just messages shitting on the idol. of course ifans just see tons of korean and tons of hearts and assume it's a support comment as if all of our computers dont have built in google translate that literally takes two clicks

jk is definitely going to get hit the worst, ifans for eunwoo/jaehyun/mingyu arent shielding as rabidly as ratmys, and jk has the worst public image out of the four

i dont know why ratmys cant comprehend that blind shielding their oppa just makes the situation worse lol. they are honestly a fucking cult at this point

No. 90337

File: 1589956909141.jpg (253.62 KB, 1080x1977, IMG_20200520_084034.jpg)

To all the people saying the club F4 went to isn't racist because it was a joke article…just google the club and read its reviews. They all say that no foreigners are allowed. So, resident ratmys and nctfags: your oppars aren't fucking white girls like you, they specifically go to places there they don't have to see any foreign faces…

No. 90340

How stupid and horny do you have to be to stare at a woman’s boobs when you’re on stage, with many cameras on you? I swear to god jk has brain damage

No. 90342

File: 1589957221416.jpg (242.48 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20200520_084717.jpg)

"Too old" at 27…

No. 90344

Damn. really worried them foreign men will come and steal all the women, huh?

No. 90377

>>[+2,528, -124] "To all of you Armies who are defending him blindly, please learn a lesson from what happened with Big Bang. Big Bang used to be untouchable but when they made mistakes and refused to acknowledge them, they began rotting away behind the shields of their blind fans before eventually crumbling into what they are now."

i say the very same thing will happen to bts because of the maknae line. they are by far the worst offenders and problematic of the bunch.

No. 90379

I think the older members have enough dirt on them too (not sure about Jin,but definitely RM,Suga and J-hope), but they're probably just more careful about keeping it under radar than the maknaes.

No. 90383

This collab was out of nowhere but I actually really enjoyed it

No. 90385

I can see dirt on rm and suga but i wonder what they could have on jhope and jin? they seem very boring lol.

No. 90387

Don't know about Jin but I guess for Jhope it's his friendship with Supremeboi I guess?

No. 90388

I think we can say that 2020 is the year of collabs - Kpop music wise.

No. 90390

The mv is so low budget, and why do they always choose to have such shitty thumbnails? The song is not that bad i guess.

No. 90393

Ty anon.
So what will international kpop fans think of their ''woke kings'' who are going to not only seedy clubs but also clubs that are racist.
So funny howinternational kpop fans hail these idols as wokezz but in reality these idols hate them that they are going to clubs that specifically dont allow foreigners…..

No. 90394

sorry to burst your bubble but that club still lets white women in. No other foreigner race. Terrible.

No. 90397

I am just waiting to see the reaction of white karen stans who think oppa will fuck them because they are white. Let's see what other excuse they will pull from this one.

No. 90398

ok keep being delusional.
That article was a joke (since im guessing you go the idea from there that they allow white women)
In reality they dont allow any foreigner no matter the gender. Oopar will never fuck you.

No. 90399

we already have one and she is in denial >>90394

No. 90403

I actually enjoyed the lyrics and MV. Song is meh but the fun concept carries it for me.

No. 90404

as a frequent clubgoer in sk, all of your answers made me giggle. don’t rely on google reviews too much and who cares whether any of them uglies fucked foreign girls or not anyway… let’s move on to another topic before this turns into racebait

No. 90405

File: 1589973645889.jpeg (68.03 KB, 749x748, sm idol vr.jpeg)

What does this even mean? Will they put holograms of idols in the hotel room?

No. 90406

your oppas do not care about white girls.

No. 90407

a bit offtopic but how is it like clubbing in sk? i heard there are alot of creeps there.

No. 90408

Last week there were rumors saesangs have dirt on namjoon that he has a fetish for black women. I believe it because he read a racist novel about a white guy having sex with a black woman and the description of the black woman was racist. He said he masturbated to it too. Also he apparently has dolls that look like black woman. He uses a blaccent and thinks his talent is taking black. This is believable. Also fetishizing black women is not a good thing and the black kpopnstans talking about it were pissed.

No. 90411

It was a Japanese book abou an Asian man having sex with a black woman and a black man, I read the book a while ago
Basically the black girl was fetishized to fit this jungle fever stereotype and the black guy got rimmed by the asian mc lmfaoooo
Its called Almost transparent blue, from 1972 I think.

No. 90412

File: 1589974635439.jpeg (90.27 KB, 828x1191, namjoon book rec.jpeg)

Seems like it.

No. 90413

File: 1589974718253.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.73 KB, 749x1075, nj book rec.jpeg)

Oh yeah here's one of the excerpts of the book in case you want to reread it lol.

No. 90417

oh wow lmfao

No. 90437

File: 1589978633237.gif (5.4 MB, 450x345, unnamed.gif)

He was definitely staring, he even did the mouth thing. I guess this is why he runs away from women, so he doesnt get caught staring at their butts/boobs lol

No. 90438

They already did a Siri-esque hologram of Wendy, so that wouldn't surprise me but it's fucking scary

No. 90440

I guess it's because it's suppose to be a "bad on purpose" concept or whatever they're going for.

No. 90454

File: 1589983436034.png (166.97 KB, 864x488, screenshot.png)

I actually think the thumbnail is pretty cute, if the song is good, there's no need for an expensive or "deep" mv.

Wtf did I just read?! How did the author even manage to get such disgusting bullshit published?

Lmao even a skinny korean lady is towering over those twinks
Also, yikes…"poor little jk can't help it if this slut is dressed this way"…

No. 90458

yikes the defending by fans is something else…you can argue every man "likes looking at boobs" but its different when he's openly ogling her on camera lol

can you imagine if a interviewer even glanced at oppa's crotch for long enough to make a gif? ratmys would go insane screaming sexual harrassment as if they dont have entire blogs dedicated to just close up shots of their oppa's crotch lol

No. 90460

>>I actually think the thumbnail is pretty cute, if the song is good, there's no need for an expensive or "deep" mv.

A good looking mv will attract people to watch it again and again, i might go back to listen to the song or the lyric video, but never to that ugly ass mv. a good mv doesn’t always necessarily have to have "deep" meanings though.

No. 90466

File: 1589984188083.jpeg (130.07 KB, 828x1192, 1CF9A0E7-876A-4E49-A3D8-D8EA5F…)

I-fans are still refusing to believe that their oppars went clubbing

No. 90468

File: 1589984213619.jpeg (204.55 KB, 816x1142, B0291D5E-4433-451F-B1A2-58F21F…)

No. 90470

File: 1589984335966.png (25.87 KB, 786x442, 22F45A3B-2188-431C-AC13-B194B5…)

No. 90471

"wholesome place that sells pizza"
bitch they didnt go to chuck-e-cheese it literally has the word "bar" in its name

why are ifans like this, they take the crumbs of information they get from pannchoa or netizenbuzz and run with it making whole petitions

no wonder kfans are clowning the fuck out of them

No. 90472

I fans are absolute retards
Imagine defending a celebrity, like what the fuck do you gain lmfao

No. 90477

cmon anon didnt you know that one day oppa will see my english comment telling him i believe in him on vlive and then he will remember my username and privately message me to thank me for believing in him when no one else did

and then we will date and get married and have cute babies and star on return to superman

these fans are delusional and crazy and literally have nothing else to do, so all they have to fill the void is obsess over a korean oppa who lives halfway across the world and sends canned "i love you messages" through dear.bubble

No. 90486

It was written by a kfan, this is just a translation. So apparently there are retards on both sides.

No. 90487

The club staff saying there were no celebrities there literally means nothing, they only said it because the club is making a huge loss. Fans are really desperate if they’re willing to use this as proof.
Dispatch need to just release photos already.

No. 90493

The mental gymnastics both fans and antis are doing … in this economy???

No. 90495

The tattoo shop also denied that Jungkook had gotten a tattoo there and we all saw how that turned out. lol

No. 90496

File: 1589986679693.jpeg (498.86 KB, 828x862, 9777E9BD-F62A-4CCC-B523-A4AFE7…)

Not to derail from the Covid-97 convo, but as a second gen fag, this (basically confirmed) dating rumor HIT today

I honesty don’t have any thoughts, I just wasn’t expecting this. She does look quite similar to Han Seo Hee.

No. 90504

TOP is looking normal again, good for him I guess

No. 90505

what really has he gotten in trouble for other than smoking weed and posting pig assholes on his instagram? i know he also tried to OD on drugs and got dragged for basically not dying which was fucked up…

i think out of the "problematic" big bang members he's one of the less shitty ones despite getting a ton of knetz hate?

No. 90515

That pic is one year old apparently

And he does have a type. 20 years old, plain kind of attractive, almost makes Krystal rumor possible

Kinda funny how much TOP's, GD's and Seungri's gfs want public to know they're dating via instagram

No. 90516

It was from his birthday in November 2019

No. 90517

File: 1589990866232.jpeg (109.76 KB, 828x800, 8A489096-25B2-4031-BC05-765B35…)

apparently some actresses got caught having a birthday party and for some reason hired an alpaca (?)

now fans are taking the piss out of oppapologists by making "alpaca did nothing wrong" memes

No. 90519

notice how fans only mention the bar and they dont mention the two other clubs they went to…..hmmm wonder why lol.
the whole picture is just gross to look at. Young (escorts) with these old men.

No. 90520

Goddamn even while lipsyncing to a studio version they cant perform for shit lol
jokessss they are called ''the next shinee'' lmfao

No. 90521

armys love disrespecting SHINee, my god. this stage looks so boring, they really can't lipsynch for shit, and they all have no charisma. i really hope they don't blow up when bts goes to the military- there's bound to be some better group out there that deserves more attention than literal BTS 2.0

No. 90525

File: 1589992762194.png (3.68 MB, 1792x828, A150419B-9F12-4BE8-A5C0-26FA90…)

the lip syncing is SO bad like…at least adjust your mic that is down below your chin and pretend you're singing, at one point one of the guys has his mic literally dangling below his chin and he's yelling like he's singing (i tried to take a screenshot to show how far the mic was because holy shit)

also i agree with the anon in the previous thread saying they always hear jimin and jk in the songs and i totally agree, it literally feels like these dudes are just lipsyncing a rejected bts sample

No. 90527

Yeah I agree. His "offense" was him having mental problems, turning to drugs and almost killing himself. His treatment by knetz is too much for what he did.

No. 90528

these are some of the blandest idols I've seen in a while and to make it even worse they're all gathered together in a group. there's something eerie about them, very robotic and rehearsed

No. 90529

bighit fans did the same with bts when they were coming up
the comparisons with exo was too much
txt fans to do the same shit with a group 11 years their faves seniors lmfao
the worst shit is their retard comparsion of jonghyun to their fug fave taehyun that looks like walmart version of Leeteuk like.. how low do you have to stoop
its an obsession with sm at this point
the fat bighit ceo even expressed he wanted his own tvxq
6. [+39, -3] Big Hit is riding off BTS, I never thought they were running a good company. They seem to think they're on SM's level but they're just a bubble that will pop as soon as BTS does.

No. 90530

oh he also had that han seo hee issue, but that was literally just him dating and smoking weed with his girlfriend during his time off…honestly he just seems like a lowkey pothead artsy weirdo, he stays under the radar for the most part

i dont really get why knetz hated him so much for what he did like i guess its unprofessional and trashy to have ur jilted ex air your dirty laundry all over the internet, but he didn't really have control over that

No. 90531

Shes 30 years old, too is older than her by 2 years. Which to me is a perfect age gap for men and women to date. At least he's not pulling a heechul and other creepy male celebs

No. 90533

didnt he threaten suicide to his ex actress gf to trap her and he was really mentally abusive to her
i think he just od'd for attention lel

No. 90534

File: 1589993856803.gif (4.99 MB, 350x451, jungkook-solbin.gif)

Does anyone know what even happened with Jungkook and solbin. He acted so weird around her from 2016-2018.
Jin too i mean she did seem pretty close to him that she even talked to him informally (armys ruined her career over that).

No. 90535

This is legit the worst singing I've heard in a while. It's ear rape.


He's supposed to be a main vocal apparently?

No. 90537

No. 90538

thats callous to say someone OD'd for attention…you're no better than the knetz. he definitely has mental issues and that manifests in toxic behavior so its not outlandish to say maybe he did emotionally manipulate/abuse his exgf, but to say he faked a suicide attempt for attention is disgusting

the guy has literally said he suffers from anxiety and depression, and ODing after a scandal breaking scream of attempted suicide which is sad regardless of the circumstance

he sounds like me after a few beers at karaoke…and ive had my mic turned off before so its not a compliment

the official channel posted this? did no one watch the video and think "huh he's gonna get majorly clowned for this one"

No. 90539

He is a idol morons. Ofc he will be judged for that. Cant handle it then he shouldnt have become a idol. Living in millions and banging groupies while doing drugs how sad lets protect oppaaar. Retarded oopalogists.
Dont bother trying to put sense into oppalogist brain since they only share the same brain cell

No. 90540

my dude, i dont care for anybody who engages in illegal drugs and abuses his gf lol
his problem not mine lel

No. 90541

TOP is the perfect mark for a gold digger. A mentally ill rich man is easy.

No. 90543

she was born in 1997

No. 90544

Bigbang-fags there is a reason why the only respected bigbang is Taeyang. Cope harder.

No. 90545

he apparently even trained for 4 years lmfao
while we have vocalists like Chen and Baekhyun debuting after 3months of training
Bighit trainers must be awful kek

No. 90546

im not defending him lol, i dont even follow big bang, im literally just baffled at how you can casually just dismiss mental illness and suicide as attention seeking while screaming at people who call you out as being oppapologists

like…if i was defending jk for itaewon and how he might be sad uwu and he needs to be protected then i get it, i literally said it's not cool to dismiss mental illness just bc someone's rich

i read that somewhere too, she's not even an actress, apparently she's "about to debut as an actress", so there isnt even a profile about her but news sources are saying she's 23

No. 90547

Wow, that's not even close, anon. She's 23.

No. 90548

Oh ew I saw the wrong age. Checked again shes 23. He's like 9 years older than her. I hate age gaps like that cause it gives room for abusive and domineering relationships.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 90549

your fave is ''mentally ill'' because of the hardcore drugs he has been doing. He is bored with all of his money from crappy music so spends it on fucking girls and doing drugs. TOP is also a huge attention whore just like g-dragon. Seethe Hag.

No. 90551

Big Bang and Super Junior are trash and creeps.

No. 90552

SM probably doesn't have great trainers either considering Johnny trained for 9 years and cant even hold a tune for more than 2 seconds

the TXT kids are all so manufactured and creepy that its unsettling, not to mention theyre completely untalented

No. 90553

She's only been in a reality show called love catcher 2 lol.
Ten years. Typical sleazebag.

No. 90555

It's not cool to dismiss mental health even for celebrities. Mental illnesses dont discriminate, it can affect anybody. See the amount of idols right now that went on break due to mental health. It wasnt the same back then companies didnt care. People turn to weed to basically distract the pain. If he really did abuse his gf that's hella fucked up and I wont defend him for that, but he did have a problem that he didnt treat and used drugs instead

No. 90556

You dont have to be a bigbang fan to think its fucked up he gets absolutely trashed for almost killing himself and smoking weed

No. 90557

difference is johnny isnt even trained to be an vocalist (nctfags cmiiw lol) but Taehyun is a main vocalist
SM has the best vocalists in the Korean industry if we talk strictly idols
Idk if you're new to kpop but isnt it a common fact lol
BUT to be fair vocal trainers from tvxq to exos era might have changed so explains why Nct's vocals are so awful
But cant say sm has bad vocal trainers when they had 3 godly vocalists like ChenBaekSoo
But im an smfag so im biased kek

No. 90558

Big Bang knew about Seungri. Even Taeyang still supports him. Trash. I don't feel sorry for TOP.

No. 90559

And when this girl gets him into a scandal he realizes he should stop being a sleazebag and dating women hes 10 years older that's using him for money.

No. 90560

except this isnt mental illness you bigbangfag
People like Jonghyun and Sulli have actual mental illnes, Meanwhile TOP fucked his brain up with drugs,is manipulative,attention seeking and will continue on fucking groupies until he is 50.
Heck i dont expect better from someone who blindly keeps on defending bigbang your iq must be low that there is no point arguing.

No. 90561

They probably took part in the entire thing. At the very least they definitely knew, there's no way that shit was going on and they had absolutely no idea the whole time.

No. 90562

File: 1589995288371.jpg (290.77 KB, 1065x1200, 20200520_180735.jpg)


No. 90564

Speaking of 23 year olds, jks girlfriend mj turned 23 international age today. she looks late 20s at least. I was shocked.

No. 90565

oh i wasnt dismissing trainers per se, i was more taking a jab at the quality they had to work with…and i believe johnny is technically supposed to be a subvocalist?

chenbaekso are naturally gifted with good voices so with some training they get an uplift in technique and stuff

people like johnny and taehyun give the trainers nothing to work with and thus even with a shitton of training they still come out sounding like ass

as they say, you cant polish a turd


can you idiots at least sage if you're going to sperg and fight jfc

honestly he had to have been high when he let someone tattoo those fucking things into his hands, they don't even look like they're done well

at least he has money and hand tattoos fade fast, so he can just get them removed when he finally wakes up and realizes they look like ass

No. 90566

I'm not a bigbang fan tf dont call me that. Their music is ass. I think its wrong to dismiss someones mental health because they're rich and a celebrity. Think rationally for a sec and stop being a dickhead.hate him all you want I sont give af about him but stop spouting your ignorant ass views on mental illness.

No. 90567

File: 1589995950049.jpg (84.1 KB, 1077x444, IMG_20200520_183310.jpg)

Looks like kmedia picked up on the yet video of someone meeting jk in a bar alley

No. 90568

Tbf Johnny debuted because he was a Korean chicago broadcast directors son, so he was probably loaded
H didnt even train fulltime but went to train during summer break so he barely trained lel
Im like 99 that he debuted because of some nepotism shit because hes ugly, cant dance, awkward as shit, cant speak korean and certainly cant sing
Its not really a comparable situation because he isnt even considered apart of the vocal line in nct
Least you could've compared him to some Sm vocalist
Someone who speaks Korean care to translate?

No. 90569


his first known suicide attempt was in 2008 but yg swept it under the rug lel

I dont know whos the biggest retard here, him re-signing with yg oppar after everything or you saying hes suicidal for attention. Its clear he should just fuck off from the industry and get treatment

On the topic of male idol hags, saesang circles hinted a while back that idols from late 2nd gen and early 3rd gen are doing some disgusting shit behind the scenes. now that og journalist will expose more rats, on who do you place your bets?

No. 90570

i cant believe he was drunk/high enough to allow pictures be taken of him, especially since he knew the guy was a youtuber and likely would've posted about it for clout

half of the shit he gets into he's asking for because he doesnt have a brain, or he just doesnt give a shit because he knows ratmys will shield him through everything

No. 90571

tons of people od and fake suicide attempts for attention but its impossible because its oppar
hes a stupid fuck can you stop talking about him?

No. 90572

i was comparing him to equally untalented taehyun who's supposed to be a vocalist and has around the same skill as johnny…i was trying to make the point that trainers can only do so much, and if the quality is fucking shit they can't make miracles out of nothing

No. 90574

File: 1589996446321.jpg (617.33 KB, 1051x1725, 20200520_183930.jpg)


No. 90575

File: 1589996506309.jpg (71.82 KB, 741x679, IMG_20200520_183906.jpg)

The #outjungkook tag are mostly jarmys pissed af ag jk

No. 90576

Oh makes sense lol I thought you were talking about Johnnys vocal ability because he isnt even a trained vocalist so I was confused

No. 90577

>>on who do you place your bets?
I place my bets on someone from exo (There have been rumors on Chanyeols sex-tape and he does look suspicious), on one of the twice members and Jimin from bts.

No. 90578

where is their biggest national fanbase outside of korea? i assume china just because of the sheer number of people, but i dont recall bts ever being mentioned in the past as idols who have a huge chinese fanbase

honestly BH isn't going to give a shit about japan, their japanese fanbase isn't gigantic and like every other country there's a perfectly large group of blind fans who'll lick the floor they walk on

it is funny he's getting cancelled in so many places and yet fans are still trending the "owo protect baby" as if hes completely innocent

No. 90579

Someone from bts (jimin seems like a narcissistic womanizer that treats women like shit, jk is an idiot) chanyeol and xiumin (he looks like a nice guy but its the ones that look nice), someone from a nugu bg, someone from a yg bg

No. 90580

Place what bets on??
Tbf Jk and Jimin both had controversies and as a group Bts was on controversy for sexist lyrics and sexualising women
But what do you base your accusations of Chanyeol and Xiumin on
Xiumin legit has no controversy since ever
Not even a gf controversy so thats a weird accusation

No. 90582

on chanyeol its his association with the golden-phone gang and his extremely fake personality.

No. 90583

Yeah about xiumin that's why I said him. Hes way too clean and unexpected i was just throwing a limb out there. He seems like a nice and chill guy dont hate him or nothing, I was just thinking in the sense no kpop idol are truly clean

No. 90584

I'm looking for a video that was making fun of how Rose sings(she was compared to some viral meme video). Can anybody post it?

No. 90585

There are tons though lol..

I get Chanyeol but I feel like you are just throwing out names of people you dont like lol
Thats the thing with this thread you just make up shit about people you hate lmfaoo

No. 90586

Lemme throw jhope in there too with his buddy supreme boi. Like its sus to me the day after dispatch exposed jk and there are rumors the deal is no longer there with bh, Male idols are about to be exposed for molka

No. 90587

this is the video and it is fucking spot on kek

No. 90588

This is a video mocking Halsey though.
But works for Rose too

No. 90589

No I like xiumin. I threw in an outrageous name on purpose. I would genuinely be shocked if hes involved in things like that. His the nicest male idol I could think off.

No. 90590

File: 1589997543704.png (127.5 KB, 966x775, a.png)

Literally nobody asked who you think is a rapist?

I was actually wondering about that for a while, you never really read anything about them and china. Did they not try to get a bigger fanbase there or do the chinese simply not like their style?
There's this site that translates comments of chinese netizens and bts is hardly ever mentioned (or only in a negative way). For example, nobody is sad about bts enlisting in the coming years, their favorite kpop groups is exo and the reaction to tao's little shitting on bts scandal was pic related. K or i armys would've murdered him.

No. 90591

Thanks a lot! It's still hilarious and accurate, hah.

No. 90592

anon its okay you are allowed to have your opinions here, if some noonies cant handle it when its about their fav group and resort to calling you a ''hater'' then thats their problem and they should go back to twitter.

No. 90593

I like chanyeol too but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if hes involved at all. I'm not naming idols I dont like if I did I would say rm, baekhyun, jinwoo, taeyong, lucas etc

No. 90596

except all of the nth room stuff has happened within the past year or so he's been in the military…i get this thread is about discussing rumors, but can you at least fucking sage your comments and not just spitball random fanfic shit? this isnt onehallyu

chanyeol is a valid assumption but the rest of them just seem like "people i dont like so im gonna throw them in here"

yeah, the anon asked for the video that another anon referenced in a previous thread about how rose sounded like this girl, this vine has been around forever and just mocks indie singers in general

No. 90597

This isnt even about nth room. The journalist is exposing make idols that do molka

No. 90599

File: 1589997761626.jpg (169.24 KB, 1080x1080, htnKxCb.jpg)

Hes only really friends (probs not now though) with Jung Joonyoung
So was Jonghyun (SHINee) , but we can agree he wasnt the same as JJY sometimes friends show our true character sometimes not so I dont think its fair to call out Chanyeol lol
If he was associated with the KKT chatrooms he would've been out like Roy Kim and Zico
I dont doubt hes a douche though lol
But sextape accusations and of him being apart of a Molka chat is too much

No. 90606

File: 1589998016227.jpeg (105.25 KB, 749x769, 1F8DBD04-5A16-4B04-AF30-55BDFD…)

interesting, i feel like bts doesn't really market in china which is weird because kpop is so big there. the preorders seem to show they have a decent following though, but only maknae line

i wonder if its because china prefers the pretty boy idols with generic music (which is why nct dream is so big there but 127 flops everywhere)

ill translate a few since the picture is in chinese, but the ranking is v/jungkook/jimin/lisa/jennie/renjun/jaemin

No. 90611

File: 1589998165552.jpg (55.44 KB, 300x225, chanyeol-zico-1-300x225.jpg)

Except the huge DIFFERENCE is chanyeol was close friends with almost all of the golden phone-gang and not just Joonyung…soo
He also supported zico's song even after everything happened.
You cannot deny that there is something off with him and the whole situation.

No. 90612

If we’re talking dispatch exposing 2nd gen then suju are fucked. They are a nasty bunch.

Tbh I see any girl group scandals mostly being things that would out them as victims (i.e. shady escort stuff)

No. 90615

jhope, jimin, and rm seem like the slimiest if the group. Jk is just fucking stupid. I feel like suga may be a womaniser too.

No. 90616

suju are the biggest douchebags in kpop to happen,they are a mistake. Heechul,Leeteuk and Shindong are also the embodiment of male privilege because if a female idol did half the things they did she would have to move to another country.

No. 90626

almost all the suju guys are douchebags, i remember when kyuhyun slut shamed hara on tv and she got mad and rolled a water bottle at him, and then ofc knetz jumped on her for being "rude" even though he literally was shaming her for dating on live tv

sorry because this vid doesnt seem to have subs, but he basically calls her a "dating-dol" and then says he could ruin her career if he opened his mouth about her…and then laughs in her face as she's trying not to cry

all these dudes are fucking slimy and gross, but they'll have fans who'll shield them to high heaven so its no wonder they all have inflated egos

No. 90628

File: 1589998859106.jpg (95.5 KB, 1080x759, IMG_20200521_001957.jpg)

do these people not have anything better to do? other than trying to save the asses of literal millionaires?

No. 90634

Might as well crucify Choi Taejoon and Shin Kangwoo who are also apart of Jonghyuns friends group lol
If he supported zico despite what happened that just shows the situation doesnt it
Someone who was truly shady would just lay low instead of involve himself further lol
They exposed top of top Bigbang is the BS controversy with politcal figures involved
I dont think they'd hesitate to go after Chanyeol lmfao
Like I said Im not saying he isnt a douche, but you cant judge someones character based on their friends actions
Some people dont even know what their spouses do, you mean to tell me he knew Jonghyun was going around passing girls around when hes promoting with Exo 24/7
Go look at FT islands situation and say Lee Hongki whos a co member with Choi Jonghoon is fishy as well lol even though he lived with this douche for years he didnt know what he was doing bts.
IJS accusations of being related to a Molka groupchat is serious
Chanyeol only became friends with Jonghyun due to his friendship with another CNblue member so that says much

No. 90639

nope it's true, chanyeol molka'd me

No. 90641

lmfao ok sex crimes r so funny

No. 90644

these fangirls probably think they're some superspy network of secret undercover agents when theyre in fact a bunch of sad people with no life spending all of their time clearing searches and defending a guy who wouldnt even look at them on the street lol

i honestly dont get the mentality behind this like…i understand liking an idol but to go to the point to spend hours on hours doing stuff like this…what is their endgame?

No. 90646

I would've never expected blackpink or nct 127 and dream to be so popular…? gidle probably because of yuqi. I don't even know ab6ix and sf9, do they also have chinese members? What about wayv, got7 and wjsn? I also thought that wang yibo's group would be high up there

No. 90651

wang yibos group hasnt been active since 2017.

No. 90655

SF9 doesn't have any Chinese members, and they don't even promote much in China. I have no idea why they'd be popular there.

No. 90657

sorry i shouldve clarified, this is korean groups only, not the entire music industry as a whole

the only two gidle members are yuqi at 23 and soyeon at the bottom (likely because of her league of legends collab)

wayv, got7 are not on this list as of 04/20, not to say they dont have a huge fanbase

No. 90661

hara honestly deserved so much better. it makes me mad that elfs still defend him over this bullshit

No. 90663

oh yeah Kyuhyun the bully another waste of air fom suju.
Im guessing you are a 2nd gen stan so i guess you know this too. But the way Kyuhyun bullied Eunhyuk was shocking. Like it was actual severe bullying, both verbal and physical.
Its insane how suju were able to avoid all these scandals and get away with them. No other group was able to be this problematic and get away with.

No. 90665


Personally i doubt a bts member will get exposed, but rm gives off major vibes. Lets not forget that he, suga, supreme boi, and iron keep sucking eachothers dicks while ratmies keep parading with the "theyre only forced to work together uwu" agenda like that makes it better somehow

The whole crew they have outside of bh is made of abusers, druggies, and attempted rapists and bh waving the un flag is such a chuckle when you take in consideration the people they employ

No. 90671

Oops, I had no idea about that. I guess the others had to go because of his solo popularity lol

No, it's alright, I got it. I just read that some wjsn members are so successful in china (despite being absolute nugus in korea), then you have jackson, who's also obviously very popular, so those groups without any chinese members selling so well just seemed odd.

No. 90674

File: 1589999888605.jpeg (159.98 KB, 828x1117, 5DDFF1E5-B79A-4428-9183-02322C…)

same anon who posted the original chart pic

the likelihood of a lot of these groups (dream, select members of 127) having such huge numbers is because they have large chinese fanclubs e.g., renjunbar, jaeminbar who buy massive amounts of albums everytime there is a comeback. i assume that's also the case for the SF9 member who i'm not familiar with.

renjunbar alone bought over 60k albums for the ridin comeback, and these chinesebars also make their own exclusive merch and stuff. it's a pretty interesting culture overseas, albeit a bit creepy sometimes considering these "bar" owners are rumored to be in their mid to late 30s

No. 90677

So basically they manipulated the sales…
Physicals dont even matter if this is what fans do these days
Should limit the purchase to 4 albums each person lol

No. 90682

jesus, arent these albums like 20+ $ each? imagine how much money youre spending on some random boy 10 years younger than you, what do they even do with all these copies?

No. 90683

File: 1590000253258.jpeg (38.65 KB, 180x1200, 848102AB-A933-433B-84EE-EF557E…)


to be honest im not too familiar with how the bars work, i know they also have giant member pools. it does look like manipulation at a glance and im im not versed enough in charting etc. in korea to call it manipulation, since it may just be an entire large club buying albums instead of one person. theyre also often the groups that will buyout entire subway ad walls for their fave's birthdays

either way it's weird, but see attached pic of renjunbar's exclusive makeup palette influenced by renjun's hairstyles and art…it's pretty weird but you have to admit it's well done and unlike anything kfans usually do (lowkey, the palette looks kind of pretty and something i would be open to buying if i saw it at a department store)

i would hate to see what would happen if any of these dream boys manage to piss off their chinese bars, the loss of sales there would be astronomical

No. 90685



As far as I know bars encourage you to buy official stuff ie albums in this case and with every bought copy you'd get special fanmade merch from the bar (think of fansites)

No. 90686

File: 1590001448739.jpeg (252.18 KB, 828x1192, 056FF602-7D15-4383-9E4A-DA6D67…)

interesting, i assume they take preorders and then conduct a group buy?

i also know the renjunbar owner went and gave renjun the receipt for their previous album sales (something like 35k) and the entire exchange was creepy as fuck since she's at least close to, if not more than double his age…

basically she calls him baby and jokes about him marrying her, and then gives him the receipt showing the barsales of 35k albums, and then she asks for him to write "to a beautiful together between you and i" on his photocard (not going to post the picture since it's literally a notepad in all chinese, unless another anon wants to read it)

No. 90688

what was the conversation lol

No. 90689

File: 1590002919028.jpeg (241.77 KB, 632x2048, 75B09985-B536-4B8E-BD30-19472B…)

i already summarized in the post above

im just imagining this kid seeing this hag coming from a mile away and having to do the mental preparations of dealing with her because she brings in the sales lol

honestly id pretend to like a cow for 3 minutes too if it brought me that much money kek

No. 90711

File: 1590005530759.jpg (282.93 KB, 1080x1764, qXbieAG.jpg)


No. 90712

reproduce = jaehyun

No. 90719

lmfao why are they calling him reproduce?

that is barely any chest hair, but i guess it's a lot for an asian dude

kfans are wilding out and i love it

No. 90720

They called him jaehyun but google translate turned it to reproduce

No. 90722

File: 1590005948451.jpeg (590.69 KB, 2048x2048, 8505F13C-A9E7-43B3-982A-4048C3…)

speaking of crazy fucking fans, apparently some girl flashed her tits at wayv during their beyond live concert and hendery's reaction is amazing

No. 90723

File: 1590006039901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.59 KB, 970x2048, uiLREZG.jpg)

Well jaehyun is a hairy guy overall so it's not surprising

No. 90724

lmao surprised this kind of thing hasn’t happened more often

No. 90727

File: 1590006512528.jpeg (45.29 KB, 567x1008, EXIQPGwWsAcDiAu.jpeg)

Yep. Ten's reaction to that sent me too, LMAO. Looks like his soul left his body.

No. 90730

File: 1590006596069.jpeg (36.72 KB, 746x670, EXHX425XkAQpX0S.jpeg)

Same anon, got the image. You can barely see it though.

No. 90732

im sure this happens often at concerts, we just never see it on film/idol reactions

arent there stories at pretty much every concert about girls throwing bras and underwear onto the stage lol

No. 90735

I'll never get over that lyric. It's almost as bad as the Filter lyrics by Jimin.

>I can be your genie. How about Aladdin?

No. 90736

I just hope it doesn’t happen for groups with underaged members…

No. 90737

wish taeyong had gone all the way and called himself a dwarf

No. 90741

considering the dream kids have all hag fans i wouldnt be surprised if it happened

there was a mention last thread or two threads ago about the members showing that jaemin had popped a boner on stage and you can hear the screeching in the background

video attached, i believe this was last year so it would make him barely 18 and these pigs are already screaming and screeching over him

No. 90742

what the fuuuck lmaooo

No. 90747

Not even gonna watch this, seeing practically teenagers do stuff like this and flash their abs in front of significantly older women is just… a big old yikes

No. 90751

i wonder now that dream's ditched the pedobait funnel system and become a permanent group if they're going to add new members to cash in on the noonabait

im sure a lot of these hag fans will lose interest as these kids get older, and move onto a new younger boyband

the dream concept was honestly genius for the demographic that it so obviously targeted. SM could underage teenagers into the arms of hungry hag fans and dump them once they get too old while cherrypicking and throwing the popular ones into nct u/new subunits once they have a loyal fanbase

not to mention half of these kids probably have some serious issues based on the fact they start training pre-puberty and are raised in such a weird unhealthy environment and probably will end up causing scandals and issues, kind of like how dream is already doing

No. 90756

ew gross fanservice

No. 90766

I'm looking for a mini documentary on YouTube about the origins of kpop albums and their variations - I've already watched it a long time ago and I remember it being very well done/researched and the girl that made it having a nice voice.
I've tried all the keywords I could think of but searching on YouTube only return unboxing videos… if a kind anon knows what I'm talking about please help!

No. 90769

That's hilarious considering that they are releasing their new Japanese album on July and pre-orders just went up about a week ago, lol. Not only that, but apparently the album has a brand new song composed by no other than JK! lol! I would really like for this backlash to last until then but July seems so far away…

I know Japan has their own fan club with "exclusive" [very low effort, or so I hear] content. So I would say that BH does give a shit about them, at least a little. Or at least more than the ratmies in other countries.

No. 90772

did the other members react in any way?

No. 90773

I think Vox's doc on Kpop on Netflix?
Its this series called ''Explained''
Or its this Kpop doc on Hulu by Vice

No. 90776

What are it's origins?

No. 90780

File: 1590020241726.jpeg (402.26 KB, 2048x2048, E554DEDB-E4DF-4687-91CF-1CE0D2…)

i havent seen any pictures and they might not have just because it was so brief and they weren't looking, but i keep laughing at the hendery one

he deadass looks like the monkey meme

No. 90782

ah i see, thanks. his reaction is funny tho kek

No. 90784

File: 1590021509588.jpeg (242.4 KB, 1372x1470, 9906F99D-E73C-4178-9E12-AA99BB…)

Bang Yedam is getting a pre-treasure solo lol

Ofc Blinks are absolutely frothing at the mouth at these news which is always fun to watch

No. 90785

I nominate this as next thread pic

No. 90798

yedam deserves it tho
hes practically bp's senior lmao

No. 90800

oh i totally agree, his cover of that shawn mendes song blew me away considering he was only 15

but blinks wont admit that, theyre just going to fixate on how bp is being "mistreated" and YG is a misogynist

i ventured onto twitter and theyre also super angry that yedam got a solo before rose as if rose has enough ghastly wailing to fill an entire album kek

(also i love how this yedam video has more views than half of the nct official mvs loool)

No. 90802

File: 1590026098464.jpg (1012.47 KB, 3791x2132, 80s37Qs.jpg)

>also i love how this yedam video has more views than half of the nct official mvs loool

theyll probably end up overshadowing nct once they debut
among the international kpop audience atleast lel
also checked nct's profile and sm wants me to believe that jisung kid is 181 (5'11)
these manlets lying about their heights make me lol so hard
they're all the same height ffs
(renjun is 170 at far left and jisung tallest at 181 next to chenle 178 far right and the middle jaemin at 175cm)

No. 90805

File: 1590026650097.jpeg (115.06 KB, 1200x815, ED44B621-9044-4520-AE38-2D350B…)

99% of "official" heights are lies, not to mention these dudes likely wear insoles at varying times, so it's hard to actually figure out their real heights

if anything i think a safe bet is just to shave 1.5-2inches off for dudes as a baseline lol

its just like irl, dude always add an inch or so to their height when they bring it up, so imagine the kpop industry

pic related: the biggest 1 inch difference of all time kek since jaehyun is supposed to he 5'11" and jaemin 5'10"

No. 90807

and fat fangirls lose their mind over a chick wearing boob pads
your oppar is legit your height sit down top kek

No. 90808

I'm surprised people still think Yg groups have a chance of doing well after all that's happened.

No. 90809

i have doubts treasure will do well, like you said debuting under YG already draws a bunch of negative "fuck YG" attention on them, not to mention the management is absolute hot garbage

they might get some traction in the beginning, and then get thrown to the wayside like every other yg flavor of the month

im honestly surprised they still have trainees considering all of the news and controversies that have come out about the company

No. 90810

akmu charted great last year why not.
plus they always have the japanese market lel.

No. 90812


Eh, YG groups still have all that hype and production value that the company has always been known for, even with all the shitty practices they still deliver somewhat flashier content, and tbh kpop right now is lacking that, mvs and music are boring as shit, the idols bland as heck, At least YG boys have a semblance of personality, usually because they are weird narcs.

No. 90813

Did Jisung really never get a nose job? It looks hella sus

No. 90815

deffo did lol

No. 90817

i think its safe to assume almost all, if not all idols get something done whether it be permanent surgery or temporary fillers, so the answer is probably yes lol

i think YG groups do well when they come back, but it takes forever and they lose the traction because the public forgets about them

im surprised bp has the following it does considering how inconsistent they are, these girls are basically glorified instathots which i guess is what they wanted to begin with

No. 90819

File: 1590028257973.jpg (53.51 KB, 640x634, jisung nose job.jpg)

He definitely did lolz.

No. 90820

tbf the before photo is him smiling, which widens your nose.

No. 90824

if this is true this is also on his parents…i doubt a company can give a minor surgery without parental permission

i cant imagine any normal parent signing the ok for their teenage son to go under the knife that young, but his parents also did have him start training before he even finished elementary school so who knows

No. 90826

maybe i’m retarded but i really don’t see what’s so great about this cover? i mean he’s good for his age and heaps better than bp and even other idols who’s been in the industry for long, but like 35 million views? idk i don’t get the appeal

No. 90827

mind your own fucking business

No. 90830

no need to get mad kek i was just curious about other anons’ thoughts and opinions about it

No. 90831

i think he just has great technique for how young he is, not to mention he sounds a great deal like shawn mendes here as well

the views are likely driven highly by shawn mendes fans since he did give the cover a shout out

either way its hard to deny the kid isnt talented, he's not reinventing the wheel but hes already miles ahead of the average trainee who cant hold a note and is only there for their face

> At the same time don't get butthurt if the other farmers doesn't have the same opinion you do.

No. 90832

nvm i misread your post, we good

No. 90833

oh i didn’t know shawn mendes had noticed him, that makes sense. i know nothing about singing so i can’t comment about his technique, but i agree, he’s not reinventing the wheel but even back then he sounds better than the majority of nct is today. not that that’s really an accomplishment to brag about tho

No. 90841

File: 1590032670367.jpeg (221.05 KB, 828x890, F347C68B-5702-4BF4-8764-6836E0…)

Roy Kim is entering military service but apparently knetz have been shifting their opinions about him?

Apparently he wasn't a part of the "rapey molka and videos chat" but rather a "fishing chat" and only shared a deepfake picture of some celebrity girl just to share that it wasn't real which i don't buy at all lol

who the fuck shares a porn picture in their group chat just to go "not real btw" like…knetz are also brainless as fuck just like their international counterparts. besides, wasn't he literally arrested and disowned by his dad over this lol

Either way i still side-eye the fuck out of him considering he was best friends with jjy…there is no way he didn't know what was going on so at the very least he's a rape apologist

No. 90845

The music industry as a whole needs more low budget, goofy music videos like these

No. 90848

agreed, i thought it was stupid and funny in a really endearing way, it didnt take itself seriously and the music was still good

plus the dog is super cute lol

No. 90855

Awww this mv was cute but maybe I'm biased because I really like Crush

No. 90861

Post it here if u ever find it again anom I'm curious about it now

No. 90874

File: 1590041067497.jpeg (226.77 KB, 1242x1964, 547C1160-F97C-4C40-A151-A616E2…)

Text convo between JYP and Day6 Jae that he posted on twitter

No. 90878

honestly even if this is a PR stunt it's still really nice of JYP to check in on his artists and give them praise when it's deserved

i think the words are very sincere and its a nice gesture, plus i love day6 and im happy they have the ability to take a step back when they need to and just breathe

No. 90882

Despite creeping on his GG, JYP does seem to put a lot of care into his company and idols comparatively to others. Maybe too much sometimes— but it's nice to see and hear about considering how the other three big ones have been operating lately.

No. 90894


He has no technique lel. Cant support at all, lowers his larynx in the lower register, strains and is nasal and throaty etc most kpop idols lack technique which doesnt mean they cant sing, it just means theyre not good at it

Korea tends to favor style over technique anyway, it always pisses me off when supposed vocal coaches and acclaimed good singers dont teach these kids shit and then praise them for their shitty singing

No. 90905

why is luna posting pics of her wearing underwears only?
I can see she is taking the sulli path and it is only a matter of time…

No. 90910

Yesss thank you for saying this anon, I totally agree. I saw that clip a year ago and could not understand all the hype over his bad singing or his Shawn Mendes "impression"

No. 90914

File: 1590054165728.jpg (339.78 KB, 920x1600, IMG_20190920_191831.jpg)

I also doubt it. Bp is doing well but they debuted before all that seungri shit went down (plus they have their influencer marketing strategy). Please no ban for nitpick, but not a single of those treasure kids look even remotely cute. Isn't the point of groups with many members that there's at least one looker in it? Small groups are supposed to have only talented members vs larger groups with filler members you should stan because they're attractive or funny. That's so not yg style, he never did that. Plus before nct debuted, everybody thought no sm group could fail either and now look there we are, they're mega flops. Same for stray kids, nobody cares about them despite "big 3 privilege".

The only tall idols were kris and tao but they're not even kpop anymore. I think they're quite a few girls above 170 especially amongst the younger generation but hardly any males who reach 180. Somehow companies only manage to cast total twinks lol

No. 90928

hara's mom is inheriting half of her estate property even though she abandonded hara as a child… truly disgusting

No. 90934

the other seedy club 97 line has been leaked. Boombar. Fully equipped with bikini clad cocktail waitresses/dancers lmao

No. 90936

the bar follows jaehyun and eunwoo on instagram lmaoo

No. 90937

a club not a bar, its called boombar

No. 90938

Is there any proof or is it just another rumor?

No. 90939

Lmao why? Are they such shitty guests that they expose them like that?

No. 90944

Ah, no, it's not that video. But thank you for replying, though!

I don't really understand your question, but it was fanmade on YouTube. It was 20 minutes-something long, and a girl did the voiceover. That's what I remember about it…

I will! But I think it's probably deleted, because it shouldn't be this hard to find…

No. 90945

I've also been looking for this video for awhile. It's probably deleted. It was really informative, tho.

No. 90946

i HATE that i know exactly which one you mean, but i also can't find it for the life of me…the one that talked about first groups that had photo cards and switched from jewel cases to "modern" albums…sage for no contribution but if i find it by some chance, i will post it here

No. 90948

Did you get anything from the info you posted
how is he a
>>rape apologist
when he practically outed JJY for spreading a deepfake of a celeb
Didnt a journalist basically say, he didnt do anything.
''There was a spreading of a picture in the room (chatroom on KKT)''
He basically only said to them for spreading the photo '' Thats no so and so entertainer''.
What are you on anon.

No. 90949

Is it ''the late capitalism of kpop'' on YT?
Frick… im curious now

No. 90951

baffles me why cha eun woo would even go to the club with the one kpop idol who 'mogs' him ie mingyu. and now they're all busted for the quarantine skipping manchilds they are. i hope this incident doesnt get swept under the rug and haunts their careers for a lifetime.

No. 90954

Fyi that's not a sign that someone isn't singing. Having a mic further away from your mouth especially when you're dancing is the right thing to do. (Not saying txt is singing live btw)

No. 90956

Mouth mics arent that strong plus its dangling onto his shoulder
Its deffo an indication that someone not live singing or singing with loud backtrack

No. 90962

this is a new kind of autism

No. 90964

wtf does this even mean lol
im sure these dudes go to seedy clubs and shit all the time, its just stupid they couldnt keep it in their pants during the covid time like…you really didnt think dispatch would be circling the area waiting to catch you out

not to mention theres probably other celebrities and idols who've done the same and are now shaking in their shoes hoping dispatch hasnt found out/wont release news

No. 90982

File: 1590073731302.png (1.65 MB, 960x960, it looks nice on the shelf tho…)

YES THIS ONE thanks for providing more information I thought that I was going crazy! But yeah it's probably deleted now. In the end of the video she even asked if ppl were interested in more videos like this, if it were now I'd even subscribe to a Patreon because it was so nicely done.

Nah anon it isn't! Basically she did a whole timeline on the origins of photocards and stuff, on how people spend ridiculous amount of money to get all the photocards, the math behind it, and in the end of the video she included a few snippets of collectors rants about how they felt pressurized to buy all the stuff to make unboxing videos and not lose subscribers.

Pic kinda related from the kpopcollections sub, all 10 versions of SNSD's I Got A Boy.

No. 90984

Looks fake, why would they talk in English rather than Korean? Is JYP even this fluent?

No. 90985

Jyp talks exactly like this on his Instagram which is why I believe it. Jae is better in English than Korean as he grew up through high school in the US and Jyp might like to practice English by texting him.

Its not dumb to think it’s fake, I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if it were but I just don’t think so this time

No. 90990

File: 1590076052061.jpg (75.11 KB, 780x520, XdTi3o1.jpg)

lmfao why did u spoiler leeel
throwback to when knetz called him an ''Australopithecus''

No. 90993

kek. this was priceless. im surprised there's a korean word for it. oh w8 it's 'jaehyun'. bahahahaha

No. 90998

JYP's english is very good, he barely has an accent when he speaks and is very eloquent so its not surprising he would type in english to jae who grew up in the us and is likely more comfortable speaking english than korean

his english is lightyears ahead of any non us-born idol, probably because he spent a few years in the US when he was young

No. 91021

ok ngl this has me shook but I really hope he means what he says about taking care of his artists mental health

No. 91023

File: 1590081614688.jpeg (143.33 KB, 480x1372, 5B555E62-CA16-4BA9-914B-95F126…)

The reporter who apparently broke the news about the F4 Itaewon guys being at a seedy club is the same one who broke Burning Sun, so she's legitimate

The fact that these guys all insisted they went to a "restaurant and bar" while conveniently omitting potentially 2 clubs is not good for their image, not to mention the delulu fans will now be angry their oppa went to a bar filled with pretty ladies kek

No. 91031

lol there’s videos of what happened the night they were there, and there was girls dancing around in bikinis all over hahahaha

No. 91033

do you mind linking some of them?I want to have a laugh too lol

No. 91036

File: 1590083431686.jpeg (51.32 KB, 702x1024, 3E9DC8F5-EB8A-4D05-928E-F33063…)

here’s one from the night they were there. those four are fucked.

No. 91037

File: 1590083463625.jpeg (63.24 KB, 746x1024, A80CF99C-4CEC-4E4C-81D0-CFBEFD…)


No. 91038

File: 1590083530691.jpeg (33.92 KB, 470x710, C8A6DBD7-3E57-4593-BF50-DB4CDE…)

The koreans are pissed because there were foreigners there as well lmao

No. 91040

omg this is freaking priceless. i'm not going to be surprised if they manage to come back from this, but this is amazing how badly they fucked up.

No. 91041

looks like fun tbh

No. 91042

File: 1590084542015.jpeg (58.12 KB, 945x976, 316F9FB4-157E-4F25-80C7-392505…)

one more kek

No. 91044

They just went out for pizza according to ratmys lmao.

No. 91047

loool has anyone seen any twitter meltdowns over these videos yet or is it too early?

No. 91048

I’ve mostly only seen people blaming dispatch for invading their privacy

No. 91049

''why were you stalking oppa and not quarantining''
they have never heard of commoners selling info to tabloids apparently lel
Got exposed by an fan out of all people how sad

No. 91051

yea, i'd go there for a night out.
it was idiotic of them to go clubbing during a pandemic but the fans are mainly mad cause they can't stand the thought of their idols hooking up with hot women lol.
that "perfect prince" image made jaehyun popular but it kinda backfired now that fans realized he's not some celibate doll.

No. 91052

If its the BS reporter you think she'll use this Itaewon F4 scandal as a leverage to expose more idols?

No. 91053


i hope higher res photos are released so everyone can undeniably identify them. would be a godsend. tired of these kiddos being put on a pedestal when girl idols are thrown under the bus for doing significantly less.

No. 91054

File: 1590085538907.jpg (683.65 KB, 1046x1702, 20200521_192540.jpg)

This was apparently at boombar. That's cha eunwoo

No. 91055

after a chin and pencil neck check, i can see how that's him. but it could be any other guy due to poor photo quality. sadly this isnt enough to incriminate him.

No. 91057

I think most fans are pissed because theres a conversation about feminism nowadays in Korea and objectifying of women so thats why many k fans are using the same phrase ''hanging around naked women''
Clubs like this have become a controversial topic to say the least
Plus none of these chicks are ''hot'' they look like prostitutes ffs lel and their box shaped bodies is the cherry on top
Holy shit he looks like a bum

No. 91058

i think at the end of the day we don't know what information her and her team have, i just mentioned she was the burning sun reporter to show the fact that shes not just some "nobody tabloid trash reee" that fans were trying to push with dispatch

ofc now fans are switching their narrative to "how dare reporters infringe on privacy" and "that means the reporters weren't distancing" as if that changes or lowers the fact that these dudes were out

i hope theres more idols and celebrities who'll get pulled out into the light just because the drama from the entitled fanbase is great to watch

No. 91059

he looks bored as helll lmao

No. 91060

either that or drooling over dat booty

No. 91061

SBS reported on this LMFAOOOOO
Also check out PC's disqus comments fucking GOLD

No. 91062

just pizzas n hookers m8. y every1 make such a big deal? HAHAHA

No. 91063

>>91061 jaehyun looks like a lizard in that thumbnail lmfao

No. 91064

they should've shopped some of the dancers into the thumbnail

No. 91065

hope getting laid was worth all this, covid-97.

No. 91067

im sure these dudes dont actually care that much, sure theyre getting flack now but they know the braindead fans will support them through everything

im just more excited about the complete fandom meltdowns as these pig fans realize oppa doesnt actually love them despite what he says on tv and his ideal type is not actually just "a nice girl with long hair" so they can't self insert anymore

i hope dispatch has incriminating pictures, imagine if prince eunwoo or jaehyun/jungkook got caught with a girl in his lap, the fans would spontaneously combust

No. 91068

jungkook literally had a girlfriend before and nobody cared & hes more popular than ever, i am not sure where you are getting this idea that everyone is gonna be mad if theres pics of him with girls. from fans i have seen who are expressing disappointment about this club situation, they are always mentioning covid-19 and nothing about girls. the rest of the "angry" people are just antis who already hated him anyway

No. 91070

There aren’t pics of jungkook with his girlfriend in his lap. Plus the only known photos are from when they were kids. If a pic comes out of him with a hooker on his lap it will be ww3. People think his ex was a beard anyway. Jungkook is gay, didn’t you know?

No. 91071

People definitely cared.They just acted like they didn't because they can't deal with the thought that he was into someone like MJ even though oppa is uwu baby and scared of women according to them. Out of sight,out of mind.

No. 91072

dude k fans are mad about the club thing read the comment here >>91057
of course fans were mad about the corona situation which affected them (even school are social distancing while their biases are clubbing) while their faves werent bothering at all to test or quarantine themselves according to guidelines
But the part of them clubbing with naked women definitely plays a part.

No. 91073

people STILL complain about mijoo every single day. they take screenshots of her insta stories and analyse them to death. People are very much bothered at the thought of him with women.

No. 91074

no, they were not kids…? i am talking about mijoo

im sure SOME people care but again he is more popular than ever, numbers dont lie

No. 91076

I thought you meant his actual confirmed girlfriend. most fans are in denial about mj. they still say she is married and jk was only her friend lol

No. 91077

File: 1590087069100.jpg (22.42 KB, 480x360, IUGuejO.jpg)

his girlfriend from when he was still a teen, Park Se Won.

No. 91078

>most fans are in denial about mj.
how is that possible though, they didnt even try to hide it. i am sure only the most delusional of delulus dont believe they dated tbh

No. 91079

File: 1590087297327.jpg (373.09 KB, 1080x1336, 20200521_195517.jpg)

They hate her so Michael and call her ugly. They posted as of her celebrating her bday and saying they're waiting for her to post what jk got her. The gf situation got jk a bunch of antis. The "karmys" posting about this and exposing hk are still mad about the gf thing and the fender-bender. Theres a whole side of twitter with people who hate jk. This account especially. And look at the amount of followers they have

No. 91080

Idk why that said michael. It's meant to say much

No. 91081

Yeah most armys are denying it and the ones that believe it are the ones that stay mocking him lmao and they make fun of delulu armys.

No. 91082

ok ratmys stop sperging about whether your oppar will drop in fame after this controversy or not lmfaoooo
also this makes me laugh so hard kek
he just blatantly sung over jungkooks high note fuckkkk his fans are praising him in the comment kekekekek
(0.32 time stamp if i didnt link correctly)

No. 91085

people won’t accept it and say they were just friends. It’s so obvious they were fucking.

No. 91086

File: 1590087616260.jpg (30.2 KB, 718x424, IMG_20200521_195930.jpg)

Lmao these are the names of the drink at Jack's bar. Please this is so funny to me. At any other time I would actually be glad they went to bars and enjoyed their youth while fans have a breakdown their idols are humans that go to bars.

No. 91088

File: 1590087801382.jpg (188.86 KB, 220x274, rFP0KzT.jpg)

>> At any other time I would actually be glad they went to bars and enjoyed their youth

No. 91089

oh my god the timestamp you linked is a blatant lipsync, and its not even good

how did this dude pass "training" for 4 years, he obviously cannot sing as evidenced by this tweet someone posted yesterday >>90535

is his family rich or something lol

No. 91091

Lol did a horny 14 year boy come up with the name of those drinks?

No. 91093

Yes like every other 20 year olds

No. 91094

File: 1590088462484.jpg (56.18 KB, 680x643, IMG-20200521-WA0044.jpg)

Apple music leaked August D2

No. 91095

the standards for talent in kpop is very low nowadays tbh.
we have people calling screeching izone and itzy vocal legends and ''stable'' for talk singing live out of breath.

No. 91096

lmfaooooo tragic
aint nobody gonna pay attention to that with all thats happening for their groups member
same with Nct127 and Astros recent comebakc
horible timing.

No. 91097

guess we know what the countdown is for lol

No. 91101

omg all the hype and it was leaked!!!!!!!

No. 91102

what the fuck is the entirety of the styling of this picture

the longer i look at it the weirder it is…the pose, the weird bdsm-y rope thing, his fake eye scar…

what are the stylists at big hit doing lol i thought they had that ex SM creative director on their team now

No. 91103

wow he looks good actually. glad the bowl cut is gone.

No. 91104

Could this be another strategy so fans redirect their attention from Jk?

No. 91106

Came first to my mind tbh. The timing is just too suspicious. On the other hand, not the first time stuff got leaked prior, so who knows.

No. 91135

probably. Most of txt are silver spoons. Beomgyu's the most obvious that he comes from a stacked family.

Maybe his visuals? He does technically have all the korean beauty standards after he got a nosejob, even if his face looks like it was made by an alien.

No. 91148

File: 1590091987261.jpeg (66.85 KB, 480x645, 3E8E873A-B815-4618-90C3-5BF4F0…)

lmfao apparently boombar follows jaehyun and liked his apology on instagram

this is just getting better and better, for the bar to follow eunwoo and jaehyun probably means they at least are patrons, why would a random bar follow a celebrity?

that would be like burger king here following leonardo dicaprio or something

No. 91153

Has anyone seen some random +18 thread on Allkpop of some random chicks claiming they have f'd kpop male members? It has over 350 pages and every time I tried to read it it's mostly some random shit and nothing straight to the point.
I only got that one of them allegedly spent much money to improve her looks and one of them hasn't even slept with anyone.
Is this some new type of fun for random fans to pretend about fucking idols?
I'm just curious if anyone has read it cuz I have no time for it.

No. 91154

fuck i wanna read it lmao

No. 91158

do you want to link it or provide screenshots? allkpop is an absolute cesspool to wade through

i literally just tried to look for "18+ threads" on allkpop and its just fangirls sperging and writing fanfics about who's a "dom" and which idols are kinky so i noped out

No. 91159

Here is the link. If anyone sift through some believable info, post it.

No. 91161

isnt that just a shitpost thread
im a user in akp and there hasnt been major tea in that thread whatsoever

No. 91165

File: 1590093335193.jpg (296.73 KB, 1130x648, SAP12pn.jpg)


No. 91168

File: 1590093466291.jpeg (390.08 KB, 828x1525, AFA159B8-B7CB-473F-BC29-AA78E9…)

what the absolute fuck is this shit
allkpop is a cesspool, onehallyu isnt any better but i guess it keeps all the fanfic spergs in one place

No. 91169

confirmed it guys its just a shit post thread where other users post in an anon google forms doc and the members of the shit post thread reply back and forth lel
akp isnt reliable
atleast post twitter tea guys lol

No. 91174

File: 1590093731549.jpeg (120.83 KB, 500x822, 80705531-9D6E-4D02-A7B4-70F9ED…)

the berry girl nugu apologized for calling mijoo a chopstick body as if she wasnt being petty and jealous lol

i still cant believe she said that, female idols get roasted over nothing and blatant body shaming/being catty and bitchy is just painting a giant target on your forehead for knetz

No. 91175

These people need therapy or Jesus. If you behave like that and you are older than 15, then I sincerely pity your sad existence.

No. 91177

Is every bts member growing their hair out

No. 91180

This pic of eunwoo was posted in last thread in better quality and some anon said it looked nothing like him. Lmao i think it looks like him even if u just take a quick glance without zooming in

No. 91181

i feel like it definitely looks like him and very well may be him lol

i agree with the other anons though, dude looks bored af or may just be so drunk he got plopped down to "rest" for a bit

No. 91182

while I agree the quality isnt good enough to definitely say it is him, I feel like you wouldn't take a random picture of someone sitting down at a club unless they really were a celebrity.

No. 91184

Im jumping aboard in saying that's him. Although don't be surprised when his insane fans will use this photo in his defence. They be saying mad shit Like how he looks bored and disengaged hence not participating in the drunken orgy and therefore only some victim who was only dragged into it by bad friends. Sigh

No. 91185

Phaha, fangirls are taking it on another level with their delulu. I wouldn't even be surprised if they sent themselves those shitposts.

No. 91187


SF9 Rowoon was in a drama called Extraordinary You which became big among teenagers in China, and he got popular for his visuals

No. 91196

JYP is kind of a creep and has made questionable decisions. However, the message is indeed very sweet. I hope it's not just a front.

No. 91199


Agreed with everything you said, anon. Theres group chats dedicated to sending mj hate and calling her an ugly whore which are made by the same ratmies that keep the uwu koo babie did nothing wrong energy going


I dont really understand whats funny here though? I used to be a bartender and these are shots youd find in most bars out there, not shocking at all

No. 91200

lol thirst fans are disturbing. the 18+ threads of both forums are horrible although clearly AKP holds more of these dumb delusional thots bc i don't remember OH being this weird outside of the creepy male fans that posted exposed vaginas edited on female idols.

No. 91202

OH has that entire 2000+ page thread of girls psychoanalyzing every slowed down gif of their oppas trying to prove that theyre gay

apparently according to them no one in the industry is straight and if anyone says otherwise they all pile on the user lol

its a mess but its definitely not as bad as allkpop

No. 91203

omg i forgot about thread- i thought it got shut down after someone posted two TXT members there and thought they were fucking because they were wearing the same jacket, even though one was a minor.
it makes me curious how messy they are now considering they probably think jaehyun's secretly fucking some NCT member(s).

No. 91207

File: 1590098145384.jpeg (285.94 KB, 828x1232, D8C50594-2750-4863-8334-94BB9C…)

i literally jumped to the latest discussion and of course is all the fans convinced the f4 group is gay because they went to a "gay bar"

the press already revealed what bar they went to…just because its in itaewon doesnt make it gay but fans will cherrypick for their narrative kek

ratmys want their vkook ship to be real so bad lol

No. 91209

that ship is dead (not that it was ever alive in the first place, but ykwim), they are SO awkward with each other now. even some armys have noticed

No. 91211

this is pathetic. these kind of morons and the dumb thots that 100% "knows" which idols are subs/dubs and what their exact kinks are both need serious help. i look at the thread and the fact they automatically assumed/speculated jonghyun and key dated/whatever is disgusting imo.

No. 91214

File: 1590099491577.jpeg (124.74 KB, 828x1036, A35F4DF2-1AE6-43A5-9CE5-AFC7F7…)

honestly if a bunch of people were showing me photoshopped pictures of me and a coworker in various sex positions and telling me about long stories they wrote about me i would also probably be slightly awkward around that coworker

V also very clearly shut down a shipper a while back, but im sure theres still delusional fans who believe its all a ruse and theyre secretly in love

No. 91222


There's still fans who think hunhan was/is real and theorize about it… It's 2020 lol

No. 91255

theres still fans in their 30s and 40s who think yunjae is a thing LOL

delulu fans will never change despite knowing fanservice and ship culture is a critical part of kpop

No. 91263

TBH the enemies aren't just delulu shippers. The enemies are also fellow idols who sell their ship hard and don't really flinch doing it. As long as someone is selling it, the cringy shipping culture will prevail.

No. 91275

the ones who feed the over the top fanservice are so cringe…but i guess its easy money because it attracts fangirls

i dont get with fangirls ship idols from different groups though…like lizkook or whatever is a huge ship but theyve literally never interacted so i dont even know where it came from

No. 91289

File: 1590117477294.jpg (2.02 MB, 1260x2064, Nayeon.jpg)

Really liked this one.

No. 91292

self insert ship for those sea girls that are convinced they are just like Lisa…

No. 91293

Who is that? Really cute picture.

No. 91295

Nta but nayeon from twice

No. 91296

thanks, anon.

No. 91297

File: 1590121132861.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.67 KB, 1152x2048, 833F8FDD-DAD6-4AF7-9867-B9C8CA…)

speaking of nayeon is there any update on her german stalker? last i read he went off the rails and threatened to kill her if she "dated behind his back"

i know he's not in korea anymore, but i wonder if hes going to try and get back into the country. im sure jyp is keeping tabs on him because he announces everything on social media but its still terrifying

spoiler'd picture just in case because he's sick in the head

No. 91300

doesn't jungkook get shipped with every female idol though? i still don't see the appeal in him…there are more likeable members in bts

No. 91308

He's the youngest and was 15 at debut so he was closest to the age of the teenage fangirls at that time. Plus he's got this "golden maknae" image of being good at everything and plays up the baby act… basically he's like your average bland anime protagonist

No. 91311

is this not the exact same concept as his first mixtape except he's been beaten and tied up in a house and not in the back of a truck

No. 91313

File: 1590132353535.jpeg (350.61 KB, 828x1294, 4639FBE5-C529-4B17-B5BE-A7059E…)

Baekhyun posted a long rant on bubble about sasaeng fans and then asked that it "not get leaked" fully knowing that it would

I do feel bad for him, it must fucking suck getting tailed and followed and not even be able to go home where it's supposed to be a private space in peace and idols are still people who should have their privacy respected

But on the other hand he's one of those idols who fuels the delulu boyfriend image SO much that im not surprised creepy sasaengs and overall batshit girls trail him home like…what did you expect

No. 91316

ngl I'm excited, hope it has more corny bops like Tony Montana and fewer "uwu I used to get sad sometimes" cringefests.

No. 91317

I hope he also omits the heavy sad-boi-trap-autotune and goes back to his old rapping style and not the one he has since BWL

No. 91318

File: 1590134455866.jpeg (467.34 KB, 2048x2023, 2123E449-845A-44A4-93E3-B40752…)

Their "Fanfare" concept overall is very cute!

No. 91321

well the mixtape has dropped. whoever hoped it wouldn’t be eboy trap auto tune.. you’ll be disappointed.

No. 91322

ugh they look unreal here. whoever did all the editing and digital art deserves a raise.

No. 91323

okay the music video had about 100 people in it. shocking that it didn’t get leaked before yesterday. Also it was quite violent lol.

No. 91324

Is it just me or is it weirdly similar to BYG's Yamazaki?

No. 91325

I used to not like twice's music much but their recent comebacks are such a good direction for them to take. Plus i respect them for being able to manage their scrote fanbase.

No. 91328

Jin and Jungkook were in the mv

No. 91329

Yeah it does share similar themes beat-wise and visually.

I heavily prefer Suga's though, especially the traditional Korean culture aspect. It's much more interesting and attractive.

No. 91330

I always liked suga. I never had any real qualms about him. He’s alright. His mixtape is okay and I liked the mv.

No. 91332

Wow, Mina looks so different as a blonde. She had a demure, ladylike vibe with black hair, I don't think I've seen her with blonde hair before but she looks so bubbly.

As usual, Chaeyoung has bad hair. She also had an unflattering look in the Signal and Dance The Night Away eras. I don't understand why idols change their hair to something bad after finding a good look. Do young fans get bored with idols that easily?

No. 91336

First punch stage for laughs

No. 91337

At least Taeyong looks less twinky than before

No. 91355

I’m bored so I looked at the fancam views for punch and I’m kinda surprised at how low Mark and Doyoung were compared to the others. The videos have only been out for like two hours and don’t represent their popularity but I thought they’d be getting the same views as Taeyong and Haechan.

Jaehyun 31k
Haechan 22k
Taeyong 20k
Jungwoo 13k
Yuta 12k
Johnny 5.7k
Mark 5.2k
Doyoung 3.9k
Taeil 3.8k

No. 91356

I can't believe Yuta is more popular than Doyoung now. Poor dude at least can sing and his personality seems cool.. (glaring at sasaengs etc)

No. 91358

Maybe the view are like that due to Jaehyun's scandal rn and fangirls are busier protecting him in the comments.

No. 91360

NCT live is always hilarious, thanks

No. 91362

Wow, Taeil is so pitiful in regards to both Korean and international popularity. He’s never even nitpicked itt but I think I once heard an anon mention he’s more talented than the other members (or maybe it was Ten?)
Yep, for reference I don’t like nct and don’t watch their fancams, but I’d wanna Jaehyun’s out of curiosity due to the scandal and to see the comments

No. 91363


I looked at an older fancam too,
March 6th Kick it fancam views:
Haechan 471k
Jaehyun 470k
Taeyong 467k
Mark 294k
Johnny 195k
Jungwoo 192k
Yuta 191k
Doyoung 102k
Taeil 60k

Doyoung was still second to last and the gap between Jaehyun, Haechan, Taeyong and the rest was huge.

No. 91371

Yuta is NOT more popular than Doyoung lmao. Doyoung is just a terrible performer on stage so there's nothing to see in his fancam. Same with Taeil.

No. 91374

haechan is SM's new workhorse, 3 comebacks in the space of 5 months

No. 91377


The reason Doyoung's and Taeil's fancam views are so low is that they are shit dancers.

The only members in NCT who excel at their main position, and are good/decent at everything else (dancing/singing/rapping/performance) are Mark, Haechan and Ten. Maybe Jaehyun, too.

The rest either excel at something and suck at the rest, are mediocre to decent at everything, or just plain suck.

No. 91378

File: 1590151314391.jpeg (73.35 KB, 1024x586, 1470A255-E44E-4123-94F6-A9D9FB…)

Some fans are saying that Luna has been cutting herself.

No. 91379

I didn't see anyone posting the mv so here it is.
Honestly, as an ex army I'm glad he came back to his "old" rapping style, good enunciation and no autotune (or at least not noticeable). But the lyrics are overall bad. He's always rapping about the same subject, being better/higher than anyone else. That's so boring ugh. Also weird to name drop Bang PD ??
The mv is good though, I liked the different sets

No. 91380

Oh, no! I feel bad for Luna. Everyone was always saying "she's underrated, f*ck SM, give Luna a solo!" and when they did, f(x) fans let her flop.

I hope she gets opportunities to sing, at least in variety shows or something.

No. 91381

Why is he rapping about being an underdog who's oppressed by music shows? BTS get more slots and time on music shows than literally any other group.

No. 91384

They always like to whine about how unpopular they were, how they had to fight for the succes and that kind of shit

No. 91385

jk doesn’t have his stacked combat boots on in the mv and he legit looks a foot shorter than Jin.

No. 91386

The mv was cool, really liked the instrumental and production on this one but overall is nothing groundbreaking and I too would like to hear him/them talking about other things other than being an underdog or sad, I might listen to it a few times tho
I honestly laughed at the drawing of bang pd

No. 91387

It's one of the things that got them to be this popular imo.They still heavily capitalize off of this fake underdog image

No. 91388

File: 1590152993853.jpeg (118.11 KB, 725x764, D0AAC06A-16A4-423C-94F7-A7DDEF…)

No. 91389

Really annoying. I stumbled upon some video of them interacting with TXT and was skipping through it when BTS mentioned their struggles giving out flyers for their concert or sth while in USA(plus how the people who came were much less aka telling TXT they're where they are because of them). Yeah, because to film a show in USA in your debut years doesn't cost much money already. They were never such underdogs as they want to be presented as.

No. 91390

also the people they were handing out the flyers to were actors.

No. 91391

I don't really care about the lyrics since it's given that he's a pretentious ass. The mv was super cool imo. I'm a sucker for heavy drops and mediocre beats bcos im a basic bitch. I really like the way he rapped in this song as well. So I give the mv a 9/10 and the song an 8/10 (while ignoring the lyrics that is kek)

No. 91392

I didn't even notice that lmao.

No. 91393

Same, lol! Show you how ordinary looking they are compared to what ratmies think they're.

No. 91394

File: 1590153303788.jpeg (97.44 KB, 630x740, 16B5791F-7D51-48AB-8C3B-78850A…)

jhope was also in it for a split second.

No. 91395

It’s all fine and good to have your friends in your mv i guess but didn’t he want this to be about him? he does everything with bts. His whole life is bts.

No. 91396

File: 1590153892611.png (448.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200522-092352.png)

What is big hit doing anymore? Isn't zico involved with the burning sun incident??

No. 91397

Where'd you find that? Is it true? because if so, Didn't it ever come to her mind that they're too obvious?

No. 91398

I don't think that's jhope, rather just a bg dancer.

No. 91399

maybe. unfortunately for him, he looks a hell of a lot like jhope.

No. 91402

What's I-land supposed to be? I'm not surprised, it's all business, they have zero morals and it happens in all industries

No. 91403

is it meant to be comedic? literally looks like a sketch or something

No. 91404

suga runs into jin so jin turns quickly to look at suga. Doing so he hits jk in the head with a fishing pole so they start fighting. I guess it’s meant to be funny.

No. 91406

File: 1590155001427.jpeg (64.43 KB, 295x336, 47A82674-A477-4ED9-B133-E4E33C…)

Taken from Twitter but pretty sure this is from one of her Instagram lives or maybe a video she was in. Also if you sift through her pics on insta you could see that most of the time she positions her arms in ways where you can’t see the cuts. Here’s one rare pic where you could actually see the marks albeit they’re barely visible but still there.

No. 91408

It's honestly really disingenuous at this point. They've been huge since 2017ish and winning awards back to back. Suga can't pull that poor daegu rapper at this point

No. 91411

I like his original song best , but the visuals in this mv are great, including the historical garments. Not great but not awful. Still, him rapping about being an underdog is exhausting at this point.

No. 91412

File: 1590156170575.png (96.69 KB, 951x736, Screenshot (49).png)

So 2020 Suga wants to look like 2019 jk?

No, that's simply all he learned in 5 years of acting school.

I just saw the lyrics and jesus, how is that not written by a 13yo boy?
>uwu everybody boolied me but now I'm sooo rich
Also that
>The bastards that received media benefits were on air more often than me
absolutely serves to manipulate ratmys into further pushing the "big 3/all kpop groups/rest of the world vs. bts"-narrative.
Fucking embarrassing. Generic love songs written by nameless producers for other groups are deeper than the shit bts puts out.
And god, jin's bj lips look even more disgusting with that beard.

No. 91413

Is suga mixed race? He’s so incredibly pale. He looks fluorescent next to everyone in that mv and in life really.

No. 91416

Are these the lyrics of this last song? I swear I've seen that "big house big car big ring" lyric a million times on his songs

No. 91417

File: 1590157128901.jpg (97.52 KB, 479x539, suga.jpg)

>He’s so incredibly pale.
Except he's not at all? And mixed with what? You possible couldn't find a more stereotypically asian/korean looking person than him.
Are you seriously buying into the kpop photoshop lie?

No. 91418

very limited english lol

No. 91421

besides, asian people have variation in skin tone too. they arent all uniform #2096-50 Cappucino brown.

it gives me second hand embarassment that suga is still doing this "diss-track" shtick when he has been riding on his group's giant 13-year-old-girl fanbase for years now. the song itself was ok, forgettable.

No. 91423

File: 1590157530971.jpeg (559.28 KB, 1200x1200, 4D7E03CB-1445-4C5E-945D-D3B130…)

suga seems so fucking fake to me. how can he act all hard when he literally looks like this? I mean he willingly took this picture. this looks like my 40 year old aunts facebook profile pic.

No. 91425

>I got a big house big car big ring, but I'm neither allowed to do nor say what I want, in the morning my handlers wake me up, put me into clothes I didn't choose, fry my hair, put on ugly makeup and later I uselessly stand on stage while Rat talks in english and our preteen fangirls scream for the maknae line. Oh and maybe a little botox and filler session in the evening. What a life.

No. 91427

each member of bts is pathetic in their own way but this manlet and his bragging about a grammy he will never get is perhaps the most revulsive of all of them to me

No. 91429

Armys are saying his lyrics about people doing drugs to mae music is about BI and theyre dragging him.

No. 91430

File: 1590158139509.jpg (87.53 KB, 610x1020, 202005221136056210_1.jpg)

Chungha is turning into Bom.

No. 91431

Who is he even trying to drag, he constantly brags about his wealth, bts get media benefits and air time more than anyone else. Bts members look like theyre on drugs like 80% of the time

No. 91432

myspace angle head ass

No. 91433

armys better remember those lyrics in 5-10 years when he gets to a drug scandal

No. 91434

I think he does some kind of drugs to keep so thin.

No. 91435

File: 1590158735450.jpg (105.17 KB, 451x717, tumblr_lwykj1SH9u1r4q3oso1_500…)

Is anybody old enough to remember that another f4 already existed pre jk and co?
Didn't end so well for the original group…

No. 91436

Kinda OT but who was that idol who used to post slime videos on her instagram? IU?

No. 91439

He's such a moron for getting that stupid ass chin implant. He looks even worse now

No. 91441

someone needs to give her an intervention

No. 91444

idk why people act like it's incidental that bts have such an unhinged fandom when it's literally by design. they themselves are constantly bragging about how above kpop they are and how rich they are but also how they are underdogs which leads their fans to somehow identify personally with them which is why they act the way they do

No. 91452


I thought he was cleared that he didnt use nor buy? How does that make sense? Also if the rumor of jungkook and eunwoo taking drugs during f4's adventures turns out to be true thatll be top kek


They became big pretty quickly actually. In 2015 they got their first win and sold 250k with one album alone (around half a mil together with the second one) which is why they got dragged with sajaegi allegations. Then a year later they got a daesang lol organic growth where exactly?

Its funny cause ratmies always whine about how they and bts were "bullied" but now theyre even worse towards other groups and fandoms lel what they dished out in 2015 is no different to what kpop acts have been getting

No. 91454

yeah bts came from a small company but they werent the "underdog" by any means, i hate how ratmys make it sound like these dudes literally clawed their way to the top

besides, half of their success is literally through luck, not because they reinvented the music industry like some twinky messiahs

No. 91457

bang pd created the perfect formula, he even said it himself that the relationship between bts and their fans is one of a product and consumer and how "its just business"

No. 91458

WayV Kun released one of those "one man acapella covers" and it's not perfect, but its different than all the canned covers ive seen idols release

You can tell he put a lot of work into it and its admirable considering half the idols now just sit in front of a computer and wail (Rose….)

No. 91460

do people act like its incidental? it's pretty well accepted that the whole kpop industry is formulated to generate a fanbase like this, and young teenage girls and even lots of young adult women are susceptible as fuck. even with things like the underdog story and shipping, it should be completely obvious to anyone who hasn't drunk the kool-aid that the fans are absolutely getting played like fiddles.

No. 91463

another one goes to bh's "problematic pieces of shit" collection. fans insist he wasn't linked to burning sun's scandal because nothing has come up about him but that's because he wasn't investigated
wtch him get exposed for molka or nth room


No. 91465

Jihyo went from being the ugly member with the least amount of fans to being the prettiest one dating KD. I’m happy for her.

No. 91466

Kun has like 3 fans and they are all in this board, lol. He is cute and all, and this was nice, but Nctzens will never gaf about him. I feel bad for him. He reminds me of Suho. Completely harmless but boring. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

No. 91469


I'm really worried for her.. especially since an earlier anon said she's been posting pics of herself in underwear. Doesn't she post a lot about her weight, too? I hope she's okay, especially after Sulli. I really hope she doesn't go down the same path…

No. 91472

I don't want to armchair but I think she does need some help, years of being "the ugly one" in f(x), having a single flop comeback and being ignored must have taken a toll.

No. 91474

I remember her weight loss methods were extreme even by kpop standards.
Like only having green tea and some raw vegetables for a week while preparing for a comeback and working out two hours a day on top of that.
She always had the talent so she probably thought having a nicer body was the thing she needed to make her a successful soloist.
Do knetz slut shame her or is she too irrelevant to them?

No. 91476

hes been problematic for way longer than getting linked to jjy, fans just ignore it whenever he comes out with another catchy song and prances around with their woke twitter queens

im sure as his talent fades (lets not talk about his looks because..theres nothing to fade there) he'll get exposed for being a complete POS

the thing is he doesnt have a rabid idol fanbase, does he? it seems to be more people who appreciate his music instead of people who sperg about hot oppa

No. 91486

lmfao I recognized JK's stupid face right away but i didn't even realize that was Jin. He looks too normal with facial hair and no makeup.

No. 91488

I seen some korean tweets making fun of sugas lyrics. one said his lyrics are like middle schoolers that just started hiphop. And another one said "min yoongi isnt a genius but a genius obsessed man"

No. 91490

File: 1590167614767.jpeg (212.47 KB, 820x1066, 69B32C4F-2156-49FA-94ED-3F8CA3…)

i cant wait for ratmys to eat their words but ive been seeing this a bit on twitter

how suga's lyrics are anti-drug as if he doesnt look like hes on benzos half the time hes on screen

"no one in bts does drugs" lmfao, i hope dispatch reveals JK was doing drugs in the bar, theres no way he wasnt high out of his mind when he let that chick tattoo those ugly ass things on his body

No. 91492

File: 1590167730524.jpeg (245.71 KB, 828x1342, E04DED0B-3037-48DE-875B-04A3E5…)

lyrics for the song attached

No. 91494

A drug dealer in the kpop industry revealed idols abuse prescription drugs. Asian junkie did an interview with them. Even companies provide them with these drugs. Thats why these idols act really weird sometimes and fans acting like theyre cute or uwu random. Theyre pumped with crazy shit.

No. 91495

thats not surprising at all, half the times these idols are thrown into some crazy schedules where theyre running on 1-2 hours of sleep for weeks, companies probably do pump them full of drugs so they can keep propping them up on camera

besides, the entertainment industry has always been known to be very drug heavy

No. 91497

Ugh this is so ugly for everyone, how can people support this fucked up industry so much

No. 91500

Just saw on tumblr that he used it in four songs: no more dream, home, shadow and now this one. How boring lmao

No. 91502

>i'm so thankful i'm a genius, that's your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river you just got no skills"
This could easily be seen as him mocking others for having to take medication for mental illness, other people got cancelled for less…
I also don't see how dissing others by saying he's so rich is admirable, even little kids know that bragging about money in front of poorer people is something you just don't do. He somehow manages to have both a superiority and a victim complex.

The commenters on nb like to act as if they're more mature than the ones on twitter or allkpop, but today they went full on cringe:
>You can't manufacture such talent, rap skills and writing skills. This is what sets BTS apart because their rap line is from underground rap world and has earned the respect and look at his flow and talent. My fave rapper in kpop. Most kpopies think their oppas are rappers when they can't even write rap and rap flow yikes. To get respect as rapper, you need to have writing skills with rapping flow.
>Second lol lyrics. He dissed all money show offs, took digs at some idols , drugist idols and underground rappers haha. This is going t9 burn many kpoopies.. Also at those who want BTS to go away, so their oppas can get to top. Great. No sugar coating at all. That is what rap is all about. Your writing skills as well as rap skills.
>More like 99% of those clown idols wouldn't know how to express themselves, how to write decent lyrics, how to produce, etc. even when given the chance by their companies
"W-we're a peaceful fandom, yet always get attacked!"

No. 91504

File: 1590171913819.jpeg (371.12 KB, 828x1273, 13B665A0-4C77-4FAB-BB34-71654F…)

from the article previous anon linked

how much do you want to bet the f4 was prowling for girls and drugs? he basically said the only place to get "harder" drugs were the big clubs in gangnam, im sure the seedy ones in itaewon had a supply too

ofc these fans will keep insisting all their oppa did was eat pizza kek

No. 91505

Oh no I can't stand the guy. I just liked the mv and beat better

No. 91512

about d-2, except for the title track i think the rest of the mixtape is pretty good.

No. 91518

i think the beat and actual song sounds nice, but the lyrics are so tryhard. i get its a thing in rap culture to jerk yourself off, but all of his songs are literally "im better than you bc bts got lucky" which gets old

i actually did really like "dear my friend" regardless of if the lyrics are hypocritical or not, simply because its softer and suga's voice isnt horrible over softer songs

No. 91522

Hahaha I miss Idol F4. The milk was so good back then. I can't imagine the chaos that would happen if someone got caught smacking their fans around today.

KHJ was messy as hell, but he sure as fuck catered to his diehards. It was crazy watching how fast they turned on him.

No. 91523

I agree with Ten and Mark but the rest is just your bias talking

No. 91524

File: 1590180428040.png (Spoiler Image, 535.07 KB, 625x866, 86EB467E-2650-4E68-AEAA-3A36A4…)

the thing is KHJ still has plenty of fans who still support him after everything he's done lol

He did some world tour last year and got a ton of fans to come, which is baffling considering he's a literal POS who beat his girlfriend until she had fractures

How these fans still support people like this is beyond me…the market is so saturated, its really not that hard to find another oppa to obsess over

No. 91527

File: 1590180571509.jpeg (144.4 KB, 828x1156, 71639701-EC69-4564-B87E-001DD9…)

more texts to his pregnant girlfriend, what a decent dude

No. 91529

nta but why not haechan? he excels at singing and i haven't seen him suck at anything else either.

No. 91532

i agree with the previous anon saying jaehyun was a bias pick, but haechan is genuinely a good dancer and very good singer, and funny on variety (if you like his over the top style)

people keep pushing mark as haechan's golden boy ace, but it seems haechan may be transitioning to their "ace" especially in this past year with all his comebacks

No. 91535


I think Mark, Haechan and Ten are very well-rounded. I think Haechan is going to be SM's next it boy.

Ten is one of the most talented idols in SM, imo, but since he is Thai and gay, SM fucked his career. Him being in WayV was a shit move.

Anyway, I hope Haechan replaces Taeyong as Sooman's official sugar baby.

No. 91536

File: 1590183531662.jpg (92.77 KB, 1024x1315, IMG_20200522_223848.jpg)


No. 91538

And yet they wanna drug TOP for smoking weed. It's such a hypocritical industry.

No. 91542

For real. Except for Seungri, none of the BB members are that bad compared to the rest of the F4, but they still get a looooot of shit. The bar is super low, though.

No. 91546

who is this?

No. 91547

Haechan is good I don't think he's a great center, his singing and dancing style is repetitive and gets boring quick since there isn't much diversity to it. He isn't a visual either so there's also that.

That anon not picking Taeyong is also a bias choice since he's a great center, performer, and visual. There's also a couple of other members I think are all-rounded too but it's whatever.

Lol so we're treating this like a fact now?

No. 91548

i kinda hope so too even though i'm not a fan of him. his personality is too annoying for me personally, but he is not a bad performer and has a bit more charisma compared to the rest of NCT minus mark and ten. doubt he'd replace taeyong though- haechan isn't a failed jaejoong clone and he's on the tan side. plus, didn't he have a controversy early in 127's debut where he shittalked taeyong to some saesang/gf? can't imagine that went well with sooman lol
oh god this is tragic. winner has some good songs but man they're unfortunate looking.

No. 91549

haechan definitely has been gaining fans since the last comeback, but i agree he will never replace taeyong because he doesnt fit the "korean standard" for beauty solely because he's too dark, which is bullshit

i think he would do well as a soloist, perhaps like chen or baekhyun but i doubt he would have taemin levels of success as a soloist

No. 91551

yeah he would definitely do good as a soloist if he gets a good concept. but tbh he misses the mark for the korean standard in a lot of other ways. tan skin is definitely a factor but kai is pretty tan too and isn't he still one of exo's most popular members? he just has the plus of being more "exotic" looking to k-fans and people thought he and taemin looked alike predebut (never saw that much of a similarity personally).

No. 91553

Nah, I was just kidding with the gay thing. Yeah, Taeyong is pretty good too, but he has a bit too many scandals to still be center, imo.

No. 91554

jinu from winner

No. 91555

Oh please, Ten can't sing for shit

No. 91556

hmm i find it a bit sus the lady that revealed bs, that is also about to expose male idols doing molka revealed the club itaewon f4 was in while it seemed people were trying to hide it

No. 91558

After watching all the beyond live concerts, my take is that he is the 2nd best singer in WayV, and I found him much better than some supposed ace members like Jungwoo.

No. 91562

Is it bad if I want a popular idol to be exposed in the molka scandal?
I don't think an idols will be involed though. But I want to know who are the actual assholes in this industry.

No. 91564

jungwoo was never an ace, so i wouldnt say thats a good comparison

but yes, i feel like ten is underutilized in wayv, especially since he has such a big established fanbase and he's from SEA, which automatically breeds a certain dedicated fanbase that will follow him just because he's thai

im with you, i want to know who the big actual pieces of shit are, and also because im thirsty for tea and would love the inevitable delusional fangirl shielding and meltdown in the fandom

No. 91565

I used to be on the "Jungwoo ace!!" bandwagon train until that concert…kek. Actually, plenty of the members sounded terrible live.


Yes, I would specially love it if it's an idol from a popular ship. Or one of those who are babied by their fans.

No. 91566

no, we need more scumbags to be exposed- especially if they're idols. i'd love it if it was someone from a big group although i do not look forward to the probably daily clog of #insertoppaisinnocent #weloveyouoppa trends on twt even if all of the evidence shows he fucked up.

No. 91570

Who? I didn't watch the concert

No. 91575

>i think he would do well as a soloist, perhaps like chen or baekhyun
Sorry but you're delusional. I've never heard anybody outside this thread talk about him being talented and he doesn't have an ounce of charisma either. What do all successful male idol solos have in common? Kang Daniel, Taemin, Baekhyun are all smiley, charming, outgoing and attractive by korean standards, Haechan only looks like a grumpy teen. That, plus their groups already had a huge fanbase beforehand.

No. 91576

This entire performance was pretty tragic, tbh.

No. 91577

i mean chen is one of the least popular artists in exo and his solos do ok

if haechan did a solo he would be more along the lines of chen, perhaps baekhyun was a reach. he definitely can sing, and if he did those floaty ost ballads the public would be pretty receptive

is he going to have massive solo tours? probably not, but he definitely could churn out a solo album or two and make decent money

No. 91579

Nah, he's been gaining a lot of fans lately. A lot of people think he is talented.


His Korean fandom is pretty huge, too. So I don't think it would be a Chen situation.

No. 91581

>His Korean fandom is pretty huge, too. So I don't think it would be a Chen situation.
Lmao I don't think so either.
I just looked it up: both chen's solo and nct 127's latest album superhuman (their best selling one btw) each sold a little above 300k in physical sales. Nct dream also never reached 500k. So what exactly makes you think that 1 nct member alone would suddenly surpass those numbers…? Even the by far least popular exo member is still miles above any nct member.
The only one of them who has a chance of ever making it is jaehyun, but as an actor, simply because koreans dig his looks and thus don't care too much about talent.

No. 91583

jaehyun has done zero acting and after this itaewon scandal likely will need a while to recover his public image

also the dude literally has the personality of soggy bread, so i dont know where the actor charisma comes from. he'd just get destroyed trying to be a discount cha eunwoo with similar shit skills

if anything, jaemin may make it as an actor despite not being good since hes already landed acting gigs (if he stopped trying to fuck his costars)

No. 91584

what do you mean? like you think some of them are gonna be involved? that seems far fetched

No. 91586

I only added that to point out just how slim the chance for success for any of the nct guys really is. Nobody of them will make it musically (despite what the resident nctfags claim kek) and they're not funny, charming or charismatic enough to get another job in the entertainment industry either, so maybe jaehyun can at least live of his looks. Just look at how much koreans love eunwoo despite him also having zero talent and the personality of a soggy bread, jaehun would be the walmart version of him but that's still better than nothing.

No. 91588

no one cares if a western celebrity goes clubbing or uses drugs. why is korea like this

No. 91589

different places, different cultures

No. 91596

But it's not just about clubbing, retard. it's about clubbing during a pandemic when you're not supposed to. they participated in social distancing campaigns then turned around and did that.

No. 91597

>i think he would do well as a soloist, perhaps like chen or baekhyun but i doubt he would have taemin levels of success as a soloist
? First of all taemin is less successful than both chen and baekhyun as a soloist and second of all everything >>91575 said. he's ugly and a mediocre vocalst and only NCT fans with their low standards think othetwise.

He's gaining fans because the other members of his group said colorist things to him and called him a retard so now he's getting popular with SJW kpoppies, it has nothing to do with talent.

No. 91598

File: 1590202342541.jpg (88.6 KB, 828x685, 20200522_215013.jpg)

The only nct member approaching relevancy is Jaehyun and we just saw Knetz rip him apart for being irrelevant. What is making haechans 2 fans so delusional?

Ugliness aside, I do feel bad for him because of how his members treat him. It's not only drean either, 127 do it too. NCT and Wayv are full of colorist pricks.

No. 91605

lmfao haechans stan twitter was just up in arms about him getting "bullied" for being dark because of some new dream content where jeno's making colorist comments again

the dream kids are going to be the first to break a large scandal, mark my words. the jaemin/jeno duo is problematic af and they're going to get caught being pissheads one too many times and something will boil over

i saw a tweet earlier this week that since has been deleted about the newest weekly idol episode, and jaemin clearly swears and says "fuck" (ssibal) after screwing up at 15:45. i know swearing isnt a big deal overseas, but im surprised netizens havent started digging at him for it since its kind of rude in korea

No. 91612

Haechan being bullied doesnt make sense to me because he has the smartest mouth out of every single dream member.

Him being bullied in 127 would make more sense since theyre older lol.

I do hate the fact that they make fun of him for having tan skin,but im sure he drags the fuck out of them in private.

No. 91613

>I do feel bad for him

Don't. His personality is annoying as all hell. If I was in NCT I'd bully the fuck out of him too. Honestly curious as to how he gets by with the maturity of a middle schooler.

Hard agree in regards to SJWs. His fanbase reminds me of ratmys with how they try to market him as this poor underdog that no one likes because "no one can appreciate oppas unique voice except me!11!". Yeah, okay.

No. 91614

That doesn't mean he deserves to be picked on for his skin color,weirdo… I agree with the second part of your post at least

No. 91615

Damn…yuta is one of the last members I'd expect to say colorist shit.

No. 91616

its definitely a part of korean/asian culture to make colorist comments, so im not surprised

it just seems like they pick on him a lot for his dark skin, kind of like exo with kai in the beginning, but he doesnt seem too bothered by it most of the time, and like other anons said he's pretty vicious too dishing it back so its just another case of fans making a mountain out of a molehill

No. 91617

Ok utahchan

No. 91618

>It's ok to be colorist as long as the person you're being colorist against doesn't make a big fuss about it
Another oppalogist or just white?

No. 91619

Probably no one cares but I'll defend this, haha in the US, low to mid tier bars/clubs offer "shooters" which are like small concentrated cocktails and they always have ridiculous names like these, idk the origins but it's some kind of long-standing cultural inside joke. It's def been going on a long time bc just a few days ago I heard an American comedian mention these in a bit from 1992 (his examples were "red headed slut" and "sex on the beach," ive seen lots of others tho)

I'd say the reason they offer these drinks is to cater to tourists, but you guys sound pretty convinced that "foreigners" aren't allowed in this place. So if anything, this is only lame in the sense that this Korean establishment is trying to seem hip or "western" by copying American menu trends.

No. 91621

>I’d bully the fuck out of him too
>Honestly curious as to how he gets by with the maturity of a middle schooler

No. 91622

I don't get people who are into k-pop, but are constantly triggered by colorist, fat-shaming or sexist remarks. Haven't y'all caught on? K-pop is the opposite of woke. These things are normal in East Asia. Even if it's shitty, it's super normalized, thus k-pop companies dgaf about their idols saying this stuff in front of large audiences. Only international fans make a fuss everytime, but they're all broke af, so they don't matter to these companies.

If y'all are constantly offended by this behaviour, and you have every right to be, then drop k-pop once and for all, for your mental health.

It's not about being oppalogist or whatever buzzwords you can come up with, it's about having common sense and self-esteem.

Better go stan a woke westerner artist. They are more talented, too.

No. 91623

Kfans tend to get just as upset about sexism as ifans do and obviously not all idols say racist, colorist, sexist, or otherwise ignorant shit so I don't really get your point.

No. 91625

im asian…im just pointing out that the culture is very different overseas and they dont see colorist comments as problematic most of the time, and its very "normal" for people to make these comments to their kids and friends. pointing this out doesnt make me an oppapologist, lol. any asian person can tell you the exact same thing because we all grew up being called fat if we werent skeletons and dark if we spent too many days outside

im not saying its right or nice, i'm just pointing out they do it because they're used to pale being pretty and dark being "dirty peasants" which is why he doesnt seem bothered by it and also makes comments to others about being dark

should it change and should they not be assholes about how tan someone is? yeah, but theyre not going to because their culture doesnt see anything wrong with it

basically what this anon said lol
asian culture is problematic as fuck, but continously trying to use western sjw standards to measure oppa behavior just leaves fans disappointed

i get being angry over sexist comments/racist comments, but the colorism argument has been made over and over and people dont understand its literally a part of asian culture and how these people grow up, and unfortunately its not going to change

No. 91626

Those are only the twitter feminists who don't even stan in the first place. The general public and the core fandom dgaf about "ignorant shit" because it's seen as ignorant only by westerners, or by twitter activists. Not defending it, telling it like it is.

No. 91627

nta but why are you generalizing an entire continent? SEA is not the same as East Asian countries and even then they're very different from each other

No. 91628

asian american I assume. they tend to be retarded a little bit.

No. 91629

based on how kfans react to female idol "controversies" vs male idol "controversies", id say sexism is alive and well unfortunately lol

just look at how hara was treated for getting rightly upset at being publicly slutshamed vs the guy who was slutshaming her….all the netizens piled on her for being "disrespectful" as if kyuhyun wasnt being a total asshole airing her personal business on tv

when did i even mention SEA lol, and colorism rampant in SEA countries, theres entire documentaries about colorism and dangerous whitening treatments in SEA countries. its just as bad in china, japan, and korea.

colorism is an issue in all asian countries so i dont see how in generalizing an "entire continent". don't want to derail into a race argument but i really dont know what the fuck you were trying to say here

No. 91630

I thought Solbin was dating Jin at one point? There's a video of her going "Seokjin-ah!" that somehow ended up being heard during some backstage video.
Didn't Jin also have some thing with Lee Guk Joo too? lmfao

No. 91631

Wait has he said shit about others being dark? Lmao they’re really reaching for anything to get mad about if he has done the same thing

No. 91633

File: 1590215635785.jpeg (135.96 KB, 828x700, 832FEE12-9097-4731-BB05-7974C7…)

they might have been dating or just really good friends, but i remember she got absolutely witchhunted by ratmy's for being "disrespectful"

she had to officially apologize for her "behavior"…the difference between female controversies and male controversies lol

off the top of my head he made some comment about jaemin being darker than him in that one old dream video, and ive seen some clips off vlive's where he's talked about people getting tan

nothing as bad as normal "colorist" comments, but he definitely joins in on the ribbing that they do when skintone comes up once in a while

No. 91642

it was confirmed jhope was in the mv

No. 91647

File: 1590220251775.jpeg (29 KB, 480x480, 2B360A1F-DF74-4B55-AFC8-DA0452…)

imagine being so average looking your own fans cant decide if you were in a bandmate's video kek

honestly i did like the music video, the bangpd painting was funny

No. 91659

Knowing that the 97 liners went to a club/bar where there are half naked women dancing reminds me of this documentary about prostitution in Korea linked with sex trafficking. There was this scene where a ex-prostitute said that she used to work in clubs and bars and this scandal instantly came to my mind. Sure we dont know if these women in this clus/bar are doing it "voluntarily" or if they were forced to do it. It just kinda rubs me the wrong way..

Heres also the trailer of the documentary. You guys should check it out, its really interesting and makes you realise how fucked up some aspects of Korea is..

No. 91671

that’s not who everyone said was jhope. plus it was definitely confirmed he was in it lol

No. 91693

anon was talking about the picture of bang PD.

Also I wonder why only a few members are in the MV, it’s not like they really do any solo schedules, even JK was able to take a break from spreading corona to film

No. 91714

>>91458 it's sad how the only nct/wayv member with a college degree (in music) is also one of the least popular ones. fans don't want educated idols.

No. 91717

what kind of autist cares about credentials in an idol? he deserves to be one of the least popular, fuck him and his degree kek.

No. 91718

lol he doesnt even have a degree, he just got into college and dropped out

besides who the fuck cares about idols being educated, theyre sing/dance monkeys and its impossible for them to get a college education considering 90% of them start training pre-high school and drop out

No. 91721

Lol, no, I don't want educated idols, I want entertaining ones! That's their job!

No. 91722

File: 1590250593304.jpg (652.63 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20200523_131437.jpg)

Yeah I was wondering if these four are the ones that actually like each other in real life

No. 91724

They look better here. I think RM gets along with all of them but V doesn't like anyone.

No. 91725

File: 1590251066126.jpeg (64.41 KB, 540x719, 1FEEC682-D209-46F0-897F-264403…)

jin and suga definitely are friends, theres pictures of them going fishing together during their time off

i wouldnt be surprised if none of them got along with V/jimin, those two are absolutely insufferable and you would think BH would give "budding rookie actor" V a role in an mv if they had a choice

No. 91726

File: 1590251280750.jpeg (171.28 KB, 1080x1070, EYph_ubUYAEgDYU.jpeg)

I like some questionable looking k-pop guys, but this….is something I'll never get. Give me an EXO twink where their face matches their body anyday.

>>91725 Completely forgot about Jimin. I think Jimin has a lot of friends in the Industry, like he is in that group with Kai, Ravi, Taemin, etc. He doesn't seem super close to the BTS members.

No. 91727

his arms are really unatractive

No. 91728

my god this is wonho right?? i get muscular idols are a rarity, but the fact people got weak for him so easily because his arms aren't twigs is pathetic. he is just so fucking unattractive. i don't hate muscles by any means but seriously, what the hell is this? i'll definitely take twinks over this kind of motherfucker.

No. 91729

File: 1590251686306.jpeg (98.05 KB, 986x1599, 9FB3B0E3-EFF9-4532-951E-F03295…)

just wanted to drop in my favorite "bulky" idol…they can definitely look good while not being twinky twigs but wonho aint it

No. 91731

Most of idols with an ~education~ do pointless acting degrees and shit like that anyway. I'm not shitting on drama school, I'm just saying those programs can't be that demanding if idols with their schedules can graduate from them.

No. 91732

yeah, taecyeon isn't unattractive. i just still never saw the hype over wonho or baekho whatsoever.

No. 91733

Kun actually does have a degree in music, but I agree with other anons. Your job as an idol is to be entertaining, no one cares about your credentials. I hope he gets to produce or something, but until then, no one cares about it.

>>91729 Yeah, most of the 2PM guys looked good with proportional muscles.

No. 91734

it doesn't help that his face is….. like that

No. 91735

File: 1590252263542.jpeg (100.57 KB, 575x1024, 1233129F-82B6-4747-BA88-6328E6…)

we can add his dumbo ear brethren chanyeol into that one…he's been getting "big" according to fans who go nuts over it but muscles don't help the face

honestly i feel like chanyeol looked better skinny, some idols just suit the twink look better whereas idols like the 2pm guys look better bulky

No. 91743

Is otoplasty not a thing in korea?? I always wonder why some of those idols dont get surgery to pull their ears back or smth…

No. 91744

File: 1590256443113.jpeg (43.22 KB, 640x503, 6B66039F-CE75-4E9B-AF55-BC48B5…)

Lucas is in trouble for wearing a graphic lesbian sex shirt LOL

Either his stylists are complete idiots or the dude dressed himself and doesn't give a fuck..either way its really adding to the fuckboy vibe i guess

No. 91745

File: 1590256514241.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.19 KB, 640x621, AE4C91A7-E932-4AD2-8C61-47A959…)

close up of the shirt

some fans are spinning it as "omg he supports lgbt rights" as if something this graphic and objectifying is "supporting lesbians" lmfao

No. 91746

that shirt pretty cute doe

No. 91751

I couldn't tell until someone pointed it out to me so I doubt it was intentional. What brand is that?

No. 91752

the shirt is not that graphic tho?

No. 91754

it looks like weird artsy shit, not necessarily objectifying

No. 91755

apparently its supreme, its definitely not that bad if you look at it from american standards, but from korean standards where you cant even show tattoos/more than one nipple on broadcast it's definitely a bit much

No. 91757

Its not that graphic at all, the worst thing you can see is pantsu and two girls kissing. No titty or vag or anything like that.

No. 91771

if a bts member wore this the response in this thread would be very different. kek

No. 91772

You already know what would happen if Jimin wore this lmfao

No. 91773


maybe if lucas had a history of going to greasy tattoo shops littered with literal buttplugs and horny anime figures, recommending his underage fans weird erotica, and wearing clothes depicting bombings and nazi symbolism we'd be less lenient

No. 91774

File: 1590261125243.jpg (27.98 KB, 424x536, 20200523_135454.jpg)

plus hes hot a-heehee

No. 91779

why do ppl say jimin seems like hes not close with bts? i feel like he interacts with them the most and is always helping promote their solo work. v is DEFS sick of them

No. 91781

v was at the last itaewon class filming site instead of yoongis birthday with the other members, thats why he wasnt in the video they posted… this mf PLOTTING

No. 91782

him promoting their work doesn't make them close tho, jimin just does that for the sake of his own image. so people can say that he's a nice person. he's closer to sungwoon, ong etc then he is with bts.

No. 91784

i am going to love the ratmy meltdown when one of the members finally doesn't resign or leaves, i can see V leaving first to pursue a failed acting career or just go down the TOP route of being a weird "artsy" dude who occasionally makes the news for doing drugs or having weird shit in his house

No. 91786

they have such a beautiful bond <3 skipping your "brother"'s birthday to go visit your misogynist actor friend because irl you want to be him, just family thingz

No. 91787

Girl, go thirst over lucas in the idol spam thread, not here

No. 91788

i love how he doesnt even try to hide it anymore but ratmys still think hes a "uwu tsundere"

like the dude literally openly just zones out on vlives and doesnt even bother interacting with the members outside of work, he's an estranged cousin in your little delusional family at this point kek

No. 91789

Who's the misogynist actor friend?

No. 91791

honestly i kinda respect him not even pretending

No. 91793

suga has gone full skelly here huh

No. 91794

Rm has a feature on the new mixtape. wondering why he wasn’t there.

No. 91795

he is shockingly skinny. he must be popping pills which is interesting considering he disses pill poppers in his new single lol.

No. 91797

someone posted a picture/gif in another thread and i cant find it anymore, but he definitely looks like a pill popper with the glazed skin/eyes and benzo mouth

it would be rich if he got exposed for abusing pills, considering all the shit he spews in his mixtapes about drugs being bad kek

No. 91798

Park seo joon from itaewon class did an interview once and said that women should leave their jobs to take care of the kids and that tall women are fine living alone (because men can't date them)

No. 91801

File: 1590266252115.gif (1.75 MB, 409x178, F2649E37-3F0E-451D-BCD9-3829B2…)

V is also a misogynist so not surprised considering they're birds of a feather

hasnt he been shown multiple times at fansigns talking about how girls need to dress "more modestly" and stuff? not to mention that gif where he was pulling some fan's hair and jin had to literally stop him lol

No. 91802

File: 1590266274380.png (12.05 KB, 688x431, PSJ.png)

No. 91803

the girl from this supposedly defended him but the look in his face really makes it seem like he was annoyed at her and wasnt just "joking".

jimin smirking in the back ew

No. 91804

"I'm a bit turned off"
The replies at the tweet that shared the interview were truly something else, stans really need some self respect

No. 91806

File: 1590266727177.jpeg (245.83 KB, 828x866, 70832A39-2A22-4134-8198-FDC7C1…)

lmfao half of the bts guys dude say this shit, but "bts is so woke uwu"

v is just shit at handling his expressions in public, the others are just better at hiding their actual thoughts from the camera

No. 91807

File: 1590267061321.jpeg (194.01 KB, 750x1114, 5A8B9AAF-4413-424C-BA9E-A1A7D2…)

his lips always look like this. fucking gross. he’s a millionaire. buy some chapstick.

No. 91808

May I have the link ma'am?

No. 91809

File: 1590267209657.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.23 KB, 518x735, BAAF33A2-0015-4A74-9CCE-10680F…)

his thumbs are even worse than his crusty lips.

No. 91810

File: 1590267417392.jpeg (122.83 KB, 828x628, 7BB2BAA2-86FC-4754-90A3-686D6C…)

here's the article, it seems to be mainly about how BTS is problematic lol

its an interesting read for sure (and the v comment is linked to an actual korean article, so ratmy's cant ree about shit being made up)


attached a picture of another gem tweeted directly from the official BTS twitter, i wonder which shit member was behind this one

No. 91811

YIKES, thank u anon

No. 91814

File: 1590268748439.png (9.44 KB, 259x207, 2.png)

Surprised this article didn't mention that RM bragged about how he consulted with feminist academics to write "feminist lyrics" for 21st Century Girls in response to some of the criticism BTS have been given.

Here is the feminist anthem in question.

No. 91815

oh my god, im fucking dying
imagine telling people you "consulted with feminists" and coming up with

"uh youre really pretty and nice" as the lyrics

god that entire band is just a group of hacks propped up by their teen fanbase who lick their feet and praise everything they do

No. 91817

oh i thought itaewon class finished airing in march do wouldn't they finish filming before them? and isn't suga's birthday in march? either way he seems like a social climber

No. 91819

File: 1590270775568.png (856.91 KB, 1000x563, 1BBB837D-5AB0-49CF-9A8E-A634EE…)

not sure about timing, but he was definitely there during the filming wrap up, the last episode aired late march so they may have still been filming in early march depending on how tv shows do their film releases

No. 91820

File: 1590270883061.png (92.69 KB, 765x471, KKM.png)

wow, an army who actually thinks critically about their oppars? A lot of people in this thread assert that korean fans are the craziest, but in the case of army I think the i-fans are worse, simply because they really don't see BTS for what they are, only the translated, filtered and culturally decontextualised version of them. A BTS equivalent US boyband would definitely not be heralded as "woke" or revolutionary in their message, imo the only truly remarkable thing about BTS is how they are just a quintessential kpop group yet somehow garnered so many overseas fans. Their more interesting concepts (e.g. bapsae) don't even necessarily translate culturally.

No. 91821

bts definitely has the worst ifans of any group, the sheer number plus the insistence of making their oppas bend to the western ideal of "woke" is a shit combination

not to mention the fact that they'll blindly shield anything and everything that comes out of BTS because they have it in their heads that the entire entertainment industry is out to get their poor underdog oppas and are jealous of their success kek

No. 91823

File: 1590271455505.jpg (40.01 KB, 766x170, Kek.JPG)

BTS oppars are so influential!!!!

No. 91824

the filming wrap up was March 15/16; akgaes were trying to use that to include V the in not-social-distancing controversy with JK. suga's birthday vid tweet was March 8. don't think V was there, but it's not because he was at the filming. maybe he just didn't care lol

No. 91825

it would be even better if he didnt go anywhere and just decided not to go to the birthday thing lol

imagine hating your coworkers so much you dont even go to their birthday party when its literally kind of your entire job to be on camera with them

No. 91826

To be fair, most casual koreans probably hate bts and can critique them the most. But i will say it is shocking to see a korean person actively say how bad the women have it over there, when most koreans seem to completely ignore the sexism that exists as a whole. I appreciate this post very much and feel happy to see them being called out. BTS should not have ever been involved in the UN or spoken out with Unicef. They have done nothing to personally speak out or change the violence against women or wrongs that have happened. Did they even ever speak up against the bullying that led to both Goo hara and Sulli's deaths?

No. 91830

This hurt me internally. I never saw a thumb this fucked up.

No. 91841

I dont expect V to be educated, but lord., he really is playing into the whole 'i'm the man who makes the money. Now bring me my dinner' toxic masculinity.

No. 91842

This is disgusting. Who said this?

No. 91843

I think Park Seo Joon. He was in Itaewon Class recently and is V’s friend.

No. 91844

It's dermatillomania. My fingers and lips looked like this from grade school up until I was 15 and started seeing a therapist.

No. 91845

hes literally an uneducated boy from the boonies of korea, if he didnt make it as a singer he wouldve just been a farmer with zero education, so its no surprise he has backwards toxic masculinity views on most things

the dude literally said he wasnt used to wearing shoes so he takes his shoes off on broadcast all the time but ratmies think its "cute and quirky"

can you imagine if a female idol took off her shoes during filming and flung them behind her? her career would be absolutely ruined

No. 91864

Thank you. And like the other anon >>91801
said, birds of a feather

No. 91868

File: 1590288470167.jpg (178.2 KB, 1397x1241, IMG_20200508_162216.jpg)

Definitely. The fandom always plays Jimin and Jhope as besties but I can see that Jimin is way too clingy and needy and violates normal boundaries with Jhope, so maybe the dude is really annoyed with him and tries to please him to keep the group together lmao. RM seems like a chill person nowadays and I can see him getting along with everybody or at least tries to hide the disgust, which both Suga and V fail to do. Everybody seems to hate V and he hates everybody. Even Jimin seems annoyed at him sometimes.
Jimin and V are both weirdos and clingy mfs that make everybody uncomfortable with their gay shit and extreme pda, maybe that's why they get along and love to play the soulmates bffs thing. I genuinely believe they do this because it's normal for them, NO ONE in bts does that kind of shit and it has always been like that since day 1, V being a weirdo, talking in baby voice and acting cute, trying to kiss and hug everybody despise the rest looking uncomfortable and Jimin literally sexually harassing JK…. it was so disturbing

No. 91875

honestly this is just visual ranking of nct 127 jaehyun at the top taeil at the bottom

No. 91877

File: 1590291063536.jpeg (657.55 KB, 2048x2048, A3A44393-6856-45C6-B5C0-CCC29E…)

Jaemin's trending on naver again lol for having "couple bags" with his supposed girlfriend

NCT just cannot catch a break lol, they've been churned by scandal news since dream came back

This is a god awful ugly bag though kek, i cant understand "high fashion"

No. 91881

Wtf he's a horrible singer. And that tweet was praising him too lmao

>Haechan at number 2
You Haechan stans need to chill

She's too pretty for him tbh

No. 91883

jungwoo is not good live, im always baffled by people who praise his singing lmfao

and to think people keep praising him for "passing the sm weekend audition"

jaemin isnt unattractive by any means, but i agree she is gorgeous. he's just so over the top and fake/weird it makes him less attractive lol

No. 91884

Are we allowed to talk about kpop stans who are milky? I don’t want to sound like a vendetta-chan.

No. 91890

i mean… im sure its fine to post e.g. screencaps of kpop fans/fandoms as a whole being milky on twitter or whatever, but this isnt a thread for your personal pet hated kpop fan or a place to air stupid catty drama in small fandom circles

No. 91892

File: 1590295209929.jpeg (171.13 KB, 750x1057, Image (1).jpeg)

i.. what the fuck? i found this on a reddit post (i know, i know) announcing izone's new album. spending 3k on copies of the same album, and then planning on spending 7k more… i usually don't care how people spend their money but holy shit. what is the logic behind this?

No. 91896

File: 1590296360877.jpeg (83.65 KB, 474x713, B62C6D27-F3C2-459A-B207-A753A7…)

there was an article today on pannchoa about rabid idol fans and their rooms and its honestly kind of sad

i get this is a hobby thats no different than collecting anything else, but it just feels creepy because its kpop lol

end of the day people choose to spend their money how they like, but i agree spending 10k on albums is ridiculous, thats way beyond the cost of trying to get all the photocards and merch, which easily could just be bought online

i wonder what they do with all the albums…


No. 91897

Basically what >>91890 said. Talking about anyone under at least 300 followers is kind of vendetta-y to me, might be better vent about them in the personal cows thread without directly naming them. Other than that it should be fine to talk about specific stans if they're really cowish and not someone you argued with on twitter and still resent.

No. 91898

Resell them, sometimes after they take the photocards out to sell them separately at a higher price. The only point of bulk buying is to boost the initial sales numbers i. e. help the group chart well.

No. 91899

interesting, i cant imagine taking all the time to do that reselling and spending that much money to begin with, but i guess this is their hobby

its just baffling, because didnt another anon say physical album sales didn't really matter? i may be mistaken but i thought i saw a comment talking about how physical sales arent weighed as heavily for charting etc., its mainly streaming

No. 91900

It's hilarious how fans genuinely believe these mr removed videos are legit.
This one from March has over 300k views.

No. 91901

i cant tell how to determine if an MR is "off", but i agree they sound way too stable considering the mess of a beyond live they had. i cant imagine being that stable, especially near the end after jumping around in jackets for 3 minutes, but fans will believe anything and also even if they know its not real they'll fake it and keep pretending their oppas are multitalented cd eaters kek

what would be an example of an accurate MR vs one of these where they just removed the music off the recorded track?

No. 91903

V clearly has autism which is why he seems weird

No. 91905

I don’t find jaemin that attractive but I don’t think she’s too pretty for him, she’s really plain

No. 91906

Even tho nine muses werent that talented,I still respect them for actually singing live.

No. 91909

File: 1590304198947.jpeg (509.41 KB, 734x829, 1E5E657D-5921-4A1F-A7F9-F10B62…)

I think even RM finds Jimin’s neediness annoying. Pic related is from a Vlive where RM was explaining to Jimin that he needs to remember to shower/ take his contacts off after concerts. Imagine having to deal with this kind of shit on a daily basis lol.

No. 91910

even if hes just pretending to be cute and playing it up for the camera its dumb lol

i guess ratmys eat it up but what normal person would find a grown man uwuing about "forgetting to shower and remove contacts" funny or cute

RM does look super fucking done with him here though kek

No. 91912

could u not
who tf let him wear this? you'd think somebody would've told him "hey buddy,maybe don't wear that shirt, might not be the greatest PR"… His stupidity runs deep, huh.
Yeah but considering they aren't even allowed to date, this ruins the innocent image idols try and have. I guess you're allowed to dance provacatively and sing somewhat dirty lyrics but at the same time pretend you've never had a girlfriend. It's weird and contradictory but apparently it works, considering the crazy fans.
if they disbanded tomorrow all of them would probably have enough money to never work again, so it'll be interesting what kind of weird shit they end up doing

No. 91917

Most MR removed are just wrong, because they all only remove the original track (i.e. the one actually released as a single) but most idol groups prerecord a backing track for their performances so it “sounds” more live. Tons of pop stars do it. I just wouldn’t trust them either way, stans conventiently call them ‘inaccurate’ if they don’t fit their narrative.

No. 91918

I don’t particularly care but you would think that if they were actually a couple she would be more careful, of the group jaemin’s stans are probably the worst to hit with a dating scandal as he sells his boyfriend image the hardest

No. 91919

File: 1590311713773.jpeg (254.92 KB, 817x1095, 094899B9-3745-4C6B-B32B-8BA125…)

yup, meanwhile jaemin is furiously spamming bubble messages and theyre all so over the top and cringey

at least he knows what sells and does his job, but he has to know this feeds the delulu fanbase and if this girlfriend thing gets worse he's fucked

i guess the money is worth it, i dont feel bad at all if he gets destroyed kek

No. 91966

File: 1590325280713.jpeg (21.25 KB, 363x221, B5B2AA56-805A-4C25-8015-151975…)

Apparently she’s been going through a lot lately. She vented on Instagram (now deleted) about how people are two-faced and “using” her, and said she misses Sulli. She didn’t say mention it here, but she lost a friend to suicide a month after Sulli’s death (and the friend’s family got mad at her for talking about it on air). No idea where you got that picture though. If real, that’s concerning, but you’d expect people to be talking about it and they aren’t.

No. 91967

Not a fan of her or fx but that girl clearly has issues. It was discussed long time ago that she has low self esteem and obviously suffers from an eating disorder. Her YouTube channel was all about dieting and looking thinner (idk about now) but people have been commenting on her looks since forever and it seems like it’s really gotten to her. I wish she’d just focus on her beautiful voice instead of obsessing about comments.

No. 91970

kek is the empty space supposed to be like a y/n thing? that's so gross how does he even have fans over the age of 18

No. 91972

File: 1590330032352.jpg (110.99 KB, 520x648, f1.jpg)

For real, that girl just couldn't catch a break. Nothing she ever did mattered, because her legs weren't stick skinny. I remember all the comments back then were about how her legs were so "gross". So, she diets and everyone says she still doesn't look good. Then she finally gets a solo and it flops. Anyone would have self worth issues.

No. 91973

No. 91975

File: 1590330788879.jpeg (51.32 KB, 480x585, 23B88A5F-0A2F-4DF2-AA5A-859F28…)

same anon. sorry i’m retarded and hit reply before i wanted to. anyways, part of luna’s problem was that she had muscle built up from dance training but was standing next to krystal & victoria, who were both slim. pic related (and honestly, if krystal was an ana-chan at the beginning of their career, it wouldn’t surprise me). now, krystal has gained weight and gets called called a man, and luna has lost too much weight and isn’t doing any work bc people found her annoying on variety shows and her albums don’t sell.

No. 91979


yup, its a blank for where the fan's name would be autofilled

honestly i was digging around and found a twitter (in all korean, so i wont attach a picture) either created by an antifan or an ex-fan, calling him out for his couple items and stuff. they also seem to call out jeno for a couple item with a potential girlfriend, but there arent pictures of the other half.

it seems like an angry ex-fan to me, they keep bringing up his cartier bracelet that he wore for most of last year and into ridin promos a bit this year before the scandal broke and he took it off

they also go into how his bubble messages are over the top and cringey but hes still out here with a girlfriend. it's quite an interesting read into the mind of a delulu if you speak korean, but he really kind of asked for this one


funny enough i found it because jaemin stan fans were furiously posting about how to mass report the account to take it down kek

No. 91982

File: 1590335090124.jpg (141.7 KB, 1918x1080, tEzrCMo.jpg)

Lmao what the actual fuck is this?! I swear kpop stylists are running out of ideas

No. 91983

File: 1590335179935.jpg (82.32 KB, 1918x1080, RTjOBrz.jpg)

No. 91985

File: 1590335366664.jpeg (100.2 KB, 841x463, 2110EFE9-FF32-4EA4-A009-CC7675…)

Stylists in this industry clearly don’t have even a moderate level of intelligence
so it doesn’t come as a surprise, pic related (the infamous “hoes take off your clothes” shirt)

No. 91986

She never got a break from knetz honestly. She wasn't as tall and glamorous as Victoria/Krystal/Sulli neither did she have Amber's "cool tomboy unnie" personality to set her apart, so she was ripped to shreds for having the gall to exist and be short and darker-skinned with natural dancer's muscles.

Then when she finally got surgery and slimmed down and tried to show off her body with bikini shots and deep cleavage dresses she got slammed for trying too hard. I do find her annoying, but I sympathize with her because she never really got the chance to prove herself the way girls like Hwasa/Hyolyn or Jessi (all not considered attractive by Korean standards either) did

No. 91987

he looks like a male chungha here…this styling is not good

kpop stylists have always been super hit or miss, and now its trendy just to plaster designer shit on idols and make them walking mannequins for whatever sponsored stuff was sent to them

No. 91993

Felix’s jaw shave is one of the more tragic idol surgeries in recent memory

No. 92000

File: 1590338419337.jpg (102.34 KB, 1024x593, ss6wq8rfb0121.jpg)

Y'all noticed that Twice have THE worst styling for a top girl group. Everything they wear looks cheap, basic and like it's from the 2010s. Where tf is JYP putting the money? Like come on even Tzuyu looks frumpy here.

No. 92002

File: 1590338633985.jpeg (89.15 KB, 749x740, 69DF1BA7-A9D5-4990-8437-6B20A4…)

I’d do cringe shit too if that’s what it would take to be able to buy an ap at 19

No. 92004

yup he definitely knows what sells and brings in the fangirls and he milks it for all its worth lol

im just waiting for this girlfriend thing to completely blow up in his face, he doesnt seem too smart and his girlfriend doesnt seem to be trying to hide it that much if they are still dating, i cant wait if they actually get caught out with photos or a scandal a la "kai krystal condom" kek

the delulu fans who buy his bubble service would spontaneously combust if they found out he was buying condoms heh

like i said these dudes rake in the cash for acting complete idiots and selling the delusion so i dont feel bad at all when they get exposed, not to mention jaemin seems to be questionable behind the scenes so we'll see what comes up as he gets older

No. 92006

I think at some point in 2018/2019 they hired one of blackpink’s ex-stylists. I find the looks hit or miss, a lot look good for MVs but seem very uncomfortable to dance in

No. 92007

I don't understand how everyone finds this guy attractive…maybe it's just me.

No. 92008

Twice's stylists are notoriously shit. Their peak was TT stage outfits. More and more looks promising tho

No. 92009

File: 1590339991606.jpeg (216.85 KB, 1000x713, 57AE6253-D1B7-4997-829A-373538…)

Oh anon, don’t remind me kek.
TWICE easily has one of the worst stylists in the industry, while ITZY generally looks good (especially when you compare their style offstage to that of TWICE members). Would it really be hard for JYP to find stylists of equal caliber for both groups? And it isn’t favoritism, since TWICE has a history of looking like shit.

No. 92010

The stylists always set tzuyu up and it hurts because she's the prettiest.

No. 92011

File: 1590340187778.jpg (338.9 KB, 1364x2048, ZHsZqTe.jpg)

Sana looks gorgeous in her teaser but I hate those contact lenses

No. 92012

Samefag but a darker lip color would've been better too.

No. 92014

File: 1590340461890.jpeg (166.97 KB, 1000x1500, 9A24E4C0-842F-4298-BD77-1E39D6…)

Sana’s a pretty girl, and I can’t think of any times when her makeup looked particularly horrendous, but the stylist has a history of dicking her over when it comes to stage outfits. I feel kinda bad for her

No. 92016

Tbh her body type is a little strange and is probably hard to style with the harshness of hip pads. They never blend in like nayeons do these days.

No. 92018

honestly, the outfits don’t bother be as much as jihyo’s bangs. terrible choice for her imo

No. 92022

File: 1590343842769.jpg (45.58 KB, 1024x576, nchjcWopSgHJWzL-1600x900-noPad…)

He was a very cute kid and would have become a very handsome man prior to that. It's sad, especially as it's not like fillers which you can just let wear off, a jaw shave is permanent.

No. 92023

I’ve heard that jaw shaves grow back over time like Yuta’s. Is it true that they’re permanent? I hate most kpop boys but don’t mind Felix and I hope for his sake he hasn’t botched his face.

No. 92025

Yuta didn't get a jaw shave, he got chin fillers. That's why his looks have gone back to normal now.

Jaw shaves are permanent. A jaw shave is a partial removal of the bone of your jaw. It will not grow back - bones can heal themselves but they can't regnerate themselves, if you completely remove a section of bone then it's gone, it won't grow back.

No. 92026

File: 1590345011067.jpg (239.2 KB, 1200x900, TtAQdYx.jpg)

Jaw shaves are permanent and dangerous af. That's why if you do it, you have to have constant touch-ups. Idols who shave their jaws always look puffy because they keep getting fillers to fix the after-effects. Also, they are left with sagging skin, even if they are skinny af.

No. 92027

damn a jaw shave just to look the same with a double chin

No. 92029

File: 1590346232121.jpeg (70.54 KB, 673x682, EYy2zEeU0AAexaE.jpeg)

i thought this was funny. this is a real picture of chuu from loona on a subway

No. 92031

File: 1590346609475.jpg (209.19 KB, 1039x1542, IMG_20200315_070129.jpg)

Nine Muses were Pavarotti levels of talented compared to some new girl groups like Itzy.

Sana wears hip pads, too? Speaking of Itzy, just found out Yeji wears them too, and they are so obvious. Why do they>>92029
do them so dirty? JYP has the worst stylists, indeed.

>>92029 lol, not sure if staged, but that's cute.

No. 92032

I don't understand why you think she's wearing hip pads here when she has no hips in this picture. Am I being fantastically dumb?

No. 92033

Without the hip pads she'd literally be straight up and down, the pads don't give you Shakira hips they just change body shape by a little bit

No. 92034

You see the bumps on her hips? They are in the wrong place to be natural. She is stick figure without em.

No. 92035

File: 1590346998619.jpg (59.63 KB, 665x908, Jennie.JPG)

Samefag this is Jennie without hip pads, for example

No. 92036

Nta but you can literally see the hip pad pants underlining her shorts in that picture

No. 92037

File: 1590347450610.jpg (293.01 KB, 936x1060, IMG_20200524_150944.jpg)


No. 92038

yes her pads are noticeable, whereas ryujin also wears them but they're not as noticeable

No. 92039

File: 1590348502826.jpg (52.01 KB, 430x577, unnamed (1).jpg)

And I just found out Seulgi wears them too. My life's been a lie.

I don't mind if they wear pads or whatever, but I would feel really uncomfortable with everyone assuming I have a great body, and it's all just padding. If they ever want to wear a bikini or something, they are done for.

No. 92042

File: 1590349912300.jpg (38.52 KB, 480x570, unnamed (2).jpg)

same anon

I just can't trust anyone anymore, lol. All these idols singing about being and loving yourself, and how they don't care about haters, but they are all padded to the boots and full of plastic surgery, it's so ironic.
Even the guys were shoulder pads and insoles all the time.
There's nothing wrong with all that, except that their fans end up doing stupid fad diets to look like them, and the idols themselves don't look like that.

No. 92044

When I look at this picture it also looks like he got some utah chin fillers. holding out hope that this means he didnt actually shave all his jaw off and it only looks that way.

I watched a jaw-shave process (animated) and it is genuinely horrifying. The recovery is so scary as well, you lie there for weeks with tubes vacuuming blood out of your mouth. Boggles me how lightly the procedure is taken in SK.

No. 92046

It's so funny that they starve all these girls till they lose any curves they might have developed and shame women with naturally bigger breasts or hips, only to stuff them girls with bra and hip padding to give them curves again…..why not just let them gain weight then? An extra kilo or two won't hurt

No. 92048

Most likely it's because that's not how these girls wear the weight. Some women gain weight in their hips and ass and have a natural hourglass figure at a healthy weight, but that's not true for plenty of other women. Some women will have more of a boxy fridge shape at any weight, so I guess for these companies they want to slim the thighs, arms and waist down as much as they can then pad out the hips and ass.

No. 92050

because they want everyone to believe these girls all have the rail skinny figures with the voluptuous hips and chest (a la emily ratajkowski) lol which literally never happens

i cant imagine dancing with pillows stuffed around my ass, imagine if they malfunctioned and slid out of their shorts while they were dancing kek

No. 92051

I saw Red Velvet and Twice live at Kcon and all the body shape differences that we see in photographs - Yeri's boxy shape, Jihyo's big bust or Joy's hips etc - aren't really super noticeable IRL, so I don't get the point of all this padding when they will look pretty much straight up and down on video anyway

No. 92053

File: 1590351680484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.83 KB, 828x1112, D76EE1FD-DD8D-46C6-BDAE-7A3F41…)

BFree got arrested for apparently showing up at another rapper's house and socking him in the face after they were making diss tracks at each other lol

Ofc ratmys are rejoicing that their archnemesis rapper who called poor bts gay has been arrested, i cant wait for the "savage" rapline digs in their new album

Spoilering for the tiny bit of blood in case someone gets triggered over a scrape kek

No. 92054

File: 1590351764367.jpeg (149.1 KB, 1050x700, B1DA40E3-F855-409E-A128-957087…)

haechan getting fatshamed by dream members was mentioned earlier but like… why do they do that? he’s skinny, the same size as yeji.

No. 92056

i think its just because they like to pick on him, hes definitely gotten very slim in the past year

also he is tiny, kpop men truly are a bunch of manlets kek

No. 92061

There’s only a handful of idols who naturally have the shape that idols wear padding for. Hwasa is one and everyone called her a fatass so I guess the consensus is that it’s better to be stick skinny and wear padding than have large thighs and look like you have body fat.

No. 92066

File: 1590354633978.jpg (974.93 KB, 2160x1080, K1tjanD.jpg)

Lol that isaac screencap reminded me of this astro vs nct height difference.

No. 92068

starving themselves to be so thin at a young age, no wonder they tend to be shorter than average. Most guys I know were at least a little bit chubbier or a healthy weight before they had a growth spurt which slimmed them out…

No. 92069

File: 1590355096368.jpeg (219.76 KB, 1600x1168, 72FBDD27-BFB4-4DD6-A88C-5E8DAE…)

I didn’t know that astros height distribution was like that, they could’ve at least sent one non-manlet member on that show lmao

No. 92077

It's funny how you mention that because that happened to eunjin an ex member of dia. Her bra with a lot of padding slid down while she was performing.

No. 92078

agreed…but i also wanted to mention how i find it interesting that even the "curvy" idols have a flat ass. Idols like hwasa have huge thighs but there literally is no ass-like- it's like a continuation of their legs.I don't know how to describe it really lol but there's no fold at all.
I don't mean to shame asian girls or idols but that must be a genetic thing right?

No. 92083

>There's nothing wrong with all that, except that their fans end up doing stupid fad diets to look like them, and the idols themselves don't look like that.

Oh jfc, I’m sorry for the personal vent but my little sister is super susceptible to this bs and I don’t know how to stop her. She’s been starving herself since getting into kpop a few months ago. She won’t believe me when I say Blackpink and most other idols are anachans and wear padding (she believes the meme that Rosé eats a ton and is desperate to gain weight and her and Lisa are naturally skinny.)
Again I’m sorry if this belongs on the vent thread, but do you anons suggest anything I can do or show her that will snap her out of it? I tried showing her the before/after pics of idols in padding and she called me a hater kek

No. 92084

> I don't mean to shame asian girls or idols but that must be a genetic thing right?

It is. Some girls just don't collect fat there. Most Asian women collect fat in their face, legs, arms and bellies. Not all, there are exceptions and everyone is a bit different, but in general that's how it tends to be.

No. 92091

This doesn’t seem like the right thread but I don’t know where else you’re gonna find an answer, kek. There’s only so much you can do, but if pictures don’t work maybe show her videos of what actually happens to anachan idols (like fainting and shit) so she better understands the reality.

No. 92093

Yeah I was waiting for weeks for the right time to make that post because it’s such a blogpost. The topic on padding was kinda related? Anyways thanks for your advice anon
What goons. They’re taking rapper cosplay so seriously

No. 92094

It's kind of autistic to sperg about how all idols are padding clad skellies to a little kid. Have you considered like letting her enjoy it?

No. 92095

>just let her enjoy developing an eating disorder

No. 92096

File: 1590364039217.jpg (151.51 KB, 1055x1080, haechan.jpg)

i've always thought that haechan was taller, but apparently he's the second shortest in dream. he has ok proportions tho

i'm afraid i'll get banned for being ot, but;
take her to a clinic or hospital that takes care of eating disorders asap. the longer and deeper she sinks into the ana hole, the harder it will be for her to recover.

No. 92097

Not OP but I think (hope) you either can’t read or missed the “she’s been starving herself” part. Either way, this isn’t the vent thread, no reason to keep this conversation going.
I don’t follow Astro but the shortest one’s listed as 5’8 and is actually barely over 5’6 kek. With this photo for reference none of them are even close to their listed heights. It’s such a joke, like why lie about something so blatantly obvious?

No. 92101

Reading this almost gave me a stroke.

No. 92103

she's pretty and a decent actress from what I've seen idg why she's with that lil twerp Jaemin has he even graduated high school yet?

No. 92105

Probably. Also keep in mind that a large ass isn't really seen as a beauty standard in east asia, so you won't see any idols try to do anything about their flat asses either

No. 92107

Lol nope he dropped out

No. 92115

eh not true. butt pads exist for a reason over there.

No. 92117

File: 1590380468173.jpeg (177.54 KB, 828x1038, 8AD12C4B-99FC-41B2-8F65-36F8D2…)

It's finally confirmed that BH bought a majority share of Pledis

I wonder how this will affect seventeen lol, they have a decently big following, definitely bigger than TXT who just piggyback off ratmys. I wonder if BH is going to try and build seventeen as the older members ship off to the army, or continue trying to make flop txt a thing and let seventeen rot

No. 92118

>let a kid probably younger than 13 enjoy starving themselves

anon, maybe tell your parents about it unless they are like super assholes or something? starving yourself as a child is dangerous and could lead to future issues

No. 92119

If seventeen MV's start having shitty "lore" and fake deep themes from now on we at least know who's to blame. I'm dreading it.

No. 92120

File: 1590381838644.jpeg (73.03 KB, 1000x1010, BC583F9B-35FE-4637-BB64-540A5C…)

oh my god i hate the stupid "storyline" shit bts does, just make a pretty video and have your monkeys sing and dance, i dont get why everything they do has to be "deep"

ofc the ratmys eat it up and talk about how different their bubus are from the rest of the industry, so who knows

does anyone remember the fucking horrible webtoon they had running for a while? i tried reading a chapter or two but literally couldnt tell the characters apart so i gave up

No. 92135

I hope she's doing well, I've been getting nervous ever since anon posted that pic. For the love of GOD, can't some low level manager from SM stalk her for a bit before she does something? I don't want to see her in the news assuming the worst

No. 92145

File: 1590385460735.jpg (83.39 KB, 480x720, c2092965a8b067b06656dd536214e5…)

Lmao I mean yezi is no small girl but nevertheless…

They look like this although yuta is also a skinny manlet…
Sometimes I wonder whether astro was only made to make eunwoo look even better, he's got zero competition within his group

No. 92167

Hard to tell at this point if SVT's creative direction will be affected for better or worse, but I think ARMYs might give credit to BH for everything that SVT releases from now on.

SVT is literally the only kpop group I care about enough to follow closely and the uncertainty whether the aquisition will be good for them is making my palms sweat lol.

No. 92169

Baekhyun new song called candy just driopped and to be honest its sounds like a tiktok song lmao. Its not a bad a song imo but you cant deny that it kinda sounds like yummy.
I can already sense the shift in the kpop industry where theres gonna be a phase if songs sounding like generic tiktok songs. Like someone mentioned earlier, kpop iis really a few years behind whats
trending in the west. Idk just my imo.

No. 92170

Even the dance looks like something you would find on tiktok

No. 92173

wow… boring. too bad, his voice is quite good.

No. 92174

the rest of the album is good imo

No. 92175

It's a shame, his voice is interesting but the song is too boring. Ik it would be hard to top UN village but this really is a downgrade

No. 92176

agreed bruh im disappointed as a baekhyun fag

No. 92178

samefag but im going through the album and im even more disappointed lol the only memorable song so far is Underwater. also there's a song that is virtually identical to Betcha from City Lights bruhhh what is sm even doing for their artists at this point…

No. 92184

File: 1590410325397.jpg (137.77 KB, 1080x929, IMG_20200525_143657.jpg)

I actually like it, it's better than the usual boring ballads that all male idol solos (minus Taemin) usually do.

Seeing this reminded me of your comment lol >>91549
>i think he would do well as a soloist, perhaps like chen or baekhyun but i doubt he would have taemin levels of success as a soloist

So now two of the f4 members can hang out together even more often?! Good for them

No. 92187

It sounds generic. And i agree, his voice sounds amazing. Hopefully the rest of the album is better quality.

No. 92188

Holyshit, BH turning into such a greedy monopoly. They cant go 'we're such a small company, support us' when they are going to buy shit out like this. Even their new HQ is so tacky. Their rags to riches story is so played out anyway. They just released a preview of new merch for weverse for The Wings era, which is really random too.

No. 92193

Seventeen is on average a lot younger than bts (their "oldest" is 24), so they very likely would've become the new number 1 boy group when bts has to enlist. Very suspicious, I don't trust bh at all, this totally looks like a move to put a halt on seventeen so that txt can get the spotlight instead. People claim that they won't meddle with their artistic direction but just look at gfriend's latest comeback…looked like a cheap female copy of bts and if I remember correctly, it flopped.

No. 92207

Baekhyun's voice is amazing, agreed. samefag that posted about being disappointed after listening to the whole album a couple times, it's somewhat better, but something about it just isn't on the same level as City Lights was for me. anyway saging this lmao imma finally stfu about it

No. 92208

Reminds me of when SM acquired when Infinite was rising and look at where they're at now lol

No. 92213

Ugh, a lot of Western music critics have said that The Chaser is one of the best kpop songs of all time, every time I read that I think about what could’ve been.

No. 92215

>They look like this although yuta is also a skinny manlet…
Lol I'm the anon that posted that pic and that's what I thought too. Like damn those astro guys must be tiny as hell

>Sometimes I wonder whether astro was only made to make eunwoo look even better, he's got zero competition within his group

Haha same

No. 92217

id hope BH would try to market seventeen over txt, but knowing them theyre just going to try and use the ratmy nostalgia factor to push txt into the limelight while occasionally collecting seventeen money with minimal comebacks

i dont get why they push txt so much lol its so obvious theyll never be the next bts even with a lot of luck because they all suck

No. 92224

isnt seventeen like the second biggest bg? or third if you count exo but theyre barely a group anymore. bighit is PLOTTING. theyre smart its a lil scary

No. 92226

jin is enlisting this year, then suga the next year, then rm and jhope the next after that. i feel like starting 2022, bighit is going promote the maknae line, especially jungkook since he has 5 years until he has to enlist and hes crazy popular. i say 2022 bc i feel like next year they;; just promote as 6 without jin and get the sad armys money. itll be interesting the next few years

No. 92227


They were comfortably third, but for some reason NCT really blew up this year with their physical sales while Pledis did nothing. I think they have a bigger fandom than SVT now. I hope they don't end up like Infinite.

No. 92228

question: who were the old f4 and how did they end up? i saw some posts abt them here

No. 92234

>>91435 is the "old f4"

jaejoong: headass, just gets into small controversies because hes an idiot (e.g., covid prank)

TOP: drugs, HSH scandal

KHJ: beating ex-gf

Yoochun: drugs, ex-fiance, toilet rape scandal

i think netizens are mainly being cheeky referring to the itaewon f4 as the "new f4" not because theyre expecting them to end up like the original kpop f4, but because its a group of "flower boys"

although i wouldnt be surprised if these four got into messy scandals a few years down the line, especially jk

No. 92238

speaking of yoochun. theres this article http://koalasplayground.com/2016/06/28/k-netizens-dig-up-evidence-of-yoochuns-love-of-bathrooms-while-his-chinese-fans-rally-to-support-him/ thats translated from a netizen talking abt how yoochun always had a love for toilets before his rape scandal. hella weird

No. 92240

Jaejoong has fucked up a lot more than that COVID joke, but his fans always bury his scandals. He got arrested for DUI, he had a scandal where he beat up some stalker fans (there are recordings of him insulting them and beating them), and remember when he said this?

All you guys who just booed probably don't have boyfriends, right? Currently, the birthrate is low in our country. Pregnancy before marriage is not even a bad thing nowadays. It seems like there are a lot of good male fans here, so get their number and you know? And since this [venue] is near universities, there are a lot [of guys] outside."

He is a proper asshole.

No. 92241

oh yeah for sure, i just was drawing a blank on what other stupid shit he did because hes so irrelevant now lol

i remember his scandal for slapping and beating a "sasaeng", but if you listen to the recording he literally calls her over to him and hits her across the face lol

jyj has the most rabid loyal fans though, especially jaejoong so he just gets shielded for pretty much whatever he does. the covid scandal was the most recent "big" scandal that drove a decent amount of backlash

0:40 in the video is when he starts smacking the girls around

No. 92243

lmao @ nayeon take some notes, that Josh mans should be catching her fists, not feelings lmaoaoaoao

but this industry so effed up that nayeon's career would be done for if she was involved in something of the sort smh

No. 92244

considering how bad and well known her stalker situation is, i dont think the public would fault her for screaming at him if she actually did. plus he's a foreigner so koreans dont give a fuck what happens to him, and hes actually batshit crazy

ofc you must be stupid to think any female idol would confront a stalker like that lol

No. 92245

mf who said i thought nayeon or any other female idol, at that, would actually do it lmao

i just think it'd be satisfying to hear audio of nayeon throwing hands at that creepy bastard, is all

No. 92246

The difference is that female idols genuinely fear for their lives when it comes to sasaengs, while male idols are only annoyed with the ugly ones, and fuck the others.

Anyone remembers Haechan's scandal? There are also recordings of him talking to sasaengs. He bought them gifts and everything. And he said that Taeyong was a good visual but had a shit personality, lol.

And then you have NCTfags pretending they all get along and have a great "bond"

No. 92247

yes anon,his conversations have been mentioned and posted multiple times

I hope Nayeon will never have to meet that Josh guy though

No. 92249

lmfao i dont get nctfags who believe that "all of nct is one big family!!"

like theres almost 2 dozen of them, i cant imagine being close with 2 dozen people at work let alone a group of egotistical insufferable brats that likely are shit behind the scenes

i can see some of them being close, but its definitely more along the lines of small cliques/groups of friends with the rest of them just tolerating each other

hell they dont even sync up and pretend to be friends on camera half the time lol

No. 92250

female idols in general stand no chance against sasaengs, it’s sick. male idols can flirt with or publicly drag sasaengs with little to no issue, but female idols just ahve to sit in fear and hope they don’t snap. the josh dude needs to be banned from the country.

No. 92251

>female idols in general stand no chance against sasaengs, it’s sick. male idols can flirt with or publicly drag sasaengs with little to no issue, but female idols just ahve to sit in fear and hope they don’t snap.

which is exactly why I said it would be satisfying as hell to hear that ugly stalker of hers getting smacked in the face lmao. im aware that female idols actually fear for their lives unlike male idols, it's fucked up

No. 92252


Mark and Haechan literally can't stand eachother and they are the most popular ship, lol.


I can't believe that guy hasn't been arrested.

No. 92253

That was when they were supposedly fighting over something bts

I don't think there's bad blood between them though even though Haechan can be too annoying sometimes

No. 92254

honestly felt bad for the kid when i heard this audio. he's talking about how more than half of the people on the plane with him were sasaengs, taking pictures. sounds suffocating, being stuck in a plane with like 100 ppl waiting to snap pictures of you at every second.

No. 92255

theres literally a video of mark about to fight haechan on stage in like 2017 lol. i get theyve been together since they were preteens, but haechan honestly seems insufferable and i can totally see them fighting a lot behind the scenes

the other members expressions in the video say it all kek

No. 92261

Kind of off topic but damn, I'm impressed at how hard the choreography for this song is. I had no idea NCT Dream had any song with this level of choreography. They're using relatively big movements and are constantly getting up from the floor here.

>the other members expressions in the video say it all kek

Jeno looks so done when he goes to standby lol dismissing/ignoring them haha

No. 92264

File: 1590434266781.jpg (223.53 KB, 1705x860, fight.jpg)

This is amazing, the other members were ready to stop a fight.

I don't like NCT but I do like their choreos. Theirs and SVT's are on another level. The new Dream choreo sucks though.

No. 92267

So I dug a little bit int the comments and one of them lead to the this video where Haechan said Mark really hated him and was ready to leave SM because of him at one point.

No. 92268

there are fantaken pictures of haechan and mark hanging out individually outside of promotions though, so if anything i feel like theyre actually friends/have a sibling relationship but also fight because haechan is fucking over the top and narcissistic

their relationship actually seems like one of the more genuine ones, along with jisung/chenle and jeno/jaemin (all platonically of course, even though fangirls love to sperg about how they're obviously fucking behind the scenes)

haechan does seem to have an insufferable personality at times, so i wouldnt be surprised if he got on everyone's nerves

i also love how he basically outed taeyong as having a shitty personality but fangirls still sperg about how haechan is taeyongs uwubaby…like they dont even interact on camera, where did this come from kek

No. 92269

mark seems to be a pretty laid-back kind of guy so wouldn't surprise me if haechan got on his last nerve considering how narcissistic he could be. fans encouraged their "tom and jerry" behavior since predebut, so i can imagine haechan probably went overboard too many times.

No. 92271

mark and haechan literally fought so much during that 2017 promotion that they deadass changed the choreo so they wouldnt have to touch each other LOL

im sure it was also angsty teenage hormones in play since they were literally 16/17 here, but it makes for hilarious drama to watch

No. 92272

File: 1590435612114.jpeg (210.65 KB, 750x949, 4B09D283-1AA8-4B76-8C33-2B8B36…)

This was last month, I don’t think they hate each other.
I can see them clashing a lot tho, Haechan said that Mark is the most stubborn person he knows.

No. 92273

Almost all the nct members are caught outside with each other all the time.

No. 92274

File: 1590435979880.jpeg (193.9 KB, 828x856, 19809D81-8167-4CFA-BA84-C6F7F9…)

all this mark/haechan talk aside i wonder how much actual fighting goes on behind the scenes, there's definitely stories of idols (got7, super junior) getting into legit fistfights but i wonder how often managers have to rip two teenagers off of each other kek

super junior's fights are legendary though, they seem like a ill-mannered bunch considering there's like 15 separate accounts of them getting into physical scuffles over the years

No. 92275

yes, but usually it's members who seem close even on camera

No. 92278

If they're actually smart, they'd make the hyung line enlist together so there would be a gap, but BH at this point probably feels like they need to move forward with other bands to make more money.

No. 92279

So ive decided to watch "txt" videos for a week since i was interested in the some of their music lately,but something is off about them.

I know idols are fake asf,but they seem fake in a bad way.

The way they treat one of the members(soobin),rubs me the wrong way too.

Idk,maybe im just overreacting.I dont think anyone here knows much about them anyway.

(And why tf does bighit dress them up like 5 year olds?Theyre all like 6 fucking feet LMAO)

No. 92280

The only members in NCT who appear to actually like eachother are the foreigners, especially the Chinese, cause they are all basement dwellers, but I don't follow them that closely, so.

I don't think BH cares about the hyung line, as long as they can milk Jimin, JK and V, they are set. TXT seems to be doing, ok, right? And if they don't fuck up the Pledis groups, they are set.

No. 92281

File: 1590436950030.jpg (632.47 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20200525-155957.jpg)

One of the members literally said this about Haechan when they were still smrookies lmao

No. 92282

it was yuta lol

No. 92283

One of Baekhyun's new songs has a throwaway line about his lover's blue eyes and unsurprisingly, Twitter is having a meltdown over it.

No. 92285

people all say his personality is "fun" but we all know fair well if we actually knew a dude who acted like this irl we would want to hit him too

i think renjun said in an interview the first time he and haechan met haechan stole his food off his plate and they got into an argument, so it may just be how haechan acts day to day which sounds fucking annoying

No. 92290


Ooooh I wanna see some pics

No. 92299

Although bts is arguably the most famous group now, nothing will reach the insane popularity of those 4 back then. Despite bb definitely being big, top was kind of the least popular of them, but the other 3 were literally everywhere: jaejoong and yoochun were considered the most handsome, most talented, most funny and so on, and Hyunjoong's group also had many hit songs and he literally acted as one of the f4 guys in boys over flowers.
I'm by no means saying that eunwoo and co are going to be criminals too but it's not like anybody would've ever suspected that of the original f4 either…

No. 92301

File: 1590441195307.jpeg (63.23 KB, 850x449, 66E5EA4A-A444-481E-8B0F-E9C0A6…)

imagine having that level of popularity and fame and now end up being a trash ajusshi "guesting" on your equally unpopular useless brother's twitch stream kek

i never got the hype around yoochun but he has sure fallen hard

No. 92302

File: 1590441522824.jpg (71.23 KB, 850x850, D5FygoEUcAAI2zO.jpg)

I got into K-pop in 2009, just before TVXQ disbanded. I was a Changmin fan, and I remember all the hate Yunho and Changmin got from the fandom. They were called talentless, ugly, SM's dogs, slaves, etc.
Yoochun was considered the most succesful of them all. I feel SO vindicated now. How the turns have tabled, lol.

No. 92304

It makes you wonder just how much he spends on drugs, women and useless shit, looking at how Junsu lives, one would think that he has enough money to never need to work again in life.

No. 92313

There was an endless amount of delulu butthurt back then. A lot of people thought that if Yunho and Changmin went along with the other three, SM would magically let them take their discography with them.

No. 92314

File: 1590443628711.png (74.13 KB, 769x725, Screenshot (51).png)

Not sure if this was already talked about but last year chinese media leaked a phone call between Kris, Tao and sasaengs and somehow they talked completely calmy with each other. The idol-sasaeng situation is probably not always as black and white as one would think. All big fansites or those "bars" in China are sasaengs, so they're likely tolerated or even welcomed. Some sasaengs also have so much inside information that one could suspect that they really must know the idols personally.
Weird af. Or maybe they hope answering the phone and talking to them for a bit stops them from calling again and again.

No. 92317

File: 1590445346804.jpg (44.61 KB, 480x480, dia.jpg)

Examples? At least I'm interested, and you cant just leave us hanging there anon.

I wonder how the post ioi groups are doing nowadays. I know Gugudan's basically dead. Have weki meki been able to garner some group popularity yet? Dia still seems to be coasting off chaeyeon according to this

No. 92322

File: 1590446951395.jpg (254.74 KB, 1080x1307, IMG_20200526_004450.jpg)

^ Now we know why he (and Taemin) debuted in the US.

Jokes aside, he obviously doesn't write his own lyrics, and I haven't really seen anybody who's seriously upset about this either.

No. 92327

lol even if he didn't write the lyrics, white koreaboos will most likely take this as evidence of him hooking up with white chicks just like how black koreaboos have done with other idols bringing up anything chocolate related in lyrics in the past.
weki meki still seems to be nugus both in korea and internationally for the most part. i feel bad for DIA- mbk is beyond shitty. i remember somyi broke down on IG live a few months ago and afaik she still hasn't come back. wouldn't surprise me if she's gone next comeback with DIA undergoing yet another lineup change or underwent a shitton of PS.

No. 92328

jeez I’m surprised they went with these lyrics

Also I find it so dumb when ifans take translations literally
>omg he said you’re inside me HE’S GETTING PEGGED

Translations tend to come off stiff and awkward, and that phrase has plenty of non-literal meanings in English too. I don’t know if it’s a joke but some people will probably actually believe this. The song is obviously sexual, but somehow I doubt this is the direction SM was taking it.

No. 92329

I thought NuEST was bigger than Seventeen these days. I remember seeing a table chart of best selling tours in Korea and NuEst was high up (maybe it was posted here?). Don't recall seeing Seventeen. They're weird as well because they have 0 presence to the gp, bunch of nugus. It's a case of a group that sells really well but won't go down as having an impact on the history of kpop i guess.

No. 92336

File: 1590450396878.jpg (185.47 KB, 1200x800, bf3dffc2-9ca9-11e9-baa5-dd214e…)

the companies that had girls in the og IOI group deadass fucked up by keeping them locked in their bigass nugu flop groups. they should've kept them solo like chungha and advertised them as models, actors, or soloists. they would've thrived so much better. especially chaeyeon and doyeon (?) as models and advertisement girlies and that one girl in gugudan who could sing decently as a soloist. it's been so long i've forgotten who the rest of the girls in that ioi group were.

shoot their companies could've kept them as a group for a few more years and just worked out some contracts together. i know there have been girl groups in the past with members who were a part of a totally different company than the rest.

No. 92337

gugudan were stuck in nugu-dom for their entire careers except for sejeong and mina. they're unofficially disbanded at this point with sejeong doing solo projects and sally on pdcamp 2020.
weki meki are still flopping mostly because of their shit company who only give them singles.
dia got some more fans with woowoo and woowa but they aren't very successful and chaeyon is still the most popular.
pristin didn't flop but their company screwed them over and wasted their potential.
out of all the post-ioi groups, wjsn is doing the best with decently sized korean and chinese fanbases.

No. 92339

File: 1590451577377.jpg (243.41 KB, 1000x1413, 1582227799-c94f5e6c-aec2-46e9-…)

Highest selling concerts in Korea in 2019

2.Park Hyoshin – 2019 LOVERS
3.PSY – Summer Swag in Seoul
5.PSY – All Night Stand 2019
6.NU'EST – SEGNO in Seoul
8.PSY – Summer Swag in Daegu.
9. NU’EST – LOVE PAGE Fanmeeting in Seoul
10. PSY – Summer Swag in Busan

Found it. I wish there were a ranking with kpop only acts though but can't find it.

No. 92340

I just saw this in trending but god Lisa's performance was absolutely tragic

No. 92344

the performance was not great and the girls cant really sing, but the production value of this show is way better than full on year-end music shows that korea puts out

lisa was the least entertaining part of that entire video, this is tragic

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