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File: 1590684440364.jpeg (240.84 KB, 715x715, 1590683598655.jpeg)

No. 93253

Nitpicking will now result in a ban.

Discuss kpop.
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Previous thread: >>90306

No. 93257

Arguments in favor of Jin's flat head : https://twitter.com/bangtansunnydan/status/1031165709823422464?s=20 jin flat head compilation

(btw with stans like that do you even need antis)

Arguments against : https://twitter.com/jhobi94/status/643837590651695104?s=20 jin wet hair compilation

everyone agrees on : shitty fucking jawline for a guy with max 12% bodyfat

No. 93258

The against argument is incredibly weak seeing as there's no shots of him from the side and his hair is just a bit damp, not even properly wet.

No. 93259

File: 1590685135244.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.14 KB, 682x1024, 3398a38c16dc4ba4d041295ce43668…)

what part of that is supposed to be an appreciation thread? that's straight up slander

watch them clear twitter searches now with
>jin beautiful
>jin cute
>jin sweetie
>jin nice
because people will start searching "jin flathead"

such a shame because in some pictures he's genuinely good looking

No. 93260

What? Jin's jawline is great especially considering he been staunchly against surgery his whole career

No. 93261

flat head compilation lmao. "the way tae holds his head" indeed. after watching videos of V shoving jin and acting like he hates him, i'm almost convinced he did that on purpose.

No. 93262

It's very undefined imo. I prefer dudes with strong jawlines. I will always command Jin for not going the surgery route and looking his age, one of the few idols to do that.

I think the extreme flatheadedness we see in the other pics would be visible even on damp/wet hair. The most logical explanation is that his head is slightly on the flatter side, which can be completely hidden with good styling and badly increased with bad styling.

No. 93263

File: 1590685998160.jpg (17.71 KB, 1024x404, DmH6BK8X0AADE5e.jpg)

V has a flat head too. Not as flat as Jin's but you can see they've had to cut his hair into a thick wedge at the back to try and disguise it.

No. 93264

Nobody cares about your oppar's strong Jawline

No. 93265

Literally said the opposite, improve your reading skills anon

No. 93267

No you didn't lmfao go back and read the post you sperg

No. 93268

>written : "undefined"
>understood : "strong"

No. 93269

kek anon has delivered. evidence be compelling. jin confirmed flathead. top kek at V exposing him. bitch move but hilarious nonetheless.

jin's face has always confused me. how can one look so chubby yet skinny at the same time? i also doubt he's had surgery. just a tragic facial bone structure.

No. 93270

That's exactly what you said, you genuinely need to go back to school or something, that's assuming you ever left

No. 93273

lol where’s that jinfag now lmao. his head is flat because his parents didn’t love him

No. 93275

I'm right here faggot

No. 93277

File: 1590686816943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,45.46 KB, 572x413, 74D88404-E8DE-4223-9CEA-3387AD…)

looking his age??????? this was last week. Boy looks 14.

No. 93278

So does every man in kpop

No. 93279

I understand that but anon said he looks his age.. which is 28.

No. 93281

He looks youthful but he doesn't look 14. He is clearly about mid 20s

No. 93282

I guess it depends on the photo. He usually looks like this https://twitter.com/fleuradise/status/1221596711195308032/photo/2 which imo is way diff than the pedo/inhuman face of most idols, and that's commandable I guess

No. 93283

not at all lol. he looks like a kid. maybe 18-20 at a stretch.

No. 93284

he’s lucky u can’t see that flat head straight on lmao

No. 93286

hahahaha. legit looks like in grade school in this photo.

hey let's not go there. his parents probably love him. maybe flatheadedness runs in the family?

idk about flathead but his side profile is so overrated. ppl use the most flattering angles and shots to prove he's some visual god when really he's nothing special.

looks super bloated as per usual. also not nitpicking it's kinda obvious. he's never had the bone structure to adequately frame his face. in fact the other day, one of my friends said he always looks like he has a riceball or two shoved in his mouth

No. 93288

he looks like a pinhead in the one with v jesus christ. I thought all of bts had massive heads.

No. 93289

Jin literally was crying about how his parents weren’t proud of him and favoured his older brother once

No. 93290

So are you going to keep being blind to defend your bias?

No. 93291

bitch i’m the original anon that said he has a flat head. i ain’t defending shit. Someone was giving him praise for “looking his age”

No. 93292

kek. i recall his bro was a worse looking yet taller version of him.

most idols have big heads. actors happen to be more proportionate. jin gets praised for his broad shoulders when likely this is attributed to his pinhead making the shoulders look broad

No. 93293

don't bother anon there's a dumbass sperg in the thread that's willingly misinterpreting posts to start shit

No. 93294

I know you're the original anon, you've been samefagging for quite some time now. Asian men look younger, it's stupid to compare your oppar to whatever breed of shitty white man runs in your country

No. 93295

so how is that blindly defending my oppa lmao. I don’t like jin or his flat head.. you’re contradicting yourself and putting words in my mouth. He looks like a baby because him and all his band mates are filled to the brim with fillers and have probably been getting botox for the last 10 years. There is a difference in looking younger than you are and looking adolescent. Yes I understand asians look young but not THAT young.

No. 93296

>> prettiest man alive
>> shows a series of pics disproving this


No. 93297

File: 1590688193006.jpeg (174.27 KB, 828x743, 300F9280-0D5F-47D1-A7D1-1E8F37…)

Has anyone seen the news about JYPE pressing charges against sasaengs who have been following Day6 and likely are making the anxiety hiatuses worse?

I know anons like to sperg on here that some idols feed the delusion and kind of "need to expect" to be followed because of how they interact with fans, but I think Day6 is more of a traditional band and less "boyfriend idol"…

Either way it's fucking creepy these dudes are trying to take a break and already have issues and fans are following them around to the convenience store/cafes and making it worse

(Also can we please move on from the Jin flathead nitpicking please)

No. 93298

You're saying I'm twisting my words because you're retarded. Why are you still defending yourself? Fillers don't even work like that

No. 93299

File: 1590688243250.jpeg (196.48 KB, 1014x1322, EPP7tXIVUAAO3g7.jpeg)

That's so photoshopped though. Don't post twitter links ppl, post images. They blurred the fuck out of him.

No. 93300

it's not nitpicking when it's obvious and commonly spoken about in kpop circles. also many of the things being discussed so far are no small faults.

No. 93301

Yes they do. I have fillers and preventative botox AND i’m Jins age. Imma leave you be tho because you’re obviously trying to start shit and I’m not interested. Bye jinfag.

No. 93303

it's not even a jinfag it's a retardfag stirring shit up, obviously the samefag as >>93264 and the ensuing comments

No. 93304

File: 1590688423850.jpg (35.74 KB, 450x495, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)

Of course you fucking are. Fillers and preventative botox. Top fucking kek

No. 93305

Feel bad about the idols but what can you do when companies that should be protecting their artists are encouraging the behavior with these useless statements instead of taking action. Obviously more profitable to milk the sasaengs and make the group take a break from time to time rather than relying on regular non insane fans.

No. 93306


Let’s talk about the sasaeng situation. I would lose my mind If I was an idol. Very scary shit.

No. 93307

wow, even nugus like day6 have this problem bad huh

No. 93308

anyone know how idol contracts work? are they legally obligated to get ps?

No. 93309

The sheer amount of sasaengs there are is amazing to me. I always thought a major celeb would have like one stalker occasionally but there are thousands of sasaengs for these idol groups.
It would be interesting to be able to see some of the milk they have tho.

No. 93310

Where is the 28 year old woman with preventative botox and fillers? I have some questions

No. 93311

File: 1590688750632.jpeg (73.75 KB, 1080x1080, 3A2E2B23-CF85-4FB7-8FD1-179F0E…)

i feel like out of all the big companies JYP probably handles it the best they can, they don't do much but they're better than SM which does absolutely jack shit kek

I know they apparently did file an official restraining order against Nayeon's stalker when he was in Korea, but it was withdrawn once he left the country…I hope they're keeping tabs on him because the dude is actually deranged and on a different level from normal pig sasaengs

No. 93312

Right here. go ahead.

No. 93313

Post a pic of yourself

No. 93314

i'm tired of this waste of life being brought up here. im surprised to hear that one of her psychotic obsessive scrote fans hasnt already found and taken him out

No. 93315

File: 1590688962901.png (362.67 KB, 558x326, ajefbawebfawjebf.PNG)

Finally figured out what this Felix look reminds me of.

No. 93316

File: 1590688988828.jpeg (79.25 KB, 1080x1080, 4560B16C-60DA-45BC-960D-8E2C51…)

im the same anon who talked about sasaengs in the previous thread, there are huge circles in both the chinese and korean sasaeng groups that circulate milk

unfortunately us sad gossip hungry muggles will never get access to the true milky circles because they're pretty elitist and get off on knowing secrets that the gp doesnt know

im sure its scary for idols because theres so much dirt on them that could be revealed if they pissed off a big fansite/sasaeng group kek

I remember Changmin's taxi incident was revealed after a sasaeng got mad at him, they had buried it for a long time before that

Related pic: more crazy nayeon stalker

No. 93317

top kek

you bitches sort this out on discord already

No. 93318

File: 1590689142142.jpeg (41.09 KB, 480x570, 31CD3214-7818-49A4-81FF-352765…)

he's starting to look like chungha..its so sad because he used to be cute

im sure theyre not legally allowed to force idols to get surgery, but its probably heavily "recommended" and the entire industry is so lookist-heavy that idols probably feel internal pressure to get work done

No. 93319

Why do you insist on giving him any sort of publicity? He's not dangerous in any capacity, he's just fucked in the head and you giving him negative attention will make him thrive. It's not even so much about nayeon anymore but this is a really unintelligent fandom so I'll stop

No. 93321

it's hard to judge them for it. i'd probably cave into the same pressure too. but too bad i still do. it's irresistible and im a bad bitch.

No. 93322

you’re kidding right…?

No. 93325

i think the chances of any idol who's been in the industry for more than 2-3 years being completely natural (no fillers, no surgery, etc) is extremely slim to none

and im in your boat, i know i shouldnt judge because of the pressure and overall shittiness of the industry, but we're all petty and judge celebrities kek

how is posting two pictures that have been publicly available "giving him attention" lol…if youre gonna lose your shit lose your shit at the people on twitter directly interacting and goading him on, or news sites who keep posting about this

to say he isnt dangerous is stupid, he literally managed to get on a flight with the twice girls and has the money to pay off sasaengs

none of us want to see them get hurt, i was just pointing out how deranged the guy was because we were on the topic of sasaengs

No. 93326

No. 93327

File: 1590690045925.gif (305.71 KB, 268x150, chungha.gif)

Chungha is a travesty, but I dunno if felix is on her level yet. I thought he just had the jaw shave?

Pic from her very-very-very for reference
Visual-wise her best era imo

No. 93329

i loved how she looked in p101, i thought she was so fresh and gorgeous, like a younger cuter hyuna

her bang bang performance will forever be iconic to me, she has such great stage presence

im really sad she keeps messing with her face, she's going to end up like bom. people are saying its all filler so itll eventually dissolve if she doesnt keep pumping them in, but im sure there's side effects to inflating your face like that

No. 93330

Stop comparing everyone to HYUNA, your newfag is showing

No. 93331

just because i said she looks like hyuna doesnt mean im a newfag lol

i said she looks like hyuna because she has the same mildly tanned look and killer stage presence….whats wrong with being honest lol

No. 93332

She looks nothing like hyuna kek

No. 93333

hyuna's had MANY faces. anon gotta be more specific kek

No. 93334

So…i skimmed through txt's weekly idol.

The part at 19:36 where they start talking about how every single member is a narcissist is enough for me lmfao.✌✌

(One member picked a member who fit the "narcissist" trait best,but he said it applied to all of them)

And honestly,its not shocking? If one member is complimented, the rest look bored.

This is why i just stick to groups who are just feel more humble lol.(Mostly the nugus tbh)(twitterfag, emojis, newfaggotry)

No. 93335

Fuck off back to twitter

No. 93336

File: 1590691480264.jpeg (234.44 KB, 1913x1024, ECCDFEF8-B495-410A-A733-CF7714…)

what is there even to be narcissistic about kek theyre just riding on the coattails of bts's luck, and they cant even fucking beat nct on a music show despite the ratmy backing

i highly doubt theyll be even a fraction as successful as bts, but theyre still probably raking in the cash despite being untalented

No. 93337

I dont have a twitter dickhead

No. 93338

i liked txt's newest single a lot, lol

No. 93339

Then stop fucking using emojis here. Integrate or leave

No. 93341

> Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding: emojis or emoticons
i feel like run away was more generic but sounded better, their new song is not great imo, and the mv is fucking weird

No. 93342

This also means don't blog about your preventative botox and fillers

No. 93343

wait anon youre telling me other anons dont find my sperging about botox and being the same age as flathead jin interesting

No. 93345

>j-jin looks 14, just like M-ME with my preventative fillers!

No. 93346

ITT: Ariana McMillian

No. 93347

I said one thing about my botox and fillers lmao. shut the fuck up. You can too get fillers it’s ok.

No. 93350

File: 1590692642434.jpg (165.58 KB, 960x1440, MV5BMmYwODE1OWQtZjRkMC00ZmM1LW…)

No. 93351

jinfags… jin has filler and botox (and a flat head) that’s why he looks like a babies ass. get over it.

No. 93352

File: 1590692885678.jpeg (170.41 KB, 827x834, A6F6FFC6-9ABB-41CF-853C-69BC28…)

KARD BM has never been the type that struck me as particularly intelligent but he's gotten himself into a bit of a shithole because of this instagram story he posted lol

Like….i get the sentiment? But people are jumping on him for being a "blue lives matter" apologist which i think is honestly a bit far but yikes, he shouldve just kept his mouth shut

Why do these idols insist on trying to be woke lol just admit youre a glorified insta thot, post ur shirtless tiktok dances and go lmfao

No. 93353

samefag, here's his "clarification video"

this dude literally sounds dumb, he is such a typical LA fuckboy meathead lol

No. 93354

>If one member is complimented, the rest look bored
This reminded me about an interview with some producer/mv director who worked with Monsta X - he said that Shownu asked him to focus more on Hyungwon, because Hyungwon didn't have a lot of screen time or something like that. And it really shocked this producer, because idols he worked with before never wanted to share the spotlight and always tried to take as much space and as much screen time as possible.

No. 93356

Why so many catty bitches in the new thread lmao everyone was chill at the end of the last one

No. 93358

wow, you aint wrong he sounds dumb as fuck, but imo you can tell that his heart is pretty much in the right place, damn i think i just lost brain cells though listening to him try to get it out

No. 93359

Hi filler-chan! You're still here aren't you! This isn't your catty gossip site, it's an imageboard. Nice insight into your character though

No. 93360

everyone was chill until someone brought up jin's flat head and the botox/filler ratmy showed up lol

i dont think he was intending to defend police brutality or whatever twitter has taken and ran with and i agree, his heart was in the right place

he just seems rather dim and probably didnt think about how mentioning "bless officers" in a post about police brutality would look, regardless of intent

thankfully kard is relatively nugu so this will blow over quickly. besides, he's basically a tiktok/instagram influencer at this point kek

No. 93361

that wasn’t me. I’m the one with fillers. idk who that is lmao

No. 93362

It would still be chill if people followed the rules and stopped blogging about fillers, using emojis and taking bait
>>93361 Stop blogging. You're anonymous here. Nobody fucking cares about your fillers

No. 93363


No. 93364

kek I hope you'd be gone off the thread, am the first anon you tried to stir shit with. Have fun being a retard

No. 93365

File: 1590693614196.png (32.35 KB, 223x226, F1E4E6AD-6D97-4FEA-8EC3-0E81F9…)

No. 93366

The anon who told me to intergrate is bad at it.

No. 93367

Nobody cares who you are. Post milk about kpop guys and stop responding or the thread will be shut down like literally everyone else on the site wants it to be. Some of us are here to talk about kpop anonymously but it's the same fucking twitterfags that keep ruining every thread

No. 93368

Filler-chan and I were having fun talking about Jin's flat head and you derailed us. You literally provide nothing to the thread, I tried to tell filler-chan but she keeps being baited. Let's all stop talking to you

No. 93369

It’s literally one anon trying to stir shit. talking about jins flat head and botox is still talking about kpop believe it or not. it was all fine and good until the one retard jumped on here trying to start shit with other anons. they keep samefagging as well, answering themselves.

No. 93370

File: 1590693832366.png (422.08 KB, 1440x1102, 5d005b55be93f_Screenshot_20190…)

Filler-chan reading this thread

No. 93371

let’s all collectively agree to ignore this person.

No. 93372

Samefag, anon the thread was linked in /meta/, this is what the userbase is like. if you act retarded people are going to come for you here. We keep telling you this, this isn't your private community and if you can't handle getting baited stop using imageboards

No. 93373

nta but that's obviously not bait

don't bother replying anymore it's pointless

No. 93374

I don't think they're legally obligated. They just get bullied into getting it, which is even more effective.

No. 93375

Cutthroat industry. I honestly don't get how they still manage to get trainees, it literally sounds like the most miserable job in the world.

No. 93376

File: 1590693972565.jpeg (475.05 KB, 1448x2048, BF8436F6-E1CB-402D-8F95-1E4E1F…)

Can someone explain what's so special about BTS Festa? My entire TL is filled with people sperging about it and I don't even follow that many ratmys…

From what I understand it's just BTS's annual jerk off fest about their anniversary, but do they actually release coherent content?

No. 93377

I feel like it’s constant over saturation of bts constantly. Idk what festa is but I imagine it’s no different to the content the post literally every single day. (i bet bts is fucking sick of having their entire lives filmed)

No. 93378

They usually release songs, a "radio show" all by themselves cause BH doesn't want them out of their closed off ecosystem, bangtan bombs.

It's not really different than the usual bullshit but very fast-paced release schedule to keep army ~~well-fed~~ (is that still used ? used to make me puke when I was a bts fan)

No. 93379

it's called brachycephaly and it is mostly encountered in asian populations. i'd bet a lot more idols have it and they disguise it with styling

No. 93380

>all by themselves cause BH doesn't want them out of their closed off ecosystem
why does bh do this so much? it makes all the content they produce exactly the same and fucking boring

No. 93381

Op of the post you're replying to is racist, I bet she has a big Roman nose, poor complexion and terrible side profile but let's talk about flat heads

No. 93382

back to twitter with you

No. 93383

File: 1590694415464.jpg (72.71 KB, 680x497, 20200528_153231.jpg)

Imagine selling this much as an 9 member idol group.

No. 93384

im assuming they want full control over all content released….does BTS even attend "idol shows" like weekly idol? The last one i remember is from like 2015 unless im remembering incorrectly, i haven't consumed any bts content since then because theyve gotten so annoying

No. 93385

Get back to the plastic surgeon's, I think your filler may be slipping

No. 93386

I can kinda see the appeal to it… then again I am a vain girl who suffers from occasional delusions of grandeur. idk i just think it would be glorious… kinda. we only live once. would be cool to be remembered for something pretty. youth doesnt last forever and i'd like as many people to remember me in my prime…

No. 93387

i'm a different anon, tard. learn how to imageboard

No. 93388

this is 33 copies? there isnt a measure of thousands or some other abbreviation?

if so that is a big yikes, they might as well disband but the company's definitely suffered a huge loss on this, 9 members and pretty much zero sales

No. 93389

Why are you pretending to be oldfag when you literally never leave this thread?

No. 93390

They have 200k views on last single, how is that possible ?

No. 93391

bitch i dont even post in this thread usually, i just came to laugh at spergs like you

No. 93392

I know you're seething filler-chan but calling me a sperg won't change how much of a cow you are

No. 93393

this is honestly heartbreaking if true. imagine starving yourself and enduring so many hardships for many years only to sell 33 copies on your first day upon debut. then being disbanded shortly after because of it

No. 93394

Stop trying to create drama for your meta oldfag friends. No one wants you here.

No. 93395

SK is a scary place. And koreaboos still worship this glamorized picture of a delulu land.

No. 93396

i like chinese music too

No. 93397

this is really sad. I bet they’re shattered.

No. 93398

They haven't since they have their own content like Run, BV, etc to cultivate the elitist fanbase

No. 93399

theyre under brave entertainment, so definitely a huge nugu group (they were the label samuel was signed under before he left)

i want to say maybe that number is in the thousands? 33 individuals copies means like…the members each bought one and maybe their parents and some friends did too, but i wouldnt be too surprised if that was indeed true

also can we just collectively agree to ignore and report filler chan and the other anon baiting her this is getting old

No. 93400

Yup,they only sold 33 first day.
I just found out about them yesterday.One of the members has to hide his face in the new MV because hes considered ugly,its fucked up.

And the company is bad at promoting them too.They just make them do a bunch of dance covers.

No. 93401

Shattered like their jawbones, that's what they get for trying to be oppars instead of just getting an actual career

No. 93402

I get that, but everyone knows idol life is so unglamorous compared to other industries like fashion and acting. Koreans literally want idols to suffer and to be completely broken-in dolls that don't have any will of their own.

No. 93403

why the fuck do they do it then? The off chance they become millionaires still costs them their youth. idgi.

No. 93404

Samefagging but how is it possible if they have 200k views on 1theK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ7X5SrSuoc

this is honestly pathetic(this is an imageboard)

No. 93406

Does this count preorder sales? The number may actually be higher and this is just what's sold on a daily basis.

No. 93407

i totally get doing it if you get into a big3 company, but a nugu company makes zero sense to me

even shitty nontalented idols like johnny rake in huge amounts of money just because they ride the SM train, i can totally see giving up your youth to get into that, but slicing up your face and starving yourself to debut in some random group? why lol, theyre better off just being BJs or instagram influencers kek

No. 93408

i highly doubt the figures are true. if they are then it's an abbreviation. like 33k as other anons have pointed out. 33 sales is just impossible in this day and age…

true. were I in their position, i'd rather start with the social media route, particularly tiktok/ig/twitch. at least that way it doesn't cost an arm and leg, and you have agency over yourself…

No. 93409

At least Johnny is in SM's flop group. Imagine how talented nugu idols feel about Sehun. That guy has over 20 million followers on ig, can't sing, can't rap, can't dance, can't even act cause he has a lisp, like…yeah, he is good-looking, but so are tons of idols. He lucked out the hardest. He just has to post an ad once a month and he is set.

No. 93412

i don't even find sehun good looking. and i doubt he's good looking in a conventional sense. i've seen plenty of better looking people. success stories like his confuse me the most

No. 93415

File: 1590695804324.jpeg (234.44 KB, 821x1124, 5E56EAE3-7C3A-401A-823F-1F3BE0…)

sehun totally lucked out, the dude literally made it because some sm casting hag followed him around because she thought he was hot kek

i imagine being street casted by SM is essentially a golden ticket at this point, all their "visuals" are basically useless, and just ride the fame of their band members

granted the visual role is important short term for an idol group, just because they bring in thirsty fangirls, but it must be nice to just know you'll probably debut and be set because youre hot kek

pic related: sehun was fucking 13 here, imagine running away from some older lady insisting you join her company for 30 minutes because she thinks you're hot…its kind of gross but im sure he doesnt regret it now kek

No. 93416

From what I remember Sehun's popularity is linked to HunHan

No. 93419

not to be annoying and bring up Jin again, someone mentioned earlier that visuals bring in the fan girls.. is that the case with jin? he’s so irrelevant.

No. 93420

Shut up jinfag(constant infight sperg)

No. 93421

Yeah, I don't get it either. Never liked Sehun and don't understand why people find him hot.

No. 93422

BH tried to make Jin the hot older oppa but it didn't work very well. Didn't have the face or the personality for it (so much for budding actor). Proof of his visual power, he is still widely more popular than at least 2/7 of the group, posibly 3/7.

No. 93423

who are the 3? rm jh and suga? Idk about the popularity in korea. I imagine Jin is very popular there.

No. 93424

Aren't Jin's parents filthy rich? His life will be pretty sweet no matter how popular/unpopular, talented/untalented and handsome/ugly he may be.

No. 93425

apparently. being born into wealth is the greatest gift of all.

it seems a double standard for jin's visuals to be famous in korea. he really doesn't fit their ideals closely enough especially when eun woo is considered close to the korean ideal. idk… he just looks so odd to me. and i'm used to seeing human beings of various backgrounds having grown up in a multicultural society…

No. 93426

jin is definitely more popular than jhope and probably RM, Suga is surprisingly popular because of his mixtapes and stuff overseas

No. 93429

why isn’t jhope more popular? I saw people complaining that he’s the only one that doesn’t have 2m likes on his selfie on twitter. I know his ps is tragic but he’s nice and talented. I find him better looking than RM.

No. 93431

the song theyre referring to sounds like an off-brand stray kids song.

No. 93432

Maybe because he doesn't sell the oppa image? Or he doesn't suit it, the most popular members are the ones who have girls wanting to have them like boyfriends, it's not about talent

No. 93433

File: 1590697813389.png (49.14 KB, 898x606, 010.png)

1thek views always seemed kind of inflated to me. the channel has like 20 million subscribers so 200k still seems really low. but it's so hard to tell real view counts with all the ad boosted videos.

No. 93434

a total of 200 odd copies after a week, big yikes (and they outsold another nugu group)

nugu kpop groups have it hard, how are they still operating with how little revenue they bring in and how much they probably spend training these idols?

No. 93438

He's not that popular bcos he's ugly. Even though he's the best live performer in the group, none of it matters because he isn't handsome. Fans deny that they stan kpop idols bcos of their appearances, but looking at any kpop group, it's obviously the more attractive members who have lots of fans, no matter how untalented they are. (V for example)

No. 93441

nah suga is popular because he was cute. he had a good idol face.

No. 93443

suga looks like no idol I’ve ever seen. I do think he’s attractive. He has the personality of wet cardboard tho.

No. 93444

back in 2014 he used to have somewhat of a personality. he used to answer back wittily to members and act sarcastic as a joke. That was back then tho. Now he doesn't because he's rich and what's the point.

No. 93445

When even Jimin's art is better than the supposed "masterpieces" of V.

No. 93446

the tragic thing is that since saesangs bring in lots of money and general publicity (fancams/ airport pics etc.) SM will avoid action as long as humanly possible. People make fun of this incident in the comments (rightly so this man was an idiot) but it puts into perspective how far gone some of them are. He really thought he could get away with this because he was that delusional.

No. 93448

filler can be dissolved if you specifically get injections to get it done, but it can also migrate around your face over time if you inject too much (hence the general puffiness of some people's faces when they get filler). I just need to know who encouraged her into (or didn't discourage her from) getting fillers. Especially lip fillers, I swear the beauty standard used to be small lips?

No. 93449

jesus christ. where did he think he was taking her?? crazy.

No. 93451

suga looks like peenus angelics creeper husband or, i dont know, sakurai. an aging asian manlet who still wants to look "cute" for da kiddies. all the suga chans have awful taste.

No. 93452

most kfans like bts for self inserts; since jhope is too ugly to be boyfriend material and they can’t pretend to be jhope (e.g. the blue haired bitches who want to be jimin), he’s not popular. plus he’s kind of annoying. he’d definitely be more popular than rm if kmusicandblackwomen-type stans didn’t like him
pretty sure most nugus are pimped out on paid dates to the few fans they have and that’s how they make money.
the standard is small lips but koreans also like puffy, doll-like lips as well.

No. 93454

File: 1590700819302.jpeg (82.3 KB, 682x1024, 8A60BCCA-A61D-471D-8D58-AF5792…)

thats probably why they find oh my girl yooa cute, she has the tiny face "doll look" and now she's inflated her lips so she actually looks like a doll

i guess idols are heavy handed with the filler because it can be reversed? its still unnecessary 90% of the time, but people are also saying they abuse fillers to cover sunken faces from all the crazy dieting they do

No. 93455

because he's ugly as fuck, anon

No. 93457

File: 1590701169519.jpeg (144.3 KB, 1024x1024, 2A3F7898-A9CC-4BDC-9BD0-E8CF98…)

i remember he had popularity when he first debuted because people thought he looked like mblaq lee joon

i guess i can kind of see it? although they dont look anything near similar anymore which is tragic because lee joon is pretty hot and jhope just looks odd now

No. 93458

>I find him better looking than RM.
RM is at the very least above 5'6, maybe close to 6', and that gives him a bit of a ugly pass in the eyes of the rats. He's more masculine.

No. 93459

File: 1590701326159.jpg (58.81 KB, 668x393, oh-my-girl-yooa.jpg)

I'm not saying I think the fillers are good, but I am impressed how they managed to create this lip shape.

No. 93461

Anon, this was discussed in the last thread but her lips are natural

No. 93462

File: 1590701513528.jpeg (123.83 KB, 560x840, 477CBB51-0C99-4425-8562-55D419…)

They look good but they’re not natural

No. 93463

Those lips are the same size, a makeup trick is not surgery

No. 93464

File: 1590701589626.jpeg (83.09 KB, 564x846, F3201132-2F25-4C2C-82B4-DFC393…)

From that to this

No. 93465

File: 1590701783338.jpeg (183.25 KB, 900x1200, 3976660F-08E6-40A8-B20B-14D43A…)

Makeup doesn’t do this lmao

No. 93466

I don't know what to say to you. You've never heard of lip plumper? Kek this surgery tinfoil is so funny

No. 93467

You've never heard that fillers aren't surgery?

No. 93468

Is there any good milk on A.C.E or they're so nugu that literally no one gives af?

No. 93469

It's plastic surgery anon, I don't spend every day crying about the size of my fucking mandible in the mirror so I'm sorry if I didn't use the right term for you

No. 93470

i’m filler ps anon.. that ain’t me.

No. 93471

Filler-chan, weren't you banned?

No. 93472

vpn anon

No. 93473

> Do not ban evade unless you want a longer ban sentence.

can you please just go away

No. 93474

I literally haven’t said anything in an hour. Don’t be a baby. I wasn’t even the annoying one.(ban evasion)

No. 93475

who gives a shit lmao

No. 93476

One comment was made about yooa's lips please stop the back and forth who cares.
I don't even know who they are. Try DMing a saesang if they have any

No. 93477

smaller nugu groups wont have tea or milk unless you really dig lol

99% of this board is just nctfags and undercover ratmys anyways

No. 93478

I remember Edward Avila was supposed to interview them

No. 93479

idk much about them but earlier this year there was drama around them and some of their k-fans were upset. it was around the time some person tried to put glue on part of their van or w/e. an anon posted about it in previous threads.

No. 93480

>I literally haven't said anything in an hour
That's a new record for you, Filler-chan!

No. 93481

File: 1590703166872.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3252x3678, BC36F42E-7175-409F-ACCA-5365D3…)

Okay >>93463 is right. It’s makeup, she bought a kylie lip kit.

No. 93482

Surprised there aren't many EXO-Ls, they used to be a horrible fandom.
You know you've made it when edward interviews you /s

I do feel bad for most nugu groups. Why do companies debut them when they're more than likely to fade into obscurity soon after?
Video is a nugu song I really like, I've never bothered actually looking into the group though. They're from brave so they probably weren't that nugu

No. 93483


i have a feeling you were the cunt from earlier.. didn’t YOU get banned??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93484

i feel like a lot of exo-l's either grew out of kpop completely or migrated to nct and seventeen, i know a good number of exo fans who spend most of their energy now sperging over nct and seventeen (and obviously exo member solo releases)

i dont know if anyone remembers x-5 from like 2013, but they were from a nugu company that later toppled because of sexual harrassment by trainees and managers/executives

i remember when they debuted they were touted as "the tallest kpop group" and i was hoping they'd make it big but they disbanded

No. 93485

>dont sperg, complain or pick fights
>dont derail about dumb shit

go settle this on twitter

No. 93487

what is it about nct that attracts hags? i used to be into shinee and 90% of the shinee fans who i know that still like kpop have migrated to nct. they're not even casual fans, i see these grown women call the members uwu babyboys, defend taeyong against "false accusations" and clear searches all the time.

No. 93488

File: 1590704620361.jpeg (119.6 KB, 828x570, 7CC94C6B-8954-4BBF-AC70-52CDB4…)

i honestly have no idea, but nct dream's entire concept was to be pedobait and attract hags

and i totally get what you mean by fans treating their idols as uwubabies, its so unsettling because these are grown men and fans are sperging over them doing normal adult things

i remember doyoung kind of got annoyed on vlive because he mentioned he was watching a tv drama that was 19+ and fans were sperging about how it was mature and he snapped saying he was 25 lol

No. 93489

I like the tone and idea of Singularity, but V's tryhard voice always ruins the song for me. Is there any cover with an actual sexy deep voice?

No. 93490

a former hag mutual of mine started stanning nct for the so called "talent" although ironically enough she stanned members like jeno and jaemin lol. for mid 20s and up hag fans worried about being labeled as a genuine pedo, nct is one of the last groups in this gen with members not entirely young seeing jisung is only a 02 line, which is older than the average k-pop maknae these days. also a lot of EXO/SHINee/SUJU fans are still retardedly loyal to SM groups/SM as a company despite shitting on them for not giving proper promotions or whatever to other groups.

No. 93491

i'm talking about years ago

No. 93493

Yeah, exo-ls want fresh young juicy meat, and not some 30 years old uncles with wives and children. It's common knowledge that older people like to hang out with younger ones, because it makes them feel young again, and so exo-ls now feed off of nct with its variety of twinky boys for every taste.

No. 93494


The drama around them was started because an ex-fansite/sasaeng got pissed because one of the members was getting fat and, allegedly, dating on top of that. Not too sure how that led to trying to sabotage their van though.

No. 93495

So Doyoung is really into older women after all? Anyway, he's always looked like a closet creeper to me.

No. 93496

Since somebody mentioned Singularity by Bts V I wanted to point out something that has been on my mind for a while
Doesnt this choreography made by Kai in 2012 have a striking resemblance to Singularity choreo? Or am I overthinking it?
Just wondering since Bts has had so many instances where they were accused of copying Exo and others

No. 93497

Samefag for reference

No. 93502

where’s they correlation lol, that’s him telling off weird fans infantilizing him

No. 93503

I dont think it's similar enough to be a direct rip off, but all this proves is that Kai is a better dancer from a much younger age vs Bts. V is not known for being a dancer and no idea why singularity is so popular with him.

No. 93504

or maybe exo havent been as active lately? with members enlisting and shit. there was barely any promotion for obsession and they had no variety show presence either.

No. 93505

Why do I feel like Taeyong and Ten were better at rapping as smrookies?
And Johnny cracked me up in this performance, he can't rap so they just had him repeat a couple of words in a deep voice. Idk why his stans vouch for him to get lines since not once has he ever showed an ounce of talent,even as a rookie.

No. 93507

it definitely plays a part, but a good amount of exo-ls have just diverted their attention and more importantly money to the new group of SM twinks

if SM ever releases a nct-separate boy group im sure a large number of nctfags will also migrate

although it seems the rumors of korean dream splitting off to be a new group may be true, along with chinaline moving to wayv kek

No. 93508

Quit projecting. Most exols want nct and all their fans dead. Who do you think was trending those superm disband hashtags for a week straight and why?

No. 93509

It was discussed in the last thread but apparently there was some twitter account accusing Doyoung of dating some 40 year old

No. 93510

I saw in the other thread but this situation doesn’t really prove it to be true or not. I’m actually so glad he told them off.. he’s a grown man

No. 93514

File: 1590715158102.png (261.46 KB, 500x499, 9F66DB7E-A0AC-4E86-BC07-EF74EC…)

i always find it refreshing when idols dont feed the "bubu narrative" that fans like to push on them, or just call out fans being annoying in general

another favorite of mine is jackson from got7 getting super fucking annoyed at fans spamming "say hi to X country" on vlive and just calling them out


doyoung's always been good about trying to draw a more coherent line between idols and fans and not feeding the delulu like some of his bandmates, i think he also straight up called out a sasaeng earlier this month for calling him during vlive, and openly glaring at them when they take pictures

No. 93516

is the person who's talking to him sending these screenshots to JYPE? if not for some type of legal "proof", i don't see any other benefit to bugging him bc he's a ticking time bomb at this point.
i don't think a demo exists, the best 'sexy deep voice' cover i found was a spanish cover LMFAO. maybe harass a nugu idol into covering it? or spamming a request to an idol who likes to do covers like youngk.
i agree that singularity is a good song but i also like the weeknd, so if you wanna listen to some r&b that sounds similar, look into his old old stuff.

No. 93517

>has to hide his face in the new MV because hes considered ugly
Can't make sense of why would they even debut him if that's the case.

No. 93519

it's sad. but what's the point if you can't get into big 3 or at least a known company? 60-80 groups debut a year, 98% of them don't make it

No. 93523

Exo-ls are batshit even by kpop standards whereas carats are almost quiet to the point of invisibility at times. Can't really imagine these two fanbases having significant demographic overlap.

No. 93524

Why are carats so well behaved?

No. 93525

i mean the great majority of kpop fans are normal fucking people, its just that delulus and oppapologists are the loudest on social media and make the most fuss

SM artists have always attracted the worst sasaengs (most rookies have sasaengs and even fansites in some cases pre-debut) and EXO was no exception

No. 93526

I think it was because the backlash only started after debut (because who would know anything about them predebut), and I guess it was unexpected.

I wonder how much backlash he actually got though, considering how nugu they are, and the only sources I can find are some tweets and an allkpop article, but his company clearly doesnt want to take any risks.

Im surprised too, since Seventeen are pretty big, there has to be insanity somewhere.
Also does Seventeen actually get along that well with each other? Their fans always say they have a really close bond, but with 13 members that just seems impossible. Am I just being cynical?

No. 93528

File: 1590720519312.jpeg (226.06 KB, 828x1216, BC4C4556-F379-47EB-B5A7-D2CE3C…)

so i dont know much about seventeen since i dont find them interesting, but just googling "carats problematic" pulls up a whole bunch of articles

it seems that as a whole they're pretty calm, but the fandom also seems to pride itself on being "unproblematic" so any behavior deemed problematic is immediately squashed

here's the reddit post i found, i dont know how true or exaggerated this is https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularkpopopinions/comments/cgg8vj/carats/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body

even on twitter theres entire accounts dedicated to calling out fans they deem "problematic" and distributing blocklists

if anything i feel theyre probably generally quiet and try not to pick fights like ratmy/nctfags, but to say they're a "unproblematic fandom" is a reach lol

No. 93530

If you're into that type of music you might like this guy's stuff

I would love to hear Jaehyun cover it since he's a baritone that can actually sing

No. 93532

i wish JJY wasn't such a piece of absolute human garbage because he had such a gorgeous deep singing voice

what a fucking waste of talent, not to mention he got off easy too. i wonder if he's going to try and yoochun his way back to the industry, but hes too nugu for that

No. 93551


What the fuck with the thumbnail. I watched the video and that's why I don't like surgery unless I look like a duck.

No. 93552

File: 1590729038698.jpg (128.58 KB, 726x1023, ayWj6Ma.jpg)

They never had a chance after the scandal. Sad because they were tall and attractive guys who had probably practiced for years, yet some scummy higher-ups fucked their career over. Apparently some of the members joined another group but I only have limited info. The pic is their hottest member (Ghun) who was a Taecyeon lookalike and had a ripped bod, what a waste.

No. 93553

File: 1590729066772.jpg (61.61 KB, 575x1024, a367f2d350ee4bda10c26aa129958b…)

Seventeen is the only group I'm mildly interesting in because I actually find them to be good performers and relatively talented for a kpop group (Hoshi's choreos were fun af, kinda sad they don't do the whole musical-like performances anymore), but I fucking hate how the fandom tries to parade them as "unproblematic", I mean Mingyu just got caught being a dumbass, wonwoo was a fucking asshole who said horrible things about SNSD (granted, he was an edgy teenager but still) and I'm 100% more will come out later because with 13 members there is bound to be some extra tea. They seem to get along just fine, imo Woozi is probably the least close to the members but he strikes me as an introvert so who knows. The Chinese line can barely speak Korean so they usually keep to themselves, I'm calling it those two will be the first ones to go.

No. 93554

yeah, i think three of the members joined another nugu group that ended up failing and ghun went to the military

last i heard he was a small time model, but i cant find anything. its such a shame, he was really attractive and they honestly weren't terrible performers

No. 93555

>The Chinese line can barely speak Korean
I'm a casual SVT fan and this is blatantly untrue.

No. 93556

do any old 2ne1 fans wanna talk about blackpink? specifically their fans sounding exactly like blackjacks back in the day but even worse somehow.
i swear being a blink is like 20% saying how the girls are ~goals~ and then 70% sperging about the girls being mistreated by yg. blinks: could you all please have channeled that energy onto the first girl group that yg ruined and based blackpink off of? i get that probably a lot if not most of their fans are new to kpop or yg girl groups (bc what kind of human would want to go through the pain of being a blackjack all over again), but honestly imo bp doesn't even have it that bad. i'm not going to lie an say that they are mismanaged but bp were fully aware prior to debuting as to how 2ne1 was treated by yg and yet chose to debut anyway.
maybe bp thought that they'd be treated differently because they're prettier but the shelving is absolutely the same management as 2ne1, without yg telling them they're ugly all the time, of course.
basically blinks need to fucking get over it and stop acting like their girls are so underutilized and mismanaged. and also realize that the shitty management is absolutely never going to change, so either jump ship now or accept it and stop complaining.

> group debuted in 2015, has been promoting for nearly 5 years in korea
> majority of members are korean
> chinese members probably trained for years before that
> chinese members still "barely speak korean"
am i getting this?

No. 93557

*aren't mismanaged - correction

No. 93559

2ne1 actually faced shit. Like that druggie scandal where YG protected a dude who smoked pot but not her over medication. I have no idea why blackpink only has about 9 songs that all have the same while receiving so much hype. They really are basically models.

No. 93560

I won't try to deny it, I like the group but I'm not invested enough in kpop to call myself a fan, that's just what I've noticed from the few videos I've seen, but I guess I've probably just watched clips were they happen to be quiet

No. 93564

There’s lots of speculation that basically all their songs had been recorded around the same time and are just slowly getting released, hence why they all sound similar and a bit outdated beyond 2016

No. 93578

Their Korean is fine. The other poster needs to check their facts more before posting and based on your wording you need to stop taking anonymous posts at face value and being too overzealous of an anti.

No. 93586

You make it sound like complaining about YG is a full time commitment. For most blinks, it’s just a tweet here and there or a conversation filler. I don’t get why they need to stop or why it’s a big deal.

As for the girls themselves, they probably didn’t think they would go through the same shit. We all noticed the pattern of YG mismanaging girl groups because it happened to Blackpink too. From the POV of starstruck trainees, it’s just one group unfortunately ending out of many others that are perfectly fine.

No. 93590

I agree. I'd still listen to him to this day, too bad he's a scumback. People are often saying "you have to separate artist's work and their personal life" no, I don't have to and I don't want to

No. 93591

It's because Koreans and Chinese somehow think he's the pinnacle of beauty…
I'm an exofag and I've always lowkey hated him. Chanyeol, Kai and him were so shitty in the beginning but thanks to loads of vocal lessons the other two improved enough to cover for the members who are currently enlisted, meanwhile Sehun still isn't able to do more than saying a line. He can't sing, can't rap, he only talks. His dancing is totally overrated, very stiff, other members like Xiumin and Baekhyun are much better (additionally to being able to sing) but because he's so popular he get's dance solos. He's like a robot or like V, the others are always fussing over him, babying him, calling him cute (despite him looking like the oldest) and he just sits there, looking cold af, doing nothing, always the same indifferent facial expression. His body is massively overrated too, being skinny and having wide shoulders isn't a feat, Chanyeol and Kai are just as tall, also have good proportions and they work out. He looks like a dorito on chopsticks. Maybe it wouldn't be that big of a deal if he wasn't in a group with such good vocalists, but in Exo he's really useless.

No. 93592

i mean, it's obvious why he's in the group- because his visuals. but i don't know why but i feel like he's not cold/mean, i thik he's just shy and maybe that's because he knows he's shit and not usefull

No. 93593

I at least respect the fact that Sehun's fans are not delusional enough to ask for a fucking solo, or even for more lines. Like, as long as he gest one "that's right, my type" moment, they seem content.
NCTfags who stan filler members are constantly complaining about lines and solos. Same with Twice. Like, how are you gonna give any of the members other than maybe Jihyo or Nayeon a solo, when they can barely hold a tune?

The delusion is real.

No. 93596

The correlation is with the fact that the drama is mainly a cast with older women in it and 19+.

No. 93597

I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt but not once since debut he's shows any sort of remorse for his lack of talent.
Maybe saying he's cold (or like V) is a bit too much, at least he doesn't seem to resent the job or the others but he's definitely comfortable just doing nothing and raking in money.

While it's mostly in the form of jokes, they do indeed complain. Maybe not so much recently because that Chanyeol and Sehun thing seemed to have placated most of his stans. This video sums it all up: everybody sings and he's standing on the side waiting for his cringy english one liner…if I was him I'd feel so embarrassed and ashamed.

No. 93599

Am I biased or does Kai sing pretty okay here? He actually sounds good to me kek. Also what do other anons here think of DO's vocals? I've heard opinions on Baek and Chen but not much about Kyungsoo, so I'm curious. What do you guys think is a song where his vocals sounded best?

No. 93600

or he’s a grown man watching a show meant for his audience in the first place.

No. 93601

Samefagging because I'm now watching a random live performance and Sehun looks so incredibly average it's hilarious kek

No. 93602

No one said anything about that. He already has rumors of going out with an older woman and now he's sharing a drama with mainly older women and a sexual theme in it. What's so hard to understand?

No. 93603

you just said the correlation was him watching the 19+ drama with older women casted in it.. as it should have.

No. 93604

It'd be great if you could take off the tinfoil hat so the rest of us could use the thread without too much autism

No. 93605

I still don't get what's your problem with my assumption. And using autism here so freely to call somebody "stupid" is just disgusting.
If you don't agree, just ignore.(infighting, autism)

No. 93606

Anon, you're on an imageboard. Sperging and autism as well as the terms samefagging, namefagging and other terms you may consider offensive are part of actual terminology here and admins, farmhands (mods) and users alike use them. If it's offensive to you, you need to find another site to discuss this man and his cougars. I'd drop the "What's so hard to understand" when you clearly don't understand where you are right now. This is not twitter.

No. 93607

Your assumption was baseless. I’m sure you’d scream he’s a pedo if he watched a show geared towards younger teens. I am repeatedly just saying he’s watching that show because he can, he’s grown. It’s meant for older audiences. The only thing you can retract is “omg he definitely must like older woman!!!1?!1”

No. 93608

I love D.O's voice. Baekhyun and Chen have more range, but to me he is the second strongest vocalist in EXO after Chen. Chen has the best technique though, and the most consistent mix. But D.O has the best runs. This is his best performance, imo.

Kai sounds good here, but it would be tragic if he didn't. He's not doing much, just singing the same note.

No. 93609

Literally who cares if some nobody from NCT dates older women and how exactly does that make him a closet creeper?

No. 93610

>literally who cares
excellent summary

No. 93611

The implication that liking older women is creepy is so weird as well. Why is anon trying to moralfag about such a nonissue?

No. 93612

this is still the funniest thing to me. I wish we got some more of this juicy "real vocal" content. MR removed are usually inaccurate but in this instance it's such a gem.

No. 93614

No. 93615

>>93612 LMAO

Also, this video never fails to make me laugh. It's fantastic. Up there with the demo version of Wolf.

No. 93616

All I ever said is "So he does actually like older women." Where did I ever judge it as bad or good? I only concluded that it's a confirmation to it. You're the crazy one putting words I've never even wrote.
Maybe you're the one who likes to create a non-existent drama to feel like a smarty pants. I'm out of this.

No. 93617

Nobody cares.

No. 93619

Obviously some people care if they posts such info on him here.

No. 93620

i don't see how watching an extremely popular drama implies he's into older women but who cares if he was? as fetishes go, that's like the blandest, most harmless one a dude can have.

No. 93621

You said you were leaving. Leave.

No. 93622

I find it laughable you’re still insisting it’s proof and even called it a confirmation. Like the rest of the anons are nobody cares.

No. 93623

god that video is so cursed. the crunchy audio and that first rap verse will never leave the recesses of my brain

wow, the pitchy chorus really got me in that christmas spirit

No. 93628

i don't even know when the chorus was but around the 1:00 mark it started sounding nightmarefuel-ish. What song were they singing? The vid itself was removed from yt lmao.

No. 93629

>man watches literally most popular drama running in korea at the time
>omg he loves older women
>spergs about it for 7 messages after everyone else stops caring and screeches everytime someone tells you to stop

is this filler chan on a vpn again…the way they insist theyre right seems awfully familiar

this is fucking tragic kek

No. 93631

The group is called co-Ed
Song is beetleborg bigbadaboom(?)

I’ve never actually listened to it outside this video, to be fair to them the girls weren’t too bad at the start

No. 93632

moonbyul's pre-release ballad came out
performance vid is pretty bleh, the choreo is repetitive and boring and too similar to her other stuff.
i actually liked the song. it has a pretty upbeat chorus for a ballad and sounds kind of fresh.

No. 93633

Oh god, it hurts me physically.(learn to sage)

No. 93634

The song is really good(learn to sage)

No. 93635

>Kai sounds good here, but it would be tragic if he didn't.
No, it wouldn't. If vocalist V get's away with sounding like he's dying and still sells millions/wins tons of awards for his "soulful" voice, then Kai's level should be enough for a mere dancer.

Lol you're mean anon, that was in 2013, they improved a lot since then. No matter how fit you are, there's a limit to sounding good while dancing, but since Tempo and Love Shot they're pretty stable, even in more intense songs.

No. 93638

I'm the same anon in both posts you've replied to.

V is a disaster and I never claimed otherwise. I actually said Kai sounded good there, but let's not get defensive because I'm an Exofag and I can pull receipts of him sounding awful, too.

The clip is fun, don't take it so seriously. Everyone knows they have the best vocal line of their generation.

No. 93639

Dayum, I like Obsession's Suho. The right concept can turn a bland boring vanilla guy with a wet cardboard personality into a guy I would write a dirty smut fic about (kek, disregard this cringe).

No. 93641

Honestly in most live performances where they’re mostly lip syncing, I doubt they can actually really hear themselves so it’s no wonder many otherwise decent vocalists go so off key

No. 93643

wrong again. Idc who that even is. and if I did know, I wouldn't give a fuck about them liking older women. Who cares? It’s better than him liking underage girls..

No. 93644

Yeah, the backing track is really loud, the vocalist are just mumbling along the chorus because irl, they can't hear themselves. That's why it's hilarious and why you can't trust MR removed videos to judge vocals. The actual performance, that's mostly lipsynced, sounds good.

No. 93646

Lol Baekhyun said he'd like to collab with Taeyong…how do the resident Exofags feel about that?

No. 93647

It's just SM pushing the hell out of that ship to promote SuperM. Doesn't bother me at all.

They've been really hamming it up with the whole "Taeyong has a crush on Baekhyun" thing. To anyone who's been into k-pop for a while, it's painfully unsubtle.

No. 93648

File: 1590756584352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.03 KB, 721x351, F67F37EF-08CE-4E38-AE4C-54DBA9…)

His eyes look so weird now. Why is he fucking with his face so much? His eyes were perfectly fine before.

No. 93649

oh my god yes, SM has been hamming up and forcing the taeyong/baekhyun ship in superm so hard and the fangirls are eating it up, theres so many delulu fujos on twitter rn insisting taeyong has a huge crush on baekhyun because of that one comment mark made about taeyong having baekhyun as his phone wallpaper…

SM is the best (worst?) when it comes to pushing ships and feeding delusional fangirls the idea that all their oppas are fucking behind the scenes

Off the top of my head, SM definitely has all of the most "famous" ships like yunjae, eunhae, jongkey, hunhan…im not surprised theyre trying to force ships in superm to try and keep the flop group going kek

No. 93650

Agreed. At least the old ships like Yunjae and Jongkey had chemistry, now they are plain terrible. Yuta and Mark, Jeno and Jaemin, Baekhyun and Taeyong, Mark and Kai…

No. 93651

File: 1590756959484.jpg (21.04 KB, 425x519, fLS2C6h.jpg)

Looking like a Furby. Yikes

No. 93652

the worst part is theyre so fucking obvious its cringey, like its so forced sometimes and it just makes watching any content uncomfortable

the yuta mark ship that theyve been pushing lately is so fake that at times i wonder if theres just a manager straight up standing behind the camera pointing and motioning for them to "do something" because they'll just sit there and then suddenly and randomly be on top of each other

the other companies never push and force ships this hard, maybe BH but i feel that was more so out of delulu fangirls starting it and BH just feeding the ships with content, not the other way around where SM is calculating what "may work" and making these dudes try it out

can you imagine being pulled into a meeting and told "ok this comeback we're gonna try and fool these chicks into thinking you two are fucking so have at it

No. 93653

Suga said coronavirus is a blessing and its being picked up by western media
https://twitter.com/ThePopHob/status/1266343738290429953?s=19(this is an imageboard)

No. 93654

omg what an actual idiot

No. 93655

He is has the most inflated ego on the planet. It’s a blessing that 300,000 people have died because I was able to release my shitty mixtape!!!

No. 93656

File: 1590757588984.jpeg (549.15 KB, 2048x2048, 270B3CBE-09B4-48BB-B8BD-F732B8…)

i love the account straight up calling out ratmys for false reporting and oppa defending kek

ofc the ratmys will deny deny deny even if this blows up bc "thats not what oppa meant you guys are jealous of his mixtape success"

what a fucking douche, he definitely knows what he said and doesnt give a fuck because he knows these delusional fans will protect his ego no matter what

No. 93658

>being pulled into a meeting and told "ok this comeback we're gonna try and fool these chicks into thinking you two are fucking so have at it"
Actually I kinda think it happens exactly that way. It's super disgusting, but in showbiz even nastier things happen everyday behind the scene. Anything goes if it brings lotta money.

No. 93659

What a fucking dumbass. People are dying, Kim.

I always wonder why they don't push ships of people who actually get along, like Taemin/Kai or Ten/Lucas, but then I wouldn't be shocked if Ten and Taemin were LGBT themselves, and SM needs straight guys for fangirls to fetishize.

No. 93661

im sure thats what happens lol, but i dont feel bad because these dudes are literal millionaires in their early twenties, they can pretend to slap a butt here or there or hold eye contact for a little too long so fangirls can take the clip and slow it down for their youtube ship videos

i also find it funny that SM pushed jaemin/jeno SO hard and then immediately dropped the ship the moment jaemin's dating news came out and started pushing haechan/jeno and jaemin/jisung kek

SM is so blatantly obvious sometimes and its pretty funny how fangirls eat it up despite it being so manufactured

No. 93663

a twitter account with 1400 followers is the "western media"? kek

No. 93665

Is translation good tho? I don't trust ratmys but they are pretty loud in the replies. i want to be 100% sure I can laugh in their faces now

No. 93666

File: 1590758527865.jpg (49.74 KB, 592x401, hfh.jpg)

Ratmys accusing the account of being a blink because they reported on the Gaga collab…You can't make this shit up.

>>93663 yeah, I've never heard of the pop hub before, but I hope big media picks it up.

>>93661 everything related to Jaemin comes off as fake to me. That guy was legitimately puched out their fanservice factory.

No. 93667

would be hilarious if that's not what he actually said but is thrown under the bus nevertheless

No. 93669

its been trending on pann for over a day until the western koreaboo sites picked it up, koreans were the first to call him out

my korean isnt great but he does say something along the lines of "well because of coronavirus i had downtime and was able to finish my album"

definitely not him thanking coronavirus but also not something he should be saying so flippantly considering korea had it bad for a while, and his own bandmate got fucked for a covid-related issue literally a few weeks ago and the sensitivities are still high

No. 93670

what a shame. guess he didn't say it literally. false alarm?

No. 93671

I guess there’s a fine line in people’s perception when you say “I was able to release music due to lockdown/self-isolating” vs “I was able to release music due to corona virus”. Not super inflammatory but still seems detached and insensitive

No. 93672

same anon, i didnt translate the tone well i guess, i can totally see why koreans are annoyed at him, because he does indirectly call it a blessing but the direct korean translation is more of "silver lining" instead of a stronger "blessing"

it definitely came off as flippant and i can see why knetz are angry at him over it, and i expect him to get dragged for a bit as ratmys lose their shit trying to defend him

No. 93673

Somebody upthread claimed that exofags moved on to younger nct - but I've never seen such a person. Many seem to like rv, shinee, maybe snsd and suju too, but nct is completely different, they don't even really feel like a sm group. I personally don't give af about them, sperm or anything else exo has to do outside their group or solo projects.

I think it's pretty sad actually, they shouldn't have to do that anymore at this age. Gay fanservice is for rookies to get some attention, not for people who've been in the industry for a decade.
Plus taemin and kai always wanted to work together and instead of being able to enjoy that now, they each got a nct member assigned.
Baekhyun said in a live that him, taeyong and lucas slept together in a bed because they were scared… as if bitch, who tf really believes that, they were basically strangers until a short while ago.

No. 93674

I laughed 5 good minutes at this

No. 93675

Their og account got suspended so this is a new one that's why. It's already on kmedia before

No. 93676

but anon, they all love each other because they’re all part of the wonderful SM family!

No. 93677

how do three grown men fit onto a bed together anyways lol

i feel like sm gives them canned lines to say on lives etc. so fangirls can keep sperging clips inbetween content and keep interest up, its all so manufactured

im definitely a casual fan, but my koreaboo friends who buy albums etc. and were into exo have migrated to rv and nct, but my sample size is small. im sure a large majority of exo-ls remain loyal to exo solo/sparse group activities, but nct definitely built a bit of their initial fanbase from bored exo-ls. im sure the hardcore nctfags are probably not ex-exols but there is a casual base of exols who probably listen to some group in nct

No. 93678

You've got the gist right, but the bit Koreans are angry about is that he said people should try to look on the positive side, as there's so much negative news right now. And the example he gave was that because of Covid-19 he had enough downtime to put out an album.

So basically he was saying "Let's be less negative and look at the good things Covid-19 has given us! Like my album.

No. 93679

ah, that makes more sense, i only translated the 8 second clip some other anon linked/was linked in that tweet

honestly he should have just kept his mouth shut, and now hes just painted a target on his forehead lol

not to mention knetz already hate oppapologist ratmys, so the more they defend the bigger the backlash is

No. 93682

I always assumed the yuta/mark shit is all yuta's doing in an attempt to draw more attention to himself, and mark is just too nice to push him away. Why would sm pair a popular member with one of the biggest fanbases in the group with a background dancer who barely has any fans? I don't see where the benefit would be in that.

No. 93684

the same reason why they pushed yuta/winwin and winwin/taeil, one popular member + one backup dancer member means they might be able to bring more fujo fans to the nugu member's fanbase and also get them more attention and views

if they did a yuta/taeil pairing or something equally useless/not cared about there wouldn't be attention

granted SM seems to switch up their flavor of the month pairings every comeback so we'll see if they're going to keep pushing this, but yuta definitely has been growing his literal non existent fanbase (his fancam views are increasing considerably) this comeback because he's shoved on camera more with mark

as weird blatant as SM is with their shipping fanservice, you cant deny it works because they have the most rabid delusional fujos salivating over these manufactured moments kek

No. 93686

File: 1590763852839.jpg (685.45 KB, 4000x3000, v.jpg)

V needs to reconsider his image change, I don't think that the majority of fans like it. Just a year ago his vlives reached up to 500 million views, competing with Jk in terms of popularity, but his last ones always only got less than 10 (that's on the level of the hyung line). Most ratmys aren't in it for the music, they're not interested in him being a mysterious or savage "artist" (read: an asshole). His younger fans can't even relate to nowadays-him anymore and his older fans also just want a cute guy who sings, dances and acts silly to distract them from their own boring or shitty life.
See picture: Isn't such a drop in interest within just half a year alarming? And it's not like the following lives did any better, always only around 6 million views.

No. 93687

op here but i was asking the title of the exo christmas one lol. I want to listen how the original sounds like. nta but the beetleborg girls sounded okayish imo too.

No. 93689

i highly doubt the dude gives a shit about his image anymore, he doesnt even bother to act interested with group activities anymore, nor does he try to hide how over he is with most of the members on camera lol

hes beyond fucking loaded, so i really wouldnt worry about how many views he gets considering he clearly shows he doesnt give a shit

besides, he still has a dedicated fanbase that will always follow him regardless of what stupid sperg shit he does so hes fine

No. 93690

i honestly don't think V cares anymore. I think he is clocking in his hours and collecting his paycheck. I do agree with you that his new persona (which I suspect is closer to his real personality) is obnoxious and people probably dont like it as much as they liked his old uwu quirky shtick

also i noticed that there is 1 billion hearts on that video, that's not individual people right? like you can give more than one heart per person? even 500 million seems like a vastly inflated view count, but i dont know how vlive views work

No. 93691

>bring more fujo fans to the nugu member's fanbase and also get them more attention and views
Yeah but the thing is I don't get why they'd even bother with that since the nugu member's fanbase never spends anywhere near as much money as a popular member's fanbase does. It's makes more sense to put all the focus on developing a bigger fanbase for the idols that already have one.

No. 93694

>>93686 I think this is his actual image (a tryhard art snob) and the image he used to have during debut (4D or whatever they call being a spastic dumbass) was fake. That's why a lot of ratmys are always crying about him being depressed, lol.

>>93687 there you go.

>>93684 but both halves of the ship have to be at least somewhat good-looking, otherwise it doesn't work. Like Winwin/Taeil. Taeil said he tried to contact Winwin recently, but that Winwin never picks up the phone, lmao.

>>93673 I'm a Cassie and an EXO-L, and I've sort of gotten into NCT because of the pandemic, but I only like 5 or 6 members.

No. 93697

Vlive has a similar heart button to insta live. You can give as many hearts as you want and if you press the heart for two seconds or so it gives 10 hearts at once.

No. 93699

Why do I feel like bts's downfall is coming soon. Jk's Itaewon scandal, Knets pissed at suga's retardation and V's fans losing interest in him. Who's next? I bet they'll lose lots of fans in korea first.

No. 93700

File: 1590765268254.gif (1 MB, 268x350, 6A15F3F3-A2A7-466F-9D86-660B84…)

> Taeil said he tried to contact Winwin recently, but that Winwin never picks up the phone, lmao.

look at how winwin is looking at taeil lol, i dont think theyre friends and i doubt winwin would bother talking to taeil unless it was required on camera

it was talked about in a previous thread, but it was very obvious taeil/winwin was a forced ship and winwin was not a fan lol

No. 93701

Oh no, I'm certainly not worried kek I just think it's interesting that he basically did this to himself, without even ever getting into a real scandal. All other idols or celebtrities are smart enough to try and hold onto every bit of fame they can get for as long as possible (no matter how rich they already are), you have to be a special kind of narc (or dumb) to willingly let go of all that just for the sake of showing your "true self" and "art". I'm waiting for the day bts members get individual instagram accounts, the difference in followers is gonna be huge, in bp and exo it's already bad, but in bts it'll be even worse.

No. 93702

They'll be over when they start enlisting. No scandal is worse for kpop fans than losing relevancy. Stanning BTS is the kpop stan equivalent of supporting the Patriots or a popular sports team. It's only for bragging rights because you know they'll do well.

All fans say they'll keep supporting their oppa after enlistment, but they all end up jumping ship to fresher meat. Except for the Japanese fans, the rest will move on.

No. 93703

why don’t they have ig?

No. 93704

not to mention the hyung line is enlisting soon, and i would not be the least surprised if they all tried to get public service enlistment jobs, which the public fucking hates

if they did go down that route that would absolutely be the beginning of the end for them, not to mention the maknae line is the "troublesome" line and i feel like the moment they get more freedom and stop promoting in a group they'll start causing issues left and right and end up in the news

ive said a few times i can totally see V ending up like TOP, he was also super over it near the end, and has a similar weird druggie artsy persona, and had a large fanbase for his looks and supposed talent.

even then, TOP definitely has more talent than V and the public fucking hates him, so i could totally see V going down the same path and getting caught doing drugs and fucking around with young girls and posting weird "art". i honestly cant wait, i find his pretentious attitude so obnoxious and would love to see someone knock him down his high horse

No. 93705

too bad he doesn't know people like to ship "enemies" even more lol

No. 93706

I don't think he's lost that many fans, he's still one of the most popular. I think what's helping him maintain popularity is him being the most active on social media, he interacts with the fandom a lot compared to the rest of the maknae line

No. 93708

I think specifically for that reason? "Ot7 only, solo stans bad!" but in reality it's because the vast majority of their fans only care for jk and jimin and numbers on individual accounts would show that. Plus bh would've less control over that and they could end up posting something stupid. It's pretty ridiculous, seeing as even much never groups already got permission for it.

No. 93710

V is still massively popular, which is pretty damn impressive since he does absolutely nothing except have a good-looking face

No. 93711


Yup, with hyungs gone away shit'll unload. there won't be anybody to tell jimin to wash

No. 93712

>>93673 I used to be an exo-l but now I only follow a couple members. Got introduced to NCT through SuperM (the things I do for Baekhyun) and sort of ended up liking WayV, cause they remind me of Exo-M (poorly planned idea, neglected by SM in comparison to their Korean counterparts, etc).

Like, they are having a comeback in a week or so, and SM hasn't even posted the news yet. Fans only know cause the album distributors fucked up and contacted the Chinese fans for pre-orders.

NCT127 and Dream get mini MVs of all the songs in their albums weeks in advance, and these guys don't get a single tweet, lol.

>>93701 yeah, the difference in followers in exo is huge. Also doesn't help that Sehun and Chanyeol have the most, which says a lot about the fandom.

No. 93713

File: 1590766564047.jpeg (201.83 KB, 827x1209, EZF3h3NWoAAcW01.jpeg)

Of all the people to have a kind of decent take on the stuff happening in America right now I'd never expect it to be Jay Park

No. 93714

isn’t it almost d-day for Jin? Like aren’t we 6 or so months off of him enlisting?

No. 93716

Something’s definitely up with V and I doubt it’s him being over the idol life. He’s the most active member in social media and interacts with the fanbase the most, those aren’t the actions of someone tired of their job. If anything, JK who doesn’t do any social media and has no connection with the fanbase coupled with his nightlife can be argued to be more over it than V.

I think V got into a fight with some of the members or maybe the company itself.

No. 93717

File: 1590766664806.jpeg (115.27 KB, 828x1068, 9E9821DF-E56B-44CF-B115-AD7186…)

that's definitely it, they can barely keep V from posting weird shit (like that toe picture from a previous thread) on their company-controlled pages, let alone a full blown public instagram account

i can also see him responding to fans stupidly since he's always been rude and causing an issue, letting them have personal IG/social media accounts would be a PR nightmare (see photo where he's being mean to a fan for asking a question, can you imagine him responding to instagram spergs)

im sure they'll eventually open their own accounts, but for now bts is still "the nations top boy group" and BH is trying to cling to that for as long as possible kek

once they start declining in popularity everything will go sour very quickly and im so ready for it

No. 93718

After all the ripping off black culture, that's the least he can do. Glad he donated and that he didn't say anything stupid. Good for him.

No. 93719

what a dickhead. Does he not know he had non korean native fans lol

No. 93720

lol, he's basically saying "are you esl"
except, korean not english obviously lol

No. 93723

jesus christ. he understood what she meant. He just insulted her to be an asshole. he didn’t even give her a dog name either.

No. 93725

As a Cassie and an EXO-L, which NCT members do you like and why?

No. 93727

Is this real? Fans probably see it as a joke but imagine how they felt getting a reply from V only to see it was an insult and he didn't even answer

No. 93730

I tried watching Bon Voyage months ago and there's an episode where V doesn't go where he's supposed to and ends up in a farm land with the cameraman. The camera man was so over him. When the producer picked him up, at the end of the car ride you could see he had cried, probably because the producer reprimanded him. I thought it was so weird.

No. 93732

Lmao you're right, I'm dumb and missed the "fanstagram" on the description
Damn how can fanstagrams that barely update get millions of followers

No. 93733

big hit scared the boys will be sliding into insta thot dms. Jks dumbass would be the first to do it lmao

No. 93734

That's just straight up cruel. Just say you hate foreigners (even the ones who give you money) and go. That was probably a little girl, for her this is only a hobby, meanwhile you toured through america for how many times already? yet still don't speak any english.

No. 93736

What an asshole.

I like Mark, Renjun, Jisung, Ten, Kun, Doyoung and after the scandal, I like Jaehyun better, lol. I'm ambivalent towards most of the others, and some of them I just plainly dislike.

I think they are all quite talented and don't play into the boyfriend fanservice bullshit, which I appreciate. That's why I now like Jaehyun better, cause he ruined that fake prince-like image. I think I like Kun cause he reminds me of Suho and Ten cause he reminds me of Lay.

No. 93737

suga did this once as well. He was doing a live and he made a comment about knowing someone was a foreigner because their grammar was off.

No. 93738

Ikr? Wonder how armys would have reacted if idk, Shawn Mendes answered to a foreigner fan like this, they're always the first one to "cancel" western celebs when their oppas get away with so much shit

No. 93739

File: 1590768025596.jpg (25.86 KB, 668x642, greedybh.jpg)

I have a feeling too. Both enlisting and the way both V and Jk are acting is going to bring them down. Kpop fans are fickle and very few idols have a big, loyal fanbase. I hope bts at least slows the fuck down. They just released more merch on weverse doing a fila collab.

They've been releasing merch non stop, despite not touring.

No. 93740

Who do you dislike?

No. 93743

theyre not touring but BH still has to make money somehow, i wonder if they also know the end is near and theyre just trying to milk as much money as they can before it all comes crashing down

the sad thing is the ratmy fandom is so large, these dudes will still have a loyal core oppapologist fanbase that will never leave them and support them through everything

No. 93745

I remember that episode. He took the wrong bus like an idiot and ended up going 3 hours off in the opposite direction. The director had to drive 3 hours to get him and he didnt even seem upset. When the director asked him if he wanted to give up his 20 euros to the rest of bts for being an ssshole, V was really apprehensive. he was like a child who didnt know right and wrong and had no remorse. Even the cameraman seemed worried with his aloof behavior and no regard for their safety. I dont think he even apologised to the director for having to drive 3 hours to get him. It was really gross. Now i understand why most V fans are immature and underage.

No. 93747

here's the video in question i believe, he is so insufferable, he doesnt even sound apologetic to anyone involved

the entire time he's just trying to be "uwucute quirky", like people are calling him asking him where he is and he responds "somewhere with nice scenery"

this is a grown ass man who cant even be responsible enough to show up to the correct place which is literally his only job

No. 93748

Damn, must have been some harsh scolding for a grown adult to cry. V comes off as the type to show his discontent with others as well. He definitely recently got into a fight with Jungkook, their last vlive was tense as hell. And didn’t Jungkook throw some shade at him by saying that he doesn’t put effort on stage or something?
That being said, I don’t imagine that just one strained relationship with a bandmate would change someone that much so he probably argued with a ton others, both BTS members and company staff.

No. 93749

Wasnt it that he was supposed to be in Sweden but ended up in Norway?

No. 93750

jimin fans get a terrible rap but so many V fans are super annoying and a lot of them are fucking weird, too

No. 93752

I thought v and jk were awkward because they are relentlessly shipped together. Worse than the others.

No. 93753

File: 1590769246233.jpeg (124.07 KB, 828x1057, 2BCAA9EE-D001-4E51-BBC1-3213FF…)

i doubt it, vkook has been "dead" for a while now, not to mention V shut down shippers in 2019 and caused a stink about it

i highly doubt these members all like each other behind the scenes, it was discussed in a previous thread but V couldn't even be bothered to show up for suga's birthday despite knowing they were going to film it

No. 93754

they've always been relentlessly shipped together and it never seemed to be a problem before, until recently when i feel like they fell out. normally i wouldnt speculate on this stuff but they acted normal with each other throughout 2018 and most of 2019, it's only recently that it's been so weird between them that you can feel it through the screen. in the recent run episode when V was put on a team with jk and jin he seemed visibly put out. and the V and jk vlive from a couple weeks back….. unwatchably uncomfortable. wonder what happened

No. 93756

i believe so, i think rm also managed to lose his passport on the same trip

being the manager/tard wrangler for these 7 manchildren must be such a headache, im sure their staff dont get paid nearly enough to deal with their shit either

No. 93757

maybe v fucked jks ugly girlfriend

No. 93758

Same anon as >>93740 but I also like all the members you mentioned except for Doyoung. I actually can't stand the guy.

No. 93759

haha maybe, although in my opinion most of the anger and awkwardness seems to be coming from V's side, although jk could just be better at hiding it, or at least still care enough to bother to hide it

No. 93761

Taeyong: too many scandals, everything he does comes off as fake to me. His personality seems to have been preprogrammed by SM.

Jaemin: also seems fake af, but he doesn't have any talent whatsoever to back it up. He is the one that profits the most from his boyfriend fansevice, yet he is careless with his gf. He just seems genuinely dumb.

Haechan: he just annoys me. He is too much of an attention whore sometimes. He is constantly trying to do fanservice with the members, too.

Jungwoo for the same reasons as above, plus the fact that his fans think he is hilarious for some reason I can't comprehend. Him quoting that sexist/homophobic youtuber while simultaneously queer-baiting also put me off.

I don't dislike them in the sense that I actively hate on them. I just don't pay them any attention and try to avoid running into their content.

Special mention to Lucas, not because I actually dislike him, but because he has the most annoying fans that can't hype him up without putting other people down, so when I see him I get reminded of that fact.

No. 93763

>he has the most annoying fans that can't hype him up without putting other people down, so when I see him I get reminded of that fact
yet you like ten?

No. 93764

i agree with all these points, its also funny how half of the members you listed (lucas, jungwoo, jaemin) are just filler members kek

careful though, mentioning lucas in this thread summons the one lucasfag who never lets up

No. 93766

I've never seen his fans put others down because he is actually talented, lol. Maybe I've missed it.

No. 93767

yeah anon, its you. is it time for your daily lucas chimp out already?

No. 93768

it's all they do. to compensate for him being ugly, they cry about the others being talentless.

No. 93769


Ah, there it is. I don't understand why you guys hate Ten so much though, genuinely curious. The only thing they can come for is him being ugly, which is subjective. I've run into a lot of gay lucas fans on twitter, so maybe they hate Ten because he is living the dream, lol.

A lot of them pretend to be Winwin fans too, just so they are not too obviously akgae, but when it comes to sales or popularity (the only thing they can brag about) they bash Winwin and everyone else. Predictable.

I don't want to talk about Lucas, I don't dislike him, as I said. But their fans are annoying, case in point.

No. 93771

Has anyone seen the new video WayV yangyang put out? It's honestly not that great and a bit "soundcloud tryhard rapper with 10 views", but its funny how he's still better than the entire Dream rapline lmfao

I do think he has potential, but god knows SM won't invest any into WayV

No. 93772

I think he is a better rapper than Taeyong, too.

No. 93775

i think he's definitely wayv's best rapper, but that isnt saying much when the other two rappers are hendery (who just talks to a beat) and lucas (who we've already discussed)

i do find it impressive that this was basically completely filmed, produced, and mixed by kun and yangyang, but its also kind of funny they have this much free time because SM is letting them rot in the basement

No. 93776

File: 1590771021355.jpg (61.61 KB, 316x316, leave-lucas-alone-its-not-his-…)

Not the lucas thing again, please.

Anon, do you stalk the thread to see if anyone mentions Lucas? The other anon didn't even come for him, just for his fans, and you go ahead and prove the point, lol.

I fucking hate NCTfags, please go back to twitter.


I find it very hard to believe that they actually sent him to a whole other country. That is all so painfully scripted. If they did, they did it on purpose.

No. 93777

> I find it very hard to believe that they actually sent him to a whole other country.

I kind of do too, but I also wouldn't be surprised since the BTS managers have a ton on their plate already wrangling 7 of these manbabies all day

I am surprised the cameraman didn't point out they were going in the wrong direction/use his phone to call production or they didn't have a manager with him, but who knows

Either way they put that entire segment in because they knew fans would eat up the "omg poor baby" image V was putting out so scripted or not it hit the demographic they were targeting

No. 93778

I think a lot of the "shenanigans" in Bon Voyage were scripted, even back when I was watching as a fan, it seemed so forced. Something stupid always has to go wrong, one loses their luggage, another loses their passport etc. and since they're seasoned travellers I can only assume that a)they're dumb and production lets them do this for more "excitement" (they surely knew V was getting the wrong bus and chose not to intervene) or b)the members are faking.

Granted, one of them losing their passport and getting a temp one probably wasn't staged, but it still gave them a chunky amount of content to pad out the episodes. I stopped watching because it just got repetetive.

No. 93780

I remember on a bon voyage there was a clip of jk literally eye fucking a girl busker. Fans were pissed over that. I remember someone said that he really liked talented women and fans went fucking crazy. Don’t you know jk is gay?

No. 93781

i think a lot of it was scripted/used for padding, but RM losing his passport is pretty on brand.

I honestly cannot stand him, how does a grown ass man not manage to hold onto the one document that he needs to enter a country for a short period of time on an airplane?

He also has the entire staff, both BH and airline looking for his passport on the plane in the video attached while he just stands around blinking like an idiot.

Between this and his entire "ive lost 30 pairs of airpods" fiasco im convinced he just has zero concern for his surroundings and courtesy for other people

No. 93782

>A lot of them pretend to be Winwin fans too, just so they are not too obviously akgae, but when it comes to sales or popularity (the only thing they can brag about) they bash Winwin and everyone else. Predictable.
are you talking about ten stans or lucas stans? a lot of lucas stans don't like winwin because of the colorist things he said to him and how racist his fans are. tenwin stans are very common since winwin is talentless so he doesnt make tens fans feel threatened and ten has worse sales so winwin fans dont feel threatened. until a miracle happens and ten does outsell something so all his fans throw winwin under the bus in a heartbeat.

No. 93783

Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.

Please don't reply to anon.

>>93781 it's a very new rich attitude, imo. He has so much money that he doesn't care.

No. 93785

>ive lost 30 pairs of airpods
uhhhh…. isnt this the guy who's supposed to not like capitalism? ive definitely seen armys saying that before

No. 93787

thread is about to go to hell since twitter is nothing but BLM and politics right now, no kpop talk allowed. it can't be helped unless we go back on lockdown.

No. 93788

Yeah, I was thinking the same. Has any idol, other than Jay Park and Eric Nam, said something about the Floyd case? Aren't there a couple of American idols out there?

No. 93789

im sure ratmys like to say all sorts of shit about their "woke UN speaker king" but here's the video where he talks about losing 33 pairs of airpods

I love how ratmys are screeching "omg so rich" as if this doesnt just show gross negligence and lack of care for over consumption lol

No. 93790

not to mention he bought $600 pair of baby shoes knowing full well no one is gunna let him knock them up

No. 93794

File: 1590772554911.png (345.2 KB, 600x300, 33B23B12-ECE3-4B95-BDD5-FE31F6…)

same anon as >>93789, apparently ratmys think RM is "anti capitalist" because he mentioned Marxism once in a vlive as an inspiration for some lyrics kek. ironically i love his background which is just filled with unnecessary designer consumers toys which is the exact opposite of anti capitalism lmfao

I did find an article about how BTS is "anti capitalist" if anyone wants to read. it's a decently neutral take on the situation and quite interesting imo


ofc ratmy fans are never going to admit their oppas are anything other than woke, im sure at this point a member can be caught on tape beating a woman while shouting racial slurs and fans would somehow find a way to shield them

No. 93796

Lol, sorry but the convo was funny.

>Lucas' fans have to put others down to hype their fave.

>Ten is ugly!
>Case in point.

I don't know, if Moon Heejoon could knock up SoYul being the ugly has-been that he is, RM sure can. He's richer and younger, at least.

No. 93797

but it's true. also, why are you samefagging now?

No. 93798

I never understood why most ratmys think that he's this genius. I don't think he's dumb but he seems pretty damn average to me, and from the passport and his general careless on losing things, immature as well.

No. 93799

File: 1590773429057.jpeg (157.09 KB, 828x732, 3DA47994-A2FE-4F8F-9D9B-DB6F99…)

i think he pushed the "genius" image for a while too, like he kept saying he has a 148 IQ and scored high on some entrance exams, but never took the "official" MENSA IQ test. fans also consider him a genius because he "taught himself english" like that's a huge accomplishment

Honestly i think its all a scam and the dude may be slightly above average, nowhere near "genius" level as he and his fans keep trying to push

Plus he's totally insufferable and like you said, immature and irresponsible lol….plus anyone who constantly talks about their IQ usually isn't that intelligent to begin with lmfao

No. 93800

how do kpoppies not see how hypocritical it is to be a commietard while also contributing to one of the most consoomeristic industries known to man

No. 93802

Yeah, knock it down, anon.

>>93797 to me he is cute, maybe cause I'm bi and he looks like a lesbian.

I don't really pay attention to NCT though, and reading the posts here, I'm glad I don't. Their fandom is in pace to become the next ARMY.

>>93799 a lot of idols pull their IQ numers out of their asses. I remember EXID Hani had that "genius" image for a while too.

Annoying af video, posting just for the ranking.

No. 93803

who knows? but there's been a reply a minute for the past hour so obviously some do, and the sperging is only going to get worse from here.

No. 93804

Literally. Kpop is such an irredeemably shit industry but muh skinny asians

No. 93806


I think it's the same couple of anons arguing back and foward though. It happens when someone mentions NCT. That time we went on lockdown it was much more obvious.

No. 93809

you're STILL samefagging? kek. I knew bisexuals had trash taste in men, they all love faggy soyboys with bad skin.

No. 93810

Is RM mother english? I swear i read this somewhere. Yeah, it doesn't take much to learn english especially as a teenager, I learned it as well and it wasn't hard, there is so much english media to consume. He's also not that good, he stumbles in his words a lot and he lacks vocabulary.

No. 93811

File: 1590774583426.jpeg (163.84 KB, 828x882, 5096FFB1-DB0F-4D77-A82C-843857…)

Lay's new album has been destroying records with the preorders, no wonder SM keeps trying to enter the chinese market

Didn't Baekhyun only get something like 750k preorders with his new album?

You would think with this kind of fanbase and revenue SM would push wayv more but I guess Lay also has the EXO branding behind him and wayv are relatively nugu

No. 93812

>Everyone that disagrees with me is samefagging!
Good to see that board culture is alive and well in /kpg/

No. 93813

File: 1590774708056.jpeg (218.25 KB, 828x1282, 33B2BC18-AB76-4DA0-9B19-0B53AE…)

samefag, attaching more album stats
this is absolutely insane to the point i wonder if there's something fishy going on in the background, i know lay was popular in china but i didn't think he was this popular

No. 93814

You are projecting, anon. I don't know what your problem is, or who the other anons are, but I'm not that sad. Not denying I like soyboys though. But good skin is a must.

>>93812 exactly, wtf. You can check my IP, mods, lol.

>>93810 Nah. He supposedly learned English by listening to hip hop, lol.

>>93811 didn't even know Lay had a music career, I thought he had left EXO and gone into acting in China or something, lmao. Good for him.

No. 93815

Baekhyun's 750k are physical album preorders but Lay's are just digital downloads or am I wrong

No. 93816

>you can check my IP, mods
There are no "mods" here and you need to learn to integrate, nobody is going to check your ip so you can win your internet argument

No. 93819

fans have been anticipating this album for a while, plus he is ambassador for some ccp youth group so the public automatically see him in a positive light. all the chinese members of exo have bigger careers in china than exo as a group ever had. those 4 combined make just as much, if not more than the 8 korean members combined do in a year. baekhyun’s fanbase is nothing compared to yixing’s.

No. 93820

not the newfag meme lol hope you remembered to clear your cookies before hopping in case a m-mooood takes you up on that(autism)

No. 93822

i think you're right, i didn't look too deep into it when i posted the screenshots. that would make sense, but still 30M RMB in 7 minutes is absolutely crazy

No. 93823


There are admins and staff in this site. If anything, it seems like you are samefagging.

Either way, we are minimodding right now. I'm gonna stop.(multiple counts of samefagging)

No. 93826

God can you stop? I bet it's always the same anon who's been intoxicating the thread from the start.
Go find healthy ways to let out your frustation instead of constantly baiting and insulting everyone on an imageboard.

No. 93827

Anon, people are going to laugh at you if you don't learn to use this site correctly before posting. If you don't like that, leave.
I have participated in this thread before and I'm not the only one who has called out retarded levels of newfaggotry. You're on a section of a site that does not like you and voted not to even have /m/ in the first place and it's not your precious little hugbox, other users will come in and there's nothing you can do about that. We do not want small communities on our imageboard that refuse to integrate. We're not "intoxicating" (kek at the twitterfaggotry itt) your thread by telling you to at least adhere to the rules of this site if you're going to refuse to leave.

No. 93829

You don't even know how to quote someone and you are lecturing people on how to use the site, lol. Next.(ban evasion)

No. 93830

>You don't even know how to quote someone
So what's it like never leaving this board but still trying to pretend like you're not newfag?

No. 93831

I do not use twitter and i do not use only m. I'm also not new. How about a bit of creativity instead of always calling others newfags. I'm not the other anon and i'm not a participant of any other derailing of the thread, but it's honestly getting tiring. Just stop derailing the thread by writing stupid nitpicking against other anons.

No. 93833

i am extremely biased because i am an exofag but they got sooo much better at singing live over the years and it's very refreshing to see comparing to other kpop groups that have debuted around the same time as them, that still sound pretty shit live

No. 93834

This thread needs to be locked asap

No. 93835

interesting, i didnt know that chinese fans bought out digital copies

unfortunately with the hallyu ban wayv can't promote in korea targeting the chinese demographic while still under the chinese arm, so i dont know how that would work

does wayv have a digital release? i would imagine they would

No. 93836

You're newfag if you think calling out newfaggotry isn't necessary.

No. 93837

The hallyu ban is literally a meme. it doesn't exist. And their digitals are just as embarrassing as their 50k total physicals.

No. 93838

Take it to /meta/, this thread is a wasteland and I doubt farmhands check it any more than they have to

No. 93840

it’s been translated again and he literally says corona has brought us all luck because it gave us Daechwita. awww we are so lucky!!!!

No. 93842

Thread is a mess. I hope they lock it.

No. 93844

bruh there's always one mf saying that every half hour

No. 93845

>You have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 93846

didn't hani get that moniker from picking up mandarin and english really quicky? not for something like mensa which nobody gives a shit about anyway

No. 93847

File: 1590779303510.jpeg (324.72 KB, 826x1449, 8C0DC6A2-C1E0-4C35-9453-9593B2…)

nah, she was sperging on talk shows for a while about her high iq and also high test scores, i remember it became a controversy for a bit because she was so obnoxious about it

just ignore and report the obvious trolls/autistic spergs, everyone finds it annoying but constantly complaining about how the thread needs to be shut down is just adding to the issue

No. 93848

ah damn i forgot your throat cannot make the bruh sound after the age of 18 oops you got me there

No. 93849

Your throat? Do you read all your spergouts aloud to yourself before you hit new reply?

No. 93850

now youre just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking but yes, i am the underage one. back to PULL with your ass

No. 93851

What's PULL, anon?

No. 93852

shut up!!!!!! I need kpop tea so stop trying to get this thread locked!

No. 93853

mmh. you're just a newfag from twitter. carry on my friend.

No. 93854

It won't be locked if you don't keep making it obvious that you're from twitter

No. 93855

How long have you been using this site, anon? What are your favorite boards/cows?

No. 93856

Baekhyun's new "live video" is pretty good, I think he's definitely one of the best main vocals of his generation

Apparently the rumor is they're going to release quite a few of these in the coming weeks so that'll be interesting to watch

SM's also trying to make Candy a tiktok meme like Zico's song but apparently that hasn't taken off kek

can you spergs please take this somewhere else its fucking annoying

No. 93857

This is the only thread on this site anon, so no

No. 93858

>TIL mmh is a newfag thing

No. 93859

>doesn't know what PULL is
>calls other people newfags
lurk moar

No. 93860

If you want to appear less newfag, don't use reddit terminology

No. 93861

I'm not the one you were infighting with, retard. If you weren't actually a newfag, you would know that there's more than two anons on the imageboard. Now throw on a kek to appear more integrated lmao

No. 93862

Anon this is my first time posting in this thread today. You're right, there's more than two anons on "the imageboard

No. 93864

File: 1590780399986.jpg (104.23 KB, 1023x1006, EZLrPDCVcAkTl-A.jpg)

Irene & Seulgi's album release has been postponed to July because apparently they need "extra time to work in order to enhance the completeness of the album musically."
What the fuck does that mean? How come they announced it three days ago, and now it's musically incomplete?

No. 93865

I'm >>93857. Tell me anon, what is PULL?

No. 93866

this is really good. i dont like his personality at all but he is incredibly talented. i feel like exo is very underrated lately (internationally mostly) especially considering how strong their vocal line is.

No. 93867

the theory is they wanted to make changes to the music, or something happened with production

but i agree, its fucking weird that theyve already announced preorders and everything and are suddenly delaying the entire thing

maybe its just an excuse to avoid the june girl group extravaganza lol

No. 93868

get people to preorder early, then safely delay it

No. 93869


No. 93871

except i believe they're cancelling preorders apparently, so no one knows what's going on

No. 93872

judging by the logo and title name, it’s going to be a dark concept in the beginning of summer, which won’t sell well at all with izone twice and blackpink most likely having summer concepts. they might be getting a whole new title track and there for need to get rid of the old cds. also they kept delaying production for the music video.

No. 93874

File: 1590781102052.jpeg (148.29 KB, 828x672, 2D779007-2B7B-412E-AA58-F68DCB…)

i thought people had pictures of them filming their mv? but i can totally see them delaying to avoid twice/bp so refilming an mv wouldnt be too out of reach

No. 93875

Wow, June is going to be a busy month. So far we have WayV, Stray Kids, Seventeen, Golden Child, Twice, WJSN, Iz*one, BP, Weki Meki and possibly SuperM having a comeback, is that all ?

No. 93877

I think it definitely just looks like an excuse to avoid the mountain of comebacks they would have to compete with

No. 93878

LOONA is also hinting to a comeback but their company always delays shit so we'll see.

No. 93879

wow that is an actual loaded month, even if you take out the semi-nugu groups you're still left with 3-4 big names to compete with, and a RV subunit isnt exactly something that'll shatter records

my money is on them delaying to avoid the bloodbath

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