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No. 87608

Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?


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·At the same time don't get butthurt if the other farmers doesn't have the same opinion you do.**

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No. 87611

>thread pic not being btob crap
thanks anon!

No. 87614

Still not over this day6 song

No. 87625

There's a whole ass twitter account with thousands of followers, dedicated to reporting people for calling jhope, jhorse kek.

No. 87627

you cannot simply say that and not drop the @ you retard

No. 87629

Ya'll are so aggressive on here lol. It's reportforhobi. They get a lot of accounts suspended. I think it's a major waste of time. He's a millionaire living a dream life, he doesn't need defending.

No. 87633

>He's a millionaire living a dream life, he doesn't need defending.
Not to be a btsfag but there are a lot of idols who committed suicide because of bullying, especially online. Sulli is a perfect example of what happens when people don't know when to simply stop when it comes to it.

No. 87639

File: 1588865292429.jpg (124.11 KB, 1518x769, EXXNrlcUMAAcUYO.jpg)

Phaha, is this for real?? So allegedly V plays games online with ratmies. And you can see Ratmies sending their half-naked characters to his.
They'll rape him if he was in flesh in front of them. But yeah, only men are pigs, right?(>>twitter)

No. 87640

File: 1588865339827.png (3.95 KB, 252x256, 1584557730243.png)

No. 87641

Do y'all like IU's new song? I'm a little surprised I like it, I was expecting a coffee shop song.

No. 87643

Also: On the topic of IU, it's weird how she's survived so many scandals that would have ended the career of any other female idol.

No. 87649

Someone calling Jhope out on his botched face is entirely different than a woman getting harassed and thrown under the bus, called a slut and other sexual things. Just saying . Sulli had it much worse from the start. You can't even compare the two

No. 87650

I actually really like it. I heard she wrote this for Sulli and Goohara.

No. 87653

File: 1588868407594.jpg (34.12 KB, 720x378, 2.jpg)


Isn't that a theory? Or did IU talk about it?

No. 87655

>twitter fag
>thinking anyone is interested in some autistic jhope stan account
>"Ya'll are so aggressive on here lol"
i don’t have any words… you are not welcomed here

No. 87657

Admin said it herself:
>"They still attract a good amount of twitterfags who exclusively use the site just for kpop and continuously ban evade. For now I would encourage anons to report obvious newfaggotry."

No. 87666

You can say shit on this site without a bunch of titty ass retards spamming how much they hate 'twitter fags' shut the fuck up dumbass shit babies.. Fucking annoying as hell. If you don't want to hear about shit that was on twitter, ignore it. What I said was completely tame and I thought it was funny. Some other idiot anon wanted the twitter handle. You bitches are fucking annoying god damn. Sensitive cunts.(ban evading twitterfag)

No. 87679

>>87666 Anon please use at least a singular braincell to think before posting this is just embarrassing

No. 87680

tbh the translation of the lyrics seem to imply its about losing a loved one, it has lyrics alluding to memories and meeting someone again

No. 87684

Thoughts on natty's debut? Personally i think its just a bit too bland to get her noticed by the general public, which is a shame.

No. 87709

it's the kind of song that I wouldn't mind having to sit through, but I don't see myself coming back to.

I hope Natty sees some success though. Going through 2 survival shows seems rough

No. 87722

how many albums do fansites buy to get in every fansign?

No. 87724

It really depends on the group and how popular they are. For a group like BTS, EXO, etc. you usually have to buy at least 200+ to have a fighting chance.

No. 87725

i love how calling you a twitterfag made you go from
>Ya'll are so aggressive on here lol
>bunch of titty ass retards

anyway, this is not twitter. if you can’t hide how autistic you are you just need to fuck off

No. 87728

because she's seen more of an "artist", than "idol", and everyone and their grandma knows her coffee ass songs so she gets away with it.

No. 87730

File: 1588909208106.jpg (16.53 KB, 250x250, IMG_7179.JPG)

The only Kpop song that I like is Russian Roulette by Red Velvet, though that's probably because I haven't listen to much Kpop in general. I've checked out the rest of the album but none of the other songs could hit the same spot Russian Roulette did. What are some other Kpop songs that have the same 'feel' as Russian Roulette?

No. 87733

Full albums are rarely similar to title tracks, you've gotta look for other promoted songs (usually anything with a music video on yt) if you want something super catchy like Russian Roulette. Red Velvet have quite a few songs like that, my favs are Dumb Dumb and Ice Cream Cake. Other SM girl groups like f(x) and Girls Generation are a good start, they all use the same producers.

tbh Russian Roulette is a god tier song and most groups could only dream of releasing such a bop.

No. 87737

Twitterfags come here to sling their mud and be annoying because if they said "fag" or "retard" on their accounts they'd be attacked by stans within minutes

No. 87739

>because if they said "fag" or "retard" on their accounts they'd be attacked by stans within minutes
no one cares about that anymore, people only make a fuss about that when they want to get your account suspended for something unrelated you said about their fave. but twitterfags only say it here to fit in.

red flavor? power up?

No. 87740

>This thread is no longer just the critical thread. So stop bitching if someone starts fangirling. This is now the general kpop thread as well, not your personal safespace.
Genuinely impressed at how many contradictory statements you've managed to fit into such a small number of words. I wouldn't be shocked if the entire moderation team on LC is underage considering how inarticulate all of you come across as.

And why keep referring to the rules page when the moderation isn't even in the slightest carried out in accordance to it? Either:
1) consistently update it with a list of bannable offences, or
2) stop issuing public bans listing reasons that aren't in the rules, or
3) forget about the rules page and implicitly admit that you’re making up new & arbitrarily enforced rules around every corner that only the most avid LC residents can keep up-to-date with. Which would be totally fine too and in fact a throwback to early chan culture. All that I ask from you is cut it with the duplicity.

No. 87742

An anon made the thread OP, go back to twitter if you don't like it retard.

No. 87743

wouldn't it be the opposite

No. 87744

You don't know about tripfagging and the fact that it's banned here, yet I'm the twitterfag outsider. lmfao

I don't even have a twitter account and that was my very post in this thread.

No. 87745

very first* post

No. 87746

Nothing in the OP isn't already in the rules.
>You don't know about tripfagging
Yeah I do, what does that got to do with anything? >>87745 You don't even know how to properly delete your posts.
I agree, but it makes them stand out when they try too hard.

No. 87747

>I wouldn't be shocked if the entire moderation team on LC is underage
most of them are

No. 87748

>Yeah I do, what does that got to do with anything?
Are you blind?

No. 87749

>An anon made the thread
>Yeah I do

No. 87750

File: 1588920020288.png (1.05 MB, 1242x725, bait.png)

Really anon?

No. 87753

>took 10 minutes to find out what tripfagging is and how to do it
You're not really helping your case idiot. Also reported.(infighting)

No. 87754

Ok anon, reported you for being a samefagging retard.

No. 87755

No. 87756

I only really like peekaboo by red velvet. I can't get into their other songs, but I do like older k-pop songs from older groups like wonder girl.

No. 87757

It’s a bit all over the place but I do like it. The dance sequences give me Chungha vibes

No. 87758

late but what the fuck did anon even mean by this? the tripfagging in the OP is because OP is a retard who put the thread title in the name field instead of the subject field. they obviously didn't do that on purpose.

No. 87759

Guys check this out

Song of the year

No. 87760

thanks i hate it

No. 87761

I like it, the breakdown is cool. I don’t know if I would listen to it often but it’s a decent debut. I like it way more than Somi’s debut.

afaik chungha’s debut wasn’t that great yet she’s managed to build up momentum so Natty probably can too

The only thing I don’t like is her voice, especially during the prechorus. Is that what she sounded like on sixteen? Her dancing looks good though.

No. 87763

It’s a B-side but I remember liking this when I was on my Russian Roulette vibe.

Speaking of Red Velvet, I would love for them to release something along the lines of Automatic again.

No. 87765

the whole pink tape album was really good tbh

it was weird how even tho snsd was the cow cash of sm at that time, their albums were mostly really filler and boring whilst f(x) as all over the place as they were actually had some good songs on their albums

No. 87767

I think their best B-side is Kingdom Come. Their “velvet” songs just do it for me

No. 87768

honestly pink tape and red light are really good albums compared to the usual kpop album imo

No. 87769

Can somebody tell me what's going on in the thread pic and what btob did?

No. 87770

SNSD got the best Japanese music at least.

No. 87772

an anon tried to make some cringy btob gif the thread pic

No. 87774

did someone have a stroke making this

No. 87790

File: 1588949213935.jpg (390.37 KB, 1440x960, 2t7hYds.jpg)

t's bullshit how Mr Mr is thought to be one of SNSD's worst comeback songs (when The Boys exists). Love Mr Mr. The concept and styling were on point and looks-wise they were at the top of their game.

No. 87796

Can we share our favourite kpop albums? Mine would probably be f(x) Pink tape & Red light imo they the have 0 fillers. My favourite songs from their other albums would be sweet witches,love, lollipop, mr.boogie,ice cream,jet, zig zag.
Wonder Girls reboot is also a good one
Brown Eyed Girls usually have good b-sides BASIC and Black box are decent, AOA also have good b-sides (sometimes even better than titles) Under the Street Lights, Girl's Heart, Just the two of us, You know that, 10 seconds, Ninety Nine - for example
Best japanese albums to me are SNSD Girls & Peace, After School Dress to Kill
As for boy groups Exo, Shinee and sometimes Vixx are kinda listenable, oh and idk about their other songs but Sunset by KNK is like the best boy group song ever to me

No. 87799

File: 1588955802900.jpeg (74.33 KB, 500x500, 3EA91043-8129-47CB-9658-BAE07A…)

I agree with your opinions on f(x)’s discography and what you said about BEG, but I would say that EXO’s and SHINee’s can be considered pretty good for K-pop and beyond just listenable. SHINee’s later stuff from Odd and beyond especially would be considered some of my favorite albums.

To add on, I like almost every track on Perfect Velvet.

No. 87800

File: 1588957472803.jpeg (168.49 KB, 1200x1200, 5B6CF853-586E-4F0C-88FD-6F5452…)

i haven’t agreed with an opinion this much in a while lol. the only difference i have is that vixx, exo, and shinee are top tier when it comes to boy group discography. even though it just released 1719 by hatfelt has no skips for me. miniskirt by aoa, truth or dare by gain, perfect velvet by red velvet, purpose by taeyeon, blooming days by exo-cbx, odd by shinee (i think it’s one of the most well put together albums in kpop), goodbye by bap, and revive by beg are ones that i always listen to.

No. 87802

File: 1588958085488.jpg (83.4 KB, 300x300, exoalbum.jpg)

I love exo's universe winter album, it's their best album imo. I also love Day6's moonrise and sunrise, they have 0 skips for me. Tbh Day6 is the only group where I genuinely like every single song.

No. 87804

Everything in exo went downhill after this album, it really is their best

4 walls and reboot are by far my favorite kpop albums

Do you guys have a kpop song you always go back and listen to? For me it's replay by shinee, i never get sick of it. sting by stellar deserves an honorable mention

No. 87810

never listened to the original kick it but this is unironically the only kpop song I've enjoyed in years

No. 87814

Why do KPOP fans praise weight gain so much?

And when the Idols lose like 5 pounds at most they think the company is starving them lol

No. 87818

Based Kick It fan. Please listen to the original, though, none of the remixes that have been released have done it justice.

No. 87820

Totally agreed about Pink Tape, I actually bought it just to demonstrate my approval. Other favs
>GD&TOP Volume 1
>Boa's self titled english album
>Tense by TVXQ
>Catch Me by TVXQ
>XOXO by Exo
>Girls & Peace by SNSD
>Solar by Taeyang
>Absolute 1st Album by T-ara
>To Anyone by 2ne1

Apparently I don't like many full albums beyond 2nd gen, I'm pretty picky and always delete songs I don't love from full albums. It's funny because I can have like, 15 songs from one group but they'll be from 10 different albums. And some of my all time favourite songs are the only song I like from that group. Kpop is really hit and miss.

No. 87823

I like all of Exo's albums, especially their first but imo nothing beats DMUMT.
Many thought Tempo is too weird (vocally it's god-tier) and therefore didn't even give the rest of the album a chance but the other songs are totally different, I absolutely love all but one. Smile on my face is probably my fav, at first I thought it must be one of their earlier songs because the intro has a sort of dreamy old kpop sound to it. 24/7 is also very sweet.

No. 87829

File: 1588987346240.jpg (56.77 KB, 640x640, 3457285bb83cc0df04a2ae983b7dfb…)

An Ode for me.

No. 87835

File: 1588998136829.jpg (186.18 KB, 1080x1069, IMG_20200509_102036.jpg)

Apparently Suran and Suga has gotten into yet another dating rumour. Didn't they get into a dating rumour back in 2018? Even dispatch can't save them now. They have covered for them long enough.

No. 87837

File: 1589000028162.jpeg (98.08 KB, 828x346, 784D8521-6AAE-4138-8DA2-DA18D9…)

i saw this too, it seems like it stemmed from suga posting a screenshot at a random time, and then suran posting it at the same time, but having the lyrics "are you happy now" that were at a different time

knetizens seem to be dismissing this as suran attention-whoring/doing media play instead of a concrete dating rumor since she was the one who started the previous one by captioning something as a play on suga's

her response is super weird though, she basically posted in a comment that "the collab thing started with mine and i didn't think he would collab more after me" as if artists don't collab super often with other artists….

honestly to me it just sounds like bitterness/envy rather than a dating rumor, maybe she had a thing for him and is stirring the pot but who knows?

No. 87838

It does seem like she had a thing for him. The way she worded her letter, it felt like she was salty that he was having collabs with other female artists, lmao. Even if they are in a relationship, it sounds dumb af.

No. 87840

Isn’t suga is bisexual with a preference for guys?

No. 87841

Where in the deep black cesspit of onehallyu and Stan twitter did you find this out?

No. 87842

Where the hell do people pull this shit from?

No. 87845

Just shut up

No. 87850

him saying it at a Japanese interview back when they were not as super popular so they had more control over whatever they said/produced. even if you look at the original wording rather than the translation, its that. and then when he got backlash for this and more questions about it he kinda had to keep quiet. its kinda sus
if theres a member whos likely to not be straight its suga. hes also done weird innuendos in his music

No. 87851

confusing but i highly doubt its what knetz think it is. doesn't help that personal life stuff is both something they're not allowed to talk about AND something knetz r obsessed with assuming. also the fact that there's businesses and individuals that plant rumours for different reasons

No. 87856

It was apparently a mistranslation. Also what active idol would come out?

No. 87858

Suga has said some things that hinted towards him not being straight. All of it is just speculation though. I have a feeling that if someone in bts is not straight, it’s most likely Suga.

No. 87862

Wow, I always knew G-Idle was "Soyeon and her backup dancers", but this video really shows how much they hate Miyeon. Particularly from 14:43 onwards, they mention not even wanting her in the variety game because she'll make them lose and keep trashing her when multiple members keep messing up.
What gives? Why put her in the group if she barely speaks enough Korean to do her job?

No. 87864

miyeon is korean. yuqi and shuhua are chinese, and minnie is thai.
they were joking about her being bad at games, it's not that deep, even tho i agree with the soyeon and the backup dancers sentiment

No. 87867

If you tell the "Soyeon and her friends" thing to their fans even though it’s obvious, they will eat you up. They are not ready to admit it. Cube really has been trying to clone a Hyuna 2.0 with either Soyeon or Soojin.

No. 87868

this song was a bop. disappointed it's not on any music streaming platform.

No. 87873

was it though? if you read the original script it translates into what it is. the og sentence implies that he doesn't have an ideal type but that the general atmosphere of the person matters, and this is not limited to opposite gender
also why would bigshit pass off his lyrics in cypher 3 in the first place and other sus shit hes said in the pre-hyyh era

No. 87881

File: 1589041752162.jpeg (151.7 KB, 828x1447, 270E69AB-B2A2-428C-9798-E31D22…)

Jackson is getting spooky

No. 87887

twf he is skinnier than me…..

No. 87895

i never understood why idols post scale pics like these knowing their fans will worry and possibly misunderstand it

by the way, excluding jaejoongs retarded prank, was there any idols who actually got diagnosed with coronavirus?

No. 87896

he’s definitely has a problem. i remember back when i was a got7 fan, he would always be insecure about his legs being too short and looking like an elephant. hope he doesn’t take this too far and gains some weight

none that were widely reported. some people thought chungha, iu, and everglow almost caught it because of staff who got sick tho

No. 87897

>i never understood why idols post scale pics like these knowing their fans will worry and possibly misunderstand it

Just speculation on my end but I wouldn‘t be surprised if idols do this because they honestly don’t see anything wrong. Their job deals with having to maintain harsh beauty standards regularly in a country where lookism is already common among non-idols and non-entertainment domains. It’s an open secret that many idols have eating disorders/suffer from disordered eating patterns. Seeing low weight numbers and displaying them as some sort of prideful accomplishment might feel normal to them—even if it’s not the case for most of the general population in the world.

No. 87898


what sus shit did he say pre-hyyh era, though?

No. 87900

Soyeon’s already way more likely to reach Hyuna-tier levels of popularity than Soojin. She’s responsible for so much of not only G-Idle’s music but also for other artists’ too. I feel like Cube wanted to debut her as a solo artist but realized that she needed a group to carry her their first.

Anyway, her clips on Queendom make her seem hard to work with, and the fact that she conveniently has the most lines on tracks she’s helped produced contributes to my image of her as a little self-centered.

No. 87901

File: 1589053300356.jpeg (88.65 KB, 828x827, E8D8B88D-53C6-4851-903C-AFD58F…)

So SM has been offering this service called "Dear U Bubble" since early this year, where fans can pay to basically have a "private" SNS conversation with their oppa

Basically they get "private" canned messages into their phone that feels like they're being texted directly

It's so creepy, and stars are taking it super far with the boyfriend fanservice. I wish all of this boyfriend image selling would go away, this just feeds the preteen delulus even more

I'm also imagining some exhausted staff member just typing all these cheesy responses out as a part of their job and laughing at the absurdity of it

No. 87904

The selling of the boyfriend/girlfriend fantasy won’t go away any time soon. It’s one of the foundations of the industry and the delusional fans that buy into it keep these members financially afloat. The popularity of K-pop would be destroyed with the removal of this element.

No. 87905

i agree, eating disorders are likely rampant in the industry due to the pressure to look "good".

i was watching a vlive the other day with nct dream, and jisung read out a comment asking jaemin to eat more, and jaemin basically laughed and said he was 55kg (120lbs) but now he was 58kg (127lbs), which is still teetering on unheathily underweight for his height at 5'9"/5'10"

it did seem like the members were concerned about his weight loss, but it's scary to see how rampant eating disorders and likely body dysmorphic disorders are in kpop

No. 87906

all he's ever said is that line in one of the cypher tracks about making men and women come with his tongue (in context it's a play-on-words that basically just translates to "i am very good at rapping"), and once responding to being asked about his ideal woman with "my ideal partner would be…" instead of "my ideal girlfriend".

naturally deluded fujos take this to mean he "has a preference for men

No. 87907

additionally, i highly doubt a currently promoting idol, especially one from a successful company would be allowed to come out.

korea is still very conservative, even the basically out-idols (like jokwon) still pretty much deny or ignore the rumors instead of addressing it because the backlash would be immense

No. 87910

File: 1589061533308.jpg (208.96 KB, 881x1402, IMG_20200509_233037.jpg)

I hate how everybody always shits on fangirls and pities idols while everything they do, no matter if it's their lyrics, their dances, what they post or what they say during fansigns is manipulating teens into becoming obsessed with them. I do feel sorry for the nugu female idols who have to endure sweaty neckbeards, but not top groups like Exo or Bts. They're nearly 30 and millionaires, doing fanservice is obviously their choice, they ramp up it up because they know it sells. Baekhyun and Kai also do that despite having experienced first hand how their fans react when they date. It's their own fault, you can't profit of selling fake love without one day having to reap the consequences. All idols are basically scammers.

No. 87912

I feel the same. Baekhyun bitches and whines about crazy fans all the time and then directly and knowingly encourages them like this because it will fatten up his bank account. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

No. 87913

How well do the top agencies pay their idols? I'm surprised by how expensive the clothes the itzy girls wear are (And I assume it's their personal style because I've seen it in vlives or rehearsals/"off-duty")

No. 87914

File: 1589063371861.jpg (111.88 KB, 1302x474, p51qjqlbs6h11.jpg)

JYP seems not too bad. Plus aren't the girls families wealthy?

No. 87916

holy crap, SM makes so much money if you think about how absolutely loaded all their main idols are despite the pretty company-skewed percentages

didn't people joke that the newest SM building was basically built off of one EXO album?

No. 87917

Even some of those nct members that come from average backgrounds walk around in clothes that cost thousands on the daily

No. 87918

SM artists get a good deal. That 70% cut of overseas promotion is what you want when you're doing massive dome tours. The other categories are chump change in comparison. It's also not quite accurate, the cut of physical album sales scales with the amount they sell.

I would love to see a source for these though, not 'kbizoom' or w/e but the actual korean source documents. SM's distribution was revealed in the court documents from JYJ's case, and presumably it's not the same for every group anyway, not even for TVXQ since they negotiate when they re-sign. I don't remember seeing any other companies releasing information like this in detail, except for this info on JYP which contradicts the chart
>On royalties from overseas music/content sales, JYP artists get to keep 5-30% (depending on artist and product).
>On money from artist management, JYP artists get to keep 50% of the remaining gross profit after deducting costs for agency fees, marketing, activity costs, accommodation costs and training costs.

No. 87920

If this is true, then Lucas and Ten from SuperM/WayV and Taemin got the best deal, because they mostly promote in China/Japan respectively, and in the US/Europe with SuperM. I guess Mark and Taeyong too since NCT127 did a lot of US touring.

No. 87923

that, and the fact that they probably receive a ton of sponsored stuff as well as expensive ass fangifts

even the less popular members have some semblance of fansites who will buy things for their birthday and stuff, even if it's not at the level of the EXO guys

didnt a chinese fansite buy chanyeol like three rolexes? i dont understand why these people give literal millionaires extravagant gifts like they cant afford it themselves

No. 87927

Half the idol industry can't sing for shit. They need something to keep themselves afloat or else they are going to sink their ships. Selling this image keeps them popular and relevant, even if they are untalented af.

No. 87935

File: 1589093175950.jpeg (454.44 KB, 1241x1372, EC89EE95-86C3-4699-8FD4-9A60C4…)

I thought SM artists stopped accepting gifts years ago? Anyway airport fashion is like this huge thing in Korea so I know for sure that their airport outfits are mostly borrowed from stylists. Sometimes even the stuff they wear on vlives/vlogs. They can afford nice clothes regularly with their own money but probably just afford the low-middle and mid-tier luxury stuff, but definitely cannot afford to dress in head to toe high-end luxury like this on the daily. Their last comeback did do well so they could just be beginning to rake in the cash for themselves. Can’t speak for WayV though bc they’re loaded nepotist kids

No. 87936

Kpop idols are more loaded than people think. They aren't the poor little kids that people make them out to be.

No. 87938

They definitely aren't poor but they're not making enough to live on their own. Look at nct, they live in a pretty cramped apartment and have to share a room in pairs. Living there, their expenses are covered by SM, but it's not mandatory to dorm (Red Velvet revealed this And also Chenle isn't dorming) They'd have to pay pretty penny for their own place in Gangnam Cheongnam-dong area. I get that it's more convenient to have all members in one place for schedules but I think those guys would rather live on their own or at least have their own room

No. 87942

File: 1589102338012.jpeg (146.58 KB, 1125x1739, EXmednsX0AMVy1i.jpeg)

No. 87943

File: 1589102371977.jpeg (110.72 KB, 1125x1388, EXmednuX0AAsWwY.jpeg)

No. 87944

File: 1589102457440.jpeg (137.5 KB, 1125x1770, EXmednvWkAEiPb4.jpeg)

Niziproject girls
Just a poll from niziupdates twitter
-your prediction for final lineup
-your favourites

No. 87947

Did anyone watch NCT Dream's live concert today?

The only ones I find pretty are number 2 and 6

No. 87956

I like 6 and 11 the best

No. 87962

File: 1589120964033.jpg (75.57 KB, 1244x702, unnamed.jpg)

Nina is 100% debuting. I like her a lot, but it feels weird that she's JYP's new Somi.

No. 87975

pledis is such a shit company they only pay the members well when it's an overseas promotion but Seventeen or Nuest never leave Asia

No. 87978

Izone is so fucking boring in variety shows why havent they disbanded yet

No. 87981

File: 1589141294702.jpeg (183.37 KB, 828x871, 8748F889-F1F1-44A1-B600-9626D8…)

Day6 is halting all promotions days before their album releases, I hope they're all ok, I can't see JYPE doing this unless it was really bad, but maybe this is finally a step in entertainment agencies treating their artists like people and acknowledging mental health as an actual thing

Day6 is one of my favorite groups, so I'm sad they won't be performing but happy they're getting rest

No. 87983

offtopic but this context is funny when you think about kpop fans bitching about how much their faves hate promoting overseas and companies forcing them to do it, when that's actually when some of them get a decent cut of the profits. like, yeah, i'm sure it's draining to do all the overseas promotion with the jetlag, and having to do media in your second language (assuming you speak the language at all) but at least they get paid well for it.

No. 87986

I saw what expensive shit wayv gifted each other like a year after debut and thought that was suspicious af. Sm probably gives nct brand stuff to act as if they bought it themselves because fans dig idols being rich (see bp or bts).

>several members suddenly all have anxiety
I'm sorry but some idols nowadays act like tumblrinas. Since Mina got a break, a disproportionately high number started claiming the same condition. What mental illness will be trendy next, will we get a bunch of idols saying they have bpd? Is this some kind of scheme by jyp to paint himself has kind caring and woke boss, when in reality he's actually a cult member and major creep?

No. 87990

I mean cmon the average korean to outsiders seems like they have bdd beacuse of their looks obsession, and depression because of their competitive society

No. 87993

File: 1589150127070.jpeg (670.24 KB, 1195x1623, 880FD1B1-EF81-4C46-8E36-90261E…)

Kpop 100% attracts and breeds mental instability in their idols and in their fans. The whole thing is a circus dumpster fire. I read an article about this topic a couple of years ago and it hits a lot of points.
Link to it: http://www.moonrok.com/kpop-attract-mental-instability-breed/
I’ll post screenshots here:

No. 87994

File: 1589150153341.jpeg (711.75 KB, 1012x1746, 3A769ABC-CF82-4CA8-8211-A01F19…)

No. 87995

File: 1589150267126.jpeg (574.66 KB, 965x1448, BC58D580-D3B7-4C95-9457-909A14…)

No. 87996

I've been wanting to read something like this for a while, thanks anon

No. 87997

99% of idols are narcissists. It’s a given fact. Nearly all of them probably suffer from anxiety and depression or other disorders. They coexist, it comes with the whole package. You can’t convince me that any of them are mentally stable.
Quote from the article:
“Cinderella Stories” are non-existent, especially in Kpop. Celebrities hustle their entire pre-pubescent lives to make it in the entertainment industry, and they do so only because they are confident in one thing and one thing only: themselves. To even want to be a celebrity you have to not just believe, but actually know that you are better than everyone else, and deserving of the extra attention, respect, and money that the masses will eventually heap upon you. And even if they don’t start as narcissists, it’s easy to believe that Kpop idols could evolve into them. Kpop fans fuel the celebrity ego with fervor. They wait outside for hours in the rain, snow, and heat just to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols on their way to work. When the two minutes it takes you to walk from your van into the radio station equals 6 hours of a fan’s time waiting for you, it’s hard not to start thinking that you are in fact better than everyone else.
Meanwhile a “fanmeet” is basically a euphemism for a tribute ceremony: the idols sit on an elevated platform as their fans proceed one by one to kneel before them to offer up expensive gifts before the idols give them a smile, pat them on the head, and send them on their way. It is this kind of over-the-top fan behavior that allows idols to start believing in their own hype.

No. 88000

I'm not shocked at all. Thanks for posting this. So many trainees are pretty much taken from school and their parents as young as 11 or 12 and put into harsh regimes and training for years until debut. So many of them (especially female trainees) end up with massive mental issues and inability to socialize.

Are there any cases from first or second gen kpop artists who got out and dont know how to function?

No. 88010

Does anyone know if there are any idols who got into the industry because their parents pushed them into dance/music at a young age–like a Dance Moms situation?

No. 88015

isn't somi's dad kind of a manager-type? he seems to push somi and her sister into entertainment pretty hard, and her sister is still pretty young.

i don't think its "dance moms" level, but it's definitely more than what a normal parent would push for, especially since he's an ex-entertainment guy himself and should 100% know how the industry is

if i were a parent who went through the industry, i don't think i'd push my underage children through it as hard as he did

No. 88016

maybe ella gross? she's too young to get into a group and only made modeling and CFs but i wouldn't be surprised if her parents were behind this, since they manage her insta

No. 88017

her parents creep me the fuck out

No. 88020

i agree, especially when her mom posts pictures of herself with captions patting herself or her husband on the back for being "good parents"

they're literally exploiting their child on the internet, i wouldn't be surprised if they tried to force her into going solo once she's old enough to be able to join a trainee group and plaster that all over the internet too

No. 88026

File: 1589177797565.png (854.11 KB, 652x653, natty.png)

im so disturbed by non-korean idols morphing into koreans as time goes on. when i saw that natty was debuting, i literally couldn't recognize her. looking at her transformation from a girl who actually looked thai on sixteen, to a girl that looked a little bit thai on idol school, and now shes literally unrecognizable. she pulled a lisa

No. 88027

File: 1589178997154.png (63.35 KB, 844x330, Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.3…)

This is just sad

No. 88043

SEA/Black features are looked at as low class you
know this and I know this anon

No. 88045

File: 1589188899819.jpg (30.88 KB, 500x421, tumblr_nvqzjrIYee1tay8vfo1_500…)

idols should lose more weight, look how pretty Lizzy was

No. 88054

shit bait anon

No. 88057

File: 1589198095704.jpg (81.64 KB, 1080x1350, somsomi0309_94368625_224298898…)

i'm serious, everyone looks better when they lose weight(Shoo shoo skeleton)

No. 88060

File: 1589200718424.jpg (27.23 KB, 551x662, Td9jON8.jpg)

she looks like this

No. 88067

What's wrong with the girl on the left's face? Looks like it's melting.

Anyway, I'm also curious about 1st and 2nd gen idols' "life after fame", anyone has success/failure stories to share?

No. 88071

SNSD all seem rich af, even the ones who ain't doing shit.

No. 88077

A decent example would maybe be MBLAQ? They weren't top tier when they were active, but people knew who they were and they weren't a meme (looking at you, UKISS)

But after they disbanded, no one really cares about them anymore. I think Lee Joon is the most successful because he's actually a half decent actor, and GO is a streamer? I remember he was in a ton of news when he was getting engaged/married because he was just whoring their wedding out on stream for donations

I don't even know what the other three are doing, they seemed to just fade into obscurity since none of them are talented enough to go solo

No. 88078

you mean when they shoop? lol

No. 88102

I have a sincere question. Why do so many black people love kpop/korea? They are racist as fuck towards blacks and look down on them. I genuinely don't understand. I see so many black people obsessed with korean culture/korean music and korean men…

No. 88104

On the internet or irl? I see alot of koreaboos on lsa

No. 88105

From my experience, black people only make up a small fraction of non-Korean K-pop fans (online and in-person). I can’t tell you why they fawn over something anti-black for sure. I would say that a ton of media outside of K-pop displays anti-black sentiments (although not as explicit) so maybe it’s just something they’re used to at this point.

No. 88106

Black girls seem to really stan bts and they are the most racist of them all.

No. 88107

File: 1589227265436.jpg (116.42 KB, 1080x1350, chengxiao_0715_95448337_890190…)

because black people literally created kpop?

No. 88108

Well I mean kpop capitalises on black culture, so you cant really criticise them for being involved in an industry that is literally based on their culture. From the music,style, fashion, hair etc almost every bg debuted with a wannabe black concept.

No. 88110

And a lot of kpop uses old styles of black music that mainstream black artists (unfortunately) don't use anymore. So pair that with pretty visuals and genius marketing…

No. 88116

File: 1589233438060.jpeg (96.52 KB, 1024x576, 554CE514-46D0-4160-960A-FBA99E…)

I wouldn’t say they’re the most racist or even racist lol

Just kinda ignorant call me a ratmy but I honestly don’t feel genuine racism from them

No. 88117

File: 1589233852449.jpeg (85.85 KB, 800x1134, 48E70B19-ABC4-4F95-8063-228F40…)

Does lolcow have an “our group” lol?

No. 88118

dude come on, it's not the least stressful job in the world. I'm not surprised that that kind of situation would cause anxiety given all the pressure.

No. 88119

For girl groups, no.
For boy groups, a lot of farmers are low key NCTzens or rats.

I would say there are a lot of posters in the thread who are fans of nugu or disbanded groups.

No. 88120

What's with this weird avatarfagging?

>the most racist of them all.

kek how can you say this when Mamamoo has actually done blackface.

No. 88122

I also don't understand why so many lgbt people stan kpop, but more specifically, I don't understand lesbians who stan boygroups. They are probably all homophobic and sexist. I don't get it. Can someone explain?

No. 88125

File: 1589241134574.jpeg (122.51 KB, 1125x1380, 877F3979-FC25-4738-8F54-9C54B1…)

Kpop guys kinda look like lesbians

No. 88127

Anyone know what's the deal with jungkook's latest scandal? Everyone's talmbout mental health this, unicef that but i have no clue what happened. Does it have to do with the itaewon outbreak by any chance

No. 88129

File: 1589244129674.jpg (67.37 KB, 483x595, IMG_20200512_023045.jpg)

Our fanservice king struck again: this is his reaction to somebody commenting that it's their birthday (and of course ratmys celebrate it as savage and hilarious).
Surely more than a couple hundred people are watching him, meaning chances are high that's always at least one of his fans birthday.
Is somebody writing this already considered oppressive towards idols nowadays and warrants them defending themselves? What even are you allowed to say to them when everything is either considered hate or fetishization?

No. 88131

File: 1589245816285.png (1.64 MB, 1001x1245, 7CDAAB5E-1060-49E8-AFB7-611159…)

Gidle's Shuhua apparently ripped into a malicious commenter on Saturday, is this the first time an idol's openly called out an anti this hard? She seemed pretty pissed because apparently it's the same anti who managed to get Soojin to read out a comment about how ugly she was

On one hand it's refreshing that she had the balls to call them out, on the other hand I'm cringing because this probably just adds more fuel to the fire

No. 88133

nina looks very european

fuck off. if anyone is going to suffer with anxiety i bet its going to be people that have to deal with thousand upon thousands of people on the daily.

No. 88136

She does. She's actually really pretty. Is she half?

No. 88139

I literally have zero clue what you're talking about, like absolute none

No. 88140

Yeah, she's half Japanese and half white.

No. 88141

There was a rumor going around that he was at one of the gay bars where the covid outbreak started. There seems to be no evidence, but someone on Twitter claimed they messaged the bar and they confirmed Jungkook was there…I doubt any club owner would do that though/

No. 88146

Do you guys think foreign kpop idols have self hate issues

No. 88153

I dont think black kpop fans acknowledge the fact that koreans are racist towards black people. I see lots of black kpop fans (online) praising kpop groups just because they are also poc. But what they don't know is even if they are poc, they are still colorists and love being fair-skinned.

No. 88154

Because most of the "lesbians" who stan kpop boy groups are fakebois. fakebois love yaoi and kpop fanservice attracts these people.

No. 88157

I mean, exhibit A: Natty
we covered this earlier

No. 88163

Im actually suprised at the amount of people that cant make it into big 3 companies lmfao.
(The talent and looks get worse every year)

No. 88164

you don't need talent or looks anymore, you just need money

half of the idols right now in the big three are just rich kids who's parents paid for them to live the famous idol dream, very few of them are actually talented which is why the quality of the big 3 has gone down so much

No. 88165

He was at a bar in itaewon with cha eunwoo. Not a gay bar though. And armys are trying to bury it caus she's foing to get eaten alive for not practicing social distancing.

No. 88166

He could've just said happy birthday geez what a dickhead

No. 88167

It wasnt a gay bar. Armys spread it was a gay bar. It was a arcade bar.

No. 88168

No I'm pretty sure black kpop fans know Koreans are racist. They talk about it often.

No. 88169

Then why be a fan?

No. 88170

It was just a normal bar. I really can't comprehend why kpop fans want idols to be gay so bad.

No. 88177

white people are racist but they still stan white people.

No. 88178

Western artists also take a lot from the black culture though. Black People have gotten used to that shit, people using their culture for aesthetic purposes but at the same time disrespecting them. Dunno why people only ever single out kpop in that aspect. Just look at Ariana Grande or the Kim Ks.

No. 88181

File: 1589282590269.jpg (133.83 KB, 931x1280, original.jpg)

Top 5 prettiest idols of all time

1- Irene
2- Bae Suzy
3- Seolhyun
4- Jessica Jung
5- Rosé

No. 88182

Your average white celebrity does neither blackface nor do they outright mock others for having darker skin. Ariana Grande and Kim K are literally known for ca and they've been cancelled by many black people long ago already.

>They talk about it often.
Not OP but that's kind of the point: they constantly talk about, there's hardly a day without a scandal, that must be so stressful. Why do they continue consuming kpop although that means constantly getting their feelings hurt? Kpop is copying black music, finding a cute western guy with a similar style and stanning him instead shouldn't be too difficult.

No. 88186

Alot of white celebrities have said the nword. There are a few that have done bf too.

No. 88187

rose ??????????????? she's not even the visual in bp lmao wtf

No. 88193

i would've said that's the list if you like the most generic/plain looking idols based on the top 3, but jessica and rosé???? this is just invalid in every way possible.

No. 88198

File: 1589291523681.gif (188.91 KB, 300x225, 2fe757f34ca900867b45c40910b129…)

It's not even just talent, the rich kid idols never even had to develop a personality. That's what was so good about the 2nd gen idols. If they weren't talented, you could bet that they'd be funny at least. I was rewatching old idol variety episodes from around 2010 and it's amazing how hilarious they still are. Female idols aren't afraid to look dumb or ugly and they say pretty edgy things (relatively). Nowadays, there's maybe one funny member and the others stand around looking blank or there's just obviously scripted fan service moments. Twice are probably the best of the bunch.

No. 88200

>Jessica Jung
>no mention of Nana

No. 88204

It's obviously just some lost stan posting randomly.

No. 88205

Youth with you is so much better than all produce or korean idol survival shows.
The contestants are between 18 and 28, the majority in their mid 20s (the older ones are actually the most popular) and many of them also have a more unusual look (like Amber but without the obnoxiousness). There are no catfights either, they always support each other.
Lisa is one of their mentors and sometimes acts a bit "strict" but the main mentor is so sweet to them (and also younger than most trainees). The produce judges were always unneccessarily cruel and in jyp's case creepy on top of that.
Talentwise they're in another league too, while there were some contestants who couldn't sing well it's nothing compared to the shitshow of the akb48 girls.

I don't understand how anybody (besides uncle fans) can watch nizi project, just their ages already make me uncomfortable. The number 1 in youth with you is 25 and just as cute as somi or wooyoung. Literally nobody but pedos cares about age, so why does it always have to be teens when young adults are usually more attractive, physically fitter and vocally more talented?

No. 88207

The good thing about Yoona is not only was she the visual, but she had a personality. Yuri was a visual in the early days and she was funny, too.

No. 88208

I'm kinda shocked that some Koreans say Nana looks like a man. :/

No. 88210

>>88131 Baek Yerin said it the best but I don’t know if she really counts as an idol.

>Fuck you too bitch!

>Don’t say fuck in front of my fans.

No. 88211

i only watched idol produce seasons 1 and 2, but i agree, the mentors always seemed way nicer and the overall show was way less dramatic and easier to watch than the crap that is korean produce.

No. 88214

File: 1589298944018.png (602.87 KB, 1000x700, A608CC03-7E50-4AF3-B0E1-BE4A62…)

Winner's Mino is in the news for going to a bar during this entire COVID situation. I know Korea's technically slowed down their restrictions and opened up bars (which is a whole other issue), but how many more celebrities are going to get caught going clubbing before this all goes down?

So far we have Jungkook, Gyuri, Mino, and possibly Cha Eunwoo?

I don't get how it's so hard to just not go clubbing while this is all going down, especially since Dispatch seems to be circling the bars waiting to catch them out

No. 88215

>>mock others for having darker skin.
Obviously they don't mock others for having darker skin because being darker is seen as an attractive thing in the west. The reason fake tanning/spray tanning is such a big thing in the west.

No. 88218

It's so funny how Yuri was 'Black Pearl Yuri' at her peak and it was considered her charm. Obviously, it's still fetishisation and gross that darker skin = sexier, but if she had debuted today all the comments would be "Pretty, but she looks SEA", "I prefer white skinned girls" etc.

No. 88225

apparently Cha Eunwoo was with JK. There is literally no proof what-so-ever that either of them were out at all, so take it with a grain of salt. However, that one youtuber ran into JK in an alley behind a bar so…

No. 88229

>>youtuber ran into JK in an alley behind a bar
Its even more funny when you realize that the majority of koreans have the same skin tone as yuri (and even darker than that)

No. 88231

It happened last month. There was a whole youtube video about it. It has over a million views.

No. 88239

No this is a different one. he went with cha eunwoo to a bar called jacks in itaewon on the 24th of april

No. 88242

No i know.. I wasn't saying it was the same night, I meant he has been out and about when it's a pandemic. Also April 24th is my birthday kek

No. 88243

File: 1589308644779.jpeg (157.07 KB, 610x753, 2950DF84-3911-4769-841F-F9460B…)

SM released a magazine cover of the youngest 127 boys and honestly I think they look pretty good here.

They're still young and look their age, and I actually really like the more natural styling instead of the grungey e-boy look SM has been trying to push lately

No. 88244

Mark looks great. Jungwoo is too shooped and his makeup is a bit heavy.

No. 88246

I thought he promised to be a good boy after his scandal? But instead he's hanging out with a dude who's got tattoos all over his head in a dark alley during corona…? Did ratmys bury this or why didn't he get any backlash from knets? Other idols get shit for simply posting a selfie lately.
And I can't imagine Cha Eunwoo clubbing, all he ever does is pose and smile awkwardly.

No. 88247

anyone know who that tattoo head guy is? He looks really rough. It wouldn't surprise me if jk did hard drugs with these people. Even his ex MJ had a cocaine tattoo. Also not really sure why there was no backlash. Maybe because the youtube dude was a rando 40 year old and ratmys aren't intimidated.

No. 88248

honestly i'm surprised too, idols get shit for going to clubs period so i'm surprised he didnt get any kind of backlash for this

i'm convinced Big Hit buys out a lot of the gossip/tabloid websites to keep BTS out of the news

Honestly once their popularity wanes I can see them being outed as super messy/shit people, kind of like Kangin and Seungri after they stopped being popular. Jungkook is only 25 and already has gotten into some messy scandals, once he gets older it probably will be a shitshow

No. 88250

Jungkook must have been drunk as fuck to consent to not one, but THREE different pics of him in an alley during corona lol

No. 88251

I bet he's really fucked up in person

No. 88253

the tattoo head guy is a tattoo artist called dx2ta2 who apparently worked with BTS on some fake tattoos for one of their comebacks? He seems to be buddy buddy enough with JK to go out with him, and he apparently did Jimin's tattoo for him too?

No. 88254

I just looked him up on insta. damn his tats are fucking ugly kek.

No. 88255

I'm sorry, but after watching the live concerts, I've come to the conclusion that most of NCT are huge catfishes. They don't look like that in real life. Jaemin and Haechan especially shocked me. WayV is the best looking unit, and still some of them looked pretty busted. NCT127 is gonna be a tragedy

No. 88256

File: 1589310505518.jpg (27.51 KB, 640x414, 3154_ho_1460081853.jpg)

I think all of us lowkey are unanimous on the obviously talented groups like TVXQ in their prime or more recently, Shinee. I haven't seen anything negative about Shinee aside from Taemin looking like the child of Gackt and Oli London since his first mini album.

There's quite a few ex-Big Three trainees that ended up in flop groups because they wouldn't debut any time soon. Examples being Jinho of Pentagon who was in SM the Ballad as a trainee and later left SM before NCT debuted.
> Armys spread it was a gay bar
> It was just a normal bar. I really can't comprehend why kpop fans want idols to be gay so bad.
Because they'd rather have their bias be gay than date a girl that isn't them
My personal picks:
Eugene (SES)
Kim Jihye (To-Ya, the 1st gen Irene, in pic)
Sung Yuri and Lee Hyori (FinKL)
Nam Gyuri (Seeya)
Kwon Nara (Hello Venus)
Jang Wonyoung (I*Zone, not a pedochan)
Tzuyu (Twice)
Nana (After School)
Lee Naeun (April)
She's kinda a queen, I wonder if 15& Jimin is jealous of her success since Square (2017) blew up.
Ironic bc Hyuna was initially tanned, which was considered sexy, and her song Ice Cream mentioned something like "chocolate ice cream, like my brown skin". But when she sings that song at concerts, she's ghostly white.

No. 88257

File: 1589310533152.jpg (127.29 KB, 889x1200, DeB62hKV0AAXcmQ.jpg)

Pic of Nam Gyuri as well

No. 88258

idk if jungkook's been in any shady scandals besides dating a trashy gf and hanging around gross tattoo parlors. Attitude wise, all he does is act like an edgy teenager going through an eboy phase and doesnt seem rude or suspicious. then again that's just an assumption but i also want to see unexpected shit revealed about him sooner or later. I also think they've covered up a lot about jimin especially. I cant believe him hanging out with girls at a bar has been buried so easily by ratmies. I'm guessing V and suga could have a potentially buried scandal but that's just me putting on a tinfoil hat as well.

No. 88259

Can you elaborate on what you think has been covered up for Jimin and the rest?

No. 88260

Don't agree with all of this, but glad to see someone not put just 2nd/3rd gen idols. A lot of 90s idols really were much more attractive than so many of these new ones.

No. 88263

Uhh I wouldn't go as far as to say black people created kpop. 4th gen kpop maybe, but 2nd gen seemed to be super influenced by Jpop/Jrock, while 1st gen seemed to be influenced by US boy bands in general. It's hard to say whether kpop has more black fans now because the music increasingly seems to be influenced by black culture (which I could definitely see as true) or whether it's just because kpop is becoming increasingly international.

No. 88265

Definitely Agree anon. Im watching Produce Camp/Chuang 2020 and the youngest contestants are all 18/19.

Also have the chinese produce shows gotten rigging accusations yet? So far i haven't seen any evil editing yet but mostly just some questionable screentime distribution.

No. 88266

It's because celebrities are typically mentally stuck at the age at which they become stars. He's kind of similar to Justin Bieber in a way with the early fame and the shitty tattoos and generally edgy behavior. He's also from Busan where being 'manly' is a standard among the guys, although not all guys from Busan are this cringey.
Thankfully JK keeps this stuff on the DL or else we'd actually have some cringe material, probably like Jay Park levels of cringe.

No. 88268

I 100% think jk was drunk when he had his car accident.

No. 88269

Jesus christ. Wasn't he like 13 or something? I hope he isn't mentally stuck there.

No. 88270

I second this. First thought the moment the news came out.

No. 88275

i think jk also keeps this on the DL because he's an idol and the company still has influence over him, jay park didn't wild out with the cringey fuckboy tattoos and pics until he left the company

is he the first currently promoting idol to have hand tattoos? im surprised BH let it fly, considering korea's pretty conservative view on tattoos in general

but i agree, he didn't have a childhood and is definitely going through the eboy/sadboy phase right now

No. 88276

For Jimin, its the racist stuff he's done : japan atomic bombing tshirt and calling jungkook a nigger. (They could reveal something about jimin's racist attitude that would tarnish their ~woke~ image that ratmies somehow believe) . For V, he's been caught smoking a juul (in which rats say is "actually" a "crayon holder" kek) His persona's changed drastically as well. I'm just hoping there's a few milk from his new bitchy behavior towards fans.

On the other hand, Suga might have had a relationship with suran that bighit's covered. Him being a heavy drinker could possibly lead to some milk.

imo nobody cares about jin because hes boring and nobody cares about rm and jhope coz they're fug. then again all these are just assumptions and elaborated on what i think could be covered up for the three of them

No. 88277

jimin also fucked a french girl last summer. No doubt about it. and who gives a fuck about a juul? people need to grow up lmao

No. 88279

Didn't he do all of his tattoos on his 'vacation'

Bighit probably didn't even know about them until he got caught with his dick on tattoo girls ass. He seems very rebellious. Which is ridiculous for a grown ass man.

No. 88280

G-Dragon has hand tats, and I think a couple other YG artists do too.
Jungkook is a big YG fanboy, and his eboy phase is definitely heavily inspired by GD pre-army service.

No. 88281

And yet why didnt anyone give a fuck about Jimin's gangbang in paris and Ratmies seem to care enough about V's juul (even when nobody did). I dont think any scandal would scare off their simpy fanbase. Let's just wait for bts to burn out and see if dispatch reveals anything.

No. 88283

Juuls aren't a big titty french insta thot that's why. When it comes to women that they've fucked army pretend they did not see it lol

No. 88285

Pretty sure he got into shit with bh. He had to cut his hair and wear gloves on his hands. Also looked like he did his eyes, his double eyelid was awkwardly bigger in the picture he posted with his new short hair. It was during the media play break bighit did where they made them video what they did and it was shorter than what bh said

No. 88287

i feel like suga and suran definitely had something going on, she was super salty about him collaborating with IU in a very petty almost ex-gf way

bighit definitely has the money right now to cover up scandals, but once their fame wanes and the older members go to the army im sure more stuff will come out

also army fans always talk about "clearing searches" on twitter, so they definitely have a hand in trying to bury rumors and stuff that come up too

No. 88288

They're trying to clear two searches right now lol ;

First is Jungkook club

second is Hoseok Juul

lmao, idk what the second one is about

No. 88289

1st gen kpop and seo taiji and the boys were influenced by black culture. Kpop has more than one influences. Kpop is influenced by jpop and jrock.

No. 88292

Nana is seriously so gorgeous but after her surgeries she doesn't look korean to me

No. 88294

The fact that Cha Eunwoo has a personal life and doesn't just get switched off and folded away when the cameras are off him is the biggest shock here.

No. 88295

File: 1589319838483.jpeg (25.57 KB, 554x554, images (5).jpeg)

>Also looked like he did his eyes, his double eyelid was awkwardly bigger in the picture he posted with his new short hair
his eyelids look different sometimes, i think it's because he uses that tape

No. 88296

Chuang is better than korean produce but it also sometimes rubs me the wrong way, like them lowkey flirting with the girls. Taking their "unhealthy" snacks (literally pickles and oats) away is also kind of fucked, considering that young viewers will now think they too must diet to please their chinese oppars.

No. 88297

i see luhan and tao are still leeching of that exo 5 minute fame.

No. 88298

I came across this video and realized that we should all envy the 3rd/4th gen [delusional] kpop fans that missed Big Bang's reign. Sure BTS's wokeness and album concepts are very contrived , but G-Dragon's supposed "geniusness" was on an even worse level, to the point that the general public believed that G-Dragon was a legend. Koreans as a whole like that BTS is popular, but they're not necessarily equating them to Picasso as G-Dragon was basically regarded in the past.

Thank god for that scandal to finally put a nail in the coffin. I always thought that G-Dragon's "composing" is sub-par, his voice is nasal as hell, and he looks like a twink. The evil is defeated, truly.

No. 88299

thats because bigbang debuted at a time where most boygroups did only cringy cute/boyfriend concepts.
Also i dont think bigbang was ever considered kpop in korea, like they were seen more as musicians. Its only the retarded international fans that thing any korean group is kpop.

No. 88300

i love how they probably did that entire segment solely so they could shill whatever yogurt sponsor they have

i love how shameless asian sponsorship is lmfao

apparently kris is supposed to be on this show too?

No. 88302

What actual proof is there of that though? There was a video with him with a girl in the club (not even touching, kissing?) so imo it's pretty bold to assume that they fucked. Also because I don't think anyone in Europe would find that tiny ass man attractive UNLESS they were a fan.

No. 88303

Ironically each of them make more money in a year than entire Exo combined. According to Forbes in 2017 (it's likely even more now) Luhan earned 33 million USD, Kris 23, Lay 15 and Tao 14…Exo isn't poor either but nowhere near that level. So I totally get why chinese kids want to debut in Korea only to go back to China within a year, especially variety shows in China pay supposedly 100 times as well as in Korea. That Gugudan girl nobody ever cared about is also ranking super high in Chuang.

Yeah, because the original mentor was outed as a cheater by his gf lol

No. 88309

There's no proof they fucked. Only weird salty underaged armies think they did.

No. 88310

Sm continues to invest so much time and money into nct's variety content but these guys ain't funny at all. They can never make me laugh.

No. 88311

i agree, I like NCT a good amount and have to admit they're not funny, they're all super awkward and have zero variety chops

Anytime they go on weekly idol or some other stupid show it's always a disaster because they're so awkward and the show just derails into uncomfortable aegyo overlapped with Mark's hysterical giggling

No. 88312

are they trying to appeal to toddlers?

No. 88313

That's the first wayv song I ever listened to and I was surprised? Why does nct have the weirdest comebacks anybody could possibly come up with, while they get a decent, somewhat public friendly song and normal black clothes?
It's the same situation as with yuta's botched chin, it's as if somebody wants them to fail. They can dance, have a couple good singers and most importantly are from sm, the possibility of them flopping was very unlikely, yet they somehow made it happen…

No. 88314

Can't even sit through 3 minutes of it. They're really not funny and all of these clips on their Youtube just makes it more obvious how bland and soulless they are. Even EXO's stuff could get a laugh out of me sometimes.

No. 88315

it's because they primarily promote in china, they're pretty much never allowed to promote in music shows in korea

and unfortunately in china they're not popular because SM's sister label isn't big in China, despite most people knowing they're under the SM flag.

it's really unfortunate to see, because the WAYV kids despite being from nepotist backgrounds actually are really funny on variety, but I wonder if that's just the editing and way chinese shows are structured

No. 88316

Their "sister label" not being big doesn't have anything to do with it. Wayv promote more than most chinese boy groups thanks to SM. A group they trained on a survival show when they first debuted ended up becoming more popular than them and their own company still promotes Wayv more than them. Wayv aren't popular because they aren't particularly appealing to the c demographic they're after.

No. 88317

interesting, i didn't know that. i know winwin is super popular in china for some reason, and then lucas is because he's on that variety show with yuqi…i dont think any of the other members do any solo activities?

No. 88319

I cant wait for "treasure" to debut.I already know its going to be a fucking mess.
Like…a 12 member group in YG?

I find it interesting that YG isnt going for a big bang styled group anymore.Just like how they modeled blackpink after 2ne1.

I guess they noticed kpop fangirls do not stan boygroups unless the members are mostly underage and sing teenybopper music.

If this group ends up becoming popular,theyre definitely gonna throw away ikon and winner.

And then they'll end up like blackpink for whatever reason.
Just typical YG things :D

No. 88320

>I find it interesting that YG isnt going for a big bang styled group anymore.
Wasn't that basically Ikon until the drug scandal made them lose a member and go on hiatus?

No. 88322

YG already has piss poor management, and this is their first "big" group, right? I'm sure it's going to be a whole mess especially since YG heavily favors one or two members, even in smaller groups

Half the group isn't even going to get lines honestly, it's going to be YG's version of the Mark&Taeyong show

No. 88327

Big Bang was literally formed by an idol show, made public friendly pop music their entire career, and had the idol management formula just like any other idol group. How is this basic ass pop song the work of a genius?
I too was also perplexed as to why Ikon failed and I think that this is due to the rise of BTS. Big Bang was regarded as senior idols by 2013, and they hardly released anything in comparison to BTS at that time, when you consider that Alive was in 2012 and Made came out in 2015. BTS had consistent comebacks which always centered around the artistry of the group (i.e, "legitimate" rap and Suga & RM's producing/composing abilities). That gap between 2013 to 2015 gave them enough time to create their image as humbled artists. Then the gap after Made (2016-) gave them an empty house to fill the shoes of the "Kings of Kpop" role that Big Bang had (with YT views and their crazy fans). Big Bang may have not been exiled by 2015-2016, but when they did come back, they had aged, and younger fans who found the artist BG image appealing would naturally gravitate towards newer groups (aka BTS). Why stan an older boy group when they only release stuff every 3 years (and are basically retired)? Big Bang did nothing for the next couple of years, but BTS was really lucky when BB went through the Burning Sun scandal and lost respect from the Korean population. Now they truly have no other BG on their 'level' of respect except maybe Seo Taeji & the Boys (for domestic popularity), but BTS's success is absolutely unheard of (Psy is regarded as a joke, fyi). This means that BTS will continue to be celebrated by the Korean GP as Big Bang was referred to as "Gods" for years, and that they will likely have to face similar scandals, especially something like the Burning Sun scandal, to be disavowed by the public.

No. 88328

Let me also add that my mentions of artistry and them being "humble artists" are not my personal opinions of the group–this is just the image that BTS projected at that time that made them stand out from other idol groups. Especially from Exo, who from 2014-2015 were probably the top 3rd gen boy group, but projected completely different (SM puppet) vibes.

No. 88329

Bts' legacy to the gp is being really succesful in the west. Bts dont have the gp support that bigbang have. bwl is their highest ul and reached 1 mil because it was during their peak in the west and the gp took an interest in their success. Bigbang are idols, but its true they're not looked down on like the gp does to idols. The gp likes them for their music and stage presence, performances. Contrary to what kpop stans think, koreans dont fuck with kpop like that. People that stan kpop groups mostly stan for visual and the idol experience and theyre usually mostly young people. Idols are seen as robotic, untalented and just visuals.This is why the gp likes mamamoo as well. DKDKTV i think did a video about it. Them and bigbangs performances arent robotic, they actually have stage presence and hype the crowd. Bbs made album series were really succesful. It was recently posted how one of the songs from one of the series album charted no 1 until the title track of the second series dethroned it. They also had 1 million uls for four of their songs on that album series. Even with all bigbangs controversys throughout their careers their popularity never halted but the opposite. Flower road even after tops controversy had 1 mil uls too. I'm looking forward to seeing how seungris mess will affect the group. Knetz might hate them but its mostly armys and exols on nate, pann, naver so knetz might complain about them but the gp seems to still fuck with them heavy especially gdragon. This is why they get away with things that would typically destroy other idols careers.

No. 88330

No. 88331

Winwin was the most popular nct member in china before 2019 though if that's what you mean but he's never been super popular by any means, less popular there than lucas for a while now. The popularity gap between those two and the rest of the group is massive though, so wayv is in sort of a UNIQ situation. Many people don't even realize they're in the same group.

No. 88332

They'll throw away ikon of course but yg just won't seem to let go of winner even though they deserve to be thrown away the most https://twitter.com/jenniesclan/status/1242986945971662850

No. 88333

what's with the photos
I started watching youth with you! I wasn't expecting to like it that much but I do. I like kun a lot, he seems like a kind person. I feel sorry for Lisa cause I get the feeling she has no idea what's going on half the time and just smiles blankly. Also Yu Shuxin is annoying as all hell.

No. 88334

I think when Yuta isn't being aloof he's actually quite entertaining. His energy comes sporadically though

No. 88335

same anon as >>88331, I think Yuta is ok once in a while, but he does seem aloof most of the time and doesn't talk often. jungwoo is entertaining once in a blue moon (that nct red flag blue flag game bit he did made me laugh)

I do find the dream kids rather entertaining, but their humor is pretty slapstick and revolves around being super chaotic, but at least its still remotely entertaining to watch unlike 127


No. 88336

>same anon as >>88331
Urm… no you're not. I'm >>88331

No. 88337

The NCT guys are botched af. Dunno why people hail them as visual kings when their faces are mostly hidden by caked make up. I find WayV ugly, but they aren't at least as botched as the Korean members.(nitpicking)

No. 88340

>Don't just paste a low effort link. Post images, this is an imageboard
(also along with the obvious twitterfags, whats up with posting an unrelated image with your post (see >>88125 for example)? this is an imageboard but not every message has to have an image, lurk harder

also sorry for the plz spoonfeed meh but question for the anons who watch whatever show lisa is a mentor in: what language does she speak there? as far as i know she doesnt speak chinese, do the trainees understand english?

No. 88341

yeah she speaks English

No. 88343

sorry–i meant >>88311

lisa primarily mentors in english from what i've seen, and talks in thai in her interview portions. i'm assuming they have translators on hand for the trainees as well

No. 88346

Oh sweet summer child… koreans are definetly not over GD, his limited edition nike sneakers sold out in seconds, his cf with some beverage was a hit etc etc one he releases something they'll eat it up regardless how much shit netizens talk about him in comments section.

Dont think they particularly fucked vut iirc both girls were major koreaboos that's why they recognized him in the first place. The thotiest cow even dated a korean dude lol

What do u mean no groups lile bigbang? Idk about their new flop group of uggos but winner and ikon are literally walmart bigbang??? Song Mino is basically popular on the principle of being GDs xerox

I second >>88329. Koreans dont even like bts they just show some "respect" for patriotic reasons. They're like "its cool that theyre popular in the US but why tho". BTS barely breakthrough the idol niche, uncle and aunts cant tell the members name like they did with Bigbang and SNSD, they barely have a hit attached to their name etc etc

No. 88350

If you think for a second slimy, drunk fuckboy jimin didn't at least get a handy from le big tits then you are sadly mistaken.. and delusional.

Uh no… salty underage fans think he's a 25 year old virgin. Please don't live in outer space your entire life.

No. 88351

Really? I can't think of a single time where he was funny or entertaining

No. 88352

I don't understand why they push the funny concept so much, just because BTS had success acting like on speed?
NCT Dream and WayV are loud and "dorky" to appeal to teens, NCT 127 could just say Hey we're the mature ones, we don't do that, we just sing, dance and talk. No big deal, not everybody has to be a "crackhead".

That's unfortunate. But if this is the case, why are the Exo and the ex Exo members so popular in China? (I recently looked that up, they each have 50+ million followers on weibo) or for example Yoona as well? When even idols from korean nugu groups hit it big there, one would think that success as an SM group is a given.

No. 88353

it's subtle but it's funny when he makes a sarcastic/cheeky comment. he can be borderline shady at times. not everybody can do slapstick

No. 88354

Irene's face is so boring to look at, she's probably the blandest visual.

Even Yoona's face has more charm than hers.

No. 88355

Honestly I never thought Jessica was pretty, even as a kid, I thought her face looked so bony and dry…

No. 88357

A twitter account posted about it before and armys attacked them. Armys refuse to believe the gp doesnt stream their music. Even knetz are sick of them ruining melon and unorganically charting all their albums while good songs get pushed down. The account said mamamoo and winner are the most popular kpop group with the korean gp. I've heard it a few times with mamamoo but not winner. But mino is extremely popular that one I know is true. Mamamoo and bigbang are the two groups the gp calls musician-dols. They're idols but they're actually talented and free and arent stereotypical idols. The way bigbang has survived all their scandals and a long group break but was still a bigger hit scares me. Like I would think seungri has finally tanked them but korea is still eating gds ass. Idk how many sex scandals and dating scandals they got into. Plus their weed scandals. Pretty sure these scandals would ruin groups like bts especially if its maknae line.

No. 88358

Isn’t it weird that the entire idol industry was started by Johnny Kitagawa a Japanese pedophile….

Really makes you think…..

No. 88359

elaborate pls

No. 88365

File: 1589368340051.jpeg (41.71 KB, 399x512, CFBC6CA4-25E0-43B5-AC95-35DF11…)

he’s the lee sooman of jpop, except he started his company when lsm was still a teenager. johnny made some of the most popular/successful male jpop solos/groups. kpop is heavily influenced by the trainee system that he used and the music his idols made. i mean sm rookies is a direct rip off of johnnys juniors and smtown live is like johnny’s summary. kpop wouldn’t be the way it is today without having his ideas to rip off. he was a major pedo with so many abuse claims against him from back in the 80s to his death last year. never served any time for it either even though the courts ruled that the victims testimonies were legit.

No. 88376

Holy shit. Speaking of JK, he's ANOTHER scandal this morning. Today Bighit released a video of JK drawing a pic of a moon with an eye in the middle.. Turns out this is an almost exact copy of his ex MJ tattoos. He's so fucking stupid.

No. 88378

File: 1589379363577.jpeg (135.37 KB, 715x1121, 462C6DA6-1047-4548-B798-25FB02…)

it's definitely super similar, i wonder if he's just dense or just doesn't give a shit anymore

he's also in the scandal about the itawon bars, knetz seem to be swirling about the rumors and demanding BH provide a clarification, so they probably cant just sweep it under the rug like they hoped

considering how they destroyed gyuri and mino and how bad the outbreak turned out to be, hiding it probably will make it worse

No. 88380

Bighit trying to distract from the bar rumors by posting uwu bangtan bomb, end up creating even more drama cause JK is a dummy. kek

No. 88381

I think he may actually be special needs.

No. 88383

his drawing looks like napoleon dynamites…

No. 88384

File: 1589382447776.jpg (1.71 MB, 480x260, Yo4h990.jpg)


No. 88385

apparently ratmy fans are trying hard to bury rumors by reporting every post that mentions it and clearing searches

theyre also trying to say that there's no pictures so it's a fake rumor, i can't wait until pictures actually leak if its true and they have to spin and pretend it's faked/jk is an uwu baby who doesn't go out ever

when will these fans just admit their oppars aren't perfect baby dolls that need to be protected and need to own up to their shit if they do stuff that isn't right lol

No. 88395

File: 1589386804009.jpeg (180.44 KB, 750x807, AC8D59CE-AEF6-4FC3-B4D0-FBB394…)

no anon can’t you see he’s “insanely talented”

No. 88397

No. 88399


what about it

No. 88400

Theyre so pathetic. Its obvious he was there. BH has dispatch and all these medias in their pocket

No. 88402

I don't know why it is so bad for him to be clubbing, people could go out until the outbreak or am I wrong?

No. 88403

>Its obvious he was there.
how so? i'm not trying to defend him, but i'm curious about how this rumor started. there's no pics. what's the source?
we know jimin was clubbing because there was videos of him

No. 88404

File: 1589389300303.jpg (105.62 KB, 937x1175, EWn_eLAVAAA5srr.jpeg.jpg)

I saw the koreans posting about it the weekend it happened. I saved the video too in which he was supposed to appear. Ratmys made the original local go private on insta. The caption says Bangtan Jungkook is here btw

No. 88405

>I saved the video too in which he was supposed to appear.
well post it then

No. 88406

He went there to get wasted or take some questionable substances or get his pp wet.

No. 88407

why link the video without any commentary- this isn't OneHallyu, yk.
i'm tired of these "wannabe boss bitch mixed with generic aesthetic sets" girl group music videos. this song sounds just as basic too- but ig expected from the group that comes from Chungha's company iirc

No. 88408

it's bad because korea is barely recovering from the COVID situation, and despite the bars technically being open people should know better than to go out

this only got worse because a big COVID breakout happened after a bunch of people went to the bars, so SK is on edge

No. 88410

Anon this is amazing. But if you have the video why post screenshot instead of it?

What is it with Jungkook and scandals? Is he over it and trying to end his career? BH can't afford to pay off people anymore? Someone in the industry wants to destroy BH's cashcow? Or maybe he is, in fact, retarded?

This is so ugly. How can stans unironically call this a masterpiece and say "his art goes beyond imagination". This is why art history should be mandatory.

No. 88411

I thought Korea was fine. I watch a youtube vlog (Russian woman with her Korean family) and she says that people's live there went relatively undisrupted. Public places like restaurants and clubs didn't close up (mostly). People are chilling and hanging out all over (at least in Seul and Busan).

No. 88412

File: 1589390961838.jpg (113.08 KB, 1080x1569, IMG_20200510_202021.jpg)

Alright this is the milk

No. 88413

File: 1589390984202.jpg (264.19 KB, 1078x1814, IMG_20200513_144509.jpg)

No. 88414

File: 1589391155876.jpg (117.64 KB, 672x1200, IMG_20200510_232900.jpg)

No. 88415

File: 1589391402171.jpg (53.89 KB, 1241x526, IMG_20200510_205815.jpg)

No. 88416

File: 1589391520673.jpg (200.02 KB, 1080x1487, IMG_20200510_204221.jpg)

No. 88417

File: 1589391644110.jpg (39.53 KB, 1024x338, IMG_20200513_184101.jpg)

No. 88419

File: 1589391777477.jpg (205.16 KB, 1073x794, 20200513_184320.jpg)

No. 88421

Well that's the milk, and bh refuses to confirm it. And now armys are creating fake accounts apologising acting as an anti saying they spread fake news

No. 88422

shit I might fuck around and hit the town if he's paying for shots lmao damn. what that wallet do.

No. 88423

Is that him in this pic? I can't tell

No. 88424

I'm surprised by how armys really hide their dirt well. i haven't seen any of these tweets posted here

No. 88425

basically dispatch released a blind item saying two idols went out to the itaewon bars during the covid crisis and now there's another covid outbreak that likely originated from itaewon

jk is rumored to be one of the idols because apparently he was seen hanging out around there, and knetz are angry bc he seems to be protected bc he's BTS when other idols like mino and gyuri got destroyed for doing the same

No. 88426

Who would've thought "golden maknae" would be the groups trouble maker. He seems to go out to drink a lot. I honestly believe his car accident was a dui.

Looks like this dating rumor may have been true

No. 88427

No the pic is of the bar staff waiting for him. It's the caption that's the milk. He says jungkook is coming and in the comments they were talking about jungkook

No. 88428

Did the bars Instagram go private?? Is it bighit or armys threatening them. I mean they could easily leak security footage. Bighit are probably threatening them.

No. 88430

Jacks isn't a gay bar tho.

No. 88431

Jacks isn't a gay bar tho.

Also I thought bts had handlers up their asses 24/7? How the fuck does he keep messing up like this?

No. 88432

It was posted here as well >>88376 >>88378 Still, wonders never cease and this has all been very hilarious.

No. 88433

It's not a gay bar. But its 7 minutes walk away from where the club the outbreak was. Jk was at hacks on the 25th/26th and anyone that was in itaewon from the 24th has to get tested

No. 88434

Definitely a DUI. I'm willing to bet his next scandal will be a sex one. All that blacking out in Itaewon as well. Around all the pretty foreigners. Ha. Can't wait.

No. 88435

Also he was seen in an alley behind a bar from that youtube video. That's not a shady place to hang out at all. And not to stereotype, he was seen with someone covered in tattoos on their head as well.

No. 88437

He doesnt actually appear tho, it's just a guy in the corner that could ve him judging by the clothes only since there's no face
I can upload it anyways just need a website i can easily drop anonymously, no sign up necessary

It's a Jack Daniel's bar btw, there's one in my city too. Basically the opposite of being a gay bar (annoying straight dudes attendance), RIP shippers.

No. 88439

jungkook is so stupid ffs and ratmys will try to bury everything he does lmao

No. 88441

jungkook is just trying to find his time

No. 88443

Can I someday finna find my time

No. 88444


are those the lyrics????

No. 88445

OT but I just watched this documentary, only spanish but here are the highlights
- He's a 21 year old spaniard that came to Seoul at 19
- Used to take classes at a YG subsidiary (?) and claims YGE gave him the opportunity to work at variety/tv shows and as a background dancer under the company but he declined because he wants to be an idol in a group
- Is now working as an actor in a drama and says that all extras are paid the same (the minimum) and that for a 22 hours shoot he's paid 100,000 wones at most
- Continues taking dance classes at an academy to not "lose the rhytm"
- Says that being a foreigner trying to make it into k-pop could be '"violent" and that some agencies specify "they don't want foreigners but accept asians" which he understands but wonders "what happens to the foreigners that try to make it into k-pop, have the potential for it but they're neglected for being westerns?"
- Wants to be the first spaniard to debut as an idol without an agency
- Affirms that foreigners trying to make it into k-pop should look beyond the agencies, that "you became an idol and agencies only give you money"

He seems really nice and a very particular case, any thoughts?

No. 88446

Leave kpop to the koreans/asians.

No. 88448

Yes. They dont make sense

No. 88449

i don't get why foreigners want to debut in korea.

No. 88450

I dont know why foreigners want to go to korea to be an idol. It's just being a koreaboo

No. 88451

all of this happening reminds me of jungkook's song. it isn't the most complex composition though, it's just a pop song. he's frustrated about not being able to have a normal life like his friends. also possibly about not being able to be with his lover (i can't hold ya)?
but at the end it changes and basically it says he's going to go his way even "if it's opposite of sun" (idol life?) and then:
>yes i will touch ya
in conclusion: he's going to to do whatever he wants now, expect more milk in the future

>inb4 imageboard

No. 88453

Jk missed out on his puberty while trying to keep a clean image as the uwu golden maknae so it seems like he's going through it now.

No. 88454

Hmm. I kind of like that he's more rebellious now. I am hoping for some really milky milk soon.

No. 88455

>oh noooooooooooooooo a 22 year old man had a gf and went to a bar

No. 88456

File: 1589395425817.gif (18.31 MB, 600x600, ezgif-4-b0ae9e7f782a.gif)

I'm a dumb bitch so had to convert to gif to post here so please forgive me
But here's the junglebook video in Jack's Bar. Please notice his eboy fit on your left.

No. 88459

I don't see shit. Where is the proof? You're telling me not ONE person has a pic with him? Or of him? Until BH comes out confirming or some photographic evidence comes out… how can we believe it? I mean he no doubt goes out drinking (caught in an alleyway behind a bar) but there is no proof this time?? Idk this whole thing is weird.

No. 88460

there are two people in this video and neither of them are him..? unless you're telling me that 0.3 seconds of an arm at the beginning is him

No. 88461

I have a feeling he wont be going out again for a long time. He's going to be the one that snaps.

No. 88462

i thought he wasn't in the video, i thought the video was supposed to be someone filming while the bouncer says something along the lines of "jk is coming"

i dont doubt he probably went clubbing during this entire COVID debacle just because there are so many news sites picking up on this and BH is way too quiet, but this video shows nothing lol

BH isnt known for saying stuff usually, but with the delicacy of the situation and lack of evidence if it didn't happen it would've been very easy for them to say "no he was at home" or something

No. 88464

the video was never the proof t was the instagram caption saying jungkook is coming and the bar staffs talking about it in the comment section. Also jacks bar instagram account confirmed it twice he was there.

No. 88466

wanting to live your own life is throwing a tantrum now. i mean i understand people are on edge because of covid, but covid was literally done in south korea at that point, im talking like 2 cases a day, and everything was pretty much back to normal, it's not like jungkook would have known that some covid positive guy was out there spreading it around again. an adult man having a girlfriend, getting tattoos and going to bars is unacceptable now lmao this thread is full of weirdos brainwashed by kpop

No. 88467

File: 1589396505270.jpg (757.32 KB, 1080x1825, 20200513_160339.jpg)

Ok ratmy
A totally random adult person would post a video with the caption jungkook is here because of reasons

Yes it would be the 0.3 sec arm kek I think they were trying to casually get him on camera, the girl trying to act naturally and all that
Also idk why people are saying this dude was the club bouncer? I saw his insta on that weekend before he went private and he seemed like a normal client rather than staff. No pictures or stories of him working in a nightclub. Screenshot of his latest pics attached.

No. 88471

the thing is he's a celebrity, and whether you like it or not and whether it's right or not they're held at a different standard

when you're raking in millions dancing around for rabid fans you also lose the luxury of dating privately, going to bars, and getting tattoos without having every move scruitinized

no one here is saying he shouldnt be able to do those things, we're just pointing out how shit it is for his image because he's going to get skewered by the public for doing so, and how insane the bts ratmy fanbase is for trying to "protect an uwu innocent baby maknae" from the consequences of his own actions

No. 88472

No random adult person would post a video of JK because of reasons… Same breath: This is the guy who tried to film JK but could only get his arm… Yet I'm the ratmy and not you (the anon with the random adult person who tried to get a video of JK's Insta)

No. 88474

who gives a shit if the korean "public" (obsessive knetizens) get mad, their standards are insane and mentally deranged. and he's still a millionaire

No. 88475

do you anons think him and the tattoo artist girl are still dating?

No. 88476

probably, but a lot more on the DL now

No. 88477

I think so. and I hope so. She keeps posting cryptic shit on her insta stories hinting at shit.

No. 88479

Who the fuck posted this thread on twitter again
Fucking jkfags coming hur dur theres no proof hes innocent

Are you all clinically retarded?? Read the previous replies ffs anon posted the caption that came with the video. The video per se obviously isnt proof of anything, anon is just providing the full post that gave us the milk. Geez.

No. 88480

It's insane how non-model she is if you get what I'm saying. You'd think he'd be with some hot insta bitch.

No. 88481

Bitch I hate JK.
Two people saying that jk is at a bar does not mean it's proof. Dumbass. Where are the pics? In all of Itaewon NO ONE took a pic (besides the three people that tried to take a video of him according to you) I want the milk.. not hearsay. also fuck off.

No. 88483

sorry for not just believing it at face value

No. 88484

jk is at my house rn

No. 88485

Nah jkfag what I'm saying is that a normal adult person wouldn't just come up with a fake story that he is in the same bar as BTS Jungkook. He posted because that's a midly interesting story to share with pals. If he was some teenaged girl or a selfproclaimed fan then I'd agree it's probably fiction to stir some shit or to just brag w/ their retarded peers.

No. 88486

File: 1589397817212.jpeg (163.91 KB, 1080x1350, 03D6BDBB-4E2A-4AC2-B1A2-A61193…)

I wonder how much SM is making off these virtual concerts, they just announced TVXQ is doing a beyond live as well

Have they even released any new music in the past year? I know Changmin did something solo recently but it wasn't very good from what I remember

SM usually thrives off of concert sales, so I wonder if they're churning all these concerts out because they're hurting for money

No. 88488

I mean people in LA don't take pics of celebs every time they spot them. Most celebs that are papped are actually paying for it for PR purposes too. So if it's like this in fucking TMZ Murica imagine in South Korea?? This is the country where celebs stay married in secret for years. And idols are like lower tier celebs, so you really think ut's far fetched to believe normal people wouldn't be dying to take a picture of him? Nah they can pretty much leave the house without much hassle. We would have much more scandals otherwise or do you think they all don't ever go outside? Lol

Mino was caught because 1) dispatch isnt on YG payroll 2) he was bringing attention to himself 3) he's a tad more known to the gp since he does a lot of variety and is discount GD

No. 88491

File: 1589399517894.png (518.48 KB, 1000x1200, EA7770D4-EE3D-4820-9744-05110C…)

mino was "caught" because it was a private party and someone at the party leaked the photos. I agree, the general public who sees a celebrity probably isn't dying to take pictures of them in a bar and sell it to a tabloid magazine.

No. 88494

If y'all think that some idols going to a bar is milk …

No. 88495

Are you people not reading before you post?
There was an outbreak of corona in itaewon and then jks dumbass went out barhopping there. That's the milk.

No. 88498

your "proof" is shit and only hearsay. the video shows absolutely nothing. can you stop trying to clog the thread with that bullshit.

No. 88500

Also many people think it was a gay bar. No doubt to push the all kpop idols are gay agenda.

No. 88501

the video wasn't me. In fact I'm the anon that video anon was fighting about. I said it wasn't proof first..

The outbreak in Itaewon is fact. SO.

No. 88502

Jack's bar is not a gay bar. Why arent people listening. It's an arcade bar grill

No. 88503

Who invited the army

No. 88504

yes, there was an outbreak in itaewon, but it's not proven that jk was even there. bruh….

No. 88505

Scroll a hit up more and see the bar owners confirmed he was there.

No. 88506

Yeah I know that. Many people don't know that. It's been spread everywhere that it was a gay bar. Irrational people still think it's a gay bar.

Bitch I know.. I am the one that said he probably wasn't out because there is no proof.

An easily manipulated screenshot isn't proof lmao

No. 88507

cute, i dont even like bts and i wish you all would shut up about them and shit up this thread with non-milk because you all want them to still be relevant.

also next time sage your shit.

No. 88509

They also went private cause people kept doing them. Several people with no connection with each other saw him there too

No. 88510

The bar owners and multiple witnesses who did not know each other all confirmed JK was there. He was there.

No. 88512

Has anyone listened to the new Day6 song? I definitely don't think it's as strong as their previous stuff, but the lyrics are interesting considering the news of the band going on break for mental health purposes, especially considering two of the members had a hand in writing the song

No. 88513

Well no one is actually being critical about that but making a fuss over zero proof (no, i'm not going to believe some ig dms after the same person said jungkook wasn't there, then surprisingly conffirmed it -maybe because it will bring them publicity?- and then said they didn't want the chats going public and wanted to shut down the whole conversation) of these dudes in bar (are y'all forgetting that eunwoo was also there or..) and this anon is right >>88466 so what's the deal? seriously, it's boring I found that video of the spanish dude more interesting

No. 88516

no matter how many people say it, hearsay isn't proof. Anyway, lets move on.

No. 88517

Are they not relevant? Genuinely curious. Thought they were huge.

No. 88519

So it's okay for smfags not to hide their powerlevels but ratmies are shameless for daring talking about their oppars even in a neutral way? lmao

>inb4 filthy ratmy

i'm a bored ex-kpopfag whos here mostly for milk

No. 88524

Uh the man never said he didnt see jk where did you get that from?

No. 88525

hi. this is my first time writing here. ive been lurking for a while. sorry if it sounds like a stupid question but why does everyone call V dumb? or autistic? tbh when i watch videos of bts he seems the most average, i know he was kinda weird in their debut days but that was a concept right? im actually rlly curious. can anyone refer to some examples as to why he's called autistic?

No. 88527

Ratmies keep lying

No. 88529

god what is this ratmies invasion? i get there's barely nothing else going on in k-pop, but damn

No. 88530

i actually liked the english version better, which is a first for a kpop song. i do think "love me or leave me" should have been the title track though

No. 88534

because that was his old persona (a dumb autist), and kpop fans take those things like gospel. his new persona is artsy autist

No. 88535

original poster of the zombie mv here, i like "love me or leave me" a lot, but it loses the rocker/band vibe and feels more like an idol band b-side, but it's still really good

i think my favorite song off their new album is "Stop", it has that garage/UK rock vibe to it and i dig it

No. 88536

i have never listened to day6 before idk why, but honestly these few songs you posted hooked me, and i listened to other ones and theyre actually really good.
i used to be a ftisland fag and ngl i recently started to miss them and their sound, and day6 kind of remind me of them.
so thank you anon!

No. 88538

File: 1589404662817.jpg (126.6 KB, 686x1199, IMG_20200513_181655.jpg)

God I had to go into the depths of korean stan twitter but this were the first dms that they posted

No. 88539

if you like this you should also try n.flying! they have a similar rock band/ft island style

No. 88540

That's the first half of the dm this is the second half

No. 88541

No. 88542

i strongly recommend the real by n.flying too

good taste anon
they're my ults

No. 88543

I know, I was just proving that the bar first denied that he was at the bar, then they retracted, then they wanted the chats to not go public and so on

No. 88544

Its so fishy that the people armys are saying spread the rumour and apologised deactivated immediately. They were korean but the people that dmed the bar is Japanese and speaks english, it was armys that posted it on twitter first. Apparently it's the same one that spread the gf rumor. And it was a french girl that said she saw him. As well as the Instagram caption guy. Ratmys truly are cultists.

No. 88546

I mean if you read the dm they didnt remember a jungkook at first, then they said bts. Doesnt seem like they denied it then changed it but remembered jk bts was there with eunwoo

No. 88547

out of all the bands currently n.flying and day6 are my absolute favorites. sweet chaos reminds me the most of a garage rock style, almost like older arctic monkey's stuff.

i also really, really liked drug restaurant (JJY's old band), but I can't listen to their music anymore without thinking of that stupid asshole

No. 88549

i used to be SUCH a protective FTI stan that for years i refused to listen to other "idol bands" because to me they were the OG. it's refreshing to mature to say the least lmao.

n.flying are really good too! the real is already my favorite song by them.

thank you so much anons!

No. 88551

i perfectly understand what you mean tbh i used to be a very hardcore army 2 years ago (embarrassing) and had that weird cultist mentality that i'm not allowed to like other bands and need to devote all my love and support to bts or i'm "fake"

a perfect example is how armys always bash on mutlifandom fans for not licking bts' ass 24/7 at any chance they get and then accuse them of "throwing bts under the bus

No. 88552

If Koreans don't care…why do you? I don't get international kpop fans who think they have a right to say who and who shouldn't be in an industry that isn't for them to begin with. There's been half black idols before, half white ones before, fully non-asian actors,models, idols before …who TF cares when kpop takes from African American culture and Japanese pop culture and then just does everything in Korean?

Some Koreans are xenophobic, some a neutral, some think it's cool and it's weird to speak like Koreans are a monolith or like any of your opinions on the topic matter in the first place. At the end of the day these kpop companies are the ones who decide.

Sometimes you guys sound like koreaboos that believe if they can't do it then nobody can. Or like you have yellow fever and don't want the Asian waifu/husbando fantasy broken.

No. 88553

i like bts and i trust armys a lot more if they are capable of liking girl groups/other groups too, some armys seem very triggered by girl groups lmao its unhealthy tbh

No. 88555

this mentality you get from kpop stans that an asian-american or asian-australian idol who's never even set foot in asia before training to be a kpop idol is normal and OK but someone like lana, who hails from a country that is literally in asia, is wrong and bad is so telling.

No. 88558

oh for sure. even when FNC released the news about cnblue i was really upset because i thought they would forget about fti, which i mean they did give cnblue better opportunities but i digress. it's not cnblue's fault. same with n.flying, i just really didnt want fti to be left in the dark when they sort of paved the way for idol bands in my opinion. i'm still salty about a lot FNC did but it has nothing to do with the bands, and i feel awful now for thinking badly about them when they're just kids wanting to play and make music, just like fti.

i really thought i had to be 100% loyal to fti otherwise i would be a bad fan as well. it's such a pathetic mentality and very much had to do with me being young i think, when fti debuted i was 16 years old. i feel like the hardcore army stans must be around that age, at least i hope so because that would be… concerning.

No. 88559

>i like "love me or leave me" a lot, but it loses the rocker/band vibe and feels more like an idol band b-side, but it's still really good
that is true, i felt the same about Day&Night.

i think stop is so good too! i'm the same anon who said earlier that day6 are the only kpop group/band that i truly enjoy every single song from and i still stand by that after their latest album release

No. 88563

yup, day6 is truly one of those "no skip" bands for me every time they release an album

i hope they all get better soon, i cant wait to see them perform again

No. 88564

I find it really cringe when kpop bands perform in Japan and they perform a bunch of anime songs to pander to the audience

No. 88565

File: 1589408254939.jpg (444.14 KB, 1080x1835, 20200513_191641.jpg)

Watch our residents jkfags continuing to deny it while even kmedia is posting blind items about it


No. 88566

They all love to pretend like JK is this sweet little innocent angel and BTS are horrible monsters and "ohh anon stop he is so young he wasn't able to live his youth that's why he's like this!1!!!1!!!

No. 88567

I also believe his car accident last year was a DUI. Who the hell crashes into a taxi at 3/4am? it has to be drinking related

No. 88570

same nflying/day6 fag that's been commenting, i love the nflying anime medley, but that's probably because im a huge nflying fan and also a big weeb

are there any other bands who've covered anime songs? i can't think of any other groups who have

No. 88573

>that's why he's like this!1!!!1!!!
he went to a fucking bar he didnt kill a man

and he WASNT able to live his youth like most child stars

No. 88575

i mean if he was out clubbing at a normal time it wouldn't make the news, even if he was screwing around with women (like jimin, it didn't make the news and only ratmy fans seemed to care)

the issue is that the world is in a pandemic state, and going out during this time is grossly irresponsible. you can argue that "well the government is to blame because they let the bars open, it's not his fault!" but celebrities are held to a different standard

not to mention the itaewon bar crawls that happened sparked another wave of covid, so it's not a surprise knets are mad

but like many anons said before, theres no concrete evidence and its all speculative, can we please move on

No. 88580

File: 1589413715557.gif (1.95 MB, 272x480, 1587786733-e174ebc31080b111f71…)

I kinda like it. I think it's better than their previous releases which isnt much considering the rest of their discography is mostly inoffensive and kinda bland. I wish they had better music, itd be nice to have a gg without forced high pitched vocals and no shitty "rapper"

Tbh I mostly know them as that one group with that really skinny girl. Humour me anons, do you really think that she's just naturally skinny? her names seungeun btw

No. 88582

File: 1589414531646.gif (1.72 MB, 313x480, seung.gif)

googled her and this article came up. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/04/bvndits-maknae-seungeun-is-earning-mad-respect-from-netizens-with-her-chiseled-arm-leg-muscles

honestly it seems like she works out A LOT, not in a healthy way tho. she's not scarily skelly like hitomi but she literally has 0% body fat so i dont know…

No. 88587

You can also say the same about the 90s bubblegum pop "idol" industry in the US. Lou Pearlman, the creator of NSync and the Backstreet Boys, was also a pedophile. Child actors in the West are commonly molested by adults in the acting industry. I wonder if the same pedophile ring that exists in the US has ties to K-media.
His gf is hella ugly. He must be into fakebois or a closeted gay.
He's a white dude–what do you expect? I'm honestly very surprised that it's taken this long for a white male to have a bitchfit about not being able to become a kpop idol.
No, this is not 'naturally skinny'. This is called "on the brink of death anachan". I can confirm as I am a former anachan.

No. 88588

>she’s not scarily skinny like hitomi
??? she’s even skinnier than hitomi. gross how there are netizens praising her for being severely underweight but it’s not surprising

No. 88589

the gloves was because of korea's broadcasting regulations

No. 88591

>This is called "on the brink of death anachan".
topkek I take it by "I can confirm as I am a former anachan." you mean land whale who claimed ana for attention.

No. 88592

These rules apply to TV broadcast only, he was wearing gloves and bandaids for online streamed events because big hit is retarded

No. 88594

File: 1589420867328.jpg (407.97 KB, 1024x1023, cover.jpg)

I think we can all agree this is the best kpop album of all time

No. 88595

she looks anorexic but I think she gained a bit of weight

No. 88596

File: 1589421442442.png (149.96 KB, 1488x652, SuperM Earnings.png)

According to Forbes, the SuperM one earned around 2 million USD. No idea about the others though. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tamarherman/2020/04/26/superms-virtual-k-pop-concert-sees-major-earnings/

No. 88597

more like most overrated imo. sure, cry about how f(x) never got comebacks, but their music isn't for everyone and aged pretty bad like most early 10s k-pop. this album is always said to be one of the best, but i barely remember a single song from that album. four walls was a better album, but certainly not the best in k-pop. i'll admit most of f(x)'s discography is better than most girl groups now and from back then.

my personal top three of just idol music would be:
SHINee's Odd
Seventeen's An Ode
Wonder Girls' Reboot

No. 88599

wow, that's a good amount more than i thought, I feel like the dream concert and subsequent 127 ones probably will generate more than the superm concert

i wonder which profit sharing structure these concerts fall under for the artists, there's no way SM is going to give them the 20/80 overseas touring cut lol

either way they're all making a pretty penny for these things, no wonder SM is going to try to milk the TVXQ one. I'm surprised they havent announced an EXO or Red Velvet one

No. 88600

Thank you! Four Walls is really underappreciated. No idea why it got so much hate and forgotten as an album

No. 88611

File: 1589424507569.jpeg (183.54 KB, 828x1006, 9CCAE7E2-F5AB-4F10-B8B1-47D354…)

So I saw some noise on twitter about NCT Jaemin using the korean equivalent of "retarded" to describe Haechan and now international fans are demanding him apologize/SM say something lol

It seems to be getting mild traction in Korea on Nate but the comments all seem rather mild, ofc its the i-fans who don't understand korean culture making a big fuss

I-fans are giving instructions on how to email SM so they can "educate" them on how this is an ableist slur and it's not acceptable….meanwhile Korea is kind of just seeing this as a swearing controversy/not taking it super seriously

No. 88620

one of the biggest dream translators (who is korean) went on rest because of this so i think it is kind of serious. anw jaemin is a pos, he literally went on bubble the same day and told fans to "only see/say beautiful words" he knows this shit is gonna blow over anyway. now i'm even more convinced he watches that youtuber everyone was making a fuss about a while ago

No. 88622

yeah the tweet i linked is the dream translator who went on break, it's mainly her tweet that is garnering traction internationally.

the word he used in korea is a pretty common word that people use day to day, I'm korean (although my korean is god awful because raised in the US kek) and i've definitely heard my cousins use it when I went home, it seems pretty on brand for a 19/20 year old to say, especially since it's a pretty common word in gaming circles

He probably shouldn't have said it on live radio though, but jaemin isn't exactly known for his intelligence…

Which youtuber are you talking about anon?

No. 88625

File: 1589425950867.jpg (109.26 KB, 602x1285, main-qimg-5b4a604e22d81ec952c4…)

yeah she got posted here before and the pic was honestly scary. (pic related)

I hope shes keeping her health under control. Shes pretty young, I think shes a 2000s liner

No. 88627

>>88622 Really? Any examples of his questionable intelligence? Im not that into Nct so ive only heard lucas getting called dumb lol

No. 88629

i mean no notable examples stand out to me, but if you just watch him on shows and stuff you can tell he's very much a "top of the bell curve" kind of guy, maybe not just completely stupid like lucas, but definitely not super intelligent either

i do remember some interview where he said his mom told him to take the SM audition he was offered because he wasn't good at school, so there's that…

No. 88630

>>88622 i dont remember the youtuber's name but they're apparently really racist/homophobic/sexist etc. it was the same one jungwoo got accused of watching bec of a word he said that was mainly associated with that youtuber anw jaemin has done other really questionable things too but everything just gets buried by his fans…

No. 88631

SJW retards are so embarrassing. It's even funnier that while they impose their 'superior, woke' Western politically correct culture onto non-American cultures, saying that the other culture needs to change, they also croon about colonialism and ~protecting POC~ uwu. They hate the word retarded because they clearly are so themselves.

No. 88632

yup, the sjw twitter is now derailing this into a bullying thing as well, saying nct dream probably bullies haechan behind the scenes etc. as if he isn't the one member who dishes it out the most lmfao

either way the article's already fallen off nate's trending so i highly doubt it'll turn into a controversy in korea, the sjw can froth at the mouth here but once their oppa posts a cute selfie all will be forgiven

honestly i hate how i-fans always try to insert their thoughts into stuff like this and make things worse….what he said is totally something a 20-something would say to his friends, i'm sure they've said worse. his only problem was forgetting the camera was on, but it could easily have been edited out so it seems SM's editing team didn't think much of it either

No. 88633

>jaemin has done other really questionable things too
Can you give some examples? I don't follow Dream.

No. 88635

No. 88638

File: 1589431230863.jpeg (70.16 KB, 1430x800, 61865C45-0053-48DF-BB5A-F55FB9…)

Wendy and Zico apparently are collaborating on a song? I'm happy to see Wendy's recovered enough to start returning to work, but not going to lie I'm disappointed people are still working with homophobic, rapist-defending Zico…gross

There's so many other rapper and producers out there that these singers can work with, and they keep choosing Zico because it's trendy and it makes me side eye them pretty hard

Apparently the song is for the trainwreck of a drama "The King". I don't know if anyone's watched it, but it's so bad LOL

No. 88639

She deserves to break another rib for this atrocity(a-log)

No. 88640

What some sjw fail to understand is no matter how much kpop companies push their idols into the US market, SK will always be their priority. Some of them are like "they want our money so they gotta do what we say", hilarious.

No. 88641

come on man…that's fucked up to say, she literally just recovered from a really nasty injury and you're wishing more harm on her because she's collaborating with someone you don't like?

i'm the original op who posted the wendy zico news and I'm not super excited about the collab, but i'd never wish for her to get injured again over something like that

No. 88644

That's fucked up as shit. Companies are the ones to set up all this collabs, what's gonna happen blaming and wishing harm upon her?

No. 88645

Yeah she deserves injury for a company dictate move and not he.

No. 88650

I don't think Wendy had much of a choice there, but if anyone that should be held accountable for their collabs, it should be Chungha. I think she does have some control over what she does and what she doesn't compared to companies like JYP, YG or SM.

No. 88654

File: 1589438159070.png (874.04 KB, 1100x616, 82AC6039-E487-4575-B0C0-4E33BD…)

agreed…im sure chungha doesnt have full creative control over her stuff, but her most recent mv with the male heeled dancers just feels like pandering/disingenuous especially after she's collaborated with zico

if she's trying to keep up this "woke queen" image, she really shouldn't be associating with a guy who's connected with convicted rapists and literally tried to out and make fun of his own bandmate on live tv

No. 88655

i heard that the entire choreography is a dance called voguing that originated from the black community or the lgbtq+ community. She knows what she's doing, and that people eat that shit up.

No. 88656

>literally tried to out and make fun of his own bandmate on live tv
Wait what? I can't find anything about this online.

No. 88658

i mentioned this in a previous thread, but here is the video (starts around 4:50)

basically he mentions that another member confessed to him, and then makes fun of him saying "do you really love me as a man" and literally mentioning "coming out" while all the other members laugh and the guy he's talking to looks visibly uncomfortable, until another member who looks disgusted steps in and changes the subject

it's pretty telling honestly, and they probably weren't joking around based on how direct he was and how uncomfortable the other guy got

this was honestly enough for me to never want to listen to his music again, he is such a POS and i'm surprised people haven't cancelled him yet

No. 88661

The kpop fandom is a master at cancelling idols but they never do it to the ones who really should be cancelled. Disappointed but not surprised.

No. 88662

File: 1589445941199.jpg (381.15 KB, 1280x916, EX9ONKfU0AA5opk.jpg)

Suho enlists today - and of course Korean fans edit Chen out lol

No. 88665

Typical k-net behavior, they really know how to be stupid and cringey.

No. 88666

File: 1589448760880.jpeg (343.21 KB, 1160x916, EX9UxH-UcAA9OI4.jpeg)

No. 88667

I saw that too, it's so fucking dumb. Like mentioned in earlier thread, it's fucked up that someone like Seungri still can have fans but all Chen did was be happy and live his life but they act like he killed someone

No. 88670

File: 1589449899922.jpeg (33.68 KB, 306x720, CBF75417-674F-4279-94F7-F3C7A9…)

nope not natural (pic related). she looks too muscly with not enough fat now. she’ll definitely start getting fillers soon and look like an egg.

it’s honestly not even knet behavior. it’s delusional exols who thought they had a chance with him. from what i’ve seen outside of exols most people don’t really care. and to think that most exols are in their 20s… so childish and cringey.

No. 88672

jaemin is nct dream's taeyong with how useless he is aside from being the fotg yet he's also the one with most controversies surrounding him

No. 88674

File: 1589455002166.jpg (165.47 KB, 1280x720, 9py0usuftkt11.jpg)

being skinny only looks good on korean girls(ban evading anachan)

No. 88676

I saw someone say this but not give out what hes done. I know about the youtube mr one, what else has he done?

No. 88677

>it’s delusional exols who thought they had a chance with him
Actually it's mostly fans of the other members who are afraid Chen might influence them into getting married and having children of their own kek. Chen doesn't have a lot of fans to begin with.

No. 88694

This is even dumber because these men are already in their late 20s and most asian men prefer to settle down at that age. I am just cringing thinking about the reaction some of the delulus will have, when one of the most popular member decides to get married. (Mostly Kai or Baekhyun).

No. 88695

Exactly, all the mad EXOLs I've seen were getting upset that this makes it pretty much guaranteed that the others are in serious relationships. Nobody cares if Chen's dating or not, he's not popular. What they care about is having to face the increasingly hard to deny reality that Baekhyun or Chanyeol or both is dating.

No. 88697

people are saying dream are constantly teasing him, making colorist jokes and fatshaming him and he's always the butt of their jokes. I think its now haechan stans are mad about how he's treated. Jaemin stans are also doxxing him and trying to find his family history to prove what jaemin said.

No. 88700

i saw news about that too, stans are so stupid. if he actually has a family history of mental slowness/disabilities it just makes everything way worse

this started internationally but it seems its getting bad in SK, SM is having a nightmare with this Dream comeback

No. 88703

File: 1589466560225.jpeg (33.54 KB, 548x620, EX_CWpnUcAAfXky.jpeg)

we love a woke king

No. 88704

kill yourself

No. 88705

BTS is transphobic?! Cancelled!

No. 88706

I think she's joking, anon, chill out

No. 88708

this is so funny to me, it feels like the stylist just pulled trendy sjw buzzwords and just pinned it to his shirt without any thought for how it would look just to get "woke brownie points"

bts stylists truly are a different league kek

No. 88712

The shirt is like that lmao

No. 88714

Lmao I just checked and ratmys are really already trying to do damage control
>he doesn't know what radical feminism means, otherwise he obviously wouldn't have worn it, he would never exclude anybody, he loves trans womenz and sex workers!
>jimin would beat you terfs!
Others say that radfems being trans exlusionary is only a white thing, so him wearing it as a korean person is actually good. Because of course little Jiminnie will be always given the benefit of the doubt.
How can you be so sure that you know his views? The average korean man is anti gay and anti trans and the average korean radfem is a terf, so…

Now it's up to sjw fakebois and kpoppies to get "jimin terf" trending kek

No. 88716

File: 1589469705700.png (148.79 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20200514-171651~2.p…)


No. 88717

oh jeez, i wonder what it's like to be a rabid ratmy spending every day frantically typing the same words into twitter/google over and over again to clear searches for someone who won't even look at you twice

honestly i dont get why these idols just stick to singing and dancing, they make enough money just looking pretty, i dont get the obsession with seeming woke and getting into controversies because they all have a middle school education and dont understand what they're getting themselves into

No. 88718

jk and jimin literally can not stay out of trouble. Why the fuck didn't someone say anything? That idiot rm knows english…????

No. 88719

jimin is too retarded to be any sort of activist in any capacity.

No. 88720

Finally,more drama in kpop land.
I almost thought this year would be boring.

No. 88721

it's literally because even RM has the english capabilities of a middle schooler at best, not to mention none of them finished HS let alone went to college, so their view of "wokeness" is whatever they see at face value on twitter etc

im sure jimin was patting himself on the back thinking like "wow my fat ratmy international fans are going to love this feminism is super hot rn" without even considering the implications of plastering something like this on himself

ofc im sure rabid sjw fans were waiting to jump down his throat for something like this, but he literally gave them rope to hang him with. like i said, i dont get why these guys dont just shut the hell up and not give fans fuel to burn them with

No. 88725

>r* ableist slur

Westerns are so fucking embarrassing. Who cares if he said the word retarded or something similar to it.

Why the hell is Zico not in prison though? that's disgusting

No. 88726

I dunno why but this made me cringe through out my entire body. You know he doesnt give a shit about feminism or women.

No. 88727

File: 1589471620188.jpg (149.06 KB, 1600x743, unnamed.jpg)

Hey remember when men burnt Irene photographs because she read a feminist book? When Suzy got heat when she supported a feminist movie? When Naeun had to delete a photo, because her phone case had 'Girls Can Do Anything' on it? I await the general public's witch hunt of Jimin.

(Seriously though the fact that no celebrity in SK can outright say they're a feminist is sickening)

No. 88729

File: 1589471645300.jpeg (64.08 KB, 750x933, 7B56FE52-8A2B-4BE8-927D-339862…)

honestly fans are trying to bury it and its baffling because they're just making it worse, when i watched the video i literally heard "retard" instead of "very cool" which is what they're trying to say he said, the subs even use the word "dumb"…

kfans are trying to pretend its a super easy mispronunciation but anyone who natively speaks korean knows it wasn't. i'm half korean, and even though my korean is the level of a fucking elementary school student I knew it wasn't a mispronunciation, the guy doesn't have a speech impediment

a comparison to this would be saying like….fork instead of pork. it's not a mistake a native speaker would make, if chenle did it i would be more inclined to say it was actually a mistake, not to mention this is a super common slang word that teenagers use nowadays. (funny enough, an actual mispronounciation would be jisung in the same video saying "jira" which sounds like "jiral" which means bullshit–that's more like saying fuck when you meant fork)

i dont get why ifans are blowing it up to such a degree, korean native fans literally did not care, but now it's been blown so out of proportion it's actually a problem now

either way the guy should just own up and apologize, the fans that matter really dont care at all anyways

No. 88730

Imagine trying to justify violence on women because men are more important. These pick me bitches are insane. Either way, Jimin is a moron but i dont see anything wrong with his shirt. The problem is, he's a moron.. and doesnt understand what it means to be a feminist or want equality because he's a privileged man in SK.

No. 88731

He'll get away with it because he's a man, as usual. And then they'll go onto bullying more women idols and act surprised pikachu when someone else kills themselves.

No. 88733

yup, it's just stupid because he probably wore the shirt expecting tons of wokeboy brownie points and is getting skewered because he's stupid

he didn't do anything wrong, it's just disingenuous and funny how he brought this onto himself because he doesn't have a brain

No. 88734

File: 1589471849261.png (116.39 KB, 500x340, jin-radical-feminist.png)

we love a woke group

No. 88739

>jimin is a terf
huh… i love jimin now

No. 88742

File: 1589473541426.png (411.84 KB, 852x1366, Jaemin Receipts.png)

NTA but I found this thread about the Jaemin Youtuber thing. Apparently, he kept on saying the catchphrase of this Youtuber involved in molka stuff. You can find vids in this thread and a summary of the entire thing. There are a bunch of dudes saying that it's been all debunked and are linking another thread but others are saying that it doesn't really explain the whole catchphrase thing. Source: https://twitter.com/meiqifleur/status/1260758985684082693

I also saw a screenshot about Jaemin allegedly joking about Chenle "coming out" when he took his cap off but I haven't checked for an actual video or anything.

No. 88743

I still don't understand why fans push this woke agenda on kpop idols. Everything about kpop is the opposite of woke and yet the moment some idol listens to a song made by a gay artist, they screech "WOKE KING!!1!!"

Is it all a massive cope? Because there are many artists out there who act woke and yet they project that image onto kpop idols, who obviously don't know and don't care about it at all.

No. 88745

i scanned the thread, my korean isnt great (its actually fucking awful) and some of it does seem shady

him saying "hello" in the same tone as the youtuber is a bit of a stretch, since he literally always talks like that but the kimochi bit is a little more side-eye worthy, especially if he actually was the person who wrote it

for context, kimochii is sometime that's pretty prevalent in hentai and it means "feels good" in its core but it's definitely not something a normal korean person would say, it is very popular among the edgy alt right streamer/bj community and definitely has pervy/misogynistic undertones to it. it isn't a word a normal korean person would pick up unless they watch a ton of porn (which is entirely possible, but why are you fucking writing it on a table) or watch the streamers (again, why are you writing it on a table)??

basically it all boils down to jaemin not having a brain and being a stupid teenager with his stupid friends on tv

im a big fan of dream, but my god these kids have been making me cringe a lot recently

No. 88748

idg how you can be concerned about whether bts are against terfs and swerfs and their support of non western feminist movements but not care that a few of the members are mildly racist/sexist as well as associate with people who are openly so? like you can coo about how jimin is a perfect uwu fairy or you can discuss kpop through the lens of feminism but you can't do both

No. 88749

Honesty, i could care less about the word retarded, but from what you're saying, as well as other things, he sounds like a sexist piece of shit, which is worse than saying saying the word retarded. How do guys like these become idols and how do so many girls spend so much money on them is beyond me.

No. 88751

come on, i'm sure SM didn't choose him to be an idol because of his strong moral compass lol

sjw can scream and cry all day about how their oppas need to be woke but will still support them because they're pretty and they "will change!"

kpop companies will never do what ifans want and "educate their employees" because they know the bulk of fans don't actually care and there's no money to be made from doing so

No. 88754

Interesting but he won't make it as an idol/mainstream actor. He isn't what the Koreans would consider to be a good looking westerner. He just doesn't have the look, sadly.

No. 88755

Jimin is also 'fug', not to mention short and racist yet he's the most popular member. How can you explain that?

No. 88756

i dont think either of those anons were defending jimin LOL

BTS is super into portraying the "woke image" and their ratmy fanbase always tries to push it as well, but like you said remain quiet when the rapline obviously is close to problematic people like their producer SupremeBoi who's been repeatedly shown as a misogynistic rapist-defending POS

I honestly don't get why fans insist on putting their idols on some "woke/social justice" pedestal when they're just dancing entertaiment monkeys like the rest of the entertainment industry

No. 88758

I thought junglebook was the most popular lol

No. 88759

>yet he's the most popular member
You answered your own question. He has a lot fans in korea besides how fuggo he is and rm and jhope dont. Hence the reason why it's possible for dispatch to have dirt on him.

No. 88760

I find Jimin to be the ugliest one out of all of em. Even uglier than rm and jh

No. 88761

that was in reference to the tweet sorry. i agree with you, the idol industry is basically built on abusing kids (and the fall out from training a kid as young as jungkook was when he began is playing out in real time) for corporate profit. it would be fine if armys admitted to simply enjoying the music/performances/the members as entertainment figures but they're never going to be paragons of social justice

No. 88762

Anon was asking WHY is he the most popular member. Especially since he's ugly and short.

No. 88763

File: 1589478770303.png (135.32 KB, 500x592, 26920249-047E-49F1-AE7D-F814F3…)

man i remember when BTS gave some stupid speech at a UN seminar and ratmy's were sperging about how RM should run for president after he's done with BTS

like these people are so delusional that they think an idol who doesn't even have a hs background should be giving input on world issues and running a country because he read a canned speech at some event

No. 88765

Why two days in a row BH puts something controversial out? Is someone there trying to sabotage them?

No. 88768

Fucking based kek trigger all the tranny loving whores I stan

No. 88770

to anon he may be ugly but to a lot of fans he isn't and appeals to them by doing lots of fanservice. It's been discussed again and again in the past threads. People need to stop bringing it up.

I also can't believe people think he's uguu kawaii while looking deformed.

No. 88771

you do get new people in here you know. Not everyone has read all of the threads.
There are many other kpop idols that are way hotter so it's confusing how bts has gotten so big. They're all average to ugly.

No. 88772

i think the jungkook thing they posted yesterday was a mistake, they probably didnt realize that jk was stupid enough to draw his gf/ex gf's stuff on tv

the jimin thing was definitely an attempt at seeming woke, a stylist probably dressed them in those awful outfits and thought "wow theyre gonna seem so intelligent and worldly bc feminism"

either way BH needs to hire new PR people because this aint it

No. 88773

Also two different members have worn The Velvet Underground merch/sweaters (?) and I know for a fact neither of them have heard a single song from them.

No. 88774

sry for bringing this up, ik its been done to death but this is to address the previous comments. i reckon jimin is the right kind of ugg. the attainable kind of ugg for ratmys. whereas the better looking members like V can be seen as unattainable. ofc this processes only within their ratmy subconscious but the reason they find him attractive is because hes simply attainable looking. whereas ratmon/jhope is the obtrusively ugly/uncanny type, not cute/attainable ugly.

No. 88775

his ana chan phase and general attention whoring resonates with his fans, plus he's competent at what he's in that group to do

No. 88776

He can't sing. at all.

No. 88777

he's there to dance anon, none of them are actually there to sing and thats what people don't seem to get about bts

No. 88778

no.. they're there to sing…. that's why they……… sing……………………

No. 88779


No. 88781

singing is and always has been an afterthought for BTS. nobody's main skill is singing. rat and suga rap, j-hope and jimin are there for dancing, v and jin are there to be 'visuals', and jungkook is meant to be a jack of all trades so he's centre. that's why they don't really have a star vocalist. it got forgotten since they were going to be a 'hip hop' group anyway.

try and change my mind, you won't manage it

No. 88782

do people actually think jimin is a fan of like germaine greer based off of this

imo his voice was not that bad but years of being overworked has taken its toll on him hence why any live vocal performance of his sounds like that. idk why he insists on doing those high notes in concerts all the time if he's so insecure though. he clearly doesn't lack self awareness

No. 88784

Yet this is a valid criticism due to the fact how lauded his vocal 'capabilities' are by ratmys.

No. 88785


Kpop is not just 90-100% looks. It is because fans like the lyrics of the music and how they perform that is why they are more popukar outside Korea at first.

No. 88786

who do u guys think is the most problematic in bts? as in their morals are fucked up not cupcake shit like dating scandals. i would say jimin, him calling jungkook the literal n word for getting a tan and the atomic bomb t-shirt are ENOUGH for me

No. 88787

jin for being a huge fucking dead weight

No. 88788

Jimin is completely out of line and should be smacked for his bitch ass, depraved monkey mouth whereas Junglebook is just another softcore teenage delinquent.

No. 88789

True dat. Jin can hardly perform his only role as the 'visual'. "Worldwide Handsome". What a fucking joke.

No. 88790

Thread got invaded by twitter stans. Again. Someone do somthing.

Honestly, same. I don't understand. >>88743

No. 88791

Does anyone know of the other supposedly racist/homophobic things Jeno and Jaemin are supposed to have said? I always had a feeling that Dream was going to be the ""problematic"" NCT group given that they all debuted as teenagers, so I'm not really surprised this happened. As soon as I saw a video of them making fun of Jaemin and Haechan for being tanned, I pretty much knew it was going to be them.

On a side note, I really haven't seen NCT 127 make any of those sorts of jokes (minus Taeyong when he was 12 I guess) and I wonder if it's because SM is really trying to push them internationally so they have to be more "woke." I haven't really seen 127 do or say anything as edgy as Dream, but maybe they have said shit and I just haven't seen it yet.

No. 88792

Jimin is living proof you can polish a turd and people will mistake it for gold

No. 88793

'depraved monkey mouth' the twitter stans are really going hard

No. 88794

tbf his mouth kinda resembles that of a primates

No. 88795

i think jeno got some flack for possibly being a xenophobe, i can't find the video anymore but he got visibly annoyed at chenle trying to read a script in korean when it's obviously not his mother tongue

maybe calling him a xenophobe is going a bit far, but it definitely wasn't a good look especially on camera

ofc instead of saying anything SM just cut that part out of the video and reuploaded it, which is what I assume they'll do with jaemin's "scandal"

like you said, these kids all debuted super young so its not surprising they're all a bit immature and will likely have a slew of attitude scandals because they're stuck in a teenager mindset and are being filmed all the time

No. 88796

has anyone seen the video of stellar doing the sos symbol on stage, at the side

No. 88797

With the pictures of Chen getting PS'd out of the Suho send off, I'd like to bring this video to everyone's attention

Really shows how absolutely delusional fans are when it comes to their idols dating

Forgive the "crack" edits, I usually don't find them funny but here it adds to the ambience quite well

No. 88798

they're all problematic.
I find rm insufferable.

No. 88799

jimin, rm and jhope. rm and jhope being friends with supremeboi. and everytig else jimin and rm has done. Also jhope and saying boys cant kiss and jhope saying he doesnt wear earrings cause he's a man

No. 88800

wait what? he definitely wears earrings lmao

No. 88802

does anyone know what jin did earlier today? people were trying to clear his search results and it actually worked, nothings coming up

No. 88803

tbh i dont find that problematic

No. 88804

File: 1589483860528.jpg (47.3 KB, 500x750, 0b99586181e8f0f9560cd77ffb543d…)

god this is so dumb. kyungsoo wore a similar shirt before. its clearly some brand that decided to use probably popular words from the internet i doubt they give a shit about these topics

No. 88805

Having been to Seoul a few years ago I can attest they indeed do. All those saturated white skintone photos/videos are done in post-production or simultaneously with a filter. Warm/cool lighting also makes a huge difference but none of them were as bleached as the pictures.

No. 88806

his hips are almost as wide as his shoulders. tragic

No. 88807

File: 1589484475959.png (60.44 KB, 225x225, CD998694-F8F4-4FEE-A240-0F7A53…)

i mean if you've ever downloaded the Snow app the default filter already lightens skin and smooths pores a ton, it's definitely a part of their culture to pretend they're lighter than they are

not to mention fansites deliberately will wash out idol skin when they upload pictures, most asians are not that pale.

No. 88808

Is the snow app why so many people in their late 20s/30s look 18 years old?

No. 88809

definitely, the app default will lighten skin and blur wrinkles and pores, and slightly enlarge eyes.

the cartoon filters make things even more exaggerated and will shorten chins, plump cheeks etc so that's why 28 year olds look like they're 18

No. 88810

Their positions were very clear until a few years ago, but now armys cry because their sub-vocalist oppa gets the least lines as if that isn't the actual dynamic of the positions

No. 88811

aka suga and jin. They look like teens. I was wondering what the secret was lmao. I'm 28 and I look it.

No. 88813

No facial hair, skinny, bowlcuts

No. 88814

I know you're set with this but Jungkook is obviously the main vocalist that's why he gets the most lines, ad libs and high notes

No. 88815

nobody is this pale unless you have no blood in your veins

No. 88816

i mean his competition for main vocal isn't very big, considering jhope/rm/suga/jin literally can barely hold a note, and jimin/v are marginal singers

honestly im still baffled to how they got so big…i still stand by the idea that if BAP didn't have such shit management they would've taken the BTS spot.

BTS's success primarily came from luck and timing, and their biggest competitor at the time was EXO and BAP

No. 88817

I agree with you, look at how he even treat his teammates. He crosses boundaries with them so many times and you can tell they want to slap the shit out of him, if they weren't in public.

also hate it when ratmies scream at his questionable actions "omg such a slytherin

No. 88818

I hate v's vocals. Makes me cringe hearing it.

No. 88819

ive never been too big on BAP but i think EXO are far more talented especially in terms of vocals. i still don't get how they got so big when there are other kpop groups with more potential.

No. 88822

me too, i feel like he has a nice speaking voice, and if he learned to be less breathy and sing with his natural register instead of forcing the indiegirl rasp he wouldn't sound as grating as he does

if anything it's also me looking at BAP through rose tinted glasses, but I feel BYG did come up with actual "woke" lyrics like BTS is trying to do (or as woke as an idol group can get) and their two main vocalists actually could sing and had good voices, and they had that underdog vibe that BTS rode the wave on for so long

EXO is also good, but they got hit with so many member leaving scandals that I feel they lost the steam they were gaining too many times, BTS truly just got super lucky and made it big

No. 88823

From what I can gather, someone had the audacity to mention that he will enlist soon so they wanted to clear the search. People who cannot fathom their oppa doing what all Korean men must do.

No. 88824

are you fucking serious? He's going to enlist soon. Get the fuck over it. I'm willing to bet bh will send off more than just Jin too.

No. 88825

bighit is lucky the least popular members are the oldest so they'll go first with very little issue lol

No. 88826

lmfao, wasn't he born in 1992? I thought he had to enlist this year. I would say Suga would go as well, he's almost the same age as Jin and they're at the end of the approved delay time

I still remember when ratmys were trying to say BTS should get special exemptions because they brought so much cultural influence to the world…like come on

No. 88828

Interesting that jk goes to a bar in itaewon where there was an outbreak of corona two days before, and now BH staff have been ordered to work from home as there was an outbreak 'across the street'

No. 88830

not the op, but just because it's old doesnt mean it's irrelevant, people were asking what questionable stuff they've done

besides, the supremeboi friendship is still ongoing and continously swept under the rug bc it doesnt fit the woke/accepting bts narrative ratmy fans try to fill

No. 88831

ok who is supreme boy and why does he suck?

No. 88832

File: 1589490501768.jpeg (49.66 KB, 800x668, 812E998A-291E-4DC0-B231-4FD222…)

supremeboi is a bighit producer who works pretty often with BTS, he apparently was supposed to be a part of the original BTS lineup when they were going more towards a rap route and not the traditional idol route. he's close friends with suga and RM as well as jhope, despite fans trying to deny that he is

he's problematic because he's written lyrics about rape fantasies (roll by iron) and also is a friend and supporter of the rapper iron, who was convicted of sexually assaulting and beating his then girlfriend.

i believe he also slutshamed some model publicly, overall just a gross skeevy dude who's still somehow employed by BH and close friends with the BTS crew

as they say, birds of a feather….for how "woke" BTS tries to portray themselves, associating and working closely with a misogynistic rape-apologist is not the way to go about it

No. 88834

this thread is giving me cancer

No. 88839

what else do you expect from kpoppies

No. 88841

not to mention jaw shaves and cheek filler >>88826
lmao so much cultural influence but most people think behind the scenes and back to school when they see bts
then leave lmao. mods will probably get sick of kpop threads clogging /m/ and ban them anyways

No. 88845

Random but Jungkook doesn’t seem that much taller than Jimin or Suga tbh

He looks like a an inch taller at best

No. 88848

I'm so ready for some BTS members to enlist. Hopefully that will spell the beginning of the end for them and their faces will gradually vanish from my social media timelines. Also, I'm interested to see how their brainwashed followers react to it.

No. 88860

Hard to tell considering jimincel is only rly about 5'5. Jk is no more than 5'7 but his liftgame is outa this world.

No. 88863

lets not start this stupid discussion again

No. 88864

Bts is beloved by many and it's proven they can get away with just about any career killing thing. Only way i see their popularity tanking is with continuous scandals and a popular boy group emerging during their enlistment.

No. 88866

I find jimincel the ugliest of all bts members. His candid face is a featureless pancake of a blank canvass which incidentally makes it very compatible for kpop styling.(nitpicking)

No. 88868

File: 1589504432332.png (99.53 KB, 866x704, NCT Receipts Thread.png)

Not sure if these count but I did see this thread: https://twitter.com/eyebrowgel/status/1261042143742705664
Some of them seem like a reach but I guess it counts.

For 127, Jungwoo seems to be involved with youtuber stuff like Jaemin too. Only thing I saw was this thread claiming to debunk it but you can probably find more evidence if you lurk some more: https://twitter.com/x1seunghun/status/1246229052299644934

No. 88869

i honestly dont think styling/hairstyle issues should be placed heavily on the artist, since their physical hairstyles etc are determined by the company

however, the multiple "dark skin" jokes are not cute…asia and korea in particular already has a huge issue with whitewashing/putting pale skin on a pedestal, and idols using darker skin as a negative/teasing point really doesn't make the situation better

the thing is these idols literally dont give a shit, they know their rabid fanbase will support them through pretty much everything except a dating scandal, so they never feel a desire to educate themselves or change.

look at all the idols who've actually been "cancelled" by their fans–chen and sungmin are the only two who have rabid fangirls truly petitioning for them to leave the group, etc while actual shitheads like yoochun and kim hyun joong still can hold fanmeets and stuff despite raping and beating women

No. 88875

File: 1589507940524.jpeg (26.32 KB, 673x402, EYAkM7fWAAAWqbE.jpeg)

>"he said kazoku not gajoku!"
Lol why would Jungwoo randomly speak japanese in a bts for a korean mv? What a load of bull

No. 88878

Also why would they even care about stuff that is mostly western sensitivities, most of these guys don't even speak english, their main market is east asia which genuinely also doesn't give a flying fuck about all this stuff.

Honestly all of this just speaks volumes of western fan's entitlement.

No. 88880

lmfao thats the similar excuse people were using for jaemin's issue, saying it was a mispronounciation/misinterpretation when any person who even speaks a lick of korean knows it wasn't

i mean even if you watch the video, they're very different words, it's not like he didn't enunciate the last part correctly or something, it's a completely different sound

meanwhile everyone who's cancelling him and also trying to cover for him are just two sides of the international fan cesspool…neither of which really understands the situation

korean fans literally dont give two shits and i doubt SM does either

not to mention fans are trying to cancel dream over this while also trending #protecttaeyong as if he hasn't been proved to be a bully and likely also said this word in a hurtful way to victims lol

international/western sjw fans are such a joke

No. 88884

I knew he worked closely with both Suga and Ratmon, but I didnt know he was actually employed by Bighit? He did the cypher song was them and that's all I knew from him. It seems like Korea and idol industry is filled with extremely problematic men who dont apologise for being shit towards women.

No. 88885

Thank you! I saw people praising Jimin for his Velvet Underground shirt, but i highly doubt he knows who they even are. He honestly seems really uneducated of anything non Korean.

No. 88886

unless he left very recently, he still is with bighit. i believe he had a hand in writing dionysus off their newest album and a couple of other songs, and he definitely assisted heavily with production on the back end

if you google any of their albums and look at the writing credits, he's in at least 1/3 of them

No. 88888


That is why I hate TS Entertainment a.k.a. Total Shit Entertainment. Being fanous does not mean management will treat idols more good. TS Ent. shooted themselves with that abuse.

No. 88890

this is a really old video, but i just wanted to share it because i discovered it recently.

i think xiaojun has such a pretty voice, and he's honestly one of the most attractive idols that sm's casted recently (he reminds me of jonghyun almost). i wish wayv got more recognition in korea, because they all do seem to have personalities and are funny on variety unlike some of the nct members.

No. 88895

>>88890 xiaojun is absolutely gorgeous, it's something about his eyes and eyebrows that get me… also they don't need recognition in korea lmao they're a cpop group they need recognition in china where they're barely known

No. 88896

kfans were already calling him out before kkum posted her thread. it just got more traction bec of it.

No. 88897

>>88791 aside from taeyong i don't recall any of the 127 members being problematic except for a few instances, like jaehyun mouthing the n word or a few of them laughing at yuta's story of being hit by his dad as a child. they're all pretty boring imo and they come across as fake (their personalities, their "friendships," etc). wayv seem to be the only unit that genuinely enjoys each other's company but the way they insult and make fun of each other makes me believe they're just all mean like that (sans a few members…)

No. 88899

the korean callout is a very small minority, the general korean population does not care at all

the post on nate hit top 10 for maybe 30 minutes, the very vocal minority echoing international sjw sentiment are primarily anti-fan accounts and sensitive sjw fans

im not defending him, he's a fucking idiot for not watching his mouth knowing that he's being filmed, but its getting heavily exaggerated

it's just baffling to see all these people freaking out and cancelling him over a very westernized opinion (right or wrong) on how to treat ableism, not to mention a lot of these fans also support people like taeyong who are arguably more problematic

like these stans need to make up their mind, either cancel everyone for being idiots who can't watch their mouths and are probably little shits behind the scenes, but dont cherry pick and become holier-than-thou over certain things and pretend others didn't happen

my entire tl is clogged with people cancelling this band, and a bunch of them have taeyong profile pictures like….??? what??

No. 88900

those taeyong fans (aside from being delusional hypocrites) probably also hate dream seeing how they're outselling and outranking his unit, plus just the general beef between unit stans

No. 88903

I wonder why the most popular member in these groups always have to be the problematic ones, lmao. First it was Jimin and JK, then Jaemin and Taeyong. Popularity really got to their heads. They know companies will protect them because they are popular and more relevant than the talented ones.

No. 88904

>few of them laughing at yuta's story of being hit by his dad as a child.
Wasn't that incident grossly exaggerated?

No. 88905

>>88904 it was and even yuta himself told the story as if it was supposed to be funny and lighthearted.

No. 88906

it's definitely a combination of fame getting to their heads, and probably more fans watching their moves and looking for stuff to point out

as sad as it sounds, the less favored members probably don't even have fans or antifans that give a shit about what they do, so they usually slide under the radar

like taeil and yuta's behavior with winwin was honestly fucking weird as hell and winwin was very visibly uncomfortable but barely anyone pointed it out because no one cares about them

No. 88908

Can I ask what exactly Taeil and Yuta did with Winwin? I've seen some posts talking about Yuta having a weird phase where he's been trying to convince everyone that he's in love with Winwin but I don't really know much about it because I barely keep up with NCT.

No. 88910

File: 1589526207438.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, CD8BB1F3-C561-4AA8-82DF-CF0293…)

i think it was just over the top fanservice, but you could tell winwin definitely did not enjoy being touched and grabbed at. i honestly think the way 127 treated winwin as a whole was weird, they literally babied him to the max and almost treated him as a doll instead of an adult human

chinese culture is different than korean culture, it's definitely not as normal for dudes to be handsy with each other

yuta and taeil were the worst with grabbing at him etc., whether it was directed by SM or just came because they liked him, it still became very over the top because winwin had voiced several times he didn't like it. you can see a bit of this in the nct life osaka episode 7, where taeil and winwin are in the ferris wheel and taeil asks if winwin is still angry at him over taeil touching/bothering winwin off camera, and winwin directly says "i'd like you more if you stopped doing that to me"

here's a tweet showing a clip of taeil literally trying to kiss winwin in the background while winwin is furiously trying to push him off, it doesn't even look like play fighting anymore, winwin legitimately looks like he's fighting to get taeil off him


No. 88912

I see. huh. Thanks for the reply, that was interesting. He defo looks extremely uncomfortable with it.

No. 88914

File: 1589527150810.jpeg (60.77 KB, 822x421, D5D46E87-9BAC-4A26-9B7D-984C7A…)

sorry, had to split up the yuta one since i wanted to post another picture but the yuta stuff feels more fanservice-y and less truly weird af

the one that stands out the most to me is yuta saying he likes to imagine female characters in anime as winwin…it seems kinda fanservice/gaybaity to me but it's still very weird and winwin kind of just stonefaces the entire interaction

basically if you watch a lot of the videos when winwin was still in 127, you can tell he didn't like getting treated like a fanservice doll

i really like him in wayv, he actually has a personality outside of the gaybait uwu baby and genuinely seems to enjoy being around his members, which is why im totally ok with him never rejoining 127

i think fanservice usually is harmless and idols play it up because it makes money, but when someone is visibly uncomfortable with it its just really weird and gross to watch

No. 88916

Taeil seems to have chilled out since Winwin joined WayV while Yuta has moved on to bothering tf out of Mark instead

No. 88920

I mean if they are that desperate to do fanservice, do it with someone who is actually comfortable with it. Members like Johnny would eat that shit up. He likes the attention that he gets, negative or positive.

The whole situation with Winwin really made me feel bad for him. He seems like a lowkey guy, but they kept on using him for fanservice. Yikes.

No. 88921

There is nothing worse than fanservice. I hate it so much. I also do not understand it. I'd much prefer an idol/celeb I'm attracted to be dating someone of the opposite sex?

No. 88923

I'll never understand how every company makes use of same-sex fanservice yet plenty of them and a big part of SK in general are against same-sex marriage/relationships and have homophobic views.That kind of fan service isn't only popular among westeners but among k-fans too.I genuinely don't get it.

No. 88924

Japan is conservative af too but they produce the most fucked up shit

No. 88925

Sorry but no. Winwin gets treated like an autistic toddler because he acts like one. He's weird looking, incredibly unfunny, his korean is pretty much non-existent, he can neither sing or dance well, he has zero lines for a reason, the least he can do is endure that. What else would he bring to the table? Yuta is doing him a favor, otherwise he wouldn't get any screentime at all. Plus everybody knows how common fanservice in kpop is, he signed up for that.
Winwin fans are so weird, they love him because he's a "victim". If he suddenly acted normally and got more lines, they'd probably drop him because they'd be jobless since they'd no longer have anything to whine about lol

No. 88926

Plus he’s into some weird shit

No. 88927

>>88926 lmao what weird shit don't leave us hanging like that

No. 88929

>>88925 anon just bec someone is "untalented" or "brings nothing to the table" doesn't mean they have to endure what makes them uncomfortable tf is wrong with u

No. 88931

> yuta saying he likes to imagine female characters in anime as winwin

Did you even watch that vlive? Winwin was the one that brought it up in the first place and Yuta actually seemed embarrassed about it.

No. 88933

Then he either needs to quit or work extremely hard on improving himself (which he doesn't) so that he has other things to offer. You can't expect to get paid for doing nothing.
Stop acting as if he's getting raped, the others only try to be funny and to include him. All kpop groups do that. This massive overreaction (both yours and his) is the same situation with Jk grabbing Jaehyun's butt and NCT hags immediately screaming uwu he sexually assaulted our poor adult baby. It's literally not that deep bro

No. 88945

This JK drama… I think bighit needs to let it air out, all this buzz is like a pressure-cooker. Let the scandal happen, lose some precious ratmys and move on. Get JK some help. He is seriously the Korean Justin Bieber at this point. Its sad because he seemed so lively(?) at first but in the past few years since I stopped following BTS all I'm seeing is him going downhill.

No I dont think clubbing and tattoos are bad, but the thought that he might have a DUI…yikes.

No. 88952

the yuta fanservice stuff is typical fanservice and i agree fans probably victimized it a bit far, but you have to agree taeil probably took it a bit too far considering winwin's been shown on camera literally saying "i don't like it please stop", not to mention other members literally calling out the fact that they fought off camera over it

i think if anything taeil just got too into it trying to get some camera time, fanservice aside a grown man should understand how to respect someone's private space lol

No. 88954

why do people think he has a dui? when he got into the accident, it was widely reported that he did take an alcohol blood test and he was not drunk. plus it was a freaking fender bender and he was going like 10 mph. tons of young people get into an accident like that at some point, it basically comes from inexperience. jk gets a gf, tattoos and goes clubbing and hes suddenly problematic, it's genuinely the same logic crazy kfans use

No. 88955

File: 1589554582474.jpg (746.2 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20200515-165302.jpg)

Poor Winwin, getting abused by his roommates joking around when he only wants to be on his phone 24/7, he totally should sue them for all the trauma they caused him…

No. 88957

you are fucking retards and need to hide your powerlevel for your flop group nct. They would have received the same reaction wherever they were 2nd gen or with mostly k-fans.
They're idols which means that they are expected by the general public to behave like they are innocent and perfect. Even exo who is 2nd gen a had a retard scandal in the past so this isnt a sjw scandal.
If your faves cant handle being idols then they should quit because they are known for their scandals in korea.

No. 88960

not >>88631 but its more so ifans making a huge fuss over this shit while also being the same group defending their bully king taeyong and trending #protecttaeyong hashtags

i think theyre all fucking idiots and lets not lie, a lot of us follow groups like nct bc theyre a bunch of messy nepotist kids and the drama is fun to watch

you can think an idol is stupid and think they deserve shit, and also think the sjw community is overly sensitive and stupid af at the same time, it's not exclusive

at the end of the day these oppas can pretend theyre sad and regretful on camera but we all know they dont give a fuck once the cameras are off

No. 88961

oh I was just going on assumptions in the thread, my bad. I still think JK is going into dangerous territory but we'll see what happens I guess

No. 88963

i'd wanna be on my phone 24/7 too if i were around the 127 members

No. 88964

File: 1589558237571.png (208.85 KB, 600x291, 2F9D6FAE-2028-4630-AE23-EFB5B2…)

since this thread is getting kind of churned by nct/bts drama, did anyone see bp stans rented trucks to part in front of YG to protest the fact that BP hasn't gotten a comeback?

No. 88965

doesn't jennie have a broken ankle? do they want her to dance like that?

No. 88966

All of this. Nctfags itt, your underagedness is showing.

No. 88967

yeah, i think she recently said she tore a ligament so i feel like their comeback will probably be delayed since she's apparently in a cast and i cant see her practicing with an injury like that

if it was in the middle of promotions they could just plop her in a chair, but in preparation work they definitely cant just let her sit around and exclude her from the choreo

No. 88969

It was in the middle of the night and he hit a taxi from behind full on. I can imagine he was probably under the influence. And young? He's not a teenager. He's a full out grown man. He should have seen the taxi completely stopped in front of him. If you hit from behind, you're at fault. If he wasn't drunk he was looking at his phone or something. He's irresponsible and rebellious. He's a grown up. Time to start acting like one.

No. 88970

yg paid to hide seungris dui before, its very believable bh did the same thing

No. 88972

i mean it could be a DUI, or distracted driving, falling asleep, or he's just stupid

either way he did get into an accident, and if it was truly a DUI or him being dumb and texting, he deserves to get dragged for it.

if it honestly was just inexperienced driving or sheer stupidity, i feel like it's not as big of a deal because he is a newer driver, and how many of us haven't hit a curb or backed into a tree/rear ended someone while learning to drive?

we'll probably never know, but if it truly was a DUI there's no way he's not going to get into another one. Kangin was caught DUI-ing at least twice, people who drink and drive don't just do it once and never again

No. 88975

do you even drive?

No. 88977

yes dumbfuck. I've been driving for 13 years.

No. 88978

File: 1589568549602.jpeg (364.13 KB, 2048x2048, 242B4D15-EB09-4C29-A2DE-424F8F…)

has anyone seen the baekhyun album teasers? people are saying SM changed graphic designers and the quality shows…

i can see what they were trying to go for with this cover but it feels so "graphic design is my passion"

not to mention the typo at the bottom of "2rd mini album", do people at SM not do a quick spell check before they send things out lol

No. 88985

I think it's hideous and such a downgrade from his last one. The font and the colour makes it seem like it was made by someone who just downloaded picsart for the first time

No. 88988

where did this info of him hitting a taxi 'full on' from behind come from? I thought it was reported the taxi pulled out to avoid double-parked cars which caused the collision

No. 88989

This is such an unflattering photo. Why would they chose this as a final design?

No. 88992

File: 1589573760422.jpeg (453 KB, 828x1129, D37B8961-F8C9-4A2A-9E85-5D7290…)

sm coex artium is closing because of profit loss. they are construction another building, which will probably house the new version of coex artium, but it’s on the opposite side of the country and no where near completion. sm is already losing a lot of money, so at this point debuting smngg with the same budget as itzy will make them go bankrupt.
you can tell which albums were planned before the old designer left and which weren’t by the insane drop of quality and the amount of repetition. sm is using this minimalist excuse for how shitty it looks which is funny because minimalism doesn’t mean let’s use the same 3 fonts we got for free.

No. 88993

It's not the photo. Baekhyun's face is unflattering as it is.

No. 88994

File: 1589573942713.jpeg (160.56 KB, 1242x1242, 68E02B81-A276-4CB0-B562-729FA7…)

Kpop idols need to embrace the thicc trend

They’re some like seulgi who do

No. 88995

looks totally legit bruh

No. 88997

I was wondering why SM's music was so shitty this year,but then i realized its because nct are the only group promoting back to back lmfao.

SM producers can still put effort into their music though.They just dont care.

No. 88998

File: 1589574536011.gif (755.92 KB, 500x422, KakaoTalk_Moim_4y7u8XuNzMJOW3r…)

Lil bit offtopic, but what always buffles me is some idols' nastiness at fansigns: they're constantly picking their ears, their noses, the gunk in the corner of their eyes (and they aren't even embarassed about it) and then they touch fan's stuff to sign and hold their hands. Girl, ew. JK plucks his facial fur as well and armies in the comment section always find it endearing. I can't stand it.

No. 88999

Same anon but I forgot to mention the confederate flag on his shirt

No. 89000

this feels a bit nitpicky, i get if it was a full blown picture of the dude knuckle deep digging for gold, but how many of us day to day don't wipe eye crust or absentmindedly pick at our face when we're talking to someone?

i think if he was straight up pulling out huge boogers or balls of earwax at a fansign i would be disgusted, but the gif you posted seems like a normal person thing to do especially when you're just staring into space

No. 89003

File: 1589576754258.gif (1.93 MB, 250x241, tumblr_n26replco21sn2pkko1_250…)

It doesn't have to be a knuckle deep digging, but it still is gross. Especially when they look at the gold they've found in there.

No. 89004

File: 1589577033265.jpeg (9.82 KB, 253x287, 0D99EDE4-384B-41A5-961F-F206DC…)

same anon as >89000, i was just pointing out how the jk gif wasnt that gross because people scratch at their face all the time

the chen gif and this picture though…considerably more gross because most adults know to either pick their nose discreetly with a tissue or just to go to the bathroom and clean it out

lucas is actually like half a knuckle deep here though and its funny how he's staring directly into a camera while doing so

No. 89006

File: 1589577191803.png (49.29 KB, 749x249, Screenshot (30).png)

Maybe if they focused more on groups that aren't nct…

The loss yg has insane. For sm it's the first year they started losing but for yg it's been that way since quite a while already and yet everything their artists do is travel and shop at chanel all year round.
How does that work, sm sales are 145 billion won, yg 53 billion and jyp only 34 billion, yet the latters profit is so high?

No. 89009

the rumor is that SM's new building is in changdong and isn't going to be complete until around 2024, so what are they going to do in the meantime? were the profits in the coex atrium so bad that they're just going to write off any revenue from that area because it wasn't worth the rent

for reference changwon is ~3 hours by car from seoul, so it's like moving something from san francisco to central california, it's definitely not as populated of an area so rent is probably dirt cheap

No. 89010

do you guys think this new twice cb will flop

No. 89014

probably not, this is also mina's first full promotional cycle since her hiatus, if anything that would drive hype, unless she's decided she still needs time off

plus there really isnt any big gg comeback planned for the same time, so i would assume twice would probably do well

No. 89018

File: 1589580866205.gif (3.2 MB, 400x225, 005TQ8jLly1gerupnxbbsg30b40697…)

Wow who would've ever thought that could happen after so many years

Surprisingly atm Lana is ranking at 26 and that half black girl at 44 (out of 101), I kind of expected they'd both do worse

No. 89019

i feel like feifei will actually do really well, shes lucky international watchers are allowed to vote as well, she garners lot of attention internationally, if it was only for ppl in china… well…

No. 89029

File: 1589584436805.jpg (47.76 KB, 448x800, seulgi's butt.jpg)

This looks very first week of art school/babby's first attempt at making an edgy design. It's incredibly amateurish for a SM album cover.

Anon pls

No. 89032

blackpink are coming back in june too so they do have competition

No. 89034

i watched twice's 9 member dance practice of feel special that just came out and mina is already slacking behind the others i don't think she's ready to come back if she can't even keep up with a dance she learned months ago.

No. 89035

Sorry but is this a new gif? I thought kris cut all ties to tao?

No. 89037

It's new. All three have been acting like "best friends" on social media lately.

No. 89042

Have any anons visited COEX artium or the kpop company franchises in general (restaurants, museums, etc.)? Please share your experience if you have.
I'm not shocked. More than a few Koreans don't wash their hands after the bathroom (not racebait, mods). That isn't limited to low class, mangy looking people either; while out to eat in Korea, I'd see perfectly put together, beautiful women walk out of stalls and go straight back to eating. I've heard from guys that some Korean dudes do the same after using the urinal, yikes.

No. 89043

when I visited seoul last year I went to the Jyp cafe and ryujin was there! there's a pic floating around somewhere that my friend took of here, she's really short irl I thought we were the same height.
also I went to the bight building (me and my friend were having a koreaboo field day dont judge us) and there's sooooooooo much sticky notes plastered on their walls outside, im guessing angry karmys.

No. 89044

File: 1589591815300.jpg (76.52 KB, 1200x672, Dl8w0ycUYAAoGdI.jpg)

But even the least popular contestants in chinese shows always get several million votes. I highly doubt that some western kpop fans wanting a black girl to win would be enough for that.

The 3 of them are judges on the chinese version of produce 101 (with fx Victoria). Now only Lay is missing lol

No. 89045

>Now only Lay is missing
Does Lay promote with Exo at all anymore? What's up with that? He's so unnoticeable, I don't even notice when he's there or not.

No. 89049

I never heard of Feifei before your post since I don't watch these kinds of survival shows, but I just looked into her and the whole situation is just unfortunate. If it's not the Chinese viewers calling her a disgusting n*er, you have the international viewers overcompensating by spamming her videos and articles with comments like (literally) "OMG MELANIN QUEEN SHE'S AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL I LOVE HER SO MUCH BLASIANS ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SHE DESERVES TO WIN UNLIKE THOSE PLAIN CHINESE" when they don't know anything about her, just the fact she's half black. Either way, it seems like people are just reducing her to her race.

No. 89052

File: 1589601723718.jpg (350.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1586419748-492e382b-48d8-4365-…)

The kpoppies are using her as their token melanin kween to shit on Lana. They don't actually give a crap about voting for Feifei as long as they can use her as ammo against Lana. Honestly I love how much Lana triggers them.

No. 89053

No. 89054


No. 89056

how old is she? she's gorgeous

No. 89057

She's 24, and actually decently talented. Her voice is really nice imo.

No. 89059

The girl in yellow is a great singer, I was really impressed

No. 89060

her voice reminds me of yuqi's almost, i love girls who have a lower huskier register

No. 89061

Are they moving to Changdong or Changwon cause those are completely different places. Changdong is a neighborhood in northern Seoul and Changwon is a whole ass province in SK.

No. 89063

theres two rumors, one in changdong with no construction (so 2024), the other is the current SM space in changwon that will likely be their temp space until changdong is complete

this is from me browsing naver and crosschecking with translation sites so take with a grain of salt

No. 89065

I always see koreans/kboos arguing with fans in the comment section of youth with you videos, they're so triggered that it's actually so much better than the Korean produce
>"Well yeah koreans are the ones that came up with this style of singing and dancing and fashion!"
The delusion is strong lmao

No. 89066

She can sing and is decently talented. Sad that people are just reducing her to her race.

No. 89068

> They don't actually give a crap about voting for Feifei as long as they can use her as ammo against Lana.
This is honestly true. I'll go one further than that most of them had no interest in the show whatsoever and only decided to watch it to shit on Lana and pretend that she's invading their space again. Calling her colonizer and telling her to kill herself (the usual hits) all while once again proving that they need remedial geography and getting into fights with Chinese people who like her.
So they need Feifei to be their melanin avenger and take down the evil white girl Lana while also providing a self insert for their fug asses. Completely transparent.

No. 89069

Feifei is still prettier than their fug asses. How ironic.

No. 89070

Oh she's light-years prettier. I think she's gorgeous, but it's also obvious that a lot of kboos are using her as some kind of woke avatar. Girl deserves better.

No. 89071

black people are supporting feifei because of the racism shes facing. you cant say theyre reducing her to just her race when racists did it first. Theyre supporting her cause she needs it. shes half black, half chinese but lana who is white and not even asian will have it easier

No. 89073

>>88868 here's an entire thread about it. the account also has threads on ty scandals if any of u are interested in that .. again


No. 89075

Obviously we're talking about the milky white kboos who are jealous of Lana, they're the ones who are being cringy here. It's cool that black/blasian people have representation, they're not the problem here whatsoever.

No. 89076

oh jeez i havent seen the gajoku video, only read about it but it's pretty damning considering he also does the hand motion

also not a good look considering the other two laughed and definitely knew what he was talking about

BK is very well known for being a POS and his fanbase is very much known for being incel-y so this is not a good look

im surprised the korean media hasn't picked up on this yet, the jaemin thing got swept under the rug but if this jungwoo video starts trending it will spark a wildfire

No. 89077

Thanks for this thread anon. I tried looking for stuff before but all of it seems to be buried pretty deep so this is very helpful. Yikes.

No. 89078

File: 1589613561235.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1460x918, CD1A92F5-8AA9-4E21-851A-9D0519…)

posted the english translation but does anyone know what Hyolyn is apologizing for? She posted this in her fancafe this morning, but I can't find anything about it?

No. 89080

File: 1589616942209.jpg (333.18 KB, 828x1701, 157027411349224.jpg)

Likely because her fanbase is becoming (rightfully) fed up with her trying to sustain her career off of repetitive covers and pretending to be an entertaining Youtuber. Pic related, taken from her most recent stream.

Not gonna lie, glad to see her mean girl persona catch up to her.

No. 89084

File: 1589618467541.jpeg (115.49 KB, 828x766, 4BDA3E5D-B08F-479C-AF99-ED79C7…)

holy shit, SM's hurt for money has started a new thing

apparently for the low low price of $3,000 you can have a private video call with your favorite member, i believe actually 1-on-1

i haven't looked into additional details and don't know if this is available outside of korea (bc how would they communicate) but this is a new level of delulu feeding

edit: i did some more research and it seems it's supposed to be a raffle, with tickets costing $15usd each and 150 people being chosen, 2 min each for the member of choice if raffled

not sure where the $3k is from, i can't find anything additional on that yet but i'll leave it up for now because it's not totally outlandish for SM to try to pull something like that

No. 89085

I saw the opposite…? Comments with 1000s of likes wondering why kpop is so successful when this show and the trainees are miles better in every aspect? Not even the most delusional kboo could deny that.
Kind of funny that even China manages to be more progressive than the kpop industry. At first I thought putting an androgynous girls as the center is only woke pandering, but the thing is that the chinese public doesn't like this at all. So they're trying to convey an "empowering" message despite this hurting their ratings and thus also profit. Lisa sometimes ruins it for me like come on girl you're only in your early 20s and have how many songs, 5? What gives her the right to talk down on others so much? But Kun and the chinese mentors and of course the girls are so nice, they really make up for it.

After the rankings were revealed some twitterfags had a moment of self awareness and realized they actually need to vote for her instead of only hyping her up (but it wouldn't make a difference anyway, since you have no chance without chinese voters support)
Ironically the girls seem to get along well, Feifei is helping out Lana and other foreign girls who don't speak chinese that well.
The two of them seem to take completely different approaches in trying to succeed: Lana blends in super well, most chinese likely assume she's half, the other girls call her pretty, Luhan likes her dance, but in the end I doubt that it will be enough. Feifei stands out a lot, no just because of her hair but also the way she dresses. Some young chinese people are open minded and like that but she also got a lot of hate on Weibo.
I noticed that during those shows ranks rarely change, nobody suddenly climbs up significally. There are these two thai girls who got immediately super popular and now they take up 95% of the screentime, so others don't even really have the chance to prove themselves. They might be safe for a couple more episodes but will never make it into the final lineup.

No. 89086

jyp is doing the same thing for got7's fans, but not for $3000, fans just have to buy a bunch of albums and they'll choose 10 ppl randomly

No. 89088

i assume there isnt an album limit for either of them, so theres definitely going to be fans mass buying in order to up their chances of getting a spot

if you look at it that way maybe 3k is a steal if its "guaranteed"

i also saw some clips of the dream fansigns since they're happening now and the fans are all way old..imagine being in your late twenties and paying hundreds if not maybe thousands to talk to a 19 year old for 2 minutes

No. 89089

>imagine being in your late twenties
More like 40… women in their 20s can still be fans of normal kpop groups, nct dream is for the hags

No. 89092

File: 1589623940098.jpeg (254.26 KB, 827x1147, 3715EE5A-B1BD-445B-A22A-8A0E2A…)

true, ive heard rumors on weibo that the owner of renjunbar is in her mid to late thirties…and she calls him baby in fansigns when she sees him, it's so gross

imagine being almost double the age of the boy you're fangirling over, he definitely thinks she's gross but puts up with it because they drive SO many sales especially in china

attached is post from the boom era where they gave him a receipt showing that they bought over 30,000 albums. granted it's a fansite of a large group of people, but that is still a shitton of fucking albums

No. 89094

How do Kpop guys stay so clean shaven all the time?

No. 89095

i'd say mostly Photoshop, along with heavy makeup. a while back I've seen pics of bts, that looked untouched, and you can always see that skin with stubble, idk what its called

No. 89097

Well they don’t grow much facial hair to begin with.

No. 89099

they've become glorified chatbots at this points

No. 89102

yeah at first i played it off as a coincidence and just a part of his ~quirky uwu so random~ persona but he blew it by doing that hand sign as well. they're so bold showing all of this on cam too. idk if they're dumb or they just don't care bec fans will defend them to death anyway

No. 89104

lmao even jaemin is dating someone older than him by 4 years

No. 89111

Suga got laser facialhair removal idk about the rest but if he did it perhaps a lot of other idols are doing it

No. 89113

File: 1589640561842.jpg (29.51 KB, 480x638, 82d69b6d4a9c6f349d56b27615a9e9…)

they dont, especially if you look at press pics from airports and such. a lot of the time its just edited out of official content if its too visible. some definitely get it lasered off, as the other anon said, but most just shave and call it a day.

No. 89114

he is so unfortunate in every way. Idk why people think he's so hot. He looks like he smells.

No. 89116

File: 1589641772744.jpg (125.28 KB, 956x1276, vtoeheart.jpg)

that's why he's hot anon.

pic is by him btw

No. 89117

ion know about you, but I prefer my men to look like they smell nice.

No. 89118

all of bts look smelly lol

No. 89120

Wendy's new song with Zico is out, it sounds like every other generic OST ballad but I am happy she's recovered enough to sing again.

Zico's part is so unmemorable, they could've used any other rapper and it would've been the same, shame SM decided to collab with him

No. 89122

File: 1589650486965.jpg (126.32 KB, 1080x1186, IMG_20200516_233359.jpg)

Apparently someone posted a song on spotify using Chanyeol's name. These are the lyrics to that song. ngl, pretty creepy af.

No. 89127

File: 1589652097960.jpeg (89.18 KB, 720x1173, C1E562DE-D2AF-49F3-9D67-742F86…)

exactly, i saw some nctfans trying to justify it saying he's happy he's with his "family", but that doesn't explain why jeno and jaemin would start laughing. the evidence is damning but fans will cover anything up for their oppas

on another note, if you go to the same twitter account and read the taeyong thread he uses the same r-word slur but fans are pretending it didnt happen (im surprised nctfags havent brigaded the account and mass reported it yet)

the infighting between nctfans is one of the biggest reasons as to why they'll never be super successful…doesnt help that two thirds of them have zero talent and are assholes

No. 89128

Can't speak for other nctfans, but I don't see the situations as equivalent because I feel like there's a difference between saying 'retard' when you're in middle school and saying it when you're 20 years old. Not that I don't think Taeyong should be held accountable for the bullying, but I don't think what you say in middle school can really reflect what kind of person you are 10+ years later. Jaemin's situation is more 'problematic' because he said it as an adult and finds it funny now. Though to be honest, I didn't expect much from Jaemin in the first place so this wasn't really a shock to me kek.

Either way, I think it's stupid for fans to acknowledge it didn't happen. They want to retain their moral superiority while still being able to stan their favorite asian twink, instead of either just accepting that they like someone who is 'problematic' or moving on and finding a different person/interest to obsess over (neither of which is that hard in the first place). It must be exhausting to constantly justify that shit to yourself.

No. 89129

i mean taeyong obviously said this stuff maliciously, so even as a middle schooler being a shithead bully isnt a good look

all of these idols literally started training in elementary school so their development is definitely stunted, so them finding slurs and weird edgy misogynistic youtubers funny is very much on brand for someone who literally hasn't gone to school since he was 12

its just funny how nctfags will spam emails trying to get SM to "educate" their idols about using slurs, but also send emails uwuing about how taeyong needs to be protected, like just fucking align on either your oppas are all shit or your oppas all need to be bubble wrapped and protected, its ridiculous

No. 89130

iirc the SM creative director who did f(x) pink tape, exo pathcode, and some of the other conceptual work in the mid 2010s left recently

No. 89131

NCT's image will fall soon lmfao.You can only get lucky so many times.

I feel like theyre absolutely terrible behind closed doors.
Especially the dream members.

WAYV on the other hand seems pretty okay.

Also,does anyone find it weird how robotic TXT are?
Like,did bighit mold them into perfect idols at a young age?

They just seem creepily nice on camera.

No. 89133

File: 1589654315898.jpeg (61.14 KB, 500x700, B0BE4193-B986-417C-90E2-650EB7…)

if you're talking about min hee jin, she left late 2018 and actually joined big hit last year as their head of branding

the quality of sm designs has nosedived ever since she left, pink tape was honestly iconic, and now all they put out are neon "minimalist" covers with the same free fonts

No. 89134

insane that she joined BH and bts still has the same shitty art direction and styling

No. 89136

File: 1589654992121.jpeg (907.3 KB, 1086x10000, D3B02203-F423-4B32-BCF4-A3F57C…)

vs this…lol
half of the photobook are just solid color pages and the photos are just pictures of baekhyun pouting from six different angles

the fans can praise the "minimalism!!" and "art!!" all they want but it's just lazy…like what the fuck are those stickers, they remind me of those sheets you can get at the dollar store that are 0.99 for 400 of them

No. 89137

Thanks for posting this. yeah, i was gonna say, those stickers are literally so lazy. wtf They dont even go with any of the 'theme.'

No. 89142

File: 1589655995262.jpeg (247.54 KB, 640x4440, E106B8C1-9C2A-4DFF-A1B4-CF2AFC…)

with how late in 2019 she joined, i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have much input into BTS's latest album which was released early this year because yikes…

we'll have to see what the new album they're supposedly releasing this fall looks like, i guess we can also see based off the TXT one that's supposed to come out soon

No. 89143

File: 1589656363280.jpeg (732.72 KB, 800x9421, 94D05325-F6B0-482F-A017-A08D3D…)

(same anon posting the album pictures)

i'm baffled though by the design they insist on going with for nct/most solos recently, because they definitely have good designers in house who have variety and arent just using lazy minimalist excuses and shit font

chen's newest solo album had such a refreshing design and it still retains the minimalism, but i guess baekhyun and nct's concepts don't fit the clean spring look that chen's album had, so SM just copy pasted the shitty concept they use for everything else

No. 89145

File: 1589658372653.jpg (516.81 KB, 2048x2048, moonbyul.jpg)

Speaking of shit album covers, rbw is repackaged Moonbyul's solo album and the cover is trash. It looks like someone's first attempt at making an artsy cover using photoshop.

No. 89147

I think he's good at other styles of humor too actually.
Like he was fucking hilarious in the second "Late Night Punch Punch Show" video they uploaded today

No. 89148

This is so beautiful. China needs to bank on idols instead of having them trapped in limbo while in Korea/kpop

No. 89150

yup, i feel like theyre pretty well rounded and talented overall (except lucas, but he's attractive and well known so he brings fans to the fandom which is literally the point of a visual center)

i love how there is zero wayv comeback content despite them performing their new song at their concert

wayv is literally spending all of their free time promoting their dorm pets because their company literally cant be arsed to promote them lol

No. 89151

I thought he left before Obsession unless i'm confused af. The whole situation with Exo and their Chinese members are a mess

No. 89154

File: 1589659706764.jpeg (76.68 KB, 1200x1200, 0435D82C-ADF0-41E6-8BD4-159A52…)

laughing because it happened again today on vlive, but apparently tons of fans always ask jisung to "show his abs" or "pull down his zipper" and he always just responds with a handcuff gesture since he's still a minor in korea

at least the kid knows that the demographic of his fanbase is a bunch of hags trying to get a barely legal dude to show skin

No. 89157

Tbh I can't wait until one of the members inevitably fucks up. The amount of salt that would create given their privilege and how their fanbase mostly consists of armys.
If she had anything to do with the designs of TXT's second album, She's definitely lost her touch.

No. 89158

>he always just responds with a handcuff gesture since he's still a minor in korea
lmao i like him already. rec me a nct dream song

No. 89159

File: 1589662817602.png (889.43 KB, 701x639, B5536258-D245-4ED7-A860-2AC9B5…)

is their fanbase mainly ARMYs? i thought they were pretty separate considering how often nctfags and ratmys get into it on twitter

the only thing i can see nct losing fans off of is a true dating scandal with pictures and stuff…they literally have several misogynistic members, a proved bully and scammer and fans still shield the fuck out of them. the only thing that possibly would get fans to start actually closing fansites and protesting would be if their oppa started dating a girl "after everything fans have done for them"

min hee jin kind of lost her touch at the end of her SM stint, so i'm not hopeful, but maybe a change in company might spark her creativity again because i loved her older stuff

No. 89161

he became inactive since kokobop in 2017 and only made a 2 second appearance in tempo’s music video. he didn’t leave the group though, just can’t promote in korea cause he’s associated with the ccp. he’s making bank in china too so he must be happy that he’s there instead of in korea lol

No. 89162

>I feel like theyre absolutely terrible behind closed doors. Especially the dream members.

Besides Jaemin and Jeno what other dream members are terrible?
I mean Haechan is very narcissistic but that’s to be expected of somebody who’s been in the industry from such a young age.
Renjun, Jisung and Chenle seem okay and Mark is one of the few male idols who I think is a genuinely good guy.

No. 89163

what did jeno do?

No. 89165

im a dream fan and i agree, jaemin and jeno seem like the two that will eventually breed the most drama. haechan had some sasaeng scandals and does seem super narcissistic and is so obnoxious sometimes, but its probably a product of being thrust into training so young and keeping up a public persona.

honestly chenle seems the most grounded out of all of them which is funny considering hes from such a privileged background (the kid literally did not understand the concept of rent) but like there's so many clips of him offering to buy members things without a second thought and he seems rather quiet and thoughtful despite being also thrown into entertainment young, even younger than the rest of them since he was performing on china's got talent since he was 5, and his friendship with jisung actually seems genuine

i really dont know what to say about renjun lol, i follow dream but dont really find him that interesting, and like the anon said mark does seem to be one of the more genuine idols out there right now

im fully dislosing that im a casual dream fan and i like chenle the most so i may seem biased. i also really liked jaemin and jeno but honestly all the shit thats surfaced around them recently has definitely made me like them a little less

No. 89168

I want to beat them up(a-log)

No. 89172

nothing as concrete as jaemin, but if you scroll up to >>89073 he's laughing at the joke jungwoo did, which he probably wouldn't understand if he also supported the problematic youtuber

he also had a minor issue when he was shown on film getting very annoyed at chenle for reading a korean script slowly, which was later edited out by SM. people were defending him saying that he was just trying to be funny, but either way that's kind of a rude thing to do to someone who's obviously trying to do something in a second language

No. 89176

File: 1589665614630.jpg (280.38 KB, 1424x712, baby jyp.jpg)

>no contribute but have a picture of JYP looking like a disgusting ahjussi at like age 6

Kek'd. That's great.

No. 89177

No. 89180

fucking kek, this picture is just hilarious to me for some reason
never thought i'd laugh at something nct related but here we are

is it just me or are there a shit ton of groups, especially ggs debuting this year? i dont even follow kpop actively but i keep hearing about these literally who companies who are planning to debut a group in 2020

No. 89181

It sounds cool to debut in 2020

No. 89183

same anon who posted the original handcuff pic, this link is even better because someone in the background adds siren noises

but honestly, its kind of funny and sad that people do this so often it's become a running meme with several compliations of the handcuff gesture


No. 89186

Lol I was talking about txt here

It's honestly kinda funny how powerful a dating scandal can be. Imagine if one of them just pulls a Hyuna outta nowhere.
Oh god this picture is just so oddly creepy
Man has bad features.
I don't think there's that much of a difference. Too many groups debuting has been a problem for a while. 90% of nugus will have a run of 3 years or less

No. 89194

my take on what'll happen to the members when bts disbands:

BH will DEFINATELY make jimin go solo. hes really really popular in korea, and I can kinda see why, he has amazing stage presence and hes cute sometimes, but when bts disbands (which is coming very soon) I feel like sk is going to SHIT on him once he goes solo and they realise he can't sing. solo artists are always focused on their singing, if you're a solo artist that can't sing………

I would say the same for v but tbh his voice tone, idk what its called, is really nice and he sounds nice in slow, lowkey songs, which korea loves. as long as he doesn't try singing any high notes………..

unpopular opinion: I think j-hope will be really successful in korea if he goes solo. KID HAS STAGE PRESENCE. he can dance, rap and he holds a better note than jin jimin and v. hes never gotten into any scandals and hes getting really popular slowly with the gp because of his multiple charity donations (hes a millionaire but still) so yeah. he just has to start looking cute

jin: bh wont even try making him solo

suga: producer, hes sick of the idol life

rm: idk tbh, he defs wont be popular with the gp

jungkook: hes going to be REALLY successful. like embarrass the rest of the members successful. he could be Koreas next it boy as long as bh promote him well. the scandals just made him more interesting, hes gaining fans like crazy

No. 89195

Bts will flop if they even try going solo
I actually feel bad for them
The bubble is gonna POP and the reality check will be like a whiplash
you sound like a twitter ratmy the way you sound delusional

No. 89196

i feel like if anything, v would try to be an actor despite having zero acting skills, but as much as korea moans about that they literally dont give a shit at the end of the day and he'll keep getting deals

i agree with jk, he probably is the best "it boy" status in terms of solo potential, but he also has the biggest potential to blow up bc of a scandal

No. 89197

no I dont think bts will flop if they go solo, armys seem too crazy to let them go, hell, even wannaone still have their old fans, plus the gp knows who each of them are

No. 89198

wait I completely forgot v is an actor wannabe… yeah he'll try acting even tho he can't act and still get deals bc army

No. 89200

im laughing my ass off at this…apparently oh my girl's member is getting "cancelled" for being fatphobic and not gonna lie, it's definitely bordering on "uh oh" territory

just watch the video, because it's fucking hysterical despite it being kind of mean. for context, she was supposed to mime out shindong and did a spot on job


i don't care what sjw fans have to say, this was fucking phenomenal comedy and funny as fuck

No. 89201

Its too late for them to venture out and actually be successful.
They'll all go solo after enlistment and once they do they will be too old for it.
They wont be fresh and trendy, they'll go on their 8th year next, its far too late for a idol group.
Idols have a short shelf life.
Exo did one genius thing = they did solo projects after their third year.

D.o. went into acting since his 2nd year, Baekhyun did solo since 2013, Chen succeded when he almost hit 1 million Ul for his solo debut Xiumin went into musicals, Lay went to China and is a provincial ambassador, Chanyeol owns his own studio, Sehun is venturing into China and Kai will continue with his fashion career and in the long run get back into dancing (Like Rain)

Enough of the rant.
People are actually mad because a member called Jinhee left OMG due to Anorexia apparently

No. 89202

At least all of the replies realize that op is being a retard.

No. 89206

also there is no way the producers didn't set that up expecting her to mime it out that way, there's a reason they didn't put down "donghae" or "ryeowook", everyone knows shindong is fat and the producers knew it would make for great comedy

either way, thank god fans are not hopping on the canceltrain bandwagon over this

No. 89207

Lol I thought it because they got into another cultural appropriation/racism controversy. Probably a mix of both

There's also another thread of cultural appropriation from 2016 in that thread

If you go to the youtube, SBS have also issued an apology. Thoughts?

Should be at around 21:29

No. 89208

shes right. hes fat and ugly. queen

No. 89210

ohhh boy…i posted the original "fatshaming" clip, i did not know about this, the shindong thing was funny but this is….not

this is definitely going to ruffle a lot of feathers internationally, korea won't care but this actually is the first time where i've seen a clip of "cultural appropriation/alleged racism" and went yikes

No. 89213

I've been getting a weird feeling from Jisung, I think it's because every time I've seen those scandalous videos of Jaemin, he's always laughing hysterically in the background. Seems like he's also a sexist prick but he's more discreet about it. I hate to come to that conclusion bc he's a kid but he and the others seem like ilbe users or something.
Lmfao these retards are forgetting that Shindong has been a proven sexist pig who has repeatedly criticized relatively gorgeous women's looks and normal weights in comparison while looking like being overweight and ugly. I guess this is what happens when kpop becomes overrun by brand new 4th gen fans.

No. 89214

Fucking yikes. Not once, but twice . It's 2020 and i really have a hard time believing koreans and kpop idols are this ignorant to other races and nationalities. They should just stick to singing and dancing.

Same. I actually cringed at the entire clip, especially when they went 'wait, do it again.'

No. 89215

>she said she's sorry and we deleted the clip

Just like kpop to sweep it under the rug, but not educate why shitty caricatures like this are wrong.

No. 89217

if anything, i feel like jisung just has a super immature sense of humor, he literally joined the company in 5th grade so he didn't even finish elementary school, i could totally see him finding shit that the older guys say funny because he doesn't know any better, which isn't an excuse obviously

i can see the older ones being actual ilbe users, the jungwoo clip was so damning, especially with the hand motion and that's not something a regular person would just stumble upon

the way i see it, i judge idols based on how a normal person their age would act. i feel like there are very few people nowadays who can truthfully say they didn't call their friend a "retard" in college or swear/use slurs around their close group of friends, so i haven't really thought much of the jaemin r-word scandal

however, i feel like the general 20-something population don't watch alt-right youtubers and follow misogynistic assholes who beat their women, so if all this other stuff that's come out about the nct guys is true, it really is disappointing

as for shindong, im just laughing because he finally got a taste of his own medicine kek

No. 89225

>>89165 i really like renjun's gig on akdong seoul. he seems to really take the job seriously

jaemin is a plain asshole i remember when renjun told a story about him finding his cactus pot "accidentally left" on his bed by jaemin. it was hidden under the blankets and he could have seriously gotten hurt

No. 89226

They know it's wrong when someone does it to them. Then suddenly they completely understand.

Face it, they're just racist and self-centered.

No. 89227


idk about you but mark is sm's fave golden boy for a reason. it's bec he just follows and does as the company tells him to. he's the perfect idol.

No. 89229

i didn't mean to come off as thinking renjun was an ass, it was more so i haven't paid close attention to him because i don't find him that interesting. i do find it endearing how he takes his radio show and solo activities seriously, but he kind of fades into the background for me

the cactus situation also reminded me of the time where jaemin literally sat on jeno's birthday cake like…you're almost 20 years old, how do you not know to take half a second to look behind you before you sit on something…didn't he also sit and break some other member's thing too? either the kid is dumb blind or he literally doesn't give a fuck about other people's belongings

i'm such a chenle fangirl but here's another clip of him…he always makes sure to address staff politely, in the clip commenters were saying the outfits were pretty, so he made sure to single out the stylists and let them know which i thought was very sweet

i know people give him shit for being a golden spoon idol who likely paid his way into the industry, but he genuinely seems to work hard and doesn't think super highly of himself (at least on camera)


No. 89230

now that i think about it the only problematic thing people have to say about chenle is how he makes colorist/fatphobic remarks which imo is nothing in comparison to what (mostly jaemin) has done.

i've seen a bit of his family in one night sleepover trip and they all seem grounded too and genuinely kind/loving so i'm not surprised he's the same way since they did raise him

No. 89231

i havent seen fatphobic comments, but i do have to admit i recall him making fun of haechan being dark, and that definitely is not a very nice thing to do and i hope he learns to not say that kind of stuff

asian culture needs to shed the mentality of making fun of dark skin, i get there's different beauty standards but continously banging away that light = beautiful is honestly so backwards and sad

if anything, i feel the korean members are likely given preferential treatment, which probably contributes to why jaemin and jeno seem like bigger pricks than renjun and chenle. i honestly can't say either way about jisung since he's still young, so we'll have to see…

No. 89233

mark seems like a major people pleaser to me

No. 89234

Rose did an IG live covering some songs a few days ago and I gotta say, her voice is not that great.

I wonder if she would sound better if she stopped trying to force that nasal indie girl tone into all of her songs, she literally sounds like the "bananies and avocadies" meme

No. 89239

Exactly…the comments I mentioned are the among the replies you find under comments praising the show and calling it better than k-produce

No. 89246

i mean, if they like pale skin so much, they can just bleach themselves, just stop saying shitty things to people about their skin complexion that they didn’t ask for. in the west people prefer tanned skin, but you don't see people shaming others for having pale skin, lmao.

No. 89247

people in asia literally regard people with tan or darker skin as dirty and poor and it greatly affects social status. nowhere near the same as in the west where a pale person just gets called pasty or made fun of for burning easily. it's wild to me because haechan isn't even dark. he's slightly tanned but still very much a light skin person to me. just goes to show that if you're not paper white in kr then you're just dark

No. 89249

>she literally sounds like the "bananies and avocadies" meme
I thought this was an exaggeration but then I watched the video and kek this is 100% accurate.

No. 89252

File: 1589698811599.jpg (133.11 KB, 1334x750, TceoZ93.jpg)

Out of the whole group Jungwoo is the one that looks the most different

No. 89253

lmaoo she blows it right at the emotional high point of the song during The Only Exception. usually that song makes me cry no matter who sings it but I was just laughing.

No. 89254

i genuinely think if she dropped the forced nasal tone in her singing she would both sound better and also hit her notes better

she literally could not hold a note because she was also trying to maintain that lana del rey whine in her voice

does yg not have vocal coaches?

No. 89255

in short, people are never happy with what they are born with. always gotta complain about shit and non-existent problems.

No. 89257

Punch is definitely ncts weirdest song lol.

No. 89258

File: 1589702724578.jpeg (52.67 KB, 720x595, A3AA31B6-CA83-4474-8EE6-6688C4…)

the oh my girl thing apparently has a "part 1" where they appropriate the fuck out of indian culture with a really badly choreographed dance full of indian-style dance moves and a song about curry

not to mention this wonderful screencapped comment post-dance about curry…

this is all in the original linked twitter thread, but legitimately the first time ive actually felt like a group deserves to get dragged for being racists, this is like south park levels of absurdity, whoever approved this actually needs to get fired

this is a whole different level than an idol wearing braids or dreads, this is actual straight up ignorance LOL

No. 89259

damn, they just started to gain traction and they are already being problematic left and right.

No. 89261

File: 1589702948659.jpeg (110.32 KB, 720x1280, 2DAA84E8-AFA7-426F-9B49-6C1034…)

youtube link of the "curry" song cover and dance plus a snip of the lyrics


No. 89262

Imagine how people would react if someone made a song about Koreans and kimchi…

No. 89263

wait till their fans jump to defend them, but would tear other artists apart if the same happened to their faves.

No. 89264

sadly i dont think korean fans will give a shit about any of this, but i'm curious to see how ifans will try to spin this one

they swept the indian/curry one in 2016 under the rug saying the "company made them do it", but this new mexican burrito one (typing that out already makes me cringe) came directly from the mouth of a member who thought she was being funny

it's going to take a lot of mental gymnastics for fans to shield this one, and i dont think a lot of these fans are working with a full set of tools to begin with

No. 89265

that's disgusting, who is the demographic for this
agreed, unfortunately I feel like we're gonna have to put up with them for a long time.

No. 89266

That shit was WHACK. And wasn't most of it just Taeyong whispering? No fucking thanks

No. 89270

>b-but their company made them do it, they're innocent!
>don't bully them! the hate they get is disporportionate, if your oppars did this, you'd dismiss it!
Girl group stans need to realize that while female idols are subjected more to sexism, they're likely just as ignorant, racist and homophobic as their male counterparts. There's no excuse for what they did, you don't need a deeper understanding of racism or cultural appropriation, just apply that >>89262 logic and you immediately see why doing what they did is so wrong. Every little child would get that already. Simply don't do something to somebody that you wouldn't want somebody else doing to you. How empty are their brains that they think doing that on tv or at a concert is a-okay? Some of the members are 25+, so the uwu little baby excuse can't be applied either.

No. 89273

If you guys wanna listen to punch,its here.

Unless they delete it idk.

No. 89275

It's trash and I'm tired of same lame-ass bridge they're always using.

Why couldn't they have just used this b-side as the title track? It's actually a bit of a bop.

No. 89289

There were good sounding moments, but it all blended into samey, mindless singalong.

Has Roseh realized she needs to do things on her own, because her company doesn't give a shit, and while Jennie's career in Korea is set for years to come, same for Lisa's abroad, she and Jisoo are fucked outside of BP.

No. 89296

I feel like Jisoo at least has a shot at acting. She’ll have to drop YG as soon as BP disbands to 1) increase favor among the YG boycotters who want to like her and 2) not end up in limbo like Dara

Idk if the Blackpink members have done enough to be financially set for life like 2ne1, though iirc some absolute has-beens like Sejeong and JooE made bank off their short relevancy and are still living lavishly.

Anyways it’s true Rosé can’t do much outside of BP… heck, even as it is now, her schedule is significantly less busy than all of the other members. I’d start investing in real estate or something if I were her.

No. 89300

File: 1589730900984.png (768.55 KB, 1242x586, Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 16.5…)

Idols seem to make a lot of money these days. Even if they're a has been or a flop group, they seem to make some kind of bank. Feels like yesterday when Nine Muses were so broke they had to ration out rice.

No. 89301

I still can't get over the fact that NCT127 got Yunho as a special guest on their online concert and WayV got SHINDONG!!!! LMAO. SM hates their Chinese idols.

No. 89302

File: 1589731870012.jpeg (181.67 KB, 771x972, 71994A27-993C-410F-BEE4-89D22D…)

Speaking of misogyny and just idols being gross sexist pieces of shit, apparently dispatch revealed that two members of TheBoyz were posting comments to anonymous questions on a site similar to ask.fm that were super problematic in 2018, and the company apologized and it got swept under the rug

TheBoyz aren't huge nugu groups anymore so their past is getting dug up again and yikes…ofc fans are defending them saying they were young when this happened but the guys were literally like 18 when they posted this…

(link to 2018 apology if anyone wants to read: https://www.soompi.com/article/1237257wpp/fans-demand-new-sunwoo-leave-boyz-cre-ker-entertainment-apologizes)

No. 89303

The comments they made about keeping women as pets have been discussed on here before but I didn't know about those other ones. So typical, yet still disgusting. Eric (another member from The Boyz) was found to have been a bully in the past as well, but the company never kicked him out.

No. 89307

File: 1589733535090.jpeg (314.7 KB, 825x1270, 6A7C6F4E-C0A2-4FC2-A5CF-13BA9D…)

i looked briefly into the eric situation just now and i have to agree, sometimes you read about korean bullying accounts and its like "this is a bit much" when people say idols threw chairs at then and stuff, but what eric did sounds totally plausible for anyone who's gone to an american middle school

we all had that one group of kids who'd hang out by a flagpole or the lockers and throw shit and be loud, people don't make this shit up because it's so commonplace lol, fans can defend it all they want but this sounds true, and the person who talked about it provided receipts to show they did go to school together

so basically in the 2 years they've been active, there's at least three proven POS members, and now that the group is on that kingdom show everything's coming to light

there's fucking 14 members, i'm sure the company can just get rid of the super shit ones and still do fine lmfao

No. 89313

Actually 11 members, but yeah It's not like an 8 member group would be unheard of. Are New and Sunwoo popular though? I can see why their company might be hesitant in dropping them, not justifying it tho.

I also found an interview she did on some kpop blog, describing her experiences.

Honestly I mostly follow The Boyz just for Kevin. I really hope he doesnt turn out to be a pos too

No. 89316

same, anon. i only like theboyz because of kevin. i find it amusing that he's such a twink and his voice is quite nice.
some people say there's no proof that the comments about the women as pets were true but i'm more inclined to believe they're real

No. 89317

>tumblr screenshot

No. 89320

Really like the design and earthy vibes of this, looks sophisticated for a kpop album. Wouldn't mind using it as a decor.

No. 89325

yeah i pulled the screenshot from the website you linked, it all sounds very plausible and i cant see why someone across the world would want to report this

the company literally apologized for it, it's not fake…they issued a statement in 2018 stating it was real and the boys were reflecting

No. 89336

jfc, It's hard for me to be offended by kpop's stupid ass antics but this is actually pretty bad. How did this get greenlit. Just wow… kpop idols and companies need to stop acting ignorant and writing racist, insensitive shit like this. it's really dumb at this point.

No. 89337

File: 1589757517003.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 8A9459EF-ADCD-4013-A4BD-E84441…)

i agree, i heard a bit of punch and its SO bad, i don't see why they don't just use that b-side you linked, or just do something softer instead of this hard "electropop" they insist on trying to make work

i mean we all know the reason is if they do a softer, vocal-oriented song they cant shove taeyong and mark to the front like they always do

ive always thought nct has better vocalists than rappers, haechan has one of the prettiest vocal tones in the idol industry recently, taeil definitely can sing well, and doyoung and jaehyun also have very competent voices. i dont get it, they have no issues not giving people lines, why dont they just focus on a more vocal song? its not like jaehyun and haechan aren't popular either..

pic related just because i found it hysterical lmfao

No. 89339

I think SM is tryna push this "electropop" sound for 127 bc it's what they're most known for. Ppl always refer to their sound as "noise music", it's pretty much their concept at this point. I also think SM might be trying to pull something like Superhuman 2.0 bc the original flopped big time (which imo was a shame cus it's honestly hella catchy and one of the best title tracks, but this might be my bias speaking)

I agree it's annoying that they're constantly going for a similar concept. A softer song would def work really well, something ballad-y like No Longer from their Regular album

No. 89342

i think this was briefly touched upon in a previous thread, but nct doesn't do bad ballads, it just highlights how weak taeyong and mark are when it comes to anything thats not "hype yelling"

White Night is one of my favorite songs they did, it's a shame they don't do this more often. it's really highlights haechan's vocal color and taeil's technique, but also how weak mark, johnny, and taeyong are

also i love how all the comments are taeyong stand going "omg he's proving he can SING!" like…are we listening to the same video?

No. 89349

“Haechan why are you so ugly? Stop eating, you need to lose weight.” @ 0:35

I feel like they always target Haechan because he seems confident enough to take it but damn, that would get tiring.

I have a hard time believing that anyone who grew up in a trainee environment could ever have a normal, healthy mindset without a shitload of therapy.

No. 89350

The issue is that this style of theirs is tired now. It's not like SM have truly been keeping their groups to any particular style (127 - touch, limitless; dream - chewing gum vs ridin rollin or whatever its called; U has a varied concept anyway). Why not try something different, their die-hard fans will like it anyway and then maybe they can actually get some public recognition (but its probably too late anyway).

for me anything is better than wakey wakey. that hook was atrocious.

No. 89352

File: 1589762186400.png (113.75 KB, 751x601, 36B47A83-E3E2-4262-94DA-BBF18B…)

Surprise surprise, BP's album is postponed.

I'm not surprised though, with Jennie's injury and the COVID situation, but ofc blinks are going absolutely insane rn

It looks like they're doing two smaller "prereleases" in the summer, but who knows if that'll happen

No. 89354

Right, say how much kimchi smells like ass and see them implode to the point they assume you're Japanese.

I thought scammer young was Lee so man's favorite

No. 89355

Also I think someone above mentioned twice cb in June, so they probably don't want to share the spotlight.

No. 89359

File: 1589763616683.jpeg (609.4 KB, 1366x2048, D8882DB6-A443-4811-80ED-63ECC3…)

I used to really hate Haechan but in the past year I’ve grown to actually like him. He’s by far my favorite vocalist in nct, a good dancer, hard working, quick-witted and pretty funny.

I still think he’s annoyingly cocky at times but at least he’s entertaining.

He’s not ugly imo but if he had Taeyong’s face (and was SM’s favorite) I think he’d definitely be the most popular member.

No. 89361

i dont really like his "personality", real or fake on shows and vlives, i think he's really over the top to the point where it's obnoxious, but it's undeniable he has talent and can sing well and dance well

at least he has that going for him, unlike jaemin who's literally only there for his face and fanservice, and this is coming from someone who's a fan. i liked him a lot undeniably because he's quite attractive, but recently i've definitely found myself disliking him more because of the controversies

the industry is oversaturated with pretty boys, there's no reason to defend shitty ones when they're a dime a dozen

No. 89362

Wheew ratmys are delusional

Damn when will their contracts expire?? Yg is snakey he might pretend to postpone it until the renewal and then after that he'll probably cancel it give all their songs to the new gg kek

No. 89364

i believe their contract ends in 2022, so 2 more years

i cant see rose and jisoo renewing honestly, yg has been promising a rose solo (deserved or not) for forever and she may never get one lol

blinks are fucking crazy though, especially the SEA ones so im surprised yg isnt just forcing shitty half assed songs out of BP more often bc fans will eat it up regardless

No. 89365

I was surprised at how bad jungwoo's live singing was at their concert yesterday, nctzens are always treating him like a top vocalist but he's actually worse than all the vocalists in nct.

Lmao they want Taeyong to be an all-rounded idol so bad.

No. 89366

i agree and not gonna lie, i was surprised because he and haechan supposedly were the two that passed the "weekend sm auditions" and got in on talent, but the gap between him and haechan's live vocal is considerable. (then again, yoona also supposedly passed the same audition and she isn't exactly known for her singing voice)

i dont get why fans cant just admit a lot of idols aren't meant to be well rounded, like your fave is supposed to be a rapper, why would you expect him to sing well?

No. 89370

Idk i think they would renew tbh either because they're dumb enough ro think they'll be treated differently than 2ne1 OR yg might be menace them with blacklisting like "look here you MIGHT have a shot, not so sure if you leave….

No. 89371

File: 1589767531040.jpeg (207.38 KB, 828x1006, 1C1DEC3A-14F2-44A2-9040-6F17C2…)

Unfortunately I can't find any other reliable translated article other than a twitter link, but apparently the BTS endorsement fee is $810,000 per member (~1B won)

That is absolutely fucking insane, but what big CF's have they done lately? No wonder idols are taking all the CFs they can, I'm sure even the lesser known ones are still getting paid a ton, like Eunwoo and his menstrual pads kek

No. 89372

File: 1589767675621.jpeg (166.33 KB, 1025x1041, 1CB2D4B9-9124-47ED-9000-17EA5C…)

same anon, had to link the tampon/pads ad that eunwoo did because big kek

i wonder how much he got paid for this…

No. 89373

That's not impressive tbh there are tons of influencers making this with half a dozen of posts these days
And what makes you think other idols are striving? It's probably worse than yester years these days for idols since they are way less exposed to the gp. There's just a few of them making bank from CFs considering the oversaturated pool they come from

No. 89374

is it not impressive? last i read someone like cristiano ronaldo (who i would argue is much, much more well known than "jimin of bts") makes around 900k usd per sponsored post, 810k for a singer who's really not known outside of the kpop/koreaboo circle seems insane

but at the end of the day no one knows for sure if theyre actually making this much since no one can see the contracts

No. 89375

>is it not impressive? last i read someone like cristiano ronaldo (who i would argue is much, much more well known than "jimin of bts") makes around 900k usd per sponsored post
I mean… exactly?? Ronaldo & insta thots get paid this for low effort content meanwhile they're getting paid this for full ad campaings, the time they spent with mv & photo shootigs etc it requires a lot more time and effort than posting a selfie in your bathroom with some teeth whitening product or razors

No. 89376

File: 1589768650441.png (597.68 KB, 898x789, okay.png)

Surprised dispatch posted it at all considering their relationship with SM and Bighit.

No. 89377

oh man, the "good boys" from nct and astro and jungkook, mingyu is probably going to slide right under the radar because the media and public are going to circle around those first three

fans were already saying it was "disproven", but dispatch reporting it yet again makes me feel like they have some evidence or pictures to back it up

No. 89378

oh shit nigga

No. 89380

File: 1589769181744.jpeg (463.15 KB, 828x1289, F90D0982-EB51-4B86-AEBA-8D496F…)

not the original op, but here's a translation of an article

if true, they were told to stay home and yet eunwoo and jaehyun still promoted and mc'd shows, this means their companies are probably going to get skewered too kek

nct is having a comeback soon too, the timing could not be better

No. 89381

the army that was "its just hearsay" how are you doing now

No. 89382

they're lucky they all tested negative but what an idiotic thing to do. I know things were less strict in SK but idk why they thought it would be a good idea to risk it especially before their comebacks. I wouldn't be surprised if SM makes Jaehyun sit out promotions.

No. 89384

File: 1589770435454.jpeg (143.62 KB, 828x961, B3782041-A3DF-40F7-B7F0-822E01…)

exactly, fans are already trying to say "well the bars were open so they didn't do anything wrong!!" but it's such an irresponsible thing to do. there would be no controversy if they were out at the bars at any other point in time, it's literally a problem because of this coronavirus situation

not to mention, isn't jaehyun's father a physician in korea? i would think he out of everyone would understand the need to quarantine and not do stupid shit like go to the bars, considering his dad may very well actually be on the front lines trying to help people…

BigHit is already "looking into it" aka having a PR statement written, but look at the ratmy at the bottom of that tweet screeching for BH to "protect poor JK" as if he didn't do anything wrong lol

No. 89385

too bad(a-log)

No. 89386

Jkfags who were in denial about him being in that bar despite huge amount of evidence where are you now bitches

No. 89388

come on, dude…even if they did something wrong why would you wish they were positive? it's not even them getting sick, it's everyone around them who would be exposed too

i love some good tea and honestly im a little excited to see these entitled ass dudes get dragged because the stans are going to go nuts, but thats different than literally wishing for these people to be sick and get others around them sick..

No. 89389

I thought dispatch said they wouldn't out gay idols?

No. 89390

>entertainment places
lol just they went out clubbing

also ew @ their unshopped faces

No. 89391

?? it wasnt a gay bar it was just clubs in itaewon

No. 89392

Ratmys are either writing that bh will sue or "Kings! Glad they had fun!"
I once again was naive enough to hope that this could have made them a bit more self aware, but of course they'll never critizise their favs, no matter what…
Your oppars are out there risking to spread a virus that cost thousands of lifes already but of course people not kissing his ass 24/7 are much worse.
The rumor being true also proves that once again a person was bullied by ratmy/bh to apologize (god knows what horrible threats they receive…)

Tell that your Jk oppar he's the one being reckless

No. 89393

honestly i would be surprised if SM allowed jaehyun to promote if this were true or didn't postpone the comeback

he was literally told to self quarantine until 5/10, there is no way if this is true that he or the rest of nct be promoting since they've definitely all been in close contact and can all be considered "at risk" for more spread

No. 89394

WHY TF are they constantly asking bighit to sue everyone under the sun
this is one of the things i hate the most

No. 89395

when did i ever defend JK lol…i'm not an army and never will be, i was saying theres a difference between being excited for tea and hoping someone is positive so they can spread all their entitled ass germs to the stylists, stage guys, and regular ass people trying to do their jobs

either way i hope these guys actually get some heavy flack for this, this was so fucking irresponsible and theres no way dispatch would release these news without some solid evidence

No. 89396

This is exactly why i question every kpop rumor.Even when its proved "false".

They tried so hard to make it fake then BAM,its real.

No. 89398

ratmy fans are already trying to clear searches and demand that jk be protected while also simultaneously being confused because "i thought bh and dispatch had a deal!?"

i love how fucking hypocritical they are, like they know their oppas are problematic and instead of just admitting theyre shit they shift the blame and are furious because dispatch supposedly didn't honor some unconfirmed deal to protect these shitheads

if this was a girl group member she would be absolutely slaughtered, the double standard is fucking insane

No. 89399

File: 1589772133226.gif (9.42 MB, 550x585, 2019mama_11.gif)

i follow a lot of jungkook fans and tons of them were having borderline aneurysms about some kind of imaginary hate campaign against him, i swear to god most of these people need help. they are way too invested in this korean man they dont know

No. 89400

And Jaehyun stans are just making jokes

No. 89402

File: 1589772679131.jpeg (114.13 KB, 822x579, 7BF2FC06-54EE-4A54-B26D-BD2255…)

yup, i ventured into an allkpop thread of people asking "army are you going to hold jk accountable" and literally half of the responses are "why are you only asking army and not carat/nct u hate jk and his success ree"

what is it about the army fanbase that attracts so many damn martyrs lol

also this fucking tweet has me laughing…the shade of "the biggest male idols and eunwoo" is fucking hysterical

No. 89403

do you think this is bad for their image?
i follow some normal korean women on insta and several of them have been posting pics outside, like in restaurants, bars, cafes… damn, one of them was even celebrating her birthday in a restaurant with her friends lmao. because of those posts i thought their quarantine was over already

No. 89405

Honestly looks like as always Korean government fuck up by not putting well though restrictions, an outbreak happened and now they are shifting the attention to the LGBT community and celebrities, is the same old but anyways those idiots should have known better.

No. 89406

this is really bad for their image, especially since the itaewon bar scene allegedly caused another wave of covid cases after one infected patron bar hopped several bars

i think theres a stark difference between going to a restaurant where you can still kind of social distance, and going to a packed bar where you're going to be very close to a lot of people

No. 89407


Yeah,especially since they're idols lol.

I think they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

No. 89408

Seeing the reaction to Mino and Gyuri it is. I doubt it'll do total damage to their careers but part of being an idol is looking perfect and "being a good example for their fans". Netizens will for sure drag them for breaking the rules even if they weren't strongly enforced in the first place.

No. 89410

File: 1589774008497.jpeg (271.8 KB, 828x1240, CAD21E50-BCFD-4AE8-9E50-02E3EE…)

not to mention two of them are defying self quarantine orders and attending music shows and promotions, they definitely deserve to get dragged for putting other people at risk

the unfortunate side effect of being an idol and enjoying the benefits and salary a well known idol makes is that they're going to be held at a different standard than the normal person, the argument of "oh its the government's fault, they should have enforced the rules" is such a stupid and weak argument

it'll be interesting to see how this develops through the week, considering it's only early afternoon in korea and the news only broke a few hours ago

stan twitter has imploded already though kek

No. 89411

Korea gvt never ordered restaurants bar and clubs to shut down so yeah it's basically what >>89405 said

No. 89412

something that fucking weirds me out about jungkook as an idol is the image he has of a naive innocent "baby" that was "raised" by the "hyungs" (older members of the band), it's a very creepy one, comes across so fake and i think it's one of the big reasons why army act like this. i saw a screencap from the recent doc (dont know the name of it, sorry) where he was pretending he didnt understand that people on the road commmuting were going to work… like, you fucking what mate? i actually think it would be good for jk's psyche to take proper responsibility for something he had done. too bad thats never gonna happen! that being said, this wasn't some kind of massively egregious offense, more a case of bad luck.

No. 89413

exactly, i hate the "uwu baby" and "tired parents" narrative like jin and jk are barely five years apart, i own fish who have a bigger age gap than that

jk does seem mentally stunted, and i can see him going through his "teenage rebel" phase because he literally didn't have a childhood, but i hate how ratmy's shield his every move because hes a cute baby…like he's 25, not 5…

No. 89414

he is 22, not 25, but yep. as for teenage rebel…. considering they renewed their contract quite recently, and probably re-negotiated it at the time, this could be the first time in 7 years he has any semblance of freedom

No. 89415

i think they'll get dragged a lil but nothing more

No. 89416

ok but korean fans are scary, they knew about this since last month when it HAPPENED

No. 89418

Even if that's the case,considering the current situation around the world and the fact that the virus is quite infectious but we still have no vaccine for it ,everyone should feel a sense of responsibility and caution and have some common sense to avoid crowded places such as clubs.

Countries around the world are slowly opening their borders,restaurants etc but that doesn't mean that the risk of catching the virus and spreading it is gone.

No. 89419

I mean they were even posting about it on twitter
But ifans are retarded who will stay in denial

No. 89420

on another note winner fans are now trending #apologizetomino because they think that mino was some scapegoat to "protect the bigger idols"

like fucking just take the fact these idiots are bigger than your idiot and got exposed, and now the media will completely forget about your oppa

fans are so fucking delusional and stupid lol

No. 89421

Bighit announces jungkook was in itaewon

No. 89422

o man ratmys where are you now and how are you going to spin this one

No. 89423

I wonder if SM and Pledis are going to release a statement now.
if dispatch did post about Mino to shield the other idols why would they come out and expose them 5 days later lmao.

No. 89424

File: 1589776282506.jpeg (90.38 KB, 675x1200, EYRIeiXWkAY6CFi.jpeg)

braindead spergs

No. 89425

File: 1589776289879.jpg (8.5 KB, 300x286, 26o__laughing_laughing_d.jpg)

lmao, love how they were "looking into it" and "couldnt confirm or deny" until now. and all the armys who were demanding bighit start suing people and writing those long ass letters about it….. kpop is so unintentionally hilarious, i love it

No. 89426

File: 1589776329206.jpeg (181.28 KB, 828x1792, EYRfeWtUwAA1FWg.jpeg)

>Jungkook feels sorry for not practicing social distancing
LMAOOOOO this is so funny. of course he doesn't

No. 89427

my favorite one so far is "how come these stupid reporters weren't practicing social distancing and were at the bars"

uh, because your oppa being trash makes them money? lol

No. 89430

another scandal with jungkook? this boy never chills, its funny how everyone was saying its fake though but bh actually admitted it so armys cant do their mental gymnastics anymore

as for jaehyun and eunwoo, they continued their schedules without self quarantine? even though they were tested negative corona could be hidden for 2 weeks, imagine if they actually got it and spread it to everyone… very irresponsible

as a kind of an ex svtfag im very disappointed in mingyu i hope all 4 are held accountable for their retarded actions and get actual backlash bc this is clearly a very irresponsile thing to do

No. 89432

File: 1589777414925.png (718.2 KB, 898x730, another one.png)

well that's 2/4. if sm was smart they'd get something out quick unless they're really going to have him sit out of promotions. idk how they're going to handle his inkigayo gig.

No. 89433

considering he was specifically told to self quarantine until 5/10, it would make things considerably worse if they didn't pull him until at least then, he would then literally be directly defying government recommendations

No. 89434

if jungkook spread it to suga or jimin, those bitches wouldnt survive they look like theyre half dead already with their manorexia lmao

No. 89435

I actually like NCT but LMAOOOOO at jaehyuns situation. They have a shitty comeback song and jaehyuns scandal.Theyre def gonna get roasted by knetz tomorrow.

No. 89436

sm thinks that they are the jack shit and never announces stuff, but this time around they really need to put out a statement. they deserve the backlash, as usual though, i-fans will protect their oppars because they think idols can never do anything wrong. this is why putting normal human beings at such pedestals is fucked up.

No. 89437

File: 1589778115636.jpeg (112.94 KB, 750x685, FB5AF687-D7D0-424A-84FB-EC86A8…)

I really want to see what sm will say.

No. 89439

with astro currently promoting, is eunwoo going to sit out? he's technically supposed to be self quarantining until 5/10 per guidelines and the smart thing to do is just lay low and not give netizens more ammunition

i'm curious about SM too…they would be stupid to keep jaehyun promoting but he literally is their moneymaker despite them trying to make it taeyong so who knows lol

No. 89440

well it's already past 5/10 unless I misunderstood?
maybe sm is getting chewed out by SBS. they can't be dumb enough to ignore it at this point.

No. 89442

File: 1589779594626.jpeg (100.21 KB, 808x597, D6745D8A-E4AD-40AC-8E3D-1420B2…)

i meant sit out to "reflect" as he was promoting during the period he was supposed to be home, being on stage now will probably just make things much worse than just laying low

while we all wait for SM to potentially respond, this meme is great

No. 89444

File: 1589780426991.jpeg (240.46 KB, 824x1316, 5FBD9670-0A14-41B1-8F76-2B36EA…)

same anon, but jaehyun's posted something and it's not an apology lmfao

SM's PR team is amazing

No. 89445

File: 1589781130334.png (655.42 KB, 898x671, finale.png)

4/4. I used a translator to read the statement and it doesn't sound like he's sitting out promos or anything. I guess we'll see if the backlash gets worse.

No. 89447

File: 1589782442286.jpeg (328.84 KB, 750x999, 42515D56-C209-40F4-874E-1B9052…)

Ratmys getting so angry about a dude translating and posting the news that they’re actually trying to doxx him.

No. 89448

File: 1589782577074.png (218.18 KB, 720x828, Screenshot_20200518-021505.png)

Andd here we go.

No. 89449

wtf they're fucking insane

No. 89453

File: 1589782963936.jpeg (28.34 KB, 680x285, D4A379F9-300A-4F40-BA79-4CB3CB…)

lmfao imagine being so delusional that the person just translating ur oppa being a shit is worse than ur actual oppa

the best part is if jk pulled a chen these same ratmys would be leaving in hordes kek

ngl this is totally expected, SM needs to pull him out of promos if they actually want this comeback to succeed

No. 89455

They don’t pull taeyong out for being a bully

No. 89457

they dont pull taeyong out because the fans arent boycotting the group, kfans are boycotting the comeback right now and selling his photo cards, if they pull him out from promotions they might have a fighting chance at making some money otherwise this will be superhuman promos 2.0

not to mention punch is a weak ass song, so this isnt looking good

No. 89458

File: 1589784277381.jpg (45.16 KB, 480x480, 2.jpg)

Everyone and their mom is always nutting over Seolhyun's body but everyone in AOA uses hella padding.

No. 89459

File: 1589784479160.png (124.45 KB, 721x405, social distancing ambassador.p…)

The fact that his group has been promoting social distancing is the cherry on top

No. 89460

eunwoo was a part of the "thank you for staying home" campaign too and the knetz response has been golden

my favorite:

Why did you pretend to suck at acting? You're such an amazing actor. You're doing the "Thank You" campaign (T/N: campaign to promote social distancing in Korea) but shouldn't it be "thanks to you I went to the club" campaign….?

No. 89463

Even this scandal is tame. Why can't he have been caught making out with some foreign chick in itaewon. Just shots? Please jk.. I know you have it in you. make it juicy next time.

No. 89467

File: 1589785880739.jpeg (142.74 KB, 828x1792, 5DA15EA9-680B-46D3-A8B4-F15381…)

kfans are offloading jaehyun's merch and boycotting the comeback

what he did is shitty and irresponsible for sure, but how can they still support people like taeyong while also trying to cancel jaehyun lol

just cancel the whole damn group at this point lmao, stans are insane

No. 89468

its getting weird….

No. 89469

File: 1589786101078.png (274.58 KB, 1170x1122, Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 5.13…)

i thought this was funny. its from early april and it says "cha eunwoo might be the future for korean men in korea" and it went viral today bc everyone thought it was ironic their nickname is also itaewon and cha eunwoo's image is tainted now

No. 89470

No. 89471

File: 1589791322925.jpeg (1017.31 KB, 1338x1828, 9CE65563-CE2F-4066-B26F-7EED6C…)

honestly terrifying. explains the weird timing since it all happened last month.

No. 89472

I’m not gonna deny that this scandal is very real, but this is such a typical move. Rooting for those involved in the nth room chat to get real punishment.

Also, notice how all the idols that were caught going out are born in ‘97; there’s supposedly a group chat of idols born that year, which makes me think that all of them probably have been going clubbing together for a while, but this is the first time it’s been reported because of the extra coronavirus flavour.

No. 89473

Knowing about this makes so much sense. Really scummy for them to try and cover up sex abuse cases again.

No. 89474

This is false, koreans dont give af about idols. Nth room case has been going on since, they even recently uncovered another member lodged. Kpop stans always say this to put their faves as some kind of martyr. The gp doesnt care about idols. The biggest Idols are like c-list celebrities in korea unless you're the rare ones that the gp loves.

No. 89475

Cleopatra was greek. She was a while colonize. Her family colonised Egypt so anyone angry about this needs a history lesson

No. 89476

I don’t get why she was cleopatra at the start? If they wanted to dress her up they should have at least made the eyeliner good.

No. 89477

The brand is a skincare milk product and Cleopatra was famous for bathing in milk and had good skin

No. 89478

they're mad because it's a skin whitening ad

No. 89480

ew. I presumed the connection was about cleopatra bathing in goat’s milk and that the ad was for some cleanser

No. 89481

It's not skin whitening? Is it? I thought it was a foam cleanser??

No. 89482

yeah my initial thoughts were that it's just a regular cleanser and people were angry about the cleopatra costume but now it's clear that it's a cleanser with skin whitening properties. the ad portrays it

No. 89483

It's not skin whitening. Are kpop stans just trying to distract from their stupid bgs being irresponsible and thoughtless

No. 89485

I didn't know idols were like c-listers in korea. Is this true? Why are they relentlessly stalked?

No. 89486

Fuck off pathetic oppalogists, the public and government of Korea have been kissing Bts' asses for ages already, they're way too important to them (because muh national pride) to throw them under the bus for that. Not everything is some huge conspiracy against your innocent baby bois.
Jungkook and Eunwoo are the definition of privileged males who hold way too much power. God knows what stuff they already got away with thanks to either money or their agencies simply pressuring the other party to the point of them apologizing for stating the truth. The girls partying with them might have to give away their phones at the clubs entrance or sign something, that's why no pics exist. They could do everything they want to less famous people (like female or younger male idols) and there'd never be any consequences.
This is the same situation like with Bigbang, a couple years ago everybody was "haha they're so rich and famous, true kings" plus brushing their scandals and all warning signs under they rug, and now they go "omg who could've ever known that he's so horrible?!"…
Fans reactions to this (besides k-nctfags who immediately dropped Jaehyun which is totally valid in this situation) are absolutely sickening. A true brainwashed cult.

No. 89487

Pretty much. Korean GP doesn't care about BG idols.

Except there's no logic behind throwing your greatest cultural export under the bus to save a handful of criminal scum who are literal nobodies otherwose.

>Are kpop stans just trying to distract from their stupid bgs being irresponsible and thoughtless
No. Are we forbidden to laugh at more than one thing at a time?

No. 89488

Why do you think most idols want to be actors. Koreans dont respect idols and see them as untalented robots that are just for their visuals. Only fans care about idols. Even korean fans mostly care about their idols visuals

No. 89489

The gp liked mamamoo cause they were ugly but talented and were beagles. The gp likes iu cause she can sing and has a pleasant voice for them, gp likes epik high cause they're talented too. I saw a video on youtube a long time ago I think about asking korean high school students about kpop, the ones that likes idols where laughing and looked embarrassed. This one guy said he likes irene because she's pretty. Idol industry doesnt accurately represent the music koreans are into. They mostly like r&b and ballads and they know the idol industry is manufactured

No. 89492

Epik High and IU aren't idols. Literally no one cares about Mamamoo lmao

No. 89493

Are you people DUMB?
Every top article this morning was about NTH oom you dumb idiots
This stupid club thing isnt even big enough to cover Koreas anger over NTH room dumbasses

No. 89495

I'm having a great time tbh the fans are so pathetic lmao.
they rly b talkin bout anything BUT the fact that their oppars going clubbing during a global pandemic is inherently wrong. They tried saying it was not against SK's lockdown rules, they talked about how it happened before the breakout, tried to shift attention to dispatch for being @ the club themselves and now finally want to claim this is all a cover up for the Nth room.
It's fucking hilarous kek

No. 89496

nta, but they do. they're seen as artists not idols, thanks to the fact that they went on shows like Immortal Songs or King of masked singer and proved again and again that they can sing. hwasa also helped with going viral for eating and whatever else, so yes people do care.

No. 89499

Is it true that Korea will never release the names of participants in the NTH room, who watched these videos and paid for them? Because it would literally destabilise the Korean economy, since so many celebrities and large names were participating?
A Korean person who said that also said it is not strange for the K gov to cover up huge crimes in order to save face + economy.

No. 89500

i didnt say they were idols. i said the gp likes them cause theyre talented. Idols arent talented and the gp knows that. Except the select few of course. I'm not a fan of mamamoo and their corny asses but thats a damn lie now come on. they barely have fans but are chart topping

No. 89504

File: 1589803897055.png (266.91 KB, 687x843, Screenshot (35).png)

Kpop in a nutshell

Also, what's with stans clearing searches with "best boy Jk, Eunwoo,…"? Reads like something out of r/doggo kek

No. 89505

apparantly dispatchs contract with bts has ended so now they'l be leaking a lot of shit from now on.

No. 89506

i think it might be true. very big names are rumored to be involved, politicians, government officials, chaebols actors, athletes, idols

No. 89507

i just saw that from the account that leaked the jk at the bar scandal first

No. 89508

same. I think it's legit. that person seems trustworthy with their shit.

No. 89509

they leaked about his gf too

No. 89510

ok calm down. I don't keep track of trending articles, I'm glad to know that nth room takes priority of this petty mess. I'm ready for all the milk if they have been clubbing regularly and dispatch finally starts to report it. I'm tired of the babying, especially since eunwoo and jaehyun willingly put people's lives in danger by possibly spreading (despite being tested negative later). They're selfish and need a reality check, idol or not it was a dick move.

I'm ready for the korean public to hold their government's feet to the fire. Too much goes unresolved, it's surely reaching a breaking point by now. If there are so many big names involved it would destabilise the economy, then maybe there needs to be a change in who is holding economical power.

No. 89511

No. 89513

Which ones in the video am I supposed to be looking at

No. 89514

File: 1589807298970.png (102.71 KB, 594x469, club.png)

this is an image board. are we supposed to actually see him in this video?

No. 89515

File: 1589807354178.jpeg (238.12 KB, 2000x1000, 733E770B-CECC-433C-813A-69A012…)

Ot but kek at all the self righteous anons who come itt just to say “this thread sucks! Mods pls nuke it!”

This thread is absolutely more milky than any cow thread atm

No. 89518

File: 1589807731349.jpg (22.01 KB, 960x229, vip.jpg)

no but someone posted about it

No. 89519

File: 1589807904179.jpg (60.81 KB, 480x944, enwoo.jpg)

cha eunwoo was spotted

No. 89520

there was a coronavirus case in Made club too omg

No. 89523

Kpoppies are having meltdowns all over Twitter and I don't think I have enough popcorn while I watch this entire mess unfold.

Merry Christmas to us I guess lol

No. 89524

doesnt look like him

No. 89525

nvm ignore this the person deleted it and said it might not be him in itaewon

No. 89526

it’s the top trending cause these are some of the most popular male idols and itaewon clubs are the hotspot for recent infections. i find it kind of funny that jaehyun (not sure about the others) did the thank you challenge which is about practicing social distancing kek. these guys will be heading down the big bang and jyj route if they don’t get themselves together.

No. 89527

OT but I figured this is the best place to ask: where I can I find a comprehensive summary of the nth room case? The wikipedia article is pretty sparse and everything other search result is just commentary.

No. 89528

File: 1589809352258.png (475.85 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_20200518-152720~2.p…)

No. 89529

if you don't mind using reddit this seems like a decent summary, its from when the situation first occured so in terms of current events I'm not sure

No. 89530

No. 89531

lmfao if this is true nct might as well just give up on promotions, theyre already going to get fucked bc of this jaehyun thing

fans are gonna say "its all media play! someone's out to get nct bc theyre finally getting big!!" but its literally just all of their oppas finally getting exposed for being shits (this dating one doesnt count obviously) with some great timing

No. 89532

How SM managed to cast such poor quality idols and executed a flop bg with all their prestige and resources is far beyond me. You can feel the decrease in quality in everything they do nowadays.

No. 89533

this has been said before, it's because nct is a nepotist group made up of rich kids whose parents paid for them to prance around and do the famous idol thing

outside of taeil, haechan, taeyong, and potentially jungwoo, the rest of the nct kids are fucking loaded with no true talent. no one knows how jungwoo made it through auditions since he can barely sing live, and taeyong was only casted bc he looks like a budget jaejoong

the rest of them literally are all just rich kids whose parents bankroll everything, fans will scream about the talent but anyone who listens to their music knows half the group is there for filler lol

No. 89535

Yeah I’m sorry for bringing up constantly repeated statements that everyone’s sick of hearing. Idk why I was surprised SM would sacrifice quality for nepotist bucks

No. 89536

File: 1589810974735.jpeg (35.03 KB, 411x640, 6842208E-1A1D-4D3E-9D3C-EAA3BD…)

oh i didnt mean to make it sound like you were beating a dead horse comment, i mainly was mentioning that the nct flop/rich kid topic has been discussed extensively before if you wanted to search since there were a lot of people chiming in

sm quality has significantly declined in the last five years or so, trainees that wouldnt have made the cut otherwise have been debuted solely bc of parental money

look at nct johnny, like the dude was training from before exo even debuted, i believe he holds the record for longest trainee at around 10 years. i doubt he wouldve been allowed to stay and debut when sm still had quality control, the only reason he was is because his mom basically paid for it to happen

No. 89537

File: 1589811020708.jpeg (660.24 KB, 2048x2048, ER74P5wU0AA4xlx.jpeg)

can't wait to see jungkook cry on their next paid content

No. 89539

I'm certain that dispatch does have pictures of them in the club. And they definitely did go clubbing, not just for dinner because who the fuck would go to 3 different restaurants in 1 evening? They waited quite a bit to release this info, getting everybody hyped, now they enjoy the mass triggering of fans after the agencies had to confirm and then maybe tomorrow or in a couple days they'll deliver the final blow lol fingers crossed

Yeah, besides dream their ages aren't too far from exo, many nct members would've been of normal idol age had the debuted with them. They're probably to exo what suju is to dbsk: the leftovers. Only difference is that suju worked extremely hard in varieties to get their name known plus they had simple yet public friendly songs.

No. 89540

honestly i believe that too, dispatch for sure has some sort of concrete evidence, there's no way they would try to pick a fight with 4 agencies without some solid proof to back it up (let alone SM and BH)

my theory is that the pictures are pretty bad, or else there's no way the companies would have confirmed so quickly. fans keep demanding for "photo proof!!" but i feel like they'll eat their words if dispatch actually releases them, because they'll probably not just be of oppa sitting or standing outside a bar

i for one just want dispatch to release them so fans learn not to ask for shit they don't want to see lol

No. 89543

fans should see them. bubble has to burst

No. 89545

New TXT song is disappointing. Runaway was so good

No. 89547

File: 1589813671181.jpeg (160.36 KB, 828x812, FD552C50-24D7-431F-9686-598A36…)

also to all the oppapologists in here saying ur poor uwu baby was used as a scapegoat to cover up the nth room scandal

nth room and godgod are top of the current search list, they are not getting buried, the general korean population is not filled with people under the age of 30 uwuing about oppas, there are plenty of people who don't follow idols and wouldn't get sidetracked by this supposed coverup lol

kpop fans are so delusional, deflecting any blame so that their precious baby boys dont get any additional hate

the best part is if these idols had pictures of women sitting on their laps in the bars these same pig fans would be leaving and stop defending them lmfao

dispatch please release the pictures the milk is so good

No. 89550

Thoughts? I really like it, but it seems to be more divisive than Runaway. The mv's a bonus too

I did funny how quickly they dropped their super bright cute concept. At least the mv is properly lit unlike most "dark" concepts.

No. 89553

it sounds like a rejected bts b-side to me, and the use of autotune is excessive

it's not a bad song, im sure if bts released it it wouldve been lauded as "amazing" and "inspirational" but it just sounds generic and uninspired to me

the video is a mess, it reminds me of a budget dna with some of the colors they used

No. 89554

mate i think you replied to the wrong anon

No. 89555

File: 1589814574814.png (369.11 KB, 891x754, 1.png)

> fans keep demanding for "photo proof!!" but i feel like they'll eat their words if dispatch actually releases them

These ratmy tweets are so infuriating to read, they don't know when to back down. You can show them the shit they wrote about other idols just yesterday and they just go "[insert name] who?" or they literally say they don't care because their oppar is the best and therefore allowed to do whatever he wants.
If one of the bts members dares to complain about stalker fans again, I think I'm gonna puke. It's solely their fault that 1000s of little kids turned into obsessed monsters trying to ruin every person who dares to love their oppars a little less than they do.

No. 89558

File: 1589814780001.jpeg (154.54 KB, 816x767, 03046E2D-A182-4AE3-8767-3019E9…)

agreed. dont support this stupid #apologizetomino hashtag but the fucking double standards of ratmys kek

if jk wasnt involved in this scandal they would be shitting all over the rest of the guys for not following social distancing and "look at our uwu princes so inspirational they even did a campaign" but now that their golden baby maknae is involved all they can do is tell people not to dish out criticism as if they wouldn't have jumped all over it lol

honestly people say nctfags and ratmys are the worst out of all of them but after this entire debacle ratmys are on a whole other level

No. 89563

i find it funny how moas were making fun of other new groups that do darker concepts (ateez skz mcnd etc) & their 'weird' dancing and now txt comes out with this. too bad they don't pull it off at all, they should stick with their original concept

No. 89564

File: 1589815897618.jpg (91.87 KB, 720x923, 20200518_103133 (1).jpg)

Ctfu and to think he's the most relevant member

No. 89565

File: 1589815950947.jpg (95.27 KB, 720x877, 20200518_103133.jpg)

I know no one likes knet trans reposts but theyre really dragging the fuck out of them, Im kekin

No. 89566

File: 1589815965516.jpg (83.76 KB, 720x896, 20200518_103132.jpg)

No. 89567

not a fair pic to judge him on as everyone looks like squidward with that close up selfie shot. however he's really nothing special. very mediocre. you should check out his high school pics among his classmates. he did not stand out and looked like any other typical kid lol.

he's just an above avg guy whom big hit/ratmys carefully manages the image of, to appear millions of times more than he is.

problem is, all his fans judge him based on the highly edited, cherrypicked photos thinking he looks like that irl… like reaaally?!! although u can say the same for every other shilled idol/actor.

No. 89568

File: 1589816260102.jpeg (74.74 KB, 694x960, 7BF7B55D-C894-4E6D-B780-E0303A…)

lmfao digging up a post from 50 replies ago just to defend oppa and didn't sage, at least try to hide that youre a twitter ratmy

the best part is most international fans are just trolling him, theres obviously a couple oppa uwu fans defending him and protecting him but ive mainly seen memes instead of people trying to shield him unlike the ratmy population which has imploded

No. 89569

File: 1589816322309.png (121.58 KB, 1264x806, dy dating.png)

Oh LOL this looks so messy. The account is accusing him of being a prostitute for dating a 40 yr. old. lmfao

No. 89571

I hope dispatch has more milk.I'm tired of comments like "They're still young and it's ok to make mistakes".

They're not kids or teenagers ffs.I swear Kpoppies are the only ones who'd baby adults like that.

No. 89572

exactly, they're not uwubabies when they take off their clothes on stage, i hate the narrative that they're "young and need to be protected" when its convenient, but "omo hot bias wrecker daddy" every other time

they're grown ass men who shouldve known better not to go out despite anything the government said or didnt say, just because they were allowed to didnt mean they should have, it was common sense not to go bar crawling especially since they shouldve known dispatch was probably prowling the area waiting to catch someone out

No. 89574

File: 1589818479214.png (14.74 KB, 595x127, jk in itaewon.png)

Anyone know what the deal with this account is
she seems to have posted accurate information before and she posted screenshots of the tattoo girl's art that jk copied
is she just a troll or does she have actual inside information?

No. 89575

Every time I hear a txt song I swear it's like Jimin or Jungkook is singing in the background. Txt have no uniqueness in their voices and it's auto tuned to hell. Plus I don't like bts voices in the first place so it's a rather bad combo. Hate myself for actually kinda liking the song though.

No. 89576

who knows, the korean population knew the rumors swirling about the itaewon group long before it broke the international segment

if anything i feel like she probably just prowls the lesser read korean forums and translates news, or just reads sasaeng rumors

she seems to be a ratmy so i would take a lot of stuff she says at heart, she's trying to say all of this was a coverup for nth room

if she is right though and dispatch is revealing bts stuff because of some contractual end im just excited for the tea and ratmy meltdown

No. 89577

Can we throw the whole industry away, it's fucking ugly

No. 89578

is it crazy to think that this might really be part of the reason? i know people are saying koreans dont give a fuck about idols, BUT using BTS to detract from the news story INTERNATIONALLY might actually work, since everybody just thinks of the BTS fad when they hear korea now. i'm not saying it's a hate conspiracy, BUT the timing really is perfect and it's odd how companies refused to comment until now where they all instantly released statements

No. 89580

the only people who would give a fuck about some korean boys going to a club during the pandemic are kpop stans (and most of them are aware of the nth room)

No. 89581

Honestly,i dont dislike txt as much as i used to.
Still dislike their fans tho,cause theyre all armys.

Hoping they replace bts cause im tired of seeing bts.

No. 89582

I agree. Some anon mentioned that the nth room articles are trending much more, and I'm so glad for that but these idols clubbing happened almost a month ago, I can't see any other reason why the whole thing bursts out now. Still, they should be held accountable but are fans angry that their precious oppas are clubbing or are they actually mad because they were stupid enough to go out on a pandemic?

No. 89583

The Itaewon news was leaked by a french army studying in Seoul, and the tattoo girl's art was still up on her public instagram. I don't think this girl has ever leaked anything that wasn't already spreading around twitter.

No. 89585

>general korean population over the age of 30
that's why i specifically said internationally. i even put it in caps. and the timing is still sus, but i'm just speculating