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File: 1568771018171.jpeg (132.23 KB, 750x746, 1568518937882.jpeg)

No. 50560

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

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No. 50563

Maybe I'm an insane conspiracy theorist but I wonder if BTS scandals are coming out now due to SM.

I'm a secondgenfag and kind of suspected at the time that the flames of the T-Ara bullying scandal were fanned by SM to keep them from eclipsing SNSD. I'm talking behind the scenes, like cash paid to keep the Korean media talking about it so it just won't die.

They could be trying to take down BTS to make way for Sperm.

No. 50566

it wouldn't be the craziest thing in kpop. but I feel like bighit and the government would do anything to keep their current cash cow flowing so even if SM tried it they'd probably get a lot more push back. it is weird that the second they go on break they start getting into scandals but maybe bighit was just sloppy from the beginning.

No. 50569

bts faggots I know you all can read this:
plz leave k thx bai
why do I keep seeing this "femcel" term, you are either projecting or a scrote
this, ratmies have a chance LMAO
literally looks like a blow up doll, disgusting
Wendy's jaw will always be a tragic love story
>ana-tier idol trying to twerk without breaking her spine
yes. This is not a joke, korean gp believes tattoos = gang / thug. It's why went you go to a spa they tell you to cover up the tattoos or they may decide to not let you in. Also sometimes you have to cover it when on public tv.
I would not be surprised. Agencies always take hits at each other. I'm still personally waiting to find out what big money chaebol Irene is dating, SM paying shit ton to dispatch and to make Irene play the "uwu I hate men" persona to throw retards off.

No. 50573

you people are talking about the korean gp spazzing out about tattoos, just look at the state of this thread 24 hours ago. people assumed so many weird things about him and her just because she's tatted up. newsflash, normal nerdy whitecollar chaebols can have them too lmao

No. 50574

Picture on this new thread is creeping me out a ton ngl

No. 50575

if anything the lukewarm reaction to jimin and jungkooks scandals the past week shows armys are by far more mature than people make them out to be. yes they are batshit crazy and annoying but they don't melt when their fav idols are seen as unholy and un-flowercrown like. seeing kpop since even before the exo dating scandals, seeing exols drop exo and certain members so hard just because they were dating was sad to see. this might be a change for once with kpop stan culture, where fans will be more accepting of relationships and idols going out and having fun like normal people. say all you want but the fact that this wasnt even a dating another perfect feminine pedo-bait idol and just a normal person scandal the COMPLETE opposite of what knetz and kpop stans expected and the news is just dead is like…amazing.

No. 50576

Not sure where this sudden strong anti-tattoo hate is coming from. Sounds like everyone is turning into baby boomers a few decades earlier. What happened to the days when being tatted up was hot? Being the obsession of teen girls angst fanfics? Oh right, that was just 6 years ago in the 1D days

No. 50577

i think western fandom has changed in an effort to be woke and nobody wants to be openly upset their oppa is dating because they'd be dogpiled on other fans who get mad at them for not being "happy for" their "oppa". army are still crazy, but dating scandals never hit western fandom like they do kfans.

No. 50578

Yea they sure aren't toxic when they harass, doxx, want to kill people that don't like BTS. They don't flip their shit because BTS is being held at another standard, they're the woke kings of kpop after all, army doesn't even see bts members as boyfriends, they see them as God like entities that can't do no wrong. They will support them no matter what which is even more toxic.

No. 50579

I'd believe it. It's obvious YG has been targeted the whole year and now the company is basically dead, we aren't going to get any scandals about Blackpink because the new CEO is doing whatever it takes to not taint the image of the last remaining group in that company.

JYP and Bighit are besties, their comebacks never have overlapped since TT era, they are all carefully calculated out. It's about time SM makes their move, they've been horrified the past 3 years that BTS took over the nations BG title from EXO before they even had a chance to retaliate.

SuperM is a big move that directly challenges Bighit's western ventures. Speculation is they planned the comeback right before the month they knew BTS was going to have a comeback in to steal their steam. Reminds me of when YG wouldn't announce BP's comebacks until BTS announced theirs. This is the reason all popular groups will comeback around BTS' comeback, noticed how kpop has been dead for like the past 6 months?

No. 50580

>harass, doxx, want to kill people
i keep seeing this but where are the facts? there's hard facts for other fandoms, yes ratmys are the #1 harassers on the internet but they do not doxx or threaten to kill ppl. those are 'anti' accounts made to look armys look like absolute fools and people like you believe it. most of the crazy fandom stories come from troll twitter accounts and you little kids believe shit like that. just like BM responding to that troll account today with 10 followers, and suddenly the whole of nct/loona fandom are the worst . grow up its not black and white, ur comparing 1000 bad fans to 30 million

No. 50581

Zayn was worshipped for his hot tattoos and he legit had Perrie his beard gf tattooed all over his arm. People really popping veins over a hand tattoo

No. 50582

You can shill for your fandom all you want but you aren't convincing anyone here that you guys aren't the worst, army.

No. 50583

is that not the same for any fandom? anyone in a fandom will shit on others for not liking the thing they like, ratmys make up like 70% of kpop stans now that's why they seem so fcking annoying but to pretend like nctfags don't shove nct down people's throats on twitter as if they are the third coming of jesus? weirdos

No. 50585

where does anyone in kpop have a face tattoo

No. 50587

People in Korea will treat you badly if you're black, I wouldn't take Korean opinions particularly as fact(racebait)

No. 50589

>those are 'anti' accounts made to look armys look like absolute fools and people like you believe it
Suuuure they are, schizo.

Begone, armys.

No. 50590

itt people who think kpop, kdramas and netizenbuzz comments are representative of korea as a country

No. 50592

This comment gave me cancer.

No. 50593

I'm not exaggerating about the tattoo shit. It's hip with young people but the rest of the korean public, ie. Koraen boomers, do not like it.

No. 50594

I have tattoos myself I'm not against them on principal, but even in the US, a lot of places won't even interview you for a job if you have a face tattoo. You teenagers are woke and stuff but when I see someone like jungkook's gf I honestly wonder how she became such a social outcast/didn't get a normal job.

No. 50595

Nice try, your fandom has proven itself time and time again to be batshit all on their own. Have you forgotten cupcakke incident? Or when they harassed that tv anchor simply bc he wasn't that impressed by bts?

No. 50596

This place is confirmed full of bts fags. I even added someone on discord from the friend making thread on /g/ and they were a bts fag kek. I've always thought it was just anons being salty calling everyone a bts stan but there are actual bts stans that are farmers.
Look at the delusion thinking they're so superior as a fandom when they pull the exact same shit by actually threatening people over a fucking Korean boy band. You must be actually mentally retarded to take kpop seriously or be part of any fandom.

No. 50597

Yeah, 80% of the fangirls going “i’m a lesbian uwu i’ll date her!” or “omg respect his privacy!!! why do you care?!” are seething deep down

No. 50598

File: 1568780464289.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.28 KB, 1080x1601, the ARMY experience.jpg)

or when at least one of them inevitably shits their pants at every single bts concert

No. 50599

i think ratmys on stan twitter would be more angry if it was confirmed that they are dating and jungkook was posting pics wih her and shit. all bts has to offer is being a boyfriend simulator. of course it will effect their rep

No. 50600

They are so obvious, it’s pathetic. Like some kind of fucked up defense mechanism. So many “lesbians” thirsting for kpop guys.

No. 50601

lol, I knew I wasn't paranoid, thank god this scandal broke, really brought out the lurking bts trolls. ratmy scum are everywhere

No. 50602


Ffs and here I was about to make a post about how some fans can show some shred of normality at times. What’s wrong with people lol

No. 50603

lmao at so called lesbian ratmys on twitter thirsting over jimincel 24/7. sorry to break it to you guys but thats a hetero attraction…

No. 50604


I’d love it if he confirmed it (if true) but I don’t think JK would have the balls to do so. I could picture suga as the one that would out of all of them? But idk didn’t he have a dating scandal already

No. 50605

File: 1568781100932.jpg (44.32 KB, 560x374, 2019091608292931831_1.jpg)


Bruh, red velvet's stylist HAS to hate Yeri. I'm surprised Wendy isn't getting this much shit given that she's the least popular in the group.

No. 50606


Interesting…but will it work? BTS comebacks are always media circuses but tbh I can see the general public getting sick and tired of them by the end of this year. If this next song doesn't go hard it'll be even harder for the gp to take them seriously.

No. 50607

Or how ratmys suddenly become 40-something doctors, lawyers and scientists when someone calls them a bunch of teenage girls kek

No. 50608

Yeri doesn't have the grandma haircut and botched jaw yet so I think she's still not as tragic. Clothes can be taken off. Either way I think the stylist just doesn't know what to do with a fridge body type and insists on giving Yeri the same type of clothes as the other 4

I don't get why kpop stylists do such a horrible job on average tbh. Yeah Yeri has no waist, but it's her job as a stylist to make her look like she has one. I get that stylists are grossly underpaid and overworked but how hard is it to give something somewhat flattering to non-hourglass bodies? Apple and straight body shapes are extremely common it shouldn't be a hard task

No. 50610

Lol, almost feel sorry for the girl.

No. 50611


Suga didn't speak for himself when he had a scandal with Suran who's still getting hate from Armys til this day so I don't know why you think he'd be the one to speak up. Jin didn't speak out either when he got into a mini scandal with Laboum's Solbin he just cried on stage. I doubt any of the BTS members have the balls to actually come out and take a stand for the girls who take bullets for them. They hide behind their company.

No. 50612

suran had to apologize on his behalf and turn off her insta comments i think. jungkook is probably going to have "sorry for disappointing u guyz :((" mental breakdowns in the near future.

No. 50613


I think it might be just my own wishful thinking for one of them to pull a hyuna. But yeah, JK is going to do exactly that.

No. 50615

Maybe someday jungkook will find someone who tolerates his smell and autism

No. 50616


It's what Kai did when he was caught with Krystal. I think Teen Top's Niel did too? I don't know. It's standard male idol practice. Cry in front of your fans, get their sympathy, promise to do better in the future meanwhile don't mention the girl in question or tell your fans to stop threatening to kill her.

Male idols are such pussies I swear.

No. 50617

they are the biggest copers ever. more pathetic than fan girls who admit being depressed about it lol. why do so many yaoi/kpop fans pretend to be lesbians?

No. 50619

Honestly all i thought about when i saw jungcock's tattoos was that his little teen armies were gonna go out and get the same tattoos on their hands

No. 50621

They might be on twitter now, but they are definitely just previous tumblr users that decided to call themselves lesbians because being a straight girl that loves men and yaoi went out of style.

The idea of a lesbian dedicating her time to running a bg/male idol stan twitter account is ridiculous, but I guess falsely claiming to be bi isn't special enough

No. 50622

same tbh can't help but wonder how a young woman in a conservative country winds up with a face tat.

No. 50624

unless they're a mamamoo stan i don't believe any kpop fans who claim to be lesbians lol

No. 50625

She is giving me the special snowflake, I am so different, pay attention to me vibes. Koreans have those too.

No. 50626

I’m already tired of rabbitcock’s scandal being the hot topic. I don’t like his gf to be honest for that reason.

No. 50628

File: 1568791727011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.97 KB, 511x509, 1F8CADCF-5F76-459D-9000-CA3BCE…)

>too ugly to be mistaken for Jungkook

No. 50629

Eww, I knew bts are visual holes but even the supposedly better looking one looks like a drugged auntie.

No. 50631

>army doesn't even see bts members as boyfriends, they see them as God like entities that can't do no wrong

I really don't get that lesbian shit, that's the first time I'm ever seeing that as coping mechanism. There are a couple tweets about wanting to steal her from him, that have thousands of likes. Guess the girls who originally turned into fakebois for their oppars decided to be female again.
>jungkooks “girlfriend” has mad lesbian vibes u know what this means….. jungkook trans lesbian thank u and good night
>Am I that only one that actually WANTS #jungkook to get a girlfriend? I know the woman in the rumors is just a friend, but i was excited to hear that he finally found someone that makes him happy? no? Just me? #AlwaysWithJK
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

I bet he's already blocked her number, cut and dyed his hair pastel pink and is currently crying and begging in front of his boss to please forgive him and fix the mess he made.

Bts and all other kpop groups shill the "I'm your bf, you're mine!"-shtick so hard and their fangirls basically dedict their entire lifes to them, spending so much time and money on them, so I really don't see why people say it's toxic or abusive if they're sad about them dating. The entire fandom is so aggressive about "theiy deserve to date, they don't owe you anything", like chill, fans are just as human as your idols. The grown ass men that bts are get away with anything, while their (pre)teen fangirls can't even be a tiny bit disappointed that their (unrealistic) dreams are shattered?
I totally get why koreans always get mad about idols dating.

And saying that people with lots of tattoos - especially in their face - are trashy is the opinion of many people, not only of the super conservative. It's a fact that criminals etc are more likely to have them, so one can't help but wonder about the supposedly normal person who's got them too.

No. 50632

File: 1568795273897.jpeg (53.82 KB, 480x571, download.jpeg)

People wish that she's a cool chick but she's likely only some try-hard.

How do blackpink afford their lifestyles?
Their MVs have close to a billion views, they always get number 1 on the charts, yet they can't even sell out a fanmeeting for 3000 people. The tickets are on sale for a month and there are still hundreds left. Plus, it's not even a concert and they charge around 100$.

No. 50633

damn what happened to jk, he's ageing terribly

No. 50634

File: 1568796138756.jpeg (59.12 KB, 264x640, D287CC47-22FA-40CE-B6AE-7F8503…)

No. 50635

somehow bts managed to get even uglier over their vacation

No. 50636

That's what happens to your looks when you actively support a totalitarian dictatorship

No. 50637

brand deals give more money than comebacks a lot of the time. plus that ad revenue from their 12 year old fans
stop the hk spergers are gonna come back

if feel like people are forgetting that tattoos were way more taboo in the west and still are, just not as bad as korea. most people with big tattoos are part of gangs in asia, so obviously koreans will start going crazy seeing a girl with full arm sleeves dating their golden boy.

No. 50638

Context, who's this?

No. 50639

lmao didn’t v get caught juuling too? maybe oppa isn’t a smol bean cinnamon roll after all

when is this bootlicker going to realize that light blonde doesn’t suit him?

No. 50640


No. 50641

Lay from Exo

No. 50642

not just him basically all idols with blonde hair look like ass.

No. 50644

It’s just weird seeing an idol with sunken features, they are usually full of filler and puffy looking.

No. 50645


Bi admitted to using drugs. Fans are going mental on twitter.

No. 50646

I don't really think he looks bad, just older than idols usually look. His blond hair during his debut was the most tragic.
What I find worse about him is the way he acts. I tried to watch an american interview with him and he's so embarrassing. Who unironically says he works so hard about himself? And the expressions he uses make it seem as if he googled "How do american kids talk nowadays?". He always strips in his concerts yet acts innocent in interviews, why do fans fall for this, that's just so fake

No. 50648

A bit old, but interesting nevertheless
Male idols' fansites ranking in terms of size:
Amongst the top 33 fansites Jungkook has 5, V also 5, Jimin 4, J-hope 3, Suga 1, Rat 1 and Jin as expected zero kek

No. 50654

I wonder if he'll take the bullet for YG or spill what he knows about the shady business in the company. He's admitted to drug use, might as well go all out.

No. 50655

No. 50656

Some nugu Itzy copycats.

No. 50657

File: 1568801832859.jpg (21.33 KB, 724x720, tzy9E2o.jpg)

"Bts and all other kpop groups shill the "I'm your bf, you're mine!"-shtick so hard and their fangirls basically dedict their entire lifes to them, spending so much time and money on them, so I really don't see why people say it's toxic or abusive if they're sad about them dating. "

Exactly. You've got emotional vulnerable young women up against an entire system of grown adult men who set up a surefire business strategy of emotional manipulation and idols willing to carry out that emotional manipulation on a regular bases. Tell me why Jungkook is biting Jimin's ear if it's "just about the music." And yet the supposedly woke armys who are totally feminists are the first to call out "delusional fangirls" even just for feeling a tiny bit heartbroken and while they're writing their tweets about how cute and adorable stoner JK's goblin girlfriend looks and how they want to steal her away, they're crying their eyes out at night. It's so pathetic.

No. 50659

lmao what even was this. just bros being bros i guess

No. 50660

what even is this pic

No. 50661

File: 1568804998069.jpg (77.46 KB, 1020x509, JvKHhFJ.jpg)

No. 50663

i've always thought jin was more popular than jhope and rm because he's somewhat better looking but he's just too boring ig

No. 50665

jungkook sucked on one of jimins ears at a concert to comfort him because he was crying

No. 50666

looks like those weird upscaled pics. can you provide a source for this pic?

No. 50667

im gonna get called a ratmy but this doesnt seem like a fair comparison to me. of course he looks rougher in the first one since he wasnt expecting to be photographed, isnt wearing makeup/his hair isnt styled, and hes most likely at least tipsy. and the second pic is from their variety, so the circumstances are the exact opposite. im pretty sure all of us would look like shit under those conditions.

No. 50668

No. 50669

nta but i think its the pic where hes drinking with the girl

No. 50670

don't forget the diapers

No. 50672

File: 1568814757977.jpg (66.26 KB, 850x850, EEm6erGUwAAQBbN.jpg)

yeah, this is what I meant. the original pic is pretty low res and doesn't have any of those artificial looking details

No. 50674

>this doesnt seem like a fair comparison
Exactly, in the 2nd pic his rough skin is filtered and smoothed out to hell and back, he never looked that 'good' irl lol

No. 50675

now that i look at her she kinda looks like jimin

No. 50676

i would imagine he looks like a regular human being irl, whether thats good or bad is up to preference. you are right that the second pic is not a realistic representation though, didnt mean to imply that. i could have phrased it better.

No. 50678


He looks like he just let a smelly one rip in the first pic.

It's nice to know how fake idol personas are. Underneath the editing and makeup they're all homely as sin.

No. 50679

the first pic is edited too

No. 50680

>>50661 his nose is lopsided wtf?

No. 50681

File: 1568823756655.jpeg (5.07 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Oh I remember this…this is one of the parts where having a retarded fandom comes in handy. The majority of their fandom are taekookers, and they were trying to bury this as much as possible saying shit like ''photoshop" despite there being multiple video evidences of jk molesting jimincels ear,jikookers are also insane so no one took them seriously,so people forgot about this.
This kinda proved how stupid jungkook is,he actually put his arms around jimincels head so the cameras wouldn't see what was going on,but ratmys were able to catch it,in certain angles it even shows the saliva of his tongue. Like who does that in public and thinks they are not going to get fought? Only a retard like jungkook.(ban evading rat)

No. 50682

This is your brain on BTS

No. 50683

Don't you have a myriad of dating rumors to censor back on twitter? kys, rat.

No. 50684

>gay ship wars in 2019

No. 50685

File: 1568826290988.png (57.46 KB, 512x1024, remini.png)

No. 50686

File: 1568826655719.jpg (43.19 KB, 558x314, BCPMMKdtZUOnJuZ-800x450-noPad.…)

I'm dying at how bts look about ten shades darker on american TV

No. 50687

ew. what did you use to make it higher res if you dont mind me asking?

No. 50688

File: 1568826977399.png (Spoiler Image,863.34 KB, 1536x1200, 31.png)

machine learning is pretty funny

No. 50690

they actually look like human beings lmao. korea's obsessing with pale skin is fucking ridiculous.

No. 50691

it's not like they look pale on Korean TV either

No. 50692

wasn't meant for >>50598 but >>50628

No. 50694


he looks like his farts smells of doritos and she doesn't mind it

No. 50695

I have a lopsided nose too. Good to know surgery can't fix it kek.

they look better and somehow also worse. You can really see how fucked-up Jimin is but imo the tan also does them a lot of favors.

No. 50697

That’s bc those are old clips of when they were rookies anon. Korea’s obsession with white skin def progressed in idols during recent years. Why go backwards?

No. 50698

they still don't look really pale on regular TV shows

No. 50700

You think jimin did ps? I mean it wouldn't surprise me with his level of narcissism, but he looks natural to me. He's just abusing eyeliner and colored contacts

No. 50701

his jawline and lips are definitely plastic. don't know about the rest of his face

No. 50702

File: 1568833038117.jpg (2.84 MB, 3264x1498, 4456.jpg)

crazy korean show lighting just isn't flattering. Even Rose and Lisa look more alive on US TV

No. 50703


another untalented and average looking kid with rich parents that bought their way in. move over, jennie/tzuyu/mina/umji

No. 50704

>3. [+516, -99] Common theme in JYP girl groups: their vocals are all sh*t… Their new group seems like another cheerleader group.

>4. [+50, -15] No wonder her singing is so sh*t, I was wondering how she became a main vocal with those skills.. tsk tsk tsk tsk

No. 50706

File: 1568833819064.png (472.05 KB, 1280x720, [예능연구소 직캠] 블랙핑크 포에버 영 @쇼!음악중심_…)

why are you comparing edited pictures to screenshots

No. 50707

File: 1568834132745.jpg (420.14 KB, 1836x1836, XG3mjAc.jpg)

He is full of fillers

No. 50708

File: 1568834252368.png (389.59 KB, 345x1127, remini.png)

that upscaling app gave V double eyelids and turned him into Dylan Sprouse

No. 50709

I don't think he had jawline surgery, he always had a slim face as a kid. Maybe he got botox in his masseter muscles, though. But when he has no make up on, the corners of his eyes look kinda weird. He probably cut them to have brighter eyes. I saw some pictures of the surgery and instantly thought about jimin.

No. 50710

File: 1568834548012.jpg (291.77 KB, 1600x1064, unnamed.jpg)

Him too
I know that they can't help being born rich, but it still makes them so unlikeable.
It's especially mind-boggling that so many defend him, claim he's suuuper humble (how would you know?) and think him having a 100k at 17 and not knowing what rent is, is "cute". You just know that the exact same people stanning him would be horrified if let's say some southern US kid posed with weapons.

>[+43, -2] Nowadays, YG and JYP have been taking in a lot of idols from rich families. I feel like it's intentional. Sure, rich kids have that classy look to them, but there doesn't seem to be enough of that country type beauty like Won Bin these days.

>[+21, -0] Seems like big agencies look into your family background before hiring you ㅋㅋㅋ
>[+18, -0] You have a better chance of being an idol if you're from a rich family these days –; less chance of kids like Sunye from harder backgrounds being discovered..
That's so true, nearly all 4th/5th generation idols seem to be rich, just look at nct for example.

No. 50711

File: 1568834667457.png (48.2 KB, 268x330, main-qimg-560bbe644ec3a4a6c189…)

His eyes

No. 50714

*a 100k car at 17, sorry

No. 50716

File: 1568835285487.jpg (456.51 KB, 2000x2000, promo-jimin-from-bts.jpg)

his eye corners don't look that weird

No. 50717

yeah it doesn't make sense how his face still looks so full despite him being a lot thinner then he used to be

No. 50718

File: 1568835465636.jpeg (106.1 KB, 500x667, D426752B-F68E-4928-B8F0-0B06C3…)

i wouldn’t be shocked if jeongyeon was voted into twice because her sister is a famous actress and almost made it into red velvet. she’s definitely the unfortunate looking sibling.

> “he’s so humble even though he’s so spoiled rotten that he can’t relate to the average person uwu”

No. 50719

all idols get fillers i have yet to see an idol without fillers…

No. 50721

lisa's hair is so tragic…legit looks like a wig. i see jennie is the only one allowed to look normal

No. 50722

if you've been to any kpop concert you'd know koreans in general are alot darker than what most ppl think..most idols i've seen look this dark irl even with intense skin bleaching

No. 50723

V taking himself too seriously.

No. 50726

He looks like a pervy drunkard here. I'd terrified to meet him at night.

No. 50727

File: 1568835983714.jpg (138.39 KB, 630x883, gaya-hidup-chenle-nct-dream-sa…)

It's also a double standard, Chenle get's shielded and even praised while rich female idols like Jennie usually do get called out at least by some fans.

Well, I guess he doesn't lol >>50634

You can see that he thinks he's truly the greatest. I wish that this stupid colourful fashion and hair trend would just die already.

No. 50728

File: 1568836130987.jpg (65.78 KB, 591x425, uRCJBzr.jpg)

No way he is natural

No. 50729

File: 1568836181535.png (85.87 KB, 494x392, 5EFB82ED-B93C-4F5F-AB33-B5DF40…)

>>50681 this post reminded me of this peice.

No. 50730


>Mnet's 'TMI News' ranked idol stars with the most privileged backgrounds.

>At the top of the list at #1 is NCT's Chenle, #2 is BTOB's Sungjae, at 3rd is GOT7's Mark, 4th is Block B's P.O, 5th is TWICE's Tzuyu, 6th is GFriend's Umji, and 7th is ITZY's Lia.

No. 50731


i honestly wonder why insanely rich kids even go to become idols. they endure endless training and insane diets for no reason when they could be sitting at home like this kid waiting to ride his bmw when he comes of age and his pet horse. his life in nct dream must be so terrible with 1 comeback a year and splitting income with 21 other people.

times like this i truly wonder why people would take fame when they can just inherit millions from their parents and become auto CEOs. human greed is disgusting

No. 50732

he's jutting on the left

No. 50733

I imagine to some degree these rich kids' parents are pushing them into it to inflate their own egos. Also I doubt rich trainees are treated that badly if a company is depending on their parents' money.

No. 50734

Some of you are weird taking pictures of when people were literally kids. Show me a picture of you with no baby fat and a chiseled chin when you were 14. Sometimes I think people on here think 12-14 yr old pictures are reflective of what a grown man looks like. Only thing that's obvious here is his eye corners were cut. He's always had fat lips and Korean's hate fat lips, they literally put concealer on his whole upper lip

No. 50735

they probably spend their entire “training” period chilling and bribing instructors with rich gifts.

lol imagine being mark. being rich and famous but having a botched gangnam unnie titty streamer as a sugar baby

the “asian” point is so dumb but i don’t doubt that fans believe it. they’re not even overseas Koreans so calling kpop idols poc or minorities makes zero sense.

No. 50736

>Block B's P.O, GFriend's Umji
Well that explains a lot.
Good that it's at least revealed who's only there because of money.

The attention from mommy and daddy isn't enough, they want additional beta orbiters stanning them.
Plus the trainee life nowadays is by far no longer what it once was, they're surely not suffering.

No. 50737

because they were most likely kpop fans

No. 50738

I heard that chenle wasn't

No. 50740

This is literally fake are you serious? Armys themselves were posting funny shit like this because everyone was mad at people camping out 1 week in advance for different events, because people weren't showering and stuff and people were mad the pit was gonna be smelly. If someone really pooped on the road thats an offense in the states and they would've gotten a ticket.

No. 50742

At the 4 minute mark he says that the kpop trainee system is "the best system in the world". Is he brainwashed into really believing that shit? What's supposed to be good about it?
Goes to show once again that even english speaking idols are not as woke as their fans think them to be.

No. 50744

do people still believe there are kpop idols who haven't had anything done? That's just unrealistic lol. At the very least they get filler/botox

No. 50746

sucks because it sometimes turns a complete 180 for them. jennie just couldve been quiet and inherited her mom's business but she became one of the most hated kpop idols of all time.

No. 50747

File: 1568837525547.jpg (16.67 KB, 251x275, 1533051005520.jpg)

armies please stop embarrassing yourselves and just leave

No. 50748

It would be really cool if the armys stopped ban evading too

No. 50749

this one >>50734
is fairy valid

No. 50752

It's so funny that every time someone strings "Jimin and plastic surgery" in the same sentence all these bts retards come out of the woodworks to defend him and give the same lengthy speech about puberty and weight loss. South Korea is like the number one country for p.s so you really think he is all natural? jfc

No. 50754

she deserves the title tbh. i realized that she probably IS a bitch irl after the story of her and her manager parking in front of a self grill restaurant and telling the manager of the place to hurry up with the table and grill her food

stans are so full of it. sometimes i wonder if they really believe it or if they’re just being defensive. what a coincidence that 90% of idols have their eyelids, nose, and bone structure change due to puberty and weight loss!

No. 50755

no one said he didn't get work done. but retards in these threads accuse everyone of every procedure that exists and when anons post proof, the 16 year old autists start accusing them of being stans
rinse and repeat

No. 50756

certain changes(bone growth, more chiseled facial structure) are bound to happen with puberty and weight loss

No. 50758

As if those army wks don't turn around and say the exact same shit about other idols. It's all just stan wars at this point, bub.

No. 50759

File: 1568839545441.jpg (104.42 KB, 719x900, eglwbUi.jpg)

YG sent human Chanel to Rihanna's makeup event in Seoul. They seem desperate for that Fenty sponsorship money now that the company is going bankrupt.

No. 50760

ofc he sends the ugliest member in place of the actual visual because of mommy’s money

No. 50761

lol Koreans fucking hate Rihanna so this isn't good pr for Jennie in Korea. Maybe overseas.

No. 50762

why would he send an unpopular member who doesn't even understand english

No. 50763

You clearly were not here for long time then. On multiple past threads there were many anons wking him and saying he didn't get plastic surgery.

In other news, apparently Lisa only donated about 3,300 u.s dollars to flood victims and fans are doing mental gymnastics to defend her.
here's the article link :

No. 50764

It still shocks me that Korea treats drug use this way. Imagine an artist in the west being cancelled for smoking weed or taking adderall, lol.

No. 50765

rappers in sk talk about drugs all the time. idols are not "artists

No. 50767

Sickens me that these rich idols can go around flexing brand name clothes and homes worth thousands and thousands, but do this in return to those who are WAY less fortunate.

I've always gotten that feeling that Jennie wanted to be a star here in the West. Due to factors like racism + obvious lack of talent and charm, she bought her way into stardom in SK and is networking her way with Western celebs.

No. 50768

i can’t find the article, were akp forced to take it down already?

No. 50770

lolcow excluded "victims" from the url

No. 50771

File: 1568841591675.png (1.99 MB, 860x1446, Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 2.18…)

Nah, it seems lolcow's code changed the last part of the url to a separate word rather than considering it as part of the link. So dumb. Here's a screencap.

No. 50772

What >>50765 said. Idols get a ton of backlash for doing drugs because most of their fans are kids, they're supposed to be good role models.

And this thread isn't about korea, it's about kpop.

No. 50773

File: 1568841695709.jpeg (324.6 KB, 750x1018, 71C44FF6-4738-4064-9A09-C72AD6…)

No. 50774

File: 1568841759813.jpg (98.71 KB, 800x800, flat,800x800,075,t.jpg)

>The absolute state of you

No. 50775

kek at that bitchy anon with the link btw

so enough for good pr but not enough to put a dent in her wallet

No. 50776

Thailand's prime minister donated that much

No. 50778

And? That doesn't make her look better for donating that much. Both of them are wealthy people with lots of influence so they both could have done more.

No. 50780

>for a single person to donate something like this is actually a big money
She's neither living in thailand right now nor is she getting paid by thai standards, according to that logic every celebtrity could only donate 1k to africa, south america, asia etc and boast with "well, to them that's a lot!".
She should have just released a statement, saying she donated and that everybody who can do so too should please also help her country. She's not obliged to state the exact amount or post proof, her fans would believe her anyway.

No. 50783

Just a theory,maybe she was only able to donate that amount because yg is in debt?
On the other hand katy perry just donated 23million dollars to clean the pastic from the oceans

No. 50784

who knows if it's acceptable in Thailand to flex on the head of state

No. 50785

Flex on the primeminister, just not the King.

No. 50786

File: 1568843478731.jpeg (108.83 KB, 576x680, 1568829729-eeta8whucaaiith.jpe…)


No. 50787

is this from last year?

No. 50788

Why do Koreans hate Rihanna?

No. 50789

She did the pulling your eyes to look asian thing, and yesterday she was way too late to an event (the one Jennie went to).

No. 50790

File: 1568845138128.jpg (21.64 KB, 550x367, rihanna_cheers.jpg)

No. 50792

Because she has a history of racism towards Asians.

No. 50794

File: 1568846238185.jpg (75.44 KB, 600x600, 3MhtYje.jpg)

She also called Chris Brown's half Vietnamese girlfrend rice cake on twitter.

No. 50795

On top of being 2,5 hours late she also demonstrated the makeup on a black model instead of a korean - meaning for most attendees the class was rather useless.
It's understandable that they're mad. Not a wise choice of Jennie to go there and suck up to her.

No. 50796

wendy looks like shit no matter how they style her at this point so they probably arent even bothered to fuck with her lmao

No. 50797

>"A black hijabi model for a make up masterclass in racist South Korea?"
kpop stans like this are the worst

i was always surprised rihanna got away with this when her fans are usually hardcore sjws who praise her every move

No. 50798

well thats how jessica got into snsd, because people scoputing in SM were pedos who wanted Krystal ever since she was a literal child actress, but her parents said no and said to take jessica instead until krystal was older lmao

but as we see, sm didnt care about krystals group once she actually aged a bit

No. 50799

File: 1568847359853.jpg (138.17 KB, 1280x720, 35935907.jpg)

even worse, krystal was just a five year old visiting korea when pedo sm put her in a shinhwa mv and tried to scout her. i feel bad for idols scouted as small children (like jihyo and kyla) that got shit on for "growing up ugly"

also judging the grown men trying to scout small kids because of how attractive they might be as teenagers

No. 50800

File: 1568847565023.jpg (210.88 KB, 571x456, lmgvw7R.jpg)

Autism is strong with this one

No. 50801

File: 1568847574280.jpg (252.56 KB, 1440x1440, 69375026_387251505298274_44613…)

so jiyeon either triued really awkwardly to photoshop her arms in her latest insta pics, or shjes so thin now that she looks deformed

No. 50802

File: 1568847615145.jpg (233.41 KB, 1440x1440, 69561597_2099225317050774_4850…)

pic 2

No. 50803

go watch her drama to find out the truth

No. 50804

File: 1568849925979.jpeg (633.57 KB, 1015x1267, 0A8D3E6B-902C-44A8-9562-2D6200…)

Why are they all so bad at photoshopping themselves? You’d think they’d have gotten the swing of it after meticulously editing every pic for years.

No. 50805

i dont even understand how she managed to fuck up that bad lmao
her arm looks like she belongs in a surreal entertainment video

No. 50806

I have no idea who this is but surely she could hire someone to shoop if she cares that much

No. 50807

shes pre BTS

No. 50809

What was your point? That he's only ever done his "eyes"? You can clearly see how puffy and stiff his face is here filled with botox injections

No. 50810

Lmao they're so dumb. I'm pretty sure that's not even a hijab, it's just a scarf homegirl is wrapping her hair in.

Tbh doing makeup on an asian if you're not asian/ have little experience is hard. Their face shape is completely different. She should've hired someone else to demonstrate on a korean model, but it's Rihanna so I doubt she even gives a fuck

No. 50812

Yea, music shows up the brightness filter 1200%

No. 50813

they really hiding all of BP, Twice and Red Velvet huh

No. 50814

lol so what? I love the trolling she's doing. If you spend money to go to Rhianna's shit workshop you already lost.

No. 50815

rose's face is so uncanny valley…the other 3 members are way prettier than her and she can't even sing good to compensate

No. 50816

jyp boy groups can't sing either. literally who is training jyp idols? they all sound terrible

No. 50817

File: 1568859998762.png (293.65 KB, 371x500, 3B614A50-00D3-4F0F-BEFD-D024C3…)

JYP rlly is money hungry tho. So, the rich ppl in his groups don’t shock me at all. Like why tf is TWICE coming back again, more than half of the girls look like stress is eating them alive, and if they put Jihyo on any more uppers Im pretty sure she’ll OD on stage. Is JYP rlly that dependent on TWICE?

No. 50818

>Is JYP rlly that dependent on TWICE
yes. who else is bringing in that kind of revenue?

No. 50819

they've only been around for 3 years? now and one of the members already had to go on hiatus because of stress. it won't be long before someone leaves. they're being worked way too hard.

No. 50820

they’re his cash cow atm.

sometimes i wonder how twice is inevitably going to disband. we all know how the rest of jyp’s female acts died quietly within seven years.

No. 50821

No. 50822

this better be enough for sm to stop pushing scamyong in our faces and finally throw him in the dungeon

No. 50823

Mina has decided to join in the come back though

No. 50824

Lol,bighit made sure to get that taeyong bullying scandal back in the media before sperm debuts (jk)

That guy is the size of a toothpick,who tf let him bully them?

No. 50825

she looks like she wants to die

No. 50827

Wasn't he a loner and internet troll in his past high school scandal, suddenly he is a main bully who hung out with pretty people only.

No. 50828

to be fair when has Mina not looked like she didn't want to be there

No. 50829


what an embarrassing caption. jk really likes the ~rebels~

No. 50830

I feel like twice is on its way to being irrelevant. Sure they've been doing okay, but at one point they were releasing one huge song after another. Right now JYP is trying to get them to tour as much as possible and milk all the money he can get, but so many new, prettier girl groups have been coming out for uncle fans to fawn over. Plus twice has abandoned the cute songs that made them famous and are now just performing watered down blackpink.

No. 50832

Fancy was a huge song. How was it like black pink in any way?

No. 50833


I agree, it's kind of like SNSD 2013 or 2014 (pre-Jessica leaving) when they were kind of the top girl group by default but there were other younger ggs the public was becoming enamored with meanwhile they were getting tired of SNSD. Twice's concept change is coming too late imo. Everything about them feels stale no matter what they do and their success feels boring, it came too quickly (top girl group by first comeback?).

TBH all the top groups are boring right now. BTS have sacrificed their souls for money and American fame, Seventeen have lost what made them loved in 2015-2016 because they keep trying to be dark and edgy. BlackPink are models and the rest of YG is in a flames. Mamamoo continues to be problematic, RV are on their last legs and nobody talks about GFriend anymore. EXO are over the hill. 3rd gen is fried.

No. 50835

snsd started losing popularity (in korea) when they changed their concept too, but they gained some international fame with the boys and i got a boy. it seems like jyp is trying to make that happen for twice by changing their concept, but it's not going to work.

No. 50836


SNSD's concept changes were carried by strong vocal moments. Taeyeon's high note in The Boys that kept going up in key. Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany salvaged the end of that trash song Mr. Mr. Twice have no vocalists that can deliver any kind of moment. They'll use baby voices and stare blankly into the camera again. There's only so many times you can do that before people get bored.

No. 50841

Fancy was bigger than their 2018 songs but it rose quick and fell off quick. Dance the Night Away is charting higher than Fancy, all it had was the novelty factor of changing concepts.

SNSD didn't do much aegyo or unclebait cute songs after Genie/Oh anyway, and Taeyeon had made a name for herself as a singer already so their concept change was much better received. Twice just look like they're trying to rip off Blackpink when they try to be "edgy" and it's come far too late. Uncle fans are all going to chase Itzy now

No. 50844


No. 50845

But it really does seem suspicious that it gets brought up again and again, especially now, how convenient for Jungkook and ratmy.
I'd rather see nct sink because they're untalented plastic losers, not because some guy supposedly called a girl fat when he was a preteen. Bullying is so rampant in Korea, most idols were probably involved in one way or another, so as long as he didn't hit anybody

No. 50846

I wish some hoe would just go full Roxana Shirazi and sleep with anyone she possibly can, then write a tell all. Idk how shit works, get a prostitute with a burn book and get her an anonymous publishing gig then set her up in Canada or some shit from the profits. Otherwise just find a girl who likes hoeing it up.

I’m 65% over people thinking their oppars are innocent and 35% nosy and wanna know if anyone eats good box

No. 50851

File: 1568883029414.jpg (43.68 KB, 480x480, Krystal_1520443961_k1.jpg)

SM Ent is so creepy, searching for children who look a certain way, having them get ps if they don't look that way naturally, having guys and girls look exactly the same…

No. 50854

File: 1568883135169.jpeg (102.52 KB, 575x706, C9DF265C-E558-4487-A2F2-4C0A3A…)

tfw he’s had that soulless dead eyed gaze

No. 50855

File: 1568883264921.jpg (44.78 KB, 480x443, Krystal_1520443962_k.jpg)

I read that Exo's Sehun was scouted because somebody from SM saw him and thought he was goodlooking and then followed him around for half an hour until he finally agreed to audition. How is that not a crime, he was just a student

No. 50856

File: 1568883325542.jpg (75.86 KB, 635x661, Krystal_1520443962_k3.jpg)

No. 50862

>>50856 ok this is fucking unsettling

No. 50864

so did wendy get surgery to look like him or did he get surgery to look like her. this is a little scary

No. 50866


I also find this suspect. This is actually a very big 3 tactic, paying the media to drudge up some dirt and controversy about a competitor when your own artist is in trouble. I wouldn't put it past Bang if he did this but if he did put out a hit on that weird looking alien boy from NCT, SM is definitely going to retaliate and it won't be pretty. Bang only has BTS, a big, but clearly unstable cash cow. SM has far more connections and clout and legacy in the Korean industry and media and if Bang is trying to pick a fight before Superm's big debut, we might be just seeing the first shots fired.


Seriously all the armys trying to force themselves to call her cool and pretty because they didn't want to admit they wanted to smash their laptops when they realized JK was dating. I think everyone with eyes can see that she looks like a fugly alternative tryhard gremlin. She sounds like the type who'll say (like CL did), "I'm not like all those other basic Korean girls" - I smoke JUUUUUUUUUUL. Like there aren't middle schoolers in Korea right now doing it at their Hagwons. What a perfect match for JK.

No. 50867

That one guy went under the knife again to get one step closer to look nothing like Jimin…

Where does he get this money?

No. 50868

It's like SNSD's peak era "Catch me If You Can". Some people were still excited, but some just didn't care. Only Twice's peak happened sooner than SNSD's.

No. 50869

File: 1568891744039.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.38 KB, 640x442, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

He's been discussed before, the new title is cringey though "Caucasian to Asian" kek. At least the brazilian dude who tried to look asian by ps looked more convincing (although still creepy af).

No. 50870

>SM is definitely going to retaliate and it won't be pretty.
We can only hope so. A good old (twitter) battle between SM fags and ratmies lol
I definitely wouldn't put it past bighit to do that, they have by far enough money to pull the strings and bribe news outlets now.

Rich parents or some fucked up sugar daddy, none of these men are straight. Slight ot, but just yesterday I watched a video about this ps addict. She got jaw surgery in Korea, and now her lower lip, chin and jaw are numb. It might recover, it might not. Those american doctors said jaw surgery is extremely dangerous, meanwhile our idols are getting that as if it's nothing when they're only teens…

No. 50871

>>50870 ot but pixee now also has brain damage from some surgery done in turkey. These people make me sad and disturbed.

No. 50872

I'm sorry but every time I see this guy, I just think, of all the idols to want to look like, why Jimin…

No. 50873

jaw botox and lipo are far more common than actual jaw shaving

No. 50874

tbh i hope they do. i actually dont mind twice but i have a really hard time imagining any of them wanting to renew if it means promoting as an idol group. maybe a few renewing with jyp for solo shit but i see most of them bailing and going into acting or hosting shows

No. 50875

File: 1568898398783.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.66 KB, 356x566, Jaw-5.jpg)

Jaw lipo/botox are for reducing double chin mostly, jimin def had done more to his jaw than that. Koreans are crazy about the v-shape faces that require more work than just botox/lipo. Fyi jaw shaving/cutting the jaw bones is very common in korea. Even many normies have undergone this procedure, there's no reason to not believe that these idols have too.

Article below:


>This will allow patients to have a V-shape jaw and slimmer looking face – the type of face that South Koreans really adore.

>And it is probably one of the most common procedure done in this particular clinic. So much so, they decided to exhibit all the jaw shavings into two glass displays!

No. 50876

jaw shaves are one of the most fucked up surgeries in my opinion, so many risks but it's been normalised in sk and other countries where the v jaw is ideal

No. 50877

the weird thing about twice vs. most other groups that are as big is that none of the members have really done any significant solo work. I have no idea what they're going to do once the group ends. Especially the irrelevant ones like jeongyeon/chaeyoung that I can't imagine anyone caring about by themselves

No. 50878

jyp didnt want to accidentally create miss a 2.0 but it backfired because none of twice members really stand out on their own

No. 50880

>masseter reduction is for reducing double chin mostly
just shut up when you are that clueless

No. 50882

This is what happens when someone who has zero knowledge on something yet gives their opinion.
Botox/fillers are used for defining your jaw or masseter reduction, not chin fat LMAO.
Then people like you think you have the right to call army's retarded…(ban evasion)

No. 50883

Why are you still here ratmy? Your oppas in BTS don’t give a shit about you unless you’re a hooker they can give 2 pumps to.

No. 50887

Kpop tanuki would be better. There’s an idol who looks like my ex so I hate him by default. I want to know all the dirt on him.

No. 50888

which one? tfw a guys who resembles utah once asked me out

No. 50889

Lmao is this the same ratmy as >>50681? Embarrassing. Never seen this many cases of ban evasion before they came. I'm positive it's also the one who kept posting degenerate bts memes in the last thread.

Ot but also do your research retard, google is your friend when you are that clueless
>Double chin removal with botox & dermal fillers


No. 50890

2015 Suga. Guy wasn’t even Korean but had the same face shape and nose. Also was an alcoholic with severe depression he didn’t treat so was an abusive asshole.

… maybe I was dating Suga tbh

No. 50891

learn how to read

No. 50892

Pulltards' invasion incoming

No. 50893

I didn’t even think to look there for groupie dirt. Thanks sis.

No. 50895

I feel like a goddamn weeb for knowing what tanuki even is. But shit would come in handy for retweeting cringe twitter fanfics abt oppars bulge and ____ being a daddy. Sorry hoes, the consensus is that he has a 4 inch dick and he doesn’t clean his foreskin.

No. 50896

>There’s an idol who looks like my ex so I hate him by default. I want to know all the dirt on him.
How old are you?

No. 50897

>the consensus is that he has a 4 inch dick and he doesn’t clean his foreskin
he's just an asian male(racebait)

No. 50898

I’m sorry, I didn’t think I had to explicitly state “he reminds me of someone I do not like so I get twisted satisfaction by projecting my dislike of his lookalike onto him, an accessible public figure.” I though you would at least have humor in a kpop thread.

No. 50899

Tanuki definitely helped teen me to stop idolizing filthy vkei bandmen, the same would do kpoppies good as well. But sasaengs are too obsessed with being their oppars one and only, they don't like sharing their "knowledge" about them too much.

No. 50900

Nta but you do sound underage. That's humiliating.

No. 50901

I’m just a self aware petty bitch. I’m not coming here to be dignified.

No. 50902

File: 1568910830778.jpeg (30.39 KB, 1024x560, 2D6FB287-3C09-4103-B42F-9DFBBF…)

Wtf that’s absolutely horrifying, and the fact that even normies go through with such a dangerous surgery is even more terrifying. Korea def has such a strong grip on appearances and how far you can get with them. Whilst I find Jinsoul cute, her jawline is fucked up and fans don’t realize she shaved that shit.

Also, what’s with pullfags invading the thread. Don’t they have one of their own?

No. 50903

I definitely can buy the mediaplay theory, but if Big Hit wanted to ruin an artist why not go after someone better known, like Red Velvet or an EXO member? Taeyong is very nugu and his controversy won't have much staying power. It could be a move to take down SuperM but there's famous members like Taemin and Kai in there too. It just seems random to pick him as a target idk

No. 50904

File: 1568912543942.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.3 KB, 400x299, edb70d0f5afc4e0a9b0608c1588fd0…)

>shaved that shit
>still has very defined gonial angles

No. 50906


Generally, I seem to be fairly good at everything I do, but for love and relationships… (laugh). Towards the girl I like, I don’t know why but I’ll develop a sense of competitiveness. For example, if the girl liked to watch baseball, I would want to like baseball more than she does.

I wonder if this is still true.

No. 50907

>Taeyong is very nugu
No he isn't? People know who he is, they just don't like him. He's left a bad taste in knetz's mouths since day one so he's the easiest target for this.

No. 50908

girl i have that same unfortunate jaw and it's not shaved.

No. 50910

File: 1568916234133.jpg (45.39 KB, 369x500, 10aeafc6a3301e023d5d6311c3f420…)

One of the SM trainees replied to the Taeyong's bullying scandal

“I’ve been watching him since my trainee days and all of these are facts. His personality is really shit. Stop protecting him already.’

No. 50911

File: 1568916291700.gif (1.85 MB, 308x500, scammer....gif)

No. 50912

i, for one, love a bad boy idol

No. 50913

lol I wonder if JYP is going to push any of the popular members to act and become the next Suzy. Nayeon looks like vermin so I hope not. Tzuyu has the charisma of a cardboard box, Sana/Momo would probably be terrible, and Mina already hates the spotlight.

No. 50914

What's the context of this? I mean, if she were a sasaeng fan getting in his way it'd be somewhat justifiable.

No. 50915

give context anon. who tf is this and is there more info that can explain why this happened?

No. 50916

ayrt then what idol would be a clear example of a full blown jaw shave. i don’t have a good eye when it comes to plastic surgery.

No. 50917

clearly not. you should not be able to tell if someone has had a jaw shave without looking at before and after pics. jessica from snsd had multiple jaw surgeries done, and wendy is a good example of a bad jaw shave.

No. 50918

In the grand scheme of things, he is nugu. The general public know people like Taemin and Irene, not NCT in general

No. 50919

that's taeyong. he pushed some fan during a concert because she was in his way. some say that it was the security that pushed her, but it looks like he elbows her so idk

No. 50920

oh and suga got one done before fake love

No. 50923

Maybe he didn't mean it (cause why would you do that when there's so many people) but it's clear that she fell because of him lol

No. 50926

>why not go after someone better known, like Red Velvet or an EXO member?
A gg is not a real threat for bts, plus maybe they couldn't find anything on the girls? Yeri is unpopular, but the others have a rather clean image. And exo had such a huge and stable fanbase for years already, that (unless it's something on Seungri's level) no scandal would really hurt them much anymore.
Meanwhile nct is trying to make it (and failing) and most already know about his past controversy, so he's an easy target.

Wow, bodyslamming your own fans at your concert lol His manager only has his hand on him, it was clearly himself pushing her. And look at the face of the women next filming, she only looks at him in shock, not at some manager next to or behind him. He seems like such a weak twink, but I guess looks can deceive

No. 50927

They released a statement
>SM, "Regarding NCT Taeyong's past controversy, there is no record of disciplinary action… he will be reflecting"
Refecting means it's true, plus they reacted rather fast.

People comment why they don't just throw him out, but a while ago some nctfags posted here that one of their members get's bullied by the others, so maybe the entire group is just a mess of wealthy, entitled assholes.

No. 50928

Seems to be 50/50 rich bitches and people who fucked to get in. There was a scandal with Hansol, a chinese trainee who was in SMrookies and about to debut with NCT who got his nudes leaked on Weibo. There were super creepy captions on them, plus he was underage at the time, and the rumour was they were being sent to a male sponsor.

No. 50929

hansol isn't chinese lol and that's not him.
well yeah it's obviously true people have been talking about those rumors for years now. sm isn't gonna kick him out but I don't get why they chose to promote him so heavily.

No. 50930

When was this?! Not an NCT fan by any means but I've never heard of this. Did NCT fans cover it up?

No. 50932

i don't understand how stans ignore this and brush it off as if it was just one incident and this boy is to blame. it's more likely that the company finds sponsors, i'm scared to know what goes on there behind closed doors there


No. 50933

yeah iirc he was around 15 at the time and those pics are NOT selfies…

No. 50934

you guys are just as prudish as the knetz you make fun of

No. 50935

>the others have a rather clean image
That's debatable; Joy was criticized for skipping North Korea and being a terrible actress, Seulgi may have adopted cats that were bred under dubious conditions, and Irene read that feminist book. Still, none of these are as serious a crime as bullying, scamming and fatshaming tbh. Hell I'll bet Taeyong probably made fun of Yeri's fridge waist to her face too.

I remember when this first leaked that some people were asking for uncensored pictures….not even bothering to hide their pedophilia, disgusting

No. 50936

Sometimes I start to think “why do these young ass girls stan idol groups who have less personality than themselves” then I see shit like this and it reminds me idols are basically young adults who endured child abuse. I bet CPTSD is rampant among idols. No wonder so many are assholes, I’m glad I got disillusioned with kpop before December 2017 that’s for fucking sure.

No. 50939


I have a feeling Mina is going to sue JYP and leave before her contract is up. Then when she's healthier she'll reappear in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Sana and Momo will likely work there once their contracts are up. Before then no foreigner will get much work in Korea beyond maybe variety work (and Koreans tend to only like to employ foreigners in varieties to act as clowns). So Tzuyu as well will only find real solo work once she leaves and goes back to Taiwan. Maybe by then China will accept her too. Though I'm sure the foreigners can get solo magazine covers and print work in the meantime.

As for the Korean members, Nayeon will definitely be pushed by JYP. She's the clear favorite, was meant to be the centre of the old group 6mix before it blew up and they had to create Sixteen. She'll be pushed as an actress or as a singing solo but imo even though she has lots of male fans she won't do all that well as either. She'll probably have more luck as a solo if she's given some of Sunmi's 2013-2014 type stuff because JYP solos can still smash without having to sing as long as they be sexy and sing in that whisper way JYP likes. But I still doubt she has the gravitas to pull it off. As an actress, no, she looks too weird.

Chaeyoung will likely not renew and I feel like Jihyo will renew thinking she'll be pushed but end up getting Luna-d. Dahyun will do variety and MC gigs but she won't be all that popular. I think Jungyeon might end up being a dark horse in the acting arena. If she's good, at least. If not she'll just get hate but she'll keep taking whatever role she can like some Sistar member.

No. 50940

There’s prudish… and then there’s being rightfully disturbed at a minor’s nudes which were clearly taken by another person

No. 50941


There was a pann post recently where someone (clearly an NCT fan otherwise how would they know the dynamics) said that Taeyong bullies Ten, and even Jaehyun and Doyoung. Also when Haechan was caught talking to his sasaeng suga mommies in 2017, he mentioned Taeyong had a bad attitude. All signs point to him being an asshole, but by now SM is just too stubborn. They play favorites and once they have a favorite they will never let that person go. Look at all the issues Sulli has caused. Then again, Sulli is still lucrative because of her face.


Kpop fans have deluded themselves into thinking that Big 3 companies would never force their idols into a sponsor relationship because they're like too rich or above it or something. But this kind of thing happens all the time. And it can happen at any company. Idols may even seek them out if they feel like they're not getting pushed by the company.

No. 50943

>This was back in 2013 when the trainee was participating in a Chinese survival show.
before he joined SM?

No. 50945

i'm referring to the anons bitching that an idol isn't pure because he called someone fat online when he was in school

No. 50946

"it reminds me idols are basically young adults who endured child abuse. "

Yep that's what I remember when I see Sulli. The younger they debut the worse it probably is and the more it messes with them as they age and grow up as basically products of a company.


Case in point, teen Jungkook thinking romance is competition. He's always said when asked that he stopped mentally aging when he debuted and had trouble figuring out who he is. When asked about his personality he just said he's a mix of all the other members who basically raised him. Him going full e-boy is probably his attempt to try to find an identity for himself but that won't last into his 30s and above. I can't imagine how he and Jimin will be when they get older but that's probably why we're now hearing of all kinds of weird shit first and 2nd gen male idols are getting up to. Because of the lives they had as children, it's almost impossible to transition well into life as adults out of the spotlight.

No. 50948


lol i wonder if it's out of jealousy. sm has been pushing him since his garbage feature on be natural yet jaehyun/doyoung/haechan sell better

No. 50949

ahh I see, I will say the backlash Taeyong gets for being a bully must be targeted or mean that he is a particularly bad case, I'm sure a fair few of these egotistical rich kids have also been bullies in the past too.

No. 50950

Are the Loona stans in here now? Jinsoul's jaw is 100% shaven. The center girl, Heejin I think, also had a jaw shave. BBC threw a fuckton of money on plastic surgeries for the members.

No. 50951

You must be a fan too since no normal person knows these nobodies names.

No. 50952

nta but their names and faces have been mentioned here before so they could've learned from that

No. 50953


Naeyeon def gonna have a solo career. Korea is like mesmerized by her it's super weird.

This looks like CP, disgusting. You guys shouldn't be reposting this.

No. 50954

when has heejin ever been mentioned in here? she hasn't even been mentioned in the general thread

No. 50957

File: 1568931301987.jpg (53.16 KB, 461x689, 0554c84e5542abf73721628ff8cf64…)

not every chin that's narrow and sharp is a product of a jaw shave. do you guys even know what jaw shaves are or even what the jaw is?

No. 50959

File: 1568932828233.jpg (21.84 KB, 250x250, tumblr_p6mo4b0MCL1x1omato2_250…)

Loona gets mentioned often in these threads, and it'd take 1 sec to google their names anyway.

Next you'll say that Yves/Eve's chin is natural too. Back to stantwitter with you.

No. 50960

no because there are pics of yves with a different chin, autist.
>stan accusaations
classic weak-chinned femcel maneuvers

No. 50961

i don't think she got a jaw shave but she definitely got something done to her chin.

No. 50963

more like botox in her jaw than an entire shave

No. 50964

>pathetically throw all those ad hominems without commenting the picture
Classic underage newfag. I see you're pressed, make yourself some tea and get off the internet.

No. 50965

what is this pic supposed to show? narrower looking jaw? pointier chin? at least upload a pic that wasn't taken one inch away from her face

No. 50966

File: 1568934554091.gif (3.45 MB, 498x367, tenor.gif)

Her face definitely used to look rounder (gif related), nowadays it's more oval with a pointy chin

No. 50968

File: 1568935584431.jpeg (75.77 KB, 1080x360, 1080x360.jpeg)

What the fuck is this? Why are they appropriating an arabic veil? As a middle eastern person this makes me really annoyed

No. 50969

Whatever the fuck they are doing it looks stupid and bland.

No. 50971

I think SM is desperate for taeyong cause he's supposed to be jaejoong's doppelganger, one of the most popular artists they had in the past. They want to repeat history kek, it's time to stop trying really. At least jaejoong could actually sing.

No. 50972

File: 1568940708589.png (207.09 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2019-09-20-07-50-53…)

Seriously anon? All you have to do is type "heejin kpop critical lolcow" on google.

No. 50974

File: 1568941647711.jpeg (28.09 KB, 554x554, images (51).jpeg)

No anons, this is what every idol uses to transform their jaws magically /s

No. 50978

even worse. a bitter hag from ontd

No. 50979

oh wow, she was mentioned like 4 times several months ago. she's such a hot topic itt how could anyone NOT remember her name???

No. 50980

not to sound like a stan but taeyong is the only member of nct who stands out in my opinion. the other members lack any stage presence.

No. 50981

NCT is just a shit concept. It really comes off as Taeyong, Mark, and their tens of glorified backup dancers. I don't understand the purpose of having different units if there's so much overlap between them either.

No. 50984

File: 1568947785849.png (52.05 KB, 720x363, Screenshot_2019-09-20-09-48-00…)

Shut up newfag. You were saying it as if she was NEVER mentioned before, which is wrong. It's not anyone's fault that you suck at remembering.(autsimo infighting)

No. 50985

how are you /this/ autistic

No. 50986

>she hasn't even been mentioned in the general thread
Go back to kpg retard

No. 50987


Wonder why they only let her make an insta account now after joy and yeri

No. 50994

who is the guy? and are you sure he's not wendy's twin brother?

No. 50995

go check your blood pressure

No. 50996

File: 1568958518768.jpg (46.19 KB, 500x481, a7b0c375-d994-4f46-9914-d2ca52…)

>all over this thread, angry typing at anons and calling them newfags

No. 50997

k-pop fags are the worst jesus christ.

No. 50998

File: 1568960204152.jpg (129.67 KB, 836x1253, Ggchart1149.jpg)

Why do ifans keep deluding themselves into thinking blackpink is some hot shit in korea? the gals are struggling to get a #3 position. Their status is really a farce

No. 50999

dddd was a big hit but that's about it
where's that anon that said twice isn't the biggest girl group

No. 51000

The only time ratmy remember jin is when he's gone missing for a while kek

No. 51001

>1. Taeyong is the first one to have commented that there are 10 people but he sees 13 = because the girl was chubby, he said that she looks like there are 4 people

>2. The person with the frog picture = Saying that she/he wants to beat 4 girls up

>3. The person under the reply = ㅋㅋㅋ I agree

>4. The last comment is saying that the chubby girl looks like a "boss" because she looks like she has a lot of strength by posing with her hands in her pockets

If I understood correctly, then this a chat for the whole class and their teacher. People rightfully ask how much worse he must have been irl when he even dares to write this for everybody to see. And it's safe to assume that he thinks so lowly of his fans as well.
It would be odd if they don't throw him out, nobody likes him anymore.

No. 51002

Hyuna is totally going in full prostitute mode. Accept that you are in the ahjumma category already.
(2:41 sec)

No. 51004

File: 1568968228305.png (294.93 KB, 596x493, donation.png)

>REEEE ARMY get out

I'm not, but coming back to the 3.300USD Lisa donated to flood victims in Thailand .. ratmon is donating 85.000USD to a school for deaf people. It's puts her donation in perspective kek.

No. 51005

Seems like he's shading her. That and doing a good deed to distract from their scandal.
While they often call for donations etc, I think this is the first time they ever publicly announced that they donated and how much.

No. 51006

its almost like ratmon has more money than lisa huh

No. 51007

File: 1568969577859.jpg (322.15 KB, 1080x1660, IMG_20190920_105225.jpg)

Lisa is also super rich and amazing and a slaying queen while we are too poor to work at mcdonalds

No. 51010

Lisa prob needs the money more than the flood victims since yg is stealing bp's income to pay off debt /s

No. 51011

File: 1568971608808.png (283.82 KB, 590x633, a complete mess.png)

I love how ratmys talk non stop about them donating and speaking a lot about social issues or such, hyping up their activist image but when they announced their gov-sponsored concert in Saudia Arabia, where speaking yourself can kill you and human rights overall are a joke, suddenly BTS is not about politics or activism, they're just about music lol They even shut down those in their fandom calling this out, telling them they're jealous.

Can't wait to see their downfall for being painted as hypocrites as UN ambassadors performing in a country where basic human rights aren't respected and directly financing the SA government and boosting tourism… Though it doesn't look like it's working well. Look at all those free seats in green. And it's been more than 24 hours.

No. 51015

I've heard a lot of saudi arabian armys don't even want bts to perform there, because apparently it's a "holy place". Seriously, why did bighit think it was a good idea? So damn stupid

No. 51016

all those saudi billionaires don't want their daughters to see a bunch of sjw twinks

No. 51018

bighit are absolute retards for booking the largest arena in the middle east for their first concert. it will be like 3/4 empty, they should've started small or went to a more secular muslim country that fans that live nearby could easily fly out to. i've seen multiple armys from qatar and turkey saying they want to go to the concert but can't because of legal reasons.

No. 51019

I've literally seen people on twitter defend the concert saying that they think that BTS will take the time to criticize the Saudi Regime while they are on stage doing the concert. Their delusions have no boundaries.

No. 51020

I've literally seen people on twitter defend the concert saying that they think that BTS will take the time to criticize the Saudi Regime while they are on stage doing the concert. Their delusions have no boundaries.

No. 51022


I don't think Bighit was given a "choice" when booking for that event. They are just like any other company; SK gov made deals and SK already let some other groups like Skz (if i remember correctly?) in this shithole. It's political. Bighit was never that holy company letting their artists do whatever they want, they just want the fans to think it's the case. BTS is another slave to the SK gov propaganda and BigHit is cashing on that "woke UN ambassadors" image they built.

No. 51023

File: 1568974176149.png (81.72 KB, 582x398, no word.png)


I know and it's alarming how they think so highly of their idols and be complete bots for SA gov propaganda by gaslighting everything. It's not with music and some dumb idealistic shitty speech that country will change. The situation there is complicated, and yeah, even for their 150 IQ idol leader ratmon

No. 51024

renjun, the north korean nct dream member

No. 51025

File: 1568975899717.png (50.45 KB, 871x255, Screenshot (48).png)

As far as I understood the governement is holding an annual festival season to which they invited BTS directly. So it's 100% in collaboration with them, no "BTS paid and planned everything on their own". And I wouldn't even say that the korean government is so greedy as to send them there, it's all on Bighit and BTS themselves.

>by gaslighting everything
Appearantly ratmies already got some twitter accounts suspended because using the hashtag #btsdontgo is islamophobic…
They're all brainwashed and mentally ill.
And if the UN had an ounce of integrity they'd immediately denounce BTS for that.

No. 51026

bts gonna tell em to love themselves and that will be it lol

No. 51027

Idk about bh sending their cash cow in a country that incarnates the complete opposite of their whole campaign message… it’s such a bad move in every single way imaginable. It’s not worth post-concert scandals when the whole world will catch on this, especially seeing how the concert is doing really bad (all those green vacant seats lol)

Bh is probably dumber than i thought… or maybe they think their fans will stand for them and protect them from the backslash? They’re actually doing great reporting all the accounts against BTS going there and even created a blocklist but will it be enough? I hope not. I want to see the backslash.

No. 51028

Forgot to add that it’s alarming to see how much all the UN representatives, even the UNICEF Head who always tweet about BTS, ignore those who tweet to them about the issue.

No. 51029

File: 1568977040408.jpeg (344.15 KB, 750x845, 9262A23A-60E4-4DF5-BF08-7E4B2B…)

the replies to this are revolting. shitmys are psychopaths.

No. 51030

File: 1568977130323.jpeg (417.58 KB, 750x1035, 1CA65128-E9EA-4764-9DAF-47B8B7…)

No. 51031

>comparing racism and homophobia in alabama to saudi arabia
armys are fucking retarded

No. 51032

They’re being ignorant af… and it’s tragic. And what’s even more saddening is that everybody and their grandmas are concerned about Kook’s dating a girl but nobody talks about how fucked this concert is, in every way possible. Even if you didn’t give a flying fuck about SA and human rights you’d think they’d cancel this concert because it’s simply just… bad for their reputation? They’ll lose credibility in every single speech they’d hold.

No. 51033

That's probably because half of these armies don't care about these issues for more than 2 minutes either.

They'll sperg on about how progressive BTS is but they're just another cog in the machine of their agency.

No. 51034

will this affect him in any way? sm keeps pushing him no matter how many scandals he has

No. 51035

I can’t wrap my head around BTS performing in SA…of all places. Definitely not a good look for them at all.

No. 51036

>>51024 fuck it's so good to see someone else say he's north korean. nctfags pretend as if its not true lmao

No. 51037

i genuinely don’t understand what’s so shameful about it, it’s not like his parents are nk boot lickers or anything

No. 51040

Exactly. They love spreading their message and how great they are just to show off how superior BTS is compared to your “kpoop” faves. The truth (untold) is, BTS is exactly the product of what they hate the most and aren’t that different from others. Bighit is just smarter, letting ratmys think they’re SO different.

They’re so proactive when a monbebe said BtS pAVeD tHe WAy for the iheart radio concert thing, jumping her and attacking (again) the whole ass fandom for that but when their faves do a concert in SA, it’s silent.

No. 51041

I saw that too, they're the same as bp stans: everybody who doesn't like their favs is a mean bully who deserves death, but as soon as somebody dares to make a tiny joke they immediately pull the "your group is irrelevant, my oppars are so much more popular and richer than yours!"-card. Like what kind of message is this, I thought your group and fandom advocates wokeness? Isn't this classism, a bunch of millionaires who fly in private jets and are acting buddy-buddy with saudi sheiks + their army of retard fans shitting on others who are still trying to make it?

Here too, a show is scripted, their entire shtick is based on sarcasm, but ratmys immediately feel the need to start #protectBTS again.

No. 51042

I don't understand what point you are trying to make. Hyuna has always done provocative dances in fact this may be the most clothes she's ever worn on stage.
Also calm down pedo, hyuna is 27 that is not old or ahjumma, would you prefer if it was a 15 year old girl doing this instead,pedo?

No. 51043

File: 1568989017818.jpg (207.89 KB, 579x673, 17239281.jpg)

Hash Swan, the rapper previously harassed by armys for the jungkook photo, shows more class than all of BTS combined.

>On September 18, Hash Swan took to Instagram Live to call for peace between his fans and BTS’s fans. He remarked, “While I did get my feelings hurt during this past incident, I don’t think that this is something fans should be fighting over. I’m fine now. I feel guilty seeing [our] fans fighting amongst themselves. We’ve figured out the situation [regarding the photo], and it’s all over now. Let’s not fight.” The rapper also stated that he didn’t consider those who had attacked him “true BTS fans.” He explained, “Even though both sides’ fans are fighting, the people who attacked me by sending me DMs and messages weren’t true BTS fans anyway. This is a problem created by a minority of people who aren’t even real BTS fans.” Asking his followers to consider Jungkook’s feelings, Hash Swan continued, “It’s true that I got hit by a stone out of nowhere when I wasn’t doing anything [a Korean expression describing someone who gets attacked for no reason]. But I’ve also received many apologies for it. I think that BTS’s Jungkook must be just as upset as I am and going through a difficult time as well. But due to the requirements of his job, even if he had something he wanted to say right now, he wouldn’t be able to say it.” “Idols and rappers are different,” he went on. “It doesn’t matter if I say whatever I want to say and my image is tarnished, but [Jungkook] isn’t free to express himself [like that].” Hash Swan concluded, “Let’s stop everything. I don’t know if you’re doing this to protect [the artists you support] or because you hate the other artist’s fans, but let’s stop now.”

I wouldnt be surprised if i-armys attack him for daring to call bts kpop instead of woke kings. Also leave it to armys to have poor reading comprehension and twist his words as "see? he's saying antis dmed him not REAL armys"
Another Korean rapper, Owen Ovadoz, called out armys for their literal retardation and ironically got attacked by armys after for the callout.

>“Everyone read misleading information about rappers in this country and go on a witch hunt, but when their actions that hurt the rappers turn out to be wrong, they don’t even apologize. As one of the players, I wanted to share the unpleasantness I felt about the stories spreading through communities, stories that are not true but just extreme opinions. I didn’t write the messages but after reading those that were sent to me, I once again felt that everyone is lenient on their own misjudgments and have no interest in the truth. If you want to uncover my mistakes, go ahead. I don’t have any intensions to hide, and I’m reflecting and improving on my mistakes. Even if you think otherwise, that’s fine. The only thing that would prove is your shamefulness.

>It’s unfortunate that the fans of a global singer can be so partial and unconcerned with the actual truth. How long do we have to continue ignoring the false accusations and insults that this fandom causes, when their artist is promoting love and peace? When you felt offended by the post that was written on hiphopLE’s forum, did you think about the reasoning behind it? Or did you want to ignore your own flaws by pointing at mine? I will work towards become a righteous player as I look forward to the day you become a righteous consumer and righteous fandom.”

He wrote a followup apology to placate angry armys but this post is already too long lmao. Also the tattoo manager isn't the girl. He defended jungkook and the girl early on. Got fired by the shop owner for breaking nda or some shit


No. 51044

File: 1568989134851.jpeg (6.75 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg)

Hyunas brother looks like a lesbian

No. 51045

He kinda looks like johnny from nct

No. 51046

If 2ne1,itzy,yezi were forced to have a baby even though they wanted to abort it. That's what this group is.

No. 51047

>my faves are woke rich popular slay unbothered boss bitch queens but also humble sensitive shy nice talented charismatic souls

No. 51049

File: 1568989742698.jpg (254.61 KB, 1080x1258, IMG_20190920_162524.jpg)

I guess unicef just doesn't care

No. 51051

File: 1568989768840.jpg (294.17 KB, 1080x1421, IMG_20190920_162550.jpg)

No. 51053

I forgot what his insta is called but he photoshops himself on all photos to look taller than he actually is.

No. 51054


Honestly, I salute the fans who are brave enough to critize their SA concert. God knows they are getting shat on by all the brainless people that make up the majority of the army fandom.

No. 51056

File: 1568991533714.jpg (371.36 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20190920_164335.jpg)

God this makes me so angry…

What's even "funnier" is that BTS' campaign also raised a couple millions for yemeni children and now they're performing in the same country that caused the situation in Yemen.

No. 51057

File: 1568991571240.jpg (372.82 KB, 1080x1631, IMG_20190920_165606.jpg)

No. 51058

leave normies out of this thread

No. 51059

Not only are bts risking getting murdered there but this is also a slap to the face of their fans who are suffering due to Arabia's oppressive regime.

No. 51060

i cant wait for ratmons fake woke speech because you know it will happen

No. 51061

>risk getting murdered
lmao what

No. 51062

Some also already pointed out that such a concert would be the perfect target for an attack, meanwhile you have arab fans telling korean ones that it's totez safe to come!…

No. 51063

someone with bts' money wont get killed but they would be risking getting killed if they were out there being twinky feminine boys in makeup.

No. 51064

it's kind of funny how armies were making fun of exols for exo meeting trump when bts are performing in a place where egregious human rights violations occur… both groups are equally manufactured and are used as a form of soft power

No. 51065

File: 1568992739524.jpeg (352.8 KB, 1061x1593, EE2E82oXUAgXnPd.jpeg)

Oppar without his weekly dose of fillers lol He looks 40
And that dorito jaw…

No. 51066

his starving in attempt for abs back in 16 really fucked up his face imo

No. 51067

Why starve instead of workout when you're already a skinny twink to begin with

No. 51068

Yes I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he was anorexic back in 2016. He was close to being euginia cooney anorexic. And of course no one called out baek the skeleton for being ana in fact fans loved that and I'm sure some of them added him on their thinspo list.

No. 51069

>He was close to being euginia cooney anorexic.
Really? Do you have a picture?
>in fact fans loved that and I'm sure some of them added him on their thinspo list
Of course they do. Nowadays nearly all thinspo is just kpop idols.

No. 51070

File: 1568994360752.jpg (176.04 KB, 500x734, 1465353769_111394.jpg)

I wouldn't trust pictures if i were you, exols edit almost all pictures and gifs of baekhyun with a shit ton of filters to hide his malnourished face. There are pics showing baeks hollow face like this one here but they are rare.

No. 51071

File: 1568994382244.jpeg (285.45 KB, 1152x1126, abs-asian-baekhyun-boy-Favim.c…)

he said he would chew his food and then spit it out again. I think Suho did/does the same thing but i can't remember
it did nothing for him other than make him lose the fat on his face that he'll never get back
at least his fans have his skelly body to flick their beans to

No. 51072

File: 1568994772758.jpeg (11.84 KB, 183x275, images (1).jpeg)

Also baekhyun is doing something different to his face every comeback which in turn makes his face look different every comeback.
He had a botched chin fillet last comeback and now he looks like a nct member.

No. 51073

omg lol you guys are so faggy

No. 51074

The Ariana grande bombing happened in Manchester UK a place where no one expected, so what makes you think that something like that can't in Saudi Arabia a place which practices sharia law.
Also there aren't even that much Arab army's to start with so this is a bad idea even for profit considering there are more Arab exol's than there are Arab armys, and we all know exols would never go to a bts concert.
7 men in makeup doing gay fanservice in Saudi Arabia is kinda shocking so someone trying to bomb that concert seems like a possibility.

No. 51075

I found that funny too. They don’t care what their WokE kInGS do because they’re gods among filthy trash in a shitty world. They’re our lord and saviors. Exo meeting Trump? Still shitty of SK president to put another kpop group in a political situation they can’t escape but it’s definitely better than actually performing in a gov-sponsored concert.

That’s unnerving to see UNICEF not giving a single fuck. Their representatives are going to perform (and thus, financing directly murderers) for SA, what keep them from tweeting their disappointment? Their disapproval? It’s such a bad look, for BTS but most importantly for UNICEF.
And wow that likes ratio between those 2 tweets… we know the priority for ratmys.

No. 51076

He looks better than hyuna tbh what is happening with her cheeks

No. 51077

That’s why i think it’s truly a demand from SK president. Bighit is trash and money hungry but they’re wise when it comes to their image most of the time. This concert goes against everything they built: ratmon’s UN speech, the Speak Yourself/Love Yourself campaign, their UNICEF partnership, their message in some of their songs, their woke kings image everyone love… I really don’t think bh is blinded enough by money they’d let them go there for some armys.

No. 51078

If they're so smart about their image why did Jimim wear a shirt with the bombing of hiroshima on it. They're not even good at being fake woke

No. 51079

File: 1568997939477.jpg (44.99 KB, 600x400, gallery_174009_19184_14627.jpg)

I saw several tweets saying "exo will perform too, there's the backlash for them?!", but it turned out to be fake.

Bts performing there on itself is shitty, but the biggest issue about it (and what most ratmy don't seem to get) is that all they did for years is preach wokeness etc. People are angry because of their hypocrisy. If they just said "well we simply want to earn loads of money'" then okay, but don't act as if you're mother teresa.

>he said he would chew his food and then spit it out again
So many idols already said that, to them that's probably normal. But Suho always seemed to be one of the "fatter" ones?
Baekhyun kind of admitted to having had a problem and Xiumin also talked about starving himself and immediately gaining back 20kg in one of their cbx concerts. But just because they tell their fans how to lose weight healthily, doesn't mean that they apply the same thing on themselves.

His jaw is just way too narrow now, it looks as if there's barely bone left, no amount of weight gain or botox will ever be able to fix that again.

No. 51080

Tangent about this shirt but I want to know where the hell they got that shirt. Is there some sort of nationalistic streetwear brand that’s poppin in Seoul or some shit? There’s no way that’s a random hype beast shirt like exo wearing random odd future shit back in like 2014

No. 51081


people talking about a yg family concert and treasure 13 debut omg give it up

No. 51082

Not that anon, but You have to agree that there is a huge difference between some dumb member wearing a shirt - the whole BTS don´t have a say about their clothing it is all the stylist fault… bullshit and as the same level of stupidness as claiming he got it from a fan and didn´t know what´s on it - and bighit renting a huge arena for a concert stop.

No. 51083

the shirt is apparently by a small brand named ourhistory (and apparently sold out after the incident lmao)

No. 51084

i believe a monsta x member also wore the shirt (not to detract from jimin) so it could be fairly popular

No. 51085

OT but I get the animosity between the two because Japan was doing atrocious shit, don’t get me wrong. But the bombings weren’t even done by Korea so it’s stupid to me for them to celebrate.

No. 51086

>it sold out
Yeah, so little Jiminie wearing that shirt "on accident" totally didn't influence others…

No. 51087

You realize SA is also part of UNICEF and donates millions a year? Literally there is no way to do anything about human rights in SA other than some kind of invasion that could lead to millions of deaths and a world war or something… The most realistic thing we can do is to constantly expose them to modern values and empower the next generation to make changes.

No. 51088

File: 1569000497459.jpg (89.96 KB, 719x912, DqmLlChWoAIVAO_.jpg)

google says it was nonsta x jooheon who wore it

the designer says the shirt and other clothing, that has the same statements and photos, is made with hopes "that young people can also become interested in history"
all in all it seems like bs

No. 51089

what's even dumber is that a few thousand koreans who were in japan as forced laborers also got killed in the bombings. No one should be glorifying hiroshima no matter how you look at it.

No. 51090

They are probably throwing a huge company party with drugs and hookers celebrating that police corruption got Papa YG out of those pesky soliciting prostitution charges.

No. 51091

>The most realistic thing we can do is to constantly expose them to modern values and empower the next generation to make changes.
That's like the most unrealistic plan of them all. You really think you can change that hellhole's fucked culture? I'm not saying an invasion would be better but c'mon

No. 51092

ratmon said something about like "wanting hearing impaired students to learn to appreciate music" which I'm guessing means "even deaf people should have to be subjected to BTS

No. 51094

That shirt designed for koreans to celebrate their independance is… well, what it is. Made for nationalists. I’m not korean so i can’t really speak about the feelings this imagery should entice but i’ve read koreans don’t really think of Hiroshima as a massacre but as a symbol of liberation (a bit like the overlord operation during wwii for us, frenchies). It’s a bit insensitive of them but we have to keep in mind koreans were victims too (sure they weren’t saints either but they’re victims). Even to this day Japan didn’t properly give excuses to the comfort women… no wonder koreans are insensitive to Hiroshima victims. These people were put to death for nothing. Recently i saw a documentary about it. We now know the jp gov knew they’d be bombed by the US but didn’t do anything to protect the civils… they wanted to preserve their shitty prideful facade and have a reason to surrender.

No. 51095

being exposed to modern culture would hopefully as the other person said inspire younger generations to make change come from the inside. not necessarily a quick or easy route to modernisation but the most realistic thing given the govt is unwilling to implement change itself

No. 51097

didn't he say he lost the weight because luhan constantly called his face fat?

No. 51098

I thought fans called him chubby (but not in a bad way)?

No. 51099

I knew ratmies were degenerate and psychotic, but this SA concert polemic really made me hate them guts, they're still defending that fucking concert even though it's officially politically financed, calling armies who dare to speak on it to try and stop BTS of ruining their image "clowns". I don't know if they're just hella stupid or actually maquiavelic.

No. 51100

Are you really making fun of some random who barely has any much of a connection to K-pop and hasn't even done anything awful (that we know of)? These threads have seriously gotten shittier.

No. 51101

anon are you implying that bts are not gay trans poc feminist commie woke kings

No. 51102

They’re more retarded than i thought… brainwashed to death. It’s crazy that a whole bunch of crazy fangirls fell for their love yourself bs so easily and think so highly of them. The delulus in this fandom attained peak retardation. And it’s dangerous.

No. 51103

well they also thought saying the n word equivalent in korean actually meant "cute", defended glorification of hiroshima as previously stated etc etc
speaking of armies' delusions, it seems like they don't really care about jk's girlfriend… are they so brainwashed that they won't drop them even after a dating scandal?

No. 51104

the korean armies care, some of them are dropping him

No. 51105

Yes, harassing a korean rapper, telling everyone who posts about it to DELETE IMMEDIATELY and to spam the girls IG with mean comments is the definition of not caring, right?

You know everyone can see you samefag right?

No. 51106

>are they so brainwashed that they won't drop them even after a dating scandal?
I remember that some threads ago anons said they hoped for a dating scandal - even if it's just Jin or Rat - and now we have the most popular member dating and it absolutely didn't change anything at all… Not this, not that Saudi Arabia concert. At this point the only way it will stop is if they themselves were to quit and that's not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe that 1 month hiatus was already a test how ratmy will react when they enlist.

I'm ESL, does "speak yourself" even make sense in english? Shouldn't it be speak for yourself or something?

No. 51107

I'm sure she meant not caring as in not hating on Jungkook, because that's what usually should happen when idols date.

No. 51108

exactly lol i hoped the fallout would be funnier

No. 51109

That's true, they harassed everyone involved to hell and back but didn't shit on JK at all

No. 51111

a sextape of jungkook banging 25 girls could be leaked and armys would still say "he is our gay baby bean, why do y'all assume he's straight? these girls were actually bighit staff. that girl might be his cousin" and shit. that's the advantage of getting babied for years i guess, people will never blame you for anything.

No. 51112

Lmao at all of you talking about how bts's career didn't die after jungkook got into a dating rumor yet here we have LOVELYZ which one of their members got into a lesbian sexual assault scandal and their careers is still going strong.
Nb4 someone tries to WK lovelyz there was actually a site or a magazine idk since it was in 2015 of the wollim staff confessing that what jisoo did was wrong, and the person who got arrested was a imposter not a real victim, meanwhile all the other victims have been silenced by wollim.

No. 51113

I almost feel sorry for Baekhyuns obvious bdd and hate for his face and how he keeps on fucking with his face. But then I remember that he has been a bully towards a couple of people and then I feel better.

No. 51114

prob bc no one cares about lovelyz

No. 51115

Now I hope that idols don't come out of the closet since the only two idols who I'm sure are lgbt are a really bad example of lgbt.
Like sehun dating his sugar daddy sponsor, or that lovelyz girl who is abusive (WK stay pressed there are tons of proof showing that she did it,wollim tried to silence her victims, and used a imposter as a example of how her victims are lying)

No. 51116

So you're saying you don't want lgbt people to be people but a gods without flaws or what

No. 51117

her brother looks fine, this pic just highlights how hyuna has messed with her face

No. 51118

it reinforces homophobic stereotypes to a society that is already prejudiced

No. 51120

>He liked a picture last year and this year, he liked the Rolex watches pictures again on February because he heard people were preparing his birthday support
>This time, the fans gave him a Rolex watch worth 23 million won (US~23K) as a tribute for his birthday
This one is old, but the price of the gifts popular idols receive from their Korean fans is already insane. As another example, Kai once got 8 macbooks for his birthday.
So when even old guys like Suju were gifted literal gold when they went to Saudi Arabia, then just imagine how much BTS will get…

No. 51121

Wasnt there a post in the past threads how sehun was lowkey telling his fans what to buy him and milking them out of money.

No. 51122

…pretty sure there were no real victims as it turned out it was a middle-aged man who provided all the "evidence"? The "evidence" provided was total fanfiction and all the pictures were of edited porn stars. The reason nothing happened to her is that it was all false and two people were arrested for it but were released.

No. 51123

what >>51118 anon said, there are few lgbt people on kpop and if they're problematic korean gp will use them as an excuse to bully normal lgbt on their country, you're being obtuse on purpose.

No. 51126

File: 1569010332978.jpg (93.59 KB, 455x800, WatchSehunLike1.jpg)

Well not telling, just continously liking pics on instagram so that the fans will see it and get the hint

No. 51128

>you didnt even bother to read what the anon said…as expected.

"the anon" they are replying to is you, you absolute sperg. Read the rules, learn to sage and stop samefagging.

No. 51130

Nobody besides you cares about "LOVELYZ", they're literal nobodies, you brought them up.

No. 51131

I don't have any faves you sperg.

No. 51132

Can the anon who is using "victim" too many times just stop and go away

No. 51133


This is still going on in Korea, it's just there's zero communication between Korea's side end the international side about this anymore because translators aren't translating what's going on on pann, twitter, naver, etc. so it's almost impossible for English speaking fans to know just how much JK's image has been tarnished.

At the end of the day, BTS are still fulfilling Korea's imperial dreams and fangirls tend to stand by oppa no matter what (Kai had 2 dating scandals and was made Gucci's ambassador, Baekhyun survived his dating scandal, even Seungri still has fans). So I don't know why you were expecting BTS to suddenly end.

We'll see in future articles about him if people's opinions of JK has changed all that much. It's not just that he was caught dating but that he was caught associating with tattooists. But Bighit doesn't let BTS have individual careers so there's no way of telling how it'll really affect them individually anyway (unless you track the merchandise). Not to mention most of the frustrated fans will channel their hatred towards BTS's girlfriends as always, like Suran who's STILL getting hate just for maybe dating Suga in 2017. I'm sure all that will happen is he'll cry at a fanmeet and some ppl will look at him a bit funny but that's it.

These things tend to build up over time. When a group is at its peak people don't dare speak but once they become hasbeens people become more comfortable taking their shots like with EXO.

In my opinion it's the company and army who will be BTS's downfall. The company's terrible management and destruction of the group's music, soul and identity, selling toys and bon voyages instead of allowing them to grow their individual careers and network, then the fans bullying American celebrities, DJs and media personalities, making people not want to be anywhere near BTS (like basically what that Rapper Owen said) and bullying people out of their own fandom. I'm sure the entertainment industry in America hates BTS and is waiting to get them out of here.

Anyway, don't waste your energy on wanting to see a bg fail. Male idols and men in general in Korea get away with anything and everything. You're best bet at some international scandal is if this Saudi Arabia concert goes through and international media get tipped off about it and actually report on it. They won't be able to skate easily past that like with the Shirt controversy because this doesn't have anything to do with Korea's victimization at the hands of Japan this time.

Either that or spend your time ignoring them and supporting other musical acts who actually deserve fame.

No. 51135

>Male idols and men in general in Korea get away with anything and everything.

Foreign fans esp. in the Americas and Europe are so caught up in defending idols from xenophobia they forget that so many aspects of Korean society are at odds with the current wokeness people are trying to market. Naeun got shit for a phone case that is performative activism at best and homegirl got it as a freebie.

Oppa is probably a terrible person. There are public figures doing their own subversive shit, sure, but idols are not the ones. This is old news but people still don’t get it.

No. 51136

Yes hyuna may look ugly,she may look trashy. But she is not OLD. Im sorry that you live in a world where a 27 year old woman is old.
Most of the exo members are nearing or are older than 27 yet i see no one calling them old. Its always the women who after 25 are called old

No. 51137

For someone who previosuly talked about samefagging you sure seem to be doing that know.
You just gave incorrect claims trying to defend her and i corrected. I hope you are not one of those people who protect female rapists just because they are female(ban evasion yet again)

No. 51138

>When a group is at its peak people don't dare speak but once they become hasbeens people become more comfortable taking their shots like with EXO.
Anons always say exo lost their popularity, but their latest album was actually their best selling one, their fans are just too old to camp out, stream or mass-vote like other fandoms do.
So maybe in a couple years when most ratmy (and bp and nctfags) go to uni or work they'll also calm down naturally.

No. 51139

>but their latest album was actually their best selling one
are you talking about tempo? because that album was shit i can't believe it was their best selling.

No. 51140

''Ex'Act'' ''the war'' were masterpieces their best albums..their other albums were mass produced garbage, and if you buy any other album which isnt one of those two you are braindead.

No. 51141

I was surprised too, they sold over 2 million

No. 51142

i guess an unpopular opinion in this thread, but i miss the bright and cute tt-era twice. this bootleg snsd goddess concept shit is so boring.

No. 51143

i guess an unpopular opinion in this thread, but i miss the bright and cute tt-era twice. this bootleg snsd goddess concept shit is so boring.

No. 51144


album sales mean nothing if you're not publicly relevant anymore. It's just the fans flexing and bulk buying more trying to prove oppa is still on top because nobody in the general public will talk about them anymore. EXO has gone the route of super junior and every other SM boy group with a large fandom past their peak. Their fans still buy out of desperation while the general public ignores and mocks the group more openly than they did before. At this point I'm sure some individual members of EXO have more public clout (like Chen with his OSTs, DO with his acting) than the whole group at this point, but that's because SM actually allowed some of them to develop their individual careers. Bighit isn't doing that with any of the members of BTS so when they're over the hill it'll be tough for them. They'll have their fans who by then will be as hated as EXO-L were, if not more. And once they can't break Billboard anymore they'll be seen even more like hasbeens.

Korea already side eyes them for not being able to have an actual hit in America. They know Hot 100 > 200 in terms of measuring your cultural relevance with the public. Debuting high on the Hot 100 and dropping like a stone is nothing to be proud of but Korea's holding on to whatever they can while waiting for a Gangnam Style. If that never happens….well….

No. 51145

I think they’ve already hit their peak. Doesn’t help that most of their fan base is horny incels who will eventually find another gg to jack it to (see Girls Day, AOA, Stellar, EXID’s careers for reference)

No. 51146

She LOOKS old. I don't pay attention to EXO too much but they seem to act their age, meanwhile Hyuna looks like a 45 year old performing songs from her early 20s. If she looked less haggard and botched I'm pretty sure people would be slut shaming her rather than call her old.
Exactly, EXO is just becoming SJ now how they're heading. They are SMs money makers and will probably just get a label and brand deals until SM crashes and burns. I wonder what will happen to BTS since they aren't reaching all of SK's expectations. If someone takes advantage of the Jungkook drama they could honestly be destroyed in SK by mid 2020.

No. 51147

It only means nothing when being fame is very important to you (like it is for the bts members). Judging by what was posted about them here, it seems that exo is content with simply earning lots via album and concert sells so that they can buy useless brand shit. They made millions in their teens and early 20s, they could just retire now.
Super Junior is also living very comfortably now, they have their old fanbase, they're well-off, still having comebacks and touring but with more personal freedoms and without the hype and the crazy fangirls. That's better in the long run, especially if you're no longer the youngest.

No. 51148

Not even being dramatic but I’m doing a masters on Asian studies and you hateful bitches (/s) helped me get over my writer’s block so I can turn in my thesis proposal.

Time to use academia to ruin some kpoppers’ day

No. 51150

File: 1569019097085.jpeg (58.68 KB, 800x450, 4585B58B-E6DC-49C6-B04F-0D8DB7…)


Sehun and Jisoo aren’t out of the closet so how are they shedding a bad light on the community? Even if they were, more celebrities coming out would normalize it for the KGP and prove that we’re not all complete degenerates. You’re saying that no one else should come out at as LGBT because 2 idols who might be gay are rumored to be bad people kek that makes no sense at all.

No. 51152

Embarrassing. Keep this shit on PULL.

No. 51153

It’s cool that you have the memory to do that you’ll need that extra brain space when you work as a fast food worker once you graduate

No. 51154

when i listened to tempo for the first time i was genuinely shocked at how bad it was. ex'act and the war were soo much better. what is wrong with sm these days?

No. 51156

Starbucks barista with shitty hair, thank you very much

No. 51157

It’s not directly about kpop for fucks sake it’s just about economic development and you dumbasses indirectly made decent points outside of kpop that were helpful.

No. 51159

I don't think Taeyong's position in sm will change at all over his scandals, but he definitely won't be able to have that successful solo career his stans brag about. Once sm gives up on nct his ty track days will be over

No. 51160

I’m a newfag. Wtf is pull and what is a pulltard?

No. 51161

No one cares what your dumbass thesis is about. Stop blogging.

Pretty Ugly Little Liar

No. 51163

Exo still makes the same teen songs that they did when they were young, how is that them acting their age?
And baekhyun promotion for superm was the embodiment of cringe especially with how they promoted him as this angsty teen despite being a man nearing 30.
Confess it you just want to be ageist towards female idols.
Alot of male idols have aged badly but none of them are being called old.

No. 51164

This sounds like you just wanted to feel important. I use image boards and stuff for college things too and it's really not necessary to announce it all OT like this. I've only mentioned it once since I was explaining why I lurk PULL.

I wonder if YG didn't release the show of Blackpink in Hawaii on YouTube just because they're desperate. I think that they were going for a "SNSD in Phuket" type of thing but SNSD was far bigger than Blackpink is right now and also media was consumed differently back then. Blinks are all complaining that it's not on YouTube and it's fairly easy to just watch it illegally.

No. 51165


nta but when I first read that message my mind jumped to fresh out of undergrad kpop stan trying to intellectualize their cringe hobby. like the time I was TAing and had to read a fucking essay on jonghyun’s suicide. Barf. Kids gotta be no older than 22.

No. 51168

File: 1569023365574.gif (1.95 MB, 540x220, 2eb8c223237a5faeab4aca7f51430b…)

old pic, but I feel like it sums up the exo dynamic pretty well

No. 51169

>nobody calls male idols old
See >>51065 and the following posts for example, this was just a couple hours ago. We constantly call them hags.
>Confess it you just want to be ageist towards female idols.

Being molested by Seungri?

No. 51170

>masters in asian studies
please evaluate your life choices
No one cared about jennie/kai or jihyo/daniel right? I feel like dating scandals are just less damaging to idols' careers now. I'm not sure hyuna even got that much crap for getting with e'dawn but cube decided to drop her. Also insane fans will cling to the plausible deniability of jungkook just hugging her.

No. 51172

they are hands down the WORST fandom

No. 51174

Wow someone from twitter pointed out how dirtbaggy the tattoo shop jungkook went to is



dildos everywhere.

No. 51175

File: 1569029127905.jpg (151.81 KB, 1080x1294, EEwrYqmUcAAMDtH.jpg)

post pics, this is an image board

No. 51176

File: 1569029150113.jpg (140.52 KB, 1241x779, EEyUHbiWwAEihLO.jpg)

No. 51177

File: 1569029488867.jpg (24.45 KB, 510x416, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

Hyuna would look just like him if she didn't botch her face

No. 51178


No. 51179

jungkook with his new style looks like the type of man who'd have this many hentai figurines ngl

No. 51180

lmao, i don't remember where (was it here in another thread?) but someone said something about how he looks like the kind of guy that flaps to hentai. now it seems more believable.

that tattoo store just keeps seeing more and more shady. such a shame the reaction of k-ratmies aren't being translated.

kinda wanna see how their numbers look in their next comback

No. 51181

Exo must die so nct can live, anon

No. 51182


This guy has a little bit of their reactions. Armys apparently threw trash in front of the tattoo shop, called them nonstop, send threatening messages. The manager even promised to fire the girl and he did so now JK's gf/not-gif is out of the job.

Crazy thing is all of this could have been avoided if he'd just not tattooed her initials on her fingers. He could have just put them on some place nobody could see. I don't know why idols like to have these secret codes and messages in plain view of their fans knowing the potential consequences. Other idols have tattoos in better placed areas. Now everytime JK does the ending pose to BWL people will be reminded of the scandal, it's EXACTLY the same hand.

I mean, ultimately JK will be fine but his girl's out of the job.

No. 51183

>I wonder if YG didn't release the show of Blackpink in Hawaii on YouTube just because they're desperate.

if its a summer package thing its literally always paid-for content. not a blink so idk exactly what 'summer diaries' is but it sounds like a summer package for sure. they usually include posters, photobooks, pcs, dvds, random goodies etc. you'll still be able to watch it for free when someone who paid for it uploads it online so who cares tbh. also it's almost yg's debt paytime, they gotta milk bp as much as they can.

No. 51184

>more and more shady
how? it's just regular edgelord shit. go outside

No. 51186

File: 1569031411884.jpg (782.45 KB, 900x899, ax6fzPT.jpg)


YG must be desperate

No. 51187

I love how those tards keep saying "THEY AREN'T REALLLLL ARMIES, THEY'RE FAKE!!!"

Always deny and deflect with these people.

No. 51188

who actually buys this shit?

No. 51193

yeah it makes me cringe when idols get revealed to be dating and there's pictures of them wearing matching clothes and accessories

No. 51194

what has hyuna done to her face? she looks so rough. i thought cube gave her a lot of freedom with her sexy concept and all, but they were actually keeping her from being the mess she is today. if she ever releases music again i don't want to imagine how trashy it'll be

No. 51197

File: 1569040209005.jpg (359.54 KB, 960x1434, red-velvet02 (1).jpg)

the life of a kpopper is rough on the face anon

No. 51198

the way underage idols (e.g. wonyoung, yoona) are sexualized is seriously disturbing. especially in wonyoung's case because she looks her age. the fact that she was 13 during pd101 and performed side to side in skimpy clothes makes me fucking gag.

No. 51199

Why post Irene? There are rougher faces in Kpop elsewhere.

No. 51200

because she looks rough af in that picture and its funny

No. 51202

she really got fired? what the fuck? i dont know why they fired her if they arent dating

No. 51204


Wow. I thought just the manager got fired for replying to messages about JK. I hope the girl didn’t get fired as well, that is seriously fucked up

No. 51208

This makes me believe that nb and all those other sites are biased. The comments they decided to translate for Jimin's scandal were also mostly very positive. Most ifans get all their info from them, so they would've never found out just how bad the backlash really is.

That's the worst… And that rapper who was mistaken for Jk added fuel to the fire by also claiming that the people who harass him aren't real ratmy, so now they go around screeching about the haterz…

And some say the store manager got rightfully fired. He only said it's untrue, probably to protect his employee and now his life is ruined, but of course all ratmy care about is 1. It wasn't army 2. Hopefully Jk doesn't hate us now 3. Hopefully Jk doesn't blame himself.
It's safe to say they're not dating anymore, no sane person would stay with somebody whose fans actively try to destroy the lifes of their friends and themselves.
If BTS had a slither of a backbone they'd at least release some statement telling their fans to stop harassing them. Criticising BTS is worthy of getting sued, but commiting real crimes like their fanbase does is a-okey?

No. 51209

File: 1569049175912.jpg (665.19 KB, 952x492, 7jz3HuD.jpg)


Male idols are pussies. Act tough and sexy on stage, shrink back and hide behind their companies when shit really goes down. Very few have the balls to tell their fans to shut the fuck up and sit down. Makes me respect Shinwa a bit more.

No. 51210

File: 1569051974032.png (601.59 KB, 963x496, Screenshot 2019-09-21 at 08.37…)

lol at how bighit is releasing filler content to distract ratmies from the scandal. jimin's arms r looking spoopy lol

No. 51211

File: 1569053368905.jpg (55.51 KB, 480x581, 1568994667-ee6zimvxyag2nxp.jpg)

There's nothing about him that doesn't look like an old woman.

Also, why?!

No. 51213


I don’t get how anyone could ever go to a BP event and think any of them are genuinely talented. Clip is an example of jennie ruining a pretty song by yelping.

Honestly, they’re a sinking ship. I can see them each going their separate ways next year.

No. 51215


Since when did jennie play acoustic guitar? and that image of being the indie guitar playing chick, isn't that rose's? lmao rose can't have anything for herself

No. 51216

>>51213 wasnt playing guitar rose's talent? many keks

No. 51217

The half-assed guitar strumming, the yodelling goat voice….poor Rose kek

No. 51218

Thanks anon, for a really good laugh in a long time. That was so bad and right out of some schooltalentshow, I'm still giggeling.

What will she do, after BP did go down with YG? Mommy selling her into a new GG?

No. 51220

why would they fire her just bc of dating with jungkook lmao? (and i believe they’re in an actual relationship but since she’s just a random commoner bighit asked them to hide it and release a statement regarding the “rumours”)

they fired her bc insane jungkook fans kept trashing and vandalising the building she was working at ever since the photos of her with him came out

No. 51221

File: 1569060816966.jpeg (65.2 KB, 750x277, ADE4A38E-C7BE-4FC7-99E3-2433C8…)

ahh yes, none of this is armys doing, it’s some great conspiracy against their babie bois /s

none of the rats give a shit about the innocent people whose lives and businesses are being ruined, all they care about is “not all armys!!” and “how could this happen to this beautiful bby bean ;~;”. they seem like psychopaths completely incapable of empathy for anything other than their fetish band.

also kek @ one shitmy comparing rats to blinks as if they’re in the same league of psychotic. blinks suck but they’re nowhere near armys in degeneracy and the fact rats have deluded themselves this hard is both hilarious and sad.

No. 51222

>Most ifans get all their info from them, so they would've never found out just how bad the backlash really is.

True. And iRatmy are surprisingly good in censoring themselves and stuff they don´t like and would have a negative impact on the faves.
This whole screaming of delete, trending new hashtags, using different codenames for members… makes them on the inside even more crazy, if you think about it. No surprise here, but they are good at it.

No. 51224

Bighit did a good job at creating a cult-like following over the years. BTS surprisingly get away with shit that other idols would've been crucified for long ago.

No. 51225

Im not ageist she's just ugly. Just because i think she LOOKS and acts old doesn't mean I think she is old. Sunmi is about the same age as her and she looks her age while Hyuna is looking middle aged.
They are psychotic if they actually make code words and shit. They need to go to therapy for all that mental illness.

No. 51228

Not just i-ratmies. I ran the replies of a korean thread when his scandal first popped up through google translate and it was all just "delete, delete, delete…report to #bighit".

They're usually sensoring by writing like this amy bs or their #welovejimin hashtags, to get different stuff trending.
Though nctfags are doing that too with Taeyong right now.

No. 51231

That’s why the “idols are your perfect boyfriend always here for you in your bad days” marketing image is such a bad idea. It’s true it works well and companies make money out of their oh so perfect and pure slaves but they need to understand they’re humans who can fall in love one day or just even really like an opposite sex person as a close friend. This whole mess creates monsters who feel like the idols are their property; the boyfriend/girlfriend who gives them love by being perfect and they return their ‘love’ by buying merch, going to concerts and fansigns….

No. 51232

Ok, come on, all those members of kpop groups know pretty well that's what kpop is based on.Most of them were kpop fans themselves with probably the mild type of obsession as well. I can't feel sorry for their choices bs they're the ones who agree on basing their career on such a fake boyfriend/girlfriend material. You can't have it all.
And, yeah,such a big love. JK letting his girlfriend go out of job to save his ass. So romantic. If you love someone, you let them rot so you can keep on moving with your life and filling your pockets with money.

No. 51233

Now this, is pure garbage.

No. 51234

I wasn’t talking specifically of JK. We don’t even know if she’s actually his gf. We just saw him talking with her and a cctv ss of him hugging her from behind (and it’s still difficult to identify if it’s really him but it doesn’t even matter). The point is, you’re actually presuming she’s actually his gf.

The tattoo shop fired her because those trashy ratmys and jk akgaes kept throwing trash in front of their shop, review bombing their shop and harrassing them by contacting their shop, which is a nuisance for business. And not to wk JK but what do you expect? He’s not that woke king who’s so free to express himself in vlive, to expose how bad his fans are. They’re batshit crazy. Headliner, one of the biggest jk fansites, expressed in pv messages she wanted to punch him to death because he didn’t wear her present. What do you really expect to do in this situation huh? If he’s actually kind he’d remain low about it and talk to her in private.

And yeah ofc idols know what they’re doing entering the industry… but they’re young. And at the end corrupted by this whole system. They enter dreaming of becoming a singer/rapper that has easy exposure and quickly are brainwashed to think sleeping 2 hours at most a day, drinking only water for a 5 day diet and letting someone decide what you have to do to be attractive or worth listening are healthy. I’m not feeling sad for them but i pity them, really. This is the product of the society that is SK.

No. 51235

I don't agree at all. They're there for the easy money and fame. Let's stop wth the age excuse cuz we all know this idolship isn't normal and that's exactly what they wanted since they were kids - the bling-blings, cameras and standing ovations.
And I expect JK to behave like a MAN, not act as pussy just because that's the easiest way to escape the anger of his little crazy fanatics. He's the one who actively participate in creating this fake lalaland that doesn't exist. the moment he's uncomfortable only his fans must be blamed. Nah, you'll get what you've signed for.

No. 51237

So what? If they choose to continue after their trainee days and after, they don't deserve pity. They know exactly what's happening and keep on doing it, because they're either narcissists and do it for fame or want the money. They already started out with the desire for attention, when they chose the path of an idol.

No. 51238

call me bitter but i cant believe that girl had to get kicked out of her job while jungkook is doing just fine. doesnt matter if they are dating or not, its so scummy. i hope they are actually dating so he can give her money to make up for it at least. jeez

No. 51239

File: 1569071204251.png (55.45 KB, 540x233, wp_ss_20190921_0001 (2).png)

>a woman of many talents
The delusion

No. 51240

this is some bullshit

No. 51244

he's so fugly

No. 51246

if she really got fired because of jk fans, that's awful. It shows how batshit insane the fandom gives. boys do no wrong and women always suffer. fucking biased bullshit

No. 51247

this man is the embodiment of overrated. i've seen armys claiming he's some kind of fashion icon just because he always wears label clothes but he dresses terribly.

No. 51250

File: 1569079651559.jpg (309.55 KB, 1080x1511, IMG_20190921_112521.jpg)

His stans are so fucking retarded lmao

No. 51251

why are you going out of your way to find this really shitty milk?
>1 note

No. 51252

no she doesn't lmao. irene isn't ugly or botched. i swear some of you anons nitpick so hard you see shit that no one else does.

No. 51253


First of all, this romeo/juliet narrative of poor baby boy idols who can't date in peace is bullshit. A Dal Shabet member recently came out and said most top male idols have at least two girlfriends at the same time.


It's common practice for male idols to be whores. JK probably has several other girls on ready and willing just like every other top male idol. Don't think he hasn't been actively dating before this either. That's what some of his K-fans seem to be spilling it's just not being translated. https://twitter.com/nojkeep Nothing wrong with dating, but fans of these male idols keep acting like some great love has been ruined when at the very most they were probably just fucking. He'll bounce back with another girl in no time meanwhile she'll continue to have the scarlet red letter and no job.

Also, it's true these kids are young and exploited. It's the entire insane system that needs to change and the adults in the room are trash for knowingly exploiting and abusing these kids for money, but I'll feel less sorry for top idols who have more clout than your regular Stellar member. Idols DO have some inch of power. We see it all the time when idols put so much shit on the line to go up against their companies' evil contracts and whatever else. It's not like they lose everything and it's not like they get everything. But we've seen that kind of bravery before. BAP, JYJ, Kara, EXO-M. Tell me why Shinwha could stand up to their fans, and Hyuna and IU had more balls to speak out directly to their fans after their dating scandals but these new male idols who are so tough and sexy oop no forget it, they are just baby boi bean victims of the system who are harassed by their meanie fansites and just utterly, utterly powerless. When Jaejoong was tired of his fansites he slapped the fuck out of them. People screamed misogyny and it wasn't right on that level, but the dude had had enough of these girls literally terrorizing him and his family day and night and it proves that you can fight back against your stalkers. JK doesn't have to physically abuse someone, all he has to do is say, "ENOUGH" and maybe that girl would not have gotten fired.

These idols willingly become fake boyfriends for the cash and fame. They're proud when they can sell shit out just by mentioning it on vlive or wearing it to an airport. They whine about not being able to be themselves and yet spend months and years willingly acting like baby bois in their fancafes, fanmeets and twitter posts soaking up all the love and attention they get in return. You can't have it both ways.

So many idols have already proven that they can fight back when necessary and yet BTS don't have the balls even just to tell their fans to KNOCK IT OFF and willingly continue to let their company and fans keep them in cages because of what they were getting in return. That song Pied Piper is supposed to be making fun of/cautioning against their fans' obsession with them and yet they try to perform it so sexily it's like they're trying to get their fans' pants wet. They're sending mixed signals. "It's so wrong for you to be super obsessed with me, but gosh don't I look good? Don't you want to rob a bank and buy all my albums in hopes I'll hump you like I'm humping this microphone?"

Look at Bobby from IKON who acted like a tough ass rapper, but when he was challenged at a press conference, handed the mic to YHS CEO to speak for him and bail him out of trouble.

BAP lost everything going up against their company and fighting for themselves and their agency, but I'll always have more respect for them than any other male idol that hides behind their companies and let others take the fall for them. BAP actually SPOKE themselves.

No. 51255

File: 1569081054367.jpg (407.79 KB, 1080x1827, IMG_20190921_114944.jpg)

It's from some blog that I check out once in a while for a laugh

No. 51256

at the end of the day career & money is much more important to them than some girl they dated for a short time

No. 51257

he used to be one of the few bts members that i liked and he hasn't showed any sign of life so far but i'm going to lose all respect for jk if he goes to throw some kind of pity party for himself over this shitstorm. that girl got fired because of his retarded fans. it's so unfair.

No. 51258

i’m sorry but who even has any sympathy, attraction or support for any celebrities let alone fucking kpop idols whose every breath is controlled and pre-recorded at this point. i don’t understand why people choose believe ANY of the stuff celebrities say or do. they are not who they want you to think they are 95% of the time. it’s especially suspicious when they have a squeaky clean baby boi image like jungkook used to. too bad he’s too much of an attention whore and didn’t even try to hide by wearing a mask or not initiating pda knowing damn well there could be some armies around and cameras watching them. he clearly wanted this and doesn’t even care about his gf’s feelings. a piece of shit just like all of them

No. 51259

File: 1569083142698.png (708.3 KB, 1026x879, tattooer_rennis.PNG)

the girl deleted the post with her statement.
also she still has [ta2luv] in her description, why would she keep it if she was fired?

No. 51260

go back to the image spam thread nobody cares about your whiny need to defend your precious uWu idols

No. 51261

That’s the thing with stan culture. It’s almost as though they’re brainwashed into believing/trusting anything their faves say or do, absolutely unable to think critically. Ik when I was a stan I wasted hours upon hours on twitter and yt rotting my fucking brain into actually thinking my fav loved me, so I should support and defend them. It was really fucking easy for me to get depressed when I wasn’t even focusing on myself anymore.

It wasn’t until recognizing stans have a hivemind mentality that I snapped out of it. Those ppl who preach about their faves saving their lives ESPECIALLY kpop stans are fucking delusional liars.

No. 51262

If this serri person is telling the truth, why does no bitter ex gf spill the fucking tea? Do they have to sign some kind of contract or something? I don't believe there wasn't at least one that was smart enough to not do that.
What about random hookups? Or hookers? Why does no one in Korea feel like gossiping

No. 51263

That's why i'm hoping sasaengs are gonna spill some tea in the future lol They would actually do everyone a favour. Ratmys desperately need a slap to wake up from dreamland.

No. 51265

korea is very sue happy

women can get sued for claiming they are raped whether its true or not and the ruling is always in favor of the male, especially if he's a celebrity
they do sign contracts when they become TRAINEES too, even before idoldom, this is why even after an idol gets fucked over and goes back to their own country, they still keep their mouth shut because if they were to step foot back in korea they could get arrested and charged with libel even if they spoke truth

No. 51266

File: 1569083569075.jpeg (156.79 KB, 1005x1024, 23B80606-DB27-4FA6-A964-637AF3…)

he’s been a disgusting attention whore all this time but people are just now realising it

No. 51267

Jungkookn knows what the fuck he's doing so I wish ratmies stopped painting him as some kind of innocent baby who could do no wrong. He only cares about making money, he doesn't care how much shit that girl gets because of him. That's what dating him or being associated with him actually is like, jkfags. Not some kind of Disney fairytale like you think.

No. 51268

an anon is pointing out how autistic your rants are on nasolabial folds doesn't make anon a stan, you fucking faggot

No. 51269

>she looks drugged in one pic but anon doesnt even say that, simply says pic is funny and she looks rough


newfag much?

No. 51270

Considering her insta comments and inbox must be filled with death threats I think it's also very possible she just didn't logged into SM to update her working status.

No. 51271


Didn't Kangta get outted by three different women?

That Han So Hee girl also ratted out Top and some Japanese girl ratted out Seungri all those years ago. It does happen just not often.

No. 51272

what's with the influx of bitchy anons who just discovered the term "newfag"?
>reddit spacing

No. 51273

one of the girls in g-idle referred to her song as having african parts and being "ethnic hip" and people are mad, kek

No. 51274

File: 1569084379450.png (51.25 KB, 644x279, Untitled.png)

this reply is the best part

No. 51275

"OMG did the same shit" If theyre talking about Oh My Girl, they're concept was traditional Korean culture not "ethnic hip" like idle did lmao. Idle literally said "hey lets mimic an African chief chanting" and thought they were hot shit for coming it with that "Swag" concept

No. 51276

im so old i remember when t-ara fans tried this same thing back when yayaya came out
>b-but koreans have natives too
these companies will never learn

No. 51278

shit, i remember their bullshit excuses for that trash as well. And they'll probably keep getting away with it since kpop can do no wrong

No. 51279

File: 1569085875585.jpeg (38.44 KB, 1080x251, 212805D4-3D42-4780-9AD2-FBAE78…)

Is it just me or has the infighting gotten a million times worse since the last thread? This shit is insufferable. Please take your bickering back to stan Twitter. No wonder farmhands hate this thread.

No. 51281

File: 1569085915482.jpg (160.15 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20190921_201008.jpg)

my ethnic queen

No. 51282

i think we have a lot of immigrants from onehallyu and omonatheydidnt who are really trying as hard as possible to pass as oldfags

No. 51283

i agree, female idols can get away with things too if they have some strong men in the company backing them, but its less about the idol herself and more about the company wanting to protect its own image

this is why GLAM, which was a basically dead in the water group that had sponsors and random girls that werent even trained thrown in from the very beginning had some super serious scandals and eventual charges brought against them
they werent important enough to protect from imprisonment and blackmail is more of a crime in korea than actually propositioning a girl and forcing her into an illicit sexual relationship with a married man

No. 51285

It's obvious Soyeon has a weird boner for the whole ethnic schtick. They've been doing it since their first song. I always wondered why more ifans didn't call them out on it.

No. 51286

File: 1569087165005.jpg (158.04 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20190921_201022.jpg)

mamamoo eonnies are so woke!!!! feminist queens! 1!1!1!

No. 51287

there's nothing racist about someone wanting african drums on their songs

No. 51288

File: 1569087514909.jpg (191.98 KB, 1242x1828, ee7994a7dabd5edbbe90c9b3df307a…)

Yeah, idols hate obsessive fans, sure.. Look at jimin who can't stop smiling after being told he's the no 1 in this ratmys life. They love it, as long as they don't act up. They are happy about the attention, then proceed to fvck a dozen gg bitvhes behind their backs.

No. 51289

it's a joke

No. 51290

File: 1569087660654.jpg (22.71 KB, 409x512, 7b38bc7ecd8b5c081ddcaaa611a607…)

Bet he fapped after the vlive

No. 51291

Its a power thing for sure. They'd rather screw a different prostitute every night(even with the risk of VD) than to touch the average kpop fan kek. Of course they are happy to get attention because they know they're also going to get money and gifts from these delusional girls who are barely even old enough to have actual jobs themselves.

No. 51292

what are you guys talking about? people do call them out, it's just that no one cares about gidle so you never hear about it. every time i lurk forums and twitter for any milk i see someone calling them gislam

No. 51293

They're too retarded to understand it's a joke.
Also what's the obsession with "masturbation" and "fapping" here,you need to get laid my dear femcels.

No. 51294

I reported the same issue in /meta/, farmhands can't do much aside from issuing small bans and trying to keep the ban evading rat away. Just keep reporting all the infighting and autism you see and it should get better

No. 51296

File: 1569089854142.jpeg (12.37 KB, 168x300, images (7).jpeg)

Mamamoo our woke queens who have been in a couple of blackface incidents and in a lot of racist scandals yet their extremely retarded fans still keep defending them just because they do gaybait.

No. 51297

Nice try moomoo. After saying this she then went on to wear a durag on stage

No. 51298

File: 1569090286666.jpg (29.48 KB, 478x472, Luna.JPG)

What fresh hell is this? Leaving SM really hasn't done Luna any favours kek

No. 51299

is this edited? why is she wearing clown makeup? i thought luna was skelly too.

No. 51300

"whiteface" lol

No. 51301

File: 1569090696576.jpeg (69.42 KB, 330x408, E4236AC0-29F9-4E0C-B43A-9EF73C…)

From her ig

No. 51302

Can you please go shit up the kpop general or the idol spam thread instead? It's getting really tiring how you need to defend anyone who isn't lovelyz. If you can't handle people laughing and talking shit about who you like, then you don't belong itt.


No. 51303

File: 1569090808117.jpg (322.79 KB, 1536x2048, K33xQfv.jpg)

i looked up more pictures of her apparently she gained weight well good for her.

No. 51305

this just looks like a makeup issue
her body does indeed look better, maybe getting out of sm can do her good

No. 51307

I'm starting to think that edawn influenced hyunas new style, I mean before she dated him she was the hottest girl in kpop and after she started dating him she started dressing weird and abusing fillers.
The fact that both hyuna and edawn also dress similar also has lead me to believe that he was a influence on her.

No. 51308

Despite the fact that Amber dressed like a tomboy, Luna still ended up looking more masculine than her.

No. 51309

the absolute state of this thread
i miss when this was just critical of the industry and making fun of fans instead of autistically analyzing idols and calling anons stans when they call out how retarded it is

No. 51310

>DAE think jimin looks plastic??? lol epic
>exo REAL personality.gif
>this idol had a jaw shave if u disagree you're a stan uWu go back to onehallyu, newfag

No. 51311

File: 1569092779255.jpg (57.21 KB, 850x404, N9UJbaa.jpg)

BlackPink's super exclusive concert was empty as fuck. Idk if it's because the tickets were too expensive…that usually doesn't stop fans though.

YG really screwed up. BP reminds me of a Got7 where they have far more overseas fans than domestic, except BP has at least general public relevance but with the current YG disaster, lack of releases and younger ggs debuting I don't know how long that will last.

They at least can keep up the formula of having overseas fans do the heavy lifting while concentrating on CF deals and sponsorships I guess. But apparently even a lot of the overseas concerts got filled only after tickets were given away. Unpopular opinion, but if they'd been promoted properly from jump they'd probably overtaken Twice by now.

No. 51312

they wouldnt have overtaken twice. the drug scandals would still happen and kill their careers, but would've had an even worse effect than now since they would've been bigger.

No. 51313

Well tbf that pic was out of context, but yeah she did end up wearing a durag.
It's mostly hwasa who has a history of racially insensitive stuff (to put it lightly) and it's starting to really piss me off
I get that she's ignorant and from the countryside and she idolises rihanna & beyonce but girlie doesn't seem to get it through her head that maybe, just maybe she should research beforehand what she can copy and what's a shitty thing to do. It takes 2 minutes to google something ffs
I do find it funny tho how it's mainly blinks, ratmys and gidle stans who criticise mamamoo, like their faves aren't just as stupid

No. 51316

>>51313 it's funny you say "google something" cause korea doesnt even use google. they use naver for everything. it's a fucking echo chamber and doesn't let them open up to other cultures at all.

No. 51317

File: 1569095467315.jpeg (123.65 KB, 1536x1024, A83815EF-860A-438C-B855-F9CCC2…)

I remember when any group with r&b/hip hop influenced music was accused of racism and appropriation. Now BTS and Mamamoo are some of the biggest names in kpop despite making the same type of music + insulting each other for having dark skin, saying nigga on multiple occasions, having photoshoots at Holocaust memorials, wearing nazi inspired clothing, and doing blackface. I’m Black/Asian and stopped stanning kpop groups a few years ago because I couldn’t deal with all the mental gymnastics and ignorance surrounding it. I honestly don’t know how these groups accumulated such a dedicated black fanbase willing to excuse their bullshit.

No. 51319

File: 1569095753937.jpg (130.96 KB, 960x960, 71308698_530830777714807_67691…)

Their plastic surgeon did good fixing their faces, most of them look unrecognizable especially solar and hwasa, hwasa(bottom right) whos jaw was fucking huge.
It sounds like your trying to take the blame off the other mamamoo members,literally all of the mamamoo members have done something racist and they are constantly being called out yet they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again because they dont care.

No. 51320

File: 1569095993015.jpg (139.62 KB, 549x825, 20150118_seoulbeats_BTS.jpg)

i still cant believe how bts managed to get away with the holocaust photoshoot and rapmons nazi inspired clothing. armys would go INSANE if this were another group and talk about how bts would never do this and thats why theyre the greatest group of all.

it feels like armys are currently imploding with all the KSA concert drama though. half are like "let arab armys have this!!" (despite a lot of arab fans from other countries not even being allowed to enter KSA) and the other half are trying really hard to stop it happening under the #btsdontgo hashtag. the first half would be the kind to complain if any other group was performing at a government sponsored concert in KSA but now theyre just silent. kpop fans can really have the flimsiest of morals when their favourite groups are involved

No. 51321

File: 1569096321564.jpg (52.85 KB, 454x392, 71308698_530830777714807_67691…)

bless Hwasa's surgeon

No. 51322

and don't forget Jimin's Hiroshima bombing shirt.

No. 51323

Jeez, never knew she had a jaw shave

No. 51324

I'm not trying to take the blame off the others members, it's just a fact that it's hwasa who's done a lot more racist stuff. Calling herself black unnie, singing the n-word from a beyonce song, doing blackface +1 more times than the others, having a friendship tattoo on her neck with the word 'caddo' that she thought meant friendship but it's actually the name of a tribe or something like that, wearing a durag and other things that the fans managed to hide. I lurk stan twitter and I do like mamamoo (inb4 reee moofag) and there's a lot more things that I don't know cause fans do everything to protect them.

Since they apologised I thought that alright, they learned their lesson. But now she comes out with the durag and it's like why did I even bother. I don't think they mean harm but after even one incident i'd personally be super paranoid about doing anything else racially offensive

No. 51325

File: 1569098324751.jpg (75.41 KB, 736x843, bc6181819a6a5a7cbf4f34dd2a9c0d…)

That selfie is likely taken with snow or something, cause her whole face is slimmer. Her jaw looks the same to me, pic related. I know she had a nosejob for sure cause she used to have a wide nose
As for Solar I'm not sure. Probably nose, eyes, definitely fillers. She used to be chubby and I find it hard to tell the difference. What do other anons think?

No. 51326

File: 1569098501551.png (451.41 KB, 792x1080, 180615_Hwasa_at_the_MAGNUM_Ple…)

nah she did something to her jaw. doesn't mean it's a shave though, could be botox.

No. 51327

Jaw shave + nosejob is basically the starter pack for idols

No. 51330

Her brows/makeup have only gotten worse lol

No. 51331

come on anon, you have to be delusional to not notice how different her jaw looks like.
Both her jaw and chin look completely different, it is very obvious that she had vline surgery.

No. 51332

File: 1569100385048.jpg (85.87 KB, 729x536, unnamed.jpg)

None of you would be able to guess that the person on the left was hwasa
Solar looked like she had her jaw,eyes and maybe nose done,hwasa had her jaw and nose done. Meanwhile the other members look the same.
I dont understand whats so hard about accepting the fact that your idol had plastic surgery.

No. 51335

I think it's botox like the other anon said, cause her jaw didn't used to look like that. I looked up recent pics and it is a lot more rounded & slim, you're right

No. 51336

>singing the n-word from a beyonce song
Serious question: when someone's who's not black wants to sing a song with the n word in it, are they supposed to replace it with another word or just not sing the song in the first place?

No. 51337

she didn’t look all that bad in this before picture imo. better that than plastic

No. 51338

It's best to just skip the word, I think. Iirc she was covering irreplaceable and she doesn't know any english, but still

No. 51339

blackpink would have never overtaken twice. just like how girls generation was always more popular than 2ne1. the cute concept is always more in favor for female idols.

No. 51341

The black unnie incident is actually just koreaboo nonsense. There's no specific word for black person in korean or chinese (i guess that in languages that came from chinese in general), they just have one word that means black or dark depending on the context. So someone with a darker skin tone will refer themselves like this. There's an Asian Boss video in which some Chinese lady commits the same "mistake" bc of literal translation.

No. 51342

even blinks aren't stupid enough to spend money on their half assed concerts with the same five songs, nobody stans them for the music, looking at their pictures on instagram is enough for most fans. maybe the group can be saved if they finally have a comeback right now, but if they don't have it this year, their success is probably gonna be over

No. 51343

>There's no specific word for black person in korean

try 흑형

No. 51345

File: 1569104679638.jpg (69.29 KB, 960x540, 32fd9993137fe4f5affb52ee60043b…)

>maybe nose

No. 51346

Nope, 흑인 means black person in Korean and there are terms for black people in Mandarin and Japanese too.

No. 51347

These are used to call the ethnic group. It doesnt work as an adjective. There isnt one to fit brown/black/tanned skin. For chinese it's 黑 (hay/hei). Can't remember the one in korean but it's the same principle. Don't be obtuse and look it up, and it's been said by east asians over and over again.

No. 51348


What the fuck are you going on about. 흑형/huekhyeong literally means black older brother and is (racist) slang. The mamamoo member probably went with that and changed the word to 흑언니/huekeonni/black older sister.

Also this >>51346, 흑인 means black person.(derailing)

No. 51349

Music video makes no sense, what the fuck is Amber trying to convey? That she is trans?
Now I know why SM doesn't allow artistic freedom.

No. 51350

흑(黑) from Hanja for black and has been in use in Korean for yonks. 흙 is native Korean and it means dirt or earth, also used in the Korean translation of the Bible for the "dust" (when compared to NIV).

It's why black and white TV or photos are called 흑백 (黑白). If you really wanted to make it racist and call a 흑인(黑人) a 흙인 as in dirt/dust/earth then it would be 土人 which would be pronounced 토인 and even then 토(土) is more known for "land" because we use the native 흙.


No. 51351

Cool that you read that one Sam Okyere interview but it's not as simple as you put. However, debating this would be r*cebait and derailing soooo next subject pls anons(c*nsoring doesn't work outside twitter)

No. 51352

File: 1569106865143.png (321.33 KB, 521x551, 6.png)

Here's the words she used

No. 51354

File: 1569107787347.jpeg (61.92 KB, 1000x500, D398642B-F374-421F-93A1-1FBDEB…)

She looks almost exactly the same without makeup. I’m not denying that she got any work done, but I sincerely doubt she got a jaw shave in middle school. She doesn’t even have that crazy pointy V-shape unless she uses a bunch of filters. Probably just nosejob and fillers.

No. 51355

kek so she called herself “black sister” using derogatory slang? I almost feel bad for her, it’s obvious she was bullied for being ugly and dark and probably internalized it. Becoming a blackaboo is her coping mechanism.

No. 51356

i dunno, but she is definitely gay and i dunno who she is trying to fool.

No. 51358

I assume she hasn't come out yet because she knows the only thing that makes people interested in her is speculating about her sexuality and once she admits to being a lesbian she'll be completely irrelevant.

No. 51359

He looks like a literal ape here

No. 51361

I think they should just skip the word like ariana does whenever she has to sing the word "fuck" or replace it if there is another word that could match

No. 51363

>I almost feel sorry for her

I don't

No. 51367

why do celebrities agree to do this? they're clearly bothered by a lot of what they read about themselves so why do it in a video

No. 51369

File: 1569117898316.jpeg (440.35 KB, 1200x1200, 4D08C709-193F-482F-A80F-F74665…)

lmao who did sana and jeongyeon piss off for this album cover

No. 51370

the nerve of mina, kek
shes clearly the jenny of twice
she'll show up and show out for photos but then shes gonna play her anxiety card anytime she doesnt want to put in half the effort the other girls do

No. 51371

Lisa can sing?

No. 51372

At this point why is she still in the group if she doesn't care?

No. 51373

>Charisma and sass is oozing off this performance. She knows how to vibe with every song
>The way she BODIED this performance, this is the Jennie from debut.
>Ooooof that energy. Love this performance. Thank You masternim.

the bar is set so low for this girl…

No. 51374

lisa's english has always sounded pretty "native" to me. maybe it's just her accent that's convincing, I don't know, but I have to wonder why she isn't more of an active participant in US interviews whenever YG manages to heave their emaciated bodies across the pacific

No. 51377

File: 1569120448138.jpg (1.47 MB, 2081x3264, kek45.jpg)

They definitely tell jisoo and lisa not to talk during english promotions. I remember hearing that at fanmeets and whatever fans can communicate in english with all of them pretty well.

No. 51378

her singing voice is the most likeable of all the members, but instead they make her do those awful raps in english.

No. 51379

you can just hear rose's voice slowly but surely morphing into park bom's. Both nasally like a fucking hyena.

No. 51380

is she high? something just seems off about her in this video

No. 51382

File: 1569124986402.jpg (267.56 KB, 1080x1678, IMG_20190921_235539.jpg)

Poor uwuw kpop stans, everybody who doesn't like them is racist and dumb. Nobody ever made fun of or belittled justin bieber, one direction (and every other boy band and girl band in existence) and their stans! Why does everybody only hate kpop stans?

No. 51383

Damn she's so sloppy
Honestly I always forget Jisoo even exists lol

No. 51385

For real. Her eyes look so empty

No. 51386

>Ladies, Gentlemen & NB Pals

No. 51388


No. 51389

she left sm so she can make bullshit like this. i think she's just another dyke who wants a dick, not trans
she was lip syncing. lisa has almost never sung live/without a backtrack cause she gets out of breathe fast. plus she sounds like a high schooler talk-singing
lol and blinks claim she isn't lazy anymore

No. 51391

2019 has been a horrible year for Kpop in particular and somehow Kard has managed to be even worse

Who the fuck names a song DUMB LITTY oh my god

No. 51392

File: 1569138533542.jpg (172.18 KB, 900x719, urhvmx7.jpg)

This was trending - can someone translate

No. 51393

jungkook tatto, jungkook cigarettes, jungkook tattooist, jungkook keojedo (the island he was on with the girl) jungkook insta etc etc

No. 51394

l want Jungkook or Jimin to piss off their sasaengs again to completely destroy their careers. I'm pretty sure this whole Jungkook thing leaking was due to sasaengs.

No. 51395

that's true, wonder who originally posted the picture

No. 51397

don't know if this is true but some people were speculating that it was headliner who leaked it

No. 51398

Would be the timing not a bit off?
If she leaked them after her rambling, that would make sense. But she apologized appearantly and some time later this picture got leaked… seems strange to me. But who knows. Headliner, same as every sasaeng, is crazy.

Let´s say she got the picture from somewhere - since Jungkook knows Headliner and in such a small environment like a tattoo studio, she would not remain unnoticed -, but who originally photographed it and uploaded it?

No. 51401

>>51398 tinfoil but after her "wasting his dick" rant, any one of the sasaengs she allegedly fraternized with could have decided to prove her wrong, whether they already had proof or knew where to get it. not saying thats what happened because i dont think headliner was the leak, but its completely possible that her temper tantrum got the ball rolling somehow, got people curious at least.

then again she did expose the idol she was obsessed with before jungkook for dating so you never know.

No. 51402

File: 1569150089338.jpg (525.83 KB, 1159x913, headliner.jpg)

>she did expose the idol she was obsessed with before jungkook for dating so you never know.
i looked that up out of curiosity. apparently she had a fansite for infinite member l and he was in a dating scandal with some girl. headliner's was one of the most popular fansites and people would ship her with l and shit. when the dating rumors came out she went on a hiatus. she was trending on naver with l and the girl's names.
she left the infinite fandom in 2016 to become a jungkook fansite. she's also known for scamming multiple infinite fans throughout years and she never gave them their money back.

she's just overall weird. she gets into flame wars with complete randos on twitter. her bitchy responses to i-fans are kinda amusing ngl

No. 51403


So kayla said that she went on a hiatus because she got injured, why is it so hard to believe though? Is she still not free to speak about the truth (that she got a lot of hate for being fat) even after leaving the company?

No. 51408

maybe she had to sign and nda and it hasn't expired yet. i heard that pledis has connections so they could be telling her to not talk about it or end up arrested for defamation the next time she shows up in korea

No. 51410

File: 1569156823951.jpeg (177.85 KB, 750x353, DCAAF108-C885-470A-ABAC-3BE614…)

So many kard fags are praising jiwoo for her looks in this comeback but look at her

No. 51411

This guy looks like the epitome of a fuckboy.
How long until they have to disband? Nobody in Korea cares about them

No. 51412

She looks like a moonbyul x lady gaga reject

No. 51413

File: 1569159716510.jpeg (576.38 KB, 1217x907, 0C658815-EB98-4232-AA52-6AC574…)

she looks tragic, as if she were on the spectrum

No. 51415

File: 1569161919987.png (145.07 KB, 431x320, www.youtube.com.png)

there was so much hype around them and their songs were pretty decent pre-debut but they went to shit real fast
she pissed somebody off

No. 51416

can u translate this about jimin's apartment. did he lose or gain money on his real eatate speculation?


No. 51417


What is real estate speculation? Is it bad? Sorry I don't know about these things.

No. 51419

It was over for them when they named a dude bowel movement

No. 51421


I'm not sure if this is good or bad for jimin. If it's good for jimin it'll be translated quickly by the bts translation sites as they're quick to translate articles about the boys buying apartments, being loved and influential and making money. if not they'll stay silent.

No. 51424

File: 1569166215368.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x1500, BM.full.165573.jpg)

IQ 50

No. 51425

File: 1569167393844.jpg (84.19 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_20190922_174709.jpg)

>>51416 i mean this part sounds pretty good. the rest of it sounds like a bunch of ups and downs in terms of construction and location and lawsuits and i honestly cant tell if its gonna be good or bad for jimin long-term

No. 51427

anyone know why jungwoos been gone from nct for so long, is it the same as mina or what? sm doesnt usually say anything about their artists when theyre missing

No. 51428

physiognomy is a science

No. 51429

File: 1569168224861.jpg (66.44 KB, 1027x456, IMG-20190922-WA0012.jpg)


No. 51430

File: 1569168253568.jpg (15.92 KB, 660x100, IMG-20190922-WA0013.jpg)


No. 51432

Embarrassing. No one should be this invested. She was cute before she chopped her hair off and bleached it. That hair with the piercings and face tattoo makes her look like a mkitrain reject. Stanning a regular ass civilian just because she’s fucking a celebrity is weird as hell to me. But I guess #goals for aspiring hoes

No. 51434


welp she blew up bighit's and her own statement in one fell swoop.

as if it weren't obvious before they were dating. confirmed now

I do wonder why she'd confirm it like this when she was getting so much hate and the company already denied it. She must have really wanted to throw it in the fangirls faces. Either than or punish JK.

No. 51435


Honestly, if I got fired from my job because of some crazy autists and retarded industry that supports that kind of behaviour, I'd start stirring up shit too.

Tattoer Rennis release JK's penis.

No. 51437

i guess its like investing in the stock market. buying real estate for a low price and expecting it to go up so u can make profit.

maybe i am reading the comments wrong (google translate) but koreans seem to think that real estate speculations are shady. maybe because rich people are connected to the goverment and the government can pass laws that cause real estate to sky rocket in price.

for example sk signed some kind of trade deal with SA and next thing you know bts is performing in SA.

also this apartment was bought last year around the time they resigned their contracts. i wonder if it was a sign up bonus. i think jk and suga also got apartments around that time.

No. 51439


kek @ that one autist spamming jungkook x lisa in her comments.

No. 51440

Honestly she’s on the losing side so if I were in her place I’d get bitchy and want to go down swinging.

No. 51442

she is officially /ourgirl/ for blowing up her bighit forced statement and having bigger balls than jk

No. 51443


Since she is getting hate either way, what does she have to loose?
At least this girl has guts to give a shit about bighit and ratmy.

I looked at her IG for the first time, because I wanted to read some stupid ratmy-comments, and I fell over her drug-tattoo… geez, baby jungkook really likes the edgy type, lol.

No. 51444

I didn't notice he was gone 'til you brought it up lmao. Him and sicheng are a special kind of useless. Schrodinger's line.

No. 51445

So you’re telling me Lisa is probably the most decent and stable singer in bp, yet they have her rapping like shit? What in the hell? Even if it’s a backtrack at least my ears aren’t in fucking pain. Does anyone have a vid of her singing live?

No. 51446

>she is officially /ourgirl/ for blowing up her bighit forced statement and having bigger balls than jk

I’m not invested but I like her on principle. I remember ratmys we’re talking shit abt halsey for her drug use and making bitter remarks abt their collab. I appreciate an edgy bitch with balls once in a while.

Ready for kpoppies in general to realize idols have entirely constructed public personas

No. 51448

samefag just calling out my own type because I’m a dumbass with autocorrect

No. 51449

File: 1569172139949.jpeg (54.07 KB, 567x319, 0C688E58-74E2-45F8-A985-963071…)


I’m not even a monbebe (i just listen to Monsta X songs casually) but i feel so bad for mx being treated like shit. Apparently it’s been 2 days the iheart concert staff fucked up their performance by beginning their song too early or choosing the wrong one and you can see how fed up they are. Even their US PR team (who’s known to have been BTS’ ex US PR team?) fuck up on the daily not knowing their names and mistaking one member for another, it’s a complete mess.

Why do kpop companies keep pushing it in the US? It’s definitely not worth it. Even BTS don’t have much there, despite all those streams and collabs. Let them build a stronger fanbase in SK first and stop forcing them to go to stupid concerts in the US just to be treated like a joke.

No. 51452

pushing for the west is why kpop will die soon. being treated like a joke in america and then having barely any fandom left back home does nothing good for them.
https://youtu.be/TO6YerfTjfE (the first couple are kinda bad 1:16)
https://youtu.be/nh8F380RXAY (0:57)

No. 51453

Lol a 2nd han seohee
But good for her. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up, so by liking this she not only hurts ratmy but also takes revenge on jk, bts and bighit for having her and her fellow coworkers face all the backlash. Hopefully she at least received some money/expensive gifts from him.

No. 51454

she's not outstanding but honestly if Lisa had real vocal training (which clearly doesn't exist at YG) she could probably be decent by idol standards.

No. 51455


Yep this is what I see the situation as.

JK was fucking her. Then shit blows up and Bighit forces them to deny their relationship as "malicious rumors." Likely JK broke up with her on Bighit's orders (or his own common sense) to protect his career and salvage his reputation. JK got protected by his company and most of his fans trending support for him on twitter, weverse wherever. Meanwhile she and her coworkers are getting death threats on the daily and shouldering ALL the burden. JK gets to continue on with his career while she will likely be harassed for the next few months, maybe years.

It's not fair.

She wanted to give these fangirls, JK and his company one last fuck you. If she's gonna receive hate anyway, she might as well not make it easy for him.

No. 51456

Please post more of junjook, I want the ratmies to seethe with rage

No. 51457

File: 1569173559837.jpg (189.44 KB, 1395x193, yRdKeNj.jpg)


looks like k fans been knew

No. 51458

She should expose more things about him (with evidence so that she isn't sued for defamation). I want her to take revenge cause this is really on unfair to her.

No. 51459

I'd really love if the girl is being messy on purpose but seems like she's liking any positive reply she gets on IG…

No. 51460

File: 1569174094617.jpg (30.93 KB, 540x360, somi1.jpg)


Lmao it must suck to be irrevelant when you had everything but got too greedy

Also apparently JYP called Somi the equivlent of a "side dish"
>MC: Why did you eliminate Somi?
>JYP: She was like a 겉절이(fresh/unfermented kimchi), she will be more delicious if we ferment her more

I assume he meant "She isn't ready to debut yet

No. 51461

File: 1569174210976.jpg (23.06 KB, 433x286, hail_satan.JPG)

A++ content bless this woman

No. 51462

Maybe she doesn't even speak english and just likes every comment that has some kind of heart emoji.

I bet the same men who act disgusted by her 18-year-old self were all fapping to her when she was 14/15 and in produce 101…
>[+462, -86] I'm sorry but she doesn't have the type of looks that men are into
>[+42, -1] She's young but looks like she's in her late twenties or early thirties
>[+26, -1] She's young but looks old. Just another average face of a foreign woman. I'll take a pass.

Wooyoung, this is how you too will get treated in about 2 years…

No. 51464

even if she doesn't speak english i'm sure she can tell what >>51430 meant

No. 51465

maybe the way he phrased it has been lost in translation to me but that sounds a little creepy and the fact that people do the papa yg shit with jyp baffles me. he's literally friends with yg and some of the stuff released by the co (coming of age ceremony, twice) have paedophilic undertones. also who's your mama vom

No. 51466

And not to be some kind of delulu ass but nowadays it’s easy to just… google translate something? Juste to get the gist of what it’s said if you really can’t understand. Maybe she took it as ‘the love between two friends’? We’ll never know but it’s still pretty weird.

No. 51467

also most Koreans know how to read english. They may not be able to speak but they can understand, read and write it

No. 51468

File: 1569175379031.png (851.18 KB, 594x592, capt.PNG)

would love it if someone could share some of these twitter accounts.

yea I noticed that too.

I think bh is mad at her.
maybe she posted her statement by herself, then they ordered her to delete it considering how fast she did.

I guess she's getting so much hate that every positive comments brings her joy.
she must also be pretty content with the amount of followers she got from this mess.

No. 51469

File: 1569175703766.jpg (39.58 KB, 600x404, b7f5feee8e8c34aa2f785fddc4c463…)

>[+153, -2] I seriously was so shocked when I saw her IG… She's so obsessed with IG.. She used Armani as her cushion, but it was fakeㅋㅋㅋㅋ the comments are seriously destroying her… How did she turned like that
Girl… Is she that broke?

>[+119, -1]

So it was a good thing that she was under SM's management after all, as soon as she came out, she turned like that
Seems to be a pattern. The chinese members who left exo also look absolutely tragic.

No. 51472


this seems to be one of them but who knows I don't read Korean


No. 51473

File: 1569177342846.jpg (138.79 KB, 589x631, jk.jpg)

No. 51474

glad to see jungkook finally ascending out of inceldom. headliner would be proud.

No. 51475

File: 1569177599674.jpg (44.43 KB, 432x573, jk.jpg)

So, what do we think about that?

Account shared the whole JK dating thing, despite getting the same hate and the account is also not that old. Only made a few months ago.

No. 51476

File: 1569177719138.jpg (117.41 KB, 540x533, Screenshot_20190922-193223-1.j…)

I still cannot believe that she had been selected from an SM audition

No. 51477

jesus christ who is this?

No. 51478

Lia from Itzy

No. 51479


"silence before the storm" hasn't the storm already hit? oh god is there more?

No. 51480

It's all for the same reason then, money.

No. 51482

File: 1569178775489.jpg (102.6 KB, 628x964, 0342c418a2ca54e54ce991b02661ba…)

She reminds me a bit of Hyoyeon pre-surgery except Hyoyeon at least was talented

No. 51483

forgive me for sounding like an oldfag, but damn kpop lost it's spark once they stopped scouting for talented / unique looking people and just became another industry for nepotism and wealth

No. 51485

exo's latest album was so bad, as an exol I can tell you most of the fandom hated it except for the choreo, and all the sales came from huge Chinese fansites that bought about 500k albums within themselves.

No. 51486

File: 1569179274645.jpeg (216.7 KB, 1000x1184, 3AD4FD96-C38D-4502-A97E-162369…)

i thought she looked really nice in the teaser pics for dalla dalla and figured she would be the visual. was very surprised to see her in candids…

No. 51487

What are you guys talking about? She looks normal. Is it the lack of nose surgery that's bothering you?

No. 51488

maybe she auditioned at like 10 and thought she'd grow into her looks.m, but that plan obviously backfired. my eyes aren't burning but i'm shocked she wasn't forced to get surgery.

No. 51489

File: 1569179597903.gif (2.48 MB, 320x237, 01.gif)

Why would any kid still want to become an idol?
Especially nowadays there's so much evidence abut how horrible the idol life is (even if you succeed), so why are there more and more idiots training and debuting every single year?

No. 51490

File: 1569179624117.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 05.gif)

No. 51491

File: 1569179815342.jpg (27.55 KB, 420x311, 09.jpg)

No. 51493


what is this?

No. 51494

I agree, I think she looks fine. To me, Chaeryoung is the least attractive facially. Girl has nose for days. But I suppose it's better than being botched.
Not having a perfect face is one thing, but botched faces are terrifying. Park Bom and Nayeon are going to give me nightmares

No. 51495

Before the rampant nepotism most useless members were at least known for their good looks. Now we have people like Umji and Chaeryeong/Chaeyeon that REALLY make you wonder how they got in.

No. 51496

File: 1569181462736.jpeg (43.35 KB, 668x393, D0CB2832-00C5-4F82-B804-0C1725…)

>Umji is born into a rich family
>The CEO of Source Music saw her walking on the street and invited her to make an audition

why do they bother lying like this lmao

No. 51497


"they can't SHARE jk" tells me he's in a kangta situation

No. 51499


Obvs Jungkook and Mijoo were at least FWBs until they got caught, doubt Bighit are a nice big family firm at all so they prob told JK to cut all contact with Mijoo and his tattoo shop friends if he wants a solo career in future. He's their most profitable bts cash cow and they won't allow him to ruin his rep with the wrong friend crowd. I think the tattoo shop had to fire the person who leaked CCTV because Bighit threatened legal action. Mijoo was probably told to post a denial statement for the sake of JK but took it down after he cut contact and she's passive aggressively liking IG comments to hint at their r/ship without explicitly saying it.

No. 51500

File: 1569181862344.jpeg (396.94 KB, 1125x1273, 9F196FF3-67D4-4F28-AD19-1593A6…)

‘I’m broken’

Girl you didn’t have any chance to begin with. Why do you feel heartbroken? Don’t you love JK and the others for their woke music or was it just a facade? Armys (especially i-fans) really don’t want to admit they’re just like any delulu wannabe y/n fans.

No. 51501

>>51497 actually they seem to be alluding to some kind of beef (or something?) between headliner and nuna v, a huge v fansite. what goes on in that fandom, seriously

No. 51502

People with face tattoos are not the greatest at impulse control so if her buttons are sufficiently pushed on IG I bet she will spill scalding hot tea.

No. 51503

File: 1569181976454.jpeg (142.38 KB, 717x818, 44F4B0B2-C5B3-44EF-B472-2BC542…)

Samefag but this shit is hilarious

No. 51504


so maybe something about v will be revealed soon? idk this could escalate beyond what's already happening. that fandom is crazy.

No. 51505

unless this is some dumb taekook shipper who doesnt actually know anything and is just stringing wannabe sasaengs along for fun. we'll see i guess

No. 51506

the fucking mental gymnastics of ratmys i swear

No. 51507

never thought i'd see hyoyeon and talented in the same sentence

No. 51508

I hate to suggest this but can they make Jisoo rap or just give Jisoo no lines at all? Lisa's obv not vocally talented (none of them are lol) but her voice is actually more listenable than Rose's, who is supposedly the ~so talented main vocal~.

You're talking about Tempo right? I liked Ooh La La and Gravity, can't remember the rest but Tempo sucked ass. The fucking bed creaking sounds oml… I wish they had chose the other two b-sides that I mentioned as the single. Then again I get this vibe that SM is trying to ruin Exo little by little so committed Exo-Ls will be forced to stan NCT.

No. 51510

Such a badass girl group, they are truly changing global perceptions of Asian women.

(/s for all the retards who cannot sense the sarcasm)

No. 51512

what’s with them insisting on putting thigh-highs on jennie’s stubby legs? it just makes her look frumpy, they may be skelly but at least lisa and rosé are tall and thin enough to pull it off

No. 51513

>I get this vibe that SM is trying to ruin Exo little by little so committed Exo-Ls will be forced to stan NCT

tinfoil & not to go off on a tangent, it seems bts are in a similar predicament to make way for txt. why wouldn’t bighit cover up/take quick action to repress these past “scandals”….

No. 51515

Serious question but how would that work? Ruining exo that is. You think SM figures they have core fans to depend on for income now? I truly don’t understand how these agencies work because they have some terrible acts that make absolute bank.

No. 51516

Some parts of this sounds like that idubbz’s rice gum diss track

No. 51518

File: 1569185312936.jpeg (9.98 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg)

I know she was on Real Men and talked about having a crush on a guy but it felt kind of forced. Also I really doubt she's a tranny since she does some girly photoshoots.

No. 51520

Tbh as soon as I sent it I thought maybe it’s just easier to milk money out of boys who are further along from their enlistment. So older groups who inevitably aren’t going to promote/make money for nearly 2 years are less prioritized.

No. 51521

Exo make a ridiculous amount of money regardless if they comeback or not so I don't think they're irrelevant. They also trend for dumb things on sites where mostly the gp use. They aren't irrelevant yet but sm is trying to make them that way and it's obviously not working seeing as nct isn't even close to overshadowing super junior, let alone exo.

No. 51522

File: 1569186193679.png (2.64 MB, 1334x750, A972436B-3D93-49E6-9DF9-60504A…)

That video of chungha teaching kyuhyun the snapping dance was on my tl today and it made me realize super junior has reached full on embarrassing uncle trying to be cool status. They need to just retire with dignity or dress less like a baptist youth pastor.

No. 51523

pls stop responding to that retarded ratmy

No. 51527

jisoo is on the same level as jennie when it comes to putting some efforts

No. 51530

super junior hasn't had dignity or relevancy in years. if it's true that nct can't overshadow them, they need to disband already.

i wouldn't be shocked if that were the case though. it's been nearly four years but they have zero hit songs and the member they keep trying to push just gets more and more hated.

No. 51531

File: 1569188203952.png (5.56 MB, 3264x1632, -collage4.png)

Kpop stans are delusional. (Both images are random picks, i just wanted to compare an idol vs. a normal person)

No. 51532

lmao, really puts all this shit into perspective

No. 51534

Deadass that whole "most beautiful faces" shit is filled with kpop fans now that its not even a diverse competition. Anyone on that list who isnt Korean will get less than 10k likes, Japanese people get about 50k ish and all the kpop idols get 100k+ its actually fucking ridiculous. Kpop stans literally took an all inclusive video that showcases different country's beauty and said "I NOMINATE EVERY KPOP IDOL BC THEY'RE THE ONLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" yikes

No. 51535

This sounds fucked up but when watching a documentary on North Korea I remember thinking how pretty Korean women are when they don’t fuck up their faces with plastic surgery and wear washed out makeup. North Korea is still a hellhole for women tho.

No. 51536

call me deluded but i really believed jungkook was gay lol

No. 51541

>but i'm shocked she wasn't forced to get surgery
>implying she wasn't

That's where I've heard it… now I can't unhear it

She's not going to come out because she comes from a family of bible thumpers, and she's apparently very religious herself. It's sad

No. 51542

I just can't understand why the fuck they get that v-line surgery. 99% of the time it ruins their faces and there really isn't anything there to correct anyway

I don't know any country that has the same amount of strict beauty standards, all the famous 'it girls' look exactly the same. The only different ones I can think of are Hwasa and Nana, and Nana seems to have fucked up her face as well

No. 51543

Samefag but I'm talking about south koreans, obv

No. 51545

she looks like minzy

No. 51546

I still think he is. This evidence doesn’t seem that convincing- more like a friendship. But it is better for him to be thought of as straight so in the end it’s ok.

No. 51547

I’m gonna expose myself as an oldfag but Nana and Park Gyuri were always the prettiest to me. Idek if Gyuri is all natural, she just always looked age appropriate. This baby looking shit that’s taken over is ruining decent looking women.

No. 51548

Has anyone heard from Jungkook on BTS twitter since his dating scandal? the other members are posting photos of being in New Zealand but he's silent and is it possible his mgmt is punishing him? sad we dont even know if he was forced to deny. Jimin must be super relieved his nightclub visit got buried and overshadowed by JK

No. 51549

You must be new. Platonic hugging between opposite sex friends is not a concept that exists in Korea. There was a Korean tv clip with Henry Lau and Kate Prescott when she went to Korea and him hugging her at the airport was wild to the Korean audience.

But ya know, you can still make believe he’s gay and fucking cow hybrid jimin. Twitter shippers and degenerates on ao3 will support you.

No. 51550

Not new, and more familiar with Korea than someone who thinks no friends of the opposite sex there hug (in a small group party setting after drinking). She and her group have face tattoos and sex toys at their shop. They are hardly going to be shocked by a hug. (I don’t think he is dating Jimin and I am not stupid- calm down. Maybe my gaydar is different from yours).

No. 51551

delusional armys on your imageboards? it's more likely than you think.
it's insane sjw project their yaoi fantasies on real living people (not that i care about dumb idols' welfare, they chose their path well aware, thats the price of greed and lust for fame). like 90% of men, they most definitely are straight. there's literally nothing to indicate any of the bts boys are homos, in fact there is nothing to indicate a genuine personality at all. they are marketed products, idk what to say about ratmys who are convinced that they know idols' intimate thoughts and feelings due to stupid social media updates.

No. 51552

Be careful anon, you’re being rational and making a bit too much sense. It won’t be long before you’re labeled as a ratmy.

No. 51553

samefag…I was 52 seconds late.

No. 51554

Please not this shit again

No. 51555

File: 1569201159863.jpg (36.4 KB, 480x640, download (1).jpg)

Lmao girl put too much spf + foundation that's too light for her skin
All of these years and she doesn't know the right makeup for the camera?

No. 51556

Honestly idols typically dont do their own makeup/styling, so it doesnt surprise me when they have fails like this after not being taken care of by a company. Even the companies get it wrong so much of the time. Idols are stunted in a lot of ways at the end of the day. They lack in a lot of basic life skills.

No. 51557

Anons in here about to have a koreaboo showdown

No. 51558

Did you forget that jin was "scouted" too? Kek

No. 51559

File: 1569202185450.jpg (28.23 KB, 479x640, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

She's such a catfish

No. 51562

she talks like every other international ratmy on stan twt i've seen lmao they're all the same. it's funny she thinks she's better just because he acknowledges her as his #1 stalker.

No. 51563

wonyoung and the other izone girls will most likely debut in flop girl groups when izone disbands. none of them have the talent or charisma to make it as a soloist.

No. 51564

lol imagine being wonyoung and peaking at 13

pd101 is a cancer but i know they'll keep making shitty ass seasons and rigging the final rankings so a bunch of "cute" 14 year olds can get their 15 minutes of fame

No. 51567

Unpopular opinion it seems but Chaeryoung is prettier than Lia. Lia's eyes really make the rest of her face look off whereas Chaeryoung, although not stunningly beautiful, doesn't really have any "bold" features so her face looks average all-around.

JYP is creepy as fuck. One prominent thing about him that doesn't seem to get talked about much is how back in the early 2000s, he composed (and probably wrote the lyrics to) a song for one of his solo artists with a 'sexy' concept. Keep in mind though that she was 19 at the time and the song had lyrics like this:

>Hey you, why are you hesitating?

>I know you want me
>right now in front of you
>I know what you want,
>what you’re waiting for,
>just come here

>I’m not that little girl

>you used to know anymore,
>I’m a woman now
>I’m thankful that you’ve waited for me
>Now I’ll become a woman at your kiss

No. 51568

isnt that the song all female idols are forced to perform on stage as part of some weird ritual that they call ~coming of age ceremony~ when they graduate?
sick and weird

No. 51569

stan woke kings jungkook and jimin who performed this song too

No. 51570

Samefag but just wanted to also mention that he had some TWICE members perform this song around the time they debuted, meaning that they were barely legal at the time of this video.

No. 51571

File: 1569205754889.jpg (85.59 KB, 1280x720, snsd.jpg)

seems most female idols have done a performance of that song before, ew

No. 51572

Jesus christ I wasn't even aware but now I know why I felt uncomfortable when female idols did that song

and guess who got the most attention for performing this cover? (the youngest, Joy)

No. 51573

JYP is a slippery guy who has managed time and time again to get away with shit because he doesn't come off as arrogant as YG, and he knows this.

No. 51574

File: 1569206113345.jpg (29.2 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

also yein from lovelyz is a recent one and she is BARELY of age its crazy

And cosmic girls too, and it seems they always give the girls padded tops

im gonna be sick i wish i didnt look this up

No. 51575

JYP is definitely a creep. He got in trouble a few years ago for sexualizing schoolgirl uniforms with Twice.


>In the advertisement posted on the front gates of middle and high schools, the phrases such as “Tighten it with this jacket! Corset jacket” and “Make it thinner with this skirt! Shading skirt.” Along with a photo of Park Jin Young and the members of TWICE wearing the tight school uniforms which emphasized their hips and chest.

No. 51576

File: 1569207529088.jpg (39.27 KB, 720x405, JYPTzuyu.jpg)

he also thought this was okay…

No. 51578

do they even allow idols to wear safety shorts under such skimpy outfits?

No. 51579

Context? is he being tackled?

Looks like he wants to straight up deck someone

No. 51580

File: 1569208910011.png (951.64 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-09-23-10-21-03…)

0:55 lmao they look like cheap prostitutes,couldnt even make the sexy shtick convincing

No. 51581

Fans buying RV's members iphone 11 as if they're too poor to buy on their own

No. 51582

File: 1569209553718.jpg (36.65 KB, 245x300, cl-rihanna-245x300.jpg)


Antis Claim CL Was So Jealous Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Photo With Rihanna Because She Did THIS

CL had also shared a cute exchange with Rihanna to her instagram account after her event. She shared a screenshot of her convo with Rihanna, Rihanna told CL that she missed her and that she had a blast. CL even called her ‘unnie.’

Due to CL’s busy schedule, she wasn’t able to attend the after-party.

However, some antis claim that CL shared this screenshot after seeing Jennie’s picture with Rihanna and that CL is an attention seeker who’s trying to rival Jennie.

No. 51583

jennie stans are really trying it since rihanna and cl have been friends for years. little do they know that yg is gonna find a new favorite/"princess" in a few years and toss jennie in the dungeon, just like he did with cl.

No. 51584

Lol ridicoulos. CL and Rihanna have been friends for years. Rihanna was just posing with a fan for a photo.

No. 51585

File: 1569210148165.jpg (34.65 KB, 520x459, lolz.jpg)

reminder how misogynistic, ageist and awful blackpink fans are… as if bp girls won't be in the same situation few years down the line

No. 51586


K E K These Blackpink fans are gonna grow out of this phase some day and look back cringing.

No. 51587


Nah, 2NE1 had some kind of talent and group chemistry. Blackpink won't even make it to 7 years.

No. 51588

File: 1569211190962.jpeg (23.05 KB, 400x400, images (15).jpeg)

TIL that the girl on the right is ITZY's visual. Wtf?? Guess not having a flat nose and being the tallest is literally what it takes nowadays

No. 51589

File: 1569211424116.jpg (49.66 KB, 550x550, 945845892.jpg)

CL has actually gotten gifts from Rihanna and Jennie's stans think she's jealous over a shitty photo kek

I'll give them maybe two years before shit hits the fan. YG has a horrible track record with ggs but Jennie's low IQ stans haven't realized it. I'm 99.99% sure they think he wouldn't fuck them over because they're so speshul and talented /s

No. 51592

I want kpop to just fucking implode. People see the sick shit and they just do not care. I feel like it peaked in like 2014 and it’s just become so saturated and boring and shitty.

No. 51593

File: 1569213364683.jpg (199.61 KB, 1366x336, Jxqj1u0.jpg)

makes you wonder

No. 51594

good god i cant believe its THIS big of a deal that a grown man isnt a fucking virgin
kpop fans are legitimately mentally retarded

No. 51595

>forced to perform on stage as part of some weird ritual that they call ~coming of age ceremony~ when they graduate?
sick and weird

if this is a coming of age ritual, aren’t these lyrics like publicly acknowledging an invitation to exploit really young female idols/idols in general.

there’s no end to roots of evil

No. 51596

the lyrics definitely allude to a female who has become ~sexually available~ because she is old enough, so yes

No. 51597

from what I saw, it’s just kfans finally openly discussing his actual behavior against the marketed baby boy persona and coming to terms with it. different incidents at different times stacked one next to another seems “bigger than it seems”

No. 51598

I thought it was Ryujin? Even in this pic you can tell
Well, on the bright side they got away from ending up as "Somi and the girls" so whatever I guess

No. 51599

File: 1569214559873.jpeg (325.68 KB, 1121x1963, 17DE2F67-2844-46A1-BAD1-8159C0…)

not sure if this belongs here or in the celebricows thread but cupcakke made fun of chungha’s name and dancing skills and got blasted by kpop twitter. now she’s saying she’s quitting the music industry, cancelling her tour, and deleting her social media. she did an ig live looking completely coked out and being recorded by someone else. not sure what to think of this situation, it’s obviously in bad taste to make fun of foreign names but she doesn’t seem all there mentally and some of the comments she received from kpop stans are viscous. thoughts?

No. 51600

i dont get why people like her so much and YAAASSS QUEEN her behavior
all she does is talk about sex constantly even though shes probably not even having any, mopes around and whines when people call her out on her shit, sexually harasses kpop idols verbally and deletes her social media and crawls right back every few weeks for attention just like demi lovato
isnt she also trying to start shit with that camilla girl and her boyfriend who one minute she claimed she fucked, and the next claimed he was gay?
is this all celebrities have to do to be celebrated these days kek

No. 51601

The only way that will happen is if
1) US tells Korea govt to stop exporting it
2) North Korea invades the South and stops it

Imagine being that upset because a misogynistic man with a botched face did not want to have sex with you. These girls need to "love themselves" kek

It's stuff like this that makes international kpop fans willfully ignorant to not know the actual lyrics to songs. I remember when a reaction channel was critical of the Twice Cheer Up song because they understood the lyrics of the "be a man" part. The scum kept REEEEEing and spamming the girl's twitter and Instagram to the point that she hasn't been in any other kpop reaction video since.

No. 51602

Didn’t cupcakke get shit for saying she’d fuck the whole kpop group aka bts? Making fun of foreign names is def in bad taste, that’s cupcakke’s whole schtick tho. She was wrong but I’m not gonna be surprised if the racism jumps out from kpoppers

No. 51603

Why should they? Literally every industry in existence is full of sick shit. Kpop isn't special in that aspect, it's not much worse than the western pop industry if at all.

No. 51604

INB4 koreaboos start spamming racist shit for the 93427th time and black koreaboos either get their wakeup call or double down in their self hate

No. 51605

>sexually harasses kpop idols verbally and deletes her social media and crawls right back every few weeks for attention just like demi lovato
>isnt she also trying to start shit with that camilla girl and her boyfriend who one minute she claimed she fucked, and the next claimed he was gay?
>is this all celebrities have to do to be celebrated these days kek

fuck off ratmy, no one cares about your uwu twink bois

No. 51606

inb4 “racebaiting” I’m just trying to point out the irony

No. 51607

i dont have a dog in this fight, both fandoms are retarded and both sides are racist af

No. 51608

this, not race-baiting either, it's a common theme that's reoccurring literally 3 times every year.

No. 51609

I feel you. I feel more sympathy for cupcake though tbh. She doesn’t have a whole flock of femcels to cape for her.

No. 51610

Commenting “stan bts” and “stream twice” on an ig live when it’s obvious this woman is having a manic/depressive episode

No. 51611

From what I saw they discussed all his gfs, his constant chasing after female idols, attention whoring with hickey-selfies, getting away with shit etc. I think for the Korean GP it's the fact that he's also associating with a group of people who are commonly and culturally associated with drugs (the girl has a tattoo of cocaine), gangs, prison, and prostitution that also compounds the issue for them as they're a conservative country but Koreans need to learn they bring it on themselves by demanding fake images on these celebrities who are most likely problematic manbabies.

No. 51614

i feel bad for cupcakke, it's obvious she's been struggling a lot. kpop stans' attitude towards her is extremely retarded and embarrassing

No. 51616

cupcakke has a history of starting drama on twitter to get promo for her music . she obviously isn’t doing well mentally so i wish people would just leave her alone

No. 51617

I wish Cupcakke would just delete her social media or have a paid professional do it, instead of the weird posts she makes now. Rap isn’t my favorite but some of her songs are genuinely funny and have a great beat and I really want to like her, but then I log onto her insta and it’s 10 weird pics taken by some rando with a half-assed fashion nova shout out as the caption. Barf.

No. 51621

Twitter stans are acting like chungha is a feminist martyr now. I can’t.

No. 51625

this. She has a pretty decent production team and has some legit bops under her belt, bitch could make a killing if she just kept her mouth shut and let her music speak for itself.

No. 51627

The issue is a lot of celebs dealing with mental illness are surrounded by enablers and users that want them to act up and do crazy things because they know it pays to be controversial and viral these days. She probably doesnt have anyone looking out for her and it is unfortunate because kpop fans are notoriously horrible human beings, and they can make your life a living hell over the dumbest things. So it would definitely be best for her to not interact with them and rile them up the way she does. What can you do though?

No. 51629

ryujin is the visual. yuna isn't even the most popular member of itzy. yes uncle fans like her, but knets keep calling yuna ugly. yeji and ryujin are way more popular than her.

No. 51630

>knets keep calling yuna ugly

Really? All of I've seen from them regarding her are comments praising her beauty. Lia and Chaeryeong are usually the ones that get negative remarks.

She needs help. Cupcakke has a history of being a abused and she's clearly unwell. K-pop fans are so devoid of empathy and social awareness that they still had to spam her live with stupid shit.

No. 51631

File: 1569218523853.jpg (212.78 KB, 640x960, The-9th-Album-Time-Slip-super-…)

Ew dudes are still trying in their mid 30s while looking like this. Leeteuk is absolutely ridiculous with that blue hair, and I almost can't recognize ryeowook. I'd respect them more if they dress and act their age, you can still look hot in 30s without trying so hard to appear young you know (shinhwa is a good example for this).

No. 51632

>ol shindong got fat as fuck again lets stick him behind objects in the photoshoots until he loses more weight

im screaming

No. 51635

Siwon deserves that ugly ass fit

lmao @ shindong being tiny and off to the side

No. 51636

from their debut until now super junior has released nothing but shitty embarrassing songs. they really got lucky debuting at the time they did.

No. 51637

No, Yuna is the official visual and definitely the most popular in sk.

No. 51638

File: 1569222645888.gif (2.02 MB, 250x326, tumblr_py3q2xdz6j1wxc6rso5_250…)

the majority of idols look so weird with all their surgeries. very few idols have gotten a nose job that looks natural and definitely no idol has gotten a jaw shave that looks natural. they just all look weird and whatever they pump into their faces makes them look bloated 24/7. who convinces these idols to go through with these surgeries? you have 13 year old girls getting their eyes and nose done like why are their parents letting this happen? i just don't get it. the kpop industry is so fucked up. also this girl from lovelyz scares me.

No. 51639

Because SK is superficual, obsessed with looks and therefor also with plastic surgeries. No surprise gere anymore.

And that girl looks like the female Joker… that mouth area creeps mr out.(race shit)

No. 51640

Those mouth corners…wtf why? Does any human being naturally have the :3 mouth? This looks fucking absurd lol

No. 51642

File: 1569228492194.jpg (25.63 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

I'm surprised lovelyz has never gotten attacked for their looks, prolly because no one cares about them

No. 51645

File: 1569229512265.jpg (236.91 KB, 1080x1350, unnamed59-1.jpg)

Why does luna keep sabotaging herself kek. Sometimes i feel sorry for her, girl just really seems clueless about many things.


Luna Being Criticized For Promoting Cosmetic Products That Netizens Are Labeling As Knock Offs

Luna is currently receiving quite a lot of criticism online after promoting beauty products from a company known as FASCINAR.

So two main things that we should know about.

The first being netizens saying how the cushion from FASCINAR is a knock off version of Armani’s. So not exactly Luna’s fault that the product seems to be convincing netizens that it’s just an imitation of a much superior brand. Perhaps FASCINAR just didn’t think too far ahead when they decided to make these particular cushions.

The second reason why netizens and some fans are complaining is because they feel Luna is using her influence in a negative way. They’ve stated that it wasn’t very cool for her to ask her followers and fans to purchase the products.

Netizens have also stated that by doing this, Luna was bringing down her value as a celebrity since the brand FASCINAR is basically obscure and unknown.

No. 51646

>thinks netizenbuzz is the bible
Yuna is the visual and Koreans think she's beautiful. ryujin is the center.

No. 51647

File: 1569231686052.jpg (347.46 KB, 1890x1890, AS.jpg)

>remember when kpop companies used to scout unique looking people

No. 51652

So apparently jyp decided to give each of itzy member an english name (except for lia, which is her real name). The question is, what for? It's not like they're aiming for the western market, aren't they?


Yuna's english name makes me cringe kek

>Yeji - Lucy Hwang

>Lia - Julia Choi
>Ryujin - Joanne Shin
>Chaeryeong - Judy Lee
>Yuna - Hotssey Shin

Everyone's name but Yuna's could pass as a real name

No. 51655

I don’t really feel that bad for her. You can’t excuse everything but spamming her fancams or ‘stan X group’ is just… BAD. She was being racist af for nothing. Fighting racism (incarnated by KPOP) with racism isn’t the best idea ever. She’s not a saint either for what she did before.

Kpoppies need to advocate for what they love, even if they annoy the shit out of someone or just fuck with them by cyberbullying (despite the victim’s mental health).

Both sides are trash but i really hope Cupcakke will find help for her mental health. She really does seem like she made a manic episode.

No. 51656

File: 1569233321157.jpg (156.37 KB, 520x1164, bb.jpg)


Article: Lovelyz takes the subway for transportation

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+297, -17] I think most women on the subway are prettier than that girl

2. [+259, -12] ? I don't think anyone would recognize her anyway..

3. [+198, -15] Who planned this group? ㅋ How are all the members so average looking ㅋ You could make a group out of all the eliminated trainees of 'Produce 101' and come out with a prettier girl group than them

4. [+26, -3] Can't tell if it's the make that's making her look tacky or if that's just how she lacks… her face is busted

5. [+19, -2] Wow, she's an idol singer???????????????? Hmm, well, just asking..

6. [+15, -1] Her name is Baby Soul? Probably the most foolish name I've heard since Hero Jaejoong and U-Know Yunho…

7. [+12, -1] She's ugly

8. [+10, -0] … ㅎ I think she needs to try a new make up style… what is up with that, especially her make up…

9. [+9, -0] She makes Girlfriend's Umji look like a goddess…

10. [+5, -1] So is she talented??? Her face is so average


No. 51657

Found this on pull

>BLACKPINK were late to their fan meeting due to an emergency meeting at YG. Supposedly, both inactive and active artists were called to the meeting. Must be something serious if it was sudden. 


No. 51658


>So apparently YG's debt with LV is due next month and they will close down a restaurant: https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2019/09/yg-closes-down-its-myeong-dong.html?m=1

>Probably the emergency meeting is about money, about what will they do if GD gets boycotted next month.

No. 51673

File: 1569235332338.jpg (76.38 KB, 720x378, unnamed (1).jpg)

There's a reason they weren't successful…

I always found uee cute and unique looking, but now she completely ruined herself.
It's the same with snsd and all other female idols will also share the same fate. As soon as they disband or hit 25 they panic, become ana and pump silicone into their faces in an attempt to keep up with preteen Wooyoung and the likes.

No. 51674

Is it even possible for Twice to flop? I’d be surprised if they didn’t with this concept change-up. Then again girl crush is what’s popular rn so who knows.

No. 51679

That's not even girl crush, it just looks weird and cheap. Like something Kara, Snsd or whoever did 10 years ago.

No. 51686

It usually takes me a few listens to decide how I feel about Twice's music but I actually don't mind this song apart from Dahyun's weird rap. I think the styling fits them

No. 51690

What's tragic about somi, wonyoung, yuna, etc is that they won't have to wait until 25 to become irrelevant and to do all those things you mentioned

No. 51691

This is actually better than their pedobait stuffs, but then again i'm not a stan. They can't transition well due to 1 simple reason: their vocal ranges are limited to high pitched screaming tier. Also mina looks tense af from beginning to end.

No. 51692

The strain on their fucking voices is unbearable to listen to. I think visually it's a nice mv and the song is okay but not with their voices.. also I hate this new fucking rap tone idols are using now it sounds like fucking garbage

No. 51693

just as i expected, another fancy. I gotta admit, it wasnt that bad. i actually liked it and thought it was kind of unique but the rapping was so out of place and ruined the whole thing imo.

other than that, i cant help but point out how nayeon's getting spoopier evry mv.

No. 51694

ngl the song is actually pretty good imo. i can see it doing a lot better than fancy
it's such a shame their voices are so boring and strained. every member is just plain unpleasant to listen to

No. 51696

ive never heard the name hotssey before so i went to google it and allegedly it means "gift from god", i honestly thought it was a stripper name at first

No. 51697

I'm like 90% sure that's the reason they gave her that name, cause it has 'hot' in it lmao

No. 51699


Even strippers & pornstars don't use Hotssey bc it's too trashy. Chantelle, Chanel, Cristalle is as far as they'd go.

No. 51700

File: 1569241364562.png (621.9 KB, 956x399, Screenshot (52).png)

Uncle fans won't like seeing their (now already 24-year-old) Nayeon dressed like a stripper.
If Hyuna or anybody else wore this the comments would be flooded with 'gross!, cheap!,…'

No. 51701

just yikes. they look like they've all hit the wall. this is such an embarrassing photo

No. 51702

I can't stand how nayeon's face gets most of the screentime. She's become the park bom of 3rd gen.

No. 51703

mijoo is pretty imo but that's about it for lovelyz. i feel like this goes for most ggs though, especially twice who have dahyun and chaeyoung

No. 51705

File: 1569244162889.jpg (396.69 KB, 1365x2048, e9a1d2de2fe61ccb51f36cc90f38e2…)

this girl from oh my girl always creeped me out whenever I saw a clip of their music

No. 51707


she kind of looks like taeyeon

No. 51708

File: 1569245825809.png (877.4 KB, 894x438, 6547447454.png)

ot but have any of you noticed how mijoo and jane (momoland) look pretty darn similar?

No. 51709

lol she got that stupid joker smile surgery

No. 51710

huh, this song isn't that bad actually. I'm being honest. Now the MV? Let's just say some look good and some just look bad no matter the styling.

No. 51711

File: 1569248234525.png (357.78 KB, 585x697, ratmys at it again.png)

Monsta X became the Together Band campaign ambassadors and ratmys are ofc at it with their superiority complex…

I mean, they took BTS' path but is it really what's important here? They're ambassadors for a good cause and even though they're only a kpop group they're bringing awareness to some big social/environmental issues teens and young adults are sensitive of. Who cares they're walking the BTS' path?

Also, ngl, this campaign is less "political" and more about ecology, which is great. They're no UN ambassadors (meaning, no political figures) but ambassadors for a campaign trying to help us reach our goals for the planet.

No. 51712

samefag but i wanted to add that it's sad everything a kpop group will try that BTS already did ratmys will attack them and spit on their nice little things they achieve. It's just so unnerving.

No. 51713

good for mx. ratmys will shit themselves no matter what other groups do, they're obsessed

No. 51714

File: 1569248454885.jpg (268.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20190923-004924.jpg)

>>51588 hmmm is she really the visual

No. 51716

X1 called, they want their clothes back.

>kek at shindong, he needs to go.

No. 51718

I always thought Yeri was the most prettiest out of the five.

No. 51719

No matter how little they wear they won't be able to shake the "children playing dressup in mom's closet" vibe

Song would have been good if not for their screechy high voices

No. 51720

File: 1569249460381.png (228.24 KB, 307x312, yeji.PNG)

you mean yeji?

No. 51721


Only BTS are allowed to be successful, didn't you know anon? /sarcasm.

Thing is that their fans know that BTS's American success was the only thing that elevated them above other Kpop groups. If other groups achieve American success BTS lose what makes them special. They lose their leverage.

No. 51722

You're right, they only have that. And not to mention they also had the same US PR team back in the day (Eshyte) when they were new to America. Sure, he's a piece of shit but i love how ratmys just erase the fact Eshy was there for BTS and did the promo in the US for them just as he does now with MX but they keep shitting on that group, screaming payola everytime this group achieve something.

Just look at those replies https://twitter.com/cantorpedia/status/1175891273934417921?s=20
They really are obsessed with other groups

No. 51723

I saw anons loving this song/performance in the kpop general and I really can't understand what's there to like. I would be all in for a rock influenced kpop act but this is just bad
The outfits look cheap, song sounds like a repetitive bad anime intro, the dancing is ok but not special and they're not very pretty so…?

I noticed that koreans don't really understand what 'rock' is anyway, even their so called rockstars look like they're doing some shitty cosplay while screeching(race shit; sperging about koreans)

No. 51725

>go to twitter
>search "bts radio first"
>immediately a tweet from just a year ago with hundreds of likes pops up, "so proud of my boys' song being played on the radio!"
And now supposedly radio is dead and a song being played there means absolutely nothing…?
I can absolutely understand that other kpop fandoms do things like unite to vote just so that bts won't win yet another stupid award, ratmy really deserve all the "bullying" they get lol Pathetic how they jumped to "educate" that host who only tweeted something harmless.

No. 51727

late but
>It's from some blog that I check out once in a while for a laugh
Are you yutachan? I just looked at that blog and yeah, some of those anon asks sound like the same stuff you've posted here. Your posting style is very recognizable and your autism truly knows no bounds.

No. 51728

File: 1569253032574.jpg (145.13 KB, 768x1024, ugly_and_uglier.jpg)

>What bothers me is that monsta x or their management idc want to be recognized by putting out songs in English and by doing that they are destroying BTS’ hard work of breaking this barrier and having the radio play korean songs even though they barely get spins
>somebody releasing an english song is destroying bts' work
Did they forget that putting out songs in japanese and chinese to milk fans in those countries has been a thing since the 90s? What makes this any different? In the end they all only want to make as much money as possible.

No. 51729

yes her.

No. 51731

It's groundbreaking when their boys do it and desperate when anyone else does it, simple as that

Part of their rage is driven by fear; they're scared that the GP might like a group other than their fake woke autists

No. 51732

File: 1569255390670.png (447.13 KB, 1440x758, Capture _2019-09-24-00-12-38-1…)

Lmao Armies getting their minds blown to smithereens that JK isnt actually a newborn fetus irl

No. 51733

File: 1569255539061.jpg (170.72 KB, 888x1200, EE_MOPkUwAAFoD1.jpg)

stan gay woke kings kek and it was rat who took this picture the wokest king of them all

No. 51734

Gangsters… This is getting more and more funny

No. 51735

"the whole hypocrisy of 'we are always real to outselves'" what did they expect? bts are manufactured. their whole image is manufactured just like every other kpop group. kpop fans fall for an idols manufactured image every time and are somehow shocked when it turns out theyre not like that

No. 51736

jimin was so gay when he was caught hanging out with insta thots in a club of a foreign country

No. 51737

i thought she was cute before after they debuted, she had a different look

but then she went and died her hair blonde, lost a ton of weight(she wasnt even fat) and now the cat smile thing wtf
cant idols just look like them fucking selves if they're in the industry for more than 2 years? holy shit

No. 51738

>tattoos = gang
my sides

No. 51739

File: 1569256202119.jpeg (156.19 KB, 539x353, 3B314F63-22EB-40EE-A2B0-FB9C06…)

>some look good some look bad no matter the styling

No. 51740

just as i suspected, mina is "sitting out" these promotions too despite having taken photos and done teasers for the comeback
just leave the group already wtf lol
this is like that random girl from AOA that barely promoted but still called herself a member

No. 51741

I thought that maybe they gave her the title because otherwise she would be just maknae and lead everything else but go figure… she has the most stage presence tho so I understand her being popular for that.

Fancy was their first song and mv that I liked. This song is boring af not getting why you all liked it? There's no build-up and it also feels dated idk.
One thing I noticed tho is that they gave more air time to Jihyo. Maybe she actually got more popular because of the dating news after all.

No. 51742

Tell that to dumb armycels–they're the ones that need to hear it.

The song is not half bad (for K-pop standards). I'll take Twice doing pseudo girl crush concepts over the pedobait they were doing for years before. But I agree with >>51702 Nayeon's nose is Voldemort-tier at this point and having her skin brightened like in the video makes it so much more noticeable.

>also feels dated

In terms of sound K-pop in general is basically American pop music that came a few years too late. 2019 shit sounds like 2015 shit that got popular in the States, but I guess that's expected when many K-pop songs were produced by American and Euro producers years ago and shelved for storage until a group needs to peddle more crap out.

No. 51743

The AOA girl was a drummer who didn't dance or sing and their agency discarded the band concept. More credible reason than Mina's.

No. 51744

You're right I probably should have used an example of someone who actually is lazy but wants attention and fame and to be a part of a group despite the fact that they cant handle putting any effort in instead. So Jennie or Hwayoung lmao.

No. 51745

Funny thing is that the jennie/blackpink stans throwing sexist and ageist insults at CL and 2ne1 don't realize that what happened to 2ne1 will happen earlier and worse to blackpink.
2ne1 were relevant for a solid 7 years, i highly doubt blackpink will be known for that long especially how they are the peak of their career yet they are having problems selling out concerts so you can imagine how worse it will get once they start losing popularity,and let's not get started on yg being in debt that will affect bp one way or another.
2ne1 still have loyal fans who still haven't left the fandom meanwhile bp stans are all hype and bandwagon stans who will forget about blackpinks existence the moment they lose popularity.

No. 51746

Ratmies are so embarassing. They're trashing this composer in the comments section because they say she's taking all the credit for BTS song when ratmon wrote all the lyrics!!!111 Are they really that mentally challenged to not get that a song is made of music and lyrics? Disturbing tbh. Also doesn't even seem the case they probably just adapted to korean instead of changing into whole new lyrics.
I hope one day they piss one of these composers to the point that they release some T like that dude who revealed himself as the ghostwriter of a bunch of American rappers lol

No. 51747

I think Mina is eventually going to leave Twice. An anxiety disorder can’t be cured, even with therapy and antidepressants. A break would be good for her nerves but won’t change her condition. Maybe she’ll be like Lay where she’s part of Twice but never comes back.

No. 51748

its not a break if shes still coming around to be seen in photos and pre comeback promotion stage though
thats why im starting to doubt her story

No. 51749

In Korea tattoos used to be a sign of gang activity and there is still a leftover association. Pretty sure this has been explained in this thread before. Not that I think a bunch of edgy gen z tattoo artists who just discovered juuls are gangsters, but given the existing stigma plus the fact that the girl has a face tat (and apparently a tattoo of cocaine but I haven’t seen it) it’s not completely unprecedented assumption…even if it’s retarded and obviously not true.

No. 51750

Fans who try to claim that their favorite group's members are more creative (implication: and better) for writing lyrics to their own track make me roll my eyes. Most people don't listen to K-pop songs for the lyrics. Also writing lyrics to a song is not as difficult as actually composing the sound for a song–which producers absolutely deserve recognition for.

No. 51751

jihyo is undergoing therapy or medication for a stiff neck and will be sitting on stage during promotions(like other idols have done during an injury) so shes still expected to perform technically, just not dance when she has a physical problem, so why does mina get to still be a part of the promotions but not actually perform at all and why would she go through the airport and to fanmeets and photoshoots if she had anxiety?

is her anxiety exclusive only to performing?

No. 51754

I’m wondering how bad an idols symptoms have to get for an agency to actually try to accommodate them. What motivates them to keep someone around who’s defective as a performer? Avoiding a scandal by their abrupt departure?

No. 51755

I would assume so, especially since Mina is one of the more popular members.

No. 51756

File: 1569259980192.jpeg (105.69 KB, 672x795, E6DED53E-BB83-4102-9EDC-B640CF…)

Samefag, found her coke tattoo and it’s just as embarrassing as you’d expect kek

No. 51757

This just screams delayed teenage rebellion on jungkook’s part. I think her art style is cute but this shit looks like someone whose personality is built around trying to shock people and that’s humiliating past 18.

Did any one find out her age yet?

No. 51758

this song is awful, just twice finally succumbing to the worst trends in kpop. their pedobait songs are far superior musically (and conceptually tbh, this current look is boring)

No. 51759

Those names have such an old woman feel…
Why not naming Yuna "Karen" and Yeji "Henrietta" at this point?

No. 51760

>their pedobait songs are far superior musically

Anon, please. Signal, Candy Pop, and that cover of that Jackson 5 songs are earbleed-inducing. And those are just the ones I can name off the top of my head.

No. 51761

okay yes the jackson 5 cover is just earrape. abysmal. but signal is good, as are knock knock, what is love, yes or yes.

happy happy was better than breakthrough too, it’s a shame that they’ve leaned into the more EDM/tropical shithouse/trap sound with the new single. it’s the absolute worst sound in kpop. so tired.

No. 51762

Fanmeetings? When has she been at fanmeetings since her anxiety announcement? You do know that promotions do include fanmeetings/fansigns, right? And getting caught at the airport isn’t the same as performing in front of hundreds of fans.

No. 51764

Some Korean BTs fans phoned up Ta2Luv the workplace of JK's fuckbuddy to ask if they do henna tattoos. She said they don't lulz. Jungkook's not really that artsy fartsy if he settled for such a crap design. JKfags preparing to tat themselves in hopes that oppar will notice them in a 30k bts concert crowd.

No. 51765

Same, anon. She has cold dead voids for eyes, like Asmongold.

No. 51766


No. 51767

I figured. It looked trash but knowing the guy (or at least how he presents himself) he's SO in love with ratmys he wouldn't make such a meaningful tattoo temporary, even though it's badly designed, even a kid in elementary school would design something better

No. 51768

kek the netizen comments

"Are they all gathering to do drugs today?"

"Didn't they say that they would drug test their artists every now and then with the drug kit they purchased?"

"Looks like they could be trying to bury something. Did something happen again?"

"Maybe they're drug testing all their artists today?"

"This honestly looks like a mafia gathering.

No. 51769

>colonizers!1!1 reeeee

No. 51770

i saw people on other sites say she is the same age as jk, but i haven't seen actual proof for it

No. 51772

samefag, nvm, in the video that was shared before it says she is 23.

No. 51773

Has the damage control started? lol
>look at sweet and innocent baby boi playing the acoustic

No. 51774

File: 1569264845610.jpg (420.75 KB, 736x512, rlmj20190901.jpg)

No. 51775

23 in korean age means either 21 or 22. Kinda sad that such a young girl already decided to ruin her entire appearance by something so stupid as a face tat…

No. 51776

But didn’t people say she’s pretty? Is it really her in this video? I don’t think so

No. 51777

it is

No. 51780

she looks a lot better with long hair and the face tat doesn't do her any favours either

No. 51781

Where is the tattoo?

No. 51783

Eh… Not really imo. Her lips are maybe what's bothering me idk why.

No. 51784

File: 1569265986032.jpg (97.88 KB, 800x598, RpFKHKT.jpg)

>>51775 Wouldnt say ruined, it's possible to remove a face or knuckle tattoo using laser and Korean plastic surgery is top notch, plus JK is loaded…. attitude is harder to fix. She is probably a hardcore edgelord or rich kid who doesnt need a conventional job ever so it's her way of showing it off.

No. 51785

Where is the face tattoo, I don’t see it

No. 51787

File: 1569266144218.jpg (193.7 KB, 1080x1350, 67116669_124832342139803_30873…)

Learn to reply and properly, newfag. Anyway her face tattoo is more visible when bangs aren't covering her face as much like in >pic-related

No. 51789

*sage properly

No. 51792


can anyone tell what word her face tattoo is? I cannot make out what it is, looks like broken English ffs

No. 51793

i have only seen ratmies call her pretty, make of that what you want.
for others, i have seen that they thought she looked better with her hair longer and as a brunet.

i have seen comments that she comes from a wealthy family, but no proof to back up

No. 51794

Seems "le vide" which is french for "the void"
Must be a fan of that movie enter the void

No. 51796

I feel like someone is trolling us and she’s covering up for his real gf who’s like a hot Instathot or something, and that’s why he can never present her to his fans. That’s my crazy theory of the day.

No. 51800

definitely a tinfoil hat theory but i'd be funny if it were true cause if his real girlfriend was exposed he'd be done for lol

No. 51801

Maybe she’s not even Korean, the horror. A westerner.

No. 51802

File: 1569267760528.jpg (170.22 KB, 1080x596, IMG_20190923_214104.jpg)

You can see her face close up in that video and she really isn't attractive at all

No. 51803

File: 1569267810744.jpg (140.33 KB, 1080x590, IMG_20190923_214123.jpg)

Classy… lol
Her style really does remind me of all those fakeboi kpop stans

No. 51804

Lee Vide? Did they misspell it even though it was written on her face?

No. 51805

The fact that she decided to tattoo "the void" on her head is… interesting. If Jungkook is as dumb as anons say, him having a girlfriend who unwillingly claims to be empty-headed like that would be fitting.

There's only one 'e', it's just the curls crossing each other.

No. 51808

i can't believe my pure virgin baby jk is dating an evul gangster face tatted average looking woman and not an equally virgin angel like myself.

No. 51809

While there is no proof of them dating… But if they actually are then jungkook has a very unique taste…to say the least lol

No. 51810

You’re joking but some fans insist that V is a virgin, but just him.

No. 51811

Tinfoil, but seeing as there's so much rivalry between the members and their fans (on the korean side), what if it was them who leaked this? The olders maybe not, but Jimin and V definitely profit from Jk's fans leaving. Maybe Jimin and his akgaes saw that he got more attention and decided to do something against it.

No. 51812

getting tattoos so disconnected with/ don’t compliment each other should turn all her customers away from her. if I wanted a tattoo and I saw hers I’d run.

No. 51814

File: 1569269904021.jpeg (51.05 KB, 640x424, 08880AB1-2A31-4426-B25C-534545…)

idk why but in this pic she reminds me of one of the Japanese trainees from produce 48 who went onto be in that UHSN koreaboo show

No. 51815

has jungkook shown any sign of being alive so far?

No. 51816


Probably still getting his ass beat by Bighit

No. 51817

>anons virtue signaling so hard they think feel special is better than tt
this song is shit

No. 51818


Jungkook said before that he likes girls who wear black jeans and timberlands like himself so its likely he aint fronting. man homeboy should just quit Bighit, get proper tatted up and join his spiritual home of hiphop tryhards AOMG.

No. 51819

there’s backlash towards each member on some accounts. apart from jk, there was a compilation of jimin screaming off tune on a live performance with a caption “concerts are for karaoke”, criticizing ratmon’s fake wokeness, saying suga can’t really rap well, by treating fans like atms, etc from what I gathered by putting some tweets into google translate. i think a lot of suppressed anger/criticism built up for a long time is now spilling over with the recent ~scandals~

No. 51820

samefag for typo *concerts are not for karaoke

No. 51821

They’re selling tickets for their Seoul concerts this week, let’s see how it goes

No. 51822

This. All the REEEEE EVERYTHING CUTE IS EVIL PEDOBAIT shit is so annoying.

No. 51823

it's happening guys

No. 51824

lmao i'd love to read the ramone criticism. if koreans are calling him fake woke then ifans have no excuse

No. 51825

yeah definitely. i shouldn’t have generalized too saying
>i think a lot of suppressed anger/criticism built up for a long time is now spilling over with the recent ~scandals~
i only saw a handful of accounts who’ve been raging about one thing or the other, my apologies. majority of the regular obsessive fans should be ok with everything

No. 51826

incoming jungkook crying on stage and making a "i'm sorry for disappointing you army.." speech

No. 51827

>>51815 bon voyage 4 will be about the BTS boys sedating Jungcook for a trip to New Zealand's finest laser skin clinic.

No. 51828

>>51815 i think bts r meant to be coming back from new zealand today i wonder if they'll through the private exit at the airport to avoid jk being seen by reporters lol

No. 51829

seeing the reaction to liam payne saying 1d were just like co workers is so funny and also highlights how weird it is that kpop fandoms jerk off to the imagined friendships of groups of complete strangers. armys are going to be so mad once sugar stops hiding his thinly veiled dislike of v

No. 51830

All the drama from their extended vacation really doesn't bode well for BTS once Jin joins the army in 2020 and group schedules wind down. Jimincel and JK will have lots of time to let out their inner fuckbois and get more bad tattoos without Bighit managing them 24/7

No. 51831

Jeongyeon, Mina, and Sana's voices are the only ones I find somewhat decent, but very far from what I would expect from the top gg. The rest sound like actual dying cats. Momo and Jihyo especially, they make my ears bleed.
Can someone please explain to me how they became the most popular group? They can't sing and they're visually meh. Every song of theirs I listen to I think "this is catchy, but this would be so much better if literally any other group sang this."

And then you've Na"Voldemort"yeon, which they insist on plastering her botched face on everything. I physically gagged when I got to the tv scene in Feel Special. Just.. why? Out of all the members, why the hell do they push her?

Please help me understand. I'm bewildered.

No. 51832

jungkook will probably never step anywhere near tattoo shops ever again until the day bighit frees him

No. 51833

they've probably already cut his hair as punishment kek

No. 51834

Random but what has V done to his face? My fan friend says nothing but I doubt he’s all natural

No. 51835

How in god’s name would you even know the details of their schedule unless you’re a ratmy yourself. Begone

No. 51836

Is that really punishment though? We'd be free from penis head

No. 51839


Meh hope JK stays true to himself and his own style than conform to the fake persona Bighit set for him for 7 more years. It's boring as all hell. Jay Park is loads more interesting and real as an artist after leaving 2 P.M. JK should live on his terms, Kpop already stole his entire adolescence.

No. 51841

Hate to mini mod but can we add some points to future thread OPs to curb newfags into integrating if they won't leave? My suggestions:
>Post images, this is an imageboard. Don't just paste a low effort link.
>Summarize events so people can follow context.
>This isn't a chatroom.
>Instead of "samefag" addendum spam, delete and repost to reduce clutter.

No. 51842

who the fuck listens to kpop for vocals? they’re the top girl group because they’re attractive, cater to male fantasies, are with one of the biggest companies in the industry, promote frequently, and have consistently good catchy singles. not a mystery.

No. 51844

What? Jungkook has always shown interest in tumblr/indie pop music, he is far from hiphop. So you think people who get tattoo's and wear black that makes them hiphop…interesting.

No. 51845

File: 1569274512971.jpeg (406.51 KB, 1451x1451, 6AFBD291-CB6D-4A28-98B9-3BD755…)

No. 51846

jay park is kind of cringe and khh/its fans are basically the same as the kpop they consider themselves above except they smoke and have tattoos.

No. 51847

Why do people know these things about him

No. 51849

Former stans who went thru deprogramming maybe.

No. 51851


Who is on the right?

No. 51854

I think he got a nosejob too but im not sure

No. 51855

File: 1569276211043.jpeg (121.26 KB, 750x1036, ABA2BEEB-AACA-47C2-8EFC-E420EA…)

Korean rapper named bloo (yes like the imaginary friend) Alcohol bloat aside and based on jk’s taste in women, this is probably what jk is aspiring to look like. embarrassing.

No. 51856

>they’re attractive
not really. honestly most ggs have prettier members, the only decent-looking ones are tzuyu and sana. momo isn’t too bad and mina looks nice when she doesn’t look like jeff the killer but even then they’re just barely average by the harsh beauty standards that kpop idols strive to adhere to. twice is below average by kpop standards but are still hailed as beauty icons and i want to know why

No. 51859

you need to take a break from lolcow if you actually think this

No. 51863

This is the correct answer. JYP works them to death so they're always on tour/putting out new music. They've perfected a mostly wholesome but slightly sexy "girlfriend" image that appeals to a lot of people, especially the japanese public where most of their money comes from. When it comes to kpop talent is irrelevant to popularity.

No. 51864

>>51836 Jungkook's penis hair is still safe for now.

No. 51865


Hiding his hands. Plz condition that hobo haystack it's crying out for moisture.

No. 51868


Was Jungkook pretending to be chewing gum or what? Why was he randomly opening and closing his mouth?

No. 51869

He's shorter than the ordinary dudes there

No. 51870

She reminds me of Romi Park.

No. 51871

To move his mask off his mouth without using his hands (someone told me because I wondered too).

No. 51872

>happy happy was better than breakthrough

honestly anon. even my twicefag pals think happy happy was just another boring pedobait song that sounds like shit

No. 51873


sage but they don't have to be gorgeous. they're pretty enough that they're accessible. guys think they can get a girl like that

No. 51874


in fact if they're too gorgeous they'll scare off insecure korean men. that's what happened with 9muses

No. 51877

Example on 9 muses?

No. 51878

So what I'm getting is that they're intentionally mediocre so stans can identify with them and creepy uncle fans can feel less delusional about waifuing them? That makes a lot of sense actually

No. 51879

File: 1569295175289.jpg (121.32 KB, 700x467, oWFLboo.jpg)

nta but they were all really tall (5'7-5'10) and generally had an unrelatable, "I'm out of your league" image that probably contributed to their unpopularity.

No. 51884

time to put my tinfoil hat on and say maybe jimin leaked the jk dating thing to draw attention away from his clubbing in paris lol

also, i miss pedobait twice
atleast the mvs werent full of putting them in lightcolored contacts and then zooming into their botched whitewashed faces

No. 51885

time to put my tinfoil hat on and say maybe jimin leaked the jk dating thing to draw