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File: 1568018148169.jpeg (276.05 KB, 750x673, ADD04ADA-2B12-4C0E-93E5-DA2173…)

No. 48633

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>46267

No. 48637

I wanna see BTS fight one another for some weird reason lol

No. 48639

File: 1568019254357.jpg (962.29 KB, 4000x2965, IMG_20190909_105042.jpg)

>Let's collect 12 incels and replace half of their faces with plastic, girls will love it!
What kind of genius knew this would work out? How did they see any potential in any of them at all?
They look they stink, like they have neither slept nor left the house in ages because they're on 4chan and playing games 24/7.

No. 48641

File: 1568019463161.jpg (29.88 KB, 442x512, 2plsw5zyd6oczotaevxueyvpqd7rrd…)

No. 48647

File: 1568022005724.jpeg (312.2 KB, 1022x577, 4BC51330-059D-4B3A-A232-358756…)

lol it’s mind boggling how different the sky castle kid looks rn compared to just a few months ago

No. 48648

>>48647 what the fuck

No. 48650

no more animal hybrid bts peeing on each other fanfics please they make me want to die

No. 48653

File: 1568024752866.jpg (31 KB, 501x612, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

You forgot xiumin

>in just a few months
Tell me more anon kek

No. 48654

File: 1568026546497.jpeg (23.21 KB, 276x217, C338796B-2D44-4BE5-BF85-9F4574…)

No. 48655

File: 1568028713203.jpg (40.47 KB, 359x750, tumblr_inline_p7rgxlO5PY1rxd93…)

That pic is too flattering, he was way fatter, a mini Shindong lol

No. 48658

Pretty sure it's lactose intolerance. A few bad experiences can ruin one's willingness to experiment.

No. 48659

i remembered some anons hoped his jaw would stay a few threads back but lookism is so widely accepted in the idol industry its no doubt his jaw would be shaved and his face would be tweaked here and there.

No. 48660

File: 1568029488921.jpg (85.14 KB, 1024x1024, 87e6681d2bbfd8d93ccb2b9d99d790…)

He went to school in the 2000s/2010s, only a turbo loser would have hair like that

No. 48661

File: 1568029851381.jpg (251.36 KB, 1080x1504, IMG_20190909_134953.jpg)

>born in 2004
Allkpop is retarded, they clearly shaved of half of this kid's face.
How is this supposed to turn out when he's a real man? Everything will look saggy.

No. 48663

I wonder what kind of skin lightening they use since the effect is instant it's scary

No. 48664

….I just don’t know how the hell he became an idol. He looks more like one of those ugly incel chinned “pro gamers” kek

No. 48667


amazing how he gets away with this shit cause he got plastic surgery and got let into a boy band

No. 48671

All Asians are ugly without PS(racebait)

No. 48673

^I'm just waiting to see the "user has been out to pasture" redtext show up. Take your race bait elsewhere

No. 48674

look at the average Asian guy and tell me they wouldn't be incels in the West(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48675


Read the rules newfag and learn to sage

No. 48676

File: 1568038443404.jpg (19.28 KB, 236x288, Baekhyun-Pre-Debut-Pics-exo-EC…)

Funny thing is that pre-surgery Baekhyun looks exactly the same as millions of other ugly incel koreans that women hate.(racebait)

No. 48677

File: 1568038498554.jpg (5.96 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

No. 48678

File: 1568038673364.jpg (107.38 KB, 500x700, tumblr_m4s9yoovrw1r8i9eqo1_500…)

No. 48679

File: 1568038796334.jpg (30.07 KB, 447x370, tumblr_m2i3ydkgmw1rpqqufo1_500…)

No. 48680

File: 1568038929200.jpg (26.49 KB, 435x726, BNiTuxACAAA4qvl.jpg)

No. 48681

File: 1568038962314.jpg (42.36 KB, 694x442, images.jpeg.jpg)

He looks like the standard boy group members debuting in the 90s. He would have been considered handsome back then.

No. 48682

File: 1568039020033.jpg (58.68 KB, 928x1024, 79868a6edcb6912b353057d6ada501…)

No. 48683

Can you stop spamming
We get it, he is ugly
Stop promoting him

No. 48684

File: 1568039118115.jpg (18.01 KB, 554x381, BUd9zcVCYAEsxqb.jpg)

Not with his underbite jaw he wont. I wonder how much jaw surgeries he had to get rid of his underbite.

No. 48685

I kinda like this one, the weird eyes are neat

No. 48687

File: 1568039915645.jpg (98.46 KB, 960x1200, Ct66Lh0WAAAWTr9.jpg)

Sehun and chanyeol were the only members who also looked decent even before pre-surgery so i can understand why sm scouted them..but the other members are a mystery and sm probably gave away almost a million to fix the other members faces.

No. 48688

File: 1568039922513.jpg (10.51 MB, 728x934, E2m6WuR.jpg)

JK is back to his cute phase. I think he knows his Korean fans like this type of thing better.

No. 48690

File: 1568040095468.jpg (2.86 MB, 320x320, lmM7PjW.jpg)

isn't she supposed to be the 2nd best dancer in BP?

No. 48691

File: 1568040105448.jpg (90.88 KB, 945x1200, unnamed.jpg)

You know what pre-surgery Chen reminds me off? He reminds me off those weird anti-social ugly nerds in anime who end up killing everyone

No. 48692

he cut his hair?

No. 48693

lmao thanks anon
why is that her lower body moves so weird

No. 48694


No I think this is old, they just released it recently

No. 48695

He actually looks cute there, he just has a bad haircut. Btw curb your autism, anon.

I thought summer was over… This thread so far and the bottom half of the last one have been full retard.

No. 48698

>Sehun and chanyeol were the only members who also looked decent
And coincidentally they're also the most untalented ones, who would have thought that

I remembered reading about that military exemption thing years ago before bts and now really found a very old article saying that exo fans (or supposedly exo haters) also tried to achieve that
Didn't work out back then, won't work out for bts

No. 48708

anon he looks better than the others pre surgery like a whole lot better than them

No. 48709

>He reminds me off those weird anti-social ugly nerds in anime who end up killing everyone

No. 48710

kpoppies are just trying to convince themselves at this point. the delusion

No. 48712

what the hell happened with this thread and the last one?? where did all these newfags come from? so many dumb posts and "he's cute" and "don't talk bad about my oppa" posts. Cringe, go back to twitter.

No. 48713

it's because this thread has always been full of exofags but we've never shit talked exo until now

No. 48714


Far worse, anons defending jaejoong as "special" and another stan going crazy because someone said the boyz sucked. A few days ago nobody would had done that, so I don't know where they came from. Stop fangirling and take your shit to the general thread. I don't care if someone gives a slight compliment in this thread, but it's getting cringy now and way too obvious you're defending your faves.

No. 48716

nah, we're talking about exo when we have to. but in this thread someone is trying too hard

No. 48717

What a disaster. He looks like he would have grown into a really handsome (i.e. masculine) guy. God, I can't wait for the day when the flower boy baby trend dies and these fools are stuck with their jacked up jaws.

No. 48718

Stupid question but why don't they take just a little bit off? Do they have to chop off the whole damn jaw?
And how the hell do they heal so quickly in just a couple of months?

No. 48719

>>Most patients return to work after 1-2 weeks, but many return even sooner. About 5-6 weeks post-operation, most patients can return to their normal routines including exercise and going back to the gym.

I was prepared to think maybe he did something else but it seems it doesn't take that much to heal? 1-2 months. So it's obvious he did it, along with eye surgery.

Already saw some articles saying how he lost his "baby fat" lol people are dumb as fuck.

No. 48724

Attractive=/=masculine, i prefer 10 times more this era than those cringie tryhards from 2000/2010, at least men look aesthetically pleasing nowadays.

No. 48733

File: 1568053084316.jpg (154.4 KB, 800x1200, DjDUakBWwAIrvqc.jpg)

You sound underage. How on earth are these botched flowerboys with their bleached skin and melting nostrils more aesthetically pleasing than 2nd gen idols? Yeah the styling was hideous in the 2000s, but at least most idols kept their tan skin and didn't completely obliterate their bone structure to fit rigid beauty standards that will change within the next 5 years anyways. And I say this as someone who was never a fan of any boy groups from the 2000s.

No. 48735

File: 1568054350267.jpeg (99.65 KB, 960x960, 0710B86C-2864-4CAC-9CDB-C5327F…)

current male idols look like clones of older ones lmao

No. 48736

they have only one plastic surgeon on speed dial

No. 48737

lucas looked even more like minho before he got ps. thats probably the only reason why they hired him. sm loves clones.

No. 48740

File: 1568057375951.jpg (390.88 KB, 900x506, txxewHB.jpg)

What is JYP doing to Twice? Why do they look like this?

No. 48742

plastic surgery, hair cuts, skincare routines, and puberty do wonders for people anon. it's not that hard to figure out .
being good looking. is a talent in korea kek
he wants them to look young enough for the uncle fans but old enough for the fake woke feminist stans and it's not working

No. 48744

i mean people on here criticize idols for being ugly, and people on here also criticize idols for being good looking, so im not sure what people want at this point.

No. 48745

Maybe to a straight girl he's hot? Idk most of you anons seem like guys who are mad over what girls like

No. 48746

That would explain a lot honestly

No. 48747

why is she flailing her limbs against the floor? why are gg choreos these days all day about humping the floor and having sex with the air? great role models to girls!

No. 48748

jesus fuck can these newfags leave

No. 48750

>everyone who says something I don't like is a newfag
Okay, femcel lol. Doubt you've been here for more than a year yourself.

No. 48769

whats the one group everyone here likes? cant seem to tell

No. 48770

Lay looks exactly the same but younger and going thru puberty

Well I wish he looked like Minho but I reallt don't see the resemblance

Honestly he truly looks like an alien ant and I say this as a thirsty bitch

No. 48772

Why do people do this if they are already famous??

People need to be more like Hwasa, she's fugly but she's famous and she doesn't need to change anything because she made it

No. 48773

File: 1568063905684.jpg (65.68 KB, 600x800, 1552470597485.jpg)

if she moves any harder she will break her knees

I really wished bts was crazy about draft-dodging so that the Korean general public would despise them like they did with big bang for a while.

can you be any more obvious?

stress, no sleep, soju and korean junk food while backstage

No. 48774

I'm a straight girl lol. I don't care if teen girls are into twinky Asians, but you have to be 18+ to post on this board and I can't imagine a sane adult being attracted to any of these wax figure looking mfs. Also this is the kpop critical thread, obviously you're gonna get shit on if you compliment a bunch of plastic monsters. Stay on twitter next time.

No. 48777


Before they made her look like a dyke and now like the mother of the bride.

No. 48778

File: 1568064761558.jpg (28.88 KB, 600x564, rats.jpg)

Is that Chaeyoung? I thought anons were being harsh when they said she's fugly…

I feel like there are some younger anons here. Explains the pointless sperging.

No. 48779

File: 1568064867678.webm (1.6 MB, 854x480, wonpil.webm)

Why does Wonpil get constant praise for his vocals? He's almost Rose level of goat.

No. 48780

>>48779 who? but i agree, that doesnt sound good at all

No. 48788

File: 1568067980692.jpg (1.17 MB, 960x960, 9Cd0afU.jpg)


No. 48789

i see so many girls on other sites using kpop as a new source of thinspo, it's so fucking sad that this is happening.

No. 48795

File: 1568069523815.png (491.78 KB, 763x549, lunawaterfast.png)

and the thing is, they all use padding and shapewear, and list their weights and heights as lower and higher (respectively) than they actually are. it's a recipe for disaster, and for young fans it's easy getting sucked into all this deception. the contrast between idols flaunting mukbangs and starvation sweet potato diets is crazy.

not to mention idols actually promoting these shit diets, like here https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/fx-luna-revealed-lost-8kg-one-week/ where luna talks about going on a water fast for a week (but like, she doesn't recommend anyone at home do it!!! she's a professional!!)

while western pop also definitely causes problems promoting unhealthy body images (I think it was even worse in the 90s and 00s), at least there is some diversity being celebrated

No. 48807

File: 1568070171030.jpeg (116.17 KB, 602x1285, 3D62FDAE-FC43-4091-9BF4-F09806…)

Seungeun from a nugu gg BVNDIT is scarily thin. She’s only fucking 18 and ppl have the nerve to say its natural

No. 48809

a bit TMI but I remember seeing some Q&A where someone asked how idols deal with having their period and having to perform/carry out busy schedules, and the answer was that most female idols don't menstruate anymore since they're so underweight… how is destroying your body considered beautiful?

No. 48812

exactly, ppl act like becuz an idol does a 'mukbang' maybe 4 times a year where they eat a 'ton of food' (rose) that they are major foodies and its in their genetics to be naturally boney with collarbones sticking out. its such a big problem with idols doing mukbang vlives showing them shoving food in their mouth which is mostly junk food like fried chicken yet we all know with that body thats probably the only thing theyll eat all week. blackpink really said "each of Black Pink members can eat one full chicken" in what world???

No. 48815

can confirm, being a BIT underweight in bmi can stop your period totally or make it come maybe once every few months, so cant imagine what its like having completely underweight bmis like some of these gg members advertise being <16 bmis. it messes with your reproductive system and ability to carry children/fertility

No. 48816

I almost threw up when I saw this fancam of that girl dancing.

Skin and bones

No. 48827


idk why their ceos think this is hot or appealing. korean patriarchy is weird.

that's why they better hope no female idols ever really 'make it' in America or else it'll just cause lots of people to ask some rather uncomfortable questions about the industry

No. 48828

she looks like a normal korean while kpop idols try to look like some different race

No. 48829

um bp has performed at coachella which is one of the biggest festivals and went on those american late night shows yet new fans/ppl who didnt know them didnt say anything about how skinny they were surprisingly

No. 48831

That would actually be hilarious to see normal people on twitter confused and disgusted at fancams like >>48816 causing backlash. I mean we already had people like Ke*mstar making trending hashtags hating on Kpop anyways.

No. 48832

Sure bp has appeared in American festivals/shows, but they don't really get attention from the general public on the same level as if they were actually popular in America.
That's why >>48827 said "make it

No. 48836

well whatever attention they do get, ppl should def be talking about their weights because it is very unhealthy and functions of their body are literally dying

No. 48837

blinks did damaged control and pulled the "asians are naturally skinny" card for the very few gp that actually cared about blackpinks performance and they ate it up. plus people are afraid to say anything since they'll get mass attacked, doxed, and suspended on their sms.

No. 48838

File: 1568075946522.jpg (383.18 KB, 2048x2048, KOCSZXQ.jpg)


Sad that these fans don't realize that in the end it's their faves that suffer

No. 48839

what is that glowing orb on her neck

No. 48840

File: 1568076517234.jpeg (225.14 KB, 827x1506, D95E5271-B4F7-4258-9BF0-CA9950…)

One of the first things you find when you look up rosé on Twitter is a thinspo thread

No. 48841

her hair looks so ratty, wouldn't be a problem if she just fucking eat

No. 48842

People call me crazy for saying kpop is reviving pro ana, but am I really that far off? Look at the all the new thinspo blogs on tumblr most of them like kpop. kpop doesn't exist in a bubble.

No. 48844

No, you are 100% correct. Because of Kpop, girls follow youtubers like this who get millions of views talking about their anorexic diet plans

No. 48845

it's really sad cause looking through their accounts there are a lot of them that are 11-15 years old. i wonder if idols are aware/care about this

No. 48847

File: 1568078361222.png (154.31 KB, 1437x1248, 1513090903462.png)

she looks like le 56% face

No. 48849

I know everyone's sick of nct talk and wbk about this but it made me lol

>The #1 idol that SM pushes is NCT Taeyong, but he sells less goods that Jisung who is the most maknae of the Dream team and who has the least experience

Jaehyun 27K
Jaemin 17.1K
Mark 16.8K
Haechan 15K
Doyoung 13K
Jeno 12.7K
Jisung 12.5K
Taeyong 11K
Renjun 10K
Chenle 7.2K
Jungwoo 4.5K
Johnny 4.5K
Yuta 3.1K
Taeil 3K
^Those are the numbers that NCT sold in their most recent goods. He also got the least views on his SuperM album unboxing video, even less than stupid Yukhei who only debuted a year ago.
All TY's popularity is smoke and mirrors. Why does sm continue to shill him so hard when he's just not likeable? It's such a waste of time.

>3. [+69, -17]

>Taeyong used to f*king getting on the trending PANN posts every other day but nowadays he gets 2 posts per day, but even all those business posts about him aren't working. His fans are so stubborn they must be all ajummas
Mysides did his subby persona attract a bunch of ride-or-die old lady stans?

No. 48852

File: 1568079443737.jpg (48.46 KB, 500x750, 737bc026424bb30bd0f002a9dede54…)

snsd's sooyoung made her whole persona the foodie of the group which is hilarious considering how thin she was. how can this be normal?

No. 48859

are these bulimia cheeks?

No. 48860


I believe Kpop companies make girls get fillers in their cheeks just to hide how hideously underweight they are. Look at the difference between how Rose is looked at an AOA Jimin. People were shocked at AOA Jimin because her face showed her malnutrition along with her body even when Rose's body is about as thin or close to. So it's the same deal here with Sooyoung.

Ana members also likely adopt a 'foodie/glutton' persona for the cameras in order to hide their disorder. The companies know their way around it. I just don't get why they don't just let their idols eat and be done with it.

No. 48861

nah that's just how asians look without jaw shaves(race shit)

No. 48864

sooyung had jaw surgery and tons of other work done

No. 48866

it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. something has looked off about Roses face too, not exactly like surgery but something looks different, i wouldn't put it past yg to make her cover her ED face with fillers.

her cheeks specifically look puffy though IMO.

No. 48867

I watch a lot of anime and I can't think of one that matches this description. Besides he looks pretty handsome here.

No. 48869

File: 1568083189303.jpg (80.05 KB, 1200x675, Dc7NCgiWsAAvMJw.jpg)

Sooyoung, Yoona, Rose are all skelly but are shilled as big eaters. Momo has the same image but isn't as skinny and openly talked about eating ice and chewing and spitting on a vlive. Her weeb fans will ignore it tho

No. 48871

Yes I was surprised but not really @ him and Lucas not bringing views! Why does the company pushes them so much? I really dont get it.
Ten got me shook too bc I believe he had the 2nd most viewed video, just below Baekhyun. Maybe he has a lot of SEA fans like Lisa? Idk

No. 48878

File: 1568084846346.jpg (423.76 KB, 540x674, f5zLxs0.jpg)

So I guess Somi's going to the instaqueen route now that YG is burning and her comeback is probably delayed?

No. 48880

That's all she had left. She's been demoted to literally who status with all the other uzzlangs

No. 48882

Ten was a singer or something in thailand for like years before he debuted in nct iirc, so yea he has lots of thai fans like lisa. I'm not surprised Lucas didn't get as much as the others outside of instagram since he's rookie but Taeyong getting the least on every platform is an eye opener. I thought he at least had a lot of ifans.

No. 48884

Should’ve shut her mouth and stayed with JYP. Her head got too big.

No. 48885

she still sounds terrible. what exactly was jennie doing during those six years of "training"?

No. 48886


I believe that giant orb is her head

No. 48887

I guess it's partly because Somi is a part of the black label and not YG proper but I'm still amazed at how much shittier her debut was compared to Jennie's. Delayed multiple times, lower budget MV, choreographed at the last second apparently, awful outfits that barely contrasted with her backup dancers… I don't hate Somi but she seemed really nervous and uncertain performing. Modelling is probably her best bet in the near future.

No. 48888

You forgot that some of Somi's stage outfits for her debut were the recycled outfits Jennie wore for Solo mixed with some low budget pieces

No. 48889

she just turned 18 and she already looks like a hooker. the new kpop girl image is seriously weird

No. 48890

Momo I kind of believe because twice does vlives 385204 a week and she's always eating huge amounts of food during these videos. she prob binge diets for comebacks or something but ppl like Rose have a 'foodie' persona but literally eat a piece of chicken a few times a year (blackpink does like 5 vlives in a whole year) and people praise her for it

No. 48891

> I don’t think she’s starving herself, furthermore she’s still young and young girls tend not to gain easily

what are the comments under this video kek

No. 48892

>She told her viewers that she would drink two whole 1.5L bottles of this tea a day and nothing else!
Just reading that makes me nauseous

No. 48895

that causes serious acid issues.. i wonder if they're plagued for life with ulcers because even normal people get them from having too much acid in the stomach and not enough food. they all prob have acid reflux

No. 48897

I imagine all idols have serious health issues. BoA once said she had the knees of a 50-something from all that dancing and she's only 32-33 now

No. 48901

File: 1568096136384.jpg (189.66 KB, 985x1200, unnamed (1).jpg)

I've seen so many idols with terrible haircuts in predebut photos that I have to ask if having a shitty haircut is really that common in Korean schools. Can anyone please provide some insight on this?
Good luck with that because the "flower boy" thing has been a trend since the Joseon Dynasty.

No. 48902

momo probably exercises a lot but i bet jyp still gives her shit for eating too much

No. 48903

not just korean schools. have you seen asian-american haircuts from the 90s-2000s? we were all rocking the bowl cuts because our moms literally put a bowl on our heads and cut straight across.

No. 48904

Bowlcuts are enforced as part of the uniform

No. 48908

File: 1568100644611.jpg (185.89 KB, 1080x422, 20190910_092924.jpg)

Can you imagine 2 years of peace and some kind of "fair musical competition" without crazy ratmy and BTS solely winning anything and everything?

Would be great if they would be all gone soon together with Jin.
One can dream!

No. 48910

File: 1568106029112.jpg (356.35 KB, 520x1357, 2010043009230521081_1ujzn.jpg)

I wonder why some people shat on idols like uee, nancy, kyla, etc for having belly fat while praising taeyeon for the exact same thing

>Apicture has been revealed on the 29th on an online community showing Taeyeon's "Charming belly".

>The title of the picture was "Taeyeon's cute animated belly". the photo was taken during SNSD's concert in Shanghai, China. Taeyeon was also seeing the same ensemble in a performance in Korea in the concert but Chinese fans were more vigilant on the situation.

>Netizens find her belly "cute" and admires the milky complexion of Taeyeon's body. Although not all of the comments were nice, there were also negative comments towards the image

No. 48912

That would be amazing. Although they'll probably start pushing TXT. I'm sure that's the idea behind that bcs TXT is really bad. Ratmies will be left with almost nothing so they'll have to become ATMs for TXT during those 2 years.

No. 48916

File: 1568111788925.jpeg (60.57 KB, 500x750, 8B5C8470-9BEA-43EC-BF60-6D506E…)

Perhaps because she was the leader of one of the biggest girl groups and had lots of fans? She went through a chubby stage but was never really ‘fat’. She was really skinny most of the time

No. 48917

cause she's usually skinny and looked frail. plus not all knetz are the same two people. she was still skinny with the belly fat.

No. 48919

Kek I've always wondered if sm's favorite was everyone's favorite too. Damn, he must be so unlikable to not be popular after all that push

>Yuta 3.1K
>Taeil 3K
Lmaooo they hardly sell anything compared to the others, why are they even there? It costs way more to keep them around. Sm really fucked up with this "project

No. 48920

They'll only do that knowing none of them can survive alone without the bts brand

No. 48921

I'm so sick of them, I can't wait until they're off the spotlight so better groups have a chance to actually do something interesting, BTS' last song is lazy and uninspired af

No. 48922

File: 1568119008487.png (61.42 KB, 144x189, thinspoelbow.PNG)

kek wtf is that elbow. i feel like if someone slices thru it you'd immediately see bone.

No. 48923

It would be such a glorious 2 years. I hope it happens. do you think it's also because they can stand up for each other in case they're bullied? (though i doubt they would be. )

No. 48924

lmao what were the people who were judging thinking? who thought this sounded good? This just proves more that her career was payed for. Imagine other girls who auditioned with better skills and talent ending up not getting in. but they let jennie with this kind of shit rapping debut, who wouldnt be suspicious of that lol

No. 48927


It's delusional to think that musical competitions and award shows were fair in Korea before BTS started to take over, or would be fair after they leave. All that would happen is big companies would go back to jockeying to have their untalented, undeserving groups sweep up all the daesangs based on company power the popularity they earned from it. Or some smaller company would pimp out their idols for one of the bigger awards. There's no such thing as parity or fairness in the Kpop music industry. That's always been so and BTS didn't affect that one way or another. In fact as much as you hate BTS, there's really no one else who could have received those artist of the year daesangs last year.

I'm sure SM would have NCT or Sperm start winning daesangs the second BTS is out of the picture. Or maybe Twice again. Or a Produce group (for the MAMA awards). Unless IU comes back then she'd win. Yawn. Same shit.

No. 48928

The lead vocalist from JYP's band that people only know because of Jae's annoying ass.

No. 48932

No shit, sherlock.

No. 48934

At first I also thought that this is simply because Taeyeon has the talent and a massive fanbase, but there are many older cases in which netizens also reacted rather kindly.
Min wasn't even popular and still people didn't care.

I think the reason for them being harsher nowadays is incel-lite men invading every single space, the instagram/photoshop craze which results in people no longer knowing how normal bodies really look like and the fact that working out and looking toned in general is much more popular now than just a couple years ago. Wasn't Yuri like the first idol to ever really work out and to have some visible muscles?

Or maybe koreans just don't mind a little stomach fat, but hate thicker thighs like on Kyla.

No. 48935

File: 1568126238891.jpg (53.85 KB, 680x419, m.jpg)

Sorry, dropped pic

No. 48936

Rosé and Lisa definitely do not eat. They eat on camera for the fans can look at their size and think it’s healthy. Then when the cameras are off the starve like a bunch of proanas. It’s gotten to the point Rosé is skinnier than Lisa bc that’s all she has going for her.

No. 48945

What a dream, but Bighit would never. Who's going to make them money for two years? txt is a flop and a girl group will never have the same amount of success as a boy group.

I also assume that Bighit knows that especially international stans will move on to someone else. 2 years is a long time.

No. 48946

Sorry to bear bad news anon but military service has been shortened to 18 months… and i heard the gvt plans to shorten it even more kek

No. 48947

You still serve two years if you get accepted into public service, which is the branch that 99% of all idols somehow miraculously get accepted into.

No. 48948

Blinks are praising this shit like no tomorrow but will also be the ones to cry support when she collapses on stage.

No. 48953

no, they're doing it together so it's a shorter hiatus, which is wise because none of the members have a chance of having a successful solo like other groups

No. 48954

mad that your faves haven’t won an award i see

No. 48955

File: 1568135424103.png (74.66 KB, 257x275, 1531710976021.png)

anon pls

No. 48956

It's a wonder at least one of the anachans hasn't fainted already

No. 48957

All the ratmys will wallow in self pity for 2 years and raise bts to martyr status. When they'll come back they will act like it's the second coming of jesus
I'd rather them go one by one and have people slowly lose interest

No. 48958

Weirdly enough it was Jennie who has almost fainted in multiple events, I don’t think she can handle the not eating thing at all, ever her waist is smaller than her head

No. 48959

obviously true, only thing bts had going for them is they rightfully stole all the big awards that these companies were buying every year for their shitty groups. Everyone says exo would’ve been the biggest BG today winning all the big awards, can u imagine ?? that’s how dry the industry was and still is

No. 48960

Wasn't that because of her 'panic attacks'?

No. 48961

File: 1568136482011.gif (3.41 MB, 498x366, 335.gif)

knowing her dad is probably behind the camera like pic related makes it worse.

don't do this shit

that'd definitely be ideal. Plus if I were one of the younger members I would be pretty annoyed that I have to enlist right away just because Jin has to (assuming that it's bighit's idea and not their own).

No. 48964

dont you know that panic attacks in kpop these days are coverups for ana induced lethargy, pregnancy, or plastic surgery

No. 48966

They gave her a bottle of water (?) during one of them and usually when you're at a point of fainting due to not eating even the smallest amount of food will do.

Obviously Blinks won't ever admit it.

No. 48967

rip whatever solo career jimin and jungkook could have had while the hags are gone

No. 48968

Maybe this is bad of me to think but I wonder if many of those idols taking hiatuses to supposedly recover from health-related reasons are actually just recovering from plastic surgery.

G-Friend's Yuju definitely got her eyes done during her absence but you have delusional fans like the ones in the comments section claiming she's all-natural kek

No. 48969

Same anon. Her eyes in this pre-debut clip look considerably smaller for sure.

Plastic surgery being so rampant in K-pop is an issue but the lack of transparency about the lengths idols go to alter their appearances is what makes it worse. Too many impressionable young teens are made to feel worse about themselves. Many of them aren't directly told directly that their unnirs' pretty-colored long hair is just a collection of extensions, their slim yet somehow shapely figures is due to shapewear combined with eating disorders, and that their manhwa like faces are the work of Dr. Kim. If they were it would probably ruin the illusion idols set up for being "naturally" perfect.

No. 48970

>>knowing her dad is probably behind the camera like pic related makes it worse.

This is the same man who wanted to appear in his own daughter's CFs (and use said CF to promote this other daughter).


Most idols are probably on uppers to keep from fainting. I commend Rose and Lisa for having energy and being able to dance with those bodies though. I just wonder how long that's going to hold out. That's probably why they had to take so many breaks during their Coachella performances to catch their breath.

No. 48971

lmao that was him during sixteen too. somi was barely 14 here and he’s just smiling in the crowd, cosigning this fuckery while pedo jyp watches.

No. 48972

He probably got impatient and thought having her sign with yg would make her debut (and earn cash) sooner. People call her arrogant but this is clearly not her fault, she's just desperately trying to become/stay famous to please her stage parents.

No. 48974

File: 1568142496317.jpg (394.38 KB, 1080x1942, IMG_20190910_210539.jpg)

There are several comments of people saying they went to school with her, confirming op's accusations. This is from years before her debut, why would they go out of their way and try to sabotage a random unknown trainee's future career by creating fake bullying stories? There obviously has to be some truth behind it.
>So this story only interested me because I'm personally from New Zealand where Jennie Kim apparently attended school. It's actually kind of weird to note that I can take a 5 minute bus from my University to get to where she attended school. Anyway, the bullying story seems true from my own personal experiences. From my time in high school in NZ, I've known of many Korean's coming here to learn English and study abroad only to face the kind of bullying you would see in Korea- sometimes even worse. So yeah, not surprised. Not only do they get bullied by non-Koreans, but Korean people alike, it's actually quite sad.
I'd suggest reading through the comments, all of them are so negative, always with several hundred likes, everybody called her untalented, a bitch (and ugly). Why did she suddenly get so popular after debuting?


No. 48975

File: 1568142683081.jpg (254 KB, 1080x1865, IMG_20190910_211212.jpg)

No. 48978

The rumors of her being an asshole irl came out right after YG released a photo of her and most people knew anything about her. The victims ended up being right that she came to NZ as a child and moved back to Cheongdam-dong as a teen. It’s probably true since it’s obvious YG is shady and Jennie is a spoiled bitch

No. 48986

taeil is one of the few competent singers the group has
dont know about yuta though

No. 48989

>had the knees of a 50-something from all that dancing and she's only 32-33 now

You would think that a company like SM would at least attempt to care for the health of their money makers, but you soon learn overtime they will all do anything to cut corners and "hope of the best" to make a profit.

No. 48990

they should've stayed with NCT U but they got too greedy with all the extra male trainees so now they have a money sink lol

No. 48991

It just proves that it was all about the money because that audition was a fucking joke.

No. 48993

The only thing I can think of is that Yuta is the only Japanese member they got, but I don't know if that is really helping them.

No. 48994

The only thing I can think of is that Yuta is the only Japanese member they got, but I don't know if that is really helping them.

No. 48995

sm thinks everyone is replaceable they don't care

No. 48996

Blackpink members may be taking Phentermine. It's an appetite suppressant. It also gives you high energy. Literally hard to sleep.
It needs doctor's orders though.

No. 48997

You know what's worse? That's not even her audition. I'm pretty sure that's her with a year or two of 'training' under her belt.

>dont you know that panic attacks in kpop these days are coverups for ana induced lethargy, pregnancy, or plastic surgery
Also as an excuse to do a shit job in military service, I guess. It's an old story but still relevant that TOP can't go a minute without fucking something up

No. 48998

fucking hell not that performance, why oh why do they close up to their body jesus

No. 48999

Jennie 100% gives off bully vibes and I'm not surprised if she was one lol

No. 49000

I pray that despite any cheating they do (shortened service period, easy tasks, etc), they will still be irrelevant when they get back on the scene.

No. 49001

Watch them make bts holograms so they can tour while enlisted, fucking mark my words.

No. 49008

File: 1568167153047.jpg (377.99 KB, 980x269, CX6Tjet.jpg)

Why can't JYP come up with a concept for Twice without ripping off a legendary 2nd gen gg?

No. 49009

This is from a year later and surprise: it’s still shit. Why is she so bad at enunciating? Of course there are delusional ratpink stans hyping her “talent” and expressions in the comments

No. 49010

File: 1568167286498.jpeg (288.87 KB, 1242x966, D6BD4832-D4E4-4F76-8DA7-28734E…)

This kpop dudes be feeding their fans delusions…

No. 49011

Guess she auditioned for rapper and accidentally ended up as singer too.

No. 49012


Didn't she say the n word in these videos but it got buried?

No. 49013

she probably said it in the rap video near the end of the video. yg just censored pipe, smoke, and the n word. such a woke queen

i feel kinda bad for wiz khalifa and wale now, she really butchered their songs.

No. 49015

File: 1568171430991.jpg (62.75 KB, 636x406, muh gen 2.jpg)

anon pls. why can't gen2 fags ever shut up? you are the kpop stan equivalent of boomers

No. 49023

I watched a bit of the show real men and somi's dad was literally such an arrogant prick. I assume that a lot of idols were somewhat pushed into the industry by their parents but the fact he also tries to be a TV personality in his own right despite being an unlikable shit put him on a whole other level of awful narcissistic parenting.

No. 49025

I'm really confused about IU. How is she seen about Korea? I know she's A tier as a singer, but as an actress seems like people always criticize her and say she shouldn't act anymore even when she does a decent job? Plus she gets into shady controversies like the recent building thing, and she just has shady vibes to me. But idk how people feel about her as a whole.

No. 49027

I remember a few years ago she had several dating scandals and there was a lot of controversy about her song "Zeze" about a young boy having sexual lyrics in it. But her drama Hotel del Luna is absolutely huge in Korea and she has a big reputation for philanthropy so I would say she's bounced back pretty well and she's probably going to have acting work for a while.

No. 49029

what a weird question. she's beloved there because she's a "real" artist (lol)

No. 49032

Not OP you're responding to but I don't see how this is a dumb question. IU is respected for her music as a "real" artist but there's also a lot of scandals regarding her personal life around her acting skills. OP probably just wants to understand how she's received between her music persona and her scandals/shitty acting.

No. 49033

*and around her acting skills
My bad.

No. 49035

10/10 description

Kek rather listen to ring ding dong for 5h straight than ddu ddu ddu or anything by twice that is not fancy. Also than all of nct electro shit like cherry bomb

Do they really think she is a bad actor tho? Cause I just read hotel de luna ratings are above average. And that show is basically 90% her scenes w that costar dude

No. 49036

I would say IU is generally liked as an actor, she's won a bunch of acting awards. I've definitely read articles about netizens criticizing her for her performance in My Ahjussi and Scarlet Heart. But compared to most idol actors she's done really well for herself and people seem to respect her acting skills for the most part.

No. 49040


She's more respected than Suzy at any rate. I don't think Suzy could have pulled off that Hotel del Luna role. She feels more like a Bond Girl in the Vagabond trailer.

I don't really know if there's a female equivalent to D.O. or Im Siwan for female idols. I think Eunji from A Pink had a chance after Reply

No. 49041

File: 1568182837172.png (171.78 KB, 480x854, download.png)

Looking mighty bad for sperm lol It seems like most exofags decided to boycott it so now the sale numbers are very low.

No. 49042

File: 1568183891616.webm (1.37 MB, 720x480, ringdinged and diggydongpilled…)

No. 49044

Why you gotta add 2ne1 now I feel called out lmao

No. 49045

they're so annoying. how can you say any of shinee's music before view was actually good? 2nd gen kpop music was so much worse than the current kpop music.

No. 49046

blackpink's future as a girl group is unpredictable with the state yg is in. jennie seemed to check out long ago and the other 3 are just her glorified back up dancers. the group chemistry has gotta be fucked. to be honest blackpink never felt like a normal kpop group. they're so fake and forced like four cardboard cutouts on stage together, but we're meant to believe that it's not what it looks like. the difference between them and 2ne1 is shocking. how can they even be from the same company?

No. 49047

To be fair, 2ne1 was also cl and friends. At least cl could do a good performance, even if her bad girl shtick was cringy.
And they were likeable even if they weren't the best at their craft. Can't say the same about bp

No. 49048

No. 49049

>2nd gen kpop music was so much worse than the current kpop music.
I don't want to defend old groups or music, but what is supposed to be better about current kpop…?
Having the choice of either listening to bts, one of their wannabees or 100 different pedobait girl groups (whether they're cute or "girl crush") isn't good. Kpop essentially was always and will always be the same, only the clothes and styling changes every year.

No. 49050

it’s a shame yg debuted a “pretty” downgrade of 2ne1. even the most untalented member of 2ne1 put effort into performing. correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed like 2ne1 liked/tolerated each other for a while, at least.

they also didn’t speak in disgusting aegyo voices. that was nice.

No. 49051

Yeah, there never was any obvious bad blood between them. The age difference made it hard for them to be actual friends. Iirc minzy was like 14 when they debuted and bom & dara were already 20 something

No. 49052

you are deaf if you can't hear the difference in terms of production

No. 49053

File: 1568192128187.jpg (31.02 KB, 407x371, 1568190286787.jpg)

some statistics

Gender ratio in girl group fansign events:

Girl group: male - female

Twice: 62 - 38
Red Velvet: 17 - 83
GFriend: 53 - 47
Blackpink: 13 - 87
Mamamoo: 4 - 96
Lovelyz: 80 - 20
Oh My Girl: 66 - 34
Gugudan: 64 - 36
Weki Meki: 63 - 37
Fromis9: 84 - 16

No. 49054

I kind of thought that zeze was her take on megalia style mirroring. the things she said in that song were similar to the creepy shit men would say about her, especially when she was younger. I don't think it was written at face value. Not that she could say anything to that effect to the media and keep her career.

No. 49055

Who gives a fuck about 'production' when the vocals, the dances and the music itself are shit? Seriously, take that to kpop general

No. 49056

>Who gives a fuck about 'production'
>the music itself
anon I want to know what you think music production entails.

No. 49057

Are you unironically trying to say that melody, rhythm and lyrics of twice, nct and the likes are good?

No. 49058

It’s no shock to me that women prefer ggs that give off a girl power image. Men are creeps. They love pedobait groups.

No. 49059

it's embarrassing how clueless you are, keep gossipping about the most inane shit though

No. 49060

>keep gossipping about the most inane shit
Just admit that you're a stan and fuck off if you can't handle people calling your unnie's or oppars's music bad…

I'm still surprised that lovelyz, gfriend or omg have any female fans at all, but I guess those simply don't feel comfortable attending any of their shows or meets, that's why we don't see them (because who wants to be next to their creepy otaku male fans…)
Red velvet have it the best, they can enjoy having mostly girls and women as their fans while also not having to act super tough and badass like some other girl crush groups.
Anon, do you happen to have such a chart for boy groups as well? And what about the age of their fanbases?

No. 49061

I wasn't even the one calling second gen music worse, but the production is a lot more sophisticated and detailed these days. Just compare Sorry Sorry and Superhuman on a decent system.

No. 49063

yeah obviously it'll be better produced than sorry sorry cause 2009 v 2019 technology. but if your saying that a shitty shinee reject song is better than the crap super junior made, you're deaf.

No. 49064

nta but sorry sorry was just a womanizer rip off

No. 49065

fuck no but I'm not the first anon who was defending current gen groups. Your post was just stupid.

>obviously it'll be better produced than sorry sorry cause 2009 v 2019 technology
your brain is smooth, featureless

No. 49066

Why do people still call Lovelyz pedobait? If anything, they look like bored housewives.

No. 49067

>a nct song
Please stop

No. 49069

eughk. nayeon's botched nostrils are getting out of hand.

No. 49070

Gen2mers still proving that they cannot shut their whore mouths. Yes, gen 2 music was overall worse than current kpop in literally every way, you are just prematurely going senile.

No. 49073

He's the only member that doesn't get loud cheers during live performances no matter where they are. It's hilarious how it's loud for each member the whole time and then it just gets quiet at his part. Dudes got no fans and those sales just confirmed it.
Idk why taeil doesn't sell well though. Maybe because nct fans just don't like the way he looks? Not sure. He is the strongest singer in the group though

No. 49074

TAK did a really good job with Superhuman, NCT being talentless plastic monsters won't change that and stop listening to music with broken counterfeit earpods.

No. 49076

File: 1568208205360.jpg (206.06 KB, 1080x784, IMG_20190911_151821.jpg)

I'm worried for all the farmers who stan that. Are you underage or just really dumb?
What kind of narcissistic asshole unironically says this about himself in tv?
>In the pre-release clip, MC Jun Hyun Moo asked Lucas, "Are you the most handsome in NCT?" Lucas lifted both of his thumbs up, and said, "Of course." Jun Hyun Moo then asked, "Who's the most handsome in the entire SM Entertainment?" Lucas replied, "Lucas."
I bet he grew up constantly being told how awesome he is and that he can do no wrong. His parents should have told him No sometimes.

No. 49077

Not to wk but it sounded like he was joking/hamming it up for variety

No. 49078

>literally every way
I wouldn't say the songwriting was worse

No. 49079


No. 49080

They love shit like this on variety. He probably thinks he's hot shit but I don't think it's that bad, he's playing a role or exaggerating personality traits he already has.

Personally, I find him one of the most attractive new gen kpop boys, only if they didn't put him in that terrible flower boy styling.

No. 49081

you could find equally bad stuff from 3rd gen, rdd doesn't represent the whole 2nd gen

No. 49082

No offense but are you blind

No. 49083

their non-flower boy styling doesn't suit him either. he looks great in candids or without a ton of makeup but kpop styling completely desecrates his natural pretty.

No. 49085

File: 1568212032030.jpg (107.58 KB, 720x900, 69387112_551203488762269_33713…)

lmao it's rm's bday and jimincel posted this such an attention whore

No. 49086


BlackPink were supposed to be a bigger group and if they had more members perhaps there would have been other people to stabilize the group dynamics. But after Twice debuted in 2016 and did well and were known for being beautiful ("pretty girl next to pretty girl" bullshit) YG got pissed and jealous as he always does towards other people's success, scrapped his original girl group project, kicked out anyone not considered a visual (dunno how Rose got in but I guess he needed a singer and she looks okay with cakes of makeup and editing) and debuted the four girls we now know as BlackPink. He just wanted to prove to his buddy JYP that he can pull out some blow up dolls too and make them successful with a bit of YG Branding and Brand Name Clothes. It worked.

Problem is, YG has always been known to favor one person in the group over the others, particularly the richest. So the dynamics were off from the beginning. Then you have the problem that the girls never had to work or suffer together to be successful. They just debuted and were instantly successful off the backs of their 2nd gen (waaaah stop mentioning 2nd gen!!) seniors and the YG buff. They never went through a period where they needed to come together and strengthen their team work and work on their mediocre abilities to climb up. Success was handed to them on a silver platter. You can tell some members have zero appreciation for the group that made their unappealing, unspecial asses even as marginally relevant as they are.

Then you have all the hiatuses where they could have been practicing and strengthening their team work, team bond and bond with fans. In fact their skills and team work deteriorated. Once they did come back, the obvious favoritism of Jennie and hierarchy in the group caused a strain and can STILL be seen. No matter how many fake hugs they give each other on screen I can't forget Rose screaming at Jennie at Coachella and Jennie basically looking like she was telling Rose to fuck off.

Now you've got another hiatus and more laziness. The problem is they keep getting rewarded with success. They've still got fans who put them on a pedestal for their looks only, I'm sure male idols chasing after them, CF money in the bank, so they don't really need to work on their stage presence or skills. They are the epitome of the values Koreans seem to resent but still put on a pedestal: that Korea is an unequal society in which gold spoons always win because of their connections, and visuals (natural or paid for) will always beat hard work, talent and effort.

The problem is now YG is crumbling and there doesn't seem to be a straightforward plan for BP's future beyond just releasing photobooks and DVDs of them being pretty. Oh and rereleasing the same 5 songs they have. I'm sure that when YG needs more money they'll send them out on another tour, but the girls' bodies probably won't survive that and unlike with Twice, if one goes down, the show can't just go on as easily. Not to mention now you have parents chiming in and complaining about unfair treatment.

Seems like the girls are content to battle each other on instagram over who has the cutest pics. They're a mess and if their management doesn't improve drastically more of their fans will leave the fandom. Maybe it's for the better.

No. 49087

Everything a girl group does is called pedobait unless that girl group is Mamamoo

No. 49088


He's the best at being shady. Seems like he has decided to trend during all the other's member's birthday this year lmao he doesn't even try to be slick.

No. 49090

Lmao imagine being the least popular, it's your birthday, you think you'll finally get at least some attention and then jimincel posts semi-nudes. You think he gave him a call or an angry text message?

This whole thing is so annoying, in my country two hashtags of ratmon's birthday and one "happy chuseok" (a korean holiday) are trending over the 9/11 remembrance tweets. Why do so many people have to care so much about them?

No. 49091

it's not even chuseok yet lol

No. 49092

jesus I didn't think red velvet what THAT skewed

No. 49093

I don’t think YG’s new CEO is too focused on BP. The first thing she did or was probably capable of doing was bring back AKMU. I think she’ll focus on those who were unable to comeback thanks to YG.

No. 49094

File: 1568220240844.png (379.64 KB, 540x657, Att.whoring it out.png)

The difference between rat and jimincel's number of hearts and retweets tho. Just over all sad for the rat (forgive the shitty crop)

No. 49096

eh it usually takes them several hours to hit 1M likes and both of rm's posts are already halfway there in less than half the time it took jimin, dont go shedding tears just yet anon

No. 49099

Lovelyz legitimately had infantilizing schoolgirl concepts for many of their comebacks though. Tell me how them dressed up as middle-school students and putting on high-pitched voices isn't gonna attract pedos.

No. 49101

Their utter disregard for human health is why they lost out on Kris, Tao and JYJ.

SM promises to make random kids into stars but they don't want them getting TOO big or anything - they want the idols to be completely dependent on SM and grateful to the company for giving them the opportunity to become idols in the first place. It's why they used to choose poor kids like Yunho to debut, because low-income children won't have the will or connections to fight back against unreasonable demands such as adequate nutrition and occasional sick days off.

No. 49102

>Then you have the problem that the girls never had to work or suffer together to be successful. They just debuted and were instantly successful
My thoughts exactly. Almost every other current group has faced downs in their career.

Red Velvet's debut was only semi-successful, with Be Natural a total flop, and they had to wait 6 months for a first win with ICC only to flop pretty hard again when OOTN came out. Twice suffered through that joke of a reality show plus the Tzuyu controversy at debut; Cheer Up was a huge hit but even they didn't debut on the top of charts immediately with PAKs and 1m+ downloads like Blackpink did.

While RV and Twice still lack in stage presence, they feel like more of a unified team than BP do and seem to care about the groups they're in.

No. 49106

i find it absolutely hilarious how bts and their fans sperg about being woke and for human rights uwu~~ yet theyre performing in saudi arabia

No. 49107

File: 1568226758632.gif (2.61 MB, 247x349, 970b925339b62f00403093f4b98889…)

>We love each other, we're like a real family!

No. 49108

Thats kind of scary how fast their expressions change

No. 49110

Blackpink did not face or experience the hardwork other girl groups experienced both as trainees and as debuts.
Everything was handed to them on a silver plater so they dont want to improve or fix parts in which they are lacking like how other groups are.
Their fans are also very big enablers who will silence even other fans who give constructive criticism.
-When someone says that Jennie has a very bad attitude and that she needs to fix it, her fans will tell you that she is just a sassy person and that you should die.
-When someone says that Jisoo's singing is horrible and that she needs to improve alot, her fans will tell you that she is a great singer and that you should die.
-When someone says that Rose is decent singer but she can improve so much by fixing her breathing and vocal techniques,her fans will tell you she is the best vocalist in kpop and that you should die.
-When someone says that Jennie doesn't even try anymore and that she is lazy, her fans will tell you that she is just going through some things and that you should die.
-When people call out Blackpink for not having any chemistry with each other, their fans will show you a 10 second clip of them hugging each other to prove how they are all best friends and that you should die.

No. 49111

are you autistic? are they supposed to hug after taking a picture?

No. 49112


Now I'm actually kind of pissed. I don't give a damn about rat but did Jimincel really have to pull this shit? He knew their tweets' numbers of hearts and retweets would be compared.

I actually am tinfoiling here but I wonder if after his fuck up in France, RM called JM to chew him out calling him a damn drunk and telling him not to fuck up the group's bag and this is JM's retaliation: "I'm a fuck up and still more popular than you, hag."

We've seen RM annoyed with Jimin's drunken antics before.

No. 49114

Aren't most of the kids they take in now pretty well off? For example nearly all the nct members are rich kids. The only ones that probably aren't rich kids are taeil, taeyong, and yuta. Yuta for sure since I heard his dad's job is just building houses. But the rest of them are wealthy, especially the chinese ones

No. 49115

File: 1568230373327.jpg (54.61 KB, 478x540, base_0a6709d3e97c7bd542392dc3a…)

what happened to donghae…he has aged so badly i cant believe he is 32. He used to be my crush and was among the hottest members in suju but now he looks like rotten milk.

No. 49117

Immediately scooting away and pulling a sour face after just taking a pic while smiling brightly shows that they're fake af. Sorry if you think that's normal.

No. 49119

He looks like Charlie Sheen…

No. 49120


This is why I never got it when SMrats blamed the Chinese members and JYJ for fleeing. Hell, who knows how long D.O. has been planning his Katie Holmesian escape from that company. Right after he had his first big drama hit as an actor he decides to enlist in the military before EXO's tour, only to come back right when his contract expires with a new movie waiting for him. Dude knew what he was doing, hats off. I wouldn't want to continue working for those slavedrivers either.

Seohyun ran as soon as she could as well. She lost out on TWO massive opportunities - Architecture 101 that launched Suzy into superstardom, and Train to Busan, a massive hit, with a role written for her - all because SM didn't want her to become too big for her britches. They have always wanted to brand of the company to be bigger than the artist and they ruined themselves over it.


RV and Twice are still privileged compared to other groups from smaller companies who are truly united in their performances and chemistry, but even if you just look at those two groups the difference between them and BP are staggering. BP are like instagram models who are in a beauty youtuber-style feud but begrudgingly show up on stage together to secure a quick bag.

"and that you should die"

lmao this is so true


That seems to be a kpop wide issue. All of Itzy are rich too. I think with all the groups that debuted and disappeared without a trace but had no education to fall back on people realized it's too much of a gamble to try to become an idol if you don't have something concrete to fall back on. These are very different times than 2009 when it was like 20 groups competing against each other.

No. 49121

Anon seriously? It's just taking a photo their not gonna keep smiling ten minutes afterward.

No. 49122

File: 1568230775377.gif (3.17 MB, 205x275, 1568230496534.gif)

Best friends /sarcasm

No. 49123

this looks like depression

No. 49124

Nowadays yes, back then no.
Most of dbsk were poor, yunho even lived on the street for a while. In suju only siwon had money. Shinee were middle class, most of exo too, sans suho and tao (and lay as well?) who were well off. Now in nct most seem to be (very) rich.

I don't know for sure but I think the trainees in jyp and yg were always on the wealthier side or at least not as poor as some sm idols and the ones from smaller agencies.

But even exo and bts took some time until they gained popularity and as a result money and privileges, meanwhile bp ran around wearing gucci already pre debut and had a gigantic dorm with individual rooms. I can't imagine that other idols are very fond of them because of that.

No. 49125

I dont get the hype about Mamamoo, their songs and music is generic and mediocre crap for middle schoolers and hwasa is a tryhard.

No. 49126

As a past exo-l exo were everything but friends.
There were always moments between them which showed how much they hated each other but me and other exo-l's always ignored that too keep up with the illusiom of them being best friends/family.

One moment that i still remember which shocked me was how Sehun was talking about how none of the Exo members wanted to celebrate his birthday and none of them didnt even text him ''happy birthday'' then Chen got nervous and started laughing nervously and basically tried to get him to shut up.

No. 49127

more than 1 person in the group can sing and and they appeal more to women and lesbians

No. 49128

Yeah i know about that,fangirls feel safe stanning them because lets be honest the members of mamamoo are ugly so fangirls feel like they can relate to them and dont feel jealous.

No. 49129

Wow that's sad. Sehun was so young when they started and considering they lived and worked together 24/7 he probably didn't have anybody but them.
I think one of the reason why bts is so much more popular than them right now is because they're much better at faking their friendship.
Do you happen to know in which interview or show he said that?

No. 49130

This basically. If they all looked like Tzuyu or Irene they'd have next to no fans

No. 49131

Well that's their hype. They are viewed as more "real" to their fans. Having more than one person that can sing decently when there is only 4 members in the group is pretty rare nowadays for gg too.

No. 49132

I wonder why red velvet is so popular with women. They're generally considered attractive right?

No. 49133

Irene read that feminist book and has that whole "hating men" meme. Plus I think as a whole the girls don't do much aegyo? Idk though

No. 49134

Irene's the only one who fits strictly into SK beauty standards and many others. Yeri's face does too but she gets made fun of for her body's frame. I wouldn't say the rest of the members are ugly but they're all very girl-next-door-types and, honestly, would be considered visual holes in other groups.

Red Velvet's appeal with girls and women I think has to do with them being looks wise, and many of their song concepts fit into the 'girl crush' trend. Also there's this >>49133. I can't really think of one member who plays up being super cutesy and girly.

No. 49135

This post smells kind of like projection

No. 49136

>would be considered visual holes in other groups
Wendy maybe, but Joy is called pretty a lot. Seulgi is about average. Irene-Joy-Yeri are the Krystal-Victoria-Sulli of their group visually

Honestly even though Irene and Yeri's faces fit Korean beauty standards their bodies don't so maybe that's why fangirls aren't too intimidated by them; they're attractive as a whole but not impossibly perfect

No. 49138

we get it anon you feel ugly and are jealous
regular women can like attractive women. and their music is targeted more towards teen girls/younger women than other demographics anyways.

No. 49139

Interesting. I've seen a ton of comments on NB and the like of K-netizens saying Joy's ugly because of her face shape and mouth size. These comments were more common pre-debut before she lost weight and before Red Velvet but I still see them.

>why fangirls aren't too intimidated by them; they're attractive as a whole but not impossibly perfect

Bingo. I think this is part of the appeal for Twice as well. They're all average and aren't overwhelmingly pretty with the exception of Tzuyu–but even Tzuyu gets shit for having tanner skin and a round face. Each of the members also have kinda their own distinguishable gimmick as well (like Jeongyeon = cool model-like girl, Chaeyoung = fun-loving short-haired tomboy, Sana = cutesy genki girl, and so on).

No. 49141

im sorry are you talking about nct superhuman?? that is one of THE worst kpop songs ive EVER heard, i hate 2nd gen but Sorry is leagues ahead

No. 49142

File: 1568234245993.jpg (121.04 KB, 1000x650, red-velvet-twice-black-pink.jp…)

To Koreans Irene and Joy are considered very attractive, so attractive that men rather flock to cheerleader types like Twice or any of the other groups with loads of samey looking members who act cute. Seulgi really does give off a bit of a lesbian vibe, Koreans also always call her girl crush and obviously men don't dig that.
Wendy has the voice and nobody gives a fuck about Yeri, she was added to gain uncle fans for the groups, that's also why she got so much hate from their mostly female fanbase.
It was partly the same with SNSD and e.g. Kara's Gyuri, girls with a "goddess" concept simply feel like too much out of the league for nerdy gg stans.

Just look at this pic, if you were an insecure otaku, who'd you "dare" to fap to?

If a gg has many male fans that's obviously a turn off for women (and vice versa) so even though rv is conventionally pretty and feminine they're not cute enough for males and therefore likable in the eyes of girls.

No. 49143

Taeil is the oldest member in nct, people just dont care bout the older ones because anything past 25 in korea is considered mid life crisis old

No. 49144

File: 1568234364865.jpg (32.09 KB, 500x372, large.jpg)

Found the defensive mamamoo stan.
For other groups i have to go through alot to find a ugly pic but for mamamoo all i do is type in a members name and pictures of them looking homely show up

No. 49145

its weird cuz if any other male kpop idol said this he would be crucified for being so grossly confident. his confidence is annoying and it gonna hurt him in the long run, manz already thinks he's an untouchable god at such a young age, clearly the opposite of what teen girls want

No. 49148

And that's why Nayeon will forever be a mystery. In other groups it's literally always maknae = popular, oldest = who?

Does anybody know why Ratmon was choosen to be the leader? Why him, when there are several members who are several years older? Makes no sense. Just how bad are Jin and the others that they weren't even allowed to play boss, despite that role usually being given to one of the oldest? lol

No. 49149

Are you new to kpop? Red velvet had alot of male fans, the reason why they left is due to irene's feminist book incident and because irene is nearing 30 and most male rv fans only liked irene and now that she is getting too old for them they left the fandom.

Twice are also very well known throughout all of east asia, and might be the most popular girl group in east asia. Twice are treated like celebrities in korea have a decent ammount of female fans not just uncle fans.

No. 49150

I think he was in the original lineup for BTS, back when it was a "rap group". The other originals left and then the 8 we know got added and BTS became a full-blown kpop boy band, I'm pretty sure one of them didn't even want to be in a kpop group. That's the main reason as far as I know.

No. 49151

Nta but I personally find them cute, even in that pic.
It's really not that hard to understand why they have so many women and lgbt fans, especially compared to other ggs

No. 49152


everything here is 100% correct. as someone who 'stanned' bp in 2016-2017 and some of 2018, im embarrassed on how things have been going with both the group and the fandom.

Its open fact Jennie and Rose hate eachother, of all the content I've watched of theirs (they only have bp house and some vlives) Jennie and Rose do not interact at all. When they do in bp house, its sooooo so forced that the staff just ends up pairing Jennie+Jisoo and Rose+Lisa to keep things tame. Jisoo is soft and cant stand up for herself so she can take Jennie's bullying. The other two visibly clash with Jennie, like the Coachella stage that was mentioned.

Even on their instagrams, Jennie posted pics of other members but has never posted anything for Rose even on her birthday when the other members did. Its funny how open all of this is and the fans are still in denial. I dont even get how these girls who trained together for years dont have SOME kind of relationship with eachother. Its quite odd, but then again we don't know what goes down in YG.

In 2017 when they took a year long break, we thought they would be rehearsing, recording new music, etc. but nope, they were literally on netflix all day and didnt bother to even do vlives for the fans (how do they still have fans if they dont even bait them that way). When they came back with DDDD they had 0 stage presence and admitted the comeback was done a few weeks before, meaning the whole year they did nothing. After that comeback, they took another year hiatus again, doing nothing but Jennie filming CFs in Europe, while the other girls were who knows where, again no vlives or any socialization with fans. 2019 comeback with KTL, also confirmed to be done 2 weeks before the comeback, so no rehearsing or any practicing done for a whole other year.

Obvs they are spoiled beyond recognition at this point, everyone here may hate different groups but at least they're practicing dancing everyday and posting videos and vlives to prove it. Lisa has a youtube channel and cant help even post dance practices like other idol dancers do. Rose cant bother to post any covers when shes supposed to be the main vocalist of the group.

When they arent doing anything they dont even have to train or practice like normal idols, they get to release 4 songs a year and go on there way. Not to mention, the bsides for the last 2 'mini albums' were made predebut, these tracks were literally recorded in 2014/2015. They don't even have to write and lyrics or do any creative work with any of their 'music'.

All of these facts in the open and people still stan. Im sorry to everyone who wasted their time with a group who's members are there just for the money and will drop u all when their contracts expire in just 4 years. In all that time you'll probably get 3 comebacks + another Jennie solo.

No. 49153

I guess it has to do with the fact that Nayeon has a baby face and looks younger than her actual age.

No. 49154

File: 1568235967615.jpg (80.32 KB, 1000x500, sljpg.jpg)

I dont mind that you find them cute since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the fact that you are the same type of people to shit on generally attractive groups but yet praise the fuglyness which is mamamoo is kinda BIASED.
Im guessing Solar is the visual of mamamoo right? Well if tzuyu was caught looking as ugly as Solar is in this pic i think we all know what you would do.

No. 49155

Are you talking about this? https://youtu.be/Ku07rrVs9yc

No. 49156

>literally always maknae = popular
no it's not

No. 49157

he’s such an unpleasant person and on top of that hideous, how does this gremlin have any fans at all let alone as many as he has?

No. 49158

people are attracted to people similar to them

No. 49159

It's not that Lucas gets away with it because he's Lucas. There are many male idols that act the same exact way and manage to get away with it because they're male. For example, Jin and his Worldwide Handsome shtick. Everyone laughs and agrees with men who act full of themselves. But as soon as you catch a female idol doing that, even jokingly, she gets called an insufferable narcissist. For example, I heard Nayeon got a lot of hate for calling herself the prettiest idol. Now I don't like the girl or agree with her statement at all, but I just find it ironic how her behavior is the same as all the other obnoxious male idols out there but nobody ever bats an eye at their comments.

No. 49160

"Irene hates men" meme and Seulgi's eye fanservice to women and lesbians

No. 49161

The way nct treats kun is very questionable, i wouldn't be surprised if he leaves the group.
Nct are so disgusting bullying kun and constantly talking about his weight when he is skinny, it looks like they are trying to make him get a eating disorder or something.
I remember there was a compilation of all the times the nct members were making fun of his weight and of course it was douchebag Lucas who was making fun off him the most.

No. 49162

Yes, they lost a lot of fans due to her feminist scandal, but not tens of thousands like Farmers love to claim.

Maybe not always the most popular, but the younger members generally are on top:
Goo Hara (2nd youngest), Yoona (2nd youngest), Sohee, Taemin, Gain, Krystal and Sulli, Jiyeon, Hyeri, Hyuna (2nd youngest), Suzy, Seolhyun (2nd youngest), Jk, V and Jimin, Joy (2nd youngest), Tzuyu (at least at first), Lisa, in Exo Kai and Sehun are very popular, on Produce 101 Somi and now Wooyoung, in Itzy Yuna,…
And if you'd ask me who the oldest in those groups are I honestly couldn't even tell you because they're usually pretty much irrelevant.

No. 49163

File: 1568238457725.gif (4.9 MB, 570x537, 831fb9592fd17cd09250095e58e8be…)

The fact that the other Winner members are so ugly that this weird chucky doll is the visual

No. 49164

File: 1568238513616.jpg (70.14 KB, 564x678, b8a82d1d21260d66186122ff752dfc…)

No. 49166

I thought so as well, the way he interacts with wayV they actually seem to hate him. Especially Ten. I’m surprised fans are so willing to act like it’s just teasing, if they put him down so much on camera imagine what it’s like behind the scenes

No. 49167

Mmm don't have official assigned roles such as visual but yeah it's generally agreed that solar is the prettiest/fits the standards the most
For what it's worth I personally only shit on bg looks lol

No. 49168

Ten seems like the bitchy type of gay guy and every time I see something involving him besides dancing, he's being shady or prissy

No. 49170

so looking like a regular person = ugly? that's mindset is why so many idols fuck their faces up

No. 49171

>No matter how many fake hugs they give each other on screen I can't forget Rose screaming at Jennie at Coachella and Jennie basically looking like she was telling Rose to fuck off.

is there a video of this? i wanna see it

No. 49172

File: 1568239847405.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1325, 89D96A18-19B3-4C59-9CF2-EC9D0F…)


No. 49173

I agree. Some of the standards anons are projecting here are on the level of Korean netizens. Most idols are average-looking people but the strict standards for them have made it so that anyone who doesn't look like a manga character = automatically ugly.

K-pop stylists need to get rid of these ratty extensions and just stop frying idols' hair to death.

No. 49174

pretty sure it's just piss poor layering

No. 49175

File: 1568240509455.jpg (51.1 KB, 500x710, jinwoo.jpg)


Ah, the male Park Bom. His transformation is crazy.

No. 49176

File: 1568241015705.jpg (103.91 KB, 687x913, Cxn9elRUUAAjyi5.jpg)

people thought her hair was real?

No. 49178

I remember the first time Lucas brought up his weight. It was during a vlive with yuta, ten, and winwin. Lucas was talking about kun and then just goes "fat kun!". Yuta then said something like 'hey kun is watching this right now' probably to shut him up, but lucas kept on laughing about it of course . And it's been 'fat kun' jokes ever since

No. 49180

She didn't cut it, her hair's likely so weak that it breaks and doesn't grow porperly due to malnutrition.

I didn't know him ,but turns out he's the oldest? Don't chinese care about seniority shit like the koreans due?
Plus he looks like a twink.
If Lucas wasn't in a kpop group people would call him what he is, a nasty fratboy-type asshole.

No. 49181

File: 1568242599144.jpg (219.71 KB, 1392x900, L4wYk01.jpg)


Now I want to see more videos of Rose and Jennie pretending not to hate each other. Even their Coachella gig dropped into their lap with zero effort. I'll bet other ggs resent the fuck out of them behind the scenes.


unfortunately coachella took down the official videos they had up for some reason but it was before the last song as if it's your last. Jennie was jumping around actually having fun and was clearly drunk and didn't get into formation fast enough. Rose was yelling at her and Jennie took her time getting to her spot and you could clearly see her giving attitude to Rose before she settled into her position. I was LOVE to see how these two get on when the cameras are off. I bet Rose is jealous asf at Jennie's favoritism despite her lack of talent and Jennie makes fun of Rose's huge head and lack of opportunities.


Their pictures with Ariana's producer kinda exposed this

No. 49185

File: 1568243626850.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x3264, kGUIYDm - Imgur.jpg)

you can always tell who's favored in a group by the quality of their extensions lol

No. 49187

Nta but you're right. Usually the smiles will still be there after that. Their expressions just changed instantly.

No. 49188

i found a video. jennie is taking a long ass time (3:45) but i don't see rosé yelling at her though. am i blind or what??

No. 49189


No this isn't it. It was Weekend 1, and the angle the official Coachella cam had you can clearly see Rose yelling at Jennie. It was hilarious I couldn't forget it. But they deleted the official videos.

No. 49190

File: 1568246490456.jpg (192.39 KB, 1024x2048, azv3KU8.jpg)

Once upon a time SM would be debuting these kinds of girls but these trainees are going to smaller agencies like Starship instead. I saw a pann post basically saying that word has got around female idol hopefuls that SM is not the place you want to debut from anymore. It's crazy how much SM's star has fallen.

I'm using these girls from Izone because they're super young visuals from Starship but there are other examples, surely.

No. 49192

Ooh im dying to see that. What a shame that they deleted it

No. 49194



I think I found the video. It's at 52:23. Jennie gave no fucks. They obviously hate each other.

No. 49197


Lmao YES this is it. You can still see Rose arguing while Jennie gets in Rose's face with an f u kind of vibe then goes back to her position for AIIYL not giving a single fuck.

No. 49198

this bitch really out there feeling herself thinking shes some kind of ariana grande
i actually feel sorry for rosé being 4th best when the most favored is this spoiled untalented rat

No. 49199

File: 1568251104359.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, E9B93617-CE99-4D00-A94B-00386B…)

No. 49200

File: 1568251525218.png (429.61 KB, 593x616, 9ebd05e248cac8faeca6a4cc780215…)

there are so many autists in here, wow

No. 49201

That's the first time in a long while that I actually watched a video of them performing and their skelly bodies look ten times scarier in motion

No. 49203

pls someone gif this

i can't stop cackling. this clip lit proves their whole group dynamic off-cameras Jennie and her backup dancers. She controls everything and doesn't give a shit about the other girl's inputs.

I seriously don't get how everyone heralds Jennie as some ultra beauty, when she looks hella basic. In fact, all of Blackpink does.

No. 49204

hey this is an imageboard at least make a gif or smth

No. 49206

Can someone please make a webmd of the video, if it's too long, at least the yelling part? The website isn't secure.

No. 49207

is she saying "fuck you bitch"? I'm trying to read her lips

No. 49209

i must be blind because that clip was tame as hell. it just looks like rose saying something to her and jennie makes the same uninterested face she is always making. i don't doubt that they hate each other though

No. 49210

Ewww wtf, he was my crush too!! way back in high school. My former teen heart aches knowing he's fuckin hideous now smh

No. 49212

File: 1568256199353.gif (5.61 MB, 480x270, bp.gif)

No. 49213

File: 1568256210332.gif (2.18 MB, 438x246, B3530E50-6947-406D-A22D-3C2798…)

I made a quick gif on my break.

No. 49214


Jisoo seems like she has zero backbone and wouldn't be able to resolve conflicts between the two of them. She, Jennie and Nayeon were apparently bffs back in the day and I can see Jennie and Nayeon bonding over being mean girls and Jisoo kind of being the toady.

But something happened along the way. I barely see Jennie and Nayeon interact anymore like they did back in 2016 etc. Now it's all about Jennie and Irene who seem to be strategically bonding over being the top 2 it girls of the 3rd gen. I wonder what happened between the original ratpack.

No. 49215

Jennie just used Nayeon because she was popular back then, now Nayeon doesn't suit her bad bitch energy image anymore so she found Irene who has the personality of a board. Both of them are hated by most female idols for looking like a rude bitch so that's how they bond. It makes no sense for Jennie (23) to hang out with Irene (28), as people say usually the younger members of groups have no bond with the older members because of such a big age gap. They probably talk shit about Exo or something since Irene's think is about hating men and Jennie's supposed ex is from Exo

No. 49217

Jennie side eyed Jisoo in this vid so fucking hard at 21:30.

No. 49220

What are you talking about, anon? Yeah, she did side eye but not that hard. Twas just her usual bitchy glancing as usual.

No. 49222

honestly jisoo isn't pretty enough to be the visual. bp in general just look so boring other than maybe lisa there's no one whose features are interesting but they're still not pretty enough to be sk barbie doll beautiful kek

No. 49223


I agree with you. I think she’s pretty, but very forgettable? Personally I’d consider Lisa as the visual, but I don’t think she fits in the Korean beauty standards. Or maybe I’m wrong idk

No. 49224

File: 1568258814837.jpg (56.23 KB, 1024x683, rs_1024x683-190422210458-e-asi…)

it must take a liter of filler for lisa to be literally be skin and bones but still have full cheeks and a normal looking face

No. 49225

spoil this shit anon. lisa needs to eat, just waiting for one of the anachans to faint during a performance.

No. 49228


While watching her MC inkigayo I sometimes felt like sometimes she looks like an old man. Even in that debut showcase posted when she was introducing herself at the time stamp OP gave she had such an old man face. But Koreans like her visual the best. Still, if you compare her to visual-visual actresses like Song Hye Kyo, Kim tae hee etc. at their peak it's no contest. They're cute for being idols I guess.

Lisa looks like a Cabbage Patch kid most of the time but I think she was the one that got the most attention during Coachella for her visual. Her body proportions are probably the best in the group but her ana-chan skeletonia just makes her look weird.

Especially when you take out all the editing they're not all that. Those pics with Ariana's producer upthread are very telling. Rose especially looks the most different.

No. 49229

Mte anon. The pettiness was screaming out of os his post. However wonder if ratmon is actually the guilty party since no one but the other 2 rappers congratulated him! Wheeew

What incelly line of thought is that anon? Kek stop hanging out with your nerdy musty friends and get some girlfriends irl, your life will change for the better.

No. 49230


Are you kidding me that only JHope and Suga wished him a happy birthday? Very telling.

No. 49231

Is jennie really an it girl tho? I think YG pulled a goebbels level of media manipulation because I dont see this girl doing much. All the CFs are featured with twice, mamamoo, irene, IU or naeun these days.

No. 49232

I wonder why this is happening with boy groups though? One would imagine there would be less drama between boys

No. 49236

nta but jin wished him a happy bday about an hour ago

No. 49238

none of them wished him yet because it was night time in koreas timezone. fans start the celebrations at 12:00 AM kst

No. 49241

seeing jennie try to act hard with her flat ass on the mic is hilarious

No. 49242

File: 1568264319286.jpg (58.52 KB, 433x708, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Damn there was nothing wrong with his nose before

No. 49243

his face creeps me out so much and in winner videos they always zoom in right on his face like why

No. 49245

Lmao i never bothered watching their interviews, etc before. Their aegyo acts and voices are so ridiculous it hurts. It doesn't even match their concept.

No. 49246

that literally is their concept tho. cute girls who are also badass (lol)

No. 49248

I wonder what the filler does if she gains weight though? Will it make the face swollen? So in order for her face to appear normal after fillers she has to stay that thin? Ew

No. 49249

they would probably dissolve because movement dissolves fillers faster

No. 49250

File: 1568265855448.png (319.21 KB, 815x378, blinks.png)

since the recent topic seems to be on jennie and her highness, i was lurking her thread on pull and found this. blinks rlly know how to create an image for jennie despite her not being able to pull any of that shit off they drag other female idols who can.

No. 49251

>both need to wear hip pads to have sex appeal

No. 49252

yeah it doesn't look like an argument to me it just looked like rose was excitedly telling jennie something and she didn't care lol

No. 49253


it looked like rose was panicking, telling jennie to get her drunk ass into formation before the music starts and jennie told her to fuck off

No. 49254

is every member of superm a bully lmao

No. 49256

To my knowledge Mark has never bullied anyone.

No. 49264

First of all Kun is talentless and ugly so who cares and second of all the one who started making the fat jokes was Chenle, his favorite member. Begone Kunt (and yutachan >>49178).

No. 49266

LMAO almost all of nct are talentless so that isn't excuse for bullying. I also don't like anyone in nct including kun,but that doesn't mean I'm not going to call out bullying. Also it was Lucas who started the ''fat kun'' thing. Nctfag

No. 49269

i wonder if it's the way sm manages their groups, didn't lay talk about that appearance ranking thing? if they have to compete with each other all the time, it's impossible for them to stay friends

nta but no way you're not an nctfag yourself, who do you consider talented and good looking in nct anon?

No. 49270

Bants =/= booly, you'd think a fucking farmer would know that.

No. 49273

File: 1568283123292.jpg (177.97 KB, 700x400, winner-jinwoo.jpg)

his face is botched now

No. 49274

>the way he interacts with wayV they actually seem to hate him
i’ve seen plenty of them giving him compliments and talking about how amazing he is though? also i don’t think hendery or xiaojun have ever been mean to him

No. 49275

File: 1568286181741.jpg (17.71 KB, 318x318, r-ScbsSu.jpg)

Other anons might write something like "5+ years ago when I was a dumb teen I was a fan of exo/snsd/bigbang and I remember that…" but wayv debuted in 2018, if you know so much about them and say that you saw this and that about them you're quite literally admitting to being a stan. Try to be less obvious from now on, nctfags.

No. 49276

Irene herself said that Jennie approached her first to make friends, Jennie knew what she was doing. She saw Nayeon's stock fall and Irene's rise and jumped right onto her bandwagon. Jennie actually used to get along best with Yeri in RV, but I guess Yeri isn't popular enough for Jennie to publicly latch onto kek

I agree; I think she's pretty but not quite striking in the way Irene, Nana, Doyeon or Tzuyu are. She has a very forgettable face.

Lol found the friendless femcel

No. 49277

the more i learn about jennie, the more she seems like a psychopath

i honestly wouldn't mind blackpink music all that much if it wasn't for jennie's shouting. her throaty hollering is like a thousand donkey kicks to my eardrums.

No. 49278

That kpop kid whose dad died recently is already uploading dance videos. I know he shouldn’t be mourning forever but idk, your dad died recently…

No. 49280

you mean samuel? his dad was murdered i think? i dont know how id deal with the murder of my dad either so i wont judge him for throwing himself into work instead of sitting at home wallowing in self pity. people deal with grief in different ways and im sure hes not done dealing with his just because he posted one dance video.

No. 49282

File: 1568294649770.jpg (334.01 KB, 1080x1666, IMG_20190912_152125.jpg)

Did fans really believe they would like being in sperm? Of course they're being forced lol

No. 49283


Can I just mention how fucking funny it is that Jimin can't help but tag his own name on his happy birthday post, but won't use #RM or the actual trending hashtag when literally every other member does lol. https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1172055241874821121
I wonder if there is some beef btw them. J-hope, Jungkook and V didn't post at all for Ratmon bday.

No. 49284

he's so forgettable even his bandmates don't remember his birthday

No. 49288

>J-hope, Jungkook and V didn't post at all for Ratmon bday.
>"T-they talked in private instead!"

Jimin always does that. Korean fans called him out on it already, but i-ratmies shield everything. For V's birthday he also used something like #btstaehyung instead of just #taehyung. And of course his own name. I wonder why their management doesn't say anything, it's more than just obvious now.

No. 49289

>>49283 jhope was the first to post yesterday and v and jungkook posted 10 minutes ago, i just checked. its still sus though cause for jungkooks birthday they all posted pretty much immediately but for rm's more than half of them waited for the next day.

No. 49290

kpop rappers were never the best but i'd rather listen to their poor slurry english than the shouting they all seem to be doing

No. 49291

lol i love how all of the other members posted pictures of rat but jimin just posted a video of himself.

No. 49293

File: 1568297776147.png (308.75 KB, 513x700, _twitter.com.png)

No. 49294

Just saw this, on Jk's birthday Jimin also managed to steal the spotlight
>due to Jimin’s club thing, Jimin’s fans cleaned the search and made #weloveyoujimin trending. Jungkook’s fandom were angry about this rudeness of PJMs who were happy that making Jimin’s hashtag trending. In fact, PJMs have been ruined other stan’s some events for several time.
>[+125, -7] BTS fans look for Naver in real time and comment on articles, but it’s the real comedy “K-pop history’s most successful solo artist Park Jimin?” And they said the other members followed him to break the record? I think it’s accurate and sure. Jimin is not a member of BTS. He is a solo singer in the eyes of his fans.
>[+95, -4] Why did Jimin fans make his hashtags trending on other members’ events? This is not the first time
I always thought that Jk is the most popular but in Korea it seems to be Jimin?
As revenge some want to get Jk trending on Jimin's birthday, "but that's so mean and unfair!“
The others should just lay low and not post anything at all, that would be the best thing to do to somebody who's obsessed with attention.

No. 49295

File: 1568297888430.jpg (293.34 KB, 2048x1536, EDh9E3NWsAApUPY.jpg)

His profile is tragic

No. 49296

File: 1568298993867.jpg (119.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Who decided that making a whole group revolve around the ugliest member with a super grating voice was a good idea. At least Hyuna could pull off skanky this chick has the same desperate tryhard energy as all female rappers lately

No. 49297

while i don’t find her ugly it’s painfully obvious the group started out as her and the backup dancers/singers. now they seem to revolve around her and that soojin girl, like cube split hyuna’s image between those two as an anon suggested in a previous thread. i remember watching the choreography for uh-oh out of curiosity and it’s literally them and their background dancers. no idea why they focus on the least pretty members but i guess it’s good the group isn’t all about visuals.

No. 49298

jimincel is dedicated to stealing the spotlight in everyone else's birthday

No. 49300

File: 1568303132889.png (363.25 KB, 1080x599, 1568303001391.png)

>that flash of park bom's reaction
Fucking kek that clapped bitch

Soyeon is the female version of Taeyong in my eyes. They both suck.

No. 49301

>Are you new to kpop? Red velvet had alot of male fans, the reason why they left is due to irene's feminist book incident and because irene is nearing 30 and most male rv fans only liked irene and now that she is getting too old for them they left the fandom.

Not necessarily. It just sounds like you're making up shit to harp on Irene’s age. I have no idea why men would like their group. TWICE? I can see because they are lame and non-threatening to the Korean male ego and masculinity but Red Velvet? Obviously, this has never been the case. I do agree that Irene was the draw for male fans, however. Out of the rest of the group, she was kind of given the more skimpy/womanly outfits. She was the WOMAN among a group of teenage GIRLS. SM tried to promote Irene as this wholesome woman that would be the perfect housewife, ironing and doing laundry. Very domestic ideal. She was the one that people could project their desires onto the most because she was so blank back then, as she was meant to be.

Did that stuff stick? Nope. I don't think Irene was ever that controllable in the first place. Behind the scenes, I doubt Irene complied well. And she's the leader.
That's why their group stage presence and performances were in such shambles.

No. 49302

it's a gif from their Lights promotions a few months ago you moron

No. 49304

Nitpick but something about her mouth bothers me a lot. I see people shilling her as the best gg rapper right now but honestly she's not that great. Kpoppies think that rapping fast = good
I can give her props for writing her own lyrics tho. Are there any other gg rappers that do the same? I only know that LE and moonbyul do

No. 49305

Honestly I'd also find it hard to be working with someone who gets everything handed to them. None of BP are that talented (if at all) but I can't imagine they just nod their heads and smile when Jennie gets handed solos and work left, right and centre.

No. 49306

even looking at this picture you can see the group dynamic. jennie is ALWAYS in the front and looks like everyone is serving her. lisa and rose always have to lean in or do something to make it look like they're involved and they love eachother

No. 49309

I looked it up and apparently Mimi from OMG and Exy from WJSN write their owns raps. Not sure how often this actually happens though. I know Miryo does as well but BEG are basically dead.

No. 49310

it wasn't the next day. there was still some of his birthday left in Korea when they posted.

No. 49312

are ppl really analyzing the times they post for birthdays too? first ppl criticize them for being overly fake on social media now u want all 6 to wish him at 12:01 am kst or something stop being dumbasses, even for V's birthday no one posted until like 20 hours later

No. 49313

Wow at his last comment. Sorry but not everyone would suck it up and do it the team. This sounds like some cult-like mindset.

No. 49314

*for the team

No. 49315

noraebang girls is the creepiest fucking shit. sk is fucking gross.

No. 49316

>>49313 this is an imageboard newfag

No. 49317

i dont know how the fuck jennie is still i the industry…because she's pretty? bp isnt anything better than a 2ne1 wannabe group but even then they would likely be better off without her. her and her stans are the damn worst

No. 49319

Of course not everyone, but enough, I would guess. Especially if you are young, naive and trained for years under much pressure. Not to mention the crazy agesystem in SK.

No news, tho. It was already discussed. But I feel like it won´t happen anything, same as alast time, until a big Idol comes up and shares this past. But I highly doubt anyone would ever do that.

No. 49320

File: 1568311821872.jpg (314.71 KB, 631x1246, IMG_20190912_140006.jpg)

I didn't think I'd find an idol more hideous than rat monster until I saw this guy. To make it even worse his fans are straight up delusional about him. I even saw him as the phone wallpaper of a 25 year old woman I know. Barf

No. 49321

File: 1568311859403.jpeg (65.35 KB, 730x1024, EDtQ5f-U8AcEx5w.jpeg)

So botched

No. 49322

bleached to hell too. he was super tan when he went to school in the us

No. 49324

Did Johny get…lip fillers?

No. 49329

Not even a good jawline would save him tbh

No. 49330

even the most hardcore stan would have to look at him and call it as fucked-up lmao
poor guy's gotta live looking like that now

No. 49331

did he get into the group thanks to his parents' money?

No. 49332


Johnny's Parents are rich actually. I think they're important figures in Chicago or something. He didn't even have to stay in Korea to train I think he spent a lot of time back and forth between Chicago and Korea at his leisure from what I've heard.

No. 49333

File: 1568314480314.jpg (116.58 KB, 749x1110, large.jpg)

I'm dying to see how this dude from ateez looked before ps but they're too nugu for me to find good predebut pics
He can look ok-ish with proper styling and when his chin fillers (?) dissolve, but sometimes he looks downright horrifying
And don't get me started on the fucking mullet

No. 49334

>I think he spent a lot of time back and forth between Chicago and Korea at his leisure
I would assume so considering he started training all the way back when shinee debuted…

No. 49335

say it with me kids: horseface.

No. 49336

It has to be mommy and daddy’s money that got her recruited and made her YG’s favorite. Korean non-ratpink stans think she’s untalented and looks like a SEA/gyopo

No. 49337

i honestly wouldnt be able to pick the girl out from a crowd. she isnt special and if she weren't east asian/not "ulzzang baddie" (i think idk) the western fans would bust her shit too. amazing how these fans conveniently overlook what their idols do

so so sorry for the rant but at least when shindong was fat-shaming back in the day he got called out by the fans iirc but jennie throws slurs and acts like a mega-bitch and people still actively defend her? when she CLEARLY knows english and how people should behave in a team?

No. 49340

What slurs?

No. 49342

there are a lot of claims about idols writing/composing stuff that I just straight up don't believe. At first only Soyeon in gidle wrote stuff, then suddenly Minnie pops up with credits and then Yuqi announces she's learning music composition? Sounds fake to me

But even if it is true, having one person writing almost everything for the group/getting a hugely disproportionate amount of attention makes the rest of the group seem pointless when you could just be a soloist.

No. 49343

If any of you are watching queendom, when it's g-idles turn the entire focus is always on soyeon and her being a 'genius' at composition, rapping, leading etc
The only other girl i remember the name of is minnie and that's because she has a very distinct look
It really is soyeon & the others, I'd say even more than bp

No. 49344

File: 1568319560774.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, FEDEA2F4-CB29-464A-86F3-132B92…)

lmao the shoop + padding

No. 49345

>One would imagine there would be less drama between boys
Oh god… Don't be retarded, anon

No. 49346

why do they think drag queen proportions are going to be believable
I wonder if gidle being half foreigners was intentional so that they had less of a chance of being more popular than soyeon. Also cube is just endlessly copy/pasting 4minute onto different girl groups waiting for another hyuna to happen and it's pathetic.

No. 49347

She looks like the plain girl next door without her intense eye makeup and everything. never found her face attractive or modelesque without it.
To me she clearly a snob and ruins any chance of having a proper dynamic in the group. Im sure she hates Lisa for being so hyped and treats her accordingly (not really relevant to this but I remember someone posting a video in which bp went to some place, and Jennie said how it's better than Thailand in front of Lisa lol. I'm sure that wasn't intentional but it just says a lot about her.) No wonder she's always so fake and careful whenever they're in front of a camera.

No. 49349

he looks like a malnourished sloth. who is this?

No. 49356

File: 1568320993227.jpg (67.97 KB, 500x500, large (1).jpg)

Johnny from nct

No. 49358

File: 1568321035364.jpg (47.78 KB, 750x723, 0d0435a9d8d41d746e3d163cd024fa…)


No. 49359

>Lisa has a youtube channel and cant help even post dance practices like other idol dancers do

Are they in charge of their accounts though? Maybe they're not allowed to post and have vlives too often. Otherwise yeah they're just lazy lol

No. 49361

File: 1568321830481.gif (994.88 KB, 320x253, giphy (1).gif)

>malnourished sloth

No. 49362

no way shes actually in charge of that tryhard over-produced perfectly edited vlog channel lol she doesnt even film most of the footage, let alone edit and post it.

didnt yg start that channel just to rip off that one bts member that does vlogs anyway? probably added dance covers to make it a little less obvious.

No. 49364

File: 1568322223625.jpg (58.49 KB, 540x401, Dfs8bbs.jpg)

Never forget when Netizens clocked her after seeing her on American television


"2. [+217, -27] Look at Jennie's proportions… how realistic.

No. 49365

File: 1568322476292.jpg (129 KB, 675x780, long-legs-comics.jpg)

rose looks like a rob liefeld drawing

No. 49366

so many idols keep butchering their looks even when they looked fine before yet sm does nothing about him lmao they really don't give a fuck anymore

No. 49367

rosé and jennie's proportions are so awful wtf. jennie looks so plain and flat and rosé's head looks like the same size as her waist. jisoos body is okay and lisa would've been the best if she wasn't so skelly. i'm suprised that there weren't many comments on rosé and lisa's bodies when they performed this.

No. 49368

File: 1568322907732.jpeg (38.37 KB, 600x602, A341102F-F718-4311-8309-54C06B…)

johnny was a trainee for almost ten years before his debut. imagine training for that long and ending up in a group like nct lol. he’s talentless and fugly (most of flopct is tbh). sm really couldn’t get anyone better?

No. 49369

his rich parents were paying for him to stay. lee sooman stopped caring about talent in 2011 and kpop in 2015 so he slipped through along with most of the other nct boys.

No. 49370

[+316, -37] Did you guys watch their stage on 'Good Morning America', though? They're so bad at dancing and their stage was just all lip syncing. I was honestly embarrassed. So bad at performing.

[+217, -27] Look at Jennie's proportions… how realistic.

[+38, -4] Their stage did seem like a child's talent show.. They have a lot of dance moves where they need to be in a row like dominos but they have no power in their movies, they're mostly just flailing around so their angles don't match up. It looked really messy..

[+38, -5] They were holding mics but still lip syncing the whole thing. Jennie's rap part… she was overshadowed by her own lip sync and basically stumbled through her own rap. Makes me realize how amazing that boy group is in comparison ㅋㅋ

[+34, -5] Black Pink may be a cute and lovely girl group to us but America's more cutthroat than that and it's hard for a group to make it without talent.

[+31, -4] I watched their stage and their lip syncing was so obvious. Their dancing also lacked any force… Such an embarrassment to Korea. They basically played into the stereotype that K-Pop idols have.

[+28, -3] Their stage totally exposed their lack of dance skills..

[+25, -5] They're all stumpy looking without their heels

[+23, -6] Please don't go on these shows if you don't have the talent to back it up.. embarrassing..

[+17, -2] They look like chodings. Their looks, their bodies… they just look like children. It looked like a child's talent show.

[+12, -5] Embarrassing

[+9, -1] Their dancing was pretty bad… like a kid's talent show…

No. 49371

>most of flopct are fugly and utalented
Kek that means you think some of them are actually good looking and talented. Who are they?

No. 49376

imo jaehyun and doyoung look fine and can sing. maybe ten. all three have botched jaws tho

No. 49377

File: 1568324145765.png (1.92 MB, 974x1368, jen.png)

No. 49378

Is the other guy Kai or Taemin? Looks so normal and human next to Johnny lol
And what kind of american parents let their kid waste a decade trying to get into a foreign boy group?

>didn't lay talk about that appearance ranking thing?
Yes, but I don't really believe this. He said he placed 3rd last, like come on, he knows exactly he's not that ugly, if SM were really that strict, how come Super Junior were allowed to debut? He only tried to get fans to pity him.

No. 49380

Their performances are like watching four dua lipas on stage together
Doyoung is absolute shit at dancing and jaehyun is extremely mediocre. Imo you should be decent at both not just one thing. Idols are supposed to sing AND dance

No. 49382

G-idle is fucking overrated and the show is rigged.

No. 49384

So how would these people do it? Do they just email somebody in the company and say they want to take to YG because they have money or what? lol

No. 49385

I was horrified when I so rose, I would've done the same for lisa if she wasn't wearing baggy pants because we all know how thin her chicken legs are

No. 49386

they attend the audition in expensive clothes and mention their parents/upbringing. or their parents call up the company and ask for a private audition.

No. 49387

All of the twice members are normal weight and some even have thick thighs, if blackpink were the same weight as twice they would be put on a severe strict diet. But please tell me how twice appeal to the male gaze meanwhile blackpink are complete ana-chans. Also blackpinks and twice's music is the same lmao its the same ''oppa love me''crap.

No. 49389

Twice actually ended up gaining weight ever since they debuted.
Meanwhile blackpink keep on losing weight after their debut

No. 49390

Even in korea men prefer girls with an ass and tits to a skelly. Skellies appeal to insecure teenage girls, as do girl crush concepts. Thats bps target demographic.

No. 49391

lmao, why do these nugu girls think they're hot shit?

No. 49392

not to argue, but if she didn't act confident on stage she'd get called lazy and wouldn't get any views. nugus gotta make more money so they try hard

No. 49394

are nugus not allowed to do any dancing besides their groups choreo now?

No. 49395

except for momo and sana

No. 49396

Is clc still considered as a nugu group in korea?

No. 49397


"[+34, -5] Black Pink may be a cute and lovely girl group to us but America's more cutthroat than that and it's hard for a group to make it without talent."

Basically admitting they have shit standards in Korea and are fine with it

No. 49399

File: 1568334638412.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1568334526380.jpg)

Lmao they ps-ed his thighs and fans are mad


.The obsession to looking feminine is getting out of hand.

No. 49400

Never mind that where are his pants? Isn't he one of the older members? Why are they making him look like a child?

No. 49401

File: 1568335271107.jpeg (11 KB, 146x177, fullsizeoutput_1797.jpeg)

This made me laugh. Next nomination for op pic.

No. 49402

No. 49403

I'm talking about the johnny meme. not the yuta pic anon

No. 49404

File: 1568336152352.jpg (139.17 KB, 1200x799, DXRXd-RVAAEdLq5.jpg)

seconding this. johnny unspeakably ugly but no thanks desu.

No. 49407

Looks like it
What the fuck is that hairstyle?
Yeah I'm with you on this one

No. 49408

File: 1568337772196.jpg (440.17 KB, 540x377, ihsGgwJ.jpg)


No. 49411

that's what they get paid for

No. 49413

File: 1568338394025.png (3.51 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_09-13-03.32.33.png)

how does anyone believe her shoops are real i will never understand

No. 49415

omg this is literal garbage

No. 49417

omg did a deaf person mix it?

No. 49419

The “hey” parts killed me lmao.

I like the supernatural concept but of course they ruined it by going the cutesy uwu loli voice route

No. 49420

File: 1568341181603.png (716.43 KB, 814x636, Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.1…)


No. 49421

oh my god the harmonies aren't even correct. Burn this.

No. 49422

Why did they have to let hitomi in this fucking group… Tbh I'd like iz*one without her and these awful jp comebacks

No. 49423

I don't understand how their japanese releases sound so low quality. like it has to be on purpose because it makes no sense.

No. 49424

Thats just how AKB rolls, anon. It's dogshit and borderline pedo neckbeards eat it up anyways.

No. 49427

Tbh the people in the comments that are going "it's a jpop song, that's why its so bad", and "please have a korean producer make their jp songs" or "don't make jp songs anymore", are kind of annoying. It's like they think only koreans can make good music and japanese people can only make trash music? Koreaboo logic 101. It's just akb garbage, that's all there is to it.
Most of their (iz*one) j-fans fans are female though, so the crappy akb quality confuses me

No. 49428

I must be a major retard because I actually kinda like the song but ye it does sound like a heaping pile of dog shit production wise.

No. 49430

What part is confusing? Aks has bad producers and jp idol music in general is bad, always has been. More effort is put into k idol music so their k comebacks are better. >inb4 ''kboo!!1!''

No. 49431

I see Suzy's acting hasn't improved much

No. 49432

why are their korean songs so high quality and their japanese ones absolute shit? beunos aires is just as bad as this.

No. 49435

Idk if he is but i can guess why. Since the oldest members are usually the least popular, they have to make him appealing somehow by dressing him in childrens clothing and getting him pose like one.

No. 49436

my god, they can't hold a tune to save their lives. Srsly what is this shit

No. 49437

I've never watched a kdrama but I get the impression they're all cringey and people just watch them to see attractive people make out.
Also Suzy is one of the few idols of her generation who didn't do a complete facial overhaul so I'm happy for her I guess

No. 49439

chaeyeon has a face that cant be fixed

No. 49440

I meant that their fans are mostly Japanese female kpop fans, so why don't they make their jp releases sound more like their korean releases but in japanese?
Also there was nothing really "kboo" about what you said, j-idol music in general is pretty bad because nobody but weirdos give a fuck about idols there. Unlike in korea where they're actually quite a big deal

No. 49443

jesus christ is jpop this bad or is it just this group?

No. 49446

shh dont rile up the weebs, theyll derail the thread with jpop defending

No. 49447

all these 9+ member girl groups with one or two members that are decent singers…

No. 49449

idol groups with good singers have shit songs
pop music shouldn't be about vocal runs

No. 49450

I can't imagine being in the group that has to sing this shitty song over and over again

No. 49452

There are 1 or 2 decent tracks though, but theyre b-side tracks

No. 49453

I wonder if her family bribed the show to let her in kek

No. 49455

Honestly? How did she make it into izone and her sister conveniently in JYPs new gg? There’s hundreds of pretty trainees who can dance but can’t sing who could’ve replaced both of them. Definitely money going on behind the scenes because her sisters dancing is worse than the others in the group, so what is her role?

No. 49456


Both sisters are very rich

No. 49457

The fucking difference though…

No. 49460

the izone sister has more talent than the akb members and the itzy sister was training since like 2012 so he wanted to get rid of her without wasting his investment

No. 49462

File: 1568373563686.jpg (119.73 KB, 600x801, 2-17.jpg)

I also noticed that Twice are a lot "bigger" than other girl groups, but even they confessed to doing water fasts. If that's what it takes to look like them, just how far do other, really skinny idols have to go?

Fans who buy into and promote the "naturally skinny"-lie are so toxic. Hyuna spoke about losing 20kg predebut and now that she weighs probably less than 40kg you have idiots claiming that she eats a ton and was always like that.

Pic is from here, they look scary irl

No. 49463

File: 1568373591574.jpg (134.51 KB, 700x933, 6-11.jpg)

No. 49464

I mean I get where you're going anon, but he used #모니생일ㅊㅋ which roughly translates til happy birthday mon(i), so he did kind of tag him.

No. 49465

File: 1568373716588.png (286.88 KB, 884x940, Krystal.png)

No. 49468

File: 1568378215112.gif (4.88 MB, 640x346, giphy.gif)

No. 49469

File: 1568378433785.png (649.78 KB, 530x1175, 1568317855-201909122139773947-…)

Park bom was shocked because she ranked the last in queendom kek. I really don't get why they had to add her into the show, like she's the only soloist competing with ggs. Like it's not fair? But whatever. She should also consider decreasing her screentime since her face has become so unbearable now.

No. 49470

Kai is 182cm yet he is 63kg /139lbs which is really underweight for a man.

No. 49472

He looks fine and it's good that his face isn't stiff plastic. Just needs some braces

I swear the anons itt have stricter standards than knetz

No. 49473

Yeah it's more about his ~4d personality~ than anything else

No. 49474

File: 1568383203717.jpg (75.05 KB, 736x1104, 217dfd80cf205422ae25b0b96fbc8f…)

That's obviously a lie, anon.

Kpop logic:
>only hobby is working out, shows abs at every given opportunity
but also
>"uwu i'm such a sm0l soft boy, i don't eat and only weigh as much as most girls!"
I don't get it, admitting that he weighs 70 or 80kg won't make him look any differently.

No. 49475


Jyp really wasted a talent. Can't imagine being in a shitty company for 12 years long. First he fucked up 15& then gave each of the members very few solo projects just for compensation.

No. 49477

No. 49478

Queendom so far really seems rigged in favor of aoa & gidle. Or maybe i'm just salty that my faves aren't winning lol

No. 49479

He ranked second on the Produce show, anon lmao. He almost became the centre.

No. 49480

>shh dont rile up the weebs, theyll derail the thread with jpop defending
This anon's prediction >>49446 came true >>49477

No. 49481

Is aoa even still relevant? It's only about g-idle really, then maybe mamamoo

No. 49482

I have to admit that AOA had a great stage. They did a good job with their cover.

No. 49483

Kek I'm >>49477 and I posted that video as a joke because of what >>49446 said. I don't actually know much about jpop

No. 49485

File: 1568385785076.gif (4.15 MB, 282x283, download (4).gif)

Pdjp is cursed. [sniffling] you are all so ugly.

No. 49486

File: 1568385970842.jpg (43.92 KB, 349x642, poQxTe3.jpg)

No. 49488

…who cares?

No. 49490

so cringey

No. 49492

File: 1568387412026.jpeg (39.23 KB, 1334x750, EEWnosQU8AAEfhs.jpeg)

Pledis sucks at hiring makeup artists.

No. 49493

I miss when Seventeen used to be fun. Bts's angsty teen boy phase in 2015-2016 made everyone else angsty and it's no fun anymore.

No. 49494

That's what I'm afraid of. Seventeen said they want to make their newest album more "real" so I'm guessing they want to go more mainstream tumblr.

No. 49495

What is up with these blotchy, uneven, and mismatched orange eyebrows? Same as here >>48482

No. 49497

You do realize that most people workout to lose weight right?
Having muscles also has nothing to do with being a normal weight.
Also I don't really see why he would lie when no one cares how much kpop boys weigh, is not like he is a girl idol where he is considered fat if he is over 40kg.

No. 49498

Ew what the fuck. He looks like a loser.
Where can you find more of these? I just want to have a good laugh.

No. 49499

File: 1568391198138.jpg (58.93 KB, 992x549, かわいいでしょね~.jpg)

you can spot a cringy "ending fairy" at the end of each pdjp performance.look forward to seeing more of them as the series goes on.

No. 49500

File: 1568391289670.gif (786.56 KB, 320x199, Honeycam-2019-09-11-17-33-02.g…)

No. 49501

File: 1568391353656.gif (852.15 KB, 300x169, DizzyMeaslyHoneyeater-max-1mb.…)

bonus: this iconic pd48 ending fairy kek

/end spam

No. 49502

Isn't this one of the korean trainees that were part of a kpop group? Why's he doing this?

No. 49503

spent a little too much time around the jp trainees i gess

No. 49504

I'm annoyed cause aoa lipsyncs and straight up copied mamamoos stage from like 2016, with the drag queen performers and such. Nothing new, nothing creative
I don't understand why mmm agreed to do the show, they're the only ones that have nothing to gain from it
Anyway apparently lovelyz won this round

No. 49505

i thought it was rigged because of g-idle's support of traniees voting for them, but aoa killed it and mamamoo keeps actig smug and they mock people's singing.

also Hwasa again was trying to push an African (wtf?) concept with Good Luck by wearing a du-rag. You would think they would learn from last time.

No. 49507

>"with that stiff ass bob"

No. 49508

Is the pdjp show meant to be taken seriously? Because it just feels like a parody of the original.
Its so wack, and nobody in it seems to have any experience performing. They literally picked a bunch a random guys because they won't allow anyone who's already signed with a talent agency,the exact opposite of produce 101 where everyone came from an entertainment company or a former group.

Well at least we can laugh at the cringy gifs

No. 49509

File: 1568392700501.gif (4.17 MB, 430x304, download (2).gif)

And here I thought none of his fans would be dumb enough to actually believe him… Kaifag, this is not what a semi-tall young guy weighing only 60kg looks like. If he really weighed this little, he would be skeleton-tier.
Many people work out to lose weight yes, but many men also just want to get more ripped. Most muscular people aren't underweight, at least he definitely isn't. And kpop fans very well care about guys weights, or at least idols believe so, otherwise we wouldn't see fake bragging articles like the one posted about him.

Here you go lol
Everybody claiming they aren't fugly are delusional. There's nothing cute or charming about this.

Koreans absolutely hated aoa since their scandal but seemed to like this performance a lot…?
>[+525, -321] I think Mamamoo gets perceived as more talented than they actually are because they're ugly. Solar needs to stop terrorizing my eyes with her outfits. She has no talent and thinks screaming out her high notes is good singing. No charm at all, and her face looks like Jo Hye Ryun.
I kind of agree with the first sentence, not just in mamamoo's case but in general. Not that they're really ugly.

No. 49510

File: 1568393025099.gif (3.36 MB, 500x365, BrilliantFairEnglishpointer-si…)

mamamoo sucked imo their attempts to be sexy are really embarrassing

No. 49512

who is this?

No. 49513

Kim heecheon

No. 49516

Good for her, I was hoping she would leave that shitty company.

No. 49518

The weebs are in full damage control mode over all this

No. 49520

anything to wipe the smug off of mamamoo's face is good for me

No. 49527

I'm gonna sound like a stan but so far i didn't see them acting smug at all? In fact they were way too modest, imo.
You can't trust mnet's editing either, for example they keep pushing for aoa to seem like the bad guys cause they're showing jimin's stank face every single chance they get.
They wanna create fanwars but they have like 0,5 ratings. Nobody cares about this show

No. 49528

File: 1568399876931.gif (1.65 MB, 268x350, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Excuse my upcoming spergy blogpost but I gotta get it off my chest…
X1 is the group that made me realize how ugly male idols are. I've never liked boy groups, but I also never found them disturbingly ugly until I watched the Flash MV. It was that one moment where finally all the farmer talk of 'uncanny valley flower boy manlets' resonated and I became legit creeped out that there are 18+ people attracted to this

This cursed shoop is both hilarious and frightening, to get back on topic.
Wow, that's crazy to think about. It's true that even though idols in the big 3 companies debut with a lot of privileges, all the trainees with star quality (like your example of Wonyoung) seem to be flocking to smaller agencies. Look at Itzy, a JYP group, who debuted fucking Chaeryoung. They couldn't find a decent looking dancer?

No. 49529

>no one cares about this show

if this was produce i would agree but this is a unique competition with estsblished groups and soundtracks from the show are trending right now im korea.

No. 49530

simple it's not like they couldn't get another dancer, it just that neopotism and money are king at the end of the day. The same happened with YG and will happen with the next SM girl group, because they are struggling "finding" people when 100s of talented and pretty people that audition for SM every year are ignored.

No. 49531

But how do you explain the ratings? Some knet incels frothing at the mouth in anger over mamamoo/aoa is nothing new.

No. 49532

It still has very low ratings. Apparently it went up with the last episode but overall not many people care. I'm agreeing with >>49527, this show was designed to create fanwars and that's it.

No. 49534

the only good one. i love this retard.

No. 49535

Very good point. I wonder why K-pop companies care so much about having rich trainees and idols. Are the parents actually paying money for them to pass auditions? I understand why family members and friends like Sunny and Yeri get the upper hand, but honestly don't know why a potential trainee being rich has as much pull as it does (like how it benefits the company or group.)

No. 49539

At least her face isn't full of plastic? She looks like a normal person in that gif. Istg farmers complain about botched faces and then complain when someone has a normal face.
parents will invest in the company to see their child succeed, kind of like how some parents donate to colleges so their kids can attend their dream college

No. 49540

I wanna say I love you anons for the ending fairy gifs
>>49509 this one is the best

No. 49542

a female ex yg trainee said “When there's a trainee with wealthy parents, they get different treatment. When the parents give expensive presents to YG staff, it definitely changes things. They treat rich trainees better and give more lessons to them. No matter how talented you are, you can't catch up to wealth. As YG started changing as it was getting filled with rich trainees, I thought I couldn't be happy here anymore.”

this definitely made me think of jennie.

No. 49543

File: 1568402345785.jpg (137.09 KB, 720x832, IMG_20190913_151534.jpg)

This popped up on my iG feed even though I never searched bts

No. 49549

yep. Gone are the days of hearing idols talking about 10+ trainees stuck in tiny rooms and only eating ramen for days straight while working full-time to care for their poor and struggling family. Now we get the equvalent of "black pink house" tv treatment

No. 49551

File: 1568405378709.jpg (309.25 KB, 1001x1514, Tia_of_Chocolat_at_Incheon_Mun…)

hapa idols are notoriously sexualized

the way they had tia from chocolat dressing, dancing and acting was the exact same shit

pretty sure there are still videos on youtube of her doing those chair lap dance/strip performances and Im sure she was still underaged at the time

wouldnt surprise me at all if her dad encouraged it too as most white hapa dads are incel creeps

No. 49552

thats not eunhyuk?

No. 49554

What the hell? Did their budget run out before they could finish autotuning? Why does it sound like it was recorded in a tin can sometimes? This is actual garbage

No. 49557

Haven't really watched idol variety shows but this showed up in my YT feed. Annoying text-to-speech voice aside, this video brought up how shit these shows are towards idol guests. I know SK is conservative and these two hosts just manifests those views but dang.

No. 49558

File: 1568407703236.jpg (47.39 KB, 700x393, rapmon.jpg)

>tfw the dolls are made of less plastic than actual BTS

No. 49559

I used to watch that show and never had an issue with them.
Already years ago you had fans being ultra sensitive, acting as if every single word would hurt their oppars and unnies and also complaining about those two. But fans always complain about every host or interviewer, so that's nothing new.

No. 49565

they literally push around gg members for example. the amount of morons itt. sage for not contributing i guess

No. 49566

Monsta X are going on Ellen and I can already picture Armys getting salty over it. Why is it that no one in Kpop is allowed to succeed in America besides BTS? Who made that rule?


No. 49567

File: 1568412263545.jpg (452.51 KB, 879x834, z2s21Ag.jpg)

Monsta X are going on Ellen and I can already picture Armys getting salty over it. Why is it that no one in Kpop is allowed to succeed in America besides BTS? Who made that rule?

No. 49568

Kpop companies are targeting the US market more now because japan and china have become unreliable sources of income for kpop, and it can't survive on korean fans alone.

No. 49570

that's not even him

No. 49571

Mamamoo’s performance was fucking embarrassing, they tried so hard to be sexy but it was terrible lol. AOA actually did a good job despite being shit since “good luck” imo. Also Moonbyul’s face is on another level of tragic.

No. 49573

Monsta X are going on Ellen and I can already picture Armys getting salty over it. Why is it that no one in Kpop is allowed to succeed in America besides BTS? Who made that rule?


No. 49576

her and hwasa were a mess, trying so hard to look sexy when it should come naturally
and why did hwasa tie a durag on her head? especially in the front, she looked so retarded.

No. 49581

Don't know if anyone here cares or if it's been brought up before but two Cherry Bullet members have been missing for about two months now. That wouldn't be unusual on its own but their company has literally said nothing about them taking a break or anything like that at all. Feel like they're recovering from surgery but who knows.

No. 49583

they look like chanmi, seolhyun, and mina from AOA all thrown together

No. 49584

Well they're from the same company as AOA. Could be like SM where they produce clones of previous stars in-house.

No. 49590

File: 1568417931068.jpg (66.09 KB, 653x846, Cherry-Bullet-Cherry-Christmas…)

Speculation is that it could be a visa issue? Also the person who made this used a pic of mirae instead of linlin lol. If I had to guess maybe nosejobs?

No. 49591

She tried so hard but ended up looking like a pirate

I already saw some ratmy getting jealous and trying to trash them. BTS' downfall is going to be sweet.

No. 49594

File: 1568419960394.gif (789.31 KB, 200x200, tard.gif)

No. 49597


they honestly look like the same person. Cherry Bullet had hype when they first debuted but I guess that's gone?

No. 49598

File: 1568423492977.jpeg (191.05 KB, 750x539, D932FA72-F797-4672-A5A4-DC9CF8…)

army were a mistake

No. 49600

retards, the lot of them

No. 49602

File: 1568427443095.jpg (52.7 KB, 640x424, Wn83E1z.jpg)

His face is different in every picture

No. 49604

File: 1568427824219.gif (1.01 MB, 250x280, tumblr_pmurkgkvTH1x4lg9ao5_250…)

That Kokoro girl is one of the few female idols I'd genuinely call ugly, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she was getting her fucked up leprechaun looking face fixed

No. 49618

File: 1568434938855.gif (3.18 MB, 498x431, tenor-1.gif)

She still looks so much better than her sister though, the sis is beyond saving

No. 49619

she looks normal… when you start judging girls by the insane idol standards koreans hold them to , you know you're in too deep. this applies to nearly all idols who get shit on for their looks

No. 49620

doesn't monsta x's music sound just like bts anyway? i swear these kpop boy groups get harder to tell apart. their english song wasn't that bad though, i could understand everything they were saying.

No. 49621

You say this as if that hasnt been a part of these threads since day one… like it isn't what half of this website is used for.. Nitpicking isn't exclusive to koreans, anon. Most farmers are worse about it than the average pann user. Quit moralfagging.

No. 49622

yea i know im just pointing out how demented it sounds in the grand scheme of things lol

No. 49623

File: 1568437357953.jpg (599.36 KB, 1164x1280, 7913190309.jpg)

imagine thinking anyone in this group is gay

No. 49624

wait is the one speaking jungkook? the same one who is shipped to hell and back by their fans? love that for him.

No. 49625

the text says it's v. he wouldn't say it if he knew a bandmate was gay.

No. 49628

Knowing that pd48 was rigged in her favor is so weird. Does that mean her family paid off Mnet? Is it some kind of gamble that having token ugly members makes the group stand out more? So many questions. I will say I think her dancing is way more competent than anyone else in izone and it's actually kind of distracting. Most of them are uncomfortably stiff and their choreography uses complicated formations to distract from how easy it actually is. Produce shows are wacky I would understand if they just chose the most attractive people but that's clearly not always the case, but it's obvious not talent based either.

No. 49630

Why wouldn't he?

No. 49633

I always assumed she made it because she was the underdog a lot of people were rooting for. She was on 2(?) popular survival shows before pd48 so people knew her, and she does have some semblance of skill. She's a good dancer and a decent vocalist, she just doesn't have the face, but I figured she probably resonated a lot with the average Korean. I could be completely off the mark, though.

No. 49636

Speaking of V, one thing I’ve seen a few times on these threads is that he is a backward conservative - is there actual proof of this? I’ve seen the hairpulling gif and telling a fan to cover up, but I assumed that was some weirdo form of fan service. I don’t doubt he is retarded, but I don’t see how he is some misogynistic backward person either.

No. 49639

Nta, but I think anon meant that people in general wouldn't say something like that in the presence of a gay friend, so assuming he knows basic decency he also wouldn't do that.

He's a farmer's boy and said that his ideal wife would be a girl who spends his money wisely. He also told a girl to cover up as fanservice. He got mildly angry because a younger fan didn't address him appropriately (he then backpedalled and said the fan could be a foreigner) and when a female fan complained to him that her older brother bullies her, he said she has to respect him or some shit like that. So of course we don't know for sure, but he sounds very oldfashioned and therefore also sexist.

No. 49640

I don't trust the supposed 97 line. they look like they watch fucked up vids in their group chat.

No. 49641

he comes off as a tradthot because he told a middle aged woman who wants to become a rapper to just get married, told a fan to cover up, was too into the country life style, said he wants a lot of kids, is close friends with cult member park bogum and shit but i think he probably became less traditional as he's been to countries with different cultures and seen how being ~~woke~~ is beneficial for musicians. i saw a clip where he says something about god and the other members were like "dude you're not religious" and it kinda surprised me because i thought he was a devoted christian or something.

No. 49643

>he probably became less traditional as he's been to countries with different cultures and seen how being ~~woke~~ is beneficial for musicians
That and realizing that not leading a frugal and simple life can be quite fun. Hence his addiction to ugly Gucci pieces.

>i thought he was a devoted christian or something

I thought so too…?
Many less weird idols than him are also super religious and e.g. brag about going to mass before their regular schedules.

No. 49644

most idols would benefit from gaining 20 pounds

No. 49645

sage for ot nitpicking but hav any of you seen how that hyewon girl from izone performs? her expressions are top kek (if you can even call those "expressions") and looks dead next to all of them. also her dancing looks like wild flailing most of the time. lucky she can hide behind her members.

No. 49646

Some of the dumb schticks idols pulls are so obviously things they've been told to do by their agencies to get noticed.

Amazingly their fan genuinely believe this is just "who they are". Vid related is full of "we stan an unbothered queen" types of comments

No. 49647

i cant stand her face. in all of their mvs she has the same dead expression. she had like half her jaw shaved, a chin implant, and the joker smile surgery and it all just makes her look scary to me, especially with her blank stare. because of whatever the fuck she did to the corners of her mouth, she always purses her lips a lot when she sings and it annoys me.

No. 49648

File: 1568450620569.jpeg (83.75 KB, 849x639, E548D557-D947-4F9E-97B9-A19D2E…)

seems like jimin’s getting stalked by sasaengs again kek he probably secretly enjoys the attention

No. 49649

Low key kinda off topic but those long bowl cut idols have look really annoying

Hair constantly covering your eyes and shit, always having to fix it lol

No. 49650

Honestly the whole 'naturally skinny' argument doesn't work in kpop when you can see idols at their natural weights during the down times.

At one point with Blackpink you could literally see they had gained weight (just due to the size of their tights) and then when they had a comeback less than a month later (may have even been a week or two) they were sticks. That's not being naturally skinny at all.

No. 49651


the “FaSt MetABolism” thing is bullshit too

No. 49655

>so assuming he knows basic decency he also wouldn't do that.

Idols shit on bandmates all the time, because of skintone, weight etc. So why assuming he would be decent when it comes to sexuality? Which is still a tabu in SK?

No. 49656

File: 1568459269109.jpg (97.4 KB, 722x960, EEaBtcQU4AEGGC7.jpg)

He looks like a fucking demon

No. 49661

File: 1568463128972.jpeg (44.73 KB, 900x600, 11.jpeg)


her eyes are so fucking creepy

No. 49662

File: 1568463331784.jpg (27.97 KB, 300x450, 2.jpg)


No. 49663

File: 1568464414003.jpg (86.66 KB, 920x1200, xw8so6r3ijv21.jpg)

I think they cut way too much skin from her eyelids because she has trouble blinking in their performances. It's a shame, she wasn't even ugly.

No. 49665

I read an AMA by a former SM trainee where she basically said in their media training classes she was told to be "the funny foreigner" and always stay in that character. Stans should realize that you can't ever really know an idol's real personality because their company could be totally controlling how they act.

No. 49666

Why is part of the necklace erased?

No. 49667

either bad editing or it's a plastic tube that connects the necklace together

No. 49671

Wow i'm bloody terrified. can you imagine what their sicko fans would probably makes those dolls do considering they ship them and have weird sexual fantasies?

No. 49672

he looks so ugly lmao FLOP. ever since he cut his long hair he's been so boring and annoying. the only reason he gets hyped is bc his fans wont show up about how hes SOooO beautiful like an angel but reality is he got a new botched nose job which made him look weird now days.

No. 49673

he got a new nosejob? no wonder why he looks so different and not as goodlooking
in 2015 and when he still had the long hair i must admit he looked nice

No. 49674

you sound like a svtfag that just doesnt like jeonghan lol how else would you know what his fans call him etc

No. 49675

What do you mean? I used to watch that show when groups I cared about came on and they were usually "harsh" with boy groups and "fawned" over girl groups, like that was their shtick

No. 49676

Im actually surprised. Imo she looked prettier than irene predebut, since knets fawned over irene's past photos. She overdosed on plastic surgery and now looks like a freak. i definitely saw her having difficulties with blinking bcos she looks as if she's forcing her eyes wide open most of the time. Uncanny valley tier

No. 49681

There is something about his face that reminds me of Madison Beer

No. 49685

Have you guys seen at this BTS fansign, there was this one Korean girl who got almost every BTS members to look at her fondly, probably because she's pretty (compared to the other fans lmao). Jin especially looked like he just fell in love at first sight.
She had a YT and Insta account with a bunch of fans getting jealous of her.
After a few months, her insta got hacked (!) so she made another one. She recently deleted all her accounts and disappeared.

I believe she got death threats which isn't surprising.

No. 49687

another example of kpops toxic standards. she was perfect the way she was before. too bad she has no talent to back it up

No. 49693

if you have any screenshots that would be nice. i'm actually curious now about her looks.

No. 49696

File: 1568477799542.png (309.86 KB, 706x593, Capture.PNG)

What the actual fuck. There's really an account out here that rates kpop idol's feet and toes… this person can't be mentally stable https://twitter.com/kpopfoot

No. 49698

I mean not even ratmys care about Monsta X anymore since they're still irrelevant despite debuting 4 years ago. Sad.

No. 49700

>an anon discovers that everyone in this thread secretly stans someone

have you missed the thread when one nct fag admitted to seeing them twice?

No. 49701

>hideous rat dog beast detracts from rating
This has to be a meme account LMAO

No. 49702

i'm kind of mad they fucked up her face like that. she was so pretty.

No. 49703

it is actually

No. 49704

she looks freaky when you watch her in motion
she can't close her eyes properly nor move her face bc its so stiff
a shame really. she was cute

No. 49705

shes only 20…

No. 49706

File: 1568479242178.jpg (138.05 KB, 800x1200, DmFqHPDU8AAGjZJ.jpg)

This is so fucking sad she looks like a monster now. If she kept her original looks she'd definitely be a top visual because she isn't short either and appears to have long limbs.

No. 49707

the ps made her look super old

No. 49709

All I noticed is how fucking ginormous his head is

No. 49710

She never posted her face. She was probably aware that it's not a good idea.
There was one picture one her Instagram where we could somehow see a bit of her face (no screenshots unfortunately).
Imo she looked like those Korean models on Instagram (yekooooong and the likes).

We can see part of Jin and JH's reaction in this vid starting at 0:18.
It cuts… but basically they looked at each other like "Damn…".
When she was in front of Jin, JH was mad staring; people were speculating that he did a "shush" because he wrote down his number and that Jin was looking at him like "dude, don't" but idk.

JK's reaction at 7:49 here.
He seemed like he didn't wanna let go of her hands, also kept commenting about how her hands were cold and her hair was long and that he would let his hair grow like hers.

No. 49711

This is 100% a meme account imo

No. 49712

This looks like basic idol-fan interaction to me. You're looking to much into it imo.

No. 49713

It's jokes, anon…

No. 49716

The jaw shave didn't come out good… the loose skin on her face looks terrible

No. 49717


she looks pretty from behind, but i want to see her face. he looked like he wanted to talk to her a lot more. kek

No. 49725

Right this shit sounds like a fan fiction waiting to happen.

No. 49726

Does anyone else think K-pop has gotten less 'normie' even though its popularity in the west has increased?

I used to know stacy-level locals who loved groups like snsd and 2ne1 in like 2014 (granted they were mainly korean-americans.) Now it seems the fans are majority femcels like last thread pic with the best-looking ones being e-girls. It surprises me because K-pop is more mainstream than just a little niche nowadays.

Saged bc it might just be me and I'm incoherently ranting

No. 49727

She looks cute to be honest. Maybe her mouth's a little big but to classify her as one of the ugliest idols around when Jooe, Hwasa, and most of iKON exist makes me question your standards, anon.

No. 49732

My coworker in tech knows BTS, but that's it. I still think kpop is very niche in the west, but your average person might know a big name band or two. Maybe

No. 49733

I work at a Target and I've gotten a few normal-looking teen girls coming through my line buying or wearing BTS stuff. Ngl I love asking the really shy-looking ones who their favorite member is lol it makes them so happy. Also I saw a post in one of the unpopular kpop opinion subreddits where a teenager was saying that BP is actually more popular among normie teens than BTS, and that they overheard normal jock-types talking about how hot Jennie was lol. I feel like more people know about kpop as a whole but the actual core fanbase has not changed a whole lot, save for the girls who migrated from stanning 1D.

No. 49737

>Also I saw a post in one of the unpopular kpop opinion subreddits where a teenager was saying that BP is actually more popular among normie teens than BTS.
That's true. Most of my 14yo sister's female classmates love bp, they obviously also know bts but aren't really fans. And I would consider her a young version of a "stacy".
Meanwhile the only ratmies I ever met irl were one girl who acts like a total recluse (think femcel walk) and one who tries her best to look like Jimin lol
And I also know one normie guy who finds Jennie sooo hot…

No. 49738

2 of my co workers told me they like bts. one is 16 and the other is 33 with 4 kids lmao. it's everywhere.

No. 49739

>choosing ikon as ugliest bg when bts exists
tho tbh bgs as a whole are much uglier than ggs. not to mention they get away with more shit and get to be more openly problematic with far less repercussions.

No. 49742

yeah in almost every girl group there is one super pretty member and the rest are decent with maybe one ugly member, but for boy groups it's lucky if not all of them are ugly.

No. 49743

there’s also a lot more pressure on girl idols to be ~natural~ beauties while male idols are allowed to look like deformed incels predebut and no one bats an eye, just look at exo (bts still look like deformed incels)

No. 49744

really pretty idols like irene get ripped a new one for having "bad proportions" which is so retarded. it's like female idols can't ever win.

No. 49745

File: 1568489790201.jpg (9.12 MB, 320x568, 2NTNmrV.jpg)

YG found a new Thai trainee. A 03 liner this time. I guess after Lisa he realized how lucrative SEA trainees were for fans who want to self-insert. I'm still shocked there are trainees that want to debut under YG though.

No. 49747

File: 1568490066984.png (57.63 KB, 373x759, Screenshot (45).png)

Just how ugly is the average ratmy that these incels throw their pr training out of the window as soon as they see a decent looking girl? lol
>I believe she got death threats which isn't surprising.
I always wondered how they can stand these fanmeetings without constantly getting jealous of each other.
>reee jiminnie looked at her 1 second longer than at me!

I kind of think that a "sexy yet badass" girl group like blackpink can appeal more to the western mainstream and gain casual listeners, while bts has their diehard fanbase.
And appearantly blackpink sold even less than nct and other groups I've never heard of lol

No. 49748

>And appearantly blackpink sold even less than nct

I thought that it was all nct units and was gonna comment how sad that is, but it's only nct dream which seems to be the one that is sort of making money?
Still pretty sad though since they get so much "hype". I am shocked their parents don't buy their cds to make them look better even thought they bothered to buy them their careers.

No. 49750

People grill her for being ugly but I think she's legitimately good at singing/dancing. Without her or Eunbi the group would be fucked.
I didn't watch PD48 but from clips I think Lee Sian would have been a better addition to the group. Or atleast someone with some semblance of stage presence. I have to ask why Hyewon even pursued being an idol when she looks so miserable all the time.
Dude if you think that's bad, you should've seen OneHallyu's 18+ section. There were people on OH that had accounts SOLELY to post there. They'd fawn over Irene's ass or tits, which imo there's nothing to even fawn over. I don't even understand how people can get horny over idols when they're wearing clothes and doing rehearsed dances all the time.
I can't help but feel triggered/kinda sad for idols who had their faces fucked up by PS. Especially if they took too much away from your nose or eyes, since both seem unfixable imo.

No. 49752

Can idols get forced into getting plastic surgery or do they choose for themselves whether they get it or not?

No. 49754

File: 1568492637485.jpg (377.33 KB, 1280x1704, Dy3N6PH.jpg)

I actually did find a pic where she looks cute, I still think she looks a lot worse in motion/smiling since her mouth is so horrifying but I guess she's actually not that bad. I can't stand people with gummy smiles either, like Mina who looks pretty good with her mouth closed but the second she smiles I want to throw up.

No. 49755

a little of both. i've heard of companies threatening them into doing it by giving less lines, putting them in the back, or just straight up not including them in the comeback. some just ask for it on their own

No. 49756

I think it depends on company and contract but afaik it's not really forced but "highly encouraged" i.e. trainees get pressured into certain procedures (maybe realising that if they don't, they'll "fall behind" other trainees), and probably get shamed so much that they're willing to go under the knife due to their own built-up insecurities.

No. 49757

File: 1568492771303.jpg (53.58 KB, 662x596, hddjek.jpg)

Samefag but just compare the two. Didn't Mamamoo's company tell Moonbyul not to laugh because she looks ugly when she does? This girl's company should do the same

No. 49758

I think YG is going to have a lot of trouble recruiting new Korean trainees. Foreign prospective trainees either don't really get how fucked their reputation is or are just desperate to debut.

There's also probably allure to being guaranteed a badass/girl crush concept… I can't imagine anyone dreams of being in a cute concept pedobait group

No. 49759

maybe her parents are paying for her debut

No. 49761

Lay's solo music is terrible.
It sounds bland and boring, his voice is weak and the lyrics are so cringy. He's nearly 30, please don't tell me he wrote that himself…
He seems to be doing well in China, but trying to make it in the US with songs like this is just embarrassing.

No. 49762

So many blackpinkfags in this thread. Lets not kid ourselves there is nothing normal about being a blackpink fan.
Half of their fandom are incel/beta type of males and the insecure ''im not like other girls'' ugly femcel who hates other girl groups who aren't blackpink.

No. 49763

File: 1568494864798.jpg (97.87 KB, 621x743, 6ad802167ea938eff69259e933412d…)

delusional insane blackpinkMUSTYballs fans

No. 49765

Every time ratmys decide on a girl group that they think is on par with their oppas, their fandom gets pretty much ruined
They either hate or love bp cause of their 'succes in the west'. They attached themselves to red velvet and mamamoo as well cause they think they're the only vocalists who can come close to bts lol
Granted blinks were already very shitty but ratmys are another breed

No. 49766

great fanfic anon, whens the next chapter out? i wanna find out if suga and v looked at her for 3.43 seconds longer than acceptable too /s

No. 49768


BP are the most toxic gg fandom by far. I see them especially come from Gfriend fans for some reason even though Gfriend are mostly just minding their own business somewhere out of the spotlight. But most of it is out of insecurity because they know BP can implode at any second. Blinks are the Napolean of girl group fandom

No. 49770

>>49630 are you an idiot? the guy fucking tugged on a fan's hair at a signing event like some fucking animal, you think he has any social awareness lmao

No. 49771

File: 1568498035014.png (41.15 KB, 540x109, Bullshit (2).png)

Ive scrolled through the comments of hyewon's fancam and most of them said "uwu she's improving and getting more confident1!1!! Proud of my bby ^_^" what? I thought you were suppose to do that during training, not when you actually debuted and while performing.

Another reason i saw her fans made as to why she was added in the group is because she's has a pure heart (??? Tf does that even mean) and a ~*great personality*~. Ive never watched pd101 except some clips and knew she was f class from watching a few, so i actually have noidea what's the soul purpose of adding her to the group.

No. 49772

File: 1568498848296.jpeg (133.73 KB, 1124x1513, 513C2752-76DC-47B6-8233-DDFF63…)


No. 49776

Whatever happened to Loona? They disappeared without a trace almost.

No. 49777

there are more gays into them than straight men

No. 49780

budget dried up I assume

No. 49781

They been barred from using the profits made through gun dealings, that's why a lot of their things looked cheap since debut.

No. 49782

they got their little ounce of fame too quickly and the company doesn't know what to do

No. 49784

>i actually have no idea what's the soul purpose of adding her to the group.

She's considered attractive by fucked up SK beauty standards and she's from a wealthy family. She was bound to debut regardless of how talented she actually is.

No. 49786

When did he get a nose job?

No. 49787

She so out of it the entire time.

No. 49788

>>49776 BBCs creative director, the guy who created loona quit suddenly a month ago.

No. 49789

>I'm a beat that pussy like you never ever felt before
Sure jan

No. 49794

Ffs i thought i was jhope til i scrolled through the whole pic. He should just stop with whatever tf he's doing with his face

No. 49795

Also don't forget when some blinks were reporting live from coachella kek

No. 49796


I don't know why it's hard to believe that male idols would be sexually interested in their more beautiful fans. One or two male idols have already been caught in recent years fucking/dating their fans (the Day6 guy for example) and boy bands have been doing it since boy bands have existed.


Speaking of Jennie being a fraud I actually think her bubble will burst and she'll disappear from the idol scene. I don't see her being popular in the long run. I think eventually Jisoo will end up being the most successful at least in the Korean market as long as she can land acting roles. Her not being able to act won't affect her as it never affects other Korean actors' ability to find work as long as they're considered beautiful by their beauty standards.

No. 49798

>the Day6 guy for example
details? Sounds milky lol.

No. 49799

Turns out he has always had history of working with a group and leaving, just like he did with the boyz. He's now working with smaller, nugu projects like yukika, onlyoneof,

No. 49800

how will these 100 pound idols survive in the military lol

No. 49801

Holy shit these denim outfits are tragic and don't fit well at all

No. 49802

Anyone have any updates on queendom? I've been hearing about mamamooo stans still reee-ing about aoa

No. 49803

the song is ok but I clicked off after seeing Eubin's face. I know she might just have "bitch face" syndrome but she literally has the same still face EVERY performance and looks like she hates her own group because it isn't as popular. She should be happy that people still care about CLC tbh.

No. 49807

it wouldn't surprise me if she does hate her group. cube announced that she was in clc to try and boost their popularity while she was on p101 but it backfired for her and clc didn't gain much from it.

No. 49809


Featured on AsianJunkie: http://www.asianjunkie.com/2016/01/31/day6s-junhyeok-accused-of-dating-a-fan-people-enraged-for-reasons/

Summary basically a very pretty Day6 fan went to a fansign which is where the boys all met her originally. She was a fan of another member, but then after a while mysteriously began posting inside information as to where the boys were, what their schedules would be, then started making it obvious on instagram that she was dating someone and other fans found out she was dating another member (not the member she was originally a fan of). That guy got kicked out of the group.

Fangirls really want to believe that these dudes wouldn't notice or want to bang the pretty girls that show up at their gigs. A few female idols were originally scouted at fansigns like Itzy's Ryujin (Got7 fanmeet). I guess it's either you get scouted to become a trainee or scouted to become a f-buddy or both.

No. 49810

File: 1568518937882.jpeg (132.23 KB, 750x746, 9A738134-A5FC-486E-B260-F2CA58…)

They’re all in surgery rn to look like the ultimate gangnam unknees

No. 49811

next thread pic nomination
or however the fuck you say it

No. 49813

bulk up or die.
Realistically though, being too skinny upon joining the military is only a problem if they're also inactive (higher risk of bone stress injuries), which idols are not. They'll just gain weight, possibly after being put on double rations.

No. 49814

Not to mention celebrities are always given the easiest posts in the military and given extra vacation time and other special privileges
Loona is managed by people with too much money and not enough common sense. They wasted their budget on making a ton of MVs without caring about the quality of the songs themselves and probably just decided to give each girl 10 surgical procedures without making sure they actually turned out pretty. Also it's crazy that Loona is literally funded from money from arms dealing. I thought that was fake at first but apparently not.

No. 49815

>without caring about the quality of the songs themselves
I'm not even an orbit but loona is one of the only kpop groups with some genuinely good music. That's the wrong thing to bitch at them for.

No. 49816

lol. That’s a personal opinion though. I personally find their voices really ruin their already bland songs.

I think they were so hyped up as a group that when they did release it was a bit underwhelming

No. 49817

yeah his nose looks different. before it wasnt that noticeable but he must went to fix it again now you can definitely tell

lmao their company-branded him with the title "angel" all the time. u dont need to be a svtfag to know

No. 49818

Idols look so fucking weird next to normies

No. 49819

File: 1568527877622.jpeg (41.98 KB, 400x500, E908DA59-8C8D-44AC-B792-B00D90…)

Edward Avila looks better than most idols tbh lol

No. 49821

respect yourself anon jfc

No. 49822

Apparently they had a ton of distributing issues and now are switching distributors. Their creative director also left, he was the one who made their "lore" (lol)

Is this a joke?

No. 49823

No. 49824

File: 1568528230252.png (2.4 MB, 1678x1426, 214a688b4ceb377dd70391364e2785…)

No. 49825

>>>/men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck/
he makes jimin look sexy

No. 49826

Jfc spoiler that shit. Thats a severe case of penis nose

No. 49827

File: 1568528696786.png (97.71 KB, 250x313, ECBE1672-771A-45E5-A4A6-47486B…)

Girl stop

No. 49828

I know he white washed this pic but imagine leaving the house looking like this lol

Everyone must be laughing his busted face lol

No. 49829

something about him reminds me of ravi from vixx. but this is just pitiful.
imo they flopped because even with the music and videos nobody is gonna listen to a group they don't know exists. they basically came from a noname company and the closest group they could leech off of for notoriety is ladies code so they were basically starting from nothing. their company should've tried to push for more predebut gigs.

No. 49830

File: 1568529277186.jpeg (164.04 KB, 1200x1200, E1C88202-D014-48BF-9541-F8E568…)

That and the braindead fandom

No. 49834

I rlly like loona their music and the girls personalities but I don’t rlly think they'll get anywhere bc of their company’s lack of good promotion and bc of orbits being fucking stupid.

If everything had been done properly with less girls say a 5-7 member girl groups for fans to focus on each individual member easily, and if their company wasn’t incompetent and budgeted everything evenly to be able to afford promoting like crazy. Then yeah if that were the case I could see them being successful.

No. 49835

is edward avila mixed?

No. 49837

no he's just filipino

No. 49838

File: 1568531906426.jpg (35.91 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

No and he looked like this before ew

No. 49839

File: 1568532055175.jpg (45.08 KB, 815x458, 90A5D1D5-CA36-433B-B16E-CA3883…)

Found this on pull lmao

No. 49840

File: 1568532142941.jpeg (62.3 KB, 640x640, F927C77F-F57D-4247-9F5E-58DD3A…)

No. 49841

a lot of people find her smile charming, I'm pretty sure she was one of the more popular Cherry Bullet members

No. 49844

Lmao why seulgi's ass

No. 49849

throwback to that one girl who uploaded a video of herself masturbating with their lightstick

No. 49850

cause she the thiccest baddie in Korea duh

No. 49865

File: 1568544330013.jpg (101.25 KB, 1200x627, xiuminbootcamp.jpg)

I think a lot of it is angles and they aren't even that skinny irl. Most idols suddenly look short and stocky as soon as they enlist and are no longer able to wear their carefully picked brand clothes.

Speaking of military, what a fraud lol
I bet the other guys are wondering how the hell he managed to make money with that face.

No. 49866

honestly the group doesn't even need to be smaller, just promote the subunits more often and have 1 or 2 group comebacks a year. even if people pay attention to one subunit and forget about the rest, the group will still get hype when it's full group comeback time since people will support it to see their fav again

No. 49869

>>49865 not even an exofag but i for sure prefer a dude looking like this than the plastic monsters that are txt ateez or nct

No. 49873

at least he looks like an actual human something you can't Say about 99% of current male idols lmao
dude sure is ugly though

No. 49874

Thats interesting,I didn't even know that you could get scouted at a fanmeet. Do you have more info about how she got scouted?

No. 49875

Agreed, it's like military service gives them the healing they desperately need kek. They're back to their normal human form though once ugly always ugly, but they're more bearable that way.

No. 49876

File: 1568551307204.jpg (112.2 KB, 800x1200, Dma7S7mV4AAnsS-.jpg)

As if exo aren't plastic…
Dude is 30 and has the face of a little girl, of course he's gotten something done, definitely a jaw shave

No. 49877

all idols get ps and are all plastic as fuck but in comparison to them he actually looks human

No. 49879

Who cares about any CLC member that isn't Sorn, Yeeun or Seungyeon? Seunghee was popular during Hobgoblin because she was "thicc" but she fell back into being ignored with the rest of them quickly

No. 49887

I've never been a stan of 2ne1 but i'm confused with yg's statement about them looking ugly and how he felt the need to create a prettier version of them. 2ne1 was already "perfect" in a sense that they divided the "ugly" vs "pretty" members equally (cl, minzy vs dara, bom) and no one was overshadowing anyone until yg decided so (cl, and it failed anyway). They also had equal competent singer/rapper (cl, bom vs minzy, dara). Also their concept is something that only people with "unique" looks and feels can pull of, so 2ne1 was already perfect for the role. I feel like with blackpink everything is too calculated, too much drama, and unnatural. Simply a bad copycat.

No. 49888

Nta but i think they were talking about how he looks more normal in the military without all the stage makeup and styling. They didn't say anything about him never getting ps done.

No. 49889

No. 49891

It's because YG is too greedy. Even though he had a successful girl group that was niche but still enough to get positive attention from the general public he's always looking at JYP and SM and their girl groups. He really shouldn't have because the most popular girl group after SNSD was 2ne1 (I'm assuming Miss A comes after) and I remember the fanwars about it. They where both girl groups that had a unique dichotomy and many that stanned SNSD also stanned 2ne1.

Now his misogynistic hate boner makes him angry blackpink isn't as popular in Korea as Twice and Red Velvet for whatever reason. He can't call them visually ugly, so he probably shits on their body.

No. 49892

>Also their concept is something that only people with "unique" looks and feels can pull off

Never thought about it that way, totally agree. But I actually am a blackjack so consider me biased. You could put anyone in a school uniform and make a cute concept, but how many idols can actually be fierce and create a badass presence? Talent and 'fit' was more crucial for them than visuals.
Alas this is the critical thread so I'll stop wking. Fuck YG

No. 49893

File: 1568559667513.jpg (122.47 KB, 749x749, skz.jpg)

How come no one ever mentions Stray Kids while talking about ugliest idols? Those dudes look like circus freaks

No. 49895

File: 1568560031477.jpg (106.19 KB, 713x900, EEdqgyBWkAAFbII.jpg)

>>49893 true and the felix guy looks like a ps freak now and is only like 18

No. 49896

File: 1568560062336.jpg (33.91 KB, 768x579, ChangBin.jpg)

Their main rapper is one of the ugliest idols out there

No. 49897

File: 1568560160124.jpg (258.57 KB, 1125x1993, woojin.jpg)

Also this one

No. 49898

File: 1568560181157.jpg (24.96 KB, 460x575, large.jpg)

>>49895 its already been discussed but anyway heres a pic of him predebut

No. 49899

>>49897 every time I see this guy I get more and more convinced he's mentally slow.. there's something off about his face

No. 49901

Literal goblin. He looks like he could be jyp's son.

No. 49902

Not a blackjack but I always felt their success as a group was because they never once tried to be "pretty" or act coy. Their lack of conventional visuals made their not-like-other-girls image more believable; for instance I doubt Jennie, who has been praised for her looks all her life, could sing a song like "Ugly" and make it sound believable the way 2ne1 could.

She was much more popular than Jeon Soyeon during Produce yet today G-idle has already overtaken CLC, who needed a song written by Soyeon to get a pity first win after 4 years of being active.
I'm sure she regrets not asking Cube to add her in Soyeon's group everyday

No. 49903

Bringing back up Seventeen again, Jeonghan is in hot water after grabbing Dino's crotch.


No. 49904

Please stop lying.

No. 49905

File: 1568563280342.jpg (32.57 KB, 675x236, eric struggles with internalis…)

Hi guys. Turns out my oppar was a predebut bully. So that one time I got defensive about him here? I take it back. Nitpick his side-profile all you want. He deserves it.


No. 49906

ofc twitter is overrun with asslickers saying it’s all lies n he’s a soft gay angel bby boi

No. 49907

At the risk of getting called a "2nd gen fag" or making anons triggered by the mention of fridge waist, I still have to say that Snsd's bodies during Gee were impressive.
Meanwhile Red Velvet who are also hailed as super attractive look absolutely tragic in similar outfits (minus Seulgi).
Especially Yeri…

No. 49909

cause snsd are on average taller and narrower with better hip pads. red velvet have pretty awful proportions other than seulgi and maybe wendy

No. 49912

File: 1568566150019.jpg (121.86 KB, 1115x625, Dg3BKFzUwAAe6yT.jpg)

Only Yeri looks bad imo. I think back when SNSD was being formed SM had a lot more female trainees around so they could probably be pickier about body type.

No. 49915

Mark should really just stick to rapping in korean

No. 49917

he sounds like a 10 year old trying to be hard lmao

No. 49918

lol that's spot on

I've noticed that most english-speaking kpop rappers sound way way worse when they try rap in english. You'd think they wouldn't be as bad since they're fluent but nope

No. 49921

Took me a few seconds to realize he was rapping in English. The song sounds absolutely terrible too, typical pots-and-pans garbage that 99% of boygroups are releasing these days. Sperm is going to be SM's worst mistake

Let's not revise history too much; Sunny and Tiffany had pretty bad proportions as well. I'd say that Tiff's body is even worse than Yeri's here. It just wasn't that noticeable in SNSD because there were 9 of them so they all sort of blended into each other.

No. 49924

File: 1568570220347.jpg (63.24 KB, 846x425, RedVelvetColor1.jpg)

I sort of agree, it definitely has to do with the quality of the styling. With SNSD they were always strategic about making the waist look smaller and legs looks longer. Red Velvet is given some of the worst outfits I've seen from girl groups.

No. 49925

he raps like a asian-canadian version of paperchasinj

No. 49928

I hate to say it but this guy actually sounds and raps better than mark

No. 49936

I love how delusional boyz fans are defending eric in the comments ''But muh oppa was 13 he grewww uppp''

No. 49940

His face is so edited it looks like a painting.

No. 49941

No he doesn't.

No. 49943

File: 1568578249196.jpeg (81.86 KB, 821x1200, 457A2E71-3D7C-43D1-A4EE-CD3852…)

Has anyone mentioned KARD’s stupid comeback name yet or…?

No. 49945

Yes he does, nctfag. Your fave sucks

No. 49947

Why are 2nd gen idols aging so horribly?
Like taeyeon,most of super junior,hyuna.just to name a few

No. 49949

for those idols you listed, probably all the ps. but super junior looked terrible in the beginning so color me shocked

No. 49955

what does that even mean lmaooooo anyways its going to flop like every single kard comeback does
they had a bit of hype simply because they are co-ed but they kept releasing the same song over and over and now no one cares

No. 49957

the plastic is melting

No. 49963

BI from Ikon is being called in for police investigation.

No. 49969

Surprised that it seems like the police prioritised this. Are they planning to drug test him now? Surely there’s nothing left in his system by now

No. 49972

It's kind of weird how the police are late to everything related to the yg situation, from investigating yg after he has destroyed all evidence to investigating bi months later after the drug scandal. It's like the police are purposely letting them get away with everything….do you think they are bribed?

No. 49974

>do you think they are bribed?

Obviously. Some policemen related to the Seungri case has already been arrested.

No. 49975

Apparently Jimin was mobbed in Russia by K-POP fans


No. 49977

>it wasn't armies who did it, it was exo fans!

Like clockwork kek

They refuse to believe that their fandom is as shitty as any other fandom.

No. 49980

right they are so retarded. why would exols waste time on boys they don't care about anyways? they just love being victims when in reality they are also trash like most fans

No. 49981

OT but are most of you men lol

No. 49982

why? are you a man?

No. 49983

I mean there are a hundred examples showing why exo-l's spend too much time on boys they do not care, even people who hate bts know how much exo-l's are insane and obsessed with bts, eh what's the point you are probably a insane exofag.

No. 49984

lmfao the delusion of ratmys never fails to amaze me, shame their retardation can't even be avoided in the critical thread either

No. 49985

I wish armyfags,exofags and nctfags disappeared from this this thread because they have been shitting up these threads with their wk and weird delulu fanfic posts here about how their oppa looked at a pretty girl.
Exo are the Kings of the worst fandoms.
Nct are the princes of the worst fandoms.
Bts are the commanders in charge of the worst fandoms.
These three fandoms need to be castrated.

No. 49986

No just wondering tbh

No. 49987

Exols are the vermin of Kpop and 2nd gen + 3rd gen fandoms all know this. To this day they are drilling doing some shit like boycotting SM because of Sperm. Once batshit crazy, always batshit crazy. Can’t say the same for blonks or ratmys honestly . the ones who disagree are such exofags

No. 49988

Funny name cause they really look like homeless kids on the street

No. 49989

File: 1568595995821.jpg (36.42 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

>Sunny and tiffany had pretty bad proportions as well
Never really paid attention but holy shit you're right

No. 49992

Can this trend of dressing like a hobo from the 1970's stop with kpop boy groups.

No. 49993

File: 1568596470357.jpg (37.71 KB, 715x429, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

These tryhards look so ugly in the teasers lmao, Jiwoo straight up looks like bad moonbyul's copycat (and moonbyul is already bad). Somi's transformation from a member of april to the badass chick is also laughable. The other 2 dudes just smell of assholes.

No. 49994

>boycotting SM because of Sperm
What about boycotting other kpop groups because no one is allowed to be as "successful" as bts oppars in the us? Even when they're praised for "paving the way" no one else allowed to walk on kek. Exofags, ratmy, blonks are all crazy. There's no in between. End of discussion.

No. 49995

She looks nothing like Moonbyul in any way. Looks like mamamoo stans have been acting like they are on crack ever since their faves got overshadowed by aoa

No. 49996

File: 1568597272718.jpg (8.41 KB, 250x250, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

What? I call her looking like moonbyul because both she and jiwoo are ugly. Calm your tits.

No. 49997

The exofag has arrived, and of course they have to mention something related to bts while at the same time claiming exols don't care.
That person mentioned superm so they are probably a nctfag, but you are way to obsessed with bts to have thought of that.
Sometimes I feel like some of the insane comments about bts here are from the same person. I hope you are not that anon who was previously posting weird fic claiming how bts are in love with this fan and analyzing how they look at her.

No. 49998

You're all retards

No. 49999

With how much time exols spend thinking about bts its safe to safe that they are closet ratmys.
So if you are a exol that means that you are basically a ratmy.

No. 50001

lol as if all fandoms aren't equally awful

No. 50002

but back then i think companies were a lot stricter on female idols to diet and have that perfect body. i don't sm cares that much about red velvet to force them on hard diets. yeri and joy are always chubbier than the other members who seem to manage their weight well.

No. 50004

Imagine being so retarded you don't understand what i mean by this and twisting it all you want.
>Exofags, ratmy, blonks are all crazy. There's no in between. End of discussion.
Also sage your autism.

No. 50005

i agree with you. only chuu has a pretty voice and can actually sing well. half the members sound straight up tone deaf and their songs from odd eye circle until now all kind of sound the same.

No. 50006

Kun should have been added to sperm it would have been fun to see if baekhyun would have joined in while the other members are bullying him

No. 50008

i never knew about baekhyun being a bully until someone itt started posting gifs. it's hilarious that it never became a real scandal in korea. t-ara was ruined over their bullying scandal which came down to some shady tweets and hwayoung being lazy and unlikeable in the first place. being a male idol in korea means you can get away with anything huh.

No. 50009

nt other a whose arguing with you but learn to sage and stop sperging

No. 50010

No1curr nctfag
You're calling other people stans while also very transparent about being one

No. 50012

Why do talents from survival singing shows (unlike idol shows) always put to waste in the end? They can sing, some of them can write their own songs, etc. Nowadays they just stop producing this kind of show.

The judges always looked genuinely pleased and fond of the contestants until whoever in charge decide to have them in a contract, let them release 1 song, then put them in the dungeon. It's not like the artists don't have a fanbase, although not as large as idol groups fanbase, they seem to be more loyal (e.g. Lee Hi, Akmu, 15&, etc). We also know that these artists/soloists can last longer than most idol groups. From business standpoint it should be wiser to invest in artists rather than idols.

What I don't get is why they just decide to shut down their artists' career rather than having them all alongside their idols as moneymakers.

No. 50013

Go check out the kpop general on /mu/ on 4chan if you want to be convinced we're women lol. Not enough yejifags and slugposting for us to be men.

No. 50014

i think fans of artists are more likely to be older and not be able to waste as much money on them as the crazy idol fans who fall for the boyfriend/girlfriend bullshit.

No. 50016

File: 1568601836903.png (36.84 KB, 349x151, Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 10.40…)

I just lost half my brain cells looking at that thread thanks anon

No. 50018

>yejifags and slugposting

God those moments gave me nightmares. I'm glad I can post here with actual substance.

No. 50019

File: 1568604764892.jpg (95.58 KB, 859x929, cd258945a0ce6bfb6c7de4d5b32bf8…)

bros this hair is straight rancid

No. 50020


what did he do to himself…

No. 50021

btsisback is trending ww. I wondered what spooked bighit enough to cut their vacation short?

No. 50022

Is that… Jungkook?

Maybe it's all the scandals Jimin's been getting into with his sasaengs finding him doing something stupid every five seconds.

No. 50023

Seriously…? Are we now discussing which fandom is worse? They are all batshut crazzy.

>>50019 why the heck is his nosr that short…? Bad ps?

Would make me laugh if Bang PD had enough of all the news full of Jimin and some type of Ratmies going imsane.

No. 50024

File: 1568606915874.jpg (83.46 KB, 1200x688, EDKHm1IUUAAw3Dw.jpg)

I realize that bom's face is pretty much beyond saving at this point but can't they give her less drag queen looking makeup and change/get rid of her bangs? I feel like it would make her slightly less uncomfortable to look at

No. 50025

Holy shit he looks exactly like Jihoon from 90 day fiance. He was never that good looking in the first place but he looks disgusting

No. 50026

File: 1568607034006.jpeg (95.77 KB, 1242x1217, 0F519108-4F3D-49FE-82B3-37F7F7…)

He looks like a smelly gamer who watches alt right vids

No. 50027

she probably does her own

No. 50028

It scares me how similar her and Chungha look.

No. 50029

She be looking like a used up filthy sex doll lmfao

No. 50030

w-what is that picture, anon? lmao

No. 50031

Thicc yoongi

No. 50032

File: 1568607698242.gif (947.08 KB, 500x275, B396C0AD-A1B8-487C-8AC4-E26B95…)

Jesus put a spoiler on that shit anon

No. 50033

his head is so round

No. 50034

Lol there's nothing special about this. Ratmies literally don't have any human interactions irl huh
The girl is probably ugly af never met a legit beautiful girl that would hide her face on social media. Also the fact that she's uploaded theses videos herself is… kek She's sperging just like every ratmy thinking oppa loves her just because she exchanged eye contact

No. 50035

File: 1568608521980.jpeg (47.32 KB, 692x748, 8EF5F921-298B-4E7F-8EA4-F48265…)

Jungkook is starting to look like an ugly slimy eboy omfg bring back the pedo mommy bait. Looking like he smell like weed and hot cheetos.

No. 50036

he looks gross wtf is that hair

No. 50037

i cant believe ilbe incels are leaving the house

No. 50038

File: 1568608968365.jpeg (47.07 KB, 535x646, 357577D2-763C-4D50-9AE8-0FAE51…)

Supposedly he finally got the tattoos but…they’re on his hands…and it says ARMY. Idk whether i should laugh or feel bad.

No. 50041

File: 1568609352280.jpeg (432.72 KB, 720x1280, 88731606-3FE1-400A-8A2B-4ABDF9…)

Lookin like he drinks gamer girl bath water

No. 50042

those don't look like real tattoos to me… but i don't have tattoos, so what do i know

No. 50043

File: 1568609550423.jpeg (64.84 KB, 683x1024, AC7DD13E-B85A-4801-A473-EB0A61…)

they are all probably mad jimincel cut their vacation short

No. 50044

ayrt ive searched all over twitter but armys have been saying his brother posted that image and he was spotted at a tattoo parlor so idk you be the judge

are bts finally disbanding or are they going to try to promote in the US which is more freeing than Korea

this some weird shit

No. 50045

jungkook finally evolved into his true neckbeard gamer form

No. 50046

File: 1568609924161.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1029, 7E8CDBC7-92EF-4487-943F-50564E…)

LOL they can’t speak english so they’re probably not promoting in the US

No. 50047

That's why this dumb fuck is two steps away from bankruptcy. If he wants to make money he should get some japanese trainees and pander to their market. One tour in japan is more lucrative than going to several SEA countries.

It isn't farfetched to think idols could bang some fans, groupies are a thing for ages, wbk anon kek it's just retarded to take this ratmy video as evidence

SNSD looks are pedestrian just like twice kek except for taeyeon who is uncanny valley

Someone should pour some coconut oil on his hair

No. 50048

why is it always him lmao is he this dumb? he managed to fuck up like 9470438 times within the span of one week. bighit will never let him go anywhere alone again

No. 50049

File: 1568610361534.jpeg (26.74 KB, 291x387, 52BE7A27-0D67-4083-8F53-12E9D0…)

LOL @ us promo

rm is only English speaker and he sounds straight off the cesspit of stan twitter

No. 50050

what did he do besides going clubbing?

No. 50051

File: 1568610582764.jpeg (55.85 KB, 485x630, F771E670-0E5C-4F4D-82E5-021A70…)

No. 50052

Being ugly

No. 50053

>goes clubbing and lets a bunch of kboos film him as if they're not going to post it
>acts like a retard in front of a buddhist painting
>posts semi nudes in bandmates' birthday and steals the spotlight
>puts himself in situations where he can easily get caught, gets caught in every country he goes
jimin can't survive one day on his own.

No. 50054

this is such a cringy tattoo to get permanently

No. 50055

File: 1568610899664.jpeg (35.79 KB, 480x592, 76CFAF18-6B2B-417E-8138-102702…)

He’s such a dumbfuck

No. 50057

He's not dumb just a massive att whore. I feel the scandal coming guys… it's finally happening

These are clearly temporary tattoos that comes with bubblegum lol

she's a case of butterface otherwise she would be some ig thot

No. 50059

File: 1568611465072.jpeg (24.96 KB, 416x516, 104F6583-6368-46A3-935F-E41BEC…)

>I’m so wet for boys who don’t shower and like the smell of their asscrack!

No. 50060

File: 1568612201788.jpg (13.26 KB, 512x288, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

She now looks like the bad makeup cover of her by some russian youtuber many years ago

No. 50061

>a used up filthy sex doll
Lmao anon

No. 50062

he's gonna regret those soundcloud rapper flash tattoos after the bts hype dies and he's forced to work at a 7/11

No. 50064

I didn't know that the time has actually criticized rm's english skills
>The article said RM’s use of English language was characterised by “his occasionally baffling syntax gives the impression he is channelling Joey rather than Chandler”. The article was referring to two Friends characters: the dim-witted Joey Tribbiani and the intelligent Chandler Bing.

No. 50065

Friends lowers your iq

No. 50066

True, anon.

>He's not dumb just a massive att whore. I feel the scandal coming guys… it's finally happening

Let's all hope bighit didn't take the exit right in time to stop the drama…

Anon, in no way these are real tattoos, like others said. Bad eyeliner-doodle.
This tattoo would be as stupid as the many tattoos Ratmys get of their names.
But my absolute favorite fan-tattoo was the old logo (the ugly boyscout-vest) on the forearm of some girl. Ridiculous.

No. 50067

File: 1568615691126.jpeg (48.82 KB, 528x960, 73CB7D7E-9DB6-41B3-A487-8E8720…)

>it's real
Lmfao noooooo

Also if you google image search bts tattoo, the suggested searches are "meaningful bts tattoos" and "meaningful bts inspired tattoos" kek. Ratmys can't even find meaning from their obsession with grown men that don't even speak English, have to find it from google!

No. 50068

It looks like he's going for Timothee Chalamet

No. 50071

I don't know what would be worse, actually getting hand tattoos or doodling on yourself like an 11-year-old…

Seeing as he's still into tiktok and shit like that, he more likely really wants to go for an eboy "bad guy" look. Chalamet has too much of a pretty boy style like the standard kpop idol, which is something he seems to want to go against.

Anyway, it's embarrassing, being the maknae of the group doesn't change the fact that he's already 22 now, he needs to grow up.

No. 50072

imagine thinking this thread has any actual substance

No. 50075

I kind of home the ARMY tattoo is real. I have not seen something this hilarious and cringe in kpop in awhile.

No. 50077

My ears are bleeding. And her attitude is insufferable.

No. 50078

>>50077 Jesus, this is seriously BAD. She sounds like she's not breathing at all and the voice itself is so nasal… I can't believe people call her a vocal queen. What the fuck?

No. 50079

No. 50080

>>50079 this is an imageboard newfag

No. 50081


fuck you fag i'm new here

No. 50082

if you wanna watch click on the link you lazy faggot fuck

No. 50083


lmao calm down just upload a screenshot next time

No. 50085

File: 1568624389369.jpeg (31.21 KB, 400x400, 11E45850-6609-41C0-9DE2-09F220…)

They look homeless

No. 50087

File: 1568625125334.gif (96.4 KB, 198x240, E37272E2-91A3-4A87-8FC8-94746D…)

No. 50088

give the site rules a read and lurk a little before posting

god I hope this dumb bitch really got hand tats

No. 50089

i did all that

No. 50090

why did this thread get infested with kpoppies over night tf happened? yall are just embarrassing yourselves and also adding fag to every other word doesnt make you a farmer. go read the rules and stop using dumb bts memes.

No. 50091

>adding fag to every other word
Thought it was just my imagination kek. They try really hard to fit in on every website they go. Kpoppies are npc clowns.

No. 50092

i have a feeling they’re all underage

No. 50094

File: 1568628224336.jpeg (91.71 KB, 830x971, F2FEF0DB-14AD-4AD8-B71A-4FC2A4…)

They spread their cancer to every corner of the internet

No. 50095

can ass spammer-chan please stop

No. 50096

This nugu group's video feels like something I've seen 1000 times and the song is so embarrassing

No. 50097

I used to like their earlier songs and I even liked Getting Closer but edgy concepts have been so overused in kpop it looks bland and boring now

No. 50098

thai thread is called kpop critical and one hallyu isnt coming back anytime soon, of course they'll flock here.
it's such a shame that they went from don't wanna cry to this horse shit. their songs gave always been iffy but at least the older ones weren't so try hard.

No. 50099

This shit is disgusting he looks fucking gross

No. 50100

he looks like a white walker

No. 50101

>>50091 i bet theyre all huge lgbt allies on twitter but here they'll say fag if it means theyre allowed to shit on other groups. so woke /s

No. 50102

this is me :( im so fake :((newfaggotry; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 50103

Hi, welcome to kpop critical. Learn 2 sage and stop emojiposting.

No. 50108

the comments are hilarious people are acting as if this shit is the second coming of jesus,kpop fans are so brainwashed
her reeing "youuuuuuuuuu" is so unpleasant

No. 50109

rofl it sounds like her nose was pinched through out the whole song (pinched from all the surgery)

No. 50113

Eh you should have posted the performance version cause her attitude is very annoying indeed and her face is a nightmare. I wonder if the other groups were told to react positively before shooting kek, their reactions just seem so fake. I also saw an article praising bom's performance here. Embarrassing.

No. 50115

Some fags keep posting "courtesy of lolcow" on pull kpop-related threads

No. 50118

I'm pretty sure this is what >>50090 anon meant by stop using bts memes

No. 50119

File: 1568637859997.jpeg (167.89 KB, 1242x1441, 988F2D69-2EC5-4C77-B392-EFE14B…)

op got so much shit they had to delete and ratmys are having a rage field day, but this is so spot on

No. 50120

>>50113 that lipsync fail @1:39 though

No. 50122

File: 1568638004210.jpg (182.04 KB, 1080x1020, IMG_20190916_144221.jpg)

Exofags and ratmies are (once again) fighting on twitter because Kai gets to model for Gucci, while ratmies have been begging them to notice V for years already.
>Ofcoursee. No offense to Kai but gucci CANNOT afford Taehyung sweetyy
>We all know Taehyung couldn’t take the gig due to work commitments. Your faves are always free.

No. 50123

Lmao, that makes minnie (g-idle)'s reaction after that even faker.

No. 50129

I don't truly believe in celebrities I like, no matter how respectable they act or look. These are celebrities, they have to present themselves well. I just cannot understand how the fans defend their idols like they are so pure, having done anything wrong before and they are just a bunch of little innocent angels. I wonder if they would do the same for the people that are close to them?

No. 50130

File: 1568641350939.jpeg (68.73 KB, 750x1334, EElJimhWwAEYQeJ.jpeg)

according to armys his tattoo stands for
- inverses A : V
- RM : Namjoon
- Y : Yoongi
- J ( from above ) : Jhope , Jimin , and Jin
- it’s also for ARMY
so i think it makes more sense than just a simple permanent army tattoo. however, it looks kindergaten tier.

No. 50131

He looks really really bad with that hair and the tattos make it worse

No. 50132

>>50130 i literally dont understand armys lmao he literally told some fans who ran into him at a restaurant that theyre stickers. like those chicks saw them in real life and confirmed theyre stickers. but by all means lets spin it into some self-serving story about his undying love for his batshit fandom.

No. 50133

i've been noticing that the rats always attack kai more than any other exo member. does anyone know why? i thought he was friends with jimin at one point. if they want their men to have opportunities with brands like gucci they should stop attacking everyone that doesn't agree with the lmao

No. 50137

Probably because he's a better dance than all of bts combined and he's considered one of the most attractive guys in k-pop. Ratmies hate it when other members or groups get more attention and praise than BTS

No. 50138

Why do they want v to be a gucci model so bad? They love to brag about his "world's most beautiful face" or whatever title, but gucci is known for its interesting, unordinary looking models that are not conventionally pretty

No. 50139

Never noticed this, only that ratmies like to mistake Kai for Jk (on purpuse…?)
I don't know for sure but I think that Kai was similar to Jk when he was younger: nearly the youngest in the group, but always in the center, good at dancing, the most popular and "hot" one… Would make more sense that exofags attack him for taking the crown from Kai, but who knows.

No. 50142


Kai is a terrible dancer he looks like a constipated gogo stripper when he tries to dance. His back is shot so he can't even dance like he used to


Armys want to prove that BTS are the most sought after idols in the world thus nobody else is allowed to succeed at anything or have anything.


I just can't get over how basement-dwelling he looks he. I used to think bighit and the fans were controlling psychos for forcing him to keep himself clean and his hair short but they were right. They were saving him from himself.

No. 50143

Based off of what I've seen, when people show pictures of kpop idols to those in the west the tanner ones get more praise then the lighter ones. Kai's persona also appeals more towards the west too. Anything that threatens their oppars chances of being the token Koreans in America scares them. They don't actually believe that bts are as great as they are, theyve just chosen them to be their mental boyfriends until someone comes and replaces one direction.

Regardless of what this thread ree's about, several of the non-bts idols that get dragged and nitpicked in this thread are considered attractive by a lot of people. The average , normal, person doesn't care about if someone wears a push up bra or hip pads to cover hip dips or not. I'm not saying that they're mainstream or beloved it's just what I've noticed so don't jump down my throat. Like they'll get pointed to as the "attractive one" to the foreign eye.
They all deal with their own colorism issues , like being Photoshoped five shades lighter, having colorist comments thrown at them, or lightening their skin out of pressure and then being made fun of by those same people for doing so, but anytime the west sees BTS they are all wearing foundation that doesn't match, flower crowns, and Beatles cosplay.

They'll be even more mad when they realize that Kai / taemin have been wearing the eboy aesthetic before it was called the eboy aesthetic. Even more competition.

Tldr: Armies want BTS to be the token Koreans , the "good ones" , so anyone who gets a lil bit of attention is instantly considered a threat because they know their oppars aren't actually talented.

No. 50145

>>50113 She sounds so bad, it's embarrassing. It's a miracle that she still gets gig, with that face and that attitude.

Twice is having a comeback. JYP really seems to stray a bit from the childish image for them. I guess he's going to use ITZY to attract uncle fans now.

No. 50146


Apparently she's right this time. One of the girls that went to get his autograph spoke on her Instagram that she doesn't like BTS and she tagged EXO on some of her photos.

No. 50147

They didn't cut anything.

No. 50148

File: 1568648757670.jpg (93.29 KB, 500x750, 1XtuKzb.jpg)

Why do people find Kai attractive tho

No. 50149

File: 1568648895102.jpg (56.4 KB, 770x700, kai...jpg)

He's the "hot" confident man old housewives desire. No wonder since most of his fans are from SEA.(racebait)

No. 50150

My guess is cause he's the most masculine one out of exo, he's pushed as the sexy one cause of his darker skin and he's a good dancer by kpop standards.
Exo guys are fugly so the ok looking ones like kai seem handsome by comparison

No. 50152

He looks like a man - masculine, has a strong jaw(compared the others who shave theirs), has a nice body and he doesn't act as a flower pedo boy. Also his dancing skills are pretty good. Unforunately, he'd f'd up his nose.

No. 50154

Minnie's reaction might not even have been for her performance. They cut and paste so much in this show. I doubt they'd even need to tell the groups to fake a reaction though since they're all used to faking shit.

No. 50155

>Minnie's reaction might not even have been for her performance
Well thats surprising

No. 50157

>he'd f'd up his nose
how? he's always had a flat nose

No. 50158

Because he is to anyone whose pussy isn't so busted that they can only cum to anime boys and the occasional txt member

No. 50159

File: 1568651590976.jpg (62.27 KB, 468x306, EXO-Kai-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

Because having abs is enough to get kpop fangirls to stan you.

He had a small bumb which he got removed. And he also got some unneccessary cheek fillers - though he did look exceptionally bad and bloated on the day this pic and >>50149 were taken. Either he stopped or he only overdid it at that time, because now he looks a bit slimmer again. No idea why he decided to go for ps, since I don't think that anybody ever said anything negative about the way he looks.

No. 50160

so turns out some locals ran into bts at an airport and asked them for autographs but were rudely turned down. the locals, of course, immediately tweeted about it - invoking the wrath of armys. but then, and this is the best part, it turned out it wasnt even bts, it was exo and they turned them down because, well, they arent bts. everything about this is hilarious to me and oddly fitting for the topic at hand in this thread.

No. 50161

No one that's mentally well is attracted to any Kpop man

No. 50162

Please post receipts anon
If that's true, it would be glorious kek I wonder how many random asian guys were already mistaken for bts by thirsty ratmy

No. 50164

File: 1568652611107.png (1.78 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_09-16-06.48.09.png)

apparently bts was at the same airport but it was earlier that morning so the timeline doesnt add up and theyre also going in different directions

No. 50165


Wow. Right when I thought he was starting to look a bit good looking, he turns into an incel.

No. 50166

he turned into a misogynist?

No. 50167

I wonder whom he mistook for V? None of Exo looks like him
But tbf, you can't really blame them, getting angry in this situation would be fairly normal

No. 50168

twitter sasaengs have apparently found out who jungkook's girlfriend is @tattooer_rennis

No. 50169

people mean that he looks like a basement dweller. though his craziest fansite implied that he's an incel or gay so you never know.

No. 50170

Is this like the video fan sign thing again or..?

There is speculation about that translation, it was either the fansite calling him gay, incel or that he wasn't fucking enough.

No. 50171

on IG or twitter? post caps

No. 50172

instagram. the fans are spamming her comments lol

No. 50173

File: 1568653413029.jpeg (448.34 KB, 750x858, D8EAA49A-A76B-4EA4-8068-C58763…)

low quality picture of him backhugging her

No. 50174

i don't think she meant he was gay, i looked up korean army twitter while the headliner shitstorm was happening out of curiosity. no korean interpreted it as him being gay. they would talk about it if that was the implication

No. 50175

Why would he date a random fakeboi tattooist? How would he even get to know her? Fans are so gullible

No. 50176

if it’s true props to JK because she looks cool, but it’s because she looks cool that i doubt it. too cool for him

No. 50177


No. 50178

> the fans are spamming her comments lol

She doesn't even have many comments on her photos, lmao. Where is the spam happening, I wanna se

No. 50179

>>50178 she just disabled them on her latest photo that's where they were. only korean fans though i don't think the international ratmies have found out yet

No. 50180

i cant find anyone on twitter discussing this whatsoever. and her instagram comments seem pretty empty too? am i blind. please link sources.

No. 50181

File: 1568654064255.jpeg (602.38 KB, 2048x2048, BFFDB90C-0680-4A68-A51C-704E15…)

only sasaengs are talking about it. here’s the evidence

No. 50182

boo, what a shame.
are they really ratmies though? i didn't know they were so polite as to not spam the other photos.

No. 50183

>>50179 I was on her latest post before she disabled them. there were 6 comments total.

No. 50184

I didnt know this was onehallyu or allkpop, because you sure are acting like users from there.
Yes idols are not virgins but they didn't sleep with half the human population either. Saying opparr is dating everyone who has a pussy makes you look 12

No. 50185

File: 1568654281039.jpeg (417.7 KB, 1242x1525, A1FA555E-60F0-4344-A2EF-023654…)

Idk what you fags are breaking ya backs for she looks pretty cool just her current hairstyle isn’t doing her any favors

like gf like bf ig

No. 50186

her other tattoo work on instagram seem cool, jungkook's hand tattoos look like shit. why did she do that to him lol
it seems like the tattoo artist who made his tattoos is someone else though

No. 50187

File: 1568654284928.jpeg (597.31 KB, 750x955, D26BE880-B98D-43BA-8836-28C782…)

No. 50189

File: 1568654386803.jpeg (302.4 KB, 1233x1543, E9FFC314-F68E-41D7-AC37-6A23A0…)

No. 50190

okay these look a lot more convincing that those fansign videos at least, but still.
you got sasengs sources then? is that why you don't wanna link..?

gossip is gossip

No. 50191

Are you a sasaeng, providing as with fresh info, anon? lol

If he was rumored to date somebody from like twice or red velvet I'd believe it in a heartbeat, but not this.

No. 50192

No. 50193


srsly I wouldn’t believe it for a second if it were an rv or bp girl. armys are notorious when it comes to covering shit up, this can easily be covered up and dispatch wont even glance at it for a sec with bighit money in their pockets

No. 50194

is this girl an actual fakeboi or just a tomboy?

No. 50195

tomboy, e girl, or whatever

her haircut just aint doing her any favors

No. 50197

not really relevant to anything but bts are back from their month long vacation. is it just me or is it really weird that a group cant not do something for a month without it being news? its only a month, there are a ton of artists that dont do anything for longer than that and its not news

No. 50198

someone drew those with sharpie lmao

No. 50199

over for armycels. hail to this tattoo artist fakeboi homewrecker stacy unnie.

No. 50200

all Idols have PR training so they all know how to act when they are on a show. They will pretned to be amazed even if someon falls on their ass because that is expected of them.

No. 50202

omg its happening!!!!!!!!!!

No. 50204

who the fuck cares about who btshits date? This thread is a mess,no woman wjo is normal oogles at kpop botched incel boys. Someone mentioned that onehallyu is down. Wtf happened to them? why can these retards go to allkpop or something?

No. 50206

i don't really care who they date but i want to see some army salt. hope this goes viral.
>inb4 "she's actually just his cousin!! she's actually his brother's girlfriend!! she's a staff!!"

No. 50208

because of the inevitable army meltdown and mental gymnastics

No. 50209

This has the potential to be the biggest scandal in 2019 if the precious maknae is dating some cringey and edgy tomboy.
Ratmy can, I hopefully will, go cray-cray about it.

And you wanna talk about what…?
For the 1000th time how botched the ugly incels and how stupid the fandoms are?

But in the end: deliver the qualitytopic you are waiting for instead of complaining.

No. 50210

ive been reading the replies under that twitter thread and it seems like a lot of dates and locations dont add up, although that cctv pic and the restaurant pic look sus. the armys all ran off reporting it to bighit immediately so it'll probably get buried anyway. back to regularly scheduled programming…

No. 50211


This is going to make Rosekookers and Lizkookers especially go insane. They're his biggest ships.

Weibo did say he dated Rose from Blackpink last year but broke up. And this year she's been releasing angsty break up covers and liking posts about being lied to and betrayed. Let me tinfoil a bit.

JK did always say he wants to be a smelly musclepig with long hair and tats but the fans wanted otherwise. And recently netizens have been debating his current look and persona with the look they want for him


Somehow I feel this dating scandal is legit. Let's see the world burn.

No. 50212

1.That girl already has a boyfriend
2.She and her studio are well known with kpop idols and jungkook wasn't the only one there,Mino(winner),Mark(got7) have been there too,and they did a tattoo for a mv.
I swear farmers never do any research for the people they hate and they believe every rumor even if it is fake as long as it makes them feel good about themselves.
Some of the mentalities here remind me of strict Islamic countries where people of oppossite gender can't even look at each other because if they do that means "marriage".
It's shit like this why idols are to scared to communicate with the oppossite gender.
Her insta also shows her being hugged or being touchy with alot of guys too, doesn't that mean that she is also dating all of those men too based on your logic?

No. 50213

Ah a delusional rosekook shipper. And of course you are the one who we are supposed to believe.

No. 50214

>already has a boyfriend
you sure?

No. 50215

who's her boyfriend?

No. 50216

The only thing I want to know is why was Jungkook holding her from behind like that? Is that something he normally does?

No. 50218

the rumor was literally all over weibo for months.

You don't have to believe me but you also don't have to sound as if the very idea of jk dating someone makes you want to cry into your pillow and write in your journal.

So many ppl here who supposedly hate bts but then go nuts and try to disprove when photographic evidence is given of their oppars near girls

No. 50219

your oppa is dating get over it. stop crying

No. 50220


back hugs are supposedly very intimate but I don't know if it necessarily means they're dating. It probably does but it could also mean that they are VERY close friends. Then again if she already had a boyfriend, another guy backhugging her would be crossing the line so

No. 50221

weibo is just chinese social media. it's the same as people posting proof that idols are dating because they wore the same shirt.

No. 50223

i don't think he's usually touchy with girls so i'd assume that girl is someone he's close with, maybe a friend, maybe a girlfriend, who knows. my own tinfoil is jungkook's brother is an artist and this girl is a tattoo artist, and his brother posted a pic of his tattoos, so maybe she was someone he was acquaintances with beforehand due to connections.

No. 50224

if that girl is actually his gf i cant believe he showed up to her shop looking that ugly jesus christ

No. 50225

They don't even dare to put their hand on a girl's shoulder, of course backhugs are intimate, jesus christ…

No. 50226

looks like an even uglier Hyebin

No. 50227

they do that when they're getting their picture taken, not in private, retard.

No. 50229

I'm really shocked.. why is twitter and ig so quiet? I was excited for ratmys to lose their minds and start fights and shit but everyone's so damn quiet WHY

No. 50230

it hasnt been spread around yet and armys will try to cover it up as they always do.

No. 50231

someone dm dispatch about it

No. 50233

Wtf, he looks like Joji.

No. 50234

File: 1568658709575.jpeg (167.01 KB, 1125x568, EED4564C-7A1D-42F8-B4EC-C4E3BC…)

i'm late to the discussion but “5 or 10 girls” isn’t a mob kek and he looked happy to give out a handful of autographs. why do armys love victimizing their oppars so much? is it because it feeds into their uwu helpless baby boy fetish?

No. 50235

i'm looking on twitter and there are delusional army bitching at at anyone mentioning it and reporting the photos.

No. 50237


I'd give it time. I'm not sure if we can say Armys are really that good at covering things up in fact I'd say it's the opposite. When the Jimin Russian finger flicking club girls video came out within 24hours it was all over fandom. Then fandom blew it up FURTHER by trending some support hashtag for Jimin on JK's birthday.

A lot of the Korean thread hasn't even been translated. Then on top of that the girl doesn't look like who most fans would picture JK with so maybe there's a level of disbelief. Most people were anticipating him getting caught with either a female idol or some actress, or at least a prettier local, not a weird looking tomboy tattooist. It flies in the face of who they know JK to be so I'm sure lots of people are in shock and disbelieving.

If it does get buried at least some form of receipts are out there. I don't think dm-ing dispatch makes sense cuz she's not a celebrity but I wonder if those English-to-Korean Kpop translations sites will have the balls to translate this.

No. 50238

jungkook: sperging about how iu is his ideal type since forever
also jungkook: >>50187

No. 50240

imagine the jikook and vkookfags who watch 30 minute long analysis videos lmao. kaisoo was trending in some countries after kaijen was revealed. rip

No. 50241


He looks like an unkempt stoner. No wonder his fans are spreading this shit if they feel like he's shitting down the toilet his idol image


That was idol Jungkook. That song he just made was basically telling the girls "idol Jungkook" was designed by bighit for yaoi fanfic and album sales. Real jungkook doesn't wash his hair and doesn't bathe after doing 100 sit up and push up reps and drinks copious amounts of soju minutes after getting his eyelids pierced.

No. 50242

bloodbath incoming
lizkook shippers gon lose their minds and will probably try and kill this girl
im so ready for the mess. hopefully this doesn't get buried

No. 50243


No. 50244

That was some nice fanfiction Anon, and what happens next after he gets his eyes pierced?

No. 50246

da, but that's true. jungkook has been complaining about his baby boy persona for years now. he said he wants tattoos and piercings but fans are holding him back. look at korean armys reactions to his long hair.

No. 50247

File: 1568659857248.jpeg (27.38 KB, 480x508, A46E1765-ED9B-4F07-AF9D-9466BA…)


No. 50248


Exactly. Anyone who's been around these threads for longer than Onehallyu's demise will know it's been discussed here before. He hated having to cut his hair and he's been wanting piercing and tattoos for years but he literally does everything his fans (and company) wants. He's probably the one most self-conscious about how the fans percieve them and his wanting to please his fans has seemed creepy in the past. I guess he's had enough.

No. 50249

male kpop idols we make fun of here still have thousands of girls who want to fuck them. take a shower retardcel

No. 50251

Seems like the news have reached i-ratmies, her pics are getting spammed on twitter now (with lots of "delete plz!!!) lol
I genuinely hope that this will affect their popularity at least a bit

No. 50252

at least they attract mentally ill girls, you attract no girls.

No. 50254

She already has a boyfriend you morons. And of course this will be a scandal because international army's just like farmers believe everything like the retards they are. The only real scandal here is jungkooks hair.

No. 50255

File: 1568660581330.jpg (587.89 KB, 680x680, OrhoKiw.jpg)

Her face has been unblocked so yeah it's them.

Doesn't matter if they're not dating. Oppa with a girl is gonna get some attention no doubt.

No. 50256

File: 1568660620658.jpeg (41.57 KB, 1440x570, EEmQugeX4AAheYe (1).jpeg)

This is her boyfriend.

No. 50257

he looks drunk af

No. 50258

File: 1568660749059.jpg (621.7 KB, 680x670, AVjkRvB.jpg)

This could be what that saesang meant by JK putting his "dick to waste" since he's not dating some idol


Unless anyone here reads Korean that pic means less than any of the other ones posted here

No. 50259

You literally cropped it so it will look like they were alone when there were at least 4 people around. The stench of desperation i can smell it here. Sorry hun but this is a rumor, maybe another time to masturbate to bts's scandals?

No. 50260

No. 50261

can you guys who say she has a bf show proof so we can move on? and still if she has a bf why is she going around getting backhugged by another dude

No. 50262

I don’t get it…how is this proof of them dating? It’s just proof that they hung out once. And it happens to be right before he got his shitty maybe fake tattoos. Isn’t the logical conclusion that she’s his tattoo artist?

Backhugging is only taboo among idols, your average Korean dude isn’t such a prude that he won’t hug is friends when there are no cameras around kek put down your kdrama and your fanfiction for a second. You guys were way too quick to accept this info, I’m not a jungkookfag but I need more proof than a few blurry photos of them hanging out and doing absolutely nothing romantic.

No. 50263


I got this from twitter. but you sound desperate to prove your oppa ISN'T dating and I have to wonder why. You know you're never going to be able to suck his dick right?

No. 50264

I understand that you hate bts but you are going full retards right now. That is not his Instagram account. This is https://instagram.com/hk___yoo?igshid=7fsu4x7qp7ws

No. 50266

That's not him.
It's this guy https://instagram.com/hk___yoo?igshid=7fsu4x7qp7ws

No. 50267

No. 50268

Weibo also said that BI and Lee Hi had very loud sex on the YG rooftop. I bet if I knew Mandarin I could make up some shit there too

No. 50269

When are yellowfeverfags going to realize that weibo isn't any more credible than twitter just because there are azns on it. It's full of retards who tend to be worse than the average stan twit user. So that's about as credible as saying taekook might be real because it's been rumored on twitter for years.

No. 50270

Armzs have started sharing the pictures…and hence a scandal begins

No. 50271

these pics are super useful to troll the taekookfags on twitter lmao

No. 50272

File: 1568663036981.jpeg (203.47 KB, 750x538, 0329834E-5123-4AC9-AF3B-A5DBF7…)

the retards are at it

No. 50274

File: 1568663307087.png (60.19 KB, 604x477, bts tweet.png)

Korean speaker here, if it's Korean twitter they might shorten idols name to just the first letter of each syllable(see picture).

I looked and the only tweet from today i could find in Korean was someone tweeting that their friend told them that ㅈㄱ (most likely jungkook) has a girlfriend.

No. 50275


i think k-army speculating that his tattoo might reference that girl (the girls name is mj/mijoo)

No. 50277

File: 1568663658648.png (11.73 KB, 587x89, 8789779.PNG)


No. 50278

If he got a tattoo of his girlfriends name on his hand of all places, he is a bigger idiot than we could ever assume

No. 50279

I love how you didn't show the reply's where there were translations shown confirming they are NOT dating. We love a biased bitch.

No. 50280

If you are a Korean speaker then why don't you go and translate that fucking twitter thread