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File: 1569432050487.jpeg (14.07 KB, 275x193, 1569333131241.jpeg)

No. 52216

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/46568 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>50560

No. 52218

JK doesn't look like an incel in this banner pic imo, he's the only one confirmed to be smashing. Looks depressed AF tho.

No. 52219

His hyungs prob subjected him to Love Yourself, I'm Fine, We Are Bulletproof

No. 52220

Incels can smash but only freaks like her

No. 52221

>i totally don't care about bts but how dare jungkook's GF post sexy photos of herself, a nice girl like me would NEVER
>infact she should delete all her social media and wear a burka in her public appearances.
>guys I'm telling you i'm not a jungkook fangirl

army stinks so bad wow i can smell it

No. 52222

She’s not grossly overweight, horribly disfigured, or even terribly ugly. You sound like a bitter jkfag

No. 52223

Thanks god im not one, he looks like a retard

No. 52224

Massive cope. He could have the finest idol or model in Korea begging to suck his dick just for being in BTS lol. Incel my arse

No. 52225

The "jk is an incel" meme is extremely forced and cringe. He seems like a dirty whore if anything. I wonder if that ban evading army is one of the ones pushing it.

>He could have the finest idol or model in Korea begging to suck his dick just for being in BTS lol

disagree with this thouugh… kek

No. 52226

This. The guy could get any pussy he wants just for being in BTS. He just looks like your unwashed celeb in those airport photos.

And glad the tattoo girl is using ratmys' dumbasses to her advantage. Everything their idols touch instant sold out. If she's getting clout and more customers, good on her.

No. 52227

P sure it was just a joke about the pose and the photogs using the photo that makes him look ashamed.

No damn idol is an “incel” jfc there’s too many thirsty hoes willing to do shit. If anything I wanna hear about which ones are the biggest degenerates. Break some delulu hearts, boys.

No. 52228

Once again it’s their fault, they’re the ones ruining their faves career

No. 52229


Jimin. Nam Taehyun. Zico. Seungri. It's always butt ugly dudes who fortuitously end up as idols who abuse their status bc they'd be normies incels without the idol boost.

These guys are young versions of Yang Hyunsuk and Lee Juno. Jimin is going to age like Moon Hee Jun.

No. 52230

I think stinkmys launched onto the "jungkook is incel, he can't be fucking anybody" thing because it lets them cope with the fact that their fantasy boyfriend is fucking someone else.

No. 52231

File: 1569435076092.jpeg (68.1 KB, 1000x500, 1DF3A07D-17E8-49AE-A868-50E3D9…)

Speaking of the idol has-beens,Moon Heejun and Soyul named their daughter Heeyul. Reminds me of those ghetto names you see where people combine names. My friend named her daughter Darielle, from Donte and Ariel. I can’t help think of Dairy Cow. Is this a thing people do in Korea?

Also I can see the jimin in his face. Poor kid.

No. 52232

nah in their eyes he’s a god who could have anyone, even western celebs. Jimin too

No. 52233

no one actually thinks that he is a regular incels.co user. the jkcel meme came out of headliner implying that he is one and him starting to look like a basement dweller.

No. 52235

This is how BTS is gonna look in 15 years

No. 52236


Soyul is not her real name, it's a stage name. Heeyul sounds pretty in Korean, like 熙玉

No. 52237


Remember when Jin had a dating rumor with Lee Guk Joo? Hahaha

No. 52238

Gotta give credit to the girls ruining these shitbags careers

No. 52239

File: 1569438102263.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20190925_20555798…)

Jimin be slowly transforming into Chungha if he keeps getting fillers & botox or whatever he's doing to his face

No. 52240

like >>52233 said the JK is an incel meme is pushed here because he looks fucking gross and smelly not because there's a ratmy infestation

No. 52242

okay wait am I just high or is there something GRAVELLY wrong with his left (our right) eye… it looks like it was cut-and-pasted. his lid seems to overlap his brow.

No. 52243

maybe his eyebrows are plucked

No. 52245

File: 1569443566819.jpeg (105.78 KB, 759x707, 6C32D0B6-B6BE-47AF-8BF8-183F01…)

There’s 35 of these threads so I’m sorry if this has been shared but this has me feeling like a Lisa Simpson meme

No. 52246

my fucking eyes

No. 52248


Does anyone have a clue who might be the B- list friend?

No. 52249

>GOT7‘s YuGyeom, BamBam, SEVENTEEN‘s MinGyu, DK, The8, ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo and NCT‘s JaeHyun.
If this is true, probably one of these - they are all in the '97 line group chat.

No. 52250

Conspiracy theories of an army, the pic is not manipulated

No. 52251

honestly i would take that blog with a grain of salt bc it really seems like they write things after the fact to imply a narrative. however if this is factual the only other celeb tattoo girl is linked to afaik is mino. but i don't know if he's necessarily b list in korea (popular on variety, had a successful solo album and has steady hits w winner, chosen by virgil abloh to walk for louis vuitton). it's also dubious as to whether they're friends bc it's not public but it could be big hit not choosing to publicly associate with yg

No. 52252

Sounds like a raging mad army.

Btw did Jungkook get an XXX tattoo or something?

No. 52253

they're crosses or plus signs in between his fingers

No. 52255

File: 1569445285751.jpg (141.88 KB, 450x450, o0850174814591710262.jpg)

well even if this was true there's no reason to feel bad for poor jungkookie, he seemed pretty content while they were hanging out.

No. 52256

Mino is not B list. He is a permanent cast member of varieties with Kang Hodong so he's transitioned into solid post-idol career path already. He's also arguably a better rapper than the BTS rapline but in a worse group.

No. 52257

I can't believe Seunghoon and Mino are in the same group tbh

No. 52258

>>52257 Has Winner disbanded? Mino also has an XXX tattoo apparently. He has a ton of tats and doesn't pander to anyone. Basically living the life JK dreams of if BTS didn't have to be deadly afraid of not pandering to Armies' fantasies.

No. 52259

No. 52260

>>52259 op implies seunghoon can't rap. his official position is dance but he's cringe at that too so kek

No. 52261

>>52258 no and they're having a comeback soon before enlistments start. I really wonder if yg can cope off of bp and akmu (they're charting well apparently) once winner enlists

No. 52262


YG may not exist by then, they had a crisis meeting a couple of days ago kek

No. 52263


Wonder what post-idol careers BTS members will have if they ever need them, or if they'll still be carting their Botoxed faces out to sing No More Dream at age 40 Lmao

No. 52265

Catch Ratmon on Signhere a la Jongup. That or he’ll use his English skills to worm his way into 88rising and/or try to hang with the annoying Asian American rap scene.

Suga is gonna be Bang PD 2.0, weight and all, for MAYBE non idol musicians at best, nugu idol groups at worse.

I don’t know about the others but there’s always variety shows, dramas, OSTs…

I feel like enlistment is gonna be the nail in the coffin.

No. 52268

File: 1569455361445.jpg (26.89 KB, 574x534, images.jpeg.jpg)

Lmao anon. I found this, now that you see it they kinda resemble each other (barf).

No. 52269

Lol that fits so well

No. 52271

What does mingyu, the8, and dk have against bts? I always thought they were friends.

No. 52273

How the hell do you say the8? Fucking kpop names.

No. 52274

"theeee 8" but now one calls him that. they just call him minghao

No. 52278


UP10TION stands for Unbelievable Perfect 10 members Teenagers Idol Open Now

No. 52279

Are you freakin serious?

No. 52280

>>52268 IMHO Jimin most resembles Jeongyeon. Maybe why she hates the sight of him.

No. 52281


Yup no surprise they kinda flopped. Teenagers Open Now kek

No. 52282

File: 1569458954895.png (52.26 KB, 657x393, kpop_critical.png)

No. 52283

he looks like a wax figure that's just been cleaned holy shit

No. 52285

>dirty whore
Damn this scandal really brought the femcels to the thread, didn't it?

No. 52286

Women always assume that men are extremely promiscuous, doubt it’s always the case though.

No. 52287

Why do they do this? I'm seriously asking. They do this for group names, fandom names, catchphrases, album titles & more. Why does everything have to be a long complicated acronym? It's not like bands in primarily English-language countries/markets all do this, so there's nothing for kpop to try to "fit in" to or whatever. Just WHY.

No. 52288

Most men are promiscuous, cuck. Especially celebs. Your oppar prolly has gonorrhea.

No. 52289

If I’m a woman who adores JK to the point where I’d think he’s pure, how can I be a cuck? I thought only men could be cucks lol

No. 52290

Youre a cuck AND a fuckin idiot

No. 52291

Ok you clearly don’t know what cuck means. That’s fine, a few hours on the incel forum and you’ll learn

No. 52292

Learn how to sage newfags

No. 52293

File: 1569462440851.jpg (53.87 KB, 971x565, 1569065635820.jpg)

Admin was right about kpopfags

No. 52294

lmao jennie loves herself too much to date jimin

No. 52295

It's beyond clear now that these threads were a mistake.

No. 52299

The bullshit I have to endure thru Twitter has me convinced an abundance of kpop fans are virgins. Especially the ones obsessed with gay shipping & assigning people a top/switch/etc. role. Then there’s the “kpop imagines” from tumblr that are so terribly inaccurate and cringe inducing. I’m like… y’all know sex doesn’t actually work that way right?

I know a girl woman who is 33 and ships real people, writing fanfiction and all. She thinks it’s not creepy because she’s convinced they’re really dating. She has a jimin avi on all her shit. When I found out she was a virgin I was like oooooh it all makes sense now.

No. 52300

Out of curiosity, how does she look like?

No. 52304


So that fandoms like Adorable Representative MC for Youth sound like proper Kpopfags

No. 52305

To be fair it he threads more fun when there’s actual lolcows versus stan arguments

No. 52306

File: 1569465888405.jpg (39.1 KB, 640x360, tumblr_c90bf11310b7484d719cbbe…)

when i think of incels i genuinely only think of shindong tbh
like hes fucking disgusting he looks like he just constantly sweats and smells like shit and boiled meat and hes a proven asshole whos said borderline incel sounding things

unfortunately even he probably gets sex
i bet you he has fangirls that made up some retarded name for him like teddy oppa or some shit

we already know they send him stuff with pigs on it kek

No. 52307

File: 1569466150308.jpg (52.64 KB, 500x338, ZbrPn.jpg)


Lmao Teddy Oppa exists, he dates Jennie and Han Yeseul

No. 52308

>unfortunately even he probably gets sex
If by that you mean he pays for pussy then yeah

No. 52309

he also probably has fans that would fuck him
he has fancafes and there are girls that spend a lot of money to get his photocards and stuff too

can you imagine him being your crush though out of all the possible korean celebrities
kek what a world

No. 52310

That's a nemu tier kpop bias

No. 52312

also i remember shindong once said he had a gf and she was obsessed with g dragon and it made him mad because she had his picture all over everything including her phone

IF hes telling the truth i wouldnt be surprised at all of some girl using him to try to get to gdragon

No. 52313

doesnt have to pander to anyone because winner has no fans, yg gave up on them after 2016

No. 52314

winner has a lot of fans in korea. also mino would have no career if yg didn't turn him into a gdragon skinwalker. i'd say he's definitely pandering to gdragon fans.

No. 52323

tbf ikon bi was also positioned as the next gd and hadn't achieved the same success. however during win days they probably couldn't have known as mino hadn't yet come into his own. which is prob why he was considered on the same level as seunghoon

No. 52324

He looks like he would post on incel forums

No. 52325

File: 1569474934861.jpeg (10.03 KB, 236x294, images (48).jpeg)

I'm mostly disgusted by his selfies. He thought he could pass as a chad by using filters kek.

No. 52328

Hasn't it been a month already since sperm's 1st teaser? They keep releasing it as if it will be the next huge thing. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if they flop? (I'm sure they will).

No. 52329

Jungkook looks like he smells like a nasty eating eggs all week wet fart

No. 52330

Yg is already not making any profit, winner enlisting wont make a difference. Short term wise, their only hope is GD releasing a hit.

No. 52331

ikon bi has no visuals whatsoever, ppl only cared about him when he was kicked out. mino is a clone of gd down to the chin implant, companies can only rely on clones of their original moneymakers

No. 52332

they will be broadcasting it on american tv and they definitely will have paid to be on the same late night shows bts did just to get bighit to freak, if the song is rlly bad its gonna be so embarrassing to all of kpop considering how much they will be promoting them in america. theyre even doing the outdoor concert in la

No. 52334

File: 1569478477306.jpeg (98.35 KB, 748x1024, EFU9wc7UUAEO5Oz.jpeg)

On top of that Lee Soo Man has now announced they will be collabing with Marvel.

Wtf… SM always manages to get these huge deals… Star Wars, netflix and now Marvel.

No. 52335

File: 1569480185967.jpeg (141.44 KB, 750x729, 3896EF21-58B0-47B8-AB78-F0161F…)

yes i’m sure the american audience will be wowed their ”jopping smp” lmao

No. 52336

Apparently part of the lyrics to the song is "we're jumping and popping, we're jopping" so… I have very low expectations. And no song called "super car" can be good. They better make the other 3 count.

No. 52337

this will flop horribly.
taemin and baekhyun will have to carry the entire group. i can see why shinee and exofags would be offended tbh

No. 52338

>capture the story of marvel
>wErE jOpPiNg
it's all so fucking stupid. I can't wait.

No. 52341

Blinks really think being 99lbs @ 5’6 is normal lol

No. 52344


Comicfags gonna froth at how Marvel sold its soul to Kpop. Nothing is sacred anymore, next Kpop will collab with Swiss yodelling.

No. 52345

so sm’s idea of breaking into the western market is a group whose name resembles sperm and a song calling jopping . jesus christ

No. 52348

sm probably has a deal with disney (sm rookies keep appearing on disney channel).

i want superm to be successful enough that they can beat bts and get armys mad, but also end up flopping too cause this is a retarded idea

No. 52350

Apparently Super Car is the song being played in this teaser >>52328 and in Mark's teaser which was posted before. I think it sounds fine so far, just the name is unfortunate.

No. 52351

File: 1569496878377.jpg (180.29 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20190926_131812.jpg)

>jopping is a song under the electric pop genre with a magnificent bass sound and energetic vocals

yep… sure doesnt sound like run of the mill kpop /s

No. 52353

lol it’s so obvious they’re just trying to promote nct

No. 52355

I’m a shineefag and I can’t even make it thru the teasers tbh.

No. 52356

File: 1569503789690.jpg (72.09 KB, 768x1188, unnamed74.jpg)

Twice's new song isn't charting well. I guess it's only a few comeback away from disbandment/their death kek. With mina leaving the group it will be like snsd post-jessica (not that that one member is important tho).

No. 52357

File: 1569504190723.gif (2 MB, 480x342, giphy.gif)

>Member SooJin stood out during her part especially with her incredible and sexy facial expression.

>Viewers who had seen it were shocked and amazed by how she was able to manage such expression. They left many comments online saying that she is incredible and really sexy. Others also jokingly asked her to marry them and mentioned how she is truly capable of getting the viewers’ attention on stage.

Lmao this girl scares me

No. 52359

okay but do any of y’all think that superm will be able to surpass bts’ level of fame in america. i really don’t think it’s likely.

No. 52360

the fuck? no. sm tried it with nct last winter with regular and they basically got laughed out of america

No. 52361

>sm wants to be succesful in america

thats literally the most retarded thing ive ever heard

No. 52363

isn't she considered one of the least pretty members? good for her that she's getting positive attention ig

No. 52364

her facial expressions are too much, but her and soyeon are the only ones with any stage presence so it makes sense.

No. 52365

you never know what could happen. the fact that bts blew up in the first place is a miracle for kpop. sm has the money to make superm successful, but with a title like jopping it's not looking good.

No. 52366


Anon's joke about park bom looking like a used up sex doll in the last thread turned up to be true kek

>Park Bom fans are outraged at the moment after discovering a news article where it compares Park Bom to a sex doll.

>South Korea is already having a number of people voicing their opposition of legalizing the importing of sex dolls in to the country.

No. 52369

Out of top 10 in just a couple hours? That's actually an all-time low for them kek, even garbage like kill this love and zimzalabim hung on for a few days

No. 52370

Honestly that's fucked up. She clearly always struggled with mental health and YG pretty much ruined her life (and face). It's one thing to make jokes on an anonymous forum, but a whole article?
If she's gonna kill herself everyone will pretend they always loved her

No. 52371

Seems like ballads are doing really well on korean charts and nobody can get that number 1 spot. There's lots of rumoured comebacks this october like bts, exo, superm, red velvet, lots of nugus, and it's only gonna take a ballad from IU who's also coming back in october to destroy them all. If not even twice can't get it, I doubt others will

No. 52375

File: 1569508150531.jpg (97.4 KB, 1024x1024, Subpost 7 - My queens _black_h…)

No. 52376

File: 1569508187035.jpg (121.57 KB, 549x1080, IMG_20190926_160901_924.jpg)

No. 52378

the general kpop and variety watching public is….something else

it borders on infantile honestly
like they've never seen basic human activities or something its so strange

No. 52379

File: 1569509930818.jpg (27.09 KB, 518x450, images.jpeg.jpg)

Damn she looks like drunk sulli so much

No. 52382

she looks like jimincel in the left one jesus

No. 52383

I'm not surprised but seriously Bom reeks of mental instability on this show. She just seems depressed and insecure all the time. I feel like even if this show was enough to give her a major popularity boost, which it probably isn't, she wouldn't be able to handle that much attention.

No. 52387

Geez that was fast. What's with the rush? Most of the public has been barely aware of them and they're already coming out with a single AND an album only a few days after that? Don't they wanna build hype or get people waiting a bit longer to promote a bit more? Ppl weren't lying when they said this group was a mistake lol. They're already really sloppy

No. 52388

Samefag but….electric pop? I think they meant to say electronic lmao. They would've gotten away with it if they hadn't put the unnecessary "under the electric pop genre" because that's not a thing. This is already a shitshow, I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next

No. 52390

I know we've discussed Rosé's grating voice ad nauseam here, but I can't remember anyone bringing up vid related — I was so surprised hearing it. I was aware she fakes her speaking voice after her live slip-up, but I didn't realize how much of her goat-bleating has to do with the strain of trying to make her singing sound ~kawaii~ too

YG really ended up fucking himself over in the long-term by designing a whole-ass backdrop of a girl group for his future-second-wife (Jennie). The novelty has worn off and the mask is slipping. It at least could have been a project with longevity if they'd played it smartly, but instead, it stays stuck in the same EDM rut like it's forever 2016. Blackpink bleeding out

No. 52392

No. 52394

No. 52395

ngl i have been wondering when a kpop artist will contribute to the soundtrack of a (hollywood) movie… i could see blackpink doing like bird of prey or something

No. 52397

The worst part is predebut her voice actually sounded really nice. I know this song is super autotuned, but her voice actually sounded normal and pretty compared to the uwu anime high pitched voice. YG is ruining her naturally decent voice by making her sing that way.

No. 52398

>>52379 Why does Sulli aspire to look like a saggy-titted drunk old auntie in her 20s?

No. 52400

Both songs are major ear ache

No. 52402

I do think that YG pushes her to sing that way just like how he did with Bom, but Rose seems to really enjoy the indie girl shtick

No. 52403

she actually covered a halsey song so maybe she is a fan of that kind of singing

No. 52406

capital records funding the dollars but a very Korean (or just Kpop?) style of promotion/management. I know the point of crossing over is to promote…Kpop culture or whatever but if you wanna make it in this side, you need to bend halfway to how things are done here.
I can't imagine 1D or Jonas Brothers having 5 million teaser pics and multiple albums covers…like useless items that does nothing for public interest.

No. 52409

it’s 2019 and people still think charts matter

No. 52410

So are we just not gonna sage early on in the thread now or…?

Anywho Roseanne’s enunciation in that Halsey cover is shit. Idk if it’s because she’s struggling with the baby voice shit or it’s that drunk Australian accent or what. I know the girl speaks English so it’s not that. She’s got that Ariana Grande factor where I can’t tell what the hell she is saying.

No. 52411

File: 1569524662423.jpg (82.1 KB, 636x421, VAV-press-photo-2019-billboard…)

Opinions on VAV. Full name is cringe

No. 52412

He's so embarassing.

No. 52413

stop bitching about saging. it shits up the thread and it’s pointless because this thread is the fastest updating on /m/


No. 52414

idg why they made wendy go on that juice diet and be a skelly all of red flavor era yet let this fat fuck go

No. 52417

The Edward Avila Collabs are funny imo

No. 52418

literally who

No. 52419

I deadass had never heard of these guys until this year when I met a girl with a tattoo of album art from either them or one of their members side projects. She was wearing a witch hat in public in July so that should give a frame of reference. Their name is the quintessential kpop nonsense acronym their company thought could be a cool logo. They sure like that Latin American demo it looks like…

No. 52420

Seriously. Why is he allowed to be overweight and all these other idols in SM have to/ or had to go on some dangerous ass diet eating basically nothing.

No. 52421

>VAV actually stands for Very Awesome Voice

Jesus christ…

No. 52422

File: 1569527537929.jpg (10.83 KB, 275x275, 1531480777972.jpg)

No. 52423

>They sure like that Latin American demo it looks like…
I’m Hispanic but not in Latin America and I don’t get how some artists pop off with Latin America.

No. 52425

Anon you actually have me thinking now. I always found kdramas cringe because telenovelas are cringe and they’re too similar for my taste. So Kpop makes perfect sense for Latin America. Not to mention Spanish pronunciation is probably worlds easier for Korean speakers.

But Jesus Christ a guy looking like this trying to call me mami would send me into early menopause.

No. 52426

Well, shindong DID mention this before to a girl: If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can't you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, 'Look who's talking,' but I would reply, 'I'm a boy and you're a girl.'" That fat fuck probably wouldnt give a shit about what people say about his weight because of the mindset he has

No. 52427

I actually had the chance to meet them this year. I only got bad vibes from the blond one. Seemed like he was full of himself.

No. 52428

Lol u mad cuz my boi eddie has kpop friends

No. 52430

Is edward avila posting about himself in here or something

No. 52431

What's up with Momo's mouth? She always has her mouth open, is it physically impossible for her to keep her lips together? Serious question.

No. 52432

Why would spanish be easier tho. It sounds nothing alike. Plus, they already have a bunch of english words incorporated into their language and konglish
It's probably just cause reggaeton got popular again, nothing deep about it

No. 52434

Korean has 28 phonemes. Spanish has 24, English 44. There’s more Spanish music outside of reggaeton and not every Hispanic or Latino likes reggaeton. Besides, I’m specifically talking about doing songs in Spanish the way groups do Japanese. You don’t need to know grammar to phonetically memorize something.

No. 52436

File: 1569532083871.jpeg (106.86 KB, 1280x720, 59F98C19-C585-4948-BB8B-A153E4…)

No. 52437

File: 1569532242567.gif (3.04 MB, 702x386, Jun-20-2018-12-50-19.gif)

why is this botched self hating seafag so popular on here

No. 52438

File: 1569532446106.gif (505.42 KB, 589x640, FBDA564B-264F-4454-84AB-46B30E…)

He has his good moments

No. 52439

>one anon makes a joke
>omg why does everyone love this guy

This might be a little too much but he gives me rapist vibes. He for sure sexually harassed someone in his life

No. 52440

idk why but seafag sounds hilarious

No. 52441

File: 1569532626024.jpg (156.16 KB, 1000x1379, 1565080101-vu7hr9pclec11.jpg)

her lips look injected to me. Botox around her mouth could also make her have trouble closing them correctly

No. 52442

Maybe she's a mouth breather

No. 52443

imao ed av did make a video with that no name vav or whatvr, just to ship himself with them every time they so much as glanced at him for a second

No. 52444


he really is asian James charles

No. 52445

thanks for the nightmare fuel. what i don't get is what those irrelevant companies think they will accomplish by making their idols "collab" with this selfhating shitstain?

No. 52447

Which one, anon? There are two with blonde hair in that picture.

No. 52448

her veneers are too big for her mouth and she has terrible technique while singing so she has to keep her mouth open to get any air in
sm is sexist af. he actually needs a diet while wendy looked pretty average-weighted.
this is the critical thread buddy not the general one.

No. 52450

File: 1569534985115.png (1.57 MB, 800x1202, ff56e6c07013ea37edb77a22a99498…)

>>52447 Sorry about that anon. This is the one, his name is ayno.

No. 52451

File: 1569536277337.jpg (173.93 KB, 1080x1327, ec882c2dc6518a94d2bc5821706028…)

Is Lisa a transgender? I really can't see anything to tell me otherwise.

No. 52452

Doesnt take away the fact they are more exposed to english on a daily basis lol they're way more familiar w how english words are pronounced but mmkay
Don't think they're doing songs in spanish like they do with japanese either. The song you've provided as an example is sang 90% in english, like your average reggaeton packaged for an American audience. Yeah, i know there are more genres than reggaeton, but what all these groups with latino flavours are doing is basically reggaeton and tropical house, which is what is radio friendly in america.
Latam doesn't buy music , find it hard to believe they would be a target market. At best they're reaching for the mexican american cuban american etc demographic.

No. 52453

File: 1569536617175.jpg (131.03 KB, 929x1024, DZTBzJfX4AAzlTX.jpg)

god please don't be one of those parents who forces their daughter to troon out because she has the audacity to gasp have short hair. Also she looks nothing like a boy in her childhood photos.

No. 52454

you ever heard of tomboys

No. 52455

> her veneers are too big for her mouth and she has terrible technique while singing so she has to keep her mouth open to get any air in

Omg you just described taylor swift too

No. 52456

Don't know what he has to be full of himself for, seeing as he got cut from the Monsta X survival show and then had to join this mess

No. 52457

No one is even mentioning short hair. Her overall proportions are sus.

No. 52458

Reading is hard

No. 52460

… what were they doing to that baby’s hair? Why is her part so wide?

No. 52461

there are women with wide shoulders and small hips…. plus she was 12-15 in that photo, no skinny 12 year old is gonna have curves. have you ever heard of inverted traingle bodies?

No. 52463

this made me like lisa a little more

No. 52464

I really hope this is just a dumb joke about her being Thai and not you genuinely not knowing what preteen girls look like.

No. 52465

Oh my god the delusional people in the comments trying to convince themselves that they like him. I bet his group mates hate his fat ass. If he was a female idol he would get crucified.

No. 52466

I can't believe people still claim her nose is natural

No. 52467


To outcringe Jopping, Jhope n Becky G are releasing a track called Chicken Noodle Soup.

Thought it waa a Twitter meme but no it seems the name has to sound like an Asian slur kek

No. 52468

She looks like an Amber fan

No. 52470

Didn't he call kyla fat and blamed her for being "overweight". Also he got booed at kcon new york

No. 52471

“YoU Kids Can’T hAnDLE tHE TrUTH”

No. 52472

Did he really get booed at kcon? Wasn't there a performance or something?

No. 52474

wtf way too many allkpop/onehallyu/twitter stan fags who only come here to shit on groups they hate instead of criticising the industry as a whole. at least look up how imageboards work before posting anything bc i’m tired of you clogging up the thread with autistic sperging

No. 52475

she was just one of those koreaboos who dressed up like an exo member

No. 52476

blackpink was briefly featured in justice league

No. 52479

damn sm really fucked her over with this hairstyle. the short bangs were cute on seulgi, but they don't suit joy at all.

No. 52481

This song has been brought up many times before

No. 52482

They usually do songs for disney movies, but it's only for the korean version

No. 52483

File: 1569547254933.jpeg (151.69 KB, 624x845, CBA50F0B-9C10-454C-8E97-BD31FE…)


No. 52486

File: 1569547920080.jpg (27.7 KB, 560x293, f24b50a7-0d03-40ee-b175-0c93b0…)

her fake teeth look so gross. people love to hate on wendy and yeri but joy is the biggest try hard of them all. pic related sums up her ''acting skills''

No. 52488

File: 1569548917571.png (436.96 KB, 497x651, kpoppurg.png)

It's always bothered me how fat & disgusting other ppl in Korean entertainment are, w/ literally no consequences. Yeah I get idols have to be perfect, theyre held to impossible beauty standards blah blah blah i dont care, it's annoying as hell that those two ugly fat asses host that one variety show on the creepy plain white set (never understood that btw, they look bizarre w/ zero frame of reference, just like family guy floating in purgatory)

That one comedy host/MC woman who had a dating rumor w/ BTS Jin – also fat & ugly as hell & NOT funny. Also very ugly hosts & staff for SNL Korea & the Produce type shows. YG the guy is ugly as sin, Lee Sooman is ugly as sin, and Bang PD is a full assault on my eyeballs. Yeah i get it, they're not performers – but we still have to see them on TV, in awards shows, reality shows, all of it.

JYP (the guy) is not bad, but if anyone in korean media needs a forehead implant, it's HIM, not poor little teenage Yeri or Jisoo (& i don't even like yeri or jisoo so this is saying a lot). YEAH I GET HE'S NOT AN IDOL but it's still annoying bc these guys have all the time & money in the world, they could get all kinds of surgery, personal trainers etc instead they just let themselves go & make a living telling underage girls it's totally normal & expected to be anesthetized so some shady corrupt industry surgeon can cut into their eyelids or mouth corners, then literally remove full chunks of jaw bone. Kpop is wild.

No. 52490

you need help if korean entertainment has rotted your brain to the point seeing average people on tv makes you uncomfortable

No. 52491

this. anon just went full retard.

No. 52492

Jesus fuck anon at that point why not just have everyone in the country get ps then. I hate to break it to you but thats just what normal people look like. Sorry there are some rich people who are content with their appearance

No. 52493

i think it's a no brainer why comedians are ugly, but those weekly idol guys say and do a lot of shit that they shouldn't get away with. i remember a long time ago seeing this episode where they measured the members of secret waists and thinking it was fucked up.

No. 52494

File: 1569550191852.jpg (394.38 KB, 1501x2250, maobprdrgl301.jpg)

what did she do to her face? she was cute during tt era

No. 52495

That's not the point. I'm agreeing w/ at least 10 anons upthread saying the same thing, you're just reaching for any reason to disagree. Mostly based on semantics. Boring evening for you huh?

Re. Joy & Momo veneers, does Jin have the same thing? His teeth don't seem too big but i think he is actually physically unable to close his mouth

No. 52496

Careful, the nayeonfags from the last thread are gonna lose their shit & drag this thread even lower than the pathetic state it's in now

No. 52497

You seriously need to curb your autism. Of fucking course you were one of the ones sperging about nayeonfags.

No. 52498

i feel you are being too harsh honestly, but i think theres a correlation with fat people in comedy
and most korean mc are comedians so idk
its like that in the usa too or at least used to be, a lot of fat comedians etc
people think fat people are funnier a lot of times

No. 52502

He's disgusting. And you bet your ass he is snide af about not havint to diet, meanwhile female idols are fainting from starvation.

No. 52503

Same. This new shit is beyond cringe. And 'Jopping'? lordy, no

No. 52505

My bad then, I've lurked since thread #1 too. Must have missed it. I still think the point stands that Blackpink is a product of laughable shortsightedness

No. 52506

All I can see are her fucked up nostrils here

No. 52508

Lisa is a very convincing trans if true lol

No. 52510

I don't see why ppl think she "changed her voice." The Gdragon song melody is in her lower range so she has that low round smooth sound, it's richer bc she's not straining, therefore no goat bleating. I don't think shes forcing a Halsey/indie sound, i think her voice is just bad in her higher range? Can you explain? Like minnie from g idle def does this (look up her Sara Bareilles cover), but not Rose, am i just deaf? and i dont think YG is "forcing" her, i mean Bom was always a bad singer, her technique is terrible & she strains like crazy, she has no endurance in live performance. Look up her predebut vids, she always sucked. why would YG want rose to emulate his most notoriously weak and inconsistent "girl crush group" main vocal? & im being serious here. i wanna ask this on reddit but i know i cant.

No. 52511

File: 1569556172239.jpg (68.85 KB, 550x550, UL0A7ej.jpg)

This is still funny to me

No. 52513

They look like bad wax statues of themselves

No. 52515


even if there's no comparison picture you can just TELL they're all extremely short kek. jungkook looks like he wants to off himself here

No. 52516

I would die if mina left twice and then told the press they had been bullying her the entire time. Realistically, there's 9 of them and they probably don't all get along. They always seem so fake hugging and complimenting each other and shit.

No. 52518


they need to quit with the english "i feer spershal" sounds like someone with downsyndrome

these outfits are awful. unflattering, dated, trashy

No. 52519


i would take a thousand pedobait concepts if it means i never have to see them in cheap, gross outfits like this ever again

they make "fancy" concepts look dollar store, it's godawful

No. 52520

File: 1569565670188.jpg (917.85 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190927-132733_Sam…)

Cant help but cringe at how fake top's current teeth are

No. 52521

File: 1569565879583.jpeg (518.3 KB, 2816x2112, FBEDC49B-4911-4AB8-BD6D-3E9250…)

No. 52522

Oh god that's why you don't put full veneers on your bottom teeth

No. 52523

File: 1569566245627.jpg (32.52 KB, 560x315, images.jpeg.jpg)

Couldn't say it any better. You forgot to mention bang pd though. I swear dude gets away with everything. He gets praised for losing very small amount of weight while literally every kpop idol gets shit on for having normal fats.

No. 52524

File: 1569567001754.jpg (76.06 KB, 600x963, unnamed81.jpg)

Right on point kek

>So TWICE‘s recent outfits didn’t really seem to be receiving much love from netizens as they felt they were much too opposite of what the girl group usually wears and didn’t represent their usual characteristics.

>One netizen even hilariously asked if the stylist just happened to pick out outfits from JYP Entertainment’s founder Park JinYoung’s closet.

>While the concept was supposed to be a sexy concept, netizens have all been agreeing that TWICE’s concept doesn’t really suit the sexy concept and that the outfits were just too bizarre.

No. 52525

File: 1569567146712.jpeg (130.58 KB, 640x853, E49401C8-DCC2-4091-9D8C-69F3AC…)

I never watch live performances of girl groups and this reminded me of why.

In other disappointing news, did anyone catch this yet? Idk why their fans keep pushing them to be popular out west when BTS is apathetic if not completely disdainful of coming out this way. I’m over it.

No. 52526

their outfits look so cheap. the ones they wore for fancy looked cheap too. twice is the top girl group right now and they can't even get decent quality outfits? jyp milks them for cash 24/7 and he can't pay for some designer shit like other idols get? twice still feel like rookies even though they've been around for 4 years because jyp refuses to let them evolve. they just went from years of pedobait to a trashy sexy concept like it's no big deal.

No. 52528

File: 1569567528237.jpg (417.12 KB, 2048x2048, Wjnn9sj.jpg)

Made with MS Paint

No. 52529

File: 1569568479218.jpeg (136.55 KB, 750x793, A01AFF0D-545E-4343-9875-6CC98F…)

Fan speculation aside, when I heard the name my first thought was being taken back to 2006 and that song. I even wondered if it was going to be a cover. It would honestly be less stupid that way.

No. 52530


Armies are trying to push for a Grammy win so they get army exemption.

No. 52531

Seen a lot of armys desperately trying to defend the ethnic hip concept since they're always the first to screech about it when someone else does it. I feel like the fall of bts has begun.

No. 52533

File: 1569569938198.jpeg (368.57 KB, 1125x1787, CCB69D5B-94BC-4305-BF6F-00693E…)

The fact ratmys are brushing it off as a cute song to dance to when it’s about Harlem oppression… lol there’s a lot of things wrong in this collab

Why couldn’t they just stick to something mixing both of their cultures??

No. 52534

everything these guys do is so tone deaf.
> Why couldn’t they just stick to something mixing both of their cultures??
Mte. So many other opportunities they could have taken.

No. 52535

Damn. Yoongi is unrecognizable, thought he was some random junior they were meeting.

No. 52536

'Sexy' lol. Their management can't seem to decide between cute and… kid-friendly sexy? A mess…

Even the song doesn't exactly sound 'sexy'. This whole concept change to slightly more mature is basically Twice not sounding toddler-friendly anymore tbh.

No. 52538


They’re even aware of censoring themselves of the fact it’s not that cute of a song when they pick of ALL definitions on urban dictionary the one not mentioning the message behind the song LOL the delusion to protect their faves

No. 52539

I’m not disagreeing with you but there’s only one definition on the first page that mentions drugs. So while they’re definitely ignoring it, it’s not that hard for them to ignore it. Most of the definitions are about the dance and the bottom one is just unabashed racism. Drugs are the ultimate taboo in Korea tho so this shit is about to be interesting as hell. I’ll get the popcorn popper.

No. 52540

bts are a bunch of manlets

No. 52541

yeah it's been a bad month for them. scandal after scandal after scandal + there's still the controversial saudi arabia concert coming up

No. 52542

they are weirdos, they can barely hide their excitement when they have female idols on for a dancing segment

No. 52543

i will never understand why people are invested in the dynamics of big groups. like do people really think all 22 members of nct or the 12 loona girls like each other

No. 52544

File: 1569571873001.jpg (257.58 KB, 948x1200, EFc_7zSVUAEiXKo.jpg)

he's trying it with the hair

No. 52545

File: 1569572024092.png (232.55 KB, 586x519, Capture d’écran 2019-09-27 à…)

Like father, like son

No. 52546

No. 52547

Especially a bad look when SM's preparing a concert to fight poverty (doing sth right for once)

They could have done anything to not shatter their sjw image that makes them bread but nope

No. 52548

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1iO3pDbfnM did anyone see their speech at the grammys where they were tasked with presenting an award to someone else but rm decided to take the opportunity to pontificate about how they had always dreamed of being at the grammys all the way back in korea and that they'd be back lol

No. 52549

Bang pd can afford to lipo every inch of his body so what's his excuse? lol watch him audition for new/future bighit girl group and tell girls they have a "fridge waist"
Can't wait for the milk from those auditions and trainees tbh.

No. 52550

people forget he worked closely with jyp (and prob still does) as well as the fact he overworks the bts members. there is no way he's a good person

No. 52551


I feel sorry for that girl lmao imagine squirming under 100kg

No. 52552

File: 1569573879704.png (264.57 KB, 590x610, Capture d’écran 2019-09-27 à…)

No. 52553

File: 1569574159944.jpeg (140.39 KB, 749x1000, 9AF7AC5E-FA8F-4D72-8311-C14A17…)

They’re insane, imagine this being the best moment of your life

No. 52554

i wonder if they really do lack cultural sensitivity despite being called out numerous times or this is just an attempt to drum up attention

No. 52555

It's one of those collabs that didnt need an MV

No. 52556

im done with bts and their collabs, come on, how hard is it to release the type of music you were releasing in 2014-2016..

No. 52557

File: 1569576131197.png (440.98 KB, 1031x457, Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 10.20…)

j hope not a manlet confirmed
why is it that bts choose to collab with total c listers like becky g and zara larsson don't they realise how desperate it makes them look

No. 52558

you know bighit had to put that bts logo somewhere for no reasonlol

No. 52559

i dont get why rapline get so many solo activities. they're the least popular yet they're the ones who are getting to do collabs.

No. 52560

their vocalists cant perform on their own for shit

No. 52561


Because none of the vocalists other than Jungkook can sing live stably for 3 minutes and JK is busy cutting and tattooing.

No. 52562

also the rapline's involvement in their music is greatly exaggerated but i feel like they are the only ones who seem to care about creating music

No. 52563

https://twitter.com/doyou_bangtan/status/1177503841094225921?s=20 a big account threw this tweet 10 min before the MV drops and you can see some in the replies are mad MAD lol good on this ratmy account. Finally someone with braincells.

No. 52564

File: 1569576874857.png (300.58 KB, 841x426, Capture d’écran 2019-09-27 à…)

P-Please say sike…

No. 52565

>>52561 If Bighit was smart they'd debut Jungkook as a solo and develop his skills more before Jin enlists because he has Rain's potential to be the top male artist and has to bring in the income once BTs group activities go on hiatus.

No. 52566

what does this even mean

No. 52567

He's from the hood

No. 52568

i like how he completely breaks his persona when the rest of bts isn't around

No. 52569

No. 52570

that he grew in a poverty?? but harlem isn't all about poverty and is a product of racism so

yeah it doesn't exist in sk

No. 52571

it's not even like people are actually invested in ot7 they're just pretending to be so they fit in with others in the fandom. if they keep insisting on ot7 i think it will be their downfall. moreover the ot7 thing hurts jk the most not only as the one with the most solo potential but it seems like he has a lot of issues with having grown up an idol (mentioned on burn the stage and his ep of let's eat dinner together) which fans dismiss as uwu bangtan's son bangtan raised him!!! i can't imagine how resentful he would feel of them if he had to enlist with them too in what could be the prime of his career

No. 52573

Being a successful soloist is about more than just being popular, attractive & singing well. It's about power, identity, having a solid concept/message, solid brand. None of the bts vocal line have this. That's not even a criticism, it just is what it is. I don't even think RM can truly hack it solo, I think only JH & Suga have solid solo potential. Somi's recent solo flop rly illustrates this. Like imagine Twice or GF or RV breaking up for solo projects, it just doesnt work. Maybe Jihyo, maybe Seulgi, bc of their fan bases. but even those are iffy bc they just dont have that x factor, or star power. Yuju & Wendy can do OSTs, some others will flop at acting/modeling, & the rest will fade away.

No. 52577


jungkook has an identity , he's gonna be a successful soloist of the eboy variety kek

No. 52578


They look like Mattel dolls.

What the hell happened to suga? He was pretty cute and now he looks like…whatever that is

No. 52579


Not seeing Suga's solo potential. Jhope isnt a good rapper per se even his Chicken Noodle Soup collab isnt original and he relies on dance.

No. 52580

even if Suga can't go solo he has some pretty great collab as a producer tho. He's not the best but he def has potential to be a decent producer.

No. 52581

They look like kids that were brought back by their moms to apologize for something bad they did

No. 52582

File: 1569580747779.png (3.24 MB, 1512x1080, 0F028095-8954-4DF4-AD99-79B623…)

i wonder if the any of the twice members are resentful towards mina because she both got center position in the album cover & the mv + probably got the third most lines and still gets to sit out

speaking of mina, what ps do you guys think she got?

No. 52584

I don’t think they feel any sort of way especially since she actually got the least lines? Her “center position” was only for the ohotobook/teaser photos. Nayeon still hogged the spotlight and the lines.

No. 52585

why even become an idol if you don't like the attention or leaving your house

No. 52586

P.nation. where all the artists are flops.

No. 52587

>>52586 Why is Edawn sitting on Psy's like that

No. 52588


you took the words right out my mouth

No. 52590

It's taken from 2006 American song of the same name. please don't be this dumb

No. 52591

i liked spring day, everything they released since then has been just them trying to catch up with whatever the mainstream sound is.

No. 52592

they probably stuck her in the middle because they knew that would get more buzz on social media. I'm sure jyp considers her dead weight at this point but is happy to use her for extra publicity for a bit before they fire her.

No. 52593

This sounds like such a flop but I bet armies are going to pretend they like it for a few weeks or whatever till the hype dies down and then forget about it.

No. 52594

its already #1 on US iTunes, as well as in 31 other countries apparently

No. 52595

this isn’t particularly shocking considering we’ve got preteens the third world over juggling 43 tabs at once for their oppas

No. 52597


JK's tattoo still can be seen according to Armies zooming in on 10 pixels

No. 52598

Why is she dead weight? Just because she had a mental breakdown?
This is why so many idols have depressions and some kill themselves, because they are judged on basic human emotions.
Like none of you have never had a breakdown.

No. 52600

File: 1569586302973.jpeg (19 KB, 360x360, EFd_nu0UwAAQMen.jpeg)

jk looks so homeless lmao

No. 52601

Literally tackier than a $20 Princess Jasmine costume from Wal-Mart. And did you see their BLACK safety shorts? Against all that pastel cellophane? I mean…

Dying to know why Twice MVs are so cheap, aren't they a top selling girl group of the last few yrs? Does JYPE just figure they're so popular fans will watch anything w/ cheap sets/wardrobe & garbage CGI? Stray Kids MVs are always so polished.

Re. Mina, not wk'ing but I do believe it's anxiety/panic, tho could be connected to other issues, physical or mental (shes not cut out to be an idol, its ok, she should just get out) GF fans are still trying to figure out if Yuju was out last yr for ps too, but I don't see it (yet) .. plasticsurgeryfags, pls advise.

No. 52603

it's cheap because jyp wants to hoard as much money as possible. twice makes enough money to have expensive mb's and clothes and still bring home a big profit but jyp is too greedy.

No. 52604

This is male Luna tbh

No. 52605

Lmao Jhope flexing his #1 before SuperM drops their album.

No. 52606

He looks like a lesbian.

No. 52607

He looks like he wants to die. rofl

No. 52609

it’s a shame because they’d fit together perfectly, they both look like frogs and have rancid personalities

No. 52610

He’s gonna have to cut it soon for comeback anyway right?

No. 52611


Maybe Mina got bullied or harrassed for being Japanese. She looks natural.

No. 52612

Sana is as well

No. 52613

I never fucked with BTS like that but I always disliked jhope and jin the least because they seemed boring vs terrible in comparisons. So I’m almost sympathetic at this point. Like with the sheer number it has been brought up in regards to K-pop in general, no one considered a cultural consultant. And now this kid has a 50/50 chance of ending up with his career ruined. (Or at least a sharp decline) Let’s see if ratmies can salvage this alone.

No. 52614

>>52613 jhope is #1 on billboard kek

No. 52615

Which chart?

No. 52616

>chicken noodle soup remake
>doesn’t even collab w a black person
>gets “gel twists” trying to imitate braids
>calls a place in South Korea “his Harlem”
this is blackaboo activity and no one is going to call him out for it because he’s part of bts. gross

No. 52617

https://youtu.be/zaYqW9s9Aok shes trying so hard to be black kek her tan is ariana grande tier

No. 52618

File: 1569590982688.jpg (5.06 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

This is like the gayest thing ever. I can't believe some of you believe jungkooks is straight.(ban evading ratmy (again))

No. 52619

How many times are Jungkook stans going to repost these blurry LQ caps of… nothing happening, before you realise no-one cares about your ship?

No. 52620

Honestly nobody cares about his orientation.

No. 52621

Stop being so loud about your ship. We actually don’t care whether he fucks that tattooist or not. The fact is, he’s just not your uwu baby gay boy you love to fetishize and he got himself a shitty looking tattoo on the hand.

No. 52622

pretending to be touchy with your bandmate on a stage to appeal to your female audience is definitely the gayest thing ever.

No. 52623

File: 1569591632757.jpeg (525.39 KB, 1125x1847, 99E8F9C4-112A-4B49-96AD-0E2726…)

Ratmys thought stylists and bh were the ones deciding for Jhope but yeah nope lol he really is ignorant, even after all those CA incidents

No. 52624

Kek but also aww, let him have his five mins
Even he knows his stage name/persona are cringe, but wow at least he isn't responsible for sperm or jopping

No. 52625

when will taekookers/jikookeers or whatever learn that just because oppa does fanservice on stage doesnt mean hes gay, go away ratmy no one cares about your ships

No. 52626

cope. he's been openly fanboying over iu's boring ass since forever and i'm sure bighit wasn't bearding him when he was 13 and barely a part of the company

No. 52627

Jhope apparently confirmed they’ll have a concert in SA… l o l i wonder how it’ll backlash on them, since UNICEF isn’t saying anything at all about this.

No. 52628

Tickets are already sold, of course they’re going lol

No. 52629

I think he’s just admiring her, he probably prefers idols his age. But also who the fuck cares

No. 52630

File: 1569592026135.gif (1.51 MB, 308x192, ezgif-2-8e325cceffc0.gif)

Jungkooks coming out as gay bi/gay would not benifit anyone intact it would ruin bts career. Most jungkooks stans say jungkooks is straight though. He is very obviously tongueing his ear and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that.
I also find jimin to be repulsive looking so I don't get any satisfaction other than disgust(ban evading ratmy (again))

No. 52631

he looks disturbed, wth. was he punishing him?

No. 52632

I mean, they could probably cancel at last minute and refund but yeah, impossible since it’s a gov funded concert smh

They really are digging their own grave

No. 52633


No. 52634

Again, we don’t fuckin care?? Bi, gay, hetero, it doesn’t change they have to make some fanservice to show to their gay-obsessed straight fangirls. Why would he do that in front of those cameras? For fanservice, not out of love. In fact, it would ruin everything if he was outting himself like this. Use your brain.

No. 52635

Please fucking stop embarrassing yourself in here, fujo rat. You're pathetic.

No. 52636

Maybe it was a dare, let’s embarrass Jimin to death. he looks like he wants to cry

No. 52637

Do we rly have to talk about this again? It's all fan service. Even if an idol is gay you'll probably never hear about it bc lgbt/woke movement or whatever is not a thing in SK at least not yet. Your faves are ACTING. Kpop companies figured out that young female fans love implied gay/open relationships between males in kpop groups. theres all kinds of interesting research out there. It's especially for white/"western" fans bc skinship is not a thing in the U.S., Canada etc. It's unusual to see boys openly caring for each other, touching etc. They are assigned personalities & roles, they pretend to like each other, they are playing a part. Fan meet, acting. On stage, acting. Walking thru airports, acting. Once you accept it, its fascinating to see how they manipulate news, stories, fan interactions & the psychology of it all

The "ideal type" things are all scripted, or at least somewhat planned. Everyone picks something that will be safe for the average femcel fan. IU is a "safe" crush for JK to claim. He may not even like her at all, it's all just media play. A crush on Hyuna or a white celeb would be too controversial.

The "hot" one in Stray Kids (oxymoron?) is filmed being rather subdued, easy going, reading books but you know the guy was a dick in high school.
Yuri of SNSD once said her ideal type was a guy w/ monolids. I was like LOLLLL wow that's brilliant. Her basement dweller sped fans now feel a lil better about themselves. Get it? Jfc we shouldn't have to keep explaining this

No. 52641

fuck off fujo ratmy

No. 52642

wat??? but fujorat-chan said jikook is real anon xc u saw her gifs, tha proof is in tha pudding: they are BIG GAY! stop denying it!! they dont have any straight bons in their bodys

No. 52643

The “it was a stylist’s fault!” or “blame the location scout!” worked as an excuse for RM’s nazi hat scandal and the holocaust memorial photoshoot because they were nugus in 2013 but armys are so hung up on their underdog mentality that they refuse to admit that BTS have almost full control over their creative decisions nowadays including their styling. They brag about how BTS has made it big but refuse to admit that making it big also means they have to take responsibility for their own actions because they’re obviously not being 100% controlled by bighit anymore. This same thing happened with Bigbang/GD several years ago, it’s getting exhausting.

No. 52644

Ugh, this thread is embarrassing. I wish the onehallyu and twitter fags would fuck off.

No. 52645

I’ll never understand how naive kpop stans are. It’s so obvious, yet they fall for fanservice every single time. And even when they’re just looking at each other they’d find some way to ‘gayify’ it. It’s crazy how much they fetishize the possibility each member is gay for another… i suppose it’s bc they’d rather see them always together and be gay for each other than letting a girlie fuck them.

No. 52646

File: 1569594446967.jpeg (188.82 KB, 750x399, 499C9D0A-552B-46E3-992D-78B0CC…)


they’ve got their heads so far up their faves’ asses it’s a wonder they can breathe

No. 52648


was it the tattoo girls' plan to turn him into an ugly transitioning lesbian like herself to repel other women

No. 52649

File: 1569595906309.jpg (157.23 KB, 350x450, w2KfITK.jpg)

JK's poem for "Summer' during their summer package was actually a poem about the hot sex he had with Tattooer Rennis OMG lmao

No. 52650

Fine theory but they filmed this one at the beginning of summer. Cheesy as hell btw

No. 52651

Some idols do EXACTLY what JHope did; use black culture as an accessory. Even if he loves black culture he’s still really ignorant. And as their stans they should be vocal about how his verse kinda clown the original song and how his ‘noodled hair’ isn’t fooling anyone, it’s still trying to imitate braids.

No. 52653

He got the ~afro texture~ perm that Koreans do to mimic black hair too. I saw it a lot of Korean e boys in Seoul.

No. 52654

his voice is so bland and uninteresting i don't understand how anyone can listening to a whole song by him without getting bored

No. 52655

>>52649 "Still….hot" lmao

Edgelord who just had mindblowing sex writes morning after poem.

No. 52656

File: 1569597747743.jpeg (567.3 KB, 1125x1786, C441BC3D-6E1D-4657-9827-38A17C…)

I wanted to see what’s going on behind that Chicken Noodle Soup song and from some ratmys jhope supposedly wanted to release this song waaay before and Tinashe was supposedly working with him for a collab on his mixtape too…

I wonder what made Tinashe quit if she really was working with him on that trask. I suppose she was feeling iffy about it being a remake of that song about harlem oppression or she feared to get all the ratmys camp under her tweets (good move from her either way)

No. 52657

i think mina lied about her anxiety and is just waiting for contract renewals so she can leave the group. her participating in the comeback is just a way to keep fans happy and not turn on her. also idols aren't depressed and suicidal because they get mean comments online it's because they have mental problems and shouldn't have become celebrities in the first place if they couldn't handle it.

No. 52658

he also wore dreads during mic drop promo, maybe rm let him do it to take the heat off him

No. 52659


Ye Choa, Jonghyun, Suga, IU, Suzy must've made up their mental troubles too. It is impossible to be popular and still feel stress. Shut up.

No. 52660

re blackpink and exo some of the cultural appropriation critiques aimed at them involve members wearing black hairstyles… which is what people are criticising j hope for. also people were using this same argument around the time idol came out like if cultural appropriation is to use elements of someone's culture, which is exactly what bts did in idol, no different to g-idle being inspired by 90s hip hop in uh oh. so either armys don't know what cultural appropriation actually is or are being wilfully ignorant, both of which are frustrating.

No. 52661

i don't think the tinashe thing was ever confirmed, he just said he liked her

No. 52662


This whole cultural appropriation schtick is dumb as fuck. People who get Latin tattoos and wear togas are also appropriating Greco Roman culture? What about making Califonia rolls or Chinese fusion food like General Tso chicken? Or black dudes wearing Birkenstocks, playing Bach or Hadyn, are they appropriating culture?

No. 52663

dear lord why did super junior make a comeback..

No. 52664

It's funny because the Itzy girls have nice designer clothes instead. Is JYP already having preferences towards the new group?

No. 52665

All humans came out of Africa 60000 years ago so Jhope is just paying homage to his African ancestors.

No. 52667


That's because they come from rich families. JYP probably spends the bulk of their money to get newer groups off the ground and popular (Stray Kids Itzy) and the older groups have established fanbases so JYP thinks they don't need to invest as much.

No. 52668

File: 1569599310950.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1280x720, F51AA353-5474-4ED3-8CF2-65C565…)

momo and jeongyeon’s outfits though… i sense 0 effort

No. 52669

I heard it hasn't sold out yet lol

No. 52670

Has anyone accused Twice of appropriating Arabian culture?

No. 52671

Tbh idc about his hair that much. I can’t talk since i’m not black but imagine being shamed by others for the way your hair looks, being shaved or obliged to cut your braids in the US. Ofc it doesn’t shock any african since they never were shamed in their country, being the majority.

The use of this song tho? Really weird. Sure they really love this song and it’s JHope’s first song he danced to but you have to keep in mind it was originally a song about Harlem oppression. Distorting the meaning of this song to adapt it to your life (which was not on par with the Harlem kids’ life) is foolish.

No. 52672

>jyp considers her dead weight
Reading comprehension is an important skill anon.

Having a member that needs to take extended breaks from performing is just inconvenient for the group as a whole. They have to change choreography, redistribute her lines, etc. And it's not like a physical injury when you can sort of predict when a person will get better. You can't cure mental health issues.

No. 52674

Locked hair is a completely different thing vs strictly matted and an afro texture is required to do it properly and has been rehashed fifteen thousand times on this board. My degree involves all of this but honestly I know that it's just gonna lead to arguing/derailment. I hate the race bait in this thread.

All of the satin outfits from twices comeback are apparently custom made by a designer. I like nayeon's but for the most part I feel like they didn't try in terms of quality control and I was shocked to find out that it was made just for them since it doesn't seem tailored well to their bodies. They most likely drew some designs, gave vauge measurements and then sewed them real quick to give to the girls. Hopefully they shake off the old neckbeards like SNSD did around Run Devil Run. They would even make fun of uncle fans openly to push them away. JYP copies everything that SM does so much that you'd think he'd pay attention to the fact that girls made SNSD popular for a whole decade. Men were even whining about how SNSD wasn't approachable anymore and girls in Japan said they liked them because their Japanese music was very pro-girls4girls. Idk why people in this thread act like SNSD flopped and got old and dusty after a year when they lasted a long time for a girls group and 3rd gen groups copy everything that they do.

No. 52675

i agree, him saying where he's from is "my harlem" is so tone deaf. also the fact that he didn't choose to collab with a black artist too.

No. 52676

Such a woke king for collabing with a latina

No. 52677

Why did they put the three SHORTEST members in these high waisted wide leg pants? Everything about this is so wrong. I actually want an explanation, like "oh it was inspired by ________" like normally no one cares but there has to be at least a reference point for how the stylists landed on crinkly plastic wrap pajamas

Jihyo's hair is a fucking crime. Momo is an actual horse. Dahyun has been dipped into a vat of bleach. Jeongyeon looks like they told her to just grab whatever old dress she has at home in that color. Nayeon is absolutely tragic head to toe, but w/ Mina gone she can't be the absolute dead center in photos so hopefully that will take her down a peg.

I really wanna know how Nayeon is so confident. I think it might be a shallow hal situation where she sees a totally different person in the mirror

No. 52678

All people experience racism, bullying, mental stress, depression differently at some point in their lives. Even white people. It's dumb as fuck to shit on other people for copying your "culture" as if it's something copyrighted and IP theft occurred. only Muricans get all sensitiven about CA because Yanks are a bunch of culturally confused tryhards who feel culturally inferior to Europeans, Asians, Africans. In UK there are a ton of Carribean immigrants who incorporated dancehall, amen breaks, reggaeton into urban music and nobody cries Cultural Appropriashun when a white dude with dreads plays jungle drum and bass. Jaimacan patois is incorporated into local slang, so? Culture can be used to unite or divide and trying to hawk over Black culture hurts racial integration. If non Koreans love songs like Baepsae which talk about Korean society and Korean beauty products and skincare regimes are being adopted by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez despite people shitting on Koreans for being lookist or plastic obssessed, IDK what the big deal about black hairstyles is. Not like it's patented.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 52679

Shut the fuck up oh my god

No. 52680

Wtf is up with tzuyu's shoes though? They look so clownish
It's time to get off the internet

No. 52681

Jungkook's tattoos are gone apparently

Ether Big Hit made him remove it one way or an other, or it was temporary.

No. 52685

Faggots ITT sperging about cultural appropriation not being real when no one asked. Calm the fuck down.

No. 52686

I sort of get the cultural issue when it's being promoted in the US (and idk if this is) but when it's in Korea the issue really falls short because Korea is not the US and… well, they have some 'old' ideas anyway. If anything, all these kpop stans and people getting mad about cultural appropriation should be more concerned about actual racism that exists in the country. Korea won't understand why something is wrong if they don't actually understand the issue.

No. 52687

Yeah, lol what the fuck goes on in good ol murica?? Seriously, ya'll sensitive af.

No. 52688

>cupcakke makes fun of chungha’s name
>cupcakke gets bullied off of social media and called racist slurs WHILE being called a racist
>jhope does a tone deaf cover that erases the entire original message of a specific oppressed class
>"You Amerifags are so sensitive”
Par for the course. The American political (should be social in this case but wtv) agenda may not be for the world but then neither is black American culture.

The point that’s getting lost is BTS has a track record of doing shit they don’t understand. It’s embarrassing, it’s cringey, and it’s dumb. And so many of these incidents involved hip hop/rap. For a group that markets themselves as a hip hop group you’d think they’d TRY to be knowledgeable in their “craft.”

Has Suga fucked up like this yet? I know ratmon has said dumbass shit on top of sounding like he’s doing a bad blaccent whenever he speaks English. Malibu’s most wanted headass.

No. 52689

Quit derailing about whether or not CA is a thing

No. 52690

File: 1569605213630.jpg (111.08 KB, 1200x792, 35a9bc3cd82c6e590dbdfe29180032…)

there's this from mama 2014, he was in the video where they all are dancing to an asap rocky song and prob says the n word with them as well as using slang used in hip hop like hunnid bands

No. 52691

Thanks for that, I knew he couldn’t be Unproblematique

No. 52692

rip. was really hoping that dumbass got permanent ARMY tats lol

No. 52693

File: 1569606265521.jpg (62.65 KB, 719x390, 9d9736d2-9343-42a6-9cb7-ca91f0…)

Did someone watch summer package in korea? Looks like Rennis in the background lol

No. 52694

imagine looking like this and thinking you're going to make it in america lmao

fucking hell

No. 52695

File: 1569606984422.jpg (386.92 KB, 1093x1125, IMG_20190927_181024-1.jpg)

What is wrong with jhope's face it looks so unnaturally tight and frozen he looks like his cheeks are about to explode 

No. 52696

File: 1569607016551.jpg (184.66 KB, 644x720, IMG_20190927_180841-1.jpg)

No. 52697

I doubt that they would be dumb enough to release a video with her in the background right now lol. Probably just a staff. Why does he looks like he's 12 tho?

No. 52698

its nice of them to start a record label for drug addicted sex workers
i dont think korea had anything like that before!

No. 52699

isnt nayeons outfit a melanie martinez outfit? swear i have seen that crazy bitch wear that before

No. 52700

He's just ugly.

No. 52701

This shits hella disgusting at the very least spoiler it.

No. 52702

No. 52704

Most importantly nobody here gives a fuck

No. 52705

It's not Mijoo she has arm tattoos

No. 52706

New fillers tend to look like that.

No. 52707

Isn’t it obvious anon? They’re all Psy’s bitches

No. 52709

Apparently all the armys that were dragging that "ethnic hip" girl earlier this week seem to have changed their tune fast.

No. 52711

I think that's why nayeon creeps me out when I see her, the nostrils just get your attention too much. specially when she smiles and those front teeth show

No. 52712

it doesn't look to tumblr or ddlg so i don't think melanie has wore that? maybe the fabric?

No. 52713

Personally I think he may be on the bi leaning side. He obv is not gay like the fujo ratmy described especially considering there are a couple of videos of him looking at female idols like a pervert.
But there are also instances of him getting way to excited about man on man action,being a perv towards men and him being the only member of bts being totally okay with homosexuals.(ban evading fujo rat pretending to not be the ban evading fujo rat)

No. 52714

Isn't this the one who's allegedly older and has that (supposed) fake mole below her eye lol

No. 52716

>"He obv is not gay like the fujo ratmy"
>thinks he's bi for the exact same reasons she did

No. 52718

She was a jikook shipper,she implied he was gay because of her ship feels meanwhile I'm saying he is bi based on what I have observed.

No. 52719

Then who do you think he lusts after? RM?

No. 52721

Kook is straight af, don't be stupid

No. 52722

wdym he's the only one okay with gay people. i thought rm/suga vaguely expressed support

No. 52723


No. 52724

>(ban evading fujo rat pretending to not be the ban evading fujo rat)
>She was a jikook shipper
kek @ u admitting to being a jikook shipper

No. 52725


Proof of why JK is damaged from growing up as an idol.All idols get told to ham it up on camera he is not gay or bi.

No. 52726

He's okay with gay people cause that fits his free spirited alt boy image

No. 52727

>for a group that markets themselves as a hip hop group you’d think they’d TRY to be knowledgeable in their “craft"
They actually did go to LA and tried to learn about hip hop. All that came out of it was shit like this. It's kinda milky but mostly just embarrassing and impossible to watch

No. 52728

sk definitely has idol burnout. most songs from this year have been flopping, especially this summer. so it's not surprising twice isn't charting well. song doesn't have what made twice standout and idol shit is tired.

No. 52729

They’re promoting this stupid ass song in America. So ofc amerifags are gonna get heated about his hair, especially since black kids here are ridiculed for their hair on the daily.

Im not tight about a korean man looking stupid with gel twists in his hair, but it sure as hell might piss off some other ppl acting like he from the HOOD hood.

No. 52730

that's the one. she's just one of cube's many hyuna imitations

No. 52732

AHL was comedy gold

No. 52733

>>52728 I hope Jopping tanks.

No. 52735

Bighit might be pushing the Jikook ship to distract from the reality of them being the riskiest members. They're always together doing fanservice for the camera.

No. 52736

shut the fuck up twicefag

how do twitter stans continue to find these threads?

No. 52737

You know lots of korean women with short blonde hair? Could've been her. Not as delusional as thinking jk is bi.

No. 52738

why does it matter if oppar is gay, bi or straight? if he's straight he'll never date you. he doesn't care about you. he doesn't know that you exist. if he's gay he'll never date the guy you ship him with. you're lucky if he even sees him as a friend and not just a coworker. it's never going to happen.

No. 52739

File: 1569612507134.jpg (Spoiler Image,381.82 KB, 1536x2048, EFeJycwUwAAoQeT.jpg)

they look like gangnam unnies/oppas kek

No. 52740

is this nct…

No. 52741

I'm pretty sure it's TXT

No. 52742

kekk they are looking pretty close to it. but no it's txt

No. 52743

they look like straight up aliens

No. 52744

stop saying "oppar", you absolute fags. this is not 2009 omonatheydidnt.

No. 52745

why does the one on the right (hueningkai?) have 2010 justin bieber hair

No. 52746

Why do they look like botched plasticfags? Maybe Bighit delayed their comeback due to plastic surgery complications.

No. 52747

tzuyu never gets to wear heels because she's too tall, she's 5'8

No. 52749

imagine being the txt boys and thinking you will benefit from the connections/in house production and training systems that debuting under the company with the biggest boy group in the world would offer but instead you have to record cat and dog

No. 52750

>>52739 TxT is way more good looking than BTS Lmao even Kook Jin and V. Too bad they are so bland.

No. 52751

bh probably pushing the flower boy image as much as they can. they have to start acting like like sm does with nct, so they might start to get butchered beyond repair with ps soon

No. 52753

I highly doubt she's 5'8, she's more likely 5'6. All idols lie about their height, especially male idols. I remember top was listed as being 180 cm and that man is 170 at best

No. 52756

Now that you mention it their outfits do look pretty similar to something she wore in her movie. You can see it clearly at 0:59

No. 52757

no, they lie about her height to make her seem shorter. look at her standing next to the other members.

No. 52758


this is sad. Why do they make everyone get so much surgery? there wasnt anything really wrong with his bottom teeth to do this. ugh

No. 52759

she's actually 5'8 i think. they list her height as 170 when she seems taller than that. if she's 5'6, chaeyoung has to be 4'8, which doesn't make sense

No. 52760

Jk seems to be among the shortest members yet gets to claim he's 5'10, why?

And SM is already paying sperm into interviews. Why have english speaking members when it's only baekhyun talking in korean anyway?

No. 52761

File: 1569617495235.gif (6 MB, 640x360, pgllRm.gif)

No. 52765


Sis every K-pop group that has come to America in the last 1-2 years does the same shitty media press tour with all these online outlets.

No. 52766

Nope, generally numbers are fudged so male idols seem taller & female idols seem shorter. I'm certain Tzuyu is at least 5'8" .. & even more certain GF Sowon is at least 5'9", bc of their proportions & various point of reference stuff in vids.

Srsly tho what even happened with txt? I dont think bts fans even pretended to be interested.

I do wonder what will happen when girly flower boy phase wears out & kpop cycles back to real human men. I wonder if these kids can't see how bizarre their ps is bc theyre surrounded by other botched wax figures. I sincerely wonder if Felix is happy w/ his result. I mean Bom can't be, Wendy can't be, Chungha can't be .. but they keep getting out there on stage & seem fine with themselves. So maybe i'm the one with the problem, lol i rly can't tell anymore

No. 52769

i don't think wendy or chungha or bom are fine with their appearance since they keep fucking with their face. if they looked uncomfortable on stage, they would get attacked for being unprofessional by idiots on pann and twitter. some of these idols looked fine before surgery/with only one or two adjustments. it's a shame they kept going and fucked up their faces for good.

No. 52770

>but armys are so hung up on their underdog mentality that they refuse to admit that BTS have almost full control over their creative decisions nowadays including their styling

they only like it when their oppars are getting positive feedback like composing music/creating cringy mvs/giving self-righteous speeches

No. 52771

Aren't the Twice girls also coming from rich families?

No. 52772

Tzuyu for sure. Others are suspected but unsure if confirmed these days. Itzy, most def (discussed upthread) also Stray Kids, BP, RV, umm honestly most groups period. My understanding is academic & vocational competition is so insane in SK, any family enrolling their kid in dance/music training, & serious about it, is likely already quite comfortable.

Armys exaggerate BTS's "hard knock roots" to laughable extremes. These guys were not discovered on the streets busking or dancing for spare change. They were all quite comfy, esp Jin. See above – any truly impoverished struggling family would not encourage their fully fit & able son to pursue contemporary dance or cough rap in the American hip-hop style cough You know, the type you've never ever heard before?

No. 52773

Apparently Suga was kicked out and had to live as a poor person. And people saying that V was poor because his parents are farmers, but not all farmers are poor

No. 52774

V wasn't "poor" bc they were farmers, like even most of EA/SEA is still agrarian too ya know? He lived in a more rural area & i-armys know nothing about the demographics or economy in SK outside of the main urban centers, so once again they are filling in the blanks w/ speculation or altering the meaning of very generic comments from BTS to support their narrative

Suga's poor person story is about the same as your average community college kid scraping by w/ flipping burgers or living in ur car, & he chose it. If he didn't end up in that bighit dorm he would have eventually found some ordinary low wage job to get by. Just like any other person on earth.

All idols milk a sob story to keep those sweet femcel fan tears flowing. Dont be fooled kids lol

No. 52775

So any of you know what this is alluding to:

"jennie, has something that could deter companies and even media outlet. Is she guilty of such an act or being played by H, unknown. It's been exposed before but yg pays a hefty amount to shut people.

No. 52776

I agree with you, it’s a narrative, oldest trick in the book.

Speaking of their fans, the Asian ones I’ve seen aren’t that bad looking, but I’ve seen many overweight girls within the western fandom. Wonder why that is. Maybe cause Kpop is more mainstream in Korea and even pretty girls like it?

No. 52778

can you link a source form where you got this or is it just bait? anyways,puts on tinfoil hat drugs at coachella or bullying. idk who h could be

No. 52779

File: 1569629709377.jpeg (89.09 KB, 499x466, 21677FC3-AF7B-49A0-B32A-36B151…)

No. 52780

i think some ratmies pretended to be interested on txt for a bit once they released the first video, and that was it.

i guess? also average weight for women/girls in each country seems to be different according to wikipedia:
>South Korea 56.5 kg (124.6 lb)
>United States 76.4 kg (168.4 lb)

No. 52781


Apparently a version of this rumor has been all over twitter and instagram for months. Came from Weibo so the accounts spreading it say the translations may be wrong, but the quoted info that shared is the most detailed version of the rumor I've seen so far. The rumor also included Sehun and Taehyung but not sure if all 3 parties are connected or if they each have a specific dirt not related to one another.

The most common guess for "H" I've seen that makes sense is Hanbin and the rumor is connected to drugs.

No. 52782

Delusional blinks should check out Twice's past sob story of Momo & Jihyo's dieting/bodyshaming/etc drama. Notice how Rose & Lisa are (likely) ACTUALLY starving, but they never mention dieting or their bodies, why? Because it doesn't fit their narrative. YGE's narrative for blackpink is all "Rose doesn't have her solo yet!" "Jisoo used to be a bad dancer but she worked so hard, now she's good!" "Is Jennie lazy or just distressed/unwell?" Check out that lonnnnnng ass list of recent YGE mediaplay on akpop then tell me the lazy Jennie thing wasn't staged. Of course it was, thousands of ppl watched those yt compilations & it got everyone talking. Someone at yge is kind of an actual secret genius

The Coachella thing is rumored to be that Jennie was sold to, or on her own volition offered herself to some bigwig to secure BP's headlining (or close to) slot. Anyone who doesn't believe this, is probably 12 yrs old. Sorry kids, all entertainment industries all over the world are corrupt as hell. Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll y'all. SK is just a lil unique in that they've managed to convince everyone they're all pure & clean. That Seungri thing is just the tip of the nasty iceberg, kids lol

No. 52783


It was pretty obvious that Coachella rumor was made up by some salty BTS fan. You can even check the same site it originated from, there is a post that defends Jungkook from his recent scandal.

I will say that someone from BP (won't name who, but it wasn't Jennie) was sent to spend nights with sponsors to secure the UMG deal for months in 2017. If you have been paying attention, you can figure it out and as a matter of fact a couple of the other members almost screwed up and revealed it.

No. 52784

Dramatic attention loving hoes like this who make vague ass claims are annoying as fuck. Just shut up

No. 52786

tell us what you know anon

No. 52787

anon why are you being so fucking cryptic just spill the name

No. 52789

Because she's just an attention-whore koreaboo who wants us to beg to hear her fanfics.

No. 52790

It can’t be neither Lisa nor Rosé, cause they’re both dating Jungkook, and according to tinhatters Jisoo is dating V, so it can’t be true.

No. 52793


Spill, or stfu

No. 52795

Lol the average sk women is fat according to their own standards

Btw 124 pounds lol more like 140-150 judging by the time I went to korea

No. 52796


Hmm, doesn't UMG have an HQ based in Japan? Makes sense, I wonder how many times UMG execs visited Japan for business related work in 2017. I wonder why YG started giving BP separate rooms when they stayed in Japan.

No. 52797

That’s true. During vlives in hotels, they never share rooms.

No. 52798


oh, someone has been paying attention

No. 52800

Yeah I expected girls to be way skinnier there, but in the end they were many slim girls and quite a few chubby ones, not many skinny ones

No. 52801


No bodyguards? No managers? Walking around Paris freely? Interesting.

No. 52802

that's why i added i got that from wikipedia, so people could take it with a grain of salt, lol.
haven't been there myself to comment on it.

then maybe its because they are more focused on their appearance than in the states? what would you say? is that true or nah? >>52796 >>52800

No. 52803

the one i was talking about she wore a lot during her Pacify Her performances but yes thats similar too.

No. 52804

I know kpop and korean movies have definitely shaped my expectations because I even find some of the girls in the audience of variety shows to look chubby compared to the visiting idols. But in person they look normal and healthy and the idols look downright skeletal at times.

No. 52806

File: 1569638799391.png (Spoiler Image,2.37 MB, 1926x846, 34f89fe0f208ff0964c0e1ed13c2ad…)

its similar, but suprinsigly it looks cheaper on nayeon

No. 52807

People who have never been to SK keep assuming people are all well-dressed and beautiful with perfect skin.
They're just people like everywhere else. The girls caked their makeup on just as they do in "Western" makeup styles
Fkin Kpop genius brainwashing

No. 52808

I’d say it’s less about brainwashing and more about warping the frame of reference. The same way different celebrities in the US look “chubby” if they’re a size 6 next to a size 2. A size 6 is still slender.

No. 52809

Did you only attend KPOP fan signs or concerts where everyone is a whale? Anyone who has been to Korea knows they are much, much skinnier than most American and European women and there are many girls who are on the same level of ana as Lisa and Rose.

No. 52810

maybe woke king was educating fans about the gwangju massacre

No. 52811

america and europe have an obesity crisis, so koreans will look way smaller. of course they have skelly girls but most girls are bmi 19~20. they look chubby cause anon always looks at bmi 15 koreans as normal.

No. 52812

there is also the fact he's weirdly proud about being from one of the more conservative cities in korea but apart from that nothing recent really. his arrogance feigned or otherwise can be insufferable sometimes too

No. 52814

pretty sure hes actually referenced the gwangju massacre in his lyrics before but that is definitely not what he was doing in CNS lol

No. 52815

nope average Korean isn’t that slim at all lol

They’re skinnier than Americans but that’s not saying much

No. 52816

It's only their second music show performance and they already look sick of performing this song.

No. 52817

they look actually sick though like they need to rest. feel special is a forgettable flop song anyway no need to promote it anymore.

No. 52818

damn is twice okay lol

they need a break lol

No. 52820

they all look so fucking done with performing this song. it's such a shame that they're gonna age terribly from being overworked and oversexualized for their concepts. i almost feel bad for them.

No. 52821

File: 1569661014772.jpeg (39.68 KB, 640x426, CE75BC30-4398-4144-BC25-7332B0…)


Who the fuck are you talking about? This is the crit thread most of us aren’t paying that much attention.

No. 52830

File: 1569673934313.jpeg (537.18 KB, 1536x2048, EFhbqYBVUAAy9Oq.jpeg)

No. 52831

File: 1569673962710.png (424.1 KB, 720x710, cd410c2b-a1a0-4771-a5ae-275e24…)

No. 52832

ㅋㅋ 차랑해 총곡

No. 52833

Am I the only one who finds circle lenses creepy? Maybe on stage they’re ok, but why do they wear the all the time?

No. 52834

File: 1569676534026.gif (1.39 MB, 268x200, DC0ADA02-0312-4148-8700-582E29…)

>”this is the crit thread most of us aren’t paying that much attention”

No. 52838

Omg I’d still fuck Teddy

No. 52839

File: 1569679393087.jpeg (140.25 KB, 1040x595, 676CE8E4-E991-42F9-9B74-8703B3…)

No. 52841

>Rain's potential
Try again kek. Rain (as a young male soloist) was so so huge back in the day, I can't think of any current male soloist that could match his popularity, let alone some pretty faced boy from a popular group that just happens to know how to sing. Jk doesn't have that it factor, he's just popular for being in bts and that's different.

No. 52842

pure delusion

No. 52843

File: 1569689498617.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2208, 058B66E4-3032-4E6D-B726-D4199E…)

oh god

No. 52845

who tf are these dudes

No. 52846

File: 1569690366614.jpg (41.63 KB, 1019x410, comments.JPG)

who's gonna tell them that the horny fanboys who buy their merch would stop giving a fuck if the girls wore appropriate clothing

No. 52847

Lol it’s when Edward starting doing a million collabs with all of the nugus

I screenshotted the part when a member was offering him a piece and he edited it to make romantic or smthn and then proceeded to practically suck the food off the spoon it was so gross
his delusional kboo fans’ comments are a bonus

No. 52848

idk who takes worse selfies jimin or j hope

No. 52849

Quit self posting you ugly faggot nobody likes you

No. 52851

Bighit spent 2.7 MILLION to release a cringe track like Chicken Noodle Soup lmao.

No. 52852


Creepy uncanny valley

No. 52853

as soon as I read the title track I thought about this… but at least Kris Wu doesn't mix languages like it's international day at the uni lol
plus, they call that dancing? I was skipping every 10 seconds because I couldn't stand how cringe Chicken Noodle Soup is…

No. 52858

File: 1569698238372.jpg (31.95 KB, 640x640, 121.jpg)

what do u guys think she get done? she looked different

No. 52859

File: 1569698598905.gif (3.58 MB, 291x409, 20190928.gif)

> [+329, -14] It just looks like they can't sell well
> [+126, -7] One of my friend went as a staff and it's true that it was empty ㅋㅋ they couldn't sell any tickets, so they sold them at a discount and it still amounted to this
>[+109, -9] Deficit-Pink
>[+91, -42] If you're going to see something like this, is there even a need to go?


No. 52860

Nose obviously. It looks tinier and more upturned. She enlarged her eyes as well, could be corner cutting. Lastly, tho not counted as surgery, her change of brows also played a huge role in the drastic change of her appearance

No. 52861

nose and jaw fillers and maybe eyelid tape
her posture omfg. she really has no ass

No. 52862

lip fillers maybe? her upper lip looks different in the second picture as well as the overall shape and fullness.

No. 52865

I can hear the bones rattling in this GIF

No. 52871

File: 1569704672687.jpeg (15.99 KB, 300x250, DF83F26A-80FD-4186-8E9F-4FBCBE…)

that ain’t it jennie

No. 52872

her ass is practically concave

No. 52873

Most skinny women don’t have one to be fair haha

No. 52874

File: 1569705683224.jpg (16.02 KB, 480x270, download (2).jpg)

We always complain about crazy fangirls but being a female idol with those fans must be the worst…

No. 52875

File: 1569705714217.jpg (19.18 KB, 480x270, download.jpg)

No. 52876

File: 1569705833030.gif (3.27 MB, 319x312, download.gif)

No. 52877

File: 1569705980247.jpg (196.95 KB, 1080x1318, IMG_20190929_002308.jpg)

No. 52878

those sweat stains. my god

No. 52884

KorEAN GuyS arE sO GoodLookIng

No. 52885

>>52876 wow Lovelyz Mijoo should enter politics, most people would let their true feelings shown when smacked in the head.

No. 52886

Deficit-pink lmaooo

No. 52887

>>52884 these are not Korean guys these are incels who would be in hospital or prison if they laid their hands on a feeeemale IRL

US incels are prob jealous Asian incels get to lay hands on hot girls without consequences and jack off at home.

No. 52888

They literally are Korean men anon you imbecile. Being a Korean guy and being an incel are not mutually exclusive.

No. 52890

And those groups are all total nugus or flops. Correlation?

No. 52892

conclusion: flop groups survive off of incels who use their parents money to buy albums and gifts for them. i'd rather deal with a femcel than with these incels.

No. 52893

I don't read moonrunes, tf does this say

No. 52896

not them, but i think they were trying to say "haha i love you" but spelt it wrong

No. 52901

I feel sorry for the girls sometimes. Do they even make enough money?

No. 52902

Hyuna is starting to look better, her face is going back to normal(still a bit botched but better than how scary she was a month ago) and her body is getting fuller. I know that this is a critical thread but I'm kind of proud of her. She was anorexic 43kg and depressed with disgusting lip fillers but it looks like she is doing better

No. 52903

I love your backhanded compliments lol

No. 52904

Thats most likely the ban evading rat, dont give them attention

No. 52905

This is probably a stupid question and I dont understand how things work in the music industry, but how is she still allowed to sing songs from her cube days when it's cube themselves that terminated her contract? Like ive heard of cases in which the singers arent allowed to perform (live) the songs they released with their former agency/label.

No. 52908

Samefag, forgot to add: when they left on bad terms

No. 52910

I guess her contract allowed so, perhaps an arrangement between Hyuna and the company idk. Also I have only heard that ban coming from SM

No. 52911

Yeah 2ne1 left yg yet they still sing songs from 2ne1 time to time.
So I guess this is only a sm issue.

No. 52912

I think p nation bought the songs from cube or they made a contract to allow her to use the songs

No. 52914

I'm sure the higher-ups & legal teams worked something out. Hyuna fans want that material so it'd be really detrimental if she couldn't. The kpop "music" industry (bc it's not rly a "music industry" but that's a separate topic) is diff from, say, the many & varied record labels of the U.S. All kpop companies are either already in bed together or at least in close enough contact legally that stuff like this can be worked out, & relatively quickly. (See Miyeon being kicked out of YG then debuting w/ Cube a couple yrs later, Jackson balancing his Got7 JYP stuff w/ his private stuff in China, Bighit acquiring Source .. tons of examples of relative fluidity amongst even the biggest cos)

Even tiny stuff like repeat styling choices between companies, ESPECIALLY lately. speaking of which did anyone notice the massive similarities between: Twice Breakthru, GF Fever, RV Zimzawhatever, gidle senorita, somi Birthday, Bts boy w luv. Do these companies just not give a shit or are they all secretly best friends?

No. 52917

How does anyone stand being around him lol

No. 52918

File: 1569717645571.jpg (728.58 KB, 794x639, LHG8LkQ.jpg)

What's….. on the table?

No. 52919

Her temple's have hollowed out, this is what happens to people who do intensive diets,she should get some temple fillers. She does look better though.

No. 52921

dildos and horny anime figures. this has already been discussed and there were clearer pics posted in the last thread.

No. 52922

Is it even possible to remove tattoos so quickly ? They must of been temporary either that or hes just wearing really good concealer.

No. 52923

They were cheesy as fuck either way

No. 52924

That's what's on the shelves genius, pretty sure that anon was referring to the leafy green shit covering the table

No. 52925

once a trend starts all the companies copy it. apparently this year really ugly clothing and noisy music is the trend.

No. 52926

istg everyone and their mom has been a kpop trainee

No. 52927

apparently the tattoo shop deleted their instragam and took down their website; was it to try and start a new after ratmies harassment? or did big hit sued them? i wanna know

No. 52930

She really though she had a chance huh

No. 52931

She looks so much better with black hair, honestly the bleach blonde made her look like a crack addict. The bloated lip fillers weren't helping either

No. 52932



No. 52933

Hyuna embodies the stereotype of washed up ageing celebrities who do everything to stay relevant. I don't know why so many kpoppies are hell bent on defending her and sulli, they thrive on attention.

No. 52934

hyuna was made to be the star of both wonder girls and 4minute. she had a successful solo career on top of that. now nobody gives a fuck about her of course she would be acting out like this. sulli has always been crazy though she was the jennie of f(x).

No. 52936

I'm really surprised that a company took her in, given K-pop's preference for light-skinned entertainers. Were they planning on treating her like another Alex from Rania?

No. 52937

Yeah I’d say most girls look like this

No. 52939

I was just on there two days ago. Did they just delete it today?

No. 52940

nta, but yeah they deleted today.

No. 52943

that drawing of her in the intro is super thicc

No. 52944

How do they explain the fact that most of them absolutely don't fit the ridiculous standards they set for themselves? 42kg regardless of height is so ridiculous and delusional

No. 52947

welcome to korean beauty standards

No. 52950

the girl in the video above isn't even fat (dare I say she looks healthy without being chubby) but they're socialized to think in sk that girls over 50kg are fat automatically regardless of height without realizing that most women don't weigh 40-45 kg who aren't anachans

people trying to use the "x is naturally skinny" or "Asians are naturally skinny" card for anachan idols are so clearly delusional and act like they have never seen a non idol sk person before(race/society derailing)

No. 52952

Love the lazy dancing and the disgusting looks she gives during the chorus! Oh and the really good 'singing'

You go girl!

No. 52953

this anon literally did nothing wrong, whats wrong with mods

No. 52954

Are there any rappers in Kpop worth listening to? No BTS fags.

No. 52955

does khip hop count as kpop still or is it completely different

No. 52956

>>52918 looks like (fake?) plants, snacks, shot glasses, and soju bottles. a theme party of some sort, probably.

No. 52957

File: 1569750624515.jpg (55.93 KB, 640x716, tumblr_5d9cebfe4aa01034625a7e4…)

his jaw is completely gone

No. 52958

they lack braincells. cause this shit is derailing but nayeon chan sperging about that shit is fine lmfao. sage for whatever

No. 52961

its so funny to me that halsey met rose. at least she won't be pretending to be friends with her like bts as they can actually communicate

No. 52962

File: 1569757589029.jpeg (258.71 KB, 1164x1288, A12248E0-3E16-42C5-83FF-063C40…)

Was the chin implant really necessary?

No. 52963

Who tf is this jfc

No. 52964


Is that Eunhyuk?!!!

No. 52976

Sulli is going to start walking around topless at this rate.

No. 52977

lmao is she ok

No. 52978

i'm pretty sure she was topless in a movie before. she doesn't give af about how people perceive her and just wants as much attention as possible. so sad.

No. 52987

This picture embodies how badly 2nd gen idols are aging. Yunho on the left still looks fine and just like how he looked like 10 years ago meanwhile eunhyuk on the right looks like he is aging like milk.

No. 52988

Can anyone tell me why sulli is trending right now?

No. 52991

nb posted some article about her having a nip slip during her instagram live so it probably has something to do with that

No. 52994

All this budget for a song called "jopping

No. 52995

if sm put this budget into their other artists releases, their other groups wouldn't all peak immaturely. now i see why they are close to bankruptcy

No. 52996

Sm clearly isn't fronting the money for this, Capitol Records is. Sm can't afford all that.

No. 52998

No. 52999

This picture just gave me ptsd war flashbacks of that Felix-chan Anon who swore up and down that he was "aLl NatURUl" and got no work done at all lmaoo. He looks so ugly now - uglier than before

No. 53000

What? Are they trying to make another gangnam style???

No. 53001

I wonder how Mark and Ten feel about 'jopping' since they speak english. I'd rather commit than say that shit with a straight face

No. 53003

The cheering sounds so pretentious. We know you're gonna rake in money but come on.

No. 53004

i cant with the budget on this and then looking at umpah umpah mv…

this teaser feels really pretentious considering they havent done much as a group together to prove they are worth all that; cant wait for them to inevitably fail and sm getting a reality check

No. 53005

File: 1569780968166.jpg (25.47 KB, 610x280, jopping.JPG)

No. 53006

>>53005 can we please all agree to upvote this definition so its the top result by the time jopping comes out

No. 53007

So not only is the name sounding like how it sounds like sperm,and now jopping sound like ejaculation.

No. 53008

For fucks sake what happened to Eunhyuk

No. 53009


This can't be serious, are they serious? It is so overly long, the EDM choices they made are all a solid 5 yrs old by now + the two guys looking at each other during the transitions is about the gayest thing I've ever seen in kpop (yes including the backhugs and general obvious fan service)
-inb4 "this is an imageboard" my comp won't let me screenshot sry

No. 53010

File: 1569784411060.jpg (38.8 KB, 518x313, queendom.JPG)

More controversy on Queendom is pouring out from the participating groups (aside from Mamamoo).
I'm trying to tease out what's going on here, is MNet paid off Mamamoo? Is Mamamoo just steamrolling everyone else so they are salty? Or is the show really just hot shit production wise and Mamamoo's label can somehow mysteriously afford it?

No. 53011

>inb4 "this is an imageboard" my comp won't let me screenshot sry
Wym stupid? EMBED the fuckin video

No. 53012

Completely off topic, but is Shindong not married?? Back in the day when I liked kpop and loved Super Junior (lmao dont judge my shit taste) I swear to god he proposed/married some girl. I tried googling it just now and am confused if he actually is or not

I always assumed SM let him marry because he's an ugly fat fuck and has 0 fangirls he would upset

No. 53014

I was certain he had a gf he proposed who was obsessed with G-Dragon but maybe I'm misremembering.

No. 53015

Rbw, mamamoo's company, is quite hated by their fans and the members themselves have alluded multiple times that they're unsatisfied with their decisions. They're not good at managing them at all, they constantly make stupid moves.
If you know mamamoo at all, you can see that they don't wanna be there either by their attitude. They constantly say they don't like competition and refuse to play into mnet's attempts at an evil narrative. And frankly they don't even give their 100% in the performances.
My guess is that mnet threatened somehow all these companies and they gotta do what they gotta do cause mnet controls a lot of shit. Some could do with more publicity, like Bom, but I bet most of them are there by force.

No. 53016

I liked the visuals and the dancing, except for Kai who I found surprisingly boring.
I agree the music is pretty bad and I fast forwarded the cringy transitions

No. 53019

To be completely honest ten is an overrated dancer. [The way he dances makes(?)] all his choreographies look exactly the same and his expressions do too. Hes like one of those artists in the artist salt thread who only ever draw pretty girls with the same faces in the same poses but with a marginally different theme each time. Zzzz…

No. 53021

I was surprised to see all the comments raving about Kai cause imo Ten did the best out of the tree. It was more cohesive than Taemin's and Kai was kinda bland.
Anyway, why couldn't SM just do a little side project or a special stage with the dancers, the rappers etc? It would've been more successful I think

No. 53022

I intended to show screenshot of the part I was talking about so ppl wouldn't have to watch the whole awful video & it won't let me save the image…but you've already jumped to your conclusion so never mind

And people are surprised these types of shows are entirely scripted/preplanned & rigged because…?

No. 53023

I liked Kai's the best. the others felt really long and boring in comparison.

No. 53025

a side project would have been better. if it flopped no one would complaining and thousands of dollars wouldn't have been wasted cause it's just a little collab and not an official group.
they all lack in some form imo. kai does too much with his face as is he was constipated, ten sticks too much to the choreography. taemin moves strangely and makes the same 3 faces. the only good thing they have in common is that they are more tolerable than the rap line

No. 53026

This was choreographed by actual choreographers but was still so bland and empty..

The expressions were extremely cringe-inducing as well

No. 53027

this video >>52976
You can see her whole tit/nipple at the 2-3min mark. A lot of the korean comments are claiming it was deliberate, but honestly I just dont think she gives a fuck either way.

No. 53028

File: 1569787927576.jpg (48.99 KB, 579x286, ddd.jpg)

That's what I thought too! But google says he ain't married lol. I swear I'm going crazy because I thought there was an outcry on how he proposed and whatnot too

No. 53031

it’s so funny how ratmys hype up rm as being a genius for learning english from tv shows (which is admittedly impressive) but ignore that other foreign artists like rich brian etc. did the same and are far more fluent than their iq 500 king who can only speak english in prerehearsed interviews and speeches

No. 53032

i had to google that guy; a soundcloud rapper? i know that's where rat mon would be if bts hadn't become a thing, but still seems pretty irrelevant. he is not even k-pop related why should even ratmies care?

No. 53033

Stay wary of names & links of irrelevant "personalities" esp youtubers, instagrammers & unknown musicians. They're self posts or fans posting hoping we'll search them or watch their garbage.

No. 53040

>>53028 I may be remembering wrong but I think after a year or so he said she broke up with him

No. 53041


i dont know why armys should be worrying about people who arent their ults at all tbh. of course theres plenty of people who are far more fluent and have learned english in similarly or more impressive ways but… why should they care? why are they required to know? do they claim rm is the only person ever to be able to pick up a language from a tv show? i highly doubt it.

plus they brag about much dumber shit, this seems pretty nitpicky to me.

No. 53042

Who are SM trying to appeal to!?

No. 53043

No. 53044

kek no the fuck they aren't. no one besides maybe an edgy teenage asian kid would know that name.

No. 53045

how many scandals will it take for bts’s fans to stop shilling for them in every comment section? i thought the onslaught a few weeks ago would at least make a dent but none of them seem to care. good on them for being chiller than i expected for such a rabid fanbase i guess lmao

No. 53046

A drug scandal could change everything

No. 53047

probably something at seungri level; and even then there would be some crazies like the stans that still support that guy

No. 53049

no it wouldn't lol

No. 53050

rich Brian is not unknown

No. 53051

one of them has to murder someone or pull a seungri, but then again seungri has fans still… maybe they would make fun of islam or do blackface to get them mad

No. 53052

Pedophilia? that should do the trick

No. 53053

honestly jennie isn’t that skinny, she just has very unfortunate proportions. rosé and lisa are the real anas of blackpink, jisoo and jennie look average by comparison

No. 53054

If one of them does something extremely wrong even their fans wouldn’t take it anymore, like pedophilia or rape? Other than that, bts having a concert in a country where its government is perpetuating genocidal actions and don’t care about womeb & lgbt+ members is the least they’d worry about.

Streaming an MV on youtube (which doesn’t count much compared to shazam or spotify) is way more important.

No. 53059

When is the concert in Saudi anyway? I can't wait for that shit show

No. 53060

it's apparently on the 11th this october

No. 53061

I’m not a an ratmy but let’s hope bts does none of those things above pls lol

No. 53067

How much shit have these threads turned to if you have to clarify that you don’t like a group before saying you hope they don’t kill someone, rape someone, or turn out to be hurting children. Lmfao.

No. 53068

i wanna see if jk is going to show his tattoo or wear something to cover it up

No. 53070

Upthread mentions how ratmy is saying the tattoos are gone, like they were temporary or a stencil

No. 53071

yeah, but i also saw someone mention on another site that he whore a glove on his right hand only when doing the chicken song challenge.

No. 53072

That was filmed when they were still in New Zealand, most of the tattoos are gone now.

No. 53074

it wasn't real. people must be really delusional to believe korea's purest boy jungkook would ever be allowed to get real tats.

No. 53075

That outfit, like all the outfits she gets, flatters her shape well. But damn. She has absolutely no self awareness to be trying to twerk

No. 53076

bigbang stans who still support seungri are the scum of the earth. if you say anything bad abt their oppar on any bigbang mv they'll flock and attack you, giving you the "real facts" on the case. it's disgusting.

No. 53078

They looked like marker/stencils to begin with. Are armies that delusional though?

No. 53079

The worst is going back to their old pv for Monster and the top comments are about 'fake fans' who criticize seungri. Like what the fuck

No. 53082

they claimed they were stickers first, then it was henna, then it was real, idk.
when they came back from new zeland in the video some anon posted he was still hiding that hand, n someone said that they showed a bit in the vlive jhorse did the other day on another site

No. 53083


I know someone’s gonna call me an NCTfag but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have Taeyong do these dance portions. I don’t really keep up with nct but when I’ve watched some of their performances, Taeyong’s alien looking ass always sticks out. Should’ve dropped Ten and gone with Jaehyun imo. The only people in this group with ~charisma~ are gonna end up being Baekhyun, Taeyong, and maybe Taemin.

No. 53084

I have to laugh. Have you seen Taeyong's dancing?

No. 53085

i think they just wanted to put the best dancers from each group in the video and i know ten is a better dancer than taeyong

No. 53086

File: 1569809861924.gif (1.32 MB, 250x444, 10391D04-126E-44A1-AF1C-D838E8…)


I meant more like this. I didn’t say he danced particularly well, I just think he definitely has stage presence.

No. 53087

momo is the only one this era who looks alive during the dance i don't know if she's on uppers or this is her way of showing up the other members because the rest of the girls look like they're about to pass out

No. 53088

I think Momo always looks the most alive during any dance twice does. It's probably because she's the dancer of the group and if she starts looking dead, then the only thing that kept her in twice is gone.

No. 53089

because if you'd watch more than that one cherrybomb fancam you'd see that taeyong isn't actually a very good dancer at all, he's just the one that's always in the front. you're falling for the taeyong propaganda.

No. 53090

i thought momo is a really popular member in twice or am i wrong?

No. 53091


She's sort of popular, however, in Sixteen (the show that made twice) she wasn't originally in the final lineup of twice, but jyp said twice needed a main dancer so he brought her back and now she's in twice. So her only real talent would be being a dancer.

No. 53092

can't believed he cared so much about having a main dancer but didn't bother getting a good vocalist for the group.

No. 53093


I'm actually am a twicefag but I still think it's unbelievable that jyp didn't put Minyoung in twice. She was the only one who could actually sing without sounding super squealy.

he actually added tzuyu and momo even when they weren't in the final lineup. Tzuyu because fans wanted a visual and mom because he thought a main dancer was needed. All of that and he didn't add an actual singer to the group

No. 53094

i know jihyo was a trainee for 10 years and she still sounds bad. what was she even doing in those 10 years?

No. 53095

He probably thought jihyo was enough lol. And he was right, stans hype her like she's an amazing vocalist but she's barely a decent one

No. 53096

That was all scripted/planned. They have to do this stuff to keep the shows interesting. Ditto all US/UK reality shows, competition shows. SKZ was scripted too, JYP knew Felix was charismatic, handsome, had great chemistry w/ Chan, he also has that really low voice w/ rich timbre not present in any other Stray Kids contestant. Getting rid of him then bringing him back was brilliant, a perfect 2-in-1, it really upped the drama & got the tears flowing.

Same for Momo. And Twice didnt "need" a main dancer, really any of them could have been it. JYP/JYPE have fooled everyone into thinking Mina's some great dancer even tho she's terrible, so he could have bumped her up, then literally anyone could have been "lead."

Idk why it matters anyway, i mean do main dancers get paid more than leads? Do visuals get paid more than talents like Soyeon or Yuju? It's all so arbitrary. i'm convinced they have this hierarchy system just to spark discussion & create drama amongst fans.

No. 53097

it's a way to make every member seem like they're valuable to the group by giving them positions like main & lead. so you can't say this member is untalented because they're the lead dancer or whatever.

No. 53100

I think the "Jihyo was a trainee for 10 yrs" thing is exaggerated. She attended normal school, lived w/ her family etc. She wasn't starving in a dorm desperately waiting to be put in a group that whole time. It's just part of her narrative bc every idol needs a sob story for fan sympathy.

Yeah right on. Maybe it seems extra dumb bc technically EVERY member is a lead or sub dancer lol everyone sings & dances, everyone is dressed/made up & photoshopped to death, everyone claims to starve to make weight. And every member has fans who think they're the most beautiful person on earth, even if theyre not "THE VISUAL." So it all just seems very redundant, or forced. I get it tho.

No. 53101

I always cringe when Rat introduces himself as the English king and translator of the group when he’s barely fluent. Sometimes whatever he’s saying doesn’t actually make much sense and his pronunciation becomes unintelligible because he’s trying way too hard to imitate an American accent. I wouldn’t be praising myself so much if my language skills were on the same level as his.

No. 53102

So I recently listened to a couple of Monsta X's new English singles (they got signed to Epic?) after hearing the one with French Montana on the radio the other day, and upon the first listen… I immediately understood why ratmys are so pressed lol. They seem to deliver a Western appeal that is so conspicuously absent in BTS. However, this is k-pop critical and I feel like a vaguely positive response to anything sounds suspicious, so — open invitation to roast this take. I don't know much about them

No. 53103

As per my last post
> I didn’t say he danced particularly well, I just think he definitely has stage presence.

I have watched several of ncts dance practices and he always catches my eye. Hate him all you want but I image he’s always at the center for that exact reason.

No. 53105

I never listened to monsta x until this year tbh. I don't love them but I hate ratmies enough that I will stan on principle

No. 53106

File: 1569816754547.jpg (80.03 KB, 599x900, unnamed.jpg)

minyoung was ugly and jyp obvs hated her by the evil edit she got. She never had a chance.

OT but I'm surprised chaeyoung was allowed to get tattoos in such visible areas. Probably since no one cares about her.

No. 53107

So many idols have the same or damn near the same name, I can’t keep them straight.

No. 53108

i agree. taeyong has the most charisma in nct and is one of the better looking members so i understand why sm pushes him.

No. 53110

I honestly don't think he has charisma. He seems boring and aren't there other nct members more popular than him.

I don't get why he is pushed when he isn't popular. Shouldn't sm push the most popular members.

No. 53112

wtf does charisma mean anyways

and look the same tbh not being raicst

No. 53113

What in the hell is this pretentious faggotry? Whilst I admit the first and third beat were nice, wtf do they have these twinks seizing on camera. Why is SM blowing through the budget capitol records gave them like it’s nothing? Keep some for when this group flops. The western gp would rather take smelly post malone and billie eilish freaky ass over this plastic overproduced shit.

No. 53114

Kpop idols look the same the same way you can find a million knock off kardashians on Instagram. When you buy your looks you end up with people looking the same because of what’s trendy.

No. 53115

wow they are subtle at all about the styling in this performance. of course nayeon, sana, tzuyu and momo get the pink outfits while the other members get the nude outfits that make them blend into the background. jeongyeon was given the worst outfit again.

No. 53116



>Stage presence

Pick one.

This gif you probably scoured the depths of K-pop hell for just doesn't show his stage presence. It just makes me feel like I need a shower. Licking your fingers is not stage presence. Tbh he is just a lame scammer. Jaehyun seems boring too. The Sm propaganda has gotten to you soldier.

No. 53117

Blinks are so delusional. It looks like he’s holding in a laugh at her yelling lmaoo

No. 53118

like… that's exactly how I feel. I want to stan out of spite.

No. 53120

Never heard a single Monsta X song but this one is pretty US radio-friendly; if they actually chart or get radioplay I will be living for the army rage

No. 53121

Thats an edited video though, he wasn't actually there lmao

No. 53123

jimin's legs are so skinny i thought it was yoongi at first lol

No. 53128

File: 1569833237464.jpg (53.69 KB, 480x592, IMG_20190930_104628_808.jpg)

No. 53129


minyoung had the face like a bulldog and the body of a refrigerator

tbh i'm even surprised they picked jihyo over somi

No. 53130

Apparently she was trained in acting for 7 years and only did singing for 3 years

No. 53131

this is why every group needs a few uglies or it's boring

No. 53132

yes a group full of irenes would flop

No. 53133

yeah, this sounds radio friendly and trendy. maybe i’m nitpicking, the nasally ennunciations aren’t great, but i doubt anyone would notice.

No. 53134

Monsta X are fine in my book. Ratmies hate them bc they get more radio exposure but they never were a super big thing, so "duurr payola durrr they support xenophobia durrr".

I mean, their english singles are meant to be radio friendly. BwL isn't. And those were never meant to become a big phenomenon like PSY's gangnam Style.

Other than this, their korean music is nice, imo. Sure, not for everyone but it's the kind of music that sure would be nice to hear and dance to in a concert, for sure.

No. 53135

They really are pushing that challenge… lol

No. 53136

delusional. at core, all kpop shit is the same souless manufactured bullshit

No. 53137

No one is saying they’re a groundbreaking talent, you moron, just that it’s funny to see ratmies get their panties in a twist.

No. 53139

>BwL isn't
??? Yes it is? Everything about BwL is as safe and friendly as possible and it got a ton of radio play in US. I'm not even an army but you sound like you're only putting monsta x on a pedestal because you have a hate boner for bts. Imo Mosta x sucks and they're all ugly, even wonho.

No. 53140

I hear bwl out in the wild at least once a month and I’m in the Midwest, USA (aka middle of nowhere.) I feel like it’s safe to say it’s a radio friendly song lmao.

No. 53144

I think their songs are all noise and they only have one attractive member (Minhyuk) but I find it funny how they improved their English in less than a year, enough to manage doing interviews without much translation, meanwhile BTS have been trying for ages now and still can't progress beyond trite basic words.

No. 53145

NTA but I think a lot of what prevented BwL from getting even more airplay had to do with the lyrical English-Korean ratio. That was sort of the point I was trying to make with >>53102. Especially considering that Halsey feature, Boy With Luv could have (and honestly… should have?) been even bigger, but they basically gave her a handful of lines to harmonize with instead of "featuring" her the way a Western audience would expect. Pair that with an awkwardly translated title and sporadic English lines and you have something that doesn't stick in the mind of the stereotypical American listener. And you're right, it did get huge. But they didn't go too far out of their way to play the game, so to speak, in the West for that track. As a result it will be a blip in Billboard's memory
I never claimed them to be an exception to any of that

No. 53146

i don't particularly care that they don't speak english it's their prerogative but i couldn't help noticing in their snl performance of mic drop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSFIwS2b-kg 1:11 and 1:30) how odd jimin's english pronunciation is. i mean it could be bc he's singing but in the course of nearly two years ferrying back and forth between korea and america i would have thought he could at least pronounce his own lines properly lol

No. 53149

nta but I couldn't agree with post more lol. To me the only one of them that comes close to being a decent dancer with stage presence is maybe haechan, but I also find him really annoying at the same time

No. 53150

i am skeptical about their chances of success bc the main thing bts had on their side was being marketed as "real" artists with a core message of "loving yourself" which was supplemented by their background of coming from a small company with 2 members who were underground rappers and their extensive universe built through their music videos, never mind the fact that on most of their songs, only three members' names show up and right at the end. nothing against monsta x but i don't think they'll particularly stand out in the oversaturated market of western pop atm, especially when you consider that simon cowell's latest attempt at a boy band has made no noise

No. 53151

but all kpop fans are the same in the eyes of normal people. whether fans like a bts twink or a monsta x twink, people all see them as ugly femcels obsessed with boy groups. armies are simply more vocal about their patheticness but it's all the same underneath.
kinda unrelated but most people don't realize how fucking disgusting fandom culture is. when did writing fan fiction about real breathing people become ok? or wasting your parents' hard earned money on idols who only see you as an atm? kpop companies are selling a fake social connection and dumb teens and even older people are eating that shit up without any second thought

No. 53152

Fandoms have always been this way. I was an 1D fan and that’s exactly how it worked back then too, people were spending their parents’ money and they were following them across the globe, often stalking them. I know tons of people who moved to London just so they could be close to them and stalk them on the daily.
It’s how fandoms work.

No. 53153

you have to look like a femcel to be seen as one. I get recommended videos on YouTube where fans post vlogs of bts concerts and some of the girls are hot. that’s how they become popular too cause other fans look up to them. hot fans do exist but they often fake it for clout. this German girl who has a Korean bf does videos like that and gets thousands of views

No. 53154

Honestly this thread has little to no room for being 'fair' because saying one good thing automatically means you're a stan or hate someone so much that you like that group.

I think kpop is slightyl different from Western fandoms in the sense that these people very genuinely believe they have some sort of relationship with these idols. Boundaries are almost non-existent so people go an stalk these idols and share info, and companies aren't willing to say much until it's serious or people complain. Idols themselves are basically actors when in public pretending to be friends and w/e.
Take those principles to a Western boy group or any group - celebs are free to act how they want (though obviously will pretend to like each other or be okay but they're far more genuine), fans may be obsessed but there seems to be a bit more of an understanding of boundaries and reality. I have no doubt that there's some delusional fans running after them but I doubt it compares to those of kpop in extremity.

No. 53155

companies actively encourage this behaviour since they know this is what brings them cash and not their ''artists'' musical talent. do most of armies genuinely believe that bts' sole past time outside work is chatting on vlive with them or twitter updates?

No. 53156

File: 1569856706417.jpg (62.82 KB, 540x350, 97d24737-e946-40a2-b0a2-6ed5bb…)

Truly an unpopular opinion

No. 53159

Blackpink have RIAA gold certified singles and charted on the Billboard Hot 100 despite writing not one single word of their songs.

This "authenticity" nonsense is just a gimmick so armys don't feel guilty over stanning yet another shallow boyband like they did with One Direction

No. 53160

They also claimed to co-write their songs

No. 53161

This is trash. They should stick to making pots and pans music.

No. 53162

It's so funny when BP fans assume YG isn't letting them express their artistic talent when the truth is most likely that they couldn't care less because all they are is malnourished ditzy models who became idols for money/attention.

No. 53163

File: 1569859105107.png (316.37 KB, 520x581, Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 16.58…)

i've had it when are they enlisting

No. 53165

I was surprised by how good they speak english. Same for nct, somehow everybody is able to - minus bts. Bighit is really dumb for not making them study more, it's been years and 6 out of 7 members still can't hold a simple conversation.
Monsta x seems nice personalitywise, so it's quite a shame that they're all butterfaces. I don't think "we're a boy group who lifts" is enough to pull in american fans.

No. 53166

Their music may be earache but shownu is one of the few kpop idols i think is attractive.

No. 53167

File: 1569859927010.jpg (164.63 KB, 1020x574, eef0cfdb-e8fd-47ca-a4b9-a2c400…)

Samefag, but…
I'm sorry guys, but not one of you looks even slightly appealing.

No. 53168

let’s not pretend they’re getting radio play organically. there’s a heavy, abnormal push behind the scenes from ratmies. I think some artists are heavily rotated by stations, too and having Halsey who is always on radio was a plus.

No. 53169

File: 1569860036303.jpg (86.48 KB, 600x872, unnamed.jpg)

she looked like yeonwoo

No. 53170

shownu? really? he's the ugliest one though…

No. 53171

File: 1569860203655.jpg (110.17 KB, 960x960, D_ii6fCXoAY8daf.jpg)

they are hideous. how tall is wonho? he looks like a manlet so i dont think he even qualifies as a butterface to non homos.

major nitpick but he has the feet of an obese person. itz gross.

No. 53172

File: 1569860324969.jpg (2.13 MB, 4380x2920, SHOWNU Monsta X.jpg)

Then you have bad taste. He's not even as good looking as Jin.

No. 53174

omg what's wrong with his feet? is he okay?

No. 53177

File: 1569860577793.jpg (25.15 KB, 266x400, 7.jpg)

was he injured or something? That kind of swelling in the foot isn't normal.
his face is awful but he's one of the rare idols who doesn't have an emaciated twink body.

No. 53178

File: 1569860701376.jpg (191.95 KB, 1200x675, EA40DxwVAAIM1gr.jpg)

Even middle aged ladies in 2 inch heels are taller than them (and they probably wear insoles).

No. 53180

they're wearing healed dress shoes with insoles in them lmaoo

No. 53181

Am I the only woman who doesn’t care if a guy is a bit short? Anything below 1.70 is a no though

No. 53183

ma'am this is a kpop thread. go maid out for clapped manlets somewhere else.

No. 53184

Yes, you're so special, you're the only women like this in the world…
There's a high possibility that they are shorter than 170cm

No. 53185

1:27 if the link doesn't work.

Honestly, I think the girls are shit at writing their own songs but it seems like they have at least some interest in that. Even without the music or zoom ins it's really obvious that they're uncomfortable with the question.

No. 53186

Bruh, did they piss off their MUA/stylist??

No. 53187

This one? Her pandering is beyond obvious. I wonder if she forces her bf to live as a Jk copycat or if he enjoys the attention himself.

No. 53188

Haha you’re right, I’m not special but I keep seeing people here calling everyone a manlet and I think they exaggerate. Most male idols are average

No. 53189

he’s a good looking guy, don’t get me wrong, but his face looks nothing like jk. he should embrace his own attractiveness instead of trying to look like him

No. 53190

That styling is no where near as bad as what most bgs are getting right now. The makeup on the one from the memes is bad though.

No. 53191

No, they always look this bad

No. 53192

I think they're actually pretty short, or maybe I'm just tall. There's a mall in korea that has the "height" of idols, along with a full body screen of them for pics I guess and their handprints. Most of their supposed heights didn't match their hand molds.

Most of the male idols' hands are fucking small kek. I remember that some of them were the same size as the handprints from female idols.

No. 53193

i have never been more offended by a kpop opinion

No. 53195

didn't jennie write stay? imo it's one of the most palatable bp songs

No. 53196

Do u even know what a twink is or u just some straight girl who watched rupauls drag race once? Kek

Well they do have the same cheekbones tho kek

Yall really wanna get this thread banned for race baiting huh just accept some ethnicities have a shorter average height and move on gals don't spoil the fun for others

He was so much cuter when he was not cosplaying bts… koreaboos really ruin everything

No. 53198

I mean, I guess he could do a pretty good cosplay of bowie with the whole crazy make up look but otherwise they don't look alike

No. 53202

Oneus new song sucks so bad

No. 53208

Those "introducing my korean/japanese boyfriend" types of youtubers are always koreaboos and weaboos.Gross.

And their channels are always asian centered.

No. 53209

Lmao naeyeon's outfit is the only one they've put in any (minimal) effort too… yikes

No. 53210

File: 1569864643311.jpg (190.87 KB, 1080x1080, EFSPfFiUwAEqfrY.jpg)

from Paris Fashion Week

No. 53211

someone needs to stand up for the rights and safety of poor east asian men who are being cruelly fetishized by white girls kek

No. 53213

unrelated but god, what ezra miller is doing to himself is just tragic.

No. 53214

isnt that dua lipp or something lol

No. 53215

no anon thats clearly a man

No. 53216

You’re being sarcastic I assume, cause I’m sure they’re enjoying the attention and the white chicks they get to shag

No. 53217

yes i was being sarcastic. i was referring to the retarded kpop fans who earnestly talk about ''fetishization'' like it's a real thing especially when it applies to guys lol. they sound jealous in fact

No. 53218

Right? Let them get some. Is it easy in general to get to date an Asian men though? I’ve heard they can be pretty conservative, unless of course they live in the west(derailing)

No. 53223

So, Jopping was leaked and it sounds like an nct 127 song. They flopped in the US so why did they think a song that sounds like 127 would work? and what was the point of adding exo and shinee members if they have the least lines? SM should just have capitol records some trainees who speak some english and let them do all the work rather than putting out this nct propaganda


No. 53224

File: 1569872220683.webm (2.23 MB, 478x270, 59dec198-1c5b-464b-8013-210443…)

Its the worst song I've ever heard and the only two with lines are Taeyong and Mark.

Kai, Baekhyun, Lucas… It's been an honor. SM is dead.

No. 53225

Those videos are always embarrassing. The non-Asian girl is doing 99% of the talking and the asian boyfriend is just staring into space

God she has shit taste, why would she want her boyfriend to look like junglebook, or any bts member for that matter

No. 53226

Samefag but Taeyong's voice is ugly as FUCK, he will never be a good rapper with a voice like that. Mark sounds like a lameass 12 year old… Ten had no lines of his own but I could still clearly hear his rap/singing in the background because of how shitty it was and Taemin's voice doesn't work on this at all…
This sucks ass. And just when I was starting to think they might not flop.

No. 53228

File: 1569873702334.jpg (16.51 KB, 306x306, kek.jpg)

the one on the right looks like he was just asked to rate his outfit with a hand gesture

No. 53229

why can't sm just come out and say that nct is a flop and move on. it's so boring seeing them making every one of their artists try make nct happen.

No. 53230

File: 1569873977052.jpg (51.04 KB, 320x320, img_0404.jpg)

99% of the comments on her videos are saying that thoand judging by the views she get's it works

Kpoppies always rave about certain idols having huuuge hands (which is supposed to be hot i guess…?) but those handprints proof otherwise kek
Chanyeol is supposed to be the tallest idol and yet… Lol

Some of exo's very early work got leaked in advance as well, so i guess this was intentional too.
>and what was the point of adding exo and shinee members if they have the least lines?
You know exactly why. All about this just proofs that this happened to push nct. Lucas and Ten only got less lines too because they're chinese.
People feel sorry for Mark because he's overworked but isn't it strange that he always gets to be part of everything? And scamming Taeong get's pushed way too much as well. Baekhyun is one of the few good singers in kpop so him having little or even just less lines than others makes zero sense - especially in such an important expensive song/debut.

No. 53231

When I saw the girls boyfriend I though he looked like penomeco or one of the guys from got7. I get emulating famous folx but at least follow your bone structure.

No. 53232

File: 1569874449823.jpg (63.36 KB, 550x366, D0tYfBMVYAEbKD-.jpg)

Chanyeol's proportions are so overhyped. He's 5'11 at best.

No. 53233

Rumors all twitter are saying Jennie went on a date with a female in Paris

No. 53234

Aka went out with a friend?

No. 53235

File: 1569875280228.jpg (123.78 KB, 800x1200, ee8f712bec579c9c05a05c75bc5908…)

If he's only 180cm what makes this the rest of exo? Or male idols in general? lol All of them are turbo manlets who only seem tall on camera because they're so ana

No. 53236

File: 1569875507429.jpg (104.69 KB, 1242x1180, unnamed.jpg)

Suho is supposed to be 5'8"…lol

No. 53237

If you want the full version (not really worth listening but still)


No. 53238


Actual date apparently

No. 53239

They both have strong bone structure and gaunt cheeks but that's where the similarities end kek.

Also I think utah suffers from a severe case of gym face, I don't understand why he doesn't just get fillers to fix it

No. 53240

>>53235 thats woozi in the pic with him and he's known to be the shortest male idol so it makes sense

No. 53241

>>53224 jesus christ, this is absolute trash. how did they think they can win over the US with a song like that?

No. 53242

don't (you) me for this but she looks really pretty here
ezra is such a freak

No. 53243

>>53238 Ok, thanks for sharing the baseless fanfic with us, delulu stan. Learn to sage.

No. 53244

File: 1569878832185.jpg (173.04 KB, 600x400, RdOmA9g.jpg)

key said on wgm that he was only 172 and he always looks like he's towering over him

No. 53245

File: 1569878931255.jpg (241.53 KB, 1080x1456, IMG_20191001_002643.jpg)

I'd believe in a heartbeat that sm is really lazy enough to waste such a gigantic opportunity by pairing up an extremely expensive mv with an old nct song…
I wonder what has exo (+taemin) done to lee so man to make him hate them so much vs why is he doing everything to make mark and co. happen?

No. 53248

Any person with ears over the age of 15 can tell that jopping sounds like absolute garbage, it's even worse than any nct song I've ever heard. It makes cherry bomb sound like mozart
The only part I like is the one around 0:25 that sounds like a ringtone lol.

Lucas and Ten should go back to china honestly, they do pretty well there I think and it's clear by that song alone that sm wants them just for the chinese money.
Anons are right, this whole project is meant to push taeyong and mark

No. 53249

>>53243 it from a French blink on Twitter who saw them. Idk I haven't seen any of her staff or models friends post anything with her on ig

No. 53250


Zimzalabim was an old Red Velvet demo, they recorded it when they made Rookie. So it makes sense that Jumping is an unreleased NCT single.

No. 53251

i cant get over how bad the main rapper looks and how much worse the second guy from the right looks. he looks so ghostly…his face is whiter than white, his long hair makes him look like like MJ in his final year ..theres no way someone can admit to liking him

No. 53252

You cant force radios to play songs, thats been a known fact for literally any fandom worldwide. The radio is a complex entity that literally does not give a shit about what fans or people want

No. 53253

you should see reddit and twitter, everyone is LAUGHING at this leak even exo/shinee/nctfags. I honestly didn't expect even those fandoms to reject the song but SM is in some deep shit now, all this money put into a US debut, and this song is going to embarrass all of Kpop and any group who thinks they have a chance in America after Americans watch this…im so sorry but Kpop is literally ruined

No. 53254

Jennie wasnt even in Paris she was in Korea and went to karaoke with Rihanna and a friend. Rose was in Paris and went on a date with Halsey (both obviously social climbers trying to secure another collab)

No. 53255

>>53254 This happened today

No. 53256

how do you know?

No. 53257

A few Jennie stans are retweeting it on twitter and OP said it was Korean girl but not one of bp members. Lisa was with her mom all day so it can't be her, but it could be one of their make-up artists but I'm not sure Jennie is that close with her to hold hands like she does with Jisoo.

No. 53259

Girls holding hands (esp East Asian girls where skinship is a thing) is more common and accepted than say, two guys holding hands though. How can you say they're dating just based on that?

No. 53260

rose was holding halseys hand, does that mean they're dating

No. 53261

This pic actually shows that he's indeed tall because Zendaya is 1.78… and she's wearing heels

No. 53262

I wonder how the fck capitol records green lit this??? I mean did they just let SM run everything? Cause that was a mistake… they should've given at least some input on what would be radio friendly in the US

No. 53263

>SM new artist is not one boy group and one girl group. It's a coed group of male and female idols, planning to debut in the first half of 2020…
it just keeps getting worse. could all this self sabotage be intentional? like kpop insurance fraud?

No. 53264

co-ed groups never work especially since sm idols love to date each other i can't see this ending well

No. 53265

jennie is the last female idol i'd suspect of being a lesbian lmao are blinks really that delusional

No. 53266

Sounds a lot like this actually. Gay men and drags popped up in my head when I heard it

No. 53267

File: 1569898956663.jpg (274.4 KB, 317x563, hMgkiTq.jpg)

Jungkook's girlfriend changed up her look recently

She seems to be doing fine so Bighit didn't threaten to kill her or her tat2luv friends or anything

No. 53268

did she get surgery on her ears? gross.

No. 53269

Anon can’t even provide us screenshots in regards to the Jennie rumour. Don’t just tell us, show us

No. 53270

she looks like suga and has such a suga vibe

No. 53271

File: 1569900783196.jpeg (937.46 KB, 3072x3072, 3CDF259C-B74F-4F28-950B-FE255A…)

Is it just me or does Lisa’s nose look like it’s been touched by an angel (again)? I always thought she had had a pretty good rhinoplasty but her nose looks freaking weird in her fashion week pictures.

No. 53272

i can't believe jungkook is dating a fakeboi that's so funny

No. 53273

She looks like a doll, but in a bad way

No. 53274

she looks fine anon

No. 53275

Probably the colored lenses. They make you look soulless

No. 53276

not surprising, lots of ppl were saying it sounded like some drag song

No. 53277

her nose actually looks good, still relatively flat like her original nose, only filler to bring it up and lots of contouring on the sides. much better than the pointy nostril exposing surgeries (nayeon) we see with most idols. what do you mean by angel?

No. 53278

just because you dont like the look of it doesn't mean its gross

No. 53279

When did Twice appropriate Arabic culture?

No. 53281

good thing everyone in kpop collectively hates jopping

No. 53283

Can't believe SM wants to rip off KARD of all concepts kek

No. 53284

Zzb was recorded in 2012-13 and was almost gonna go to SNSD instead of I Got A Boy

Good fucking god this is by far the worst song this year, and this year has been full of some real stinkers. SM is the "how do you do fellow kids" meme personified; they have absolutely NO idea about the American market holy shit

No. 53299

File: 1569921295208.jpg (31.04 KB, 407x800, download.jpg)

Chanyeol promoted Zico's new song (but not Chen's), so now people rightfully wonder how much he is part of that/knew about his friends being scum https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2019/09/enter-talk-chanyeol-ah-why-now-of-all.html?m=1

No. 53300

Does anyone know why sulli is sm's favorite? I always thought that it would be krystal (before sulli left). In jennie's case the reason is clear (her mom is some higher up & rich af), but what about sulli? Whats so special about her? I never noticed sm treating her differently before she left f(x).

No. 53301

she makes a lot of money for sm from cfs and was one of the only idols that didn't waste a bunch of money at dr. kim's office getting a new face

No. 53302

The tvxq dudes are probably the only decent looking men left in sm kek

No. 53303

File: 1569922356741.jpg (138.23 KB, 1080x789, 20191001_163226.jpg)

Lmao and it's only been 2 days

No. 53305

Yes please, you don't even need an account, do it anons lol

No. 53307

LMAO BP/Jennie stans pissed Cardi B off

No. 53309

File: 1569929808256.jpg (50.87 KB, 339x611, IMG_20191001_133636_862.jpg)

Ezra miller has some mental problems, like I can understand those ugly incels who act like trannies, but he is a hot guy or maybe he is dressing like a tranny so he can get away with being more close to women because if he was dressed in his usual male self then he would not get away with holding Roses waist.
Lmao so they are like 169-170cm, pathetic. So basically all of exo are manlets except for Chanyeol and Sehun.

Hyuna looks better now,but why the fuck is she dressing like a granny? Does she even have a stylist,because if she doesn't she desperately needs to hire one.

No. 53310

>>53309 Hyuna looks good if she dresses classily because her face is sensual. If she or her agency knew how to manage her image she'd be doing perfume or makeup ads for French brands.

No. 53311

File: 1569930796561.jpeg (67.32 KB, 720x479, EFyfdUIVAAI1ZHY.jpeg)


No. 53312

nothing wrong with this outfit

No. 53316

haha i didnt think anyone was actually gonna go do it, cheers guys!

No. 53317

she looks better than she has in a long time. Hyuna is definitely past her peak but she still performs/does CFs regularly so I'm thinking she might actually be able to pull off a successful comeback with Psy's company. Sucks that kpop is so harsh about females aging, Beyonce has a decade on Hyuna and no one thinks of her as old.

No. 53319

Good for her, she's looking good.

No. 53320

Maybe its because her ps actually made her LOOK old and sickly because of her weight, compared to beyonce, who has a full figure. I do hope hyuna gets better, along with her looks

No. 53321

Hmmm….Jennie and that one photographer seem to like taking these "for fun" and pre-shoot pictures using their phones lately.

No. 53322

why does jennie's outfit look like it came from the chasms of early 2000s hell

No. 53324

I know I’ll get attacked for this but Jennie looks stunning in that pic, her face that is. The outfit is ridiculous

No. 53325

She looks pretty there because she's sitting next to cardi b of all people lmao

No. 53327

>>53311 Cardi B and Jennie's outfit choices make Chanel look cheap and trashy, goodness I didnt think a Chanel suit could look cheap. Jennie's top looks like Barbie doll kids line from Mattel and the illfitting jeans and purple cardigan is dollar store depressing. The two fashion disasters make Grandma Wintour look sleek and young lmao

No. 53329

File: 1569937603863.png (70.39 KB, 480x610, Screenshot_20191001-125137.png)

Classy has nothing to do with how much clothes you wear. I bet you wouldn't think of Amish girls as classy.
Hyuna was the most popular and loved in korea and she always dressed skanky and slutty..but back then she used to dress good she was dressed in things that suit her body type and were trendy and youthful.
But now she dresses horribly wherever it be her dressing modestly or her dressing skanky.
She is in desperate need of a stylist and a makeup artist.

No. 53332

Granny clothes are the trend in sk now

No. 53333

I love the skirt though

No. 53334

He did promote Chen's. The songs dropped a day apart.

I've always found Chanyeol a little sus though. Maybe he really just didn't know but like the Jonghyun connection is so off-putting.

No. 53340

Didn't Sehun hang out with Seungri a lot too?

No. 53341

Fangirls are psychopathic and will do anything to believe their oppar is innocent. There are still fangirls defending seungri so what makes you surprised that fangirls are silencing anyone suspicious of chanyeol.
First his fans were saying just because he is best friends with Jung-joon-young that doesn't mean that he knows anything and isn't related to anything,and now he supports zico and his fans are still saying chanyeol is a innocent boy who ofc doesn't know anything.
Chanyeol was in jung-joon-young clique so he probably knows something,but we will never find out because he has a strong company shielding him.

No. 53355

File: 1569949214247.jpg (844.75 KB, 1666x2500, YX0m23S.jpg)

Did they pick their clothers in the dark or…?
Taeyong channeling britney showing his belly button and small waist

No. 53358

why do they look so BAD

No. 53362

They look like twinks

No. 53364

File: 1569949723141.jpg (89.43 KB, 1024x1024, EFzOrhyVUAARQHl.jpg)

He looks gross. It's a bold decision to give the firetruck 127 stylists creative control on a high-stakes project you want to make money with.

Top kek at them shooping the manlet line way taller. Something doesn't add up.

No. 53367

Why cant they make these SuperM dudes look sleek or superhero like instead ? They look like kids playing dress up.

No. 53370

Whos the dude in leopard pants, snake print top and purple hair lmao. Why is Taemin in gingham pants? Why is Kai carrying a shiny manpurse on his chest?

No. 53371

are you one of those people who thinks mixxmix type clothes are still trendy in SK right now?

No. 53373

I feel like BP girls are pretty but they don’t have chemistry or talent and that’s why they’re not loved. Twice have catchier songs too imo, by Korean standards at least. Everywhere I went they were playing fancy. Btw they play bts all the time there on the radio, even in trendier cafés. You can’t get away.

No. 53374

File: 1569953022870.png (285.73 KB, 209x598, Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 2.03.…)

why is he posing like a drag queen when the rest of them are just standing lmao

No. 53375

The pout, I'm crying
Not a single one of them looks good in that pic

No. 53376

god what is wrong with his face

No. 53377

nct taeyong

No. 53378

Ten and Kai are wearing actual clown shoes. Jfc they're not even ugly, they could make them look handsome if they wanted to but instead they chose..that
If they actually think americans will be into this they're in for a rude awakening

No. 53379

File: 1569955674309.jpg (192.25 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20191001-154247_Ins…)

sage for not integrating much but I went on her ig to check what the hell you were talking about and god is she bad at photoshop! What the fuck is happening to her arm?

No. 53381

File: 1569955885339.jpg (134.22 KB, 1077x1347, Screenshot_20191001-154252_Ins…)

sorry for samefag, but look at the shade around her waist and (her) left arm, jesus

No. 53382

I don't think it's her specifically, it's whoever is editing her photos. My friend bought BP's Summer Diary thing and 95% of the photos in that book were poorly edited.

No. 53383

File: 1569957914228.jpeg (131.01 KB, 690x748, 2D915C36-0250-49D1-9DD5-FBC48C…)

johnny annoys me so much. he’s like the most useless member but from the way he acts i legit think he believes he’s so handsome and funny. and the whole training for a decade thing? dude was so desperate to become famous

No. 53384

These look like shots from a high class escort's calling card tbh. Is she showing off for sponsors now?

No. 53387

File: 1569960850664.jpg (326.49 KB, 1233x1920, tumblr_ojroopSs1S1v6bamko1_128…)

They messed up all their heights, Kai is also a lot taller than e.g. Baekhyun but here even twinkie Taeyong and Ten are taller than him…? And the outfits are so trashy, Taeyong again stands out way too much, the rest (maybe minus Taemin) is just a baggy mess.

She's clearly trying to look underaged, right? Gross
Also, her and the other slaying human gucci queens made 4000$ for yg this year http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/10/yg-profits-5-million-won-in-their-3rd.html?m=1
[+34, -0] Black Pink's stupid fangirls have been shielding them saying their popularity is unrivaled so where are they all now?????? Yeah, Black Pink is sure amazing for turning a 5 million won profit
[+27, -0] The self-proclaimed world stars Black Pink made 5 million won for YG
[+16, -0] No matter how much Black Pink tries to media play their way into popularity, it's all a lie. Their concert was empty despite so many free tickets being given out through sponsorships so there's no profit in that. Their fandom isn't that big or strong so there's no profit in fan merch.. They don't sell a lot of albums… They sell a lot digitally and get a lot of YouTube views thanks to their South East Asian fans but that's about it.. and you definitely can't make money with those two things alone.

No. 53388

closeup of Taemin Kai Taeyong for thread #36 banner pic PLZ thanks

No. 53393

First off, that photoshop kek. Kai and Lucas are the tallest yet were ps to the same height as the others. Those outfits look like what 15 year old e boys wear, probably worse.
The Blackpink thing gotta be a miscount or something. How can they have all these sponsors and get invited to all these event to make $4.000? That's just sad lmao

No. 53398

File: 1569965449830.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.3 KB, 564x998, Vogue Korea July 18 2018.jpg)

It's no secret Jennie is intended to attract pedos and an audience of grown men wanting a 'mature woman', no different from Britney Spear's situation back in the day. I've always felt that for Blackpink, black is supposed to equal mature while pink is supposed to be lolita pedo shit… and Jennie's the one who's pushed the most to embody that shit, like this photoshoot. It's no wonder yhs values her so much to be the 'it girl' he always wanted.

No. 53399

This new Twice song sounds familiar. The intro reminds me of Lonely Together by Avicii (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ3XgMKAgxc), but I'm pretty sure I've already heard the chorus too. Any idea?

No. 53401



Nothing says "Just for fun" like taking a picture that gives you POV of getting a BJ

No. 53402



words aren't necessary if you're holding a naked barbie doll

No. 53404

holy fuck who is the fourth guy to the left and why the fuck does he look like JACKSON

No. 53405

File: 1569966609982.png (899.57 KB, 881x563, aiiyl.PNG)

Idk. Can I get some more opinions from ppl on this? I'm not saying youre wrong, it just isnt clear to me. Solo was a pretty mature concept, so is her whole human gucci/chanel (whatever it is) thing. Jennie's voice has a fairly rich dark tone .. & the lyrics/parts she's given, & the roles she plays in mvs, aren't immature/innocent or even particularly come-hither. If anyone in BP is cutesy pedo bait, isnt it Rose? I especially think rose is forced to put on that high-pitched voice in interviews/vlives, it's obviously not natural.

Attached pic is one moment where i totally agreed with you, but just for a second, cuz i never rly saw anything like this again from Jennie.

If what youre saying is true, is that why her crying/panicking on that one show made her popular? Men want girls helplessly overreacting?

No. 53406

Seems like her fans are dumb enough to not notice that she jumps from a D cup to a toddlerlike chest within a day

That's Taemin

No. 53407

it’s a given that bp were told to be all aegyo for da pedos

No. 53408

shit really?? why tf does he look so different
also samefag

No. 53410


She has been really comfortable with these photographers lately. Guaranteed they have some spicy photos they are keeping to themselves

Cute couple btw


No. 53411


She has been really comfortable with these photographers lately. Guaranteed they have some spicy photos they are keeping to themselves

Cute couple btw


No. 53412

None of these guys really look like Jackson, you're just suffering from all-kpop-idols-look-the-same syndrome. 'Cause they do.

Taemin is dressed like the wannabe counterculture Hot Topic skater kids of the early 2000s, which weirds me out. Trends really do come full circle huh.

I guess I don't "get" aegyo then. Aegyo to me is embodied in SNSD Gee, or anything by Lovelyz. Not bp.

No. 53413

File: 1569968527045.jpeg (689.87 KB, 466x1239, A5E010B4-6096-4A52-B302-65B446…)

Whats wrong with his head? Kek
Kinda reminds me of megamind

No. 53414

KimHeeJune/김희준 really likes working with Blackpink, and well, mostly Jennie
really doesn't help he also photographed the picture shown in >>53398 from this magazine photoshoot(same fag); he's credited as said photopgraher. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlXRW6YFvPg/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=dlfix
he even photographed jennie like this for her solo https://twitter.com/lazymodel/status/1087137681128255494
everyone, even most people who are used to pedo-themes felt disturbed when her solo teasers came out.

No. 53415


I wouldn't be surprised if he is low-key obsessed with Jennie. He seems to be the only male (outside of family) that Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose allows to follow them on their private IG accounts.

I wonder how long it takes for Kim Hee June to convince Jennie into taking a topless or implied nudity photoshoot with him.

No. 53417

(same fag)
yg really loves this guy, to author 'Blackpink's first japanese official photobook' under his name.

with yg having a massive financial disappointment, it probably wouldn't be long for jennie and all of blackpink to do so, if they aren't already.

No. 53418

lmao that's a fivehead. How many fiveheads are being concealed by Kpop bowl head hair cut?

No. 53419


Knetz are quite woke that BTS can't really sing. Knetizen is a BTS biased website and even they translate such articles shading Jimincel

No. 53420

where did you find this?

No. 53421

Taeyong is the Jennie of Superm, they're making him stand out in any way possible. I still don't understand why tf SM couldn't hire a competent pr team to appeal to the american public better, the group hasn't even debuted yet and they're already fucking up in so many ways. Can't wait to see what SM is gonna do next if (when) this group flops

No. 53423

File: 1569976802536.jpg (46.94 KB, 936x470, Clipboard02.jpg)

It's an image thread, ffs

No. 53424

I just dont understand how this group is supposed to appeal to western audiences. Like, what is their end game here?

No. 53426

KPOP in America is a joke anyway

America is way to racist to Asians especially Asian men

No. 53427

File: 1569977565085.jpg (67.92 KB, 740x470, Screenshot_27.jpg)


Anon, i…(derailing)

No. 53428

I’m glad produce is probably over. It’s obvious their seasons were rigged and I can’t wait for the waterfalls and excuses stans are going to make when the real ranking comes out. x1fags are already screeching about how they don’t care even though it’s fact that the rankings were rigged.

No. 53429

Asians care more about education and have bigger families

But they face the most casual racism because it is more socially acceptable(derailing)

No. 53430

honestly if a korean group could actually release songs in fluent english I feel like with enough promotion it could probably be successful. But americans on average are really intolerant of music in other languages or with a noticeable foreign accent. But no kpop company is ready to risk investing in building a group of native english speakers and marketing their group in the US. Making money in Japan and SEA is just easier and more reliable.

No. 53431

>But americans on average are really intolerant of music in other languages or with a noticeable foreign accent
Are you even American? The only Americans who that applies to are literal boomers, obviously not Sperm's target demographic. Zoomers and Millennials don't care.

No. 53432

I'm southern lol, maybe that influences how I feel.
But I definitely think part of the issue keeping kpop from being mainstream is that only young people are interested. It's kind of like how a "youtube celebrity" is famous but like only in a really narrow demographic.
Fundamentally teen kpop stans don't have a lot of disposable income, which makes kpop in the US super unprofitable. You need an older fanbase to earn a real income.

No. 53433

Nta but yea they kinda do. Unless theyre like, former weebs, most people are still put off by kpop. From what ive seen, Americans dont like cute concepts because its too childish and pedophilic (fair, also everything in the US music industry is sexualized so of course its off putting). Ive also heard people at my college say they hate Korean rappers and hip hop concepts because they come off super try-hard. Tbh that's probably whats gonna happen w SperM. No ones gonna take them seriously bc theyre trying to hard

No. 53436

the high pitches voice bp does is aegyo. the pictures from instagram anons were linking were more lolita/underaged vibes than just plain aegyo
zoomers and milenials who aren't already into east asian culture hate kpop and tend to make fun of it and call it a disease/cancer/etc,. even weebs hate kpop. plus in america people don't spend money on albums like they used to unless your a stan or its on itunes/google play and only stream (part of the reason why american pop is dying). they are bleeding money from this superm project. the only reason why a group like bts is successful is because 1D died and their older fans were supporting them. older shinee fans and exols dong like superm and american genx would just laugh at it.

No. 53441

File: 1569983531917.jpeg (287.08 KB, 750x1149, 2768D49F-5E4F-4F42-A5FB-63F0E8…)


No. 53442

oh man, this is gonna be ridiculous and embarrassing.

No. 53443

File: 1569984203140.jpg (4.82 MB, 640x398, kKTzfFA.jpg)

Taeyong really sets off my gaydar.

No. 53444

>>53423 Is this Kim Hee June fella another Rotta? Jennie looks like a cheap goth version of Lolita Sulli

No. 53446

File: 1569985948019.jpg (132.83 KB, 1357x759, Screenshot.jpg)

Possibly? He seems to really go out of his way to work with jennie, but he shot these photos assumingly very recently in what looks to be her hotel room. Those two seem to go out of their way to be alone together a lot recently. Considering the other girls are also at fashion shows right now, but he's with Jennie in Paris

No. 53448

Hard disagree. The lack of English is the MAIN factor in kpop not going further in the U.S. I'm right in between the boomers & whatever teens are being called today, with many personal contacts on both ends so I kinda feel I can speak to this. "How can you listen to a language you don't know" is the #1 objection regardless of how good the song is, how cool the dance/mv is or how beautiful the idols are.

FWIW I only got into kpop & learned everything about it bc I was off work for a couple yrs on medical & I literally had all the time in the world. Never would have happened on a normal or even "light" regular adult's daily schedule.
Sage for blogging.

This is gonna be so sad & hard to watch. There won't be anywhere NEAR the hysteria of when BTS was on. Omg I'm already cringing. RIP Super Sperm.

No. 53450

I think the main issue is that most people can easily see how manufactured and creepy everything is when it comes to kpop.
The average american person would say that the music sucks, that they look gay and all alike and that it's too foreign and tryhard.

You'd must have been a weeb or a 1D fan already to be open to this type of thing. Or literally 12

No. 53451

>>53145 here, I agree with you and I'm curious to know what you think of BTS' allergy to English, despite the English-speaking market contributing the most to their filler funds. I feel like if there were ever to be an emergence of K-pop in the American mainstream, it would have to be now and with them considering their overwhelming popularity. It doesn't make sense to me from a marketing standpoint. maybe from a nationalist one though kek

No. 53453

Did he take these extra shots with the other 3? This guys seems like a creep forcing his way into BP's private lives. He found a way to get Jennie and Jisoo to accept his follow request on their private ig accounts they did a photoshoot for the Jalouse Mag. Then he did the same with Rose after he worked with her on the solo magazine cover she did.

He has been Paris with Blackpink this whole time. I know he took pictures of Lisa but I'm not sure about Rose (or Jisoo when she was in London). He was also with Lisa,Rose, and Jisoo when they went to NYC without Jennie. Then followed Jennie when she went to Paris for her 1st Chanel show.

No. 53455

Found this:

"Little snippet I picked up - only relevant to Blackpink fans - is that Lisa's favourite manager who used to accompany her everywhere is no longer allowed to travel with her, because during their tour he helped Lisa arrange a secret date/dates with whichever idol her boyfriend is, and he didn't inform the company. YGE found out somehow (making another rumour fit, it may have been the other idol's company), and that's why the manager has accompanied other members on trips since, but has been demoted to airport drop-offs and collections only for Lisa."

Not sure if true, but I personally have noticed YG playing manager roulette with who BP travels with.

No. 53456

Where is this from anon?

No. 53457

Somebody posted this on another forum. The poster could've just made the same observation I did and made up some stuff for brownie points. But I have to admit something most likely did happen with the managers for YG to make these changes.

No. 53464

Never 4get people hail sulli as a proud independent feminist kween when she made lolitacore photoshoots with a convicted pedophile. Idk why people defend her so much, she abandoned her group while still profiting off working for SM, shallow, attention seeking as hell. Let's be honest her departure is what sealed f(x) fate although it's clear the other girls didn't care either.

No. 53466

Apparently Rose stans on twitter are hyping up a Rose and Jennie subunit thats going to happen soon. Someone claims they got flight info that says Rose and Jennie are going to fly back to Paris for something, so maybe filming a mv

No. 53468

Many american fans are fascinated by the fakeness esp the psychological manipulation, the marketing, the fan service, skinship etc. & how the kpop idol system would never work in the US, we have too many laws preventing the mistreatment & we don't have their insanely strong, almost autistic work ethic. Also we like to sue or threaten to sue at even the slightest hint of trouble lol. I feel kpop is just our random, nerdy lil interest in this sense. The gp, in the car flipping thru top 40 radio stations, doesn't care about any of this, they just want to hear a catchy song .. & they won't sit & listen to a song that's not in English.

But this is also why I don't play Tori Amos or Steely Dan when I have guests in my car, I play a workout playlist (all fun pop/rock) or let them pick a radio station. People don't want to be forced through a music history or media marketing lesson, or a foreign language lesson, they want to be entertained.

Ummm don't those two hate each other? This is gonna be so uncomfortable. And will Rose stans still sperg out bc "BUT THAT'S NOT ROSE SOLO" ?

No. 53470

maybe there's been tension between them because they've been spending too much time together lately lol

No. 53471


ngl…getting eddy vibes from this…kek

No. 53472

File: 1570005102015.jpeg (49.81 KB, 720x378, B0BAF028-0592-4B20-A986-47FA8E…)

Wait I’m so confused, I’ve seen ppl say that rose and jennie hate eachother and something happened at coachella?? can someone explain to me what happened did they get in argument or smthn

No. 53473

File: 1570006261192.png (81.82 KB, 974x404, Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 09.49…)

bts about the SA concert in their hollywood reporter article. wow such woke kings

No. 53475

He also said
>"BTS doesn't talk about big issues like war or peace, or global poverty or starvation, or things like that," RM says, shooting down the question.
My guy, your Unicef campaign is collecting money for Yemen?? And what about you being woke on your vlive talking about Palestine? And that ‘Am i wrong’ song? Clowns

No. 53476

File: 1570009327101.jpeg (388.23 KB, 1538x2048, FA55D694-5262-4C4E-86BC-699CB6…)

speaking of ediot look how botched she be lookin here

No. 53477

typical ratmon cope out. "we're going to SA because we were invited!!", "i wrote this sexist song because i didn't know better!!", "i don't support lgbt, i just really liked this gay song, that's it!!

No. 53478

This has already been discussed. Lurk more before posting & try to integrate.

They said so much yet said so little, I'm actually impressed .. kings of diplomacy

No. 53479

The uncle fans' fanchant is so damn annoying and i know theyre wearing casual clothes since its just an event but what the heck is jihyo wearing? She looks like a housewife doing chores

No. 53480

lmao meanwhile gradeschooler Momo carries a soft toy backpack while dancing

No. 53482

Dont forget this teaser too, it just screams pedophilia kek

No. 53483

Lmao its hilarious

No. 53484

This is fucked. "Who cares about corruption, murder and genocide. We got an invitation! we gots to go."

For the only member who speaks english, he needs to understand what his words actually mean. It's fucked no matter what that they'll play in SA with no regard as to why people are pissed off.

No. 53485

Ew i'm surprised he still looks that bad irl with all those "korean skincare treatments" and ps kek

No. 53487

I just realized that SuPERM sounding like sperm plays well with their first song being named Jopping, ejaculating on someone's ears aka S(u)PERM in the fans ears.
Whoever came up with this at SM might be the greatest genius of them all(and maybe holding a personal grudge against the group members lmao).

No. 53488

Yeah someone else has already said it 3 days ago >>53007

No. 53489

This literally contradicts the whole group concept and the woke propaganda they have been putting on. He really fucked up saying this lmaoo

No. 53490

I'm a bit slow.

No. 53491

Slightly off topic but unicef probably doesnt call them out cause SA has been very GENEROUS to them, not to mention they also have a project together for 2023

UNICEF acknowledges Saudi Arabia's 'generous support' for its projects

In the end money always talks. So much for our woke too-good-for-kpop kingz.

No. 53494

Welp… everybody’s corrupted. Not a surprise but it makes me sick to the stomach.

I wonder how ratmys will keep their head up after tgis whole mess. They’re already denying the article, saying it can’t be true since it never was a reliable article. I mean, yeah, they’re xenophobic and racist but you can’t deny those quotes and pretty sure the reporter wouldn’t risk anything against bighit and the most toxic fanbase of them all in stan twt.

No. 53497


this dude isn’t a kpop “”idol”” or even korean to begin with so i don’t know why people keep shitting up the thread with him. probably self posting because he wants to be included in kpop discussions which is so embarrassing. “ediot” is trying so hard, you can tell it’s him or his fans trying to blend in kek, post your filipino koreaboo oppar somewhere else

No. 53498

I know SM's pushing superm in the us, but wouldnt it seem ridiculous to see them in ellen when theyve only "debuted", havent had a single hit song in the us, and all of them are nobodies in general? whatve they achieved? i mean, bts were invited at the bbmas, so i can kinda get why they were in ellen, but whats superm got aside from money? overall, them being invited to ellen doesnt make any sense.

No. 53499

some armies on twitter are angry at bts’ rather lacklustre response the saudi human rights issue and their concert there, and other armies are sending them death threats for even daring to criticise bts. the fandom is imploding omg

No. 53500

Ratmies are really pissed about the article kek
They wanna now fire the reporter

No. 53501

You sound painfully underage. You can make an argument for some of her photoshoots having a soft lolita sulli 2.0 feel to them, but there’s nothing sexual about these photos.

No. 53502

File: 1570028741947.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 3271DD2D-088F-4CFD-9618-656972…)

No. 53503

File: 1570028773690.png (792.94 KB, 828x1792, DD936080-98BF-4858-82AA-B78477…)

No. 53504

File: 1570028824591.jpg (22.77 KB, 360x360, EF36cp7WoAE218m.jpg)

love that he has to use a mask to cover the fact he hacked off half his jaw

No. 53505

They all wear those masks, all the damn time.

No. 53506

File: 1570028921991.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, EE7BCC0C-84B2-43E9-A606-274DDE…)

fans thinking they know anything about the personal politics and morals of bts is straight up delusional

No. 53507

File: 1570029299567.jpeg (338.75 KB, 1152x2048, 9349E9EE-B848-4FF3-94C2-FB4E36…)

Twitter stans are pissed that the Hollywood reporter article mentions Jonghyun. I get being pissed at the “this random kpop guy took his own life because kpop is hard :(“ attitude and not unpacking all the cultural and societal nuances, but the idol industry exacerbates everything wrong with the korean industry at large.

Stans are even calling it an anti-kpop agenda for the love of god. There’s racism and xenophobia then there’s having a brain and recognizing human exploitation and the human cost. For fucks sake, these companies aren’t out here trying to actually cultivate talent and create something that people can enjoy together, they’re creating a whole apparatus to exploit consumers.

Shinee fans are upset that they’re treating his name like a nugu idol and not portraying him as well respected/influential as he was and I understand that. Like this isn’t a Snapple lid fact, this is a human.

No. 53508

Fans might be batshit but imploding is generous. They’ll let this roll off their shoulders and go back to doing whatever the hell they want. Big Hit was won the kpop game that’s for fucking sure. It’s cult like the way these ratmies respond.

No. 53509

To be honest I think kpopfags are some used to the heavily sanitized news around kpop from Korea that they forget how journalism actually works. THR did the right thing by sending a 40+ old man lmao

No. 53510

File: 1570030060490.jpeg (411.34 KB, 1242x768, 58A323F7-349A-4135-9F84-7ECECC…)

The absolute fucking delusion.

No. 53511

“We don’t kill people anymore”

No. 53512

File: 1570030647314.jpeg (576 KB, 1242x1110, 1B272DFC-EB07-4621-9A88-283545…)

This person seems to understand the most. BTS is inconsistent and them deciding to follow the politics their fans push onto them led to this.

No. 53513

File: 1570030781861.jpeg (378.76 KB, 1242x748, 35E2943D-C5E0-47E4-81A0-8F9304…)

No. 53514

Mhm. If they didn't sit there releasing albums about loving yourself and talking about that, it would be controversial for them to perform in an oppressive country but not a complete disregard of their 'ideology'

Fans are gonna forget this ever happened once its done and over with. Just need some morality points.

No. 53516

File: 1570032229333.jpeg (227.82 KB, 1440x1080, EF4VlhNXkAIkmez.jpeg)

No. 53517

How old are the people in this thread? Many Asian people wear the masks, I see it all the time esp in airports, theme parks etc. Koreans especially have a deep-seated superstition about air/wind (?) that goes back many generations, look it up, it's also connected with the idea that fans running at night can hurt or kill you.

Not racebait, just some of you NEED to learn to google shit & integrate better. Many of you found this thread after googling these types of controversial topics & finding nothing bc it's all libtard sjws sobbing all over twitter & the main kpop forums. Don't ruin the one place they have for objective discussion.

Jennie's pics are NOT overly sexual, you're reading too much into it, it's loosely lolita concept, go do some reading on the topic it's quite fascinating

And ya sometimes the masks are there to conceal plastic surgery or hide face from fans/paps but the practice goes back way further, go read some books, then read every thread of kpop critical starting @ #1, then come back & try to integrate.

No. 53518

wouldn't surprise me,he sets of my gaydar too. He gives of the bitchy gay dude vibe

No. 53519

was about to agree with this until i saw ''superm'' on the account handle,ew nctfags.
Nctflop fans have no right to talk.

No. 53520

Stop sperging over someone telling you you’re wrong

No. 53521

File: 1570033304006.jpeg (62.02 KB, 1069x618, EF3IF_QX0AAGAnb.jpeg)

This RM quote has them "defamation". They must've really brought into the bs if they don't think most if not all idols share this mentality. Their entire industry is driven by them competing against each other so of course they'd want to be better than other groups even if they don't say it on camera.

No. 53523

there's people saying that RM didn't say the part in the brackets as if it makes a difference.. hopefully after this interview there will be less "bts are humble and woke kings". nothing is really shocking about what he said

No. 53524

Next thread pic nomination
Bellydancer taeyong would be great too

No. 53526

Superm going on ellen will be a cringe fast. Not because of the nct members(they may be flops but atleast they know how to behave) but because of the exo members.
We all know how exo behaved in that iheartradio interview making fun of the interviewer,being awkward and judging…so i can only wonder how baekhyun and kai will act like on ellen….

Also does anyone have the link to that bts interview?

No. 53527

Kpop fans are so xenophobic against their own people as it was mentioned earlier. Why do they think their precious kpop twinks are too good to learn english even though they wanna drain money out of american pre teen girls? They genuinely think it's racist to think they should know minimum english. Even Little Mix made demos in korean.

No. 53529



US Magazine shits on Kpop in a BTS feature lmao. Skin whitening, Jhope's juice cleanse (wtf), Jonghyun's suicide, "synth pop idols" etc it's full of unflattering shade. If Rapmon's English is good enough to understand the shade they should be seething. Armies have a new enemy lulz

No. 53534

File: 1570041348260.jpg (36.81 KB, 587x309, 67868765.JPG)

How are people this delusional? There was nothing wrong with the article. People are accusing him of racism and ethnocentrism. The fuck.
The article sounded like an average American adult's perspective on BTS. The fans and people catering to them are so up their asses they can't realize that most of America doesn't have extensive knowledge about other countries - especially Korea - and they barely care about kpop if they're working 9-5 jobs trying to make a living. Of course a journalist didn't write an article for the fans (most of whom aren't working yet and don't know what it's like to not have any free time). He doesn't need to. They already know everything there is to know about BTS anyway. My hate for ratmies grows everyday.

No. 53535

so i guess this confirms that them going to sa is a political thing

No. 53537

I fucking hate how everytime someone doesn't kiss bts's ass the stans scream xenophobia and racism
They're so stupid istg

No. 53538

File: 1570042214952.png (335.47 KB, 594x582, Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 19.49…)

i distinctly remember a line in his own billboard interview with bts about him having the korean language skills of a child so what's his excuse

No. 53539

not an exo stan but this just proves it would have been them meeting trump if they had been asked

No. 53540

if bts don't need to be introduced and explained in 2019 then why shouldn't a person who doesn't speak korean interview them… are they niche or not

No. 53541

lol what a fag

No. 53542

File: 1570045427071.jpeg (466.21 KB, 1575x2048, E5451715-88A1-4AA2-8D12-0E035F…)

so sperm is going on tour

No. 53543

The hubris lmao

No. 53544

this is one direction, jonas brothers, twilight, 50 shades of grey, etc all over again, but with even more manufacturing and the de-sensitization of their target.

No. 53545

Do you ever think they regret being an idol after knowing their fans are just greasy old guys?

No. 53546

These guys would never get to touch girls like them otherwise, not in a million years. How sad.

No. 53547

That's probably why they dress like grannies. To deter the uncle fan pervs. Doubt any idol trainee is naive about the Kpop industry sexualization and fanservice.

No. 53548

you know most idol trainees are 13 year olds with shitty stage parents, right?

No. 53549

most of their fans are not old guys, anon

No. 53550

They aint just going on tour, they booked ARENAS for an undebuted group with no music, selling the tickets for only $50 (WHAT???) and bundling them with albums (bts didnt even do this) to try and get #1 on billboard albums chart next week. lots of kpop groups have booked only auditoriums this year with only 1000 seats and they didnt sell out.

These 10k-20k venues are gonna be embarrassingly empty as exols are boycotting again since videos have come out of Baekhyun being unable to stand and Kai having breathing problems the past few weeks from being overworked.

This is more embarrassing than Blackpink's tour

No. 53551

You know most 13 year olds have met creepy old dudes and skeevy pervs who eye them up and down sexually at playgrounds, outside schools, at random public places right? Most of them have parents who tell them not to enter the Kpop industry if anything, because it usually means your child will practice late and miss classes while being pressured into cutting their faces up to look prettier, all while getting paid infrequently unless they debut and turn a profit. Most Korean parents wants their kids to become civil servants or professionals, not idols, even acting is seen as more respectable because they are a serious profession that doesnt entail performing sexy dances for army recruits. Pushy stage parents are a minority maybe the Itzy girls or Chenle.

In Korea despite the money, idols are seen by society as a lower profession (nobody cares about their opinion on politics or serious issues) like teen-focused performers compared to actors, accountants, doctors, lawyers, civil servants etc because they are not well educated/talented and many get plastic surgery to make it, even the few who successfully debut are mostly picked for looks or sex appeal over talent(see JYP Miyoung). Too many idols end up like Kang Sunghoon, Kangta or Luna peddling music lessons or makeup online or Sulli filming nipslip videos. Korean parents rather their kids be nerdy geeks.

No. 53552

This article actually did have shades of racism, not sure why people are denying it but bringing up Jonghyun as if he has anything to do with this article, and some random murder in SA, how did bighit even approve this

No. 53553

Wouldnt believe it, for the VMAs someone got flight info that Blackpink was flying to New Jersey that day where the award show was being held, but it never happened

No. 53554

>You know most 13 year olds have met creepy old dudes and skeevy pervs who eye them up and down sexually at playgrounds, outside schools, at random public places right?
No they haven't?? weirdo. stage parents are absolutely not a minority, you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 53555

>>53554 I'm Asian grown up in Asia and creepy uncles are everywhere.

Twice uncle fans aren't even the worse, Stellar are mmarketed in a super sexualised way to appeal to pervs. Or https://streamable.com/u3m2x lel

My point is most pushy Korean parents want their kid to get to a top university and be a doctor (see Sky Castle or google Cho Kuk scandal) then marry another white collar professional. Show business is seen as messed up and immoral by many Koreans because it's full of drug scandals(GD, Yoochun, Ju Jihoon, YG artists) or sex favour sponsorships/harassment(Seungri, Jang Ja yeon, Goo Hara) and plastic surgery so even even if it's a way to get rich, for middle class and above Koreans it is seen as a risky career that could ruin your kid's life if they get into the wrong crowd inside the industry.

I recall that Sechkies idol Ko Jiyong who quit Kpop altogether very early and went back to being a normie who runs his own firm (he's like BTS Jin from a rich family so he never needed Kpop to be a chaebol) and married a doctor, that's pretty much how middle or upper class Korean parents want their kids to be, because they don't see idol careers as sustainable in the long run. Once you hit 30 you are relegated to being a TV clown like Heechul or Moon Hee Jun if you cant sing or act well.

No. 53556

top fucking kek

No. 53557

top fucking kek

No. 53558

lemme guess, southeast asia? flip or singaporean, something like that?
and tl;dr. not going go bother listening to you talk out of your ass in the kpop thread.

No. 53559

This NEEDS to be the next thread pic

No. 53560

>>53558 This is the Kpop critical thread.

No. 53561

Stellar are glorified soft core actresses.

No. 53562

have you been to japan anon? its like that all over Asia

No. 53563

japan is a… extra Special country

No. 53564

Where the fuck are you from in this magical land without any creepy men? Or were you home schooled or some shit? Creepy men are in every country.

No. 53565

I never knew how unfortunate they look jesus christ

No. 53566

File: 1570055854946.jpeg (790.34 KB, 828x1016, 30726A28-60A4-43DA-AE33-14CA9E…)

saw this on my instagram feed… the delusion of these people

No. 53567

Is that his own hair or is it a hair piece?

No. 53569

Bts did bundle albums with ticket sales

No. 53570

Do they not have people monitoring the public feedback? Madison Square Garden? That's like a DREAM for a lot of Western acts and there aren't very many who can fill that seating in their first go-round as an artist. That'll be like sending 1998 Beyonce there.

No. 53572

lmao not even bts has dared to come to DC yet, sperm is in for a hell of embarrassment.

No. 53574

>>53558 I'm from a Confucius philosophy country like SK. Where are you from, can't be SK if you dont get that seeing your kid do sexy poses on KBS isn't smth parents envision as an ideal upbringing in a Confucian society. Korea is conservative enough that folks worry how other families / relatives judge them after seeing their kid twerk on primetime TV. That's if you debut with a big 3 firm like Twice, small firms treat idols like shit. TS not paying wages and 9Muses getting chewed out by Star Empire in that BBC documentary. Crayon Pop disbanded and didn't earn much according to a member who became a Youtuber.

No. 53575

Better dancers than BTS kek

No. 53577

Ratmon could never

No. 53578

File: 1570061795344.jpg (419.33 KB, 449x575, 5AuEjFN.jpg)

Why doesn't Chanyeol cop shit like Zico for hanging out with the molka gang? SM is that good huh

No. 53579

File: 1570062494208.jpeg (130.83 KB, 1282x1140, 51419E55-8170-46DD-852D-AAB438…)

I always lol when stans say their idol is thick because they’re as ana as blackpink

call me when idols are this thicc then we’ll talk lol

No. 53580

This genuinely makes me want to vomit. He sounds like a soulless psychopath, complete hybris, they'd do enough for more and more wealth at this point.

I feel sorry for Baekhyun, Kai and Taemin (not for nct lol), there's nothing worse than having to play an empty house. It seems as if SM is trying to come up with every possible way on how to humiliate them more.

His fans are very mad right now, but he still won't delete… Why damage your group like that? Some say that Zico doesn't even like him much and it's all Chanyeol trying to suck up to him because he's envious of his badass "gangster" rapper image. I'd like to believe that he's not actually a rapist but only dumb af (would fit with him trying to get his fans to buy him stuff via instagram)

No. 53582

[Tea] Yikes Jennie, I'm sure you could've done better. I hope you used a condom.


No. 53583

No. 53584


You mean someone took advantage of dumb BP stans being clowns and scammed the shit out of them. I knew that info was false when it said the flight was going to New Jersey. Even if the VMAs were in NJ, it makes more sense to fly to NYC because thats were everyone would be staying and NJ is a just a bridge away.

No. 53585

Why do armies always wanna get people fired? that's what pisses me off, the harassment and the doxing for anyone's opinion on BTS.

No. 53586

She was either really drunk or really horny and desperate for some action. Kind of interesting she would slut herself out while her mom is in Paris with her unless she already left earlier in the day.

No. 53587

What is this specifically about? You can’t just post a random Instagram page and talked about how an idol fucked that person.

No. 53588

>Why do armies always wanna get people fired
Because the entire fanbase consists of literal children and adult losers leeching off of others (their parents) who can't comprehend that getting fired destroys people's whole life.
For them this is just a hobby, protecting little rapmonie's feefees is more important than some family's livelihood.

No. 53589

It’s probably his friends ig or his own

No. 53590

What else is there to explain? They met through mutual friends (Lily Tieb -> Iman Perez -> That Guy) and hooked up. Oddly when I heard about this they followed each other as I was checking the guys ig out. Jennie felt close enough to that guy to follow him on her private ig account

No. 53591

Ratmies are deadass saying that BTS getting interviewed by a "white and middle-aged american male" in America(!) is racist. Honey, your average american journalist simply is caucasian and no longer that young, so what? That guy is probably some normal dude just trying to earn his monthly wage, meanwhile their boys are fucking millionaires.
What do they want? Them only getting interviewed in Korean because wanting them to speak English is bad too - but the interview also not getting translated because there could be mistranslations…?

No. 53592

There is a whole lot to explain. Where is this information coming from? How do we know Jennie and this person even interacted at all? Am I missing something?

No. 53593

They obviously interacted if they follow each other

No. 53594

oh anon. I love you

No. 53595


Madison sq garden and DC's eaglebank arena are huge. It's gonna be freakin empty in there

No. 53596

Provide receipts for fucks sake this is an image board. I might as well just come on here and start talking about how Halsey and Rose are actually fucking and they posted it on Halsey’s private Instagram. But even then they have interacted rather than some nugu with fake deep Instagram captions coming out of left field.

No. 53597

If you know what Jennie's private ig account username then you can check for yourself if she follows him or not. She doesn't just follow random people on that, you have to be close enough to her for her to do that. Otherwise she would just follow on her lurker account.

No. 53598

Why doesnt BTS just fucking learn English? they all had like 7 years. Only RM being fluent is retarded af if they wanna break out in the western media

No. 53600

Even if she does follow him that doesn’t mean they hooked up, how old are you?

No. 53601

I’m not a btsfag or ratmy but I’m really fucking bothered by the whole Saudi concert. Like, is Big Hit’s image as the friendly agency a scam? (that’s rhetorical) I don’t get how they’re able to play this we are the world angle and do this shit. Literally the only thing that makes sense to me is that they’re making fucking bank.

I wouldn’t be so irritated if it wasn’t so hypocritical. Cancel any reporter or interviewer you dislike but go ahead and support this shit? Fuck BTS and their minions.

No. 53603

hur dur check it for yourself

why would we? you're the one spewing intentionally vague info for attention

No. 53604

He's not even fluent, he barely manages to speak simple english. And on top of that he has his cringy blaccent that makes him sound like he has something in his throat
The only reason they don't learn english is because they simply don't care. International fans already give them their money, and kfans absolutely love it that they're nationalistic. Remember jimincel always talking about missing korea when he's abroad? Int fans took it as him being a woke king and hating white people and knetz already hate intfans and think they're superior.
Why would they bother?

No. 53605

sage for major tinfoiling. they were “invited” to SA, but they can’t cancel because they’re the chosen puppets to represent sk this time like exo were at trump visit.

ratmies wanted to justify why they fangirled over another manufactured boy band and they chose social justice. no reason to be bothered at bts because like anyone in kpop, it was all an act and only an act.

No. 53606

In your feed or your explore? Why the hell would you be following that kind of account in the first place? Embarrassing, this is like that one time when someone said vernon was ugly while liking the very same pic they called ugly

No. 53607

Wtf is this supposed to be? It’s a fucking image board, would it really kill you to take a screen shot of whatever the fuck you’re trying to show instead of just linking a random profile and alluding that Jennie fucked some guy??

How the fuck are we supposed to know what Jennie’s private ig is?? How are we supposed to know she followed/follows him? Some asshole just posted a random link with literally no context, we’re not mind readers here. Spill the milk like a normal fucking person or gtfo.

No. 53608

You did this vagueposting shit with no proof in the last thread and no one fell for it. If you want attention so badly just go sell your fake info on sasaeng twitter or something.

No. 53609

I neither posted here until this thread

No. 53611

>If you know what Jennie's private ig account username then you can check for yourself if she follows him or not.

Then spill the name dumbass, how the fuck are we gonna believe you if you're not even telling what her private ig is? It's definitely not lesyeuxdenini cause she follows no one there. Tell or otherwise you're just an attention whore, or worse, you're that dude whose ig you linked

No. 53612

I'm not going to just say her private username for everyone to see although its well known within BP stans. But if you want a clue go to that guy's ig that was linked and check who followed him recently, then cross reference the usernames with Jennie's close friends.

I could've been more vague like though shitty prediction and insider accounts on twitter said "Member from top GG hooked with guy while Paris" but I linked and name dropped the exact people involved and how they met.

No. 53613

if it's well known then just say the name lmao. all this secrecy cause she fucked some guy in paris?

No. 53614

Can you just fuck off back to PULL you failed abortion

No. 53615

I told you how to find it. Really isnt that hard, just click that guys followers and it'll be right there.

No. 53616

File: 1570078980296.png (13.45 KB, 410x158, anyways.png)

this whole thing could've ended like 30 minutes ago if you had just said her private insta was capybaraonly

No. 53617

File: 1570079145028.png (10 KB, 356x163, Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 1.05.…)


No. 53618

But then again if it spreads she would probably make a new one, she stopped using it after people found out the 1st time. Do you really think her "photography" ig was actually mean't to be made public.

No. 53619

You still haven’t explained how her following some French dude means they fucked and how she was “slutting herself out” in Paris kek all this secrecy for some D-grade skim milk.

No. 53620

>although its well known within BP stans
Go back to twitter blonk, ur attempt at "protecting" jennie's privacy is ridiculous af

No. 53621

it's either give all the needed details the first time, or don't. best not to piss people off by wasting their time, when the shit you wanted to say wasn't even worth the effort.

No. 53622

Guys we found the somifag

No. 53623

"protecting jennie's privacy" but says she fucked some random dude and linked his instagram. LMAO

No. 53624

Shove your clit back to PULL where it belongs

No. 53627

I just wanna know how much damn money is being invested in the Sperm project. If i heard correctly they shot a music video in Dubai? Are they following the footsteps of BTS since they went to the middle east lol. Not to mention all those massive venues booked in America. It all just seems like such wasted potential.

No. 53629


Interesting that she just unfollowed him LMAO

No. 53630

File: 1570090151328.png (38.74 KB, 679x154, Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 09.03…)

god i hate this guy. also they're lucky the interviewer didn't know anything about kpop so he couldn't call them out on their blatant lie that they're the only group that gets to write songs themselves

No. 53632

who's the interviewer? god this just reeks of naivety, you can be sure armies will lap this up this praise of their woke kings

No. 53633

"came together at a time of increased longing for fairness and the rights of the marginalized" sure fits with "bts doesnt talk about big issues like war or peace or global poverty or starvation" this interview is such an embarrassment

No. 53634

he's not getting shitted on cause lee jonghyun enlisted last year before the group chat / burning sun drama exploded. if he was part of it he'd definitely have been exposed by now since he's part of a popular boy group.
this interview is probably ass kissing because they wanted armys to click for ad revenue. they want bts to be so 'woke' when they really aren't

No. 53638

The interviewer didn't say that, Bang PD did.

No. 53642

As police have proven that Mnet rigged the votes of Produce X 101 and even raided the agencies of IZ*ONE, netizens have been speculating which members of the group should not have made it into the group. They found the ranks of Chaewon, Minju, and Yuri dubious, as some never made it into the top 12 until the last ranking announcement.

While nothing is proven, many netizens are pointing out that their ranks are suspicious.

To be honest, many people didn’t even know who Jo Yuri was until the last minute.

– Korean Netizen

Wow, the rankings are weirdㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen


No. 53652

Twice's clothes are so cheap and uncomfortable, they can be ripped easily kek

>ONCEs have been confused about TWICE NaYeon’s recent outfit during a performance.

>There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with what she was wearing but fans and netizens couldn’t help but wonder if NaYeon’s outfit just looked the way it did because it was meant to look that way or if her outfit somehow ended up becoming torn.

>JYP Entertainment revealed that because the outfit originally was just too uncomfortable for NaYeon to perform in, they decided to just rip straight through the middle. And it was done just moments before she went on stage

No. 53654

File: 1570102441229.jpeg (19.07 KB, 438x438, EFTa-EiUUAEy8bB.jpeg)

The mark and taeyong stans that think there is no favoritism involved and all their opportunities are well-deserved… Straight up delusional

No. 53657

You know we all knew it was true but to see it all but confirmed like this is insane. I bet the ratings for the next Produce will be shit considering it'll be a girls season and people will just go in knowing it's fake.

No. 53662

File: 1570104064544.jpeg (161.15 KB, 827x402, 53871A16-C24E-4F51-A3E3-BF15E3…)

i guess they’re trying to eliminate solo stans by making the sperm fansign like this. only one signature from a random member. it’s gonna be a mess lol

No. 53663

lol this fuckery

No. 53664

>sage for major tinfoiling. they were “invited” to SA, but they can’t cancel because they’re the chosen puppets to represent sk this time like exo were at trump visit.
There's a big difference between shaking the hand of the american president once when he visits your country's president and flying to a dictatorship to make millions of it.
There are so many idiots saying that if they were to cancel that concert they shouldn't go to the US as well, because women having zero rights, people getting tortured and murdered is totez the same as your parents not accepting your genderspecial ratmy ass…

It's as if SM wants to ruin itself too after YG went down.
Can you cancel concerts if you don't sell enough? The sperm tour will amount into a gigantic loss for them. I guess that's why exo will get a new album soon, to bring in some money after this failure…

No. 53665

How was it racist? Both of those things were relevant in the context of the topics and questions discussed in the interview. Sure it was an ignorant American boomer’s perspective on a millennial worldwide phenomenon but I don’t think that constitutes racist ideology. I’d definitely argue that he took the wrong angle on bts though

No. 53668

That "random murder" was an international scandal and it so happened to have been carried out by the same man who personally invited bts to perform in his country.

No. 53669

File: 1570108139239.jpeg (76.94 KB, 488x640, A46B3A90-1B59-4304-B29B-39C621…)

Why the hell is Lucas so popular? Just because he's tall? He has the personality of a bully (he always calls the other nct members fat) and his face is also meh imo. He just looks weird, that's not sexy.

No. 53671

I don't care for lucas but honestly looking at those pictures of all of them… imo he's the best looking one there. The others look waaay weirder

No. 53672

Lucas is handsome but he stands out because 1) he's tall next to Twinkyong 2) they didn't blow his face up with fillers like Taemin 3) They stuck to a natural dark hair and not pink or purple hair like Baekhyun or Twinkyong.

>>53355 He is the only one whose looks can hardcarry his ugly outfit kek

No. 53673

He's the designated minho's doppelganger

No. 53674

yeah i didn't really think it was racist either. also maybe i'm being stupid but why are people upset about the jonghyun mention? is it not relevant to the topic of the gruelling kpop industry?

No. 53675

Because it's incredibly disrespectful to reduce Jonghyun's life and work to "that guy who killed himself because he couldn't handle being an idol lol

No. 53676

Also he had spoken at length about his depression and how it had affected him long before he became an idol. It’s a cheap way of saying idol life bad without having to go into detail.

No. 53677

Lucas looks like a off-brand knock-off version Mingyu.

No. 53679

both equally ugly anyway

No. 53680

i was the person who asked, thanks for explaining. you're both right

No. 53681

File: 1570112132299.jpeg (30.14 KB, 678x452, images (45).jpeg)

Nice try at shopping scamyong's height, sm. He's such a catfish. Also taemin looks old, tired, and ridiculous here, he's probably fed up of sm's games and just wants to retire kek

No. 53682

>>53681 Why do they look so depressed? No smiles and energy?

No. 53697

He's more attractive and has a more likable personality than any of the others. But that hairstyle sucks.

No. 53698

Mark looks like a reptilian

No. 53699

ten does too lowkey

No. 53700

All of them look like they are already over it and it didn´t have even started yet.
Who can blame them, they surely know they will flop…
Baekhyun looks like a tired grandma, Tens whitewashing is ridiculous and what is Kais hairstyle? Grey hair is still popular, but grey roots only makes one old, because it looks like it outgrown haircolour.
Overall a whole shitshow as expected. SM really tries hard to make their artists depressed…

No. 53701

>He has that SEA feel to him but…
what did she mean by this

No. 53702

If I can score tickets thru my job I lowkey want to go watch this shit show but I also don’t want SM to think that this is okay. It wouldn’t be MY money but it’s still money going into their pockets

No. 53704

>slightly tanned

No. 53705

Your one ticket isn’t going to change SM’s shit so of you wanna go watch a bunch of reluctant, tired ass, prematurely aging idols on someone else’s dime that’s just a bad night out.

No. 53706

>Literally the only thing that makes sense to me is that they’re making fucking bank.

Sounds like they are or it's somehow connected to UNICEF who are connected to Saudi.

Tinfoil but I reckon easily Saudi could be trying to establish themselves as these good guys - hence all the UNICEF money and now this.

That and BigHit or BTS don't give a shit either. BigHit is praised to be a good company by ratmy but there is SO much concerning shit. In the films you normally see at least one member crying, being injured or feeling shit and most that is done is… well, they film it. Even stuff like vlive or wherever other videos come from - someone will be crying about their voice (Jimin I think?) asking for a vocal coach (which he still doesn't have clearly and because it's a repeating situation) or starving themselves because 'hur dur I'm fat' and BigHit does shit all about it. They don't care about what message they're trying to send when there's plenty of ignored evidence that this 'love yourself' message is pure bs

No. 53707

File: 1570120844052.jpeg (118.26 KB, 1131x861, 348231FF-58AE-4984-B7D8-FD2CDC…)

RIP Barnes & Nobles employees.

No. 53708

someone pointed out that the only contributions that bang sihyuk makes to the article are him talking about how good and rich he is while palming off the hard questions about going to sa to rm despite the fact it probably wasn't even their decision. also i don't see how anyone could think they're a good company when they've been touring for like a year straight

No. 53709

File: 1570122374308.jpeg (165.11 KB, 749x902, 226476B5-72B8-446F-A565-DEA1E4…)

Beyond unicef, SA and SK are economic interests now. Kpop/BTS are the most influential exports SK has currently. BTS has essentially become a political pawn.

Big Hit’s first mistake was using wokeness as a marketing tactic. It might have won initial followers and shit, but in Korea that’s not sustainable. There’s no way that in a country as conservative as Korea, they managed to find the magic group of seven dudes who aren’t products of their raising.

I could give fuck all about the members. Ratmon in particular seems to be beyond fucking annoying/pretentious, but bang is also being a little bitch about this whole thing. He took these guys when they were literal children and put them in this position, I’m sure they’re emotionally and intellectually stunted in plenty of ways. I’m ready for them to just enlist and retire. Ideally this would be a tale of caution but instead people are going to emulate this fuckery.

No. 53710

wow companies and fan sites are good at whitewashing them, they barely look recognizable

No. 53711

What is this even for? CD albums?

No. 53712

Ngl I defended kais looks in here before but he's a hag without shoop

No. 53713

For real, I had no idea he looked so old lmao
what is it that makes them look like that? aren't fillers supposed to make you look younger?

No. 53714

File: 1570125929970.jpg (246.69 KB, 1242x1544, 0e4126cdf8fc0a9fb0630991b92b96…)

She's borderline Gangnam Unnie

No. 53715

>>53654 Twinkyong could be Lee Soo Man's twink…

>>53714 Who is that? Google says it's an RV member O.o(O.o)

No. 53716

how did a 20 year old korean girl start looking like a washed up german milf porn star?

No. 53717

It's Yeri

No. 53718

File: 1570127608436.jpg (72.04 KB, 549x754, Yeri.JPG)

She's still not as ugly as Wendy yet but considering she used to look like this….a shame

No. 53719

tbh it just looks like contacts/white washing as well as the hair washing her out

No. 53720

File: 1570128931132.gif (749.86 KB, 276x198, da_uhhhhh.gif)

No. 53722

Jopping used in a mlb baseball recap video:

Why not use the song in ads teenagers would come across? Who's their target lmao

No. 53723

It fits. They played Power at sports events too and it ended well. I don't think this is a bad move.

No. 53724

literally every idol looks worse with blue contacts, idk why it's