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No. 1166

post pics of cute idol boys. rap monster posting is banned because he is ugly.

No. 1167

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No. 1168

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No. 1180

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File: 1548659296893.gif (1.62 MB, 332x332, 1951e3b7-b139-481c-9401-1098bd…)

/end dump. But I will return.

No. 1185

File: 1548659372116.jpg (92.02 KB, 520x851, 201706191229277924.jpg)

o p p a r

No. 1186

is this now /gaypg/

No. 1187

File: 1548659999041.jpg (61.26 KB, 727x743, tumblr_p4d74edAWi1x6v7k9o1_128…)

No. 1188

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No. 1190

File: 1548660204503.gif (4.19 MB, 416x486, 6fe3296db725416c07177d5397a86a…)

I love you Jungwoo oppa even if you have a fivehead

No. 1191

File: 1548661151949.jpg (80.6 KB, 1000x1500, awful_haircut.jpg)

Pls no, no real fags allowed. They have shit taste.

No. 1192

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No. 1193

File: 1548663337074.jpg (96.03 KB, 1200x880, DX3GcL_U0AApwCt.jpg)

IM DELETING YOU, OPPA! ██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete….. ████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% complete…. ███████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% complete…. ███████████] 99% complete….. ERROR! Hajima Oppas are irreplaceable I could never delete you Oppa! Send this to ten other Oppas who give you cummies Or never get called ☁️jagiya☁️ again❌❌❌❌ If you get 0 Back: no cummies for you 3 back: you're yeobo☁️ 5 back: you're oppa's jagiya(emoji)

No. 1194

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No. 1195

File: 1548665611164.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1249x1952, bestpost.png)

whoever banned you for your heartfelt post has no soul. an emoji exception should've been made.

No. 1196

File: 1548680026696.jpg (108.13 KB, 819x1024, ec892a4e616c7d450b11321915ee81…)

I unironically think the mullet looks cute, send help

No. 1197

File: 1548682760561.jpg (140.69 KB, 614x960, IMG_20190128_083324.jpg)

Small Bang Yongguk spam incoming

No. 1198

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No. 1199

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No. 1200

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No. 1201

File: 1548683049670.jpg (123.54 KB, 568x960, IMG_20190128_083612.jpg)

No. 1202

Fuck I don't even like korean idol shit but everytime you girls post this man his ARMS ALWAYS GET TO ME

No. 1203

Why does this thread exist… too many koreaboos here.

No. 1204

File: 1548689007737.jpg (53.84 KB, 1000x1250, 7c376b456b3cf956215ff53b2eb394…)

No. 1205

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No. 1206

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No. 1207

File: 1548689555934.gif (1.16 MB, 280x328, 39d5234b819b.gif)

No. 1208

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No. 1209

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No. 1210

Why does this need a separate thread when the kpop fangirl thread exists?

No. 1211

File: 1548689964591.gif (4.15 MB, 608x608, 24E5A38D-167B-42F3-B2AF-608545…)

No. 1212

You're really mad about this. Why? Just ignore the thread, problem solved.

No. 1213

sorry, who is this? theyre cute

No. 1214

File: 1548690160896.jpeg (75.09 KB, 1668x802, 059A1462-AD7A-4958-A358-2CCEED…)

No. 1215

File: 1548690174881.jpg (78.56 KB, 836x1205, N.jpg)

No. 1216

File: 1548690175297.gif (1.97 MB, 500x320, tumblr_obz4kl6YzN1qj2ep9o2_500…)

No. 1217

File: 1548690409519.jpeg (27.6 KB, 352x319, D23EB30E-90EA-4315-BEB8-F6CF08…)

No. 1218

File: 1548690418711.jpg (42.53 KB, 650x650, 47e0bc8e-45fb-4d01-9704-f72390…)

Man shut up

It's Jungwoo hugging Jaehyun

No. 1219

Never in my life have I ever met anybody who found N attractive lol

No. 1220

File: 1548690464830.jpeg (266.72 KB, 1080x1080, E8C794FA-2C19-45C6-89A4-EC2D08…)

No. 1221


great taste anons

No. 1222

File: 1548690647990.jpg (227.26 KB, 1800x1200, N.jpg)

Now you have. Hello, anon.

No. 1223

File: 1548691155980.gif (4.99 MB, 850x591, C93228AE-A6CA-4689-AC65-911E6D…)

No. 1224

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No. 1225

File: 1548692016801.jpg (87.9 KB, 1024x768, 3-1.jpg)

No. 1226

File: 1548692031902.jpg (91.37 KB, 1024x768, 3-2.jpg)

No. 1227

File: 1548692044590.jpg (105.53 KB, 1000x750, 3-3.jpg)

No. 1228


No. 1229

Are any of these twinks taller than 5'6"?

No. 1230

File: 1548695647721.jpg (51.9 KB, 640x634, jk_flash.jpg)

Hide the thread then, cunt. Don't be rude.

No. 1231

File: 1548695843059.jpg (113.41 KB, 1200x1600, 4868952262.jpg)

No. 1232

File: 1548695863366.jpg (83.33 KB, 1200x1600, 0475995616.jpg)

Potato quality but these are still cute

No. 1233

Most of them.

No. 1234

Ugh Tomoya used to be so cute. He's a bit bland now that he's older. All these korean boys are pretty ugly though.

No. 1235

File: 1548699801015.gif (1.19 MB, 268x380, original (4).gif)

No. 1236

File: 1548699883232.gif (2.78 MB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_p64eembrqc1stnhu…)

No. 1237

File: 1548699931299.gif (2.25 MB, 500x625, tumblr_p46et5TxK11wi20jxo1_500…)

No. 1238

File: 1548700205686.jpeg (146.51 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_6c2.jpeg)

No. 1239

File: 1548700756584.jpg (35.51 KB, 400x232, tumblr_pfrub4RFUd1uvs96o_400.j…)

He's 40, what else to expect lol Still hot enough for me
And yes, I'd like to see any of these korean boys without makeup + filter…

No. 1240

File: 1548701152259.jpg (164.19 KB, 800x775, 1535755240279.jpg)

nctzens really like lolcow huh

No. 1241

damn i used to have a crush on minseok but i haven't really kept up with them recently. who's the other boy?

No. 1242

File: 1548701872539.jpeg (120 KB, 750x841, 3CD60B33-2611-4A13-9F2F-E36EC1…)

No. 1243

File: 1548701982280.jpg (68.33 KB, 800x600, takko0703102412365787977-09a28…)

No. 1244

File: 1548702363913.jpg (33.68 KB, 600x352, smrookiesxiu.jpg)

Mark from nct. Apparently Minseok is going to the army this year, aside from that I don't think there's any other interesting news about him.

No. 1245

Finally, a handsome guy.

No. 1246

why are weebs so insufferable? if you want to ree about how much uglier kpop guys are than le superior nips, go do it in the critical thread.

No. 1247

Wow you should be embarrassed.

No. 1248

The OP only states "Idol" - not specifically Korean. Some people are simply attracted to another type of idols?
Nearly the whole thread is full of NCT, no need to get so angry about a handful pic of "nips" and 2 anons pointing out that the others are not their type.

No. 1249

Also, you could simply post some pics of handsome korean guys without massive amounts of makeup to prove us weebs wrong?

No. 1250

Calm down little underage koreaboo. This is the idol thread, not the korea vs japan thread

No. 1251

File: 1548704718039.jpeg (48.42 KB, 749x421, E6605A2B-5D23-4F79-8537-0C2501…)

if these have makeup it’s very minor:

No. 1252

File: 1548704742839.jpeg (59.95 KB, 750x750, CCC51EB8-0A8E-442E-A8C9-A0145C…)

No. 1253

File: 1548705542504.gif (1.82 MB, 300x301, kai.gif)

No. 1254

File: 1548705552557.jpg (41.17 KB, 383x680, fd365d00-7a5f-471d-acf9-40b466…)

>Some people are simply attracted to another type of idols?
That's fine, as is the idoru posting, but there's no need to get shitty about what other people like. It's annoying.

so should you

No. 1255

File: 1548705732775.jpeg (419.31 KB, 1336x2048, D5DC33D1-AD56-4E2A-AE73-4E4371…)

No. 1256

File: 1548706551326.jpg (119.26 KB, 800x1199, DSZjn7fU8AAZIrw.jpg)

No. 1257

File: 1548706675433.jpg (57.37 KB, 1024x682, Dklu9YeUUAA5RzH.jpg)

No. 1258

File: 1548706710079.png (1.74 MB, 1416x1773, Screenshot_20190128-151642~2.p…)

I know he might be a shitty person, but come on, he's gorgeous.

No. 1259

God, way to overreact. I keep seeing this thread while browsing /ot/ and that was the first guy I liked the look of. More of him please.

No. 1260

File: 1548706760366.jpg (39.09 KB, 640x854, Dqa928nU8AAX4DB.jpg)

No. 1261

File: 1548706838411.jpeg (63.48 KB, 574x712, 2014AFC2-AB61-45EC-9C43-E03ED0…)

predebut with his pug pigskin

No. 1262

File: 1548707003074.jpeg (548.61 KB, 1463x2048, A3F210BD-5584-4DDB-BF0E-A68AA7…)

from “dream launch”

No. 1263

File: 1548707090149.jpeg (90.56 KB, 700x1050, 79D438F8-69CF-4560-B418-2DF624…)

the first pic we got of him as a trainee

No. 1264

File: 1548707184163.gif (1.85 MB, 700x700, 422C6F21-AE10-40A9-B3EE-3EFBD5…)

his name is xiao dejun and he’s a member of nct sub-unit wayv.

No. 1265

File: 1548708141992.jpg (113.51 KB, 682x1024, 6834094620.jpg)

No. 1266

File: 1548708174377.jpg (92.13 KB, 1071x1614, IMG_20190123_170357.jpg)

No. 1267

File: 1548708201040.jpg (156.51 KB, 1363x2048, IMG_20190123_170356.jpg)

No. 1268

File: 1548708222635.jpg (302.33 KB, 1234x1824, 5599889695.jpg)

No. 1269

File: 1548708270179.jpg (409.76 KB, 2048x1365, 99x.jpg)

No. 1270

File: 1548708301634.jpg (488.72 KB, 1366x2048, 0614144064.jpg)

No. 1271

File: 1548708320515.jpg (461.9 KB, 1472x2048, 9753795713.jpg)

No. 1272

The one on the left is beautiful. Name?

No. 1273

File: 1548708413993.jpg (110.77 KB, 750x911, IMG_20190128_110522.jpg)


No. 1274

File: 1548708433222.jpg (111.15 KB, 750x1007, IMG_20190128_110523.jpg)

No. 1275

File: 1548708443342.jpeg (277.05 KB, 1034x1838, E665785D-99C2-4244-8567-C80D73…)


No. 1276

File: 1548708493722.jpeg (81.51 KB, 877x493, 6D4F55B0-2C83-4D5F-910E-251FE9…)

No. 1277

File: 1548708740097.gif (4.89 MB, 785x671, 33D931C8-9CCE-413C-9A76-165F1E…)

No. 1278

File: 1548708846733.jpg (116.37 KB, 693x1024, 6a65aeab3c234bc216d43e8fa17cc1…)

Shame about that nosejob, taeil looks cute here otherwise.

No. 1279

File: 1548708935496.jpg (212.35 KB, 1120x1578, 64d5c4f74a6c180d48c6f065b2805f…)

No. 1280

Why the fuck was this moved back to /ot/ when all other korean threads are in /w/

No. 1281

Ikr. Either have a /w/ or don't.

No. 1282

Cancerous thread, feel like it's just a few whiteys shitposting

No. 1283

Too bad your ban didn't last longer. Just stop posting, no one even cares what you think, nigga.

No. 1284

File: 1548722099694.jpg (113.16 KB, 960x1200, DPJSTkLW4AAavzM.jpg)

No. 1285

File: 1548722115218.jpg (81.05 KB, 882x1200, f5b2867962dace507766e7863a4c2a…)

No. 1286

File: 1548722150079.jpg (1.57 MB, 2730x4096, Jaehyun-1.jpg)

No. 1287

File: 1548732137689.jpg (31.68 KB, 533x800, 5d7143f25ee73dc3ffa518f645fb32…)

I was checking out new groups and Leedo from Oneus is really cute. He has a deep ass voice too.


No. 1288

File: 1548762543542.jpeg (422.05 KB, 2048x1365, A724D7E0-7EE5-43BC-B258-E8C7E5…)

the holy trinity

No. 1289

File: 1548763889797.jpg (141.95 KB, 791x1195, 50801927_579673015793418_33324…)

No. 1290

File: 1548763901381.jpg (25.11 KB, 1080x672, 50234422_394639797950152_69330…)

No. 1291

File: 1548769705424.jpg (171.69 KB, 1209x759, gallery_5059_25_92.jpg)

No. 1292

File: 1548770496953.jpeg (449.03 KB, 1365x2048, 08A4E93B-C44B-4200-91D6-BC1B2C…)

No. 1293

File: 1548772731236.jpg (308.91 KB, 1000x1500, DsRrd3aUcAAV6Gw.jpg)

>rap monster posting is banned because he is ugly
redpilled as hell

No. 1294

File: 1548772792708.jpg (386.6 KB, 1200x1800, DoevEx8XkAATM3x-orig.jpg)

No. 1295

File: 1548772887567.jpg (221.05 KB, 1000x1500, DmavUFGUYAAtp3v.jpg)

No. 1296

File: 1548773054797.jpg (49.99 KB, 600x900, Dlhuap1U8AA6QC7.jpg)

No. 1297

File: 1548773460682.jpeg (385.23 KB, 1366x2048, 174CDB76-DC17-4D98-89B5-54F881…)

No. 1298

File: 1548773508223.jpeg (80.81 KB, 720x960, 70E67E51-3C6F-46C5-8A7E-101FA1…)


No. 1299

File: 1548773538649.gif (2.62 MB, 480x480, 43D0F4B2-971E-4B62-9F32-1F1468…)

Glad to see my boy here.

No. 1300

File: 1548773597781.jpg (37.38 KB, 550x550, pp,550x550.u1.jpg)

No. 1301

File: 1548773635070.jpeg (72.61 KB, 530x742, 1FEDD94C-24A3-47CC-98A2-964080…)

No. 1302

File: 1548773636880.gif (4.18 MB, 420x395, 6C41D314-5106-4DA3-BCD6-8324D8…)

No. 1303

File: 1548773668838.gif (2.75 MB, 540x278, b86f293a-e7ac-4e69-bee8-1198ca…)

No. 1304

File: 1548773687496.jpg (83.41 KB, 662x1024, IMG_20181019_154146.jpg)

No. 1305

File: 1548773923922.jpg (237.2 KB, 1334x2000, DvKtDPWUYAAR2vP.jpg)

who is this

CUTE as always

No. 1306

File: 1548777376697.gif (4.71 MB, 600x652, E7C4FC27-CB48-4F37-88F2-D3EF84…)

our bunny

No. 1307

File: 1548779554186.jpeg (592.61 KB, 1365x2048, E281926E-83BD-477F-8660-45C160…)

No. 1308

File: 1548779656348.jpeg (384.7 KB, 1000x1500, E2ACA6BF-C0CB-4805-B125-C73D0E…)

No. 1309

File: 1548779842135.jpeg (105.35 KB, 1024x682, CF535155-E30C-4D45-884F-82F3CD…)


No. 1310

File: 1548780394667.jpg (125.87 KB, 874x1200, 1536179239272.jpg)

No. 1311

File: 1548780823059.jpeg (141.92 KB, 1104x1104, 23056155-3113-4652-B36F-E77D62…)

jeffrey knows.

No. 1312

I want to booly him

No. 1313

File: 1548792577920.jpeg (144.59 KB, 740x842, BF1FED76-769F-43AB-8BE0-6074A2…)

No. 1314

File: 1548793244892.jpg (166.61 KB, 750x933, 19-01-29-14-20-31-233_deco.jpg)

No. 1315

File: 1548796040414.jpeg (178.27 KB, 1000x1500, DBCA6B8A-F755-48C3-9F53-B575B0…)

hendery image dump incoming

No. 1316

File: 1548796064814.jpeg (301.22 KB, 1000x1500, FE2DC248-4799-4927-82FA-70722D…)

No. 1317

File: 1548796436961.jpeg (175.82 KB, 1000x1500, AAE97D48-DFA7-4BD6-BA5E-E0F808…)

No. 1318

File: 1548796581447.jpeg (103.27 KB, 682x1024, 9209A10C-4320-4279-A9C8-ADA370…)

No. 1319

File: 1548796683831.jpeg (121.21 KB, 682x1024, 8541AAA0-0EAC-4F8B-873E-B8CE6E…)

No. 1320

File: 1548796715959.jpeg (107.57 KB, 682x1024, 2A7D498F-E555-455E-9701-C3AA46…)

his little dimples are so cute fuck

No. 1321

File: 1548796754234.jpeg (191.41 KB, 1000x1500, 644C820D-3CF9-4260-BF68-BEEDD0…)

his eyes are so huge

No. 1322

alrighty, done (for now)

No. 1323

File: 1548802566012.jpg (165.48 KB, 722x960, IMG_20190129_174738.jpg)

Suga spam

No. 1324

File: 1548802595440.jpg (136.18 KB, 706x960, IMG_20190129_174801.jpg)

No. 1325

File: 1548802715089.jpg (188.71 KB, 810x960, IMG_20190129_174821.jpg)

No. 1326

File: 1548802955058.jpg (161.28 KB, 769x960, IMG_20190129_174842.jpg)

No. 1327

File: 1548803108147.jpg (105.27 KB, 765x960, IMG_20190129_174901.jpg)

No. 1328

File: 1548803253480.jpg (122.91 KB, 790x960, IMG_20190129_174922.jpg)

No. 1329

File: 1548803353017.jpg (169.32 KB, 769x960, IMG_20190129_174942.jpg)

No. 1330

File: 1548803451066.jpg (162.22 KB, 694x960, IMG_20190129_175040.jpg)

No. 1331

File: 1548803561647.jpg (155.45 KB, 694x960, IMG_20190129_175123.jpg)

No. 1332

File: 1548803663470.jpg (127.43 KB, 960x597, IMG_20190129_175146.jpg)

No. 1333

File: 1548803766892.jpg (181.42 KB, 960x948, IMG_20190129_175316.jpg)

No. 1334

File: 1548803864118.jpg (176.81 KB, 956x960, IMG_20190129_175300.jpg)

No. 1335

File: 1548803968249.jpg (141.23 KB, 686x960, IMG_20190129_175209.jpg)

No. 1336

File: 1548804115149.jpg (182.92 KB, 776x960, IMG_20190129_175233.jpg)

Pic spam done

No. 1337

File: 1548815488373.jpg (84.51 KB, 1024x684, 78839436693.jpg)

No. 1338

File: 1548815524167.jpg (374.05 KB, 1366x2048, 55325057125.jpg)

No. 1339

File: 1548815543769.jpg (294.93 KB, 1434x2048, 87825865514.jpg)

No. 1340

File: 1548815630452.jpg (93.77 KB, 1024x994, Sicheng_.jpg)

No. 1341

I want to fuck his arms

No. 1342

File: 1548822001558.webm (12.06 MB, 640x360, winko.webm)

so kaweewee. his voice is nice too, sure wish we could fucking hear it more often.

No. 1343

File: 1548822384208.jpg (71.98 KB, 749x742, Ds1loArXoAAWqvB.jpg)

Me too

No. 1344

File: 1548822491193.jpg (35.99 KB, 545x726, shirtlesscas.jpg)

No. 1345

File: 1548822508784.jpg (98.17 KB, 800x1199, DbZRgWvWkAALMGG.jpg)

No. 1346

File: 1548823651528.jpg (403 KB, 2027x2702, dk6.jpg)

No. 1347

File: 1548823686833.jpg (23.42 KB, 798x362, DWXz0c6VMAIae2q.jpg)

I'll stop now

No. 1348

Can I spam fancams? Because I just saw this one of Rocky from Astro and I nearly fell from my chair.

No. 1349

go for it

No. 1350

Lol I probably have saved all Taeyong fancams that exist in this world, but for the sake of not sharing all NCT here's one from Kino from Pentagon. He's such a good dancer, and fine as hell.

I urge everyone to see the Rocky one I posted too because damn…

No. 1351

I also saw this fancam the other day and I'm sure rabid anons will call me a pedo just because he's young, but he's so adorable lol I love the vibe of this new group, they just debuted and their songs are very 90s boy band.

No. 1352

>born in 2003
Yes, this "rabid" anon does find that extremely weird and uncomfortable…

No. 1353

File: 1548836366741.jpg (271.89 KB, 1536x2048, 56f8d65507bee6c0034027c6af2636…)

No. 1354

File: 1548838498527.jpg (123.48 KB, 1024x1280, 1548838265708.jpg)

if his eyes look creepy here it's because he was wearing ugly colored contacts in the original pic so I tried to shoop them back to normal

No. 1355

File: 1548838700923.jpg (222.46 KB, 853x1280, 56b2dc9d-d72a-4121-b7ef-e102ba…)

No. 1356

File: 1548841795212.gif (4.61 MB, 600x488, 01D9F5E3-9C50-4145-91AF-00EBCC…)

No. 1357

File: 1548846507669.jpeg (400.63 KB, 1364x2048, 07169F31-CB34-46C0-9B0A-C7F144…)

hendery is so pretty.

No. 1358

File: 1548850253049.jpg (61.27 KB, 491x750, tumblr_p4oxtkdZFn1revry7o1_500…)

No. 1359

File: 1548850275194.jpg (408.14 KB, 1405x2007, IMG_20180812_100216.jpg)

No. 1360

File: 1548850290194.jpg (209 KB, 608x973, IMG_20180710_090729.jpg)

No. 1361

File: 1548850310778.jpg (888.19 KB, 1500x1875, Jung_Woo_(1998)_BOSS.jpg)

No. 1362

File: 1548850368541.gif (6.81 MB, 500x452, f0d867da13da91c08a8508897aea06…)

No. 1363

File: 1548850936191.gif (4.4 MB, 800x485, 3CC994B8-BF89-4B60-8290-D94C62…)

No. 1364

This thread made my clit shrivel up and die.

No. 1365

File: 1548856297071.jpg (13.36 KB, 534x595, 4e4712af-36a7-4194-a2be-148e51…)

Why don't you hide it and fuck away then, ass?

No. 1366

File: 1548856870425.jpg (137.2 KB, 1364x2048, hen.jpg)

No. 1367

File: 1548858731875.jpeg (252.97 KB, 900x1200, 80C8B13D-F535-428C-8458-1A604D…)

best boys

No. 1368

File: 1548858793484.jpeg (440.1 KB, 1536x2048, 5E5F8EFD-39B1-4FA6-AE5C-AE43C8…)

No. 1369

File: 1548858889788.jpeg (86.34 KB, 960x729, C1673F11-15A9-4871-8EC6-D1167F…)

No. 1370

File: 1548858989240.jpeg (267.02 KB, 2048x1366, 7C224915-0CB1-4108-B692-C145B1…)

No. 1371

File: 1548859084363.jpeg (167.81 KB, 1334x2048, 8F1E1222-514C-4C84-8B0A-716D4F…)

No. 1372

File: 1548859266519.jpeg (269.15 KB, 1365x2048, 8AA341B5-E430-455F-97BC-9E8058…)

best one

No. 1373

File: 1548859668384.jpg (71.47 KB, 800x1199, dery.jpg)


No. 1374

File: 1548867864256.jpg (398.15 KB, 1200x1862, DaVutt1UMAAbTkj.jpg)

feel the sun

No. 1375

File: 1548867921830.jpg (256.43 KB, 1200x1653, Dv6twoBXcAAgQOR.jpg)

No. 1376

File: 1548868030260.jpg (319.64 KB, 1200x1800, tumblr_pejn0o473a1v6bamko1_128…)

No. 1377

File: 1548890403512.jpg (85.52 KB, 734x1024, 2f05f43f864041053e1f7cf76e2224…)

No. 1378

File: 1548890419688.jpg (74.69 KB, 799x1200, 85cbc1eb5c516342a29fa115f1a302…)

No. 1379

File: 1548890448418.jpg (69.79 KB, 682x1024, tx2brk76p.jpg)

No. 1380

File: 1548890472721.jpg (70.81 KB, 682x1024, w2khgvpp8.jpg)

No. 1381

File: 1548890513128.jpg (24.05 KB, 640x634, 01.jpg)

No. 1382

File: 1548890528710.jpg (23.3 KB, 640x617, 02.jpg)

No. 1383

File: 1548890561776.jpg (52.4 KB, 576x1024, 3.jpg)

that pic is actually jeffrey but whatever

No. 1384

File: 1548890577262.jpg (46.57 KB, 576x1024, 4.jpg)

No. 1385

File: 1548890610141.jpg (106.83 KB, 825x1199, download.jpg)

/end dump

No. 1386

File: 1548890950788.jpg (85.69 KB, 1200x711, 14.jpg)

o-one more, sorry

No. 1387

File: 1548894579539.png (125.75 KB, 210x339, 76f.png)

the fact that it has so many replies already

No. 1388

File: 1548894949981.jpg (42.39 KB, 863x525, 6a7164f8-d7c8-47e0-8527-84a131…)

No. 1389

God damn, how do I become an nctitizen or whatever the hell? Where do i start

No. 1390

File: 1548900339388.jpg (60.34 KB, 720x960, Cv2IQ9CUkAIJ5i-.jpg)

No. 1391

check out the music video for Boss, it's their best era overall imo. if you like lucas, you should focus on the sub units NCT U and WayV.

No. 1392

the choreography video for boss is good shit too

No. 1393

File: 1548942588895.jpeg (397.85 KB, 1080x1920, ABDA991D-5EBF-4FA4-A22F-99F901…)

No. 1394

File: 1548942694603.jpeg (314.34 KB, 1080x1920, 7169FE80-3808-4C0A-8C17-911412…)

No. 1395

File: 1548943233048.jpeg (320.74 KB, 1080x1920, ED83BE2B-D95F-4E61-A98D-551960…)

No. 1396

Jfc, can they at least be quieter during the performance? This is so rude and obnoxious. Not even metal shows are like that.

No. 1397

File: 1548954417097.gif (2.93 MB, 260x320, 952b7030-91b5-41dd-ab9f-82c149…)

No. 1398

File: 1548956704032.gif (3.37 MB, 480x540, 817A742C-37F4-4DDE-B17A-EA1D58…)

No. 1399

File: 1548960310522.jpg (999.45 KB, 1310x2559, 5b8e591bded7442a9ffad00583b045…)

Jojo esque pose

No. 1400

File: 1548960371919.jpg (195.49 KB, 895x637, 5b8e591bded7442a9ffad00583b045…)

Here's the full picture too bc it's cute

No. 1401

File: 1548964011915.jpg (66.31 KB, 799x1199, Dt57G2MUcAEIZEo.jpg)


No. 1402

File: 1548964062903.jpg (191.82 KB, 1364x2048, DuPLmTcV4AArIz6.jpg)

No. 1403

File: 1548964115835.jpg (128.51 KB, 878x1200, 1525643340822.jpg)

No. 1404

File: 1548964150632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.61 KB, 1450x2048, 1541363134659.jpg)

one with joon to trigger op

No. 1405

File: 1548964196294.jpg (110.02 KB, 747x1024, 1530133297412.jpg)

No. 1406

File: 1548964261665.jpg (833.89 KB, 1000x1500, 1542735442759.jpg)

No. 1407

File: 1548964292946.jpg (161.34 KB, 1000x1500, 1543287212682.jpg)

No. 1408

File: 1548964350362.jpg (176.72 KB, 540x810, 1546891116905.jpg)

No. 1409

File: 1548964379049.jpg (147.73 KB, 800x1200, DjO4S__UYAI0YkH.jpg)

ok im done for now

No. 1410

File: 1548965017960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.24 KB, 500x434, 97ed0f43-00bd-48fc-9427-0e36e3…)

I know OP banned Rat for being ugly, which he is, I'm a sucker for the fake deep pseudo-intellectual act so I think he's cute regardless.
Pls pray for me girls, so I can overcome this terrible affliction

No. 1411

File: 1548965695861.jpg (12.05 KB, 300x300, 280908232517.jpg)

I said no rats, you dullards.

No. 1412

Most of these guys are objective handsome but the styling makes them look like faggots, it's hideous

No. 1413


No. 1414

File: 1548966870350.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.25 KB, 1342x2048, 1541008672859.jpg)

he's uggocute

No. 1415

he looks like he would beat me and laugh afterwards

No. 1416

File: 1548967814859.jpg (149.73 KB, 964x718, baby chenle.jpg)

>he's uggo

Eh, faggy styling can look okay sometimes (i.e. jk in >>1405) but others it's straight up fugly. There are so many otherwise cute pics I don't want to post because of that dumb pink lip tint, white washing, wrong foundation color or bb cream, etc.

No. 1417

File: 1548967960724.jpg (254.38 KB, 1000x1500, 82de7fe0ca7b7f0cf433401c4bb528…)

Why did winwin enjoy looking like this?

No. 1418

File: 1548968010234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.14 KB, 400x400, 021.jpg)

If you find the same-sm-surgeon nct members cute, you're not allowed to bully namjoon

No. 1419

File: 1548968316567.jpg (452.9 KB, 1536x2048, ~vAnTe~.jpg)

If you find a monster rat cute, you're not allowed to bully anyone ever, let alone my plastic kings.

No. 1420

Heck, even after surgeries Namjoon don't look good. Poor thing

No. 1421

File: 1548968643993.jpg (67.18 KB, 682x1024, IMG_20181119_223201.jpg)

Don't argue guys, just enjoy your boys. Even if they're ugly

No. 1422

File: 1548968696976.png (1.49 MB, 1623x1440, y6x7k8l901.png)

No. 1423

File: 1548968959944.jpg (431.85 KB, 2048x1536, hyuck against fighting.jpg)

No. 1424

File: 1548971033538.jpg (87.57 KB, 800x1200, 059.jpg)

this thread needs more yoongi pics and I need more yoongi pics

No. 1425

File: 1548971076298.jpg (96.08 KB, 564x751, 40.jpg)

No. 1426

File: 1548971130719.jpg (68.25 KB, 564x881, 24.jpg)

No. 1427

File: 1548971194347.jpg (63.11 KB, 564x939, 4.jpg)

do other anons find his smile cute or am I just biased

No. 1428

same. i liked his agust d style and i wonder if he's going to release another mixtape in 2019

No. 1429

File: 1548971594491.jpeg (780.9 KB, 1000x1500, 266FF438587F9DA90D.jpeg)

Nah, it's cute

No. 1430

File: 1548971640320.jpg (83.47 KB, 805x903, IMG_20180628_135215.jpg)

No. 1431

File: 1548971655829.jpg (48.26 KB, 633x844, a9960c084aceacd269e6f49b85b57f…)

No. 1432

File: 1548971704602.jpg (54.32 KB, 564x665, 1527319650641.jpg)

No. 1433

File: 1548971779156.jpeg (66.45 KB, 607x608, 3B1A0588-B5AA-439B-9ADC-BED0D7…)

thank you for at least using spoilers and not contaminating the thread like your brethren.

anyone who wants to post ratmon or jimincel should please, for the love of fuck, follow this anon’s example.

No. 1434

File: 1548971828165.jpg (57.35 KB, 500x750, 47.jpg)

he's certainly been working on one, so I'm guessing we'll be getting jungkooks (maybe 2020) and his this year. The real question is what style is it going to be in? Mono was a drastic change from RM, and Yoongi's latest song, song request, was a bit sad boi-ish

No. 1435

File: 1548973691909.jpg (66.34 KB, 720x960, IMG_20190103_104725.jpg)

Guys it's not thread about bts but /thread with pics of cute idols/.
Go talk somewhere else

No. 1436

File: 1548973996288.gif (4.78 MB, 800x652, A1D8DFB9-8268-4073-9D26-D6CFBB…)

♡ happy doie day ♡

No. 1437

These spoilers weren't here before, actually

No. 1438

File: 1548974250778.jpg (76.34 KB, 500x641, large (16).jpg)

as long as they post a pic with iy, a little thirst-based discussion is okay so it doesn't clutter up the gen thread anymore.

No. 1439

File: 1548974600223.jpg (79.64 KB, 1200x807, 1513475235685.jpg)

I dont even follow svt but damn wonwoo is hot

No. 1440

File: 1548975062412.jpg (148.03 KB, 1200x1038, f9e22a12a0117b05459158f3ec2a05…)

true, sorry. but if someone is using pics to actually have a big discussion it's weird

damn, you're right

No. 1441

File: 1548975375200.jpg (132.08 KB, 960x960, iXq-50092999.jpg)

wow, there are a lot of january-february bdays in nct

No. 1442

>mfw lucas isnt even korean
I was wondering why he was the only kpop person I was attracted to lmao. Half chinese and half thai huh? Cute.

No. 1443

File: 1548981618529.jpeg (191.71 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_6c5.jpeg)

No. 1444

loling at this post

No. 1445

File: 1548982439584.jpg (148.78 KB, 1000x1500, DuSJ6GaU0AAOVvE.jpg)

sm contract states all idols must enjoy their appearance being butchered by stylist noona

No. 1446

File: 1548983356462.jpg (30.94 KB, 563x408, IMG_20180902_183011.jpg)

Yep, and the chinese he is is hong kongese as well.

No. 1447

File: 1548983372590.jpg (28.35 KB, 571x410, IMG_20180902_183013.jpg)

No. 1448

File: 1548983425745.jpg (201.33 KB, 1080x1345, 000.jpg)

No. 1449

File: 1548983742728.jpg (16.09 KB, 395x412, download (5).jpg)

No. 1450

Ugh I want to sit on his top lip… Just the top one

No. 1451

Pussy-pillow lips indeed. Very sittable.

No. 1452

File: 1549021265806.jpeg (673.04 KB, 2048x1365, 2859097B-B4A8-4334-9937-2AE7C0…)

No. 1453

File: 1549022709313.jpeg (67.86 KB, 500x599, F79467AB-2B79-4BD2-9D86-5C4002…)

i don’t even listen to svt but i find minghao so pretty… high quality twink

No. 1454

File: 1549022734038.jpeg (123.18 KB, 736x981, 70A413AB-9436-4252-8635-CC29C3…)

No. 1455

File: 1549022772393.webm (4.43 MB, 1280x720, sexy lips.webm)

No. 1456

He looks like a 15-year-old fakeboy. It even looks as if he has tits in this pic.

No. 1457

File: 1549023423045.jpg (72.79 KB, 680x680, did it to em haeyadwae.jpg)

No. 1458

Every single time I see this guy I get the urge to get lip injection, his are gorgeous.

No. 1459

File: 1549025819406.jpeg (198.88 KB, 1366x2048, 4EC6BBED-8CAF-4AF2-AEBC-CE5416…)

No. 1460

Or he just looks like a boy because he is one. Hes only 20

No. 1461

File: 1549050464225.gif (4.35 MB, 600x495, 2B81C151-9475-448E-9E17-BE372B…)

soft peach

No. 1462

File: 1549058828758.jpg (110.76 KB, 676x960, d16d5ba9-206e-4803-8caf-2186a3…)

No. 1463

File: 1549058846634.jpg (188.64 KB, 1107x1110, a1.jpg)

No. 1464

File: 1549058862160.jpg (239.05 KB, 1240x1242, a2.jpg)

No. 1465

File: 1549058886112.gif (1.61 MB, 500x250, original.gif)

No. 1466

File: 1549106774374.jpeg (58.38 KB, 682x1024, 0388A05B-FE87-493A-96D4-2B97D8…)

hendery’s side profile is insane

No. 1467

File: 1549107494964.jpg (45.68 KB, 400x599, 58brvi121br.jpg)

No. 1468

File: 1549108495019.gif (1.21 MB, 268x250, mommy.gif)

No. 1469

File: 1549110089858.jpg (148.52 KB, 960x1440, Ds6OaP5VsAAQO5M.jpg)

i love twinks what can i say

No. 1470

File: 1549110432486.jpg (61.21 KB, 400x560, 920921.jpg)

No. 1471

File: 1549111488963.jpg (56.5 KB, 635x635, Sehun_1513053900_24959122_1427…)

No. 1472

File: 1549111513161.jpg (56.31 KB, 635x635, Sehun_1513053901_25158042_1427…)

No. 1473

File: 1549111691505.jpg (30.21 KB, 761x621, 5df1f0dc8c2cb871d288026b3d1292…)

Glad someone finally posted him

No. 1474

File: 1549113797109.jpg (94.05 KB, 400x600, 940412.jpg)

black haired sehun is a gift, i really liked when his hair was kinda curled/fluffy and black tho

No. 1475

File: 1549114251336.jpg (1.36 MB, 904x1200, SqVFdzUBMbLVYt-XpRt9jqoG1f4F4s…)

No. 1476

File: 1549114445871.jpg (1.21 MB, 1280x1858, SqVFdzUBMbLVYt-XpRt9jor6blxXKV…)

No. 1477

more shirtless xuxi please. i’m especially interested in the full version of >>1344

No. 1478

File: 1549119028848.jpeg (117.47 KB, 800x1200, 4F18DA88-991F-42F9-9D91-D492DC…)

also, to contribute

No. 1479

File: 1549120941072.gif (1.81 MB, 360x640, c82dbaa34bbd.gif)

Here ya go, apologies for the crummy quality. Unfortunately he's underage (around 15) in the majority of his other shirtless pics.

No. 1480

File: 1549121013647.jpg (146.55 KB, 960x1440, 1536758524316.jpg)

No. 1481

File: 1549121047875.jpg (120.76 KB, 959x1440, luxor-4.jpg)

No. 1482

File: 1549121126704.jpg (91.97 KB, 950x1440, luxor-3.jpg)

Luxor is doing god's work

No. 1483

Is that glitter eyeshadow? Cute.

No. 1484

I think it's lint lol

No. 1485

File: 1549127125743.gif (1.99 MB, 177x264, baeku.gif)

No. 1486

File: 1549127597702.png (3.04 MB, 1440x2148, CkBgDJMUkAA6Flg.png)

indeed. I like a normal boy haircut for sehun like the one in your pic. his hair looked cute when he was in vogue and everyone made fun of his outfit too. I might post some of those pics later.

No. 1487

Thats a lot of lint then.

No. 1488

File: 1549149846461.jpg (171.42 KB, 1000x1500, 1531178568518.jpg)

No. 1489

File: 1549149882841.jpg (205.77 KB, 1200x1800, 1548874505269.jpg)

No. 1490

File: 1549149903057.jpg (807 KB, 2000x3000, 1545157079787.jpg)

No. 1491

File: 1549150006393.jpg (132.81 KB, 800x1200, 1543604364019.jpg)

No. 1492

Taehyung's scalp will be dead in few years, lol

No. 1493

File: 1549150118004.jpg (665.7 KB, 1364x2048, 1534275789375.jpg)

its already dead lbr

No. 1494

File: 1549150198179.jpg (1.74 MB, 2000x3000, 0000048549_001_201808270832122…)

No. 1495

File: 1549150441887.jpg (189.1 KB, 1200x1824, 618371ce0c66f7bc5d01dc65786cfa…)

No. 1496

File: 1549152120748.jpg (57.95 KB, 678x1024, 1528957576106.jpg)

No. 1497

File: 1549152296762.jpg (122.76 KB, 640x1136, 8a3ce29def3a960eae4bbdde662950…)

No. 1498

File: 1549156087542.jpg (36.41 KB, 564x848, 595fc6349bdacaeefc1f8d9e4f52aa…)

He's unpopular and a lot of people consider him an ugly idol but I've always been so drawn to Youngjae from got7

No. 1499

File: 1549156161250.jpg (70.59 KB, 564x796, 60c3c2b94531ac2169e81320972138…)

No. 1500

File: 1549156303412.jpg (37.56 KB, 540x810, a03dd8fb985607381ec6b952f981b7…)

No. 1501

File: 1549245368787.jpg (40.7 KB, 454x680, 2019020301.jpg)

No. 1502

File: 1549245517108.jpg (277.46 KB, 1366x2048, 2019020302.jpg)

No. 1503

File: 1549245613184.jpg (376.73 KB, 2048x1364, 2019020303.jpg)

i'm jelly of his overpriced bear charm

No. 1504

File: 1549247255119.gif (1.83 MB, 500x335, giphy copy 13.gif)

a+ taste anon

No. 1505

He's my bias wrecker

No. 1506

File: 1549318770813.jpg (71.18 KB, 844x1024, DYPkGQlV4AAl9lP.jpg)

Is it Jisung's birthday today? I'm too lazy to google it

No. 1507

File: 1549321643518.jpeg (72.54 KB, 1334x750, 778EBCF2-419A-4EBF-9CC3-660EB5…)

No. 1508

File: 1549348261470.jpeg (146.59 KB, 1280x720, 289E626F-15A1-4502-984F-2D8253…)

every single member of A.C.E are gorgeous. they’re also SO under appreciated talent-wise and their agency’s leader is a woman which i don’t see enough of in the industry (unless i’m just dumb pls no bully)

No. 1509

File: 1549361811511.jpg (132.17 KB, 766x1200, DreTynEUwAAF4Ed.jpg)

No. 1510

File: 1549361900129.jpg (382.21 KB, 1332x2048, 4e4712af-36a7-4194-a2be-148e51…)

No. 1511

File: 1549361962169.jpg (273.52 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181111_162624.jpg)

No. 1512

File: 1549361978261.jpg (108.67 KB, 731x1080, 5581ed492de0b400b610fb7207a994…)

No. 1513

File: 1549399401670.gif (4.37 MB, 480x379, download.gif)

i can't get over how ugly idols looks with all the whitewashing and faggy looks
this guy looks hot af without any makeup

No. 1514

File: 1549399438844.jpg (11.84 KB, 480x270, download.jpg)

No. 1515

File: 1549399617782.gif (1.79 MB, 480x267, download.gif)

No. 1516

File: 1549399866472.png (1.63 MB, 1172x2055, screenshot(43).png)

tbh I thought he looked cute as fuck in the faggy chinese new year video they posted yesterday https://twitter.com/NCTsmtown/status/1092310140689121280?s=09

No. 1517

File: 1549442820589.jpg (36.19 KB, 400x600, 940412.jpg)

No. 1518

File: 1549443166997.png (416.24 KB, 540x700, a2037447-a62c-403a-9346-567eb9…)

this reminds me, I wanted to post his vogue pics. he's wearing a sleeping bag but it's… cute?

No. 1519

File: 1549443191358.png (653.62 KB, 540x700, 0e4ca3ac-2792-40db-ba08-b4885e…)

No. 1520

File: 1549443223896.jpg (37.05 KB, 640x798, 8e6fd9513c9404733316e1bc1b3d0f…)

No. 1521

File: 1549464899174.gif (1.96 MB, 268x395, 1af622c9d3514075a23db02e90bb7f…)

also from the same shoot

No. 1522

Please more lucas pics his body and face are like cocoa butter mm mmm

No. 1523

File: 1549474828311.jpg (369.9 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_p8ionspB2X1v6bamko1_128…)

No. 1524

File: 1549476963043.png (1.98 MB, 1440x1430, Dgx8sr6XcAAh2ny.png)

No. 1525

File: 1549477018356.jpg (145.78 KB, 690x1024, 8771c924-6acc-484e-b09c-dbc310…)

No. 1526

File: 1549477037292.jpg (60.45 KB, 550x690, DQn5mevVQAAf-S_.jpg)

No. 1527

File: 1549477087319.png (2.16 MB, 1354x1685, tumblr_piyrj2Ktyv1rl6l6p_640.p…)

No. 1528

File: 1549477120530.jpg (63.51 KB, 2048x1152, h.jpg)

No. 1529

File: 1549477135919.jpg (91.63 KB, 2048x1152, e.jpg)

No. 1530

File: 1549477153468.jpg (105.49 KB, 2001x1125, n.jpg)

No. 1531

File: 1549477321543.jpg (102.61 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20181108_142650.jpg)

No. 1532

File: 1549477849689.png (228.63 KB, 268x380, 940114.png)

No. 1533

File: 1549489824549.jpg (76.32 KB, 500x625, 1529aed80cde1ce4217494893281.j…)

I'll dump the rest of my favorites over the next few days

No. 1534

File: 1549489846078.jpg (157.14 KB, 674x510, 8771c9246acc484eb09cdbc3102086…)

No. 1535

File: 1549489866679.png (1.72 MB, 1439x1430, f965f4eb21ca4456b63923ad3dc606…)

No. 1536

File: 1549489892188.png (2.17 MB, 1440x1266, 8901505e2a383ee28c9b31eff83481…)

No. 1537

File: 1549494893051.jpeg (152.59 KB, 750x813, fullsizeoutput_562.jpeg)

No. 1538

File: 1549534255060.jpg (128.82 KB, 1200x800, C9rw2SqUwAAgPGL.jpg)

No. 1539

File: 1549534334363.jpg (66.64 KB, 768x1076, Cn98xiPz4.jpg)

No. 1540

File: 1549534351895.jpg (91.33 KB, 1000x676, lucas.jpg)

No. 1541

File: 1549534372214.jpg (131.71 KB, 700x997, large (20).jpg)

No. 1542

File: 1549552728061.jpg (281.97 KB, 1200x963, 99f44af8fbfffaaac00ee0e852177c…)

No. 1543

File: 1549552747096.jpg (281.33 KB, 1200x957, DYhajQ9X0AAj8B9.jpg)

No. 1544

File: 1549552791606.jpg (80.16 KB, 745x476, nebi_201944742.jpg)

No. 1545

File: 1549552859499.jpg (208.53 KB, 1080x1350, 6514626392.jpg)

No. 1546

>youll never walk the city streets with him on a snowy day

No. 1547

File: 1549558347153.jpg (188.78 KB, 750x1095, 5809648767.jpg)

sui fuel

No. 1548

File: 1549666955960.jpeg (396.6 KB, 1366x2048, 83858731-19EB-40F3-A36E-A225FC…)

No. 1549

File: 1549667077736.jpeg (73.86 KB, 750x750, 97D7E869-F903-4E1B-B827-3672CF…)

No. 1550

File: 1549667108270.jpeg (24.14 KB, 418x235, 65F38834-21EE-4AFC-979D-4D2A10…)

hendery’s eyes are so pretty

No. 1551

File: 1549724199704.jpg (70.11 KB, 641x960, 31959429_2158646957497623_1952…)

No. 1552

i used to bitch about kfags but i didnt have the heart to hide this beautiful thread and now i think ive been converted. im joining kfag hell.


No. 1553

File: 1549931243883.jpg (105.36 KB, 800x1200, 2dfe317535f8dd702b86da2877a723…)

No. 1554

File: 1549933667994.jpg (43.38 KB, 1227x699, x1.jpg)

Xuxi's best fansite is on hiatus kms Direct Kill and Le Ciel better step up their game


No. 1555

File: 1549933953154.jpg (322.57 KB, 820x970, x2.jpg)

Also he's never coming back from China kek

No. 1556

File: 1549934160678.jpg (32.19 KB, 430x610, x3.jpg)

No. 1557

File: 1549985161320.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 20190126151206.jpg)

No. 1558

File: 1549985190870.jpg (501.44 KB, 1289x2047, 20181117145501.jpg)

No. 1559

File: 1549985213732.jpg (101.34 KB, 1024x638, Dsal_l_W0AAnude.jpg)

No. 1560

File: 1549987094206.jpg (86.99 KB, 800x1199, DwyTEQSVsAUdT2P.jpg)

No. 1561

File: 1549987197252.jpg (614.59 KB, 2058x2880, DyQKFJ4UYAEh8B-.jpg)

No. 1562

File: 1550010723361.jpg (69.03 KB, 547x712, 60f5fe6c-b9df-4a53-98bf-cafdee…)

No. 1563

File: 1550010739341.jpg (280.94 KB, 727x879, dc8fe66b-b166-4d78-8dc3-c646ce…)

No. 1564

File: 1550011313219.gif (1.84 MB, 320x320, 5575a2393603d.gif)

so handsome

No. 1565

I'll be needing their names pls

No. 1566

1.WayV Hendery?
3.WayV Xiaojun
4. NCT Jaehyun
5. Not sure tbh

No. 1567

File: 1550593317241.jpg (50.4 KB, 600x900, CVs5XwzU8AA0FGN.jpg)

No. 1568

File: 1550891280225.jpg (292.34 KB, 1000x1500, 059_DBaOn6KUwAAdpbj.jpg)

I know fuck all about kpop but I'd kill for a bf that looks like this.

No. 1569

File: 1550891574781.jpg (141.9 KB, 1029x1543, ck7_.jpg)

No. 1570

File: 1550892883561.jpg (265.48 KB, 1364x2048, 239_DdPFC4lV0AAsgiF.jpg)

>i used to bitch about kfags
Same here.

No. 1571

File: 1550893098289.jpg (240.04 KB, 1365x2048, 523_DW30tMbV4AAZXs5.jpg)

No. 1572

File: 1550893293647.jpg (40.98 KB, 1024x576, DY7MjvaXUAAcFSt.jpg)

No. 1573

File: 1550893692945.jpg (243.42 KB, 1366x2048, 058_DxR6QIIVsAAh-O2.jpg)

No. 1574

File: 1550894281345.jpg (620.84 KB, 1252x2048, 636_DVZXeCZU8AA0dIn.jpg)

No. 1575

File: 1550894701370.jpg (261.79 KB, 1364x2048, 1123_C5QmWi2UcAAshk5.jpg)

No. 1576

File: 1550895265599.jpg (132.59 KB, 1364x2048, 009_CpQTr_bUAAAwa2u.jpg)

No. 1577

File: 1550895642931.jpg (235.58 KB, 1307x2048, 729669dedafb9f91caeec0d399b31a…)

No. 1578

File: 1550895959481.jpg (213.52 KB, 1500x1000, 3054_DUEbRP6VAAAo3Xv.jpg)

No. 1579

File: 1550955374476.jpg (61.48 KB, 938x938, Dv4JjSGV4AA7OpN.jpg)

>Tfw boss era taeyong will never sell me bootleg animu figures then call me a hamplanet and shove the fuck out of me on camera when I ask for my money back

No. 1580

File: 1550955405882.jpg (52.52 KB, 687x768, DYLbQkdUQAIKK1X.jpg)

No. 1581

File: 1550955685262.gif (4.49 MB, 564x540, ED5F37EB-593D-4691-BB09-44F762…)

too adorable.

No. 1582

File: 1550955851511.jpg (111.38 KB, 1024x750, Dq5OIEcU8AU8bXm.jpg)

No. 1583

File: 1550958877993.jpeg (630.75 KB, 1536x2048, 2D370875-E868-4383-A209-1BC7AD…)

No. 1584

File: 1550958961054.jpeg (524.42 KB, 1538x2048, A3342F4C-2385-4397-9450-3935A1…)

No. 1585

File: 1550958986388.jpeg (822.15 KB, 1536x2048, 87E6CAA6-DA26-427E-86A4-77749F…)

No. 1586

File: 1550959096435.jpeg (184.16 KB, 768x1024, AFE19220-2D7B-4A8D-B147-9503D7…)

his name is park junhee for anyone wondering. i’m the annoying A.C.E that just wants these boys to be appreciated because they deserve it more than BTS lol

No. 1587

Serious question here guys don't bit me but why do like these bois? Like I don't really see the appeal about stanning these super effeminate boys who look as if they barely hit puberty idk if I digged this as an aesthetic or something I'd just go for cute tomboy girls directly I just don't see the point.

No. 1588

People have different tastes, revolutionary idea.

No. 1589

This, not too deep. Why are so many farmers too autistic to understand that not everyone is attracted to the same thing they are?

No. 1590

File: 1550961299672.jpg (86.87 KB, 682x1024, jw.jpg)

No. 1591

File: 1550962383042.gif (1.27 MB, 480x289, unnamed (1).gif)

>why do like these bois?
Physical attraction.

>if I digged this as an aesthetic or something I'd just go for cute tomboy girls directly I just don't see the point

Most women don't like vaginas anon

To be fair I never felt attracted to any kpop idol until I saw jun's face. I never understood well what I'm attracted to myself lol

No. 1592

File: 1550963511439.jpg (40.98 KB, 750x750, 1550667606052.jpg)

anyone have some cute reaction pics? pls my idol boi reaction pic folder is pretty empty

No. 1593

Please tell me that you aren't going to start using idol reaction pics here the same way weebs use anime girl reaction pics on other imageboards lol

No. 1594

Are you the sperg from the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 1595

I'm not the sperg, I'm >>378396.

But holy crap you're too easily offended.

No. 1596

File: 1550964518870.jpg (29.24 KB, 749x535, 20180916212501.jpg)

I am, sorry

No. 1597

How many people do you think give a shit enough about anime girl reaction pics to bring it up in an unrelated thread? I'm not infighting past this but don't sperg about it in other threads

No. 1598

File: 1550964871884.jpg (27.27 KB, 678x381, 20181025080836.jpg)

No. 1599

I'm saying you'd be just as annoying as those who post anime reaction pics when the thread has nothing to do with anime. You really can't see the similarity or are you just playing dumb?

No. 1600

File: 1550965123846.jpg (61.19 KB, 954x718, DejQpokU0AAsQS9.jpg)

ntayrt but go sperg about this back in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1601

I'm pretty sure you're the one who's sperging out. There's nothing to be upset about what I said in >>1593, unless you really were planning to spam idols all over LC.

No. 1602

File: 1550965487916.jpg (114.22 KB, 730x905, 1524609866759.jpg)

do you not know what "ntayrt" means? the pic was unrelated to my comment


No. 1603

Do you know the plural form of you is also you

No. 1604

Where and how do you guys get your pics from?

No. 1605

File: 1550967478124.jpg (58.63 KB, 600x899, 043fbcfa242d35b74036ec009c2c4e…)

Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, /gaypg/ on 4chins, google images, and I've reposted some I found on here. PULL is full of kpopfags so I'd imagine you can find some pics there too if you lurk a bit.

No. 1606

What about naver x dispatch and other official sources? Do you use them? I just want to know where twitter and tumblr find the pics to be honest.

No. 1607

most people on tumblr and twitter get pics from fansites.

No. 1608

File: 1550970329672.jpg (1.38 MB, 2000x3000, 0000042458_001_201803220857085…)

No, naver dispatch shoots are always shit. They look like stock images and they whitewash way too hard, the result is usually uncanny valley. Pic related.

What kind of pics are you looking for again? Just any decent pictures of idols you can get your hands on, pics of a specific idol, pics of idols in a specific group, or…?

No. 1609

Yeah, I've already automated all the twitter fansites I could get my hands on, but those aren't the official sources I'm talking about.

>whitewash way too hard
And fansites don't? lol

>What kind of pics are you looking for again?

Like I mentioned I want to know where twitter and tumblr find the pics that obviously don't come from fansites. Sometimes I see a photo coming from official photoshoots, sometimes with a dispatch watermark, but couldn't find it on naver.

No. 1610

File: 1550984906601.jpg (140.02 KB, 800x1200, DgfueojVQAAzYmS.jpg)

Some Naver x Dispatch shoots give me pedo vibes, like this one. Others are reminiscent of shitty gravure without the nakedness. I've only seen a couple I actually liked.

Either the official source posts the pics online somewhere (maybe fancafe) or they put them in a magazine and people scan them and upload them online. Then update accounts, some fansites, and other fan accounts repost them… No real point in going straight to the source yourself when they do it for you. Look for some good ones.

>And fansites don't? lol

Not all fansites do, and most of them don't go ham on it like nxd do without fail.

No. 1611

File: 1550985377228.jpg (265.57 KB, 850x517, 376843fbea7ee6c2bacd2ac5744c4e…)

>footfag pandering

No. 1612

File: 1550986407536.jpg (348.13 KB, 2000x1334, 20190223191213.jpg)

This pic is alright

No. 1613

File: 1550988526656.jpg (41.02 KB, 744x895, tumblr_p1194j1eIN1tx9v44o1_128…)

No. 1614

File: 1550988614967.jpg (86.4 KB, 960x960, tumblr_ozq7qn6PIX1tj36lyo1_128…)

No. 1615

File: 1550988828289.jpg (198.16 KB, 800x1423, tumblr_pfm7ejPCHU1x2pfn3o3_128…)

No. 1616

>Some Naver x Dispatch shoots give me pedo vibes
My group doesn't have this problem.

>Not all fansites do, and most of them don't go ham on it like nxd do without fail.

That hasn't really been my experience but ok lol

No. 1617

File: 1550993813947.jpg (66.55 KB, 675x1200, 6a46e19904dc0f6388d7a455b301c3…)

No. 1618

File: 1550993995164.jpg (262.48 KB, 1200x1800, 5887dfb98e4f199bd57ca47300ccf2…)

No. 1619

File: 1550994612285.jpg (86.98 KB, 720x1080, 1ed7239eceb35127bfd8c7e7925009…)

No. 1620

Who is this, I like his nerdy haircut.

No. 1621

File: 1551005703497.gif (1.47 MB, 268x170, 4a49o3_400.gif)

that's suga of bts, he wore that wig for a skit. pretty tho

No. 1622

File: 1551021314371.jpg (56.27 KB, 609x779, 911ef79888ca3ec0ac36eea867ab01…)

No. 1623

File: 1551021354327.jpg (186.89 KB, 1080x1350, 93714a9d77063e22989af024ffc940…)

No. 1624

File: 1551021382660.jpg (109.27 KB, 1080x1216, 794176c12659192f6fc8cd615a60b8…)

No. 1625

File: 1551021404269.jpg (308.13 KB, 823x1199, f2d55951b2af1ea3b55447d54f0b0b…)

No. 1626

File: 1551021426414.jpg (255.96 KB, 1080x1350, 5d3cd48e3ae41a84bf2ce9de4b78ed…)

No. 1627

File: 1551021449979.jpg (59.32 KB, 720x577, 20a053db8ef26698c2f6886b8411c2…)

No. 1628

do you mean the thread on /trash/?

No. 1629

Who's this?

No. 1630

File: 1551037564506.jpg (155.81 KB, 1080x1350, 0c1b8aab771689360ad31e88046c0b…)

yaochi/zeawo, very faggy art hoe from idol producer szn 2

No. 1631

File: 1551037736501.jpg (142.01 KB, 1080x1080, d8de5942b91f0d7b2964616f68c154…)

No. 1632

File: 1551037759946.jpg (192.8 KB, 1080x1346, b735347b1e493a0c60eae76fca22bc…)

No. 1633

File: 1551173548235.gif (2.14 MB, 286x350, 2018-10-28_05_43_56_GMT_tumblr…)

No. 1634

File: 1551173631264.gif (2.81 MB, 320x396, 2018-10-29_17_57_52_GMT_tumblr…)

No. 1635

File: 1551174064505.gif (2.7 MB, 268x268, 2018-12-20_01_39_12_GMT_tumblr…)

No. 1636

File: 1551174480530.jpg (120.5 KB, 1152x1152, e9c81614f5b57814ba52aa481b1fa3…)

cursed image of peak mullet taeyong holding pickle rick

No. 1637

File: 1551174589543.gif (2.97 MB, 268x375, 2018-11-19_02_38_27_GMT_tumblr…)

No. 1638

File: 1551174673732.gif (2.91 MB, 268x375, 2018-11-19_02_38_27_GMT_tumblr…)

No. 1639

File: 1551215098842.jpg (176.22 KB, 1000x1500, 50472d1cdc39f037072d0279776759…)

No. 1640

File: 1551215125909.jpg (151.49 KB, 1200x1800, 0e1d5579ab85c429d08760e64d615b…)

No. 6603

File: 1551242681039.jpg (123.18 KB, 1169x780, IMG_20180728_163602.jpg)

new board, I guess. this calls for a celebratory lucas spam sesh.

No. 7308

File: 1551242733651.jpg (333.62 KB, 960x1440, IMG_20180907_211153.jpg)

No. 7309

File: 1551242800612.jpg (307 KB, 852x1280, 9930724374.jpg)

the weird bruises he had that day were kinda cute

No. 7310

File: 1551242824195.jpg (271.48 KB, 1220x1755, 1385411261.jpg)

No. 7311

File: 1551242884305.jpg (304.06 KB, 960x1440, IMG_20180820_062757.jpg)

No. 7312

File: 1551242903586.jpg (100.6 KB, 874x656, IMG_20180819_210317.jpg)

No. 7313

File: 1551242917616.jpg (281.43 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_20180820_124112.jpg)

No. 7314

File: 1551242998246.jpg (166.18 KB, 782x1170, IMG_20180831_235143.jpg)

No. 7315

File: 1551243064398.jpg (82.55 KB, 749x1123, IMG_20180729_180840.jpg)

No. 7316

File: 1551243096351.jpg (175.25 KB, 960x1440, IMG_20180730_092904.jpg)

No. 7576

File: 1551243363909.gif (2.46 MB, 320x438, b936d7eac15cccad3cbdf6aa98c574…)

No. 7577

File: 1551243442808.jpg (135.3 KB, 1199x1801, 4455584f0c6dfdb16fbeb161064edb…)

No. 7592

File: 1551297561731.jpg (84.14 KB, 904x748, 1541549957350.jpg)

No. 10553

File: 1551341469460.jpg (278.42 KB, 1364x2048, 040_DzBDhwQW0AA_VEK.jpg)

No. 10554

File: 1551341593580.jpg (153.03 KB, 1280x2048, 054_DwQ60pQVAAEmynS.jpg)

No. 10555

File: 1551341771306.jpg (1.01 MB, 4096x2730, 237_DW0YuXZVoAAlocH.jpg)

No. 10556

File: 1551341860361.jpg (67.47 KB, 1000x667, 754_DUxGyplUQAACIUT.jpg)

No. 10557

File: 1551342052667.jpg (168.44 KB, 1252x2048, 1674_C8D1n3uWsAIp0Mh.jpg)

No. 10558

File: 1551343841095.gif (6.18 MB, 612x612, 67cc475af6e205b95205db02e797aa…)

No. 10559

File: 1551344018468.jpg (170.86 KB, 800x1200, 1dc6ef4377ec7f8fdb74b644261ac3…)

Fucking love this look

No. 10560

File: 1551344089226.jpg (216.52 KB, 1000x1500, 14db2baed57cdc27bf3f29a3cfce03…)

No. 11735

File: 1551583350636.jpg (106.67 KB, 500x696, 0beeacfaa336713b3c07f47a7e171b…)

No. 11736

File: 1551583539310.jpg (104.25 KB, 675x1200, C-3XuMiXsAAui8U.jpg)

No. 11737

File: 1551583567042.jpg (156.51 KB, 836x1278, 89de1e5d197c9b66e566beced210a3…)

No. 11876

File: 1551702526279.jpeg (674.68 KB, 2048x1536, D01BC1D8-7204-47F5-A9A8-EA0945…)

i can honestly say hendery is one of the most beautiful people i have ever seen

No. 11877

File: 1551702549792.jpeg (582.66 KB, 2048x1536, C8FFA079-AB34-465D-967F-F3E4C6…)

No. 11878

File: 1551702665539.jpeg (605.31 KB, 2048x1536, 8E212D30-8894-4468-9BEE-C1917B…)

No. 11882

i missed you, hendery anon

No. 11963

love you month old anon

No. 12662

File: 1551738419895.jpg (22.17 KB, 733x419, 2844b05c875302881dc2ab9cadd719…)

One still counts as an idol I think

No. 12663

File: 1551738484706.jpg (291.64 KB, 1200x1600, 1ccada29dc6e51c69b54f193a1a281…)

No. 12664

File: 1551738508743.jpg (236.86 KB, 1200x1600, cf8534956d277c5cfedfa74b9a1d38…)

No. 12665

File: 1551738530905.jpg (220.36 KB, 1200x1600, 29af5b70491a7853c34711f6a3f7d7…)

No. 12666

File: 1551738561259.jpg (63.29 KB, 654x876, 52fe4217a398e84612f8781e268ebe…)

No. 12667

File: 1551738580776.jpg (50.69 KB, 540x720, 9c35354b5caebfaa00379c9c7420a1…)

No. 12668

File: 1551738613067.jpg (43.71 KB, 418x640, 3eafab5a886160d786b4e7f8328631…)

No. 13094

File: 1551892450157.jpg (198.64 KB, 1440x2070, milk.jpg)

confirmed farmer

No. 13097

No. 15522

File: 1552298761632.jpeg (568.4 KB, 1536x2048, BC371743-9D53-42B6-8077-B20988…)


No. 18074

File: 1552493317879.jpg (275.92 KB, 1200x1908, 2d1bb715efcae1ff95f08137e18f16…)

No. 18075

File: 1552493341101.jpg (231.24 KB, 1200x1723, 07033dc70539e0febc4a197a3c3083…)

No. 18076

File: 1552493355234.jpg (140.79 KB, 800x1199, 084a04dbd35386e71cc8e747a8b937…)

No. 18077

File: 1552493381574.jpg (104.77 KB, 646x999, 2a60ffeecfe0f3e58e96859ce0eca4…)

No. 18078

File: 1552493507397.png (1.6 MB, 1440x1431, tumblr_oesc0s3GAR1vai02qo1_128…)

No. 18079

File: 1552493561682.gif (1.62 MB, 268x170, tumblr_ompgavRrU61w6qr27o7_400…)

No. 18080

File: 1552493718042.jpg (145.25 KB, 800x1200, f91a4e3a25f4c72d90f25449d76ef4…)

No. 18081

File: 1552493774803.jpg (349.1 KB, 1200x1800, 6b5ee1975dc5b414f6353b2c696c2c…)

No. 18082

File: 1552493933406.gif (2.99 MB, 268x360, 5538241a60b8fe59af4eba9f985fa8…)

No. 18083

File: 1552494041714.jpg (159.08 KB, 801x1200, DKt1nCHUEAAg_gh.jpg)

No. 18084

File: 1552494109697.gif (1.83 MB, 268x335, 0de9d0453cf73f53fe5a1bb40bec9d…)

No. 18085

File: 1552494172141.jpg (189.87 KB, 960x1200, 2dd9c60fc3904cdbd11eb1063ba817…)

No. 18086

File: 1552494200303.jpg (89.9 KB, 1024x883, 2d49bf9f31090dc50a9fc2a56cced4…)

No. 18087

File: 1552494236616.gif (1.52 MB, 268x249, 83e36ca2c05c913c622fd079a3414d…)

No. 18088

File: 1552494269399.jpg (26.55 KB, 440x440, c4f23706b717f08439efbe0da33705…)

No. 18089

File: 1552494302661.jpg (10.91 KB, 215x215, ee7110d41976751740937692f1a22d…)

Best for last

No. 18091

File: 1552494397730.jpg (101.69 KB, 720x1280, 0e5100354df33ac4bf1d3ab0def13a…)

No. 18622

File: 1552556673090.jpeg (661.3 KB, 1890x1890, BA23D5AE-5D4D-476A-A8C4-F0FCC9…)

best boys

No. 18674

The rookies and xuxi look so cute here, especially hendery

No. 18680

File: 1552572357856.webm (1.41 MB, 576x720, 529a0993-1e2b-4854-b0ce-7b3698…)

No. 18748

any cute long-haired idol?

No. 18767

File: 1552584368795.jpeg (518.15 KB, 2480x3508, 5b5637904339e.jpeg)

none as iconic as jeonghan but here's cai xukun

No. 18768

File: 1552584507049.jpg (226.42 KB, 1236x1649, DhLKvnrVAAAwBLC.jpg)

No. 20432

File: 1553118030447.jpeg (131.96 KB, 721x960, 0B1FB73F-EC94-406E-BC33-5A441A…)

i know nothing about txt but find this one rly pretty… if you know his name feel free to tell me

No. 20433

File: 1553118070329.jpeg (469.73 KB, 2000x1333, 489D5C3E-46E7-4D99-A18B-FBC93B…)

No. 20434

File: 1553118095303.jpeg (160.57 KB, 640x960, 3011098B-74F4-4AE2-B798-4E7B36…)

gives me luhan vibes

No. 20435

File: 1553118171393.jpeg (88.43 KB, 640x960, 430A1734-2955-4325-99D7-BBC2D2…)

No. 20436


No. 20439

File: 1553118303756.jpeg (76.88 KB, 640x960, 1C551F82-40E2-4635-A16D-635BDC…)

thank u

No. 20440

File: 1553118868728.jpg (92.92 KB, 720x960, D2GWGu3U8AE1Nej.jpg)

hope i got it right, i dont follow txt either. albeit very young, i think yeonjun looks cute

No. 20442

File: 1553119356895.gif (1.68 MB, 268x300, b331e3c193617b1625d5754447fa43…)

No. 20445

File: 1553119429245.gif (2.6 MB, 268x225, ad7d6d617204dcea97b8adff685691…)

No. 20447

File: 1553121504866.gif (2.04 MB, 268x268, dda28dcb-2fde-4073-a963-07c2d8…)

No. 20454

File: 1553128664411.gif (4.77 MB, 600x536, 756d0d2bcd4d470aff2adecaf29850…)

No. 20457

File: 1553129120088.gif (2.1 MB, 268x270, 1544674187328.gif)

a couple of yoongi gifs for ya

No. 20458

File: 1553129148122.gif (1.09 MB, 248x312, p3bwotFWeN1qi5pj9o1_250.gif)

No. 20459

File: 1553129243176.gif (2.27 MB, 470x394, 1544755409565.gif)

No. 20460

File: 1553129350183.gif (1.81 MB, 359x360, original (1).gif)

No. 21750

File: 1553376707679.jpeg (153.83 KB, 800x1200, 18B74C22-DD72-458E-86DE-38F4A6…)

he looks like a cross between luhan and taeyong. somewhat surprised sm didn’t snatch him first.

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