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File: 1566925304371.jpg (140.27 KB, 750x738, 1566078970557.jpg)

No. 46267

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you permanently banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>44372

No. 46270

File: 1566925727553.jpeg (83.55 KB, 206x275, 1566924800017.jpeg)


No. 46271

Yup yup yup. Guess you have to kys now.

No. 46273

rip anon invite us to your funeral
anyways, too lazy to quite but @ the anon who asked who came up with this comeback: it was sunmi. femcels were coming at her for saying that she didnt write her own music so she wrote this shitty song.

No. 46274

she plays up this quirky creative persona but she can't come up with anything other than a gashina remake lol what a joke

No. 46275

File: 1566928610748.jpeg (248.95 KB, 640x1086, 55192CE8-820C-4295-A005-3D21A4…)

More on possible botting by everglow, I’m surprised this kind of thing hasn’t already been seen before (or maybe it has and we haven’t noticed)

No. 46277

>It has always been known that SM stans are very lazy streamers.
Imagine thinking that not cheating when it comes to views is something negative lol
Somebody needs to sit these kids down and finally make them understand that views don't amount to money, idols need to hold concerts. It's the same with Momoland, they get massive views yet nobody knows them, nobody pays to see them. Same for Loona.

No. 46278

not all of us want to see a teenage trap's Cock And Balls everytime we visit /m/, nonnie

No. 46284

Someone please tell them losing sleep/appetite/social life and streaming does not help put money in these idols pockets, buying albums and concert tickets does.

Red Velvet sold around 60k albums (so far) this week and peaked in the top 5 on every music chart, while Everglow didn't even chart and sold around 6k. They have no fandom to speak of, so these 40m views (half of which was bought with ads) mean less than nothing.

No. 46285

File: 1566935856682.jpg (87.34 KB, 540x939, 201908271910139410_1.jpg)

Netizens are such hypocrites, they always shit on idols for being short, having stumpy legs, etc but when there's a slightly taller girl they shit on her for being "huge".
>She's way too tall and thick boned too, not pretty
She's 169cm, what do they want? What height is considered ok then?

Meanwhile male idols like Zico and Ratmon are getting praised just for being tall, while having weird porportions and ugly faces.

No. 46286

File: 1566936120155.jpg (216.4 KB, 900x570, 9dknQJO.jpg)

Bighit's latest documentary series is out and twitter is abuzz about a scene in which JK is crying backstage due to making a mistake (this happens a lot it seems) and this time trying to get the cameras out of his face but they keep following him.

It's clear that bighit keeps invading bts's privacy and exploiting their vulnerabilities for profit (vulnerabilities from the insane expectations companies seem to put on idols: https://twitter.com/pinkcosmostae/status/1166306090872725509 ).

But I find Kpop fans so scary in that they gobble this content up, paying for the movie after movie, documentary after documentary to see their favorite idols in pain and crying. Imagine what could happen if Kpop idols used their consumer power to band together and demand better for the people they supposedly stan and care about?

No. 46287

eh i dont think its bots. its boy group stans and ads

No. 46288

Normal adult men don't just cry in public all the time, he (or they) obviously are mentally fucked.
I constantly get videos of them crying in my youtube recommendations, mostly Jk and Jimin seem to do that after every single concert.

No. 46289

Ads makes more sense. Either way, it’s paid-for views

No. 46290

it's just knets being knets and hating on every female idol they can over trivial things. like how every irene article is filled with "her proportions are awful" comments. also it's nice to see the sunmi gained weight. she actually looks healthy for once.

No. 46291

What cock? They are fully clothed sweats.

No. 46292

samefag lol why did i think this was sunmi? i guess it was the hair. hayoung looking good though.

No. 46293

He was never one of those members to cry and seemed good at hiding his emotions,it looks like he is having some mental health problems.There were also rumors of him self harming.
He also looks drained and tired lately,like his face is hollow.

No. 46294

yeah jungkook had those pictures where it looked like self harm scars on his wrists and we know about jimin's eating disorder. those 2 members seem to have weaker mentalities than the other members.

No. 46295

>But I find Kpop fans so scary in that they gobble this content up, paying for the movie after movie, documentary after documentary

This is what confuses me as well. I remember in 2016 when these backstage crying videos first started coming out and I was still a BTS fan, my Tumblr and Twitter timelines would be filled with Armys adamant about boycotting these films and reeeing about how it's inhumane to exploit their pain, but then you'd scroll down two posts and there would be a dozen gifs of Jungkook crying and tutorials on how to navigate Korean sites to order the DVD. Makes no fucking sense at all.

No. 46296

Jimin never admitted to having a eating disorder,he was on a show along with jin and they talked about their severe diets. Armys were the ones who said jimin had e eating disorder.
Also if we are going to be honest almost all kpop idols have some sort of eating disorder.

No. 46297

File: 1566942444693.jpg (78.1 KB, 720x720, 8018279cf117423d6bcf7dc7a92a49…)

>He also looks drained and tired lately,like his face is hollow.
Idols have probably always looked like that, it's only now that we get to see more and more candids thanks to them going to the US

Fans are definitely getting dumber and dumber. A couple years ago nobody shied away from telling it how it is. Nowadays insinuating that somebody has an ed is bodyshaming, back then it would be seen as showing concern for the idol and criticising their company/the industry.

I frankly find it quite disturbing seeing bts or other male idols literally sobbing in front of cameras. They're adults, rich and at least phsyically healthy young men, how can anybody see this as normal or even cute?
But fans are even making compiliations of that…

No. 46302

Sorry but that doesn't even look coherent except for the cross-dress ones, exo-l.

No. 46304

I know its in japanese but the person is korean. Holy cringe.

No. 46305

Since Irene is the most hyped female idol atm, I think they kinda changed their standards? It was always the tall girls who were popular before her: Yoona, Suzy, Seolhyun, Hani, etc

No. 46306

Could it have been staged though? I really don't trust anything ~genuine~ coming from bigshit.

No. 46307

What? Jang geun suk has always been more popular in japan after people forget about his dramas which last peaked in 2010. Plus this MV is 3 years old. His facial expressions and styling are cringey indeed but it's not like it's worth discussed about.

No. 46308

File: 1566945390007.jpg (495.34 KB, 1080x1502, 20190828_053633.jpg)

YG Trainees Including Treasure
YG Entertainment has a lot on their plate at the moment as Yang HyunSuk and former BIGBANG member SeungRi have recently made headlines again as they are being investigated for illegal gambling overseas, on top of facing other scandals and suspicions.

According to news media E-Daily, trainees over at YG Entertainment, including Treasure 13 members, are currently trying to leave the agency.

It is likely that these trainees are expecting major difficulties in kick-starting their careers since the agency is dealing with so much bad publicity at the moment. And the agency also does have a reputation for not debuting trainees but rather keeping them locked up inside their “treasure box” as fans like to say.

According to an industry insider, many YG affiliated trainees are currently in talks with other agencies.

Given that the contracts that trainees sign are different from what actual idols are bound to, it is definitely possible for these trainees to leave if they wish to. Normally, a trainee’s contract is on a yearly basis.

Fans have been frustrated by how YG Entertainment has continuously delayed the debut of Treasure 13, and it seems that the trainees themselves have lost faith in the agency as well.

No. 46309

I wonder what happened to him,he used to be a popular actor.

No. 46310

they must have been told they weren't going to debut anytime soon otherwise they wouldn't be trying to leave.

No. 46311

File: 1566946619321.jpg (83.8 KB, 464x661, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

I think the korean gp just lost interest in him cause there's always a new male actor to replace him anyway. Plus he claimed to have been suffering from bipolar disorder since 2011, thus he only enlisted to the military as a social worker. Not sure if it's true or just his ways to get an easy task, I don't deny that mental health problems are real in korea but some people just use it as a an excuse. He just looks bad nowadays, pretty sure nobody wants to see him in a drama anymore. As for his music career, he never released any korean song except for drama osts or commercials.

No. 46312

I wouldn't be surprised if it was staged but I have no problem believing they were just being invasive (tbf I haven't seen it yet.)

No. 46313

Those itzy girls are catfishes. They look totally different in real life or variety shows compared to their music videos,and some of the members are just plain ugly.
Its amazing how the right angle and filters can make a change in music videos.

No. 46314

I don't know this guy, but wow, this hairstyle is extremely unflattering on him. I think if he had a different one he could look alright.

No. 46315

This recent red velvet EP sucked in my opinion. Many of the songs sounded like filler. At least sales were decent.

No. 46316

that applies to most idols these days. after 2010 everything was heavily filtered and edited in music videos.

No. 46318


I know a lot of YG's female trainees that people knew of (future 2NE1, BlackPink hopefuls) left the company even before shit hit the fan. YG was talking about how he was going to do a girl version of Treasure Box but that's probably off the table, if it was ever going to happen in the first place. I can see a lot of those female trainees trying to get into Bighit's new gg

No. 46319

Why do dirty flat nosed SEA’s love kpop so much(racebaiting)

No. 46320

What's with all the unsaged racebaiting recently?

No. 46321

probably /r/asianmasculinity or ratmys trying to derail the thread


No. 46322

self hate

No. 46327

yeah imo day 1 was their best album to date and then they follow that up with day 2 one of their most bland albums ever. sm's music quality is all over the place. i used to be able to count on their artists having good albums even if the title tracks were shit, but now it's completely random what you'll get.

No. 46329

i notice so many idols fake cry or act super shocked when they win music show awards and it's so stupid.

No. 46331

it's to make fans feel like they have to support something more because it gives them a humble underdog image. same reason taylor swift does/did it.

No. 46334

File: 1566965550288.jpeg (46.72 KB, 463x663, images.jpeg)

This is the drama that got him popular in 2008, he used to look okayish but then the same thing that has happened to many idols/actors also got to him. He was replaced by Lee Seung Gi, another actor was also a singer; Seung Gi was replaced by Seo In Guk (actor-singer), and the cycle goes on. The most popular idols/actors you see right now will become irrelevant in just 1-3 years, that's just how disposable these people are.

No. 46335

>sm's music quality is all over the place. i used to be able to count on their artists having good albums even if the title tracks were shit, but now it's completely random what you'll get.

I think they got distracted by nct and sperm, which ironically also produce shit music (idk yet about sperm tho but pretty sure it will be the same)

No. 46337

File: 1566966225458.jpeg (31.83 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpeg)

Lol i especially can't stand this pedobait

No. 46339

File: 1566969323434.jpg (752.1 KB, 1080x1529, 20190828_120645.jpg)

Someone from the last thread >>46126 mentioned this:
>Appearantly Lisa repeatedly posted pics of people without sensoring their faces, even this little girl. She claims to have asked, but nevertheless… No idea how it is in Korea, but posting a strangers child to your 20+ million followers on the tnternet would be very much illegal in my country.

And I saw this news:
>BLACKPINK member Lisa, one of the most popular K-Pop idols in the world is currently being criticized when netizens noticed that her videos don’t pixelate people in the background. Netizens have stated that this violates the privacy of people.

>But what’s baffling us is that Lisa probably isn’t responsible for pixelating peoples’ faces in the videos. We’re quite certain that there would be a video editor right? Can you imagine Lisa loading her takes on to her laptop and working on the videos while sipping a cup of coffee like an average YouTuber? No.

>Nevertheless, some people have actually found this disturbing.

What i found funny is the "lisa is not responsible for pixelating people's faces…." like it's not just her videos apparently, but also the pics that she post on instagram, which is something she can totally control. Also what's with these bp chicks pretending to be artsy fartsy? Lisa just made a youtube account "Lilifilm Official" to post her videography works, and jennie with her lesyeuxdenini.

No. 46340

Doesn't she look super similar to Sunmi? I bet that if she was 30 instead of 15 nobody would praise her "beauty".

>Also what's with these bp chicks pretending to be artsy fartsy?
It's because of yg's marketing strategy. Bts does it too now, but top already did it years ago, he always talked about buying art and did a solo song with a really odd mv. Now bighit made v act as if he's some artfreak as well and jk and lisa are suddenly super talented in filming, jennie in photography.
I suspect that this is to make them seem classier and to get rid of the manufactored idol image, so that they can get more sponsorships from luxury brands.
And I'm sorry but this makes me nearly prefer jyp or sm idols who at least somewhat admit that the fame and money they get is nice - instead of pretending that there's something "deeper" behind what they do.

No. 46341

Its kinda creepy how all of the girls are 19 and then there's her who is obviously added for the jailbait. I guess jyp is trying to pull a tzuyu situation but failed since no one is paying attention to her because she is ugly and korean netizens keep on roasting her saying how she looks like a sloth.

No. 46342

File: 1566979700906.jpg (286.91 KB, 1200x1204, IMG_20190828_122214.jpg)

Holy photoshop, you really can't tell who is who.

And sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at this comment
>Sperm teaser = precum

No. 46343


She only got added to the group because Somi left. Also your jealousy is showing because she’s actually one of the favourites (naturally being the youngest) and has the best stage presence

No. 46344

This is a kpop Critical thread so maybe you should fuck off to the gg stan thread.
Also best stage presence based on who? Based on you lol.

No. 46347

they all have ugly pudgy noses.. in sm’s quest to make everyone carbon copies, they should’ve at least chosen a better nose shape

No. 46349

Nta but why should anyone be jealous of a pedobait??? That's like a very legit thing to criticize about idols.

She reminds me of jihyo, so much energy yet no stage presence.

No. 46351

Sunmi's music is getting worse with each release, but at least she doesn't look like she's two seconds away from dying anymore

No. 46355

Lia and Chaeryeong are the least favourite in Itzy. Yuna is one of the most popular members and that doesn’t change just because you think she’s ugly. Maybe get your facts straight instead of spewing your dumb ass opinions

Learn 2 sage

No. 46356

being popular has nothing to do with stage presence she’s popular for her jail bait schtik and that’s it

No. 46357

File: 1566996935443.jpeg (105.84 KB, 664x1024, DWLSXUxUQAAy-YV.jpeg)

>I am dreading the day when they have to enlist and get a buzz cut It looks so bad when their hair isnt styled
I can't wait, next year we'll see lol

No. 46358

Yep I said she’s popular for being the youngest above.. She’s also recognised for her great stage presence compared to the other members. Sorry your hate boner gets offended by that.

The other anon suggesting that Yuna gets no attention because she’s ugly and that jyp’s pedobait plan failed is bullshit. Yuna only got added to the group because Somi left. It’s not being critical, it’s spreading misinformation based on dumb opinions

No. 46359

"ITZY Yuna 'the goddess of this place is naya na'"
>She really looks the sloth from Zootopia
>She acts too over the top so it's hard for me to like her.
>She's pretty but there's something about her like Twice's Tzuyu that's just whatever
>She always reminds me of f(x)'s Luna every time I see her
>Every time there's an ITZY picture in the news, it's always Yuna. I guess she's their main product?
>Shows how important the nose is on a face. She may have really pretty eyes but people will always say she looks like a sloth because of her nose.

Not one positive comment. And the rest is just shitting on Chaeryung.

No. 46360

Wow. I can cherry pick too anon


Ahh only positive comments on Yuna’s beauty

No. 46361

nta but yuna is the most popular. its mostly because of uncle stans, but shes still the most popular. netizen buzz tends to cherry pick comments and on top of that the most popular of groups always get the most hate.

anyways, the netizens werent lying when they said shes ugly. shes pretty with a straight face but looks like a rat/sloth when she smiles.

No. 46362

Ryujin is the most popular in Korea, every time ITZY does anything netizens comment on her standing out or being prettiest. Strange since among i-fans it seems to be the opposite

No. 46363

>cherry picking
I simply went to the latest article about itzy and copypasted all comments about her.
But okay, from now on I promise to stop doubting the beauty and popularity of your preteen goddess.

No. 46365

You used it to prove your point that Yuna is ugly without mentioning the fact that there are other articles where people have praised Yuna’s looks. That’s cherry picking.

Do you just read one article and base all your opinions on that acting like it’s fact? Lol you’re dumb

No. 46366

Nobody here cares enough to read several articles about her, anon, and neither should you…

No. 46367

Lol I didn't expect to hear a kpop group rip off of stromae

No. 46368

For comparison

No. 46369

Recent Red Velvet styling is doing nothing for her figure.

No. 46370

Ok but you care enough to share your opinion on it and also spend time arguing with me. There’s a difference between being critical of something and just being a hater.

>she’s ugly

>she gets no attention
>jyp’s pedobait plan failed

You’re talking shit and basing your opinions off one article and stating them like it’s fact. That’s why you sound like a jealous hater(it's just k-pop)

No. 46371

> she’s popular for being the youngest above
Like the other anons said; popular for being pedobait. I find kpop's obsession with glorifying and emphasizing the usually mediocre youngest members of a group based solely on their age to be icky af.

No. 46373

We get it, you like her, now stfu.

nta btw.

No. 46374

I hope she sees this anon

No. 46375

They really need to pull those jeans down and give her peplum tops

No. 46378

also, wins = less harsh punishments by management

No. 46382

I'm kinda weirded out that someone stans a kid that just debuted. Itzy has 4 songs. What could they possibly have done that's so amazing you feel the need to defend them in this thread? Lol honestly nothing sets them apart from any rookie group besides being in JYP and Somi ditching them last minute.

No. 46384

File: 1567010336930.jpeg (210.28 KB, 1372x897, C94E4890-0EA4-4698-8B7E-527A63…)

I didn’t know I felt so strongly either lol I just get tired of all the shit posting in this thread. It’s the principle of reading one article and then spreading misinformation. Saying Yuna gets no attention and is failed pedobait just isn’t true, so why say it? I know asking for meaningful conversation on lolcow is a bit much but still the shit posting is annoying.

Everyone in this thread is interested in kpop, otherwise why the fuck would they be wasting time here? Whether people are current or ex fans, it’s not unexpected that people keep up with the kpop world in order to then critique it. I don’t care whether anon thinks Yuna is ugly or not, but I don’t see the point in giving opinions when you don’t know the full story.

On another note, Somi posted on Instagram that she’s bored. I wonder how much she regrets moving to YG / the Black Label?

No. 46385

she probably regrets it 100%. i mean, she shouldve had a comeback this month or preparing for a comeback next month but shes just sitting around

No. 46387

i’m just waiting for the first “the state of this thread” comment, seeing how it’s all newfags talking about “stage presence”
can the itzybitzy stans go back to twitter ?

No. 46389

nah, the "“the state of this thread” comments are from anons analyzing gifs and trying to understand idols true personalities

No. 46394

In earlier threads I would've agreed, but to be completely honest at this point it's more fun to watch two autistic anons argue about whether or not an Itzy member is ugly than it is to read the thousandth post in a row about how V is a retarded misogynist, Jimin looks botched, and JK is self-harming for attention.

No. 46396

>expecting people not to shitpost and shit on all idols
>expecting people to praise your bias
>In k-pop critical

Are you fucking new here or what

No. 46397

File: 1567023409445.png (339.16 KB, 560x536, 2019082814135051938_2.png)

This is so upsetting, once again making everything about bts
>I wonder what Jungkook feels seeing this

No. 46398

Why don’t we rename the thread to kpop shitposting then if anons are unable to have discussions based in reality.

>being critical =/= shitposting

No. 46399

Why can't they style her like SNSD Tiffany? She has a box waist too but most of the time you can't tell because of styling.

No. 46400

Somi's situation just cements the obvious that her YG debut was rushed to heck and back to keep people off the scandal and that she's a nobody now because she took that star it-factor to her head, believing her attention-whore dad and thinking she was too good for JYP.

No. 46401

>watch two autistic anons argue about whether or not an Itzy member is ugly than it is to read the thousandth post in a row about how V is a retarded misogynist, Jimin looks botched, and JK is self-harming for attention.

This. At this point what else can we bitch about unless North Korea decides to nuke the industry or something.

No. 46403



She only has her greedy white dad to thank for that tbh and her own ego. She was impatient when she went on Produce 101 for a quicky debut. JYP was against it at first and they were right. If she'd just laid low after Sixteen and debuted with Itzy she'd be hands down the favorite member of the group. Oh well.

I always wondered why Somi's stage dad didn't take her out of Korea and have her try to score some Netflix show like To All the Boys I Loved Before. She'd be an even bigger deal but maybe he wasn't confident she'd be able to compete in the American market.


Thing is Somi was always mediocre. She was in Sixteen, was in P101. But she got centre in P101 because of her JYP/Sixteen fanbase, not because her skills and presence actually justified it. When she's solo it pretty much makes that painfully clear.

At any rate seems like Somi's Dad has given up on her and is already pimping her younger sister for stardom. Stage parents.

No. 46404

her dad probably has yellow fever
literally. they should take tips from snsd's stylists cause none of the girls had curves yet the stylist made it look like they did. they keep putting her in clothes irene would wear instead of clothes that suit her. its a shame tbh

No. 46405

Didnt i say for you to fuck off to gg stan thread auntie?
You've completely derailed this thread, just because you cant stands a opinion about your fave yuna.
I bet you are one of those same people who is like ''hahah yeah'' when people insult bts and exo even if its not true But the moment someone insults your fave you do this.

No. 46409

Nowadays all idols simply always wear high waisted shorts or skirts paired with crop tops, no matter their body type.

I think somebody here once posted something about 2nd generation idols like snsd looking slimmer/more toned than idols now, but i think that's simply because they had better fitting clothes.
Most asian girls have narrow hips, so their stylists should try to conceal that by having them wear something low on their hips. But instead most wear stuff that only emphasize that and in cases like yeri only makes them look even stockier. Same for idols who are a little thicker, because high waist shorts reveal so much of the thigh, they also can't hide any imperfection or a little extra fat

Also is it just my impression or did idols a while ago wear heels much more often? Kara, t-ara, sistar etc always wore very high heels, but now I can't think of any groups who do that (at least not often).

No. 46412

>I don’t care whether anon thinks Yuna is ugly or not, but I don’t see the point in giving opinions when you don’t know the full story.

Nta but you clearly care dumbass. Otherwise you wouldn't have shilled her so hard whenever someone says she's ugly. The last argument should apply to real cases like the burning sun, misinformation is wrong, not when determining whether someone is ugly or not. That somi post is just her being bored on day-to-day basis retard, do you really believe she'd tell everyone that yg is not giving her any activity of some sort on instagram? (Even if it's true).

No. 46413

File: 1567031443077.jpg (77.42 KB, 758x1600, unnamed79.jpg)

How's he still able to do this when he was a suspect in JJY's case?

>Lee JongHyun Leaves CNBLUE After Recent DM Incident With Female BJ

>Lee JongHyun’s agency FNC Entertainment announced that he has left CNBLUE after a recent direct message incident with a female South Korean Afreeca TV BJ.

>The BJ uploaded a screenshot of Lee JongHyun direct messaging her saying: “I’m having a blast watching your videos. Please upload more fun contents.” / “Your belly fat is so cute.”

>The BJ uploaded the screenshot online, causing some netizens to criticize Lee JongHyun and ultimately leading him to make the decision to leave the group as he felt he was bringing shame upon CNBLUE. Some netizens have criticized the BJ for uploading a private conversation online.

No. 46416

i looked her up. what belly fat? just another plastic kthot

No. 46417

File: 1567033534490.jpeg (45.12 KB, 320x320, 8A9CA488-B01B-45C6-A6A9-619C15…)

People nitpick idols looks on here all the time, including myself. That’s not the issue here.

It’s really not that deep.

If you hate yourself enough, you can read through my comments again and see that I was calling out anons misinformed opinions about why Yuna was added to the group, her popularity and her being a supposed pedobait fail. I was addressing the shitposting, not trying to argue whether or not Yuna is pretty.

With Somi, I’m just speculating whether she regrets her decision. I don’t think I’ve seen an idol post about being bored before and it’s come at a time when Itzy are in the middle of promotions. With Somi’s debut flop and Itzy’s success, a lot of people think she regrets leaving jyp. I’m not stating that she definitely does or that her boredom is specifically related to her lack of activities, but her post prompted my speculation.

No. 46420

File: 1567033753916.png (452.88 KB, 765x544, seungrigambling.png)

*"Earlier today, Seungri arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Jungnang-gu for questioning and investigations over allegations that he illegally gambled billions of won in casinos in Las Vegas.

His investigations began at 9:55 am KST, and as of the writing of this article, they are still undergoing, which means he has been undergoing questioning for the past 10 hours.

While he was quiet during his brief meeting with reporters outside the police station, it is being reported that he did in fact admit to most of the gambling charges that were handed to him earlier by police.

However, he has denied the charge levied against him for using “Hwanchigi”, or unregistered foreign transactions that are used to circumvent detection by banks. Seungri currently carries 9 charges against him, including prostitution, mediating prostitution, embezzlement, and destruction of evidence, dating back to June in relation to his ties with the Burning Sun scandal.

Yang Hyun Suk is scheduled to be questioned tomorrow over the charges levied against him, including habitual gambling, illegal foreign exchange, and his 2014 case where he allegedly solicited prostitution to foreign investors."*

Love how the gambling is being tackled so vigorously but the trafficking and prostitution have basically just been waved off…


No. 46421

File: 1567033843975.jpg (487.38 KB, 720x452, gOK9wg0.jpg)


male idols seem to like plastic kthots. Didn't Got7's Mark get exposed recently for dating an Afreeca TV BJ? Not to mention when you look at the women UKISS members marry….

No. 46422

i guess they dont wear heels anymore cause the sexy concept died out. now all concepts must appeal to uncle stans and they hate overtly sexy/confident women.
why do they have such shitty taste? at least some kpop girls still look somewhat human, meanwhile these bj girls look like ugly sims characters

No. 46425

File: 1567035761024.jpg (15.1 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Seungri: does rape and drugs while enabling other shady operations under his supervision such as prostitution and god only knows
Police: does nothing
Seungri: gambles
Police: acts surprised

Like I know how strict the law is regarding gambling in Korea, they even prohibit overseas Koreans from gambling but seriously?

No. 46426

File: 1567035863062.jpg (39.44 KB, 676x454, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

I didnt know any married member from ukiss other than eli but you're right kek

No. 46428

File: 1567036334274.jpg (118.49 KB, 850x612, unnamed73.jpg)

>Find Out Which IZ*ONE Members Are The Most Popular Based On Hi Touch Sales

It's funny how chaeyeon is always the last. Not sure if japanese idol system works well with korean groups cause it's gonna affect the members' self-esteem or something (not like i care), meanwhile japanese idols are used to be rated based on the sales of handshake events, auditions for subunits, etc.


No. 46429

Sana darling,Just stick to looking pretty and never sing unless you are lip-syncing.

No. 46430

y i k e s

No. 46431

>>46423 the fucking lady host's face before she knew she was on camera, my sides

No. 46432

I'm pretty sure Lia is the one who people say looks like a sloth (they also say she looks like Mr Bean)

No. 46433

Nope i think you've mistaken them.
Yuna is the one who gets called a sloth,most people say she looks like a sloth because of her nose.

No. 46434

File: 1567037432377.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x2061, bleach.jpg)

every irrelevant soloist bleaching their hair in a desperate attempt to seem more interesting kek

No. 46435

File: 1567037501216.png (270.39 KB, 388x515, Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 8.12.…)

I forgot sulli

No. 46436

so fucking gay

No. 46437

What lady host? Chungha or the guy in the middle? Because that's a guy lol

No. 46438

File: 1567040073272.jpeg (54.12 KB, 272x243, 0FCF521E-FCAA-4DDC-A732-81CA4D…)

judging from the first frame they are probably talking about chungha lol. the guy looks like a girl too tho

No. 46439

So gross. Who cares about the fact that teenager was brave enough to protest. GOTTA REPRESENT BTS (/s)

No. 46440

None of the women who lives he ruined are even here. but gambling

Oh yeah, gambling the worst. Wow, korea is literal trash

No. 46441

he wouldn't have married her if he hadn't gotten her knocked up

No. 46442

wait, Yuna is pedobait, Yeji looks like a retarded cheetah, Lia is Mr. Bean incarnate but CHAREYOUNG isn't the one that looks like a sloth?

No. 46443

File: 1567041805190.gif (1.63 MB, 303x303, tumblr_p0d13hqJou1wwedn4o1_400…)

How come you didnt mention ryujin

No. 46444

red velvet's stylist seems to hate yeri and wendy. they always get the worst, most unflattering outfits. i've only seen irene get one bad outfit (that weird cookie monster top) and seulgi/joy never get a bad outfit.

No. 46445

it shows how unpopular got7 is that one of their members is dating an e-celeb instead of real celebrity. how sad.

No. 46448

most male idols are probably dating ethots

No. 46449

So not only is Yulhee pregnant again, shes allegedly having twins. Kek. The attention whoring is going to reach a maximum level.

No. 46451

I have no animal to give her? any tips?

No. 46453

File: 1567047073183.jpg (5.89 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

She is among the most good looking in itzy, considering she is the only one who looks the same without filters. I guess you could say she looks like a discount tara eunjung. She still looks better than lia and yuna

No. 46455

guess you have a point, since I couldn't think of anything to give ryujin. I think she only looks good in photos, like the one you posted, because every time I see her on video she don't look "omg pretty". So I guess she lucked out being photogenic.

No. 46457

i'm pretty sure all the rich/popular male idols are dating models and daughters of rich men.

No. 46458

Didn't someone say male idols tend to marry down, because all the female idols, even the literally-whos get with someone who has higher status?

No. 46460

i guess so but i doubt they go around fucking e-celebs when they could at least get a female idol from a nobody girl group.

No. 46461

because female idols get recognized either from fans or because they look like idols due to their retarded hair colours. and i bet female idols look like little boys when they're naked. ethots have plastic titties and asses at least.

No. 46463

Jimin is gay

No. 46464

idols are at the bottom of the totem pole. a rich chaebol's daughter might play around with a male idol but would probably either get with another chaebol or a top actor, but chaebols in Korea are pretty serious about that shit.

male idols even the top ones are still dancing monkeys in the eyes of korea so they usually don't get a chance to date up. Like, no matter how popular bts are, they won't be able to date someone at the status of a song hye kyo and even if that top actress wants to fool around she'd never let it get out because if a top actress is caught dating an idol, no matter how big his group is, it'd be a massive blow to her image. So most male idols will find it easier to snag women at the same popularity level or under them (also helps their ego). That would include ethots, female idols who are as big or less popular, prostitutes, fans, saesangs, trainees etc. If they date up it would probably be on the low and never get out so the woman's reptuation doesn't get ruined.

On the other hand, men only care about how hot the girl is, so female idols have a better chance of dating up and snagging top actors (rumors of Sohee and Kim Soo Hyun but I'm sure there are others), top idols (Hyeri who was nobody at the time and that guy from HOT), chaebols (Kahi, Choa, JungAh from After School).

No. 46465

dating an ethot is like dating up. it's this generation's version of dating a model.

No. 46466

What about idols + chaebols like Siwon or Jin? Forget about the latter tho, cause nobody wants him except army femcels

No. 46468

File: 1567054312111.jpg (270.68 KB, 1051x983, 20190829_015717.jpg)

Idk I feel like BTS could get away with dating up. Koreans are very hyped up on them being "national pride" rn and you know how obnoxiously patriotic they are

Also RM current girlfriend is v pretty (pic related)

No. 46469

i know this is probably bait, but i honestly don't think any of the bts members are gay. none of them stand out as too effeminate. like in almost every boy group there is that one member that is probably gay, but not in bts. it's funny because armys want them to be gay the most and freak out over every little sign hinting that they're supportive of lgbt.

No. 46470

who is she tho

not sure if they could date top tier korean celebs (even tho bts are probably richer by now) but they could get someone who's not trash just like GD and Kiko Mizuhara

No. 46471

Wasn’t she on a drama with Nana or Uee?

No. 46472

No. 46473

I can't find any info about lee ho jung & rm dating

No. 46474

That's because there is no info, they just happened to go to same museum on the same day and ratmys descended on her instagram telling her to stay away from oppa.

No. 46476

Seulgis getting shit for buying a scottish fold and munchkin kitten. Honestly it is pretty fucked and I understand why people are pissed. They are genetically bred for ~aesthetic~ and have a lot of health problems as a result.

No. 46477

do you guys have any ideas why DO is the most normal looking of EXO? Or any of this gens idols. He’s the only one I see who doesn’t have retarded hair colours or haircuts and the only one who acts like a normal human being

No. 46480

ngl I thought this song was shit at first but it was stuck in my head all fucking day at work so its at least got that going for it. Still feels unfinished though.

No. 46481

He can act like that because he's a male idol, so no one will give him shit

No. 46482

he is supposed to be the more conventional and attainable one,also dyeing his hair crazy colors would evidentiate how boring he looks

No. 46485

When I read up on that cat breed, it was super disturbing. Sounds like a headache to take care of and treat because of the high risk of genetic disease.

No. 46486

File: 1567068194999.jpg (106.81 KB, 1080x1080, D-iRjpgUIAUMvVl.jpg)

this girl doesn't look human lmao are korean plastic surgeons okay?? don't they have any sense of telling what looks good or bad?

none of them seem interested in men to me too, they're all obsessed with female attention

No. 46487

ot but the fact that people still fall for these types of shoops and worship such people is beyond me kek

No. 46488

It is pretty well known in sasaeng circles that jimin sleeps around with men and goes to gay clubs wearing a mouth mask. Almost every jimin sasaeng says that jimin is bisexual, they do say that the other members are straight though.

No. 46489

are you in these sasaeng circles anon? lol come back when you have any proof of this

No. 46490

who cares? seulgi is rich she can afford all the medicine and surgeries they might need if they get sick. this is such a dumb thing to get mad over.

No. 46491

Pretty sure the problem people have is with these breeds being bred in the first place. When rich celebs buy them it results in copycat buyers which makes demand for little fucked up cats go way up.

No. 46496

Accidentally found this on kpopmap. Lmao is this the saddest debut ever? They've only reached 1.1k views after 24 hours and they have zero Korean fans. One of the guys is tragically very botched too that they had to change the thumbnail it's funny.

No. 46499

the same circles that had seen harry styles and louis tomlinson buying wedding rings in 2011 yeah?

No. 46500

you mustve read the fan fiction twitter and instagram saesangs wrote and took it as truth lmao.

No. 46501

Eugh i wouldnt wanna see this in my bathroom in the middle of the night

No. 46502

was it the blonde one? cause he looked creepy as hell in the red light. the song is really shit btw

No. 46503

File: 1567082727459.jpg (428.02 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20190829-194403_You…)

This was the exact thumbnail before it was changed to the current one, i actually only clicked because of how botched he was. When i was scrolling the website a few hours later, the thumbnail already changed, they probably realized how bad he looked like for marketing kek. Literally the saddest debut ever though, other shit companies would have tried to buy ads or do something to attract people, especially Korean GP but it's like they have no idea what to do with all that. The song is already shit to start with.

No. 46504

File: 1567083110639.jpg (49.39 KB, 680x587, unnamed70.jpg)

>Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang SiHyuk Visibly Lost Weight In Recent Times

Ugh no. Try again.
Why it was even a news material is beyond me though.

No. 46505

big shit is the government's new shiny toy they want to market them as much as possible

No. 46506


also people forget that u can just keep replaying and refreshing for the views to go up. just bc a video gets x amount of views, lets say it gets 90million, it doesnt mean 90 million ppl saw it kek

No. 46507

Some drama is under attack because they sexualized IZ*ONE members in one of the scene. Little do the fans know that this is just what k-incels do daily (and other incels all over the world). It's just what's gotta happen when the male are the majority of the fans. Can't attach video because it's on Twitter


I've seen even more disgusting tweets by incels who also keep "(insert iz*one bias name)'s protection squad" in their bios.

No. 46509

Kek that was one trashy dancebreak

No. 46510

Yeah totes a coincidence that 2 famous ppl happened to be there at the same time and took pictures from the exact same angles etc kek
There were also comments on naver saying they were spotted at a restaurant in jeju but they keep deleting it cause SK has no freedom of speech whatsoever
She's been linked to other idols too so I guess she has a type lol

No. 46511

File: 1567091466529.jpg (280.55 KB, 1069x1069, 20190829_121025.jpg)

The way the other anon talked I thought it was only ifans sperging but some psycho korean fan reached to her on kkt. I call something's up

No. 46512

So that was the response from her (in english)? Sorry i really dont know about her and her backgrounds, but i suppose if they both went to the museum and could speak english well they probably went as that edgy artfag couple lmao

No. 46514

Yes she posted it on her instastories.
The museum is on Jeju Island though so they didn't have to showcase their english skills

No. 46517



Armys are going to flip their shit if Jimin ends up dating Halsey. He doesn't even try to hide the flirting.

No. 46518

File: 1567094281968.jpg (1.1 MB, 1873x900, EC-dg8EUEAEI1BN-1.jpg)

maybe this is his alleged girlfriend lol

No. 46519

> He doesn’t even try to hide the flirting
you call looking at someone dance flirting? are you one of those stans that take any kind of friendly interaction as an opportunity to confirm your ships? jimin dating halsey when he can barely speak a word in english?

No. 46520

As if. She will dumb them as soon as they get sick and are no good for attention anymore.
It says a lot how SK treats animals and she by no means would be any better. No one serious about animal rights would ever buy such an overbred and ill animal.
It is the exact right reaction to her.

Am I the onky one who would really enjoy the Ratmy meltdown if Jimin would date Halsey?
The little drama with RM and the girl the last days gave me some hope for some good drama.

No. 46521

He's been all over her since the beginning with the "Look at me in the eyes" and playing around with the cameras together. He's always been a big flirt. Doesn't mean they're dating but I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to tap that.

No. 46522

out of all the bts dating rumors this seems kind of believable imo.

No. 46523

suga was checking her out in some video too. she was wearing a pink tracksuit or something. idk what video because idc about either of those people.

No. 46524

Nobody cares about your delusional shipping.
Jimin ignores her most of the time but because of footage of them interacting for 10 seconds you think they are real?
Are you one of those people who ship people of the opposite gender just because they look at each other for 2 seconds, i bet you are a delulu irene x sehun shipper too.

No. 46526

anons her pics are definitely shopped there's no way she looks like that irl. she probably has plastic surgery but there's no way most of her body/face in those two pics isn't manufactured by snow or other photo editing apps.

No. 46528

I remember seeing a literally who female doctor getting with a former idol/actor and people said that she could have done better than that lmao.

No. 46531

??? I literally couldn't care less about who he's fucking. Just pointing out that he's shamelessly flirting on cam and his fans are going to go nuts. Last time they went crazy over him playing around with some girl in the background for 3 secs

No. 46532

I'm usually not one to whine about a thread being shit, but if you write stuff like X supposedly dating/being gay, then please post proof! That's just really annoying.

And Jimin always acts overly nice on tv, he even hugs female hosts or also Emma Stone - which is considered somewhat improper in Korea. Looking at somebody means absolutely nothing.

No. 46533

Being a doctor is very prestigious in SK though wouldn't use it as a prime example

No. 46540

>couldnt care less yet claims he is dating someone.
>shamelessly flirting
Are you a secret jimin stan? Are you mad that he communicates with the opposite gender.
You seem to be doing a lot of projection , claiming that fans are going nuts (even though its a minority) while you yourself seeming bothered.

No. 46571

Nta but i think they meant the male idol/actor dont deserve a doctor

No. 46577

Chill lol I'm literally saying the opposite. Found the Jimin stan

No. 46579

i noticed some outfits from zimzalabim stages made her waist appear somwhat slimmer. the outfit's unfortunately hideous tho.

No. 46580

it's cause these outfits aren't form fitting and make her hips appear wider. when their stylists do something right in one category, they fuck up in the other. i wonder how much they get paid for this.

No. 46582

File: 1567125207430.jpg (1.8 MB, 900x1200, hvAi68O.jpg)

I'm not sure what look he's going for

No. 46583

>"hey guys! This is me 5 months on estrogen!"

No. 46587

No. 46588

Woah, it's amazing how much better she looks here.In the video posted upthread she looks dispropotionate. I don't get their stylists, I know they are not paid well but I couldn't fuck idols over with outfits that are unflattering for their bodies when they're gonna perform in those outfits and be on screens. I would only give them bad outfits if they would treat me badly. I wonder if the superiors instruct the staff to give the members that are favored by the company the best outfits. Irene gets good outfits everytime since she's the most popular but Wendy and Yeri get extremely unflattering outfits.

In blackpink, Lisa gets the worst outfits while Jennie gets the most expensive. I think it's a combination of stylists not understanding how body shapes work, favoritism towards a certain idol from the company, biases stylists have towards a certain idol. I wonder if groups have more than one stylists that change shifts or if it's just one.

No. 46591

File: 1567125989423.png (307.34 KB, 345x415, gt45vct4.PNG)

why do ratmies dig this? why does he think looking lyk a lesbo is okay

teehee anon u made me giggle

No. 46592

This is much better than the classic k-pop bowl cut but am I the only one observing how freaking damaged his hair is? I haven't seen hair that damaged in a long time and it's not even long hair.

No. 46595

File: 1567126520403.jpg (222 KB, 1000x1411, 1566762390-img-20190826-004322…)

I just looked at this pic and realized he resembles Michael Jackson so much I cannot unsee it. This picture also made me realize how much surgery they made him have on his nose. It already looks a bit botched, if they'll give him another surgery it's gonna be beyond repair.

No. 46596

File: 1567126773263.jpg (89.88 KB, 800x1200, 846efc320cab11ea9ee51fc236c688…)

Why can't they give boybands short haircuts and not ugly bowl cuts and lesbian hair? I think it would just make them less marketable since most bands are popular and get traction in the west because they're seen as lgbt feminine angels. Pic related is underaged jk with short hair and after his first rhinoplasty.
Saged for samefagging

No. 46597

Blinks trended #StayStrongRose after she liked an instagram comment about shit falling apart.

Not only is her solo seemingly on hold indefinitely, but she's the only member of BlackPink who has had no solo activities or promotions all year. It's either a professional issue or a private one, which wouldn't be surprising since her cover of Halsey's Eyes Closed back on Valentine's Day was pretty angsty (the song is about a girl being badly dumped).

Apparently her dad is liking insta posts about her being mistreated by YG though

No. 46598

File: 1567127214634.jpg (299.75 KB, 952x952, XtZRvls.jpg)


Insta post in question - apparently it's a Marilyn Monroe quote

No. 46599

he had something done to his nose here? help a friend out cus i couldn't rlly see it. looks ~natural~ here since i think it's still on the large side. but the slimmed down bridge he has now compared to this was overall drastic

No. 46602

File: 1567127706852.jpg (156.01 KB, 737x960, 66702941_2305054689811313_5440…)

He looks like micheal jackson in that pic because you choose the most whitewashed edited pic you could find.

No. 46605

NTA but lmao you post this other pic as if its supposed to make him look attractive. yikes.

No. 46606

No i posted that pic since his real skin color is darker.You thinking that picture is supposed to be attractive is your own projection.

No. 46607

File: 1567128320776.jpg (11.03 KB, 236x230, 8dd86f7474b2569d00e9eccebba169…)

To me it looks like that. This is his nose when he was a kid and in the pic I posted his nose looks smaller and less crooked than it was here but you can't even compare it to how it looks now

You didn't even post a picture with him with his new haircut, the reason I said he looks like Michael Jackson is because his haircut reminds me of MJ and it also makes me focus on his nose surgery

No. 46608

File: 1567129015641.jpg (46.26 KB, 736x920, 35a16f8b51f4496aee37315b076d62…)

Yeah finding the worst childhood pic in a way to allege someone of having ps.
Here is a more clear picture of when he was 14 and his nose only looks slightly different.

I think he only gets nose botox, considering his nose goes back to its original shape after a couple of months and then becomes slim again.

No. 46609


Next to nothing. I'd probably half-ass my job too if I made a whopping $200 USD a week.

No. 46610

can the anons constantly accusing other anons of being stans fuck off please? 99.9% of the time it's unnecessary.

No. 46618

so defensive of criticism for a critical thread
can be done if obvious fans didn’t lurk this thread and leave valid criticism be

No. 46619

File: 1567130090456.jpg (164.32 KB, 733x1676, f691974657e90f0e592e48ac23cc25…)

Why do you care if it's botox or rhinoplasty? The work he has gotten done on his nose and eyes is extremely obvious. At this point I doubt his nose is the result of only botox.

No. 46620

this means nothing. most koreans shoop their ID photos

No. 46622

Plus this picture is extremely edited and it's obviously after surgery. The junkook I posted is the real, original junkook with his bulbous nose and hooded monolids.

No. 46624

File: 1567130498396.jpg (16.76 KB, 380x510, jungkook-school.jpg)

This picture isnt edited and he still has double eyelids and his nose looks slimmer. But whatever floats your boat.

No. 46625

sage your fucking nose autism, you absolute retard. nobody gives a fuck about your troon looking shitkook.

No. 46626

>uses the word Troon
I think you are lost the pinkpill/gendercritical thread is right around the corner on /ot

No. 46627

god ikr it's a constant back and forth thing and clogs the thread with bullshit

No. 46628

Nta but fuck off, this isn't tumblr. this site didn't turn into a safe space for trannies just because plebbit radfems are being obnoxious on /ot/& everyone is sick of them.

No. 46629

File: 1567131915870.jpeg (16.77 KB, 320x320, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Are you denying he's gotten his eyes and nose done? You don't wanna be called a stan but you're literally denying objective reality: JK's plastic surgery. Which is pretty fucking obvious by the way. If there was no surgery there wouldn't be such a big fluctuation between his eye size/nose size from his childhood until now

There's something extremely wrong with this thread and I feel like those that call stanning at stupid times when it's not necessary are actually stans themselves and they are projecting. I'm pretty sure you've called someone a stan in this thread a couple of times but when an idol you have an affinity for is getting called out for their surgery you keep posting edited pictures of them. He may have had double eyelids, but point still stands he's gotten his EYES and NOSE done. Junkook has gotten surgery and if you're denying that you may or may not be a stan but you're surely fucking retarded since you cannot distinguish drastic changes in facial structure.

No. 46630

File: 1567132514537.png (1.78 MB, 1500x1000, 16891681980_e0e47842aa_o.png)

Im not a jungkook stan in any way. You just seem to be spouting bullshit thats all. You've also used a unflattering picture of him in 2013 when there is another picture in 2013 who looks similar to the one in the right.
Also im not completely denying everything,it obvious that he gets botox/fillers on his nose but thats all.

No. 46632

At this point her solo is long overdue. It's just yg's trick to assure fans that all members will eventually get solo projects when he was just trying to push jennie. He didn't expect shit to fall apart really soon after burning sun, ikon, etc. Blackpink will probably disband first before rosé gets her solo kek.

No. 46634


Not that anon but I kek'd so hard

>You've also used an unflattering picture of him in 2013

>an unflattering picture of him
>in 2013
Begone ratmy

>he gets botox/fillers on his nose but thats all

>thats all
Ignoring the fact that 90% koreans have undergone plastic surgery since their teenage years, even the commoners. How naïve are you to believe that an idol like him hasn't had his nose done?

I'd be offended if i was his surgeon

No. 46635

File: 1567136923454.jpg (52.44 KB, 581x853, 88065814d19c035e806fd41e7f816c…)

To change the topic, here's a picture of an ape

No. 46636

>Botox on his nose
just stop trying to discuss plastic surgery

No. 46637

File: 1567139210643.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)


No. 46639

File: 1567139385816.png (59.2 KB, 1373x833, 1566781544805.png)

No. 46640

>>46639 also meant for >>46619

No. 46641


No. 46643

Why is he so damn fugly?

This is what I don’t understand about South Korea: their beauty standards are so high yet they let the UGLIEST people become idols. Most of the ones that get posted in this thread (Jungkook especially) would get mogged by thousands of commoners on the streets of Seoul… why do we keep pretending they’re attractive?

No. 46644

because idols aren't supposed to be gorgeous. the fantasy is that you have a chance lol.

No. 46646

All you are doing is making yourself look like a ignorant bitch instead, all it takes is a minute for you too google ''botox nose'' which is a non-surgical procedure which makes the bridge of your nose smaller.

No. 46647

I've only found the following
>Botox is a temporary muscle relaxant that, in this case, is used (off label) to relax the fibres of a specific muscle called Depressor Nasii Septii - to give you a perkier nose, for 4 to 6 months.
>The sides of the nose can be made slightly smaller by treating the ala (nostril area) with Botox to reduce the flaring of your muscles.
>A different treatment, BUNNY LINE BOTOX targets the upper part of the nose, for bunny-like wrinkles that may form on the bridge (just below where glasses may sit) when you smile.

No. 46648

it reduces flaring of the nostrils, google says

No. 46649

for the record I think he's okay looking and I'm a shut-in femcel lol so he's probably meant to appeal to lonely dorks with low-to-middling standards. plus even if you think he's ugly none of his features are outrageously ugly so the gp is willing to accept him as their dancing monkey of the moment.

No. 46650

jk is somewhat above average, 50th percentile guys aren't that good looking

No. 46654

that’s what jpop idols go for.kpop idols go for the botched effeminated look in order to seem harmless and reject anime characters

No. 46655

He needs to realize that he can either go for the sleazy fuckboy look or continue shooping himself into an uwu smooth baby. Both is simply not possible.

No. 46656

lmao i was thinking the same thing. he looks like an agp tranny 1 day into estrogen.

No. 46657

Anons don’t use the general Kpop thread anymore. That thread has been going for 11 months now. This ‘critical’ thread is full of stans who shit on other idols while defending their own bias. This thread is a clusterfuck and isn’t going to change anytime soon

No. 46660

I’m not the biggest fan of blackpink but I do want to see them leave YG and actually get some decent management cause no one deserves to be subjected to his bullshit. It’s unbelievable that he thinks he could get away with only giving Jennie a solo.

No. 46664

File: 1567159221928.jpg (111.74 KB, 799x1200, D5a48knU8AEVXtg.jpg)


No. 46665

File: 1567160488605.png (156.87 KB, 1117x679, asdl5x52hlb31.png)


No. 46666

Gosh you're embarassing

No. 46667

guys 95% of the people who work in the k-pop industry has gotten plastic surgery at some point, especially if they are popular. you can want to fuck a manchild with a plastic face if you want to but stop denying the reality.

No. 46668

Nta no they're not, jkfags are

No. 46670

>the fantasy is that you have a chance
How many people genuinely believe this, though? No matter how devoted they are, there's such a ridiculously low chance fans will ever enter a relationship with their ~oppa~, especially if they're a fan of a group as big as BTS is now.

No. 46671

broooo wtf his nose looks really fucking bad, it's worse than I thought.

No. 46672

Nta it's more about the fantasies than actually entering a relationship with their idols. It's the bastardized version of "falling half in love because it allows you to write your own ending to the story" kek. They deep down knew they would never have a chance, but at least they could wonder about it cause oppar is forever single and he loves all his fans equally (and he's an uwu virgin always)

No. 46674

Where is the "the state of this thread" person??? They're actually right for once; no one gives a fuck about your bias's nose job. Kpop is so dry that all you talk about is plastic surgery. As long as they have the money to do it, it doesn't fucking matter.

No. 46675

I was watching covers for Itzy's ICY dance because I think it's cute but I get so many with faggy dudes dancing with along and I'm sorry but they are so gross. I also always notice that most of the time the gay guys are the "main" ones, like they take the most interesting dance. And of course most comments are calling the dude fierce and shit like that. Can we stop praising them over the female dancers?

No. 46676

Nta but sometimes you can have a nosejob and still have a large nose, just a more defined one. It depends on the surgeon, how large was your nose before and the thickness of your skin.

No. 46677

that's why it's a fantasy

No. 46681

Talking about plastic surgery is one thing, denying that an idol has gone under the knife to fix his nose is another, when even normal people in SK do that. However I'm also confused as to why people even started talking about his nose again for the 1000th time so yeah
.. the fucking state of this thread
(First time i said it btw)

No. 46682

>I was watching covers for Itzy's ICY dance because I think it's cute but I get so many with faggy dudes dancing with along and I'm sorry but they are so gross. I also always notice that most of the time the gay guys are the "main" ones, like they take the most interesting dance. And of course most comments are calling the dude fierce and shit like that. Can we stop praising them over the female dancers?

Embarrassing post
This belongs to kpg

No. 46684

Of all the female dance covers you picked one by that lalary fag. Did you know that you don't have to watch ALL dance covers just because you stan Itzy? You're really just looking for something to complain about even when it's irrelevant to the thread. No1curr btw. Go back to stan twitter.

No. 46685

Lol I've been browsing these threads since #5, chill. I don't stan Itzy, I just like kpop choreo, and I didn't even know that fag. Believe me, there's a LOT more of them.

And how is it irrelevant? It's kpop related. At least I didn't provide another stupid post about JK's botched nose.

No. 46686

A lot of the things being posted in here actually belong to the kpop general but unless you're a newfag you'd probably know that the kpop general thread is dead. Kpop doesn't have much milk so of course the thread is going to be kept alive by anons calling each other stans, by nitpicking, tinfoiling etc.
The thread wouldn't be in such a horrible state if calling out stans would be used appropriately and not only when you're angry at another anon for saying something slightly positive about an idol or group. I have observed a couple of instances where someone is giving constructive criticism and they get called a stan and instances where someone is obviously shielding an idol from criticism, I think in those instances they could be called out.
I don't see the problem with what anon posted they just said they found the choreography cute and that they don't understand why gay guys are praised when they dance to kpop just because they're gay. This thread doesn't even have milk or a discussion so of course people are gonna just post stuff like this.

No. 46687

when i said only femcels think sana isn't beautiful i got called a stan
literally the state of this thread

No. 46688

i agree with you anon. i hate that every dance cover group has to have a gay guy in it. they look so bad doing the dances and ruin the whole thing.

No. 46690

Not anymore. Youtube deletes views and filters them on videos that get a lot of views in a small amount of time.

No. 46694

What used to really bother me about their last styling was the very clear discomfort of certain members (Irene and Joy) with some of the clothing choices. Either something is too tight or something is too short, etc. You see Irene/Joy having to pull their dress down.
It really ruined a lot of stages for me. It’s gotten less worse since RBB.

No. 46695

I can see why tbh she's not an ugly girl but thinking everyone has to find her beautiful just because you do does indeed make it sound like you could be a defensive fan. she has a prominent nose and an underbite and not everyone's into that.

No. 46696


No. 46697

File: 1567187987426.jpeg (63.59 KB, 720x1080, IMG_20180405_221331.jpeg)

clearly an overbite

No. 46698

File: 1567188034409.jpg (28.54 KB, 236x275, 1532249549233.jpg)

>makes fun of koreans for beauty standards
>dedicates time out of their day to critique idols' nasolabial folds and noses that aren't button noses

No. 46700

File: 1567188443377.jpeg (49.17 KB, 640x614, 32A1381C-C9AE-49D2-9769-0DC6E0…)

No. 46705

File: 1567191552655.jpg (71.46 KB, 510x871, 20190830_1097549.jpg)

>5. [+20, -3] I remember when I was taking pictures in Bali, there was an Australian woman doing the peace sign and going crazy behind me.. I guess that's considered racism. I didn't even know that and I asked her for a picture too…

No. 46706

is that just a shit translation or did they really equate some weirdo photobombing to racism-
netizenbuzz always translates the weirdest comments anyways

No. 46707

you're right it's an overbite, I'm just retarded and misspoke lmao. that pic's a good example of my point, I think she looks pretty there but it's no secret a lot of people both male and female find big noses and especially prominent nose bridges ugly on women. you don't have to be a femcel to not find her beautiful.

No. 46708

File: 1567197420134.jpg (167.4 KB, 1200x927, Dw1ZP7xVYAE_MFu.jpg)

Pics like this make me realize why Koreans are so obsessed with the size of their faces(race bait)

No. 46709

What did you realise? The three of them are all equally ugly.

No. 46710

they look like they are orbiting around his big ass head

No. 46711

File: 1567200137030.jpg (196.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Had the same experience looking at pic related. Not sure who was to blame for this but…

No. 46712

not that anon, but it's the head size. his head is fucking huge and looks like a bobble head compared to yoona and the other dude.

No. 46714

He is leaning forward

No. 46716

omg who cares

No. 46718

really? i'd prefer a big ass head to make me look skinnier. koreans fucked this one

No. 46719

Lmao koreans' jaw shave always make their heads looking comically small, but their natural heads are huge compared to other ppl (remember the ivanka-exo pic). Not that it's bad, they could just keep their natural head shapes, but why do they have to go to the extreme ends?

No. 46720

>Produce 48 IZ*ONE Reportedly Made Through Vote Rigging

>According to South Korea news agency Insight, it’s not just Produce X 101 that is surrounded by vote rigging suspicions but now also the previous season, Produce 48 as well.

>Reports have stated that the chances of calculation results to have ended up this way was less than the chances of winning the lottery five times consecutively.


I just want to see them burn kek

No. 46721

i mean, no shit. or else it'd be like american idol where all these people disappear

No. 46722

It would be interesting to see who actually makes it into a group if they stop rigging votes, wonder if they would even create a functional group

No. 46723

Yeah but people don't pay to vote in american idol. It's free voting by texting and tweeting, unlike produce where voting is paid. That's why it's a problem.

No. 46728

jimin in the club with some girls lol

No. 46731

File: 1567209195322.jpeg (201.93 KB, 640x1008, B89F6877-B588-4CE2-8A0F-17F022…)

We’ll see how long this lasts online, I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing

No. 46732

It's already gone. Anyone got a repost? I'm curious.

No. 46733

why wouldn't you post a webm of it, idiot? its gone now

No. 46734

In case we can’t find a repost, it’s jimin drunk at a table laughing and letting a girl flick his head. Nothing too crazy for a normal celebrity but this is BTS

No. 46736

Is it though? You could vote through kpopmap and it's free. Idk about domestic votes, if they have to pay there i don't get it because int'l votes are free (though rigged too kek).

No. 46737

No. 46739

File: 1567209879291.png (94.51 KB, 914x862, EDP7V7XXsAAHIRz.png)

The official statement of bighit
I laughed at "the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s" lmao. It's like "pls excuse them and respect their privacy if you happen to see them with some hookers, they just want to live ordinarily

No. 46740

File: 1567210040341.webm (18.45 MB, 480x600, SaejinBTS77-116758322355729613…)

It was already deleted but heres the webm of it

No. 46741

honestly I understand BTS wanting privacy (as most celebs do) but seeing bighit react like this is funny, they can't pay off random twitter users like they can dispatch

No. 46743

fuck is that girl korean? I was hoping she was white. The salt would've been delish

No. 46744

He looks drunk out of his mind lol. Glad that he's enjoying his vacation at least. No more "I miss army sm I don't what to do with myself" tweet for a while I imagine.

No. 46745

File: 1567210315663.webm (2.54 MB, 720x1280, I_681jUNprbH3gXl.webm)

No. 46746

Reading through stan Twitter right now and it's so painfully obvious that these people are upset because their delusions of him being pure and virginal have been shattered and it has nothing to do with "respect their privacy while they're on hiatus uwu". Not to mention this took place in France so they can't flatter themselves with the whole "Jimin hates white girls" thing anymore. But on the flipside all the thirsty European koreaboos will take this as encouragement kek. This is all so funny.

No. 46747

well that was fast. and it's not from some sasaeng either lol. I wonder what their korean fans are saying.

No. 46748

I wanna know the logic behind picking hitomi out of all the japanese trainees. She is untalented af

No. 46749

i heard that her parents are loaded plus she's popular in akb

No. 46750

You sure are triggered

No. 46752

sakura and nako have ranked in the top 10, hitomi's ranking was 82 so she was completely irrelevant in akb

No. 46753


I wonder if chaeyeon never got into iz*one in the first place seeing how unpopular she is. Her family is rich af though.

No. 46754

File: 1567213136865.jpg (96.95 KB, 413x395, Don-Draper-Whiskey.jpg)

Ah, is it finally happening? Their very first big scandal? Koreans hate idols drinking/clubbing/being with girls, and i-ratmies no this, so of course they're desperate to delete any evidence.
On the other hand, was he really dumb enough to think nobody in europe would recognize and film him?

Also, all the "Jimin is uwu ana and depressed" "I know from a reliable source that he's totez gay" anons are looking mighty dumb now lol

No. 46756

Not really, the sasaengs who claimed that jimin went to clubs and was sleeping around (before this scandal) claimed jimin was bisexual and would walk out with both women and men.
Most of those sasaengs were not shippers btw and i kinda believe them.

No. 46757

>not shippers
>people who can be trusted
are you actually 12 years old?

No. 46758

Seriously, just stop it now, nobody here gives a fuck about your super secret saesang friend info unless you post proof!
Are you one of their fakeboi stans, is this why you want him to be into guys so badly? Or just a mad fujo?

No. 46759

Jimin going to clubs became true didn't it, also its pronounced ''sasaeng''

No. 46760

Kys, kboo

No. 46761

You are on kpop critical thread

No. 46762

oh it's that gay guy, yea he's fucking annoying

btw MNET is having a show called Queendom happening know and I can't wait till all the editing makes these shitty fandoms go at each others necks.

inb4 G-idle, AOA, MAMAMOO, and Park Bom stans start shitting on Girls Day and Lovelyz for not being "girl-cursh" either of them win.

No. 46763

Samefag, but every time I hear Soyeon rap I can't help but laugh. Why do ALL female rappers rap nasally?

No. 46764

Appearantly the french girl who filmed him and posted the video also wrote that he looks ugly irl kek

No. 46765

he looks ugly even in photoshoots so no surprise really

No. 46767

fuck she's going to get so many people harassing her if not already

No. 46768

Lmaoo this was the fucking cherry on top

No. 46769

links/source anon?

No. 46773

a lot of people in their 20s in korea and all over the world go to clubs, my sweet child

No. 46775

holy shit wtf was that scream through the entire video

No. 46776

LMAO this is too good, I don't even dislike Jimin but seeing him get into a scandal because he was dumb enough to get fucked up in public in a foreign country is too good. What's the over/under on BigHit suing /ourgirl/?

No. 46779

how is jimin getting drunk even a scandal? he's a grown man. just because he dyes his hair pink and sings like a girl doesn't mean he's 13 years old. armys, korean and international, are retarded.

No. 46780

it's a scandal because kboos who follow male idols are autistic and some will literally kill themselves over it.

No. 46781

File: 1567219112220.jpeg (87.69 KB, 720x1233, EDN-NQBWkAMYhen.jpeg)

To all the people asking for a source: the girl obviously already deleted the video and privated her instagram - but of course ratmy still want to mass report her to bighit, instagram and the french authorities…
This was her account

No. 46782

omg a kboo. disgusting.

No. 46783

Seems like she now posted an apology (but it's in french)

No. 46784

Seungri oppa we love you everyone makes mistakes #JusticeForSeungri #SeungriOppaWeLoveYou

No. 46785

I wish Jung Joon-young filmed me

No. 46786

I called it.

No. 46787

File: 1567220240998.jpg (34.49 KB, 228x205, 1565627126821.jpg)

ebin trololol cx


No. 46788

Im not trolling, my love and support for seungri will never go away and the sides he already apologized you bitches

No. 46790

you really arent funny at all nor are you convincing. stop derailing and contribute something, faggot.

No. 46791

I wish seungri could choke me like he chocked those Japanese prostitutes.(weak bait)

No. 46792

stop engaging with the troll, dumbass

No. 46793

doesn’t seem that drunk tbh. I’m sure there are managers walking around with them at all times.

tinfoil… i wonder if some solo activity/sub unit activity is coming up. looks like a willing attention grab. first ratmon, now this

No. 46794

File: 1567223614125.jpeg (478.8 KB, 1463x2048, EDQnBU6XYAAil2y.jpeg)

forget the troll and look at jimin's beautiful profile

No. 46795

I try not to shit on idols who were clearly just cursed by the good lord and not just botched, but holy shit…nigga looks like a banana

No. 46796

incel chins after their dream chad surgery

No. 46797

I know this is shooped as hell but y does he look like a cancer patient with a wig? Where r his eyebrows

No. 46798

how was this koreaboo around him in the same club out of pure coincidence? maybe they had some connection beforehand.

No. 46801

How do stans find their frail 120 pound joseon twinks so attractive

No. 46804

Because not everyone is into steroid monsters

No. 46807

These dudes skinner than most women lol

No. 46808

Everyone in kpop is skinnier than the average person, even kpop girls are skinnier than average women.. so your point?

No. 46810

They think that makes them ugly most likely

Most women like strong guys

No. 46811

because they have zero masculinity

No. 46812

>>46740 damn his head is HUGE

anyway, this is seriously the first thing that made me laugh in these threads in a long time. thank you anons for the wonderful commentary too

No. 46814

>frail 120 pound joseon twinks
my favourite reply yet kek

No. 46815

they're exotic without being intimidating: to asians, because they look like freakish elf variants of the general population, and to i-fans because they're """"uwu asians""""
>omg oppa could strangle me and i'd thank him :))))
>good thing he has anemia and lacks the grip strength to cut off my air supply

No. 46817

The “UwU” shit is cringe

Do idols think this shit is a compliment lol

No. 46818

also them liking asians makes them ~not like the other girls~. most kboos probably think popular white guys like tom holland are overrated when they thirst over the asian versions of him.

No. 46820

I was going to translate the girl's apology but it's boring af and her horrid spelling makes me dizzy. She says she's not an army (kek) so she didn't know bighit asked the fans to leave them alone during their holidays. She says they were not in a gay bar (kek bis) that she didn't stalk him there and that she didn't share their location.

No. 46823

what's there to apologize for lmao? it's not like she filmed jimin doing coke or something, he was just standing in a club alone and getting his forehead flicked.

No. 46824

That's already too much autonomy and vice for the army tards, anon. Plus partying with filthy white girls? The audacity!

No. 46827

All of you are way too happy that he was with white girls… We don't even know for sure
The only thing we can say is that despite him being so woke none of the women who hung out with him were fatties lol Who coupd have guessed

No. 46828

File: 1567256775670.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.37 KB, 872x657, 32EF2F29-00E8-415B-89FC-9CAAB8…)

this is a HUGE stretch so don't lynch me but is that a reflection of leftover coke? cause if it was coke that would be the best milk lmao

No. 46829

you can see the girl in the beginning of the vid was white, hide your jealousy better kboo lmao(race autism)

No. 46830

File: 1567259166770.jpeg (738.16 KB, 1125x1067, 104F9093-2514-46FB-9EC6-65A303…)

Chungha's lips has a weird shape due to injections. Its such a shame that she kept fucking with her face cause that jaw shave from produce 101 was enough honestly.

No. 46833

No. 46834

kek I wish, it definitely just looks like an empty bottle to me though.

No. 46837

File: 1567264880906.jpg (17.27 KB, 230x246, b0e7374b-6fd9-44a9-9fe0-8cfb63…)

looks like we're off to a bad start for today.

when tf does summer end?

No. 46838

is this the girl who flicked his head? i can't believe my gay korean nationalist oppar is hanging out with a younger white girl.

No. 46840

File: 1567265695702.jpeg (76.73 KB, 453x680, 4B84D300-8A9C-49FC-8594-7F2219…)

She looks like park bom now which is unfortunate

No. 46842

how can she be so insecure to fuck up her face like this when she's doing so incredibly well for a female soloist? only her, sunmi and iu have managed to make it big as soloists. none of her singles have flopped. she hasn't had any scandal that i'm aware of. she should have more confidence in herself instead of visiting the surgeon all the damn time.

No. 46843

No, thats just the girl who took the videos.

No. 46848

File: 1567267973886.jpeg (179.34 KB, 750x1125, 7976797A-2820-4558-821E-EB65F6…)

No. 46854

File: 1567270323975.jpg (81.86 KB, 514x680, EDKPqsYWsAEcEx_.jpg)

Saw this image from twitter.
Not sure if the other guy with him's a manager tho.

No. 46855

maybe someone in the company is bullying her into doing it. that's what ex idols with botched faces say what happened

No. 46858

File: 1567271370433.jpg (61.57 KB, 600x900, DXRXfXYU8AAkhr6.jpg)

Why do select kpoppies trick themselves into finding idols like him and ratmon attractive? Genuine yellow fever? Stockholm syndrome? Self hatred? Do they have a kink for fugly dudes like nemu? I don't understand. They are blowing a disgusting amount of time and money on a below average man they can't even fuck or properly interact with ever.

No. 46859

File: 1567271492011.jpg (101.16 KB, 560x765, DXRXgANU0AAU3q_.jpg)

No. 46860

File: 1567271547381.jpg (118.53 KB, 800x1200, DXRXgsPU8AAOE42.jpg)

Sorry for the spam. Pics courtesy of uglykpopidolbot.

No. 46864

1. he's asian 2. he's a celebrity 3. he's from a rich family
bonus 4. he can speak english

No. 46865

File: 1567273808566.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1194x1000, B2FB2EE6-7886-4801-B2B2-50055E…)

He looks like sunny

No. 46867

File: 1567274346296.jpg (89.12 KB, 750x938, BotchedWhoville.jpg)

My contribution to your spam.

Also what is going on with the bottom part of his face in this picture? PS side effects?

No. 46869

Seems like she had severe confidence issues for a long time cause even as a teen she had a bunch of ps. I don't get it either tbh especially since she seems pretty confident on the outside and barely gets any hate comments.

No. 46870

i think he has a shitty chin implant

No. 46872

I remember an anon said that they went to school with him. If that anon still lurks here, did he always look like how he does now?

No. 46873

If I was a kboo, I'd be happy if she was white because it would mean that I have a chance too (not really, but you get what I mean)
But the girl who flicked him had straight black hair, plus he doesn't speak a lick of english, so it's save to assume that she's also korean.

I'm disappointed that netizenbuzz didn't translate anything on this. It must have reached the korean fandom

No. 46875

File: 1567277240221.png (578.55 KB, 1053x1183, 3989238.png)

> the girl who flicked him had straight black hair

No. 46876

they're in france

No. 46878

god forbid they post anything that will make jimin not look like an innocent uwu baby, that hurts armys' feelings. i saw people on twitter saying "we need to take these videos down because jimin looked uncomfortable and they filmed him without his consent!!" and it's like… the camera is straight up his face in the flicking video. he doesn't seem to care.

No. 46879

Of course it looks ashy because of the harsh light (same as Jimins), but it's clearly dark hair. His english is the worst in the group and he was drunk, how would he communicate with a foreigner?

So what?

No. 46880

why didn’t he go to an expensive big money club so that there won’t be any teenagers to spot him?(the girl that posted the vid,no offense but doesn’t look like the type to be spending her time in fancy night clubs)
does he want attention that bad ?

the jiminfag is back… also get your eyes checked she’s blonde

No. 46881

they don't speak english fluently in france. also, foreign people go clubbing all the time. you don't need to have a conversation to do stupid shit with drunk people.

No. 46882

File: 1567279730095.jpg (158.03 KB, 1080x1347, IMG_20190831_212745.jpg)

Her face in the beginning, the hair looks dark to me

No. 46883

her hair is at least light brown anon. she could be a korean with dyed hair, but chances are she's white. it doesn't matter anyway. armys don't want bts around any women.

No. 46884

there are more than 2 people in that video, anon

No. 46885

This is the girl who got flicked by him and then flicked him, I thought we were talking about her?

No. 46886

the girl that he flicks on the head isn't the same girl who flicks him on the head. you can in the video.

No. 46887

bro the person that flicked him is clearly another woman lmaoooo

No. 46888

if her hair was black like you say it'd reflect light at the high points like jimin's hair is doing, not just turn entirely a different color. also you can see in the vid the girl who flicks him is communicating to him in gestures like any drunk people who dont speak the same language would do.

No. 46889

Iif it is a Korean girl doesn't this confirm that she was probably someone who went there with him (a possible girlfriend maybe), if he didn't stumble upon a Korean girl out of coincidence? I wonder if these girls in the video/the girl who filmed these met him before and they decided to meet in the club or something.

No. 46890

the "m-maybe it was a bighit staff!!" response is out of question because i highly doubt they would let strangers film him in that situation

No. 46892

Omfg how much longer are you going to derail about some girl's hair color/race? We get it, the resident Koreaboos are desperate for lizard oppa to date a white girl. No1 else curr.

No. 46893

is it really derailing if there's nothing else going on? it's all saged anyway. I'm neither white nor asian so I have no ball in this game kek I was just concerned Black Hair Anon was going blind.

No. 46894

It's on youtube too now, so hopefully it stays there, twitter is always more likely to delete

And of course the excuses ratmy come up with are hilarious

No. 46895

what does the french caption say

No. 46896

I'm not exactly sure since I don't know any french slang but it's basically
>a lost jimin, shit, we're drunk at his table without issues

No. 46898

File: 1567282752777.jpeg (57.07 KB, 364x422, 7DC5D7AE-C7B8-49E4-803D-E89A70…)

taeyeon is looking like a toddler and a grandma at the same time

No. 46902

Hello, that was me, and no.

No. 46903

Same anon. He was a pretty normal guy, literally no one had any idea that he was spending his summer vacations practicing singing and dancing. I was the year below him and we only had one mutual friend, so I really don’t know anything else besides that. That mutual friend got stanned by a bunch of NCT fans bc John wrote this dumb rap as a joke for her and they found it

No. 46904

Acting all buddy buddy but you know exactly that baekhyun must hate the nct guys

No. 46905

Baekhyun hates everybody. him and d.o have manlet rage.

No. 46908

Is Taeyeon still popular in SK? She seems so irrelevant now. Is it just because she’s moved on from being an ‘idol’ and just wants to make music without promoting on music shows etc?

Considering how popular SNSD were in their prime, it’s kinda sad that none of the members are relevant anymore (except for Yoona). I don’t think any of them have officially retired from the entertainment industry yet either, but like where are they? Seohyun left SM to become an actress but I don’t think she’s had any work for like over a year

No. 46909

i think taeyeon still has a lot of fans. sm keeps giving her comebacks. i know she's a good singer, but her voice is so bland to me and her personality is just shit to make it worse.

No. 46911

bitch non koreans can speak korean too lmao. anyway, i aint gonna continue this shit anymore, sage for no contribution aside point out the obvious that this bitch is dumb af

No. 46913

File: 1567287274959.png (70.85 KB, 371x170, Screenshot_2019-08-31_at_20.12…)

samefag but, if she aint lying, at least one of them is white, so … have fun with that info

No. 46917

That girl from twitter said they spoke korean with him kek she also said she was a jimin bias, kboos keep winning i see
they were dumb to be so hysterical though… they could've gained his trust and get some more info in the hotel room kek
Rooting that the next thots are smarter and we get some milk like seungris bed photos, gd with models etc

No. 46918

the whole situation is so tame, some girls got to hang out with a guy they're a fan of for a bit and nothing shady happened, but all the armys crying about "dEfAmAtIoN" and "RESPECT HIS PRIVACY!!" are ironically making it seem like something horribly scandalous happened. I agree that they should've been sneakier for the potential milk though.

No. 46919

>they spoke korean with him
omg im trying to imagine a kboo trying to communicate. i'm sure they called him oppa

No. 46920

What was he like? He seems to give off that mama's boy vibe. Also I heard his old facebook was "interesting

No. 46929

I don't get the sense Taeyeon really cares about being relevant. I think the SNSD girls mentioned that they all have enough money to stop working. Taeyeon will probably keep getting hired for OSTs for a long time and that seems to be enough for her.
Only Tiffany is still actively chasing fame because she's delusional about how they've all long peaked by now. It's honestly sad to me how disposable female idols are in korea but if you were smart you would stop embarrassing yourself when your career starts dying and just invest in property or whatever, which Yoona has done.

No. 46937

File: 1567302448327.jpeg (431.49 KB, 1125x1673, 9DA3049D-656D-49B1-BFB6-3EAAF1…)

No. 46939

But they haven't officially disbanded f(x)?

No. 46940

Surprised she left before Krystal but then again SM really did restricted her creative liberty. Amber could come out the closet easier now though

No. 46942

SM hasn't officially disbanded the Grace either, or SNSD for that matter. Not sure what the logic is behind not wanting to admit their groups are dead

No. 46943

File: 1567303767265.jpg (34.38 KB, 480x480, 68695716_3019838578241408_2209…)

This girl from everglow is unfortunate

No. 46944

At least for SNSD they made an official statement about it (although it's a lie too lol). It's like SM is pretending f(x) never existed. The Grace had their comeback in 2017 so it prolly explained why they never disbanded? Idk.

No. 46945

looks like if sorn was a doughey hapa

No. 46946

ive been saying they were done with fx forever and their fans just cant let go

victoria was never coming back, and sulli only will if her softcore porno and shitty solo career crash and burn completely
literally the only person still interested in kpop genuinely is luna and nobody curr

No. 46947

the hair is trash,but tbh her face doesn't really bother me

No. 46948

Luna's singing career is probably dead too. Now she is selling some health and beauty products on Instagram and it looks like a pyramid scheme. This group imploded so hard.

No. 46949

No. 46950

honestly, f(x) was never interesting, just pushed as "different" and "quirky" by SM and given Shinee reject songs. Amber started the trend of groups having a token tomboy but besides that I really feel like they were never above average in any way. I can't really understand people being so upset about them never coming back. f(x) just doesn't mesh in the current landscape of kpop, none of their music would even be considered experimental anymore.

No. 46954

Obviously they don't mesh in the current landscape of kpop because now it's only aegyo pedobait groups and edgy girl crush tropical house nonsense. Even Shinee reject songs are better than the repetitive trap shit that Teddy and his cohorts push out every month. I'm trying not to let my 2nd gen faggotry show too much because it's not like anyone in f(x) is particularly talented, but at least they were unique. Better than Twice's blatant male pandering or Blackpink's Chanel swag princess crap. At least in my opinion.

No. 46956

Normal guy, he was nice when we crossed paths. I don’t remember his Facebook but we all posted embarrassing statuses back then lol. We’re from a pretty nice suburb of Chicago so there really was not much to report except we both were called twinkies.

No. 46957

the pink tape did have some experimental music (at the time)

No. 46959

I should've clarified that I think some of the music was interesting compared to what was being released at the time, but it's the members themselves that weren't exceptionally talented or charismatic. I was mildly into their songs at the time but when I listen to it now I feel that it hasn't aged particularly well.

No. 46960

if victoria wasn't chinese f(x) would not have ended up like this. sulli leaving didn't even affect them that much since i remember 4 walls doing well on the charts.

No. 46961

sulli was one of the only popular members though so it would have ended the same without her

i say that as someone who cant stand her and thinks shes actually fairly talentless

No. 46962

krystal was more popular that sulli though

No. 46963

yes, and krystal was the only reason 4 walls was relevant
im not disagreeing with you just stating that the loss of sulli was the first major nail in the coffin and fx was as good as dead after victoria decided to go

No. 46965

File: 1567310750986.jpg (30.06 KB, 500x535, EDWGWf0X4AAE6tz.jpg)

So there's a hashtag #BanKpopAccounts on twitter right now and I got some funny meme pics from it making fun of kpop stans

No. 46966

File: 1567310773635.jpg (32.33 KB, 680x487, EDWHeAlU4AU5_5i.jpg)

No. 46967

File: 1567310881097.jpg (64.57 KB, 680x676, EDWLcXaXoAAxqoG.jpg)

No. 46968

Wait this applies to half the thread

No. 46971

File: 1567313813997.jpg (613.03 KB, 1080x1229, 20190901_020144.jpg)

One of the girls who was with Jimin is 100% ig thot material. Disappointed in her tbh where is the sex tape or some other damning evidence smh she had potential.

No. 46972

Now F(x) stans will never have peace and Amber will go and do literally-who shit with an LGBT spin


No. 46974

I definitely wonder if SM will learn to not keep adding Chinese / foreign trainees.

But since they are greedy and want money, probably not.

Really calling them and half this thread out holy shit.

Why does her face look like that? She looks off.

No. 46975

she's french

No. 46978

Holy shit I thought this was baekhyun lol

No. 46979

Hanging out is one thing but I would hope Jimin would at least have enough sense to make someone sign a nda or take other precautions before hooking up lmao

No. 46980

File: 1567319861089.png (483.15 KB, 540x740, 1.png)

Not sure if uve seen this is or if its the same girl u were talking about. Apparently she posted her side of what happened in english. Dunno if its legit tho.

No. 46981

File: 1567319893411.png (267.22 KB, 540x576, 2.png)

No. 46983

i feel bad for laughing

No. 46984

I quite liked Krystal and Sulli when I was young but never really managed to get into their songs, they were just a tad too weird.
It really is a shame. I'd like to see twice or bp perform in an unfortunate situation like this, but we all know that would never happen. In the video both of them were only like 14, they were super motivated and in the beginning the members seemed to get along well with each other too. It's obvious that SM is at fault for them getting a "bitch" image.

What is Amber gonna do now? Her solo rap career never took off and she obviously also can't model…? Is she gonna stick to youtube like Luna?

No. 46985

File: 1567323555898.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.23 KB, 1080x1080, 67394664_362881621050043_39618…)

I kind of have a hard time believing that this instathot who just happens to speak korean randomly runs into Jimin while she's with a friend who also knowns korean
Could it be that she's just your average kboo but photoshops her body to look like some highclass sex worker?

No. 46986

i think these two were sasaengs or something like that and knew jimin was around. what's the chance of a kboo who speaks korean running into jimin in a french club out of pure coincidence? idk

No. 46987

These are ofc kboos but who knows they're "better-looking" than most ratmies and have chance of getting the D and possibly blackmailing them later. She has a good body but the face is scary.
And what's with her story so she bumped into him, asked him sth in Korean and he suddenly wanted to flick her. WTf??? It doesn't even make sense.

No. 46988

>it's not like anyone in f(x) is particularly talented
Luna is

No. 46989

Her ballads still hit #1 on charts and she has sold out concerts and such. She's not a "trend" anymore but she has selling and charting power without really trying.

>except for Yoona

Yoona is even less relevant that Taeyeon; her dramas have flopped, she's a shit actress and the CF queen title has been taken away by the likes of Irene and Seolhyun. All she has are her "visuals" which won't take her very far if she doesn't become a Kim Taehee 2.0

fx are and were terribly overrated. Their biggest hit is a direct remake of a German song and their whole "quirky" image was decided by the same executives who created SNSD. They had good songs for sure, but if they were so unique they wouldn't have been forgotten so fast when Red Velvet debuted - people still bring up SNSD while comparing Twice because SNSD are memorable and had more charisma as a group.

No. 46991

>high class

No. 46992

yeah, i think so too. not sasaengs maybe, but they probably heard that jimin was going there from their french friends

No. 46993

Does anyone know if the weloveyoujimin shit is trending on twitter because of the incident with the french girl?

Considering how woke armys pretrend to be they sure like to slutshame.

No. 46996

>BTS is learning English

>This vacation won’t be all rest, though. BTS is planning to use this time off to learn English. They already know a number of languages, including Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. During their tours, the guys often use their multilingual skills to talk to the crowd on-stage or to do interviews.

>And even though they’ve been to a number of English speaking locations for concerts, they’ve yet to learn the language. They are able to speak a small amount of English, but only RM is fluent. This break will be a great opportunity for them to improve their English skills. 


Lmao. Jimin was learning english when he visited the french club. Don't be so hard on him.

No. 46997

>>They already know a number of languages, including Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.
kek memorizing how to say "army i love you!!! thank you guys!!!" in a language means that you speak that language apparently

No. 46998

File: 1567332972112.jpg (67.64 KB, 786x760, 1248573.jpg)

>Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic

No. 46999

Haha idk about japanese but they have songs in japanese so i guess they're somewhat competent in japanese? At least better than english. Funny how the article didn't mention japanese and only the languages which they obviously only memorized (some of the words) to pander to army

No. 47000

doubt they can speak chinese either tbh

No. 47002

i noticed that in variety. idols say that they know a language if they can say a few sentences in said language

No. 47003

I highly doubt that all 7 are fluent in japanese, what the article suggests with stating all of them are learning english right now.
There is no way they will become fluent in 2 months - or however long their break is, I'm to lazy to google it - and even if they get any better, their pronounciation will still be shit. They can´t even pronounce some memorized phrases correctly.
Touring the US and even Europe, since most people can speak English quite well there, was the best opportunity learning the language, because the best way still is to immerse oneself in another language. And let´s be honest: Most of them, besides RM, had more than enough time there to study and learn, because they couldn´t contribute in interviews anyway.

Okay, rant over.


What kind of stupid article even is this? I looked the author up, it is the only article about something related to kpop. Who cares anyways.

No. 47006

Could be bcos she's french and couldnt explain the story properly or maybe he flicked her after she told him " what the hell r u doing here?" (???) idk im just assuming at this point

No. 47007

File: 1567336254339.png (404.45 KB, 540x732, 3.png)

Im replying to pt 1. Here's pt 2 for you kek. "Aww poor bby jimin uwu became upset. All bcos of those evilll white girls :(((((

No. 47010

File: 1567336379446.png (328.36 KB, 540x718, 4.png)

No. 47011

idk this sounds pretty fluent to me /s

No. 47015

are you being sarcastic?? that's some of the worst pronunciation ever. singing/rapping =/= fluent.

No. 47018

Newfag, adding "/s" at the end of your sentence (like she did) means that you were just being sarcastic…

No. 47025

File: 1567343199734.jpg (44.2 KB, 948x473, DZ3qnDrW0AAnOvf.jpg)

Jungkook is a muscle pig"

These stats can't be real tho

No. 47026

File: 1567345930969.jpg (164.81 KB, 1080x689, IMG_20190901_154819.jpg)

You can just google how men with those stats really look like lol Big yikes to that…
Why do idols want to be ana boys so badly?

No. 47027

File: 1567346453145.png (722.55 KB, 1403x775, JK.png)

Idk why armys push the "Jungkook is a buff guy" narrative. He has the average kpop pretty boy constitution, looks underweight tbh.

No. 47029

OT but “mdr” stands for “mort de rire” which means “dying of laughter”. It’s the French version of lol.

No. 47030

Ew. I had no idea, I kind of really thought he's muscular because everybody always shills him as that

No. 47031

Jungkook can’t be that Ana under clothes

But he sure ain’t fucking bodybuilder like his stans think he is

No. 47032

File: 1567347415748.jpg (905.13 KB, 1024x646, aDMLppx.jpg)

Jimin is overshadowing JK's bday today because apparently he was caught recently (?) disrespecting a picture of a Romani woman.

I dunno the whole details or why the picture is considered bad but now army are trending a a We Love You Jimin hashtag and people are saying he's Buddhist so it's okay to make those gestures.

I don't even know anymore. Army fandom is tiring and imploding.

No. 47033


BTW the picture was also taken by a sasaeng and leaked appaently


idek anymore

No. 47034

he never learns does he

No. 47035


Now there's drama among solo stans because Jimin's hashtag is trending #1 above JK's birthday hashtag


No. 47037

That'll be the last vacation bighit will allow him in a looong time lmao 2 missteps in 2 days

No. 47039

>he's Buddhist so it's okay to make those gestures
isn't everyone in bts irreligious

No. 47040

rm, suga and v said they are not religious. don't know about the others. i don't think jimin would pose like that if he was an actual buddhist tho.

No. 47041


I'm not for cancelling people for harmless shit like this, but it's pretty obvious here that Jimin isn't doing the "ok" sign lol. And he's 100% not buddhist lol maybe his family is but they're not going to make me believe that he is a practitioner "paying hommage" lol https://twitter.com/search?q=jimin%20buddhist&src=typed_query

No. 47043

File: 1567350527116.jpg (67.9 KB, 993x254, twitter.jpg)

Half the time ratmy are responsible for their own drama surrounding BTS. Instead of simply saying, this was stupid of …, they try to defend and looking for excuses and basically trying to blame shift, which is not only annoying, but also stupid.

But what to expect, if the same person makes statements like this:

No. 47045

ew idk why they write shit like this on their profiles when they know oppars lurk twitter.

No. 47046

You've answered yourself

No. 47055

too many goddamn newfags in this place

probably because they look the least threatening and they wouldn't be able to push off these koreaboo ham-planets if they cornered these boys.

No. 47060

File: 1567354195380.jpg (166.52 KB, 947x1200, EDY9n26VUAAGeFe.jpg)

JK's really ageing like milk lol

No. 47061

dude started to look like a middle aged autogynephile at age 23. sad

No. 47062


Yikes he looks like a 12 year-old white boy transitioning.


A thing I think is funny is how shady Jimin is. He always tags his post #Jimin to make himself trend but he never use the correct # for the others (he tagged J-hope but with a weird nickname and he didn't use the currently trending # for Jungkook's birthday but an other one). He's just so shady lmao he's the only person on twitter to # himself on every post but use emojis and nickname to tag the other people concerned.

No. 47064

File: 1567359203555.jpeg (651.54 KB, 750x1032, B1872D08-4532-458E-BA15-DCC8AE…)

Chungha looking like a blowup doll

No. 47065

she’s starting to look like a thai tranny imo

No. 47066

red velvet's stylist seriously hates yeri

No. 47069

is it bad that I kind of like Jimin because of this? at least in the sense that it makes him more entertaining than the others. lol it's just amusing that he's clearly a shady fuckboy in spite of his uwu mochi image. i started liking jhope more after he told that story about throwing a banana at jungkook out of pure sperg rage, too. but he's our hope, guys!

No. 47071

eh her face can be saved if she stops the lip and cheek filler and only gets jaw filler to hold her jaw together
they could at least tone down the boob padding and give her hip/butt pads to balance it out if they're not gonna style her right
same. i start liking idols more when they act shady (ex. taeyeon is my favorite snsd member cause of how bitchy she was towards jessica). i guess its cause i like gossip/milk. i wish he'd openly shade them rather than small things like hashtags.

No. 47073

Red Velvet’s styling is so boring! I hate their retro look. They’ve done it before and it was boring then too. SM desperately need to debut a new girl group

No. 47075

what is going on with SM these day, seriously? Between NCT being a flop, super m, and the fact that their female trainees are constantly leaving due to them waiting so long to debut them, I can't imagine the shitshow that must be going down behind the scenes.

No. 47076

File: 1567361789967.jpeg (64.85 KB, 480x675, 436D4EDF-0619-446D-94FB-4DD77A…)

Omg she does.

She’s gonna end up like cat lady soon. Chungha must really hate her face

No. 47077

when they debut another girl group they will just be snsd 2.0 except with uglier members and even more pedobait. i'm not interested tbh.

No. 47078

samefag i posted the same video again my bad

No. 47080

With how popular Twice and BlackPink are, SM’s new girl group is going to need a strong debut. However SM’s music quality has been all over the place lately and most of their songs are either way too experimental or generic.

I think SM have been biding their time before debuting SNSD 2.0 because they’re waiting for Twice to hit their peak and for their popularity to fade, which it already has been doing since Cheer Up and TT era. Their latest song fancy only reached number 3 after years of consecutive number 1’s.

I also wonder what SM thinks of BlackPink’s international success. Having a world tour with only nine songs is pretty exceptional for many reasons. Will they push their new group the same way?

No. 47082

twice already hit their peak with tt to be honestly. yes, all their songs do well on the charts, but none of them have the kind of impact that tt did. with fancy flopping (for twice standards) and the 1 1/2 dating scandals they had this year, mina possibly leaving the group and the tension at a high between korea & japan right now things aren't looking good for twice. also can't forget itzy's really successful debut and comeback.

No. 47085

Well Rose just said she's working on her solo and she's in full control of it.

No. 47086

How did fancy flop even just for twice standards? It seemed like a massive success

No. 47087

To me it seems like they just didn't want Red Velvet to be their moneymaker for whatever reason - they know what public-friendly hits sound like, they could have easily given these girls Gee/Genie type songs and pushed them down that route. If they wanted to push them internationally they would have churned out more Bad Boy-type songs. For whatever reason they just don't care.

My theory is that RV are actually a bit TOO successful for their liking given how most of the GP cares more about them than NCT, and they're giving them shit songs hoping their fandom and GP interest will die out soon so NCT can make money (I don't think they give a shit about a new GG) but that's backfiring on them because critics fall over backwards to give their albums good reviews and Irene will not stop landing multiple CF deals.

No. 47088

File: 1567365118996.jpg (24.5 KB, 403x222, Hina.JPG)

Their trainees look like this….if I was an SM executive I'd be ashamed to debut faces like these too

No. 47089

Nah that sounds like she's just reassuring the 5 fans she has. CL had grand American plans too, and so did the rest of 2ne1 but where are they now? Jennie is YG's only favorite he's not going to give the other members' solos.

No. 47090

JK dropped an emo (English-language) original song (I'm guessing he wrote) for this birthday about how much he hates himself

No. 47092

I think SM are just waiting for NCT to finally be profitable; it's been 3 years yet they have no hit songs, no public recognition, no respect. Blackpink debuted the same year as them yet look at the difference in fame levels

No. 47093

I don't get it. How difficult is it for a huge entertainment company to find some pretty-ish girls that can hold a tune (not even that if we judge by Twice)? There were even rumours that Yeri was literally the best of the female trainees.

No. 47095

Are you talking about that one ex-trainee AMA? He admitted to lying about everything when a legit SM trainee did an AMA and submitted appropriate proof

No. 47098


Lee Hi
Katie Kim

How many of these female idols/groups were under "full control" of their careers and release of music while under YG?

I call bullshit. It's damage control after Rose stepped out of line by expressing a true opinion as to her current situation which was then used as criticism against her company (which idol companies hate). "No really guys, I'm fine!" Meanwhile her lawyer father is liking shady tweets about how YG treats her like trash.


No. 47099

yawn the 9497347th bts solo with slow vocals, monotone piano and basic english lyrics

No. 47101

Sounds awful, even for a demo. Doesn´t even sound like him.

But is interesting to know, if the lyrics are actually written by him. Just adds to the long list of why he will snap some day, sooner or later.

Didn´t chart that high in comparison to their other songs, only 3 Music Show wins.

No. 47102

Aside from the shoes this reminds me of something out of a Delia's catalogue from the 90's. 90's clothing has been going through a revival/trend in America for a while so maybe that's why they're using this kind of look for her…? it's not that bad, it just has kind of a girl-next-door vibe instead of 'glam k-pop superstar' feel to it.

No. 47103

Don't forget ITZY, they're surprisingly very popular in Korea and since they have debuted, I bet SM went back to the drawing board, especially since they don't have their alternative girl group f(x) anymore.

No. 47105

i think they are saving all their safe songs for their next girl group and giving red velvet these experimental f(x) rejects because they're already moving on from them. i don't think it has anything to do with nct.
it's probably going to be a digital single with no promotion. i can't see yg letting rose, lisa or jisoo having a real solo.

No. 47106

Honestly, you might be right with this. SM expected them to debut strong, but they flopped and flopped until ice-cream cake, then flopped and flopped and dropped their velvet side and rose a little with rookie, then flopped again till they hit it really big with bad boy. Now SM is doing fuck all to bring them down and push NCT but it isn't working lol.

No. 47107

source? I never heard that it was all fake…

No. 47108

File: 1567367593165.jpg (40.47 KB, 663x265, Interview.JPG)

Kpopalypse interviewed him a while back, and then after the legit ex-SM trainee did her AMA he came out with this

Sauce: https://kpopalypse.com/2019/01/15/an-important-announcement-from-kpopalypse-about-two-entirely-unrelated-matters/

No. 47109

A (naturally) pretty face (and body?) who can hold a tune that are willing to deal with idol life?
I don't think that's nearly as common as you think it is.

No. 47110

? she's not even ugly tho. just needs another hairstyle and makeup.

No. 47112

They've been giving them experimental rejects from the very beginning, not just now, because they never intended them to get big. I think they just debuted them as a coverup and for Irene and Seulgi to have some sort of springboard to future acting and solo careers, but surprisingly ICC, Dumb Dumb, Russian Roulette and Rookie were big enough hits to keep them floating as a group.
They would have been dungeoned if Lee Soo Man hadn't intervened and given them Red Flavor.

>i don't think it has anything to do with nct

I think it does? SM generally waits for their newest groups to have one big breakout song before moving onto the next groups - Red Velvet's debut was probably only guaranteed after EXO had Growl and Overdose. NCT have had zero hits until now and feeding 20+ twinks costs money so until they turn a profit those trainees will stay locked in the SM dungeon

They actually had multiple huge hits in a row after OOTN - Russian Roulette, Rookie, Red Flavor, Peek-A-Boo, Bad Boy and Power Up. If they had that streak of hits from 2014-2015 instead of just recently, they'd have naturally faded away by now. Their peak just came a bit later than SM wanted, and now that Irene is endorsing nationally famous brands Red Velvet probably won't go away that easily

No. 47113

She looks like Seungkwan of Seventeen who is by all accounts pretty fug

No. 47118

She’s totally average and plain looking. Nothing special about the way she looks.

No. 47119

File: 1567369236966.jpg (360.05 KB, 1077x1284, 20190901_171452.jpg)

Apparently Jin from bts commented this in kais picture? Wtf.

No. 47120

You do realize in his second announcement was actually related to the 1st one, hinting that the ex-AMA trainee was telling the truth but had to denounce publicly to save himself?

No. 47121

>Lee Soo Man gave Red Velvet Red Flavor

ah, so that's why everyone loved it. I guess Lee Soo Man's magic still works. Too bad it isn't working for NCT as a whole instead of only Mark and Scammer-yong

No. 47123

A lot of people probably don't remember this but both Exo and Red Velvet were first believed to be flops too. Exo had to perform in universities (probably for free) and Red Velvet was deemed the second f(x). But unlike NCT they made it after a while, Exo mainly because Growl was a huge hit and Red Velvet because their popularity inclined very steadily. Now they're at a point there they can release weird shit and it still sells.
Being in your 4th year after debuting without any success is way too long, if they don't want to further lose money they need to let go of NCT and all those ugly female trainies.

I always thought that the "avengers of kpop" shtick was only a pr thing, but it seems like they really go for an Iron Man/superpower concept…

Does he even have his own account? Kai should just go tell him to fuck off, BTShit getting shoved onto anything is beyond tiring.

No. 47125

but it seems like they're not even trying with nct. they keep giving them all these comebacks, but they're songs are consistently shitty. why can't they give them one decent song?

No. 47127

>>47119 the kai pic was posted on weverse (aka bts fancafe) so yeah all of the bts members have their own accounts on there and interact with fans posts occasionally.

im pretty sure the post and his reply are meant to be jokes but honestly i dont get it? maybe its the language barrier, maybe its just a terrible joke. or jin is blind/dumb enough to not realize thats not jungkook? gives me secondhand embarrassment either way.

No. 47129

File: 1567373521936.jpg (52.48 KB, 599x418, BLr55k0CUAACmyU.jpg)

Kpop could hardly get any weirder than the songs exo got (wolf?) and they still made it work somehow. You could say that nct has too many members, so that people can't really get into them individually, but suju, snsd, exo, twice, etc proved otherwise.
I tried listening to their songs, but they're so boring and forgetable, and the only member that stood out to me is taeyong because of his scandal lol
Simply nothing about them is interesting or likable enough.

Jin promoting the others in a pathetic attempt to also get some attention lol

No. 47130

The song title is similar to Mamamoo's "Decalcomanie". I know it's a common word but the song has been very popular as Mamamoo's for years and it's the only other Kpop song with that title, not sure if it's a good move. Army will ree if another group dare to release a song titled "Mic Drop" or "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".

No. 47131

I don't understand how wolf even made it past the demo stage. This whole song and MV just baffle me

No. 47133

oh my god i've never seen this lmao. it's horribly bad.

No. 47135

It will forever stay a mystery why they changed it from the correct pronounciation in the demo to "oolf" in the final version

No. 47139

Lmao if it doesn't come with an MV then YG is being so transparent with his favoritism.

No. 47142

And they're trying to break into the western market with that concept??? Kek. SM has always had this weird fetish for transhumanism, it's so transparent with TVXQ and EXO.

No. 47147

Probably an attempt to cater to exo fans. They else kept baekhyun's old super power 'light'.

No. 47157

Many groups have bland forgettable songs but still manage to stay popular, maybe also the lack of chemistry between the members plays a role in this? Their interactions are way too manufactured and the split units don't help, not every stan is going to buy forced fanservice between the members that don't actually care about each other. I guess it's the combination of factors with nct, the music, the members, the execution of their concept are just not interesting enough when the kpop market has better groups to offer (I mean, sm hoped that exo stans would leave exo and start following nct but most of them still prefer exo kek)

No. 47160

lol why does this sound like a parody

No. 47161

i think nct has the same problem as blackpink where all of their fans just like one member and hate the others. i mean there really is no point in pushing a "we're a family" shtick when there's like 20 or more members.

No. 47163

The "exo is my last idol" meme is going hard

No. 47173

File: 1567390687608.jpg (141.35 KB, 1080x707, IMG_20190902_041831.jpg)

So, Justin Bieber wished Jungkook a happy birthday and while many ratmies shit on him, some additionally are calling him a "clout chaser" kek

>The truth, it sounds like: "You're my fan I leave you a tweet" nasty way to treat a fan who is also an artist, every day I am convinced that you are a nasty person with luck, Justin.

>I fucking hate this with every fiber of my soul

Like what do they want? Who's good enough for them? The pope? Probably not.

No. 47174

kinda funny how he sounds like an entirely different person up until he starts singing in his typical register again.

No. 47175

Jbiebs has hundreds of millions of dollars already, but yeah every celebrity is technically a clout chaser, that's their job. It's how they make money. Don't know what these people expect.

No. 47180

seems like he's spoiling some potential collaboration between those two to me

No. 47185

W in front of O in Korean is silent, maybe to make it easier for Koreans to understand? Idk it doesn't make sense really

No. 47196

i think the problem is that they are trying too hard and it makes them look worse.it just brings out the fact that they have no talent or personality.they also have no identity as a group,all their mvs and songs mismatch and have nothing in common,since “whoosh we are the future the technology ahh” isn’t exactly distinguishable in their videos.

No. 47208

Yesterday bts got into another small scandal because their fans littered and then tried to blame it on "exo fans are trying to frame us!"

And now receipts of Jungkook's fansite master swearing at him were released. How convenient, is this big hit's attempt at spinning the whole situation into them being the victims again?

No. 47209

>She was caught swearing at the fact that he didn't thank her
> even if he gives me excuses I'll beat him up like a dog. Why doesn't he do the things he has to do?
So they are that kind of stalkers… funny to know they don’t praise and lick his ass like twitter stans.
So many controversies lately,sounds like their downfall has started

No. 47210

File: 1567422275038.jpg (63.14 KB, 897x898, EDdDeKOWsAEipr7.jpg)

lmao this is headliner. why am i not surprised in the slightest

No. 47211

So what's the new matter with Jimin? I see ratmy on social media advertising to protect him and that the person in the video isn't even him, because he doesn't have black hair right now and the person is missing a mole on the neck, but I can't fight out, what video they are talking about…?

No. 47213

they're trying to cope. looking at the flicking video, it's clearly him, and he confirmed that he is in paris. that video isn't fake.

No. 47214

Whut…? I thought, it could never be about this first flicking-vid, since there is no doubt it's him, so there has to be a new one. Of course it is him, even none Ratmy can recignize him.

Thanks for your quick answer, anon.

No. 47215

here's the video. it's definitely him

No. 47216


>because he doesn't have black hair right now

Funny defence considering that the guy in the video doesn't even have black hair lol. It's a match.

Why do they hate their oppas so much that they don't want them to have fun.

No. 47217

aaw they couldnt accept the fact that Jimin isnt the pure virginal manlet of their fantasies. You can clearly see his face and his twinky body in the video, and the ratmies are still in denial. already excited how this goes when their break is over.

No. 47218

File: 1567429923266.jpg (1.29 MB, 900x1200, 6RhWJuM.jpg)

More headliner (jk fansite) translations. She calls Jimin a bitch for blocking her pic of JK then sexually harasses JK

No. 47219

jungkook is an incel confirmed?? damn this bitch is crazy. she's really rich too, if i was her i wouldn't waste my time stalking some kpop boy.

No. 47221

>I fcking hate going to USA too. I need to go there to pack my goods, but I don't wanna go ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Link* This is the border that makes Aemies(?)' vaginal blood discharge. I have a lot to say too. The code is 10 characters long, and I don't want to write anything either

LMAO Holy fucking shit, for any koreaboos still lurking, this is how korean armies and by extension, korean fandoms truly hate their international counterparts.

No. 47222

So… Jungkook is an incel or a homo? or both?

No. 47224

things take a sharp turn when the "mental sickness" headliner talks about is homosexuality

No. 47225


No. 47226

No. 47227

well now it's protected, should've archived it first

No. 47228

File: 1567436701067.jpg (503.22 KB, 1431x2515, SmartSelect_20190902-160428_Ch…)

The translator that went private basically said that Headliner called JK a waste of penis for being gay.

No. 47230

whew i didn't expect this to turn out this way. she's pretty much obsessed with him so she must be correct. can any anons who speak korean confirm this?

No. 47231

this just sounds like the translator's projecting tbh

No. 47232

Did she just out him as gay? How does she know?

No. 47233

Fuckin lmaaaooo. Either he gay, incel or jokes about him looking like a trans came through. I kinda feel bad for him getting outed like that but the fallout of this drama is gonna be glorious.

No. 47234

What's so controversial about this video anyway? All he's doing is some retarded forehead flicking I don't see why this would be a cause for any kind of outrage at all

No. 47235

why would she still obsess over him if he was gay? i think she was trying to call him an incel.

No. 47236

Tbh this girl seems crazy, so I would take it with a grain of salt. She sounds like the girls who use "He's gay!!" as a cope when they're rejected.

No. 47237

Idk what the fuck she meant by all that dick talk and "him holding something in" in >>47218 but it sounds gay. Bighit not letting him fuck girls sounds more unreasonable than them trying to shut him down for being gay imo

No. 47238

is the translation just bad or does this girl just sound unhinged?

No. 47239

even if it's true how can she know that he's gay but not getting laid

No. 47240

She stalks him everywhere he goes, it can't be that hard to know

No. 47241

this the worst thing I've seen from kpop so far

No. 47243

She's just here for the money, she called him a "fucking psycho" and said that she wanted to beat him… She was an Infinite L fansite before and I read that she was the one to out his relationship at that time. Maybe she's going to do the same with Jungkook? She doesn't sound stable to me…

No. 47244

if i were her i would just out him with proof for the last quick buck. at this point everyone hates her.

No. 47247

File: 1567440031326.jpg (79.57 KB, 664x680, hN1VU7T.jpg)


No. 47248

lmao projecting. it says nothing about homosexuality.

No. 47249

i think she doesn't have any proof because he's not gay. she's just bitter he won't fuck her and she's putting rumors out there.

No. 47250

It's a private conversation from about a year ago that was leaked just today by another fansite tho. I don't think she wanted that to leak because her career is basically over now.

No. 47251

that translator is a jikook shipper so i would take it with a grain of salt as well

No. 47252

why did that fansite wait an entire year to leak it lmao all these bitches are shady

No. 47253

Holy shit they are so ugly. Their singing and dancing is so weak too

No. 47254

Don't tell me this is the first time you've heard about shit at the US border. Border officials are well known for being out of control.

No. 47255

File: 1567442858583.png (326.55 KB, 830x376, Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 12.44…)

this is like a bunch of drunk moms singing karaoke and then filming it and sharing with all their facebook friends

No. 47256

The girl on the right looks like a tranny

No. 47267

>>47256 it's a guy, my dude.

No. 47269

Why tf these foreign retards even debuting in a kpop group. They could do this in their own countries and languages and fail, cuz that's all they about to do anyways.

Also that dude looks awful in those shorts lmao.

No. 47270

>sometimes i get so mad…when yg stans say that yg is handsome
look out, sugafags

I think anon meant the girl on the left. At least I assume so because she looks like a tranny lol

No. 47271

headliner could be /ourgirl/ because everything she shit talks about them is true

No. 47280

File: 1567446897134.jpg (104.25 KB, 750x734, D6fuhvHUcAA3Pid.jpg)

Does anybody else also find this creepy instead of admirable? Imagine how often they were forced to practice standing exactly like this, they're like robots.

No. 47283

i have a foot fetish. this is turning me on.(no1curr)

No. 47286

Ew. No1curr

No. 47296

I understand practicing facial expressions and shit but standing? kpop is wild (also, what group is this?)

No. 47300

File: 1567451107333.jpg (63.28 KB, 768x768, shbj0j66u5k31.jpg)

friendly reminder that we're all racists

No. 47301

>>47296 theres 8 of them so probably exo

No. 47303

i hate how these fake woke kboos have completely ruin the actual meaning of terms like racist and white supremacist

No. 47305

What happened to Suzy's acting career?

Not that IU is a top (or even good) actress or anything but it feels like IU is having the acting career I thought Suzy was going to have back when she blew up in 2012.

No. 47306

Kboos aren't the only ones who've done that…

No. 47310

finally some milk
maybe rosé broke up with him because that incel didnt want to fuck her 10yo body

No. 47312

he's a gaycel

No. 47313

what does rose have to do with anything?

No. 47315

its well known in this tread (previous tea from korean stalkers) that rosé and jk dated last year

No. 47316

it's just supposedly a rumor amongst sasaeng, no proof.

No. 47317

people have been reposting "tea" for years now and its all made up shit from weibo

No. 47319


It was actually legitimately a popular rumor on weibo last year that they dated for 6 months last year. Still doesn't make it true, but that rumor was alll over weibo.

Tbh I think Rose was the one who was dumped. On valentine's day she released her cover of Halsey's Eyes Closed crying about a guy who dumped her that she would have given everything to (this angsty ass song was her "gift to fans" for her birthday as well).


People also noticed how weird they were at the MMAs and SBS Gayos last year and assumed they were dating but if the weibo rumors are to be believed, it was post break up.

Still who knows. Asking for proof on this shit makes no sense because unless Dispatch comes with the receipts or some other army/saesang provides video/photo evidence all this talk will always be speculation.

No. 47322

Most rumors on weibo are retarded and baseless, why would you buy them?

No. 47324

If someone outed JK as gay what could actually happen to his career? Int-fans would protect him but i doubt the same thing happening in Korea

No. 47325

>thinking jk is gay because of a jikook translator

No. 47326

korea is extremely homophobic but i doubt he'd get any serious backlash from the korean gp, he's a multimillionaire with a shit ton of international fans. he'd be fine. most of his want him to be gay anyway.
thinking about it, if he is actually gay and gets outed from some fansite, he would have to be exempted from military and that would be a shitstorm.

No. 47328

I said IF anon, i just wonder what would happen in that scenario.

No. 47329

afaik gays can serve in sk, they just can't bang each other while in military.

No. 47333

File: 1567457940055.webm (2.78 MB, 640x640, g2lOydRsxs4PpCNK.webm)

The produce101 JP trainees are comically hideous lmfao I've only seen one that isn't so far

do we discuss it here or the j music thread? there will be some korean trainees in it I think

No. 47334

most of them are normal looking

No. 47336

if you're openly gay, you have to serve pussy posts like social work and community service that the sk public belives are cop-outs, just like everyone who reveals mental illness or a physical disability; it's almost as bad as draft dodging in the eyes of many
maybe somebody (coughkeycough) has the clout and fanbase to survive coming out, but they'll never do it prior to enlistment

No. 47337

Their fans may have a fetish for pushing the image of them being gay but honestly I feel like at first they'd use it as woke points and then they'd quickly go downhill with their interest because at the end of the day they want oppar to be gay so they don't have to fear oppar getting with a girl that isn't them. Oppar can be gay until they can finally have them is their thought process to me.

No. 47338

well in japan the more plain looking you are the more fans you can get because everyone wants to imagine you as their boy/girlfriend. some of them are a bit too fuggo

No. 47343

Nah I think in this case it's just that plastic surgery among young people isn't as common there as it is in korea. We all saw the predebut pics of some of those produce kids, without the extensive ps they had nobody would've found them attractive.
Finding naturally good looking people who want to be idols isn't that easy anywhere.

No. 47346

Most produce trainees didn't look that rough predebut save for not funny didn't laugh guy

No. 47348

Yeah you're right about that, guess I was mostly thinking about that guy lmao.

Well then why does produce jp have such fugly trainees? Relatabilty? Or is it really that hard to find decent looking people? Kinda embarrassing for them tbh. I already can see the kind of comments they'll get

No. 47349

File: 1567462381465.jpg (13.56 KB, 300x300, 075_nishiryotaro.jpg)

idk maybe mnet was too cheap to find some real ikemen. guess it doesn't matter what rest look like when the final group is rigged anyways. or they deliberately chose uggos out of spite.

here's the full list https://produce101.jp/profile/list.php there are at least 4 that are cute and then there are 80 shindongs

No. 47351


I imagine the ikemen that know they have a real chance in the industry will want to debut from a proper Japanese bg or go into acting unless they're Koreaboos.

No. 47352

samefag but I see mnet didn't even bother to lie about their heights. they're all around 5'6 kek I know there are cute guys in Japan, why would they do this??

No. 47354

good looking guys in japan don't become idols

No. 47355

Someone said this group is self-funded. Are they rich or something?

No. 47356

that trash situation is so disgusting. pick up after yourself and dont litter. people were saying to go into the cafe and toss it out there. No manners

No. 47357

>the other two, i dont feel the presence of their stans

Kek ratmon and jhorse are so ugly that even army dont acknowledge them

No. 47358

File: 1567463999681.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

this is the most retarded thing i've read in awhile.

No. 47359

Her new drama is set on sep 20. Not sure if it will blow up though.

No. 47361

No. 47362

they make money off of kboos watching their shorty covers so they must have a decent amount of money

No. 47363

shitty* samefag btw

No. 47364

For real. I'm starting to realize why koreans are preferred in terms of good looks when it comes to east asians. In all the time I've been familiar with kpop I've never seen anyone anywhere near as ugly as 90% of the guys on that list. Koreaboos might actually have have a point after all(racebait)

No. 47369

I liked this theme much better than x1-ma but god some of those trainees are frumpy looking

No. 47370

File: 1567470009886.png (98.74 KB, 302x352, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.20…)

He looks like a shoe.

No. 47372

they all look like bts knock offs. I swear I saw auntie jhope.

No. 47373

File: 1567470894596.jpg (22.67 KB, 300x300, 061_tanakayuya.jpg)

I got a real kick out of jyp's bastard son and scuffed bootleg kai

kawanashi takumi and ando tomoaki are the only picks

No. 47374

File: 1567471216756.png (124.98 KB, 633x335, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.40…)

U mean this guy?

No. 47377

Who's the fansite who exposed headliner???

She's probably just using gay as a slur / way of emasculating him just like every homophobic does

His singing career would be 100% dead lol literally hong seok cheon is the only openly gay celebrity in sk (im not couting directors and shit bc they're behind the cameras). And ppl are basically ok with it bc he's a jurassic queen with no sexual appeal whatsoever

No. 47379

The 4 Korean Trainees are
>Lee Minhyuk (イ・ミンヒョク)
>Kim Heecheon (キム・ヒチョン)
>Kim Youngdong (キム・ユンドン
>Jeon Younghoon (チョン・ヨンフン)
Basically look for the most appealing trainees and you find them.

No. 47380

It's because being an idol is deemed even more lame in Japan. No really good looking men would resort to that.

No. 47382

And the ones that might be interested are all already signed to bigger agencies. And unlike Produce in Korea none of Japan's big entertainment companies are going to send their young actors/singers to this shit show.

No. 47384

>Basically look for the most appealing trainees and you find them.

Lmao what? These guys are fug too except for the kim youngdong one. Not much of a difference between them and the others

No. 47385

Samefag to add.
I just learned that all of these guys are required to be unsigned because Mnet plus whichever company they partnered with want full control of the group. So my the second sentence is irrelevant.

No. 47386

Who do y’all think is ikemen anyway

I can’t rate Asians sometimes cause they all look too similar

No. 47387

File: 1567474443628.jpg (98.77 KB, 790x1080, ando.jpg)

this one and kawanishi takumi

No. 47388

The most masculine

No. 47389

Heecheon is one of the better looking trainees

No. 47392

>produce 101
More like freak show 101

No. 47393

yep except regular gay koreans in the military have faced a lot of homophobic bullying and abuse from the straight dudes. i’m sure that and gay kpop idols would be exempt from that due to their celebrity status

No. 47396

File: 1567478663496.jpg (60.76 KB, 749x1122, EDfTBRfUcAAZz-G.jpg)

>Ando Tomokai (hard to imagine him in a kpop adjacent group though)
>Koga Kazuma (pic related)
>Komatsu Koshin (literal manlet though)
>Kawanishi Takumi
>Iwasaki Ryuto (go figure but he seems popular with Japanese fans for whatever reason.
>Kim Youngdong

Are potential ikemen imo

No. 47397

they'd never try to get exempt from the military because then their careers would be ruined

No. 47399

File: 1567480420896.jpg (27.56 KB, 300x300, 057_suzukigen.jpg)

this one looks a bit like a lumpy jhope clone too

No. 47401

They should debut the short haired trainee who danced with taemin in move… there are other ones w taemin that also look nice

No. 47402

File: 1567481896669.jpeg (61.69 KB, 707x477, D7944467-5F75-4750-9571-453F41…)

sperms merchandise looks like bad boyband posters you'd remove from the center of tiger beat in the early 2000s

No. 47403

ah lol sorry i meant that maybe if there was an out gay kpop idol in the military he would not face the homophobic bullying because he’s a celebrity.

No. 47404

wow this looks SO fucking dated lmao.

No. 47405

File: 1567482753861.jpg (83.22 KB, 684x383, unnamed.jpg)

Idk about the short haired one but this girl who also danced with taemin for "move" is speculated to be an sm trainee and she's an uggo, i dont get the hype about her


No. 47406

File: 1567482969861.gif (1.21 MB, 245x245, original.gif)

Did they photoshop baekhyun to be the same height as taemin? Because he's not kek

No. 47407

I like the dated mall goth esque aesthetic of that poster but the avengers concept is so fucking lame.. They need to focus on being eboys

No. 47408

File: 1567483453500.jpg (20.1 KB, 300x300, unnamed (1).jpg)

I agree with your list except for iwasaki ryuto. Anyway, out of all better-looking ones i think there'll be only 1 or 2 that get to the final, knowing the nature of the show (rigged voting, bad taste, etc) kek.

No. 47409

File: 1567483557313.jpg (15.34 KB, 500x322, Qye5AVJ.jpg)

No. 47410

He looks like jhope x honda hitomi hybrid

No. 47412

Agreed, but like I said he seems weirdly popular with Jfans. They were the ones calling him ikemen.
Spot on anon.

No. 47413

he was probably standing on something to make himself look taller

No. 47430

Nah they absolutely would be bullied. Celebrities don't get special treatment in the military (unless they're G-Dragon, and that was a big scandal) and many would probably relish the thought of taking them down a peg by bullying them.

No. 47432

she's really plastic looking. i honestly can't see someone like her debuting in sm. they usually pick faces with the natural look (even though they've had plastic surgery). at least at debut sm idols don't look that plastic.

No. 47436

File: 1567494617577.jpg (181.34 KB, 675x1200, EDfjFWuUcAAPp6c.jpg)

a fansite called jimin_bcd

she's saying that headliner was bullying her and that's why they parted ways but idk if she's telling the truth. i don't really find her word believable either because she waited a whole year to expose her.

No. 47439

>we are the future
Why does this look like something straight out of the 90s then? SM have lost the plot

I hate statements like this as well ~we are the future~ like what does it even mean?. It’s as bad as ~blackpink is the revolution~

No. 47440

if SM knew what they were doing they would definitely go for an eboy vibe to appeal to the amerian market lmao

No. 47441

Hate to be replying to a stupid old post but Asia doesn’t need to smuggle cocaine across the ocean, it grows fine in SEA climate. If you frequent night clubs in any big city with some money, coke finds you. Your oppa/unnie probably does coke and other uppers.

No. 47443

Judging by baekhyun's teaser pics and their styling in that poster they might be doing that lowkey

No. 47444

Taemin looks like leffen lol

No. 47446

File: 1567502925387.jpg (38.48 KB, 800x343, BLACKPINK-1.jpg)

Blackpink can't sell out their tickets lmao.


[1st concert]
VIP seats: 88K won (312 tickets), R seats: 77K won (392 tickets)

[2nd concert]
VIP seats: 88K won (22 tickets), R seats: 77K won (429 tickets)

1. [+313, -34] First of all, idol groups need good relationships between the members and with fans to grow their fandom. I struggled a bit on BLACKPINK but there was no connection between us. The company only pushes Jennie and the members are also only looking at Jennie. To be honest, Jennie also seems to enjoy being at the top.

2. [+244, -17] It’s not just because of Burning Sun. They have never had a strong fandom even before the YG scandals

3. [+172, -20] Except from being from YG, they don’t have any charms that attract me to them

4. [+105, -2] I know they’ve been promoting for a few years, but I’ve only heard more than 10 of their songs… How do they lead the concert? This is not malicious comment. I’m really curious.

5. [+65, -0] They are popular but I think their core is a bit weak

6. [+61, -7] I went to BLACKPINK’s concert and left the fandom afterwards. It gave me a reality check…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+47, -0] There are many BLACKPINK fans who like to follow on Instagram because of the members’ good styles, but there is no good relationship between the group and fans.

8. [+46, -0] All YG artists are boycotted. Not only idols but also actors.

9. [+42, -1] Oh, they can’t fill it, so bad.

No. 47448

File: 1567503840467.jpg (158.37 KB, 800x1200, EDd8SW5VUAMWCvn.jpg)

Just proves once again that youtube views mean nothing. Keep on streaming, idiot kids…

>Good thing they said they were going for an end of century concept, otherwise if you're telling that's just how they'll look like, I would've been speechless
So it's intended

I think it could be a smart move. First that avenger shit, now this, it's certainly unique and might get non-fans to check them out.
I noticed that groups who went to the US so far (got7, monsta x) were all styled pretty similarily, like they're hiphop groups, but dressed in pastel coloured satin shirts.
Girls still dig emo boys and exo's more dramatic concept in the beginning also worked out. SM should give them songs with a bit of a rock-ish feel and cut back on the rap parts. With this and the way they look nobody will be able to brush them off as just another wannabe bts like the above mentioned groups.

No. 47449

File: 1567504127845.jpg (56 KB, 780x520, wc-baekhyun-0309.jpg)

I just noticed this: did they draw blood/bruises on his arm? How edgy…

No. 47451

Ugh what's with the red eyeshadow/blush around his eyes and nose?? What kind of look are they going for with that? He just looks ill with that hair color combo. "The end of the century" my ass, they just look like the typical try-hard edgy, unlike-no-other, suicidal kpop boy band. Nothing revolutionary.

No. 47452

File: 1567507873862.jpg (63.38 KB, 1080x328, IMG_20190903_125129.jpg)

No. 47453

File: 1567507881684.jpg (38.89 KB, 680x427, 936.jpg)

No. 47455

File: 1567508056350.gif (2.19 MB, 268x310, tumblr_p39y05gK2n1w5iaa4o2_400…)

No. 47456

It's like that "sick blush" japanese makeup style…I can't remember what it's called

No. 47459

He looks like Tony Ahn

No. 47460

Let’s not forget there are BTS fans that have reclaimed the word supremacist as a way to define themselves. In this social climate, you think the SJWs would understand it’s not a great word to use, but nope, anyone who is not a BTS supremacist and still chooses to stan BTS along with other groups are demonized, and they think it’s cute randomly throwing words like racist or xenophobe around. The fucking weirdos.

No. 47462

H.O.T was the epitome of that show in a way that the group consisted of 4 uggo and 1 handsome members

No. 47472

File: 1567515157613.jpeg (45.19 KB, 668x393, 66119922-1454-4E07-8BB4-5C269D…)

I almost forgot how ugly their members were. It's a shame that they lack in the visuals department; those trainees must be leftovers.
Speaking of h.o.t, I think a modern version is what sm is trying to do with superm. But then again, h.o.t is inspired by old european bands and visual kei

No. 47476

>Kang ta

yeah, he really was the only good looking member and talented one tbh.

No. 47480

Holy shit, in what world? I don’t see it at all, but that’s fucking funny.

No. 47482

>Speaking of h.o.t, I think a modern version is what sm is trying to do with superm
Then they're not gonna do well cause 90% of h.o.t's songs are unlistenable (that include their title tracks), the rest 10% are ballads/bubblegum pop.

No. 47483

I kek'd at this because the other 4 were given blonde hair to make them seem interesting when they really were not

No. 47486

I like the pun "tsukame" and "it's coming"
Kpop stylists really love that igari makeup huh

No. 47491

If you mean Koharu Sugawara, she already has a career as dancer in Japan

No. 47628

She looks like a cheap sex worker, I don't see what's so strange about a Jimincel being attracted to an overly desperate butterface thot and her gushing over her dream oppar

No. 47666

Without the awful, obnoxious faggot, this would be such a boring nugu group. Thankfully it's hilarious bc of him.

No. 47668

This is a Jennie lazy dancing controversy 2.0 waiting to happen. Then again no one cares about Momoland so maybe not, but it's funny how little effort she puts in for someone who skirts around on her hapa appeal alone.

No. 47671

why do her extensions look SO bad, has their company run out of money completely? all members look so done with this song tbh

No. 47673

nah for that jennie controversy you have too look completely bored during the performance and show how much you hate it. Atleast nancy is putting in slight effort.

No. 47675

File: 1567534836481.gif (969.89 KB, 268x390, tumblr_px235yfYUb1v8azvwo2_400…)

PULL has a little more on them and you know it's really bad when even them admit that it's unfair that he get's a pass for being poc and gay.
Starts at this page https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2344-general-koreaboo-thread/?page=242
"Eddie and friends" would be a more suitable name, since it's basically all about him. He started that project, he raised over 7000 on kickstarter, he picked some other desperate kboo (but asian) girls and the videos get uploaded on his channel despite the group having it's own.
He's lipsynching the words incorrectly, they belately added one korean girl, probably only so that they have a korean speaker in their "kpop" group. The whole thing looks like an itzy rip-off and while the girls are dressed in pants ("girl crush"-concept), short and chubby Eddie is wearing overknee heels and pants that leave his cheeks hanging out. Why do gay men constantly feel the need to shove their asses into everybody's face? He couldn't even stop himself from showing it off in their mv's thumbnail.
Also notice that the focus is on his less than mediocre skills during the dance break? The girls are just props. Somebody said he's like James Charles, which I have to agree on lol
Eddie, if you want to dress like a female thot, then at least shave properly…

No. 47676

momoland has only been a group for 3 years yet already:
Taeha & Daisy are on hiatus & Yeonwoo has been reported to have anxiety disorder like mina. It seems like the group is already falling apart & even Jooe has lost her enthusiasm.

No. 47678

Watch past the 30 second mark dude. She looks dead inside.

No. 47679

I would be too if I was her. She's one who wore the shortest, tightest clothes before she even turned 18 because she's the "exotic" foreigner. Plus they must have realized by now that they're only a one-hit-wonder who will never really make it.

No. 47681

it seems like everything fell apart after baam was released. they probably realized that the group was going nowhere even after they got a hit so they decided to leave.

No. 47686

File: 1567537626938.jpg (163.97 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pnj2peMlkz1sztjdmo6_128…)

haha Orgy, what a fucking throwback

Anyway, I feel so bad for Red Velvet. Imagine other groups before you getting cute/pretty styling, and SM literally makes you walk around looking like a homeless vagabond all the time. I know this kind of style is actually a thing in SK, but surely they see other groups that get cute outfits and feel plain and boring at best.

No. 47687

and literally walk off stage lmao

No. 47691

File: 1567538608839.png (46.83 KB, 1014x370, 1111.png)

This is so cringe lol
And there's barely any information about other members

No. 47693

i also think it has to do with how they blew up with bboom bboom. if you think about it, they were absolute no names with presumably manageable schedules but after last year they were performing everywhere.

No. 47694

a typical koreaboo. idk why he gets a poc card because he's a very white passing mexican. but will you see stan twitter trying to cancel him bcuz ~~kpop is made by asians for asians~~~? of course not, he's a dude.

No. 47698

>>Imagine if he was a girl dancing the same way he does. The girl would probably have half of his supporters or even lesser.

Totally agree. I was the one that originally shared the Icy cover with him. I just hate these ugly ass fags that act like "sexy" cartoons and think they have any talent at all. I hate is much as I hate their female fans that would otherwise shit on their talent if it was a remotely pretty woman instead of a dude.

If they ever perform on any music shows I'll just die laughing. I can already imagine the dead air.

No. 47700

When kpop styling mixes with uggos. Lol at the people in the background.

No. 47703

they always look like this kek

No. 47704

Why would you rehash it to showcase your lack of knowledge lmao next time visit dea.gov or unodc.org for some basic fax

No. 47705

That dress looks uncomfortably short though, i guess she couldn't move without worrying some parts of her body might show? Irene was like that too with the infamous red dress

No. 47706

File: 1567548152083.jpg (795.97 KB, 1080x1697, 20190904_050201.jpg)

Is this jooey? Kek

I mean i would be too if my group only relied on 1 song to be relevant

No. 47711

File: 1567551105837.jpg (347.42 KB, 720x879, 20190903_174900.jpg)

Hyuna and his awful styling choices. I hope this is a wig and not a perm

No. 47724

I’ve been following Hyuna for years and I want to know what happened with her personal style choices. Red era remains her best to me.

No. 47729

his gestures remind me of bts V. over exaggerated & unappealing

No. 47735

you know in korea all photos they take are auto-touched up right? especially the school ones.

t. grew up in korea

No. 47737

damn and she's getting fatter too, koreans aren't gonna like that. I heard some might blame her non-korean side lol

No. 47738

It's the critical thread but anons don't seem to know the most basic things

No. 47740

Yeah and all those fuggo jp trainees pics were heavily touched up too, dummy. My point still stands.

No. 47743

At least SEA’s have nice ass beaches

Stay proud SEA(ot race autism)

No. 47744

Bighit is going to debut their gg in 2021.

Lots of the yt comments are "Scared" that lots of sasaengs will join the auditions and stalk BTS.

I feel sorry for this future group. If they ever appear in the same vicinity as BTS they'll be cyber-bullied to the ends of the Earth.

No. 47745

>implying bts will still be relevant in 2021
kek. wont like half of them be enlisting around that time?

No. 47746

File: 1567561575307.jpg (45.32 KB, 600x402, cosmic.jpg)

Why the hell do so many groups that have debuted within the past few years have so many useless/filler members? I'm talking Cosmic Girls, DIA, Momoland, etc. The type of groups where you spot a new unremarkable girl you've never noticed before every time you see a picture of the group.

These useless filler members don't even get enough lines or promo time to be popular enough to have individual fandoms that would generate revenue. So what is the point of including these girls? Are they not just an expense to the company since they have no popularity and are essentially invisible next to the one or two popular members from each group?

Every time a large group has some irrelevant members go on hiatus, the groups as a whole look better and less like the companies have just dumped all their female trainees into one group and called it a day.

No. 47747

File: 1567561693349.jpg (19.56 KB, 480x268, download (9).jpg)

I'm surprised, this is the top comment of the int fans, not the koreans ones, and even they are fed up:
>Watch out, her fans will trend a #WeLoveYouJennie hashtag and claim you guys are bullying her again just so this outfit discrimination can continue.

>Big f*cker Bang was like that back in the days too. GD got to be the first one to choose for his stage outfit while Seungri was last ㅋㅋ Seungri said it himself

And as much as I hate Seugri, this is true as well, I remember that he often "joked" about basically getting treated like shit by YG, while GD and Top were buddies with him.

Also, Seolhyun got in a controversy for liking a feminist post lol…I guess she'a not as dumb as everybody thinks.

Nothing will happen, they'll flop just like txt.

No. 47748

File: 1567562230041.jpg (253.27 KB, 1080x1211, IMG_20190904_035523.jpg)

No. 47750

yg did this for all his groups. bigbang, 2ne1, winner, ikon and blackpink. they all have members that get treated better than the others and have more freedom than the others. it's some extreme favoritism.

No. 47751

I actually like this hair style but not on her lmao.

No. 47753

Jennie knew what the fuck she was doing with that green ass outfit. I bet she calls blackpink, Jenniepink.

No. 47754

Its weird because they are following the japanese model so much now, but are failing because all the girls look the exact same, have no talent and no personality. The thing with SNSD was an example of the Japanese model being made to work. In the beginning at least. 9 girls, all with distinct styles and personality traits and they all had their own faces. Only a couple of the girls resembled eachother. Now, I am hard pressed to be able to tell the difference or remember the names of girls in a group with more than 4 or so members.

No. 47755

We would probably see more idols looking like their actual drugged-out selves if they weren't in strict agencies. Psy himself is a raging alcoholic so he probably doesn't waste time trying to manage her appearance like cube

No. 47761

At least in big bangs case it was justified. Seungri was fucking useless he deserved no rights lol Jennie is the fucking useless now and yet she gets special treatment.
And clearly fetch aka jennie is not gonna happen! YG is so dumb

No. 47763

i'd say jennie is like the yeri of sm trainees. she was the best one yg had. so they tried making her into the next cl, but she just doesn't have it in her.

No. 47764

yikes they could have deleted Rose and Jihyo from this performance.

No. 47771

Jihyo wasn't that bad tbh but Rosé was ass. Her voice is so annoying and baby goat-like.

No. 47774

is there a male idol besides shindong that weighs more than 170 lbs and isn’t fem

No. 47775

>>47774 wonho from monsta x maybe? he seems like he'd weigh somewhere around there and i wouldnt consider him fem personally

No. 47776

I too thought monsta x and maybe siwon, chanyeol, daniel and jackson, but other than them, none.
But most idols are likely also only around 170cm, so of course they won't weigh much no matter what.

No. 47777


No. 47778

These new groups are less same-facey than SNSD.

No. 47780

File: 1567599918758.jpg (79.36 KB, 1000x500, momoland.jpg)

I dont think JooE from momoland is ugly. She is cute.

No. 47781

she looks like she has a syndrome in that pic anon

No. 47782

How can someone this ugly be an idol?

No. 47783

Ok that picture doesnt give her any justice, but when she has long dark hair she looks decent. Light hair,bangs and pigtails make her look ugly.

No. 47784

rose sounded like a goat as always. is it just me or did jihyo do terribly here? maybe it was twicefags giving me the illusion that jihyo's this great singer, but god she sounded awful in this performance, as if she wasnt opening her mouth enough.

yuju was the only one who sounded decent and can actually control her voice properly.

No. 47785

No. 47786

Lots of asians do anon(racebaiting)

No. 47787

The no sage uwu sjw retard is back to defend ugly idols like jooey, dahyun, soojin, and the likes. Brace yourselves.

No. 47788

>Light hair,bangs and pigtails make her look ugly
No you didn't think so. Otherwise you would have posted a different pic, but you genuinely thought that pic was flattering. Only when anons pointed it out you changed your mind. Gross.

No. 47790

Jihyo is supposed the be the best singer out of all twice, along with nayeon but she did worse than terribly there. Her voice was so weak and shaky, it's like she was nervous or something. This answered my question earlier as to why no twice girls has ever given a solo project even just for a drama ost.

No. 47791


No. 47793

I see a retard, dressed like an 80-year-old, what is wrong with their fans?
>I am a 47 year old mum and I'm giggling like a little girl watching this. He is just too beautiful.
As if they were brainwashed. The first thing I noticed was the massive pimple on his cheek, there's nothing attractive about him.

No. 47794

No. 47795

I'm awfully sorry for them and I hope that they will recover of whatever happened to them, but seriously, thinking you can start training to become an idol when you're already in your 30s, as a foreigner?

No. 47801

File: 1567606481147.png (481.47 KB, 827x431, 434.png)

These early Itzy predebut pics leaked. Yuna is a substitute for Somi as we already knew, therefore Somi was supposed to be the "visual"?
I wonder how she feels now btw, seeing how Itzy is successful and Yuna is well liked, knowing it should've been her.

No. 47803

All it takes is 5 minutes to get out of your kpop bubble to see what a mess south korea is. Korean women are treated like shit by korean men,its a country known for prostitution and having a shitty justice law. Getting well paying jobs is extremely hard. Most koreans are xenophobic towards dark people.
Sadly koreaboos think kpop or kdrama are real life, Ok lets say their koreaboo dream comes true and they are famous idol it still would be nothing like they expected,they probably would commit suicide over how stressful the idol life would be.

No. 47804

All those girls are pretty

No. 47807

No. 47809

The article states that Somi decided to leave jyp due to musical differences lol I wonder if that’s the real reason since her debut song Birthday was mediocre and nothing special. Biggest mistake of her life tbh. It must hurt knowing that Itzy are doing so well. Somi could have had it all but she thought she was better…yet her debut was so weak

No. 47810

Im suprised that irene is still relevant at 28 considering most fanboys abandon their female idols when they reach 25 and go for young barely legal idols.

No. 47812

Don't like how the comments have totally swapped to hating on Goo Hye Sun when she obviously felt disrespected as the wife at some point in the marriage. He just didn't care about to make her feel secure and lacked the EQ to respond to her emotions in a comforting way. When the respect goes the relationship is basically counting its days. There is no reasonable way to handle someone who doesn't respect you. They needed marriage counseling.

No. 47813

Did not mean to reply whoops

No. 47816

Lmao weak and shaky are the perfect words to describe jihyo's live performance. Was expecting her to do good because shes said to be the one with the deeper and "powerful" voice in the group but in reality she relies on autotune like anybody else in twice. "b-b-but she was nervous!!1!" Twicefags would say.

Main vocal my ass, her part in the performance was pretty basic and she still managed to sound like shit.

No. 47818

~Korean beauty standards~ anon. Also, rv has more female fans than male.

No. 47819

Thats good then because male fans tend to discard you fast. Thats why so many female kpop groups get forgotten so fast because their male fans get bored and look for younger fapping material.

No. 47820

Irene lost all her male fans when a photo was taken of her with a feminist book. All those incels were burning her pictures.

No. 47821

I completely disagree.
The new groups are so plasticly molded to fit certain ideals that they either look like other members of their group, or members of other already existing groups and i think its being done on purpose.
Snsd all had distinct features. The only members I remember even slightly getting mixed up after maybe a week or so of knowing them was Yoona and Yuri(but unless you had facial blindness, even their faces and bodies and personalities became distinct after watching their variety for like…a few days). If they were to debut in a group now with all their current plastic, Id agree with you because they've all for the most part obliterated their original features.

No. 47822

She'd be cute if she was a baby, but she's an adult and those features make her ugly now. Sorry, anon. Its not even subjective. People made fun of Hyoyeon who was relatively normal looking despite shitty styling and a not so cute nose and eyebrows, and yet everybody is fawning over idols that look like this now. Makes no sense.

No. 47823

This is an "Im a gay guy obsessed with girl groups because I want to be then, not fuck them as Im currently fucking the same guy I've been with for years but because Korea, I have to proclaim I have a crush on a new female idol every 10 minutes so that my career isnt destroyed because fangirls are fucking retards" kind of thing.

No. 47824

>t.underaged and sheltered

No. 47826

I had equal exposure to SNSD and newer groups when I got into kpop. Hyoyeon and maybe Yoona (with her weird jaw) were the only soshis who stood out to me, none of the other members had really unique features. Groups like Oh My Girl, Cosmic Girls, IOI and Twice were way less same-facey to me.

No. 47827

File: 1567617319781.jpg (162.15 KB, 1024x640, 5399298662_30cea1de51_b.jpg)

>Snsd all had distinct features

No. 47828

Ya'll clearly didnt watch their variety. Photos arent exactly an indicator considering they're photoshopped to hell and back. None of them looked similar enough in actual motion for it to be hard to tell the difference after a week of watching their shows and music videos unless you were face blind.

No. 47829

File: 1567617532580.jpeg (42.72 KB, 550x345, 007074F4-86A1-4EC5-AAEE-CA4048…)

Yeah I thought the SNSD members looked really similar too, especially yoona/yuri, Tiffany/sooyoung, Taeyeon/Jessica/sunny. The only distinct members were hyoyeon and seohyun. However years later I now think they have really distinct faces and can tell them apart easily

Idols looking the same is a big issue though with even the government stepping in to say that it’s giving girls bad body image because they don’t look remotely idols and all idols are thin with small nose/jaw etc

No. 47832

God, she looks so dead inside. Even more so than all the other idols that are just going through the motions.

No. 47833

No one in Twice or Blackpink can sing. Most groups have at least one decent singer as a main vocal - GFriend has Yuju, Red Velvet have Wendy and to some extent Seulgi (even though I find her pronunciation a bit nasal) and Mamamoo has Wheein and Solar with the other two being decent enough to back them up.

Twice and BP's utter and complete lack of talent is exceptional even by Kpop standards.

No. 47834

Chaeryeong looks really nice there. I guess JYP just let go of the ugly sister since she was beyond saving facially kek

Anyway, apparently Ryujin is the designated center, which I have a hard time believing seeing how Yeji and Yuna outshine her in every way on stage. Maybe Somi was meant to be center and when she left JYPE just slapped the center title on Ryujin because she was the next best known.

No. 47836


Why does he has to make those weird faces? He looks like he's having an orgasm mid-performance every 30 seconds. People call that stage presence? I know that their new concept is boring af, but there's no need to act like you're 6.

Checked out if the other members did the same, but he's the only one to look that retarded. J-hope actually deserves more views, he actually looks like he's having fun. Jungkook is fine too I guess. The rest look either bored or cringe.

No. 47837

jhope is very ugly so I wouldn't say that

No. 47838

jhope has the best deal out of the group imo. He's clearly one of the more talented members, enough that his solo work is successful, but he's ugly enough to evade having batshit insane stalker fans like headliner and will probably be able to date without issue once their popularity goes down a bit and members start enlisting.

No. 47840

does jimin ever sound good jeez

No. 47842

somi is delusional for having gone solo. Her voice is awful and people haven't cared about her for 2 whole years. In itzy she was by far the prettiest and would've received a lot of attention, just like she benefited from being in ioi which had a lot of average looking girls.

No. 47843

That comment is so cringe. His face isn't that bad imo, but then again, i'm actually really grossed out by the dude in white with the silver hair. he's a plastic monster

No. 47844

>Ya'll clearly didnt watch their variety.

well duh we're not sones

No. 47845

Disgusting how those women are treated like products with no regard for their health.

No. 47846

idk if you can call his solo work successfull since all this “work” is an digital album with no promotion that was only hyped by bts fans to chart high on itunes.he never performed or did anything by himself ever.

No. 47847

I've never listened to his album but I remember most music websites liked it. But yeah I don't think it's realistic that BTS will have successful solo careers outside of maybe Jungkook. I think they've already peaked at this point

No. 47848

File: 1567631197683.png (599.43 KB, 1174x640, ice_screenshot_20190904-205329…)

Whats up with chaeyoung's jaw?

She was apparently also supposed to debut with itzy, i think she would fit in better with the itzy girls than she does in twice.

No. 47850

Pretty sure twice has 9 members only because JYP felt like ripping off SNSD, and now itzy is modelled after red velvet.

No. 47851

where'd you get this from if u don't mind me asking?

No. 47856

It's called the power of SM anon /s

No. 47857

It's a surprise twice isn't dead from them getting into dating scandals already. male fans killed off AOA and when Lovelyz & other no-name lolita-esque groups get older they will be dumped. I take female fans any day.

No. 47858

I think that she wouldve been happier in Itzy. She seemed more confident and comfortable when performing fancy and breakthrough compared to the cutesy songs.

No. 47859

Lovelyz are pretty old already

No. 47860


We'll have to see what happens with Twice's next comeback but nobody cares about Jihyo and in Korea, men don't care about Momo. If it were Nayeon or Sana then we'd see a mass exodus of male fans. But then it depends on who they get caught dating.

Suzy for example only strengthened her status as A list by dating only top of the top A list actors. She would have been cancelled if she'd been caught dating an EXO member.

No. 47864

Yuna is the visual?? Her??? Guess all it takes is having a high nose bridge
Also yes Somi's dad (he took that decision lbr) is dumb as fuck, I cant believe he actually made his daughter leave the agency responsible for the currently most successful girl group. How fucking dumb one's gotta be.

No. 47870

I meant more in comparison to RM and Suga's solo work, I'm pretty sure Hope World was the most widely-liked.

No. 47875

kek. thats ratmon for you

No. 47877

File: 1567646818097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.72 KB, 672x674, 019B83A9-56EA-4DB1-A8CA-C34160…)

the silver hair dude (namjoon?) looks like this without stage makeup and filters

No. 47878

>implying Itzy's music is any better than Somi's Birthday song

Anon please, you can criticize her without pretending like she would've been better off in a copycat pedobait group making music that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

Never thought about it that way but you're right. I feel like him and Suga are the only ones with a chance at a normal life, the others are too self-obsessed to ever stop attention whoring.

No. 47881

Look at those dead stares kek

No. 47882

I think it's the same anon who watched itzy's icy dance covers because it's "cute" kek

>currently most successful girl group
The most successful girl group (based on sales, streams, views, etc) is still blackpink whether you like it or not. I hate blackpink with all my heart but itzy is still not in the 1st place. I think you meant the most successful rookie group, and that's only because the other rookies come from small & shitty agencies (everglow, fanatics, cherry bullet, etc). They didn't strike like blackpink when they debuted.

No. 47883

they're talking about twice, anon

No. 47884

Okay sorry, twice is still not the most successful though

No. 47885

>implying Itzy's music isnt better than Somi's Birthday song
The somifags are still here? embarassing.

No. 47886

i think twice is more successful than blackpink at least in korea. also i know this is the kpop critical thread, but some of you anons act just as embarrassing as stans saying shit like "i hate blackpink with all my heart" lol what have they actually done besides being untalented and overrated?

No. 47887

yes they are

No. 47888

If i didn't say that i'd get called a stan

No. 47889

Blackpink is barely the third most popular let alone the top GG in SK and Japan. You've just been tricked by YGs mediaplay, anon.

No. 47891


Twice is the most successful, then probably IZONE because of their Japanese money. BlackPink just slides in third, but they would have been the top if YG promoed them properly and aggressively.Oh well.

No. 47893

File: 1567655179455.jpg (57.4 KB, 530x706, plus-global-audition.jpeg.jpg)

>Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music will be joining hands together to debut a new K-Pop girl group through large scale global audition.

>On Sept. 4, Big Hit Entertainment shared that the two companies plan to debut a new girl group in 2021 through ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’. It appears that through years of being in the entertainment industry, they have gained the know-hows and planned to debut a girl group of the next generation.

>‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’ will be taking place from Oct. 5 to 27 and those who are interested should definitely think about this rare opportunity.

Hoping the new gg will flop so hard like txt did and that will be the end of bigshit. Imagine the kboos going to the audition though, yikes.

No. 47894

I wanna go so bad and see what kinda people show up but knowing girl groups it's gonna be restricted to born in 2000 or younger

No. 47895

I wanna go so bad and see what kinda people show up but knowing girl groups it's gonna be restricted to born in 2000 or younger

No. 47896

suga, v and jimin are absolute trash and i hope sasaengs spill everything they have on them in the future. they deserve to be exposed.

No. 47897

Victoria has officially left SM apparently. I expect Krystal to release a statement some time in the next couple of days. We know Luna aint going nowhere.

No. 47898

Her statement

"In a blink of an eye, it’s been 10 years. On September 5, 2009, I stood on the stage and made my official debut. I already understood at that time that hard work will always pay off, luck is also important, but chance favors the prepared mind. I only hoped that I could hold onto every chance, leaving no regrets. And now it’s the 10th anniversary, it’s an ending point, and also a starting point.

I’m thankful for everything with S.M for these past 10 years, from now on we will go on in a new way. This is a new start, starting afresh, I’m still me, I will continue to be myself, never forget how I started, and go forward bravely. I will work hard to be a better me, be firm in what I believe in, and will not let my mind be changed easily!"

Cherish every opportunity! You should cherish everything around you, really, everything! So, thank you for all of your hard work and bravery, which has helped me get everything I have now. Thank you to my family and friends. I am grateful for everyone who has showed me love and I love you all too. I am grateful for all the trust and support I received. I hope I did not fail to live up to your expectations of me, and I will do my best in the future. So, are you ready to stay with me for the next 10 years?

— Victoria

No. 47900

I’m curious about what you know

No. 47901

i've seen it on twitter, it might not be her.

No. 47902

>implying Itzy’s music is any better than Somi’s birthday song
Huh? That’s exactly my point anon. The songs are on a similar level so it doesn't make sense that Somi left jyp for ~musical differences~ and then goes ahead and releases something as generic as birthday, which flopped by the way.

Teddy is obviously going to give his best songs to blackpink and Somi is going to get the shitty left overs.

I’m wondering if Somi’s dad feared that Itzy would always be in Twice's shadow, just like how fx were to SNSD. He couldn’t have that now could he….except now his daughter is trapped in a shit company that rushed her debut, gave her shit choreography and will trap her in the dungeon until next year

No. 47904


No. 47905

kek at them doing auditions in vietnam

No. 47906

You unironically defending this earsplitting garbage is what's actually embarrassing.

No. 47908

It was more successful with the gp, charted for weeks and won music shows. Move on somifag

No. 47909

File: 1567668589941.jpg (171.17 KB, 1080x843, f(x) is kill.jpg)

Spoke too soon

And you're unironically defending fucking Somi, anon. Nuff said.

No. 47910

I wonder what will krystal do? Her sister's career went downhill after she left sm (on bad terms though). The best she could do now is moving into an acting agency. Her sister's company is shit as well kek.

No. 47911

Do you know something we don't anon?

No. 47912

you can't just say that without context anon

No. 47913

stan the boyz

No. 47914

im lost what makes you think this isnt just normal baseless kpcfag autism? i dont think anon has dirt on them we dont already know

No. 47915

No. 47916

glad you asked! they're only the worst boy group of this generation

No. 47918

File: 1567680224959.jpg (64.23 KB, 640x454, tumblr_b5e19a48b008e24a9d79a2c…)

exid's new teasers are so tragic. hani and le's procedures have aged them so much

No. 47919

>>47918 didnt they disband?

No. 47920

Kek. brought me back to the time when hani claimed her face was all ~natural~.

No. 47921

Fag, twice is currently the most popular gg in Korea and Japan BP can barely fill their concerts while twice consistently have sold out ones

No. 47925

Junghwa's face is ridiculously small here?

No. 47926

im genuinely more shocked that luna is leaving than any of the others…
so at this point is sulli going to be the only member still under sm? what a twist

No. 47928

They've always been a weird looking if not full on ugly group, and all their songs sound the same. I never understood why Hani gyrating her pelvis made them shoot to fame so fast when there are tons of under the radar slutpop girl groups that literally show their vagina lips on stage and no one cares. Im thinking there was a little something else going on tbh.

No. 47931

Idk how legit this news is but their label head was accused of being a prostitution broker

It's also kinda weird for them to use a prostitution concept after their only hit "up and down" blew up

No. 47932

wouldnt be surprised at all if they were a sponsor group

No. 47934

Be the sasaeng you want to see./s
Seriously though, what makes you say that. We are all curious and would welcome some solid info on it

We are being optimistic, I guess? With the headliner thing recently, you just never know.

No. 47937

either say what you know or stfu

No. 47940

lol can anons stop saying this? there's no milk, that anon was probably just venting that she hates bts and wants them to go down for something. She has no secret information, shut up already.

No. 47941

also, learn to sage idiot. So many newfags.

No. 47942

Not the same anon but successful =/= good

Honestly who cared about Luna anyway? Amber still stood out with her tomboy look and got some MC gigs but nobody would give one fuck if she stayed or left.

No. 47943

I'm pretty sure Itzy is the f(x). Red Velvet only recently started doing electronic-type noise

No. 47945

File: 1567708412896.jpg (90.41 KB, 594x1024, c1fe7d38c3e1522a41948f3072449f…)

No. 47946

so we just gonna ignore Jimin sounding like a dying pig? lmao Idk how people think he actually sounds good.

No. 47947

wow Jin is actually a better singer than both Jimin and V at this point.


No. 47948

>1 like on instagram
is this some sasaeng shit

No. 47952

>>47945 this was posted by some weirdo wannabe sasaeng whos obsessed with shipping jennie and jimin, just look at the account. not saying its not him but like, im not gonna waste my time believing this delusional shipper

No. 47953

the original ig post might have been posted by a sasaeng
the jimin/jennie shipperfag just reposted it on twitter

No. 47955

>>47953 you're right, yeah. i just think it speaks to the credibility of both sasaengs. from what i can tell he was rumored to be in hawaii like a week ago so hes not there now, anyway

No. 47957

Apparently Armies have let go of their obsession with bringing BlackPink down and have started to target MonstaX.


Probably because it was just announced a few days ago that Monsta X's song with French Montana is rising on Pop Radio and just went Top 30 along with some other big pop names.


So naturally Armies accused Monsta X of payola.

What's interesting is that Armies laughed at Monsta X when they started using Eshy, BTS's old PR person. Eshy is the one who got BTS all their high profile gigs in 2017 that basically launched them to superstardom (Ellen, BBMAs, AMAs, New Year's Rockin Eve). But Bighit paid him dust and the slander from the fandom began. So Eshy moved on to Monsta X and it seems like all their appearances are paying off slowly, enough for Armies to start to target the group.

Thing is, MX's song with French Montana sounds a lot more radio friendly than Boy With Luv. They've been called sell outs for singing all in English but Armies have conveniently forgotten Wasted on Me, which was a blatant attempt to break into US radio with an English song (and even Mic Drop English version with Desiigner).

I think Armies are starting to realize that neither Bighit or Columbia are that serious with trying to break BTS's music into the mainstream and only want to milk the fandom for all they're worth. BTS doesn't have public recognition for their music. All it takes is one legitimate hit song for another Kpop group challenge BTS in the West and the fans are running scared.

Now as for if any Kpop group will secure a hit, who knows. I doubt it. But funnily enough, how they're treating BlackPink and MX is exactly how EXO fans treated BTS when they felt threatened. I guess these things are cyclical.

No. 47958

judging by txt they either have shit taste in trainees or just take those whose parents paid them enough money

No. 47959



This entire thread is delusion. MX making music in English throws BTS "hard work" in getting the public to accept Korean music into the garbage? Do they not realize that BTS's music is thus far irrelevant to the public along with all other Kpop songs from all other Kpop groups? Psy was the only one who landed a Korean-language global hit in this decade (or any).

No. 47960

i'm not that into monsta x but iirc they were formed from a singing contest or something like that, and that's why the group has a lot of decent singers. at least they are actually competent unlike bts.

No. 47961

lol Sulli destroyed that group, what I would give to be a fly on the wall at SM to see the shit going down among the girls.

No. 47962

??? I thought they ended the group?

No. 47963

she always looks like that, her head is tiny and the hairstyle emphasizes it

No. 47973

I wonder why irene isn't in any drama yet? Any agency would usually give their it girl drama gigs constantly, just like how they promoted yoona, suzy, etc. It's not like irene's vocal is her strong point. She was in a web drama 3 years ago (different than actual dramas) and it got very popular, so why? It's joy who's being pushed as an actress. Not a stan btw, just wondering why.

No. 47977

nah sulli didn't destroy it. sm always saw fx as a filler group to cover their shady business and now that's red velvet, except rv makes extra pocket money.
sm doesn't want its artists to be powerful without them and push this retarded idea of everyone's replaceable (prematurely dumping jessica, fx, exo, and soon rv when smngg comes out). if irene was in dramas with decent acting, she could leave the company easily and do cfs + acting til she's either yoona status (in terms of older cf it girls) or finds a rich guy to leech off of.
some members left the company but are continuing to be part of the group like snsd, except they are actually having comebacks.

No. 47978

I looked it up and she was in a web drama. Maybe her acting isn’t good enough for television?

No. 47979

army's are probably still mad over monsta x saying they have the best rappers in kpop lol. I don't think any group will get a hit either. blackpink is supposed to be doing a collab with dj snake but it'll tank if it actually gets released.
people said that Joys acting in her last drama was awful and she was playing the lead role iirc. are any of the members of getting pushed other than her?

No. 47980

I see, that makes sense considering how some snsd members left sm to pursue acting (and sm isn't the place for it).

Idk cause I haven't seen it, but it was popular enough to generate more than 1 million views. IU's acting isn't that good either but she's popular and that's enough reason to give her more acting gigs.

No. 47981

File: 1567732783309.jpeg (584.89 KB, 2000x3000, 3(95).jpeg)

There's no way she's fully korean, right? On top of looking less asian than somi or nancy, she's also like 5'10". Her standing next to the otger girls looks downright odd

No. 47982

she's probably some part chinese like wonyoung which is why she's so tall

No. 47984

anon who is this?

No. 47985

File: 1567733942659.jpeg (305.42 KB, 1334x2000, A67A1BB7-09E1-491E-B203-798F15…)

nta but looks like aisha from everglow, she's also the only idol who I can think of who's that tall

No. 47986

she looks so awkward when she's dancing. her limbs are too long. she sticks out like a sore thumb in all their performances.

No. 47989

i agree that sulli whoring around fucked with fx only because it literally fucked up the entire red light promotion cycle

but i also agree that sm didnt really give one fuck and were only using them as a mini cash cow(only krystal, victoria and sulli)

No. 47990

With a name like Aisha rumors are that she's part Indian

I believe it

No. 47991

lol I agree that she sticks out but I didn't think it was a bad thing.

Never heard that having long limbs makes you an awkward dancer

No. 47993

….it's a stage name. google is free anon

No. 47994

File: 1567737606870.jpg (53.87 KB, 971x565, brainlets.jpg)

No. 47995

File: 1567737956324.jpg (199.4 KB, 708x2048, unnamed16.jpg)

Lmao this is pathetic

>Chinese f(x) fans in South Korea at the moment are accusing SM Entertainment for rejecting their request to put up ads for f(x) at the Coex shopping mall.

>SM Entertainment has denied that the agency has ever done such a thing and responded to the accusations by revealing that it wasn’t SM that actually was in charge of making the decision to reject the request of fans. In fact, SM Entertainment actually does not have the authority to say yes or no when the ads are going up on Coex.

No. 47996

Victoria clearly doesnt care about fx or any of the girls in the group so why do Chinese fans? Really dont get it. The group is dead. Get over it. Throw all your money Victoria then.

No. 47998

I'm curious as to why victoria was never bashed for being "old" by kpop standard when she debuted. She was 22 and the 2nd oldest member was 17 (amber).

No. 48000

File: 1567739189018.jpg (171.63 KB, 1080x1080, unnamed19.jpg)

>Apparently so according to netizens. Netizens have recently been talking about how similar the gorgeous K-Pop idol looks like with Light Fury from ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’.

No. 48004

This article is from last year but is still as relevant as ever

>The K-Pop Industry Has An Excess Of 300 Girls Groups


If you thought that being a K-Pop idol was all about living the glamorous life that involves giving energetic performances, photo shoots, interviews, and traveling, think again.

There are currently around 300 girl groups in South Korea that are barely able to sustain a living. Some of them are laboring day and night just to try and pay their phone bills. And others are unable to leave their dorms because they have no money for transportation, let alone money to spend on a small meal or cup of coffee with friends.

To be able to land a gig on television is the equivalent to winning a lottery for these young girls. The competition is fierce and from an objective standpoint, everything is about money.

Contracts and agreements between the agency and girl groups are also problematic. Agencies usually take 70% of total profit, leaving the remaining 30% to be divided amongst the group members. But it also gets worse. Each individual member would also have to deduct a large portion of their individual earnings to pay back the agency for the investment they received. Investment expenses include hair & makeup, promotion, outfits, and in some cases cosmetic surgery. If a girl group member made $3000 on a certain month, she would be left with around $70 after paying back her debt.

No. 48006

From here on out all racially charged discourse will get you permabanned from /m/. This includes the more "tame" race-related shit like >>47981

This thread has been one of the worst about it on the entire site since its inception, especially involving Koreans, so please keep that in mind.

/kpc/ 화이팅!

No. 48008

File: 1567741153335.gif (2.92 MB, 177x300, sunny.gif)

Why is SNSD so obsessed with plastic? I mean, why are they ruining their faces like that, is not like they're even in the spotlight anymore. Sunny's plastic face is melting and so is Taeyeon's.

No. 48009

sunny has always been ugly though tbh
a million times uglier than hyoyeon to me i never understood why people thought she was cute with her fake aegyo pedo bullshit

No. 48010

I hope she doesn't get insecure and get a bunch of work done to fuck up her face after seeing this. Not a fan of ITZY either but I do like the fact that her face is interesting.

No. 48011

File: 1567748508449.jpg (85.2 KB, 488x538, ww2.JPG)

So kpop stans have a new target, John Lennon's son.

A brief timeline of the stupidity
-Lennon's girlfriend wear some hipster t-shirt with a cover of the Clash album Pearl Harbor 79'. Said album has a very pointed anti-war theme that is represented using the Rising Sun flag as a symbol of the atrocities committed specifically in WW2
- Knetz attack her on social media
-Lennon steps in to defend his girlfriend's right to have bad taste in clothing, explain the Clash to a group of people who's music knowledge seemingly begins and ends with boys and girls with crappy hair and crappier vocals flailing around. In the initial post apologizes for the deeds of his ancestors and says "As a Japanese man nothing gives me more shame than the history of Japanese atrocities committed against Korea in WW2" (pic related)
- A number of western celebrities like the post as might be expected of a post defending The Clash.
-Knetz go apeshit and make everything worse. International kpop fans join the pile on without understanding what's going on.

There is a lot more and it's all stupid tbh, but tone particular comment was so ridiculous it has to be seen to be believed.

> "Seeing American pop stars press like on his post is making me think some of them were envious of BTS winning #1 on the Billboard."

Completely delusional

No. 48012

kpop fans claim that solji is the best singer in kpop, but her voice is so ugly to me. all of her and hyerin's parts in exid songs sound like they're straining their voices and it's just awful to listen to. also everything about hani feels forced from her role as the sexy member to her goofy personality. i don't get how they got popular at all.

No. 48013

How fucking embarrassing. They think this is Korean society where they can all jump on any particular person who said something they don't agree with. The inferiority complex reeks cause every time they turn it around and make it about others being jealous.
Just stick to bts and the rest your entrainment if you're going to be like that.(racebait)

No. 48015

My guess is Joy is SM's favourite so SM wants to push her as the actress instead, but >>47977 theory also makes sense. KrisLuTao are megastars in China now which they would never have been without SM

RV somehow became their flagship group after SNSD contract fiasco and Sulligate, but SM still could not give much of a fuck about them beyond shoving Irene into CFs and Joy into flop dramas.

This song is exactly the kind of music that's US radio-friendly, plus it's in English, so no surprise it's doing well. Armys are just mad that MX have gained some legitimate success that's not dependent on a manic-obsessive fandom push. Besides, MX's English pronunciation here is already tons better than BTS' ever will be

The power of old ugly dick! Still, I think it was Victoria not caring about the members that caused the split. She's much older than them and probably never got along with them well, so the first chance she got to take off to China she took it. Her goodbye video didn't even mention fx kek

No. 48016


Seulgi got some push last year and still lands variety gigs but the hype for her has calmed somewhat, probably after she overtook Joy in public recognition and SM didn't want that to happen. Joy probably has a more influential sponsor kek

Yeri went on Law of the Jungle but she happened to share most of her scenes with BI, so she suffered from his being edited out due to his drug scandal. Her entire show arc was cut short because of the castmembers' illegal hunting of endangered clams too iirc

No. 48017

File: 1567751516346.jpeg (69.58 KB, 1242x1229, 8B424829-9875-4B49-9AC3-0E50E1…)

Hani was so goddamn annoying when she blew up. Her fake quirkiness, bragging about her “high IQ”, and all those dumb faces she made…

No. 48018

oop that reply for was for >>48012

No. 48020

>If he was a female idol, wouldn't he be buried to death?
Yep, indeed. I remember that farmers said they wished one of bts got into a dating scandal, but it sadly seems like not even that would be enough to bring down their popularity a notch…

No. 48022

File: 1567753675087.jpg (147.51 KB, 1080x898, IMG_20190906_090436.jpg)

Why can't they be mad like normal fans/people? To them everything is always a huge conspiracy theory, the entire world supposedly being out there to get their innocent boy jimincel…
If you don't like that site or nb, then why go there?

No. 48023

File: 1567753901377.jpg (218 KB, 1080x986, IMG_20190906_091032.jpg)

And always threatening to sue…
The way they argue make ratmy sound like abusers.

No. 48024

I don't think she'll get ps done much since she's the designated seulgi of the group (i remember someone said they were modeled after rv).

No. 48025

Right, i forgot that joy and sulli are very similar in many ways kek. I dont get why they dont promote krystal much, is it because of her sister?

No. 48028

while I don't necessarily want any idol's career to be ruined by going to a nightclub, I hate this double standard between boy groups and girl groups. Fine if they don't want this to be a big deal, but then I think they should try to come and mediate similar girl group scandals as well.

No. 48029

her crying… did people find this charming?

No. 48033

File: 1567767757545.jpg (12.32 KB, 480x360, park_bom.jpg)

Do you think she regrets what she's done to her face? She was never the prettiest but she looked a damn lot better earlier in her career.

No. 48034

wow she used to look decent, unlike chungha who was fugly. but who cares, they both fucked up their faces at this point kek

No. 48037

Is it just me or did she fuck up her voice as well? She sounds unhealthy af in her latest release

No. 48038

John lennon's son is a piece of garbage just like he was so i'm fine with this

No. 48039

Yeah, she did.
She had to sing in a similar way to how Rose sings now, and it damages your voice in the long run
She also had frequent swollen lymph nodes that they used as a reason to lie about her ps

No. 48040

why is everyone stupid

No. 48044

I see. I never really paid attention but from what i read on the comments, yg taught her the wrong vocal technique just to make her sound more unique. It's a shame cause she's always had an interesting voice to begin with (compared to rosé's original voice). It's also eerie how much her face has changed.

No. 48045

File: 1567776566524.jpg (466.91 KB, 1280x1707, 1280px-190330_박봄_롯데백화점_잠실_팬싸인회…)

Her recent pic
She looks like she's wearing a mask

No. 48046

the thing i dont understand is how her face is filled with so many fillers and yet the lines around her nose and mouth are so prominent. arent fillers supposed to help with that or am i missing something here

No. 48047

Ikr? Everyone involved in this situation is retarded and wrong in a way. And that bts comment….whew the delusion

No. 48049

She gained a lot of weight but im not sure if it plays a role in altering the fillers of her face

No. 48050

he's also only haffu. most of us don't go apologizing for WWII usually. also ancestors is a little off the mark, more like grandparents.

No. 48052

that's photoshopped as hell and she still looks disgusting

No. 48053

Kpop fans saying Solji is the best singer in kpop isn't that far fetched, anon. Their standards are already fucked to begin with. They also think BTS can sing. But yeah, I'm pretty tired of Hani's forced retard antics too.

No. 48054

File: 1567782127240.jpeg (760.08 KB, 1242x1592, D4B9831A-C0F0-4EFB-98D6-12ECD4…)

Oh wow, so surprising

No. 48055

a haffu and a j nationalist with a history of being racist towards koreans

No. 48056

No. 48057

>the best singer
In her group probably since the rest of them sound like chipmunk. Also hani's and junghwa's voice are too similar, they're useless if not for their "visuals".

No. 48058

Because of all the fillers she has in her cheeks. They tend to inflate the area and make it saggier with time, which will only emphasize the lines around nose and mouth.

No. 48059

I wonder who though… $375k to $600k is a ridiculous amount. I'm too lazy to check who always got the 1st spot during that time (mblaq's active years). Big bang? Since he said "loud dance music". It must have been someone from a huge company for them to be able to pay off such large amount.

No. 48060

The funny thing is that the majority of people here acting like beauty pageant judges judging Chungha,Park Bom,Daehyun,Chaeyoung,Namjoon,Jhope,Hyuna,Sunny,Hyoyeon,JooE appearance aren't exactly good looking either. If you were the judges of your own appearance maybe you all wouldn't be so ugly. But all you are is miserable ugly overweight bitter cunts who judge idols (who look 1000x times better than you) to feel better about yourself and your insecurities instead of working on your own appearance.

No. 48061

File: 1567787797434.jpg (57.69 KB, 768x1024, 759c8d9ff6155808d2e2ec3111a365…)

lmao sure

No. 48062

hello 13 year old koreaboo go back to twitter please

No. 48065

I understand, if I looked like a pre-op tranny i would be bitter too. But don't take your anger out idols. Instead invest money into looking like decent humans.

No. 48066

More than half of these people if not all of them have ruined their faces with PS to the point their faces are starting to melt, we're just judging their bad life decisions, that's all.

No. 48067

Those same people were made fun of even before being ''surgery monsters'' also 99% of all idols have had plastic surgery. Nice try though.

No. 48070

I genuinely want to know why you feel like you have to defend these people.

No. 48071

I was with you up until "Namjoon, Jhope". They're two of the only idols brought up in here who are actually below average.

No. 48073

I agree. These threads have always been full of the hypocritical nitpicking and race baiting of idols' looks that >>46698 pointed out, but this behavior's gotten much worse over these recent threads.

Anyway, Calling Ratmon, J-Hope, Suga, and V by their real names is the biggest ARMY dog whistle. They're really the worst at pretending to be normies/K-pop fans not into BTS.

No. 48074

Aren't you reaching too much?

No. 48076

What about jimincel and utah? And naeyeon, chungha and park bom post-ps?

No. 48079

(Not that anon) Chungha and Bom used to be legitimately good-looking before they fucked up their faces imo. The other three were lost causes to begin with kek

No. 48080

Any opinions on latest CLC comeback? I actually like it to be honest. The rap part still sounds out of place, but it's a lot better than their latest two comebacks that had such a weird direction.

No. 48081

if you liked it why would you post it here instead of the general thread?

No. 48082

Well, because if people want to shit on it I don't care? I'm not a "stan". I'm not fangirling or something like that. I just said "I like it". It's a lot better than the shit they were coming out with before.

No. 48083

in 2009 debuting at 22 wasn't considered to be that old. she also looked a little younger >>48080
i'm suprised at how clc bounced back. they went from complete nugus for 3 straight years to having a sizable fandom. i thought cube would drop them considering how well gidle is doing

No. 48084

>bounced back
CLC ‘Devil’ 08PM KST Update:

#19 Bugs (-13)
#77 Soribada (NEW)
Out of top 100 on MelOn
Out of top 100 on Genie
Out of top 100 on Mnet
Out of top 100 on Naver
Out of top 100 on Flo

No. 48086

File: 1567797499485.jpg (82.34 KB, 540x900, 201909052122001110_2.jpg)

I just stated a fact. People who aren't fans of a certain group or idol won't go around using their real name(s) as if they're close to them.

Aside from that, I'm surprised this hasn't been shared yet: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/09/oh-my-girl-feels-wake-up-call-when-park.html

>Article: Oh My Girl shocked that Park Bom doesn't know their name, "We're going to focus hard, we want to be recognized for our talent"

Bom's lucky that she's still able to have a career in SK even though she sounds like a dying goat and has really mutilated her face beyond repair. It's kinda dumb that OMG has to be polite to her just because she's older than them.

No. 48087

File: 1567797715122.jpg (93.95 KB, 788x740, 1567797499485.jpg)

I kinda like it too aside from the obligatory rap verse. The instrumental does it a lot of favors, I'm sick of overproduced tracks.

lol this pic of her is killing me

No. 48088

this music video is so cheap wow. this sounds like a potential debut song for clc rather than a comeback they'd have in 2019. the outfits don't match the song at all either. this is embarrassing considering the quality of (g)i-dle songs and music videos. cube really doesn't give a fuck about them.

No. 48089

File: 1567798096244.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 4UwpsK2yGGw8OcmK.webm)

Also found this kek-worthy clip in the comments section with the caption:

>"I aspire to be as brave as blinks when they preach about vocals when videos like this are floating around everywhere"

No. 48090

i would probably like blackpink songs if it weren't for rose's annoying voice and lisa's cringey english raps. i don't mind jennie, jisoo or lisa when they're singing. they sound fine. it's just rose that sounds like a dying cat.

No. 48091

why the hell would she know who they are? she's in her 30s. omg is for 11 year old girls.

No. 48092

File: 1567800273330.jpg (69.26 KB, 768x1024, yt.jpg)

How did he think this was a good look in any way. That filter is crazy.

No. 48093

didnt omg debut when park had her scandal? she probably didn't pay attention to them since she had her own shit to deal with. not everyone will know them and they need to accept that

No. 48094

not a rosé fag but isn't that her doing vocal warm ups? it's not supposed to sound good it's just supposed to prep your vocal chords. the actually performance was shit tho.

No. 48106

Is that that huening kai kid? Jfc

No. 48108

Why do moms on Twitter embarrass themselves like this

Sorry I can't post a screen cap because I don't have Twitter but it is way more cringy when you see her whole account anyway

No. 48111


imagine your mother/wife pining over some kpop twinks

No. 48112

yikes. That man either has no self-respect or she sprung a baby trap on him

No. 48113


BP has already been busted for payola youtube ads so I'm assuming YG does this a lot. Love Scenario did not feel like an organic hit.

No. 48114

This doesn't even make sense, how would this even be possible. I thought chart manipulation meant the chart companies doing it, but if it's some third party doing it by "blocking traffic" what? It's nonsense. Asking as an IT nerd.

No. 48115

pathetic sexless hags love kpop boy groups

No. 48117

>to feel better about yourself and insecurities
Come on, it's not that deep. All those ugly idols are still richer than all of us combined, how does shitting on their appearance lift our own self-esteem? You're reaching

No. 48118

nta but… kek

No. 48119

I think rm is okay. His face just has attributes that aren't conventional by western beauty standards but is still fine objectively. jhope is indefensible though, that guy is really in the bottom 20%.

No. 48120

does anyone else think wonwoo from seventeen is just… ridiculously ugly? he seems sweet and all but carats keep calling him visual of the year when he’s one of their several visual holes

No. 48121

File: 1567817059973.jpg (70.67 KB, 500x673, 2019090693824.jpg)

Nayeon looks fine to normal people, she just has a weak profile. Jimin is ok without the circle lenses, Chungha is fine, Utah's face is rough but his body is ok. Park Bom post ps is scary though.

I disagree. He's objectively below average in nearly every way, his height is the only thing that makes him more attractive than Jhope.

No. 48122

they're the ones who decided to become celebrities. they're so desperate for attention and they get it, positive and negative.

No. 48123

His attributes aren't fine by any standards anywhere, ever, anon.

I had to google him and he's just absolutely average. Not attractive, but also nowhere near rat level of fug

No. 48124

no offense dude, even if you like him, objectively he wouldn't be considered attractive anywhere in the world, it's not just the west.

No. 48125

File: 1567818860290.jpg (37.99 KB, 479x643, 66f4fc9fe48793577da1d8db172d4a…)

if he wasn't taller than the others and didn't speak a good amount of english, it'd be plain to see

honestly 4/7 of bts are pretty ugly. jin and jungkook have moments where they look good, and taehyung is above average (but needs to stop fucking with his face). jimin's face looks like a potato smiley with weird contacts, j-hope looks like an asian grandma, and suga knows he's got tiny ass eyes and a wide face which is why he stays skinny to compensate

No. 48126

File: 1567819379030.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.93 KB, 1024x701, fb5f89a5b755acd3275604f02d64f4…)

Even utah is fine after the chin fillers went down and when he doesn't have all that heavy contour makeup on. Pic related is what I got when I googled for a makeup-less picture

No. 48127

Utahchan? I thought you disbanded and moved to idol spam

No. 48128

most of bts is fug and rat monsieur is probably the worst looking.

No. 48129

"Looks fine"? Um no, he looks like a 30 something asian mom

No. 48131

not an itzy stan in the slightest but i find her lowkey super pretty and her face is unusual for a industry full of plastic. i hope she doesnt fuck up her face

No. 48134

File: 1567827206698.png (736.82 KB, 540x960, BOM-park-bom-42703117-540-960.…)

>who look 1000x times better than you

you know what anon, you just made me realize that I was wrong this whole time. Why was I sitting here accepting the way I look instead of going and getting all the plastic surgery possible to look like a gangnam unnie? I won't be happy with myself until I have enough filler that I can't make normal facial expressions. Thank you so much for making me re-evaluate my beauty standards.

No. 48150

File: 1567835390617.jpg (31.93 KB, 333x455, Toshio_Saeki.jpg)

No. 48151

this is horrible OML

does any anon on here know how to do vocal analysis? I seriously wanna know wtf is up with rose's voice. everytime i search online it's people kissing her ass for her obviously shitty technique, calling it "style

No. 48152

I haven't kept up with this thread so I hope this hasn't been already posted but here's a video of Blackpink's stylist recreating Jennie's makeup, and basically saying Jennie found her makeup boring and wanted it to look more eye catching.

Something trivial but I find this interesting because stuff like that makes me realise that she really is that person that many think she is.

No. 48158

My heart is breaking for them uwu /s

Sorry but that's simply the price you pay for fame, the kardashians or other american celebs also can't just walk around unbothered like us normies. Plus he's not exactly hiding when he's basically dressed like on stage. Of course a young tourist decked out in Chanel and co. will stand out. Just throw on somebody khaki shorts and cheap sneakers lol, no need to wear super skinny jeans with heeled dress shoes or boots in summer in europe.

No. 48161

he isn’t even trying to hide himself from armies kek it’s almost like he wants to get caught by them

No. 48165

File: 1567847377691.jpg (135.49 KB, 717x615, ezgif-5-82a426cb86e4.jpg)

No. 48175

They’re all skinny

No. 48180

Not a professional, so don't take everything I say as truth and correct me if I'm wrong, but her singing comes completely from her throat, so there's no support (its usually better to use your stomach/whole body while you sing). Her voice tends to get airy because of her technique, which is a problem since that makes her live performances with the group sound really bad with a lot of cracks (ex. that shitty dddd mr removed). The airiness also stops her from being able to project well so she ends up yelling rather than just singing loud (ex. >>48089). When she gets into a higher register her voice gets nasally and baby-like (ex. as if it's your last on idol room). Also she can't pronounce her words (ex. "we all commit to luh" in ktl). Her vibrato is fast and shaky, with barely any control (ex. masked singer 'if its you' 1.10~1.17).

TLDR; Her voice has no support due to lack of technique, which makes her singing sound bad often. If she continues like this she'll end up like park bom, britney spears, etc., when she's older.

No. 48182

File: 1567861783234.jpg (127.39 KB, 1080x594, WinWin.jpg)

This motherfucker is ugly as hell. I always had a hard time taking nctfags seriously(.) when they shill him as ~le epitome of Chinese beauty standards~ but I don't know enough about Chinese beauty standards to know wether its true or not. He looks swarthy and haggard when he's not heavily shooped and even then he's average at best. The constantly chapped prolapse lips gross me out too.

I feel like he only has fans because of Chinese nationalism and sjws. If he was any other race he would be considered the most worthless nct member by a large margin.

No. 48185

>i don't mind jennie, jisoo or lisa when they're singing
jennie sounds like a hollering man, jisoo sounds like a hoarse goat and lisa isn’t even trying, all four of them are shit

No. 48192

I think he looks fine, his face is pleasant enough and symmetrical but he's not super handsome.
It's Lucas who I find repulsive. He looks like a tall 12 year old and he should get his ears clipped. His personality is terrible too. I really don't understand the nctfags obsession with him

No. 48193

am no nctfag so how is Lucas' personality terrible?

No. 48194

Agree to disagree then, I feel the opposite way. Ww looks like a incel adjacent creep to me and lc looks fine. Maybe it's because I'm not Asian.

No. 48195

He's a try hard, very loud and obnoxious and has a bit of a fuckboy persona. He's shilled as an 'entertainer' but he's just annoying. Fits the korean variety comedy style if you know what I mean

No. 48197

he acts sort of like jackson only he can't fully speak any of the languages he's attempting to communicate in. he's way more outgoing than any of the other nct members and that makes him come off as a bit of an attention whore.

No. 48199

I don't know how accurate this is, but I saw someone say that their mother knows ww's mom and she complains about how her son is cold to her and never visits her, even on his break. He only goes to see her once a year at most
>I feel like he only has fans because of Chinese nationalism and sjws. If he was any other race he would be considered the most worthless nct member by a large margin.
I've always thought this too

No. 48200

Rat monsieur lmao

Nayeon looks like chernobyl bunny for anyone that doesnt have a furry and/or pedo fetish

Kek but in paris is not uncommon at all to spot people fully in chanel especially asian tourists. LV, gucci, chanel etc are always packed with asians this time of the year. But yeah ia that he's not containing himself

No. 48202

Maybe his mom was an abusive turd and now that he's rich she wants that sweet pay. Tale as old as time.

Lucas a fucking dead weight bitch cant speak no language. They really added him to superM just because of his att whory variety personality. He really tries to be flirty with THAT face. Only femcels would fall for the death stare of this ugly motherfucker. Sorry for the rant but I'd rather they at least had someone with a hot bod like Jaehyun instead of this dumbo eared twink

No. 48203

Doubt it. Winwins parents are already rich, they paid for him to get into an esteemed dancing school and none of the nct members make a whole lot of money. You sound like a winwinfag (winwincel?) trying to get the spotlight off him tbh.

No. 48207

Thank you anon, you put everything I wanted to say into words lol
The kpop idol spam is always full of Lucas, pls anons get some better taste

No. 48209


as >>48203 said he most likely comes from an affluent family. his sister studying abroad could possibly support this claim.

No. 48212

Thanks so much anon for the reply and examples. Makes sense that Rose uses nothing else but her throat to sing, all she listens too is shitty American pop singers, who still implement more techniques then her.

No. 48214

he looks like an unwashed mexican twink

No. 48217

i know this is going to make me sound like a stan but i'm actually curious about this. why do people in this thread hate nct so much and why do people in general thread love nct so much? i understand why bts and blackpink get shit on so much. they're the two most popular kpop groups in the west. but nct are literal nobodies both in the west and in korea so why is lolcow obsessed with them? lol

No. 48218

I think it's cause of that one yuta stan that sperged in some previous threads? So it became sort of an inside joke to shit on yuta and nct.
Or maybe cause they're one of the stan twitter faves and they're annoying as shit
Idk I'm not sure. I actually enjoy like two of their songs but I keep my mouth shut about it

No. 48219

they're literal nugus and don't deserve anyone talking about them

No. 48220

The yuta sperg came after nctfags had already started flocking to lolcow. Who knows why they came here in the first place. I think anons started posting about nct in here to piss them off and Id imagine some of the ones who still post about them are nct akgaes.

No. 48222

My guess is, that the bands who get shit on the most are those with the most annoying fandom and not really the most popular ones.

No. 48228

>using music charts as a barometer of success after it was just confirmed for the hundredth time that they're all rigged

Not even a clcfag but please use your brain. Also I'm pretty sure that anon was talking about their previous comebacks - clearly they were popular enough to net another comeback instead of quietly being shoved into a corner until their contracts expire like most other nugu groups.

No. 48241

Looks like all the crazy exo-l fans moved on and went on to become nct fans. Nctfags might be the most toxic fandom, you cant say one bad thing about their group without them getting butthurt and attacking you in hordes. Ive noticed that this thread is compromised of nctfags who will say the most disgusting vile things about other groups here but the moment you say something critical about nct they try to silence you. If you can say nasty shit about other groups yet cant handle when people say the same about yours then please fuck off the critical thread.

No. 48247

really? most crazy exols are grown up (21+) or were fans of the chinese members. most exols hate nct from what i've seen. but i agree, they will say the nastiest, most unnecessary shit about other idols but will have a stroke if it's done to their boy

No. 48253

exo-ls are still crazy they proved that when this superm shit started. they talk about exo as if they're being mistreated when they literally get the best from sm and are super rich. they act like exo is some god tier boy group and i hate it. nct is shit and their fans are all annoying solo stans, but at least they have nothing to brag about.

No. 48256