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File: 1715456327365.png (1.11 MB, 1289x598, Untitled.png)

No. 379810

Shitshow edition

Previous thread >>374337

No. 379835

So they banned Joost from performing only because he was too vocal about his anti-war views. What a shame really.

No. 379862

Latvia has the lamest song of the entire event fight me

No. 379864

Yes the Austrian commentator said the same

No. 379866

Why did you have to put the ugly estonian moids as the thread pic, we're going to be stuck with this for another year

No. 379870


Join us to watch Eurovision if anyone here hasn't yet, it's super fun!

No. 379875

The UK sings a fujo hymn kek

No. 379885

Norway this year slaps, I hope they are in the first 3

No. 379889

Thank god Italy changed their outfits, their semi performance was a fashion travesty

No. 379891

Soooo much better. I liked the ones from the semi but they kinda disappeared on the stage

No. 379892

She already wore a black costume during that flag presentation earlier and together with the Italian flag behind her it looked like the Palistinian flag with the colors. There some cool photos of that on twitter. Not sure if coincidence but probably not lol

No. 379894

The Serbian one has such a pretty voice

No. 379900

No way he's naked

No. 379901

So the artist is windows95man but the other guy does 95% of the singing?

No. 379902

No he is wearing skin colour underwear

No. 379903

Finns are hilarious

No. 379904

File: 1715459605030.jpg (451.82 KB, 1080x1248, 47.jpg)

I hate 4chan but this made me wheeze so hard nonnies.

No. 379906

I think he is wearing a thong…

No. 379907

Holy kek, that's great

No. 379909

Kek, he did feel weirdly out of place.

No. 379910


No. 379912

What board is the thread from? i wanna see replies kek

No. 379913

KEK. I saw someone call him gay Lex Luthor.

No. 379914

I saw a Russian comment on youtube "Meister Proper"

No. 379915

Supposedly this guy is pretty popular in his home country which makes it even funnier imo

No. 379917

No. 379919

They were supposed to get another singer but couldn't find one that hit the notes like the co-writer did so he ended up singing the song himself. They weren't aiming to win the national finals at all and when they were announced as the winners the singer's face was pure terror kek

No. 379920

Armenian girl is so cute and fun I love her energy

Yes, Dons is one of the most popular artists in Latvia rn

No. 379921

Omg kekkkk

No. 379922

I love folk costumes too. I also like crazy shit like vikings or demons, but if it's not crazy I prefer traditional outfits.

No. 379926

That's funny, do you have a video of that maybe?

No. 379931

/int/ but trigger warning coomer gross moids there

No. 379932

Why are the threads so slow since it started, is everybody shitposting on youtube or watching this with other people?

No. 379934

Watching this with my family rn, I'll complain about the results with nonnas later

No. 379935

Anons are talking in the cytube stream

No. 379936

The link is upthread.. there's 80 anons chatting in the movieroom

No. 379937

Austrian girl sounded much better than during the semi

No. 379939

I want her to win so bad. It would be a positive turn of events

No. 379941

The cytube stream has 90 people in it now

No. 379943

Wtf with the ABBA 3D graphics kek

No. 379944

Oh yeah I am too lazy to make an account so I ignored that lol

No. 379945

I always considered Waterloo one of the less interesting songs of Abba kek

No. 379946

You don't have to make an account, you just type in a random name if you want to chat.

No. 379947

Never got the hype for that particular song. Was it just really good for the time or something?

No. 379948

A little bit sad that Latvia's entry was better in the second semi-final than the actual final. Had more emotion and his mic doing that weird thing at the end added to it.

No. 379950

I actually noticed that most songs were like that. Most of the singers looked drained or disappointed. I mean makes sense after all this stress and what happened they lost their spirit. And the voting will be rigged so.

No. 379951

Who do we think will win? I think Croatia.

No. 379953

Holy shit it wasn't me
I felt like a lot of songs were worse and wondered if it was the stream since I used a different one this time? I even imagined that there were some mistakes in some songs. Even Croatia and Austria felt better in the semis despite their strong performances.
The only song that came off as better was Ireland lol maybe because it's fueled by anger lmao
I legit don't know if I am hallucinating.

No. 379954

I'll take anyone who isn't Ukraine or Israel. But if it isn't Israel because of political voting then Croatia will take it I think.

No. 379955

No way. Austria's vocals were much better. Estonia too. Norway was a bit worse in the verses.

No. 379956

Yeah maybe it was me. Probably doesn't help that I bought Croatia's and Austria's song and was listening to the ultimate ultra HQ versions of it.

No. 379959

Damn that booing was intense just now

No. 379961

It was really intense kek

No. 379963


No. 379964

Where are the jury points for Norway? Slovenia? They had such impressive vocals!

No. 379965

I dont want the ugly enby to win

No. 379966

It's a crime that Norway has no points yet!

No. 379967

It will probably be Switzerland vs Croatia in the end. Same shit as the last year - jury vs televotes

No. 379968

Does anyone know what the voting order of the juries is?

No. 379969

I'm so surprised Norway has no points yet for real

No. 379970

For real. The singer pulls off some impressive vocal techniques, but the juries love ignoring alternative entries.

No. 379971

I don't get it, Switzerland song really wasn't that good imo

No. 379972

Gonna say it here too, they can't make Israel win so they're going for the faggot now
Croatia, Norway or Finland are the true winnders

No. 379973

Holy shit the booing is so loud

No. 379975

>Estonia: 0

No. 379976

Israel is only at 3 points despite being a well sung song is interesting… do you think the juries are not voting for her on purpose because of anti-Israel sentiments? (good)

No. 379978

Hopefully. I hope the retarded viewer votes won't disappoint.

No. 379979

I'm starting to lose hope for Croatia!

No. 379980

File: 1715465266191.jpg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoilhatday-3-1.jpg)

how much do you bet they're atempting to appease the gendies with these jury votes over the whole Israel thing?

No. 379981

I don’t understand how can juries vote for Ireland and not Norway. They are both alt but Norway has a lot better vocals and song. Smh

No. 379982

EBU has not posted portugals final performance on youtube because of her "peace will prevail" comment and nail art

No. 379983

She was too based to survive

No. 379984

Finland having more points than Lithuania and the UK is funny

No. 379986

Don’t (yet), Maneskin had the same situation (they also competed with Switzerland lol)
I think it is genuine in Switzerland’s case, he does have good vocals after all

No. 379987

I don't get the jury's fascintion with Switzerland. Slovenia did operatic vocals too, Norway did impressive shit too.

No. 379988

Lmaoooo Greece's face just now when she got 12 points, she was like: Huh, what? lmao

No. 379989

I don't understand why, they were very fun, much better then Greece

No. 379990

Went and listened to it because of your post. That guy can't sing for shit. He sounds like a tif with all the voice breaks kek. And the guys were so ugly. But if it's this easy to impress people on that show with such low effort performances, I'd be an international pop star in no time if I ever get into the music industry. Gotta movd to Germany or Italy or something to represent them and participate kek.

No. 379991

Yeah he's a weak singer, and they tried to promote and push him so hard too.

No. 379992

Is the Dutch jury voting tonight despite having been kicked out?

No. 379993

Never mind, the booing was very audible again during the points from the Dutch jury.

No. 379994

They refused to announce I guess

No. 379995

No. 379996

File: 1715466030421.png (106.39 KB, 386x246, fortnite.png)

I thought his shirt said "FORTNITE" at first.

No. 379997

iirc they refused to give their points so the ebu decided for them

No. 379998


No. 379999


No. 380000

4 points yaaay

No. 380001

I didn't mind swiss winning in the semi finals, until he came to the finals with that gendie flag

No. 380002

holy damn rare estonianonna greetings from finland you guys rule

No. 380003

Norway does not deserve to be bottom 3 with the juries and ESPECIALLY not below fucking UK holy shit, fuck the juries

He's an enby in case you didn't know that's what the whole song is about

No. 380007

I don't understand how Italy is so up high what the hell

No. 380008

At least he makes a good rival to Israel

No. 380009

But why Switzerland alone? There were other gendies. There must be more to it.

No. 380010

We bottom sisters ilu from Finland

No. 380011

He sings well, they care about vocals

No. 380012

Well I didn't. I don't understand what the German song is about either I am too autistic to understand poetry and hints I prefer clear themes like the lyrics of the Croatian or Austrian song.

No. 380013

Idc about the lyrics, it's eurovision, it's the symbolic thing of instead of carrying the flag of your country you're representing, you're carrying a flag that represents mentally ill weirdos on twitter, do you think swiss people feel represented seeing a flag made by a 16 old on tumblr in 2014?

No. 380015

The German song was supposedly about his ADHD but it sounded like an AI generated radio song to me

No. 380016

every time the jury delegates sing the swiss song it sounds like they're doing 'man I feel like a woman'

No. 380017

Is it known what exactly they judge on? Because entries like Georgia, Slovenia, Norway, Germany, Latvia had pretty good vocals for as far as I could tell too so idk.

No. 380019


No. 380020

On whatever will piss off eurovision fans the most it seems

No. 380021


No. 380022


No. 380023


No. 380024

the swiss moid won jury votes? the gendie psyop is that bad huh

No. 380026

It looks like the vast majority of televotes went to very few countries. All countries so far have been getting sooooo few points. Wonder what Israel will get.

No. 380027


No. 380028


No. 380029

0 points for the UK lmao. Didn't like it that much but undeserved honestly.

No. 380030


No. 380031

Israel… What a fucking joke

No. 380032

That shit is absolutely rigged

No. 380033

Thanks for fixing the contest again with the jury vote, EBC. I mean it unironically this time.

No. 380034

Why are you sperging about gendie conspiracies, the Switzerland performance and song were pure eurovision winner bait and he was a superb singer troonery or not

No. 380035


How many points are left? There's a max. amount of possible points right?

No. 380036


No. 380037

Did you see the look on the hosts' faces when they were announcing Israel's points? Very telling.

No. 380039


No. 380040

What was the look?

No. 380041

File: 1715467506055.jpg (64.47 KB, 827x478, baby-lasagna.jpg)


No. 380042

No. 380043

Israel officially ranked lower than they did last year btw

No. 380045


No. 380046

Kinda disappointed. Nemo winning is lame. Croatia's song was cooler and doesn't do gendie shit.

No. 380047

not watching this shit ever again

No. 380048

File: 1715467704948.jpg (138.46 KB, 1100x580, baby-lasagna-eurovision-rim-ti…)


No. 380049

he's just the most bland moid songer imaginable with those generic high pitched straggot vocals and retarded lyrics about being so unique uwu. indistinguishable from a million other mainstream hits. his only shitck is the enby flag
and yeah the media is pushing gendie shit especially if they're moids.
im happy for ukraine they rly deserved points

No. 380050

I feel bad for Croatia, you were soooo close! Sorry Croatian nonny!

No. 380051

Croatia was truly this year's kaarija

No. 380052

Lol people in the arena don’t look happy

No. 380053

is it over? did the qt lithuanian get anything?

No. 380054

It's not that I dislike Swiss' song but the stage was kinda meh and empty, sorry.

No. 380055

He ranked 14th so not bad at all!

No. 380056

what a fucking shitshow kek

No. 380057

tl;dr fuck tranny moids, jury robbed croatia and norway

No. 380058


No. 380059

of course the they/them moid won

No. 380060

i literally have no words. like this came completely out of left field for me. hopefully tomorrow i will wake up and it will turn out we accidentally tuned into the jury rehearsal and the real grand final is some other day KEK what in the fuck just happened i sincerely just can't believe it

No. 380061

File: 1715467956177.png (432.01 KB, 600x984, 05572612ff40ad6b338c348b343a3c…)

nonnies, it's not even worth watching the finals anymore. jury will pick the country they want to host and push it so that even fav favourites can't turn results around

im so tired

No. 380062


No. 380063

Gendievision, Netherlands should start an eurovision spinoff

No. 380064

File: 1715468013005.png (155.17 KB, 1260x304, winner.png)


No. 380065

i have personal beef with the swiss and every they/them moid now i'm going to start beating them up on the streets

No. 380066

someone post a screencap pls

No. 380067


No. 380068

Are the Brits going to accuse the mainlanders of hating them over Brexit again cuz they got 0 televote points when they sent someone famous-ish?

No. 380069

i really don't like this new trend of juries pointmaxxing one chosen country for a guaranteed win
televoting doesn't matter anymore at this point

No. 380070

rigged and cringe.

No. 380071

croatian nonnies, we need to send krankšvester in agp gear with pronouns pins next year, guaranteed win

No. 380072

Croatia had better staging, they deserved the win. Switzerland gendie moid was good so I don't mind, whatever. I'm just glad it's not Israel or Ireland with her tranny pandering.

No. 380073

HE BROKE IT (not the code)

No. 380074

so many countries robbed, both from juries and televote…

No. 380075

On a second listen Switzerland's song really isn't that bad. I feel genuinely bad for Norway, I liked their song and they looked so sad seeing they're public vote.

No. 380076


No. 380077

At this point the lack of televote points is a running joke rather than a reason to get angry.
Maybe next year's ESC will be an even bigger shitshow and everyone will be grateful that Switzerland has to deal with it.

No. 380078


No. 380079

>he's just the most bland moid songer imaginable with those generic high pitched straggot vocals and retarded lyrics about being so unique uwu.
yeah like I said eurovision winnerbait, why are people so surprised lmao

No. 380080

Yeah, so okay the song wasn't bad, but you can't say that both Ireland and Switzerland ranking so high with jury and public has nothing to do with being genderspecials.
They've been parading the flags at any possible ocasion.

No. 380081

I hope he is okay now…

No. 380082

Yeah I'm kinda sick of juries getting to choose the winner when someone else was the obvious favourite all season.

No. 380083

Wonder how many countries will drop out for 2025 because Switzerland is insanely expensive.

No. 380084

File: 1715468480083.png (1007.84 KB, 964x558, not pleased.PNG)

No. 380085

You just know that if a moid performed Norway's song, it would've gotten a different placement.

No. 380086

>Maybe next year's ESC will be an even bigger shitshow and everyone will be grateful that Switzerland has to deal with it.
good point. in hindsight, it's good finland didn't win last year

No. 380087

Ireland's act was unique and extremely well-executed. It was going to get a lot of televotes regardless.

No. 380088

Agree, like others said what's even the point then? They basically chose the winner.

No. 380089

drkam, drkam, plačem…

No. 380090

The upskirt thirsting really emphasized the skirt go spinny

No. 380091

I don't know, a lot of families watch the contest, and what I heard around me is that it was awful and they hated it.

No. 380092

I would'vé normally agreed… and I certainly think that's what happend back when that drag queen won.. but Ireland was insanely unique and well-performed, basically a short film.

No. 380093

Well thats a wrap. I hate faggots. Bye

No. 380094

Okay, but I think only country/region flags should be allowed. It makes no sense when the swiss one was parading the non-binary flag like it represents a whole nation but the swiss flag was in his back barely even seen.

No. 380095

fuck troonovision. there were so many good entries that could have won instead of the swiss scrotoid and his NLOB anthem slop. croatia was definitely robbed

No. 380096

Fuck the juries, fuck EBU, fuck Israel, fuck the gendie shit and justice for Joost.

No. 380097

I thought Ireland's performance and vocals were amazing in the semifinals and didn't learn that she was a genderspecial until today. It's not that deep.

No. 380098

The fact that the act pulled in so many votes despite the sacrilegious imagery and dark themes is a testament to how well it was pulled off.

No. 380099

We should handle this like fans of tv series that ignore the canon once it turns to shit. In this AU Croatia won. Cha cha cha also won and Moldova won in 2022.

No. 380100

For real, I agree.

No. 380101

so sorry croatianons. you are the winners in my heart

No. 380102

Croatia was robbed. NB isn’t real, nobody is too special to be a man or woman. Ugh.

No. 380104

god i hate faggots, can't wait for more countries to drop out

No. 380105

Maybe you didn't see her showing the trans and rainbow flags to the cameras the other day or her trans-flag colored bikini thing, but many others did. Plus some comentators kept repeating it.

No. 380106

Switzerland guy broke the ESC trophy lel

No. 380107

oh again? didn't someone break it before? the fairy tale guy I think?

No. 380108

File: 1715469316291.png (237.81 KB, 584x493, изображение_2024-05-12_0214410…)

kek he broke his trophy during performance. there was even a sound of broken glass

No. 380109

File: 1715469382279.jpeg (187.08 KB, 828x828, IMG_3741.jpeg)

"somewhere between the 0s and the 1s"
always the same trite "unu im so special andoutsode the norm" coy shit. i hate enbyshits so much it's unreal

No. 380110

yeah like the fuck? it's not possible every jury just randomly happend to have the exact same fucking taste… and it just magically happend to be the gendie who makes the contest look the most "inclusive" out of all songs huh

No. 380111

I don't think I met more than two religious Christians in my 30yo long life so most people I know considered this cool, the ones that disliked it hated it for the black metallike content.
If I have to choose between Ireland and Switzerland I honestly choose the lesser evil and wish it was Ireland winning. Switzerland's song doesn't do anything interesting or daring, the costume is lame, the message is lame.

No. 380112

Ew what?? I mean I expected that but still ew. Could someone bring some milk on that?

No. 380113

No. 380114


No. 380115

I'm getting tired of the juries pooling the points towards a select 2-3 countries and thereby deciding who wins.

No. 380116

c'mon now

No. 380117

>"i went to hell and back"
Boy you put on a fucking skirt, it ain't that deep.

No. 380118

No. 380119

>it's not possible every jury just randomly happend to have the exact same fucking taste…
Yeah no way this isn't rigged I am aware for this for years. Even if they tried to vote the most neutral song or most by the numbers shit in they would vote differently since everybody considers something else the most generic one. This is 100% discussed before they vote I refuse to believe anything else.

It's especially sus when the contest has a similar song that gets 0 points while the other one gets all of them. If it was natural they would like that too like how metal fans would give at least some of the points to a metal song if an event had two of them.

I swear to god there is more behind it. 2022 it was UA because of the war. Then Sweden because of 40 years of Abba. Wonder what it's this time.
There is always a reason that isn't related to the actual song.

No. 380120

I watched the esc with a bunch of edgy metal heads and NOBODY liked irelands song. There was even a gendie there and he didn't like it either

No. 380121

>winner's song has 7.5 million streams on Spotify
>Europapa 49 million
I guess there was a winner after all this mess

No. 380122

wasn't even going to watch the grand final but i went in anyway just to watch the shitshow and… kek i'm just so disillusioned by everything the only thing i can do is laugh. wonder what joost is up to now, and what his bizarre story means kek but for real i'd be heartbroken and seething in his place i'd have to take a break from the internet and the outside world entirely. really hope he has the support he needs

No. 380123

I just think people need to stop watching eurovision, hurt them where it really hurts, in their wallets

No. 380124

we should be allowed to have a terf flag then, it's also about gender at the core and it's pro the "gender" of women

No. 380125

Europapa might've won if it was televote only.

No. 380126

everyone is just watching for the drama though, not to hear the song because they liked it

No. 380127

>Then Sweden because of 40 years of Abba.
Just to show creepy AI holograms in the end kek

No. 380128

Could be just money this time. Theres no way Croatia could host Eurovision well, speaking as a croatian.

No. 380129

This stuff always sounds to me like it was just people who don't want to be labeled. But nobody wants that. Or nobody normal at least. And ironically enby is a label again.

Like what do they expect normal people to feel regarding gender? I know I am a woman but I don't "feel" woman..ish. I just feel like myself and have a female body. I don't get how exactly they believe a woman or man should feel like that makes them so different from them.
Preferring specific clothes and having hobbies isn't related. Clothes aren't natural so women aren't programmed to wear pink or something. And liking tech stuff doesn't mean you must be male.

No. 380130

File: 1715469957881.png (21.53 KB, 300x230, Buddy_christ.png)

God confirmed for being a baby lasagna fan

No. 380131

File: 1715469968724.png (1.18 MB, 1536x856, 1715467502675160.png)

the swiss song had a nice beat that was completely ruined by the snowflakeiness of it all
pictured: the absolute state of europe, Croatia was robbed

No. 380132

What's the conspiracy around Germany getting more than 5 points?

No. 380133

What about Italy, why so many points for them?

No. 380134

I don't think it's rigged in the sense that it's paid off and they're told what to vote for - but that they make sure to only choose people whose taste they know align exactly with what they want, and then they nudge them in that direction. Like saying "oh isn't ESC wonderful because EVERY GENDER can win? This ENBY is competing this year, imagine if he was the first ENBY to win… people who voted for him would look so good in hisotry to have supported hi- er THEM!"

No. 380135

massive tinfoil but i fully believe many people behind the scenes (including in the juries) have a bias against eastern europe/balkans. it's not as visible in the public vote, but i've seen so so many eastern and balkan entries get dismissed as jokes or boring, while similar songs from the west (especially if they pander to the queerios) get hyped to hell and back. i don't care if i sound like a crackhead but there's just something in my gut telling me this.

No. 380136

He was constantly flashing his shorts anon also in the green room he sat with his legs opened. Probably bait for the gay moids and it worked

No. 380137

Nah you are definitely onto something and I'm not even from the Balkans it's weird they bring so many bops that go unnoticed and even get sabotaged by jury vote

No. 380138

Didn't HRT say they wanted to?

Idk if a country at war can host Eurovision then so should Croatia right? Not every contest doesn't have to be at Sweden's level

No. 380139

Dude has a Hebrew forename lel
No really it's probably just that he's overweighted and singing about ADHD I heard? I couldn't decipher the meaning of the lyrics. ADHD would make sense but it's absolutely not something I would have ever come up with reading the lyrics and I am an ADHD loser as well.

No. 380140

>>380111 Yeah, I heard non-religious people saying that this was just noise.

No. 380141

Lmao ikr why that 2010 ass radio song, that did NOT deserve to go to the left side.

No. 380142

It's not a tinfoil, it's been pretty much proven to be real bias against Eastern Europe. Wish I could find the video that someone made on this exact topic but I can't at the moment, does anyone know which one I'm talking about?

No. 380144

>Then Sweden because of 40 years of Abba.
Can y'all shut up about the abba thing yet? Abba didn't even fucking show up, they never planned to from the start which they had been saying since day 1
the jury is still retarded without the abba conspiracy theory

No. 380145

No you are right I bitched about this ages ago already when I was a teen.
The jury almost always favors central Euro countries and Sweden. ALWAYS. It's suspicious as fuck. Usually Finland, Estonia and such are completely ignored too like the Balkan countries.
Maybe it's the fucking payment lol

No. 380147

good, didn't deserve it.

No. 380148

My suspicion is that jury doesn't just care about the vocals, they also care about marketability/radio-friendly shit, that's why excellent vocals like Norway and Slovenia get skipped over.

No. 380149

Useless moid lmao

No. 380150

This rings a bell, you're right. In that case I'm seething extra hard. Really sucks the jury has robbed the actual winner again. I dont even know what the point of the jury is.

I don't want to fall into our classic Balkan victim mentality but there's probably a bit of prejudice thrown in. But judging by the great televotes I don't think it's significant among the masses - it's more of a jury issue and whatever politics that lead towards their decision.

No. 380152

I don't think it's the case or we wouldn't hear the end of every winning song every year on the radio and tv, I think in this case at least was 100% politics and tranny psyop

No. 380153

Yeah it's almost always
1. a song from central euro countries (not Slavs etc.)
2. no political message
3. "radio-friendly" shit aka not too unique
4. no metal, hardrock or folk allowed

No. 380154

Watched the final here in Switzerland and everyone was fucking mad as well we won. The scrotoid didn't deserve it for a second and his song was mid as fuck. It wasn't a fair win and we're all thinking it's because Switzerland is historically a "neutral" political pick so it was the jury alternative to voting for Israel. Jury voting for Croatia was never going to happen due to jury xenophobia against Eastern European countries anyway.

No. 380155

I'm so pissed for Norway. It's not fair, the song is amazing and my top 5 for sure. And WE WILL RAVE, i've been listening to it on repeat. Most of the songs on the left shouldn't even be in the final. Like Portugal, France, Sweden, GERMANY, ISRAEL ffs. It's just not that good and I'm pissed again! Im going to keep on listening to my Norway, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Czhechia, Slovenia and NETHERLANDS. Total women and funny moids supremacy and no nonbinary shenanigans

No. 380156

This one nonnie?

No. 380159

Yes that one! Bless you nona. It really helped me put some pieces together.

No. 380160

ugh, seeing conchita's bratwurst face ignites a rage inside me i can't describe
that was the year i realized how rigged everything is

No. 380161

File: 1715471042791.jpg (135.33 KB, 1920x1080, 1536367943452.jpg)

i hope nemo's seething rn at all the misgendering he's getting after the win, especially at ppl that mean well

No. 380162

He is? Based kek

No. 380163

the only good thing was the controversy it caused when it was revealed poland won by a landslide in the public vote that year
and thats why eurovision now splits jury from public

No. 380164

this really shows that all a mediocre moid has to do is put in a skirt to get praised to high heaven . males really play life on easy mode.
ikr it's so trite. meanwhile ppl like croatia and netherlands actually put some meaning behind their songs (and they're bangers too. ) but trite navelgazing bullshit is trendy right now, especially with a troon flag slapped on.

No. 380165

My gendie swiss friends are already seething about it, kek. Newspapers are already "misgendering" him by not calling him the french equivalent of a thembie.

No. 380166

Yeah I am mad like it's people pretending to be progressive but they don't like the guy that sings about freedom in an Europe without inner borders and they don't like the guy that sings about the pains immigration brings?
Let's face it Croatia never had a chance for being Slavic. Jury hates Slavs. But I wonder if Joost would have won if he was non-binary or something.

No. 380167

I honestly can't stop listening to LasagnaMan, this song is a fucking BANGER.
and the song actually has a meaning
also kek I find it so ironic how the most eurocore song of them all (joost) was disqualified, they knew they stood no fucking chance against that and Croatia both in the final and they couldn't bullshit their retarded faggot into a win

No. 380168

Possible unpopular opinion: Italy had the best song this year

No. 380169

i mean check the yt comments
also doubt the average eurovision viewer will remember his speshul identity even if they liked the song
that's good hahaha

No. 380170

I am listening to Europapa, Rim Tim Tigi Dim and Let's Rave almost nonstop for days now.

No. 380171

based nonna, at least I found some great songs from this dumpsterfire

No. 380172

How does they/them shit work in languages that don't have a gender neutral pronoun for people anyway? My language doesn't and I'm not enough into gender shit or aroun gendies to know how they handle it here.

No. 380173

Based and true.

No. 380176

Trannyjury figured out how to rig the system against the public vote, it's joever. This is going to be the state of Eurovision for the next years to come. Even historic landslide public votes aren't enough to face against this jury collusion anymore. Democracy in Europe is dead. Fuck the xenophobic, racist, money-grubbing shitlicking EBU.

No. 380177

jury shouldn't exist

No. 380178

File: 1715471753400.jpg (25.77 KB, 626x101, 377616.JPG)

FUCK this explains everything

No. 380179

It doesn't. For french it's about combining the male "il" and female "elle" pronoun into an abomination called "iel". But that's fucking unreadable so no newspaper uses it and just calls him "il", to the great seethe of swiss french gendies.

No. 380181

File: 1715471858580.webp (131.16 KB, 1920x1199, IMG_8599.webp)

Nonnies how are you feeling about the Joost situation now that ESC is over ?

No. 380182

No not FUCK because the Eastern countries kept block voting, that's why we saw so many Eastern European winners in the 00s. Not that I agree with the current system either but no juries isn't great either.

No. 380183

Not possible in German either. They have to resort to "xir" shit for that but neologisms like that aren't a good idea.
I am not sure why it even matters to these people. If you don't care about gender why wouldn't you be fine with both pronouns?

No. 380184

I hope NL backs out next year to make a statement.

Joost was DQed because he broke the rules but EBU literally officially admitted to several delegations that the Israelian delegation did too but did nothing about it.

No. 380185

No this is stupid, they "block voted" because they had a similar music taste. Balkans just like folk for example and since central euro countries despise it they vote each other.

But even if you ignore the reason it's fucking dumb. "Let's skew the rankings in favor of central Euro countries to cancel out any advantage Slavic countries might maybe have" is just turning it into another form of injustice.

If would always vote for each other why does Serbia has so few votes? And why did the west also vote Croatia? It's about quality.

No. 380186

Fuck, in Spain enbytards use "elle"… You are so lucky, germans and frenchies…

No. 380187

Even so, winners back then were more genuine in my opinion and despite block voting, the favourite song came out on top.

No. 380188

The enby stuff sounds dumber to me than the trans stuff.
At least trans shit means that someone somehow relates to the other gender. Why would an enby give a shit about pronouns if they are neutral towards genders anyway? It sounds so stupid to me.

I always thought they used the he/she pronoun and were fine with both. Why a third one what's the point?

No. 380189

utter bullshit as >>380184 said, isreal broke rules and nothing happens, the ebu let an act perform befor that did the same think as joost, and even let some who have done worse still perform

No. 380190

The jury doesn't even things out the dump all of their points to one chosen country to the point at which they have so many votes that the audience needs to give someone else like 400 points AND the jury winner basically 0.

No. 380191

Croatia was fucking robbed. Absolutely fucking rigged. Only bright side is we got some banger songs out of this travesty. Totally embarrassing.

No. 380192

Block voting was literally a meme made up by salty Eurovision influencers back then who were mad their songs were losing to genuinely good Eastern European ones. Everyone was seething so fucking hard at Lordi winning because they considered it a "joke entry", the lead singer of the band to this day seethes about it because he felt the genuine effort with vocals that he put into it went underappreciated by the press calling it such. And when Molitva won the following year an Eastern European butch lesbian made everyone so fucking angry they restructured the entire qualification and voting process.

No. 380193

File: 1715472537938.jpeg (354.92 KB, 819x1081, IMG_3755.jpeg)

the AFP (french press agency) dispatch is going out of its way to avoid using pronouns bc "iel" is grammatically unusable lmao

No. 380194

I voted for Croatia, dear Croatian nonas, I tried, I feel like we all failed you.

Not how you spell "boring and forgettable", lol.

It doesn't. The commentator of my country tried to use plural "they" for the moidlet, and it sounded ridiculously awkward.

No. 380195

Yeah the German press always bitched about that and I never once witnessed it. They also kept claiming that everybody was mean to Germany and not voting them on purpose when we actually had songs in the past that almost won because they weren't SHIT.

I swear the more war crimes a country commits the more of a whiny pussy they become that constantly believes that everybody around them was a mean bully because they don't get praised for existing.

No. 380196

i think its more the fact germany throws its weight around in the eu and it makes them extremely unpopular as they fuck things up for the other countries sometimes

No. 380197

File: 1715472869677.png (18.71 KB, 542x352, public vote.png)

this is rediculous

No. 380198

kek at Israel giving 12 points to the Israeli born representative of Luxembourg

No. 380200

>Everyone was seething so fucking hard at Lordi winning because they considered it a "joke entry"
Same here I makes me so mad because this shit is so fucking disrespectful wtf
I ragequit the stream I was watching earlier because the moderator called every fucking eastern song (save for Israel of course) "political", talked about Serbia being bad for invading countries during their performance (wtf?) and talked about Armenia.. existing as political.

Fuck these people. I am neither a slav nor from an eastern country but this such a racist horrible behavior, same with calling every metal song a joke just because someone doesn't lick the boots of the establishment or looks like it. Holy shit.

I remember them hating on Maneskin too.

No. 380201

File: 1715472980387.png (211.82 KB, 995x835, money.png)

how much money did isreal waste trying to win this

No. 380206

Very based guy who will go down as a legend in ESC history but he was done so wrong and I wish we could have seen him perform on the Grand Final.

No. 380207

Okay so let's not call it block voting, then it's still a matter of whoever has the largest pool of culturally-alike tastes in music and countries who don't have a lot of 'cultural buddies' are shit out of luck, no? Then we still need the juries to balance it out with a more objective perspective on music (which I don't think they're doing, but that aside)

No. 380208

>Wanting to see what anons think about this years eurovision
>the majority of the posts are about troons and enbies

Can we go one thread on this site without talking about troons?

No. 380209

Yeah and it's true. But even then most people are fair (or apolitical) enough to vote for a country they technically hate if they like the song. Most people just want to have fun with the ESC so what Germany needs are songs that are good and full of energy and maybe having a message. Instead we are afraid of having opinions so our songs reflect that.

No. 380210

They could have made their attempt of rigging a bit more believable.

No. 380211

Wym the winner is literally an enby singing about the enby life and there was another in the top 10. ESC is a circus with artists parading around tranny and enby flags nowadays. It's unavoidable.

No. 380212

Rigged or fanatics? I don't know what's worse. ESC openly rigging the numbers or more proof that a large majority of pro-Israel factions are fanatics that vote 20 times on multiple phones.
I wouldn't put it past these people to buy SIM cards or used phones before or using hacks for the sole purpose of giving Israel 200 votes.

No. 380213

File: 1715473459653.jpg (183.65 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20240512-022058.jpg)

No. 380214

What do you think the chances are that the Netherlands won't compete next year?

No. 380215

I hope they send Joost again

No. 380216

Joostice 2025

No. 380217

No because why isn't this a problem to you when it's about pop and trannies for example which is what the central countries like?
Why is it only an issue if it's about the taste of Slavs? Germany, UK, Netherlands and such love to suck the cock of Anglo pop shit, why isn't this a problem to you that should be balanced out?

No. 380218

I really hope they won't do that. It's super unlikely he'll be able to get this kind of success again and that would only make it kind of cringe and sour the deal further.

No. 380219

high sadly, the netherlands seem furious

No. 380220

Holy fucking shit I always loved these two countries.

No. 380221

The Netherlands was 2nd in their semi, just 12 points behind Israel. Interesting.

No. 380222

Israel and its fandom drones are so petty I fully expect them to act (more) racist towards these countries now for something as harmless as this

No. 380224


No. 380225

>ecause why isn't this a problem to you
But it is? kek

No. 380226

>>380188 Because it makes zero sense, funny he says he cracked the code when this enby stuff screams 'I'm having a major identity crisis'

No. 380227

There were a lot of far right shitters voting for Israel even if they never watched Eurovision before just to "own the leftists", at least in my country. So definitely meddling took place

No. 380228

Yeah this. Racist rightoid cucks and evangelicals are even worse than Israelis.

No. 380230

I still don't really understand what happened, did he just wave the cameraman off or hit them?

No. 380232

Do you think the jury is biased towards Sweden? I've seen those rumors go around before and never really believed it, but idk they got 100+ points for a fairly mediocre performance this year. Yeah the staging was cool and slick, but the song itself and the vocals really weren't better than several entries who scored much less. Thoughts?

No. 380233

>someone is blocking joost from getting of stage filming him despite it not being alowed he almost colides with them and he complains
>he peforms again, same person doing the same thing, he says 'next time i may hit you' and then 'makes an agressive display at the camera' (whatever that means)

No. 380234

They say he basically told a paparazzi to fuck off but multiple sources confirm that he was criticizing Israel's war policy hard during a meeting off-screen so the photographer part is just the bullshit excuse they came up with to cover it up, otherwise they would have to mention Israel negatively which isn't allowed in Europe.

No. 380235

I don't buy that. There were other contestants whonwere also critical and spoke out but they didn't get booted. Tbh he does give douche vibes

No. 380238

woah oh ohh woah oh ohhh

No. 380239

How dare

No. 380240

Nta. Idk the dutch broadcaster seems to stand behind Joost pretty firmly so far and they're not an organisation who's too proud to admit their artist is in the wrong or apologize if that was fair given the situation

No. 380241

Those happened later afaik so they might be reactions to his dq. He was seen putting the flag over his head to not see and hear the performance of Golag or whatever her name is.

No. 380247

File: 1715476619449.jpg (54.5 KB, 941x446, GNVlCOLXIAAF_HP.jpg)

This is it anons, a purely televote score would be fucking rigged too. I hate this, it's the first thing I saw when I woke up and I hate this. I don't know what should be done about this, the whole contest needs to be burned down. How did Switzerland win when they only got 12 points from one country's televote? Also the ROTW vote was a fucking mistake.
And amidst all this, Cyprus and Greece still voted for one another. Never change
How did Ireland's public even give Israel 10 points? People are severely pro-Palestine in that country.

No. 380249

>How did Switzerland win when they only got 12 points from one country's televote?
Jury dumped almost all of their points onto them till the entirety of Europe would have to give them less than 100 points or something to make a win for Croatia possible.
>How did Ireland's public even give Israel 10 points? People are severely pro-Palestine in that country.
Italy doesn't give a shit about Israel either. It's very few people voting 20 times for Israel and doing this multiple times. The vast majority of people votes only once, so one of the polit shizos equal 20 normal people and that's not counting in the assholes that cheat or use the phones from others that don't care to vote 60 or 100 times.

No. 380250

Didn't Cyprus and Greece jury use to exchange 12 points basically always? When/why did that stop?

No. 380252

Why do people like that always seethe about girls so much?
It's so enraging and pathetic to see millions of grown ass adults feeling such a visceral hatred towards a literal school girl like Greta that they spend their days shitposting against her but being completely fine with literally everybody else including corrupt politicians and mass murderers.
I don't agree with everything Greta does but I have yet to see a single vocal Greta hater who wasn't a divorced boomer incel or some European redneck.

No. 380253

i have a question for all nonnies who wanted croatia to win:

1. why? what‘s the appeal?
2. what music do you usually listen to?

No. 380254

1. why? what‘s the appeal?
The energy, rhythm and catchy refrain. Had me on the edge since the first second and continued with a bang and even ended with a great climax on top of that. That said I also like the costumes and the theme of the song.
2. what music do you usually listen to?
Folk and metal.

No. 380255

those other people just wanted to be contrarian and felt somehow annoyed about how much attention she got. i think it was similar to kids bullying the autistic weird kid where the bullies often feel like they are being provoked. greta is cool, i always liked her although i didn‘t give a shit about fridays for future. i never heard her saying something really stupid.

No. 380256

Was kind of hoping Israel would win so that I could watch the resulting shitstorm
Do any anons know how the Israelis are reacting to their coordinated loss? Hopefully it is very dramatic KEK

No. 380257

Go on Israel's subreddit and see for yourself

No. 380258

They are probably claiming that everybody loved them because of the skewed votes. We all know that pro Israel shizos voted at least 20 times for them and most of them don't even watch the ESC. But Israel will of course pretend that it was the majority of Europe and that their haters were just a small minority.

For the loss they will blame the jury of course and call them antisemitic

No. 380259

it was a catchy, emergetic song with a message. i don't think it was an era defining materpiece or anything but it wascool. much better than ballads or bland pop shit.
i mostly listen to classical/ baroque, the odd film ost and traditional ethnic music.

No. 380261

1. Energy, catchy song, good subject matter + a little funny too with the cat love. It was just the most enjoyable song, as you can even see by it getting the audience hyped as well.
2. I listen to a wide array of music, electronic and rock are my favourite kind of stuff though. Though I like folk stuff too. Energetic music is great.

No. 380262

okay, that‘s fair. i thought someone would have to like things that are somewhat related to metal in order to like the style. i just couldn‘t imagine that all the nonnies in the chat were into metal and folk.

No. 380264

it's a cute catchy song that doesn't try to shove anything in your face, just pokes fun at it's own stereotypes

No. 380265

yeah i definitely noticed that it had to be somewhat popular but had trouble understanding why. i was wondering if it was about croatia or the band was already known and cool dudes or something. wasn‘t my cup of tea sadly.

No. 380266

I don't really like metal at all but loved Croatia's entry.

No. 380267

grand finale or the shows before?

No. 380270

I think the show before was a little better than the grand final performance, but still better than the winner to me.

No. 380273

maybe i would have a different impression if i had seen any shows before.

i know everyone here would like to kill me but i liked the swiss fag better. the part where he was rapping was a disaster and it was a horrible idea to perform on those plates but the song was otherwise more fun and catchy to me. and no, liking the song had nothing to do with him being a faggot in a skirt with enby pronouns but his theater kid antics matched the vibe of the song somehow, he didn‘t bother me.

my actual favorite was lithuania but i knew they had no chance.

i don‘t like pop and wouldn‘t like or pay attention to any of these songs if i heard them on the radio or somewhere. i‘m just comparing.

No. 380280

>>379810 Here's my problem, so Switzerland won and that's whatever he was one of the favourites anyway. But I think that both jury (at least some juries) and public, trying to not let Israel win, voted focused in the possible winners and that plus the people that only vote once, caused such low rankings with many of the other countries. I mean until the 300 votes for Israel, it looked like all in that column were getting less than 50 points. Sure, Norway, Estonia, Greece etc were not going to win, but people liked them enough to get more than that and even the reaction there was like wtf-cheering. Even haha funny songs like Finland's usually get more points. So thinking it was unfair for Israel to win they made it unfair to other countries.

No. 380287

the only reason why that non-binary faggot won is politics and to make everyone cucks in EU and just bow down and take it. Fuck you.

No. 380297

Do you think it might also be because by having Switzerland/a neutral country host next year that means they won't get flamed for not taking a stance against Israel the way Sweden was flamed?

No. 380299

i knew who hes gonna vote for as soon as ive seen that shirt

No. 380300

between the battle of the troons, i'd rather the TiF win, and she was way better, the costuming, choreography, screen effects were better than his, but i guess she was just no match for a faggot on a disc.

No. 380301


No. 380303

what about Armenia? they were robbed it's probably bordering on personalityfagging with how much i'm stuck on this

No. 380304

Every song has to have some hidden activist meaning now apparently

No. 380306

i liked it because while the song is sadly in english it still displays croatian culture in it

No. 380307

it doesn't work, in my college usually they just put their pronouns in English in bio but it doesn't amount to much other than the pronouns they use on the college social media pages.

No. 380310

>1. why? what‘s the appeal?
Like I said >>379171 it was really nice, catchy driving song with light content, about leaving the home
>2. what music do you usually listen to?
Fast paced tracks, alternative rock, pop, electronics, battles and chasing osts, overall everything stimulating

No. 380315

Yesterday night when I was watching I luckily decided to change my bet, place Switcherland first and Croatia second. Thank god I did that. I won 100€ overall. (From the 30€ I bet.)

No. 380316

the real winner in all of this

No. 380319

eurovision hasn't been good since 2021. that was pretty much the last good year that i can remember. switzerland's entry was pretty good too, and if this song had won this year i wouldn't even be mad. but 2024 and 2023 winners were some of the worst songs i've ever heard holy shit

No. 380320

So what do you think we can expect next year knowing that winners or popular entries are always copied? Will we have many special snowflakes gender fluids and also screamo fake-goth pseudo-metal maybe?

No. 380321

I bet next year there will be an uptick of begendered folx artists. Trannies (not even crossdressers, like Australia), nonbinaries of both sexes, normal looking people with neopronouns. I can feel it, it's going to happen for sure.
I would never want to make it about gender, but both gendies are too high on the scoreboard and it's hilarious the one that's won is a moid nb. There will be more to come, for sure. Not even gays, since that's too boring now.

Imo, they need too:
- Have at least one year without english songs to test it out at least
- Make subtitles! So people could enjoy songs in different languages! They have the technologies for that, they have no right not yet to implement that.
- Stop allowing any flags other that country flags. It was so disrespectful to Switzerland when he waved the nonbinary flag instead of Swiss.
- Forbid ugly moids tbh, make them wear masks or something, no one needs to see your shiny balding head.

No. 380325

don't worry nonnie, we love you!

No. 380327

File: 1715504398683.mp4 (1.66 MB, 780x360, ssstwitter.com_1715504350361.m…)

>Stop allowing any flags other that country flags. It was so disrespectful to Switzerland when he waved the nonbinary flag instead of Swiss

btw he said he had to smuggle his gendie flag on stage. He said he "broke the code" and that eurovision needs fixing or some shit

No. 380328

Why'd he sing about being nonbinary at eurovision out of all places? Self obsessed

No. 380329

How tf did Joost get disqualified for some off stage shit while this guy gets to wave a flag for mentally ill twitter users around front and center instead of the country he's representing.

No. 380330

File: 1715504936723.jpg (64.6 KB, 1136x639, imago0472577701h.jpg)

I am completely honest here. I would be less mad at the fucking jury if it was at least Bamby winning over Croatia and not Uo UOUOOUO.

Say what you want about her but her screeching gave me goosebumps and the performance itself was worthy of a musical. Plus, the black costume was pretty and the refrain is basically black metal. If it was at least THIS they would have at least chosen something uncommon and new (for ESC standards).

But no.
It had to be another toothless, central European gender slop with male solo singer. ZZzzzzzzzz

No. 380331

I've been watching ESC every year since 2010, and every year's voting results are a shit show, believe you me. Most of the shit that one was boring af and had either the effect 1. it'll run on the radio constantly and sell well for a year 2. the singer(s) should win cuz pandering (they or their family member has an illness, they wear a beard and a dress at the same time, there's war in their country so let's give them one win, etc.) 3. of corruption (yes I'm looking at you, Azerbaijan).

The problem that's obvious is how easy it is to pool those 12 points as a juror to whatever country you think can shoulder the financial challenge of organizing the show the next year. The 12 points should be nerfed down or even removed completely to offer the chance for the public votes to actually change the jury's well crafted plan.

No. 380332

I mean if you look at how the EU operates, you'll see it's pretty much true

No. 380333

They did allow pride flags though, so idk why he says he had to smuggle it in when it was always allowed. And Joost threathened a woman with violence, it's hardly on the same level of "crime"

No. 380334

Oh fuck him. He should be disqualified, idc. If we disqualify people for random shit why not disqualify him for bringing this retarded flag with him. He also assaulted my eyes by forcing me to see under his skirt, cause this moid couldn't be assed to cross his legs. That literally unlawful sexual harrasment, electric chair.

No. 380335

It's not about it being a pride flag, no one else was waving a pride flag instead of their countries flag in the introduction, he kept the swiss one at his back while the NB flag was at his front

No. 380336

if she won, eurovision would turn into a bpd attention whore with onlyfans central. I dunno if it's better or worse than faggotvision it is now…

No. 380337

Tinfoil, but what if the true reason käärijä pulled out wasn't because of joost or israel but because he realized the jurys were kinda rigged and everyone would vote for the same song so the people's vote wouldn't win - that's exactly how he lost too last year.

No. 380338

I also blame the ability to vote up to 20 times to churn money from the audience because browsing twitter and 4chan you could see that the Israel simps coordinated some mass voting in which they used multiple phone numbers to call 40 times or more.

This is a massive skewing of the election since it's something only fanatics do and most fanatics are POLITICAL fanatics, so the country that gets the 12 points from every country is usually one related to some current political dispute and this sucks.
Italy for example is very anti-Israel and absolutely nobody here liked or even talked about their song or even listens to this type of music and yet they have 12 points? Come the fuck on. Those are votes by a bunch of expats and rightoids that just vote Israel because they associate Israel protests with leftism.

No. 380339

it could be both

No. 380340

Yeah but at least her song wasn't about that, from what I can tell it's about betrayal, obsessive love and the performances is an exorcism. Switzerland guy (I don't even remember the name) is also about gender shit but it's even in his very song. And the costume is boring shit just as the song itself.
I am not saying that I wanted her to win, just that I would have preferred her song over the slop that actually won.

No. 380341

The jury didn't want a song about drug addiction to win, especially not by a mentally unstable woman like her, they don't know what weird political stunt she'll pull or if she'll fall back into drug abuse. It doesn't really look good for the ESC image even though the performance was cool. A fully normal man in a skirt however? Singing about "finding his true queer self"? Golden ticket to virtue signal how inclusive they are!

No. 380342

all we're saying is he was allowed to have the flag so why would he get dqd for it

No. 380343

Fight me but I preferred it when we had guys in drag costumes over this nonbinary shit that is taken seriously.
At least I found dudes like Verka Serduchka funny to watch and listen to.

No. 380344

In the flag parade?

No. 380345

I loved this entry. Still by far my favourite Swiss entry, beats the nonbinary nonsense any day of the week in my books.

No. 380346

exactly! i wish australia got through, at least their feminine moid still knows he's a moid and also the song was good as fuck and it was cool they used an aboriginal language

No. 380348

I was honestly surprised that Australia, Czechia and Poland didn't make it. There were a bunch of songs that were so devoid of any energy I have no idea how they got in.
And by now we might as well make Israel one of the automatic finalists like the big 5. The fans of this country will always force it in with mass voting so what's even the point? They might as well send a guy that sleeps or shits on the stage and they would still get 12 points and get into the final.

No. 380349

Hard agree, Ireland's performance was flawless and getting upset at people of gender performing in Eurovision is like getting angry at the presence of sand on the beach.
Getting upset about cluster Bs performing in Eurovision is similarly like getting angry at sand on the beach.

No. 380350

marina satti's song was fun and catchy , shame she didnt get much recognition. serbia's contestant deserved sm better too, beautiful vocals.. she looks like a dark forest fairy

No. 380351

I loved her performance and voice, gender shit be damned. The tranny flag bikini was too much but otherwise it was a really good mini-movie-like stage show. Between two gendies she was the way more talented one.

No. 380352

please repeat the saying the third time, nona, it wasn't clear first two times

No. 380353

Yeah I mean we got a gender performer as winner anyway. So at least let it be a demonic woman IMO.
The fact that the demonic content makes religious fanatics seethe is just an additional feature.

No. 380355

You've got a point there too. I voted three times, last year as well. I think public voting should be reduced to a maximum of five votes per device for sure. It would also reduce psyops from happening like the people on X voting en masse for Israel.
But like I said, I'm absolutely convinced nerfing the 12 points would get us a better ESC. Not to mention (and this was apparent from all those old clips of the show) they definitely need to improve the quality of the contestants.

I've always been for the contestants that sing in their national language (so only the UK, Malta and Ireland singing in English), there's enough music elsewhere in English without having to look at ESC, especially with the internet nowadays. If they wanna show the cream of the crop, especially to justify the budget they spend in the show where thirty to fourty years ago it was a lot more modest, then they have to up the ante for everyone.
Small blogpost but I'm personally sick of the formulaic crap we get from the UK, Germany, Sweden, the goddamn ballads and the navel gazing songs. If that stuff represents "unity in Europe" according to the ESC, then it's absolutely fucking sad.

No. 380356

I had so much fun livewatching with nonnas last night kek
I'm still vibin to the croatian song, I fucking LOVE it
I loved that even twitter wasn't havy any of the israel bullshit and there was a lot of dislike against switzerland too, much to my surprise

No. 380358

Is there an equivalent of this for other regions? I'd like to see the salt in Asiavision

No. 380360

i love that this is the only place where i can be openly critical of the winner without getting called a terf kek
anyways nonnies, what would be your solutions to the fan favourites getting tanked by juries for mid songs every year? remove the jury completely? rework the system somehow? split jury and televote winners?
i'd love for the jury to either get reduced power or go completely. it's a fucking crime that 2 years in a row now the televote winner ends up behind the jury shill who got far less points from the public than them.

No. 380361

swiss moid is just a safer type of gendie. that's the only reason why he was chosen. ireland girl gives off the crazy vibe, like you don't know what she will do the next minute, and that's not in the good way crazy. she was probably thoroughly checked before all of her performance so she wouldn't pull some shit like self harm herself or take out some palestinian flag on stage. The song is, from her own words, about drug addiction, which is another not safe thing about her. They would rather choose the mid nb moid with the most shocking thing about him is a skirt and nb flag.

No. 380362

File: 1715507244799.png (697.73 KB, 1172x659, Eurovision Song Contest - Baby…)

Seeing the many videos with everybody dancing to Rim Tim Tagi Dim and singing with Baby Lasagna makes me so sad.
Didn't see or hear anybody singing Ou OH OU with the Swiss guy. Watching the semi-final and final live performance video with the whole damn stadion jumping up and down gave me goosebumps. We were so robbed.

No. 380363

I'm so upset this scored so low. Same with Norway and Slovenia. Do people really have no taste or did everyone vote for the top favourites to make Croatia win/prevent Israel from winning?

this song is so good for singing along. Even if it wasn't my favourite, everything about it was great.

No. 380364

I saw crowd videos from his performance and it's fucking INSANE, the crowd was bonkers and loved every second of it

No. 380365

I just have to say, I adore Spain's entry for this year. A catchy song with a good message and I love that they had more mature women in this. Not gonna lie, I'm tired of seeing 17 year olds on stage.

No. 380366

Germany's miracle 12th place isn't going to inspire them to send something good next year isn't it?

No. 380367

this was so robbed too. I know many people didn't like it and the moids were kinda cringe, but other than that it's a great song all around

No. 380369

Yeah most people seem to be fair. I know gendies but they voted for Croatia and the likes because guess what most people actually vote the song that makes them dance and sing along, not the lame one that panders. Some of them enjoyed Ireland for its craziness but nobody preferred Switzerland. A few normalfags I know thought it was a fine song but not one of their favorites.

No. 380370

Making the jury votes anonymous could stop them from voting just to look good and avoid backlash. On the other hand it makes it easier for collusion.
I think you need some sort of jury either way. A good chunk of people are going to vote for which country they like the most regardless of song so then it just becomes a stale "who's Europe's favourite country contest?". Juries are (supposed) to be objective.

No. 380371

The biggest robbery of the century, Norway deserved to be at the very least top 10 for sure, not LAST. Norway's entries are always one of the best for me, i rarely dislike their song.

No. 380372

The televote manipulation this year suggests that either televoting needs to be reformed (probably not going to happen because $$$) or that EBC needs to maintain some control over the results in case there's one day a bigger coordinated vote campaign. If the jury stays then it should have a much smaller influence on the outcome though.
There were a few spicy straights singing the song in the venue I was watching it from; it was the only song where people were singing along. Unfortunately it captured that contingent of eurovision fans.

No. 380373

Aside from Croatia losing I am particularly mad about the bad placements of Estonia, Spain, Austria and hell even the naked ass guy. The "NO RULES" shit is one of the very few refrains I still remember despite only hearing it once.
I was honestly almost offended learning that countries like them got like 0 or 18 fucking votes wtf are you fucking kidding me??

No. 380374

>remove the jury completely?
If he didn't have juries this year, Israel would've been <15 points away from winning, largely political votes. We don't want that shit either.

I don't think there's a good system tbh. With jury we're going to lose fan favourites and with televote only we're going to lose excellent well-sung entries.

No. 380375

I already expressed my take :

Nerfing the 12 points and the amount of allowed public voting per device from 20 down to 5 would balance out everything again.

No. 380378

It's funny how basically everyone has Norway as a sure qualifier all season and they just barely qualified in the end.

>Estonia, Spain, Austria
No offense but Estonia and Austria both had shit vocals.

No. 380379

I like how people be like "i love when people sing in their native languages ♥ " and then place them last (esp Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia this year, like wth is this)

No. 380380

It's easy, remove the jury AND limit the voting to one (1) vote per person so that political dudes won't equal the votes of 20 normal people.

No. 380381

>There were a bunch of songs that were so devoid of any energy
Poland was one of them kek

No. 380382

Spain's placement legit baffles me it wasn't even my favorite but it has everything I expect from professional musicians including a charismatic singer and cool as shit performance of her.

No. 380383

Yeah. But I guess that's only the eurovision bubble who feels that way.

Kinda sucks we got another English pop(ish) song that won, that's twice in a row now. If the war in Ukraine hadn't happened we would've had Spaceman the year before that.

No. 380384

File: 1715508074820.png (122.35 KB, 332x454, estonianvsauce.png)

>estonia had shitty vocals

i accept no slander for Vsauce and his estonian buddies in this thread vocally i found them fine tbh

No. 380385

I loved the song, but I do have to admit that her singing live wasn't super strong. The studio version was wonderful though.
Big disagree on Estonia having shit vocals. I think they did great and had a great show on stage.

No. 380386

The vocals were relatively weak in a year with a lot of strong vocal talent.
My conspiracy theory is that the jury rigged the UK's position that year so that they'd be able to host. The UK gov was all in on supporting Ukraine that year because they had multiple explosive scandals they were trying to distract the public from, lol.

No. 380387

funny i've seen people on twitter attack upset croatians and croatian fans for "wanting israel to win" because they criticize the jury votes

No. 380388

I feel like this year especially we had so many young contestants. I don't really want to watch teenagers singing teenager songs.

No. 380390

Yeah the reason Ireland and UK kept winning the Eurovision for so long is that they were the only countries singing in English so they had the obvious lingua franca advantage. People always complain about wanting to hear entries sung in native languages and then go ahead and vote for the generic overproduced English-language radio pop anyway kek

No. 380391

It's the jury (again). The audience is willing of giving votes to songs with their native languages see the high placement of Moldova's Train to Bucharest or Go_A's Shum. But the jury doesn't vote such songs on principle. If you want jury votes you HAVE to sing English and preferably pop so it's literally damaging the event itself since it kind of forces people to sing in a certain way if they want to have a chance of winning.

Also notice how they almost always select solo singers, never bands, which is another issue.

No. 380392

>f you want jury votes you HAVE to sing English
Italy? France? They get jury points.

No. 380393

i honestly think there should be some sort of rule about giving countries with less or zero wins a better chance compared to countries that have already won. croatia has never won before and this year they actually had a real chance to finally win like i don't know how it could be applied but in situations like this when a country that has never won before has an obivous fan favorite it just feels unfair that countries that have won before roll over them with jury votes

No. 380394

File: 1715508704462.jpg (89.88 KB, 560x681, 1713369477111.jpg)

Just woke up and I'm still feeling bitter about yesterday's results.

No. 380395

Yeah boomers bitch about evil balkans voting each other but then you almost always get central europeans voting other central europeans and moving the ESC back and forth through the same ten countries.

No. 380396

Käärijä pulled out? From what, the final?

No. 380397

>>380321 Yeah I said that about the flag earlier, I heard someone say ' That's not Switzerland's flag, what country is that?'
Some people aren't still aware of all the millions of gender flags.

No. 380398

He was supposed to be the one giving out Finland's jury votes.

No. 380399

Nta. He was supposed to announce the jury points for Finland, but decided not to when Netherlands got disqualified.

He was very buddy-buddy with Joost so that seems the more likely reason

No. 380400

>Some people aren't still aware of all the millions of gender flags.
I browse this website with all it's discord around gendieshit and even I only know the tranny and LGBT ones. I assume Nemo had a non-binary one but I didn't recognize it. Normies don't know this stuff.

No. 380401

b-but nonna, you don't get it!!! we have to keep those evil balkanoids with their fun music from poisoning the minds of our glorious countrypeoplx!!!
kek for real though, it's only a problem if we do it, for them it's just "voting fairly"

No. 380403

there are 2 asia versions in the works one by the abn (asian ebu), the abn already do song festivals like eurovision but no voting, and one by eurovision, both are in development hell

afrimusic song contest ran for 3 years, stopped by the pandemic and hasnt come back

the the american song contest (usa) ran for one year and isnt coming back, they changed the format too much, it lasted a week and had knockout rounds

eurovision latin america is in the works

arabian vision was being planned by eurovision, saudi, and uae but has since been put on hold

eurovision canada has also been put on hold due to poor performance of the american song contest

oti festival was held until 2000, it was spain and portugal plus latin america

No. 380404

Same here I only barely know the trans flag but only barely. I know it's pink, gray and blue I think. No way do normal people know that let alone the other flags.

No. 380406

File: 1715509733679.mp4 (4.12 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1715509706820.m…)

>what they took from us

No. 380407

>afrimusic song contest ran for 3 years
I should watch the three this actually interests me.

I wish there was some event like that with all Slavic and ex-USSR nations including the *stan countries and everything this territory encompasses like Turkey. Those countries have the best music besides some of the northern Euro countries IMO.
Basically the ESC but 3000 kilometers further to the east or something.

What I would also love was a themed ESC that is about folk or metal.

No. 380408

I love him

No. 380412

swiss gendie twink was alright but croatia deserved to win 100%. estonia and armenia were robbed. "we will rave" goes straight into my eurodance nightcore vocaloid sped-up le old internet nostalgia playlist. israel just gave everyone one more reason to hate them as if there wasn't enough already but thanks for the milk I guess

No. 380413

Tinfoil time but I think Croatia didn't do well with the jury because of his silence regarding all the Israel shitstorm. It's pretty obvious they picked one entry from the most vocal pro-Palestine artists to vote so they could drown the righoids mass-voting. Baby Lasagna was already the poll favorite, had he said something he could've won.

No. 380414

I think they just don't want a "poor" country to be the host

No. 380415

Yeah I hate it and the balding scrote in the background makes it worse.

No. 380416

It's just not a jury song. Everyone knows the jury doesn't sing for mid vocalists and alternative music. Switzerland was considered a top contender for the win from the very start for his vocal ability.

No. 380417

File: 1715510980675.jpg (218.49 KB, 1148x1295, fgsgs.jpg)

YEEESSSS LET'S GOOO UKRAINE!!! СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!!!!! Thank you Czechia, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova and Poland for your 12s!!!! LOVE OUR GIRLS!!!!

No. 380419

I'm Croatian and I hope we withdraw fron this rigged faggot shit competition along with rest of the Balkans and other small European countries that get side eyed by EBU. No point in participating at all anymore, unless they bring public vote ONLY or make jury only 20% of total vote points.

Actually Eastern Europe, Baltics, Finland should have it's own Eurovision. Budget can be smaller but songs will be fire. And no need to pander to tranny faggotron Swedes anymore.

No. 380420

how the fuck have you made it to lc without knowing the trans flag kek

No. 380421

File: 1715511547715.png (138.87 KB, 533x563, Turkvision.PNG)

>>380403 cont
there used to be a caribbean song contest that ran for years

there is a pan celtic song contest that has run for decades for the 6 celtic countries

liet international a european song contest for minority languages (interestingly they have 2 winners the public winner and jury winner)

asbu arab song festival has run for 23 years

>I wish there was some event like that with all Slavic and ex-USSR nations including the *stan countries and everything this territory encompasses like Turkey. Those countries have the best music besides some of the northern Euro countries IMO.
you are pretty much describing the turkvision song contest it ran for 7 years but stopped by the pandemic and hasnt come back although they are trying to get it back

there is another latin american one in the works call hispavision

interestingly though there already is a very popular latin america one called the vina del mar international song festival

a lot of countries have their own regional version

No. 380422

Not Finland, Finland goes to the nordicvision instead

No. 380423

File: 1715511571621.png (16.84 KB, 260x760, image.png)

>10 points from Ireland to Israel
totally organic.

No. 380424

agreed 100%, we don't need jack shit we can host it in someone's backyard for all i care, but i fucking know the music would be 1000x better than the pandering shit we send to eurovision

No. 380425

I don't think those ones are far right. Far right from what I've seen support anyone who hates Israel, even if it's Communists and Muslims. Although the term doesn't mean much to be fair. Pro-Israel is the establishment's position, the dominant liberal-progressive position.

No. 380426

>Actually Eastern Europe, Baltics, Finland should have it's own Eurovision.
As a Latvian, I would love that so much.

No. 380427

nordicvicion so swedevision

No. 380428

there's also a sami version in the nordic countries, it's directly tied and run by the same people who did the native swedish and norwegian competitions leading up to the ESC finals, been going since the 90s. It's a shame that they can't compete in ESC since they're still Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish by nationality tho

No. 380429

This. I don't care whether my own country participates or not, I want good music and I almost always prefer songs from the Balkans, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics or Finnland.

My country even has a lot of great bands but they are excluded from the ESC on principle since their music is (actual quote) not "radio appropriate". Fuck them. We live in 2024 and Germany still shits its pants if they hear metal or Slavic people talking and consider both scary and evil or whatever.

No. 380430

nta but somehow isreal has managed to gain the support of the far right
they have gained their suport by saying, and this is a direct quote, they are a "white country fighting against the brown muslims" and "degenerate western left". also just like what happened with russia and ukraine a lot of far right are just contrarians they have to support what the majority oppose

they were posting pictures of the isreali act next to the irish act saying "which way western man" and under the isreali was things like beautiful, embraces femininty, traditional and under the irish act was things like, satanic, dresses like a whore, wants to destroy the west

No. 380431

norway and finland would be honorary guests at eastern eurovision

No. 380432

it's ok nona, swedes won't bite you kek

No. 380433

The "winner" didn't even make the top 3 among voters, this is such bullshit.

For real tho, EVERYONE hates the jury so why do they keep it? It's so bad for their image???

No. 380435

swedes can go and circlejerk with the central europeans like they have been doing to this day or wont the competition be fun anymore if you cannot smugly fuck over others anymore

No. 380436

Finland is an Eastern European country whether we like it or not, every western country has always considered us subhuman mongoloids

No. 380437

it's been discussed a bit upthread, but they were brought back to prevent "eastern bloc voting" aka. people voting for actually good music from eastern europe and not the slop that central/western europe sends out
i'd imagine they still keep them around for similar reasons

No. 380438

I think that changed the last decade. Rightoids technically hate Israel because they hate everything that isn't them, but they pretend to fanboy for it since they hate leftists, communists, muslims and brown people more than they hate Israeli which they imagine as white-passing and western.

No. 380439

Which is hilarious because they simultaneously claim that everything is controlled by "the jews trying to brainwash us into the woke ideology". They can't even keep their conspiracies in line.

No. 380440


But then you are stuck with Swedes robbing you and have to force watch Loreen win the competition 10 times.

No. 380441

File: 1715513192923.png (246.12 KB, 909x630, Screen.png)

No. 380442

Without jury the price would go to dirty Slavic and ex-USSR countries which are people whom our overlords are looking down onto since we are ruled by boomers that are still afraid of evil commies. The same people are ironically calling Slavic country far-righters but then turn around to vote far-right themselves out of protest because someone dared to change a law that helps women or minorities.

No. 380443

NTA but just realised how much I'd love a music competition without Sweden in it.

No. 380444

Kek recently read an article that the Norwegian fuckboys who performed for Sweden were upset that the Norwegian jury didn't give them more points aka "it's very disappointing that our homeland didn't show us more appreciation". What a pair of entitled babies.

No. 380445

Moids on 4chan being degenerate, whats new?

No. 380446

kek not even their homecountry likes them

No. 380447

eurovision minus sweden, israel, azerbaijan, benelux, great britain (the rest of the uk can come though), france and germany (only allowed if they send a metal/rock band) would be far better. especially if other balkan and eastern european nations came back

No. 380448

This is central trait of fascist mindsets actually. Everything they allegedly believe contradicts itself since it's a mindset purely based on emotion and not rationality.
"The immigrants steal our jobs", but "immigrants never work because they are leeches". The Hitlerists believed that Jews were the most powerful group on the planet that controls everything, but they were allegedly also subhuman and stupid, corrupt and disorganized (so they can wage a war against them and win), women are dumb and powerless but also influence everything and always get what they want etc.

This is why arguing with people like that is nothing but wasted time. On of the ministers of my country claimed that "nobody who isn't pro-Israel should be allowed to immigrate" to my country anymore, but then he turns around and defines our "lead culture" which explicitly includes eating pork and other shit that isn't kosher, otherwise you don't belong here.

No. 380449

>great britain (the rest of the uk can come though)
So Northern Ireland and the Isle of Mann?

No. 380450

File: 1715514500796.mp4 (381.92 KB, 476x270, 9MNJTuLdVlXhsUxQ.mp4)

>The pilot of the plane that is taking Baby Lasagna back to Croatia: 'Congratulations! Meow, meow'

No. 380451

I hate that they always vote for songs with lyrics about struggles related to sexuality. It's about sexual identity or crap like lovesickness. Baby Lasagna is also singing about mental trouble but guess they don't care as much since it's sexual shit and Spain that actually addresses sexual themes is also not interesting to them because it's no teen related shit I guess.

No. 380452

Biggest snubs this year imo

No. 380454

File: 1715515890696.mp4 (1.69 MB, 1280x720, su-Ru0ATsADOmYCv.mp4)

i don't think that retard got booed only because of the joost situation but kek. deserved

No. 380455

Remember when people thought Belgium could be a winner when he first released his song? That went a whole another way.

Tbh his vocals were shit so I don't think he was THAT robbed tbhhhh

No. 380456

In this part, some country's 12 was supposed to go to Ireland then he intervened and said it will go to Israel, it was really weird

No. 380457

File: 1715516312494.jpeg (350.56 KB, 1173x698, IMG_3339.jpeg)

what did he mean by this?

No. 380458

This song is as Dutch as it gets but it NQed. People love to claim they want authentic cultural folk shit but only when it's a specific acceptable flavor of ~culture~.

No. 380460

He want after Israel

No. 380462

File: 1715516484164.jpeg (513.72 KB, 2560x1645, wolf-howl-scaled-627329787.jpe…)

I can't fucking believe how few votes they got. But at least I found a great new song and band to listen to.

No. 380463

He had to perform after Israel who got booed a lot so the crowd had that negative energy when he was performing

No. 380464

File: 1715516557913.png (42.29 KB, 960x640, graham norton.png)

I just wanted to share some of the comments made over the years by the UK's commentator Graham Norton

“This is Marmite if everyone hated Marmite.” – on Germany’s performance “I Don’t Feel Hate” by Jendrick (2021)

“Less Destiny’s Child. More Destiny’s Inappropriate Aunt.” – on Serbia’s performance by pop trio Hurricane (2021)

“Now it’s time for the flag ceremony. It’s a new tradition. It’s a way of making the show just that little bit longer.” – on the length of the opening ceremony (2018)

“He has come back with a song called ‘That’s How You Write A Song’… Ironically the song is not great.” – on Norway’s performance (2018)

“I liked the bit when she stopped the music.” – on Slovenia’s performance, which faked a technical glitch (2018)

“Thank you very much… I just want the nurse to put me back to bed now after that.” – on Germany’s heavy metal band Lord of the Lost performing (2023)

“If you’re going to get someone to dress as a gorilla, at least get a decent outfit. That looks like couple of old car seats sewn together.” – on Italy’s entry “Occidentali’s Karma” (2017)

“The producers put together the running order, and given that no song given second place has ever won, I’m guessing they didn’t think much of this. Feel sorry for France, the artist is Lisa Angell the song is ‘N’oubliez Pas’ which means don’t forget. Sadly, I fear, we will.” – on France’s performance at the grand final (2015)

“He said he did something terrible as a boy. We don’t know what it was. It might have been write this song.” – on Norway’s entry “A Monster Like Me” (2015)

“OK… That’s three minutes we’ll never get back, but look at it this way: We’ll never have to hear that song again.” – on Albania’s performance of ‘I’m Alive’ (2015)

“Well, that wasn’t embarrassing at all, well done.” – reacting to the surprise rap delivered by the reader of the Finnish results (2014)

“Oh thank you, it’s so fun! It’s like the gay wedding I’ll never have! It’s gone in my wine!” – responding to Eurovision presenters showering him with confetti in his special commentary booth (2014)

“If you’ve just joined us and thought, ‘Ooh, Denise van Outen’s let herself go’, no, that’s Cascada representing Germany” – on Cascada after her performance of “Glorious” (2013)

“If you’re watching with pets or sensitive older people, maybe now’s the time to put them in the utility room.” – commenting before Cezar’s high-pitched, strobe-filled performance of “It’s My Life” for Romania (2013)

“This will put fear into your heart – she’s a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice…not pleasant things but extraordinary.” – introducing Albania’s Eurovision entry Rona Nishliu performing “Suus” (2012)

“He looks like a nice boy who’s fallen in with the wrong lot, doesn’t he?” – on Eric Saade’s performance of “Popular” for Sweden (2011)

“They’re drinking quite a lot. It’s almost like they think they’re not going to perform again.” – on the UK’s backing dancers (2010)

“The bad news is, you’re about to watch Albania. She’s only 17, so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn’t she step in and say no?” – on Albania’s performance of "Carry Me in Your Dreams" performed by Kejsi Tola (2009)

No. 380465

>>380463 I thought all the booing at various points was really uncomfortable, why can't people fucking behave?

No. 380467

Israel supporters are whining in the comments about Eden having it harder than him for having to perform after Eden and generally bullying him.

No. 380469

i thought it was based and entertaining. made me laugh

No. 380470

Europapa winning would have been so iconic…idk what is going with Eurovision these past few years. The last time I was excited for the winner was in 2021. But at least last year I liked and knew the words to the winning song (even if I wanted kaarija to win) but this year I don't even remember how the song goes. Nemo's whole persona and song feel so gimmicky and inauthentic. Coupled with the skirt and the fur coat. Nothing about it is iconic and will be forgotten in a year when another winner takes the trophy.

No. 380473

coping because lithuania's song was a banger and israel's was boring and no one wanted to see it

No. 380474

>traumatic experience
I liked Lithuania's entry, but zoomers are so ridiculously weak.

No. 380475

Norway being dead last is the biggest joke this season. I couldn't believe it.

No. 380476

>crowd booing for another performer is one of the worst things that happened to me
>so twaumatic unu
Not sympathizing with Israel in any way, but this is fragile moid making it all about himself behaviour. He deserves any bullying he gets.

No. 380477

i don't know shit about him but this made me kek several times

No. 380478

Isn't he a super popular singer in his country? He entered with another overproduced soulless anglopop song with a Swedish writer and won, the most boring outcome ever. Everything he says seems so calculated and pre-written too.

No. 380479

I sympathize with the artist though, she was clearly mentally stronger than that fragile little man.

No. 380480

They gave a vote meant for Ireland to Israel?

No. 380481

File: 1715517465309.mp4 (5.57 MB, 720x1280, finland-rehersals.mp4)

During rehearsals Finland said Ireland got 12 points and they cut her off and said it was Israel. Super weird. Like why do that during rehearsals

No. 380482

Reposted with the right video here. Yeah it was a random thing not real results but she was supposed to say Israel not Ireland but she kept saying Ireland. They cut her off and said Israel. Maybe it was a simulated mess up? I'm not sure. It would be a weird way to protest it

No. 380483

He is in the right here… Unfortunate he had to deql with performing to a negative audience because of Shitsrael

No. 380484

I laughed my ass off when they booed at Martin Österdahl when he was giving out Netherlands points.

No. 380485

I loved the moment where the crowd booed one of the jury vote announcers because he made a comment about the moderator's age. The crowd really was vicious this time, also booing the EBU boss so hard you could barely understand him.

No. 380486

beacaus its happended before, in 2014 the person from azerbaijan refused to say armenia and kept saying greece

No. 380487

Which country's jury was this? Was this in the final or rehearsal?

No. 380488

Who was Finland's real vote for?

No. 380489

Swizt and I've never heard of his faggot ass ever nor has anyone I know. He's literally a nobody here.

No. 380490

File: 1715517747486.mp4 (7.61 MB, 694x480, azerbaijan.mp4)

No. 380491

I agree with you 100 percent. The jury votes are a fucking joke now.

No. 380492

Every Israel-related booing (so all of them) moment was so satisfying.

No. 380493

Nta. I hadn't heard of him before ESC personally. He certainly isn't a household name like Anouk (2013) or Ilse de Lange from Common Linnets (2014).

Don't agree that it's a soulless anglopop though. Nothing anglopop about a happy hardcore song. Never mind the fact that Sweden would never send something in their native language.

No. 380495

I forgot, sorry. It was in the final, somewhat early into the jury votes.

No. 380496

zari ATE, I understand though that if one doesn't speak Greek it's hard to appreciate the balkan/ greek folk aspect of this song.

No. 380497

Switzerland 12
Ireland 6
Israel nothing

Israel got a 12 from the public vote though

No. 380498

If it wasn't for the jury, Israel might have won, they ruined their chances of winning.

No. 380500

File: 1715518004295.mp4 (18.44 MB, Graham norton 2024.mp4)

the BBC shared his best bits from this year

No. 380501

Holy kek, she keeps saying it

No. 380502

I liked the folk aspect of her song but the tiktok zoomie styling and stage set up was awful.

No. 380503

Just what part of that song is "happy hardcore"?

No. 380504

Boooo at Finns with shit taste

No. 380506

As if. Croatia got more public votes than Israel. Without the jury they would have lost anyway.

No. 380507

i think dutch nonnie misread the post and thought it was about her country

No. 380508

>guh guh guh
Zoomer tier shit

No. 380509

It's not "guh". It's "ta" which also sounds like counting a beat and it's because the last lyric was "meta" which means afterwards.

No. 380510

File: 1715518465711.mp4 (7.6 MB, uk boos.mp4)

this is how the uk reported the booing

No. 380511

The difference was 14 points, that's nothing. It didn't happen in this exact scenario but anon is right that Israel could've very well won if we didn't have juries. Ukraine was third in the televote and no one can convince me that wasn't at least largely in part due to war sympathy.

No. 380512

Petra forcing herself to keep a professional smile throughout the whole thing was kekky

No. 380513

File: 1715518667057.webm (3.74 MB, 1122x574, 1715515290186375.webm)

Commentators struggling with the thembie's genders

No. 380514

It really sounds like someone made an AI write the most generic tiktok-famous song possible. It has all the elements.

No. 380515

When will this madness end

No. 380516

KEK and they stil love to convince themselves that people will toooottallllllyyy see them as not a woman or not a man if you bully them long and hard enough to use neutral pronouns. Delusional!

No. 380517

There's no way she wasn't a little drunk to deal with this. Kek

No. 380518

I think that cringy fangirl song really contributed to this too kek.

No. 380519

Most people think TIMs are some mentally ill gay man

No. 380520

i'm a terf but i like switzerland's song just on a musical basis

No. 380521

I'm glad they at least got a higher placement.

No. 380522

Still can't believe Finland got rigged out for AI Abba and 8 Minutes of weird Laureen song.

No. 380524

I was bewildered by AI Abba and the uncomfortable Loreen performance. No one wanted this. Should have brought back Grotesco!

No. 380525

Same nonna, I can't believe they rigged the last contest for a fucking AI ABBA homage. They must not have been able to convince even one of them to come for the show, kek. And then they STILL put in a song fellatio-ing themselves about not being sorry they won. Swedecucks are the Americans of Europe.

No. 380527

Bambie Thug speaks out on being harassed by the Israel delegation.

No. 380528

wasn't ABBA in the audience?
>Swedecucks are the Americans of Europe.

No. 380530

File: 1715520249579.jpg (215.89 KB, 1400x1050, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

Idk if its just me, but I didn't enjoy this show. It felt like an almost 40 year old lady was tryning larp as a zoomer and trying to force the song to become a tiktok hit or something.

No. 380531

She is based for bringing attention to Israel's rule violations but unfortunately they will never be punished because money

No. 380532

Really starting to feel that many anons aren't here because they love Eurovision but because they want to hate on other countries. Sad.

No. 380534

Lmao, this is so funny, thank you for sharing.

No. 380536

Sadly Eurovision despite claiming to be apolitical is seeped right through with European politics, racism and discrimination. A fun little song contest cannot erase centuries of European history and this is reflected both in the organisation running it as well as in the audience watching it. When the EBU decides to be openly discriminatory towards Balkan/Eastern European countries, when they bribe and rig so that only central European countries win, when they bow down to foreign influences and allow literal dictatorships like Azerbaijan to participate not to mention Israel and their fuckery, it's justified to feel politically affected as an European national and taxpayer. Just taking the example of last year, Sweden rigging the contest to take the victory away from Finland awakened some well-founded finn grievances about being historically subjugated by the swedes and that's not because finns were just hatewatching the show in the first place.

No. 380537

What would be Netherlands's result if they weren't disqualified? What do you think? I think somewhere between 6-10th. He would have gotten a lot of votes as a fan favorite but not that many normies would have voted for him

No. 380540

I think he could have made it into top 5. He for sure would not have gotten many if any jury votes, but I think the public loved him.

No. 380542

Loreen's performance was kinda bad and weird

No. 380545

I read somewhere that he would've most likely gotten 5th or 6th place based on the jury votes he got, but not sure how they calculated that. Top 10 for sure.

No. 380547

>Sweden rigging the contest to take the victory away from Finland awakened some well-founded finn grievances about being historically subjugated by the Swedes.
Didn't help that the Swedish press was openly butthurt about "their little brother country" not giving them 12 points and being so mad about their victory being stolen because "we're supposed to be friends". Sweden colonized Finland for hundreds of years and the Swedish-speaking minority still has privileges Finnish-speaking Finns don't have. Most Finns that I know didn't really find the smug "well-meaning" pokes at them losing funny either.

No. 380552

File: 1715522708072.png (313.8 KB, 1280x1016, Eurovision_winners_map.png)

i see what nonnas mean about there being an eastern europe descrimination

No. 380554

I am forever heartbroken that I can't watch his commentary every year, I've only seen snippets of it and the one year I was in UK during Eurovision they were hosting it and he was barely commenting on stuff.

No. 380555

I don't think Netherlands participating would have affected Israel's ranking much because the people voting for Israel were not going to vote for Netherlands in the first place. Netherlands voters voted for countries like Croatia, Switzerland, Ireland Instead. If he was a contestant, other countries' votes would be divided, making it easier for Israel to win.

No. 380556

Something small that's been bothering is that on the official YT channel of ESC, some songs don't have official English translation in the yt captions. For example, this song, made it to the final and despite being very unpopular, other songs had a translation, making them more "accessible" to the English-speaking audience.

No. 380561

looking at the youtube video views for song videos on the the official eurovision channel is interesting, some songs have 2 videos up there others have more
>Europapa - 32 million combined views
>Rim tim tagi dim - 18 million combined views
>I broke the code - 17 million combined views

No. 380563

you know if israelis were smart they could spin this around as "see! people attacking eden created a uncomfortable experience for other artists too!!" but instead they're the usual idiots and keep crying about how now he too is a nazi bullying a 20-year-old girl when he points out that performing for an angry audience, even if not traumatic, is not a fun experience

No. 380564

Maybe Joost could have won after all. Didn't know he was this popular before the contest

No. 380565

The only thing I learn from Eurovision every year is that I hate the sound of European pop music.

No. 380566

When almost all the juries again gave the same song 12 points, it's just suspicious. Did they all have a meeting last year to discuss which country would be the most suitable host this time and choose Switzerland? Or was the combo of male + genderspecial too tempting despite people overall getting more and more sick of gender shit? Again, so many female artists that were worthy of winning last night, snubbed.

No. 380567

when i saw the ievan polkka moomin sauna dance i thought to myself this is what being a victim of racism probably feels like kekkkkkkk

No. 380569

I thought it was cute but I'm not Finnish though.

No. 380570

I think a lot of Finns enjoyed being acknowledged in any way after feeling so robbed last year. Just all the smugness of the rest of the performance did rub some people the wrong way though.
t: a finn

No. 380571

To be fair, the big 5 ALWAYS make it to the final so they always have a reason to watch and vote. If your country doesn't make it and you're a normie, you might not even watch at all. And the contest heavily leans toward English speaking songs, my country hasn't sent a song in our native language in my entire life - all in English.

I genuinely nearly always only like the songs from the northern countries because that's the culture I grew up in. The southern European songs that did well always shocked me because to me they were truly awful! You can't really stop your own cultural bias.

No. 380572

>colonize country for hundreds of years
>install and maintain your language there
>squash their chance at a honest victory and steal their show
>next year, humiliate them for their loss which you manufactured
>make fun of their culture in the process

I'm not even finnish but I was offended kekk

No. 380573

i mean, it was cute in a sense but i would feel differently about the skit if it was made by any other country than sweden lmao

No. 380574

Finally, a common enemy of everyone in the thread appears.

No. 380576

As a half swede half finn i like both countries, but this threads anger against Sweden makes me resent Finland and my own Finnish parts a bit for being so childish. Sweden did fuck all this year, they're not the EBU who made the shit decisions, the hosts really took the piss out of themselves/Sweden the whole show and people still go "wahh so smug".

No. 380577

boohoo go and cry about it at the scandi thread how everyone is just a jealous peasant that hates the kingly sweden kek

No. 380578

>an almost 40yo old woman
Nonnie that's so misogynistic a moid would say and actually did say, as they are allergic to women over 18.
Her age doesn't matter, we have enough ageism already. Fair to say that you found her song cringe or whatever and a zoomerfeast.
The Spanish singer was in her late 50s but did great in my opinion and was based. Please do better.

No. 380579

this is how the children of colonizers think t. a native finnish speaking finn

No. 380580

File: 1715525631772.jpg (87.09 KB, 1794x198, 786786748.jpg)

swedes are just too good compared to every other jealous ones there's no bias anywhere towards eastern euros etc sweden is just so good compared to rest of them (swedes please you're just fanning the flames with your funny reactions kek)

No. 380581

This is called the colonizer self-hate inferiority complex, nona. I'm sorry you think like this.

No. 380582

Are you truly retarded? Most Eastern European countries only started competing in the 90s or 2000s. The Western European countrie have been competing since the 60s and with a smaller pool of countries it was easier to win.

No. 380583

>Swedes are just as pissed off at the damn jury system
>I myself voted for Finland
Did you miss those parts?

No. 380584

Spain deserved way more votes she was based

No. 380585

Yeah and the moment east euro countries started performing well suddenly the 4-decade old system had to go and they had to insert more hoops for the countries to jump through in the form of semifinals and jury votes kek

No. 380586

> (swedes please you're just fanning the flames with your funny reactions kek)

and you missed this part relax nonnie we're all having fun here (bullying sweden and wathcing you squirm)

No. 380587

God I hate Swedes so much, if they didn't throw us into the meat grinder fighting their wars for centuries and actually picked up a weapon themselves maybe they also could've learned some humility

No. 380588

Nta but I'll humour you, nona:

The winners from 2000 to 2024 have been, in reverse chronological order:


>Norway (2009 introduction of the 50/50 jury/public vote system)

I don't know about you but I see a distinct trend after the jury vote was introduced.

No. 380589

File: 1715526200722.jpg (104.62 KB, 596x736, 65673475.jpg)

anyway what happened to this guy did he get involved in some drama (if he did please tell me i liked reading his stupid posts)

No. 380590

Don't forget how the swedish vikings raided other countries 1000 years ago too. Unforgivable.

No. 380591

that was norwegians you idiot, swedes were too busy being the incestuous retarded forest trolls they accuse finns of being

No. 380592

sweden colonized norway too though so if norway did anything bad it was actually the swedes

No. 380593

>Sweden hosts ESC
>Norway ends up in last place

No. 380594

Also Denmark colonized parts of Sweden so obviously they're evil too.

No. 380595

that's why they talk like they held a scalding potato in their mouths it's the hellfire sparkling on their forked tongues

No. 380596

No as soon as too many countries started to compete to fit into one night. Not everything is a conspiracy against Eastern Europeans, you suffer from an inferiority complex.

No. 380597

So, any countries that aren't evil that we can agree on?

No. 380598


No. 380599


No. 380600

I'm sure the stone age estonians colonized some cavemen's land at one point though.

No. 380601

Switzerland, unironically

No. 380602

San Marino. They are so pure they let anyone perform for them if you ask politely.

No. 380603

File: 1715526812576.jpeg (56.33 KB, 1200x675, 7fecf1af-b5f2-4ad8-82ac-37b2dd…)

They produced this anon

No. 380604

Basically what you're implying is that your own juries are prejudiced against your own countries because they're voting for non-Eastern European countries.

It's interesting how it's "in the 2000s the Eastern European countries just sent better and more fun songs, deal with the reality you stupid Westerns!" but as soon as that trend changed it couldn't possible be "Western European countries just send better songs!" no it's "rigged against Eastern European countries!"

No. 380605

fuck no, if you send a retard man in a dress who pretends that makes him "non-male" you're not innocent, you're literally worse than sweden

No. 380606

They are evil now too after making us deal with that genderspecial moid who won this year.

No. 380607

He's looking very inbred. I feel sorry for him.

No. 380608

File: 1715526899142.png (875.88 KB, 733x599, firefox_5bB1GtT8U5.png)

The downvotes…

No. 380609

Croatia threw a party for baby lasagne

No. 380610

>as soon as the trend changed
Bzzt. Wrong. As soon as ESC introduced jurycucks

No. 380611

he looks like the troon that made I Saw The TV Glow

No. 380612

Every country has men in it, so that means they are big evil and bad. Only a country devoid of moids could possibly be good.

No. 380613

those dead eyes. can't tell if psychotic or just retarded

No. 380614

>Sweden colonized Finland for 300 years
>Only let them go in the early 1900's after losing a war to Russia
>Still remained as higher class landowners in Finland
>Made multiple laws to prevent Finnish speakers from achieving certain positions and professions in the early to mid 1900s
>Still remain a privileged group with access to better positions of power and education, most wealth in the country still being in the hold of old Swedish families
>All of this is still visibly affecting the generations living today
>Finnish speakers and immigrants in Sweden have always been seen as second class citizens
>Guys that was so long ago you could just as well be talking about cavemen get over it!!!

No. 380615

File: 1715527072687.jpg (382.85 KB, 1788x1198, e8fb9772099cd52991c223082bf9b4…)

The correct answer.

No. 380617

By all genetic rights he should have been a high-altitude cow herder and should have never left his impassable mountain village.

No. 380618

File: 1715527200582.jpg (46.95 KB, 1028x237, 575yrty57.jpg)

gotta love norway for this headline though

No. 380619

They summed it up well.

No. 380620

his interview:

Q: Second place. Largest televote. First impressions?
BL: I'm happy, I'm proud. I'm really glad the public liked us so much since, as I said before, the public comes to the concerts, not the juries. So…

Q:This is still a historic result. You've written yourself into the history.
BL: Yes, very cool. I'm surprised by how happy I feel. I had thought I would be more sad. Like, we lost, but I'm not sad at all. I'm happy.
Q: We didn't lose. We are second.
BL: Yes, yes. Indeed, you're right.

Q: What was the feeling like on the stage? I don't know if you had seen the footage, but we saw it for the first time, the audience had the bracelets, and when the dance came on, the whole arena was flickering from the dance in unison.
BL: Yes, on the stage it was incredible. I'm super glad, we agreed as a team that we killed it, it simply couldn't have been better, we all did our absolute best work, we didn't miss a thing, everything was on point, and that made it so much better, and you know everything that happened happened because you gave it absolutely all you had. We won't be saying "Oh, maybe if this thing was better…", it was good.

Q: The entire country watched the show, countless cities and squares [public broadcasts]; tomorrow is the welcome ceremony, regardless of the second place, I don't know if you know. A musical program on the [Ban Jelačić] Square.
BL: Yes, of course, I mean, I don't know what the plan is, but I know an event is being prepared, so I'm off to bed right now.

Q: You've united everyone, that's for you the biggest success, right?
BL: Sorry?
Q: You've united the whole Croatia, is that also a big success for you?
BL: [laughing] Yes!

Q: You've managed to chart on many such lists, Rim Tim Tagi Dim is spinning on iTunes, Spotify, everywhere. The best position of all the [Croatian] Eurovision songs, that's what you were hoping for?
BL: [smiling] Yes. Yes.

Q: What's next? What are the first plans after this?
BL: Whole summer will be filled with concerts. I'll tour. Put out an album, film music videos. Continue to do music.

Q: First show is in [your hometown] Umag?
BL: Something else will be announced before then.
Q: But you will perform in your Umag, they have a special place?
BL: Yes.

Q: Any calls [for tours/performances] from other continents?
BL: I don't know, I need to ask my agent, I can't remember anything right now, there were many discussions… I really don't know off the top of my head.

Q: Can you tell us more about the other performance? Can we know about that?
BL: No.
Q: It's a secret?
BL: Not really, it just that the organisers haven't had the chance to announce it, so it's not my place to preempt them.

Q: Do you have any Eurosong idols you'd like to emulate in terms of the wider success?
BL: Måneskin, they've transcended the Eurosong highs, so they did a good job.

Q: What do you think about the Swiss entry?
BL: They had a huge televote support from the public for a reason, as I said previously, their song is absolutely fantastic, I'm not at all surprised they've won.

Q: Who would you dedicate this crazy Eurosong adventure to?
BL: I don't know. I don't even know what that means, no idea.

Q: [all together] Thank you, Marko, all the best.
BL: Thank you.

No. 380621

>Basically what you're implying is that your own juries are prejudiced against your own countries because they're voting for non-Eastern European countries.
nta and i know you're all busy hating on sweden kek but we fucking HATE the local competition jury here. WE didn't even choose loreen - a fucking jury did. WE were angry about it and they gave zero shits and sent her anyway.
The "swedish" jury is NEVER going to send a song in swedish BECAUSE OUR JURY ISN'T EVEN SWEDISH nor do they speak the language. We're fucking slaves to the corporate sham that is melodifestivalen and ESC, and then y'all get mad at us when we had no say in what happened and a bunch of pricks in other countries picked our song for us.

No. 380622

He is adorable. Croats welcomed him with the enthusiasm he deserves

No. 380623

Preach sis. All the unique, soulful songs and ones in our language gets noped by those judges, and we end up with yet another generic english popsong. The people are angry.

No. 380625

File: 1715527585910.jpg (208.58 KB, 794x1006, larisa-coroama-chained-speedpa…)

photo of swedes held in chains by the ebu mafia, free my swede sisters

No. 380627

speaking of songs with SOVL

No. 380628

>Finnish speakers and immigrants in Sweden have always been seen as second class citizens
lmao I AM one and this isn't even close to true lmao you're on american levels of DEI bs right now, next you're gonna ask for reparations and saying finn-passing swedes are oppressed too but swede-passing finns should shut up and check their privilege

No. 380629

i thought this was cute kek

No. 380630

>said by half swede

No. 380631

Honestly when loreen won last year sweden was VERY torn because most of us were too salty about the international jury picking our song for us. After she won we still played/streamed käärijäs song more than loreens song, we all wanted finland to win too!

No. 380632

I've said before that I don't think non-european countries should be in ESC, but I'm glad Armenia competed this year because of this cute and happy song!
She had already won once, it was so weird and unneccessary. Felt sorry for the other artists that could have competed for us and gotten the spotlight instead.

No. 380634

previous winners should be barred from entering, i think eurovision is at best when they introduce smaller artists with no international fame. part of the charm comes from seeing basically what are normal people with music careers getting a chance to have actual real celebrity's stage for once

No. 380637

unpopular opinion: at least it seems like he is actually gay and not the pervert het man type of enby, like if we're gonna have a queer person embarrassing us (lgb people) then it better actually come from inside the house instead of being some spicy straight girl larping

No. 380638

Heard he had a gf

No. 380639

fuck he looks so gay, i hate it when straight assholes calling themselves queer pull this shit in front of everyone and then we actual homos get blamed for their cringe behavior

No. 380642

Does he really look that gay? I clocked him as a spicy straight immediately.

No. 380643

File: 1715529339309.jpg (229.25 KB, 667x1186, 1092.jpg)

/ourguy/ is doing fine

No. 380644

to me he kinda looked like those awkward theater kid type gay boys, i actually didn't even watch his show i used it as a toilet break so i haven't had much exposure to him kek

No. 380647

Against all odds, Dylan Mulvaney shows that even classic theater kid gay moids can become AGP-esque abominations. Definitely looks like that's his case.

No. 380649

he looks like he's hiding marbles in his mouth

No. 380651

His presence came off as peacocking for women into feminine men instead of looking for gay male sex appeal tbh.

No. 380655

File: 1715530471362.jpeg (32.41 KB, 739x415, images (85).jpeg)

>His presence came off as peacocking for women

No. 380656

He has lip fillers. No man would go that far for women, he's male leaning bi at best. Hard pass

No. 380657

Have you SEEN the "unattractive men you're attracted to" thread in /g/ kek

No. 380661

I liked Armenia, Lithuania, Croatia (I hope sending fun artists to the contest will become a tradition there heh, I liked Let 3 too) the most. There were quite a few good songs/fun performances. Switzerland was surprising because I didn't even remember the song, and it's goddamn annoying how everyone gives the highest rate to one particular country. The song wasn't awful or anything but it definitely wasn't much better than all the other songs. It was weird seeing some countries not getting much or anything at all at the same time, so undeserved.

Lol I legit thought one woman was singing this song while I was doing some shit near the room with TV and didn't pay attention. I didn't remember how the swiss song sounded, and I was wondering what I've missed and if it was Shania Twain even kek (I didn't know she's Canadian)

Exactly, the whole thing reminded me of the last year so much. If not for jury, Croatia would win. And it's clear what kind of songs viewers like the most in recent years.

Idk anon, Ukraine managed to host it in 2005 and 2017 somehow, so why not. Pretty sure you're not poorer than us.

YYYAAAAAAYYYY нонічка! I'm also happy with the result

No. 380668

he is so disgusting looking wtf. moids like joost and kaarija are kinda ugly but at least look somewhat cute. he truly looks inbread and like he is balding under his curls

No. 380677

File: 1715532124554.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4016x4016, 46382937.jpeg)

Joost is very cute to me

No. 380678

What do you think the Dutch broadcaster will do about the disqualification? Withdraw next year? Sue? Demand auto qualification? Nothing and pretend nothing happened?

No. 380679

Anon love yourself, that moustache is heinous.

No. 380680

The swiss boy has a girlfriend.

No. 380682

Bisexuals exist

No. 380683

File: 1715532725464.png (3.48 KB, 416x84, 438293686_810704340918441_4868…)

Spicy straight it is.

No. 380684

Nonas I just got a flashback of a bad moment from yesterday, Carola appeared and sang and I got so excited but who stood next to her?? Fucking Conchita Wurst!! Whyyyyy he isn't even Swedish.

No. 380685


Yeah I know I am one. Pansexual is bullshit, he’s just a weak boy who wants extra attention because ‘oh look at me I have a personality that isn’t a stereotypical male I must be a special not-boy-or-girl!’
The best outcome is all the euro normies find out what non binary is and they just laugh at him like “oh that doesn’t make sense, whatever” and ignore it and call him a boy anyway.

No. 380687

Definitely sue. I hope they do. They better throw up a storm about this, their DQ was fucking ridiculous.

No. 380688

This fucker isn't even gay and probably never even fucked a fellow moid. Straggots stop embarrassing actual homosexuals 2024 challenge impossible.

No. 380690

I thought he was gay tbh. Imagine dating a guy who prances around in pink skirts.

No. 380692

File: 1715533791060.jpeg (387.44 KB, 828x833, IMG_3764.jpeg)

lmao of course he's a spicy straight. fucking gendies

No. 380693

spoiler this. disgustang

No. 380694

How tall is he? He looks like a midget.

No. 380696

Absolutely fucking retarded critique nonnie. Any Eurovision singer writing their own songs instead of getting B-grade Swedish sloppy seconds is going to write about something meaningful to themselves

No. 380697

He’s not even gay and they’re using the gay and trans emojis to promote him. Rigged psyop. He comes across as a really meek gay boy in interviews though.

No. 380698

I'd fuck that just for his wardrobe.

No. 380699

what wardrobe? he looks like any other tryhard moid except pink

No. 380701

yeah you can see tryhard moids like that in any techno party you go to

No. 380702

Nonna please love yourself.

No. 380703

If you're not a local?
Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland and Norway.
Worst are Switzerland, Germany, Czechia, France, Austria, Sicilians

No. 380704

though i guess this pic reveals he indeed is straight and not gay because of those shitty clothes, yes not all gay men are fashion slayy yass queens but now i see it. that hat with those shoes, that shirt with those pants, it's a fake's copy, a straight sims randomizer throwing some feminine shit together without understanding anything.

No. 380705

nonna there is this thing called shopping

No. 380706

based, him and Joost are the true winners
thanks nonna

No. 380707

In our hearts he won

No. 380708

What did Czechia do wrong

No. 380709

right? there's some shitty music festival in my town right now and you can toss a stone and hit five moids who dress like him

No. 380714

Thank you for translating! He seems sweet, i hope that with his tour he will also visit my country

No. 380716

File: 1715536879987.mp4 (6.81 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_736816965294756995…)

excuse the tiktok video but here's video footage of him from that event

No. 380718

They're just not the friendliest from many experiences I heard. But the experiences I heard are mixed. And I hold a personal grudge because a company there stole my personal project and framed it as theirs.

No. 380719

>people of gender

No. 380725

Why did he show up like he is trying to hide his presence?

No. 380729

File: 1715539535437.jpg (70.47 KB, 941x189, Mean.jpg)

No. 380730

We all know this kind of "bi" moid is only into "men" and "non-women" who are tifs with vaginas

No. 380733

We don't want to be there, thanks.
Here is where we will want to be, thank you very much.

Scandi countries have no sense of humour, and their music is bland, whereas slavs are actually funny and their music slaps.

No. 380734

any bongs here? let's cry together. at least other countries are also dealing with gendie Twink scrotes too

No. 380736

>american song contest (usa)
>it lasted a week
Burger here. They dragged it out over the course of 2 months iirc. They decided to do it in bracketed rounds and it sucked so hard. It lost all the magic that Eurovision has. The quality of the songs was overall much lower than Eurovision as well, although the winning song was pretty decent. It was some K-pop girlie from Oklahoma, vid related.

It was super disappointing and I wish my country wasn’t so fucking narcissistic. It really could’ve been great if they had actually modeled it after Eurovision and brought one song from every country in North and South America. But no, instead they just brought a song from each state and territory. There’s not a huge cultural difference when you break things down state by state for the most part either

No. 380737

> American song contest
why do burgers have to try and get involved in everything

No. 380739

File: 1715541058578.mp4 (8.74 MB, 1080x1080, StorySaver.net-hrvatska_radiot…)

Lasagna started crying because he didn't expect huge crowd welcoming him back

No. 380745

As a european I think that sounds fun though, I'd watch it. I bet some states would churn out amazing meme songs kek not this part though
>They decided to do it in bracketed rounds
that never works well in shows, they always put the best songs against each other too early and then it becomes obvious who will win in the end

No. 380746

There should be one for the US states, and another one for all the central and south american countries. Canada gets nothing as punishment for being a troon forefront.

No. 380750

He is hiding from Mossad

No. 380751

TV concepts get sold all over the world all the time, something like The Voice isn't originally American either. A broadcaster saw a successful concept running for like 60 years and wanted to adapt it, nothing out of the ordinary.

No. 380752

That's wholesome, damn. The same thing happened in Finland last year too, there was a huge crowd waiting for Käärijä at the airport welcoming him home and he said he wasn't expecting anyone to be there because he didn't win.

No. 380753

the reason being that swiss is a neutral country in political regards that is pretty wealthy (a good hosting country in volatile times) and that the EBU wanted to shift the focus off of israel/gaza.

No. 380757

the german commentator misgendered him during the show and received a shitstorm for it

No. 380759

I love San Marino. I root for them to make it to the final almost every year because they’re just so tiny and I want to see them beat the odds

No. 380761

Wholesome af. The true winner of Eurovision 2024 imo

No. 380763

Gross. Croatia should have won and we know this. I hate the fact the swiss got so many judge's points. Makes zero sense to me. pandering ugly mofo

No. 380765

I hate Switzerland more than any country right now.

No. 380766

norway and estonia DID NOT deserve this

No. 380769

File: 1715544124368.png (384.48 KB, 680x433, always sunny.png)

No. 380770

>There should be one for the US states, and another one for all the central and south american countries. Canada gets nothing as punishment for being a troon forefront.
latin america already has one, used to have another with spain and portugal and have two more new ones in the works
you will be please to know the canadian one is on indefinite hold

No. 380772

He looks like a caveman.

No. 380774

File: 1715544771338.webp (131.34 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.webp)


No. 380775

>I voted for Croatia, dear Croatian nonas, I tried, I feel like we all failed you.
We appreciate you. I'm glad we all know the true winner Baby lasagna is happy back in Croatia.

No. 380777

No. 380779

Based af. I hope all other countries go suck a cock. They are shit for giving Israel any points.

No. 380784

>I bet some states would churn out amazing meme songs
Maybe if the show had continued, but I think there were only 2 or 3 meme songs out of the 56 songs entered. I can’t find a video of the individual live performance, but here’s the first episode. Skip to 1:12:00 for the one meme song I remember liking

No. 380787

based for what? not having jews, kek?

No. 380788

Nta but come on this is such a transparent tactic. Saying all Jews == Israel, so anyone that is critical of Israel hates Jewish people. Israel would still be shitty no matter what religion they'd be.(derailing)

No. 380789

File: 1715546428873.jpg (70.03 KB, 540x589, tumblr_61087bb6530e45bc531770a…)

they really go after shit like this and the irish gendie writing pro-peace messages in an ancient dead language

No. 380792

not quite dead language ogham was used to write ancient irish, it can still be used to write modern irish which i think is what she did

No. 380793

lmao well done this is hilarious
anon nooooooo. you can't trust a themoid
either he's gonna be indistinguishable from the average misogynistic straight man or he's on a course to troon out

No. 380795

You can kinda work it into modern Irish but not really. There was a mid alphabet that covered everything until type writers becoming a thing made it was mashed into the standard latin alphabet. It's why you have weird bits like bh making a v sound. Fun fact Ogham is supported in unicode so I can write this

ᚔ ᚂᚑᚃᚓ ᚂᚑᚂᚉᚑ

No. 380800

>ᚔ ᚂᚑᚃᚓ ᚂᚑᚂᚉᚑ = I lofe lolco

that's adorable nonna

No. 380801

i love lolcow?

No. 380802

File: 1715547172584.png (357.06 KB, 800x1182, ogham.png)

᚛ᚆᚔ ᚅᚑᚅᚅᚐ᚜
fun fact it is the only unicode writing system were the space is not a space ' '
for those who dont know ogham was originally written on the corners of standing stones

another funfact many european universities are full of untranslated ogham manuscripts as after the fall of rome due do the spread of irish monks across europe it was one of the most common writing systems

No. 380804

File: 1715547240426.png (251.53 KB, 800x1268, ogham handwriting.png)

this is ogham handriting

No. 380805

Yep. No w in ogham so it's a little scuffed

No. 380806

ive seen cursive ogham but i cant find a picture of it but it is very hard to read

No. 380811

If you mean the bits around the Ogham I think it's the middle Irish alphabet. I think this might have been a translation document.

No. 380812

this is so interesting, thank you nonnie, thanks eurovision for bringing me here

No. 380817

no worries nonna,

another thing about ohgham is never call ogham runes ogham is ogham, runes are a completely unrelated germanic writting system, for some reason people get the two confused

No. 380823

File: 1715548326875.png (191.65 KB, 533x396, Screenshot 2024-05-13 000708.p…)

this is either performative for other gendies or he is just such a self absorbed little narcissist. he literally experienced first hand the bs israel pulled and he keeps talking about muh gender

No. 380829

i imagine this i how the call will go

No. 380837

im just joking, but how can any country change their televote if it was affected by either israel shills or retarded contrarians? like what can they do? glad ukraine and croatia had none of these retards, but what can other countries do about that?

No. 380848

File: 1715550430775.png (12.31 KB, 608x115, prof-moid.png)

Nta but nothing I guess. You could force only a certain amount of votes by credit card but I can easily spin up a disposable one with my banking app so people could vote over and over again. I saw pic related (a professor in a pretty good university here) vote 60 times just to own the woke in his incel ways. Jury votes can ease off brigading but then you're worried about the integrity of the juries. You saw that with this, where the juries voted for a very safe neutral country to set the next one in.
The only really solution is to ban countries who are bad actors but then there needs to be a whole investigation into who's acting naughty and that's opening up a massive can of worms.
Maybe get some registered voting system but that's way too much for a silly song competition.

No. 380853

I hate the swiss so much. They seriously only won cuz he was an enby loser. A man in a skirt won eurovision 2024. Pathetic

No. 380855

snoop dogg is just doing whatever these days

No. 380857

exactly, like it makes no sense to blame countries when there's literally nothing realistic can be done about it. Crazies will go crazy lengths to ruin the fun for everyone to prove something.
I wish they banned israel this year, especially when they banned other countries for less (free joost), but it's a sponsor country and not as easy as it was with russia or belarus.

No. 380858

A man in a skirt won in 2014, ten years later and, again, the man in a skirt, now nonbinary flavor, is a winner. Time flies by and nothing changes

No. 380863

File: 1715552139391.jpeg (421.17 KB, 629x893, IMG_8613.jpeg)

>Date of the article: 24 September 2019

So, if the contest was cancelled in 2020 does it mean that the brand is still owed one more year in the contract ?

No. 380868

Good find nonnie. I guess it would depend upon the specific phrasing in their contract. I’m thinking because 2020 was unprecedented that they probably had to just eat that year and let it go. Or at least I’m hoping that’s the case because then that means there’s an end in sight for all this bullshit. I guess we won’t find out for several months, but I really hope they’ve spent this past season looking for new sponsors

No. 380871

> that response
kek , fucking based

No. 380873

I love that he doesn’t give a fuck anymore and just does whatever makes him happy in the moment

No. 380899

>Moroccanoil contract ends and Eurovision finds non-Israeli sponsor
>Israel kicked out of the contest
>EBU issues an official apology to Joost and all other contestants who were harassed
>Netherlands still sues the shit out of the EBU
>no more rigged mass voting from juries or televote
>decent spread of votes that leaves me wondering who will win until the end
>a stacked lineup
>wholesome interactions from all the countries/zero tension
>happy memes instead of depressing ones
>Celine Dion

Please I am begging. I haven’t felt happy about Eurovision from start to finish since 2021

No. 380920

Agreed. I hate the not like the other boy lyrics but musically I liked Nemo's song way better. I enjoyed the mix of pop and opera (I also loved Russian Woman back in 2021 which was similar in that regard). His staging was awful though, and so was his outfit (why do non-binaries always dress like clowns, none of them ever have cool androgynous style).
Croatia's song just sounded like a rehashed (but worse) Cha Cha Cha to me. It was so over hyped.
My favourites of the night were Ukraine and Norway. I liked Armenia too, and Ireland despite the singer being annoying.
I don't think people would be so insistent that Switzerland was trash and that the juries must be in on some scheme to stop Balkan countries from winning if Nemo had been a normal guy instead of a man with pronouns in a skirt who spun around on a huge saucer.

No. 380922

And Kaarija and Joost kiss onscreen

No. 380923

>What does that have to do with anything?


No. 380924

God yes. Thank you I knew I was forgetting something

No. 380925

File: 1715571009819.jpeg (26.77 KB, 615x409, 1_Netherlands-Joost-Klein-Euro…)

I wonder if he's on suicide watch. Kek if he really has BPD and his ultimate dream was to be in Eurovision then I'm pretty sure he's taking it pretty rough.
Tbh all I want is the Netherlands to be able to send Joost again as a fuck you to the EBU.
Maybe it's time to search for another sponsor besides Moroccanoil after the contract ends this year.

No. 380926

>suicide watch
I’ve genuinely felt worried about that. This has been his biggest dream for years and just as he was about to achieve it, it’s snatched away from him in a crazy fucked up way. I hope he’s surrounded by people who love him and I hope he knows how truly loved he is by the public. Things are going to be rough and I hope he doesn’t just give up or become apathetic about life

No. 380932

You are very sweet nonna, thank you for genuinely being concerned about him

No. 380933

Can someone please post a picture of the nails? Can't find it anywhere

No. 380934

File: 1715572785837.jpeg (165.55 KB, 1284x1605, GM1L8z0XkAEZ30p.jpeg)

No. 380936

Kek this just looks like your average nail design? Idk what am I supposed to see here

No. 380938

Nta but the patterns are of olive leaves and the design on keffiyehs

No. 380939

Samefag they're also in the Palestine flag colours

No. 380942

File: 1715573475472.jpeg (352.27 KB, 1850x1040, IMG_3781.jpeg)

the black/white/green/red are palestinian flag colours and the patterns recall the traditional palestinian headdress.
still a relatively innocuous thing to get mad about. i can't believe ppl are getting censored over nail designs or super tame "war bad peace good" statements

No. 380945

I see it now, thanks
It took me a while to get it because I thought Iolanda was the name of a micro country or something kek. She's the portuguese participant of this year

No. 380947

Not trying to infight but why tf would you turn a war into a cute little nail aesthetic this is so embarrassing

No. 380950

Unpopular opinion but what if he really was in the wrong. I feel like the only reason people are on his side is because of the conspiracy theoriy that he got removed because of golan when in reality he got removed because he was agressive towards a female worker.
People are even making their own theories saying how she was taunting him when they weren't or saying that he didn't touch her (again you weren't there so how would you know).

No. 380951

it's stupid that she did that and it's stupid that people freaked out enough to try and censor it. i hate celeb culture

No. 380953

It was just a misunderstanding as far as we know. He said "hit" instead of "bump" in true ESL fashion.

No. 380977

I'm praying with u nonnie.
Add 'Azerbaijan kicked out of the contest' to the list too along with some official rules about how invading a country's territory, annexation, and ethnic cleansing are all grounds for a ban

No. 380978

>People are even making their own theories saying how she was taunting him when they weren't or saying that he didn't touch her (again you weren't there so how would you know).
the dutch broadcaster and sweedish police confirmed he did not touch her
it was also confirmed she was filming him against the agreed rules
it was also confirmed that she did the excact thing before and he complained
you are right that we do not what words were exchanged all we know is he said, "you again next time i will/may hit you" and that he made an 'agressive gesture' towards the camera
(both will/may have been reported to be what he said)

No. 380979

Whether he was unfairly treated or not this instance Joost still worked directly with Russians and held a concert in Russia in 2022 during the still ongoing fucking war and called russian women hot, he's not as "innocent" as he wants people to think

No. 380980

>"you again next time i will/may hit you" and that he made an 'agressive gesture' towards the camera
If this is accurate I genuinely don't think it's ok for a contestant to do and say that (especially a man to a woman) and that banning him was warranted. And I also personally think a man who goes directly to threaten a woman with violence in front of people like that has definitely done it before.

No. 380981

Looking at Swiss moid straggots YouTube channel, he looks like 100% straight. Dressed normally but since eurovision he started the gendie saga to get attention and better success. Not to mention filming himself trying to flirt with women in that faggy voice kek.
Nonnies this eurovision saga has so much milk im so invested hope it lasts long.

No. 380982

>the dutch broadcaster and sweedish police confirmed he did not touch her
He broke/damaged her camera/phone, so even if he didn't "touch" her he must have swatted at her or something though? Hence the initial "physical violence" reports I would assume

No. 380983

Sure the lyrics were retarded moidshit and going to an concert in Russia was dumb af but the band he collaborated with left the country and is against the war

No. 380984

theyve let people who have done worse compete, the isreali's this year, theyve let someone peroform before who whilst at eurovision started slagging of other countries and calling them nonhuman
apparently käärijä threatened a photographer last year

honestly as the other nonny said, we have no idea what really happened, he was also harrased by an isreali journalist due to his "why not" comment, and it is alleged the the person he had a disagreement with was part of the isreali delegation

No. 380985

has that been confrimed as it was not in the sweedish police statment or the dutch broadcasters

No. 380986

All politics aside, which song(s) was your favorite this year? Including semi-finalists too.

Mine was Ukraine! Beautiful performance and message, even though I hate religion kek I really liked Australia as well, the didgeridooing was fun to see.

No. 380989

This must have been intense for him if it was all unplanned. I think he is diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD. I saw an interview where he said he has tried all types of therapy. He said his life got better when he started doing affirmations. He seems like a guy with a positive attitude. He looked happy in pictures taken after the shitstorm. He will be ok probably

No. 380990

I wonder if anyone from Switzerland was pisses about him not showing the flag. I know he had it on his back but you don't even get to see it.

No. 380992

File: 1715587728144.jpeg (130.59 KB, 677x680, IMG_8614.jpeg)

1) if you're talking about CMH that song was recorded long before the invasion, the decision to release the song was by a label. he was just a feature on the song so it obviously wasn't in his control
2) if you're talking about russian village boys then picrel
3) he didn't go to russia and perform there post-war, and i'm assuming you're probably referring to this performance, in which they only play a recording of him. at the time he was performing in the netherlands
as far as i've been able to search there isn't any evidence or footage of him going to st petersburg in 2022
but yeah the song is gross and creepy in general tbh i can't defend that

No. 380994

His songs are in Dutch and I don't understand them because I don't speak the language but I looked through his channel a little bit and his gimmick is being a shitposter who enjoys publicity and being "random". I think he might have written some questionable lyrics but is it satire or playing a character, I can't tell

No. 380995

I'm not swiss and I was. I found it super disrespectful. He is representing a country not the gendies. He can go to Gendervision if he cares about it so much

No. 380996

>his gimmick is being a shitposter who enjoys publicity and being "random"
ngl that on its own makes me hate him

No. 380998

Nonas, does eurovision music sound "normal" to you in your countries? Everyone here (sorry i'm an evil swede, i can only apologise) specifically thinks of it as "eurovision music" and we all know none of those songs would make it to a genuine top list (here) on it's own, we know it's only there because it was part of ESC. Not even loreen and whatever other shit we send ourselves is anything like what is usually played here so I'm curious if it's the same for everyone else

No. 380999

Man him chasing the girls after one told him "I need to catch the train"…yikes

No. 381000

Joost before the contest
>It’s crazy. It’s actually insane. I feel very honoured. I grew up loving marketing. I love commercials, I love marketing, I love thinking about aesthetics and ways to market myself. It’s my life. I got it tattooed on my leg. The fact that marketing is marketing now? It’s crazy.
It makes me think he didn't really care about making it to the finals and did all of this on purpose to get more popular

No. 381001

Tiktok and its consequences have been a disaster for the Eurovision Song Contest

No. 381002

File: 1715589523040.png (57.4 KB, 776x370, joostklein.png)

could definitely be a reason, but there's also this tweet of his from 2018

No. 381003

It's not a music people actively listen to. I never even know about the artists that compete for czechia, never heard of them or their songs anyhere before they compete… Last year i thought the girls had a good song and i bet they have a small obscure following but this year's artist..who the hell is even this?! Nobody listens to this, her voice is hisper-tumblr cringe.

No. 381004

Why would he destroy the chance to achieve his dream when he got so close to it if it wasn't for his benefit?

No. 381005

Aw I liked this song kek I was surprised it didn't qualify

No. 381007

That's not the case at all, you can like marketing and also Eurovision kek people are nuanced like that if you didn't know

No. 381008

>her voice is hisper-tumblr cringe.
A lot of people liked it in the movie thread kek

No. 381009

Why did he get himself disqualified then

No. 381010

>called russian women hot,
How is this bad? Do you think russian women are ugly or what?

No. 381011

He wanted to perform, he didn't get himself disqualified on purpose. It's more retarded to not perform than to perform, even if this scandal gave him a lot of views

No. 381016

This video you linked was when he was still youtuber eenhoorn joost so yeah its more of a shitpost. When he stopped being a youtuber, and started being a full time music artist. He kept the shitpost vibe for his music videos, but his text is mostly about mental health.

>I think he might have written some questionable lyrics but is it satire or playing a character, I can't tell

I can translate some text for this song for you. He does use word likes bitches and hoes.

>You come in with four, five hoes (whores)

>Respect for women, yes I have that too
>Lesson one, Lesson one of life
>Respect all bitches
>Shoutout to women in the agricultural sector (this is probably because he is from Friesland which has a lot of farmers)
>In high school, a woman was my mentor
>So friend friend friend don't come and try to be cool
>What are you doing rude?
>Please don't whistle at my girlfriend
> I will push you off the mountain without your skis on
>Woof woof woof just like huskies
>You men doing anything for the pussy
>Shut the fuck up your pussy
>Don't talk to me you a pussy
>If you are on the bus, stand up for a woman
>She was nine months fat for you (refering to pregnancy)
>Be grateful
>Call her and thank her
>For everything she ever did
>On vacation to the Everglades
>I experience all levels
>But I'm already settled cousin
>Find a woman and say something nice
>Please don't fuck it up
>But don't assume her gender
>You can't look it up
>Find a woman and say something nice
>Please don't fuck it up
>But don't assume her gender
>You can't look it up

No. 381017

What did he mean by this? Parody?

No. 381020

>What did he mean by this? Parody?
Well yes and no.
Some of the text is obvious satirical, for example saying to respect women but then also calling them "teven" (translates to bitches). However to be fair its to make a rhyme with "leven" and "vrouwen" does not rhyme with it. He is also making jokes about assuming "her" gender at the end. So pretty much making fun at genderspecials.
However the middle part seems pretty genuine, about giving your seat to pregnant women in the bus and making sure to thank the women in your life and be grateful. Petty much saying that moids shoudlnt try to come off as cool while being rude to women.

No. 381021

I can't believe some of you are still malding over Israel and coming up with delulu conspiracy theories instead of just accepting that some people liked the song or like Israel or probably just wanted to piss off people like you.

No. 381022

you're the only person still talking about it right now since last night to be fair

No. 381024

Joost is just a typical attention seeking scrote who wants to be a mix of Sam Hyde and Bladee (vomit). They wouldn't disqualify him for no reason, it never happened in ESC history. His team was allegedly getting harassed by old Israeli men and he didn't do anything to them, but he threatened a random woman working there. Everything spent on his entry was wasted and his country has to withdraw from Eurovision indefinitely, he ruined opportunities for future artists. His spot as a finalist was also wasted, the NQ country with the highest votes could have performed instead of him.

After all of this, people are still rewarding him by treating him like a hero and streaming his shitty music. Why is the fandom simping for him when he has not been proven innocent? They are trying to make him seem like he made a brave statement when he didn't. Before the contest, he was asked by a campaign of other Dutch artists to not participate in protest of Israel's inclusion and he refused, he had a neutral approach. When the contest began, he suddenly did a 180 and confronted the Israeli singer when he was in front of the press.

No. 381026

File: 1715597325706.png (12.89 KB, 538x175, princess-bambie.png)

Bambie Thug working as a party princess fills me with a sense of confusion and joy

No. 381028

There is no way he moid raged on purpose to get dqd, but he did benefit in the end. There is honestly absolutely no way anyone would defend a woman over getting dqd in the same he was because men always get babied when accused of crimes

No. 381029

>"But don't assume her gender"
so is he a transphobe making fun of troons, if so i might forgive him kek

No. 381031

So he writes songs about bitches, hoes and pussy, regularly shitposts "random xd rawr" shit and people still think he totally didn't threaten a woman with violence on purpose because he's a shitstain moid?

No. 381035

Why anons are fangirling this moid is beyond me.

No. 381036

Everyone kept saying the accusation was "out of character" for him but I was thinking, no, it does sound in character to me. Did he do something terrible? I don't know, but he probably did and why should we give him the benefit of the doubt? The EBU didn't. I wish they would disclose what exactly happened with footage already.

No. 381038

I feel like sympathy towards him having lost his parents and extreme hatred towards Isreal is blinding people to the possibility that he might not be a very nice scrote.

No. 381040

File: 1715601515778.webp (46.75 KB, 640x586, hitler-dood-wat-nou-the-dutch-…)

ot but can't get over how funny dutch sounds

No. 381041

Am I supposed to be offended by this?

No. 381043

Yeah it’s so stupid to imply he planned this. It’s been his dream for years and it has a strong connection to his parents memory

No. 381044

No. 381045

Love the duality lol

No. 381050

>Swedish police is "mostly done" with Joost Klein's investigation. The case will be handled in the form of "faster prosecution", which a case can only go into if there is clear evidence to prosecute. It seems the Dutch media's version might have some holes in it.

Swedish source: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/a/OopWK3/polisen-om-joost-utredningen-ar-i-stort-sett-klar

No. 381051

File: 1715603233818.png (191.09 KB, 599x330, Italia-semi.png)

For the leaked semis it's only off by 3% for Israel (I'm guessing that's what your are getting at). That just seems minor errors not anything malicious.
The finale seems to align with what's on the official site.

No. 381053

Tinfoiling that he probably broke a camera and might have to cover the damages or pay fine etc after we was stalked by the jew journalists. But still moid rage. He could start recording them too instead of acting primal. Probably went for the female journalist on purpose.
Ugh moids.

No. 381055

Italy released them on purpose so that people would vote for other counties so that Israel wouldn't win.

No. 381057

based schizo theory

No. 381058

Take off the tinfoil hat nona. There's no grand conspiracy by the Italian government to try to disenfranchise Israel with a silly song contest.

No. 381059

Why do people keep saying shit like this? It’s literally been confirmed by EBU, Swedish police, and Dutch broadcaster that nothing physical happened

No. 381066

File: 1715604728874.png (71.89 KB, 694x583, 1715537597908.png)

A nonna on the unconventional male attractions thread posted picrel with an article

>Note google translate says cut but the original word skärrad means scared or shaken.

No. 381071

Then why do it? It's not like they recently joined eurovision and don't know the rules all those years. Sanremo has nothing to do with it. Italy is one of the big 5. Imagine having to pay big fees so that Israel can organize 2025 Eurovision song contest and happily dance after all this shitshow. And you underestimate schizos and terminally online people. They wanted to escape the worst.

No. 381072

schizoposting is the best keep them theories coming

No. 381073

This source states Joost admitted to using his fist in an aggressive manner while lunging towards the woman, but that he didn't physically hit her. It checks out with typical male violent intimidation

No. 381077

They look like plastic Christmas trees, so yes.

No. 381078

There are 100 different stories about what he has done exactly.
>He did nothing
>He showed the middle finger
>He said "you again?"
>He made violent threats
>He said something sexual
>He got annoyed because she filmed him when she wasn't allowed to
>He was defending himself after photographer said something about his parents
>He broke her camera
>He beat her

No. 381081

File: 1715607465112.png (37.84 KB, 600x964, 1715425005900731.png)

let's be honest joost could've done a nothingburger and they still would've disqualified him because all they needed was the dumbest reason
fuck'em, I'm still vibin to euroPApaPApaPAAA

No. 381085

nta, but they look exactly the same as ukrainian women

No. 381093

File: 1715608268576.webp (190.79 KB, 1200x1128, 0_0.webp)

I'm all for doing what you like but it's so far removed from her stage persona so that's why it surprised me. My internet sleuthing couldn't find anything of her in princess cosplay but I seen this. Same interview says Facebook hired her to dress up as Elsa for an event.

No. 381104

>Nemo stated that they prefer to be referred to by their given name instead of pronouns in German, and use they/them pronouns in English.

No. 381105

jerry heil wore a sweater with name banderaciaga glorifying man responsible for massacre in wołyń

No. 381106

File: 1715609776015.png (1.17 MB, 1100x758, Bambie with friends, incuding …)

No. 381110

Doesn't German already have neutral pronouns? Just take the das/einen boy. Stop trying to be extra special

No. 381113

NTA but that would be the equivalent of calling him "it" in English.

No. 381131

Ah sorry, it's been many years since I learned German in secondary school.

No. 381139

I despise the German commentators for the Austrian stream. Blatant racism against every Slavic country whenever they were about to sing, racist implications about their songs that aren't fucking there, associating Baby Lasagna with sexism just because their song might be inspired by Rammstein's style and other shit but they hype Israel's song and the Switz enbyfag as the best shit ever and not political at all. And then they get anger fits when they hear the audience booing against Israel.

I hate this fucking country. You can be as racist as you want as long as you PRETEND to stan Israelis (not Jews) and love them more than you love your own people because it CAN'T be that an Israel fan could possibly be a racist, misogynist or classist piece of shit.

Israel is the absolute letter of indulgence for every German. Even actual Hitler/NSDAP voters get rid of their sins by just harassing everybody that says anything bad about Netanjahu (not making this up I had such people in my family).
Sorry for the rant I just needed to vent and it's not like I am allowed to do this in real life without asking for problems.

No. 381143

That's Bambie Thug???? She's legit so cute wth

No. 381144

Same. Welcome to Europa I am Willy Wonka, Europapa Europapa

No. 381147

This is one of the songs that I didn't think sounded like Eurovision music. This sounds like regular pop (poprock) girl music, that whispering vocal style has beeb popular for years.

No. 381148


ikr? she is adorable here >>381106

No. 381149

That sounds like a disaster, our commentator always goes an extra mile to be respectful towards every act and actually does a lot of research beforehand to give a bit of an introduction to each contestant during transitions. I respect him way more now, he even said during an interview that he doesn't want to ruin peoples' nights by inserting his own opinions into his commentary.

No. 381150

the juries ended up voting for the manby and the femby more than the televote but for some reason gendies still like to pretend they are the counter culture.

No. 381151

I'm just waiting for AVROTROS to say something about the situation. Surely they're not going to disappear until September and be like "Hey remember Eurovosion? Here's our singer for 2025!" and pretend Joost never happened. I'm hoping for big drama between AVROTROS and the EBU.

No. 381152

my country's commentators(at least for as long I've been watching) always had pretty mild and neutral opinions and even if they stated their opinions they had something nice to say. I heard about that english guy who is roasting acts but not as bad as this.

No. 381153

Yep. Also as a person from Cork, she really seems to be supressing her accent. We have a pretty distinct one. She lives in London though so that's to be expected. In fairness no one could understand us if we spoke naturally.

No. 381156

THAT IS THE WITCH GIRL? Holy shit, I scrolled past it thinking it was a reaction pic

No. 381158

i like 11:11 by Megara a lot, tbh, it's not a great song, and the performances were weak, but it's a song i've been listening to often other than We Will Rave and La Noia and Pedestal by Aiko.

No. 381161

no, no no, she's onto smtg

No. 381165

fr i'm not german but neutral pronouns are used a lot for inanimate objects and seeing my country's commentators and tv people referring to bambie and nemo as "it" is so terribly cringe. i never expected the time would come i'd see it used so much on tv it's terrible

No. 381166

I'd honestly like some German nonas weigh in on this because sie is feminine, you (polite) and they. Also the whole language is gendered. Like a chair and table are masculine.

No. 381170

No. 381172

>that english guy
he's actually irish
for some reason the bbc has for decades now used irish presenters for eurovision

No. 381173

ayrt i know some german and my language is gendered. in my language the words girl and boy are neutral but that doesn't make them "it". however when referring to a boy and a girl, they are still he and she unless you say "the boy/girl" where you use "it" but it's within the grammar rules. german works in a similar way but i won't delve into it as my german isn't that great

had no idea kek. not that it really matters. my country had a black man being a commentator with another guy this year(they kinda sucked tho as they weren't genuine eurovision fans and it showed)

No. 381176

Nemo is now slagging off eurovision and the ebu bigtime
not about isreal, the neatherlands, or vote rigging but about…
not being inclusive enough and is demanding change

No. 381177

Not inclusive enough of what?

No. 381178

gendie stuff

No. 381180

File: 1715618512853.jpeg (332.21 KB, 750x1076, IMG_8616.jpeg)

zheani on bambie thug's alleged skinwalking

No. 381181

File: 1715618527633.jpg (55.08 KB, 636x900, GNVNQaWX0AANfr4.jpg)

He literally won?

No. 381182

File: 1715618568364.jpeg (273.34 KB, 750x1083, IMG_8617.jpeg)

No. 381185

File: 1715618647542.jpeg (161.9 KB, 750x923, IMG_8618.jpeg)

kekkk well…

No. 381186

isnt modern witchcraft just cringe larping anyway so why does it matter

No. 381187

this cringe shit >>380823

No. 381196

I like Zheani but I don't think Bambie Thug was copying her, they're not that similar

No. 381236

Do tell in what way he thinks gendie shit isn't catered to enough because I can't think of what he possible could want or need more

I have no idea what I'm looking at

No. 381275

if we really wanna go there i think bambie as an irish woman has more claim to the european paganism based modern witch larp than an australian woman

No. 381283

Don't usually pay attention to Eurovision but apparently Gåte was in this year? I'm a fan of their's. Disappointed they didn't win. A lot better than that Swiss gendie moid who won.

No. 381290

not only did they participate but they got last place. fucking robbed i can't believe it. can't understand why cool entries like this always rank so low, same with france's "fulenn". stop fucking rewarding anglo songs ffs

No. 381294

Tiktokfags ruin everything I swear. They shouldn't be allowed to watch.

No. 381296

i thought it was sad they came last, especially considering they were singing in breton,
given the history of the language it was amazing france sent a breton song only for it to come last

No. 381302

Fullenn was soooooo good, genuinely the only song from France I've ever liked.

No. 381303

i still think 2022 was the best czech entry
i think 2023 may have been hampered as there were were conspiracy theories being shared all over twitter that it was a pro russian terf song

No. 381304

I hadn't heard of them before but I've gone through their back catalog since and love their material! Great band, shame the ESC audience didn't appreciate them.

No. 381305

what about voila?

No. 381308

File: 1715630898683.jpg (236.77 KB, 1440x1440, 643ff8fdcca152b5693f6f81af2c6a…)

i can't stop thinking about him

No. 381311

>i think 2023 may have been hampered as there were were conspiracy theories being shared all over twitter that it was a pro russian terf song
Is there more info on this?

No. 381313

I see the appeal of the staging and charismatic singer but the song itself? No. I really don't like chansons, they're a bit overbearing to me.

No. 381314

File: 1715631234738.jpg (37.65 KB, 480x640, 51969996719_d76f646fde_z.jpg)

There's only so many ways you can do scratchy writing. Witch isn't original either
If she wants to go with that it's the Blair Witch logo with a couple extra squiggles

No. 381320

there is a bit in the eurovision thread no.2

No. 381323

i just want to add that its 100% nonsense, and a ukranian nonny debunked it before anyone thinks it's real

No. 381334

deets, is he mouthing off in interviews about gendershit or what?
that's some incredibly generic stuff, you see that kind of shit on every other goth or halloweenish thing. mights as well sue party city

No. 381338

yeah hes saying eurovision needs to do more for the lgbtq, gender nonconformists and is talking about the diffculty he faces smuggling in the gendie flag

No. 381355

gendies are the most ungrateful egotistical narcissistic cunts alive

No. 381356

>"when I get on stage I just shut down and become… lasagna, I know it sounds cheesy"
kek I like him

No. 381400

>for some reason the bbc has for decades now used irish presenters for eurovision
Are they all commenting in the same way he does? Because, from his quotes I saw here, no wonder UK gets zeroes from everyone kek

No. 381405

Oh no! Not our sigils!

No. 381406

fucking hell. If Eurovision truly panders to gendershit, I'll stop watching all together. it was already insufferable for 2024 between the gendie shit and the isreal crap.

No. 381412

the last irish guy the bbc used was terry wogan he did it from 1971 to 2008, then the current one took over
he still made the odd remark but was a lot nicer
but he became a lot more cynical and rude as time went on though as he viewed eurovision decline, get more politcal, and go through a number controversies
in 2008 he did a interview slagging of the whole thing and he quit

No. 381414

the interview he gave in 2008 amazing how some of it is still relevant

No. 381420

i dont see what they could do any differently, i mean 2 gender neutral people competed this year the first drag act in eurovision was the 80s, i dont see what the guy is complaining about

i dont think they will force it in as it may cause a loss of viewers which may lead some countries to pull out,
not only eurovision countries on the international level as well for example…

eurovision used to be big in china and this was aknowledged by that cringe song about china by the danish hosts, but china and eurovision had a big falling out due to china censoring parts of eurovision, specifically any lgbt refferences, tattoos, songs they didnt like, and countries they were currently having a spat with

eurovision is very big in latin america, and to be honest i have no idea how they would react to eurovsion forcing gendie stuff in

No. 381421

you're telling me Israel won 4 times and all of the east europe barely won once? wow. it's time to send sponsors from the east just saying

No. 381441

Let's be real, give any man a skirt and he will get spicy straight privilege. Funny how the obvious male still won over the nonbinary girl.

No. 381442

They want to turn Eurovision into Gendievision. Next year we will see more trans/nonbinary singers for sure, look how well this strategy worked for Switzerland. Can't wait to see all the gender havers cannibalizing each other for votes.

No. 381445

This isn’t a shit post? lmao

No. 381446

>eurovision is very big in latin america, and to be honest i have no idea how they would react to eurovsion forcing gendie stuff in
I'm from latin america and I don't know anyone here who even knows what Eurovision is kek. That said I think the same people who watch it are probably into drag queen shit and kpoop so they will tolerate it just fine.

No. 381447

This is all just squiggly lines kek

No. 381448

Online ""Witches"" are very defensive of their sigils to be fair kek

No. 381487

Loved Estonia this year

No. 381544

Didn't know Loreen's career went so far back

No. 381550

File: 1715659061361.jpeg (804.59 KB, 1290x1165, 1715656383062.jpeg)

Reminder that a lot of Europe isn't as keen on gender shit as people might think.

No. 381551

Why is San Marino singing in Spanish? I thought they were Italian speakers

No. 381553

San Marino has like 30k citizens, their performers are almost always foreigners. They hold an open audition you've got to pay for to take part of, that's how they make a good chunk of money and whoever wins has to fund their own participation for ESC.

No. 381554

Vid unrelated?

No. 381557

The Joost sperging online is reaching Adam Drivers levels of crazy can joostfags explain what they see in him

No. 381559

>didn't get the joke

No. 381560

No. 381561

>funny man hahahaha
You know men don't have to be attractive to get hordes of fangirls, just vaguely funny. same thing that ugly manlet from Finland last year.

No. 381563

this is making some waves in the Polish community (i see you, fellow PL nona), but is anyone surprised the hyper-nationalistic Ukrainians who sang about wartime Ukraine wore a hyper-nationalistic sweater? Ukrainians have been praising Bandera as a national icon and dismissing the massacres in Galicja since forever. it is a stupid move on their end considering how post-invasion Polish-Ukrainian relations have been starting to fray. doubly so, given how Russia still asserts that the invasion was necessary to deal with nazis, so perhaps slapping a nazi collaborator's name on your sweater isn't a particularly smart move. anyway, i doubt anything will come of this because nobody gives a fuck about Poland kek

No. 381564

drag race exists if the narc desperately wants a show where he can pigeonhole himself as exclusively whining about fake gender shit

No. 381565

A lot of people seem to forget that just because someone behaves and appears sweet and sociable during the contest, doesn't mean they don't have opinions or values or believes that clash with your own.

No. 381566

He is ugly but maybe some of the Joost fans are Dutch women who remember him from when he was young and cute like in >>397460 and just ignore the mullet and stupid mustache. Like Johnny Depp stans a couple of years ago acting like he was still a hearthrob even though he was a decrepit bloated alcoholic at that point.

No. 381567

Graham Norton is also Irish, he was born in Dublin, grew up in Cork, and both of his parents are Irish. He's just based in the UK but not actually British so the other Nona is right. It is mildly interesting how the UK picked sardonic Irishmen to be their commentator twice in a row.

No. 381569

Isn't this kind of scratchy writing common in the witch/alternative community? Although I do think Bambie is larping because literally all "witches" are mentally ill people with a collection of candles larping, I think this is a stretch.

No. 381571

as someone who was also sperging about kaarija last year, it is the goofy guy effect. kaarija not speaking english and interacting with everyone last year made him very likeable to many people. he also had good songs but became too cringe and fujo pandering so i had to unfollow. i haven't followed joost as much i did kaarija, but despite him being kinda ugly and having a very unflattering look, i unfortunately find him kinda cute. yes sometimes i fall for the ugly guy psyop but it goes away kek

also has any dutch nonna followed him during his youtube era? he has been an OG youtuber from what i can tell and he has deleted most of his videos. from what i can tell he was the typical lul so random edgelord

No. 381572

File: 1715665280264.jpg (356.96 KB, 628x1430, Screenshot_20240514-062546.jpg)

Do any of you think Bambie might have had some kind of mental breakdown in the last few years? Picrel is from her Facebook page. She's had the account for over a decade and all the pictures are super normal, she didn't start the goth non-binary witch schtick until more recently. She released her first song a year after this normal looking picture was posted while apparently in the midst of a drug addiction (she also posted a music video for it on a porn site). She also says she got into a toxic relationship in 2021.
I'm really curious to know when this goth non-binary stuff started, because literally everything on her Facebook depicts her as a totally normie looking woman, except for one pic from 2021, posted on the same day her first song came out (the most recent profile picture), which still isn't that out there, she just looks emo-ish in it.
I really wonder if she had some kind of mental break from the drugs and bad relationship, and the non-binary goth witch stuff came out of some terrible identity crisis. Because it just seems that she spent a long, long time being normal, and then suddenly she became a queer pagan with no in between stage or any indication that she cared for witchcraft or LGBTWIFI5G stuff at any point before that (except for supporting gay marriage in Ireland in 2015, but that's not the same as believing someone can be genderless).

No. 381575

This, but tbh his agp act isn't even good enough to compete in the drag race either, he's just a mid act that can sing well enough while wearing a pink skirt to win.

No. 381576

It's true kek. Almost all "witches" online are larping for the aesthetic of it all, then they get mad when their totes real witchcraft gets "copied"

No. 381577

they look so similar with that estonian dude it's scary. what if they switched places for a day kek

No. 381578

I've never seen Drag Race but I feel like the kind of men on it who meticulously plan their outfits and makeup would be absolutely brutal towards this guy who literally dresses like a randomised Sim. The cheap looking short skirt, giant pink fur coat, ugly boots, and poorly cared for curls that somehow look both greasy and dry are not a good look. Why is that non-binaries never have cool androgynous looks and just dress as ugly as they can?

No. 381579

It's probably some identity crisis, wanting to belong, wanting to be seen, drugs, attention and validation. The gender cult always preys on vulnerable people who "need to find their real selves" like that.
Yeah this, it's the inoffensive goofy silly man look they both share. Makes them look more manageable and cuter (aegyo? Kek) than your average ugly moid.

No. 381583

Because they want to prove they can look cute/attractive like the opposite sex or as weird and shocking as they can for attention. No one who is sane could give a glimpse to Bambi or the Switzerland guy (idk what his name is at all kek) and not see that they're just people putting on a costume. "Nonbinary" truly is the fakest gender of them all.

No. 381586

His name is Nemo. Bambie and Nemo, no wonder they're both ridiculous.

No. 381587

>fujo pandering
kek what? did Joost x Kaarija really happen finally?

No. 381588

I loved the studio version of fulenn but the live version was pretty bad. One of the singers was very off-key and the staging was pretty underwhelming so it's understandable why it flopped. I really wish it had went better and gotten a higher place though, we don't need another decade of chansons and ballads from France. Plus there isn't a lot of Celtic acts in Eurovision despite Ireland and 2/3 UK countries being Celtic.

No. 381589

no i'm talking about kaarija pandering to fujos with his crew on lives and social media and that bojan guy from joker out. joker out and kaarija fandoms are literally cancer
not that kaarija wouldn't do this shit with joost but i don't think(and hope)joost does shit like this

No. 381591

norway isn't in this picture but i can't believe sweden would be that high, in norway at least everyone knows transwomen are men except weird gendies and they are just polite about it most of the time.

No. 381593

Ukrainian nationalists have been glorifying banderas openly now for 2 years, the history behind it has been whitewashed or dismissed as deflection by tankies. I don't see why she wouldn't feel the need to wear it on TV.

No. 381594

i said last irish guy i meant previous

No. 381596

>2/3 UK countries being Celtic
3/4 - Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland
plus also Isle of Mann and Cornwall
All the celtic countries compete in a song contest at the Pan Celtic Festival and i think most compete at the Liet International song contest for minority languages

No. 381599

File: 1715671640308.jpg (73.97 KB, 1080x1057, 4b8edcb7025666cccde9425190c778…)

Aww I thought Kaarija and Bojan's interactions were cute. I like that ESC lately has more men trying to appeal to women

No. 381603

I don't know much about these two except that they still trend on tumblr to this day occasionally and adopted a seal or something.
Bojan is a top tier Euro twink for sure, and Käärijä seems funny and nice. He comes across better to me than Joost even though they're the same type of funnyman. Joost has douchey fuckboy vibes somehow, idk how to explain it.

No. 381607

>more men trying to appeal to women
Which ones this year besides the joost? All the moids at ESC this year were fags, except maybe Professor X

No. 381610

I just thought it was a stage persona thing but then how she acted behind the scenes…
Girl needs help

No. 381613

It's honestly too bad that she's so obnoxious and clearly not managing whatever mental issue she developed in the 2020-2021, because I do think she's talented. Her staging was great apart from the trans flag bodysuit and the song is fine too, it reminds me of Jack Off Jill actually. I would have liked her if she was a normal goth woman who just likes the witch aesthetic and has an interest in her country's version of ancient paganism. But all of this stuff like having a meltdown because she got beaten by the proverbial elephant in the room and her entire personality about being kweer despite being a feminine (but alternative) straight woman with a song about her ex-boyfriend is borderline cow behaviour.

No. 381614

Kaarija does seem nicer than joost for sure but he pushed the whole fujo thing too far having an OF for xmas and shit. Also sometimes when he is rubbing his belly i felt like i was watching fetish shit kek

No. 381620

What is the source of these stats? I really don't think the average Swede believes this. Or that it is that high in any country unless they misunderstood the question.

No. 381622

Do you think it's fair to say Baby Lasagna plagiarized Rammstein? I'm a Rammstein fan and I liked Rim Tim Tagi Dim. I see people saying it sounds like Ich Will, Du Riechst So Gut and Laichzeit. I don't hear much resemblance to the first two but it does like Laichzeit. However BL says it himself that he was influenced by Rammstein. When you hear his song, you do hear that they were likely inspired by them but I don't think the main riff is similar enough to a specific Rammstein song to be considered plagiarism.

No. 381623

It sounds a little like Rammstein but not extremely similar.
Rim Tim Tagi Dim actually sounds more like a less chaotic Cha Cha Cha to me to be honest.

No. 381624

Not at all. You can tell they were inspired by them but that is not the same as plagiarized. They're also doing their own thing with their folk-inspired clothes and the lyric content (thankfully)

No. 381626

>Kaarija seems nicer than Joost
really? i've had the opposite impression tbh. well more like i think they're both fake skeevy moids in different ways. i like käärijä's song as much as the next person itt but i don't trust his act either

No. 381627

File: 1715676256108.jpg (845.1 KB, 1920x1336, 2h03nhcssab91.jpg)

I love that Portugal weirdly aligns with Eastern Europe on Euro stat maps

No. 381628

File: 1715676394788.jpg (95.58 KB, 1284x893, zn3wvaw2t7ub1.jpg)

No. 381629

Idk both of them have been through some shit. Kaarija almost died due to a bowel infection and had his colon removed and joost lost both his parents young. Shit like that would fuck anyone up moid or not. I've seen more kaarija stuff and he comes off as pretty nice in interviews it's just that i find his social media and onstage persona cringe. Idk much about joost but he does give off fuckboy vibes as another anon said

No. 381630

File: 1715676504019.jpg (200.66 KB, 1170x1992, GNf-bvWXIAEpgLq.jpg)

Palestinians are, unsurprisingly, not happy with the virtue signalling artists in ESC.

No. 381631

Well, they ain't wrong on that one

No. 381632

She also has an OF so she's only a few steps away from being a cow. I hope she gets the help she needs

No. 381634

From what I read on an article she deleted her OF and in general there was an attempt to cover it up but most pics can be found online. Many of them were from an MV of hers where she is almost naked in a big portion of it

No. 381636

With Joost and Kaarija,
People will always root for the underdog that gets their dream taken away by an unfair system. Specially if they're innofensively silly (and male). Their songs are fun.

No. 381638

Yeah I also really get the vibes that she needs some professional help. I honestly really feel bad for her. Doing porn and drugs must do horrid shit to your mental wellbeing.

No. 381639

Fellow Swede and I agree. If you ask someone "do you support LGBT rights?" they'd very likely say yes, but if you asked something basic woke as "do you think non-binary is real?" they don't agree unless they're a basement dweller woke terminally online autist, and most people likely still haven't even heard of it. My mom still legit thinks troons are just drag queens and calls them he/him without anyone batting an eye, and she thinks they're glam and fun to watch on tv so she "supports" them. I've still not seen a single local troon who uses our gender neutral pronoun in Sweden. In fact gendies here exclusively go by they/she/he online in English speaking social media, never in Swedish, and I go to fucking anime weeb conventions so I've seen a ton of them kek

No. 381640

drug addiction + sexual trauma = becomes gendie

No. 381641

kek just realized they're both named after fictional animals

No. 381645

What moving to London does to a bitch…
Seriously I have had 3 friends move to London and they became stereotypical tumblerinas. It didn't happen with other friends who moved to Manchester, Bristol or Dublin. That city makes people weird.

No. 381647

I agree, the average normie doesn't even understand what modern troonery means.

No. 381649

kek, of course. It's hilarious how gendies try so hard to pander to Palestine, when they would actually be stoned to death there. Like, they really think palestinians will be thrilled that that women with their tits out, moids in skirts, women dressed in tranny flags doing some witchy shit and having onlyfans are supporting them? I feel bad for palestinians, but trannies are retarded for thinking that they are some "noble savages" that will be okay with their shenanigans.

No. 381655

So supposedly Nemo's song was written before he claimed he was nbthen after it was handed to him, he came out as a non-binary.

It's not a song about his gendie hardships even

No. 381656

>trannies are retarded for thinking that they are some "noble savages" that will be okay with their shenanigans.
look i know this is true for many but i don't think they do think some war stricken muslims are going to be okay with their act and neither are those flamboyant gays aside from the underage or stunted ones. it's more of a humanity thing than a self interest (i.e what would benefit ME?) thing. it's the same with feminists and types of people islam disagrees with. spoilered for derail

No. 381657

I get the feeling that they're only trying to pander to other western wokies because they don't give a shit about what muslims would find offensive.

No. 381658

File: 1715681226854.jpg (1.13 MB, 1179x1278, 1001234781.jpg)

>very cute
>heavy dutch accent
>caused the most fascinating drama in esc history
>makes terrible music
>united europe
what's there not to like?

No. 381662

he is a violent cluster b lol

No. 381663

Don't forget he dedicated the song to his parents that he lost at a young age. Literally best euro boy

No. 381664

He looks like a child molester. How did this ‘look’ become mainstream? Zoomer women have the worst taste.

No. 381668

I wouldn't call it that mainstream, I think it's a pretty popular "alt" style nowadays. The mullets, moustaches, retro looks.

No. 381669

fair point, but with most males being mouth-breathing basement dwellers or tiktok thirst trap producers it's not like we have much choice kek. we need to lock all males away on a deserted island and make them do hard labour until they go back to normal

No. 381670

idc what anons say i think he's a cutie. behind all that postironic crap he's donning he's still cute

No. 381671

Based for the most interesting drama in esc history despite fucking up his mental health

I hope he can go back to having a decently cute look and stop looking like a pedo

No. 381672

I don't think it's alt. I have a finance bro friend and he has a moustache. No one seems to call him out on it. All the other guys still have beards so idk

No. 381673

he was already mentally ill

No. 381674

File: 1715682627660.jpg (73.23 KB, 736x915, edaf0bcde31e15bf66b0f6ba090f7b…)

I feel like some of you saw pictures of him when he was younger and cuter and now only see what he once was rather than what he currently is: a mullet wearing, hipster mustache having, wall-hitting moid.

No. 381675

I meant fucking up his mental health MORE kek

No. 381676

I don't know why but that pic screams Dutch. Like all he's missing is super blue eyes

No. 381677

His eyes are super blue tho. It's just this pic

No. 381678

he was trying to look older on purpose for europapa

No. 381679

>welcome to the show

No. 381680

Slight derail but the "welcome to the show" part of The Code reminds me of Jann's Gladiator

No. 381683

it reminded me of zitti e buoni's e buonasera signore e signori

No. 381687

Who do you think nonnas was the hottest performer on eurovision? I love the lady from Måneskin as well as the singer..

No. 381690

he'll "detrans" the second it benefits his image, and by detrans in his case it means… not wearing a pink skirt anymore.

No. 381697

File: 1715684903422.png (563.66 KB, 711x395, mååå.png)

Samefag, but I love how gender nonconforming and cool they all are without having weird gendie identity shit involved.

No. 381706

the czechia 2018 guy

No. 381707

UK being called terf island is very funny because compared to the rest of europe they're quite progressive when it comes to trans stuff. What is Eastern Europe then?
And I find it interesting how the most progressive countries are the richest ones.

No. 381708

>What is Eastern Europe then?
I'm pretty sure it's anything passed Germany but I don't think there's an official line. I've had Polish people tell me they are in the west.

No. 381709

I headcanon them as transphobic, but i'm sure in reality they've troon pandered like everyone else…

No. 381710

Nonna, i'm sorry but they are ugly as hell. The lady looks okay, but moids need to be censored.

No. 381711

the UK are terfs because of the Radical Feminist part, not the Trans Exclusive part

No. 381712

Damn Victoria and the long black haired dude are so hot would

No. 381714

File: 1715686108807.gif (9.09 MB, 640x358, jose-mourinho-i-prefer-not-to-…)

>Ireland and Norway

No. 381716

Having money -> having less problems -> boredom and still wanting to have a victim mentality and creating new problems like gender identities.

No. 381717

Just found out a really funny eurovision fact, Egypt qualifies for entry as a member of the ebu, and the agreed to enter only if one condition was met…
the ebu had to guarentee and fix it so that egypt would NOT win

No. 381721

Why don't they just remove the "winner's country hosts eurovision next year" rule?

No. 381739

File: 1715689020537.png (439.68 KB, 710x607, Skärmavbild 2024-05-14 kl. 21.…)


>In the weeks leading up to their breakout performance and surprise Eurosong final win, the self-styled ‘Ouija pop’ artist from Macroom, Co Cork, posted to social media and opened up about suffering sexual assault at the hands of “someone I called a friend”.

>"2023 was an amazing year career wise but it was also one of the hardest years I’ve had.

"I’ve had complex PTSD and numerous SA [sexual assaults] and childhood trauma but this year it was all reawakened in May when I was raped by someone I called a friend.
>"It happened three weeks before my debut Download Festival performance, the biggest moment in my career so far and honestly it stole the experience from me. I was completely dissociated, masking and don’t remember a second of the show.

No. 381740

What do you mean it was handed to him? At the post-win press conference Nemo said it was written as a collaborative effort at a song writing camp

No. 381741

And on a Bambie related note here's an old video that comes up if you search for her power word (Anna Linnea Lagerqvist or just Linnea Lagerqvist).

No. 381742

i mean he might be legit gay he's never stated what his sexuality is so there is a possibility he's just being a homo and not fujo pandering

No. 381743

we still gave a 12 to ukraine when this year's ukrainian artist is an admitted banderite. we should have given 12 points to croatia instead

No. 381744

I don't really get the point you're making here? If she experienced SA that's fucked up and not something to mock.

No. 381746

File: 1715689522033.jpg (58.67 KB, 624x936, fe97c084c7f9ed10c915242d2e58db…)

Female: Victoria De Angelis, Loreen in 2012 (not when she returned with that unwashed look), Kateryna Pavlenko, Noa Kirel, Ruslana. I think Barbara Pravi and Manizha are really pretty too but not in a "hot" way, Barbara has more classical vibes and Manizha is the cute and bubbly kind of pretty.

Male: Luke Black, Jann, Eric Saade, Benjamin Ingrosso, Alvan, Bojan, Mahmood. I thought Rybak was really cute growing up too but I'm not into his look anymore. Gjon is also attractive to me even though he's not really conventionally hot, I think his face is sweet. Damiano can be very unconventionally hot when he wants, but he can also look like a starving unwashed prisoner of war so idk
Picrel is Jann. He isn't for everyone, but I appreciate him for objectifying himself for the female gaze while he's still in his prime and his movements while performing are very catlike and slinky. He pulls off the zoomer alt look better than most and I personally think more men between the ages of 18-25 should take his example and show off their bodies before hitting the wall.

No. 381747

Why would I be mocking her just by posting an article? The point is that if there's something that potentially caused her to have a mental breakdown then this might be it

No. 381748

>the irish enby entry is swedish


No. 381751

She is half Irish, but there is something interesting about how even in a year when Sweden sent Norwegians, there was still somehow a person connected to Sweden among the performers.

No. 381752

Alright, sorry I misread the tone.

No. 381753

We need more guys like Jann

He has a girlfriend (as far as I know) that has been going to his concerts and he says he wants to keep his real life private so maybe the fujo pandering maybe partly to keep her safe from weirdos but also a marketing tactic

No. 381754

proud to be Eastern european tbh
>Russia 2%

No. 381755

A lot of Ukrainian points from Poland are probably from Ukrainian migrants

No. 381756

and no one can say anything because that would be transphobic dead naming, so the swede connection will stay mostly hidden… the conspiracy runs deep…

No. 381757

The Nordic conspiracy is real. WAKE UP NONNAS

No. 381758

Jann kinda reminds me hunter schafer kek

No. 381759

very likely but for past quite few years we always gave ukraine a 12

No. 381760

File: 1715690555768.jpeg (268.05 KB, 748x1104, eNcuG8d.jpeg)

You're wrong nona it's the Irish who control everything. Sweden is a puppet state

No. 381761

File: 1715690609884.jpeg (429.41 KB, 748x2009, FSLHzwP.jpeg)

No. 381762

I will get dragged for this but I think Hunter Schafer would be attractive in a similar way to Jann if he hadn't trooned out and didn't didn't use makeup that washes him out like a sickly Edwardian child

No. 381763

I think he identifies as pansexual or something.
Personally I think he's bi. Apparently he has a girlfriend and no gay man, even the ones who don't care about fashion, would dress so unbelievably hideously like he does. But he has such a faggy voice even when he's singing and I don't think a fully straight man would have such a stereotypical gay voice

No. 381768

Aren't bi and pan the same thing?

No. 381771

I liked Poland's entry this year but I was expecting them to send Jann since it was a huge controversy last year. Why didn't they send him?

No. 381774

Pretty sure "terf island" was coined by american TRAs shocked by outspoken british feminists online actually criticizing trans ideology. They don't care about conservative non-anglo countries, they only care about feminists.

No. 381775

ayrt and i don't think it's an unpopular opinion. He would look so much better being a irl bishie moid, but his ugliness comes not from his looks but from his mind, unfortunately.

It's funny how after the last year's fiasco with Jann and Bianka they decided to choose this year's entry for esc internally. It could be that he didn't apply even, like i wouldn't if i was in his place.

No. 381777

Ayrt; they are the same but pansexual is for people who believe in gender identities and I'm pretty sure is what Nemo has described himself as, whereas bisexual is the term used by people who aren't delusional

No. 381786

luna's song was only selected because she's a nepo baby heiress of a ketchup empire. her daddy paid her way in, it's not possible to explain it other way that she was selected over other entries, including ones by established artists like kayah or edyta górniak

No. 381789

File: 1715694635088.png (522.67 KB, 998x614, bollywood cgi.png)

This ESC was an absolute shitfest so this got overlooked, but last year Swedes bribed the juries and stole Kaarija's because of "big ABBA anniversary" only to serve us THIS CGI SLOP?!?!
It looked and sounded retarded! Even more with that faggotron Conchita singing their songs with his nasal gay voice.
What an absolute fail, I hate Sweden, what the fuck.

No. 381790

Yeah that show was so cringe to watch. Idk if there's any point in tinfoiling about the jury votes anymore though, it happens every year where the juries vote for the most bland boring things as long as the singer is deemed good in their books. Käärijä is not a strong singer so he didn't get votes from the jury.

No. 381792

>Eurovision Song contest organisers have defended disqualifying Dutch contestant Joost Klein from the competition.
>The Eurovision Broadcasting Union (EBU) said in a statement on Tuesday: "The version of events released in some public comments and on social media does not correspond with the statements shared with us and the Swedish Police by staff and witnesses. Joost’s behaviour was in clear breach of contest rules which are designed to ensure there is a safe working environment for all staff and to protect the production. We are not pre-judging the legal process but, given the circumstances of what occurred and the fact that the police case will shortly be handed to the prosecutor, it would not have been appropriate for Joost to participate in the grand final. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour at our events and will always take necessary action to address threats to staff – no matter who they come from."

No. 381795

Agreed. Käärijä's song was more interesting but Loreen's song was pure jury bait. Many jurors are divorced from what fans like and treat the contest as a trade show for their radio stations and record labels. Plus a lot of them aren't fans and don't watch it regularly, they're just people who work in the music industry of their countries. Fans might have known that it was going to be the 50th anniversary of Abba's win but a lot of jurors wouldn't have because they're not big enough fans to know fun facts like that. I really do think that Loreen just had the song that appealed to the juries taste and that it wasn't some Swedish scheme. And the same for Nemo, I don't believe any theories that the juries rewarded him for being a genderspecial man. He just sent the type of serious pop song that the juries eat up and it succeeded.

Sweden hosting the contest was the best outcome considering the mess that happened this year as they have more recent hosting experience. It would have been an even crazier year if a broadcaster that's not used to hosting was in charge. Nobody knew it at the time but Loreen rescued Finland from having this catastrophe of a contest on their doorstep.

No. 381802

yikes. now her shitty vocals make sense ig

No. 381804

France's 2023 contestant La Zarra says her music video was removed from the official Eurovision channel, Eurovision France and her own channel
>"Guys, I received several messages, it seems that France Televisions removed my music video from my channel, which is still under Universal France's control. I guess they didn't like me revealing some of their practices! Well, we don't care about the clip, but the harassment continues! That's a shame, but for artists, when we're subjected to mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats to our careers, to our person, we don't have any resources and when we speak out, we get blocked in the industry. Imagine if I told everything, everything, everything, everything, I think it wouldn't fit in a post, it deserves a little book, don't you think?"

No. 381806

File: 1715696455407.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

>file name

No. 381810

That's disgusting. They should improve their ethics and not be so petty to remove performances of people who dare to speak up. I hope she drops all the info she has, there is so much milk for sure.

No. 381811

File: 1715697269725.jpg (714.02 KB, 1800x1110, image-1451131970.jpg)

They robbed us from more moomin and fun Käärija music and instead gave us stupid cgi holograms. I don't even hate Loreen either but her performance was so weird too

No. 381812

ABBA themselves said from the very start that they wouldn't re-unite for Eurovision soooo

No. 381814

>creepy unsettling
It's cringe before it's any of that but at least the witch act is better than another soft core porn act on stage

No. 381815

Ofc not, i love witchy aesthetic, it might be cringe to some but idc, it is the least offensive popular aesthetic nowadays. But porn, drugs, tranny shit ruins everything about her. Plus, all that shit, sudden change of almost everything about her, her going through sexual assault and some of her behavior makes me genuinely worried about her.

No. 381819

that's not funny

No. 381820

That's incredibly shady and shameful of them to do. La Zarra is such a queen and she 100% got underappreciated last year.

No. 381821

Nobody would have an issue with her witch stuff except for religious boomers if it weren't for everything else that came along with it like drugs and onlyfans. But it seems concerning that she went from being perfectly normie to being a trans neopagan drug addled e-whore in a short period of time after seemingly suffering some kind of trauma/abuse.
It makes me wonder if some "witchy" TIM with a name like Lilith got to her when she was vulnerable after suffering abuse and persuaded her into becoming a troon witch. Cultists love targeting people who are vulnerable.

No. 381822

File: 1715697613728.jpg (241.11 KB, 2000x1270, Bambie-Thug@2000x1270-12546988…)

Am I the only one who thinks the witchy stuff is nothing to worry about? I like her creepy aesthetic, I want women to do more creepy aesthetics that people will think as unsettling. For me, it's mostly the drugs, porn, and trans shirt what makes her cowish

sorry had to rethink the post

No. 381825

The indisputable Western countries don't consider Poland The West™ I can tell you that.

No. 381826

As someone from an undisputedly Western country, we think of anywhere east of Austria as Eastern Europe even if geographically it's technically Central Europe

No. 381827

The enbies of ESC2024 acted unexpectedly mature and respectable during the contest tbh

No. 381831

>This ESC was an absolute shitfest
kek I legit think this is one of the best and most memorable ESC we've ever had, the fact that an ugly moid with a shit song got himself banned before the final makes it even better. The drama and the memes have been very funny and I can't believe some people are actually upset and seething for real. The rest of Europe should learn from the UK to not take it so seriously and just graciously accept losing kek

No. 381832

Ayrt I thought you meant Spain with La Zorra song sorry

No. 381833

Bambie seems like a nice person who went through a lot of trauma and got groomed into troonacy and edginess. And my tinfoil is that Nemo is a mildly fem bisexual who knows troon shit is the cause du jour and pulled a larp to gain more attention to his music rather than actually thinking he's genderless for liking the colour pink (he only came out as non binary about six months ago and I get the feeling he's going to drop it as soon it stops benefiting him). So I guess they would have a somewhat different attitude from most genderclowns.

No. 381834

>Am I the only one who thinks the witchy stuff is nothing to worry about?
Literally fucking no one on this entire site worries about it, the fuck are you on about?

No. 381837

Sadly your post is the same argument they use to scream "we need inclusivity"

No. 381839

>The enbies of ESC2024 acted unexpectedly mature and respectable during the contest tbh
What do you mean by that? One arguably "ruined" her own performance as she stripped down into pastel trans underwear which didn't fit the aesthetic or the song at all and felt grossly shoehorned in. Then she waved her child-mutilation-cult flag proudly for all to see. Same with the other guy who disrespected his country and the rules by bringing an anti-science, anti-women and anti-gay flag instead of his country's flag. Embarrassing as fuck.

No. 381840

>So I guess they would have a somewhat different attitude from most genderclowns.
Because they're normies who have been recently recruited into the cult and haven't gone through all the scrutiny of being told to bend over for them yet

No. 381841

what part of it?

No. 381842

All of it? They love playing the victim because of everything you said

No. 381843

>Bambie seems like a nice person who went through a lot of trauma and got groomed into troonacy and edginess.
She's not like an innocent dumb teen though, she's a 31 year old woman, it's embarrassing for her to have this mid-life crisis now

No. 381844

Agreed. I do not think the genderspecials acted respectful at all. Except maybe for Lithuania. He also identifies as nonbinary and had a little NB flag with him, but he didn't parade it around in places it didn't belong in, like the flag parade or the show itself.

No. 381846

It's funny the way he actually united Europe

No. 381847

For real? I thought she was younger? It's understandable anyway tbh I'm closer to her age and I also feel in constant crisis. I don't do drugs though kek

No. 381849

>graciously accept losing
>the UK
kek what. The Brits love claiming mainland Europe hates them because of Brexit (yes still after all these years) and that's why they don't get televotes, especially before Sam Ryder happened.

No. 381850

The Lithuanian guy is not nonbinary, he is a bisexual man

No. 381851

I was so certain that he also had a NB flag with him.. Maybe I'm loosing my mind.

No. 381853

File: 1715700423694.jpg (55.98 KB, 1080x442, Screenshot_20240514-162417.jpg)

His Wikipedia page only says that he's bisexual.
I don't think troonism has hit the Baltics yet. The two non-binaries are from rich liberal countries and probably don't have much better to do than play pretend about being other genders.

No. 381855

File: 1715700897112.png (257.5 KB, 851x497, ewww.png)

His twitter account though

No. 381857

Damn we really can't have normal bisexuals anymore, can we?

No. 381858

it's some ally thing probably

No. 381859

He did have an NB flag at some point when the votes were about to be announced, you're not losing your mind. I'm still keking over how Ireland was pointed out by Petra as "the first nonbinary participant in ESC" in the first semi final, of course Switzerland had to pile on his huge nonbinary flag so he didn't miss out on those sweet gendie points.

No. 381860

Sorry nonas, but that juicy couture kid have the most punchable face, especially his eurovision persona when he is all “uwu” and “^_^” with this mushroom mullet and white trash larping hipster stache, to add being a rapper, but not even that, but a youtube rapper. Idk he seem like a fake fuckboy mocking thinking he’s “trolling”. I don’t think his facial features are ugly though.

No. 381862

I think he looked good when he dressed in a fuckboy youtube vlogger way (although it had the side effect of making him look douchey), but the ironic hipster mullet style does nothing for him. I thought he was genuinely ugly having only known him from ESC until someone posted an old video of him in /g/

No. 381863

A lot of people start working through their trauma in their late 20s or early 30s so it doesn't surprise me at all that some women join into the enby stuff at that age to cope with their abuse, especially now when it's becoming so popular and trendy.

No. 381884

ive seen this before and so much of it is just factually wrong, i think whoever made it had no idea what they were talking about

No. 381885

File: 1715704439536.jpeg (505.67 KB, 752x2009, part3.jpeg)

Eh it's a joke thing mimicking the "Jew's run the World" conspiracy so I don't mind so much. It's not supposed to be taking seriously at all. Anyway here's pt3

No. 381886

yeah but its just so wrong that there is no point in it existing even as a mockery

No. 381887

Anon I'm pretty sure their anti-TWAW sentiment goes hand in hand with conservative slavic homophobia, if these countries were polled on same sex marriage the percentages would be identical.

No. 381888

uh-oh, totally not an irish trying to cover their deeds….. smh…

No. 381891

Those things looked so fucking uncanny and ugly I was flabbergasted at them having the absolute nerve to put on badly CGI'd AI-voiced Abbas on video. I'm not even a fan of the band yet I thought that was so fucking disrespectful towards their work, especially when ABBA has made it very clear that they will never be uniting on stage again. I would've rather watched an interval act of Moomins dancing to Ievan Polkka than this, hands down.

No. 381893

Hush your talking. The whole Irish conspiracy thing is a total joke and not real at all. Now drink your Guinness and eat Kerry Gold butter like a good cailín

No. 381896

no it's an irish pointing out it was made by a retard who thought:
celt = irish despite that not being the case at all
has confused irish with scottish gaelic
called a bunch of americans irish
including the fact some of these americans had zero irish ancestry

No. 381900

Nta and I'm also Irish but that nona was clearly joking kek

No. 381913

I enjoyed it a lot. I loved seeing people across reddit and tumblr especially cry "this will be the end of Eurovision!" and fearing that this year was going so bad that they were going to cancel it for good. Meanwhile there was nothing extraordinary about the grand final. The Palestine and enby flags were so tame. I'd argue Hatari's stunt with the Palestine flag when the competition was held in Israel was far more badass than whatever "activism" these contestants tried to pull.

No. 381914

I don't know if someone already linked this but I found the list of the jurors for this edition if anyone wants to share how qualified the juror(s) of their own country are or if it's a farce:

No. 381915

i understand and i know i overreacted
but i just have a sore spot about the missinterpretaion and missinformation surrounding irish history and culture, as well as the history and culture of celtic cultures as a whole

No. 381918

Sage for samefag but I checked them for my home country (France). One's a beta male violinist for classical music who probably got peer pressured by that one enby Juror (whose only qualification is being enby and a small time actress) and the other remaining three music television show professionals (like the Voice etc.) who only know what sells on TV but not what non lucrative and meaningful music with cultural input is at all. If that's what "qualified jury" means, then I'm the reincarnation or Princess Sissi.

No. 381938

Checking my country as well and we got one "The voice" contestant, a singer from a band I never heard of with the most viewed video on youtube having 20k views, another "The voice" contestant, a woman whose only result on searching was that page since her name is cut off and another unsearchable jury.

No. 381939

I had no idea these were the lyrics, now I like it even more!

No. 381946

cute banger

No. 381952

we got winner of junior eurovision hm

No. 381953

File: 1715714917770.jpg (48.5 KB, 1080x352, IMG_20240514_212723.jpg)

I like browsing the reddit for retarded takes like this one (in a thread questioning what Denmark should do to qualify again).

No. 381954

No. 381955

She's so cute nonna and I can't stop listening to this. I'd marry her

No. 381958

Got a random woman who participated in the international finals this year, didn't even get to the main final. Some guy who wrote the songs for some of the past contestants we had, none of them winners. A classic pianist and the last one is our voice for Elsa in Frozen.

I hate everything.

No. 381968

File: 1715717170810.jpg (118.29 KB, 1080x1071, a2d9995b9d2b3f220509facebc85d0…)

the most kissable face. not white trash. white gold. not a fuckboy, a loveboy. not ugly, gorgeous.

No. 381971

Estonia had one of my favorite songs. top 4 for me personally.

No. 381974

>transwomen are women
wow, europe is fucked

No. 381977

god you joostfags are insufferable. idolising people and especially moids is pure low iq behavior

virgin westerners vs chad balkans and eastern europe

No. 381983

spoiler that.

No. 381984

I was expecting it to make it to the top 10

No. 381988

Aww, cute.

No. 381992

I loved this song before I even knew the lyrics, but this makes it even better. She's literally so so cute

No. 381993

Same. Eurovision was beyond rigged this year.

No. 382098

How? They had mediocre vocals and the staging was messy. It's a fun song that's all.

No. 382099

File: 1715748497951.jpeg (272.88 KB, 1125x1159, IMG_2057.jpeg)

Since Bambi is a skin walking Swede I’m inclined to believe Zheani. Apparently after Zheani called out Bambi she immediately unfollowed Zheani on instagram. Not only that but the people who worked on Bambi’s song also follow Zheani.

No. 382147

they're literal nobodies except one who is fairly well known

No. 382157

File: 1715759215159.png (431.94 KB, 878x431, europapa2.png)

>Disqualifies the pro EU song that heavily feautures the EU flag
>EU flag banned in the arena
>EU politicians in the audience had their flags confiscated
Why does the EBU hate the EU?

No. 382158

oh i missed this kek wouldn't surprise me the women in her 30s who was a normie until like 2 years ago just stole aesthetics from someone else, she wasn't ever a "true" goth girl who grew up experimenting with the style the way most goths are

No. 382159

love her

No. 382160

Tbh I wish this was made on current year to see what countries have increased or decreased their tolerance

No. 382162

>EU flag banned in the arena
Really? Wtf? We truly weren't united by music

No. 382165

>I thought that was so fucking disrespectful towards their work, especially when ABBA has made it very clear that they will never be uniting on stage again.
Sorry but you are stupid kek ABBA was fully 100% involved with making this and the avatars (they call them ABBAtars). They're from the ABBA Voyage virtual concerts, we've known about it since 2017 or so and they offically started going in 2021 iirc, they've made a shit ton of money on it already. ABBA was never going to show up for ESC but they happily took the opportunity to make an ad for it

No. 382168

File: 1715760592528.jpg (513.39 KB, 3520x1980, 2sjbh48z11s01-2199890346.jpg)

Still as cringe as the Hide hologram from X Japan was.

No. 382170

I feel like millennials and gen z only like hologram concerts as long as they're cartoony, like Miku/Vocaloid, Gorillaz, and Splatoon since we all know these drawings don't exist in real life and never will, so it's as close as we'll get to seeing them on stage.

But when it comes to real people, me and others agree that it feels weird to witness and a little bit disrespectful. If ABBA is ok with this though, then that's another story. Maybe boomers and gen Xs think of holograms of real people as totally cool and are amused by it, they do have a different relationship with technology anyway.

No. 382172

The EU is a political organization that not all European countries are part of, there's no reason for them to include it just because it has "european" in the name