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File: 1647532079587.jpg (205.79 KB, 1680x883, banner.jpg)

No. 190037

ESC 2022:
Semi-final 1: 10 May
Semi-final 2: 12 May
Grand Final: 14 May
All the shows will start at 21:00 CEST.

Old thread can't be linked since /m/ is broken.

No. 190038

Albania: Ronela Hajati - Sekret

No. 190039

Australia: Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

No. 190040

Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria - Halo

No. 190043

Belgium: Jérémie Makiese - Miss You

No. 190044

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - Intention

No. 190045

Croatia: Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure

No. 190046

Cyprus: Andromache - Ela

No. 190047

Czechia: We Are Domi - Lights Off

No. 190048

Denmark: Reddi- The Show

No. 190049

Estonia: STEFAN - Hope

No. 190050

Finland: The Rasmus - Jezebel

No. 190051

France: Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

No. 190052

Georgia: Circus Mircus - Lock Me In

(video can be watched in case anyone's fooled by the thumbnail)

No. 190053

Germany: Malik Harris - Rockstars

No. 190054

Greece: Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together

No. 190055

Iceland: Systur - Með Hækkandi Sól

No. 190056

Ireland: Brooke - That's Rich

No. 190058

Israel: Michael Ben David - I.M

No. 190059

Italy: Mahmood & BLANCO - Brividi

No. 190060

Latvia: Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

No. 190061

Lithuania: Monika Liu - Sentimentai

No. 190064

Malta: Emma Muscat - I Am What I Am

No. 190066

Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov - Trenuleţul

No. 190067

Montenegro: Vladana - Breathe

No. 190068

The Netherlands: S10 - De Diepte

No. 190069

North Macedonia: Andrea - Circles

No. 190070

Norway: Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana

No. 190071

Poland: Ochman - River

No. 190072

Portugal: MARO - Saudade Saudade

No. 190073

Romania: WRS - Llámame

No. 190074

San Marino: Achille Lauro - Stripper

No. 190078

Serbia: Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

Vidrel is the live performance since I think that's the must-watch, but here's the mv anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S1jrYq87Zw

No. 190079

Slovenia: LPS - Disko

No. 190080

Spain: Chanel - SloMo

No. 190081

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

No. 190082

Switzerland: Marius Bear - Boys Do Cry

No. 190083

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

Originally Alina Pash was supposed to represent Ukraine this year, but she got disqualified after forging travel documents to Crimea (entering Crimea through Russia is against the law in Ukraine). So the runner-up is now going, this was decided before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Obviously it is now up in the air if Ukraine can go at all.. I did read something Ukraine recording a live-on-tape so they can still participate if they can't make it in May. Also Russia was disqualified for 1 year by EBU after pressure from several broadcasters. After that Russia announced to leave the EBU so it looks like they won't be participating anymore in the future.

No. 190084

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN

No. 190086

That's it. Only Azerbeijan and Armenia are left to release their songs. Thoughts?

No. 190087

Who else thinks Ukraine is going to win bc politics

No. 190090

Maybe? I feel like the collective shock around Ukraine will have cooled down by time it's May, as cruel as it sounds. If they do win it'll be hard to tell whether it's because of sympathy votes or because they really had the most favoured song, it was already amongst the top favourites for the win before the war happened..

No. 190092

Depends on what part of Europe you live in, I guess. I live right by the Russian border and I don't think anyone here is going to let this go for a long time. Just to clarify, I know that Eurovision has always been political and I don't mind an Ukrainian win whether it's genuine or just sympathy votes, I'm just wondering how many of you are betting the same kek

No. 190105

>Depends on what part of Europe you live in, I guess. I live right by the Russian border and I don't think anyone here is going to let this go for a long time
Ah you're right, that was shallow thinking of me, I'm sorry. I'm in the West so I'm more distanced from the situation.

>I don't mind an Ukrainian win

Is it your favourite then? Personally I think it'll definitely get top 5 or top 3 at least. I must say, I don't actually like the song at all.

No. 190113

I skipped listening to half of the songs from the first few seconds when I heard a piano or a serious soulful voice kek. I hate ballads.

my favourites
>>190060 (I know it's cringe but it's also very fun)

I haven't seen these guys in years wow.

I do feel people will vote for them due to the current climate but it's still a good song(the rap is kinda meh though)

No. 190115

No need to be sorry. To answer your question, I like the song but I'm not really invested in Eurovision and I don't have any favorites/don't care who wins, so it won't bother me if it ends up being Ukraine. I haven't watched Eurovision in years and I'm actually just now hearing most of these songs for the first time while going through this thread kek. Which one is your fave?

No. 190122

i love it

No. 190128

what are anons' thoughts on the Italian song? everyone here loves it but it's kind of boring to me, but I don't like romantic ballads in general so I'm not objective
t. anonIta

No. 190257

File: 1647583874540.gif (4.3 MB, 600x335, anigif_enhanced-buzz-30402-136…)

Is this the only fucking weird entry of this year? I hope Norway scores high for having the balls of keeping up the tradition of bizzare Eurovision songs.
What's everybody's favourite uh, colorful performance from the past? I fucking love the Romanian vampire. Also still have nightmares about that one britbong entry which basically was a failed British Airways commercial

No. 190258

oh god, how could I have missed the vegan propaganda? so I guess it's at least two weird entries for this year.
Dude makes me think of a skinny Każ Miller lmfao
Wow I somehow did not expect my country to send a downright suicidal dude to Eurovision

No. 190276

>What's everybody's favourite uh, colorful performance from the past?
I have many and I would spam the thread kek. Verka is a standard classic. The russian grannies, Ireland's dustin the turkey, lithuanian's funky dudes with the disco shorts in 2010, Ukraine's be my valentine, the angel and demon from Azerbaijan's first entry,Germany sending a dude with disco pants with Dita Von Teese, Latvia's pirates etc. The period 2008-2013 was good for weird shit.

I'm posting this one cause I'm STILL extremely salty it didn't go to the finals.

No. 190277

samefag my dumbass didn't sage

This one is my guilty plesure even though it's kinda terrible kek

No. 190395

Lights Off (Czech Republic) now has a mv, it's quite cute

No. 190398

File: 1647634349393.gif (4.49 MB, 634x357, ukraine-1.gif)

I don't remember what country/year but the man in the hamster wheel will never stop being funny to me

No. 190405

Don't really care for the rapping but the parts with the woman are badass. I love her strong voice, it almost sounds like a studio recording. I feel like you often don't get that with EDM because the vocals tend to be processed.

Also, watching this video made me realize how much many entries look almost like music videos on tv nowadays.

No. 190413

I liked these wholesome women a lot…they were great gradnmas in real life too. Everyone especially loved the tiny one. I think there might only one or two of them alive by now. It was so nice and these women always loved to sing and dance. It was very soulful and this performance always reminds me of simpler times for some reason.

No. 190415

The odds have Ukraine winning at like 23% or something ridiculously high like that, but I think we’ll get a more realistic picture once actual rehearsals start. That being said, I could see a lot of ex Soviet countries giving ukraine very high jury and televoting points but like others have said, not sure how this will translate to those not immediately impacted by the current situation/without similar history with Russian aggression

The only sure prediction I can make now is Greece and Cyprus will give each other 12 points

No. 190800

Armenia: Rosa Linn - Snap

No. 190805

File: 1647776329700.jpg (40.73 KB, 625x415, Slavko.jpg)

maybe not my fave but i will never forget this dude.

No. 190844

most memorable entry primarily sung in greek from the last decade or so

No. 190966

kek every now and again i remember getting this one stuck in my head

el chiki chiki will always be one of my favorites, mostly because this guy looks exactly like a goofy spanish guy i used to work with. will always be kind of sad we didn't get to see little big perform uno at eurovision 2020

No. 191294

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli - Fade to Black

No. 191295

All songs in 10 minutes. I must say Lithuania and Serbia are sending class this year damn.

No. 203048

How do you share tiktoks or yt shorts on lc? (on phone)? I wanna post some rehearsal vids

No. 203051

If you can't embed, take a screenshot and then post the direct link! also I'm so pumped for this year

No. 203298

I'll just post the ones that are reposted on youtube

vidrel is Cyprus, very nice staging imo

No. 203300

No. 203301

No. 203302

No. 203303

>Are you Reddi/ready?
>No we're the Beatles
kinda cute ngl

No. 203657

File: 1651670400943.png (298.31 KB, 640x356, 626m0968jgx81.png)

Apparantly the stage was supposed to have this huge ass "sun" with rotating arches that was supposed to rotate in between performances to accomodate to every country's performance but the thing broke and now they're going to leave this gigantic black arch on the stage and it's fucking ugly and it looks ridiculous. You can see how it blocks the visuals behind it. You can bet your ass there's going to be lots of awkward camera angles to try to hide that thing.

No. 205065

File: 1652195466403.gif (798.92 KB, 498x278, go_a-shum.gif)

We're watching Eurovision (first semi final) in the lolcow movie room tonight! It's at 21:00 CEST (A little less than 4 hours from now)

No. 205067

I'll be watching together with my mom, but i might be able to join on mobile to be able to talk with you guys. I'm not gonna lie i listened to the songs and there are lots of boring ones so i hope tonight still will be fun

No. 205122

File: 1652210277138.jpg (384.32 KB, 2557x1437, FSa2ZgiWQAIp1-i.jpg)


No. 205123

File: 1652210627793.jpg (261.58 KB, 1818x1007, FSa3EEYXIAAxl08.jpg)


No. 205124

Switzerland submitting the biggest fuckboy they had literally and figuratively

No. 205127

File: 1652211500107.jpg (118.01 KB, 1387x782, FSa6gkoXsAA-vTn.jpg)

Lmao if this shit wins…

No. 205128

File: 1652211652769.jpg (111.54 KB, 800x533, verka.jpg)

I miss Verka. Last year's entry was awesome too. If they win I think no one's gonna be able to argue that Eurovision isn't political anymore, kek.

No. 205129

File: 1652212475991.jpg (196.92 KB, 1920x1080, FSa-yTWX0AIFvVi.jpg)

Moldova kek

No. 205131

Moldova best one so far


No. 205132

I love it, and especially the mv

No. 205136

God I heard this song before but didn't know it was theirs. Hate it.

No. 205147


No. 205150

I haven't seen a country get robbed so bad since Portugal in 2019 smh

No. 205152

its because the singing was godawful

No. 205153

Why tf did Switzerland qualify smh

No. 205154

>they chose the furry banana song over this

No. 205164

what an awful timeline to live in.

No. 205171

How the fuck didn't this make it to the finals

No. 205218

I'm heart broken

No. 205246

File: 1652252200917.webm (9.34 MB, 1280x720, EUROPE WANTS VEGGIES AND PUSSY…)

The only way I can justify it is that the jury didn't want the crowd to scream PUSSY on the top of their lungs in the finals like it happened in the semis.I'm coping hard about them not passing. They were all great especially their cute energetic singer.

at least we have this. Loved their performance.

No. 205271

I wish it sounded this good live, total banger (Austria's entry)

No. 205343

Im still malding over the fact that didnt make it to the finals

No. 205398

kek amazing

No. 205630

half of the final will be really boring

No. 205756

ikr? imagine a final without georgia's cyberpunk circus people and latvia's vegan pussy eaters. truly disappointing.

No. 205760

still salty about Latvia NQ tbh

No. 205871

File: 1652478613228.png (5.16 KB, 273x126, pain.png)

screaming in pain because moldova is for sure not going to win but i know for a fact italy or ukraine will

No. 205944

>moldova is for sure not going to win
(And why it's a good thing)

No. 205963

I'm like 200% sure Ukraine will win nonna, I like their song so I don't mind. I hope Italy doesn't win because their song sounds shit live (even though I'm a huge Mahmood fan). Moldova is really really good and I really hope they make it to top 5 just to spite Romania for sending a stupid ass song that's not in Romanian
I feel like there were so many good songs that didn't even make it to the final, it looked like it was gonna be a good year but somehow the line up for the final seems so boring

No. 205994

I'm italian and I hope Italy doesn't win kek. Throw shit at me nonnas but I'm really not into the song this year, Mahmood isn't good for this genre imo.

No. 205995

I'm making a bingo card for the points giving and results section, what cliches should be included?

No. 206005

Sad there won’t be the obligatory Greece/Cyprus 12 points exchange this year but hopefully we can get that in the form of Romania/Moldova

No. 206006

Germany gets last place, "12 points for Ukraine" x 10000, Cyprus gives Greece 12 points (obv), Iceland's host tries to be quirky and says jaja dingdong or something, juries' favourite loses the televote by a landslide, Sweden somehow manages to get more points than Norway despite being boring
Those are like the really obvious stuff although this year will be pretty atypical because of the war. I'd include the Romania/Moldova 12 point exchange like >>206005 mentioned but I'm pretty sure they'll vote for Ukraine as they both share borders with it
Off-topic but does anyone know why there's little to no interaction between the hosts and the green room this year?

No. 206008

File: 1652549019168.jpg (104.03 KB, 750x911, 29m7a2cbdbz81[1].jpg)

No. 206010

>the goth lady from Austria

No. 206024

File: 1652552652184.jpeg (59.2 KB, 948x465, 627f718a7eddf.jpeg)

No. 206026

who is your favourite winner ever?

No. 206039

xena vibes

No. 206042

Nonnies get ready for the finale

No. 206045

Been ready all day.

No. 206048

are we gonna livepost like last year? where is everyone!!

No. 206054

Anyone else using the eurovision app?

No. 206055

I was hoping to! Got my strawberry wine ready girls

No. 206057

So far I like Romania, portugal is so boring and lame

No. 206059

Portugal is depression incarnate kek

No. 206061

i haven't listened to the songs yet i thought i'd surprise myself and so far everything is so boring lol is there anything good nonnies?

No. 206064

Am saying nothing we last won in 1997. Apparently ballad heavy this year. I only watch the final every year.

No. 206068

Why is there a french host?

No. 206069

Romania has been the most Eurovision-y so far, camp and catchy. Can’t believe The Rasmus are still knocking about

No. 206071

france is just copying go_a from last year lmao

No. 206072

Mika speaks quite a few languages. Maybe that's why. He's also Lebanese/British.

No. 206074

yeah, and failing at it tbh

No. 206075

norway finally woke me up from this snoozefest lol

No. 206076

Should've sent Manau tbh

No. 206077

Give that wolf a banana

No. 206078

Am liking Armenia

No. 206091

Do you think ukraine will win?

No. 206092

it's so damn boring this year i think i will actually fall asleep soon lol

No. 206093

I am more interested what will happen rn after their political statement, since they were not allowed this year. People are talking that they might be disqualified

No. 206094

Really? I didn’t hear anything about it

No. 206095

Where is the chaotic eurovision think I know and love ? I think a lot of countries want to win as it means alot of tourism. You can normally tell when they don't want to win.

No. 206097

Norway is amazing.

No. 206099

I miss the whack from last decade. Where did it go.

No. 206100

I miss Lordi

No. 206103

Where is Dustin the turkey? Ice skating dancers? Green screen Dresses?

No. 206107

Oh I meant people from a stream I watch alongside Eurovision, idk anything about press or official statements. More like a question will there be any repercussions for political statements

No. 206109

Iceland give haim vibes

No. 206112

YASS Moldova bringing the goods

No. 206113

File: 1652560959599.png (184.55 KB, 346x321, Untitled.png)

let's fucking go moldova

No. 206115

10 points to moldova

No. 206116

Man I love Moldova so much

No. 206117

File: 1652561198687.png (21.21 KB, 80x80, cowboycat.png)

moldova you better win

No. 206118

What's everyone's past favourites? Mine are.
Emile de forest- teardrop
Alexander rybak - fairy tale
Brotherhood of man - save all your kisses

No. 206120

File: 1652561899660.gif (17.82 KB, 120x90, GIxoMlE.gif)

fuck sad moids

No. 206125

File: 1652562194670.jpg (458.1 KB, 2416x1358, 0x0.jpg)

No. 206128

Just get the app non

No. 206129

For real, this final was full of sad moids

You still need to be in Europe to vote using the app

No. 206131

Serbia sucks ass

No. 206135

Your just mad they didn't gift you a metal bowl and a towel kek

No. 206136

Serbia solving the pandemic live on stage

No. 206137

I can vote for some reason any nonnys have the same issue?

No. 206138


No. 206139

Am fine using the app. Can be your service or to many calls

No. 206141

I’m also using the app. Probably my provider but it sucks

No. 206145

maneskin are in this years eurovision too??

No. 206148

Only as last year's guest.
Spain is getting so many points atm.

No. 206149

Spain hypnotised us all. Think UK have more points now than the last 10 years combined which is nice to see!

No. 206150

The uk finally decided to join in.
Spain is looking good for the win would be 50 years since they last won.

No. 206151

They were dead last and now they're pwning everybody with Sam Ryder. That's what I call revenge especially against France.

No. 206153

I'm shocked Ukraine's doing so bad woah

No. 206154

They're still announcing jury points, the audience points are revealed at the end.

No. 206155

UK's song was shit, what the fuck are these points?

No. 206156

Wondering the same

No. 206157

I know anon, I was just saying that I expected a lot more countries to give 12 points to Ukraine, not Spain/Greece/the UK

No. 206158

Moldova should be on the left of the board for sure

No. 206159

Compared to other of the songs the uk song was good.

No. 206160

maybe Finland is better off in NATO since these neighbors aren't reliable lol

No. 206161

Its performance was weak compared to Spain

No. 206162

kek accurate, I do think our song was shit but god what the fuck is up with this treachery

No. 206163

idk i kinda hated spain why are they getting so many points

No. 206164

Just say you hate men then go.

No. 206165

Spain? More like gayn

No. 206166

what is the commentator saying all the time?? what does düs poa mean

No. 206167

12 points in French anon lol

No. 206168

It's "douze points" and it's French for 12 points since frenchies demand a translation

No. 206169

They’re from his millions of followers trying to suck his dick, I hope Spain wins because that would make the spaniards seethe. But it seems like it won’t happen.

No. 206170

Feeling bad for Germany - not particularly memorable but wouldn’t say it was the worst!

No. 206171

>because that would make the spaniards seethe
Fuck off, fag.

No. 206172

Yeah! Germany wasn’t bad, I thought he would get a few points at least.

No. 206173

fuck you sweden, 12 to spain?? really?

No. 206175

Why did we get to the finale if nobody likes us

No. 206177

I'm sad Serbia isn't getting a top 10 position. Wasn't my favorite, but it was more interesting than the majority of the other top 10s.

No. 206178

I'm not sure if you're joking but Germany is part of the big 5 and qualifies automatically in the final

No. 206179

Don't you get there by default?

No. 206180

Moldova getting the public boost as they deserve

No. 206182

Ouch Switzerland. But it was rubbish tbf

No. 206184

The hosts are horrible omg they keep hyping up each country then go like "Yeah you got 3 points"

No. 206188

Ukraine getting an historical unprecedented boost like wow

No. 206189

Not surprised about ukraine but i guess it’s alright

No. 206190

Same, I liked the song well enough.

No. 206191

I wasn’t aware kek

No. 206192

Still better than the balladshit we got

No. 206193

Ukraine can count as the win they should have had last year as well, that song was a banger

No. 206195

Honestly they've been on a roll lately, they deserve it

No. 206196

At least it's no UK and it prevents Brits from being smug

No. 206197

i'm not the least bit surprised lol
i kinda miss last year's eurovision, it was so much fun even the voting part had me sitting on the edge of my seat. this year was incredibly underwhelming with all the shitty ballads

No. 206198

It was way too obvious. I wish pityvoting did not exist.

No. 206199

kek but they would have if it was not for pity votes

No. 206200

Ukraine's song was really good, they fully deserved to win.

No. 206201

Can it really count as pity voting if they won the televote by a landslide?

No. 206202

Lets see if they can host next year

No. 206203

ukraine's song was my favorite, shame they won like this though.. also the french one was criminally underrated wtf

No. 206204

No. 206205

it was my first time watching eurovision and i only watched it because it was streamed and i got to chat with fellow nonnies, it was really fun! ♥

No. 206206

So wholesome nonny this year weren’t so many euro anons here

No. 206207

It was rigged because of bullshit jury votes anyway

No. 206208

About these "technical difficulties" from six countries:
EBU accused them of vote manipulating and decided to choose the votes themselves instead by analyzing other neighbourhood countries.

No. 206210

if it wasn't for the nonsensical jury votes and political shit, Serbia would have won

its what we deserve kek

No. 206214

No wonder the second semi final results were so shit then.

No. 206216

So sad France didn’t go further. Surprised how low Norway placed in the end. And I hope the lack of public votes for ballads communicates to the jury that we don’t want to see so many of them, I felt bad because most of the ballad singers had great vocals but nobody cared by the 3rd one.

No. 206220

fuck EBUs hypocritical asses, this is how you make a protest song

No. 206223

I was so surprised France did so bad. How come the public didn't vote for that? It was so good. And Romania too. It was better than Spain imo. It felt like they voted her for the booty. At least Moldova got high votes and Switzerland got rekt kek

Just checked the televotes and juries actually gave more points to Latvia than the public vote. People were just not ready to be green ig.

No. 206225

I kind of get why they went for so many ballads though, I’m surely tinfoiling but I think it was to let the energetic Ukrainian song shine on, and probably because of the whole climate there is because of the war.

No. 206226

No. 206227

can't forget about this gem

No. 206229

So much bitching about Ukraine winning by pity points, imagine being so butthurt over a stupid song contest that you're mad about some Tik Tok celebrity's bland ass feelgood ballad coming in second to representatives that have to go back to their war-torn country to fight for their autonomy.

No. 206231

I liked Spain’s song even if it was coomer shit, it was kind of catchy, I would’ve preferred Norway or Lituania as the winner.
And I was honestly annoyed by how Spain got treated, if they really didn’t want her to get chosen, then maybe specify that you can’t even participate if you’re not born in Spain?

No. 206232

ok sis

No. 206233

ok nonnie

No. 206234

It's bullshit for me. Why does Israel get to be in Eurovision then?

No. 206235

Wow I hadn't heard this one before.

No. 206238

kek bucks fizz

No. 206321

its to do with the European Broadcasting Union not europe as a continent
so countries that are able to join are
Algeria (refuse to because of isreal)
Egypt (refuse to because of isreal)
Jordan (refuse to because of isreal)
Lebanon (were going to join in 2005 but didnt due to isreal)
Libya (refuse to because of isreal)
Tunisia (were going to join in 1977 but didnt due to isreal)
Vatican City

Countries that once were in eurovision but not any more
Bosnia and Herzegovina

countries that voiced interest in joining but cant joint due to ebu rules
China, peoples republic of (eurovision suported this until they found out that china censors all the pride flags and other lgbt content)
Faroe Islands (cant as part of denmark)
Gibraltar (cant as part of uk)
Kazakhstan (not member of ebu)
Kosovo (not part of un so can not be full member of ebu)
Liechtenstein (no national broadcaster, so cant join ebu)
Qatar (was ebu associate member but since removed)
Scotland (cant as part of uk)
Wales (cant as part of uk)

Wales and Scotland are part of eurovision choir though
Wales and Kazakhstan are part of junior eurovision

No. 206326

I know people here are upset about uk not winning but i thought ukraine was better. The uk guy had a good voice but it wasn't just as catchy and because of the amount of ballads this year i already forgot about his song. I do think its nice for UK that they finally are not in the bottom. Do you think next year eurovision will be hosted in one of the big 5, like maybe Germany or UK?

Yeah last year was so much better, to many boring songs this year. I don't mind that ukraine won even if it's mostly pity votes because atleast it wasnt a ballad.

No. 206327

Slovakia had a lot of good entries but in the end Slovaks stopped giving a fuck because of how little points they'd keep getting, people here prefer Czech and Slovak versions of "Voice" instead. It sucks but oh well.
Belarus couldn't participate last year because it was a political Pro-Lukashenko song, so EBU told them to fuck off.

No. 206328

>I know people here are upset about uk
anon everyone but one person in here said their song was shit

No. 206330

Woah, Israel pissed a lot of nations off way before the war on Palestine. This blows my mind but also adds up somehow.

No. 206332

>Israel pissed a lot of nations off way before the war on Palestine
Haven't they been waging war since 1947?

No. 206353

They literally won because of the war. Lithuania will be a winner in my heart forever.

No. 206360

i mean they did win 2016 when they sung about being invaded by russia in ww2, after crimea and donbass were invaded
so its not exactly unprecedented

No. 206365

That was also when they tried starting their revolution and it was all over the place, everything looked like hong kong protests.

No. 206366

I already miss 2021 Eurovision

No. 206367

Israel pissed off the entire arab world the moment it was created

No. 206369

Anyone whining about Ukraine's win is fucking insufferable. These dudes came straight from the battlefield to deliver an outstanding performance and they have to go back there, so imo they deserve the win more than anyone else. Besides Eurovision has never been a music competition, or at least it hasnt been in decades. Theres a reason why everyone remembers Lordi, Verka Serduchka, the Russian grandmas etc and its not their musical talent lol. Though imo Ukraines song was also the best (them and Serbia), at least it wasnt some bs we've hurt 7464336 times already.

But seriously at least be grateful if your day is ruined because of some dumbass competition instead of Russian soldiers murdering your children.

No. 206370

No. 206374

still cackling at the ugly bois do cry uwu moid getting 0 public votes and germany defending their streak as the last place

No. 206377

That was very satisfying. The public spoke: No more sadmoid songs.

No. 206379

Exactly. I was watching the show with my friend and her bf and when Ukraine won her bf got so mad he turned the TV off and asked me to leave cause I was happy for them.. I liked their song, loved SHUM last year and think they really deserved the victory this year.

No. 206380

You seem to be the biggest whiner here

No. 206382

Spain deserved second place, not UK, I really don't get it. The performance was absolute fire, from the dance and how she was singing barely out of breath regardless, to the stage and effects, to how addictive the song is, to how much she and the background dancers were feeling it, to the costume. idgaf about coomers, it was good.

No. 206386

Yeah winning a song contest is gonna help them in the war right? I mean it's a song contest, I get that it's political but would be nice to have an actual European music contest that looks at how good the music is.

No. 206397

File: 1652645802335.png (111.01 KB, 1074x1080, 8pznrnqi2oz81.png)

No. 206404

I can guarantee you that Europe coming together to make Ukraine win is gonna piss off Russia, and it's already a noble goal to achieve. Besides, the song was good, it would've been top 10 easy even if nothing was going on in Ukraine
>i mean they did win 2016 when they sung about being invaded by russia in ww2, after crimea and donbass were invaded
Crimea was attacked in 2014 not 2016, are you telling me country is not allowed to sing about their painful history ever otherwise it's calculated entry for pity points?

No. 206405

Oh yeah all those votes are totally going to do something for the Ukraine war and not go into the pockets of EBU.

No. 206415

pro russian hackers tried to hack the vote and stop ukraine from winning accoridng to italian police
so they are pissed off

No. 206417

its more about the ordinary ukrainian people at home and abroad having something no matter how small

No. 206433

I believe that during the live stream there were multiples anons saying they wanted uk to win, which is surprising because uk was just another sad moid song. But maybe these anons are from uk and just wanted to win badly?

>Moldova third place with televotes
Absolutely based, this proves again jury votes are stupid. Why the hell did they like uk that much, because he's an tiktokker? Anyway spain should have been second imo and Moldova third just like the televotes

No. 206434

I agree, Spain did an impressive job!!

No. 206466

getting mad about ukraine winning is like throwing a tantrum over letting a guy with a broken leg get the last seat in a full bus

No. 206496

terrible analogy. the bus isn't a contest

No. 206497

Also, you don’t spend probably at least a million of euros on clothing, travels, food, hotels, media representatives, you don’t have to train your voice and your choreography to hop on the bus, you can just wait for the next one that comes in a few minutes, this contest takes a whole year of artists honing their skills to even participate.
While I think it’s nice that Ukraine won because of all the horrible things they’re going though, it’s kind of shitty to underestimate the work that the artists put into entering the contest.
Ukraine’s song was really nice, I still think that this eurovision had a bunch of ballads without overly complex choreographies because everyone just kind of knew that it was important to show their support for Ukraine.

No. 206506

File: 1652675582429.jpg (10.24 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

did you anons ever watch that yt video "eurovision being a mess"… i loved it so much and it was deleted for some reason

No. 206543

>hatari were almost disqualified cause they waved a palestinian flag.
>everyone but especially brits took a dig at greece in 2015 cause their entry had "political undertones".
>turkey is allowed to participate in the contest even if they have been illegally occupying northern cyprus for almost 50 years at this point.
>georgia was unable to compete in 2009 since their song was "too political".

I wonder why people are mad at ebu.

No. 206559

bus isn't contest but the analogy is about sore loser fucks like you throwing a tantrum about giving someone a fucking break when they are in a terrible situation.

you selfish fucks think about money when human lives are being lost, like maybe ukrainians deserve to have this nice little thing when they are going through some shit.

maybe better analogy would be you guys throwing a tantrum about some wish foundation letting some cancer ridden kid have his wish come through and you two would be shitting yourself over how unfair that is. the kid is fucking dying, ukrainians are dying, deal with it like grown ups you ugly fat fucks

No. 206561

ukraine won because of people voting for them, that is not something the ebu can control you dumb ass

No. 206568

yet they decided to change the votes of 6 countries

No. 206575

it's not about ukraine winning but rather how ebu allows politics whenever it suits them retard

No. 206576

No. 206578

So this is what MSM propaganda consooming is like. Interesting.

No. 206726

What did everyone think of Iceland? I liked them but was put off cos they had troon flags everywhere.

No. 206740

in the stream nonnies were booing them

No. 206759

We were booing them because of the troon flag. The song was nothing special.

No. 206777

File: 1652729902432.jpeg (135.58 KB, 774x1024, E15F4292-9BAC-41DF-A6E7-CAB7D1…)

in your opinion what were your top/worst songs ?
for me:
top songs: moldova > lithuania > serbia > france > ukraine
worst songs: san marino < switzerland < israel < all sadmoid ballads tbh doesnt matter who after that

No. 206779

Tbh even if I still believed in trans stuff, I would still find them tiring. It's like they went there just to promote trans rights and shit.
I'm thinking about the one who has a trans kid and if she is gonna put it on hormones/puberty blockers. I hope Iceland won't allow that shit even though they seem to be woke there.

Favs in no particular order: Latvia (ofc kek), Serbia, Moldova, Romania,France, Mika
Worst: SWITZERLAND and the ballads( I kinda liked Poland tho)

No. 206789

>worst songs: san marino < switzerland < israel < all sadmoid ballads tbh doesnt matter who after that
Haven't listened to Israel but this is already based

No. 206795

Yes, they were incredibly boring and unremarkable and I can't even remember their song, just the trans shit. Imagine advertising hormone blockers for your child on international television.

No. 206807

people are pissed at the unfair cherry-picking politics ebu allows. stay mad faggot

No. 207095

>illegally occupying northern cyprus for almost 50 years
sage for obvious of topic
see i used to be very opposed to northern cyprus until i actually read up on why the split happened
and whilst invading may not have been the best and morally right idea the greek cypriots were being dicks to the muslims and had thrown aside the powershare agreement so i understand why turkey felt like it was their only option and the uk who were meant to enforce the power share agreement and prevent any issues were shirking their duty
also the new millitary rulers of greece were preparing to annex cyprus following their millitary coup so turkey felt it had no choice but to invade
so it was a shit situation all around

No. 207154

File: 1652851804504.jpg (379.6 KB, 1280x768, Persona4_Ultimate_Mayonaka-41.…)

who should represent florida in the next eurovision song contest?

No. 207169

florida man and the 'gator girls

No. 207180

File: 1652860365881.gif (1.5 MB, 540x327, 09910FB8-2E5E-4825-8697-70E649…)

old but he was sort of cute here. sorry to a certain frenchanon on farmer movie night…
from: Love Love Peace Peace, 2016

No. 207181

Fully agreed. It's childish beyond comprehension, my country absolutely tanked in the finals yet I don't give a shit because I'm happy for Ukraine. I'm just happy that this acts as a morale boost to their troops because that's definitely what they need right now, one stupid song contest being weaponized against the biggest threat Europe has right now is a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

>Theres a reason why everyone remembers Lordi, Verka Serduchka, the Russian grandmas etc and its not their musical talent lol.

Honestly. Eurovision has never been about the music, it's always been sensationalist first and foremost. Acting like the "actually good song should win" is being salty and it's either a britbong or a spaniard mad that they were "robbed of their victory". Ukraine's song was objectively good though, it's not like they won with trash.

kek I also had a friend get so mad they had a fucking meltdown over it. Like god just grow up for fuck's sake

No. 207184

Ukraine's song wasn't political you idiot, it was literally a song about the writer's mother and how much he loves and respects her. The national selections for Ukraine's representative were held before the war broke out so it had nothing to do with the war at first, only being made into an anthem retroactively. EBU can't control the votes either, if the majority of Europeans want Ukraine to win and vote for them then there's nothing they can do about it.

Wait, they did? I snoozed during their boring ass entry so I didn't even notice.

No. 207185

>Ukraine's song wasn't political you idiot, it was literally a song about the writer's mother and how much he loves and respects her.
correct but i think people should watch this small part ( from 3:34 ) of vidrel anyway.
for those who cant watch or dont feel like it here is what the lead singer/rapper had to say about the song
>The song was originally about my mum.
>Not a single lyric was about the war.
>But now for many Ukranians, it's become a symbol of this war.
>Even my perception if the song has changed.
>I now identify it with Ukraine today, not just my mum.

No. 207187

samefag as above, switzerland's reaction to zero points for your viewing possibly displeasure

No. 207191

The guy still decided to scream about Azovstal and their whole music video is about war

No. 207193

That music video was intentionally released after the contest so that it won't be associated with the war you absolute retard. And him screaming political takes still doesn't make the song political.

No. 207195

I want to see Vatican City on the next Eurovision

No. 207197

I'd like to see all of you "too political" whiners singing a lukewarm song about peace and love when your country is getting destroyed and you know you're returning to frontlines soon. Of course they would want to get all the attention possible on that matter especially since after few weeks has passed after the initial attack, seems like people started losing interest in what's happening there. Georgia should have been allowed to sing their anti-putin song in 2009 and maybe EBU learned their lesson since then.

No. 207200

Stay salty nonnie

No. 207201

I will, thank you♥

No. 207214

How is she salty when ukraine literally won kek.

No. 207218

I'm happy Ukraine won because people on Twitter are still crying about it. But I feel a shame when Ukrainian people have to explain themselves why they didn't give Poland points. I wouldn't give Poland points either. I wouldn't give us points even if Krystian saved me from burning building.

No. 207219

I hate after all these nice initiatives and helping Ukraine, Poland's ugly face has to emerge yet again. It legitimately sounds like some people see all that help we did as some debt Ukraine has to pay showing endless gratitude to Poland every step they take from now on. Song was shit therefore no points, shut up. It's always the same people who whine Eurovision is too political and no one cares about music but suddenly when such political approach would benefit polish entry, of course its all ok.
>I wouldn't give us points even if Krystian saved me from burning building.

Eurovision without salt is no eurovision

No. 207240

For the last time, noone cares if the song is political, its the fact that they pick and choose who is allowed to be political. Israel are still fucking competing but Russia was banned. No Palestinian flags but troon and Ukrainian flags everywhere. Do you not see the double standard? I'm all for political songs but apply that shit equally.

No. 207428

Exactly this. And that whole cheating scandal… Poland can't stop embarrassing me.

No. 207823

>when i was 18 i ate my first gran
>but there was something kinda fishy going on and it was weird it was crazy it turned out to be a man
>she said her name was hailey
>but i think it was chuck

ummm based transphobes ?
inb4 cringe weird eurovision bait. yes i am well aware i just thought this was a bit funny
reposting because i forgot to end the spoiler like a retard, sorry

No. 207859

this is so random in the best way lmao. can't wait for the citi zeni-subwoolfer collab.

No. 207887

File: 1653075182863.jpeg (627.76 KB, 1280x1626, 1EA71EA4-9DE1-4CB0-BA9C-782E0A…)

wait actually? or are you just making a joke because you like them together. tell me the truth nonny Please…

No. 207900

File: 1653081362552.jpg (453.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2022-05-21-00-13-00…)

Nothing is confirmed but I believe it's very possible. At least citi zeni asked.

No. 207901

That was so fucking fishy, all the "corrected" votes were also for sweden.

No. 207905

OMG. sorry nonnies but this has me screaming. they were both in my top 3 this year. i really hope they say yes!!!!
they really make me cringe but in a happy way. like looking back on your taste as a tween… and their songs made me dance and jump a lot so i liked them. my top 1 forever is moldova of course.

No. 207909

I will never forgive Latvia not being in the final, I bet it's the jury's fault.

No. 207950

File: 1653103959813.jpg (202.73 KB, 1080x1526, 06-24-18-a30231799f3ac9394fafb…)

I wish I could blame it on the jury but unfortunately they got at the bottom 3 of televotes. The jury actually gave them higher score than televote. I can only think of two reasons why people didn't like it: it was either the spot they were placed(in the very beginning usually most people haven't started watching) or the people who listened to it for the first time found it cringe and ignored it(I kinda dismissed it for this reason at first but their stage presence and whole vibe made it grow on me and now it's cringe in a happy way like that other anon said. OR people aren't green which is hot and cool and don't like the idea of eating pussy idk.

No. 208014

But Ukrainians themselves got mad at the voting, more than Poles actually. Did you read their comments under female ukrainian jury facebook post about voting? Or the male one? He had to private his profile, because of the comments.

No. 208056

It's still embarrassing though, I didn't want ''pity votes'' for our shitty song. There's a difference in Ukrainians getting mad at their jury and Poles getting mad at Ukraine for not voting on them. Our jury didn't vote for Ukraine either so Ukrainians should stop worrying about it, instead of harassing fair people.

No. 208439

File: 1653256039169.webm (872.59 KB, 854x480, stinky.webm)

if you look in the background nobody else has their shoes much less socks taken off
what did he mean by this nonas? i am shaken to my core. and then he kisses his hand after grabbing his socks….

No. 208572

wtf did he mean by this?

No. 209439

File: 1653694336615.png (906.13 KB, 618x830, subwoolfer jim reveal.png)

howling haha with laughter at this
also to anybody curious it is pretty much known/confirmed that the people behind subwoolfer (norway entry) are ben adams from a1 and gaute ormåsen

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