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File: 1714241965595.jpeg (663.09 KB, 1284x723, 31344106-5345-4C4D-9D91-A04F6A…)

No. 374337

Previous thread >>190037

Semi-final 1: 7 May 2024
Semi-final 2: 9 May 2024
Final: 11 May 2024
All shows start at 21:00 CEST

No. 374504

No. 374585

I'm not going to look at the rehearsals no no no

No. 375401

Did they post rehearsal roundups last year too?

No. 375603

Does anyone know when the big 5 start rehearsing? I want to see Italy’s staging/costume so badly

I don’t remember seeing them, but I could’ve just missed them

No. 375607

File: 1714628049992.jpg (273.33 KB, 1080x1972, Screenshot_20240502-073114.jpg)

No. 375615

someone spoil it for me without going into detail: Is Armenia's staging good?

No. 375786

the second rehearsal is today so we only have the photos and video from the first one, but it's fairly simple, a bit more modernized and not that similar to the mv. imo it's not bad but i'm waiting for the new pics and vid to drop to confirm that.

No. 375803

>modernized and not that similar to the mv

No. 375933

File: 1714678627368.png (1.26 MB, 884x1492, wuiui.png)

wtf is this

No. 375961

File: 1714683082578.png (581.81 KB, 760x466, Screenshot 2024-05-02 222426.p…)

idek he skinned a hairy monster and took its fur

at least there's something worse than Satti's "bubble skirt"

No. 375991

Part 2 of the roundups
>big 5 and Sweden rehearsal clips coming this Saturday
who's hype for this season nonnies…

No. 376009

Switzerland has been sending faggot after faggot each year in recent memory

No. 376017

Wow I really do not care for Malta’s song, but her choreo is looking great

Switzerland I love the song, but the costume looks bad and the staging is kind of boring. I think he should’ve just gone with the train conductor thing from the mv

No. 376131

that skirt is just "ugly" while >>375933 is an entire "ew wtf" moment

No. 376237

I hope he walks himself into a televote ravine in that outfit. Fucking hate a pleated skirt / Bratz outfit on a man, gross.

No. 376239

File: 1714754172982.jpg (378.63 KB, 1440x960, 27.05.24 Corinne Cumming - EBU…)

ireland's rehearsal is looking cool

No. 376250

damn that looks intense

No. 376281

Part 3 of the roundups
joost kept the ending fuck yesss!!!!

No. 376290

The San Marino lady is pretty cool honestly

No. 376366

>Bratz outfit
Omg nonnie thank you! I was trying so hard to think of what that outfit reminded me of and it was totally Bratz dolls

I can’t believe there are still people claiming she’s gonna NQ. She looks amazing

No. 376367

Yeah I wasn’t super into their song initially, but the staging pairs really well with the song and I can feel it really growing on me

No. 376542

Part 4 of the roundups

No. 376555

File: 1714857829107.jpg (Spoiler Image,197.37 KB, 1904x1080, Screenshot_20240504-232124_You…)

I have no words.

No. 376654

i don't care about germany's song this year, but that staging is fucking sick im ngl

No. 376666

They made a videoclip for my favourite entry (Norway)

No. 376667

I don't know whether I'm grossed out or amused it's moid sexualizing themselves on stage for once. If only Spain and this one weren't so faggish.

No. 376672

They aren't sexualizing themselves for women but for men so it's still bad. It's still just about serving men sexually so there's nothing new.

No. 376673

Yeah that's why I said it's faggish

No. 376677

Pisses me off when men get all the sexualized entertainment and women get none. Yeah a lot of gay scrotes watch ESC but women are half the population.

No. 376682

Saw someone say Switzerland is 'revolutionary' and that 'nothing like it has been done before' lol.

No. 376692

How to clue people in on your limited music taste 101

No. 376703

Anons I think we need to do a round of top 3 favorites before the first semi! Mine are Norway, Armenia and Ireland.

No. 376803

My queen Angelina looks absolutely amazing. France on the other hand looks like he sniffs his own farts

I love her and think it would be so cool if she one, but realistically it’s such a long shot

Mine are Italy, Norway, Armenia, and the Netherlands. I know that’s 4 but I cannot possibly narrow it down further. I would be so happy if any of them won

No. 377176

File: 1715089017419.png (717.53 KB, 600x776, uh.png)

oh. okay

No. 377177

Well that's disgusting.

No. 377181

Ireland has been saying they’re non-binary this whole time so idk why this is surprising to you

No. 377185

I'm kind of out of the loop this year. Just thought it was weird everyone waved their countries' flags except Ireland.

No. 377189

Not surprised just displeased at this eyesore. BTW aren't political flags banned?

No. 377190

Maybe it was some kind of sign she was in the hospital over the last few days over food poisoning? I wish Ireland would stop handicapping themselves.

No. 377191

File: 1715094177391.png (31.21 KB, 668x133, Screenshot 2024-05-07 180014.p…)

no. only the flags of the participating countries are allowed(even though no one would care if you brought a random flag just not Palestine's) AND all LGBTQ flags

No. 377193

No. 377194

My friend into gachimuchi will love this

No. 377228

i hope that punchable dutchman flops hard

No. 377230

why is this so replusing to look at

No. 377250

she was actually good it's a shame she's a gendie

No. 377289

Im sad to see that she made it to the finals.

No. 377291

disgustang, it looked so cool before the tranny shit. It's so out of place in the whole performance, tranny brainrot is cancer

No. 377293


No. 377296

"Anyone would think you'd want Ireland to lose the next Eurosong contest"

No. 377300


No. 377304

all the countries i wanted to get in, got in
sucks about the irish weirdo

No. 377307

I would love it if Moldova got in but at least I got Slovenia that's something

No. 377312

We sent a fucking turkey puppet one year.
Everyone fucking knows nobody wants to pay to host Eurovision, so they send turkeys and Jedward.
Funny how a joke from a Father Ted episode more than 20 years old is still relevant today.

No. 377314

I hated Finland more than Ireland tbh. Yeah Ireland is a pandering handmaiden but at least ""they"" are still a woman and I'll take a woman over two gross moids with bulging hairy fat bellies and implied nudity on stage. Humour for 13 year olds. And Ireland's production value was amazing.

No. 377316

This shit slaps hard. Obsessed with this.
Rim Tim Tagi Dim for real.

No. 377317

idk, yeah, Ireland's performance was cool, but not that cool to gloss over the retarded tranny pandering, mid song and annoying singer. I genuinely like Finland's song, even if performance is not as cool, at least it's goofy and classical eurovision trash, which is always better imho than tranny shit

No. 377322

Yeah I get your perspective too.

No. 377323

Favourite entry, glad we'll be seeing him again.
And 5/6 of my picks made it, which is great all things considered. Shame about the handmaiden though.

No. 377328

Such a good entry! Fresh, modern, fun but just a bit moody, the staging was really cool and slick! Could've come out of Sweden if it was in English. Lithuania has been on a roll in recent years.

No. 377332

No. 377338

So ironic that Ireland's song starts with "avada kedavra" when the singer is such an annoying tryhard gendie handmaiden. JK Rowling and Harry Potter truly live rent free in trannies' heads. I can't wait for her commentary on it.

I've only watched tonight's entries so far but the tranny pandering is so obnoxious. >>377328 he is decent but unfortunately he has gender brainrot too (enby flag in his Twitter profile)

No. 377370

File: 1715145625884.jpg (52.62 KB, 739x486, Capture.JPG)

what did they even expect kek. good for him

No. 377375

My personal favourite so far is Joost. I also loved Lithuania and Ukraine, but Europapa felt so fun and I really enjoy the song as well.
He is also making a collab song with the little green finnish man from last year which is exciting!

No. 377376

I'm so afraid for the live performance on this one. The audio version has a bunch of sound effects (or whatever) on the vocals and I saw a few pics of the guys he's taking with him on stage and it looked stupid af

No. 377377

studio version* not audio version lmao

No. 377378

Can you explain? What does Avada kedavra mean exactly?

No. 377379

NTA but Avada kedavra is a spell used in Harry Potter, which is written by JK Rowling and JK is treated like the boogeyman amongst troons because she doesn't pander to them.

No. 377380

It's an instant death spell in HP. How edgy. Won't that trigger the troons?

No. 377383

Lol y’all are triggered way too easily by anything gay or trans. It’s fucking Eurovision what did you expect?

No. 377389

Just why? I would've loved her entry if it wasn't for the retarded tranny shit. It's completely unnecessary too, since she isn't even one.

No. 377391

File: 1715152973626.jpg (181.47 KB, 2048x1393, GMkiz-jW4AAR5C2.jpg)

Imagine if the UK sent a lesbian band holding up a terf island flag, it would've been epic.

No. 377392

This year i haven't followed Eurovision as autistically as i usually do, but there are quite a lot of great songs. In the first semifinal Ukraine, Croatia (but he isn't my winner, idk), Lithuania (i forgive him for his haircut and nb flag, at least it wasn't on the stage), Slovenia, Finland are my favs. Honestly, if Slovenia had similar level of staging as Ireland, it would get way more attention. Ireland, even if we disregard tranny shit gets so praised everywhere, but the song is just meh. I like witchy shit, the song is so fucking try hard. Avada Kedavra, are you for real? Average r/witchesvspatriarchy user, kek.
Sad for Poland, but singing wasn't good enough. Other than that, i mostly agree with qualified songs.

No. 377393

based. it was so good to see him again i was hoping he'd making an appearance

No. 377395

God she was so fucking cringe, and i say this as someone who likes weird metal shit. The gender pandering was disgusting and out of place, she looked like an ana-chan wanting to expose herself for public body checking, as a metalhead I hate how people already think dark alt is all inspired by drugs and she just comes out and literally makes it about drugs… overall it came off as try hard cringe with a side of child grooming.
Also gross how even wikipedia calls people criticizing her "far-right" to paint them as pearl-cluthing villains.

No. 377398

To be fair I don't remember any previous ESC host literally going "btw this singer is the first homosexual male singer from their country!" or "and this years song was sung by lesbian Name McName!" the way they apparently now do for gendershit. Local commentators in woke countries might have done it, but not the actual on-screen hosts that everyone sees

No. 377399

As a fellow metal fan I feel like Croatia is more in the spirit of metal than her song.

No. 377400

so fucking typical. It can't be that people might just not like the song or something about her, no, it's everyone else is a alt-right, bigot, karens, etc. I guess adding one of the magical gender flags to your bio adds +100 to protection against all criticism and that's why every talentless hack does it nowadays.

No. 377401

he's a trashy little manboy with a dry nasal voice, did they seriously only bring him because he's palestinian? he will never be popular

No. 377402

File: 1715154175836.gif (13.61 KB, 129x180, 1703912533981.gif)

>anything gay
No. Only gay moids pandering to other gay moids because we want sexy men pandering to us.
Of course. Are you from twitter?

No. 377403

I thought the chess piece song was cute and was sad it didn't make it, I think it was Poland

No. 377404

ayrt, yes absolutely. Yet everyone around me expected me to love the Irish gendieshit and get surprised when I say I hated it.

No. 377406

Idk, i think it's only true for trans shit, because with gay songs you can make it make sense in an entry. Like love songs are common and adding an element of two same sex people kissing is not something out of the left field like most trans shit is. If they could just be whatever gender they are but perform like a normal human being without shoehorning tranny shit into it for no reason i would not be as pissed. I did not hate conchita, because at least he could sing and the song was good, even if he was a moid with a beard in a dress. But this Ireland bodychecking nightmare. Ew.

No. 377408

File: 1715155305200.webp (59.62 KB, 1080x493, letsparty.webp)

Yes, there has been transvestites in ESC before. That's different from transgender and troon propaganda. Conchita had a beard and didn't actually believe that he was female. Also there is the icon Verka who is just funny and also doesn't believe that he is female.

No. 377412

I personally don't give a shit if a man chooses to present himself in a more feminine way as long as he isn't calling himself a woman. Kinda like Australia this year had a man dressing in a more feminine way, but afaik he isn't claiming to be anything but a man.
Bringing the trans flag colours into your little skimpy outfit + waving the flag instead of your own country's flag like everyone else is just cringe as hell.

No. 377414

Yeah the Australian singer is just a dude. The aestethics might not be my cup of tea but it's better that men get rolemodels like that who wears whatever they want instead of messages that putting on a dress makes you a woman.

No. 377427

She looks like that one groomed drag child Desmond is Amazing kek

No. 377428

Ugh, you're right.

No. 377429

Even though it wasn't my fave, I though the Moldovan song lost a lot of the appeal it had when they changed it. I haven't kept up with the rehearsals so I was expecting vid related and it was kinda boring.

No. 377437

Yeah I agree. The melody was almost haunting in combination with that staging and then they made it a happy butterfly thing on the real thing. Choices choices.

No. 377439

Probably because Sweden is hosting this year. Back in 2016 all of this gendy nb bs wasn't mainstream; and mostly relegated to specific online spaces.

No. 377440

>she looked like an ana-chan wanting to expose herself for public body checking
this is how i feel about her in general. she does similar bs in her other videos. in one of her other MVs she is literally only wearing underwear and her breasts have paint on them and you can actually see her nipples and she also wears duct tape on them in other parts but i guess it's ok because she is almost flat. she does seem like an edgy exhibitionist NLOG but since that isn't cool enough she is a they/them who wears trans colors to appeal to fellow gendies

omg you're so right. I even heard my countries commentators calling her "it"(because my language doesn't really work with they/them) and it was so cringe. and we aren't even that woke here. i hate this shit is catching on

the only based thing she did was writing on her body"ceasefire" and "free palestine" in some ancient language but esc organisers caught onto that and told her to remove those before the semifinal

nah he was just a previous contestant. they didn't expect him to pull this stund despite him being vocal about the war. they were "sad" about him doing that despite knowing the "non-political" nature of esc kek

man i loved yesterday's perfomance so much. so much better than the national final. the fact cyprus with the boring dance breaks snatched a position instead of her…ugh. i knew she wouldn't qualify but had a little hope since slovenia, also a probable non-qualifier got to the final

No. 377441

I like the vibe of Ireland's performance and the song, but ffs the troon pandering shit is obnoxious. She isn't even a tranny so it's extra try hard. I rolled my eyes at her outfit reveal and further whenever they were on the screen waving the trans flags with no Irish flags in sight. Very reminiscent of Iceland 2022. Should have sent Go Tobann if only to spare our eyes from the ugly troon flag.

No. 377442

File: 1715166782457.jpeg (216.04 KB, 1101x1101, IMG_0323.jpeg)

Yeah Bambi shoehorned the troon flag into every shot of Ireland in the green room, just to ensure every single audience member was aware of her special gendie status. It’s sad because I watched an interview with her where she mentioned a history of SA, so it’s a case of yet another mentally ill woman seeking solace from female sexualisation by identifying as ‘genderqueer’

No. 377443

File: 1715166866162.jpeg (213.66 KB, 1069x1069, IMG_0324.jpeg)

samefag but this hulking icelandic troon took me out kek

No. 377445

I saw the flag flash by but it didn't even register that he was a troon, i just thought he was a man being "inclusive" kek
it's funny to me that most people are gonna be like "oh wow she was born a man? huh, she's a real woman? then why"
The "real" troons hate gendies like her who get all the attention just by saying "i'm nonbinary" and doing 0 changes at all, as opposed them doing a billion surgeries trying to pass

No. 377446

>nah he was just a previous contestant
ayrt i know, hence the references to his songs in my post kek i just think he fucking sucks and can't sing

No. 377448

got it anon kek. haven't bothered with him and didn't even watch his performance yesterday. no matter what he did a very subtle move to support his cause. i don't think most ppl even caught on to it.

btw EU-anons, did any of you have issues with the livestream yesterday? despite finding it and it saying that it had started, it said it was unavailable. this has never happened to me before in the past and had to watch the livestream of my country's broadcaster

No. 377450

Where are you from? A couple of participating countries are blocked from the youtube stream too, Greece, UK and Lithuania iirc

No. 377451

one of those countries kek. but WHY?! it doesn't make sense. especially since it was ok in the past. what changed now?

No. 377453

File: 1715169400245.png (655.76 KB, 1039x854, bbc news.PNG)

bbc news had an odd headline

No. 377455

If you're from UK that's because they expect you to watch it on the BBC iPlayer. It's retarded, but the BBC has monopolised the right to broadcast the show. Thank god for VPNs.

No. 377456

did a tumblrina write this lmao

No. 377457

no it wasn't the UK. and the next country i tried on the vpn was the UK. i bamboozled myself ig. maybe our national broadcaster is pulling similar shit i'll keep that in mind for the next time

No. 377459

File: 1715169781822.png (56.01 KB, 759x456, article 2.PNG)

interesting how they ordered the ogham to be removed

No. 377460

maybe as they made a few mistakes in their article >>377459

No. 377465

Feels really sad that a performer is confined to her room for security reasons. It's not her fault those countries are in conflict, ffs.

No. 377467

>goth gremlin
kek. I love BBC's takes sometimes.

No. But I'm sure she knew what she was signing up for, let's be real.

No. 377468

Am I the only one who thinks Croatia isn't THAT good?? Like the song and performance is fun but I think the chorus is a bit weak and several other entries had much better staging imo.

No. 377469

I personally like it, but it would have been so much better if it wasn't in english.
I love how they use those grandma-made doilies on their drumsets and as ski-masks lol.

No. 377471

Same! Like, It's fun, sounds good, moid isn't too ugly as the rest but it's not THAT good like everyone is praising it. If it will win i wouldn't care that much, kek

No. 377476

I already mentioned it too in >>377316
It's so good and memorable it's not even funny. I like a bunch of songs but this is my favorite by a large margin. It also invites the audience to sing along which is always a plus point. Absolute banger IMO, listened like 60 times to this so far.
I love that their instruments wear crochet tablecloths.

No. 377478

I love it, better than the tranny one. They need to win

No. 377489

I know no one cares about this song lmao but I can't get over how beautiful it is. Only song from the first semi on repeat for me.

No. 377503

The amount of near-naked costumes this year felt really gross to me, that song included. Not even in a prude way, it was just not even fun glam or sexy, at times it just felt like watching a disappointing orgy with some anachans bodychecking in the mirror wall to see who was the boniest.

No. 377504

My problem with it is that it's too close of a copy of käärijä's song that was the fan favorite last year, it comes off as a cheap attempt to ride off his success which makes people not want to support it. Every year there's a least 1-2 songs that attempt to copy the previous winner and it never goes well for them.

No. 377505

There were a lot of those for sure. I did personally think the nudity in this one was tasteful though.
>anachans bodychecking in the mirror wall to see who was the boniest.
That's the vibe I got from Ireland
>it was just not even fun glam or sexy,
How did you feel about Chanel opening up the show then? Because I hated her costume with her ass cheeks hanging out. Most sexy costumes are too moid gazey

That song wasn't written for Eurovision, it's just a coincidence. But I get the comparison

No. 377507

I understand what you mean nonna. Even though it's a fun song, it seems like something is missing from it. If I had to pick a non-serious, dance song, I'd pick europapa

NONNA I'm here too! I was so happy it went to the final. I also feel weird about the almost naked costumes like >>377503 said, but at least it looked tasteful on her and she carried the performance super well. Not that I wouldn't like a more covered look, but that's what we have so

No. 377514

yeah, apparently the irish one has an only fans, so im not sure what message that sends

No. 377516

Of course the ~I'm not a woman~ enbie has an only fans selling her body, of course.

No. 377517

I agree. All ugly clothes of ESC's past are forgiven, please put them on again.

No. 377518

What's her name? Maybe she deserves a thread

No. 377519

Bambie thug. Idk if she's milky enough for a thread tho.

No. 377523

Strangely enough, the instrumental beats rather remind me of songs of Rammstein like Du Hast.
That said Käärijä should have won. Fuck the jury.

No. 377524

>How did you feel about Chanel opening up the show then?
I didn't know who she was so I didn't care too much since she wasn't competing, but I did think it was a bit "too much" like ok girl we don't really need to literally see your whole ass cheeks out flapping about
>Most sexy costumes are too moid gazey
I think so too, it bores me as a female because I don't even get to go "oh cool, I bet I'd feel empowered in that" I just get ass cheeks pressed up against my eyeballs

No. 377526

I read he's a fan of Rammstein so that sounds about right

No. 377527

>That song wasn't written for Eurovision, it's just a coincidence. But I get the comparison
I mean sure they say that, but they still gave the singer giant sleeves and copied käärijä's pose instead of making up their own, both things being iconic for his performance. They at least changed the sleeve to look more piratey in the semifinal but it feels dishonest to say they're not trying to recapture his success by sending a similar song

No. 377528

>yeah, apparently the irish one has an only fans, so im not sure what message that sends
It's at times like this I wish there was some sort of rule against the artists working in prostitution/sexwork during the show… why the fuck would you promote that?

But damn is it on the nose for the enby to: be a victim of sexual abuse, be a drug addict, be an exhibitionist who strips down to her underwear, selling her body aka "sexwork", putting "trans" above all else despite no effort to transition, trying to force in political messages everywhere… they're all the same.

No. 377531

There are a bunch of good songs but strangely nothing but Europapa and the Croatian song get me enough to download/buy and listen to them which is a bit weak. Maybe the second semi-final will have more after my taste.
Feel the same about the performances. Haven't seen Europapa live yet but from the semi-final 1 songs I only considered (again) the Croatian one cool as shit and maybe the Irish performance. But I am not a fan of the song itself with Ireland so I wouldn't vote it.
At least my own country made something somewhat decent this time (Germany). Not a fan of that genre and it has the types of cryptic lyrics I don't like so I wouldn't vote that either if I could. So far it's either Netherland or Croatia.

The balkan Slavic countries, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova and some northern countries like Finland or Sweden always have the highest chance for bangers IMO. I don't think I ever liked a song from France, UK, Malta or Australia lmao And the last German song I actually loved enough to put onto my playlist is from 1999.

No. 377536

>At least my own country made something somewhat decent this time (Germany).
You really think this is better than Bloog & glitter and Rockstars?

No idea what you mean by Kaarija's pose but
>giant sleeves
??????? It's a pirate shirt, it's absolutely nothing like that green spikey bolero thing Kaarija had

No. 377538

File: 1715191857462.jpg (80.46 KB, 800x450, Baby-Lasagna-Dora-2024-16x9-1.…)

>>giant sleeves
>??????? It's a pirate shirt
maybe you should have read the "They at least changed the sleeve to look more piratey in the semifinal" part

No. 377539

>I don't think I ever liked a song from[…]UK
When's the last time the UK had a good song? Sucks that I'll probably never be able to support the country I live in because they consistently send duds despite being pound-for-pound the world's biggest producer of global hits.

No. 377541

File: 1715192486688.png (498.58 KB, 946x451, wgfad.png)

>No idea what you mean by Kaarija's pose
excuse the retarded screenshots because i ain't spending more than 5 sec on this

No. 377542

File: 1715192609175.jpg (106.43 KB, 976x549, _129080269_turin-epa.jpg)

>When's the last time the UK had a good song?
just 2 years ago, Sam Ryder???? damn y'all sleeping on my space man so hard, I loved him

No. 377543

Fair, I wouldn't consider it a banger but it was pleasant.

No. 377544

not every man hitting a squat pose is trying to be like kaarija. that's like saying a homeless man taking a shit on the side of the road is trying to be kaarija.

No. 377545

Í'm sorry but this is reaching so hard. No one who isn't a fanatic remembers that particular stance and those sleeves look nothing like the bolero whatsoever, they're just both volumeous that's where the similiarities end. And I don't like the song that much so I don't think I'm biased here.

No. 377546

They don't look alike at all. The only similar thing is the energy of the song.

No. 377569

This move is actually from Till Lindemann from Rammstein, which they both are very clearly inspired by.

No. 377570

File: 1715198267346.gif (185.28 KB, 240x132, xU3EMyh.gif)

If anything, this pose is Till Lindemann's. It's basically a variation on the Till hammer, picrel. Both Kaarija and Croatia are inspired by Rammstein so it makes sense. I agree that Croatia is trying to ride on Kaarija's success but I'd rather have 10 bootleg Rammstein songs than the usual boring ass ballad.

Totally agreed, not to sound like a pearl clutcher but I watched the live with my boomer parents and it was a nightmare, I was so uncomfortable. The only naked lady that gets a pass from me is Slovenia.

No. 377576

>No one who isn't a fanatic remembers that
Fair to say they're fans, but the local broadcaster literally mentioned it in my country just before the show so it was on everyone's mind here

No. 377580

>Totally agreed, not to sound like a pearl clutcher but I watched the live with my boomer parents and it was a nightmare, I was so uncomfortable.
It's so annoying that everything "queer" now literally means "depraved hyper-sexual shit" as if that wasn't the image old gay people fought their whole lives to remove. I don't mind some sparkly raunchy costumes but do we literally need to see half naked men humping each other and ass cheeks clapping every second number? I genuinely think if I stated "I don't really like the sexual performances" I'd be attacked and told "then why would you even watch ESC in the first place???" as if it's a given that it's all supposed to be a hyper-sexual now

No. 377582

File: 1715201474005.jpeg (81.14 KB, 399x254, IMG_3280.jpeg)

Marko Purisic (Baby Lasagna) was just a random guy from a village who is a fan of Rammstein and into writing songs. He wrote and produced few songs, submitted one of then for national selection and managed to get into it as a backup (was not even chosen at first). Then he got noticed and got huge support, won etc…
What's interesting is his entire team is basically his friends and neighbours, his fiancee is the video producer, his brother plays the drums etc. Even the costume designer is someone from his village lol.

But that is what I like about his act, he didn't hire swedish producers or have some huge team behind his songs, just him and his friends.

No. 377583

Wow, I already wanted him to win but now I want him to win even more

No. 377589

I didn't know that, that is so cool. I don't think he will win but I hope he gets into the top 5. As a Rammstein fan I love that we got two rammfags in a row at esc tbh

No. 377590

Check her insta and lol.
>tranny flag plastered everywhere
>comments are funny and full of mental ill people saying that she's perfectly normal
>lowkey bodychecking
>has a photo with Dylan mulvaney

No. 377591

>You really think this is better than Bloog & glitter and Rockstars?
I don't really like it but it's less awful than Lena and that shit. That said, I generally don't (or almost never like) single singers. It's usually melodic minimalism and too boring and atmospherics or soft for me to care. But since that's the shit the jury is obsessed with there are many that elect these types of singers.

No. 377592

Fucking this. I love that it's basically a village product and it matches the theme of the song perfectly.
Think I never like multinational productions. If I hear that the producer is Swedish, the singer an ethnic Croat that born in Cyprus and living in Malta, the lyric writer an US American and the costume designer a French dude I already expect the most soulless corporate stuff imaginable.

I want projects that are personal. I rather have cringe songs that are honest and reflect personal or local mindsets and feelings than another artificial shit that 45 people calculated to become successful. Feel the same about movies and series.

No. 377598

>child grooming
I’m so confused? Where was there anything related to that?

No. 377600

Did anyone else feel like the hosts were really low energy during the first semifinals? Like they hated being there. Is it just me?

Kek dustin the turkey is ingrained in my memory forever, thanks for that potatoes. As everyone else already said, Ireland's entry was good but holy christ the tranny pandering is so obnoxious it made me cringe. I'm fine with people being gendies in the context of Eurovision because who gives a shit but she's in her fucking 30's doing this. I was not surprised to hear that she used to be a party princess, she has that very specific kind of histrionic, attention hungry personality they always seem to have.

No. 377605

I also like the theme of the song a lot. Personally not into love songs and not a fan of vague texts that can mean whatever you want either. This is an obvious song about a rural dude having to leave his country and town for (probably economic) reasons and being sad and anxious about it. It's something that speaks to millions of immigrants and people that moved away from their birthplace.
Even as a metropolitan I can relate to the fear or leaving places and people behind, the fear of change, loss all that shit.

No. 377629

I get what you mean, but I was okay with hers specifically because she seemed to be going for a siren from the sea sort of theme

No. 377656

>I was not surprised to hear that she used to be a party princess, she has that very specific kind of histrionic, attention hungry personality they always seem to have.
She has strong cluster B energy for sure. I kind of want her to win anyway because it'd be the funniest and most dramatic outcome, but a win for Croatia would be a win for the true spirit of Eurovision.

No. 377659

>he didn't hire swedish producers
lol why would a croatian hire swedish producers to begin with, that would have been madly conceited to assume he'd be chosen for the ESC in sweden from the beginning
>has a photo with Dylan mulvaney
dear god that is truly disgusting and tells me all i need to know about this woman. also calling yourself "thug" when you're in your 30s is cringe imo

No. 377660

>child grooming
>I’m so confused? Where was there anything related to that?
She has literally said her song is about her drug addiction. And did you miss her groomer trans flag outfit or are you a lost twitterfag?

No. 377724

I hope the audience behave tonight when Israel has it's performance. While I don't think non-european countries should participate, I hope the artist will be safe and perform undisturbed.

No. 377725

Anyone else being bombarded by ads on youtube, with Israel's contestant asking you to vote for her? She appears to me everyday for the last three days, at least four times in an afternoon.

No. 377739

just get an adblocker nona

No. 377740

They're gonna be booing the whole song, I'm sure of it. The broadcasters are doing their best to filter it out of course tho

No. 377741

>watching youtube with ads
Love yourself. Get an adblocker or premium.
Hopefully booing is the worst she gets.

No. 377742

I liked that they weren't overly fake enthusiastic tbh.

No. 377743

>She has literally said her song is about her drug addiction.
Is it really? Damn I thought it was about some ex boyfriend she was 'cursing' or something

No. 377745

No. 377746

>lol why would a croatian hire swedish producers to begin with, that would have been madly conceited to assume he'd be chosen for the ESC in sweden from the beginning

Other countries do tend to hire Swedish producers for their ESC songs and even brag about it. Or lyricists…

No. 377747

Banning Israel from performing would have worked out in everyone's favor; there's no way this wouldn't have happened. Azerbaijan should have gotten booted for their ethnic cleansing operations too.

No. 377751

Just get rid of all non-european countries already, that would solve it.

No. 377757

>Like they hated being there. Is it just me?
Just you, they were better than most hosts are to me. I generally hate it when the hosts have constant super fake plastic smiles all the way through, I thought these 2 seemed to genuinely like being there and they were confident in their English so they delivered the jokes just fine as opposed to the very stilted jokes we often get with hosts who have to memorize each line becuase they barely speak english

No. 377759

I kinda get it, but it's not the singers fault their country is shitty, and there sure are other countries with conflicts who also deserve critique. I'm typically very naive with a mindset of "just let everyone come and sing outside of those conflicts" but even I think it would have been better to not let them compete this year, it's unfair to let a single person be the punching bag for the country so they can hide behind them.
Lowkey would have been funny if they had sent a troon though, just to make everyone sweat in confusion of how to react kek

No. 377760

>Banning Israel from performing would have worked out in everyone's favor
Ok but consider this: the people who run ESC are woke and want to be able to send wokie messages while maintaining an outward appearance that they're totally neutral. They know people will boo at israel for them so they can pretend they have nothing to do with it while the "fandom" maintains its woke position

No. 377762

>Lowkey would have been funny if they had sent a troon though, just to make everyone sweat in confusion of how to react kek
Omfg yes kek. They're happy to ruin a woman's performance but omg a sacred transwoman?? Can't risk being called transphobic!

No. 377763

>Lowkey would have been funny if they had sent a troon though
KEK now THAT is some drama I would've loved to see

No. 377772

One of the biggest sponsors of the contest is an Israeli company (Morocconoil) so booting Israel off the competition would've meant losing a considerable amount of sponsor money to the point they contest probably wouldn't have been made possible. I know I'm possibly being hypocritical about it but even though the situation between Israel and Palestine is dire, it's not comparable to the situation between Russia and Ukraine as despite Ukraine being the battlefront, Russia is practically in war with the entirety of Europe at the moment. I do agree that countries outside of Europe shouldn't be welcomed in general though and also recognize that an Eurovision win is a huge PR win for a country and they can abuse it to gain soft power, which is why it's so problematic that countries with limited human rights like Belarus or Azerbaijan would be allowed to participate.

No. 377774

>Lowkey would have been funny if they had sent a troon though, just to make everyone sweat in confusion of how to react kek

Nonna that's unironically brilliant lol. You should've have been in charge of the Israeli ESC delegation team. And then the stunning and brave transwoman can have an outfit reveal with trans coloured underwear and bring 10:1 ratio of trans to Israel flags to wave in the green room, just like Ireland did.

No. 377777

Tinfoil hat time: Maybe that is why they choose Malmö as host city. That place is infamous for it's high percentage of muslim immigrants, many of who are hostile to jews in general.

No. 377785

I interpreted it as an attempt to put the spotlight on a provincial city like the UK did with Liverpool. Apparently Malmö's cleaned up a lot in the past few years so it could just be Sweden feeling comfortable enough to showcase it.

No. 377788

IDK what you mean by cleaned up. I'm Swedish and Malmö has a bad reputation. There is massive security for ESC including snipers.

No. 377789

I just rewatched the youtube stream and kek, they shat on the trustfund moid who sang during the voting period just as much as we did.

No. 377792

i lmao'd when presenter in the 1st semifinals was constantly pronoucing bambie thug as "babyfag"

No. 377795

File: 1715268265954.png (81.72 KB, 577x340, eurovision.png)

pardon if im wrong but it's during picrel right? semi related, i wish i had the mind to screencap more posts kek

No. 377796

Kek yes he did!

No. 377801

Hasn't the violence improved + industry moved in? That's how the city's portrayed internationally at least

No. 377804

No, I meant the second one with weird stage presence that was way too long.

No. 377808

File: 1715269914180.mp4 (2.38 MB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1715269841120.m…)

I hope a miracle happens and they qualify

No. 377813

File: 1715270523233.jpeg (117.67 KB, 900x750, GNFxoZcWEAAUw5h.jpeg)

The audience at the evening preview liked them so I'm hopeful.

No. 377814

Oh i see. in my defense nonnies were tearing almost every moid up lol

No. 377815

i personally liked the song but i feel like it doesn't fit with the spirit of the contest bc really any country could've had a petite half naked girl prance around with a troon flag singing in English with a satanic/witchy/metal theme.

No. 377816

I really wish there could have been witchy metal without a troon theme.

No. 377823

tinfoil hat on top of the tinfoil hat: what if they simply didn't want to risk anything happening in Stockholm because it's the more important capital, but they'll happily risk it for the city known for having a lot of immigration…

No. 377824

>i lmao'd when presenter in the 1st semifinals was constantly pronoucing bambie thug as "babyfag"
I'm a swede so I can confirm a lot of swedes simply can't say/hear "th" since it doesn't exist in swedish so "f" is the closes we've got - then again half of us CAN say/hear it and I legit thought her name was "fag" until I saw it written kek there is no way not a single person on the massive team didn't correct her at some point

No. 377826

Benjamin Ingrosso? I legit have no idea why they treated him as if he's some big deal, sure he competed for Sweden once but it's not like people even liked that song that much. He's NOT someone who should be getting THAT much attention, it was so odd. He's in what we call the swedish "kardashian" family, though somehow that statement is an insult to both them and the kardashainas at the same time kek But at least he's a better singer than Eric Saade.

No. 377831

anons please put on your thinking hats instead, the host city was chosen months before the Israel/Hamas situation escelated last october.

No. 377906

i'm so fucking pissed that diamond armor baldi qualified and not malta/czechia!

No. 377908

File: 1715290092011.jpg (62.37 KB, 388x412, 30-05.24 Corinne Cumming - EBU…)

Did Latvia had to break their long non-qualifier streak with THIS baldie?! I'm so disappointed. Rip San Marino my beloved

No. 377909

Armenia to final, Norway to final, Käärijä and moomins appeared, whew I'm so satisfied nonas!

No. 377912

>san marino
nonnies using the "rawr" and emo stickers killed me kek

No. 377914

It was a real flashback to the 00s.

No. 377917

File: 1715290688972.gif (536.47 KB, 498x325, ravecat.gif)

God everytime I watch ESC I can't sleep after, gonna party and listen to ESC songs all night

No. 377918

God how I wish Käärijä had won last year, seeing him again made me so hyped.

No. 377919

He really should have, good of them to include him at least.

No. 377921

the fact that the bald faggot got through and nebulossa didn't is a crime. i want to see moids sexualizing themselves, not singing about muh depwession

No. 377922

Czechia should have gone to the final too.
>i want to see moids sexualizing themselves
Only if hot, and no to thongs please.

No. 377923

Spain is big 5 so Nebulossa is in finals anyways

No. 377924

Czechia not qualifying was a fucking disgrace. How the fuck did Latvia make it but she didn't.

No. 377925

yeah i just realized that after posting kek im a bit retarded

No. 377926

File: 1715291675304.jpg (143.52 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20240509-234921.jpg)

Italy accidentally(?) leaked their televote results.

No. 377928

Lmao, 40% for Israel? This shit is so rigged it's not even funny anymore. Loreen winning last year with jury votes and now this. What a joke of a contest.

No. 377935

nonnies i am so fucking happy with the results tonight. this was the best semi ever just like >>377909 said
>Armenia to final, Norway to final, Käärijä and moomins appeared, whew I'm so satisfied nonas!
and i really loved what joost did with his performance!!!! definitely worth the wait imo i had so much fun when he came on kekkk i'm sooo excited for the grand final this saturday nonnies!!!!! shame israel got through too. i kinda wish she didn't because i'd be stressing if i were her, all those security measures are just not worth it

No. 377938

>norway last
They're really trying to mess with the odds, fuck the jury voting in the finals will be a pain.

No. 377939

This is Europe's punishment for not qualifiying Sudden Lights last year.

No. 377940

Israel's song is so boring and cheesy this absolutely baffles me, I hope this leak is fake.

No. 377942

This was shown during Italy's broadcast so I don't think it's fake. I really hope it is though. Israel winning would not end well kek

No. 377944

Ireland to be blasted off into space

No. 377946

Nah, I don't think it's rigged. The views for the semi finals are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the final and so is the voter pool. Pro-Israel voters saw their chance and actively voted for Israel.

No. 377947

everytime i tell myself i'll only have the stream as bg noise and get some stuff done but every time i ignore it and get caught up in chatting with nonnies

No. 377948

Another Sudden Lights appreciator, hard agree.

No. 377949

File: 1715293508410.gif (459.35 KB, 400x224, riggamortis.gif)

>georgia with more votes than armenia
lmao such bullshit

No. 377950

Ikr? How did that 2010 ass song qualify, and over Czechia at that?

No. 377953

this may sound confusing but even though i liked "we will rave" by Austria i felt like it doesn't quite belong in the finals, it just doesn't have that polish i think, i can't explain it. but i enjoyed it a lot i'll give it that.

No. 377955


it sounds like du riechts so gut to me

No. 377962

I like the studio verson of We Will Rave too but it feels like a discount Slomo or Fuego. Both the vocals and the dancing is poorer than the performances it tries to immitate. Especially those vocals didn't deserve to be in the finals. Latvia is boring as fuck but at least the dude can sing his own damn song and deserved to be in the final over Austria for that reason alone.

No. 377967

I know you hate it because of the dancers but I think she's absolutely fucking based, not only did she make it to the stage despite being in her 50s (we all know how agist the music world is against women especially), the lyrics are about the misogynistic use of the word Zorra (bitch) and to top it off she made two moid dancers in corsets humiliate themselves by clapping their ass cheeks in front of a multimillion audience. She's a queen.

No. 377968

wrong performance, my bad

No. 377971

hey why the fuck is israel 2nd in the betting odds? what the hell is going on

No. 377973

Italy leaked their televote results by accident and Israel got nearly 40% of the votes, that's probably why.

No. 377975

Samefag but it's even more.. interesting.. because Italy doesn't have a notable Israelian/Jewish population nor is Italy particularly pro-Israel politically. So people are now thinking Israel could take the televote win in the grandfinal, which has boosted their odds.

No. 377979

NTA but Israel stuffing the ballots is a probable risk if those Italian numbers are true. There's no way even the people unaware of all the Eurovision Israel drama even liked that song that much, it was the most generic pop song you've ever heard with a lot of other better normie-pandering entries among it. Nothing made it stand out from the rest.

No. 377983

Yeah. I think there's a very real chance that Israel will win the televote saturday in a lot of countries simply because pro-Israel people who normally don't watch the contest, will vote for Israel to make a political statement.

No. 377993

I'm kinda bummed Australia was disqualified because I only just heard their song and it was pretty good

No. 378061

Right on nonnie. I love her song and the fact she probably won't do well kills me. Why does Spain have to get attention with shit like Chanel and her booty cheeks? Even though she doesn't have the best voice, zorra is a better song than whatever yas slay queen shit the contest is saturated with

And talking about that, some anons were talking about how many women this year wear revealing tight outfits and it's so true. I was so tired seeing so many of the songs yesterday having a woman wearing something tight/short and going on a dancebreak

No. 378066

File: 1715318529306.jpeg (380.03 KB, 1125x1569, IMG_0654.jpeg)

Käärijä, who performed between acts this year, met the Israeli contestant backstage and danced with her which was recorded and posted on her IG story (deleted now though). Palestine supporters got mad at him and Käärijä then posted a story that it was filmed without his consent and it wasn’t a political statement. Now Israeli supporters hate him. Neutral people also call him a coward that he didn’t just shrug this dancing thing off. Everyone hates him kek. United by hate ?

No. 378078

Getting real sick of middle Eastern politics affecting our European music contest. Just let people dance and party damn it.

No. 378084

That's ridiculous, let the drunk party people dance a bit without assuming it's a political statement on war ffs

No. 378086

I'm SO bored of this years costumes. How many fucking ass cheeks do we have to see before it's enough? It's not the swimming Olympics can they all put some fucking pants or skirts on.
Is it because of how depraved pride parades have also become, and they think esc is a pride festival and the more sexual it is the "better" they think they'll do?

No. 378087

Me too nonna, I liked the song and iirc the moid in a dress wasn't trans and just playing around with gnc

No. 378088

Wait did they cheat? It seems so odd for Italy to be so pro israel out of nowhere

No. 378093

God I'm so fucking sick and tired of these stupid extremist on both sides taking it out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with the war. Go die as a Red cross nurse or something if you want to make an actual difference.

It's possible but it's more likely Israel got a lot of votes from people who normally don't watch Eurovision for obvious political reasons. Not a lot of people vote in the semi finals so it's easier to seay the vote…

It'll be interesting to see if the large volume of voters in the grand final will drown out these pro-Israel voters or not..

No. 378095

There's deffo going to be some vote botting going on this year.

No. 378096

It's a good song, like others I'm just sick seeing of seeing asscheeks male or female. If the men actually looked like better dressed eyecandy for women it would be based.
I don't know how things are in other countries but in Sweden ESC is super popular among families with kids to watch, which makes it worse.

No. 378102

The "sorry for winning" interval act feat. troon joke, moomins and Käärijä. Got so fucking excited when he appeared last night!

No. 378105

>Israel got a lot of votes from people who normally don't watch Eurovision for obvious political reasons.
think that happened with Ireland? troons catch whiff of the fact that a enby girl's gonna enter and sway the votes?

No. 378107

File: 1715326764809.mp4 (1.17 MB, 720x914, twittervid.com_rasmusbravado_3…)

So how do we feel about ESC's brand new anti-booing technology this year?

Picrel was the crowd during the Israel act. You could even notice during the performance how the crowd was strangely silent except for some bizarrely-placed cheers. They must have muted the crowd and it was probably because of the crowd booing intensely last year after Loreen won.

No. 378108

kek i actually liked this bit, it's cute and cheeky, doesn't come across as gloating at all. if they've won as many times as they have, why wouldn't they be smug about it?

No. 378110

Nah, I don't like Ireland's gender/tranny pandering but she qualified because it was one of the most striking performances of the evening.

No. 378111

The fake cheering on the live stream was so bad and funny kek.

No. 378112

She probably got some people voting for her by being woke, yes.

No. 378113

Damn the booing is so much worse than I thought it would be. Idk I find booing at a girl who has 0 influence and 0 power at an entertainment show of all places is just low IQ behaviour.

No. 378114

kek even my slow ass noticed the crowd going completely silent at many points.

No. 378115

Apparantly Belgian TV even stopped the ESC broadcast because Israel participated. Screw that shit let people watch ESC!

No. 378116

As a Finn I found it funny kek. We are just happy someone gives us attention, even if we were the butt of the joke. Have to say though I’m happy we didn’t win last year seeing as the Israel-Palestine situation is so inflamed. A lot of nutjobs out there. Also I think Swedes make great shows.
Crowd sounds different from the official feed for sure. I feel sorry for her.

No. 378120

They even put the green room super high up behind the stage this year because of Israel participating. Probably so the singer doesn't get pelted with shit from the audience, also probably why the stage is extremely high up this year. The overall layout is very bizarre and it probably sucks for the performers to watch the show since they're behind the screen. At this point just remove Israel like you did Russia for fucks sake.

No. 378121

>even if we were the butt of the joke
I think the joke was done with love, we love our Nordic neighbours (except Denmark) also having Käärijä appear was clearly a homage to him.

No. 378125

Can we talk about how good Jako is? Not a lot of countries got a really good song AND really good vocals AND really good staging.

No. 378126

And a cute outfit too! I really enjoyed it, easy to sing along to.

No. 378127

Oh I agree, and we love you too!

No. 378134

>0 influence and 0 power
kek, don't be so narrowminded. while i definitely don't want her as an individual to get bullied or harassed in any way as i'm still human, i just can't feel much sympathy beyond that, just like i didn't feel sympathy for russia in 2014 and 2015 when the participants got booed. i just can't care kek. i'm not going to start feeling bad for broadcasters who had the choice to withdraw for the safety of the contestant they were sending if they actually cared about the young woman. they're obviously using her as a pawn. also for the information, she's a russian permanent resident too. she's hasn't even lived in israel for most of her life, she moved back in 2022 after her family left when she was 6 iirc the song itself was previously titled "october rain" and the lyrics are obvious allusions to that event. idk about you but i'm thinking they did have intentions to influence, going to eurovision is a huge deal to any country for that reason, because you can send a measage to millions not just in europe but all over the world.

No. 378137

I know it's a soft power-move for the broadcaster to be there, but geez go yell at things that actually matter, do things that make a real difference. Booing at that girl does nothing, nothing. I'm fed up with this all or nothing attitide that lacks any nuance at all, I'm fed up with the constant virtue signalling, I'm fed up with the polarisation and I'm fed up with this stupid conflict that doesn't even take place on our continent seeping into absolutely everything even a fucking song contest.

No. 378138

I'm sure at least some of the votes for Israel are sympathy votes for the singer being booed (maybe the Italian commentators mentioned that?) as well as a "fuck you" vote towards unhinged pro palestinian protestors who even turned on the british contestant for participating even though he was very publicly pro pal and anti israel.

No. 378139

Enough to explain that big of a vote share? In Italy of all places?

No. 378140

>as well as a "fuck you" vote towards unhinged pro palestinian protestors
Oh yeah that totally wouldn't surprise me. Did Italy have a lot of pro-palestinian protests? They've been ongoing in my country for days and I'm honestly so over and done with both sides.

No. 378142

I thought Malta was kinda meh tbh. Just another average pop song with a mid dance break in an overly sexy costume. At least the trick with the blind fold was kinda cool.

No. 378143

The protests has been massive in Malmö. The artist has needed a bigger police escort than even the US president visiting Sweden, normal people are geting sick of this shit.

No. 378145

she was incredible!!! one of my favourite performances this year

No. 378146

well no that's why I said "at least some of the votes" lol

every European country with a big Muslim population has them and I also saw a video from Italy where a drag queen was rubbing the Palestinian flag all over his naked body next to a femby with terf bangs waving a keffiyah to a crowd of cheering people, so they have those kind of protests as well.

No. 378148

File: 1715335287413.png (437.61 KB, 1024x683, awooo.png)

So who are you voting for in the final nonnas? I'm voting for Norway.

No. 378149

I only vote in the semi (voted for Norway and Armenia). Don't really care for the final results tbh, none of my favorites are contenders for the win anyway.

What's up with the naked dude in that picture?

No. 378151

I'm voting for the Netherlands, but I loved a lot of the performances! Like Armenia, Norway, Estonia, Spain and omg Ukraine did so wonderful. I love all the amazing women competing this year. I just can't justify spending a ton of money voting for everyone, haha.

No. 378152

It's Måns, he would fit right in this year!

No. 378153

I noticed the up-pitched boos at the end of her performance. I agree with the other nonnas that it's low IQ behavior.

No. 378154

File: 1715336018106.png (75.68 KB, 500x831, joost.png)

Ngl I cried like a baby at the end knowing that both his parents passed away when he was very young and that he is dedicating his Eurovision performance to them. He even posted this on his IG stories.
He is for sure not a singer and his breath control is not great on stage for sure, but I love his energy and he has so much authenticity. I can't help but to love this guy. I hope he does well in the voting.

No. 378157

I did see speculation that Italians perhaps thought they were voting for Italy when they voted for Israel.

They placed Netherlands pretty early on in the running order for the final, when they usually keep the favorites for later in the show, which makes me think he didn't do that well in the televote yesterday and is no longer considered a favorite/contender for the win.

No. 378158

File: 1715336782326.jpg (17.76 KB, 300x168, images(20).jpg)

samefag but Netherlands was a producers' choice placement too (meaning he could be placed anyway, not strictly first or second half) so they totally deliberately placed him that early.

No. 378159

anywhere* not anyway

No. 378160

I think the fact that the anachan stripped down to a trans-bikini definitely made TRA vote for her in solidarity, there's nothing more they love than performative activism

No. 378161

She has such an incredible voice, also did you see the guitarist chuck his guitar like 10 feet in the air and catch it during the final chorus kek The best/most entertaining songs for me are Armenia, Norway, Netherlands, Ukraine (minus the rapping), Finland, Spain and Italy

No. 378163

I've always been a gnc tomboy so one part of me wants to like that they're dressed in a gnc way, but on the other hand I honestly really do NOT find men dressed in sexy women's lingerie appealing in any way shape or form. It just looks gross to me. "Despite" being a tomboy I still prefer men to look masculine, and my country is progressive enough that a man in women's clothes isn't really that "scandalously comedic" on it's own.

No. 378164

I genuinely don't think she would've NQed if she hadn't done the tranny pandering and didn't identify as "non-binary".

No. 378165

I didn't think Norway's camera angles were as good as the performance at MGP. Loved it still but..

No. 378172

i'm voting for norway too, also serbia, slovenia, armenia and spain (maybe more if i decide to wreck my phone bill this month kek)
i wish i could vote for my own country too, i want us to win so fucking bad

No. 378174

File: 1715340421803.jpg (69.02 KB, 922x746, pppp.jpg)

Israel and Ireland being up there in predictions is crazy.

No. 378182

what country nonnie

No. 378187

croatia kek

No. 378190

the song is so mid and forgettable there really is no other reason for them to be favourites except pro-israel supporters organising to vote en masse

No. 378199

>crowd booing

No. 378200

In 2014 or 2015 after russia invaded crimea, the russian act was boed so much she cried, she was 16 iirc
The british comentator Graham Norton, actually shouted at crowd, screaming "She's just a girl", "it's not her fault" etc

No. 378201

Also most of the pro-Palestine people I know are boycotting ESC this year, so their non-Israel votes are lost.

I'm also considering not watching the final, idk feels icky seeing Israel win after ESC being so obviously political for many years with the Russian attack and now EBU being like nah it was never political.

No. 378204

I'll vote for your country nonnie, I'll also vote for Joost cuz I love his punchable dumbass face

No. 378205

File: 1715343301697.jpg (53.49 KB, 564x548, mua mua mua.jpg)

thank you nonnie, i'd vote for you country too if i knew it

No. 378206

>feels icky seeing Israel win
They haven't won yet.

People are reading too much into that leak. Italians are known for voting for themselves, supposedly a quarter of all votes from Italy are Italians voting for themselves every year KEK. Italy performed right before Israel so it's entirely possible they thought they were voting for themselves when they were voting for #14.

No. 378207

after last years results being skewed heavily by the judges
people were boycotting this year anyway

if isreal wins, i think even more people would boycott it

if the asian song contest does go ahead, eurovision will lose some countries as they will go perform in that instead, turkey

No. 378208

I really want your country to win too, mass manifestation nonnies

No. 378210

Italy has never competed in the semi finals because they automatically qualify and obviously they know that. There's no way they voted for Israel by mistake that's just cope. A bunch of pro Israel people voted to show support it's not that complicated.

No. 378211

Don't worry nona they will get alot of votes!

No. 378212

I'm a spic so you were already going to vote for my country. It's also the first time in a lot of years I actually like our song. But Croatia must win no matter what.

No. 378213

on the subject of an asian song contest there are 2 rival contests in the works

ABU Song Contest:
countries that have entered ABU song events in the past:
Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Brunei, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey,
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Zambia

Plus there are more even countires eligble

The first contest due to be held in 2020 was canceled due to covid, China is keen to get it going again

Eurovision Asia Song Contest:
Countries that intended to take part.
Australia, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, South Korea and Vanuatu

In development hell since 2014, still in the works though

No. 378214

>obviously they know that.
Obviously they don't if they vote for themselves in the final.

No. 378219

File: 1715345269347.jpeg (489.91 KB, 2048x1607, GNKig6LXIAA6SY5.jpeg)

Croatia and Netherland are so much better than everything else IMO it's not even funny.
Though that aside does anybody also love "We will rave" a lot? I miss Eurodance. Think this is the first time that I am also rooting for a Swiss song.

Judging by how crazy the audience went as well as the views on youtube I am sure that the people will primarily vote for the two first countries I mentioned. Now is the question if it will be enough to overtrump the horseshit and paid voting from the jury?
You just KNOW the jury won't vote for any of the good songs.

No. 378221

The problem isn't that Israel participates but the obvious bias as well as the content of the song and the mindset of the singer who openly declares it.

Why is Russia banned but not Israel?
Let both of them in or none. Besides that Russia's songs were cool and one of the recent ones was about feminism, despite being Putin's country. The protests wouldn't be half as loud if it was Orphaned Land singing for Israel or at least someone with a politically neutral song or at least nothing hinting nationalism. But no, the country HAS to provoke as they always do.

They can't expect the audience to be stupid enough to not notice the bias here.
>it's not the singers fault their country is shitty
Singer brags about joining the idf after Eurovision.
She is a propagandist mouthpiece at best, it's like a proud Vatnik was singing for Russia.

No. 378222

i didn't really care much about the performance, but "we will rave" as a song is fucking great and i'm glad it got through!

No. 378225

We will rave went straight to my spotify playlist!

No. 378227

No way, Joost's performance fucking sucks and I say this as a Dutch person so I'm not biased here. The MV and audio version are cool, live? NO. Dude can't sing and the staging is a mess, ugly, stupid and doesn't even get the funny across well. Even the gabber part sucks. Also bad running order so he'll lose a lot of votes for that.

No. 378228

>Why is Russia banned but not Israel?
unironically because jews, not even joking

No. 378229

Russia isn't banned anymore. They left the EBU after they were disqualified for 1 year, so now they can't compete anymore because only EBU broadcasters can compete. They've done this to themselves.

I also think there's a distinct difference between 1 participating country invading another participating country compared to the Israel/Hamas situation.

No. 378230

it's worse than the mv and the staging could have been a lot better, but it's still a really solid song that you can enjoy and dance along to. i'm hoping he gets at least a top 10 finish, which is very likely imo.

No. 378231

>The problem isn't that Israel participates
imo this is a problem too. Countries that are carrying out active ethnic cleansing operations like Azerbaijan, Russia, or Israel shouldn't have a place on the stage.
>She is a propagandist mouthpiece at best, it's like a proud Vatnik was singing for Russia.
Agreed. She's representing her country on an international stage. She doesn't deserve to have harm done upon her, but she's complicit in trying to launder the reputation of her shitty little country.

I'm unironically mad about this bullshit. Now people are planning on tactical voting which means that the winner, no matter what, will be decided by international politics rather than whose act is best or even harmless country dynamics. There's a 90% chance that there's vote manipulation going on as well. This stole all the fun from the contest.

No. 378232

This is the exact type of boring song that the jury votes for. I predict that almost all jury points will go to this shit, Israel and maybe the pink dude with skirt (forgot what it was, Austria?).
Based leaker.
As a half-Italian I have a VERY hard time buying this. Even the whole war shit aside, the Israelian song isn't really the type of shit Italians usually listen to.The people I heard talking about this were into the more powerful, hard/fast-paced or funny songs. Netherlands, Switzerland were the ones I've seen being mentioned (positively) the most often, followed by Albania and the Czech song.

Unlike Germans Italians don't feel this obligation to pander Israel either so I hate to sound like a tinfoiler but I have legit issues believing that this isn't rigged. Maybe if Israel was on the same level as Netherlands. But 40% and Netherlands 7%???
Thanks that might be an actual explanation. Yeah the majority didn't watch it or only watched but didn't vote yet.
Speaking about it the ability to vote for a single song 20 times is fucking stupid IMO. I gives more power to the fanatics and less to the casual single vote viewers that should be the ones that matter.

No. 378233

Honestly I think it'd be lame if that mess gets a better placement than De Diepte did.

No. 378234

well i loved it as a non dutchie nonnie. i'm going to be honest with you i don't think anybody was expecting impressive vocals for a song like joost's. he's a great performer and he knows how to hype up a crowd. the song is fun to sing along to and while i'm not a huge fan of the staging i think it's cute he got his real friends on there kek. honestly thought the graphics were really funny but i am a zoomer which most of his audience is so… i'm voting for him KEK. he's not even my ultimate favorite (it's norway) but he got such a bad placement i almost feel like i have to. i really don't want to see him flop… but i'm glad he even got to participate in the first place. i've been rooting for him since last summer when he first started promoting himself. i mean can you blame me? i fucking hate all the previous snoozefests to generic pop songs avotros has been sending he's definitely been a nice and refreshing change of pace. sorry for whiteknighting this moid so hard kek

No. 378235

I thought it was a great, fun and energetic live performance. I really loved it. I still can't decide between Netherlands, Armenia or Norway though. I'm croatian so I can't vote for baby lasagna but he did great as well.

No. 378236

I agree with you, and personally for me I think that stage presence and the vibes that a performance brings outweighs technical talent in a competition like this. I personally don't remember many shows at all that were just very technically talented singers, but their songs were generic or performances boring. I would take a shittier singer with a great stage show over a boring technically good ballad any day of the week.
I will always have more fun watching a show like Joost or Windows95 man for example than some other ones out there.

No. 378237

based fellow croat nončica

No. 378238

There's rumors online that the Netherlands is out of the final for some reason

No. 378239

File: 1715347521467.jpg (27.33 KB, 1178x320, GNOBzF_W0AA7PNY.jpg)

No. 378240

Apparantly he got into a fight with Eden and/or the Israelian delegation. I saw a clip yesterday from the press conference where Eden was asked something (don't remember what) and she said she didn't have to answer, and Joost said "why not?". Wonder if it's about that.

No. 378241

Where is this from?

No. 378242

File: 1715348007068.jpg (271.45 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20240510-153220.jpg)

Statement from EBU. Swedish media are saying that the incident happened last night.

No. 378243

File: 1715348173111.mp4 (256.52 KB, 600x270, ssstwitter.com_1715295302214.m…)

it's because of how he acted last night in the second semi final press interview isn't it? i'm sick. i don't know if i can watch eurovision if he's not there. he wasn't even the only person to act "childishly" kek marina satti was making bored expressions and pretending to fall asleep in the opposite direction whenever eden was speaking. latvia said something about freedom for everyone. the israeli delegation even took pictures (or footage?) of him without his consent and posted it after declining to talk to them, but the irish girl bambie thug declined too and has been very vocally pro-pali. it'd be unfair if it was just him. i'm seething if he's really disqualified

No. 378244

>marina satti was making bored expressions and pretending to fall asleep in the opposite direction
Marina was sick though, she had a fever

No. 378245

Agree it was great. Think there were only like three or four songs I didn't like.
>crowd booing intensely last year after Loreen won
Based I didn't know that. Loreen's song was shit. I am tired to see generic ballads win that barely anybody likes and the hyped songs ending up at the second or fifth place because the jury wants to control.
>So how do we feel about ESC's brand new anti-booing technology this year?
It's dumb. Freedom means that people are free to show what they think. If the jury or some other people with power force a winner or force something in nobody wants people are free to show they don't like it, this is part of a democracy. To make it worse everybody KNOWS. Like even if you didn't consider the circumstances the anti-booing tech is bad, everybody could hear that nobody cheered. Compare this to how the whole fucking hall was moving and screaming during Cha Cha Cha or Rim Tim Tigi Dim.
Same. I don't like the song either but the performance was very interesting. I get why it qualified, especially with how weak many other songs were.

No. 378247

Do you have footage of the Netherlands guy?

No. 378248

If this is real and they disqualify the most popular song and make Israel win the ESC is done for.
I am not even joking.

No. 378249

I don't have timestamps but vidrel is the press conference footage

No. 378250

Moroccan Oil is owned by Israel, so

No. 378251

How? I thought at least muslim countries were safe from that influence?

No. 378252

File: 1715348912801.mp4 (855.07 KB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_1715309178375.m…)

this isn't a response to what you said i just want to post the footage so people can see for themselves

No. 378253

File: 1715348961387.png (209.16 KB, 720x1423, IMG_20240510_074758.png)

No. 378255

File: 1715349078848.mp4 (551.46 KB, 460x270, ssstwitter.com_1715293868111.m…)

Dons/Latvian representative on freedom

No. 378256

Is the timestamp around the minute 53:00?
What happened to her? Poor girl

No. 378257

Their products are overpriced shit, what a shocker

No. 378258

File: 1715349261108.jpeg (88.41 KB, 900x659, IMG_8547.jpeg)

No. 378259

He has a nice talking voice and I'm glad people are finding ways to promote peace and freedom even if EBU is trying to censor everything.
I'm going to be incredibly upset if he gets disqualified. I hope it's nothing serious.

No. 378261

reading rumors that joost has hit someone from the israeli delegation for making fun of his late father he lost to cancer. sad

No. 378263

>Joost Klein (The Netherlands) removed from stage at rehearsal #ESC2024
Supposedly they held his props back last second and this is him walking off the stage at the rehearsal.

No. 378265

Holy shit if this is true I will fucking support this guy financially. If someone dares to talk shit like this they deserve hell on earth, especially after Joost made it obvious how much he's still suffering from this on stage.
My father died from cancer too, I swear to god I WILL resort to brutal violence if anybody ever slandered him, my family or my sadness in real life. We need fucking new laws to protect people that lash out for reasons like this, seriously. Same with subhumans that make fun of a serious illness of one of your friends or relatives or a raped person you know.

No. 378266

This is such a big penalty for a nothing burger situation, I hope they still appear on the finals

No. 378267

if they remove him last second, they're fucked. he's an obvious fan favourite and if the story with the israel delegation is true >>378261 then people will be even more pissed at the ebu and israel than they already are. what a shitshow

No. 378268

Betting odds have Israel at 2nd place now (I seriously doubt they'll win) and redditors at r/Eurovision are shitting their pants right now and urging each other to vote for Croatia (1st) to not let this happen. I'm seeing comments like "I was planning on voting for Switzerland, but now I might have to vote for Croatia"???

It's very maddening to see, since I'm not a fan of Croatia this year.

No. 378269

File: 1715350309303.png (448.21 KB, 771x735, escis.png)

No. 378271

samefag and kind of unrelated, but i completely agree nonnie >>378265. i don't know why there isn't a law like this already in place in most countries, the "turn the other cheek" method doesn't do shit when it comes to bullying and harassment and everyone knows this.

No. 378272

File: 1715350393319.mp4 (1.5 MB, 576x1280, cxqZ5-fcMkD03_u6.mp4)

the video

No. 378274

This looks like it's childish more than anything else, if this is all there is to it.

No. 378275

Don't overestimate the betters though, I understand them. Betting on Israel doesn't mean that it wins it means that they think it will win because shit is rigged and I agree.
Would be fantastic if we could get enough votes to beam Croatia at the top if the rumors about Netherland being out are true.
That said, this can't stay without consequences. So far it was always considered tinfoil territory to assume that shit is rigged in favor of Israel and others, but this time it's so blatant it's a comedy by now.

Can't wait to see the next part of the shitshow, it will only get worse from now. I just feel sorry for the many talented artists that gave their best and deserved a fun and fair event.

No. 378276

>Can't wait to see the next part of the shitshow
KEK same. Sorry for the people involved but the entertainment is real.

No. 378277

>What happened to her?
I think she's just trying to be cute and quirky for the fan cams.

No. 378278

File: 1715350929846.webp (29.28 KB, 280x418, Silvia_Night.jpeg)

I don't like Israel but all this drama is fucking cringe and childish, bring back the shit post drama from silvia night. They'd honestly be better off just ignoring the israeli contestant instead of acting like actual children and falling for the bait. With the exception of Latvia which was cheesey but reasonable

No. 378279

Yeah, it's supposed to be a fun event, just let it be that

No. 378280

okay now I'm reading that the incident is that joost just straight up didn't show up for rehearsal but then what is the footage of him being removed from the stage? a different rehearsal? idk this year is stressful man.

No. 378282

File: 1715351381281.png (79.75 KB, 646x609, 53552.png)

>Joost Klein should have rehearsed as song number 5, but without any comment from the production, they went straight from song number 4 (Luxembourg) to song number 6 (Israel).

Yeah idk at this point.

No. 378283

File: 1715351531371.mp4 (3.75 MB, 1280x720, whxOg_ybU-KFL0Y4.mp4)

>The Israeli journalist was pushed away by the security guard of the Dutch representative to Eurovision: Dobi Gil-Har tried to find out why Joost Klein who represented the Netherlands was absent from the rehearsal - and was pushed away by his security
something about this video is suspicious to me. he's following them and getting all up in their space and is then met with such aggression, then he's like please don't touch me (and i agree that nobody should be touched without their consent). i may be biased but i don't think what's happening in this clip started when he pressed record. this can't be the reason why joost is disqualified is it?

No. 378284

If it's true that someone made fun of Joost's dead father he is absolutely right to bite or can at least not be blamed for it. This is peak subhuman behavior. I don't think it's real (or hope it isn't) but IF then fans have the right to set things afire.
I am mad no matter what. Even if it should be sheer coincidence and a mistake where they simply skipped them due to a fuck-up because they cannot rehearse which is bad and they suffer from unnecessary stress that might worsen their performance in the finals.
Fuck whoever is responsible for this no matter the reason.

No. 378285

Seems like he's taunting the Dutch delegation.

No. 378286

yeah something is missing. he looks like he's trying to piss them off on purpose and i wouldn't be surprised if it comes out he or some other journalist/member of the delegation was harassing them before this.

No. 378287

Eden rehearsing in her dressing room with fake boo-ing

No. 378288

From yesterday btw not today

No. 378292

After watching both semis, I took a liking to Netherlands over Croatia, but if the Netherlands doesn't perform I guess I'll go for my second favorite. I just like the cow selling shenanigans of the song kek

No. 378298

This one is my favorite overall, maybe not the one that will win, but a song that I enjoy the most

No. 378300

I wonder if we will even learn about what happened with Joost. If it was Israel provoking it's probably not allowed to be said unless he'll reveal it himself and he might not want to become the target of even more drama and hate.
If some of shit I have seen is real then the Israeli TV channel that's airing the ESC called called on the audience to harass the Irish singer for wearing a "ceasefire" tattoo before. It would be baffling if this was real but also not surprising.

No. 378301

What the heck is going on there? Seems like the dude is deliberately try to annoy him, but also security guard should know better and not give into it.
Could they be so petty after some comments on the gaza situation that they’d just make a low blow like that?

No. 378302

Tinfoiling but since the big five love licking Israel's ass and they put Joost last plus some have been behaving weird towards him, I think this was done on purpose. Netherlands' song received so much support from the public and in contrast with others, his had more views. Compare 25 million to 5 million (closest second). If he stayed, then it would be obvious who would win

No. 378303

Would it be really surprising considering that they know that the western corps and media will stan them no matter what they do?
I am not sure if it's real either but it's sadly possible. Privileged people can be the most evil shitters in the world.

No. 378306

Yeah I am genuinely surprised if something will happen with Croatia too considering that it seems to be the most popular entry after Netherlands so far. I cannot imagine this to stay without serious consequences. There are bunch of participants that were already anti-Netanjahu before this, if they bully the favorite away I wouldn't wonder at all if even ESC fans that were cool so far would start boycotting or if one of the singers would use their time on stage to say something after the end of the song. Doubt they will be fast enough to censure that too with some anti-booing or anti-speech tech.

No. 378308

File: 1715354419395.jpg (51.63 KB, 1280x720, 84f758db-0e36-11ef-8fc9-02b7b7…)

I can clarify this. Basically the workers union at the flemish (dutch-speaking part of Belgium) public broadcasting network VRT interrupted the start of the broadcast by showing pic related. It basically translates to "This is an action of the union. We condemn the violations of human rights by the Israeli state. Furthermore the Israeli state is destroying freedom of the press. That is why we are shortly interrupting the broadcast."

No. 378309

some of you need to calm down with the (((conspiracies))) you don't even know what happened yet. Apparently the israeli delegation doesn't know what happened either.

No. 378310

Isn’t The Netherlands supposed to be fifth just before Israel?

No. 378312

The song was lame anyway.

No. 378313

Think she means the numbering during the semi-final. Netherland was the last song playing. The youtube live chat was like half of the posters asking for Europapa and asking when it was starting.

No. 378314

Yeah it's ridiculous how far they're going with the security measurements just for Israel. It's embarrassing watching them fumble and try to keep a straight face like nothing's wrong at all, we're all united by music and so forth.

The anons going "oh no poor girl" need to get a grip. She's been openly talking about being excited to serve in the Israeli military and they had to change her song from the very obviously pro-war propaganda version into a more subtle one, she doesn't deserve your pity. It comes across as being cocky and smug, like "yeah we foot the bill for the Eurovision and our company is the biggest sponsor of the contest, what are you going to do about it?". I'm not really pro-Palestine either because they have their own issues I don't endorse but Israel should've been more tasteful with their participation.

No. 378316

>If he stayed, then it would be obvious who would win
He reallt wasn't a big contender for the win…. his performance wouldn't score points with jury. Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine are the top countries that'll probably get a lot of televote and jury votes, and Croatia might scrape enough jury votes to win with televote support.

Netherlands stopped being a realistic winner after the rehearsals revealed his shit vocal performance.

No. 378320

But then they continued showing Eurovision like always right? Interesting regardless
If you mean: >>378256 that's a reply to Greece, not Israel. Kekkkk lurk better next time

No. 378323

A part of me wishes that the Eurovision would just up and die at this point. Last year revealed how it's all about jury circlejerking making arrangements to ensure the winner the EBU wants instead of what the people of Europe want, and over the years they've been letting in countries with severe human rights violations, dragged their feet banning Russia (until Russia left by themselves) and are now doing everything to protect Israel even at the expense of other contestants. It's not fun to watch a bunch of rich producer pawns singing soulless songs on stage while being aware of all the things going on behind the scenes.

No. 378324

File: 1715355547586.webp (23.65 KB, 873x607, europe-lets-come-together-v0-m…)

This image will forever haunt me btw.

No. 378325

I think they should've announced Latvia fast instead of first yesterday, that would've been extremely funny.

No. 378326

nayrt but you're the one who should be the one lurking better kek scroll up
>i feel sorry for her
i'm too lazy to spoonfeed you all the posts for you but many anons (a lot less now than before to be fair) have been expressing their sympathies towards her

No. 378327

I guess it's his style but you get one chance to do something really cool on a stage with a lot of options you don't normally get at random gigs and then you do this.. "powerpoint random xD" humor. Not sure how I feel about it.

No. 378328

He will never be Käärijä.

No. 378329

Yeah jury votes shit but the audience can still win if they have a clear favorite, see Lordi and so many others that got barely any points from the jury.
Personally though I believe that Croatia would have taken over. Europapa was the most popular song before the ESC since it became a hit in the Netherlands, Rim Tim Tagi Dim wasn't even supposed to go to the semi-finals until someone else dropped out so the song comes out of nowhere for the rest of Europe.

They might have shared the big voting numbers though. If Netherlands are actually out as some people claim Croatia would be even stronger. Unless there are too many people boycotting which might happen if they bullied the Netherlands out.

No. 378330

Tbf many of us probably have only been interested in the performances and don’t know much what the performers do or say in other media. Until maybe the finals.

No. 378331

I hate it too. Even more so because a part of me loves the ESC because it's the perfect exposure for so many talented artists I would have never heard about if it wasn't for the ESC and because it's one of the very, very few things from my childhood I hadn't lost yet.
But this is particularly why I am mad. They had this chance they had an event to support smaller artists internationally and they had an event that could have promoted inter-European solidarity and tolerance for the different cultures this continent consists of and they had to turn this into rigged crap so that some few assholes profit from this.

Europe and our music bands deserve something better.

No. 378335

I kinda hope he's disqualified for the sheer drama it'll cause kek

No. 378336

And neither of them will ever be the epic sax guy. What's the point in comparing, we get goofy acts every year anyway

No. 378337

What are the chances this will lead to EBU having a convenient reason to disqualify Israel instead?

No. 378338

Me too. Technically he doesn't need the ESC anymore. His song is the top 1 on many streaming services for weeks or months now (depending on the country), he has already won.
I still get why this is painful though, but I hope that he won't take it too seriously. He has said what should be said and selling the most songs and having the biggest fanbase is better than ending up #4 in a probably rigged contest.

No. 378339

File: 1715356903474.png (47.31 KB, 646x330, aaaaaaaaa.png)

It seems that Joost had a physical confrontation with a photographer. Swedish article here: https://www.svt.se/kultur/incident-utreds-kring-nederlandske-artisten-joost-klein

No. 378340

for real I can't stand "meme" songs that try too hard to be quirky or weird. Moldova 2010 was perfect because it was natural camp.

No. 378341

I like him like any other nonna and find him and his song cute and fun but he's obviously taking after Käärijä last year with the mono-colored outfit, autismo-cute persona and catchy song. Käärijä was unique and he was something new and that's why he got the historic vote he got. Europapa is fun but it's like the maneskin copy acts that we got the year after they won.

No. 378342

The reporter should've been escorted out of the room. What kind of question even is that? "How dare you compete, don't you know your presence can trigger terrorists?"

No. 378343

>he's obviously taking after Käärijä last year with the mono-colored outfit, autismo-cute persona and catchy song
Anon if you look at his stuff from before ESC it's the same shit he's doing here. More than one person can be "funny" and weird. (Not my type of funny but still).

No. 378344

I'm not doubting that his persona is his own thing. I'm sure the maneskin copy acts were already doing glam rock long before they got picked for ESC. But the fact that he got picked this year was obviously to get the Käärijä vote. Without meaning to he's just a sad reminder of what we lost.

No. 378345

File: 1715357558631.jpg (68.83 KB, 586x669, 2362627727.JPG)

Just ban these retards already.
Honestly can't wait to see how far this will escalate. Part of me hopes that the building will catch fire at some point (after the audience and singers left or before they entered please)

No. 378348

Idk I really don't think he's that reminicent of Kaarija. The songs are completely different genres? They're both ugly tryhard funny men, that's it. I think Baby Lasagna's song and performance is closer to Cha cha cha if you really want to draw comparisons.

No. 378349

I wondered about the comparisons as well.
If anything I am rather inclined to compare Baby Lasagna with Kaarija (and both of them with Rammstein lol)

No. 378350

I don’t think we really lost anything. What does the esc winner even get? I haven’t ever really read or heard of the winners after the contest kek. Besides Käärijä has been coaching Joost so if anything he’s made him in his own image. Furthermore there’s always some kind of ’copying’ of the previous winners and well-to-do contestants, and that’s fine imo

No. 378351

Spot on. Käärijä was so beloved because he was a literal nobody even in his own country who rose through the ranks being genuinely charismatic, unique and talented but lost in the end simply because the jury votes were fixed on supporting mainstream megastar entries like Loreen. It was a slap in the face for people who wanted to support upcoming, fresh artists to show off the extent of their talent and share their country's culture instead of soulless pop sensations. Who wants to watch a talent contest where people with enough money and connections win? At least they brought the people of Europe together in pointing out the flaws of the contest, but they fumbled once again with how they handled Israel's participation because they will always bend a knee to delegations with the deepest pockets. It's depressing because I have many fond memories of watching the Eurovision and this isn't how it should be.

No. 378354

The ones that are popular with the audience sell albums afterwards since the ESC is a good exposition but you are right in the sense that the victory itself doesn't matter much.
I have never ever heard a song that the jury voted in in the radio or anywhere else. They win and are forgotten, like the Swedish shit last year.

No. 378361

Idk nonnie, I was pretty fucking upset last year when Finland lost. It was the first time in over 10 years I finished watching Eurovision feeling worse than when I started. Even though there were many years where my faves didn't win I could still appreciate the winning song somehow and I had fun watching the contest. Last year though, it was a gigantic fucking shitshow and I'm not alone in this judging by the 60k signature petition to remove the jury which sprung up immediately after. So I can say that we, as Europeans and Eurovision fans, did lose something with fuckass Sweden rigging the jury for narcoleptic Loreen to win.

No. 378362

File: 1715360235545.jpeg (197.7 KB, 750x1071, 7953FD94-CE37-40FE-BABD-02F49D…)

No. 378363

I feel so fucking shit about Joost. He wasn't even my first choice but his song made me feel better, I liked the message and him making it to the ESC after promising his dead father to go there was like something from a story. Of course reality is always crap and good things never happen so he is out. Fuck this. Fuck the world, fuck everything.

I know that technically he has still won in a sense. His song is insanely popular, his father would be proud regardless. But it's also about meaning and symbolism, and rich pieces of shit and assholes cancelled the miracle. Now I am only watching this to see it burn. Hope Croatia, Switzerland and Armenia will get the points they deserve though

No. 378368

What is that?

No. 378369

post eurovision depression

No. 378375

File: 1715362355518.mp4 (19.27 MB, NqKzZMNFV7NW8LvT.mp4)

italian contestant angelina mango sings "imagine" by john lennon backstage
>hi everyone. today once more i just want the music speaks. and this is the strongest message I can share.
the full clip was too large to upload so i picked a different one, but the whole thing is on her profile
i tried to transcribe her opening speech
>hi everyone, I'm here because I would really like to express my thoughts, with my own way, and in my own words. When I got here, I saw artists just like me, who live for their music, and speak through their music, and who share the same dream. Last night, I performed on the amazing eurovision stage, with my heart full of love. I went to bed so proud of myself, and proud of us all. Today, once more, I just want the music speaks, and this is the strongest message I can share.

No. 378379

>>378354 Maybe in your country. Here all winners are played on the radio for months, and the most populars like Euphoria from Loreen are still played nowadays very often. In fact her last win is less popular but also played a lot.

No. 378380

File: 1715363285273.png (404.91 KB, 739x859, escnl.png)

samefag, the dutch flag has been removed from joost's dressing room.

No. 378381

File: 1715363540498.jpg (46.21 KB, 417x626, sad-girl-party_23-2147643401-1…)

Is anyone else feeling sad? ESC is such a big event for me that I look forward to every year. I hate all this current drama surrounding it.

No. 378383

File: 1715363682124.jpg (220.57 KB, 1170x950, 1715362234150639.jpg)

So the ebu.ch website seems to be down.
Also, pic related.

No. 378386

I feel so sad too. I just wanted to have fun, party and enjoy some good music. If Joost is really being disqualified (on top of everything else going on tlo) I will actually be so upset and defo not spend any money on voting.

No. 378387

I live in Germany which is fucking shit in many ways.
They sometimes play them on the radio but only if it's conformist enough. They rather die than playing anything like hard rock and the likes. That said the jury wins are usually not popular so I cannot remember hearing them or forgot (since they're forgettable) and the good shit isn't allowed on the mainstream radio channels.

No. 378390

That tweet is just a rumor. The only thing the Dutch media has reported so far is that Joost was involved in an ''incident'' and that they are investigating it.

No. 378391

Yeah same. My life fell completely apart the last years including everybody I cared about dying, places I was connected with disappearing, events I loved since childhood being cancelled forever, everything going to shit in general (see the news since.. fucking 2016 or so) and ESC was one of the very few events besides new years eve I was legit looking forward to. And I fear I won't be able to do it anymore, even if this action isn't killing the ESC (which might actually happen).
Also my country wants to ban the new years eve actions too so they will take the last shit from me. This is how terrorists are born. I just wanted one day of fun and I cannot even get that anymore.

No. 378392

Honestly the longer they wait to explain what happened the less I will trust anything I see.

No. 378394

Google translate from Norwegian newspaper VG- "Several Swedish media write that Dutch Eurovision participant Joost Klein is accused of having been violent towards a woman in the TV production."

If there is an ongoing investigation then I understand why they're not saying anything yet. This has never happened before wow.

No. 378398

If it's real that she slandered his dead family she deserved way worse and should be banned from the contest as well as her damn country for the next years. But we all know the media will lie and make her the victim, they rather ban everybody else than kicking this one shit country and its bullies.

No. 378399

I heard Loreen's new single a bunch of times on the radio so she seems to have some mainstream success. (I sometimes listen to the radio in my car)

No. 378400

WTF. What a mess just the day before the final.

No. 378402

We don't know who she is, what happened and what he did. It's alarming that you're so quick to jump and victimblame a woman for a man's violence.

No. 378403

No, it's here
(not going to screencap it since it's not in English anyway). Idk how reliable rtl boulevard is though.

No. 378404

Clearly there's an elephant in the room that EBU doesn't want to address. They don't even let people talk about it because of the 'no politics rule' and try to hide it under the carpet. If so many artists need to go around the issue to explain their views and opinions, maybe you should take that into account and do something about it instead of squeezing butt cheeks and hoping it'll pass, because you have to please sponsor country(-ies) of the show. And to think all of this could have been avoided by not letting Israel participate.

No. 378405

The reporter in the video says that Spain is going live about whatever supposedly happened on their side soon.

No. 378406

Maybe calm down and read? If the woman is really from production she's probably Swedish and not representing any country.

No. 378407

It sounds too much like the early rumors so I will be legit surprised if this doesn't involve the bitch from Israel or her team

No. 378408

They just talk about a different incident involving Spain and said nothing is confirmed regarding anyone withdrawing from the contest, both incidents are still being investigated.

No. 378411

I found the video where you can see them carry Joost's props onto stage before being send back, but it's not on youtube so idk how to embed it.

No. 378412

>to think all of this could have been avoided by not letting Israel participate
Yeah fucking this. If it was at least a more neutral person or song, but now, it had to be a fucking IDF fanatic that brags with her desire of killing people. What a fantastic idea.
Fuck the ESC, I was so hyped for this, there were so many good songs and now it's a shitshow that hurts everybody.

No. 378414

on which website ? you could download it and post it here

No. 378415

There is no way that we have two big incidents coincidentally happen on the same day and show that make both related countries withdraw. If the Spain rumors are true they're 100% connected to whatever Netherlands was involved in.

No. 378417

Oh never mind it's the same one as here >>378263. It happens at around 14 seconds in.

No. 378418

>brags with her desire of killing people.
When did she do that?

No. 378420

The suspense is killing me, I don’t want to have Joost be disqualified, although if he did hit a woman, fuck him.
Unless you had a better one, it was posted here already, see:

No. 378421

>And to think all of this could have been avoided by not letting Israel participate.
Seriously, they could have not been so stupid as to not see how this would end up like. They just decided to take the gamble and hope people wouldn't care, but it blew up in their face like crazy. They put every single artist in huge danger to be targeted by including Israel and caused an unfathomable amount of stress on them, I know I would be looking over my shoulder all the time in there. No amount of "b-but it's apolitical! we're just being united by music!" mantra will reverse that.

No. 378422

idk if you're asking in good faith but it's obviously implied when she's explicitly expressed her eagerness to join the IDF as seen here >>378258 like, obviously she's not going to just out and say "i want to kill people" kek anon please

No. 378423

i'm watching the eurovoxx stream, and it's been mentioned that joost isn't in the running order to perform tonight, but i'm not sure if it's true or not.

No. 378424

Nah fuck you. Evil women exist. If someone is a bully they deserve to get hit till they bleed regardless of sex. Evil women also hurt women btw.

No. 378425

Idk anon if she's legally obligated to do that shit she can't really say "nahhh I don't really wanna do it", that's a bad look.

No. 378427

I can't blame Israeli people from wanting to join the army and defend themselves. They have also been under attack, it's not a black and white situation like Russia invading Ukraine.

No. 378428

samefag, it's confirmed he's not gonna perform. his semi-final performance will be used instead for the juries, so he isn't disqualified just yet.

No. 378429

>his semi-final performance will be used instead for the jurie
Well that sucks for him because that performance sucks. Then again he was never going to score a lot of jury points anyway.

Do you have a source?

No. 378430

It's exactly like RU/UA. It was a bunch of terrorist doing a terror attack and the only they can do (Netanjahu helped hamas grow on purpose btw to destabilize their country) is to eradicate the whole people. You are probably some USian who has no issues with invasions because you know it will never happen to you and your family. Everybody who deliberately kills civilians deserves to burn alive, regardless of the nation they come from.
Israel massacres these people for 70+ years, read what Einstein or Klemperer said about this country back then. Unless you also call them antisemitic.(offtopic)

No. 378431

File: 1715366262537.jpeg (23.02 KB, 228x275, IMG_8556.jpeg)

think they've defended themselves way past what's necessary that it's no longer even self defense at this point i'm not replying anymore but nowhere did i allude to the situation being black and white because nothing ever is but alright bye

No. 378432

Also what is this new 'producer's choice' thing? Why was it even added? You're telling me that some producer decides the
running order of several countries without any biases? The Netherlands got it and they put the last performance of the semi-final to fifth place in the final. It's already barely random cause they can only get 1st or 2nd half of the final and the producers decide their spots. Why are they given even more power…

No. 378433

File: 1715366358909.jpg (9.96 KB, 488x135, GNPMPuyXEAAEDwm.jpg)

this is a pic of the running order, plus eurovoxx just confirmed it on their livestream.
here's a tweet from one of the people there: https://twitter.com/esc_gabe/status/1789000562257654268

No. 378434

>>378420 In other trusted sources they don't specify if it's a woman at all. They just say a photographer. It's all rumours.

No. 378435

Dutch media and AVROTROS also confirmed Joost won't be performing tonight. https://nos.nl/artikel/2519962-joost-klein-doet-vanavond-niet-mee-aan-juryshow

No. 378436

How was the order decided before that?

No. 378437

File: 1715366598205.png (167.35 KB, 590x657, escYOUnited.png)

No. 378438

I am retarded and have no memory, do they always change their performances and this means that they will do the same dance and choreo they used in the semi-final?
I always thought the shows were exactly the same in the semi and the final.

No. 378440

It's the fact they say "the investigation continues" for me. What could have happened that needs maybe until tomorrow to be resolved? That just fuels the rumours even more.

No. 378441

i think only small changes are allowed between the semi and the final, so it mostly stays the same.

No. 378442

No, you're right - the shows are always the same. They will just play a video of his performance from the 2nd semi final from yesterday instead of actually performing on stage, I believe.

No. 378443

Yeah not going to lie, this has only made my curiosity on this worse.

No. 378444

>>378438 I don't remember ever seeing any changes from semi to final unless they had some kind of issue.

No. 378446

There used to be just a draw ceremony with 1st half and 2nd half options. Now they added the third 'producer's choice' option, which is not common, but still.

No. 378447

I'm thinking it's more like they already know the details but are taking time to decide what to do because it's such a huge deal. But in the meantime people are coming up with rumors and conspiracy theories and blaming people who probably don't deserve blame so it's all very unfortunate. Does anyone know if Joost is known to have a temper?

No. 378448

Yeah if Joost just got mad about someone filming him and slapping that person's phone away it doesn't need any investigation, it's a typical misstep stars often do I think and not even very damaging (since it's usually done for privacy reasons).
It's either something heavier than this or some anons are right and it involves israel and media is afraid of touching any subject that might put them in a bad light. There is a journalist from israel walking around and making fun of the other countries so I wouldn't wonder if Joost punched that guy, though it's probably not this.

No. 378449

Ah guess that makes sense. Massive let down for those present though then. Will probably make no difference for the TV/streaming audience but still. I also imagine that they could improve so it will be a bit sad if it stays the same.
Wonder if Croatia can be as good as during the semi. I really liked that explosive energy.

No. 378450

>>378449 Apparently most of them are on edge now, so not sure how any of them will perform.

No. 378451

Oh I get it then, that's shit for real.
It#s said seeing this event getting commercialized more and more. I wish we had an alternative. A fair European music event, no jury, no sponsors that want to meddle with everything. I bet songs would be more creative if nobody tried to pander the jury since there is none.
Maybe we would get more folk and more songs in the original language instead of English.

No. 378452

So basically, since the jury is voting tonight and with all the tension and the possibility that he has been violent towards someone, even if he's actually innocent, any minuscule chance he had of receiving some votes is completely gone.

No. 378453

File: 1715367778056.jpeg (125.79 KB, 800x451, IMG_8559.jpeg)

if it was just a physically attack then i believe joost would have been instantly disqualified as that's prohibited. there's probably something else to it.
somewhat related but does anyone remember when the israeli gay guy kissed the presenters on the cheek and we didn't see him again? i remember that causing trouble, but then again it says he "dropped out for reasons of security protocols" when you look it up. so might just be a coincidence

No. 378454

That's awful. At least come forward with a message to the delegations and artists that you are trying to solve the situation. It feels like even the people inside Malmo bubble, the participants and everyone around them are clueless and anxious.

No. 378455

on the other hand, if it comes out that it was a catfight with the israeli delegation or with a nosy reporter who provoked him, he will likely get massive televote support

No. 378462

I've never seen anyone talk negatively about Joost his personality, even before all the Eurovision stuff so it's difficult to imagine him having a temper. He did mention his first week in Mälmo had been rough mentally, but that he was feeling fine now. Maybe his nerves came back after qualifying for the finals yesterday. I can imagine him being on edge because of it and the journalist possibly saying something that might have set him off. But yeah, who knows what truly happened. We can only speculate for now.

No. 378463

File: 1715368291250.png (244.67 KB, 652x624, vrt.png)

Screencap is in dutch but still, like they say in this news article there's several different versions of the story (a female tv worker or a photographer?) that this is looking really bad for Joost


They also mention that Joost isn't following Eurovision on Instagram anymore, and he's deleted his posts from last night, so I definitely something is up. Him doing that sounds like bridges being burned tbh

No. 378466

Deleting your posts etc. sounds like attention whoring to maximize the attention you get from an unfortunate incident.

No. 378467

Well, we didn't see him again because he didn't manage to make it to the final. Him acting like that might have influenced the votes. I remember people talking about it when it was happening live. It wasn't the only weird interaction. During the promotion months he was quite annoying and at times even disrespectful, so he probably crossed the line during the semi-final.

No. 378472

Maybe he has covert BPD kek, too many daddy issues

No. 378478

Yeah this is another issue. You might reevaluate even older events. It's closer who is in the wrong here but so far I would have believed the report but I'm light if recent events I wonder is it might be a cover-up.

That said I also believe that they would have reported it quickly if Joost snapped for no understandable reason. The fact that they keep quiet makes me believe they are afraid of escalation with all the protests happening outside.
If Joost has attacked an Israeli for no reason they would have used this to bash anti-Israel critics, it would have been a win for them. They didn't, so I doubt it's that.

No. 378487

Ukraine also drew 'producer's choice' and they were given the 2nd spot in the final. They really don't want another two-hosts-Eurovision like last year.

No. 378488

Does the Netherlands even want to win again so soon after having to host basically twice when the 2020 event got cancelled? Couldn't have been cheap.

No. 378489

I guess in that case they wouldn't have sent a very popular artist in their and neighbouring countries, since they don't have a televised national selection and choose the artist behind closed doors.

No. 378499

File: 1715371398504.jpeg (115.25 KB, 665x346, IMG_8560.jpeg)

he does is actually borderline and mentions it in his song Offline
google translate says
>My psychiatrist tells me you have borderline
>Those words hurt
>Just like spines, from a porcupine
>But I am still fresh, just like Robijn
>You're a bully, no you can't be like that
>Check my website, this is my domain
>After twenty years online, I prefer to be offline

No. 378503

File: 1715372080107.mp4 (2.45 MB, 886x502, z1syEJvK34XEkbf8.mp4)

joost footage dropped

No. 378505

This is sad, this was supposed to be a big moment for him and now it's all but ruined.

No. 378506

BPDemon moid confirmed?
Dunno how to feel about this.

No. 378508

Couldn't he just have said "I can't comment on the situation right now" or whatever, kinda rude.

No. 378509

he may have been to emotional, like when you start talking and you just start crying

No. 378514

That's fair I guess

No. 378531

File: 1715376124334.png (116.51 KB, 804x542, escnl2.png)

wtffff is happening ? did he make a bomb threat or something kek really hope it's nothing serious. wasn't expecting it to reach the actual police this is insane

No. 378536

>They have not received a formal report
If it was something really serious they would've by now. It's all probably not as much of a big deal as it seems to be.

No. 378540

furthers my tinfoil about it having to do with israel's delegation

No. 378542

Wtf happened then? Joost is so fucked

No. 378547

File: 1715377572877.png (115.37 KB, 522x631, Screenshot 2024-05-11 004526.p…)

seems the Israeli delegation is bulling performers…and that's acceptable somehow

No. 378548

Is it bad that I'd kinda rather israel wins than ireland? fucking sick of troons taking away our rights, at least most people know (at least where i am) that israel is committing war crimes but they still happily cheer on the child mutilation cult

No. 378550

Was this originally a video?

No. 378551

you need to chill i don't think ireland's winning, and anyway i really doubt normies are backing her especially not with her satanist gimmick and drug referencing etc if anything it'll just put people off of trannies and seeing them as not sane or just abnormal. i wouldn't call myself intelligent but anon please

No. 378553

Swedish news called it "a physical confrontation with a photographer". They also state no crime has been officially reported (they do say "currently"), but it's still possible he'll be disqualified from the final.

No. 378556

catch me at eurovision with a sign that says "read the cass review", since trans stuff IS allowed and it literally deals with getting better healthcare for kids who identify as trans, they should have no issues with it kek

No. 378561

Well what do you expect when you have a Middle Eastern country performing at said European competition?

No. 378563

File: 1715379629321.jpeg (74.3 KB, 1047x2048, IMG_8565.jpeg)

scary as fuck

No. 378565

No matter how much EBU defends and shields Israel, I don't think they want (or should want) Israel to win. That would be almost a self-destruction at this point.

No. 378590

He at least told her to have a nice day, I'm sure he didn't feel good ignoring her.

No. 378606

So excited to watch the finals with the nonnies!

No. 378609

I 100% believe Joost will not perform.

No. 378610

Honestly wtf is wrong with Israelis as a whole? I see them do weird shit like this all the time in varying situations, but it always boils down to them enjoying themselves the most by tormenting others

No. 378640

File: 1715397281483.png (755.71 KB, 1295x620, Queen.png)


No. 378645

>implying Israel the land of circumcision isn’t a child genital mutilation hotspot

No. 378653

It's crazy that they're willing to wreck the whole competition for the sake of one country. I kinda want Israel to win at this point despite neither liking their song or country, just so the resulting mess from ESC being in Tel Aviv next year will force the EBU into changing how they deal with things when politics become unavoidable.

No. 378656

A woman having an embarrassing queer identity is annoying but nowhere near as bad as a country dropping bombs on hospitals and aid trucks winning and being validated in international support. The two genderclowns are small potatoes compared to the girl who has stated she wants to join the IDF as soon as she returns to Israel.
Plus at least Ireland has an actually good staging and interesting song. Israel sent another basic ballad that we get five of each year except with even worse lyrics.

No. 378668

>troons are worse than genocide
Some of you really need to rethink your priorities jfc. There’s no way Ireland would win anyway.

No. 378707

Can the Israelian delegation be disqualified already? They've been seen taunting and insulting several delegations now. These people should be groveling on there knees in gratitude for being allowed to participate, instead they're making it unpleasant for everyone else involved. I was fairly neutral about the whole thing but I'm starting to see why people detests them. I naively thought they would be able to play along with the contest's values of ~freedom and accepting everyone~ but I guess not.

That's what I'm starting to think too.

No. 378719

File: 1715410231517.jpeg (183.4 KB, 1290x1814, rotw-voting-still-not-open-spe…)

The voting for the rest of the world which was supposed to be open already, hasn't been opened yet because of whatever happened with Joost

No. 378737

>A woman having an embarrassing queer identity is annoying but nowhere near as bad as a country dropping bombs
the girl singing for israel isn't dropping those bombs tho is she? people are acting as if she's personally bombing people as a civilian who has zero influence on anything about the war

No. 378741

They're mad she will join IDF after eurovision. They don't seem to care that military service is mandatory in Israel and she has no choice. They behave like she is volunteering or something.

No. 378744

It's a bit funny to me that it's the one with one of the silliest songs with a message that europe should come together uwu that then gets himself possibly banned because he was being aggressive/violent.
Such moid behaviour to act all innocent on stage only to be aggressive behind the scenes you know?

No. 378747

Devils advocate here, but what the actual fuck else is she supposed to say when people ask? If she states anything against her country she'll mysteriously disappear and die the second she gets back. People really act as if she is able to say "no fuck the war actually, I'm comitting a literal crime as soon as I get back by refusing to join the military" as if Israel would go "oh you cheekly little singer". Even if she decided to speak up and never return she'd have to commit to being a public war refugee, knowing full well everyone knows who her family and friends back in Israel are.

No. 378748

File: 1715413211184.jpeg (413.11 KB, 750x940, IMG_8571.jpeg)

i don't know how to feel anymore i just want answers

No. 378749

I'm sure if he was actually violent for no reason, then it would be instant disqualification. But they make people wait without any answers, which makes me really suspicious. The whole situation is just too weird.

No. 378752

At this point I really want them to disqualify him to see it burn. If they do I'll only vote for Croatia and that's it.
I didn't give a shit about Israel before because it's another fucking boring ballad but seeing their delegation harass everyone and their mother really with zero consequences makes me hate them. If they want to win so badly let them, Eurovision will probably die anyway.

No. 378753

Ew Joost making us look bad, great.

No. 378754

>if he was actually violent for no reason
Any sort of male aggression on women is unjustified. I can't believe people are defending a man attacking a woman just because he had shown anti-Israeli sentiments before.

No. 378756

That's better Spain, I approve.
>caring about retarded scrote issues
Yeah serisously fuck moids, fuck male aggression, fuck anyone who defends them.

No. 378758

It's still not clear whether it was actually a woman or not. At this point, all we have are rumors and this what's weird, there is no official response from ESC regarding the situation. If it was a moid chimpout against a woman especially, they would disqualify him instantly. The situation is really muddy at this point. Ofc if he actually attacked a woman then sure, fuck him and good riddance.

No. 378759

Some acoustic howling while we are waiting for answers.

No. 378761

god, this is beautiful
Still so happy Norway qualified!

No. 378763

Absolutely stunning.

No. 378764

I hate so sound like a /pol/tard but if Israel should have been involved it's no surprise.
We recently had a huge scandal in my country. Some jewish/Israeli influencer pretended claimed that a Persian receptionist from a hotel bullied him for the Star of David. The camera footage was shown instantly and nowhere did it look like an argument, they only talked for like a second and the influencer didn't even show the star and he's a phone addict and yet didn't record the incident? lol.
And yet the receptionist lost the job, was investigated, got death threats, had to hide and media went full racist again. Months later it turns out it was all a lie. The media barely talked about this and daring to criticize this piece of shit for what he has done still makes you antisemitic. It's cursed and very stupid.

Pretending that every Jewish person had the same upright personality is anti-semitic too btw. since they're erasing their individuality and threat them as hivemind. But good luck explaining that to corporate media. We also CANCEL a lot of Jews that don't agree with our narrative, prohibit them to speak, to go to an event, organize an event etc. just saying. So much for anti-semitism.

No. 378765

As someone that experienced years of bullying and backlashing whenever I tried to speak up I cannot relate. I don't like trannies but I cannot NOT relate to her if I see people with power bullying and threatening her and others and media proceeding with victim blaming. Israel isn't attacking her because of the tranny thing.

No. 378766

Oh yeah part of me wants to witness them rigging the votes so hard that Israel gets 500 points just to see the shit burn and everybody stop caring about it.
It hurts since the ESC was one of those things I was always looking forward to. But I always hated to jury that only exists to skew the votes in favor of the big corps and political issues and this year is such a goddamn shit show that I don't believe that it will ever recover again.
The only people participating in the future will be the desperate ones that neither care about winning now any sort of message and just hope that the event will grant them some attention.

No. 378767

Apparently Israel's delegation has been super rude to other teams and basically heckling them. You'd think they would be on their best behavior considering the situation but apparently no.

This. Some BPD bitch having a tranny flag bikini is just stupid and embarrassing, an entire country steamrolling over another and holding the EBU by the balls to make them accommodate them despite putting everyone at the event at risk is an actual danger. Some people have genuine online brainrot here.

No. 378768

This. Holy shit.
You would imagine that if half of the world already hated you would try to keep a low profile and try to behave decently. I didn't care about them either but now I openly hate them. By now I believe that they just act as bad as humanly possible because they can. They feel secure and know (or think) that the west will always back them. They could probably shoot our own people and our politicians would still call us the bad ones if we complained.
For fuck's sake it's not even an European country. I know many Croats, I was in Croatia, I know many Poles, Italians etc. I consider them part of my continent. Israel is some middle eastern country with a large percentage of religious lunatics and their only ties to us is that they ask for our money to pay for the NEETing fundies and bombs (and in the end it's us not them that get the terror attacks as retribution for meddling with some religious wars).

I can't believe I told people to be chill before and just mute it if they hate the Israeli ballad and enjoy the event. I am so pissed now.

No. 378769

Why is everyone saying they’re switching to Croatia when we could have this as our winner?

No. 378770

If someone really made fun of his dead parents I cannot blame him, you don't know what I would do if that happened to me. I couldn't care less if the one doing it is a guy or a woman or tranny. It's not planned anyway, it's a moment of a meltdown.

You were never seriously hurt by someone if you cannot imagine lashing out that way. I can imagine. And I did lash out.

No. 378771

This. Bullies are only bullies because they think no one will ever hit them back. If someone messed with him like that, I place zero blame on whatever reaction he had

No. 378772

This. Even if you hate the tranny shit the singer is still a woman. And Isreal does NOT attack her for the tranny stuff.
The only thing I see here is that a powerful country that is safe from any sort of criticism is attacking a young woman live on tv, behind the stages, on official media accounts and trying to make others go after her. This is dangerous and absolutely unacceptable.

No. 378773

File: 1715417349125.webp (Spoiler Image,91.86 KB, 1080x810, winner.webp)

Omg anons the possible winner has been leaked! Be prepared to froth in anger!!

No. 378774

We don't actually know what happened. It could be her in the wrong or Joost. Politics is rotting your brain though if you believe just because someone has a penis he is completely incapable of not being a piece of shit.

No. 378775

Yeah same. People also forget that his mother is probably a victim too in this case. He dedicated the song to both of his dead parents. And if the stuff I see people posting here is real they are also attacking Ireland and Greece. I have seen multiple hate posts against the Greek singer where idiots told people to cancel her and bully her away from the ESC what the hell.
All because she yawned during the Israeli performance. We don't even know if it was a statement or if she was just legit tired or sick. The cameras didn't show how she was behaving during the other performances. This shit is dangerous, fuck everybody that thinks this was okay. I hope Greece gets many points.

No. 378778

If one of the bands makes a statement live on tv after their song has ended I will shit my pants
The fallout would be hilarious

No. 378779

kek I love it

No. 378780

>Joost Klein has been interrogated by the Swedish police after a complaint. The complaint was filed by a female TV employee, who says she was threatened by Klein. That incident is said to have taken place Thursday night. The complaint was filed yesterday.


No. 378781

I am not sure if the rumors about Spain boycotting are true or not and not sure what I even want.
Spain was one of the better songs. Would be sad seeing them gone. On the other way I can imagine that she would do it. The way Kaleen has talked about not boycotting since she believe that this wouldn't make it better makes me feel like some of bands are thinking about doing it.

No. 378782

File: 1715418175515.jpg (153.29 KB, 2560x1707, woman-sitting-by-the-ocean-wit…)

>Politics is rotting your brain
To be fair we could also see that with anons immediately assuming it was Israeli singer's fault and cheering on her being possibly beaten. People need to fucking chill. I'm personally going to go meditate and stay busy irl until the evening.

No. 378783

File: 1715418181248.jpg (22.04 KB, 480x484, 6ba1642f17e56c4b74d3217bb792e4…)

i gotta admit i feel such a sense of vindication watching swedish hosted eurovision devolve into a complete shitshow after last year, yes i am petty like that

No. 378784

So all the rumors about a physical altercation were false? He just said some words and they want to kick him out? Meanwhile Israel is harassing everyone, but their words don’t matter? Seriously fuck esc at this point

No. 378785

Afaik RTVE threatened to pull out after a Spanish journalist reported being harassed and receiving death threats on social media from you guessed it, Israeli journalists and delegation members for shouting "Free Palestine!" outside the venue.
They're being silent about it now so I guess they won't pull out after all.

No. 378786

God me too. They should have let Cha Cha Cha win and allow the people to have some fun.

No. 378787

>To be fair we could also see that with anons immediately assuming it was Israeli singer's fault and cheering on her being possibly beaten.
Who exactly is saying that? Nobody has "cheered" on her being possibly beaten and everyone has blamed the Israeli delegation as a collective, not just the singer besides pointing out that she basically endorses Israel's current actions when people try to free her of blame.

No. 378789

KEK same though, they got what they deserved. Hope it was worth rigging the contest kek I'm Finnish and still malding

No. 378791

I don't think Joost will pick you.

No. 378792

All this over a non-violent altercation? And we're expected to believe that he just lost it at some rando employee for no reason?
Based but it's still ruined the fun for everyone at home.

No. 378793

No. 378794

Yeah let's be real even if you ignored the war crimes and the deeply political stuff the singer for Israel posted online there is still the fact that there are multiple members from the other delegations claiming ti have been harassed by Israel. Like IIRC there is:
- Netherlands: Israeli journalist(?) stalking and provoking (partially caught on video), plus possible slander of Joost's dead parents (rumor)
- Ireland: Official threats against and slandering of the Irish singer as well as call for attacks against her (live on Israeli TV, posted on twitter and instagram by the singer and a journalist)
- Greece: Israeli journalist slandering the Greek band (posted on the official twitter account), plus threats from Israeli members and spokespeople against the singer for yawning once (twitter etc.)
- Spain: see >>378785 (rumor, not confirmed yet)

I probably missed some. And there is also the Italian singer singing a song about a world without nations and religions backstage which might be a big hint to the shit going on and her opinion about it.

No. 378795

File: 1715418938349.mp4 (2.3 MB, 576x1024, vJFOGUFrgHQ5a-Yq.mp4)

angelina storming out after… any ideas why ?

No. 378796

Sounds like all by the same pickme/faggot.

No. 378798

I can't imagine what he had said to cause all this. Perhaps he said I'm going to kill you or something like that? And it allegedly happened on Thursday night during the second semi-finals. Swedish anons should enlighten us what an 'unlawful threat' is.

No. 378799

The last one is mine so there are at least two "pickmes" (aka newspeak for "whores").

No. 378800

Storming out or just walking fast? She’s one of the more popular acts this year and probably has a pretty full schedule and needs to get somewhere else fast

No. 378802

she slammed her card on the card reader and she's walking ahead of her team (?), she seems a little pissed off

No. 378803

I'm >>378785, the part about the journalist is absolutely true, what's not confirmed is Spain threatening to pull out. RTVE posted a statement asking for freedom of speech and press tho.

No. 378804

I feel like something is off.
Usually when a celebrity lashes out against someone the tabloids and media post it immediately to start scandals. JOOST SLAPS TV REPORTER and such.
The fact that they keep silence and have press conferences and all that shit despite half of Europe forcing them to speak makes me think that it wasn't such a black and white situation and now they are discussing how they should cover it up or how to present it to the people without causing an uproar.
There would be no if Joost did some shit unprovoked. He would get disqualified and things would be fine. Instead we have everybody on the edge and half of the participants being angry and behaving weird and nobody speaks.

No. 378805

AYRT. You're correct. Whatever assumptions from both sides have been made cannot yet be confirmed. No hard feelings towards you or anyone in this thread. We're all people, we have our own lives, it's just a song contest etc etc. I agree that everyone should chill but as this is a gossip site part of me can't help but enjoy seeing the drama unfold! Have fun meditating by the way.

No. 378806

>(aka newspeak for "whores")
nta but this doesn't even make sense. and weird coming from someone who wants to victim blame women

No. 378807

File: 1715419635950.jpg (35.15 KB, 593x208, 262167206.JPG)

I wonder if this is true. But considering the Italian leak I believe it.

No. 378808

Where's the communication from EBU? Surely, something official should be released, this just looks so unprofessional. I get it that it's EBU we're talking about, but still do some damage control or something.

No. 378810

File: 1715419894123.mp4 (6.27 MB, 958x600, 5_-oWap90rkMkFaA.mp4)

this is just the rehearsal, a similar thing happened before in 2014 when the azeri presenter avoided acknowledging Armenia and persistently named Greece instead until organizers had to intervene to reveal the point themselves.

No. 378811

I didn't. I just said that being a woman doesn't make a person flawless. Most bullies I met were women. Lashing out against someone that hurts and provokes others isn't victim blaming, blaming the the one doing it is. Society will always favor the bullies, if you are bullied you always have to defend yourself alone. You are the one disrupting the system since it's easy to look away when bullying happens but not if the victim attacks them back, this is an escalation then and this is why people hate it. They want to ignore it.
Almost all of my family is dead so I hope you understand why I feel nothing but pure hatred towards someone slandering dead people in front of someone that holds them dear. That is if the rumors are true. I don't agree if Joost should have threatened some random person for other reasons. But if the IS singer should have done that I legit hope that she will die and burn in hell.

No. 378812

nona nayrt but i don't think the israeli singer is involved at all. even in the rumors it's just a member of her delegation staff and other times it's a swedish photographer. i understand where you're coming from and why this is getting you so emotional though

No. 378813

Nonna, the svt (swedish tv) reported from the start that it involved a photographer working for EBU. He didn't confront the Israeli singer okay?

No. 378814

The more I think about, the more I think the rumors are true about someone making fun of Joost’s dead parents. Angelina’s dad died unexpectedly when she was a teen and it would explain why she seems so mad here

No. 378815

lol if Israel is involved nothing will happen. They will just air the ESC and at best announce that Netherlands is out for private reasons or some shit and pretend that everything was chill and fun.
They will never address the threats against the other singers either. The media will only talk about the issue of antisemitism because nobody is capable of telling jews apart from Israel as a nation. Nobody would ever call someone antimuslim or racist if they called out the government of Saudi Arabia or Iran because everybody knows you hate the government not the people.

No. 378816

File: 1715420238924.mp4 (1.01 MB, 470x270, 3ZFeJkW.mp4)

it's true, the video's floating on twitter
can anyone confirm if that means that the Finnish jury gave Israel 12 points for real?

No. 378817

Wow that was cringe and hard to watch

No. 378818

Yeah I hope you are right. Because that would by a low blow and nothing anybody should ever do.
The most likely explanation is that a photographer filmed/photographed Joost without asking and he got mad for ignoring his right for privacy or something and then he lost his shit when they continued. Though anons are also right wondering about the silence if that's what happened. The Cha Cha Cha dude did something similar and everybody openly reported this mishap right away including himself.
Maybe there are two things at play. Israel harassing some bands one the one hand and Joost attacking a paparazzi on the other hand and they aren't connected. I don't think hiding things will doe the ESC any good though. It only fuels rumors and conspiracy theories.

No. 378819

This is a rehearsal. All the votes announced are fake, the winner is also fake. If I'm not mistaken during one of the rehearsals Latvia was the winner of Eurovision. I can't believe that some twitter bubble's Eurovision fans are unaware of that and are spreading nonsense.

No. 378820

Idk this is weird since Käärijä is supposed to give the Finnish points and Petra here thanks Käärijä for giving the points and that clearly is not Käärijä.

No. 378821

Holy shit can they please check out the people before they send them to an international event like this?
This is just embarrassing. Did she ever even think about the possibility that Armenia might be in the final and get points? This is so stupid.

No. 378822

Yeah these are the rehearsals, not real point point announcements. Are people this dumb?

No. 378823

I never followed ESC events closely save for the final, what's even the point of doing this? It's IMO only influencing the final votes which is bad.

No. 378824

>>378817 Seriously, imagine watching that live
>>378818 But it's not even attacking, well verbally attacking maybe. A 'threat' can be anything. We really know nothing.

No. 378825

i mean looking at some of the anons' replies here most people are unaware that everything in a rehearsal is just a stand-in

No. 378826

ayrt, i don't know if people believe this to be true, i personally was only asking because i didn't know they did this kind of rehearsal

No. 378828

a man, who's much stronger physically attacking a woman is very different from a woman attacking another woman but whatever forget it

No. 378829

Those are fake points, and they rehearse since pretty much always because camera changes, lighting, breaks, timing everything etc. And even so they fuckup half the time

No. 378830

It’s a massive live event including live connections with over 30 different countries. They need to rehearse everything from start to finish to make sure things go smoothly and they can work on any issues they encounter, which is why they use fake votes and place holder spokespeople during rehearsals

No. 378831

>>378828 I don't think she's saying that Anon. She's saying a woman can be also awful and she personally would wish the worst if someone attacked her dead family.

No. 378832

I wish there was something like the ESC but with folk music or music that somehow represents the actual countries.
Also, no jury and no competition. I guess the competition makes it more interesting but it also leads to shitflinging and countries sending in what they believe the mainstream would like instead of what's representing them.

I usually dislike the songs of countries like Germany, France, UK basically the rich ones that heavily sponsor the ESC and I believe that this is the reason for why their bands are often bad or boring. Countries like Moldova or Armenia have nothing to lose so they just do whatever they feel like doing which makes their songs better or at least more fun.

No. 378833

I don't think anyone is influenced by that. The final dress rehearsals are only seen by the Eurovision fans who have tickets to the event and know all songs by heart. It's not shown on tv, so no 'normies' are even aware of that. It's probably the reason why they get so easily baited by such footage.

No. 378834

>>378832 There's things like that, mostly festivals at a smaller scale. I forgot the names but there was one where even the Sámi participated.

No. 378836

Like you'd think even to a clueless normie some random person on screen announcing the points 3 times like a robot and then the camera panning to an empty couch would be a giveaway, or at the very LEAST the audience points being told despite the finals not even having aired yet but I guess I keep underestimating their critical thinking skills.

No. 378837

“- We have a man who is suspected of unlawful threats. The suspected crimes must have been committed at the Malmö arena on Thursday evening, says Pelle Vamstad, police spokesperson.”
That only arises more questions tbh

No. 378839

File: 1715421624062.jpeg (147.59 KB, 750x549, IMG_8573.jpeg)

unsourced but this account has been correct in their updates before and was posted here a couple times

No. 378841

I’d argue most don’t know about the content of what they rehearse and also these are not usually publicly posted. But yeah, people are generally dumb.

No. 378842

I fucking hate everything. This is one of the few things I look forward to every year and it’s been an absolute shitshow this year. I hate Sweden, I hate Israel, I hate the EBU. This is so fucking depressing

No. 378843

Unlawful threats don't appear out of nowhere. Some kind conflict must have arose and seeing those videos of press behaving unprofessionally and getting in participants' faces makes me think it was provoked. Not saying I agree with it or justify the threats, but I understand why someone who is under a lot of stress might have a mini-breakdown.

No. 378844

We are united by drama, is all!

No. 378847

Same, fuck this. I am depressed for years now and it feels like everything good is being taken from me and now even the ESC went to shit because of that. I just wanted to have fun. I just wanted some good singers having fun.

No. 378848

I want to believe that Käärijä told Joost to fuck up the ESC to avenge him kek

No. 378849

File: 1715422205634.jpeg (283.22 KB, 750x701, IMG_8575.jpeg)

samefag reposting because i accidentally forgot to attach the translation kek. also, sorry for the spam/being recognizable

No. 378850

Im choosing to believe this, because its very funny.

No. 378851

Are you stupid? How would they be influencing the votes? 99,9% of viewers tonight have NO idea these fake voting rehearsals happened. They rehearse to make sure everything works.

No. 378852

File: 1715422387200.png (85.83 KB, 750x299, Avotros statement.png)

>AVROTROS will make a statement at any moment

No. 378853

Could it be that they're going to a family show, aka the last rehearsal before the final? Pretty sure it takes place on the same day as the grand final.

No. 378854

I wonder if it's related to that video in which the Israeli journalist is provoking them in >>378283
Maybe a photographer was following them too and shot some photos during that conflict and Joost didn't want it since the photos might be misguiding and when the photographer continued he snapped and attacked her(him?) verbally or threatened.
I have a hard time believing that it happens in a vacuum. Like him losing his shit over a photo during a normal scene. And I believe that the media would have revealed this long ago if that was the case. It feels like they are afraid of some sort of escalation so they cannot just say "Joost threatened a photographer" since it would lead to the question about the context.

No. 378855

I could see him whispering his little schemes after a few beers, he seems a bit devilish.
It’s fine I can’t tell you apart kek

No. 378857

Are they all in the same hotel?
But might be that >>378853 is right. It depends on which busses are missing maybe. If it's Croatia or Ukraine I am sure it's what anon has said. If it should be Spain, Italy or Ireland it would be worrisome.

No. 378858

>11:05 AM
is this CET time, as in an hour ago?

No. 378859

it's GMT+1 nonnies. sorry, i should have specified.

No. 378860

File: 1715422814198.png (241.92 KB, 752x587, eu.png)

No. 378862

my hope is restored

No. 378863

File: 1715422939581.png (78.29 KB, 471x512, o2A3RSA.png)


No. 378864

Please please I am begging let Joost back in

No. 378865

>tfw I just wanted to have fun with good music
I didn't really care about Israel but I wish they had just banned them like Russia in 2022 since I feel like none of that shit would have happened if they did. And even as someone that hates Putin to death since at least 2010 or something the bias here is painful to watch.
Less related, but Russia always had top tier music IMO. The last Israeli song I liked was something from the early 00s.

No. 378867

Will they fucking please reveal what the fuck had actually happened??

No. 378868

Please let this be fake and bring my beloved Joost on stage.

No. 378870

Gonna kms. EBU can eat my fucking asshole

No. 378872

please say sike

No. 378873

i love him but i'm kinda glad he won't perform. imagine what kind of state he's in rn with all this spotlight on him and especially considering the other artists are also on edge? fuck the EBU

No. 378874

They're shooting themselves in the feet, if true. What needed to be disqualified was Israel. Expecting lots of drama in the evening. Seems like the crowd chanting cha cha cha last year during the vote announcement was only flowers and butterflies compared to what might happen tonight. I'm so disappointed.

No. 378875

Nah fuck that I bet 10€ he'd be at the top 3

No. 378876

ayrt, what the fuck

No. 378878

File: 1715423440280.jpg (418.24 KB, 1080x1847, IMG_20240511_122933.jpg)


But the Israelian delegation just gets to harrass everyone consequenses-free????

No. 378879

File: 1715423461252.jpg (91.18 KB, 720x900, GNSndh5W8AAVM8M.jpg)

What an utter shitshow

No. 378880

Wow. I am so fucking upset actually. I don't even know what to say.

No. 378881

File: 1715423657309.png (28.54 KB, 588x332, esc.png)

The Dutch Eurovision commentator on Twitter.

No. 378882

the ebu has dug their own grave this year, holy shit.

No. 378883

I want to fucking cry right now. Why does everything good have to be ruined?

No. 378884

>All because she yawned during the Israeli performance

No. 378885

I cannot really imagine what he could have said to justify a disqualification. I am going to remain upset about this untill they clearly state what he said to justify such a harsh punishment.

No. 378886

I'm genuinely sad. Waiting all these months since January, watching pre-parties and interviews of favourite artists, being happy that they'll be in the final just so everything could be tainted by drama and inaction of EBU. United by music you say? Eurovision fans currently are united by hatred towards this shitshow.

No. 378887

Well now I'm pretty sure that a Swedish woman was involved and she directly contacted the police. Other people participating who are complaining about Israel should've done that too. But it looks like they just want to complain online or be passive aggressive.

No. 378888

i thought the "let israel win so eurovision dies" comments upthread were harsh at first, but honestly? i agree now. i'll be a very bittersweet victory for anyone except israel at this point, so fuck it, let them win and let this shitshow go down as it should.
incredible how an amazing year went to utter shit within 24 hrs.

No. 378889

So not only did they let Israel compete and go to the finals against tons of protest, they then disqualify the actual crowd favorite? This is actually insane, it's like they WANT Eurovision to fail. They're digging their own grave

No. 378890

Fuck around, find out

No. 378891

100% agree. It's exactly what EBU shouldn't want based on the reaction from the hardcore fans and public.
If in previous years there were multiple altercations between not so friendly countries participating in Eurovision (like Azerbaijan and Armenia), most of the time they didn't escape the Eurovision bubble and the general public who only watched grand finals was unaware. This year the disqualification will be mentioned by every countries commentator and the hosts of show, because how can you not mention such a big deal. The public will definitely find out about the details of the disqualification, Israel's participation and EBU's hypocrisy.

No. 378892

File: 1715424839918.jpg (1.45 MB, 1280x960, 7575d646-0f7d-11ef-8fc9-02b7b7…)

Hotel where the dutch delegation is currently staying

No. 378893

This is so fucking dangerous holy shit. If someone attacks her these people are to blame for it. They don't even know if she yawned on purpose of if it was just an unlucky coincidence that they filmed her right then. Maybe she was just actually tired and yawned before.

No. 378894

By context alone, the first quote is yours too don't lie kek.

No. 378895

Fuck. REplied to the wrong post
Was meant to reply to >>378884

No. 378897

The media will hide it like always like German media is already full of nothing but antisemitism articles about the ESC. But everybody younger than 50 will know since they use the internet.

No. 378898

File: 1715425223464.jpeg (93.24 KB, 1029x649, 1713076518520.jpeg)

Fuck this shit.

No. 378900

File: 1715425368146.webp (17.3 KB, 390x280, depressed-young-woman-near-win…)

It's been said a million times already, but I will say it again. I'm so sad over how this year's eurovision has turned out. Drama and depression.
My favourite was Joost and I was really looking forward to seeing the show tonight.

No. 378901

So I heard about PED (Post Eurovision Depression), guess this year it starts sooner.

No. 378902

Can't believe I'm crying because of this shit…

No. 378903

Sorry for the autistic question, I swear I'm not trying to infight and mean it genuinely.
Is Joost that popular? I don't understand the reaction for nonnas whose whole experience is ruined by this, there's still an entire show of performers to watch?

No. 378904

now i feel kinda bad posting this >>378783 because while i am petty i didn't think it would devolve into THIS bad shitshow

No. 378905

I admit I teared up when Joost said that line about his father and the message about a continent without borders at the end of the song. I was so happy back then, he kept the promise to his parents to go to the ESC one day and now this happened and I am now just depressed and don't feel like watching this show anymore.

No. 378906

>>378903 It isn't only because of him, he wasn't even my favourite. It's the not wanting to clarify anything, keeping other performers stressed out, not wanting to adress other issues yet willing to kick out a contestant for something that maybe is nothing etc

No. 378907

He was one of the favourites to win, but the reaction isn't just because of him - the dq is just a cherry on top. The problems with this year's Eurovision kept being added and added and kinda exploded with these dq news.

No. 378908

he's sort of big in europe, or his surrounding countries anyway. i'm one of the devastated anons. he was just my favorite that i've been looking forwards to the most since last summer when he started advertising himself and how much he wanted to go to eurovision. i'm gutted tbh. but i'm saddened by the way everything's being handled in general as well which makes me feel sick about watching the grand final.

No. 378909

this is the first and thus the only time this has happened in eurovision history so it kinda is a big deal

No. 378910

He's very popular among younger online fans, but for the bigger crowd not really. This is however the first time in Eurovision history where someone has been disqualified at this point in the competition, which means that whatever he said/did must have been pretty serious.

No. 378911

he harassed a photographer, it's scary how nonas don't seem to care about that because they like him

No. 378912

I honestly expect more.
I know another thing happen I can feel it in my bones.

No. 378913

She looks like she's tired but pretend to be cute about it like a gimmick. This is so silly.

No. 378914

Same here. I feel autistic for feeling so bad for someone I do not know, but damn. I really wanted him to succeed.

No. 378915

>>378911 "Harassed", we don't actually know. Some are saying it was disproportionate. Imagine he just said 'get out of my face or I slap you'

No. 378916

I was kind of wondering the same thing… I did like his song because I like silly stuff like that and I thought “I wouldn’t be surprised if he won”, but I didn’t know he had such a passionate following.
Not to be dark or slanderous because no real information is released but what if he did something bad to the unnamed woman? I really want to know if this is an insane overreach or what

No. 378918

Do not underestimate how obnoxious paparazzi are.

No. 378919

I'm glad now Croatia will definitely win

No. 378920

>>378916 Official information has been released by Swedish police, here >>378837
That's the only thing we know for sure.

No. 378921

Imagine winning this year (assuming it's not Israel) and the only thing journalists are interested in is the drama surrounding Israel and The Netherlands. The press-conference is going to be dreadful.

No. 378924

Don't jinx it…

No. 378926

I know I sound like a rightwinger but the media in my own country lies so much especially about this subject that I don't believe anything without proof anymore. I won't be sure that nobody else was involved until they mention the name of the photographer and the circumstances and I feel like they won't do this.

No. 378930

Not sure. Audience vote them for sure. But if the jury is unanimously giving israel 12 points they might win regardless. And that's not talking about rigging the audience numbers which is something I ASSUME they won't do, but I wouldn't be surprised anymore of they did.

No. 378931

>Audience vote them for sure.
Don't underestimate how easy it would be to game televoting with enough money, or how willing Israel's sympathisers are to shell out some of their own money to secure a win.

No. 378932

I was rooting for my own country to win (Croatia) but this whole ordeal where Israel is playing dirty, ruining an artist and the entire Eurovision experience while being arrogant is awful. I don't want voting for Croatia to spite Israel, I wanted Baby Lasagna to win fair and square. I wasn't fan of Joost but what happened to him is really awful, disgusting even.

No. 378933

Yeah this.
They will most likely all vote 20 times while the normal audience votes maybe once or twice. I honestly think that the multiple votes should be banned.
It would be way more better to have up to three possible votes but you have to give them to different countries. That way the secondary favorites would have some chances too.

No. 378935

Good riddance. I have no doubt in my mind he was salty and lashing out after not making it in the top 5. He's ugly and his song is awful. Just incredibly off vibes all night. Goodbye kek

No. 378936

I don't believe in Israel's win today. Even in 2022 when Ukraine won, the jury didn't reward them with only 12 points and they weren't first (I think they were 5th or 6th) and only the public elevated them into the first place. Don't see anything similar happening with Israel, since there are way better jury baits, and the public is not as united on the Israel-Palestine topic like they were with Ukraine-Russia.

No. 378937

What top 5 are talking about? The semi results are not currently available.

No. 378938

kek nona

No. 378939

File: 1715427262469.jpg (193.61 KB, 1178x1048, RDT_20240511_14332448700277697…)

According to this

No. 378940

I liked the song, but I'm not surprised that he was disqualified. If you get involved in an investigation with the police as a suspect it's very normal that you need to take a leave from your job or whatever you're doing until it's resolved.

No. 378941

What? Why?

No. 378942

He's nonbinary, unfortunately Ireland stole his tranny thunder, but I guess that coupled with the song being easily digestible compared to Ireland's entry puts him up there.

No. 378943

Idk anon, there's often hundreds of thousands of euros involved with a single entry, this isn't leaving your job for 1 or 2 days.

No. 378944

An investigation can take weeks.

No. 378945

as well as thousands of fans who will be rightfully pissed about it

No. 378946

It's an investigation over a threat, nothing physical happened.

No. 378947

So because someone's rich and famous we shall give them a different treatment than your average asshole? Alright.

No. 378948

>Is Joost that popular?
I don't get it either, I thought his song was shit tbh, couldn't belive it made it through at all. With that said I'm genuinely sorry to the nonas who did like him and looked forward to seeing him. I don't feel sorry for joost though, violence or even just threaths of violence against a women when you know you're at the ESC is so fucking stupid. That's not the time to get moid rage, he only has himself to blame for how he acted.

No. 378950

Your average asshole doesn't enter police investigation for making threats unless they're serious and credible. What kind of law and order country do you live in where this happens?

No. 378951

>someone's rich and famous
?? I don't know about rich but famous he is far from.

It seems like an extreme overreaction to what has supposedly happened is what I'm saying.

No. 378952

This is stupid those aren't popularity votes it's betting. Betters guess what will win based on algorithms and expected behavior. Israel and Switzerland is up there because of what they expect the jury to vote. I agree. I expect them to give most points to Israel and that boring ballad fag who stands in a circle (Latvia??), Germany maybe and Switzerland.
Croatia is a reaction to the public singing along and losing their shit during the performance.

No. 378953

Yeah honestly the song wasn't bad imo. But with strong competitors like Croatia, Austria and Spain (if I ignore Netherlands) he would only make it onto the fourth or fifth place for me.

No. 378955

I must say it's kinda wild to see a man get defended over threathening a woman so hard on lc of all places… So far we've got "it probably wasn't that bad", "it was her own fault", "poor guy getting puninshed for threatning a woman, he didn't deserve getting his performance ruined". It makes me sad tbh.

No. 378956

That's a retarded take, unless they release the info who knows what happened

No. 378957

We have a million threads that bash women anyway

No. 378958

I think it's stupid to paint him as a violent misogynist as well though. We have no info on what actually happened.

No. 378959

He wasn't my favorite but I admit I liked it mainly for subjective personal reasons like the feels since my father is dead as well and I liked the continent without borders message and the promise he made to appear on the ESC one day and making it. That and the short hardcore'ish techno part near the end. Plus the music video was fun. I wish we had more fun songs instead of ballads.

No. 378960

Love when trannies cannibalize each other's clout and attention whoring tactics

No. 378961

>I honestly think that the multiple votes should be banned.
It used to be unlimited votes right? Since like 2015 or something it's been capped. There is no way they'd remove multiple vites though, since they earn money on each vote.

No. 378962

I loooove the hardcore part in the song. And I loved the low poly graphics. It was so fun. I don't give a shit what happened between him and the press, I want to see funny songs and have a good time.

No. 378963

women gossiping about women online isn't the same as a man threathening a woman in person bfr

No. 378964

Eurovision is digging its own grave with the drama

No. 378966

The irony about the one song about a peaceful continent without borders being the one getting dq the shizo part of my brain wants to consider this an omen and considering what the people will elect within the next years it might not be totally off.

No. 378967

We have zero information on what he said or why it happened anon.

No. 378968

>I think it's stupid to paint him as a violent misogynist as well though.
I've known a lot of stupid ass men, yet none of them have ever threathened women with violence. It takes a lot to stand up to someones face and threathen them in person. It's not something non-violent people tend to do, is all I'm saying.

No. 378969

No. 378970

It's not about her being a woman, but about a disproportionate reaction to his words to a paparazzi, who harass everyone just before the final of the show. His answer was probably nothing more than "fuck off" or "go kys". Imo this is not how it should be handled.
Anyway, that's what we know for now, if it turns out he actually told her something awful then yes, of course disqualification is deserved. But like, It's not about gendered targeting.

No. 378971

"inappropriate behavior" sounds like it could be a sexual thing. It could explain why different people would see it as a disproportional response because in some cultures sexual harassment or assault isn't considered a big deal. In Spain, for example.

No. 378972

As if normal people are gonna give a fuck tbh. I don't think this will affect the competition at all, apart from some angry people online for a week before they find something else to be mad about.

No. 378973

i don't care that much about him, but what do you want us to do? cheer on his disqualification when we have little to no clue what he actually did? with all the info that we have, it's almost definitely not as simple as him just randomly going up to a woman and threatening her life.
i'll stick up for her if info is released that shows he chimped out on an innocent bystander, no matter if he was provoked beforehand or not, but currently we have fucking nothing.

No. 378974

Eurovision disabled comments on their Instagram because people are spamming "Free Joost" and other similar stuff on every post
Yeah they created a huge mess and they know it

No. 378975

>defend moid violence
>cheer on his disqualification
where is the option of not giving a fuck?

No. 378976

It was specified to be a "threat" anon.

No. 378977

a lot of people don't give a fuck. you can not give a fuck in silence. accept that people are going to discuss this, and especially defend him since he was a massive fan favourite.

No. 378978

I guess you're just too cool for school nonnie

No. 378982

>Free Joost
Holy shit kek. Half the arena's gonna be screaming that with the other half screaming Free Palestine

No. 378983

The fourth option is just being a little sad that the funny haha song won't be in the finals.
And the fifth one is being disappointed in Eurovision's actions this year. It's not just about Joost.

No. 378984

I was only pointing out the autist take of it having to be one of two extremes to some anons

No. 378985

Reminder that while Joost is DQ'd for threatening someone, the Israeli delegation is doing the same thing and no one bats an eye >>378563

No. 378986

This is the truth. Eurovision has seen a lot of ugly drama through the years. Most people don't care. They will read some headlines and shrug, then a week after the grand final they have other stuff to think about. I think that's good.

I honestly recommend for next year that people try to go in as blind as possible on the grand final. I used to do it for years before I got involved online and it's arguably a lot more enjoyable. Will probably do it like that next year.

No. 378987

Fair but you came off as autistic yourself tbh

No. 378988

did EBU specify it as a threat? their official statement just mentions an "incident" but the fact they specify it's a female employee and use the term inappropriate behavior makes me think it's something sexual. it could also be a sexual threat.

No. 378989

I don't care much either. What pisses me off is the behavior of the Iraeli delegation, particularly the singer and that bastard journalist or whatever he is.

No. 378990

>the Israeli delegation is doing the same thing and no one bats an eye
that's a sign what he said is worse than what they're saying then?

No. 378993

Going in blind at the semis is more fun than knowing everything already but I think following the songs as they get released throughout the season is soooo fun, I can't stop myself kek. Some people watch netflix or streamers, I watch national finals when winter is boring.

No. 378995

It really does feel like they are picking favourites on whose behaviour to focus on. Letting the Israeli delegation just run wild and bully/harass the artists is wild.

No. 378996

Not that anon but I doubt it.
They also dq Russia but not Israel for war crimes. Maybe what he did was worse but the media and the EBU have nobody but themselves to blame if people don't believe what they are saying anymore.

No. 378997

It makes me think they're using this language on purpose to be as vague as possible and make Joost look as bad as possible without anyone actually learning what happened, once the finals are over this no one will care and this guy's career will be successfully over forever

No. 378998

>I honestly recommend for next year that people try to go in as blind as possible on the grand final. I used to do it for years before I got involved online and it's arguably a lot more enjoyable. Will probably do it like that next year.
After last year's shitshow that was my plan this year but I caved in and watched the second semi-final because I was so excited. So now in the span of two days I'm 100% involved again and everything is just as shitty as if not worse than Sweden stealing Eurovision. All in the span of 24 hours…

No. 378999

>I honestly recommend for next year that people try to go in as blind as possible on the grand final. I used to do it for years before I got involved online and it's arguably a lot more enjoyable.
Yeah that's what 99% of people do already. I don't know any casual watcher who even watches the semis, half of them still don't know they exist. This really won't have as big of an effect like people think. My question is if another number will get to take joosts place or if they'll make the show shorter.

No. 379000

Kek, that's great! Do you have friends or family you watch it who go in blind? I imagine it would be so fun having followed the entries from early on and see the fresh reactions of other people.

No. 379001

Watching the semis blind at the farm movie nights is the way to go for me, so much fun

No. 379002

Are you some kind of EBU bootlicker or what?

No. 379004

They'll just repeat the "don't hate us" musical number or something

No. 379005

the opposite then, because the police reported it as an illegal threat. if anything they want him to look as "good" as possible

No. 379006

They've confirmed it will be 25 countries instead of 26.

No. 379007

nonna you really need to calm down. the Israeli singer hasn't done anything and the Israeli journalist is not part of the delegation.

No. 379008

What did eden do? She was being cordial as far as I could tell

No. 379009

Watching with you girls is what it's all about for me! I'm disappointed about Joost but it's not going to ruin my night with the nonnies.

No. 379010

Never laughed as hard during Eurovision as when watching nonnies go feral in the moovie room. This is the way.

No. 379012

Is there any info on how much Israel is contributing to Eurovision? Is it so much that the event wouldn't happen otherwise?

No. 379013

Joost being banned definitely isn't ruining anything for me about the show since it was my least favorite song that made it to the final, I think social media is the only negative part about it tbh

No. 379014

This. Let's start with the fact that people did not want them to compete to begin with. They should had respected that as they did when they banned Russia but they're always picking and choosing. So much so for a show that "doesn't want to be political", they surely are. A truly non political Eurovision wouldn't even let the tranny flags in.

No. 379015

>Letting the Israeli delegation
They still aren't part of the delegation.

No. 379016

He's a bpd moid nonna.

No. 379018

The MoroccanOil shit that sponsors the ESC is literally Israel owned lmao
For once /pol/ was right.

No. 379019

At this point I kind of want a thread just for discussing the songs and not the drama

No. 379020

No. 379021

It's all part of the same show nonnie, just start the conversation and anons will reply.

No. 379022

It's a fun song, but it's no Cha Cha Cha. We have plenty of other great entries this year that are also different in their own way, no great loss.

No. 379023

I want both but since we are bitching anyway we might as well post songs from the past that we liked while discussing the status quo.
Fuck Netanjahu, but that aside I just found out about link related song that I missed or forgot and I really like it.

No. 379024

>For once /pol/ was right.
You don't need to browse 4chan to know that, moron.

No. 379025

Greece's song was the worst one of the night lmao. There's so many others that were better than hers, I liked the lady yelling SAAAND for example.

No. 379026

I'm thinking that this could, but only by a little, leave a dent on Netherlands' participation in the future, next year. Aren't they wasting a shit ton of money? Maybe this stuff should had been dealt with in private.

No. 379027

File: 1715430889401.jpg (80.42 KB, 600x599, 1658039944440.jpg)

No. 379029

I know it might be stupid but I honestly believed that the "shit in the west is owned by some desert country" was a lie unless we are talking about the few Afghan supermarkets in my city or something.

No. 379030


No. 379031

Please no more niche threads. Let's post music that we like then.

No. 379032

Agreed, let's just talk about some of the songs we like. This song from 2014 is still one of my all time favorites, crazy to think it was ten years ago

No. 379033

Supposedly they spend 500k on it. Netherlands is one of the biggest contributers after the big 5.

No. 379034


No. 379036

Unpopular opinion but tattoo > euphoria.

No. 379037

Nonnas is it true that countries start to fuck off the contest? There are rumors about Ireland and Spain, which Spain is mind you in big 5!

No. 379039

Statements > Euphoria > Tattoo

No. 379040

lol yeah I agree. euphoria isn't that great but tattoo is a solid eurovision winner.

No. 379042

File: 1715431418926.png (194.14 KB, 447x765, capture.PNG)

i'm tinfoiling but maybe they're reporting the Israeli delegation for their comments.

No. 379043

Makes sense why this shit was overpriced as fuck kek.
I use a Turkish oil now instead that's 100% better and for 10 euros

No. 379044

100% agreed, I'm baffled it seems to be a very unpopular opinion, at least according to the people I've spoken to

No. 379046

I feel like I haven't seen many people talk about Luxembourg. I personally loved the song!

No. 379047

I am not a fan of rap but the refrain of this song was fantastic. I cannot remember a single bad entry of Russia I think.
To go further back in time, thanks to the short flashbacks from the semi-finals this year I found this song that I like. Maybe it's too retro for most but there is something about it that I really like. Almost makes me nostalgic for an age when stuff like this could make it into the radio channels.

No. 379048

Poor Luxembourg though. Coming after a 30+ years hiatus to this shitshow kek.

No. 379050

I've been listening to Lithuania's song a lot on my down time as well. Shame that he has also fallen for all the gendie shit.

No. 379051

Yeah that sounds like it. I hope it's the case.

No. 379052

I was listening to clips from entries from the beginning of the contest and this song was the first one that made an impression on me

One of my older favorites is this entry from Iceland. It was really robbed back then

No. 379054

How does someone from the Baltics fall for gendie shit? Like I get it when it's someone from Western or Northern Europe, Americanisation has taken control of our cultures, but I really thought Eastern Europe would be a little more resistant. Is this a common sentiment for youth in the Baltics?

No. 379055

my favorite entry of all time

No. 379056

They threatened to leave the ESC if Joost gets dq. I want to know what happens now. If they should leave the big 5 might get some issues.

Germany might be fun to watch because we are already whining non-stop about anti-semitism and our usual low ranking. We always choose a boring song, send it to the ESC and bitch about some evil conspiracy against Germany for not getting enough points. It's pathetic, especially when they love to accuse Slavic people of being little shits that hate Germany when in reality they are just more likely to make songs that other Slavic cultures also enjoy for having a similar preferences. Like how the Balkan still likes turbofolk. But explain that to tinfoil hat media.

Do other countries do this too?

Video unrelated, I just really loved Moldova in 2022.

No. 379057

the absolute 90s-ness that radiates from this video lol

No. 379058

samefag I also consider this one underrated

No. 379059

I feel like people have been sleeping on Portugal since Amar Pelos Dois won

No. 379061

I remember them from a few years prior when they were a bunch of weird gnomes. I wouldn't mind if they came back a third time!

No. 379062

Yeah considering it's Ireland I believe it's about that. I hope that they're actually taking this seriously and not just acting as if they would. If that one video I have seen where the TV channel that shows the ESC in Israel was officially calling Bambie an enemy of the country and implying that attacking her is appreciated there need to be dire consequences. I cannot confirm the wording because I don't speak Hebrew.

No. 379063

What oil?
Moldova's acts are usually one of the most fun. Big fan tbh

No. 379064

If people get enough tired of this situation, specially if a lot of money is involved, they might make another type of Eurovision contest themselves in the future. Maybe they'll withdraw next year's Netherlands and Belgium contestants too, idk, maybe more countries will follow. Just speculating for fun here of course

No. 379065

i loved this so much. i was so pissed it didn't qualify back then. amar pelos dois is shit

zdob si zdub entry in 2022 was the third one actually. the first one was in 2005. these dudes have only been sending bangers

No. 379066

File: 1715432970694.mp4 (580.46 KB, 720x720, yQvbHlODNSpDo4g7.mp4)

>the TV channel that shows the ESC in Israel was officially calling Bambie an enemy of the country and implying that attacking her is appreciated
different anon posting for reference

No. 379067

i love her so much

No. 379070

I have changed my mind about Bambi then, I hope she wins, idk this year is so dramatic kek

No. 379071

File: 1715433184381.png (43.87 KB, 850x480, capture.PNG)

picrel is reported by rte, Ireland's national broadcaster. repost because I fell victim to the youtube embedding curse
also allegedly the designer of Eden's dress took a photo of the Irish, Swiss and Greek contestants, and the Greek contestant asked them to stop taking photos and showed them the middle finger

they're always so goofy I love their songs

No. 379072

I don't find any live videos with acceptable quality so I am posting this version instead because I really like this song.
Finland 1994.

Regarding the shitshow this year:
>Bambie Thug, Marina Satti and Nemo weren’t on the Flag Parade during the Third Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final
Related to >>379042. So it's not just about Ireland. Another mistake or related to Israel's provocations? We know that they seethed about Ireland and Greece, but Switzerland would be new to me. I would be surprised if that gay dude wasn't opposing Israel though, but who knows.
>"Contending that the commentary breached the rules […] Bambie Thug said Israel should no longer be allowed to participate in the competition."

No. 379073

Why even bring it up? It's just gonna make people wanna go and gawk.

No. 379074

100% agreed with her specially considering Joost's situation, it's only fair. But they won't listen to her will they?

No. 379075

i don't get the vehement hatred towards her. yeah she's a gendie, she's not even a full tranny. she's been sexually abused and i know i sound like a boomer but it's obvious that she's using this gender identity trans advocacy thing as a coping mechanism. i'm sorry i just can't find it in me to hate her. she's annoying and cringeworthy yes but she can deliver a performance and she is by far one of the most interesting and unique acts (not my favorite though kek). i've said it before in the thread but if anything normies seeing her won't be influenced to support trannies but the opposite, she's like obviously a freakshow. don't understand what all that hatred is coming from but i am on LC after all kek. she says she's nonbinary but who's actually seeing her as anything but a woman ? i mean you'd obviously have to have some level of respect for self identification for it to make you that mad like she's just a traumatized woman in the end somewhat unrelated and this goes for the whole website not just the stream but i've noticed that anons just don't like gender nonconformity in general…

No. 379076

I am always surprised when I learn about a well-known song being an ESC entry. Didn't know that. This is a great song

No. 379077

Can you leave the pro trans stuff out of the thread please. I like her too but I ain't defending her TRA shit

No. 379078

File: 1715433647948.jpg (56.6 KB, 556x528, 32626277.JPG)

>What oil?
Moroccan Oil. It's on every picture with the ESC. I strangely only noticed it this year lol but I don't buy beauty products or whatever that stuff belongs to so I assumed it was about the oil for machines.

No. 379079

unless you're from the mirror dimension not only do i not like her but nowhere in my post am i pro trans kek i literally said she's a traumatized woman using begenderedness as a coping mechanism. learn to read

No. 379080

>so I assumed it was about the oil for machines.

No. 379081

I was shocked when I found out vidrel was a eurovision entry

No. 379084

I know everybody already knows Ruslana but it's one of my favorite entries ever. I love songs that have this explosive energy and power. Can only recommend to buy or download the HQ version of Wild Dances.
IIRC she even hurt her foot before that performance and still danced like crazy despite the pain.

kek her semi-final performance for that venting song already channeled the frustration well, imagine her being even angrier.
Me neither. And yeah, wouldn't vote that song but I the performance is pretty interesting and I don't think I have seen anything resembling a live exorcism during an ESC event yet. Would be nice if she could exorcise the shit out of the EBU.

No. 379085

I feel the same way. If she wasn't wearing the flag or waving it around every chance she got she would just have been an awesome woman doing her own, edgy thing, aka much more interesting than her gendie persona. We need more angry, non-conforming women. Preferably with more clothes on. Give these women some baggy, comfortable clothes for a change.

No. 379086

She looks pretty confirming to me imo, just alt. The bar is so low

No. 379087

exactly, the closest thing we had was megara
god i fucking wish they'd made it into the final

No. 379088

Baltics aren't Eastern Europe, you fucking retard. Would you identify with your rapist?

No. 379090

File: 1715434521366.png (209.75 KB, 582x510, Screenshot 2024-05-11 163258.p…)

No. 379092

I wonder if it's related to the ongoing shitshow.

No. 379093

At this point I hope the shitshow leads to a surprise win for Finland because a song about no rules with a hairy man-ass running around on stage would be the most ironic, yet accurate representation of this year, kek

No. 379095

Fucking kek this would be hilarious

No. 379097

i'm a shill for croatia, but kinda hoping this happens now kek.
+ it'd technically be revenge for cha cha cha not winning last year

No. 379098

I meant East as in the wind direction, not politically, calm down tard.

No. 379099

Legit question, when will such people realise that social media exists and that it influences how people are perceiving things?
That rigging with Sweden might have worked 30 years ago but today everybody can check the numbers online to see what's popular and what not, can look up the history of people, can find the shilling for Sweden because of 40 years of Abba and can check the charts. They cannot fuck with people anymore unless they do it less obviously. And yet they believe everybody was falling for it.
I still see tweets with retards pretending the audience was just an exceptional minority and that whole Europe was going crazy over the ISR ballad. It's comical.

No. 379100

File: 1715435940408.png (111.07 KB, 1080x537, crisis.png)

Apparently the EBU crisis meeting is with Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and the UK who have said they intend to withdraw from eurovision permenantly

No. 379101

File: 1715435954644.png (71.92 KB, 577x860, kan.png)

Picrel is the transcript from Israel's commentary on Ireland. Am I crazy for thinking this is pretty.. mild and not really worth causing a situation over?

No. 379103

holy fucking shit so the dutch singer was actually disqualified?

No. 379104

If enough withdraw there is an actual chance that they might ally to create an own event in the future. Please let the ESC die and let the new even work without a damn jury. Nobody cares what some 5 rich dudes consider the best song.

No. 379105

Yup. Over "threatening a female photographer", that's all we know.

No. 379106

File: 1715436260203.png (218.83 KB, 1170x876, embassies.png)

No. 379108

>honest vocal cunt
is that ironic or what?

No. 379109

so what i think is going on is they need an "official" reason to report someone, then at the meeting they can bring up the harassment the irish contestant has been facing from the israeli people (whether it's the delegation or just journalists) up for discussion. what i'm saying is that it's not strictly for the commentary which i agree is mild and ironic, wouldn't be the first time commentators have said cruel things, i mean look at terry wogan kek.

No. 379110

File: 1715436344897.png (521.99 KB, 733x849, burgers.png)

of course the american right has to get involved

No. 379111

Yes please, throw money at EBU so you can make a measly 12 point difference at most.

No. 379113

One of the most pathetic and comical things I witnessed the last years was turbo anti-semitic rightoids and /pol/fags going from "death to Israel and jews" to "Help Israel, fuck their enemies!"
These people have no fucking mindset of their own in the end they just try to do the opposite of whatever the people and especially women do that they deem progressive.

Also I HATE the obsessive hatred against Greta. Say whatever you want about her but a man seething about her is an absolute red flag. These dudes mention her at least once per hour. Meds please.

No. 379114

I regret not buying popcorn. Tbh I’m excited by all this drama, I hope more countries withdraw kek

No. 379115

Greece is apparently considering withdrawing along with the others here >>379100

No. 379116

Oh Estonia too

No. 379117

Me too, all in for chaos!

No. 379118

File: 1715437041563.png (87.83 KB, 789x711, escil.png)

No. 379119

Oh it's gonna be so much fun at work on Monday, my coworkers are huge on Eurovision and the milk is flowing

No. 379120

Most of the people I know are boomers so I bet they won't even notice Netherlands is missing unless the TV is saying it. I hate my country.

No. 379121

KEK same. I feel a little bit evil but this is great drama and very entertaining.

No. 379122

This is the only job I've ever had with other people that like Eurovision, but now I know that it's a useful event to show foreign language students.

No. 379123

It reminds me of when I had enough of my jobs and the bullying and exploitation there and decide to speak up, see everybody trembling with hatred and throwing my notice of termination into their red faces.

There aren't many other things in life that make you feel so fucking good. Especially if you were the one working the most, the one they depended and relied on. I will never understand people that NEED others and treat them like shit, believing they would stay and play that game. lol

Same feeling here. It's dirty but well deserved. The curse of Cha Cha Cha.

No. 379124

I was ready to be unimpressed because she was quite bad in some other performances, but she was actually pretty decent.

No. 379125

File: 1715437603870.webp (166.29 KB, 480x480, 7d4e57a3-e969-4264-bc1a-683d1b…)

Fuck why did this drama have to happen on the year my country has a great entry with a chance of winning kek. It's entertaining nonetheless though.

No. 379126

All I want is 0 votes for Germany kek

No. 379127

What country

No. 379129

File: 1715437697235.jpg (16.5 KB, 460x230, 62746564-baby-lasagna-rim-tim-…)


No. 379131

A ton of these contestants had plenty of time to make their decision about participating after being chosen by their country. Everyone had their "hurr I need some time to think whether I want to join if Israel joins" social media posts done long ago. All decided to join. Why are they threatening to withdraw now, all of a sudden? At this point either leave Malmö or shut up. Stop dragging it out. It feels a lot like they're just seeking clout by pretending they want to leave so people can cheer them on when they decide to stay.

No. 379132

same nonnie, plus i've already decided that Croatia, Armenia, and Austria are my faves so idc about the Joost drama.

No. 379133

TBF this will only increase Croatia's chances of winning. I hope you'll take the win!

No. 379134

>Why are they threatening to withdraw now, all of a sudden?
Because NL got disqualified while the Israelian has been inflammatory towards several other delegations and has gotten away with it.

No. 379135

Nah it's pretty entertaining seeing the bitchfest as much as I dislike Israel

No. 379136

Greece was so ass, if the singer wasn't so cute, they wouldn't've made it, GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH, GUH-GUH will never be famous.

No. 379137

This is exactly the kind of thing they should have thought about while they were taking their time to decide, not during the shitshow they willingly walked into. It's still entertaining, though, to be fair.

No. 379138

i like this song too! i like the instrumental style even thought idk what it's called and very seldom do i like French songs kek.

No. 379140

Yeah that pisses me off the most. Croatia has one of the best songs they ever sent to the ESC and the best ESC song of 2024 IMO they deserved less of a shitshow and deserved a worthy rival that's also popular among the fans like Europapa.
On the other hand this shit with the jury HAD to be addressed at some point, the whole Israel deal just helped escalating it. The jury votes are unfair towards every talented singer that joins the ESC to hope for a fair victory because the people love their song.
Regardless of what happens now I hope that Croatia will win over the hearts of millions that haven't listened to that song already.

No. 379141

Is the German guy from Israel too? Weird question but his forename sounds like it (Isaak is very uncommon for Germans or at least non-Jewish Germans) and I cannot imagine Germany to pick a performer who isn't known for his pro-Israel stance in 2024.

I don't even understand what the song is about. I too autistic to get such vague blah blah even after reading the lyrics.

No. 379142

Because of the shit that happened during the semi-finals. See the rest of the thread

No. 379143

Netherlands was a clear audience favourite if you look through youtube likes ('return youtube dislike' addon shows dislikes too if someone didn't know). It honestly feels very sus that a fan favourite country got disqualified for… yawning.

No. 379144

Yawning? That was Greece

No. 379145

>Eurovision is all about love an peace and not political at all guys!
Yeah sure lol everything is getting fucked up

No. 379146

I wonder if enough countries withdraw, will they cancel today's show? Reschedule? Or just continue with whoever is left? Maybe put some of the semifinalists in without getting votes just to make up for lost time?
Either way, if they address or not this situation, people are going to get pissed

No. 379147

File: 1715438671183.jpg (19.2 KB, 236x419, 2530901745.jpg)

he was the cutest, anons…

No. 379148

Seems I misunderstood this thread then, too much coffee and speed reading. If the complaints are real then it's understandable but it's always suspicious when the number one favourite gets disqualified. I didn't care for the song too much but the youtube likes are overpowering.

No. 379149

Anon he's so fucking ugly it borderlines on embarassing, I say this as a Dutchie myself.

No. 379150

his upper lip is shaped like a moustache, incredible

No. 379152

I searched for "Swedish ESC" on youtube to watch videos about the shitshow right now and one of the clips I found was this instead LMAO

No. 379153

>>379125 Stupid question maybe, but what's up with the Croatian entry and the references to cats?

No. 379154

0 points for Germany is a meme at this point

No. 379155

Cats are cute

No. 379156

He sings something along the lines of "Meow cat, please meow back" in his lyrics.

No. 379157

I read on twitter that Joost was disqualified for punching the CEO of Moroccan Oil in the left tit after she exhumed his dad's body and the Israeli delegation spent the entire day Weekend at Bernie'ing the body.

No. 379158

>>379141 They say he's half Icelandic half German.

No. 379159

File: 1715439308843.jpg (36.56 KB, 800x450, unbekannt.jpg)

It's not a meme, it's a tradition

No. 379160

He's singing about his life on a farm and the animals (and family) that he has to leave behind due to immigration.
One of the lines from the song is "Miau cat, please miau back" and there are dancing cats at the end of the background animation show for the ESC performance.

No. 379161

i think ukraine's entry is overlooked in the midst of all this. easily my favorite costuming and staging, so so gorgeous and the song is chillingly beautiful too. i really hope they make it past the top 10 because they're definitely up there for me.
ANON i posted him in the unconventional thread like a month ago or so. totally agree kek i think he's so cute, damn shame…

No. 379162

They declare Käärijä the winner to appease our Eurovision gods so they may bring back everything to its rightful order.

No. 379163

lol after all the misinformation Israel fans are spreading, we could find a comment like that for real

No. 379164

Ukraine has been in the top 5 or 6 for the winning odds since the beginning

Personally I don't want them to win because they obviously still can't host it.

No. 379165

nahhh kaarija is the cutest

No. 379166

No. 379167

>>379160 I noticed the cats there but my blind-ass thought they were weasels

No. 379168

I think this song is their second weakest entry in years, right after last year. Hate the godawful rapping but especially the end is so repetitive, it's just concealed by really good staging now.

No. 379169

nayrt but um… to each their own…i don't even want to download any pictures of him to post on here to illustrate

No. 379170

If this continues the ESC 2025 will be in Israel with Israel participating against only another Israeli band and maybe Germany.

No. 379171

I love everything about Croatia entry, camera shoots were cool, neon bulls and cats, cute lyrics like "ciao mama ciao", cat lyrics. It's such a cute light song in metal rock shell, I listen to it on repeat, help.

No. 379172

I hope fan favorites like Switzerland and Ireland won't withdraw, it would make it easier for Israel to win… Although we can still count on Croatia winning

No. 379173

also smtg like "i miss you all but especially the cat"

No. 379174

Last time Israelis tried to have a party, it didn't go well…

No. 379175

i thought Jann was considered the cutest?

No. 379176

Nahh they won't withdraw, it's just bluff to add pressure.

No. 379177

The cutest moid (this year) is Lithuania.

No. 379178

Yeah I think it's fine but weak compared to most others they had. My favorite from the last years was Shum from Go_A.
Great band btw. you should check out their other songs if you didn't do it yet. Сонце is my favorite.

No. 379179

yes and idk why they're letting them do it just like that

No. 379180

When Croatia's pre-performance clip came on screen I was like "oh, fuckboy", but then the song started I was like "oh FUCK boiiiii"

No. 379181

File: 1715440067043.jpg (5.64 MB, 8640x5760, Sweden_Eurovision_Song_Contest…)

I unironically liked Switzerland entry it was hilarious and I liked the song, lyrics could've been better also dropping rap part.

No. 379182

>i don't even want to download any pictures of him to post on here to illustrate
I command you to do it now

No. 379183

this isn't the ugly man psyop thread kek

No. 379184

File: 1715440153344.png (584.22 KB, 1170x1498, italy.png)

wtf is actually going on with the ebu

No. 379185

kek if only

No. 379186

I'm a huge fan of Go_A, they don't have a big catalog of music but what there is I listen to regularly. They're super good at their distinctive sound.

No. 379188

File: 1715440188996.png (262.07 KB, 1170x957, europapa.png)

No. 379189

>It's such a cute light song in metal rock shell, I listen to it on repeat, help.
Same, it has such an energy and the content itself is so pure. Also I have no problem with nudity and such but it's nice to see a song that doesn't have to resort to this or any other sort of statement or provocation.
I also love the masks the drummer and the guitarists are wearing lmao

No. 379190

Eurovision will cause WW3 to happen

No. 379191

Eurovision crowd, based as usual.

No. 379192

I like the song (meaning of the lyrics aside) and I would've liked the performance if he wasn't in a fucking skater skirt and lace thights, I wore that shit when I was a teen, it's creepy.

It's fine, her father is rich.

Is she a reliable source though?

No. 379194

Tali is Israeli and supports the IDF

No. 379195

File: 1715440477322.gif (4.88 MB, 399x222, gelato beach.gif)

No. 379196

Sounds unironically plausible for pst-2016 reality. I feel like everything is getting weirder with every passing year and accelerating.

No. 379197

is there footage of this?

No. 379198

Well that's at least three songs that will stay then

No. 379200

Holy shit I was thinking the exact same thing kek

No. 379201

File: 1715440679471.jpg (24.3 KB, 631x199, bord.jpg)

Is pic related even allowed?

No. 379202

Livestream of pro-palestinian protests going on outide the arena rn

No. 379204

File: 1715440811377.mp4 (2.91 MB, 1080x1920, video.mp4)

>Poland's singer Luna released a video where she is wearing a dress with pictures of all Eurovision 2024 artists except Israel and "NO WAR" written on her face.

No. 379205

not yet but give it time

french act calls for ceasefire:

Netherland gets cheared despite not being there, isreal gets booed

No. 379206

Buying ad space is.. acts have done it before. Poland this year had ads on youtube.

No. 379209

his outfit is great, just not on him. AGP will never ever look fashionable and I wish everyone stopped pushing for it, femininity and androgyny in males shouldn't equal to an AGP teen girl look. It feels as if his looks and nonbinary activism overpower his performance and song, what a shame. Not surprised coming from Switzerland though.

No. 379214

speak your truth nona

No. 379215

is this for real? why are they going so hard for Eurovision of all things

No. 379216

Her father is dead nona…

No. 379218

File: 1715441318416.png (556.73 KB, 499x908, 2515151.png)

lol this is so pathetic
She releases like a billion videos in every language to tell people to vote her
They seem to need this victory so much. How sad it would be if she would lose some Croatian that she probably considers second class human beings imagine.
I am not sure what I should even hope for. Israel winning and ESC dying for good or Israel losing, Croatia winning and witnessing the crying about antisemitism or whatever shit they will come up with.

No. 379221

File: 1715441375471.jpeg (315.34 KB, 631x796, IMG_8584.jpeg)

No. 379222

And you know their apology song is not going to be even near as fun as Sweden's interval act last Thursday.

No. 379223

It's soft propoganda especially amidst a war.

No. 379224

Being based is not a crime. Bring him back.

No. 379226

Israel and South-Korea are the most aggressive shillers of the entire planet. It's part of their culture it seems. They also probably consider that not voting for Isreal meant you were anti-semitic so this is a personal war to them.

No. 379227

File: 1715441557197.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.19 KB, 1174x600, 64817e953bb35.jpg)

If he wanted to wear a skirt he should've done this instead of dressing up like a little girl. But he's probably too skinny to pull this off.

No. 379228

If they made Loreen win last year, you know this year this >>379218 will win. Loved Loreen's song but CHACHACHA was better and more loved by the public

No. 379229

File: 1715441607414.jpeg (196.57 KB, 945x2048, IMG_8585.jpeg)

samefag, then there's also this. i think maybe it was lost in translation if this one is real, but idk. either way i was expecting way worse

No. 379232

this so much better I agree

No. 379233

These types of women look all the same to me is that the actual singer or someone else?

No. 379235

File: 1715441874121.png (628.66 KB, 1170x1182, ireland.png)

ireland's gone

No. 379236

That's her yeah

No. 379237

this is so obviously a joke from Joost and they made into such a big deal, bigger than they ever anticipated. Thanks for nothing ESC you made your own show suck ass

No. 379238


No. 379239

Of fucking course.
So much for "the EBU is handling this". Speak up, get banned. Fantastic how our world works.

No. 379240

I'm just thinking how the fuck is something this mild disqualification worthy

No. 379241

tinfoil hat time: Israel planted the reporter to piss off Joost and make him lash out to get him disqualified

No. 379242

she lost so might as well do whatever she can for any last crumb of clout now

No. 379243

This is just a rumor anons. Note the "potential" and the fact it's that weird youtube lady.

No. 379244

Croatia vs Israel 1 on 1 lets go

No. 379245

There will be a press conference about Joost's DQ in 15 a few minutes according to reddit

No. 379247

File: 1715442156752.png (127.29 KB, 717x667, state.png)

No. 379249

File: 1715442241107.gif (1.15 MB, 400x275, C7A.gif)

NPO is going to do a talkshow about the situation tonight, Dutchnonna's I'm here with the popcorn

No. 379250

This is what it took for them to remove him from the contest? It really seems like they were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him.

No. 379254

Some context for the dutch tweet: he's saying there was no physical violence. During rehearsals Joost was asked to come up to the stage very quickly after Norway finished, but someone from production was standing in the way. Joost mentioned something about this then. Then in the semi-finals the same thing happened and she was standing in the way again. He was pumped up for his first important show so he said what is mentioned there and moved on.
I could also note that in translation there's a possibility he just said he was gonna bump into her next time, but that is obviously not sure what the intention was. In general it does not seem like something to be disqualified over at first glance

No. 379255

this kiss >>378453 wasn't even that serious either (considering they shill gay stuff too) and it had big repercussions for the guy too. Thing is, that kiss was televised so it's at least a little bit justified (not really). What Joost did was just a stupid dumb joke off-stage. This shouldn't had gotten as big as it got, worst PR disaster I've ever seen in years

No. 379257

File: 1715442556498.jpg (9.79 KB, 168x300, 573737768.jpg)

the real reason joost was kicked out….

No. 379259

who tf is Honest Vocal Cunt and is it a reliable source???

No. 379260

No. 379261

love reading this post with no context kek

No. 379262

This makes it even more pathetic that they haven't done anything about Israel's delegation

No. 379263

apparently, she has been right about a lot of things

No. 379265

Agreed. I feel like the Netherlands, Ireland and Croatia were big fan favorites, and then they chose a lot of mid acts just to fill in, so now that the fan favorites are out of the way, we know which country will obviously win. How will they host for next year though?
>I could also note that in translation there's a possibility he just said he was gonna bump into her next time
Yeah, as an ESLfag myself I can see how "hit" could mean "bump", I'm retarded too and I think I would also use it interchangeably by mistake

No. 379266

File: 1715442792715.mp4 (4.1 MB, 848x478, 42Q86ZAMRVH_27EH.mp4)

>In the fake jury voting in the rehearsal, NikkieTutorials says "Oh can we still give votes? Where’s the rule book?"

No. 379267

File: 1715442801524.png (298.6 KB, 1170x974, EstoniaSwitzerland.png)

Estonia and Switzerland may also not be performing

No. 379270

My non euro mind can't comprehend what's going on anymore

No. 379271

If this keeps going they'll all be banned from next year's ESC too

No. 379272

not really relevant it's a gay guy i think, not a woman, but idk. just judging by his media tab kek

No. 379273

Who is this Jan?

No. 379274

Oh don’t worry, my euromind can’t either. Just embrace the chaos!

No. 379275

Seems to be true. Böhmermann (the guy talking) is the moderator for Austria

No. 379276

because she posts every rumor and deletes the tweets when they turn out to be fake news kek

No. 379277

Nooo I wanted to see this guy on plate rolling

No. 379278

the presence of NicholasTutorials cursed the Netherlands

No. 379279

i mean at least they disclose when something is unsourced by what we've seen so far/what's been posted itt

No. 379281

File: 1715443208288.png (112.63 KB, 433x782, IMG_3333.png)

No. 379282

It's Jan Böhmermann. He is the guy moderating the ESC so he is trustworthy. See >>379275

He says that Estonia, Ireland and Switzerland don't want to participate.
France only wants to participate if they are allowed to make a political statement live on screen. Get your popcorn ready, nonnas.

No. 379284

I had given up hope but I think I'm going to get snacks after all and enjoy the show tonight kek

No. 379285

File: 1715443300317.jpg (13.65 KB, 564x812, uhoh.jpg)

oh my god if all fan favorites aside from ukraine leave we might win yet again and everyone will think this mess was some kind of (((ukrainian))) psyop political win (even though our girls did great and they deserve to be in the first 5)

No. 379286

I'm starting to feel sorry for my family and people in general who don't follow the news or social media and just want a good show, kek. They won't know what the fuck is going on if/when things get weird.

No. 379287

Kek, don't take everything serious what Jan Böhmermann says, he is a German satirist, so his information should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to stuff like the ESC

No. 379288

File: 1715443347936.png (165.95 KB, 596x460, ebu.png)

No. 379290

Naw they're not leaving. The EBU won't allow it to happen, there's no way.

No. 379291

Didn't Russia leave on their own instead of the EBU disqualifying them?

No. 379294

File: 1715443465354.mp4 (4.32 MB, 320x504, SaveTwitter.Net_17893160258481…)

Yeah I'm going to post this just to have an archive of it

No. 379298

Israel deeeeefinitely didn't break any rule, absolutely not, no way.

No. 379299

Yeah Europeans LOVE when they are treated like second class human beings by their own people in power.
Seriously what's going on? How can some ethno-religious desert country be so fucking important to suits that they rather sacrifice their own career and life than ever allowing anybody to say anything about said country?

No. 379300

part of me wants shit to get weird on purpose. Sorry kek

No. 379301

at this point i just have to wonder what the israel delegation isn't permitted to do aside from murder kek what the fuck do you mean they haven't broken any rules ? maybe not the singer as far as we've seen ( and she's deffo been media trained ) but come on now

No. 379303

Jesus it's like I'm back on early 2000s newgrounds

No. 379305

they got disqualified for 2022 and then left on their own. If they hadn't left, they would've probably been allowed to compete again in 2023 (or not, but no decision about banning them was made for 2023 afaik)

No. 379307

By now I believe that they could even murder. They would just declare it at self-defense like everything they do. What can normal people do against it?

No. 379311

It would be funnier that instead of asking if they are allowed to do it France or someone else would make that political statement live on screen to catch everybody unaware so that they have no time to censor it.

No. 379312

This is one of my all time favorites as well

Still my favorite Portuguese entry. Couldn’t believe this didn’t qualify

No. 379314

File: 1715443912601.gif (1.52 MB, 498x498, europapa.gif)

feel like pure shit just want him back

No. 379318


No. 379319

File: 1715444016865.png (311.24 KB, 596x460, money money money.png)

No. 379326

lmaooooo love you

No. 379331

I thought threatening behavior was against the rules…

No. 379333

hell yeah nonnies vote for us we'll have the best eurovision ever here. fuck sweden and the ebu

No. 379339

there's something truly poetic about the song that talks about europe not having any borders being the one banned from the contest, causing this entire shitstorm to happen

No. 379340

Lol nonnie I think they were asking what Turkish oil that other nonnie was talking about. I’m also curious about the 10€ Turkish oil

No. 379342

moroccan oil is NOT a fossil fuel company?

No. 379343

OMG I can't wait for grand final stream, hype is unreal

No. 379344

moroccanoil sells oils for hair care, not fossil fuel oil

No. 379345

It's hair care products that nobody uses but somehow has money to fund entire eurovision

No. 379346

File: 1715444778331.jpeg (489.08 KB, 750x724, IMG_8591.jpeg)

baby come back…

No. 379347

EBU said NO to uniting europe! Kind of kekworthy.
Still feel so fucking bad for Joost. He did not deserve the disqualification with the info we have about what happened. I would also be feeling so salty that even if they somehow went back on the disqualification, I wouldn't even be sure if I would want to perform anymore.

No. 379349

I watched the video for europapa, it's so sad to see the ending and know he's not going to peform

No. 379350

File: 1715444846029.gif (2.29 MB, 494x498, joost-klein-jurenator.gif)

No. 379351

Want more moomins? Want more ievan polkka? Vote Finland. We've already chosen next year's song.

No. 379352

ew spoiler this

No. 379356

Unironically by showing us CHACHACHA and the moomins telling us "how great it could had been" makes me want to vote for Finland even harder

No. 379358

Anon my fucking sides

No. 379359

File: 1715445094415.jpeg (154.29 KB, 2200x2200, Oil.jpeg)

This nonnas. In general turkey has based and high quality hair and make up products for dirt cheap if your currency is euro. Makes sense now why the 15ml moroccanoil shit was 20 euros. Jews bro…

No. 379360

idc, just give us a number with hot guys in a sauna, if we see a single beard, or worse, a lightly-trimmed hackjob beard, we will explode you

No. 379361

he can be my europapa if you know what I mean just kidding, it's a joke, please don't bully me

No. 379363

>it's just ogx
why did I get hyped up for nothing…

No. 379364

I’ll manifest a takatalvi to go with it all if we win.

No. 379365

no baldies allowed either

No. 379366

I've been wondering about that too lmao how does this random hair care brand have the money to sponsor ESC?

No. 379367

>tfw Europe could've had this if Sweden didn't steal the jury vote

No. 379369

File: 1715445388373.jpg (115.53 KB, 1000x1000, unnamed.jpg)

has anyone ever heard of people using moroccan oil anyway? I don't believe it could be any better than something like >>379359

No. 379370

Isn't it one of those brands you can only get at hairdressers because it's ~exclusive~?

No. 379373

File: 1715445549649.png (1.32 MB, 1000x750, joost.png)

All I ever wanted was to see the pure joy on his face when he won.

No. 379374

I'm afraid there's no man with a six pack to be found in all of Finland, but as you can see here >>379367 we're trying to whip Kääk into shape. He's resisting a shave-down. Will get back to you.

No. 379379

at this point it feels more like a psyop and the actual product is shit. Can't imagine a world where enough hairdressers suddenly decide to use moroccanoil to give them this much money

No. 379380

Kek nonna I found out today too. I was wondering why Morroco of all places is sponsoring eurovision. Now it makes more sense kek

No. 379381

He wasn't going to win anyway anon. He wasn't even in the top 5 betting odds anymore before the incident even happened. Betting odds have been super accurate in recent years.

No. 379384

File: 1715445691367.webp (91.74 KB, 989x1049, Oil2.webp)

Nonna I'm retarded. This one! In general I have a lot of hair products from turkey because we import and shit here and everything is in turkish cant tell which one is original or not.
Was using it for years. Bought it from hair salons. Got too expensive to afford at some point and later years they cheapened the quality so wasn't worth it. Can find knock offs everywhere too so never bothered again.

No. 379385

kek anon why the unflattering pic honestly i didn't think he would win but now he has more support than he could have had had this situation not happened so i'm still happy for him in a way. hope nothing comes out of the retarded police situation

No. 379386

File: 1715445733282.jpg (64.47 KB, 827x478, baby-lasagna.jpg)

I'm sorry Europapa nonas but real winner face looks like this

No. 379388

The Finnish representatives were just interviewed by the Finnish media and they refused to comment on what's going on, but they did say that the atmosphere between the delegations is very "weird" and they were cut off mid-interview when they were asked about if they had any details on the altercation between Joost and the staff member. They were also asked if they had been hassled by other delegations (obviously referring to Israel) and instead of straight out denying they said "we can't comment on that", and also added later that they loved performing with Käärijä and think he's a lovely person because "they needed a break from the backstage". So there's definitely something going on.


No. 379389

ngl nonnies, i cannot get into the visual hype of Kaarija bc A.look at him and B.he resembles a guy i know in college so much it's wretched

No. 379390

>A.look at him
Ikr he's short and ugly. I can't decide which he is more, short or ugly.

No. 379391

>I'm afraid there's no man with a six pack to be found in all of Finland
death penalty, how could you let this happen?

No. 379392

he's not just short, he's not just ugly, he's not just short and ugly, he's fat too.

No. 379393

File: 1715445915378.png (145.03 KB, 1280x720, think.png)

>Moroccanoil Israel Ltd,
>Headquatered in the united states
>$35 million annual revenue
>640 emloyees

>Moroccanoil UK Ltd, subsiduary of Moroccanoil Israel Ltd,

>total assets less liabilities £260,000
>2 emloyees

Something about this company seems really wierd

No. 379395

he's a cutie

No. 379396

All finnish women are too busy making out with each other to care about the men you should come over

No. 379397

that picture makes him look like an offender

No. 379399

Switzerlands femboy moidy is kind of cute actually id happily borrow him some of my frilly skirts and dresses.

No. 379400

Behind the scenes of Ladaniva, just wanted to share because I think these are super interesting

No. 379404

this one you're quoting >>379359 is a different brand called ogx. The one you're looking for is >>379369

No. 379405

that's ugly man psyop for you
I'll admit he has some odd charm

No. 379409

I'm Finnish and I can confirm this is true, men are only used for labor here

No. 379410

I worked at a DM in croatia and we sell it here

No. 379412

File: 1715446298722.png (306.66 KB, 763x2048, timetable.png)

timetable has been shared around

No. 379414

girl the commercial literally is about hair care

No. 379416

File: 1715446400520.jpg (152.41 KB, 1619x1619, estonia.jpg)

i like the dilfs

No. 379417

nta, but i thought it was an oil (petrol kind) company and it just had a weird advert, you know like fragrance adverts

No. 379420

File: 1715446494799.png (483.67 KB, 906x514, dutch.png)

the dutch commentator is not happy