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File: 1559675269889.gif (686 KB, 545x612, 1559351733258.gif)

No. 34292

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

No. 34297

File: 1559676543586.jpeg (116.05 KB, 750x241, 55447EAE-61F0-4D32-B979-CA9486…)

“”“sunmi is officially out of the closet”””

No. 34301

>one of my sides is LGBT

what does that even mean

No. 34302

is she that desperate for attention? she may actually be lgbt of course but with the way she's pandering to the international audience i don't buy it tbh

No. 34305

her gay baiting for relevancy is obnoxious

No. 34307

Does she ever get tired of pandering to Tumblrinas who "stan" her to show off how woke they are

Her idea of lesbianism is touching Seulgi's boobs and that's it

No. 34308

File: 1559679697506.png (45.43 KB, 256x406, twitter.png)

why would she when they are eating it up

No. 34309

This thread pic might be the best one yet, good job OP

No. 34310

This is such a joke. I may like her songs but I highly doubt she is actually LGBT. She's queer baiting.
This is gonna bite her in the ass when they find out she's lying or they'll forever be delusional that she is gay with proof otherwise.

No. 34311

she covered herself in rainbow flag fans gave her in Warsaw concert too. it was obvious she did just to please her fans

No. 34312

Kek @ straight pride parade also trending

Anyway, her whole schtick is definitely a persona made up by the old men in her agency, she's just playing into the sexy-but-not-oversexualized stereotype that all men have of lesbians.

>when they are eating it up

Twitter trends mean absolutely nothing. Her last album sold 8k copies (less than even Yuri) and her tour venues have 800 seats at most; armys will hype her up but spend all their money on BTS, and now that she's decided to queerbait more the Korean public might not like that either.

This move won't work for very long, expect her to drop a #MeToo themed album when she finds the likes and RTs lessening.

No. 34314

i like sunmi but this is annoying, either eat some pussy or shut up with the pandering, countdown until she releases some statement saying "she has LGBT fans and they're a part of her so therefore part of her is LGBT!" backpedal response.

No. 34315

File: 1559680240697.png (573.64 KB, 582x559, 322.png)

Video of Sunmi saying she has a "LGBT side":
Pic related is her going on stage with a rainbow flag during Warsaw concert.
She's obviously queerbaiting, but I wonder if this is going to be good for her career in Korea? Even "woke kings" BTS, who rely on international fans, have been extra vague (aka haven't said shit) about LGBT and stuff. Even if it's just baiting, it's a pretty bold move.

No. 34317

is her career in korea big enough that doing this would hurt her?

No. 34318

it is obvious pandering but at least props to sunmi for having the balls to be openly supportive. the woke gay kings doing anything openly pro-lgbt is armys' wet dream, they would never go up on the stage with a lgbt flag.

No. 34319

She was the most popular member in Wonder Girls, that's one of the biggest Korean girl groups ever

No. 34320

Album sales for her aren't the best in Korea but physical sales are usually weak unless you have people buying like 200 albums a person. She does well digitally.

If this gets out to the general public of Korea it could hurt her career but I doubt it'll be in any news there. This stuff usually just revolves around Twitter or the i-fans.

No. 34321

i thought rat claimed he was non-binary or some shit

No. 34323

how come she has a profile equivalent to ozuna yet no i-fans stream or buys her shit

No. 34324

What fanfiction did you hear that in?

No. 34325

This is just Twitter Trends they literally change all the time and are subject to what you follow. I wouldn't put much stock in it anon.

No. 34327

idk if he said that he is nonbinary but he is pro-all that weird gender shit. he said something related to it in their ted talk

No. 34328

File: 1559683076804.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, tom c.jpg)

>in their ted talk

bts did a ted talk?

No. 34330

Maybe this is what anon is referring to

No. 34333

can't wait for dispatch to expose her and her bf

No. 34335

No. 34337

what? she’s just calling herself lgbt queen because that’s what fans call her. she’s not saying she’s part of the community. idg how this is queerbaiting, she’s just showing her support. i get that this is a kpop critical thread but trying to find a problem with this is so dumb, at least she has the guts to actually say that she supports gay people unlike bts and mamamoo and other groups who put suggestive content in their mvs but act dumb and shield their careers when someone questions it.

No. 34340

File: 1559690890360.png (229.52 KB, 594x417, Miyayeah on Twitter.png)

Dat damage control.
People in the comments are spamming clown memes, does it mean they're pissed?

No. 34341

it's a thing on twt that ppl use whenever they look like a fool

No. 34354

Kpop fans should realize that their idols are more likely to be homophobic than gay. I always felt this wishful thinking came from the fact that female fans are completely unwilling to imagine their male idol dating a pretty, better than them in every way type of girl. It would shatter their fantasy of their idol being attainable and available. It also applies to female groups because some incel kept threatening to kill APINK because they were on some variety dating show

No. 34355

i disagree. i think most idols either don't care about lgbt stuff or they're secretly supportive of it. obviously there are homophobic idols like siwon, but i don't think it's that common. if we were talking about the k-hip hop scene i'd agree.

No. 34357

Lol so many non-idol men in Korea fucking despise gay men anon. Doesn’t mean they are out there protesting, but they are still disgusting bybthe idea of two men being together. Or hate the idea of being considered gay. It’s like middle school all over again. “I wear lip balm, but don’t worry, I’m not a fucking gay guy!” Just by the odds I’m willing to bet at least half of the make idols are like this too. Fan service doesnt mean shit, its all for money.

No. 34358

better than last thread's…

No. 34359

I cackled. When Shindong flies…

No. 34362

Nta but isn't there a big possibility that a lot of the male idols are gay, closeted? After all gay guys, as much as it's a cliche, are very into the kind of showy shit kpop puts out and I get I lot of gay fanboy vibes from the non-korean idols from Japan, US and such. I might be way off though and most male idols probably are very homophobic and sexist pigs either way.

No. 34363

No. 34365

You guys made some good points

Are there any idols besides sunmi that mentioned lgbt before in any way? Whether it was supporting or just discussing it? Anything besides being homophobic or just pretending they don't exist really. And no, I'm not a sunmi fan btw

No. 34366

People only saw and heard LGBT but missed the Queen part.

Mamamoo could never say anything they're fanbase is Korea.

I've seen things where they tell LGBT k-fans they support, but nothing as public as Sunmi because they would be over.

No. 34367

Mark was born and raised in Canada, not Korea.

No. 34368

i find it weird that moonbyul is so obviously a lesbian, but mamamoo does like the most fanservice of any girl group. you'd think they'd avoid doing stuff like that to stop rumors spreading.

No. 34370

Absolutely disgusting. Piggy needs to hit the gym and stop stalking young girls

No. 34371


The fans that support them most are lesbians or at least support LGBT and eat up the fanservice so that's why it's there.

Also skinship is a form of friendship that most Koreans are ok with even if they are homophobic. So there's that.

No. 34372

File: 1559703664977.png (246.94 KB, 600x550, entitled.png)

French BTS fans demanding the Eiffel Tower be turned purple for their ~ baby boys~.

No. 34373

File: 1559703764986.jpg (158.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

this fag is so pathetic. he probably spends AT LEAST 10k on twice every year. his room is completely covered in twice merch so you know he's never getting laid and you can tell when he makes a video at work that his co-workers think he's retarded.

No. 34375

It's all his parents' money as well. He's supposed to be a law student and claims he pays for everything with money from some part time job, fucking bullshit. He's been buying this shit and flying out to Korea with a couple of days notice for years now, there's no fucking way he's using his own money. Tbh I feel bad for Twice constantly seeing this ugly fuck show up at events.

No. 34376

The amount of money he would save if he stopped being an incel and realized that these girls are paid to interact with him and do not care about him in the least… I don't understand why fans genuinely think idols care about them when they have to spend at least 1500 USD to see them up close (you can't enter fan meets unless you have bought at least 100 albums). That's the price to pay when you'd rather live in fantasy world where 10/10 guy or girl cares about you rather than get average bf/gf like any other sane people

No. 34378

CL has been an open supporter for a very long time. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica as well. Amber (duh), Krystal, Boa, Anda, and that one girl from Loona. Sistar has a video featuring a lesbian couple and Yubin posted about the Pulse shooting iirc. I’m sure there are more, but thats all I can remember off the top of my head. It’s not extremely rare for idols to support the LGBT community, but it’s no coincidence that the majority of those who do are Western-born and female.

No. 34379

male twice fans are the worst. they're so gross and retarded.

No. 34380

Also I think he has/had a patreon where he just bought more merch and the rewards were unboxing videos etc. Why tf would someone donate money to someone to watch them open merch on cam instead of buying it themselves? Most kpop merch is fucking trash, but still. At least buy your own instead of throwing your money at some manchild with extremely rich parents.

No. 34381

Delulu fans are so entertaining. Here's a 8 minutes long video where he's looking for plastic bottles for his ''collection''

No. 34384

How can something be so sad and entertaining at the same time?

No. 34386

This is the definition of sadcringe. It physically hurts it's so pathetic.

No. 34387

Do you know of any males idols that do?

No. 34390

Stray Kids were at pride in nyc last year iirc

No. 34391

Suga, Jonghyun, GD, Heechul, maybe Jackson, some guy from JYJ. Chanyeol from EXO, Hoya from Infinite, 2AM Jo Kwon, Hansol from ToppDogg, maybe Beenzino, Ren from Nu’Est, K.Will, Ravi and Hyuk from Vixx, U-Kwon from Block B, SuJu Ryeowook, MR. MR. literally disbanded because Hon was dating a transwoman…

Kangmin, Holland and Marshall Bang are openly gay…

No. 34393

Forgot Tablo. And I’m sure there are others.

You forget that Korea is a place like any other.

No. 34394

It wasn't about Korea, it was about idols

No. 34398

Some of these are genuine but most of them are just pandering for fake woke points. Especially the younger ones

I don't think this vid proves anything, but it had been mentioned that winwin thinks it's disgusting and wrong for men to use the word "love" between each other, or for a man to say he loves another man

No. 34400

File: 1559715692261.jpg (256.66 KB, 1648x1080, 5167332408219.jpg)

Homophobic king. I'd post a fancam right now if no1 would booli me.

No. 34401

I don't know, shoving your ''friend'' because he's trying to hold your hand is pretty telling to me.

No. 34402

She probably doesn't even know what lgbt stands for so she just said she's 'lgbt' as if its a noun haha

No. 34403

>is homophobic
>does gay fanservice to make more money
male idols

No. 34404

Kpop idols are held to such a different standards than everyone else. Kpop idol purposefully makes a vague misleading statement, her fans defend her to hell and back when anyone else would have been called an ignorant straightie trying to appropriate the struggle of brave and stunning homosexuals and trannies. Fag hags are disgusting on their own so add marketing and money in the mix and it's a recipe for disaster. Also reminders that most girls pushing muh LGBT agenda are straight as a ruler

No. 34405

even if they are not homophobic they are probably ignorant about the topic since it's a huge taboo. most of them are definitely not ~~woke gay legends~~ like stan twitter wants them to be

these girls are constantly thirstposting about nct and bts, but don't you ever call them straight anon!! they are sooooo gay!!

No. 34409

To me Mark shoving away his friend when he wants to hold his hand is very telling.
In many idols minds fanservice is okay to do, it's something fans want to see and they don't mind as they do it with their friends. In Korea in fact it's more normal than anywhere else for boys to sit close/have arms around each other. So it comes with the culture. (this is something I read multiple times from people going to korea and seeing these things on the streets/in the metro)
But in Mark's mind, who was raised in Canada, his friend touching him is GAYYYY which is why he reacted that way.
It's funny to me he's not only naturally ugly (the others we can argue only got ugly due to surgeries) but he's also homophobic.

No. 34410

File: 1559722861100.gif (1.55 MB, 268x214, 749de30d199004acd20f5c5f8a2ddb…)

another instance of an idol not so subtly showing disdain for coerced gay ''skinship'' (which is basically a word made up by kpoppies at this point)

No. 34411


I don't want to tinfoil or anything but does Mark not like Haechan or something? Can any nctfags or anybody with any kind of knowledge on NCT confirm that? Imo that's just a really weird reaction to someone wanting to hold your hand. No normal person shoves the shit out of there "friend" when they want to do something virtually harmless.

No. 34412

it's also another explanation for fujo kboos that their ships aren't real. like male idols going around slapping each other's butts isn't seen as gay because they don't even think about being gay as a possibility, they see it as guys being comfortable with each other. i also don't think an idol who is actually gay and closeted would be comfortable with gay fanservice tbh

No. 34414

another tinfoil but the fact that 21 guys have to split income probably contributes to animosity among them

No. 34415

in the fandom they are considered best friends. haechan often teases him that way and the reaction is always very similar.. mark is either homophobic or very much closeted and scared to be outed (I highly doubt this possibility)

No. 34417

yeah exactly, I feel like in many idols brains the possibility of what they do being gay doesn't even register. at least when they just hug or hang out very closely.
they may think its crossing a line during the kissing games tho, hence why they always have cringe reactions to it.

No. 34420

>>34414 The fact that the leader of the group is always the center and has the most amount of lines for sure doesn't help. I heard Utah expressed his unhappiness about not getting lines but I don't have proof

No. 34421

>Kpop fans should realize that their idols are more likely to be homophobic than gay.

>Tbh I feel bad for Twice constantly seeing this ugly fuck show up at events.
You really think their other oppar-fans are any better? lol
I once read that some j-idol wrote a passive-aggressive post, asking her otaku fans to at least bath before they watch her show, I imagine there's a similar stench at twice concerts…

That doesn't mean that he's any more homophobic than the others tho. If Korean guys were socialised to think men holding hands = gay, then they would act the same way as he did.

While we're at it already, who are are idols you think despise each other?

No. 34423

File: 1559726069683.gif (1.35 MB, 498x247, b85179c9bb831b7431847141bef74d…)

>>While we're at it already, who are are idols you think despise each other?

No. 34424

hopefully seungri and the rest of big bang

No. 34426

File: 1559727225507.jpg (69.04 KB, 675x1200, Cmk0yFJWAAAPe_9.jpg)

Tbh, not liking a woman whose personality is made up of "I love pink and people say I'am ditzy, teehee" is kind of understandable.
Pic related happened several times, also with the French flag lmao. She's essentially just a dumb American bimbo.

No. 34427

lmao is this legit

No. 34428

>>34426 this is what I'm here for lmaoo what a fucking idiot

No. 34429

File: 1559728994598.png (311.56 KB, 305x545, TiffITA1.png)

No. 34430

How… embarrassing. She seems really insufferable to be around.

No. 34431

Most of the fandom knows that Daesung hates Seungri. They even did an episode of some “counseling show” about it

No. 34432

Can you imagine if an American celebrity posted "Off to my KOREAN HOLIDAY" next to a Chinese flag? Korea would want their head on a stick.

No. 34434

Was watching Senorita dance videos cos I like the song. Holy shit is Shuhua such a fucking waste of a spot in this group. Look at this video and tell me she doesn't stand out in a "I can't dance and I get no lines for a reason expect for woah" way. Can't tell if she's trying and she's that bad, or she isn't trying at all.

No. 34435

I skimmed through the video and her dancing isn't even that bad anon. She doesn't stand out in any way shape or form because of the way the dance is structured she ends up being repeatedly in the back and blocked by another member.

No. 34437

>Most of the fandom knows that Daesung hates Seungri.
could you elaborate? also good on daesung ig.

No. 34439

File: 1559738805707.png (798.35 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-05-20-43-55…)

at this point I am sure that ratmys will do every single obnoxious thing to put those "boys" in the pedestal

No. 34441

i am really sorry for the ears of people who work in nasa

No. 34442

She's so ignorant… you'd think after The whole Japanese flag thing she'd be more careful with flag emojis lol, also "roman"?

No. 34443

File: 1559740437985.jpg (75.77 KB, 600x400, Tiffany Fendi Roma 90 Years An…)

She attended the "Fendi Roma 90 Years Anniversary" in July 2016, which was in Rome. Roman Holiday is the name of a movie, that's what she's referencing.

No. 34444

from googling this and their member profile (i dont know much about NCT, i dont like the boybands) there are images of mark squeezing haechan's thigh and them holding hands. and then there are images of this mark guy doing tons of weird homoerotic shit with other men. apparently it's an injoke that haechan likes to grab other members hands?

also korean seniority culture means mark and haechan aren't equals because of age and he might've seen the hand grab from a younger guy as a power move/flex or its a joke between them

seems like extreme stan sperging to allege homophobia based off some dumb adlib… also they're all unattractive

No. 34445

So do you only like girls groups?
Also I'm thought those two are the same age? Idk
> They're all unattractive
True. But I actually don't find any kpop group members attractive in any way

No. 34450

they have a one year age difference

No. 34452

>korean seniority culture
he is a goddamn leaf, anon. not native korean.

No. 34454

Fans consider them to be best friends and they're the most popular ship. Mark and Haechan actually had a very obvious falling out with each other a while back. They disliked each other enough at one point to switch rooms (they were roommates I think) and wouldn't touch each other in one of their choreographies. And people just used that occurrence to feed into the idea that Mark and Haechan are boyfriends.
I feel like everyone in NCT hates one another and I don't blame them for that considering SM literally fabricates their relationships and created fake romances between them for fanservice.

No. 34456

This plague will calm down within the next two years when they start enlisting one by one….that day cannot come soon enough

No. 34457

Wait is this true? He says a billion people tried to buy bts tickets. https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1136030708798042112

No. 34458

Icute how many in their country started hyping them up because of their fake US popularity. cause before that nobody gave two shits about them and even nowadays I'm sure Koreans don't enjoy their music as much as they claim to.

I hope you're right and we'll have some peace but I think they're gonna do solos and stuff. And when they come back the starved ratmys will be even more obnoxious.

No. 34459

what the fuck

No. 34460


Pretty sure they mean devices. They can't keep track of individual people but devices are easy to track. All the fans probably had their laptop, phones and tablets + those of their parents etc.

No. 34462

I will never understand what makes any of you think the rest of Bigbang are good guys just because they’re not directly involved in Seungri’s prostitution scandal. I’ve even seen videos of them shading Seungri in interviews as proof that they disapprove of his “business deals” but you guys act like they didn’t willingly turn a blind eye to all the shady stuff Seungri did. They could’ve easily gone to the authorities (not the police obviously, but there are other avenues) or just made it public and dealt with the lawsuit fees, but their fame and money was more important to them. If one of the bts members turned out to be supplying date rape victims for wealthy businessmen at clubs I’m sure this thread would be foaming at the mouth about how everyone in the group is complicit so idk why Bigbang is any different.

Saged for massive sperging. I just think they’re all pond scum.

No. 34464


Fuck all of them. Pretty sure most idols of YG are complicit in everything.

I have no faith that anything will happen though this shit goes all the way to the top and they're not even doing anything to those who were take the blame. This is such bullshit.

No. 34465

i can't find it but wasn't there something about big bang hooking up with prostitutes way before seungri's shit became public?

No. 34466

I agree. They all are complicit, which is not really surprising. Seungri has a huge ego so I'm sure he bragged about many things to them.
They've all done shady things. They just got away with it. GD and top especially give me weird vibes (women too young for them, drugs, parties).

No. 34467

Exactly, I don't get how people can be so naive, they surely knew, yet simply didn't care because they also don't think any higher of women than he does.

A couple days ago I read that netizens loved Lee Hongki's "sassy" response when asked about the dude who was in his group, but all I could think of was, he must have known too!

No. 34470

File: 1559762344508.jpg (93.92 KB, 550x825, 20190605_1510445.jpg)

Lmao, not even Koreans are buying into that
>[+401, -91] She's a hypocrite who doesn't want to give up her own privilege even though she claims to be against discrimination. When has she ever acted when she got into her acting major with special treatment?
>[+67, -26] She says she supports them but then draws a line saying "don't misunderstand, I'm not gay"
>[+60, -11] She wants to act woke but draws the line… she's so fake and hypocritical

Also, they're praising Seolhyun's collar bones, but she looks so creepy to me here…?

No. 34471

Still too retarded to learn for her mistakes I see. No wonder she was destined to fuck up with that Japanese flag snapchat

No. 34472

Christ. Why do I have a feeling it's from her agency making her diet again probably?

No. 34473

>BTS in space
>wasting NASA's time and money
Day of the Korean rope can't come soon enough

No. 34477

File: 1559770786025.jpg (44.32 KB, 540x360, 0004021349_001_201906020850117…)


>9. [+31, -0] The pride of our country. They're the first not only of Korea but all of Asia. BTS will become legends like the Beatles and Queen.

why are they so delulu? i dont even like the beatles or queen much but they created their own songs without being manufactured and queen's live act was legendary. jimincel's screeching is comparable to that? they're more like fucking NKOTB (sold 100 million, no one knows who they are now)


>3. [+461, -6] Is Japan turning into China now? Why not call them Atomic Bomb Boys~~


No. 34478

> they're more like fucking NKOTB (sold 100 million, no one knows who they are now)
I pray that that is their eventual fate. And interestingly, they are even less talented than NKOTB (some of whom could play instruments and compose). BTS otoh are such a thoroughly worthless group. Bad singing, bad dancing, can't write music, can't play instruments and almost all of them had to get massive ps in order to be considered palatable in their own country. So what are they good for?
>Atomic Bomb Boys
Koreans stay classy.
Knetz and retarded BTS fans have been harassing that group constantly and making up tons of insane rumors about them. The ironic thing is that they are part of LDH aka Exile's company and their company has been doing this sound and style since BTS were in elementary school. The only reason that they have any similarities is because kpop has been lifting from American hip hop and jmusic since it's inception.

No. 34479

If the napoleon complex could be expressed in terms of countries, Korea would definitely be one of them.

No. 34480

I still insist the genius of BTS was combining the dumbest shittiest western music (at the very moment all the western crap-peddlers with psycho fanbases self destructed) with a j-rock/manga look and a fake woke brand almost custom made to sell to idiots on twitter

No. 34483

I can't wait till a few years down the road and a korean nationalist / koreaboo retard on youtube asks random Americans on the street about BTS being equivalent to the Beatles and they look at them with disgust and confusion.

No. 34484

>Napoleon complex
This is the PERFECT term to explain Korea.

No. 34485

File: 1559773368865.jpeg (200.15 KB, 815x463, 9DB22C46-8717-4639-B69F-1D81E7…)

Checked to see if this was posted on the last thread. If i missed it ignore it.
Fucking gross. Again, fuck these people.

No. 34488

it's 2019 and South korea is reallying pulling this bullshit

No. 34490

Indeed. Here is the video for context and the twitter thread it spawned.

No. 34491

Maybe I could say there are unique elements to 2nd gen kpop (like sweetune's stuff, which is distinctive) but BTS sound is a totally watered down and shitty version of 'black music'

No. 34492

Reeee don't insult j-rock like that!

But seriously, they don't have an ounce of their creativity. Old kpop with that ugly japanese host hair at least made them look unique, now it's bowl cuts in 50 shades of blonde and pastel peach or pink

No. 34493

tough reality is that both kpop and jrock are shitty and gay and for virgins

No. 34494

Lol someone link them to our thread to remind them about bts' past with hip hop.
Not defending rap cause I know it just enables sexism and all and when you watch smtm you see how disgusting and tryhard the dudes are but I'm sure men over there don't need "black music" to influence them negatively, they are trash even without it…just look your burning sun scandal… that wasn't caused by rappers was it?
I also hope that they know black music includes RnB which like every singer over there uses…ignorant statements, as usual.

No. 34495

Black kpop fans have even less dignity than their asian and white counterparts, it's sad really

No. 34503

File: 1559779936700.png (58.83 KB, 570x618, woh.PNG)

ah yes, thankfully our precious BTS has never shown any sexist attitudes after building their music style on hiphop clichés, they are soooo above all that

No. 34505

File: 1559780148098.png (30.39 KB, 854x219, RM-JOKE.PNG)

their music is purely intellectual

No. 34506

>if you watch porn, you finish in 3 seconds

wtf is writing this

No. 34507

File: 1559782441620.png (525.98 KB, 438x690, Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.51…)

So ik Lovelyz is kind of irrelevant but I watched a stage video of their most recent comeback and their styling seems like they're REALLY trying to push Mijoo to be the next Hyosung.

No. 34509

>Koreans and their true colors

Who else is not suprised?

No. 34512

>they don't go to afterparties they chat with fans instead
lmao are they kindergarteners? i bet they just go back to their hotel juuling, drinking and hating their lives after having a 5 minute conversation with fans.

No. 34513

No. 34514

The new produce X group will debut this year and they already have rabid akgaes, over time fans will move on to the next shiny new thing.

Even Big Bang's time in the sun ended, and I honestly don't think member solos will do as well group songs in the meantime.

No. 34515

Calm down.

No. 34516

And I'll bet they hate every second of being forced to interact with fans to keep up the humble facade. Going to afterparties is more than just partying with hookers and coke - talking to the artists like normal human beings is how connections are made that'll help them maintain a foothold in the industry. So far all these A-list artists still see them as weird foreigners who they have to talk to because they've got clout among teenagers.

No. 34519


poor daehwi - guy is so gay that he can't even take comments calling him gay coolly and immediately assumes that they are insulting him (like what is wrong with people assuming you are gay - because the opposite is people assuming you are straight which is still assuming something you don't know about a person)

he even goes as far to say that he needs to maintain his family line so he will get married for sure this poor guy is digging himself in a hole kek

No. 34520

File: 1559808220278.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1534985274217.jpg)

>So I want to discuss with my fans about when I can start dating or get married
wtf lmao only in asia

No. 34522

They don't go to after parties because of their shitty English, even rm struggles so there's no point in going there and feeling out of place and uncomfortable the entire time.
But no…it's because they wanna go talk to the fans afterwards. Sure lol.

No. 34523

no anon, they are humble kings who appreciate their fans. they are too pure to go hang out with these evol coke addict american artists. bts would never.

No. 34524

>talking to the artists like normal human beings is how connections are made that'll help them maintain a foothold in the industry
I always thought not going was such a stupid move because of exactly this. What do they think will happen? White snake Taylor forces poor baby cow Jimin to fuck her?
But "the boys" don't need to worry about getting collabs etc anyway, since their dumb fans will simply harrass other artists (or the nasa) until they acknowledge bts's existence.

No. 34526

Why would that anon need to "calm down"? Everything they said is true, and it's the critical thread. You sound like a butthurt kboo and if you don't like what's being said here then gtfo

No. 34528

He didn't seem to have a problem before, he went on that show with Heechul and they even played up the gay rumours.

But now he is probably doing it for his career, since AB6IX are literally new and being actually out as gay is career suicide for a young guy in a newly debuted group.

Give him some more years into his career and he'll cool off.

No. 34529

What kind of shitty name is that supposed to be?! Am I a racist too for not knowing how to pronounce that?

No. 34530

lowkey they are not even worth the effort needed to google their name's pronunciation

No. 34531

Kpop group names are so fucking cringe. They remind of the way i used to use acronyms and shit on msn like CUL8R.

No. 34532

At least Girls Generation or Wonder Girls still made somewhat sense and were easy to remember, but txt, ab6ix,…?

No. 34533

Pretty sure it's just A-B-SIX, since that's what they say in the intro of Breathe. It's just a (bad) styling choice tbh.

No. 34534

I see it as AB69. Idk if they had the intention to be so.

No. 34536

File: 1559819510277.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, gdcfvgkngf.png)

that is jihyo's thigh

am i seeing something that isn't there or are they self-harm marks

also in this video it is so obvious how lowkey vicious and sore loser momo is lmao


No. 34543

>>34536 those look like marks you get after sitting on something for too long… she probably sat on her shoe or a wooden chair… nice nitpick anon

No. 34547

They literally look like lines when you sit on something wooden or material pressed into the skin for a while. Girl groups probably wouldn't be able to self harm around the legs since most have to wear small shorts or skirts when performing.

No. 34548

"No sana no life" I know anons here often like to use tzuyu as example when we talk about their talentless members but at least she's not as tinnitus-inducing as sana. Girl legit was only added to twice to attract creeps with her ~uwu airhead~ persona.

No. 34550

Am I the only one who is bemused by why BTS got so popular? Even for kpop standards their music sucks, they are subpar dancers and unattractive. Did their fans meme them into global stardom?

No. 34551

As someone who observed their rise: they really utilised social media, especially Twitter where international fans gather. They would post selfies like every single day, post vlives all the time and really maxed it hard on the fan engagement side. Fans only care about groups that provide a constant stream of content, even if it's not musical content. You get a good amount of Twitter stans and you're set for an intense fanbase that spam you everywhere.

TDLR: They didn't get popular for music but for fan engagement

No. 34552

>Did their fans meme them into global stardom?

Literally this. Even before they became the most famous kpop group their fans was obnoxiously loud online. Back then they liked to spam completely unrelated youtube videos with "who army here" and always screamed about how the SM, YG and JYP were sabotaging bighit.

No. 34553

Ajummas bought 3 million domestic copies of their latest album so the Korean response is the usual 'don't stick out like a sharp stone in the road' and 'MUCH LESS DEGENERATE THAN THE BLACKS' and even those who hate them compare them to The Beatles. Even ilbe (who feuded with them and hates rat for being from cholla) is largely shoved up their ass

No. 34554

No. 34555

yep… I agree with you. I'm not a fan of their music since its like really boring and forgettable. I don't even give a shit about their woke?¿ lyrics because they don't make any sense or even support the story behind their music videos(imo). Honestly, the reason I've known about them was because people shares their silly/awkward/dorky clips and gifs on my social media. The first part of this video by sherliza further explains my point and opinion.

No. 34559

File: 1559832016335.jpg (71.42 KB, 500x749, fbcf7e57c812a9f8817d5278ed95fd…)

there's something wrong about mijoo's face. her mouth area really bothers me. i don't know if she got some type of surgery or that's just her natural face, but it bugs me so much everytime i see her.

No. 34562

File: 1559837448735.jpg (95.27 KB, 945x839, D8Vi7iFUYAA8Iw5.jpg)

Have you guys heard about it? SM handed codes to make NCT chart on Billboard.

No. 34563

She’s got that same unnatural look that Mamamoo’s Solar has, especially around the mouth. Maybe she’s an escaped North Korean refugee, too.

No. 34564

File: 1559837606319.jpg (65.27 KB, 720x1183, D8VlJ6cV4AA3PKx.jpg)

No. 34565

>says 2 words
>”you sound like a butthurt kboo”

Calm down.

No. 34566

Wow. They are…desperate.

No. 34567

I saw someone on twitter buy 11 nct albums for $35~ by using their merch code. $17 fan meets and $3 albums are the only way 127 can get anyone to pay attention to them. This is so pathetic alexa play ko ko bop.

No. 34568

File: 1559838899516.jpeg (88.51 KB, 1000x500, 1C69E5F0-E8A7-4E23-A2AE-0D9D4D…)

Speaking of Solar, I think she looks mostly normal? Nta but if you spend too much time online looking at heavily styled and edited celebrity photos, you forget what the average person looks like. Stare at a still image of a person for long enough, you’re naturally going to find something weird. Especially if you’re already a nit.

No. 34569

They didn't even fucking bother to change the name I see.

No. 34570

whorish, unattractive and fake looking

No. 34571

you sound like an incel. she looks fine.

No. 34573

wrong site buddy. being ugly is fine but caking yourself to the point where you look like another person altogether is digusting

No. 34574

Damn, what’d she do to you?

No. 34575

maybe her natural looks are fine but she has done so much PS that even if she doesn't wear any makeup she looks weird

No. 34576

SM is really desperate for American recognition huh…

No. 34577

>wrong site
what? nitpicking this autistic has been against the rules for years

No. 34579

The fact that there are threads where farmers go on private facebook groups to upload pictures of random girls they find ugly and fat proves otherwise.

No. 34581

ehh, that's like the foundation of kpop
solar doesn't even look that different, or different from how you'd expect her to be barefaced

No. 34582

>t. butthurt confetti club member
KEK this isn't comparable to that at all. you're sperging about a girl wearing flattering makeup like an actual incel.

No. 34584

Mamamoo is the most cringy tryhard female kpop group there is. It's funny they have that ~badass~ reputation (because of wearing fugly unfitting clothes and frowning) when Hwasa and Solar have this typical school bully aura like Hyolyn

No. 34585

File: 1559842264953.png (958.18 KB, 640x1136, 1546962790611.png)

then you need to get your eyes checked

No. 34586

Is that sunny?

No. 34587

You're making absolutely no sense anon. Who hurt you?

No. 34589

Culture appropriation much?

No. 34592

most kpop groups are tryhards lol they're idols after all. i can't hate mamamoo simply because they're the most talented girl group right now. they can all sing and have stage presence.

No. 34593

Mamamoo was the best for me in the beginning when they were more sublte in the things they did, and they didn't do what anyone else was doing.
Now they're just tryhard, especially solar and hwasa (wannabe-Beyoncé). Their songs are just copies of other songs released in the US a few years before, and they're very bland.
Moonbyul also successfully manages to ruin every song for me. They really didn't need a rapper, at least not such a bad one. The only one that I now can still (somewhat) tolerate is wheein.

No. 34595

SM getting desperate in an attempt to cover up Lee Soo Man's 100 million+ embezzlement I see

No. 34596

They were a breath of fresh air at debut till very recently. Their recent comebacks reek of "tryhard" to me sadly. I still like the members individually, but I do find they've been leaning too hard on the "cool unnies" schtick to stay relevant.

No. 34598

Moonbyul's rapping does suck and I'm surprised nobody itt has mentioned it before. Her voice to begin with is insufferable and the flow makes it worse. It's a shame because I like her visual and was interested but just can't bring myself to listen.

No. 34600

>I like her visual
You can just say you think she's pretty, ya know. No need for the weird kboo speak.

No. 34603

Is it because their teeth are big?
I AM CACKLING. Super Junior may have had ugly members but NCT somehow sells even worse. Not surprised though, I looked the members up to see them and the Chinese members that got booted to that new subunit are actually a lot better looking than the Koreans + Yuta. How SM managed to debut only a bunch of ugly kids is beyond my understanding when there's plenty of good-looking trainees that are debuting in shit groups at shit labels.

No. 34607

It’s not kboo speak

No. 34609

File: 1559856756858.png (358.08 KB, 815x532, lol.png)

No. 34610

No. 34611

Getting cheated on is an emotional bitch

No. 34612

Yes. Yes I can, autismo.

No. 34615

hes so unlikable…
If he didn't want fame and attention he should've stayed on the low with his band or whatever he's doing.
Can't believe I was disappointed when he left winner, he's trash too.

No. 34617

Being 28 and making dramatic instagram posts because your boyfriend of 1 month cheated on you is dramatic and childish. Deal with it like adults

No. 34621

ya on the one hand cheating is bad but on the other why are her nostrils staring at me like that

No. 34622

Did all these koreaboo incels come from /mu/?
We aren't going to appease your hateboner for women who don't look like a 12 y/o version of naeyeon.

No. 34623

this but unironically

No. 34625

No. 34626

30k upvotes and 6 times gilded on kpopfap subreddit

No. 34627

> hates rat for being from cholla
Explain what this means?

No. 34632

File: 1559861695109.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x313, 777.jpg)

Sage for OT. Anons who post solely to make accusations of kboo-ery are self projecting hard. Everyone here has been involved with K-pop at some point or another, there's no contribution in pointing fingers so often.

No. 34636

gotta love how much men are impressed by 2 seconds of girls shaking their non-existent asses…

No. 34639

Cholla = Jeolla-do, a province in the southern part of South Korea. Historically known for being politically left-leaning. The incels at Ilbe hates them and calls them communists, scammers, criminals, rude etc etc etc.

No. 34640

Correct, but I was wrong actually, it's j-hope who is from there. But rat represented cholla in some rap battle and made some vaguely left-wing statements in support afaik so that added fuel to the fire

No. 34642

I thought those chinese kids were pretty ugly tho, and not much of an improvement from the rest of neo cloning technology

Wow, just wow. Can't get much more desperate and pathetic than that. I wonder when sm is finally gonna give this up and send most of the members back to the basement

No. 34644

File: 1559866501419.jpg (19.46 KB, 400x400, qVYA0Cox_400x400.jpg)

You had me until the visual shit. She looks like a warthog, anon. You don't have to say someone is pretty after you basically called them talentless and annoying just to make yourself feel less mean.

No. 34645

With mamamoo, I ignore the title track and go listen to the rest of the album. There's more jazzy, chill songs to be found there.
They may be trying a bit too hard but it's hilarious how massively triggered korean men get over their outfits and performances. I give them props for not giving a fuck

No. 34646

File: 1559868019315.gif (385.49 KB, 250x131, tumblr_ouy92vi5Jk1v63j0ho1_250…)

she's a weird looking one but she's actually got some pretty decent music. hope she plays petty and comes for the very little career he has left

No. 34647

i notice girl groups that have majority female fans (mamamoo & red velvet for example) tend to have better music. i wonder why that is.

No. 34648

Because people who say that are annoying boy group stans who think they're somehow superior by claiming Mamamoo and Red Velvet are better than other girl groups.

No. 34649


Because groups like that are made and managed and even the members are chosen with a different marketing strategy in mind. Groups like Twice were created purely to be marketed towards mouth breathing incels and pedos, so it doesn't matter if they have talentless members and shit songs as long as the members fit the marketing scheme and please their incel fans.

Mamamoo has the strong woman wanna-be concept, so the members were chosen purposely for this concept. They tried to choose artists that are better singers than the average idol and they also gave them songs with a more western vibe.

Red Velvet has the dual concept going on and I'm not sure what the initial marketing strategy was because honestly SM seems to not be able to really stick to a strategy and they are all over the place. But they chose Wendy and Seulgi which are definitely above the average idol when it comes to talent, Irene and Joy are average but Irene is really pretty according to Korean standards and then they added Yeri for some reason, I think they might have added her for pedo points.

No. 34650

I know they're dead, but SNSD has a majority of female fans these days because the male ones have left for younger girls. I'm sure most of these male fan heavy groups will have the same happen to them.

No. 34651

you sound bitter that your nugu girl group isn't recognized for their talent lol. i'm not an annoying boy group stan for having ears. mamamoo and red velvet definitely have higher quality music when compared to other girl groups like twice and blackpink. also it helps they have strong singers in their groups.

No. 34652

Did you just use the word nugu unironically?

No. 34653

Uh, blackpink has mostly female fans.

No. 34654

Some of you guys might find this interesting to read. It's an interview of a ex-kpop girl group member. Idol life is terrible

No. 34655

It's been brought up several times

No. 34659

File: 1559876355243.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1200, minah5.jpg)

No. 34660

You posted this yesterday, faggot

No. 34661

No. Anyway, found it funny since Girl's Day had controversy for acting like total bitches towards a random guy on TV years ago

No. 34662

i always felt like the members of girl's day were very competitive and bitchy. same vibe as sistar.

No. 34663

How dare you trash talk these feminist empowered queens like that?

No. 34664

File: 1559880591095.png (Spoiler Image,8.72 MB, 2208x1242, 53C54F72-A7E5-4150-8E22-380910…)

looking back on this mv i realize how fucking trashy it actually is. wtf is this outfit?

No. 34665

So I haven't been following Produce much but I saw some of the fancams of the latest performances (most where suuper shitty) and I just checked the eliminated trainees.

Damn, this dude has such a good voice (albeit feminine, but I find it really interesting). I never would had figured he would be eliminated so quickly. You can just tell Korea only hypes up the most basic and talent less people.

No. 34666

He looks like a dyke

No. 34668

What's so special about him? That
he's wearing lipstick??? If you ignore the uwu tumblr fujo pandering, he sings like he's had his balls cut off and he's way off beat at one point. He'd be absolutely insufferable in large doses.

No. 34670

Wait that's not a woman??

No. 34671

Lol damn I know he looks like a dyke, I was not talking about his appearance. They all look like that. I do find his voice interesting at least, even if he's not the BEST SINGER EVER. Chill.

No. 34672

You post someone who, despite his lipstick, actually is basic and talentless in the kpop critical thread and you wonder why people don't agree with you…

No. 34675

They've always had a huge female fan base.
This Japanese tv show even tried to break down the reasons of why that is: they're hot and therefore girls admire them while insecure males feel intimidated (and that's also why Twice will never be the 2nd SNSD).

No. 34676




their fanbase is basically obese southeastern asians but OK go off sone

No. 34677

It's just the cheerleader effect.
You'd automatically think they're hot just cause there's so many of them, wearing the same sexy outfits and do synchronized sexy dances.
When you look at them individually, none of them are beauties imo.

No. 34678

File: 1559901747292.gif (8.66 MB, 640x360, IMG_0098.GIF)

It's just the cheerleader effect.
You'd automatically think they're hot just cause there's so many of them, wearing the same sexy outfits and do synchronized sexy dances.
When you look at them individually, none of them are beauties imo.

No. 34679

idk what they are doing since they've just made a comeback the other month but bts released a song with charli xcx. armys can keep denying reality all they want but bts are literally taking the chance to collaborate with any somewhat relevant american artist they find while never having worked with any korean group. they love the attention in america.

No. 34680

Jesus, calm down lol This is just what the tv show said.
I never claimed that they're super beautfiful, "hot" doesn't neccessarily mean attractive face, just that good body + short outfits + high heels is too much for your typical uncle fan who usually only lusts after innocent, girl-next-door types. They look too confident for them.

No. 34681

I think it's called gap moe.

No. 34682

Do you know this because of the BTS thing or are you korean.

No. 34686

This is in japan tho. Korean girl groups always have female fans in japan, even twice has japanese school girl fans.

No. 34688

Middle school girls in Japan eat that shit up like candy, I swear. Groups like AKB48 aren't popular outside of Japan because only Japanese girls and old men like that kind of music.

No. 34691

File: 1559914759636.png (483.56 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-07-21-12-26…)

So apparently, bts had been invited to become members of the 'Recording Academy'class of 2019. Someone explained from the comments that it was supposed to be a group of people who votes for grammy award winners on 2020.

Anyway, nothing stops them from giving themselves nominations on every category this time.

My question is, How can they judge talent when their music sounds plagiarized left and right?

No. 34692

Why is that important?
Neither though.

No. 34694

this is actually amazing because if they get a 2020 nomination and win people can say "well they were a part of the voting team

No. 34695

How can they vote when their musical skills aren't great? This is just like Adam getting to vote on the Voice

No. 34696

They look like siblings, wtf

No. 34697

i believe it was a collab for the soundtrack of their upcoming game that was probably mentioned on the previous thread.

Anyway, bts were clout chasers ever since jungkook covered that charlie puth song. They realised how big of an impact it has when they latch onto foreign/western acts so they grab every oppurtunity to collab. Plus they are narcissistic and thinks they were some top tier A+++ boyband that doesn't deserve sharing the fame with fellow korean artists because they weren't previleged like them when starting up and started from the ground with a dirt poor company. I mean, if they don't think highly of themselves too much now they would have tried collabing with fellow koreans and be the humble kings ratmys claims them to be or something. I mean, psy did collab with hyuna too despite collabing with snoopdog at the height of his popularity. Psy didn't try to collab with every single american artist left and right.

No. 34698

Are there groups or idols that any of you anons actually like?

No. 34699

I used to like Monsta X. All In and Hero are pretty good songs. I guess I just forgot about them as time went on. I listen to Blackpink sometimes, though.

No. 34700

I liked Loona before they debuted, with all the solos and subunits, now it seems they want to be the female BTS.

No. 34701

there's a kpop general thread for questions like this. everyone here has shit taste anyways.

stan astro and weki meki btw

No. 34702

I just wanted to know what power level of koreaboo you would have to be to assume this is common knowledge.

No. 34704

I liked 2NE1/Wonder Girls and I like Mamamoo.

No. 34705

I enjoy Loona and Day6.

No. 34706

>>34701 You are kidding, right? Music-wise Weki Meki is one of the worst korean girl groups right now. I don't like your girlfriend sounds like a garbage disposal and Picky Picky could be the annoying TWICE bside everyone hates. Interesting though, since the music is so bad I thought only pedo dads in Korea liked them.. didn't know there could be a scrote like that here.

No. 34707

nta but most people like kpop groups for the members and not the music.

No. 34708

Autism: the post

No. 34709

Red Velvet, Shinee, EXO, and Berrygood. Most group that debuted after 2015 have released mediocre music

No. 34710

>>34708 Oh sorry, my fault. I thought we were in the kpop critical thread.

No. 34711

>stan astro and weki meki btw
Did you get lost here or…?

No. 34712

>post i replied to: are there groups or idols that any of you anons actually like?
lrn2read, anon

No. 34713

AKMU was cute.

No. 34714

Halsey and Charli XCX are still C-tier in terms of fame, Halsey has had pretty big hits but she's not really a star like Adele, Taylor Swift or Rihanna. The collab benefitted her more than it did BTS.

No. 34715

BTS is like Styx in terms of fame: you've heard of them, maybe you even know someone who likes their music, but there's not much drive to look them up.

No. 34716

Maybe that was true when she was in her retardo tumblr phase a few years ago but ever since that chainsmokers song about the mattress she's been extremely popular. It has like 3 billion views on youtube. BTS benefitted from this WAY more than she did, no question.

No. 34717

I think it all began with that Aoki dude remixing one of their songs.

No. 34718

Wasn't that only like a year ago? At that point they were already being discussed on lolcow. Their popularity began somewhere around 2015 due to social media fan service.

No. 34719

f(x) and Boyfriend but f(x) is dead and Boyfriend disbanded so rip me I guess.

No. 34720

I like seventeen but I think S.Coups is ugly and Woozi should be the leader instead.

No. 34721

how do u even say his name? S-coo? Scoups? S-Coops?

No. 34722

That doesn't mean you have to attach the obligatory cringey message to stan your faves, especially in a thread where stupid shit like that is made fun of.

No. 34723

I fucking love f(x). Victoria is my favorite.
Anyway… the variations of the question 'so what groups do you guys like?' in K-pop critical are such a forbidden fruit. They obviously don't belong here but provoke such curiosity, I hate when they come up but join the faggotry myself
You seem to like Fantagio. Hello Venus was my shit back in the day, sad to see they disbanded.

No. 34724

nta but i think that anon wrote it somewhat ironically and you're being too serious

No. 34727

You guys take this thread too seriously.

No. 34729

I was a Wonder Girls fan during the band era. Now I just mildly like Red Velvet. As idols alone, I like Seulgi, Yubin and Ye Eun from WG, and Nana.

No. 34730

Ah I see you're a man of culture as well. Victoria's my favorite too. It's really a shame that f(x) is basically non existent, they were really good imo.

I might be in the minority here but I kinda like when questions like that are asked here even though they don't belong here. It's.. refreshing in a sense and I'm always interested in what people will reply lol.

Sage for obvious reasons

No. 34733

I do like fantagio! I really liked hellovenus too, I still listen to glow all the time

see >>34724, retard. I was joking. you summerfags are more spergy than usual this year.

No. 34739

This thread just turned into a Kpop general thread 2.0 where a pool of kpop fags can't stop sperging over their faves like fuck off. god, like these pests have the need to sage in every fucking thread

No. 34741

>monsta x, blackpink, loona, astro, weki meki, day6, berrygood,…
These groups debuted like yesterday?

I understand still liking some songs of groups from back when you were young (dbsk, snsd, wonder girls, kara, shinee, exo, etc.) because of "nostalgia", but starting to stan any new idols when you're already an adult and should know better is just sad.

No. 34742

now that you say that, makes me wonder what the age demographic of this thread is?

No. 34743

File: 1559938825324.jpg (84.47 KB, 488x516, 3e3.jpg)

No. 34744

Even if they're just 18, there's no excuse for fangirling over talentless 3rd (or are we already at 4th?) generation groups.
At least stay out of the critical thread if you absolutely can't help it.

No. 34746

File: 1559938938121.jpg (15.21 KB, 480x360, wuy5zEF.jpg)

i am an oldfag at 24 but i feel like the loud ones atm are in their teens.

No. 34747

If the "fun" is off-topic, then yes, it is not allowed.

No. 34748

There's literally a thread for what that anon is complaining about, though. There's absolutely no need to talk faves and biases and shit here.

No. 34750

Were on /m/ not /snow/ or /pt/, nigger. No1curr about minute derailing here, click 'hide sage posts for this thread' or close your eyes and move on.

No. 34751

It's really not that serious bud.

No. 34752

Can we go back to talking about problematic things about the industry like Burning Sun or slave contracts?

No. 34753

be the change you wanna see, anon. I guess they're really planning on opening the shithole again, why people think this scandal "fixed" anything is beyond me. As long as there's idols and crooked cops, there's gonna be shit like this.

No. 34754

no one is stopping you from contributing some new info on that yourself

No. 34755

File: 1559939545737.jpg (388.17 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190606-183757_You…)

Not that anyone gives a shit but UHSN is still going on (show about foreigners who like kpop wanting to produce their own song) pic is from latest episode where they talk about feeling uncomfortable being nonasian and wanting to be a kpop idol. Mnet and Korean audience really like them (surprise) but everyone else is screaming "kboos" at em. Only a matter of time b4 we get pd101 America

No. 34756

i feel kinda bad for these girls because you know how hard koreaboos are at pretty and rich kboos who can actually afford to fly out to their dreamland.

No. 34757

Is there a forum where people talk about this show. Not twitter, a structured place.

No. 34759

File: 1559941715441.jpg (233.17 KB, 1080x1080, omyjewelsofia3.jpg)

White girls looks so fucking weird with korean editing

No. 34760

I think everyone looks weird with that editing, it's just that we're not used to seeing white girls use it as much

No. 34767


It was a contest which the girls auditioned for. So I dunno about how rich they are

but the show is cringe as fuck and i get serious second hand embarrassment watching them - constantly screaming and crying over kpop. Only the american and japanese girls are kinda already famous bc they were in a singing contest show before

No. 34768

The best part of the 1st episode was the girls saying "maybe there's going to be a girl from South America and one from Africa" lmao as if Korea would ever allow someone dark skinned

No. 34769

The best part of the 1st episode was the girls saying "maybe there's going to be a girl from South America and one from Africa" lmao as if Korea would ever allow someone dark skinned

No. 34770

File: 1559945181234.jpg (68.65 KB, 720x716, f30b2dc0a25c4eaa7c6fb93055ee82…)

That whole kboo thing wouldn't be such a big problem if the concept of girl and boy groups + soft and innocent styling + being cutesy would be a thing in the west too. Nobody likes kpop because of traditional korean culture itself (same for japan, china, etc).
But dumb tumblrinas and twitter stans would probably say that light makeup and the likes are korean culture in itself and therefore us or euro girls doing that too are culturally appropriating.

She looks weird because she's plastic af.
I tried to find a decent pic of a foreign model and then saw this. Seems like korean styling also doesn't look too well on koreans if they're not filtered lmao

No. 34771

It's because Korean editing is designed to make the nose bridge appear higher, the skin whiter and pinker, the eyes bigger and the face slimmer. These are features white girls tend to already have, certainly more than Korean girls. So it exaggerates their already exaggerated features and looks alien.

No. 34772

Blue/green contacts already look weird on dark eyed people but it looks even weirder when they're next to someone with real blue/green eyes.

No. 34774

File: 1559945397445.jpg (114.78 KB, 1080x1080, 31236238_194656611175485_27891…)

Kai looks so old

No. 34775

Yeah this is even more uncanny than real k idols

No. 34777

File: 1559947670601.jpg (83.64 KB, 640x640, Iplehouse-JID-Daniel-BJD-Doll-…)

Yikes…I didn't know he looked that old

"Korean styling" is pretty much just trying to look like a bgd

No. 34781

I think he looks good besides the shitty hair color. He looks his age, not uwu squishy and kuhweewee like other kpop boys.

No. 34783

he looks like he needs some sleep

No. 34784

woozi is ugly too

No. 34785

I think most kpop idols look their age or older without the heavy makeup and editing/photoshop

No. 34793

But S.coups looks like a dead fish.

No. 34795

honestly anon you're part of the problem. this is why k-idols style themselves like flower boys, filter themselves to hell and back and get excessive surgery, to cater to fans like you. he looks like a normal asian dude, sorry if you prefer twinks

No. 34796

it's a very old charli xcx song that leaked years ago. it sounds almost exactly the same with korean slapped on it. yet all of bts are credited on the track. really makes you wonder about how much of their music they actually write…

No. 34800

an international contest were all the winners happen to be white with one indian (most likey high caste) that's 10 shades lighter than a paper bag

No. 34801

Lol can't wait when they start crying about sexual assault and how "korean men are dogs" on youtube after all this is over

> Inb4 they overhear the terms "russia?" and "white horse"

No. 34802

Korean men are dogs.

No. 34803

Are there pics of other auditioners

No. 34805

It seems like with these auditions specifically they come to YOU and ask you to perform at an audition. So it might be that they already narrowed down the people for those they want of a certain look and called it an "international audition"

Which is not suprising because they already do this when big agencies have international auditions cough SM and say that everyone is "free to come and audition" (lol)

No. 34807

>Inb4 they overhear the terms "russia?" and "white horse"
Sage for WAY ot, but fuck the 'western whore' complex in Korea. What a nuisance.

No. 34810

What's up with the bowlcut infestation that's been plaguing SK media like smallpox for years? Who started that trend anyway?

No. 34812

File: 1559971413427.jpg (109.59 KB, 1152x2048, image.jpg)

Holy shit did an orbit really hack cube's yt channel?

No. 34813

i don't know if I'm amused or bothered

No. 34814

File: 1559972316026.webm (1.81 MB, 720x1280, 1137213226658271232.webm)

I'm both. Yuqi doesn't deserve this but fucking lul.

No. 34815

File: 1559972348862.jpg (130.87 KB, 750x1334, image2.jpg)

No. 34816

LOONA fans really need to stop. The meme isn't funny anymore. It hasn't been funny for a long time.

No. 34818

what racism are they talking about? also, loona fans calling gidle and mamamoo flops is hilarious as if their group isn't the biggest girl group flop ever.

No. 34819

File: 1559973033037.jpg (61.04 KB, 996x631, D8g7OInVsAA56-I.jpg)

lmao hacking. they just changed the translation for the title and description. never understood why some of them seem determined to get their favs dragged

No. 34857

Mamamoo did blackface iirc

No. 34874

thats precisely why I don't want anyone to be a Koreaboo. I couldn't care less about their makeup or their cringey attempts to seem more Korean but I just don't want these girls to fall into the hands of disgusting men who'll exploit these girls' obsessions with Korea. There's plenty of men like jung joon young in Korea who will brag about sleeping with "easy" western girls.
They've romanticised that country so much that they fail to see how backward and sexist it actually it.

No. 34876

I genuinely hope they'll have to face serious legal consequences for that.

No. 34877

If you're already at it why wouldn't you do something actually funny instead of giving your faves a bad name? (Unless they actually hate loona).

No. 34878

File: 1559988594734.jpg (359.6 KB, 1080x1497, IMG_20190608_120709.jpg)

Imagine having to constantly kiss your fans asses, just to appear 'woke'

No. 34879

I can't fathom why any English-speaking foreigner or even a Russian wants to participate in the Korean industry. These girls must seriously buy into the k-pop lie completely. I don't understand why that group of two black American girls debuted singing in Korean either and basically got paid dust (k-pop is so disrespectful toward black music and racist towards black people as a whole), or that Z-Girls group

What has G-IDLE done that's racist? Using henna or whatever?
The marriage of woke twitter crap with kpop and stans using it to 'cancel' anyone they dislike is unfathomably disgusting. BTS, Loona and Mamamoo's agencies are basically fully using woke capitalism to make the brand of the kpop industry titanium strong at this point, because they know kpop's perception abroad as a slave factory (plus this Seungri/YG shit) needed to be countered

No. 34881

It's because, least in terms of the white westerners, they seriously think people will lay down the red carpet for them and throw everything at them. And they don't realize they are in foreign territory. They aren't in their home country were everyone would give them the benefit of doubt automatically so it will be a huge culture shock for them. That's why I don't feel bad when they get shown their asses.

For the black and other non-white people coming, they are naive and believe in POC solidarity. Then they get shown their asses in korea and japan with blackface and subhuman comments

No. 34882

don't forget the constant "are your nipples pink? is your pussy pink?

No. 34883

You're so right… Since they see how some Koreans obsess over "white" features (paleness, big eyes, tall) they think they'll be worshipped once they go there. And yeah if you fit the standards you'll be fetishized ngl but are you really ok with that?
Even black people are fetishized among those who are into hip-hop there so it's not even only white people. Just look at jay park, probably the biggest "blackboo" in the industry (or ratmon?).
That's why some people should consume certain media only in moderation….

No. 34884

File: 1559997423564.jpg (268.65 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190608-083606_You…)

Id say Zico takes the cake for that one. Or that one bitch who won Unpretty Rapstar who said she's "Cosplaying as a black person

No. 34886

File: 1559998521145.jpg (24.69 KB, 500x272, 20151014013702_.jpg)


No. 34887

I really don't see the problem with this though? Is this not just an example of them being respectful to their fans ? It's kind of nice tbh.

No. 34888

do they even have that many muslim fans? it's not like they are touring in the middle east. do they take a concert break just for 4 people?

No. 34889

Mamamoo were in Indonesia, which does have a lot of Muslim people.

No. 34890

There are south eastern countries that are largely Islamic, such as Indonesia or Malaysia.

No. 34891

I meant South East Asian of course.

No. 34892

> They've romanticised that country so much that they fail to see how backward and sexist it actually it.
Pretty sure the "easy whore" stereotype is worse for asian women in the west.

No. 34893

Where can I find the original song?

No. 34895

I mean that have at least four producers and writers helping them every song. To get a song writing credit you only need to change a few words here and there to get a credit.

The singers of BTS def are all just word changers, the rappers probably have more input but I would say it's still not enough for the praise they get about being "self produced

No. 34897

Nta but here you go

No. 34898

File: 1560012069778.png (437.62 KB, 702x541, shopee.PNG)

No. 34899

File: 1560012813336.png (55.9 KB, 687x445, shopee2.PNG)

Jennie apparently had the panic attack

No. 34901

What? Do they really make these comments? I knew they were gross but yikes

No. 34902

I saw a video of it yesterday. I felt really bad for her, that whole thing was such a mess.

No. 34903

LOL they even did an ad for this garbage

No. 34904

i feel like blackpink's demise will be yg and blink's fault. terrible management and fans who don't shut the fuck up

No. 34908

yes, i got those comments from korean men constantly when i went over on vacation. i have a friend who teaches there and she gets it a lot too.

No. 34909

and kboos attack evil white girl vloggers in korea for fetishizing poor korean menz but never address the creepy shit men themselves do

No. 34910

still doesn't compare to me love you long time and is your vagina sideways?

No. 34911

pls no more racewar derailing

No. 34913

File: 1560023105970.jpeg (415.3 KB, 828x1514, 1BC014FD-7962-44BB-B631-EFE8EE…)

Apparently it happened again today.

She absolutely needs to take a break from touring/promotions or YG at least needs to make a public statement addressing her physical or mental health because it’s not okay for people to get sick literally every day at work.

It also seems like a mental thing (depression, anxiety etc) rather than a physical illness because sometimes she can put on decent performances with good energy and is clearly in a good mood, depending on the event or location (coachella or other major appearances) but when she’s otherwise not excited about her job that day, she’s suddenly physically ill?

I get the impression she isn’t taking care of her mental health because a Korean company like YG wouldn’t prioritize that in their workers and probably don’t provide her with counseling or psychological assessments, so who knows how she’s coping with her career, but it seems like she’s blatantly not coping at all right now.

No. 34914

I'm wondering if YG has made her get pregnant tbh. i know that's jumping the gun but eh

No. 34915

everything aside i started to feel bad for her and worry about something happening to her behind the scenes. i really hope all the tinfoiling about her and yg isn't true and it's something she can get through.

No. 34918

What do you mean, made her get pregnant?

No. 34919

On a scale from 1 to 10 how much would blackpink crash and burn if she had to leave the group to take care of her mental health?

No. 34920

Thats probably an ESLtard who means "got her pregnant

No. 34921

To be honest, same here. Back before the Burning Sun thing CDAN (blind item site, it's hit and miss whether the shit posted on there is real or not) had a blind item about a Korean girl group member being made to sleep with a high-up at Coachella to get them in the festival. Blackpink were the only Kpop girl group to play Coachella.

Now that it turns out Burning Sun has basically been a front for YG to sell drugs and traffic women, it makes me think back to that blind item. And wonder what else Blackpink might be being made to do.

No. 34922

Honestly, the official version with BTS isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I actually kinda like it.

No. 34925

Regardless of whatever she has or has not, to me she never seemed like the type of girl who would enjoy the idol life, so after getting to know bp better I really couldn't understand why she chose that path.
She looks like she'd rather be a socialite, going on fashion shows and all. it seems like she thought becoming an idol would be a fun thing but now that it isn't what she imagined it to be she's become disillusioned and is burning out. Just my two cents tho.

No. 34937

i think her mother pushed her into it. she runs one of the biggest companies that invests in yg, it makes sense imo

No. 34939

Anons what are some kpop groups/idols you find annoying (or hate) and why?

No. 34940

but jennie and jisoo have rich parents with connections, and they still can be forced to sleep with someone for their career? this is sad

well you can read all the threads…

No. 34942

File: 1560031551130.jpg (180.71 KB, 960x1280, 079e7560adc64915ffa2081ba25a33…)

I know no one gives a shit about Weki Meki but I just remembered how insanely ugly this girl is. Why would anyone take this of themselves and think "yeah that looks good, I'll post that selfie"???

No. 34943

I can't even tell which one that is bc of the editing but there's a couple of their members who have buggy eyes (Sei and Sooyeon) and it bothers me

No. 34944

i think she wouldn't look that bad without the terrible makeup, she looks like she has a full-face rash

No. 34945

File: 1560032961136.jpg (52.78 KB, 1080x1350, 59800407_2159566837474330_1324…)

It's Lua. Kinda nitpicky, I know, but her eyes are just gross. She also has a disgustingly gummy smile, which is gross no matter who it's on. Like Mina from Twice, she looks decent until she smiles.

No. 34946

File: 1560033029029.jpg (118.84 KB, 683x1024, sawr7lpoj3u01.jpg)

Pic related. I feel physically repulsed by this

No. 34947

Why is she curling only 35 strands of her fringe?

No. 34952

conspiracy theory: kinda feel like some idols are lying about their age (park bom, half of loona, sunny, solji)

No. 34954

File: 1560037024973.jpg (82.42 KB, 520x402, 20110606_tiffany_id.jpg)

That conspiracy theory has been around for a while and I'd absolutely believe it. Companies lie about idols' heights, make them get copious amount of surgery, have them put on totally fake personas, etc. Lying about age isn't really that far fetched.

No. 34967

Makes me wonder if more idols who debuted in their 20s (more like 23, 24) like irene and victoria also faked their ages, cause bom certainly did

No. 34970

Vivi sure as fuck is older than 23, she looks like she's almost 30 and has had a lot of work done

No. 34974

>really makes you wonder about how much of their music they actually write…
lol anyone with two brain cells to rub together already knows that the members self-produce jack

Why? It's funny

No. 34975

File: 1560051108184.png (842.02 KB, 958x532, wjsn.png)

Is anyone else tired of the over emphasis on Seola and the other hoe from WJSN? SS has been pushing them hard by having either one of them start and end each song, having them in the center when they aren't even singing, giving them more lines, having them in the middle for photoshoots and giving them more screen time. Honestly they are the least interesting members and they aren't the prettiest in WJSN and yet they get the hard special treatment.

No. 34976

>Why? It's funny
t. orbit
Like >>34816 said, this meme died a long time ago and the hackers should've done something actually funny while they had the opportunity.
Bom's fake debut age (if we're all on board with that tinfoil) was already very comparatively old. 25, wasn't it? So maybe part of the reason she got so much surgery was paranoia over signs of aging.

No. 34978

Which other hoe? I prefer the Korean members to the Chinese ones anyway so I haven't really noticed.

No. 34979

No. 34981

I don't follow the group but their most recent comeback is absolute trash. Same with fromis_9's most recent song which also sounds like generic kpop garbage. The only girl group comeback that has impressed me at all this year was Oh My Girl's The Fifth Season but it'll be slept on as usual.

OT but does anyone else feel like Lovelyz is on the verge of disbandment? The recent media play for Mijoo was probably Woollim's last attempt to try to revive public interest in the group. Then again I think I'm like 1 of 5 people who remembers that they exist so…

No. 34983

it's already been confirmed that ViVi lied about her age, she's actually 26. i don't really think anyone else would be lying about their age, except for maybe eve or whatever her name was.

No. 34984

the rappers can produce some songs but 99% of bts songs are produced by other people, they don't really add much other than maybe doing a simple beat and writing 2 lines.

No. 34986

lovelyz is on their fifth year and woollim is going to debut a new girl group so yes. their albums sales aren't completely awful though so who knows

No. 34987

Lmao what really??? I fucking knew it

No. 34988

I don't see why she had to lie about it though, Dara was born in 84 too (presumably kek)

No. 34989

It's because the Chinese members were the most famous ones and they're "on hiatus" aka gone, so Starship needs the public to give a fuck about the other girls desperately. They have Yeonjung who was in IOI, but she's ugly and was apparently an attention whore so the Korean public doesn't like her much

No. 34990

Rich parents can't do shit if their connections are in a different field, or not high up enough. There was a rumour that JYPE (the company) tried to get a sponsor for Tzuyu once, and she also has rich parents.

I think the only truly untouchable one is Siwon because he comes from fuck-you money, everyone else can be bought for the right price

No. 34995

>>34983 Proof? I'mm not a stan i just really love it when these things come out. Makes me lol hardcore..
I remember reading Sistar members all lied about their age too.

No. 34999

At this point fans and even non-fans dislike her so she must be doing something wrong.
Nobody really likes conceited people who act like they're above anyone else.

No. 35000

lmao you are sad anon! imagine giving enough fucks about frikkin wjsn to even differentiate their plastic faces except the trout-faced one

kidding aside - wjsn only had the chinese girl with the boobs and thighs going for them now that she is gone (and has lost weight so all her value is gone) wjsn should be over soon

No. 35001

The sad thing is, I've heard american guys (who definitely have zero idea about kpop) say how hot they find her. She will probably continue to get pushed for ages, as long as dumb men find her fuckable…
And for some reason I don't understand fans (koreans too) have even forgiven her for dating so soon after debuting. She really gets everything handed to her.

No. 35002

Jennie's honestly pretty hot, though. It's just that her personality says otherwise.

No. 35003

It's because Kai has already had his dating scandal and EXO isn't the trendy group they once were. All the maniacal fangirls already left with Krystal.

If she was caught dating Jimin, Kang Daniel or Jungkook though, that'd be another level of chaos

No. 35005

Well, usually it's not just the fangirls of the bf that hate on the female idol, but everybody. She's so famous, yet got zero backlash, that's weird.

I have also read conspiracies of fans who think that they secretly are still together and they act as if they're sooo happy for them…yeah right lol

No. 35006

She got more backlash for being lazy than dating, maybe the public was burnt out by then idk

Anyway YG will grow sick of her soon and find another 15-year-old to perv over, BP as a whole have maybe this year and the next that's it.

No. 35008

it was because of kai and jennie's general reputation imo. kai doesn't have as many passionate and delusional fans as exo did back in the day so it didn't really effect him. blackpink also doesn't have a huge audience of uncle fans, their audience is more full of young girls want to be like them. there backlash would be more intense if it was a bts and twice member dating or something due to their audiences

No. 35009

Tbh, I still doubt if they ever dated whatsoever. It just seemed so out of place. Edawn and Hyuna a few months prior got a huge backlash from company and fans, and I would claim they both weren´t nearly the level of Kai and Jennie.
My theorie is, it was just to cover up the special treatment scandal of Idols in university or something like that.

No. 35010

File: 1560077521392.jpg (202.52 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_0100.JPG)

I think she looks very eye-catching when she has heavy makeup on but when she's not styled in any way she looks like an average teenager (I know she's older). And I chose a more flattering one.

No. 35011

That same logic could be applied to Hyuna and Edawn as well: he barely had any fans to begin with, and Hyuna has been an idol for ages already, she should be allowed to date + her male fans left a long time ago. So why did so many get mad at them, while not caring or even going so far as being supportive of Jennie and Kai?

No. 35013

aren't the people who were mad at hyuna and edawn mostly pentagon fans who were salty about them fucking pentagon over?

No. 35014

does this bitch wear anything but chanel?

No. 35015

Her birthday suit

No. 35016

It seemed really suspicious that the original formulation of SNSD kicked all the official 1985-1989 and 1992-1993 members out, including Soyeon of T-ARA. If the tiffany thing is true, there was no way SM was going to allow a member to be older than fucking BoA. I'm not sure what tiffany's real age is, some of the fashions in her predebut pics align with her stated age and then others don't

Baby Vox had a member who was 32 on debuting and got kicked out
Bora went from January of 1990 to December of 1989 and Hyolyn January of 1991 to December of 1990. I know they wanted to make it seem Bora was a 90s baby and subtract a year from Korean age from both but it was literally the most pointless lie imaginable. Who the fuck gives a shit about a month?

No. 35018

File: 1560084066491.jpg (61.14 KB, 510x601, images-45.jpg)

This confession thing I read really made me laugh my ass off I became a blackpink memeber…

I don't think Jennie is hot. I mean, take off all that make up and whitewashing and voila… an anorexic version of akidearest

No. 35019

File: 1560084133157.jpg (27.45 KB, 300x250, leegai.jpg)

>Baby Vox had a member who was 32 on debuting and got kicked out
Interesting, I did not know about that. I wonder whether she lied to everybody or if her agency knew and then her let take the fall. Though you can definitely see that she's very much an adult, trying to act younger lol

When googling that I couldn't help but notice how much prettier the idols back then were. They had no ps and despite being young, they were styled in a mature (but not overly sexual) way, they were tall and had their normal skin colour. I wonder when this whole innocent baby with chalk white skin thing started. When Boa debuted she was also still marketed as "though".

No. 35021

Samefag, but it seems like other members of that group also changed their age from 1979 to 1980, so the same case as with Sistar (just a decade prior).

No. 35022

File: 1560084758900.jpg (4.04 MB, 3264x3264, wow.jpg)

>anorexic version of akidearest
why is this so accurate

No. 35023

Because Jennie - although Koreans would never admit that - actually does look SEA.

No. 35025

File: 1560086123408.png (183.26 KB, 640x969, IMG_1070.PNG)

Seems like she's doing fine.
Also, how did she photoshop her legs to make it look twice as long…lol

No. 35026

File: 1560086765163.png (304.27 KB, 480x345, h1.png)

>Kan Miyeon even injured her hand because a fan slipped a razor at a fan meeting, purposely placed so that she'd cut herself when trying to open the letter.
>One fan even sent a bloody letter asking her to go to hell with her.
>One fan dressed up as a staff member and came in with a water gun loaded with soy sauce, vinegar, and red pepper and sprayed it at the group. Yoon Eun Hye injured her eye but continued to perform with an eye mask. (see pic)
>Shim Eun Jin was sent a dead cat.
>The members were bombarded with rocks and eggs in public places.
>The daughter of Baby VOX's company CEO was bullied at her school.

Nowadays fans seem tame in comparison to that. Imagine somebody like Jennie having to put up with that, she'd quit after less than a week. And all of this happened because of now fat Moon Heejun…

No. 35029

File: 1560087679582.jpg (131.3 KB, 1020x771, 58409528_421368548411624_92089…)

Look at Rose's waist… Smaller than her own head or Dua Lipa's thighs
Her legs look abnormal too

No. 35030

I called Jennie having health issue after touring for some time >>>/ot/327541 Ofc it happened during lower profile SA concerts and not in NA or Europe. She'll Sulli her way out of BP before contracts renewal.

No. 35031

Seems like she didn't lose the Korean mentality but someone remind her how they got dragged in America for being underwhelming and mediocre.
Only your SEA fans think you're all talented goddesses so you better be more grateful girl.

No. 35032

Holy shit, some people really are assholes

No. 35037

File: 1560091929046.jpg (174.36 KB, 800x1200, 977c41b2bed6f1ce97d0f35b6dacec…)

>Wjsn only had the Chinese girl with the boobs and thighs going for them

Cries in Chengxiao
SS and Yuehua are stupid as fuck, Chengxiao had her schedule cleared and she was able to participate in the comeback but they threw her back to China to film two more dramas. I think it boils down to SS and YH being too lazy to add her in their new songs (save me, save you, lalalove) for kcon and the other lives that require them to sing those songs.

No. 35038

File: 1560092338381.png (562.2 KB, 828x762, 1560002575395.png)

No. 35042

Rosé can't absolutely sing. I never knew she was this bad

No. 35043

tbh, jonghyun is the only idol I can think of who seemed to genuinely write his own music and to genuinely support lgbt in SK… and everyone knows how well that went. both endeavors seem like a lose/lose in the current climate. sincerity gets punished.

No. 35044

Soyeon of G-IDLE definitely does write and compose her own music but all her songs kinda sound the same

No. 35045

>goat dies in Amsterdam
Jesus…they're so fucking bad.
And after this whole yg mess is it safe to say that there won't be any more solos as promised?

No. 35046

senorita still slaps… but g-idle always seems kind of sus. before I even knew she wrote (or co-wrote) the music, I thought the visual of one member on a handmic and the rest wearing headmics was really bizarre. like… is their management purposefully trying to draw attention to the lack of talent in the rest of the group as a selling point? was it all assembled to showcase a single member? the “group”-ness seems super fake and basically redundant, so everything else seems off..

No. 35047

looking at the things he's done and said he was genuinely a good guy. he's actually shown open support to korean pro-lgbt acts.

i'm saying this to compare them to him or whatever but then you have sunmi's apparent pandering for clout or bts trying to be gay kings while never having said anything about lgbt at all. if all the kpop idols stan twitter pushes as "gay icons" actually cared they could start by using their large voice to address the huge issue with homophobia within their own country.

No. 35048

Just shows how money can get you places..

No. 35049

the backlash he got was pretty obscene, especially after he was super blatant in supporting a bisexual transperson on twitter. lots of “you’re just an idol, it’s not that deep, stay in your lane”… I think it definitely set a precedent for how idols navigate those issues to this day (jonghyun also had the shitty luck of setting the precedent for dispatch scandals, being their very first. ugh. nobody has to grasp at straws to wonder why he might’ve felt so stuck.)
sunmi at the very least waved the flag, which has a lot of meaning to lgbt people fighting for pride. if she was pandering, it felt like she was pandering to her actually gay base. bts always comes across like everything they do is meant to pander toward (mostly foreign) straight teenage girls, and that any sj characteristics are just to fuel the fantasy of a woke oppa.

No. 35050

Yes exactly! I've noticed that they only talk about these things when they're not in Korea.
It's really not an accomplishment to tell your European fans that you're supporting gay rights.
They all jumped on this trend because kpop has become more international so they try to get woke points because it obviously worked for bts.
If anyone was really as genuine and passionate about it they would go on Korean shows and raise some awareness, or hold the flag in their Korean concerts instead.
It's a smart move though ngl.

No. 35053

samefag, i meant "i'm not saying this to compare them to him"

i kind of doubt sunmi's sincerity because she started doing this after she became aware of kpop stan twitter but props to her for openly speaking out i guess. bts are at the level where they aren't dependent on anyone yet are still too afraid to take open stances on anything.

bts doesn't even do anything woke in the west either, they do the bare minimum by saying something like "all humans are equal!!" and their fans start putting words on their mouth for them.

No. 35054

The group is just a vehicle for her songwriting anon. CUBE tends to do this, like how 4minute was changed from the original concept when Hyuna defected to CUBE (although actually the other four were pretty decent singers and held their own compared to k-acts nowadays)

That said, I think Yuqi is more… animated than the others… the others all feel dead eyed
I dunno about that. In the US they were pushing Jennie as 'Ms Asian Kardashian'
In fairness Sunmi did it in Poland which is arguably more hostile to gays than Korea. I suspect that's part of the stunt though

No. 35055

File: 1560096663400.jpg (97.81 KB, 750x997, 201906091.jpg)

Someone fucked with mamamoo's translated titles again, this time it was nctfags

No. 35056

File: 1560096919606.jpg (43.98 KB, 577x696, 201906092.jpg)

classy. nctzens are as bad as armys/blinks only their group doesn't even have modest achievements they can sperg about. the only thing they have going for them is that they came from a company that has produced good groups in the past.

No. 35057

YG is in panic mode right now, which is why Blackpink, Winner and Lee Hi all had a comeback within a month. It won't be long until he pushes for a CL comeback and he is probably gonna give Rose the solo every blink is screaming for as well.

No. 35058

It’s not even a tinfoil theory that “Superhuman” was originally a shinee b-side, no? They could’ve at least changed the line distribution so it wasn’t so obvious but… you can literally hear which parts were supposed to go to who. The SM vault is real.

No. 35059

Which parts were supposed to go to who?

No. 35060

Some parts are scarily accurate. I’m sure someone in the recording studio told them to sing it a certain way to sound like Shinee

No. 35061

No, it was definitely a shinee reject. There was a song on one of their last albums that sounded like it was made for f(x). The rap part specifically was in amber's flow, not mark or taeyongs. But I don't remember which one nor do I care to go back and listen to them all again.

No. 35062

I hear it, too, anon, but I honestly can’t name a single nct member off the top of my head and don’t want to spend an hr on the blogpost comparison between the color coded lyrics page and au shinee line assignments lol…
but later shinee had a pretty consistent formula for line distribution based on the members vocal color and center status (taemin is super vocally limited but pushed as center, etc), and once you hear onew’s fanboy and decide which rap verse is butch enough for minho, the remaining members parts are pretty apparent… it’s not unlike sm to hold onto track for a long time (Russian roulette?) and they probably blew a bunch of money on the 5hinee 10th anniversary that never happened/want to recoup costs.

all that said… it would’ve been a weak a-side for anyone in 2019. Weirdly dated sounding.

No. 35063

File: 1560100290014.jpg (71.33 KB, 850x850, E9B1A63D-ADB9-4B79-9D74-061BC4…)

Asian don't raisin"
He just turned 33 a couple days ago lmao
On the left during his toilet scandal and on the right nowadays

No. 35064

Previous anon and LOL, someone already did the work xD I’m dying, kpop fandom is a ridiculous waste of time.(xD)

No. 35065

faces of meth!

No. 35066

One thing you gotta love about Koreans is that they're persistent with the nicknames. He's called toilet yoochun over there lol

No. 35068

Lmao. Also this reminds me of how a lot of people in japan call bts the t-shirt group kek
Yup. I feel sorry for the all boys and girls who waste their time and energy over these people and their shitty pop music
"asians don't raisin" is a huge joke

No. 35069

yiiiiiiiiiiikes - and she still has people waiting for her solo - no wonder she has an inflated ego (and head shape)

No. 35070

Wait wtf who is this??

No. 35071

File: 1560104063615.jpg (77.62 KB, 671x1200, D8kza74UcAAToaj.jpg)

armys mobbbed jungkook while he was trying to talk to a fan in wheelchair
the funny thing is army twitter is mad at the ones who are bragging about touching him as if they would be any better in the same situation. if you look at the backlash they're all soooo anti mobbing yet they keep mobbing them at any chance lol

No. 35072

yoochun from tvxq

No. 35073

tbf he is a junkie. like a literal meth head. meth ages the fuck out of ppl.

No. 35074

"goat dies in amsterdam"
LMAOOOOOO thats a perfect video title, too perfect

No. 35078

I know that he looks like that because of meth, but usually people love to use druggie Lindsay Lohan and ana Olsen twins as proof for white people aging badly, so I wrote this

No. 35079

Holy shit, as a Shinee fan this makes me really sad. Ever since JH passed and Taemin's solo has been gaining traction, Shinee is basically done so I expect more of these Shinee demos to be given to NCT.
I don't feel like it's a smart move though. Shinee gained a fanbase of older women with their first single and then moved gradually into the electronic stuff but it feels like NCT hasn't pandered and established a direct demographic as their audience. NCT Dream was very successful with their first two singles as appealing to 'noona' fans but last I checked, SM has thrown away the 'younger' concept for them which is ultimately going to screw them over as well.
Might also be worth mentioning that Exo gained a lot of fans in their Growl era which aesthetically was known for the school uniforms and probably appealed to the average Korean girl. If SM was to replicate the same boy-next-door pandering for NCT as they did with NCT Dream previously, I think they'd have better luck.

Rose is basically Bom at this point. Maybe Lisa will get some vocal lessons and become the Minzy of the group, who surprisingly became undoubtably the best singer out of the four by 2014. I have no hope for Jennie or Jisoo since their vocal tones are so grating and will still be unpleasant to listen to even if they receive proper vocal training.

OT but was Russian Roulette a Jungsis song?

No. 35080

File: 1560108312827.jpg (42.25 KB, 500x400, angels1.jpg)

This show gives me Beckii Cruel and the Cruel Angels vibes.

No. 35081

Superhuman sounds like it could be as old as 2013, like Shinee Dream Girl era.

No. 35082

I don't know about Shinee, but the majority of Exo's fans started out youngish and are now in their 20s; meanwhile Nct's fanbase mostly consists of young students and there's no way the pocket money of little girls can keep a group afloat.

No. 35083

damn why did people hate them so much?

No. 35084

Gemma from cruel angels is a gravure idol now. Does korea have their own version of gravure idols?

No. 35085

not 100% sure but they were a rival/competition to SES. plus many idols in there area were treated like shit (poisoned, sent period blood letters, sent dirty panties, sasaengs entering their house and taking pictures, etc.)

No. 35086

why do you think russian roulette was a jungsis song? it sounds like it was made for a girl group and not a duo to me, but maybe i'm wrong.

No. 35088

>SM has thrown away the 'younger' concept for them
I didn't get that vibe from DNYL, that was one of their most boy next door concepts yet. Granted, it was a station and hrvy got most of the lines.

Am I the only one who thinks this lineup are much more competent singers than anything else NCT has to offer? Their voices are nice, they have better synergy without Haechan and Mark. Shame SM has turned them into Youtubers while they shower the inferior unit in comebacks, tours, and promotion.
>inb4 b-but don't you think yuta is the real best vocal of nct? Those useless fucking gooks don't give him the chance to shine due to racism desu umu

No. 35089

I was actually just asking a question because it's something that I've heard across multiple forums in the past few years and I'm confused how anyone came to the conclusion that it was intended for Jungsis. It seems more f(x) than Jungsis to me.

I didn't see this, but now I'm realizing that you're right and that NCT Dream has consistently been using that image up until now. But SM is using a graduation system for them iirc which seems like a bad idea considering they're the ones who got the entire NCT system their first music show win.

I don't know why it is but I agree with you that these kids are a hell of a lot better as a group than the older members. NCT 127 has better sales than Dream but I think the added promotion and tours is working in their favor, and if Dream were promoted in that same amount they'd be received far better.

No. 35090

The 127 unit is also a bit too old (looks-wise) right now to appeal to noona fans or Korean schoolgirls honestly. They all look like they're in their early 30s already. Exo and shinee had the twink image down pat at debut and aged along with their fanbase, while 127 is just SM's poor cosplay of a YG hip-hop group

No. 35091

Speaking of fx what the fuck are their fans so annoying for? Shitting on Red Velvet like they forgot Krystal and Sulli were equally lazy and boring, plus half their songs were Shinee/SNSD rejects too so I don't get why they think their songs are being "stolen" by RV.

They cry about Taeyeon and Tiffany being given solos before Luna but don't even stream her songs. I hope SM announces their disbandment this year so their loud stans will stfu for good

No. 35092

I think both are gonna disband soon anyway. I'm sure sm is already preparing for another girl group.
Hopefully they'll be more talented than jyp's and yg's current girl groups…

No. 35094

Knowing SM, he'd just give everyone solos like candy to distract the public from his crimes.

No. 35096

Nta but some of their b-track songs do sound like f(x) rejects

No. 35097

sm's trainees seem really boring and of the IOI spinoff mould so i doubt it

No. 35100

We already know 4 of them from SM rookies and they are just as untalented and boring as Itzy

No. 35101

SM is shooting itself in the foot if they plan to go through with the graduation idea, they'll lose all but one of NCT Dream's members so they would either have to try and build the fanbase from the ground up or scrap the group completely, all while doing god knows what with the other members. Pulling off a concept like NCT needs way better management and planning than what SM has done so far, they lost momentum fast.

No. 35102

As soon as I heard Superhuman I thought it was a Shinee song. I can't unhear it and I can't like it now cos of this fact. I can literally hear where Minho is supposed to rap.

No. 35103

the graduation idea in kpop has always been so fucking dumb. it makes sense in the japanese idol context only (even then i believe the whole point with onyanko club was that they were schoolgirls and some idols could go solo or get married). kpop on the other hand is supposed to focus on the idol's 'personality' and 'talent' which do not disappear when someone hits 20. after school debuted with a member who was literally on the edge of being 30 it made no sense at all

No. 35105

This song sounds like a mixture of die young by kesha and one last time by ariana grande. I don't know about the dreamies actual talents and abitlties, but they definitely work well as a group, much better than the older ones

>inb4 b-but don't you think yuta is the real best vocal of nct? Those useless fucking gooks don't give him the chance to shine due to racism desu umu

Lol but who would even think of this after reading your post? I'm confused as to why you even wrote it, it doesn't really make sense here

Whatever happened to that hina girl?

No. 35106

the sm trainee girls are still sticking around? i thought all of them left by now

No. 35107

File: 1560122590323.jpg (61.21 KB, 888x888, c23803aee0b198a280658096f82345…)

yikes bitch

No. 35108

File: 1560124808900.jpeg (224.32 KB, 500x522, 3A5893CC-D42A-45D4-A422-18CDBE…)

This guy has become such a Gangnam Oppa nightmare. He doesn't even look human anymore.

No. 35110

What I don't understand is how SM, YG and JYP have so many ugly and talentless trainees. The kids on the Produce shows would freak out at the sight of an SM, YG or JYP trainee like they're royalty but usually the trainee themselves is far better-looking or talented than whichever kid the Big 3 sends. Does anyone understand how exactly these kids end up at other companies? Like after all the shit that has gone down with T-ara, I wouldn't be signing a contract with MBK. Or signing with TS Ent after B.A.P, or like 90% of other labels seeing how many existing groups are basically irrelevant or poorly treated by the labels. It's like basically asking to become impoverished, enslaved and later neglected for ~10 years.

I suppose trying to be an idol is a terrible decision anyway but I guess I don't understand how these giant labels hardly debut anyone with 'star quality' anymore.

No. 35112

I can't really speak for how it was in the past, but I get the impression that a lot of trainees for the big 3 are rich kids with connections. Maybe some trainees choose to join a smaller company for more "freedom"?

No. 35113

These 3 + Jungyeon are still with SM. I think Lami is too but I haven't heard anything about her in a long time.

No. 35114

sage for blogpost butt

i think the quality of trainees ALL across the board has dwindled as social media has exploded. its getting worse every year.

and it makes sense: any evidence of a personal life gets pulled up as "receipts," so i'd imagine that the smartest and best looking people would never throw that away for the monasticism of idol group saesang life.

the baby vox shit was crazy, but iphones and sms have really leveled up the stalking game and destroyed the pool of good candidates.. now it's just rich/connected kids who can buy off the right ppl and underage kboo tier nobodies with empty lives & delulu dreams…

the time of being able to get away with any fun shit without pulling some 007 spy tactics is overrrr.

No. 35115

These girls have Umji-tier faces, there's no way the agency known for their "visuals" will debut them (and if they do, they'll get massive hate)

No. 35116

i think the kpop industry is just too oversaturated at this point. being in one of the big 3 doesn't even guarentee you success anymore. just look at nct flopping hard. red velvet isn't at the level of success that twice and blackpink are. most of the time their songs do well, but they've some flops. jyp seems to only be able to debut successful girl groups. yg's problems are all the fault of the man himself though.

No. 35117

When does Ella Gross turn 15?

No. 35118

in 2024 i believe

No. 35119

File: 1560127890672.jpeg (320.72 KB, 1536x2048, Dna3sz4U8AAx55Z.jpeg)

Yeah the visual of SM's ngg probably would have been Yiyang but she left SM recently. I haven't seen anyone else that really stands out from SM.

No. 35120

this might not make any sense, but i can't wait for the industry to take a u turn. it's so saturated that it should just die down to weed out all the untalented ones and then get big again but with actual talent saturating the field.

No. 35121

They just haven't finished their plastic transformation yet to turn into Irene clones

No. 35122

It's nepotism. It happens at smaller agencies too
Honestly at this point I wonder if these rookie groups are just red herrings like neo-2NE1 was. I dont see how SM is going to be able to drive a wedge between TWICE and IZ*ONE on the one hand and BLACKPINK on the other, especially since ITZY covers the middle ground. GFRIEND shows people still kinda want an SNSD-like group but I can't see them pulling that off

No. 35123

File: 1560129629022.jpeg (37.29 KB, 480x491, download.jpeg)

Pretty sure that Lami is SM's ngg's visual (if she's still there).

How many 3rd gen idols do we know of that come from big money? I can think of Chenle and Tao but would appreciate more suggestions that aren't BP members.

No. 35124

Tyuzu's family owns dermatology clinics and Umji's dad is the CEO of a dental place i think? I know theyre both rich though. Probably didnt matter much for Tyuzu but Umji had no talent or looks at that time so im sure being rich was the main factor of her debut

No. 35125


TWICE Mina's mother is a laywer and her father is a physician head at a Hospital in Japan.

TWICE Jeongyeon's father if a famous chef and sister is an actres.

Itzy Chaereyong/Iz*One Chaeyeon are speculated to have come from money due to a translated korean forum post about how trainees could afford to wear designer brands (plus selfies of her in her house which looked hella spacious.)

No. 35126

I think Lami is still with SM. When Itzy debuted, there were comparisons between her and Yuna as being JYP/SMs top visuals for next gen.

No. 35128

File: 1560130368594.png (1.06 MB, 876x1528, Screenshot from 2019-06-09 21-…)

Also OT but looking through the #sr19g hashtag (where I found this pic >>35119) has a lot of stalker tier shit.

No. 35129

This got me thinking: I wonder if an exceptional young non-asian koreaboo had rich parents, would any of the big 3 let them debut.

I want to say no, but you never know this day and age.

No. 35130

we already have Sorn who's basically a white girl so I wouldn't be shocked tbh

No. 35131


I can see SM doing something like this.. Thats how we got Sunny and Yeri lol. (at least sunny was somehwat charming tho)

No. 35132

Kek I'm picturing an otherwise normal kpop group with one random whitey awkwardly pushed to the back. PULL would have a fucking field day with that.
As much as white kboos would enjoy their own Lisa to self insert as, if it ever happens it will be from a literally who company and it will go nowhere.

No. 35135

wait is there legit a plain ass white dude in this? why does he fit in so well?

No. 35136

he's not signed to SM it's just a collab

No. 35137

File: 1560139103330.jpg (54.65 KB, 480x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

i am so fucking sick of blackpink and i need to vent about it lol. 2NE1 wasn't my favorite group but seeing those charisma vacuums flop around on stage makes me miss them so much. they were given the same concept and the same songs as 2NE1 but it just doesn't work the same way. it was empowering to see (at least) three average looking women sing about being confident and unashamed, even if it was all just a gimmick. what a slap in the face for yg to call them ugly for years and then abandon them for some less talented but more attractive understudies. why the hell would anyone root for these toothpicks? what is likeable about any of them at all?

No. 35138

I feel so bad for the blackpink girls that I can't really bring myself to hate them, even if their popularity honestly baffles me. But I've always gotten the impression that they're under an even bigger amount of pressure than most idols to maintain a specific image. After all, YG basically just puts out the bare minimum amounts of songs for them to be considered musicians while they earn the large majority of their income from modelling gigs. On variety shows they're all stiff and uncomfortable and talking in super forced baby voices. They had so much more stage presence and energy when they debuted, I wouldn't be surprised if the girls are becoming increasingly disillusioned with idol life and just biding their time until their contracts expire.

No. 35139

I always thought it was weird Yg made Blackpink into a 2ne1 2.0. I mean I guess it worked because they are popular but for that why not just keep 2ne1 around? Anyway, I really don't get how Blackpink amassed such a huge fandom. They have no talent,no stage presence, nothing. They are so boring. Everytime I hear their music I think it's funny because you can tell their songs are just 2ne1 rejects lol

No. 35140

File: 1560146590824.jpg (137.79 KB, 1031x1113, toilet meth guy.jpg)

No. 35147

When I see an idol who's obviously struggling with mental or physical health I always wonder why no one in their group ever seems concerned or wants to help. I can't assume that that's true for all groups but with something like anorexia where it's visible that their condition keeps on getting worse and worse, I assume nobody gives a shit. These girls eat together and live together, you cannot tell me they don't know.
Must suck to be with a bunch of people for YEARS and act like you're all close but behind close doors everyone's minding their own business.

No. 35151

File: 1560155122621.jpg (20.26 KB, 300x250, lisa.jpg)

They are all skelly as fuck, so they prob. enable each others unhealthy eatinghabits

No. 35152

No. 35153

Lmao next thread pic pls

They probably see but either:
Get competitive, I really think in the case of Blackpink they all compete with each other to be the prettiest and thinnest

Or in other groups cases can't do anything about it cos its not like they can eat more than what they are told to by management, or if they tell someone its not like higher ups always care about physical or mental health. The Oh My Girl ex-member was lucky she could get out when she could with her ana.

No. 35154

All celebrities are under huge pressure and nobody is feeling sorry for them either - difference is that some of them at least deserve their fame.
They're adult women who are insanely rich, I honestly can't bring myself to pity them. Especially knowing just how hard idols from older generations worked; meanwhile they wore Gucci already pre-debut.
They're getting coddled so much, they definitely could change things if they tried hard enough (e.g. doesn't Jisoo talk in a non-aegyo voice while the foreign members act all cutesy?), they could get help for mental problems if they wanted. Even if their agency is against it, they have enough free time and money to do so on their own.

A very long summary of YG's media play.

The comments on this video are so dumb, it's disgusting.
1000s are praising Top because he supposedly always disliked Seungri (doesn't that mean that he might have known? and therefore is guilty too?), they're "sad" because Seungri was always the least popular member and therefore acted out. They also want GD to "slap" him once he comes back from the military. A slap for being a rapist…

No. 35155

File: 1560162320225.jpeg (147.81 KB, 1200x916, C5D6C088-C092-47F3-861E-4844C3…)

Why did they literally chose the ugliest dyke to add to the group? It literally looks like Utah.

No. 35156

File: 1560162387764.png (2.33 MB, 1125x2436, 627D0177-5E7F-4C56-968F-B7F735…)

Also, Amber pretending to be straight lol

No. 35164

File: 1560175896640.jpg (66.21 KB, 540x810, 201906101431323510_1.jpg)

So Nancy is starting to get hate for her body although she seems to be at a normal weight but I guess you have to be slightly underweight to be considered at a normal weight as an idol or you have to be severely underweight to be considered skinny as an idol.

1. [+761, -109] You haven't even made it yet and you're already in the headlines for not only dating but drinking too. Now I see why she gained weight.

No. 35165

File: 1560176297272.jpg (21.91 KB, 480x480, 47582622_795966684077995_19842…)

That styling is horrible, but she's not ugly

No. 35166

She looks like a normal healthy young Korean woman. God forbid she’s allowed to drink sometimes, of course idols are supposed to be perfect automatons with no human desires. Better they starve and then everyone kick up a fuss when they faint on stage.

No. 35168

You know the only reason anyone even noticed that group is because of her

No. 35172

File: 1560177957084.jpg (90.7 KB, 768x1024, DkkUS-VX4AIk8Gg.jpg)

Yea. Also it seems like she was always this type of girl (just searched her pics rn)

She kinda looks like a mixture of amber and yuta(and no, I don't mean this in a bad way)

No. 35173

>It literally looks like Utah.
For real. I've never seen that group before. What's their group name?

No. 35174

its called GWSN, funnily enough that girl is also japanese, she kinda has that takarazuka look to me

No. 35176

Why is momoland getting so much hate? Their level of talent is the same as any other current girl group I don't get it.
i feel like they drag her in every article.
Do they hate her cause she's pretty or did I miss something?

No. 35177

not all idols are rich and most are mentally abused since 12 to the point where they start thinking that their behavior is normal. and on top of that, mental health care in korea is shit. can you really blame them/not feel sympathy?

No. 35178

she looks like tzuyu and yeonwoo. she's pretty but she doesn't stand out in the current sea of tzuyu lookalikes.

No. 35181

File: 1560183654327.jpeg (78.18 KB, 645x800, 486B8A37-BFA3-4459-8CA9-B3ACCE…)

>She kinda looks like a mixture of amber and yuta(and no, I don't mean this in a bad way)

How could this ever be a compliment lol

No. 35182

>Do they hate her cause she's pretty or did I miss something?
They've been getting hate ever since they supposedly made a face/snickered or something during someone's performance (BTS's I think). Also Nancy is half white so automatically she is simultaneously beautiful with enviable features but also fat and aging like milk according to Knetz. See Also: Somi
Male halfies seem to be exempt from this criticism for the most part.

No. 35185

File: 1560185147128.jpg (119.81 KB, 1440x1439, 59380953_356090268590053_72165…)

Her upcoming debut received only negative attention so far, she's been getting more and more hate comments. People acknowledge that she's beautiful, but either say they'll boycott her because she's in YG (that somehow doesn't stop them from liking BP tho) or they shit on her for lacking talent. Hardly any idols can sing, at least she looks good and has stage presence. Racism definitely plays a big role in that.

No. 35186

I didn't mean in a compliment, just in a "meh" normal observation way. Basically I wasn't trying nitpick or praise

No. 35189

File: 1560186443654.jpg (57.25 KB, 954x300, 1560113714271__01.jpg)

smells like a utahchan to me. no one else would think looking like him is a good thing.

No. 35190

That's all true. Tbh, I was specifically referencing a bunch of articles claiming she looked like she was in here 30's at 17 because she was mixed (I don't remember which translation site they were on, but I'm sure that if you searched you would find it). You make a lot of other good points though anon.

No. 35194

your obsession with shitting on this dude is unhealthy. by you i mean everyone in this thread lmfao. istg there should be a separate thread so you can all jerk each other off for hating on his ugly ass.
sage for not contributing to your autism.

No. 35195

Oh please, she and everyone else knows she would only get attention in Korea because she would be a nobody in the western world because it's not enough to just be pretty over here.

No. 35196

>Male halfies seem to be exempt from this criticism for the most part.

It's because it comes from jealous fangirls. Male halfies are hot, but female halfies are objects of intense envy.

No. 35197

Tbh I get why people are tired of her. Even I can't stand listening to her shrieking voice and seeing her attention whore of a dad all the time.

No. 35198

no one would be shitting on him to this degree if his stans would've kept their mouths shut

No. 35199

What male halfies are there besides Veronon and the weird looking kid from txt? I can't remember any

No. 35200


No. 35201

Why do anons ITT always find a way to bring up The Crimson Chin when NCT is mentioned or even when it's unnecessary?

Like this for example >>35088 what was the point?

Probably not a real good example but it's been happening a lot lately in these threads and it's annoying. Idc if you talk about him but stop trying to shoehorn him into every damn conversation.

No. 35202

i don't get the sperg over yuta. is there something shitty he's done that i'm not aware of? if it's just because he's ugly there's no reason to bring him up so often.

No. 35203

Samuel from 101 is half Mexican I think

No. 35205

Some anons(?) started white knighting him/bringing him up at every opportunity a couple threads ago for no reason. It backfired and now some anons have a hateboner for him.

No. 35206

I remember him being brought up a lot even before you that. I think its also because of the whole chin fillers thing, like anons would just randomly post his bad chin pic all the time as a meme. Tbh I hated when they did that because that is one freaky ass picture

No. 35207

even before that*

No. 35208

I agree that the chin fillers made him look really bad (also it didn't help that his hairstyle during that time was really unattractive) but in my opinion he was really cute when he was still in SM Rookies. I wish SM had left his face alone and he didn't feel like he had to lose so much weight since to me he was great the way he was before.

No. 35210

It only happened 2 or 3 times before the wks came. A couple Yuta pics are warranted if not obligatory in a thread that picks on idols with bad ps.

No. 35211

File: 1560191326911.jpg (9.27 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Pls chill. I just said that because when I searched her picture on google I saw so many posts saying she looked like those two, like pic related. And when I said 'not in a bad way' I was talking about the girl not yuta because I don't think she's ugly but I do think they look similar. I'm also this anon >>35186

No. 35212

Somi has no stage presence what’s so ever. The only reason she got to be the center of IOI was because she was young and mixed with white, two things a lot of Korean men love. Now that’s she’s debuting by herself people are now realizing how untalented she is.

No. 35214

i watched pd101 for the first time recently not being familiar with ioi at all and i was shocked that she won first place over sejeong, yoojung and chungha. never would have happened on a "western" show

No. 35215

Her singing is also Momo level foghorn. I wonder how many fans she has left to carry this comeback because no one else is going to care

No. 35217

i think her being on sixteen and almost debuting with twice added to her popularity on sixteen.

No. 35218

samefag i meant her popularity on produce101

No. 35219

Her father's karate guy, right? The one who sold her used clothes?

No. 35221

With Somi her dad is a full on stage dad, who I'm pretty sure was the one that took her out of JYP cos he wanted to "manage" her originally. And he is already shitting on her in favour of her little sister (saying her sister is already more talented than Somi and she's like 10 or something). I feel like a lot of hate is coming cos of her dad's actions. If she debuted a lot sooner after P101 ended, I don't feel like she would be getting as much hate, despite her (lack of) talents.

No. 35222

Disagree, she has great stage presence. If we're talking about purely pedo-chosen centers, Wonyoung is an obvious one. The poor girl has only one expression - a frozen smile. At least Somi has some personality.

No. 35223

Taekwondo yeah but he wasn't the one selling the clothes iirc, it was for charity or something.

No. 35224

I'm convinced Big Bang's entire career was built off of media play, starting from the Seo Taiji connections. Otherwise I have no idea how so many people are fans of them when their songs are literal ass.

She looks fine and is probably at a higher underweight or a normal BMI. People don't understand how much proportions + body shape influence how you look, and even if you do work out, there's only so much you can do. You can diet but the reality is that your limbs are always gonna be short, and you're always going to be petite. No hate either because I'm petite and struggle with it myself, but I wish people would stop discriminating and putting celebrities down about stuff that they literally can't change (unless you get leg lengthening PS which is really sus).

No. 35225

some of those translation sites just search for negative comments cause it brings more clicks and views. I wouldn't really take them seriously
there have been comments under every yg artist saying they're going to boycott but most yg artists still perform well like Lee Hi. it's been forever since Somi was relevant so there's no way to know how she'll do.

No. 35226

Exactly lol those netizenbuzz translations of bitter, deprived people don't mean shit cause if the song is catchy the general public will eat it up regardless of who it is. I mean…looking at sunmi's articles you'd think the public despises her but her bland ass songs manage to top all charts despite her not being able to hold a note.

No. 35227

Why is everybody arguing that she wouldn't have made it in the west?
That's not the point here, fact is that she's no less talented than your average fully korean idol.
If she wasn't a foreigner, then her being pretty would be enough for them, but since she's half white they demand her to be more than just that.

No. 35228

yea i never took much note of her but i think her stage presence is good compared to most k-pop types. however her singing is ass. in that respect she's a lot like ITZY
i dont think that's totally true. uee was shat on countless times to the point where she hacked half her face bones off and became an ana-chan. seolhyun was the most amazing visual ever according to koreans for about two years, then her true (brown) skintone came out on a tv show and she got shitcanned. people hyped up hyeri for a while then they began to loathe her. koreans hate jessica because she now looks like 'fucking chinese'. you need TWICE or suzy-tier armour to avoid scrutiny

No. 35229

He was decent looking before the chin fillers and nosejob, but whichever surgeon SM sent him to really fucked up his face. Particularly his nose.

No. 35230

ok disregard what i said because it seems like even suzy has fallen foul of them now

No. 35231

Somi's dad has said some weird shit not just limited to his stage parenting. He also gives me yellow fever struck white guy vibes (a lot of mixed asian kids are a result of a yellow fever struck white guy, though) who enjoys "showing" his mixed kids off like accessories, it's creepy.

No. 35233


So Jisoo is going to be in the k-Game of Thrones ripoff I guess. YG sure is keeping busy

No. 35234

>That's not the point here, fact is that she's no less talented than your average fully korean idol.
um, my point was that there were girls on her own show that were more talented than her that lost to her. she's not at any kind of disadvantage because she's half white. it works in her favor because her talents are very modest.

No. 35235

he needs to keep his artists busy to pay his bills and legal fees kek

No. 35236

Not a smart idea cause the show will probably be shitty and if so is her acting she'll start receiving Jennie treatment by the public cause they already are hated atm, and people hate idol """actors""" who ruin dramas and movies, seolhyun and hyeri are notorious for this.

No. 35244

File: 1560210116875.png (562.63 KB, 1039x1103, Screenshot_2019-06-10-19-39-26…)

So Sulli is having a solo debut and all I can say is…why?

No. 35248

Because SM knows people will hate-watch.
Also SM needs people to get off their back because of Lee Soo Man's tax evasion shit coming up again.

Needless to say, they will get away with it because they aren't as exceptional as YG

No. 35249

Is she still under SM? The other members of f(x) must be reeling

No. 35250

Yeah, she's still under SM. she's the ~SM princess~ the same way Jennie is to Yg. Part of the reason why I think f(x) is missing is the only favorite left there is Krystal and she's nowhere near as popular as she once was.

No. 35251

This should be a banner to ward of Utah-stans.

No. 35252

Ironic because she said her role-model is Amber
>-Her role model is F(x)’s Amber.

No. 35253

No I doubt it since they all had solo debuts apart from Krystal. Luna and Amber have had multiple comebacks.

No. 35254

Honestly, I'm rooting for her solo because it will trigger koreans so much. The cognitive dissonance they have over her is fucking unbelievable because she's so unconventional and problematic so they hate her but yet she fits the Korean beauty standard and to them lookism is everything.

No. 35256

Does the general public still like her? On the articles I do see about her there is always negative comments from netizens but…that doesn't really mean anything.

No. 35257

people pay attention to her because she shows her nipples on social media. All of her acting projects have been massive flops so coming out with a solo seems really desperate. She gets plenty of CFs though but I'm sure SM is worried about her eventually losing relevancy since she's only 25 now.

No. 35259

File: 1560221627126.jpg (77.99 KB, 540x810, hyewon.jpg)

explain to me how she is considered a visual i don't see it

No. 35260

imo every designated "visual" in a group is extremely bland looking. Not ugly but just not unique or interesting in any way.

No. 35261

but this girl's face bothers me so much. her eyes are always bulging out and she never smiles in pictures.

No. 35263

some Koreans like the dead fish look I guess
minju is way more of a visual so I never understood the hype around hyewon at all, girl can't sing and has the charm of a beached horseshoe crab and yet they voted talented and pretty girls like yunjin out of the competition over her

No. 35266

File: 1560235370953.jpg (92.68 KB, 1000x600, IMG_1085.JPG)

The dead fish eye thing is so accurate! Sulli has pretty prominent ones so I don't really find her attractive at all unless she has makeup on.
That girl next to her is an actress and her case is even worse but she got attention for looking like sulli. I just found her to be sickly looking in the drama tbh.

No. 35275

File: 1560255191764.jpg (162.18 KB, 749x1046, unnamed.jpg)

Why do people praise this kind of body. It just makes me worry about their health rather than be jealous/in awe.

No. 35276

Girl is severely underweight. I'm actually surprised how she's the most energetic one out of the whole group when she's probably the thinnest one…
She probably has to get clothes from the kids section or something wtf

No. 35277

Lol they speak better english than bts so what is bts's excuse for not speaking english well when they were the ones 'popular' in the western media to some degree?

Anyway, I knew for sure that txt will be flop. Seeing their videos, they were all trying so hard to be bts 2.0 and the "we are bestfriends" mood bighit were trying to sell to their fans to make them look as if they were a genuine group isn't working. For me, Hitman bang's "success formula" that he brags about using on txt seems like the same generic shit any other companies had done, it wasn't ingenous at all. I swear they're just going to ride on bts's fame until bts's glory faded and their obsessed fans get tired of them.

No. 35278

this angle speaks all… the flat ass… the flat chest… the twig legs… I can't understand either why people thinks this is attractive. Jennie looks like a literal plank in this vid and yet people calls her "body goal" or something.

No. 35279

Jesus before the song even starts I can already feel the laziness OOZING out

No. 35281

my guess is that she looks like a healthier than rosie and lisa. they say she is a pear shaped body when she is literally built like a samsung, not to mention her photoshopping her hips and wearing padded af bras.

No. 35285

Why do they look the same? I'm slightly frightened.

No. 35288


No. 35291

She has "thicker" legs and thighs so, relative to her band mates, she appears healthier. her fans act like she's a kardashian or something.
Props to her for fooling everyone into thinking she's curvy cause before all the pics without push-ups I really thought she had big boobs, and I had no idea butt pads were a thing in kpop.

No. 35296

>>35291 hip pads are also a thing. They're really obvious once you learn what they look like

No. 35298

File: 1560269948488.jpg (16.58 KB, 300x225, Jennie4-300x225.jpg)

Jennie has always had thicker hips. I know nowadays because of BP being ana-chan a lot of it is hip padding but that's still her real shape

No. 35299

File: 1560269974786.jpg (38.31 KB, 558x492, IMG_1090.JPG)

Making young impressionable girls believe that idols have nice big tits and feminine hips while the rest is still stick thin and fat-free..how are they any better than instagram "baddies" or the kardashians.

No. 35300

why does twice give me suburban moms cosplaying blackpink vibes

No. 35301

This pic gives me war flashbacks. High school was a fucking mess

No. 35312

this music video looks like fancy but with less mirrors. and the song itself was soulless; worse than cheer up

No. 35315

Your description of them was spot on

No. 35316

>absolutely bad, soulless song
>it's for the Japanese market
Makes sense, kek

No. 35317

I always wondered why a bad group like them is so popular in Japan but then I realized that they're already immune to talentless idols being shoved down their throats so it makes sense.

No. 35319

I'm not going to front I kinda like the song but the video looked cheap and the outfits look really ugly. Some parts of The song kind of sounds like Electric from SHINee though.

The girl with the big ass forehead that looks like a lab rat with down syndrome aggravates me to no end though idek why.

No. 35323

You mean Nayeon?

No. 35324

Googled the name n Yeah that's her.

No. 35327

Then yeah, kek. Sometimes I wonder which 10/10 connections and money must she have to have obtained the "center" position, since she's literally the ugliest Twice member

No. 35328

Isn´t Nayeon the definition of pedobait and therefor in the center?

No. 35329

File: 1560290794004.jpg (59.68 KB, 500x384, momtwice.jpg)


>suburban moms cosplaying blackpink vibes

just had to photoshop this

No. 35330

ngl I'm surprised that most of them actually shed their high pitched baby voice act for this one when they still kept the pitchy screeching for fancy

No. 35333

I feel like people are willing to put up with talentless idols in Japan because the industry is so much larger and more varied then the idol dominated Korean music industry. Idol music is just one of many niches in Japan.

No. 35334

i actually like this song. they're not using their baby voices and screeching high notes like usual. i was surprised by how deep momo's voice was.

No. 35335


that or they accept idol pop for what it is: mindless fun/entertainment and therefore not to be taken seriously. im sure there is similar mindsets in korea but idol music seems to be taken soooo much more seriously there. plus the market is smaller and idols are fucking everywhere (models, cfs, acting, variety, etc.) so if you have to see them all the time they better be somewhat talented. idk though, just kind of spit balling

No. 35339

You think that's the reason? I don't know… when they debuted they were all basically pedobait. And given Korea's lookism, it's weird that they would put the less attractive member as center just because she looks young.

No. 35341

maybe the executives liked her the best or her family paid a hefty check.

No. 35342

I've always disliked Twice's cutesy concept but when they try to do more mature concepts it just looks like they're trying too hard to me. Will never understand why the group is so popular. Their looks, voices and songs don't stand out at all imo.

No. 35343

Twice is suffering from SNSD syndrome because their Japanese songs are less obnoxious than their Korean releases. The same shit happened with SNSD.
Also notice no Nasally MoMo.

No. 35344

Yes and yes

No. 35345

Next thread pic

No. 35348

besides breakthrough all of twice's japanese songs sound just as annoying as their korean ones.

No. 35349

So apparently…

There is a scam going on the event blackpink participated in SE asia. It was a shoppee meet and greet where supposedly the highest spender get to attend the said event. Fans spent thousands to be the highest spender and qualify but on the day of the meet and greet they had to be cancelled. So fans were mad about it because social media influencers and celebrities get a free pass while fans who spent thousands of money got their spot robbed and was given a 1000 coupon.

So… to make the issue less noticeable, they had to do the media play…

And that's were Jennie had to act all queasy and sick so all the attention would get diverted to her and have her #jenniegetwellsoon trend instead of the #shoppeescam

I mean, some other idols put on a face that they were okay despite hurting onstage but she had to make it so obvious she's sick and tired. If its not for media play and someone is really sick onstage… I would rather believe it was jisoo or lisa dying on stage because of being malnourished ana-chans instead of her. She really needs to debut as an actress instead of an idol. Maybe she wouldn't suck at it…

Tldr. Jennie's acting sick for media play to divert the fact their shoppee event is a scam

No. 35350

It scares me how koreans hype up a celebrity then he/she will get disposed just a few years later. Kim soo hyun was hyped so much. Now nobody gives a fuck about him anymore, same with Lee Jong Suk. I know it's kinda different for actors but I noticed the same pattern. Everyone becomes forgettable eventually.

No. 35351

damn i forgot about Lee Jong Suk, he was blowing up and everywhere for a while there until his one "scandal." that really is the formula of success there in korea, they hype up a pretty person for a month or so and then put them in the burner for their next pretty person of the month.

No. 35352

korea is US/britain's trend culture on steroids. i've known people who were brought up there, went away for 2 years and literally nothing was the same

No. 35353

the state of kpop…

No. 35354

This has been discussed before but i agree that shopee and yg are such scammers. They sell worn-out looking t-shirts of blackpink for $60 each. Similar accident happened in my country as well with them, but it wasnt that bad so the news didn't get out. SEAs kpop fans are so fucking stupid.

No. 35355

She has a Youtube channel? huh, at least she's getting that ad rev

No. 35356

what's the problem here?

No. 35361

File: 1560321180267.png (86.21 KB, 624x636, IMG_1091.PNG)

Goodbye ikon

No. 35362

well he already left the group so. I can't tell if it's just hiatus or he's leaving for good

No. 35366

nta but imo it comes off as really desperate and blatant pandering to international twitter stans, using terms like “step on me”, “this is why i stan clc”, etc like doesn’t she have anything better to do?

No. 35368

it just looks like a dumb parody of all the other reaction videos. and no she probably doesn't have anything better to do because clc are complete nobodies.

No. 35370

Serious question, why does it seem like, that only YG artists are to stupid to hide their drugconsumption?
I can´t think of another agency that has so many "scandals".

No. 35372

File: 1560322353138.png (143.92 KB, 640x1025, IMG_1092.PNG)

That was quick.
This dude IS ikon. Everything in that group is about him and bobby. he also participates in the production and all I think. Nobody knows the rest of them so it's safe to say they're done. Now only bp and winner are left.

No. 35374

because YG probably lets their artists get away with too much but isn't paying dispatch to keep things hidden.

No. 35375

probably more like they don't have enough money to keep paying dispatch off after burning sun

No. 35376

Was about to post "inb4 he said he did it because he has a depression/anxiety" but he went out fast with a statement lol.

No. 35377

File: 1560324107521.png (305.97 KB, 626x708, leaving.png)


Twitter meltdown incoming

No. 35378

ok what the fuck

No. 35379

this oot if he's telling the truth(which he probably isn't but w/e) and this isn't even ygs first drug scandal lol. maybe he realized he should get out while he has the chance or dispatch has more dirt on him.

No. 35380

YG simply is not in the position anymore to take more scandals. Especially not scandals with a high public interest like drugs. What is his alternative? He pretty much has none.

And correct me, if I´m wrong, isn´t iKon been seen as the unfaversome troublemakers from the beginning? I think I saw once an blogpost -or something like that - that talked about this.

No. 35381

I'm highly suspicious of mino too. I just can't image a tryhard yg rapper who hangs out with people like Zico not taking drugs. At this point only the girls and that guy from akmu seem to be clean.

No. 35384

In the katalk messages he says he wants to do it because he wants to be a genius. Hard and painful time my ass. He's also confident he'll be fine and won't escalate to cocaine, so I don't buy that he was too fearful to do it, he just didn't have time to before he got busted. It's fine to take drugs, do whatever you want, but at least own up to it like a fucking adult.

No. 35386

Yg somewhere crying in the corner cause his dream of making him the second gd is destroyed loool now he's gonna crawl back to mino

No. 35387

Well there were scandals with some of the members of the new yg boy group but they didn't remove anyone there. and when YG got busted for buying prostitutes I thought they'd finally cut ties with him but they just denied and moved on. Ikons reputation is in the toilet which is why I think it's even weirder tbh. now they're hated and don't have one of their most popular members that did a lot of the heavy lifting for the group. maybe yg is gonna focus more on Treasure so they just didn't bother to fight it.

No. 35388

I´m not aware of the scandals of the new boygroup, what happened?

If there would have been a chance to deny it, they would have, I guess. But appaerently the chatlog is real, a drugtest is easy to do and drugs are seen incredibly bad in the korean public eye. And after the Burning Sun scandal, which is not entirely over…
iKon is done, even though only B.I left. But it was always more "B.I and Bobby and the boys". Maybe Bobby can go solo, but iKon itself is over, I think.

No. 35389

And Mino seems not like the most stable person in the industry either.

No. 35390

File: 1560326511292.png (193.67 KB, 609x668, 1.png)

Would it really be YG if they didn't try to deny it at first?

No. 35391

File: 1560326719498.png (93.98 KB, 553x409, dealer.png)

So, BIs dealer got arrested in 2016 and the texts are from back then, but BI didn't get arrested because YG paid for the dealers' lawyer, who in turn changed his statement about them and BIs business transactions.

Kek, YG has his hands in every cookiejar.

No. 35392

yg is deservedly falling apart

No. 35393

Geez, I thought it was recent, but in 2016?
So this in the end is more about the police sweeping this under the rug and YG bribing the dealer… interesting. So no wonder they didn´t try do deny it this time, but sweeping it under the rug again with B.I immediatly leaving iKon.

No. 35399

I honestly don't think that idols from other agencies could take anything illegal, it's just YG artists who all seem to think they're the bestest and the baddest and therefore act all "hood" while also being a Gucci queen/king.
All of them are so obnoxious and tryhard, no idea how anybody could like that. Them walking around on stage is not improvising or being true hip hop artists, they're only too lazy to dance.

And remember, it's not been that long ago that Top was caught - a normal Korean would have been punished severely - but beause of YG's media play and bribery (and because Top acted like a sad boi) he got away and barely lost any of his millions of asskissing fans.

I can't wait for the day Zico gets busted. Seolhyun's career got ruined because of him. How can anybody look at him and not see how sleazy and creepy he is? He's friends with everybody who's involved in the Seungri scandal, yet nobody thought of checking if he's done something too? At this point I think that he's rich enough to pay to silence people himself, without the help of his agency.

No. 35400

File: 1560331875057.jpg (77.27 KB, 700x875, temp_60bda5aeb3557ebdb1917a31f…)

Mino's so obvious, he got super haggard looking in a short period of time.

No. 35401

I honestly couldn't care less about idols taking drugs, the more "scandalous" part to me is the strings YG pulls in the police to cover this all up.

I'm wondering if JYP or SM are covering the same kind of shady shit up to this extent as well, all I know is SM has some tax-evasion scandals and JYP is in a cult(?).

Also, agreed about zico. I'm so surprised people online don't seem more sus about him, it feels almost obvious that he would be involved in a burning sun-type scandal as well.

No. 35402

I know a girl who's deep into Seoul's club scene, says Mino's well known for liking his drugs. Also says he's got a reputation for fucking foreign (Eastern European) girls because they're less likely to snitch to Dispatch about him.

I've got no proof, it's just gossip, so take it with a grain of salt I guess. I find it pretty easy to believe though.

No. 35403

File: 1560333674007.gif (2.64 MB, 276x159, 6478_original.gif)

I never liked BI, he come off weird and tense, and he had most lines in songs with his unpleasant tone (not that the rest of Ikon doesn't serve shitty falsettos).

Introducing him as next GD and BI clearly believing the hype he's to become big solo star was a turn off as well, like GD's accomplished, chill, charming and somewhat pretty. Implying he's easily replaceable by BI was laughable.

No. 35406

Ignoring idols completely is relatively easy with jpop/Jpn music in general. Kpop just doesn’t have that distinct divide between idols and non-idol artists that Japan has.

No. 35407

I remember when people argued that he didn't like their new member, showing evidence like this gif, but his fans kept saying how he's just being playful.
He looks angry af there and he clearly has anger issues.

No. 35408

Our woke baby cow Jimin is studying English for 8 hours a day, on top of his 20 hour dance practice, just for us (unless you're a whitey, then he hates you)!

No. 35413

File: 1560336684164.jpg (223.71 KB, 1024x768, 1.jpg)

I can't help but love the autism of (sea) stans in the comments of every single blackpink post lol

No. 35415

Curious if they ever get any negative articles in Korea? Every damn article nb translates is filled with comments kissing their asses. If that was any other idol they'd call him an attention whore trying to get pity points.

No. 35417

No american gp would find this cute i swear

No. 35418

https://twitter.com/jhyunactivities/status/1138756183672496128 this is so pathetic lmaoo and stans saying they love his singing.. please..

No. 35419

Yea….I get it if fans say they like his voice, but his singing itself is not good. Struggling way too much for something so simple

No. 35420

I always thought he and doyoung were ok singers. I take that back now.

No. 35423

Did you watch the video? She says she’s parodying the react channels and there’s a warning for cringe in the first 10 seconds

No. 35424

lol tell us more about what she says about other kpop idols

No. 35425

I really like sorn, she seems like an intelligent young woman. It's kinda sad they have to promote themselves through YouTube though.
She used to even edit and everything all by herself but idk about now

No. 35430

is there absolutely NO ONE in this world who has beef with BTS who is willing to air their dirtyy laundery ffs they are getting more insufferable by the second

jimin and ratmon should be put into jail for looking that disgusting eugh

No. 35431

is it possible that 2ne1/blackpink are invloved yg's dirty business? cause sea fans would have an aneurysm if it were the case. the ana-chans gotta be on uppers or something to have so much energy

No. 35432

If it wasn't for their crazy ass fans they would get dragged to hell and back. I'm sure when bts falls off more people will start talking shit.

No. 35434

bom has previously had a drug scandal but i don't think yg still cares about 2ne1 anymore. as many people are tinfoiling jennie might have been involved and that's why she is acting the way she does. i really hope yg's girl groups weren't involved, yg is a piece of shit towards women

No. 35435

I´m always wondering this, too. If not a korean teaspiller, than an american. Americans love some tea, but no one says anything about them. Really strange.

No. 35436

bighit is trying really hard to keep their rep clean and putting them in a cage so they won't go out and do crazy shit. after they start flopping and bighit starts to be more focused on txt they won't try as hard to cover their asses.

No. 35437

no one is going to air their dirty laundry right now because they revived the industry with their domestic album sales, unfortunately groups with that halo effect only have their dirt come out after a long time

No. 35438

Did B.I. hit that person in the face and knocked his cap off? He didn't even look playful in that gif… lol did he have anger management issues?

Anyway, I agree with you. I don't like him either. From what I know, he was a shady character right from the start. His father was involved in scamming people and was caught and jailed. People literally protested having him debut but I guess Yg had a grand plan of making him gd 2.0 that's why he pushed through. From what I had watched too he seems to be yg's favorite because he seems reliable and even writes song for other groups.

No. 35439

…what idiots thought this was supposed to be playful? that's bully behaviour right there, getting all bothered for no reason.

No. 35440

File: 1560351709448.gif (2.03 MB, 313x180, MRO5kOk.gif)

The power dynamic/age hierarchy makes the gif even sketchier. BI - older, yg's favorite, group leader, main producer is hitting youngest and newest addition to the group Chanwoo. And other Ikon members just watch and laugh.

No. 35442

Saying anything other than "BTS are the best in the entire world" is (career) suicide.

This guy jokingly tweeted that he dislikes them (as a "social experiment") and immediately got 9000 hate comments.
>But it's ok you guys! You have to understand that BTS and Army are family, therefore they're just being protective! LOL

No. 35444

They need to get over the fact that opinions exist. The lot of them are fucking cockroaches

No. 35445

there have been a few posts on blind item websites that sound like bts but I doubt anyone would believe them even if they were true.

No. 35447

this is why people who have dirt against them aren't speaking up. it's basically not worth the insane army backlash they are going to get, unless it's something very serious. bts fans are so obsessed and stockholm syndromed they wouldn't give up on them even if they murdered someone though.

No. 35448

Ironically, they would not even need to themselves. They are thousands of blind and obsessive Army out there, who would kill for them, I'm sure.

Will still be interesting when the first dating scandal happens with one of the popular members.

No. 35449

waiting for the eventual shitstorm that's going to happen when one of them dates a girl. i kind of feel bad for their future partners because armys are absolutely crazy and i can guess what kind of shit they would pull.

No. 35450

everyone except jungkook give me bad vibes in bts. i could see all of them being druggies and womanizers.

No. 35451

He should run off before they steal all of his youth.

No. 35452

i have no idea if he is doing some creepy shit behind the scenes but that guy is very unlucky with the people around him. imagine growing up around people like bts and their fans.

No. 35453

I would be shocked to my core if JHope and Suga don't do some variety of drugs.

No. 35455

I also met a girl who was into the club scene and met some kpop stars, this had to be about 2016 ish

She had some… choice words about bigbang. Now that I really think back on what she said (I'd almost forgotten it) I'm surprised I couldn't see BS coming from a mile away

No. 35456

didnt the most popular guy from winner leave too? tahyun or whatever and they were lucky the other guys had ~likable~ personalities enough to hold the group together? and now tahyun is trending again for pumping and dumping some attention whore actress who has started dragging his name through the mud again

as if he needed that after all that came out his first year or so in winner lol
i cant believe he still has fans

No. 35457

they're right up there with beyonce fans

honestly THAT would be a fight id love to see
praying they try to collab with her and she turns them down or something because that would be the ultimate meltdown we've been craving

No. 35458

File: 1560359327289.jpg (54.89 KB, 1000x1000, 2165-lg.jpg)


No. 35460

didn't bts already have a dating scandal with suga & suran? or was that proven to be fake?

No. 35461

it didn't blow up that much and suran said they are not dating and apologized for making armys anxious by existing around their angsty oppar.

No. 35462

nobody cares about where sugar is putting his dick into - we want some scandal from the maknaae line that would cause meltdown of the armys

also maybe something related to ratmon doing sleazy things - anything to bring them down from their garbage pedestal

No. 35463

Cl was partying hard and was around sketchy people all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if she experimented with drugs as well.

No. 35464

Tinfoil, but does anyone else think that BIs departure was way too quick? Like I read he has a drug past then all of a sudden he's out. I have a feeling he just wanted to get out of YG/IKON/both

No. 35465

i don't blame him for wanting out, but this just makes him look really bad. he should have kept denying the allegations and let it blow over. he must be a cocky idiot who thinks he can somehow have a successful solo career after this mess.

No. 35466

there has been speculation that most of the time when something is going to come out, the people leaking it consult with the company it will affect beforehand(it was confirmed dispatch basically blackmails companies this way but i dont know anything about this specific rumor because i havent been online in a few days)

so maybe they already knew it was coming and he was already prepared to go

No. 35467

that is usually with dating scandals. i don't know about serious stuff like drugs.

No. 35468

there was a blind item a few weeks ago about a popular idol group member that tested positive for drugs but the story for that one was different iirc. I could be remembering it wrong
dispatch seems really set on yg groups at the moment so I think they would've released it either way.

No. 35469

dispatch is going to be the end of yg. the company is very much dead. even bp's rep is dying.

No. 35470

Dispatch scandals are always so SUS. IMO every SM dating scandal is a cover or trade for something, dating back to Jonghyun. Bearding seems to be the most logical explanation, especially w high profile centers like Baekhyun, JH, and Kai (multiple times!) getting “caught” … the collateral fan damage is so high that if they knew in advance (and they def did) the images must be the result of some super calculated choices, and SM seems like they would be way more vulnerable to and eager to cover for gay shit tbqh.

No. 35471

There might be more shit he's trying to hide; it's possible that he didn't want more things about him or his parents to surface.
A more plausible explanation however would be that he knows he has no other choice cause people hate yg AND b.i (there was something about this dad).

No. 35472

Imagine living in a world where you truly believed weed, meth, acid, and heroin were all the same… Ignorant and boring!

No. 35473

an sm idol that unironically says and does gay stuff outside of fanservice is sehun. if they were doing it for bearding wouldn't they do it for someone like him?

No. 35474

im suspicious of kai simply because he was "revealed" to be in two high profile relationships that i believe were 100% fake setups

No. 35475

There's no doubt in my mind Kai/Krystal and Jennie and Kai's relationships was fake but why would SM do that was there any scandals around that time that SM/Yg was trying to divert attention from? I seriously can't remember.

No. 35476

idk if kai and jennie's relationship was actually real at some point but the dispatch photographs on them were obviously staged.
>inb4 kaisoo tinfoiling

No. 35477

I think that’s where Dispatch comes in. There’s nothing to bother covering up if there isn’t any evidence.

Like, Key has never had any scandals (despite… you know), but he also seems super conscious of and careful with his idol image. (That said, when rumors reached a fever pitch, they abruptly abandoned ToHeart)

Kai… not so much (someone insert that photo of him smoking a joint in the middle of a field)

No. 35478

Lol, the ~real~ tinfoiling belongs to Kai’s dispatch photos with Taemin. Why were they published at all despite being so boring? Why were they being followed by a long-range paparazzi camera in the middle of the night at all? Why did KaiStal immediately follow? Etc… [insert fic here]

No. 35479

Could have been a boring week.

No. 35480

it was weird of dispatch to publish these. like what's the point? i know that they are pretty close and are in the same friend group.

No. 35481

File: 1560365589622.jpg (46.28 KB, 500x500, f84f174910c6b2dac0d81c4a1b8378…)

Very possible kai and taemin are being used to appeal to that whole ~skinship shipping~ subset of fans.
I feel that was TaeNy's purpose in snsd too.

i was fully expecting hand holding to appear in one of these photos lmao. Anyway I think its all on purpose. I dont believe they're gay.

No. 35482



that explanation doesn't hold much water given the angles and context of the photoset. as far as i know, candids aren't very popular on dispatch UNLESS they're attached to a scandal, and candids in general are mostly saesang shots (unless they're at the airport, in which case it could be both). i'm going to go with veiled threat for $500.

No. 35483

kai is way too obsessed with female attention

No. 35484

File: 1560365706102.jpg (43.7 KB, 630x350, VEDDaPf.jpg)

having a time

No. 35485

I get that YG might want to stage one of his idols dating an Exo member because his whole agency is pretty much crumbling, but why would SM agree to that?
During his scandal with Jennie it was somewhat ok, but when Kai and Krystal were caught his fans went completely berserk - I wouldn't have risked a repeat of that…
Nevertheless, I also think it was fake.

I'm already looking forward to Exo breaking up and unemployed, talentless Sehun being caught mysteriously hanging out with an older businessman lol

No. 35486

oof he'll have a hard time on his own after exo breaking up. i can see the vocally competent ones being able to continue doing music but i have no idea what he's going to do in the future. he's quite tall so maybe modelling.

No. 35487

Is this real? Looks like he's wearing a stage outfit

No. 35488

Do you guys think the companies know about which of their idols are gay and protect them by putting them in fake hetero relationships?
That's what they do in soccer so it's not entirely impossible.

No. 35489

I think all of them will do well on their own, besides him. He only gets modeling gigs because he's in Exo, being tall is not enough. I also never got why everybody considers his face so handsome.

No. 35491

Because none of SM's actual scandals have really come to light yet?
I feel it may have been a trade off tbh.
SM's day is coming eventually. There was a lot of shit going on with SNSD that I believe hasnt come out yet and when it does its going to put the final nail in the OT9 coffin, which is going to cost them a LOT of money. And I believe SM has tried really hard to keep it quiet for whatever reason. The truth about Jessica, and why the other girls were literally being punished by the company(and eventually left minus the few) HAS to come out eventually. And I have a feeling Taeyeon has dealt with some shit too. Theres been a lot of stuff said over the years that really makes me side eye SM and how they've dealt with her and her depression and possible traumas that she has alluded to. I'll be perched.

No. 35492

kai's ladykiller image seems way more staged and fake to me. i think sm would be way more invested in protecting his heterosexual masc image than deflecting rumors for more blatantly flaming members.

in b4 >ew gross fujoshi ruin everything<; not an exo-l (too old), but in a large creative arts organization or a boyband, i would be shocked if everyone was heterosexual.

sm seems too straightlaced to allow for a yg drug scandal, and there is no existing template for navigating a gay scandal. it's never been done with a major idol, it's ruined the careers of the few non-idol's who've been caught, and it's grounds for exemption from military service–can you even imagine the toxicity of a gay draft-dodging scandal??

it's one of the main reasons i think that some of the more flamboyant talent have been reluctant to come out or even acknowledge lgbt anything; even of it's an open secret amongst fans and fujo fangirls would love it, the army thing would kill their careers.

No. 35493

skimmed google image results and it seems like a video shoot in a foreign country?

No. 35494

i've seen some fujos unironically tinfoiling about how their kpop boy group ship is going to come out before they enlist so that they could be exempt and spread awareness. no male idol that's actually gay would throw themselves under the bus for this.

No. 35495

I honestly don't think Sehun will end up jobless. He'll most likely become a model. If anybody is gonna be jobless after Exo is Xiumin,and Suho (and I wanna say Chanyeol but idk)


Why would they do that when companies are fully aware of the catastrophic result of dating scandals? That would be shooting themselves in the foot. In the end companies would lose a lot of money because the fans would be really upset and ditch xyz idol(s)thus practically ending said idol's career which equals lost revenue for the company.

(And besides Sehun literally said he likes men and yet SM hasn't put him in a fake hetero relationship idk)

I really only think companies do that sort of thing to divert attention from other ongoing scandals.

No. 35496

you need to dwelve more into the taeyeon and depression and trauma stuff -

No. 35497

Im not knowledgeable enough to delve into it any more than what she herself has said. She has said she almost didnt debut, and literally up and left the trainee dorm and went back home, on her own with no transportation because it was "too hard". People speculated that there was some abuse or something there idk. And its typical that if a trainee were to do something like that, they wouldnt be kept on the roster but for whatever reason, they let her come back. And I wonder how much of that was her decision and why they wanted her in the group so badly. Like I said, hopefully it all eventually comes out so SM can be destroyed too. And she mentions her depression almost constantly in interviews ever since 2012 or so. Jonghyun used to do the same thing. I worry about her and hope the end result wont be the same.

No. 35498

Suho does musicals so I’m pretty sure he will go down the broadway path.

No. 35499

no that would be bad for the company as another anon said. plus, dating scandals in SM's case always pop up after rumors of lee sooman doing tax evasion or when lawsuits get heated. they know kai has a strong fanbase that wouldn't leave him easily so they used him. i guess they used jenkai for yg's tax evasion but failed.

No. 35500

because the catastrophic result of a homosexual dating scandal would be worse! this drug and violent crime stuff has only emerged because of line and messaging apps—I’m sure idols get photographed high all the time and it just gets read as looking exhausted or excited or ~4D~. 1 image of an idol doing anything beyond skins ship w a same sex partner would be beyond gold; it would be the only one of its kind. If i was Sm I would do all sorts of shit, including volunteering staged hetero dating scandals, to avoid that possibility. It wouldn’t just define the idol; it would define the group and the company and the Korean news cycle. The military concern above can’t be overstated, especially considering scandals as boring as deferring to a “softer” service because of an injury or smt. Normal dating scandals are predictably bad; a gay scandal would be totally unpredictable.

No. 35502

File: 1560370281819.png (252.42 KB, 429x384, 1528294984967.png)


I made a post spilling shit years ago in >>>/ot/194292 but I was too afraid to say any names.

>mfw Member B was Seungri and his good friend was Jung Joon-young.

The girl is really scared that she is starring in one of the homevideos now.

No. 35503

I think it’s always concerning when a carefully groomed company boy/girl like Taeyeon defies all their media training and personality neutering to repeatedly address their MH and depression in a hopeless/attention seeking way. Idols like IU have been really strategic about how and when they bring up their neuroses; Taeyeon seems actively lonely and desperate. Would be curious about an actual sone’s pov as this is just from hearing abt her social media presence.

No. 35504

will you reveal who boygroup 2 is?

No. 35505

No. 35506

i think taeyeon's always had problems. back in the day she gave up her role as leader of snsd because she couldn't handle the pressure or something like that.

No. 35508

lmao i would have to be coked out to perform “wolf” too, tbqh

No. 35509

what video?

No. 35510

Its almost as if she doesnt actually want to be an idol and never did. Ever since I can remember she has talked NOTHING but shit about SNSD's music lol. She wanted to do a more rock sound and when they finally let her do a rock solo a couple of times in concert, and she got to dress and perform Bad Girl in Japan, she seemed a little more happy. Her fans say its uWu endearing, but clearly she was over it and despite it, worked really hard still. It still doesnt explain why she came back after the trainee incident though. If you're a literal child and dont want to be in a kpop group, yet you're still in one, someone somewhere clearly pressured you into staying or coming back or whatever.

No. 35511

The molka videos they shared.

No. 35512

One of the club snuff videos maybe? Im sure they didnt JUST do snuff stuff. They probably just made some standard hidden spy camera sex tape stuff too. I dont get why THAT isnt being investigated. Clearly they werent just doing it in clubs. They were making full blown movies with other female IDOLS. So theres no doubt in my mind they were making hidden camera sex tapes with average girls that they partied with and had consensual sex with too.

No. 35513

god i'm really sorry for her. that's fucked up. you don't have to get into too much detail for her privacy but were these videos only in clubs or did they also do it in other places? i know this is a huge issue in sk and it makes me worried for women and girls there.

No. 35514

Do you have more stuff to reveal?

No. 35515

afaik the inciting incident was a fight over a girl who was high on ghb getting dragged to a vip room inside the club to get groped (where there were probably cameras or voyeurs). The snuff thing happened at an off-site facility specifically for that purpose.

No. 35516

Do you have anything else to share?

prefably with names lmao

No. 35517

I am totally here for a critical tea thread with rampant speculation and zero demands for receipts
and no “not my opppaaaaaaaaaa” stan distraction techniques

No. 35518

I s2g that I'm not a fan but they look SO much better with this lighting as opposed to the lighting used on Korean shows. They look less creepy for some reason? Maybe it's the lack of whitewashing and blurring that makes them actually look human. Imo some of them are actually kind of cute.

Kim Soo Hyun just had an article about his millitary service coming to an end. Lots of comments were very excited to see him come back.
As for Lee Jong Suk, I don't care about him (personally) because he's literally a plastic monster along with Yoo In Na and I cannot watch those two play ordinary people in dramas.
I wish we had a kdrama thread but idk how many of you watch them.

Kinda happy for CLC that they were able to revive interest in their group.
But am I alone though in thinking that "Me" sounds like a song meant for 4Minute before they broke up? It kinda sounds like 4Minute's last song "Hate." I mean I like the song but it feels like CLC is basically now picking up where 4Minute left off, and that may be the reason for their success but eh, idc. I'm just glad that not everyone is doing cutesy or tryhard-sexy or anorexic girl crush concepts.

He was like the Jennie of iKON so I'm kinda shook.

Meth? Coke?

Ik this is about his singing but NCT winning is kek worthy. They definitely robbed an empty house this time around.

Bom's "drug scandal" was for psychiatric medication. CL probably smokes weed or has smoked it at least while in America.

Spill names.

No. 35519

I don't know much about the videos taken at the clubs.
This was all back in 2016, before Burning Sun, but around the time Monkey Museum opened. I never really liked her, so we don't keep in contact anymore, but we still have a friend in common, who told me that she was panicking about the burning sun scandal.

Not really much, I don't really keep in contact with many in that group of friends anymore.
Yuri's older brother wrote to my friend though, after they hadn't spoken together in at least a year. He said he wanted to visit her in her country and if he could stay with her. This was right before he got seriously involved in the Burning Sun scandal, so we have been speculating if he was trying to escape.

No. 35520

>Yuri's older brother wrote to my friend though, after they hadn't spoken together in at least a year. He said he wanted to visit her in her country and if he could stay with her. This was right before he got seriously involved in the Burning Sun scandal, so we have been speculating if he was trying to escape.

Interesting. Would this imply male idols are coerced into participating or going along with that stuff? That makes it sound like a gang or something.

No. 35521

for the mino thing: i feel like its a mix of coke and starvation from overworking. i haven't seen any injection marks, but he does tend to cover up his limbs so who knows.

No. 35523

Sorry, I'm not sure if I made myself clear, but when I say seriously involved in the Burning Sun Scandal, I mean before the media started reporting about him also having done stuff.

Seungri, JJY and Yuri's older brother were all good friends, doing shady stuff together, as most people know by now.

No. 35524

So you mean trying to escape as in to not face the consequences of being exposed?

No. 35525

most clever/high functioning addicts go for the legs, groin or the top of the foot to avoid detection. it's a last resort for most injecting junkies because it's risky, but it makes calling out a lot of suspicious drug users impossible. yoochun's disgusting calves were proof tht it's probably common korean industry practice.

No. 35526

it seemed like so many people involved were out of the country/photographed at the airport who were involved that it's likely that almost everyone was trying to get out and hope it would blow over or get squashed.

No. 35527

Yes, that's what I mean.

No. 35528

is there any proof of him being on hard drugs other than him looking skelly? like has he acted high in public or something?

No. 35530


> 1. [+4,014, -42] What I found the most disturbing about his Katalk conversation is the part where he mentioned that he does drugs to become a genius. That's not an idea that comes from personal experience. He obviously saw a famous star around him use drugs and have it lead to success and maybe even went around telling people that it was a source of inspiration for themselves, which is probably how BI came to that conclusion himself. Can't help but think that especially since he's under YG too. Anyway, this all just feels like YG cutting BI is just cutting the scandal at its tail.

First: is GD getting officially cancelled soon?

Also tbh I agree with this:
> 9. [+160, -23] I just feel bad for him. Yes, I agree that he did something wrong and that he should take responsibility for that but he's still young and talented, and he also worked hard too. He's lost it all now over a moment of poor judgment. I just find it so weird that these kids start committing crimes the minute they join YG. A lot of them are naturally talented so I'm wondering if YG is putting them under a lot of pressure and possibly even providing criminal ways to escape that stress. YG has stood behind GD, TOP, Kush etc, so for them to cut BI out just seems like they're trying to cut the scandal at its tail.

I actually feel bad for B.I if his self-esteem was so low that he'd think he could only write music on drugs when he's probably just emulating what "Jiyong-hyung" has probably said for years now.

We all know that GD is doing drugs harder than weed but YG is for sure paying people off to save his golden boy.

No. 35531

File: 1560373786963.gif (1.52 MB, 480x251, get.gif)

Anon youre a god
So basically from your original post, the one from years ago, we can assume member C is GD and member A is Taeyang
as an ex-VIP fag I am surprised you had nothing on TOP.

No. 35532

From my old post:

Boygroup 1 is Bigbang
Member A is Taeyang
Member B is Seungri and his friend is Jung Joon-young
Member C is GD

The backup dancer is/was a YG backup dancer, can't remember his name, but it was back when YG dancers also had fans following them around

Boygroup 2 is Exo

Rnb singer is obviously Jay Park lol

No. 35533

I'm sure there was stuff about TOP as well, but I didn't hear anything. Despite most of the stuff being about Bigbang, I heard the stuff from different sources.

The Taeyang stuff I know because I was friends with his ex-gf, the Seungri stuff I know because I was acquainted with the girl he pumped and dumped, and the GD stuff I knew because I was friends with a stage director who worked with YG and SM groups.

No. 35535

Sorry to go off topic, but this all happened when you were an student exchange? How did you make these connections, did they just come naturally in the club scene or did you work in entertainment? If it's too personal don't worry about responding. I'm just really curious

No. 35536

boygroup 2 is exo? i heard that suju were the ones that would make a mess with coke and that exo did percs and weed

No. 35537

that one is hard for me to believe. sm idols seem way too controlled to ever get into drugs like that.

No. 35538

sm idols are overworked so i'm pretty sure sm would give them uppers at least? then again the anon said huge which could mean a shit ton of members(svt)

No. 35539

File: 1560375044134.jpg (122.53 KB, 800x1199, IMG_1098.JPG)

> Member C is GD
lol there's really nothing there.. that goes for any guy really who wears tight leather pants on regular basis- so pretty much every male idol.

No. 35540

Yeah, it all happened while I was on exchange in SK lol.

It basically started with my friend sugardating the CEO of the Asian region of a pretty big clothing brand. She met him at Octagon. He was much older than her (and me) and he wasn't really that fun, but he was loaded. The brand sponsored lots of groups back then, so he was friends with a lot of industry insiders. Through my friend, I met the stage director she knew through her Sugardaddy, through the stage director I met new friends, and through them etc, etc, etc. It was basically an avalanche.

It all peaked with me being graciously allowed to party with some of the people from AMOG and I was allowed to visit their studio. It's pretty embarrassing, thinking back about it now.

No. 35541


Who did you meet from Aomg and what were they like? Sorry lmao I'm just nosy and the encounter sounds a bit milky

No. 35542

Jay Park, Simon Dominic and Cha Cha Malone. Jay Park and Simon D. were pretty arrogant and acted like assholes, but Cha Cha Malone was pretty nice. I cockblocked Jay Park, so I guess he probably didn't like me either.

No. 35543

my tinfoil theory is that at YG, drugs are probably more integrated into the company culture (ie at annual parties, etc) and at SM it’s more “don’t ask, don’t tell” and at the discretion of individual members/management teams, less for the purpose of getting lit than for self-medicating exhaustion and mental illness.

No. 35544

Your friend was respectful to put up with TY's ~5ever alone~ act even through what sounds like a legit relationship. Keeping relationships private as an idol is different than constantly forcing the single image on to fans, even cringier now we know that wasn't true. Mustve felt like garbage to see him say Hyorin was his first/only gf

No. 35545

Kek I call the anon spilling tea bullshit. Like the whole background story seems like something a literal koreaboo would come up with.

No. 35546

same, nothing about this seems legit. proof or gtfo.

No. 35547

I wouldn't mind the anon spilling 'tea' if they put forth some evidence to back it up. Otherwise, it's the equivalent of reading those prediction/leak accounts on twitter sksk

No. 35548


That's fair. It was between 2014-2016, so I can't really produce any receipts. I think my friend sent me a screenshot or two from her conversation with Yuris older brother earlier this year, but they don't really prove anything.

No. 35549

An entire SM group doing coke and leaving it out on the dressing room seriously would never happen. This shit is dumb. Everyone knew 2 years ago that Seungri was a scumbag, just not about the prostitutes and spycams. The Taeyang stuff is boring and the GD stuff is fucking obvious given that Korean men typically have smaller dicks.

No. 35550

Post them anyway. It'll help prove if you're legit or not.

No. 35551

everyone also knew he was fucking prostitutes two years ago though

No. 35552

File: 1560382581787.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.87 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6193.jpg)

Blurring out my friends messages because they are irrelevant. So is his tbh.

No. 35554

Thanks for posting. You don't got the screenshots of him messaging your friend about wanting to visit their country?

No. 35555

i see no reason to doubt the op–why not, even for fun? she's not being defensive after being called out on the legitimacy of her story and posted proof that would be dumb to fabricate.

imo people who have never been around rampant drug use don't believe it. there's a naive concept of what a high functioning drug user looks like. plus a little "oh no, not my oppas!!" in regards to exo.

rich people love cocaine and people around rich people almost always have access to it. it's a status symbol since it's so expensive per gram, and while it can be dangerous (meaning instantly toxic and life-threatening), it usually isn't. cocaine mostly just makes you feel like a brilliant asshole on top of the world for 45 minutes, which flows wonderfully into kpop and any other entertainment industry requiring performative narcissism (or a denial of vulnerability and boundaries). it's quick to snort, meaning it can be easily done backstage or between shifts or whatever, but if a bunch of people are doing it a large quantity, it's not going to be neat, and cleaning up a bunch of residue would be enough of a bitch to gossip about. the reason why people use glass tables in 70s movies like scarface is just that–smooth surface, easy to corral into lines and easy to clean up.

speed is way more common in east asia, but it can also be snorted like cocaine. (if you don't want that yoochun aesthetic) i can see a less knowledgable passerby not being able to tell the difference.

~i want to believe~ u OP

No. 35556

spilling cocaine is just like spilling glitter, lol.

No. 35557

Unfortunately not. She only sent me his first messages and was like 'wtf does he want', and then she texted me without screenshots that he asked her if he could visit.

If you google his name on kakaotalk, Lars 연오 권, you'll still see links to his old instagram, but he deleted his insta after the media started reporting about him and his daterape habits, so the links will be dead.

Thanks anon, kek. At least we got something else than Yutas chin to discuss, amirite.

No. 35558

the amount of koreaboos who lie make people skeptical of any claim. its quite reasonable.

No. 35560

i feel so bad for her
shes just pedobait for half white fetishists and her father is a fucking creep

No. 35563

File: 1560389932424.jpeg (33.19 KB, 350x354, get-6.jpeg.3eaf780fdec88ca5cf0…)

We could always just talk about gd's chin if we get bored….

Jokes aside, I'm also glad there's something different to discuss for now, even if it may not all be completely accurate

No. 35564

now post the shopped version

No. 35565

sorry but i refuse to believe these claims about exo doing cocaine between shows without any proof. it's too ridiculous.

No. 35568

>almost didn't debut

I thought she was SM's golden child after BoA?

No. 35569

She ran away from the trainee dorm. She never said why except that "training was too hard". She also never explained why she rejoined or was allowed to rejoin and then debut, when if most trainees did that, they surely would have been dumped and definitely not allowed to join a group.

No. 35570


Oh my fucking god that place was SUS

No. 35571

this is one of the worst songs from a kpop group i swear. it sounds so bad.

No. 35572

this is one of the worst songs from a kpop group i swear. it sounds so bad.

No. 35573

Holy fuck that is a fucking mess. It sounds like a really bad AKB B-side

No. 35574

sounds like something a super nugu group would release. why is the quality so awful?

No. 35579

how the FUCK did they go from la vie en rose and violetta to this garbage. that is a massive jump in quality.

No. 35580

>tfw you got dragged there once by your uni classmates and had the worst night of your life

In 2014 it was already a cesspool of drunk girls who look like prostitutes, rich assholes in private rooms and wannabe rich assholes on the dance floor. I remember waiting it out near the entrance with a classmate while the two others were litterally whoring themselves out for a seat and drinks in the vip rooms. The vibe was so sleazy, I'm not surprised bad shit happens there.

I also remember there was an idol present because people kept pointing at him but I had no idea about that shit at the time so I can't give his name.

Looking back it was so dangerous even to just enter that place.

No. 35584

File: 1560409223493.jpg (217.18 KB, 2048x1132, 1526992855624.jpg)

someone necroed an old kpop related thread and i came across this cursed image again. army twitter is a dark place. this is so ridiculous and ironic it hurts

No. 35585

I also ccan't wait till BTS asses get exposed. This fake "innocent" image drives me nuts. And the talk about their "OrGAniC" success.
I just wonder if the company provides them prostitutes and if so, how none of them still hasn't spoken of it. Or their ex-gfs, let's say. How much money do they pay them to stay silent?
Maybe the hookers stay silent for the money and them becoming regular "workers". But as for their ex-es, wouldn't there be at least one becoming over-jealous and trying to expose them? Just like what has happened with that SS501 guy although the chick was obviously nuts.
And I'm sure BTS are shielded by both company and the government because they bring much money.
I know all of this may sound weird but I've been wondering over it.

No. 35586

there is no crazy ex to expose them because their plastic and socially retarded asses can't get laid unless it's a prostitute or some obsessive femcel army.

No. 35593

This sounds like a demo or somethin. That rap verse and the chanting in the prechorus makes me laugh.
Nitpick but why have they used both french and spanish? I get the spanish but then they keep singing voulez-vous as well. They're just using any old lyrics, what a joke.

No. 35596

Han Seo Hee is the real mvp of the kpop world all hail HSH!!!!!!

she will be the one to take down the sleazy idols of kpop istg

she is revealed to be the one who ratted BI out

and HSH at one point said that V of bts was at clubs doing shit - as opposed to his "i hate alcohol i only like vangogh uwu" persona lmao

No. 35597

Not saying idols can't suffer from mental health issues, but having doubts before debuting is kind of normal. Heechul also said he quit shortly beforehand, but then came back.

No. 35598

I take everything from HSHs mouth with a grain of salt, until it is proven.
But yepp, I would love her to spill some more tea!

No. 35599

anyone who was complaining about twices new song, pls refer to this

No. 35600

Our problematic fav back at it again. She's exposing all these men's dirt and I love it. I don't know if I should be happy or not by the fact that someone like her doesn't consider herself a feminist anymore.

No. 35601

He dated twice as a young adult, that doesn't have to mean that he's obsessed with female attention.

>I'm seriously curious to know, do these people turn out like that because of YG or were they accepted in YG because they were originally like that…
I wonder about that too.
>That's why you can't make ugly kids rise. because they suddenly blow up and receive stuff they would've never been able to receive otherwise and their egos just explode.
Kind of true, thanks to dumb stans Seungri also thinks he's a god despite being completely void of attractiveness and talent. Same for all those rappers.

No. 35602

Really she's not a feminist anymore? Spotted a few ppl on twt ranting about her being a terf/transphobic.

God, I love her. She's def the key to bringing down YG. I bet she has so much dirt on everyone in this industry.

No. 35603

he comes off as more of an extrovert than the rest of bts to me so i wouldn't be surprised. remember how offended armys were over people saying that he vapes because "he's a pure baby that doesn't even drink alcohol!!".

No. 35604

File: 1560419295356.jpg (173.04 KB, 675x1200, IMG_0101.JPG)

Yeah she posted this back then. It was so refreshing to see but then she said she quit so I don't think she had any genuine concern for that, it was probably just another tool to get some attention.
Male idols are so fucking dumb and insensitive to give expensive gifts from fans to their gfs. It's basically them and their gfs saying fuck you to the female fans.
I wish these fans would spend that money on themselves…

No. 35605

it's not about him having dated twice, it's about his attitude in general

No. 35606

somi's new song sounds like basic 2010 american pop. if korea doesn't let this flop i'd be suprised

No. 35607

somi's new song sounds like basic 2010 american pop. if korea doesn't let this flop i'd be suprised

No. 35608

What attitude? I don't know much about him so I'm asking out if curiosity
I know that he once said girl group dances were easier when he was with one of gfriend's (?) members on a show or something.
most of the time they are easier cause men get triggered to see girls dance aggressively and energetically.
They also perform in uncomfortable clothes and heels most of the time but he wouldn't know wthat; he doesn't even sing while dancing.

No. 35611

Yerin claimed that Gfriend's dances are the most difficult of all girl group dances, but after she showed them, first the hosts of that show and then Kai and Lizzy from After School said that it didn't look difficult at all.
Afterwards mouthbreathing Griend stans tried to make it into a misogynist issue, when it's actually Yerin herself who looked down on all other girl groups. Her dancing was absolutely laughable, all of them were rightfully making fun of her, especially Lizzy.

No. 35612

Exactly! And Kai was right. I just watch the cut and her dance segment wasn't nearly as difficult as she tried to make it sound.

No. 35616

What's Somi's age again? She looks 20 in this and the school girl outfit makes me uncomfortable as fuck.
The video is pretty nice but the song is meh. Could've been worse tho, I guess.

No. 35618

She just turned 18 in March

No. 35619

Her voice is extremely irritating to me for some reason. The song is really basic otherwise, it's the typical teddy sound that sunmi/chungha/Jennie are doing. Very meh, but Korea eats up this boring trop house shit so she won't flop sadly

No. 35620

Meghan trainor and Taylor swift have called, they want their 2014 songs back.

Honestly no amount of autotune can save that terrible voice of hers.

No. 35621

Are we really still surprised about pedobait?

Generic and boring af, I agree. Also with that it will propably not flop…

No. 35626

>I got all the boys comin’ round to my yaaard, I’m shaking that thing like a pola-pola-raaaahd

Another slam dunk for YG rapping

No. 35627

why did they disable the like/dislike bar?

No. 35628

it's disabled for all black label videos

No. 35629


Don’t like it at all. She made a mistake leaving JYP

No. 35632

This is the most boring vanilla US radioplay girl solo ever. Now I realize Somi wanted to go solo and JYP didn't want it. If this is her first example of going solo then he's probably right.

No. 35637

Because this single is a Minju push and she can't pull off a really jpoppy cutesy single like their last one (which really did sound like an 48/46g leftover). Instead they went for something more mature and very kpop. But she's also sort of a black hole of charisma so the ultra focus here isn't helping anything. Now keep in mind that she and the squeaky pedobait Wongyoung are the two main singers on the Japanese single (when neither of them can speak or sing I guess in good Japanese) and require a lot of autotune to sound passable. So basically bad production leaning into the worst kpop cliches in order to prop up a member that they want to be popular and plays to her strengths (which are admittedly few). and you end up with Buenos Aires. I guess OTR thought it was more important for them to push their Korean-made Walmart version of Tzuyu instead trying to put out a good song.

No. 35638

blocked by yg? the fuck?

No. 35641

this is a meghan trainor song

No. 35642

kpop stans will trash meghan trainor (rightfully so) but then hype this up… outta my head was better

No. 35643

File: 1560433520285.png (237.15 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-13-20-51-26…)

I was confused too because it was blocked by yg on copyrights grounds but then it was back and playable.

Sounds similar to mambo no. 5 by lou bega

No. 35644

It's youtube ai glitching. Some of the newer super juinor songs get copyrighted for a minute because they are under both label sj and sm. Must be the same for yg.

No. 35645

somi's new video

No. 35646

At least Jojo can dance

No. 35647

This unironically sounds like an AKB48 song.

The choreo reminds me of Soap from Melanie Martinez. The song's really boring, even Sunmi has catchier songs.

No. 35648

Really seems like AKS are just handing them rejected 48/46 group songs.

Also, is it just me or are Kpop MVs getting noticeably cheaper and increasingly low effort?

No. 35654

Sunmi and chungha have the charisma to pull off a "sultry" mature image, somi just looks and acts very much her age imo. She's not got the range to carry this type of song yet

No. 35655

The sperging about bearding doen't really make sense. In the West beards are needed because if a celebrity is mysteriously single for years on end people start wondering why, so you need to fake date to throw people off the scent. If an idol mysteriously stays single for years that's just seen as the way it should be. It's actually better to appear to be single for your entire career, so bearding doesn't make sense.

No. 35657

Most dating scandals come out to cover for some other stuff like tax evasion or to distract from what's going on in government.

No. 35658

File: 1560445142486.jpg (75.92 KB, 500x734, IMG_20190613_195651.jpg)

IOI are rumoured to be reuniting but Somi and the WJSN girl ain't gonna be in it. You could say that Somi isn't doing it cos she got her solo soon but Chungha also has a new single soon and she's gonna be there so.

I can tell Somi's single will be a hot mess cos the music sucks and her outfits are so ugly (pic related from her showcase)

No. 35659

Maybe yg didn't allow it.
Apparently she didn't sing during her showcase. What's up with that?

No. 35660

Why the fuck have a showcase for your release without even performing your title track. There's no point. This release has been delayed three times and she's "still not ready", what's going on?

No. 35661

Thats hilarious. Lizzy and After School in general had some of the MOST difficult choreography to learn. They did multiple styles of dance that werent typical of what kpop idols have to do. Pole dancing, ballet, marching band(they learned to play the instruments to!), so anyone criticizing her for that is retarded. It makes it all the more bitter that After School wasnt allowed to be great when they deserved it more than a lot of the groups that were.

No. 35663

Yeah, no idea why >>35608 tried to defend pedobait gfriend lol
I remember when this first came out, nobody was blaming Lizzy anyway, only Kai. But after people watched the video, it quickly died down again. Only retarted ifans with their "uwu it hurt her feelings, the effort counts" still care.
I don't understand why they always try to push gfriend as "different"; in korea they're only known for their busted ps and their fanbase consists of 90% uncle fans.

No. 35665

I defended girl groups for having "easier" dances, not gfriend.
My post wasn't even about the dances, I just asked that anon why people think Kai attitude problems… jeez…

No. 35667

File: 1560449637738.png (1.04 MB, 860x584, momo breakthrough.png)

Wtf is up with this outfit they slapped Momo in for the Breakthrough MV? The top fits her so poorly and is just straight up awkward looking. It looks like it's sized for a woman with a chest 2 cups sizes bigger.

No. 35669

they've been trying to make her look like her chest is bigger than it actually is forever

No. 35671

File: 1560450158890.png (364.2 KB, 529x383, jihyo kcon.PNG)

The stuffing on Jihyo is also atrociously obvious in this KCon LA performance. What gives? Why can't they do it subtly?

No. 35674

stylists are paid pennies so they probably just do it lazily

No. 35678

I've always hated her voice but she actually doesn't sound bad up until that "chorus." Her voice is a lot more listenable for me than BlackPink.

Anons are right about this song being like 4 years old and probably a scrapped demo meant for Meghan Trainor. Yikes. She should have gone for something 'younger' than singing about shaking her ass.

No. 35679

>She should have gone for something 'younger' than singing about shaking her ass.
This is kpop we're talking about, she likely had zero choice or input on this.

No. 35680

This is very strange, I went abroad in fall of 2014 and went to Octagon with some international students from europe at the same time you are saying all of this. Do I know you?

No. 35681

Damn i must be trash. The song sucks yet i like it. I think its catchy and cute rip me

No. 35682

This looks so rushed and cheaply made lol

No. 35683


It is anon. YG is releasing all kinds of songs to provide distraction for all the scandal. Even Lee Hi was released from the vault with a crap song and cheap MV.

No. 35684

ioi isn't having a reunion. that's a fake rumor.

No. 35686

I wonder why YG even bothers in the kpop industry, it looks like he only gives his idols comebacks to cover scandals or make him money for his shady dealings. The rest of the time he just leaves them to fade into obscurity. At this point his company just feels like a giant front for all this disgusting shit he's apparently involved in.

If YG wasn't already established as a big 3 company, it would have flopped a long time ago, just based off their shitty management.

No. 35689

i hope to see the complete downfall of this company within the next few years. A catalyst for this would be the loss of teddy-whether it's cause he's tired or no longer wants to be in yg, or because he'll be exposed for being involved in this whole drug thing.
Pretty much every yg song is produced by this dude and his songs always manage to do well.

No. 35692

File: 1560465064063.png (157.79 KB, 962x630, Screenshot (2).png)

I did not know that, I thought she came forward on her own.
>[+1,373, -131] Why would you reveal her identity? She's already paid the price of her crime.. she reported him as a form of public service. Now this is just going to make more people afraid to come forward in case they get outed like this.
>[+2,177, -30] What an amazing country we live in. She reported this anonymously and still got her identity outed.
>[+1,082, -21] How much did YG bribe everyone for them to reveal her identity like this?

>When asked by MBC 'News Desk' regarding claims that Yang Hyun Suk had threatened her to take back her testimony on BI, Han Seohee replied, "It's exactly what you're thinking. What's the point in saying anything. You honestly know what happened, right? It's exactly as the news says."
>In another interview with Han Seohee's lawyer Bang Jung Hyun, the lawyer revealed that Yang Hyun Suk had threatened Han Seohee by saying, "It's easy to put you at a disadvantage. They can test our artists for drugs immediately and they won't turn up positive. Not only do we test them for drugs regularly but if we do find drugs in their system, we send them to Japan to remove all traces of it."

>[+2,324, -12] Meanwhile Naver is YG's stockholder and they're changing all the article titles to focus on Han Seohee and not Yang Hyun Suk.

I hope she doesn't mind or at least isn't scared of the current situation she's in, and instead reveals more. How glorious would that be, YG Entertainment and with it a huge part of the kpop industry destroyed by somebody like her lol

No. 35694

they've tried to branch out to more things than just idols but most of their attempts have flopped so they stick with what they know will bring cash.
she's a rich girl from a well off family. if she was really scared she wouldn't have been poking the bear last year. I think she'll be fine unless YG gets super desperate lol.

No. 35698

File: 1560475617486.png (108.47 KB, 206x438, Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.20…)

speaking of jihyo, i personally don't think she looks great with the extreme weight loss, she's starting to get this wendy william-ish body shape: thin legs/lower body and bigger chest/shoulders/upper body. it's not really noticeable in screenshots but you can kind of see it in the fancy dance practice and live stages.

No. 35700

speaking of jihyo i wonder if that anon was right about jyp giving her uppers. she acts so much more energetic on stage it kind of freaks me out.

No. 35701

I'm pretty sure it's only the boob padding that makes her look so disproportionate when her ass/hips aren't also padded.

No. 35702

definitely uppers. at the bare minimum its some caffeine pills

No. 35704

I know this is pretty random, but does anyone who's familiar with that old cross gene group know why the jap member left? I remember him every time I see his plastic freak lookalike from ateez

No. 35705

? a chinese member left cross gene. it was because a family member died in a car crash i believe

No. 35706

I thought my earphones were not properly plugged but it was just the quality of their sound. Did someone actually made a mistake and uploaded the unfinished song or something?

Anyway… why Buenos Aires? Are they just going to start naming random places in the world for a song?

No. 35708

this is dogshit… and why do their voices ALL sound the same

No. 35710

Both Takuya and Casper left the group. Takuya wanted to pursue acting modelling after not renewing his contract and as for Casper there were speculations why he chose to leave. Takuya is doing all sorts of stuff now, he performed at "King of Masked Singers" just a few days ago.

No. 35711

She's only 18 and no longer relevant lol. She got exposed way too early and was in such a long hiatus that the GP don't give a fuck about her anymore. If I were her, I'd quit the industry and get into uni then end up as a businesswoman or something.

No. 35717

Because everyone ignored her until she shook her titties in Likey, they're the only reason anyone cares about her now so they have to keep stuffing her bra

No. 35718

Ben Swolo, more like

No. 35724

I was there in spring of 2014, sorry anon it wasn't me.

No. 35726

Thanks anon

No. 35735

File: 1560496373476.png (342.23 KB, 526x598, finally.png)

I can't believe it took all this shit for him to finally leave. Good riddance though I doubt YG entertainments reputation will ever recover

No. 35736

Someone as shitty is going to take his place

No. 35737

Can't wait for YG 2.0 to step up.

No. 35739

He's only part of the problem, the entire company needs to get burned the ground.

No. 35742

I really hope he is not getting himself out of it with this. Knowing how fucked Koreas judiciary works and how many ties he has…

And in the end his brother is still CEO and keeps bringing the money in, which would still partly go to YHS, if he is able to safe YG Entertainment.

No. 35744

fuck yes this shithole of a company is falling apart

No. 35745

Dude is in panic mode. Can't wait for the girls of yg to spill some tea when the company goes bankrupt.

No. 35746

Fucking YES. But I agree with the other anons, he's not the only problem…whole company needs to go. It's a good start though.

No. 35747

File: 1560504378738.png (239.75 KB, 627x646, 321.png)

Oh shit, YGs brother is resigning as well.

However if they don't dissolve their stocks they will still be major shareholders and will continue to hold most of the influence of the company. They can basically continue to run the company from the shadows.

No. 35748

if Han Seohee keeps leaking shit then maybe they'll dissolve their stocks? she's got tea for days so I hope she continues decimating YGs rep and spilling

No. 35749

How can he leave, he is YG, he is the problem! I bet he takes all the money he made and then fucks off to some nice sunny island, he will never have to face any punishment.

Also, Han Seohee revealed that a guy from Winner is involved (was that already posted?). Now the only group who hasn't done anything (that we know of) is Blackpink.

No. 35750

She really did what no one else could. I wonder if the public will have a different view of her now? I know she's problematic and all that but that girl is honestly giving no fucks whatsoever and I'm here for it.
I hope others who have shit on the industry will follow her and do the same

No. 35751

Most comments are positive, everybody obviously wants her to expose everything. Many say that she's a druggie, but already got her punishment and now she's doing everybody a huge favor.
It seems like ifans hate her more, because she insulted Top oppar and is transphobic lol

No. 35753


>In the case all the members will be enlisted together and return in two years, it will save their time and career. On the other hand, if BTS members will go separately they are going to lose too much time and popularity that will probably have a very bad impact on the country's economy, culture and tourism.

oh get over yourselves. it's not like the entire south korea is relying on bts' album sales. isn't it up to them to enlist together anyway? i thought that you can volunteer to go early if you want. the younger members will still be quite young when jin enlists so it's not doing them a favour at all.

No. 35754

as IF! bigshit will milk jungkook's popularity after some of them are gone to army until he breaks down of depression or something lmao

No. 35755

He'll be in his mid 20s while the others are enlisting, Bighit would never let him go earlier. I don't think they'd even let him go with Jimin and V because they are 2 years older than him and Bighit wouldn't want to miss out on money for that long.

No. 35756

They'll lose popularity if they go together as well. Two years is a long time in Kpop. I can't mention a single boygroup who came back after milirary service and had the same amount of succes as before they enlisted.

No. 35757

Is still think going together would be the best option instead of dragging it out for a decade with mediocre solos. Jin is only 26, they still have a couple more years until he has to.

No. 35759

did d.o volunteer or get called earlier? i think he's the same age as jin and suga

No. 35761

it seemed like he volunteered to go early

No. 35763

d.o is 26, so he must've just went early

No. 35764

File: 1560513834222.png (1.21 MB, 1435x747, Screenshot_2019-06-14-07-58-07…)

Anyone else find WJSN's new mv cringey? They're trying really hard to come off as sweet silly waifus. I like WJSN, they haven't come off this tryhard like Twice until this release.

No. 35765

Apparently the enlistment law has changed so that men born in 92 will have to enlist at 2020 tops

No. 35766

>they haven't come off this tryhard
They have, since day 1.
Trying to hype up their debut with "the female exo!" and then having that heavier girl do the splits in every single tv show is cringy.

No. 35767

Really? That would mean that a few more exo members have to enlist immediately lol

No. 35768

Damn, they both really have to shit their pants right now.

I agree, unless their popularity would for whatever reason go downhill from now an, but bighit knows very well, that Jungkook is by far the biggest milkcow from BTS. When Jin and Suga enlist next year, maknae line and especially JK will be thrown into solos, even though it would be very, very healthy for JK to be seperated from BTS and be surrounded by normal folks

yepp, that was the reason last year broke this discussion about enlistments and exceptions once again.

No. 35769

Yeah but on the other hand they're cutting service time to 18 months but idk the details

No. 35770

Lol what a bunch of delulus. AS IF they would go on a hiatus at the peak of their success
Idk when suga has to serve but if it's 2021/22 they could maybe make all the rappers enlist together & make a subunit with the maknae line cause they're the most popular anyways
Then maknae line serves together and make a rapper subunit with…jin lolololol

No. 35771

Did a little "research" and Jin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol are all born in 92 (or before)…
There won't be anybody left next year lol
With txt and the uselessness and unpopularity of the older bts members i can't really imagine them being allowed to stay once their contracts end and that fat ceo of bighit will probably concentrate on pushing his cashcows V, Jimin and Jungkook.

No. 35772

Ia but their contract was already renewed to +7 years from 2019 i think… so until then they'll have to make use of the older ones somehow

No. 35773

File: 1560516594990.jpg (4.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefaultJ2SRWYFE.jpg)

That's a longass time for bj lips. He already can't dance nowadays, what is he gonna do in his 30s?
They probably turn out like Suju, at first extremely famous with an absolutely crazy fanbase and then one scandal after scandal.

No. 35775

no one's going to care about btsafter they hit their late 20s-30s anyway. jungkook is 20 and his face already looks like it's melting.

No. 35776

Imo he still looks mostly normal (in comparison to the others), but v has been really letting himself go

No. 35777

File: 1560517268076.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.34 KB, 567x589, 1e0ae77a0af28311b198d3b38d724f…)

No. 35778

And as HSH has successfully toppled YG. BTS dropped a new song with Zara Larsson that feels and sound like an American song disguised with Asian non copyrighted soundtracks thrown on top. Really not understanding how armys don't see BTS desperate attempt to enter the industry by collaping with artists who have been falling off the charts.

No. 35779

What's up with them only collabing with sexy adult American flop singers though. It's been going on since Idol.
Is BI trying to fish for the male fans or something? I can't see how that's a smart move considering most of the fanbase is prudish teen girls.

No. 35780

bts sucking off america for validation wouldn't be so comedic if they weren't in such denial. "they are proud korean artists and they don't care about being popular in america!!" my ass. it's also hilarious that they can't still speak english for shit.

No. 35785

Wow, this is really happening. We need the anon who did the crab rave video for Seungri getting busted, to do it again for this one kek

Next thread should be called "All hail Queen Han Seohee" edition

No. 35787

File: 1560525110209.jpg (220.52 KB, 787x977, Unbenannt.jpg)

Place your bets, who will be revealed to be involved next??

No. 35790

the thin dancing cockroach + mino both from winer ! double trouble!

No. 35793

I have the feeling it's Mino

No. 35798

mino, seunghoon, another big bang member, and possibly a female artist

No. 35801

Pretty sure teddy and other pds in the company are also druggies. Unless they also get replaced the company culture won't change.

No. 35802

They fucking have a producer whose name is kush.

No. 35803

He's already in prison tho

No. 35804

Why the fuck isn’t Han seo in jail yet isn’t she a drug dealer?

No. 35805

She's out on probation or something

No. 35806

according to her she isn't a drug dealer more like a deliverer? She isn't in jail because she comes from a chaebol family and got less time since she gave up names.

No. 35807

>>35806 but isnt she on probation? how the hell is she not in korea right now then (she said so herself on her ig)

No. 35808

Monsta X just did a song with French Montana….how is it that they're getting higher-tier collabs than "world's biggest group" BTS?

No. 35809

yeah she apparently is. maybe she could've been bluffing about leaving the country but I have no clue.

No. 35811

It depends on the division, police and softer divisions have like 19-20 months but the rest are still around 2 years. It's gonna take a while until service lengths are shortened

Anyway, BTS being gone for even 9-10 months would help loosen the cultlike hold they have over their fans because they'd shrivel up ans die without constant Twitter updates from their boys

No. 35812

Maybe YG paid off the police to end her probation so she wouldn't spill the beans. Too bad for him because she spoke up and blessed us all with mess anyway, "problematic" legend

No. 35815

I can't imagine gd having given up on weed or any other drug. He's probably doing all kinds of things in Japan.
I wonder how common drug consumption is among idols; yg can't be the only company.

No. 35816

lol and it's only fair to dedicate the thread pic to her or ~papa ex-yg~

No. 35817

File: 1560535695319.jpg (30.89 KB, 500x375, disaster-girl.jpg)

someone should shoop her face onto this

No. 35818

File: 1560536053565.png (847.19 KB, 1159x857, IMG_1115.PNG)

you fucking bitches. yes i hugged and kissed your oppas. you can't do anything about it, right? losers.
- han seo hee

No. 35820

Nationalistic Jnetz would have a field day if gdragon was caught with drugs in Japan.

No. 35822

terf queen. destroy all the delusional boy group stans mommy.

No. 35823

File: 1560536969108.jpg (200.7 KB, 1880x1410, tumbling down.jpg)

Thread pic submission. YG comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling dooown edition.

No. 35826

Isn't the rest of bigbang suppose to be coming back from the military this year? iirc top's release is some time this month, gdragon in october, and daesung and taeyang in november. Imagine not only having your own scandals, but coming back to one of your members leading one of the worst kpop scandals of all time AND the company you're a part of going down the drain. That's one hell of a homecoming kek.

No. 35828

One woman single handedly doing massive damage to big 3 company and it's two biggest boybands AMAZING

No. 35829

Yeah you were right. Fake "wokes" on twitter are back to policing people they don't agree with. They don't even mention that she exposed these druggies. they just want everyone to hate her because she's an evil terf.
They could for once not deviate from the actual issue that is going on but that's too much to ask them I guess. Fucking hate twitter.

No. 35830


CL got the last laugh

No. 35831

Its like who the fuck cares if she is transphobic in this matter? She's helping to bring down a company that in complict in drugs, prostitution, rape, etc. Those things are more important than what she thinks of trans people. Ifans are trash.

No. 35832

>korean woman helps exposing a corrupt company that has been involved in several serious crimes
>kpop stan twitter chooses to talk about how she's oppressing poor trans gals by pointing out normal facts instead
i'm not even surprised anymore. fuck these retards. for people who are supposed to be oh so woke they sure do hate women.

No. 35835

The radfem in me is smiling with joy. All those years of trying to slander her as a Megallia "evil feminist" backfired on them when she said she gave no fucks. Sadly, this was only possible because she's part of a chaebol family.

I wonder what dirt she has on blackpink, since they all seem to be in the "I'm wealthy because of daddy's money" clique.

No. 35836

File: 1560541557060.png (51.49 KB, 640x867, IMG_1116.PNG)

Translation: "don't expose my oppa for being a criminal.

No. 35837

File: 1560541907238.jpg (192.76 KB, 601x606, 754324913.jpg)

why is this seungri stan so butthurt? i don't think hsh is homophobic but what's the "supports the rape of little boys" thing about?

No. 35838

File: 1560541958859.jpeg (29.37 KB, 540x735, FE1EACAF-288B-47D2-88DA-93DD6F…)


This entire week has been a field day, to Somi and YG taking an L and disgusting men getting expose. The only thing missing is a BTS scandal provided by dispatch.

No. 35839

Now imagine when BTS gets exposed, these #metoo losers will flip the switch

No. 35840

File: 1560542126441.jpg (56.53 KB, 670x374, IMG_1118.JPG)

2ne1 rn

No. 35841

File: 1560542333196.png (158.59 KB, 640x994, IMG_1119.PNG)

I think they're referring to megalia, a Korean radfem site. This wiki article might help.

No. 35844

Already attention whoring huh?
I guess JYP was right about character.

No. 35846

i'm waiting for seo hee to expose something about blackpink or 2ne1… the shitstorm that
would occur would be funny af

No. 35847

She should just stop the idol thing tbh. If she wants to be a celebrity she can become a model or something there. People don't find her charming anymore.
I don't know why she left jyp but I feel like it's cause her or her dad thought she's too good(or too famous) for a group so she wanted a solo but jyp obviously didn't like the idea.
And now it's really the worst time for her debut cause everybody's attention is on yg himself.

No. 35850

Toppest of keks. Okay, we already have title and thread pic for the next one. Da queen in da norf!

No. 35851

This comment tho
>[+38, -0] Her career ended when she lost her debut timing. Her image is already used up and while she looks pretty now, she has white genes that will accelerate her aging. She doesn't have the freshness that newly-debuted idols have… and she's under YG, so farewell…
They really seethe a lot over her white genes…

No. 35853

I feel so sorry for her…she's been groomed since she was a child, she never learned anything other than trying to be an idol and now as soon as she turns 18 people say she's no longer charming, just because YG was rushing her debut and letting her take the hit for this and the other disgusting things that went on in his company.

How about we don't trust the opinion of some creep who whores young girls out to "uncle" fans? His idea of good character is probably Sana acting dumb while lifting her skirt.

No. 35854

>How about we don't trust the opinion of some creep who whores young girls out to "uncle" fans?
Exactly. Honestly for all of the people blaming Somi for leaving JYP, it's just as likely that he considered her too old to front the new group. Here's my speculation; He likes his center/visual girls to be as pedobait-y as he can get away with. He probably decided Yuna was his new golden child and dumped Somi. And after all, if he debuted the new group with Somi in it but not center, he'd get critique. Easier just to cut her loose.

>They really seethe a lot over her white genes…
Knetz being racist and shitty, must be a day that ends in "Y". I honestly don't think too much of her looks (I find her to look like a less pretty Lena Fuji or Leah Dizon), but you know most of them would likely give their right arm to look like her.

No. 35855

honestly wish jyp would get into a scandal so I won't have to hear about how great he is because he cares about ~character~ and that organic cafe at jype.

No. 35856

The way they talk about her "white genes" exudes incredibly strong jealousy.

No. 35858

"I can excuse trafficking underage girls for sex slavery but I draw the line at not sucking troon dick.

No. 35859

File: 1560547591721.gif (1.13 MB, 498x249, ezgif-3-38fbadbcc23e.gif)

Legend tbh

I vote for this. The next thread pic has to have Han Seohee in it.

Tbh I want to buy something from Han Seohee's clothing line if it's still around just so I can support more tea spillage. Also because she's a radfem and I support her lack of fucks given.

Praying for some dirt on Blackpink.

I also made this shitty gif so enjoy.

No. 35860

They worship somebody like Irene although she has had ps and is 28 (and looks it), but 10 year younger Somi is "used up" because muh bad white genes?

The commentors on netizenbuzz also hate her so much, the top comment is "Boycott YG", they say it's her own fault etc, but on articles about Blackpink they only praise them and say they're victims. I wonder if it's SEAs or american tumblrinas…

No. 35861

Funnily enough the trans community is full of an alarming amount of aggressors, pedos, and rapists. Can we really be surprised?

No. 35862

I agree with that commenter kek. Anons will shit on k idols all day every day but the second a (half/) white one comes along its nothing but sympathy and calling knetz jelly. Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 35863

You sound like a massive koreaboo tbh.

No. 35865

You sound like a butthurt white kboo in denial tbh.

No. 35866

anons who post shit about how korean women are ugly because they're korean get banned for racebaiting, so no.

No. 35867

I roll my eyes at this thread every damn day.

Some of you are spending too much time knowing about something you hate so much.

No. 35870

>possibly a female artist
im gonna predict either another 2ne1 member, hyoyeon, or min(miss a)

No. 35871

irene literally looks older than boa i wonder how that makes her feel, kek

No. 35875

People are allowed to feel sorry for somi because she obviously has horrible parents and was a minor until just a few days ago. The amount of hate she receives from both koreans and ifans is disproportional. We also pity young fully korean idols. The comments she gets from koreans are disgusting and racist - you cannot compare that to us making fun of Gucci Jennie's laziness or BTS obnoxiousness.

If somebody wrote this
>Her career ended when she lost her debut timing. Her image is already used up and while she looks pretty now, she has white genes that will accelerate her aging. She doesn't have the freshness that newly-debuted idols have… and she's under YG, so farewell…
just replaced with "asian genes" and "short/ugly", then ratmies would get this person doxxed and fired.

No. 35880

knetz shit on white genes a lot for a group of people who want white features imo (pls no racebait)
i'm putting my money on bom and hyolyn (and trudey because I can see her doing that shit to finish her "american" cosplay) but if mino is involved I would not be surprised if like half of Block B was involved also

No. 35881

I hope the whole company just dies, let those with talent find new homes.

Big Bang and Blackpink can just cease to exist because fuck them, they're terrible.

>I don't know any other groups in YG. I only follow Lee Hi and AKMU's music so I can't contribute anything much.

No. 35882

Let's hope that Zico will get caught too when Mino get's taken down down…

No. 35883

>If somebody wrote this… just replaced with "asian genes" and "short/ugly", then ratmies would get this person doxxed and fired.
Makes no sense and I'm not just talking about Somi

>We also pity young fully korean idols.

Speak for yourself, anon, because the rest of the thread doesnt. Anons were nitpicking that 16 year old from nct and Wonyoung just a couple weeks ago.

No. 35884

Nobody nitpicked Wooyoung herself, all comments were only about how disgusting it is, that they put a child in very revealing clothes. That plus koreans writing that they hope that her preteen face won't age.

No. 35886

Nayrt but fuck, the point that anon is trying to make is that insisting an 18 year old is washed up because of "prematurely aging white genes" is racist af and a shitty stereotype akin to Asians being short and ugly (obviously not true).
No one is nitpicking WY for her appearance just the fact that at 13 when she won produce she is pedobait and her company leans into it. As for the Nct dude, anons have an almost Pavlovian reaction to them as a whole. Bring up that group and an anon will shit on them.

No. 35888

The BTS collabs are not as big of a deal as you think, they do them just because. It's not like they're really pinning their hopes on the ft artists making them mainstream or anything.

No. 35891

I don't think anyone was exactly nitpicking him either, just talking about how shitty it was that he already had a nose job at such a young age iirc

No. 35893

bts is probably panicking… all the English language collabs they arranged last year are already so dated & out of touch with the hot 100 that all they do is validate their ifans… their army dates are coming up and they’re running out of time… the elusive embrace of genuine international superstardom is slipping through their fingers as the clock ticks faster…

Public, milky member meltdowns are inevitable at this point. It’s only a matter of months and continued saesang pressure

No. 35894

File: 1560558609550.jpg (95.25 KB, 682x1024, 1560551110720.jpg)

The woke complex with kpop agencies (which the Western media is abetting by representing BTS as LGBT kings and combating toxic masculinity, because k-physical sales and k-clickbait are so lucrative) is so transparently about transforming the image of the k-industry away from its former perception here as a corrupt slave shop. This is why you see Seungri/YG fans flinging the TERF shit everywhere to shut people up.

I'm honestly at the point where I think shit like the cultural appropriation scandals are largely staged to get attention especially from groups with woke fans like Mamamoo. Because most people sucked into the outrage still end up in the k-hole

No. 35895

the people that care about idols doing cultural appropriation are usually kpop fans already. I think companies just don't think about international outrage.

No. 35896

Why would mamamoo stage something like that for attention tho? The girls barely know a lick of english, they're unfortunately ignorant like most (all?) idols and their company is not international oriented at all.
With the blackface thing they removed the video in question in a matter of a couple of hours, released an apology and apologised in concert the next day too.
I doubt any company would want the negative attention if they knew about racist issues or gave a shit about it.
If you like kpop you have to close your eyes at all the ignorant shit that goes on, you can't screech about cultural appropriation when the whole industry is just recycled american culture

No. 35897

Not expecting you guys to know but I'll ask anyway: how much does beauty matters in Korea?
God, I watch some of their shows, movies and dramas and I'm starting to just despise it all

No. 35898

you cant get a job anywhere that you dont submit a headshot first
its almost more required than a degree of any sort

No. 35899

File: 1560562785946.gif (2.9 MB, 268x280, tumblr_pt0qs3A88a1tgb36so2_400…)

i don't really keep up w BTS so i'm curious if people have footage of jungkook displaying his dumb-as-rocks-ness? i've heard about him not completing school in sacrifice for his career and about how he's apparently dumb and here he is admitting it LOL

No. 35902

Am I the only one who thinks its so painful to listen to V's voice. Like he sounds as if something was stuck on his throat or was clogging his nose. Its unbearable and makes me want to punch something. I actually prefer the song with charlixcx than this because their voices actually harmonizes in 'dream glow'. V's voice sounds so weird it causes dysphoria when he actually sings for too long.

No. 35903

just look at basically any interview theyve had. he either doesn't answer questions, doesnt answer them properly, or is slow af

No. 35904

Anon, all of them are dumb as rocks but at least jungkook is admitting it I mean I could see jimin saying something along the lines of "not only am I ugly but I'm also dumb UWUU~~gib attention

No. 35905

I have not heard the song but I assume it is because they make him sing in a far higher pitch than he is meant to? His voice doesn't fit any of their songs and is suited for a completely different genre of music, not pop music. Probably why it sounds so off.

No. 35906

I don't have a footage or anything but I had read somewhere that he got 3 points on a 100 item english exam and ratmys were still glorifying him for being that dumb.

No. 35907

I may be thinking of someone else but wasn't there a time when he was asked to add something up and couldn't do the math?

No. 35908

File: 1560565071969.jpg (43.64 KB, 565x543, images-56.jpg)

You mean this…

No. 35909

i guess in the end even perfect owo baby bois succumb to PEMDAS lol

No. 35911

He sounds like a mix between an old man on the verge of dying from extreme thirst and somebody with a bag of dicks Lodge in their throat. Very unpleasant indeed.

Anons are there any idols who's voice your personally hate?

No. 35912

Pretty much any of them who attempt to sing live without autotune or "audio-shopping." Only a handful in kpop have any pleasant voices

No. 35913

File: 1560566718200.jpg (86.04 KB, 800x600, 1560520308866.jpg)

i love a lot of male singers in different genres and i even like cringy western boybands vocals but i honest to god CANNOT distinguish between male voices in kpop at all. the people from shinee and 100% sound most distinct to me but everything else sounds like an indistinguishable mess. with the female groups i only get this feeling from the produce 101/48 factory line garbage

No. 35914

Is the supporting of raping little boys true? I don’t know who this bitch is besides she’s been in a drug scandal with TOP before and that she’s a clout chaser

No. 35915

No, some anti-feminists in korea/sea think all radfems support that

No. 35918

File: 1560567473443.jpg (74.99 KB, 900x563, photo6136703312259557646_15458…)

sorry if this has already been talked about but has anyone else noticed jennie gets the most "exposing" outfits? do you think she decides this or the YG staff decide this for her? and in this case it's not like she's super tall and they don't fit her right; she's one of the shorter members

No. 35919

probably to pimp her out as the sexy member. plus, she says that she gets to pick her outfits so that may be on her.

No. 35920

I think RM is smart (ie not slow) but ignorant and uneducated by our standards. Most of them are dumb though.

No. 35921

Jihyo, she strains so hard. The other members are terrible but Jihyo would never be a main vocal in any other group other than Twice.
BlackPink, all of them have horribly unpleasant tones aside from Lisa who's just kind of there.
Any nasally male singer who shrieks out unnecessary high notes without any technique whatsoever like Jimin of BTS.
Nasal king, Jinhwan from iKON. I remember watching that iKON show and wishing that Junhoe would be the main vocal because Jinhwan's voice is so grating.
Also Jimin of AOA, her voice is squeaky and irritating.

This actually just made me remember that Jinhwan and Jimin from AOA had a dating scandal at one point. Maybe now that their groups are dying, they can make a duo reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

No. 35925

i know we hate bts around here but i find jungkook really likeable for some reason. can't say the same for the rest, who all seem like varying degrees of arrogant prick

No. 35926

what did j-hope ever do other than be ugly?

No. 35927

i forgot about him ngl

No. 35928

honestly jin and j-hope could've been scrapped from the group and they probably would've been just as well off. i mean i guess you could argue j-hope is the "best at dancing" but it's not like the others are terrible at it, even the ones considered to be bad at it. and even then the others have "redeeming factors" that make them apart of the group, jin only has his "looks" and j-hope only has his "dancing", his rapping is often considered subpar to the others. but this has been discussed so many times so idk. jin and j-hope are the two most often forgotten about members, it's kind of pathetic.

No. 35930

sorry to all the yoongifags itt but j-hope is the best rapper and suga is the worst imo. all three rappers are fine by idol standards though. he might be the most talented member over all but i guess that doesn't say much.

No. 35931

i'm the person you're replying to, and i have to be honest that i don't listen to or watch BTS much, but from what i've seen from other people when they're discussing them they often put j-hope at the bottom of the three. idk maybe it's because he doesn't have the TT depressing-fag backstory/"cuteness" like suga or the leader-like/"swag" personality of ratmon so he's just passed off? i've also heard from a minority of people that he seems to be the most well-rounded one out of the group but it often gets buried in favor of other members.

No. 35932

Honestly j-hope has more stage presence and more energy than your average kpop idol. But his face is so botched he cannot really be watched in motion anymore or even in pictures. If he didn't botch his face and he kept his original look he would be much more popular because he wasn't bad looking and he can dance which is important for an idol group. Jin is hopeless, he has nothing, no stage presence, no energy, no charisma, no dancing skill, no singing voice, no acting skill. And while he is hyped up as the visual because apparently he has facial features that are considered beautiful in korea he is just fugly that's why he didn't even get popular for his looks in Korea because he is just plain out ugly.

No. 35933

jin genuinely looks like he has microcephaly and downs

No. 35934

File: 1560573377715.jpg (35.79 KB, 612x612, 499ff525bbc1f3750169d72b76b54d…)

extra chromosome lookin ass

No. 35935

File: 1560573624718.jpg (19.48 KB, 420x420, images-13.jpg)

I agree with you about his stage presence. But in my opinion, him touching his face up and botching it isn't the reason he was not as popular and won't contribute to his popularity. The "original" face he had predebut seems okay for 'normal people standards' but he is ugly in korean "idol" standards so I doubt he'll be popular without doing any ps like you claim he'll be. He was called the visual hole of bts since way back and was nicknamed "horsey".

No. 35936

Jin probably does have features that are popular in sk. He has some of the same features as Eunwoo who seems to be the epitome of sk beauty standards. But those features mean nothing when they're on someone who looks downsy so no one cares.

No. 35937

File: 1560574167252.jpg (28.99 KB, 498x366, images-85.jpg)

As long as no one takes a side profile photo of his flat-ass-head, he'll be fine

No. 35938

But literally all of bts is a visual hole and none of them have idol visuals and yea all of them get under the knife sooner or later but he literally entered park bom territory pre-debut, his plastic surgery is so obv