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File: 1496690022008.jpg (150.71 KB, 1200x800, IMG_0283.JPG)

No. 193785

Anyone here an ex weeaboo?when did you grow out of that phase and why?do you miss it?I'm sure most of us had a weeaboo phase at some point.
>use to love everything Japanese and Korean
>use to love kpop

I think what made me grow out of my weeaboo phase was actually going to Japan(it was pretty boring for the most part. The only exciting stuff was the cutesy shit). Anime also just became more and more stupid to me(dramas too)here mostly the same plot. Sometimes I miss being a weeaboo because back then I actually felt passionate about something now I don't feel passion towards anything and I have no hobbies. I don't think growing out of my weeaboo phase was a good thing, yes i was cringey but I was happier then.

No. 193847

Yeah, I was a pretty bad weeb between the age of 11-14. I'm conflicted because looking back I'm horrified at myself for being so embarrassing and getting myself a reputation as a complete and utter weirdo in school, but equally I was probably my happiest during my weeb phase. I just didn't give a shit what people thought of me for the most part, loved my own company, was just … innocently happy I guess. Kind of glad that I at least developed decent social skills/a reasonable fashion sense/made some friends, even if it took a while, though.

No. 193851

I know a lot of the "asians always try to look white" stuff is bullshit, but that really is one of the examples of when it's actually true.

No. 193904

Yep. Through the ages of 12 to 15 I was a big weeb.

>watched a lot of anime, read a lot of manga and started learning japanese while neglecting school work

>made shitty, cheap cosplay
>wore ribbons in my hair to school and bells around my neck to social events
>shunned "normies" in my school for being slutty, boring…
>drew in a cringey "anime" style which led my art teacher to pressure me into dropping art (I did)
>acted like a total autist at conventions; screaming about sexual jokes and asking people for "free hugs" (I was pretty cute when I was younger and got a lot of attention from older, greasy men ew)
>uploaded shit art to deviantart and did a lot of those awful "art tags" with anime-related jokes
>had dreams of moving to Japan one day and had serious yellow fever, wanted to have little haffu children
>kept trying to force friends into watching my favourite anime and showed them characters I thought were hot

Not really sure what made me snap out of it, I guess I just matured. I still watch the odd anime (like AoT atm) and go to conventions but I don't act like an idiot. I know that I had completely come out of that phase by 16 because I met a girl who wore naruto headbands into school and used random japanese words in conversation and she made me cringe so hard.

I oddly kind of miss that era of my life because I was so happy. I had a good sense of humour and laughed at pretty much anything. Yeah, I was horribly cringey to anyone who came into contact with me but it's such a contrast to who I am now: I'm very self conscious and worry to an extreme of what people think of me. I made a lot of friends because I spontaneously spoke to people at events and I wish I still had that kind of confidence now. I legit thought that I could do anything; become a successful mangaka or voice actor and drop everything and move to another country where I can't speak the language beyond some anime phrases. Watching anime made me genuinely happy and fucking around in class by drawing anime characters on my notebooks or learning japanese characters without my teachers knowing kind of helped me distract myself from the fact that I was being bullied. I made friends for life during that period of my life and I don't really regret it.

No. 193935

I had a very short phase. When I was around 13 I became friends with this girl who was a huge weeb. She introduced me to manga and gave me a list of good animes to watch…long story short I got really into it and became a weeb myself.

However once I got to high school I realized a lot weebs got made fun of and were generally the school weirdos who everyone hated. I was already a huge autist nerd, and didn't want to "stoop" to that level of cringe so I abandoned anything weeb-related.

Now I'm in college and don't feel the need to conform, so I've started reading manga more, watching anime, listening to kpop, etc. a lot more.

Part of me is happy I waited until I got older so now I can enjoy these things without going full retard/avoiding all the embarrassment associated with weeaboos, but I do regret missing out on all the fun. Like >>193904 and >>193847 said, weebs seem to be very happy during their phase and just seem to enjoy life a little more. Cringe aside, I praise teens who weren't afraid to be themselves instead of forcing themselves to be more 'normal'.

No. 194281

File: 1496874709010.jpeg (27.48 KB, 480x274, natepann_temp14952957472125365…)

I used to like kpop to a somewhat moderate degree.

However when I went on exchange in SK I got to know some industry insiders and also got to hang with a couple minor artists. what I heard from friends and experienced myself made me realize how fucked up the industry really is.

Literally everyone uses drugs in the industry. The scandal rolling with TOP at the moment is nothing compared to the amount of hard drugs some of the other major artists/groups do. I also once saw a boygroup being brought to a hostessclub/bordel near my old appartment, hushed in by, whom I assumed to be, their manager.

All made me realize how dirty the industry is and made me firmly believe that every single artist is never who they appear to be.

I think I have enough crazy stories to make some wild 'blind items' stories, but I asume most people who care about the industry would never believe me anyway and is delululu blinded by ''my bias would never'' lol

No. 194285

Tell me your stories and what idol group did you see at a host bar?

No. 194291

Never been into kpop but used to be a weeb.
I still like the Japanese language and culture, I just don't have time to study it anymore and it'll be a long time before I can make any kind of money off of it. I'm also tired of explaining myself to people whenever I wear something out of the ordinary or listen to strange music, and I used to be really cringey (as weebs are) so I don't want to remind people of that embarrassing phase.
I never had any money for a trip to Japan and probably won't in a while. Would love to go one day, just because it was a big part of my life.

No. 194292

I would prefer to not mention any names/groups because I want to remain anonymous and I don’t want to take any chances. But the whorehouse idol group is a lesser known, but I think okay popular, group from a smaller company.

I’ll give you a couple in blind items, maybe you’ll figure some of them out.

Boygroup 1:
>Member A who is currently in public relationship with another korean celebrity - the couple is seen as cute, and people are happy because A finally got his “first" GF - used to date an european model for quite a significant amount of time, while outwardly trying to maintain his >tfw no gf image

>Member B who has had quite the amount of public scandals has kind of recently been fucking and dumping another foreign girl who is quite infamous in Apgujong for being a huge golddigger. She desperately tries to climb up the social ladder to find a rich visa-husbando. Said golddigger angry posted about it on IG. She also fucked around with B’s good, solo-artist friend.

>The rumours are true about Member C, his penis is tiny. - I was also told from people who know him that he is bisexual, but I kind of doubt that.

>Backup dancer for said boygroup, who has kind of his own cult following, stole a foreign girls' wallet and passport when they had a one-night stand

Boygroup 2:
>Person who is in a higher position in the concert arranging-business said he hated working with this (huge) group as they always left a huge mess back-stage after sniffing lots and lots of coke

Rap and rnb artist:
>Tons of foreign Koreaboo fans are going to get their hearts crushed when they find out that he absolutely loathes white girls, while he has an almost obsessing fetish for black (only mulattos tho) girls.

No. 194293

>Tons of foreign Koreaboo fans are going to get their hearts crushed when they find out that he absolutely loathes white girls, while he has an almost obsessing fetish for black (only mulattos tho) girls.

Is it Jay park?

No. 194294

You know anything about snsd?

No. 194295

I think it's more of a public secret anyway

No, not really actually. My understanding is that most girl-groups stay out of the dirt except for having sponserships. But I would assume that SNSD are too big now for any of the members to have sponsers.

No. 194296

Why does he hate white women?

No. 194297

Can't say for sure. Maybe he is bitter from growing up under the ''asian masculinity''-meme in America.

All I know that everytime some of his crew members would bring a white girl within 10 feet of him he would start bitching like there was no tomorrow. He used an excuse about white girls would leak unreleased material once, but it never really made any sense and sounded more like a bad excuse.

No. 194298

File: 1496884327343.jpg (18.36 KB, 706x397, 1308512_Japanese_KeyArt-Offici…)

I feel like 96% of farmers were/are weeaboos…

>tfw Fruits Basket was probably a very mild sexual awakening for me as a middle schooler

>tfw started reading One Piece when I was 13-14 and I'm 24 now and up-to-date on it

Anyways, I grew out of it once I realized I had to pay attention to my grades to get into college. Pretty clean cut.

No. 194299

Do idols ever do drugs behind the scene on music shows like musicbank and the like?

No. 194300

So I've heard.

Someone once told me that the drugs helps a lot of the idols to keep up with their crazy schedules, but I don't know how true it is.

No. 194302

I've always been a closet weeb mainly because of the other weebs I interacted with. They… were your typical gung-ho "I'm going to run like Naruto/have Japanese nicknames for our friend group/have bad hygiene" and I was a lot more of a casual fan than these people were… so it made me keep it on the down low.. especially since I was always a borderline cool/uncool person. I didn't need something to tip me into the 'uncool' category in middle/high school.

Like, I still enjoy visual kei groups, anime, and the like… but I can at least laugh about it now. I felt incredibly insecure when I was teenager about liking these things.

No. 194306


There was a mild amount of drama when he released his song 2ND THOTS. Many people put two and two together and thought he was talking about Beenzino's ex girlfriend Stefanie Michovia, who is white. Looks like she broke his heart so now he has gone full AMBW.

No. 194309

File: 1496890730172.jpg (105.86 KB, 550x524, IMG_1122.JPG)

>Used to date an european model for quite a significant amount of time, while outwardly trying to maintain his >tfw no gf image

>Member B who has had quite the amount of public scandals has kind of recently been fucking and dumping another foreign girl who is quite infamous in Apgujong for being a huge golddigger. She desperately tries to climb up the social ladder to find a rich visa-husbando. Said golddigger angry posted about it on IG. She also fucked around with B’s good, solo-artist friend.

Are you talking about beenzinos ex?

No. 194311

No. 194312

i say spill the beans about bts (if there is any)

No. 194313

lol okay

No. 194314

member a and b from bg 1 sound like bigbang to me. don't know about the third because i was never a vip. but i feel like daesung would have the tiny dick.
bg 2: exo? suju?
r&b artist: i feel like this is dean.(Read the rules)

No. 194318

A youtuber i watch who also has some kpop industry friends has mentioned if u only knew half the dirt his friends have told him you'd be so shocked. I've always been so curious thank you anon

No. 194321

I used to be so embarrassed of my weeb phase, I loved anime but whenever someone irl would try to talk to me about it I would just sort of freeze up and be like "uhhhh idk what you're talking about" which is actually kind of hilarious looking back on it.

No. 194332

>used to date an european model for quite a significant amount of time

Doubtful. If she was high status enough it would have been revealed and if she were low status enough she'd not even speak Korean.

He probably was "dating" a Russian prostitute, if anything.

No. 194333

>his penis is tiny

Koreans objectively have the smallest penises in the world alongside Indian men, in other words, how is this news?

No. 194339

No, she's a model. But she's a catalog model doing 95% of her jobs in Korea, Japan and China. Not some big name.

I know her.

Anyway I'm going to do a sage for completely derailing the thread. Sorry OP.

No. 194341

So a no-name tier person then. Makes sense. No serious model would date a Korean guy.

No. 194403

Oh I definitely was. Never got interested in anime or manga or things like that, but huuuge visual kei obsession between ages 14-22. Also tried to look like them, resulting in cringy looks because the style didn't suit me at all.

It slowly died as the bands I listened to died too. Nowadays I'm into different type of music but I still like to listen to the old bands sometimes, and still enjoy the songs I enjoyed back then too. But I don't give a fuck about the members anymore. And I'm not attracted to bandomen at all anymore, back in the day I was obsessed and even went to Japan to chase after some, even met one lol. I was pretty naive. Even though it was embarrassing, I have many good memories from the weeby times and don't really regret any of that, except I wish I didn't look so ridiculous in old pictures.

No. 194427

I think the only thing that kept me from being a full blown weeb was the fact that I was so annoyed with my weeaboo classmates and their incessant talk of Inuyasha and BL. I knew it was a nerdy hobby and didn't want to be lumped in with them. That was back in middle school.

In high school, I finally "allowed" myself to watch anime and even started buying some merchandise but I always kept it kind of secret. Friends would show me their manga collections, but I just pretended I didn't know shit about it. Half of that was just because their taste was shonen shit though.

Now I don't care and indulge a lot in anime, manga, dramas, etc. I don't buy merchandise anymore, but like to read up on Japanese culture and fashion. I don't really think that's weeby though.

Video related are the kinds of weeaboos I tried so hard to avoid in school

No. 194430

I was a weeb from fifth to….ninth grade? Maybe tenth if I'm being honest with myself. It was bad enough that my friends and I had a Death Note party where we all dressed as different characters, ate a bunch of sweets and 'Japanese snacks' and watched the show. We even walked around the neighborhood taking awful in-character photos.

I stopped being the person that read yaoi fanfiction all the time and spoke in Japanese by eleventh grade and my interest in anime slowly dwindled every year after. Funnily enough, I was always interested in cosplay but too scared to go for it. A lot of the cringe blogs actually kind of snapped me out of my behavior.

I think what I miss the most was the fact that I did genuinely have fun. Yeah, people thought I was weird and I was cringy but I had a core friend group and genuinely enjoyed the anime club we all went to. I am glad that I never went through that awful squee/glomping cosplay phase though. Saved me so much embarrassment.

No. 194444

I used to be a huge weeaboo/koreaboo from 5th-11th grade. I wound up getting out of it for homestuck. Now I'm not, but I just…miss my weeb days. OP said it best. I lacked self awareness and was cringy, but I was so, so much more happy than I am now.

No. 194445

7th to 11th grade here. And TBH I'm kinda glad I don't am anymore. Like you do you, boo-boo, but hell, when I was a freshman in college 1 week in I sat next to this girl in lecture who just sat there and made manga drawing. At break we start a conversation and I compliment her on that drawing and mention liking manga and anime too (which I still do to this day) and all of a sudden she gets full blown excited and wanted to have a lengthy discussion about why Naruto is the best ninja (or whatever they're called) ever. I don't know if it is just me but it was a real turn-off friendship-wise.

No. 194463

I dropped my weeb behavior just before highschool, its just kinda weird in my situation b/c i am half asian (not japanese tho) and have the right mix of features where ppl let me get away w/ a lot of shit

No. 194479

File: 1497004044706.bmp (254.94 KB, 300x290, millenium pizza.bmp)

>former weeaboo from age 11 to 18
>also a huge goth/emo kid from 13 to 17
>went to school wearing chibi keychains, inuyasha bag, with huge Tripp pants, poorly dyed pink hair and long black trenchcoat
>perfect cringefest combo

i was self-aware to know that it was kinda weird at the time to like anime that passionately. i felt really childish and 'under-developed' and felt like i should be more 'normal' for an oldest sibling of three. everyone knew that i was into anime, but i never tried to be obnoxious about or even talk about it to others unless it was with my friends in private. but when i did talk about it to others holy shit its physically painful remembering it. example: for my 16th birthday, my mom made me a cake with a horrible drawing of sesshomaru on it with a fucking framed printed photo of sesshomaru right next to it. i never asked her to do it, but she thought 'oh she likes this character from this show, lets frame it so that her entire extended family and friends can see'. i was so mortified, but pretended to be excited. it didn't help that i had two friends in high school who never made it a secret that they were sexually attracted to cartoon characters in front of our classmates. yeah, i unfriended them quickly.

at one point i remember wishing really hard that i could get over my weeb phase, b/c it really did take over my life at one point. i remember ditching classes and going to my friends house across the street to read manga and smoke. if i was forced to go to school, i would try to get suspended sometimes if it was too much for me to handle. i didn't do my homework or even hardly leave my room b/c i was so wrapped up in watching anime and being depressed. i only used the library to print out fanfics. my whole life revolved around it and i really hated it. thankfully, i was able to finally grow out of my obsessive attached identity to nerd culture in general. i still like anime, but i watch it moderation, and actively try to look and act like a normie nowadays. i don't want to let others know who i use to be.

i do have some good memories of my weeb times. me and a friend of mine had the yugioh music to duel by cd and would play it while taking her entire yugioh card collection and throw huge handfuls really hard into her ceiling fan. we would memorize songs in japanese and sing them together when sleeping over. learning the hare hare yukai when it was still huge. lame teenager stuff but i had fun.

No. 194492

Yep I was a big weeaboo and I looooved Japan and anime. I was so sad that I wasn't Asian with an Asian bf hahaha.
At a certain point I started to get really annoyed about everything anime, started to like Western looks a lot more and grew out of it.
Sometimes I kind of miss it because I was so innocent and happy about it but then I realise I was a fucking idiot.

No. 194552

I don't think I was ever full-blown weeaboo. I was self-aware enough to feel second hand embarrassment for the girls who literally squealed whenever their favorite male character appeared on screen, or when the whole yaoi paddle shit became a thing at conventions in the mid 2000s.

I stopped being interested all together for a while until a couple years ago, but I only really watch/read a few things nowadays. Don't know how anyone can keep up with the stuff that comes out every season.

No. 194554

Anyone else really saddened by the weaboo craze?
Japanese language/history/culture is pretty cool, including anime/manga shit. It's just when people get insane about it that ends up ruining it for everyone else.
I still watch anime and stuff, I just keep it between me and close friends. Would be nice if I could join a Japan club at school without having to worry about the vast majority of them being unbearably socially awkward, smelly, rude, etc. Know what I mean?

No. 194557

I think because of internet many nice interests got ruined by crazies, not just weaboo stuff but also fitness, health, makeup, fashion, dyi, comic books, fandoms like potter etc It all used to be fun because it was so pure and innocent but now it's mostly drama 80% of time.

>Sometimes I miss being a weeaboo because back then I actually felt passionate about something now I don't feel passion towards anything and I have no hobbies. I don't think growing out of my weeaboo phase was a good thing, yes i was cringey but I was happier then.

I used to feel the same when I decided to leave my weaboo/koreaboo past behind, but after a while I found new ineterests. I got into art/design and I'm happy pursuing it now professionally. I have the same passion for it that I had for anime/dramas but in the end it's much more rewarding because I feel like I'm going somewhere with my life instead of just watching k-tv and reading gossip on idols.

No. 194605

i got into anime really late, it wasn't really a thing in my country when i was a teen. right now i watch more anime and own more anime/japan-related stuff, so theoratically currently i'm more of a weeaboo than when i'm younger kek.

No. 194700

File: 1497183473604.jpg (26.18 KB, 250x249, ew.jpg)

I'm not sure if I used to be a weeb or not, since the definition depends on who you ask. I always liked anime, manga and japanese video games, but I never particularly wanted to be asian or japanese. I started watching anime on TV and reading manga in public libraries since before primary school, but I really got more into it in middle school, what's with being allowed to buy my own manga from time to time and having access to the internet so I could read fanfics and lurk forums. English isn't my first language and once I could understand it well enough, I started getting more into fandoms and reading scans. And since I had access to more stuff in general, I became a complete fujoshi instead of just thinking that Touya and Yukito were into each other. Even now, I have the same hobbies overall, I just have less free time so I read and watch less series.

As for the behavior, I guess I used to be bullied in primary school for some reasons and didn't have friends so I guess it contributed to me getting more into reading and watching anime and manga since it's a hobby you can have by yourself. In middle school I was reading a bunch of shojo manga but I wasn't sharing my hobby with anyone.
And in high school, I got accepted in a special class for students who wanted to learn Japanese. I was surrounded by the most stereotypical weebs you can think of, and I tried to fit in by acting the same way. It didn't work the friends I made liked anime and video games a lot too but weren't obnoxious weebs. Just thinking about it is really embarrassing. I think it didn't work because I wasn't allowed to do anything while they were all rich, going to cons, travelling abroad by themselves (while they were minors, yes), etc., so we couldn't relate to each other. And for reasons that were out of my control, I constantly looked like a greasy slob, so I guess I gave other people the impression that I was a weaboo too.

I guess the only things I regret from that period and that I could have done is that I missed on good anime and manga I would have liked back then and that I don't have time or motivation to get into, and that I didn't focus on studying because I was slacking off instead. And as I said, I regret pretending to be an obnoxious otaku to have friends because I think I just made a fool of myself back then. I do miss being more passionate about the things I like, too.

No. 194784

File: 1497225944263.png (445.97 KB, 707x605, sweatswicke.png)

I'm 27 years old and am still a weeb. I have enough sense, though, to not act like half of these people I see at a convention. It's embarassing when someone can be so loud, crass, unsanitary and go HAM whenever they see someone else on the street with ~weeb merch~.

Since I ride public transit, I have a Sailor Moon Luna backpack I got from Spencer's because why not. It's cute enough to wear also if you saw it from the side you wouldn't think it was Sailor Moon.

I had a highschool kid sit next to me and tap me out of my headphones to try and rant on and on about Sailor Moon. I know this is something that I instigate but it's embarassing to see people older than him to come up to me and try to be autistic about anime instead of a person who just watches it like any other tv show or movie…

No. 194800

When I was eight I started reading Inu Yasha from the library. I have no idea how my parents didn't question it. I remember when someone on the bus mentioned that it was a cartoon on YTV and feeling so excited. From then I watched the YTV Friday night anime special every weekend, if possible.

I reached my peak of being a weeb during junior high. I spent most of my free time on Gaia Online role playing and drawing shitty anime art. I even got called a weeb, but never clued into what it meant lol.

I also used to dress really weird because I liked Decora at the time. I layered a lot of bright clothing and had a favorite pair over the knee rainbow socks, because they were "totally random XD". This was also while going through a scene kid phase.

Funny enough I snapped out of it for the most part after I went to a mini convention. I realized how expensive of a hobby it was and how glomping was not cute irl. I also felt kind of concerned that it should be something for kids and I was getting to old for it. It was really gross seeing grown adults screaming at each other.

When I entered high school I decided to keep liking anime to myself. I was having a hard time talking to people and it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I only ever really interacted with other people online. However, I would talk about it if someone else brought it up first.

I'm four or so years out of high school now. I'm a lot more outward about liking it now, but I don't watch or read it very often anymore. My weeb days were definitely some of my favorite years because I just didn't give a fuck. It used to be so exciting too. But to be honest most of my friends I've met through post-secondary was thanks to a common interest in anime or manga.

I thought I could get away from anime culture, but I can't seem to shake it. Fortunately it seems like most people grow out of their weeb stage eventually. But it seems the older they are when they get into it the longer it lasts.

No. 194928

I used to have a tumblr blog relating to an Asian fandom that I won't name I was pretty obsessed with that fandom. It gave me a purpose and I loved seeing all of the asks and messages in my inbox every day and spazzing with others. Things ended up getting too intense and I left that fandom. I wasn't managing my mental health that well and had other things going on offline plus too much drama in the fandom at that time for me to stay. I do regret leaving the fandom and if I could go back I would have stuck it out since it's the last time I can remember being happy and I genuinely felt included and happy to turn on my computer and be involved and chat to my online friends about that fandom. These days I don't really have any hobbies or friends that have replaced that fandom so I'm pretty lonely and wish I could go back to the good old days even though I was cringey and obsessed at least I was happy and had a hobby

No. 194931

File: 1497322589750.png (353.15 KB, 568x580, 1493947619846.png)

I still like anime, although not as much as I used to. I guess I'm more restrained as an adult, although it makes me wonder when I'll grow out of it. Am I still going to be looking forward to the inevitable Hunter x Hunter re-remake when I'm 39?

No. 194935

I'm not sure if you would consider me a weeb.
Weeb always has a really bad connotation like a typical loud fujoshi or hentai guy.
I still collect manga I have quite a lot now since I started to collect them when I was like 13 or so.
Over the years I bought more so now with 21 I got around 500 most of them are long ass series like Naruto.
Anyways I'm not a big fan of anime though. I don't know why but most of the time I don't have the attention span to watch the whole show.
Also to most animes I already know the story because I probably read the manga already.

I was never an Asian Hunter but me and my friends used to be really cringy. Just loud teenagers talking bullshit hate those teenagers now and I wish I could punch them.
Weird that no one punched us lol.

We can still be cringy but I wouldn't consider us weebs anymore even tho we are all still kinda into that bullshit but in a more grown up way ?

No. 194936

Just thought about my time in school when I was younger.
I'm still wondering how I got friends. I used to dress up reeeeaally bad looking back I wonder how my mother was like whatever let that kid buy all that bullshit instead of normal clothes.
Never was bullied or maybe I just didn't care to notice it.
My classmates all liked me because despite me being a weeb I was pretty chill.
And as some anons said before me I think I was the happiest during that time and even tho I looked ugly as fuck I'm still glad I went through all that weeb shit even tho I was never as bad as some kids I see now.

No. 194956

i stopped being an insufferable gaijin years ago but still find a few choice anime to be nice. ill stop my day to watch wolf children with my kid because heaven help me its actually decent.

No. 194958

>I'm still wondering how I got friends
>I used to dress up reeeeaally bad

"I refuse to be friends with someone because of the clothes they wear"

This statement is true for you. Most girls are this materialistic I think.

No. 194963

>Also to most animes I already know the story because I probably read the manga already.

The struggle is real, this fucked up my AOT season 2…

No. 195018

I tried to grow out of it after I left college. My boyfriend isn't into anything weeb nor does he know anything about the stuff, and so it caused me to just kind of give it up. I didn't know what to do with myself and what the hell to get into. I picked up basketball due to him but I couldn't or still can't make it a full blown hobby like I could anime. Too many numbers, percentages, players who are constantly changing between 30-some odd teams, it can get confusing as fuck. I got back into the stuff because I found crunchy roll and then saw a bunch of anime that I grew up with, so I was hooked again.

I have now realized that once a weeb, always a weeb. I'm happier as a weeb and I should just accept my weeb nature.

No. 195040

Not true for me but whatever.
I used to get bullied by the way I looked before I changed schools so obviously I thought this would happen again. And we all know how mean teenagera can be.

No. 195078


If it makes you happy and doesn't interfere too much with other parts of your life, you should spend free time how you want. I used to be hard on myself for not yet growing out of things others might see me as "too old" for, but as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, who cares. Better to have a hobby that brings you joy. If it helps you live another day and a reason to wake up in the morning or get through the hard times, then continue on with it. We all need our special things to grab and hold onto

I think that's why I relate to Pixyteri a lot. Her and I are similar in ages and even though I'm not as weeby or public about it as her, I'm still emotionally stunted and like "childish" things that she does. I'd rather live in my imagination and made-up worlds than this world.

No. 195112

well I used to be really into anime. Anything anime. Didn't really care what it was about either. However, I never got into the state of mind where I thought that western animation was somehow inferior. I actually really like the old Sunbow style from the 80s.

These days I rarely watch anime. Although I'm pretty much 99% about Japanese games and never really got into western ones. Not sure if that's weebish or not. I'm not obsessed with games because they are Japanese. I just prefer a certain style. I'd rather play as cute, cartoony characters than realistic ones. Although I think that if the game calls for realism it's best to use that. Like I wouldn't want to see Animu Resident Evil even though I actually kind of would in a way. Well what I'm saying is that while I'd find it kind of interesting I know it would gel badly so it's better off being realistic.

No. 195126

For those of us who had a weeb phase quite young (middle school/early high school), did you find yourself really really socially lost once your anime etc obsession started to die down? I remember basically having a crisis because I spent so much time focusing on anime and video games that I was really socially stunted and had a bad reputation in class, had no idea how to dress normally, struggled to go out in public/had never been out alone without my parents before etc. When I think back to it I get palpitations because it was honestly such a horrible time; it was nigh-on impossible to get a fresh start at school at the time, and because I had no friends and didn't have any social media I didn't really have any guidance to help with the other stuff. Did anybody else have this weird crisis?

(I genuinely cannot remember how I got past it, but somehow it happened, and I've ended up a reasonably well-liked, socially competent university student, although I do still have a lot of anxiety regarding friendships, but I feel like that just stems from psychological bullying I experienced as a child.)

No. 195185

Never really had that since I had two groups of friends. Friends I meet at cons and friends from my 'normal life' aka school.
But then I'm still kinda into all that shit to this day just more moderately

Didn't you stay in contact with your weeb friends ?
My friends grew up with me (not all of them some are still in the 9th floor of hell or whatever).
So we all made new friends kinda helping each other since making friends just on your own got fucking hard after your weeb phase.

No. 195189

>>195185 wasn't really in contact with my weeb friends because they were really extreme and stayed weebs a lot longer, we were still on good terms but we just didn't click at the time. It worked out alright though we're in contact now and we can laugh about our weeb phases, I just had a good year or so on my own trying to navigate the changes

No. 195230

I grew out of the weeb phase after seeing other weebs take it to far felt disgusted. Making friends with weebs were the worse some were so into anime they forgot what is real life.

No. 195245

I am sick to the back teeth of the koreaboos that have surfaced within the past 3 years like… it's 2017 have we not yet figured out how embarrassing this Is?

No. 195247

Not really because I wasn't alone. Most of my friends grew up around the same time and I stopped talking to the ones that didn't. I still watched some anime but I stopped the cringy behavior because I became more focused on my classwork and art(dating became a thing, too).

No. 195257

Used to be a weeb in middle school/high school.
Was one of those yaoi obsessed girls who brought yaoi books to school and read them during lunch.
Whole closet was anime shirts from hottopic, jeans and sweatshirts.
Used to trace anime pics and add slightly different details and claim I drew it. Whole family thought I was a damn artist.

Now I guess I'm a closet weeb. I don't really wear any anime related shirts out in public. I own two and use them for sleep shirts. I don't watch as much anime as I used too either. I find it harder to get into the most popular ones out there now.
i keep the hobby at home because honestly seeing people my age still into anime hardcore gives me second hand embarrassment.

But honestly I miss it and I guess the people I was friends with. Seems like you could wear a naruto shirt and people would comment and talk to you about it.
Made friends easier that way, but too much cringe now.

No. 195265

File: 1497603159561.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.99 KB, 750x937, 379342_original.jpg)

Are we really surprised?

No. 195298

damn dude, are you and i the same person? i still go to conventions but i don't really go for anime at all–i think the last one i watched was "your name".

i used to do the same things: traced photos, brought manga to school, used hetalia photos in my history reports…

No. 195341

Are conventions the best way to meet other weebs?

No. 195344

I had a serious fetish for Asian dick from the age of about 12 to 18. I couldn't go into an Asian grocery store without getting moist af (looking back I'm disgusted at myself lmao) so I felt that in order to catch the right fish, I had to use the right bait so to speak.

So yes, I became obsessive about lightening my skin, lost weight, dyed my hair black, basically tried to look as cutesy and Asian as possible without being too obvious about it.

It worked and I finally got an Asian boyfriend, he sucked in bed and at boyfriend-ing in general, left him, and basically my Asian fetish just magically disappeared one day.

Now I thirst pretty much exclusively over white dick. Such a relief, let me tell you. It all turned out to be a phase. My creepy Asian fetish days are long gone. I'm glad I never ended up going to Japan and catching an STD from some ONS with a host, getting pregnant with a haafu child, or publicly making an ass of myself like so many cows in Japan do.

No. 195349

definitely, but i go to get shitfaced.

No. 195358

What is the working definition of a weeaboo?

I've watched anime and different Japanese/Korean reality shows/talk shows, read manga, obsessed over kpop/jpop, active interest in fashion and makeup/skincare trends…

And I still do all of those things, I turned 22 a few weeks ago. Obviously these interests and hobbies are within reason now. As a child, it's all I would ever do or think about outside of school.

Now it's kind of intertwined into my adult life and responsibilities. I don't mind being called a weeaboo but I always kind of thought you had to be a NEET and literally fetishize Japanese/Korean people while appropriating their culture to be considered a dirty weeb. I've never wanted to date people from those cultures (never really liked boy bands anyway) and while I would genuinely love to learn the languages and visit the countries, I would have the same perspective as visiting Mexico or Sweden for example, in the sense that international travel is fascinating, I love learning about history and linguistics.

Idk to me these entertainment industries and surrounding pop culture was always meant to attract foreigners, hence why their tourism industries advertise to weebs and it's boosted their economies. If you ask the general public from those countries they are generally ecstatic over the international recognition that their entertainment companies bring in.

So I enjoy these things the same way I would indulge into American pop culture if I wanted to, but western entertainment rarely manages to enthrall me. I have enjoyed seeing the Hallyu wave grow over time, I feel as though I grew up alongside it.

The only thing I'm really growing out of was my childhood dream of being a ~harajuku gurl~. I spent years wearing alt fashion (as tastefully as I possibly could) but I realize now I've always looked like a mess and in general western girls look fucking awful in Lolita and other harajuku styles. Very few can successfully pull it off, and while I may be jealous, i'm not going to sabotage my networking connections and career opportunities just so I can look like i'm attending a con every single day.

No. 195365

most ppl call themselves weebs ironically, its not worth getting butthurt over if u feel like ur better than that

but a true and true weeb, the ones you wouldn't want to associate yourself w/, are the ones who fetishize japan or korea to the extent they think its the most god dahm perfect place on earth just based off their pop culture

nerds who have yet to pull their head out of their ass about functioning as a member of their current society
basically if asian pop culture is ur livelihood, ur a weeb
if its ur hobby then ur fine, just nerdy

No. 195370

I'm 27 and still date pretty exclusively asian, but I can totally relate to this cringe:

>>I couldn't go into an Asian grocery store without getting moist af (looking back I'm disgusted at myself lmao) so I felt that in order to catch the right fish, I had to use the right bait so to speak.

>>So yes, I became obsessive about lightening my skin, lost weight, dyed my hair black, basically tried to look as cutesy and Asian as possible without being too obvious about it.

I'm no longer creepy, nor do I dress like a weeb or do weepy makeup, but that's because I also dated asian guys, so I guess my fetish died down once I finally "caught" one ugh. But yeah, I can totally relate to your creepy weeb shit lol as I did the same things.

As for me, I still don't find white guys attractive, but no longer have any real fetish thankfully. I still prefer asian guys to other races because I prefer asian cultures/the relationship dynamics and am moving permanently to asia soon (lived there a couple years) BUT I look at a lot more criteria now than just "OMG cute Asian BoY".

No. 195375

did you seriously think all asian guys were hot? most of them look pretty nerdy, unless they were blessed with good facial structure or actively try to look good. like i can understand liking anime or kpop, but i don't know how it can brainwash you into thinking every asian guy you see in a grocery store is hot. like i'm not trying to say they're all ugly, but they're not any more attractive or ugly than white guys.

what about asian culture/relationship dynamics appeals to you? and do you prefer guys who were born and raised in your country, or FOBS?

No. 195407

As a /fit/ asian guy in Aus why do I hardly encounter any weebs acting like you describe?

Is this like an American or EU thing?

No. 195439

The few Asians we have are mostly Vietnamese FOBs who stick to their own groups and never bother to learn the language or integrate, so no

No. 195444

>>what about asian culture/relationship dynamics appeals to you?

>>asian culture

I lived in asia for a while (2 countries) and also lived with an ex-boyfriend's family for a few months (they didn't speak English and were very fobby). Frankly, I just felt 1000x happier in asia than in other countries I've lived in. It was SOOO safe, men were respectful, women weren't so jaded. I cried for weeks after I had to leave China and 3 years later and am still not over the feelings of sadness tbh. I'm on a high dose of antidepressants because being back in the U.S. with all the crime, drug addicts, homeless, crazies, angry ghetto people, old buildings, shitty public transit (I like driving, but sometimes it would be nice to take a bus without creepy, crazy people), run down houses etc. caused me to plummet into complete hopelessness. And I live in a wealthy/desirable part of the U.S. :/ When I returned to the San Francisco airport and drove home, I was honestly shocked by how…decrepit everything looked. I don't have any interest in poor asian countries, but the wealthy asian countries are so ahead of the U.S….

Luckily, in 2 years I will be able to move to asia permanently and will be eligible for permanent residency after another 3-5 years.

>>asian relationship dynamics

For relationships, besides being more physically attractive, I find asian men more gentle, sweeter, and more family/marriage-oriented. I don't like manly men/bad boys, so being around so many awesome, well-educated guys made dating much easier. My ex boyfriends would carry my bags, open doors for me, cook, buy me lots of gifts, etc. When I compare them to my friends with non-asian boyfriends, I feel I'm treated better in my relationships.

>>do you prefer guys who were born and raised in your country, or FOBS?

I only date FOBs or NOBs (Never on Boats). I wouldn't date an asian who was raised in the west because culturally they are different. Also, since I want to permanently move to asia there is no point anyway. I'm planning on marrying a man in either Japan or China to help ensure that I never have to leave (permanent residency + native husband = set for life).

>>Sorry for the blogpost reply.

No. 195453

So you went to China? How did you meet guys who were interested in western women AND marriage-minded? Were you ever worried that any of them were just playing with you, and not truly interested in marriage?

No. 195454


No. 195455


No. 195456

hmm that explains my tinder matches when i went there….

No. 195457

love yourself

No. 195458

O I am laffin. There's a reason why most of us try to leave this place.

No. 195459

tbf San Francisco is absolutely disgusting compared to major cities in other wealthy countries.

No. 195506

I'm with you there. Coming home to California from Europe was shitty.

No. 195507

Uhhhh no. Drug abuse is HEAVILY penalized in Asia. One huge idol lost her career because she was caught with a small amount of drugs. It's not worth it.


No. 195509

I'm 23, and I'm still a weeb. I don't watch that much anime, but I like J-fashion, wear lolita sometimes, listen to Japanese music (from 10 years ago lol), and play JRPGs. I spent 250 hours playing Persona over the last year, and now I've been spending a huge amount of time reading Persona fanfic/yaoi doujins. I'm now inspired to write fanfiction again.

Currently, I'm playing Earthbound and catching up on the Touhou fandom since I didn't read about it for the last couple of years. Also getting back into Pokemon.

I don't see what's wrong with it. I don't think people would guess I'm a huge weeb just from casually interacting with me, but who knows?

Now that I have some extra money, I'm actually importing yaoi doujins from Japan, and I'm planning on paying my friend to translate them.

People giving weebs crap is kind of sad, and I think a lot of it is because people are too conscious. As long as you aren't embarrassing yourself in public and your life is on track, what is wrong with what kind of hobby you have?

No. 195511

File: 1497812375785.jpg (33.96 KB, 603x278, IMG_0174.JPG)

I'm pretty sure I'm still a weeb, just not the obnoxious dA tier kind. I still listen to a lot of J-music, watch anime and read a crap ton of manga. I'm very much into J-fashion too.
I don't act like Japan is superior or anything, I just think every country is shitty equally.
I'm also very open minded, I'll get into western media if someone reccomends me it. I'm not going to avoid watching or reading something just because it isn't from great nippon.
There isn't anything wrong with having weeby interests, just don't be obnoxious about it and act like Japan is #1 and everything else is shit when it isn't.

No. 195518

When I was a teenager I was beyond a weeb. I spent at least three hours a day watching anime, and when I turned 16 I started to teach myself Japanese. Eventually I went to Japan at the age of 20 and lived there for little over a year in an exchange program. When I went home for Christmas I realized I hated Japanese culture and all the friends I had made in Japan, western or otherwise. Better late than never I guess, but I wished I had focused on school instead.

No. 195521

Why did you hate Japan? Can you still speak Japanese?

No. 195532

>I don't see what's wrong with it. I don't think people would guess I'm a huge weeb just from casually interacting with me, but who knows?
A lot of post-weebs in their late teens or early 20's have an irrational hate towards everything related to weebiness because they associate it with their cringy adolescence. So they're aggressively rejecting it and desperately proving to themselves that they're "over it" and "grown up" which is why they make these "LMAO WEEBS RIGHT" threads. I'm nearing my 30's and I had a phase like that when I was in my mid teens but now I'm old enough to embrace it.

No. 195537

Japan is a beautiful country, it's just the people are awful. Exchange students are even worse, being a weeb is fine but these people could only focus on Japan to the point where they were constantly shouting about how "crazy Japan is!!"
If I studied and practiced for two months I could speak Japanese again. It's a very easy language.

No. 195551

File: 1497826773583.jpg (9.25 MB, 450x463, k4eB2iA.jpg)

mfw I wish I was in either of those places

No. 195552

I know what you mean. I've never actually lived there but I was a tourist quite often and I know a bunch of people who lived there.
Anyways Japan as a vacation place is cool but living there…, I would go crazy.
The people are just too different there. I noticed that it's hard to get to know anyone unless they are drunk. Always being super nice too you but that's it pretty much nothing beyond superficialness.

Also there are soo many creeps I mean that whole loli bullshit.
Also there are soo fucking many neets. I still know that one time a Otaku talked to me asked one question and than just walked away. Thr way he looked at me still creeps me out to this day.
There are normal people of course but I feel likke compared to other countries they got more socially awkward people.

Idk and then the whole country just kinda ignores that there are other countries. Just look at how they learn English. Most people in high school that I talked to couldn't even speak a little bit while when Ibwad their age could form sentences in English (not a native speaker obviously).
I know it's not all the students fault but the school System in general. I also noticed that there are many young students studying English but I'm still baffled how the general public doesn't seem to care about issues going on in the world. Sorry for the rant.
I'm still a weaboo regarding some things but Japan as a country kinda sucks after I visited it a few times.

No. 195553

I'm on my phone so sorry for the stupid mistakes

No. 195556

How is it an easy language?

No. 195560

Not that anon but, as a French person (a language with so many stupid grammar rules) I think Jap is easier to learn. But it depends where you from I guess.

No. 195565

China is 10x safer than the U.S. I take it you've never lived in the United States.

>>So you went to China? How did you meet guys who were interested in western women AND marriage-minded? Were you ever worried that any of them were just playing with you, and not truly interested in marriage?

In my experience most Chinese men are marriage minded (I also lived in Japan, but preferred China). I think a large number like western women. White women are pretty popular among most races abroad. Keep in mind, I'm 4'11" so shorter than most men, which in itself makes dating easier. I meet the men through the same means you'd meet anyone such as activity clubs, classes, meetup groups, hanging out with friends, etc.

I'm positive all the guys I dated were interested in marriage. They introduced me to family and friends/met my family, and it went like any other relationship. Also, I didn't sleep/make out etc. with the majority guys I've dated.

I honestly think this whole asian/black guys using white women for pump and dumps idea originates from women who go to clubs, have one night stands, and somehow believe they are dating some wonderful guy JUST because he is such-and-such race (a la Kiki and Taco for example). If you look for good men through normal means you'll generally find them in any culture/country/race.

It's nice to hear someone else understand this feeling, although at the same time it sucks because I know how shitty it is…especially since complaining about living in California is something many can't relate to. I'm moving to Europe in a few months, but just for graduate school. After that I'm going back to an asian country. Do you have any plans on moving back abroad again? How are you coping with the return home?

No. 195569


>>What do you hate about Japanese culture anon?

I can understand hating annoying weebs, but Japanese culture is pretty sweet imo.

My Japanese was shit (still is tbh…you are fortunate to find the language easy!), but when I lived there I loved the culture and people. Most Japanese were so friendly, encouraging, patient, and well-mannered. Everything was orderly and peaceful.

If I can't move back to China in a couple years, Japan is my backup plan.

No. 195570

How did everyone get into being a weeb?

Did someone show you an anime when you were a kid?

No. 195573

Yep, I found pretty much all Asian guys hot, aside from the out and out hideous ones.

This is because I had a legit Asian fetish. People overuse that phrase all the time, but in my case it was a genuine racial fetish, because A) I was 100% exclusively attracted to Asian men and B) I was attracted to them BECAUSE they were Asian.

As I said before it was creepy and gross and wrong, but thankfully that phase is over now. I guess I just got it out of my system.

No. 195580

As the poster you responded to, I totally agree with you. It's really sad.

I love plenty of grown up things like music festivals, clubbing, and partying in general. (Or I would go more if my friends were into these things) I also spent most of this year watching tons of international movies, some of which were Japanese (but definitely not weeb bait). All of my Japan-related hobbies are just another set of hobbies I have.

I do think it's weird when people only like weeby things or child-related things in general. My best friend from middle school, I haven't kept up in contact with her, but as far as i can tell she just watches weeby things like sentai shows and you couldn't persuade her to watch a regular acclaimed American show for adults like Breaking Bad or something. I think it's weird when adults just watch anime or cartoons.

No. 195582

File: 1497840547301.jpg (17.28 KB, 240x360, Mashiro-PaRADEiS-j-rock-217280…)

I discovered anime at 8 years old when they started playing anime dubs on tv. I kept it on the down-low, but was totally a weeb. By middle school I discovered visual kei and that's when the cringe truly started, I looked like a mixture between visual kei and hot-topic emo. Otherwise, I was just the quiet girl who sat at the back of class drawing anime. By high school I had discovered kpop, didn't watch anime as much, and my visual kei consumption basically stopped (the scene was kinda dead). I became kpop cringy instead, but luckily this comes with the added benefit of positive influence on self-styling and is a bit less obvious to normies, so I was able to blend in a bit more than before.

Finally, in university I became heavily into j-fashion/gyaru/j-pop and also took Japanese classes throughout. I met a lot of Japanese people and heard stories from our teacher that knocked some sense into me about how Japan is literally just a country like any other and even a bit backwards in some respects (horrible working culture, high suicide rates, etc.) I drifted away for a while and my identity was nothing without j-culture, I guess you could even say I felt some disdain for it but it was more disappointment than anything.

Nowadays I still like Japan and I occasionally check out my old interests, but I have more of a general interest in the culture and learning the culture. I've also branched out into a lot of Western pop culture that before I would have just dismissed because ~Japan does it better (^_^)b~. That, and j-pop websites are always shutting down or blocked in other countries, so it's become really difficult to follow the Oricon charts and I just don't have time anymore to hunt things down.

No. 195583

*interest in the culture and learning the language

No. 195584

Kind of ot but just wondering how good your mandarin was upon moving to china? Im interested in studying abroad this spring but am worried i won't be able to learn enough in time

No. 195585

Thanks for validating my feelings anon (french speaker also). I've only ever spoken with native english speakers who learn Japanese and then claim it's such a hard language (you can really tell by their pronunciation and broken awkward structures) and I legitimately felt bad so I wouldn't disagree with them, but honestly it's no more tedious than french whatsoever.

No. 195592

When I was a toddler my older siblings used to watch a lot of anime. Eventually I was old enough to remember watching Pokemon and Yugioh with them and it just sort of became bonding time for the entire family. We'd all sit together every Saturday and watch those shows. I guess that sparked my interest in anime early on. It seems silly but anime kinda has a sentimental value because it was something my family enjoyed and we all bonded over it.

As I got older I explored anime more on my own. I suppose this where I actually began my weeb phase. I still watched it with family but since I was one of the youngest everyone else was busy so it'd normally be me and my younger sister or an older brother. In middle school I got sort of cringy and wrote god awful fanfics and drew terrible pictures. I met a couple of weeb girls then and went completely obsessed until I entered high school. In high school I still watched anime and read manga but kept it more under the table and focused on school. The weeb friends I had in middle school were still obsessed nonstop so I distanced myself from them and moved on.

A little later in high school I found jfashion and got into Lolita fashion and mori kei. I've always been into cute clothing so it just clicked. That peaked my interest way more than anything so I've been into it ever since. Nowadays I don't watch anime much. I'm really busy with uni and other things so I really only focus on my jfashion. I still watch it here and there but I'm just glad it gave me lots of time spent with family growing up more than anything.

I look back on middle school weeb days and yeah I sometimes miss it but not enough to want to relive those days. It's more of the nostalgia it gives me cause I was so carefree back then. Besides, if I were still hardcore weeb, I might not be living the life I want right now. One of the weebs I knew in middle school now a college dropout who sits in her parents' house drawing anime and posting on the internet all day.

Agreed. Weeb is used so often it's not much of an insult unless you're the full blown stereotype. There's nothing wrong with liking anime or some other type of Japanese pop culture but to be an adult that does it at the level a lot of us did in middle school or perhaps worth is just no.

No. 195593

i was always a closet weeb thank god. i had super weeby friends who would cosplay to school and i remember actively cringing at the time so i was at least somewhat aware.

i don't really watch anime anymore unless its a film (and i occasionally rewatch cowboy bebop and samurai champloo). i would say the only thing i still do that mighttt be considered weeby is that i wanna go to japan so bad and i just signed up for japanese classes at my university. and i still play a lot of jrpgs.

No. 196540

I was a weeb from around 8-13. I had access to the internet at a really young age, found anime through sailor moon/tokyo mew mew, and joined the AMV community pretending to be a 16 year old. This was back when YouTube had just started so there weren't that many amv creators, and I befriended a lot of the bigger ones and actually gained a pretty decent following. Towards the end my laptop fried, and by the time I was able to go back to making AMVs all of the old creators had left or were focusing on newer animes that I had no interest in, so I ended up closing my channel and fell out of the loop with anime in general. I never cosplayed since I was so young (thank god) and my parents were poor anyway.

I go to the local anime convention every year now for the experience, plus I occasionally watch an anime a friend recommends. I'm really glad I wasn't allowed to go to cons when I was in my weeb phase though, minors at cons freak me out a little considering how creepy some people can be.

No. 196731

File: 1498695236059.jpg (95.65 KB, 496x1000, b402c368024f885e7987b86e1043ae…)

I use to be a huge weeb. It ended in my late teen years.

I am Chinese, born and raised in the U.S. I never got any attention from my parents and growing up I was a latchkey kid, meaning that I was highly independant at a young age and did everything on my own. It was a very lonely time for me.

I started playing alot of online video games to fill the void of missing parents and family. At the time there were many Animes that aired on T.V so for these games my user name would be my favourite anime character. I think it was Natsuki or something.

People would randomly come up to me in game and say hello, drop items for me and send me friend requests because of my user name, because they thought I was Japanese and wanted to interact with someone who they believed had a connection to the popular culture they so loved.

As I grew older I started joining Guilds, teams and clans. Being like many teenagers you wanted to stand out and have a face to your voice so once I started posting pictures of myself on my profiles it changed.

I started getting so much random attention and admiration from everyone because they thought I looked Japanese. Noticing this I used this to my advantage and started introducing myself as Japanese. And once I did, people started liking me more and more and soon I became pretty well known around the community.

It didn't really bother me that I was lying about my race because I thought that no one could ever find out about the truth because of my looks and my knowledge of the language. It was so much easier spinning a lie online than in real life, whenever someone tested me I would respond in Japanese.

For once I felt important and appreciated but the more I lied the more guilty and terrible I felt. I had a terrible feeling in my heart but I would ignore it.

One day my friend introduces me to his friend who is half Japanese, we'll call him Hikaru. I thought that Hikaru would be more drawn to me if I was Japanese so I told him that I was half too. He was currently living in Japan and had plans to come back to America to vist my friend and me now that we were friends, I was happy to meet a Japanese person to be honest lol. He then introduced me to his Japanese friends and they all spoke to me with intrigue and me being me I kept the lie on.

And again I would feel shitty about the lies. Later on I stopped talking to Hikaru and his friends, and met more people drawn to how "Japanese" I was.

A few things that made me realize how disgusting and fucking stupid for faking my ethnicity was two things. There was a boy that was immensely attracted to asians, especially Japanese. And he saw me a someone who could fulfill his own virgin Japanese idol dreams. I hoped the fuck out of that fast because not only he was crazy but he was unstable and abusive to everyone.
Ironically the last nail for me was watching another weeb lie but taking things to a whole new level. The weeb was a white girl who pretended/lied about being Japanese and Korean. She took the all the asian women stereotypes in a book and ran with it. She painted this story that asian girls where exactly like what you see in anime; shy sweet and timid but slutty. Used ps and makeup to "appear asian". And wanted to undergo extensive cosmetic surgery + first and last name change to keep up with her lie. I didn't want any of that shit and I realized that what I was doing was boarderline like what this stupid bitch was doing. All these things woke me up from the fantasy that I was living online was fucking wrong. I didn't want to lie forever and constantly be in fear of someone finding out. I was tired of being someone else, as cheesey as it sounds I wanted to be me for once.
Ever since my epiphany I deleted everyone whoever spoke to me when I was faking it and I started introducing myself as Chinese. Now in person I always correct someone if they ask if I'm Korean or Japanese. Instead of being flattered I would get pretty offended because it comes off as that person only thinks that 2 kinds of asians can attractive.

It's been a few years and looking back, it's shameful and I would never want my children to lie like how I did. I want them to be proud of their heritage and the history behind it.

I thought that being Japanese made me unique, I thought it made people like me. And I know there are some people who there who are still like that out there, trust me you wouldn't want to be near anyone who only likes you because of your race. I'm alot more happier now that I accepted who I am and I appreciate my culture much more now.

And that was my story of my lie

No. 196735

For anons who think Japanese is easy, do you think Chinese is hard? I'm a native English speaker and find Japanese much more difficult than Chinese so am curious how other anons feel (especially those who find Japanese easy).

No. 196736

Damn anon, that's a crazy story. It's good that you got out of that phase though (mom, it WAS just a phase).

>>He then introduced me to his Japanese friends and they all spoke to me with intrigue and me being me I kept the lie on.

I'm wondering if the Japanese you met realized you were faking it?

No. 196738

>I want them to be proud of their heritage and the history behind it
That's fair enough but depending on where you live lying might be preferable because of prejudice, not just cause people want to look cool. There aren't any truly negative stereotypes associated with China, at least not compared to literally everyone from the Middle East, Turkey, Eastern Europe or Brazil (at least here).

It's not crazy, it's sad that people jump to conclusions about who you are as a person based on your nationality but I've experienced a lot of hate myself and nowadays I prefer to either not say anything or say I was raised somewhere else. Because if I do say where I'm actually from people freak out and stop talking to me, and I'd rather have friends and a nice life than be proud of my heritage at the expense of being ridiculed and isolated, since I already have the privilege of not sticking out physically and I've seen really bad shit happen to people from Africa and the like who are obviously foreign. Even if they're not my real friends, I'd rather not have to find out and be alone like I used to back when I felt bad about lying. Not my fault people are bigoted assholes, they don't really deserve to be told the truth if they act like turds.

Not even a weeb btw, just saw your comment and wanted to say something on the topic because I used to do the same thing (and still do, albeit to a lesser degree because now I have money, an SO and a steady career)

No. 196741

File: 1498706942247.jpg (6.32 KB, 275x183, download (3).jpg)

I don't know if Hikaru's friends suspected anything, even if they did I wouldnt know as they only did the shit talking behind closed doors. I'm not fluent in Japanese so they still saw me as a gaijin regardless of the lie, it was kinda ironic that I said I was half to fit in when they didn't even accept halfs to begin with

From my memory of Chinese class as a kid, it was difficult. But yet again when you're a kid your attention span and tolerance is different, I started Japanese lessons in my mid teens and it was surprisingly easy because of the similarities Japanese has with Chinese. I plan on learning Chinese again along with my SO, he's middle eastern so it's pretty exciting how he'll be able to conversate with my family

No. 196747

Don't want to start a flame war but it really isn't normal to not find men of your own race attractive. It's a kind of self-hatred since you don't want to see your own features mirrored in your partner to any degree.

Most weebs grow out of the Asian fetish thing. I used to find Asian men attractive but it was never an exclusive thing (ie to the exclusion of white men), and upon actually interacting with them and learning about Asian culture it put me off. Asian people and White people are really, really goddamn different to each other culturally, socially etc. No matter what we want to say to patch over the differences.

I'd agree about Asian cities being way safer but then again I've found largely white cities in the west (went to Riga and Krakow last year) similarly safe. And you don't have to feel like an alien while you're there.

No. 196760

At least you got out of it. Ethnicity fucks up so many people, if the internet has taught me anything in like the past 5 years. Making your identity about your ethnicity isn't good even if you are Chinese. Just think of yourself as a person first and everything else is just how you were born. You don't have to be "proud Chinese" like what your image is inferring. Learn to flavor your personality with who you are, not what you are. You could just as easily fall into the trap of every white nationalist and social justice snowflake as of recent and become insufferable in a new way.

No. 196780

File: 1498744917565.jpg (25.89 KB, 500x375, cat hug 1.jpg)

Thank you Anon for your post. I agree with you, my SO had a co worker whose sense of self was strongly tied around being black. Alot of his co workers were so annoyed of him talking and being obsessed over "black problems" and how everyone preceives "black culture" everything he talked about including his interest of how his day went has to somehow do with his ethnicity. Like you said it's a terrible idea to make my race all about me, I'll remember that.

No. 197024

File: 1498963459402.gif (1.61 MB, 424x500, satan_was_there.thumb.gif.438d…)

I used to have a huge cringy weeb phase, when I was around 12 or so up until I was 18. I was really socially awkward, was a hermit, and even considered myself only attracted to anime characters rather than real people which is super pathetic looking back on it, lol. As of now, the only anime/manga series I care about is JoJo, other than that I could really care less about anime/manga itself. I also really like Kpop and listen to it a lot, but I don't get into cringy fandom shit nor do I go around spewing out random Korean and think that Korea is a place filled with idols and celeburties everywhere1!1!1

No. 197049

uhhhh yes, they do drugs. It rarely gets caught because the entertainment industry is tightly knit.

It's heavily penalized for normal people, but not for the wealthy and idols with big companies backing them. If they get caught it ruins their career at most, they don't go to jail.

>Park Bom
>That trainee with rich parents that got caught with TOP and only got probation despite it being her 3rd time being caught and having been known for doing LSD before.

No. 197052

Soooo basically like Muslim countries?

It's odd that entertainers would use recreational drugs, as I never met anyone when I lived in Asia who used any (speaking of normal people). It just seems like a huge divide.

No. 197054

Everyone who took drugs that I met, when I lived in SK, was richkids and people with connection to the entertainment industry.

They live a completely different life, it's crazy.

No. 197084

If you're rich enough you can do anything, in any country, and get away with it.

No. 197086


Glad anon said this, it bugs me to fuck when weebs or those dodgy neckbeard asian obsessed racists say whites and asians are the same. I would say… they're probably close? But different. Why the fuck would we call a white/asian kid a hafu and not just white or asian when it's half?

Different - not one bit the same. It's just Venus Weeb types who WISH it was the same.

No. 197090


Very similar to you anon actually… I love all that stuff in Japan too and still do at 23. I am currently doing a degree and I would love to dress in jfashion daily too but it just looks ridiculous half the time and where I live in the UK… people give you weird looks.

So what I do is just post cutesy outfits on Instagram in my bedroom? But just not over the top?I still dress nice and girly daily but just not over the top. I just do a balance of cutesy online but also grown up stuff too like cocktails, food ect? So it isn't too… otakuish?

No. 197134

People say it because whites and (east) asians preside over the most successful advanced industrial countries.

But yeah, we are radically different as people. East Asia for example is a hyper-competitive place where, to western eyes, people will compete past the point of diminishing marginal returns with each other.

No. 197183


Its because white has always been seem as the highest form of beauty all over the shit

Asians make money, clever ect plus smaller and small is good in the fashion department

So they both win in some shape or form

Im not even asian or fully white either but its obvious

No. 197260

People who say asians and whites are alike probably have never been around asians. When I was in China town in New York, Chinese women literally had their kids pissing with their dicks out on the street like it was normal.

No. 197261

Chinese tourists do it in Europe too… So much so that they have to put up special signs in Chinese telling them not to let their kids shit in the bins in my city

No. 197262

It's funny that Indians have a rep of pooing and pissing in the street, yet I've only seen Chinese doing this.

No. 197263

The ones that avail of
>designated shitting streets
usually can't afford going outside of their slums, that's probably why. The chinks I see walking around are a prime example of new money, and while most of them are actually nice (I'm guessing) middle class folk who like fur and Hermés scarves a bit too much, in every tour group there's a couple hicks who really don't know how to behave.

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