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File: 1557493055661.png (224.16 KB, 268x380, 1547958539234.png)

No. 30980

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>/m/14862 (girls)

previous thread: >>28947

No. 30990

downward spiral of shitty thread pics

No. 30992

File: 1557505030038.png (54.64 KB, 683x648, mmh.png)

Comments on articles posted on the same day

No. 30993

File: 1557505053960.png (24.3 KB, 683x314, mmh2.png)

No. 30995

Because some idiot(s) keeps jumping the gun and makes a new thread before the old one is locked so we don’t get to post and/or vote for new thread pics. This picture wasn’t even posted in the last thread…

No. 30996

Anon, what is this in reference to?

No. 30997

unfunny title too

No. 31034

This thread was a failure from the start smh

No. 31039

File: 1557529989486.jpeg (145.85 KB, 750x798, 74958136-2B0D-4954-82C3-403835…)

I thought I would check up on hyuna. Still posting thinspo and still getting comments congratulating her on her supposed weight gain. I miss her hooker style

No. 31050

> Also can we talk about KCon and how overpriced it is to see groups we don't care about like izone and verivery? They're doing this new thing where they divide the cons into categories now. New York was given the "rookie" category and is now hosting a bunch of nobodys.

Can someone explain this

No. 31055

No. 31057

File: 1557551848310.png (500.66 KB, 517x512, yeri.png)

yeri is so pretty like that. i don't understand why stylists force her to wear crop top+ skirt/shorts combo which make netizens bash her body. She also has the prettiest face in Red Velvet imo

No. 31059

File: 1557551957889.jpg (72.76 KB, 798x531, 57674304_318236722200689_75908…)

I don't believe Lisa is naturally skinny…

No. 31060


They all got a lot skinnier before as if it's your last era.

No. 31061

So are JK and Jimin are the biggest attention whores of BTS or is constantly begging for attention just par for the course in idol world even if you're already as big as BTS?

No. 31062

Most of these are pretty mom-ish

No. 31063

There's no such thing as ''naturally extremely underweight''. If you told people that some people are naturally mordibly obese, they wouldn't believe it so why do they delude themselves when it comes to their oppas and unnies? It's pretty damn coincidental that everyone in the korean entertainment industry just happens to be ''naturally skinny''. It's shocking how unhinged people prove to be when they call Rosé the girl with the ''best body in kpop''. SJW ''feminists'' promoting eating disorders kek. Also unrelated but it's obvious YG is involved in shady shit so those same sjw's are also giving out their money to illegal business

No. 31067

Fuck off, solo stan. Pandering to fans is their job.

No. 31070


We found the JK and/or Jimin stan on lolcow

No. 31071


Rose is not only underweight she has scary caveman feet, a long torso, scrawny legs and a bobblehead. Whoever thinks she has the best body in kpop has dangerous body image issues.

No. 31074

she was cute during debut but she has ruined her face beyond repair now

No. 31075

this guy is so self satisfied and smug with his hair transplant (don't even watch the whole video it is in the first few secs )

No. 31076

>>31075 hair transplant? thats a first i hear in kpop, do you have proof?

No. 31078

is the unnatural way his hair flips not proof enough for you it is an open secret by now (but yeah i am not a sasaeng so i cannot provide you with a receipt of his actual transplant)

No. 31079

There's no proof, the anon with a vendetta(?) against Jaehyun is just borderline schizo.
>inb4 reee stan

No. 31080

vid related watch the similarities

you go around calling anybody who is not praising jaehyun having a "vendetta" and also expect to not be called a stan that you are ? funny and cute.

No. 31081

I don't mind hair transplants. Do whatever you want. As long as you're not an asshole about it, nobody should give a shit.

No. 31082

Nice double samefagging, schizo

No. 31085

Guys the previous thread is still alive

No. 31089

File: 1557582235215.png (792.57 KB, 1080x1304, IMG_20190511_154351.png)


No. 31090

Ignoring religious freedom and all, why would anyone do this?

No. 31091

Kpop has tons of Muslim SEA fans, it's probably some 14 year old girl who wants idols to look like her.

No. 31094

Putting his obvious hair transplants aside, how does anyone watch this or find it appealing? This guy is so disgustingly narcissistic, and every view blows up his giant ego even more. Like imagine what people would say if a female idol uploaded a video like that

No. 31099

Yeah, this was 100% his own choice and staff don’t exist

No. 31103

so one of the main fags of The 1975 (band) just apologized to bts for weed smell (as banter)- as if BTS don't do worse drugs to keep up with their busy schedule

No. 31104

Are you the same anon who's been making angry posts about jaehyun in the other threads? what makes you hate dislike him so much? not mad, just curious. personally I just find him very dull

No. 31105

this is the first time i have posted about nct or at least jaehyun but just by one post i get like 10 ppl policing me it is not hard to see that jaehyun has ya'll by your balls

the particular way he is so smug about his hair transplant is just funny so i just wanted to share the vid but i guess we should just leave him alone cuz some nct fags think he is dull

No. 31106

No one but an nctfag would even bother bringing nct up.

No. 31108

The way ratmys or other kpop fans are policing US media and celebrities is embarrassing af. They got mad at Ellen too for asking if they hook up with their fans. They choose to enter the American market and interact with celebrities there why should people then conform to Korean norms and etiquettes? It's ridiculous. They're so deep into kpop that they forgot that not in every country artists have to censor themselves and act like celibate saints.

No. 31112

File: 1557598819958.jpeg (45.56 KB, 610x846, 5D399EAC-0494-4FBB-9297-D1A4B7…)

Don’t know if this was posted last thread, it probably was, but JJY pleaded guilty to the spycam charges. He’s still under investigation with Choi Jong Hoon for rape charges.


Also, Roy Kim is still apparently set to graduate from Georgetown but he’s denying that he’s preparing…
I guess the school hasn’t expelled him yet.


No. 31116

roy kim should be expelled wtf is wrong with usa

but the jonghyun guy from cnblue is outright getting away with it he doesn't get mentioned at all (he is the one who has clips of publicly groping girlgroups' boobs and ass)

No. 31118

There’s a petition still going around on campus, I think.

Jonghyun has been enlisted since August 2018 so maybe that’s why we haven’t heard anything.
From the way some people talk, it seems like they can’t do much if men have enlisted but I’m not sure.

No. 31119

I think we can still be happy to know that the public won't ever give them a chance again and that they're seen as the shame of Korea. (Except for crazy fans).
This still won't make up for the disgusting shit they've done.
Bunch of sociopaths…pretty sure they don't even feel sorry.

No. 31120

I remember when people used to insult her manager for not letting her eat what fans gave her…The staff of braindead kpop groups probably work much harder than them and it's not like idols are forced to be glorified prostitutes…

No. 31121

wasn't there an incident where a fan tried to poison an idol or something? I feel like the staff are mostly doing their job and taking safety precautions.

No. 31122

the thing i see rose praised for the most is her body. not her singing, dancing or whatever else. it's always her body.

No. 31123

Nah naturally "extremely" underweight/skinny people exist. I eat like shit, don't exercise, and I never gain weight lol. My mom was the same until she had kids. My friend too.

However I don't think she's one of those people. She doesn't carry weight in the right places and looks genuinely ana. Naturally skinny people still have pockets of fat/untoned muscle. Pretty sure I'm skinnier than her but I still look less spooky

No. 31124

Probably because they're salty he's more popular than their bias. They always word their posts the same way
>how does anyone find this appealing??
>OBVIOUS hair transplant/wig
>if a female idol did this…
>no idea how I stumbled across this vid 2 hours after it was posted, not a nctfag btw!
Etc. Maybe it's yutachan making a come back. Nct is a boring fucking group. If there weren't so many nctfags in here, no one ever would've brought them up aside from like a one off comment about Taeyong being the poster boy for the gangnam oppa look or Yuta's scary, busted face.

No. 31125

Tbf Rosé doesn't really have talent at all. She's just a shitty Park Bom rip off. Luna is one of SM's most talented vocalist and dancer yet the GP only obsesses about her looks and anorexia. I know she feeds into this by being an attention whore on instagram etc but still…

No. 31126

Settle down ana-chan. Why do you lot always try to one up each other? not only you're sooo much skinnier than rosé, you're also "better looking". Stop trying to pass off your health issues as normal because you're heading straight towards an early grave if what you say is true

No. 31127

this looks so uncomfortable to dance in. it's weird to me that twice were singing children's songs a few months ago and now they're wearing outfits like this.

No. 31128

are people over that controversy yet?

No. 31129

Someone tell these companies that dressing idols in these short clothes that almost exposes their underwear wont make the "concept" mature.
How about you dress them in comfortable clothes but start giving them decent songs in which they don't sound like they're in middle school?
But who am I kidding, they know exactly what they're doing.

No. 31130

Lmfao chill. I didn't say I'm better looking nor am I trying to "one up" her. I'm perfectly healthy btw. I just happen to be really skinny.

I only pointed out it's possible to be really skinny since another anon said it's not, and that lisa doesn't look like she fits that category

No. 31131

Stop acting dumb, we all know you meant that Lisa still looks ''big boned'' and not dainty despite her low weight

No. 31132

Wtf is wrong with you? She looks freaky as fuck. In my previous post i even said that. Homegirl does not look healthy and looks like she has an ED.

Learn to read and take the stick out your ass lmao

No. 31133

>this level of blogging/humble bragging

No. 31135

I don't understand why you would supposedly look less freaky than her at an even lower weight kek. Make your humble bragging have some sense

No. 31136

Lol like i said, naturally skinny people and true anachans hold weight differently. If she were naturally skinny, shed still have some fat pockets and basically look untoned. She doesn't, she looks like a skeleton lol. Which is why i said i dont think she's naturally skinny, she looks like someone with an ED.

Idk why that's so hard for yall to understand but ok. Stay salty for whatever reason

No. 31137

File: 1557613773424.jpg (56.21 KB, 620x618, 21042807_1856211624405239_3861…)

Is this edited? She looks very scary. It's like she has muscle with no fat. She's always been really thin but this is unsettling.

No. 31141

This is Lisa? She looked like a normal, adorable little thai girl. Sad what kpop does to people

No. 31145

Well the bottom line is always appealing to male fans, so actually mature concepts or empowered/confident women are a big no no

No. 31147

File: 1557620931520.png (421.09 KB, 570x576, Screenshot_14.png)

someone tell them…

No. 31150

are they really that oblivious?

No. 31153

File: 1557628019745.png (140.94 KB, 452x564, takeajoke.png)

No. 31155

it was yunho from tvxq that was poisoned by an anti who passed by a fan in an event.

No. 31157

Just watched the second episode of Produce 101 X and this part caught my attention
There's a 16 year old trainee teaching the older guys on the same ranking to dance to the coreography, but he can't tell them they're wrong cuz of Korean age hierarchy
Then gets scolded by the trainer for not being a 'good leader' and starts crying
Jfc, I can't with this kind of shit, it's absurd…

No. 31159


BTOB's Sungjae had to teach Rose how to sing on that one variety show and that was back when she was being mediaplayed as being a top vocalist.

No. 31160


THe public has always been more obsessed with Luna's visuals, putting her down when she was bigger and had bigger muscles. It's no wonder Luna turned out how she did. The K-public always want to act surprised when someone they tore apart ends up anorexic or unwell.

No. 31161


I don't know. Apparently it was only some female communities who were trying to drum up controversy whereas it doesn't seem like the public really cares. Asian Junkie exposed the IU-ZeZe scandal as something similar where it was literally the same handful of users commenting and blowing up the issue.

No. 31162


She was really cute and happy here. This reminds me of BamBam not wanting to look at his old pictures because of how dark he looked (and being made fun of JR/Jinyoung for being dark too) and Sorn from CLC going from looking like this Lisa picture to looking like a wide-eyed ghost. K-pop's beauty standards are so upsetting and bizarre, especially when you see how much prettier and normal looking some Asian celebs are outside of Korea. Like, compare BTS or some other kpop male idols to some top hot male actors in Japan. Except for some exceptions, the former usually look like botoxed cyborgs and the latter often actually look like handsome human beings.

No. 31163


Most female idols are underweight/ana to begin with but their companies usually try to hide it by using cheek fillers. Maybe Rose ran out of her supply.

No. 31164


Korean hierarchy is so weird and damaging. A lot of sexual and physical abuse happens at universities for example and gets normalized/goes unreported because of it. It's just too easy to abuse one's power in that situation.

No. 31165

holy shit can you stop spamming? you can reply to multiple anons in one post, newfag. jfc.

No. 31171

This sub bitches so much about the dumbest shit that has nothing to do with K-pop.

No. 31173

File: 1557647994050.jpg (207.11 KB, 1280x1280, 0bf49cf8-c98a-458d-b023-1b0c90…)

>S U B

No. 31174

no they don’t kek those are bulimia cheeks you sperg. she’s less puffy now because she graduated to anorexia

No. 31176

Isn't this similar to the Kylie situation?

No. 31177

we call hardcore stans sad but we can't forget the great work of antis, who waste as much of their life hating idols as sasaengs do obsessing over them.

No. 31178

You seem lost.

But yeah this thread is mostly hating the way idols look because it’s full of failed anachans and self righteous ps spotters. This is where they project.

No. 31179

As someone who follow them casually on Twitter, I would say that while Jimin is obviously attention seeking and his own members said so in the past, Jugnkook posts pretty rarely and is more of a "stay in the back and doesn't utter a word" kind of guy. He's the most boring member along with V, who just post picture of himself bc he loves his face sm.

No. 31180

Don’t reply to yourself.

No. 31185

Does being ana impair your intellectual capacities kek

No. 31186

I know you are joking, but yes it does.

No. 31191

Post comparison pics pls anon, this is an image board after all

No. 31193

No. 31195

File: 1557687687677.png (35.21 KB, 630x348, twt.PNG)

lmao replies vary between ARMYs in denial, ARMYs making excuses and ARMYs getting salty and attacking people pointing out how bad this note is

No. 31199


He seems the most invested in BTS's current success rn so maybe their current situation has him feeling more confident and desperate for attention (esp with all the attention he's been getting from American celebs lately) and his attention whore ways has skyrocketed.

They should get as much in as possible because it doesn't look like these celebs take them that seriously. How many of them actually promote their music/songs as opposed to just taking a pic with/tweeting the group?

No. 31201

The tweet thread is deleted now but someone that worked at the Soldier Field stadium tour date said Bighit banned all the trained female staff from working 15 minutes before the start of the show because of a 'no females allowed backstage policy.' This includes the showrunner with 10 years plus experience (who had worked with Beyonce, etc) because she was a female. So she had to be radio-ing in and organizing from off set or something. It apparently was total chaos.

the original tweet thread that was deleted but here's what was said:


If this is true bighit must believe every female that comes into contact with bts has secret designs to try to get into their pants regardless of their work, station in life/profession/culture etc.

I wonder if Korea has a culture of women joining idol companies as 'staff' for that very reason but who knows.

No. 31203

>I wonder if Korea has a culture of women joining idol companies as 'staff' for that very reason
This is not about bts but there were speculations that some female managers were obsessive fans.
I only vaguely remember but I think fans even had proof and honestly it doesn't seem too far fetched cause it can't be that difficult to get a job that basically consists of being a glorified servant for a bunch of people.

No. 31205

This is fucked but I also kind of…get it, in a way?

Obviously I don’t know the company’s reasoning but it seems like they’re trying to prevent any/all potential scandals aka protecting their investment. BTS seems incredibly controlled in that way and that might be why we haven’t heard any real scandals involving women (yet). Also, they can’t control or threaten or do invasive background checks the same way they can with Korean nationals.

Sounds like BigHit has a lot of paranoia after the GLaM incident, too.

I wonder if the same rules apply for Korean concerts?

No. 31206

once bts fade dies down, i hope there will be psychological reports on the reason why 7 unremarkable asian men made so many young women go crazy

No. 31209

And many old women too in that case

No. 31213

There were definitely female staff members in that burn the stage movie. So this probably applied only to concerts outside Korea, if it's real. Makes sense, since they have no control over foreign stalkers or media. If something happened they wouldn't be able to cover it up as easily as in Korea, where they also have fans protect idols like crazy

No. 31214

why would you watch that lol go away ratmy

No. 31215

File: 1557700885366.gif (1.44 MB, 268x335, tumblr_pr8nq1B6711wq9zq3o4_400…)

god he's even uglier in motion

No. 31216

File: 1557701975226.png (254.97 KB, 679x423, k6.png)

He looks like Kris now kek. It will never fail to astonish me how ugly SM male idols are allowed to be meanwhile 90% of SM female idols demolished their faces to fit fucked up beauty standards.

No. 31217

he's so greasy. i wish he'd get it into his head the us isn't interested in him and stay in china

No. 31218

He's seen better days man. Who is this guy?

No. 31219

The guy in the gif is Lucas, the 2nd guy is Kris Wu

No. 31220

Wew kris has never been a looker but he looks repulsive now

No. 31222

On the topic of EXO, few days ago Kai posted pics fondly reminiscing about the times he had to wear dreads for a comeback. So much for ''no input'' over what idols wear kek.

No. 31224

File: 1557709123381.jpeg (47.33 KB, 300x300, 6B791EA9-C90E-4C1A-A8E6-C904A3…)

Sorry but I’m picturing this guy trying to make people take him seriously and I can’t, I can’t!!!

No. 31225

both him and tiffany. they're so unappealing.

No. 31229

dispatch are going to reveal a couple

No. 31231

There are clips all over social media everyone's seen some. Nice try anon, you just wanted to say "go away ratmy" for once huh?

No. 31232

What kind of hellish social media do you frequent? And why do you purposefully watch them then? Accept the fact you're a bts obsessed army and stop acting like you fit in this thread. Nctfags and ratmys need to be shot into the sun. People everywhere outside Stan Twitter hate you and think you're weird and ugly

No. 31233

File: 1557730624942.png (782.43 KB, 1080x1835, IMG_20190513_085531.png)

Samefag but this is literally paid content. Wonder how you sleep at night knowing you are funding a degenerate industry at best and organized crime at worst

No. 31234

Nta but you can clearly see a female staff member in the clip you're watching, sperg. Curb your autism.

No. 31236

Calm down, anon.

No. 31239

nta but wow did bts or nct steal your gf or something mate we are all here to criticize their stupidity but we actually need material in order to do that and when someone posts some anons are going off saying they're stans

i liked this thread better when we were hating on kpop idols rather than each other tbh

No. 31240

What was the theme when this picture was taken?

No. 31242

Does anon love under a rock? Or just not use the internet aside from lol cow? Paid content is uploaded on Twitter and Instagram all the time. You can't really escape bts content if you're into anything kpop. Which most of us are since we're on a kpop critical forum. Go sperg your autism someplace else. You're probably a ratmy yourself butthurt that anybody female is around your oppas

No. 31244

Did they say when?

No. 31251

Apparently it's V and BTS stans are panicking and apparently it's happening in the next couple days

No. 31252

File: 1557754265330.jpg (31.6 KB, 480x638, D6cxzMQUIAABZxk.jpg)

According to rumours it's one of the BlackPink members. Which is very hard to see them lower their selves to be seen with this

No. 31253

How you find out?

No. 31254

Aw yes I wanna see some ratmy meltdowns.

No. 31255

i doubt anything will happen. big hit are up distpatch's ass

No. 31256

I don't want any couple "scandals" rn tbh. It's just gonna shift the focus away from the burning sun issue.

No. 31257

bts\bighit and dispatch are pretty chummy with each other so i doubt anything will happen (but god do i hope it does happen)

No. 31258

You people are the reason this thread turned to shit. You don't even try to hide your obsession with these plastic monsters.i find it so disgusting you guys try to trick is into discussing your faves because you have a hate boner for people trash talking them. It's the fault of the person who linked us to Twitter/PULL whatever. The thought of ugly fat army's being the ones criticizing blackpink so much here is hilarious though(infighting)

No. 31259

I criticize male and female idols both with gusto and i am neither fat nor a ratmy - but sweetie it looks like you are the one who is a secret blackpink stan

also everyone in kpop is a plastic monster regardless of gender

No. 31260

You're paranoid. By the same logic people can accuse you of being a bp stan because you mentioned them in a post. Stop shitting up the thread

No. 31261

doublepost sorry but not ugly either lmao - you seem to have lots of issues with people trashing female idols and when they trash male idols you call it discussing (i guess my prior guess of a bts member stealing your gf is correct)(infighting)

No. 31262


Relax it aint that serious.

Also yeah ppl are saying it's V and Jisoo. I see them dating but I don't think Dispatch would go against their contract with Bighit to reveal them.

No. 31269

Movie characters, I’m assuming.

No. 31270

I wonder where this rumour even comes from.


No. 31272

i hope they are dating so that we can watch the ratmy salt, they are already extremely jealous of blackpink's existence. bts won't take much of a damage from a dating scandal unless it's jimin or jungkook though. people don't care about v.

No. 31277

File: 1557768534656.jpg (246.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190513-192621_Sam…)

No. 31278

First of all, where are you seeing a Dispatch couple announcement? I can't find anything about it, so link please.

Second, not sure how many of you are new to kpop but dating scandals have been super tame for like the past few years. Kai and Jennie were probably the most scandalous but there was literally just a pic of them walking together? At least when Baekhyun and Taeyeon were exposed, Dispatch had a pic of Taeyeon noona kissing Exo-Ls precious oppa in her Mercedes. Nothing can compare to way back then when Exo-Ls were so deluded and convinced that Taeyeon was evil and manipulating poor Baek, and that Taeyeon was a hoe who had dated sooo many idols in SM so Baekhyun was just a pawn.

So yeah, not expecting much from this. If anything, it'll probably be a 2nd gen idol that is washed up and dating some chaebol/actor/athlete, or an unheard of 3rd gen idol who isn't even known. Dispatch loves to exaggerate shit like "it's a TOP idol" when and when it's revealed it's like…Got7 or Momoland, lmao.

No. 31279

I feel like the really relevant actors or idols won't get exposed until the companies can no longer negotiate with dispatch, or until the ones that are dating wanna out themselves voluntarily.

No. 31280

File: 1557773333027.jpg (86.49 KB, 900x1125, 58409521_509333012804092_64193…)

Not sure how many of you all watch PD X 101 but the voting = ranking shit is so annoying. Clearly the producers of this show aren't dividing screen time equally and they have their favorites for sure. I feel bad personally for people like Choi Soohwan who's super talented and deserves to be in the final lineup, but is already ranked #56 despite being impressive to the judges and being in A group.

Theoretically speaking, if you were to go on this show, it doesn't even matter to be talented to debut in the final lineup. All you need is a sob story and some charm, and some favoritism from the producers of the show. Bonus points if you're good looking. Best example is the slope-shouldered Kim Mingyu (pic related) who is so utterly talentless but looks like a poor man's Cha Eunwoo.

Comments on the show are shaming this season for being devoid of "visuals" but this is a show that is supposed to be about singing and dancing. It'd make far more sense to put the highest ranked in talent in the final group and to create a supergroup similar to a 10-member TVXQ.


No. 31281

I can’t find anything on this but this pann post?
Soompi doesn’t say the investigation is over?

No. 31283

these shows have never been about talent. every final group is full of talentless "visuals". also i think companies pay for certain trainees to debut in these groups so they rig the votes anyway.

No. 31284

kai and jennie wasn't even scandalous though. people cared for like a week and moved on.

No. 31285

My bet is on it being V and Wonyoung :-)

No. 31286

unless they're planning to make a group centered around vocals most idols can survive with average talent. I don't know about the individual members but as a whole ioi, wanna one, and izone aren't better or worse than most kpop groups when it comes to skill imo.

No. 31290

No. 31294

Waiting for RM and Halsey to come out and have the ratmys have a meltdown.

No. 31295

File: 1557782703562.jpg (196.5 KB, 1199x1200, D2NUpa0X0AA1Eg7.jpg)

I has shocked to see that Soo Hwan didn't move up. He's still in the same spot since the first ep. Korea really does sleep on talent. Also kek on the YG trainees receiving low grades.

No. 31301


There will never be a group like T5XQ again and that's because these companies don't have their priorities in check and neither do Korean fangirls' whose psychotic tastes dominate the decision making. It's ridiculous to think that they even want to make a global group when they won't even allow international fans to vote.


I hate halsey but even I think she can do better.

No. 31302

I'm ready to watch the K-pop stans fight with the normie stans with low-key racism and get called out for it. Rabid hate of idols dating westerners could push the fandom into "ewww" territory to the rest of the world and it will be lovely.

No. 31305

lol auditions don't have to be about visuals since they all get their faces cut up extensively anyway

No. 31306

I had to Google to find out who wonyoung is and this girl is 14 yikes

No. 31307

tbh they're perfect for each other.

No. 31310

why a kid, is V a pedo

No. 31312

V apparently has a rep for being a huge pervert.

No. 31314

File: 1557801528598.jpg (164.79 KB, 900x1200, D2bJSoNUwAESe1C.jpg)

I never said that PD48 groups are below debuted 3rd gen groups, but they definitely have the well-rounded talent within at least 5 guys to form a supergroup like TVXQ. The issue is though, those guys won't fit the beauty standards and will be forgotten about. But honestly TVXQ aside from Yunho and post-PS Changmin and Jaejoong, are kind of ugly/average yet they're still remembered as legends.
I hate that I'm kind of becoming a fan of the poor kid. His story is actually kind of inspiring yet he didn't get plastic surgery before going on the show like Cha Junho (pic), who on the other hand, was a total eyesore but now 'passes' as a "visual" and is ranked not too low below #10 since he looks like Infinite L sans a few chromosomes. The weird thing is that Cha Junho is still ranked highly despite his "before" pictures getting leaked, and he's a confirmed uggo so I'm not sure what people are seeing in him as he's useless too.
That's a good point. If international fans were allowed to vote, how much do y'all wanna bet that Peak would be #1?

No. 31319

i'm sorry but wtf is dispatch? the cdan of k-pop?

No. 31321

this HAS to be photoshop

I'm going to throw up

No. 31323


inb4 Irene and chaebol / actor

No. 31326

A tabloid/news agency.

No. 31327

Pretty sure it is. I remember watching that performance and her arms didn’t look like that. But she does look very bony

No. 31336

Nah, they're more like the South Korean equivalent of TMZ.

No. 31339

File: 1557820797241.jpeg (196.43 KB, 1024x1249, 34E60A7E-01DA-4BF6-97C1-4EC960…)

Seungri trying to cover his new bracelets

No. 31340

He's sorry he got caught. But I'm 100% sure that it goes way deeper than the media is willing to admit. There's a lot of shady shit they're covering up by focusing on celebrities instead of politicians.

No. 31343

Yup. I don’t think we’ve heard much, if any, news involving chaebols either. iirc at least one chaebol bastard was involved in some chat and I don’t know if we got his name.

Anyway, Moon’s administration has been censoring the press and throwing nonsense charges at them and the public for the past few years. You just know they’re involved in some shit.

No. 31344

Yeah, it’s convenient that there are high-profile celebrities involved so that they can let the case play out and have them face punishment (which they totally deserve, don’t get me wrong). It’s allowing other people involved to get away without the public getting angry that “nothing is being done”
(also, did they finish announcing all the members of that group chat?)

No. 31345

I think so? I’m even entirely sure who was in the original chat anymore because a lot of people have been implicated as a result of it, some of them not proven to be tied to any sexual assault/rape charges.

There are a lot of names.

No. 31346

Someone photoshop actual cuffs on this guy

No. 31349

This is lazy as fuck

No. 31350

Disgusting if true. It seems like the whole thing will be covered up as usual.

No. 31351

Why does the third singer (Rose) sound like that?
They went in too deep and touched a nerve

No. 31352

When Lisa raps in english its so much more obvious how terrible of a rapper she is. Her singing isnt that bad they should just make her stop rapping all together.

No. 31354

I saw someone say that her friend went to a blackpink concert and rose sounded like a dying rubber duck
Ugh their japanese pronunciation is so bad

No. 31387

Doesn't help that the lines they give her are cringey as hell

No. 31388

Who writes these raps for them? They obviously have zero input in any of their music.

No. 31389


No. 31392

File: 1557854386401.png (127.78 KB, 622x943, IMG_0782.PNG)

Also, I went through the seungri hashtag on twitter in hopes of finding more information but the new tweets literally are all stans congratulating him.
How are there so many? Are they trolls?
It's fucking insane.

No. 31393

File: 1557854510906.png (150.79 KB, 640x1040, IMG_0783.PNG)

Some examples

No. 31395


Where did you hear this? Links? Or did you make it up?

No. 31397

I'm seeing a lot of misleading articles about this. The court just dismissed his pre-trial arrest warrant. He still has to go to trial. Dumb stans on Twitter are acting like he has been cleared of all charges. It is really disgusting how many of them there are though.

No. 31408

File: 1557866213654.jpg (328.02 KB, 1080x874, 20190514_223716.jpg)

They just can't stop

No. 31414

File: 1557869651144.gif (2.17 MB, 638x356, source.gif)

>way too cool for it

Nope, BTS is same level as Eurovision trash.

No. 31421


No. 31435

>one username
>seungris cult
they'll never realize how fucked up this all was until it happens to them personally and they see that their idols are just dogshit in human skin

yeah they saw the word dismissed and went ape shit thinking hes all cleared.

No. 31442

File: 1557887059957.jpeg (617.62 KB, 828x956, DA43394C-CBCE-436E-B5DB-CE8060…)

looks like hyuna is preparing for a summer comeback, seems like she’s continuing with her usual shtick

No. 31448

What was the point of her leaving CUBE

No. 31449

So was this anon lying about Dispatch revealing a new couple? I can’t find anything on it anywhere.

No. 31451

I heard that was just a rumor started by autists on facebook. Haven't seen any proof at all.

No. 31454

File: 1557927725954.jpg (123.69 KB, 720x1212, IMG_0083.JPG)

Lol this fandom is going to eat itself

No. 31455

Did they think nobody was going to notice?

No. 31456

>treat the SEA of the group like trash
>she still gets the most stans, followers and attention

No. 31457

What am I looking at?

No. 31458

im guessing the fact that jennie is the only one who had a different outfit for every performance while for ex lisa having the same outfit in all of them

No. 31459

Jennie has a different outfit for every stop of the tour, while lisa has had the same one thhe whole time.

No. 31460

It's crazy that Hani and jeonghwa leaving is the end for EXID when they're so much less talented than the others three. Groups with few members really is a bad idea.

No. 31461

speaking as a "EXID stan" i have to say that i think it was time for them to disband. [ppl say that it's just a hiatus not actually disbanding]. it's been pretty evident that all of them want to do something else - le is so botched rn & i always have the feeling that she doesn't want to perform anymore, maybe go back to composing, solji will be so much more successful as a solo at this point, hyelin doesn't seem to want to be an idol & jeonghwa and hani are just models. nothing binds them to the group imo

No. 31466

File: 1557933334396.gif (1.79 MB, 177x285, 830d5a45-cf91-45f9-8b4f-65118c…)

Excuse me, but what the actual fuck

No. 31467

she looks like a toddler playing dress up, even her hair looks too big for her head…how old is she??

No. 31468

File: 1557934229751.jpg (84.38 KB, 600x800, bw7qf2j_.jpg)

She's 23, I didn't know anything about her (Yooa from Oh My Girl) so I googled what she used to look like and I'm genuinely sad she destroyed lips that cute.

No. 31469

File: 1557934285265.gif (1.2 MB, 800x530, tumblr_nryuu1m8PT1uotx9no1_128…)

Thanks, I hate it
This is what she used to look like guys

No. 31470

File: 1557934410708.gif (2.83 MB, 268x350, e4367fd5-5260-4dc4-bae8-51fcce…)

I'm actually disgusted

No. 31471

She looks like a Bratz doll.

No. 31478

I thought Koreans hated big lips

No. 31479

So anyone knows what's up with seungri's situation now? The updates are all over the place and not very detailed.
Any Korean speaking anons who can enlighten us?

No. 31482

File: 1557942347158.jpg (5.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Double eyelid surgery looks disgusting up close

No. 31483

They like puffy lips

No. 31484

Literally two knacks.

No. 31485

Your best bet afaik is to head over to r/kpop

They’re collecting all the info they can get and have a timeline. There are a couple translators there too, I think.

No. 31486

I don’t know much about Lisa but I support her for this reason.

Stick it to them, Lis.

No. 31489

supporting any YG artist at all certainly isn't woke activism lmao.

No. 31490

It looks disgusting from far too
Is she the worst treated foreign idol rn? I feel like there might be others too but I can't remember who they are…

No. 31491

I've heard that she also earns less than the Korean members. I don't know if this applies to every foreign idol or if it's a yg thing.
Would be fucked up though considering her fans are literally the main reason they're so relevant and sell out concerts.

No. 31494

this applies to all foreigners who work in korea, they need to pay double tax or something

No. 31495

File: 1557946926195.png (116.03 KB, 224x361, screenshot-www.youtube.com-201…)

If the rumors about Jennie disliking her/mistreating her are true it sure would be hilarious in a karma way.
>more followers than you on instagram, she's the BP member with the most followers
>gets thousands of stans and praise while blinks are slowly turning against you for being lazy
>you go to Coachella and famous people give attention to her

No. 31497

Probably misremembering, but the way royalties are distributed to foreign idols (or foreigners in the music industry) is done on a country to country basis, and certain countries (including Thailand) will acknowledge one revenue of royalties but not another, and failure of a country to negotiate royalty agreements for its own idols fucks their pay over. CLC’s Sorn (another Thai idol) made a video about it a while back. She mentions another foreign CLC member who is impacted by the same issue.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is in effect to purposely screw over foreigners in the music industry, and is probably one of the many mechanisms in place to do that.

Sucks that idols will screw with the features they’re praised for. I still miss her monolids

No. 31498

Idk if it's just me but to me Jisoo also seems kinda condescending sometimes, could be just her personality though.
But whenever Lisa says something or even rose I notice that Jisoo and Jennie just look at each other and laugh about it.
The whole dynamic overall is just so bad. I mean has anyone actually seen Jisoo and rose interact with each other at all? No wonder there are so many solo stans. If the group itself is so unstable how can you expect the fandom to be…

No. 31499

She's way out of puffy lips territory and knee deep into prolapsed anus lips (and no, I'm not THAT anon, before anyone starts anything) Her lips genuinely look like a rectum, especially with that lipstick. Gross.

No. 31500

Is the other foreign CLC member Elkie? I think she's from Hong Kong iirc.

Makes sense, also probably one of the reasons why many Chinese idols try to build careers in China while still in their groups, even if they get shit about it.

Like the foreign girls from WJSN are just bit parts in the group, but Meiqi sold over 1 million copies of her EP in China within 19 minutes of release. No way is she coming back to WJSN after Rocket Girls lmao.

No. 31501

Why do they even try to become kpop idols at all? There's so much money to be made in China. It's shameful they use their korean fans while clearly not giving a f like Lay and Victoria. Even japanese kpop idols are more invested.

No. 31502

Cause even the lesser known idols become somewhat popular in China afterwards just cause they have the title "kpop idol".
The Chinese entertainment industry is huge and thus competitive af, so it's way easier to get your name out there first then enter the Chinese market.

No. 31504

Many foreign idols do get scouted by Korean companies though. Like all these auditions in different countries aren't there just to find Korean talent, it's to find foreign talent too. And companies use the idols to gather fans in different countries as they cannot sustain themselves through Korean fans alone. Look at any YouTube comment section of a group with any Thai member for example, all the comments will be about them.

Some are also k-pop fans themselves

Companies exploit that fanbase while paying dust to the actual foreign idol. Cheng Xiao from WJSN (to use them as an example again) has zero lines in some of their songs, but they have no qualms in farming her out to variety to show off her backflips. The8 for Seventeen and Amber from f(x) got put on a show (can't remember the name) that got literal Korean kids to "teach" them how to speak Korean and treated them like they were stupid as if they couldn't speak Korean already.

Foreign idols go through so much more shit then the Korean members that I don't blame any of them for leaving or wanting to have a career in their homeland too.

No. 31507

I'm pretty sure Kyulkyung is making bank in China. The only pristin member to have something good come out of being in that group

No. 31509

yet they are obsessed with mixed idols like Somi, Nancy etc. Xenophobic af

No. 31514

They do interact, but it's probably just for the cameras.
Do you have videos of Jennie and Jisoo being bitchy to the other members?

No. 31516

File: 1557953949276.png (510.87 KB, 530x580, jessica.png)

>tfw when you have so much filler and botox your face can't move correctly

No. 31518

that's jessica now? thought that was sunmi for a sec

No. 31519

on the plus side, at least she doesn't look like an asian olsen twin here

No. 31530

I don't have any specific video but when you watch their lives you'll get that idea from the whole vibe

No. 31537

-100 stage prescence

No. 31539

tbf if i had to dance in that dress i would also be stiff and awkward

No. 31543

File: 1557965797227.jpg (61.36 KB, 1024x576, a1c755263e0456302232bacee0eeb8…)

On a side note, the pattern of that dress has been recycled so many times. It's like there are so many idols wearing the same thing, even though they're technically different. Pic related is one example.

No. 31548

Let's cringe together

No. 31549

That dress does look really uncomfortable. Too short for proper leg movement, and it keeps slipping down since the clear straps are for the bra not the dress. She's also their youngest member????

I love this group but that's skeevy

No. 31550

Lmao they all sound the same

No. 31552

the only entertaining thing about this group is how much sakura and wonyoung hate each other. they're so talentless and boring.

No. 31555

File: 1557972049878.jpg (74.37 KB, 682x1024, IMG_20190515_202734.jpg)

Looks like he actually did the hair transplant but it looks weird somehow, also the nasolabial folds are gone again kek

No. 31557

Oops I mean the fillers are disappearing

No. 31559

I was wondering if that was eunbin, ofc it has to be the youngest member who gets that dress. girl can't be comfortable without feeling like she's about to flash the audience, of course she's having trouble moving around in it

No. 31560

Wonyoung's voice does not fit with Rumor lmao

No. 31565

massive yikes. the bar really is set so low for 3rd gen idols. the fact that their voices are barely distinguishable from each other is.. yeah

No. 31567

Why does this remind me so much of any generic american pop song from 2016? sounds like rockabye by clean bandit

No. 31575

seems like there's more of an emphasis on visuals than there is on finding good performers. i never loved girls generation but they sold the hell out of everything they did. these new groups are such a chore to watch

No. 31583

The armys in the comments pretending to be locals…

No. 31585

It's hilarious they probably weren't allowed to attend if they used lip synch like they do in korea

No. 31586

Why is everyone in the comment section talking about their impeccable vocal stability? That's literally the basics for being a singer. I don't even like BTS, but their fans are setting the bar too low sometimes.

No. 31587

File: 1557986608237.jpg (427.23 KB, 1080x1234, 20190516_130151.jpg)

The "classy the beatles tribute" thing is so cringey though. I had to look up what actual normies think of bts & the beatles on quora

No. 31588

This, I hate how low the bar is set for singing in kpop. I've seen so many comments talking about how kpop is only about visuals but they're selling music you should be somewhat adept at singing if that is your job.

No. 31591

It wouldn't bother me so much if people took the kpopalypse approach (one of the very few things I agree with him on) and said they don't care about live vocals but just how something sounds on a record. But so many kpoppies try to pretend people like Rosé or Jimin are master vocalists, which is hilariously pathetic. I get the distinct feeling if they weren't in k-pop they would be dragged by these same people.

And then there are groups like ITZY where all the vocal talent is bizarrely located in the three non-vocalists. I*ZONE's lack of talent really gets me because they were picked from a fucking audition show. How come their vocals are much shittier than GFRIEND and CLC?

No. 31592

Most of IZONE were picked for looks. Including Sakura. She was guaranteed final lineup from the start but can barley hold a tune, and yet they shafted the Japanese girls who could actually sing in her favor, mnet had her rigged from the start but they gave squeaky pedobait number 1 instead of her for some reason.

No. 31599

This made me remember when Kai from Exo "bullied" that girl from Gfriend by saying her dance is too easy.
While girlgroups have to deal with gross fans and can't say one thing without getting into a scandal, talentwise the bar for them couldn't be any lower. You have 10+ girls on a stage and literally all they do is walk around, move their arms a bit and mumble something. Absolutely laughable.

No. 31600

I agree that BTS sux but god boomers do too. The day of the rope can't come soon enough. Fuck the beatles.

No. 31602

Relax, anon. You don't have to like the Beatles to realise their culture impact was huge and is most likely not gonna be replicated, especially by a talentless boyband who most people don't know about. That performance was extremely cringey and their dancing hurts to look at. It's just gonna fuel their delusional fans about how they're gonna be as big as the beatles

No. 31603

when are these faggots going to fuck off of american tv shows? they always talk about how they don't care about western recognition yet we can't keep their botched faces out of it.

No. 31604

File: 1558011670107.png (48.75 KB, 683x332, Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.5…)


lol please stop lying to yourselves.

also have you guys ever noticed that when a normie compliments a bts song or performance armies jump on them saying "thank you!!" and "please check out their other songs you'll love them!!" like they're trying to recruit as many people in their cult as possible lol

No. 31605


She's literally the female version of J-Horse as this point

No. 31606


If BTS"s fandom was as weak as BlackPnk's it would have been easier for people to spot the real comments from real normies buried in there somewhere.

No. 31607

Lmaooo Jimin is terrible, why does he always get so many lines? He can't sing, is constantly out of breath, and his voice sounds like it's coming out from the speakers of a laptop.
>tfw Useless Jin was the most stable

No. 31608

You forgot to give credit anon:
The Boys (~Kids Bop Edition~)

No. 31611

He usually comes off as too retarded though. This sounds milky, pls elaborate, Anon.

No. 31612

They couldn't give #1 to a Japanese member. There would have been massive uproar because of the bad history between the countries.

No. 31614

idk about him being a pervert but i think he's a footfag?

No. 31615

trying to brainwash the locals into thinking they're the next beatles again, i see. however even the dumbest american will immediately associate them with the backstreet boys and nsync instead

No. 31616

The Beatles were literally just a boy band though…

No. 31617

They actually played their instruments and like 3/5 of them composed the songs and are a huge influence to rock and pop music even today. Try to do some research before spelling bullshit zoomer.

No. 31623

Ntayrt but stop derailing, hag. Rock is dead anyways.

No. 31625

Because pedobait is from Stone Music Entertainment, which is MNET under a different name. She was planted into the group.

No. 31627

pedophiles are basically at fault for this

No. 31630

>beatles = fabulous 4

unless you mean the producer of beatles

No. 31632

This is irrelevant. Go argue elsewhere about the Beatles.

No. 31637

File: 1558038470257.png (267.97 KB, 520x434, 23844303JF3400.png)

I know we're kinda over "jimin looks like mozzarella" moment but I can't stop laughing at this.

No. 31639

the uglier he gets the more confident he becomes

No. 31640

File: 1558041078084.jpg (20.92 KB, 783x391, images.jpeg.jpg)

He resembles moon hee jun a lot in this pic (both are/were the ugliest, popular member of their group)

No. 31642

NCT feels so forced and uncharismatic. Their group dynamics are bad and they obviously mostly don't care about each other off camera.

No. 31751

so like all other kpop groups? it's just for show

No. 31752

>b-but muh svt, muh stray kids, muh pentagon!! they're not like the other kpoop boys!

No. 31757

Even the groups that are friends are firstly business partners. It's not hard to see. These idols are forced together and compete among themselves to land a spot. I don't see why it's hard for people to see how their friendships are a ploy.

No. 31758

I mean I think some groups have legitimately strong friendships usually due to suffering together since a young age. Like Seventeen who were all shoved into a dorm together when some of them were like 9 years old.
But it is clear that many relationships are purely business. Idols are also technically competing with each other for attention even in the same group, which no one seems to think about. Imagine all the catfights in ggs because of that

No. 31759

Lmao are you saying this because you've seen some of their recent vlogs?
(I agree with you btw, expect for that it doesn't look like they care for each other on camera either, let alone off camera)

No. 31760

he has officially hit the wall

No. 31761

File: 1558059412185.jpg (116.38 KB, 779x618, solo.jpg)

We all know who is YG's side girl, the one who gets all the outfits, the one that doesn't get in trouble for being lazy as shit.

In her mind, she doesn't have to do anything anymore, daddy YG got her back.

No. 31762

SNSD is often lauded as one of the group with the closest bond yet some of Hyoyeon's friends claimed she tried to kill herself due to bullying from her bandmates.

No. 31763

She never had to do anything at all from the first place, she was born rich. In fact all recent kpop idols seem to be born well off. In Twice, the foreign members all seem super rich while it's obvious the korean members are working harder. I don't care for Twice, they do music for little kids and pedos but there are few idols who do their best like Jihyo

No. 31764

i remember when oh my girl debuted and i
thought she was so beautiful but what the fuckk did she do to herself holy cow
it was always played up as SNSD being ~SUPER~ close but it was so obvious that some of it was sorta fakey. i don't remember much about it being called out as the opposite other then hyoyeon being bullied and attempting suicide claims.

No. 31766

to these people its not about money, they have that, it's about ego, fame, adoration, image, status thats what they want

No. 31767

given the fact that snsd is a 9 member group it's unlikely that they're all buddy buddy. it's probably like a few people at a time who have closer friendships / stronger animosities with one another than with the other members

sort of like how in blackpink it's lisa & rosé vs jennie & jisoo

No. 31768

I don't get it tbh. It's obvious that even now that SNSD is disbanded (because yes they are), the members who left SM still play up ''uwu i'm still a member of SNSD'' to further their own career goals. Sooyoung and Seohyun are not talented actresses and would have never become such if they hadn't been part of the SNSD brand SM created for them. At least Jessica is commendable for how upfront she was about her ambitions as a CEO/trophy wife/influencer whatever kek

No. 31772

No one remembers the "Taengsic" ship that was like…non-existent? I think only like 14 people had their badge on OH when SONEs were everywhere, because Taeyeon and Jessica literally had like no fan service moments at all, and the pictures they did have together were so fake. Then the Taengsic shippers all hid them when Jessica's departure came out. I remember the stories about the formation of TTS initially including Jessica but because Taeyeon didn't get along with Jessica, they put Seohyun in the sub-unit instead. I remember also the gifs of Sunny looking sad/pissed off every time she'd promote post-OT9, and all the gossip that she was still friends with Jessica and was miserable without her.

I don't think much of it is true but it makes me so nostalgic to remember that it was always Taeyeon (and Tiffany as Taeyeon's own Gretchen Weiners) vs Jessica. That's just how everyone saw it though.

Damn I feel kinda like a loser for remembering all of this.

No. 31773

why is everyone in bts starting to look like gay uncles when they're all in their 20s? these guys are going to age so horribly.

No. 31774

Every now and then I get recommended these artists with these kind of american styled videos.

Who the heck are they? I've never even heard of them.

No. 31776

Step outside of your kpop bubble and a whole world opens up.

No. 31777


The biggest and most obvious case of gg beef was Taeyeon vs Jessica. Youtube alone has so many gems but anyone who kept up with the group could easily see that Jessica was slowly being iced out. Jessica was supposed to be in TTS, which was supposed to be TTJ (which makes sense since the subunit was supposed to be about the popular vocalists and Jessica was far more popular than Tiffany and her voice more distinct) but she got booted for Seoyeon because of Taeyeon. I also heard Jessica was jealous towards any one in the group who got close to her guy friends, like 2pm's Taecyeon and cat fights happened after that. Their last KCON before Jessica got booted you could cut the tension with a knife.

It always makes me wonder what's really going on in this big groups. Like in T-ara Hwayoung's sister threatened to cut up the face of one of the new additions, Areum. THe only difference between T-ara and other ggs is that they got caught by putting their own business on twitter, which is probably why companies control group accounts now. But I can imagine there being some jealousy and sloppy shit. Like in 2nd gen, people spilled that idols would switch partners between the groups (like a 2pm member banging a GG member, then breaking up and banging another GG member while she cheats on him with another 2pm member). Messy shit like that.

Tldr, massive amounts of drama follow these kpop groups and bullying is also probably pretty common.


In the older days, groups fought hard to be as good as they could be because they knew if they fucked up and didn't succeed they and their families weren't eating. Didn't Yunho sleep in train stations before he debuted in TVXQ? It's no wonder then new idols perform and sound like shit on stage. There's no desperation since they could quit today and just go be insta models and jet set across the world on mommy's dime.


I feel the sorriest for Maknae line esp jimin and jungkook because it's obvious they crave the spotlight and attention more than anyone in the group and will probably be unable to cope once they age, the fame goes away and the fillers catch up with them to fuck up their faces.

No. 31779

huh? hyolyn is an ex Sistar girl group member. they were a 2nd gen group that were pretty popular but fell off and went their separate ways. korea has its own mini subculture of r&b/hip hop artists that aren't held to the same ~uwu pure idol~ standard. jay park and jessi are some examples

No. 31781

wait wait wait, i hope you guys who complain about kpop outfits being too slutty, or male kpop stars being creepy aren't the same people watching guys rap about bitches and hoes and girls doing stripper dances.

Because I'd laugh my ass off then.

No. 31782

First all, start integrating into board culture because being condescending towards other users never gets you far. Second of all, you are immensely mistaken. Anons never take offense at outfits being ''slutty'' but at how hidden in plain sight the oversexualization of kpop is. Everything and by that I mean everything is supposed to convey sexiness. So we are in a context where extremely young girls (like Wonyoung, 14 and Somi who performed in bdsm gear aged 15) given clothes and performances meant to arouse their male audience to give their companies money. Some of these girls are so young and/or sheltered, they may not even realize how creepy their whole business is. Meanwhile hip hop ''artists'' are open about the sexual nature of their work and most female hiphop ones like Jessi are assertive and proud about their body. Indeed, it is unlikely that someone watches Jessi's music videos because he/she doesn't have access to child porn. Meanwhile you can judge for yourself in the related video.

No. 31785

File: 1558076491449.jpg (279.8 KB, 885x716, dz.jpg)

I wonder was 2015 the year of Korean music? I swear everything was gold then, you had Sixteen, Unpretty Rapstar, Dean debuting with Zico, AKMU debuting, LeeJinAh appearing on KPOP stars 4, Seventeen.

That year was killer

No. 31787

anon, now that you bring it up i remember it better. Sunny always looked like she was annoyed/sad after jessica left so i always personally thought (a tinfoil of mine from my SNSD days im ashamed) that the in group bullying of jessica moved to sunny. after lionheart the group just fell apart and im kinda glad they have disbanded lowkey
when u look away from taemin's blow up doll lips that could block the sun just a lil you can see that. it's almost like. its almost like there is more music artists korea then just uwu kpop idols

No. 31788

I've seen clips of him from that trainee show where he's has that creepy grin when young girl perform suggestive dances in front of him.
He's definitely fond of her and other female trainees but as her parents I'd be worried for her, instead of trying to push her by all means.

No. 31789

One of the more autistic posts I've read itt in a while. Really dipping into vc forums territory kek.

No. 31790

Phaha, what's this shit? Weren't BTS like the "woke" group of kpop. I can't stop laughing at those "deep" lyrics.

No. 31791

Umm…duh? Like do most people actually think a whole country has nothing but "uwu kpop idols"? Tbh korea's music scene and artists hold no actual interest for me but it'd be stupid to assume that shitty idols are all there is to it lol
What the fuck and yuck. Honestly it makes me laugh hearing (reading actually, no way in hell did I turn the audio on) these types of lyrics from kpop idols, especially twinky ones like bts

No. 31792

It's so awkward seeing them in these talk shows where guests usually try to be entertaining and witty with the host.
I can't even bear to watch the interview; their past ones gave me strong second-hand embarrassments already.

No. 31805

bts' attempts at trying to be sexy are so embarrassing

No. 31814

Like this?

They should really disallow him from appearing on reality shows after the mixnine fiasco, he's ruined so many trainees hopes at debuting, and it's an open secret that he's a pedo

No. 31815

File: 1558116431418.png (278.02 KB, 452x431, yg1.PNG)

0:50 is the creepiest reaction ew

pic is from later on

No. 31816

File: 1558116550943.png (289.96 KB, 443x458, yg.PNG)

the worst is that you hear his giggling at this part, its so disturbing

No. 31819

He even licked his lips at 0:50. Creepy pedo with his eyes glowing seeing his next preys.

No. 31822

Tfw a group of actual children has more stage presence than you

No. 31825

Don’t look at me for your laughs, I ain’t the fuckers picking on female idols.

No. 31826

Of course RM wrote this….
Although it looks like this was written in 2012 so he would have been like…18, then.

No. 31827

Wasn't Hoyeon close friends with Jessica? I remember looking at pictures and she looked so bad.

No. 31828

kek Twice's only best cover was Taemin' Move.

I don't know why they can't put that much effort into other covers.

No. 31835

only 4 members covered it (Momo, Chaeyeon, Dahyun, Mina)

No. 31838

If I have to say the truth, I liked this and I think that Momo really shined here. It would've been even better if they switched Dahyun with Jihyo, since she seems more suited than her for more mature concepts.
>inb4 I'm accused of being a Twice stan/Momo stan

No. 31843

I like the cover too although their voices leave a LOT to be desired, they are so monotone and boring. The all sound exactly the same.

Also that white face on Momo lol come on, she has a lot of skin showing, we can clearly see that's not her tone.

No. 31847

File: 1558141054091.gif (3.45 MB, 412x498, 06655acc95556224b9b6f7105aa029…)

>replacing dahyun

No. 31851

everyone knows twice best cover was the sixteen opening theme lol

No. 31852


No. 31856


What's gross about it? Don't understand.

No. 31860

If Twice members could be equated to OT9 SNSD members, how would it look? This is not a troll question, I’m asking because I legitimately believe that there’s 3 people who can sing in Twice and the best one isn’t even as talented as Tiffany.

No. 31868

Momo is supposed to be the "sexy dancer" of Twice, which would be the equivalent of Yuri. Shame Momo is nothing but flailing limbs, dead eyes and a voice like a foghorn, meanwhile Yuri is actually an idol I would call sexy.

No. 31869

If you're used to seeing that eyeshape with monolids it just looks like she has a wound on her eye.

No. 31870

their vocal performance

No. 31871

Jungyeon would be Hyoyeon. The uggo-chan.

Sana is the most popular when it comes to visuals, right? So Yoona?

No. 31874

Tzuyu is the one with boring, overhyped looks, so she'd be the Yoona. I'd put Sana as the Sunny of Twice, OTT cutesy down to the uguu baby aegyo voice.

No. 31875

finally someone that agree jeongyeon is fugly

No. 31876

Mina would be Jessica as both of them always look like they low key hate their lives

No. 31878

Once again they perform a song where Suga and jhope have terrible parts…lol at Suga who looks like he’d rather be having a panic attack in the green room.
I hate saying this but RM did the best but that’s only because he’s bland as fuck.
JK was the most stable I guess and just because Jin and V “”can”” sing like that, doesn’t mean they should.
Jimin was Jimin, there’s nothing to say.

No. 31884

Sunmi's gashina and so many other kpop songs remind me of this song. The music, beats, and even style of singing resemble dozens of recent kpop songs (this is from 2016 btw) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cedoBlUvBlI

No. 31885

The horse is so beat that it's apart of the ground now but…my fucking God they aren't even moving around why do they sound out of breath,shitty and shrill? How can ppl delude themselves into thinking they sound nice?

No. 31886

Why does it sound like they have their studio vocals in the background? It just makes their wrong notes stand out more and is confusing to the ear. It didn't sound like the rappers had that and their parts sounded alright.
Also why did it feel like Jimin had the most lines and screen time in that song when he actually just can't sing. I'll never understand how he gets more lines when both Jin and V are better than him.

No. 31887

Isn't this just the typical edm/dance pop style?
I can hear the part that reminded you of Gashina though

No. 31888

yeah, its common knowledge that all edm sounds exactly the same and has since like 2012. I don't see the point of anon's post.

No. 31891


Kek people are finally writing articles on how shitty ARMYs are

No. 31892

I wasn't just talking about the music, I also meant the way she was singing too (at least some parts of it)

No. 31896

>article begins by comparing beatlemania and 'bts mania'
please no

No. 31899

> a voice like a foghorn
Kek imo Momo has that unique higher pitched Japanese babe voice often found in Anime, Jpop, hentai and JAV which would have been tolerable if used to sing in the suitable genre but not anything else. Even so her voice is too weak, i get secondhand embarassment whenever she tries to sing live.

No. 31900

producers steal shit all the time.

Grimes stole the entire arrangement of Loona Love4EVA from I.O.I.'s Very Very Very



No. 31904

grimes didn't produce love4eva, it was e-tribe who produced it (of snsd's "gee" & t-ara's "yayaya"). grimes only has that one line at the beginning, no production credits

No. 31907

File: 1558218264964.gif (2.89 MB, 268x360, tumblr_pjsiwwtFjM1was9wjo1_400…)

these "sexy" faces he pulls on stage are so embarrassing and make him look retarded

No. 31910

File: 1558219637216.jpg (321.89 KB, 1365x1366, c2ae4be3475a0ca8bc9722600ae064…)

>most visual member that is basically the only one with modelesque proportions
>leave her out on YG's orders

No. 31913

>Koreans and their insecurity strikes again

No. 31914


Lisa hands down has the best body proportions and the smallest face and height combo out of the girls - aka all the things Koreans pride in beauty standards. She got the most attention out of Coachella and she brings in the highest number of fans going by her insta account and celebrity engagement. For a Western audience she probably has the most striking features as well. I think there's a serious case of Korean envy here but YG needs to watch it. The second her Thai fans decide to boycott the group it's over for them.

No. 31918

lisa is the only decent member of blackpink and she gets treated the worst.

No. 31923

Oh ffs Lisa stans take it to the general thread. This CinderLisa narrative is annoying af. It sucks that Korea is xenophobic and that non Korean members are treated shittily. It sucks that Jennie's CEO mom makes sure her untalented daughter is promoted above all others. But aside from her nationality Lisa isn't any different from the others. She's a wealthy (seriously if she didn't have money she would never have even made it into the YG or probably Korea), untalented, plain af Thai girl (there are tons of absolutely gorgeous Thai women and she isn't one of them) who isn't that attractive even after a nosejob, eyejob, skin lightening, and god knows what else. She keeps herself very very thin because her figure is only selling point. She can't sing for shit and her rapping is ridiculous. And despite being the main dancer, her dancing is only mediocre.
So no. She isn't the only decent one in BP because none of them are decent.

No. 31924

she is literally the only member of bp who seems like she belongs in a kpop group. the others are absolutely void of charisma.
i'm not a stan. i don't enjoy blankpink's content at all. she's not especially talented but she's the only member who is competent (not great) and seems like she even wants to be there.

No. 31925

>most visual member that is basically the only one with modelesque proportions
Can you SEAshitters who stan Lisa GTFO already?
You faggots aren't even trying to hide anymore. There's a general k-pop thread, go suck her clit there and stop making shit up. Fucking embarrassing.
Shut the fuck up already

No. 31926

You sound like a stan so go to the fucking stanning thread. "i don't enjoy blankpink's content at all." then why do you consume it? Why do you know enough about their performances to consider her "the only member who is competent"? Why do you consider her a good idol and the others void of charisma? Every fucking thread its the exact same thing. You cunts praising her man-shouldered existence and ignoring she's as talentless as Jennie, spooky as Rose, and bland as Jisoo

No. 31927

This. The SEAfags desperately putting /theirgirl/ on a pedestal due to their inferiority (complexes) need to fuck off. She's just as shitty as the other three.

No. 31929

Not a lisafaggot but the fuck is the point of being in this thread if you know NOTHING about k-pop? If you know nothing about it there is nothing to criticize by definition. 90 percent of these threads is reporting on every little thing BTS and NCT does

No. 31932

the virulent anti sperging is more annoying than the little actual stanning that goes on in these threads. this is a critical thread, not a "ALL OPINIONS THAT DIFFER FROM MINE ARE INVALID" thread. My opinion on lisa is neutral, I don't care about her or her group at all.
>then why do you consume it?
i'm a kpop fan(ish). i like to see what is current.
>Why do you know enough about their performances to consider her "the only member who is competent"? Why do you consider her a good idol and the others void of charisma?
because of performances that get posted here, usually the "jennie is slacking" ones. i don't seek them out myself.

No. 31933

Damn, you’re a miserable cunt. Don’t even need to be a fan of anyone to see how pathetically shallow and judgemental you are.
Complain about stans being insane all you want but to the everyone else, you look just as crazy.

No. 31934

>the virulent anti sperging is more annoying than the little actual stanning


No. 31936

I have tinnitus and in some songs Momo's voice actually makes my ears hurt. Something about the frequency of it combined with the ringing in my ears feels like my eardrums being stabbed.

No. 31937

Girl I'm white. Not everyone you don't like is a SEAtroll

No. 31938

Me too smfh, Momo's voice is not only loud but also restrained, most of them have that high-pitched pedo-bait voice, specially Nayeon on that Fancy song, my ears hurt so fucking much why do they sing so high? it's ridiculous

No. 31939

>the fact they only had 1 minute of "good" singing to make a video out of and it's still shitty
>the like to dislike ratio on this video
Also, does anyone else get fucking tired of people saying JYP forces her to use that voice? There's ways of singing high pitched and airy without being off key 95% of the time.

No. 31940

to emphasize the "cutesy" concept; not all of them actually really should sing that high, it probably strained their voice to do it. if you go back and watch sixteen you'll see that Momo has a naturally lower tone than the pedobait voice that JYP makes her sing in.

No. 31941

You know what? it's obvious all of them have lower voices, it must hurt like hell to sing like that constantly with no apparent vocal training at all, she's almost Jimin-tier to me.

No. 31946

Aaand nothings changed

No. 31950

They sing like this to be marketable. It's pretty obvious Jihyo doesn't sing this way on singing competitions

No. 31951

No. 31952

why is someone from bts crying every other concert? i always see articles about them crying in kpop news sites. for some reason it's 90% jimin and sometimes v and jungkook, aka the popular ones. i really think they are faking it for the pity party.

No. 31960

Oh wow the song actually compliments her voice

No. 31962

Lmao i could only imagine the amount of autotune added to her recorded vocals if she's this tone deaf irl

No. 31981

I haven't listened to this yet but I just wanted to say that pretty much all Korean singing shows probably use pitch correction and other methods to make the singers sound flawless. They probably edit it too afterwards before airing it.
There were a few clips from masked singer where the singer sounded different in the background when the focus was on the guests who reacted but I'm too busy to look for it rn; I'll post it later if I find it.

No. 31986

That's a good point. I've actually suspected that since I saw Ailee sing a Whitney song and something about it sounded too perfect and artificial. Still my point more was that her natural tone is quite womanly and she switches out of it, so TWICE are definitely putting the screeching nasal baby voices on for $$$

No. 31990

I didn't know which videos to post so I'll link this thread which has a few good examples: https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/why-arent-we-allowed-to-watch-king-of-mask-singer-performances-without-pitch-correction.26888/
That cover was too beautiful..I'd be really disappointed if they actually heavily edited it.

No. 31991

File: 1558277726358.webm (3.57 MB, 640x360, H6wfWNNbtSK5bOud.webm)

The fuck is this shit? I was reading an Iggy Azalea gossip thread and kpoppies started spamming this as a 'bye sweetie xxoxxoo' reaction image alongside the catboy from TXT. He looks like a raver hooker in a Vengaboys video

Do kpop men really like doing this? It reminds me of the stuff in the jpop critical stuff I've read about visual kei types being ex-gangsters and gambling addicts being manufactured and made to wear little girl dresses and makeup so they can fuck prostitutes

No. 31993

Suga from BTS is addicted to benzos

No. 31994

its not only singing

No. 31996

If those feminine boys actually let themselves look like grown up men. But I guess kpop wouldn't exist then because the "pure/innocent" image wouldn't be beliavable, lol.

No. 31998

I was just about to post that today. I saw it a few hours earlier and was shocked. Kpop pushing the gender bender stupidity with wearing girls clothes since last year.

No. 32000

i've heard of conservative muslim conspiracists talking about how kpop is trying to destroy the world by making boys look like girls and shit. kpoppies were also attacking some western media outlets for saying male idols look like girls. as for as i know sk isn't the most progressive place on gender roles as well, so i don't understand how these boy groups aren't getting the typical "ugh are they boys or girls? they look gay" reaction there. i think most male idols just suck it up because it attracts fans.

No. 32012

Hyuna looks really desparate for mantaining a spot in the industry that glorifies young girls. I checked her Insta recently and there so many videos of her dancing like a prostitues. She knows she is being replaced by newer grooups. But she probbly will keep plying the femme fatale role and she is playing it good with this new concept of having a real couple in kpop to produce music.

No. 32014

Does anyone know how to block fancams on Twitter? I cannot go onto a single thread these days without some brain dead kpop fan spamming fancams. I've muted the words and block them on sight but they still get through.

No. 32017

kpop twitter fags need to stop doing this shit, it's not even funny anymore, it's just annoying. i can sort of understand when they do it to music videos on youtube but it's not like the amount of views on twitter mean something. most of the fancams they post are extremely boring too. i've seen dozens of them and literally none of them was actually good. they have no self awareness.

No. 32019

I know the reason why they do it, cos it's a massive dick measuring contest, another meaningless thing to gloat about cos god forbid a kpop fan actually enjoys music instead of fighting and manipulating charts. But ffs I want to live in peace. I don't care for generic kpop boy/girl #9484 dancing to some generic ass song. It just ruins Twitter for me.

No. 32020

Lol im sure not all of them could grow facial hair like that even if they wanted to.
Is it really a cultural thing among East Asians?
Cause I do see more Japanese celebrities with facial hair but Chinese and Korean celebrities rarely ever have beards/moustaches- no matter what age.

No. 32021


even though what he's saying is true the comments on here are fucking cringe, bts is just as bad also idk if this guy is pandering to armys or not by saying things like this

No. 32025


Some of these 'HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE' comments that get routinely posted on here sound borderline psychotic.

No. 32031

I’m pretty sure they do get that reaction. Maybe not the “they look like girls” but the “they look gay” type.

No. 32033

>4k subs
>expecting us to give this cunt's shitty reaction video views
>not knowing how to embed
self post?

No. 32035

I'm not watching the video, but this guys IG is not what I expected

No. 32036

Anyone who takes benzos longer than a month is technically addicted.

Just…don’t read the comments…

No. 32037

File: 1558288207011.jpeg (60.68 KB, 750x390, B75E47A9-6E4F-4FAE-8884-4B889B…)

Loool self post or not I’m happy for it

No. 32038

he probably came here to post his video about nct since people don't care about them anywhere else

No. 32039

her voice in without you(2013) was killer. such a shame yg had to force her to emulate bom

No. 32040

this is made funnier by the fact that a lot of the comments on his video are talking about how BTS "organically" became popular in the US so their success in America is real…haa

No. 32041

ugh jiae is using a filter now that makes her look like a literal 4 year old
not shocked but still disgusted

No. 32042

Everyone is using that filter right now

No. 32043

when its an idol that already plays up the "im a uWu toddler" thing, its gross

No. 32046

oooh please elaborate

No. 32047

File: 1558294073429.png (593.31 KB, 720x1280, 65dda65.png)


No. 32048

I know that yg is terrible in pretty much every aspect but I really do think that that's her own stylistic choice.
She's a big fan of Halsey so it's pretty clear she wants that indie voice thing and tries emulate that kinda voice.

No. 32058

why does a filter like that exist in the first place? i'll never understand the obsession with wanting to look like baby

No. 32060

it's just a filter that you use for fun on snapchat. Most people who use it won't actually want to look like a baby

No. 32061

Well that's probably because japanese men have a better chance of growing facial hair due to genetics and whatnot (just search 'jomon' people)
Yeah…they should try to find a more moderate style of criticism, it would make what they say sound more convincing anyway (because they had some points)
Good grief

No. 32448

Never understood why people bring up this song as an example Rose's singing used to be better, it's so autotuned they both sound like robots

No. 32454

I actually have a crack conspiracy theory about this song. There's two girls singing. The first one at 1:32 sounds nothing like Rose, who comes in at 3:08 and doesn't sound much different than now. We never got official credits for female vocals on the song because they didn't want to promote some no-name, kicked out trainee.

No. 32472

I heard from a reputable source that he abuses drugs, though bc the person was Korean they had a limited knowledge of drugs so they couldn't tell me what type. They speculated weed but I'm pretty sure it's benzos.

I used to abuse benzos too and he shows a lot of signs of it. He has benzo mouth and that super glazed skin that's common in users.

In this interview you can really see it. I'm shocked they let him appear like this tbh.


No. 32476

Proof or gtfo

No. 32477

It's an unconfirmed rumor

No. 32479

File: 1558317425974.jpeg (19.78 KB, 333x442, images (48).jpeg)

Does anyone else think V is extremely overrated? He's so pretentious it pisses me off. I can't believe fans actually told him his "art" was good lmfao

No. 32480

speaking of conspiracy theories does anyone else think that Rose sings on Jennie's Solo? It kind of sounds like her on the high notes

No. 32488

We've been over this so many fucking times

No. 32490

TXT looks weird

No. 32493

From who? Just you?

No. 32494

No. She probably just used autotune to make her vocals sound stable in higher pitches, it could alter one's voice too (either slightly or totally different).

No. 32495

Tinfoiling: it's just sugachan looking for an excuse to bring up suga on this thread cause he's been forgotten way too long kek

No. 32498

nothing he does is good. he was somewhat okay looking but he looks botched now. rip

No. 32499

File: 1558321882895.jpg (222.86 KB, 1080x821, 20190520_095801.jpg)

>I heard from a reputable source
Your reputable source is an allkpop thread that was only posted 20 hours ago and has been deleted since (because it has no base). Embarrassing. This line from >>31993 is even more though
>suga from BTS is addicted to benzos
Stating it as if it was a fact. No source nor linking to the original thread (because an allkpop thread is NOT A REPUTABLE SOURCE lmao), no "this is just a rumour tho and I have no proof whatsoever"
Gtfo sugachan


No. 32501

Aw too bad

No. 32502

Benzos are typically prescribed as anti-anxiety meds. If he's taking them, then they're mostly likely prescribed.
He shows no sign of benzo (or any drug) abuse. Just because he has greasy skin doesn't mean he's on drugs.

If any of them have a substance abuse problem, it's Jimin with Alcohol. Vid related

No. 32503

You're so right. Jimin definitely an alkie

No. 32504

His mustache attempts make me want to puke.

No. 32505

He's such a kawaii uke Neko uwu

No. 32506

imagine being so puritan you think it’s shocking news that a celebrity does drugs lmao

No. 32507

idols don't sleep so I would be 0% surprised if they're all on stimulants most of the time

No. 32510

They like to make you think they don't sleep because it makes them look like poor, hardworking little things but even BTS, supposedly the most famous group, said they've got a lot more free time than people think. But for those crunch periods they're probably all on some prescribed shit, yeah. And the rest of the time it's alcohol, the only socially acceptable drug in Korea.

No. 32522

File: 1558334132927.jpg (22.42 KB, 476x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

It's well known Korea will take a lesser Korean over a foreigner, it's common knowledge.

No. 32524

Amphetamines are popular in Asia and would easily explain how idols work 22 hrs a day, perform constantly and stay stick thin. I pretty much just low key assume they all do drugs and I couldn't really blame them. I'd be dead on their schedules.

No. 32553

I know this isn't the thread for it, but she became so pretty and she had at least the median vocal and dance skills to make it and Korea passed her up twice(oops). It made sense for her not to make it in Sixteen, but I was shocked she didn't get through Idol School.

No. 32554

I really think they have Jihyo on uppers on these current promotions. There's this fancam that's been racking up views on twitter where she's going a little too hard on the choreo. Her high energy and the focused look in her eyes are almost eerie.

No. 32556

>>32554 i wanna see that, link pls anon

No. 32557

I feel like its most apparent earlier on in this vid. She seems to snap out of it when the confetti canons go off.

Here's the full fancam

No. 32574

She was an 11 year JYP trainee, this is everything to her.

No. 32579

third generation idols are such bad performers that when someone actually delivers they're on "uppers". lay off the crack anon

No. 32590

This is kind of tinfoiling. Jihyo's just one of the few current idols who seems to actually enjoy performing and giving a show. Her other fancams are the same way.
I have no doubt idols are on tons of drugs though, prescription and otherwise

No. 32594

Seems like onehallyu is finally dead.

No. 32598

The amount of times he just sits there, squinting into the distance with his mouth hanging open has me rolling

I'm surprised that the stuff they get away with isn't either noticed or paid attention to by their companies, I expected that management would be far more cautious when it comes to interviews by companies from other countries because that shit always spreads like a wildfire.

No. 32602

what happened? I haven't been there since they closed the bashing thread.

No. 32604

File: 1558413585583.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1455, IMG_20190521_063908.png)

Kpop fans are delusional

No. 32607

Saged for a bit of a blogpost but I thought this was funny:
I saw a girl say that she recently saw two kpop idols (one of them was her "bias") in a starbucks while they were in america and she was the only fan in the store and wasn't recording anything. Anyway she said that she smiled and said hi to them and waved but they just gave her a quick glance and turned away without acknowledging her at all. But then when they left the store there were more fans and cameras outside and suddenly! they're all smiles and saying hi and waving to everyone.
Girl how does it feel to be shunned by your oppar? Lmao at how fake they are

No. 32609

Post screencaps.

No. 32610

File: 1558420471262.jpg (229.72 KB, 1920x1080, yikes.jpg)

I've been living under a rock, did Seungri get away with it?

BTW, why is pic related even allowed in the industry? Even with all the professional makeup and styling they're hideous.

No. 32611

>Companies exploit that fanbase while paying dust to the actual foreign idol
It's not like the korean members get paid either lol

>The8 for Seventeen and Amber from f(x) got put on a show (can't remember the name) that got literal Korean kids to "teach" them how to speak Korean and treated them like they were stupid as if they couldn't speak Korean already.

link pls

No. 32613

That would take forever to look for, and I'm not even sure if I'd find it. She most likely already deleted the post anyway

No. 32614

I honestly don’t know. His arrest warrants were all denied so he’s not detained.
The investigation isn’t over yet, apparently, so there might still be a trial of sorts…? I don’t know what’s happening right now.

He’s set to enlist in the military on June 24th.

No. 32617

Idk if this has been discussed in previous threads but I really hate it when some of those so called "celebrities" comes out and say they have zero money in their bank accounts. They act as if the company didn't pay them a penny but forget the fact the exactly the same company has been giving them a drom/food/clothes and whatever else they need. Thy act as if they were photosynthesizing this whole time.
Like that Kangnam trash that said this on some show and after a few months crying over this on tv he finally said his balance is good now. And he bought an entire building in Seoul. Then he stopped his begging.
There was another (ex-?)member of an older female group recently that is playing the same card.
And what's even worse that both of them are in their 30s!
Just go around crying and fans will fill your pockets with money. They'll babysit you for sure.

No. 32620

File: 1558431990712.jpg (78.95 KB, 610x610, IMG_0087.JPG)

Fucker was smiling when he went to the gym.
He was absolutely right about the Korean law.

No. 32624

I mean, I don't doubt that some idols play up to the cameras saying they don't have anything. But at the same time a lot of the smaller groups will literally be in debt for the rest of their lives. And just because a company houses them doesn't mean the conditions are any good. I believe a group called The Legend literally went without electricity cos their company didn't pay the bills. T-ara used to say how their company "forgot" to feed them frequently.

Then you get trash like TS who refuse to pay their artists, then sue them if they try to leave, sue them when they leave and the sue them when they win their lawsuits against the company.

No. 32626

Meanwhile even yg's rookie idols get to live in luxury apartments.
Couldn't imagine a group like Blackpink surviving years in an old small place filled with cockroaches.
I hope even trainees from smaller companies live in better conditions now but I doubt it.

No. 32628

I agree with that but my comment was directed more towards those that're nearing/are in their 30s who do that. They're way past the age to earn money in other ways instead on selling their "sobbing" stories to get cash the easy way.
As for the youngest ones, I'm sure they get paid more than the average person, it's just that expect to be as rich as those from the big3.
It just annoys me when they use this so their fans get more active into pouring money into them.

No. 32629

yg's artists are some of the highest earning in the business, that's how they can afford to live like this.
nugu groups from small companies bring in basically 0 cash. why would a company lose money to let them live in luxury?

No. 32632

Oh yes the ones nearing their 30s/30+ should def be given a slap. I mean idols have such a short career span realistically, so they should be putting multiple eggs in multiple baskets. I feel like with this trend of groups self composing that many of them will be able to get producing jobs after idolship, but a lot of the ones that are already 30 now probably didn't think about that back then and now haven't got fuck all to fall back on.

Than again it's proven you can rape people and beat women in this industry and you'll still have hoardes of fans so why bother with real work when fans will always fund your shitty lives.

No. 32635

uwu such a smol bean

No. 32641

No. 32647

You can't tell me Jennie isn't the favorite. Girl has her own balcony and bathroom and the biggest room out of all of them

No. 32650

I'm saying this as a black girl to black girl

Please lose weight, life is easier when you do. Please. I'm sick of seeing fat black kooreaboos.

No. 32653

File: 1558462108413.jpeg (7.48 KB, 209x200, images.jpeg)

Kek I saw that too (looked for it again and couldn't find it). Yeah but those were three nct members (taeyong, yuta, and johnny) while they were filming a vlog in Chicago. So her bias was Johnny and like you said she waved to them and taeyong and Johnny ignored her and went back to filming, but she said yuta turned around completely to face her and waved and smiled, and said hi back, and that suprised her. Her words not mine

>Inb4 reeee gtfo nctfags you just want to find any way to talk about your faves

No. 32656

>reeee gtfo nctfags you just want to find any way to talk about your faves
This but unironically. Adding an inb4 doesn't make your samefagging or your nctfaggotry any less haram. Go away.

No. 32661

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO why is this so funny? I lowkey feel kinda bad like imagine someone you're a huge fan of does that shut? I'd be devastated.

No. 32670

Why do people even bother with debuting with a small company??? You sacrifice your education, youth and job prospects to stay a nobody. Just look at all the idol groups that have debuted in the past years.


No. 32673

Ntayrt, but it's funny and it shows a bit of the nature about idols.
Chill out, it's not a big deal, lots of stupid stuff have been discussed lately so I don't see how this is any worse

No. 32678

I looked at the stellar article… I knew it was bad but I didn't realise it was that bad

>In response to a question about how much members earned from their work during Stellar, it was revealed that each member earned less than 10,000,000 Won (~$9,000 USD) over the 7 years they worked under their company.

No. 32683

>mfw I was at this concert

I know Yuta is uggo but at least he seems genuine and cares about NCT fans.

No. 32688

BTS looked shook and depress when the interviewer brought up enlistment. When JK started answering the question he looked kind of scarily pissed off (like wide-eyed, trying not to show emotion but obviously pissed) like he couldn't believe the dude dared ask them a question that wasn't pre-approved. Jin's answer was mature, but he looked sad asf. The video convinced me that some members will probably have a breakdown if/when BTS disbands or loses popularity.


No. 32691

Do you guys know any boy bands that stay popular even after military enlistment? Ik old ones like Shinhwa and TVXQ duo stick together but they're not gaining any new fans, only their loyal fans stay with them. Can't wait for the BTS' hype to die down seriously.

No. 32697

big bang was still popular with the general public around the time they enlisted but that was before seungri's scandal + members slacking off in the army. I honestly can't think of any boy groups that stay popular after enlisting. Jin is enlisting first but I don't think he's one of the super popular members so idk how much it'll affect them tbh.

No. 32698

I feel like the BTS hype only began in the first place because some executive noticed the hole in the western boyband market after 1D split and started shoving them into talk shows. They weren't even that popular compared to other idols.

Some younger group'll probably rush in to fill that gap once enlistment happens because the pattern's clear.

No. 32699

It's just funny how TXT failed to fill that gap kek

No. 32700

This new vid of blackpink's shitty singing is entertaining. I dislike blinks but at least they are not being very toxic in the comments, some of them acknowledge that blackpink's vocals are indeed shitty.

No. 32703

Of course they all look sad. Jesus Christ, it’s mandatory military service.
Jin is regurgitating a stock answer that Korean men have been fed since they were boys, and if there’s any anger with JK, it’s probably because his entire life since he was 13 is about to change and the people he’s grown most attached to are going to leave him behind, unwillingly.
Stop trying to attribute any perceived anger to arrogance and entitlement. You keep coming back here to reeee about him and it’s both obnoxious and incredibly obvious that you have some kind of damage.

No. 32712

lmao props to the interviewer for asking that, armys need a reality check. i don't know about the members' relationship but jungkook is way too dependent on fans and treated as the ~~golden boy~~, he'll probably be miserable after they start flopping. i think many people around them are going to come forward with bts and bighit's shady shit too.

nta but you're overestimating him, he's probably just upset that he'll be completely irrelevant in a few years.

No. 32713

I get this is supposed to be a critical video but

This is total delusion, i mean, how can you literally say that over such bad examples of BP "talent"?, i get op is trying to "balance" the video but that's not the way, don't sugarcoat mediocre performances like that. Jennie and Lisa doing the bare minimum? WOW, Rose straining (as always)? amazing, jisoo being less than mediocre and nasal af? PERFECT. Also kek at the fact they had to add jennie's old videos to prove she doesn't suck at singing, pathetic.

No. 32714

Shopping mall models who sing badly. That's all they are

No. 32715

It's funny that the "good examples" are mostly debut performances where they always used pre-recorded vocals.

No. 32716

why does it matter if youre both black? theres tons of white fat girls acting just the same

anyway, anyone else feeling the mainstream kpop craze finally dying down?

No. 32717

I know MR removed isn't entirely reliable because it messes with a lot of acoustic properties but this is so shit. I'm shocked tzuyu is the one that sounds least like shit

No. 32718

Nta but even if that’s the case, his career is in showbiz so that’s a valid concern to have.

That JK anon that keeps coming in here and saying “wow he looks so angry isn’t it scary he’s so mad this is happening wow he’s going to snap that reporter’s he’s so entitled he can’t believe anyone on earth is questioning him lol” is annoying as fuck.

You know this freak is in deep delusional koreaboo/obsessive fan territory when every little (non-)thing suddenly becomes a microaggression.

No. 32719

This is like middle school talent show vibes but less cute.

No. 32720

So as the topic is on military service, do you really think BTS will serve? I'm almost 100% sure they will be exempt. They probably know it as well and that's why they were even more pissed in the interview above.
I'm just wondering how they excuse them from serving.

No. 32721

why would you think they will be exempt? this was discussed multiple times and the conclusion was always that not enlisitng would be social suicide in korea, even in an event of offered exemption. are you sure youre not just grasping at straws for them not to leave?


No. 32722

there's no way kpop will stay as a part of regular programme in the west kek. it's just a fad

No. 32723

Because when I see articles on them most people(k-netz) commenting agree that they should be exempt. We already had some politician trying to advocate this. It's been a long time this subject has been everywhere to prepare us to find them not going shocking.
It's already being accepted by the gp and ofc, their fans. I'm just waiting for another fake win in Amrica of some sort and their exemption will be official.
I'm sure they'll try to oppose the decision to show how "ready" they to go when the duty calls.
Hah, believe me, I can't stand BTS so it'll be perfect for me to stop seeing them everywhere. Although BH will probably start shoving our throats their other terrible group in meanwhile.

No. 32724

If they want any respect from Korean gen pop, those who are fit should serve even if they’re offered exemption. That’s just good PR.

No. 32725

There is no fucking way they won't enlist. The loss of face would be ridiculous. Korea has basically mass-designated them 'their' band like the Beatles were for bongs. Even ilbe (Korean equivalent of 4chan /pol/, kpop generals and /r9k/ that has a huge feud with them that spilled over into BTS dissing the site and constantly calls one of them subhuman for being from Jeolla) blows smoke up their ass about how they're 'Korea's group'.

No. 32726

twitter army is eating itself alive because some interviewer asked the fans who would most likely mess up choreography and the crowd screamed Jin and Rm loooooooool. These guys don't give a fuck about dumbass screaming american girls, yet the top US trends are #namjinbestdancers as if their feelings were hurt.

They have no reason to not enlist, they're all perfectly healthy. even gdragon is fine and he had some surgery or whatever.

No. 32728

even if some miracle happened and the gov was okay with them not enlisting, the entire korea would hate them if they didn't enlist while literally every other south korean man eventually does. why would they be exempt? afaik only olympics champions can be exempt from the military and i've seen some armys claiming that their awards and records could be considered as valuable as an olympics medal lmao.

No. 32729

don't RM and Jin acknowledge themselves that their dancing sucks? armys are so easily offended, nothing new

No. 32730

Stop making me feel sorry for BTS anons

No. 32732

so the first bts enlistment is happening this year? that's amazing

No. 32733

sorry, i deleted my post, because i noticed that the article was from april last year, not last month

but yeah for anyone wondering, i was talking about this

No. 32734

File: 1558526901867.png (17.45 KB, 724x154, Opera Snapshot_2019-05-22_1308…)

check the date of the article

No. 32735

rip me

No. 32737

ratmy in the comments of it are funny af tho

No. 32738

fuck i was thrilled to see them gone asap

No. 32746

can someone please explain why bts is so big in lesbian community? you know the type, the girl who constantly talks about how ~gay~ she is but then airs all these (weird or even deviant) sexual fantasies involving these boys?

No. 32749

popular amongst actual lesbians like how gaga is to gay men? no. popular amongst pansexual genderfuck tumblrfags? yeah. it's self-explanatory but they are not lesbians if they want to fuck the reptile blokes. most "lgbt" armys you see online are sjws and bts has been going all social justice lately. they haven't really said anything openly pro-lgbt, their fans are just putting words in their mouth off their gay fanservice. afaik rap monster believes in the "there are 958749837 genders!!" shit though

No. 32752

Not that anon but it's probably because if she called out a black koreaboo for being fat then there is a chance ppl would go reee racism so it's safer to state that it had nothing to do with ethnicity cause she's black too. It happens many times with calling out SEA you know.

No. 32753

Yaoi is popular among some lesbians and I guess BTS fits that 'nonthreatening flower boy uwu' thing aesthetically so they project the yaois onto it is my guess. There's loads of manhwa with the k-boy band aesthetic too. Any footage of BTS in action should dispel this idea - they're all vulgar grifters
Rat is probably thinking of Thai ladyboys he would suck off at Burning Sun or whatever, not the tumblr shit. I don't think anyone raised in Korea can truly understand the latter

No. 32755

i'm sure ratmon lurks the internet a lot. since he speaks english and sees many aidens on army twitter he probably knows what it's about. i don't think the others have any idea about all the autismgender shit like the rest of the world who don't speak english. and bts are actual fuggo males, these girls' gayness is full of shit.

No. 32756

No racebait but Koreans love to imitate American trends. I'm actually afraid their feminism will soon be flooded with that tumblr/twitter self- identification shit.
So it's not too far fetched that he lurks on twitter and soaks up all that bs.

No. 32757

File: 1558541063314.jpg (51.25 KB, 1080x993, 460024970.jpg)

they do lurk stan twitter. they've ~~accidentally~~ liked fanart before
if this army isn't making shit up they followed and unfollowed her on twitter. she also says that jhope interacted with her in a concert and gave her his bag. idk how desperate they are that they try to find fans they see irl on twitter lol

No. 32759

File: 1558543369520.jpg (45.83 KB, 477x588, wtf.JPG)

mino's weight loss looks really gross, i don't know what kind of look he's going for.

No. 32762

or maybe, she is just a delusional fan that wants clout on stan twitter and thus makes shit up.

like the girl who claimed she was dating jay park but he broke up with her because she cheated on him or something

No. 32764

probably trying to recreate g-dragon's weight loss. he tries to be him every other time

No. 32765

i am honestly just blown away the fact that korea has a drink called "lesbi" kek

No. 32766


He overdoes it. Visual shots look ridiculous.

No. 32767

Can he drop that anorexic heroin-addict style already…He just looks ill af…trying to be yg's new edgy fashionista.
He's shady too, considering he's part of Korea's misogynistic try-hard hip-hop, and is bff with Zico.

No. 32775

File: 1558554191077.jpg (161.12 KB, 800x1199, D7Ert0yVsAA-1Tk.jpg)

he's coming after namjoo's brand

No. 32776

I find this tragic, why did he get a nose job before even fully going through puberty?

No. 32780

BTS themselves or their social media team?

No. 32781

File: 1558558715610.jpg (22.23 KB, 275x275, 1557583085712.jpg)

>>32775 that's a fucking triangle shaped piece of goddamn nostril just gone like that, the absolute state of nosejobs in korea…

No. 32782

File: 1558558827424.jpeg (180.06 KB, 750x534, 3A16BAC7-1C1C-40C9-BD25-D9F4BD…)

>tfw trying to watch a completely unrelated vid and this ad pops up

No. 32783

ads are based on your own internet history anon…

No. 32784

would super junior count? iirc their last member just finished enlistment and they still seem to have fans, although it seems like most of them are from latin america or SEA. but idk how the genral public in korea feels about them. they do seemed to get teased for being old a lot though lol

No. 32785

Using kpop (especially btsl) is a cheap, easy and successful marketing strategy, I'd exploit that shit too, knowing how all rabid fans jump on it immediately.

No. 32786

File: 1558560025956.png (203.25 KB, 640x386, fdfds.png)

No. 32787

the app itself doesn’t seem to be kpop though, more like they’re just exploiting bts in the ad to attract armies.

No. 32788

someone actually paid to advertise this cringy shit..

No. 32789

Not really related to that but I wonder if super junior would've gotten the same treatment as bts if they didn't have that many controversies and problematic members? ( I'm talking about the exemption thing specifically)They really did a lot in terms of spreading kpop and even nowadays they're super popular in Arab countries and Latin America. But then maybe only US popularity is considered significant to them cause bp's fame in south east Asia has become the center of jokes.

No. 32793

I was under the impression that Kpop was already a pretty big thing in SEA even before Blackpink debuted.

I'd say it is because of the US popularity though. SK seems to only cares about the US and sometimes Canada.

No. 32794

File: 1558563798030.jpeg (120.99 KB, 750x1334, D3H1KpLVYAATRBS.jpg large.jpeg)

It got meme potential tbh

No. 32796

File: 1558565188709.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1398142446426.gif)

double kek

No. 32797

Is that Huening Kai?

No. 32799

I think it's nct dream jisung. Not sure tho

No. 32801

I know y'all hate Blackpink but EXID is the worst girl group in k-pop currently, maybe one of the worst of all time too. There is genuinely nothing to like about this group. Their songs are always the same screechy mess, they are all Bom levels of busted except for the visual one they always give the worst haircuts and their styling and videos are so consistently cheap. Who the hell likes this group and why??

No. 32802

exid got famous from a fancam of hani shaking her ass so it's hard to expect much from them.

No. 32805

File: 1558569626199.jpg (100.42 KB, 674x1200, tumblr_pnmfklW5ti1ve8xo4o1_128…)

i love how the hype around woozi has died down now the "he's trans" and the "he looks like suga" degenerates have moved on

No. 32806

the girl singing in the beginning sounds like her nose is so stuffed jesus christ

No. 32808

imo le is extremely talented. she's better when featuring on tracks or when she's writing a song for somebody else, and i hope with exid disbanding that we can see her at her full potential.
i'm interested to see how hani will fair. she's not as popular as she was a few years ago. she isn't that good at singing and her "I'M NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS" act isn't going to get her far.

No. 32809

people are always saying soyeon from g-idle is somehow the most accomplished idol rapper composer in kpop when le's done way more shit than her

No. 32810

File: 1558571767605.jpg (2.26 MB, 1439x4045, Untitled-1.jpg)

soyeon shows promise, but le has to be in the top 5 idols for most credits

No. 32811

File: 1558571800039.jpg (285.61 KB, 1080x954, IMG_20190522_203206.jpg)

What the fuck is this supposed to be? Why did they edit her face like this? Fan edits taken to another mentally damaged level

No. 32812

I don't care about how "talented" someone supposedly is or production credits they have if the music they take part in sucks, sorry

No. 32813

i could see her pulling a sunmi and having a successful solo career. she has about the same level of talent.

No. 32814

Ppl actually headcanoned him as trans and not some gremlin who got lucky?

No. 32815

File: 1558574156289.jpg (331.97 KB, 560x841, a56cdb47b936d05e6e612525fe1515…)

but her face is so….tragic. Even the way she talks looks strange. What even happened?

No. 32817

the makeup here is not helping her one bit.

No. 32820

Tbh i really liked the first 35 seconds of the song and thought you were just hating. Then the song continued and it's fuckin awful

I feel bad for saying this but none of them are that pretty either…

No. 32821

tbh none of them look that botched to me compared to LE

No. 32822

you think someone could at least facetune themselves to look human even next to their botched idol but nah, she's melting

i didn't even know this was a thing anon

No. 32824

File: 1558587255068.gif (2.99 MB, 500x259, 4BB9BBE8-55E2-498A-9C6E-34EEC4…)

on the contrary, she gained weight, ditched the bleached crackhead brows, and looks like she actually brushed and washed her hair. the bar is laughably low, but she did clear it.

fuck off, giving someone food and shelter doesn’t justify paying them dust when they’re raking in millions for your company. these idols in their 30s (who you refuse to name, funnily enough) who supposedly beg for money on tv are complete outliers, most of the time it’s a teenaged nugus who are upset because they get paid the equivalent of $8 USD per week to buy themselves food. can’t believe this thread has sunk low enough that we’re now justifing kpop slave contracts…

yeah, i have no idea why idols like LE and Hwasa who don’t have monolids go for that smokey CL cat eye look, it always turns out really bizarre and drag queen-ish. in LE’s case it doesn’t help that her eyes are completely botched. i know an anon upthread was sperging about Irene’s completely normal-looking eyelids, but LE genuinely looks like someone took a hatchet to her epicanthic fold (pic related)

No. 32827

Solution to kpop slave contracts: have some dignity, go to school and get a real job. Their futile quest for stardom and easy money doesn't make you pity them.if you think shaking your non existent ass for creepy old men is more respectable than flipping burgers you're the problem

No. 32830

Not a fan of her group or her voice really but she is what blackpink fans want Jennie to be lol..pulling writing credits out of their asses because low key they know she doesn't live up to her fame.

No. 32837

it looks like someone photoshopped taeil in there next to lucas

No. 32842

File: 1558612168725.webm (2.4 MB, 480x480, 1558610417891.webm)

If I was gonna nominate the worst girl group in k-pop I'd say something like IZ*ONE is the worst. EXID's singles are all remakes of one song but at least there's a womanly vibe. Pedoshit is going to sink Korea's music like it sunk Japan's

No. 32843

yeah it is jisung, he must have been around 14/15 when he got that nose job…

No. 32845

But dont you need to have some kind of approval from parents to do plastic surgery on minors?

That's what kinda weirds me out when it comes to jisungs nose job.

No. 32846


No. 32847

I hate it when fans of cute concepts attack people for thinking all the songs sound the same.
To this day I cannot differentiate between the different gfriend or lovelyz songs when I happen to see them.
They all have this fairy theme going in in their videos with pastel clothes and baby voices. I really don't know grown people can like that?
The same goes for other concepts such as with boy groups and hip hop…all the same.
Kpop is inherently generic and repetitive but so are the concepts/genres within kpop.

No. 32848

I mean honestly pedoshit has already come and made it's home in Korea. I mean Wondergirls were like half 14 year olds when they debuted in 2007.

No. 32849

according to 13:20, apparently there's no legal age limit? Obviously most doctors won't give a nose job to a 10 year old but I imagine it's maybe easier to get surgery as a teenager without parental permission.
Or he has weird stage parents that will do anything for their child to become a celebrity.

No. 32850


Hell YG groomed his wife from when she was underage

Pedoshit will never be a new concept, it's just something that is getting worse. We already got 10 year old idols in Japan performing twister with adult fans, how long til Korea gets like that too.

No. 32851

Holy shit… there are 10 yo idols in Japan? Is that common?

No. 32856

File: 1558618931265.jpg (17.43 KB, 250x300, Frro9xQl-1.jpg)

Sakura's face always bothered me, she looks like a fucking bug. She looked normal a few years ago.

No. 32857

Not exactly uncommon. It's also not exactly uncommon for very underage idols (11-16) to do gravure.

No. 32860

File: 1558620813425.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.22 KB, 444x335, unnamed.jpg)

Even Kyary did some weird gravure shit when she was 13 for a weird "little sister gravure" series

No. 32861

her aegyo sal/tear bags make her look bug-eyed.

No. 32862

File: 1558621544767.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.5 MB, 1600x2482, shes14.jpg)

yeah they're called junior idols. korea doesn't have as many as japan, but i can see the concept getting more popular with the normalization of 14 year olds being the 'face' of groups like wonyoung.

No. 32863

jfc why is this even legal

No. 32864

File: 1558623299338.jpg (124.33 KB, 1080x1350, 54731692_1950504265071400_8047…)

who decided to edit her safety shorts out is the real question

No. 32866

most idols are underage when they become trainees and either teens or very young adults when they sign 4-5 year contracts lol. sorry for holding predatory companies (and creepy stage parents) responsible for scouting 12 year olds and exploiting their dreams of stardom instead of shifting the blame to a bunch of kids who have no idea what they’re getting into. i mean, how unreasonable of me to have sympathy for 14-18 year old girls who have breakneck performance schedules, no personal freedom, no privacy, and have to survive on $2 a day. it’s their fault after all, because they totally wanted to shake their asses for a bunch of pervs.

No. 32867

Jfc humankind needs to go extinct. Why are parents letting this happen?
Are the straps and shit edits too pls tell me they are… she's a fucking child…

No. 32868

File: 1558626823795.jpeg (484.39 KB, 1600x2482, Wonyoung29.jpeg)

No. 32871

File: 1558627761409.jpg (514.65 KB, 1080x1772, 20190523_130924.jpg)

This made me want to die

Why do you guys think BlacPink is so popular rn? What the heck is this pandering?

No. 32875

I think it's cause they're one of the closest kpop groups to Western Pop Music.

It's probably also easy to jump on the train of things already popular to help gain traction, which is what a lot of Western entertainment is doing with kpop right now.

They would not be this big if they were under some no name label though. YG really helped establish them in kpop. Top 3 entertainment can get away with putting out absolutely shit music and talent and people will eat it up as you can see.

No. 32877

I hate it when fans of cute concepts attack people for thinking all the songs sound the same.

I mean girl groups get the most shit thrown at them so fans will get territorial to protect what they like. I like some of the songs but they do sound the same, just like the Boy groups hip hop concepts you talked about. I see more people get pissed when you say boy groups sound the same though. It's hilarious because they really think they're BG is the most unique shit on the planet.

No. 32878

Japanese idols were sometimes obliged to make child porn before the law change of 1999.
Even now they try to pull this shit. U15 is a big market.


IMO it's only Korea's hardcore anti-porn laws introduced during the dictatorship stopping the same thing ever popping up around Korean idols because there are so many creeps into all kinds of nasty deviant shit on the k-net. Still the law is not enforced much

(Also pedoweebs and armys, don't respond calling me a racist because Denmark and the Netherlands had long periods of legal hardcore child pornography production too and the same problems occurring in Japan and Korea can be extrapolated to Russia)

No. 32879

They're pretty normie-friendly compared with other k-groups. K-groups sell a lot of physical copies in the West because of the merchandise and shit like that that k-boos buy en masse, so the labels are trying to push them. The main problem is that people like Ariana Grande, 5H and Little Mix for their vocals. BP does not have vocals

No. 32880

File: 1558630556994.jpg (66.05 KB, 960x866, 1553721766173.jpg)

>There are “junior idols” who are generally between three and 15 years old who perform in music videos and do photo shoots for fans, and the materials they appear in can border on child pornography
I feel sick

No. 32882

bc they're pretty girls with a rich "badass" girl aesthetic and international fans love that. it doesn't matter that their songs are basic and none of them can sing. also i think 3/4 members can speak english?

No. 32884

Not a blink so don't come for me guys but I actually do think that the majority of US celebrities and all who claim to like bp actually somewhat enjoy their music(unlike bts' music)cause it's edm and it's heavily hip-hop influenced, and they can play that badass, independent-woman kinda girl group which sells. And thus is sad cause I wanna see yg finally fall.

No. 32885

i know it's been went over many times already but i really don't understand how their fans look at blackpink and bts and genuinely think 2 members of the same group are dating. like i watch some of their interviews and shit and neither blackpink or bts seem to have any kind of romantic thing going on with their bandmates, even their "gay" interactions are obvious fanservice, they're all straight as fuck. like jenlisa or vkook being real makes no sense. am i not able to see what their fans see or something?

No. 32887

File: 1558641674719.jpg (50.75 KB, 540x960, choa.jpg)

What happened to her? Did she fully quit the industry after being with that rich Japanese guy? I hope the spammer autist didnt find her

No. 32888

Being too invested in something can make you delusional af.
These people seem to have no proper social life so they project all their fantasies onto them.
I wish they'd just go out and have real crushes and experiences, it's sad how teens waste their life like that.

No. 32890

The official statenent is she left AOA because of mental health issues but who knows. Id believe it since the group was at an insane low and FNC is a super shitty company. Another member from her group just left too.

No. 32891

She requested that her fans stop buying billboards and subway ads for her birthday (which is honestly such a weird thing to do anyways, if fans of Niall from 1D bought a billboard for his birthday, people would would be like wtf why) so we can assume she wants to be out of the public eye. I always felt like Choa had a large population of autists obsessed with her and I didn’t get why.

No. 32892

File: 1558643939457.gif (4.19 MB, 255x454, IMG_0091.GIF)

> had a large population of autists obsessed with her and I didn’t get why
I really didn't get it either until I became a little more familiar with them.
To me, she stood out by default by being the only member to consistently have short blonde hair. She also pandered a lot to male fans during performances and always seemed to do more than the others (gif as an example).
It also helped that she had like 70% of the songs for herself.

No. 32895


Those are just the dance moves from the looks of it. The girl behind her is doing the same thing.

No. 32897

nuke these countries immediately

No. 32901

File: 1558666170027.jpg (213.69 KB, 763x993, iz.jpg)

chaewon and yuri from izone look so alike, when I first saw them I thought they were the same person. They have similar voices too

No. 32902

File: 1558666700399.png (617.03 KB, 782x524, izone.png)

I can't be the only one who sees this

No. 32903

Korean PS/Gangnam unnie effect.

No. 32906

File: 1558671209789.jpeg (339.75 KB, 600x900, CDBB18F6-055D-42A6-A65C-39CC3F…)

Jo Yuri probably got surgery after Idol School

No. 32907

Another botched nose, how sad.

No. 32908

File: 1558671670407.png (649.74 KB, 531x670, yuri.png)

dat botched chin implant tho

No. 32909

i'm suprised that there has only been one bullying scandal in kpop (t-ara). with all these idols sharing dorms together and basically being together 24/7 in a competitive environment you'd think there would be more obvious fighting within the groups.

No. 32917

I genuinely hope Seungri gets beat up in the military. Knowing Korean men though, many of them would probably give him their congratulations for not only abusing women but also getting away with it too. Also what’s gonna happen to the other fuckers involved? Seems Jonghyun(?) is still signed to FNC so I feel like most of the perpretrators won’t face severe consequences at this rate.

No. 32918

I’m sure image >>>>> personal relationships for idol members. I mean given how much career-ending shit T-ARA faced after the “bullying” controversies I’m sure many idols have learned better on how to save face even if you despise your groupmates. Idols have admitted to fighting before (I think SHINee and Infinite have even gotten into physical altercations) but it’s all off-camera so that fans can still keep of the fantasy of oppar and unnir being pure innocent smol beans~ uwu

No. 32919

File: 1558685080034.png (16.22 KB, 446x116, Opera Snapshot_2019-05-24_0903…)

another one bites the dust

No. 32920

I just can't believe he's a free man. There must be someone protecting him that's why he so relaxed all the time.
After serving he'll properly move to Japan or something.

No. 32922

Pristin’s just been disbanded after its members opened up Instagram accounts across the last few weeks. A major 3rd gen group ending after only 2 years, yikes.

No. 32923

I have no idea what mnet is thinking.

No. 32924

But they were doing fairly well I think? That's a bit unexpected… I'm guessing N wants so do acting.
Speaking of acting, I wish idols stopped trying to be taken seriously as actors. I mean, many real k-actors already suck cause they get roles due to looks and connection, and then imagine how bad the majority of the idols must be…
Sometimes they don't even wanna be idols in the first place but they use it as an opportunity to get some exposure and then move on to acting. Or they know their idol time will soon be over and need other ways to make money.

No. 32925

File: 1558690452035.jpg (45.53 KB, 672x372, Bold-and-the-Beautiful-The-Iri…)

>Speaking of acting, I wish idols stopped trying to be taken seriously as actors. I mean, many real k-actors already suck cause they get roles due to looks and connection, and then imagine how bad the majority of the idols must be…
>Sometimes they don't even wanna be idols in the first place but they use it as an opportunity to get some exposure and then move on to acting. Or they know their idol time will soon be over and need other ways to make money.

It's the same in every country.

No. 32926

this is very bizzare, are they meant to be an actual kpop group or?

No. 32927


surprised that Pledis would finally admit PRISTIN is dead but continues to deny that After School is dead

The remaining female trainees and members who chose to stay with Pledis should scram while they still can

No. 32928

I doubt it. Loads of this prostitution culture comes from the military because South Korea opened up legal brothels for US servicemen and it spiralled down into regular conscription and became a feature of national service

On the other hand Seungri was an older man abusing young women. That's a huge traditional taboo in Korea, men like this are called thieves and not seen in a good light at all. I've never heard of older male and young female being an official taboo in other countries. The newer trashier generations and k-cels discard this taboo though

No. 32929

Good riddance. After School had such a fierce vibe and then they come up with this badly-casted TWICE clone with horrific songs. I guess since IZ*ONE have come along and oversaturated the pedo market it's pretty much over for these massive amounts of members groups

Pledis fucked up Hello Venus too

No. 32930

holy shit.I was a big VIXXfag for a while(actually the only kpop group I got invested in)and while I don't keep up with them anymore,they had no big scandals and they seemed to get along well.

Ravi will keep doing things in VIXX despite creating his own label so only N's involvement in the group is uncertain(just looked all this up now I was surprised kek)

No. 32931

It's supposed to be Sisters Slam Dunk one shot type of deal I think.

No. 32932

lol I actually wouldn't be surprised at all if a bunch of incels there went up to him asking him how to mess with girls or if he can introduce them to some.
A while ago I saw this video talking about how common it is for men to get prostitutes there. It's almost like a men-bonding thing so I don't expect much from them.

No. 32933

wasn't a lot of groups trying to capitalize on the members that went to Produce 101?

No. 32935

pledis made a mistake debuting so many members in pristin. it would have been better to stick with the 2 members from ioi and a few others like in pristin v. maybe they wouldn't have flopped so hard.

No. 32936

100% yg is paying for this, I've seen other western artist who all conveniently happen to work for the same people promote or follow blackpink. YG is not subtle one bit

No. 32937


The Japanese super-low-aged female group "sister BABYS (Sororベイビ→ズ)" has an average age of about 12 years old, but since its debut, it has been the main player of "Clean and Sexy", and members have burst into red because of their inferior age.

隔1年色氣再升級!穿紅比基尼蹦巨乳 | ETtoday星光雲 | ETtoday新聞雲

No. 32938

Yeah. I guess the group's concept was daddy's princess or whatever. Kyulkyung and Rena stood out to me looks wise, but they look quite womanly and genteel and do not really fit into a 'cute' group.

None of them were really child-like enough (facially or otherwise) to fit into that pedobait thing that TWICE embodies or even the lite form of it that APINK or GFRIEND embodies. Then Pledis constant mismanagement and Kyla's weight and brother scandals threw it all into the garbage

They would've been better off with an elegant concept (like KARA) or womanly concept (like SPICA) with Pinky and Rena plus a strong vocalist and unique rapper which was desperately needed to balance everything


No. 32939

$$$ this is fake promotion.

No. 32944

Well the new Scamyong ft. the Botched Friends mv is out today

No. 32945

This song is fucking boring. They tried to sound like Shinee and still failed at it. At this point NCT is just fucking trash with no way of redeeming themselves.

SM trying to make them happen in America is also laughable, with a sound like this they'll never make it outside of their brainwashed stans who think all of their faces are natural.

No. 32946

File: 1558708429770.jpg (57.19 KB, 540x810, tumblr_pruxflKdNk1s9ru8jo1_540…)

Why do companies insist on making idols go blonde? Nobody has ever looked good with it.

No. 32947

..Why did SM give them a shinee reject? I used to be a fan of them, yikes. Hope it flops in Korea

No. 32948

hate to sound like a broken record but nctzens need to stop oversharing the activities of their boring ass group and their boring ass fandom ITT

No. 32952

NCT 127 IS garbage YET sm keeps tryna make them happen. NCT dream is alright imo but what I don't get is NCT dream is wayyyy more popular than (NCT u and) NCT 127 yet SM ditched them for some reason probably cuz their favorite boy mark is no longer a mem

No. 32953

File: 1558716239442.jpg (7.21 KB, 299x168, download.jpg)

obsession with white people. colored contacts are even more disgusting

No. 32954

I remember a few threads back when anons went apeshit that it was pointed out japanese entertainment industry is much more pedo than kpop. While korean one is also pretty bad, it simply doesn't compare especially considering most kpop fans abroad and in korea are children. Song related must be some sort of parody, I can't believe it

No. 32955

Seventeen has gone down the BTS route when it comes to music. Their more obviously manufactured music was better (since actual producers who’ve been in the industry made it) but they are now a self proclaimed “self-producing group” that releases empty songs.

No. 32956

But this isn't the place to discuss that. This is the kpop thread not the jpop thread. Also the industries work differently so it's pointless to compare them

No. 32959

File: 1558719095282.jpg (90.56 KB, 682x1024, IMG_0094.JPG)

At least the hairstylist here made some effort to make it at least match a bit. But most of the times the blonde looks horrible because it doesn't fit their undertones; it's either super yellow or almost white.
I think everyone can look good with the right shade.
For example here hwasa's hair doesn't look too bad cause her roots are darker.

No. 32962

Don't summon the weebs who plug their ears and scream "muh poor nips dindu nuffin, k-korea is way worse I promise!" every time this is brought up. It'll shit up the thread.

No. 32964

Woozi's been listed as a composer since debut though. I think they're just exploring different styles right now and that's why their music has gone downhill.
Also they both barely self-produce at all

No. 32968

Don't they do everything by themselves since pledis can't be bothered to do anything for their groups?

No. 32969

Yeah you might be right there. The whole "self producing" group thing kind of falls short though when it's just one guy (Woozi) doing most of the work (along with another actual producer), and the rappers writing their lines.
I've always felt bad for Woozi because he gets shit on all the time for being short (and fans force that "cute" persona on him when he's just a normal guy) even though he does most of the work in making Seventeen's music.

No. 32971

mmh, can't relate. I only make fun of him cause he looks like a fucking gremlin

No. 32972

Is anyone really surprised? The fat one ran away to the states and started working at carnivals, it’s pretty obvious that she’s why the group disbanded. They should’ve just cut her loose since Pristin was still pretty popular.

No. 32973

File: 1558724143208.jpeg (42.91 KB, 640x547, 00A0F615-9202-412A-8FB7-49D634…)

I don't think it was solely her fault. Xiyeon had some kind of injury. The other members were apologizing to fans over not having vlives, there was probably more going on behind the scenes (perhaps both before and after Kyla left).

Kyla implies in her Instagram post about the disbandment after a commentator blames her that she wants to spill the tea on the company. Imagine being these girls and training for 5+ years, longer than the average trainee period, particularly for Kyla and Xiyeon, who were with the company 9 and 11 years respectively- to only debut for 2 years. With how many members there are I imagine at least one of them who's fed up with Pledis is going to spill behind the scenes tea.

No. 32974

Kyla was pretty unpopular to begin with IIRC.

No. 32975

All these girls look like they deserve a thread in /w/

No. 32976

Yeah seriously as if she was the Irene of their group or something. Nobody gave her attention, and when they did it was always negative.
The group was destined to flop from the moment they debuted.
The popular Chinese member already secured her career by establishing herself in China, and the other one from ioi will find something else to do.
Nobody really cares about the other members.

No. 32977

my theory is that they disbanded because pledis is understaffed so they focused more on their boy groups, fromis_9, and izone. pristin probably earned the least out of all of those groups so they had low priority.

No. 32980

File: 1558730362525.jpg (42.04 KB, 540x304, 0000733017_001_201905211856055…)

Just your average nearly 24-year-old man!

Seriously, it's no surprise the ex-exo members all went to china, because once you've made it where… I really wonder why they like kpop so much? They also have idol groups, millions of pretty and talented singers to chose from, so why throw your cash to korea?

No. 32983

Uh, what kpop idols are relevant at all in china aside from like 3 EXO members, Jackson, and WJSN?

No. 32985

Victoria from fx and Fei from Miss A

No. 32994

I can't believe pristine disbanded.. now pledis is using kyulkyung as cash cow in China

No. 33007

Sounds like bullshit to me. The plagiarizing rat is one of the most popular members in the group, and outside of weekly idol I can't remember many instances of him being made fun of for his height.

No. 33008

What are you talking about

No. 33009

Thé departure from a member absolutely hated for not being underweight is the reason they disbanded yeah. The decision to disband was probably taken long ago and was just made public now. All post IOI groups are struggling so much, even Somi will flop since they loved her for being a young half white girl and nothing more, she's basically used goods in netizens' eyes. The only way to ensure their future as an idol is if their companies were willing to sell their idols to mnet making produce groups permanent because the same thing will happen to izone for sure

No. 33012

>>33008 OP is probably saying that seventeen's music is fucking garbage now, which is undeniably true. only their stans consider their newer music listenable

No. 33013

File: 1558774204567.jpeg (103.69 KB, 541x960, E9582126-CB1D-4081-BBAF-C15F1A…)

this was an email kyla’s brother leaked that she sent him in 2017 and mentions that there were problems even back then, for some reason i remember there being more but this was all i could find rn

No. 33014

what's wrong with this guy? mistreating his sister like she is worthless trash and leaking their chats

No. 33015

he's a psycho elliot rodgers /r/hapas type

No. 33017

File: 1558781498007.jpg (62.27 KB, 468x306, EXO-Kai-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

What did he do to his face? I can't put my finger around it, but he definitely changed for the worse, his eyes look a lot smaller now.
And for some reason you can always see his badly shaven moustache, even through the massive amount of foundation he probably wears. Don't idols get waxed or lasered?

No. 33018

You can see it cause he's dark skinned+very dark hair. He probably doesn't want to laser it off cause he's one of the few koreans who can grow a good beard and wants to keep it for the future or something.
I think he just gets lots of fillers. It makes him look plastic and disgusting just like his friend taemin

No. 33020

His hair is black, like (nearly) all other Koreans and therefore idols hair too. And black hair show more on white than on tan skin, so that would actually work in his favor.

No. 33023

File: 1558787425249.png (281.76 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190525-143019.png)

No. 33024

is this a tranny?

No. 33025

File: 1558787579249.png (819.29 KB, 714x808, kai.png)

Nose job + camera angle (selfies always make bug eyes) + male aging. The 'then' is already plastic

No. 33026

>>33024 learn to sage and stop spamming your own content you fucktard, go back to the amino app

No. 33027

I'm not sure about the nose job. It's still too flat to be fake

No. 33028

This makes me realize how much all the patriotism shit is for show. If Korean dont get enraged at LEAST at the comfort women undertones to all this there is no hope

No. 33029

idk who this kboo is but she doesn't have the typical tranny voice. why do you think that?

No. 33030

File: 1558788042066.png (31.38 KB, 597x402, eré.png)

I've never seen a mtf kboo before.

No. 33032

File: 1558788631072.gif (1.11 MB, 500x266, a5f41845581ddce8837d17d0fab0df…)

baekhyun doesn't have a prominent adam's apple so maybe they are just joking around about that, i don't know. i haven't seen a mtf kboo either but i've seen many mtf weebs. trans kboos are usually the fujo fakeboiz.

No. 33033

No. 33040

File: 1558797485925.png (5.77 KB, 516x231, Pledis_Entertainment_logo.png)

Wtf is going on with pledis? After they disbanded Pristin I heard they sent all of their foreign female trainees back home and got rid of their Korean female trainee roster. Is pledis trying to be an all boys company like Johnny's now? Wtf is going on?

No. 33041

tinfoil:female trainees and idols were dating the male money makers so they called it quits before a career-breaking scandal came along

No. 33045

Alright you have some points. I get the feeling that knetz make fun of his height. However you're right, he's more popular than you would expect.
What did he plagiarize though

No. 33049

Maybe a few female saesangs slipped through and now they are taking The Bighit route of "no females allowed

No. 33051

I also thought it was a tranny.

No. 33057

where did you hear about that? apparently they've been asking for males only on their global audition so they're probably debuting a new boy group soon. those female trainees are better off.
it seems kind of premature though. if nuest hadn't gotten popular on p101 their only popular group would be seventeen. who knows if they'll be able to make another.

No. 33058

i find it hilarious that bighit doesn't take any female trainees or single women as staff to protect bts' uwu image while having worked with literal druggie, abusive male felons.

No. 33060

Anon how dare you imply that bigshit is sexist when bts are intersectional feminist kings?

No. 33061

The nerve of that anon…

No. 33062

i can't believe i forgot our woke kings bts invented feminism. my bad.

No. 33065

solji's one of the best idol singers, they've got consistently bangy singles along with nice album songs, and they can be funny as hell on variety. this comeback wasn't one of their best though

since people have been talking about vocals, remember the time they accidentally had no vocals on backing track and had to adapt on the fly

No. 33071

Which company? I don't think Thirlwall is associated with UMG

No. 33072

I watched a bit of their own reality show, and it seems like Choa had a motherly/wife vibe to her, which could be why

No. 33073

I hate that I actually find this funny


No. 33074

just wondering, is red velvet popular with the korean general public? I can't tell which groups are actually well known and which are just fueled by fandom

No. 33076

SM is trying so hard to make Taeyong-CT happen that they forgot how popular Red velvet was with the public, with their "red" concepts. Nobody in Korea gives a damn about NCT and they don't have a single hit there.they basically live off of international fans.
Maybe they've given up on rv because Irene's getting too old for the group and the group is dead without her, and joy probably wants to do acting. That still doesn't explain why they waste their money on that flop group.

No. 33077

RV stumbled at first and their Velvet side has always underperformed but they've had massive singles hits in SK since Dumb Dumb. They're more popular with women

No. 33078


Armys are absolutely SEETHING in the comments because he's a plastic conman. Sorry but he's right in this case. The visual and natural beauty side of kpop has gone down the toilet since TVXQ. Some of the Produce X 101 male contestants looked like incels before surgery. Rich fuggos with no talent or looks keep being pushed all the time

No. 33080

i haven't laughed this hard in ages LMAO anon thank you for sharing this

No. 33081

Probably because, as has been said before, kpop is more of an international industry and foreign fans buy massive amounts of copies and merch. However it must jarr for Lee Soo Man (fuck him) that NCT's domestic album sales are a tenth of Rat Monster's crew

No. 33082

jesus christ he's fucking pathetic tho

No. 33088

File: 1558819840465.png (350.9 KB, 520x484, 1.png)

…are you joking?

No. 33092

Anon, both you and this guy are pathetic.

No. 33095

File: 1558825701322.png (273.31 KB, 750x386, large.png)

Old pic but jesus christ, I think this is the worst case of plastic surgery that I've ever seen.

No. 33096

File: 1558825739747.gif (1.74 MB, 500x333, tumblr_o230rw6bg11v6dvzso1_500…)

Before the tragedy

No. 33097

Unpopular opinion: he didn't look that much better before, he was just unattractive in a different, less disturbing way. Pre plastic monster J-hope was better looking than him.

I will never understand why SM, one of the most successful kpop companies in existence, even bothers letting guys like him and Johnny debut. NCT makes me sad.

No. 33098

not sure what they were trying to go for with this yuta person. bolting a huge ass weirdly vertical chin implant on a compact face with an already kinda narrow jaw just makes it look 328959x worse. he looks like a banana. SM's butchers are literally retarded and make people look like utter freaks. even YG and JYP have better surgeons

still nowhere near as horrific as namjoo or even sinb though. chin implants can be taken out

No. 33101

File: 1558828292260.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.8 KB, 600x900, CY_OEbEUwAA02oS.jpg)

nta but Ehh…. I think he looked pretty good, that's just an unflattering gif

My guess is xenophobia

No. 33107

The only major difference between the way he looks there and the way he looks in the gif is that he's not smiling. Unattractive either way, not a huge upgrade from his current form

No. 33108


But they're implying svt has only recently began to "self-produce". I have no clue where they got that idea from.

to be honest I like svt for their live performances and Getting Closer was a banger, but they desperately need to delete Woozi from their group or at least quit the self producing meme.

No. 33109

File: 1558830852779.jpg (59.79 KB, 559x317, iu.jpg)

>"I watch what I eat and sometimes I go a bit extreme," she said. She calls her method "the water diet. When I have something important coming up, I start drinking three liters of water daily for five days straight, which makes me go to the bathroom a lot. And on the seventh day, you are basically a skeleton," she emphasized, adding that "this way, you can go from thin to skeleton-skinny."

jesus fucking christ. also love how k-pop english sites 'neutrally' talk about these diets like 'iu's myproana plan' and basically advertise them, then go on crusades 'against problematic body shaming' when shindong is called fat or they need to big up 'woke queen' rat monster's latest love urself trash

No. 33112

File: 1558831884663.jpeg (20.53 KB, 668x393, 20180513125636_cms_2221-copy.j…)

Why did Seungyeon and the other girl stay with pledis? They are the least popular members
They are dumb to think pledis would take them out of the dungeon. Pledis needs their cashcow Kyulkyung to pay off the remainder Pristin debt, after that I think they will toss her out. I hope she marries a seventeen member to spite pledis.

No. 33113

jimin crying has become a meme at this point. he's the biggest attention seeking idol i swear

No. 33115

What has he plagiarized?

No. 33116

Are they trying to take the Big Shit way?
Out of all the known male idols of pledis who do you think is dating? My bet is Vernon.

No. 33117

I doubt she gives a shit. She's a billionaire's girlfriend, I suspect she stayed on to gain some prestige from k-dramas
>3. [+781, -47] Heck, I'd rather get married to a chaebol than waste my time as an idol
even pann choa knows how worthless the idol life is

No. 33118

File: 1558836392525.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.61 KB, 730x1024, D7SQHcPXoAEF0E1.jpg)

Searched for a recent pic and I think his face is getting much better..? Idk, what do you think?

No. 33121

I think u need to fuck off yutachan

No. 33122


Meh. Water fasting for one week isn't that big of a deal.

No. 33124

File: 1558838689138.jpg (247.36 KB, 1538x2048, 212.jpg)

This appeared on my tl and scared the shit out of me, wth (it's yesung from suju btw)

No. 33125

…I thought that was a woman

Also has anyone noticed that idols love to use a chinese filter app called b612?

No. 33126

thats disordered behavior anon, its concerning that you think its no big deal

No. 33127

Hara tried to commmit suicide today.
Money and fame does not buy happiness.


No. 33128

Should have left the industry to marry a boring yet rich dude like all others kpop old hags. Average Korean people live much worse lives than her by a landslide

No. 33129

She is a very troubled person so its not really surprising this would end up happening. She hangs out with shitty edgy losers and gets drunk and only dates abusive druggie men. And she should know that females get the short end of the stick and are treated much more harshly in Korea than their male counterparts for the same things. Surprised she seems to be doing worse off than Sulli, Hyeri and Hyoyeon. It was a tossup as to which one would end up really seriously hurting themselves first.

No. 33130

Fasting has been around since prehistoric times. If you want something that's actually disordered to scream "Jesus Christ" at I recommend the standard American diet.

What do you mean, some pristin members are svt/nuest sasaengs?

No. 33131

NTA but the act of fasting isnt the problem, i think the issue is more or less her reasoning.
>You can go from thin to skeleton like
Shes not doing it for health purposes. Shes doing it to be an ana chan. And thats not ok.

No. 33132


Is this the most recent breakdown jimincel had on stage? Why is he always crying? Do you think it's genuine from all the intense training/rehearsing or he's just being an attention whore again?

The whole face is just so….pointy. Like an anime pixie character. tragic

No. 33133

Think about the context please. This isn't a woman fasting of her own volition monitored by doctors and doing it for her health. This is a woman dieting for aesthetic purposes, likely on some kind of dangerous diet even when shes not fasting, in an industry that glorifies an emaciated body as a beauty ideal.

No. 33135

why was he crying? he cries in literally every concert. if it's ingenuine it's hilarious, if it's genuine than he might actually have issues.

No. 33136


I heard people say he has a sore throat, and others say he's having problems with alcohol again. But if he's crying at every concert there's no way it's always genuine, unless he's extremely unstable

No. 33137

her ex boyfriend was a piece of shit scumbag, and she was blamed for his actions and for fighting back against his abuse. I can't imagine how bad the psychological repercussions of that relationship are on her in addition to the hatred she received for it. her ex also used his abuse of her in a faux "apology" to advertise his new salon. what she's gone through is disgusting and it's saddening to see yet another attempted suicide. Jonghyun died by smoke inhalation induced suicide as well iirc which was probably what she was aiming for. at least someone got to her in time.

No. 33138

File: 1558854053515.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1876, D137F089-ACBB-4DE1-9E60-05A259…)


That’s genuinely so sad. I remember when her boyfriend scandal came out, people were getting mad at her for scratching up her boyfriend’s face when her own medical report showed that she had probably been raped by him.

No. 33139

>>33124 he's another anachan. he suddenly lost weight around two years ago and then it got revealed on some show he pretty much doesn't eat

No. 33140

>>33139 sorry for samefagging but i googled him and he's 34… which is even more fucking pathetic

No. 33141

hasnt luna advertised a similar fast? this is probably common amongst a lot of idols, shits scary

No. 33142

she was clearly exhibiting the behavior of a domestic abuse victim throughout the entirety of the abuse case, even initially apologizing despite doing nothing wrong, who knows how long this went on for? people who don't understand the behavior abuse survivors are quick to judge, but I'm glad she came to her senses eventually, it's pitiful that in the fallout there was so much rancid hatred directed towards her for finally being fed up with her abuser and fighting back against him. I hope she recovers and is able to find the resources she needs to take steps towards overcoming her mental pain

No. 33143

File: 1558858985313.jpg (260 KB, 1080x1214, IMG_20190526_041844.jpg)

Nta but you got some pretty fucking high standards, especially considering what most idols look like before all their plastic surgery and skin bleaching.

Pic related is on of the "visual" members of the group before his ps

No. 33144

>>33143 not the other anon but that guy is one of the fugliest nct members I have no idea why some idiot decided he is the visual

No. 33145

File: 1558860366089.jpg (235.05 KB, 1054x1199, IMG_20190526_042527.jpg)

He's another member predebut and I'm just posting his pic because honestly it suprises me how different some of these guys looke

No. 33147

Performing onstage is emotional esp. if you get all the ~*love*~ bts does. I was in a production for a bit and I cried after almost every show.

Anyway, we have no reason to believe it’s disingenuous or alcohol fueled or any of that.

No. 33148

I wish they'd stfu about their "diets" and only talk about it if they wanna discuss the dangers of it and the pressures to do these diets, not proudly brag about it.
They have young female fans, what kinda message are they sending out?

No. 33149

Yeah, I've heard of so many foolish girls hurting themselves because of these diets. Why on earth do they need to talk/brag about it? Is it from sk's messed up culture of showing how "hard" you've worked?

No. 33156

jimin's been performing on stage for years though. he usually cries to throw a pity party over his stage fuck ups instead of trying to improve his skills to make up for it.

No. 33169

Oh. Jimin’s therapist is here again.

That’s no way to speak about a client.

No. 33171

but i'm not against fasting, i've done it myself. the media advertising a water fast so blithely in order 'to look like a skeleton' without due discussion of the problems like cardiac wasting and myofibril damage from not sparing protein or that amount of water screwing your kidneys is not healthy. especially because IU is size 000 with virtually no muscle. she advertised a 'myproanaplan' elsewhere
she came from a horrible background of neglect and CSA and was basically recruited via study club prostitution afaik so no surprise. i feel sorry for her but she needs to stop doing fucking lolita crap with sulli and leave the industry and country. she will never get better in korea

No. 33172

You don't have to be his therapist to see that he mostly cries over not being able to hit a note properly but then gets coddled by everyone and repeats the same mistake over and over lmao

No. 33173

You're giving these guys way too much credit. They don't give a fuck about their ATMs. How hard it is to be poor little Jimin, touring the entire world in a private jet and luxury hotels while earning 100 times as much as a regular Korean person who works twice as hard before retiring aged 30 to marry the Tv presenter of his choice. No wonder why korean netizens hate idols so much when they get handed everything to them and still dare throwing themselves pity parties.

No. 33174

If they have an ounce of conscience they would know that the extent of their "talent" compared to the huge popularity they got don't make sense at all…would low key make me feel self-conscious too.
They can improve all they want but this is just their limit. They're simply not a well-put group because of so many reasons, the biggest being that they don't have proper singers, in fact, 3 of the so-called "vocals" sound absolutely horrible.
They didn't give this group much thought when they created it, and it shows. I'm sure their creepy CEO would've prevented some members' debuts if he knew they'd blew up like that.

No. 33175

File: 1558873916951.jpg (39.2 KB, 600x300, 20170228210457_111.jpg)

Jaehyun doesnt look drastically different from that pic. Is this another bitter Yuta sperg or >>33118 samefagging again
>Reeee stop calling my oppa ugly call Jaehyun ugly instead
>Twitter filenames
70% sure og Yuta sperg used those too.

No. 33176

File: 1558874546263.jpg (28.98 KB, 560x386, 2019052611282172795_1.jpg)

Hyolyn is embroiled in a massive bullying scandal where she supposedly robbed and attacked someone at school for years

Honestly I liked SISTAR but I'm not shocked. They all seemed kinda mean (especially Bora) and like those thuggish girls who chew gum and put razors in it to spit it out at strangers. 'Shady Girl' was an appropriate title

No. 33177

>>33175 both yuta and jaehyun are ugly as shit case closed

No. 33178

File: 1558875484961.png (413.63 KB, 611x467, amber.png)

In kpop, popularity and talent are not related at all, not even good looks ensure success. Prior company success+ ability to create buzz+ random luck= profitable kpop groups.
tfw when our feminist kween gets outed as a ruthless school bully kek. Is there any idol who seems genuinely kind? I can only think of Amber and that's most likely because she was brought up in a country where even celebrities act somewhat genuine and she must have faced so much shit in Korea for being a tomboy and being a foreigner. It was kinda swept under the rug but she even admitted she was crept upon, pic related

No. 33180

File: 1558875817129.png (503.31 KB, 800x600, s6wmeylolvqz.png)

Apparently they've been surrounded by former school bully rumors for a while (except for Bora?) According to Knetz.
Sister's music and concept have the same energy as pic related, kek.
I think Rosé blackpink seems genuinely kind. and yeah, she was raised in a Western country too.

No. 33181

>>33180 who the hell cares if rose seems "kind" if she's promoting ana to teen girls

No. 33182

No idea. SM seems particularly rife with abuse so that doesn't shock me
Before their transformation into Bikini Bridge group, SISTAR were always marketed as a Bad Girl group, so I don't believe the agency when it acts as if it didn't know of Hyolyn's past

No. 33183

I genuinely don't know: did rosé promote ana somewhat directly? Or is it former anachans overanalyzing everything she does/ or fatties getting triggered she's thin? Because I don't know a lot about BP but have heard many people say she promotes EDs.

No. 33184

Yeah the common narrative is that female idols are victims of the expectations thrust upon them by the GP. And it is definitely true with some of them who are obviously too weak to handle the pressure: Park Bom, Luna etc. But ones like IU, Rosé, Seolhyun, Yoona etc are definitely proudly promoting eating disorders. I wonder whether they realize it though, most kpop idols are intellectually stunted due to poor education, malnutrition etc.

No. 33185

Nah its just former anachans and current fattychans moralfagging

No. 33186

When you are a kpop idol whose fancams get over 4M views most of them from very young girls, your sole existence is thinspo kek. Although, it's also moralfagging because Lisa is just as skinny and no one ever says anything about her. I think Rosé is just ugly

No. 33188

>>33186 you can see all of her ribs .. ew

No. 33189

did they even sing at all? all i'm hearing is autotuned pre-recordings.

No. 33190

rosé just looks weird and people don’t like her voice so it’s easier to criticise her even if she’s not the worst for it. there’s loads of skeletal idols and plenty who openly share their horrible diets to show how they got so thin which promotes ana behaviour way more blatantly. iu was posted for that not far up the thread, her ed behaviour is well documented. rosé just somehow gets the brunt of criticism for what you could easily accuse at least half of female idols for doing too

No. 33191

Shame this didnt happen when sistar was a thing. I hated their music and got tired of people obsessing over them because ~naturally dark skin tone feminist kwanes~ All their music sounded the same. Why'd it have to happen to T-ara instead?

No. 33193

i think its mainly because its only us noticing her and Lisa are fucked up and BP are the second biggest group in kpop. blinks are one of the most delusional fanbases. even public anachans like JinE and AOA Jimin take fucking years to be recognized by normies as disordered. i posted the IU thing but i know she can dodge a lot of scrutiny because she uses the pseudo-feminist pseudo-intellectual crap

i'm assuming its because it was SISTAR's marketing for them to badd ghurllz (therefore giving them armor). also, T-ARA's 'scandal' was manufactured by i-fans at a point when domestic sales were collapsing and their agency handled the situation badly and threw them to the dogs. now SISTAR are all approaching 30 and the public taste for these things changed.

while i was a fan i never understood how people could conceptualize virtually anything about SISTAR as 'feminist'. nearly all their songs are about being a lap dog for men. k-sjws are a special type of retarded

No. 33194

idk about knetizens, but from a westerner standpoint who viewed mostly western kpop media, sistar was liked because hyolyn and bora had darker skin and embraced a ~sexy image~ in spite of it, which is kinda a racist way of thinking in my opinion
as if they were overcoming a handicap or something and that made them a feminist group

No. 33195

The lip lift scar under the nose… whew

This is so sad. Given how bad Korean mental health care is, I'm not feeling too hopeful that she might not try again and succeed.

No. 33198

the pic on the right is after he got into sm and got surgery on his face - he is ugly as fuck and his narsic personality is the cherry on top accept it

No. 33199

File: 1558889084268.jpg (132.2 KB, 800x1200, DhONmQeUYAAodR2.jpg)

Holy fuck I had to reverse image search that to figure out who it was. I can't believe Doyoung looked like a normal Korean guy once

No. 33200

is that guy a homo cuz he sure looks like it

No. 33201

I was thinking this too. Imagine being literally the biggest kpop group in the world and knowing you don't have any talent to warrant your position.
Jimin may be narcissistic as fuck but there's no way he doesn't recognize that he can't sing for shit no matter how hard he tries.
I'm more surprised that Jin doesn't cry every time they perform.

No. 33202

Why would they cry because of that?
If they're aware of how lucky they are, they should rather be all smiles, ass-kissing their fans 24/7 out of gratefullness - instead of acting like the cunts they are

No. 33203

feels like those idiots all jumped over to mamamoo and loona (despite loona looking like ghost dolls)

No. 33204

Isn’t it just happy tears?

No. 33205

File: 1558893760650.png (44.76 KB, 558x614, a33.png)

Anyone else feel utterly nauseated by 'anti-toxic masculinity' being used as a brand by k-boos and k-fems?

Like the seungri thing above >>33023 should really illustrate that men wearing eyeliner or wearing flower crowns does not make a single fucking difference to their conduct. Some people I used to semi-respect are obsessed with this scam that k-idols are 'good and woke' because they wear winged eyeliner (or because they're Korean). Did they forget the entire fucking 1980s?

No. 33206

I don't know but their mental states have to be totally fucked at this point. Anyone that famous is going to be a little gone in general, but with all the plastic surgery and shit idols get put through it has to be worse.
Jimin's an alcoholic, Suga's apparently on drugs, and Jungkook was cutting himself at one point. Plus they were never supposed to make it to where they are now.
Not that that warrants any of the pity they get from armeries, their lives are still better than an average person no matter how you look at it.
Also they already do all that. Bts are known for ass-kissing their fans 24/7. And to be honest I've been assuming Jimin fakes the tears every time, but who knows

No. 33207

>>33205 Are those people slow? Most of the time it's not even the idol's choice to wear makeup

No. 33208

"Bts are known for ass-kissing their fans 24/7."
Basically that´s why Jimin is crying every concert. Because the fans can feel special and moved by all the emotion and what they mean to him.
Let´s be real here, BTS are playing the game well and better than any other boyband before and propably after them.
Is this necessarily bad? Nah, boyband are boybands after all.
More sad is, that at one point a long time ago, they had with their music some kind of potential. Now they are just milking every fan that is stupid enough and appearantly, there are a hella lot of stupid fans.

No. 33213

>I think Rosé is just ugly
Agreed, she has the most punchable face in Kpop

I will never understand why people pay to watch these untalented girls flail around onstage with their horrible choreography that makes them look like those inflatable things outside car dealerships

No. 33214

Blackpink (rightfully) get a lot of shit for having no charisma and constantly forgetting their choreo but this is easily one of the worst kpop performances I've ever seen.

No. 33215

I know I'm focusing on little details but I really hate how idols keep touching their hair/clothes while dancing. I mean, when you learn how to dance the first thing you learn is to stop doing that, it's very unprofessional and it makes it harder for the public to get into the show and for the dancer to really focus on the choreo. If their hair bothers them, why not tie it up ?

No. 33216

ngl i typically like twice because their music is fun enough to be something to listen to when i just need to mentally de-compress so i was excited when i saw they covered this but upon watching it i literally laughed out loud and closed out half way through. fucking garbage

No. 33217

ngl i typically like twice because their music is fun enough to be something to listen to when i just need to mentally de-compress so i was excited when i saw they covered this but upon watching it i literally laughed out loud and closed out half way through. fucking garbage

No. 33218

lol everyone commenting about woke kween nayeon.
why'd they even perform this song?
and that dance break was pathetic.

No. 33219

This is so horrible. Why do they even release music at all? This is obviously not the reason why their fans like them, they should just become a gravure idols group or something

No. 33220

this is worse than any blackpink jennie lazy video i've ever seen. jungyeon literally backtracks her steps at 1:42

No. 33222

File: 1558909100295.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 3.54…)

Jfc I had a hard time figuring out who this guy was while watching pdx101 and then I realized it's fucking Mahiro.

No. 33223

No. 33224

Go sperg about your ugly kpop boys elsewhere. It's on you if you can't bear the thought your oppas don't naturally look like anime characters

No. 33226

>>33222 what does this even mean, anon?

No. 33227

nta but what a stupid take.
>go sperg about your ugly kpop boys elsewhere
i can't think of a better place than here lmao. you don't get to police what people can/or can't post about. if it's critical, i don't see the issue
mahiwho? is he in a group or something? he looks dead inside kek

No. 33228

i love how k-fags use years of training as an argument for why idols are good. yeah, those long years nayeon went through for example to push this dog shit and that horrible lee hyori cover. manufactured music is a mistake

No. 33229

He's from YG and participating in Produce x 101.

No. 33231

What the hell happened to this guy? Did he always look like this? I'm gonna see if I can find an old pic online somewhere

No. 33232

>calls someone unrecognisable
>omg stop sperging about ur favs!!

Anon wasn't being positive? This thread really is trash now.

No. 33233

Kpop idols should stay away from covering music by Western artists who are known for their charisma and stage presence, it just makes them look that much more like a personality vacuum. This goes for all the female idol dances to "Yonce" (why is it always this song?) by Beyonce as well. They look like fucking noodles.

No. 33234

File: 1558911551298.jpg (78.42 KB, 600x900, e77f5fc2802ea250db0463a6caf1c4…)

he just looks like that. it's not surgery or anything. he's just jomon

No. 33235

they really go ham with the shoop in those promo photos

No. 33236

File: 1558911698155.jpg (17.49 KB, 411x411, 59413820_166550367688946_39964…)

This was the closest thing I found to an old pic
Guess you're right lol

No. 33237

especially considering how many rock musicians wear makeup and are still extreme douchebags

hell the majority of men in ~emo~ and alternative bands are pure trash
theres only 1 alternative group that i would even trust myself around as i have hung out with them and never had an issue nor have ever heard anything bad from literally ANYONE about any of them but theyre not mega famous

sage for blog shit

No. 33238

Rose never 'promoted' being an anachan. You're dumb if you think every eating disordered idol would encourage others to develop an eating disorder. Just because she appears in public with her toothpick legs showing doesn't mean that she's blatantly encouraging her fans to starve themselves. And I hate BlackPink but let's not pick on someone who is clearly struggling with a severe mental illness. If anything, her weight is a cry for help, but as we saw with Bom's plastic surgery addiction, YG isn't going to do shit and someone needs to actually intervene.

Afaik Rose hasn't even released an official "diet" that she follows like some other girl groups have.

This video I attached is what an idol 'promoting' an eating disorder looks like. If you want to see an idol that actually endorses horrible diets and suffers from extreme self-esteem problems then look no further than Luna's YT channel.

Again with making people with eating disorders out to be aggressors… you realize that these labels and Korean culture look down upon women who are even in the average BMI category. How are these women not supposed to feel pressure to diet? Just because some fans are too dumb and take their starvation diets as the gospel doesn't mean that they're directly endorsing these diets unless they explicitly say that they recommend them. Most celebrity diets usually have the celebrity saying "I get to binge once the promotion is over," and no, it isn't healthy but at least these celebrities are admitting that these diets are not sustainable and many of them are clearly in need of treatment (Wendy for instance).

No. 33239

Am I the only one who thinks Twice's choreograph is absolute shit? Everyone praises their choreography ever since they apparently got BlackPink's choreographer working for them but the chorus of this cover is full of so many awkward movements that the whole thing just kind of seems like a joke.

No. 33241

Isn't it Lady Gaga's choreography though?

No. 33242

twice started this trend of kpop groups being absolutely talentless. i swear because of them every group has maybe one member that can sing and one that can dance and that's it.

No. 33243

Yep I stand corrected then. Lady Gaga is known for having laughable, horrendous choreography so they should have changed it.

Twice should really hire Sparky Polastri at this point.

No. 33244

i agree about it being annoying, but an idols' job is to look good so that probably why they're not told to stop that

No. 33245

uhm i think you've missed the point of this thread

No. 33246

My sweet summer child pls go outside and take a breath of fresh air. Then pull the stick that's wedged very far up your ass and relax. Jfc

No. 33247

File: 1558916138378.jpg (103.92 KB, 770x770, 6cab54d85543992ab35ebd9613c8dd…)

sometimes lisa looks like a trans to me. so much for 'koreans have big heads'

No. 33248

File: 1558917019453.jpg (41.13 KB, 480x639, lisa.jpg)

lisa has a very feminine face what are you talking about? is it because she has wide shoulders?

No. 33249

So mijoo is going "viral", and by viral i mean non kpop listeners are posting the videos of her being extra in front of the cameras. Idk if this is a good or bad thing. I like Lovelyz and think its good theyre finally getting attention for something other than having a lesbian rapist in their group, but this act Mijoo is putting on is also kind of secondhand cringe.

No. 33251

"lesbian rapist" that rumor was definitely fake lol

No. 33253

hasn't she been doing that for awhile now? it is pretty cringe but you gotta stand out someway. I don't think its boosted lovelyz popularity that much

No. 33256

>Comments taking about how "badass" and "queen" botched nose Naeyeon is and how she's Beyonce level

If they ever performed this in America and these kpop retards where showing it off online the beehive and even average normies would eat them alive on twitter.

No. 33257

Omg but we need more kpoppies to sperg and compare their bias to beyonce so the twitter beyhive attacks them and makes the kpop sjws show their asses. taylor swift recently used a drum line for a performance and black twitter trended "mayochella" because they thought she copied beyonce. i want to see what they'd do to actual racist koreans "threatening" their fave

No. 33258

>she came from a horrible background of neglect and CSA and was basically recruited via study club prostitution

whats this about, i can't find any info on this

No. 33260

They just released a MV six days ago so Woollim likely is doing 'media play' themselves.

Kind of a casual listener but they need any amount of publicity that they can get at this point. Lovelyz has been around for around the same amount of time as RV and yet are barely known despite coming from the same label as Infinite (who was popular at that time).

No. 33262

>Western artists who are known for their charisma

No. 33268

>Everyone praises their choreography ever since they apparently got BlackPink's choreographer
BP gets praise for their choreo?

>feel utterly nauseated
But woke kpop fags are hilarious

No. 33271

File: 1558941084403.jpg (382.97 KB, 1200x628, b397702e-2963-4ef8-92f8-ff41e7…)

holy shit she just comes out and says she starves herself for a few days to look super smol. lol

No. 33273

How humiliating for Luna that it is her big day, her first (and probably only tbh) concert as a solo artist yet people only care about it because her high as a kite fashion nova model groupmate is attending? I wonder whether she was paid to attend.

No. 33274

File: 1558948677756.jpg (29.92 KB, 480x640, 12518-tdu2iane6t.jpg)

I remember Heejin of Loona saying trying to get to her "ideal" debut weight caused her to have problems, with many performances over weeks, she lost a lot of stamina and had dizzy spells.

IU barely does anything strenuous, she can let the guys do that.

No. 33275

Do these women actually ever recover from their eating disorders? Cause I really doubt that they get help…

No. 33276

File: 1558950077625.jpg (148.84 KB, 596x1030, lee.jpg)

I just heard that Lee Jin Ah got married. I thought she already was married. I went back to check, and sure enough the entire KPOP STAR she was wearing a wedding band.

No. 33277

This is all really sad.

I hope these women like IU and Hyuna and Jimin get help and recover, for their own sakes, otherwise we’re definitely going to see one of them die of this one day soon.

No. 33278

Might have been a promise ring of sorts? Or just fashion choice.
Doesn’t matter because the weirdest part is she thanked her agency’s CEO for giving her “permission” to marry. Who knows if that’s a joke or not lol.

You can just come out and call her a slut, anon.

No. 33279

lmao she looks disgusting without her hip pads eww

No. 33285

They still accept female trainees their just doing a new project for boys

No. 33295

Tweet unavailable

No. 33297

It's a video of Luna onstage with Amber and Krystal and Krystal looks extremely out of it and disinterested

No. 33298

File: 1558970303718.jpeg (926.72 KB, 1242x1501, 35990F6B-962A-4DB4-A901-9BFA83…)


No. 33299

lisa's shoulders are so… wide
they both look emaciated, actually gross

No. 33300

File: 1558971051158.png (61.1 KB, 223x226, asdjds.png)

certainly a very interesting new thumbnail. wonder who at YG decided to use this?

No. 33301

>>33298 Rose is so disgusting what the hell? This woman needs help.
Also to add, isn't it hilarious how bp fans call her a foodie? I remember seeing a picture on twitter or something of her with food and all the delusional fans were commenting shit like:"Of course our foodie kween is stuffing herself! uwu"
And my question is: are they actually retarded or what am I missing

No. 33302

lol saw that earlier
krystal never looks like she wants to be literally anywhere she is
she and jessica seem like such fucking drags

No. 33303

Its been discussed many times that for some weird reason kpop fans believe that people with the most obvious eating disorders constantly gorge themselves. I can remember back when SNSD was relevant they did this with Sooyoung and it was so bizarre to me.
Just google shikshin. That was her nickname because they cultivated this weird obsessive idea that even though Sooyoung was practically skelly, that she ate ALL the time nonstop. Its a weird cope mechanism or something. I think its done on purpose. Meanwhile idols that arent as skinny get chastized for eating anything other than a sweet potato and tomatoes. Its a weird dynamic.

No. 33304

>>33300 Did you photoshop that? Cause I went to check and the thumbnail is still the old one

While I was on BP youtube channel, I noticed DKWTD focused camera videos and was surprised to see that Jennie has the least views after Jisoo. I wonder how it feels to have had a solo debut sponsored by rich mommy and still be one of the least liked members.
Video embed

No. 33305

File: 1558972502126.png (1.17 MB, 1000x1500, 9681ca4d424f604c18909f5934da95…)

the contrast between her shoulders and waist/hips kek. all underweight idols look troonish af. It seems koreans hate on Hwasa because her body is so undoubtly feminine regardless of what they think of it

No. 33306

Not sure if this is the same video as what was in that tweet, but here is another video from Luna's concert. Krystal looks like she really doesn't want to be there.

No. 33307

I think pretending you can weigh less than 45kg at a tall height without ever restricting yourself is a much more harmful idea than straight up saying you starve yourself. The fact that 12 years into their career, none of them has gained healthy amount of weight is worrying. Even ''fat'' ones like Sunny and Yuri are still so skinny

No. 33308

krystal reminds me of a sulking 13 year old girl jesus christ

No. 33309

>t. hambeast

I've noticed extremely high autism levels in here in the past few days, even higher than usual. Must be the summerfags.

No. 33310

I'm genuinely curious, why do you hang out in anti kpop threads if you totally agree with the korean standard that a woman needs to be underweight to be considered pretty or beautiful? curveless elongated bodies with no fat whatsoever are pretty manly

No. 33311

>t. hambeast

No. 33312

Hwasa has a weird body but she's definitely not a hambeast, she's one of the few women who can legitimately claim she looks fat because of her bone structure.

No. 33314

calm down ana chan before you get a ban

No. 33317

File: 1558978225864.png (209.56 KB, 624x418, ddddd.png)

No. 33326

God, I hope he goes down

No. 33327

i heard a rumor that f(x) is having a comeback this year so i wonder if this is a sign they actually are coming back from the dead

No. 33328

ive given up hope on this they've made it pretty clear that in korea, doing drugs and gambling even in another country, is worse than raping, trafficking and beating children and women even when the evidence is there for people to see

No. 33331

already knew that he was a scumbag but child trafficking and supporting snuff production? lock him, seungri and the whole group up and burn the key

No. 33333

f(x) is slated to perform in SM Town Tokyo in August but I'm betting it will just be Amber and Luna like last time. I wish they would come back, but I've heard that their contracts expire in August. I expect Amber to leave now that she is signed with an American company and Victoria could easily sign with a Chinese company. Luna has expressed dissatisfaction with SM but I don't know where she would go. Luna is also going to be busy starring in Mamma Mia until August. Krystal seems to want no part of the idol life anymore and I don't blame her.

No. 33334

He seems extremely darksided. The fact he saw his wife on a TV show when she was 12 and then decided to relentlessly pursue her is something else

Can't even shit on k-netz for this. They're agitating to send him and Seungri to jail. It's the retarded i-fans that continue this 'Papa YG' bullshit and will give him an escape ticket. I suspect this is the reason why his strategy has become more internationalist. Also Armys are not fucking helping by making this into a retarded stan war with Blinks

I wonder if there's any shit on him from the SeoTaiji days

No. 33335

as far as i know, victoria is done with f(x) and kpop in general
she was ready to go when sulli was she just did it in a more professional way

No. 33337

Is that what happens to women when they're on 4chan for too long? Cause I feel like it is.
These anons here specifically(in a thread where we're supposed to discuss the toxic kpop industry) who call especially female idols all types of names, need to get their internalised misogyny under control. They're disgusting tbh.

No. 33338

Its like this on the entirety of lolcow. Are you new?

No. 33339

did you just start lurking 20 minutes ago, moralfag? this thread alone is and has been full of that shit and nitpicking since day one. the whole site has. even the anon you're defending (>>33305) was doing it. go back to PULL.

No. 33340

Good thing is that Korean universities aren't allowing yg artists to perform in their unis. But fans will still support their groups. I can't imagine international fans ever boycotting Blackpink which is ironic cause they're usually the loudest one when it comes to stupid trivial things that makes an idol or group get "cancelled".

No. 33342

4chan is an imageboard. lolcow is also an imageboard. you have to be 18 to post here, zoomerfag

No. 33343

I mean, as you probably know, most of blackpinks's fans are SEA. Shit like this is extremely commonplace in SEA shithole countries so I'm not terribly surprised they don't care too much.

No. 33344

Lol what? What indication was given that Victoria is done with kpop?

No. 33347

The fact that she has shown that she wants to move back to china and have a career there instead.
Not only because its literally her own home country, but also because theres more of a profit in acting and modeling and singing in china than there is in korea now? Why tf would she want to stay in a practically dead group, in a shitty company that mistreats the idols and clearly doesnt care about anything even their biggest groups? Not to mention the issues with China-SK relations. And shes already rich as fuck. Most idols that "take a break" from kpop groups only stay under contract with technicalities to save face with psycho fans who think if an idol leaves, especially to go to another country, they're a "traitor" before cutting ties completely once the contract is officially up. Plus this is fx we are talking about. Nobody in fx cares about the group as a whole anymore except Luna and thats just because shes desperate and overcompensating for the fact that no one likes her outside of that core fx fanbase. Even Amber has managed to get a life outside of the group and country. Krystal and Amber care about Luna Im sure. Thats why they showed up at her performance. But fans are being ridiculous and grasping for anything at all to convince themselves that fx is going to be a thing again. Especially with Victoria and/or Sulli, who have basically nothing to do with that stuff anymore and clearly prefer acting.

No. 33350

File: 1558988678805.jpg (523.83 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190527-222326.jpg)

Yesterday I read comments about Laboum's Yulhee and jesus, nothing but people who defend her. For whose who don't know, she got pregnant and then left her group.
All the comments are from backwards SEA writing bullshit like "young girl being in love and starting family is wonderful!" "you hate babies?! she's sooo mature for not aborting" etc, while koreans and normal fans just pointed out that she broke a contract and was just a teen - which is definitely less than ideal, especially considering that according to herself the father isn't really helping her with the baby.

I know this is beating an old horse, but there's probably nothing that I hate more about kpop than bts whining about how hard they supposedly work.
This korean(!) figure skater "only" skates for 5 hours a day, yet qualified for the olympics. Meanwhile ratmon and co. are trying to make everybody believe that they dance 15 hours every single day, on top of their normal schedule…and sadly ratmy eat up everything they say.

No. 33353

kek what do you want her to do? abandon her baby in an orphanage to go back to dancing in mini skirts for creepy old men?

No. 33354

I'd like dumbasses to stop praising her for being irresponsible and ruining the career of her groupmates?

No. 33357

Laboum wasnt a destined for fame kinda group so its really not that deep lol. Like most groups, there are one or two members that are relevant and the others are interchangeable/replaceable. I wont deny it was irresponsible of her to get knocked up, but that goes for any teen, especially one in a sexually repressed country in which even grown adults dont know about contraception and basic biology.

No. 33358

I see, you must be one of these ''only couples married in church who earn 100k a year should be allowed to have children'' type of people.You're sick if you think she should have aborted her baby to please her groupmates destined to perpetual nugudom either way.

No. 33359

correct me if i'm wrong but i always assumed most of the controversy with yulhee wasn't just bc she got pregnant, but bc she lied about it? she didn't tell her members or the company, continued performing while pregnant, then suddenly quit the group and disappeared. she didn't announce she was pregnant until like the month the baby was due, and the father was an idol in ftisland. then she returned to the public eye and wanted a lot of sympathy, which seems shitty since as anon pointed out >>33354
her behavior was so idiotic. having the baby wasn't a terrible thing to do (but was definitely irresponsible and sad considering the couple seems kinda miserable) but she doesn't seem very sorry for how her mistakes hurt people and she should be called out. nothing wrong with having a baby, but at least be mature about it.

No. 33360

Ntayrt shut up and quit derailing/soapboxing like a faggot

No. 33361

Oof. If she did lie and continued performing even after knowing, that is kinda shitty I agree. Also dangerous given how extraneous being an idol is.

No. 33362

People keep criticizing her ruining her group but laboum was wasn't popular in the first place. Nonetheless it must've been a shock for her group and it's only fair to apologize to them in private.
People are pissed that she goes on tv but now that she's a housewife and her husband an idol they probably need more money so I'm not surprised that they're trying to stay relevant in the media.
If anything, I feel terribly sorry for her cause the guy seems like a lazy, immature douche who really just wanted to have some fun with her before moving onto the next young idol.

No. 33364

What group was he from? I never see anyone mention him specifically all the anger seems to be directed toward her, which is kind of an issue in itself.

No. 33365

Minhwan from ft island

No. 33367

Reach harder?
I never said she isn't allowed to have the baby, I just want you and your likeminded SEA friends to stop kissing her ass for nothing.
All koreans netizens ever suggested was that she should at least apologize to her group members for causing them trouble and for lying to them.
In the end she's the one who has to bear through this, there already were articles in which she said that he doesn't help her at all - and this already during the first year of their marriage… Doesn't sound as rosy as they're trying to make it out to be, no?

No. 33369

You're making assumptions. Pretty sure if she apologized to her groupmates, it would have never been made public due to how humiliating it would be for all parties involved. The idols who leave their groups yet still insist they are part of it are the real assholes

No. 33370

Getting pregnant while being signed as an idol is a breach of contract, that's a fact.

No. 33371

>The idols who leave their groups yet still insist they are part of it are the real assholes

The girls from SNSD who do this are the WORST. Especially Tiffany. It just encourages overzealous fans who obsess over >muh ot9

Either you're solo, or you're still in SNSD. Theres no inbetween please stop and actually make something of yourself without having to hashtag SNSD's name in every single one of your social media posts and interviews if you've "left" the group.

No. 33373

Shitty slave contracts don't override human rights, you misogynistic fuck. If any other sort of job forced women not to get pregnant, people would acknowledge how sexist it is so why is it different for idols?(stop)

No. 33376

sjws dont care if children get murdered on camera, all they care about is how jimincel is smashing white patriarchal expectations of performative masculinity by wearing cat ears or how jennie is twerking to yonce and is a new crazyrichasians kardashian contender yasss slayy

all the woke outlets and journos pushing kpop relentlessly and cosigning cringy shit on twitter have some coverage of the seungri situation but only through a limited lens where they're basically barely going into the YG part. at the same time they're pushing BLACKPINK and jennie as a hot property as if YG as an abusive disgusting pos and organisation can be separated from that in any way whatsoever (in b4 blinks get angry: the two can't be separated even though it's not BP's fault because of the way the k-industry works). its just typical of these people to shit where they eat. they aren't even covering tons of stuff that korean netizens have dug up about burning sun

SEA is bad for children and i'm not saying kids dont have it a LOT better in the west but there's nasty shit in the west too that people aren't aware of. look up warwick spinks if you can - it's like burning sun in amsterdam

No. 33377

Do you expect idols to just not have sex lol? You do realize almost all idols ARE in fact sexually active? Even the younger ones. And the reason there arent pregnancies is because most of the females are put on birth control when they debut? Even then, accidents probably happen and there have probably been some abortions. Possibly even forced ones due to idol company culture and societal pressure. Not to mention, where is your anger directed towards male idols that are just as sexually active and probably only became an idol so they could, in fact, fuck female idols? The way you're wording your argument is the problem. You seem real upset that female idols have sex and pregnancy is a result of that action. Not as much about if she lied or whatever happened after, which is an understandable point and criticism is warranted.

No. 33379

Your first mistake was thinking either of the two were relevant in the first place lmfao minhwan and jonghoon (one if the guys caught in the chat room scandal)were barely relevant within their own fandoms, with minhwan being the most boring member out of all of them. The general publics knowledge of ft island starts and ends at hongki. Her group had like what, 1 song? Its only sad when people make it a big deal about the baby being a pUrE iDoL. Thats just kind of gross lol

No. 33383


You can see on a small baby bump here. People commenting how strong and resilient is are so fucking dumb, and probably babies themselves. I personally think it's kind of disturbing.

No. 33385

i remember when i was a sone how annoying it was that tiffany would stick herself to taeyeon all the time to get attention. i guess she'll never stop.

No. 33387

has their ever been a male kpop star scandal where he got a girl pregnant?

No. 33388

I genuinely think the only person she really still sees on an almost weekly basis is Sooyoung. Actually, when SNSD first debuted she was closest to Sooyoung. And Sooyoung took her in and her family helped suppport her financially and such. So it makes sense that shes actually still close with her. TaeNy was bullshit fake fanservice crap. I still dont understand why it was forced so hard and lesbian snsd fans were CONVINCED it was real lmao. SM was really going hard for that angle for whatever reason.

No. 33391

There have been rumors, particularly surrounding Hyuna having an abortion after sleeping with a male idol/mc or something. Cant remember who it was. Male idols only get sex scandals if they are caught visiting prostitutes or hanging out with non idol females, such as crew memebers and makeup artists or celebs from other countries etc. And even then its brushed under the rug eventually. They can fuck any idol they want with little to no controversy. Eunhyuk fucked IU and she uploaded pics after and he got like…no shit whatsoever from fans. All the hatred was towards her. We see what happened with Hara as well. Male idols have probably impregnated girls, but you wont hear anything unless the girl has the baby. And even then, as in the case with Yulhee, the girl will face all the hatred and anger and the male escapes relatively unscathed.

No. 33392

i think tiffany was one of sm's favorites up until the snapchat filter scandal so that's why they pushed her ship with taeyeon. she got a lot of lines in songs too even though her singing was pretty bad iirc.

No. 33394

talent wise, they passed on jessica so much in favor of tiffany whenn they knew damn well tiffany was useless for anything other than her ~eye smile~ and naivety and its no wonder jessica was so over it the majority of her time in the group

No. 33395

i would be pissed if i was jessica and they didn't put me in the subunit centered around vocals when i was the 2nd best singer in the group. it's no wonder she was the first to leave.

No. 33396

i think jessica was initially chosen for TTS but taeyeon got mad at her and sm replaced her with seohyun

there was a blind item floating around that said as much and honestly, a lot of the blind items thought to be about snsd seem not so farfetched after everything went down the way it did

let me see if i can find it

No. 33397

It was Jay Park that was rumored to have gotten Hyuna pregnant. But she was like 15 at the time, so unless Korea is on some United States Teen Mom shit, I find it very unlikely that she got kicked out because she was pregnant.

No. 33398

File: 1558999982425.jpg (26.14 KB, 550x469, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg)

The comments are absolutely dumb and disgusting…
>Performing while she's pregnant with tight clothes. Name a braver woman. She's a queen
>Jjang basically danced with his mom:') this is making me emotional!
Don't the little girls (or is it grown women with baby fever?) who praise her for keeping it realize that she very well risked losing it by doing this?

No. 33399

Not surprising to find out that YG is a pedo rapist. What would actually be surprising is if he actually receives time in prison for this.

No. 33400

She didnt get kicked out of wonder girls. The original rumor is that she had an abortion and had complications that required hospital time(hence her excuse of chronic gastroenteritis, which is also what soyul from Crayon Pop claimed to be hospitalized for when she was actually just pregnant when she first found out and stopped performing) and so she and the company agreed to terminate the contract. Not sure why you think its unheard of for a female to have sex that young though….Teen pregnancy is NOT exclusive to America lol? It may not be as glorified elsewhere, but to say it doesnt happen is pretty weird and false.

No. 33401

File: 1559000300004.jpg (414.99 KB, 2110x2160, dahyun.jpg)

Looks like they finally decided to whore out Dahyun. She looks so uncomfortable.
I'm imagining someone giving her instructions.
>yeah do that and then bite your lip


No. 33402

what is happening with twice? are they dropping the cute image for good? also sana in another super short dress at the end.

No. 33403

this is it
Girl Group 01

Member L(Jessica) from a popular girl group has not been on friendly terms with her management, staff and fellow members (everything is strictly professional). Member L(Jessica) was told to go under the knife when she received a drama offer late last year. She was not keen on receiving the role and more so did not want to go through any plastic surgery procedure. She was also told that she was going to work on a musical project once she finishes filming all her parts. However, when she became adamant about the role and the surgical procedure her agency threatened her pull her off the musical project. So she went along with the agency’s decision. She was miserable with the initial surgical result and to make matters worse Member K(Taeyeon) who was also a part of the musical project requested the agency to replace L(Jessica) from the project with M(Seohyun), because L(Jessica) was unprofessional and argumentative during rehearsals. The agency also decided that it would be more profitable if they released the project earlier then planned. To top that Member K(Taeyeon) felt that M(Seohyun) was more deserving and the agency agreed. L(Jessica) was told about this change while she was shooting for her show, and as a result she felt she was back-stabbed by everyone involved excluding member M(Seohyun). Collaborative project was an instant surprise hit and L(Jessica) was not happy.

this was before everything happened
also, i remember netizens investigating, and not long after, the people on soshified doing damage control, and then one of them posting on their official account something along the lines of "wow you're such a fucking bitch" and that day two major jessica fansites shut down so everyone started to get scared that it was about jessica due to some shit posted on weibo
then a few weeks later jessica got knocked out by the body guard in the airport, and then like…the next week she made the post about being kicked from the group

idk but it was a wild time in the fandom and i had already checked out by then and was just watching them go down in a slow flame lol

No. 33404

Sana has always been one of the "lewd" members. She's always wearing revealing clothes and doing fan service with the other members.

No. 33405

this whole comeback has been some "coming of age ceremony" fuckery anon

No. 33406

i'd believe it since it was clear taeyeon held a grudge against jessica. i remember there were so many times she made a nasty face at jessica or straight up ignored her existence.

No. 33407

Why would jyp fix what wasnt broken? Twice was successful because of their cute concept. They could've at least saved the switch to sexy for however many years in the future the cute concept couldn't work anymore. I liked Fancy but wasn't that a dumb business decision?

No. 33408

File: 1559001151343.jpg (579.67 KB, 1422x800, jessica-wild-romance-ep7-girls…)

i believe that specific blind item mostly because she had obviously had plastic surgery done before her drama and it was very noticeable and strange looking
so it definitely fits the timeline

No. 33409

because apink switched to this style and concept and apink was one of the models for twice

No. 33411

apink's transition to a more mature concept was natural while twice's was a sudden change. yes or yes was still very cute. it just seems like a weird decision.

No. 33412

yeah but no one has accused jyp of being smart lol

No. 33413

maybe the general public was getting tired of twice's cuter songs and they decided it was safe to switch after itzy debuted

No. 33414

maybe jyp is prepping twice for an american debut so they changed their concept to sexy while they focus on itzy in korea

No. 33415

Man, kpop reaction videos are the cringiest most autistic videos that are ever to be made

No. 33421

All the girls have graduated, they can go lewd now. Plus they are probably worried the cute Twice image is getting a bit stale.

Sixteen did more raunchy stuff than Twice ever did.

Natty - 13
Somi - 14
Chaeryeong - 14
Chaeyeon - 15
Eunsuh - 15

You can see Dahyun never liked the sexy thing, even back then, shes always been the wacky comic variety show girl

No. 33422

she was also raised in a christian evangelist family
thats how she got famous in the first place, by doing videos of funny dances and stuff in church so i imagine this kind of thing is pretty opposite of what her family would approve of

No. 33423

say what you will about JYP, at least he cut the youngest girls out of Twice and kept the cute vibe until all of them graduated, it's a far cry what most producers would do today.

No. 33428

File: 1559010773357.jpg (81.95 KB, 757x396, xsax.jpg)


No. 33432


Holy shit, it literally looks like her soul is leaving her body…and/or she is regretting her life choices

No. 33433

File: 1559011711585.gif (1.59 MB, 268x453, tumblr_np8k57whyc1tk8cdvo1_400…)

reminds me of how the poor girls in stellar used to look while performing practically soft core clothed porn on stage, especially minhee

i will never not believe they werent one of the groups with "sponsors", especially after that one member came out and said she was basically forced to do simulated sexual shit in music videos that made her uncomfortable

god kpop is a cesspool

No. 33434

should have posted this webm because its even worse, the look on her face


No. 33435

Korea and East Asia as a whole has widespread honor/shame culture that encourages young girls to abort teen pregnancies or hide them rather than publicly talk talk about them. That's why they're so unheard of, they do happen, statistically less than the US, but they're encouraged to abort or hide them.

The rate in those countries is supposedly lower but who knows if the stats are ever true? Hearing the nasty shit about underage girls and burning sun and other numerous kpop scandals and the sexual coercion and abuse that underage trainees face makes me think that there's way more unreported young pregnancies in the country than realized- at least in the ent industry

No. 33437

i thought the west loved abortion

No. 33438

Minhee: We had to put everything on the line. We weren't in a position to think about what will come after. The success of 'Marionette' was going to determine the existence or disbandment of the team.

Junyool: I prepared with the thought that this was going to be our retirement album. I watched other sunbae teams who took on the sexy concept and sharpened my knife.

Gayoung: Honestly, we didn't think ourselves to be sexy. Even our agency wondered if this would suit us. But as we practiced, we realized we could be [sexy].

Gayoung: It turned out really well for us. We got tons of love calls for various event performances and our negative [bank] balance became positive. We also got a car and a dorm. We also got a practice room that we could use all we wanted.

Minhee: Instead of sexiness, we wanted to pour our sincerity into the release ["Mask"].

Gayoung: We included in the lyrics why we had no choice but to do the sexy concept for 'Marionette'. We wanted to explain that we did it to receive love from the public.

Hyoeun: But, nobody seemed interested in our sincerity. It was to the point they didn't even know we made a comeback. Those who listened to the track said it was good, but people wouldn't even give it a listen.

Minhee: Because the results weren't good, our promotion cycle was short.

No. 33439

this is honestly so uncomfortable to watch. You can tell she really, really hates this shit

No. 33444

the evangelists and the republicans don't, it depends entirely on what state you're in in the us and what the relative makeup of that state's government is

and even though sk only recently legalized abortion they have normie doctors perform abortions there for a long time, i read quite a few articles about abortion in east asia and a lot of regular practition doctors perform them under the table even if it's not legal

No. 33446

I just watched the music video and they are so thin they look half dead, dunno how anyone thought it was sexy. Looks like they were about to poke someones eye out with their pelvic bone.

No. 33447

Was the 'plastic surgery' her jaw shave? I found this article on her changed appearance but wanted to confirm.


Not related but: is it just me or was the 2nd gen more juicy than the gossip we get about 3rd gen idols? I guess Blackpink is kind of milky but they have barely any songs and are actually really boring.

I'm thinking that the reporters are better paid off now which is why we get barely any new scandals. Thoughts?

No. 33449

File: 1559027352063.jpg (532.04 KB, 1365x2048, p6Ifh7u.jpg)

for anyone with keen eyes and an understanding of ps, did arin get her eyes done or is it just really heavy makeup?

No. 33450

File: 1559029071545.jpeg (621.97 KB, 1242x1295, DDAF1F49-BCE0-4987-A68E-54BEB0…)

What is this

No. 33457

File: 1559034005017.jpg (103.68 KB, 540x810, tumblr_ps6v71gGIB1qgtr3w_540.j…)

txt is a mistake

No. 33461

No. 33468

I mean the female trainees/groups/solos of Pledis get paid dust so it's probably better off that they don't have any.

iirc, IU used to say she had a special diet of:
Breakfast: 1 apple
Lunch: 1 sweet potato
Dinner: 1 protein shake

And now she is doing full water fasts. To me that is concerning, she's clearly in need of some help.

No. 33469

Not that familiar with SNSD relationship but some people above stated that Jessica was replaced in TTS because Taeyeon said so. Why does Taeyeon has such power in taking such crucial decisions? Is it because she's their best vocalist?

No. 33470

>Why does Taeyeon has such power in taking such crucial decisions?
she doesn't

No. 33472

File: 1559040190795.jpg (13.64 KB, 300x300, ga9-300x300.jpg)

i saw a post on ilbe(cel) from an older korean saying BTS and bighit with every boyband copying that generally rip off gackt's look and (although i honestly don't think kpop copies j-stuff much) i think its true, especially because the look resembles j-rocker stuff way more than j-boybands. gackt is also a fucking weirdo

No. 33473

How come that the japanese members of izone are speaking korean rather well already after only a short period of time, yet bts still isn't able to hold a conversation in english without the help of ratmon/a translater?
Is learning korean easier for a japanese person than learning english for a korean person? Or is there simply more pressure on the girls to study (fast)?

No. 33475

japanese and korean grammar structures are pretty alike. some particles in japanese have direct equivalents in korean, and many words have similar or the same phonetic sound.

No. 33477

Go to 4:00
>uwu poor 26-year-old, ugh i mean baby boi Jin getting boolied by bad ratmy

No. 33478

Jfc I shouldn't have opened this. I have no words for this tbh.
Look at all those older men… I feel sick.
I can't understand Japanese but I hope there's some people who've called this shit out.

No. 33479

>Don't think kpop copies j-stuff much
You can't be serious

Kpop fans are so thirsty it's hilarious. I saw a fancam of a unpopular member racking up a lot of views in a short amount of time and wondered what the hell was going on until I realized it was because of his fucking thighs

No. 33482

While kpop and korea copy a ton, I don't see it? There are no similarities other than the hair?
And Gackt might be weird, but any kpop boy would die to have an ounce of the talent (and money) he has

No. 33488

Of course no one's said anything; its japan

No. 33490

Why is itzy so popular? They have bad music, look boring, bad plastic surgery (the same botched noses) and none of them look unique.

No. 33495

They're young so they attract creeps and they're the new girl group of one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea.

No. 33497

File: 1559057393898.jpeg (251.67 KB, 1150x1697, 1555925189209_1_182743.jpeg)

I've always thought momo's jaw is kinda square for kpop standards so I wonder how did they not cut her jaw into a dorito one.

No. 33498

I checked out the comments and from what I read they're all disgusted and disturbed by the images

On another note: like another anon said before, why is this stuff being posted in the kpop thread when there's a jpop thread? What is your reason for posting it here? Im pretty sure most people already know that jpop idol stuff is (openly) much worse than kpop stuff (stuff like this probably happens "behind the scenes" in kpop) so idk what your point is

Yeah me too. Good for her I guess. But I seriously hate the way she/they does her eye makeup, and I'm sure she would look much better without it. Also with some braces for her teeth (I'm not even a twice fan I just see her pics around)

No. 33499

i don't think any JYP artists got the dorito treatment. he left the wonder girls faces alone. maybe min from miss a? sunmi and fei appear to have gangnam'd themselves when they went solo

i don't think he did anything to twice's jaws just their facial features

so far he has left chaeryeong's face and ryujin's chin alone too, but yuna looks like she was born a gangnam unnie

No. 33500

literal pedophilia was legal in japan until not too long ago
including child porn so yeah

No. 33502

late but the original sistar/wjsn version was also amazing lmao https://twitter.com/honey_thighs/status/847703477299982336?s=09 now a lot of these quotes make way more sense
>save wonho he's the hot one
>monsta x: we just want our phones to text bitches…
>the only action we get is in our MVs…
>with eachother…

No. 33504

Aren’t WJSN being sponsored by a Chinese company or something? I thought that’s why they get more promotion than Monsta X or Sistar did

No. 33505

Doesn't Ryujin already have a "V shaped" face? All of them had something done for sure anyway.

No. 33506

Yeah and that chinese company is fuckin Yuehua. Star1s are just irrationally bitter.

No. 33508

File: 1559067413819.png (114.64 KB, 640x796, IMG_0905.PNG)

Apparently they were even given gifts.

No. 33512

The fact that this guy is in the Top 3 to debut is pathetic, but I guess that this is the state of kpop these days.

No. 33513

sad! they ruined nct's 2 decent songs

No. 33514

For some reason there is always a boy/girl in these comps that people thirst for no matter how shit they are.

No. 33515

File: 1559070747893.jpg (70.43 KB, 1080x557, IMG_20190528_211141.jpg)

Fake woke stans' double standards at their best. I think only one guy in txt is underage - so what if some of their fans are a few years older? I don't understand why they would like them, but let's not act as if these women are pedos.

Meanwhile 14-year-old izone members dressed in stockings dancing for a horde of 50-year-old men are "queens"…

No. 33516

ah look it's the male equivalent of hyewon

No. 33518

Why do all of them look the same? V-shaped chin, protruding ears and eyes that say "I'm scared of my own reflection in the mirror".
He has the charisma of a towel, he just started yet has zero energy/motivation, as if mommy and daddy forced him to participate.
And his "moves"…

No. 33519

>is a teenager
>stans a man who is old enough to be her dad

No. 33520

File: 1559072191843.jpg (132.62 KB, 753x743, van.jpg)

stop with your own double standards, every group has their creeps.

No. 33521

Next thread pic pls kek
>Insert fucking_calm_down_greg.jpg >>33472
Ilbe is shit but points were made

No. 33522

i hate children

No. 33523

Given the recent accusations I think it's highly likely that YG has pimped out BlackPink members before. Would also partially explain why Bom's so messed up now if he did anything to her (other than throw her under the bus during the drug "controversy" of course).

No. 33525

Yes, but if a guy in his late teens has female fans who are maybe 5 years older than him then this is a whole different story than middle aged men stanning girls who've barely reached puberty. Your random ass exo example from years back doesn't change that.
My main complaint was that while fans call out slightly older female fans, they have zero problems with male fans who are old enough to be a female idol's father.

No. 33528

Makeup. Lots of it. Looks like the line is drawn on.

No. 33529

File: 1559074215333.jpg (131.77 KB, 803x629, mom.jpg)

now you're just moving the goalposts(ban evasion)

No. 33530

When that bp blind item was posted here I thought it was so ridiculous but after this whole scandal i believe pretty much anything could've happened, and still can happen.

No. 33531

Think of all the previous gossip surrounding Jennie in particular. I think she has a bitchy aura which 1)makes it hard to discern between whether I should truly be tinfoiling or if I'm just a vendetta-chan and 2)provides an easy breeding ground for rumors.
Not to sound like Knetz with muh physiognomy but she's never sat well with me.

No. 33534

Even before her debut she had bullying rumours and it was never addressed or denied iirc? Her fans were coming at everyone, saying how it's fake, without having any solid proof really.

No. 33535

Yep. Speaking of that, there's a huge booli-busting movement surrounding k-idols atm. Berry Good's Daye was ~~exposed~~ today. Depending on the honest validity of Jennie bullying rumors, we might see it have another chance to resurface.

No. 33539

yeah i remember that. everyone kept saying the girl was lying because she was jealous of jennie debuting as an idol. that could be true, but it's becoming a lot more believable nowadays with the way she acts.

No. 33540

File: 1559079317172.jpg (50.39 KB, 420x630, large.jpg)

her eyes used to look smaller. i think she might have gotten surgery on them, but i don't know anything about ps.

No. 33546

I've watched a video from VICE (a youtube dedicated to tackling social problems) and they uncovered that people actually earns money being broker to plastic surgery clinics in korea. I know it is tinfoiling but I think companies do earn money or a percentage of it from the plastic surgery idols have that's why they are so keen on doing surgeries even on a perfectly normal looking face. Even grazy grace on youtube admitted that their company would gather trainees to have a field day on a ps clinic.

No. 33555

I can't stand Grace. She's 27 and still desperately trying to stay relevant from "spilling tea" from when she was a trainee as a teenager. Her most recent song is fucking unlistenable too.

No. 33556

This video popped up in my recommended (not a BP fan).

Blinks need to stop giving YG money, I might sound like an autist for saying it but there needs to be some sort of trending hashtag to actually boycott YG since the sick, twisted shit isn't just limited to Seungri but now YG himself as well. This goes for other YG groups too; it's better imo to ignore YG groups and give them no money at all than it is to be a totally devoted stan and buy an overpriced CD with like 4 songs at best under a company funding and encouraging drugging, prostituting, raping, and filming non-consenting women.

No. 33559

This is basically true. Furthermore tons of idols advertise clinics including ones they haven't actually had PS at or shilling for procedures they haven't had done

No. 33560

The original lineup was indeed Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun. They released a music together in 2008. I only knew their music and didn't follow any news of SNSD at the time so I didn't know how or why Jessica was replaced by Taeyeon.

No. 33561

The original lineup was indeed Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun. They released a music together in 2008. I only knew their music and didn't follow any news of SNSD at the time so I didn't know how or why Jessica was replaced by Taeyeon.

No. 33563

If you're dumb enough to believe a woman can have a miscarriage because she danced for 10 minutes while 2 months pregnant then you're either too young to be posting on here or you're a severely retarded adult who needs to go take a basic sex ed class.

No. 33564

>say what you will about JYP, at least he cut the youngest girls out of Twice and kept the cute vibe until all of them graduated, it's a far cry what most producers would do today.

And then itzy happened. Jyp doesn't seem to be consistent with his decisions.

No. 33566

Apologies for doubleposting but I lol'd

>1:49 "music video" shot infront of a pink backdrop that every basic youtuber owns

>holding one of those $10 moon lamps that were popular in 2013
>only outfit is a wrinkled white shirt
>crusty lips
>every line is autotuned because she can't sing
>footage is grainy and the bitrate is so low it looks like it was recorded on a webcam
>lyrics are co-written even though the whole song is a whopping 6 lines
>tagged as #kpop

This is just sad.

No. 33567

I guess you've never met a literal 27 yo woman who creams herself over txt's members. God it's so damn disgusting.

No. 33569

Samefag, she also calls them her sons

No. 33570

I am pretty sure someone was trying to promote her in the older threads by asking us if we've seen her latest vid and that she's got more tea to spill. I even pointed this out once and captured 3 posts posting the same video of her (posted in different times and with different caption but same old promotion), it was the one with the thumbnail showing her prominent botched-looking nose. I also remember someone asking us if she's secretly browsing this thread too or something. Well if she really is then she needs to stop promoting herself because it's fucking annoying.

No. 33571

don't know which is more irritating the fact that she still sounds shitty with all that auto-tune or that Michael Jackson tier nose

No. 33572

File: 1559109878468.png (101.51 KB, 519x312, Screenshot_2019-05-29-02-00-01…)

Momo is wearing tit and hip pads. It looks so bad. JYP is trying real hard to sexualize Twice, doesn't Nayeon wear ass pads? I think Jiwhatever her name is got breast implants

No. 33573

Squeezing yourself into those mini shorts and topping it of with pulling the belt as tight as possible cannot be healthy. And it's not just 10 minutes, idols constantly complain about eating 100 calories a day, only 3 hours of sleep, having to practice for 15 hours etc. every single day. (If that's not considered harmful for a pregnant woman, then maybe we should stop feeling any pity for idols in general? Since it's not even that bad, amirite?)
This is not the same as normal women doing light jogging or pilates during their pregnancy.

Nevertheless, still not even remotely as bad as way older men doing that with even younger girls.
People here even brought up that twice having a fanbase of young men in their 20s and 30s is something positive - because hey, they could be 50 as well.
Nobody would give a shit if a mid-20s guy was a fan of an 18-year-old female idol.
Quit ban evading.

No. 33574

While we're at it, Minhwan impregnanted Yulhee when he was in his mid 20s and she just a teen…
Isn't that disgusting, too? Or maybe even worse…?

No. 33577

Eh, can’t help but feel a bit bad for ex-trainees like Grace to spend much of their integral years training and performing only to end up washed out without many marketable real-world skills in the end. Being a successful idol’s a pipe dream and only attainable for the top 0.1% of trainees from rich and influential families. And being a successful idol comes with more cons than pros. Sadly these kids and teens are deceived by predatory companies and don’t realize until it’s too late how much they’ve wasted.

Still Grace has even admitted herself that her singing sucks so I don’t know what she’s doing trying to be a singer. Should just stick to tea-spilling videos for now and maybe build a career outside of anything entertainment-related.

No. 33586

File: 1559122574382.webm (5.14 MB, 480x600, 61700920_450687605477880_82850…)

how embarrassing

No. 33587


It’s never too late to go back to school and get an education. Their trouble is they can’t move on or find another dream and that’s why they end up in an even worse situation

Grace is kinda lucky that Kpop is so popular in the west right now as more people are likely to watch her videos.

No. 33591

They would have an aneurysm at Korea then because half the fucking fans of BTS, NCT DREAM and TXT are ajummas. In fact that's what TXT's weird concept is aimed at - do they think tweens want to hear lyrics like 'feel like I'm your cat, can I be a pet, keep on grooming'??

No. 33592

Even if she doesn't wanna go back to school, couldn't she become a Twitch streamer or something? I know someone from Crayon Pop did that and she's doing decently at it.

No. 33594

File: 1559127304778.jpg (225.54 KB, 1080x1080, D7rSjenXoAoc8bK.jpg)

I had to do a double take when I came across this picture, can someone explain why the fuck he is wearing a literal collar??


No. 33595

File: 1559127329358.jpg (277.42 KB, 1393x2048, 9733830f8a6a04b84f3eb0c86be10f…)

also have people forgotten 'like ooh ahh'? Tzuyu was 16 I think?

No. 33596

So you actually thought 40 and 50 something armys who masturbate regulary to jimin's and jungkook's pics dont exist? No gender is better or worse in this case. I dont get why you insist on blaming the male fans while wking the female ones when theyre equally insane.

No. 33597

sorry, what's going on? Are the rabbit ears some other fandom?

No. 33598

Are you a jyp stan? Not the company but jyp himself kek

Yeah also dont forget this sexy cf of tzuyu when she was only 16

No. 33599

File: 1559128285176.jpg (35.42 KB, 474x432, 12e99632939f5e694b9d04ab910d93…)

And this was Somi when she was 14

No. 33602

clc back with another attempt to stay relevant

No. 33603

I need the story behind this.

No. 33604

I can't help but feel sorry for them. They're not the best, but to me they're waaay more talented and capable than the bigger, more popular girl groups such as bp and twice. They kinda missed their chance to become big are now overshadowed by the newer, more successful group.
I'm guessing we'll hear about their disbandment soon.

No. 33606

File: 1559137864240.png (1.2 MB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-29-21-49-55…)


I'm asking the same thing. Why do these things exists?

No. 33610

What's with the weird ass symbolism in TXT's videos? (3:06)

No. 33611

Seungyeon is legit a good dancer imo, and Yeeun is a better rapper than most girl groups have. I feel sorry that they're been wasted here.

I feel like Cube tried out too many different styles with them and it's only hurt their chances of being known. Like BP and Twice may not be talented, but you know what image they sell and what they are going to put out. CLC does not have that consistency. Example: The follow up to Hobgoblin should have been Black Dress, not Where Are You/Distance. They shouldn't have waited nearly a year between Black Dress and No.

But Cube cannot manage a group successfully for the life of them so.

No. 33612

It's really not their best and promo for it has been messy.
I was actually a huge fan of Where Are You but agree the timing was really off since they don't have an established dual concept like Red Velvet

No. 33613

nope female pedos/predators can die horrible painful long slow deaths just like the male ones can
fuck all of them

No. 33614

this is almost as weird as the ones who shop idols into porn

No. 33616

The OP is a screenshot about some little girl complaining that girls who are uni aged (meaning: NOT 40 or 50) dared to look at her Oppars.
And Jimin is already 24 aka mid 20s too.

No. 33617

the op was taking about txt not bts. at least learn to read if you’re gonna keep infighting about this stupid topic.

No. 33618

File: 1559147117196.jpg (293.29 KB, 649x940, F4DCJV0Q.jpg)

lol i lowkey wish there were english speaking auntie fansites because they all tend to be extremely dramatic, post copypasta-tier things about the idol they stalk and their "no guys i'm not a sasaeng i swear!!" fights with other fans are amusing.

No. 33619

Anon, I'm the OP lol. And I mentioned Jimin, because the anon whom I replied to suddenly started talking about him.
Maybe try listening to your own advice next time, okay?

No. 33620

File: 1559149171280.gif (2.48 MB, 320x237, 01.gif)

Are you the same sperg who likes to claim that uncle fans are much worse than sasaeng fans?

No. 33622

someone explain what's going on here

No. 33628

I find it really weird how obsessive fans blow things out of proportion sometimes or just make it a bigger issue that it is. For example, do you guys remember that whole #respectlisa thing? It went so far that US sites and channels covered it and made it seem like everyone in Korea hated her. But all of this was caused by a netizenbuzz translation with the top comments not even having 1000 up votes.
I'm glad they got called for seeing SEAs as inferior but it wasn't that big and because of all the buzz Lisa actually found out about it too.
I'm sure she'd have no idea about some random article about her if it weren't for the rabid fans.

No. 33630

Saesang =/= randomn fan at a concert who happens to be a bit older than the idol
Quit bringing up unrelated things.

No. 33631

it's one of the most annoying things about kpop fanbases imo. the littlest rumor or mean comment is enough to make some fans start trending hashtags or whatever. plus fans are awful at hiding things they don't want to spread lmao

No. 33633

the op as in the screenshot. which is what both of us were talking about before you shifted the goalpost. jesus christ.

No. 33635

this video is basically furry porn and /that/'s the part you find weird?

No. 33636

No, the age gap of 5 years isn't a big deal unless you're like 12 and have no concept of adults dating. Plenty of my girl friends who are in early 20s have been in stable relationships with men 5-6 years older and it's worked better because men are naturally more immature than women are at the same ages.

No. 33637

why are woke kings bts besties with cultfag bogum and why aren't their sjw fans speaking up about this? guess they don't really care who bts is hanging out with as long as they are another uwu shippable oppar

No. 33638

File: 1559158291627.png (240.3 KB, 539x356, 123.png)

someone memed the death stranding trailer and stans are already throwing a fit lol

No. 33639

i don't mind bts and this is fucking funny

No. 33644

I absolutely agree with you. And that's why there's also nothing wrong with women in their 20s liking kpop groups who are 5 years younger than themselves.

No. 33646

Agreed. It's sad that they'll eventually be pushed aside by G-idle (who have a consistent theme and style) despite being more talented than them by a landslide. All of CLC can sing properly and perform well, but G-idle's only strong point is their rapper. Every time I watch that group perform I'm just waiting for someone to hit a wrong note or even for Soyeon to get off beat.
It's really unfortunate because CLC has had some really nice b-sides unlike a lot of girl groups. Cube worst company

No. 33649

Seems like more and more bullying victims of idols speak out. And taking into account just how severe bullying in Korea can be, they absolutely deserve having their careers ruined.

If Psy really is involved, then the whole scandal could garner more international interest, hopefully causing Seungri and co. to get harsher punishment.

No. 33650

>[+259, -11] People keep telling all the celebrities under YG to "escape them" but ㅋㅋㅋ Psy, Taeyang, Black Pink, Kang Dong Won… I bet they all knew what has been going on in YG ㅋㅋㅋ I really just think they're all the same people who should be canceled ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm still amazed that Psy is as popular as he is today considering all of his past scandals ㅋㅋ

No. 33656

The problem with G-Idle is that Soyeon is too integral to the whole setup. You remove her and you start to see the how some of the members completely lack the presence and talent she has, such as Shuhua.

With CLC I feel the only one that lacks presence at times is Seunghee, but she's still good at singing. I like both CLC and G-Idle's songs but performance wise I much rather watch CLC.

No. 33658

I'm interested to see whether they can save Pentagon, or if they're just gonna cast them aside and try again with a new boygroup

No. 33660

File: 1559163307942.png (823.75 KB, 633x630, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 21.5…)

it was one of the run way looks this season. hes a brand representative so they always put him in smth from a runway no matter how dumb it looks

No. 33661

I think it's over for pentagon unless they get another miracle hit. Even without the scandal naughty boy wasn't a good follow up to shine imo

No. 33662

Tbh he looks better than that male "model"
High fashion is hideous

No. 33663

I can see ptg becoming the male clc. guanlin x seonho group will probably debut soon and there is little to no hope against them for ptg now

No. 33664