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File: 1557493055661.png (224.16 KB, 268x380, 1547958539234.png)

No. 30980

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>/m/14862 (girls)

previous thread: >>28947

No. 30990

downward spiral of shitty thread pics

No. 30992

File: 1557505030038.png (54.64 KB, 683x648, mmh.png)

Comments on articles posted on the same day

No. 30993

File: 1557505053960.png (24.3 KB, 683x314, mmh2.png)

No. 30995

Because some idiot(s) keeps jumping the gun and makes a new thread before the old one is locked so we don’t get to post and/or vote for new thread pics. This picture wasn’t even posted in the last thread…

No. 30996

Anon, what is this in reference to?

No. 30997

unfunny title too

No. 31034

This thread was a failure from the start smh

No. 31039

File: 1557529989486.jpeg (145.85 KB, 750x798, 74958136-2B0D-4954-82C3-403835…)

I thought I would check up on hyuna. Still posting thinspo and still getting comments congratulating her on her supposed weight gain. I miss her hooker style

No. 31050

> Also can we talk about KCon and how overpriced it is to see groups we don't care about like izone and verivery? They're doing this new thing where they divide the cons into categories now. New York was given the "rookie" category and is now hosting a bunch of nobodys.

Can someone explain this

No. 31055

No. 31057

File: 1557551848310.png (500.66 KB, 517x512, yeri.png)

yeri is so pretty like that. i don't understand why stylists force her to wear crop top+ skirt/shorts combo which make netizens bash her body. She also has the prettiest face in Red Velvet imo

No. 31059

File: 1557551957889.jpg (72.76 KB, 798x531, 57674304_318236722200689_75908…)

I don't believe Lisa is naturally skinny…

No. 31060


They all got a lot skinnier before as if it's your last era.

No. 31061

So are JK and Jimin are the biggest attention whores of BTS or is constantly begging for attention just par for the course in idol world even if you're already as big as BTS?

No. 31062

Most of these are pretty mom-ish

No. 31063

There's no such thing as ''naturally extremely underweight''. If you told people that some people are naturally mordibly obese, they wouldn't believe it so why do they delude themselves when it comes to their oppas and unnies? It's pretty damn coincidental that everyone in the korean entertainment industry just happens to be ''naturally skinny''. It's shocking how unhinged people prove to be when they call Rosé the girl with the ''best body in kpop''. SJW ''feminists'' promoting eating disorders kek. Also unrelated but it's obvious YG is involved in shady shit so those same sjw's are also giving out their money to illegal business

No. 31067

Fuck off, solo stan. Pandering to fans is their job.

No. 31070


We found the JK and/or Jimin stan on lolcow

No. 31071


Rose is not only underweight she has scary caveman feet, a long torso, scrawny legs and a bobblehead. Whoever thinks she has the best body in kpop has dangerous body image issues.

No. 31074

she was cute during debut but she has ruined her face beyond repair now

No. 31075

this guy is so self satisfied and smug with his hair transplant (don't even watch the whole video it is in the first few secs )

No. 31076

>>31075 hair transplant? thats a first i hear in kpop, do you have proof?

No. 31078

is the unnatural way his hair flips not proof enough for you it is an open secret by now (but yeah i am not a sasaeng so i cannot provide you with a receipt of his actual transplant)

No. 31079

There's no proof, the anon with a vendetta(?) against Jaehyun is just borderline schizo.
>inb4 reee stan

No. 31080

vid related watch the similarities

you go around calling anybody who is not praising jaehyun having a "vendetta" and also expect to not be called a stan that you are ? funny and cute.

No. 31081

I don't mind hair transplants. Do whatever you want. As long as you're not an asshole about it, nobody should give a shit.

No. 31082

Nice double samefagging, schizo

No. 31085

Guys the previous thread is still alive

No. 31089

File: 1557582235215.png (792.57 KB, 1080x1304, IMG_20190511_154351.png)


No. 31090

Ignoring religious freedom and all, why would anyone do this?

No. 31091

Kpop has tons of Muslim SEA fans, it's probably some 14 year old girl who wants idols to look like her.

No. 31094

Putting his obvious hair transplants aside, how does anyone watch this or find it appealing? This guy is so disgustingly narcissistic, and every view blows up his giant ego even more. Like imagine what people would say if a female idol uploaded a video like that

No. 31099

Yeah, this was 100% his own choice and staff don’t exist

No. 31103

so one of the main fags of The 1975 (band) just apologized to bts for weed smell (as banter)- as if BTS don't do worse drugs to keep up with their busy schedule

No. 31104

Are you the same anon who's been making angry posts about jaehyun in the other threads? what makes you hate dislike him so much? not mad, just curious. personally I just find him very dull

No. 31105

this is the first time i have posted about nct or at least jaehyun but just by one post i get like 10 ppl policing me it is not hard to see that jaehyun has ya'll by your balls

the particular way he is so smug about his hair transplant is just funny so i just wanted to share the vid but i guess we should just leave him alone cuz some nct fags think he is dull

No. 31106

No one but an nctfag would even bother bringing nct up.

No. 31108

The way ratmys or other kpop fans are policing US media and celebrities is embarrassing af. They got mad at Ellen too for asking if they hook up with their fans. They choose to enter the American market and interact with celebrities there why should people then conform to Korean norms and etiquettes? It's ridiculous. They're so deep into kpop that they forgot that not in every country artists have to censor themselves and act like celibate saints.

No. 31112

File: 1557598819958.jpeg (45.56 KB, 610x846, 5D399EAC-0494-4FBB-9297-D1A4B7…)

Don’t know if this was posted last thread, it probably was, but JJY pleaded guilty to the spycam charges. He’s still under investigation with Choi Jong Hoon for rape charges.


Also, Roy Kim is still apparently set to graduate from Georgetown but he’s denying that he’s preparing…
I guess the school hasn’t expelled him yet.


No. 31116

roy kim should be expelled wtf is wrong with usa

but the jonghyun guy from cnblue is outright getting away with it he doesn't get mentioned at all (he is the one who has clips of publicly groping girlgroups' boobs and ass)

No. 31118

There’s a petition still going around on campus, I think.

Jonghyun has been enlisted since August 2018 so maybe that’s why we haven’t heard anything.
From the way some people talk, it seems like they can’t do much if men have enlisted but I’m not sure.

No. 31119

I think we can still be happy to know that the public won't ever give them a chance again and that they're seen as the shame of Korea. (Except for crazy fans).
This still won't make up for the disgusting shit they've done.
Bunch of sociopaths…pretty sure they don't even feel sorry.

No. 31120

I remember when people used to insult her manager for not letting her eat what fans gave her…The staff of braindead kpop groups probably work much harder than them and it's not like idols are forced to be glorified prostitutes…

No. 31121

wasn't there an incident where a fan tried to poison an idol or something? I feel like the staff are mostly doing their job and taking safety precautions.

No. 31122

the thing i see rose praised for the most is her body. not her singing, dancing or whatever else. it's always her body.

No. 31123

Nah naturally "extremely" underweight/skinny people exist. I eat like shit, don't exercise, and I never gain weight lol. My mom was the same until she had kids. My friend too.

However I don't think she's one of those people. She doesn't carry weight in the right places and looks genuinely ana. Naturally skinny people still have pockets of fat/untoned muscle. Pretty sure I'm skinnier than her but I still look less spooky

No. 31124

Probably because they're salty he's more popular than their bias. They always word their posts the same way
>how does anyone find this appealing??
>OBVIOUS hair transplant/wig
>if a female idol did this…
>no idea how I stumbled across this vid 2 hours after it was posted, not a nctfag btw!
Etc. Maybe it's yutachan making a come back. Nct is a boring fucking group. If there weren't so many nctfags in here, no one ever would've brought them up aside from like a one off comment about Taeyong being the poster boy for the gangnam oppa look or Yuta's scary, busted face.

No. 31125

Tbf Rosé doesn't really have talent at all. She's just a shitty Park Bom rip off. Luna is one of SM's most talented vocalist and dancer yet the GP only obsesses about her looks and anorexia. I know she feeds into this by being an attention whore on instagram etc but still…

No. 31126

Settle down ana-chan. Why do you lot always try to one up each other? not only you're sooo much skinnier than rosé, you're also "better looking". Stop trying to pass off your health issues as normal because you're heading straight towards an early grave if what you say is true

No. 31127

this looks so uncomfortable to dance in. it's weird to me that twice were singing children's songs a few months ago and now they're wearing outfits like this.

No. 31128

are people over that controversy yet?

No. 31129

Someone tell these companies that dressing idols in these short clothes that almost exposes their underwear wont make the "concept" mature.
How about you dress them in comfortable clothes but start giving them decent songs in which they don't sound like they're in middle school?
But who am I kidding, they know exactly what they're doing.

No. 31130

Lmfao chill. I didn't say I'm better looking nor am I trying to "one up" her. I'm perfectly healthy btw. I just happen to be really skinny.

I only pointed out it's possible to be really skinny since another anon said it's not, and that lisa doesn't look like she fits that category

No. 31131

Stop acting dumb, we all know you meant that Lisa still looks ''big boned'' and not dainty despite her low weight

No. 31132

Wtf is wrong with you? She looks freaky as fuck. In my previous post i even said that. Homegirl does not look healthy and looks like she has an ED.

Learn to read and take the stick out your ass lmao

No. 31133

>this level of blogging/humble bragging

No. 31135

I don't understand why you would supposedly look less freaky than her at an even lower weight kek. Make your humble bragging have some sense

No. 31136

Lol like i said, naturally skinny people and true anachans hold weight differently. If she were naturally skinny, shed still have some fat pockets and basically look untoned. She doesn't, she looks like a skeleton lol. Which is why i said i dont think she's naturally skinny, she looks like someone with an ED.

Idk why that's so hard for yall to understand but ok. Stay salty for whatever reason

No. 31137

File: 1557613773424.jpg (56.21 KB, 620x618, 21042807_1856211624405239_3861…)

Is this edited? She looks very scary. It's like she has muscle with no fat. She's always been really thin but this is unsettling.

No. 31141

This is Lisa? She looked like a normal, adorable little thai girl. Sad what kpop does to people

No. 31145

Well the bottom line is always appealing to male fans, so actually mature concepts or empowered/confident women are a big no no

No. 31147

File: 1557620931520.png (421.09 KB, 570x576, Screenshot_14.png)

someone tell them…

No. 31150

are they really that oblivious?

No. 31153

File: 1557628019745.png (140.94 KB, 452x564, takeajoke.png)

No. 31155

it was yunho from tvxq that was poisoned by an anti who passed by a fan in an event.

No. 31157

Just watched the second episode of Produce 101 X and this part caught my attention
There's a 16 year old trainee teaching the older guys on the same ranking to dance to the coreography, but he can't tell them they're wrong cuz of Korean age hierarchy
Then gets scolded by the trainer for not being a 'good leader' and starts crying
Jfc, I can't with this kind of shit, it's absurd…

No. 31159


BTOB's Sungjae had to teach Rose how to sing on that one variety show and that was back when she was being mediaplayed as being a top vocalist.

No. 31160


THe public has always been more obsessed with Luna's visuals, putting her down when she was bigger and had bigger muscles. It's no wonder Luna turned out how she did. The K-public always want to act surprised when someone they tore apart ends up anorexic or unwell.

No. 31161


I don't know. Apparently it was only some female communities who were trying to drum up controversy whereas it doesn't seem like the public really cares. Asian Junkie exposed the IU-ZeZe scandal as something similar where it was literally the same handful of users commenting and blowing up the issue.

No. 31162


She was really cute and happy here. This reminds me of BamBam not wanting to look at his old pictures because of how dark he looked (and being made fun of JR/Jinyoung for being dark too) and Sorn from CLC going from looking like this Lisa picture to looking like a wide-eyed ghost. K-pop's beauty standards are so upsetting and bizarre, especially when you see how much prettier and normal looking some Asian celebs are outside of Korea. Like, compare BTS or some other kpop male idols to some top hot male actors in Japan. Except for some exceptions, the former usually look like botoxed cyborgs and the latter often actually look like handsome human beings.

No. 31163


Most female idols are underweight/ana to begin with but their companies usually try to hide it by using cheek fillers. Maybe Rose ran out of her supply.

No. 31164


Korean hierarchy is so weird and damaging. A lot of sexual and physical abuse happens at universities for example and gets normalized/goes unreported because of it. It's just too easy to abuse one's power in that situation.

No. 31165

holy shit can you stop spamming? you can reply to multiple anons in one post, newfag. jfc.

No. 31171

This sub bitches so much about the dumbest shit that has nothing to do with K-pop.

No. 31173

File: 1557647994050.jpg (207.11 KB, 1280x1280, 0bf49cf8-c98a-458d-b023-1b0c90…)

>S U B

No. 31174

no they don’t kek those are bulimia cheeks you sperg. she’s less puffy now because she graduated to anorexia

No. 31176

Isn't this similar to the Kylie situation?

No. 31177

we call hardcore stans sad but we can't forget the great work of antis, who waste as much of their life hating idols as sasaengs do obsessing over them.

No. 31178

You seem lost.

But yeah this thread is mostly hating the way idols look because it’s full of failed anachans and self righteous ps spotters. This is where they project.

No. 31179

As someone who follow them casually on Twitter, I would say that while Jimin is obviously attention seeking and his own members said so in the past, Jugnkook posts pretty rarely and is more of a "stay in the back and doesn't utter a word" kind of guy. He's the most boring member along with V, who just post picture of himself bc he loves his face sm.

No. 31180

Don’t reply to yourself.

No. 31185

Does being ana impair your intellectual capacities kek

No. 31186

I know you are joking, but yes it does.

No. 31191

Post comparison pics pls anon, this is an image board after all

No. 31193

No. 31195

File: 1557687687677.png (35.21 KB, 630x348, twt.PNG)

lmao replies vary between ARMYs in denial, ARMYs making excuses and ARMYs getting salty and attacking people pointing out how bad this note is

No. 31199


He seems the most invested in BTS's current success rn so maybe their current situation has him feeling more confident and desperate for attention (esp with all the attention he's been getting from American celebs lately) and his attention whore ways has skyrocketed.

They should get as much in as possible because it doesn't look like these celebs take them that seriously. How many of them actually promote their music/songs as opposed to just taking a pic with/tweeting the group?

No. 31201

The tweet thread is deleted now but someone that worked at the Soldier Field stadium tour date said Bighit banned all the trained female staff from working 15 minutes before the start of the show because of a 'no females allowed backstage policy.' This includes the showrunner with 10 years plus experience (who had worked with Beyonce, etc) because she was a female. So she had to be radio-ing in and organizing from off set or something. It apparently was total chaos.

the original tweet thread that was deleted but here's what was said:


If this is true bighit must believe every female that comes into contact with bts has secret designs to try to get into their pants regardless of their work, station in life/profession/culture etc.

I wonder if Korea has a culture of women joining idol companies as 'staff' for that very reason but who knows.

No. 31203

>I wonder if Korea has a culture of women joining idol companies as 'staff' for that very reason
This is not about bts but there were speculations that some female managers were obsessive fans.
I only vaguely remember but I think fans even had proof and honestly it doesn't seem too far fetched cause it can't be that difficult to get a job that basically consists of being a glorified servant for a bunch of people.

No. 31205

This is fucked but I also kind of…get it, in a way?

Obviously I don’t know the company’s reasoning but it seems like they’re trying to prevent any/all potential scandals aka protecting their investment. BTS seems incredibly controlled in that way and that might be why we haven’t heard any real scandals involving women (yet). Also, they can’t control or threaten or do invasive background checks the same way they can with Korean nationals.

Sounds like BigHit has a lot of paranoia after the GLaM incident, too.

I wonder if the same rules apply for Korean concerts?

No. 31206

once bts fade dies down, i hope there will be psychological reports on the reason why 7 unremarkable asian men made so many young women go crazy

No. 31209

And many old women too in that case

No. 31213

There were definitely female staff members in that burn the stage movie. So this probably applied only to concerts outside Korea, if it's real. Makes sense, since they have no control over foreign stalkers or media. If something happened they wouldn't be able to cover it up as easily as in Korea, where they also have fans protect idols like crazy

No. 31214

why would you watch that lol go away ratmy

No. 31215

File: 1557700885366.gif (1.44 MB, 268x335, tumblr_pr8nq1B6711wq9zq3o4_400…)

god he's even uglier in motion

No. 31216

File: 1557701975226.png (254.97 KB, 679x423, k6.png)

He looks like Kris now kek. It will never fail to astonish me how ugly SM male idols are allowed to be meanwhile 90% of SM female idols demolished their faces to fit fucked up beauty standards.

No. 31217

he's so greasy. i wish he'd get it into his head the us isn't interested in him and stay in china

No. 31218

He's seen better days man. Who is this guy?

No. 31219

The guy in the gif is Lucas, the 2nd guy is Kris Wu

No. 31220

Wew kris has never been a looker but he looks repulsive now

No. 31222

On the topic of EXO, few days ago Kai posted pics fondly reminiscing about the times he had to wear dreads for a comeback. So much for ''no input'' over what idols wear kek.

No. 31224

File: 1557709123381.jpeg (47.33 KB, 300x300, 6B791EA9-C90E-4C1A-A8E6-C904A3…)

Sorry but I’m picturing this guy trying to make people take him seriously and I can’t, I can’t!!!

No. 31225

both him and tiffany. they're so unappealing.

No. 31229

dispatch are going to reveal a couple

No. 31231

There are clips all over social media everyone's seen some. Nice try anon, you just wanted to say "go away ratmy" for once huh?

No. 31232

What kind of hellish social media do you frequent? And why do you purposefully watch them then? Accept the fact you're a bts obsessed army and stop acting like you fit in this thread. Nctfags and ratmys need to be shot into the sun. People everywhere outside Stan Twitter hate you and think you're weird and ugly

No. 31233

File: 1557730624942.png (782.43 KB, 1080x1835, IMG_20190513_085531.png)

Samefag but this is literally paid content. Wonder how you sleep at night knowing you are funding a degenerate industry at best and organized crime at worst

No. 31234

Nta but you can clearly see a female staff member in the clip you're watching, sperg. Curb your autism.

No. 31236

Calm down, anon.

No. 31239

nta but wow did bts or nct steal your gf or something mate we are all here to criticize their stupidity but we actually need material in order to do that and when someone posts some anons are going off saying they're stans

i liked this thread better when we were hating on kpop idols rather than each other tbh

No. 31240

What was the theme when this picture was taken?

No. 31242

Does anon love under a rock? Or just not use the internet aside from lol cow? Paid content is uploaded on Twitter and Instagram all the time. You can't really escape bts content if you're into anything kpop. Which most of us are since we're on a kpop critical forum. Go sperg your autism someplace else. You're probably a ratmy yourself butthurt that anybody female is around your oppas

No. 31244

Did they say when?

No. 31251

Apparently it's V and BTS stans are panicking and apparently it's happening in the next couple days

No. 31252

File: 1557754265330.jpg (31.6 KB, 480x638, D6cxzMQUIAABZxk.jpg)

According to rumours it's one of the BlackPink members. Which is very hard to see them lower their selves to be seen with this

No. 31253

How you find out?

No. 31254

Aw yes I wanna see some ratmy meltdowns.

No. 31255

i doubt anything will happen. big hit are up distpatch's ass

No. 31256

I don't want any couple "scandals" rn tbh. It's just gonna shift the focus away from the burning sun issue.

No. 31257

bts\bighit and dispatch are pretty chummy with each other so i doubt anything will happen (but god do i hope it does happen)

No. 31258

You people are the reason this thread turned to shit. You don't even try to hide your obsession with these plastic monsters.i find it so disgusting you guys try to trick is into discussing your faves because you have a hate boner for people trash talking them. It's the fault of the person who linked us to Twitter/PULL whatever. The thought of ugly fat army's being the ones criticizing blackpink so much here is hilarious though(infighting)

No. 31259

I criticize male and female idols both with gusto and i am neither fat nor a ratmy - but sweetie it looks like you are the one who is a secret blackpink stan

also everyone in kpop is a plastic monster regardless of gender

No. 31260

You're paranoid. By the same logic people can accuse you of being a bp stan because you mentioned them in a post. Stop shitting up the thread

No. 31261

doublepost sorry but not ugly either lmao - you seem to have lots of issues with people trashing female idols and when they trash male idols you call it discussing (i guess my prior guess of a bts member stealing your gf is correct)(infighting)

No. 31262


Relax it aint that serious.

Also yeah ppl are saying it's V and Jisoo. I see them dating but I don't think Dispatch would go against their contract with Bighit to reveal them.

No. 31269

Movie characters, I’m assuming.

No. 31270

I wonder where this rumour even comes from.


No. 31272

i hope they are dating so that we can watch the ratmy salt, they are already extremely jealous of blackpink's existence. bts won't take much of a damage from a dating scandal unless it's jimin or jungkook though. people don't care about v.

No. 31277

File: 1557768534656.jpg (246.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190513-192621_Sam…)

No. 31278

First of all, where are you seeing a Dispatch couple announcement? I can't find anything about it, so link please.

Second, not sure how many of you are new to kpop but dating scandals have been super tame for like the past few years. Kai and Jennie were probably the most scandalous but there was literally just a pic of them walking together? At least when Baekhyun and Taeyeon were exposed, Dispatch had a pic of Taeyeon noona kissing Exo-Ls precious oppa in her Mercedes. Nothing can compare to way back then when Exo-Ls were so deluded and convinced that Taeyeon was evil and manipulating poor Baek, and that Taeyeon was a hoe who had dated sooo many idols in SM so Baekhyun was just a pawn.

So yeah, not expecting much from this. If anything, it'll probably be a 2nd gen idol that is washed up and dating some chaebol/actor/athlete, or an unheard of 3rd gen idol who isn't even known. Dispatch loves to exaggerate shit like "it's a TOP idol" when and when it's revealed it's like…Got7 or Momoland, lmao.

No. 31279

I feel like the really relevant actors or idols won't get exposed until the companies can no longer negotiate with dispatch, or until the ones that are dating wanna out themselves voluntarily.

No. 31280

File: 1557773333027.jpg (86.49 KB, 900x1125, 58409521_509333012804092_64193…)

Not sure how many of you all watch PD X 101 but the voting = ranking shit is so annoying. Clearly the producers of this show aren't dividing screen time equally and they have their favorites for sure. I feel bad personally for people like Choi Soohwan who's super talented and deserves to be in the final lineup, but is already ranked #56 despite being impressive to the judges and being in A group.

Theoretically speaking, if you were to go on this show, it doesn't even matter to be talented to debut in the final lineup. All you need is a sob story and some charm, and some favoritism from the producers of the show. Bonus points if you're good looking. Best example is the slope-shouldered Kim Mingyu (pic related) who is so utterly talentless but looks like a poor man's Cha Eunwoo.

Comments on the show are shaming this season for being devoid of "visuals" but this is a show that is supposed to be about singing and dancing. It'd make far more sense to put the highest ranked in talent in the final group and to create a supergroup similar to a 10-member TVXQ.


No. 31281

I can’t find anything on this but this pann post?
Soompi doesn’t say the investigation is over?

No. 31283

these shows have never been about talent. every final group is full of talentless "visuals". also i think companies pay for certain trainees to debut in these groups so they rig the votes anyway.

No. 31284

kai and jennie wasn't even scandalous though. people cared for like a week and moved on.

No. 31285

My bet is on it being V and Wonyoung :-)

No. 31286

unless they're planning to make a group centered around vocals most idols can survive with average talent. I don't know about the individual members but as a whole ioi, wanna one, and izone aren't better or worse than most kpop groups when it comes to skill imo.

No. 31290

No. 31294

Waiting for RM and Halsey to come out and have the ratmys have a meltdown.

No. 31295

File: 1557782703562.jpg (196.5 KB, 1199x1200, D2NUpa0X0AA1Eg7.jpg)

I has shocked to see that Soo Hwan didn't move up. He's still in the same spot since the first ep. Korea really does sleep on talent. Also kek on the YG trainees receiving low grades.

No. 31301


There will never be a group like T5XQ again and that's because these companies don't have their priorities in check and neither do Korean fangirls' whose psychotic tastes dominate the decision making. It's ridiculous to think that they even want to make a global group when they won't even allow international fans to vote.


I hate halsey but even I think she can do better.

No. 31302

I'm ready to watch the K-pop stans fight with the normie stans with low-key racism and get called out for it. Rabid hate of idols dating westerners could push the fandom into "ewww" territory to the rest of the world and it will be lovely.

No. 31305

lol auditions don't have to be about visuals since they all get their faces cut up extensively anyway

No. 31306

I had to Google to find out who wonyoung is and this girl is 14 yikes

No. 31307

tbh they're perfect for each other.

No. 31310

why a kid, is V a pedo

No. 31312

V apparently has a rep for being a huge pervert.

No. 31314

File: 1557801528598.jpg (164.79 KB, 900x1200, D2bJSoNUwAESe1C.jpg)

I never said that PD48 groups are below debuted 3rd gen groups, but they definitely have the well-rounded talent within at least 5 guys to form a supergroup like TVXQ. The issue is though, those guys won't fit the beauty standards and will be forgotten about. But honestly TVXQ aside from Yunho and post-PS Changmin and Jaejoong, are kind of ugly/average yet they're still remembered as legends.
I hate that I'm kind of becoming a fan of the poor kid. His story is actually kind of inspiring yet he didn't get plastic surgery before going on the show like Cha Junho (pic), who on the other hand, was a total eyesore but now 'passes' as a "visual" and is ranked not too low below #10 since he looks like Infinite L sans a few chromosomes. The weird thing is that Cha Junho is still ranked highly despite his "before" pictures getting leaked, and he's a confirmed uggo so I'm not sure what people are seeing in him as he's useless too.
That's a good point. If international fans were allowed to vote, how much do y'all wanna bet that Peak would be #1?

No. 31319

i'm sorry but wtf is dispatch? the cdan of k-pop?

No. 31321

this HAS to be photoshop

I'm going to throw up

No. 31323


inb4 Irene and chaebol / actor

No. 31326

A tabloid/news agency.

No. 31327

Pretty sure it is. I remember watching that performance and her arms didn’t look like that. But she does look very bony

No. 31336

Nah, they're more like the South Korean equivalent of TMZ.

No. 31339

File: 1557820797241.jpeg (196.43 KB, 1024x1249, 34E60A7E-01DA-4BF6-97C1-4EC960…)

Seungri trying to cover his new bracelets

No. 31340

He's sorry he got caught. But I'm 100% sure that it goes way deeper than the media is willing to admit. There's a lot of shady shit they're covering up by focusing on celebrities instead of politicians.

No. 31343

Yup. I don’t think we’ve heard much, if any, news involving chaebols either. iirc at least one chaebol bastard was involved in some chat and I don’t know if we got his name.

Anyway, Moon’s administration has been censoring the press and throwing nonsense charges at them and the public for the past few years. You just know they’re involved in some shit.

No. 31344

Yeah, it’s convenient that there are high-profile celebrities involved so that they can let the case play out and have them face punishment (which they totally deserve, don’t get me wrong). It’s allowing other people involved to get away without the public getting angry that “nothing is being done”
(also, did they finish announcing all the members of that group chat?)

No. 31345

I think so? I’m even entirely sure who was in the original chat anymore because a lot of people have been implicated as a result of it, some of them not proven to be tied to any sexual assault/rape charges.

There are a lot of names.

No. 31346

Someone photoshop actual cuffs on this guy

No. 31349

This is lazy as fuck

No. 31350

Disgusting if true. It seems like the whole thing will be covered up as usual.

No. 31351

Why does the third singer (Rose) sound like that?
They went in too deep and touched a nerve

No. 31352

When Lisa raps in english its so much more obvious how terrible of a rapper she is. Her singing isnt that bad they should just make her stop rapping all together.

No. 31354

I saw someone say that her friend went to a blackpink concert and rose sounded like a dying rubber duck
Ugh their japanese pronunciation is so bad

No. 31387

Doesn't help that the lines they give her are cringey as hell

No. 31388

Who writes these raps for them? They obviously have zero input in any of their music.

No. 31389


No. 31392

File: 1557854386401.png (127.78 KB, 622x943, IMG_0782.PNG)

Also, I went through the seungri hashtag on twitter in hopes of finding more information but the new tweets literally are all stans congratulating him.
How are there so many? Are they trolls?
It's fucking insane.

No. 31393

File: 1557854510906.png (150.79 KB, 640x1040, IMG_0783.PNG)

Some examples

No. 31395


Where did you hear this? Links? Or did you make it up?

No. 31397

I'm seeing a lot of misleading articles about this. The court just dismissed his pre-trial arrest warrant. He still has to go to trial. Dumb stans on Twitter are acting like he has been cleared of all charges. It is really disgusting how many of them there are though.

No. 31408

File: 1557866213654.jpg (328.02 KB, 1080x874, 20190514_223716.jpg)

They just can't stop

No. 31414

File: 1557869651144.gif (2.17 MB, 638x356, source.gif)

>way too cool for it

Nope, BTS is same level as Eurovision trash.

No. 31421


No. 31435

>one username
>seungris cult
they'll never realize how fucked up this all was until it happens to them personally and they see that their idols are just dogshit in human skin

yeah they saw the word dismissed and went ape shit thinking hes all cleared.

No. 31442

File: 1557887059957.jpeg (617.62 KB, 828x956, DA43394C-CBCE-436E-B5DB-CE8060…)

looks like hyuna is preparing for a summer comeback, seems like she’s continuing with her usual shtick

No. 31448

What was the point of her leaving CUBE

No. 31449

So was this anon lying about Dispatch revealing a new couple? I can’t find anything on it anywhere.

No. 31451

I heard that was just a rumor started by autists on facebook. Haven't seen any proof at all.

No. 31454

File: 1557927725954.jpg (123.69 KB, 720x1212, IMG_0083.JPG)

Lol this fandom is going to eat itself

No. 31455

Did they think nobody was going to notice?

No. 31456

>treat the SEA of the group like trash
>she still gets the most stans, followers and attention

No. 31457

What am I looking at?

No. 31458

im guessing the fact that jennie is the only one who had a different outfit for every performance while for ex lisa having the same outfit in all of them

No. 31459

Jennie has a different outfit for every stop of the tour, while lisa has had the same one thhe whole time.

No. 31460

It's crazy that Hani and jeonghwa leaving is the end for EXID when they're so much less talented than the others three. Groups with few members really is a bad idea.

No. 31461

speaking as a "EXID stan" i have to say that i think it was time for them to disband. [ppl say that it's just a hiatus not actually disbanding]. it's been pretty evident that all of them want to do something else - le is so botched rn & i always have the feeling that she doesn't want to perform anymore, maybe go back to composing, solji will be so much more successful as a solo at this point, hyelin doesn't seem to want to be an idol & jeonghwa and hani are just models. nothing binds them to the group imo

No. 31466

File: 1557933334396.gif (1.79 MB, 177x285, 830d5a45-cf91-45f9-8b4f-65118c…)

Excuse me, but what the actual fuck

No. 31467

she looks like a toddler playing dress up, even her hair looks too big for her head…how old is she??

No. 31468

File: 1557934229751.jpg (84.38 KB, 600x800, bw7qf2j_.jpg)

She's 23, I didn't know anything about her (Yooa from Oh My Girl) so I googled what she used to look like and I'm genuinely sad she destroyed lips that cute.

No. 31469

File: 1557934285265.gif (1.2 MB, 800x530, tumblr_nryuu1m8PT1uotx9no1_128…)

Thanks, I hate it
This is what she used to look like guys

No. 31470

File: 1557934410708.gif (2.83 MB, 268x350, e4367fd5-5260-4dc4-bae8-51fcce…)

I'm actually disgusted

No. 31471

She looks like a Bratz doll.

No. 31478

I thought Koreans hated big lips

No. 31479

So anyone knows what's up with seungri's situation now? The updates are all over the place and not very detailed.
Any Korean speaking anons who can enlighten us?

No. 31482

File: 1557942347158.jpg (5.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Double eyelid surgery looks disgusting up close

No. 31483

They like puffy lips

No. 31484

Literally two knacks.

No. 31485

Your best bet afaik is to head over to r/kpop

They’re collecting all the info they can get and have a timeline. There are a couple translators there too, I think.

No. 31486

I don’t know much about Lisa but I support her for this reason.

Stick it to them, Lis.

No. 31489

supporting any YG artist at all certainly isn't woke activism lmao.

No. 31490

It looks disgusting from far too
Is she the worst treated foreign idol rn? I feel like there might be others too but I can't remember who they are…

No. 31491

I've heard that she also earns less than the Korean members. I don't know if this applies to every foreign idol or if it's a yg thing.
Would be fucked up though considering her fans are literally the main reason they're so relevant and sell out concerts.

No. 31494

this applies to all foreigners who work in korea, they need to pay double tax or something

No. 31495

File: 1557946926195.png (116.03 KB, 224x361, screenshot-www.youtube.com-201…)

If the rumors about Jennie disliking her/mistreating her are true it sure would be hilarious in a karma way.
>more followers than you on instagram, she's the BP member with the most followers
>gets thousands of stans and praise while blinks are slowly turning against you for being lazy
>you go to Coachella and famous people give attention to her

No. 31497

Probably misremembering, but the way royalties are distributed to foreign idols (or foreigners in the music industry) is done on a country to country basis, and certain countries (including Thailand) will acknowledge one revenue of royalties but not another, and failure of a country to negotiate royalty agreements for its own idols fucks their pay over. CLC’s Sorn (another Thai idol) made a video about it a while back. She mentions another foreign CLC member who is impacted by the same issue.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is in effect to purposely screw over foreigners in the music industry, and is probably one of the many mechanisms in place to do that.

Sucks that idols will screw with the features they’re praised for. I still miss her monolids

No. 31498

Idk if it's just me but to me Jisoo also seems kinda condescending sometimes, could be just her personality though.
But whenever Lisa says something or even rose I notice that Jisoo and Jennie just look at each other and laugh about it.
The whole dynamic overall is just so bad. I mean has anyone actually seen Jisoo and rose interact with each other at all? No wonder there are so many solo stans. If the group itself is so unstable how can you expect the fandom to be…

No. 31499

She's way out of puffy lips territory and knee deep into prolapsed anus lips (and no, I'm not THAT anon, before anyone starts anything) Her lips genuinely look like a rectum, especially with that lipstick. Gross.

No. 31500

Is the other foreign CLC member Elkie? I think she's from Hong Kong iirc.

Makes sense, also probably one of the reasons why many Chinese idols try to build careers in China while still in their groups, even if they get shit about it.

Like the foreign girls from WJSN are just bit parts in the group, but Meiqi sold over 1 million copies of her EP in China within 19 minutes of release. No way is she coming back to WJSN after Rocket Girls lmao.

No. 31501

Why do they even try to become kpop idols at all? There's so much money to be made in China. It's shameful they use their korean fans while clearly not giving a f like Lay and Victoria. Even japanese kpop idols are more invested.

No. 31502

Cause even the lesser known idols become somewhat popular in China afterwards just cause they have the title "kpop idol".
The Chinese entertainment industry is huge and thus competitive af, so it's way easier to get your name out there first then enter the Chinese market.

No. 31504

Many foreign idols do get scouted by Korean companies though. Like all these auditions in different countries aren't there just to find Korean talent, it's to find foreign talent too. And companies use the idols to gather fans in different countries as they cannot sustain themselves through Korean fans alone. Look at any YouTube comment section of a group with any Thai member for example, all the comments will be about them.

Some are also k-pop fans themselves

Companies exploit that fanbase while paying dust to the actual foreign idol. Cheng Xiao from WJSN (to use them as an example again) has zero lines in some of their songs, but they have no qualms in farming her out to variety to show off her backflips. The8 for Seventeen and Amber from f(x) got put on a show (can't remember the name) that got literal Korean kids to "teach" them how to speak Korean and treated them like they were stupid as if they couldn't speak Korean already.

Foreign idols go through so much more shit then the Korean members that I don't blame any of them for leaving or wanting to have a career in their homeland too.

No. 31507

I'm pretty sure Kyulkyung is making bank in China. The only pristin member to have something good come out of being in that group

No. 31509

yet they are obsessed with mixed idols like Somi, Nancy etc. Xenophobic af

No. 31514

They do interact, but it's probably just for the cameras.
Do you have videos of Jennie and Jisoo being bitchy to the other members?

No. 31516

File: 1557953949276.png (510.87 KB, 530x580, jessica.png)

>tfw when you have so much filler and botox your face can't move correctly

No. 31518

that's jessica now? thought that was sunmi for a sec

No. 31519

on the plus side, at least she doesn't look like an asian olsen twin here

No. 31530

I don't have any specific video but when you watch their lives you'll get that idea from the whole vibe

No. 31537

-100 stage prescence

No. 31539

tbf if i had to dance in that dress i would also be stiff and awkward

No. 31543

File: 1557965797227.jpg (61.36 KB, 1024x576, a1c755263e0456302232bacee0eeb8…)

On a side note, the pattern of that dress has been recycled so many times. It's like there are so many idols wearing the same thing, even though they're technically different. Pic related is one example.

No. 31548

Let's cringe together

No. 31549

That dress does look really uncomfortable. Too short for proper leg movement, and it keeps slipping down since the clear straps are for the bra not the dress. She's also their youngest member????

I love this group but that's skeevy

No. 31550

Lmao they all sound the same

No. 31552

the only entertaining thing about this group is how much sakura and wonyoung hate each other. they're so talentless and boring.

No. 31555

File: 1557972049878.jpg (74.37 KB, 682x1024, IMG_20190515_202734.jpg)

Looks like he actually did the hair transplant but it looks weird somehow, also the nasolabial folds are gone again kek

No. 31557

Oops I mean the fillers are disappearing

No. 31559

I was wondering if that was eunbin, ofc it has to be the youngest member who gets that dress. girl can't be comfortable without feeling like she's about to flash the audience, of course she's having trouble moving around in it

No. 31560

Wonyoung's voice does not fit with Rumor lmao

No. 31565

massive yikes. the bar really is set so low for 3rd gen idols. the fact that their voices are barely distinguishable from each other is.. yeah

No. 31567

Why does this remind me so much of any generic american pop song from 2016? sounds like rockabye by clean bandit

No. 31575

seems like there's more of an emphasis on visuals than there is on finding good performers. i never loved girls generation but they sold the hell out of everything they did. these new groups are such a chore to watch

No. 31583

The armys in the comments pretending to be locals…

No. 31585

It's hilarious they probably weren't allowed to attend if they used lip synch like they do in korea

No. 31586

Why is everyone in the comment section talking about their impeccable vocal stability? That's literally the basics for being a singer. I don't even like BTS, but their fans are setting the bar too low sometimes.

No. 31587

File: 1557986608237.jpg (427.23 KB, 1080x1234, 20190516_130151.jpg)

The "classy the beatles tribute" thing is so cringey though. I had to look up what actual normies think of bts & the beatles on quora

No. 31588

This, I hate how low the bar is set for singing in kpop. I've seen so many comments talking about how kpop is only about visuals but they're selling music you should be somewhat adept at singing if that is your job.

No. 31591

It wouldn't bother me so much if people took the kpopalypse approach (one of the very few things I agree with him on) and said they don't care about live vocals but just how something sounds on a record. But so many kpoppies try to pretend people like Rosé or Jimin are master vocalists, which is hilariously pathetic. I get the distinct feeling if they weren't in k-pop they would be dragged by these same people.

And then there are groups like ITZY where all the vocal talent is bizarrely located in the three non-vocalists. I*ZONE's lack of talent really gets me because they were picked from a fucking audition show. How come their vocals are much shittier than GFRIEND and CLC?

No. 31592

Most of IZONE were picked for looks. Including Sakura. She was guaranteed final lineup from the start but can barley hold a tune, and yet they shafted the Japanese girls who could actually sing in her favor, mnet had her rigged from the start but they gave squeaky pedobait number 1 instead of her for some reason.

No. 31599

This made me remember when Kai from Exo "bullied" that girl from Gfriend by saying her dance is too easy.
While girlgroups have to deal with gross fans and can't say one thing without getting into a scandal, talentwise the bar for them couldn't be any lower. You have 10+ girls on a stage and literally all they do is walk around, move their arms a bit and mumble something. Absolutely laughable.

No. 31600

I agree that BTS sux but god boomers do too. The day of the rope can't come soon enough. Fuck the beatles.

No. 31602

Relax, anon. You don't have to like the Beatles to realise their culture impact was huge and is most likely not gonna be replicated, especially by a talentless boyband who most people don't know about. That performance was extremely cringey and their dancing hurts to look at. It's just gonna fuel their delusional fans about how they're gonna be as big as the beatles

No. 31603

when are these faggots going to fuck off of american tv shows? they always talk about how they don't care about western recognition yet we can't keep their botched faces out of it.

No. 31604

File: 1558011670107.png (48.75 KB, 683x332, Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.5…)


lol please stop lying to yourselves.

also have you guys ever noticed that when a normie compliments a bts song or performance armies jump on them saying "thank you!!" and "please check out their other songs you'll love them!!" like they're trying to recruit as many people in their cult as possible lol

No. 31605


She's literally the female version of J-Horse as this point

No. 31606


If BTS"s fandom was as weak as BlackPnk's it would have been easier for people to spot the real comments from real normies buried in there somewhere.

No. 31607

Lmaooo Jimin is terrible, why does he always get so many lines? He can't sing, is constantly out of breath, and his voice sounds like it's coming out from the speakers of a laptop.
>tfw Useless Jin was the most stable

No. 31608

You forgot to give credit anon:
The Boys (~Kids Bop Edition~)

No. 31611

He usually comes off as too retarded though. This sounds milky, pls elaborate, Anon.

No. 31612

They couldn't give #1 to a Japanese member. There would have been massive uproar because of the bad history between the countries.

No. 31614

idk about him being a pervert but i think he's a footfag?

No. 31615

trying to brainwash the locals into thinking they're the next beatles again, i see. however even the dumbest american will immediately associate them with the backstreet boys and nsync instead

No. 31616

The Beatles were literally just a boy band though…

No. 31617

They actually played their instruments and like 3/5 of them composed the songs and are a huge influence to rock and pop music even today. Try to do some research before spelling bullshit zoomer.

No. 31623

Ntayrt but stop derailing, hag. Rock is dead anyways.

No. 31625

Because pedobait is from Stone Music Entertainment, which is MNET under a different name. She was planted into the group.

No. 31627

pedophiles are basically at fault for this

No. 31630

>beatles = fabulous 4

unless you mean the producer of beatles

No. 31632

This is irrelevant. Go argue elsewhere about the Beatles.

No. 31637

File: 1558038470257.png (267.97 KB, 520x434, 23844303JF3400.png)

I know we're kinda over "jimin looks like mozzarella" moment but I can't stop laughing at this.

No. 31639

the uglier he gets the more confident he becomes

No. 31640

File: 1558041078084.jpg (20.92 KB, 783x391, images.jpeg.jpg)

He resembles moon hee jun a lot in this pic (both are/were the ugliest, popular member of their group)

No. 31642

NCT feels so forced and uncharismatic. Their group dynamics are bad and they obviously mostly don't care about each other off camera.

No. 31751

so like all other kpop groups? it's just for show

No. 31752

>b-but muh svt, muh stray kids, muh pentagon!! they're not like the other kpoop boys!

No. 31757

Even the groups that are friends are firstly business partners. It's not hard to see. These idols are forced together and compete among themselves to land a spot. I don't see why it's hard for people to see how their friendships are a ploy.

No. 31758

I mean I think some groups have legitimately strong friendships usually due to suffering together since a young age. Like Seventeen who were all shoved into a dorm together when some of them were like 9 years old.
But it is clear that many relationships are purely business. Idols are also technically competing with each other for attention even in the same group, which no one seems to think about. Imagine all the catfights in ggs because of that

No. 31759

Lmao are you saying this because you've seen some of their recent vlogs?
(I agree with you btw, expect for that it doesn't look like they care for each other on camera either, let alone off camera)

No. 31760

he has officially hit the wall

No. 31761

File: 1558059412185.jpg (116.38 KB, 779x618, solo.jpg)

We all know who is YG's side girl, the one who gets all the outfits, the one that doesn't get in trouble for being lazy as shit.

In her mind, she doesn't have to do anything anymore, daddy YG got her back.

No. 31762

SNSD is often lauded as one of the group with the closest bond yet some of Hyoyeon's friends claimed she tried to kill herself due to bullying from her bandmates.

No. 31763

She never had to do anything at all from the first place, she was born rich. In fact all recent kpop idols seem to be born well off. In Twice, the foreign members all seem super rich while it's obvious the korean members are working harder. I don't care for Twice, they do music for little kids and pedos but there are few idols who do their best like Jihyo

No. 31764

i remember when oh my girl debuted and i
thought she was so beautiful but what the fuckk did she do to herself holy cow
it was always played up as SNSD being ~SUPER~ close but it was so obvious that some of it was sorta fakey. i don't remember much about it being called out as the opposite other then hyoyeon being bullied and attempting suicide claims.

No. 31766

to these people its not about money, they have that, it's about ego, fame, adoration, image, status thats what they want

No. 31767

given the fact that snsd is a 9 member group it's unlikely that they're all buddy buddy. it's probably like a few people at a time who have closer friendships / stronger animosities with one another than with the other members

sort of like how in blackpink it's lisa & rosé vs jennie & jisoo

No. 31768

I don't get it tbh. It's obvious that even now that SNSD is disbanded (because yes they are), the members who left SM still play up ''uwu i'm still a member of SNSD'' to further their own career goals. Sooyoung and Seohyun are not talented actresses and would have never become such if they hadn't been part of the SNSD brand SM created for them. At least Jessica is commendable for how upfront she was about her ambitions as a CEO/trophy wife/influencer whatever kek

No. 31772

No one remembers the "Taengsic" ship that was like…non-existent? I think only like 14 people had their badge on OH when SONEs were everywhere, because Taeyeon and Jessica literally had like no fan service moments at all, and the pictures they did have together were so fake. Then the Taengsic shippers all hid them when Jessica's departure came out. I remember the stories about the formation of TTS initially including Jessica but because Taeyeon didn't get along with Jessica, they put Seohyun in the sub-unit instead. I remember also the gifs of Sunny looking sad/pissed off every time she'd promote post-OT9, and all the gossip that she was still friends with Jessica and was miserable without her.

I don't think much of it is true but it makes me so nostalgic to remember that it was always Taeyeon (and Tiffany as Taeyeon's own Gretchen Weiners) vs Jessica. That's just how everyone saw it though.

Damn I feel kinda like a loser for remembering all of this.

No. 31773

why is everyone in bts starting to look like gay uncles when they're all in their 20s? these guys are going to age so horribly.

No. 31774

Every now and then I get recommended these artists with these kind of american styled videos.

Who the heck are they? I've never even heard of them.

No. 31776

Step outside of your kpop bubble and a whole world opens up.

No. 31777


The biggest and most obvious case of gg beef was Taeyeon vs Jessica. Youtube alone has so many gems but anyone who kept up with the group could easily see that Jessica was slowly being iced out. Jessica was supposed to be in TTS, which was supposed to be TTJ (which makes sense since the subunit was supposed to be about the popular vocalists and Jessica was far more popular than Tiffany and her voice more distinct) but she got booted for Seoyeon because of Taeyeon. I also heard Jessica was jealous towards any one in the group who got close to her guy friends, like 2pm's Taecyeon and cat fights happened after that. Their last KCON before Jessica got booted you could cut the tension with a knife.

It always makes me wonder what's really going on in this big groups. Like in T-ara Hwayoung's sister threatened to cut up the face of one of the new additions, Areum. THe only difference between T-ara and other ggs is that they got caught by putting their own business on twitter, which is probably why companies control group accounts now. But I can imagine there being some jealousy and sloppy shit. Like in 2nd gen, people spilled that idols would switch partners between the groups (like a 2pm member banging a GG member, then breaking up and banging another GG member while she cheats on him with another 2pm member). Messy shit like that.

Tldr, massive amounts of drama follow these kpop groups and bullying is also probably pretty common.


In the older days, groups fought hard to be as good as they could be because they knew if they fucked up and didn't succeed they and their families weren't eating. Didn't Yunho sleep in train stations before he debuted in TVXQ? It's no wonder then new idols perform and sound like shit on stage. There's no desperation since they could quit today and just go be insta models and jet set across the world on mommy's dime.


I feel the sorriest for Maknae line esp jimin and jungkook because it's obvious they crave the spotlight and attention more than anyone in the group and will probably be unable to cope once they age, the fame goes away and the fillers catch up with them to fuck up their faces.

No. 31779

huh? hyolyn is an ex Sistar girl group member. they were a 2nd gen group that were pretty popular but fell off and went their separate ways. korea has its own mini subculture of r&b/hip hop artists that aren't held to the same ~uwu pure idol~ standard. jay park and jessi are some examples

No. 31781

wait wait wait, i hope you guys who complain about kpop outfits being too slutty, or male kpop stars being creepy aren't the same people watching guys rap about bitches and hoes and girls doing stripper dances.

Because I'd laugh my ass off then.

No. 31782

First all, start integrating into board culture because being condescending towards other users never gets you far. Second of all, you are immensely mistaken. Anons never take offense at outfits being ''slutty'' but at how hidden in plain sight the oversexualization of kpop is. Everything and by that I mean everything is supposed to convey sexiness. So we are in a context where extremely young girls (like Wonyoung, 14 and Somi who performed in bdsm gear aged 15) given clothes and performances meant to arouse their male audience to give their companies money. Some of these girls are so young and/or sheltered, they may not even realize how creepy their whole business is. Meanwhile hip hop ''artists'' are open about the sexual nature of their work and most female hiphop ones like Jessi are assertive and proud about their body. Indeed, it is unlikely that someone watches Jessi's music videos because he/she doesn't have access to child porn. Meanwhile you can judge for yourself in the related video.

No. 31785

File: 1558076491449.jpg (279.8 KB, 885x716, dz.jpg)

I wonder was 2015 the year of Korean music? I swear everything was gold then, you had Sixteen, Unpretty Rapstar, Dean debuting with Zico, AKMU debuting, LeeJinAh appearing on KPOP stars 4, Seventeen.

That year was killer

No. 31787

anon, now that you bring it up i remember it better. Sunny always looked like she was annoyed/sad after jessica left so i always personally thought (a tinfoil of mine from my SNSD days im ashamed) that the in group bullying of jessica moved to sunny. after lionheart the group just fell apart and im kinda glad they have disbanded lowkey
when u look away from taemin's blow up doll lips that could block the sun just a lil you can see that. it's almost like. its almost like there is more music artists korea then just uwu kpop idols

No. 31788

I've seen clips of him from that trainee show where he's has that creepy grin when young girl perform suggestive dances in front of him.
He's definitely fond of her and other female trainees but as her parents I'd be worried for her, instead of trying to push her by all means.

No. 31789

One of the more autistic posts I've read itt in a while. Really dipping into vc forums territory kek.

No. 31790

Phaha, what's this shit? Weren't BTS like the "woke" group of kpop. I can't stop laughing at those "deep" lyrics.

No. 31791

Umm…duh? Like do most people actually think a whole country has nothing but "uwu kpop idols"? Tbh korea's music scene and artists hold no actual interest for me but it'd be stupid to assume that shitty idols are all there is to it lol
What the fuck and yuck. Honestly it makes me laugh hearing (reading actually, no way in hell did I turn the audio on) these types of lyrics from kpop idols, especially twinky ones like bts

No. 31792

It's so awkward seeing them in these talk shows where guests usually try to be entertaining and witty with the host.
I can't even bear to watch the interview; their past ones gave me strong second-hand embarrassments already.

No. 31805

bts' attempts at trying to be sexy are so embarrassing

No. 31814

Like this?

They should really disallow him from appearing on reality shows after the mixnine fiasco, he's ruined so many trainees hopes at debuting, and it's an open secret that he's a pedo

No. 31815

File: 1558116431418.png (278.02 KB, 452x431, yg1.PNG)

0:50 is the creepiest reaction ew

pic is from later on

No. 31816

File: 1558116550943.png (289.96 KB, 443x458, yg.PNG)

the worst is that you hear his giggling at this part, its so disturbing

No. 31819

He even licked his lips at 0:50. Creepy pedo with his eyes glowing seeing his next preys.

No. 31822

Tfw a group of actual children has more stage presence than you

No. 31825

Don’t look at me for your laughs, I ain’t the fuckers picking on female idols.

No. 31826

Of course RM wrote this….
Although it looks like this was written in 2012 so he would have been like…18, then.

No. 31827

Wasn't Hoyeon close friends with Jessica? I remember looking at pictures and she looked so bad.

No. 31828

kek Twice's only best cover was Taemin' Move.

I don't know why they can't put that much effort into other covers.

No. 31835

only 4 members covered it (Momo, Chaeyeon, Dahyun, Mina)

No. 31838

If I have to say the truth, I liked this and I think that Momo really shined here. It would've been even better if they switched Dahyun with Jihyo, since she seems more suited than her for more mature concepts.
>inb4 I'm accused of being a Twice stan/Momo stan

No. 31843

I like the cover too although their voices leave a LOT to be desired, they are so monotone and boring. The all sound exactly the same.

Also that white face on Momo lol come on, she has a lot of skin showing, we can clearly see that's not her tone.

No. 31847

File: 1558141054091.gif (3.45 MB, 412x498, 06655acc95556224b9b6f7105aa029…)

>replacing dahyun

No. 31851

everyone knows twice best cover was the sixteen opening theme lol

No. 31852


No. 31856


What's gross about it? Don't understand.

No. 31860

If Twice members could be equated to OT9 SNSD members, how would it look? This is not a troll question, I’m asking because I legitimately believe that there’s 3 people who can sing in Twice and the best one isn’t even as talented as Tiffany.

No. 31868

Momo is supposed to be the "sexy dancer" of Twice, which would be the equivalent of Yuri. Shame Momo is nothing but flailing limbs, dead eyes and a voice like a foghorn, meanwhile Yuri is actually an idol I would call sexy.

No. 31869

If you're used to seeing that eyeshape with monolids it just looks like she has a wound on her eye.

No. 31870

their vocal performance

No. 31871

Jungyeon would be Hyoyeon. The uggo-chan.

Sana is the most popular when it comes to visuals, right? So Yoona?

No. 31874

Tzuyu is the one with boring, overhyped looks, so she'd be the Yoona. I'd put Sana as the Sunny of Twice, OTT cutesy down to the uguu baby aegyo voice.

No. 31875

finally someone that agree jeongyeon is fugly

No. 31876

Mina would be Jessica as both of them always look like they low key hate their lives

No. 31878

Once again they perform a song where Suga and jhope have terrible parts…lol at Suga who looks like he’d rather be having a panic attack in the green room.
I hate saying this but RM did the best but that’s only because he’s bland as fuck.
JK was the most stable I guess and just because Jin and V “”can”” sing like that, doesn’t mean they should.
Jimin was Jimin, there’s nothing to say.

No. 31884

Sunmi's gashina and so many other kpop songs remind me of this song. The music, beats, and even style of singing resemble dozens of recent kpop songs (this is from 2016 btw) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cedoBlUvBlI

No. 31885

The horse is so beat that it's apart of the ground now but…my fucking God they aren't even moving around why do they sound out of breath,shitty and shrill? How can ppl delude themselves into thinking they sound nice?

No. 31886

Why does it sound like they have their studio vocals in the background? It just makes their wrong notes stand out more and is confusing to the ear. It didn't sound like the rappers had that and their parts sounded alright.
Also why did it feel like Jimin had the most lines and screen time in that song when he actually just can't sing. I'll never understand how he gets more lines when both Jin and V are better than him.

No. 31887

Isn't this just the typical edm/dance pop style?
I can hear the part that reminded you of Gashina though

No. 31888

yeah, its common knowledge that all edm sounds exactly the same and has since like 2012. I don't see the point of anon's post.

No. 31891


Kek people are finally writing articles on how shitty ARMYs are

No. 31892

I wasn't just talking about the music, I also meant the way she was singing too (at least some parts of it)

No. 31896

>article begins by comparing beatlemania and 'bts mania'
please no

No. 31899

> a voice like a foghorn
Kek imo Momo has that unique higher pitched Japanese babe voice often found in Anime, Jpop, hentai and JAV which would have been tolerable if used to sing in the suitable genre but not anything else. Even so her voice is too weak, i get secondhand embarassment whenever she tries to sing live.

No. 31900

producers steal shit all the time.

Grimes stole the entire arrangement of Loona Love4EVA from I.O.I.'s Very Very Very



No. 31904

grimes didn't produce love4eva, it was e-tribe who produced it (of snsd's "gee" & t-ara's "yayaya"). grimes only has that one line at the beginning, no production credits

No. 31907

File: 1558218264964.gif (2.89 MB, 268x360, tumblr_pjsiwwtFjM1was9wjo1_400…)

these "sexy" faces he pulls on stage are so embarrassing and make him look retarded

No. 31910

File: 1558219637216.jpg (321.89 KB, 1365x1366, c2ae4be3475a0ca8bc9722600ae064…)

>most visual member that is basically the only one with modelesque proportions
>leave her out on YG's orders

No. 31913

>Koreans and their insecurity strikes again

No. 31914


Lisa hands down has the best body proportions and the smallest face and height combo out of the girls - aka all the things Koreans pride in beauty standards. She got the most attention out of Coachella and she brings in the highest number of fans going by her insta account and celebrity engagement. For a Western audience she probably has the most striking features as well. I think there's a serious case of Korean envy here but YG needs to watch it. The second her Thai fans decide to boycott the group it's over for them.

No. 31918

lisa is the only decent member of blackpink and she gets treated the worst.

No. 31923

Oh ffs Lisa stans take it to the general thread. This CinderLisa narrative is annoying af. It sucks that Korea is xenophobic and that non Korean members are treated shittily. It sucks that Jennie's CEO mom makes sure her untalented daughter is promoted above all others. But aside from her nationality Lisa isn't any different from the others. She's a wealthy (seriously if she didn't have money she would never have even made it into the YG or probably Korea), untalented, plain af Thai girl (there are tons of absolutely gorgeous Thai women and she isn't one of them) who isn't that attractive even after a nosejob, eyejob, skin lightening, and god knows what else. She keeps herself very very thin because her figure is only selling point. She can't sing for shit and her rapping is ridiculous. And despite being the main dancer, her dancing is only mediocre.
So no. She isn't the only decent one in BP because none of them are decent.

No. 31924

she is literally the only member of bp who seems like she belongs in a kpop group. the others are absolutely void of charisma.
i'm not a stan. i don't enjoy blankpink's content at all. she's not especially talented but she's the only member who is competent (not great) and seems like she even wants to be there.

No. 31925

>most visual member that is basically the only one with modelesque proportions
Can you SEAshitters who stan Lisa GTFO already?
You faggots aren't even trying to hide anymore. There's a general k-pop thread, go suck her clit there and stop making shit up. Fucking embarrassing.
Shut the fuck up already

No. 31926

You sound like a stan so go to the fucking stanning thread. "i don't enjoy blankpink's content at all." then why do you consume it? Why do you know enough about their performances to consider her "the only member who is competent"? Why do you consider her a good idol and the others void of charisma? Every fucking thread its the exact same thing. You cunts praising her man-shouldered existence and ignoring she's as talentless as Jennie, spooky as Rose, and bland as Jisoo

No. 31927

This. The SEAfags desperately putting /theirgirl/ on a pedestal due to their inferiority (complexes) need to fuck off. She's just as shitty as the other three.

No. 31929

Not a lisafaggot but the fuck is the point of being in this thread if you know NOTHING about k-pop? If you know nothing about it there is nothing to criticize by definition. 90 percent of these threads is reporting on every little thing BTS and NCT does

No. 31932

the virulent anti sperging is more annoying than the little actual stanning that goes on in these threads. this is a critical thread, not a "ALL OPINIONS THAT DIFFER FROM MINE ARE INVALID" thread. My opinion on lisa is neutral, I don't care about her or her group at all.
>then why do you consume it?
i'm a kpop fan(ish). i like to see what is current.
>Why do you know enough about their performances to consider her "the only member who is competent"? Why do you consider her a good idol and the others void of charisma?
because of performances that get posted here, usually the "jennie is slacking" ones. i don't seek them out myself.

No. 31933

Damn, you’re a miserable cunt. Don’t even need to be a fan of anyone to see how pathetically shallow and judgemental you are.
Complain about stans being insane all you want but to the everyone else, you look just as crazy.

No. 31934

>the virulent anti sperging is more annoying than the little actual stanning


No. 31936

I have tinnitus and in some songs Momo's voice actually makes my ears hurt. Something about the frequency of it combined with the ringing in my ears feels like my eardrums being stabbed.

No. 31937

Girl I'm white. Not everyone you don't like is a SEAtroll

No. 31938

Me too smfh, Momo's voice is not only loud but also restrained, most of them have that high-pitched pedo-bait voice, specially Nayeon on that Fancy song, my ears hurt so fucking much why do they sing so high? it's ridiculous

No. 31939

>the fact they only had 1 minute of "good" singing to make a video out of and it's still shitty
>the like to dislike ratio on this video
Also, does anyone else get fucking tired of people saying JYP forces her to use that voice? There's ways of singing high pitched and airy without being off key 95% of the time.

No. 31940

to emphasize the "cutesy" concept; not all of them actually really should sing that high, it probably strained their voice to do it. if you go back and watch sixteen you'll see that Momo has a naturally lower tone than the pedobait voice that JYP makes her sing in.

No. 31941

You know what? it's obvious all of them have lower voices, it must hurt like hell to sing like that constantly with no apparent vocal training at all, she's almost Jimin-tier to me.

No. 31946

Aaand nothings changed

No. 31950

They sing like this to be marketable. It's pretty obvious Jihyo doesn't sing this way on singing competitions

No. 31951

No. 31952

why is someone from bts crying every other concert? i always see articles about them crying in kpop news sites. for some reason it's 90% jimin and sometimes v and jungkook, aka the popular ones. i really think they are faking it for the pity party.

No. 31960

Oh wow the song actually compliments her voice

No. 31962

Lmao i could only imagine the amount of autotune added to her recorded vocals if she's this tone deaf irl

No. 31981

I haven't listened to this yet but I just wanted to say that pretty much all Korean singing shows probably use pitch correction and other methods to make the singers sound flawless. They probably edit it too afterwards before airing it.
There were a few clips from masked singer where the singer sounded different in the background when the focus was on the guests who reacted but I'm too busy to look for it rn; I'll post it later if I find it.

No. 31986

That's a good point. I've actually suspected that since I saw Ailee sing a Whitney song and something about it sounded too perfect and artificial. Still my point more was that her natural tone is quite womanly and she switches out of it, so TWICE are definitely putting the screeching nasal baby voices on for $$$

No. 31990

I didn't know which videos to post so I'll link this thread which has a few good examples: https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/why-arent-we-allowed-to-watch-king-of-mask-singer-performances-without-pitch-correction.26888/
That cover was too beautiful..I'd be really disappointed if they actually heavily edited it.

No. 31991

File: 1558277726358.webm (3.57 MB, 640x360, H6wfWNNbtSK5bOud.webm)

The fuck is this shit? I was reading an Iggy Azalea gossip thread and kpoppies started spamming this as a 'bye sweetie xxoxxoo' reaction image alongside the catboy from TXT. He looks like a raver hooker in a Vengaboys video

Do kpop men really like doing this? It reminds me of the stuff in the jpop critical stuff I've read about visual kei types being ex-gangsters and gambling addicts being manufactured and made to wear little girl dresses and makeup so they can fuck prostitutes

No. 31993

Suga from BTS is addicted to benzos

No. 31994

its not only singing

No. 31996

If those feminine boys actually let themselves look like grown up men. But I guess kpop wouldn't exist then because the "pure/innocent" image wouldn't be beliavable, lol.

No. 31998

I was just about to post that today. I saw it a few hours earlier and was shocked. Kpop pushing the gender bender stupidity with wearing girls clothes since last year.

No. 32000

i've heard of conservative muslim conspiracists talking about how kpop is trying to destroy the world by making boys look like girls and shit. kpoppies were also attacking some western media outlets for saying male idols look like girls. as for as i know sk isn't the most progressive place on gender roles as well, so i don't understand how these boy groups aren't getting the typical "ugh are they boys or girls? they look gay" reaction there. i think most male idols just suck it up because it attracts fans.

No. 32012

Hyuna looks really desparate for mantaining a spot in the industry that glorifies young girls. I checked her Insta recently and there so many videos of her dancing like a prostitues. She knows she is being replaced by newer grooups. But she probbly will keep plying the femme fatale role and she is playing it good with this new concept of having a real couple in kpop to produce music.

No. 32014

Does anyone know how to block fancams on Twitter? I cannot go onto a single thread these days without some brain dead kpop fan spamming fancams. I've muted the words and block them on sight but they still get through.

No. 32017

kpop twitter fags need to stop doing this shit, it's not even funny anymore, it's just annoying. i can sort of understand when they do it to music videos on youtube but it's not like the amount of views on twitter mean something. most of the fancams they post are extremely boring too. i've seen dozens of them and literally none of them was actually good. they have no self awareness.

No. 32019

I know the reason why they do it, cos it's a massive dick measuring contest, another meaningless thing to gloat about cos god forbid a kpop fan actually enjoys music instead of fighting and manipulating charts. But ffs I want to live in peace. I don't care for generic kpop boy/girl #9484 dancing to some generic ass song. It just ruins Twitter for me.

No. 32020

Lol im sure not all of them could grow facial hair like that even if they wanted to.
Is it really a cultural thing among East Asians?
Cause I do see more Japanese celebrities with facial hair but Chinese and Korean celebrities rarely ever have beards/moustaches- no matter what age.

No. 32021


even though what he's saying is true the comments on here are fucking cringe, bts is just as bad also idk if this guy is pandering to armys or not by saying things like this

No. 32025


Some of these 'HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE' comments that get routinely posted on here sound borderline psychotic.

No. 32031

I’m pretty sure they do get that reaction. Maybe not the “they look like girls” but the “they look gay” type.

No. 32033

>4k subs
>expecting us to give this cunt's shitty reaction video views
>not knowing how to embed
self post?

No. 32035

I'm not watching the video, but this guys IG is not what I expected

No. 32036

Anyone who takes benzos longer than a month is technically addicted.

Just…don’t read the comments…

No. 32037

File: 1558288207011.jpeg (60.68 KB, 750x390, B75E47A9-6E4F-4FAE-8884-4B889B…)

Loool self post or not I’m happy for it

No. 32038

he probably came here to post his video about nct since people don't care about them anywhere else

No. 32039

her voice in without you(2013) was killer. such a shame yg had to force her to emulate bom

No. 32040

this is made funnier by the fact that a lot of the comments on his video are talking about how BTS "organically" became popular in the US so their success in America is real…haa

No. 32041

ugh jiae is using a filter now that makes her look like a literal 4 year old
not shocked but still disgusted

No. 32042

Everyone is using that filter right now

No. 32043

when its an idol that already plays up the "im a uWu toddler" thing, its gross

No. 32046

oooh please elaborate

No. 32047

File: 1558294073429.png (593.31 KB, 720x1280, 65dda65.png)


No. 32048

I know that yg is terrible in pretty much every aspect but I really do think that that's her own stylistic choice.
She's a big fan of Halsey so it's pretty clear she wants that indie voice thing and tries emulate that kinda voice.

No. 32058

why does a filter like that exist in the first place? i'll never understand the obsession with wanting to look like baby

No. 32060

it's just a filter that you use for fun on snapchat. Most people who use it won't actually want to look like a baby

No. 32061

Well that's probably because japanese men have a better chance of growing facial hair due to genetics and whatnot (just search 'jomon' people)
Yeah…they should try to find a more moderate style of criticism, it would make what they say sound more convincing anyway (because they had some points)
Good grief

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