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No. 242173

A thread for translators and non-translators to post in.

Here you can ask for raws, make requests, complaints, scan drama, and just post anything scanlation related.

You can also recommend some raw sites below too.

No. 242176

File: 1664112561778.jpg (56.38 KB, 352x500, Meshiage!! Meiji Rikugun Ryous…)

I am so sad pic related isn't getting any translations. It's a manga about meiji era soldiers that fight and, well, also cook. It's cute and I think it has the potential to be heart-warming and emotional, but sadly nobody even scanned it afaik.

No. 242182

File: 1664113502357.png (190.5 KB, 616x504, oanp6Z3.png)

I think I'm going to post here every time I find a translation I don't like
Here the translator gave 腰が抜ける a literal translation (腰 meaning hips or lower waist), when a proper one would be closer to "I can't move my legs" or "I'm paralyzed by fear", as it's a whole expression

No. 242184

File: 1664114278323.jpg (169.86 KB, 600x836, 38779011_p0_master1200.jpg)

Could anyone help me translate this page ?

No. 242190

I somewhat recent phenomenon aside from horrible MTL that kill the modern translation scene are scanlators hoarding chapters for literal months or more and attack everybody that picks it up and accuse them being a sniper.
A sniper is someone "hurting" hoarding translators by putting out a new translated chapter because it means the first group won't get the clout and clicks for that.

It's fucking shit and one of the series I follow is a weekly manga with barely any text and only 14 pages per chapter that got its last translation in damned April or something. The TL group claims they were still translating but by now the TLs are like 50 chapters behind but nobody dares to put out a translation because these people will come after them and whine about getting "their" series stolen.
I think that once someone has more than 10 chapters hoarded and still refuses to translate or put them out everybody should consider that series dropped and do own translations.

When I hover over this with rikai champ it literally tells me "to be unable to stand/ be weak in the knees" so yeah I wonder why auto-translations are better than human ones.

No. 242192

i feel this way toward manhwa translators like if its takes you months to translate one chapter then maybe shut your mouth and let others translate too.

No. 242198

File: 1664117957100.gif (41.94 KB, 370x300, tuesday-icegif-52.gif)

Hey any Fujo korean-speaking anons i have some yaoi requests to make, sorry if i sound like a beggar lol.

No reason.
The person who was translating this story dropped it at 17 chapters so whoever wants to can they pick it up, the story is up to 27 chapters in raw.

It looks like this story was dropped too by the translator, last eng trans was up to 6 chapters, if anyone wants to pick it up and translate it, its currently up to 24 raw chapters

Eternal covenant.
The scanlation is up to 33 chapters, the story on tappytoon is up to 35 chapters, and the korean raw is up to 47 chapters.
(i fucking love this story)

Ghost gate
Someone please finally translate this story, its already finished at 27 chapters in korean but only 15 chap in english, i cant find the raws for it btw.

No. 242199

Question, what fonts are best used for general manga scantalations? What do you all prefer to use?

No. 242239

I appreciate this thread a lot. I've thought about trying to translate manga raws to practice my Japanese, though I'd probably start with ones that are already translated so I can compare mine.

But there are a lot of manga raws I have bookmarked that aren't in English yet so maybe if I ever get better I could try my hand at scanlating.

No. 242240

Some of those scanlation group names hit me right in the nostalgia feels. I remember being a young manga weeb binging manga online and seeing their logos after ever chapter.

No. 242262

>so I can compare mine
Just a warning, a lot of those unofficial translations are kind of, if not completely, wrong, too lol.

No. 242263

Same here!
I often translate fanart for myself, I wish I could share it with others that want to know what the characters said, but I want to get better and know if my shit is even correct. I don't want to be some self-acclaimed translator that translates shit.
What makes it worse is what >>242262 says. I often stumble upon TLs that even a language noob like myself recognizes as bullshit. Plus lots of machine TLs nowadays and people who cannot grasp the context and don't care.

No. 242268

>Squad Captain Levi is actually surprisingly small, he's also high-strung and violent, really he's a bit of a thug
>Oi, this is unacceptable work. Start it over
>… and also surprisingly tall and calm! It's said he is a noble from the capital-
>That'll do.
>My apologies… Squad captain…

No. 242372

Oh, I meant official ones published in English. I know translators will take their own liberties to localize things even if official but it can tell me I'm at least on the right track.

I tend to look for manga that's aimed at younger audiences since those usually have furigana on most of the kanji.

No. 242487

The first time I ever scanlated manga, I found myself a more "experienced" translator so they could proofread my translations and make sure everything was correct. Turns out I knew more japanese than they did, and they did not bother to google any of the inside jokes so they "corrected" them all wrong. I didn't realize until the last chapter and kept believing I was just translating shit wrong.
It was a manga I really liked, it still bothers me to this day.
I also worked with a scanlation group who had N4 ESLs making translations. They were terrible and I had to spend a lot of time correcting them, until I got tired of it.
Also did proofreading for a group who did Japanese->chinese->english because I really liked the manga and could not bear to see it get ruined like that, and needless to say it was garbage. I spent most of my time translating from the original japanese raws. They changed whole sentences.
If you're going to take manga seriously, learn japanese sisters.

No. 242595

NTA but I remember some dude in a plebbit thread saying translating mangas was his passion, and since he didn't know the basics of japanese he was doing so with automatic translation. Can't imagine how much damage he and his ilk have done…
Personally what got me to learn japanese was a particularly horrendous translation of Terraformars

No. 242600

File: 1664213274866.jpg (46.76 KB, 319x311, 6.jpg)

>That'll do.
i might be wrong but i think levi is saying 'not you…' because the joke is that he was actually addressing those two guys cleaning that thing.

No. 242643

Yeah that's probably it, I mistook じゃねえ for じゃね

No. 245032

Where do you find japanese subs? Best one for animes I found is:
It's weirdly hard to find subs for live-action media though. For instance I can find subs in nearly every language except japanese for Kurosawa movies

No. 250211

File: 1666636497084.jpg (55.66 KB, 264x399, the_kangs_yeesu-5024378-264-43…)

Hey i have a request to make for fujos aka yaoi lovers who know how to speak korean.
This story got dropped, the last English translation was at 24 chapters and currently there are 29 chapters.

Here are the korean raws for this story https://newtoki159.com/webtoon/20026047?toon=BL/GL if someone wants to continue translating it.

No. 264591

I remember this! It's so good, I wish it was getting translated as well.
I'll always be sad that Gokudo Meshi isn't getting further scans, as well… It's a good series about prisoners who compete every New Year's to recount the stories of the best food they've ever eaten. The winner gets to collect one item from each participating inmate from the special New Year's meal that they all look forward to eating every year.

No. 264593

Reminds me of an ongoing cycle with one of my favorites, Maou-jou de Oyasumi. The group that works on it, Kirei Cake, is really strict about standards on its releases, but slacks on actual output for the series. There's a vigilante(?) anon who keeps sniping the series every time they get too behind, and the poor quality of those snipes gets the main group mad enough that they catch up and keep up for a few months until they inevitably stop consistent releases again, starting the cycle anew. Bizarre to watch.

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