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File: 1623917399411.jpg (816.68 KB, 1280x1707, bl3DZ771rzqj6io1_1280.jpg)

No. 148640

Finally a new thread!
Discuss your mangos.
Please apply spoilers as necessary.

>What are you reading recently?

>Top 5 favorite titles of all time?

>What are some guilty pleasure titles?

Series specific threads
Naruto >>>/m/96027
Jujutsu Kaisen >>>/m/143500
Golden Kamuy >>>/m/145286

No. 148790

Wow last thread lasted 6 years wtf

No. 149575

File: 1624484223603.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1596, 3BB74E73-554F-4AB2-AD76-8A7846…)

Sensei chen honk

No. 149580

Funny to see how the mentalities evolved, last thread pic was from an Asano manga, nowadays he is widely hated here.

No. 149586

I love seeing sensei getting her psycho ass kicked. The only one I remotely like now is Esemori, everyone else can continue to fester. I wonder why Chako sent that picture to Nagi? Why would she care if Esemori is sleeping with someone else? I assume it's to lure Nagi back, but why? I'm guessing she's giving up Reiji (Least I hope so, she deserves better than that personality-less sandtrap) and thinks only Nagi can rescue him.

No. 149588

File: 1624489789003.jpg (821.63 KB, 1663x2400, 7.jpg)

Has anyone else read I Loved You So Much It Hurt? I love this kind of despair porn and the mangaka herself is a nutcase, so the insanity of the protagonist feels all that more authentic.

No. 149591

Yeah, I was following it before mangadex had its issues. As gross as her other stuff is I like this series and it really captures the feel of growing up in a dead-end town.

No. 149604

Is there something like this, except the boy gets bullied and also he's hot

No. 149640

I mean the thread did last 6 years and he released more manga since then. I don’t think farmers hate him, they just aren’t sucking his dick like every other anime fan

No. 149667

Thank you for the rec anon, this is horribly depressing, but also the protagonist feels like the most accurate depiction of a very mentally ill woman I’ve seen since nagata kabi’s stuff. It really feels like the author is drawing from her own experiences.

No. 149736

Thanks for reccing this anon I binged it all at once lol. I’m surprised it’s on hiatus because of the author having mental illness. Do you have any more info on that?

No. 149753

I got to the part where she pays for her bully to be kidnapped and… you know and waaalked awawaway. It's interesting but not something that can help me at the moment. It was also weird how her intentions switched off, you think she's this troubled but ultimately sweet girl and then she does that.

No. 149763

File: 1624582010426.jpeg (325.16 KB, 764x1200, R4100040892761.jpeg)

currently reading hatsunetsu libido it's lit. you can reading in on CHEESE! magazine blog. it's in japanese tho.

No. 149794

That cover looks like a shoujo doujinshi of Sword Art Online.

No. 149852

File: 1624625714350.jpg (65.82 KB, 903x452, uuuhh.JPG)

> I love this kind of despair porn and the mangaka herself is a nutcase, so the insanity of the protagonist feels all that more authentic.
>the protagonist feels like the most accurate depiction of a very mentally ill woman I’ve seen since
Are we wrong about the manga or is the scrote is? And the fuck is he talking about porn, is he confusing the author with someone else or do I suck at googling?

No. 149857

You might be bad at googling, besides this series she’s pretty much only drawn super fucked up porn under the same name

No. 149867

Is it like a girl version of Boy's Abyss where the drama is so absurd it's hilarious, or is it genuinely fucked up?

No. 149874

kek it does

No. 149898

Shouldn't have stopped at MAL (though I did find one hentai). I wonder what's her story tbh

No. 149901

It’s even worse than boys abyss, these girls batshit

No. 149926

I've read some chapters and it's fucking weird, it's like a mix between the shoujo Life and the hentai Emergence, it doesn't have much going on, just some misery porn turned up to eleven. Also I came across the author's old hentais and damn are they fucked up, that's the kind of shit I'd usually expect from a guy. I'm sure she has some kind of trauma, her first drawings on Pixiv are Touhou guro, you don't start off your career with this kind of shit.

No. 149937

I'm pretty sure she was raped.

No. 150012

File: 1624713668119.png (133.37 KB, 620x581, GtGS3YX.png)

i started reading fire force and i enjoy it a lot so far but what the fuck went wrong with tamaki??

No. 150016

I dropped Fire force the first episode because this cringe scrote shit. I’m not 14 anymore and it’s gonna take more than generic battle shounen and ~le fight animation~ to make up for that. Naturally I’m not touching the manga with a 10 ft pole.

No. 150021

I started reading Homunculus after watching the trainwreck that was the netflix live adaption. Like I suspected, the manga is way better. It's still weird as fuck though and nowhere near as deep as it pretends to be but it's a solid read anyway.

No. 150031

File: 1624729434181.jpg (145.9 KB, 720x608, be2328228e0df4815dabe597335bf3…)

finished the to your eternity anime and decided to re-read and get caught up on the manga. did not realize there were so many chapters! i remember reading it for the first time in lockdown last march and it absolutely wrecked me. someone help this kid pls

No. 150035

>finished the to your eternity anime
It's 20 episodes

No. 150038

I read it for Arthur, it's pretty generic otherwise.

No. 150069

welp that makes a lot more sense. for some reason it was done. sage for being an idiot

No. 150071

I feel like the current arc has been dragging for so fucking long

It felt like it was near the end 2 years ago but here we are, still post egg laying

No. 150086

where do you mostly read your manga? I usually read online but I think I might start buying physical copies. I'm not sure where would be the best place to buy them. I'm guessing amazon would be the best for now.

No. 150141

i would only recommend buying physical copies if you really like the series and/or if it has re-read value. i used to own a lot of manga (basically three out of four walls of my room had shelves filled with manga) but most of it was stuff i bought on a whim because it sounded good, only to drop the series after a few volumes or to grow out of it. in the end, i sold everything and now i don't buy physical copies anymore. if anything, you could check ebay for used and complete series.

No. 150248

check ebay, facebook marketplace, or if by chance your town has a free anime convention they usually sell manga $5 a pop.
i try not to buy as much physically because i don't have much room, so i use tachiyomi on my phone and tablet

No. 150546

File: 1625038001048.jpeg (617.08 KB, 828x1217, 5B415797-CF16-4C20-B81B-827933…)

Read Not Simple by Natsume Ono. Relatively short but very good. Has a very neat art style. Kinda wish it'd been longer, I would have loved to have seen elaboration and more extensive backstory on some of the events that occurred. As is, it's a good little read.

I'm not really into consuming Japanese media much anymore but I think I'll start reading more manga again, at least some more obscure ones I haven't read. going to try Ristorante Paradiso by the same author

No. 150570

File: 1625056855395.jpeg (88.51 KB, 482x650, 74B3F1EC-9105-4FE9-9916-9896FB…)

Good choice nonnie, be sure to read Gente and post who your favorite is

No. 150594

This author was heavily involved in the production of the anime ACCA 13! She also made a very sweet BL called Tonari Ni under a different pen name, check it out of you like that kind of thing! I know I should say it in the bl thread but the author was mentioned here so yeah

No. 150633

I only buy manga if it's impossible to find online or it's a collector's item for me. I used to read on mangadex. Now I use batoto but I'll probably switch back if MD is rerstored to its former glory.

I thought her art style looked familiar, then I realized that she was the mangaka of a manga where a girl gets violently gangraped in milky planet that got passed around /cgl/ for a while.

No. 150754

File: 1625183933462.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.76 KB, 1010x635, fc89cd07811be5817030866f50daf7…)

Boy's Abyss chapter 59, author is dragging it out huh
Is sensei in jail now or what??? Is the hikkineet brother Esemori and Yuko's kid?? Or actually the abusive one who died? Or some kind of rape child by Genji's dad? He looks like all of them lol Man, if only they had Maury. It's kinda wack that the mom didn't die (yet). Soon tho, probably, she needs to be around for Genji's arc.

No. 150757

Depressioncore manga where literally everything goes wrong all the time, the mains are hypersexual and the characters are so unrealistic. Some of their situations sure can be realistic but not their characters. What is this genre even? It's so boring and predictable but quite popular. It's like the author chose manga over therapy. They all seem different but are all so samey.

No. 150761

Damn I was just about to post this, BASED GAY ROUTE HERE WE COME CHOOCHOO

No. 150763

I can't stand Reiji so I hope he gets no girls and gets a psycho obsessive boyfriend instead whether he likes it or not, lmao. Boy's (Love) Abyss.

No. 150771

File: 1625199049110.jpeg (94.52 KB, 637x367, E200021E-B304-4909-847E-02B4B5…)

I’m confused, is that Bato.to the same Bato.to that was shut down in 2018? When did it get back up? Do they still have the forums and the enormous manga catalog? Are scan teams using it?
If I like it enough and it seems “rare” or a collectors item, I will buy physical copies. The less popular it is, but the more I predict a future rise in popularity, the more hastily I make an effort to procure my share of copies. I find that older series tend to never get properly reprinted, so it really is a first come first serve kind of deal once they fall further into obscurity and the prices drop. English I get from rightstuf, amazon, ebay, marketplace, or my local bookstore. Japanese I buy from ebay, mandarake, and yahoo. Korean I buy ebay and globalpark. Otherwise I read on WSJ and aggregators since mangadex is down, and until today I was under the impression that Batoto was gone for good. For Korean webtoons I’ll browse the official webtoon site or ManhuaScan. For the rare occasion I need Korean raws and Japanese translated into Korean (for raw access) I browse an aggregator called hamtaro/momo. Like >>150141 says, you really shouldn’t buy manga you don’t like if it’s being sold at more than half the retail value. It is a waste of money if you can never care to read it again and it doesn’t hold some kind of strong emotional value. I’d recommend buying copies from series you deeply love and have already completed, and building your collection from there. The value those volumes hold should be the standard to which manga are worth your money and storage space. Simultaneously, a good book is never a bad way to waste money, for an appropriate price.

No. 150779

people who actually enjoy depressioncore or think it's deep are mental cases. I think most of us here watch it like a reality show, a dumpster Kardashian fire, for fun.

No. 150781

>people who actually enjoy depressioncore (…) are mental cases
>I think most of us here watch it like a reality show, a dumpster Kardashian fire, for fun.
I'm not sure if you are contradicting yourself or calling every farmer reading Boy's Abyss or Girl's Abyss (lol) mentally ill, in which case, fair enough

No. 150792

Nta but nobody here genuinely enjoys Boy's Abyss, we just like to read dumb shit to see how far the manga will go. The people who unironically enjoy it and say it's deep and emotional are the mental cases (or they are just 13).

No. 150807

I agree with your point, but ironic enjoyment is still enjoyment

No. 150820

Obviously these stories contain themes that are prevalent and relatable like rejection, depression, obsession etc. Some of them manage to capture those feelings quite beautifully. I unironically love the abyss panels in this manga for example.
In a good story, you root for the characters to receive some sort of release. In a funny story, you want to see them suffer by their own undoing.
It’s the fact that these characters would react to their world in the most unhinged and illogical way that is almost cathartic to me. Who haven’t thought about double suicide, murder-suicide, sex as self harm, abusive dynamics? It’s nice to laugh at those thoughts that are usually source of shame and self-hatred. This story in particularly isn’t deep like its name would suggest but it doesn’t have to be. These authors are like a child playing with dolls where you shave their heads off, make them have sex and car accidents. It would be misguided to take these stories seriously. It would be a choreee if every story dealing with heavy subjects are tryhard think pieces.

Alternatively, we’re trash goblins who enjoy camp content. Suits me just fine. One must be an autist to be confused by the concept of ironic enjoyment. It’s nice to have more than the same 5 titles ranked worthy by ~critics~ to have a good time.

No. 150822

File: 1625239186657.jpeg (Spoiler Image,515.68 KB, 1083x894, 6FB5FFC1-5A42-40D5-BF4D-B1F61A…)

Senseitards BTFO. I’m tired of these bitches on his cocks. Time to get manhandled REIJI.

No. 150827

Tbh they have hilarious psycho chemistry with each other. I was wheezing while Reiji was bleeding out and Sensei and Gen were rolling around having an impotent fight on the floor next to his futon.

No. 150828

Kek he's like FREEDOM and then get surrounded by the worst mfs in supposed last momments of his life. Get in the abyss reiji~

No. 150831

File: 1625241722903.jpg (Spoiler Image,196.59 KB, 1124x962, same.JPG)

I kek'd at pic related. Couldn't agree more LMFAO

No. 150832

File: 1625241984983.png (Spoiler Image,573.39 KB, 1105x1600, 19.png)

god I can't stand this whiny piece of shit

No. 150841

Niether can I. Chako poisoning the town water supply when?

No. 150844

File: 1625248236525.png (Spoiler Image,380.13 KB, 872x446, ishipit.png)

The last thing he sees stalker sensei and stalker childhood friend having a spazz out, lmao

No. 150845

I really don't get why the town is self destructing around this white bread of a protagonist, also I'm dreading the day the idol comes back (see how much of a shit I give about this manga, can't bother to learn the characters' names).

No. 150846

Nagi, suicide idol. The one all the male readers who think this is the saddest manga ever created fap over.

No. 150952

File: 1625330462539.jpg (306.04 KB, 1080x1035, 20210417_134121.jpg)

I feel like Noragami is slept on

I'm really happy I started reading it. Gives me warm vibes, even if it's a little sad. Ongoing too.

No. 151054

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask for recs but does anyone have recs for "survival game" type mangas? Manga like Alice in Borderland, As the God's will, Tomodachi game, doubt etc.. I've read so many and I just love them so much so I don't mind if its too echii or the overall story being dumb I just love the genre. Thanks.

No. 151058

its not slept on just dragged out. the new gen(2016?-current) of anime fans have either never heard of it or would call yato a grooming pedophile.

its for the best that it's underappreciated

No. 151069

After School Nightmare

No. 151096

File: 1625420605739.jpg (206.08 KB, 700x1098, aftersch2.jpg)

Seconding >>151069 recommendation, it was a great surreal survival manga. Does Deadman's Wonderland count as survival? If so, I recommend that. Battle Royale is a classic and I've heard the manga is just as good as the film, and I'd recommend Btooooom as my personal favorite. It has ecchi scenes and it's a seinen so it's overly edgy, but I liked the game's dynamic and the players.

Definitely Give Afterschool Nightmare a try, though.

No. 151098

Thank you I'll definitely give it a read!!

Battle Royale's manga is great but oh boy is it gory, if you're ok with that I'd 100% recommend it, it also goes a lot more in-depth with the characters like characters you hate from the film will be so much more understandable.
Deadman I'd count as survival for the first half but not really after that, I really like it anyway!

No. 151202

What's the most unusual/most original looking manga that you ever read?

No. 151213

File: 1625489704657.png (129.09 KB, 620x382, 2020-05-01-ame002.png)

Probably Shimeji Simulation. Tsukumizu is a really uniquely talented artist, and his designs are always really creative.

No. 151222

File: 1625493460866.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1161x1680, 12D39D02-FFED-4971-93CE-EF6A4B…)

NSFW, but Plastic Girl by Usamaru Furuya.

No. 151223

File: 1625493590041.png (143.45 KB, 822x1200, 5467A289-C963-4822-8A4B-7F68A5…)

Also some other ones that I thought were unusual were National Quiz and Japanese Tengu Party. But I think once you follow certain magazines/publishers you’ll start noticing similarities in the artists

No. 151224

For those caught up on To Your Eternity, how do you feel about the direction the current arc is going? I don't know if I'm really feeling it.

No. 151228

It looks like deformed Nichijou.

No. 151234

Wow this is really pretty

No. 151238

tkmiz's stuff is usually like that

No. 151247

File: 1625508654289.jpg (215.99 KB, 846x1200, ERsZjlNWAAA45sW.jpg)

I really love the character designs and the things on their hands.

No. 151272

> Afterschool Nightmare
God I remember reading this as a child. Now that I think about it, it’s one of the first early mangas to address gender/sexuality. Pretty brave for that time

No. 151274

>it’s one of the first early mangas to address gender/sexuality
what are you on anon, it's nowhere anywhere close to being one of the first and it's not really an "early" manga. It's been published between 2004-2007. Do you think that manga was invented in 2000 or what?

No. 151283

Wow I never realized that that's how Yato would be perceived if S1 dropped today but you're absolutely right kek. I'm glad I could enjoy anime like Noragami without that shit years ago.

No. 152212

I just spent the last 2 hours reading this and damn I feel bad for some of the minor characters.

No. 152457

Omg YES I love the art, the weird little details are just so cute

No. 152611

File: 1626486430630.png (319.59 KB, 772x546, EERJatp.png)

Is anyone reading The Hunters Guild; Red Hood? I've heard a lot of dooming regarding it being axed, but I think it's really good so far. The werewolf designs are unique and it feels like it has a lot of potential. Grimm's design (the tall lady) is the coomer bait, but at least she's clothed (and the outfit is interesting.)

No. 152770

File: 1626615037103.jpg (16.76 KB, 360x439, 1610761450450.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right thread for that but I want to vent. I feel like I'm growing out of liking manga these days. Nothing new interests me at all, many of the manga I liked back when I was younger are on hiatus or so slow that they might as well be on hiatus, and most popular things have fandoms that are so shitty and seem so generic that being bombarded with fanwork and ads online pisses me off and makes me want to read them even less. Same shit for anime tbh. There are so many manga and anime I loved before too but I can't see myself reading or watching them again because they tend to be pretty long and I'm lazy. Sometimes I'm just lazily going through my collection of shojo manga and that's enough for me. I'm currently reading Princess Jellyfish online because I started it long ago at the library and only read the first 4 volumes and I want to know how it ends.

It's kinda frustrating because for so long it was a huge hobby of mine, but now I don't feel anything about it anymore. I even sold a bunch of manga I didn't care about anymore at some point.

No. 152782

I fucking hate the way the art style in this. It reminds me of everything I hate about Horikoshi’s style, especially the eyes/faces in particular.

No. 152783

That’s fine, you’re either moving on or just burnt out from the same flavors being rewrapped. Finding other hobbies and then checking in on manga a few months or years later could easily excite you again. That’s what happened to me.

No. 152795

File: 1626625285007.png (366.69 KB, 675x578, 1626621878071.png)

A one-shot from fujimoto came out today, and now i'm sad.

No. 152797

File: 1626625879934.png (360.73 KB, 756x572, kino.png)

For added context, this is the second year anniversary of the KyoAni fire. I'm not afraid to say that I cried. I've heard speculation that Fujimoto must have had a friend that died in the fire (because the protagonist's name is Fujino and she wrote Shark Kick) and if so, that just adds yet another later of depression.

No. 152798

Thanks for the heads up. People are going to screech at him for not releasing Chainsaw Man 2: Electric High School Boogaloo instead.

No. 152801

I liked it, too bad his fanbase is so goddamn stupid thanks to CSM. The comments on the 4chan threads are awful.

No. 152812

I loved it. the panels were framed in a very cinematic way and the beginning of the story felt relatable. I cried during the second part. There is too much coincidences to say it wasn't inspired by what happened to KyoAni. I just wonder if it was written from perspective of a fan or someone who lost a friend during that tragedy. Also what do you guys think about that final 4koma? Was it from alternative universe or is it like other say and was actually drawn by grief-stricken Fujino? Personally I think it was from alternative universe. Fujino looked too hopeful and full of disbelief after seeing it.

i expected some interesting convos but instead got hit with 4channers arguing whether or not fujimoto is a tranny… the only things /a/ is good for is reading leaks and posting yaoi to piss off scrotes.

No. 152814

I agree, but them bringing up how the fire happened around the same time Fire Punch was hitting its popularity was insightful.

No. 152818

Does anyone know where to read it?

No. 152820

It's on the viz site.
One of the criticisms on /a/ is that it feels narcissistic, and fuji is making the kyoani fire all about him. I can see it (it's clearly about fuji) but don't agree. Or maybe it's better to say i don't see it as a bad thing, like him wanking over himself or his misery.
What do farmers think?

No. 152824

It was alright. I don't understand why people are crying over it and calling it a masterpiece, you'd seriously think Fujimoto is people's first mangaka with some of these reactions.

No. 152827

I've been itching for good josei mangas recenlty. I particularly like the smut ones and romances but they're so niche or untranslated. Anyway, regardless of genre do you guys have any good recommendations?

No. 152829

On chapter 60 of Shadows house, it's very cute!
Anyone have any other good mystery manga or ones with female protagonists who aren't sexualized?

No. 152849

I thought it would be sad but knowing the context and reading it…. man that is absolutely not it. It felt entirely self-serving and a bit exploitative of a real tragic event. The part where the crazy person said verbatim what the kyoani murderer said was not subtle. I've consumed tons of media that tried to reimagine a mass murder and it's never worked out well.

On a different subject, I thought the characterizations that fujimoto makes in CSM was exclusive to that series but this man can't characterize for shit. The characters all seem shallow with no deeper thought. or maybe im austitic, who knows

No. 152858

He's an ideas guy

No. 152937

File: 1626717054112.png (183.61 KB, 704x396, tumblr_nm24jjsoqg1qh4gnmo1_128…)

Midnight Diner. I couldn't get into it at first because I really didn't like the art, but the story is very charming and eventually the art really became a part of that charm. There's a Netflix series based on the manga but I haven't watched it yet.

No. 152942

Yeah same thing has happened to me too, just take a break and come back to it

No. 152952

I just read the first chapter and really liked it!

No. 152955

what's the title?

No. 152977

No. 153029

I hope you'll continue it anon! It really is one of my favorite mangas, it's like a warm chicken soup for the soul.

No. 153137

File: 1626883327912.jpg (419.01 KB, 1500x2215, Memoirs-of-Amorous-Gentlemen-1…)

Not smut/romance and you might already be familiar, but I like josei by Kyoko Okazaki and Moyocco Anno. Okazaki's stuff is really dark and weird, Helter Skelter probably being the best place to start, which is about a supermodel starting to lose her mind and fall apart from plastic surgery. Faves from Anno are Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen (picrel), which is about life in a Parisian brothel in the 1900s, and Sakuran, which is about a viciously unhappy 1700s courtesan.

I also like Ooku, which is an alternate history set in…I think the 1700s. Most men in Japan have died from a plague, and women have taken over their jobs, including the position of shogun. It's translated in a consciously old way, lots of "upon my troth" and "forsooth" and stuff, which I found REALLY distracting at first and then completely stopped noticing. Different characters get different arcs to themselves, but I remember looooving the hard-ass lady shogun who hates wasting money on fancy court stuff like the ooku, which is the shogun's opulent harem of attractive dudes.

No. 153205

File: 1626951593168.jpg (188.46 KB, 300x435, SangatsuNoLionMain_3703.jpg)

I recently revisited "March Comes in Like a Lion" and while I was in love with it the first time I read it, now that I'm older it just seems wrong in some aspects to me.

Akari is only 23 but is in a very Japanese way pushed into the role of a responsible mother to everyone around her, and when the author finally ships her with someone it's two middle aged men for whom she's supposed to play a healing mother figure too.

One of the characters that's portrayed as most evil in the manga is Rei's half-sister who is the opposite of Akari, fashionable, young, arrogant and hates Rei because her father adopted him and gave all attention to him while his real children were treated as inferior.

It's treated as this national treasure series with an anime airing on NHK, but for a manga written by a woman it feels a lot like an escapist fantasy for young adult males.

No. 153206

NTA, but from following this post, I just found out Anno also made Sugar Sugar Rune and In The Clothes Called Fat. Her range is so impressive.

No. 153207

I like following the series but it’s published in a men’s magazine, which is probably why it’s catered to guys more than women. I didn’t really like how the last arc had the teachers vying to date Akari…IMO if it were in a different magazine it would wind up being Rei dating Akari instead of Hina. She’s so childish in the current chapters compared to how she was introduced, which makes it kind of awkward with Rei obsessing over her.

Umino Chica is an awesome artist but I didn’t like Honey & Clover as much as I expected to either.

No. 153274

File: 1627004107642.jpg (78.09 KB, 460x458, aK642gO_460s.jpg)

This is the only acceptable color palette for Johnny. I'm so scared they will ruin him in the adaptation with the retarded blue lipstick and clothes from colored manga version

No. 153282

File: 1627010350656.png (3.88 MB, 1988x3000, Page_29.png)

I'm actually really enjoying Tokyo Mew Mew Au Lait ngl. I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on it

No. 153306

I like the shogi parts but like her other series, when she started shipping the MC with some underage girl I had to dip. I know its normalized in Japan but as an adult, that shit takes me out.

No. 153312

No, they wouldn't dare… right.. right?

No. 153325

They went with pink Giorno, at this point you can expect everything.

No. 153338

araki is consulted for the colour schemes so whatever they end up as will be according to his vision
I like the baby blue tbh and the lipstick is kino
t. pink giorno supremacist

No. 153341

Didn't even know it existed thanks anon, might have a read because I think the concept is funny and I mean look at those designs they remind me of simpler times.

No. 153365

>the lipstick is kino
It's fucking gay

No. 153379

yeah as i said, kino

No. 153380

why even be into jojo if you don't like gay shit, everyone looks like that there. even some women look like trannies

No. 153383

File: 1627116246268.jpg (301.9 KB, 730x1100, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou v04 c0…)

I'm having a hard time getting over Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

No. 153397

Can anyone recommend any tragic mangas about fat girls? Trying to lose weight and in a mood to read some sad manga about being fat. Weird request I know but what can I say. I am currently reading In The Clothes Called Fat but I just want to add some more to my list.

No. 153414

No, flamboyance and faggotry are not the same thing. For example, the characters in parts 2 and 3 are flamboyant yet masculine, meanwhile the characters in part 5 are straight up faggots.

No. 153420

One of the bullies in Kimi ni Aisarete Ittakata is overweight and that gets brought up a little but the series is on hiatus. There is also a horror manga by Hideshi Hino called Skin and Bone

I feel like there aren’t a lot of manga with fat characters as a focus. There’s a handful of manga/manhua where a character is fat and they immediately lose weight from magic/bodyswapping or they lost the weight offscreen

No. 153429

Nice pic. You really know how to sell me nonny, gonna go read it now.

No. 153431

If you don't mind horror, there's this one by Hisashi Eguchi https://geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=3850 It's very short, but has a twist at the end.

No. 153440

File: 1627154404889.jpeg (8.47 KB, 180x280, images (3).jpeg)

I wanted to rec the same thing to nona but forgot the title. It's great! I would also love to read more manga like this one or In The Clothes Named Fat, NGL. MAL recommends this josei and it seems interesting, but I haven't read it yet (or I did but forgotten, the cover seems like I've seen it before)

No. 153461

File: 1627179716861.jpeg (80.67 KB, 225x334, mars.jpeg)

This entire thread is making me want to bust my old manga collection out and read everything again. The last manga I read was "mars" (picrel) because I'm a sucker for romantic shojo/josei manga but I also really enjoy manga that cover modelling, EDs and the ugly side of beauty

No. 153472

It's one of my favorites! Makes post apocalyptic life seem so comfy

No. 153560

Anyone reading Dandadan? The plot is basic, but the art is nice, and i really like the girlMC.

No. 153568

File: 1627252626866.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.27 KB, 822x1200, 21.jpg)

Yeah, it's pretty hot and cold at times when it comes to quality, but that last chapter has me hooked. I hope they drop the penis jokes and stick with helping spirits. Also, more aliens when?

No. 153579

Any anons into the Bungou Stray Dogs manga and/or light novels? The new arc is great imo and I'm sad I can't find many similar series

No. 153595

File: 1627265817744.png (Spoiler Image,401.46 KB, 566x822, theworst.png)

Really? I hate the new arc for the most part tbh. The hunting dog characters are annoying trash. Only thing I really liked was Akiko Yosano's really horrible and disturbing backstory. I have a problem with the characters I like not getting enough page time and development.

No. 153648

Any classic or new josei recommendations? Mainly about about life post high school, kinda sick of reading about HS when I've been out of there for so long.

No. 153651

try anything by Maki Enjoji, Real Clothes, Kuragehime, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, Kakeochi Girl

No. 153652

Wow I haven't read BSD in ages. Could you spoil me abut about Asano's backstory anon? I always thought she was a cool but underused character.

No. 153653

Enjoying Cousin so far! Thanks for the recommendation

No. 153654

Cheers anon

No. 153691

nyart but that arc is still going on? i think i stopped reading when it was revealed who the traitor was on the mafia side. i have yet to catch up but that arc is just so boring and uninteresting to me. kinda wish they'd just continue with the anime already so i can get back into it. but i bet they'd just waste like six episodes of the season on some dazai/chuuya bullshit background story that the author pulled out of his ass crack because they sell well.

No. 153700

File: 1627347654487.png (Spoiler Image,419.52 KB, 670x675, Yosano_and_the_Wounded.png)

Same, I really like her and she's totally underused. During the great war when she was only 11 she was drafted because of her ability (and because he was into her) by pedophile Mori who was a military surgeon at the time. She becomes close with a particular soldier (later turns out this character is the brother of another character in the series) who calls her his angel and gives her the golden butterfly hair clip she still wears in the current day. Eventually the soldiers almost dying only to be revived over and over by her begins to break them mentally, and her. She refuses to heal them so they can't be sent back out to be maimed again. Mori mortally wounds the soldier she is close with in front of her to force her to heal him. She becomes more and more traumatized and has obvious PTSD but Mori won't let her go. The soldier eventually kills himself to escape the torment and leaves a message saying she isn't his angel she's his angel of death. She is arrested after trying to sink the ship with explosives. Years later she is still broken and detained in isolation and Mori tries to get his hands on her again but Fukuzawa and Ranpo rescue her. hope I got all that right.

No. 153701

Her back story was so interesting but really sad honestly especially considering More is now trying to use her again. I loved the detail about her hair clip.

No. 153702

No. 153705

That origin of the hair clip hit me.Tachihara is kind of a major dumbass for blaming a woman who was a literal abused child at the time for his brother's death. I hate Mori. He's literally a sadistic pedo so the series's treatment of him going from jokey to sinister is really weird and discordant tbh. Yeah, ew. I was like oh no no no.

No. 153706

Yes, ugh. Now it's a vampire plague. Anime pls come back. I'm only interested in those two if Chuuya finally gets to beat Dazai's smug and annoying ass for real.

No. 153728

Oh wow that is horrible. I hate him even more now.
>going from jokey to sinister is really weird and discordant
To be fair that is a common jarring thing in the series. But yes fuck Mori.

No. 153790

File: 1627408301708.jpg (Spoiler Image,233.59 KB, 998x1004, bsdmanga.jpg)

Yes I do like Tachihara but I agree he was being ridiculous about that. Poor Yosano Lets hope she doesn't somehow get roped back into Mori's schemes because of that deal about an ADA member joining the mafia.

No. 154337

Anybody know of any good mangas with ugly main characters falling for a hot/beautiful/cute love interest and being reciprocated (or vice versa)? Kind of like Adekan, the webtoon Out of Control (bl stories are fine too!) or Nude Model. Nothing with cliche glowups where the "ugly" character is already pretty but just wears trash or doesn't use makeup. Just ugly characters that stay ugly. I just need to live my fantasies you know?

No. 154339

File: 1627742184153.jpg (90.61 KB, 600x853, 60910e06adc9c575545f574e_844_1…)

bouquet for an ugly girl?

No. 154356

Aitsu no Daihonmei? It's shonen-ai and very old but I remember it as one of the better bls in the early yaoi days, you might like it as a casual light hearted read.

No. 154369

Thank you anons! They both look very nice. The "ugly" main characters still look kinda cute, but that's alright. Also I forgot to clarify, if the romance is hetero, the girl must be the one that's unattractive, so no weird harem bullshit where the plain guy gets to bang all the sexy ladies, though I doubt anyone here would read that shit.

No. 154406

i love this manga! glad, there are others that enjoy it too. it's sweet and wholesome. I highly recommend to everyone that wants to read about a chubby girl getting along with an attractive guy.

No. 154477

where are you reading it? The scanlations I’ve found end at chapter 16 and haven’t been updated in nearly a year

No. 154487

The one on mangago have reached chapter 20 and it was uploaded on june 2021. Although, the scanlation, after a certain chapter prob 16 or 15, is kinda meh, with smaller font size and it doesn't align to the bubbles. it looks like was edited by one person who was prob a beginner but I can't be picky with what I can find.


No. 154525

bless you

No. 154705

Ah thanks! Hopefully the original translators keep going

No. 154769

You can read the raws on the pixiv manga site, I think it’s in the 50’s now or something? The last I read they are dating and doing typical dating things

I love/hate this because it reminds me of myself, except without the hot guy lmao

No. 154826

Is Happy Sugar Life worth reading?

No. 154827

Not really

No. 154829

It's not good but I liked how fucked up it was and the art style made me nostalgic

No. 154844

Anyone reading Fuyumi Soryo's Cesare? Just checked the scanlation out yesterday and seems like another team has picked the project up.

No. 154846

The anime is better

No. 154858

Fun to watch while drinking with friends and knowing it’s 2deep4u

No. 154865

File: 1628113164647.jpg (137.54 KB, 1080x1350, CC5ipJNpE_L.jpg)

I'm not into shoujo manga but I became really interested in this one. It's named In the Clear Moonlit Dusk (Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki) The premise is the main girl (Yoi) looks like a cute boy so she's treated like a prince by girls at school and ends up getting attention from another 'prince' (a handsome guy named Kohaku). I was ready to hate this as I thought she was going to go full 'not like the other girls' at the beggining but it's actually really nice. It feels realistic and the author doesn't pretend teenage boys are pure little angels that never think about sex or desire like most shoujo manga. Also it's the first time I see an accurate depiction of someone who isn't masculine or has masculine hobbies being treated as a tomboy just cause she happened to be born androgynous looking. It must suck.

No. 154866

It's not a long read, I didn't hate it.

No. 154868

It's shit and Maho Shoujo Site 2 Electric Bugaloo in terms of writing quality. It approaches topics it has zero understanding of. Not even funny or entertaining, just infuriatingly bad and stupid (and I love edgy and depressing manga). Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta is a goddamn masterpiece compared to that turd. Hell, even Boy's Abyss executes ow the edge better and at the very least it's fucking hilarious.

No. 154935

i love that one, even though i haven't read the past few chapters that were released. i'm glad the author is finally drawing something else and not another young girl/old guy story. i feel like she had to draw tsubaki-chou lonely planet to please the fans who were upset because mamura won the end game poll for hirunaka no ryuusei.

No. 154984

I’m enjoying this so far! Thanks for the rec nonnie

No. 155008

File: 1628230898667.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1125x1728, E54CCE2C-1E5F-445C-8ECD-C0A407…)

I used to hate the brother but now I feel bad for him, why is everyone keeping him a secret lmao

No. 155025

File: 1628253841479.png (Spoiler Image,343.26 KB, 611x694, gg.png)

KEK IKR just run away retard. Anyway author takin a vacation or somethin? Nothing is happening. Except Chunko is bad end confirmed I guess…which is so retarded and cringe.

No. 155163

My brother ended up reading the manga after hearing me sperg about it so much and thankfully he agrees that it's very dumb and he thinks Chako is the only decent character, at least he doesn't think like the average 4channer.

No. 155185

Isn't he like a diaperfag or something?

No. 155192

I think it was more the homicidal mom keeping him in against his will. When we were led to believe he wanted to be there.

No. 155216

why bad end? Cause she will stay in the cursed town? Things are looking up for her otherwise. Kek at protagonist agreeing it would be better if he died

No. 155232

File: 1628427195947.gif (10.78 KB, 150x208, 9160073428cfc303bae0da3d1ba173…)

Any romance manga recommendations where the main girl is assertive, self-centered and popular while the main dude is kind, humble, and considerate while still being favored and attractive? (not nerdy or unappealing) Very specific ik. I've yet to find a story where the confident girl isn't paired with a boring, nerdy, unpopular (and sometimes ugly) dude.

No. 155242

File: 1628429649262.jpg (111.1 KB, 1038x700, his-and-her-circumstances-feat…)

His and Her Circumstances

No. 155274

Got hooked just from the first chapter! tyvm!

No. 155317

File: 1628475714260.jpg (2.13 MB, 4096x3787, Dm92qluVAAAkev0.jpg)

Any anons here read Witch Hat Atelier? It's my absolute favorite series right now, and the mangaka is a woman too.

No. 155326

I absolutely love it! The characters are cute and the art is beautiful, it's a nice read. I follow the author on Twitter just to see some extra doodles.

No. 155334

File: 1628496854916.png (772.03 KB, 813x1795, 1613736537544.png)

I read 40 something chapters and it's really charming. The world is great and the art is adorable.

No. 156085

File: 1629134202991.jpg (509.49 KB, 918x1213, 9781646510214.jpg)

I'm surprised the Witch and the Beast isn't getting more attention. It's got great art and paneling, likeable characters, and an intriguing story and setting. Probably my favorite manga I've read this year.

No. 156409

File: 1629252460410.jpeg (376.36 KB, 750x648, 19821732-95F5-4DD6-A744-6CB22A…)

Nonna, thanks for the rec. I actually passed over this when I originally saw it a year ago since the first two chapters made me think it was gonna be too lesploitation-y. I enjoyed myself thoroughly though. It feels like a throwback to the era of gothic battle manga from like ten years ago.

Surprised no group is working on this series at all, I might slap together a translation of some of the Chinese scans of recent chapters if I have a moment.

No. 156483

Bumping thread for more "ugly" girl manga. Need to grow my list. Help an ugger out.

No. 156532

What’s an ugly girl manga

No. 156541

manga with an ugly female protagonist.

No. 156547

For real, there aren't enough good mangas about ugly girls. What do you have on your list?

No. 156604

File: 1629340593207.png (1.57 MB, 1450x1334, True Beauty.png)

sorry nonna I think the new trend in manga is "if you're ugly get hit by a truck and be reborn as a beautiful otome/novel villainess"

There are a couple korean webtoons about ugly/plain girls who make themselves pretty though.

> True Beauty / Yaongyi

About a girl who learned how to do makeup on youtube and her normal look without circle-lenses and etc is picrel.

> My ID Is Gangnam Beauty / Gi Meng-gi

About a girl who gets extensive plastic surgery and in the comic (but not the kdrama adaptations) she looks visibly like she's gotten work done and it's noticeable to all the other characters. Idk it was a unique premise but I dropped it since she was annoyingly insecure.

> The Makeup Remover / Lee Yone

The best of the lot since it actually directly addresses ideas about beauty and how much it can both be created with makeup yet it's seen as the primary value when it comes to women. Also the main character is a talented photographer and like her looks aren't her only interest/personality.

No. 156756

im just being autistic, but I hate when True Beauty gets mentioned next to good works that commentary on beauty like MyID

The main character is literally just a self insert of the author. The main character also has no growth as a character. Even though she' ugly af she's equally as judgemental of other girls and even refuses to hang out with one because they got too fat. Fuck that manhwa lol

No. 156770

Oh no I agree, the series lost a lot of its appeal to me when I realised the author looks literally like her protagonist. That’s fucking weird and also she uh is so surgeried, made up, and filtered that she doesn’t even look human.

Like I think there’s a similar point in all three about how constructed the beauty standard is currently, especially in Korea, but True Beauty ends up being about the protagonist half heartedly bouncing in a love triangle and having no personality outside of makeup.

Totally forgot the name but there was another series that was about a Korean girl getting tortured for being ugly and falling into the clutches of a sociopathic plastic surgeon but the author had to quit writing it after she got loads of death threats from other Koreans.

Shit’s pretty dire there honestly. One of their Olympic gold medalists was just harassed online by Korean 4chan type scrotes just for having short hair. Nothing else, just short hair. And they accused her of misandry.

No. 156781

>Sora Wo Kakeru Yodaka
Can’t think of much else. Plain janes are drawn exactly the same as everyone else in most things lol

No. 156796

File: 1629423051736.png (163.12 KB, 485x555, 1.png)

>Me and (the other) me
By Yumeka Sumomo, it is a one-shot but deserves extra points just for actually drawing the ugly girl ugly. There are actually two protagonist, who have the same name, one is an ugly girl and the other is beautiful.
And I guess everybody already knows about Kuragehime.

No. 156802

Could you link it pls, can't seem I find it on Google

No. 156803

Neet Onna to Shougaku 2-nensei
More like low self-esteem though

No. 156842

No. 156867

File: 1629476589216.jpg (79.85 KB, 750x400, BL-Metamorphosis-manga-1.jpg)

>Metamorphose no Engawa
This one isn't focused on beauty but the main characters are an old lady and a younger women who isn't attractive or concerned with looking so, they bond over BL manga and it is very wholesome

No. 157361

Junji Ito is such a sweet guy. I found this video that was made by a fan. He drove the fan home, gave him tea and fruits, showed him sketches and his working desk where he draws. Adorable

No. 157511

File: 1629858811825.jpeg (557.46 KB, 1810x2560, 91BVRA7hDNL.jpeg)

There was some anon in a thread who said she hated this (Omoide Emanon), or that it was shit or something.
I hadn't read it, so I didn't know what she was talking about, but I liked the art, so I went ahead and checked it out.
After reading it, I want to reread the anon's post and find out why she disliked it so much. I thought it was pleasant, actually.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I scrolled through both this and the first manga thread, but couldn't find the post(s).

No. 157529

I remember that, but I don't remember where it was posted either

No. 157539

ntayrt and not usually what I'm interested in but this was a cute read (and lol at surprise mmorpg troon)

No. 157594

File: 1629924140548.jpg (130.42 KB, 678x502, 1629913417417.jpg)

No. 157622

fuck you this is amazing

No. 157626

>AOT but with Chris-chan as the MC
Fuck you anon. I now want this.

No. 157759

Fuck you anon you beautiful bitch I love it

No. 157949

File: 1630161625642.png (408.52 KB, 1920x1080, 1613170113388.png)

I had a gift card so I bough he first volumes of Nana because I read the series at the library when I was in middle and high school and the books has been reprinted not too long ago where I am. Reading this now that I'm way older than the main characters feels weird, it gives me a completely different perspective now. I used to think Hachi was a (cute) idiot and Nana was the smarter and cooler one but now I think they're both equally retarded, just in different ways. Seeing them meeting and hanging out together is so comfy though. I'll pretend the story ends right before Takumi and Hachi meet because I hate him so much he makes me want to throw up.

No. 157960

File: 1630169686577.jpg (84.54 KB, 500x537, ab9099a064b128c279856babd0cfae…)

Reminding me I need to read Nana, for some reason I never get around to it even tho it is my style, pinterest keeps suggesting me images of it

No. 157962

Take your time reading it, there isn't going to be a conclusion any time soon. It's the kind of story that starts normally and then it gets way more serious the more you read.

No. 157974

>there isn't going to be a conclusion any time soon
or ever

No. 157976

Yazawa wants to conclude the manga, so let's hope there's still 0.000001% chance we'll get a conclusion. Hopefully Takumi burns in hell and Leila goes to prison for being a deranged pedo.

No. 157984

Do we even know what her illness was? Miura's death was sudden but it was public knowledge that he had health issues, the fact that they are keeping their mouth shut about Yazawa is really weird.

No. 157994

No, we just know she never fully recovered, she can draw now but not at the pace expected from her like before she got ill. Ii saw some short part of an interview from 2019 on instagram or somewhere I think, she was saying her husband does most of the housework because she isn't in shape like she used to be. The post didn't have a source though but it seemed legit. I've seen on other threads some anons saying Yazawa did most of the art from "I'm not an angel" to practice and re-release that manga but I don't know more than that.

We don't even know if she was hospitalized because of an illness or an injury, now that I think about it. I remember at the beginning of Fruits Basket, the mangaka had an injury in her left hand, and she's left-handed, so she was forced to take a long break and that forced the first anime to be short/not have more seasons, and it ruined her art style long term.

No. 157995

And to add to that, I don't think it's weird that we don't know more, I'm super curious but at the end of the day her health is her personal business and I'm guessing mangaka either talk directly to the fans about their health issues or they have to explicitly allow the publishers to share this kind of info. There are other mangaka who are or were on hiatus or take way more time to release new chapters than before because of health issues but we're not always told what these issues are either. For example do we know what the D Gray Man author has? Or what the Saiyuki author has, although I've vaguely heard she had a bunch of surgery done to her body and face over the years but that's still vague? What about the guy who did Bastard?

No. 158005

>As explained by the article's author, the disease seems to be some kind of cancer or autoimmune disease which caused Yazawa to not be able to move freely, enduring a lot a pain. As she always was a very hard working woman who, at times, slept nothing but a couple hours to try and cramp as much work as possible, this drawn her into a deep depression. Those two factors combined make the future of Nana still quite fuzzy, but the author more than a couple times, said she do not want to drop the manga unfinished.
Here is the source in Japanese, can anyone confirm what it says? Google translate is absolute trash
Source of the quoted post: https://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/5lk5h1/what_ever_happened_to_ai_yazawa/

No. 158007

Katsura Hoshino was reported back in 2009 to have "a wrist injury" so maybe an extreme case of carpal tunnel syndrome (I thought I had read somewhere she had calcification in the articulations but I can't find any source anymore). For Bastard I think the dude just got tired of it and is doing whatever now, he was basically throwing spaghetti on the walls with the last published chapters. The guy who created Yu-Gi-Oh apparently got physical trauma from the intense publication rythm, has completely stopped drawing and basically lives off the series' royalties.

I had heard rumors about cancer too (specifically throat cancer iirc), I hope she can at least live comfortably as much as she can and she doesn't feel pressured to end the manga at any cost.

No. 158012

Japanese culture is notoriously secretive about illness which is why well-known public figures die seemingly out of nowhere. They might let the public know that they have an "illness" but never specify the severity until they pass away. But as for mangakas it's usually related to the highly stressful job they have, I think Yoshihiro Togashi (the guy who created Hunter x Hunter) was heavily implied to have been simply burned out by the heavy tempo and was later also revealed to have permanent damage to his back. They often have to meet impossible deadlines and are overworked to the point they don't sleep or move and just sit on their spot drawing and/or writing, barely eating. It causes circulation and heart problems and fucks their internal organs up really bad, not to mention the mental damage. The life of a mangaka is absolutely miserable and publishers abuse young promises until they're ready to have a stroke at 32.

No. 158013

>I think Yoshihiro Togashi (the guy who created Hunter x Hunter) was heavily implied to have been simply burned out by the heavy tempo and was later also revealed to have permanent damage to his back
iirc that was already the case before he started HXH, it just got worse during HXH. He was already burned out at the end of YYH, which is why the last arc seems so forced and ends so suddenly. The publishers forced him to shit out one final arc even though his physical health was ruined and he was running out of ideas as well. I'm not sure if that's also why he took more time to do Level E and did it without his assistants.

>For Bastard I think the dude just got tired of it and is doing whatever now, he was basically throwing spaghetti on the walls with the last published chapters
Last time I read Bastard I was still in high school and had a hard time finding all the volumes at bookstores and scans online, I just remember that the story went from heroic fantasy to some weird angels VS demons story very suddenly. I read online over a decade ago that he maybe had health issues and that's why the manga was so slow at some point, but at the same time he was redrawing the first volumes and adding porn scenes just for the sake of it so I was never too sure. I wonder if he works on other things, or even at all. I just know at some point he got married and had at least one kid and that's it.

>has completely stopped drawing and basically lives off the series' royalties.

I don't get why more mangaka don't do the same thing. I'm talking about the most successful ones obviously. By the way, how is Rumiko Takahashi so productive, she's still drawing stuff on a regular basis according to her twitter account.

No. 158015

Shit like this is why I hate the ongoing hiatusxhiatus memes and complaints
Hxh ended at the tree, let this man rest and fuck Japanese crunch culture.

No. 158031

File: 1630204552980.png (221.24 KB, 609x406, 1467516341250.png)

Same. I'm a big Togashi simp and I seethe when people act like he's faking health issues so he can play video games and ruin their enjoyment of HxH. I'd love to see the series end but he should do it at his pace if his health allows, and if he needs to take breaks so be it. The dark continent arc is ambitious af so I don't believe he lacks motivation, I fully believe that he physically can't work on it.

No. 158063

Speaking of which, Ai Morinaga died not too long ago but do we know why? When her death was announced nobody knew why and everyone was shocked, I remember a bunch of Japanese people on twitter being really surprised.

No. 158064

He's a stubborn fuck tho, he doesn't NEED to physically draw HxH, he's a good and iconic artist but no one reads HxH for his art. I know HxH is his baby but I really don't see why he couldnt just write the script and let his assistants do the art for him

No. 158067

He'd still need to draw the storyboard for each chapter though if he wants the manga to look how he wants it to look.

No. 158075

He told his wife the ending if anything were to happen to him, if that’s any consolation

Wow that sucks. I looked it up and the statement reads like she honestly just didn’t wake up one day and suddenly passed. Life can be fucked that way I suppose

No. 158091

God I hate all the Idolm@sters jokes during Berserk's hiatuses, most unfunny shit ever.

No. 158261

Wait, the Saiyuki mangaka was sick? I've been following that manga since I was a teen and I never knew (it doesn't help that Saiyuki was never picked up again after Tokyopop imploded). I never knew, this explains so much.

No. 159657

File: 1631210913574.jpg (545.47 KB, 768x1024, image0 (1).jpg)

No. 160024

File: 1631401321209.jpg (92.68 KB, 702x623, C0g272gUoAA78LX.jpg)

I will be forever thankful to you anon, I started reading it after I saw your post and I'm completely in love with it. Cute characters that are not sexualized, amazing art, a very fleshed out and appealing world? Yes please. It's been such a long time since I've read a manga where I actually wish I could be part of that world. Plus fucking Qifrey man, his character design is chefs kiss.

I just bought the entire collection and I'm on volume 7. Things are getting interesting.

No. 160218

File: 1631513498256.jpeg (123.61 KB, 486x713, E-MuPSmXsAQYsnc.jpeg)

If Yuki is only giving us hope for a Taichihaya ending just so she can squash it again istg I'm going to fucking murder someone.
Any anons on board?

No. 160493

I thought it was pretty obvious months ago he’s perm 3rd wheel despite being best boy

No. 160514

what's going on with mangadex

No. 160516

File: 1631717309972.jpg (139.88 KB, 720x1263, 20210915_114912.jpg)

No. 160518

File: 1631718238514.png (716.55 KB, 875x975, DMQEevUUMAAApEr.png)

I'm glad you liked it nonny! Honestly I'm in the same boat as you, I bought all seven volumes so far, and I never do that with manga. I think my favorite character so far is Beldarut. But I love Qifrey too.

No. 160519

Another anon here who wants to thank you for the recommendation. The art is so lovely!

No. 160649


No. 160697

File: 1631829513326.jpg (226.46 KB, 890x501, Giant Spider & Me.jpg)

Anyone read Giant Spider & Me by Kikori Morino? It's got the similar comfy vibes from Witch Hat and also beautiful food shots and recipes like from WHA and Dungeon Meshi

No. 161632

File: 1632463572919.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.97 KB, 828x1158, 10011072_828_1158_107494.jpeg)

are the tokyo revengers nonnas still around? the last two chapters murdered me in cold blood. picrel is spoilers for chapter 223.

No. 161652

File: 1632483142452.png (842.56 KB, 976x907, E18C9E25-2C9C-4DF3-9346-73F4A4…)

I loved it, ngl, but I felt unsettled while reading, thinking that something terrible would happen because of the spider, but it was just so comfy that there was a moment in which I stopped feeling unsettled.

No. 161695

File: 1632512960868.png (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 2065x1600, 17.png)

BL boys abyss fags chime in, ARE WE WINNING?

No. 161696

I've been hanging out on /a/ just for Rokyo Rev threads, and they're shitting out some good fucking theories. Have hope, anon!

No. 161716

I haven't but it looks lovely Nd I'll check it out

No. 161723

Don't know if I should ask this here or in the BL thread, but since BL is not the main focus, I guess it goes here well enough. Do you nonas know of any M->M<-F/M->F<-F mangas? Not some polyshit or something, but romance manga where characters of the opposite sex are rivaling over the MC? I thought about it yesterday while half asleep and now it won't let me go.

No. 161728

Ao no flag, after school nightmare, there are definitely more I just can’t remember rn lol

No. 161757

File: 1632567543661.jpg (Spoiler Image,460.64 KB, 1035x1600, 15.jpg)


No. 161758


No. 161759

Why are fujos so obsessed with rape.

No. 161760

It wouldn't be fair if the MC only got raped by women desu

No. 161762

they like bloody anuses

No. 161763

What a crazy manga.

No. 161766

does anyone else here feel bad at reading manga?
i never really read any growing up but recently i’ve been reading some and it’s kinda hard to keep track of what’s happening especially in fight scenes. like for example i’m currently reading chainsaw man and i kinda just look at the pictures of the moments when they’re killing demons like .. okay .. and then hope they explain what just happened in a later scene. idk what it is. i try to imagine how the scene would be animated if it was an anime but i guess i’m just better suited to reading actual books.

this probably sounds retarded.

No. 161776

I get what you mean. I don't really read much of manga that feature action scenes, but relatively new artists have issues conveying movement in a non-chaotic way. I remember feeling the fucking same about fights in the first volume (maybe even chapter?) of Sadamoto's NGE manga. It was absolutely fucking unclear what the fuck was going on. He got much better in the later volumes and it no longer was an issue.

No. 161777

i don't know anyone who understand fight scenes in manga, nonna, don't feel bad about it. most of the time i don't even understand what's going on in week to week chapters. like i have no idea what the entire culling game in the current jjk arc is about because i always zone out when they explain anything. i hardly understand any cool fighting techniques either because they don't make any sense unless animated and you know the artist just tried to come up with the most convoluted shit ever. (kirara's technique? don't know, don't care.)

just read and enjoy the parts that make sense to you, nonna, and maybe check a wiki or reddit if you really want an explanation. sometimes fans are better at explaining shit than the characters that are speaking in the panels.

No. 161778

I got a question if someone understands who has read Jojolion
How the hell did Norisuke survive I mean good for him but how? Was it one of Tsurugi's illusions?

No. 161779

I think I got spoiled by the first mangas I read, Dragon Ball and FMA had amazing scenography (I have a specific word in my language and can't find an accurate translation, sorry) and I never felt lost following what was going on, Dragon Ball in particular kept being straightforward despite the fights getting sillier by the end. Nowadays I'm as lost as you about Chainsawman, but I think it's mostly the fault of the author, it feels like he has a bunch of ideas and has no idea how to execute them properly.
I have this problem with shoujo mangas too, I have a hard time following them because I feel like the narration is jumping way too fast, I tried reading Nana and stopped because I was utterly confused by what was going on during the first chapter. Another manga whose title I can't remember had a moment where a boy broke his arm and everybody was "omg it's gonna take so long to heal", and yet on the next page he was already okay, talk about confusing.

No. 161781

>Another manga whose title I can't remember had a moment where a boy broke his arm and everybody was "omg it's gonna take so long to heal", and yet on the next page he was already okay, talk about confusing.
This reminds me of some one shot I read. One page he confesses his love and they plan a date for valentines day, smiling and howahowa and all, and then the direct next page was her crying in front of his grave because, as the page after that explains, he died in some car crash or something on his way to the date spot. This was so unexpected I actually bursted out laughing lmao.

No. 161783

File: 1632583651555.jpg (157.24 KB, 800x1231, 009 (1).jpg)

I revisited, I've seen and read NGE more times than healthy and this still doesn't read well. What the fuck is this supposed to convey? I shouldn't have to guess or think about it
LMFAO that's hilarious, like one of those 'like if u cri everytiem' copypastas that circled around the net around 2007

No. 161787

Lol I need the title of this, it reminds me of that other shoujo one-shot where a highschool girl meets a dude on the escalator and they sign marriage papers despite not knowing each other's name.

No. 161792

oh thank god. i thought i was the only one who was experiencing this and i was so confused because i thought everyone else was understanding things perfectly and i thought something was wrong with me.

re chainsaw man: i enjoy the crude humor and black comedy aspects to it and some of the more darker themes but some of the art could do with some work in the action scenes.

No. 161802

File: 1632599638956.jpg (144.21 KB, 800x560, pet_shop-of-horrors.jpg)

tried reading Pet Shop of Horrors, I enjoyed the 4 episode series and thought I'd enjoy the Manga but I was mistaken
after a while the twists become incredibly predictable and the artstyle can be unintentionally horrifying for characters that are supposed to be beautiful in canon and unintentionally hilarious for things that are supposed to be horrifying

No. 161812

Don't worry anon, Chainsaw Man just has raggedy art

No. 161827

File: 1632622598481.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1048x720, 1632369622391.png)

The funniest part is watching scrotes be like
>It wasn't ~suki da~ in the romantic way!!!!

No. 161830

I love the OG series but earlier this year I read Shin (Tokyo) and haaaated it. The stories made me wonder if the mangaka had personal stuff going on while writing it because it seemed like most of them were about pregnancy or women with shitty relationships. The cute side characters barely appeared in it either. I was really glad I downloaded it first instead of trying to buy the volumes.

No. 161844

Lmao the layers of these jokes

No. 161846

Is it true the mangaka is a fudanshi? Never read any previous work because they seem disgustingly male.

No. 161867

Where did you hear that?

No. 161875

File: 1632667499660.jpg (289.45 KB, 728x1142, IMG_6953(1).JPG)

I read Fire Punch today and what a weird and surreal Manga that is. Ngl I really dig the artstyle

No. 161930

File: 1632704186057.png (19.92 KB, 200x255, q0WoFPW.png)

It has the best ending of any manga I've read. After hearing 'Live' so many times and despite how painful it was to hear each time he still listened, and because of that, he got to be happy in the end. It was so perfect.

No. 161972

File: 1632736305935.jpg (291.33 KB, 850x1200, 109d967c5218ce522238cd403df602…)

Is anyone else reading Chi no Wadachi? It's becoming my favorite of Oshimi's manga and I really can't wait to see how it ends. My theory is that Seichi has always been the real psycho all along and Seiko has had to grin and bear him, which was why she jumped at the chance of being away from him, even if it meant being to jail. So when she finds out Seichi is now in prison, she finds no reason to be there and she recants her confession. It's really a story about a woman who never wanted to become a mother, but never the less did what she could and became broken by it.

No. 161981

so true I really loved the message behind it all

No. 162051

ive been following it since it started! he's one of my favorite mangaka but I like his manga 'happiness' way better. i honestly feel like its been dragged on way too long.. i hope it finishes soon, I rally wanna know how it all ends. I've never thought about seiichi being psycho from the beginning but it does make sense tbh. him not being loved by his mother his whole life definatly fucking him up

No. 162082

I love this manga and the art is beautiful. I love the facial expressions for Seichi and his mother especially.

No. 162104

god, i love happiness so much too, but the ending was such a let-down

No. 162119

Does anyone have recs for mangas with bad endings?

No. 162138

File: 1632836542319.jpg (96.45 KB, 320x442, 6374l.jpg)

I feel like Inio Asano's Manga usually have a bittersweet/sad ending? Like Solanin. Kaine by Kaori Yuki or Kuruizaki no Hana by Mikuzi Hasake was also bittersweet

No. 162139

samefag or did you mean bad as in not good?

No. 162143

File: 1632841962666.jpg (51.08 KB, 350x467, 39663.jpg)

Can we post about cringy guilty pleasure mangas here too? Or is there a different thread for that?
I've been reading Beauty and the Beasts (got tricked by facebook), it's pretty bad but I love it.
It's a reverse harem story where all the guys can shapeshift into animals (no furry luckily). The main character is definitely a mary-sue but not in an annoying way as she's very nice to everyone. The fandom seems to simp for snake-boi (Curtis) even though I dont get why. My fav is the hawk (Muir).
I'm kind of hoping to find some people here who are also indulging in this.

No. 162144

I started reading Witch Hat Atelier based on these recs, and immediately don't trust this dude at all. Maybe I'm too pinkpilled but I can't enjoy the story where a grown man takes a pre pubescent girl off to his magical school of other prepubescent girls. Even if he's a sexless eunuch he doesn't have to be grabbing her waist and holding her hand and shit. That's not your kid motherfucker. Feels like loli bait idk. Sorry I'm being a hater, the art is gorgeous and the character designs, clothing is all beautiful. Maybe I'm officially too old for weeb shit.

No. 162145

This is such a bizarre comic, I guess it's enjoyable, I like the snake guy lol. But it's really fuckin weird to me that all the beast women are really ugly and the main character is the only pretty one. And she just constantly flexes on them whether she means to or not. Seems weirdly misogynistic but maybe I shouldn't think too hard about it

No. 162152

jesus christ this one his literally hot garbage. i have read my fair share of shoujo isekai but this one just tops everything. the main character is a total mary sue and the story is weirdly misogynistic of how all of the women in the isekai world are ugly as heck and the main character is beautiful and gets lusted after by all of the guys and gets seen as the second coming of jesus because she is pretty. Pretty=good character, ugly=bad character. She is beyond stupid and her actions have no consequences whatsoever and the story is just bad, it is all just heroine gets lusted after/gets treated badly by x character/fucks another furry dude and get pregnant from him

No. 162155

Oh yeah I completely agree and it's quite misogynistic but for some reason, I can't stop reading.
It's such obvious mary-sue too, all the mean characters hate her and all the good characters love her. But I can't really hate her because she seems so friendly.
Also what is up with all the cooking?
I think its kinda weird everyone loves Curtis so much, the half-snake thing looks so weird and he killed that cub
Anyone for Muir? He turns out to be a jerk but I like him haha

No. 162166

Fucking same, I love the art but I keep thinking this guy would betray them after ever chapter.

No. 162201

>>No. 162166

NTA but I don't blame you, I mean if you keep on reading we're all on the same page about that

No. 162209

I love Asano's work, I'll check your other recs too! Thanks a lot.
I meant it as in sad/bittersweet, I can use some catharsis

No. 162408

File: 1632985505346.png (Spoiler Image,208.81 KB, 902x747, dumbass_alert.PNG)

new boy's abyss came out: reiji is so pathetic that even gen is sick of his shit.

Also, women are people? Happens more often than you think.

No. 162414

Riyoko Ikeda is a master at doing that.
Oniisama Ee
Versailles no Bara

No. 162493

gen is best boy lmao
i want a crackhead gen goes to tokyo and pursues his gay dreams sequel

No. 163060

File: 1633519558598.jpg (17.35 MB, 3024x4032, RDT_20211006_13055810495855092…)

half a year ago i got a new job, nothing crazy but something that has allowed me to buy manga instead of reading it for free online. fast forward to me realising that a lot of manga i want to read is out of stock or worse, out of print. so i've spent a lot of time on google searching for certain manga and where to get it, often i'd end up on threads in r/mangacollectors. yesterday i decided to look a bit around in that sub and i was honestly disgusted. so many photos from people who buy absolutely insane amounts of manga each month! picrel is an example of what one user has bought in a month. i don't get why this hoarding habit is encouraged? i don't care if someone has a huge collection in general, but why would you add way more than you have the time to read? at first i didn't really understand why they were even calling themselves collectors instead of fans, but i guess that makes sense now. seems that owning the absolute most and bragging online is more important than actually reading and enjoying what you already own.

i shouldn't be surprised though, it's not like i didn't know these people exist, i guess i was just baffled to see so many people who appear to be hoarders encourage each other so much and never address if they perhaps have a problem. and then on one hand it's whatever, their problem, if they want to throw money at creators, go head! that's just good for the creators. but then i wonder how many mangas i want to read but can't buy because they're out of stock or print, that are sitting on some otaku freaks shelf and not being read. like those mushishi volumes in picrel, they are out of print and being sold used on ebay for insane amounts on money, and here is someone just contributing to the rarity of them, because who knows when he or she will read them, if at all. vent over

No. 163061

>picrel is an example of what one user has bought in a month.
Nona I thought this was your own manga collection that you bought over the span of many years…
>why would you add way more than you have the time to read?
Same reason some women buy tons of makeup each month, more than they could use up before it goes bad.
These people are just shopping addicts.

No. 163063

What makes you think they won't/haven't read them?

No. 163069

I agree with you overall, except
>but then i wonder how many mangas i want to read but can't buy because they're out of stock or print, that are sitting on some otaku freaks shelf and not being read.
I feel weird about you believing you are more entitled to the manga because you are ~a true fan~ who would ~actually read the comics~. Aren't you forgetting you can do it online? You just want a hard copy, though, which isn't all that different from the hoarders. Sorry, but it's first come, first served.

No. 163070

I used to follow that sub until I got disgusted with everything people were buying. There’s a youtuber that spends thousands of dollars on manga for his haul videos, posts them on the sub and immediately tries to resell them. I get people buying in bulk to save money but you know so many of them don’t read anything or hoard volumes to resell,

But you should blame the publishers for the shortage of recently printed books, not the collectors. They’re the ones telling the manga readers that they need to preorder to guarantee copies or that they have to buy series digitally before they can be printed. It’s bullshit considering manga sales are bigger than they’ve ever been.

No. 163072

just go look at some of the hauls people post, there is no way they have the time to read everything while also having a job so they can afford to even buy them.
yeah, that was stupid of me to say, sorry. obviously i'm not more entitled. you're right that i could read it online, but i prefer physical copies to get a break from the screen. and it is not about me being "a true fan", it's about casual readers who struggle to find what they want to buy not being able to, and then the same volumes they can't find are collecting dust on some hoarders shelf. you're right that it's first come, first served, but it still annoys me! but that is as >>163070 says, the publishers fault more than anything.

No. 165502

File: 1634738205581.jpeg (308.32 KB, 1080x1532, 8F673382-75CC-4A0E-8F20-D41378…)

I'm currently reading 'Okite Kudasai, Kusakabe-San', it's a cute and relaxing manga about a girl who wants to do nothing but sleep and her very sweet and caring boyfriend who tries to get her to wake up.
I've been needing more simple, cute, SOL type things in my life.

No. 165528

File: 1634743935038.jpg (18.49 KB, 300x403, b2b67df1373172efbf4a76200a1fb1…)

This looks so cute, I'm gonna check it out!

I was also suddenly reminded of an ex-friend who used to recommend me really good slice of life. I recommend checking out Odette by Hiate Haru! It's been years since I read it but I think this was one of the ones she recommended me that I was obsessed with.

No. 165622

File: 1634775518384.jpg (303.14 KB, 1151x827, skip loafer.jpg)

I just started skip to loafer and it's so lovely, wish we didn't have a tranny in it but besides them it's such a refreshing manga and I love everyone so far

No. 165847

Could you recommend me some josei titles that have no romantic plot? It's okay if it's in the background and already established at the beginning, but I really want to read more mature mangas with female MCs getting shit done with zero males in sight (them remaining celibate all throughout the story would be a plus).

No. 165871

wow, she is literally me (thank you for the recommendation, anon!)

No. 166612

Can someone tell me what's the deal with these long-running shoujo mangas like Skip Beat!, Glass mask Etc? Are they just soap operas?

No. 167316

It’s blue ball the series where you get teased for years

No. 167422

File: 1635384651373.jpg (148.67 KB, 728x1029, 6123b60fec32dfa12e6ea82ec762e9…)

Anyone know where I can find chapter 38+ of Uramichi Oniisan in English? Like is there anyone translating it anymore or it just stopped at ch 37 on all the sites I see?

No. 167448

The group that was translating it is currently inactive.

No. 167482

Tragic, thanks nonny

No. 167495

I feel your pain, my possibly new favourite manga (Amane Gymnasium) got dropped after 1 chapter and I cannot even find Japanese scans to machine translate…

No. 167507

File: 1635437146471.jpg (654.65 KB, 1703x2475, vol1.jpg)

currently reading 20th century boys. i'm only 8 chapters in but i like it so far i think.

No. 167747

Aww girl hope you do find some, fingers crossed and that your machine scans are way more better then my tech deficient ass just holding up google translate on my phone to each page Lmaoo

No. 167749

Loved this one, my fav series from Urasawa

No. 167903

File: 1635643960979.png (287.66 KB, 1280x844, pink.png)

Does anyone have any good josei recs, especially those that have a similar vibe to Pink by Kyoko Okazai. I know the big names like Moyocco Anno, Akiko Higashimura, Moto Hagio and would love recs for similar modern day authors!

No. 168305

Anon I LOVED this, thank you!! I finished it in a day

No. 168939

Nonnie i read it because you mentioned on here and damn thank you so much! The first chapter wrecked me so i knew i was gonna love this. I’m still at ch40 tho and so far love this

No. 170757

File: 1637472657356.jpg (354.11 KB, 1076x1600, 000.jpg)

Just finished this and damn, funny as hell but what an unsatisfying ending. I'm pissed that the romance was not resolved and completely ignored in the last chapter, what was the point of racking up the tension in the final 2 volumes??

I wanted to see them play at least one real hockey game, judging by the final extra chapter, the author originally intended to lean a bit more into the sports genre?

Someone give me something with a satisfying and conclusive ending to read please….

No. 170781

Ai Morinaga died very suddenly in 2019 or 2018, depending on when the last chapter was released maybe that's why it feels so unfinished to youn

No. 170786

File: 1637487066544.png (625.37 KB, 1200x861, ErUeTxpW4AAyel1.png)

I'm so pissed anons, I just started reading Mieruko-chan, it's about this girl who suddenly starts seeing creepy shit, very sixth sense-ish starts slow but gets better when the new class prof seems to be dangerous as he's always followed by ghosts and I love the idea and the tone of it, but it's full of so much coomer shit I have a hard time ignoring it. Why can't we have a manga written by men that's isn't full of fucking gratuitous sexualization

No. 171162

File: 1637711092196.jpg (165.83 KB, 641x873, ch 19 - bp.jpg)

Picrel is from Ch 19 of Blue Period and I hope someone can help me identify I know for real an artist who draws like this style (The rest of the manga is way more realistic, it's about art hence the diff style here)

No. 171175

the manga finished 10 years before her death, anon

No. 171182

Try also posting this in the Help Me Find thread on /ot/ anon

No. 171229

It kinda reminds me of Junko Mizuno but I'm probably wrong.

No. 171244

Thanks nonnys!!

No. 171404

You're reading too much into it. Witch Hat Atelier is the Studio Ghibli of mangas, it's an innocent and fun story about the adventures of little witches. The teacher isn't trustworthy, but that's because of other reasons, not because he's a pedo.

No. 171661

Thank you so much anon! I just started reading this and I'm enjoying it so far. It's so rare to find content with a chubby/unattractive female mc especially in the romance genre. The last manga I read similar to this is Fat Cinderella!! but it looks like it's on hiatus for a very long time or is discontinued.

No. 172001

File: 1638219798497.jpg (55.92 KB, 260x385, ACruelGodReigns_vol01_Cover.jp…)

Do people actually think that the relationship between Ian and Jeremy is 'a love story'? I've heard some circles call a Cruel God reigns a 'yaoi', but, for me, it felt like the manga was focused on horror and drama, and that none of the sex scenes were meant to be 'hot', if anything they provoked a sense of disgust. Is it just called a 'yaoi' because it features gay sex/rape?

No. 172007

I haven't read it but sounds like typical old school yaoi and the mangaka is a famous fujo

No. 172043

>Is it just called a 'yaoi' because it features gay sex/rape?
Pretty much. Keep in mind that BL isn't limited solely to romantic, consensual sex.

No. 172063

This was such a captivating but uncomfortable read! Some pages and especially the buildup in the first part of the story were so impactful and dramatic they left me stunned in discomfort.
>if anything they provoked a sense of disgust.
This so much. I feel like the story is more of a personal character drama than a love story, and one of the main points imo is that Jeremy isn’t able to have a healthy relationship or sex because of what happened to him. It’s really a display of various kinds of dysfunctional/toxic relationships and the devastating and long lasting impact rape can have on a person.
I recently started to read into another work of this author but I stopped reading because the theme of rapey older guy molesting an underage character makes me feel so damn uncomfortable and I am not sure why the author fixates on this so much, I really hope it’s because she wants to show the horror of it not because she thinks it’s hot. Regarding that, what kept me reading picrel was that the depictions of sexual acts did not seem voyeuristic or coomerish to me.

No. 172068

I get so weirded out when fujos talk about this manga using yaoi terms, I've seen some saying shit like "it's so sad that Ian x Jeremy didn't happen uwu", it's clearly a drama about sexual trauma and its consequences, it's completely different from the basic yaoi manga.
Speaking of which, am I the only one who thought Marjorie kinda ruined the second part of the manga? She was so fucking obnoxious and I really didn't get what was her purpose.

No. 172072

Your post has been a wild ride for me
>Manga thread
>some sports shonen cover
>Do people actually think that the relationship between Ian and Jeremy is 'a love story'?
>Huh? double check picrel and thread
>Continue reading
>horror and drama
I feel bamboozled by my assumptions

No. 172082

Dowman Sayman maybe?

No. 172087

This story was great until Ian and Jeremy started having a relationship. I was very disappointed with the way their romance unfolded. Ian became a cheating, degenerate lunatic who pressures Jeremy to remember painful things and have sex, even though Jeremy doesn't like it. And Jeremy doesn't really seem to be into men. I think he feels dirty and like he's no longer worthy to be with a woman and have a normal life. In the first chapter, I thought it would be an investigative series, and it was for a few chapters, but the conflict after that is about how Ian is becoming like his father for no reason. Anyway, this is the story with the most realistic depiction of rape I've seen. It was very uncomfortable to read, it made me feel sick.

No. 172412

Ajin is one of the worst manga I've ever read but I'm trying to force myself to finish it for completion's sake. The 'monster' designs are cool and that's about the only good thing I can say about it. The MC is horridly apathetic, all of the characters but maybe two are boring cardboard cut outs, the story says NOTHING - it's just action scenes for not really any reason. Garbage.
The art is bad but I can let that slide if the story is nice, not in this case though.
I don't get who this appeals to besides teenage boys.

No. 172579

But this IS a BL manga.

No. 172603

I feel the same away about the anime but once I came to terms with the fact that I was just watching it for the cool monsters, I enjoyed it much more. Treat it like a unnarrated nature documentary about the monsters where the humans are just NPCs

No. 172741

The anime was one of the rare times I felt like I was watching a hollywood action movie instead of an anime

No. 172795

Do you nonnies have any recommendations for a manga with a good underdog-like character, if that makes sense?
I love genuinely good underdog stories

No. 172797


No. 172828

File: 1638709417973.gif (2.99 MB, 400x267, da766144f19ed.gif)

Eyeshield 21 if you wantto read a sports manga, Hana Yori Dango if you want to read a shojo manga even though it's a bit over the top. Stop reading onceyou get sick of Tsukasa's mother antics, it getssuper repetitive after that.

No. 172833

Swan and Yowamushi Pedal

I think you just saved me from wasting money, I read the first volume a while ago and was thinking it must get better because it didn’t seem that good

No. 172839

File: 1638717044923.jpg (127.89 KB, 534x932, enfer_bouteille_planche.jpg)

What are some mangas where you looked at a page and it made you go 'wow'?

No. 172848

what manga is this from? the art is really pretty

No. 172852

File: 1638723386629.jpeg (161.91 KB, 639x909, D_4Ti1mX4AE5vK-.jpeg)

Oyasumi Punpun (shut up — the art is objectively good), (Innocent) Rouge, Clover and X/1999 by Clamp (also Chobits kinda), something by Usamaru Furuya but cannot tell you what as I've read his managa a long time ago - maybe Chronicles of A Clueless Age, Paradise Kiss too

No. 172857

File: 1638725391230.jpg (189.3 KB, 540x788, tumblr_2063797deb27bdf8079e134…)

Inferno in Bottles by Suehiro Maruo (if you have a weak stomach, don't Google his name). He usually draws vile shit but then occasionally he does sometimes really beautiful panels, I feel really ambivalent about his art

No. 172858

File: 1638725606610.jpg (205.86 KB, 720x1069, 20211205_143117.jpg)

Ive only read 2 mangas from keiko takemiya but i feel like she portrays emotional turmoil beautifully, I love how her delicate lines give pace to strong emotions

No. 172967

File: 1638807896385.jpeg (446.94 KB, 1456x1053, C5850102-3F35-4DCE-982E-277B2C…)

Platinum End was disappointing, but Obata's art never is.

No. 172986

Oh my god, i love suehiro maruo too anon. I forgot what the title was but didn't he made like a short comic about what could have happened if imperial Japan won the world war? It was really weird and i wasn't sure if he was satirizing the ultranationalism or if it's his genuine feelings lmao

No. 173590

I read a lot of manga like 10 years ago, mostly shounen stuff, and now decided to start reading it again. Currently reading Gantz, I like it a lot, despite all the coomer stuff. Any more manga like this? Soething that is not shounen or girly manga.

No. 173593

His art is nice when he’s not hyper focusing on only drawing girls

No. 173597

Zetman maybe? The art is great imo too

No. 173605

Dorohedoro if you haven’t read it yet. Bokurano is also kind of Gantz-y

No. 173607

So like gore, larger than life and coomerish? Search tags like mature horror psychological seinen. Deadman wonderland, Mahou shojo of the End, Okitenemuru, High school of the Dead, Alive the Final evolution, I Am a Hero, Fire punch. A lot these titles are pretty camp, ngl not narrative masterpiece or anything but offer edgy fun.

No. 173679

Terra Formars was compared a lot to Gantz in its early days, they share similarities such as gory action scenes and ludicrous powers, without the coomer shit. I love it but the manga has been on hiatus for years and the anime is horrible, never watch it.

No. 173950

File: 1639590181791.jpeg (32.78 KB, 600x312, 67C4ECE8-5EEC-4219-81E6-D1C150…)

It’s a webtoon but i really liked nora swipes right
yea its about sex tourism

No. 174073

Im sorry i didnt see that there was a webtoon thread

No. 174551

File: 1639939918462.gif (374.52 KB, 500x477, 3tVz.gif)

Any recs for a good app to read manga scans?
It seems like all of the apps I used to use 3~5 years ago either shut down or became a webtoon/paid platform.

No. 174553

Tachiyomi + Mangadex library plugin.

No. 175484

Does anyone have a rec for a good shoujo manga that wont make me want to kms, I was reading and loving kare kano (just finished vol 3) but then read the ending and just quit when I saw what happens. No weird age differences or useless ass protags please (I know the famous ones like ccs or fruits basket and would love obscure recs!)

No. 175621

Moe Kare and I give My First Love to You made me cry for days when I was younger

No. 175638

Sometimes I'm buying manga I already read or I wanted to read long ago to have my own collection, in case it becomes impossible to read anything online for free thanks to scanlations. As soon as I moveout of my parents' place and I'll have more space I'm considering buying Eyeshield 21, Death Note and Vanitas no Carte. Is Pandora Hearts good? I'm considering starting reading it but I'm so lazy these days that I'd have to consider a series a masterpiece if I want to finish reading it.

No. 175654

I enjoyed Pandora Hearts way more than I'm enjoying Vanitas no Carte. I feel like the latter shoehorns the pairings and the romance a little too much and that's just not my thing, especially if there are plot and lore that are interesting enough on their own.

No. 175658

File: 1640453296666.jpg (11.51 KB, 259x224, f24144ca426665e19948c15f9a681b…)

Late, but thanks, nonnie! It is perfect, exactly what I wanted. I love that you can download and read it offline as well, cause where I'm staying currently, my room doesn't have wifi, just the living room. I've been reading every night!

No. 175708

Thanks! Never heard of them and excited to check them out!

Btw does anyone know a place I can read Tokyo Tarereba girls 2, it hasn’t been translated officially into English from what I see and I can’t find anyone scanlating it also if anyone knows a place, thanks

No. 175758

File: 1640527386007.jpg (43.94 KB, 350x350, tumblr_c846b4d6d5999753b34aeff…)

You're welcome, anon. Any anon reading this who has not yet read Yotsuba to!, I highly recommend you to.

No. 176461

File: 1640914356447.png (Spoiler Image,750.37 KB, 1019x809, dandadan.png)

Anyone reading Dandadan? First chapter and granny made me rme at how scrotey it was, but I'm really enjoying it a lot and know it would make a good anime. Poor Okarun for real tho but Momo is a cute protagonist, I like her gyaru friends also

No. 176479

I thought about reading it after seeing the chapters from the last couple weeks, the art is really good.

No. 176491

Really good! Kinda scrote ish like I said but love the main characters a lot and the art is really good, I like the dumb faces they pull

No. 176526

File: 1640947572093.jpg (33.07 KB, 497x350, dfs.jpg)

Has anyone read The Girl from the Other Side? I recently finished volume 1 and thought the art was so cozy. It hit all the good spots of a fairytale with dark undertones. It was a little slow, but IDK seems okay so far.

Also cool that it got an anime adaptation! Can't wait to see it after finishing the manga (if it doesn't get bad like some manga tend to do). The trailer's animation looks great.

No. 176527

I read the ending last month and it's okay. It stays cozy and dark in a wholesome way.

No. 176624

I got bored of the "child with a nonhuman parent figure" trope, it’s already dry

No. 176828

NTA but I've barely seen this. What other mangas are you referring to?

No. 177132

File: 1641295791615.png (342.65 KB, 893x1300, index.png)

the guy who drew horimiya now drew a story about a 17 year old girl and a 37 year old guy being married to benefit their respective families. it's made up all cutesy uwu. koyuki is adorable but the scrote can die.

No. 177133

No idea what Horimiya is, but the shit you posted look like it's shit. The guy could be her father with that age gap. And just from that page she seems to be mentally 5 years old.

No. 177173

nta but only one I can think of is Gugure Kokkuri-san which came out a decade ago

No. 177176

File: 1641317265705.png (2.86 MB, 1442x2048, d55674ea78012383914d494d2fe348…)

also nta, but i think ancient magus bride somewhat falls into that trope, even though he's her husband/future husband and sometimes he takes on human form. also bondrewd and prushka from made in pedo-abyss.

No. 177178

I think that trope is this generation's version of "looks 10, is 5000 years old" shit which was really popular several years ago. Instead of the moe character (btw has anyone notice how moe characters look like literal toddlers nowadays?) being old and acting like she's 14, they make the parent who is supposedly ancient look like the same age as their intended audience, but their kid looks 5.

No. 177347

File: 1641386180932.png (449.18 KB, 1024x712, ooku7.png)

I have just found out about Ooku: The Inner Chambers
>In an alternative timeline of feudal Japan, a strange disease that only affects men caused a massive reduction of male population, thus females have to pick up men's jobs, changing the social structure. Now, after 80 years of the initial outbreak and current man:woman ratio of 1:4, Japan has become completely matriarchal, with women holding important political positions and men being their consort. Only the most powerful woman—head of Tokugawa shogunate—can keep a harem of handsome yet unproductive men, known as "Oooku."
>Oooku won an Excellence Prize at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival, the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Grand Prize in 2009, and the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award in shoujo manga category in 2011. The series also received special prize at The Japanese Association of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy's 5th annual Sense of Gender awards in 2005, a live-action film based on the series was screened in 2010, and it received a two television drama adaptations in 2012.
Sounds extremely promising

No. 177381

I definitely recommend Ooku, it's really really good!
Your post reminded me to get back to it, thanks nona

No. 177389

He's so hot…

No. 178494

Nonas, I know Punpun isn't well-liked here, and reading your criticisms, its completely justified, but I have to say that I just finished reading volume 6 and I liked it a lot. I love flawed women like Punpun's mother, even if Asano is a talentless scrote, I can't help myself from admitting that I enjoyed this volume. I also liked the other girl in the manga, Azusa Kanie, the one who Punpun desperately wants to fuck but she rejects him. I think I enjoy this whenever the story isn't focused on Punpun, who gets more hateful with each volume.

No. 178503

I'm with you on Punpun. TBH by lolcow standards I'm a sTaN because I enjoyed the manga a lot (and related to Aiko – I'm no longer that person, but I used to be). I don't think that Asano is talentless since he is a great artist and his manga plots are interesting and memorable. Problem is that he is a scrote, so his perspective bleeds through the panels. More or less depending on your interpretation. So I like his work, but I'm fairly critical of it at the same time.
I didn't like the Kanie plot though because it ended up being about manipulative underage hoes using and throwing away Good Men™ who are so traumatised by it uwu despite being predators. Asano's misogyny really jumped out here. I'm curious about your thoughts on the later plot development.

No. 178521

I wish there was a gender bender in which the guy actually progressively loses his male outlook on life and becomes mentally, a woman, and regrets his past actions. Because if you change into a girl your fucking brain composition would also change. Not just i have a girls body and booba now i must coooooom and be lesbian

No. 178555

I'll try to read the other volume tonight so I can comment on that spoiler which I didn't check. Thank you for your opinion, anon. I agree that he's a talented artist but his scrote-ness makes it a bit hard for me to enjoy his work sometimes. Have you read Heroes? I'm not sure if it has been translated into english, but I read it in spanish last year and I found it very amusing. I would also like to read Dead Dead Demon's, because I find the characters adorable, lol

No. 179003

File: 1642022141691.jpg (169.75 KB, 698x1000, usagi-moku_shachiku-ka_11178.j…)

Nonnas please read Department of Corporate Slave Rabbits thank you

No. 179011

I have no idea why everyone is creaming themselves over Chainsaw Man. I heard nothing but rave reviews about it from people and scrotes alike and read all the available chapters, but absolutely nothing managed to grab me. The art is cool and expressive but the characters are bland, uninteresting, and I felt absolutely no investment in them at all. The story was at least decent but its 'twists' were either predictable or fucking retarded Chainsaw devil ended AIDS and Nazis holy kek, and while it was nice to see a female villain that wasn't reduced to uwu fapbait, Makima still felt lackluster to me. Did anyone else feel the same way?

No. 179014

It does have its own merits, but it's definitely overhyped by zoomers who have never read or watched anything even remotely unique.

Imo fuji had too many cool ideas but has no fucking idea how to make them interesting in a story outside of cool panels/pages.

No. 179016

Yes, I started reading when it had just began publication a few years ago and I ended up dropping it because it just couldn't hold my interest. Later on I was really surprised to hear that it had exploded in popularity because it felt so average to me, though I figured it was just a sign that I'd mostly grown out of shonen manga.

No. 179023

File: 1642026585715.gif (14.26 MB, 640x468, bjork-paparazzi.gif)

I finally bought the 4th volume of Nana since it's getting reprinted where I live. This manga is bad for my blood pressure, fuck Shoji for being a cheater, fuck Takumi for existing I'm anticipating his first appearance in the next volumes, and fuck Junko for telling Hachi that she should try to understand Shoji after he cheated on her. No wonder Hachi is so retarded when she has always been surrounded by retards her whole life, poor girl probably thought this was normal.

No. 179030

I liked Fire Punch but lost interest in CM halfway through. Fujimoto relies too much on introducing a ton of secondary characters and killing them off for shock value

No. 179034

For me, it's Makima.

No. 179045

For me its also Makima. A true girlboss.

No. 179067

File: 1642046661116.png (91.13 KB, 320x474, inside_mai.png)

There's a manga I really like called Inside Mari that has elements of this. It's definitely meant to be disturbing rather than purely coomfuel despite being by a moid.

No. 179069

File: 1642046921759.png (926.47 KB, 891x1300, 45ea426d88a6291b7a3950d513fea0…)

>from people and scrotes alike
fucking KEK

I liked chainsaw man, not in a "this is a masterpiece" way, but in a "this is a crazy B movie" kind of way. My fav characters were definitely Power and Aki, and even though denji is a total whatever of a character I thought the three of them together were really funny.
I do not understand the Makima simping. She's easily the least interesting character in the series, even over Denji and that's saying something. All that said, I thought it was pretty solid and entertaining for what it was up through the middle part, but it jumped the shark really hard at the end. It literally felt like the author had a stroke and kept writing through the seizures. I think he didn't know how to end it and just sharted out a bunch of actual nonsense onto the page so he could call it done.

anyway I love Power's original design/outfit (and her pet kitty cat), picrel

No. 179070

this manga was absolutely coom bait. Ooshimi shuzo is great as trying to hide his coom behind a faux intellectual façade, he does it almost every time and people eat it up with their eyes glazed over. I liked "Happiness" though
Our standards for male-authored manga are so incredibly low that we let stuff like this fly as "non-coomer

No. 179076

Seconding nonnie, this shit is coombait garbage and I’m sorry you were fooled

No. 179093

this dumbass also made a manga about a two-timing guy falling in love with a pick-me manic pixie troon because his childhood friend refused to have sex with him immediately and apparently that is too high maintenance. All his stuff is dumb coomer shit

No. 179094

samefag this monstrosity is called okaeri alice

No. 179095

I like chainsaw man but I defenitelly tought this too. I especially found it stupid the death of the guy and girl with the scarfaces. It was kinda looking like they were going to do something actually noteworthy for once but then they just die. It did not shock me (a lot of characters had already been killed, not new) and I didn't even care I don't even remember if they had done actually anything by that point so I had 0 attachment and literally the only thing it made me think was that those characters might as well literally not have been in the manga. The american guys could had stolen a literal background character's face instead and it would be the exact same "oh no I'm killing people" but with an added "the people that you don't know anything about are also people with feelings and lives" subtext

No. 179152

Anons I still cry over kissmanga sometimes. There were so many niche titles that I can’t find anywhere else now. I loved dumpster diving and find weird shit to read. Aaaa I hate the state of the world!!!

No. 179162

NTA but he also made Sweet Pool aka a manga about a hairy girl and a hairless boy, which was pretty interesting.
I like Oshimi Shuzo. IDC if he can be seen as coomer. There is enough interesting plot, characters etc. I forget about any coomer content.

No. 179166

File: 1642101363425.jpg (95.14 KB, 960x500, makima-chainsaw-man-e160041407…)

based, my absolute love for her makes me forget about all the weird and badly executed plot lines.

No. 179189

File: 1642106553810.jpeg (91.54 KB, 528x776, 6C0FAC71-92A9-460E-91C7-2A883F…)

I love her so much

No. 179199

she's a kinda shit character i don't get the appeal unless you're just horny for her

No. 179204

whos your favorite csm character?

No. 179217

The arc with the international hunters was the exact point I lost interest, they all felt so irrelevant. It felt like you could remove that entire part of the series and it wouldn’t make a difference to the overarching plot. I get killing characters off to show off the threat of the real antagonist but when you do it more than three, four, five times in a single series it gets old really fast.

Fire Punch had a lot of random secondary characters too but they at least had interesting backgrounds. The pages about baseball man’s relationship with his dying son, the foreign underwear girl talking about her family and Togata’s childhood movie obsession gave them more character than any of the black suits in CSM.

No. 179229

>The arc with the international hunters was the exact point I lost interest
I think everyone can agree that's where it fell off the tracks. I know people use this to shitpost on /a/ but bomb arc was genuinely where I last felt like the manga was amazing. If it kept up along those lines I'd probably be one of the circlejerkers kek but the assassin arc is where Fujimoto just very blatantly felt all over the place. I hope this long break before part 2 means he's actually planning and developing his ideas properly now.

No. 179231

File: 1642117615952.jpg (177.3 KB, 1358x1000, EtYHqxDVkAMkRZT.jpg)

yes a portion of it is because i'm attracted to her

No. 179234

Does anyone else fucking hate "Eden: It's an Endless World"?

I got recommended it to me like "hey this story has gnostic elements to it in a pist-apocalyptic world" read the synopsis and it pretty much sounded the same. Ffs it had very interesting politics but it was more like cyberpunk unnecessary porn with 1 or 2 mentions of gnosticism. Boring characters and the only goid thing about it was a cyborg introduced at the end.

No. 179236

>my absolute love for her makes me forget about all the weird and badly executed plot lines
I find this hilarious because I thought HER plotline was the weakest and least thought-out part of the whole series.

No. 179237

Agreed, when she was no longer a mystery box she lost all appeal. I think her reveal and then the following fights that followed it were some of the worst shit in the whole manga

No. 179246

Nta but sounds like the horny one here is you anon. I found Reze's design okay but her outfits were incredibly unappealing, the choker and the thigh highs being what a weeb with no fashion taste would find sexy. Her face is cute though, but I hated how she either wore that lame coomerbait outfit or was naked.
Fujimoto's writing is far from good, but I liked that Makima craved someone to be her equal. It was in her nature to be controlling, but she still yearned for a family, which I KNOW is not very good writing, but I found it sweet. I wish I could've been her friend…

No. 179249

File: 1642130177459.png (339.1 KB, 1114x1600, 7a291bd576da9e3ba2628091f0050e…)

Has anyone heard of Land of the Lustrous. It's on hiatus rn but the last page genuinely made me cry.

No. 179270

I've seen some artists I follow draw for this series, the characters look interesting. What did you think of it anon?

No. 179272

yes its a pretty popular manga anon

imho the anime adaptation is the only one where the cg didnt just work but actually outright enhanced the show, still holding out for s2 to happen

No. 179274

that's a gigantic spoiler kek

No. 179275

I can't look at csm without seeing just scrotebait. No matter how good or interesting the plot and characters are I absolutely cannot vibe with it. It reads too much like male fantasy to me and unlike other shounen manga it doesn't have enough husbandos to counter that

No. 179277

I think this why I couldn't get into the manga after the first season aired. I really tried and was interested in the story but the animation is what really sold it for me. Plus I keep getting spoiled anyway so what's the point kek

No. 179289

its very obviously full of the authors fetishes but bc hes into femdom instead of rape people (me) tend to give it a pass kek

No. 179318

Is there any good neet becomes a normie through hard work mangas?

No. 179334

Huh the author of hozuki no reitetsu has a new manga as of last year, I want to read it

No. 179335

That what it is just decorated with some stylistic pages

No. 179424

File: 1642228980051.jpg (118.75 KB, 422x600, 219120l.jpg)

personally liked this one, specially because the character grew in a way I find realistic for a depressed NEET

No. 179430

Isn't Lesbian Loneliness Diary (and maybe the following comics) like this? I know you probably want something longer, but I wanted to mention it in case you are interested

No. 179660

Any recommendations for manga that revolves around or incorporates office life/work life? I know there's Wotakoi, but that's really the only one I can think of.

No. 179663

3AM Dangerous Zone, Servant x Service (only watched the anime and it was decent for an office comedy), Still Sick

No. 179703

Are there only two volumes in total, or published so far? Is this a continuing series?

No. 179750

I've read Veil by Kotteri and bought the volumes in my first language, I love her art ever since I followed her on tumblr when she was mostly posting JJBA fanart. Knowing that she also worked on SMT4A and SMT5 as well is pretty funny now that I think about, I've been supporting her without even really trying. Too bad she deleted her tumblr and looking for people's art on twitter is a pain in the ass. If anyone here reads Japanese and doesn't want to or can't buy her books, you can find her manga pages on twitter but it's not convenient and her handwritting is kinda shit.

No. 179761

Best recommendations for manga about leaving abusive relationships/friends behind?

No. 179771

only thing that comes to my mind is Vitamin, but it's not explored much
(it's a shoujo manga about overcoming rape). Also Mars, but in terms of leaving abusive family - there is a retarded plot point where a victim becomes besties with her physically dangerous bully like no problem. The manga is great overall, though.
I would also be interested in other recs!

No. 179778

File: 1642422605498.jpeg (238.68 KB, 1090x1542, 00F6A947-D896-4646-B7E6-893F1B…)

LIFE by Suenobu Keiko

No. 179846

The live-action is great

No. 179890

could someone plz link to liveaction, cuz I've been searching forever and all I could find was one fucking episode on yt!!! plz I need your help!!!!

No. 179907

No. 180030

so i just finished binge watching the entirity of LIFE, and i agree with the og nona who suggested it in another thread long ago; very palatable to watch! Love the "bullying is a cycle: bully becomes bullied and bullied becomes bully", bullshit and that the head bully is just a rich bpd bitch who was honestly never That popular in the 1st place. Also personally love that it potrays cross sex bullying; american media barely ever/fucking never potrays that or at least with a female victim - as if boys don't bully girls in america!! I feel like alot of japanese media, in regards to if/when it potrays bullies, actually do that shit justice!
Some of the bullying that ayumu got was SO fucking real it hurt!!! - an alleged "friend" setting you up and getting her boyfriend and his friends to run a train/rape you is some serious college girl shit!!! Theee party girl horror story!! That was TOO real!! Though, I wouldn't actually say LIFE is completely realistic - very wish fulfillmenty towards the end. Like, watching the last 3ish eps made it obvious that the author was bullied and wishes the shit that happened to ayumu would have happened to her lol. I wouldn't say that that's a bad thing tho…I just wish ayumu stopped giving a fuck about her middle school friend who had a superiority complex towards her and completely ghosted her after they started high school!! Like, absolutely nothing about the original situation was ayumu's fault!! It's not her fault that her middle school bestie had a fucking narc meltdown!! She shouldve ignored her!!!!! FUCK HER!

No. 180035

damn your blogpost makes me want to watch now, havent watched live action for quite awhile

No. 180037

Do it nona!! It's only 11 eps long, it's short as fuck! And I need to have someone to sperg about it to!

No. 180087

if you liked life, you may also like this one


No. 180098

nona!! I'm in 3 eps in and I'm reminded I had read LIFE in the past too, also around mid-late 00s because during that time I thought the manga was Heavy as fuck lol. Now I'm more of a writer and has another highschool girls complex relationship as backburner for one of my stories, LIFE really makes me motivated to get back to writings.
I like how the editing (sound effect, zoom shots) and the exaggerated acting didnt take that long for audiences to get used to, and I'm hooked! Plot progression and characters narrative are so even out, I'm actually impressed at the Live action adaption did so well even if it's over the top highschool drama.
Also sperg away! My sperg is going be really sapphic lesbian brainworms since the interaction between Ayumi and the long haired delinquent girl really hits me just right. Though I vaguely remembered it's going to have a hetero ending with the shy moid, I'm rooting for these two, idk, badass delinquent girl that gives no fuck vs traumatized girl doing her best to cope is my favorite GL dynamic so I dig it a lot.

(Feel free to disagree on this because, yeah, I like Girls' Love whoops)

Going to check this out after LIFE, thanks miao ♥

No. 180206

What's the best free online manga website? One without much ads + good quality + lots of series?

No. 180244


No. 180607

Anybody else reading Takopii no Genzai? It's like Doraemon but more depressing.

No. 180623

She's so pretty

No. 180625

In an alternate world, you and I are both Makima's friends and we go shopping and bake cakes together. Believe in the dream!

No. 180886

anons I'm super pissed of right now. Some years ago I read Ayu no Monogatari and I just reread it and for some reason I used to believe it was written by a woman, as a warning message to young girls who might want to dabble in prostitution. But I just found out that the author is a moid and now it feels more like a story for the most degenerate coomers.
I still like it for my own interpretation and I just bawled my eyes out over Pao no Monogatari (yes I'm crying rn) but the other parts of the series I've read now feel so disgusting and I'm angry

No. 180989

The art was very feminine so I assumed the same. But yeah considering it's pure depression porn, I guess that tracks. Although I haven't seen any sexualization of the series though. From a woman's perspective, the story can look like a remark on the suffering caused by men, and women finding love and empathy in spite of it all. When a man write it, it can feel like divine punishment upon sinful women, but Captain-save-a-ho still get to feel good about his morals and "empathy". But considering, it was a phone novel, honestly, I think the author just wanted to write gritty tearjerkers for clout. There were quite a lot grimdark angst fetish in drama at the time.

No. 181103

It's pure misery porn as the other anon mentioned, so not surprised it's by a scrote. The death of Pao (and I think the good boyfriend?) really stretched the suspension of disbelief. The whole manga was like Emergence/Metamorphosis without porn

No. 181131

I'm watching life right now and I adore the chemistry between ayumu and hatori. I know it's yuribait but they'd make a great couple. I'm only at ep 6 and katsumi and anzai can go die, katsumi is worse cause he's a filthy rapist scrote but anzai also attempted to murder ayumu. And I dislike the teacher who has the hots for katsumi ew. The newbie teacher is trying to do something about the bullying meanwhile she's more bothered with finding a way to fuck her deranged student

No. 181154

Apparently the artist is a woman but the original story was written by a scrote.
I honestly thought it was supposed to be a "stay in school and don't do drugs, kids" kind of story but I've now realised that I fell for coomer shit. AGAIN. Gonna stick to josei by confirmed female authors from now on

No. 181157

File: 1642968172784.jpg (97.3 KB, 980x550, choujin-x-weekly-young-jump.jp…)

choujin x sucks. MC is pathethic, character desgins are awful, plot still feels like tg knock off and ishida's artstyle got ugly

No. 181178

File: 1642971005356.jpg (Spoiler Image,994.93 KB, 1699x1436, Ishida's art.jpg)

>Ishida's artstyle got ugly
I was going to ask why until I searched for pictures. I really loved Ishida's artwork and paneling in Tokyo Ghoul, and when he did the redraw of the first volume I was quite pleased with the improvement. But now I gave a look at Choujin x and I'm just asking, what happened here? Some panels look okay, but then I compare both mangas and it gets very clear that he was most invested into Tokyo Ghoul. Not even is Twitter fanarts look this ugly, jesus.

No. 181180

That right panel and the infamous Tokyo Ghoul sex scene made me realize that Ishida's a male edgelord coomer just like all the others. I grew out of his work really fast.

No. 181188

I have an easier time following manga than anime. If i get distracted watching anime the story keeps moving forward and I miss stuff, but if I get distracted reading manga I just keep reading where I left off.
That said, i don't think you're retarded. Sometimes messy art is really hard to parse

No. 181189

Where is the best place to get multiple volumes in a bundle? Buying individually from stores costs a lot.

No. 181192

The left is a full page/cliffhanger and the right is a zoomed in panel, it's not really an accurate comparison

No. 181212

You are right, I'm sorry.

No. 181251

I started reading this since y'all recommended it and I just want to say if that bitch Manami ends up with a redemption arc and doesn't get what she deserves I will lose my shit, I've never EVER been so angry at a manga character before I can barely keep reading, she does not deserve to learn from her mistakes and grow as a character

No. 181309

I'm this anon.
Happy to see other anons are reading and watching LIFE!
A spoiler though, since this part stuck out for me.
When I googled a bit of LIFE's manga screencap there were Ayumu kissing Hatori and Ayumu went through a self harm period, cutting her wrist which shook me. I vaguely it's either LIFE or other heavy shoujo manga I read at the time had this obvious self harm depicted, and in a schoolgirl manga netherless!!

I understand nonnas frustrations at Manami and Anzai, though I think the show really gave them justice in making their characters rounded, and in a sense they're still victims of circumstances, though still partially because it is highlighted in the end that they HAVE to the choices in their life, when highschool is over and they become adults
Ahh I love it, I think the show made me cried me a bit here and then, Ayumu and Hatori's friendship is so beautiful… I'm fine with the shy moid in it but w/e
I will read the manga when I get a better headspace, since it's much heavier than the live action.

No. 181587

Honestly neither Manami nor Katsumi have any reedemable qualities, they're both unhinged sociopaths, one is just a bit more maladjusted than the other.

No. 181592

File: 1643135181144.png (1.91 MB, 1688x1200, Team_Usogui.png)

anyone here read usogui? art looks insanely up my alley but its long as balls so i wanna know if its worth starting

No. 181599

I really liked it but I remember that it had a slow start, I didn't get into it properly until after a few arcs had passed so it might be a time commitment. It's kind of crazy but entertaining, if you like ultra high-stakes gambling manga (and also martial arts) you'll probably enjoy it. The art starts out looking pretty bad but becomes extremely good after a while.

No. 181602

File: 1643139812065.png (1.1 MB, 1678x1054, whyyy.png)

I did! But I dropped it when the art style changed at ~ch.80. It wasn't just because of the art, but that was part of it. Up until then, the MC has this epic, like art nouveau flowy hair and a great vintage VK(?) flair that made it unique and cool to look at. Then, out of nowhere, the author must have decided he needed to make his art fit in better with other action manga and drops all the playful stylishness that initially sold me. The author isn't a very good technical artist (you'll see that immediately based on how wonky different angles look) but the initial style had enough purposeful stylishness that I didn't mind it. When the author switched to a generic style, it only served to make it even more obvious how much he struggles technically, since there's no artful style to make up for it. Before it was a little amateur, but cool & stylish. After… it was amateur and utterly boring.

Other than the art, though, I got a little tired of all the side characters in the organization taking up so much time in the plot. This was the real reason I dropped it. Up until then though I really liked the story, it was a lot of zany fun. I guess the direction it eventually went in just didn't interest me.

WOW. We have polar opposite opinions.
I guess that just means anon should just read it herself and see what she thinks lol

No. 181610

File: 1643142066984.jpg (Spoiler Image,654.61 KB, 844x1200, 2.jpg)

The artstyle changes a lot from chapter 80 if you dropped it around there, there are like 500+ chapters and he only really develops the style I like past chapter 300 (pic related is how his faces end up looking). Mostly though I just really like his interesting compositions and fun nightmare faces even if the anatomy looks wonky sometimes, he has a very distinctive style. I do agree that the huge amount of characters can be hit or miss, there are some arcs that are really dull (though the Air Poker arc is one of my favorite manga arcs ever and is basically the reason I hold Usogui in such high regard).

No. 181618

wow, i didnt expect such detailed answers, thank you nonas! ive decided to start reading it based on your answers, ill report back once ive read more

No. 181661

File: 1643165581018.jpg (668.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220125-214608_Tac…)

I just read this entire thing from start to finish after seeing it shilled on lolcow and these bitches are gay? I honestly couldn't help but get subtle Yuri vibes from it all. Also Anzai should have killed Sako. Or at the very least he should have gone to jail too. Disgusting scrote.

No. 181681

I always thought that was the case and that author liked Girl, Interrupted lol

No. 181687

File: 1643176796595.jpeg (29.42 KB, 464x261, C357C01F-5B86-4A22-A15E-363626…)

No. 181716

It's Life, right? I need to read it, I read it as a teen but never finished. If you like it, there is more apparently:
>Suenobu created a sequel to the manga, titled Life 2: Giver Taker, which started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Afternoon on June 25, 2016.

No. 181720

Wow I’m so mad about fukigen no mononokeans ending

No. 182341

Nonas I need recommendations
I used to hate romance manga as a teen but now as an adult I've gradually come to like them, as long as the target audience is adult women. I've now read tons of josei romance stuff that, despite often being quite generic and as unrealistic as any isekai, really delight me.
Most of the time it's "male boss - female employee" or "rich attractive man - poor plain woman" tho. Are there any (good) manga that are the other way round? Like female boss - male employee etc?
I don't expect any feminist stuff, just a romance where the female lead is the more 'powerful' one. Thx in advance

No. 184902

are there any mangas about female authors?

No. 184943

It's a short read but Still Sick is nice

No. 185005

you might want to check out seinen stuff if you want that combination but they're usually written from a male pov because being the underdog is more relatable to most people

No. 185296

File: 1644362062855.png (1.3 MB, 1300x920, kaoru.png)

My favourite mangaka is Kaoru Fujiwara, I haven't seen anyone post any of her stuff but I really recommend Night Fish and Vampire Girl!! Her illustration can be really simple at times but for me it really gets the point across. Most of her works gives me a really airy and comfy vibe. Also I really like how she draws men and women very similarly. Vampire girl maybe isn't super good but I'm a sucker for vampires and it's special to me. I'd be really happy to get recommendations for more vampire manga!

No. 185306

File: 1644366483795.jpg (104.75 KB, 736x1041, 64aa4cad688cf0b87bffc04d14af51…)

I really love her work, I think here on LC she'd be received similarly to how Anne Rice is considering the themes she works with but I haven't really seen anyone else talking about her.

No. 185309

File: 1644367914232.png (1.36 MB, 840x1200, Pen_to_chocolate.png)

Pen to Chocolate is a cute comfy read. There is also Blank Canvas by the author of Princess Jellyfish, it is autobiographical and starts when she's still a student.

No. 185337

kakukaku shikajika (blank canvas) is one of the best manga i've ever read. the amount of tears i shed while reading it is unreal. 100% second this rec

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