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File: 1621607680546.jpg (1.46 MB, 1240x874, jujutsutrio.jpg)

No. 143500

For discussion of the manga by Gege Akutami in Weekly Shōnen Jump from March 2018 - current. And the anime adaption by MAPPA. Created to prevent clogging up other threads. Post:

>weekly chapter release discussion

>your faves/most loathed
>favourite fanartists
>theories and predictions
>hopes for the anime adaption
>your prayers to keep your fave alive
>criticisms but please don't just drop by to simply say "it sucks" because that's boring
>whatever you want as long as it's relevant

Art by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/476783

No. 143502

File: 1621608024305.jpg (486.22 KB, 1075x1256, jktrio.jpg)

Was torn between dark images, but thought they were too much for people not into the series to have to see randomly. I liked picrel because I feel like it captures the trio's dynamic really well but whatever.

No. 143509

Thank you for starting the thread!
Praying that Gege keeps Nobara alive and she will appear soon again
Btw, how much should we spoiler text? Anything that hasn't been animated yet? The most recent chapters?

No. 143511

No problem! Multiple anons in manga general agreed.Girl same. I will flip a table if she is dead/dies. I am leaning heavily to she will not. Good question. That's always super contentious and I didn't know what to put for that. I have had people flip out on me for "spoiling" manga that finished over a year ago so idk. I have been spoilering everything that hasn't been animated just to be safe except for some stuff in the fanbook or that seemed non-major enough.

No. 143535

File: 1621616252331.jpg (213.08 KB, 1200x675, Jujutsu-Kaisen-0-Movie-Release…)

Not manga-related, but how do you feel in general about volume 0 becoming the movie? I was hoping it'd be the Toji/Gojo school years arc, because it has so many cool fights that could've been really brought to life with a movie budget, and Kimetsu no Yaiba already set a precedent of an arc becoming its own movie. I can understand that it could confuse anime watchers, especially since the current arc references Hidden Inventory so many times. I'm really meh on the chapter zero story.

No. 143536

Same. I don't care about the chapter zero story and thought the Toji and Gojo arc would be made into a movie.
So I'm more excited about season 2.

No. 143555

File: 1621621087001.jpg (148.23 KB, 768x1024, E1tH1fRVgAAKUWW.jpg)

I am sad about Mai's death but at the same time I like how JJK can still surprise. In any other manga the previous chapter would be that surefire clue that Mai's gonna survive till the end, here, well,… I hope that Maki won't fully follow Toji's self-destructive route.

Also look at this fanart, the SSS trio was so cute.

No. 143578

Which is your favorite domain expansion?
Mine is Mahito's, it looked so freaking cool animated. there is something kinda hot about it too

No. 143610

File: 1621642215031.jpg (397.98 KB, 1605x2353, GojoGeto.jpg)

I think ideally 0 could work if it would be shown before the fake Geto reveal. And closer to when Yuta shows up again. Showing Gojo kill Geto, his best friend, and probably only real friend ever, before anime watchers see their relationship is weird and lessens the impact of his death a lot. I think trying to cram all of the Shibuya arc into one season of anime would be insane. But they want to keep that hype and cash train rolling with a movie. Especially seeing the KnY success.

Maybe they will expand the school years flashback arc more in the anime? There is a lot there. Especially if Gege is involved.

No. 143618

File: 1621644771924.png (3.89 MB, 1718x1184, sss.png)

I don't think Maki will because she is already diverging. Toji ran away and refused to confront the people who tried to murder him as a child. Even though this chapter confirmed Maki's Dad was terrified of him. He even came back and sold his child to them. If he had killed the Zen'in's instead can you imagine how differently things would have gone… They are so corrupt and evil I think they really do need to be wiped out. But I am a bit worried because Mai's last words, though baller as hell, are basically a curse right?

Really? I loved Shoko and the flashback arc was super interesting but Gojo and Geto were dickheads. Like annoying art students with powers. Especially Gojo, what an asshole, lmao. Leave Utahime alone.

No. 143637

Everyone sperging about Tojo in the other thread has made me consider to give this a try. Should I first read the manga or watch the anime?

No. 143639

File: 1621659159185.jpg (194.64 KB, 1080x1455, toji.jpg)

He has such a fan club. To be fair you can tell the mangaka really likes him as a character. I would read the manga first for sure. Read the short prequel before the Shibuya arc starts in the manga. It's not that many chapters as of now. Then watch the anime in one go, since you only have one season.

No. 143685

File: 1621691697259.jpg (832.53 KB, 1200x1200, 6ggnmiQ.jpg)

i hope you all have a nice day, toji farmers!

No. 143697

File: 1621695662488.jpg (150.31 KB, 722x1024, EnUzYObVkAAV7Y8.jpg)

We need some kind of limit on horny posting, damn

No. 143701

i honestly didn't expect mai to die and so soon. i found her boring so i thought the author would at least dedicate more time to her character before that.

No. 144442

File: 1621730202168.jpg (169.75 KB, 600x896, goodforyou.jpg)

Good luck anon. I have never seen a manga character induce so much horniness in my life. People are like Gojo should have just taken the L and died to the hotter man, how dare he. Can you imagine when he gets animated? Especially if they pick a good voice actor.

Speaking of which is it basically agreed upon that he was temporarily normal (relatively) when Megumi was a baby and he was with Mrs. Fushiguro? And her death was a big reason why he spazzed out so much, or at least was his excuse?

No. 144485

File: 1621752966921.png (1.67 MB, 2508x3565, choso.png)

Neither did I but it looks like we are going straight into another round of killing and disasters. So I guess Gege needed Maki to get her power-ups. Look at how fast he executed Yaga. I thought Mai's death was much more impactful. Gege revealed in the fanbook that Yaga was one of the few people Gojo had a genuine understanding with which makes it seem like his death might contribute to Gojo going ham on the higher ups (well deserved because they seem simultaneously incompetent, retarded, and malicious). But we didn't get any nods to that in the chapter. It felt quite disjointed.

Anyone care to guess who Gege is going to axe next? I feel like Choso and Yuki are giving off major death flags because of their proximity to Tengen despite both being very strong. And Choso's personal issues with Kenjaku.Or maybe Gege will have him switch on Yuji again or have Gojo kill him for what he witnessed in Shibuya for maximum Yuji trauma. However managing to survive to Yuki's age in this world is pretty impressive. Knowing when to retreat seems to be really important. So more so Choso. Gege obviously gives 0 fucks about fan favourites. Don't see how all the students can come out of the culling alive either. But he apparently took quite a few out of commission via injury.

No. 144499

File: 1621759351378.jpg (267.51 KB, 1200x749, EnWazxvW8AALmFc.jpg)

Yeah, his inner monologue during his death seems to suggest he "discarded [that] pride" after he lost his wife, and only focused on staying alive while making money. Megumimama must have been a special woman to get him to calm down after we know what kind of abuse he suffered from his family.

No. 144506

>Can you imagine when he gets animated? Especially if they pick a good voice actor.
This is when I will watch Jujutsu Kaisen

No. 144509

File: 1621764278784.jpg (6.45 MB, 2584x1530, megumifam.jpg)

She had to have been cool. Too bad we have no real details on her other than she managed to snag a monster like Toji and Megumi probably got his hair from her. Speaking of which I find it really annoying that Megumi seems to be perceived by a fairly large section of readers/watchers as some frail sad boy apparently because they want him to get railed by/join Sukuna. Did they skip him beating up every challenger at his former school? Can't a guy be withdrawn without being pegged as some kind of spineless victim-bait?

No. 144514

They already got Kenjiro Tsuda for Nanami. His voice alone has made people stan cold-blooded villains. So I am genuinely curious to see who they cast.

No. 144517

File: 1621768354273.jpg (280.71 KB, 2000x1700, E1a93JaVgAERpRm.jpg)

ooh i didn't even think about it in that context. if it turns out Mai cursed Maki, imagine her turning against Megumi…? Maybe his different surname will protect him from curse grouping him in with Zenins kek

to be honest, I cant find it in myself to give fuck about Utahime so the fact that they were dickheads to her often slips my mind

personally I think you should start with anime and then read manga up from chapter 60+. JJK manga has a well deserved reputation for shitty translation and it can make reading less enjoyable.

i wonder if she was a normie or a sorcerer and how did they even meet in the first place.
maybe gege will give us a chapter with Fushiguro family flashback when Gojo finally tells Megumi what happened to his daddy?

No. 144529

File: 1621770724122.jpg (1.79 MB, 2679x4181, daddyissues.jpg)

I don't know how much intent matters vs the literal words but I don't think Mai would do it on purpose re: Megumi. Gege said she had a thing for Megumi. He was also included in the assassination plot with Mai and Maki so maybe he's excluded? I immediately thought of Nanami worrying about cursing Yuji with his last words right before he died. That would be horrifying though if she went berserker on Megumi. Would his surname trump his clan head title? Would Gege pile something that mean onto us right now? I'm curious how far Maki will go. Slaughter every last Zen'in?

Lol, they were just (entertaining) dickheads in general. Not that surprising that Geto went full genocidal tbh. And makes me worry about Gojo a little bit.

I can't see her being a sorcerer. It seems like he would marry a normie as a further fuck you to his family. Embracing his "monkey" status. Honestly he was probably in a bad state and she was concerned. It is weird that Megumi still doesn't know after all this time, even Tengen bringing him up. But maybe he doesn't want to know- just like when he was tiny.

No. 144530

File: 1621771040574.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1524x1143, megumi.png)

I'm pretty sure he already knows deep down, he just doesn't want to face it until someone forces him to.

No. 144534

File: 1621773556170.png (1.28 MB, 1540x1073, fushiguros.png)

I think you're right. It's intentional self-deception. Still laughing at Gojo's amazing lack of tact at starting to blurt out "I killed your Dad" to a five year old.

No. 144537

File: 1621774980271.jpeg (74.85 KB, 640x640, naoya.jpeg)

So is Gege going to do me a solid for once and let Maki nuke this incestuous human trash? Or is he going to piss himself and use his speed to run away? And then make me suffer his existence further. Which is only acceptable if he gets bullied and dunked on constantly henceforth.

No. 144540

I'm sure it won't be a quick death, Maki's father and unlce(?) already play the generic scum role. I think he's the type who'll beg for his life or try some dirty last resort trick, which will let him escape. It's not like his plan to take over as the Zenin head after killing Megumi is still possible, once there'll be no one left to support him after Maki's rampage. I have no idea what else Gege has in store for him, I sure as hell hope he won't get a redemption arc. Maybe he'll become a surprise fodder death to some other party.

No. 144546

File: 1621776425579.jpg (29.32 KB, 622x445, naoyareading.jpg)

Even though I badly want him to get obliterated the fact that he has been around for only about 10 chapters and how grossly misogynistic Gege made him makes me think he will live. Ugh. Yeah, he talks big but look how he went crawling away and apparently did exactly what Yuta said. Anything but a redemption arc please. That would be intolerable.

No. 144680

>JJK manga has a well deserved reputation for shitty translation and it can make reading less enjoyable.
I'd read in Japanese, because I'm not suffering translations.
Both you and >>143639 said to not start at the beginning, am I going to understand anything? Because right now the only thing I know about JJK is that a) people want to fuck Toji and b) Toji tried selling his child? Or something? Also lots of characters die.

No. 144690

If you can read the original Japanese releases then I see no reason whatsoever not to start at the beginning of the manga? Toji doesn't show up until a flashback arc (Gojo's past arc) when the three protags were little kids. The only thing is deciding when to read the short prequel: Jujutsu Kaisen 0 that involves characters you know from the main series and one who has only appeared in very recent chapters. Chronologically it takes place before the start of the main series so you could just read it then. But a big death takes place that I think doesn't have as much impact if you read it before the flashback arc. Up to you though.

No. 144789

File: 1621859276744.jpeg (46.02 KB, 1125x727, suspicious.jpeg)

Now I'm curious what he's been reading. Anyways, this feels like a warning. You don't need to kill people so fast Gege.

No. 144817

File: 1621868240313.png (Spoiler Image,238.58 KB, 608x523, maimaki.png)

Why do I keep reading this manga? It's just pain now isn't it.

No. 144819

File: 1621868621524.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.58 KB, 1050x700, gocrazygoapeshit.jpg)

Yes, it's going to be a trauma train for sure. Mental breakdowns and deaths for everybody! At least Mai went out like an absolute baller.

No. 144825

File: 1621869485077.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.98 KB, 1250x1600, mairika.jpeg)

Up next is probably my innocent angel Tsumiki who doesn't deserve anything bad ever. She's either going to get a fate worse than death, driving Megumi closer to madness. Die brutally, driving Megumi closer to madness. Or Megumi will do a devil's bargain with Sukuna for her life in exchange for doing something insidious for him. Either way my Fushiguro's are getting screwed by this. Damn you, cyclops cat.

No. 144826

That pic gave me a chuckle at least.

Biting my nails waiting for this week's chapter.

No. 144911

What if it switches to another pov next chapter and makes us wait for the Maki fallout? Kind of dreading it. I wonder if Gojo will be freaked out by the second coming of Toji when he gets uncubed? There is a lot of stuff for him to react to.

No. 145009

File: 1621942674198.jpg (443.48 KB, 2700x3840, ExpRbUwWgAAj8PG.jpg)

I think the preview was something like "Zenin confrontation entering the final stretch!!!" or something, so I really doubt there'll be a POV change now. Although it might happen mid-chapter, depending on how it goes.

No. 145033

File: 1621947667115.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.28 KB, 759x495, same.jpg)

Oh, good. I wasn't paying enough attention to that. Hate to lose the momentum. If Naoya uses his speed ability to run away like the coward he is I wouldn't mind if he becomes the comic relief punching bag. And just keeps encountering calamaties. I immediately thought of picrel from 0. He definitely has a thing for Maki (who wouldn't?). I really want Naoya to be Maki's kill but I wouldn't mind Yuta smacking him around and then having Rika hold onto him until she can off him.

No. 145039

File: 1621950504672.png (Spoiler Image,942.89 KB, 1254x1135, creepy.png)

This page is even more disturbing because of recent chapters. It was creepy enough when I read it the first time around. Gojo's facial expression is notable, it's not just "oh they're a bit old-fashioned about women" it's legitimately disturbed looking. And now that we know about Naoya being an incestuous freak who beat up child Maki and God only knows what else it looks more like Tsumiki was in for beatings,sexual abuse, and possibly death.

No. 145251

File: 1622009464971.jpg (561.8 KB, 1172x1700, SJmay.jpg)

Weekly SJ cover. Um, not even putting Maki on it? Lame. Not spoilering because what could be a spoiler? The facial scars?

No. 145283

File: 1622022508179.jpg (Spoiler Image,558.16 KB, 1771x1254, E2EH0diVoAgGrie.jpg)

Spoilers for new chapter are starting to drop. and I guess we are getting our answer? "Maki is going against the clan and starts killing people in the house But Maki decides to destroy everything rather than killing everyone,". I am a bit worried?? Whats the difference between killing and destroying everything? Abd the "killing people in the house line"… hopefully it's only the trash man and not the women and children…
On the bright side, Naoya is next in line to get beat up. <3

pic not related

Geto is an aqua. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Thankfully Gojo's slutty sag protects him from this fate /s

No. 145298

File: 1622026103689.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.92 KB, 1448x2048, makemydreamscometrue.jpg)

According to the spoilers which are still really vague she does kill all the men who confront her, beheads Jinichi apparently, but the chapter ends on a cliffhanger with her facing Naoya. Apparently she doesn't kill her mother and some other randoms, characters that aren't known to us. As complicit as her mother was in the abuse she wouldn't be a Zen'in unless they were really that into incest. Come on Gege, give us something nice.

No. 145320

File: 1622037245095.jpg (5.13 MB, 2362x3496, whysuguru.jpg)

Anon, are you suggesting Gojo's general hoe aura and cheater nature (only with women tho, Gege said nothing about men) protects him from becoming a mass murderer? I don't know. Remember that remark about killing all the old higher ups that he then laughed off? I actually hope he does that. Would be based.

Geto actually had me in the first half not going to lie. Classic villain overshoot. Getting mad about young women and little girls dying and being abused is extremely good but then he went full stupid by deciding to murder like a billion of little girls and young women for being monkeys. As if sorcerers have shown themselves to be any less abusive than normies. Instead of looking for a smarter solution to curse manifestation like Yuki. And Gojo freaked me out by objecting not because of the immorality of his goal but the impossibility lmao. Did someone get pissed and replace their cigs with meth?

I have seen so much Toji/Gojo fanart lately. Classic case of they killed each other so they are perfect candidates for fucking.

No. 145333

File: 1622039158317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,234.04 KB, 1063x2048, acorpseistalking.jpeg)

Everyone wants Naoya to die so bad or to at least get curbstomped. We all got deprived of a proper Mahito smackdown but I guess his simps were happy. I feel thirsty and deprived of a proper evisceration.

No. 145361

File: 1622053240135.jpg (231.89 KB, 1378x2039, E1pFIBeVgAI6wIT — kopia.jpg)

yes. mass murder = less people to fuck. If you are a hoe, it's not worth it in the long run.
At the pace the story is going, I'm starting to suspect that once Gojo gets uncubed there will be no elders left to kill kek I don't want him to suddenly go edgy but it would be nice to see his crazy side again.

Eh, like Geto said, if it was Gojo then it wouldn't be impossible. If he didn't join his genocidal bf then to support him with his op powers, then I have no worries about his morality code.

The best type of horny.

No. 145421

File: 1622085328221.jpg (163.11 KB, 589x790, suguru.jpg)

I still don't think it would have worked. Yes Gojo is a walking nuke but two sorcerers can have normie kids. So monkeys would keep being brought into existence. So what would they do? Make them off their own kids at around age 5 if they have no technique or have the sorcery gestapo do it? Not everyone is the Zen'in clan. Surely this would cause the sorcerers born to normies to freak out as well. They may not be able to confront Gojo directly but sounds like perfect conditions for another cubing type situation.

I don't even think it would be edgelord of him at all at this point. They immediately started trying to and actually killing his allies as soon as he was out of commission and came up with the most galaxy brained explanation for the Shibuya incident possible. Yeah, they are busy chasing guys like Yaga while a parasitic brain villain is scheming to kill them all, great strategy as usual. However I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are actual Kenjaku loyalists. I don't buy it but the theory that Gojo is going to decide to take Yuji out after the whole Sukuna incident or somewhere down the line would be very evil of Gege.

No. 145442

File: 1622103336666.jpg (Spoiler Image,619.9 KB, 983x713, makimaibeach.jpg)

More leak details coming in already. The full colour double page spread from the chapter is so pretty. The Zen'in men continue being misogynist dumbasses. Think Maki murdered her Dad by ambushing him and didn't defeat him in combat. They all rush her at once. She bodies like 50 of them. She replays Naoya's "what are you going to do?" and memories with Mai in her head.

No. 145445

File: 1622105524834.jpg (Spoiler Image,507.08 KB, 1331x2001, colourpage2.jpg)

She looks so badass with her eye scar like that. I kind of want her to leave it uncovered.

No. 145463

File: 1622121285972.png (454.66 KB, 1024x575, mostannoyingbitchsincemahito.p…)

Naoya having the gall and audacity to ask Maki if she has a heart/feelings… Gege wants my seethe levels at maximum. This is the guy who fondly recalled beating her when she was little, hoped she died after risking her life in Shibuya, and had a good chuckle at the news that she and Mai would be killed by their own Dad. I hate him so much.

No. 145634

File: 1622195580701.png (Spoiler Image,483.96 KB, 730x663, nohands.png)

Raws are out and I am living for Maki in her full throat crushing, beheading, dismembering- glory. Annoyed at everyone calling her a monster. Self defense. How was she just going to walk out after what her own father did?

No. 145637

File: 1622195674191.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.06 KB, 386x933, makisupremacy.jpg)

Hello, based department? Didn't even want to spoiler this because it's too glorious.

No. 145676

File: 1622206252139.png (Spoiler Image,639.07 KB, 1772x1300, jjk_150_007.png)

Oh, I was right about Mai cursing her. This spread was genuinely tragic, shit. The bit about the idiots acknowledging the Zen'in clan only existing currently because Toji let them on a whim was interesting and makes me think we might get more Toji and hopefully Megumi's mom info.

No. 145762

File: 1622225595807.png (Spoiler Image,261.7 KB, 880x1300, jjk_150_016.png)

Nice chapter, shame about the two scribble pages in the middle kek. Honestly these chapters feel a bit dark even for JJK. There isn't even any cursed spirit or evil mastermind fuckery, it's just like a pure korean revenge movie/Kill Bill now. It'll be almost weird to return to the main storyline now, which didn't even really start on the action yet.

No. 145792

What's up with the scribble pages? Is Gege overworked?

No. 145795

Probably needs to submit shit for the movie production too. He shouldn't be too overworked since he just had a 3-week long break.

No. 145820

File: 1622242294632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,47.51 KB, 1024x576, literally.jpeg)

I feel like that was a stylistic choice, idk? Lol. Yeah with so many of the chapters coming up to be animated most of the humour starts to vanish. How are they going to do the Juju Strolls? They will feel totally schizo. But then again they put a sadistic body horror murdering curse in a schoolgirl uniform so… Really dark. I don't get people faulting Maki though. There are theories going around because of Gojo's speech bubble covering her face when talking about allies and it cutting from him talking about how people don't approve of mass killing to Maki saying she seems cold-hearted about Yuji's death as some kind of foreshadowing that she was meant to go "evil". I just don't get how she was supposed to get out of there? Hey Dad and relatives who just tried to butcher me and my sister and plan to kill our relative and classmate,um mind if we just scooch on out of here? Thanks.

No. 145903

File: 1622286243077.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.11 KB, 2048x1323, E2EzDSnVkAACQKB.jpg)

I don't actually think Maki's being set up as the evil force here, given that none of the Zenin's got any sympathetic characterization or even real attachments to each other, other than that one eye-powers guy going all out to support Jinichi. Yet I'm still uneasy if Maki even survives this arc, it'll be somehow weird if she just casually rejoins Yuta and co. now like "yeeee, let's go kill some contestants!" I don't think she's actually that deep or that insensitive just because she has a stiff face through it. If anything it'd be more alarming if she was grinning through it like Toji did.
I don't think the chicken scratches are intentional, I'm sure they'll be fixed for the volume release.

No. 145984

File: 1622323194749.jpg (Spoiler Image,874.26 KB, 3600x2500, letsgogegeletsgo.jpg)

That art, based. Niether do I. She was clearly emotionally shattered and devastated. The Maki bad and evil theories are driving me up a wall. Well, I have hope. The chapter preview was something like "Maki moves to stop the culling game/against the culling game" or something like that." The Zen'in's weren't just "problematic" they needed to be taken out. The survivors (Naoya's brothers?) will still want to kill Megumi most likely. They can maybe bond over that and Tsumiki because we all know that's going to go really badly. If Naoya kills her I will lose my shit. Why go through all this Toji 2.0 trouble and character development just to axe her right after? A bad subversion of expectations. And I feel like Yuta and Megumi are the most flexible morally anyways.

No. 145999

File: 1622324572362.jpg (68.7 KB, 540x536, triangulation.jpg)

The juggernaut is unstoppable at this point. Going onto pixiv or twitter is just a wall of horniness. Mostly Toji but Choso and Geto are there too lately.

No. 146034

File: 1622329900430.jpg (330.38 KB, 1448x2048, kento.jpg)

I saw anthropomorphized bishie Jogo fanart the other day. In a series with so many fine men I wanted to ask: why the volcano demon? But why even question it at this point.

No. 146071

File: 1622362379081.jpg (285.07 KB, 824x824, nobara.jpg)

UNIQLO announced a Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration that is coming out in early June and it's honestly pretty blah compared to past manga collections. Yuji, Nobara, Megumi, Gojo, Inumaki(?), and the team Kenjaku curses all get their own designs and then there is a design for the students in general. Picrel, the front of the Nobara shirt.

No. 146098

i saw the previews just the other day and was genuinely disappointed. then again, i feel like uniqlo is getting pretty lazy. even the acnh designs look boring.

No. 146099

Yeah, so uninspiring. Way better and more creative designs for past manga. Like Gintama, Haikyuu, Golden Kamuy- just off the top of my head. These feel so lazy. Inumaki of all characters gets a (ugly tbh) solo shirt. Yuji doesn't really get a proper one and the minions get one but Sukuna and Kenjaku don't. Weird choices.

No. 146105

ayrt, i'm not a huge demon slayer fan (only watched s1, never read the manga) but they had great designs for them and even shopping bags that had the same patterns as the haori some characters wear. compared to this, even the cheap aliexpress tees with lost in paradise art or a 5x5 grid of gojou panels look better than whatever uniqlo is dishing out.

uniqlo sometimes adds more designs after a few weeks, so maybe there will be better ones later.

No. 146330

My wish for the next chapter is for Maki to just walk up to Naoya and give him a big slap and he almost starts crying because he is actually a spineless whimp.

No. 146431

File: 1622509657894.jpg (286.46 KB, 2680x1967, diealoneandunlovedbitch.jpg)

She needs to wipe that expression off his face for sure. Violently.

But it's freaking me out? Why is he so nonchalant and cocky after what just happened? lol at him like arranging his sleeves while all his men get btfo Makes me think he has some trap or trick. Is he just putting on an act or did his hatred of women give him brain damage and he is incapable of even entertaining the thought of a woman beating him or even putting up resistance?

No. 146452

File: 1622516915628.jpeg (54.58 KB, 345x370, smugface.jpeg)

I really want this face…

No. 146453

File: 1622516955523.jpg (708.67 KB, 2039x1447, crymore.jpg)

to become this face.

No. 146529

>did his hatred of women give him brain damage
Well that does happen to a lot of guys irl. But yes he might have some trick up his sleeve, I suspect Gege wouldn't have him defeated so easily.
You and me both, anon.

No. 146544

File: 1622577251363.jpg (411.44 KB, 1638x2048, RNKUbEn.jpg)

new illustrations 1/2

No. 146546

File: 1622577455933.jpeg (477.36 KB, 1638x2048, GNL4alW.jpeg)

new illustrations 2/2
apparently naoya has been confirmed to be 27 years old and got called "trash" by gege.

all of these were on single pages and got put into collages by the person who uploaded them to twitter, fyi. just in case there's another "yuki is grouped with ge2 therefore yuki must be evil" incident.

No. 146555

Honestly I feel like Gege actually gets that men are trash. I like that about him.

No. 146567

File: 1622592773183.png (Spoiler Image,48.71 KB, 651x667, gegepls.png)

Gege is pretty unhesitant to kill cool characters he clearly likes but I feel like the shittier and more annoying they are the longer they get to live, lol. I thought I was hallucinating Naoya's introduction because it was so heinous.

No. 146568

File: 1622593718271.jpg (140.75 KB, 1187x720, scream.jpg)

The first four looking very goth. I love it.

People are also (still) arguing over how big Sukuna's four-armed form is. So maybe that's something Gege will comment on eventually. I feel like it's bigger than a person? Double maybe.

Yeah the Yuki theorizing is kind of annoying. I guess it's possible. And if Gege wants to heap more strife on but I don't really see it. Like she's going to murder Tengen and also Choso for being in her way!. She seems to have proven that she's not dumb and reactionary and more interested in abolishing curses/cursed energy via a long game project if she finds a way. Not just killing. People really want someone to turn traitor. All of the readers practically drooling for Megumi to joint Sukuna are annoying too.

No. 146576

File: 1622597081431.jpg (521.92 KB, 1603x2048, 1620886437872.jpg)

Naoya getting an illustration makes it likely that he's sticking around for the next arc and having his final smackdown then.

Btw, do any of you post to /jjk/? Got curious since a nonnie brought up crystal cafe in one of the threads.

No. 146579

Also, how does Gojo have pecs and arms like that when he looks like slenderman in both the manga and anime. He's skinny as hell.

No. 146581

Only occasionally because those threads are awful and I sincerely hope none of you link this place over there. You know how scrotes would get.

No. 146584

File: 1622602913215.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 3541x2508, thisartgavemeanulcer.jpg)

Gege confirmed his age as the same as Nanami. That's so embarrassing and cruel, R.I.P. What was he doing when Shibuya was going down? Beating up women?

I kind of have the feeling he might be deluded enough to try to make a deal with Maki despite his treatment of her. He looks down on the other Zen'in after all, even his own brothers and wants them out of the way. But don't know if he's pragmatic enough to overlook her being a woman and a monkey- even if he thinks he can just kill her later.

Ugh, if he does I really hope he doesn't go on to sucker punch style kill someone. He will be chasing after Megumi for sure. Could easily see him fucking up the Tsumiki rescue plan by killing her.

No. 146602

File: 1622616302373.jpeg (81.45 KB, 511x600, trash.jpeg)

He knows. Gege please let queen Shoko live. Even though I feel like her technique makes her a target.

No. 146603

File: 1622616882966.jpeg (299.55 KB, 1067x1600, 4.jpeg)

He has washboard abs and pecs the one time he gets half-naked even as a teen. Also has angles where he has a neck like a bull. Gege never really drew him very skinny, I think it's mostly MAPPA and fan artists that created that illusion.

No. 146606

File: 1622624306141.jpg (111.61 KB, 640x360, 5f89068581d86_596cf224a64195cb…)

The guys are all pretty built, I think Gojo might just look skinny in comparison to some of the huge guys plus he's like 20cm taller than Megumi and Yuji so that might add to him looking skinny as well. It's not like he's some cute twink boy.

No. 146615

I hate Mappas designs so much, it completely strips away the gritty appeal of the manga (earlier chapters ofc). But I guess the point was to appeal to the low IQ masses who can’t live without bishified boys

No. 146617

File: 1622639632282.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1536x2048, thankyougege.jpg)

Do not unspoiler if you don't want to see vague leaks this early. My fellow Naoya haters… He stans over Toji hard (more spicy fanart incoming). Apparently there is a flashback of some sort to younger Naoya. Claims he and Gojo are the only ones who could see Toji's greatness. Acknowledges Maki's similarity which pisses her off. He has the same technique as Naobito. Maki is tired from the previous fighting and wants to take him out quickly. She knocks him the fuck out by punching him in the face. Absolutely wrecking him, lmao. Picrel. She appears to leave him alive for some reason?

No. 146620

File: 1622642042918.jpeg (425.16 KB, 1067x1600, slendergojo.jpeg)

MAPPA Gojo is 100% a cute twink bishounen. He looks ana. That scene where he is training Megumi out of uniform and it looks like his neck is going to snap? Geez.

I find Gege inconsistent. Earlier in Shibuya he looked like slenderman to me but then when he's fighting he actually looks built, lol. The uniform seems to work like a girl who takes her top off and has surprisingly large boobs. I'm not that bothered by Gojo's physique but when he's walking around in the black uniform he looks like a gangly underweight alien.

No. 146621

File: 1622642604434.jpg (268.74 KB, 1920x1080, gojo.jpg)

It's his legs that seem too slender for that type of upper body mass. You can probably skip leg day when you're the strongest.

Naoya's defeat was expected. I'm really not as excited about the whole Naoya storyline as other boards seem to be, but it seems like he'll stick around. I just hope he'll still be a villainous character, and not have a change of heart or something.

No. 146622

OMG it happened. Thank you indeed, Gege. I hope Maki gets to live a long and reasonably happy life from here on, btw.

No. 146623

Agreed anon, damn spider legs. True but if you're going to work on the abs- then why? Whatever, I know nothing about male fitness.

I hate redemption arcs for shitty male characters. They exhaust me. Just stay shitty and reap the consequences.

No. 146632

File: 1622653500817.jpg (283.19 KB, 1200x1692, 8fRBUK8.jpg)

girlies, it's time for your daily horny touji content.

source (and two more pics): https://twitter.com/hrk_imo/status/1400127841920897029

No. 146637

sucking on those fat milkers mm

No. 146642

File: 1622664060803.jpg (204.84 KB, 1271x2048, E2rpkgfUUAAT43R.jpg)

I do! I like to exchange fanart there
tbh I got curious too, but more so because some posters had similar vibes & writing styles to lolcow nonas

On the bright side, if Naoya lives that means Maki's curse won't force her to kill Megumi. Yay!

god I want a toji dakimakura so fucking bad

No. 146650

I do, mostly only around spoiler time though. It can be nice, when you can get some discussion going among the constant incest and pedoposting. Also I hope you're not here, Chosospammer.

No. 146652

File: 1622676979553.png (418.55 KB, 608x900, choso.png)

The same Choso spam anon from /a/? They have grown on me.

No. 146653

File: 1622677248183.jpg (205.62 KB, 1000x1410, toji.jpg)

I prefer this one tbh. I think the same artist also does Megumi dominating Naoya art including involving vomit and crying lol

No. 146662

File: 1622686126409.jpg (1.46 MB, 2500x1309, howtositnormally.jpg)

The sitting styles in this promo are making me laugh. I can only respect Nobara and Maki. Who knew Megumi was the ultimate manspreader.

No. 146664

File: 1622686274429.jpeg (148.48 KB, 842x595, manspreadingchampion.jpeg)

No. 146721

File: 1622728491975.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.9 KB, 319x406, god bless.jpg)

we got a new hot panel of Toji
sometimes I forget this man is dead

No. 146723

File: 1622729082946.jpeg (Spoiler Image,197.73 KB, 938x2048, byezenin.jpeg)

Hell yeah, that's blessed. Gege will never really let him die. Apparently the translation was confused and Naoya spazzes out because the other Zen'in thought she was like Toji, lmao. Calls him Toji-kun. Maki hasn't lost her sense of humour because she threatens to "hug him" (as in grapple) and when he's replying gross is when she breaks his face, lol. Naoya is such a dumbass. Killing Toji's son is such a shitty way to stan him. Toji would definitely be enjoying this show in hell right now.

No. 146728

File: 1622730347830.jpg (148.39 KB, 600x800, t.f.jpg)

Ah, shit. He's even doing that weirdly hot thing where a guy uses his kimono/yukata sleeve as an arm sling. Stop it Gege! Naoya fucking ignored lol I hope Gojo bullied Naoya when they were kids.

No. 146735

File: 1622733071312.jpg (Spoiler Image,601.55 KB, 890x1300, gegechill.jpg)

Cleaned up hot Toji page.

No. 146778

Megumi looks kinda hot manspreading like that… makes me see him in a different light from all the bitch boy doujins I've seen of him

No. 146781

File: 1622754919824.jpeg (53.92 KB, 511x525, young gojo.jpeg)

Sisters… I've never been wanted to be filled so badly in my life…

>I hope Gojo bullied Naoya when they were kids
I wonder if the big clans had gatherings. They're both similar ages so they would run into each other. Either way, I don't doubt that this brat would look down on Naoya

No. 146814

File: 1622771414698.jpeg (145.5 KB, 972x1293, megumi.jpeg)

I hate Megumi being portrayed as some uber-uke helpless bottom in the fandom. It's so annoying and out of character. It seems to be because he's the fandom bicycle in fanart and fanfiction and he's being plowed by literally every character. He has the chaddest genes possible. We don't know that much about his mom but she had to have been awesome. Unhinged screw it Megumi- is best Megumi.

No. 146818

File: 1622772305886.jpg (511.5 KB, 1448x2048, tojikun.jpg)

Is that the hottest page in JJK history? Gege, please… Naoya screaming that Maki isn't like Toji while she proceeds to crush his facial bones in one blow is so funny.

We know Toji met up with kid Gojo that one time so I'm thinking the clans associated occasionally at least? And Gojo probably hated it. I don't approve of Gojo bullying Utahime but I definitely approve of him mercilessly bullying Naoya because he was a smug little shit who thought he was a genius even then.

No. 146835

If Naoya was a child when they met, then it makes me wonder just how old Toji really is because he looks the exact same in this panel as when he fought teen Gojo and Gojo and Naoya are just a year apart

No. 146844

Probably something like 20 in that picture?
Naoya in the picture looks <6yrs and he was born in 1991, so this would be 1997, 5 years before Megumi is born and 9 before Toji dies. Toji needed some time to be a deadbeat before he could find Megumi's mum and having a child in his mid-20s sounds plausible. But honestly, who knows.

No. 146849

File: 1622793259423.jpg (205.73 KB, 922x1200, t.fushiguro.jpg)

He looks the exact same to you? He looks different enough to me. Gege changed his hair and style. He was supposed to be 30 something when he died. Yuki is supposed to be in her 40's now and she looked basically the same to me when she met child Todo, teen Geto, and in recent chapters. There is only so much you can do with this style of drawing unless you are doing a major Maki style transformation. Don't feel like spoilering the image tbh because out of context I feel like people won't have any idea what it means.

No. 146852

File: 1622794810941.png (24.2 KB, 408x357, ships.png)

Sukuna and Megumi is bad enough. Thanks MAPPA for adding in that moment where Sukuna pulls him in and their faces are practically touching.

But what kind of sadists ship Yuji and Sukuna? They don't even have the weird kind of "obsessed with you" dynamic that some villains and protagonists have. It's just pure hostility and contempt.

No. 146855

File: 1622796985877.png (Spoiler Image,618.77 KB, 900x1252, sorry.png)

Naoya comparing himself to Gojo and Toji while screaming that Maki's a fake the whole chapter, only to have her figure out his technique and then promptly break his facial bones. Chef's kiss. I see no reason for her to let him live. He personally tormented her. A hostage against the other living Zen'in? Because they famously don't care about each other and I'm guessing his bros hate him as much as he hates them and him being dead is more convenient. Good luck fixing that face if he gets rescued somehow.

No. 146874

Hatesex is a semi-popular trope plus Sukuna x Yuji often gets depicted as twincest or pseudo-selfcest like the Bleach ship Shirosaki x Ichigo. IIRC Sukuna x Yuji and Gojo x Megumi are more popular than Sukuna x Megumi among Japanese fans.

No. 146875

Can someone explain to me how there are translated scans of the chapter that will be available in stores in Japan next Monday? At what point of production do they get leaked?

No. 146877

Some convenience stores receive their stock of Weekly Shonen Jump early.

No. 146878

File: 1622808398239.png (Spoiler Image,79.77 KB, 334x483, aHOpZMR.png)

jfc, i've had female faves before but i don't think i've ever been this in love with a female character. picrel is the sexiest thing, i'd let her crush me any day. i want to be maki's wife so bad.

No. 146885

File: 1622811979386.png (203.21 KB, 990x1188, hot.png)

Same, anon. I'd be Maki's wife or even weapons caddy or whatever in a heartbeat. Men who dislike her have the most shit taste possible. She's so great in every way.She can brutally torture Naoya for info on where the cursed tools are hidden next chapter. I don't care.

No. 146888

It's funny because most guys seem to be hating her for the exact same reasons they adore Toji. Except the deatbeat dad thing, obviously

No. 146893

Lol, they are. "How cruel! Such overkill! She could have just punched out her brutal Dad that tried to kill her sister and herself and then the 60 guys who came to finish the job.". Guess they forgot the whole Toji shooting a young girl in the head for money thing. My favourite cope is that Toji would be against this. Despite the previous chapter reiterating that they were scared he could/would come do this whenever he felt like it. Not to mention they were about to go try to off his son. The son he stabbed himself in the head for. Absolute idiocy. She can't be based because she has boobs or something.

No. 146898

File: 1622815052140.jpg (82.38 KB, 523x800, poormegumi.jpg)

Gojo paired with everyone is extremely popular on Japanese fandom sites and so is Itafushi. But I have had to see an ever increasing amount of Sukufushi content lately…

At least unlike Western anime only fans it's usually sinister and they don't think it's uwu romantic love. Sure, a 1000 year old sadistic cannibal villain being in love with a morose teenage boy would be funny but if that's what you're picking up narratively I'm concerned for you.

No. 146900

File: 1622815342627.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.13 KB, 1462x2048, whymusttheysuffer.jpg)

I just really want Maki and Nobara back together. Nobara would be so impressed and Maki needs the moral support. They have such great chemistry.

No. 146922

File: 1622825643215.png (5.2 MB, 1100x3112, aaqz9pdjcb071.png)

These chapters with Maki are great and all but Nobara's return is the big moment I'm waiting for, I'm going to pop a bottle if she turns out to be okay.

No. 146950

I want Nobara to come back from what Mahito did to her and be strong af.

No. 146952

File: 1622845836785.png (122.53 KB, 356x784, Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 7.25…)

Toranoana says differently (this is just quantity not popularity though). There's more Sukuna x Megumi than Sukuna x Yuji, and more Gojo x Yuji than Gojo x Megumi.
The worst coupling is Gojo x Megumi (<10yrs old). Can we at least agree that fucking kids is bad?

No. 146964

File: 1622855105129.jpg (104.88 KB, 1079x509, gross.jpg)

The "shota" Megumi and Gojo stuff I keep seeing kills me and so does the Toji and Megumi stuff. I also keep seeing absolutely weird pairings that I don't understand at all. Like Geto (not Kenjaku) and Yuji. Mahito and anyone is criminal. I have seen R18 Mahito and Yuji and Mahito and Nanami. Also violent Mahito and Choso which had beautiful art so that's a shame.

No. 146966

File: 1622857462170.jpg (57.14 KB, 600x565, thisiscannon.jpg)

Nobara's fight with Eso and Kechizu was one of my favourite moments in the series. In a way she was such a great match up for Mahito despite the eventual outcome because she doesn't get demoralized easily. I hate people (men) calling her weak and useless. Didn't Yuji specifically say that she helped reduce Mahito's strength to 40 percent? Leading to that fantastic rabbit vs wolf moment. I just want her back so badly. I still think there is a possibility that Mahito will come back in some form and I would love to see Nobara and Yuji crush him for good. I felt deprived that he got to run away but at least he was pissing himself.

No. 147001

File: 1622898029668.png (58.34 KB, 331x255, kugisaki.png)

Whoops my file typo. To be fair I bet getting kicked in the dick by Nobara (sans Gojo powers) would be like getting hit with a cannon. And I love that for her.

No. 147002

File: 1622899401106.jpg (47.68 KB, 640x338, hereallythoughthehadachancehuh…)

I'm wondering what kind of sicko conditions Yuji was forced into as part of the "extension" pact. Or was Sukuna really fine with a one minute no harm and no kill binding vow? That's suspicious as hell. I can't believe I kind of forgot about that. The Shibuya finger force feeding rampage was brought about by others and didn't count. But what could be worse for Yuji than Sukuna having total control and killing whoever he wants as we have already seen? Permanent control? The total repression/ destruction of Yuji's soul? I doubt it because I think he wants his original body/a totally independent body. Creepier would be totally switching but without anyone being able to tell. What is Gege doing?

No. 147057

I've been thinking about this as well. Sukuna obviously has a plan and won't show his hand so easily. Same as when Yuji was able to change back on Gojo's 10 count, but it turned out that Sukuna allowed that turning. I'm not sure Yuji could turn back from Sukuna by himself, especially now that he has 3/4 of his fingers back.

No. 147095

File: 1622958440660.jpg (72.72 KB, 971x447, smugkuna.jpg)

In that scene in chapter 6 with the infamous panel (picrel) he seemed genuinely surprised to have unhampered control. Nobody was there to perform for. You could argue that he was trying to convince Yuji. (On that note- Yuji and company should probably be more worried that he's constantly listening to everything they say?) I think he genuinely didn't have full or on demand control because of the heart stunt. He definitely ripped Yuji's heart out fully expecting Yuji to switch back and kill himself so he could get that binding vow. In my opinion he was completely bullshitting with the "Yuji's too much of a coward to kill himself" stuff to Megumi. It's just strange that he won't use it now that Gojo is in the cube.I'm curious about the changes after the finger force feeding too but at the same time there was the reveal about Yuji being whatever the hell he is that might really be a hindrance for Sukuna. I guess whatever he needs to happen with Megumi can't be forced. Likely his ten shadows to develop enough so he can use it for something malevolent. It's kind of funny that all we really know is he loves himself and eating people and seemingly dislikes everything else.

Good choice by Gege though. Builds dread.

No. 147156

File: 1622998338477.jpg (42.27 KB, 576x576, naoya.jpg)

well that was a satisfying end to the chapter.

No. 147184

File: 1623015372142.png (Spoiler Image,2.16 MB, 1373x2048, Screenshot_20210607-063335.png)

Spoiler is actual spoiler.
This was so fucking satisfying.
He's not dead though and I doubt he's suddenly going to be like "Well Maki, you actually are just like Toji, I severely underestimated you, here are the keys to the Zen'in family." He's either going to keep running his mouth just to really get offed or he'll retreat and plan something. At least that's what I think.

No. 147187

He will likely survive and be ready for another fight. But I hope his face is now permanently fucked up.

No. 147203

File: 1623028122149.jpg (397.9 KB, 1434x2048, maturity.jpg)

So satisfying. Enjoy your new face. Maki looks hotter than ever but I don't think crushed facial bones will be an improvement for him. It always made me laugh that he's Mr. Traditionalist but looks like a delinquent with the piercings and hair dye. Even if Yuta was in the vicinity he wouldn't fix it for him. He might break the other side. If he lives is he going to go crawling to Shoko or do the Zen'in's have a RCT user somewhere?

Eh, the end of chapter called it a decisive victory so I don't think he's getting back up. Someone will probably have to come save him. Or some other deus ex machina will have to occur. I also think it would be very weird if Maki spares him of all people without a very good reason. (Did Yuji not tell everyone he wants to kill Megumi? This has been bothering me) That flashback to him stomping on her as a child was so gross. Yeah, a change of heart would be stupid. He's been brain dead and incapable of seeing women as people for 27 years. I could see him giving up the weapons for fear of his own life though.

No. 147210

People on reddit going "He's not as bad, he could still be reformed."
He's 27. He has been brought up with the idea that women who don't walk 3 steps behind him are worthless. He's a class A misogynist, nothing is going to cure that.
But reddit has quite some shit takes anyways, so…

No. 147211

File: 1623034955534.jpg (Spoiler Image,382.89 KB, 1536x2048, aces.jpg)

He has shown no positive human traits whatsoever. Not one. He is virtually on par with the curses. I hate probably 99 percent of shitty male character redemption arcs.If he lives because of some act of god, because I don't think Maki should spare him, I hope he's the comic relief character who gets stomped on by everyone and then finally killed.

No. 147241

When I wrote that he will likely survive it's because I think he will be saved by someone else. Or maybe I'm just used to annoying villains that are hard to kill in JJK - like Mahito. Mahito was actually funny though, with cool techniques.
That picture makes me appreciate the actual adult Nanami even more, btw.

No. 147244

File: 1623064738114.jpg (54.39 KB, 319x518, satorusandwich.jpg)

You're absolutely right. How annoying and shitty a character is- is often directly correlated to how long they will survive. Which is good for Naoya. He makes me seethe. The inverse is also often true. Miwa is too nice and sane for this series. I'm worried. Personally I hated every second of Mahito, except his alley confrontation with Nobara because she is undaunted by him (watching him torture Yuji was too much for me) and it was funny, but at least he never did the stupid "women can't possibly fight me" thing. Maybe we will get lucky and Naoya will get killed by another antagonist. Villain vs villain is one of my fave tropes. I absolutely love it.

Right? Nanami has been depressed since he was a teen but he's so normie, an actual adult who has had a real job. Not just wizard bullshit. Too bad Megumi never really interacted with him. Probably would have wished he was his adoptive Dad.

No. 147457

File: 1623162337074.jpg (307.98 KB, 421x452, bottom bitch naoya.jpg)

I wish the official translation had an additional page to explain nuances like that. I'm thankful for the fandom's explanations but I can't help but wonder how much more stuff am I missing out on.

How am I gonna survive the next 3 years waiting for this to get animated… how much would I have to bribe mappa for the 2nd & 3rd season to come out sooner? thinking emoji

No. 147464

File: 1623168671956.jpg (913.11 KB, 1100x1556, 90230527_p0.jpg)

>I'll top you as a favor
Damn Maki you bad bitch! I approve.

And yes I share your pain anon, can't wait for the next season(s). IDC about that movie.

No. 147468

File: 1623172223449.png (77.63 KB, 556x669, bullyhim.png)

I was losing my mind over this discussion too. Nice to see she has maintained her caustic wit in such bleak circumstances. I'm in love. I hope she gives him a thrashing he never forgets or better yet ends him.

No. 147469

File: 1623172505401.jpg (653.4 KB, 1121x1539, domhim.jpg)

Lol all the Uniqlo JJK shirts sold out in like one day. They didn't even give Maki one. Apparently they are doing a second one. She needs one. The baddest of bitches. The scrote meltdown is making me laugh so hard. Nooo she can't defend herself against her male family members trying to murder her in cold-blood!

No. 147568

File: 1623223673588.jpg (359.35 KB, 2048x1430, alrightthen.jpg)

Sort of puzzling leaks and announcements: Short chapter. 9 pages. Maki attacks her mother but doesn't kill her. Maki's mother kills Naoya afterwards. Other members of the Zen'in clan mysteriously die. Jujutsu HQ wants to dismiss the Zen'in's from the big three clans but the decision is on hold.

Gege is taking about a month long break due to ill health.




No. 147570

File: 1623224982125.jpg (2.84 MB, 3024x4032, authorcomments.jpg)

The break is indefinite, Gege predicts a 1 month break. He's not specifically sick but simply in rather poor health condition. That's why his editors asked him to take a break, even though he didn't want to.

No. 147578

File: 1623232291447.jpg (21.88 KB, 392x374, gege.jpg)

Jujutsu Kaisen's Hiatus Notice.

"To our readers.
Thank you for always reading Jujutsu Kaisen.

Due to the poor physical condition of Akutami Gege, Jujutsu Kaisen will be absent for some time from the next issue onward. Akutami wanted to continue writing, but after several discussions with the editorial department, it has been decided that it’s better for Akutami to take a break for a certain period of time. We determined it was the best decision for the mangaka to recover their physical condition.

More information will be given in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump issue. We apologize to all the readers who have been following us, so we look forward to your continued support.

From Akutami Gege.
I have been asked by the editorial department to take a break from the series, but I don’t want to slow down the weekly serialization of Jujutsu Kaisen since I’d like to draw the end of the series as soon as possible, and just put a hold on my answer. However, I’m just not able to recover my schedule compared to other mangaka when they take a single break. If nothing is done about this, the same thing will be repeated over and over again, so I decided to accept the proposal from the editorial department.
The suspension period should be about one month.

Even if I say I’m sick, it’s not any serious illness. My mental health is completely fine, so do not worry about it. I’m really sorry I’ll have to keep you waiting. Once I come back, I’ll do my best with the serialization.

No. 147579

i'm guessing gege knew how popular naoya was just because he's cute so he decided not to risk maki's popularity and had her mom kill him. based mom though, it reminds me of how sangwoo from killing stalking died.

good thing he's getting a break, i hope he'll recover.
>I’d like to draw the end of the series as soon as possible
does this mean this arc might be the final one? wouldn't be surprised since it's so much longer and darker than all the previous ones.

No. 147582

File: 1623235229137.jpg (193.41 KB, 1037x1323, lolsuffer.jpg)

The spoilers are so vague but apparently Maki's mom (there is some debate that it's Naoya's own Mom from Japanese fans lol) has a flashback when Maki attacks her to actually being happy when the twins were born, despite what she said to Maki before her Dad tried to kill her. And being happy living with Maki and Mai when they were little girls. Maybe she proves herself to Maki by killing Naoya in front of her? And that calms Maki. That is based. She looked dead inside when he was shit talking Maki and Mai when he was introduced. Yeah you're right. The misogynist getting finished off by a seemingly demure housewife is actually hilarious and fitting. I hope he goes out knowing who killed him. Ugh female Naoya fans are something else… I also read that Maki gives Mai's body over to Momo because they were close.

Yeah, don't want him to burnout or wreck himself. I think it would be nuts to fit dealing with Kenjaku and dealing with Sukuna into this one arc. I'm thinking at least one more major one after this. Gege said two years. Unless this is really wearing on him and he changed his mind. Having two major villains wasn't necessarily tenable for him. Unless Sukuna quite quickly nukes Kenjaku and turns the culling thing upside down, which is possible I guess?

No. 147590

Because of how work culture is in Japan, it's good that they're telling him to take a break instead of pushing him to continue on. Hope he recovers soon. I wonder if it's his hand that's fucked up from all the drawing.
>Naoya fans
They exist? I'm glad the only JJK discussion I'm part of is this thread.

No. 147591

File: 1623243693096.jpg (173.77 KB, 780x1199, nobara.jpg)

It's terrifying. I have Japanese friends who left the country because they felt they wouldn't live long.

Unfortunately. They are mourning on /a/ and twitter. Good decision. I had a guy tell me that Geto and Toji had more redemptive and morally complex qualities than Nobara and Maki who are just bitches and cold-hearted cunts. Yes the guy who sold his son and shot a little girl and her maid in the head for money and the guy who wanted to kill billions are better people than two teenage girls who aren't cute enough for him.

No. 147597

there are actual women in this fandom who call naoya their comfort character. i wish i was making this up.

No. 147598

File: 1623247036623.jpg (50.01 KB, 473x297, tired.jpg)

Yeah, call themselves "Naoyasisters". Huffing copium right now saying Gege will realize how popular he is and bring him back and comparing his death to Nanami's

No. 147601

File: 1623247716239.gif (864.3 KB, 400x225, doggy.gif)

>comfort character
The only comfort I can think of that the mediocre misogynist could give someone is that he got throughly pwned by a woman he bullied.

Anyway, JJK isn't a manga you read to be comforted is it? It has been very serious for a long time now. Gone are the days of jokes with the main trio.
If there are remotely comfy characters, it gotta be them together but mostly Yuji. Aside from the possession thing.

No. 147602

File: 1623248534333.jpg (350.39 KB, 1020x1447, trio.jpg)

Naoya getting btfo by four characters in a row was definitely pleasing.

Sadly. I miss my trio. Yuji and Nobara sharing a brain and Megumi pretending to be just annoyed but actually appreciating them. Everything is just sad and heavy with a sense of impending doom now. Choso is the weird levity and he's a murderer.

No. 147640

I want my Gojo back.

Hopefully Gege recovers soon. I think he's actually pretty smart to hide his face and not give his real name and to finish the manga quickly. There are so many artists who spend decades on one series and all it gives them is burnout and in some cases premature death. Once JJK is finished, he can go back to normal life if he wants to.

No. 147656

File: 1623289247879.jpg (356.75 KB, 2048x1432, uncubehim.jpg)

I think he will bring him back as soon as Kenjaku is destroyed or almost destroyed. Because it would be too easy if he was around.Might have him show up for the final blow because of the Geto connection. If he doesn't release him by the final act that would be the biggest troll ever.

Yeah. Having no privacy and fans sending death threats is scary. Would be worse if they were stalking you while you were just trying to grocery shop or whatever. Naoya fans are already trying to spam him into bring him back to life lmao. Yeah, but if he does another series there will be immediate interest just because his name is on it.

No. 147658

My not so serious head canon is that Gojo looks so buff in that illustration in volume 16 because there's a gym inside the cube. Maybe he'll get out of there and be fucking built like Todo.
But obviously yeah, Gojo is pretty much a god, he could end the culling game in no time, the stakes are extremely low if he's out and about.

No. 147659

File: 1623291618174.png (337.05 KB, 887x401, youplayedyourself.png)

Makes sense. Like real life prisoners. Keeps you sane. What else you going to do?

Congrats to Toji for continuing to fuck things up beyond the grave. Ironically the things that killed Gojo can now save him.

No. 147675

File: 1623307510358.png (Spoiler Image,2.61 MB, 1076x1589, lol.png)

I'm so glad he was fully conscious and in pain when he took that knife. Getting stabbed in the back by a traditionalist housewife, just like he said should happen to disobedient women is so funny. She remembered that dumbass comment.

No. 147676

File: 1623307650480.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.42 KB, 768x801, lookslikeithurts.jpg)

Naoya fans on suicide watch. This is how their chad goes out. Kek. This will be fun animated if it doesn't get toned down.

No. 147865

File: 1623416235623.jpg (349.03 KB, 712x1012, topme.jpg)

If Maki won't hug you/top you then why even live? Seriously though, chapter 152 was really dark and tragic and raises questions about Maki being cursed. As enjoyable as Naoya getting brain damage from Maki and his poetic comeuppance from a "proper woman" was.

No. 147867

File: 1623416587288.png (Spoiler Image,405.65 KB, 836x1235, talkshitget.png)

I think this is one of my favourite but most fucked up Gege pages yet. Talk shit and get stabbed in the back and die.

No. 147869

Ha, all those people need an actual group hug.

Where do you all read the chapters before sundays?

No. 147877

Here usually: https://ww1.readjujutsukaisen.com/chapter/jujutsu-kaisen-chapter-152/

The English translations are often wonky as hell. The Japanese raws often leak as early as Tues sometimes.

No. 147879

Thanks! This chapter is so abrupt…it feels like a lot of dialogue was left out? How did it go from Maki encountering her mum to the mum stabbing Naoya?

No. 147911

I'm guessing mom was scared Maki would kill her as well, but Maki didn't and mum understood that Maki did it for all of the women of the clan? Which is why mom says she is glad to have given birth to the girls? idk
I'm really curious about the Gojo clan. With Zenin and Kamo there's some background info here and there, but Gojo clan is basically "they have Satoru".

No. 147920

File: 1623459070430.jpg (266.12 KB, 1034x1725, Makidon'tcallmeZen'in.jpg)

Yeah, Gege was presumably mentally or physically (or both) pretty unwell working on this. Hence the shortness and it feels kind of stilted? Anyways the prevailing theories are that either Maki slits her Mom's throat for letting her and Mai walk into that situation and not protecting them growing up (or she can't help but do it due to Mai's curse). There she is making dinner while her husband is supposed to be murdering their daughter's. However things are complicated and they exchange further words. She is full of regret and had probably always resented Naoya and goes to take him out for what he said and probably did to her daughter's. OR after exchanging words with Maki in the kitchen and realizing Mai's fate and seeing what it had done to Maki she is overcome with regret and slits her own throat but also decides to take Naoya with her.

No. 147921

Gege has been suspiciously vague about the Gojo clan but he did confirm in an interview that Satoru has living family. Aside from that we know nothing. Are they parents, siblings, cousins? Are they on good terms or at odds? No idea.

No. 147951

wait, did he really? i only remember him being super vague in the fanbook where they asked about there being living gojou relatives and his reply was "maybe" or something like that. i do wanna know more about his childhood/family though. i always enjoy these headcanons that make him into a super awkward kid/small adult with no social skills at all, like the kind that doesn't even know how to exchange money for goods and services in a 7-eleven.

No. 148078

File: 1623589112952.jpg (189.56 KB, 636x900, OMOMOMOMOMMOMOMOMOM.jpg)

The movie got an official release date! I can't wait to watch it on a pirate site, since I live in EE which means no anime movies for me, yay. Anyway, I'm surprised by how quickly it's coming out? I know that mappa outsources most of it's work but I really hope the quality won't suffer because of the deadline.

No. 148095

File: 1623597268005.jpg (258.95 KB, 780x1308, Yuta_Okkotsu_-_Recorte_Cap_137…)

I know there is a big transformation with Yuta between vol 0 and and his reappearance but I hope they keep him creepy and don't bishie him up. Looking forward to "this is pure love" and Geto's pissy response

No. 148097

The announcement was made at a live event for the seiyuu and lol at everyone just roasting Gojo Youkyan spent like a solid minute talking very heatedly about why Gojo's hair makes no sense with and without the blindfold LMAO he was so fired up about it.

Enojun, Uchida-san, and Seto-san are live dubbing a brand new Juju Sanpo episode! the plot is the students are visiting Kawaguchi on a mission and meeting up with Gojo.

Megumi in the Juju Sanpo episode, talking about Gojo: "that person's existence alone is already a crime". We got a solid minute of the first years just talking shit about Gojo. The first years spent so long hyping themselves up for an exciting time in Kawaguchi and Gojo just strolled in very obnoxiously to crush their dreams. Youkyan's live dubbing power for Gojo is so insane though, the uzai was real. The Tokyo second years also get a Juju Sanpo live dubbing but I can't stop laughing every time Ucchi opens his mouth. it's one thing to see Inumaki saying onigiri ingredients but seeing Ucchi just happily saying them so damn funny.

Part of the Juju Sanpo episode plot was the second years getting on the train and I was like "how are they going to explain Panda on the train" and it turns out Maki is just yelling "please excuse us, there is a Panda coming through!!!!!". Gojo is annoying, Youkyan really has mastered Gojo's obnoxiousness to absolute perfection. this live dub is everything

All of the students except Yuuji: bullying Gojo
Yuuji, cheerful: don't mind them, sensei!!!!
Gojo: lures his students out to do a silly quiz game
everyone else: wants to throw Gojo off a bridge

God the Juju Strolls are going to be schizo from now on with the tonal shift the manga takes.

No. 148132

That dynamic is why I read Goyu doujin lol
Yuji is the only one who isn't entirely annoyed by Gojo.

No. 148135

File: 1623631476474.png (710.78 KB, 1191x1769, goyu.png)

Pairings that aren't him with Geto or Yuji are completely weird to me tbh. I don't get it. Unless you are into one half of the couple just being like shutup shutup shutup shutup the entire time. I guess there is Miwa too but they only interacted once.And tbh I wanted more tragic Mechamaru ship with her.

No. 148142

File: 1623637578240.jpg (2.4 MB, 1500x4226, 87420105_p4.jpg)

Gojo and Yuji are just super comfy to me I don't even really need them to fuck.
Gojo and Megumi often has too much weird stuff connected to Megumi's childhood.
I like Sukuna x Megumi though, something about Sukuna being really fascinated with him.

No. 148156

File: 1623648036643.jpeg (725.61 KB, 997x1508, prayers4megumi.jpeg)

Yeah, I know people would be screaming about the Yuji and Gojo age gap but with Megumi it's creepy because he was heavily involved with him since first grade. Also Megumi clashes with him too much. I like Megumi and Yuji because I feel like Yuji is one of the few people Megumi has a connection with. Honestly, I get Megumi and Sukuna but only as an abuse ship. It makes me laugh when people try to argue that Sukuna is canon in love with him in a tender romantic way though. Dude is a cannibal psychopath. I'm 100 percent certain his plans for Megumi will be very bad. And I really like Megumi and don't want him to be mentally or physically tortured.

No. 148553

File: 1623858204891.jpg (319.74 KB, 1748x1181, E38mx13UYAIUiE-.jpg)

this one month break is harder than i thought…
anyone else also rereading manga?

No. 148582

File: 1623889440283.jpg (332.69 KB, 1500x1500, sadness.jpg)

Yeah, I just reread the whole thing. Vol 0 included (I forgot how hilariously unhinged Geto is in it "You womanizer!", it's so funny). Honestly, I just hope Gege isn't in a really bad state. Copped a ban on another site for trolling the guys there about JJK, worth it tbh.

No. 148602

File: 1623900773437.jpg (1.6 MB, 1181x1748, E3xwTMZVUAMo1T7.jpg)

I'm just on Twitter and Pixiv reading doujin. Following JJK fujo accounts was the best decision I've made in a long time, they're fun. Considering attending a doujin event on the weekend, it's all online: https://pictsquare.net/t4udenyeenrks0i667td1tzw27o38sqr

No. 148656

Are there any straight ships in the JJK fandom?

No. 148668

Gojo and Utahime? Maybe? There's not much material though.

No. 148669

Yeah Gojo and Utahime is picking up steam on Japanese sites but it's not huge. Toji and his wife but they are both dead and we know nothing about her. Nobara and Yuji are fairly popular. Nobara and Megumi is less popular. Megumi and Tsumiki (they aren't blood related). Maki and Yuta because he actually seems into her in canon and Gege made a comment about him finding someone possibly. Gojo and Miwa. Miwa and Mechamaru but he is also dead Those are all that I can think of seeing people actively ship. Some people think Uraume is a woman (and ship them with Sukuna) but I think he's totally a guy. The tragic relationship between Nanami and the bakery employee R.I.P.

No. 148786

File: 1623974264475.jpg (166.03 KB, 1246x877, E37OrPMVIAMRSiK.jpg)

Can you navigate Twitter spaces and online doujin events on poor Japanese alone? I want to join some but I don't want to make a fool of myself.

No. 148832

You should be fine nonny, especially if you have some ability and are concerned in the first place. I see weebs without a clue crash in without a care in the world all the time, lol. When in doubt people seem to just use emojis.

No. 148839

File: 1623989662812.jpg (243.98 KB, 1165x1734, E4FOOtfVEAAsGDn.jpg)

I think you'll be fine. The online events are usually linked to Toranoana so idk how that works if you don't live in Japan, but there's lots of artists who display their art (展示) and you don't actually have to talk to anyone.
Right now if you search twitter for #soraore_0619 you'll get tons of ads for the spaces.
Twitter in general, if you follow one of them they RT other artists all the time so you can build a follow list pretty quickly without any effort. If you want to follow private NSFW accounts, adding 腐女子 and 20↑ or 成人済 is kind of mandatory.

No. 149467

File: 1624412482091.jpg (Spoiler Image,239.25 KB, 1666x2048, rvXWosU.jpg)

can this break be over already, i miss you girlies

No. 149476

File: 1624419960981.jpg (206.51 KB, 1018x1400, nanamin.jpg)

Legit worried about Gege. What if he genuinely messed up his health?

No. 149506

File: 1624447091290.jpg (2.28 MB, 1378x2039, 90447186_p15.jpg)

GG is fine and I won't allow myself to think otherwise.
Honestly though, he's pretty young still and he seems like the type to power through despite his exhaustion (whether that's good or not), so I think JJK will get a proper ending.
Don't pull an Ai Yazawa on us, GG!

No. 149510

File: 1624450008849.jpg (220.29 KB, 1843x1382, E1n5BpgVUAI80G4.jpg)

thank you for the food

even if he did, it's not like we can help in any way. I'm coping by thinking everything is alright, and gege's vacation is a result of publishers caring more about their authors after miura's passing
but it is pretty worrying he is so young and already going to a chiropractor…

Does anyone know a fic with similar setting like https://archiveofourown.org/works/29327439/chapters/72025692? I generally prefer satosugu as friends but this one was fun.

No. 149514

File: 1624455983995.png (444.62 KB, 1300x1700, gojogeto.png)

He probably draws in a horrible position, like a gremlin, like some of my artist friends do. Maybe a doctor will help him with that.

Sorry I don't anon. I like that pairing platonic or not though. It's the best Gojo ship though- by miles. It will blow up after the hidden inventory arc gets animated and there will be more material.

No. 149526

File: 1624459290458.png (3.02 MB, 1476x2270, getwell.png)

Prayers for the cat. I hope he gets well and starts giving my man Yuji a little break from the anguish. Who am I kidding haha

No. 149601

File: 1624493110725.jpg (3.16 MB, 1080x4000, 90127538_p16.jpg)

>but it is pretty worrying he is so young and already going to a chiropractor…
I live in Japan, it's actually pretty normal for people to go to one here. Especially since he obviously sits hunched over a lot. I follow lots of doujin artists on Twitter and they sometimes talk about going to one as well.

Some doujins I read that had Yuji after Shibuya, he was basically a fucking mess. Like a proper "Just kill me" mess. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's the way Gege decides to go as well. And even if he turns out fine (he won't): Unless we see Jujutsu society entirely turned over, we can never forget that Yuji has actually been sentenced to death.

Aaaah, I just want the first years to be happy again.

No. 149611

File: 1624499073331.jpg (621 KB, 956x1623, bros.jpg)

I totally agree. Jujutsu society is absolutely fucked. Gojo still has his permanent exile status that they are all trying to undo which will land them in trouble. Yuta straight up lied about executing Yuji. And look at Maki. Nobara's half-alive probably. And Megumi is sending up major flags that he is headed for something really dark. They are all totally fucked. I just want some happiness too.

No. 149613

File: 1624500411177.jpg (317.05 KB, 811x1200, 90044513_p0_master1200.jpg)

My best boi Yuta did nothing wrong! He did kill Yuji. Not his fault he also instantly revived him.
His reappearance as cocky self-assured badass has me simping for him so much…

But yes, these characters are all on the road to self-destruction.

No. 149624

File: 1624505350709.jpg (886.61 KB, 845x1200, thisispurelove.jpg)

He has the best character design. Fellow Yuta simp here. MAPPA better not screw it up.Of course he did nothing wrong but the higher ups are evil morons and will be pissed he didn't execute Yuji. The entire cast is methodically getting themselves put on a hit list.

No. 149625

File: 1624506798621.jpg (861.86 KB, 3508x2480, E4XoeJCUUAUVTMu.jpg)

I'm super excited for his voice actor, he has to do both sad boi Yuta for the movie later this year and "more cursed energy than Gojo" Yuta for the series. Sad boi Yuta absolutely doesn't do it for me though.

No. 149629

File: 1624508265380.jpg (Spoiler Image,508.11 KB, 1363x1445, tearyouapart.jpg)

I've been really happy with all the voice actors so far. Yeah, they toned him down. He starts to transition in both appearance and attitude by the end of Vol 0 (that deadpan "die") so I'm curious how that will be done. Picrel.

No. 151200

File: 1625484780809.jpg (65.81 KB, 874x1240, Epx9JpJVQAAv9b9.jpg)

when will this torture end. im getting withdrawal symptoms i need a new chapter :(

No. 151204

File: 1625486214918.png (Spoiler Image,286.72 KB, 600x852, E5KMSDWVkAQzBRC.png)

me too nona, i can't stand it anymore.

No. 151211

File: 1625489297323.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB, 2400x2900, 004686716_007948419_eeyoCElbY.…)

I'm just on Twitter/pixiv trying to get my fix, but not even a Saikyo Sandwich can make me happy anymore.

No. 151237

Can't you just post that crap in the fujo thread?

No. 151256

File: 1625510850085.jpg (66.7 KB, 564x564, 2116d2bdbeae3e6a2b6269fde25dbd…)

kekk thanks nonas for horny posting
i didnt want to go full nsfw right after rezing the thread after 2 weeks so i choose pain instead

>Saikyo Sandwich

this is the first time im hearing of this… m-more?…

No. 151257

jujutsu kaisen is bl

No. 151260

It's just a shounen manga

No. 151270

its bl

No. 151284

Don't bother, they can't keep their bad porn out of anything

No. 151286

File: 1625525311863.jpg (602.63 KB, 848x1200, 91035496_p5_master1200.jpg)

Search pixiv/twitter for 最強サンド.

I really hope Gege returns after a month as promised, I need that one-eyed cat to finish the manga.

No. 151310

File: 1625537394871.jpg (291.34 KB, 2125x2015, shokosmoking.jpg)

I'm feeling doubtful about his imminent return sis.

No. 151516

File: 1625679379677.jpg (79.64 KB, 563x688, a4d1cbc533417b33de63e6faaba967…)

nothing much to say, i just think this Gojo Dadoru is cute

No. 151561

Lol, he would be such a bad dad. All his kids would end up in the emergency room.

No. 151588

File: 1625739724031.jpg (331.48 KB, 1420x2048, AmWXOcc.jpg)

apparently japanese fandom is celebrating naoya day (7-0-8) today? kek

No. 151592

I love how Gege made him as shitty as possible from the moment he first appeared and he still has unironic stans. Every JJK thread on /a/ gets invaded by their spamming.

No. 151609

That's what he gets for making hot dudes

No. 151672

File: 1625778431572.jpg (135.95 KB, 1248x1230, E5nzTYeVEAEkf1L.jpg)

He's hot and simps for Toji. Like what do you expect?

No. 151691

I just like antagonists. Especially if they're bullyable.

No. 151699

File: 1625795246000.jpg (632.87 KB, 1300x1300, nobaramai.jpg)

He was around for only a little over a dozen chapters before he died pitifully and was comically misogynist for an antagonist. In a series full of great men? Better than shit taste, honestly.

No. 151723

File: 1625826578346.jpeg (173.2 KB, 766x816, 1-sepNumRWv-L85Mdj_Ccu7A@2x.jp…)

I don't even think the characters in the manga are hot, because of Gege's scratchy minimalist style. They got really glammed up in the anime.
Choso though, he is cute. More Choso please.

No. 151726

File: 1625836180360.jpg (483.64 KB, 1348x2048, choso.jpg)

They're conceptually hot. Choso is extremely undervalued and has one of the coolest techniques. He was actually hilarious even before he switched sides. His complete lack of enthusiasm during most of the Shibuya incident was a welcome respite from the horror.

No. 151733

File: 1625841299443.jpg (68.4 KB, 563x783, 1f080ca34a0d97c3521b08522ff3a4…)

Ooh nice pic anon!
One thing I really like about him is how dedicated he is to his weird family. It's touching.
Do we really need to spoiler the Shibuya incident btw? At this point I'm expecting all the anime onlys to have picked up the manga out of boredom.

No. 151740

File: 1625844721516.jpg (775.55 KB, 1650x1752, confusion.jpg)

His design is aesthetic even in the manga. Same, he loves his mutant family. It's touching and I feel bad for them since they (and their poor Mom) were victims of Kenjaku. His re-entrance cheerleading Yuji and screaming at Uraume and Kenjaku was so funny.

No. 151742

File: 1625844984364.jpg (182.04 KB, 1536x2048, kenjakuchoso.jpg)

I want him to get revenge for his raped mom but I feel like he will die. I don't want to spoiler the Shibuya incident but I have had people flip on me for spoiling completed manga.

No. 151743

File: 1625845367825.png (747.58 KB, 621x872, choso.png)

Choso has a lot of bomb fan art. Being able to produce unlimited blood to weaponize is just cool.There is a theory Gojo will kill him because of what he saw him do in Shibuya. Further traumatizing Yuji.

No. 151753

File: 1625854866819.jpg (246.75 KB, 787x949, E5y_sAIXIAMbAQf.jpg)

apparently the new chapter will be released on july 26 and gojou will be on the jump cover

source: https://twitter.com/IDuckyx/status/1413215250015571970

No. 151755

Ugh, fucking Brain. It would be sweet if Choso got revenge. Please Gege at least let him live long enough for more wholesome Yuji interaction.
Noooo, give us and Yuji a break!
Oh wow! Didn't think the manga would be back so soon!

No. 151768

Gojo will be on the cover of GIGA Jump, which is a special that is released in summer. The manga will NOT continue in it, it'll have some manga about the mechanics of JJK.
Apparently JJK is not listed for the July Weekly Shonen Jumps, so it'll actually take a bit longer to return than expected.

No. 151770

File: 1625865223292.png (1.13 MB, 660x878, Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 6.13…)

From the latest WSJ.

No. 151791

Explaining limitless and domain expansion with math in 8 pages…

No. 152045

File: 1626117488714.jpg (237.91 KB, 1556x2048, E57wuisVcAYhM9j.jpg)

Noobaraaaa I miss you
Gotta watch the anime again to fill the void.

No. 152241

File: 1626242060439.jpeg (323.65 KB, 1067x917, sigh.jpeg)

tfw when at best there might possibly be a new chapter on August 8th.

No. 152242

File: 1626242301047.png (1.08 MB, 1191x1684, p4.png)

I love her too. The quantity of pure rage and seething she induces in the scrote readership and audience is incredible.Give her back Gege.

No. 152491

File: 1626411886107.png (93.84 KB, 1206x292, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 14.0…)

Jujutsu Kaisen will return in the 8/2 WSJ issue!
Oh happy day!
Or, as someone on Twitter said: The safety of my husbando is no longer guaranteed.

No. 152514

Haha yes, the excitement of a new chapter combined with the dread of knowing no one is safe.
Hope Gege has rested and is OK now!

No. 152769

File: 1626614887372.jpg (843.25 KB, 1312x969, protectthem.jpg)

Whew. If he kills your husbando he will just replace him with another one. Gege has a neurological condition that compels him to think up and draw hot men in perpetuity.

No. 154088

Leaks incoming Hakari is running some kind of illegal sorcerer fight club, breaking jujutsu code about keeping their society/existence secret from normies. Mostly non-sorcerers bet on the outcomes. Yuji and Megumi pretend to not be from the technical school because of his expulsion and ditch their uniforms. Hakari has a goth girlfriend with lots of piercings and weird eyes and he is wearing a Doflamingo jacket but in black. Panda is there too. Hakari is immediately suspicious of Megumi but less so of Yuji. Alright.

No. 154135

Teaser trailer is out

No. 154149

I'm not sure how I feel about Shinji's voice actress doing Yuta. Maybe it's just that Shinji is pretty much whinging through the entirety of NGE (at least in my memory)… idk Yuta turns from sad boi into best boi later in the manga and I hope she can do his best boi voice.

Can't wait to read it, my WSJ subscription finally makes sense again!

No. 154157

File: 1627604544999.jpg (2.47 MB, 2150x3035, allowmetokillyou.jpg)

Definitely not expecting that casting choice. Huh. Even with later Yuta I imagine him going between a friendlier cuter voice and a creepy flat affect so maybe that's something she can do.

No. 154180

File: 1627616335529.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.34 KB, 690x788, hakari.jpg)

Lol Hakari looking like a delinquent pimp Tyler Durden in the leaks. The world is imploding and everyone is going to die and he is just running an illegal underground fight club with his goth gf to make some money.

No. 154188

File: 1627624917792.jpg (570.52 KB, 4096x2892, E7fY0IdVIAUi9Lu.jpg)

Get in that EVA, Okkotsu.

No. 154189

File: 1627625049845.jpg (132.68 KB, 1000x707, 9db0c3209f86ae3778e4f626b8f51f…)

They released this picture for the second half of the JJK exhibit in Tokyo, it's the same clothes as in the 2nd ending. Gojo looks like he just went out to the conbini at 3am.

No. 154195

File: 1627630384329.png (121.5 KB, 800x800, weartheplugsuit.png)

Crossover art incoming.

No. 154197

File: 1627630980188.png (64.82 KB, 408x436, gopnik.png)

I saw Megumi's outfit, not being blocked by Yuji, and he is wearing the most oversized coat possible. Made me laugh. Gojo looks like a sketchy Eastern European (I can say that because they're my ppl) and his hand is scaring me tbh.

No. 154200

File: 1627632706875.jpg (22.26 KB, 473x576, stylin.jpg)

Why is this so funny to me?

No. 154201

>Yuuta is sharing voice with Komaeda
NOOOOOOOOO, now all i can see when i look at him is despair porn anon…

kek at Nanamin just standing awkwardly in the background. i like it tho. they all look cute. i saw some koreans joke about this megumi >>154200 winning best princess award and i completely agree.

No. 154205

File: 1627637824000.jpg (381.58 KB, 1710x2048, myboy.jpg)

Nanami doesn't want to get too close to shady drug dealer/Russian crime syndicate looking Gojo. He's there to make sure the kids are okay. Lol the Korean fans are always right.

No. 154219

Kek I thought the same when I saw the va.

No. 154223

File: 1627652522724.jpeg (41.31 KB, 473x675, evenjustthesightofyou.jpeg)

I just thought of depressed Shinji. Maki is his much less cluster b Asuka, lol. Does Yuta have a shitty Dad we don't know about?

No. 154232

File: 1627654652765.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.28 KB, 323x264, backgroundchoso.jpg)

Choso is back to not caring about his surroundings because Yuji is leaving.

No. 154233

File: 1627654857533.png (Spoiler Image,236.59 KB, 900x1300, 18.png)

Also Sukuna is going to be really happy that Megumi is moving and hiding in other people's shadows. Uh oh.

No. 154245

Seeing a spoiler about my fave being in the background, and not currently being killed off is a relief though.

No. 154246

File: 1627667887102.jpg (211.55 KB, 504x671, whyhehot.jpg)

He is looking cute as always. I love how he literally cares about nothing but brother Yuji.

No. 154269

File: 1627684336271.jpg (425.65 KB, 1986x1986, E7iw3MHVoAk_4QF.jpg)

Some online fujos see the oversized coat as a clear sign that Gofushi is real, because obviously the only reason Megumi would wear this hilariously oversized coat is that it's Gojo's coat. But then again Goyu-stans see it as a clear sign that Yuji wore Gojo's sweatpants when in the underground movie dungeon, meaning that of course Goyu is real. When we all know that Itafushi/Fushiita is the way to go kek

As for the CV announcement, I'm just happy that finally there's going to be more Yuta fanart.

No. 154546

File: 1627863492649.jpg (178.74 KB, 1200x1575, E7uWpJMUUAIpu6l.jpg)

Aaaah, the new chapter was so good! Or maybe it just felt really good because of the long break? idk and idc, but Megumi was boss af in this one. Finally his delinquent days are paying off!

No. 154551

I felt my hype restoring back to Shibuya levels after this chapter tbh, it was slightly waning before the hiatus due to the weird pacing and art. Hopefully Gege can keep this up!

No. 154931

File: 1628165323140.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1611632861811.jpg)

Kirara might be a guy…. I refuse to accept this reality. My current cope is "this is wrong translation!".

No. 154950

No. 154963

Yes, how and why?

No. 154983

NTA but there are some early spoiler translations out where Panda and Megumi (iirc) discuss that the two third-years are Hakari and "another guy", most likely referring to Kirara, so they're biologically male. It doesn't help that they're suddenly drawn way more ambiguously in this chapter based on the few leaked panels. Could be misleading translations though.

No. 154993

This is most likely a mistranslation. Panda probably says something like もう一人のヤツ, which just is "and the other one" and someone took it as the gender neutral "guy". There are only very few ways of umambiguously saying "and the other [male]" in Japanese and they all sound stilted.

No. 154998

The script used 男 twice.

No. 155004

Gege nobody wanted trans shit in this manga. Could be a cross dresser, I guess? Not very woke of Panda and Megumi to call them male if he is really going the trans route. Suddenly Kirara's chest is like 5 times smaller this chapter but Gege is infamous for inconsistent drawing so… These scripts are often botched and incorrect when it comes to details though.

No. 155006

File: 1628228811456.png (Spoiler Image,687.68 KB, 453x792, wheredidtheygo.png)

Yeah Kirara's chest (that had male fans so excited) shrunk in a major way between chapters. So is Hakari: bi, gay, a trans women are real women type? Will the screeching twitter and tumblr types be mad or happy about these two characters?

No. 155010

We're doomed.
Let's wait til the actual chapter release.

No. 155011

File: 1628233693336.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.01 KB, 670x549, hmm.jpg)

I'm waiting too because the transcript leaks have been off before about anything that isn't the vague big picture stuff but not looking good. Potential trans nonsense aside what is it with male mangaka and their inability to draw breasts consistently? Maybe Gege was doing a bait and switch, which is tbh really annoying.

No. 155013

until it's not confirmed it's gonna be bi-mineta moment

No. 155017

File: 1628249773570.png (Spoiler Image,45.24 KB, 434x310, okayso.png)

Kek. Wait for it…

No. 155018

File: 1628249871856.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.77 KB, 590x470, waitwhat.jpg)

…a few moments later. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 155019

Looks promising, still waiting for the official release. But this may be just Panda's sense of humour?

No. 155020

It's something the translator decided on as there is a gender neutral pronoun used there. I don't know why they decided to use "her" when Panda called Kirara a man. Or maybe the translator isn't even paying attention to the stuff happening in the conversations and just look at a page at a time kek.

No. 155034

Fucking hell Gege

No. 155141

File: 1628341146415.jpg (127.37 KB, 1200x675, E8HbY1VUYAQKnTR.jpg)

And may you live a long and happy life!

No. 155169

File: 1628372443087.jpg (231.32 KB, 1240x1754, E8MXIIlUcAUt0-m.jpg)

I hope she returns to the story soon!

No. 155193

File: 1628386812523.jpg (385.95 KB, 555x999, kugisakinobara.jpg)

I'm tired of her being absent. Best case scenario is her grandmother is teaching her mad skills or something.

Laughing at Fujimoto drawing fanart of her. He totally would want her to push over his bike and laugh at him. Men…

No. 155214

God that pic is adorable.
I don't remember her grandma, have we seen her in the story?

No. 155215

No, not in the story. But Gege mentioned she was influential in Nobara's upbringing and they clashed because she didn't want her to leave the countryside for the tech school.

No. 155378

File: 1628542593450.png (612.47 KB, 936x844, Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 5.53…)

I'm here for shadow ninja Megumi.
As for Kirara, besides that one panel there is no real indication of her gender. I don't know how "woke" Gege is, but from what I've seen with cross-dressing of flamboyantly gay characters in manga, they tend to use アタシ as pronoun, Kirara uses 私. So there may be hope?

No. 155391

First Japanese fujos on my timeline wondering how the Hakari x Kirara ship should be abbreviated lol

No. 158068

All I could think of when reading the latest chapter is how fun it would be to see everything animated. Good to see panda again.

No. 158113

I think the latest two chapters are going to be much better animated, because on paper they were kind of meh. Exposure, exposure, exposure.

No. 158133

Exactly, I could see the potential as anime material, but the manga isn't that exciting right now.

No. 158296

File: 1630386556400.jpg (89.6 KB, 1003x1416, E9-t6RdVQAINhS1.jpg)

I always really enjoy what the fujo fans on Twitter come up with in reply to the latest chapter, this week it's Megumi's midriff. I think I've seen 20 different versions of this picture by different people. Not that I'm complaining.

No. 158471

I can't wait for all of the characters to join up together and tackle this Battle Royal colonies thing, because these set-up arcs are kinda boring and there isn't much to discuss.

No. 160885

File: 1631969683048.png (1.47 MB, 763x1200, 20210918_113927.png)

i like to imagine he's squeezing out ketchup packets over his head to look cool

No. 160922

This cover looks uncool, but considering the guy on it, that's understandable.

No. 160974

File: 1632005592938.png (274.66 KB, 978x1334, 94e9b56fa140139d3a3d5954d2c8cf…)

Seeing as Naoya's only redeeming quality are his looks, I don't even think Gege did him dirty with that cover.

Had to lol at the latest chapter being basically exclusively on the (shitty) Japanese justice system.

No. 162908

I miss Mahito-kun.

No. 168731

So the trailer is out, what do you think?
Personally I think it looks absolutely fantastic and since it's going to be a whole movie for just one manga volume they'll have some space to add quite a bit of content, which I'm excited for, but I still don't really like Shinji's voice for Yuta. Idk what it is, maybe it's because I first "met" Yuta when he was already best boy and him having this whiny voice is kind of out of character (for how I imagine him).

No. 168737

ugh that voice is a turn off

No. 168744

hate the voice, doesn't fit at all and sounds like some untalented rando is doing a fandub or something.

No. 168756

never liked megumi ogata's voice

No. 173131

File: 1638920356448.jpg (752.14 KB, 1327x1499, 20211207_221455.jpg)

rezzing this thread to remind anons that the best part of jjk has his birthday today.

how did this thread die anyway?
What do you guys think was that eye in last chapter?

No. 173176

Sorry about the previous post, leaker wasn't posting the polls in order


5000 votes difference between Megumi and Gojo
#JJK168 #JJKSpoilers

I find it hard to believe megumi is the most popular character lol i mean above gojo? no way

No. 173195

NANAMI ‘_’ but yes shocked at Megumi being no 1, btw does anyone know a place I can read the manga in French?

No. 173196

Read the rules first.

No. 174726

File: 1639981404179.jpg (731.12 KB, 2163x1822, FGfee7QUcAIclwc.jpg)

Gojo hasn't turned up in the manga for almost 2 years now in Japan. I think considering he's been gone for so long, 2nd place is quite amazing.
Megumi has been given a lot more room in the manga lately and he did get a lot more awesome, so yeah. 1st place it is.

They're really milking the manga now, there'll be a theatre play next year and a mobile game soon as well.

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