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No. 51324

Ok, so there was already a thread talking about some uni stuff, but I wanted to start a more general thread where we could all let off a little steam, ask for advice, etc.

I'm about to go back to uni to do a post-grad and people on the Facebook group are already pissing me off. 90% of the people on the course are whiny girls who haven't grown up since high school and all they have done is sit and bitch about how bad everything is away to be. I'm feeling really apprehensive about meeting people in person now, because I really wanted to just have a group of friends who I could hang out and study with.

These are definitely not the kind of people I want to have to spend time with if possible, but I don't wanna end up just hanging out with a bunch of dudes all year, so now i'm stressing out. What should I do?

No. 51325

You aren't in high school anymore, your main focus should be class. You don't even need to be friends with your class mates. You are an adult now, meet them at a bar or meet them at a part time job.

Problem solved.

No. 51326


Exactly, no one gives a shit most of the time. Just be pals who you wanna be friends with and dont pay mind to classmates.

No. 51327

dude, it doesn't matter who you hang out with, meaning that your circle of friends doesn't have to be limited to those girls

you can make friends with people just about anywhere on campus, thats one the things people like most about it, and because not everyone has classes together, you don't feel the pressure of having to remain their friend if you don't like them

No. 51328

Okay. So, uni problems. I'm edging on 21- and I can't bring myself to get into uni.

At first, I took a year off because I was home schooled and the timing wasn't right, so the whole semester/year bullshit didn't work out. Then, I ended up going to college/uni/whatever and had to withdraw two months in because I had a sleeping disorder- idiopathic hypersomnia; sleeping 8-16 hours for no real reason, missing all my day classes, etc.

Now, I'm taking another year off (when I should be a junior) to try and gather money to go back to college to salvage my education- the problem is, I don't have a job, I can't leave my house, and I have no idea if I will be able to leave my house anytime soon.

I've become a huge shut in. And it's really frustrating because I like school. A lot. I really like school. I like learning and reading and late nights and gossiping with people and meeting new people and adventures- basically all the bullshit that college is. I just have no idea if I'm ever going to be able to work up to being able to getting out of the house for more than a doctors visit to go to do the things I used to enjoy. I'm really fucking depressed but I don't want to be- I just want to be able to be normal so I can be able to go to college.

I am legitimately so fucking stressed and annoyed at myself. That is all.

No. 51329


keep trying anon, someday you will get in but just keep trying ;<

No. 51330

WAIT. YOU ARE LITEARLY ME! homeschooled shut in. do you have an email we can chat in?

No. 51331

Yeah, sure thing, anon! Throw away is in the field. I'll be happy to talk to you about my life story and bullshit, ahaha. We can bitch and whine and figure shit out together.

No. 51332

File: 1441995063588.png (156.82 KB, 457x463, 1441792695538.png)

Bleh, I know this thread has been dead for about a month, but I figured I should post something somewhere before my heart explodes.
I'm back to school now and my friends are hanging out with my ex boyfriend, I don't really mind this, I mean, he's apparently interesting enough to hang out with but the thing is since i'm an ex I'm often like left out of things if he is there–they won't invite me, visa versa. Now it's starting to feel like they are choosing him over me and I just feel absolutely terrible, I don't want to bring anything up in case someone shuts me down as a drama queen or someshit like that but it's really starting to bother me. Like, they will talk about him and be like all secretive as if I'm not right in front of their faces or they'll be like "oh i got to do this" but end up hanging out with him, or just not tell me about anything that is going on. I wish I never dated him, because none of this would have ever happened. Even now, usually we would be at the student union chilling before class but no one has texted me or anything. I'm positive it's because he's there. I guess I need new friends.

No. 51333

also I am too tired for all this shit, my sleep schedule is so fucked right now. I think I've gotten into the habit of just sleeping because I don't want to deal with people. I need another escape, suggestions and advice welcome.

No. 51334

>I guess I need new friends.
Yeah… very hard but still probably the easiest. You could always embracing being a loner though and escape into the world of single player vidya

No. 51335

File: 1442019226187.png (240.33 KB, 500x540, 1377152715328.png)

Yeah I just literally confirmed my suspicions. I pretty much just left and told them try not to lie to me again. Feels good to stand up for myself again. Time to make new friends who aren't complete messy shady weeaboos.

No. 51336

Good luck with everything, and remember, just because everyone is on the internet, doesn't mean you can't make real friends. Just dont forget to open up to the people you spend time with anywhere, even if it's through a screen

No. 51337

Thank anon I'll try to do my best.

No. 51338

I start uni in 5 days and I already don't want to go.

No. 51339

well you're going, so git gud

No. 51340

Set the lowest expectations possible and enjoy everything. That's what I always do lol

No. 51341


It's just effort. People are effort. I just want to get my BA and be out of there.

No. 51342

File: 1442160827602.gif (972.53 KB, 500x319, tumblr_ns4hzeDDVn1qfp6jpo1_500…)

I just moved to Newcastle (UK) today to attend Newcastle University.
I'm going out on a pub crawl with my accommodation tonight, paid £5 for my special little t-shirt and everything, buy honestly I'm kind of shitting myself.

I'm kind of an introverted extrovert. I can hang out with people and blend very well with myriads of personality types and in most cases my little façade I usually end up being relegated to the role of leader in any friendship circle but fuck, overwhelming majority of time I just want to stay in my room, fuck everybody off and watch anime/play vidya/study/work out on my own in my own little dark cave.
I literally fucking hiss whenever I hear people walk past my door and keep a kettle in my room so I don't have to go into the communal kitchen to top up my green tea.

Tonight's theatrics are going to be exhausting. I want to be alone but I know that if I don't make an effort to make friends I'm going to end up very lonely later in the year once I've missed out on Fresher's Week.

No. 51343

File: 1442160944897.gif (214.11 KB, 500x281, umaruuun.gif.fae0f76f82b60c436…)


AH and now I just remembered have to top up Giffgaff tonight so that I can find my fucking way home on Google maps for when I inevitably get bored and slip away.

I was just about to complete DMC:DMC (kek) tonight too, I'm just on Vergil >:l


No. 51344


No. 51345

File: 1442162938670.jpg (38.18 KB, 480x327, 5470504b7178d65eac152cf1fe2e57…)


I hated it too but I started putting it on in the background whilst I dithered about and now I can't stop.

The moe stops the grump.

No. 51346


K so I'm back home and it's only 21:05.

Got to the first bar out of a 10 bar crawl and left after 10 minutes. Didn't know ANYBODY, music was so loud you couldn't even speak to anybody and people were just standing around awkwardly bumbling to the music whilst sipping their drinks.

I don't understand Freshers. I guess I'll just make friends on my course instead.

No. 51347

I don't know where to post this and it doesn't deserve a thread, but a few days ago I met a guy at VFNO, he's a young designer who's become known recently and he's super cute
We started talking about his brand and things went… hotter? He was a little drunk and we ended up… doing things. The case is that a website about fashion announced that some designers are going to give lessons in my university, and as he's a new talent he's included too. He's not old, 26 y.o, I'm 20. But I feel so ashamed that he's going to be a professor and I'm going to attend his classes… I know it's something stupid but as we are not a couple and was a one night stand… if people knew they'd think I'm still having something with him so that's-why-you-pass-exams and I hope he doesn't hate me and makes his classes a fucking hell for me. Literally crying, what I've done man, if I only knew lol I hope he doesn't remember me. Shall I cut my hair and dye it lol

No. 51348

File: 1442232141685.png (108.52 KB, 502x345, 1369864564237.png)

Unless you make a big deal out of it and go out of your way to tell everyone "btw I fucked our prof" it's unlikely to ever come up, and even if it did no one would care besides gossip hounds.


I feel you, these are truly horrible. I hate getting my eardrums raped and drinking unreasonable amounts of alcohol to be "social".

I just tend to make friends on the spot and apparently I'm interesting enough people spontaneously come to me; all my classes having 10 to 15 students max helps too (hooray for unpopular majors). What do you study ?

No. 51349

File: 1442248485584.jpg (95.87 KB, 470x470, 5470504b7178d65eac152cf1fe2e57…)


East Asian Studies with a focus on the Japanese language and it's culture and history with Chinese modules on the side.

I-I'm not a weeb though.

I just feel I need to put that out there because every time I tell people this they automatically assume I'm a weeb when I'm just fascinated by East Asia and am a language nerd and Japanese seemed like a logical choice for me since Japan currently has the 3rd highest economy and I studied Japanese in highschool and already have TEFL certification.

I've been talking to loads of mums and dads in the lifts and hallways who are moving their kids in (I'm 24 and a mature student so I moved myself in), and every time they ask what I'm doing and I tell them they raise their fucking eyebrow before going on to tell me that their little angel is studying Biochemistry or Law or Business or some shit.

Well fuck you and I hope your child fucks up their first year and has to retake or catches an STD off some Geordie chlamydia-ridden cunt >:l

I'm so salt at people looking down on my degree.

No. 51350

File: 1442267058459.gif (118.78 KB, 96x192, iYCzVku.gif)


I'm planning to study Japanese studies at university. I like anime and what not, but honestly that really isn't the reason as to why I plan on studying it. I just love learning more about Japan and its culture, it's fascinating. If I was just a plain ol' weeb I wouldn't have lasted so long. It's so suffering to see all my friends doing sciency and maths stuff while I study Japanese by myself, lol.

No. 51351


If you genuinely enjoy the language and it's culture/history for reasons beyond weeby shit then there are no reasons for you not to enrol on a degree.
If you're in the UK I just recommend that you avoid The University of Sheffield.

No. 51352

Is everyone on /g/ a turboslut or something.

No. 51353

File: 1442310355605.jpg (38.28 KB, 383x500, 1374350223113.jpg)

> every time they ask what I'm doing and I tell them they raise their fucking eyebrow before going on to tell me that their little angel is studying Biochemistry or Law or Business or some shit.
>I'm so salt at people looking down on my degree.
If it makes you feel any better my "unpopular major" is mathematics (with a liiiittle bit of computer science but mostly math) and we have such a massive superiority complex we don't even make fun of law/business majors because everyone knows they're shit so it's not funny (besides our discrete probability prof making fun of them in class). Our usual victims here are biology students ("hurr durr they outnumber us 10:1 and can't logic their way out of a paper bag, into the unemployment trash it goes") and occasionally CS students ("should have renamed it to League of Legends major / we dumpster them at their own classes") although everyone is fair game if we feel like it. We don't actually hate them, it's just banter and I would be shocked if most students did not have traditional rivalries with other majors.

I don't personally look down upon literature/language students. They're not retarded…just different ? The good ones I mean, not the usual trash that defaulted into these because they can't do anything else. I was torn between lit/history/geography and hard sciences and picked the later because of better job opportunities, and it's much easier to patch your science knowledge with "soft" skills like writing than it is to go the other way around.

That being said, good luck with your studies, Japanese studies are pretty based (Japan is one of the largest economic partners of my country so there's no stereotype associated with it; if anything it's the smarter kids who take it in high school).


I wish.

No. 51354


Th-thank you you beautiful numbers human.

(don't you get a siq title like "master of mathematics" upon graduation?).

No. 51355

Yeah, at my school its always biology vs chemistry. I got my undergrad in honors biology, and the number of insufferable hurr durr biology so easy chemistry da best chem fags was astonishing. Too bad for them, i scored the highest in both organic chemistry classes, and broke the curves for the chem faggots. What is with science
majors having such stupid rivalries anyways?

No. 51356


I wouldn't bother anon. You're better off getting Japanese classes/forums/blogs/youtube/language websites/Hellotalk thus language websites/books than Japanese degree. Pointless if you ask me. UNLESS you want to be a translator or teach Japanese then… I find it pointless if anything.

I study Japanese on the side at a college (classes) and it suits me more.

No. 51357


Hmmm I'm kind of confused. You state that you study the language formally at a college class but it doesn't seem like you know a whole lot about the industries requirement for qualifications.

Not having a degree is fine if you don't mind being hired by dodgy language schools, the kind that offer a different wage and to what you're actually paid and often withhold the last few months wages and takeback their promise to pay for your plane ticket back leaving you stranded.

If you want to get hired any where professional within the primary cities as a minimum you're going to require a degree and certification in something like TEFL, minimum. Even JET requires as an absolute minimum that you have a degree in any subject.

You really think a place like The University of Tokyo would hire just any old whitey that stepped off a plane without any qualifications?

That being said, you will never really truly learn to speak the Japanese language fluently whilst outside of Japan doing self-study alone. At one point you're going to come up against a barrier that requires a trained tutor who can instruct you and practice with you and that's something a degree can provide.

I'm guessing your written skills are probably okay right, but how is your conversational Japanese? Do you try to practice at least 1-2 hours a day and whom with?

No. 51358

File: 1442430839767.jpg (44.96 KB, 720x540, me rn.jpg)

HNNNNNNNNNNNG, I mistakedly decided to take a japanese literature class and the class is full of fucking weeaboos and i seriously just want to slap everyone in here. even the teacher is a fucking weeb please shoot me.
ya'll never take one of these. it's a waste of time and it'll make you want to set yourself on fire.

No. 51359


I took Moon Lit. at my uni and it was fine but then my uni is redbrick and a member of the Russell Group.

No. 51360


Anon, I never said I wanted to go into JET or anything. Not everyone learning Japanese wants to be a shitty english teacher.

Even Victor (Gimmeaflakeman) said it himself "There is no point getting a Japanese degree, pick something else." because there honestly isn't, any language degree I find pointless. You can get classes and there are other resources. Plenty of them available on the internet which we all have with our fingertips.

Plus anon, not everyone wants to get into debt. Some people are doing degree worthwhile which they may need someday in their own country. Unless you're planning on staying in Japan forever I guess, maybe I could understand doing a degree. But I do find it pointless. You CAN here in the UK take a GCSE or a college A1/A2 level in Japanese which again is CLASSES. It isn't a degree or just a class by some shit teacher. I just think doing a degree in Japanese (languages) is fairly pointless. Not always but most of the time.

Conversational? If you make friends with people on apps (Hellotalk for e/g) or actually KNOW Japanese people where you are then it's not so bad. Obviously you'll have to push yourself and it'll take time. It's how much someone puts into their studies more than anything. Doing a degree sounds fancy and nice, but again it's how much you're putting into it that counts. With anything in life really.

No. 51361


Also I'm getting tired of these "politically correct Japanese" people on the internet. The "I know moar den u" it's annoying. Ever since the kawaii trend train blew off a few years ago people think they're amazing for speaking korean or Japanese. It's just languages jesus.

No. 51362

File: 1442441497000.gif (125.15 KB, 128x256, Minits.gif)


I'm >>131161

I've already gotten my GCSE in Japanese and in my 2nd year of A Level Japanese. I'm also taking the JLPT in December. t

There are plenty of courses that focus more than just the language. Taking this degree means that I'll be getting to a level of Japanese which would prove to be useful in the future. If I didn't study it academically and did it in my free time I'd be at a more lower level than I am right now. It's really difficult for me personally to upkeep studies without having a orderly regime, or it'll fall to the back of my mind. This is what I worry about since I initially wasn't going to study Japanese in university to begin with.

There's also 2020 which will bring in a lot of possibilities.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I just feel like for those who have goals that span far beyond just learning a language I feel that a degree is the next step beyond. I'm not aiming to be an English teacher or anything of the sort, so I feel like the responsibility to have a good grasp on the language is amplified.

No. 51363

Are…are you a student at PSU?

No. 51364

I WISH. but no. i'm at some school in the middle of bumfuck no where louisiana.

someone save me please.

No. 51365

I always feel bad for picking Japanese as my language of study because of what I'm going to do with it in my future lol. I double major in Asian Studies (since it's the closest thing we have) and International Relations… and my IR major is probably going to be the most useful thing but I always get people asking me "why don't you study Chinese instead?"

It really sucks, I SHOULD be studying Chinese but I just don't like Mandarin (and would rather learn my mother tongue of Canto… but no1curr about canto), but after spending like 7 years learning Spanish and hating it (therefore not retaining shit), I just chose a language that I loved. It's easy for me to pick up, but it's so hard for me to speak sounding natural/remembering kanji.

Honestly I doubt an IR major would even get me anywhere- I'm just doomed. I wish I wasn't so bad at math/physics or I'd go into astronomy like I originally wanted…

No. 51366

I'm taking a contemporary japanese lit class next term.

share stories pls

No. 51367

Cute Asian girl pls.

No. 51368


I feel bad for learning Japanese because the kawaii train is popular atm and you're considered a weeb

No. 51369

File: 1442537862486.jpg (100.23 KB, 960x1280, 7741.jpg)


Class is extremely cringe-y.

Half the people who take this class are people who make assumptions about Japan with a basis on anime.

There's a kid who sets a few seats away from me that smells like cheese and mothballs.

A quarter of the time people are making comments like "oh this reminded me of Spirited Away" or "oh my god sailor moon!!1" or randomly bring up fucking One Piece.

The teacher herself is a fucking weeaboo and went to Japan last summer with a bunch of teachers and won't shut up about it.

Also our final paper is on Inuyasha–not shitting you.

(I've tried posting two times today but the school wifi sucks balls; pic related moth ball guy)

No. 51370

Sure that guy is a weirdo, but I bet everyone in that class thinks they're the normal one and everyone else is a gross nerd. I mean, you're posting on a website that is primarily about lolita/cosplay, you took a college course in Japanese presumably because of your interest in weeb pop culture shit, and the program you entered evidently has extremely low standards.

No. 51371

I've been out of Japanese pop culture and anime shit for years, i just took it because i already took British lit in high school and it's the only other course offered besides something called sports literature.
I don't really know what I was expecting, but it's not this. I dunno, I just wish the professor would take the course a little bit more seriously.

No. 51372

that's roughly what I expected out of a jap class.

truthfully, aside from english, there really isn't a language out there that can give you close to the return on knowing english.

unless you really have a good reason like you live in the place where it's spoken or have some cultural background to it you'll always be seen as a tryhard

No. 51373

>what is greentext

No. 51374

>Final paper on Inu Yasha

No. 51375

My god. You wouldn't even do that in pre-school.

No. 51376

Anon I'm majoring in IR and German don't say that you'll make me feel bad, I already have to deal with the thought how my friends are all majoring in neuroscience, biochemistry, CSE, etc. but since high school my most favorite classes have always been social sciences. I thought IR was a nice balance of what I was interested in, and since I was going to continue taking German for my family it was easy to just double major with it.

Speaking of stories I learned I have my very own personal cringecow in my German class this semester. First conversation with him he thinks that ethnically European women should have at least 4 babies and I've learned even more crazy shit about him from a classmate.

No. 51377

File: 1450365377740.png (355.7 KB, 572x380, 1408763719187.png)

I'm 24 and work for a good company and they provide pretty much a full ride to college so I see no reason to at least try to go back and get my degree. I just honestly have no idea what to major in. I initially thought about pursuing communication (it at least seems interesting to me personally) but I've heard from others I should maybe look at a specific computer science degree eg software development as it's an in-demand skill. I really just have no idea. Do any of you that have finished a degree look back and wish you had chosen something different?

No. 51378

Not exactly what you asked, but I'm about to finish a BA in Linguistics, only to go right back and start another degree in CompSci. Mainly because I realize that the only paths with pure Ling is really just academia (ugh) and I think integrating the two will open up some really interesting career options.

Idk though, since it's a full ride you can really just take whatever you want… though, are you interested in software development? I'd imagine doing a degree in something in-demand but you don't actually like would be unpleasant. Maybe you should ask yourself, do you like your current job? Are you looking to switch to a different field? Is there a position within that company you're aiming for? If you like your job/company is there an interesting field that you can integrate into your work to fulfill some career path/goal/whatever?

No. 51379

21 now, and graduated kinda sorta early-ish than the other students (I was still 17 when I finished high school) and didn't really know what I wanted to do at the time. I always grew up in the mindset of having to go to uni, so it's not like I was never motivated. I was really into linguistics and stuff when I was in high school, and while I was studying multiple languages, Japanese was kind of my bread and butter so to speak. I got accepted into Temple University's Japan Campus, which I was actually really excited about because all I wanted at the time was to try living abroad. My mom was always against me living abroad, since she is so over protective. She refused to help me and shut herself off when it came to getting all of the financial documents, so I hit a brick wall in the registration process and decided not to go. Kind of glad I didn't, since it's way overpriced

I ended up going to a cheap school, only because my brother and his wife were students there so I would have permission from the school to live with them instead of being forced to have a roommate in a shitty dorm room. I ended up hating the place, and got really depressed that semester. I never left my apartment, I rarely ate, and I had no motivation. I couldn't stand the atmosphere of the place. I hated all of the stupid shit about tradition and being loyal to one school. I probably only felt that way because I never really even wanted to be there.

From then, I got two jobs, saved up for a year, and managed to pay my way through language school in Japan. I've got my own life here now, but I feel like I really should get back into uni so I can have better job prospects, but mostly because I want to get into teaching. I've always wanted to teach younger kids. ALT life is pretty much up my alley.

My fiance (Japanese) is trying to talk me into applying for a university in Japan, since we will be staying here while he works. Looking into all these scholarships and junk, I feel like for the first time in my life I'm finally able to feel excited about uni.

No. 51380

My boyfriends brother is a computer science major. He regrets doing it. He said if he could go back he would have just taken certification courses and done independent studying to help him get a job then work his way up. You learn more that way.

Also, a lot of people glorify developing and coding. It's one of those things though that you either love it or you absolutely hate it. You should try to find a language you're interested in and take one of the numerous free online courses to see if it's something you even enjoy learning. Some people just can't do it. My bf thought he wanted to program…until he tried to learn a couple different languages and hated it.

No. 51381



But yeah, I hear you about linguistics academia. Most of the ling graduates at my university go on to apply to speech language pathology but like 80% of of them don't make it beyond the initial cutoff because they have shit psych/health science courses.
I do kind of agree with >>131191 in how varied the usefulness of CS degrees are. Depending on the program it can be almost entirely what you put into it. Does your school do hackathons?

No. 51382

All I have really come to realize is that nothing is a guaranteed good idea when it comes to college so just do whatever you think you won't absolutely hate after many year.

No. 51383


Thanks everyone for your input. Honestly my passion is art but I have never thought that was worth being in debt for so I ended up dropping out of college years ago and swimming around life not knowing what to do lol. I used to code my own Neopets websites and Myspace layouts like, ten years ago and that's where the interest in coding anything in general stopped… so I think that yeah ultimately I shouldn't pursue something I'm not particularly interested in.

No. 51384

File: 1450510029813.gif (40.81 KB, 450x330, tumblr_lef5pqq50Q1qek1e3o1_500…)

I keep on hearing that CS market is oversaturated. For most people, computer science i.e. programming is a skill to be developed around their career/interest, rather than the career itself. If you're looking to merge linguistics and CS, there's probably no need to go back and get a complete degree. You're better off becoming familiar with programs and languages that are applicable to your degree. A certificate probably isn't a bad idea, but probably no need to do another degree.

I hear you on not wanting to go in academica, though. I'm a geology major and I was pretty set on going into industry and working for an oil company to get dat big $$$. But commodities, including precious metals and oil, have gone belly up, so I'm starting to consider going into academia more. I've always been interested in planetary geology and my inner nerd would squeal at the thought of doing NASA-related research, but I dunno how feasible of a dream it is. I guess we'll see how it pans out.


Sometimes I get worried about money and stuff, which is why I occasionally regret my major. When I was in high school, I really wanted to go to art school for college, but I knew that it really wasn't a good financial decision. I intended on going to college and doing pre-med, but I ended up dicking around for a couple of years, switching between a bunch of majors including studio art, biology and psychology. I ended up taking a geology class and I was really interested in it. It also seemed like geology jobs had the potential to bring in big bucks. However, the economy is volatile, and now it doesn't look like its as easy to make good money with a geology degree as I thought.

So, moral of the story is major in something you like, as cliche as that advice is. Keep money in mind, but understand that things can change in the blink of an eye and you might end up with a worthless degree despite choosing it for its practicality, so at least (somewhat) enjoy what you'll be learning if everything does go to shit. Then again, if I had to go back and do it all over again, I don't know if I would choose geology. Maybe I would just choose something with good, stable job prospects like nursing. Ask me again in five years, and then I'll tell you for sure if I regret this decision lmao

No. 51385

I got an honors B.S. in biology cause I planned to go to medical school but then realized, wait, I hate being social so I chose the next most logical thing… public health. Like a fucking moron. So now I'm in graduate school getting my MPH in environmental health and not looking forward to graduating cause I'm a total social retard and idk how I'm going too function in a public health career…

I was thinking of maybe starting on the track to get a medical technologist cert or something, so maybe I can hide away in a public health lab. I thought more education would make my dream of working as far away from social contact as possible a reality, but doesn't seem so….

I'm going to end up one of those losers with several advanced degrees but no fucking job.

No. 51386

File: 1450955201773.jpg (11.09 KB, 236x314, 36a584c27f8440d08900d2e069bc1d…)

It's so weird how life has become more and more mundane.Every day I seem to do the same thing. I feel like things that I was into before has in a way lost its spark. Does anyone else just feel this general eerie-ness with life as well? I'm so bored with everything. I want to try to pick up something new but I'm not entirely sure where to start with that either. I always get this feeling when I am away from school. I feel so lazy and I generally just sleep all day. I feel like I waste hours of my life getting nothing done even though I don't have anything to do. I NEED SOMETHING TO DO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

No. 51387

How much money do ya'll expect to make from your degrees?
I'm looking to become an ESL teacher but..I'm thinking of switching my major again after looking at the salaries.. 15k a year doesn't sound like very much at all; but then again housing and airfare is paid for..

No. 51388


I honestly haven't even looked into the basic salary for my degree subject because I never want to allow my love for my discipline to be swayed or influenced by monetary temptation.

My mother never got the opportunity to go into college or university, but she said something to me as a kid that stuck with me forever, "I don't care what any of you girls choose to do in life or how long it takes to get there. Once you find something you truly love, stick with it and you'll never work a day in your life".

Longterm I want to be a legit scholar, the kind of person that writes books on niche areas and submits pieces to academic articles and produces educational media in the documentary format. That stuff is easier said than done though and by the time I finish my 4 year degree I'll already be 28.

My partner is in Foresty & Conservation and has career opportunities and connections and references slapping him in the face repeatedly like a fat dick, so I expect he'll be the high earner out of both of us, blah.

No. 51389

Ah man, I wish I had a different perspective from my dad. He's a doctor and really wants me to aim high but I just feel like there are more qualified people to do those jobs. I'm smart, but I look at the people who ARE in studying pre-med and they are studying everyday, getting A after A. I don't think I'd ever be able to get straight A's like that ever. I just don't have that drive that they have.

No. 51390

maybe i'll just become a camwhore in my spare time lmao

No. 51391

I kno w exactly how you feel. Its kind of terrifying. My life is going pretty well atm but I just have no "oomph" or whatever. Its been like this for maybe 3 months.

No. 51392

One of my best friends might not come to college next semester due to her grades. I'm so scared that she won't be able to afford school after she takes that semester off if she does not apply for an academic appeal. I don't know what to tell her. I wish I could help out but I think she would take it the wrong way.

No. 51393

I recently graduated college w/a Chemistry degree but that was a mistake. I don't have a passion for it. It was fun and gave me a challenge, but there's no way in hell I'd go for a Masters or a Doctorate because I am so burnt out. I don't even know what I want to do with this damn thing. I wanted to do forensics but I don't even know if that's what I still want to do :/

Don't laugh, but I applied to the JET program because I'm such a weeb… but also because I think being away from home and everything else would be good for me. I doubt I'll make it (though I do have teaching experience), but it's worth a shot. Honestly, I need something dramatic like that and I'll probably be more crushed now than before if I don't make it because of the emotional rut I'm in.

No. 51394

File: 1451264552426.jpg (13.53 KB, 250x247, 1451257139327.jpg)

I've had family issues since high school and my mom booted me out after my first year of college. I moved across the country where my boyfriend lived and I live in his dorm now. It's so hard to find a job and I've been out of college for a whole semester. I want to go back by the time summer classes start but I need money first.

I feel like such a loser, I miss college so much too. Even though it was hard to study at home with my mother, sitting in the library and studying until 2am was very relaxing. But I've spent my time studying some math an programming. I have also had more time to think about my future too..

No. 51395


If I'm right in assuming your mother is a mentally ill abusive cunt who may have a personality disorder, you made the right choice, farmer. You will get there eventually.

No. 51396

She has the personality of a teenager. The world revolves around her and she did time to time take my books and hide them from me because she believed I had it too good at home. I'm happy I'm away, and I can't wait to start classes. Hopefully I can get help with the finical aid office.

No. 51397


I don't think there's anything to be ashamed about; good for you for pursuing your interests and dreams. At the end of the day you're making a move to achieve your own personal happiness, and that's pretty cool. My inner hidden weeb applauds you.

No. 51398

I hear ya. Only I completed my masters degree in transportation engineering in December and I have no idea what I want to do. I feel burnt out from schooling and I dumped my bf last summer after I called him out on misogyny.

Have no debt fortunately, but I'm constantly worried about my classmates who are $40,000 in debt and how they'll be able to save for retirement. I love investing my money, but can that be a career? If I try to apply at Fidelity, they'll probably laugh at my resume being overqualified and overeducated. Tbh I do not know anyone in that career that can help me.

No. 51399

Thank you so much for your support! My friends think I'll get it, but I have serious doubts about it… my parents also aren't thrilled about this career path. I've always wanted to go to Japan and have always been a weeb and I feel like this is probably the only way I'll be able to get there. I'll find out some time this month if they want me for an interview and I'll update you on that, if you want!

However, I've essentially put all of my eggs into this basket and if it doesn't work out, I might be temporarily screwed. If I do get accepted, however, I'll probably work locally at some sort of clothing store to save up more money while maintaining my weekend job.


I managed to get away without debt, as well. I went to a fairly local/affordable college and also got a couple thousand in scholarships every semester along with parents who put away money for this… but a lot of my friends aren't as lucky. However, I haven't invested anything… I do have a little over $2k from working and stuff… perhaps I should do something with that.
You should apply anyways! You never know what could happen. You could help others invest their money and things like that.

No. 51400

I'm >>131209

$2,000 is more than enough to open a brokerage account with Charles Schwab. Since you'll be starting out investing, I recommend buying an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Their ETF have the lowest percentage of fees compared to Vanguard.

If you have worked in 2015, you could open a Roth IRA account. However, you would need to calculate how much you earned in 2015 in order to contribute to the Roth IRA. The max contribution for a Roth IRA is $5,500 and that money has to be in that account by April 15th (Tax Day).

No. 51401

I did work in 2015; it was part-time. I know I made $4,000 at a minimum, so I'll probably end up at about $6,000 overall. I should be getting the forms with my actual earnings soon and I'll know for sure, but that's about what it was in 2014 and I worked about the same amount.

I wish we learned more about this sort of thing in school. Yeah, we have high school economics for a semester, but that's nowhere near enough time to learn what you need to (or, at least it was for a semester in Texas. I don't know about other states).

That's another thing I'm terrified about. I don't exactly know how to operate in the real world because I'm kind of sheltered. Not as much as some but definitely when compared to others. That's why I just need to be tossed somewhere away from any sort of close-by connection so I can learn to function on my own and not have a fall back plan… hence the Japan thing.

No. 51402

It's a shame that in college/high school, they do not teach personal finance and make it mandatory. If that happened, there would be a lot more women who would go that route. Same with computer science.

No wonder our country has a problem saving for retirement. No one teaches it.

Anyway good luck in investing, if you're working right now, you could have more to contribute before the April 15th deadline to put as your 2015 contribution!

No. 51403

I finished up my second masters this year and am starting a new job at a multinational. I originally wanted to go into public sector with the new degree but salary and benefits, man. An actual matching 401(k)!


If you want to be a legit scholar, start networking and getting involved with conferences now. Academia is always super competitive, but it's particularly competitive right now with all the PhDs who waited out the Recession doing advanced degrees. Even research libraries and archives are grabbing the chance to hire PhDs for positions they'd normally give to masters grads, just to give you an idea of how saturated the field is.


If you're not really into stuff with professional application like CS, math or medicine, you're better off doing something challenging that you can do reasonably well with, then networking and doing every bit of work experience you can get your hands on. In my experience, employers have only really cared that I'd completed a degree at a well known university - internships and a few key hobbies were a hell of a lot more important.


I did multiple liberal arts degrees and don't really regret it even though people keep asking me if I'm thinking of going into teaching. Sometimes I think I should have gone in for epidemiology/public health, but the jobs I've held have been a really good use of my interests and skills so I can't complain.

If you do communications, be prepared for marketing to be one of the big hiring industries in your field, though.

No. 51404

We are the same, my friend.

I don't know why I feel that way, but there is something in me that make me feel useless, powerless and unable to do anything.

I honnestly don't know what's going to happen in my life. Don't know what I'm gonna do with it.

No. 51405

I somehow thought our semester break would be until the 6th of January (like the school break), and only today I realised I was wrong. Too late though, cause I already missed an important class which I am not allowed to miss unless I have an excuse from a doctor. I can't really retake the class, so I need to find a doctor who is willing to write me some bullshit excuse, but I don't know any who would (since, well, I'm not really sick).
I feel like the dumbest idiot ever and I want to throw up or sleep forever. I actually spend the whole morning thinking about ways to get sick until tomorrow so that I have a real reason to go to the doctor and get excused.

Uni general: I love the classes, I love to learn new things, but - I really hate academic work. I have ZERO idea how to write a paper. So far I only had exams, but I need to write at least two papers this semester, and I have no idea what to do. I put off writing one paper for over a year now, and I'm too chicken to write my prof about it (since it's overdue for over a year now). A friend of mine offered to do it together, but I still haven't written the other prof. Because everytime I try to think about it, I just feel so stressed out that my brain shuts off immediately.

I've been to at Uni for 2 years now, but I need at least 2 extra semesters because I procrastinated on so, SO much. I feel like such a goddamn loser. Every idiot gets a degree nowadays, and I know I'm smart enough, I just shy away from every bit of responsibility and hard work.
I can't really talk to anyone about it because my friends are all hard working grade A students, and I'm already enough of a disappointment for my parents.
All I want to do now is sleep forever.

No. 51406

Just say you had terrible vomiting/diarrhea for about a day and so couldn't leave home even to go to a doctor. I think most docs would be pretty sympathetic to that. You can even say you're still feeling a little nauseated and have some loose stool

No. 51407

>I don't know why I feel that way, but there is something in me that make me feel useless, powerless and unable to do anything.

>I honnestly don't know what's going to happen in my life. Don't know what I'm gonna do with it.

I feel you Anon, I'm feeling the same way.

No. 51408

Uni libraries usually run courses to teach students how to write papers, especially ones that accept a lot of foreign students. You should check yours out, you might be more motivated if you feel confident that you know what to do.

No. 51409


Did the exact same thing Anon, got it into my head that my break was until the 14th when it was really until tomorrow.
Fortunately I received an automated hospital appointment confirmation call last night that I knew was scheduled the day after I returned and it was like "to confirm, your appointment IS ON … the 6th of January ON A… Monday, press the star key to continue".
Fucking shit myself Anon.

Legit sat in Carlisle station right now waiting for my connection.

No. 51410

I really hate and regret my degree. It's also obvious university is not meant for me, my GPA is a mediocre 3.0. I only have 1 semester left before I graduate but I need to take 6 classes, I'm sucking it up because I just want to be out of this hell.

I'm basically full of doubt because I don't know what to do with my life at this point. I just wish I had followed my original dream of being an artist.

No. 51411

Suck it up and finish the degree, you'll regret not finishing. I did the opposite of you (pursued art and regret it to go back to school) …art is definitely not what you're imagining it to be. Not to say that art is impossible and that you shouldn't do it at all, but having a backup degree isn't the worst decision to make.

No. 51412

Don't regret it and be sure you finish. One of my friends in my degree (Chemistry) graduated w/a 2.xx.

btw, this is >>131204, and for those curious, I'm back to square one. The JET Program didn't want me for an interview, so I have to look for a real job now… which sucks because I have a degree I'm not happy with and a career path I don't want to go down. I essentially got a degree in something that was stimulating to my brain at the time, but I can definitely say I do not have enough passion or interest to pursue further.
yay parental pressure to go into a science degree because neither one of them graduated and wanted you to get something practical!

No. 51413

File: 1452353145420.jpg (34.79 KB, 477x477, tumblr_mx5f0nREaG1rmqf82o1_138…)


I'm sorry to hear that!! Honestly, your degree is sometimes more or less just a tick in a box that puts your resume above others; it's not going to tether you down to a particular career path. I know plenty of people that have jobs that absolutely do not pertain to their degree. Just stay positive!

No. 51414

File: 1452406963775.gif (674.91 KB, 540x304, sleepy.gif)

After the way last semester went, I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next semester with the any small bit of sanity intact even to the point of legitimately worrying for my safety. I've tried getting help but no one around me takes me seriously when I've tried bringing up these feelings because I'm "doing so great!" Just because I go to class and have a 4.0 which says nothing about my experience itself. I wish I could be a normal happy student who didn't give a fuck about anything but I become so consumed with the work and continual terror over what could go wrong. At best, for a couple weeks I'll enter robot mode where I go through the motions without allowing myself to think about life. I'm also a happy and productive person in my work and personal life outside of college, which makes me just despise college even more for being the one obstacle between myself and peace. Oh well, it feels better just to be able to express it for once.

No. 51415

File: 1452950690991.jpg (23.18 KB, 494x494, tumblr_nq00pcjFNQ1tmd0pso2_500…)

I'm going to start my 6th semester this Monday. I'm really nervous because I fucked up in some subjects, even though other subjects should compensate somehow. But I have a lot of things to catch up because I'm learning 2 foreign languages. I feel like this time it will be even more difficult, even though I know what I should expect from the teachers by now. I fucked up my sleep schedule so I'm also nervous about missing classes just because I overslept or something like because it already happened to me this year, too. And I'm scared of having some unexpected expenses because I'm getting less and less money from a scholarship I applied to this year. I need to learn how to budget.

What makes me the most nervous is that I never had a job. I'm 21, I'll be 22 this year, and I don't have any job experience. In my 10th semester I'll have to look for an internship I'll be graded on, and I feel like it'll be impossible because of this. I would like more money too so I thought about getting a part-time job, but my schedule is a mess, so I can't get any of the jobs I found so far. I think the only thing I can do is volunteering in some middle school to help kids do their homework. Just thinking about working is stressful because I have no idea of what to expect. Sorry if there's any typo.

No. 51416

I had my Japanese CA2 yesterday and I got absolutely brutalised by it.

We were only allocated 50 mins for kanji comprehension, kana comprehension, demonstrative vocabulary, particle comprehension, translation into Japanese, translation into English, reading comprehension and a 300 character written composition.

I didn't even finish the paper and after everybody had left the class I just immediately began crying.
It's not that it wasn't too hard for me, although it was fucking hard, but because we only had 50 mins to complete it I freaked out halfway and began not being able to recognise kanji or understand grammar. If I'd had a little more time I could have completed it for sure.

Everybody was complaining about it afterwards so it sounds like not many really did much better.
I'm actually kind of angry though because for the amount of content 50 minutes was nowhere near enough time, it should have been 70 minutes minimum. It's really unfair.

No. 51417

I'm in my second year of university (I'm in for a bachelor's degree) and it looks like I've lost all my passion towards my degree, and studying. Well, I've never had a real "passion" for studying - I hate studying. University was a forced choice, because I want to have a well-paid job, because nobody else will help me, I have no hope and my family is poor and I want to help them. Without a degree here you can only work as a waitress, and I can't support my family (actual one and even future one) with a waitress salary.
…Well, it's not like you earn a degree and suddenly every differently-soul-sucking and well paid work will show up in front of your eyes, the future is shit anyway.
My parents aren't paying my studies btw, I have a scholarship, but I feel guilty anyway. Money here are lacking, we have a complicated situation with my father who doesn't live with us and has a girlfriend with children now, my mother is feeling her liver swollen from a while and weird illnesses and we're afraid it could be something serious, I can't study because my head is full of concern and sadness and I'm considering the idea of leaving university.

No. 51418

Go find a therapist or talk to the on campus counseler if you can. If you just need to talk about it they will be your best bet as far as listeners go since I'm guessing friends and family aren't being understanding about it. Mine were the same until I had to go on meds and noticed how different I was on them. You probably aren't at that point, but I've been dealing with shitty emotions since I was double digits. With no help. Get help sooner rather then later.

No. 51419

Long post incoming because I've been thinking about my college life for the past few months and need to vent:
This semester is disappointing. I had to get a second job because I need to help pay rent to stay in school(my parents are paying for my apartment and said I need to contribute). But to have this job I had to drop 3 of my classes to do it since my hours are in the middle of the day, when I have to take those classes. They are classes that relate directly towards my major too, so I was really looking foward to them.
This also pushes back my graduation date by a semester and Ive already been in school for 4 1/2(counting last semester) years, and need to go for another 3 semesters to finish my degree. I just really want to be done and graduate. But this is what happens when you change majors twice.

When i first got to college i was so sure that i wanted to be a Graphic Designer but after taking a bunch of art classes and doing badly my first year I decided it wasnt for me. I transfered to a different school my second year and stuck with graphic design but wasnt really into it, so I changed my major to fashion after that year and did that for 3 semesters before realizing I only liked it as a hobby and changed to Animation last semester.
But to take animation courses I had to go to the local community college, meaning I cant stay in dorms or on-campus apartments, which are covered by financial aid.
Overall my college experience hasnt been that great because of stupid decisions I made picking colleges in highschool and dealing with other personal issues. I should have picked a college with a more digital arts focused curriculum and more digital art degrees instead of colleged that are fine arts focused. But i was an idiot and didn't think it through and assumed all curriculums are the same.
Im glad I finally figured out what I want to do, but I wish I figured it out earlier. When I changed to fashion I was settling for it because I didn't want to transfer schools again and I thought because I liked it a little that it would be fine. Oh well….

No. 51420

Hey good on you for still choosing what's best for you and your career rather than just rushing to graduate. I'm in a similar scenario where work and such are making graduation slow, but oh well, just keep taking it one semester at a time, and all your work will pay off!

No. 51421

File: 1453486052228.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, 1449359235922.png)

I hate college so much. I'm studying English and Japanese as foreign languages because I like learning these languages, but between the incompetent staff that gives us two classes at once very often and that basically tells us to fuck off when we have problems or questions that they're supposed to solve. Plus, we're required to work much more on our minor subjects (economics, management, marketing, etc.) than on languages, so I'm having a hard time learning Japanese this year because I just don't have enough time for the Japanese subjects.

I get a scholarship as long as I attend all of my classes because of how poor my family is, and since I'm living with my parents I can spend money on food and clothes and most of the time I can save money after that. Problem is, I just had a non-mandatory test on my computing skills -it's only mandatory once I sign up for it- and I did all of my exercises once the test took place, but I just got a mail about how I didn't took the test. I have to show them official documents proving that I had a valid reason to be absent or I won't have my scholarship anymore. Something similar happened to a friend some years ago and she had to reimburse the organisation that grants the scholarship even though she attended all her classes, and they only gave her her money back the year after. I have proof that I went to college and took the test but I'm still scared because there's a deadline to show said proof.

I hate these unprofessional fuckers so much, I'm thinking of either going to another college next year if possible, or I'll try some special program to do some volunteering in Japan to learn the language faster and get something interesting to put on my resume once I'm done with this semester.

No. 51422

>learning languages at Uni

I minor in English and ever since I started my studies, my English skills constantly deterioated. Why? BECAUSE WE ALMOST NEVER FUCKING SPEAK IT, or write. 90% of the time the profs are talking, we have so much unneccessary linguistic stuff/medival english that I will never ever make use of again, and since we barely have any opportunity to talk or write texts, I feel that my ability to speak and write correct English doesn't improve at all. I wish we had classes where we just held conversations or anything like that, and more options to write. I only wrote two essays and one paper, both with immense pressure and a lot of insecurity; all my other exams where mostly multiple choice and little text.

Honestly over the past two semesters I have written more cohesive English texts here on the lolcow forums than in classes. But hooray, I could take yet another medival English class! How great.
In my experience, academia sucks at teaching you a language. You're probably better off doing some volunteering in Japan.

No. 51423

File: 1453517193376.png (120.68 KB, 400x386, 1445365617269.png)

Major in Psychology. Minor in Statistics. I was doing a more STEM heavy degree when I was younger but dropped out due to killer generalised anxiety disorder. Now I'm going for a postgrad in Clinical Psychology and I think I can make it. I'm a straight A student and even got a letter from the Head of Psychology commending me on my good performance, but this next year coming up is going to be my make it or break it year. I'm nervous though because I'm going to be pushing my mid twenties by the time I graduate and if I don't make it into Clinical Psych then I may just be fucked, since a psychology degree on its own ain't worth the paper it's printed on. Maybe I can fall back on stats and get a job number crunching for a bank or something, I hear that pays well.

No. 51424


>>I'm going to be pushing my mid twenties by the time I graduate

are you based in the U.S.? Where I live you would be pretty young for graduating. Most students here are 25+, and lot finish around 30. Some just start getting a degree in medicine at that age because they have to wait to get into uni if their grades aren't good enough.

I really don’t get this fuzz about being young when entering the work force. Like… we're all getting older and have to work longer anyway so we should be able to take more time for our education.

No. 51425

Are you studying specific things such as culture and literature, or whatever it's called in your university? I've been warned so often by my teachers in high school that I decided to do something else: I'm studying something that could be translated as "applied foreign languages", which means that we learn languages applied to fields such as economics, sociology, law, etc. We translate a lot of news articles in English and since we're not as good in Japanese, we're still learning grammar rules with more details than in the first two years + we're translating textbooks about history, economics, etc. And we also have a lot of oral exams in English and a bit less in Japanese. It looks like you were expecting something similar to what I'm studying at the moment, I guess? For example if we're expected to translate a news article for a specific class and you've done only half or the 3/4 of it, the teacher will tell you to gtfo of their class. Even though we're always way busier with other classes. I don't remember when was the last time I slept well in the middle of a semester.

>academia sucks at teaching you a language

You're so right. We were expected to speak and write English almost perfectly to start studying here even though middle school and high school teachers are terrible most of the time. It's even worse with other languages that are "optional" (you have to choose a scond language in middle school) so I gave up on learning German. And I say that as someone whose English teachers were always competent and made me motivated. As for Japanese, it's a "rare" language but I still managed to learn some in high school. I barely memorized anything by he end of it. Now in college we learned everything from scratch but we don't have any kanji or vocabulary classes, so almost everyone in my course know the grammar rules perfectly and know how to apply them, but we can't write or translate for shit without an electronic dictionary or google translate.

Also, it's the same for me, I might be translating and writing a lot in college but I use English much more on lolcow, 4chan and tumblr.

No. 51426

File: 1453585981354.png (135.95 KB, 400x400, 1343846874112.png)

I live in New Zealand. Most people get their bachelors around 20-23. I have no work experience and I don't want to get even further into debt by getting a more practical education if all this study doesn't pay off in the end.

No. 51427

I want to go to uni in another town but am not sure if I can/should take my dog with me. On the other hand I don't want to put the poor thing in a tiny student flat to spend all his days alone when I'm at school but on the other hand I don't want to make my mom to have to take care of him all by herself (I'd also be lonely without him but that's what making friends is for I guess) Thinking about this is stressing me out way too much.
So, what should I do?

No. 51428

God I'm so relieved. The thing with administration counting me as absent during the computing skills test was a mistake on their part and it happened to other student as well so I guess it was a pretty big problem with the software or websites they use idk. But the lady taking care of that told me that she corrected the mistake and that I wasn't counted as absent anymore. I was still about to have a heart attack when I read the mail last week so I'm not forgiving them completely.

I had to skip a class on Monday because another class took place exactly at the same time, and I had to send a mail to the teacher I couldn't see because of that. She's incredibly strict and doesn't hesitate to humiliate others who she deems not good enough for her, but when I explained the situation she told me it was great that I told her beforehand and gave her details about the situation. It looks like the semester starts like shit, but is a bit less shitty than expected. Maybe I'll actually graduate this year.

No. 51429

File: 1453911268019.jpg (1.36 MB, 1026x1553, 43768408643.jpg)

I don't really know what to do, I feel lost.

I've been working since I graduated high school, kind of on and off part time/full time. Floating around 30 hours usually. Originally I went to community college because it was the only school my parents would pay for, but stopped going after they said they wouldn't help me with anything else (like if I transferred to another school, which is basically what this cc was for). I was frustrated with working and dicking around at a half-ass school that wouldn't amount to anything and withdrew to get full-time hours.

So uh, fast forward and now I'm 23 with around 16k saved. I've been trying to leave my job and apply to other places but haven't received any responses. I feel like it's nearly impossible to get a non-retail job or seem like a decent person without a degree at this age, and honestly being a chick probably makes it look worse for me. I'm at the point where I either need to go back to school for something that will get me a livable wage or just leave and join the military.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

No. 51430

For me it's the reverse. I never worked so I can barely put anything on my resume. Maybe I can bullshit about baby-sitting because I used to take care of my little sister + cousins whenever the parents were going out.

No. 51431

I'm on a full ride scholarship to a public school which is really pretty nice I'll admit. All social issues aside (no friends, depressed, zero confidence) its a pretty good deal. Problem is I feel no motivation and am apathetic towards everything (I still push myself to get all my work done and I have good grade, but I just don't care. Obviously this attitude isn't really conductive to finding a major (I'm undeclared now). I did a CS class or two in high school and I'm interested in the field, but there's simply no question that I cant compete/keep up with people in that degree. It's highly competitive with all the international students travelling here and the people who have been to private schools and taken many classes beforehand.

I feel like I'm left with no options for a degree unless I want to do history or something of that nature. Is it even worth spending another 3 years on something like that? What jobs could I get with that and would it even be worth putting on an application unrelated to the degree?

Basically I see 2 options for me and I'm not sure which would be better.
Drop out of state school and do a 2 year degree in CS at a community college my mom works as a janitor at (which means it is also free), or just tough out 3 more years at a place I dislike heavily so far and get a meme degree.

Or I could just take a gap year or two and take control of my life for once and then come back when I have shit better sorted out. It's hard to enjoy college when you dont have the courage to speak to anyone and also sweating, twitching, and feeling like you're going to vomit just because you're sitting in the front of the room. I want to enjoy it here

No. 51432

I was also a mentally ill scholarship student. When I finally had my first mental breakdown and wanted to take a break, my parents or psych wouldn't let me because "oh the scholarship!" I ended up losing the scholarship anyway because I couldn't handle the courseload anymore, then had a second mental breakdown, and just dropped out. Having a scholarship is going to mean jack shit if you have no work experience, no life experiences, can barely talk to people, and don't even know what you want to study.
I don't know what your financial/social support is like, or how good the resources in your area are like. But for now, the university is probanly your greatest resource, so I would suggest going to your school's psych center and try joining a club related to your interests.

No. 51433

I'm applying for a program that requires recommendation letters, but I had no direction for the first 3 years of uni and only really decided I want to do this program in my last year.

How do I request something like this from profs? I'm shy so I never went to office hours or talked to them about stuff. And talking profs is so intimidating. I'm doing that this year, but it feels so late. How well do you need to know a prof to ask for a recommendation? Is it better to ask in person or send a formal email? I have one teacher I'm on good terms with now and know he would write really good things, but he's only a adjunct professor, should I aim for more established profs???? The application is due before school ends, is it still okay to as profs I'm currently taking classes with??

why is this so fucking stressful

No. 51434

I just started college this week and I already feel like shit, thinking about dropping, killing myself or starving myself to death idk man.
I don't feel emotionally nor mentally estable enough at this point, and haven't been since november.
Every fucking morning I wake up, look myself in the mirror and start crying and yelling, I feel fat, sad and angry, like a fucking loser.
The fact that before crossing that fucking door I must remind myself to act like If I wasn't going through this, to smile, laugh and talk friendly to everybody, to pretend I care about them and me and pretty much life in general. I gained a shit ton of weight. No selfsteem, no confidence.
I'm lost, really. I know this is not me, I know. I always wanted to join college, to learn.
I was excited just thinking about that, last year.
This week, oh man, this week. One day I feel like I can put my life together again, the next day I lose my shit again. I can't talk with anybody about this, because I don't even understand myself and what is happening. I just want to sleep, close my eyes and stop living in the real world, with real people who makes me feel uneasy.
Oh well

No. 51435

Recommendation letters are very common in academia, don't feel weird about it.

Getting recs from full professors might look better, but if the adjunct has only good things to say about you that's certainly a huge boon. As long as they know you, I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Asking in person is better usually, it is more personal. But if you're close with them already, a formal email could be fine. Just be honest and level with them, say you've enjoyed studying with them and would like them to write you a recommendation. Worse case scenario, if you don't know them well at all, just be honest that you don't feel comfortable going to your other professors and were hoping they could help. They'll understand, professors write these things all the time.

Professors are generally not gonna fuck you over if they've seen that you've put effort in their classes and actually care about your studies. You don't necessarily have to be butt buddies to get solid recs.

As for asking current profs, I suppose it might depend on your program. But if you're on good terms with your current prof (and they've seen what kind of work you're capable of, have received papers and assignments from you, have seen how you engage in the classroom, etc.) I don't think it should be a problem.

It sounds like you're concerned with being respectful, and profs appreciate that generally. What's awful is when that one kid from sociology 101 who slept at the back of the class calls you five years later for a law school recommendation, yikes.

And obviously, give them a bit of time to write these things, at latest a couple weeks before the deadline if not earlier. Professors are not necessarily busy 24/7, but they'll appreciate the thought. And don't forget to give them an update and thank them when you get into your program ;^)

No. 51436

I feel you anon, so much i could have wrote that myself.

No. 51437

I feel so angry with my professors who handled my thesis. I was doing my thesis presentation last month and got horribly slayed by them and one reader professor, meaning the reader is the stranger to my thesis topic and he had read my thesis from the start within a week before my presentation date. I'm okay with him slaying me, but not the professors who handled my thesis. The problem was, they did not read my thesis at all when I asked them for correction TWO WEEKS before the presentation date. They were basically the same as that reader professor when I did my presentation. I mean, what…? Why didn't you read my thesis, sirs? What did all those time where I asked you for guidance in my thesis mean? I know you're familiar with my thesis topic already, because we've met several times for like 6 months discussing my thesis, but if you don't tell me what I did wrong, of course I won't be fucking know automatically! In the end, I was asked to do another presentation and fixed all my errors. I mean, sirs…I know you're busy, but if you don't read my thesis at all before the presentation date and tell my what should I fix, we're just wasting our time…I was definitely feeling devastated after the presentation. I cried for about three days straight, because that means my scholarship is gone because I won't be finishing my masters program on time for sure. And honestly, I'm burnt. Still am. I'm in my lowest state of pessimistic thoughts for now and still trying to pick up the pieces of my drive that has been shattered to Narnia or something.

No. 51438

how are you coping with that? If may I ask

No. 51439

File: 1455379428961.gif (4.98 MB, 320x240, 1441751476958.gif)

I want to complain on so many things, I want the semester to end right now, I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry if it's incoherent or if there are some typos, I'm super tired:

>time table so shitty I have classes almost every Saturday morning

>too many oral exams and assignments to do this semester
>including some presentations in English (not my first language) where I'm supposed to spout bullshit about marketing in front of the class while looking professional because teachers literally said that they grade on how professional and business-like we act and look, which explains a lot for my grades from the previous semester
>I don't have any clothes or shoes that don't make me look like a slob, I'm short and skinny so finding anything that look good at my size is hard unless I want to literally empty my bank account on overpriced semi-transparent shirts and make up that give me allergic reactions
>super nervous when talking in front of people in public because I'm too self-conscious and most people in my class are shitheads that interrupted others in the middle of their speech to try some jokes or even laugh at you
>another assignment is that I have to team up with somebody in my class who has the same projects when it comes to our carriers and interview someone on their job
>knows nobody that has a job and who's willing to answer my questions
>friends reject me because "we don't have the same projects" and I'm stuck with a neckbeard who won't stop talking about being an otaku, he knows nobody willing to answer our questions either
>one of my friends, who's actually kind of a bitch tbh, skip classes that are mandatory but where teachers don't care and always ask me to give her my notes. When I'm the one who's skipping classes for once, because of illnesses and hospital appointments, she doesn't give me notes or anything because "I wasn't paying attention lmao class is so boring" or she was sleeping at home, even though she lives 5min away from college and I take one full hour to go to there
>she's a foreigner so if she's not here all the time and she get caught she could be deported and I kind of want her to be actually threatened of that so she gets her shit together and start acting like an adult instead of relying so much on me
>she won't stop checking her rp forums, tumblr and skype in the middle of classes so I know she's unreliable anyway, sometimes she and other friends try to talk to me in middle of classes while I'm listening to the lecturer and I can't hear anything said by said lecturer anymore
>she complains that I'm not preparing one of our assignments in group because I'm completing other assignments first while she's literally sleeping all the time and very proud of it apparently
>I have no idea what to do once I get my bachelor degree, which isn't enough at all to get a job in my country
>not sure I can go to another university because I'm too poor to move out and my family will never help me

I'm fucked. I almost want to stop studying and start getting a stupid job in a fast food chain or something, at least it would mean that I can earn money instead of being useless and unsure of the future.

No. 51440

How do I stop comparing myself to friends? I’m trying to be successful in the academic field and this alone is really stressful and risky. now a friend of mine got a scholarship for a phd at Harvard and my academic career looks so pitiful next to hers. we grew up in the same small town in an european country and I always thought ivy league stuff was out of reach. It was something to dream about. like becoming a popstar or a famous writer. I don’t even feel comfortable writing or speaking in English.
But now she’s actually doing all those things I only dared to dream about and I feel like such a failure.

No. 51441

>I don’t even feel comfortable writing or speaking in English.
Don't feel bad about your English, I think it's very good and I understand your post. Although it's not my first language either so maybe I'm not the one to judge. I'm European too actually.

I know how you feel anon, I can't help but compare myself to others too, and as a result I become jealous of others very quickly. Focus on your own achievements first of all. The reason why I'm starting to stop comparing myself to others is really stupid and not even good: now that I'm in my third year in college I have a lot of things to do, prepare assignments and oral exams literally everyday, so I don't have time to think about it. Try to keep yourself busy in order to stop comparing yourself to friends and classmates and it'll happen by itself, I think. Good luck for what you're studying anon!

No. 51442

I'm so fucking unmotivated to do any of my work holy shit fuck me

No. 51443

Anon, if it makes you feel better, Harvard isn't that great once you get to know the people there. Trust me on this.

No. 51444

kek that's exactly what my professor told me when I casually mentioned it. he said I'd learn more where I am now.
I just feel like having a harvard degree will open so many other doors that will remain closed for me.

No. 51445

Think of it this way: you could still network with that colleague. You do need to be top of your game at your current institution, though. It will probably easier for you to shine and be number one here and do better in your career later on; there's a good chance your colleague will be outshone at a "prestigious" school, anyway.

To expand more on the Harvard name, Harvard University is HUGE. Some individual schools are very prestigious (the College, HLS, HBS, HMS, and I guess the Kennedy school though I know tons of idiots who got in) and others, well…they are kind of a joke/far less competitive and they take advantage of the Harvard name. (coughschoolofeducationschoolofdesignextextensionschoolcough)

No. 51446

thanks, though my friend isn't really going to harvard it's a different one of the top 5 ivy league schools. I didn't want to give out too many details. have you been to Harvard? I think it might be different when you’re there for your phd and have a scholarship on top.

the thing is my university is also very competitive and has the highest standards for my country. so it's hard to shine here as well. but I would do much worse if I would also be worrying about language barriers so I really shouldn't be jealous. and you’re right, I should be happy I have a good friend who will have an amazing career because that's good for me as well.

No. 51447

What I said applies to other Ivy League schools, as well. Yes, they are good institutions, but idk, so many people put them on such a ridiculous pedestal without knowing what they're all about. I'm not saying that you're a normie or uninformed or anything like that - obviously you're far above average. But sometimes it's good for all of us to put things in perspective.

Actually, I was in the same situation as you. I went to an elite "feeder" high school and many of my friends went on to the Ivies, while I was stuck at a very selective but far less prestigious university. I was upset but soon realized that they weren't necessarily smarter than me - they just got lucky with politics and the specific admission criteria for that year. Admissions and academia are notoriously fickle.

Also, after a certain tier…honestly, the people are pretty much the same. I dated a Harvard college guy and while he and his friends were extremely intelligent, they were pretty much the same fucking alcoholic potheads as at my own, less prestigious school.

You will be okay in the end. It doesn't mean you are not as successful if you don't get accepted to a PhD program at a certain school, even if it's funded (honestly, if you're in a technical field, funded PhDs are the norm). It means that your friend probably got lucky with the right research and right people.

No. 51448

Sadly, I’m not doing a STEM degree. Me and my friend are in the humanities. Maybe that’s why I’m so insecure. Because a prestigious uni, networking and good grades are the most important things in our field. For us it’s either succeeding the academic field or facing unemployment/ low-income jobs.
And there’s a limit to how good you can get regarding grades. My grades are top but there’s at least ten other students in my year who have top grades.

I always wanted to pursue an academic career but I underestimated how hard it would be. In this field it is so important to network and to get recommendation letters from „important“ scholars and obviously at prestigious schools there’s more of them.

My friend’s life’s a mixture of good starting conditions, hard work and luck.

Don’t worry, I didn’t think you implied I’m a „normie“ (and I wouldn't take that as an insult anyway). I don’t know much about the academic world in the US so I’m happy to get more information.

No. 51449

It's true that recommendations are important. It's smart to be concerned about that. At the same time, the world is also getting smaller, and there are other ways to "make a difference" and get the attention of scholars aside from being at the most elite institutions. For example, I don't know if you're on Quora, but there you might be able to network and interact with many academics inside and outside of your field. (Just don't mention you heard of it on lolcow farms. lol.) and obviously if you and your friend can help each other, it's a good start. Or maybe you can focus on an area of research that you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

I don't mean to sound like I'm dismissing your concerns - trust me, I understand. But perspective is healthy.

No. 51450

I'm so stupid, I posted this on the employment thread.

I really want to be an interpreter/translator because I love love love learning languages. I want to have a focus on German (I'm intermediate; have been learning for 3 years), Japanese, and Korean, along with a slew of other Germanic languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Dutch and so on).

I really don't know how to go about it though. I got accepted into my local community college but they're so fucking basic they only offer Spanish. The more expensive colleges offer a plethora of languages and even fucking International Studies degrees (with a focus on a certain language, for instance, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean) but they're all superbly expensive and their test score requirements are 2-5 points higher than what I've gotten on the ACT. Makes me not even want to apply but I will anyway. If I don't get accepted to the higher colleges, I don't know what I'll study at the comm college.

No. 51451

Unless you want to be translating/interpreting for welfare agencies (I speak from experience - it's not fun and pays shit, not that you will need any of your languages at that kind of place), you will definitely need to get into a decent 4-year college. So definitely don't blow off your studies, even if the CC is basic as fuck. You should study what interests you the most so that you can do very well and transfer to a place with more opportunities.

No. 51452

Thanks for replying. I feel like I'm worrying too much about this, especially since professors probably get the
>that one kid from sociology 101 who slept at the back of the class calls you five years later for a law school recommendation
more often then you'd think.

This program is kind of "eggs in one basket" for me, because it's the only one of it's kind (as far as I know). I have fall back plans, but it still feels really tentative, and I'm not confident since I decided on perusing it so late in my academic career. I'm also a notorious self-doubter, I figure all my profs don't even remember me at all. But thank you, your words are encouraging. I'm going to get on it right now, no more sad procrastination.


If your CC is shit, but you can't afford the other options, self study. If your CC has one, hang around where international students go and make friends with ones who know the respective languages to help you learn. If possible, study abroad for the same reasons. Take the language tests (I only know of the JLPT for Japanese, but there must be others). Interpretation/translation jobs will always love seeing that you have credentials from those tests than Misc. College, B.A. in German Language (for example). Having a bachelors in [language] does not guarantee the required skills for translation work, while the tests will. Like >>131262, said a 4 year will get your foot in the door for nicer jobs. Work on getting scholarships if you can't afford it.

Realistically speaking, the languages you've chosen will not help your prospects. Germanic language speaking countries are already known for proficiency in English. Many people are pouring into Japanese and Korean translation work. And from someone who loves learning languages and used to think about translation as a career path, good luck. You may be spreading yourself thin with all the different languages, especially if you're still learning them. Pick one and stick with that, for now. Learn the ins and outs of it, learn cultural particulars and the nuances of the language. That is what, more than just knowing the target language, that makes successful translators/interpreters. From what I know, what pays well is technical/specification translation. That means learning some other field as an asset for your translation resume. You're already at a disadvantage because bi/multilingualism is on the rise all over the world, and if you're still trying to learn some other language that just makes it all the more difficult. But if this is really what you love and want to do, best of luck to you.

No. 51453

I'm in my second year at a certain art school for animation. I worked way too hard through out high school to get into it, and it was honestly a huge mistake. Not so much because it's a BFA and people say those go nowhere, but there's just so much stress and pressure from classmates and teachers and the industry to perform a certain way.

What sucks even more is that it's basically a feeder school for the entertainment industry and it's basically one big rush to see who can drop out and get hired first and it's the most stressful god damn thing I've had to experience. I seriously can't juggle making an entire film on my own and create a portfolio that doesn't represent myself for a company to potentially not hire me on top of assignments for other classes.

I kind of dived in expecting sleepless nights when I was in high school to do this shit, but once you get there you just want to stop and drop everything and give up, but I can't do that since I'm pretty terrible at everything else that's not drawing and I've already spent thousands of dollars to go to this place. I'm feeling lost and scared because it turns out my dream school and possible employment are not going the way I planned.

No. 51454

I'm sorry anon. The pressure to conform to art school culture can be pretty stressful, I'd imagine that place to be a million times more so. Maybe go for a BFA somewhere else? You sound like a hard worker, so I'm sure you'll do fine whatever school and whatever discipline you choose. But overall it sounds like you need to take a break. There is no shame in taking a break, you can't make awesome cartoons if you're mentally dead.

No. 51455

I need some advice. Here's the situation: I have an assignment, the point is to interview a professional who works in the field I'm interested in. I'm interested in translating and jobs using foreign languages. Problem is, I personally don't know anybody who fits the bill. Most of my teachers are translators as well, but I have no idea if I should ask them or not. I also know a teacher from high school who gave me a lot of info about college back then and who explained to me what it was like to work as a translator before she became a teacher. It has been years since I haven't seen her or talked to her, so I don't know if it'll give a bad impression to send her an email and ask her an appointment so she could answer all my questions. She was very sweet to me back then but she can be very strict with others so if she takes it badly I'm screwed because I won't have anybody else to ask.

By the way it pisses me off that the teacher who gave me this assignements forces us to work in pairs and I'm stuck with a guy who isn't serious at all, a super annoying weeb who didn't even asked my opinion before telling the teacher that we were working in pair. I want to punch him in the face, another guy who is much more reliable and knows a lot of people was going to ask me to work with him, which pisses me off even more.

No. 51456

File: 1456400209597.jpg (868.58 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o1oaxeFXSl1u6pezco1_128…)

I've had one of my friends move in with me rent free because she just can't afford living on campus anymore. She fucking bombed her first semester in college because she never went to class and never did her work or never really studied and I'm starting to see the same patterns here and there and I'm wondering if I'm just wasting her time by encouraging her to go to school. I dunno I never really need any bribery or threat to start studying but sometimes I feel if I don't ride this girls ass she will never get shit done. She's also starting to treat me like a shitty friend. Like just being mean or holding 1 thing I said a decade ago against me. Or she will clap back to every sentence I say. Sometimes I wish I went to a school with more people like me because even though we share common interests sometimes she's just so rude and shit towards me I end up making a post on and image board. She makes me feel like an idiot 70% of the time. I've found that I'm not exactly as fast as responding as most people…so.. I can't really come back with any come backs or petty shit like that.

No. 51457

Is she depressed? No motivation, short temper…

You sound like a good person, anon. But if helping her comes at the cost of your own mental health, it might be time to kick her out. People that don't want to change won't change, so it seems like your efforts are wasted on her.

Would it be possible to transfer universities? I didn't like the university I originally went to for similar reasons, so I transferred out, and I'm in a better social space now.

No. 51458


Still angry af but at least I'm getting it off my chest.

No. 51459

I'm loosing interest in my study. I picked the major myself, and was very excited to learn all about it, but now…how to explain this, I still have my interest in my current major, but now I want to learn more about the other major, because it seems more interesting to me. The thing is, I'm on scholarship in a good uni right now, and I can't switch major easily because I was binded by the contract. Now I only have to finish my thesis in order to graduate but to be honest…I'm burnt out right now. I tried to force myself to pick up several times, but when my heart wasn't there, everything was just…empty and don't have a meaning anymore. I don't know if I can finish my studies on time.

No. 51460

File: 1457068008445.gif (305.88 KB, 500x240, tumblr_myu70eULzi1szbr1yo1_500…)

I have no real idea what I'm doing and since I don't believe in art majors and I can learn languages at home I'm following my best friend's path in comp science. I'm doing alright and I've never cared about what my hs friends are doing these days since most of them are potheads anyways. I'm really lucky I got closer to my college friends before I graduated high school though because I'm definitely not lonely here. The only real thing that bothers me is that I feel a little trapped where I am at. I want to travel. Maybe even move. I don't know if I'm brave enough but I hope one day I can find it within me to just up and go. I wish you all the best of luck with your time in uni/college/whathaveyou. May we all make it someday.

No. 51461

File: 1457068479723.jpg (43.7 KB, 500x500, JJ92CkF.jpg)

Why am I so fucking slow with programming?

I know a million guys who majored in things not at all related to compsci who managed to get recruited to hip companies as software engineers making 6 figures. They literally just picked coding up in their spare time between frat parties and sports, and here I am struggling in a stupid intro course. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 51462

Are you seriously complaining about germany's education system?
And why are you paying for university in germany?

No. 51463

contrary to popular belief, not everything in europaradise is actually free

No. 51464

You know, I live in Germany so it's not "popular belief". Only schools for people with really bad grades cost money here.

No. 51465

1) it's a popular misconception worldwide, esp among Americans (sorry German sempai)
2) you're still saying that German education in some cases costs money

No. 51466

Yeah but in very rare cases and those paid degrees are usually frowned upon. Even if you slept through high school you can still get into public university by waiting for one to four years ("wartesemester").
I would be really surprised if someone is dumb enough to have to got to a paid college in germany and then complain about it but maybe anon is going to some special kind of school I don't know about. That's why I asked.

No. 51467

Fuck uni. Bernie save us. STEM is bullshit. That's all I have to say.

No. 51468

German student here.
You still have to pay the semester fee (at every university btw.), which at my uni is 300 €. Just because you're not at a private uni or don't have to pay Studiengebühren, doesn't mean it's free.

No. 51469

ahh, sorry I never responded. I just wanted to vent and never expected someone to reply. Man, I'm not really up for transferring… I like it here.. but at the same time I just wish we weren't bound together at the moment, I need some space. She sleeps on my sofa the moment so.. I can't.. really have the house to myself? I feel awkward and I feel like I need to keep her happy…like all my friends… but rn it just feels so odd. like. man. i dunno. I wonder if she really wants to be friends with me sometimes.. I keep snapping at her, but that's really only because in the back of my head I just question if she really does like me..which is really in doubt because she keeps putting me off here and there. i just feel so dumb when i'm around her. i snapped at her twice already. i really didn't mean to but man, she makes me feel like an idiot. i don't think i could ever approach her because she would be like "oh that's really just how i talk to all my friends.." but shit you don't. not really. i really just wouldn't know what to say. I never really know what to say. sorry for venting again. I always clog up this thread with my first world problems.

No. 51470

For my 4th and 5th years in college I want to get a specific master degree, but classes are pretty selective, which means that you have to prepare a bunch of documents, including a CV, etc. Not sure on which bases they choose the students, I have more or less good grades, but most importantly I never had to retake a class, which seems pretty rare. The one thing that makes me nervous is that they ask whether or not we went abroad, how often and where, and last time I did it was in 2013 to visit my family. There's also the fact that if there aren't enough candidates, the degree won't be available anymore for the year. I don't know if I'm using the right words for that since English isn't my first language and stuff.

No. 51471

I failed my last term of uni and now my GPA is 1.7. I'm on academic probation and feel like a failure. High school didn't prepare me for this. I tried to be proactive and signed up for an easier schedule for spring so I can bump my GPA back up, but the financial aid I get from the military doesn't cover classes I fail, and I failed three. One of the classes I failed was the one I met a few of my friends in, and I was going to have classes with them next term, but now I can't because I have to retake the class. Just typing this out and reading it over makes me feel so helpless. I graduated high school with highest honors and had a 3.8 GPA but I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd do poorly in college and I was right. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering but now I don't even know if I want to do that. I do like math and science, but not as much as I love art and music, but there's no way I could make it as an artist. I feel like I'm going to end up living with my parents and working minimum wage jobs. I just feel so useless.

No. 51472

Are you me anon? I graduated with top grades, but I'm a constant failure at university. I failed two exams and I need to write four papers and I haven't done anything. During the semester break all I did was procrastinating and each day I dread to go back to university. I too love doing art but I know I could never be a success artist. I'm afraid all I will EVER do is do bullshit minimum wage jobs amd live with my parents forever, being miserable. Just like I do now.

But I don't know what else to do. I don't have a vague idea what I want to do with my life or for a job, so I can't quit either.
I feel like I'm floating in a river, desperately trying not to hit any rocks, while having no idea and no power to decide where I go.

I wish the world would just leave me alone, and I could live in a cabin in a wild somewhere peacefully drawing, reading books and not bothering or be bothered by anyone.

No. 51473

>I wish the world would just leave me alone, and I could live in a cabin in a wild somewhere peacefully drawing, reading books and not bothering or be bothered by anyone.

ha, me in a nutshell, even though I know how naive and unrealistic it is. I'm probably going to end up dropping out, paying back what little debt I have, and then working in a warehouse forever. I really really want to succeed in school because I've been given so many opportunities, and I'm the first woman in my family to go to university in a very long time and everyone in my family expects so much from me…it sucks letting so many people down.

No. 51474

Okay so basically

I go to an art college and I love all my classes and professers, but i'm having a really hard time making friends with people at my school (networking is really really important, also new to this city wanna make some cool friends)

I have friends who I see at lunch and hang out with at school, but I never hang out with them outside of that, and most of those people aren't really into all of the same things that I'm into/ don't like to go to places that cost money (I only have 3 classes this semester so i'm able to work 2 jobs to pay for rent and other fun stuff)/ are kinda boring and don't wanna TURN THE FUCK UP with me. They are all very nice people tho.

There's another group of friends who are more of the "stoner" type people, but I feel like if I chill out with them at lunch and shit I should be at least smoking a cigarette (which I quit doing last year) if i'm not gonna herb it up at school (don't like smoking at school, lose skill, makes me anxious), but all of these people are really fun but I don't think they consider me friend material because I don't see them often (only have school 3 times a week, 2 days with lunch classes so can't go outside during breaks). These people are also really hard to find after school, since most of them live on the other side of the city. They are also really good friends with eachother already and make plans to go do fun stuff but i'm never invited. Tried inviting them to a house party I had once and no one showed.

The boring people are always easy to find because they all live in res, basically live at the school and are there ALL the time.

TL;DR How does one become friends with the cool kids?

No. 51475

>TL;DR How does one become friends with the cool kids?

I wonder about this, too :/
I can never manage to find people IRL who are into the same stuff I am.

No. 51476

I have to drop a class this semester because of my shitty health and because my exbest friend fucked with my shit for the first third of this semester.
I feel bad about it but there's nothing I can do except keep going to the class and taking notes, and trying again next semester. I hear the teacher next semester is much better at the subject than the current one.
Hello, six years of university for a Bachelor's…

No. 51477

Bruh that fuckin sucks but I'm in the same boat… and it's for a design illustration degree lol. 6 years for no job.

No. 51478

I have the week off, so naturally I spent the first few days doing nothing. Now that I actually have to start doing my assignments, I'm sick. :(

No. 51479

Recently got rejected by all the finance clubs at my school, the ones that get all the big placement from places like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanely. What else can I do to make big bank?

No. 51480

Do you guys know why you're doing poorly? Find the source of the problem and try working on improving that, not saying that's the ticket to a top GPA but it's a start.

No. 51481

Yeah, for me it was mostly motivation. I'm already a lot more motivated this term. I'm thinking I might have had Seasonal Affective Disorder because now that the sun's out more often it's been way easier to stay motivated.

No. 51482

Schmooze with the right crowd and get into VC? It worked for Ellen Pao.

No. 51483

My problem is that I'm just not very good at academic work. It was one thing at school, but at Uni it takes obviously a lot more effort for a product with what I feel has far less influence or relevance.

Take my papers, for example. I'll have to write four, and two on them in topics I don't care about in fields I'll never study in again and which aren't really relevant for my further studies. I'll have to read tons of books, do a lot of research, write pages upon pages of of bullshit and come up with theories and all for a piece of irrelevant paper only my prof is going to read maybe twice, before it fades into nothingess and complete and utter irrelevance and pointlessnes. A lot of stress and work leaving me with no relevant knowledge to life, my study or anything, I'll probably immediately forget most I've learned because I'll never need it again and I probably didn't want to know it in the first place.

To me, this is incredibly frustrating and pointless, and I am really bad at convincing myself to do things that I don't like, or see any relevance to. I know you have to do things you don't like or are about, I just have a hard time getting motivated (and staying motivated) to do thesekind of things.

No. 51484

Anon, are you me? Geez, this is exactly why I'm a fucking NEET.

No. 51485

What do you need uni for? It sounds like it's doing you more bad than it is good.

No. 51486

My mother and her boyfriend are riding my ass about scholarships. It's always, "So did you apply for the scholarship yet?" No? They don't seem to understand that I'm not going to apply for shit I'm no going to win. There's no way in hell I'm gonna waste my time filling out 45 minute applications and stressing myself out writing essays about my "proudest achievement".

It's at the point that when I hear "scholarships" I ignore them and use my phone. I've told them I'm not going to apply for any and it's as if I didn't say anything -chuckles aloud-.

Debt is inevitable. I don't mind working through college, I really don't. I'm going to one of the cheapest colleges in my state. It's $4k per semester, I'm quite sure I could handle that especially if I was in the work study program.

If they don't leave me the fuck alone, I'll apply for that sweepstakes scholarship.

No. 51487

Oh my god the "-chuckles aloud-"
I ignore lolcow for a few weeks and the changes… the changes…

No. 51488

Idk about your country, but have you tried gettinging a job without a degree? No one will hire you. Unless you're into more STEM related fields (which I am absolutely terrible at, it's never going to happen) you're fucked without a degree.
And I know a lot of people who did an apprenticeship, and are now going back to University because either no one will hire them our they'd be stick at low position jobs without a degree.

It's shit, but what you gonna do? I'd rather get the degree even if I hate doing it, than being stuck in low minimum wage paying jobs for all eternity.

No. 51489

I'm currently hating college. I think my department hate me because they grade me so much less than my peers. They keep making up these very strict "rules" that seem to only apply to me when I've spoken to everyone else.

I just want my degree and these people are making it so hard for me. I guess they want me to fall under the percentage that drop out? My finals are coming up and I'm just worried sick because I know they'll fail me, idk what to do. Should I complain or just accept that I'm not getting a degree?

No. 51490

Correcting myself because I cannot into English, I didn't mean STEM (where you're often fucked without a degree too) but trades.


But why would they do that? Why would they want to drop out? Don't you have some kind of written set of rules where you can prove or disprove your department's claims?

No. 51491

How stupid am I for wanting to do a research degree in a field I have no intention in working in?

No. 51492

File: 1460032833420.jpeg (77.42 KB, 475x454, image.jpeg)

Has anyone gone off and taught abroad or has considered teaching abroad?
I honestly am not sure if it's the right decision for me to get a teaching degree to teach abroad since apparently you can just go with just any degree.

I've changed my major so much. Ideally I would like to be a writer but there's no cash. I need to be able to eat and live.

No. 51493

Im considering teaching in Korea with my bf in the near future. you get a free apartment and ok pay. if u really dont know what to do i think u should do that

No. 51494

or you could just grow the fuck up and take the 45 minutes to apply for the scholarship, appease your family and probably save yourself crushing student debt down the road but i guess it's easier to act like a spoiled little shit right now than to think about the repercussions to your finances and education and your relationships later -cocks head back and laughs-

No. 51495

File: 1460480016772.png (1.95 MB, 1280x1358, 1445915172971.png)

Is anyone else studying to be a nurse? I've been considering it several times but I hear it's a lot of competition especially here in CA

No. 51496


Economically, yes.
Academically, no, because knowledge is worth more than anything on this earth.

No. 51497

>-cocks head back and laughs-
just fyi anon the -chuckles aloud- thing was from April fools when there was a filter that automatically changed 'lol' to '-chuckles aloud-'. Just in case you weren't aware.

And part of me agrees with you and part of me understands the frustration of filling out scholarships you know you won't win. Although for the most part it's only 45 minutes, just an afternoon dedicated to filling out scholarships increases your chances of getting at least a little money.

No. 51498

Anyone here studying engineering? I really thought this was the field for me but I feel dumber and dumber every day. I feel like I'm just too lazy to be an engineer. I might switch into some other STEM field like Biochem.

Also, if money weren't an issue, what would you do rather than go to college? I personally would drop out, form a band, buy a shitty van, and go broke travelling and playing music.

No. 51499

Try going from literature to engineering, anon. I feel like I have Kailyn Wilcher's IQ.

No. 51500


Well, why did you want to go into engineering in the first place?

No. 51501

If money weren't an issue, I'd honestly just spend my days traveling, shopping, writing, reading, and getting drunk. Maybe work at an art museum or fashion house if I felt like doing something with my life, though those are kind of vapid.

No. 51502


This is very unrealistic, but I'd want to just escape into a small cottage in the forest or by the sea, and just keep drawing/painting what I see everyday. I actually hope to do something similar when I retire.

No. 51503

I wanted to go into engineering because I was always pretty good at math and science, although I'm starting to wonder if the applied problem solving part is not for me.

No. 51504

>Also, if money weren't an issue, what would you do rather than go to college? I personally would drop out, form a band, buy a shitty van, and go broke travelling and playing music.

I'd probly still finish my degree, but I would take a lot more time. In the meantime, I would travel around the world I wouldlearn another language, I would take some classes on how to use make up/style your hair…
I'd probably go into a fine arts school. Just to learn some serious art skills though, not the modern art shit they teach you at many art schools. I'd only learn what I wanted to learn.


Haha I feel you Anon. Though I'm not really a nature type, so I would want a second house in the city. Maybe even only an appartment. Not even a big one. I would decorate it like a weeaboo dream, and spend my days there reading books, watching animu or drawing/painting.
I would not bother anyone, I just want the world and its problems to leave me alone.
One day I'd have children, but I would not need to worry about jobs/money/fighting or divorcing husband, I could just hire some people to help me with babysitting, cleaning and all that stuff.

No. 51505

No. 51506

>studying game development

Anon, that isn't the way to break into the games industry. At all. Don't waste your time with that.

No. 51507

Not that anon, but I'm curious what it is? I've seen plenty of weeb idiots from my hometown "go" to Fullsail for game developement. Kek

No. 51508

People that "go" to for-profits blow my mind. Seeing some of their portfolios makes me depressed that they pissed away that much money on nothing.

You're best off getting a CS degree or learning to program by yourself if you have the work ethic, and building a portfolio of games or other projects. Having a good portfolio is very, very important. CS also gives you other options if you can't make it in the industry, or if it doesn't turn out to be what you expected.

No. 51509

From the handful of people I met who work in games (so you should treat this as anecdotal info):
People who went to school for some program like "game design" or "game development" or "xyz GAMES degree" were all QA testers.

The people who were actually working on/making the games went to school for something else (CS, animation, idk) and just ended up in games, or maybe didn't go to school but still had those same skills.

So yeah what >>131319 said. You'll still build the skills needed to make games, for the most part, but will be able to market yourself more broadly because, as I understand, the games industry is very hard to break into. (Probably the reason why we have a lot of subpar indie ""devs"" swarming out of the woodworks in the last few years).

No. 51510

Has anyone else doubled majored in 2 languages? I'm pissing myself a little because one of my majors is in French, and I don't do so great in it when I was in high school, just average. I think having my attention only focused on the languages and not anything else should help, though.

No. 51511

Sort of. I did ancient languages though. Plus French (but not as a major). It definitely helps to be immersed in modern languages. Can you go abroad for a year?

No. 51512

I'm wondering if there's any anons who have gotten accommodations from their uni/colleges disability center? I'm really interested in hearing from you guys. Tell me what your accommodations are, how you got them, what disabilities you have?

No. 51513

Thank you for the reply anon! The most I can probably go abroad for is 3 months, and then there's the dilemma of which language I go for. If I don't do French I'm thinking of linguistics instead, but I feel like it'd be pointless because I have no intentions to go into research.

Ancient languages are neat, but I got fucked up by Latin declensions pretty bad. Did you end up going into postgrad for it?


I did, for depression/anxiety and chronic fatigue. I had to get my physicians to fill out forms to prove I wasn't lying, and then had to talk with an advisor about it. They let me ask for extensions when I need it, and they're a little more lenient on missed attendance.

People with hearing/mobility issues can have people hired by the uni to take notes for them, or make transcripts, and people with physical disabilities get to take their exams in a more comfortable environment.

No. 51514

yeah I did. I am in a slump at the moment and wondering if I made the right choice. But hopefully I can pull myself out of this hole.

It has led me to study and work in interesting places, I can say that much. I've also ended up becoming fluent in another modern language because I went to another country to continue my degree.

Linguistics would also be cool and there are lots of opportunities withh a degree like that. But I think you have to have a passion for it. I haven't studied linguistics intensively (just on the side) but I attended a conference once and was floored by 1) how cool it can be and 2) how boring it can also be if the presenter was not very good.

I loved becoming fluent in a modern language though. I think it could really take off for you, even in the three months you can be abroad, since you'd have the basics.

Do you really like these two languages you are majoring in? That's important.

No. 51515

I started seeing a new guy, spent all weekend at his apartment, and because of that, I'm now suffering at 4am trying to finish/memorize a speech due at 8

No. 51516

I feel like killing myself because I'm pretty sure I failed a class I need to graduate (my graduation date is in June). Idk how I'm going to explain this to my insane Asian parents who have no clue that I was even doing badly. I just feel absolutely sick to my stomach. will pay someone to assassinate me.

No. 51517

I never cared about school since mine was so poorly run and terrible (openly selling drugs in class and nobody gave a shit)but I decided to get into community college so I can make something of my life and dear God. I'm afraid. I balanced one class last year and got a 4.0 in it, but I'm trying to get my Associate's all online, I need 54 more credits. How do you guys balance a full time job and online school?

No. 51518

I just got into my first choice art school with 10k in grant and scholarship money. Which doesn't include whatever FASFA gives me, so I'm super excited.

It is out of state in California, is there anyone else who's out of state who can give tips. Or just general info on how to live alone really. Things that I will need. I plan on dorming on campus, is there anything I should buy? Thank you to anyone who replies

No. 51519

Just lie, make up some excuse and take the class again. I withdrew from all of my subjects in my first semester at uni because of my shitty mental issues, and my Asian parents still don't know to this day.

No. 51520

i have to go through 4 dense chapters of legal material in 3 hours for a stupid multiple choice test. Why do I do this to myself again?

No. 51521

File: 1462517313885.jpg (1021.79 KB, 2322x4128, 2016-05-06-07-37-59-085.jpg)

Kanji is usually my strong point, but even so I'm still being slaughtered by my weekly degree requirements.
I have a kanji test at 9:00 today, then a grammar test 12:00, then a sakubun writing test at 15:00.
I went to bed at 12:00 and got back up again at 3:00 to work on it until I had to leave at 8:00, and it's still shit. I'm so worn out guys, I just want to sleep. I need a break, but I have my finals coming up and I need to work hard and do my best.

I know people laugh at language degrees, but fuck me guys, the language modules on its own wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to juggle modules in complete Japanese history, complete Chinese history, a global film module and a module on World Empires, for which over missed approx. half of all lectures.

I'm just so fucking tired. If I closed my eyes right now I'd pass out immediately and probably not wake up until tomorrow.

No. 51522

I feel you anon, I'm a double language major and it's absolute slaughter. If I didn't love learning them so much, I'd probably would've dropped out a long time ago.

Wishing you all the best with your tests! That schedule for your Japanese tests is brutal. Can you fit in some time for a solid sleep afterwards? It'll help you absorb info better if you're well rested. Please take care of yourself, anon!

No. 51523

i hated high school
got accepted to a decent 4-yr university
dropped out after withdrawing from my second semester
dabbled in and out of community colleges with no success
i hate school. nothing is working. i kind of want to just die

No. 51524

I've been a NEET on disability for nearly six years, and me and my treatment team are working hard to get me back in school. It's going to take at least two more years, yet I can't help but keep fantasizing about uni; studying has always been one of my favourite things to do. My main problem is that I have absolutely no clue what kind of degree I'd like to pursue. My initial dream was to study japanology, but now that I know I'll never be able to emigrate to Japan anyway because of my health, it seems like a worthless choice.
I enjoy a wide variety of subjects, mostly revolving around social sciences. Mythology and eastern religion are by far my favourite ones, but such majors don't exist in my country (and studying abroad is no option). Other things I'm interested in and have a good foundation for include criminology, linguistics, sociology, philosophy and geology. Things I'm interested in yet do NOT have a good foundation for include forensic pathology and programming.

Any tips/suggestions? If all else fails, I've decided to suck it up and become a librarian, but I'm not giving up on the uni dream just yet.

No. 51525

Depending on the country (fees), just do whatever you like.


If you're having mental troubles, lean towards something with a lighter work load - taking on too much at once isn't a recipe for success.


I'd do philosophy if I were you. Of those you listed, it has the biggest crossover with the study of religion, along with sociology, and it's much more objective and academic than sociology. Best of luck whatever you choose.

No. 51526

Why not pursue Japanology anyway? If you like academia so much, you could pursue research for it, or make periodical trips there regardless.

As above anon said, take care to not bite off more than you can chew. Uni is no joke, and it can really take a toll mentally, no matter how much you say you love to study.

Also, I wouldn't be talking about becoming a librarian so lightly. You'll need a MLIS, and jobs are hard to come by. Not the greatest choice as a back up.

No. 51527

Why did you drop out, anon? What in particular is going wrong? Grades? Social life?


If you're so interested in Japanology, why not take a minor if they're offering?

I think deciding what degree you want to pursue should also take into account what career you want. You want to emigrate to Japan, but what do you plan to do for a living there? Think about it and maybe use that as a basis for deciding?

Also, philosophy major here using the degree to go to law school. If you're interested in philosophy, I'd say go for it. It's difficult as fuck, but goddamn I don't ever regret choosing this degree.

No. 51528

I've been struggling with depression and a lot of other burdens. I broke off a toxic 4yr relationship after highschool which helped and worked fulltime after dropping out the first time. Life seemed ok when I was working, but I wasn't being as responsible as I shouldve and lacked a sense of achievement since it was monotonous, grind-y work.
With school I'd start off fine, really solid. I think the reason why I survived my first semester at uni was because I had friends to study with, support I guess. I dont know. I'm like really fucked up. There's too many things to account for and I just feel like a whiny bitch

No. 51529

>There's too many things to account for and I just feel like a whiny bitch
I know exactly how you feel, anon. You're not a whiny bitch. No matter how small or how trivial your problems are, they're still problems and they DO matter. So don't call yourself a whiny bitch for that, okay?

I also survived a certain semester because of my friends. Hell, I managed to cheat on my finals and one of my classes I was relying on my groupmates since our finals was groupwork.

Have you tried therapy or consultation, anon? My friends were noticing things about me and I was (kind of against my will) referred to a therapist.

No. 51530

Thank you anon.. I forget how important it is to feel validated at times like these.
I did see a therapist a few times, usually from school. Since I moved away from my hometown last year, I haven't gotten any treatment since. So that's definitely been taking a hit on me.. I've been wanting to see a psychiatrist to get an assessment done, but these things are incredibly difficult to go through with in the US for some stupid reason

No. 51531

Could you potentially look into online/Skype sessions for therapy, anon? I know they're not optimal, but it's better than nothing. Seconding the other anon, everything you're feeling is perfectly valid, no matter how trivial it seems.

Sending you e-hugs, and wishing you all the best with your burdens. Hope things can get better for you soon.

No. 51532

I'm on a gap year, graduated high school last year, and will be going to university for criminology this September.

>be me in grade 12

>good grades, friends, soccer team
>everything's good
>dad gets really really sick
>money problems, welfare thing is still in the works
>mom says to take a year off to work and save up for tuition
>saved up 10k, tuition is about 7-8k year
>no friends, all of them are busy with their stuff or go to really fsr unis
>anti social
>spend too much time online
>work at mcdicks, everyone that works with me is in middle high school
>don't really talk to anyone at work
>feel like im going stupid
>nervous about going to university

Money wise I'm in a good spot now that I saved up and will probably get grants from the government. I'll be commuting from home and working part time too.

How do I get back to normal socially? Things are just so depressing, I see my dad suffering everyday and he's stuck at home

Tips for doing well first year? Going to make sure I show up to all my lectures and tutorials

No. 51533

>going to university for criminology this September.

Don't take this personally but… is it too late to change your major? A criminology degree is about as useful as a degree in postmodern feminist artisanal cheesemaking. Don't throw the money you earned away.

No. 51534

No first year is basically open. I could do a couple other things like major in forensic science. I'm not exactly sure, but something about law

No. 51535

I fucking hate group projects.
We had to do this in-depth company analysis thing and our group had 4 people at first.
Then one girl quit the course, and my classmate picked up her slack well enough. But there was this third girl who's an exchange student and she doesn't fucking do anything.

Now our project is due tomorrow, and first exchange girl tells me 'oops I'm sorry I just came back from Russia so I haven't been able to do anything :(' and the other girl gets sick all of a sudden so all the work falls on me.

Meanwhile I've had like 7 different exams + a job interview this week and still managed to do everything, but the sick girl said she can't do anything today because 'she has to do one project and study for an exam tomorrow' (I have 2 exams tomorrow but I'm not whining).

I don't know what to do, I messaged the professor and asked him for extra time but if not I'll just send in my part of the project.

No. 51536

Oh and exchange girl also had a sudden 'family issue' so she had to go back to her home country today. She didn't even know what we were talking about half of the time.

No. 51537


Oh man, this is the experience I'm used to having, me doing all the work and my partners just lazing around and throwing something at the absolute last minute or ditching altogether so that I have to cover their minutes instead.
This year was a totally different experience though, I got grouped up with 3 female Japanese exchange students and they actually DID the fucking work with me. We met up three times to assign topics and discussion, to swap notes and put our slides together and did a rehearsal. So far our presentation has been the best of the entire year, which is kind of weird because ours was actually the first assigned so really it should have been the worst.

It's so fucking good when everybody actually pulls their weight.

No. 51538

Forensic science is just as pointless as criminology. You would be in a better position for a career in forensics if you were a chem major, maybe bio.

If you want to go to law school, just letting you know the better ones have a disdain for 'pre-law'/criminal justice etc. majors.

No. 51539

>Forensic science is just as pointless as criminology. You would be in a better position for a career in forensics if you were a chem major, maybe bio.
Exactly this, forensic science is a bullshit degree and it's sad that universities even offer it. If you're considering forensic science because you want to do the kind of stuff you see on CSI, a medical lab technologist program is the best choice. Lots of job openings, good pay (if you're Canadian at least - I'm guessing criminology anon is based on her writing style), and you can work in any hospital/government/private lab

No. 51540

Final exam in one hour, no idea where the room is.
Wish me luck.

No. 51541

Yep. I work in forensic science and I have a biochem degree. Forensic science degrees are a load of shit and is really just a mix useless crap. If you want to work in toxicology or DNA analysis go for biochem, go med lab science if you want to work in forensic pathology or a forensic mortuary.

No. 51542

I have a Japanese oral examination in 4 hours and I want to cry.

Reading is one thing, writing is one thing, but speaking is a whole other game. It's like trying to assemble a goddamn jigsaw puzzle on the spot, and I know I didn't revise as much as I could have.

It's only 10 minutes long and I'm trying to prepare everything I might get asked or how I can reply, but I get huge fucking speaking anxiety and I KNOW for a fact I'm going to freeze up and just sit there staring blankly at my teacher.

No. 51543

>in a political science class where we have small debates weekly
>this one fucking chick always gets on my nerves
>such a superiority complex
>even hearing her voice gets me annoyed
>talking about classes for next quarter
>she's bragging about taking 17 credits (the max we can take)
>go "oh yeah I'm doing that too"
>the bitch face she gives me
i feel like I have such a bad habit of choosing one person in my classes to just hate but God she's such a cunt. You're not better then anybody else here we all got into this shit school

No. 51544

I figured out that since my class is online and the professor throws up the assignments for the week on the same day, I can churn out all of the assignments in 2hrs. I feel like it's too easy but I really would rather get it all done at once, it's such a weight off my shoulders.
I also figured out the exams they use are the same ones copy-pasted from other teachers so all I have to do is google the question and I find 90% of the answers. I know all of my classes won't be this easy but god I can hope.

No. 51545

>she's bragging about taking 17 credits
Haha, ONLY 17?
Most of my undergrad courses were 15-16 credit hours a semester. And I knew people who were real desperate to get their credit in who were allowed a max of 18-21.

She's a complete tryhard and I'm sure other people have picked up on that besides you.

No. 51546

File: 1463783457245.jpg (60.15 KB, 600x375, IMG_20160511_201112.jpg)

How is wanting to work through college acting like a spoiled little shit? Honestly, tell me.

My tuition could easily be around $500-$2k if I cut out meal plans and housing. $4k is an estimate going by the most expensive meal plan, dormitory, and class.

Again, this is the cheapest college in this state especially for in-state students, and they have an abundance of ways for them to save money but pay tuition at the same time. I don't see a point in receiving scholarships if I know for a fact I won't need them.


I just didn't want to do it. Turns out, my mother assumed I was trying to get her to pay for my tuition even though I've told her countless times I'll do it myself.

Plus, turning in your FAFSA automatically enters you in for the Pell Grant and some other scholarships I can't remember. Not sure if this happens nationwide.

No. 51547

File: 1464050500724.gif (273.5 KB, 900x500, tumblr_niqngeUn2K1u55xnmo5_128…)


So my Japanese oral examination was 5 days ago now and whilst it went okay-ish, I can't stop kicking myself over an exercise where my tutor pulled out an image of a park scene and pointed to various people and asked me to describe what the person was doing/wearing.

She pointed to a guy sunbathing and do you know what I fucking said?

"This is a person that is washing in the sun".

Kill me.

No. 51548

>college is srs bsns!
Some colleges look into that too, you know. If you're a social outcast without friends you're less likely to get hired than someone who's friendly and outgoing. In fact, I'd say your grades matter less than the friends and connections you make and extracurriculars you take.

No. 51549

>i'd say
Honey no. If you're dumb, not even your connections can help you. You need to do some of the work yourself, because this attitude won't get you far.

No. 51550

Brains have nothing to do with it. The only way to graduate is through hard work, that's the only thing your grades prove. And no need to be a condescending bitch, I'm not the original anon and this is my first post in the thread. Maybe it's different in your fat studies classes but in order to be employable you need to be a good team player and engage other people.

No. 51551

>fat studies classes
damn hunty, drag that bitch!!

No. 51552

I just think it's attitude. Like you said, someone who's friendly and willing to work and communicate as a team player is just more likely to be employable.

If someone has an overtly pessimistic attitude, thinks they shouldn't have to work as hard because someone else is smarter, or is out for themselves…well.

I've seen "smart" college kids turn out to be absolute shits in real world employment because they're difficult to work with. Not saying nepotism and connections never helped anyone, but holy jesus just have a good attitude and you will likely find employment opportunities.

No. 51553

Since the exam period began I've put on 7lbs ffs.

No. 51554

I've been in a rut in job-hunting since I graduated in December (I've had interviews; nothing has happened with them. They've found other people for the positions. My degree is in Chemistry. spoilers: don't get that degree unless you want to get at least a Masters or live in an area that has job available.) and have been contemplating going back and getting an associates in, like, business/accounting because we have a local community college that makes it seem, since I have essentially everything I would need, like it would literally take a semester to complete. Should I do that to make myself more hirable? It's not a big degree, but it would give me an additional degree to slap on my resume.

No. 51555

Is anyone else here a language major with social anxiety? My written work is always great, but I start shitting the bed when oral exams come up.

No. 51556

I don't have anxiety, but I'm so fucking awful at speaking/aural comprehension (tbh even in English lol) that I'm starting to suspect I have some kind of auditory processing disorder.

No. 51557

I actually have the same problem, but I think it's because I might have hearing loss. It's really embarrassing having to ask people to repeat over and over, especially tutors/professors in the language. You can see that 'you have no idea what we're saying you lazy fuck' look in their eyes. :'(

No. 51558

My parents won't let me move out for uni in the same town we live in. I'm ready to fight for what I want to do but I don't know how to at all. Do I confront them, or do I figure it out myself… I can't ignore this forever, I want to be independent. I don't want to be stuck here.

On another note:
Have you let your professors know about this? I was a very nervous speaker years ago, and when I told my language teachers they stopped the 'you have no idea what we're saying' look and were really nice and guided me. It made me less nervous too.

No. 51559

I'm in the same situation, anon. But I'll be going into my final year this September. I know I've saved a lot of money, but it makes me sad to think that I've missed out on the 'campus experience', and my parents can be pretty unbearable a lot of the time. I would suggest just staying on campus a lot of the time, do some volunteering or join a club.

No. 51560

If you're still in this dead-ass thread, I'm a nursing student in the UK. It's very, very hard. They make the intakes huge for the sole reason that up to 3/4 of the people accepted onto the course drop out or are kicked out before graduating. You won't be partying like all the other students, you'll be working nonstop. BUT it's non-ironically very rewarding (if you're interested in providing care) and you're guaranteed a job at the end of it, so weigh the options up.

No. 51561

>kicked out
Is it really that common in the UK?

Sage for not contributing anything

No. 51562

Not as far as I can tell, it's actually pretty hard. I mean, for most degrees it's £9k per year in tuition fees, they wouldn't get many applicants if unis had a reputation for continually failing people. It's manageable though, especially on a health/social course with lots of placement hours.

No. 51563

They won't let you? How old are you? If you're a legal adult you can do what you want. They might be upset at first but they have to let you be free eventually. They'll get used to it.

No. 51564

Just out of curiosity, how much are nurses paid there? I know nurses and doctors apparently get some really good money in america but what about uk?

No. 51565


Not nearly enough as they should be due to the hours they're trapped into working.
This is all down to the fact that our current Conservative ministerial rule hates the NHS and is currently in the process of stripping it of funding, overworking the staff and creating negative scenarios that put it in a bad light so that they can slowly replace it with the same privatised system the US has, and it's fucking terrifying.

No. 51566

I don't know if you've ever had overbearing parents, but it sometimes isn't that easy, even if you are a legal adult.


Hope you're still here.

I think a decent way is to make a whole plan first. Every single detail you can think of, plan it. Make back up plans for your plans, but don't implement anything yet. Consider any and all questions/objections they might have and have a smart, well-thought out answer for them. Then when that is done, pitch it to them. Answer their questions, address their fears/indignations, and reassure them. The important thing is to include them in every step of the process. If they're really tough, let them make some of the decisions and let them feel as if they have some control over the process. Compromise (i.e. they let you move out, you let them pick a place to live, or you live at home for your first year and they let you move out after that)

I've had to deal with overbearing parents, confrontation without a plan makes them sneer at you, it confirms to them that you're still a child, needing of their protection. Proceeding on your own without including them will also strain family ties and as a uni student, that isn't something you want to have to deal with in your first year. In the worst case scenario, they will cut you off, kick you out, and leave you without support, as a way to punish you or force you to see how much you need their help.

The best way to prove your independence is to show that you can be smart and thoughtful, and that you can take care of yourself.

No. 51567

I'm 18. I wish it was as easy as just doing it and letting them get used to it, but I think, because of my dad's nature, that he especially won't want anything more to do with me, as silly as it sounds.


Thank you! I definitely need to have everything planned out. My mum is more lenient and this will reassure her, hopefully doing what you advised will make my dad's reaction not so bad too.

No. 51568

Pretty much what >>131376 said. Basic starting salary for a newly-qualified band 5 nurse would be £21,500 per year - you can up that with overtime, weekends and night shifts.

For comparison, a band 4 healthcare assistant, who doesn't need to go to uni and have all the associated shite, earns a basic of £19,000 per year.

You're guaranteed a job because there aren't enough nurses ANYWHERE in the entire UK, but there's a reason nobody's lining up to take those jobs.

No. 51569

File: 1466425102547.png (248.1 KB, 450x253, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

I graduated some weeks ago, I'm really happy. In my country though graduating once isn't enough, I have to study for 5 years straight if I want to graduate for good. Problem is, there's a mandatory internship to do abroad during the very last semester.

I need to save money for that but I can't find a job, because I don't have any experience. And I don't have any experience because I never had a job. AND on top of that, I don't have a driver license, let alone a car, because these things are way too expensive. But I can't get a driver license because I don't have a job. I sent a bunch of resumes this month to a lot of places for this summer but I never got any answer. I don't want to spend the summer as a neet again, I'm so nervous because of this that I have nightmares about it. I hope I'll find a job for once college starts but still.

No. 51570

Ah, the vicious employment cycle. What kinds of places are you applying to, anon? Do you have any friends that maybe could vouch for you and get you an in? Good luck with your job hunting!

No. 51571

I applied to some stores and and a lot of fast food restaurants because they tend to give schedules that don't prevent students from going to class in case I can work for one of them after college starts. I'm going to give my resume to some temporary work agencies this week. I already tried that but I only got one answer for one job and I was rejected for that one.

I have a friend who worked in a restaurant thanks to one of her friends. I could ask her for help but she will go back home soon, which is at the other side of the planet. I already asked her things about her jobs but I'll see her soon so I'll ask her for more details. I'll tell you if it'll work.

No. 51572

I already made a post here a few months ago, but I still haven't made my mind up. I'm having trouble picking majors. I know I want to learn French, Russian, and linguistics, but I can't major in all 3. I can double major in French and Russian, but then I can't take any classes in linguistics. My other option is to major in linguistics, and to take as many French and Russian language classes as I can. With that option, I'm a little bit worried that I'm biting off more than I can chew.

The thing with linguistics is that I know it's absolutely useless outside of academics. I am definitely interested in going into postgrad research, but I honestly don't think I have the mental fortitude to handle academics.

I'm also wondering if I should drop French altogether. I fucked myself by not paying attention in high school and having a terrible foundation in it. I somehow got placed into a decent level by my university's aptitude test, which gives me a bit of hope? I definitely have more motivation to learn now than in high school.

All of this probably doesn't matter as much as I think it does.

No. 51573

File: 1466699121588.jpg (70.05 KB, 500x667, dfggdfs.jpg)

>My degree is in Chemistry. spoilers: don't get that degree unless you want to get at least a Masters

Don't even get me started on this. Everyone runs around touting ~le STEM degrees~ and how much better than the humanities and arts they are. It is bullshit. The only STEM majors that get you a job with a bachelor's are engineering and computer science. All of the rest of them require an advanced degree of one kind or another, and of the few jobs that you can get with a bachelors, they pay meagerly and hire infrequently. And even then, if you get your Masters or PhD, many of the jobs are in academia, offering little pay and job security.

In all honesty, I regret majoring in STEM and wish I majored in something else. My college career would've been much easier, less stressful, and my career prospects would essentially be the same. If you want a job after college, major in something DIRECTLY connected to an industry.


I would probably double-major in the languages and minor in linguistics. I think majoring in the languages is more practical and knowing linguistics would be useful since you're studying language. It might look like a bit of a gold star on your resume if you minor in it, but you're right about most of the jobs related to linguistics majors being tied up in academia.


people don't realize how important connections are, and a big part of making connections is meeting people and being personable. nepotism is real, and people will pass over a more-qualified candidate for someone they know and like.

i'm graduating in december and i can not fucking wait. school's made me miserable. all i do is gain weight and get shit grades. i hate my degree – see above – so i'm taking a couple of months off afterward to figure my life out. i'm thinking about entering the medical field so i'm considering becoming an EMT or going back and getting a nursing degree but i'm way too burned out to think about going back to school yet

No. 51574

Hi, I majored in Linguistics. You're right in that most jobs end in academia, and for that you need at least a Masters, but you'd be surprised what you can find if you look. I just graduated and right now I'm a good candidate in the final step of the hiring process into a tangentially related job but it has damn good pay and the company itself is directly related to something I'm interested in pursuing (computational linguistics).

That being said, the best way to get the most out of a Ling degree without dooming yourself to academia is to pair it with something more practical, sorry. You'll find linguistics to be much more versatile than French or Russian (and really, billions of people already speak those languages or are successfully bi/multilingual, so you're already at a disadvantage). You can pair it with computers, or marketing, or psychology, sociology, anthropology, neurology, audiology, etc. etc.

Unlike >>131384 I would recommend either double majoring or majoring in Linguistics with a minor in a language (Russian or French) and really busting ass to become fluent in that language. (If you're Canadian, I'd stress French because that will at least put you ahead in gov't jobs). In my job search I found some entry-level industry jobs specifically looking for a linguistics background but they almost always also required fluency in a language (which I don't have, being more into theoretical ling in school…shot myself in the foot there). Of course, this depends on your area and the kinds of industries that are there. If you want to maximize the practicality of your degree(s) then I would also lightly recommend thinking about a language that is not well spoken, not well studied, or not well known.

That being said, you really can major in anything you want and eventually get a job after school. Networking is very important so don't spend your school years worried about jobs and just make friends and good impressions on your profs and peers.

Good luck anon!


Tbqh I think the biggest problem with people going into university is worrying about job security. Like… if you're so concerned go to a trade school or a vocational school. And I dislike how society really stresses the college education because clearly, it doesn't help much for the average person. Anything you major in will likely only have paths into academia, because that's how the system is designed. Profs and such only look at it from the academic perspective, because that's their job.

No. 51575

I'm not in school just yet, currently trying to raise my son, but when he's old enough for pre-k I plan to go back. Anyway, I was thinking of doing something in the business field, like project managing. If any of you anons are in university for that, is it hard to get into? Does the job market look promising? I've tried to do some research on it, but most things I find are from scammy sounding online universities.

No. 51576

Business is only worth it if you're backing it up with something substantial or will specialise in one thing only. I study business and we get so many rich kiddies who want to 'trade stocks' and get rich quick that it's not even funny.

No. 51577

No, I don't want to do stocks or whatever. I was thinking about maybe manufacturing or something more substantial.

No. 51578

I know anon, I was just saying getting in is pretty hard because you have to compete with losers like that.

No. 51579

Ohhh, gotcha. Well, that sucks. :/

No. 51580

When i was in high school STEM was stressed so much it wasn't even funny. They would force you to apply for scholarships related to STEM regardless of what you wanted to major in once reaching college. They also practically threw being a doctor or lawyer at you too. College was the biggest damn deal and if you didn't know what you wanted to do by freshman year then they would pretty much say you're doomed or convince you to do STEM or something along the lines of law or business. Any degree involving some type of design outside of graphic design and music degrees were frowned upon for some reason.

I went to visit the uni i will attending this August and i'm glad i never fell into the STEM trap. Those studying it are always stressed tf out.

No. 51581

>Tbqh I think the biggest problem with people going into university is worrying about job security. Like… if you're so concerned go to a trade school or a vocational school. And I dislike how society really stresses the college education because clearly, it doesn't help much for the average person.
>Anything you major in will likely only have paths into academia, because that's how the system is designed. Profs and such only look at it from the academic perspective, because that's their job.

This so much. The truth in this almost makes me want to cry. I wanna print this out and hand it to everyone who graduates from school, and I wish I had known this when I was foolish enough to enter university.

>start uni because hurr durr u need to do this because otherwise you'll basically be considered a retard

>study language/linguistics
>turns out it is mostly academic bullshit that is of no use, unless you want to remain in academia
>most of the major consists of boring irrelevant research, tiresome paper writing on equally abstract subjects, sucking up to professors, trying to understand the bureaucracy behind the academic bullshit, etc
>I don't even really learn the language, because we rarely have the opportunity to actually converse with someone and we mostly deal with very specific terms and words that I'll never use again
>(seriously, I learnt much more outside of uni just by talking to other people, watching movies, the internet etc)
>turns out I also hate academic work, oh well…

>sick and tired of university, want to go into a trade

>apply for apprenticeship
>mfw no one wants me because I'm too overqualified now
>mfw stuck in the hell that is university and academic work
>mfw no job you without a degree, obviously

I just want to crawl into bed and sleep and never wake up again ever.

No. 51582

I just omit things from my CV tbh. I've been skipping jobs lately because I live in a country where people hire you and put you down as a 'trainee' then make you work for a month and fire you without paying you b/c 'you did not meet our expectations'. Of course they always have some other desperate sap lined up for the job. Hooray, free labour.

No. 51583

>The truth in this almost makes me want to cry. I wanna print this out and hand it to everyone who graduates from school, and I wish I had known this when I was foolish enough to enter university.
I'm sorry I made you almost want to cry, anon.

But it is sobering. I figured this out before I even started applying to university (and I had to bc muh parents and peers and that's what you do!!) and I was so disillusioned by it that it made me fuck around a lot in the early years so I didn't really network as much and stuff as I should have.

I like academic work and learning though, even if it was stressful at times. I just hate that because university is (quite obviously) focused on academic work that you need to network and all this other bullshit to prove to employers that you're capable of working.

If you do really want to get into a trade, why not transfer to one of those schools that deal directly with whatever industry you're looking at? With more specific and hands on learning. It's not an actual apprenticeship I guess but it's not like they can turn you away for being overqualified.

No. 51584

What language did you study?

No. 51585

Doesn't help much, I cannot really omit university or my degree from my CV.
I feel you on the job market though. It's not much different here, you usually get a contract for a maximum of one year. Afterwards, you're fucked. Even most of my professors at univerisity had one year job contracts - which was a pain in the ass for students because if you need to write a paper, research or similar stuff and your prof is leaving, you are in a very bad and acomplicated position.


Nah, it's not your fault, I'm glad you spoke the truth.
I hate academic work, so that created a big problem for me. I was always a good student at school, but it's entirely different from what you do at university. And networking in my field is pretty hard. Even for the most basic internships you already need some networking. The only internship i got was because my father new the boss at that place.

The field I want to go in is a combination of trade school and working. So you can't really just go to trade school, you need the apprenticeship first. Also I really don't want to go to school exclusively anymore, I finally want to work! (Work aside from bullshit student jobs, retail or waitress which is all I can basically do now).


Germanfag here, I'm studying German. The linguistic field is entwined with the English studies, so I kiiiinda study English too (it is comlicated).

No. 51586

Is it weird going back to Uni at 22?

No. 51587

Not at all? So many people are going (back) to school for various reasons that no one cares if you're 22, 32 or 82 and in uni

No. 51588

you are speaking my language so hard about one of the many reasons I quit a STEM degree that I sort of want to cry.

So I tried switching to an education major, because something about teaching children cool things about science is just really my bag, but I was so disgusted!

How can we do this to kids? They're so stressed out, they're so depressed, they want to kill themselves, they're sleep deprived, they are hyper and unruly all the time because they won't get time to play at home with 4+ hours of homework a night. Like, I've heard 8 year olds saying that maybe death is a better option than living through all this BS at school. What the fucking fuck. Its unruly. This is what we're forcing them and everyone else into.

And for whom? For a bunch of fucking corporations like PEARSON to dip their filthy hands into our kids lives when they can't even write a fucking competent, engaging textbook about STEM subjects?

I had this thought of taking years of my life to dedicate to making a competent, peer reviewed, and most importantly, FREE biology textbook for the world. One that more accurately ties biology to chemistry and other subjects to prepare potential life sciences majors.

So badly I want this, but I can't see how to do it without the fucking power and authority that greedy academia as is wields.

Fuck I don't even care about money I just want so deeply in my heart to teach children the wonders of the scientific world and I feel like this system won't let me.

No. 51589

I'm gonna be 22 in november and going back to uni too! There are many people in our situation.

No. 51590

Rest assured, it's not. I've seen people with their own families coming back to do their bachelors. Also, if you don't tell people your age, they probably won't even notice. It took me an entire semester to realise most of my class was made up of people over 20.

No. 51591

I honestly love learning. I think it's fascinating. I just can't figure out what I want to learn about. tfw pushing job security and 'what you want to do in college' has become so norm that you feel the need to just go to college to say you went.

I just wish I knew what the fuck I wanted to do so I wouldn't have to waste 100k dollars on college (depending on the college and inflation and bullshit ofc) especially when I don't have that money to throw– and fuck loans, just fuck em.

I don't want to be stuck in fast food or hospitality my whole life but I feel like I don't have anything to branch out from and make a connection in- cuz no college equals no big kid jobs.

Fuck I don't even know if I want a big kid job. Fuckfuckfuck. Fucking job insecurity.

No. 51592

Does anyone else feel debilitating anxiety over their grades? Even when getting a b is subjectively not going to ruin my life (still have a decent gpa, no outside pressures telling me to get all a's) I still feel such deep shame and self hatred, like I don't belong in university or in my profession and that i'm just a total idiot. Idk where it started but I just get such deep feeling of shame when I don't do as well as I want to, and not even much satisfaction when I exceed my goals. Just okay, like yay I haven't totally ruined everything yet. Idk if this makes much sense but it makes me deeply depressed for weeks after grades come out. Like today lol.

No. 51593

This! Most people thought I was 17-18 since most of my class is fairly young, and I thought I was the oldest one there! Then I found out so many people were the same age as me or older.

No. 51594

I do this, it stems from way back in my childhood when my mother wanted me to be a straight-A student and I ended up being alright to mediocre. Though in my case not having the best GPA you can possibly have has real consequences since it pretty much decides whether or not we get into our desired partner uni for our 2nd degree year. And competition is mad dire right now, there's like 6 places where I want to go and over 60 students. It's still not the most popular place thank god but more and more people are getting interested and it's making me scared.

No. 51595

Has anyone gone back and gotten another bachelors after getting one? I recently got my undergrad degree and want to go back to school for a bachelors and I know trying straight for grad school would be a waste of time and money.

What was the application process like? Is it hard to apply again for a bachelors given the amount of first degree students also applying? What kind of school did you go to/had more luck with?


I honestly feel so much for you and have no real advice except maybe look around for nonprofits/organizations/people with similar goals? You could be rest-assured that there other people out there who want the same thing, there has to be at least one place where you can lend your support

No. 51596

File: 1472445169170.jpg (45.28 KB, 530x805, 1471924082555.jpg)

Don't mean to be a necromancer, but I really hate reading about job prospects for majors along with talking to people about them. It seems like everything outside of engineering is just a waste of time. Reading about this on the internet is especially bad.

I mean, my sister got into a comfy $50k/yr office job with an English Literature degree, so me doing polisci shouldn't be that bad…right?

I have a tuition waiver at a pretty good state school, so I'm not losing anything I suppose. My original plan was to get a few certs and an associated in some comp sci field (which I was already on track to do from high school) at the local community college. But bam, tuition waiver to one of the best schools in the state and also one of the most competitive comp sci departments in the country. It'd be dumb to pass this up, so I went and have enjoyed myself

I just really wish I was better at math even though I have very little interest in it, but I've always sucked ass at it for one reason or another. I feel like that alone discounts me from a lot of worthwhile career options.

Going to graduate at the end of this year and everyone seems to have jobs lined up except for me. At worst I'll just go finish up that comp sci associates at the community college and then work in IT and use the polisci degree as a bargaining chip for higher pay kek.

Remember to like and subscribe

No. 51597

Honestly, if you don't care about making a profit and are happy to spend your free time on it, just start making content and putting it out there. I really enjoy youtube channels like Crash Course, and they seem to be making things easier for kids.
If you're making a textbook/pdf, find a way to release it in sections almost like a blog on a weekly basis. Spend some time looking at other free education sites/ free ebooks and figure out all of your plans and costing, get someone to critique your ideas.
Once you have every little detail thought out you can decide about what you need to do to guarantee the peer-reviewed aspect. If it works out, you could look at crowdfunding or applying for more legitimate funding.

There are people who genuinely spend their time curating aesthetic instagrams, why not spend all of your time on this instead?

No. 51598

I'll echo this anon and say that the only reason I'm not a complete failure of a human being is because of Sal Khan and his maths videos. There are so many kids in the world who can't afford tutoring, you'd be doing them all a big favour.

No. 51599

I was trying to study physics and I think I've just failed a set of exams that means I won't be able to retry or retake in any way.
I can't tell if my mental health is preventing me from reaching full potential, or if I'm just really not able to sit the fuck down and study. Even if there were a way to return to this course or uni, I don't want to until I find out what it is that's fucking me up.
I can't imagine spending three years studying anything else though.

No. 51601

Don't disparage at the job prospects for every degree. You should consider what your school is well established with. For example, my school happens to be one of the top forensic science institutes in the nation. I don't personally care for forensic science, but the people that do are having much better prospects than the english degree majors at that school.

Also, we have a good graphics design program, but it falls short due to lacking connections with the industry. In fact, I told a girl I know about another art school in Pennsylvania, that has really good job connects after graduating, and she was very appreciative of it.

And probably the most important thing is really networking and being able to preform well at interviews. Of course your degree should be relevant to what job you apply for.

No. 51602

I'm normally a very on time person to all my classes but I've just not been on a lack of sleep and eating in exchange for more study time. I've gotten extra forgetful because of it and today I missed I have one day a week. It's not hard to forget I just completely fucked up the time I had it and came long after it was over. I feel so stupid for forgetting the time. I should probably sleep and eat more so I'm more rested and alert.

Has anyone here ever messed up their class schedule like that?

No. 51603

Fuck this shit. I moved a year ahead in math and started to fall behind. I seriously considered taking extra classes.
We got a new teacher yesterday and he informed us that only the first 2 pages(which are always easy peasy) on the worksheets are what we have to learn and is required for the exam. All the rest have been required for the grade above.
I am however very relieved.

No. 51604

So, I have a perfect 4.0 GPA and great test scores. However I didn't get accepted into nursing school because my parents do not want me to move away, and so many people applied. Now I have to wait an entire year before getting in. I feel like my hard work meant absolutely nothing. What should I do? I've been trying to find a job but to no avail.

No. 51605

>because my parents do not want me to move away
>so many people applied
What does the first one have to do with anything?

Anyways, what likely happened is you got out competed by students with similar or lower grades but excellent extra curricular including volunteering, shadowing, and/or got an EMT license. All of these looks fantastic on an application, and makes someone with lower grades stand above you. Additionally, it gives you great recommendations to list, which always helps.

I would recommend you spend your year focusing on your extra curriculars. Next round you will get in if you do this.

No. 51606

Also I'll add, a lot were likely CNAs or LPNs, which gives them huge experience over you.

Every kind of experience you can get towards nursing will look good on your next go round. Don't get discouraged, just work hard and you will get it!

No. 51607

I'm 26 and still fucking around in college unsure of what to do.

I initially started classes when I was 20 for nursing after being a CNA for a couple years. Got bored with school and went back to work. Then went back for EMT, though it took so long to do the testing that I started working again, this time for Petsmart because I was sick of dealing with changing diapers. I wound up becoming a groomer and made a decent amount of money that I continued to do that until I was 24. Moved in with my LDR, and returned to college.

And here I am, 2 years later. Initially I went in for journalism…decided I was too introverted for that. Switched to social work but it's thankless and my heart isn't really in it. I applied to switch to a 4 year school (but in community college) but I was denied because I had a bad semester previously thanks to my ever-worsening depression and my gpa dipped too low. I did a summer semester and pulled good grades so I can apply again, but I dunno if I want to. My parents have been helping me pay, along with financial aid. But I'm so sick of school. I love working, and am just not cut out to be a student. But obviously I'll never get a good job and achieve independence without some kind of degree - the only time I did was when I was a groomer, but it was exhausting, dirty work and I dreaded going so much that I lost sleep over it.

Currently I work at Ulta and love it. I've always been interested in makeup, beauty, etc. I'm tempted to enroll in beauty school instead…I wonder how bad of an idea this is. Any other beauty school anons out there?

No. 51608

I started studying something new. I know no one in my class and I'm kinda lonely since the class size is huge and we don't really do any of those 'get to know each other' things.

Think I should just hermit it up and try to get good grades on my own? I don't really like to party so that's not happening.

No. 51609

Anyone else with experience taking out student loans?

Like, how fucked will I be if I do it

No. 51610

I'm about 150k in debt to the US government for student loans. I don't have any bank loans or anything else like that. I've deferred a few times. I've come to the following conclusions after watching my mom take out student loans to pay for her schooling:

At the end of the day, the absolute worst thing student loans will do to you is… give you shitty credit.

I have lived poor my whole life, so I have no delusions of owning a home, getting nice new cars, etc. If those are your future dreams, then think long and hard about student loans if you might not be able to pay them off.

Living with bad credit means you need to get better are budgeting and saving, ironically. You can't get loans or credit cards, but you can save up your money and buy a good used car and then no one cares what your credit is, because you have all the money. Rent instead of buying a home. If you want to work in a financal sector kidna job, you may get declined a lot because of your credit, otherwise, it is rarely checked for jobs.

Basically, the moral is, negotiate with them on a minium payment, they will absolutely help you find an affordable number. They'd rather get some money than none after all.

If you do go into default, it isn't the end of the world. They aren't going to throw you in jail. If you are used to living without credit cards and new cars and etc etc then your life will be exactly the same + some phone calls and letters every few months.


I liked that article back when I was super terrified of student loans. now I'm not scared anymore.

inb4 the judgement.

No. 51611

Depends on where you live.
I've €5k in loans and 40% of it will get pardoned if I graduate on time. The interest is almost 0. Practically free money tbh, but if you're a foreigner you gotta pay up out of your own pocket.
Love my country.

No. 51612

Thanks. This was really helpful. I'm about halfway through school that's already paid for so it won't be quite so bad I guess but still similar. Ive lived in fear of seeing my decent credit dip but I guess I'll just kiss it goodbye and say fuck it.

No. 51613

File: 1473620894553.jpg (63.71 KB, 428x600, eJM0wxO.jpg)

I'm starting uni in a week and i'm really fucking anxious , i have 0 social skills and i'm bipolar , in highschool i didn't have many friends but i really would love that to change in uni , i want to at least make a couple of friends so i won't be alone all my college years, but i am really shy irl .. any tips ?

No. 51614

I started about a month ago and I'm pretty shy as well. I like to just kind of sit in my dorm and keep to myself for the most part. If your uni has clubs and what not, find one that interests you and maybe you can make a few friends in there. I'm in a couple and I got a friend or two now because of it.

I'm not the best at socializing either but since it's uni, no one knows each other so everyone is awkward the first few days/weeks so don't stress too much. if you want a friend or two you gotta at least say "hi" or if there's a conversation that strikes your interest try and get involved and maybe you'll become friends with those people.

No. 51615

I'm taking online classes because I work all day and they don't offer any night classes that I need for my degree. I have to take speech and actually give speeches, so we have to record ourselves and an audience and turn it in.
This is what frustrates me.. You absolutely need 5 people or more in order to get an attempt at a full grade, and all speech topics need to be personally approved by the teacher.
All of my family and all of my friends work the same hours I do or more so there's no way I can gather them together during the week to have them be my audience. I've already asked my mom but she has a business meeting Saturday and my grandparents have doctor appointments for my grandfather's cancer treatments. My friends are either away in another town or at church and can't miss it.
My first speech is due on Saturday. It's already Tuesday and she still hasn't approved my topic. She does no give redo's and she says there is no excuse for not having an audience.
I'm fucked.

No. 51616


Could you go to a library or resurant and just ask 5 random people to listen to your speech for a few minutes?

No. 51617

She has specific guidelines on how everyone should be dressed, the area in which you record and the background noise etc. Everyone needs to be wearing business attire, which is stupid imo. How can you base my grade on what my audience looks like? It has to be done in one take as well, no edits at all or it's an automatic zero.

No. 51618

I'm starting University in a few weeks, and I'm in a group chat with my classmates, who I haven't met yet.
It kind of baffles me that they all talk about themselves so much. Like, just now two of them were talking about their Italian families' home cooking and another just jumps in with something almost related but very much about themselves.
It's like everyone jumping in going 'me! me! me!'
Is it right that I find it a bit odd, or should i join in on the self-talk?
Maybe they're just wanting everyone to get to know them?

No. 51620

I know this gets asked a lot in any discussion about college, but how the hell do I make friends?
I'm in my sophomore year of university and I'm still as alone as ever. I was in mostly accelerated classes in high school and couldn't stand most of the people in the class, so I had a good group of underachieving friends who I loved hanging out with. My parents wouldn't let me hang out with anyone at the time whose parents they didn't know which excluded every single one of my friends and I'm still pretty butthurt about my parents doing that. I feel like I missed out on so much. None of them are in university and are at best learning a trade with most of them going to a community college or just moving away while I go to uni several hours away downstate. I've lost contact with most all of them by this point though

Anyways, that's probably a bit too much background, but I was hoping I could just go to University and fall in with a similar group of people. It hasn't happened, and from what I've seen of University it seems like it's just a giant congregation of the types of people I couldn't stand in high school. I have been to a few clubs that I had interests in (anime club, tabletop rpgs, etc) and I just didn't click with anyone at any of those events. I even went to a church group despite being pretty secular, and needless to say I didn't click with anyone there either.

People have suggested to just try and talk to people in classes, but I don't think I've ever seen this actually happen outside of me autistically trying to make conversations with people about the class.

I don't know how I fell into my old group of friends, and I don't know how I can here. It's just too damn big. I scrolled through the club list again tonight and I've either been to them or they hold no interest for me

No idea what to do next

No. 51621

probably just trying to get their personality/life across and get to know each other! you should ask them follow up qs, say things about yourself if its relevant, etc. I wouldn't worry though, there's ample time to talk to people when you start :-)

No. 51622

you just need to finish something coz you're wasting money and time now. just finish social work and work for a year and save up and then just do a cheap beauty course. at least with the social work you're guaranteed a job with the govt at any point- you can keep it on the back burner possibly for when you're older. you don't need a career that you LOVE, just work to live not the other way round. the sad reality is most good jobs aren't gunna be interesting. you just need to treat it as something to do.

No. 51623

I made friends by joining clubs but not everyone does it that way. Really, all you can do is talk to the people in your class or maybe talk to some people outside of class, like if they're all alone in the dining hall or something ask if you can sit next to them. Making friends requires you to talk to someone if they don't talk to you first. I hate it too cause it's always so damn weird. Big universities have so may people so it seems easy to make friends but don't worry about not clicking with people. Some meet best friends outside of college.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, when my mom went to college she didn't get an actual friend until her junior year and they remained friends for years until she had to move to where we live now.

Sometimes making friends with people kinda happens. Like you hear them mention something they like and you like it too and ya just really hit it off with that person. All you can do is get out and be social o if you have partner work in class try to get to know them and ask if they wanna hang out.

No. 51624

I need help figuring out which major to choose. I want to be the person who makes vaccines and such in a lab. Now, would that require biomed, biochem, pharm?

No. 51625

Depends by what you mean 'makes vaccines'/'in a lab'

Do you mean who researches new vaccines?
>if so, then you need a PhD in biochemistry, biology, or microbiology
Do you mean someone who works with people who research new vaccines?
>if so, at least a masters in biochemistry, biology or microbiology
Do you mean who prepares and administers vaccines?
>if so, then you want to be a medical assistant or in the nursing field
Do you mean someone who works in a lab generally?
>if so, you'll want to be get a bachelors in medical technology

Pick the science major you enjoy. Pharmacy isn't a major, but more of a track, ie you get a biochemistry degree while fulfilling the requirements you need to get into pharmacy school. You do not need a bachelors in whatever it is you want to get a masters or phd in, and you do not even need to be a science major to get into pharmacy school. As long as you excel in your courses and take the pre-reqs, it doesn't matter.

Hope that helps.

No. 51626

I think I'm starting to get used to being in college again but the first two weeks made my stomach churn.

I dropped out of college four years ago and just started attending again, I'd consider the former a huge failure but I learned a lot from the mistakes I made and what I didn't do at the first school. I was able to get enough financial aid to pay for two semesters so I'm using them to test out different classes to figure out what kind of degree I want or if I should just get a certification job instead.

Even though I haven't made any friends yet the college has really fast internet and a gym so I think I'm all set for now.

No. 51627

I'm honestly about to have a breakdown over this fucking speech.
It's 48hrs until it's due and this dickwad still hasn't approved my topic. He hasn't responded to anything and I'm becoming so fucking stressed out about this.

I'm just going to record my speech tomorrow and submit it and pray to god he doesn't deduct points because it "wasn't approved before submitting" or some bullshit.

No. 51628

Do they have a phone number? Try calling them, or e-mailing someone else in the department.

No. 51629

Unfortunately they don't answer after 5pm, nor do they respond to emails. It's shitty that the main campus desk closes at 5pm too so I'm pretty much fucked at this point.

They just kept saying "be patient it'll be graded" but there's only 10 people in this class and I find it hard to believe that it took this teacher almost 2 weeks to approve a topic for a speech.
For a communication class there's a shocking lack of communication.

No. 51630

Then when you submit your project, make sure to preface it: I emailed/called on X, X, and X dates and didn't receive an answer, however, not wanting to be late on my submission, I have included it without prior approval yada yada you get my drift. Also, complain to their department head when their office is open.

No. 51631

I also had someone tell me to complain that they waited until last minute to approve my topic.
I've only had one class that was bad before, but this one takes the cake.

Thank you for the advice anon, I was stressing pretty badly.

No. 51632

I can understand why you are stressed, but just relax and know if they try and pull any shit, you can prove you have contacted them with no answers. Ultimately, they are the ones that look bad, and you can go to their department head for help. Hope everything turns out alright though, odds are they barely care and you will get a good grade regardless.

No. 51633

I took an English course online over the summer and all of our topics had to be approved beforehand. Two out of six topics of mine I never heard back about and my final paper rough draft I never got a grade or feedback for. It was annoying but I just submitted everything anyway with a note attached explaining that I never received feedback or a topic approval. The teacher never gave me an explanation why he didn't grade or approve my shit and luckily I got an A in the course anyway. You're probably fine anon as long as you cover your bases and document it.

No. 51634

I just got a response that was saying "So sorry, thought I emailed you. Proceed"

Gee thanks, you still didn't actually update my grade to reflect you'd even received the topic though lol

Well I guess this problem is solved, hopefully they take pity on me for giving me such a late response and grade easier.

Thank you for responding to me and such while I panicked!

No. 51635

File: 1474074612683.gif (3.59 MB, 800x450, 777898.gif)

I'm going back to school sometime next year for the first time in almost 10 years. I dropped out of high school right before graduation, due to depression, and just never got around to going to college until now. Still depressed but can't avoid it any longer!

It's actually a little trade school that's only for 18 months, but I'm shitting myself at the idea of being so responsible for classes and shit again when I can barely handle basic hygiene sometimes. Not to mention it'll be so vastly different than high school. I'm kinda terrified.

Luckily, this line of schooling has a lot of older "students", so I'm not too worried about being super old compared to everyone else. What I am worried about though is having to socialize, even on a basic level, with everyone else. I've got social anxiety and have basically been a shut-in since I dropped out.

Any advice on doing well and not losing my cool?

No. 51636

First off, congrats for getting back into it!! I know how hard it is when you can barely get up in the morning. You're making a good step towards recovering.

Are you seeing a therapist anon? If not, are there therapists on campus, or academic support staff? Especially if you haven't been around an academic setting for a while, it's good to get some support to give you some advice.

In terms of organisation, I would advise buying yourself a diary. I know some people like electronic calendars, but paper is more reliable. /shrug I would also recommend maybe checking out the place before you start classes? The first day is a lot to handle, you can make it better for yourself by becoming familiar with the campus early.

Tbh higher education is as social as you want it to be. Most people leave each other alone unless prompted. If you want to make some friends, maybe just introduce yourself to whoever is beside you at a lecture? You don't have to talk for long, and if it goes badly, you don't necessarily have to see them again. If it goes well, you can try adding each other on Facebook or something.

That being said, if you start feeling yourself becoming extremely depressed, please talk to someone at your school about it instead of letting your GPA plummet. Professors are pretty understanding of this kind of thing, and you can probably get extensions or something.

All the best, anon!

No. 51637

Actually, that was super helpful, anon. I guess I should've specified that I would prefer medicine research, maybe with a focus on vaccines.

No. 51638

I'll be 24 soon and I was thinking about starting university next year, if I can. Is there a such thing as being too old for undergrad?

No. 51639

No problem.
There also are dual PharmD/PhD programs which are very selective but is an excellent pathway to medical research.

This site may be of interest to you:

Ultimately, again, it comes down to your particular interests. Pick the field you find most interesting, get your B.S. in it, and then around graduation you have a few paths:

1. Go for your PhD: you can go straight to a doctoral program if you are absolutely sold on what you want to do. Did research in undergrad and know for sure that's what you love? Then go for the PhD.

2. Go for your masters: if you are not super sure about what you want to study, a masters program may be a better option for you to grow some more and find your particular niche, which you can then go and get your PhD in after your masters. This track will also allow you to graduate and get a related job in the field for you to really explore and think.

3. Go for your PharmD: You mentioned pharmacy earlier, and that is also a path to medical research. You can also try and get a PharmD/PhD dual degree like I mentioned, but they are pretty competitive spots.

Good luck anon.

No. 51640

File: 1474349347527.gif (15.85 KB, 144x116, r6TeCYM.gif)

I'm currently a junior/computer science undergrad, 20 years old. I've only had one job before (unrelated to what I'm studying) and am feeling increasingly stressed because my peers are getting accepted into internships, projects, etc while I'm just doing school stuff. My GPA is around 3.5, I understand what I'm learning, but my insecurity in the subject and my consistent depression are holding me back from actively seeking a job out or trying to practice in my free time. I don't have much support besides my mom, bf, and 2 online friends. Being around peers who are actually interested in computer science and spend their time creating programs makes me feel shitty and stupid.

Hearing professors mention that recruiters often ask potential employees to solve problems through code scares me because I feel like I don't know enough, and would end up embarrassing myself during the interview (None of my peers said they went through this process though, but still…). Overall, I feel inadequate, and like my time is running out to get some experience in so I can be taken more seriously and actually get a job once I graduate. At the same time, I feel especially unmotivated this semester to do anything outside of my requirements.

No. 51641

Not at all. I'm turning 26 soon and I'm in my undergraduate, though towards the end. I also have friends that started around the same time I did who were in their 40s and 60s when they started.

No. 51642

Hey, sorry for the late reply, but I appreciate your advice!

I've been in and out of therapy for years, but I think I finally found one that I might like and that will be helpful. My first real appointment with her is tomorrow.

Thanks for the tips. I've already seen the campus, and it's super small. You can't even really call it a campus honestly, which is relieving. Good idea about talking to someone at school about it. Not sure if they have counselors like bigger colleges do, but who knows?

No. 51643

google imposter syndrome, anon

No. 51644

Does anyone else go to school and have a job? I'm taking four classes two days a week but also work 30 hours, which pretty much only gives me one Sunday off. I was thinking about trying to get a job at the school instead to have less hours or something easier to do.

No. 51645

Not sure if this belongs here, but has anyone just taken a certificate course in college and done well in the job field money wise?

Ive attened and dropped out of college twice. Never once getting pass taking the basic classes. So ive decided to try a certificate class in hopes of passing and getting a decent high paying job.

No. 51646

>tfw lucky enough to live in a single dorm
>hot as hell here in the south still
>laying butt naked on my bed with a tiny little fan running
You have no idea how happy I am to not have any roommates.

No. 51647

I'm so stressed out. I can't figure out this project and I have a big paper due soon and I'm just panicking…

No. 51648

That's a bit vague anon. What sort of industry do you want to work in? Where do you live? Why did you already drop out of 2 courses?

No. 51649

File: 1474836237449.jpg (91.42 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-140707115516-560.Pu…)

I hate my family and consumer sciences class so much. It's super irrelevant to my major but I have to take it anyway and the whole class is just the teacher and textbook bitching "women this women that". We have to do volunteer service in the class and if we don't do it we fail no matter how much of the other assignments we do. The teacher will go into the gradebook and erase our other grades if we miss even one hour of the required hours.

I'm so stressed because nothing but animal shelters fit into my schedule and she won't allow those because apparently she believes animals are irrelevant to a household.

I genuinely feel it's stupid to have your students volunteer if it isn't from the goodness of their hearts. My class schedule makes it hard to do stuff and I've been stressing all month over these volunteer hours because I don't want to fail but I question if I have to.

I'm getting to the point where I just want to lay down and cry because nothing I do works and the organization I'm trying to volunteer for has yet to go through the background check for me. I need at least a small amount of hours to turn in and I can't even do that right now without a background check. I'm screaming so hard on the inside.

No. 51650

this might be a little weird to suggest, but talk to the teacher about it after class one day and get really emotional. If the teacher doesn't do anything to help, they'll at least feel really guilty about making a student cry. Happened to me with a teacher who was giving ridiculous tests and always marking me wrong. Talked with them after class and accidentally started bawling, felt like an idiot, but after that the teacher didn't give stupid tests. Think that was the first and last semester they worked there.

No. 51651

File: 1474900211537.png (28.97 KB, 300x250, pNLpTW9fe1-10.png)

>when u feel a cold coming on but you're in college and your college takes attendance and you can't afford to miss any classes so you just shove flonase up your nose and take a bunch of a pseudoephedrine and go on with your day

No. 51652

She might crack with that idk. She seems to care an awful lot about women and their struggles n feelings so it would probably do the trick.


I know that feel…it also sucks cause it's not like in high school where you can miss a day or two and be good when you come back. You're paying for these classes (or your sponsors are if you have them) so it's wasting your money not to go even if it's just for a day. Some colleges are strict about attendance like 3 absences and you're in danger of failing. It blows I know. Just try to tough it out anon.

No. 51653

I've only missed class once due to medical reasons and it was because of my period cramps causing me to cry and vomit (suspected endometriosis, never got a laparoscopy to confirm but literally everything else was ruled out. This was common occurrence before I started BC). I hate missing class. My college automatically fails you if you miss more than 4 classes, but I can't afford to skip class either way, we cover a lot in each one and this is the quarter I eithe need to get my shit together or go home.
At least tomorrow I only have a 5pm class so I can go to the health clinic in the morning and get antibiotics or whatever.
The last time I had the symptoms I currently have I lost my voice for about 2 weeks and then caught 2 bad infections right afterwards because the first infection weakened me.
High school was shitty, but I miss being able to stay home without too much of a penalty

No. 51654

Period cramps are actually the reason I damn near missed class once. I basically had the problem you had with them and no amount of painkillers and heating pads worked. It subsided enough where I could push through the last class of that day but the second I stepped back into my dorm I almost collapsed.

If it helps my college has the same rules on attendance. If you need a doctor or something ask for some notes to show to your professors if the appointment requires you to miss class. I don't know if they do this at your college but at mine that medical note gets you an excused absence so it doesn't count against you so no worrying about failing automatically if you have a legit medical excuse.

No. 51655

My college doesn't give a fuck. They don't care why you missed class, it still counts as an absence. You could be in the hospital or dying and they wouldn't excuse it

No. 51656

This shit infuriates me. You pay thousands of dollars a year to attend college but they're gonna flunk you if you don't show up? It's so fucking stupid. Plenty of people are capable of passing without going to class every day and it's THEIR money, if they want to waste it, so be it. By failing people they're not even giving students a chance to pass, so they're just automatically fucking their own pass/fail rates. What's the point?

I'm one of those students who attends class pretty irregularly due to my depression in spite of my school's absentee policy. I'm straightforward with the profs on the first day of class and bring documentation from my shrink if I have to but usually it's not an issue. They're pretty understanding and just get notes in emails and pass with A's and B's (sometimes C's if my depression is really bad). Tired of college trying to fuck everyone for the dumbest shit.

No. 51657

I'm in a class alone. so on one hand I am super stressed about doing well because I know the prof will notice me fucking up (obviously) but on the other hand, I kinda wanna phone it in because if they fail me, it'll look really bad for them to have a 100% fail rate, right? So I kinda feel like it doesn't matter and why try really hard. I'm doing an assignment that is kicking my ass and I am such a perfectionist and it feels impossible. I guess I am just trying to convince myself that it is ok to do mediocre for once.

No. 51658

Yeah that's what gets me too. If I'm paying for it what's it to them if I don't show up for a week? They're still getting paid. The fact that I'm paying for their classes pisses me off when it comes to the required volunteer hours. I'm paying learn not pick up the city's trash cause their own residents are too damn lazy to volunteer on their own. It isn't my problem if they can't get their own citizens to volunteer.

It's kind of like…depending on how many credits you take and if you work or have a family, you'll either have some flexibility for that stuff or little to none at all. I'm already paying to hear what knowledge you have to give me, why am I going to do this extra shit that serves no benefit to me and only causes me to stress till i lose weight? Makes no sense.


Anon I am so sorry. Don't use what days you have left if you have any unless it's a real emergency or something. I think that's real bullshit on their part. I wonder how many people it will take collapsing in their classes or something for them to realize that their attendance policy isn't that great.

No. 51659

Dear God why.
I'm doing a group project with 3 other girls and only 1 of them has responded to me once. It's not even a complicated project, and the teacher mainly grades on how you work together. How hard is it to respond to an email? Jfc I thought once you got out of high school people would be more responsible but 90% of my class is retarded and doesn't follow any directions on turning in assignments.
How do these people even function? How did they get here?

No. 51660

>>131470 I feel the same way. I'm almost in my third year in university, trying to finish up my gen ed reqs alongside my main classes. I already dislike how so many gen eds that are irrelevant to my field are required for graduation to begin with (waste of money, time, etc), so taking intro classes filled with freshmen who act like fucktards on purpose and think college is a giant house party is annoying as hell. This becomes much less of an issue as you go further in your studies, thankfully.

No. 51661

This happened to me in middle and several times in high school. I thought college would be different but there's always those one or two people who don't put in any effort. Sometimes those who are working end up picking up their slack cause we want a decent grade. It pisses me off when they get credit for work they didn't do. Some professors have a "either you all get points or none of you gets points" rule so sometimes you just can't win.

Speaking of uni, I'm so glad I finally have my dorm room to myself. My roommate moved out because I she found someone else she wants to share a dorm with and I wasn't into partying enough and hanging out in her opinion. That's fine with me cause either her or one of her annoying ass friends had stolen a credit card my scholarship sponsors had given me to use for school related expenses. I was so pissed. Stuff disappeared all the time never to be found when she was around and now that she's moved out not one thing has gone missing. Sure my dorm is cold now that fall and winter are coming but at least I don't have to constantly worry about my stuff getting stolen now.

No. 51662

Similar situation going on, I didn't have an essay ready for a peer review so the professor paired me with another girl that said hers was pretty much done, just on a laptop she forgot at home.
>exchanged emails, she also said her smartphone receives email alerts
>said I'd have mine finished by the next morning (today), sent it to her around noon
>now it's almost midnight and I haven't received any responses, I don't even care if her work is unfinished I just want a reply, an ok, fucking anything that shows she acknowledged my message

I'm going to email my professor in the morning but now I wish I had just skipped class entirely.

No. 51663


I just found out why I got no response. I emailed the professor about it again and she got back to me today. The other girls dropped the class. So now I have to do their work on top of mine. I am absolutely livid.
But on the positive side, she finally graded 2 weeks worth of assignments and I suppose she took pity on me because she graded me WAY higher than she should have. I got a 96 on an assignment when I should have only been allowed an attempt starting from 85% not 100%.

I'm hoping this class will keep going this way, I was about to have a breakdown about getting a C.

No. 51664

Why do you have to do her work on top of yours if she isn't even in the class anymore? That's bullshit. The professor should at least let you find someone who's willing to edit a third person's paper. IMO she should've let you know she wasn't going to be in that class anymore and at least looked over your paper as a courtesy. Shit like this makes me wonder how one finds a reliable partner in a class full of people they don't know. I don't pay for a class to pick up other people's slack when they don't show up or magically disappear in a joint project. I pay to earn my own grade not pay for theirs.

No. 51665

Oh oops, sorry I'm this anon. >>131470
not paper anon.

No. 51666

I'm really nervous about school. I have always excelled at school, but I got really depressed in senior year of high school and had to go to community college. The depression was still really bad, and I ended up withdrawing from all my courses three semesters in a row. Now I'm back to the overly ambitious perfectionist that I was before I got ill, and over the past two years I've gotten mostly A's except for one B. I'm finishing up my biology prerequisites so I can transfer to a competetive university, but I'm afraid no one will accept me because of my history.

No. 51667

Does anyone here go to Texas A&M? I was thinking of applying there, but I honestly have no idea what I even want to do. I'm assuming they have a pretty wide range of options and good connections.

No. 51668

Are you me anon? Haha, anyway you will do fine with those good habits!

No. 51669

My semester finished yesterday. I'm so glad it's over, the woman in charge of one of the units was a thorn in my side and her marking minions didn't mark fairly. I got worse grades for her easy subject than I did for a neuroscience subject.

No. 51670

There's this guy in my class who hates my guts for some weird reason. Now tbh I normally wouldn't give a shit because I always try to be nice to him and I honestly have no idea what's boiling his piss, but he's started pushing his boundaries lately and it's getting on my nerves.

He's very competitive and I think he sees me as his competition, plus he seems to be kind of misogynistic because he talks down to his female friends and acts like their big brother rather than a friend. He's also a student tutor, knows almost everybody and loves licking our lecturers' arses a LOT, so I can't really complain because they always praise him to high heavens whereas in contrast I'm kinda quiet and unremarkable.

Now, that would be great if he'd just leave me alone, but he's always very curt and unpleasant and one time he even yelled at me. Whenever I raise my hand to say something he talks over me. If I say something in class he doesn't agree with he will literally say 'No!' and correct me in front of everybody. I'm getting tired of his shit but I don't know what to do because I can't complain and I can't talk to him. I'd really like him to fuck off bc I don't know what his damage is.

No. 51671

>he's a misogynist because he treats his female friends like little sisters
That doesn't quite sound right.

Here's what you need to do: the next time you have class, grow up, and tell him you don't like the immature way he treats you. You both aren't in middle school anymore. He yelled at you and you both are in college, right? Stop taking it, you're an adult.

No. 51672

I've tried, he runs off and ignores me every minute of the day we're not forced to spend together. That's why I said
>I can't talk to him.

No. 51673

It's called paternalism anon and while it isn't necessarily misogyny it's definitely sexist.

No. 51674

So next time in class when he's being a little bitch tell him to fucking stop and grow up, in front of everyone.
This isn't hard.

No. 51675

It's not, but I'm scared for my reputation and the lecturer chiding me for interrupting the lecture. Stop getting so triggered, lmao.

No. 51676

I've posted too much in this thread as is, seeking advice, but here I am again. I can't seem to decide what major to declare. Now, I'm feeling like premed is the way to go. I had my son last year and was pretty fascinated with my OBGYN's job. Experiencing my pregnancy with her was great. I'm not sure if I'd rather do the nursing approach and work my way up, or just do the whole 8+ years of school/interning and go straight to OB. What would you suggest? Anyone premed here?

No. 51677

File: 1476794358472.jpeg (71.38 KB, 350x350, image.jpeg)

Alright guys, I'm in OCD bitch mode and looking for ways to ruin my roommate's life/make him accountable for his damn life.

Background: Living w/ bf and two of his friends. Not close friends, so I dgaf about them. One of my roommates (A) is probably depressed, thinks everything requires effort, and can't remember chores or bills to save his life.

Dilemma: I'm neurotic and can't stand seeing dirty dishes in the sink. My roommate always leaves them and forgets about it for an entire week, until I mention it and he claims the dishes aren't fucking his. I know they're his because I have a detailed memory of this shit. I know I should feel sympathy for A because he's useless and never leaves his room, but I just can't let this go.

Farmers, what methods can I use to get my shitty roommate to clean up after himself? Should I send him a picture of his dirty dishes every time so he remembers they're his? I'm honestly not above doing that. Chore wheels and the like are out, I'm talking about aggressive action that gets shit done :^)

No. 51678

How confrontational are you willing to be? The shittiest (but effective!) method I've seen is to take their dishes that have gone longer than 24 hours and put them on floor, right in front of the offending person's closed door. So that they literally have to step over them. And just keep doing it until they clean up after themselves. AND do it again if they relapse.

(Obviously the mature less drama way is talking about it more and forcing him to move out if he can't change. If he can't pay bills it might be going that way already…)

No. 51679

File: 1476838372500.jpg (254.02 KB, 740x740, 1402738271861.jpg)

Start to put them in the trash. Take the trash out too. As soon as the person realizes there is no more dishes suggest plastic dishes. Leave your dishes inside your own room, always clean them up after meals.

If you don't want to put them in the trash you could just dump them in front of their room everyday until they snap. And when they snap you pretend you don't know what they are talking about and proceed to do it until they start to clean their own shit.

No. 51680

How well do you think you can do in the MCAT, honestly? Have you actually shadowed a doctor to see what it's like? Your perception vs reality is very different, especially in a field like medicine.

No. 51681

Probably mediocre, honestly. I'm horrible at math, okay with chemistry, excellent in biology/anatomy. Also, I would not be comfortable doing male circumcisions on infants. In America, I know that's probably the nail in the coffin for that career dream.

No. 51682

I had a problem like this and I just started putting the dirty dishes where my roommate would usually sit to have lunch. It worked.

No. 51683

Hun, you're making this much more difficult than it needs to be. Everyone's given you good advice, but you keep coming up with excuses. I guess you'll just have to put up with a middle schooler for awhile.

No. 51684

So he's the one that's actually interrupting but you are too much of a pansy to do anything about it but complain online. Ok.

No. 51685

Sorry, stopped reading at

No. 51686

Jesus Christ you're pathetic

No. 51687

cry moar

No. 51688

Medicine is a long, long road - you should carefully consider if your heart is set for it. Especially since most premed degrees can't set you up for a job. A lot of my friends decide that they aren't good enough for medicine anymore and can't do much with their bio degree. A lot go for other professions in med like dental hygienist. So really think carefully about it! Have you tried talking to a career counselor?

No. 51689


We wrote on our whiteboard "A, please do your dishes" and that worked lol.

No. 51690

File: 1476993941415.jpg (43.08 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

>school is on quarter system
>normally fall quarter ends mid november so i can spend thanksgiving through new year's with my family
>hurricane matthew happens
>school is evacuated for over a week
>they make an announcement that they are extending the quarter until december 1st
>meaning i can't go home for thanksgiving

No. 51691

Applying to law schools this month.

Wish me luck guys. I'm considered a "competitive" candidate. If I don't get in I'm probably gonna sudoku.

No. 51692

I know how you feel. If I don't get all B's or better this quarter, I'm probably going to jump from the top floor of my dorm because it means I won't be able to get my scholarship back and I'll have to go home and I literally would rather die than do that.
I'm thankful my parents pay for my college and living expenses, but my dad has anger issues that make me scared to be around him (he gets violent when he's angry, the reason I had to replace the past 3 phones I had is because he broke them) and my mom constantly makes me feel bad about the fact that I'm a lesbian whenever I'm around her and is very controlling about every aspect of my life when I'm home

No. 51693

I wish you the best of luck, Anon! Especially if it's something you're passionate about.

No. 51694

Good luck, anon! Are you applying to T10?

No. 51695

Thank you!


Good luck to you.


Yes. I don't want to post my first choice on here but my first choice isn't the "best" school ever, but it's a school I've wanted to go to for a very long time. Unfortunately they have a particularly holistic process so I'm scared that even though I have the stats for it, they will reject me because I'm not a diverse enough candidate.

No. 51696

>university won't accept my application for withdrawing from a class
I've given them plenty of evidence from my doctor and psychiatrist, I don't know what they want from me. Do they want me to have a breakdown in their office so they can visibly see proof of how shitty my life is right now? I will do it if I have to, god knows I need a good cry.

No. 51697

File: 1478093509421.png (70.83 KB, 314x353, 546987596.png)

>couple weeks ago have a partner assignment
>give classmate my personal email to discuss it with them
>doesn't respond to my message so I just finish it with no input
>just got an email from them asking if I want to go to the movies

I'm just gonna say no thanks but dammit they even sit next to me in class too. Now it might wind up being awkward.

No. 51698

hey i'm 21 and i've just been accepted into an honours economics program at my local uni, i actually failed math in high school twice and dropped out of uni once already lol, there's hope for you girl!!!

No. 51699

I'm in my second year of college, haven't gotten a single A (mostly Bs and Cs), have failed a couple classes once and one class twice, and I'm probably going to have to withdraw from two more classes this term because I have absolutely no focus or discipline. I failed fucking Calc II TWICE, it's not even that difficult of a class. I'm pretty sure I have some kind of undiagnosed mental illness, but I'm afraid of human interaction and am too scared to set up a consultation with my university's psychological health department.

No. 51700

Anon, please don't be afraid to see a psychologist. Their job is to help you, not judge you. If you keep this up you're just going to keep spiralling down. Take care of yourself.

No. 51701

ty anon. I'm scared but I'll try. I don't have a whole lot of other options anyway lol.

No. 51702

Isn't calc 2 the most failed undergraduate class percentage-wise? Sounds pretty difficult. Who told you it isn't? /sci/?

Telling yourself it's not, when it clearly is and you're having lots of trouble with it–that seems like a recipe for going crazy. My brother went through the same thing, and now he thinks he's actually stupid and has zero confidence in anything even after transferring schools to pass it on the third go. Might not be the smartest person in the world, but there's a big gap from that to thinking he's just a few iq points above mentally disabled like he does now.

> I'm pretty sure I have some kind of undiagnosed mental illness

You might, there's no way for me to say. But this sounds just like him. Please respect the challenge for what it is.

No. 51703

>Isn't calc 2 the most failed undergraduate class percentage-wise?
I actually didn't know this. That does make me feel better.

>Please respect the challenge for what it is.

I'll try.

No. 51704

Is the focus/disciple issue because you hate what you're studying or because you have your mind on other things?

No. 51705

I'm not sure honestly. I thought I was in the wrong major and that was why I couldn't focus, but I've realized recently that I'm almost NEVER focused, even if I'm doing something I enjoy. If I sit down to watch a movie, I'll usually end up getting distracted by my own thoughts or my computer or something and then I have to rewind it because I missed something. Same with video games, I often use walkthroughs not because I can't figure the game out on my own, but because I get too impatient and my attention span is too short to actually put effort into it. And I can't remember the last time I read a book without skipping around a bunch. I've been this way my whole life although I feel like it's gotten a lot worse with adulthood.

All that, on top of how messy/forgetful I am and how impulsive I am with money, is why I think I might have an undiagnosed mental illness, although "illness" was probably the wrong word since I think I might have ADHD which is more of a disorder.

No. 51706

I know that feel anon. Look up dyslexia memory problems. Are you late a lot, and feel like you can only 'hold' so much information in your head at one time? You might have a working memory processing disorder.

I just failed a physics degree and I haven't got the money to get tested, but I thought I had some sort of dementia or other progressive brain rot before somebody told me about this.

No. 51707

I looked that up and it doesn't quite fit my situation, but it does sound like it sucks :\ Sorry anon.

No. 51708

are ya'll me?
I can't get past calc 2 and to this day I still want to teach physics.
I've been in and out of therapy and got my first taste of seeing a psychiatrist just this year. I feel like i have such a long way to go. my brain gets so easily exhausted, distracted. i feel some sort of indescribable, bubbling urge that peels me away from long periods of work or focus.

I just want to know if I'll ever achieve my "modest" dream. I want to stop fucking dropping out of college and get my physics degree so I can start teaching.

No. 51709

File: 1478958983591.jpg (57.08 KB, 500x425, sad.jpg)

This college year is the worst so far, and I say that as someone who hates college in general:
>2 teachers are indefinitely absent, no idea who they'll hire to replace them or when, which means I probably won't get any credits for these subjects
>teachers are absent all the time but we're told when it's too late (for example I had a class a Monday at 9:0 but we were told 15min before it that it was canceled. The next one started at 12:30)
>when canceled classes are replaced, it's either a Saturday or at the same time as another class
>we had a mandatory every Saturday until whiny cunts complained to the teacher and the administration that they wanted their Saturday for themselves, not because they had a job or anything, but because they want to see their parents at the other side of the country france every weekend and they already bought a shitton of train tickets even though we were told we would have classes on Saturdays
>now this specific class takes place every Tuesday until 20:00. We're done with classes 8h later than planned every Tuesday because of these crybabies, even though I have another class at 8am the next day
>we're told to do big assignments and presentations literally 3 days beforehand or we're given the wrong instruction and waste our time revising the wrong stuff
>my computer is dying on me and I have no money to replace it because my parents need some of my money for super important bills, even though I'm granted a pretty big scholarship because of how poor my family is
>mfw I just want a master degree to find a decent job later and become an independent adult, but I'm thrown all this shit in my face
>because of some stupid student association, we have a shit load of tests in the middle of the semester, so less time to study on our own compared to the previous years and no other tests in case we mess up or aren't available the day of the test for a good reason.
>teachers don't put the assignments instructions on the intranet of the college but on fucking facebook, which means it's easy to miss that we have to do graded exercises or that we have a cancelled class or a replaced class
>I'm there to study foreign languages but those are the things we learn the least atm for some reason and I don't even have enough free time to study on my own

It makes me want to drop out of college, but I've got no professional experience or connections, so I can't find a job easily yet. I wish I could just stay at home, sleep and play vidya all day instead, I'm so desperate. I don't want to redo this year because of other people's mistakes.

The problem with the spoiled brats who changed our schedules is that they're rich enough to not be granted any scholarship, so they can travel every weekend and miss classes without having problems with the administration, but they insisted on having that one class another day. Whereas if I miss only one class for any reason that isn't me being really sick, I won't have my scholarship anymore and I would have to pay back everything I received so far, even though I'm poor (which is the reason why I'm granted a scholarship in the first place). I only sleep 4 or 5 hours each night, it's a nightmare. I wish I could choose my schedule and subjects like in American colleges.

No. 51710

wat. And I thought I had it bad because one of my professors won't fuckin answer his email and puts content on exams that we haven't even gone over. That sucks anon :(

No. 51711

The weird thing is that many of my teachers told me that this year was even worse than usual, which is saying something. I lost all my motivation so I just cope with junk food and video games, I'll see if the next semester will be as terrible.

This happened to one of my friends when she was abroad for one year. She kept sending mails to one of our teachers for super urgent things and the few times he answered it was just things like "ok" or "later". Teachers like that should be fired on the spot tbh, especially when there are so many competent people who don't have a job.

No. 51712

Holy shit I'm terrified now, I'll be studying in France next year and I've heard so many horror stories from exchange students already. Here it's nowhere near as bad, mostly because people expect everything to work perfectly and complain to the higher ups when a lecturer isn't being responsible.

Sometimes I think my country is full of boring autistics but then I thank god I live here whenever I hear stories from German or French exchange students because professors there always sound like lunatics. If they pulled that shit here they'd be fired on the spot.

No. 51713

Oh boy, you're in for a wild ride anon. Although, since you'll be an exchange student, things will be easier for you if I'm not mistaken. Where are you from and in which city will you go?

According to exchange students who went from France to countries outside Europe, getting decent grades in college is insanely easy. People have a lot of free time and can choose which subjects and which classes they'll take apparently. I know that while here regular students can only choose the degree they want and they have a schedule and subjects that can barely be changed, exchange students studying here for only one year have a bit more freedom. A Japanese friend noticed one of our teachers was a cunt so she decided to take another class instead for example. It might depends on colleges though so look for more reliable info. We have a bunch of good teachers who are just as confused as us when it comes to schedules because they're also told at the last minute when and where we have a class, and some of them are just super strict for no good reason, but it's true that some teachers are just plain incompetent. It's because once they're hired in a public establishment, it's really hard to fire them, they're "protected", somehow. A bit OT, but for example, a teacher in high school was apparently a sick pervert and hitting on some of the female student and he was never fired even though a bunch of students and parents complained.

I wanted to study abroad this year personally because I know it's basically like going on vacations for a year and I would have improved in a foreign language faster, but I'm too poor. Keep in mind that teachers are nicer to foreign students and that French students will be very curious and help you a lot, from I've seen, so don't be too discouraged.

No. 51714

Funland, I'll be staying in Rennes.

I've mostly been told that the staff are rude and unhelpful as hell, and that I'll mostly be hanging around other exchange students because French people won't be interested in being friends with foreigners (which imo defeats the whole purpose of going abroad, especially since it's an international school and most exchange students are Chinese or Russian and don't speak English very well, but whatever). I've also been told to study as much French as I can because everyone will make fun of me when I try to speak it (which I believe, because French exchange students here just sit inside their own little group and interact with nobody else except their tutor, and when you try to talk to them they say your French is horrible and tell you to use English).

I've heard that students in the UK basically just fuck around all the time.

As for expenses, I'm from a small village and don't work at all but I'll need approx. 11000€ to fund my year abroad which my parents can't pay for. All exchange students I've met so far are rich and carry Macbooks everywhere.

No. 51715

I don't know Rennes all that much so I can't say much about it. It's true that French students tends to avoid exchange students unless they're studying foreign languages. I study English and Japanese so I met a bunch of foreign students and me and people from my course hang out with them. Whether people will make of you because of how well you speak French will also depend on whether they're studying foreign language(s) or something else. And whether you speak well enough or not can influence whether French people will hang out with you. But really, learn French for your everyday life in France more than anything else, very few people understand and speak English all that much actually. It'll come with time anyway so don't worry too much about it, in one year you can learn a lot.

>I've mostly been told that the staff are rude and unhelpful as hell

>All exchange students I've met so far are rich and carry Macbooks everywhere.
I legit laughed out loud because of how accurate this is. You'll see a lot of people with ASUS laptops too. As for the money, try to see if you can get some scholarships like the Erasmus thing and maybe things from your country of region. Apparently if you look for things like that well enough you can get a lot of money just from scholarships.

No. 51716

Anon, I'm guessing you're a LEA student (like me). If you don't mind me asking, in which city are you studying?

No. 51717

I'm a French student and while I can confirm you should absolutely learn French before getting here (For everyday life and your classes), exchange students tend to segregate themselves more than we segregate them. The Chinese just stick together speaking Chinese all day long, so it would be pretty awkward for a French person to butt in. We are generally pretty nice and welcoming towards those who make the first move, however.
I hope for your sake you're not living in a CROUS residence however. That pretty much equates to playing Russian roulette with your living conditions (It can be decent, or absolute hell). Don't get one of those 9m^2 rooms with shared showers and kitchens for obvious reasons. And again : Learn French before you get there, because most people here can't speak english for shit, and that's especially true of the administrative personnel you'll have to deal with.

No. 51718

I was thinking of getting a private flat actually, heard they're fairly cheap (at least compared to my country). I wouldn't really want any roommates tbh, I'm too introverted to spend a year living with absolute strangers.

I'm working on my French but my accent is horrendous in all languages but my own, and the teachers don't really talk to students much, we mostly learn grammar. I'll do my best but it's damn hard to learn on your own and most people can't even understand my English, I literally sound like this guy.

No. 51719

I said so much about me already that if I told you, this would very easily out me. So I can't tell you, sorry. You can guess I'm not in Rennes at least.

No. 51720

I understand.
I can relate to some of the things you said, especially on the absent teachers part. There's one of my teachers I've never seen, one I only saw once… And because of that last one, I now get home around 9 pm on Tuesdays because we now have a class with another teacher which finishes at 7 pm, and of course no one cares that some of us live far from college and go back home every evenings.

By the way, do you also have French classes? Because we do, and that's the one that makes me go home at 9 pm on Thuesdays now, and it's literally elementary school level. Remember the good old "joujoux, bijoux, cailloux"? Well, that's the kind of things we do. I'm not even kiding!

No. 51721

Yeah I live with my parents far from my college so it takes me 1h to just go from my home to the college. Most students I know have their own rooms near the college so they care less if we end classes at 8pm, which is a pain in the ass. They care more about traveling for fun, which is why they wanted to fuck up our schedule to have a full weekend (which isn't even the case anyway so fuck them even more). Imagine every Tuesday, I have a lecture until 12:30, 6h with nothing to do until I have another class. I stay in the college because I don't want to spend 4h of my day in public transit.

I never had French classes in college but they added one for the first year students after I because a second year student because apparently our French grammar and vocabulary was shit. I never make mistakes because of my lack of knowledge but because I don't pay attention sometimes and even then, it's not that often, because I always had some really good French teachers before college, but some people whose first language is French almost always had shitty teachers and developed bad habits I suppose. See it in a positive way: if that class is easy for you, you'll get those credits very easily.

No. 51722

anons, I am such a procrastinator that I procrastinate procrastination.

I get my work done, yes, but usually at the last minute. I hate it but I do not have the will to do ANYTHING, whether it's homework or showering or eating or socializing (introvert, but I have a best friend that I hang with all the time. she doesn't drain me but lately she does). doing anything feels like such a chore. I have to drag myself out of bed everyday. because of this flaw of mine, I think I get horrible sleep. I stress about these assignments and personal goals, and responsibilities at the back of my mind, but then I'm so weighted down with them. when I finally sleep, it's never a full, restful one. I can sleep for hours on end (from 7pm to 5pm if left to my own devices) to put it into perspective, but now I can get 9 hours or so and be so exhausted. it does not help that I have vivid dreams that sometimes create false memories for me. when I'm really tired or stressed I can't control my dreams and that's usually when they're the most vivid, so I wake up even more tired. I get pains behind my eyes and best my temples.

that isn't even why I'm posting, but I don't see my counselor until tomorrow and there's so much I want to say but this is our second time meeting lol, so I'm getting it out now.
I really wanted some tips on time management and organization. I started writing down important dates, and putting then in Google calendar (this app is so good, I love it), but I feel like my life lacks order and organization and that's why I'm such a mess. I don't even know how to organize my dorm without losing or misplacing items!! i have a shit memory too. honestly this is bothering me because I don't want to have depression through college. this feels like this is where it's heading. I stopped participating in my hobbies, and I'm on our newspaper and I've been slacking so much. I am gonna cry if I keep typing this, but I'm gonna save it for tomorrow lols

No. 51723

are you me?? I don't have motivation to do shit except dick around unless it's due in like 5 min.

No. 51724

Anon, this is 100% me too. I fucking hate how every single small thing feels like a huge chore. I drop something on the floor, I just can't bring myself to pick it up. It feels too hard. I leave for work at the last minute. Sometimes I stay late at work just because I can't bring myself to pick up my stuff and leave. Everything except lying on the bed feels so exhausting. And like you, I can sleep the recommended 7-9 hours a night and yet I still wake up as exhausted as I was when I went to sleep and it'll take me 2 hours to feel like falling asleep again. Fucking sucks.

No. 51725

I relate to this so hard. I have this idealized version of myself that's really hardworking and is productive as fuck but I just can't make myself do anything. I hate it.

No. 51726

This used to be me, but I've improved considerably in the past year or so only thanks to my lecturers' encouragement.

First of all, if Google Calendar alone isn't doing it for you, get a (paper) planner, or make a bullet journal. Seriously. Get a pretty one because it'll make you want to write in it.

Second, get some nice highlighters and pens, and several 5 subject notebooks. Do not use a laptop or tablet to take notes, that's a surefire way to forget everything as soon as the lecture is over.

Look through the schedule you get at the beginning of each class and copy EVERYTHING into your new planner. Also add ecs, sports or whatever you know you'll do regularly.

Establish rapport with your lecturers and keep in touch with them. They'll help you.

If there's a lot to do, plan ahead and write it down in your planner in pencil so you can erase it if something changes.

Divide every task into small chunks and do them one by one. Get rid of useless clutter, you don't need 10 rubbers, 5 biros and 200 pencils to do a good job. If someone's giving away free gear (offices do this a lot, I got so many ring binders and staplers from my college's admissions office once) then cool, but think about what you're really going to use. I've never used sticky notes for example, but I use a hole punch almost daily.

When you feel uninspired, look at studyblrs. Seriously, they make me want to study. Cute stationery is also great. It's okay if your handwriting is bad, I write like a spastic and I'm left handed so it smudges all the time.

Know that any system you fall into takes time to turn into a habit. I can guarantee you won't know what works for you at the beginning, it's just impossible. You might buy a lot of post its and never use them, or spend a lot of money on a nice planner that you just can't get used to. What works for you won't necessarily work for someone else and vice versa. For example, I made a bullet journal last summer, thinking sure I'll use it all the time. Except it didn't work and I couldn't be arsed to draw new pages and that sort of thing so I just went and bought myself a regular planner which works just fine. I've also tried those Korean planners with monthly and yearly calendars like and didn't know what to do with them, fuck em.

Point is, it takes time and effort. Good luck, hope you get something out of my rambling.

No. 51727

We are all the same. i have these daydreams of an idealized version of myself also! (not the anon you're replying to, am the anon they're replying to) it's annoying because the only progress i've made is with a paper planner.


i've started following bujo tumblrs and instagrams on my private accounts. i enjoy seeing the organization!! i did pick up a paper planner because my memory is much better when i write things down, but i often forget about it. thank you so much, your rambling actually did help!

i do have a sort of bujo but i write in it to relax. music playlists, books, movies etc, but i haven't kept up with it. i will though, i feel as though i am trying sort of to get out of this rut. it's just so difficult.

on a side note, i showed my counselor my post here and the replies and she thought it was brilliant.

No. 51728

I feel like I'll never get my driver's licence. I've tried three times, failed each. I'm trying again next wednesday but I feel so discouraged. I was sure the third time would be the last, I've been driving very well with my family and with the instructor and even right before the test, but then I completely fucked up and did worse than ever.
I should be happy because my parents are paying for the lessons and I'm not that much in a hurry to get it. But at the same time it makes me feel completely worthless and it's really the one thing that's "ruining my life" right now (I know I'm being extremely dramatic, I realize it's a trivial problem to have but it feels like that.) Plus after 5 failures I'll have to re-do the theory exam and that'd be terribly annoying, not to mention I'm going to study abroad next semester and I won't be able to drive for a long time so I'll get even worse.

I just don't know what I can do. I even did a mock exam with my instructor and I did great, I don't understand why I keep fucking up.

No. 51729

I have a class that's a real PITA, and it's not even hard.
I like the lecturer and our assignments are easy but some of them are just utterly pointless.
Right now I have to make this career portfolio and I have to do it exactly how my lecturer likes it in order to pass. Some of our assignments are really useful but others are just horrid, and this one is the latter. I just can't see myself ever using this in my life. God.

No. 51730

another anon, chiming in… i have issues with depression and anxiety (particularly around study) too though lol

i always wish there was some kind of skype/messaging group where i could talk to people with this issue - motivate each other and whatever. i know i should go to people i know for this kind of support but i just feel like i'm bothering people - and honestly, it makes me feel thick as shit.

No. 51731

File: 1479258211308.jpg (60.78 KB, 540x559, 10199.jpg)

Saw this and it reminded me of this thread (and myself)

No. 51732

>get home after a long day
>roommates blasting country music
it just never fucking ends does it

No. 51733

Is anyone else just …fucking sad that they don't have raw talent at some academic subject?

I have this fantasy of being an engineer but math takes so much fucking effort for me that I never really got past pre-calculus.

No. 51734

File: 1479382070304.jpg (37.96 KB, 273x251, 434523452345.jpg)

I haven't really made any friends in the classes I'm in and everyone just kinda ignores me. In other classes I had in the past, people have been friendly. I'm asking myself why am I even worrying so much. Since I should be focusing on my grades. But shit its hard when you don't have anyone.
I'm in a major kinda don't wanna be in but its a major that will get me a job. But I don't even know what I want to do with my life. :(

No. 51735

Anon, get out of that major now and have a good, hard think about what you would like to pursue as a career. Save yourself from the pain later on.

Sorry to hear about your experience with people, you're definitely not the only one having trouble making friends at uni. Have you considered joining some clubs? It's hard to make friends in classes, especially if you only see them once a week and never again after the semester.

No. 51736

What are you majoring in now? I found that while some people don't particularly like their majors, there can be many different things you can branch off to with that degree. You could do some research on it or ask someone in your faculty to see your options.
Also, I struggled to make friends in my uni classes too so I joined clubs. Plus the ones I have made in class only ever talk about school.

No. 51739


I keep seeing this bullshit 'do what u luv' advice but it's horrible advice for two reasons:
a) you probably won't do only one thing for the rest of your life, and your job could be great or miserable depending on your workplace and colleagues. You can even grow to love a subject close to your major and branch off.
b) When you do something you're passionate about for a living, you're usually gonna do it for others. You like writing? You're probably not gonna become a bestselling novelist, let's be real. You'll probably end up writing articles about potash for a farmers journal, or your company's performance review. This is an express lane to hating your favourite hobby, which you can do on the side.

My father is a maxillofacial surgeon, one of the best in the country. My mother is an accountant.

Mum saved up enough to buy a set of flats to rent out and then quit her job because she couldn't stand accounting, or her coworkers, or her boss. Now she's a landlady.

My dad nearly dropped out of secondary school and went to study medicine because he fell in love with a girl there. To this day he thinks his job is 'okay' and has never liked it much, but he'd decided to do his best when his then-gf broke up with him and graduated cum laude out of sheer spite.

If we all did what we loved there'd be no plumbers, cashiers, street cleaners, butchers, lorry drivers, janitors, etc.

No. 51740

I was the anon that got rejected by the finance clubs and recently got into a VC club!! Hopefully things are going to look better in the coming year. I'm also going to present a stock pitch to Morgan Stanley so theres that

No. 51741

I'm in my 2nd year studying CS right now. while I am doing well in my courses, I'm not exactly enjoying it. I don't like programming or math that much and I'm not fond of the culture (especially since I'm a female). Honestly, I just went into it for the job prospects… But I already changed my major once so I don't want to do it again or I'd be way too deep in debt. Plus I don't want to be in school forever. I do feel better than what I felt in my previous major though, where I got severely depressed to the point of being suicidal.
I don't know what to do.. maybe I just don't have a passion in anything, so my best option would be to just finish up this degree and see where life takes me then. Yeah I just wanted to let this out somewhere…

No. 51742

>art school (chatise me of you want, but my major actually has an application in the real world and isnt anything like fucking art history), quickly approaching finals week
>go to the cintiq (very expensive touch screen tablets) lab to use it to work on project
>girl on my left is using it to watch fucking Netflix
>couple minutes later a girl sits down on my right and reeks of cigarettes so strongly it's giving me a headache
>no other cintiqs other than the one next to smelly girl
Fuck me. I still have a lot to do on this project so I'm still here

No. 51743

>Cintiq lab

If it was as crowded as you say, she should have been shamed and humiliated out of the lab.

No. 51744

You sound as if you're so fucking annoying

No. 51745

you sound like you'd do the same as netflix girl

No. 51746


No. 51747

you sound like you stink of stale smoke.

No. 51748

Why on earth would she go there for netflix? She's obviously already paying for netflix so she wouldn't waste any money going to the library or something instead.

No. 51749

She probably intended to do work but ended up procrastinating instead and doesn't want to lose her spot for when she finishes procrastinating.

No. 51750


No. She needs to move immediately. This is not a NETFLIX machine.

No. 51751

So could noone just say
>sorry but the tablets in here are for our schoolwork and it's getting a bit crowded, can you find another place to watch netflix in case someone needs to use this one

No. 51752

File: 1480231586124.jpg (96.8 KB, 600x578, 16083_600.jpg)

After two years of NEETing from the end of highschool, I'm finally going back to school this spring. I'm downright horrified. The prospect of failing both academically and socially just seems more and more likely the more I realize how busted my brain is at this point.

I'm only gonna take about 4 classes (13 credits total), but I'm probably retarded enough to flunk at least the math class (which is what nearly stopped me from graduating from HS). What's worse is that I'm gonna be attending the equivalent of a community college two years later than most of my graduating class, who all are attending legit schools like Cornell and Brown and other Ivies/equivalents.

Also, I'm having an existentialist crisis about my art. My online art buddies say I shouldn't give up but I feel like a failure compared to everyone online and I'm starting to feel like there's not point to pursuing art anymore. It's complicated because it's the only thing I can envision doing, even if I'll end up in debt from art school or struggle to land jobs at studios. But I just don't think I'm capable enough to ever become good enough to compete in the field.

No. 51753

File: 1480247647440.jpg (258.59 KB, 1024x1474, IMG_20161107_172832.jpg)

It's not like it's impossible to pass your friends.

What are you specifically struggling with? There's a resource for everything, so if you focus on improving one area at a time you will eventually blow your friends away.

No. 51755

My university life sucks. I switched majors once - spent two years on each so this year is my 4th year in university. I left nursing for CS because I got extremely, severely depressed from clinicals, but I don't like it. I actually didn't like it since last year.. but my parents are the ones paying for my tuition so they told me I can't switch again or I have to drop out and earn my own tuition. Which is perfectly fair but I don't know how and how long I would have to work.. it just stresses me thinking about it.
All my friends are graduating this year and I'm just here, almost 22 years old, in my 2nd year of CS, still miserable.. What sucks is that all my grades are perfectly fine, they're all A's and a few B's… but my transcript looks like a mess from switching programs and I'm scared no other programs will accept me. I'm thinking of rebuilding my nursing career by applying for an associate's first, because I miss studying health sci… And it has always been my dream to become a NP. I'm just so embarrassed and ashamed of my position, especially since I come from a strict family. I wish I could do better.

No. 51756

I'm 23 and I'm still in my 2nd year… It's no big deal.

No. 51757

Don't worry anon, it's not uncommon st all for students to change majors several times. My sister changed hers at least once and my older brother changed his at least three times when he was in college. I'm thinking of changing as well but I'm not sure what I'll change it to yet if I do. I recall hearing somewhere that many change their majors once, if not twice when in college so they graduate a little later than 4 years.

Also there are people who are 30 and are in college so you're fine. You aren't the oldest person in your class. You'll be ok.

No. 51758


Thank you both for your reply, I really appreciate it. No one around me has changed their major even once so I've been really anxious. So your comments really helped me - thank you.

No. 51759

I've come to really dislike some people in my class. They want every assignment to be easy, when teachers ask for a vote in the class they all vote for the simplest dumbest shit that freshmen could do instead of asking the teacher to explain what they don't understand and study a bit more so they can success on more difficult assignments. And then when I give my opinion on that they go "well not everyone is as great as you", like fuck I'm not that great, it's just you who hardly works. We do languages, and none of those people ever try having discussions with exchange students or read in the languages we're learning, how the fuck do they expect to get better? The only reason I'm so "great" (it's an exaggeration) is because I'm more invested, not because I was born smarter, and anyone could beat me if they just made friends with exchange students.

Also I hate how I've grown sorta paranoid due to my relationship worsening with some classmates. I participate a lot in class, and of course I make some mistakes. But I've started feeling like people are snickering and laughing when I get something wrong, it could be coincidences and it's just that they laugh about something else at that moment but fuck, it puts me on the edge. And even when I just raise my hand because I want to answer, sometimes I hear whispers like "here she goes again", and after I give a correct answer I hear people sighing like they're exasperated of me bragging, or something. My friends told me to stop being paranoid, but when you feel like people dislike you I think it's natural to be on the edge.

Next time I feel like I'm getting mocked I won't let it slide, I'll just turn around and ask what's so funny. I should stop caring but I feel it'll just endlessly frustrate me if I never say anything.

No. 51760

I'm sorry if this is rambly, I need to vent.

I've a professor in college that provides absolutely no feedback on my work whatsoever. He grades all essays and exams harshly and plays stupid mind games with students who are already overworked and exhausted from a metric fucktonne of other projects.

Our grades go from 0-100% and even if the essay is 70% he will give zero feedback. He just summarises the essay in one paragraph and says it's good. Whenever I ask him what there is to improve he tells me to read his shitty chicken scratch at the end of the essay that tells me nothing. If I ask him for advice about sources he tells me it's my job to find what I need, if I ask him for an explanation he tells me to google it. Nigger you get paid to explain things to us and give us feedback, if I wanted to google it I would've a long time ago.

I fucking hate that class and wish I were dead every time I'm sat in that poxy lecture hall.

No. 51761

I wanted some outside feedback just incase i'm overthinking and making im worse for myself. So i'm going to try to say this without being one sided.

My friend and I have been friends for 4 years, went to college and moved to uni together. He's a hand hold-less and kiss-less virgin. Everyone always thinks we're dating because we're always together in uni and we bicker a lot (like an old married couple) We Laugh it off because we have no sexual attraction towards each other what so ever, plus i have a bf.
A few months ago some girl came into his life and basically cucked him. I warned him about the whole situation and to be careful, that ended up on that girl telling him not to speak to me and he became very cold towards me. Turns out she was using him for money. Surprise surprise.. They broke up and he started to talk to be like normal again.

Now he's found interest in some girl who lives in the same student accommodation as us. We live in the same flat and have so for 2 years. He is in the common room litreally all day for the chance he will see her. I was super happy when i found out because I WANT him to have a gf, he needs one tbh. I met her in the common room and she's super sweet and seems perfect. It seems that she just sees him as a friend but he's been working on telling her about how he feels. Because of him meeting this girl he refuses to come to uni since he stays up all night waiting for her to go into the common room or skips class just so he can sit there and wait /just incase/ she turns up.

About 2 weeks of him not talking to me and being cold again I asked him about it, he just said he likes it down there and he simply cba going into uni, even though we have 3 projects due in the next 2 weeks and he has started none of them because of this girl.

Last Night, he invited about 10 people over to our flat. He told me beforehand to make sure it was okay. I was a bit upset because he didn't invite me. I wasn't allowed to go because the girl he likes was making the food and he didn't want to ask her if i could come incase she got offended for whatever reason.
So lastnight I was stuck in my room for 6 hours trying to do some uni work while I had to listen to the party he was having. I told him how upset this made me and said sorry but still didn't let me go into the kitchen in my own fucking flat..
He came into uni the next day and I asked him about it, he said it wasn't his fault, turned around to our other friends asked them to sign his name in for the next lecture so his attendance wouldn't go down. Stood up and walked away, went home. He didn't say a word to me and I was just sat there.

I make food for this guy 3 nights of the week simply because i always have leftovers, we've been friends for 4 years, lived together for 2 and he refused to let me go to a party because the girl he liked was making the food.
He's still happy to mootch of mine and my friends uni work since he's so behind. I told them all to stop helping him since he refuses to put the effort into coming in to uni and do it himself.

I'm sorry about my grammar etc.

No. 51763

Seems like he's using you and doesn't genuinely like you as a friend. He thinks of you as a ladder.

No. 51764

Look for somewhere else to live. He sucks as a friend and room mate, and it'll get worse once he flunks out.

No. 51765

Honestly now that you guys are saying this i totally see it. I Just went to the common room to pick up post (weird I have to pick post up there i know) and he just pretended he didn't see me while he was sat with 6 other people…
100%, next year I'm moving in with my bf. I found out that my "friend" book a room here for next year and didn't tell me about it so i couldn't get the Early Bird deal thing they have. So annoying…

No. 51766

I used to have classmates like that in primary school and honestly, they sound really dumb. I wouldn't even call them arseholes because they seem to have the mental capacity of an aubergine and only function by inertia and doing what everyone else is doing.

Is it a small town or small college? They sound like boggers.

I totally get how you feel btw, most people think I'm super smart and one person is particularly bitter about my being better than him. But I'm actually kinda dumb and have ADD, I just work super hard. I haven't slept in 48 hours because I was working on >>131571 and now I've got another project to finish. Outside of class people always laugh at how gullible I am and it takes me a while to 'get' some very simple things.

Don't feel bad about your mistakes, but it sounds like those things happen too often for them to be just a coincidence. Your friends might either be trying not to hurt your feelings, or they're in on the joke. I've had it happen to me and I hate it when people call it paranoia. However, it's probably not as bad as it sounds since it must seem worse to you than everyone else.

I don't suggest confronting them directly, I did that once and they pretty much acted innocent and pretended not to know what I was talking about, then told me to 'seek help' for even suggesting it and made a scene in front of everybody. Then I heard people talking about me and laughing even more just to piss me off. Sorry I don't have any other solutions, I'd like to know this myself…

No. 51767

I feel this whole post. I had a course in uni where the professor was new, fresh out of grad school, so she wasn't the best but she tried. A big problem for her was that she wanted to be open to students' questions and thoughts, but did not have the experience to reign in the class after going very far off topic. This often led to running out of time before she went through her lecture for that day. It was irritating, but it happens, so I just studied a bit more. Most people in the class complained that she sucked at teaching and nothing made sense to them and would get so off topic in every discussion. And they always blamed the poor teacher for their bad marks.

I'm also always one of maybe a few other people in the class who actively participate. I don't want to be a dominant voice in the discussion, I really hate it, but I'm an impatient fuck and I hate the dead air of a teacher hopelessly looking for some spark of life in students after asking a question even more.

Anyway, just ignore them. I know it's hard to stop feeling paranoid, but like the other anon said, it's not worth it to call them out. You're putting in your dues now, and it will pay off with good marks and a good impression on your teachers.

No. 51768

Have any other farmers taken up 2+ languages at once? I'm wondering how you guys studied for them?

No. 51769

Yeah. I've done French and another language at the same time, wouldn't recommend it. Some people have done it without a hitch, but if you like to immerse yourself in the language I'd honestly think twice before trying. All I got was top marks from both, didn't really learn anything.

No. 51770

Thanks for the input anon! I'm not too worried about immersion at the moment. My plan is to learn as much as I can and then study abroad to build on it.

>All I got was top marks from both, didn't really learn anything.

So you wouldn't say you're able to speak the languages you learnt?

No. 51771

Yeah that's what I meant. I honestly can't remember a thing since I had to study for one exam, then another. And certain languages just get mixed up in my head for some reason even if they don't have anything in common.

For example, I kept mixing up Finnish and Japanese even though I'd studied Japanese a long time before I started studying Finnish. But with French I didn't have that problem at all, yet when I took another language course all the French I had in my head up until that point just disappeared for some reason.

I even studied in France for a year but I suddenly stopped being able to remember anything in French as soon as I picked up another language and everything became so hard for me to understand even though it was fine before. I was in France then, mind, but had to take another language course because the school I went to required it.

I don't know, maybe I'm just weird. Best be careful though, it's best if you dedicate yourself to one language only.

No. 51772

File: 1480965153303.gif (634.64 KB, 300x225, welptimetokms.gif)

It's taking everything I have to not scream right now. I live on campus while in uni and it's close to finals so I just wanted to focus on that. I get an email from Housing saying either I need to find a roommate for next semester or they pick one for me.

Now, that'd be ok if it weren't for the fact that I do better without a roommate. My grades are better and I'm just overall much calmer and happier to be around. Last time I had a roommate the bitch stole my credit card when I wasn't looking and a couple of my personal belongings disappeared or where moved all the time when the she brought friends over without warning. The uni has a habit of sticking the quiet people with the more outgoing "party" people in hopes of making them more sociable and it backfires for me every damn time.

I keep to myself most of the time and everyone I know or get along with either has a roommate or lives off campus. I know I'll get stuck with some shit roommate if I don't pick one but I don't have anyone to choose from. I'm so fucking stressed it's making it hard to concentrate on finals. They really should've waited before pulling this nonsense.

I can get the option to keep my dorm room to just myself but housing has to approve that themselves and chances of that are slim. I just hope I'm lucky enough to keep things without a roommate.

No. 51773

Bit of a follow up from last night's drama.
My so called "friend" of 4 fucking year continued to be cold towards me and our group of friends.
We decided to do secret santa about a month ago and set the limit to £3 - since we're all poor and it doesn't have to be a nice gift. Yesterday, the day we were all giving our gifts to each other he decided to not come into uni. The reasoning was because of an assignment due that night, the real reasoning was that the night before he has raided my food cupboard for a gag gift to give to one of our asian friends, so he stole some noodles, some rice and a pair of MY chopsticks, gave them to me to wrap up and went back into his room.
So i basically gave out 2 secret santas while he stayed in bed at home. The person who had his gift was just completely heartbroken that everyone was opening each other's gifts and reacting to them and all he could do was sit there and give me his gifts to give to him when i get back home.

Fast forward to last night, he is in our friend groups discord chat but never talks, ever. He started talking since he wanted to leech of someone's work. It quickly turned to "wtf why are you here" from the others to him. He has this whole "i dont care" attitude that he puts up as a wall. I brought up the party and said i wasnt invited just because the girl hes trying to get with was making the food and he didn't want me there "messing it up for him".

It was also brought up that last month it was mine and one of our friends birthdays. Our friend had been skipping uni due to issues at home and being extremely suicidal. I set up a little birthday celebration for him to cheer him up and got everyone together. My friend didn't come, he said he was sick when he was in the common room till 2am trying to flirt with the girls. The guy whos birthday it was, was pretty upset he didn't come because it meant so much to him that everyone came out, just for him.

After telling my "friend" about it he got all defencive saying he had no money (even when it was clear you didn't need any to come) and that he simply didn't care and had better things to do.
He tried to turn it on me for being jealous saying "what i can't have other friends??" when i made it clear that i loved that he had other friends since he struggled making them in the past. Gladly someone had my back and explained i'm always looking out for him and that when i plan something he is first on the list to come. He stopped replying and i heard him go out and slam the doors.

I have to live with this guy for another 6 months, i plan on moving out somewhere else the second i can and I honestly don't think it's worth trying to keep this friendship alive anymore.

again, i'm sorry for my grammar.

No. 51774

I completely fucked up on the final for a graphic design class. I feel terrible about it because I was doing great in the class, and this was supposed to be our most important project. Even talking to the professor about it made me want to die.
>"so- I didn't make the cutoff for the submission last night"
>"that's fine, just email it to me now, I already know you finished it!"

I counted my grades up and it looks like it was brought down to a B (it counted for 1/5 of the total), but I'm completely disgusted at myself for putting the project off and doing a shitty rush job. If I had just taken the time to give myself a few days to create it instead of panicking and rushing at the last minute it I know I would have ended the class with an A. The only reassurance I feel is that I was able to learn a lot in the class and the professor knows that I have the skills to keep going. I never want to make this mistake again.

No. 51775

File: 1481736475298.jpg (40.55 KB, 640x640, 1948007_443753519136644_521101…)

this guy sounds like a total self centered prick and you'd be better off investing yourself into your studies and your other friendships tbh. Despite what you two may have had in the past Id definitely say leave this fuckwad behind. This made me legitimately angry to read.

No. 51776

Yeah, thanks anon.
I totally want to cut this guy out it is just really hard since we were friends for so long..

No. 51777

>the night before he has raided my food cupboard for a gag gift to give to one of our asian friends, so he stole some noodles, some rice and a pair of MY chopsticks, gave them to me to wrap up and went back into his room.

lol wtf I'm not surprised a roommate is stealing shit, but to turn around and ask you to wrap it. wow. I hope the next 6 months are bearable and that your move with your bf goes smoothly when it comes around.

No. 51778

Thanks for the support, anon.
and yup, he takes stuff all the time. Since hes in the common room so much hes friends with the receptionist. I woke up to a message one day that he took my whole bottle of soy sauce down to her for her lunch.
I'm still yet to get it back.

No. 51779

>starting first semester of uni in a week
>haven't been in school for a while
I'm already having nightmares about flunking classes. What a way to start the new year and next stage of my life.

Hope other fellow soon-to-be-ex-NEETs are doing well in their transitions.

No. 51780

I have to take Accounting again 'cause I failed it during the summer and I need said class for my paralegal degree or else. All I know is, I better pass this motherfucker!

No. 51781

Who else here soon-to-be ex NEET? We need a support group, whether it's returning to school or work (or if you're like me, both at the same time ahhhh)

No. 51782

>attended first day
>only taking one class on this particularly day
>already panicking over social anxiety and inferiority and grades
Holy shit, I knew I was pathetic but damn.

No. 51783

Hey anon, you're smart. You can handle this.

No. 51784

I've only got spring semester to finish (4 or so more months) and then I can graduate and go on my internship. unfortunately, that's the part that's stressing me out the most. my internship will be abroad in Germany, but I've never been abroad, and I've never flown before, and now I have to do all of these things at the same time while worrying about how to conduct myself so I don't look like a stupid American. I've been taking German language & cultures classes for the past four years, but I just clam up when I talk to other people, and it's even worse in another language. I can write in German quickly and coherently enough, but I can't just carry a whiteboard around with me all day lol

anyway, most of these things are because I was really sheltered growing up. I'm getting over it steadily, but this is such a huge part because it's completely different from anything I've ever done before. I'm so goddamn scared, anons.

another smaller thing is that I only have one friend at school now, and she's one of those "I'm not like the other girls" type of people, and it's exhausting to be around her or talk to her for more than an hour or so… but I'll only have to talk with her for four more months, so it's not too bad…. sorry for the blogpost, thank you for listening

No. 51785

Are you guys me?
I'm gonna be returning this year after dropping out 5 years ago, I'm fucking terrified. I'm having trouble sleeping and I haven't even started going yet.

No. 51786

File: 1484101058757.jpg (61.95 KB, 1278x761, muhfeels.jpg)

Here to complain about uni friends and housing OH THEY JOYS.

So, its 2nd year of Uni and we've got a house together with two other students we know. Everythings chill for the first few days, till my close friend for first year starts not liking how I am "out of friend hours". I'm very shut off when I'm at home, quiet, tired and drink endless cups of tea. Home is my comfort zone and where I rest.
Not now though.
Boyfriend visits for the first time, I'm in room not very bothered. Get a knock on the door, "hey so-so is here. Can you be a bit more social?"
I'm sorry. What.
I am not here to entertain you in this house, friend seemed like they expected me to come out with jazzhands and a slew of one-liners to get the banter going. This then led on to friend complaining about "I didn't choose to live with 3 other people so we could be unsocial, I would've gotten a studio for that"….we're living here because this is a cheaper, safer option. Not to entertain you. Whatever, life goes on. A few minor nitpicks occur, they "admit" a studio flat would be an arm and a leg, other roommate takes the piss with my game console and start playing it without me and using my netflix without me even asking, friend accusing me of everything in the house that goes wrong when I dont even own the appliances that are never cleaned and being considered "the helpful fairy" by all housemates.
Basically not snapchatting "WERE OUT OF MILK!!!" and…not going out to buy milk…the shop is 200 yards away.

We start looking into renting for next year, I am pretty "meh" on the subject. I'm extremely behind on coursework so haven't been looking at the group chats at all. Angry messages occur but I can't put off the private tutorial by tutor so they view it. Later on I text an apology about not being able to go and they are chill, then get a call,"Hey me and roommate A have decided to give roommate B a double room in the house as they've never had one before, your in the single with same rates as the doubles".
I'M 5'10.
"And the deposit is'nt 75 its 150 now they added something" Do you know? "Yeah I cant remember"
Tell friend and roommates A&B I'm gonna give it a think. Next day occurs. "You ready to put the deposit down?" What friend?"Yeah we've decided to take the house"
I'm low on cash at this point, its near the end of the year and all my funds have gone. The first house they've seen with the dodgey contract and shitty room for me. I was'nt even asked if I was okay with it. Tell friend I can't because no funds. "Just ask your parents for the money"……that's not how this works.
A huge argument ensues, friend says I tell them nothing, hates my attitude and the fact Im quiet in the house puts them on edge. I tell friend they should stop assuming I can get money so easily, that I'm ok with everything and I'm not here to entertain. Roommate breaks it up as I stomp out the house to bitch to a friend. Few days go by and friend does'nt talk or interact with me, I try a few times but never in their room. Friend thn appears in my room to say "Ive been avoiding everyone in the house", when in actual fact I'd been out studying so correct them. Was then told they can't live with me next year as I have an attitude and my quiet nature puts them on edge.
Argue back(LIKE ANYONE WOULD) and friend storms off, saying this is exactly why. Sit there and have a breakdown, mentally and physically, resulting in cutting myself and almost barfing. Friend comes back to see me and proceeds to console as I have a full panic attack(my leg wouldn't stop jumping around and I'd never had that happen. I was scared something fucking snapped in my head). Breakdown to friend and say its my fault, blah blah, I don't remember anything I said, just what happened physically.
Things simmer down and we go about our business, not bring anything up. A few weeks later I receive a text "Hey you said you'd go get therapy or I'm not living with you next year" I don't remember that, some help and advice maybe but therapy? Ask a few friends who've known me for alot longer about the therapy and what should I do about it. Friends all reply with simple no's and wtf's and that I should've called friend out on that.
Friend meanwhile has been put on strong antidepressants and getting close with roommate B, who has mental issues as well and on antidepressants. So I'm guessing they saw it as "a simple quick fix" to get me back to how I am out of the house and no longer quiet.
Back to present pretty much, get a call from friend, has now decided they are going to be living with Roommate B to quote "knuckle down"….I was seriously affecting you that badly? Say whatever that's fine and be done with it, think Roommate A is in the same pool as me and I have no time for this, I have a huge deadline coming up to be worried. Find out from friend that Roommate A was not as agreeable and "thinks she might be upset" WOW YOU THINK.
Cut to today, get a quick and simple text
"lol hi, so Roommate A&B are gonna be living with me now, it's so much easier getting a 3 bedroom house anyway! We all wanna knuckle down next year."
I have lost all shits to give. Every single one of them. All. Reply with a quick "oh lol k" and give up.
So. Am I just an asshole who needs therapy to fix me anons? As my friend put it, I've been left high and dry.
>tfw you still have to pay them for internet.

No. 51787

How do I get a boyfriend

No. 51788

This is a problem thread, not a shitty novelist meeting. Please learn how to condense information if you want input or anyone to even read your post.

Opposite of other anon, more information needed.
Setting your facebook publicly as single, socializing until you actually meet someone, making an effort with your appearance and if all else fails use online dating tools (but sure to put that you are looking for an actual relationship in your profile).
Since this is a uni problem thread, try joining societies/clubs

No. 51789

I want to show people I'm interested in a relationship without coming on too hard or scaring them away

No. 51790


Exist and approach a boy you like.

No. 51791

Idk that's pretty vague

No. 51792

>bitch complains about condensing info
>when I did
>doesn't care cuz I vented issues somewhere at least


No. 51793

>Go to party
>Don't accept dickings
>The person that you talk with all night is the one you want to go on a date with
>Go on date

NOTE: if his dick enters you before the date then you have failed and must repeat step 1.

No. 51794

You sound like a robot. Why can't you stupid men post in your gay ass 4chan?

No. 51795

you sound absolutely insufferable

No. 51796

File: 1484309459842.jpg (54.39 KB, 566x311, renge.jpg)

I'm a first year studying at an Arts University and I received my feedback for my first semester. Most of it is okay.

I couldn't stand one module in particular. When I was encountering an issue with the work brief I told him, but he advised me to ask people to help me and send a mass email. (I don't want to burden others with my issues and I have anxiety so I mostly work on my own).

In the end I started working on other things that were within my range and slowly pushed that task to the back burner. Once the deadline was fast approaching I talked to him for another time. He wanted to know why I hadn't handed them in yet.

I told him that weeks before I said my reasons why I'd have trouble with it. Once again he offered the same solutions + a diatribe on the uni course and how working together is a key feature etc. I actually hadn't agreed to meet him, my other lecturer set it up when I came to meet her, so I had no real reason to sit around and listen to him. I told him I had things to do and was leaving, (bad choice of words, but really I didn't care at that time) and he said, "You do know that I'm marking this, don't you?" and I said "I'll make something decent."
Key word being decent.

I asked some online friends in the end for assistance and by working day and night for two days I was able to make something I thought was okay. So I hand it in.

My feedback from him was mostly negative (no surprise) but the thing that got me was "You need to put in more effort.", which for me regardless of the grades I received in the past, working was not an issue. I hardly attended his lectures, and don't (and do not want to) know him, but he thinks he has a good depth of who I am and how I think in the space of one measly semester. I'm not even mad at my mark, I'm mad at the way he talked to me, his expertise being a fair reason not to take my worries seriously. I got a pass so it's not an issue academic wise, and it doesn't contribute to my overall grade but still.

>I'm currently stuck trying to power through this course for the sake of my future and my career.

>Trying to do this despite my long-term issues with education and anxiety.
>May have people who are currently trying to psycho-analyse and probably look into every thing I do and say.
>One lecturer stands one because despite seeing me the least out of all of my lecturers, thinks he understands me enough to give me in-depth feedback and advice.

No. 51797

>don't listen to advice
>don't attend all the classes
Well of course he'd say you're not doing enough effort. The only things teachers know about us are how often we come, what our attitude in class is, and interactions we've had with them otherwise. If those things ade lacking he can't be positive. Sone teachers don't give a fuck and won't penalize you even if they aren't satisfied and you weren't lucky to have a teacher like this.

No. 51798

>didn't attend his lectures
…..yeah this is mainly why. Your paying for this, attend the fucking lectures. You don't need to be best buddys with him, he's your teacher? Listen to advice he gives.

No. 51799


To elaborate it wasn't as if I never attended his lectures, I attend a good portion of them (enough for him not to make a fuss about it) and did my time. When I say hardly I mean in the sense I rarely saw or spoke to him or talked to him outside of my lectures.
I'm not going to be a hundred percent down with taking someone's advice when at the time I gave my reasons why it wouldn't work for me. Even at that time he seemed unconcerned with why it could ever be an issue in the first place.

I accept that I could have made the situation better for myself, but regardless of how well he knows me, he seems pretty confident that he does. And these issues aren't found in the other lecturers that teach me.

No. 51800

what was the issue anon?

No. 51801

There was an assignment in which we had to create a piece using a script as a guideline. In order to do it to a good standard you needed to recruit help from others, but its mainly your piece.

I normally don't ask anything from people even my friends. I get reluctant even at my own family, so I'm not going to be able to slide into conversations very easily and ask for help.

But to collect materials needed to finish the piece, it is necessary. At the time he gave us the task I talked with him after class saying it'd be difficult to collect these extra materials. I'm being vague about the task itself, but that's the gist of it.

No. 51802

You knew you'd need to work with others. Maybe you hadn't realized it but most of the time when you're given rules you have to follow them and >muh anxiety and independence are seldom sufficient excuses.
Good for you that you were able to work it out decently by yourself but most of the time the easiest solution is just to follow given advice even if it's out of your comfort zone.
I get your frustration though. Sounds like you did a lot of effort in order to be able to manage this by yourself so it seems unfair he'd say this, and maybe if you had followed the advice from the start and given half the effort you gave this time, he wouldn't have said anything.
Better luck next time I guess.

No. 51803

What are you going to do in the future when you get a job and have to work with a team? Tell your boss that you have anxiety and prefer working alone? You need to deal with it at some point, the world isn't going to bend over for you. I have anxiety and know how bad it is, but you can't keep using it as a crutch like this.

Also, you sound like you have a terrible attitude in general, very childish. Your professor gave you advice and you said no, it's not going to work for me, and got snippy with him. He's your professor, not your babysitter. What did you want him to do then? Change the course for you and take out everything that's going to trigger you? You saw the syllabus for your course before you started, you're the one who chose your classes. No excuse.

No. 51804

All of this. Not tooting my own horn here, just a personal anecdote: I was a proper sperglord when I started college, it's a business degree so teamwork is a given. I'd wager most colleges work this way since socialising is such an important aspect of everyone's career, so it's emphasised for good reason.
Anyway, I cried almost daily when I started because I was lonely and anxious, nobody wanted to talk to me and people just generally avoided me. Professors bandied about buzzwords like 'confidence' and 'networking' and at first I dismissed it as some awful bollocks, but after some time I actually realised they'd been telling the truth all along.

I'm sorry you have anxiety, it must be really difficult, but you can't spend the rest of your life hiding in corners and limiting your potential (sorry for the cheese). You need to overcome your fears, bite the bullet and put yourself out there even if it looks scary if you plan on ever getting a job and living a normal life, especially if you plan on being an artist.

People won't hire you these days if you're insecure, nervous and introverted. It's a sad fact of life, and those of us who fit the bill need to at least learn how to fake confidence and be more assertive. People won't coddle you anymore now that you're an adult.

No. 51805

I don't pick the classes, they're set. And I didn't say "No, it's not going to work for me." and got snippy, I said I'd have trouble doing it, which isn't a lie. I was told to better communicate my issues if I had any, so if something comes up and I don't say anything then what good comes out of that?

To be honest I've dealt with my personal issues for long enough in conjuncture with my education without any adjustments to the requirements. I'm aware that my feelings have little effect on the status quo and that's life, but it does affect the calibre of what I can produce, which I'm working on.

I know I have a lot to go in terms of working with groups, and I have worked in groups sucessfully in the past. However, I have to work with what I can do and change what I can't do and try to navigate my way through the syllabus.

I understand everyone's advice here, and I can see that I may look like a student who intentionally refuses advice, but it isn't that simple. And it may seem ridiculous to not want to engage with a lecturer over this, but I honestly just want to put my head down and work, by myself and with others when I need to.

No. 51806

I'm going back to college tomorrow, and from what I've seen, this semester's schedule is slightly less shitty than the previous one, but it still changes every week. There are days when I'll have classes from 8am to 7pm with no breaks whatsoever to eat or go to the bathroom though, and I know the teachers don't give a fuck about it. I'm so mad, I can't wait to be done with college next year.

No. 51807

How's that possible? Longest I've been in school one day was like from 8 to around 6 and I had like a three hour break between classes that day. Maybe you'll get lucky though and some professors will let you out early.

Doesn't your college have a policy where if the class is long enough (more than 2 hours) they either have to give you a 15 minute break or something?

No. 51808

>Doesn't your college have a policy where if the class is long enough (more than 2 hours) they either have to give you a 15 minute break or something?

Yes, but the thing is that almost all of my classes are 1h30 long, so it doesn't apply here, and it's 5min break. And getting breaks depends on teachers. Still, we don't get enough time to cover everything so even the teachers who give us breaks don't do it all the time. I'll just eat shitty sandwiches while taking notes most of the time. The only times teachers let us out earlier than planned is when we finish a class at 8pm, which means that I will end up getting back home at 9pm some days.

I think the reason why my schedule is so fucked up is because we often have teachers who aren't really teachers but more like professionals who think it's fine to not give a lecture whenever they want to so it changes all the time, and last semester, a lot of teachers were absent definitely because of their health and they had to be replaced at the last minute.

No. 51809

All of you fuckers having friends/boyfriends and whatnot, meanwhile I'm sitting here barely talking to anyone from my course and evading my flatmates as if they have the plague. I'm thinking I shouldn't have even made the effort to come here and "study" since I'm barely even making the effort to finish my assignments.

It doesn't help that I got the hots for a guy that has no reason to look at me.

No. 51810

Ugh don't worry anon, same boat. I have two friends that I'm pretty close to but I only speak to via group chat, and other than that I don't talk to anyone. Same on the assignments, although I've started rigorously scheduling everything I do and that's helped a little, although it's exhausting.

No. 51811

Seconded. I work and take night classes which means I'm on my feet from 6 am - 11 pm twice a week. No time for friends really, much less a bf. I sigh every time I see a NEET here with severe anxiety who somehow has a serious boyfriend.

No. 51812

if I could afford college or uni I would have a blast. I'm so interested in a few specific topics but all my life I knew I'd never be able to attend. I'm envious of people who can go.

No. 51813

>I knew I'd never be able to attend

I would rethink that, anon. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Also, literally everything you could want to learn about is online nowadays. If you can't go to uni right now, there's nothing stopping you from taking a free course.

No. 51814

I have a bf but I'm awful at making friends. It's got to the point where i moved my rice cooker into my room so i can make food here so i don't bump into anyone in the kitchen. I think half of it is a shy thing and the other half is that i genuinely can't speak to people without it coming out all awkward. I've never had a group of girl friends i can cry too or tell my problems, get fashion advice etc. You know? the small things i really long for but I just can make any friends. Even my course is a sausage fest since it's games dev so i can't even meet anyone there.

No. 51815

This probably won't help you but just like any other activity socializing needs training. You have to practice it like you would practice a language or an instrument. The more often you interact with others the easier it gets.
However, the more you seclude yourself the more awkward the few conversations you'll have will be. On top of that you'll dissect every tiny mistake because you have only one conversation a week to obsess about instead of 372.

(btw. I'm not even following my own advice, so…)

No. 51816

I think about this all the time, it makes so much more sense but outside of gaming/anime cons where i'm dressed up as someone else i seriously just can't do it. I have no idea what to say, plus my sense of humor is really offensive, every friend I get i always chase them away because sometimes i get a bit too comfortable and offend them to the point where the refuse to speak to me anymore. My uni doesn't even have good clubs or anything there was a paranormal club which disbanded a week before sign ups..

No. 51817

If you live in the US look up FAFSA and submit your info for financial aid.

No. 51818

Okay, so how did you get a bf if you're so bad with people?

>mfw I'm in a games design course right now

No. 51819

I met him online. Speaks for itself.

No. 51820

Interesting. Do you meet with him in real life?

I also met a guy online a few years ago but he rejected me. We still talk, though. …And we've never actually met.

No. 51821

Yeah we met irl after about a month of talking online since we go to the same uni we were bound to bump into each other anyway. My problems really started after i met him now that i think about it. I was only okay with it since we are basically the same person and he understands my side of things.

No. 51822

File: 1485100604483.jpg (108.15 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0023.JPG)

>it's going to be a "sat in the wrong corner of the computer lab and now I'm stuck in an assigned seat next to that weird chuuni classmate" semester

No. 51823

File: 1485153448880.jpg (79.73 KB, 600x418, slooooooooooooooot.jpg)

Let me vent some retard shit fam.

>Be me 18

>Be me attend University
>Change major from B.Soc.sci to STEM in heartbeat because of shitty job prospects and general retardism of social sciences.
>Be me have no knowledge of science outside of highschool level biology.
>Have to take preparatory courses for chemistry, calculus and generalized science because wasted highschool time on Arts shit.
>Start off kind of shit with C - C+ grades despite full-time effort being put in.
>Finally pass preparatory papers enroll in real papers.
>Sister fail compsci introductory paper twice do third time and pass with 50% meet bf
>Be me get Bs an As in biology organic chemistry, history and physical chemistry
>Be me talk about how I enjoy semester despite not a lot of social shit because I can focus on myself and my studies fully
>Sister always tell me to shut up over school shit because she not want to be reminded of but I love the shit learnt outside of academia.
>Lonely doe and extremely introverted.
>Feel social pressure to mingle with classmates but not know where to start.
>Decide to join clubs
>Realize that all highschool friends went to entirely different towns, cities and places to get intended degrees/trades and employment.
>want to leave home and move into city to be closer to uni for extracurricular activities and social mingling but r scared and not know if it's cheaper/more efficient to move out. Particularly afraid of flatting with strangers.
>Change mind bout clubs because cannot attend with long travelling time to uni coupled with busy work schedule
>Be me be sad because no one shares personal interests, gaming, pop science and weird, esoteric stupid shit I like.
>Be me meet one girl who's eccentric who shares interests who I constantly try to impress since I never find people with similar interests.
>Sister also introvert meet bf in comp sci course at uni
>Be me talk about sci-fi, AIs and deep sciency gay philosophy shit I've always wanted to talk about to people with sisters bf.
>Be me try to befriend bf, sister gets hysterically jealous and paranoid that we have stuff in common and are same age while she older.
>Be me walk with both of them to comp sci lecture because have no classes for rest of day and bored as shit, also lecture theme about AI's which is shit I love.
>Be me walk at average speed in line as sis bf but sister slow as fuck so she gets left behind unintentionally
>Sister say "don't wait for me" "don't pity me "I don't even walk slow yous just walk fast"
>We subtly tease how slow sis walk saying she walk like snail real stupid innocuous shit
>Be sister earlier on date at botanical garden sister almost get ran over from walk too slow across high traffic roads
>Bf not wait for sis she pissed from it
>Be me say "you do walk pretty slow hur hur"
>Sister flip out and say I won't have her bf out of nothing and "stop taking his side" "He left me behind what a jerk"
>Sister proceeds to have mental breakdown because it appears like I walk with bf even though we almost at lecture hall and both on pathway about to be late.
>Sister storm around campus carpark in silence while bf confused as fuck and wonder wut happened, he ask me and I think she joking around
>Bf chase after her on carpark asking wut happen trying to hug tackle, sis just give me evils and say he not care bout her.
>Meanwhile in background I talk bout evolution and stupid shit cos bored of walking round in a fucking carpark bf discuss too while trying to apprehend her with hugs
>Sister throw all shit out and wants to leave uni.
>Bf say petty shit like she have bad breath, she have moustache to her face so sis take out frustration on me.
>Sis constantly gives me shit for being "vain" because I am somewhat into fitness and have body, diet and hair goals I work to achieve and maintain, basically I have a shred of self confidence in my appearance enough to maintain it in a way I see as ideal.
>Be me be constantly chastized for being "too vain", "superficial" "only care about appearences" for being fitter and slimmer than sister?
>Be me make fatal mistake of wearing thigh highs and slooty short shorts once when shopping and bf rubber neck while I talk to him.
>Sister always complain about how bf "rubberneck" and it make her sick I agree but feel responsible for partly.
>Sister say I try too hard to impress him and saying shit like i'm "stealing him" or "hes my boyfriend"
>Sister refuse to let me talk to or even look in direction of bf because "I'm just gonna flirt with him" I say I only want friend, she obviously not believe.
>Sister and bf plan on moving out and flatting at the end of January in preparation for Uni
>Be me ask if I can come too because of aforementioned reason
>Sister furious as shit and hate me forever saying she'll never forgive me because of me being "low key flirting" with him

>Be me wish I were male so wouldn't be accused of my apparent slut hussy whore steal yo mang demeanor and intentions.

Wat du?
I want a social life that I can juggle with school life I believe i'm ready for it now to make new friends but my sisters really put a dent in my confidence both physically and emotionally with her incessant hysteria. I've pretty much accepted I'm not being friends with her bf which is cool I guess, he never really got a say in it but whatever it's obviously not worth the hysteria it causes for our friendship to exist.

No. 51824

your sister sounds like an insecure cunt, anon, just ignore her bullshit. also, minimise your contact with her and her bf so she has no reason to nuclear on you. which is total bullshit, but you're gonna have to be the bigger, more diplomatic person considering she seems incapable of that.

there should be noticeboards around your uni where people can pin up flyers looking for flatmates or whatever right? scope that shit out, flatting with strangers would be a much better option than flatting with your sister, bc (hopefully) at least strangers don't flip out at you over trying to make friends?. flatting with strangers will also give you in to new friendship circles, which i'd call a win-win. it'll be scary at first anon, but remember, these people you're flatting with are in the same boat. you sound like you're trying to get your shit together anon, and i believe you can do it!!

No. 51825

File: 1485187006025.png (390.3 KB, 1061x1500, Anon, her sis and sis bf_ the …)

No. 51826

File: 1485187271750.png (415.41 KB, 1045x1500, 84.png)

No. 51827

He sounds like an awful boyfriend and you're enabling him.

He's obviously into you, especially if he's bad mouthing and ignoring his partner whole putting lots of focus on you even if you two for have a lot in common.

It isn't like you're trying to steal him but frankly your sister is right to worry- she should just be more upset with him than you.

No. 51828


this was hard to read tbh. your grammar seems fine in some sentences but the way you tried to green text made you sound like an illiterate mexican

anyways. i agree with >>51827
can't you find someone else to talk to instead of pissing off your sister? if the boyfriend wants to get with you and you let him it's gonna be a horrible situation and i'm sure he'll be willing to leave you like he did with your sister.
imo, this just sounds messy and you need to find friends. it's easy to find guys to give you their attention when you're into the science field and wear thigh highs. let your sister have her shitty boyfriend lol

No. 51829


what manga is this?

No. 51830

File: 1485217914383.png (498.03 KB, 1264x1800, 122.png)

you won't like it if you don't like incestious tutor-pupil relationship

No. 51831

File: 1485306564850.jpg (11.2 KB, 204x281, 1454653637727.jpg)

>mfw realizing how many weebs there are on campus
I had no idea how open weebdom is now, after spending most of my life out of the West. Some (qt) girl was playing Space Dandy soundtracks and future-funk/Japanese disco samples on the class speaker, others talking about some weeb merch they got, and a few other people were talking about video games while openly playing their 3DSs. There even seem to be a couple of people teetering on wearing EGL.

I sort of feel like it's the perfect way for me to make friends, but exposing my power-levels feels like too much of a risk.

>tfw family members keep bringing up the fact I have no friends, even to non-family
And it doesn't seem like I'm any closer to fixing that problem.

On the bright side, you'll have stories to share in feels/horror/cringe threads, anon.

No. 51832

stopped halfway because you cant write a for shit, i know its green text but still you sound like a retard.

No. 51833

Not everyone here got english as first language, dumb shitty robot.

No. 51834

File: 1485313068427.jpg (62.01 KB, 640x525, sad_keanu_reeves_640_15.jpg)

Thank you for bothering to read my stupid long shit, i'll keep my distance from the two from now on. To be honest he does seem pretty shitty as a bf, he was the one who asked my sister out but all he does is rubber neck other girls and make pretty asshole comments about her being fake with her interests as well as petty shit about her appearance aforementioned. She bought a Nintendo 3ds to impress him and plays it commonly now, she watches the anime he gets into and actually thought I copied him liking Steins Gate, a fucking anime that's been out for almost 10 years now and has never seized to lose popularity.

There's fuck all girls in comp-sci as you can imagine but the computer labs are shared with graphic design students with a plethora of qt girls he rubbernecks. I think the combination of doing shit at school and being emotionally unstable got to her. I still love her even though she's been treating me like ass this entire semester but minimizing contact will be healthier for the both of us, like one anon said there's plenty of peeps in STEM who will share my likes and interests guys and girls alike, it sucks to have to give up a friend but fuck it.

Got lazy, soz fam. Again thanks for reading though.

No. 51835

im aware of that, but that clearly is not the case with this person

No. 54206

That's it, I'm done, I've lost all my determination to do anything right now, let alone graduate. I feel like while graduating should be a pretty close goal I'll never make it. My friends might think the same because they don't care about their grades anymore and they skip classes way more than me but they have a reliable family that will support them, whereas I live with my shitty disrespectful family and I'm poor as fuck. My main objetive is to get a job, live alone at my own place and be independent. I'll probably never get a job if I don't graduate but I want to get a job asap instead of studying now. I'm not even learning anything in college beside useless things and I'm forced to get credits on a course I already have credits for since last year. It's so frustrating, and seeing the other students not having the same problems as me and complaining all the time about petty shit makes me so salty too.

No. 54460

I got straight A's last semester for the first time in my life. In primary school I actually scored 'below average' on an intelligence test and in secondary I barely passed because of maths. I go to a shit college and probably won't ever get a job because recruiters all look at the big colleges for young talents and I have to elbow my way to even the shittiest of internships, but I'm proud. I've developed a heart condition thanks to all the coffee and sleepless nights studying, but it was worth it. Even if nobody else will ever care.

No. 65396

Anyone else here go to community college than transfer to a university?

That's what I did, and I'm set to start classes this fall.

I hope I'm not in over my head since community college classes are pretty tame. :/ It's a top ten university and I had a 3.8 gpa after taking Calculus,Calculus II, a couple compsci and humanities courses.

I heard of people dropping out of university with 4.0 from CC's since the level of intensity in University wasn't what they were prepared for.

No. 65415

Anon i know that it's been a long time, so i hope you're still around. How did you manage to be that good? Any study tips?

No. 65419

I've taken classes at both kinds of schools and there's a pretty big difference if it's a top school. But depends on your cc I guess. My local one is pretty shit and teaches to the lowest denominator, so it's really easy to do well on little effort.

You should be fine as long as you recognize it will be harder/different than cc and take it seriously. It's more often the case that people who do badly in university fuck around too much and have shit time management than the material being objectively difficult to master.

No. 65420

Well my grades have dropped since, but that's because we get a lot of group projects and last semester I got stuck with a bunch of lazy Russian and Vietnamese exchange students who were expecting me to do all the work. I've written about it elsewhere on here, I think.
>How did you manage to be that good?
Well, I have no friends and I pretty much became a hermit several weeks prior to the exam season. I just try to start from the beginning and build up on existing knowledge rather than picking up the pieces and studying the most important bits of each lesson without taking the time to figure out how all concepts fit together, if that makes sense. Also, three hours of sleep per night. I'm actually trying to spread the material out a bit more so I could sleep because all that studying REALLY fucked with my health.

No. 65422

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry to hear about having to put up with them, that must suck.
I'm also pretty much a hermit, but still can't bring myself to actually do something and if i manage to motivate myself enough, than i often end up staring at the same sheet of paper without actually remembering anything.
Also my anxiety before tests is often pretty bad, which definetly isn't helpful either…

No. 65709

I took dual credit classes in high school, failed the math portion of the entrance exams but it didn't matter because I didn't go to college right away anyway. 5 years later, I'm on my last class. The math portion.

I went to take the exam and holy shit, these idiots had me running around for 30 minutes as the timer was counting down for the cutoff to be entered into the testing area. "Why did advising send you here? Go to admissions. Why did admissions send you here? Go to testing. Why did testing send you here?" etc.

I finally get in and all we get is two sheets of blank computer paper and a pencil to take the test with. The calculator we could use was just a basic one as a computer program, and it took literally 15-20 seconds for it to recognize a keystroke. He got super annoyed that the system for some reason kept kicking me off the test and he'd have to restart it.

I missed the passing grade by 1 or 2 questions and the college is trying to slam me into remedial classes for $900, saying my schedule was too hard to work with for tutoring (I work 40 hours a week, all of their tutoring ends when I get off work) and I'd just have to take the 3 semesters of math in order to graduate.

I finally said I'd be back in a week to retake and hopefully pass after studying by myself, and I looked at the results and they're trying to shove me into Elementary Algebra when it's my weakest subject when Statistics and Probability were my strongest. I'd rather take that as my core class, not something I'm shit in.

I hate money grabs, they don't care about the students at all, just the money. I'm so glad I'll be done after this.

No. 76816

File: 1521751042175.jpg (74.84 KB, 640x640, 120497109641.jpg)

Shameless necro to ask how the fuck did you guys figure out what you wanted to major in? I can't figure out for the life of me if I should do STEM or not. Should I figure out what career I want first and then choose my major or should I do what I'm most passionate about? I very much enjoy history and anthropology but I hear the job prospects aren't well paying unless I want to be a professor or teacher and I don't want to be either. I don't mind working for museums and doing archiving and research though but I imagine the pay isn't all that.

If I do decide to major in STEM, I was thinking that I want a career doing something with environmental science; majoring in geology with a minor in biology seems like a good idea for this as there's a variety of interesting, growing job prospects if I work hard. However, I'm shit at math and not horribly interested in science from what I remember of my old high school classes. Can I figure out what I want to do after I take basic courses in college? Maybe that'll get the cogs turning since it's been many years since I've been in school and I've grown.

I'm desperately trying not to fall into a trap. Your advice would very much be appreciated.

No. 76828

I definitely would recommend taking basic courses and going off from there. Sometimes boring subjects you learned in high school are way more engaging in college, so it's good to cover a lot of bases. Plus, I'm sure whatever college you're going to will have counselors that can help you choose a path.
I wouldn't be too worried about not being a big math or science person. I never excelled in STEM classes in middle or high school, but now I'm pursuing engineering. What matters most is your work ethic and how much effort you're willing to put in. It's better to be aware now, as the cocky smart kids who coasted by in high school think they're hot shit and end up getting overwhelmed with real work in college.

Environmental sciences could be a cool field if that's what interests you. Seeing what your university has to offer you could help narrow down your choices, too. Most people struggle to choose a major because they only think in really vague terms like English or engineering, when there's tons of specialty fields that would suit their interests more.
You mentioned that you enjoy anthropology. Maybe you could consider going into astrobiology? It connects to ideas of evolution and also incorporates biology and even some geology. It's a cool niche field and might be up your alley if that stuff interests you.

Sorry, I kinda rambled. I hope I could help you at least a little bit! Good luck on your career path, whatever you choose to do!

No. 76850

I study microbio however I had some ecology and geology courses as add-ons for fun in the first two years of uni. Neither are math heavy, ecology may have some statistics when it comes to field work techniques but it isn't anything crazy out there. Geology in 2nd year of undergrad started to have some chemistry and physics in it but, just like the other anon said, what you may have found difficult or boring in high school may not necessarily appear the same way at uni, it was definitely the case for me with chemistry. Hope this helps in some way, choosing a degree is quite stressful

No. 77366

Hey, I've been struggling with how to pursue higher education and I would love to hear some advice. I'm American but the cost of college here is way too much for me and my family. Even with aid, I'm still fucked over, and I can't stay at home any longer because I'm trying to escape an abusive situation (long story) so going to a local community college is out of the question.

I started thinking about the possibility of studying in Europe - not as a foreign exchange program, but moving to Europe and enrolling as an international student. Specifically, I was considering Germany, because I've been studying German for about six years, and I know they have very well-respected universities. I'm just afraid it won't work out somehow, and that I'll be miserable and alone in a foreign country. I also feel like the college experience in Europe is very different from that of America, and because I have different expectations of university, I'll be somehow disappointed or feel like I'm "missing out" on what my peers are experiencing back home. I don't know if that's stupid or not, though.

Part of me is terrified to live in a foreign country but a tiny part of me is intrigued. I've always felt dissatisfied with my life and I would absolutely love to start anew in a completely new country, but I feel like I might be romanticizing the idea of studying in Europe. I'm also totally okay with staying and working in Germany after I get my degree, I don't think I would feel any need to bolt straight back to the USA after graduation.

Does anybody have experience studying as an international student, specifically an American going to Europe? Is it more economical to study in Germany, or would the cost of living make it equal to that of an American university? I would love any advice or input, I'm just so lost. Everybody around me has absolutely no experience with going to Europe for school, so I don't really have anybody else to talk to, lol.

I would also love if any German anons had advice for me, such as what university life is like over there, or how international students are viewed.

Sorry for rambling. I'm just so anxious about this and I don't know what to do. I'd really appreciate any input.

No. 77367

Visa, living and travel costs are often very hefty I've heard. I go to an international university and everyone who comes here from the Americas is loaded as hell, and even then they all complain how they often can't access their money back home and how people here won't rent to them. They also don't like that not everyone speaks English and some teachers can't understand them.
What about Canada?

No. 77368

File: 1522279132152.jpg (49.09 KB, 720x540, 548ca38dad41f145165bb7e8deb5af…)

German anon here:
Since you've been studying German for six years already, i assume your level is quite high?

I'm going to be honest; personally, i'm an incredibly shy and socially anxious person and therefore university life isn't much fun for me.

I've never been to the States, so i have no idea how it really is there but growing up watching american movies really shaped my view of how college is supposed to be falsely.
In Germany you don't live on campus, you either live in your own flat or in some sort of shared housing (you've got your own room + bathroom, but a shared kitchen), so it's not like you've immediately got a roommate to chat with.

There are club activities available, but i'd say that most people actually aren't joining any.
Generally, international students stay completely to themselves, i don't know why. Not even "sorted" by country, but just all foreigners in general stick together…?

Maybe you're a more outgoing person than me (or the majority of Germans) and will find friends quickly, plus if you're trying to escape and abusive situation, even if it's not going to be much fun, at least you're safe (and the fee for one semester is less than 200€).
In conclusion, it's not going to be easy, but at least you won't be in huge debt afterwards.

(To cheer you up: Alcohol is incredibly cheap here and i've heard that drinking in public is forbidden in the US…?)

No. 77369

I'm so over interacting with classmates. I know it's my depression making me irritable but I hate projects where you have to team up and discuss, or group projects. Blegh.

No. 77370

Something i forgot to add:
If i'm not mistaken getting a degree in the USA only takes 3 years, while in Germany you'll definitely have to study for (much) longer.

No. 77372

I'm an international student (not American though) studying in Germany
If you have no interest in Germany and living abroad you will have a very hard time here
Germans are obviously different from Americans and it will take time and effort to integrate here. That said Germans are very open and friendly so it's not hard to make friends here. From my experience all the stereotypes Germans have not been true so far. German uni's also have cheap cafeteria (mensas), making it very easy to invite people to get some dinner. Personally moving to Germany was the best decision I've made, I was way lonelier back home

I haven't studied in the US so I don't know what you think you're gonna be missing out on. You'll be able to travel Europe, learn a new language and get to know another culture. I know some Americans and they like it better here way better than back home

No. 77374

Yeah, the cost of living is what I'm worried about in Germany, especially since my family is solidly middle class. I figured paying rent would be better than owing thousands of dollars to the government with interest, but as I've never lived on my own before, I don't think I understand the full responsibility of the cost of living!

To be honest, I didn't look into Canadian schools at all. I had heard that tuition in Canada, while cheaper than the US of course, was pretty expensive so I immediately cast it off. I think I'll try doing my own research for sure, I certainly wouldn't mind living in Canada! Thank you for your advice!

I would like to say my German skills are good after all those years, but I'm really self conscious. I'm good at reading and writing and I get good grades in my German class, but I get nervous when I'm having conversations, especially because I hate my American accent. I guess Germans probably won't be expecting me to sound like a perfect native though.

Yeah, I'm pretty shy myself. I feel like I'm an outgoing person, but my insecurities make it difficult for me to actually do that. I love talking to strangers and making new friends, so I think that's why I'm attracted to the idea of going to a new country where nobody knows me. I also like sports so I feel like joining a casual team would be an easy way for me to make friends, but I'm not sure how popular those are at German universities.

And with the alcohol thing, haha, I'd love to get my hands on German beer. I'm not really a big fan of huge parties and getting blackout drunk, but I feel like party culture is very different in Europe/Germany compared to America? Here I feel like college kids go overboard on alcohol because it's rebellious and "cool" which I really dislike.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate hearing your insight as a German!

No. 77375

>Generally, international students stay completely to themselves, i don't know why.
I guess we have similar interests. All of my german friends are people who have gone abroad themselves too

No. 77376

The reason i wrote that Germans in general are rather reserved etc. is because foreign students always "complain" about it, e.g. girls having to do the first move with german boys etc.
So maybe you're going to appear really friendly and extroverted in comparison.

We usually start drinking at 16, so our "wild years" are already over by the time we're going to university and many prefer only going to some bar to chat and drink, you don't necessarily need to go clubbing.

No. 77377

If you don't mind me asking, what country are you from? I'm just curious to know about your native language and if you found it difficult studying in Germany if German isn't your native language.

I would consider myself as having an interest in the country. I've been learning German for a while now and I've always found the culture and history of Germany really interesting. I definitely wouldn't want to study somewhere random like Spain or France, it would intimidate me too much as I don't have any familiarity with the language or culture.

It's good to hear that in your experience Germans have been friendly. So many people here are really snobby and say things like "All people from Germany/other European country are snobby, hate Americans, etc." and I feel like that can't all be true lol. The German exchange students who came to my high school were always super nice, too. But idk.

You raise a fair point about exploring a new culture. I guess since I've never been to an American university myself yet, I won't know what I'd be missing out on either, lol. The idea of traveling is also super appealing to me. Do you get a lot of chances to travel during holidays/weekends? I'm so jealous of people in Europe who can easily roadtrip to so many different countries, and there are lots of places in Europe that I'd love to see.

Thank you so much for your input!

No. 77378

>Yeah, the cost of living is what I'm worried about in Germany
For me rent is about 250, food+drinks 300 (I eat out a lot, I'm not an alcoholic) and travel 30
You can earn up to 450 a month tax free

No. 77379

One of my friends lives in a place so tiny that there's barely enough space for a bed and she pays 500, so it really depends on the area/city.

No. 77380

Oh, that's interesting. Haha I grew up being known as the weird quiet girl so I think it'd be hilarious to then become known as the outgoing and extroverted American. I wouldn't mind it, though. I prefer to be in control of social situations instead of waiting for people to come talk to me.

>many prefer only going to some bar to chat and drink, you don't necessarily need to go clubbing.

That's good to hear honestly. From what I saw from my friends and family in college they were constantly going wild at clubs and frat parties and it never appealed to me. I get really anxious when I lose control from drugs/alcohol so I'd much rather go to a more relaxed environment and watch sports/hang out, which seems like a more European thing.

No. 77381

That's definitely true. I live in supposedly one of the most expensive cities, but I think the average rent is somewhere between 250 and 300 warm

I'm from the Netherlands but I'm studying in English.
>So many people here are really snobby
There are definitely stereotypes about Americans (most of them seem to be true but that aside) but at the and of the day people will judge you on your character not your nationality. Germans love to make fun of Dutch people too but it's all in good fun
>Do you get a lot of chances to travel during holidays/weekends?
How much time you'll have heavily depends on what you study I guess. My uni organises trips though and travelling to other countries is pretty cheap so I'd say there are plenty of options to travel

No. 77382

>All people from Germany/other European country are snobby*

No. 77383

Wow, you only pay 250 for your rent? I'm assuming that's in euros, but even in USD, that's dirt cheap. Is there some kind of subsidized student housing for students, or are there just really cheap apartments in Germany?

>it really depends on the area/city
That makes sense. I really wanted to study in Munich, but I've heard the cost of living is insanely high there.
Do you (or any other anons in Germany) have recommendations for good cities to consider living in? I want to study engineering, so a city that has a university with a good engineering program would be nice. It's more important for me to live in a place that I can afford and also enjoy the culture, though.

No. 77385

>between 250 and 300 warm
Wait, so that cost includes heating and stuff? That's crazy. I grew up outside a major US city and the cost of a shitty shoebox apartment in the ghetto is like maybe $2500 USD if you're lucky.
Is that cost split with roommates? And about how big is the average apartment? The size of an apartment doesn't matter too much to me, though, just a tolerable living space. I'm going to university, I don't need to live in the Buckingham Palace, lol.

Yeah, I'm not overly sensitive about jabs at Americans. I mean, we're pretty easy to make fun of!

No. 77386

I'm talking a month, not a year
Yea warm means including water, heating, electricity
Mind you I live in uni housing so I obviously live a bit cheaper than most(emoji)

No. 77387

Yeah I know it's monthly, it's still just so cheap compared to apartments in America. One of my friends pays 750 USD a month to split a horrible college apartment with two other girls, and this is in a dumpy suburban college town, not even a city.

No. 77388

I'm off to bed now
If you have any more questions you could give me your discord
If you want I can show you some pictures of the uni/town/housing here

No. 77389

This is embarrassing cause I feel like everyone on the internet and their grandmother uses Discord, but I actually don't have one, lol.

I wanted to thank you so much for your help, and for all the other anons who responded to my post! I wasn't expecting all this great advice and it really helped me so much. Thanks again and good night!

No. 77390

Like I said going to Germany was one of the best decisions of my life
I should've done it way earlier
Also German guys are also cute but so far I haven't been able to attract one
Good luck

No. 78859


I have a problem here.
My parents, they don't even damn a fuck about helping me out with finding uni in other country, thinking that 'hurrudrr you know english so thats enuf xdxdxd youll find uni by yourself xd why u need help? Are you stupid?' meanwhile i'm more than terrified about the whole stuff and i need help. But the main problem (for now…) is that they decided to give me a scled till this friday, choosing a uni in other country while you need to pass a fuckin ITELS test which i told them about at the beginning of this year, hell, i even reminded them about it last month. But woo-hoo, they decided to ignore this shit completely and now mothers saying 'we dont have time for dat!!hurrdurr!!! ' jesus, like, what the fuck? And most of unis requie their own countrys language, its hard to find even a freaking art-related uni. I found only two of them, and of course, they requie this shit. I'm completely lost and don't know how to even explain to them. BUT! I found that one of these unis has a course in my native language, yet this fact scares me for some reason… Prob because it _seems weird_, plus, ((yay, more stupid shit →)) i'm hella damn socially awkward and shy when it comes to people who speak my language. I become completely lost, insecure and shit (prob due to traumatic childhood)… Idk anymore guys. Sorry for bad explanation and shit. Still trying to find stuff…Yet again, i'm always the one to blame. Every fucking time.

No. 78866

My advice to you is to invest in some English lessons anyway…

No. 78879

Her english is fine, it just seems like she's been learning it from a hyperactive 13 year old.

No. 78913

Im truly sorry, was full of emotions yesterday. ;;

No. 79155

an eurofag here currently studying in uk, was in a similar situatiom to you in regards to no parental or any actually irl guidance. not sure which countries you are aiming for and frankly i only have a crustal clear idea of the admissions process for uk unis however ielts or another language test that proves your english proficiency is almost always a must (unless yiu are from an english speaking country and maybe for ib it's different as well).

with regards to interacting with people from your place of origin when abroad, you really don't have to. literally don't open your mouth ariund the very obviously patriotic ones and don't wear flag related paraphernalia and no one will know that you're one of them. i have some similar anxieties around that as do some of my friends that are also foreign students , i think it is quite common. but also some people really apprecitate having their own little diaspora and it can help some with studies as well (instant project group partners, the ones better at english helping others who are not, homesickness aid etc).

if you have any other questions i can try to help although not sure how much as i study a stem subject lol. good luck to you, i know first hand how horrifying it is to try to apply when there are no resources or anyone who can help you, even just morally

No. 79235

File: 1523720645081.jpg (100.99 KB, 731x1000, 1391201844843.jpg)

I'm trying to go to community college in the fall (25, been to college before but stopped) and I'm so anxious about finances. Will I get aid? I won't know until the summer, apparently, according to the financial aids officer I talked to. Worse comes to worse I could do a payment plan but I'm just gonna scrape by.

Also, everyone looks so yooung.

No. 79284

You should be able to get a Pell grant, unless you've already used it up in previous schooling. It should cover a couple semesters at least.

You're going to do great! I really enjoyed community college and I entered specific job program at 27, finished at 29. Got into good career shortly after. Good for you getting back into school!!

No. 79308


I'm so hoping for that Pell grant! There's a grant specific to my state too so I'm also hoping to get that! I remember my first time around that I would get both?

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm super excited. I actually love school so I'm excited to meet my professors and just start already.

No. 79755

File: 1524225265774.jpg (33.28 KB, 276x233, 1524184032320.jpg)

Sorry for necro. I just need to say this.

I have to take an extra science class because "I needed it", but no one told me anything about it. So now I owe $529 for a class I could have used my pell grant on. And now I don't know if I'm illegible because I'm only taking one summer class and they require two for me to get another grant. At least I'm graduating.

Also I had to read seven chapters in my psychology class book on top of doing other assessments and I'm not done.

No. 79768

That's not necroing.

No. 79931

File: 1524402394916.png (487.37 KB, 423x750, b676c7a91d3f02353de24901e814b3…)

I am frustrated right now.

So I was a NEET from 2015-2017 and I really don't want to be destined to be in a tough financial spot like my parents were.

Went back to community college and enrolled in a trades school healthcare program, pharm tech. I know you can just get a certificate and find a job, but I have no job experience and need that schooling.

I'm in my last semester before externships and I'm paranoid. I don't want to be a pharm tech for the rest of my life given the shit wages but I'm sticking through it for my parents sake so I can at least get my AA degree.

I struggle at math and science but healthcare still appeals to me.

I was thinking on wanting to "move up" and maybe play around the idea of being a medical technologist but I'm terrible at math, science, memorization and I'm not smart academic wise. I'm decent at writing when need be, but that's about it.

I know it's stupid to pursue a higher more challenging healthcare career based on my background, so give me a reality check. Am I making a stupid decision for wanting to be a MLS?

I take a bunch of career tests and shit and find myself getting more and more frustrated. I just want a job with a decent salary that I'll be good at, 9-5 that kinda thing. Medical science interests me but I'm insecure I'm way too stupid for it and should know what my limits are. I know my mindset is something I need to work on, but suggestions would be nice or something. Sorry for the rant.

Medical technologists just appealed to me because I learned some stuff relating to it in my pharmacology classes and my college career counselor recommended me that path based on my "love" for science but I feel like I'm not fit or competent enough for that path- but at the same time, something challenging would fuel me to push myself to succeed for it. I dunno man.

No. 81118

I'm starting uni in the fall and am suddenly worried that my degree will be useless, job wise. I'm taking business and am intending to become an accountant but most people seem to hold a belief that only those in STEM get jobs. Is this true?

Not that I'll change my mind, I couldn't stomach STEM since it seems to be the sort of thing that needs to be your main interest. I'm at least somewhat into finance/economics/etc.

I originally wanted to be an artist, so it's hopefully a step up from that. Right?

No. 81119

No, don't worry about it.
One of my bf's friends is still in college for the same thing and she's getting really good job offers already. The majority of my ex classmates from hs that stuck to it are doing great.

It really won't hurt you, just also try to maybe get some work experience in your field or some additional certificates (like from courses outside college or seminars etc) if you can

No. 81301

File: 1525108547910.jpg (72.12 KB, 1024x576, 450984504.jpg)

Five tests. I did five tests for my psychology class on the same day. And I still have to study for finals on top of having to study for the finals of my other three classes.

God I hate half term classes. The only reason I'm pushing through is that I have one more class to take until I get my diploma (I'm graduating, I just can't get my diploma until I take and pass a natural science class.)

ON TOP OF THAT I'm scared that my graphic design degree will be worthless and that I may have to go back to college which is something I really don't want to do.

This is what I get for not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Fuck man.

No. 81305

>graphic design degree
i wanted to comfort u but this was a waste of time and money

No. 82340

ok, big diary:

I enrolled to go back to school in the fall but I CAN'T STAY OFF THE GOD DAMN FUCKING INTErNET. 4am, nothing done can't go to bed because nothing done, can't start anything cause 4am, on the fucking internet, lurking forums or social media usually though sometimes go to like CNN and read the whole website. Online homework is the worst, it's like trying to study in an amusement park or something. I wish they would just give me a piece of paper with the problems on it. I've tried every internet blocker known to man but in addition to being obsessed with the internet I also just like computers generally and understand how they work on a pretty low level so getting past them becomes like a game.

Inb4 get some self control - it's obviously a self control thing but what's so frustrating is that I'm really good with self control in like every other area - I'm on time, I stick to diets, I save money, don't do drugs, drink or watch TV, try to be a good listener, never talk shit IRL (just lurk on LolCow, heh) keep the house clean, and after I dropped out (chem) I got a job in a lab and I'm really good at it, super accurate and always beat my deadlines. I have no idea why I just break down when it comes to crappy online content I don't actually care about vs coursework.

I've talked over and over it with therapists, tried CBT, etc. I noticed it might be better when I eat a little more and a little healthier, but it's really hard to eat just the right amount because if I eat too much then it's hard to sit still, I actually got really obsessed with this and it made it worse. I also noticed that I have better outcomes when I try to spend time with people so I think it might be some sort of a compulsive reaction to loneliness, but idk if that helps because school and academics require than you spend a lot of time alone studying and I have a really hard time getting into study groups because I'm so obviously bombing that no one wants to touch me, also I'm going to be older than everyone else now.

Idk, at this point I just feel totally hopeless and have no idea what's going to happen. If anyone had a similar problem and managed to get the fuck over it I'd really like to hear your story.

No. 82342

File: 1526060905972.gif (5.43 MB, 540x304, 69562D1F-974C-485E-B758-725658…)

I feel self counsious about starting uni at 21.

I feel like everyone is going to be so much younger than me.

It’s a stupid thing to be self conscious of but I’m still scared.

No. 82345

I did the same because I dropped out the first time. It's actually not too bad and I have plenty of friends that are the same age, two of them are even older (32 and 48). You will most likely have some people around you that don't seem very mature, but in my experience the majority of people are great and no one really cares about your age. It might also vary a bit depending on what you study, of course.

Good luck, anon!

No. 82347

I'm in the same boat as you, same age too.

It's important to remember that, visually, you won't stand out or anything. Everyone is an adult, it's not like you're going to middle school.

That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

No. 82355

You sound really obnoxious and sheltered and spoiled. You're not gonna be the youngest at university.

No. 82356

I think you'll be fine anon, when I first went I was fresh out of high school and newly 18 and I remember being surprised at how old a lot of my classmates were/looked. Quite a few instances where I talked to someone thinking they were my age and discovered they were like 24.

No. 82359

File: 1526069508708.jpeg (28.21 KB, 384x384, 234A83D7-C8AE-4195-9D2C-85258F…)

I sound like someone who had to work before going to university due to having to pay most of it out front.

Pop a Xanax anon are you seriously that angry at everyone?

No. 82360

nta but i'm 28 and going to go this year. get over yourself.

No. 82367

I think waiting with going to university can be a benefit. I started working after high school to be able to pay my studies, and got to build up some experience along the way. I've done a lot of crappy jobs, but I think it helped me figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life. I'm 25 and starting university after summer, and it's whole different path than what I thought I wanted when I was 18.

At work I get along fine with colleagues ranging from their early 20s all the way up to late 50s. It's completely normal in a workplace (depending on the job, of course), so I see no reason as to why people should be concerned about their classmates being the same age as them.

I hope it goes well for you!

No. 82370

I started uni on my 25th birthday after spending a few years in an industry I wasn't happy with (I had previously dropped out of uni after 10 weeks when I was 19 lol). Monday is my last exam for this degree, I'm hoping to pursue a masters after.

In my life I did not find that I was starting too late, however these past 3 years I have lost contact with a lot of my own peers and those I got close to while working. I have barely heard from any of them. That sucked.

My own experience with uni was even though I did not feel old my classmates obviously felt the generation gap. It's a STEM class. There are a few older students but they mostly keep to themselves unless we have to do group work. The first two years I tried to blend in with others, but I was far from blending lol, this final year I just stuck to the older students (two girls two years younger than me, and a dude 10 years older).

Honestly uni is doable without a load of friends. I spoke to others when needed be, but I have my own support system outside of the place. My attendance this year was absolutely shocking and no one cared. I half assed a lot of my essays and just got high to combat the lonliness, was surprised at some of the high marks. All of my stress has come from time management, obviously being a heavy weed smoker does not help. My best advice is to do all homework suggestions and reading.

Personally I find uni to be a massive waste of money. I mean this resource wise. As I said, my attendance this year is shite. I have attended less than 10 lectures in my final year. A lot of the professors are obnoxious cunts (especially the younger ones) and would cry if put in an actual working environment. I am not wanting a career in academia, a lot of them don't seem to understand that.

No. 82598

I've left all my thesis work to the last minute. It's got to be done this year (not spring necessarily but this year) and idk what to do. I am so depressed and unmotivated. I used to be the best in everything, now it's come to this.

What I need is something for my untreated adhd but no way I'm gonna get a diagnosis at this point in time where I'm living.

No. 82599

I'm the anon that just posted and I feel like part of my problem is the same one you're dealing with. But the other part is paralysing depression and the futility of life.

I've found that having to report on my progress can help but I've gotten so good at making it look like stuff is getting done. I swear it's all in my head and needs to just get out onto paper.

You know there's a big problem when you're bored with the whole internet, right? THat's how I get sometimes.

If you want some kind of accountability partner, we could set up a trello board or something. Let me know. I'm fucking dying over here and something has to happen.

No. 82674

>There are a few older students but they mostly keep to themselves unless we have to do group work.
This is my experience of older students too and I honestly think it's a reason why going to uni later when you know what you want to be doing is a good idea.
Older students tend to be focused and responsible because they've seen the world outside of education. They're over trying to be the cool kid, they're over trying to fit in, they know that they need to just put in the work and get the grades.
Don't get sucked into the circle of young students or melodrama, that's not why you're there

No. 82682

I'm already a very anxious person to begin with, but this semester I've got 5 presentations in June alone, how should I manage to do that? I feel like dying…

No. 82687

I'm 19 and I haven't been to college in almost a year now. I thought about changing my major but I'm afraid I won't have the money to go back. I'm not 100% sure what career I want to pursue but I don't want to waste time or money on a degree I'm not gonna use. Currently thinking about trade school. Feel guilty because my parents are saying either college or military but I'm looking for the right path for me. Any advice?

No. 82692

Shit are you me? At 19 I quit going for a year, wasn't sure about my degree or major, didn't want to waste time and money on a degree I wouldn't use, and didn't have the money to go back (university put a hold on my transcript and registration because of outstanding fees).

I wound up joining the military but if you're thinking about trade school something worth considering is how hard your desired trade will be on your body and whether you're willing to risk that. I know you're probably feeling some pressure from your parents but it is your future and you don't wanna waste more time and money than you have to on the wrong path.

No. 82733


Thanks anon and best of luck to you. My real passion is art but I wanted a career that would support me while I worked on it. I'm sure I'll find something sooner or later, thanks again hug

No. 82735

Hey! For someone like yourself, I really recommend trade school. It seems like a path you really want to do- plus, I find myself on it as well and I'm expected to graduate in winter with my certificate.

Go for it! It's low commitment, and you won't be paying stupidly high students loans like in a university. I really recommend the short-term medical trades, or even in office administrative work. Just look at your local community college and look at the trade school programs they offer. Plus, if you're eligible you can get FAFSA and that'll help immensely. I'm not an advocate for trades, but reading your post made it really sound like you want to go down that path so please do.

No. 82869

I'll definitely look into those! You guys are so helpful thanks a ton

No. 84405

I had some problem in college. I have not talent in writing different kind of essays. I often used special helping in this question. For example, several times I checked writing service on https://www.collegepaperworld.com/ where writing team helped me with essays.

No. 84448

anyone in college for law / political science? how is it? any advice?

No. 84455

File: 1528334822141.png (46.3 KB, 770x430, anthropology.png)

im going to graduate school for anthropology which is awesome, but its not quite what i want to do. i really want to do paleoanthropology and the professor i'm studying under is a biomedical anthropologist (basically he uses 3d imaging software to observe medical anomalies) and he told me he would be interested in integrating ancient human samples with modern populations so i was all for it. but after i was accepted and enrolled in the program, he decided he didn't want to do that anymore, so now i'm stuck doing biomedical. i've already put everything into this program: moved into a new apartment near the university, turned down other offers. to do stuff i dont want to do. my plan b is to just suffer through the biomedical heavy stuff but slowly integrate paleoanthro into my research and when graduate maybe venture into integrating both? i'm just so pissed he wanted until AFTER i accepted to tell me.

No. 84457

Guys, pls help. I'm freaking the fuck out right now.

So I'm trying to transfer as an undergrad to a very good and very selective school in my city and for awhile I was pretty sure I had a shot, but lately I'm having really severe doubt and it's giving me a lot of anxiety.

I'm at a CC right now and have worked for my school in a mentor-type position for about two years now, have a lot of other work experience (20-25 hrs a week while taking a full course load), have a lot of other leadership and volunteer experience, and my GPA will be a 3.9 by the end of this semester. I have all my pre-reqs done for my program as an incoming 2-year transfer, which for this school is a must. I'll also have an AA by the time I transfer. I've been on the Dean's list every semester and have received President's honors twice.

Only problem is, that GPA I listed is only my cumulative at my current school. I'm someone who went to university several years ago right out of high school, did extremely poorly due to a host of mental and environmental factors, and ended up dropping out. My GPA at that school by the time I left was a 1.77. After 5 years, I was in a new state, had basically started my life over, went back to school and have maintained almost all A's (got two B's in classes unrelated to my major).

I'm very much a non-traditional student, have been through a lot (mental illness, childhood abuse, rape, chronic pain disorder, etc) but in spite of all this have become a better and stronger person, and I continue to get better every day. I'll be 28 by the time I transfer to finish my BA, so I'll already be a little older than most incoming transfers and have a bit more life experience. I can write one hell of a personal statement (I'll have to do 4 for my application) that clearly shows what I've overcome and what I'm capable of.

Regardless, I still feel like it's not going to make a difference. I'm terrified admissions is going to take one look at my cum. GPA (3.1 overall; average for my major is between 3.7-3.9) and reject me. If they just looked at the last 2.5 years of my work, I'd be fine, but I know it's unlikely to happen. This is an extremely competitive school. I even tried getting in touch with my university to see if I could do an academic renewal, but they only do so for returning or current students. Since I'm now living in a different state, I don't have that option.

I've talked to a number of people about my situation and have gotten mixed messages. Some have told me I'm a shoe-in and that they won't hold my old grades against me so long as I make it clear in my personal statements why they don't reflect my abilities now. Others have said that they will, and to make sure I have a number of back-up schools (which I'd do anyway tbh) because it's unlikely I'll get in with such a low number.

Basically, I don't know who to believe. I don't know of anyone who has a similar backstory that did end up getting into this school, or another highly competitive school. I have co-workers who go there, but they're all traditional students with high GPAs and everything else I listed earlier that makes it clear they're a well-rounded person with leadership experience.

Has anyone else ever been in this type of position, where you had bad grades from a long time ago, came back strong, and had your efforts pay off by getting into a really good school? I'm looking for any encouragement I can get, because right now I feel like a complete fraud, and like my past will continue to haunt me for the rest of my academic career no matter what I do.

No. 84481

I'm not from the US, anon, keep this in mind.

Here political science is seen as a lighter version of law. Tbh it's less work-intensive but it also has a lower employment rate after uni. It includes some sociology, more economics, and is all in all a more entertaining degree to study for.
Law means studying your ass off for years, but also opens a wider array of possibilities. Most of my older classmates are working/continuing their studies without any trouble. I'm in my last year and I'm honestly not sure if I would have picked it knowing all of this.

Research a bit before enrolling. You typically won't get taught much about law at school so you usually arrive at college without any idea, and that's a bad thing.
Also, be prepared to have a bunch of classmates with law-related family backgrounds.

No. 84485

I haven't been in your position so I can't say anything for sure, but I'm almost confident that your past won't matter. What matters to the school is that you were capable of turning it around and getting back on track - an excellent track, by the sounds of it. Plus, getting to explain yourself in your personal statements will help a lot. It's not your fault that you had to go through so many awful things. Anybody's academic performance would suffer from all that.

Don't feel like a fraud. You're not "lesser" than your peers who had a traditional university experience. In a way, you're hardier than them, because you were able to bounce back from rock bottom and start a successful new life. That's genuinely impressive and many people aren't strong enough to do that. I'm sure the school you're applying to will recognize that. Competitive schools want people who are strong and determined. You went from a 1.77 at your first university and now have a 3.9. That's incredible, and that's the kind of determination any good school would want in their students.

Sorry that I can't give you any concrete advice, but I still really think you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!

No. 84489

Lame question, but does anyone have tips on how to make friends at a college that's very much a commuter school? I'm in desperate need of meeting new people, and I heard it's more difficult since so many people just go home after classes, so I'm thinking of joining an LGBT club or Japanese culture club or something to try branching out?

No. 84495

i also go to a heavy commuter school. clubs are great, also look at volunteering opportunities if your school has them. i volunteered at the campus food pantry, 90% of the people there were commuters but that's also where a majority of my friends come from. so my best suggestion is that if clubs end up being a bust, look into volunteering opportunities. i cant speak for everyone, but i feel like more people at a commuter school are willing to stick around for stuff that will look good on their applications, as cheesy as that sounds. and as an added bonus you'll get something for your resume too!

No. 84499

Ooh, thanks anon! It's going to be my first year obviously so I'm still a little lost as to how things will work in college (meanwhile all my friends are graduating in a year…), so this is a good idea!

No. 84527

no problem and good luck! i hope you find something that both interests you and helps you find some good friends!

No. 88207

I have to study 3 x ~500 pages for an upcoming exam. Now I've spent the last 3 days only with summarizing the first part. Problem is, since this exam is known for so many failing it, I kind of feel like literally everything is important and therefore just that summary alone ended up being 60 pages (handwritten).
There's no way I ever manage to memorize those, much less the other 2 parts on top of it…
What should I do? Just read through it, or summarize? If I summarize (and am fast) then this'll take me nearly another week and then I've got only 4 days left for memorizing all that… I can literally spend 1 hour looking at 1 page an remember barely anything; I know that I'm not stupid, but this legit makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. Any advice? I feel like giving up, but failing it would be a nightmare.
(On top of that: the class is awfully boring)

No. 92068

File: 1534195574341.gif (1.88 MB, 540x540, source.gif)

How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed with workload?

Today I got 4 books at the library and upon seeing how much it is, I totally freaked. I need to read them and write 2 papers about them. I also have 3 exams coming up. I actually still got some time, the papers are due at the end of september and the exams are in the middle of october but I already feel as if time is running up.

Whenever I have exams or just some project to do, I go into "study mode" completely: meaning I neglect my hygiene, my room looks like trash, I'm incredibly moody, but the worst thing is, that I don't even get that much shit done (instead I browse lc for example).
All the other students seem to be able to balance studying for a bit each day and also having some free time. On exam day I feel anxious and miserable, probably even wear some dirty clothes, meanwhile some of the other girls even took the tine to apply makeup and are a lot more relaxed and optimistic - which probably affects their marks in a positive way.

No. 92191

How do you portion your studies and workload in that "study mode"? I've always gone into a study mode, but usually I will set it up in such a way that it doesn't affect my "home" life too much.

What helps the most, in my experience, is dedicating time for studying or working on projects away from home. Find a nice secluded quiet place in the library, or a study room on campus, or whatever you can find. Then you simply portion out an amount of time per day for sitting there. This means you can more easily relax at home, not think about school at home, and enjoy your free time and take care of yourself and your room without guilt.

When workload is low, I might only be at my study place for a couple of hours. When workload is high, and I need my "study mode" close to exams, I'll portion it out so I sit at my study place for around 10-11 hours a day. Bring a nice warm packed lunch or two. And a lot of coffee. Find some relaxing music to listen to. Take some small breaks every now and then.

Try to figure out how many chapters a week you'll have to work through for each course / book, and try to go for that.

Now, I usually don't attend lectures or do any kind of studying together with anyone. I sit down with my book in my library and do everything my own way, which works great for me. You might have to find your own routine, but as long as you don't worry too much about other people and the rest of the world, and you have somewhere to get away to, I'm sure you'll do fine.

No. 92210

>How do you portion your studies and workload in that "study mode"?
I usually only sit on my desk til midnight (but only study if I manage to stop browsing the internet…) Most of the time I tell myself that I'm gonna do this and that today, then don't get anything done all day long and then end up having to do it all at night - or shift it to the next day.

No. 92936

I am about to go back to uni after a year leave.
I have a class I didn't finish last year and I would have to talk to the teacher about allowing me to retake the exam.
The problem is - I am scared shitless of that teacher. She's awful and makes me feel like dying or running away every time I see her. She was basically the reason I had to take my leave for a year because she wouldn't allow me to retake the exam and I was failing because of that. I'm pretty sure she hates me, because she treats me very dismissively and aggressively.
Every time I think about coming back and talking to her I kinda want to don't go to uni at all anymore, it's that bad. And to think that I have fought for 4 years with my shitty health to finish my studies and now want to give up because of some bitch…

No. 97300

File: 1538436261791.jpeg (212.65 KB, 480x400, 031AB831-05D4-4D79-917F-8E87D3…)

So I’m going to be returning to a university I dropped out of a year and a half ago starting next year. In my year as a freshman there, I was a biology major and hated the workload for it. I think I stuck under the major longer than I should have cuz ~ S T E M ~. I ended up getting really bad grades and was super depressed.

After withdrawing, I spent the past year at a community college just kinda dicking around with some GE courses. I have a 4.0 for my community college courses, started to enjoy learning again, and don’t regret spending my time there.

What I’m anxious about now is that I’m afraid of my job prospects under my new makor with my original uni GPA. My new major is a BA in Cog Sci (with maybe a minor in CompSci) and I’m kinda insecure about it. Social sciences/humanities get a bad rap for being “too easy” and unemployable. I feel like I’ll have no job prospects unlike my accounting, nursing, and engineering buds because my degree doesn’t hold as much prestige (unless I slave away at grad school). I also left the uni with a 2.45. I feel like I wouldn’t qualify for unpaid internships/research positions because of that since my CC GPA can’t be mered with my uni one. My current career plan is to become a UI/UX developer and am scared that I’ll be turned away from even entering the field because of my major an uni GPA. I also feel like I’m rrunning out of time since I’m twenty and don’t have much of a resume/portfolio yet compared to my peers.

I wish I could just turn back time to when I was a freshman with more opportunities, but I know that’s not realistic now. I honestly don’t know if I’m gonna be okay. I want become a person with a job I enjoy (that doesn’t even have to have that high of a pay) but I don’t even know if I’ll ever achieve that dream.

No. 97302

make connections, get internships and get job experience in related career fields and you will be fine. you dont have to fall for the stem meme to be successful.. not everyone in this world is an electrical engineer programming super scientist thats why you fucked yourself to begin with instead of focusing on something you genuinely enjoy and can stand to work with

No. 97305

I had a minor brain injury a while back and it ruined my ability to memorize information. I was one of those people who never needed to study, I'd remember something after seeing it once. Now sometimes I have to read the same page of a book 4 times to understand what happened.
It kills my motivation to study because even after trying to commit something to memory, it just vanishes a day later.

No. 97349

I hate that my school has yoga, counseling and art club at the same time on the same two days

No. 97355

I'll start my second bachelor's degree next week and I feel more scared than I did when I first started college. I don't know why but I don't feel happy and I'm so nervous. but this is the best option for me now since it's one of the best schools in my country. I graduated this year and finding a job as a new graduate in my field is not easy. I'm interested in my new major but why do I feel like this? also, the school is in another city. I guess that's a reason why I feel scared, because I've lived with my parents all this time (studied twice abroad with exchange programs but went with friends both times). I've never lived by myself in a different city before.

Do you have any tips? How can I relieve my stress?

No. 97391

Depression and anorexia makes college hard haha

No. 97467

Same. My memory is shit, my energy is low so my attendance suffers. I barely hold on.

No. 97489

Do you go to UCSD?
Literally very similar thing happened to me and you said cog sci and as far as I know that just made me feel like I know yoi somehow

No. 97490

Same anon you’re responding to. I actually went to UC Davis and am going to be going back there. UCSD has a great Cog Sci program and I actually wanted to transfer there, but alas, I’m just going to go back to Davis for due to convenience/finances/and some other stuff.

No. 97504

Not that anon because they replied, but I go to UCSD and how the fuck do people make friends here? It seems really hard as a transfer, I'm so goddamn lonely.

No. 97507

hey so its that anon you replied to here, i hate this school too
miraculously managed to get a boyfriend but he's all i got
its impossible to make friends who aren't fake or backstabby
my major is full of so many cut throat bitches
i'm semi chill with my room mates but i feel exactly how you do
are you a commuter or do you live on campus? i would love to meet oyu maybe grab coffe together! it would be amazing to make friends

No. 97532

I don't particularly dislike this school, it's similar to any other large state school. I'm just shy and haven't put myself out there because everyone seems to already have established friend groups.

I commute and dislike that any activities are only in the evenings because I just want to go home.

I put a temp email and would be down to get coffee sometime!

No. 97821

I'm struggling with the competity in school.
I study in a public university that only a few people could enter (there was a test at the beggining, with a high number of applicants), and along the semesters, many left the course. Currently there is like 15 out of 40 who started.
This class is REALLY competitive, like, if we are in physical ed, everyone wants to be the best basketball player, if we are in art class, everyone wants to impersonate da vinci, wants to be the best in fucking everything, and at first I didn't care because I myself didn't feel the need do compete with the others.
But now the situation is so annoying, like, people who are actual friends with eachother will refuse to help to study for a test, will not share study material, etc.
My best friend is starting to act like this and that's why I'm sad. We were both kind of lazy in the beggining, but she always knew she was actually more intelligent than me and did best in almost every subject, which slowly led to a competition between ourselves.
She began to ask me every little word I wrote down to make sure she had the same thing in her notebook, ask exactly which points I would study for a test, or how many pages my essays had… Only to see in what "level" I was and do more than me (not telling me obviously).
Then after the tests she would ask me which grade I had. I always said how I did in a test, but she never says how she went, but she always has better grades than me, in everything.
Now the class is in a point that the subjects are much harder, we have to compete for internships, friends will not share their grades with oneanother if it's low, cheat in tests which rarely occurred before.
Some days ago i got a 8.4 in a math test and she got 1.6. I received my test first, she tipically asked how I was, I said "good". Then she received hers and cried for the rest of the day. I didn't say nothing, but now I'm guilty for I know deep in my heart I kinda got satisfaction seeing her failing. I feel bad, man.

No. 98239

ok so i'm in art school (painting and video major). Last year I did great, to my surprise. Was in top 5 of all first year students that year and I really didn't expect it because I have continuous Imposter Syndrome. I like to joke I have Imposter Syndrome But Without Any Achievements. Some people try to compfort me but the truth is, still many other students silently still think I suck at painting (they dont say it that much but everyone's always interested with other people's paintings and never with mine) and I'm 100% sure that every farmer would be in shock that I even got accepted in art school if they saw how much I lack skills.

This year I just can't get myself to work. I've been skipping classes so much. I easily understand all the theory subjects (semiotics, philosophy, art history, etc…) while others struggle but I havent started anything yet when it comes to all the "practical" work and everyone of my peers is already halfway through their projects. I have no inspiration, no ideas, all the glimpse of ideas I seem to have suck. I fear that the video I did last year (my first video ever, for which i got a really good grade) was One Hit Wonder. I lack technical skills and all my good artwork was good because I had a great "idea". But now I lack all ideas and I fear im gonna actually fail this year.

No. 98306

I ended up switching my major from something art related to a STEM major. It feels really weird because I feel like I have the perspective of both an art and STEM student, and honestly my year in the art major was much harder than my new major so far, but I'm worried I won't be able to keep up once the classes get harder. I do feel like it was the right choice however for me.

STEMfags are right sometimes in that its harder to succeed in an art major after college just in terms of sheer job availability, but they're also so full of themselves. There's slackers and amazing students in every major, and I hate how they think any class that isn't a 500 level science/math class is worthless. Ugh.

That sounds rough anon. I would say try to finish what you need to even if you don't feel inspired, just grind through it, but also really take some time after that to do what you think helps your creative ideas flow. For me this usually takes the form of taking lots of walks, exploring the city, listening to music/consuming other media, and looking at other artists' work that I really admire.

That said, I don't mean spend all your time goofing off, but it could be possible you feel burned out after last year, or just aren't in the right mindset because you feel so pressured to live up to how well you did before. And if you genuinely feel like you aren't cut out to be an artist/it's not what you're passionate about, consider talking to some kind of counselor at your school.

I hope things work out for you!

No. 98392

I'm a STEMfag too and I hate how a lot of other students dismiss the arts. I'm a STEM major and creative writing minor and people scoff when I tell them that. The weird aversion to "easy" classes or the humanities reeks of intellectual insecurity, especially when they lie about how easy 4000+ level classes are to them when I saw that they're almost failing. I blame gifted programs in k12, glad I got kicked out of that shit in high school. At least STEAM is becoming a thing, old gifted programs seemed to give everyone a complex where they simultaneously hate themselves and feel like they're geniuses who will cure cancer.

No. 98394


thanks for the advice and encourragment! I actually was very much into physics and mathematics when I was younger. I suck at it now although I'm still interested in the whole abstract ideas of math. I also think STEM majors and art majors should stop fighting and unite together to bully the business majors.

There's a whole branch of art that allies science and art. It honestly makes sense a lot to me. And while I could never succeed as a doctor for instance, I also think it's bullshit when some STEM majors make fun of art majors for it being easy.

No. 98397

File: 1539641228756.jpg (17.07 KB, 400x289, 7627157-400-289.jpg)

>bully the business majors
Come on, someone has to step up and manage the money and resources while you guys enjoy your lives in careers you enjoy that are more likely to impact our culture and society.

No. 98407

>especially when they lie about how easy 4000+ level classes are to them when I saw that they're almost failing
This honestly. Some people just can't admit something there's things they don't ~naturally grasp from the beginning, and try to convince themselves they can be geniuses without studying. It's honestly a pretty childish attitude to have. And my professors, recruiters I've talked to, etc. all really stress the importance of being able to communicate well verbally and in writing, so while I dislike intro English classes as much as the next STEM autist, it's very telling when I work on a project with some annoying CS elitist and their writing is shit. Like, come on.

Love you, business majors. If we didn't have you guys, who would make all the Excel sheets? Nah but for real, same as I said before, each major has its ups and downs. Props if you understand the economy because I sure as hell don't

No. 98424

i'm planning on going back to uni next year but i'm really nervous about it. i get intense anxiety in confined spaces (thank you PTSD) and the last time i was enrolled i had a huge panic attack during a midterm. on top of that i'm worried about the general stress and being able to concentrate in class without overthinking and going insane. has anyone dealt with something similar?

No. 98426


sorry i just wanted to add that i do feel like i'm ready to finally do this and finish my degree. i have a goal in mind and a great support system. the fact that i've failed so many times in the past really gets me down though. i actually have a great job right now and i do have a handle on the anxiety, but thinking about uni really freaks me out lol.

No. 101889

Not to bring back a dead thread but I've seen a lot of art school discourse coming up. I'm going to school for fashion/costume design. I'm honestly not that good at drawing, painting or most 3d things except sewing. I know it wont matter when i'm actually in my major but fpr now its frustration. has anyone else felt like they haven't been taken seriously by their peers because they aren't doing fine arts?

No. 101895

Usually it's the opposite. I'm a fine art grad/lecturer + the attitude towards applied arts and designers is generally that they're making a better career choice than us in fine arts. You'll be great, anon. Don't worry about what people think too much.

No. 102000

Thank you anon, i think some (deservedly) harsh critiques from my classmates and end of semester exhaustion is getting me down. It's nice to hear that from someone in the field. I have nothing against people in fine arts btw its just not my thing.

No. 104612

this isnt a vent but a positive post. I'm so happy with my studies right now. Granted, not everything is going perfectly but I'm so happy with everything I'm learning. I love studying this shit.

No. 104636

I'm not doing so well right now but I'm hoping to do better this year. I got about 1-2 years left until I get my B.S.

Anyways anons, education is the only thing nobody can take from us. Money comes and goes, people leave or die, but knowledge is forever. I wish more people understood this.

Anyways good luck to everyone!

No. 104657

I’ve somehow managed to get pregnant the first year of both my uni attempts. I dropped out the first time, I might just study one unit a semester this time around so I have something to do other than be a stay at home mum. But this makes me worry that my third shot at uni will end up with another oopsie. Fingers crossed I’m not a retard three times in a row.

Sage for dumbass vent

No. 104659

Do you not believe in condoms anon

No. 104843

I don’t know about other anons but uni is such a love hate thing for me. I love learning and I enjoy the knowledge and experience of studying but the thing I hate most about higher ed are dealing with professors and their egos.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the Humanities but some profs really can’t deal with students forming different opinions than them or not buying into their personal ideologies and world views. I’ve had a lot of difficult encounters with educators that get offended because I’m asking questions about the material and trying to understand where these people are coming from and why they believe the things they do. I’ve only had a handful of profs with whom I could have challenging/engaging conversations with and it didn’t turn into a debate/emotional meltdown/being ridiculed, and I miss that so much.

I know I’m responsible for what happens to me as well, and I’ve learned to accept the criticism and what not, but I wish more professors were open minded and realized that I’m only trying to learn, it isn’t anything personal. I mean what’s the point of getting a degree if you can’t handle being wrong or having your beliefs challenged? What’s the point of going through with an education if you are not in someway doing it as a service to society? I’m sure a lot of my issues is my naivety, but I’ve realized how much getting a degree and getting into academia means to me. I want to give back to the world somehow. I love what I study and I enjoy the challenge of confronting cultural issues, I don’t want to give it up anytime soon.

No. 104867

If you've already got one or two kids, why not abort this time and be more careful in future? The fact that you keep going back to uni suggests that you aren't made of money or happy to skip it, don't you want to be a mom that follows her dreams and provides for her kids rather that having 6 kids vying for resources and a bitterness over your missed opportunities? I'm simplifying this a bit but still, I don't understand your mindset at all

No. 105014

File: 1546790748796.jpg (40.89 KB, 561x265, 2sOw7GL.jpg)

I'm in the last year of my undergrad. I have only this one term left and then I'm going to law school. But this past term was really rough. I've moved twice in the past five months. One of my best friends died suddenly. I've been dealing with lots of unresolved trauma, loneliness, anger, depression and anxiety.

The holiday break flew by. I was supposed to write three essays before going back to school tomorrow. Two of them were due last term (I got medical accommodation), and one is due on Thursday. I've just barely started them. I feel like such a failure. Overwhelming panic rises up inside me every time I even think about them, let alone sit down and try to work on them. It's hard to be creative and productive when you feel like absolute shit, when you're not passionate or excited about your studies, and when you spend so much time and effort dealing with the aftermath of disaster or even just the everyday mundane tasks required to stay alive and clean and healthy. I have a slightly heavier courseload this term and I don't know how I'm going to manage.

If anyone has any advice on last minute essay-writing and managing stress, or just some words of encouragement, I'd really appreciate it.

No. 105018

We are in a very similar boat anon. I have two essays due soon and haven't started either, lol. I just have no motivation or desire to do so….we'll get them done. I believe in you!

No. 105489

File: 1547145164904.jpg (55.21 KB, 1024x710, IMG_20180618_143604.jpg)

I'm in the process of applying to art school for foundation / illustration courses.

My friends keep telling my portfolio is good but it feels so inferior to me, I have such an overwhelming anxiety about getting rejected mainly because I really have nothing else going for me.

Bit of a stupid rant but im so nervous and none of my friends know about art stuff

No. 105518

Could you maybe post your sample pieces on Reddit or other similar forums? Or maybe you can contact some of the instructors of the institution and ask for some critique as well if they're willing.

All in all, anon, your portfolio is probably better than what you think it to be. Good luck!

No. 105677

Ok so i dont study illustration but I do go to art school. Most art schools, in my experience, are looking for different "profiles", they're looking for some sort of individuality. So if your whole style is "copy/pasted" of someone else, you're lowkey fucked. How ever, if your style is genuine and at least somewhat interesting, you shouldnt worry too much. They know it's you're not a student yet and that you still need to learn. Thats why you're going there.

Make sure to apply to plenty places and maybe even "change" your portfolio for the different places you're applying to. Some schools like big portfolios with all your works, some are only interested in the best stuff you've done.

Good luck, anon.

No. 105873

File: 1547561178171.png (267.6 KB, 498x346, tenor.png)

I'm writing a 3cp essay this semester and my supervisor isn't responding to my e-mails.

Will I get a failing grade even if I send him the finished essay before the deadline? Or could I dispute that by proving that I sent the essay on time? I'm worried that he changed his e-mail address or something between the start of this semester and now which would explain why he isn't responding to my e-mails? idk what to do about this

I've already sent two mails and don't wanna be too annoying (don't wanna ruin my chances at this institute for only a 3cp essay), do you guys think asking the insitute directly instead of the supervisor would be okay? Or would that come off as annoying and unprofessional?

No. 105882

I hate what I study, but I'm almost done. What kills me more is the fact that I hate my school and the people and the city. I just want to leave and every time I set foot on campus, I never feel truly comfortable.

No. 105901


Anon I know you probably don’t go to the same community college as me but you’re thoughts just echo my own feelings so intensely.

I’ve been going to this college in my county since Fall 2015 and I’m frustrated because I should be done by now/gone but it’s taking longer than I like. I’m almost there but not quite.

I also hate my campus too. It’s a medium sized place but it’s in a boring conservative suburb and it feels like everyone knows everybody else. I’ve dealt with bullying more times than I can count. It’s embarrassing because I’m almost 24 and I still don’t know how to deal with people, especially people my own age. Classes start at the end of this month and I’m just not interested in going back but I have no other options. I feel trapped in a web of my own bad decisions.

It’s gotten to the point now where when I’m not in class I hide in the most isolated part of my campus by administration because I feel like a retard, so I don’t want people talking to me. I’m constantly having issues with professors not taking me seriously, or students being petty/competitive to the point of vindictiveness.

My grades are good, I have a high GPA and got an award for my academic progress but it just doesn’t feel like enough. Everybody in my family have doctorates it masters and I was raised in the Adventist church, where nearly everyone is a doctor, lawyer, professor, or businessperson.

I have this recurring fantasy of completely changing my life direction and living a more bohemian, free spirited lifestyle. I’m not saying I want to run away from my responsibilities, but I just want to change my mindset and stop being such a square. I don’t think I’m cut out for academia. I came into college thinking I was going to be a professor because that’s what my parents did, but I just don’t have the motivation to spend another decade doing this.

I know I’m intelligent, but I am not good with people at all. I am not autistic or on the spectrum as I’ve been tested as a teen…I get hurt too easy and I either shut others out and am angry or am naive and open up too much. It seems to have gotten worse the older I’ve gotten, too. I kind of resent people because I try to reach out to others, and I’ve had people clam up on me or treat me mean, it’s just really childish to me.

Sorry for sperging.

No. 105907

File: 1547614560435.jpg (28.59 KB, 655x334, Premed.jpg)

I feel like I'm more behind in my A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences (@my Community College) than in life.

In my college, there are roughly 2-3 prereqs for every science course you take, and for Chem and physics - you need trig. (with $200-$300 remedial courses)

I have issues, as one can expect its a lot.

I'm thankful for the opportunities my colleges/academic paths have lead me but there's always the imposter syndrome effects.

At my current CC, there are less 'Pre-med opportunities', it's pretty isolating. I work at my school and I tutor (free time). I feel like I'm prematurely burning out.

I'm usually comparing myself to other premeds more and more.

It fucking sucks feeling more behind compared to my other premedical/science passionate students. It's lonely and depressing, when your a 7 now your a 3.

No. 105918

File: 1547627280001.jpg (42.62 KB, 488x650, tumblr_lvgc59QThr1qgjc31o1_500…)

i go to art school but im getting so tired of certain people there.

there's this big group of people that falls into the stereotype of hippie activist artist with lots of money, they think they are so deep when all they do is smoke weed and complain about how the uni "interrupts" their creative process with ""loads"" of assignments but instead of working they show up to class with artwork that's obviously done in a rush the night before and it's so frustrating watching them being praised by other students just because they talk so much shit.

i know i probably sound bitter but we are a pretty small department and i have to share so much spaces with them so it has become insufferable and it's a nightmare to think that this probably gonna continue in a year or so when i graduate because the """art scene""" in my city (and in my country in general) is so small, and some of them definitely gonna be around forever because someone in their family is some semi famous artist

can't wait to go to another country asap

No. 105920

Oldfag here. As someone who went to art school and felt the exact same as you, my recommendation to you would be to try and let go of your bitterness. See if you can make friends with these people. When I stopped judging people and started giving them more of a chance my life got 100x better and I made some of the best friends I've ever had. I also made some of the most useful networking connections I've ever had. Just relax, keep working hard, and try to learn from the environment you're fortunate enough to be in right now. You'll never have it again.

No. 105932

I feel so sick, I'm graduating this year and I've 100% wasted my time. I chose to do a degree in a subject I love rather than something that could actually help me get a job. I keep trying to look for potential jobs for me and it's all so overwhelming, I feel like an idiot and I'm just going to struggle with being an adult because of this stupid decision.

No. 105940

have you thought about going the full academia route and being a professor?

also a decent way to give yourself time to think about your next step is to get a TESOL certificate of some sort and get a job teaching english somewhere for a year or two

No. 105960

lmao anon i also go to artschool and have to deal with the same kind of people. They're unbearble. I genuinly enjoy my studies and the assignments and it really drives me crazy when people just use art schools as an ""easy"" way of practicing hobby-tier art while getting a diploma and being in education.

No. 106016

File: 1547842614190.jpg (87.8 KB, 474x568, the roses of heliogabalus deta…)

Anyone here major in history? I'm wondering if it's worth doing something I love instead of slaving away at a STEM degree. Motivation is a big factor here but I also don't want to end up jobless or forced to be a teacher if I choose history.

No. 106022

I'm an art history major. Personally, this was the best decision I've made in my university career; I feel as if my understanding of the world is constantly ever-evolving, informed by the context that unfolds before me in class and throughout my independent studies.

Don't be mistaken, though, it's not an easy degree by any means. It's important that you enjoy self-directed research and writing essays. In addition, I suggest you have a pretty solid idea of what you want to do with the degree before you commit. Career-wise, there are a surprising number of options out there for history majors, but they tend to exist within the realm of academia.

No. 106032

classics major here. i minored in library sciences and have a good job as an archivist.

No. 106058

I was quite upset the other day because right now I’m an international business major because I want a job that won’t pay me pennies or take years to look for, but my heart is in fine arts and art history. How conducive is an art history degree outside of the country you received it in? I’m attending a foreign university and my fiancé is also foreign with the type of job that moves a lot.

No. 106100

i have a bachelors in fine art and a masters in the history of art and they're both fucking useless, at least for finding a job in the uk. they're worthy subjects to pursue for a hobby but don't hinge your career on them. also it's the subject of choice for posh kids who have much more money and better opportunities than you.
i'm doing a phd in the history of art right now too purely for the grant money, and after it's done i fully expect it to be - again - fucking useless. i'll be back in part time retail in no time. don't make my mistakes.

No. 106202


Art History can be a difficult degree if you’re not a talented writer, enjoy research, are willing to learn more than one language, things like that.

I understand where the other anon is coming from in that you won’t necessarily get hired straight out of university. However, there are jobs for AH majors, though they are very difficult to get into because the field is competitive. If you enjoy working in museums, curating art, politics, or culture, I’d say go for it. You have to know how to market yourself though. Go to gallery openings, intern at fashion magazines or with publishers, open a blog, work for tv/film companies, go to the theatre, learn names. Read a lot, too, and carve a niche out that no one else is doing. You have to make connections in the industry/field. In short, you gotta hustle.

No. 106214

it's horrible advice to tell someone go from a business degree to the arts in this economic landscape, sorry.

No. 106272

>tfw also businessfag but secret artperson
I feel you, anon.
But think of it this way, if you get successful in the business field you can make enough money to start a personal art collection someday. Or depending on what you want to do, you can get a job handling the money for a gallery/museum.
Although if you're having to move along with your partner and his job I guess neither are very possible…

No. 106561

File: 1548526161837.jpg (13.81 KB, 312x118, Výstřižek.JPG)

I'm so proud of myself rn :')

No. 106652

Congratulations anon!!! Would love to hear about your success tips and plans for the future (grad school?)

I've really been wanting to make a Uni/College General thread given that this is a "problems/vent" thread from 3 years ago. I always avoid posting here for fear of necro and also because I want to have more neutral or positive discussions for motivation and advice stuff. What do other anons think?

No. 106664

tfw when international relations major (instead of business) because you just wanted an excuse to study abroad and learn a language, but have no ideas for an actual career.

No. 106670

Is potential post-uni things okay too?

I posted in the vent thread about getting cold-emailed by a recruiter and feeling blase about it, not because I don't want the job, but because it probably won't work out, according to things in my life not working out.

Anyway, my brain keeps imagining getting the job and instead of doing my assignments, sometimes I look for apartments near the office. It's become a nice escape but realistically, I won't get the job. Probably.

I'm just really hoping that I get this job because I hate interviews, especially coding interviews. The only thing I've "coded" recently were my math assignments (in LaTeX) and I just hate it. I try to avoid it as much as I can. FUCIJCKCKCKCCK

No. 106742

File: 1548700430121.gif (520.09 KB, 400x240, 1507506114952.gif)

Hope you get the job anon. Just because things haven't worked out before in your life doesn't mean this can't! Believe in yourself.
And are you in some kind of math program? I've begun using LaTeX recently and personally prefer it a lot compared to editors like word.

No. 106813

Thanks anon <3 I hope I get it too but I've always just been a pessimistic person – and it's worked out that way, so I'm always a little skeptical. I'll try to believe!

And yes, I'm in math/cs. I too prefer LaTeX except when I sometimes have to insert graphics… then it's a little bitch!

No. 106820

I did the same expect my degree still has something to do with business and I was too poor and not healthy enough to go abroad. Fuck this shit.

No. 106824

After being stagnant for a number of years I've finally begun studying my second degree. It's sciences, and I have to do a foundation year. Holy FUCK I am bad at maths. I just do not understand it. Panicking because if I can't even manage the basic mathematical equations I am going to be fucked.

No. 107162

I'm not sure what to do about an art class I signed up for. It's drawing II and I took drawing I at another community college a while ago. I went into this class expecting more drawing, and the only thing the professor is making us work with is pastel sticks. I really suck with the pastels because I've never used them before.

This class isn't required for my major, but I don't know if I should drop it or stick it out. One of my professors I really like told me to stay but if I drop the class I would have more free time to do other art stuff or my homework for other classes.

No. 107222

luckily my college had a direct exchange program and good scholarships to go abroad (so it was actually cheaper), so I went for a semester, but I'd rather trade that experience for a promising career lol

No. 107226

>luckily my college had a direct exchange program and good scholarships to go abroad
Mine also has a direct exchange program, but the scholarships were way too low for me. I've been explained that the point of these scholarships, on top of the one I was already granted, was to only complete the amount of money your parents give you for the 2 or 3 fist months. But you can only get these scholarships if your parents are too poor to help you that much in the first place and my parents never helped me when it came to my education. So only rich kids could go abroad. In my case I was too poor to study outside of my city and I had to keep living with my family, so scholarship or not, going anywhere else was going to be more expensive.

From what I've seen the people in my "grade" who went abroad got much better internships and job opportunities than the ones who don't, but that's because they get more opportunities all over the world and in international companies, so I think it really depends on what you're studying and what you're aiming for when it comes to your career. To be honest I can relate in a way because if I knew I had 0 chance of going abroad I would have chose a straight-forward business or management major. I'm saving money so once I'm done with my last semester and I get my Master's degree I'll go abroad anyway in my own free time.

No. 107237

Anyone feel like they're not learning anything?

I'm starting to second guess my major, but I've invested too much time and money to give up now

No. 107239

What are you majoring in?

No. 107244

Mechanical engineering

No. 107268

my bf and i are going for the same degree (both STEM majors) and i'm legitimately concerned that this is not the field for him. he's already sinking in a course we both take, and as much as i try to help, this degree (like any really) simply isn't something you can get without the knowhow.

the problem is i'm the top of our class so i really can't stand to watch him struggle while i'm doing fine. at the same time, i can't hold his hand and teach him everything from the ground up. he's already switched majors a bunch… what do? i know it's not my responsibility, but it's a really awkward disconnect…

No. 107269

Why is he struggling? Is he like not getting the class at all or is the teacher just really confusing to him?

No. 107273

we've been in multiple classes related to the major together and it's the content for sure. it's very logic-based and hard to wrap your head around sometimes. i also think he doesn't study enough, which doesn't help…

No. 107282

You shouldn't really do anything except be supportive as a gf and at most organize study sessions. It's his life and degree, so he has to decide for himself whether to buckle down or try something else. I know it's hard seeing him struggle, but it doesn't help anyone if you hold his hand the entire way.

No. 107350

tfw depressed sack of shit who really just wants to quit school and live in a hole, but feels guilty and doesn't want to be a burden. feel like I want to die all the time but I need to attend class and get a degree for a decent job. life is suffering right now

No. 107540

I'm almost done with my Bachelors degree and I want to give up. My major, Communication Studies, isn't big enough as far as unit count so I have to either take random classes or minor in something. Like an idiot, I thought Business would be safe but I hate the classes. I wish I would have taken a different minor because I currently want to rip my head off with how stressed I am. Halp.

No. 107951

File: 1549898796621.jpg (5.93 KB, 192x192, IMG_20180930_112513.jpg)


>>105489 here,
Thanks for the advice guys :) all turned out well and I ended up getting accepted into one of the best art schools in the world ahhh

what a great feeling :')

No. 107962

I'm studying to be a dressmaker and and eventually a tailor, I've struggled with mental health since forever. Had a burnout after graduating high school and wasted 3 years recovering, so i was stoked to get into a school but of course i got very ill.
Had to miss about a month of school and I nearly panicked when I got back, everyone else had already learned to make full garments I had only started to understand on a pattern making level.

Some of the staff suggested for me to take some time off because I couldn't get enough sick leave, because weird laws and shit but I couldn't deal with it at all so I was maybe 89% healthy when I went back. Some teachers and students just didn't understand that it wasn't just a cold, or they thought I had just ditched school for a month, threatened that my student support money would get cut and so on. It's so stressful even tho the teacher who matter and directly teach me, know what's up and that I'm not just lazy or disrespectful.

The few months I managed to do before I got sick, I fast tracked so many courses that I know I am academically ok but it just hurt to see how far others got and I feel like a fucking retard there now. I feel like dropping out due to my weird competetive mentality, I can't be the fastest or best so why bother, but I am not an idiot so I won't but school ruins health. Peace.

No. 107971

I'm pretty sure I'll be in a similar position senior year (junior now), and my advisor suggested looking for internships or volunteering. I know it's a bitch to look for any, I'm looking now, but it could give you something to do and you might find something relevant to your major.

No. 107972

I always procrastinate please gib tips.

No. 107988

Congrats anon! I hope you enjoy it there

No. 107989

Download something like Stayfocusd, saw it recomended on here once and helped me stay away from here long enough to pass a test
Set alarms for tasks, stick to alarms, if you procrastinate too bad you need to move on to the next task now bitch, and then go to bed on time

No. 108003

File: 1549971285916.jpg (24.04 KB, 343x263, Výstřižek.JPG)

My prof drew a little smiley face on my essay. I'm so chuffed haha

No. 108024

File: 1550002861249.jpg (33.91 KB, 480x260, 1533841578583.jpg)

Same anon here and I'm sure no one cares or is reading, but I heard back after another interview this weekend. They said they enjoyed talking with me and that since I'm not graduating just yet (will be done in August……), they wanted to reconnect after my graduation and see what the next steps will be.

I don't really know what to make of this and I'm just feeling like poop because I wanted this job so, so much. It would have taken me out of this country I hate and put me in a place for a new beginning. Argh. Is this just a soft rejection? Or should I take it verbatim, that they do actually want to hire me after I graduate?

No. 109134

I think I posted this already but I can't find it.

I want to go back to school but don't know where to start. I was a freshman '16-'17 and couldn't afford my sophomore year '17-'18. I owe them $2k for dropping 2 classes after the drop date (I was trying to find a way to stay in school that day and dropped a couple minutes past 5). would owing that hinder going to another college? I moved to a different state and am interested in their state university. would I enter as a sophomore or freshman? you'd think I'd have money set aside for going back but there was always some huge problem or bill that'd need to be paid. currently I'm rebuilding my savings while working full time. Even though I work about 44 hours a week, I still have a lot of free time because of my weird hours and not doing anything makes me feel pathetic simply because I'm not in school.

No. 110965

A long shot, but has anyone here attended Chichester University? I really love one of their programs and it's all I've ever wanted, but I'm struggling to find student life info that isn't by the uni itself.

I found one vlog from years back and some posts on instagram but they're mainly either graduation photos or housing adverts. Any tips/advice would be welcome!

No. 110996

I have so much anxiety about my future after college. I’ve been working a retail job for years and now I’m getting really pensive about working in a different field, or if I will even be able to get a job at all.

I don’t know why I feel so uneasy when my current job isn’t interesting, doesn’t pay well and gives me no benefits.

No. 111000

I don’t know if you’ll see this anon, since it’s been a while. But if you take their words as rejection and never try again, you’re just creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Just be aggressively “go-getter” when you finish school and contact them again.

What kind of contact do you have for them? If you have a phone number, I’d try that over an email when you do decide to get in contact again. And if the person you spoke to is unavailable, try to ask when they’ll be back so YOU can call back again. Never leave the ball in their court. Just be aggressive, and at the very least you won’t have to regret never trying. You never know what will happen!

Good luck anon!

No. 111024

Nice double trips, anon. I'm (unfortunately?) still around, and thank you for your kind thoughts. I actually haven't thought about it much as school and personal life stuff got in the way, but I'll definitely reach out just before my last set of exams. I only have emails, but I have three of them, each one whom I have interviewed with.

Yeah, I realized that I'd be creating exactly the thing I want by not reaching out. My friend went as far to say that I should email them on every American holiday so they remember me. A little overkill but I have thought about doing that on 4th of July.

No. 111031

I start the new semester in a week and I don't even know if I'll be able to go to class. I might have lost my regular status as a student due to not taking a stupid mandatory poll last semester. If I'm not regular anymore then I probably won't be able to go to uni again until the first semester of fucking 2020. I'm terrified.

No. 111287

File: 1552787181312.jpg (153.39 KB, 800x1000, Blank _a71242da30f1b3fe98656e0…)

anyone has any advice for sitting down and committing to studying?

some context: very first semester i did a medical withdrawal because i got overwhelmed to the point of relapsing with cutting and burning myself. (plagued with plenty of mental issues, the usual) while i was away, i got out my self harm habit and learned some self care tips. last semester i passed but i'm doing horrible now. i'm struggling to stay focused during class and when doing hw despite only taking 2 classes. student disabilities/mental health facility has been a big help on personal growth but i'm still having a hard time. it's to the point where my counselor is telling me to take a test to see if i have adhd.

i want to pass, i don't want to fuck over my gpa even more and lose the most important resource i have for my recovery. i'm going to try and see if anyone in my class will help me sit down and work but i'd like to get over this hurdle.
>ask your friends to help
god i wish i wasn't such a sperg and had friends

i feel you strongly. my student disabilities coach advised it's best to just head into the unknown instead of letting your racing thoughts fuck you over even more. be strong!!!

go to your academic adviser and ask for help. if thats not the right place, ask them to help you find the right person to talk to so you can get this shit sorted out. asking for help was the best god damn revelation i had while i was a temporary NEET. you can do this girl!!!

No. 111291

I would suggest taking thorough notes during class if you don't already. Basically write down everything (not the whole lecture word for word but every significant topic and piece of information). If you have a task to focus on and keep your hands busy it helps a lot, plus taking notes constantly will force you to be alert. In between writing it can also help to doodle in the margins to keep busy if you don't find that distracting. Also try to participate frequently if applicable to stay engaged.
At home if attention span is a big issue you can set many tiny goals that you intersperse with breaks, like doing 5-10% of your work at a time but continually going back to it after short breaks until it's done.

No. 111304

File: 1552836249704.gif (9.35 KB, 200x139, fan.gif)

i need to write ~14 pages before tomorrow, pls halp, im awful at paying attention, any tips appreciated

No. 111307

File: 1552837644113.png (138.07 KB, 810x450, pomodoro.png)

what helps me most is leaving my apartment and working somewhere public. this reduces my procrastination since I become aware of the possibility of people looking over my shoulder and noticing that I'm on lolcow or watching videos or scrolling through social media. I guess strangers judging me is a kind of motivational factor. when I'm in a library I feel more studious than when I'm at home in my pajamas.

also, you might find the pomodoro technique helpful. put your phone on "do not disturb" and only check it during breaks. try to avoid listening to music with lyrics or unpredictable shifts in rhythm as you work. I like to listen to "brown noise" to promote concentration and block out any distracting sounds in the vicinity.

finally, if you're a perfectionist like me, let go of the need to produce outstanding work. it's better to submit a mediocre paper on time than to submit an excellent paper weeks after the deadline. I believe in you anon. once you get started and begin to see some progress, the task will seem much less intimidating and more like something that you can actually accomplish. good luck!

No. 111311

ok this is actually phenomenal advice. thank you so much, much appreciated! i am definitely a perfectionist as well, you are totally a psychic. my constant need to produce really overwrought and grammatically perfect work gets in my way of finish stuff quickly all the time. i love you

No. 111434

Favorite productivity music or youtube channels? I usually prefer my music not to have words in a language I can understand. But I have to slog through some partially repetitive, partially concentration-heavy work, and I need background sound at the moment.

(I am writing a commentary on a text, so it's like… readreadread, insert small footnote, readread, ugh what is that… I have to research that, write a long note about it with tons of citations, back to reading…)

No. 111435

I listen to lo-fi hiphop. There are tons of channels out there. Sometimes there may be a few lyrics, but nothing too distracting and the beat really helps me keep up the momentum.

No. 111440

BGM channel is very good. Search for bossa nova / smooth jazz. I draw and cook to it, so maybe it works for studying.

No. 111464

I just need to vent for a second

Idk why i just keep sabotaging myself. Why can't i just sit down and do my assignments? Last semester i didn't even pass a single class. I wish i'd just die because i can't even commit to kms

No. 111465

I'm in an essay writing patch rn and my bg go-to's are aphex twin, ahnu, yume nikki and animal crossing bg music (if you use chrome, there's an extension that plays ac music from whichever game corresponding to the hour!)

No. 111469

I find repetitive electronic music works (I'm big into Kraftwerk) and so does video game music. >>111465 mentioned AC bg music and that's a fave for me too.

No. 111472

*ahnnu, soz4typo

No. 111481

Thanks anons, will try some of these out today. Wishing everyone a good productive work/study day!

No. 111483

> there's an extension that plays ac music from whichever game
Anon, this is the best thing ever! I used to listen to AC compilations on YouTube, but I like this even more. Thank you so much!

I also started listening to ASMR videos when writing. I will have to thank PPOMO and ASMRMagic in the acknowledgement of my Phd thesis lol. I like tapping, mic stroking and wind sounds. Spotify also has some good playlists for focusing and if nothing helps, I always listen to Max Richter. I think my brain is conditioned now; whenever his music plays I am in work mode.

No. 111489

sorry, I can't stand ASMR. I get a reaction from certain things, but it's overwhelmingly negative.

Got one section done, feeling proud of that (though it should have been done awhile ago) but I can't rest! I can suddenly switch into lazy apathetic mode if I'm not careful.

What are the others here working on?

No. 111508

I know how this feels. One thing that can help is setting small goals and checking in with someone after an hour. Like you & and a friend write each other and say, "OK, here is my goal for the next hour" then check in after an hour to see how it's going.

I'm a procrastinator and somehow this made me not want to lie or be embarrassed when I checked in with my friend. We were able to use this method to help each other study and write assignments even though we're in different countries.

it also makes you define a goal that you can reach in one hour. So it makes things less overwhelming

No. 111517

>didn't sign up for web assignments for one class on time (it shuts you out forever after a certain date) and now my grades in that class are going to take a big hit
Why would I do this to myself? What kind of self-sabotage is this?
I won't fail by any means, but jfc.

No. 111520

Brian Eno's ambient stuff is great.

Also seconding the Aphex Twin* rec.

No. 111669

I know this is kind of a weird or stupid question, but how does one study?

I have such a hard time getting motivated enough to stop procrastinating and actually sit down to start studiyng, but even when I try to memorize things, I simply can't?
So far I've always passed all tests without ever being that well prepared, but now I have a very, very important exam in August and really need to study a lot for it.
Somebody gave me an amazing summary of everyhting (~230 pages) which I simply need to learn.
The last couple days I tried, I read thought a part again and again and then tried to write down the things I remembered - but I didn't remember anything…? I also tried simply rewriting it by hand, thinking that might makes me memorize things better, but it also doesn't really work. I tried reading aloud, but same results.
Any idea?

No. 111692

try rewriting it in your own words, or recording yourself while you read aloud then listening back. you can even rewrite it as you listen to it back. should cover all your bases as to how you best learn this way

No. 111700

I have a meeting on Tuesday about the possibility of doing a masters programme completely different from my undergraduate degree.
The problem is I don't feel like I am good enough to do the new programme. I feel like, academically, its way above what I can do or have done on my degree.
I want to do it because it will help my career in the future and I do have an interest in the area but no sort of passion like I have for my undergraduate course. Im just very insecure about my level of understanding.

No. 111973

File: 1553743606467.png (3.34 KB, 556x80, sadness.png)

I sometimes type random shit into my work but always delete it later on

I fucking forgot to do it this time on my draft because I was planning to work a bit on it today but forgot due to waking up too late and having to upload it right away before the deadline

pic is what I forgot to delete, I feel so retarded

I hope my teacher doesn't find me too cringey…

No. 111986

did a similar thing recently, left in a sentence "…is catalysed BY A, which…." where I intended on replacing the BY A part with the actual enzyme and even all-caps'ed it so I could find the spot easier lmao. it ended up being an A despite this so I have all my faith in you!

No. 111991

Thanks, anon! I kinda hope my teacher misses it but I kinda doubt it lol. Congratulations on your A!

No. 112021

my teacher didn't miss it, just put a bunch of question marks as a comment haha, thank fuck it wasn't an important sentence, and thank you!

No. 112041

>grow up in abusive home with alcoholic shithole parents. home schooled so isolated my whole life.

>get abused by men all my life because prior to therapy I felt like I deserved to be abused like my parents abused me, making me super mentally unstable.

>tank in school, shit grades, academic suspension

>Decided I was going to change my life for the better, one last shot.

>moved out with nothing and no money, packed my shit in trash bags and moved to a random ass shitty house. Done with my biological family.

>re applied for school, they are letting me back in, going to therapy, working on my issues, so much more stable mentally and ready to work my ass off

>still feel anxiety and worried about school but I feel hopeful it will go well now that I don't have to deal with all the problems at home

>landed a great job related to my field, learning so much, starting school in a month again.

Can anyone relate? I felt so lost before…Like I wanted to kill myself, no one could love someone like me, I deserved to be abused thoughts, constant anxiety which made me fail classes (would straight up go to class and start crying, super embarrassing and retarded)

I feel scared that people are going to judge me for graduating late, or think I am just lazy and didn't want to put the work in. But now I am determined to change my life and succeed in school and work.

It's just a little hard to deal with sometimes mentally, I still feel depressed sometimes but I am pushing through. Wish me luck.

No. 112083

File: 1553884506427.jpg (307.4 KB, 1280x1137, 7fd7b206-ccd4-4f23-9604-26904f…)

Good luck anon! You're doing great!

No. 112088

I have to work on my dissertation that I have to complete for June and my laziness is catching up to me. I wrote over half of it already but it's been a while since I've had enough time to do anything about it so I have to re-read everything I wrote from the beginning so I can make sure I didn't forget anything. But I don't want to. I've been thinking about going to the university's library everyday so I can focus, instead of staying at home, but public transport from my home to the library is trash and the library is always crowded and closed early during the weekend.

No. 114543

I'm going to study Fine Arts the next year, but I have the feeling that the place would have some elitist teachers and students. I can't stand that behaviour in art related subjects, it makes me sick and I always disagree with every person who presents themselves as a "know-it-all" who speaks the "absolute truth" in terms of "aesthetic" or "technique/art theory". (but in fact, they are just insecure and jealous people who want to tear down other's work).

Fine Arts anons, is this true? Have you encountered this type of people there? I just want to prepare myself mentally for it lol.

No. 114554

I am 1/3 through an internship which I hate. Worst thing is, I have only another year to go through my Master's and I have no idea to do next.

No. 114587

I've got like 10 classes left for my graphic design associates and I'm not sure I'm going to make it through… it's taken far longer than expected and I'm ashamed of myself for going so slowly. I can't imagine getting a bachelors at this point and I don't have a sufficient enough graphics portfolio to get a good internship atm unless I can sucker one of my professors into getting me a recommendation. I don't know what I'm going to do after I get out. Die I guess?

No. 127574

So I'm in my fifth semester, I still have one course that I need to pass and I'm fucking terrified of failing. In my country there's a limit of failing a class 3 times, after which you're not allowed to continue studying in whatever major you failed a course 3 times in.

We have weekly (but not mandatory) exercises in this course and it's been going great so far, but I'm really struggling with this week's one. I kinda want to blame it on the fact that I've had a fever since yesterday, but I just looked at old exams and now I'm terrified.

It's dumb because I have a friend who's a straight A student and who's already passed this class, and he's offered to answer any questions I have. But I don't have many friends and I'm scared of pissing him off by asking too many questions/taking advantage of him (it's not like I can really help with his classes, he's so much more intelligent than me).

No. 127579

I was exactly like you. If you go to a good university chances are you'll change your mind once you start learning stuff and you'll become kind of an elitist yourself, but not in the way you think.
There's actual knowledge to art, the fact that it's subjective doesn't mean that anything flies.

No. 127585

I'm too embarrassed to meet with my success coach because I last met with her many years ago and I'm on my fifth year now… should I suck it up and go anyways to ensure I stay on task?

No. 128342

I need to start working on my thesis but I have no idea how to start or to find a teacher. I sent two emails to one teacher, but she didn't reply. Ugh…

No. 128354

i have two weeks left of my third year of my bachelor degree. after this i have two years left. i’m doing a double degree and i’ve basically finished my arts degree so the next two years are going to focused on my law degree aside from two subjects. ugh i don’t know how much longer i can take with this. i’m over halfway through which is good but i don’t have much motivation

No. 128498

I'm struggling with a random class that's required to graduate and it has nothing to do with my major or minor yet it's needed and writing intensive. I'm struggling to balance everything so I'm neglecting classes I'm doing well in so I can study more for this one..

No. 135473

Tips/places to download publications online?

Yeah I know I wouldn't steal a television and poor academics are suffering. My uni library sucks right now so I can't get the course book I need.

Sometimes I get lucky finding books I need in pdfdrive.com.

No. 135476


No. 135480

thank you, kind anon!
I wish you success in your studies/work/whatever you are doing with your life

No. 135481

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