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File: 1648584591102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 405.38 KB, 1165x1600, erod and psyche.jpg)

No. 252508

Last Thread: >>191915

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

No. 252509

I love Sadistic Beauty and how Duna utterly broke Minho

No. 252541

Why spoiler the pic? It should have been out and proud

No. 252604

File: 1648624665478.png (273.41 KB, 640x816, lljkjpo95rr61.png)

Does anyone have pics that are more emotional than sexual? Even stuff like Kaneoya is too suggestive for me, it just looks too much like moid porn.

No. 252612

I like seeing men in pain, simple as. No sane moid would ever let me, but I've been fantasizing about cutting up a man's stomach with a knife, just deep enough to draw blood, and licking the wounds and watching him writhe in pain. No real point to this post, I just needed somewhere to talk about this where I won't get called a psycho.

No. 252616

not into this but i've come across a fair share of men who have told me they'd be down for this (they brought it up, not me). it's not uncommon, but yeah, their sanity is questionable. it's not hard to find though.

No. 252618

Also not my thing but I knew a medical student into this and she definitely found moids that would let her.

No. 252624

File: 1648635898028.jpg (223.26 KB, 1200x1500, IMG_0173.JPG)

Like this?

No. 252627

Op is beautiful and shouldn't be spoilered. I like how it's a non weeb pic this time.

No. 252645

File: 1648645258900.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.36 MB, 540x1092, Tumblr_l_448849848341483.gif)

Spoiler for spoiler reasons lol but i watched bridgerton and this scene has me rolling on the fucking ground. I want to shove my fingers down a man's throat so bad and maybe make him gag a little

No. 252648

that's so hot! thanks nonna!

No. 252664

Yum yum

No. 252690

Wasn't going to watch this season but you've convinced me.

No. 252854

Thanks nona, now I can't concentrate on work.

No. 253261

has anyone here ever sat on a guys face. Can you tell me what the sensation is like. It seems appealing in my imagination but i feel like maybe in real life it may just feel really uncomfortable.

No. 253276

Yes, I've done it and it wasn't that great. It just felt kinda gross. Wet and cold down there lmao. I mostly did it because he wanted to.

No. 253280

Why did it feel cold?

No. 253287

in my head he would be eating me out/i would be grinding on his tongue. I can see why it's not the ideal position though lol

No. 253303

Well you see, the problem for me is that I can't cum from just oral, my clitoris is not very sensitive because of decades of masturbating on hard surfaces. I'm sure that if this wasn't the case, I would've enjoyed it more.

His saliva. But maybe he had the AC on, I don't remember.

No. 253320

lol my bf's immediate reaction to whenever i touch his lips is to suck on my fingers- is that a femdom thing?? is he trying to tell me he's into it???

No. 253321

it's pretty nice - it's really warm and hot if you're in a room with a good temperature dunno what >>253276 is on about, prob was in a cold room?
only do it after you orgasm though, it's pretty tough to orgasm from that position and doesn't feel that nice, feels awkward tbh
prone on your back with his head between your legs is better imo

No. 253330

File: 1648857327850.png (Spoiler Image, 311.61 KB, 422x499, 43298048234753.png)

I would take it as a green light. It's gently dominant. It's hot to see your partner sucking on your body (makes you think of them kissing/sucking other areas), and it implies a level of control by having access to an intimate, squishy area. Plus they're in a compromising situation since it's an uncommon, socially taboo thing you wouldn't do with anyone else. Unless you're a dentist.

No. 253598

File: 1648940855488.jpg (78.35 KB, 473x640, pulp.jpg)

Makes me miss the gore blogs in old Tumblr. There were some amazing blogs collecting gifs of men suffering and bloody, all gone now. At least non-gory whump blogs remain. If only the term and the whole way the community talks wasn't so twee and cringe.

No. 253738

intentional bump btw. what should i do if the guy im seeing is very adamant on domming me? he says he’s willing to sub if i ask but he’ll often mention how i seem more subby (which is true on the surface) and am better suited for it.

No. 253759

Gag. It's throwing up warning bells for me. I hate men who do the manipulative "oh you don't know what you want baby, I know what you want, I can see what a sub you are." Nah dude, that's just what you want to see because it makes you feel better about not being able to exert control in any other aspect of your life. Do not actually go along with it unless you're into it (and make sure you understand what he actually means by it), and I would take him up on his offer to dom him and see how he actually handles it.

No. 253760

i think you should stand your ground and don't do anything you aren't comfortable with, you'll just feel worse for it afterwards.

also his insistence seems a bit strange and off putting in this context.

No. 253761

I think it is a red flag.
Tell him that there will be no more such talk from him because that isn't what you're into. If he protests then you two aren't compatible.

No. 253762

I love this kind of vintage pics btw do you know where I can find more?

No. 253763

Personally, I freaking love it. It’s exactly as you >>253287 describe it. I can orgasm more easily in that position because I’m in control and basically grinding on his tongue exactly how I want.

No. 253822

It's just random pic I found by googling. If you search for pulp + femdom you can find a lot of covers, some of them have pretty nice art.

No. 253849

ghost him

No. 254234

File: 1649195920387.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.12 KB, 640x960, photo_2021-06-15_11-42-00.jpg)

I'm not a femdom or anything but I came across this photo and thought of my girlies on lolcow

No. 254235

File: 1649195975216.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.91 KB, 640x960, photo_2021-06-15_11-42-00 (2).…)

FWIW I'm a bit annoyed she's still made to look to appeal to males but the moid kinda genuinely looks uncomfortable here

No. 254251

He's insecure and challenging you. Rise up to the challenge and put him in his place by ghosting and blocking.

No. 254768

Thanks nona it's always enjoyable to see kneeling muscle hunks.

No. 255930

File: 1649749314488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.62 KB, 800x1116, 239490508458686409034585068.jp…)

this reminded me of you all

No. 255934

yessssssssss! I read this doujin a bit earlier today and it was GREAT

No. 255951

This manga sucks ass and is for moids

get better standards

No. 255965

I'm not usually the one to say this, but this manga seems weirdly misogynistic, also I can't stand her expressions

No. 255968

She calls him pathetic and just like a girl in the same breath. cringe

No. 255971

Obviously. Because in the mind of males, feminine = inferior, weak, pathetic.
It feels like the author wants to hatefuck an assertive woman and that's it. That's not femdom, she's just giving him a handjob and """forcing""" him to stick his dick in her.
"Oh noooo I'm going crazy, I can't cum anymore, you're so cruel you fucking bitch, you'll pay for this!" Wow, so submissive. "You're so boring, hurry up and fill me up your dirty semen inside of me with your perverted cock again, tee-hee!" Wow, so humiliating!
Men are retarded.

No. 256021

How is male ejaculation "squirting like a girl"? Bizarre.
Also can you imagine maledom that involves a man comparing a woman to a lowly man to degrade her?

No. 256147

File: 1649828001169.jpeg (250.41 KB, 1533x1624, C61A6A89-66D8-4525-9DD1-A613CB…)

No. 256159

Oh I saw this in the husbando thread. NICE.

No. 256161

Is this watersports

No. 256164

For someone's whose not in university anymore, with next to zero social circle and who works from home what is the best way to find a guy with similar sexual inclinations?

No. 256186

I think it's just a hose. Nobody pees that thick of a stream kek

No. 256187

Does your pee look like that?

No. 256266

I hate to recommend it but if you're not going to go out and meet people the old fashioned way then probably OLD. As has been stated many times before, you're better off seeing if you can introduce a normie guy to femdom than you are looking for someone already in the "bdsm community" because most men involved with it are sluts, predators and creeps.

No. 256342

>"what huge man-hands you have"

No. 256756

I would never approach anyone from "the community" you're absolutely right about that. I dislike OLD as well though if nothing else works I'll use it as a last resort.

For an ultra low social skills person what is the old fashioned way to go about it? Just hang around in bars or cafes?

No. 256769

There are normies on dating apps. Alternative locations for normie guy are bookstores, table top game stores, computer part stores, all these things anyone can order online, so if a guy goes to physical stores it’s likely they are not social retards and mentally open to social interactions with a cute girl. It will be hard at first to approach anyone anywhere regardless if you haven’t had a lot of experience flirting with a guy irl.

No. 256771

Cold approach or whatever is creepy imo. And if you approach a dude first, chances are he will think he can do better and treat you like shit. Try to meet guys in your friendgroup or who are friends of your friends. You could also try some hobby stuff or other social gatherings you can find men of your age.

No. 256776

Approaching a guy isn’t the same as approaching a girl. Men only mind it if you’re ugly. They feel harassed by women they can’t objectified. Any man has a chance of treating you like a shit though, regardless of who approaches first. A woman accepting his invitation is already a huge ego boost. That’s why it’s important to not start any sexual relationship with male you just met before figuring him out.

No. 256784

As an experienced cold approacher of seven times, since I like leading in the relationship and sort of dig a role-reversal dynamic, they don't get creeped out. Maintaining the "upper hand" or whatever was never an issue either as long as they liked me. Women online always said that would happen but it never felt like that in a relationship. The main issue is a higher chance of incompatibility since he's a stranger, but that goes for anyone you date I assume.

Meeting at hobby focused events or places like you said may negate some of this.

No. 257054

Have you ever been rejected? How does it feel?

No. 257128

How can I say things to my moid? I hate using shit like bitch and shit. I always tell him I'm going to break him like a toy and leave him hanging to dry. I also tend to bite down really hard anywhere. I hate "kink" and I cannot go beyond words and hurting him with my tooth and nails.

No. 258683

"pathetic", "so needy"

No. 258691

Being with a man who didn't approach you first you will always live with the fact that he never actually wanted you enough to make a move and you likely wouldn't be together otherwise. Whether that's due to self consciousness, lack of interest, self absorption, none of it is good. Exception being if you see each other regularly and he was interested but you were just quicker. I'm not telling you specifically to change since this is something you enjoy, but I hope other anons consider it before approaching a man first. I used to be the same way and thought it was no big deal but I found being the one to care more in the beginning also tended to mean I cared more throughout the whole relationship. I want to be desired and worshipped, not seen as a sweet bargain deal some guy won through pure luck with zero effort. Obviously this mostly pertains to if you want a relationship with a domme/sub element, if it's purely sexual then go for it. It's good you never experienced what >>256771 brought up but personally I've had men act outright suspicious for initiating and while they eventually feel excited when they realize you're serious, since they didn't need to put any thought behind approaching you they often are horribly unprepared for a relationship. This isn't to say you can't show interest and leave the door open for a guy, but I'd much rather he walk through it himself rather than needing to be dragged.

No. 258694

I agree with you so fucking much! The main problem is that men and women react to being approached differently. If a woman isn't interested, she'll reject the guy immediately (or give a fake number if she feels threatened). If a guy isn't interested, what will he do? Chances are he'll keep the woman around and string her along because she'll be an easy source of attention, sex, and various other "benefits." Most men are opportunistic and take what they can get. I really wish it wasn't this way, but it's not lucrative for women to hit on men unless she already knows his character somewhat well.
Also on a related mote, I've seen a lot of gentle dommes be the main initiator for everything in their relationships: asking the guy out, saying I love you first, taking care of him in every way, proposing to him, basically being the driving force behind everything without having anything reciprocated. You gals need to CHILL until you thoroughly know the guy's character and intent and know he won't take advantage. I don't care how much you love him, you need to properly vet and not fall into the trap of being his mommy bangmaid. This seems to happen so much with dommes into gfd, so I thought I'd mention it.

No. 258697

>gentle dommes be the main initiator for everything in their relationships
Glad someone gets it, this was me to a T and I really regret it. Hopefully some anons take the warning to heart. At first I thought it was sweet that a guy "let" himself be so dependent on me, but no, they were just taking advantage. Most of them didn't see it that way but were still more than happy to lay back and let me organize their messed up little lives. I get that as a more dominant woman it feels counterintuitive to let a man approach, we'd love to be able to pick a guy out of a line up and have him be so happy that he turns into a great partner, but that's just not how it works. My issue is that the men approaching me were not the ones I was attracted to, but then it turned out the ones I thought I wanted became less enticing once I started scratching the surface. If they're not approaching, it's for a reason. I say let them twiddle their thumbs, there are plenty of more eager men in the world.

No. 259018

File: 1650944911619.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 500x271, tumblr_8c51cfb67b3dadc9b8e51d5…)

Cillian Murphy, don't know where it's from but I like it.

No. 259019

File: 1650944965220.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.68 MB, 500x271, tumblr_7f1df5845aa5ffe6ea0e770…)

No. 259021

If anyone figures out the source please share!

No. 259079

What are you trying to do? Humiliate him? Degrade him?

No. 259092

Peaky Blinders season 3 episode 5, this specific moment is about 44 minutes into the episode but the scene starts a few minutes before that

No. 259284

Bless you nona, thank you. This is the sort of domme POV with a sexy man that would actually be nice to see in porn if it wasn't inherently so exploitive and gross

No. 259333

File: 1651065353202.gif (9.9 MB, 540x453, AF17849C-0040-4718-BA03-DCD9F8…)

I was watching a movie called 68 Kill. It’s pretty scrotecore wacky crime comedy but I gotta say, the abundance of skinny waif Matthew Gray Gubler getting choked slapped beat up and whimpering every few minutes was enjoyable.

No. 259381

i've been staring at this for far too long, my insides are burning. this is what i want in this life! a cute subby moid that enjoys beeing choked and moans for more

No. 259388

It's so cute when a guy is getting choked and bullied but still looks so pleased about it. The sweet, yearning "please give me more" look without having to say anything. Love it

No. 259496

GOD and it’s mgg??? heaven on earth

No. 259629

File: 1651158718715.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, 1640280241422.jpg)


No. 259633

Top tier content

No. 259634

Whoa thanks for the recs nonas.
Kek this pic again, I want to know the story behind it.

No. 259659

File: 1651171078615.jpg (87.17 KB, 564x804, c41ad4e433f7df54b36161b19a4417…)

No. 259661

File: 1651171127525.jpg (671.09 KB, 826x1169, 97844559_p0.jpg)

No. 259665

File: 1651173013416.png (1.9 MB, 1280x1814, tumblr_c8a6b5d16c5ddccc11e2e18…)

Where would you draw the line between content suited for the femdom thread and the "cuties with an ouchie" thread?

No. 259666

Prob use this one for discussions, if you just want to post whump art use the other one

No. 259805

File: 1651242156129.jpg (55.64 KB, 300x300, 1606648360586.jpg)

long time no see

No. 260057

I want to peg a beta type guy and abuse his prostate

No. 260137

File: 1651346052120.jpg (127.84 KB, 1280x1919, shibari_leon_kennedy_by_grayso…)

No. 260568

basically guys into "femdom" femdom (think PVC, cbt, the meme worthy stuff) are c tier men who are obnoxious and petulant outside of sex, and are generally worse to women than they are to men, without the success/value to match. high school tier mentality.
if "soft femdom" is more your thing you will eventually notice that a lot of that overlaps with 'mommy' stuff. maybe far more tolerable people but possibly more deranged.
not a comment on kinks/fetishes/lifestyles but an observation about the men who are into those things.

No. 260573

File: 1651448090869.jpg (339.18 KB, 1280x1808, Betise_de_ROSE_00.jpg)

New doujin from the same artist that did

No. 260615

I love shibari, nice find

No. 260620

Men being annoying parasites is common in general and more so if they are outspoken about sexual fetishes. It really doesn't matter which one they prefer. Men wanting to believe they're a big bad dom kang, guys shrieking mommy over any woman with a hint of muscle, hooking up with randoms at orgies, psychos jerking off in the middle of public parks, foot fags. If you're in a social community dedicated to any of those things, solely looking to hook up with women based on those things and otherwise advertising your fetish to the world (like in a dating app profile), you are deranged. It goes for both sexes although obviously men are worse. The reason it's better to bring up femdom scenarios with 'normie' men is precisely because they are normal. Even the women here who say they must always have femdom sex or are okay with casual encounters surrounding their fetish even with gross men freely admit they are not mentally well.
>men… generally worse to women than they are to men
that's literally all men. I'm not defending outspoken sub guys I'm just saying they're no better or worse than a person forming their entire identity around any kink. Liking the same things does not guarantee compatibility on a personal basis.

No. 260762

what percentage of the male population do you think is submissive? Do you think there is any correlation with things like height, profession, education level and so on?

No. 260775

Few males are submissive in general, but I'd say the smaller ones tend to have more submissives than taller males. But again both of those groups have few submissives altogether

No. 260782

File: 1651527151888.png (151.43 KB, 639x372, BDSM redux chart image.png)

pfft very little and i venture to say even less than 25%. as far as the women, they're definitely conditioned into accepting this or wanting this but the percentage of men is low. and just because they're "submissive" in the bedroom doesn't mean they're actually submissive, those type of men are even more rare like 6% i'd have to imagine

No. 260784

Most men are amenable to being sexually submissive because it's still sex. Even those deep into toxic masculinity often like it although they'd rarely admit as much. In my experience I'd even say the more stereotypically masculine a man is (military, blue collar, outdoorsman) the more he gets into it, maybe because he's expected to be the stoic, forever in control type everywhere else. That's just sexually though like >>260782 said. Men who are "submissive" in terms of prioritizing their partner, letting her have the final say in most decisions and otherwise putting her wants/needs first are rare. Correlation is mostly going to be with respect to upbringing and if he seems to respect women as a whole.

No. 260788

I don't know where you're pulling your stats but 1 in 4 guys enjoying submission isn't that low, especially when you compare it to the embarassingly small amount of dommes. This seems like it's referring to the bdsm 'community' though which is full of deranged people coping badly

No. 260792

that's why i already said it's likely less than 25%. 25% for a bloated number is still low. that number is going to be puffed to hell because it's likely sourced from fetlife or something

No. 260812

25% is still way higher than I thought it would be. I'm also shocked at the 4% figure for dominant women I thought it would be a lot lower.
I would've guessed around 10% for men and maybe 2% for women at most.

No. 260844

tbh there are a lot more women who lean dominant than you’d expect but they’re mainly exposed to mdoms who are all degenerate as fuck and taint what it means to be a dom, so they don’t ascribe the term to themselves.

No. 260879

File: 1651561425029.jpeg (229.66 KB, 500x696, 3C0E6127-28AC-4B1F-83F5-F20266…)

Mfw memed into the maledom thing because pickme coomer. Didn’t actually enjoy the act of submitting itself, was just obsessed with being “good at sex” and “adventurous”. Never even considered femdom because all of its portrayal is gross latex strap on porn for scrotes. Stopped being a pickme, started seriously getting in touch with myself. Everything clicked when I finally realized why I like certain fictional men, and how I felt all my encounters with men irl were so underwhelming. Crazy how I lived so disconnected from my true desires for so long. I imagine a good chunk of women just never even considered stepping out of the submissive role because they have no clue what femdom could be like outside of porn.

No. 260901

The "BDSM community" is crap, no wonder there are so few dommes in the poll, any sane and self-respecting woman stays way from it. If there was a poll of the general population where normies where asked if they like to be the active partner/in charge during sex the percentage would be higher. Despite patriarchal mdom memeing.

No. 260928

I think it'd still be quite high. I can't meet many women irl without them expressing their interest to me in mdom shit. There's a lot of memeing going on irl. But yes there are more normies who are sub/Dom to a normal degree and not involved in the BDSM community so it'd be better just to ask the general population about their most common or desired dynamic

No. 260956

I don't think it'd be over 10% even with a question like that.

No. 260992

Agree with this 100%.
>Men who are "submissive" in terms of prioritizing their partner, letting her have the final say in most decisions and otherwise putting her wants/needs first are rare.
This is extremely rare, even rarer if he's submissive ONLY within a romantic context and not a people pleaser to everyone.
Aren't there quite a lot of women who want to be pampered and pleased by their partner? I kinda wish that was considered dominant too. But I guess since there's no meme fetishes it's not ~real femdom~ I wonder if so many women didn't feel obligated to be a mommy bangmaid to their partners, if they would seek out acts of service from their partners instead.

No. 260996

>I kinda wish that was considered dominant too. But I guess since there's no meme fetishes it's not ~real femdom~
We must turn the knight and butler malesub archetypes into popular memes.

No. 261007

My favorite archetypes! I feel like there's still a lot of love for the sweet and loyal but would fuck someone up for you type but it's become far less prevalent than the abusive psycho 'badboy' ever since 50 Shades and the general pornified culture has taken over. Wish healthier values were still being promoted, but when you have entire governments paying to create shows that encourage man in charge/"traditional values" (female submission in all spheres)/marriage you're really fighting an uphill battle.

No. 261010

>Aren't there quite a lot of women who want to be pampered and pleased by their partner? I kinda wish that was considered dominant too.
I think this is massively popular among women even if they don't consider it dominant, but it fits the mold. A lot of women end up loving being in control but are hesitant to try due to all the conditioning we've gone through. Imo this is what most women are looking for when they talk about gentle femdom. They want to love, spoil and encourage a partner but then have that affection returned a hundredfold. They'd love to be a queen in their partner's eyes, romanced and cherished, and the beautiful thing about women is that we don't let that go unrewarded (unlike scrotes). Instead the idea has been co-opted by men into said mommy bangmaid where they think we should be waiting on them hand and foot but it's dominant because a woman tells them to eat pussy occasionally.

No. 261020

I love these archetypes. Servile, devoted, obedient, and masculine. These should be the main malesub archetypes, not lazy manchild and sissy cuckold shit.
Yeah, I think a lot of women would want to be in control if it meant their partner listened to them and served them in a loving way. How many women complain about their nigel not listening to them? Way too many. Women know what makes them happy and the effort they want from their moid but are groomed/browbeaten into being low maintenance and not wanting or demanding anything.

No. 261029

File: 1651605228660.jpg (152.51 KB, 750x925, knightandqueen.jpg)

>I love these archetypes. Servile, devoted, obedient, and masculine. These should be the main malesub archetypes, not lazy manchild and sissy cuckold shit.
Amen sister.

No. 261136

Do anons have any recommendations for media with this dynamic? I don't even care if it's an ancient sappy romance novel, I would just love anything with a very devoted man who never attempts to control or get aggressive with his love interest.

No. 261158

I would love to know too!

No. 261160

File: 1651659493102.png (1.06 MB, 848x593, 2943028489324709.png)

It's quirky and the guy is not as polished as this archetype would normally imply since he's a kid, but I think The End of the F*ing World works. It's a show about two teens who run away from home, with the girl being sarcastic and bossy. She is a good person but can have too much attitude as a defense mechanism, which is sometimes funny and sometimes self sabotaging. She is escaping a stepdad who sexually harasses her while her pickme mom stands idly by. The boy is a self-professed "psychopath" but in reality he's just a very withdrawn, shy kid who was deeply traumatized when his mom got sick and committed suicide. Presents a bit autistic maybe, but not in the obnoxious way. Despite him intially fantasizing about killing the girl, in reality he looks to her for guidance and quietly goes along with her ideas most of the time. He does grow more of a backbone over time, but the only frustration he expresses is when Alyssa does objectively stupid things that could put her in danger, and he makes some big sacrifices to protect her. She is also the one to initiate sexual scenarios and James is either stunned, receptive or respectful in instances she changes her mind. They're very cute and it was refreshing to see a softer but proactive male love interest.

No. 261167

>Despite him intially fantasizing about killing the girl
Oh yeah, that's a great way to start off a romance.

No. 261169

File: 1651668283064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 642.23 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_20220504-204232_Chr…)

This one is called "I'm a Slave in an Alternate World but My Master Does Not Desire Me"

Their backstory is whack as shit to me but i love they grow into loving each other. Personal favorite part of them since I too am inexperienced. Spoilered for spoiler

No. 261174

File: 1651669670491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 470.49 KB, 1280x1816, 068.jpg)

Your average Yuke-shota doujin

No. 261175

You average what

No. 261179

I never stop thinking of this one from the last thread.

No. 261184

This is so amazing. Only complaint I have is that he came while she got nothing.

No. 261190

I'm sorry wtf is happening with the cat here?? Idc about anything else going on

No. 261213

File: 1651683465595.jpeg (6.26 KB, 259x194, images (3).jpeg)

I'm normally v submissive but the things I would do to young Kyle Maclaughlin, goodness me

No. 261214

File: 1651683544746.jpeg (10.76 KB, 192x262, images (4).jpeg)


No. 261215

He will have to earn me spelling his name right lmao

No. 261216

Will he also have to earn you posting quality pictures?

No. 261224

I am begging you to go back

No. 261307


No. 261324

File: 1651707374395.png (385.55 KB, 980x640, 2567614014.png)

i want to top him so badly

No. 261329

same nonna he’s the perfect sub

No. 261332

omg nonnie i'd never seen the shock collar vid before… i want to put my fingers in his mouth

No. 261374

I can see that! He has the mild mannered bara older man vibes.

No. 261385

He is definitely a masochist.
He got so excited every time Lady D attacks in RE8.

No. 261429

>sees significant percentage of male subs
>i-its bloated!! there are far fewer of them!! trust me bro
>sees small percentage of dommes
>definitely legit. n-no, it's not like bdsm community repels dominant leaning women and female subs don't come by themselves but are dragged into this mess by their bfs.
>someone points out that the results may have been different if the general population's tendencies were examined instead
>n-no, the number of dommes would be just as low! w-why? trust me bro
You are simply biased, period.

No. 261561

If anyone knows anything about typesetting scans, drop your discord or a throwaway and I’ll translate this.

I feel like butlers have been really popular among female weebs since like the mid 2000s. Moids by and large just don’t bother pandering to women, I guess. Even the “straight” ones would rather make stupid maid/trap/catboy memes. Sad!

No. 261565

Kek thank you, this sounded suspiciously like a male in denial but I didn't want to derail with accusations. You addressed the questionable comments perfectly though.

No. 261566

I feel like chivalrous male service like that is most common among normie men who don't consider it a kink, just probably some kind of old-fashioned gentleman behaviour. It's not common in our age of fuckboys but men who like that do exist.

Same with men who are pleasers and naturally submissive. It's not seen as kink so you don't hear about them. Most don't consume femdom porn because it's disgusting crap that doesn't appeal to them either. But they do exist and they are the type that dom women should go for. Basically just ignore all coomers and self-identified malesubs and find a sweet normie guy who doesn't want to dominate you. Man like that will most likely be at least open to being sub or even prefer it.

No. 261572

I know, and believe me I was concerned about the same thing starting off, but it's really such a small and quickly discarded part of the story that was only added to make it more edgy and unexpected. I was surprised by how passive and sweet he actually ended up.

No. 261575

This is the way. Healthy dominant women and submissive men don't feel the need to fetishize themselves or seek out freaks looking to exploit others. We call it femdom here on lc because we understand what that means from a truly female viewpoint, but 99% of people in bdsm communities only look at it from the male perspective because men are the ones controlling them.

No. 261698

>chivalrous male service
I've noticed a lot of submissive-identified guys use the submissive label as a way to escape any sort of accountability and responsibility they could possibly have as a man. If you look at the most widespread fetishes with sub men: crossdressing, chastity, humiliation, JOI, SPH, sissy, pegging, cuckolding… None of these involve looking good for or directly serving the woman in any way, but they do involve throwing away any masculine appeal that the woman might have found attractive. For example, no sane, confident women wants a pathetic failure of a man who wants "alpha males" to please her instead of him stepping up and pleasing her himself. Most of these fetishes are sub men coping for being so pathetic

That's why none of them want to roleplay as butlers or knights. They'd have to look presentable and orderly for their partner, they'd have actual responsibilities, they've have to serve her in a meaningful way, not half-assingly doing chores while wearing an ugly $5 maid outfit.

No. 261701

>I feel like chivalrous male service
And here lies the problem, it's a service.
You either have to offer something in return or pay for it.
> If you look at the most widespread fetishes with sub men: crossdressing, chastity, humiliation, JOI, SPH, sissy, pegging, cuckolding… None of these involve looking good for or directly serving the woman in any way
Because it a cheap way to get themself off, that's why these are coomers fetishes to begin with. They're like fat people addicted to junk food, they would do anything (expect real work or time investment) to get their next bite.
>That's why none of them want to roleplay as butlers or knights.
You need discipline and restriction for both of these, and coomers have neither.

No. 261704

File: 1651847983717.gif (2.06 MB, 498x259, vogelkop-superb.gif)

I mean the idea of a Knight taking a vow of chastity for me does seem cute in a way. I think for a lot of these things it's a mix of lazy submissives that I wouldn't really call submissives and very rare ones that are proactive and self improving.

Personally I'd love it if the idea of them being submissive was played around with, where's the flirty sub that want's to make me blush or grab him by the neck to kiss him, where's the sub that want's me to come home and not have to lift a finger and just relax and unwind after a stressful day of work.

Most so called ones fall into the trap thinking submissives are just passive , when they should be proactive and engaging, be like those male birds in nature shows build me a nice home, give me shiny things, wear nice stylish clothes and dance. kek

Like the idea of a sub being strong or brave or daring never struck their minds.

No. 261706

Some birds out there are really superior to human men, kek

No. 261709

Another enjoyer of femdom also seeing the connection with birds of paradise makes me feel so seen (and less insane).

Wanted to chime in and second this, James realizing his "fantasy" is just a retarded cope happens like 3 episodes into the series. Pretty dark and quirky show, but I agree with >>261160 saying he has an appealing level of servility and devotion to Alyssa if you're looking for knight/queen vibes.

No. 261761

What a cutie! I wish there was a way to transform birds of paradise into human males. Beautiful, eager to serve, great dance moves.
>Most so called ones fall into the trap thinking submissives are just passive , when they should be proactive and engaging
Preach. I like "passive" as in respects and adheres to my decisions, not avoids contributing anything of value and hopes I'll mommy-manage the household and our sex lives.

No. 261782

File: 1651865908626.jpg (284.23 KB, 1080x1078, tumblr_28e7a793d0209fd1644cba2…)

I've thought about it and I don't think I can do it, I don't think I can be dominant. I'm expected to because of the butch thing and sometimes the fantasy seems nice, but let's be real, I've changed. It's like I've actually become more in touch with my feelings and I've become more aware of lesbophobia, which has resulted in me preferring being bossed around, because then I know for sure there's consent and she's actually into me. Also I feel like I turn into a bumbling idiot nowadays, an intense sensation takes over, like tingling all over and my heart flutters like crazy, even from something as simple as smelling perfume of a woman I find very attractive. It's really extreme and my head just goes empty and it didn't use to be this bad. So I do have a problem with being sexually dominant. The internalized lesbophobia and butchphobia stops me and the turning into a head empty bumbling horny idiot. Is there a word for a female butch himbo which isn't bimbo, because I hate that word and would bring up the wrong connotations? That's me. I want to serve and worship a woman (and every inch of her body), have her order me around, be ordered to eat her out whenever she wants or making me beg to eat her out. Woo her, admire her. Make her feel like she is the most sublime creature on earth. I want to cook for her, protect her and make her feel safe, but really she's the one in charge. I'll play music for her, maybe piano or bass, idk. I want to paint her and draw pictures of her as a queen. I would give her piggyback rides and carry her bridal style whenever she wants me to. I want her to tell me what to wear partially because I'm kinda clueless tbh, I'll overdress and wear a suit to brunch if she wants me to or humiliate myself by wearing just a pink apron and nothing else while baking pancakes for her. I'll fuck her however she wants me to, strap, fingers, tongue, but maybe she sometimes wants to use the strap on me instead and for that one she really has to convince me, but I just can't say no to her. I honestly think I would even enjoy it if she would spit in my mouth, I don't know, put her fingers in my mouth. Maybe she'll force me to go to a hand spa to make sure my hands stay soft for her, despite all the lifting and doing chores for her and people will be like what is this masculine woman even doing here? I'll beat up any scrote who dares to harm her. I don't want to step on any woman, I can't do it. I feel like this is too degenerate for the female fantasies thread so I'm posting it here and sorry if this sounds scroteish and I'm making anyone uncomfortable. Picrel my favourite tv series queen.

No. 261808

Nonny don't be ashamed, you sound like the perfect sub and there's nothing degrading about your description of this dynamic at all. As you can tell from recent conversation, what you've described is exactly what most of us want but is exceptionally hard to find (especially among men). Anons talk about guys because most of us are straight but lesbians are welcome to share femdom fantasies too, from either the domme or sub perspective. It's specifically in the op that the thread is also for
>female subs interested in women
I personally loved hearing your fantasy, it makes me so happy to hear about anyone who wants to spoil their partner and dedicate themselves to her so fully. I hope you will find your queen someday and get to enjoy everything you've described.

No. 261811

File: 1651873271156.png (911.73 KB, 635x810, 84398204832479.png)

Your post also made me think of this cute knight x royalty art that I've always loved so I hope you enjoy it too. The artist is Rachel Eaton.

No. 261813

File: 1651873648797.png (814.59 KB, 785x926, 4392048320742709.png)

And this by Sara Kipin

No. 261815

File: 1651874211687.png (846.01 KB, 535x770, 190283023743495.png)

This one is more warrior x warrior but Ami Thompson has a whole series where it implies the Red Knight is cursed and possessed by an evil being while the White Knight(? she is presented more like a warrior queen in the visual storytelling) fights her so she can be freed of the monster until they both join forces to take it down and have their happy ending. Check it out: https://www.artstation.com/amithompson_h

No. 261831

File: 1651882831921.jpg (52.46 KB, 500x407, my3h3svGzq1sopmwoo2_500.jpg)

It's difficult not to feel ashamed though, the shame is very layered kek.
>but is exceptionally hard to find (especially among men)
Ironically enough what I described is considered in some circles to be manlike and heteropatriarchal, I never got that logic, but it went on the big pile of worries. Men acting like that is more something you see in movies or read about than irl. I'm aware the thread is open to lesbians, but I'm still worried about making anyone uncomfortable with my uh essay. Maybe someday I'll find her, it's just a bit discouraging that the butch thing is such a minefield in the current climate many are afraid we'll transition or are secret terfs, though the latter is a positive. The women who are still interested tend to share memes related to "step on me" stuff I don't have a problem with other women not liking what I like, it's completely fair, but I still feel disappointed due to the tiny dating pool and that's on me and I just can't fit into that role. Add other insecurities to that and I'm almost too paralyzed to actively look. I hope you can find whoever you're looking for too! Or enjoy the person you already have!
Thank you for sharing! Warrior queens are great too I have a thing for Lagertha in Vikings. Not art, but I found a random out of context pic of Anne Hathaway and Audra McDonald while looking for stuff on Pinterest.

No. 261859

Watch Wayne! They have similar dynamics, except the boy isn’t a murder freak. Wayne follows his girlfriend Del around like a protective stray dog who has found its person, and you get to see him get beat up often.

No. 261863

>crossdressing, chastity, humiliation, JOI, SPH, sissy, pegging, cuckolding
most of these could be better described as subsets of humiliation fetishes. like with crossdressing, men fetishize it because they see femininity and things related to women/being a woman degrading because they are misogynists.
>Most of these fetishes are sub men coping for being so pathetic

No. 261880

File: 1651909221755.jpg (264.58 KB, 1476x1081, il_fullxfull.1281773545_mr85.j…)

The original. La belle dame sans merci

No. 261884

I think I've seen screenshots of this before and thought it looked intriguing but I thought the injuries were just due to general male hijinks, I didn't know he's subby too. Very nice

No. 262063

>Is there a word for a female butch himbo which isn't bimbo, because I hate that word and would bring up the wrong connotations?
If someone has an actual answer for this, please share. I've been reading Jane Fletcher's Caelano series and the protagonist of Rangers of Roadsend is exactly this and I lover her for it. I literally only write about these books to myself in my diary because I'm paranoid that the premise (fantasy book where men don't exist) would make me seem terf-y to the friends I normally sperg about media to. So it's not super important I find a word to describe it, but it would be nice if there was one

No. 262065

>fantasy book where men don't exist
AYRT, sounds interesting, would you recommend it to actual terfs? If you want you could of course talk more often about it in a thread somewhere here!
>If someone has an actual answer for this, please share.
I've looked around a bit more and I've seen "bhimbo", which still means butch himbo and should be something I could've thought of myself. I'll let you know when I find something better.

No. 262118

>Is there a word for a female butch himbo
Yeah, it’s “my girlfriend”. Hey what’s up.

No. 262119

You sound wonderful.
Maybe "herbo" instead of "himbo"?

No. 262232

Kek I'm not sure how to respond. Uh I hope you're having a nice weekend, I'm doing alright, hbu?
Thank you! That could also make sense.

No. 262265

>And here lies the problem, it's a service.
I feel like this is the real problem a lot of the nonna would-be dommes here have. A (mentally sound) guy who is going to go into a relationship expecting nothing and offering up everything does not exist and that makes perfect sense. All relationships are somewhat transactional at the end of the day.

Scrotes who get off on being ashtrays and wearing chastity cages or whatever are mentally deranged and horrible partners, as pretty much every domme has pointed out.

Unpopular opinion (fact), but if you want a knight bf, you have to make him feel happy too.

No. 262311

>Unpopular opinion (fact), but if you want a knight bf, you have to make him feel happy too.
I don't think this is that unpopular. There are some supposed dommes here who go on about how they never lift a finger for a man and if you derive any pleasure from seeing or touching or doing things for a man then you're just a delusional groomed idiot but I'm pretty sure it's actually only like one psychotic anon. Most of the women here would very much like a happy normal relationship with give and take, just with some kinky stuff thrown in and a man who who gives more for a change.

No. 262382

This brings up the question: are there any other dommes here who specifically like femdom or D/s specifically because the relationship outside of the bedroom would be skewed in their favor? I never liked the idea of it just being in the bedroom, and us having a normal give-and-take relationship outside. I felt that would invalidate the whole part of him submitting to me, as I don't want it to be a "roleplay" kink thing, but something genuinely because he feels a strong love for me and wants to show that through submitting to me.

I notice that a lot of women are squicked out by having their partner serve them in non-sexual ways. But this is my relationship with my fiance. We have an active sex life, but 90% of the D/s component of our relationship consists of non-sexual service. He derives so much happiness from making me happy, and making my life easier, pleasant, and more convenient. Funnily enough, in the beginning I told him I was scared of being too selfish and demanding. He's encouraged me so much to open up and ask for whatever I've wanted, no matter how trivial or major, as long as it made me happier or reduced the mental load on me.

I've never reciprocated, outside of doing natural things you do for your partner like giving him my time, undivided attention, emotional support, etc… And rather, he loves it when I ask things of him, because he wants to be useful to me. He made me realize I couldn't be happy in a relationship without someone devoting themselves to me like he has. If it was just a sexual thing I would hate it so much.

No. 262386

Oh nonna this is so sweet, but there's only a small chance you won't end up with a mentally ill gf who will leave you feeling used to the core.

No. 262389

I don't mind being used, I don't really expect much if any reciprocation, I'm easy, I can orgasm from just going down on her or getting a couple neck kisses. I would be happy enough to be wanted and needed. Severe mental illness would be a problem and I would want to be sure she's actually into women.

No. 262464

Just bc some anons are into certain plays during sexy time, doesn’t mean they would be selfish in actual relationship. Good lordship is knowing how to keep her subjects loyal and content.

No. 262469

I'm sure plenty would like it. Hell, I'd like it. Everyone likes getting stuff and not having to do anything for it. I'm just saying it's rare and genuinely unstable.

There's a reason boomer scrotes talk about how much their wife resents them when they get old - they expected her to be a bangmaid and did not reciprocate with anything to make her happy.

I hate to break it to you, but based on past experience, I don't think this relationship can last.

No. 262479

There are some people who express their love through caring for, serving their partner, and putting them first. They gain satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so. In this case, they aren't looking at the relationship as quid pro quo, but they still need to be loved, wanted, acknowledged, and emotionally supported by their partner. In a way, does that not count as reciprocation?
>There's a reason boomer scrotes talk about how much their wife resents them when they get old - they expected her to be a bangmaid and did not reciprocate with anything to make her happy.
Those women didn't sign up to be bangmaids. They felt forced into it because of gender roles, societal expectations, etc. Not to mention those scrotes genuinely don't love, care about, or appreciate their wives, so of course there is going to be resentment.

No. 262549

File: 1652094272437.jpg (56.4 KB, 1181x517, lovelanguages.jpg)

>There are some people who express their love through caring for, serving their partner, and putting them first. They gain satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so.
NTA, but isn't acts of service also literally a love language? So it would make sense.
>In this case, they aren't looking at the relationship as quid pro quo, but they still need to be loved, wanted, acknowledged, and emotionally supported by their partner.
I'm not sure if this is already a part of love language theory, but I've noticed that what you enjoy to give is not always what you also enjoy to receive. Or maybe that is exactly the crux of what d/s relationships should be about and people in regular relationships want to receive what they give. Personally I like to provide acts of service, giving gifts, words of affirmation etc., but I generally don't like receiving them. I prefer receiving quality time and physical touch (not sexual) picrel. So I would feel reciprocated just by someone spending time with me, holding my hand or arm in public, they wouldn't have to do acts of service for me too, because I don't care about receiving those.

No. 262702

>He derives so much happiness from making me happy, and making my life easier, pleasant, and more convenient.
That's what I want in a partner. Bluntly, a large part of the reasoning is because I've always been the one who gave too much in past relationships. That's common for many women since we tend to be more relationship-minded instead of just wanting to be with someone for convenience and occasional sex. I took charge during sex, but I also planned cute dates, got my partner random gifts, remembered everything he said, prioritized things he wanted to do. I was basically the "knight" or the gentledom/mommymaid that's been brought up. He reciprocated but it was few and far between, and we had very different outlooks on important topics besides. I just can't be the one to love and give more if I'm in a relationship again. It's exhausting and frustrating. I'm not saying I want to contribute nothing, I wouldn't wish that on anyone having gone through it myself, I just want the scales tipped somewhat in my favor. Anything less isn't worth my time. If that means I stay single then I'm fine with that. Men already gain so much more by being in relationships than we do, it's only fair they put in more effort. (I'm not directing any of this at "you" in particular anon, it sounds like you are in fact a supportive partner.)

No. 262707

The concept is cute n stuff, but I just can't help but seeing it as a
"incel coomer licking stacies feet for her being a high status symbol and anticipated fuckbody, doing everything she says for being able to have a possibility of entering her hole (more - if already entered) "
Idk, gross

No. 262749

Ok? maybe try to remember that women are people who exist outside the male gaze

No. 262764

File: 1652170281170.png (817.66 KB, 485x652, 7840932840932742.png)

I enjoy the more intellectual discussions we've been having here. Cute sub pics are great too, but it's nice to hear other women's perspectives. I'm curious, would anons say their personality reflects their preferences in relationshipa and sexual situations? Are you the typical "type" people imagine, cool and stoic, in your everyday life? Or do you come across differently than your preferences would imply? I'm a friendly and laid back person. Some people have assumed I was cold because I'm not super outgoing in general, but that changes once we start talking. I guess I don't fit the standard mold because of that, but it does differ in certain contexts. I'm outspoken and don't hesitate to stand up for people if someone is being a nuisance to friends. I am more forward with those I actually do like, but only once I have a good idea of the type of person they are. Pushy, aggressive or arrogant men receive zero attention.

No. 262785

I am talking about those who have relationships with men
Men are percieving women with a male gaze
Hello, good morning

No. 262793

i don’t think anyone would expect me to be a domme lol. i’m very much the quintessential older sister, so an introverted, perfectionist people pleaser w poor self-image. but i’m pretty sure the disparity between the image i present and my sexual being is a huge factor in why i dom: i do it as an escape from outsider expectations and reality and to embrace the aggression i can’t relay irl

No. 262794

Excellent response, anon! Just because someone gives something doesn't mean they necessarily want to receive that thing back. I've also looked at D/s in terms of love languages rather than just kink. Acts of service are a must for me, to an extent that wouldn't really be a fair expectation in a regular relationship.
>Men already gain so much more by being in relationships than we do,
This is a big thing. They are already so blessed by having a woman who loves them, supports them, and listens to them, but they will fuck it up by being retarded manbabies. You gave out of the goodness of your heart but they didn't deserve that. Good on you for realizing you deserve better.
You sound pornsick, seek help.

No. 262815

That doesn’t make any sense. Why would you, presumably a woman, view other women’s desires with a male lense then? Weird that your first instinct is to assume the incel-stacy dynamic wherein the man is solely the beneficiary of such relationship, in other words, the antithesis of femdom, especially under the female gaze. No one itt wants the pornified fantasies that men sell to other men.

No. 262902

Who gives a fuck about moids and their opinions just post cute/hot femdom pics ffs

No. 262906

lol my bf looks exactly like this. I love yanking his hair.

No. 262914

same. When I was younger I thought I was more on the subby side because i was brainwashed but i came to realize over the years that in every single sexual encounter i had that i really enjoyed, i was doing at least something dominant. I started having sex at 18, only fully realized im into femdom around 23 and I'm now 26 and still sure in that.

lucky you i guess…

No. 262955

File: 1652230640977.jpg (85.41 KB, 800x1200, 5438950438598.jpg)

>escape from outsider expectations and reality
I know what you mean, so much of society expects us to be docile, calm and patient all the time. Power really can be an aphrodisiac. It feels euphoric having someone obey your every whim and do everything in their power to please you. I think where men get it wrong is so many only see the power itself as enticing, and forget that a real person is on the other side

No. 262959

File: 1652231819569.png (759.68 KB, 538x767, 640378095873489.png)

Tending to wounds she didn't cause or preparing for round two?

No. 262960

File: 1652232001260.png (569.71 KB, 406x610, 9083420483287445.png)

No. 262961

File: 1652232534891.jpg (34.84 KB, 400x400, 76908439028451.jpg)

No. 262966

File: 1652233736576.png (1.28 MB, 1403x957, 790438204832086.png)

No. 262967

File: 1652233966729.png (1.04 MB, 787x964, 34594305843085056.png)

No. 262992

what a bad bitch

No. 263001

File: 1652254197889.jpg (62.73 KB, 499x337, tumblr_fe3efbdd474f2d3817b51bc…)

I'm assuming it's been discussed when GoT was relevant but God bless that series for the Jaime/Cirsei and Jorah/Dany Jon/Dany dynamic and like every other male from sandor, jojen, tommen, Rob, Sam, fucking theon, sort-of Stannis, drogo, tyrion, and tormund were all subby/servants and devoted or lost their lives for a woman, even if many of them started out insufferable and only gained humility and humanity down the line.

I watched Reign recently and the queen isstressing out about having to marry the king of spain for an alliance. Hes a grest guy and the big deal breaker conflict of this couple of episodes is that he wants her to choke and whip him in return for his eternal service and access to his empire's fortunes, and she's too disgusted to go through with it. I mean God damn come on wtf

Peter Murphy pic because idk he's hot

No. 263009

>big deal breaker conflict of this couple of episodes is that he wants her to choke and whip him in return for his eternal service and access to his empire's fortunes
Seriously?? I always avoided this show because it looked like some stupid teen drama with no care for historical accuracy, but if it’s a stupid teen drama with no historical accuracy about a subby king then maybe I’ll reconsider kek. Too bad the woman isn’t properly intrigued by the scenario.

GoT was so horribly misogynistic I couldn’t get into any of the pairings and just stopped watching early on. Even the ones that could’ve been good like Jorah x Dany ended up weird and predatory, and Drogo just straight up rapes her so that invalidates the whole thing for me (yes I know it was a bit better in the books). Weirdly enough Sandor x Sansa had a pretty nice dynamic but it was still messed up for many reasons. It’s just frustrating that they all have to be in a very misogynistic setting and have the dynamics polluted by that.

No. 263048

Hate everything GoT related. Every remotely dominant woman got the fetish treatment, Ygritte, Margaery, Cersei, Dany, Brienne of Tarth etc. The only part that felt remotely appealing was Jorah’s devotion to Dany.

No. 263129

File: 1652297017542.png (331.55 KB, 562x392, 8940283490872305.png)

No. 263132

File: 1652297047771.png (164.88 KB, 639x695, 348923490327840327.png)

Something fun

No. 263152

File: 1652300101404.png (659 KB, 621x1081, 904832097423674.png)

I don't think the Webtoon Seducing The Warrior Princess Sigrid has been rec'd yet. It's about the buff viking daughter of a local chief and a pretty boy skald (bard/poet) who falls for her. He's very puppyish, and there's another more traditionally masculine viking guy who has a crush on her but still gets shy. It's primarily comedy but there is an underlying plot that's building. Only downside is it seems to have been on hiatus since January.

No. 263165

>The only part that felt remotely appealing was Jorah’s devotion to Dany.
That was nasty, he was a million years old + ugly and it shouldn't have even been entertained as a possibility. At first I hoped he simply had paternal feelings for her but no, of course he has to be in love with her.

No. 263172

oh no no no, the plot doesn't go any further than that, they kill the subby maso-king the episode after he's introduced and move on quickly. the whole dynamic is presented as sort of unthinkably repulsive and the queen blindfolds him and gets an older woman to hit him for her, since she can't even stand to entertain such degeneracy, and I think when he realizes her voice isn't coming from the direction of the person hitting him he flips out and falls over, hits his head or something, dies, covered up, and is never mentioned again. it was awful and felt bad to watch.

fair enough - I really had to headcanon out some ages, admittedly, but there weren't any weird dominatrix types, just strong women that tended to pull the strings while strong men died for them

No. 263189

File: 1652312658528.webm (2.81 MB, 576x1024, 8493284-0724054.webm)

I know this is supposed to be joking about the trope by showing how 'silly' it is for a man but a half-naked chef versed in healthy communication and emotional validation would be on my radar for sure

No. 263288

File: 1652350573757.jpg (175.61 KB, 655x966, 704932890482305.jpg)

Having a man sit on your lap is very underrated

No. 263289

File: 1652350632323.png (532.58 KB, 559x909, 23902183290735.png)

Léandre et Héro (sad myth, pretty statue)

No. 263335

Oh yeah baby I love sexy statues.

No. 263385

Yesss I love the fine art femdom nonnies. My people

No. 264766

File: 1652862544844.jpg (128.29 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nwp7ggWJ6X1rknkzeo1_500…)

No. 264802

File: 1652886835507.jpeg (106.53 KB, 664x1000, 28393739383.jpeg)

No. 264828

haven't posted since the second thread, I fell off with the femdom stuff but lately I've been talking with this guy that I met during something professional and we ended up talking more and more and today he sent me a meme with this image >>263288 can't post it
because I'm worried that there might be a chance that he lurks here since lolcow got so big this year.
I know it's rare but femdom became a bit of a meme and I wanted to report my encounter here.

No. 264831

Nice. Manifesting that he sits on you and you get to feel the booty

No. 264888

What was the context of the meme being sent ?

No. 264891

we were talking about things people wear in gyms and I joked about guys wearing small shorts to show off their butts and he started talking about how he has a nice butt that is under appreciated because not many women like butts, didn't tell him I was into femdom, he just went
>this reminds me of a pic a have
and sent that meme, I laughed it off and he joked about me being his domme, I didn't mention anything femdom related or interest in a relationship I wonder if he sniffed it off me or if I just walked into a sub in the wild.
I'm almost sure he is a sub because he joked about liking feet before.

No. 264969

>I joked about guys wearing small shorts to show off their butts and he started talking about how he has a nice butt that is under appreciated because not many women like butts,
Nice. That's exactly the type of flirting I like from men, when they sexualize themselves for you instead of the other way around. He seems pretty sexually forward though, how long have you known each other?

No. 265003

File: 1652972598132.jpg (101.58 KB, 536x800, tumblr_lpdu31EBkX1qasti2o1_540…)

No. 265004

File: 1652972637092.jpg (43.16 KB, 452x700, tumblr_mgzxouVBzS1qdnp8mo1_500…)

No. 265006

File: 1652972686548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.22 KB, 540x520, tumblr_nwp8adj98R1rknkzeo1_540…)

No. 265008

File: 1652972731067.jpg (494.38 KB, 1024x970, tumblr_m65tj5fALi1r5j350o1_128…)

No. 265009

File: 1652972754158.jpg (93.71 KB, 526x960, tumblr_opt4qo9FUc1rknkzeo1_640…)

No. 265027

Nice pics nona, but that's one giant pussy.

No. 265114

File: 1653006851653.jpeg (108.83 KB, 1090x872, Ewpjeu7WEAMsrBe.jpeg)

i want a boyfriend to put on a leash

No. 265170

Imagine cute tall fit bf wearing a hoodie to hide his collar. And the hoodie is just tight enough to ever slightly show the outline of ropes coiling around his skin.

No. 265171

File: 1653034510940.jpg (1.53 MB, 1464x1008, 77762401_p0.jpg)

Blackmailing fantasy? Filming a smug tsundere or serious megane in the most unbecoming positions? I own you now~~~

No. 265173

File: 1653034564481.jpg (85.65 KB, 470x970, 88849786_p0.jpg)

No. 265189

I'm picturing the lead from the collar going down his sleeve and out towards his hand, so anyone looking at you both just see's a cute couple holding hands.

It's like those facemask and ballgag pic memes, hidden bondage.

No. 265195

OHHH the dream. This. THIS SO HARD. I need a dude acting cute around me, I'm tired of the one doing the giggling. I need a man who kicks his fit and giggles when i tell a shitty joke.

he might be hitting on you? idk. either way sounds like a nice young man

No. 265215

Ladies I've met the sub of my dreams. I just have one small issue, I'm too embarrassed to ask my bf to call me Master. He asked what I wanted him to call me and I guess I got flustered because personally I would hate calling him master (we're both switches), it just feels cringy. I think it'd be hot if a guy did it, though. He's been calling me "ma'am" which is fine but I'm very meh about it. I think I just need to nut up and ask, I really doubt he wouldn't be into it…

He likes me telling him what to do, he wants me to use him for my pleasure, he always makes me come with oral/fingering at least once before we have sex. If he doesn't get to come or we don't get to have sex it's not a problem and he's completely fine with it, he's happy to just get me off. He loves giving me oral and really likes it when I can't take it anymore and grab his hair and start using his face like it's a toy until his tongue is sore. He also likes it when I sit on his face and told me one time to not hold back, I loved the idea but was worried about hurting him somehow, he assured me though and I went all out. He ended up coughing/choking a bit, I stopped and asked if he was okay. He enthusiastically said yes and told me to keep going. One time when I was on top I held his wrists down and went hard, it was really hot, it felt like I was fucking him (I'd love to do the Amazon position for this reason, but I'd need to work on my leg strength and he might not be flexible enough anyways). One time I put him in a blindfold and a collar/leash and made him lay down, and forbid him from touching me or moving at all. When he tried I firmly held his wrists at his side and he gasped and smiled. I spent a good long while teasing him, especially with neck kisses, he's so sensitive there. I touched and kissed everywhere but his dick until he was dripping and begging me to touch it. Even then I didn't insert it, just slowly licked it and rubbed it against me. He begged me to put it in and I acted like I was going to but stopped, the way he whined and said "please" did something to me, anons. When I finally did I pulled the leash to hold him there and went rough. His dick gets very sensitive after he comes, but I kept riding him even after he finished and he just took it (it's something he had asked me to do before). This one is a bit more degenerate but I've sent him nudes while he's talking to his friends and had fun watching him try and keep his composure, then instructed him to touch himself very slowly and show me a video of him doing it. Obviously he didn't come from that, and when we sexted later he was so hard. Sometimes when we're apart I tell him that he's not allowed to touch himself, sometimes I go for a few days. I'd like to go longer but I get too turned on and then we'll sext. He has to ask for my permission to come though. I know that he listens and abstains because he tells me when he doesn't, and then I have to think of a way to punish him. I call him a good boy/bad boy depending on the scenario.

Before him I thought I was purely a sub and that femdom was just a fantasy I'd never actually participate in. I've never had so much fun. Teasing guys is the best.

No. 265232

>I need a dude acting cute around me
>I need a man who kicks his fit and giggles when i tell a shitty joke.
Oh, my boyfriend is exactly like this. When I first met him, he gave off an intellectual, mature vibe (almost composed to the point I thought I might not like him), but as we started to fall for each other he began showing an enthusiastic, playful, adorable, and cute side of his personality. He giggles every time I tell an absolutely retarded joke or flirt with him. And he is always beaming like he is blessed just being in my presence. I know this makes me sound like a narcissist, but he genuinely makes me feel like he worships me as a person (not just as a sex object) and hangs on to my every word with such attentiveness in ordinary situations. Of course this has nothing directly to do with submission or dominance, and it sounds like such a big leap from what we were talking about, but… It's such a good sign if a sub is this eager and cutesy in every day situations where you're not doing anything kinky.

And just let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE subs who are enthusiastic and desperate to please you once they get to know you. A lot of subs are very half-hearted in their submission and please you so they can get theirs. It's always so obvious. But when you have a sub who genuinely actually wants to devote themselves to you it is such a huuuuuge difference. I'm ranting, I just love love love cute and enthusiastic subs as opposed to pushy and self-serving ones.

No. 265245

File: 1653065080024.png (Spoiler Image, 328.52 KB, 750x1000, 87457341_p4.png)

Based, based, and based

No. 265246

god i wish that were me. fuck

No. 265385

File: 1653100560902.jpg (17.87 KB, 575x266, Tumblr_l_159209409096765.jpg)

Oh nonny how i wish for this to happen to me one day

No. 265466

ladies I need some choking play femdom art… preferably suggestive rather than outright pornographic

No. 265468

File: 1653162698854.jpg (986.96 KB, 2577x2480, FNEWR-WVIAILnPJ.jpg)

Whew, sounds like you're living the dream nona.
Just a note on this
>he always makes me come with oral/fingering at least once before we have sex. If he doesn't get to come or we don't get to have sex it's not a problem and he's completely fine with it, he's happy to just get me off.
I think it's weird that women don't consider it sex when only they come. You bet a man would still consider it sex if only he came.

No. 265480

I guess I'm thinking of it in the potentially outdated "no PIV = not sex" way. I wouldn't think of giving him oral as "real sex" either (even though I know it's "oral sex")

very nice picture btw, I'm sending it to him

No. 265555

File: 1653211237037.jpg (480.39 KB, 1708x2258, 85913218_p0.jpg)

No. 265556

File: 1653211270512.jpg (523.63 KB, 3042x2270, 86269118_p0.jpg)

No. 265560

Yes please! I have no such art sadly.

No. 265575

File: 1653225350043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.89 KB, 1280x1808, 212.jpg)

No. 265576

File: 1653225373463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 456.49 KB, 1280x1808, 214.jpg)

No. 265584

Why does his dick look swollen and broken?

No. 265589

update: I dropped him because I found out he had a sex with a male and is bisexual with preference to males and is a massive slut.
the femdom community is filled with coomers that coom too much they got into being submissive, it's why I lost interest in it, shame on him for sparking it again.
he is very sexually forward, I've known him for a while but we started talking often about two months only most of which we interacted through text because I never viewed it as something other than being previous colleague.

No. 265590

>the femdom community is filled with coomers that coom too much they got into being submissive, it's why I lost interest in it
You are so right. I don't know if you're into this in particular, but I'm only attracted to men who express their submission specifically with a romantic intent towards the woman they are in a relationship with. Yeah, it can be sexual for them too (I express my dominance both romantically and sexually), but if the only intent is sexual I get so turned off. You just know they are whoring around or if they aren't, they would when given the chance to. To me submission and romantic devotion are interlinked. I hate manwhores.

No. 265593

File: 1653235931602.jpeg (274.14 KB, 1600x900, 7D8FA714-D94A-4A1F-98B6-251EC0…)

i recently matched with a man on tinder and he seems too good to be true. maybe some people will think this is cringe and maybe it is but i literally put picrel on my profile. i’ve had guys who claim to be submissive message me but one ghosted me when i proposed we go on a date and another one started our conversation off with “hi mommy”. soooo not quite what i’m looking for. then i get a message from one of my matches that says “do you really believe in female supremacy?” i didn’t respond right away because i kinda thought he was going to berate me for being a hairy man bashing blue haired feminazi or something. i don’t really have a physical type i tend to go for, but this guy is way more frat boy like than men i’ve dated or fucked in the past. he sort of looks like adam devine, but i can’t remember if i swiped right on him bc he’s kinda cute or because he said he makes edibles.

regardless, what this guy said next made me stop texting my other matches. i didn’t respond for an hour or something and he sends another text that says “because i do.” i immediately became super interested because he looks like a normal guy, says he has a good job on his profile (i’m aware he could be lying), and actually wants to submit to me. not like the last guy i dated for a month a while ago who ended up wanting a mommy domme who will make him cum. but with this guy the conversation quickly turned into sexting which probably isn’t a good start but i plan on finding a way to change the subject when i respond today to his text from last night. this guy is telling me about how much he wants to serve me in and outside of the bedroom, make my life easier by doing chores and errands and stuff for me, worship my body, give me head while i ignore his cock, he even wants me to put him in chastity.

i searched this thread and the previous one to see what other anons think about the kink and some were saying it’s a red flag, some were saying it only benefits the man (which i understand but still disagree with because it’s something i’m interested in), but some were into it like i am. he lives pretty close to me which is great. the last thing i texted him on tinder was something like “i think i’m going to have you take me on a date so we can get to know each other. give me your number so we can arrange something” and he gave it to me! was afraid he’d be like “oh shit no coom for me hahaha i’m out” but no, we’re still talking. so yeah, i’m going to have him call me tomorrow so i can hear his voice, do a partial vibe check, and get to know him beyond the submissive thing. i’m hoping to go on a date this week, i don’t really know what we’ll do yet (and ik that in FLRs it’s often the woman’s job to plan the dates, i’m also kind of insecure about being the dominant one due to the responsibility and confidence it requires but that’s another story) so i will have to ask him what he likes, see what we have in common, and do that.

but yeah, i’m really excited to meet this guy and i’ve already gotten my hopes up so don’t tell me not to lol because it’s a little too late for that. i guess i just want to see what other anons think about this guy, if anyones dated a man like this in the past and how that went if someone has.

No. 265595

Rip. Truly can not give any man benefit of the doubt. In hindsight, that sort of sexual eagerness was a sign. Better luck next time nona.

No. 265598

Sounds like he has potential, but bringing up kink before you do is a red flag… He doesn't even know you but wants to submit to you, doesn't bode well and makes him come off as the type of person who'd submit to any woman who was interested.
>and ik that in FLRs it’s often the woman’s job to plan the dates
This is NOT true. If you hate planning dates, you know what? You can delegate that to him. As the dominant, you make the final decision. He can do all the heavy-lifting, work, and preparation if that is what you desire. Do not confuse submission as passivity or dominance as strenuous work. In a real dynamic, it's up to the submissive to make your life easier. Think of it as giving him a trial task. Let him go off your profile, ask you questions, figure out what you like, and come up with a date custom-tailored to your desires.
>so i will have to ask him what he likes
Don't frame it in terms of what he likes. That is setting things off on the wrong foot. When you're ready, tell him you want to talk about kink, bring up the ideas you have in mind, what dynamic you'd like, and see how he reacts to them. Ask him if he specifically has any limits. Imo, you set up the sexual framework around your kinks and his limits, not his kinks. Otherwise he will just use you as kink dispenser #5085349. Yes, this may sound selfish, but real submissives benefit from pleasing you, doing what you want, and making you happy. Otherwise they wouldn't be submissive. Good luck.

No. 265601

He’s definitely into the porno dommy mommy thing, just with proclivity to slave play, likely findom as well. I’m getting manwhore vibes, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s into sissy stuff. Buuut if you think you’ll get a kick out of him then I guess it’s up to you. Use him, make him pay tribute, withhold rewards as much as possible.

No. 265611

idk i think the photo sort of implied i want something kinky. i looked back at our messages and i think i played a role in the conversation taking that turn so fast. i’ve been celibate for a while but i have some hyper sexual tendencies that have sabotaged potential relationships because i didn’t hold back (albeit, this was years ago and these were not men i would want a relationship with now). you’re right about the date thing, and thank you for that because that’s some advice i needed. i’m not sure where i heard that but it doesn’t make much sense to me because yeah i want to have most of the power in a relationship but there’s some things i would rather leave up to my partner to decide based on what i tell them. also i meant “ask him what he likes” as in, like, what he does in his free time to figure out where we could meet. i’ve never went on an actual date with someone i met online so i don’t totally know what to do or expect. in his profile he says he likes walking but i would rather die than walk around in this 90 degree weather and get all sweaty lol. idk maybe i’ll just go with something classic like brunch or coffee.

omg dating a guy who seems great but i end up finding he’s into sissy shit is one of worst nightmares. and i know that the chastity kink could be because he wants to be feminized. some people will think this is extreme but if this guy is serious i plan on putting parental controls on his devices because again, if i found out this guy is into sissification i would probably return to celibacy. i truly do believe that in this day and age, where porn is SO accessible, you can’t really let a man run wild if you want a relationship with him. idk if i’m comfortable asking him for a tribute, but i will make him pay the bill when we go out for the first time. i was even thinking about having him take me shopping (i have a feeling that either he or his family is wealthy) but maybe that’s not ideal for a first date. if it doesn’t work out then at least i learned something about myself and/or men, and that’s been my perspective for a while.

No. 265619

For anons who have had both, do you treat male and female subs differently? As an example, are there certain rules you would have for a man that you wouldn't enforce with another woman?

No. 265735

i like it but his dick looks grotesque

No. 265780

I've only had a male sub but in my fantasies I'm a lot softer with a girl sub. with guy I'll call him names and be a lot rougher, but I'd like to treat a girl very kindly, I'd still be the dom but I'd be making her tell me what she wants from me, bonus if she's embarrassed to say it and I can lovingly tease her for it.

No. 265781

same anon as for rules, my male sub isn't allowed to get himself off unless he asks me if it's okay, I don't think I'd enforce a rule like that with a girl. I think I'd really like it if she randomly texted me while I'm at work or something to say she was touching herself

No. 265782

>that mushroom dick
>that scrote-pandering angle
Ugh why
Aside from that I really like the art. He's really hot.

No. 265785

These look like they're draw by someone who never saw a dick irl

No. 265805

HE said he wants to serve you in and outside the bedroom. Scrotes who are into this stuff only for the sex don't spoil you money wise etc. Make him "prove" himself before you have sex with him. Make him pay your bills etc. My bf is now a sub and he does everything I ask him to. I'm kind of lucky because when I first met him he was the typical dominant male and kinda misogynistic. Usually guys who are outwardly "manly" are subs. I would avoid the incel/computer programmer types, they would have sex with anything and everyone and are probably into trancel shit. Make sure he is hot asf and respectful of you.

No. 265808

Some of my fav things to do to my bf:
-ride him while I choke him
-lick his nipples and kiss him while I stroke him (if he's been good)
-orgasm denial, choking and laugh at him (if he's been bad)
-make him suck my toes and feet
-sit on his face
-tell him degrading or nice things in a soft voice
- massage his butt and smack his ass
- Post sex, he lays on my chest under my arm

No. 265810

While most the women I’ve been with had preferred to be more passive, I’ve only ever formally dommed one bisexual girl. I feel more generous and giving with women. I’m not turned on by physical sadism as much, but a lot more emotionally invested in the role playing and power dynamic. We did some classic kinky stuff but honestly it wasn’t as fulfilling as I had hoped. The girl wanted me to act more like a stereotypical tumblr maledom so we weren’t compatible in that aspect.

No. 265932

File: 1653368471574.png (206.69 KB, 623x800, 2390482309745.png)

This is the good stuff, simple but so satisfying.

No. 266012

oh wow nonnies i think this guy might be the one. i mean, i still don’t know yet for sure but we finally talked on the phone and it was pretty great. seems like this dude genuinely really wants to make my life easier. he agreed to take me shopping for our first date, that’ll happen in about a week. i’m calling him again today lol. i’m so happy right now ahhh.

No. 266028

File: 1653412317554.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 320x212, 01A90A3E-8596-492D-8DA4-29CABC…)

never finished you season 3 but goddamn i think about this scene all the time. had trouble finding the video to make these but someone recorded it and posted it on youtube so that’s why the quality isn’t great. sorry if this has been posted before 1/2

No. 266029

File: 1653412377999.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 320x213, BA70F011-D9C9-4781-A385-E8E1A9…)


No. 266030

I’m excited for you anon. Hope he is every you look for! I trust you will keep your wits about you ofc and update us.

No. 266044

thank you, anon!! i’ll definitely be posting some updates. however, we spoke on the phone recently and when i asked if he’s into sissy shit he said “not really.” so he’s kinda into it, unfortunately. i told him it’s a hard limit though. kinda upset about that but everything else about him is perfect i stg. is it possible for him to like…get over that kink? idk if it’s a major fetish of his but the idea of him thinking about being feminized by me makes me nauseous. i will be explaining my problems with sissification to him, i aim to train him to unlearn his misogynistic beliefs (he’s not that bad anyway). even if it’s probably futile, i’m still gonna give it my best shot. oh and he agreed to stop watching porn. still coming up with some rules to enforce. actually, if any anons have some good rules i could give him to follow please share them, i’d appreciate it a lot.

No. 266051

along with no porn I also enforce a rule that my sub can't get himself off without my permission, and he has to show me a video when he does

No. 266054

>still coming up with some rules to enforce. actually, if any anons have some good rules i could give him to follow please share them
I don't get this. You either want to give him rules or you don't. You can't "outsource" your dominance to other people. We don't know what your preferences are.

No. 266058

oh yeah i’m definitely using that one. i think i may have said this already but he doesn’t really have much interest in PIV, neither do i though.

okay what the hell? why are you so angry? i just posted in this thread yesterday for the first time and i’m enjoying talking to people on here, just trying to make some conversation. jesus…no hard feelings though.

No. 266059

How did you get "angry" from that? I'm just saying you coming up with rules has meaning because they're supposed to serve you. If you can't think of anything that pleases you or makes your life easier, what's the point of having rules?

No. 266069

i’m just kidding. i already said, i was just wondering which rules other dommes enforce. i’m not super experienced with dominating men irl but i’ve already given him some rules and i have no trouble creating with more. i’ve been correcting him every time he forgets to say “thank you” or “sorry” or whatever when he should, he has to ask me to touch himself if he wants to, etc. just wanted to chat on here a bit. sorry if i hurt your feelings, babe.

No. 266086

femdom is serious bizness

No. 266107

File: 1653433006977.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.93 KB, 839x1024, e8ab58f08e69f399da32cba485488f…)

I feel like a degenerate asking for this but does anyone know any good erotica or just media about men going through Stockholm syndrome, becoming submissive and obsessed with their female captor?

No. 266124

where do you find men like this?

No. 266132

OT but I wish Aeritea focused more on trying to improve her anatomy (like the hands) instead of improving her coloring first.
Though I'm glad there's at least one female artist in the west who draws nice anime-style femdom that caters to women (and she draws lots of self-insert art! It's a blessing). Most of the women who draw femdom either pander to men in some way or have an ugly art style.

No. 266135

tinder haha. don’t be afraid to be upfront and specific about what kind of man you’re seeking. if you think he’s cute, just swipe right. idk if there’s many out there like this guy, like, it just keeps getting better and better. i think god has a crush on me or something lol. i love talking to him. so yeah most men are worthless, selfish misogynists but there are definitely some genuinely submissive men out there. don’t settle until you find the guy that you want and deserve.

No. 266244

Try the Archie Sheridan novels by Chelsea Cain. It's kinda gender swapped Silence of the Lambs where the male detective is abducted by the female serial killer he's hunting and gets stockholm for her. The six books are murder-mystery crime-horror stuff with their twisted psychosexual relationship as the overarching story. He's not willingly submissive to her, but she can always mindfuck him into doing whatever she wants and he's shamefully obsessed with her in every way. She has other devoted male victims/accomplices she treats as disposable toys. All very femdomish.

No. 266277

Sounds fun. Nta but will you spoil me on something? Do they ever fuck?

No. 266383

File: 1653592329171.jpg (547.8 KB, 1041x1600, Mockingbird #8 023.jpg)

In the second book they have a sex scene while stuck in a cabin during a forest fire and in the sixth book there's flashbacks revealing they were having an affair together before he learns she's the killer. I think knowing that going in might enhance the story since it elaborates on how mindfucked Archie is.

It's a shame the series has little presence online. It's extra sad since in-universe there's fanfiction shipping the two since they're public figures, kinda like the author wishes they had a bigger irl fanbase lmao. Author is kinda TERFy, she included a TRAs real tweets calling her transphobic (for writing about periods) as in-universe evil state propaganda posters in her comic Man-Eaters lol.

She also implied Mockingbird dommes her bf and Hawkeye at the same time when she wrote for Marvel, quite based.

No. 267048

>boyfriend calls me his queen
>want to call him my knight but begrudgingly call him my king to be safe and fair
>immediately after saying it feel uncomfortable
>even boyfriend doesn't like it and says that I'm the "queen and boss"
>now is my chance
>suggest knight
>he loves it and thinks it's cool to be my knight
I'm glad I can have my own knight.

No. 267049

No. 267145

I've seen people use 'herbo' for that.

No. 267230

Nice, I was hoping this was the case. Even better that she psychologically twists him around her finger over the years. The author sounds great. I've been disappointed lately with some artists I thought had nice femdomy content actually being pickmes or at the least sympathetic to trans shit, so I'm glad she's terfy in the real world too.

No. 267520

File: 1654101447842.jpeg (104.82 KB, 680x679, 163D9A3C-74F9-42CB-B200-8124D2…)

sooo i hate one less man now! we talked on the phone for like 10-12 hours before meeting yesterday for the first time. this man opened every door and spent hundreds on me, waited outside the dressing room, carried my bags, and so much more. we got dinner before heading back to his place. i almost can’t believe that i’ve found a man that isn’t looking to use me. wow.

once we arrived at his place he massaged my entire body for over an hour. last night was the first time another person made me cum. three times. he was really hard, i teased him a bit but he didn’t get close to ejaculation. he only asked for me to touch him once, i told him he’s stupid for even asking me that and he didn’t ask again after that. because he isn’t in it for his own pleasure, i was suspicious at first but i trust him now. one reason i didn’t like the sex i had in the past is because i was insecure about my appearance (even though i know i’m beautiful) and what i would look like when i came. but that wasn’t on my mind much last night. he just telling me how perfect i am, thanking me for everything, and looking at me like i am a literal goddess. his moans are fucking adorable btw, so is his laugh. then we just cuddled until we fell asleep, he kept kissing me all over my body and talking about what happened, trying to process it all lol. he made me breakfast this morning, ate me out again, and rubbed my back. he’s not amazing at massaging or eating pussy, but he really wants to learn and improve for me. i think we’re hanging out later, i most likely won’t post anymore updates but i can’t stop smiling rn and felt like sharing this.

yeah, he is really amazing. i feel so comfortable and appreciated when we’re together, even though we’ve only met once in person so far haha. also, i got the impression he’s into sissy shit during our first call because when i asked if he’s into that he said “not really.” turns out he meant that he’s willing to do it if i want to feminize him, but it’s not a kink of his. which is just…such a relief to know he’s not a total degenerate. we are so compatible it’s insane. i plan to make him rub my feet while i read the scum manifesto aloud, i quoted some parts of the book for him and he was really intrigued. he knows that he’s inferior because he’s a man, but he doesn’t know quite why. he doesn’t understand some of the big words i use (had to teach him what patriarchy and manicure mean!) and the last book he read fully was a picture book, so i will be reading him plenty of feminist theory. that’s all though. i’m so glad i met this dude. thank you to everyone who replied to my posts itt.

No. 267522

why is the woman dressed sexy and the man looks like a schlub? standards are so low.

No. 267525

I mean, this started off pretty great but
>i plan to make him rub my feet while i read the scum manifesto aloud, i quoted some parts of the book for him and he was really intrigued. he knows that he’s inferior because he’s a man, but he doesn’t know quite why. he doesn’t understand some of the big words i use (had to teach him what patriarchy and manicure mean!) and the last book he read fully was a picture book, so i will be reading him plenty of feminist theory.
Just makes me think this is bait.
I noticed this too, but didn't want to be negative, kek. Even in femdom, too many women base their sexuality around objectifying themselves. She could have just drawn the women as neutral as possible but nope, have to put all the sexual focus on her instead of the man. Typical and boring.

No. 267533

Lit anon, good for you!

No. 267534

I am sorry but this sounds like a fantasy of yours kek

No. 267563

thank you, anon!!

wait explain how it sounds like bait please.

kek, well it was until yesterday. i just totally lucked out with this dude. never thought i’d find the man i’ve been wanting for so long in my city, and i was right because this guy moved here only a month ago. i can’t prove any of that happened so uhh just trust me i guess. he’s really great though and i hope everyone itt finds their dream guy.

No. 267578

File: 1654119887233.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1500x2123, 68852980_p2.jpg)

I agree that the woman is too sexualized. lol why the nipples poking out?? even if the pic is literally centered on him, that just distracts the viewer, especially since her breasts are so close to his face, and I don't see why she has to be wearing stockings.
Aeritea's art is very hit and miss. I'm still thankful that she draws so much though.

No. 267604

>rub my feet while i read the scum manifesto aloud
NTA but you know what, that's hot

No. 267621

>the last book he read fully was a picture book

kekk, provided this is real is he dumb anon? or does he just not read?

No. 267622

You'd be surprised (or rather shouldn't be) that that's most men lol they aren't shy about admitting it either

No. 267631

ayrt, yeah he is a little stupid. but to the extent that it’s endearing and not annoying. he has a college degree and a good job, but was in a fraternity during his time at university. like >>267622 said, most men are just pretty stupid lol.

No. 267638

>was in a fraternity
Oh my god you got a himbo, didn't you

No. 267644

No. 267736


No. 267879

oh most definitely. i used to go for the skater/indie type men but himbos are where it’s at.

you know what? if i’m getting my pussy ate on a regular basis i can live with being cringe.

No. 267992

>finding a boy that treats you like a queen and isn't into tranny shit
Congratulations nonny, that sounds amazing!!! I wish that were me, you have a lot of luck.

No. 268162

Samefag, things have progressed nicely. First off, I got brave and told him to call me Master so now he does. We had a video call the other week after I had forbade him from touching himself for a few days. I made him just watch me for a bit, going "Did I say you can touch yourself yet?" when he tried. When I finally let him I was in control of how fast he went and I would make him stop randomly, I love the noises he made

He's so cute, he said that originally he was afraid of telling me that he wanted to be submissive because I always said I liked him being manly (though I was mainly referring to his looks) when for me that's sort of the point. He's bigger and stronger than me, he could pick me up and toss me around, yet he lets me tie him up and tease him and pretty much just use his face to come. And he likes it. I told him that if he was okay with it, next time we see each other I'm going to tie him up underneath his clothes before we go on a date. He was really into the idea. Now I have to research ropes and how to do shibari, I'm a bit nervous about getting it right but it should hopefully be a lot of fun.

I'm really glad I had the guts to mention domming, I've never enjoyed sex so much. We do still switch it up sometimes but I think I really prefer being the dom, which works out since I think he likes being a sub more anyways.

No. 268272

because he's a fictional character and this is fanart you ding dong. that's literally just what he looks like. it's yoosung kim from mystic messenger kek

No. 268286

lmao a fictional character from a game for women no less

No. 268293

made for women BY women, kek. anons on this thread fucking love to complain

No. 268311

Which makes it even worse that she drew the woman sexy while the guy looks like a pleb.

No. 268373

I'm sorry I'll tell the funny man in my phone to dress up for me next time

No. 268389

Well if you have to look at someone, fictional or not, they should at least be hot. I bet you're one of those idiots who thinks ~women aren't visual~

No. 268396

excellent. tell him you'll delete the app and this his existence is he does not comply.

No. 268401

I don't find the character hot to begin with, why so pressed

gonna make him start paying rent too

No. 269356

File: 1654814857585.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 365.99 KB, 739x601, 3B9327D9-3ACF-43D9-BDB5-5A2C1D…)

I feel like this is the appropriate thread, sorry if it’s not lol. Is anyone here into eye-play? My dream would be able to penetrate the “eye holes” of a cute male with my thumbs but I know this would literally make him go blind and it’s so hard to find someone willing to engage in it. How do you explain you want to tape someone’s eyes open and use picrel on them? It’s a nice way to make prolonged eye contact so I guess it’s kinda romantic?
I’m repulsed by pegging (avid believer of thou shalt not make a man cum) but I would like to use his holes anyway and combining that with the extreme trust he needs to have in me to be a willing participant + the sweaty twitchy vulnerability really does it for me. When I was little I used to play pretend games with my pillow where I gauged it’s “eyes” out when I was uncontrollably raging and over the years it evolved into.. this. Is my best chance at acting this out waiting for a home invasion scenario so I can chimp out legally? Kek.

No. 269359

>>266029 stop posting post-wall wursties that look like 35 year old jewish lawyers having a midlife crisis.

No. 270111

No. 271143

File: 1655699663368.png (852.02 KB, 1215x1215, 95481258_p0.png)

I have no idea if there are even people who buy and scan yume doujinshi. It makes me so mad, I'm poor so I can't buy them myself, I don't even know if you can do that outside Japan. Every time I find a sample for a good yume doujinshi with femdom on Pixiv I just get sad.

No. 271144

File: 1655699705453.png (Spoiler Image, 418.81 KB, 860x1215, 95481258_p4.png)

No. 271145

File: 1655699832458.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1062x1500, 95481258_p14.png)

No. 271154

Wow, epic find. I want to read it too!

No. 271159

Does anyone have advice on how to deal with an overly sensitive sub? No idea what is wrong with him (I know it sounds like I'm gonna describe a dog) but every smallest punishment such as me going no contact makes him feel slighted and act up in retaliation
I don't know if he's trying to be a brat or is just plain BPD. His "acting up" isn't cute or annoying its just uncouth

No. 271160

wtf is femdom really a fantasy for him or what?

No. 271179

He sounds like the typical male "sub" who doesn't actually want to serve his domme. He just wants to follow along when it's convenient for him and gets him hard. That being said, what exactly are you punishing him for? Imo, I don't do the whole punishment thing. He either makes it clear he wants to serve you (so, no bratty behavior from him, no lashing out, no passive aggression) or dump him. If he has a problem you can both talk about it like adults. None of this childish tantrum behavior from him. You are not his mommy who has to put him back into line.
Whenever I was with a sub that I felt I had to "punish" he turned out to be pathetic, wishy-washy, and wouldn't actually man up and serve me like we agreed on. There should absolutely be NO punishments, unless it's a play scenario you act out for fun. Having to administer punishments mean that he is seriously fucking up in some way. You being disappointed in him should be enough of a punishment and he should shape up automatically after that.

No. 271186

Dump him. He’s a worthless sub. You’re here to punish him, not be his mommy.

No. 271189

What the fuck happened to subs nowadays? Does one need to be a faggot to find an obedient slave? The only men willing to get fed shit and paddled into bloody pulps are fags, too.
It's just a shitshow with bottom of the barrel fat scrotes demanding to get breastfed by their "dommes" who are more than willing to comply. It's also impossible to find unwilling subs because let's be honest, which one of us has that kind of power over any man? I don't want a reddit man-baby, I want a SLAVE. It's all so fucking bleak- women who cuck themselves into thinking "true dominance" is when Nigel uses them like a fleshlight and males that throw hissy fits when they have to swallow a little pee & sprint to the nearest police station when you lay a finger on them. Do I have to join the navy for a chance to become the next Abu Ghraib waterboarder? Fuck this, I'm staying a celibate virgin. You gals have fun though.

No. 271200

Kek, virginchan talking big.

No. 271214

Thanks for the laugh nonnie. Honestly, I blame gfd and that fact that most communities nowadays try too hard to be inclusive. Now if you give your scrote mommy milkies and suck his dick for 5 hours while he lies there like a pillow princess you're a domme. Imagine a male dom ever doing that (well, without the lactation) and identifying as dominant, everyone would just laugh in his face. It's like people have spun femdom into another way to serve men, just in a different flavor.
A lot of male subs are so embarrassing too, because they won't endure any sort of pain or discomfort. You're a man, you evolved to take a beating, yet there are masochistic women 50 kgs lighter than you taking intense whippings and lashings. Pathetic. Gatekeeping needs to be a thing again.

No. 271215

File: 1655749730632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.47 KB, 636x1608, Postwar-Pulp-Femdom-Explotatio…)

I couldn't agree more.
A man who can't endure pain and discomfort? Undesirable and pathetic.

No. 271241

Femdom has always been for men and to serve men, though.
This pic is an example.

No. 271308

You're thinking of how moids have had the monopoly of portrayals and expressions of sexuality because of patriarchy.
Female dominance itself doesn't have to be about male fetishes.

No. 271326

It’s the Stacy thing to do to reclaim female domination for women the way it’s meant to be.
Tell them what you said here.

No. 271330

Porn depictions of it, yes. But those are mostly for pathetic men who will die alone jerking it in their basement. Women decide how it plays out in their relationships. Well, in theory. Still, a lot of women are huge pickmes and want to play the part to satisfy their moid. They don't count though.

No. 271480

All the good male subs are in a relationship

No. 271647

Saying to dump him is easy but its hard to abandon a dude with anger issues

No. 271750

put degenerate shit like this behind a spoiler please thanks

No. 271797

Delete this shit.

No. 271799

File: 1656005245574.jpg (60.88 KB, 925x1024, ygaisubgt7e5.jpg)

>spanking him in a diaper
Nobody does this. He wouldn't even feel it. It'd just squish the poop around. Delete this.

No. 271801

This belongs in the bad art thread, not here. Fuck off.

No. 271802

Moid be gone!

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