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File: 1671473195245.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, 1671375994336(1).jpg)

No. 304820

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/293022

No. 304822

No way that goat has that many husbandos.

No. 304824

I feel kind of sorry for the poor goat, having that many would be so expensive.

No. 304825

The op pic makes me smile, thanks anon.

No. 304828

File: 1671476419347.jpg (452.87 KB, 710x444, higekiri-hizamaru.jpg)

Thanks for confirming that it's possible nona, this fuels my excitement!

No. 304832

File: 1671477879722.png (1.6 MB, 1850x1224, Fleur_Ascended_Mobile.png)

No, he's implied to have the blood of what are essentially furries in the Alchemy Stars universe, demi-humans. That's why he has horns and a tail as well as an uncontrollable ability to seduce crowds (it inconveniences him, he just wants to sperg about machinery in peace).

No. 304833

File: 1671477962104.png (4.24 MB, 1936x1990, Istvan_Skin1_Mobile.png)

Speaking of Alchemy Stars, here's my husbando.

No. 304840

File: 1671480882272.jpg (143.41 KB, 735x1040, 683eef370597f07079a471d5f40dbb…)

Blessing the first 10 posts with best boy

No. 304843

File: 1671481213632.jpg (79.82 KB, 724x1080, m30376033940_5.jpg)

It's going to ship soon, I'm so excited! It won't be here in time for Christmas but hopefully before the year ends.

No. 304844

File: 1671481584032.png (261.98 KB, 1024x1024, FJOw8wDVgAMGilC.png)

He's not my favorite but he is indeed a wonderful boy

No. 304849

Congrats nona! I wish I had a husbando jacket too

No. 304850

File: 1671482067751.jpg (420.13 KB, 1108x2000, yone sb.jpg)

Even if he is not my favorite, this splash is so gorgeous. I totally understand why he is popular

No. 304851

File: 1671482201714.png (316.73 KB, 587x666, tumblr_7b7a026ab4a6bea6f648194…)

hi gk nonnie

No. 304855

Love the multi Goku as husbando rep and to illustrate the various forms one may choose of a Dragonball character. Love 17 and Cell is the cherry on top

Ohma representation lets go!

And thank god for hetalia, long hair richter is based.

Arthur is included so those speaking about to last thread van finally be silent

Lastly, one of Solid Snake's best attribute is shown off kek.

Hats off to the nonnies who contributed to the collage very good attention to detail

No. 304858

Aww nona, manifesting for you! Thanks!

No. 304867

Yone is really cute with Lillia. I ship 'em. Sorry anon, Yone belongs with Lillia. I cannot let you have him as a husbando lest my ship sink.

No. 304869

File: 1671491302556.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, YLAD_-_Character_Profile_-_Mas…)

he's one of the literally countable on one hand Omi Alliance blokes I do like and I want his schnoz up my vageen. hope he comes back in 8

No. 304870

shut up, this is not the place for this.

No. 304873

he is very handsome, good taste nonna! do you like his battle academia skin?

No. 304875

He was so adorable in the SB event

No. 304877

File: 1671496031023.jpeg (86.86 KB, 600x744, 2F386876-A10F-48DA-A031-91C2F1…)

I want to bully him affectionately, I'm pretty sure he would do the cutest whines after I make him lift his shirt so he can show me his abs.
Are you nonnies into bullying your husbandos? Or do you prefer just doing playful teasing and such? How would you flirt with your husbandos?

No. 304886

File: 1671498518455.jpg (178.24 KB, 735x1142, 9ac8261ee065b02fa482cc041e3971…)

I am here to bless this new thread with best boi.
I love the thread pic so much, I'm jealous of that goat

No. 304887

>Reigen plush is clearly the biggest one
based nonna

No. 304894

File: 1671502555204.jpg (122.87 KB, 822x968, tumblr_e92c70774532e6a661b65c4…)

Yes, I was so happy that the amazing anon who made the image took my request and added Ohma in there! This man needs more representation because he's perfect and I love him so much, so, of course, have a first post about him to bless this beautiful new thread. seriously though, since I've been posting here I'm so happy to have seen nonas who agreed with me on how cool and hot he is and started reading the manga/watching the anime. I'm honestly surprised how my dumb sperging made some people interested and made me have really great conversations with other nonas in here, I seriously love this thread
I'm not into bullying my husbando i mean, just looking at him I don't think he's the type that would get bullied, more so the opposite I prefer teasing but I honestly wouldn't know how to flirt with him. I'll be too flustered, so he'll be the one who flirts me more. Yeah sure, he's dense and not good with love but in multiple occasions it's shown that he can flirt when he wants too. When I read this panel I died and felt judged at the same time kek. and also there's a moment when, after his boss's segretary orders him to protect her from other fighters, he says to her in a teasy way "As you wish, I'll make sure you're protected my queen" and when I heard that phrase in the anime my heart exploded. From then on I had way too many fantasies of him calling me like that kek

No. 304896

File: 1671502784694.jpg (34.09 KB, 700x437, my sweetvboy.jpg)

I get the feeling he's a pretty popular husbando to have but Makoto… my sweet boy…

No. 304899

File: 1671504630213.jpg (72.25 KB, 960x540, mgsv-mgo-tga-11-web-copy_zhbj.…)

Man why can't that be me in a half-Nelson

No. 304901

This is a very beautiful man

No. 304904

File: 1671507380101.gif (697.18 KB, 220x383, CD1A6FF7-7544-45FD-91DD-D9E86A…)

No. 304905

"Boss… Harder!"

No. 304906

File: 1671507714424.jpeg (261.71 KB, 1536x2048, 10351126-32BE-4EDB-8CE1-10BB5D…)

Masterful thread pic anon, thank you.

No. 304908

This is why people dislike you.

No. 304909

File: 1671508513895.png (172.93 KB, 505x713, 2EACDE72-AEB8-4285-9376-AEE362…)

I want to bully Akutagawa till he cries and commit every type of crime against him… he awakens something dark in me

No. 304910

He's cute, at least popular means more content

No. 304912

File: 1671768450338.jpeg (311.34 KB, 2048x2048, D2BBD1CC-5675-45BC-8B38-B58893…)

No. 304913

File: 1671808562020.jpg (110.45 KB, 828x1080, d0294418ddc26591ae6077e553a09b…)

luv hairy men
luv bigby
simple as

No. 304914

I missed seeing this passion

No. 304917

pokes his tooshie

No. 304919

File: 1671818505282.jpg (60.34 KB, 467x469, 20221223_112253.jpg)

What is your husbando getting you for Christmas nonas?

No. 304929

I haven't thought of anything I specifically want this Christmas (I'm indecisive as hell when it comes to gifts.) Even if I don't ask for anything, he'll still get me something.

Books, clothing (matching pajamas are cute), alcohol, jewelry (those crystal gemstone necklaces are also cute), console games - pretty basic stuff. I kind of have this mindset where I think I don't deserve anything special for Christmas.
It's hinted that he's really good at arts and crafts, considering he made his club members' uniforms from scratch, so something handmade would be nice! Like a sweater or a scarf.
Overall, he's my gift for Christmas and that's all I could ever want!

No. 304935

File: 1671837644284.jpeg (313.46 KB, 749x1171, E2EA3134-301D-4253-8DA9-4F8D39…)

serizawa my beloved

No. 304936

File: 1671838999404.png (836.25 KB, 669x715, FHce8eBXEAMq0xo.png)

i could see him getting a gift only he likes (he's a little oblivious like that, but his heart is always in the right place), probably tickets to see one of his self-written plays/films or a latte machine kek. oh! or maybe a ride on his actual, literal, sentient pet train? that would be pretty exciting! i'd appreciate whatever he gifted me, though, as long as i get to spend the holiday with him ♥

No. 304937

tbh i just love learning about reigen daily life
i wish i could smell his farts

No. 304945

File: 1671850049596.jpg (68.19 KB, 564x752, 247b05bdb6b2eed2348d4aea0f32b0…)

he has such a nice waist i wanna wrap my hands around it and squeeze him

No. 304956

What character is this? He's very cute.

No. 304965

File: 1671874873741.jpg (101.32 KB, 1071x714, 3e1c3b687b5b3bca9b0d300f069fcc…)

I feel stupid, but these pictures make me jealous. I think they are cute, but at the same time they give me this painful pang of envy and possessiveness. I want to be in Sadako's place. Usually, I don't feel that way about shipping pictures.

No. 304972

File: 1671885337385.png (7.25 MB, 2248x1242, charoncap.PNG)

It's Charon from Alchemy Stars, nonna^^

No. 304977

I already decided that he got me a coat that matches his for my birthday, so nothing big for Christmas. Maybe some sweets and just him being safe and not on a mission so he has the day off to spend with me.

Just been replaying the confession and first kiss scene I came up with in my head over and over to try and imagine every little detail…

No. 304978

Merry Xmas to all husbando-nonas, thanks for many keks and hot posts in 2022!

No. 304979

File: 1671898862952.jpeg (220.58 KB, 1507x2048, FHZO6YHVUAEj1Lu.jpeg)

Merry Christmas fellow husbandofags, I hope you all get something husbando related (I personally won't because I'm not comfortable with that kind of shit with my parents lmao).

No. 304982

File: 1671900084568.jpg (4.52 MB, 2636x3324, FhrjxCCaYAA5C4G.jpg)

Merry Christmas to all nonnas in the thread!

No. 304987

File: 1671904292793.jpg (162.92 KB, 600x840, FkjVHkmWQAAs0n1.jpg)

Mmm statue nipple

No. 304988

File: 1671904331294.jpg (153.5 KB, 600x840, FkjVH47WYAALVSV.jpg)

Nice back too.

No. 305055

I got his games artbook! And I'm really tempted to cut up the dust cover to stick on my wall…

No. 305066

File: 1671968233366.jpg (33.93 KB, 517x509, FkgaeAmWAAAfFGC.jpg)

merry christmas nonnas

No. 305067

You dog husband doesn't look very merry.

No. 305068

he's fat

No. 305070

File: 1671971557435.png (506.99 KB, 544x522, image (3).png)

nothing to smile about in his life

No. 305101

File: 1672002510861.gif (14.74 MB, 480x270, lKDcoDR.gif)

christmas season is making me feel depressed nonnies…

No. 305104

Ryuji-kun is so flashy he might as well be a holiday decoration himself

No. 305106

I hate it too nonny. Don’t worry. It will be over in a few hours.

No. 305116

File: 1672010660861.jpg (143.34 KB, 735x926, c8db6e37a65be7ebe0d17f18f945a3…)

TsukiO is so underrated. They are sexy together. I'd love to see Tsukishima angry at Ogata for not taking the russian classes very seriously, or for not obeying higher ups enough and Ogata cynically testing and teasing him on it. Good times.

No. 305148

File: 1672052002995.png (176.92 KB, 1036x817, FkwGPk8aYAI62uK.png)

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Holidays, nonnas

No. 305150

You can get him to put on a green coat and pretend he's a Christmas tree and you climb him.

No. 305181

File: 1672076785120.jpg (883.13 KB, 1600x2160, iS3MQton3rI.jpg)

Postal nona here. How you all have been doing?
It's been a while since I checked this thread and I missed the adorable worshipping and dedication to their husbandos from all the nonas here.

My schedule has been a nightmare, and since I don't have the cash to burn on a marketable plush of my husbando, I decided to make my own Dude doll (aka Frank), since it's way cheaper to DIY. I'm training a bit on some sewing techniques, and I'll borrow a sewing machine from a friend to make the outfit. The only thing missing will be a voice box, but I don't mind, especially that I can hug him at night and not be jumpscared when he starts talking all of the sudden.

Also, I can make him have any size I want, and the official merch is quite small. I'm thinking of making one about 30~35cm (official is 19cm). That way I can hug him during winter and be cozy during chilly nights.

No. 305190

Hi nonnas! Does your husbando have different "modes" of intimacy? I keep imagining that mine has a show-offy style that he uses when he's still learning to trust somebody: He keeps all of his clothes on and focuses on rocking their world so much that they don't realize that he's still wearing his silly shoe lifts. He's exciting and intense to bed, but not exactly soul-nourishing.
Then I like to imagine how he fucks once he's opened up a little: He takes it slower, is more cuddly and affectionate, and actually takes his damn coat off because he's vulnerable without endless pocketfuls of trinkets. Everything is soft touches and the kind of dirty-sweet talk that makes someone feel seen and loved.
Sorry for nsfl husbando rambles, I hope this made sense to everyone!

No. 305191

what kind of husbando do you have that it's not safe for LIFE

No. 305192

Oh no my bad, I meant the rambles were nsfl. This husbando is pretty tame compared to the usual ones I bring home

No. 305198

those rambles themselves do not sound not safe for LIFE at ALL unless they involve a particularly disturbing husbandos. "not safe for work" is the term you might be looking for? for things that are merely suggestive or even explicit but not too concerning in nature.

No. 305199

File: 1672086021302.jpg (176.87 KB, 1500x1060, 53dcf375a1fd52023b9cdd55b36e99…)

i bought a keychain of my trash boyfriendo to make up for how shit christmas was this year. i can't wait to convert it into a strap charm and hang it off my 3DS and look at him and grin like an idiot.

No. 305225

Some sex husbando dreams are all I'm asking of God rn

No. 305227

File: 1672108294118.jpg (244.36 KB, 1146x1569, __dottore_and_fatui_pyro_agent…)

i wish he would experiment on me

No. 305235

Nonnies I think I am ovulating because I can't stop thinking about getting eaten out by my husbando and him bending me over to fuck me ughhh I am so horny

No. 305295

File: 1672183791369.jpg (88.05 KB, 352x814, IMG_20221228_002104.jpg)

Happy late Christmas nonas! Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas day. What are you planning to do with your husbandos to celebrate the end of the year? For me I think we would go to one of those beautiful japanese festivals, I think they're called Matsuri, and watch the fireworks together. I want to make his first end of the year celebration special, seeing his eyes glow as he watches the fireworks in the sky would fill me with joy. Of course I would let him eat all the food he wants too.
Have Ohma wearing a pom pom hat to bless your day. seriously, he looks so precious dressed like this.
I dunno, maybe something drawing related, like an artbook or things like that, but I wouldn't mind a bracelet too. I would always wear it and make it my lucky charm. I picture his friends helping him choose the gift but they all have different ideas so they only make him more confused, but then he sees something in a shop that makes him think that it's the right gift. Honestly, whatever he gifts me I will be happy about it.
Glad to see you back Postal nona! Your idea sounds amazing, I really admire all your patience and dedication, I'm sure it isn't easy making a whole doll. I wish you the best of luck with making your Dude doll.

No. 305296

File: 1672184283974.jpg (164.8 KB, 1080x1349, 5f8835d55207b7e20d4ee192d85664…)

i havent posted him in a while but i still love him very dearly. he's been one of the reasons why i pushed myself into going into intensive therapy and moving on in my life. one of the reasons why i endure hard days is to live another day to get new content, as well as create it.
I've always had husbandos in the past, but never to this level of actually making moves to improve my life. I love him very dearly and I hope he knows how much he means to me.

No. 305313

File: 1672194886433.png (448.9 KB, 830x590, E24ddHSVgAQNMqp.png)

The wonky eyes make it better

No. 305326

File: 1672197910897.jpg (19.13 KB, 250x293, OUGH FUCK MU BOYYYYYY.jpg)

Omg I'm the makoto enjoyer anon amd I thought of my other husbando from a shit game, and I miss him so much… he blushes so easily and he's so teasable ough and he's tall and I am SO retarded for him

No. 305364

I wonder how much material and work would be needed for a life-sized Dude, iirc he's over 2 meters tall? Unit of a man

No. 305365

File: 1672233193713.jpeg (421.88 KB, 1946x1444, E10378BA-674E-4EB9-BBF0-C0D559…)

Sure did

No. 305379

File: 1672245479588.jpg (63.24 KB, 563x794, 3d4e5e07e0873fe95d42a36079f64f…)

cp in /m/

No. 305386

This is so hot.

No. 305412

File: 1672265214494.jpg (64.3 KB, 563x680, 41712afb3099d1ca45d1323255db25…)

I love when Ogata smiles through his bloodiness. I love when he's amused by other's violence and the prospect of his own death. Very hot.

No. 305437

File: 1672272440848.jpg (398.63 KB, 900x523, Kiroranke.jpg)

you ladies have no idea just how often i fantasize kiroranke blowing smoke to my face

No. 305444

File: 1672279436158.jpg (23.44 KB, 558x500, FfZrXdqaEAETbXI.jpg)

I want to cuddle with him and hear his encouragement so badly.

No. 305446

File: 1672282278981.jpg (69.53 KB, 735x904, 665627c968ed6c8f5e76e573cf22be…)

I dont care that his face underneath the mask is goofy as hell. They just did him dirty with his hair and lack of a stubble. i want him. I want to see his cock and balls out in the open!!!!

No. 305454

File: 1672285005000.jpg (74.95 KB, 720x540, d0930e87-fd7d-4d0b-aa8a-d743f7…)

I finally found him for a good price and brand new. I'm so excited. That facial expression alone is worth all the money

No. 305463

File: 1672294979577.jpg (64.09 KB, 564x597, 987155706aff823ac78526524c4efb…)

The avengers are a bunch of haters, just let my man be great smh.

No. 305486

Thanks, Nona. I'm glad you like it, I would've responded earlier but shaymin(?) quit (?), and I couldnt access lc at all, until I used my mobile data.

No. 305522

File: 1672333232459.jpg (Spoiler Image,343.89 KB, 850x1275, sample_ab91bcdb8c43f6cd39d5db9…)

Mask stays on or half on

Open with your back to the wall

No. 305525

File: 1672333861427.png (177.34 KB, 406x590, Screenshot_20221229_121056.png)

this art of harry mason………. (comicducky on tumblr)

No. 305530

File: 1672335026985.jpg (79.02 KB, 344x601, narancia_ghirga_and_pannacotta…)

we're getting a cp spam again

No. 305531

File: 1672335519073.jpg (1.33 MB, 1200x1704, mutton-chops.jpg)

Ugh. My little sisters are victims of CP and this is not a good day. I wish moids wouldnt moid.

No. 305533

Same fag… not a husbando. Just the only pic i had of some random guy and i quickly just picked a thread to get off the main page and away from the CP. Sorry for shitting things up.

No. 305545

File: 1672338385799.jpeg (153.23 KB, 800x1422, E111B80A-9360-47A1-88E4-571EA7…)

Goro Akechi has a fat chode and you cannot convince me otherwise.

I am absolutely crazy bananas losing my mind over him. I just reached the final twist before the battle with Maruki and I want to fucking die. I love you Goro ♥ you definitely stole my heart.

No. 305549

File: 1672339929083.png (1.39 MB, 1280x1413, tumblr_puyktyxHip1tv0f4go1_128…)

i love brown-haired detective boys

No. 305550

File: 1672339956478.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x429, 1651489114436.jpg)


No. 305552

File: 1672340067850.jpeg (44.3 KB, 680x584, FeVlA0xaYAAwMZt.jpeg)

Thank you Reigen

No. 305557

File: 1672341027924.jpeg (242.64 KB, 1125x619, 6D99712B-FB7C-493C-98D6-01E71F…)

Ayrt and I cannot watch this anime because Dazai will destroy me. I see him compared to both Akechi and Komaeda and I know he’ll drive me off the deep end for real if I ever watch it. You (probably) have excellent taste.

No. 305563

File: 1672342052300.jpg (37.18 KB, 709x687, FlDDtL5X0AEqRC8.jpg)

feel free to join us over at the bungo stray dogs containment thread on /m/ if you ever change your mind (i hope you do), nona!

No. 305566

File: 1672342400363.gif (2.72 MB, 640x368, BruisedFormalIndianpangolin-mo…)

holy shit

No. 305571

Harry is such an underrated DILF husbando, he gets flack for his voice but he went through hell and back all for his daughter. A+ taste nona.

No. 305574

File: 1672345186025.jpg (25.15 KB, 563x562, 2e697e36a381c3a944b756d89f7e02…)

No. 305639

This guy is the only reason i spent hours and money on that game lmao his power is real nona

No. 305644

File: 1672379568943.jpg (572.07 KB, 1542x867, 1672378920076.jpg)

Thanks nona, I appreciate your support. Yeah, sewing is not easy, but that's something I always wanted to learn, just never had a good chance or patience to do, but I recently got started as a sort of therapeutic hobby, and its working so far. It helps me focus a lot, and the only thing that goes through my head is my husbando's voice as he's chatting with me while I make the doll's eyes.

I'm not planning on doing a life-sized Dude doll, but yeah, it'd be way too much to make a 2m Frank at this moment. I may attempt that when I become more skilled with sewing. He'd be so big, he wouldn't fit my bed.

Should I post the progress here and the sketches I did? I was trying to figure it out on how to do the body and so I made some poorly drawn scribbles. One of my main focus is the hair, bc I wanna make hairlocks, but I quite don't know how to achieve that…

No. 305668

File: 1672393194089.png (Spoiler Image,285.69 KB, 1215x746, plush.png)

SHOW IT! I also have dreams of making a custom plush of my husbando but I think I'd just commission it but I'm really curious about how your process goes! Maybe I'll be encouraged to make one by hand…

No. 305678

File: 1672400221508.jpeg (405.56 KB, 868x1228, 8AB6DCAE-168E-4529-B42A-529355…)

I am not even joking around for the meme when I say that my hips, buttocks and thighs are seriously suffering from DOMS because I have been masturbating ferociously and somewhat acrobatically for hours at a time to some NASTY fanfictions of this embarrassing edgelord. I need help.

No. 305684

File: 1672402772141.jpg (155.77 KB, 850x1095, 09e47b16b8dd0b1ba05a7643d7a85f…)

No. 305690

File: 1672405025872.jpeg (118.64 KB, 600x744, 2EBB2AFB-BF52-424B-89B6-F1D1A4…)

What is something that you would never accept from an irl moid, but that you don't mind or even find attractive on your husbando?
I think Leviathan being extremely jealous (game spoilers) To the point of wanting to kill Main Character for knowing more than him about a book and possessive is cute, but if a moid irl even dared to suggest that I shouldn't talk with someone, or that it's not fair that I can do something that he can't do, I would block him everywhere and leave the country.

No. 305694

File: 1672406147061.jpeg (378.2 KB, 1113x1575, FjS5ScHakAA0huK.jpeg)

Murder, possible war crimes
At least Sugimoto is a bit redeemable, Ogata was doomed from the start

No. 305695

Thinking about a new years kiss…

No. 305699

Is that you, ko-chan?

No. 305704

Thinking about lovingly getting some snow tires on optimus prime

No. 305705

Emotional constipation (especially romance wise) is infuriating in real men but it's cute and kind of amusing when my husbandos do it. Especially when they get caught off guard showing emotion and are embarrassed by it.

No. 305708

Stalking and other yandere-lite antics. Cutest thing ever in a husbando but the actual worst thing in a moid. But give me a flustered yandy who wants nothing more than to sidle up to me and rest his head on my shoulder? Yum! I might even look his way if he's been particularly good and melt that precious little psycho into a happy puddle.

No. 305714

File: 1672416588661.jpg (23.16 KB, 337x516, f59a5c4b97652af979db91880d8c85…)

I wanna love this, but the pro bodybuilder body is such a turn off. I imagine Ghost to be something closer to this Chris. Like a realistic big guy, muscular but not completely shredded. He needs a bit of fat to survive his missions, you know.

No. 305717

I love how this artist draws the RE boys

No. 305720

Respectfully disagree. The first one is perfect, except his pics gotta be bigger.

No. 305735

Hot. <3

Also hot. Por que no los dos.

No. 305742

I want to (redacted) Chris's (redacted)

No. 305743

File: 1672432766058.jpg (34.47 KB, 500x500, artworks-000090545418-6vl3ql-t…)

No. 305748

>Like a realistic big guy, muscular but not completely shredded.
Luv this type, it's so plush looking

No. 305754

KEK NONA I mean yeah I'd do that too tbh

No. 305755

No. 305815

File: 1672465275686.gif (697.7 KB, 500x420, Ippo.gif)

Some ignorant nonna without taste called him ugly on the bunker and i am still mad, whats more attractive in a man than being submissive in bed and able to take a mean beating.

No. 305816

If it makes you feel any better, I think that artist obviously drew Sadako as a proxy for the viewer

No. 305817

He is drawn unbelievably wierd kek

No. 305818

ignore the rude, as long as he's beautiful to you

No. 305820

I saw this post in passing. But I have to say your post is such good taste. Ippo is best boy and I support your husbando love.

No. 305821

File: 1672466346761.jpg (472.26 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_e5e132ce73428db83b06efd…)

he is, but i like how it helps portraying his dorky personality, and it makes him distinctive in comparison to canonically attractive characters like Volg. I kinda miss that from older anime, new shonen protags(except saitama) look copypasted.

No. 305822

File: 1672466387425.jpg (447.89 KB, 1053x1448, tumblr_392cb04990f64124a37fd95…)

thanks nonies. here's some cute art i found

No. 305860

File: 1672495357390.jpg (162.08 KB, 1570x983, Handsome.jpg)

I don't typically fawn over 2D characters, so I'm not entirely sure where to share this, but my is he an attractive character… just…so…cute…

No. 305863

File: 1672497262431.png (604.28 KB, 1200x762, 8c71a5d4dda06f6a12bde6bb3c93d4…)

cocky to the point of recklessness.
also getting mad easily and/or bottling up their emotions.

No. 305865

he's just high on those bleach fumes all of the time

No. 305880

File: 1672504959661.jpg (271.46 KB, 1200x1703, 1613616347266.jpg)

this is my pooch his name is ichiban he likes dragon quest and his iq is below 10 he just turned 46 today (in japan because he is from japan and it's already 01:42 in japan) and he never finished middle school please be nice to him

No. 305884

File: 1672506128850.png (2.75 MB, 1012x1799, HeimdallPicture.png)

nonnas help me. he's such a goddamn prick in game and tbh he's ugly but fuck me I'm obsessed

No. 305892

File: 1672508958404.jpg (381.17 KB, 960x1280, TSA by erdtk.jpg)

His cockiness, his pornsickness, his terrible taste in women and the way violence gets him sexually excited at times… and yet I still adore him and always will.

No. 305893

He is super cute anon, don't worry about what others think!!

No. 305896

the y chromosome

No. 305898


No. 305906

File: 1672512834365.jpg (138.15 KB, 1280x720, sirhenrymf.jpg)


No. 305907

File: 1672512889998.png (75.17 KB, 500x500, tumblr_51f9d5ea2d94e81ec8c1096…)

Samefagging to say I wonder if there's a parallel universe out there where I husbando Henry instead of Travis.

No. 305915

File: 1672516982280.jpg (2.34 MB, 1122x2048, 6850705a95dea61f01f7af9b6d82e7…)

He's so cute gk-sisters.
I wish I had one in real life.

No. 305916

File: 1672517915358.jpg (133.25 KB, 600x765, d9e83d633f2fb8e281cce3b96ce295…)

Sugimoto is the best boy, no contest. Can't wait for my merch to arrive.
Love to see my fellow Sugiwives

No. 305919

File: 1672520484340.jpeg (107.54 KB, 600x434, 1D1B2032-DBBE-43F1-B280-BB3298…)

me and tsukishima are on the same wavelength of autism so i treasure him deeply

No. 305922

File: 1672524008265.png (165.99 KB, 900x1112, 1668968445490.png)

You might like Young Justice if you're enjoying some of the animated DC movies. It's unfortunately underrated despite the quality. Dick grows up over the course of the show.

No. 305933

File: 1672539804203.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2086x2304, 6D117384-136F-4F0D-9DBF-CE80DC…)

happy new year, nonnas! may your 2023 be filled with an overabundance of love! ♥

No. 305937

File: 1672553965476.jpg (1.36 MB, 922x1690, 101800282_p0.jpg)

And bunny boys!

No. 305938

File: 1672556060976.jpg (55.41 KB, 603x688, c6f02c693c3f5797d033eeb23afd19…)

Happy new years everynonna and happy birthday to my dear husband. Usually these days are a little tough for me but all the cute fanart is making me feel all warm. Very great it's rabbit year too kek.

Thank you to the anon who made the thread picture, that lil Kamu in the corner is so cute, I love it. ♥

No. 305956

File: 1672580554265.gif (7.05 MB, 384x350, russwes.gif)

I'm a one-husbando-only type of autist but I've found myself fantasizing a lot about another character recently and I feel kinda guilty, lol.

No. 305960

Harem of husbandos is the best thing, just embrace it nonna.

No. 305964

This reminds me of when I opened a picrew to make me and my husbando but it saved it when I made me and my husbando from a year ago. I felt weird seeing him…watching me replace him…I told him to look away

No. 305980

sex is gross but i want to suck my husbando off so bad

No. 305982

I actually never understood why some people rather "break up" with their husbando to choose another rather than love both. In my opinion it feels even more cruel.

No. 305985

File: 1672610601663.jpg (81.7 KB, 520x973, omg.....jpg)

omg, thank you for the recommendations! I want to get into the comics, I have only been reading starfire-centric works, and am loving the artwork I've come across. I've been swooning behind my screen. kind of embarrassing, but woof I have never been so attracted to a character before… dick…. give me…

No. 306000

File: 1672624368513.jpg (256.32 KB, 1736x2160, arthur.jpg)

Saw this comment on youtube about Arthur Morgan and it gave me them feels:

>Arthur's story is so great because of how human, how relatable it is. Arthur Morgan has done bad things, and he knows that. And we know that, but we also see that he's a caring, kind-hearted person. He and we aren't really sure where to put him on our "morality scale," if you will. His life, like our own, is not so clear. Was he good? Was he bad? He was both and riddled with regrets. In this way, Arthur really I think carried a lot of the fears we have of our lives, our future. He was mislead and foolish in his pass, and maybe the bad things he did were more than just foolishness. But in the end, Arthur tries to do good, to show love to some people and help them escape the life he's fallen into. He does one last loving act. And whether or not we know where he is on that morality scale that we all carry, I think we all agree that he got redemption. He became a better man with courage and honesty. And that's a future we all want, redemption for what we regret. RIP Arthur.

I really feel like this too

No. 306001

Why are you, as a man, sucking on a lollipop, huh? Whore

No. 306002

No. 306003

My sweet little mozzy

No. 306007

File: 1672628710242.jpeg (38.43 KB, 861x731, 8DA55109-EDA7-4032-B430-0E0C41…)


No. 306009

There are people for whom husbandos are a real relationship, and therefore they treat them with the same standards as a real relationship.
For me, I've only ever had a handful of husbandos and I truly fell out of love or was already falling out of love/"broken up" with the previous one when I stumbled into the next. Break ups aren't necessarily a cruel thing. If a relationship is no longer working, it's mutually better for it to end.

No. 306010

File: 1672629636349.jpg (Spoiler Image,305.32 KB, 1080x1511, Pittman_Alchemy_Stars_Annivers…)

Happy New Year's to you as well, fellow AS anon!

No. 306012

File: 1672631708142.jpg (359.75 KB, 591x849, 20221231_124350.jpg)

Everyone post your husbando in a bunny suit for year of the rabbit RIGHT NOW!!

No. 306020

File: 1672636008733.jpg (499.22 KB, 1200x1029, 70338056_p1_master1200.jpg)

The hard part was picking which one.

No. 306043

File: 1672659214725.jpg (137.97 KB, 867x1184, FlX2S54XgAAiY8_.jpg)

Happy new year nonnas! Thanks for all the fun last year!
My husbando is always bunny-themed, I love him.

No. 306045

File: 1672662536121.jpeg (99.61 KB, 470x910, 9D6E6964-2AEF-4E28-A39C-CEF8C3…)

>Tfw you see the other bunny suit fanart of your husbando.

No. 306046

File: 1672662741038.png (88.21 KB, 612x642, DzIkL7qV4AAaNu.png)

There's something about knowing there's another nona that's super obsessed with him that activates my competitive streak. It makes me want to be the better woman. This is definitely behavior that I would never do if I found out a boyfriend had another chick on the side.

No. 306048

File: 1672664880995.jpeg (116.47 KB, 1000x1000, 61F4E4B3-B812-41F7-979C-6462A7…)

No, too embarrassed to search for it

No. 306049

File: 1672665184191.jpeg (135.42 KB, 736x1307, a0cb8cc8-002c-4756-a862-691c08…)

Not to mention all the what ifs that plague his story

>what if he ran away with mary

>what if he didnt do strauss' job
>what if he left micah to die

No. 306051

This is very elegant, what was the other like?

No. 306052

File: 1672666113782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,444.68 KB, 1242x1656, 5E7BDB2C-BFE3-4C0D-A76F-4F98D9…)

It's Mikazuki wearing what's known as a "Reverse" bunny suit.

No. 306055

I didn't know that was a thing, holy shit!

No. 306056

File: 1672674214234.png (298.58 KB, 825x771, DiY0xGuUEAApOTd.png)

No. 306057

File: 1672674358799.jpeg (44.19 KB, 570x538, images (4).jpeg)

No. 306058

File: 1672674625436.jpg (39.18 KB, 585x680, EUl7hgWUwAIq5u2.jpg_small.jpg)

I've seen this reverse bunny suits before, but it never clicked with me that that was the reasoning behind the design

No. 306059

File: 1672674751644.jpg (1.24 MB, 800x1184, bHCIguV.jpg)

No. 306060

He's so fucking cute.

No. 306061

File: 1672676440744.png (5.77 MB, 1905x2953, c5e1d7ee3b999a086bff6cc25c088f…)

Couldn't agree more, Sugimoto just has something about him that makes him the ultimate husband out of the golden kamuy boys. I still love the other guys though, because GK is husbando heaven.
>The bow is the same pattern as his scarf
Truly soulful art.

No. 306068

Pretty sure it doesn't exist and I feel it's too out of character to draw it myself.

At least I had another dream about him last night, the details weren't right but I got to rest my head on his chest~

No. 306073

File: 1672684421657.png (204.68 KB, 476x750, tumblr_og9nv5Ed4j1qgr9hfo1_r1_…)

I'm not the resident Jhin anon but I saved this forever ago, I'm glad it's relevant now.

No. 306081

File: 1672690946774.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2250x4000, 0721E1F2-14DA-4EB5-8ACA-CEE66A…)

I’m looking at this AliExpress review picture for Akechi’s lil figurine and literally getting wet thinking about how I’d fit it in my body. Look how little his waist is, oh my Christ. I’d try to angle it so that his hand hit my g-spot. I’ve never found it before but Goro is a detective and he’s got gloves on so I think we’ve got a good chance. Puncture me with your proboscis, Crow ♥

No. 306082

komaeda-chan is that you?

No. 306085

File: 1672692062070.jpeg (39 KB, 557x457, 55DD1115-4249-4D22-87AE-40180E…)

Kek am I that obvious? I was going to wait a bit before I told you all but yes, it’s me. Ko and I have opened up our relationship. It’s going well but things are fairly new and we’re still working out the dynamics.
But I’m happy! I love my edgy unstable bastard boyfriends. We all bond over our inferiority complexes and when I’m busy or at work, they just hang out and practice kissing on each other (or whatever it is guys do when they hang out idk)

No. 306091

Nta but no one else here is trying to insert skinny animeboy figures into their vags so yes. It was obvious.

No. 306093

But ko-chan, I thought you healed and got better mentally.

No. 306094

would that not hurt your cervix

No. 306096

File: 1672698472413.png (202 KB, 459x411, bnuy.png)

ah I don't think he has a sexy version…I'll have to draw it

No. 306099

Do it anon

No. 306105

File: 1672701880067.jpg (53.5 KB, 242x786, IMG_20230103_000921.jpg)

Happy (late) new year nonas!
Not to get all sentimental and stuff, but starting to post here was truly a blessing. I feel less alone knowing there are people who love fictional characters just as much, if not more, as me, and I had many small but great conversation with some of the anons here that made me very happy. for example Mammon nona and Broly nona. If you're reading this, hi! Hope you're doing well.
I love you all nonas, may all your husbando dreams come true and let's look forward to another beautiful year of sperging.

Sorry for the badly cropped pic, I couldn't find a fanart of just Ohma alone in a bunny suit.

No. 306135

At least put a rubber or something on it first, it might save you from some injuries while protecting the figurine.

No. 306203

File: 1672763699234.png (653.88 KB, 900x635, Larry .png)


No. 306205

File: 1672764388356.png (1.12 MB, 680x979, d6d842d3c720bf5a58ecc8ee81b8ec…)

The ojisan to the Kaneoya Sachiko oniisan

No. 306207

I got her artbook for Christmas, so good. Her work is even more gorgeous on paper.

No. 306225


No. 306234

No. 306238

Nta but you fooled me with the censors, he seemed naked…still nice though.

No. 306241

File: 1672779973932.png (1.08 MB, 575x734, image.png)

Today's the day that 8 years worth of character development and stories dies. Feeling bittersweet since some Ps set up a really thorough archive. SM has always been treated like shit by Bamco, but if anyone wants to get into a series with a lot of cute down-to-Earth men, look into it. The canon ending has Producer going to America for god knows how long. The return sex would be great. As for now, I want GS to show his thighs. Or tummy. Either is good.

No. 306267

File: 1672807503057.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1681, tumblr_pif0kjdQyo1xcsbeno1_128…)

Yeah, ain't tryna be cool like you
Wobblin' around in your high heel shoes

No. 306337

File: 1672855158462.jpg (63.28 KB, 564x752, 48a7e181b4683651762b1120ac8c5b…)

another day, another reigen to protect you from porn

No. 306394

Currently been into Makima from CSM. Something about the contrast of a very attractive but normal looking woman with the insane power and intelligence she demonstrates is bewitching to me. It’s a shame all the art for her is so male centric. Maybe I’ll have to bust out the old Google docs and get something started. Between her and Loremaster I think I just have a thing for demon ladies lol.

No. 306396

File: 1672891619151.jpg (505.13 KB, 2820x2897, FKmGAl-XMAwG20l.jpg)

Don't know if this is the right thread for this, but my girlfriend started self shipping with a character I made. I've told her about my own self ship exploits and she always respected me but affirmed that that lifestyle wasn't for her. We made a ton of original characters together though, and recently she's grown super attached to this one and like, it's just so fucking cute to me. I love hearing about her little fantasies with my oc and I'm always trying to get her to tell me more. It genuinely makes me feel a little fuzzy inside. Does that make me a cuck? (Pic not related)

No. 306406

File: 1672896913405.jpg (33.46 KB, 564x707, b015d80f6dd922fd774c007a7b4b46…)

I want to boop his nose.

No. 306407

File: 1672897277881.png (167.04 KB, 651x810, FlYcYr4aMAADUO9.png)

btw, happy new year!!!

No. 306416

Did someone remake the husbando discord server?

No. 306429

It's still up, please drop your tag in the FF thread if you want an invite or have any inquiries. I won't be answering any further questions regarding it in this thread.

No. 306435

There is a Yakuza 7 mod that puts the entire playable party in bunny suits but the males are disturbingly flat in the crotch area so it just sucks.

No. 306449

File: 1672932382810.jpg (215.78 KB, 1034x1289, FlgqbSoaAAEa7SA.jpg)

I want to catch this bunny.

No. 306461

File: 1672944266171.jpg (36.75 KB, 512x428, b667411ee99f8b9f369fd93a6f0274…)

Ive never had a ‘husbando’ but why he kinda…

No. 306462

who is this?

No. 306463

i thought you meant lee was your oc and i was so confused. maybe she sees a part of you in your ocs nonnie and thats what she gets attached to

No. 306464

File: 1672944677485.jpg (116.55 KB, 682x900, E5tIg5pUcAI63Qg.jpg)

No. 306465

File: 1672945182243.jpg (473.83 KB, 3394x2300, Ff2ZK4oXwA0gWLH.jpg)

i think i have a husbando now

No. 306466

File: 1672945444723.jpg (520.48 KB, 911x1290, Fln8hv8aMAAznlw.jpg)

Nikkari Aoe my beloved, year of the rabbit fanart.

No. 306468

File: 1672946312776.jpg (33.49 KB, 478x498, rMjdVgy.jpg)

heres my sickly husbando

No. 306469

File: 1672947067354.jpg (717.05 KB, 1538x2048, bastart13 l.jpg)

Ty for posting Julian so I can post Lucio

No. 306473

your man belongs to the government actually

No. 306475

not anymore. he belongs to god now

No. 306476

File: 1672948662875.jpg (156.36 KB, 1262x1080, FgkGaIsWYAA1M68.jpg)

No. 306477

File: 1672948856200.jpg (41.96 KB, 540x353, QlKbH28.jpg)

yours is joining him soon when the clown clowns and doesnt give him the antidote

No. 306479

File: 1672949054399.png (81.92 KB, 279x365, mylivereaction.png)

you are a wench

No. 306480

File: 1672949298591.jpg (19.88 KB, 310x310, ckYHakm.jpg)

get feet

No. 306483

File: 1672950013166.jpg (1.51 MB, 2048x2048, caramujotan ehehe.jpg)

jean. smileyface

No. 306484

is that markiplier ?

No. 306485

it's some guy named Jean. I think.

No. 306486

that's markiplier real name, so it really could be him

No. 306487

Markiplier is French?

No. 306492


No. 306534

File: 1672971177511.jpeg (21.01 KB, 235x334, 79b5228b24db2a8ae36b47687b84db…)

ive been saying this!!!

No. 306540

File: 1672973608398.jpg (120.18 KB, 700x1502, Lance pkmn.jpg)

I am so normal about him

No. 306541

File: 1672974559516.jpg (93.49 KB, 716x1025, bdywtq1ct3491.jpg)

seems to be jean from disco elysium

No. 306563

File: 1672990417402.gif (6.4 MB, 354x498, 2F1D4A0C-52EC-4BD8-9CA4-84FC7E…)

No. 306569


2022's Yumejo Top 100. Pretty interesting list, Rika from Pokemon somehow came out on top. A lot of Touken Ranbu and Golden Kamuy as well.

No. 306572

His polygons in the first game are so HOT nonas….

No. 306577

File: 1673002310444.jpg (268.65 KB, 736x1044, 64861492dc89779a413dcf88a650b9…)

Lots of twisted wonderland too. Jolyne Kujo and Makima surprised me, good to see non straight women having their waifus on the list as well! Also
>Rika/Chiri number one
Good for her!
Battinson was also very surprising for me.
>Boutaro made the list
Explains the sudden rise in his merch.
>Sugimoto being the lowest only surpassing Boutaro and Usami
A crime, really

No. 306580

File: 1673005247811.jpg (6.35 MB, 2600x3200, 104205397_p0.jpg)

The top 3 were surprising. Congrats to Rika though, well-deserved. Hasebe as second and top Touken Ranbu character is pretty funny to me. His fans are based for basically wanting a butler as their husbando though.
I also didn't expect the top third one.
My boy is still going strong at 33, nice!

No. 306590

File: 1673013932205.jpg (1.7 MB, 1644x2400, 605648.jpg)

>tsukishima is 9th
proof men complaining about their height is a cope

No. 306605


No. 306608

File: 1673022409377.jpg (230.81 KB, 833x1280, Lord_Zedd_Variant_1300__41766.…)

Looking back at stuff I watched as a kid really helps me understand my current tastes in fictional men and women. I don't remember him being so hot

No. 306609

He looks very…squishy.

No. 306610

Wow, never seen this guy before now, but his design is sick.

No. 306612

File: 1673023975957.jpg (1011.43 KB, 2039x1378, SCHOOL UNIFORM.jpg)

Since he has always lived in a very harsh environment, I often think about what he'd be like if he grew up in a more normal way in this world. Obviously he would still have his core personality traits, but I wonder how they would manifest?
Since he's talented with multiple weapons, he'd do great at different sports but I'm not exactly sure what kind would be his personal favorite. He'd be interested in martial arts at least. Overall I think he'd be kind of a troublemaker and clash with others. His arrogant nature would probably piss many off but I don't think he'd care about that much. He would still do well in school, he's way too ambitious to just not care about that.

I'd be his secret admirer… I want to leave cute handwritten notes into his locker and watch his reaction to them from afar. At some point he'd catch me in the act and then I'd have to confess how much I like him. I think he'd try to play it cool but still be flattered. Even though I feel like I'm not the type he'd be into, I want to think we'd get to know each other better after and things would escalate from that.

I started thinking about what our relationship would be like but then got too embarrassed to continue

No. 306617

File: 1673026723066.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.44 KB, 850x765, sample_369a8033bf945314a911b4b…)

No. 306622

I was always disappointed when sentais transform back

No. 306626

>he'd do great at different sports
Not with that long-ass braid, he wouldn't.

No. 306627

File: 1673030200936.jpg (265.5 KB, 868x811, IMG_20230106_193009.jpg)

Glad that someone agrees with me, also hello fellow Ohma enjoyer.

Unrelated but I love the moment where he meets Karura, him not being able to deal with it and running away is so funny to me. it's weird but I find the way he so effortlessly picks her up kinda hot, I love the thought of me being so small and fragile compared to him.
I don't blame her for simping so hard and wanting to marry him, I would do the same. just without the baby part kek

No. 306628

Any other nonnas think about having kids with their husbandos/waifus? What do you think they'd be like as a parent? What do you think the kids will be like?

No. 306629

File: 1673030619988.jpg (125.24 KB, 1280x720, Zaram_tips.jpg)

Me with Nijino Akira from ToQger.
(Do kaijin count as IRL moids?)

No. 306643

Hell no, that's why I don't care that with half of them it's impossible.

No. 306644

Same. My husbando can't have kids and that's great. There are no babies in my fantasies.

No. 306645

I love it, there's a lot of sweet art of them together

Somehow he manages to be very agile, even with the long hair lol. Though it would be way more practical to put it on a bun, I want to see that

No. 306654

Maybe as a fun passing thought but my fantasies are all strictly no kids. Babies are a perfect way to ruin stories for me.

No. 306660

File: 1673041963061.png (3.09 MB, 2000x1389, 75116375_p0.png)

For me it's Reigen but here are some other MP100 men. Happy New Year's to all you lovely nonnies!

Very much appreciated!

No. 306678

I'm staunchly child free to the point that implications of impregnation ruin a fic for me, so no. My husbandos tend to be villains at that, they would be horrible fathers.

No. 306692

i have no interest in child-rearing myself, but to answer your question: i don't think my husbando would take well to a pregnancy. he's a self-proclaimed 'lonely artist' and willingly being tied down with a baby would be way too out of character–that and i don't think he's too keen on continuing his bloodline, given what i can glean from his lore and the possible link to another character that may or may not be his sister. i could see adoption being a possibility, if he or i were considering branching out in such a way, but that's as far as i'm willing to examine the idea.

No. 306694

File: 1673054667590.png (877.89 KB, 1329x2183, g.PNG)

so true nona. im a fan of the pathetic one

No. 306698

being a husbandofag ever since i was 13, i’m used to being younger than my husbando by at least a few years, but now that i’m in my 20s, i’m older than him (granted, not by much) and will only continue to grow older, and that feels weird

No. 306702

When I fell in love with my main guy he was 13 years older, now he's only 5 years older even with a 2 year timeskip.
But the whole time he's been 3 years younger then me cause his game takes place in the future…
I just recently said fuck it and I'll self-insert as my older self. That's the fun with fantasy, you can pretend you're whatever age you want.

No. 306730

My guy is seven years older than me… He started out 4 years older than me but has been aging as the series progresses… Actually, I checked again midway through writing this and as of the latest unlocalized game, he's now 10 years older than me. I hope it keeps up for a while as I can't imagine him being younger than me. Nothing against it, just not what I'm used to as the work he comes from is 19 years old and still going strong now.

No. 306732

My guy comes from a 1000+ old military family so having a kid is pretty much a given. Although I guess he does have a younger brother and his oldass uncle doesn't seem to have had any kids.
We get together when his family starts asking him to consider marriage, though, and then actually fall in love from there. So I think the eventual expectation of kids is on the table and I'm not against it.
He'd be a good father. He's good at taking care of people and mamages to be devoted to his family despite his many duties. It's not played up as such in the game he's from, but the level of dedication he has is almost inhuman.
IRL I'd genuinely consider having an abortion if the baby was male, so I'd want us to have a daughter, kek. There's nothing against daughters taking inheritance and making a name for themselves equal to men in the series he's from anyways.

No. 306733

My husbando is an ageless immortal being who will always stay in his 20s. Men marry women who are 10 and 20 years younger than them all the time so why should I feel bad about fantasing with a fictional character who is younger than me?

No. 306737

when most of the entries in the franchise take place around the current year so everyone ages in real time and they've always been and they'll always be old enough to be my dad it almost makes me feel like weeaboo Lana del Rey

No. 306747

No hate but why do their chests look like breasts?

No. 306749

Because the artist doesn't know how to draw

No. 306751

Just curious, who is it? Kars?

No. 306754

I tend to like immortals/androids/supernatural beings that are hard to age so I don't have this problem kek.

No. 306760

I love men's tits (muscle obv, not fat) but these just look like normal boobs

No. 306764

The curse of drawing pecs unfortunately. I would appreciate if anyone could edit it.

No. 306765

My husbandos already have kids so I've become a step mom, which is fine for me cause I could never imagine myself actually being pregnant. Although once I thought up a funny scenario where I told them I'm pregnant as joke and they all started fighting over who the dad was.

No. 306769

I've been husbando "hopping" for the past few years, I had the same guy for 8 years starting in late middle school, probably because I didn't consume a lot of media and I wasn't as much online as I am now, then I got into a gacha game and found a new husbando there, two years later I liked another guy from the same game better, and now two years later again I'm starting to fancy yet another guy even more (this one I've known for 18 years but started caring about him only a few months ago). I like to say I have a harem but I still feel kinda sad to change my mind so fast while I wasn't like this before. Anybody else has this "problem"?

No. 306775

File: 1673111262592.jpg (75.24 KB, 400x602, 21356639_p2_master1200.jpg)

>Any other nonnas think about having kids with their husbandos/waifus?
Sometimes. Usually due to ovulation. Men who are great with kids are a huge turn on, but I don't want kids personally or to suffer through pregnancy or birth. Surrogacy à la mentoring or being there for kids in need works just as well for me.

>What do you think they'd be like as a parent?

Probably as perfect of a father as you can reasonably get. Shizuo has the restraint and patience for kids that he lacks with adults, and it's very easy to imagine him doing ridiculous things like pretending to be bad at hide and seek or squeezing into children's seats on amusement park rides because they want him to ride too. He'd value parenthood and want to be there as much as possible, be the traditional provider and protector. I can see him being involved in everything, from cooking with us at meals to regularly going on family outings.

>What do you think the kids will be like?

Dunno, never thought about that. I just hope they'd take more after him than me, even if that means our home is destroyed a lot. Cursing his kids with his genetics would cut him deeply, but they'd have someone that understands their problems from the start and someone that they could never hurt too badly, unlike for his childhood.

No. 306788

It's Asmodeus from Obey me. He's a demon/fallen angel.

No. 306795

Not really, sometimes I do it just for a sweet "what-if", also because I like picturing the designs of the kids, but, as other nonas have already said, I too am child free and for me impregnation and babies ruin a story.

>What do you think they'd be like as a parent?

He'll need to get used it, with the bad childhood he had and having been an orphan I can imagine being very hard shifting into the parent mentality, but he will try his best. I picture him being very protective, both during the pregnancy and when the baby is here, but at the same time he'll be so afraid of hurting them because how small they are. He wants to protect the baby but doesn't know how to hold it kek, it's so cute.

>What do you think the kids will be like?

In my what-if I imagined us having two kids, one male and one female. First one takes the looks from the father and second one from me. While their personality traits will be a mix from the both of us, their perseverance and fighting spirit will be like their dad.

No. 306802

File: 1673123142576.jpg (328.67 KB, 768x1084, 301041734.jpg)

Ugh, he's so cute. Look at his little smile.
>tfw no dead inside sniper with possible war crimes under his belt along with mommy and daddy issues that will open up painfully slow and show his affection by hunting for you and teaching you gun trivia for you if you show him a droplet of love and animal facts
>Might still kill you though

No. 306805

File: 1673124522364.jpeg (94.92 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pk037vAN6t1sotf6x_1280.…)

mine, i can fix him

No. 306806

Everyone looked so weird in GTA4 really, wish we could see him in GTA5 graphics. I'd like to think he's living a simpler life now.

No. 306811

>Sugimoto being the lowest only surpassing Boutaro and Usami
WHY? the other guys are fine too but come on.
>Might still kill you though
kek. been a while since I’ve visited these threads but upon seeing that there are so many ogatafags I made an extremely retarded quiz a while ago. may post it in the gk thread if anyone wants

No. 306823

File: 1673129649580.jpg (82.67 KB, 509x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

would you trust this handsome young man to safely deliver you to your destination?

No. 306824

No, he would jump into the sea after 5 minutes.

No. 306825

Doesn't this guy have a fursona

No. 306826

File: 1673130137610.jpg (94.21 KB, 736x981, d01151892db29502cd26b0aa211efe…)

Please do, nona!

No. 306829

Basically everyone in the fandom despises my husbando AND it hasn't been a very popular show, so there's barely any good art featuring him + 2, maybe 3 good fics. Does anyone else have this scarcity problem? rip

No. 306831

File: 1673130922195.jpg (159.49 KB, 1200x1200, dazaikun.jpg)

he ate dog food to spite a dog once!
it's nice of him to offer himself as food for the fish

No. 306832

Only for tv or movie husbandos, nonna. Can you tell us who it is?

No. 306844

My husbando's birthday is coming up and I want to do something special. How should I celebrate?

No. 306845

Art and themed baked goods

No. 306868

Do they have a good reason to, because that's what you have to deal with if you husbando villains.

My problem is that of the art and fics he does have most of it is OOC gay stuff.

No. 306872

Ah, I feel you on weak movie/TV fandoms. It's Rezaren from Dragon Age Absolution
You called it lol, villain husbandos (especially when they're less redeemable). Sorry to hear that yours is shoehorned into OOC stuff by fans.

No. 306885

That's just come out December 9th, nonna! There's still plenty of time for new fans and the existing DA fandom to watch it and make content for it. Don't give up hope quite so soon.

No. 306893

File: 1673148896631.png (1.15 MB, 900x636, 4D06DE25-60DE-4400-89BB-632EB2…)

I love my husband

No. 306897

File: 1673151073218.jpg (62.18 KB, 766x766, ERUZH2UXsAAzW8H.jpg)

I'm not ashamed to admit that i've been obsessed with this big-tittied, canonically-a-fag moid for the past year and i don't intend to stop any time soon. I would sell any amount of organs necessary just to be one of his servants for the rest of eternity, that is, if he decides to spare my life to begin with. I want him to use his tall, buff frame to throw me around like a ragdoll. I would keep any fluid i have the honor of receiving in a jar for my enjoyment the rest of my life and cherishing it as if it were a sacred object - whether it be cum, sweat, blood, piss anything is more than an honor. If he kept me ass-naked in his BDSM dungeon with little more than the bare necessities, i'd be perfectly satisfied for the rest of my life. If he wanted to be nicer to me and use me as his bangmaid for whenever he feels like it, i'd be more than merrier with that as well. Wants to feed from me? He can dig his nails into me until i'm anemic. I would never take shit from a moid unless it's him and it saddens me to death i'll never be put into a mating press by him.

No. 306909

Yes haha, my man is one of only a handful of characters that have been in every arc of his 20 year long game series and yet there is almost nothing to be found for him. Not to mention people keep insisting that he's gay (for a guy who is married) or already in a relationship (which would be reductive for the female character involved). It's a rough life!

No. 306910

Based taste, nonna! It's been a long time since I read drrr, but I remember going nuts when he smiled and winked at Akane to reassure her despite everybody else's expectations of how he'd handle a kid.

No. 306911

>Met my first guy back in middle school in an obscure manga and didn't have the vocabulary to call him my husbando, but I consistently returned to fantasies about us being together for a decade after meeting him. Never went beyond dating, but I was definitely in love and would feel despair at knowing he wasn't real sometimes.
>Last year, met a new husbando in a game. I fall so hard for him and date him in my fantasies until it slowly escalates to marriage. I've never liked a character in this way before. I learn what husbandos are, and decide to commit myself to the husbando lifestyle for him fully. I still remember my first guy fondly, but it's more like a youthful romance compared to how serious I am about my current husbando.
Whether you're dedicated to one guy or have a harem, what are your husbando/waifu "dating histories", nonnas? No need to be specific about who they are, I'm just curious to see how others have developed over the years.

No. 306927

Oh I could write way too much about this, I was actually going through my old diaries and drawings last month because I wanted to see how much I wrote about 'husbando' kind of stuff.
Apparently '60+ anime crushes' that I don't remember at all in middle school.
Was obsessed with Albedo from Xenosaga in high school until the 3rd game ruined it.
Got into some comic guys until retcons ruined it.
Found my current main guy in 2011 but didn't really get obsessed until his second game came out.
Other two mains 2016-17. Had some flavor of the month guys from games and watching LP's. Have some guys on my list I still like but because of how their games ended It's not a lot of current fantasizing.
I'm always on the lookout when I start something new for potential new bachelors.

No. 306940

File: 1673181257183.png (3.37 MB, 2000x1389, tities.png)

I tried it out

No. 306957

I made a chart with all of my long term husbandos over the 10+ years ive been a husbandofag, kind of eye opening to see my weird taste right in front of me

No. 306966

Good job Nonna

No. 306968

wow, that looks great

No. 306974

Wow! It's neat that you have things to look back on and recall your old forgotten husbandos from.
I'd love to see it!

No. 306979

it always warms my heart to see anons who would marry their husbandos!

i've been obsessed with romance my entire life, so i had a bit of an early start. my first husbando was from an obscure cartoon and he was very unlike any of the others i fell for (i.e. a decent person). it never went beyond holding hands but i still consider him my first love, because my feelings were incredibly intense. i was maybe like 6. i still love him as a character, even if my heart belongs to someone else.

my second one i stumbled upon only 2 years later. he's the one my heart belongs to btw. though after the honeymoon period i did ignore his existence for quite a few years and even had many other husbandos. but then i saw all the extra content, and that was it. he was the first one i mentally went to third base with, the one that makes me love any thing or character that reminds me of him, but more importantly i feel an overwhelming desire to understand him, like he is a law of the universe. i think it's what our relationship would look like if he were real, i would resist my savior complex, try to pretend i can build a life as rich and colorful without him, but we would always come back to each other, even after years apart.

No. 306987

File: 1673208628679.jpeg (45.64 KB, 750x363, FlSFAmAXoAAxNl5.jpeg)

Massive improvement. Thank you nonny!

No. 306990

File: 1673209545896.jpg (34.75 KB, 340x491, c52f1f1b47157a5c7bb7c60f9cd2d1…)

So I'm not the only one with a shameful Jjba crush?

No. 306995

File: 1673210820916.png (103.17 KB, 431x630, 2ywvo6p.png)

I had already thought about Shizuo with kids, so the whole Akane arc ascended me to a new plane when I got there, nonna! I remember gushing for months at least. I actually went back to rewatch the scene and it's cute how unsettled Tom and Shinra are, expecting a blow-up at the mention of Izaya but Shizuo has some of Kasuka's acting prowess to reassure her. The immediate following scene kills me too. His hands are bloodied from furiously ringing the doorbell and shaking the door handle of one of Izaya's hideouts and then he furiously stomps down several floors of a stairwell while growling and grunting. "That's twice you've wasted my time, so I'm gonna kill you twice!" kek, Shizuo, my love.

You'll be at risk of bi man STDs but don't let it stop you nonna, kek. Live a fun life, not a long one.

No. 307002

File: 1673215432028.jpg (93.92 KB, 1200x800, ELD89AlUYAEKVnI.jpg)

4 inches soft, 7 inches erect, slightly curved to the left, bubblegum pink, no pubic hair or body hair in general, circumcised, slightly veiny on the bottom, tight round ass

No. 307006

>4 inches soft, 7 inches erect

No. 307008

Why would he be circumcised though

No. 307009

iirc he's a brit

No. 307010

File: 1673218238173.jpg (62.57 KB, 510x680, 17d48dab56e96e1f2fd530fd1bda79…)

For sure, and i absolutely want to humiliate him for it until he's on the verge of tears.

No. 307011

you're doing god's work ilu

No. 307012

It's really not common in the UK or most of Europe to circumsize, especially not in the last few decades. Maybe just headcanon a phimosis-treatment

No. 307013

File: 1673219326858.png (366.14 KB, 513x513, asmirk.png)

Wow, nonna, you're so cool. Keep talking. Let's bond over making our men cry from overwhelming humiliation.

No. 307015

File: 1673221626464.jpeg (49.14 KB, 600x600, 1B5BE204-7AEF-4DCE-9275-C6D96E…)

suicide pact with tsukishima…

No. 307018

File: 1673222725715.jpg (80.93 KB, 736x551, 2e6c2c6d179d7e6fa7eb5a7a11634a…)

Novo don't die you're so sexy haha

No. 307019

File: 1673222817137.jpg (80.96 KB, 680x510, 34267d36e1d527936ba4d0d89f4081…)

Nooo, not novo kek
More Tsukishima

No. 307021

I've been an husbandofag as long as I can remember. My first fictional crush was at 6 years old, it was for a videogame character and I was obsessed. I loved talking about him to others, but nobody would understand so they just saw me as the weird girl to make fun of. I have this embarrassing memory of our elementary school teacher asking us to draw what we wish would come out of Mary Poppins's bag, for some reason, and I drew him, wishing he would come out of there and get togheter with me. We had to show it so the whole class ended up seeing it. My child-self really was a master of embarrassing herself kek
Obviously at the time I didn't knew things like this existed so I thought I was the only one, but as I discovered the internet I found that many other people had fictional crushes too, and they were writing about it, so I've started reading fics and created my own self insert, and then the rest is history.

I have this thing of getting hyper fixated on stuff for different periods of time until I switch to the next thing, so I've had some main husbandos over the years.
For my current main one I don't have a particular story yet, since I've know him for like less than 2 years.
My best friend recommended to me an anime she liked, she showed me some clips and panels of the manga with him in it and I felt the spark the moment I saw him. I binge watched the anime and fell in love, but I wanted more so I read the manga, and I fell even more in love. which was very unusual for me to do because I despise reading, I'm an anime-only in fact, but I guess that just shows how much he mattered to me
I created an au to self insert into, started drawing him, writing fics with him and thinking about him basically everyday about all kinds of stuff, from romantic scenes to just dumb stuff without any romance involved because I love the universe and it's characters. and of course, being very sad because he will never be real
It's a pretty uninteresting story, but I wish this love will continue for many, many years to come.
He's got something special that I can't quite explain, he's very dear to me and I love him very much.

No. 307034

File: 1673229702105.jpg (717.89 KB, 1920x1080, king_drachus_boss_fight.jpg)

Can't even focus, these vampires are getting hotter and hotter. I don't want to fight em quite the opposite!!

No. 307041

Are husbandos that come from your imagination allowed? I made myself a husband to think about when I get lonely but he’s so wonderful that sometimes I just feel sadder knowing he’ll never be real. I made him a sim too kek, I can’t quite get him to look or act how my husbando would though. I hope that somewhere in another universe we’re together.

No. 307042

File: 1673237378184.jpeg (45.88 KB, 480x640, c35810a36bc9427dbb23997f894a66…)

obligatory hetalia post a la 2011 to complete the circle of retardation

No. 307047

File: 1673242659866.jpeg (179.36 KB, 724x1024, 59C603C6-151E-4432-9BB6-B80F7B…)

He's such a classy boy, I love him.

No. 307054

File: 1673246213530.jpeg (118.5 KB, 749x757, 601DDEBA-3733-4039-825F-016A17…)

I've always been really lovesick throughout my whole life, ever since I was very little I would think of imaginary boyfriends and such.
So my first husbando was I think Hookocho I was more retarded and a child I fantasized a lot about changing him and making him a better person for some reason, maybe I've always had a terrible savior complex after all.
Then I fell in love with Link from the Ocarina of time game, his pixels were the prettiest ones of the whole N64 games. That was an intense love, I would larp with a friend in school that our husbandos were real and everything. But then, I grew up just a bit, and feel in love specifically with Fierce Deity link, that was just, love at first sight.
And sure, sometimes I ended up creating husbandos based on irl moids I would interact with at school, but I would always go back to Link and Fierce Deity because they were perfect.
When I got older I mostly kept thinking of Link, I would still replay Majora's Mask as much as possible just to get Fierce Deity's mask and watch how he attacked the bosses, and if I hadn't misplaced my 64 I would've replayed it nowadays like usual.
During my hetalia phase I fell in love with America, I liked him a lot, I really have a thing for blonds I guess, I even have the plushie I got of him during the first anime convention I've gone to as a teen.
For a while I thought I was in love with Hatsune Miku's genderbend version, but then I noticed that while listening to some music, I would mostly fantasize about Link.
Sometimes I would think that maybe I was supposed to "fall in love" with irl moids for a some sort of "sense of duty"? Like I "had" to get a boyfriend to "prove" I was likeable or something, I don't know, I just never truly had boyfriends irl because in the end, irl moids are trash, 2D boys will always be perfect, even if they're not perfect, they will change for you.
In highschool I fell in love with Megatron, it's funny, I will never stop misremembering a DeviantArt post talking about how every transformer's fan goes through the same "cycle" (fall in love with Bumblebee, then Optimus, the bumblebee again, then starscream, then bumblebee again, then Megatron, Optimus again, and then you actually fall in love with the robot you really like the most) it was kind of like that, I could be wrong, honestly, some of my teenage and childhood days feel like they were just memories made by my imagination.
But yeah, I spent most of my late teens in love with megatron, everyone in my close friend's circle from Uni knows me as the (autistic) robot fucker that would talk about how superior is robot sex. I kind of fell out of love though, I don't know, I guess it just happened, I was actually pretty sad and felt empty for quite a while, because I was in love with him for like 9 years.
And then, it happened, it's kind of funny, I would always end up loving Link the most, I think it's like being an old couple that just loves each other, I don't really talk much about him, but I just love my beautiful midget, he's amazing.
What happened was that I started playing more otome games again, I fell in love hard for different gacha game boys, I admit it, I guess the heart isn't wise sometimes and it makes the brain do stupid things that the soul never regrets, like falling in love.
Now I have a harem of husbandos, I love them all very, very much, I don't know what would be of my life without them.
If I could look nice and get lots of money before I don't have much energy to move around, I would love to get a photoshoot done with my husbandos, I was thinking of very well done prints or photoshop, so I can somehow make real all of the fantasies I think about. Like coffee dates, fancy dates at the multiple places I've traveled to, hanging out at home, cuddles, reading together, playing with my dog, at the beach, visiting museums, going back home from work and so much more.
Everything, I just want to be able to have some sort of "proof" of the happiness I feel when I think about them, they make everything interesting, less scary, calm, nice, sweeter, tastier, funnier. They really make my life better.

No. 307062

i've been doing that since i was a kid, it started because some of the characters i liked were so obscure i had to come up with most of their personality myself kek. now i have an entire strain of old ocs that are an embarrassingly accurate insight into how my taste changed. did you manage to make yours long term?

No. 307066

Not the OP who asked the question, but your story is so sweet nona. Glad I wasn't the only one who talked about her husbandos at school. but unlike me you still continued when you were older, I really admired that. Being bullied about it made me ashamed of doing it so after elementary school I kept it all to myself, so I'm glad you didn't have the same experience.
I've never been into transformers, only watched a couple of the live action movies, but for some reason I had a short period of time where I loved Megatron too. I have a thing for giant robots and he's evil and cool so I guess it did the job kek.

A photoshoot with the husbandos sounds like such a cute idea. I would love if there was some kind of technology that makes them appear in photo with us and make it seem authentic and in character, like they pose with us, change expressions and everything. I hate being photographed but for them I would do it, don't care if I'm not photogenic.

No. 307079

File: 1673267258579.jpeg (70.15 KB, 460x613, 7C99957D-8ECB-468F-B595-C824C2…)

Thank you, nonnie! I tend to think about my love history from time to time, it's nice to organize my thoughts like this!
It's kind of funny, I got bullied for falling in love with irl moids, not for liking 2D guys. It really showed me how shitty are they from an early age
Megatron's voice is quite alluring tbh, I think that's like his main appeal, his transformers prime design is beautiful though, that's the one that made me finish making it click, and his More Than Meets The Eye personality mixed with his new design was like a nail in my heart kek.
Nonnie! I actually saw a filter yesterday that makes it seem like some hot 2D guys are hugging you and such, it was mostly on dumbass joke videos so I haven't found out the name of the filter, but I'm sure that maybe it could get commissioned if there's already like a base of actions made somewhere.
The classic would be photoshopping the husbando in a picture, I actually want to try photoshop again just so I can do something like pic related, and it's honestly quite great, nobody would notice that you're posing with your waifu/husbando if you keep the poses as natural as possible.

No. 307105

Wow, beautiful!
AYRT, this is so cute, nonna. I can feel the love you have for your husbandos and how much they've impacted your life.

No. 307110

>if I hadn't misplaced my 64 I would've replayed it nowadays like usual
You know you can just download it and emulate it on your computer, right?

No. 307111

File: 1673282313509.gif (3.07 MB, 540x543, muerte.gif)

I want him

No. 307119

Me too nonny

No. 307133

I still have 7 games with my husbando in them left to enjoy, but I already worry about what I'll do when I run out and can't look forward to playing a bit and learning more about him and his world each night…

No. 307187

File: 1673306033172.gif (421.09 KB, 245x200, 32c9fda8e83.gif)

A late happy new year nonnas! I've missed contributing to this thread!

>Are you nonnies into bullying your husbandos?

Bullying is out of the picture however teasing is a different story - having a husbando that gets flustered by the slightest misunderstanding is a huge turn-on, for example, running towards him like there's some sort of emergency but in reality I want to lift his shirt and bite him.
I have no idea how to flirt, therefore it'd be me embarrassing myself until I think I'm doing it right.

>Any other nonnas think about having kids with their husbandos/waifus?

I find this question hilarious because just the other week I imagined months after we settled down, we tried for kids..
Due to my condition there's a high chance of me having a miscarriage and a plethora of other issues, so it's either adopting a kid or surrogacy. On the other hand he'd be a great dad! I can easily see him being the playful + dependable type since he has a younger sister. He would go above and beyond for them, even going as far as taking every step necessary to give them the best childhood, compared to his. He'd also be a stay-at-home dad, I just can't see him working at a soul-sucking job instead of one he's passionate about.

>What do you think the kids will be like?

I haven't thought about that in detail, but if we had two kids, preferably girls, one would be the adventurous type while the other would be quieter. If it's one kid, either personality could work.

This sentence alone gave me goosebumps and made me horny. If Takakura isn't at least six inches I'll fucking crush him.

No. 307190

is this about Kiryu or Majima

No. 307198

File: 1673310073708.jpg (29.92 KB, 584x448, moron.jpg)

My girls. My bosom friends. I have questions.

Some nonnas have written that you write fanfiction of your and your husbando. Do you share it as reader insert or whatever or keep it to yourself? How involved do your stories get? Are they just a thousand words of you and your husbando having tea or is it millions of words-long epic story with a plot somewhat?

For the nonnas who write and draw. How do you keep it secret? Do you have a password protected file or a locked safe etc lmao? I'm so embarrassed. I want to keep him to myself like a secret stash of expensive cigars or chocolate.

I'm sorry if these have been answered before. Anyway I've been fixated on this horsefaced fucker for 20 years, here he is, this is my confession

No. 307200

Thanks for informing me nona! I didn't know this filter existed, I tried to search it but I couldn't find the name either. I think photoshop is still the best option, so I wish you good luck on creating the cutest pics of your dreams with your wonderful husbandos. I'm sure they will be very happy to be in photos with you!

About fanfictions: I keep them to myself, only made them read to two of my friends. I have a whole au based on the story of the series, changing it slightly to fit my oc/self insert in, creating a whole backstory and other OCs related to her to make her believable and fit in with the universe, so I think I can say that I'm pretty involved in it.
Even if I have a whole arching plot I only write one shots, that still keep a continuity with each other though. Sometimes they're short, and sometimes they reach like 10+ pages kek. the doc i use for fics reached 50 pages, but I haven't wrote anything new in a while since I've been hit by an horrible writer block that just won't go away, and I hate it even more because I keep having lots of ideas for fics to write and things to change in older fics.

For drawings: I still haven't drawn any self shipping art, for now I've just done fan art, but generally, even when I did it years ago, I just kept it in a folder between all my other drawings, nothing fancy to hide it or things like that. Nobody looks into my stuff anyways.

No. 307204

I just write a few paragraphs in a notepad file when I have an idea, not even bothering with proper grammer or keeping a consistent tense, sometimes I add little side comments. I do quick copy paste it back and forth through word to clean up the typos though. I don't share it, I don't really feel like sharing it because then I'd have to clean it up into a properly formatted thing.
I don't bother hiding the files or my physical drawings because nobody else uses my computer and I don't live with snoops who would go through my papers.

Anyway, today Mom asked what I was laughing at and I had to awkwardly stifle myself because I was thinking about my husbandos gap moe sweet tooth…

No. 307206

No, haha, it's about a guy from a Kiseki game.

No. 307207

sisters…i mean no offense when i say this, but a 7 inch erect penis isn’t small at all. it’s above average

No. 307209

if you go through the effort of writing it pls share, you can post anonymously on ao3 and you never know if there’s someone out there looking for the same things as you

No. 307211

I'm sorry to break it to you, but it is small at worst and average at best. It's absolutely not above average. I got out my measuring tape both times for this, nonna.

No. 307214

I hope you're just shitposting but if not you really should at least try a dildo. I'd want the guy to be able to go balls deep, but I'm pretty sure I can't take more than 6 inches.

No. 307216

I'll admit to being a bit of a size queen but you better drop medical references if you're trying to tell me that I've been so lucky in my sex life. That's average sized, 4 inches is only the length of an index finger. Maybe you don't get horny enough, the vagina is supposed to expand upon arousal.

No. 307227

That’s cute, anon. I’m kinda curious about the obscure characters now. Can’t relate to the change in tastes much though cause my type has been fixed since birth kek. To answer your question: my crushes on preexisting fictional characters never lasted more than a couple of years and my first boyfriend OC only a few months—though he was a sort of blueprint for my husbando—but I’ve adored my Harold since I created him 3 or 4 years ago (I think, the COVID-19 pandemic really memed my temporal perception) and I hope it’ll stay that way. I do still develop crushes on real males unfortunately, now almost only if they remind me of Harold. They fade fast though because nobody compares to him.

No. 307232

Where the fuck do you live where ~10cm is the size of an index finger and ~18cm is small? Are you an old school yaoi uke?

No. 307235

I write reader/character one-shot fanfics and post them on ao3. People seem to like them, I get some kudos and in my most recent fic I received my first two comments. They said they like how I write him and he's very sweet which motivated me to get better at writing. Now I'm reading books on creative writing and doing the exercises hoping to get better. I plan on writing a multi chapter fic showing how they met and fell in love.

No. 307269

File: 1673361956059.jpeg (91.15 KB, 600x448, B2DA4BF7-9F61-4A3C-B932-550A90…)

I miss drawing styles like the one we see on Hellsing Ultimate. Besides the drawing style, Alucard's demeanor is so enticing. I find him dangerously sexy.

No. 307286

This reply has me in stitches

No. 307291

god this. alucard is my kryptonite, i feel like a 16 yo tankie for it but idc.

No. 307294

File: 1673370394787.jpeg (30.55 KB, 720x400, D1DC3AF8-03DE-4A2D-B2F2-85C974…)

Same here, nonna

No. 307299

He's so fucking hot

No. 307304

Damn, Solid&Etc, what a blast from the past, I used to obsessively check her website daily to see if she had updated anything new. Maybe I'll try to track some of her doujinshis, they can't be that expensive nowadays.

No. 307322

File: 1673385157028.jpeg (86.75 KB, 636x1000, 114800A4-18BA-42B1-9223-06B50D…)

I liked father anderson better

No. 307340

oh NO… new autism unlocked

No. 307342

>new autism unlocked
You are absolutely revolting

No. 307343

nta but what's your problem?

No. 307346

die mad about it then i don't know

No. 307348

Kek what even is this response?

No. 307351

I drew my husbando and I accidentally made his head too small goDDAMMIT AHHHH I'm so mad because I was so happy with it until I took a step back and realized it looks off. At least I can fix it digitally but I'm still embarrassed about my mistake.

No. 307358

File: 1673402450890.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 600x800, lelouch_is_stripping_by_nejahn…)

great taste nonnie, he's so cute and he has a lovely lean build

No. 307365

Ayrt, i am digging up my old ds and buying this game as soon as possible. Man do i want to just grab his dick and wrap my hands around his waist.

No. 307384

Maybe don't spend time on the autist site. Or do you struggle to be tolerated elsewhere, too?

No. 307395

what game is this

No. 307401

File: 1673437040141.png (249.01 KB, 1612x828, 69957.png)

it's the Code Geass Lelouch of Rebellion ds game. unfortunately it's only in Japanese but idgaf all I wanna see is Lulu's ass in that cat costume

No. 307412

what do tankies have to do with Alucard

No. 307432

File: 1673462115484.gif (1.32 MB, 448x322, anime-vash.gif)

Roach man

No. 307435

I love him. I LOVE HIM.

No. 307436

Me too nona, me too. Let's love him together.

No. 307500

File: 1673499199157.jpg (37.01 KB, 563x410, 41a842c0f3400b90844818fbc0b4ab…)

his long dark hair is what really does it for me nona

No. 307501


No. 307502

*billion, fuck

No. 307503

File: 1673500122600.jpg (116.61 KB, 1200x708, EjfEwSfVoAEUKt5.jpg)

I love him so much! With a sweet smile like that, he could ask me for anything and I would comply. I bet he can't wait for spring so he can roll in the grass. I want to take him out on a picnic somewhere where it'll just be us. I wanna toss our food scraps into the air and have him gun em to bits like clay pigeons. ♥
Hope you're all well and thriving, nonnas!

No. 307541

I live for being able to play a little of the game my husbando is from each night and immerse myself in his world, but I have to be away from home for a few days soon without my console. I'm going to feel so empty and sad without him. I hate reality.

No. 307547

>I hate reality
I feel this.

No. 307548

I want to break my teeth on his arse

No. 307559

File: 1673554666504.jpg (172.14 KB, 735x825, 41b1d0d3ce11241f96903d6b7d9700…)

I know I'm a loser but the Sugimoto nendo announcement legit made my day. I've been waiting for it since 2021
Sugiwives we won

No. 307601

But do you want to make him feel appreciated or do you want to make him feel worse than dirt?

No. 307602

File: 1673579431344.jpg (126.46 KB, 600x600, Canada.full.414732.jpg)

Maybe you can save a few pics of him to your phone to scroll through? The official game with my husbando has one scene with him and is from 2012, I make him in the character creation in a lot of the games I play when I'm not playing as myself so I can look at him more kek

No. 307608

I think I will! Thanks for the suggestion!

No. 307617

File: 1673586093893.jpg (44.54 KB, 564x654, 089923e4f83daa319b350a80e6e803…)

I want him to make me feel worse than the dirt he walks on and then having him pour boiling coffee on my chest

No. 307618

Try to find a no-commentary long play or a 'game' the movie youtube video?

I'm recording all the conversations my guy has in my current playthough of his game so I can rip the good voice lines to listen to when I want to immerse.
Once I upgrade my computer I have to figure out if I can just rip all the lines from the game files directly.

No. 307624

This is also a good idea! Thank you nonnas for helping me find ways to be with him even while I'm away… I'd never cinsidered ripping his voice lines, and that's definitely something I'd enjoy having for the long run.

No. 307646

File: 1673618994956.jpg (138.35 KB, 664x664, ddf5068ad5146f3e477afa99cc41d6…)

Literally me

No. 307829

I'm quite tokophobic so I don't really like thinking of this but one time I stumbled upon those Instagram baby photo accounts down an Internet rabbithole and I saw this half Asian, quarter black, quarter white (those #mixedkids accounts are a trip but all Insta baby accounts are honestly) baby that reminded me of him and myself. However, he's already in his mid fifties and not getting any younger and both of us are already pretty damn autistic so the babies we'd make would be severely retarded and probably manlets too since I'm below 5'. He's already raised children before and hopefully he doesn't get the empty nest syndrome, or if he does he should just go back to the orphanage.

No. 307937

they titillate my daft punk sense

No. 308116

File: 1673808218703.jpeg (250.41 KB, 1533x1624, 1649828001169.jpeg)

I love this Sugimoto pic because it titillated even non Sugifags

No. 308121

Who is the artist? She's literally me.

No. 308129

File: 1673815734175.png (910.14 KB, 1124x1596, 98946289_p0.png)

Finally have the spaghetti I've been craving for over a week, immediately crave Italian dick after the last bite. Mamma mia!

No. 308153

File: 1673826672816.png (5.41 MB, 1000x1414, akaza_render_by_muztnafi_dejk3…)

I just feel like he would kill anyone who even came near me and would be like a protective dog

No. 308164

File: 1673830091983.png (366.52 KB, 752x1063, 377a8e4d02bd80e4caa89b159737ff…)

I wish there was more fanart of him

No. 308167

My husbando's birthday is on the same date as my mum's. I think it'll be a bit weird to decorate a whole venue for someone fictional so I might buy a huuge slice of cake, a bouquet or do something else. Any other ideas?

No. 308220

File: 1673866016053.jpg (123.25 KB, 764x594, IMG_20221231_233424.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks about sad scenarios with their husbandos? I don't mean with bad arguments of breakups, but comfort scenarios regarding eachother. For example about a sad thing relating to them, a particular event related to the plot, or just related to personal problems. Them opening up to you or protecting you counts too obviously. I have such a thing for strong and protective guys, so I picture him being like my knight in shining armor. Cheesy I know, but I like it. He did teasingly call Kaede "my queen" so it fits
If so, what are your comfort scenarios nonas? I love reading all your fantasies.

For me, I've already mentioned before how bad I want to hug him, surprising him with this gesture of affection he isn't used to, being so touch starved and all. But many many times I had thoughts of him comforting me with my bad thoughts and insecurities too.
I really admire his perservance and how much he's focused on his goal, not caring about what others think or the obstacles he has to face to reach it, so I would be afraid of dissapointing him by not being strong enough. He may not be good with words, he's more a "shows affection indirectly with his gestures" kind of guy, but in various occasions he shows that even with simple words he can mean a lot. I find it very cute picturing his ways of reassuring me. he also would give me lots of headpats and I love that so much kek
I've never celebrated my husbando birthday, but maybe on that day you can dress in ways that remind you of him. Not cosplay of course, just related to his color scheme or favorite color if he has one. Nobody would notice, it's a thing only you would know, so it will make it more special.
Doing a fan art to wish him happy birthday or a short fic is also a good option.

No. 308226

File: 1673871197188.jpg (143.24 KB, 628x680, 59ef586fc5ea1607c53e13b4bc9c69…)

Two cuties

No. 308243

File: 1673883293304.png (352.46 KB, 500x740, EvTRI8NVoAEtnkA.png)

Oh nonna, everything you wrote is so sweet! Don't be embarrassed for being cheesy! I think about the same things so much! I admire my love's intense and unwavering dedication towards the people he respects and his friends and found family. I would worry about not being good enough or disappointing him somehow, but we have the same ferocity for the people we care about and aren't for picking on the weak so maybe my negatives would be outweighed. I relate to him and some of his close friends a lot, I think he could understand a lot of my problems even if he doesn't always grasp the depth or nuances of some of them - he would try his hardest to and always listen to me. Of course I'd want to hear anything he wants to open up to me about too. Good or bad, anything about his mom, dad, or the traitorous friends that took advantage of him or dealing with the system or being on the streets. I want to support him in bettering himself and I want to be part of the warm home he returns to. He could be crass, fumble or use words incorrectly and I wouldn't mind, I'm the same way. His genuineness in being himself is so charming.

I'm rather ill physically and mentally so I think a lot about how he'd try to go about comforting me. I like to think that I'd be a high priority, for better or worse I might accidentally remind him too much of his ill mother. Sometimes all I need is to be held and reassured, kind murmurs in my ears and back rubs whilst in his arms, or to be taken on a midnight ride. I want to press my head against his back and hold his midsection on a scooter or bike in the fresh night air. Other times I imagine an array of things. Like him trying to cook slightly elaborate meals for me and something going awry because he doesn't understand cooking measurements, so he has to give up and get take out anyway or go with something simplistic but still perfect to the both of us like grilled fish or salad. I could listen to him tell me about whatever he's listening to lately, in general or as a much needed distraction, and he could show me a new dance move or beatbox to get a smile or laugh out of me. Dancing with him would be so nice, no matter the genre of music. I'm a flowers kind of gal as well and it wouldn't matter if they're handpicked or if he bought a bouquet, I would find it really touching and romantic even if I'm always sad to see them wither.

Maybe I've repeated myself once or twice before, sorry. ♥

No. 308274

File: 1673900198167.jpg (91.74 KB, 735x986, 3d91530f7ba276ecec67d2d6c9e21e…)

Aww nona thank you, I'm glad we share the same thoughts!
Everything you wrote is so sweet and adorable, my heart is filled with serotonin, I couldn't stop smiling while reading it.
You two are such a perfect couple, the way you help and understand each other really makes you look like soulmates.
I love the thought of midnight rides so I can already picture the scene you two riding in the night. Like passing by the sea illuminated by moonlight, the road empty thanks to late hour, and just the two of you together, enjoying the silence of this beautiful atmosphere.
I'm sure he would make the perfect husband, lucky that he's Italian too, so you can eat all the many delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. as an Italian myself, I can confirm. On the same note, feels weird that Jojo made many people start simping for Italian men and get curious of the culture. I'm not complaining, Italian is a beautiful language, I just find it funny that we're represented by hot beefy men. If only there were actually men like this here kek
It's admirable how much you care about him despite his bad past and all, helping him get better and forget all the suffering he experienced, it's something I always do with Ohma too. Yeah sure, one could say he's got lots of flaws, but they're what makes him special. If he was just a normal dude who fights then it wouldn't be the same.
Btw, don't worry about repeating yourself, while writing the previous post I was about to tell a fantasy I already wrote myself. I think of the same scenarios multiple times so I end up repeating myself a lot, but hey, who cares. What matters is having fun doing it.

I'm really sorry that you have to endure all those problems nona, may he make them all dissappear with a passionate kiss and a sweet "Ti amo", so you don't have to think about them anymore ❤️

No. 308474

'Thank you for not giving up on me.'
oh Rasputin is lucky I'm not into Exo's.
But that really made me want my main guy to say that to me.

No. 308654

No. 309539

I almost fell for the robot again.

No. 309541

File: 1674088264308.png (474.54 KB, 827x501, Rasputins.png)

Left Rasputin the Warmind, his 'new' personality is really cute but I need hair on my androids.
Right Rasputin aka Kotomine Kirei, the asshole who didn't respond to my summons but I wonder if there's porn with him and Gudako yet.

No. 309543

File: 1674101405839.gif (5.47 MB, 536x640, B66BD7E6-FEAE-4559-948C-3C87D0…)

Finally got to watching those avatar movies

Now I’m a furry
Seriously though he is so precious

No. 309551

File: 1674113548011.jpeg (23.52 KB, 739x415, images - 2023-01-19T092926.728…)


Could 1000% understand why Neytiri had 3 kids with him right after the other. The hair sex scene from the first movie absolutely changed my brain chemistry. I just know he mindsoul fucked her so good ugh

No. 309553

Your will is too strong nonna i fell the picosecond i saw him

No. 309557

File: 1674117397125.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.93 KB, 2650x1125, 1671505497668.jpg)

not with those micro dicks

No. 309558

Well I'm already breaking my rule of only one guy per universe with both my Warlock and Crow being on my list so Ras can sit with Variks and Asher as guys I think I love too but not as much.

No. 309565

File: 1674129425816.jpeg (19.57 KB, 640x358, images - 2023-01-19T135606.701…)


Idc about their dicks I want to get mindfucked by his tentacle hair thing.

No. 309580

File: 1674139913242.png (881.17 KB, 1200x675, FmPQWM6WQAAc2q_.png)

I love his edgy rat-boy ass. I kind of headcanon him as being one of those tactical gear enthusiasts, he gets real snobby about different brands/the fabric they use. Sometimes gives himself piercings when he gets antsy and bored. He tries to keep up his edgy appearance, mostly because he likes feeling cool, but secretly because it soothes a part of him and gives him security, it keeps people at a distance but once he feels safe enough to let you in, he shows what a big, charming softie he is. he jumps at the chance to take care of you when you're sick or injured, taking extra care to be gentle when he's cleaning your wounds and patching you up. and of course, he's expertly trained in first aid and can wrap up bandages perfectly. he always says "shh it's okay" if it stings too much or if you cry. he loves nothing more than seeing your face light up tasting the dishes he cooks; you can see the glint in his eyes and the sides of his mouth curl into a gentle smile as he brings you a fresh stack of pancakes for breakfast in bed. At first, he brushes off your attempts to take care of him and his injuries, leaving them to heal on their own, you know he doesn't like it because of his own self-hatred, but eventually he allows himself to be taken care of too little by little. He turns his face away when you clean up his wounds, not because he can’t stand the pain but because he can’t stand being vulnerable. You softly caress his bandaged-up arm and watch as his ear flick – he only does that when he really likes something, you’ve seen him do it when he’s listening to his favourite music or when you’re both watching one of his favourite movies on the couch and you run his hands through his chest fur, or when he’s trying out a new recipe and gets really into it. “Nice work.” He murmurs, hiding his embarrassment and keeping his face turned away. As much as you would like him to not hide his true emotions his bashfulness is pretty adorable. I could write about him all day nonnas I need to stop.

my brainrot has gotten so bad that I had a dream that we planned to go on a date around valentine’s day but the restaurant ended up catching on fire before he got there so we had to reschedule rip

No. 309609

File: 1674159123649.gif (6.78 MB, 540x454, 8ED27D85-EBBB-4597-A8AB-639001…)

Idc as long as I know he’s twice my height and can give me good cuddles

No. 309635

File: 1674171956089.jpeg (224.98 KB, 1920x1080, 0D9CDD8C-00AC-454A-9BA8-36FBE3…)

mucho sexo tachibana

No. 309650

File: 1674180288807.jpg (51.2 KB, 300x400, wiggins-pocahontas-27845288-30…)

He's caring, sweet, attentive, optimistic and mindful

I know he's very goofy and clumsy sometimes but he has a genuinely kind, warm soul. I would appreciate having someone as dedicated as him by my side, I know he would take care of me and show me his lil silly crafts

No. 309651

I loved him as a kid lol

No. 309655

File: 1674182840461.png (1.14 MB, 800x800, ohoto.png)

You know how people put photo cards in these cutesie holders? Does anyone have examples of doing this with like trading cards or just 2D characters in general? I want inspo for my own kek

No. 309661

Can I be at your wedding? Your Shadow posts make me happy, I can tell you truly love each other

No. 309680

Wew that many? Is the game worth picking up for the husbandos?

No. 309684

File: 1674212606993.jpg (201.09 KB, 883x386, Destiny Men.jpg)

Not really, most of them aren't really story relevant anymore, and they're mostly weird old men/aliens.
Special mention to Devrim, Mithrax and Drifter though.
Making this dumb collage I realized I like most of the male NPC's. I really want to know what Jolyon and Fenchurch look like too.
I still regret I never took some screenshots of Asher before Io went away…

No. 309685

File: 1674213466385.jpg (266.21 KB, 1199x712, 101355964_p0.jpg)

Oh nonna, your reply filled me with serotonin. I've been flustered for days while trying to make time to reply. ♥ I'm such an unrepentant sperg for my man that I only have things of him, hopefully the first thing I saw on pixiv makes you happy! And thank you so much for the well wishes! Just having him nearby makes everything easier to handle. No matter my condition, I could watch him do anything and be contented.

I love Italian cuisine so much, it always has that warm homey quality and I love rustic things in general. It's probably obvious that I'm pretty old fashioned. Baking ziti or making homemade meatballs for spaghetti with him would bring me so much simplistic joy. I wouldn't even hate having to clean pizza dough off of the ceiling from Nara trying to show off. (I wonder if he can balance on Aerosmith to get it for me. I bet you could stand on Ohma's shoulders if he made a similar mess lol) I can imagine all the restaurants he could wine and dine me in too. And all the places in the restaurants we could boink while the chefs cook. That lasagna is gonna take awhile to heat up but I won't.

There's so many things to think about or think about doing with our men! You're right, we can't help it if we get stuck on our favorites. Ohma is so lucky to have your love and devotion! ♥ There's a lot Italian immigrants where I'm from, so some of the culture was always here to appreciate and join in with. I wish I picked up more Italian just for my fantasies lol. I don't want it to come off in any negative way, but I liked silly Italian American/mafia movies like Goodfellas and My Cousin Vinny before JoJo was big in my life. It's really funny to think about how JoJo is now a major representative of Italian men when Araki is just a fashionfag and weeb for other cultures. Older women like myself still think of Fabio or The Soprano men first lol

No, but that's so cute! Looks like you only need an image to print out for it, you should do it, nonna!

No. 309725

File: 1674245527588.jpg (107.37 KB, 735x1038, 61cf34b081bc71cd942b0cffc19431…)

Thinking of war crime ridden dick again

No. 309729

File: 1674247174885.jpg (205.26 KB, 1378x2039, 215c23b539059341995de366a4ddab…)

post songs that remind you of your husbandos, I'll start:

No. 309743

File: 1674261723671.jpg (51.63 KB, 640x626, lv36sxyxneu41.jpg)

I'm glad you liked my reply so much nona! Don't worry, I too have my gallery filled with my man, so of course every picture of him makes me happy! Thank you❤️

Now that you're talking about it, cooking with them would be so much fun.
Sure, a big mess, but still fun.
Good thing that they have stronger arms so manual stuff will be less tiring. Would love to make Ohma taste the food as I'm cooking it and hear his opinion, I will keep an eye on him though or he will eat it all. I want to make him taste many dishes of Italian cuisine, I picture his eyes glowing realizing how good it is and eat it all until the plate is clean. He's a man of substance and I'm all for it.
that lasagna comment made me laugh, never thought of doing it in a restaurant. Sounds spicy. Who says the dessert needs to come last, am I right?

Thank you for saying he's lucky to have me. I'm a very insecure person so I don't value myself at all, that's why I always think that I would be the lucky one if I had him by my side. Makes me happy and flustered reading compliments like this❤️
no worries, I'm glad your happy to join our culture! I find it funny the way we Italians are portraied, especially when I hear people trying to imitate the heavy accent. While I can't relate to many of our portraits in media, my family isn't really a traditional one like those you see in series or movies, I can say that the meme of us gesticulating a lot is very true. It's a natural thing that I don't even notice doing, my hands just can't stay still kek

Have a pic of Narancia reading to you all the reasons you're amazing and why he loves you very much.
He probably spent hours secretly writing it for you because he didn't know how to properly explain them. Maybe with cute little drawings too!

I searched for a bit, but the only thing I could find where the ones with picture of Kpop guys in them. I too think that printing an image would be good enough, maybe with a thicker paper though, so it doesn't break very easily.
Now I want one with Ohma very badly kek.

No. 309745

Just letting Spotify go and finding way to many romantic/lewd dance songs.

No. 309747

Anon, this was so sweet and really warmed my heart to read. It's wonderful that you two can grow together, you showing him the affection that is so foreign to him, soon he won't know how he ever lived without it. And I'm sure he would reassure you in his own way that you are a very valuable and important person and help you build up your confidence. I've been cheering on you and Ohma for a little while now, and it's always nice seeing all of your posts nona.

As for me, my husbando has a lot of trauma from everything he's been through and although I can't fix him, I can be his comfort and hopefully he can forget everything when he's with me even if it's for a moment. I imagine he has trouble sleeping and has a lot of night terrors and flashbacks so I want to be there to calm him down, cradle his head in my chest or lay him down on my lap, stroking his hair or his back until he falls back asleep. He's faced a lot of loss in his life that he can't accept, I have my own traumatic loss as well but nowhere near the hell he's been through. He also lost his parents right at the cusp of adulthood and had to take on responsibility for his sister and be an adult right away, so I'd like to bring a little whimsy back into his life, and also help him remember the little things he had since long forgotten, like the memories of Christmas morning with his family, or the first time he went fishing, anything but his work.

Oh these are so cute! I love how they have iconic husbandos inside, kek. I actually have a set of Sanrio ones laying around, I was going to print out and decorate pictures with stickers to put in but haven't gotten around to it yet.

No. 309752

Whenever I listen to this song I somehow end up thinking about Rook Hunt.

No. 309761

Do you also play, fellow Rook anon? My favorite in that game is Blade, although it's not a husbando-tier interest.

No. 309798

No. 309806

File: 1674321475097.jpeg (231.23 KB, 2039x2048, FFUBLnXX0AkTgJq.jpeg)

When will he rip and tear my clothes off

No. 309810

File: 1674324621832.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.68 KB, 882x1200, 6121909c33e8c4e755f90058782308…)

No. 309811

File: 1674324735441.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.07 KB, 697x1096, cd2cf0c46a44050d8db20e1f4773dd…)

No. 309816

File: 1674330808659.png (465.11 KB, 891x720, 0149C7E9-8B95-4CA0-816D-C18A28…)

i posted about this in /ot/ earlier cuz i was too scared to come here since it's the most basic husbando but i cant help it anymore nonas I CANT HELP IT AAAAA

No. 309819

File: 1674333780594.png (265 KB, 1036x1442, __kikkou_sadamune_and_kikkou_s…)

Holy fucking shit

No. 309821

File: 1674336483581.png (144.75 KB, 500x500, sheeeeeeet-pepe.png)

No. 309833

Nona thank you so much, you're all too nice❤️ I'm flustered, my cheeks hurt from smiling when I read these posts. I'm very happy you like seeing my posts and cheer for me and Ohma. Never thought that my dumb spergning could amount to something kek. when I was a teen I really wished to see other people be interested in one of my husbandos and ship me with him, but then I abandoned that fantasy because of bad experiences. It warms my heart recieving so much support for something I really care about, no matter how dumb and cheesy it is

I'm really sorry for your traumatic loss and how much suffering your husbando has experienced, it's admirable how you care and look out for him, you two could slowly heal eachother together. I can understand the feeling of wanting to protect and comfort him, I'm sure he'll do the same, thinking of you as his only ray of light between all the dark thoughts in his head. Just like you said, when you will make him feel those happy memories again, he won't know how he ever lived without them. But this time those memories will be with you, so they'll become even more special!

Dunno why, but this song makes me think of me and him together.
It's so romantic. I like to think the lyrics are what we secretly think about eachother.

No. 309837

File: 1674344246247.jpg (88.61 KB, 2048x1152, Fmdf5eDWYAUbvkT.jpg)

I think it's been over a year since I last posted here but my husband is back therefore I must return as well

He looks so miserable I love him so much

No. 309838

File: 1674344563326.png (331.49 KB, 756x2048, EvSBzZzVkAMkF37.png)

yes! his sociopathic and egotistical ways make me love him, even though i know he doesn't give a shit about women kek

No. 309843

File: 1674346997788.jpeg (338.89 KB, 730x1405, 3112BB04-1F40-4E84-B2FF-050FD4…)

I play as well! And yeah, Blade is adorable, but the coomer inside me also Quincy and Eiden specifically with his new hairstyle.
I just have a thing for certain voices to some extent, which is honestly one of the reasons why I fell in love with Rook, Rook's voice is like putting on a new pair of really fluffy earmuffs on a really cold winter or that feeling when someone gives your ears a massage, but sexy.

No. 309870

Nice choice, I've been getting into some Alt Rock nostalgia lately and part of it was because my little brother likes this kind of music and my main is technically the same age as him so I wondered if he would be nostalgic about it too…

No. 309889

god same here my eternal husbando

No. 309890

thats what i'm saying!!! i'm so weak for villains/antiheroes, i want him to manipulate me so bad. although that footfag fujobait scene with L does make me think he's kinda zesty and would never pick me uwu a girl can dream

No. 309899

Whenever I see this damage sprite I wanna pinch his little butt.

No. 309925

It's a win-win for all of us, we get dishwashers and batter beaters and they get hot homecooked meals made with love. I hope Ohma at least saves you your portion! I'm lucky Naran knows to share so everyone gets fed, though I was thinking about how he might be territorial over packed lunches the other day. Gotta protect what's rightfully his.

>I picture his eyes glowing realizing how good it is and eat it all until the plate is clean.

Awh, I imagine the same thing with Nara. It gives me such a good feeling! Having my cooking appreciated really does it for me lol and oh the things you can get up to while waiting to be serviced, like being serviced lol

Oh nonna ♥ You sound like me, I know our men wouldn't want us to think so low of ourselves. You deserve the compliments from both Ohma and me. ♥ He probably has your picture tapped inside of his locker. I hope he does something cute for you in his downtime too. I bet Naran was writing his love notes and doodling instead of studying. The thought and that edit is so cute, I squealed! Simple touches really make his pretty violet eyes pop.No pressure but if it's something you've thought about, you should consider joining the server. We can gesticulate over our men and I can give you the smooch you deserve for being a sweetheart lol

>post songs that remind you of your husbandos
Settling on just one is really difficult, I have a playlist that I'm always adding more to, so here's my favorite earworm one. [/spoiler]Tempting to be cliché and post Gangsta Boy or Ghetto Baby by Lana, or a fuck or rap song that I don't think other nonnas wanna hear like meme https://youtu.be/gE6MUAOdxmQ kek[/spoiler]

No. 309931

File: 1674407714594.jpg (417.76 KB, 2296x1318, FdvmxC2akAA_jXP.jpg)

a masterpiece worth ten billion yen… dazaifags, what's your favorite version of him
good taste nona

No. 309937

File: 1674408723306.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.07 KB, 850x478, sample_aac18564245a1139ab64955…)

I want Big Boss to restrain me and give me a sloppy oral right. now.

No. 309943

File: 1674412694319.jpg (128.74 KB, 644x869, I0HaBsvWfXr4jV.jpg)

Jason Todd/Red Hood, My favorite Robin. My edgelord, i want all 200+ pounds of pure muscle of him 2 just lay on top of me and use him as a weighted blanket. also I just know his dick is big. He can fuck me like he hates the shit out of me.

No. 309955

Yeah don't worry, he may eat a lot but he doesn't mind sharing. At first he wouldn't think about it because he's used to eating without a care in the world, but he'll start to remember it. I picture him taking another plate of food from the pan, going to take a bite but stopping to stare at me and ask "You want some?" with that sweet himbo-attitude of his that makes my heart melt. He also would worry that I don't eat enough and will remind me to do so.

The picture thing is so cute, I can see him do that after he finds out I have a picture of him with me. I would totally put a picture of us as my phone screen too.
He's a guy that shows his love through gestures rather than words and I have so many little headcanons regarding this and other stuff that I could make a whole list for it.

Yes, that edit is very cute! I randomly found it while searching for picture of Narancia with hearts and I thought it was very fitting. Glad it made you happy. I never used discord but I made an account just a few moments ago! I'll be very happy to chat with you❤️ I can't find the server though, I've scrolled in the previous thread because I remember there was a post about it somewhere but I couldn't find it. Maybe I'm dumb kek. As a non-english speaker, and a very anxious person, I fear that joining a whole server might be a little overwhelming for me, at least at first because you will be one of the first English-speaking person I'll have a chat with. I can post my discord info in new friend finder thread 2 with a pic of Narancia or Ohma so you know it's for you, and we can have a private chat togheter!

Your song choice is pretty fitting btw.

No. 309967

File: 1674424320126.jpg (433.73 KB, 1674x2048, e344023befa0ab88f2e68271ff041c…)

Soo, who's the better Sasuke?

No. 309969

File: 1674425263340.png (794.04 KB, 726x874, 1362408526.png)

I need to dream about him again…

It makes me so happy he was included in the OP image! and I didn't have to do it myself this time

No. 309995

File: 1674440203476.gif (6.01 MB, 640x480, 4011909222.gif)

No thoughts, head empty

No. 310001

i hate fandom memes. my husbando isn't a “babygirl”; he's a grown man. this is silly of me, but i have to say it!

No. 310003

Mine is both

No. 310006

File: 1674450106781.jpeg (263.8 KB, 1668x2048, AA3EDE5C-6831-4976-8078-BF131F…)

This giant blue cat man is ruining my life

No. 310010

He can be babe/baby, but definitely not 'babygirl' that's some ddlg shit.

No. 310019

Ok so i started reading some comics and how tf are you gonna tell me capeshit is intended for men? All those prime husbandos in masks and tight muscle hugging suits??

No. 310020

It's all fun and games until your favorite gets hit by some retcons.
rip annihilation era cosmic marvel

No. 310025

File: 1674476941326.png (29.73 KB, 140x127, FmcImPZaUAAe3Q7 (3).png)

Good! If he's the small gesture type, maybe he'll start portioning your plate for you to make sure you get enough. Then he can go back for seconds without concern too, gonna need those calories and proteins to maintain all that muscle. (I actually misread at first and thought "oh no, if he talks with his mouth full, I hope he at least pushes it into one cheek like a hamster first" kek) All this picture talk makes me think of photo booths; I want to pull Nara into one to take a string of them for his wallet. I think it'd last longer too, his phone is probably prone to getting busted.

Assuming you found the posts in the friend finder thread, I gave her a heads up so she shouldn't take too long to get a hold of you! Safer than posting your account too. It's okay to be anxious, but there's nothing to worry about. You're not the only ESL and no one is gonna be mean to you about it! Plenty of us started out shy and warmed up after lurking a bit. I'm easy to find amongst the ladies, so you can always hide in DMs with me if you want! ♥ Glad you liked it, I overplay that song for sure.

No. 310031

For real, I never liked capeshit I thought it was too scrotish but honestly those tight suits are very revealing sometimes, it almost feels like fanservice

No. 310037

I'm surprised you weren't put off by the sheer amount of babbling and scrote-tier writing. That's one of the reasons why I can't stand capeshit.

No. 310039

File: 1674489712841.jpeg (227.35 KB, 2048x1152, received_1161353994579379.jpeg)

IM SO IN LOVE WITH WOLF!!!! i've never been this stupidly in love with a FICTIONAL MAN, it's damaging my brain!!! i can't stop fantasizing about him, i need help!!!

No. 310042

File: 1674490306442.jpg (434.83 KB, 1151x2047, Tumblr_l_1615116609135288.jpg)

I'm the mammon lover just checking in to say I found Ohma-nonnie on friend finder, but I'm older than what she's comfortable with so I won't reach out and I love just bonding on this thread with horny nonnies.
Haven't played the damn game in over a month even though I know I have birthday messages from the characters and I think about him every day. Need a dating sim with him as the only option cause I've got tunnel vision and I'm not ashamed. and a R18 dlc with several options for graphic content thx

No. 310050

People who are interested in capeshit but can't stand scrotal writing need to get into tokusatsu. By nature anything too scrotal is toned down or confined to non-mainline side content.

No. 310054

File: 1674496180126.jpg (168.94 KB, 680x648, 4e1e0c796656cd4747ad5129167d62…)

Happy belated birthday, Ogatito

No. 310068

Nara as a hamster is so precious, imagine holding him in your hands and him being so happy about it. Now I want to see all the husbandos as cute hamsters kek just checked the friend finder thread, thank you so much Nona! You really helped me, I hope to see you soon in the server then!
Glad to see you back Mammon-nona, hope your beautiful man is doing well. don't worry about the age thing, I didn't know what range to put because this is my first time chatting with other people online. I'll gladly make expection for people I already had a wonderful time talking with here, so feel free to contact me whenever you want❤️

No. 310076

File: 1674510148893.gif (488.7 KB, 301x358, 154C4847-EADF-46C5-A62F-6EDF3F…)

No. 310079

Megumi would pout and sulk if you insulted him, but he'd become completely feral and bloody if you were in danger.

Aki would lose his virginity to you, and have to stop every minute or so apologizing because he doesn't want to come too fast.

At least that's how I imagine them. They're both brats in their own unique way but Aki is more appealing to me, since he seems like he'd be harder to get.

No. 310085

nonni i'd tell u to do it if it was illustrated tbh

No. 310090

File: 1674523524825.jpg (19.94 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

I used to be a Goro husbandofag a year ago and I made terrible financial decisions when I loved him, kek. I actually bought picrel that I'm trying to resell since I have a different fictional crush now. It's a total shot in the dark, but if you're ever in the market for this plush, maybe we could exchange emails? Would be nice to give him away to a fellow yumejoshi

No. 310099

Tell us about him and your love for him, nonna, I love a good soulsbando and I never met anyone who was into Wolf.

No. 310123

Price is pretty steep, though I get supporting fanfic writers. I thought it included all that merch for $40 but it's just for the book so meh. I say either splurge and get it all on a special occasion like your birthday or don't get it at all.

No. 310127

File: 1674545478188.png (245.08 KB, 896x484, FnHD5W6WAAUe9fz.png)

>Missed all the Shadow talk last month
God damn, I need to check this place more often. He is my one and only.
I love his tiny waist, just think, you could probably fit your hands all the way around it. You could squeeze his toned but soft belly and make your way up to that adorable little fluff on his chest and he'd look away, not able to maintain eye contact with you anymore out of embarrassment from the way you're feeling him up.
It's really odd to come into this thread and see so many people against having kids with their husbando. Because god DAMN, I literally do not care if it's impossible on multiple levels, I want to make him a father. I'd probably be the one to bring it up, ease him into the idea. I want two beautiful hybrids with my husband.
God Nonna I got sick the other day and all I could think about was him just caring for me. He'd be a bit more concerned than maybe he should be, since he doesn't know what it's like to be sick, and the last person he was close to was in danger of dying if she so much as got a cold. So he'd be like your angel, he'd watch over you and protect you and give you everything you need to get better even if you don't want it. Like, he's stubborn, you say you don't want the health drink to replenish electrolytes or whatever and he'd be all adamant that you at least take slow sips of it. Shadow murmuring soft words into your ear, husky breath grazing over your face. Cuddling into Shadow's adorable chest fluff and burying your nose into it, the soothing scent of lavender making you feel a bit better. And he's so strong even if he's small, he'd carry you to bed, but you wouldn't want him to unhand you. I'd personally drag him into bed with me. God he's so gorgeous, I think about him every day, I think about how much I want to be his wife, and maybe it's silly but I love that other people love him too since all he knows is manipulation and hate. He deserves all the love in the world and more and I wish every day thar I could give it to him and make him feel just a little bit happier, everything would be worth it to see the hints of a smile making its way onto that usually cold, reserved and stoic handsome face.

No. 310133

File: 1674555290859.jpeg (66.24 KB, 735x497, 83CEE3CE-F92B-4B0B-8FCC-1D4AAC…)

Right? Too expensive for what it is. But still…

You’re right that illustrations would sweeten the deal. Actually she does some other merch packs and is a pretty good artist, I think she does a Goro one that is all illustrations but it’s not spicy enough for me. I wish I knew how to navigate Pixiv properly.

Hello fellow Gorofag, I am very interested!! Yes please get in touch, my email is in the field

No. 310142

File: 1674567641689.jpg (106.35 KB, 830x906, FE9xyMcWYBAi7Rg.jpg)

Sent an email!

No. 310227

File: 1674614199647.jpg (160.32 KB, 877x1200, FiQRE3VaEAAnzpo.jpg)

I am a simple woman. I get drunk, I post my senior citizen to the thread.

No. 310236

File: 1674625733810.jpg (352.72 KB, 1796x2048, 20221216_022930.jpg)

Holy shit, fellow Gorofags on lolcow? Hey there! I might just email you later too!

Goro took over my life back way back when and I've been obsessed with him ever since. No other fictional man comes close to him. I love him so much.

No. 310250

Your senior citizen have very perky and pinchable nipples.

No. 310260

Doing my latest playthough of his game and imagining where I'd be at every major story beat.
It's new game+ so I don't need all the random money and stuff scattered around, but I'm pretending he's picking it up for me.

No. 310261

File: 1674656899331.jpg (68.8 KB, 500x500, artworks-wxvb2BWV6vHCjcfP-bSyd…)

I have a huge crush on guys who wear masks, but this guy being Sweet + psycho and being morally gray is just heart emoji x1000
His normal form is also sexy, he's sweet with kids too more heart emojis

No. 310278

File: 1674668157019.jpg (22.15 KB, 275x328, 13f.jpg)

I take it as a silly joke

No. 310292

File: 1674673379430.jpg (130.94 KB, 1080x1386, bddbf0091bb02800458b18ef3b848a…)

idgaf about cod, never did but im enjoying all the sexy fanart

No. 310295

Idk how I feel about memes in general but I've been avoiding his fan community because I'm scared of what I'll see and one of the first things I saw after dipping my toes in was an comic of him saying yas slay which is very ooc for him and now I have cancer. I think if the art was better or it was funny I might not have to die but I do now. I hate how weak minded I am…

No. 310316

File: 1674685326457.jpg (37.31 KB, 474x474, 767815fca0b55c5efcc65ed63df390…)

I will wait for him at the shore. Everyday I will sit down at dawn until dusk, hoping every ship is his. I will wait until I can smell the sea salt from his hair again.

No. 310323

How do you feel about his daughter?

No. 310367

Awful design, I love Ado, I would love to grow her with Shanks…

No. 310368

File: 1674738994952.gif (3.33 MB, 544x680, 038ad829aed05dcfb17358c4b80a99…)

Hes so pathetic…I love him

No. 310391

File: 1674761057345.png (1.1 MB, 702x1209, Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 16-21…)

caption says something like
>It's not elegant, so I'll confiscate it (The gun fits perfectly)

both of them… i love them so much……

No. 310392

I love him so much!! I love everything about him. I love the size difference with almost any other character in the game, he's tiny and adorable!!!! I love his super obedient, loyal, and stoic personality that makes me see him as a puppy!!! (I know he's emotionally broken BUT I COULD MAKE HIM HAPPY)
I LOVE HIS VOICE, HIS NOSE, HIS EYES, HIS PERFECT JAWLINE!!!! I love that you can choose to give him some agency and you see him growing, even if just a tiny bit!
I love that he's kind in his own awkward way!!!!

i just ordered his figma figure because i cannot continue living without something physical that reminds me of him

No. 310394

Super hot anon, I used this as a pose reference and drew me and my husbando kek. I hope you get everything you want and more.

No. 310396

File: 1674765316603.jpg (457.84 KB, 1280x720, 2022081017541000-290CB9DE3182D…)

Ah, a nona of culture I see.
Please enjoy this screenshot I took of his thicc ankles.

No. 310449

File: 1674814659527.png (196.26 KB, 351x648, Hirofumi Yoshida.png)

He's the only reason i'm reading that shit manga

No. 310450

I've been paying too much attention to voice lines lately and now I have completely mundane trigger words that make me think of my husbandos, like 'how' 'wait' and 'believe me'.

No. 310451

The chapters are so short it’s unreadable now

No. 310452

I'm kind of attached to Asa and Yoru (autistic solidarity or w/e) but holy shit the romcom slice of life direction is so mind numbing. Bring back Power and have a good fight scene already I don't give a fuck about Denji's retard ass getting a gf

No. 310453

he better not get more action or hell die

No. 310473

File: 1674842683413.jpg (88.72 KB, 470x470, sigh....jpg)

I like to listen to his theme and brood on the couch

No. 310475

I feel like shit. I just want him to hold me in his giant arms and rub my back.

No. 310495

heheehe….. what a slut

No. 310504

I love and respect you anon, he deserved better than most of his fates

No. 310508

ugh i hated amnesia enough to drop it not even halfway through but i do kinda want to go back and play it just to see more of him…. anons is it worth it??????

No. 310509

I've been playing laterxcrowd and I love his sweet personality and how he's kinda dumb. We need more cute borderline retarded anime boys

No. 310523

File: 1674878669465.png (138.32 KB, 709x1003, Fle7vKDaYAEr7zT.png)

I wanna ride him til his little plane can't lift off anymore and then drug him with viagra to keep going.

No. 310534

File: 1674884014533.jpeg (246.07 KB, 750x976, B1CAA410-224D-43B3-BD30-F496F4…)

I don't want to- I need to lick his face like a lollipop while sitting on his lap, playing with his hair and telling him that he's cute. Like this isn't a wish, this is something I need, like how I need to drink water or breathe.

No. 310538

File: 1674886995663.gif (1.46 MB, 498x281, karltwitch.gif)

My boyfriend Karl!

No. 310546

No. 310547

File: 1674906857728.jpg (209.16 KB, 1280x720, 085ef56a8479742f3665c44a3ce584…)

Thank you anon and vice versa.
Well, that depends on how willing you are to finish all the other routes to unlock his. His route is cool because of the context that it adds to his previous appearances and because he's the only character aside from Kent who is worthy of mc's love imo

No. 310571

File: 1674930158816.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.47 KB, 1106x1190, 69AC106E-05DA-4BA9-AD06-E7A361…)

me on top and my husbando on the bottom

No. 310574

i don't like to shame in this thread, but please get help.

No. 310593

That's it, I am making a self-insert otome game about my husbando. I've already made visual novels so it won't be too hard, but so far every fan VN I've seen for this game has been harassed by weird purists/fujos/weebs who hate western players of the game and have been abandoned partly due to the hate (somehow self-insert fics/art only get a little hate but the VNs just enrage people).
I won't share it until it's done, or maybe never at all. I just need to use my obsession productively so I don't go insane.

No. 310599

who is your husbando anon?? i think its a really cool idea

No. 310616

File: 1674971109022.png (107.26 KB, 512x512, 8123F4A5-80C3-4B26-8351-DB8574…)

He’s so adorable. Next time he nearly pisses his pants I want him to use my mouth as a urinal instead, I’d savor every drop, maybe even put some of it in a mason jar to preserve until he’ll freezes over

Shut up normalfag

No. 310621

please no, gross kinks get out. I'm a vanilla husbandofag.

No. 310632

ma'am this is a hornyposting thread

No. 310633

And I'm allowed to say a gross kink is a gross kink and keep it away from my boys by association.

No. 310638

Yeah, that's too gross for me too. At least spoiler it.

No. 310650

I've become obsessed with my husbando recently, to the point where I'm actively being nasty to my bf. It's almost like I'm cheating on my boyfriend (getting extremely annoyed at things he does, not finding him as attractive as my husbando, wanting to spend more time with my husbando etc.)

I don't know where this came from? I feel genuinely bad for my irl bf because he's a better partner than my husbando would be. I'm a little deranged currently, I think of my husbando every waking minute.

No. 310655

File: 1675012759991.jpg (72.76 KB, 1024x588, 2rxd5t.jpg)

How you look rn:

No. 310656

You could simply be falling out of love with your boyfriend. Men are not even a flicker to the flame of their fictional counterparts; they compare worse in every imaginable aspect.
>I feel genuinely bad for my irl bf because he's a better partner than my husbando would be
Yeah, if he was real that may be true, but fictional men can't disappoint you or cheat on you or physically harm you. I don't mean to sperg but maybe your obsession with your husbando is symbolic of something a little deeper.

No. 310658


No. 310661

Pissing on him was based, being pissed on by him is cringe

No. 310664

File: 1675016567542.jpg (282.04 KB, 1280x640, 46c2acad184ddfca28be681842c0e2…)

Thinking about finally doing a disastrous things (microtransactions), I haven't been grinding much since I've been swamped with work & the banner for his most recent card ends in like 3 days… I'm 3 10 pulls away, maybe 2 if I milk everything dry. Even then I would have to spend like £30, which is money I do not have, I hate you autism.

No. 310668

Both the kink and the guy are disgusting. Spoiler both, kek.

No. 310671

This nonnie gets it

No. 310673

File: 1675020447486.jpg (173.38 KB, 894x894, fe82fec53e334bed4df65a4de17ec9…)

Nonna, i can guarantee you scrotes have far worse fetishes and even some people on this very website, a little pee isn't gonna hurt anyone. When did this website become infested with sjws?

No. 310675

Nevertheless she's right >>310668 about pissing on men even fiction ones. I do approve of him pissing himself and being humiliated by the fact but that never happens.

No. 310677

File: 1675021448469.png (1.05 MB, 1024x1326, stopstaring.png)

Anyway. This man eats pussy like a man starved and I refuse to believe anything different.

No. 310678

Randomly seeing Jarlaxle on the site front page was a pleasant surprise lol. I bet you really liked the scenes where he had C-B tied up or where Kimmuriel walks in on him having an orgy kek.
Personally I thought Gromph was hot because of the book where he does sexy evil mind power stuff on Catti Brie.

No. 310679

File: 1675021969456.jpg (131.96 KB, 566x566, tumblr_nyw3tkPYyj1sim5sto1_128…)

Don't mistake me, i want to see him piss himself and humiliate him over it, and it did happen in the anime IIRC the pissing part idk about the humiliation. All i want to do is humiliate and bully that pathetic little fuck.

No. 310680

Unfortunately I haven't read his books yet and had no idea about either of those scenes, they sound great! Jarlaxle's a new crush because my friend packs our dnd campaign with husbando bait like the cringe nerdlets we are, so I'm still learning his full story.
Oh, Gromph is so hot it's scary. I'd sneak into Sorcere just to listen to him lecture. Once, because I can't imagine the consequences are worth it enough to do twice! What sort of mind power stuff would you want him to do nonna?

No. 310681

>it did happen in the anime
Gonna need some more detail then this. I just remember this scene from the game

No. 310683

I double checked just to be sure, and it doesn't happen, my apologies.

No. 310687

Are we allowed to gush about OC husbandos itt? I have a powerful need to be retarded and profess my love.

No. 310688

You better, I'm getting PTSD from the pee-anon

No. 310690

Same nonna, same. Jarlaxle didn't help so maybe yandere merman priests will do something. I'd love to hear about other nonnas OC husbandos if others want to share!
Doublepost retardfest paragraphs incoming. I love my husbando so much from the tips of his stereotypical cotton candy hair to the webs between his toes. I love the shy breathy voice he gets when he's close to me, and how he smells like the sea but I can't sniff the salt on him until he gets really close, smelling too strong would make it harder for him to be a good (consensual) stalker. I have this running fantasy where I'm his unrequited ex-lover's protegee, and he sneaks onto our ship to visit me in secret. He's a known menace on the high seas, the priest to a ruthless ocean goddess who sinks the ships of any who forbid him board. My mentor would be displeased if he ever caught us together, so my beloved priest keeps out of sight during the day and sleeps under my hammock at night.
It's a little gross, but he has sharp teeth that constantly grow in, like a shark. So sometimes he'll collect his shed teeth and string them together to make a necklace for me. He tries to play it off as no big deal, but one look in those sparkly pleading eyes says that he hopes his gift is well-received. I don't care that I made him or how cringe it is, I just love him so much but know that his sort of love could only work in fiction because irl all of the traits I just listed would be red flag central. He also has a name that sounds like a regular word, so now I smile like an idiot every time I hear the word.

No. 310691

File: 1675029364228.gif (1.32 MB, 268x140, tumblr_o1e43jtzTV1uozhzuo6_r3_…)

I'm back, and I still think he's hot as hell

No. 310692

Of course he is, his supersuit has flames on it

No. 310694

File: 1675030788634.gif (351.9 KB, 400x170, 2f468ccb-c6dd-42a4-925b-efeab2…)

You get it

No. 310696

File: 1675031991329.jpg (706.02 KB, 1996x1384, fivecoursemeal.jpg)

I can't take it anymore I want Emet and Zenos to take me raw, bonus point if they're both in their psycho mode urgh

No. 310699

File: 1675036127999.jpg (36.18 KB, 564x759, 909a78520d0ca38b76a46be4dbe727…)

fuck me, NOW

No. 310703

when did so many nonnies become such prudes, piss kink ain't shit
i've gotten wet thinking about acid in my husbando's mouth, turning his tongue and bottom jaw into cherry slushie drool
live and let live, don't forget the full name of the thread
>retarded husbando hornyposting shitposting

No. 310704

you want to play this game ? I dreamed of mine giving me flowers on a sunday afternoon while i baked cookies !

No. 310706

Holy shit nona, that's hardcore. I don't think anyone can beat that.

No. 310709

you're a gotdang jezebel, a floozy, i tell you huwhat
for shame

No. 310710

Reminds when anon posted a bunch of fics recs and some of the nonnies whined that the fics were too dark, like nonny haven't you ever wanted to kidnap a man hold him prisoner in your basement??
This might interest you. >>>/m/272288 It's Reigen

No. 310713

kek just don't read them then, keeping your opinions to yourself is free
we're all here to be retarded, horny, and shitpost, no pissing on parades unless that's your kink

No. 310715

i loved that fic thank you whoever posted it

No. 310718

I'm a Luke gal but Artem is so hot and what every man should aspire to be, he gives me a wandering eye sometimes kek

No. 310726

sjws love weird kinks, wdym
i think the sam smith incident traumatized everyone

No. 310727

File: 1675052889108.png (79.8 KB, 600x337, EDDDA9EF-F54E-4901-9E25-C35DC2…)

Sjws love weird kinks, unless the kink is your husbando’s pee apparently.

No. 310739

better get your husbando clips now before it gets nuked nonas

No. 310740

I'd love to feed an AI all the voice clips I've saved and see what it could do. But there's definitely copyright shit involved so I don't want to make an account on a website. Oh well, I'm getting better at imagining it in my head, just have to make sure it doesn't turn into a tulpa.

No. 310741

Rip. I only have Japanese voice clips to work with.

No. 310763

What if I want my husbando OC to pee himself and get really embarrassed or drink my pee and thank me afterwards

No. 310764

just fuck off

No. 310766

Sure. Im being serious though

No. 310770

File: 1675087289615.jpeg (58.34 KB, 450x666, 5F128A3B-BB49-4F60-A5E4-DF044D…)

Based. Thank god all the peefags are finding this thread.

No. 310771

File: 1675088736303.jpg (323.48 KB, 600x875, illust_55812217_20200806_10352…)

Anon tell me why you love Yusuke, I have met Adachi or Yu fangirls but it has been forever since I found a Yusuke girl, I'd really love to know why you chose him

No. 310774

File: 1675090985030.jpeg (57.38 KB, 736x552, F620E1A7-D788-46B2-8897-82F564…)

He’s an adorable, relatable, and interesting character with a cute voice. Personality and thinking wise he’s like me if I were a man (minus the misogyny and homophobia kek) but that’s probably just projecting. I just like pretty, bottom, male characters like him.

Also I’m kinda surprised you haven’t met any yosuke fangirls. I always thought he was one of the characters that was significantly more popular with girl persona fans along with akechi. But maybe that’s just the fujo crowd, which I also am but I kinda just really fucking love yosuke.

No. 310781

File: 1675094062333.jpg (Spoiler Image,307.95 KB, 600x850, illust_55812217_20200806_10353…)

I'm suprised too kek the last time I saw a girl husbando'ing Yosuke was like years ago and actually thought you were her keeeek I'm sorry but her reason was different
Though I completely understand; he really is adorable and your fantasy is more than understandable and fits him ngl, talking from a person who maxxed his social link. May your love (and horny) blossom!

No. 310788

He's even yellow themed, like pee itself

No. 310796

File: 1675100042415.jpg (775.62 KB, 2205x1800, 104055322_p0.jpg)

I'm here for your thriving, nonna. I hope you gush more about him with us. Do you prefer his JP or ENG voice, or another language?

No. 310805

File: 1675103774678.jpg (86.23 KB, 1199x1000, ce7a74debe3f120be44d503089f310…)

This sexy silly man lives rent free in my head all day everyday.

No. 310808

i'll just use this pic as inspo for my fic if you don't mind nonna..

No. 310813

File: 1675110496785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.81 KB, 600x851, 3ebd956f18d1cd16de46c0ccc44993…)

Definitely his english voice, i tried listening to it in japanese but i just couldn't kek. Persona 4 is probably one of the only games/anime ever where it sounds better dubbed than subbed.

No. 310816

File: 1675110997052.jpeg (603.59 KB, 1400x1920, E5-7PR8UYAExUOC.jpeg)

I started reading JJK because of this fanart and when I have a bad day I simply self insert myself into this art and I forget about all my troubles. I never found threesome attractive but I would do it with these two in a heartbeat. Too bad they're 2D, I'll try to have them in my dreams

No. 310846

File: 1675127065166.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.19 KB, 1200x1680, 0v1ckjxx0ix61.jpg)

well damn

No. 310896

I dreamed about my husbando's voice actor instead of him, luckily my subconscious realized something was wrong and I woke up before I saw his face…

No. 310898

Just thought about 3 clones of my husbando all at three different ages he's shown as in his series and now I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be if they spoiled me and tried to clamor for my attention like puppies.

No. 310917

are you me ?

No. 310955

File: 1675192414306.png (617.52 KB, 800x566, narancia_ghirga_and_aerosmith_…)

Your love, liftin' me higher
Than I've ever been lifted before
So keep it up, quench my desire
And I'll be at your side forevermore

No. 310957

File: 1675193341403.jpg (199.74 KB, 238x228, FLgw7bIaUAM-qtb.jpg)

He's so cute. I want him to get me pregnant.
Don't ask me how that works. It just does, okay?

No. 310981

rewatched the spongebob movie and dennis is hot

No. 311029

File: 1675257812610.jpeg (8.5 KB, 186x271, download.jpeg)

Your lovechild

No. 311066

File: 1675291609426.png (1.12 MB, 828x1281, img.PNG)

nonnas im having absolutely despicable thoughts about him that i dont think can be shared here

No. 311081

Share them nonnie, PLEASE.

No. 311083

I said his name out loud, not whispering or in my head, and that was just a really weird feeling…

No. 311092

I've moaned out my husbando's name while orgasming before, I was really embarrassed afterwards kek.

No. 311093

File: 1675311529901.gif (2.97 MB, 268x360, 9c1295b0c1a395b002f182a64acec6…)

Bless my friends for watching this dumb movie with me. I'd want him to visit my hotel room too.

No. 311094

in my fantasies of him, my husbando rarely uses my name because hearing him say it always makes my heart palpitate

No. 311105

File: 1675321130407.jpeg (109.05 KB, 600x977, 7BA54887-C60F-4810-80DF-958BD8…)

this tomato haired fucker has had me in a mental chokehold for years. i used to stay up late at night because of this literal entp freak with attachment issues. there was this one phone call where he literally blueballed himself and told "you" to politely adjust your skirt because it came up and excused himself.
sub 707 is so good and fun to tease. why are entp fictional moids so hot <3

No. 311109

I just want to sit on my husbando's lap while working on my Uni projects and work stuff as he holds my boobs and tells me that he wants me to take a break.

No. 311136

Fuck nonas I'm so horny. The scenario I've been focusing on for the past few days involves being trapped in a tight space with my husbando. My ass is brushing against his dick unintentionally and he can't ignore it. I can feel his hot breath on my neck until he starts kissing it and fondling me from behind. After finishing me off with his fingers he fucks me so hard I see stars. I don't think this is too much to ask for.

No. 311157

File: 1675373036702.png (618.63 KB, 1280x499, Deus Ex_ Mankind Divided_20230…)

His palms look soft.
The things you only notice your fourth playthrough.

No. 311171

I've been having dreams about my most problematic husbando again. I haven't really had dreams in general for a while. I had taken a hiatus from reading his comics and when I read some extracts I was overfilled with the primal urge to want to be railed by him and I am typically not a very horny person at all. I feel so embarrassed about it ngl.

No. 311176

spoiler bc this is actually degenerate and makes no sense.
i wanna be his secret marleyan gf and sneak into his office when nobodys around to see us. he'd be sitting at his desk when i come in. "you've gotta stop visiting me while im working, people are gonna figure out whats going on." obviously i dont care though because i need those man titties.
he'd undress me, push everything on his desk aside, lay me down on it, and fuck me like there's no tomorrow. he'd degrade me too. saying fucked up shit like "how does it feel, being an eldian's whore?" and "no self-respecting marleyan man is gonna want you after im done with you."
i love thinking about how he looks after all this too. his coat is thrown on the floor, his tie is loose, his armband is slipping off, and hes just a mess in general.
god i wish he was real.

No. 311178

Kek is your husbando from aot?

No. 311179

How the fuck do I stop husbandohopping every few weeks? I've posted on this thread 3 other times with 3 different characters because i cannot decide on one. The longest one i had was edward elric for 1-2 years and that was when i was in middle school KEK

No. 311181

File: 1675392482311.jpg (71.98 KB, 750x750, IMG_0552.JPG)

yes, he is

No. 311188

Do you lose interest or feel like you found someone better but still like the others. It's cool to have a harem or switch who your main focus is.

No. 311205

Idk anon, i can't stop doing it. They all have different traits that i like personally.

No. 311211

File: 1675404873199.png (20.68 KB, 120x348, Lord_of_evil.png)

This one's not my husbando, but I'm pretty sure there's no "fictional characters you find hot" thread so I'm posting him anyway.

No. 311212

Samefag, yeah he's a fucking deadbeat but something about that voice gets me.

No. 311213

File: 1675405627400.gif (3.09 MB, 500x272, 5-a4557a13b7.gif)

I keep rewatching this and imagine being on top of him while sitting on his dick.

No. 311214

File: 1675406495559.jpg (51.15 KB, 564x724, 8d5e4aae5675c3fc0e65f2200a7451…)

god's special princess

No. 311228

I don't see why you'd have to do that.
This thread encompasses all fictional characters you find particularly hot, it's not exclusively for "waifu-ists".

No. 311231

File: 1675429608844.jpeg (147.51 KB, 750x416, 74F49CDE-1B04-43D3-9B5A-62A221…)

All i want is for him to spit in my face and tell me how much of a worthless bitch I am while he’s cramming his cock into my virgin hole while using blood as lube because he’s so rough and then spank me so hard there are visible bruises and welts because he thought it was a fitting punishment for how much I was crying. The thought of him facefucking me while he’s on PCP makes me so wet.

No. 311234

Reminds me of the /ot/ thread.
>Post deranged things only a troglodyte XY defect would say.

No. 311238

>cramming his cock into my virgin hole
kek why does this read like fanfic writing

No. 311242

>virgin hole
i want the piss posts back

No. 311245

Don't fall for the psy-op.

No. 311247

File: 1675437494370.png (124.28 KB, 732x703, 967D1AA4-2E9E-467C-B967-815AAA…)

Don’t worry, I’m into pee too and want him to piss in my hair.

No. 311256

If you're going to post something so fucking deranged at least spoiler it jfc

No. 311258

He's so cute anon! Happy teasing. It must be really satisfying to get him all flustered. My husbando is also the ENTP type but I often worry I will be too sensitive for him as I'm INFP. But I would definitely tease and bully him too, I think he would like it. I love the thought of ruffling his feathers and then making him promptly forget about it when I show him affection.

No. 311259

Seriously, some recent posters are very bad at integrating. Or maybe they're just baiting.

No. 311260

you have to be at least 18 to post here
maybe avoid horny shitpost threads if youre gonna cry like this

No. 311261

I’ve been on this website for a few years kek I just don’t think what I said was deranged enough to be spoiler-worthy, if at all.

No. 311262

i think you should love yourself nona.

No. 311263

>claims to have been a farmer for years
>Also claims to not understand why anons dislike misogynistic moidish posts

No. 311265

let her fantasize and shitpost
female fantasies arent monolithic
post about what you like and ignore what you dont, simple as

No. 311266

I know, I’m just a huge autistic and don’t care lmao. You sound like an sjw, not everyone that isn’t a vanillafag or a femdomfag is a moid

No. 311269

Nta but sometimes I want my husbando to drink my pee when I'm sick, busy at home or I'm on my period so I don't have to get up from where I am. Get yourself a husbando who loves you enough to drink your pee, nonnie.

No. 311270

Damn you're very new.

No. 311271

Insist I am a newfag all you want, it still won’t change the fact I want adachi to fuck all the holes in my body until they’re no longer usable.

No. 311273

File: 1675452054802.png (2.1 MB, 853x1275, Livio_cowboy.png)

Everyone post an underrated husbando

No. 311274

File: 1675452212269.png (923.97 KB, 931x954, LEON.png)

Leonfags stay winning

No. 311275

If you don’t want to read retarded hornyposting, go elsewhere. Stop reporting and making me read nasty posts that are in the correct nasty thread.

No. 311276

File: 1675452521327.gif (5.39 MB, 512x288, 794.gif)

he looks as if he's in a perpetual state of smelling his own farts

No. 311277

Spoiler your gross bullshit

No. 311278

did not mean to start all of this with the joke about peeing in my husbando’s mouth. sorry, nonnas

No. 311283

File: 1675454563993.gif (1.95 MB, 245x245, Tumblr_l_2477551676843521.gif)

we have matching husbandos

No. 311287

File: 1675457269162.gif (2.05 MB, 500x281, Kisumi.gif)

Kisumi! What an absolute qt

No. 311297

Husbando progressively decomposing to a skeleton and then basic atoms

No. 311304

File: 1675467354170.png (731.06 KB, 1366x768, 9B206070-179E-4060-8404-7F5F11…)

No. 311311

File: 1675470208692.png (252.49 KB, 374x480, jin-saotome-techromancer.png)

Tit window man

No. 311316

File: 1675472567942.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, Cyberpunk 2077_20210411103615.…)

I wish his game had better endings, but everything in the middle was fun.

No. 311319

File: 1675473647290.png (308.32 KB, 628x680, FloL73TaYAEFRUb.png)

>I love his tiny waist, just think, you could probably fit your hands all the way around it. You could squeeze his toned but soft belly and make your way up to that adorable little fluff on his chest and he'd look away, not able to maintain eye contact with you anymore out of embarrassment from the way you're feeling him up.
aaaa this is too good he would totally do that. I feel like he would be extra sensitive around his waist and chest for some reason, maybe because it's a vulnerable spot. You could easily wrap your hands around his delicate waist and pick him up. even if something lightly brushes against his waist he flinches and recoils. someone I follow on twitter actually measured the waist of their shadow figure and it's smaller than sonic's waist lol

>he'd be like your angel, he'd watch over you and protect you and give you everything you need to get better even if you don't want it. Like, he's stubborn, you say you don't want the health drink to replenish electrolytes or whatever and he'd be all adamant that you at least take slow sips of it. Shadow murmuring soft words into your ear, husky breath grazing over your face. Cuddling into Shadow's adorable chest fluff and burying your nose into it, the soothing scent of lavender making you feel a bit better.

ngl when I was sick over the holidays I thought about him taking care of me too kek. he'd whip out the thermometer as soon as he senses you might be coming down with something. he'd spoon feed you some of his homemade soup partly because he wants to make sure you're actually eating to fight off your fever but also because he loves taking any chance to dote on you. you'd apologise for looking so gross or making him slave away taking care of you and he'd bluntly insist it's fine, "I wouldn't be the ultimate lifeform if I couldn't take care of someone with a mere common cold now would I?". he sees you shivering and covers you in as many blankets he can find, making as many cups of tea as you want. he gives you one of his special heat pads he uses for his battle injuries (it's lavender scented of course) and gently wraps it around your neck, "any better, nonna?". You nod, smile and thank him. He gives you his usual short and sweet "Good." trying to resist the slight smile curling at the edges of his tan muzzle.

I kinda wish sega would release more info about how involved he was in taking care of maria's illness day to day. I headcanon that he would have a nightly routine of helping her take her medicine, hooking her up to her monitors before reading her a bedtime story and making sure she's asleep before curling up at the end of her bed and falling asleep himself. sometimes if I can't sleep I picture him sleeping at the end of my bed and it honestly helps calm me down it's so fucking embarrassing why am i like this also that part about his voice omg legit would sell my kidney for him to softly read me a story with his low husky voice.

>everything would be worth it to see the hints of a smile making its way onto that usually cold, reserved and stoic handsome face.

godddd this is so sweet nonna I feel the exact same way, he's been through so much that he never asked for I just want to see him smile and laugh. Domestic shadow would be the best like just seeing him be able to care for someone and not worry about them leaving him, he'd finally accept that he can be loved in a safe and secure way, he'd carry out his little hobbies and you'd be able to go on picnics with him in his favourite lavender field…I want it for him so bad. just thinking about him having a subtle genuine smile makes my heart swell.

barista shadow is so based, I'm writing a coffee shop au fic atm and picturing him in a cute little uniform with an apron tied around his waist, making sure the coffee is brewed right and passes his own little smell test is too adorable.

KEK whenever shadow is included I appreciate it to much. this is such a cute idea I really want to get one of these now

awwww thank you that's so sweet, I feel so cringe when I talk about him like this so it's nice to hear it makes people happy lol and ofc nonna you can even officiate the wedding if you want

No. 311323

I already post him too much

No. 311343

File: 1675481155426.jpg (3.88 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230203_221927560.jpg)

he makes me feel nauseous with how much i yearn and long for him. good with kids, knows acupuncture, intelligent, kind, hygienic, strong. he destroys but he also heals. i love this man tremendously nonas

No. 311344

File: 1675481692163.jpg (319.02 KB, 1659x2048, IMG_9305.jpg)

I can give him something better than the formula

No. 311345

File: 1675481927692.jpg (131.44 KB, 1200x800, FmHsb6LXoAIh1Yo.jpg)

An unexpected crossover but a welcome one

No. 311346

late but his route actually made me stop playing mysme LOL

No. 311347

File: 1675482391365.png (115.65 KB, 479x364, proxy-image(1).png)

you've emboldened me nonna. Megamind taking his appearance was the best thing that happened because it meant more Bernard.

No. 311348

Oh god same. He was cute I would date him even his actual self (especially his actual self, cute boring nerd to fluster)

No. 311349

Now this is the take that should've derailed the thread, you have my support though

No. 311350

File: 1675483202989.jpeg (165.14 KB, 750x1060, 354E0BC2-285F-4F40-8FFA-23681E…)

How do you imagine your husbando's reaction to meeting you for the first time ever would be like? Do you think he would have a moment of love at first sight? Do you go from friends to lovers? Or enemies to lovers?
I think Rook would fall in love at first sight with me, because he would be interested in the way I move, I walk weirdly but some people say that I look fancy for some reason, so that would make him feel very curious about me, and he would start observing me a lot.
So I guess we would go from hunter/prey to lovers kek.

No. 311352

I imagine I'm giving him a message from his boss that he's been ignoring so he'd be in a bad mood and barely register me, but I live in the apartment across the hall from him and it would be a slow burn thing.

And another guy, we are each others first faces we see in our new lives and I'm convinced it means we're soulmates. But it takes a while of fighting through hoards of aliens together before we get to the first kiss.

No. 311356

Mams is also my husbando and I would throw my money at those things.

No. 311362

aww that's so sweet nonna! For husbando to love your little quirks is the best.

For my husbando, I think it would be a slow friends to lovers dynamic. Since he's my type I'd go chat him up to be friends first. I think I'd prob try my best to hide my feelings but it'd seep out. Since we're both teasing types we'd throw jokes back and forth and just laugh everytime we talk to each other, but also have heart to heart conversations at late nights.

He'd unconsciously start to fall for me when he notices that I do little things to take care of him like sharing my lunch bento box (and him falling in love with my cooking), or handing him towels to wipe off his sweat or handing him a nice cold bottle of water after his club practice / matches. Then one day I'm out of school for a bit (bc I'm sick or something) he notices the little things are gone, but most importantly, the banters we had between us and my laughter. He then realizes that he sees me as a woman not just a friend, and starts getting flustered at normal regular things because his heart is suddenly beating too fast. So basically I'd fall for him first but he'd fall harder slowly afterwards lol

No. 311374

Based, this but with my husbando instead. I want him to be so rough with me. In fact I want him to rape me. I want to be his plaything.

No. 311382

File: 1675501514309.jpg (229.5 KB, 1440x810, SonicOfficialJP - 144334988473…)

>I feel like he would be extra sensitive around his waist and chest for some reason, maybe because it's a vulnerable spot
Ahh, this just makes me think his tummy is sensitive too. You know how he always crosses his arms? He does that when he's feeling uncomfortable, it's a subconscious way to hide all those vulnerable weak spots on his body because he's angry or sad. If you lightly touched him there I bet he'd tense up and flinch, before slowly, slowly relaxing into your hold and your touch. Because he trusts you, and you won't hurt him.
>someone I follow on twitter actually measured the waist of their shadow figure and it's smaller than sonic's waist lol
I believe it. Look at his SA2 model, his chest is so broad, but that waist is so tiny. It's perfect.

>you'd apologise for looking so gross or making him slave away taking care of you and he'd bluntly insist it's fine, "I wouldn't be the ultimate lifeform if I couldn't take care of someone with a mere common cold now would I?". he sees you shivering and covers you in as many blankets he can find, making as many cups of tea as you want. he gives you one of his special heat pads he uses for his battle injuries (it's lavender scented of course) and gently wraps it around your neck, "any better, nonna?". You nod, smile and thank him. He gives you his usual short and sweet "Good." trying to resist the slight smile curling at the edges of his tan muzzle.

So so cute, he's so handsome, I love how blunt and bad he is at talking to people but he's still so suave. He'd go to the moon and back to make sure you're okay, even if he says he's not worried, because he doesn't want to lose you. There's nigh irrational fears tugging at the edges of his mind, worrying what if your little cold gets worse and he couldn't do a thing to help, what if you're hospitalized, what if-… You can tell he's getting caught up in his own thoughts again so a nice kiss jolts him out of it. He can't get sick after all, you can have gross snogging sessions as much as you want. I like to think about kissing him right on the forehead where that red stripe ends, or tracing his arm stripes with my finger. I want him to feed me soup he made, or maybe not and he can make me the microwaveable stuff… (You remember that latest Twitter Takeover where he says he got chewed out at the soup kitchen for being so bad at it? And here I thought he'd be a good cook. But it makes sense since he eats junk food.)

>I kinda wish sega would release more info about how involved he was in taking care of maria's illness day to day. I headcanon that he would have a nightly routine of helping her take her medicine, hooking her up to her monitors before reading her a bedtime story and making sure she's asleep before curling up at the end of her bed and falling asleep himself.

That's really really cute anon, I can imagine him cuddled at the end of her bed, curled up in a ball of black and red spikes. And yeah, I definitely want to know more about what they did, if they played games together, if he helped her with medicine, if he cuddled her to sleep. Maybe Karasuno's art will give us more insight one day. And…it's a morbid thought, but I've always wondered if he was treated badly by the scientists because they viewed him not as a person but as another creature to be experimented on, like the Biolizard or the Artificial Chaos. He wouldn't have a single objection to that either, because in his mind it's all okay and he can endure it because it's for Maria. So if he's injected with various illnesses or regeneration is tested it's all worth it. A line from Sonic X pops into my mind a lot, that she was "his only friend". He really had nobody but her so it's no wonder he's so socially maladjusted.
It makes me really feel sad for him. I just want to be there and let him know it's okay.

>sometimes if I can't sleep I picture him sleeping at the end of my bed and it honestly helps calm me down

Nah nah anon, I get it, I picture him at the other side of my bed facing away when I'm not feeling well mentally. When I'm stressed usually I don't want to be touching others, but still find comfort in knowing someone's around, so that's why. And sometimes I think about his embrace and his smell calming the terrible static in my mind.
>it's so fucking embarrassing why am i like this
You get used to it. I've long since stopped giving a fuck that being in love with a 3 foot tall edgy rat cartoon is "cringe". Like I used to get so self conscious about it as a teenager and would immediately quit out of the tab whenever I posted about how much I love him jej

>Domestic shadow would be the best like just seeing him be able to care for someone and not worry about them leaving him, he'd finally accept that he can be loved in a safe and secure way, he'd carry out his little hobbies and you'd be able to go on picnics with him in his favourite lavender field…

breh JUST…HE'S SO HANDSOME I need him to be my househusband and dote on him and do a bunch of sappy stuff like flower fields and coffee shops and ughhh why is he perfect. Imagine carrying him. Imagine him carrying you. Imagine the voice like honey and the skin like caramel auhgh why does he drive me nuts I want to see him happy

>barista shadow is so based, I'm writing a coffee shop au fic atm and picturing him in a cute little uniform with an apron tied around his waist, making sure the coffee is brewed right and passes his own little smell test is too adorable.

AHHH you better post it to ao3 so I can find and read it. Usually I'm not too into AUs, but for coffee shops I think I can make an exception. I always imagine going on dates with Shadow there~
you don't have to respond to all this btw I just like to go off

So based, look at all those hot boys. I need to continue binging Dragon Ball, I read the whole original manga and then didn't know where to go from there.

No. 311384

>while he's on PCP
kek nonna what

No. 311389

File: 1675510280829.jpg (561.3 KB, 621x1260, 0kolyjgqk6ga1.jpg)

Pittman-nonna!!!! your man!!!! did you see him?? omg the hair, the outfit, the faraway look in his tired eyes… holy shit

No. 311396

File: 1675519908330.png (525.77 KB, 920x720, MonsoonPortrait.png)

The hype for MGR has died a long time ago so finding any kind of content with him is hard, I miss him.

No. 311402

Had a dream I was watching some new cutscenes and he was being a happy drunk. And in dream I was thinking about how I have to tell lolcow…
Tbh, he would probably be a sad mopey drunk, but I wouldn't let him get drunk in my presence, I can't deal with drunk people.

No. 311403

No. 311405

File: 1675533622296.png (957.41 KB, 753x829, Deus Ex_ Mankind Divided_20221…)

Adam, I also made this pic my tablet wallpaper last month. Now I absolutely can't let anybody else use it.

No. 311406

I get so giddy when I think about how I have not one but TWO pieces of artwork of my husbando spilling his guts for me. I often draw fluffy artwork of us but sometimes I want to see him in pain and roughed up. He is so handsome!!

No. 311431

File: 1675553846688.jpeg (101.99 KB, 850x735, 659FDC84-EF6B-4F5E-BC4A-4381BE…)

Never posted here before but I’ve been very active with yumejo/otome content for nearly 12 years now and would love to talk more with some fellow yumejos. Nice to meet you all!

No. 311432

File: 1675554494555.jpeg (158.69 KB, 1710x900, 4E4FAA30-FC25-4706-93AE-82E8AE…)

Any other nonnie here like to imagine their husbando pushing on your bladder trying to make you piss everywhere? Not with literal piss just an omorashi thing. Because that’s me right now.

No. 311433

Are you trying to scare off the new girl? weirdo.

No. 311434

She’s not doing a good job if that’s the case. Who is actually scared by piss other than 17 year old twittards?

No. 311435

you're not mature for liking gross kinks, you're just disgusting.

No. 311436

I’m not into piss. I just know how to ignore kinks I’m not into and let people post about what they enjoy.

No. 311442

Who's your little meowmeow?

No. 311453

dont be sorry nonita, this is what the thread is for after all kek

No. 311468

Imagine crying because people are being horny for 2d men in the dedicated horny for 2d men thread. I won't have it. Wanna know what I fantasize about?
Edging husbando until he begs me to let him cum, voice breaking.
Sucking husbando off in a dark alleyway where there's risk of being seen.
Husbando calling me lots of rude names since he knows that makes me wet.
Husbando eating me out on my period with no qualms.
Husbando being chained to my bed, mine to touch all over.
Being husbando's pet, blindfolded and gagged for his amusement.
Pegging husbando and hearing his poorly muffled whimpers.
Being bred and knocked up all day long by desperately horny husbando.
Husbando being molested by tentacles and forced to cum until he dry orgasms.
Being forced into solitary confinement with husbando, or even handcuffed to him.
Dressing husbando up in a cute frilly dress and jerking him off through his panties.
Capturing husbando's lips with my own right when I'm about to cum.
Unbuttoning husbando's handsome suit and rubbing his abs under his undershirt.
Holding husbando's hand, looking him in the eyes and telling him I love him more than anything.

No. 311470

It’s rare to see a switch in yume spaces— everyone tends to either be a pretty strict sub or a pretty strict dom in my experience. Nothing but respect for you sis

No. 311476

We lost the second they decided to realistically age leon nona.

Og Re4 leon ftw

No. 311480

I want him in every way. Nearly everything I want to do to him, I also want him to do to me, and vice versa. Thanks anon.

No. 311489

Is Childe your Husbando? If so HIII BESTIE if not who is it?

No. 311494

File: 1675614660352.jpeg (3.82 MB, 4032x3024, DAE4C76E-3B12-4A13-A2CC-92289A…)

He is! He’s my #1 husbando and has been since I picked up the game in summer of 2021. I recently reorganized my Childe itabag and I’ve been considering starting a second one since I have some extra merch that didn’t quite fit into my first bag kek. So glad to see you’re a woman of culture as well!!

No. 311495

Yes. I like it best when the wetting is inevitable and he's impatient to get it over with. Are you the one who wrote the verbal abuse omorashi Adachi fic? If so I love you so much.

No. 311497

He does looks pretty cute, in a sad and lost way, but not cool and handsome like original Re4 Leon.

No. 311501

File: 1675619184113.png (885.89 KB, 2139x4096, Fe80WlqVUAAdl_A.png)

I love him so much, his very existence brightens my day, but I also want to have him small and trapped in a container so I can shake him about and maybe make him fight more spiders for my amusement. Maybe see how long it would take to drown him a little in my schlick.

No. 311509

No i'm not, sorry nonna. But i love that fic too.

No. 311517

File: 1675624130738.jpg (97.25 KB, 1200x675, aa73a6a0c979701deed0c025507476…)

I'm normally not into bara-esque guys but god I wanna deepthroat his cock so bad

No. 311533

File: 1675636352354.jpg (93.58 KB, 736x1054, 2f99e20d2c4e42ae0abf87e21f74a5…)

War time Sugimoto is my sexuality.

No. 311536

File: 1675638126525.jpg (302.54 KB, 800x800, 30977162_p0_master1200.jpg)

Recommend me your favorite fanfics. I haven't found any new ones that sparks my interest and I'm open to all kinds and any husbandos.

No. 311539

This pic made me really want to pick up this anime. It awakened something in me

No. 311540

I have friends of both sexes in another city but keep in touch with them over chat, is it wrong or a bad idea if I started talking about my husbando as if he’s real and I’m dating him? I’m bored and these aren’t close friends who will ever visit me regularly so I was thinking it would be harmless fun telling them things like I’m spending time with (name).

No. 311541

They wouldn't recognize the name as being a fictional character? That feels like going too far though, even if they're not close friends it's a little menhera.

No. 311542

I have no idea what menhara is. And no, the character has a common name.

No. 311543

Menhera is a Japanese shorthand for “mental health,” but in a more colloquial setting it’s used as slang for mentally ill. Think like Kangel or Riamu from im@s

No. 311544

I don’t see that as going too far though or any more mentally ill than anyone else in this thread or more extreme ‘lifestyle’ yumes. If I was asked by one of those friends what I’m doing in an evening or whatever I’d say I’m with my husbando. It’s a LARP for me.

No. 311545

This happened to me last year. Can't help it

No. 311556

Women’s attraction to their own partners can go up and down with their cycle, I’m not sure how drastic it can be day-to-day but it makes sense.

No. 311558

File: 1675647697108.png (384.44 KB, 711x418, bitten.png)

If it gets you going, do it for yourself, nonna. I don't think every scene is on YouTube for your easy viewing pleasure, but you can go hunting! The related chapters are in volume 4 into 5 and the episodes are 9 through 11. ♥ Thanks for the excuse to post about it some more. Nothing greases my baking pan quite like the terror on his gorgeous face.

No. 311566

File: 1675649407425.jpg (2.14 MB, 2894x4093, media_FXP-hKrUYAU8ttE.jpg)

It's all downhill after dbz so you're not really missing anything tbh. But there's still attractive characters to look at even when the story sucks so there's that. Alot of fans say gt is the worst (even though most of them never watched it), but I liked it. Not just because ssj4 is hot but that definitely helps.
>Reject 3dpd, return to monke

No. 311568

Lately I’ve been wishing badly to be in my husbando’s setting to have the self insert events I wrote unfold for me to experience. I’m just so tired of this world and his is much the same, I want to sit with him in the shade and be held by him, move through life with him, when he understands what a nightmare being alive without truly living can be. I’d be happy just eating gas station sandwiches with him, it doesn’t have to be grand. It’s not fit for hornyposting central, I know, but my mental health is getting worse in many ways but I’m done worrying about my own grip on reality when that didn’t improve things either. Sometimes I think if I lean hard into yuming at least I’ll get some delusions I actually enjoy rather than be stuck with a head full of depression and pain.

No. 311569

Welcome. This collection is incredible. The mousepad with the boobs lol

Leon nonas I feel sad for what they did to your boy. Nothing will ever beat RE4 Leon. He is so cool and handsome. Not my husbando but i always look respectfully. Just like someone else said in another thread, they keep going for more and more realistic graphics so the male characters will look more and more fucking ugly because real men are fucking ugly jfc

No. 311570

No. 311571

Did I just black out and post this? Girl you have no idea how much i'm there with you. I am the definition of maladaptive daydreaming these days just constantly in a cloud far away with my husbando having adventures in his world.

No. 311572

Soft yume posts are just as important as horny yume posts imo. Nothing wrong with daydreaming about cuddling, domestic bliss, affection, all that sweet stuff especially when it helps you cope and feel better about your real life. I hope things get better for you soon nona, keep your chin up and remember your husbando loves you!
Thank you! I originally bought it just because i love a nice set of man tits so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they genuinely support your wrist and make laptop use more comfortable kek

No. 311574

File: 1675652208221.jpg (138.3 KB, 540x635, tumblr_e2b62437d167612ab5b624b…)

Not a horny post, but I just realized that my precious Mayo-chan is pretty similar to my waifu. They're both obsessive, neurotic idols with a weird fixation on age who are either beloved or loathed by the fandoms of their games. I was wondering if that constituted as my type, and then that had me wondering if any of you nonnas have a type? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm curious.

No. 311576

tbh I'd rather see piss kink shitpost than the disgusting pedo shit that floats around from the scrotes

No. 311578

Let’s pretend it’s not mal if it works, it’s already way better than abusing substances and having all the control is nice.
Tbh I think of this thread as the catch-all husbando thread, especially since it’s in the title now, the other one is a little more specific (I’m not seeking how to yume deeper).
Thanks anon, and welcome!

No. 311582

File: 1675655831365.png (163.97 KB, 487x750, IMG_4726.PNG)

inb4 you roast me i dont know or care about most of these characters. my favs never have any fucking fics.
silco arcane
hades game
(if you like it check out the million other fics she wrote)
http://archiveofourown.org/works/6953545 (i only read the first 2 chapters, the rest is probably not gonna be as good so i think you should do that too. literally the best thing i read in my entire life)
loki http://archiveofourown.org/works/420398 (no romance but i like it because there’s violence)
reigen gets assraped http://archiveofourown.org/works/31365644

No. 311583

Let me guess, riamu?

No. 311584

File: 1675656768565.jpeg (150.01 KB, 750x1000, FD6AC291-5827-4BF2-BED5-7BA6EB…)

Enstars… walk down memory lane. I used to be a big Rinne yume before I kinda fell out of the series— he’s still my fave Enstars character by far and I still fantasize about him but not nearly as much as I used to. I had written/posted a yume fic of Mayoi actually kek

No. 311585

Currently reading the fallout fic, I fucking hated Benny and killed him at the first opportunity I got every play through but I’m really digging this. Thanks for sharing!

No. 311587

No haha of course not that would be ridiculous…

You wouldn't happen to still have that fanfic… would you anon? Assuming it's a genfic and no penis is involved. Also Rinne is so good, I wish I learned more about him when Enstars hadn't become unbearable to me. His antics with Niki were hilarious.

No. 311588

File: 1675658614828.jpg (797.41 KB, 2048x1602, tumblr_e1a6f2a570e08be3d046f9b…)

happy to be of service, enjoy!

No. 311598

I don’t have it anymore, I apologize. I deleted a lot of my Enstars fics a while back because they were all NSFW (so not a genfic, sorry!) and too many TikTok underagies were interacting with them, commenting on them, and posting about them and I was feeling uncomfortable with all of that. It was also partially because I fell out of the fandom like I mentioned above— just a strange combo of factors.

No. 311670

File: 1675705819017.jpg (469.34 KB, 1443x1997, IMG_20220425_123119.jpg)

Anon I freaking kneel, this is so fucking cool and I adore your dedication! The closest thing to loving my husbando is trying to learn drawing to draw my own spicy daki but still can't draw a stick man kek

No. 311676

File: 1675711467431.jpg (Spoiler Image,938.99 KB, 2480x3508, 8888888888888888888.jpg)

THank you, thank you, I always like reading what other anons recommend since my tastes often differ from theirs. Was intrigued by the mlp fanfic and I'm glad that I gave it a try since the character study and the relationship between was quite nice and a fun read. Gonna go read it all.

No. 311678

File: 1675713330435.jpeg (104.25 KB, 850x652, BC9FED7A-7E02-426F-AB21-AD836A…)

Thank you so much! Though I’ve always been really into merch collecting, there’s a certain sense of elitism with some merch collectors that inclines me to remind people that there’s no right or wrong way to appreciate a husbando! Merch isn’t always easy to acquire due to both location and general earnings—international shipping usually costs twice as much as the item itself when I order from Japan kek. I feel pretty lucky that my husbando’s from a very popular franchise so he gets tons of merch— plenty of lesser-known franchises barely receive merch outside of a $300 scale figure or some random gacha badges. I’m a big fan of fanmade goods like prints and dakis as well— I shop on Etsy nearly as much as I do on AmiAmi and JP Yahoo

No. 311682

i know right, i was pleasantly surprised to find such a cute fic! if only i had my own manic pixie dream boy discord to fix my life for me.. anyway thank you nonnies for being open minded, these things are weirdly fucking nerve racking to share especially when i actually like a character.

No. 311685

File: 1675717932389.jpg (54.35 KB, 454x680, FjfBBwJWIAw_NR0.jpg)

Skeleton fuckers RISE UP!!!!!

No. 311688

File: 1675718827272.jpg (16.27 KB, 220x294, Sans_undertale.jpg)

No. 311689

kek i saw it on the front page and i knew it was this thread
i agree hes hot

No. 311690

Beat me to it kek, was just about to post this

No. 311691

File: 1675719206108.gif (590.87 KB, 498x412, papyrus-undertale.gif)

That's why I like being on anon boards, If somebody hates it, it won't matter, since you can just post another topic and often then not, your post is forgotten and you begin anew. Also, there is a high chance of other anons hating your guts and then loving you in another post.
I like both equally but since Sans been posted I'll post his cuter brother Would fuck Gaster too

No. 311692

File: 1675719933723.jpg (60.3 KB, 564x564, 0cfa750e1c3b648aa1657213d84546…)

all free! husbandos are top tier, i personally love makoto !

No. 311697

File: 1675723667657.jpeg (218.46 KB, 1200x1596, FcLuUbZaUAAb43T.jpeg)

I still think about the Tumblr Sexyman competition back in September. Kek what a month that was. Congrats to funny skelly man!

No. 311700

Thanks nonna. I had watched parts 1,2,3 and a bit of part 5. You brightened up my shitty week lmao I love how randomly these feelings develop because I never particularly cared about any of the characters until I saw your pic rtrthfg

No. 311702

I want to post my husbano so badly but I'm embarrassed and I feel like I have to justify why he's my husbendo. But I love him! I love him so much! I can't help smiling everytime I see him.

No. 311704

File: 1675727344257.jpg (685.5 KB, 1078x1725, tumblr_pmkwvgwQ531w0e429o1_128…)

I think this is my 2nd post in this thread ever in this thread ever (at least that wasn't a reply)

I have not gotten very far in DAI yet (I'm slow, I know) so please don't spoil but anyway idk what it is about Varrick, he just has such raw sexual energy, I want to ride him til his nuts fall off. He's so chonk but in a good way, he looks so sturdy. Tfw when no dwarven lover

No. 311709

Varric is the best male in Dragon Age ever. buddy is ride or die in DA2. I hate that Hawke isn’t able to romance him.

No. 311718

Yeah it's annoying. I remember romancing Anders at the time who is okay I guess

No. 311729

File: 1675739458656.png (183.19 KB, 379x537, tgfeh245.PNG)

No problem, nonna, always happy to share my love. ♥ I tend to be mostly indifferent or just a casual enjoyer of characters until I find The One myself. I hope you consider finishing part 5 and give 4 a try too, it's one of my favorites as well.

Narancia is just so gorgeous, I never get tired of looking at him, and he's so well developed (in every possible meaning). He's such a charming little hoodlum, he's smarter than he's given credit for and he takes and shrugs off so much damage for the mission and his friends. I can't think of anything that I don't love about him!

No. 311731

i'm shooting that thought dead right fucking now. love requires no justification in order for it to be expressed, nonna, least of all in the retarded husbando hornyposting shitposting thread kek.
don't be afraid to speak your mind! ♥

No. 311733

I really wish I could just put my face between my husbandos pecs as he plays with my hair and pets me.

No. 311735

File: 1675742165643.jpeg (79.03 KB, 1119x1080, ovary overdrive.jpeg)


okay I'm sweating

They animated him like this on purpose, there is NO reason to draw him like this other than to show off his sensuality??? also, I'm trying to not be embarrassed. I avoid fandom because it's a migraine but also I have a feeling that having Dabi as husbando is very basic. But I can't help it. I love him!! I keep a picture of him on my nightstand so I can see him before I go to sleep. He's so cute and hot at the same time and I'm so weak for characters with fire powers.

Love is a vibration and I'm here for it

No. 311746

lol don't be embarrassed about liking some guy from a popular shounen series. I've definitely seen lots of fanart of him just browsing /cm/.

And the picture thing, I've got the limited edition boxart of my guys game which has 3 nice pictures of him on it pasted up on the wall behind my bed and some drawings on my side table. It's nice just to be able to look at him whenever I want.

No. 311747

Nta but tbf nonnies here on other boards used to shit themselves whenever the series was mentioned so I could see OP's point of view kek

No. 311762

Nta but I think people were more annoyed to see retarded characters like Deku, Bakugo or Touga, this guy was posted other times and it was fine iirc.

No. 311780

File: 1675787114414.png (394.16 KB, 494x577, Capture d’écran 2022-11-24 à…)


No. 311785

File: 1675794892539.jpg (65.13 KB, 1280x720, 20230207_111906.jpg)

We're married!!!

No. 311786

congrats nonnie ! he looks cute

No. 311787

Any good fics with any Genshin husbandos? yes I'm horny for all please kill me

Also nonas your tastes are awesome thank you for posting greats pics of your husbandos. I save them all even they aren't mine keek

No. 311791

No. 311797

File: 1675800502246.jpeg (892.93 KB, 1170x991, FF118092-268B-4283-AB31-3EED84…)

Good afternoon anons. Have a great day!

No. 311799

File: 1675801483746.jpeg (127.8 KB, 749x916, 535680C7-8A95-4602-A075-61BD6A…)

You too, nonnie!!

No. 311800

File: 1675802246005.jpg (136.02 KB, 825x825, ef080cdf60530f927d13a469d91f4e…)

*even though
I was too horny I forgot to write a properly lmao

I love and thank you so much nonna you have high tier taste and so far it's hot as fuck but I needed to pause to thank you /forgot how to do the legal heart emoji/
Honhonhon very fine images

No. 311805

I want to kidnap my husbando.

No. 311807

Very based, kidnapping is good both ways— I want my husbando to kidnap me. I’ve always been in love with the idea of a sweet, gentle Stockholm Syndrome scenario where my husbando kidnaps me and treats me so very lovingly and sweetly— it’s a total night-and-day from what scared little ol’ me was expecting from a captor. I, in all my fear and anxiety, was expecting him to be brutal, punishing, and cruel— never allowing me to eat, only allowing me to sleep on the floor, etc.— but he’s the total opposite. He takes down all my favorite foods and snacks down to the number of pickle slices I like on my burgers and the exact brand of ice cream I like. He only lets me sleep in bed with him and makes sure I have the right pillows and blankets because my comfort and happiness are paramount to him. It’s a slow, sweet descent into an overwhelmingly warm Stockholm Syndrome and I begin to think that I’d rather die than leave this paradise with him. Sorry to hijack your post, I’m just always excited to talk about kidnapping kink kek

No. 311834

I know I'm down bad for my husbando because he has singlehandedly make a Bostonian accent sexy to me. Used to think they were disgusting…but now every time I hear that accent I think of his stupid sexy voice. I'm fucked.

No. 311840

i want to sniff his penis after he’s finished his training for the day

No. 311846

File: 1675833099791.jpeg (523.42 KB, 1357x1500, 13F7A50D-AAF4-4D48-A91C-DE9CFA…)

Based as hell. Sweaty armpits and pubes are my absolute favorite scents ever.

No. 311864

File: 1675847669373.webm (517.42 KB, 514x576, hip wiggle.webm)

'I wanna give into your dark temptation
I wanna touch you like nobody does'

Problem, dark temptation doesn't really describe Warlock, but Adam doesn't dance.

No. 311867

Don't worry i loved reading this.
I love the thought of my life being in someone elses hands and vice versa.

No. 311871

File: 1675857897982.png (112.32 KB, 468x736, Red_Scout.png)

No. 311877

File: 1675867514497.png (1.01 MB, 907x1268, b3b64be7a7db974bc79c35d5dcb151…)

No. 311883

>posting fujoshit art in the yume thread

No. 311884

Nonnas, what are you doing with your husbando this Valentine's? I'm hoping an artist I like is able to open commissions so I can get something done of my man

No. 311886

File: 1675873963507.jpg (377.06 KB, 1190x1821, tomas-oleksak-ghostider-final-…)

I want him to bonezone me.
and hold him tight while we have a sweet bike ride togheter

No. 311895

I'm not talented in the arts department so I'm gonna get a nice bottle of wine and a bouquet of roses and yoom that my husbando bought them for me. Then I'll take a nice warm shower after the gym and cook up a good steak for our romantic dinner + open the wine aforementioned. At night I'll listen to the drama cd my husbando's VA did and fall into a peaceful slumber

No. 311896

Getting all dressed up in an expensive dress he bought for me and going out for dinner would be so nice. One of those restaurants where the courses are the size of your thumb and the wine costs like $4K a bottle— wouldn’t it be so nice to be pampered like that?

No. 311897

File: 1675881047988.jpeg (167.86 KB, 749x1068, 7E80D2EA-ED3A-41AA-B6B2-42DA05…)

I want to make some really stinking cute, rotting adorable cupcakes, then I will have something like hot cocoa and ice cream. If I don't pass out because I have to work that day of course, if I pass out then I will just celebrate on the weekend and will wear my cutest pajamas, I will do my hair as well (this time with care) and I will try to draw my self insert with my husbando.

No. 311902

going to therapy

No. 311906

Going to go hang out in the park with my husbando plush and take pretty pictures with him, eat ice cream and maybe have a picnic with him in a nice spot.

No. 311908

File: 1675886804065.jpg (1.29 MB, 2000x2000, fromnona.jpg)

Holy shit I cna't believe it's been a year since last Valentine's, my biggest memeory from last year is how the site went down, /m/ died and we hung out in bunker threads. But not before a nona drew lovely pics of mine and other's husbandos and waifus.

No. 311912

File: 1675888198300.jpg (316.32 KB, 1572x2000, IMG_20210414_042739.jpg)

>Judai anon existing

No. 311914

This is adorable!

No. 311915

Omg I remember this! The Ymir in the top left was my request

No. 311917

File: 1675889588685.jpg (66.9 KB, 862x680, e1da72c00a4cc5a38ad79f76a923cd…)

I've been liking characters with round glasses.

No. 311922

Oh hey I drew these! I'm so happy you like them anon!!

No. 311923

Keep it up nona, you're talented!

No. 311928

Nigga who cares, horny husbando art is horny husbando art. Hetfags are brainlets

No. 311929

They’re so cute! I hope you and your husbando/waifu have a great Vday, anon!

No. 311930

This is the yumejo thread. Keep your boring, overrated ship bullshit in the Genshin general where it belongs

No. 311933

File: 1675894483092.jpeg (344.35 KB, 2048x1940, B4B22E21-728A-4C0B-8DBE-F744F5…)

I have a good store of horny solo Zhonglis I think— he’s my third favorite Genshin.

No. 311934

File: 1675894604986.jpeg (152.99 KB, 750x737, 33277F01-07DD-4099-A25E-AD0F06…)

I want him to be nice to me I want him to be kind and give me hugs and let me cry without making it weird I'm so lonely and nobody loves me the right way so I have to make it up in my head which is still lonely but a little bit better because at least I can imagine something soft and kind. I'm so sorry everyone

No. 311935

He loves you so much! I hope you’re feeling okay.

No. 311941

Your husbando isn't real and will never love you, hambeast schizo.

No. 311942

I accept your concession.

No. 311943

File: 1675901966125.gif (1.68 MB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_ooots5cay81t12xf…)

It's picrel, but I think Jerma is attractive so Scout would probably appeal to me lol

No. 311944

File: 1675902118082.jpg (370.47 KB, 2048x2048, babyboy_baby.JPG)

i'm having a moment, excuse me. ♥
because charon has obvious intimacy issues due to his long life span, having always outlived anyone that may enter his life, and as a result prefers to remain a loner-artist to save himself from further heartache, i lose myself a little to the tune of what breaking through to him would look like.
for instance, at the start, i like to imagine there's a lot of "trembling like a newborn deer" in his touching that occurs once he accepts that my insistence to be close is genuine–it's been years after all, and he hardly remembers what it's like to love another person as wholly as i seem intent on doing. he doesn't know what to do and that uncertainty shakes him out of his usual go-to facade of playing pretend when faced with the uncomfortable reality of his loneliness. gone is the bravado and the flash of his too-big ego when the tough gets tougher, and in its place awe; the awe of being known and cared for despite what and who he is. he's afraid of what his wounded heart might look like once it's out in the light, but undeniably craves for it to be seen, and for the closeness and unconditional love i'm offering once he experiences it firsthand, that he's left jittery with adrenaline and desire and trepidation.
charon would move gently, nervously exploratory; there's a slow, burning, hand gripping his heart, the heat of it so agonizingly sweet and tender and freshly reborn, despite his deeply seated misgivings, that it leaves him dazzled by its foreign presence. and worse still is my touch. my hands are all over him, pushing under his shirt, touching his shoulders, tracing the line of his collar, my breath on his ear as i take in a long slow drag of his perfume. he smells like cinnamon and candle smoke. i'll feel him shiver, register the goosebumps under my fingertips and just catch the sound of his gasp when my fingers lightly graze over his hip bone just below the waist band of his slacks. his hands will shake as he tries and fails to contain his nerves and properly lay his hands on me. i'm patient, though, and while the process is ultimately a slow one, getting charon to confront his feelings is more than worth the trouble for me.
we won't get anywhere substantial here, it's too much all at once–he feels too raw and sensitive to go much further beyond this point–but he'll trace my spine with his shaking hands and hold me close, his heart trying to beat a way out, apologies falling out of his mouth for having to play catch-up to me landing warm on my shoulder as i hold him close and reassure him that i'm not in any rush to get anywhere in particular.
when he finally musters the courage to open his heart and let it breathe, finally tells me how i plague his mind night and day and that he wants to be with me more than anything, it's fucking magical, nonnas. finally, what once sat for decades as a small bud shivering among the ice and rock of his self-imposed loneliness, has blossomed in the warmth of a spring thaw long overdue. and when the emotional reigns return to his hands and his tried and true confidence settles back in once more, bolstered by the knowledge of having my unfaltering and unconditional love, he's putting into practice every excuse he can name to impart any little touch he can, eventually graduating to pulling me away from what i'm doing altogether to sequester us away in his private quarters and remind me how absolutely i encompass his thoughts.
naturally, he fucks like his life depends on it, because in a way it does. he is desperate to show me what he can do for me, how good he can make me feel, because to him i have gifted him something so incredibly precious, so exquisite, it's all he knows to do.

No. 311945

who? reverse image search does not help

No. 311946

This is so beautiful. I love it!

No. 311951

File: 1675903815863.jpg (647.71 KB, 900x1200, 100872138_p0_master1200.jpg)

Haven't come to this thread in quite a while, it's a bit late but I am truly honored to be included in this thread picture and to be given this opportunity to embody a step forward in the representation of retarded clown fuckers on screen.

Anyway. What are some cool funny tricks your husbandos can do, anons ? Mine can steal fries off my plate from across a 30 meter long table, grope me on the bus from the other end of the bus, yeet himself back up when I push him off a cliff, suck his own dick, and even crazier stuff such as believing in free will

kek I do this too. I actually have a "serious" husbando that I planned to post exclusively about, but I got bored, so now it's whoever I can best shitpost about.

based (dare I say exquisite) taste

No. 311958

Sam Drake from the Uncharted games, nonna!

No. 311966

File: 1675913993673.jpg (695.57 KB, 1200x1082, drasta.jpg)

He'd want you to be kind to yourself and know that he loves you, nonnie. Even more so when times are rough. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 311972

Nona this was fucking great ilu

No. 311976

Sometimes I get hit with the soul-destroying misery of realizing how alone I actually am and when I'm sick or dying or desperately need help he won't be there no matter how much i love him and all our happy daydreams are just barely covering up how I'm too scared and narcissistic to have meaningful connections to real people which is part of why i find having a husbando so alluring, also i want to suck his dick like a starving psychotic person who snuck into the brooklyn hotdog eating competition

No. 311980

File: 1675923814252.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.92 KB, 1421x1236, EfyytqAU8AA3S_N (2).jpg)

Whip it out, open your mouth. I wanna ride like I'mma die. Show me that dick, I wanna fly. Fill me up like a pastry's surprise.

No. 312009

i know you're doom posting, and while i empathize whole-heartedly–
>also i want to suck his dick like a starving psychotic person who snuck into the brooklyn hotdog eating competition
–you absolutely killed me with this kek. i hope this moment of situational clarity passes soon, and you return to your rose-tinted delusions where the rest of us are waiting for you~
no but seriously, i hope you feel better. you don't need an irl male in your life to ensure that there is someone to help you when the chips are down. there's always friends and family, too, and they shouldn't be discounted just because we as women have been sold the heart-killing narrative of only being able to find fulfillment if we're in a romantic relationship. i will bleed out and die on this hill.

No. 312018

File: 1675950822190.jpeg (301.33 KB, 1448x2048, 4E832BF0-185E-4E62-B09E-421E3F…)

I’ve been here for like 6 days but I’m parasocial for you all already. I hope you all have a nice day today, or at least a day that was better than yesterday.

No. 312019

Or a day that is*

No. 312022

How did yo find out about lolcow?

No. 312025

Even though I'm a lurker but same.
There is something cozy about this thread, I can understand what anons feel towards their husbandos and I know if I post I won't be mocked. Good to you and every nonnie (and their husbandos)

No. 312026

File: 1675955721339.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.67 KB, 1368x1042, IMG_1892.jpg)

aww thank you! he really knows how to inspire my retarded inner romantic. forgive my further sperging, but–look at this shit. my heart! ;A; TD is actively encouraging my delusions, and it pisses me off to no fucking end that our player character is so patronizing and unreceptive to Charon's consistent offers of a deeper trust and friendship. the gall of this stupid teenager!
welcome to the brainrot snack table, nonna! we're happy to have you ♥

No. 312030

File: 1675956690278.jpeg (168.48 KB, 850x1204, 7F3C81EA-0582-4346-B73A-607338…)

I’ve already been using the site for years, just not this specific thread. I primarily used to keep up with the Momokun threads on /snow/ and then /pt/ kek. I was really excited to find out there’s a community of yumejos right here!
The diversity in husbandos is so nice to see. There are so many characters I’ve never even heard of/seen before but I can very easily understand what’s so appealing about them just from others’ words!
Aww, thank you <3

No. 312042

Thank you nonas! I have some art planned for myself for Vday, hopefully I can get it done by then. Hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with lots of yooming!

No. 312046

File: 1675961867921.png (415.78 KB, 813x1200, tumblr_ff9b458b7d097850ddc028e…)

Just getting porn spam off the front page.
Welcome new nonna ♥ I hope your day/night goes great too!

No. 312049

File: 1675963664600.jpg (1.02 MB, 1800x2100, pitou.jpg)

To my Ashe sister wife, I don't know if you're still around, but I wanted to say I'm sorry I never finished that drawing of all of us having a picnic before we lost contact. I hope you are doing well and I'm happy we got to meet. You and your art are wonderful and I will forever cherish all the gifts you gave me. I'm sorry I didn't give more back. This is for you.

No. 312051

File: 1675966629995.jpeg (285.42 KB, 1346x2048, 6201316c9f105cfa688196614ca3c7…)


I think it's secondhand embarrassment because the fandom is embarrassing and deranged. I don't like how they interpret Dabi either as some kind of sex-pest-cat-boy-slut-abomination. In my fantasy he's nervous about physical affection but when we have pretend conversations while "hanging out" he tells me that he wants to touch me, he's just nervous and wants to go slow.

Also in my fantasy he had a panic attack the first time we make out so we had to stop. Idk why it's like this it's probably my own insecurity projected onto him. In canon though he's certifiably insane, so it's fun to imagine him having this whole other side that's introverted and ashamed of how fucked up his whole existence is. so when I do show him affection he flusters and gets nervous, but then quietly asks for me to do that again. I've never loved a character this much. Thank you anons for being cool with my husbeano

No. 312057

This is SO cute! Pitou was one of my favorite characters from the Chimera Ant arc by far.

No. 312063

thoughts on wolfwood’s design in the new trigun anime?

No. 312064

File: 1675971896279.gif (1.33 MB, 540x540, tumblr_9c27092f395d9f5b57a084b…)

Dragon Engine (K2/7) Kashiwagi (but not the others sadly, not at all) is so fucking hot, wish he could slurp on my pussy like he slurps on those cold noodles he loves so much

No. 312078

File: 1675980335950.png (398.57 KB, 1280x1919, tumblr_56c3df7b896580c8fb0603c…)

I don't hate it, I get they're doing a new thing, but I'll always prefer the original anime. He was beefier, his nose was more prominent, and he dressed more neatly with more formal looking attire. His shirt being out and his coat being unbuttoned all the time or for no reason makes him come off more sloppy, less like a traveling man of God.

No. 312079

Nta but I agree completely, and it was a crime to change his nose tbh.

No. 312083

I need a husbando, 3D or 2D. I like villains and antagonists in general. I don't care if they are cringe. Post yours. <3

No. 312084

Who's he?

No. 312089

i can't express it very eloquently but thank you for this nona.. i appreciate it and i hope you have a good day.

No. 312090

That's not how it works, you have to consume the media and fall for him yourself. You can't just say 'I want one, give me one'.

No. 312096

I've been so exhausted I haven't dreamt or thought about my husband lately and it sucks because I usually think about him at home. I want to ruffle his hair and cry into his shoulders as I vent to him how awful I've been as his girlfriend.

I'm sorry for being melodramatic but I genuinely feel like shit

No. 312099

This is so true. I've gone into media with the purpose of husbando hunting before and I'll find maybe one or two I like but don't fully fall for. The ones that become head over heels with always happen to me unexpectedly, and then I become obsessed with them. It's a lot of fun, although I don't want to add more to my harem so I hope it never happens again.

No. 312101

Charon ♥ from the mobile game Alchemy Stars

No. 312121

You can always use the time when you're falling asleep to think about your husband. It's good for relaxing. I hope you feel better anon, remember that your husbando loves you and cares for you everyday even when you're busy and tired.

No. 312128

File: 1676008012429.jpg (35.96 KB, 600x695, tailsgetstrolled_Cheetoman.jpg)

Come and get him. No take backs.

No. 312137

File: 1676011776258.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 1378x2039, 97765775_p0.png)

Disregarding my plans of going to a body farm when I die, I'll be donating it more directly to science.

No. 312140

File: 1676013671603.gif (3.02 MB, 540x581, tumblr_674dbf9f3fa4bd1f243cdb7…)

He looks pretty cute too

No. 312185

No. 312191

I'm single now so i can finally devote time into my husbandos i neglected for an ungrateful ugly and fat scrote.

No. 312198

welcome back, nonita. It's amazing to find a loving 2d husbando who has more character than irl scrotes. Sending hugs your way and curses to your ex

No. 312202

File: 1676075716095.gif (1.22 MB, 500x500, DC2C6844-FF33-4FA2-A41C-9494DD…)

My friend made an extremely silly gif of my husbando, Blingee/PicMix style. It's a glittery, personalised shitpost and it makes me grin every time I see it. I wish I could print out a gif because i would love to hang it up in my room.
I don't want to share the actual image Im shy but I do encourage everynona to make one of their own beloved. And if you have husbandofag friends, it's a great gift!

No. 312216

KEK nonna, that made me think of Hanafusa keeping my body rigged with explosives in a freezer as a back-up plan. I'm for it.

No. 312241

I can't stop thinking about how people here call fantasies like mine with my husbando "moidish" or "scroteish" because they're maledom, or I want to serve him or be submissive to him. It genuinely makes me feel sick to my stomach like they're implying I'm sexually attracted to him wrong. I'm so sick and tired of being judged for how I love him.

No. 312242

i dont personally understand what possesses women to be submissive in any capacity but my opinion aside, try to remember that pretty much anywhere else you would be in the majority & completely accepted

No. 312245

Why am I not accepted in the sole place I should be? The majority of women are submissive. Imagine pretending to be "for women" while simultaneously insulting the natural urges of the majority.
I'm sorry if I'm way too aggressive but I genuinely cannot stand people who think I'm lesser for wanting this with my husbando. Or worse, think I'm a man, or under male influence.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be pinned down and roughly knocked up by my husbando. There is nothing wrong with melting into his touch and wanting him to protect me, because I'm weak and he's so so so strong. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe in the arms of a cute boy. There's nothing wrong with getting off to him calling me a slut, because I like dirty talk. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be flipped over and roughly dominated. There is nothing wrong with him pinning me against a wall and whispering filthy things into my ear until I'm wet. There is nothing wrong with providing my husbando with as many children as he desires. I will die on this hill forever.

No. 312250

File: 1676100025085.jpeg (218.91 KB, 750x771, 365B7153-DDC2-46B0-87E2-0DCF3F…)

For a sub yes you are "way too aggressive" kek. It sucks that someone pissed in your cereal but right now you're picking a fight in a thread full of randoms— not even replying to a specific post— and for what? I shouldn't even respond because you're clearly acting out for attention, but you seem so genuinely distressed, I can't ignore my ~natural feminine urge~ to address you. Basically the opinions of anonymous imageboard users should not send you into a rage this potent. Are you mad about something else? Maybe you've got some unresolved trauma? Were you bullied or neglected as a child, and now you react to the first sign of social exclusion with broiling anger?
I get it. It sucks to feel unwelcome, unappreciated, out of place… but this is NOT how you find social fulfilment and acceptance. Seriously, I just can't believe you are rageposting about your horny 2D fantasies like anyone is going to hold your hand and apologise. I hope at the very least that ranting helped you calm down. Luckily youre anon so even if the shame of your outburst follows you, none of us will be able to tell. Maybe next time save it for your diary.

No. 312251

never heard of PicMix before, it lets you make stuff w/o an account, thanks for sharing, nonny

you made yourself way more annoying than her, congrats

No. 312252


No. 312253

No. 312256

yeah ok you seem entitled, i regret replying semi politely

No. 312257

>wanting to be pinned down and roughly knocked up by my husbando
gross, no babies
>melting into his touch and wanting him to protect me, because I'm weak and he's so so so strong.
first part is good, second bit a little too exaggerated
>wanting to feel safe in the arms of a cute boy
fine, not really subby
>getting off to him calling me a slut, because I like dirty talk.
gross, getting degraded isn't sexy, dirty talk doesn't have to be insults
>wanting to be flipped over and roughly dominated.
depends how rough you mean rough, no bruises, no blood, no chance for injury
>him pinning me against a wall and whispering filthy things into my ear until I'm wet.
gentle kabedon can be cool.
>providing my husbando with as many children as he desires
again no babies!

But I'm not 'sub or dom' I like an equal relationship.
One of my guys would be too scared to hurt me to even play at being rough, one is too nice to ever think of it, and one would would only do it to mess with me and it wouldn't be serious.

No. 312259

Of course you are under male influence or a porn addict. It's not normal or natural to want someone to mistreat you, beat you and forcibly impregnate you. Now it's one thing to have a kink that you keep to yourself and another to say that all women want to be treated like that and it's natural to dominate and mistreat women. You are a misogynist.

No. 312263

>Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting
I'd say I'm right where I belong. The gatekeeping against anything but gentle femdom is tiring in a thread where you're supposed to be posting about your fantasies with him, by name.
And there it is, like some kind of automated bot that spams "misogyny" at the first thing she doesn't like. I don't even watch porn or know any men into this stuff. I do know women though!

No. 312264

>against anything but gentle femdom
thats not true, we also accept violent femdom

No. 312265

I don't understand why you think the end result of sex is gross and not beautiful. Sure a crying screaming shitting thing is annoying irl sometimes but just like a real relationship, this is fantasy and you don't have to imagine the downsides.
Instead, you could imagine your husbando's face as he holds your child for the first time, genuinely in awe that such a thing is his, is yours. You could imagine husbando pointing out that he/she has their mother's eyes. You could imagine your husbando sitting cross legged on the floor as he entertains the child with toys. You could imagine your husbando a bit too worried about your kids' safety at school, and you could comfort him and tell him that it's going to be okay. You could imagine your husbando filled with pride that you raised such a good kid. There's so many opportunities to imagine your husbando being soft, and being a family, and feeling so much love. I just don't understand why some refuse to take those opportunities just because real babies cry at bad times or pregnancy is scary (even though it's fictional pregnancy with zero risk).

No. 312266

So violent femdom is okay but not switching the roles around? It just makes my brain hurt.

No. 312267

Ignore them and post whatever you like, this thread doesn’t belong to anyone so if some anons don’t like your fantasies don’t give them time.
If you love your husbando so much I think you should only seek validation from him rather than husbando anons, I personally like for my husbando to be dominant so I understand, just because you have this dynamic doesn’t mean you don’t belong here, anons in any thread can be critical this is the nature of image boards.

No. 312268

Personally I love these threads because they're usually a respite from the usual patriarchal bullshit messages about women's sexuality. I think many feel the same so they get upset when they see posts that are violent towards women.
>The gatekeeping against anything but gentle femdom
Conveniently ignoring all the vanilla posts huh?
Hell yeah

No. 312269

You said all women are worthless sluts who only exist to be used and abused by men. What else am I supposed to call you? Stop projecting your degenerate fantasies to other women.

No. 312271

Claiming that most women are submissive and want to be abused by moids sounds pretty misogynistic to me.

No. 312274

File: 1676109626492.jpg (384.31 KB, 1831x2048, E-X8Jw4VcAI4two.jpg)

My husbando in his natural place

No. 312275

eh maybe gross was too harsh, but I've never felt that 'maternal instinct' or 'biological clock' in real life, I don't think I really have the emotional capacity to be a good mom.
But then also, my fantasies are all about being the hero or the hero's emotional support in dangerous situations where it would be impossible or irresponsible to bring a child into the world. I don't need to imagine a child in the picture to see a softer side of my husbando.

No. 312276

It’s always so pathetic when women who larp as gay men (24/7 cockposting etc) end up getting with balding 30 year olds they can’t even touch without vomiting a little.

No. 312277

Wrong thread

No. 312278

No I meant, most women are submissive, in a vanilla way. That's not misogynistic, it's the truth. As for being "abused" (I did not put abuse anywhere in my post as everything in there is consensual), most of the scenarios I wrote are common female fantasies. Light masochism is common among women and you can look up the studies done on that sort of thing if you don't believe me, and if you don't interact with women who don't have some sort of retarded male PTSD going on.

No. 312279

Nta but I'm childfree and imagining having children with my husbandos is indeed gross to me, especially since most of my husbandos are villains and they would be horrible fathers lol.

No. 312280

>if you don't interact with women who don't have some sort of retarded male PTSD going on.
That's weird, the women I've talked to who id as submissive all had trauma from retarded males abusing them. It's apparantly common to think that you're submissive when that's all you have experienced.

No. 312281

Weird. All the women I know who were against it were sexually harassed or raped and have a strong reaction against it because they're projecting their abuse. And I didn't even mention abuse! How is rough consensual sex abuse? How is consensual degradee stuff abuse? How is kidnapping husbando and locking him in a cage all fine and dandy here but a watered down version of the opposite is some misogynistic crime?
All I want is a female space where I can feel like I'm not going to be attacked for being open with my feelings and fantasies I KNOW tons of other women share, but I guess I can't even have that.

No. 312283

>All I want is a female space where I can feel like I'm not going to be attacked for being open with my feelings and fantasies I KNOW tons of other women share, but I guess I can't even have that.
not even being snarky but try Tumblr unironically

No. 312284

I would assrape your son given the chance btw(only moids resort to rape retard)

No. 312286

I can't stand being on that site for more than a minute.

No. 312287

Now if you truly believe that all the nonas who dislike misogynistic maledom posts all have ptsd from abusive moids, why not show some empathy and courtesy?
You could spoiler any posts you want to make to prevent anyone from reading them by accident.
People spoiler mild things and things for fun all the time, so why not use it? Or well, use tumblr. They love that shit over there.

No. 312291

>The majority of women are submissive. Imagine pretending to be "for women" while simultaneously insulting the natural urges of the majority.
go back

No. 312293

File: 1676119479540.jpg (48.71 KB, 564x782, c58460ce600365310d0b98f6a0c9dd…)

>How is kidnapping husbando and locking him in a cage all fine and dandy here

No. 312295

Males have subjugated women for millennia. Now it's their turn. Sex slave husbando best husbando.

No. 312296

Lol then clearly you haven’t been on tumblr, it’s chill as fuck

No. 312297

Such a scrotey thing to say. Real women don’t care about subjugating others. That’s a scrotum brain thing.

No. 312300

>Chill as fuck

No. 312301

Mmm, sex slave husbando. Always hot and ready in my head.

No. 312304

/ot tier infighting, this thread been sucking ass for a while but damn

No. 312306

I don't understand why people think women being submissive is natural instead of an influence of societal pressures + low self-worth or mental illness? It's not natural for a woman to choose an aggressive partner who will hurt her. It's amazing how society has made so many women throw away their self-preservation instincts to willingly accept men who will physically harm them. It's so insidious. Even "consensually" if a man would physically rough you up or restrain you in any way, he's an ape who needs to be put down. Why you would want that man to be your husbando makes no sense to me.

No. 312307

File: 1676121017677.gif (2.98 MB, 498x371, sususuusususususu.gif)

No. 312318

Nta but I have no sexual or abusive trauma and I have submissive fantasies because I'm a very rigid and independent person irl and being vulnerable disgusts me, the only way I could let myself go is with somebody taking control over me (men or women btw). These are all in the realm of fantasy and I would never do this IRL because real moids are shit, and ofc I don't think most women are subs and I don't throw a tantrum when I see femdom shit kek.

No. 312322

File: 1676126663661.jpg (74.08 KB, 865x612, image0.jpg)

hello. post moar boy torture plese.

No. 312334

File: 1676130083510.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.88 KB, 801x1200, 85546603_p16_master1200.jpg)

Thinking about my husbando roughed up makes me so sad…like my pussy cries and everything

No. 312343

File: 1676132246650.png (Spoiler Image,707.57 KB, 1026x878, image_2023-02-12_021725820.png)

Same here. my husbando was already hurt plenty by his own series.

No. 312344

Hot, who is he?

No. 312346

File: 1676132489942.jpg (88.28 KB, 800x800, f097fb1fd0a7f15ae24a8e95768a81…)


No. 312348

Fuck nonnie ty for posting daddy kaz I needed to see his face today

No. 312349

File: 1676132636024.jpg (57.82 KB, 1118x629, fathersongbonding.jpg)

Featured here, young Russian man gazes on at his gay adopted father's large rocket

No. 312357

File: 1676134641391.gif (1.92 MB, 500x230, holyshitKAZmgsv.gif)

Aaah yes. He has gorgeous eyes.

No. 312359

This. Just post what you enjoy, reply to posts about things you like, and ignore what you’re not into. This goes for everyone.

No. 312360

>is blind

No. 312364

Thanks, learned about a new hunk today.

No. 312370

please join the Kaz harem

No. 312371

File: 1676140675232.jpeg (24.13 KB, 226x312, 4979a3427c2376010271e.jpeg)

I love this man

No. 312374

File: 1676143011334.png (Spoiler Image,322.04 KB, 411x477, Img_mgsgz_miller.png)

I want to play him like a damn fiddle

No. 312405

File: 1676152974429.png (1.23 MB, 850x1127, 0SMdMYq.png)

i want him to turn my pussy into shambles

No. 312438

That ain't a setback in my book. It'd be easier to sneak up on him and grab his man bosom.

No. 312496

File: 1676220634446.jpg (24.22 KB, 564x564, leon.jpg)

Look how thicc his arms are though. It's like they tried to compensate for the rest of his looks.
I'm now imaging you doing this in classic MGS style, nona.

No. 312497

File: 1676221760545.jpg (147.71 KB, 540x647, tumblr_8b7690e4e7caa98ada95f5f…)

I just want to be there for him and give him the love he needs, to let him know that he is loved as he is and that he's important and a priority to me. I want to hug him after he's had his little menty b and love him tenderly

No. 312503

File: 1676224856115.jpg (282.81 KB, 781x781, Ralph_extras_gallery_det_head_…)

>tfw no damaged gardener robot husbando to take care of and get my pussy (and flowers) plowed by him
Why even live?

No. 312516

File: 1676232898957.jpg (25.2 KB, 500x375, 1d77d6261161958d1695f735b8f6f0…)

I often wonder why i like a certain husbando of mine so much. He is geriatric as fuck, an awful father, probably an awful husband in reality and an all round terrible human being. But in my own mind i can the one person who can tame his wild and abrasive behaviour and provide respite from the wild shit he does during the day. I cringe so hard when i post thoughts like this even anonymously. In my mind all the bad shit he has done doesn't matter because he makes me feel safe and i feel like a complete pickme. But honestly, i actual find comfort in the fact that he only exists in the pages of comics and in my dreams.

No. 312517

File: 1676233380284.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.89 KB, 1280x720, DAMN OKAY.jpg)

am so SO attached to him but I know he would hate my ass and only keep me around for his own amusement

No. 312520

Why would he hate you? I think he'd find you annoying in the very worst case.

No. 312526

I found the mixed robot dude so hot in this game

No. 312532

Such a cutie, there is something about damaged androids that I really like

No. 312534

File: 1676247436509.png (2.01 MB, 1658x933, 923856294562356.png)

no he's still cute

No. 312535

I want my husbando to mark me with bites and hickies and scratch marks. I want to feel him have control over me, and I want to be his completely. I want to be sore in the morning from his cock, and he carries me out of bed and makes me breakfast~

No. 312542

Based and same. I also like the idea of making breakfast for us myself while I’m only wearing a frilly pink apron with all the marks he left on me the night before completely visible

No. 312559

Everyone in this game looked like they were made out of gummy worms and hard rubber

No. 312562

File: 1676266212515.jpeg (571.48 KB, 1334x2048, 14B35225-8B7F-4D59-A4A2-22544C…)

love me husbando
simple as

No. 312579

mmm tasty gummy worm androids

No. 312621

File: 1676288913738.jpeg (189.28 KB, 735x825, AD71B78A-1DA0-459D-9FDC-295D69…)

>he will never look at you like picrel bottom left before you kiss him despite his bleeding nose
>you will never read romantic stories with him
>you will never wake up with your head against his chest listening to his heartbeat, your hands on his scars while he holds you tight
>you will never go on epic murderhobo adventures together
my thirst is unbearable how can a mf be this hot and cute. this it isn’t fair

No. 312658

File: 1676307806125.jpeg (794.36 KB, 1500x2000, Fn-QUijaIAA3-xU.jpeg)

Sugimoto is perfect. I also love Ogata and they're both my husbandos but there's no denying Sugimoto is objectively the better dude.

No. 312719

File: 1676342947044.jpeg (47.92 KB, 912x615, EuvdJpcWYAk2YHY.jpeg)

No plans since I work on that day and never done anything Valentine's Day related with my husbando. I feel like crap for not doing anything special with him since it requires effort and planning. I'm so sorry.

No. 312724

File: 1676346652978.jpeg (932 KB, 2480x3508, B832E47B-8D84-41DC-95CE-422B85…)

Have a great Valentine’s, nonas! I’m making angel food cake with strawberries and watching Titanic for the 90th time.

No. 312732

File: 1676353470050.png (233.49 KB, 1452x2048, EuRQ9AhVIA4vNDM.png)

Happy Valentine's Day, nonnas! ♥ I only have dirty plans, hope you all have fun ideas too!

No. 312733

I said I was gonna draw a picture but I didn't realize it's tomorrow already… Maybe just a chibi, maybe next year.

No. 312741

File: 1676357151670.jpg (52.84 KB, 794x677, E5ipVU3XMAMp5NY.jpg)

happy valentines day nonnas! Hope you're all kissing the JPEGs of your husbandos

No. 312747

File: 1676362391190.jpg (43.97 KB, 1080x210, B.A.S.E.D..jpg)

This troper gets it, I want to shake her hand and buy her a beer.

No. 312749

I'm going to lay in bed and daydream like i usually do.

No. 312752

File: 1676367666131.jpg (305.9 KB, 2048x1448, 73bc674659f756a5f6998ba8581ab8…)

Happy Valentine's day nonas!
May you spend a beautiful day with your husbandos, eating chocolates and recieving cute gifts from them. ❤️
For me, I'm just going to daydream like I usually do since I never plan anything for Valentine's day, so I hope you'll have a more interesting day than mine and have fun baking, drawing, writing or whatever you want to do!

haven't posted here in a short while, reading all your posts is always a pleasure. Hope you're all doing well!

No. 312754

Hank Hill?

No. 312756

File: 1676368652328.jpg (417.62 KB, 617x850, 73459130_p1_master1200.jpg)

Happy Valentine's day to everynona and your husbandos!

No. 312804

File: 1676404959198.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, Vlcsnap-2015-09-07-21h26m18s24…)

Worst plot twist ever but I still do want him back in future games and I'd so sit on his face

No. 312818

File: 1676411027269.webm (566.68 KB, 488x584, heart-oldface.webm)

It's too bad I only have this recorded with his old monkey face. Not paying real money for emotes no matter how cute.

No. 312821

File: 1676413312549.png (1.05 MB, 1599x1184, Screenshot_20230214.png)

t. Dazai
pic rel

No. 312830

File: 1676424179553.gif (2.85 MB, 650x433, 91108F3C-278F-4819-81D9-9B854E…)

Speaking of angsty damaged robot boys, Odi from Humans is a cutie pie and I CAN FIX HIM

No. 312836

File: 1676429260874.jpeg (99.87 KB, 850x1061, haveasip.jpeg)

Happy Valentine's day, nonnas ♥

No. 312838

File: 1676431021564.png (5.35 MB, 3188x1636, husbandos.png)

happy valentine's day anons, I'm celebrating with my husbando harem

No. 312839

File: 1676431445537.png (517.15 KB, 1594x818, husbandos-min.png)

jfc the image size is huge my bad

No. 312840

Happy valentines anons, I hope you get to appreciate your husbando in a special way today! I worked eleven hours so I wasn't able to do much besides listen to the playlist I made him and wear a sweater with him on it. Such is life.

No. 312852

I know that feel, nonnie, I couldn't do anything in particular, I got home, took a shower and passed out. I hope I can at least bake something cute that actually tastes good this weekend, yesterday I barely managed to daydream about my husbandos because I was so busy and tired.

No. 312853

File: 1676457794956.jpg (282.95 KB, 1200x675, hfjhsijklijl.jpg)

>my lame bi ass
>have a stupid opera character as a husbando
>the role is a soprano and played by a woman
>literally the reason why i'm horny for this character is because i have a thing for women wearing traditional men's uniforms
>so technically my husbando is also my waifu
>all of this sounds like retarded gendie bullshit
I saw the opera for the first time in my teens and it has only gotten worse since then. The last time I saw it (in 2022) I realized at some point I had the horny death grip every time he (she) was on stage.

No. 312857

File: 1676461433929.jpg (38.63 KB, 564x397, catandleon.jpg)

Hope you had a good Vday nonas!

No. 312889

File: 1676477521158.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1536x2048, EC5F541C-061F-4F39-AA87-EB5488…)

Is this your cat? So cute! I have a similar pic of my cat and my husbando kek

No. 312905

File: 1676485765104.jpeg (3.29 MB, 2724x2901, FA973729-F7AD-4BA4-BF0E-5587AE…)

I took this weeks ago… Is this just what we do?

No. 312931

File: 1676496381707.jpg (33.04 KB, 564x391, 47e7ebddca114a710255f3cc70b93f…)

Not my kitty, it just shows my feelings towards Leon very well hehe
But how cute that you two have taken photos of your cats and your husbandos!

No. 312936

for those of you with unpopular husbandos that never get posted (here or somewhere else), how do you feel about that?
i feel a bit sad because he barely gets fics or fanart

No. 312939

I didn't know there was a brit version of that show???? This Odi looks a lot better than the swedish one but he looks too human

No. 312940

>spend an hour making voice clip compilations for elevenlabs
>blank on what to make him say
>just feed it random lolcow screenshots for the lulz
i love my terf husbando who is also manifesto-chan

Same, i never really got jealous of other people who love him so it's just a shame (idk how i would react if someone else got mad that we had the same husbando though, that seems super awkward), but it is motivation to get better at creative skills! nonoas your cat and doll pictures are so adorable by the way.. maybe i should add sewing to the list. Or motivation to make a lot of cash for commissions i guess

No. 312943

mine doesn't "barely" get any, he's so obscure he straight up gets none, which is.. okay by me. the secrecy can add excitement, it's like he's tailor made just for me. his whole character is about being weird and hateful, so no shit no one likes him. i think a lot about how my life could have turned out if i didn't find him when i did, and how lucky/cursed i am such an unlikely thing did happen.

No. 312945

I'd like to hear some of my Japanese husbandos trying to speak English and I don't mean dubbing, but their Japanese voice actors speaking English in the characters' voices. Wish I had a way to commission them to say random shit in the characters' voices or even input the characters' Japanese voice lines into a voice generator AI and have it somehow generate ESL speech? Though I still can't help but be quite skeptical of AI as a whole becoming so popular, I doubt this will go on well.

No. 312966

File: 1676512197918.png (269.87 KB, 563x488, Destiny 2_20230215164210.png)

welp good thing I didn't fall for him after all, damn you Architects.
At least I got some cute prerendered Crow. My Titan would've definitely gone to lie on the bench and vent to him at the end until Warlock would have to drag her away.

No. 312976

husbando’s lips just barely brushing against yours in a chaste kiss

No. 312979

And his hand just barely brushing over the back of yours

No. 312998

he moves closer, taking up more of your personal space with ease; a knee pressing between yours, a hand smoothing down the small of your back, his lips becoming more insistent as he murmurs your name gently against your mouth–the realization that he wants this, that he wants you, sparks and ignites hot in your belly.

No. 313003

No. 313007

i need him so bad i’m literally about to pass out

No. 313013

he's had such a long day and he's tired, but he wants to make time for you~

No. 313017

File: 1676567001758.gif (706.97 KB, 480x360, metal-gear.gif)

you are just severely dehydrated and pass out before anything happens

No. 313021

Remember to drink enough water while thirsting for your husbando.

No. 313022

he's there waiting for you. can't you feel his breath fanning wide and warm against your neck as he fills his lungs with you? can't you feel the awful stampede of his heart along your open palm as you lay your hand against his chest?
he wants you. he craves to know the taste of you on the flat of his tongue, to memorize the warmth of your body in the pads of his fingertips. he wants you so badly it nearly blinds him, and so he holds you to him unseeing, praying at the altar of your flesh with unspoken reverence, finding shelter in the temple of your body as the psalm of your love sings to him.
a beat passes between you as the impending touch of your bodies draws nearer, and then he pleads your name softly, begging for mercy, for respite against the growing flames. the light of your divinity calls to him like nothing else, is all he seeks and wishes to know, if only you would deign to have him.
finally–finally–you reach for him, and the desperate feeling behind his ribs that threatened to engulf him only moments ago dies away abruptly.
relief permeates his every nerve, and he breathes, moving to pour all of himself out, laying bare all he is before your eyes, faithful and unafraid.
he is yours; he is yours.
take him.

yeah? well, in my headcanon she's perfectly hydrated and possibly divine, so jot that down ♥

No. 313027

i kneel before you, wordsmith

No. 313029

How did you learn to write like that?

No. 313049

The unsexiest, purplest prose I have ever had the misfortune of reading.
When you're learning, please do the opposite of whatever she did.

No. 313051

Contribute with something better then.

No. 313054

This was lovely and it made my heart flutter. Thank you anon.

No. 313056

File: 1676589226369.jpg (153.2 KB, 1600x1600, Eh30VJKUMAAU3ia.jpg)

I wanna ruffle his hair! Run my fingers through it until it's even messier! Pet him a little, tell him he's a good boy! Bongo my hands against his head a little while he sits on the floor between my legs! Demand he bark for me once or twice! Cute boy, I love him so! I love him so much!