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File: 1621772406846.png (965.89 KB, 1260x810, 1614251959033-vaginas.png)

No. 187179

previous thread >>>/g/145472

No. 187276

Nonnies with weird periods - have you ever had small blood clots? I'm on like day 3 or 4 and usually when i pee the blood blends with the water. This time it just looked like specks of sand, coffee grounds, and grains of rice, with the largest 'clot' still smaller than a pinky fingernail. They all retained their shape and did not break up or blend whatsoever which is a first to me. What gives? Google only points me towards large clots but this was literally all clots just varying sizes. Saging cause I'm embarrassed that I'm kinda freaking out lol.

No. 187361

I had a blood clot in the shape of a man once. It fell outta me in the shower and slid towards the drain looking like it was waving its arms going down a slide. I imagine he was yelling "weee!" out of his lil clot mouth

No. 187373

I get that often and think of it as coffee grounds too, it's never seemed to be an issue to me if that helps

No. 187374

Alright I feel really embarrassed asking about this even though this is an anonymous imageboard but, I really do think I have a stinky vagina. I say that because after a day of having worn the same underwear they smell absolutely horrid. It smells sour and strong, best way to describe it is like cat pee. I'd feel extremely embarrassed going to bed with someone and they'd smell my underwear. I don't know what it is :( maybe it's my horrible diet? Does anyone have advice? (also no, I've never had sex before so it can't be a std)

No. 187378

You might have bacterial vaginosis, anon. Do you use soaps in the vag/around the labia? Because that could screw up your ph balance. Go to your doc to get it checked out. Your diet does play a part too though; drink a lot of water to keep things regulated. Include pineapple and/or cranberry juice too if you believe in those articles kek. Your vag isn't going to smell like flowers or candy by the end of it, but it won't be like what you're describing. Good luck anon, you'll figure it out!

No. 187384

Your pH might be off. Go to Planned Parenthood or a doctor. Do you use soaps or any cleansing products ?

No. 187385

File: 1621875774760.gif (512.93 KB, 400x225, 1616685588042.gif)

you made my day nonita

No. 187387

I only use soap between my thighs and around my pubic hair area. Maybe I should stop using soap there? I'll do my best to change my diet, drink plenty of water and try pineapple/cranberry juice. if that doesn't work i'll go to my doctor. thanks gals for the advice <3

No. 187393

What's your undie situation, anon? I had to switch to all-cotton cause anything else made me smell like a sweaty lumberjack armpit

No. 187398

I don't think at all about what material i'm wearing I just pick out what's most comfiest. Maybe I should have a look at that too

No. 187411

File: 1621884221627.jpeg (265.45 KB, 1242x1242, 695310D5-E474-4FBE-995C-AC47BC…)

So I have an annoying blackhead that won’t leave my labia and it hurts a-fucking-lot when I try to extract it with either my nails or even a tiny tweezer, Its location is pictured in the drawing, is there a way for me to remove it? Sometimes it gets itchy and it’s bothersome. I asked my gynecologist as well and she told me it would leave on its own but it has been 3 years and it hasn’t left yet, I also haven’t gone to my gynecologist in 2 years already so I’m kind of worried about whether is some skin issue or something.

No. 187412

a blackhead? damn I didn't even know that was possible. if it's anything like the blackheads on my face, insistently trying to pop it by squeezing the sides (?? I'm not sure how to explain this lol) should work eventually. I don't pop blackheads on my face really hard anymore because it can cause visible broken capillaries but that's probably not a concern on the labia

No. 187413

I didn't even know we could get blackheads there. Brb while I check myself

Have you considered holding a cotton pad/tissue that has been dipped in hot water over the area to open up the pore a little bit? It would make removal much easier if you apply heat. Maybe do it in a warm bath

No. 187430

So the cotton panty thing that another poster mentioned is a good start. Do you wear black jeans by chance? Some pants can have a lot of smelliness from the dyeing process, even after many washes. Other colors, too, but black is the worst.

No. 187460

sorry but what the other anons said is not good advice, if you pointed to the correct area in that diagram it could be a bartholin cyst which is common and normal but can become very full, painful and inflamed when left to its own devices, let alone if introduced to exogenous bacteria through attempted squeezing and popping
if it is just a regular blackhead or ingrown hair it is also not good to pop or squeeze it. very difficult to remove the full plug of sebum or empty the pus sac yourself without pain/damage/inflammation or infection. try taking sitz baths, with unscented epsom salts or a bit of baking soda, and a warm cloth held up to it (not applying too much pressure) after baths or showers, or just while chilling and hanging out in bed as a compress to help inflammation and eventually draw the pus out
you will want to use a clean cloth each time, change your panties very regularly (breathable cotton for sure if possible), and do not touch it with your hands. not because it is unclean, or any weird stigma about a normal occurrence in the female body, but because even if you wash your hands thoroughly, there will be bacteria underneath your fingernails or in spots you missed while washing, and they can also introduce sebum from your fingers, which might prolong it. the pressure from direct hand touch is also not good, as it may accidentally pop or burst it enough to become infected, without draining the entire pus sac inside of the bump.
not trying to sound stern or bossy, but i had one of these develop into a giant painful cyst and do not want you to make it worse, even if it's just a small ingrown or blackhead right now
the dangers of infection on your labia (even majora!) are worse than popping zits or squeezing blackheads on your face because these areas tend to moisten with sweat or discharge in hotter seasons, they are exposed to urine, and are more difficult to keep fully sanitized.
i just reread your post and saw that this has been ongoing for years, that it is very painful to the touch and that sounds a lot like a bartholin cyst to me, especially because of where it is located. you can get it lanced by a medical professional, and that might help with the pain and swelling. please stop touching it though

No. 187818

Oh my god, who should I see? My gynecologist again or a dermatologist?

No. 187825

I've got a history of problems with eczema and get environmental allergen and stress related flareups. Unfortunately, I've also had BV once before and a lot of fucking yeast infections. Is there a fairly foolproof way to tell the difference between my eczema and other kinds of vaginitis?
My discharge doesn't smell yeasty if I put a finger in, it's basically odorless, and it looks yellowish at best, but idek anymore what my normal smell is and it doesn't always smell the same when I see discharge on the outside or in panties. I'm trying to do boric acid once a day for a few days to "rebalance" after my period, but am worried I could do more harm than good or need to go for twice a day. I also don't know how close to having sexual activity with someone else I'd need to stop taking it. I just want the burning to END. I'm trying zyrtec too and gonna see if it helps clear it up because I'm currently having an eczema flareup.

No. 188113

Anyone else experience vertigo before getting their periods? Should I be worried or is it normal?

No. 188348

is it normal for the labia to change colour during arousal? mine always seem to become darker. could this be something to do with increased bloodflow to the area?

No. 188350

That's exactly what it is anon, everything is working as it should be

No. 188670

File: 1622376739862.gif (828.75 KB, 180x166, 4910468A-A09F-42D8-BE26-6C7B96…)

Ladiies, I have thrush. I took an oral capsule to treat it on Thursday, the itching has gone but the thick discharge remains. I’m certain it’s thrush as I’ve recently come off anti biotics. Do I take another capsule? or try a pessary?

No. 188688

I always get ingrown hairs after shaving and I'm not sure what to do. Do any anons have advice?

No. 188693

How strong of a sensation is it? I usually get streaks of dizziness a few days prior, nothing incapacitating but if I can sit or lay down I'll do it just to decrease my discomfort.

No. 188695

Exfoliate before shaving with an exfoliating glove/sponge etc. I used to use stridex’s salicylic acid rounds when my ingrowns were bad. Good luck!

No. 188698

File: 1622390417585.jpeg (357.43 KB, 761x914, 221F4E90-7CE5-43CF-844D-775ADB…)

Forgot the pic - this is the stuff I used with 2% in. There is a version with 0.5% however I’ve never used that stuff.

No. 188732

I'm going to spoiler this because it's kinda gross, but during wiping after using the washroom, there was a teeny amount of blood in my otherwise clear discharge. Nothing is burning or irritated, my period ended last Tuesday, I'm not sexually active, and I think my uterus is pretty healthy. What could this be? Should I be worried?

No. 188743

spotting, which is generally no big deal but check this article for possible reasons

No. 188827

It’s usually a few seconds of dizziness, it gets kind of bothersome because almost every time I make a sudden move like put my head down, kneel down or toss in bed I’ll get an “episode”. Some are worse than others and I’ll need to grab onto something to not fall or pass out, others are just light headrushes.
I’ve done some googling and it says it’s hormonal changes, but I found it weird since it never happened to me and it just started around a year ago.

No. 189144

Is it normal to have a period that is basically just clots? This is how my period has always been, and I am just starting to realize it might not be normal. I don't get a "gush" or anything like that. I literally just pop out giant blood clots. Am I gonna die?

No. 189150

Might it be postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome?

No. 189154

If this ever happens again then don't use spoilers. This is girlchan, there is no reason to be ashamed
Anyway back OT I get this sometimes and from my smear test everything is okay but when I googled it at the time I saw lots of scary results so maybe get it checked out just in case? Could be nothing, but also it could be something so better to be safe and find out

No. 189690

I've seen all the male infographics and posts about nofap and they all suggest that it does help greatly with overall health, but I'm not a moid and I don't consume porn whilst doing it (which seems to be the main issue for most people). So, are there really any physical benefits that come from not masturbating, especially from a female point of view? Like increased sensitivity, motivation, etc. I can never find a clear answer on this. Is it just a case of moderation?

No. 189698

Just speaking for myself, I find benefits from masturbating often. I have anxiety and get random drops in my mood some days, likely just my anxiety levels building up. I find that when my drive is healthy I can almost just reset my mood by getting off. If I hit a slump in my day it's the thing that quickly perks me up again. Gives me a boost rather than tiring me.

I did find that back when I used vibrators it didn't give me the same pick me up, I stopped using them and got back to manual stim. That gives me the type of orgasm where it's more satisfying but also less draining? Don't quite know why.

No. 189700

Not really, nofap is for male porn addicts.

The only benefit of not masturbating when you want to for women would be increased self-control perhaps, and being more excited when you finally can fap again.

No. 189721

I seem to have a rash around my vagina, it's a bit itchy and labia is red but nothing odd besides that (I do see like white spots in my underwear but now I'm not sure if I had them before since it's an old one or not). Never had a yeast infection, what should I be looking out for? I'm not sure if I should worry or not, I did use pads two days ago and maybe I have a rash from that? But I also had sex with a guy two weeks ago and the fucker touched his penis against my vagina several times with no condom so now I'm freaking out.

Only thing I've had previously are UTIs so this is new to me.

No. 190724

Is it normal to barely have any distance between your vagina and your anus? Like one of my vaginaflaps runs right into my anus, there's no 'normal' skin between them

No. 190744

Pads and higher ph from period, plus foreign dick bacteria gives me a yeast infection. Skip underwear during night and cotton during day, loose pants/skirts and eat yoghurt, and get tested in the meanwhile

No. 190756

Glad you asked this because I have the same thing. I suppose it's normal, and even if not, none of my partners ever mentioned anything.

No. 191495

File: 1623408897464.png (263.01 KB, 600x452, tumblr_mh43zmaTTD1rg39d7o2_640…)

i switched from nexplanon to a regular BC pill march and i have to say, living my best life not having my period anymore. fuck that bitch. looking forward to more months with no period at all. fuck biology, who decided randomly bleeding and ruining my underwear was fine

No. 191505

BC is so unhealthy… I can empathise with hating periods though.

No. 191518

I hate the idea that taking BC is as simple as "turning off" your period like women are machines

No. 191522

Same. I'd get terribly woozy and lightheaded from all the blood loss (sorry for TMI). Now I can actually do shit and only have to worry about spotting. Plus I saved a ton of money on pads, which is good, given that prices are shooting up.

No. 191523

be aware anon, some months it might come back. I've been on a different BC pill since november and after december my periods stopped, but this month it came back and is lasting a lot longer.

No. 191595

Nexplanon worked for me for about 18 months and then I had the worst acne, hormonal anxiety and nausea. It was the best tho IMO for PMDD. Just be careful about having sex if you get it out. I literally got pregnant instantly after getting it out.

Since having my 2nd kid I went with the Mirena IUD and I’ve been enjoying that a lot. No issues, no PMDD, no period and no more babies.

No. 191597

Sorry my reading comprehension sucks today and realized you switched from nexplanon to the pill.

No. 191630

it affects everything. hormones are so complicated.

i have to be on it for the first time for a medical reason and i absolutely loathe it. also can't be on estrogen. The only thing i am thankful for is the fact that bc without estrogen is less likely to result in weight gain / breast growth. fuck i hate it though. i'm thinking of just stopping it tbh.

i have blood-filled cysts in my ovary and deep endometriosis that fucked up other organs of mine. i just dealt with the pain until i ended up in hospital. but god i don't wanna take this pill anymore.

No. 191634

luckily when i got it removed my bf and i were having a dry spell so i didnt worry about it and honestly when i got it taken out i started the pill right away

idk it doesnt work like that for everyone. nexplanon made my periods fucked up. if some women are anti BC and pro natural period for the body or something i think that's fair/valid, just not my view. it made my tits blow up though, they looked like fucking implants, it was uncomfortable how firm they would get sometimes.

>BC is so unhealthy
ok… i eat a pretty good diet and dont smoke cigarettes or binge drink, and i work out, my health is likely still better than a lot of peoples

breakthrough bleeding. my gyno said i can prevent it by having a placebo week twice a year. might just do it once a year or something. i can plan it some week i have off and can just spend inside all week lol. i do want to prevent that breakthrough bleeding shit.

No. 191824

genuine question, not trying to medfag or start shit, but shouldnt this be called vulva general? like shouldnt we stop promoting illiteracy w re to female sexual health?

No. 191828

Have you read the thread? Like the posts above yours? Not all the posts are about the vulva, a lot are about the inner workings. Discharge, periods, BC (+hormones). Vulva refers only to the exterior of the genitalia. If anything it could be renamed "Female Reproductive System General," but it doesn't seem worth nitpicking over.

No. 191960

Vagina and Friends?

No. 192041

has anyone else experienced light bleeding when not on your period?

yesterday my dad yelled at me about something and i panicked so much my vision went black and i nearly fainted.

that night i noticed i was bleeding a bit even though i’m not on my period. i’ve heard that stress can cause irregular bleeding

i think i get too stressed about stuff and anxious about disappointing my parents lol

No. 192071

About the health aspects - BC has longterm effects aside from the blood clotting stuff. Yes, ofc you don't smoke in BC, smoking is absolutely not advised when you're on BC because blood clotting chance skyrockets.
It affects liver health and causes FNH (focal nodular hyperplasia - fibrous knots in your liver) which isn't cancerous but can have painful symptoms. It also causes few types of cancer to be more likely in a patient. And much more. I study this stuff and reading BC as a possible cause for so many diseases really turned me off… but I guess that's just a side effect of being in health care.
It's great you have good lifestyle but BC is ultimately giving you some risks regardless of how healthy you are.
I empathise with taking it because being in power of your reproductive health is really needed but I wish it wasn't so unhealthy.

No. 192072

If we change it to anything it should be Vageneral.

No. 192078

I got one of those painful knots in my liver and doctors have continuously gaslit me about it. I decided to go off of bc and I hope it'll shrink, but I went on bc because of painful periods in the first place. So it feels like choosing between pain.

No. 192109

Okay, fucking breakthrough bleeding is driving me up the wall. Please help, wat do? I've been taking birth control (Pimtrea) for a few months now, and I didn't used to have breakthrough bleeding. But it's been every day now, so I wear liners. Well, Saturday I decided to stop taking BC because I figured, maybe having one cycle will get rid of all this shit. Is that a good idea? I'm just sick of having to deal with the liners and spotting and arrghgldsgnfdsl;

No. 192119

Can you talk to your prescriber, anon? I had breakthrough bleeding until I talked to her and she prescribed me something with a higher dose (still really low since I am petite) and that fixed it right up.

No. 192211

Sorry for stupidposting but will I die if I don’t see a gynecologist? I’ve never seen one in my life and I’m 26, I’ve never had any issues or anything and I do get a physical every year or so. I just don’t wanna spend $350 on an appointment for a doctor to tell me I’m fine.
>yes I have health insurance but I live in Burgerland so I functionally don’t have health insurance

No. 192218

Main reason would be to get a pap smear. I know they can be vaguely uncomfy but it checks for precancerous cells which are obviously a big deal. Really better to catch something like that early and you only have to do it every 3 years. That being said your GP may do them too so you might not have to find someone else, and it should be covered even under the shittiest insurance as a preventative screening. They’d rather pay $100 for a quick exam over thousands for chemo.

No. 192224

A pap is preventative care and usually free under a lot of insurances. You won’t die, and you’re young, so you’re likely ok. My family has a history of cervical/ovarian/uterine cancers so I get mine pretty regularly. If that’s a thing in your family, doesn’t hurt to get it done every 3 years which is the norm. I get mine done once a year tho cause that shit scares me.

No. 192244

I don't want to scare you anon but please do see a gynaecologist at least once. Ovarian and womb cysts and tumors are extremely common and I had a cancer scare with one, thankfully turned out nonmalignant but you can never be too sure. Lots of my friends have had endometriosis, cysts and tumors causing them health issues without them even realizing it. I know it sounds like a waste of money and time now since you're young and healthy but it could save your life or at least a lot of pain.

No. 192326

I was never taught the front to back wipe method which I'm just now learning is the "right way". Is it super important that I do it that way? Idk the movement feels foreign and I don't feel like I'm totally cleaned up afterwards, plus my elbow gets in the way. Wtf am I doing wrong?

No. 192365

For some people it may be unhealthier not to be on it though. So that needs to be taken into account.

No. 192543

Please go see one.
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had no symptoms. Its worth seeing a gyno

No. 192551

bruh just wipe your vagina first and then wipe your butt last. You wipe your vagina from the front (stick your hand between your legs/thighs while sitting on the toilet) and then when you are finished cleaning your genitals you stick your arm behind you to wipe the butt. I can't fucking believe I am describing this rn I thought everybody did it like this. If you don't do it like this you will wipe shit into your genitals and get yeast infections

No. 192560

That’s true. Everyone has to evaluate the individual risks for themselves. Personally I hate the Idea to make myself dependent from needing access to surgical maintenance because of solutions like the copper spiral thing or other implants for example, or experiencing irreversible hormonal issues and other side effects.
I don’t get why so many people hate condoms as a contraceptive so much other than them being relatively expensive in relation to how often you use them. If you’re not clumsy and have a bit of experience they are super easy to use and if they fit the guy properly it even helps them last longer which is really nice imo. Of course they can rip if your not careful, but honestly you shouldn’t have sex if you’re wasted out of your mind anyway because there are many bad accidents which happen. Plus if used properly they have better protection from std’s than other options.

No. 192708

I got blessed with a yeast infection while taking antibiotics. Apparently it’s extremely common. I’m taking the antibiotics for pink eye and still have 3 or 4 days left but I just got symptoms of the yeast beast last night and I woke up and omg the itch. I’m gonna get cannestin or whatever which comes w cream for itching and pills to help resolve it… but is there any point in taking the pills when I’m still on the antibiotics that caused it?? Should I just use the cream to hold me over till the antibiotics are done??

No. 192709

You're right that there's no point in taking the antifungal medication until you finish the antibiotics, sorry.
Try not to scratch, avoid sugar, stick to cotton pants and when you're in the house consider wearing loose clothing with no underwear at all. Good luck to you

No. 192715

I want sex way too much for condoms to be viable. Every condom I've tried irritates my skin too (and I use lube that is compatible with them).

No. 192721

Thanks. That makes sense and that's what I've been doing but I wasn't sure if wiping twice sitting/standing was right. I get kinda paranoid that I wasn't effecient and when I stand that I'll get droplets or s/t on my clothes. Also not all of us had mothers to tell us these things so that's pretty weird you're so flippant about a question "bruh".

No. 192959

I shave my bikini line so no hair I when wearing swimming clothes, but then I just get red bumps instead which looks almost as terrible. This must have been asked a thousand times but is it possible to avoid this happening when you have thicker thighs?

No. 193430

Same anon again…. Thank fucking god today is my last day of antibiotics. I can’t handle this coochie discomfort anymore. Its so itchy which I obv don’t touch but I have an “outie” so no matter what it’s irritated. Cream hasn’t helped much beyond causing a slight rash from the moisture :( tomorrow I’ll be banging on the CVS door the moment they open for freedom from this.

No. 193465

Woah, I didn't know you could get it while on antibiotics? A moid caused me to have a YI and I got super paranoid because it's not common to get it from someone from sex.

I honestly thought I had HIV or some autoimmune disease that caused my immune system to react that way. I got tested and it was just a YI. I used the 3 day cream and suppositories but that shit didn't go away, so I bought some oregano oil, and holy shit, it went away after 1 week, but it came back again and I did the same thing and it went away. Hoping for good. Dumped the dirty moid.

No. 193497

It's not common for a guy to actually infect you with their own yeast infection, but it's really common for sex in general to cause a yeast infection. Especially without a condom, even if they don't cum in you.
Basically if something changed in your life (sex /diet /stress /clothes /season/ activity) you can go 'did x give me a yeast infection?' and the answer will be yes.
Idk where you are but in my county you can buy generic 'bv gel' for treating vaginosis, but it just kind of resets the vaginal environment so it works for YI too.

No. 193532

Is there a way to stop periods without BC? I’m afraid to take anything hormonal because im already on welbutrin/ adderal and I’m afraid of taking too much stuff. But I can’t deal with premenstrual symptoms anymore. They’re so bad. I’m getting genuinely suicidal for at least a week right before I start and I’m not suicidal otherwise but I’m getting terrified every month because my brain feels possessed.

No. 193538


No. 193542

Yes but it's not healthy

No. 193575

That sucks, I went through a lot of shit because of that too. What helped for me is radically stopping all caffeine intake, limiting sugar and eating food with lots of healthy fats. I still have symptoms but it‘s nowhere as worse than it was before. Maybe you should see a gyno with PMDD experience if it doesn’t help.
That would be the absolute last resort ever because it comes with a slew of new issues.

No. 193614

Thanks anon, my sleep and diet has been garbage and the caffeine probably isn’t helping. I’ll work on fixing those up and see. Has anyone tried the Flo vitamins or something similar for emotional issues? The swings are incredibly severe.

No. 193669

My stomach feels so tied in knots when I'm on my period, I feel like I don't want to eat anything. I get this uncomfortable gas like sensation in my sides/lower back. The only thing I can consume without pain is plain tea.

No. 194109

Anons I'm scared, I just took a shower and when washing my body I noticed that some of my skin looks and feels like it's starting to fuse down there. I have no idea how to describe this accurately but a small part of my labia minora and labia majora look like they fused and in between it seems like some hair is stuck, kind of like an ingrown hair but it's outside of the skin. What the fuck is happening. It doesn't hurt so I don't know if I should see a doctor for that.

No. 194110

Im sorry idk what it could be but since you're scared i think its for the better to go to the doctor anyway. That way you wont panic about what it maybe could be even if its maybe not something dangerous.

No. 194128

Can you reach the hair to see if it is a hair? One time I had this weird freak accident where my panties had a loose very thin string that tangled my lips in a small spot and cut off circulation. I didn't even notice until I got searing pain presumably a few hours after.

Deffo get checked sis if you're not sure.

No. 195105

File: 1625093322956.jpeg (152.11 KB, 575x863, A3B852B6-71AB-4D57-ABAA-BC83E3…)

I know this sounds unbelievably retarded but why the fuck is my canal so small/tight? I can use tampons (up to size R) but can’t insert anything at all, barely even a finger. I assume vaginismus but I’m totally relaxed and horny, I can’t feel my muscles seizing up or anything. It just badly hurts, like trying to stretch flesh that won’t stretch. Literally can’t find any dildo that isn’t too big, wtf. I’ve never fucked a scrote and I don’t intend too I just wanna enjoy my coochie

No. 195110

>I’m totally relaxed and horny
>It just badly hurts, like trying to stretch flesh that won’t stretch.
It's vaginismus. This sounds incredibly counterintuitive, but grit your teeth and try shoving a small, lubed up dildo up there. It'll be painful but after a minute or two your body will realize "wtf, I'm not actually dying.. I guess this is fine?" Do this a few times and it'll get easier each time.

This is how I figured it out after trying for a few months. Moving in and out also caused me less pain in those first few penetrations. Good luck, anon

No. 195123

No offense but penetration is such bullshit. If you have to stockholm syndrome your body into liking it instead of it being pleasurable from the get go what's the fucking point?

No. 195129

Got to say don’t necessarily write it off as vagismus. I thought that for years about myself but the fact was I was just a virgin. To put it bluntly after the initial “get it over with” shove of the first intercourse, I had no trouble after. I had on previous occasions tried to take my own virginity with toys but it was too much pain to inflict on myself. Just couldn’t do it.

No. 195132

Ps.you don’t need to like penetration. I still don’t get shit from it tbh.
Actually spot on.

Just enjoy your clit imo

No. 195136

it's not stockholming yourself, it's telling your body to stop unconsciously being a whiny bitch. You can decide if you like penetration or not, but that's irrelevant since anon wants to penetrate, this is how you do it. This is how you get over that hump if lube and patience isn't working

I'm basically like telling her how to eat broccoli, she can decide if she likes broccoli once she gets it in her mouth.

No. 195144

I wanna do both, sis

No. 196136

Could my extreme bloating be endometriosis? I've tried all the various elimination diets and always look pregnant by the end of the day regardless.

No. 196205

My discharge tastes like sourdough starter almost always. Is this normal??

No. 196206

Endo does cause bloating but it could also be a billion other things besides food intolerances. Parasites, Crohn’s/IBD, ascites, etc. Recently I had extremely bad bloating that freaked me out so bad (hypochondriac,) turns out my new multivitamin had iron in it which my digestive tract couldn’t handle.

It’s probably best to see a doctor.

No. 196215

That's yeast infection

No. 196231

Is it recommended to taste your vaginal discharge??

No. 196246

Stop acting weird, some people may do it out of concern or curiosity. It's not going to cause health issues and is completely fine. I wouldn't recommend making a habit out of it but anon isn't weird for doing that. It happens.

No. 196285

I know clots and tissue-like substance may be normal occasionally, but ever since my mother told me that they were a sign for her fibroma I've been paranoiac because I usually have them every period. As far as I can tell I've always had them but I just didn't know that they could be dangerous, I thought that's just how the period is sometimes. They're dark and almost like jelly or tiny pieces of soft meat/tissue. My period's also been changing a bit (it's lighter) so it's making me worried. Does anybody experience something similar? Can it be normal?

No. 196413

File: 1625567947054.jpg (19.37 KB, 460x260, monk.jpg)

Wasn't sure where to post. It's weird but my libido is at its lowest point during ovulation. I often don't even want to kiss and sometimes get ridiculously touchy. Also don't feel very well in general, but this and moodiness are normal, I wonder though why I don't want anything sexual because it's supposed to be the other way around. I start to think that my aversion to childbirth is affecting my body in this way lol

No. 196420

The general rule is that if they're often bigger than the size of a quarter coin and accompanied by very heavy flow to see a doc.

No. 196462

Kek I didn’t say it was weird I genuinely didn’t know that it was normal people did it. Don’t be insecure about me questioning it nonny, this is an anonymous imageboard.

No. 196834

Menstrual cup related question : whenever i put my cup in and push a lil bit i feel a small numb pain up against my cervix. Is it because i push a little too much or is it something else??

No. 196837

Unless you keep little period blood eating goblins up there too then yeah I think it’s safe to say the pain is just you hitting a dead end. If it’s the goblins, then they’re probably just getting hungry and biting because all the blood is going into the cup. Easy fix either way.

No. 196856

I have an unusual problem I could use some advice for.

I recently took a course of antibiotics for an abscess I had minor surgery to remove on my lower back. Now, the antibiotics were incredible, but somebody should have showed it a picture of what bacteria it was supposed to kill, because it massacred all the good bacteria in my vagina and left me with a yeast infection.

This is apparently a very common side effect of antibiotics. Would have loved if the doctors or the piece of paper in listing side effects told me that so I could have prepared for it.

The thing is that I can't walk while the abscess is healing so I'm limited to helping myself from my own bed/bathroom.

Could sudocrem help me?

No. 196870

That's what probiotics are for! You should always take them together with antibiotics

No. 196993

Your problem isn't unusual at all, I'm actually going through the same situation right now. If you're still on the antibiotics, take a probiotic supplement 2 hours after taking your antibiotic so the good bacteria have a chance to survive. Eat lots of things that contain lactobacillus like yogurt, kimchi, and kefir. Sudocrem will help, but you might be better off using a miconazole nitrate cream. I'm wishing for your swift recovery, nonna.

No. 197202

File: 1625890399039.jpg (131.87 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_1213.JPG)

When I put my menstrual cup in, could I use an unscented lotion on the cup as a lubricant, or would it be a bad idea? I don’t know if it could somehow shorten the cups lifespan (like I read oils can), or if it’s bad idea to use it while on my period…

TMI for context on the question I live with my family who like digging through my stuff, and I’m a virgin, and if I owned lubricant they would find it eventually and start prying. My mother is very freaked out by the idea of menstrual cups and tampons and has used pads her whole life, she’s one of those people who believes tampons “take your virginity.” I myself have used unscented lotion up there before for getting off but honestly I don’t even know if it’s a good idea. Not a minor kek just very sheltered.

No. 197203

Don’t put lotion up your vagina nonny, just get the lubricant and tell your mother to piss off.

No. 197205

maybe aloe vera?

No. 197206

also you could buy lube and transfer it into a hair gel container or lotion container.

No. 197207

File: 1625894044990.jpeg (62.5 KB, 748x443, 80862D62-BBEB-4462-B8B2-D0E940…)

What happens if you have vaginismus and make your first visit to the obgyn, do they force something up you painfully regardless? (I know very little)

No. 197208

Get lubricant and hide it SUPER well

No. 197243

please don't use unscented lotion! it could really mess with your vagina. I'm gonna echo what >>197206 said
about an actual lubricant but inside a small bottle, maybe one of those travel sized shampoo bottles (make sure you give it a good clean before putting the lubricant inside!)

No. 197246

File: 1625919050951.jpeg (121.13 KB, 750x750, 3F1C5476-BCF5-4702-8A11-046A2E…)

What is it with anons tasting their own discharge or period blood clots?!?! I actually feel SO queasy thinking about it. Unless a troll it’s not funny or cute, just gross and weird


No. 197249

Unfortunately, unless you tell them and insist on either no pap smear or a smaller speculum, they'll likely use a normal speculum and it'll hurt a lot.
But smaller ones DO exist and you need to be vocal and tell them you need a smaller one.

No. 197264

I took the habit as early as I started getting discharge. I'm sorry Anon, I want to stop. I've even done it in front of bfs lol.

No. 197266

Definitely tell them before the examination that you have vaginismus and that you want them to use the smallest speculum. I didn't and it fucking hurt

No. 197281

Do you carry that same energy if a guy or woman kisses you after going down or vice versa. Kek. Blood is an odd one to taste but discharge is normal. Stay mad.

No. 197322

sometimes I can't tell when /ot/ anons are baiting or not…is it really unheard of to have an innie vagina in adulthood? did I not develop properly?

No. 197374

Ayrt, no I don’t find that to be the same. But each to their own!! I don’t mean to judge. You keep chewing your vaginal mucus discharge-chan!

No. 197401

Don’t worry, you’re fine. It’s just that most women have visible labia minora to varying degrees. If yours are so small that they’re almost invisible it’s exactly as rare as having very large inner labia. It’s normal, just relatively uncommon since most are somewhere in between.

No. 197414

I know that it's normal for your labia to change color over time, but is it normal for the vag itself to change color? My whole vulva used to be dark pink, but now my labia are way darker and the skin of my vaginal opening is white.

No. 197426

File: 1626035389563.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.42 KB, 600x372, 82E5C15D-03DB-4BDC-9E4E-353642…)

No, check out the Great Wall of Vagina (pic rel, artwork consisting of casts of different women’s genitals). For years I only saw my own vagina and occasionally ones in porn, so didn’t realise how varied they could be. Dicks all pretty much look the same but there really is no standard vagina.

No. 197428

I want to have this on my front door as a letterbox

No. 197436

Ooh so I have a rare type of pussy. Cool

No. 197452

Sounds like lichen sclerosus. You can't cure it but there's creams and other things you can use to stop the fusing. Get it checked out asap!

No. 197470

LMFAO there’s a troon axe wound on this wall, third row second from the left. Ruins the whole thing. In the full version I think there’s at least 2.

No. 197485

I have really prominent hymeneal remnants and I'm so ashamed of them. They don't hurt at all, and I don't actually feel anything, but they just are so noticeable. Can any other anons relate?

No. 197505

I have it too, it's never been mentioned by either boyfriends or during gyno examinations so I'm not ashamed but I can relate to the feeling of wishing they would go away
There's a fetish Reddit for it which is weird and I hope I never meet one of those guys irl but at least it has high resolution photos that show you're not alone

No. 197532

I'm honestly sad that the vagina general hasn't been called /vag/

No. 197534

I think I have those too. like the entrance isn't just a simple hole, it has like white 'tissue'? is that the same thing?

do you have the link? I'm really curious now if this is what I have

it really should be!

No. 197535

Petition for /g/ to be called /vag/

No. 197573

My vaginal opening has always been very sensitive and painful but I can't seem to figure out why. I don't have an std and it seems to look pretty normal, the skin below the opening is red but I can't tell if that's strange or not?

No. 197602

No. 197769

I'm pretty sure all women have this to varying degrees. The best thing for me ever was visiting various vagina related subs on Reddit and realizing how everything I thought was weird or gross about me, is not only completely normal, but that men love it

No. 197884

My periods have been heavy through my twenties and recently I’ve had back pain on one side along with it “radiating” down my legs, before as during my period. I’m kind of worried I should have a pap smear done but I’ve never been to a gyno yet. I don’t even shave my vag so would it be better to trim my hair down or shave it before doing that sort of thing?

No. 197885

Maybe it's a muscle/nerve that's set off? Since your muscles contract to make the blood flow it may be affecting nearby muscles. Try some stretches and exercises for the muscles in that area.

No. 197904

Same for me. I've gone to two different gynos and they both said everything looks normal, pap smears and tests all came back normal. They diagnosed me with vaginismus but I don't think that's it at all.
The closest I've found online is vulvodynia (even tho it's not exactly my vulva that hurts? it's right at the entrance of the vagina, hurts even if I lightly barely touch it with one finger).
Does yours hurt with friction from daily activities like running and stuff or only when you try to insert something in?
Idk if it's related but I also have pcos and I had a minor vaginal tear about 6 years ago.

No. 197908

Yes, it's only common courtesy.

No. 197913

You don't have to, just take a shower before

No. 197920

You don't have to do anything with your pubic hair for a pap smear. It doesn't make a bit of difference to their ability to perform it.

No. 197994

What is the best way to deal with hair on your vagina esp. on the labia? I am tired of trying to shave it since I am always cutting myself + that shit just grows back after 2 days.

No. 198015

I either wax (not by myself) or trim. Shaving is too annoying and takes too much time

No. 198035

Is there anything I can eat(food)or take (vitamins/OTC) to help get my vagina a little more wet in general?

I semi recently stopped breastfeeding my 2nd kid, which sort of helped. I also got the mirena in March, so my hormones have been kind of all over the place the last few months. I know the dryness is likely due to a lack of estrogen.

I want to have sex and it not hurt or have to use a ton of lube (which only really helps the outside area and not inside). I am super horny but the dryness is really keeping me from dating anyone. I’ve been single for over 1.5 years and I’m horny af. I have dick lined up but I’m nervous.

Help turn my desert into a dessert pls

No. 198045

Does anyone ever just let their pubic hair grow?

I can't shave or wax really, I'm so sensitive down their its extremely hard to do it without doing a spotty job. And like >>197920 said I always cut myself and it grows back pretty quickly. Admittedly, I also have a hairy butthole and I have no idea to how to shave it without hurting myself

I usually use a trimmer for everything but even that hurts. I hate the hair but I don't know what else to try.

No. 198046

Yeah, never shaved

No. 198047

I am also super sensitive. It looks terrible if I shave close. Red, ingrowns…the works. So I close shave as much as I can with a trimmer along the bikini line(with the grain) and the rest I just trim down with little scissors. But basically I just have a bush. As for the butthole…I shaved that once and regretted it two days later. Nothing like tiny pokey hairs aggravating your butthole for days on end. Don’t do it.

Guys have told me they like the bush…tickles their dick a little (so they say). Why do you want to shave your butthole? To make it more presentable? Unless your ass is terribly man-hairy, I would leave it. Body hair is normal.

Have you tried aftercare for your skin? I find witch hazel to be nice on my bikini line after I trim it down.

No. 198048

Same anon- I also do this in a hot steamy shower. It hurts to do it dry. I don’t know if you have tried a hot shower and used the trimmer.

No. 198049

I do when my depressive spells act up. Them fuckers can get long, who knew. Btw the key to shaving butthole hairs is using your hand to pull your skin taut. So pull on cheek, place against skin to go against the grain, and pray. Kek.
The motions get easier with practice but you're gonna have to do some weird positions.

No. 198054

Mainly I wanted to shave my butthole i guess to make it presentable. I haven't had a lot of bfs so I don't really know what the norm is or what they'd expect.

I use a bikini gel to help prevent ingrown hairs but since dropping shaving and only using a trimmer I haven't had much trouble with ingrowns or rashes anymore.

I know exactly what you mean anon. I'll try you technique with my trimmer, hopefully it'll work out

No. 198059


I would just trim what you have with scissors. You can get pretty close to the skin with scissors. Around the lips obv it’s a little harder but just take your time.

Do you, nonny. No hate if you wanna shave your butthole. My hair is naturally dark and thick, so my body hair is the same. I shaved my butt once and regretted it. I’ve had a dozen or so sexual partners and not one was like “damn girl your butthole is hairy”. Personally I don’t think men care. and if they do, don’t let them near your beautiful hairy butthole again.

No. 198062

I shaved for years and dealt with the fact I'd have stubble 10hrs later (very thick, dark hair that showed through the skin even when freshly shaved) but getting it lasered off was the best decision I've made regarding anything hair wise. It's a little costly but not too bad if you're just after a brazillian and with how the cost of waxing adds up, way more cost effective than waxing.

No. 198068

>I’ve had a dozen or so sexual partners and not one was like “damn girl your butthole is hairy”. Personally I don’t think men care. and if they do, don’t let them near your beautiful hairy butthole again.

I wish girls could be this supportive in real life <3

I thought i'd give it a try with the trimmer since i've had better luck with it than actual shaving but if it doesn't work out i guess no big deal

No. 198327

is this normal? whenever i'm nice to my girlfriend she becomes extremely wet, even if i'm just complimenting or hugging her. i was her first if that's important

No. 198332

Kek anon, ofc it's normal, it's because she's very attracted to you dummie!

No. 198358

File: 1626582869361.jpeg (24.29 KB, 190x265, F984CF1E-3279-4521-AD45-37F6E0…)

the last couple times after my bf has come in me, my discharge and vagina smell…off. nothing else is abnormal about it. not a different color, odd consistency, or any pain/discomfort. for a while after, my discharge and vag just smell like BO. after a day or so it stops and goes back to normal. doesn’t happen when i masturbate or when we used condoms in the past. i don’t put any soaps in there, haven’t changed my diet, and i always use wet wipes i take with me when i use the bathroom. am i losing it or something? makes me feel like some kind of swampy bog monster

No. 198367

The cum is fucking up your natural biome. Make sure he's washing his dick properly before sex and maybe look into his diet, drink more water and cut down on shitty processed foods. You're not a swampy bog monster he just has a toxic dick.

No. 198399

Do you squeeze it all out afterwards? You should be going to the bathroom after the deed anyway to prevent UTIs, so try to also push all the cum out into the toilet. If I get enough of it out, my vagina juices don’t interact too much with it, and even better if I wash with water (in a shower.)

No. 198432

My period blood has always been black/very dark brown and not even close to the consistency of blood. It's very dry and sticky, and it clumps into little balls. It actually looks extremly similar to boba but much more dry. I never understood how tampons were supposed to work since I don't get any liquid blood coming out of my vagina during my period. Its just clumps of this black, sticky stuff. When I google around about black blood everywhere says it is just old but how? My period starts and ends with black blood. I can only think about maybe 5 times the blood has been remotely red or non-solid in my life. What is going on with me? I would post a picture but it's so gross.

No. 198458

Yes it’s just dried menstrual blood. Is there a lot or is it pretty minimal? I would ask an OBG if possible. Could have an underlying issue that isn’t causing you issues now but could down the road. I wouldn’t be alarmed or scared.

No. 198692

Why is all the boric acid on Amazon sold out? It's the only site where I can order it..

No. 198799

This is odd. So about six months ago, I bought some new underwear; super comfy, softest things I have ever touched, I loved them. After wearing them, I would notice a strong, disgusting smell when I would go to the bathroom. It would smell like… garam masala, but more sour. It was fucking disgusting. I noticed the smell would not be noticable if I wore other underwear I had, so I had a look at the soft undies are made of 62% modal, so maybe it's just the material my coochie doesn't like.

But now, even after not touching those modal undies for a while and wearing cotton ones instead, my vagina still has that same smell. Before it would have an almost sweet, but otherwise very normal and non-pungent smell, but the odd sour curry smell lingers. I haven't been eating anything that carries a strong odor either. Has anything like this happened to any of you before? I should probably go to a ob/gyn but my work schedule is so fucked up I can't go anywhere during normal business hours.

No. 198829

it was trending on tiktok

No. 199157

I tried having sex with my bf for the first time without much success. My hymen is fleshy and the vaginal opening has the tiniest hole to allow menstrual blood through. I’ve never put anything in there, fingers or tampons or dildos, and I don’t do sports that would stretch it out.
He tried squeezing his penis in but he’s too big and was wearing a condom which made things slippery and hard to accurately place/control where his penis went. The condom kept slipping off him too. We’re both virgins so sex is a first for us and we don’t know how to get it in, especially with my fleshy hymen.
Any tips on getting it in the first time without pain? When he tried it, it was very painful. Even his fingers hurt so much.. but once he gets them pass the opening, it feels pleasurable.
Idk maybe I should’ve put this in the sex advice thread but I guess I just really want to stretch my hymen out so I can finally have sex. I was thinking if I let him use more fingers, he might be able to finally use his penis. Should I get a lot of lube? Take painkillers?

No. 199174

does anyone elses period stop completely for 2-3 days then restart when getting their period? like i'll go through a good five days of bleeding, have it completely cease for that amount of time and then start up again for another three or four days. it's been happening for years so it's not urgent, just annoying and confusing. it's not old blood being pushed out either, fresh vibrant reds. so confusing.

No. 199178

Have you ever been to a gyno? I don't want to scare you, but I had a monstrously thick hymen that had to be surgically removed and every time anything touched it it was super painful. It is possible that this is not the case with you and maybe it's just nerves and inexperience but it'd be good to rule out. In the meantime, try more lube

No. 199193

I got mine surgically removed too but I still cannot have sex since it is just super painful no matter how much lube

No. 199196

Can yeast infections be very light greenish in color? The discharge is thick but doesn't smell like anything at all, not yeasty or bad. I was recently fingered by someone and I'm wondering if it's an STI,since it's all I get when Googling green discharge, but from the few pictures it looks like the discharge for trichosomiasis is thin?

But then I've had something kind of similar in the past when I wasn't sexually active at all. I also started using a vag soap not long before.

I will go to a gynaecologist (I hope, took me 8 hours calling around to find a general doctor to take me in this new area I moved to), but just wondering if anyone has had the same thing in the past?

I'm shamefully uneducated on this kind of thing and never went to a woman's doctor before. Just reading up thread I realised what I thought was a bad month for discharge was more likely BV.

No. 199217

>be me
>kissless, handholdless virgin due to social retardation
>also masturbationless because I'm scared to touch down there
>watching porn one night
>falls asleep immediately after
>wakes up with panties soaked in transparent fluid
>Have to change pants as well
>I've never seen so much of it
>Have a sensation similar to period pain but it doesn't hurt, it's just a tingling sensation
>Also my heart beats faster

Is this normal? did i have an orgasm/ i am still a virgin?

No. 199218

lol yes girly it’s normal. when i was younger i was the same way when i didn’t really want to masturbate anyway. its nocturnal emission but for women

No. 199219

anon lol I can relate to this so much that I thought I wrote it myself, and it has encouraged me to write something I wanted to write here for a while

I'm also scared to touch down there, I can't even use a tampon. Instead, since I was younger, mostly to help me fall asleep too, I rub against my hand or blankets, when I was porn or read Literotica lmao, etc. I can't tell if I have ever had an real orgasm or not, I too sometimes have soaked panties when I do so. I am so so inexperienced, retarded, and useless due to my age (25). suffering from my mental health and social anxiety since I was 17 heavily contribute I guess or I am just inept. I feel so embarrassed and pitiful typing this that I am probably going to post and not check back.

No. 199221

Since you are also in a bit of pain I would say that you are ovulating rn, which explains the discharge too

No. 199243

in my particular case on the 3rd or 4th day it stops and the next day it comes back. it has happened for a while like that, but im not sure what causes it.

No. 199272

I’ve never been to a gynaecologist and I’m too scared to go. Hope it won’t be as drastic to call for surgery. I’ll check it out if tons of lube doesn’t work. Maybe my mistake was not having lube in the first place.
Just wondering if it’s supposed to be this difficult for others. I thought sex was supposed to be natural and not this difficult to… get it in there

No. 199292

That’s EXACTLY what mine has always done. I call it the fakeout day and you must never fall for its tricks

No. 199298

anon I am in a similar age and similar position, start out small & try beginner dildos or start stretching with dilators. love yourself in the way you want to be loved

No. 199311

I'm so annoyed I got a yeast infection, I knew something was up after I had sex with my bf (not his fault my body is just super sensitive and I guess something wasn't a-okay) but it's the weekend so no pharmacy is open and I'm in pain/itching and I wanna die. UTI's and Yeast Infections are one of the worst things

No. 200232

File: 1627765621154.jpg (20.23 KB, 380x380, 374a541a9747006313784b57faba70…)

I bought a menstrual cup for the first time toady. I got the size 1 DivaCup based on the age/flow guidelines on the box (I'm 27) but now I'm questioning if being a virgin makes a difference and if I should have gone for the 0? I've always used tampons and I'm fine with that but I had a pap test for the first time last year, which is the only time I've ever really been stretched and it hurt.

No. 200236

Monthly reminder that no trannies will ever pass.

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 200238

Ahi guys, I am trans.


No. 200239

subpar bait/10

No. 200241

Hahahahaha get fucked subhuman baiter. You bring shame to all of us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 200250

>never looked good in mom jeans
nobody looks good in mom jeans

No. 200252

nta but it's a song lyric that zoomers like

No. 200288

I remember buying a "normal" size Diva Cup and it was so big and uncomfortable that it put me off menstrual cups for another year. I really think you should always err on the side of smaller cups (go off-brand even, I have a Pixie cup now personally) and go up from there, especially for foreign objects that go up your cooch when it's not aroused. Cups hold more blood than you think so overflow is a near-nonexistent issue unless you're abnormal.

Imo being a virgin makes a difference since cups are more involved than tampons– you need to arrange and retrieve the cup with your fingers, versus just stabbing a tampon in a general direction.

No. 200295

Thank you so much, anon. That's really helpful. Now I wish I'd asked beforehand, but I kind of bought it on a whim because I'd been wanting to try one for a while and saw they were on sale today when I went to pick up more tampons.

Since I'm not allowed to return it even if the box is still sealed, I guess I'll try this just to see what it's like and look for a smaller one if it's really uncomfortable or doesn't work out. I really appreciate it, your input was way more helpful than anything I found when googling info on sizes.

No. 200306

No trannies allowed.

No. 200327

be careful nonnie. i tore my hymen with a cup. it wasn’t particularly painful, but it bled more than i expected.

No. 200362

File: 1627827915997.jpg (296.46 KB, 1056x1071, Aaa.jpg)

So yesterday and today I've been experiencing burning pain from around my vaginal entrance to my anus. It doesn't hurt when I pee, I don't have a weird discharge but it gets pretty bad if I sit for too long and I have work to do.

Any idea what this could be? The only thing that comes pretty close is vulvodynia. How do I make it go away?

No. 200387

Nonas! I need a bit of help recently when I was getting intimate with my gf she said she felt a small bump right somewhere by my cervix(?) Like I guess by the opening. Should I be worried?

No. 200392

probably the first thing I’d check for is a yeast infection. They can take so many different forms, not always yielding weird discharge, and can affect both vag and butthole zones. Since the OTC methods are mostly vaginal suppositories you might see if your GP/gyno/urgent care can give you diflucan which is taken orally.

No. 200393

Vaginas are generally kind of lumpy n bumpy on the inside so I wouldn’t be alarmed, but probably a good time to get a Pap smear and mention it to your gyno or GP that you’d like them to check for that bump and see if it’s anything to be concerned about

No. 200535

I had my pap smear test today and it took almost 30 minutes to get done, with three different attempts. I most likely suffer from vaginismus which is why the doctor couldn't get the speculum inside, we had to stop for a while and I had calm down for a while.

In the end the doctor had to call in a more experienced doctor because she couldn't find my cervix. It still hurt like hell but the other doctor managed to find it somehow.

I've been bleeding all day long and it still hurts. Thankfully I am not interested in vaginal penetrative sex so this doesn't cause me problems in my daily life.

No. 200574

I keep getting large spots on my mons pubis. I keep myself clean, don't shave often. Does anyone know what it could be. In before STD I'm about as virgin as you can get

No. 200595

What kind of spots are you talking about? do you sleep with your undies? Are they cotton? Did you recently change your shower products?

No. 200612

Large, red, sore ones. I sleep without underwear and I don't know what material they are and I'm using the same products I normally do

No. 200613

Is it the weather warm? Do you exfoliate? I scrub down there softly to keep pores from clogging

No. 200622

I'm so scared because I get clots during my period and I know that they say it's fine if they're quarter sized but they're definitely a bit bigger… I don't know what to do, my mother won't talk to me about these things and thinks it's "dirty" to go to a gynecologist (she's really religious). Even if I did go it's be painful as fuck because I'm a virgin too. I read that it could be caused by anemia and I am low in iron usually, but the doctor never says anything about it. Fuck me I want to cry.

No. 200626

could be a fungus, I‘ve seen this often when I worked in personal care. consider getting an antifungal cream for external application, you can buy them over the counter. If it doesn’t go away from this it might be something else. Those are not caused by bad hygiene and can happen to everyone, it’s a skin microbiome issue afaik

No. 200663

Anyone else get lots of discharge when their period is late? Mine is 5 days late so far and the consistency is like watery lube. This doesn’t usually happen and it’s annoying me because the wetness tricks me into thinking I’ve started. I’m definitely not pregnant.

No. 200696

It's not warm here and I don't exfoliate there but I'll give that a try.
Honestly that makes sense. My skin has always acted a bit fucked. Hopefully it'll work

Thanks to you both

No. 200954

i feel like my vag is kinda numb and i can't tell if i'm just bad at masturbating (which for some reason i've gotten used to doing with my non-dominant hand) or if it's because of the anti-depressants

No. 200964

This probably sounds retarded but does soda really help to induce menstruation? I was late for almost a week this month, got worried, then my mom was like "just drink a can of sprite or something" and in 8 hours after drinking i immediately started bleeding. Never drank soda in my life before because i don't like soda kek. Just found it fascinating

No. 200965

It's probably the anti depressants

No. 201068

I can’t masturbate acoustically . Like i can rub my clit and it feels nice but I can’t orgasm. Fingering my self is just as bad. It feels like trying to tickle myself, I’m too aware of my hands.

I really like toys and vibes but I feel like this is something I need to train my body for for future GFs.

No. 201104

>I can’t masturbate acoustically
I love that choice of wording

No. 201238

people with vaginismus - how long did it take for you to be able to have a penis inside you without pain? I’ve been dilating for a few weeks and still get a bit of pain with a slimmer dildo

No. 201243

File: 1628461372203.jpg (49.37 KB, 500x628, confused-cat-looking-at-comput…)

You mean digitally??

No. 201249

Samefag, never mind I get it. Like an acoustic guitar. I'm a dumbass

No. 201257

After the fourth or fifth dicking. The first time was absolutely debilitating, my body was stiff as a board and I had to tell him to keep thrusting cause any pause meant more pain. I asked for it again like a half hour later cause I'm stubborn lol– I just kept telling myself that millions of peopled fucked on this planet and my body was just being a dumbass virgin. After that I started to feel less pain with each fucking and then I just kind of forgot that it could be painful? I mean once I had sex I couldn't really psyche myself out anymore by thinking about the logistics of shoving a penis inside me, cause, you know, been there done that, and so I started to think about my own pleasure instead, which made my insides relax

No. 201260

sorry if this is the wrong thread and spoiler for tmi, but i think i just had my first orgasm! i've been trying to have one for years, feeling super weird and defective for never having had one, and it even got to the point where i thought i could never have one because of a mix of being too sensitive on my clit but my vagina consistently being way too tight to fit anything in. but i think it just happened!! it wasn't the whole waves cresting stars exploding whatever shebang, but it was really intense and it made me (good) cry a bit lol. i know people always say 'oh, you'll know when you have your first', but I'm still kind of paranoid that i just overstimulated myself to the point of not being able to take anymore? however i've also kind of decided that i don't really care anymore, lol. i feel a lot better about myself right now!

No. 201264


No. 201278

File: 1628489700705.jpg (43.58 KB, 640x674, selena gomez cry.jpg)

Same. Well I did technically masturbate successfully with my hands once(just rubbing the clit), but it took sooo long, like around 30-40 minutes, which didn't feel worth it in the end because it took so much time and effort for just one orgasm. Meanwhile I can orgasm in like a minute, maybe a even a little bit less, with a vibrator. I wish I could be one of those women who can get off with just her hands but idk if I could ever get to that level. Tbh I think the problem is that my clit is small and I'm not sure if I could find a way to make it easier. And with fingering I can never do it, like I always feel like a retard whenever I try lol, it feels really awkward and idk how to angle the fingers going in or what to do with the other fingers on my hand. This shit makes me so glad to live in an era where vibrators are a thing.

No. 201421

so, i have these little whitish bumps bordering my labia, right where the pink skin meets the normal skin. i just wanted to know if anyone else has these? my ex girlfriend certainly didn't, and i know it's not an STI because it's been like this since puberty. idk it just makes me very insecure that it looks gross.

No. 201433

might just be some sorta sebum bumps or something, i get them sometimes or notice them at least. my gyno said they're normal.

No. 201443

So it's not normal to have pain when penetrated, or am I just not relaxed enough? I can't put in a tampon without being in intense pain and being fingered feels uncomfortable. How can I tell if it's a medical condition or I'm just not relaxed enough?

No. 201450

mine have been the same since puberty and haven't changed whatsoever, if i got new ones i definitely haven't noticed it. i know that it's not unhealthy or anything since my gyno would have said something during our checkups, they just make me feel insecure that i might hook up with someone that's never seen a girl with them and accuse me of having herpes or some shit
sounds like vaginismus to me, see your gyno

No. 201459

Are you a virgin or new to penetration? I couldn't use tampons til after I'd lost my virginity and had sex a few times. I know plenty of women can use tampons no problem as virgins but others find it painful til their hymen is fully.. dealt with.

No. 201462

File: 1628635090298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 307.72 KB, 725x782, fordyce.jpg)

They're called fordyce spots. It's normal.

No. 201513

I know this is a dumb question but WHY should I wash my vulva? Whenever I google it, all I get is just resources explaining how to wash your vulva. Is the bacteria/cheese in the vulva potentially harmful or something?

No. 201515

yea that's it! thanks nona!

No. 201525

So it doesnt get stinky

No. 201546

Same reason why you should wash any other body part.

No. 201554

The reason why you should wash , say, your armpits is due to personal discomfort of being stinky in day to day life, discomfort for others so that they don’t have to smell you. However, I don’t smell my pussy in everyday life unless I actively try to smell it, I don’t have any sexual partners and nor do I plan to, so those are poor reasons for washing down there. However, I did some light googling and apparently left untreated, smegma can harden and lead to irritation in the genitals, so I should probably clean it just in case

No. 201557

I don't even know what to say if you think being smelly and unwashed is fine if no one else is there to experience it. Love yourself.

No. 201558

Nobody will tell you this honestly, anon, but I will. It's to personal taste. The anons who wash it regularly do so because they like the mild flavour of the cheese, but women of class and distinction who enjoy a more sophisticated and unique flavour for their night snack. You're welcome.

No. 201563

File: 1628710520042.png (Spoiler Image, 93.57 KB, 700x700, 906F7A15-0D68-4B27-8C9F-6101C7…)

Is anyone else’s vulva not immediately near the mons pubis? Is this normal?

No. 201574

not really an answer to your question but personally i don't wash mine with soap, just water, because i've found that if a drop of soap goes anywhere near it i get super irritated. im very careful removing smegma etc with my fingers + water. of course ymmv but i've been doing this for years and nobodys ever complained about any smell/taste so its all good with me

No. 201580

There are soaps that are designed for use in this area if you're interested in that. I used one for a while and although it didn't irritate the area at all, I also didn't notice any benefit using that over just water. Like you I don't notice any smell and never gotten any comments about the smell, taste, or cleanliness. To ayrt, whether you clean it with just water or use a soap designed for use on the vulva it should be fine, but it's always a good idea to remove gunk from any part of your body because leaving it there could make it itchy and irritated.

No. 201581

File: 1628718542505.jpg (35.79 KB, 681x445, 14608107_1180665285312703_1558…)

No. 201588

is it really that strange? the place where my vulva is supposed to be is just an extended clitoral hood and is about 6cm, I think, and the actual vulva with the vaginal hole is lower. Maybe it's because the drawing isn't well-drawn, but do you guys think I might need to see a gynaecologist over this?

No. 201594

Long clitoral hoods are normal, what confuses me it's the placement of the vagina, how is it so far away from the labia lol

No. 201602

I will admit, it is strange. It sorta feels like I have 2 separate vulvas

No. 201619

you should probably go see a gyno, maybe you ate your twin in the womb or something

No. 201637

Every vulva is different, just like every face. Yes, there are some more commonly seen proportions but that doesn't make difference wrong in any way. If you actually go and see a gyno about it they'll tell you the same

No. 201650

Cum has its own smell.
I need to wash it away every time, or it'll leak between my legs and feels messy and gross.
I suggest you to wash your vagina with your usual detergent after every cream pie.

No. 201845

File: 1628902729238.jpg (88.01 KB, 736x736, IMG_20210313_170718.jpg)

I think I've talked about this before, but sometimes when I'm on my period my sex drive goes off-rails.
But there are other times when my high libido appears along with some type of insatiable hunger, and I feel like I need to stuff myself with food all the time. Once, I had some oily noodles while experiencing these feelings and I literally felt like I was having a makeout session while eating them (kek).
I don't know if this is the way my body tries to replenish the loss of blood or hunger is tied to sex drive or whatever. I just wanted to share this because I'm curious as to whether other anons experience these sensations too.

No. 201848

Yeah this is very common. Most girls will have this sensation around their period, a lot of people will call it pmsing and it's kind of a joke that girls will have insatiable cravings for chocolate or sweets. But it could be for salty or savory foods too. Also the sex drive thing is also common, in fact its sometimes the only time I crave penetration even tho I don't like men

Maybe part of it is the body trying to tell you to intake more iron or vitamins from blood loss? Next time its around your period try to eat more iron rich food and see if it helps.

No. 201866

Is it weird that my labia has grown? I noticed in the last few years my labia minora has gotten bigger/longer. It sticks out my labia majora now. I have uneven labias minoras. One side has always been bigger than the other and thats the one you can see sticking out.

I was totally freaked out by the growth of it at the time and tried to stop masturbating as I thought maybe that was what was causing it.

I don't like the length of it now. I constantly feel itchy and sqeeze myself down there in attempt to reposition it when it bothers me.

No. 201869

idk how old you are but yes, labia growth and darkening with age is normal and part of sexual maturation process. mine are bit uneven too.

No. 201874

I had sex for the first time in 2 years and it hurt SO MUCH, there are small spots of blood a day later when I wipe.

The foreplay was good, I was eaten out for a while and figured I was ready from what I know of my body, even if a little nervous. But insertion was quite painful, then when all the way in it hurt less, then again more as time went on (though his technique was really good and I came I think).

I'm 30 now, last good session I had was at around 25, could it be aging? I get insinuations of that when I google of vaginal tissue thinning, but I guess they're talking more post menopausal. I was considering vaginismus too since tampons can hurt, but it wasn't this involunary clenching, plus the tampons hurt once theyre inside, not during insertion. Also I was checked out by the gyno like a few days ago and found infection free and he didn't see anything wrong in the vagina. My partner got tested too and nothing.

Is it just because it's been a long time?

No. 201889

> and I came I think
I think if you have any doubt over whether you came or not then you usually didn't. I spent years thinking I maybe came from penetration here and there (and it was always penetration that gave me that 'maybe I did' feeling) but that was always the thing… it was 'oh I think I came?' If you did you wouldn't word it like that. You'd know. Especially at 30.

You didn't say whether you used lube? Even if you were warmed up I would still use it

No. 201897

I have a long clitoral hood too anon and feel like my clit is further down. I don't understand the picture completely though, from what it looks like your labia stop a way before the vaginal opening? that's normal. I'm similar and always wondered if the labia was meant to protect the uretha and vagina opening why does mine stop above where the opening. I have longer labia but when it's 'closed' it does even cover my vagina opening

No. 201898

>You didn't say whether you used lube? Even if you were warmed up I would still use it

this. no matter how wet I am I also need lube.

No. 201947

So I’m well acquainted with ~pussy is supposed to smell like pussy~ but is it a problem if mine smells slightly like bleach? I wouldn’t say it smells bad, and it’s not a strong smell either.

I follow all the advice because I’ve had BV before (which smelled different and totally disgusting), so I don’t think it’s caused by anything I’m doing. Like I said, it doesn’t smell bad or strong so I’m wondering if this is normal.

No. 201948

Yah maybe you're right. My legs were shaking hard and I definitely felt good all up my body, but it was more of a building pressure that wouldn't release if you know what I mean. I've had sex where it feels pleasant and then this kind, idk what you'd call it.

Clitoral orgasms I easily recognise but idk so much about penetrative.

Noted on the lube, yeah I didn't use any, will do.

No. 201956

Ammonia smells tend to be more urinary than vaginal

No. 201972

It could be normal for your body. I know vaginal discharge is more on the acidic side (don't remember the PH or whatever) which is why it can bleach some underwear. I don't know your discharge flow but I know it varies from woman to woman. If it doesn't smell straight up bad and you don't have any other issues I don't see any need to worry.

No. 202323

Why are men obsessed with "tight" vaginas? Everybody knows a woman is unaroused if her vagina is "tight". I have trouble relaxing for penetration and experience it as a real problem, but a male I was with said it is simply because I am petite and built like this. Is it me or is this obvious nonsense? It's such a strange way of looking at the world. So what is their reason? Please no meme moid answers, I genuinely want to know what this obsession with a tight vagina is about. Did it stem from some show or something? I just don't get it aa

No. 202324

Because it's tied to virginity and purity.

A woman with a "loose" vagina is a "whore" and also I imagine it feels better when it's tight. Not like men care that it hurts more when you're not aroused.

No. 202326

Because the tighter is the vagina, the more friction it causes to their chodes and the more pleasure they get.
> but a male I was with said it is simply because I am petite and built like this.
They also think that
>short woman = small vagina
>tall woman = big vagina
Pornsick males develop a death grip, which is gripping their dicks tightly to coom, because that’s the only way they can get any pleasure, then they start going for the prostate because their dicks end up dying from the constant use.
They think that it’s pleasurable for us when the vagina tightens because it’s pleasurable for them, they memed themselves into thinking that women feel good if they’re tight because of the
>muh she doesn’t want me to let go hurr durr
Your moid sounds retarded and I honestly think it’s kind of a redflag the whole “petite” explanation he gave.

No. 202327

Is there an actual difference between how a relaxed and tense vagina feels? I can't imagine it to be much different or nicer especially.
>Because the tighter is the vagina, the more friction it causes to their chodes
Very interesting… It seemed so unlikely.
>>short woman = small vagina
>>tall woman = big vagina
I think it makes sense to expect perhaps a "smaller vagina" when a woman has a more narrow pelvic region, but even then… Ultimately, there is no logic behind it.
>Your moid sounds retarded and I honestly think it’s kind of a redflag the whole “petite” explanation he gave.
Yes, I don't trust his knowledge of female biology whatsoever. He has only had one long term girlfriend before me and they became a couple when they were teenagers, so it makes some sense that his exposure is very limited. And yet it fascinates me how this phenomenon slipped through despite that.

No. 202334


Shoving something into a tight tense hole vs shoving it into something relaxed will make a difference. It made a big enough difference to where my ex would ask me to grip his dick harder (kegels) when he was about to cum sometimes.

But it's not really a major difference imo. I don't have a peepee tho

No. 202364

I feel really weird posting about this but I’ve been wondering about it. I only orgasm from clit stimulation and I kind of tense myself (?) like kegels I guess while masturbating. If I don’t “tense” myself (I don’t know how to explain it) it doesn’t really feel good. I’m kind of jealous that other girls can squirt or cum because when I orgasm my wetness doesn’t change/I don’t get any more wet. I’ve tried to relax myself when I’m about to orgasm and stop tensing but I still don’t cum. Is this normal?

No. 202874

File: 1629718993466.jpg (76.67 KB, 960x1030, E9Y7zbOXMAYtPvj.jpg)

nonas i asked this on masturbation thread before and a lovely anon told me i'm too young to have not getting wet problems but im a dumb bitch and didnt follow her advice because i could not not masturbate for a week, im dry as hell with my partner wtf is wrong with me? we do foreplay and hes really into giving oral but i dont enjoy it, tbh i would even say i dislike it, finger stuff im indifferent to but it doesnt get me off either. I only orgasm when im alone in my room watching porn with my vibrator. We cant do anything but hump each other cause i'm too dry and tight. I get wet when we're not having sex like kissing and stuff but once the clothes are off i'm dry as fuck. So weird why is this happening? maybe i cursed my vagina too much when i was a teen and this is my payback because i'd get like gallons of discharge when i was younger to the point of changing undies twice a day and i do remember being dripping wet while having sex before but i was on drugs so idk if it was because of that. I just dont get why? i'm attracted to my partner and we do foreplay it should be smooth sailing. Idk if its the glands or my brain its so embarrassing.

i think its normal, im still not sure how squirting works but i'm positive that its not a common thing i think it happens every once in a while, i didnt even know that women were supposed to cum after orgasming what would even come out? i'm clearly not the best person to answer this after a whole paragraph talking about my dry vagina but i think moids glorify squirting and "cumming" a lot because they think female orgasm works like male orgasm like how they ejaculate but its very different, its totally normal to orgasm and not secrete fluids imho

No. 202888

Anxiety. I can orgasm on my own in the comfort of my room in 5 minutes but in the past it's taken me over an hour with a partner. I'm just in my head too much, worrying about how I look or smell or what faces I'm making, plus the pressure of having to cum or risk hurting his feelings also ruins it for me.

No. 202893

Nerves or lack of attraction to the moid in question. Could be also loss of sensitivity from using a vibrator but that should wear off in month or two.

No. 202900

Im wet all the time my underwear is always moist i fucking hate it

No. 202903

Same, around ovulation I literally have to change my undies three times a day and if I can't (for example, am at work) it feels so gross. Maybe we are part snails anon.

No. 202977

No. 202983

I remember when I was younger I would see panty liners in stores and wonder why some women even needed them. Then a few years ago I went through some sort of mysterious shift where if I walk any distance now my vag is like… better lubricate!

Kinda miss my dry days

No. 202991

How do you do fellow snails

No. 202994

Another snail here. Pantyliners are my savior

No. 202999

Are you anemic? How much water do you drink a day?

No. 203021

i thought it was only me!! i always thought it would be so easy for me to orgasm when having sex because i can cum in a few minutes masturbating no problem, you are very right i never thought about it that way i really am in my head too much about looking right. i fake orgasms so he stops but i think he knows im faking it lel.

very possible, never had this issue with anyone but him and ive been with much uglier men, weird. vibrator thing i'll work on because going from rubbing fingers to vibrator makes a huge difference in orgasm intensity for me so it does make sense that i got too used to it.

No. 203193

am kinda freaking the fuck out. got oral from a guy yesterday and i’m having weird colored discharge. green/brown. this is my second time receiving (diff guy) but i didn’t have anything like this the first time??? everything says sti but i’m not having any symptoms.

No. 203196

when is the last time you had your period? sometimes when I masturbate for the first time after my period, I have a bit of brown discharge that I assume is left over from my period. Idk about green though

No. 203306


do you have a planned Parenthood nearby? Go there or urgent care, lolcow can't help if there is a issue. I've never heard of green discharge and it's weird it came right after oral. I'd assume STI too, is there a smell?

No. 203374

I am miserable.

I had a UTI for 2 years. I took antibiotics 4 or 5 times. I kept coming back because they didn't do anything, and each time they'd test me and be like "yeah you have a UTI, here take these antibiotics". The last time that happened was about a month and a half ago, and the doctor told me that I might have BV because it can cause recurrent/persistent UTIs or something. So she just said to take these antibiotics and wait about 3 days and come back if I still had symptoms. I took the pills and felt like I was getting better at first, but ultimately nothing changed. I also quit taking d-mannose because it stopped doing anything even though when I first took it it helped me to pee less frequently.

So I kept putting off going to the doctor but I finally went back because I couldn't put it off anymore. At first my UTI was making me have to pee at least once an hour which was bad enough, but then it got to the point where I was having to pee 2-3 times an hour and almost nothing would even come out, not to mention pelvic pain and discomfort. I actually got paranoid at work that they would think I was just going into the bathroom to look at my phone or something, but no one has said anything.

I have also been having this pain going up my side. It's like a line of pain on my far right side that goes up my ribcage and actually makes it hurt to breathe in deep and hiccup. I thought this was completely unrelated until the doctor I saw today asked if I had back pain, and I said no but told him about that. He also asked if I had been having nausea which I have also been having lately.

They did a vaginal swab and a urine test and apparently I don't actually have a UTI anymore. Which scares me because I still feel like I do. I do have BV though, and because I'm a dumbfuck when the doctor asked me if I would rather have a vaginal insert or take antibiotics I said I didn't care. Which was SO fucking stupid, I would rather take pills. But anyway, that's irrelevant.

Now I'm scared. I don't have a UTI, but my body is acting like I do. And now that I think about it, it seems like someone once told me that after you get over a UTI your body can still act like you have one. I'm not 100% sure on that though. I am crossing my fingers that this BV treatment will make the frequent urination go away but Idk. Has anyone else experienced this?

No. 203393

hi i don't know how weird is this, but i lost my virginity and despite the sex being insanely enjoyable i couldn't cum. It felt more like being on an all time high than getting pushed over the edge. Is this normal? I still very much enjoyed it so, i just don't know how weird this is.

No. 203394

Most women can't orgasm from penetration alone, nothing weird.

No. 203407

anon i had a similar issue i constantly get UTIs, I've heard women are very susceptible to UTIs because our urethra is shorter and some women are especially more prone to getting recurrent UTIs which I believe am a part of. I relate to you so much its the most annoying thing having to go to bathroom like every 20 minutes. Dont know if BV can cause UTI-like symptoms but it makes sense. I think if your urine test came clean you will be fine. One advice I can give is maybe investigate the source of your UTI if its recurrent there must be something that keeps reinfecting you, it can be your partner because it usually is. For me it was my vibrator i would clean it after use but any time i used it on my bare skin i would get UTI so now I only use it over my panties and havent had UTI in 2 years. Also your body and the bacteria that causes UTI develops tolerance to antibiotics over time so antibiotics may lose their efficacy after a while its not good to take them so frequently.

No. 203453

The only time I thought I had a UTI it was actually a kidney stone from drinking too much soda. That's probably why he was asking about back pain and nausea.

No. 203458

Even if you’re young, if your doctor hasn’t done it yet please insist to get your kidneys checked just to be safe.
I don’t want to scare you and this is an anecdote, but a former client of mine who used to have recurring UTI’s a lot had kidney issues as well.

No. 203485

I got a cup last time I got my cycle and I find myself leaking after 4 hours when the cup is filled about 2/3rds. By then there's still a good amount of space between the blood and the holes (I assume those are for suction?) so I don't understand why this happens. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

No. 203493

It can take a while to get used to inserting it properly. If it leaks, that means the suction seal has been broken, which is a sign of improper placement.

No. 203528

I'm having stringy discharge whenever I pee. It doesn't smell or itches but it's a lot of discharge. What could be the reason?

No. 203543

is it roughly like 10 days after your period? or thereabouts? sounds like normal ovulation discharge

No. 203836

Can losing weight too quickly fuck with your cycle/cause spotting?

No. 203837

yes it can. I always skipped my period when I was undereating

No. 204100

Have any of you nonnies experienced weird changes to your cycle after having the covid vaccine? I had my second shot a couple of weeks ago and now I'm 5 days late when I'm normally pretty regular. It's causing me so much stress even though I know that ,realistically, I'm not pregnant as the last time I had sex was in July and I had my last period in the beginning of August (it was a proper period, not implantation bleeding or anything).

No. 204102

Yes, I heard this from several female friends. Went back to normal after one or two months.

The most likely explanation is that it's your body's response to stress. Mounting an immune response is stress. Catching a viral infection can also affect your cycle. It's a bit late, but there are several studies underway. You could check your government's health agency's website. They might be looking for participants.

No. 204109

I had no problems, but I did start my period the day of my first shot so that might have affected things. I didn't get any bad symptoms from the second shot either.

No. 204117

It's a known and common side-effect. It should sort itself out again by next cycle.

No. 204149

I can't talk to anyone about this because I'm so ashamed but my doctor thought I had herpes so just gave me antivirals and left me to deal with it when I was suffering with a errosive condition that I now believe was lichen planus. Don't Google it, it's nasty
I've lost part of of my clitoral frenulum, my clit has receded and the hood has tightened due to the errosion and one inner labia became shorter.
My vagina still looks normal but it's not my vagina, the way my clit has receded has left the area looking deflated and older and I have less pleasure. It's been a long time but there are still scars that I think make me look diseased.
I always had a strong sex life but now I don't even want to be touched down there by myself or my boyfriend and sometimes the scars hurt. This is my body forever now just because some stupid doctor didn't believe me when I said there was no way I could have herpes.

No. 204268

So we know getting butt bacteria on our vags is bad but how do you guys shave? Do you have seperate razors for vag and butthole? How do you even make sure while shaving your labia and stuff that you don't accidentally touch the area that might have butt bacteria?

No. 204274

I wash my butt thoroughly, rinse off the razer frequently and it doesn't go anywhere near my actual vagina. I don't think anything more than that is necessary but I honestly never thought about it… if we were that susceptible to butt bacteria even on a freshly cleaned body surely it couldn't be so close to our vag in the first place, right? I never get any UTIs or infections or w/e despite shaving like this for over a decade so I assume I'm fine.

No. 204282

…you shave your butt? Why. It's the best to leave your vag alone to if you worry about infections.

No. 204284

I don't shave my butt but if I wanted to I'd use a different razor for that area

No. 204286

Do you have a dirty butthole? The skin isn’t a problem, fecal matter is. Just wash your butt before shaving anon jesus christ

No. 204301

I'm in the bath or shower when I shave so my ass is already about as clean as it gets. For that reason I feel safe shaving wherever. Though I do tend to shave the front first and my ass is almost an afterthought that gets forgotten half the time.

No. 204321

Why are you all shaving your buttholes? Must be really difficult and annoying, and for what?

No. 204327

I only shave around my butthole when I'm expecting to have someone else's face near that area. I would expect the same courtesy from the other person too.
Same, the vag always gets a clean new razor and when I'm done with it I use it on my butt/legs.

No. 204335

nta but i still don't get it either
1. how can you even tell or notice that there's hair on your ass
2. what happens if you cut your butthole?

No. 204354

i have hair in my asscrack some women r more hairy than others

No. 204355

Apparently it's very much recommended to use seperate razors for different parts of your body, there have actually been people on forums telling stories how using the same razor for everything caused some infection because bacteria are almost always there and different parts of your body have and are supposed to have different kinds of bacteria that shouldn't end up in other places. Apparently you even need a seperate razor for your armpits. It sounds dramatic but also makes sense when you think about it.

No. 204361

If you can stomach having your face near a butthole you should stomach some hairs as well.

No. 204364

But anon the bootystar and vag are so close to each other and due to that definitely pretty much have the same skin bacteria, any hygiene issues must be negligible?? The armpit I understand cause they have stinky bacteria that you might not want to transfer, but I bet butt and vag skin transfer bacteria on the daily. I mean as long as you wash your butt it's probably fine, and I hope you do cause shaving a dirty ass would be disgusting

No. 204410

any other anonitas completely loathe their downstairs regions? at this point i wish i had any other body. i've always had a mole on my pelvis, which made me insecure since childhood. i have long and dark labia minora. some days my vulva looked alright to me, so i decided to even check out a few gynecological surveys to convince myself i was 100% normal, but apparently my labia size puts me somewhere in the 95th percentile. i also have chronic hemorrhoids and skin tags from anal fissures (genetically predisposed to both), but since i experience no bleeding or discomfort from either, it's not an urgent medical issue. but it makes me look like my anus has its own fucking set of mini labia. as much as i'm skeptical about the benefits of labiaplasty, i couldn't even afford one if i was really sure. i don't want to get hemorrhoid surgery, because i hear it is extremely painful and doesn't prevent future piles as i am already genetically predisposed. all of this severely undermines my already negligible body confidence. i'm in my 20s and never had sex. since i have an extemely small social circle, i have zero chance of meeting anyone organically, and i assume someone who would like me for my personality wouldn't care so much what my vulva or ass look like. alas, i have to use dating apps to meet someone, but i'm petrified at the thought of having sex with a near stranger. everyone online expects sex at least by third date. i'm scared that i'll hear mean comments or someone will just ghost me after sex because i look so gross. tf do i even do to feel a little bit better? anyone else have this issue?

No. 204417

Dont meet someone if their end goal is just to have sex with you, i always try to get to know a person online first even if it takes a couple of weeks just chatting online, ofc if ur gonna meet some retards that expect sex from you they r gonna be judgemental of ur looks. I was worried about how my genitals look like since i hit puberty, considered labiaplasty etc but i meet my current bf some years ago and seeing how he actually likes how my vulva looks like made me feel better ab myself. People do have preferences on how they would like genitals to look like same with dicks but when ur actually with someone who u love then it really doesnt matter.

No. 204429

today I realized i have 3 labia minora, two symmetrical ones and then one extra on the right side, kek. It's weird bc it starts above my clitoral hood, too. Idk how I never noticed before. Anyway, I was poking around down there w a mirror bc when i was cleaning myself the other day i felt a tiny, hard bump on one of my inner labia and was like wtf. When I googled it, I realized it looked like one lone, tiny (like 1mm) genital "wart" (pearly, shiny, sticks out like a tiny tentacle) but I'm a virgin so I know I don't have any STDs. I just "pinched" it off with my finger nails, surprisingly didn't hurt. Anyway, am I dying?

No. 204431


i used to feel like you did, i even made a post kind of similar to yours once long ago. i'm about 13 years down the line from that now and i feel completely different about myself. give it time anon. be kind to yourself - you don't have to think your pussy is beautiful but you don't have to think so harshly about it either. it's a part of you and it is just the way it is. that's all it needs to be.

No. 204440

First of all, what >>204417 said
Next, please don't go for a labiaplasty. My friend who had really long uneven labia had it cut and it still didn't look ideal to her plus it was a bad healing process. The scarred bit busted back open at some point and also it deadened sensation. Please don't hurt yourself ever to please someone. If they don't want you for that they are trash.

No. 204451

Not all men are horny pigs who expect sex soon so just find the kind of guy you really want and just do it when you're ready. Also my labia sound similar to yours and one even has a weird fold that makes it look like it's twisted, but I still had a bf who wanted to eat me out all the time. Actually all my exes ate me out without me asking for it or anything so I'm sure they didn't mind

No. 204464

i think i broke my clitoris with ssri + vibrator use? masturbation doesn't feel good at all anymore in any way

No. 204466

File: 1630943183165.jpg (45.05 KB, 1080x714, cup.jpg)

How good are those things really? It seems only ''older'' women who are more comfortable with their bodies and even already gave birth praise them. Insertion alone sounds dreadful

No. 204472

You have to be pretty comfortable getting up in there. One of the biggest pros is just how much liquid they can hold compared to a pad or tampon though so you shouldn't have to empty it too often.

I used to use tampons and as someone who pees ten times a day I hated trying to keep a string dry or feeling gross when I couldn't keep it dry because of my crazy stream. I think that was weirdly the tipping point for me to switch. If you're sexually active you can receive oral as normal with the cup in. No outside signs that you're even menstruating. Win

No. 204474

I haven't given birth and I think they can be tricky. They can be fine to insert but sometimes you have to really dig around to get them out or get them to unfold, which is annoying to deal with when you're already in a bad mood and bleeding all over the place. When they're in place they're great though, they can handle heavier periods.

No. 204475

>dig around to get them out or get them to unfold, which is annoying to deal with when you're already in a bad mood and bleeding all over the place
Diff anon but this yeah. I've used cups in the past and I'm about to try it again next cycle but I have pads bought as back up for this reason. On a particularly bad month it can send you (or me at least lol) into a rage having to deal with it not popping open the first try. If the first insertion goes wrong and you're crampy and not in the mood it can feel so shit to have to deal with it.

I don't know if I'll ever be a 100 percent cup girl. Having back up products is handy for those days.

No. 204488

Not old and definitely haven't given birth, and I have mixed feelings but mostly positive. If I wasn't so retarded I'd be all about them, but I still can't figure out placement well enough to put mine in and avoid (minimal but still annoying) spotting 100% of the time. Despite that it's awesome sticking it in in the morning and not having to change anything all day, plus they feel "cleaner" than pads and even tampons to me. I have a heavy flow and the cup I use isn't even full by evening. Don't feel it once it's inside, and insertion isn't too bad but it is annoying getting it out sometimes/breaking suction and I've definitely had to stick my fingers up in places I normally wouldn't. I wouldn't say it's ever caused pain, but time and discomfort, yes. If you have the patience to learn to use them properly they're great

No. 204489

Everyone says they last longer than tampons but I swear I have to change my cup more often than I do with a largest size tampon

No. 204490

Not to be that person and overly obvious, but did you choose a cup with a larger capacity?

No. 204807

Could be either a skin tag or a keratin pearl. You should probably get a gyno examination at some point though because everyone needs them regularly

No. 204855

Have anyone here already tried those softcups? I was interested in buying one because it's marketed as being able to use them and having sex, but I dunno, they look like they leak to me.

No. 204857

I haven't tried either but natural sponges are popular for that too.

No. 205177

I tried them before regular menstrual cups and they were terrible. Too hard, too big. Much more involved with fetching it out of my vag than a cup to me.

No. 205263

I'm also self conscious about the way I look down there, I wouldn't call it loathing but there is a lot I dislike about it. my labia is longer and I've worried about the way it 'hangs down', I have bad days where I wish it were different but I'm learning to love it. I'm also like you and have a bit of a hemorrhoid issue. I hate it and wish I could fix it but I don't think I can.

>i'm petrified at the thought of having sex with a near stranger. everyone online expects sex at least by third date

I would be too, please don't have sex with someone you'd still consider a stranger, at very least not for your first time. I met someone on a dating site earlier in the year and I've seen him a bunch of times and we've not slept together yet. I'm a virgin like you and I explained that to him and he's been great about it and willing to wait. if a guy expects sex by the third date and would dump you if you didn't put out then he wasn't worth your time anyway! if he's a decent enough guy to wait then like you said he probably wouldn't care about what you look like down after getting to know you for who you are. all vagina feels the same too, a strong dislike with how your labia look would probably indicate pornsickness. what your anus looks like also shouldn't factor much either for a none pornsick guy. that kind of thing would indicate to me he was interested in anal which is once again pornsickness. if that were the case then kick him too the curb. guys like that aren't worth the time or effort. you'll find someone anon!

No. 205285

anons, i had sex for the first time at the age of 21 with a bf i had for 1 year. and i dont understand one thing.
we had ots of problems with penetration, he couldnt get in the first maybe 8 times we tried it. after that he could but despite it aching and hurting A LOT when he did a suddent movement… it just didnt feel like anything?
idk like it didnt feel like something was in me at all, like i imagined i would feel being "filed" (gross term, sorry).

is sex supposed to feel this indifferent? i enjoyed dry humping way more than penetration even when it wasnt near my clit. fyi, he was also a virgin so it might just be inexperience.
i also have problems with dryness and my bf is apparently above average in terms of size (16 cm). i think it wasnt enjoyable to him either cuz he didnt cum but told me it was because he was really excited. idk if i believe that.

1) is sex overrated and doesnt feel like anything except discomfort?
2) do you feel like something is in you when you are being penetrated? or do you not feel it.

No. 205296

Can't help you with the sex part since I'm a virgin who's used toys for years but it does sound like:
You weren't turned on enough for your vagina to open up, you needed more water based lube if you can't become wet naturally, maybe your hymen didn't actually stretch open fully the first time, and I hate to tell you 16cm is average 18-22 would be large. Many anons have said they get off more from their clit or foreplay which is why straight penetration doesn't do much. To me penetration doesn't do anything if I'm not turned on and did something else outside of it. I know there's some rare disorder where penetration is painful no matter what which you could look into.

No. 205299

Nope, that's normal. Penetration is meh for most women, and now even guys don't get much pleasure from it because they are death gripping themselves. I think what's considered "foreplay" or "petting" is way better than actual penetrative sex, both physically and emotionally. Also 16 cm is above average, average is around 13 cm.

No. 205300

>my bf is apparently above average in terms of size (16 cm)
this line killed me, bless your heart nona, the scrote is lying. about your situation are you sure it actually went in? your bf sounds retarded so he might've been rubbing his dick on your labia thinking he's in, if you're very wet also both gets mixed up from the woman's perspective and you can mistake it for having it inside you, been there done that. unless you felt it with your hands and watched it enter, it literally might not have gone in. penetration is rarely enjoyable and orgasmic but regardless it should feel like something its not normal to not feel anything unless he has a pencil dick which i'm not experienced with, how girthy was it?

No. 205325

Hey anon. Im pretty sure it went in, i actually checked it w my hand too.
I would say he's average in girth too but i honestly have no understamding of dick sizes. I thought i didnt feel smt "inside" because i was too focused on how painful the opening felt. Also when you say "your bf is lying", do you mean hes lying about what the average is?
Thank you both. I heard a lot that penetrative sex is "meh". I tricked myself into thinking it would be good i guess. Also to first anon, we did use a lot of lube because without it, it was very bad. Thank you for both of your perspectives. I guess i'll just ask to focus more on oral next times.
Still cant believe that sex feels worse than literally just humping a pillow.

No. 205335

Yup, it is pretty much a meme. If women weren't socialized to please men I'm pretty much most of them wouldn't even have PIV all the time like we're expected to.

No. 205361

Have you never used a toy on yourself before? It might be worth it to do so to have something to compare to in a less stressful situation where you can just focus on yourself.

I'm a 'virgin' whose only used toys and it can hurt for a few seconds when it first goes in. But it doesn't last long and it definitively feels good when I thrust it at the correct angle.

No. 205392

File: 1631532771760.gif (5.16 MB, 400x224, crey.gif)

Nonas I think I want to get my implant removed but I don't know if I'm just being a little bitch or not. I got it back in May and for the past month I've been super dry to the point of discomfort and irritation, interrupted by spells of hot inflammation which is terrible on it's own. Had a recent check-up that came back clean, so I assume it's not an STD.

Honestly I'm so tired of BC in general. I don't have a BF, I'm stuck living with my parents for work so I'm not getting any on the side, and I'm here for another year at least so I just kind of want to get back on the pill or just give my body a break.

Any advice? If an implant is giving me trouble now after only fiveish months, what are the realistic chances it'll calm down for the rest of the fie years? If you've been in a similar situation, what did you do to relieve the discomfort? If you were me, would you get it removed? Keep in mind it's free in my country for my age bracket.

No. 205393

Samefag, posted here instead of the BC general because the dryness is the biggest issue

No. 205403

Why are you martyring yourself? There is no "being a little bitch", you shouldn't have to bear discomfort with something like birth control. Be kinder to yourself, seriously. Get it out.

No. 205421

Take it out. If you want to be sexually active again, I assume you'll know at least a month in advance.

No. 205430

I got chronic utis and yeast infections from the implant, only got better when I removed it.

No. 205446

File: 1631564380864.jpg (35.33 KB, 477x267, pug (2).jpg)

I don't know if there's a 'correct' way to clean vulvas, since they're all different, but I just wanna know if anyone else does this

>put a tissue on my finger

>push aside the left and right side of the minora individually
>use the tissue to pick up smegma
>looks for nooks and crannies within the clitoral hood
>use water to clean the nooks and crannies

No. 205456

Idk about the tissues sis sounds like a good way to get stuff stuck in places you don't want. Water will do 9/10 imo

No. 205485

wtf why not just clean in the shower with your fingers, light soap, and lots of water? that tissue bs isn't gonna actually clean jack shit

No. 205808

why do you have smegma in your pussy

No. 206324

I look like I have a uvula hanging from my urethra in front of my vaginal hole is that normal? I know vaginas are all different but I couldn't find any similar to mine and I can't really bear to look at any more pics because a lot of pics of diseases and shit were showing up

No. 206328

What does it mean if there's a sharp pain when I put anything in my vagina? I recently got diagnosed with BV and they gave me this gel and insert tube things. It said put them as deep in as you comfortably can yet I can only go in a tiny bit before there's a sharp pain. Idk if I even went deep in enough before I injected it. Would it be bad to call the doctor and ask for antibiotics instead? Also I've never had sex.

No. 206330

Dae find it hard to make the genital smell go away from their hands after masturbation?? Like even if I wash them with soap or hand sanitizer I can smell it afterwards. And I clean myself with soap down there

No. 206345

Anon don't wash yourself with soap ffs

No. 206365

You… doesn’t the hand sanitizer burn? Wtf, anon? Don’t use hand sanitizer. It’s got alcohol and is so drying. You probably smell because you’ve thrown your ph balance all the way off with that shit. Stop it, please.

No. 206369

Has anybody used to Elvie trainer to strengthen their pelvic floor? If so, did it help?

No. 206372

Jesus, I use hand sanitizer on MY HANDS, not on my hooha, after masturbating. And I only use the soap down there on the outer bits ffs

No. 206377

>genital smell go away from their hands
>their hands
>I wash them with soap or hand sanitizer
Seriously, even when I reread my original post I don't understand how you got to the conclusions that you did lmao

No. 206409

Diff anon but you're telling us your vag smells so insanely strong that nothing washes the smell off your hands after you've touched it… see a doctor already.

Jesus don't want any part of this convo lol

No. 206440

Try using a nail brush

No. 206446

Don't know why people are jumping on you anon, it's pretty normal for smells to linger on skin (especially fingertips). Anyway, what I do is use a pumice stone. Just lightly exfoliate your fingerpads with warm soap and water, it really does get rid of vagina smell (or any other smell for that matter). A nail brush also helps if you have them.

No. 206463

File: 1632192646441.jpeg (133.17 KB, 750x638, 16BEC2AF-2455-484C-AB58-62EAC3…)

stainless steel can remove scents, you can buy them in bars.

No. 206475

Genuinely grateful for your non-accusatory answer anon lmao, I'm gonna try that thank you
Thank you

No. 206575

Is it possible that you're dehydrated? All of my body odor is a lot stronger if I haven't been drinking water like I should

No. 206686

I think I have a yeast infection (white clumpy discharge and itchy vulva) so I was going to get medicine for it from a pharmacy as it's a nightmare to get a doctors appointment. thing is if I'm wrong and it's not a yeast infection would it fuck my body up if I used a cream/pessary to treat something that isn't happening?

No. 206689

It definitely sounds like a yeast infection, but even if it isn't, using drugstore treatments for it won't harm you.

No. 206710

It's hard to get a docs appt where I am too, it's almost like you have to plan getting sick in advance if you want to get seen in time lol.

Anyone I know who had one just self diagnosed by symptoms and went to the pharmacy first. That's what I've done 2 or 3 times in the past. Don't think I've ever seen a doc when I had one. Sounds like yeast too. If the pessaries don't work first I'd see a doc after that.

No. 206713

It'll probably be fine, if it's not a yeast infection then cream would probably just soothe the itch without curing the problem. If you're really not sure if it's a yeast infection (it sounds like it is) then maybe you could get a test?

No. 206755

Any anons know how to brighten the skin? I don’t wanna go get vaginal bleaching because of the risks but I do want to lighten my vulva. It’s just an unflattering look imo and if ur going to be an anon that just tells me to love myself and not change anything I suggest u don’t reply to me at all. Any remedies that are safe or work for underarms I’ll try.
It’s common and plenty of women have it. It’s a moist area that constantly rubs against itself. I get it occasionally but I wipe it off. It’s not because someone is nasty or unhygienic it just happens.

No. 206773

>27 years old virgin
>severe decrease in libido since last year
>masturbating doesn't feel like anything in particular unlike before
>always dry except once in a while when I have some light brown seceretions in my underwear like once a month when I'm supposedly ovulating
>usually very regular periods, nothig worrying about it
>no birth control whatsoever since I don't need it
Anons help. Why the fuck am I bleeding out of my vagina right now? It's definitely not my period, I don't have any urinary infection I could know about because I got tested last months by my doctor, I noticed the brown thing before but thought it was just my bad diet. I can't see any gynecologist until January. What do?

No. 206775

That's cervical fluid from when you're ovulating mixing with the leftover blood. It happens, it can even be pink/bright red sometimes.

No. 206778

I checked my period tracking app and nvm, these past few months it happened more and more often and not during ovulation. I booked an appointment at the doctor for next week and will see what she'll tell me. She's my GP but she could recommend me gynecologists if there's something suspicious going on.

No. 206779

please help
I noticed that since a month or two my vagina has been even more odorous than usual. It also got "dirtier" (white things that I wash away in the shower) much quicker and more frequently. Today also I notice I had extremely thick and white goo. I thought first I maybe was irritated from being waxed for the summer, but the hairs have grown back and the symptoms haven't changed. I have also been sexually active (eating out) and I did have a penis rub against me (lol) but never penetrated. Should I be concerned??

No. 206780

It sounds like you have a yeast infection, the white flecks and discharge are pretty classic symptoms. A yeast infection kit from the drug store will probably clear it up if that's the case.

No. 206783

I don't know what the circumstances are around your recent sexy time but thrush can spread from sexual contact so you might both need thrush treatment if you're still sleeping together and you want to prevent re-infection. You can get stuck in a cycle of reinfection sometimes if you only treat yourself and not your partner. Given you've had this for 2 months now he might want to use cream too if you'd any signs around the time you were intimate.

No. 206784

TIL people buy kits at the drug store for thrush lol. The few times I had it I just stopped eating sugar and bread for a few days and it disappeared on its own.

No. 206785

Glad you're seeing your doc soon. This is the type of rando bleeding where they say not to ignore it. If you can't link it to ovulation then I think you're right to get it seen to.

I've had yeast infections twice and both times it was from taking antibiotics and it hit me real quick. I needed treatment and I needed it from day one of noticing symptoms. Was going nuts and couldn't sit still with the itch lol. Where I live there's this constant ad that's on TV for thrush cream so I knew what to ask for. Good times.

No. 206797

Are there any conception-friendly lubricants that don't cause bv?

No. 206799

I don't have any itching, burning or redness, though, and the discharge does smell strongly.

No. 206801

Diff anon but given you've had this for one or two months already and there's been some sort of sexual activity too.. I would think it's reasonable to see a doc at this stage to get tested.

White clumpy discharge is typical of thrush but I don't know if I've ever had a smell accompany it. Smell could be caused by any other type of infection too.

No. 206811

How do you go to the doctor? Idk how it's called in English, I think it is GP or family doctor. Is that who you mean? Or do I make a different appointment? Sorry for the weird question but I've never been to the doctor since becoming a legal adult and moving out lol, especially not for something of this nature, so I'm not sure if the GP deals with these things

No. 206814

Where are you from? The way you use GP/family doctor makes me think we may be from the same country lol.

No. 206858

Okay nonnas I am gonna get my pussy ate for the first time tomorrow. I'm kind of worried about first impressions so if anyone has tips for me regarding keeping it smelling nice and tasting good (other than the basic hygiene), or avoiding certain things that could make it smell/taste bad that would be great. On a more serious note I'm also anxious because I don't think my vagina looks especially nice. I have a bumpy labia minora, I think they're called fordyce spots or something. Basically clusters of small skin toned bumps that you can see when you stretch the lips. I'm a virgin and no one has ever touched me there so it can't be an std, and I've had them for as long as I remember looking down there, but it doesn't really look so good… Do any anons here have the same issue and did your partners ever comment on it? And did you manage to ever get rid of them by chance? I know I've asked a lot of questions but I've never been intimate with anyone and I've got a lot on my mind

No. 206867

1. drink plenty of water. this is important for literally every chemical process in your body, but if you're dehydrated you'll taste saltier than usual. also you'll probably lose water sweating, crying, and thoroughly enjoying yourself
2. do not strive for your pussy to smell or taste like anything other than what is. it's really not feasible and frankly unhealthy. luckily pussy smells and tastes DELECTABLE so you'll be fine
3. nobody is going to nitpick your vagina! nobody worth having sex with, anyway. i doubt the other person will notice, much less comment on it. t. recent virgin who also has strange bumps diwn there
4. relax and enjoy it. dont worry about what you look like or your partner judging you. stay in the present and lean into the sensations. don't be afraid to let them know which motions and spots feel the best

No. 206923

I'm booking an appointment on Monday to get my nexplanon taken out. My mood is more balanced than it was on the pill but I can't take the itchiness and dryness anymore. I'm stuck living with my parents in my shithole town until the borders open and I wouldn't touch any of the local guys with a stick, so I think I'm gonna go off bc for a while and see what happens. It should be interesting to know what my skin/hair/weight/mood settles to as a baseline, seeing as I've been on it basically since my first year of college.

No. 206928

What >>206867 said, avoid smoking and drinking maybe. If your parner isnt retarded they understand how a pussy normally looks and tastes like, so dont worry too much!

No. 206935

>I've had them for as long as I remember looking down there, but it doesn't really look so good… Do any anons here have the same issue and did your partners ever comment on it?
No, he's never commented, but he did tell me about his pearly penile papules. I honestly cannot see them. So really, nobody is as aware as you are. As long as you aren't eating a bunch of garlic or smoking and drinking, your pussy will taste fine. If you start to crush his head with your thighs, make sure you crush the sturdy skull part and not the jaw.

No. 206942

I'm ready to be made fun of, but here I go:

I've noticed that I am becoming less sensitive in my clitorus. It isn't numb, it's just not really as sensitive as it used to be. I do have a vibrator that I use maybe every 2 or 3 days, has it damaged the nerves in my clitorus? If I just stop using it, will my sensitivity return? I don't want to (for lack of a better word) "break" my clitorus

No. 206946

Some people will say you can't lose sensitivity from vibrators but ime you kinda can and can benefit from taking a break from them for a while here and there. I used to use them alot. I had a job where I had to (not sex work, I just wrote about products) Once I was out of that job I put my whole collection away and trained myself to be able to get off manually again. I've rarely returned to using them again.

We do get into habits sometimes that make it hard to get off in any other ways, and going too high on toy settings can make that even worse. I'd try taking a break and using your hands for a while. Might take time. You can then go back to vibes and just try to use lower settings. Use them in moderation, switch between hands only sessions and toy sessions so as not to get into a set rut.

If you are on any new birth control or psych meds that could also play a role in sensitivity but you didn't mention either.

No. 206956

It might seem silly but I would rather not say. I appreciate being anonymous haha

No. 206966

Just call your GP's practice (likely still the one you went to as a child if you didn't sign up for a different one when you moved) or whatever it's called in your country. You'll likely get to talk to a GP assistant, who'll ask you about your symptoms and plans an appointment for you with your GP or redirects you to a gynaecologist.

No. 207028

Anons, would you happen to know what to do about clitoral adhesions? Pretty sure I've got one but I've been having trouble finding info on what to do about that. Also I don't think I have lichen sclerosis, it's just this.

No. 207111

anyone else experience literally not being able to feel anything when riding a guy on top? like sometimes the only thing i can feel is friction at the entrance and can't feel anything inside. i hate this position for this reason nonnas am i a freak???

No. 207113

No, I was confused for a while about a lot of women saying it was the most stimulating position when I felt the least doing it. That is until I changed up the angle of penetration. It might seem obvious but have you leaned forward at 45 degrees and just tried grinding your clit against his pelvis/hip area? I don't really bother with in and out when I'm on top (unless I already orgasmed and want to get the guy off). That feels best to me and definitely offers more clit stimulation than any other position, but when I was just bouncing up and down at 90 degrees I felt nothing. I feel it's definitely a clit and not a g spot kind of position. Reverse cowgirl feels decent in terms of penetration since it's at a more severe angle but you have to be careful of breaking dudes' dicks when you get going faster. Such delicate flowers

No. 207148

Missionary does very little for me (apart from the cuddling aspect lol) Any position where he's entering from behind works well. And I hate being on top too which kinda limits options.

Doggy or a spooning position are the only ones I feel are really worth it for me.

No. 207231

ok i'm really glad its not just me then! ty i'm gonna try the angling thing once i find someone special enough for me to even attempt getting on top. its crazy because i have such a sensitive g spot but on top it totally disappears

No. 207351

Okay anons, I have an embarrassing question. So basically I like to masturbate in the shower in the morning. It's relaxing and energizing at the same time. The only thing is - my vagina still secretes for a few hours after, even though I wash and dry carefully, of course. I typically wear panty liners for this reason. My question is, can anyone nearby smell my vaginal lubrication? I have always been so paranoid about this, and I don't know if there's a scent that I just can't detect because I'm used to it.

No. 207353


usually no. almost every woman has a bit of discharge every day and im pretty sure no one can smell that through 2-3 layers of clothing + a panty liner. you're good.

No. 207608

I finally went to the doctor and she told me it's nothing to worry about and it's just spotting. And that maybe it's because my hormones are being weird because of stress of because ovulation went wrong this month. I'm not sure I should be relieved just yet though because that shit's painful on top of being disgusting and I'm not sure it's a one time thing.

No. 208933

Has anyone gotten over their vaginismus by themselves? How did you do it?
I have the weirdest one: I can sort of get in a toy when my legs are tightly next to each other but when I'm lying with my legs spread out, I cannot get it past the opening. Would insertion every single day help?

No. 209117

Why do I push my partner out when I orgasm, and how can I stop that? It ruins the orgasm a little bit. There's got to be more I can do than just pulling him closer.

No. 209540

File: 1634287083957.jpg (24.62 KB, 600x462, ce4.jpg)

I just got my first period after going off birth control and it's just gluey dry clots. I went to wipe after taking a shit and it wasn't sticking to the toiler paper. I had to pull it out with my fucking fingers.

No. 209557

Why does my uterus hurt so much AFTER a period? It’s so sore but im scared because I’m a virgin I know it’s not a disease, but what if it’s endometriosis or something?
The pain is mostly after periods too

No. 209559

That happens to me to. The whole canal feels sore and sensitive. I think it's normal, I assumed it was something with like the post period ph

No. 209565

What worked for me was to masturbate to orgasm with clit stimulation first, then try a finger.
Orgasming first really helps to loosen up and lubricate. Only put in as much of the finger as makes you comfortable, and try again next time.
You might feel discouraged or frustrated, but it's a gradual process so don't be hard on yourself.

Good luck nonnie

No. 209662

I used these from 18-21. I only stopped because it was getting tricky in public & I got diagnosed with endometriosis (explained my very heavy bleeding). When I was using them I was a virgin (no toys or anything either), but had gotten used to tampons. I mention this purely for reference - you don't need to be older or "experienced" to use a cup. I didn't have an issue inserting it, but it took practice. I practiced when I was ovulating, because there's more natural lubrication then.

You need to find the right size and get used to inserting it, that's all. The ones in your pic look rigid but I assume that cup design has only improved since I last used one, so it's probably just the pic. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the one I bought, I bought it off the shelf (by tampons and stuff) and chose the small size, I tthink. It was completely clear. I didn't have any issues with it getting stained. Boiled it once a day to sterilize, etc. (used a pad at night).

No. 209900

File: 1634526125060.jpg (20.48 KB, 560x560, Tumblr_l_196748630817465.jpg)

Guess who got thrush from sitting on my ass stressed and dehydrated uni cramming for weeks. It was inevitable as I always without fail have gotten thrush around exam times before but REEE
Pray for me anons

No. 209919

File: 1634536000463.jpg (34.04 KB, 340x483, Screenshot 2021-10-17 224534.j…)

prane for u nonningtonita

No. 209954

Did you get something to treat it? I used a probiotic along with something from the pharmacy and that seemed to help clear it up fast

No. 210125

I feel like I've been PMSing forever. Fucking kill me

No. 210733

Hey ladies, writing this late at night while in pain, I thought I'd gotten thrush or something earlier today but upon feeling around between my labia and where the very inside connects I've suddenly got a painful pea sized lump. I swear I've had this before and it has gone away with sudocrem and care. Is this common?? A small infection?

No. 210759


Went to pop sudocrem on and there was blood, a tiny bit, is it an infected spot?! I've had it before, I think by default I've got a tiny lump but only hurts when infected

No. 210766

Do I have my period? Or is it still spotting when there’s a blood clot in the shower? My period usually comes every 9th day, so this is weird.

No. 213626

Farmers I'm cringing a bit and I need to let it out and feel more normal:

I had a vaginal examination today just to check a cyst that had been infected recently that has now almost subsided but I have a little bump somewhere in my vulva that turns out is harmless. However, outside of my smear last year it was the only time someone's ever examined me and I had mild gay panic.

I had a really comforting doctor who was chill and she's probably seen it all before but I was an apologetic mess because I hadn't shaved through lockdown and I've come off my peroid so I've been a bit hormonal on and off since and I'd been running around at work all day. When she was trying to get my legs to open more, I'd panic and worry I was going to queef or do something embarassing so I was probably really awkward. I was worried she would think I was a pervert for flinching a lot because I bluntly said "sorry, I'm a bit sensitive and self concious" and I'd not had to do this before but she remained patient and kind. Is it normal for gynos and doctors to get people like me who get shaky and nervous? I feel so bad.

No. 213648

I hate my vagina so much. My labia dangles a bit and its just so ugly. Its my biggest insecurity and I feel like it ruins my whole body

No. 213654

Jokes on you, my skin is so full of different types of imperfections that I can't care about my wild looking vulva. I'm just very happy that it gets wet easily and I can enjoy piv sex. You can't overfixate on something if there's too many things different or unconventional about yourself. If you think that having a normal vulva with normal labia like you do is something that ruins your whole body you should look out for real problems instead.

No. 213717

No, that's pretty common nonny. There are a ton of women who will avoid seeing a gynecologist because they're embarrassed of being examined so good on you for going

No. 213768


Oh good. I just felt like everything lined up at the worst time so the one time I didn't want to feel like this doctor could smell me or see the badly hidden panicked gay in me, it was probably painfully obvious. Just happy that it turned out to be a sebacious cyst, I was an anon further up with worries about it before!

No. 213775

no one who is having sex of any kind cares what labia look like. No one. I have a 'roastie' and never even knew it was considered unattractive until I read incel comments quoted on other boards. No wonder those losers are incels.

No. 213780

Thats what pussy lips are supposed to look like. Only virginal incels think they look ugly and you dont want to have their mentality do you?

No. 213781

Have you been through the ringer with men a lot? Disgusting

No. 213782

Most women have their inner labia peak out a bit, it is normal. Mine are very big and none of my sexual partners have cared. Genitals are not there to look pretty, they are for reproduction, sexual pleasure and peeing.

No. 213784

Not true
I've fucked plenty of women in real life (I'm a moid, ban me and I come back resetting my IP LOOOOOL)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213799

confirmed can't arouse women, innies at rest engorge with blood when aroused and look roastie

No. 213808

first time i put in a tampon and i think the top bit got stuck and tore off and its still inside me??? has this ever happened to anyone before? will it give me toxic shock syndrome? will it come out by itself? i wore it for an hour on a heavy flow day and it was kinda stuck inside me. i had to really pry it out and tug it really hard by the string. it kinda hurt because i was pretty dry. only the top bit absorbed blood. but when i pulled it out, it kinda unfurled into a flattened rectangle shape… did it unfurl in my vagina? arent tampons supposed to be cylinder-like and retain that shape? the top bit looked torn with a lot of loose tampon fiber. like the top part was no longer round but a bit frayed at the edges, which makes me suspect that i have the top portion still in my vagina. idk though because i cant feel the inside of my vagina.

No. 213852

i dont know if it couldve gotten stuck up there but tampons do unfurl after they go in and as it soaks up blood it expands in size. If a piece got stuck up there it should eventually fall out with your flow. Dont worry about toxic shock since its not an entire tampon.

No. 213976

Is it normal to have a "curved" vagina? I know it points backwards towards the spine but when I stick my fingers up there it feels like it curves around a round bone.
I could just be perceiving it that way but I've never been able to insert a tampon or cup and I'm wondering if that's why. Never had sex either.

No. 213992

Uteruses can tilt forwards, backwards, straight and even sideways so you're good anon
If you have never had a check up before it might be good to have one just to check that's all there is to it

No. 214044

File: 1637430960800.jpeg (39.11 KB, 450x338, cartilagedisc.jpeg)

Apparently it's called the 'pubic symphysis' It's like a cartilage joint between the bones. Comes in handy during childbirth.

I got no education on that stuff as a kid/teen and the first time I ever felt my insides I thought I was poking my pelvic bone and it fucked me up seeing as I was expecting something very different. When you're placing a tampon in you kind of tuck it behind that hard curve so I was always squeamish at the thought of it just being bone that you poke around. It was only lately that I learnt it's not even that. It's a disc of cartilage.

No. 214045

Thanks for asking this question, I've also felt this and been wondering for a while. Is it possible that depending on the placement of the cartilage it can make it penetration uncomfortable? Whenever I've masturbated I never liked inserting anything and I think it's because of that. Tampons are uncomfortable too.

No. 214223

So I’m at a loss nonnies, but after a day of sport my underwear smells like onions. Very strong. And I don’t know if it’s from sweat glands in my groin because my vagina itself doesn’t seem to have that smell and no weird discharge. It’s only after sport.

Any nonnies relate? Any ideas? Also like mortified that anyone may have been able to smell it emanating from me at the game.

No. 214239

If I don’t wear deodorant, my underarms smell super onion-y after minimal exertion. It could just be your sweat smell. Since you’re playing sports, I wouldn’t worry too much about being smelly after your game, everyone stinks after working up a sweat.

No. 214242

thanks nona, I wonder if antiperspirant would work on inner thighs

No. 214245

The Ordinary’s glycolic acid has worked great for me in keeping the onion smell at bay, although I’ve only used it on my underarms. I apply it with a cotton round after a shower and I don’t smell at all throughout the day (even with no deodorant). I wouldn’t put deodorant around my inner thighs (feels a little iffy to me for some reason), but you might have good results with the glycolic acid too.

No. 214248


Don't know what country you're in, but where I live you can get feminine hygiene deodorant products which are more sensitive skin friendly. Obviously don't spray them immediately up your cooch, but I'll use it on my inner thighs sometimes after showering if I'm concerned about sweat smells.

No. 214335

This is cringe as hell and I'm too embarrassed to ask my irl friends about it, but whenever I pee I end up getting it on my thighs the majority of the time. Sitting with my legs spread vs closed doesn't make a difference, I can't control it and it just goes everywhere. Could it be the way my urethra is positioned or something? I really hate having to wipe my thighs off too

No. 214336

Happens to me but only when I’ve shaved totally bald. Maybe try keeping some pubes if you’re the same?

No. 214345

if you have the kind of pees that sprays everywhere have you tried squatting over the toilet and tilting your butt upwards? Sounds stupid but it works for me

No. 214351

Try spreading your lips a bit maybe? I need to be spread/angled a certain way or my stream gets caught in my labia and sprays. Practice in the shower.

No. 214625

Has anyone here had an IUD placed with nitrous oxide/laughing gas? I can't even handle a pelvic exam, but hormonal birth control blows.

No. 214821

the anon you replied to is retarded yes but is this true? mine doesn't do this but obviously there is variation to vaginas

No. 214997

Not sure where to post this. I'm in the middle of ovulation and usually I don't have any symptoms at all. Today I suddenly bled a lot (bright red blood) but I think it has stopped already. I don't usually spot and this was more than just spotting. My breasts are also quite sore which I've never experienced before and they're leaking. I'm 100% not pregnant, no partner and I had my period last week.
What the hell is happening? Is this normal during ovulation?

No. 215001

Did you recently get a vaccine by any chance? I had random spotting after mine.

No. 215002

No, it's been a few months since I got vaccinated

No. 215082

It can be normal, sometimes women have "functional/follicular cysts" and these rupture during ovulation, causing some mild symptoms.
I've had them (gyn showed me one on ultrasound) and didn't know that this is what caused my ovulation symptoms sometimes.

TaylorR had one of these and decided to preach doom and gloom (iii have cyyysts - nah, you had one unlucky cyst, sis) since hers was one of the exceedingly rare ones that caused a complication. But that's retarded bc most women will experience follicular cysts and many don't even know they get them.

No. 215083

samefag, unsaged: the one thing that would concern me is the fact that your breasts are leaking. I would consider calling your gyn about this.

No. 215106

File: 1638109227356.gif (591.12 KB, 480x270, 44453454.gif)

Im so angry for you, anon, what an idiot holy shit. Hope your vag turns out okay
>Also maybe just keep the lube in the bedroom

No. 215112

Thank you, anon. We don't usually use it, it was just because I was really dehydrated due to being sick, but yeah, I will keep it in the nightstand from now on. I am wondering if I should put some salt in his coffee to get back at him and say "oops, I thought I grabbed the sugar".

No. 215114

I would just be like "let's not fuck" for a long time cause your flora needs to stabilize. Yogurt, apple cider vinegar, probiotics. Hope you get better soon, you and your vag

No. 215120

I just got done with my period and being too sick to do it, so I was really looking forward to doing it again, I do really like to have sex with him. Sigh. Don't think I have any other choice tho if I get a yeast infection. Just makes me more mad at him tbh. He apologized and seemed genuine about it, but he at least ought to buy my vagina some flowers.

No. 215126

So you were sick yet he couldn't bother to get you some fucking water or take care of you, let himself have PIV with you even though you weren't well and weren't even getting wet, and he then didn't couldn't give a shit enough about your health to check what random chemicals he was putting in your vag? I hope you dump him, he doesn't deserve a girlfriend.

No. 215138

Uhhh, no? He's been taking great care of me while I was sick, he's been cooking even tho I usually cook and made me tea and went out to do the groceries and to the pharmacy to get me medicine. I don't think drinking a glass of water helps immediately when you're dry and we both wanted to have sex since it's been a while and we usually do it every day outside of period-time. His only mistake is that he grabbed the wrong item without looking and that's careless and I've been giving him plenty of shit for it all day. He feels bad about it, it's not a weird horror scenario like you made up.

No. 215278

I think I have a UTI (first time) and I hope it goes away without antibiotics, I’m worried they might mess up my vaginal flora.

No. 215321

good luck, anon. Eat some cranberry pills, eat lots of citrus, and drink a lot of (non-sugary) liquids!

No. 215330

How do some girls stop their periods on birth control? Ive been on it for 3 years and still get it. Do I have to skip the placebo pills?

No. 215339

Yes. the "period" you get on birth control is just bleeding from hormone withdrawal. If you just keep taking the active pills you won't get it.

No. 215343

not sure where you're located but you can buy phenazopyridine hydrochloride (AZO) in the states, or sodium citrate (cystoplus) in Canada/UK. It won't get rid of your UTI but it will help with pain. If it doesn't clear up after drinking lots of water and taking cranberry tablets, don't wait too much longer, kidney infections are horrible.

No. 215355

Thank you!!

No. 215386

Thank you guys, it’s feeling so much better now (day 3) so either it was very mild or I overreacted and it wasn’t a UTI (but the pain day 1 was killer so I got worried). I’ll pick up that sodium citrate for the future

No. 215387

Im quite prone to sweating down there, how do you anons tackle sweat?

No. 215402

I just try to dress for more air. Thigh highs instead of pantyhose, cotton instead of polyester, etc.

No. 215578

I have had heavy periods for a while and I was wondering if sharp pain in the right arm is another side effect of having really shitty periods or endo? It kind of freaked me out the other day when it started but my period began this morning.

No. 215597

Bumping because I was a dummy and used sage

No. 215834

File: 1638563146604.jpg (26.73 KB, 410x410, 1484197072753.jpg)

I know a lot of women complain about their vagina being ugly but mine is legitimately ugly for a vag. I've looked up those compilations of "diverse" vaginas and none of them are as ugly as mine. My outer labia are long and wrinkly as hell, and even my clitoral hood is huge, saggy and has wrinkles. Shit's fucked nobody is ever gonna eat my pussy

No. 215835

Get excessive flap removal

No. 215836

same here nona. mine probably looks like yours too.

No. 215839

who cares, make him eat it, cock and balls are ugly as fuck, make him eat the ass too while you're at it

No. 215869

Mine is the same and it's dark as hell despite me being extremely pale. Whatever. I just think to myself, if I was a lesbian and my gf had a similarly unaesthetic pussy, would I still eat it? And the answer is yes, I would because I'd love her and want to make her feel good. I don't even like women but can still think in that way. If a man can't even do that he is useless.

No. 215876

Same, mine are way longer than any of those collages that are supposed to make you feel like oh mine is normal. Obviously not because no one has a picture like mine kek. I’ve thought about getting surgery for it but ultimately it doesn’t hurt/impact my life and every partner I’ve had doesn’t give a fuck at all, it’s not like a partner is gonna say oh gross you don’t have a flat slit pussy I’m not going to have sex with you. If they do that’s a red flag and you can leave.

No. 215936

Has anybody gone without their period suddenly for 3 months? What did the cause end up being and when did it return?

No. 215937

I ate too little and it came back when I started eating normal again, though kinda irregularly.

No. 215938

File: 1638635011709.jpg (1.53 MB, 1751x2548, self objectification4.jpg)

Why is my period so weird, especially since I've had the pfizer vaccine 3 months ago. My period was supposed to come like 1-4 days ago, but it isn't coming fuck

No. 215940

also, to clarify, I'm a virgin and have never used the pill in my life

No. 215944

Damn i'm the opposite. I used to eat too little and then i started to eat normally. When i stopped being underweight, my period went away.

No. 215984

because the vaccine was developed without having in mind WOMEN and it's still posin anyways

No. 215988

I also got vaccinated in August/September and my period was about a week late in October (my cycle in August and September were normal), and it ended up going over to November so I didn't get my period that month. I got it back on the first of this month, and it's the same as all my other periods. I hate that this knocked off my period schedule. I was going through a lot of stress, so honestly I'm not completely sure if it was the vaccine.

No. 215995

periods can be late for literally any reason, like if you didn't eat and sleep well, if you were stressed, if you had a cold or light fever, if you traveled.. why do ppl assume it's caused by a vaccine they had several months ago

No. 216030

I've never had a period leave my cycle, and I've been all of the above at some point. Every girl I know who got the vaccine (granted that's only 3 people) had their period change after. They're already trying to claim its because women are just "anxious", don't contribute to that

No. 216052

Mine went and came back with no apparent cause several times in a year, I never saw a doctor, I think I have fucked up hormones though

No. 216103

File: 1638725431713.jpg (151.66 KB, 1200x703, capes.jpg)

is it okay to ask my gynaecologist really dumb questions? like stuff that a woman my age should know, but don't?

No. 216218

File: 1638786607118.jpeg (57.11 KB, 555x552, A559DC4E-F294-4A1E-ADE8-257643…)

Nonas I need your help. I’m having sex for the first time in months this week and even though my hygiene is good Ive been in a dry spell and therefore haven’t exactly been worrying about whether my vag is in cunnilingable condition. Are there any foods/supplements you can recommend in the lead up so that I won’t be self conscious about how I smell or taste?

No. 216219

yes. you have to find out some time, it's better to find out from a trained professional, rather than suspect info from a weird forum

No. 216220

Don't be daft. As long as you're not on your period, being freshly showered and hydrated is condition enough.

No. 216221

>don’t be daft
Kek you sound like my mum nona but thank you for the advice

No. 216231

Nta, but mum anons are the best anons.

No. 216240

How normal are irregular periods? I haven't had my period in months. That is pretty normal for me. They sometimes but not often come consecutively from month to month. My first period was 13 and i'm now 24. I don't want to be put on birth control to "regulate" though so I've been iffy on telling my ob

No. 216264

Irregular periods are really common. I'd recommend going to your OB for a full check up to make sure it isn't caused by a medical issue. It could be due to a lot of stress in your life or your dietary habits as well, but it's good to rule out the serious stuff. You can also refuse birth control if they try to prescribe it to you. If it's not caused by anything severe and the irregularity doesn't bother you, there's no need to worry about it or take any medication.

No. 216282

Basically, I only suspect I have a UTI. A little over a week ago I had a very short term infection, lasting I think one day. 2 months before that was my first ever UTI, I didnt take antibiotics. I've taken D mannose and cranberry pills since that short term infection, and felt absolutely no symptoms. I skipped a dose saturday and sunday evening and now I feel a little itchy, and feel like I need to pee but only a little comes out, so I'm guessing there's still something there.

Question is, should I keep taking just the D mannose for idk, another week to see if I fight it off or come off it to see if it IS actually a UTI and maybe et antibiotics because maybe I'm doing myself longer term damage by having an infection even if there are no symptoms.

No. 216285

If you're still concerned there's a lingering infection, I'd definitely recommend seeing a doctor for testing and to get some antibiotics. You don't want to end up in the hospital with a kidney infection. I have had some clear up on their own but it's worth getting checked out just in case.

No. 216286

I've had utis clear up if I caught them quickly. I've also had other ones that I basically just about kept at bay with at home methods.. it bought me some time but I had to treat it eventually or it would always return. Sounds like you're dealing with the latter.

No. 216324

File: 1638841071475.jpg (1.31 MB, 1992x2504, self objectification5.jpg)

nvm it came today

No. 216342

I got a kidney infection from ignoring a UTI! It was awful. I don't know what your healthcare situation is like, but if it's not a huge burden to you, definitely get it checked out and cleared up.

No. 216351

anon, who cares? why do you think they call having sex "bumping uglies"? Genitals aren't pretty, and no one thinks about what it looks like during sexual activities.

I have a similar look as you probably. When you are aroused everything plumps up and the wrinkles go away. I just see no sense in obsessing over labia length unless you actually have pain because of them.

No. 216355

Genitals aren't pretty anyway, not until you feel horny and then they're suddenly the most desirable thing. I think dicks are ugly as hell but my god does that change and do I gladly suck on them when the mood hits lol

A horny scrote (or lesbo/bi) won't be viewing your pussy through the same lens as you see it

No. 216364

No normal guy will care what your pussy looks like. Mine is ugly as hell (similar to what you're describing) yet the only comments I ever got was 'I looked up different vagina types online and your shape is the prettiest to me' and from a different person 'don't be shy, you're so pretty' and many variations of it when I hesitated getting eaten. Both of these guys weren't the absolute gentlemen either, they were sometimes acting like dicks, very average people.
Normal guys just wanna get laid. Seriously it's a non-issue and if someone complains, you just had a very bad luck and bumped into one way too pornsick idiot in a hundred people.

No. 216596

I get UTIs from sex. I've gotten UTIs from being fingered roughly. Right now I have my first UTI in fucken years because I thought I could handle a dildo. Fuuuck

Does anyone else struggle with this? I can get off with external stim every day for years and be fine but if anything dares to go inside me I will suffer for it.

No. 216698

Could be your lube that's causing them, or otherwise it's a hygenic issue. Some women are more prone to UTIs than others based on their anatomy down there. Try to avoid getting any lube or secretions near your urethra. The easiest way to ensure this is if you are laying on your back, so that gravity moves extra lube, anal leakage and vaginal mucus away from your urethra rather than towards it. Also drink plenty of water beforehand so you can have a good pee afterwards to help flush out anything that may have made its way into your urethra.

No. 216705

NTA, why would someones butt leak omg

No. 216710

Well leakage may have been the wrong word. When you have sex or masturbate with penetration, some vaginal fluids will unavoidably make their way out of your vagina. These fluids often come in contact with your anus and gather anal bacteria no matter what position you are in due to the anus and vagina being fairly close neighbors. If you are face down being fingered or upright as in riding a dildo or dong, the fluids containing those anal bacteria are more likely to flow forward at some point and can enter your urethra. Anal bacteria is the most common cause of UTIs.

No. 216760

Hi anons. I've been using an IUD for years now (got it replaced 2 years ago now) and I never really got my period. Until recently I've been having my period for more than a week and it's been heavier than my standard light IUD periods. Kind of worried right now. I'm disabled and I don't move much, I do fasting a lot. I'm thinking this might contribute to hormonal imbalance but it's never happened until now

No. 216837

Anons, i had a doctor tell me once that taking isotretinoin (for acne) can cause fistulas. I was horrified, however i didnt find much about this while googling. Honestly he came across as kind of an asshole, so i dont know if he was speaking from concern or hate for the pharma industry. My body definitely dried up after taking it for a year, but if i was to have any complication i would feel something, right? A hole wouldnt just appear out of nowhere with no pain or infection right? It always feels and looks normal, the only difference i noticed is that im alot drier during piv.

No. 216856

Sounds like you're fine, anon. If you're really worried though, maybe you can see an OBGYN.

No. 217222

File: 1639424361423.jpg (57.89 KB, 902x677, lain.jpg)

This is a general, dumb question, but I was wondering what do gynaecologists do when they find that an underage kid has vaginismus? Do they tell the kid/their parents? Do they encourage them to treat vaginismus? I can't imagine a gynaecologist telling a 14-16-year-old girl's parents about their vaginismus, and I doubt that a gynaecologist would encourage a kid that age to dilate

No. 217226

I'm pretty sure little girls don't go the gynecologist, much less to check vaginismus specially when girls aren't supposed to have sex

No. 217228

idk. I heard of families in the USA sending 13-year-old girls to gynaecologists and stuff, and some medical websites say girls should go see a obgyn between 13-15, even though I first saw a gynaecologist later in life, so I assumed that sort of a situation would inevitably come up

No. 217247

Samefag I am still bleeding and it's even heavier now. I can't see a doctor right away. Has this happened to anyone?

No. 217250

It makes sense for a girl around her 13-15’s to go to a gynecologist if she tells her mom that she feels like something isn’t right.
Like, I’m an hypochondriac idiot, and when I went with my mom to her yearly appointment at the gynecologist because I didn’t want to be home alone, I asked the gynecologist if my breasts were okay because I thought they were lumpy.
The thing is that if a girl at that age says that she has vaginismus or something like that, well, it will depend on how her parents could deal with it.
I particularly would be worried for obvious reasons, but then again, if you’re used to using tampons, not pads, and your kid wants to imitate you but the tampons don’t work for her, then I guess it makes sense if the kid is worried, and then she gets diagnosed with vaginismus.
Not everything is about sex, I think, maybe I’m being naïve.

No. 217254

File: 1639432449831.png (431.25 KB, 720x471, 727383838272.png)

What constitutes as a 'big clit'? My clitoral hood is maybe like an inch, I've never compared it to anyone else's so idk wtf is normal

No. 217320

I know this sounds really weird, but does anyone else have a tiny, white spot on their clit? I've had it for as long as I can remember, sometimes it seems to grow in size and I remember a short time a few years ago when there were two dots, it doesn't hurt or anything, it feels really sensitive, but im not sure if that's just normal clitorial sensitivity. I've tried looking it up, but everything that comes up is about dots in the labia or similar. I've thought about going to a gynecologist, but because I've always had it and it has never caused me any trouble at all I don't know if it's needed.

No. 217445

Vaginismus isn't just about sex anon. They do inform them, because certain period care options are off the table. Not to mention vaginismus can make an exam difficult.
Girls are getting their periods much earlier than in the past, and generally everyone should go to a gyno for annual check ups at the very least. My mom took me as soon as I got my period and it helped me get used to seeing an obgyn regularly. The sooner the better really. Also, being a minor doesn't somehow prevent you from having gynecological issues.

No. 217858

do any of you have advice on overcoming vaginismus? it's something im planning on seeing a doctor for eventually. i don't even know if it's that or something else, when i even think about vaginal penetration graphically i get panic symptoms and start crying straight away. i don't have any trauma or anything. i just can't insert anything beyond like one third of my pinky

No. 217859

File: 1639703479995.jpg (53.73 KB, 436x336, 161457141978262857924671999122…)

>i don't have any trauma or anything.
>i get panic symptoms and start crying straight away
You should probably try therapy. Vaginismus is 99% psychological. You have to realize that much of the population have gotten dicked/dildo'd without issue for thousands of years and that fat ass babies come out of there. Relaxing, and being stubborn and determined about it, maybe with the help of alcohol or other drugs, would be my best advice. As someone who have dealt with this for months when I first started to try penetration, it's really just persistence and going for it. You are not going to break, vaginas are very resilient, I promise.

No. 217860

nta but i remember the last time i asked my mom to take me to a gyno for period issues we got into a huge argument about it cause she thought the people there would just hurt me and not actually help any problems. she doesn't even go to one herself.. (though i think she implied she only went once a very long time ago)

No. 217867

>maybe with the help of alcohol or other drugs
Anon what the fuck kind of advise is this?

No. 217871

idk anon, I read a lot of "how to have sex for virgins" when I had vaginismus and many of them recommended alcohol to loosen up. Not asking her to get super drunk, obviously.

No. 217895

And the drugs?

No. 217913

Is weed not a drug?

No. 217922

Please don't avoid doctors because your mom is a paranoid freak, going regularly is really important. Just go on your own.

No. 217933

In defense of this anon, my gyno advised the same thing. By that I mean trying alcohol

No. 217939

ty for the advice anon, i don't have any interest in trying alcohol/drugs but i'll try seeing if i can get therapy for it

No. 218383

I just noticed that my inner labia is beginning to stick out of my vulva. I've always had an "innie". Is this part of ageing? Only my right side too

No. 218497

I want to start tracking my period and cycle in general, like discharge and pain f.ex. I saw a lot of guides online say to also track when I have sex, however these articles are aimed at women trying to get pregnant. What would be some other reason I should consider tracking that? i'm monogamous and such

No. 218526

i track my period because i tend to be pretty unstable during pms+bleeding, so for me i do it to remind myself if i'm suicidal for no reason at all it's actually just the hormones lmao. i don't use those tracker apps though, i just do it manually in my calendar.

No. 218565

that makes sense, thank you. Do you keep track of sexual stuff as well? I guess I don't understand why I would track that when I have sex with my partner unless I'm trying to concieve

No. 218577

Is it possible to have a yeast infection for two days and then it’s gone?

No. 218613

I track it so I know how much I need to freak out if my period is late kek

No. 218645

i'm forever alone so i don't really need to do that. i might if i ever do

No. 218711

I used to use an app years ago called Eve to track my periods, and there are also discharge and sex options. Warning, it has a cringe campy 'yass gurl get it' meta towards sex, and it would shame you for no fucking kek. But it was otherwise decent.

No. 218772

Clue is good because it doesn't have that, and you can choose what to track. Downside is they do have a premium option now, but the free version is fine for me.

No. 218791

I only get horny once a month or every two months for a few minutes, with nothing triggering it. Any other single anons feel like they can't really get horny?

No. 218794

For a few months I felt frustrated that I was never in the mood, but in retrospect it was an insanely stressful few months. stress killing libido is no joke. I like to think I'm stronger than that but biology does some weird-ass things

No. 218798

File: 1640194250703.jpg (95.66 KB, 1200x899, extreme.jpg)

Anyone else starting to feel like 'getting over vaginismus' is a bit of an example of patriarchy/female socialisation, if you can masturbate, and especially if it's just secondary vaginismus? I know this is a bit of a stretch, but considering I'm partially PIV-critical, but I feel like doing something uncomfortable just so you can do something that you can have 'real sex' ,even you're statically unlikely to orgasm during sex (I'm critical about viewing PIV sex as 'real sex', even though women are less likely to orgasm from it). I'm starting to agree with >>208277

Especially since it obgyns are literally encouraging women to drug themselves so that they can experience maturbation/sex the 'right' way'

I know vaginismus makes using tampons and divacups impossible but I doubt that the sole reason why women who spend months, even years, trying to dilate and do something that makes them uncomfortable is solely for the sake of using divacups, which they may not like using

No. 218806

I don't have actual vaginismus but I'm in my thirties and can still only comfortably manage toys that are aimed at beginners. I can use a tampon and get a smear test done ok but I was still looking into those dilator sets lately. I feel ready to date for the first time in years and I was remembering how I much this was an issue in past relationships. I hate navigating this. Past experiences haven't been good.

Thing is I can take an average dick, it just doesn't feel good on my end.. so you can imagine what ended up happening in my past relationships given I was 'capable' of taking it. Even if you can take it, there's the issue of it not feeling right and men not caring that only one of you is feeling good. I do worry that the road to 'vaginismus recovery' often seems to end up where I'm already at. The abiity to take it and the ability to enjoy it are two seperate things. How much should you force it and grit your teeth to get here?

No. 218815

I think you may also want to consider if you even should want to be with a man who doesn't care it only feels good for him, even if you manage to "fix" it with a dilator.

No. 218833

That was my whole point

No. 218865

Does anyone else have problems with getting condoms to stay on during sex? And it’s not a penis thing because it’s happened with all partners but it’s like I squeeze too hard and some suction makes the condom slide off inside me at any moment and then he has to find it and take it out. It’s kinda creepy to me and all I usually hear is “THAT MEANS HIS DICK IS SMALL” but they’re not so idk why that always happens. I’m sure as hell not getting birth control just for sex.

No. 218884

I agree with you. If a woman needs to do month/years of uncomfortable and painful prep work just to be able to tolerate (tolerate, not even necessarily ENJOY it) PIV, maybe everyone involved just need to agree both her mind and body don't want PIV in the first place, and she doesn't need to be "fixed."

No. 218885

Sounds like he's wearing condoms that are either too big or too small

No. 218969

If it's not that the condom is too big then the next possibility is that you're just not staying wet enough. Even if your muscles grip down, if you're wet enough that won't pull a condom off.

No. 219105

I already googled this and got nothing. Ive never asked a doctor about this, but does anybody else have like a small slit on their clit? I understand my own anatomy, its not my urethra that I am talking about. My clit sometimes has this white creamy stuff that is coming out of my clit? It doesn't smell nor does it hurt. I pull back the hood to expose the glans outwards and like theres a slit in the center. Its slightly open in a way? Not like a hole, but more like a tiny separation that can be pulled. Ive also have never gotten pregnant despite having unprotected sex for years. Idk maybe im intersex, but i still wana ask.

No. 219132


I think that's just where the labia minora joins together to form the glans, and the white is just everyday sweat and discharge that's made its way under your hood. Like smegma but not putrid

No. 219146

The clit is homologous to the glans of the penis, so the 'slit' is probably just a dimple where your urethra would have been. It's like having a third nipple, harmless. The smeg and stuff is normal too. If you went through puberty fine and you have normal periods you're probably not intersex lol. Go to a doctor if you're worried about infertility.

No. 219383

When I was in the shower I noticed a cut near my clitoris. It took me aback somewhat, but reminded me of the time a guy had made me orgasm intensely by rubbing my clitoris directly on the skin, when I had only been used to masturbating over my underwear. Later that day I noticed blood in my underwear, but it wasn't from my period, so I didn't have a clue where it could have come from. The night before last I masturbated intensely and rubbed my skin directly. I again felt really nice after but now in the shower I notice this. It has lead me to think that I still am too sensitive to be rubbed directly onto the skin, or that my skin was too dry. I however don't like it when my vagina is too wet externally since it doesn't let me feel the friction of rubbing as much. Does anybody else have experience with this? Any tips or advice? Will I ever be able to be satisfied by having my clitoris rubbed without wearing underwear? Will I always have cuts? Another thing I noticed just now is that my labia and clitoris are a blueish purple. I assume this is because I had been very cold and fatigued the past two days, so my entire body was a bit underheated. What do you guys think?

No. 219385

Having sex with someone who you trust and is patient enough to give you the space to relax. I had this issue and then it disappeared to the point I don't even feel it slipping in anymore. I am sometimes still shocked. I got over it by allowing myself to relax and be present in the moment. I focused on my breathing and only tried angles/positions that worked. When I wasn't in the mood for PIV, I said I wanted to stop and then we just cuddled or he touched me otherwise. The thing with vaginismus is that it is often caused by fear/trauma of some sort. The fear that it will hurt, the memory of it hurting (either from sex or even just a tampon. I remember sobbing terribly each time I still couldn't get a tampon in, because I felt broken and wrong. I was so scared I wouldn't be able to have sex, and I carried this fear with me, which made me close up and indeed struggle with penetration), the fear that you're not good enough to be having sex, the fear that it's going to go wrong, or the very valid thought that you actually aren't ready yet for sex at all. It's important to address these things and allow yourself to heal from them or challenge them by trying to relax and counter these feelings with positive expectations. Another thing that helped me was being fingered first. It let me relax a lot and showed me that penetration doesn't have to hurt. I also explored my body a lot with my boyfriend. I explored how certain positions hurt more or less than others and sought to understand why. I discussed this with him and this communication as well as knowledge really gave me confidence as well as a sense of control. It indicated to myself that I knew my body and had nothing to be worried about. My partner is also really respectful, patient and understanding, so I always feel in control around him. I'm not afraid of him and feel safe. That is extremely important, otherwise you won't relax (and you shouldn't! If you feel unsafe, there is probably a good reason for it and you deserve to explore it!)

No. 219473

I'm having some problems regarding having sex, and I'm hoping someone has some advice or a solution. My fiancé and I tried PIV sex for the first time 2 days ago, and I basically had trouble fitting his dick inside me. Like, we literally tried for an hour to get it in, but it just wouldn't fucking go inside, and it was painful too. FWIW we're both virgins, but I've been able to fit fingers inside me before, but no more than 2 max, and only if I'm really really really wet, otherwise even fingers are an issue. Idk what to do tbh.

No. 219475

Look up vaginismus, you may be dealing with it.

No. 219476

I may not be helpful at all but exactly this always happens to me so you're not alone. I get a random tiny blood spot in my underwear every time I get off (I prefer to have my underwear there or everything just feels too slippy)

No. 219478

No. 219484

I feel like spending an hour trying can be the worst thing for it, it builds tension if it already hurt you and then you keep on trying for that long of a session.

Something alot of women overlook is, you have the option to try out small toys and explore penetration on your own too. You don't have to hand over 'first big entry' to a partner. It can take alot of the nerves (and pain) out of first time sex if you've tried a small toy or two before.

When I was younger I found out I had a hell of a tough hymen and I ended up spending a few weeks with beginners toys working at my own pace before doing anything penetrative with another person. I wanted to do it myself because I was in hella pain even by myself going slowly, I didn't want my first time to be a guy hurting me no matter how hard he tried not to. Hymens vary in shape and toughness so people have different experiences with that hurdle. Recently people have started saying that your first time should never hurt if the guy does it right but that's not true across the board. Anatomy wise it's not the same for everyone. If you have ongoing issues with pain you can always take control and explore this on your own first. Or use a small toy together, use it as a stepping stone up to taking his size.

No. 219734

Does anybody have an idea?

No. 219737


Slight bluish purple is normal in unaroused state if you have a visible labia minor like I do. Do you shave at all? It sounds like this is from standard masturbation chafing but could also be from a razor.

No. 219887

The colour has already changed back to normal, luckily. I think it was indeed because I was sick and extremely cold to the point of constant shivering haha. I don't shave, so it wasn't from that… Thank you for your reply, though

No. 219913

Did anyone else have a labiaplasty? I got one around three weeks ago and I don't regret it, but I really miss working out and I can't for another 3-5 weeks. Also I swell more than most people so the swelling is still nowhere near gone. I know it's probably controversial here, but mine were really long and uneven, I probably would've accepted it if they were the same length but the huge asymmetry bothered me so much. I feel better about myself now but the recovery is so boring and the first week really sucked.

No. 219917

I don't judge you but did it hurt too much? that area is very sensible

No. 219937

Not really, it was just uncomfortable to sit for a while. Luckily I didn't lose any sensitivity, I was really worried about that. The first couple of days really sucked though, I had to clean the area with betadine and for some reason that made me really lightheaded and I almost passed out sometimes. Also I think the pain meds were pretty strong because the first couple of days of recovery are a blur. I stopped taking them after 3-4 days but didn't get a lot of pain after that.

No. 220306

Keep getting pimples (cysts?) on my labia minora and it hurts like hell. I used to never get them before. Is there anything safe to put on there or do I just need to wait it out?

No. 220313

File: 1640874199700.png (6.6 KB, 260x193, 1635661687009.png)

I had a bartholans (sp?) cyst and took a bunch of sitz baths got really drunk and ended up popping that fucker in the tub

No. 220316

File: 1640874759964.png (179.11 KB, 750x1334, 4088C96A-42AF-474F-BFC9-FD9DE4…)

I get them too sometimes, just don’t use any chemicals and wait it out. TMI - It says not to pop them but I do after a couple of days and a thick puss comes out which feels better.

No. 220505

How do I heal the skin around my vagina after waxing a few times? I now have some places where there were ingrown hairs. Some are pink and swollen and others purplish and discoloured. I want to restore my skin, how? Also I want to stop picking my pubes due to trich because I feel like it makes it worse.

No. 220526

Leave it alone, wear cotton underwear and loose bottoms. Skin in that area should heal fast, just stop fucking with it.

No. 221692

File: 1641444084121.jpeg (113.24 KB, 1000x636, AF84E7C4-8FE6-446B-9835-667F0A…)

I think I have a yeast infection. I’ve been smelling like an abandoned beer factory, it’s a very sharp smell as well as being very strong. I know my smell, and this is honestly too sharp and strong for what I usually smell like on a bad day. I also notice that my panty liners usually look like I leaked a yellow or green highlighter in them, consistently. I just question if it’s a yeast infection because I’m not itchy or anything. The symptoms for yeast infections really confuse me anyways and always seem different.

For context it’s been like this for a while now, for like a couple months (I’ve just been ignoring it since the only thing off is the smell and discharge color). I did notice that this happened after my eczema started to develop underneath my butt, around my crotch, and my inner thigh (you know anywhere where the skin moves a lot). I had to put cream there, and I’m assuming the cream traveled up. I use cerave, and I only used it a few times because I was scared it would get into my vagina as I moved around. Now the eczema there is kinda gone, but it still itches everyday so I assume this still plays a role. I also wear panty liners often, I don’t know if this also plays a role. What should I do?

No. 221695

Strong smell, yellow/green discharge, and no itching is fairly unusual for a yeast infection so it might be something else (though symptoms for these sort of things can be pretty variable). If you're uncertain it might be worth getting one of those screening tests that can help distinguish between a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, since they often present similar symptoms but treatments are different (and mistakenly using yeast infection treatment when you have a BV can feel like hell). Or if you want to play it extra safe you could just go to the doctor to be certain.

No. 221696

Late, but Tend Skin (in the blue bottle) works great for ingrown hairs. I use it only on the upper part of my pubic area. Obviously don’t put it directly on your labia or anything, but on the top of the mons pubis or your inner leg is fine. It’s helped reduce my ingrowns a lot.

No. 221857

Thank you, I didn’t know there were screening tests. I didn’t think about BV, but when I looked into it I’m not really sold. But I could be wrong. I had a revelation yesterday when I smelled where my eczema is worst, like behind my knees and in my elbows, and it smelled just like my vagina. Not as beer-ery, but it definitely had the same undertone I really don’t know what this means, but I suspect I have a fungal infection on top of my eczema (I noticed I have signs of both). It could be candida overgrowth, since that kind of fungus can cause rashes on the skin and can cause yeast infections. But I’m kinda talking out of my ass, I’m not really sure what my problem is.

No. 222047

Dae has a completely clear discharge with just one tiny speck of blood? Is this normal or should I be worried?

No. 222248

Help I think I have the pussy cheese
When I run my fingernails over my inner lips I get this white stuff under my nails.
I take showers 6 days per week, sometimes I don’t wear underwear and just wear the same pajama bottoms throughout the week which is what I think did it.
I wash my pussy every time I take a shower and like actually scrub it with my bath poof and rinse really well. I don’t know how much harder I can scrub without it getting super irritated

No. 222258

Stop scrubbing it anon, what the hell
Everybody gets that, it has to do with hormones and how much you sweat/move so it's normal and there's nothing you can do. Just wash daily

No. 222261

my periods nowadays are strange, rather than the blood coming out during the day, it all comes out when i pee? leaving my pads pretty clean. could it be bc of sexual activity? went to the gyno very recently and they didn’t find anything strange.

No. 222281

The absolute state of some anons in this board

No. 222307

yes possibly. when you're aroused the blood stops flowing to make way for lubricant. so are you just wet constantly nona? no shade jw

No. 222320

Honestly I did not know this. Do you know what it’s called? Is it just regular Smegma or is it something else?

No. 222324

Please for the love of god stop scrubbing your vagina, change your bottoms/underwear everyday (or at least more often), and get a vagina screening test if you think you need one you probably don't though.

No. 222344

Why are you exfoliating it with a loofah? Use a rag like a normal person. It's probably just dry skin and I'm sure the rest of your skin is too since you're using a loofah daily.

No. 222388

I’m pussy scrubber and I’m back.
Today after I got out of the shower I dried off and like thirty minutes later my pussy was wet as fuck all over and I don’t know why. Not stinky though. But it was like all the pussy was secreting water, but beforehand I was like totally dry.
Pussy chemistry ya’ll

No. 222397

Is it possible that I produce less discharge now that I’m peeing more often? I’ve been drinking lots of water, definitely more than usual, so much that my pee is almost transparent, and I’ve noticed that my underwear doesn’t get all dirty with discharge like before, now it’s less.

No. 222398

No. 222407

I mean you could be spotting? Was it old blood or fresh blood? Did you change anything about your birth control recently?

Hello pussy scrubber. That could be just dead skin you are scraping away. I'd say ditch the loofah action, just pop some foamy soap on your outer genitals, get into the nooks and crannies and rinse with a shower head thoroughly. Leave your poor pussy alone with the incessant scrubbing, she's got delicate skin.

No. 222414

> When I run my fingernails over my inner lips I get this white stuff under my nails.
That takes me back. I used to have a really bad habit of this, everytime i would go to the bathroom i would do this methodically just because it was satisfying. I would actually grow out my pinky nails the most just for this purpose. Don’t worry, I’d clean my nails well after kek. Anyways my point kinda is that i would do this everytime i would go to bathroom, and there would usually always be some, so it is inevitable and no scrubbing in the shower will prevent anything since its just buildup that occurs often. I can see you think its a result of being dirty but its not. Of course i agree with all the other anons, get rid of the loofah, and just switch to freshening up with a damp tp in the bathroom if it bothers you. It’s not like its lime scale.

No. 222498

You don't need to scrub wtf. Just run your nail gently along the surface to take off the cheese. Some women have it, just like some women sweat more than others.

No. 222521

probably due to being hydrated, not the peeing itself.

No. 222711

File: 1641839508716.jpg (78.05 KB, 864x486, Livia.jpg)

Has anyone tried a TENS device for cramps and was it actually beneficial? If so, is there a particular brand/model you'd recommend? I was initially looking into the Livia one, because I trusted its quality moderately more than one of those random mass-produced chinese devices that get resold by a bunch of different sellers, but it still seemed a little expensive and gimmicky.

No. 222729

I'm having some weird pain between my lower inner and outer labia right next to the vaginal opening, almost feels like a scrape on the skin & it hurts on the surface to wipe or separate the labia. I shave down there but have taken a break bc of this. I took a look briefly but other than looking a little red I don't see anything.

I wondered if maybe sleeping in yoga pants (I've been cold) caused this, so for two nights I've gone without. It still hurts. I haven't had sex in months.

Any ideas on what I should do? It is kind of mild to see a dr about this, and appointments are difficult right now where I am because of the covid surge. My next gyn appt is in the spring.

No. 222731

I also use mild soap on my vulva in the shower and that stings there too.

It's unscented olive-oil soap.

No. 222746

It's probably just irritated, but you might have some type of infection. There's over the counter kits you can get to test for yeast or BV. Soap is far too alkaline to put anywhere near your vulva. You need a wash that's lower in pH that supports the tissue and bacteria that are supposed to be there, otherwise it becomes a breeding ground for other bacteria and potentially even yeast. Avoid a lot of brands that say pH balanced, because they're usually just going for the pH of the skin, not vulva. Honeypot has unscented washes that are more in the realm of safe and it shouldn't irritate things more.

No. 222755

thanks, I'll look for one of those kits. Maybe yeast, since it isn't in the vagina but on the lips?

I'll get a better cleanser. I guess I thought what I was using was OK, but I didn't think about pH.

No. 222764

Just use water to clean your pussy, anon… I've used only water and never had problems. I don't know why so many anons use soap to wash themselves, jfc.

No. 222765

I only clean the outside, but ok. I mean, I'm obsessive about cleanliness, I exercise regularly, and I don't want to smell there. Not all of us grew up in homes where we were taught how to clean everything "properly." Ffs my mom barely has body hair so she never taught me how to shave… I was hurting myself because I didn't know how often to replace the blades.

I can't imagine not using anything to clean the area between my legs but perhaps one of these rinses the other anon recommended is a step in the right direction.

No. 222766

*hurting myself as a young teen, obv. not now

No. 222769

File: 1641854450336.jpeg (139.36 KB, 1750x2500, DCB08596-7812-49D9-B7CF-B217A6…)

Pussy scrubber here again.
So I literally even shaved yesterday everything, and there was no pussy cheese all night.
But today there is MORE pussy cheese, and it’s a little stinky.
And my period blood was stinkier than normal.
Think I might have an infection but I don’t know how to tell or if I’m just being paranoid.

The pussy cheese is relentless, it comes back every day. It’s not a ton by any means but the fact that it’s there bothers me.

No. 222772

No shit you should only clean the outside… There is literally no point in using soap on your vulva other than water and your hands. I honestly think your vulva is irritated because you keep using soaps. Just use water. Your pussy is going to smell like a pussy, not like roses or candy.

No. 222773

When I was a teenager I went through the exact thing you're describing and even ended up going to the doctor because I was convinced I was infected or something, only to learn that small quantities of it are 100% normal even if you're cleaning yourself correctly. Go to a doctor if it will make you feel better but the most likely outcome is that there's nothing wrong with you and there's no use getting obsessive over it (and scrubbing will probably just irritate your skin).

No. 222776

Nonas I generally sweat a lot all over my body but I especially struggle with sweating down there; do you have any ideas on (safely!) battling extreme sweat? Or do I just have to live with that

No. 222791

And if your pussy really be stinking naturally then change your diet and up your fermented food.

No. 222811

Just rule out an infection. If it's just smegma, wipe it away gently each time. Wipe from front to back and keep good hand hygeine with anything you put anywhere near there. It's a buildup of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. That's possibly going to include E. coli if your wipe technique is shit (heh) or because of the cooch to butthole distance there. Scraping it is going to leave microabrasions though, and your fingernails are probably not as clean as you want to think when you're doing that. Your period lowers pH there and makes the lactic acid from your vag slightly less hard hitting though. If you're using pads, switch to a reusable disc for days when it isn't a gore river.

No. 222819

>I don’t know how to tell
Anon, get a vagina screening kit. Please stop scratching your vagina with your fingernail. You're literally making it worse.

No. 223213

File: 1642045842177.jpg (964.71 KB, 986x1024, istockphoto-468976734-1024x102…)

So, I used to be quite wet when I was younger - I remember once when me an ex were having sex he had to actually change his shirt because I made it too wet from missionary. But when I started the pill at 20 y/o for my PCOS it all went to shit and I became the exact opposite. I changed my birth control method and I haven't taken the pill in like 5+ years but I have not gone back to my original wetness.
Even when masturbating and reaching climax I am still too dry to even put fingers, sometimes. And I fucking hate it so much, sometimes my fiance will even get a bit softer thinking that I am not aroused enough and he doesn't want to hurt me, obviously.
Is there any way to solve this? To "reverse it back"? I miss being super wet, I just wanna have fun.

No. 223219

Is lubrication not an option? Like using water-based lube?

No. 223224

Water intake is a big deal. I can't really tell you about too many options for fixing it, since herbs that might are probably going to fuck with your bc. They have have hyaluronic acid vaginal suppositories, but you have to be extremely careful about what else they're putting in there. If you're on antidepressants or anxiety meds, that can screw with things too

No. 223227

I guess it can be, but it would be kind of annoying to do it every single time I'd want to masturbate… But well, if it's the only way

I drink 3L of water daily because it's the only thing that actually quenches my thrist, and I don't like soda. So it's not water. The other options do seem a bit scary, ngl! I have an IUD, would that be a problem?
I am not on any other medication, by the way. Also for reference, I'll be 29 this year. I wish I had never taken the pill, it only screwed with my hormones in more ways than that, but I really didn't know better back then.

No. 223230

>wish I had never taken the pill, it only screwed with my hormones in more ways than that, but I really didn't know better back then
Almost every medication tbh.

No. 223232

Depends whether or not it's one of the hormonal iud variants

No. 223242

It's a non hormonal copper one.

No. 223274

during the first day of my period, i’ll be in extreme pain (to the point where i want to die) and feeling hot for a couple of hours. after those hours, the pain and hotness will disappear and not return until my next period. i’ve never visited an obgyn before because i’m a virgin who’s scared of them, but should i finally bite the bullet and see one, or are my cramps normal/insignificant?

No. 223276

It's not normal at all, go see an obgyn asap. Everyone should go for yearly check ups at the very minimum.

No. 223313

Anyone here been on Medroxyprogesterone BC? I had a couple days delay between my two packs due to avaibility issues and i'm wondering if i should wait until my period to continue taking them, or if the few days don't matter so much.

No. 223320

Nonnie, go to the Gynecologist, they don’t shove the torture device up your vagina until you have sex, they will just tell you to drink lots of water to do an ultrasound on your belly.

No. 223366

Moderately embarrassing but I need some advice. I’ve always used tampons when on my period but I had to switch to pads bc I pee myself without even feeling it when using tampons. PIV sex is fine, no pee, no peeing myself otherwise, only with a tampon in. I tried using a cup once, did one practice round and it was okay, and when I tried while on my period the suction didn’t work right so I leaked before I even had the chance to pee myself. I don’t currently have insurance but when I did I went to a pelvic floor therapist for something else and mentioned it, and the therapist just said “yea that can happen”. I wanna go back to using tampons but I don’t know what to do. Anyone experience something similar?

No. 223419

Wdym you pee yourself with tampons in? Like when inserting them or taking it out? Use them over the toilet or just use pads

No. 223449

Sorry, should have been more specific. I’ll have a tampon in and I’ll just be sitting and then realize that I’ve pissed myself lmao, like I don’t even feel it happen. It’s only happened twice but I’ll feel like my tampon leaked or something, and then it’ll be not blood.

No. 223494

>yeah, that can happen
I want to see a world where these negligenr retards have their abilities to practice any flavor of medicine revoked.
No, anon. Pissing with a tampon in doesn't just happen especially if you don't realize that you're doing it. Did they even check anything or do a workup to see if your bladder sits really low or there's some kind of neurogical wonk? A disc might work, since they're floppy except for the ring and sit up in the fornix vs right up next to your bladder.

No. 223612

Can dry skin in general translate to having trouble getting wet?

No. 223679

If general dehydration is the cause then sure

No. 223742

is there anything that can be done to make yourself wetter? im still dry when aroused and even after ive orgasmed, im still not all that wet. i will barely feel some wetness, then it dries up quick. i didnt have this problem as a teen, but it changed around my 20s. and no, this happened before any bc. i guess i just want to go back to feeling dripping again. i rarely ever do piv anyways, but it sucks to have this issue relatively young. ik plenty of women use lube but i feel like i should produce enough of it on my own, and i could before.

No. 223802

Why the fuck are the urethral opening and the vagina so close together? Went to put a tampon in and jabbed myself in the pee hole with the plastic edge. Whenever I start having sex it feels like my urethra is being dragged into my vag and there’s so much painful friction against it for the first several minutes while I struggle to get comfortable. Is it just me? Who the FUCK thought this arrangement was a good idea??

No. 223803

Gingko biloba supplements help with lubrication

No. 223805

I can't have sex with my bf because I can't get it in no matter how much lube we use

No. 223817

File: 1642269926783.jpg (50.02 KB, 571x630, 1624886937771.jpg)

dae get weird random stabbing pain in her clit? i'm on my period and ever since yesterday i have random stabbing pain in my clit. like it's only short and vanishes when i adjust my position, but wtf. it hurts!!!

No. 223978

File: 1642319400942.jpeg (11.1 KB, 211x239, images.jpeg)

>had rougher sex than usual with bf
>when I peed afterward there was a little blood when I wiped
Oh fuck what did I do, is this normal

No. 223985

Normal. Use more lube.

No. 223986

I get my period every 2-3 months. Should I see a gyno for that?

No. 223989

No. 224004

please do. I used to get my period every 6 months and I went to the gyno.. found out my hormones were imbalanced

No. 224011

I used to get it, turns out it was endometriosis. After surgery to get all the tissue removed it disappeared along with a bunch of other weird period-related pains I had. It could also be your underwear chafing but it's a burning, stabbing pain coming from "the inside" then I'd recommend talking to a gynecologist. It's most likely nothing serious but it's still a frustrating thing to experience.

No. 224048

File: 1642356758168.jpg (15.3 KB, 360x360, akira.jpg)

to clean the vulva, I just spray my labia minora (particularly the areas that gather cheese) with water from a bidet, without any soap, exfoliating or patting dry. I barely touch my vulva when cleaning, only pushing the lips to the sides to get the water into the folds. My labia minora and the area of my vulva/vagina are separate, so I just clean my labia minora. Am I doing it right?

No. 224056

You can clean your labia with your hands or a washcloth and you can even use soap for the outside parts (you definitely should for your bum) as long as you don't clean the inside you are fine.

No. 224062

Do any of you nonas know if the pill can cause changes in labia? I could have sworn mine changed a bit (mostly color and general appearance) back when I was on birth control, but I'm still not sure if I imagined it or if it really happened…can't find much info about it on google so if any of you noticed that or had a similar experience I'd love to know!

No. 224130

Large hormonal changes can cause it yes. My nipples and clitoris got bigger after taking bc for a year. Since bc mimics pregnancy it also has those side effects.

No. 224132

Idk does that even get the cheese off? I'd get a lightly textured wash cloth and rub it some.

No. 224137

speaking of cleaning..how come when i clean the outer parts soap still gets inside?

No. 224147

why does nobody on this board know how to wash their pussy

No. 224149

I thought I knew how but apparently I don't. Takin off cheese with your nail is wrong, but maybe I'm just built different, it works well for me.

No. 224151

Wtf, mine didn't! What a ripoff!

No. 224158

Probably because it's not something most mothers discuss with their daughters and for some reason it's not usually discussed in health ed classes in school either, so everyone just comes up with their own method for better or for worse. Even on here there's no real consensus on the right way to wash.

No. 224173

Is it possible to have a yeast infection without any itching?

No. 224237

There shouldn't be any "cheese". Either you are not washing often enough or you have a yeast infection. I take a shower every day plus wash once a night before sex, no cheese. Bathe yourselves more often, you literally can just use a washcloth on it if you are too NEET to shower every day.

No. 224247

File: 1642434055105.jpg (102.08 KB, 736x736, 070c71d67c9e9cd0e01c9cb74aadba…)

do i have to bother with pap smears?? i…
-am almost 30
-never had piv sex ever or any other kind of sex
-don't smoke or drink
-don't have a history of cancer that affects women in the family (breast, uterine, etc)

i saw a gyno two years ago because i had a health issue (not vagina related) and she said she didn't need to check inside if i never had sex and i don't even have to come yearly if i'm not sexually active at all. she did an ultrasound of my uterus from the outside and that was it.

No. 224263

I've never had sex either but they wanted to do a pap smear on me regardless. Probably better to be on the safe side.


No. 224306

I wash everyday with water and scrape it off, and I've never had a UTI or infection. Maybe some ppl just produce more cheese anon

No. 224307

Its not really necessary. Plus it can be pretty traumatizing if you've never had sex. Even then it was traumatizing for me when I wasn't a virgin.

No. 224323

>don't even have to come yearly
This isn't great advice, I'd honestly recommend changing your doctor.

No. 224338

hard agree. there are issues that can arise regardless of whether you have sex or not. It's pretty bizarre that you have a doctor so averse to "checking inside" even once. If you had to see a gyn for any medical issue, the standard procedure is to do an examination. A pap smear is quick and hurts about as much as a covid test. The rest of the exam is more or less painless unless you have certain problems (like endometriosis nodules or something)

No. 224366

You just need the yearly, not necessarily a pap. They still do pelvic exams to check for abnormalities like fibroids and a breast check. Her doing an external ultrasound was peak waste of time unless they have increased the quality of ultrasound machines. They usually can't get a decent enough read unless it's an intravaginal u/s

No. 224541

File: 1642514931852.jpg (11.17 KB, 267x267, 97898868f6a046dc418c803f44e5f1…)

thanks for the replies, nonnies. i'm gonna look into finding a new gyno, i think, once i start my new job. or maybe just go to my regular gyno and demand a proper check up, since finding a gyno is so difficult here. i never had a proper check up either, because my mom kinda neglected my health growing up and i only broke free like 3 years ago.

No. 224546

They don't recommend it yearly anymore, they changed it to every 3 years. Honestly paps are so unreliable I don't get them at all, there is a huge margin of error and can give false results and cervical cancer is rare. Some countries perform HPV blood or cervical swab tests instead of pap exams for improved accuracy or they only perform a pap with a clear reason. Why is it that prostate cancer is more common but men aren’t given “well exams” and they have a blood test to check prostate health? Because they don't just spread their legs meekly and suck it up

No. 224616

Seconded yearly paps are a money maker and the test isn't reliable or needed.

No. 224617

i'm >>224247 and paps are free in my country (europe) but for some reason they recommend women up to 30 or 35 to get one done yearly, and after 35 it's only every 3 years…? isn't the risk of developing cancer higher, the older you get?

No. 224637

File: 1642537684671.jpg (139.83 KB, 658x1000, 9781250110053.jpg)

They make money off of selling the clamp thing swabs etc. Modern gynecology was founded from men sexually torturing female slaves/prisoners and pharma companies experimenting on poor third world women. Don't expect much. They probably just made that rule bc they wanted to mess around in hot women's vags for "totally legit reasons". Reading "everything below the waist" book black pills you hard. Everything is catered to men and women are an afterthought (at best).

No. 224676

they're getting paid one way or another anon.

I mostly don't see the point in getting pap smears. I live in a wealthy 1st world country with one of the best healthcare systems in the world so it's not like we couldn't afford it, but getting a yearly pap isn't a thing here. No one is getting yearly heart checks, or lung checks, or skin checks (largest organ after all) but getting your vag checked for no immediate reason on a yearly basis is somehow necerssary? sure. Makes no sense to me.

No. 224683

Maybe if they didn't fucking hurt so much, I'd be more inclined to show up to the doctor. As it stands, I ain't doing that shit again.

No. 224687

File: 1642547159732.jpeg (19.62 KB, 280x285, 24A23B92-6BCB-4612-8AD5-8EE75A…)

How bad do these hurt, exactly?
I’m supposed to start getting them next year, but I’m a wimp, so who knows

No. 224704

In my experience it's mostly just uncomfortable. Vast majority of nurses are pros at getting you in and out as fast as they can so you're not lying there with your vag on show getting even more and more anxious. Mine have just felt like pressure and a scrape.
That being said I did have a nurse once who couldn't get my cervix open and had to go get a doctor to help. Fucking annoying

No. 224723

For me its only slighty uncomfortable, but after in the day you will feel bad cramps, so if you can go home to rest its better. My experience ofc.

No. 224724

In the US, it's because of ridiculously high HPV rates I would guess

No. 224801

It's not that bad. If you ever had your noseholes violated by a cotton-swap during a covid test, it's pretty much like that but on your cervix. It also only takes a couple of seconds.

No. 224803

I think the risk for older women is lower because most women that age are married and are not having various different sexual partners.

No. 224921

Yearly skin checks are recommended in certain parts of the world though. Especially if you have moles, or family history of cancer. Every derm I went to told me I should come in yearly, at the very least.

No. 225081

I have an ugly ass vulva. Long lips,very big clit hood, bit of a grey colour when I'm not aroused.

And not one man has commented negatively it. And I've been with guys who have commented negatively on every other body part, but my sloppy ass pussy has never been targeted. I have guys telling me to rub my pussy all over their faces. Told a guy I wanted labiaplasty and he hold me he would break up with me if I did it.

I wanted labiaplasty since I was 12, and it took me 10 years to accept myself, but now I'm so happy I didn't get one when I turned 18. Mutilating ourselves for a beauty ideal most men dont care about is so silly. Caring about how your pussy looks(other than for health reasons) is so silly, whos gonna look? Just my little story, but I hope it can help other insecure anons.

No. 225082

Jesus I read this as
And I thought you meant that there are covid tests being done in the ass, I got worried for a second, I would feel so bad for any nurse having to do that test on anyone.

No. 225092

anon you rock, ilu
It sucks that we get so insecure about that part of ourselves at such young ages, I'm very glad people's attitudes (men and women) towards a normal part of ourselves in general are changing.

No. 225129

This is nice to hear, I’ve always been insecure about it to the point I was very apprehensive about sex and thought that they’d have to hide their true feelings of disgust since it’s obviously not normal in terms of the average expectation. Insecurity does not lead to having a good time during sex so only recently have I been confident in my body to actually experience pleasure without inhibition. Life changing

No. 225281

I'm kind of the same as you, lookswise. There's nothing wrong with our appearance! I actually think it's like an orchid and that's cool.

I think men who critique how a vulva looks are only doing it because they don't have a gf or money for a sex worker. They're angry they can only look at 2d vulvas or hump a doll.

No. 225666

i got a pimple thing right at the spot of my leg where my leg joins my pelvis so my underwear constantly rubs against it to the point that it’s turned into an open sore that can’t really heal. because i’m staying home this weekend i’ve tried not wearing underwear to give it a chance to form a hard scab but i hate the feeling of discharge (i get a lot of it) not getting “caught” by my underwear. anyway tomorrow i have work so i’ll have to wear underwear again… i just wish this sore would heal

No. 225689

Right after getting out of the shower, make sure you don't put any moisturizers in that spot. Get a transparent film dressing and cut down a piece of sterile gauze to a circle in a size that won't bother you. Put a small dab of antibiotic ointment on it and just plop it goop down over the sore, then put the film dressing over it.

No. 225855

This is day 15 of my period. The last cycle I had my period lasted 22 days. I already have the implant–what can I even do to make it less? Before getting the implant I would have a 7 day period every 10-14 days so I don't want to take it out and return to that either. I talked to a gynecologist and I apparently have a disease where you have too much endometrial lining inside the uterus (not endometriosis). My life feels hopeless. I spend so much money on pads and can't wear anything other than black pants and underwear because on top of being abhorrently long my period is also extremely heavy (and painful). On top of that wearing a pad for 75% of my life means that I'm always getting pad rashes and the skin on my vulva gets raw and falls off. I just don't know how to keep living like this. Every cycle my period just seems to get longer.

No. 226015

Can you talk to your gyno about getting on a birth control method that will halt your periods altogether? Barring that, your condition seems dire enough to possibly warrant a hysterectomy.

No. 226129

The implant was supposed to stop my period but it didn’t help me that much. At least now I’m not going through 7 pads a day but it’s still really awful. It’s day 16 of nonstop bleeding with no end in sight now. I don’t want to have a hysterectomy because I wanted to have kids one day once I’m financially stable enough to give them a good life. I don’t know what else is reversible and can stop this that won’t put me into some kind of dangerous hormone overdose range… It feels really hopeless. On top of that I had an ovarian cyst a few months ago that exploded inside my body and made all my symptoms since then worse—but according to the ER, nothing they can do since the rest of my ovarian tissue is “healthy”. I’m terrified it will happen to me again and it’ll just keep getting worse. Hormonal birth control is supposed to stop cysts from forming by suppressing ovulation but it didn’t stop it from happening last time either. Despite everything I’m still glad I was born a woman… but it’s so hard sometimes

No. 226203

Do you have PCOS? Long and heavy periods can be a sign of that. The only thing that really helps treat PCOS is significant weight-loss. Birth control can at best mask the symptoms.

No. 226730

File: 1643299875708.jpeg (40.66 KB, 632x440, 9834DD48-A184-48EE-A47F-117E59…)

I don’t have PCOS, just one incidental cyst on my ovary that already came and went, and unfortunately I am verging on underweight so I can’t lose weight safely without turning into some kind of spoopy scary skeleton. What I have is picrel: adenomyosis. According to my gynecologist the only treatment is hormonal birth control to shrink the endometrial tissue, but since I’m already taking it, there’s nothing else I can do save complete hysterectomy. And I want to have kids…

No. 226738

That sucks, I'm sorry nonna.

No. 226842

File: 1643342259704.jpeg (19.74 KB, 335x400, cutest-villagers-animal-crossi…)

Nonnies, I got a period twice during the last month. First was on 8th of Dec and 2nd one on 24th of December, I assume that was because of the stress during exams ( I spent 3 days not sleeping, studying instead). The problem is that ever since I haven't gotten any periods this year. All of my pregnancy tests show negative. It's been three days since my supposed periods should have arrived…Should I go to gyno?

The weird thing that I wanted to mention that during October I caught a small flu for the first time in 3 years, on top of that I had to go throughout stress and take care of my family, so I also ended up getting periods twice. Doctor prescribed me medicine against it but the medicine itself ended up making me pass out. It's all…tough…

My gyno is a man and he is a really strange one, always trying to shill me a birth control for no reason during each visit and generally feels annoyed, so I am just trying to be careful whenever I visit him… A grumpy old man. But that's also me being an anxious mess.

No. 226853

I'd say wait it out. 3 days isn't much. I've had entire skipped periods as well as close periods many times without any health concerns.

No. 227144

Stupid question I think, but does the ability to wear tampons show that first time having sex won't be as painful? I wear super tampons on my period and have no trouble putting them in. I'm also a virgin and only masturbate by stimulating my clit, not putting anything in my vagina.

No. 227180

You might have an easier time, but you might still feel pain if you tighten up from psyching yourself out. Only way to get closer to the truth is to put something of similar size in there.

No. 227289

My first period after stopping Dercutane on November lasted 5 days, as usual, but a week after it ended I had some minor brownish blood discharge that lasted for a couple of days. I had my second period this January and now, 10 days after it ended, I get brownish blood discharge again. Why didn't all that blood come during my period? Why several days later? Is it related to my skin treatment medication? I'm very confused.

No. 228136

I had roughiish sex and the next day ive been bleeding/spotting on and off. It was dark, old blood and now it’s fresh and light pink. Should I be concerned it’s implantation bleeding? But that doesn’t make sense because I’m on BC and I’m supposed to be on my “period” a week from now. Can rough sex cause bleeding then? Or induce your period?

No. 228138

Anon I also had rough sex and am bleeding too. How long did you bleed for and how much? I’m on day three right now and it’s on/off spotting. It’s really scary because I’m not supposed to be bleeding according to my birth control calendar, and I really hope it isn’t implantation bleeding. Would suck cuz I’m so vigilant with taking my pill everyday around roughly the same hour

No. 228155

I can assure you it's not implementation bleeding because these occur about 2 weeks after egg gets fertilized. It's not uncommon to bleed after rough sex, but if it lasts for too long - I suppose longer than 3 days? - be sure to visit a gyno

No. 228156

how the frick do you ladies deal with getting smears or having your vagina inspected by a gyno? The entire thing terrifies me, I'm 24 and haven't been yet but I live in the UK so yearly checkup aren't a thing here.

I have vaginismus and when I'm faced with a vulnerable situation like that I clench up and my brain just associates it with being attacked. I genuinely can't think of anything worse than having my legs up and exposing it to a speculum and medical tools. I don't really know how to get over this as most women I know (who dont even have vaginismus lol) tell me to stop being a wimp about it.

No. 228163

You don't have to do a pap smear unless you're sexually active and being penetrated. It's hard to tell if you've ever been to the gyno at all, but they don't do anything crazy or painful without your permission. That said if you really have vaginismus you should definitely get that checked out. There may be noninvasive procedures that can help you.

No. 228168

>You don't have to do a pap smear unless you're sexually active and being penetrated.
Please don't mislead >>228156 , it's highly recommended to do pap smears regardless of sexual activity as it's important for cancer prevention and while cervical cancer can be caused by HPV which is sexually transmitted, this is not the only way it can happen. Not being active I'm sure it will be fine to not do it as often as every year, but still should be done.
OP, I think if you tell your gyno about your problems and being stressed, unless they're a total prick they'll make sure to be gentle with you and explain the process well to make you feel more comfortable. Is there any way in where you live to look up doctor recommendations? To make sure you go to someone highly rated by other women.

No. 228185

>>228168 thanks, i live in the UK and I don't even know if there's any tools out there to look up specific good-rated gynos or only good female ones. I've tried googling and looking for ones near me but there's nothing that really comes up?

obviously I have to go through the NHS but they usually just assign you a gyno at random, and I don't want someone who is dismissive of my vaginismus…or worse, a male. I am sexually active but don't have any problems down there, but I just wanna make sure that when the time comes to get a smear it's actually done by someone who cares and is good at their job.

I even tried booking a gyno appointment through NHS a while ago but the waiting list was 50 weeks long and you're not really considered until 25 or unless you have a specific problem.

No. 228188

>>228185 was also meant to add that the only gynos i can actually find near me are all men. i just simply can't do that, it's not an option and i don't want a very vulnerable moment like that with a male no matter how 'good' they are. god this sucks

No. 228234

sounds like bleeding associated with ovulation. It's normal. I get it almost every cycle.

No. 228236

Bleeding after sex can be a sign of endometriosis. It was a warning sign I had. I also had pain with penetration and a lot of other symptoms I was ignoring. I would encourage you to mention it to your gyn…

No. 228269

File: 1643833977335.png (17.85 KB, 223x223, 6516213621.png)

does anyone else's vagina smell really strong right before or during ovulation? mine will smell even stronger when i'm wet.

my bf will still go down on me but he can't help but to tell me that it even smells kind of rancid. he tells me not to worry and he's still up for oral, but i still feel mortified. and i shower too, i swear!! it makes me not want him to go down on me near the end of the month. could i fix the smell somehow? is it maybe my diet? is this normal?

No. 228286


mine does this too nonnita. every month it will smell so strong and sour it's kind of gross to me but I can never pin it on one specific smell. also soaks my underwear so its unavoidable.

my bf was near my crotch when it was one of those days and he was like "can you smell pee?" i could have died on the spot.

I'm willing to bet it's a change in pH and hormone spike. you could try reducing sugary stuff, eating more natural yoghurt and maybe even a probiotic.

No. 228287

It also happens to me! I even wondered if it was some sort of bacterial thing, but the change in pH because of hormones makes a lot of sense to me.
My fiance also commented on the smell once when I came back from the gym and we both had to squat to grab some stuff on the floor before showering. I felt a really big mix of embarrassment on myself and anger towards him cause I thought it was a bit rude.

No. 228289

thank you nonnas. i don't feel so gross anymore. i should eat less sugar tho. i have been eating too much of it. i need to eat cleaner in general and this was a good reminder why.

No. 228290


oh yep i think its rude and I always get so embarrassed about it even though I'm pretty sure it's normal. I always wondered if it was a pheromone thing too tbh, given that it happens at the most fertile part of the cycle? Who knows, but it's annoying asf.

Its one of those smells that seem to soak through underwear and gym leggings too its super humiliating. I have to wear a small pad when it happens or else it feels like I'm walking around with cartoon stink lines.

No. 228291

lmao it is true. I did tell him not to say stuff like that, especially since he knew I just came back from the gym, and he agreed that he was rude. He never said anything anymore, but the embarrassment and self-consciousness is forever.
I did cut sugar from my diet though, hopefully it will subside soon.

No. 228608

I bought chlorophyll supplements for this exact reason, but I'm worried it's gonna make me smell like damp grass instead of neutralizing body odors like it's supposed to.

No. 229198

File: 1644232881096.jpg (63.08 KB, 640x836, ls59pncf4yo31.jpg)

Is a vagina use it or lose it? I didn't get my period for over a year and when it finally came back, I noticed that I couldn't put tampons in anymore. It wasn't my preferred period product usually, but I don't remember it being this difficult in the past. I decided to look in a mirror to see what was going on and after what I saw, I decided to go to the doctor. She said everything looked healthy, but that I seem to have mild vaginismus and that my vagina is more 'closed' than that of other women. She wanted to give me a referral, but my insurance doesn't cover it. I'm not going to fuck men, so that's not an issue or anything, but I didn't exactly expect to be a stone butch. Dating was already difficult enough without now this too.

No. 229199

I read that pineapple juice can help with the smell, haven't tried it myself though
Your bf is rude af. I don't think anyone can be expected to smell like flowers after working out

No. 229200

Yeah dude, the vagina closes like a fuckin wound if it’s not regularly slammed. Nuns and lesbians are fused closed like barbies.
Fucks wrong with you?

No. 229201

>>229198 definitely not, nonny. it can never completely close up (unless there is something seriously wrong) and like you said you've had an exam and been diagnosed with mild vaginismus. if you find it difficult putting a tampon in, you could try taking your time to just put one finger in and flexing your pelvic floor.

You should look up exercises for vaginismus too. The vaginal walls are a muscle and like any other muscle, if you don't "use" them in a while they can feel a little different or tight, to an extent of course.

No. 229202

>>229200 why so aggressive? She was asking a question in a thread related to this stuff. Idk what it is with the influx of aggressive responses to stuff like this recently but it's not really necessary at all.

No. 229203

Because it reeks of scrotes and troons fantasy posting.
Women tend not to be the kind of tards who think their genitals will disappear if they aren’t being sexually active for a little while.

No. 229204

>>229203 she didn't say anything about it magically disappearing or being sexually active, though. she was just concerned about it 'closing up' and being unable to use tampons which tbh was one of my first worries when i was diagnosed with the same thing - and yes, i was an uneducated young woman and didn't know where to ask or learn about this stuff, or even vocalise it.

if you think it seems suspicious then fair enough, i guess. but it's also worth considering that some women don't get taught or educated on this stuff. the "closed" thing is what my doctor described to me, too.

No. 229205

Why are you whiteknighting idiocy
Trust me, idiocy doesn't need your help, it's flourishing just fine

No. 229207

I know it sounds weird, but I honestly don't dare to do that. Mentally a tampon is more doable than just a finger. But I'll see what other exercises are out there, it should be whatever a pelvic floor physiotherapist would prescribe anyway, right?
Use it or lose it refers to muscle, you know, what a vagina has, not me thinking it'll magically fuse. And sorry I didn't think of bringing pads after not having a period for over a year, total tranny moment.

No. 229208

Ignore the person calling you a troon, I know exactly where you're coming from. Yeah its usually what the pelvic floor physio recommends. It may be worth looking and asking about in some vaginismus communities and forums too. Reddit has one believe it or not and fortunately no troons post there. They have been very helpful to me in the past in that subreddit.

No. 229209

>>229205 you seem like the type of person to claim that women are being "dramatic" when they express fear over gyno exams. I hope you recover soon!

No. 229210

I'm not diagnosed with vaginismus but I've been using tampons for 15 odd years and last year I found I was suddenly having plenty of moments where I would tense up and struggle with inserting one. I'd been single for a while. I'm not a big craver of penatrative play so tampons were the only time anything went inside me for a good while there. Tbh I got a very small toy and maybe once or twice a month I use it just to keep myself familiar and comfortable with insertion. I think I had grown to associate insertion with pressure, cramping and just an all round unpleasant time. That and pap smears because I had a series of exams a while back. I had lost all positive associations with that part of myself. I anticipated it feeling bad and that feeling snowballed.

I'm still not the biggest craver of internal play, I can take it or leave it but a session here and there helps. Like you I mainly just care about not losing the choice to use tampons. I looked at dilator sets at one time but ended up just buying a really slim toy. Some of those proper sets are pricey and I'm not looking to 'get back to full on sex' like some women are.

No. 229212

omg i feel that so much. i always got made fun of when i was using pads and all of the other girls used tampons.

No. 229213

diff anon but I remember being 13 and at school they handed out these free period starter kits. It was only like 5 tampons in a handy lil carry case and obviously it was designed to get you to try out that certain brand and maybe become a customer… my mom confiscated it from me when I got home! From 12 to maybe 17 she refused to let me own or try out a tampon. She used 'toxic shock concerns' as an excuse but I honestly think it was some dated catholic idea she had about them causing promiscuity.

I had moments where I'd be in a public bathroom and I'd see those vending machines and think about using that as my oppurtunity to secretly see what they're like. It's a weird thing to look back on.

No. 229214

>>229210 I couldn't find any decently priced dilators that weren't huge so I actually bought an inflatable dildo. Sounds dumb but I honestly think they work better than dilators as you can very gradually increase the size and it was a lot cheaper than the dilator sets you get.

I'm in UK and bought one from Lovehoney for 25 quid - 30/40 pound cheaper than the proper dilator sets and it works better than the shitty ones the NHS gave me. It might be worth checking out if you don't wanna break the bank.

No. 229788

ignore the bad grammar etc im in immense pain. so i got in a car crash. in the hospital for 6 or so hours, wasnt allowed to move. they did every tesst the could on me, i seemd fine, maybe broken wrist and bruised all over, but no internal injuries. but i noticed a damp feeling in my underwear, so i got completely changed as soon as i got home because ew. then i slept for 14 hours. while cleaning myself ive noticed a lot of discharge and the smell is horrid. the exact smell of rotting flesh. they did an ultrasound and checked my urine during my hospital stay so im fine, but this is now worrying me. ive never smelt like this before. the smell is so bad i can smell it while clothed. im too embarrased to tell anyone, my lower stomach is blue and feels like broken glass when i touch it. what couldve happened??

No. 229799

Wtf run to a hospital. Maybe you have a some bowel or vaginal perforation or something like that? Please get it checked anon, maybe go to a gyno and tell them it started after the accident, that you have bruises, pain etc.

No. 229947

Anon pls tell us you got medical attention for this holy crap.

Anyways, this is kind of a dumb question, but does anyone have a period that stops for a day in the middle of it?? Mine started doing this the last few months. I have 2-3 days of mid-heavy, then a day of nothing, then suddenly a random medium-clumpy day, and then it's done. Wtf is this? I've been super stressed out the last few months so maybe it's just hormones levels being retarded? I'm getting really tired of thinking my period's over quickly only to get a surprise mess instead.

No. 230039

Does anyone else have asymmetrical labia minora? I've always had a plumper, normal looking right side, while my left side is more shriveled and almost like the nerves are more exposed? As a result it's a lot more sensitive and my preferred side to masturbate on, gives me really deep and great clitoral orgasms. Downside is because of how wrinkled it is, it builds up a lot of smegma, don't get it any other area. I don't know if this was caused by excessive masturbation as a teen or if I'm just built different but I've always felt like a bit of a freak because of it

No. 230055

I barely masturbated until I was an adult and mine are also asymmetrical. It's completely normal afaik, the human body is simply just not perfectly symmetrical. A lot of women feel self conscious about it, but it's kinda silly considering how common it is. Just make sure to keep things clean.

No. 230096

Anon, since it started I get 3 days heavy, always a day of nothing, then medium-low for 3-4 days.
I have very painful period never found a doctor that cared. I got MRI but since I have no lesion docs said it couldn't be endometriosis.
It went a lot better with the pain not so long ago when I went to an acupuncturist.

No. 230155

I suppose it's nothing in my case, I'm just a bit worried because this hasn't happened to me before and it's been a few times in a row now.
I'm glad to hear you've found something that helps ease the pain and that your MRI came out lesion-free. It's super shitty your doctor didn't take you seriously. I feel like so many doctors dismiss our concerns on these topics. Wishing you all the best nonnie

No. 230193

It means you arent genetically compatible if he finds your most fertile signalling smell to be off putting. Yes you smell more, to attract an ideal mate and weed out bad ones. But your OVULATION scent is your peak attractiveness, you smell fine and good, just not to him, because your genes aren't a good match and his body is telling him that.

Nothing you can do really except get a new bf, or just not have sex during that time.

No. 230195

>Does anyone else have asymmetrical labia minora?
I'd assume everyone does

No. 230208

its normal nonna, mine is asymmetrical although i don't have a lot of it exposed or a lot there in general, it definitely is not symmetrical at all. our bodies are built upon asymmetry, it's the same as how most breasts aren't exactly even.

No. 230235

mine are asymmetrical in shape but equally (barely) sensitive. I'm jealous you have at least one sensitive one lol

No. 230456

Moid posting

No. 230469

alright, this is a weird one but, does anyone elses pubic hair itch terribly when they walk?

it happens every time i walk anywhere for long enough and it feels super itchy but not like thrush or bv etc. it just feels like the hairs themselves are causing friction or itching?
i trim my pubes as shaving makes it even more itchy and worse, and tbh i'm not going to consider waxing or any other hair removal either - i don't like the visual or feeling of it.
could it be the type of underwear i'm wearing? it does get a lot better when i just take off my underwear and wear joggers or pyjamas etc but obviously i need to wear some form of underwear for the gym. any advice?

No. 230478

Have you tried growing it out slightly longer? And yes, the type of underwear could alsocause it. I usually wear thongs since they don't give me that 4 butt cheek look and the fabric doesn't bunch up. Maybe you need something more breathable?

No. 230480

It's definitely the length of the hair that's causing this. I shave every 2 days usually and never get itchy, but if I grow it out for 4+ days to a proper stubble it becomes terribly itchy.

No. 230483

If I trim too short then I get prickly labia stabbing stubble going on. I don't notice it when I'm at home but I'll go for a walk and suddenly feel it. The stage after that is just itch and then you eventually hit the sweet spot where all that calms down. Ime leaving it longer nearly always feels better. I used to overtrim and it was almost as bad as shaving.

No. 230489

thank you nonnas, i'm going to try getting some more breathable and overall better-quality underwear as I do remember it never seems to happen if I wear my bfs thicker cotton boxers, or my proper moisture-wick gym pants - it only happens wearing my cheaper thinner underwear, so I think its time to get some good quality normal stuff.
I definitely get the prickly short hair thing…I'll start cutting down on the trimming too, no pun intended kek. Now I'm just praying that it'll grow fast enough to skip this itchy stage

No. 230539

Anyone else gets blood spotting outside your period? I've been to the gynecologist and they recommended a pap smear but i have bad vaginismus and i'm only in my early 20s so it feels daunting to say the least. the pain and humiliating of vaginismus caused by sexual assault is so bad, i think i'd rather die than get anything inside me again

No. 230561

I get a bit of spotting in my discharge sometimes around ovulation time, I've also had it when thrush and bv have caused little microtears although that heals up quickly.
What does the spotting look like nonna? Is it dark like period blood or pink or mixed with discharge etc? Is there any pain when it happens, or any weird smells or things out of the ordinary?

I understand how you feel about getting an exam done as I have vaginismus too and haven't been for one yet. You should explain this to a gyno and ask if there's any non-penetrative options to go through first. I understand it being daunting though, I am terrified of when I need to get one eventually.

No. 230562

Another anon with vaginismus, doctor used a small speculum for me, tried to make it as warm as possible, took time and also gave the option to take anti anxiety meds prior. She also explained everything she did and told me she would stop any time I would tell her to. It was still painful, but honestly the scraping was more painful than the speculum. I'm still not thrilled about them, but it was less horrifying than it could've been. I think having an understanding doctor/gynecologist really helps.

No. 230690

This isn't entirely vagina related, but has anyone had hormonal effects from inhaled corticosteroids? My face looks rounder compared to photos from two months ago and I have bizarre amounts of acne and breast pain.

No. 230775

ladies i consistently have a lot of discharge throughout of the month. it goes from stringy clear almost mucus like to clumpy white which at time dries yellow on the underwear.

it’s embarrassing how much i produce every time. like i’ll have some on my underwear and some will still come off/out when i wipe. i’m so embarrassed about having sex so i always try to go to the bathroom before to clean up both myself and my underwear lol. i’m terrified of someone just looking down and seeing it still there attached on my labia or smth or more coming out during anything involving penetration :/

No. 230803

i have always had a lot of discharge too, it's normal and nothing to worry about as long as it doesn't smell bad and theres no strange bleeding or pain.

it really isnt anything to be embarrassed about but I know how you feel. If anyone you get intimate with has an issue with your body producing mucus to keep it healthy then they are very immature! also from my experience (with men at least) they like to see it during penetration? It's definitely not a turn off to a lot of people. I think the most you can do is just give yourself a quick shower or wipe down before sex…that's what I do but I still get more during penetration. Again, it's normal and every woman produces different amounts of it

No. 230860

It sounds totally normal to me anon but if you're concerned it really doesn't hurt to get tested just in case. Even if you don't have any other symptoms, some STIs like chlamydia can cause an excess production of discharge.

No. 231695

im pretty sure that like 90% of men like it, so no issue with that.
also, as far as i know, it's okay for it to turn yellow after it dries out. but if it is yellow when it comes out/still wet, that might be a problem.
nothing to worry about. if that's a big concern, i feel like most guys like it during penetration because it looks like cum/precum to them.

No. 237641

Gross warning; I know it's normal to bleed a bit during ovulation but is it normal to straight up bleed big chunks? Quite a lot of blood (like a light period) and a lot of dark chunks. I also don't feel all that good, brain fog and slight cramps. This has been (newly) going on last 5 months during ovulation, I asked my gyno and she said to not worry. It worries me a bit though.

No. 237812

Overall from the description it sounds completely normal, the big chunks mean that just at the moment your uterus produces more lining, though it's understandable you're concerned considering other symptoms like brain fog. Maybe you had some changes to your diet latest few months, or lifestyle? In general I'd trust your gynos opinion here that there's nothing to worry about really but stay observant for any more potential changes in the future.

No. 242467

Does anyone off birth control notice sometimes their periods affect them more one month over the others? I’m glad I started cycle tracking because my pms is hitting particularly hard this month and if I didn’t know why it was happening I think I’d actually be suziecidal. My skin has gone to shit, my appetite is terrible, working from home is kicking my sociable ass, and I made the mistake of looking through my college photo album and going into a nostalgia-driven spiral about how I didn’t know how good I had it living in the same city as all my friends until it was over. I was also wayyy hornier than usual while I was ovulating. Can hormone levels fluctuate so extremely from one cycle to the next that one month you’re caught by surprise and the next you’re aware of every phase?

No. 245875

Earlier itt I was complaining about being dry after getting on and then off again of birth control for my PCOS. Shortly after, I started taking inositol for the PCOS, and I guess it solved my problem. I think I have been taking it for like a month now, maybe? And now not only I am very wet again (although not how it used to be, to be completely fair), but my libido is actually through the roof. Which I personally like, but just a fair warning for anyone else out there lol

No. 245877

My period is irregular and often I don't even get it when I'm stressed but this is ridiculous. I was supposed to have it a week ago but I got a scare at my workplace (I was afraid that I'd get fired because of amistake I made) and it hasn't come ever since. And I don't even get the pms symptoms like breast tenderness any more. Tried the vitamin C method and it usually works but not this time

No. 245902

I fucking hate how women diagnosed with PCOS are just thrown on some birth control and that's it. Birth control fucks your hormones up instead of regulating them and being out on estrogen pills will make it even harder to regulate. When I got diagnosed they told me nothing about diet, exercise, insulin resistance etc. Just "take this birth control you'll be fine". I really hate how many women with PCOS get neglected

No. 245969

Is not getting a period bad? I don’t want kids or anything, but I do worry if a period is something you should have regardless for other health reasons or something.
I started an extremely stressful job recently and while I will still get pms symptoms, there is absolutely no bleeding at all. It’s been 2 months like this.
I do take birth control because I used to have heavy bleeding that lasted weeks, and I was also diagnosed with endometriosis. The birth control I take only has 4 “period days”, which are more like 2 and consists of old blood. When I first started the birth control the bleeding was heavier and more fresh, but over time it’s barely anything and brown. My gynecologist said this was normal when I asked her about it, and she that it was a good thing, so I tried not to worry about it. But with getting no periods at all now, I don’t know if it’s the pills doing this, or if it is actually stress causing it. My periods stopped completely at the start of this new job so…I think it’s stress? But is no period a bad thing? Am I supposed to be shedding whatever lining is left in there? Gyno said it’s fine keeping it in tact but with the endometriosis, I don’t really know.

No. 245973

This is a very common side effect of birth control

No. 245978

File: 1645769784269.jpg (502.04 KB, 1897x1970, B3-FT764_201912_8SR_2019122414…)

So last year in august i had a early miscarriage and bled for a few days. In mid November i got in a accident that led me to go to the hospital and get an ultrasound just in case and there was nothing. I havent gotten my period since and already have a appointment. Havent had any pain or any of the sorts. Is it possible that i have some kind of hormonal imbalance and should i ask for blood tests? Idk i am overly anxious.

No. 246322

I never got the HPV vaccine and I feel like I should at age 20. I'm weirdly paranoid of getting cervical cancer even though I'm not even sexually active anymore, I hope I havent been exposed to it in the past but I dont think there's a way to tell. Has anyone else gotten the vaccine in their 20s?

No. 246334

I can only speak for myself, but I often miss it due to stress. When I moved to a foreign country years ago I didn't get it for several months and also when I was working at a stressful job, I also missed it once. So for me, it is not a big deal, I know that it is caused by stress

No. 246362

Got it at 19 because it was a required vaccine for college. Looking it up apparently you can get it until you're 26, then it's not recommended anymore.

No. 246364

File: 1645907913155.jpg (203.02 KB, 1840x2000, 20220226_213134.jpg)

I am the >>226842 anon. I took prescribed pills, they stopped my blood flow only on 6th day out of 10, I stopped taking them and a day after that I started bleeding. I hope I am being paranoid, but it seemed to have started with my normal period blood colour (darkish), but on a 2nd day I started getting extremely red and bright blood (you would see it on a lot of "pregnancy bleeding" posts and now there is a lot of it that it went throughout my pad. I feel extremely dizzy from the loss of blood and bad in general. I am not sure if I should go to my gyno again or wait it out until it's "supposed to end" like my periods do - they last a week. (Also the blood started during the right "period" time according to my Flo app). I am not sure if I should be paranoid or not, but I feel awful. So much blood and it's all bright red, my urine is okay so it's just me bleeding. I'm sorry for bothering anons. Idk what is wrong with me neither doctor cares about it enough, he shrugged it off, saying he doesn't know what's wrong with me and gave me Duphaston (that's what I was taking). I am extremely scared because I've got a weak health in general and my blood type is AB-, I'm living in a tiny rural place.

No. 246398

>it was a required vaccine for college

No. 246498

same dilemma but late 20s, also not sexually active
I think what anon meant was that it was mandatory and was administered by the school nurse

No. 246509

File: 1645969039001.jpg (24.46 KB, 543x370, HormoneCycle.jpg)

I hope there's some other nonnas out there that get a similar thing as me because it's genuinely confusing and happens every single month. To also clarify, my average cycle length is 33 days. I'll try to explain this the best I can:

I have normal periods and they're regular, nothing really out of the ordinary there. But, I use Clue to track everything vagina-related and I've noticed that, for the past 2 years or so I've had this weird change in discharge:
So for example Day 1-4 of my cycle I have my period, and then every single month around the days 12-14 I get a huge spike in discharge. It's not clear and watery like most people say ovulation discharge is, it's actually quite thick/creamy, very slippery and a pale yellow colour that looks very pale green/yellow on bleached toilet paper. It doesn't smell foul like fish or something, but it smells really really strong…like discharge smell x10.
Also, because I'm releasing so much of this damn discharge and because of how slippery and wet it is, it unfortunately makes me quite itchy down there as I'm never really comfortable and dry. I have to itch sometimes, then I get red skin around there etc…it's just really uncomfortable. Sometimes there is also a very small singular streak or spot of blood mixed in with the discharge - I don't know if that's something that has actually come from inside my vagina or maybe just a spot of blood from where the itchy skin has been irritated, I can never tell.

Then, like clockwork, it clears up in a few days and I sigh with relief, then it's BACK at around day 22-24 of my cycle, minus the tiny spot of blood. Then it'll clear up again, I'll have my period and here we go again etc etc.
Picrel, I've been looking at hormonal level charts and noticed that on the days I've mentioned, the estrogen levels spikes. Could this be why I'm getting the crazy discharge? I have already tried to book an appointment with a gyno but I'm facing a huge waiting list and cannot afford private care. It's also not classed as an emergency considering I'm not in pain, I guess.

I can generally manage this by just changing underwear more often and making sure I'm dry, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't annoying as fuck. I'm hoping someone out there has a similar thing to me because none of my friends do, and I've had no luck finding out what it may be. I'm also not on any birth control.

No. 246512

Wow, you pretty much just described my cycle. Except for the blood, but there’s a thing called ovulation spotting which is completely normal. Still a good idea to keep an eye on it in case it changes.

I get the crazy amount if discharge at around the same time, although mine seems to change colour and consistency day to day. it’s just gross and I also get irritated if I can’t keep dry. I use washable cloth pads so I don’t have to change underwear and they’re a godsend. Individually wrapped wipes are also handy. Im also mega horny at the same time which makes sense because of the spike in hormones.

No. 246699

Good to know I'm not alone! I never thought about cloth pads, I've been meaning to buy some for a very long time but they're often quite expensive…I guess I should fork out for some good quality ones. Do they keep you dry a lot more than normal pads do? I find that disposable pads just get itchy and sweaty and give me bumps on my skin especially during this super-discharge time of the month.

No. 246791

It's called egg white cervical mucus and it's produced because of your ovulation. It's slippery to help the semen get into your uterus and up to the eggs. During other times of the month your cervical mucus is too thick for sperm to pass. Contrary to popular believe it doesn't have to be completely clear, for some women it is milky. All women get this discharge during ovulation, some more and some less than others but it's a good way to track your fertile days.

Yellow/green and itchy should be cause for concern tho. I think you should get checked out and swabbed to see if you have an infection.

No. 246805

I should clarify that the discharge itself isnt itchy, but that because I produce so much of it it makes me feel sweaty and gets just too moist down there thus I start to itch and irritate my skin. I can't explain it perfectly but I've had bv and thrush before and it feels nothing like either of them. It feels like if you hang around in sweaty gym underwear for hours after doing lots of cardio, sort of thing.

I did think ovulation discharge was meant to be clear tbh so thanks for clarifying. I've already taken yeast and bv tests before and I don't have either.today, I'm completely dry and clear and theres no itching whatsoever, it gets like this every single month.

No. 246822

It's definitely caused by ovulation, if you already got checked out I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 247281

I use really light pantiliners around ovulation. U by Kotex makes extremely thin ones. Always (thinnest one in blue wrapper) is my second choice. I used to like Always dailies too, but I can't find them unscented where I'm living now.

Only use unscented liners. My partner once mocked me for wearing liners but f it, who wants to have wet underwear or change underwear during the day? It's much easier to change a liner.

No. 247330

I’m 29. Not sexually active nor ever have been. I’ve never been interested in it even since I was a kid or teenager. I’m fine with this. I pay my bills. My bills are paid. I tried to get a Pap smear done at the request of my primary care doctor. Lovely lady. True story it ended up with me practically in tears and my doctor telling me we can try again in a few years with a pediatric speculum. Like she couldn’t get in there and I couldn’t relax even though I kept telling myself it’s fine it’s just a medical procedure. I don’t masturbate and I only used a tampon once when my mom showed me how to put it in ….I feel disconnected from my body a lot of the time when I try to explain to my doctors that it’s just a part of my body I just like…don’t really use. My periods are pretty shitty but they always remind me that all my shit is there and working lol. I’m just kind of nervous about getting another Pap smear in a year or two….how on earth do you sit ( lay down ) through it and not panic? Also you’re staring into my coochie ma’am and I’m in a reclined “I’m about to shit on your face” position can we find a BETTER WAY TO DO THIS SO I DONT DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT

No. 247331

I can't stop my butthole from tensing up when I do kegels
is that normal? I read somewhere that your butthole isn't supposed to but I'mm having trouble

No. 247345

My vag smells horrendous and the boric acid suppositories I ordered are going to take over a week. I hate that I need to make an appointment just to get an anti fungal.

No. 247349

What are you panicking about anon? Try and break down what feels so daunting. If you know what you’re doing and why, you’ll be more comfortable next time. You also don’t need to put anything in there in order to be connected to yourself, it’s already your own body.

No. 247364

Vaginismus. I've got it too and I'm in my 30s. Intense, uncontrollable tightening of the vaginal muscles, usually because of anxiety.
I already came with a fear of doctors and my stress/anxiety causes me to be tense at all times (tension in my shoulders at the dentist, sore jaw from clenching my teeth, etc).
My old practitioner helped me through a desensitization process with her after she did a similar exam and realized the severity of it. First it was just getting to my medical/sexual history, she did the breast exam the next time i visited, learning to relax my abdomen so she could feel the ovaries from the outside, next time i visited she did the digital exam of the ovaries (finger insertion and feeling the pelvis), then we eventually got around to doing the pap smear another visit.
I recently moved and had to start over with a new doctor and she gave the fuck up on me, lmao. Thankfully she did the pap, but I was still too tense for the digital exam of the pelvis. I ended up getting an ultrasound (on abdomen only) to check my ovary health. It did reveal some things that answered my questions about what was going on down there that wouldn't have been answered otherwise.
There's a few desensitization exercises you can look up now that you have a name for it. I wish you luck nonny, I know how tough that shit can be. (Maybe also get a prescription for muscle relaxers or xanax before the appointment too, ha.)

No. 247497

Kek. I don't think it's an issue anon. Not really sure how it would be possible to totally isolate the pelvic floor. It's kind of like telling someone to flex their bicep without also tensing the tricep. It's all kind of generally connected and in a similar area. So long as you're not experiencing a fatigued asshole by the end of your exercises you're probably fine.

No. 247991

When I was 15, i noticed that I had a raised bump on my outer majora. It’s flesh colored, and soft, and never hurts. I was a virgin, no sexual activities in my life (aside from early childhood trauma). I never try to touch it or mess with it, or try to think about it. Should I go see somebody about it nonnies? How bad could this be?

No. 248025

If it doesn't hurt and it has been there for so long I think it might be a benign cyst, but I do suggest bringing it up with your gyno in your next visit. Just to be sure.

No. 248066


This honestly relieves me so much, I thought I had cancer or something.

Do any other nonnies get anxiety about gyno checkups? What’s the best way to get past this? I know it’s absolutely necessary for my own well-being, but I can’t help but to feel scared.

No. 248073

File: 1646663591383.gif (70.85 KB, 171x90, worried-scared.gif)

How do i explain this. Whenever I get my own vaginal fluid on my finger when im jacking off it triggers weird itchy bumps on my finger. It only happens on my middle ringer. The rest are completely fine.

No. 248080

Contact dermatitis (allergy) from your own vagina, I guess. Is it possible that you have extra sensitive skin on that finger?

No. 248081

Maybe so? My middle finger awfully gets dry and flaky during cold seasons

No. 248275

I got up to pee this morning and I'm bleeding mid cycle, it was red blood first thing and after putting a pad on it's been brown blood since then. I'm not sexually active, not on bc, usually have a very routine cycle and I was due to start my perod in about 11 days. My breasts felt tender the last couple nights and I had pelvic pain lastnight. This is new..

If it's ovulation bleeding then I've made it into my thirties never having experienced it before. Any ideas?

No. 248291

I am experiencing something very similar right now. I finished my period a week ago, never had any bleeding occuring during ovulation (only heavy cramps) and yesterday I started bleeding again and there are clots. It feels exactly like my usual menstruation.

No. 248307

I'm embarrassed I'm 23 and I've never been to the gyno because I've never had a reason to. Not on BC either and not interested in sex with men so I never felt I had the need to go. I'm worried about when I do need an exam though I don't want to sit through all the uncomfortable questions and procedures. I know its healthy to go in for a checkup but I don't even go the regular doctors unless I feel like I'm dying so I don't have anyone recommended for me to go to either

No. 248310

I am 24 and never been either nonna, although I live in england where you don't get pap smear appointments until 25 and you don't really go unless there is a problem. I understand you being embarrassed as I am too, i wish the appointments and procedures were a lot more comfortable and just non-intrusive. Wish I had some advice for you but I'm in the same boat and I also don't even go to the doctors unless I'm already sick, I just don't trust most doctors after bad experiences with them. Just wanted to say, you're not alone

No. 248550

Anons experiences with boric acid suppositories? I've been getting frequent yeast infections and I did a round of boric acid suppositories for one I had a few months ago. I'm trying a new brand and it stinks so bad, I can't tell if it's me or the tabs.
I came across a site saying boric acid kills all good bacteria in the vag too, but it was mostly to push their natural product. It seems like it's pretty standard to use but I don't know. Any thoughts?

No. 249814

File: 1647371294025.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.44 KB, 1080x1172, bda1d2f0-b1f1-4c67-b2bd-605117…)

Anyone here have any jewelry down under? I may have gotten a glimpse of an example, it looks really hot to me. I read you have to have a big enough hood (like be able to slide a q-tip underneath) and can't be intimate for a while, both of which I fall under.

If so, how bad was the pain? What was the healing process like? Does it effect how things work down there?

No. 249873

around 90% of the time, when i take my underwear off at the end of the day/to shower etc, i always have dried/stained white discharge! even in the day i do notice it. do any of you anons have this? i am not sexually active and have no pain/itchyness or anything like that.

No. 249916

I was prescribed them by a doctor to handle yeast infections because I’m allergic to orally ingested azole family medications. I made my own though, with dissolvable suppositories and a canister of Boric acid and I’ve never had any issues. Perhaps there’s something wrong with that manufacturer? Not sure if it’s true that it kills good bacteria but they severely cut my yeast infection frequency down so there’s that

No. 250622

Why does it suddenly take me so long to cum? I jerk off for like an hour and a half now.

No. 250625

very normal nona. i've had this for as long as i can remember. its fine to see it on your underwear, it has to go somewhere after all.

No. 250696

I've read boric acid also works for BV, can I get it OTC? I think I have it again and can't bear to shoot the gel up there for two weeks.

No. 250710

I'm now anti-porn but when I was porn addicted my clit felt nothing. I also find that rubbing too much can cause lack of sensation in general so turning down the porn and sessions really helped.

But sometimes you're simply just not turned on enough physically (despite being horny) or you need more food/water and rest. I've had days too where I've been THAT horny and I won't get off no matter what I do

No. 251034

I'm 23 and I think my periods are becoming shorter/lighter and I don't know if I should worry. I have two days of normal red bleeding (with small dark clots though), a couple of days with dark red/brown blood and then nothing. In the past I used to have at least four days of red heavy bleeding, and then a couple of days with brown blood. I'm also worried because I usually didn't have a lot of other symptoms, just a bit of stomach pain for half a day, but now I get chills and feverish feeling, tiredness and dizziness along with some pain. Now I can always feel when it'll come because I feel like shit for a few days prior.

No. 251349

Yeah you can get it OTC in the form of suppository capsules. I have heard mixed things about it being used for BV but you could give it a shot. The most inconveniences are leaking so just be sure to do it at night. Not nearly as painful as the gel/cream shots

No. 251439

Nonnies, how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test? My cycle is often irregular, but I tend to get super antsy and anxious when this happens. Would it be too soon to take one now? Should I wait 1 more week?

No. 251448

Some tests are sensitive enough to work one day after ur missed period, but most work a week after ur missed period. For women with irregular cycles you can do it 36 days from ur last period or you can test it 21 days after last having unprotected sex.

No. 251452

changes like this over time are normal, the same thing happened to me. when i first had my period in middle school it was heavy and a full seven days. now my period is lighter and only four or five days. i consider it a blessing, but i get being worried about it when you're used to your period being a certain way.

No. 251578

Not to worry you but I had this and ended up with a endo diagnosis and lost an ovary a few weeks ago.

No. 251652

i literally just noticed that i gain the most painfully pleasurable feeling beside
my clit on what basically is the tube that leads out to my urethra? i never thought of it but
i can make myself pee when i press it even in a non horny state. like either on the tube side inside or just press down gently on the "pee hole" (urethra) it will also kinda hurt afterwards like i need to pee but stops after a while. is this normal? is that what a gspot is? do i give myself an UTI like that? sorry for vagina sperg i grew up religious

No. 251677

What the hell are you talking about, can you find some medical graph and point out this tube because I am stumped by your post ngl

No. 251679

File: 1648158269604.jpeg (535.4 KB, 828x1315, B7B91EE0-84D4-4AD0-984A-E9E190…)

uuuh i guess if you'd look at a vagina from the side it would be the whole roof of the vaginal canal, about the first 2cm or so. i legit can feel it with my finger isn't that normal? all the diagrams show them so far apart…

No. 251703

I think you're talking about the g-spot. It occurs in different place on different women but generally it's a couple inches in on the front wall of the vagina.

No. 251731

These kind of drawings are exaggerated, but the female urethra is like 1.5 inches long. What you’re liking pressing against is your actual bladder. I had an ex who always rubbed there and told me it was my G spot but it wasn’t all that pleasurable. No more than taking a really good piss that you’ve been holding onto for a hot minute.

I’m not saying it is or isn’t your G spot but honestly sounds like your bladder. If I do have a G spot, its a ways up there. I can’t reach it myself but a nice cock or dildo rubs on it for two seconds and I’m done.

No. 251733

Ok I just realized you said you’re feeling your actual urethra? Maybe not be what you’re feeling. The vaginal walls are pretty thick and urethra are tiny and soft. I’m going to go with you’re just rubbing against your bladder but whatever you’re feeling is just texture on your walls. Maybe a G spot. But I kind of doubt it’s a urethra.

No. 251790

Any other nonnas out there that just don't get wet at all? Even in times where I've been insanely horny and after an orgasm I still don't actually produce any wetness, or if I do, then it never seems to "come out" or on to my underwear etc. Even if I drink loads of water it's the same. I've been told it's different for every woman but I can't help but feel a bit strange about the fact my mind is horny but my body doesn't seem to react normally.
Inside my vagina it's obviously wet and there's normal discharge but it just never ever comes out, like when you hear women talking about their underwear getting wet I just cannot relate. Is this a problem or is it really just normal?

No. 251798

Are you having this problem with a partner or when you're masturbating? I'm basically the same, always thought it was normal, just used a lot of lube and never thought much about it. I've noticed that it got significantly better as I got older, now I can get really wet with a partner, but for some reason still can't produce any wetness when I masturbate

No. 251820

why do i only get wet 30min+ after i masturbate and not during/right away???

No. 251836

it means you will die in seven days

No. 251968

apologies for the late reply nonnie, i don't get wet in general whether it's by myself or with my bf, nothing seems to come out even if i can feel generally aroused.
i hope it's normal and just varies from woman to woman but i do wonder if stress and body image plays a part in it. i do find myself often "embarrassed" to relax during sex due to previous trauma and just thinking everything needs to look good/be a performance…i'm hoping that like you, it will get better when i get older and just chill out a lot more. but even when i'm by myself it's the same, idk it's strange.

No. 252011

Ah shit

No. 252252

thanks nonnie. i'm gonna give it a try!

No. 252434

is it normal that I DON’T get “bleach” spots in my underwear? I do have discharge but never has it bleached my panties. does that mean my pH is too high or something? I’ve never had a yeast infection either and I’ve heard they’re related

No. 252443

Yes it's normal, not everyone get's it, has to do with how frequently and long you wear your underwear and urine can also bleach stuff so maybe you just get less piss in your pants than other women.

No. 252449

Nta but why does this happen? What is in discharge and urine that bleaches the underwear?

No. 252473

acidic in nature.

No. 252590

Same here nonnie I've never had my underwear bleach and I always wear black. I think women have varying pH levels.

No. 252721

Anyone else here just feel nothing from sexual intercourse?

Like I literally let myself be used as a fleshlight for five minutes and then I get my prize: a place to stay for the night, food or alcohol.

No. 252728

Are you in some sort of desperate situation where you need to trade sex for shelter and food? If not please stop, because of course you don't feel anything positive letting yourself be used like a prostitute for commodities. It's only fun when it's based on mutual affection and attraction, not treated like a cold business deal.

No. 252732

I'm sure it's much better when done with a person you know and like.

But I just assumed that any kind of physical stimulation down there should at least make you feel something, even if it's by a stranger you don't care about.

I've never been in a romantic relationship and I'm 29 so I've got to find a way to enjoy the kind of sex I can have. Namely casual sex with strangers.

No. 252735

>But I just assumed that any kind of physical stimulation down there should at least make you feel something, even if it's by a stranger you don't care about.
Your assumption is false. Unless you're excited about hooking up with that person, you most likely aren't going to feel any physical pleasure. There are always exceptions to this, of course. But for another example of this, people don't typically feel any pleasure at all when they're being molested or sexually assaulted, even if they don't receive any physical injury from it. Arousal is just as much a mental thing as it is physical.

No. 252740

Can you make yourself orgasm from masturbation? There's no need for a man if you can make yourself cum on your own, plus it avoids the issue of feeling like you're being treated as a sex object instead of a fellow human. I can make myself orgasm in less than 10 minutes, never met a man who could do it as efficiently and pleasurably as me. So if I'm sharing myself that intimately and spending my energy on another person, they better be really cute and as interested in my pleasure as I am.
>I've got to find a way to enjoy the kind of sex I can have
Except you aren't enjoying it. Sorry, but sex just isn't fun for most people (especially women) unless we are with partners who care about us and actually put in effort to please us. Don't waste time on scrotes who just want to bang you for the cost of some cocktails.

No. 252743


My orgasms are pleasureless. They're just relaxing. Literally just my vagina pulsating and a feeling of relaxation and being "done". If anything they make me hornier.

I think I desensitised myself as a teenager from masturbating multiple times a day.

I've taken long breaks from masturbation, tried different toys, techniques. Nothing has worked.

No. 252785

That's not normal anon. I have masturbated to that extent before as well but I never lost feeling from it. I feel like we're missing part of the story. It's not normal to lose feeling (maybe tender/sore, but not deadened) and it's not normal to settle for emotionless hookups especially when you can't even pretend you're enjoying them. Unless something is wrong mentally. Depression, trauma from abuse, porn sickness, something is blocking the pleasure. You also referenced "the kind of sex I can have" which seems to imply because you've never been in a relationship you feel like you'll never have one and have to settle for these hookups. Maybe just take a break from things related to sexuality for a while and try to dig into your mindset to figure out what you were really seeking through these encounters. With a therapist if possible.

No. 252802

Yes at the beginning of 2020 I promised myself I would only have sex with someone who is willing to date me, no more casual sex. I haven't had sex since 2019.

As for masturbation I'm kind of addicted, I need to take a really long break from it. But I've taken long breaks before and the pleasure did not come back.

No. 253563

Are there any good radfem aligned period tracking apps, or at least any that dont support trannyshit? the one i'm using keeps adding these articles on "mtf periods" (??) and i dont want to support that shit

No. 253585

Depending on what country your in, be careful about those apps selling your health data with identifying information.

No. 254258

Delete + repost of No. 254256

Sometimes when I cough with a tampon in, I can feel a gush of liquid but when I check, it's thin, light pink colored liquid? Fairly certain I'm not pissing myself so what gives? Does this happen to anyone else?

No. 254314

I'm really insecure about my vagina. I have a prominent and somewhat droopy labia. Every other one I've seen online seems tidier and nicer looking. Nobody I've been with have even noticed seemingly but I cant help but be embarrassed about it

No. 254317

No. 254364

File: 1649243811230.jpg (10.62 KB, 241x240, @TrashySoda.jpg)

The amount of Troon shit on that site.

No. 254390

If anything the troon shit made me feel better. Shit if my genitals looked like that I'd 41% too

No. 254400

Can you get anaesthetic or muscle relaxers before a gyno exam? I want to know all my options before I get the pap smear invite (I'm in UK and soon to be 25.)

The issue is that although not diagnosed officially, I match pretty much every symptom of vaginismus and I'm almost certain I have it due to sexual trauma in my teens. I don't want to be put in a position where I get pressured to "just relax and breathe hurdur it's not that bad" while they jam a speculum inside me and completely disregard the fact that my muscles will form the dreaded "wall" that so many women with vaginismus describe.
I would probably be okay with direct anaesthetic to that area to be honest, although ngl I wouldn't even mind, and ideally prefer, being sedated for a while as I tend to kick or panic and shake a lot. I can only describe it as my brain trying to fight my body, and I get extremely distressed when put in a clinical situation like that.
When I'm alone and dilating it's fine though, because I can control it in the privacy of my own home. However, it's still a struggle.
If any other nonnas out there have advice on how to actually be firm and talk to doctors about this stuff too, I would appreciate it. I've heard so many horror stories of women just feeling like they can't speak up or just going along with examinations they weren't comfortable with. Me personally, I've experienced doctors just completely ignore anything I say or act as if I'm being dramatic.

No. 254409

I think the only way to know is to ask the doctors at your GP surgery. Ask a couple different doctors if just one is unhelpful and escalate to the Practice Manager if they’re all unhelpful. It might also be good to look into a family planning clinic - staff there are usually a lot nicer, well practiced and less cunty than your average doctors surgery gynae. It would be cool if you could report back because tbh after a horrendous pap smear and coil insertion I don’t think I can do either again with a benzo (I don’t mean to scare you, I had some real bad luck with the Pap smear, it absolutely should not have hurt the way it did. Just wanna say I do feel you on the wanting something to help with the appt)

No. 254626

I was sexually abused as a child so when I asked my GP about being anxious about it they prescribed me some diazepam to take on the day before the appointment, they were super cool about it so I guess it's not super uncommon for some women to need a benzo to relax before the exam.

No. 254794

has anyone here tried period panties? i talked to my friend about period products and she said they help with odour and being comfortable etc. i want to try them but i dont know much about brands or how to use them. do you nonnies have any reccomendations/tips?

No. 255455

Should I be concerned about a missing period and loss of libido? I've always had an extremely regular cycle but last month it just skipped and 10 days later I got some mild spotting. Months before that I completely lost my libido but I figured it's due to stress and cutting out any form of erotica. I'm going through a life change but major stress never had an impact on my cycle before. I'm not underweight and everything that could point to a hormonal imbalance is pretty much normal. I also am 100% not pregnant.

No. 255487

I've never been penetrated and when I looked at my vagina recently it worries me that it would be too small for it. I know they're supposed to stretch (even more to push a baby) but I also suspect I have vaginismus. Or an additional something wrong with me. When I try to finger myself I can't (hell I can barely even locate my vagina that's how clenched it is) and I don't get any pleasure from it. Before you say "that's fine, just don't" the thing is I'm extremely determined to do it. Because I do someday want to have PIV sex and even if not I still want to enjoy fingering myself like other women. I just won't accept that it's not possible, I am resolved to teach myself. Are there any nonnies who overcame vaginismus willing to share advice? I get anxious about it even when I'm turned on and wet, but I'm not going to give up until I can do it. I only plan to let a dick up there if it's someone I'm very serious about and can feel safe with, but that's also what worries me, what if it just doesn't work and we couldn't be together? That's my nightmare. So as you can see there is a lot on the line here, maybe that's what contributes to it. But I'm not giving up

No. 255491

Your vagina is not too small, it's your muscles. For me, I had a partner where sex just didn't work because of my vaginismus, then eventually with my next partner I was able to get it to work. You just need experience.

No. 255494

Do you use tampons at all? That's how I started, it's decent practise for finding your vagina and putting something inside with some regularity. And because there's a purpose to it beyond pleasure/future sex, it might be easier to commit to despite the pain.
You seem very determined though, so I'd say trying with your fingers is just as good, probably better in your case. I'll tell you now you're probably not enjoying it because one female finger is definitely too short and too thin to feel good, and if you have especially small hands it's difficult to get a decent angle. Try putting in two and stretching it out a little bit. That will hurt, at least at first. Once you're feeling brave, get a small dildo or something vaguely phallic to ease inside. That part will hurt the most but I swear once you bottom out it will feel much, much better and you might even start to enjoy the "full" feeling. I wasn't able to take it very far on my own because I'm very averse to pain, so you may need a (patient) partner to help you through this. I'm sure there is tons more advice on acclimating to penetration ITT but I thought I'd give you my personal take.

No. 255498

Just get a hand mirror and a diagram and relax. If your really worried that something is wrong though you'd have to go to a gyno.

No. 255506

You bought a machine or went to a saloon?
My godmother told me she shaved everything down there with laser and never had to worry about hairs anymore. Sadly she didn't tell me the thing's brand.

No. 255510

>You bought a machine or went to a saloon?
I'm just picturing this and I can't stop laughing

No. 255519

I relate to your issues a lot and I wish I had been brave enough to ask somewhere online. When I was a virgin, I couldn't even get a tampon in. It was so frustrating and I thought something was wrong with me. I was uncomfortable with using my fingers, too. I had bought an average size dildo thinking it could work for some reason. It didn't and I cried really hard about it bc I thought I'll never be able to have PIV sex. Some time after that, I ended up buying a small, phallic-shaped clit stimulator/vibrator. It actually fit inside one day. Then I bought a thicker vibe a while after that. Eventually I could even use the original dildo I bought. When I finally had PIV sex, it was not a problem either. I no longer have any issues using tampons too thank god

No. 255520

File: 1649571769936.jpg (191.87 KB, 683x1024, istockphoto-108176784-1024x102…)

Kek same, picrel is anon walking into a saloon looking for the hair removal device

No. 255575

I went off birth control the cramps are becoming unbearable again. This was the reason I went on it but I felt like having a healthy lifestyle would improve them without having to take hormones. Now I eat extremely well and exercise regularly and still each month the cramps keep getting worse. Im incapacitated with pain right now and I feel like I have other choice but to go back on bc. Nonnas what do I do?

No. 255580

Talk to a doctor to see what exactly is causing it and if there are other options?

No. 255612

My urethra keeps on getting irritated after sex all of a sudden. It is so annoying, how do I stop this from happening? I've been with my scrote for 3 years and it's only recently become a problem. It is definitely not a UTI as it usually only affects one side and it resolves on its own in 3-7 days. It also doesn't physically hurt to pee in the way it does when you have a UTI. It just feels like a burning on my left side of my urethra and surrounding area. I got a UTI 2x in the span of a month and a half and it healed, but now I get this. Is there a way to prevent it?

No. 255625

Maybe change the lube you are using? There might be something in it that you're sensitive to, or if you'd been using it for a while with no issues it could be expired or a bad batch.

No. 255629

I would talk to a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. If your not sexual active you can try chaste berry and don quai. If you are and don’t use condoms don’t use them it will fuck up your BC. Try mugwort and chamomile and red raspberry leaf. You can make a tea. Warm compresses. Baths with epsom salt and cbd. Ginger and Turmeric and pineapple as anti inflammatories. How’s your pelvic floor? Is it strong or overly tight or weak? There’s menstrual yoga with no inversions too. Pepper heat patches that you can wear like mobile heating pads.

No. 255653

File: 1649629560139.jpeg (53.85 KB, 480x574, 13CC3C09-CE59-474D-A171-1CF87B…)

Are vulvas meant to have small visible veins inside them? Im really ignorant about my body, so I plucked up the courage to inspect my vulva with a mirror, and I swear I saw some behind the skin in mind. It kind looks like an open brain

No. 255658

Girl does it matter? Your pussys working properly isn't it? Stop nitpicking yourself to death. I have a beauty mark next to my clitoris. Live your life.

No. 255674

I'm going to the gynecologist for the first time soon and I don't really know what to expect. I mainly want to go because I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my vagina. Lately, I have a strong smell on days with a lot of discharge, and a few days ago I felt this burning sensation when my discharge was coming out, which has never happened before, but it also hasn't happened since. I'm worried but figured this might as well be the time to start making visits to the gynecologist. I'm a virgin though and have admittedly never stuck something up my vagina, not even a finger or tampon. I'm nervous and scared that it's going to hurt. I know they can't force me to take an examination against my will but I know it's better if they can check on my health. Any advice to calm down?

No. 255679

It could be a uti you don't have to be sexually active to get one. But it's good if you want to have it checked out. Ask if you can take something beforehand you go in. Honestly being nervous makes you clench more try to relax yourself, maybe even look down there with a hand mirror and familiarize yourself with yourself it could help ease the nerves if you know what's going on

No. 255683

From my experience, gynos really care about you and your health and treat you respectfully. Mine is so kind, I felt like crying at my first appointment because I felt so dumb and ignorant about my body and she was so nice and knowledgeable for every question I had and carefully explained every step of the procedure. It'll be fine for you nonna and you can get it all worked out

No. 255693

U Kno anon

I think it's just a cut on my labia

Never mind

Is drunk

No. 255868

I'm really terrified nonnies! I've noticed burning a lot lately, especially after I wipe with toilet paper. The itching was really bothering me so I took a look down there to see if anything is enflamed. I spread my labia minora and the area in between my urethra and vaginal opening is a milky white colour, and it's never ever looked like that before. It's not discharge and it doesn't hurt to touch, it's just white. I looked online and the only thing that sounds similar is lichen sclerosis? Is there any other condition that causes white skin inside the vagina? I already talked to my doctor and she prescribed me a tablet for the vaginal dryness I've been having. She wants me to wait a while to see if it clears up, but it looks gross and it freaks me out

No. 255870

File: 1649717991305.jpg (73.81 KB, 600x400, merlin_195254193_650a29e7-3d2c…)

Is it possible to still feel the effects of ovulation during your period? I don't know how to describe the feeling other than feeling broody all day, it was seriously distracting me at work. Like I needed something to relieve the pressure in my lower back, I even thought about asking I leave but I wasn't in pain just irritated the feeling didn't go away. Anyway pic rel is what I want to do to my eggs

No. 256504

File: 1649977351021.png (748.92 KB, 1000x1000, cd898db05cc466316e77a4af148522…)

Is it normal to completely dry when you're aroused, no matter if it's with a partner or on your own? I've tried to look into this and to be honest it's making me feel like something is wrong with me…
I've always naturally had a lot of discharge ever since I can remember inspecting my underwear as a child, but when I'm horny I just don't get that wetness that everyone else seems to. It's literally just like…dry down there, of course it's moist inside but nothing ever comes out.
I already use lube and I'm not afraid to use lots of it, but something about that is just concerning to me…I drink lots of water too and even then it's just…nothing, just dry. I just honestly don't seem to produce any natural wetness and if I do then it sure as hell isn't coming out of me. It was like this even before any of my sexual trauma - and surprisingly the trauma didn't make it any worse, it's just exactly the same.

Could there be something wrong with me? I've heard of women having varied wetness of course but never really anyone being completely absent of it. I guess I'm overthinking it but it honestly feels so unsexy to me like my body is just repulsed by arousal/sex even though my brain isn't, I feel like some sort of dried-up little raisin kek. Do any other nonnas have the same thing? I did try and look on Reddit for some similar issues but I'm very wary to take any sort of advice from people on there.

No. 256645

I'm curled up in bed today feeling like my ovary is gonna burst. Sharp pains. I'm thinking ovarian cyst? I'm post period and too early to be ovulating yet.

Anyone dealt with either cysts or this sensation before? I'm new to whatever this is

No. 256648

Nonnie, I am the exact same. But I also get horny very, very rarely and when I do, I can feel the arousal and you know, the throbbing but I don't really get wet, you'd have to really put a finger in there to feel some moistness. I've always attributed this to my extremely low libido. I don't know if it is anything to be concerned about though, but maybe get your hormone levels checked? I've been advised to do that for other reasons as well.

No. 256680

late reply, but nonnie do you feel like the muscles of your vagina are too tight (vaginismus), or is it the skin? Because if it's the latter I can relate. I did not have sex until quite late (25), and prior to that inserting anything bigger than a single finger was painful. I never cared because I didn't wear tampons and didn't believe I would ever meet a man, let alone have sex with one. Lo and behold I did meet a guy, so I decided to stretch myself in anticipation of PIV sex so my first time wouldn't be too painful. I just used my fingers, going slow, but it still burned like hell. It took me ages to even get a second finger in. Got to 2 fingers and a pinky before I finally did have sex. Luckily the guy had a bit of a pencil dick. It still burned but penetration was definitely possible; there was no muscle cramping it was all just tight skin. Which was gone completely after having sex a couple of times.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't worry too much. You might just have a tight vaginal opening like me, which just requires a little extra time and care.
But more importantly, if you have any worries go talk to a gyno.

No. 256690

can we talk about the fact that men today literally, unironically believe that the way most women's post-pubescent labia naturally look is the result of years of hardcore promiscuous sex? I know it's just the stupid men, yeah, ok whatever. It still pisses me off. Where did this psy-op come from? To sell labiaplasties? Well, I caved in to the pressure. I have been made to hate my own vulva…it makes me feel like a monster and unwomanly. The internet makes a lot of women feel insecure about a lot of things but nothing besides this really bothers me. Idgaf about my "hip dips" or having "pepperoni nipples" or having a "thunder thighs" with no gap or any of the other ridiculous names the internet has created to mock women's bodies. Has anyone else noticed the obsession people have with coming up with ways to turn normal body features most women have into dehumanizing, embarrassing insults? As a result of seeing all the "roastie" memes, etc (one gif of a woman standing over a fan so her labia would flap about in the wind has haunted me) with man after man after man lining up to mock the woman in question, contribute an outrageously ugly yet actually kind of true drawing to mock it (I'm reminded of one where the labia had been turned on their side to resemble lips, kind of like a duck bill, and there was a microphone against it and the caption was like "women's opinions" or something) has traumatized me. I…I agree with them. Having so-called "beef curtains" longer than like 1 cm is undignified and obscene. If they flap about I now cringe with second-hand shame. Does anyone else feel the same way? I don't care about being a "good feminist" or "not letting the incels win" so keep it moving if you want to give me that lecture. My labiaplasty is scheduled for early June. The only problem is that I will never know if the man I end up having sex with is actually a good one or if he would think less of me if he knew how mine had looked before. I cope by telling myself tiny labia are more hygienic (the edges of long labia seem to be a magnet for bits of tp you don't notice until hours later) and would make me more comfortable (anything but granny panties gets caught in my labia and pulls, and God help me if I don't wear any underwear at all)
I just remember seeing men talking online about how one had lost his virginity and the first time he saw a vagina he was disgusted by the labia but shut his mouth so she would still let him fck her. That terrifies me. Imagine gathering the courage to show someone your body and let him take your virginity and secretly all he is thinking is how disgusting you are, but is cold and calculating enough to deceive you so that he can collect his notch and move on. The man from that forum btw went on to say that he was "relieved" to find out that not all women look like that, including his current wife. And men call US "hypergamous." Rant over.

No. 256699

I won't be getting any ps for my 'roast beef' vagina but I won't lie, if I had the option of waking up tomorrow with a 'good looking' pussy, I would take it. I tried to snip my lips as a teen.

No. 256701

Men are plain evil and retarded because of porn standards and just being motivated by others to hate women’s natural features and see them as objects to put penis in. I have really long and uneven labia so it’s my main insecurity. I would get surgery but it honestly never bothers me in day to day life and my current long term partner doesn’t mind anyway despite me being insecure. I’ll probably always be insecure but I think doing surgery is a slippery slope for other things to change about myself. I don’t blame you for getting it done since you have other reasons anyway. Another thing is I’ve looked at post op photos and it’s just weird to imagine having a barely showing labia like it’s not actually my own vulva I’m used to and I don’t want my appearance dictated by what some surgeon deems as desirable or necessary.

No. 256705

Sorry if this is a stupid question but does 'roast beef' more refer to the labia size or color? I never understood why scrotes wouldn't find it appealing to be putting their junk in something with extra flesh/protection surrounding it that sounds like it would be a better sensation but I guess I don't think with my dick.

Men literally have brain rot from porn they don't even understand how normal functioning human bodies look or feel. Yes bodies have hair and moles and don't look good from every angle. Being fed media that only portrays the 'apealing' side to things fucks your perception up.
How are they going to be picky about what a woman looks like if he's been staring at screens all day pulling his ween then going to complain when it doesn't look like the shit catered to him? Esp if he doesn't look like porn standard himself. And yet they can complain if women make fun of their dick size crying because they can't change it.

No. 256706

i think its both

No. 256707

Peer pressure doesn't work on me so I don't care about my longish lips. You don't get to talk about it though because you fell for the memes hard enough to get surgery that might ruin your sensitivity just because a hypothetical man might find them ugly.

No. 256708

Probably both darker coloration and the appearance itself. They only want a pink fleshlight hole so anything resembling a unique human feature is different and therefore gross because it doesn’t look like their anime girl porn or teen category on pornhub. The guys perpetuating this are usually disgusting incels or neckbeards who don’t see the light of day and write manifestos about how women aren’t gravitated towards them. They use it as an insult because they see vagina as our only value.

No. 256798

For the first few years that I was sexually active I wasn't really aware of that labia even varied that much. Then I became aware and it was oh ok didn't know but that's a thing. Then another few years later I started seeing men online saying really (bitter incel sounding) fucked up shit about how that lil bit of flesh is somehow ruining the whole woman for them. Then like you said the 'used up vag' talk that's just pulled out of their asses and not how anatomy works. You have what you have at the end of puberty. That's it.

Now I've an innie myself, in retrospect I'm like… so where was all that pussy eating or pussy worship I should 'in theory' have been getting for winning the vag lottery? Oh that's right scrotes don't care and don't treat you any better or get you off for having this thing they pretend to value so much. You can have the vagina they claim to want above others and they still can't be arsed to eat it so what's the difference? It doesn't add up.

I mean I know what it's like to look at two sets of gentitals and like one more.. I've seen some penises that definitely don't make me want to suck them and I've seen ones that do… but it doesn't even seem to correlate like that when men bitch about vag appearance.

No. 256834

Does anyone else have only one labia minora/inner-labia fold or is it just me?

I only have one labia minor fold. It's not like the other one is so small as to be imperceptible, it straight up does not exist.

I'm not even insecure about it, just curious if other people have a similar puthy.

No. 256986

File: 1650221987140.jpeg (13.66 KB, 624x491, images - 2022-04-18T025746.674…)

Jacked off too hard nonas now im dealing with my labia irritated its red and feels dry as fuck do i just leave it alone?

No. 256989

Put some petroleum jelly on it, that helps me. Obviously refrain from masturbating until it heals.

No. 257099

i got a pap smear and my results show that I have ASCUS. does anyone else have experience with this. should i worry?

No. 257118

It's been a while but my first smear test showed 'Squamous Cells' and when they rang me and broke the news to me they acted like it was more serious than it turned out to be. I also had one of the bad strains of hpv so maybe that's why.

Ime I went on to have a smear done every 6 months after that, I retested and after 2 years my immune system had cleared the hpv and nothing ever had to be done in the end. It was stressful vut tbh turned out be to nowhere near as bad as I thought initially. They monitor that stuff closely but it sometimes resolves itself. If it doesn't resolve itself they'll catch it in time as long as you keep appts. If you had cancer already they'd be calling it something else so don't panic.

No. 257119

thank you anon, i've barely gotten any sleep because of other stress so my brain is kinda freaking out over everything. my sister (nurse practitioner) says to get retested soon. sucks bc i have trauma and cried during it, but it was so quick. just reminds me of past pain and recently i've had 2 instances of reminiscent pain with people i kept saying no to.

No. 257129

I felt like this before and got all crazy about it but when I went to get tested it was just dry skin and BV. Get a wet mount/STI panel done.

No. 257154

File: 1650294834799.png (18.92 KB, 250x249, 99048E21-4C3B-4586-A3DC-5A132A…)

anyone else feel like they have no clitoris? i barely ever masturbated only two or three times in my whole life and i felt extreme disgust emotionally paired with nothingness physically before during and after. it feels like if touching your mouth lip on the inside but more shameful and weird because of the creases, that and i am afraid of accidentally hurting myself or giving myself an infection of sorts because i dont know what i am doing. this means i have never had an orgasm before. i try to find my clitoris when i am in the shower but not only can i not identify it but i also feel nothing when i start feeling around there like a crazy person with my fingers. this has me wondering if i went through some kind of FGM as a baby but idk. i also never feel sexual in general even when i am ovulating, maybe i will think of getting married with a blank person and perhaps raising a baby but nothing sexual. all of this led me to thinking i was a special type of intersex that gets a period with the addition of me not developing most the secondary sex characteristics kek
anyone else like this? is this some kind of birth defect?

No. 257158

Is there not anything in your life that turns you on? A certain man, a type of porn, some erotica? Try to be actively aroused first before you try to masturbate and maybe then you'll feel your clitoris

No. 257174

Some clits are just more hidden away and that makes it tricky in the beginning. When I was 19 and still very new to masturbation I noticed using my hands didn't do anything. I thought I was genitally numb or defective. I was already a late bloomer and now this. Then one day I pressed a 'vibrating facial massager' right down on that area and there it was. It opened the floodgates so to speak and from then on I suddenly had a sex drive because I knew what an orgasm felt like. That was a game changer for me. Might be worth a try.

No. 257316

Nonnie I had the exact same thing when I was younger mixed with shame/anxiety/embarrassment around sex because I mentally developed quite "late" and didn't even start trying to explore masturbation until I was 17. I also could not "feel" or see my clit either and tbh I honestly still can't see it kek, so its completely normal for it to be very small and tucked away just as it's normal for some of them to be big. I freaked out about this too but trust me you still have one, you just need to be patient and not set any unrealistic expectations upon yourself. You don't have to kickstart yourself into some sexual revolution, you might just find it useful to read some erotica made by women.
Unfortunately it's very common for women to feel like they are broken/defected if they're not a sex goddess by a certain age, the only thing you can do is progress at your own pace. A big thing that helped me was just sitting somewhere comfortable with a funny show on in the background, with a mirror between my legs and just switching between watching tv and just getting used to the appearance and texture/feel of the vulva. It sounds crazy to some but if you just take your time, chill with a drink (and clean hands) and just watch something on Netflix etc you can eventually make steps towards not seeing your vulva as something defective or disgusting/scary. I should add I have vaginismus due to trauma and how I am basically scared of there being a "hole" in my body and this method of just chilling and getting to know my body in a non-sexual context helped a LOT before advancing to experimenting sexually. Maybe this could be useful for you, if not just know you are not alone.

No. 257344

it may be worth using some
lubricant because if you feel around down there when you’re not wet enough it can feel dry and painful. lube for me makes a barrier of sorts and makes everything feel
much better and more sensitive - not just my clit but also the labia as well. i second what the other anons have said and take some time to look at your vulva in the mirror and feel around and get comfortable. use lighter touches at first

No. 257677

File: 1650482900139.png (888.25 KB, 680x680, hackerman.png)

I hate that I'm using moid terminology but I have a legitimate question and I'm unsure about the exact words to use. I don't have an 'outie' vulva, but what exactly is the biological name from the thing that protrude outwards from an 'outie' vulva? Is it the clitoral hood? Does it protrude outwards even when the woman's legs are closed? Wouldn't that be painful/uncomfortable?

No. 257681

the labia minora?

No. 257690

Usually it's the labia minora and in some cases, if one has a large clitoris, it can be the clitoral hood plus the clitoris as well. But that's not in the same area as the minora.

Also have an innie, but I've heard underwear and pants can be irritating to wear, especially if they're tight.

No. 257694

Post pubescent? Mine have been long all my life, I remember when I was a kid I thought "why is this soft part sticking out" and I'd tuck them in kek
I also feel absolutely nothing when touching the outside, but when I put a finger inside it doesn't exactly feel good but it feels like something at least. What feels good is putting something a bit longer inside me, try that if you haven't, often people say here they don't feel good having something inside them but touching the outside feels good, maybe we are the opposite. If you have no things that are meant to go inside you, I pull a thin rubber glove over something long like a lint roller or hairbrush handle
(please anons don't tell me to buy something proper to use because I will not)

No. 258389

Period underwear brand recommendations? Something with style options. I need thong styles for work. My period is super light from BC and I can’t stand pads or tampons anymore.

No. 258393

Which workplace require thongs?
Anyway, Wuka is good.

No. 258470

Not required but I wear black “yoga”/gym leggings at work (massage therapist) and I don’t like underwear lines.

No. 258595

Is anyone else's labia uneven? Like one of them is longer and bigger than the other. I don't know why it is like that but it's super embarrassing, it make me want to cut off the excess skin

No. 258599

Pretty sure my outer one is a bit longer on one side and tbh I don't care

No. 258603

Mines like that too, I'm sure most women have uneven labia, don't sweat it anon

No. 258654

there's so much uproar to get big clits normalized but tbh ive never seen anyone with a tiny/non existent clit like mine and it's so alienating. never had a problem with orgasming but its just weird to be looked at like im missing something

No. 258656

Yeah same I have no idea where my clitoris is but I can orgasm no problem. I am really sensitive in the area where my clit supposedly is but I don't see idk a nub or hood or anything like that. It's like missing. I mean I know realistically it's probably not but I don't see that part or anything that could be hiding it when I move stuff around. All this just to say you're not alone. I'm kind of sad about it because I think they are cute but oh well. It's not like I have to look at it or anything.

No. 258660

same. i thought that i didn't have one, but it's just really small and completely covered by the hood.
it kinda sucks because that means i don't have much sensitivity there. sex, fingers, and/or oral alone doesn't stimulate my clit naturally. i have to use a vibrator to get to my clit through the hood. i have no problem orgasming if i at least have a vibrator there. my ex boyfriend was okay with me using a vibrator on my clit during penetrative sex, so i really hope that my next partners do not mind that either. i know some guys don't like vibrators for some reason, but it's the only way i can get to the sensitivity there.
pulling the hood back doesn't make much of a difference and it is so long, it feels weird doing it and i don't want to have to keep a hand there keeping it back.

No. 258665

Is there a normalize big clits thing? I started out with a very hidden one and I now have a large one after spending a year or so on the tranny train. It's been an improvement pleasure wise. I'd be lying if I didn't admit it kind of made that year worth it. I found stim difficult before that. Was pretty reliant on strong vibes and while people argue about this.. I did find overuse of vibes desensitized me. I could always take a break and it'd sort itself out in time but it wasn't a great situation to be using wands and taking breaks and using wands again and just.. orgasming felt like a real task at times. My problem was visual, it was function.

Ime now I'm too sensitive for vibes. Everything has to be manual. Men are pretty unphased by it overall. I don't know if they can tell my anatomy is in a way unnatural. If you don't acknowledge it first they never seem to mention it themselves. I would be nervous with a woman I think. I haven't been with a woman since before all that. I think all men care about with clits is that you react to it being touched. I've livef with both extremes and nobody has ever made an umprompted comment about size.

No. 258667

>My problem was visual
Samefag, meant to say wasnt

No. 258706

I see a lot of other anons talking about orgasming during PIV and saying how women rarely getting off during is a myth. But that's been exactly my experience. I have only had two really good sex partners in my life and only one of them was able to make me feel what I think was an orgasm once. I genuinely didn't understand what was happening to me because it felt so different from a clitoral one, but it felt like I had to pee. Is it possible I have a very small gspot or don't have one? I just feel really broken hearing about everyone coming from sex and not me. Am I really the only one?

No. 258726

I've never came from penetration either but I feel like I can close to it sometimes.

No. 258761

File: 1650858339439.jpeg (45.04 KB, 350x559, Louis Wain tea.jpeg)

Have any of you nonnas used parsley tea to induce a period? Does it actually work? I'm about a week late which is unusual for me. I don't think I'm pregnant (I've tested myself like 5 times over the past week) but I'm still kinda anxious.

No. 258838

I can never orgasm from PIV either, I actually find I have a harder time orgasming with something in me at all? It's like penetration actually numbs my clit somewhat.
Like PIV does feel good in and of itself, just not always and never good enough that I could actually orgasm from it. I do masturbate a lot so I wonder if that's why, like maybe you have to be sexually frustrated to the point that any kind of stimulation finally drives you over the edge.

No. 258866

I'm pretty sure I've orgasmed from penetration w/ strapon sex, but it was nothing like a clit orgasm so it's hard to say. Sometimes it feels nice to have pressure in there, but 9/10 times i'm not. fan. I'd rather have a tongue in there instead tbh

No. 258948

File: 1650927234017.jpeg (27.67 KB, 365x365, 9AD15AA9-09FE-446B-9AB6-8B6215…)

How do I stop discharging so much? I discharge a little bit every day. The quantity isn’t the issue, but the frequency does annoy me. I dislike every single panty I wear end up noticeably stained with white discharge by the end of the day. It looks gross and I’m afraid of the idea of eventually having sex one day, and my partner seeing it and being disgusted

No. 258955

Nothing really unless you have some other issues that might be caused by some imbalance or an infection. You can always drink more water to possibly make the discharge more fluid, but that's about it, anon. Also, if anyone would get grossed out by a completely natural function a normal vagina does from time to time, it's a sign to not let them near your vagina.

No. 258960

another discharge-chan here, i get it all day every day since as young as i can remember. it is perfectly normal as long as you don't have something like bv or thrush, some women just produce more naturally. i don't think there is any way to "stop" it as it's just your vagina's natural cleaning process and production, however i can recommend soft cotton panty liners or those reusable pads you can get in bamboo material. they're very comfortable and if you get thin/small ones you probably won't notice they're there.
echoing nonnie above: please don't think it's disgusting, if your partner thinks it's gross or weird then it's clear they have no business having sex with women - if anything it should be a good thing for him as it indicates your vagina is working as intended and keeping itself clean naturally. it's completely normal to even have quite a lot of it and if men find it gross then they're immature

No. 258969

Males don't care they just think they made you wet kek

No. 260174

File: 1651355690487.png (1 MB, 640x773, 831E79E9-0305-4896-BD23-4FD5B3…)

Does anyone else feel pain when trying to wash their vulva? My clitoral hood and clit are kind of fused together, so there’s a lot of ‘folds’ around my clit and only a bidet that is at medium pressure is good at cleaning the smegma out. Low pressures do nothing. The pressure of the bidet, or just touching my clit when cleaning, is always painful because of my clit sensitivity. Please tell me I’m not the only one who suffers like this

No. 260185


You have a healthy vadge doing it's thing. I am jealous.


No. 260503

The top half of my clit is exposed and then a bit of lip peeks out (labia minora). It's not uncomfortable at all, I'm not aware of my underwear touching it or anything even when I wear skintight clothes. Tbh I don't understand when women get rid of their flaps for that reason, but maybe mine just aren't long enough.

No. 260622

It's not normal to inspect your partner's underwear with a critical eye during sex (might do it if you're into it though, some people like secretions a lot lol). If I somehow catch a glimpse of stained underwear while I take my gf's clothes off, I just don't care. I'm busy wanting to fuck her brains out.

No. 261617

Uh my vagina smells like semen today. Like, this weird chlorine smell. I haven't had sex in over a year fwiw. Am I turning into a moid? Joking but I had no idea vaginas could smell this way.

No. 261860

Oh my god yes! I was just taking a shower today and thinking about posting something similar. Everytime I really try to get all up in there to properly clean myself I tear the fucking skin no matter how careful I am. So my options are being dirty or being sore. That can't be normal, right? I don't feel dry normally or anything like that, my skin is just really really sensitive to being pulled and stretched. This is going to sound really gross but I am sooo scared someone might suck some smegma out from under the clitoral hood one day ughh. I once saw a picture of someone pulling the hood all the way back to the point the whole clit was showing a few years back and ever since then it's been bothering me that I can't do that. I'm feeling like such a gross freak. Good to know I'm not the only one with this issue

No. 262454

I'm a week out from my period, but there's been fresh red blood when wiping today. Don't really know what's going on, it doesn't look like the light spotting I usually get a day or two before my period starts and there's not really any discharge happening yet. Just blood. I'm always very regular and this is new. Not on any birth control, haven't had sex in a long time. Should I be concerned?

No. 262459

if it's bright red it is probably a hemmorhoid

No. 262460

You can get vaginal hemoroides?

No. 262471

I've had some shit going on the last few months, early periods, differences in how my periods start off or how long they linger at the end too. I used to only use tampons but bought pads to deal with the changes. In March I had two full bleeds in the space of a fortnight. I'm twenty years into having periods and some of this stuff is pretty new after being highly predictable before.. the only thing I can think is that it's a post vaccine thing. Other women are reporting it too. Nothing major but a disruption in the usual predictability. Do you think that could be it?

No. 262474

The past few months my discharge has gotten weird. It used to be that I got white discharge but it would kind of stain my underwear with a clear substance, like no color, or it was a very faded yellow. Nowadays whenever I get discharge, I get this really gross yellowish-green color and it smells. It just smells. I went to get checked up and got prescribed a pill. I took it a few days ago but my underwear has just continued to get stained with this nasty color. I literally don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 262475

Samefag, by yellowish-green color I mean that my discharge still comes out as white but it gets stained yellow on my underwear.

No. 262530


No. 262569

I used to have a really high sense of arousal as a teenager, even looking at a guy I liked completely clothed. Idk how to describe it but "fluttering" or a thumping feeling down there. I got really turned on by naked women too I didn't even have to touch myself. Now I have to pulverize my clit with a magic wand to feel aroused. Is this normal for arousal to deaden as you age like this?

No. 262572

I don't know nona. For me it cycles. Sometimes I go months without feeling aroused. Other times the littlest things will set me off. It's probably related to hormones.

No. 262579

are you on any medication?

No. 262606

I definitely feel more turned on the few days before my period and around ovulation, but most of the month it's like I'm asexual

I've been on anti depressants for several years

No. 262625

The smell and color are both indicators of infection.

No. 263910

Have any of you anons had a cervical screening/pap smear whilst a virgin? I first went when I got a letter from my GP as I am 25 and the nurse asked if I was a virgin and she said that because I am, it isn’t really necessary, however I since then I have received 2 letters letting know I can have one.. I have just read it is painful etc, as a virgin or not what was your experience like?

No. 263919

The nurse used a small speculum, tried to make it warm, then took her time inserting it. It felt like I was bring cricked open with a carjack. The worst part was the actual scraping to get cells, which feels really weird. It didn't take that long iirc.

No. 263961

ovulation bleeding is possible. if you have a functional (=normal) ovarian cyst, it can also cause spotting midcycle. If it happens regularly after sex with penetration, consider asking your gyn about endometriosis, since that can be a sign.

No. 263962

Is it weird if your period gets lighter over the years? My period used to last a week then went down to like 4 days, then 2 days of regular bleeding, and my most recent one was 1 day of light spotting and clotting, not nearly as heavy as they used to be. Maybe it has to do withy activity level going up recently, though i feel like I haven't been exercising that hard.

No. 263999

I lost my virginity at like 26 and got my first pap some time after. All the nurses scolded me for not getting it at 18 like I was apparently supposed to. I felt ashamed and embarrassed during the scolding. So damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess. The gyn was the sweetest woman I ever met. She carefully explained every step prior, showing me all the tools, and always mentioned what she was going to do during the pap smear. She used a lot of lube on the thing so I didn't really feel it–I wasn't a virgin though. The cell scraping was a lil strange but it wasn't painful. It was like scraping the inside of your cheek to look at your cells in a microscope for 7th grade science class. Anyway, she called me a couple weeks later and told me the results of the pap and that was that. Oh and to get one every 3 years.

No. 264000

you should complain about that nurse's behavior to the office. she's going to scare women off of getting checked out by doing this.

No. 264034

File: 1652602418032.png (479.5 KB, 736x736, image_2022-05-15_181324418.png)

I have the same issue as >>257154, I struggle to locate my clit, so trying to get my bf to find it is even harder. I was wondering if any anons have any suggestions for affordable but strong clitoris-specific vibrators? I've never had an orgasm but I also think I'm not very sensitive either because I once bought a cheap mini bullet and it did nothing.

No. 264465

File: 1652753236745.jpg (6.04 KB, 240x240, Hitachi-magic-wand.jpg)

get it on discount, but its worth the money. i spent $50 on one 10 years ago and its currently my only vibrator.

No. 264565

thank you anon, sadly I can't get the Hitachi specifically in my country, so I might try a different brand

No. 264577

My vagina always smells musty, like I don't know what a normal vagina's supposed to smell like. It'd smell fine like a light smell, then when I masturbate it seems musty. I try to keep as clean as I can (I have a issue with wetting the bed), I wonder if my pelvic floor is weak? I know I need to go to an doctor but i hate it.
I've been depressed for a while and taking care of myself has been put on the back burner for some years. Anyone else have this issue? KNow what I can do about the smell?

No. 264685

I cannot sleep with my boyfriend. No matter how much lube we use I cannot get anything inside me. A tampon fits but that's literally it. No matter how much lube we use it just doesn't fit. We don't have any sex therapists in my country so I will probably die as a sexless virgin. I think it is almost entirely a physical issue but also kinda tied to my manhate that originates in childhood bullying (most of my bullies were boys). I am also not really there when we at least try to have sex. I cannot focus on doing anything and random shit like "did I turn off the stove" pop up in head. How do I get a normal sex life and a normal vagina pls?

No. 264688

If you’re an adult wetting the bed, you most definitely need to go see a doctor asap

No. 264689

Does he do a lot of foreplay before? Maybe you can also practice on your own while masturbating like using smaller dildos. Usually it is more of a mental block though.
In my experience if you’re just trying to shove it in the whole time that only makes it worse the longer you spend trying.

No. 264697

What are some trusted period tracking apps? I’ve heard that a lot of them sell your data. Also has anyone found that tracking your period actually beneficial? I never understood the point of it but I just heard it could help with mood and shorten it. I honestly get pretty manic/suicidal on my period and hope tracking it could help regulate my emotions.

No. 264699

With the birth control I take, my withdrawal bleeding manifests as either a ghost period or a mini-period. I'll always have 1 day of mild cramps, and if I do bleed, it's a small amount of brown blood roughly 3 days after cramp day. I'll have painless spotting for a couple of days and that's about it. But the delay after the initial cramps and the color of the blood concern me. It's like there's not a large enough volume of blood for it to properly flow like an actual period so it just hangs out up there for a while. I have excessively powerful pelvic floor muscles which I think may have something to do with it. There's no indication of infection, it just worries me. Could this be harmful at all?

No. 264703

I’ve been using P tracker free version for almost a decade and it’s accurate down to the day usually. You can add symptoms and moods for each day in the calendar too.

No. 264827

100% normal, nona

No. 264829

File: 1652897557426.jpeg (79.29 KB, 473x356, AEB90E5A-508E-4444-A4AD-5DCE56…)

Think I’ve made a mistake nonnies. Got my Mirena IUD replaced about 24 hours ago and in that time I’ve become very paranoid and anxious, as well as depressed and angry. I have a lot of mental health issues and it scares me that my new IUD might make some of them flare up again. I’ve had it for 6 years already and now I’ve got a lot of shit going on unrelated to hormones but I’m wondering if it’s been a baseline stressor this whole time. Ideally I’d want to take it out and go IUD free for about 6 months to test this theory but with reproductive rights being so heavily threatened and a new relationship I’m in I’m afraid that might backfire extremely and I wouldn’t be able to get another one if I decided to go back on it. I wanted to get a copper IUD in the first place but since my periods are already so heavy and painful I decided against it. My periods could be debilitating some months and I get nine with Mirena, but my mental health can be just as debilitating.

Should I ride Mirena out, go with Copper, or just resign myself to condoms?

No. 264867

I don’t even know what this thread is for but YES thank you for once again gracing this website with FINE culture. If there WASN’T enough Spongebob yaoi this week!

No. 264869

Don't trust any app on your phone or any computer program that connects to the internet. They're all selling your data. If you're concerned about privacy, just use a paper calendar.
As for your actual question, I like to track mine because it gives me an idea of when I can expect it to start. A few days leading up I avoid wearing anything I'd be remiss to stain kek. As for improving your mood, I think it's just helpful to be aware. You might feel intensely emotional and then remember "oh my period is coming up, that's why I feel insane." I don't know anything about making the cycles shorter though, that sounds kinda fake ngl.

No. 264873

Compared to some of the other shit I’ve seen on her Spongebob Yaoi is a palate cleanser

No. 264900

i've had a mirena for many years and replaced it once in that time, I didn't notice any sexual/mood changes however due to some health issues I also had to go on the pill and THATS when I noticed the changes in stress/weight/sex. I believe the iud can't really affect you too hard in terms of mentally, but who knows. I just know from personal experience that I much prefer the mirena to any other form as it doesn't give me awful hormone changes.

No. 265101

File: 1653002780487.jpg (19.43 KB, 454x360, 5r3245789.jpg)

Why the FUCK is there a zit on my pussy? It's kind of like on the outer labia but inward? something like that. I've never had sex in my entire life, I drink water all the time I've even been drinking more cranberry juice what the fucks going on

No. 265104

It could be a bartholin cyst ?
You can get blocked ducts/pores/hair follicles without having sex
Perhaps switch to cotton underwear if you don’t already

No. 265119

Do you shave down there? Could be an ingrown hair.

No. 265122

is sleeping without panties bad? I barely wear panties in the house.

No. 265128

As long as you don't have gooch spiders lurking in the house

No. 265132

Mine says 75% cotton, idk if that's enough.
No, I trim at most but haven't done it recently.

No. 265136

Didn't wash up after masturbating?
I've gotten pimples down there before from not washing off the lube well enough.

No. 265811

I just went to the bathroom and wiped and I had a lot of brown discharge and looked like I just started my period but I really shouldn’t have since I’m still on my active BC pills and my period should start in a week. This has happened to me twice already this year but this time it’s heavier, those 2 times also a week prior to my period and my actual periods were very light when they came and the bleeding would stop after my period ended. I had a pap smear in January that was normal but I’m starting to panic and think I need to see my gynecologist again. The only time I’ve had discharge similar to this was with a yeast infection and this is definitely NOT a yeast infection.

I also have undiagnosed stomach issues (diarrhea, malabsorption, heavy bloating with intense cramps, sudden intolerance to many foods like garlic and oils) that started last year that my GI can’t seem to figure out, I’m not sure if these correlate at all.

No. 265845

spotting? i have it, usually around ovulation, but a few months ago it lasted the whole week before my period. apparently it can still be normal when it lasts a couple days, or if the heavier random bleeding occurs once in a blue moon. it might also be pcos, but i swear the line is so wonky with these symptoms that you have to physically rule out every condition to still not be 100% sure. at least that's what the doctors i've seen have said.

No. 265896

I've often had brown breathrough bleeding while on BC, annoyingly hard to predict but docs were never too concerned when I brought it up. If you're having significant stomach issues though.. have you talked about that with your BC provider? Maybe pill form isn't the best way to get a steady amount of hormones in your system. Sometimes if you have enough upset stomaches they want you on the patch or another alternative to be safe.

No. 265905

Why do so many of you have thrush? Sort it out, it's disgusting

No. 265911

This girl I worked with once said she had to get her ovaries removed because she woke up one day and her vagina fell out?? Like it prolapsed randomly and she was bleeding all over. I've never heard of that wtf can that really happen? I don't work with her anymore so I can't elaborate on what she meant

No. 266362

do anybody else sniff their hand after scratching their pussy lol. idek its not a sexual thing. its like comforting to me…

No. 266371

Kek calm down

No. 266372

Why are you in the vagina thread to call people disgusting for talking about vagina problems?

No. 266436

Does anyone have advice on putting in tampons? I tried using one today for the first time and found it really difficult to insert. I watched a couple youtube videos explaining the process, but I still couldn’t get past the discomfort. Even when relaxed there was a lot of resistance and it felt dry and slightly painful. Honestly it felt like I wasn’t even putting it in the right place

No. 266438

Honestly I can't use them if I'm not heavily bleeding. It feels awkward and painful to be putting cotton up there dry. Even worse to pull one out fully dry. I have to (sorry if it sounds gross) lube it up with blood before putting it in all the way. Unless you have pretty heavy periods its not worth using imo

No. 266480

Coming off the pill can definitely fuck up your cycle. Doctors will say wait up to 6 months after you come off the pill to see if your periods settle.

No. 266482

Did you see the guide that came in the tampon pack? That has some handy diagrams. When using a tampon is can be helpful to insert it at an angle - like aim towards the small of your back as opposed to trying to push it directly up. I have to do a really low squat to get a comfortable angle. I only use tampons from the second day of my period when it’s heavier though because like >>266438 said, otherwise it can feel a bit dry/uncomfortable. I bought period pants recently to use instead of pads for the days my periods are super light at the beginning and end and use tampons on the heavier flow days in the middle.

No. 266491

Squat, get your pussy wet (sometimes I use water from the sink), and make sure you're aiming at your hole

No. 266579

it helps to use tampons with a plastic applicator vs a cardboard one

No. 266656

I completely understand this it smells nice. Good way to tell if somethings wrong too because that way you know if something smells off quickly. Proactive

No. 266771

File: 1653782723059.jpg (95.48 KB, 1024x681, 1645399704578.jpg)

I have a low libido now but the very few times I get horny, regardless of what I do, I feel pain where I think my ovaries are if I'm not mistaken for the next few days and I have a hard time peeing. What does that mean? Does anyone have this sometimes? I just hope I don't have some major health issues. I don't drink alcohol and smoke, I don't take drugs, but I admit I often eat junk food out of convenience and drink soda. I sometimes also hold it in instead of going to pee as often as I should but it's been a while since I stopped doing it unless I'm sleeping at night.

To give more context, regarding my low libido, I'm a nearly 28 years old virgin due to religious bullshit reasons that are out of my control, and I used to be horny before, but not anymore. I barely masturbate too, I'm just too tired and it doesn't feel satisfying. I would like to know if that's normal or not. I guess there could be a lot of different possible reasons but I'm not sure about any of this and I'm too paranoid to see a gynecologist just for that but basically
>used to take human growth hormone injection on a daily basis for like 6 or 7 years as a kid/teenager because of a lack of growth hormone, which could have delayed or prevented my puberty if untreated. I don't take that treatment anymore because I don't need it anymore since I'm 14 years old and a few years ago I still had other symptoms cause by my disorder long ago (memory loss, constantly tired, etc.) but endocrinologists said everything was fine according to blood tests. Maybe it could be related to that, indirectly, but I doubt it
>got covid in late April 2020 and thought I was going to die from it for three months, I've seen that some guys got ED from it, no idea if the equivalent for women could be possible because I felt that change soon before recovering. Could also be just because I was super tired when sick, so too tired to be horny. At the beginning when I became underweight in just a week and could barely breathe and move I didn't feel any change at all in my sex drive though
>had to move back to my crazy religious parents' place after that just in case I would have needed urgent medical assistance, got my old room back but with no lock, and seeing them again and having absolutely no privacy whatsoever could have ruined it for me mentally. That and I was also depressed I lost a one in a lifetime job opportunity abroad because I nearly died of covid

No. 266818

Sounds like you might have UTI but that doesn't impact libido. Having covid and losing weight from being sick could have impacted your libido as could the change in living accommodations and depression. But it could also just be your age, late 20s isn't unusual to see a reduction in libido.

No. 266823

This isn't directly related to the vagina, but I think this would be a good place to ask. Please don't give an "obvious" answer, since I have already lived according to it, as I will illustrate. Anyway, does anybody here feel kind of strange about how many essentially unknown women have seen their entire vaginas (and buttholes) due to waxing? I tried shaving and even purchased an IPL device, but I hate shaving so, so much, that I just can't do it anymore. On the other hand, I went completely hairy for about 6 months too. It was fine and I dealt with it, but it just became too uncomfortable. It itched, most of all. So I want to get rid of the hair on my body, and don't want to shave. I love waxing for every part of it except the fact that a bunch of random women have seen my vagina. It makes me feel dirty and ashamed. Just wondering if anybody else has this sense of ickiness that exceeds the basic embarrassment of getting a Br