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File: 1444164122327.jpg (130.68 KB, 500x669, OP_image.jpg)

No. 39582

I didn't see a thread for Kato, so I'll share what I know:

>denies her shooping

>hides her husband (Dr. Steel) in order to acquire followers/gifts/donations
>promises reviews/advertisement to independent artists & then drops them as soon as their products arrive
>sells poor quality clothing for high prices
>uses models for shoots/erotic photos and then never pays them, photoshops them without their consent

(Original reveal post was apparently taken down by Kato's lawyer, the 'evidence' supplied in this post also seems to have disappeared via DMCA claims?)
(Polish, can be read via Google translate, but native speakers are welcome to provide a more accurate translation)
(Her web store)

No. 39584

File: 1444164159439.jpg (284.26 KB, 600x900, shooped1.jpg)

No. 39585

File: 1444164178086.jpg (1.56 MB, 1840x2740, shooped2.jpg)

No. 39586

File: 1444164191436.jpg (73.49 KB, 600x900, shooped3.jpg)

No. 39587

File: 1444164204370.jpg (83.37 KB, 544x686, shooped4.jpg)

No. 39588

File: 1444164215223.jpg (158.19 KB, 792x1008, unshooped1.jpg)

No. 39589

File: 1444164229964.jpg (32.52 KB, 480x480, unshooped2.jpg)

No. 39590

File: 1444164241180.jpg (205.86 KB, 768x1024, unshooped3.jpg)

No. 39591

File: 1444164252600.jpg (169.62 KB, 500x669, unshooped4.jpg)

No. 39592

File: 1444164264783.jpg (15.8 KB, 236x354, kato.jpg)

No. 39605

Didn't she got a crapton of plastic surgery as well?

No. 39607

i wouldn't usually say this…. but holy shit those nasolabial lines lmao

No. 39610

she admits to having a boob/nose job done, but I personally suspect that there's more.
the polish link has a comparison shot of her tits that's really…wack.

No. 40143

Only recently I found out how shes coo coo, but these photos of her are still my favourite. Fucking aesthetics man.

No. 40153

Oh hey, I've been watching her on Steampunk'd lately. Her nose looks weird, especially from the side. I could immediately tell she had plastic surgery done on it and even I'm bad at spotting such things.

No. 40328

Did she really marry Dr Steel? Damn, that breaks my heart a little bit. I loved him when I was a 3edgy5me teenager.

No. 40331

When i was in my edgiest of teen phases i envied her so much. I wanted to look like her so bad.

Now after the surgeries she looks like a steampunk themed blow up doll…. yet i also do not envy the old horse face she had before the surgeries.

No. 103754

File: 1457572920952.jpg (99.12 KB, 768x944, katodivorce.jpg)

So apparently the gf's which she found and perused were his?

No. 103756

Hmm. That's interesting. It's either she's trying to turn the story around to benefit her or she was really being controled. Maybe explains some of her behaviour. Of wanting to be with the girls he invited into their relationship and Kato using it as an escape in a sense.

No. 103761

One girls account of her and Katos relationship (which has now been deleted even though it was up a week ago…) said that Kato was desperate for her to be attracted to her husband which is a bit weird considering the husband was fine with just her and Kato dating. It sounds like she's projecting.

No. 103897

Am I the only one who doesn't really see ow she's all that Steampunk?
Brown hotpants and goggles don't seem that Steampunk to me, I mean if she wants to do steamporn then cool, good on her but at least put some creative effort in.
She's basically this song in human form

No. 105175

She also treats her employees like dirt, she's had MANY ex-employees come forward in the past about how she's not paid them for their work, too many reports of empty promises that she will reimburse them as long as they keep on working for her for free. Accounts of how she mistreated them and harassed them for months after breaking ties with her, even going so far as to personally degrade them for their looks whenever she felt like it on them.

Even when past-employees have stopped working with her and have distanced themselves away as cleanly as they possibly can, she will purposely go out of her way to trash them in front of her fanbase. I remember the old thread on PULL where even models who used to work with her were disgusted with her work ethic; there were some really detailed accounts on there by models and ex-employees that were really interesting to read, I don't think the thread exists on there anymore though which is a shame.

She is total fucking trash, I can't help but cringe when someone takes an interest in working for her.

No. 105184

Damn. I'm super interested in Kato drama because I follow some models that she works with. They all seem to enjoy working with her and are over the top about it but its probably just a facade.

No. 105189

You can easily find ex-employees and ex-partners that have had serious troubles with her if you look hard enough, but from what I know; she tends to have a lot of them gagged as they don't want to get involved with attacks from her fanbase.

It's like, they're not some random people who have beef with her just because she's an "e-celeb" - it's people who have actually worked with her and have ended up being really mistreated by her and taken advantage of because of their kindness.

It's only afterwards when they realize that they were never thought of as genuine friends of hers, just disposable slave-workers who she never respected or cared for.

No. 105201

It does hurt anon. Apparently his name is rion Vernon. I really can't see him being a dick, but who knows. He was kind of cute.

No. 105203

Here is more information about what she is really like from an ex-girlfriend of hers.


No. 105239

File: 1457940050444.jpg (85.99 KB, 1200x612, collage.jpg)

I would reckon she's had about fifty surgeries by now. Tiny nips and tucks and then a few big ones, like the bolted-on tits, labiaplasty, eyelid altering, etc.

No. 105318

File: 1457967371626.jpg (14.04 KB, 260x195, 6694569_f260.jpg)

There have been confirmations from those closest to her that's she's already had (at least)

>>Boob job

>>Eyelid surgery
>>Nose job
>>Lip fillers

It's extremely apparent that even being able to afford to modify her body and face doesn't find her solace or happiness in herself, that's why she additionally shoops the crap out of her photos.

I've heard she's has quite a small frame in person in comparison to most cosplayers, but this >>39587 is total bullshit.

Whoever she went to for eyelid surgery has totally botched that up, she has Jocelyn Wildenstein's eyes now.

Narcissists like her will never be happy. That's why they're very prone to abusing and mistreating those around them for their own gain. The only thing keeping her going are those who appeal to her vanity, give her free stuff (including working for her for free) and making her feel more important than she could ever deserve.

She also didn't get a "lawyer" to get the PULL topic taken down, she got a few of her employees to whack some DMCA claims on there, so if she went around telling people that her (internet) "lawyer" dealt with that matter, she's a delusional liar.

…scrap that last part of the sentence actually, her whole life is a lie and I've heard that's the only thing she's really good at doing.

No. 105334

File: 1457970889091.jpg (25.9 KB, 310x600, kodona style.jpg)

Had no idea this girl was a lolcow i keep seeing her pics pop up under kodona so also didnt realise she was into steampunk (im not really knowledgable about all these fashion styles) Is this pic shopped then? Not good at picking these things up i believed she naturally looked like that (guess im easily fooled?)

No. 105348


Fifty is way too fucking much. Not even women like Kim K. will have had as much as fifty. She's probably only had rhinoplasty, lip fillers and a breast augmentation.

No. 105350

She reminds me a lot of >>211596 "Sheena Oum" except for murdering her husband by proxy.

Both were nobodies until they immigrated over to the US by marrying their e-famous boyfriends. It was Dr. Steel who originally photoshopped her photos and taught her how to manipulate photos, got her business off the ground, funded and set her up, ect.

She didn't get to where she is now on her own, she's obviously written her own wikipedia entry (she sold yarn dreadlocks at local markets in her hometown, wow! Such create! Such originality and talent!) and at the start of her career in cosplaying, she kept her marriage as hush-hush as she possibly could to attract more of a male audience.

The difference between her and Sheena though, is that I don't think Sheena gives ultimatums to her partners and employees to get plastic surgery and lose weight whilst they work for her for nothing.

No. 105351

It's obvious that >>105239 was being hyperbolic, but it's been confirmed she's had at least five surgeries since the start of her career.

No. 105353


Yeah, I'm only just reading the Life After Kato post now, my bad.

No. 105383


If you scroll down that blog entry, you can see how she manipulates her photos on there… even though she has lots of plastic surgery, she still feels the need to blur out every line on her face and body to the point where she looks uncannily more like a Real Doll than an actual human being.

No. 105388

honestly, I really believe that she was in an abusive and manipulative marriage with rion, and that he's the one who photoshopped pictures and made her keep their marriage a secret for his own gain.
I actually was a fan of dr. steel years ago… he disappeared suddenly with no explanation. so it makes sense he'd lay low and be kept a secret all while manipulating and using this girl from another country. i dont know maybe I'm wrong. i just get a bad feeling about him… kind of similar to how scraps is the cause of Charlottes downfall

No. 105390

oh I have no doubt that she was abused by him, but she was a shitty person before him, during him, and after him. the things he did are horrible - and I hear they have been verified by more than just Kato - but that doesn't make Kato any less of a fraudulent bitch.

No. 105395

This isn't Kodona, but that'd be because Kodona isn't a style

No. 105400

You're only half wrong, there have been accounts from previous lovers that Dr. Steel is an abusive cunt, but you're wrong about him sponging off Kato a'la Scrappy & Big Lottes.

Kato is a known scammer, either it being through not paying her employees to shipping poor quality/broken merchandise out to her fans and not caring about quality-control… she sponges off everyone else.

She has been photoshopping her own images ever since Rion taught her how to do at the start of her career, she's under no pressure at all to continue to do it, especially now she's divorced… she does it because she's a self-hating egomaniac who NEEDS to look perfect for her fans.

Charms used to be beautiful without plastic surgery and the obesity due to drugs, she was already rich when Scraps got with her, that's why he sponges off her and keeps her sedated for his own benefit.

Kato wasn't beautiful to begin with, also poor, she moved in with Dr. Steel and sponged off him for her own benefit and ended up getting loads of plastic surgery in an ideal image of herself.

They're two completely different people in two different situations, and their relationships are not the same as one anothers either.

No. 105421

Uhh, Kato… your ex-girlfriend begs to differ and says YOU wanted to keep the marriage private, she said that years before you've now came up with this bullshit that it was the other way around.

You also wanted your ex-girlfriends to accept him whilst being in a relationship with you, going so far as to wanting to end your relationships with them if they wouldn't fuck your ex-husband as well.

So many lies come out of this cow's mouth, it's unbelievable at times.

She would be dirt-broke if she lost all those things to him as she claims to, but she still has cash to travel to conventions all over the country and commission artists to create costumes for her.

She's either lying about her financial situation or she has a whole new collection of lapdogs working for her for free again.

No. 105442

She's with this dude now, he's member of a band.

Idk her trashiness is increasing everyday.

No. 105446

File: 1457984292268.jpg (80.48 KB, 408x408, peter-parker-grin.jpg)

My favorite thing about her is that she always claims to be so above all the drama surrounding her, yet she's the one who perpetuates it all.

She's such an underrated lolcow, she will forever provide milk, both fresh and curdled.

No. 105453

File: 1457985696159.png (788.03 KB, 839x541, milkduds.png)

I see the difference! Those babies on the shirt would actually be more nourished by milk provided by natural titties, than those mutant encapsulated gourds nailed to her chest.

No. 105472

Yikes! her dark heaired self looks like another person entirely. thanks for that anon. never thought she manipulated her height i guess i assumed that you can be slender and tall i wonder how tall she really is.

what is it? i heard it being talked about as a style so took it on faith it was. i dont know much about j-fashion outside this site.

No. 105479

So she didnt make any of her steampunk costumes? I checked out the OPs links the clothes she sells are fugly. Also there is a post saying she was originally meant to be the lead in the sucker punch movie, i am rolling my eyes at that but thought i would check just in case.

No. 105480

File: 1457989678713.jpg (107.36 KB, 564x846, fc8bec865cf4d42e075019bc40578b…)

This cant be legit…can it? She doesnt appear to have this ass in her clothed pics. Giving me iggy vibes

No. 105486

her left(one on the right) asscheek may indeed be real but the other one is shoop'd a bunch.

No. 105488

The people she associates with who are more talented than her will make her costumes, just the same way as Jessica Nigri gets hers.

Whether or not they get paid by her directly for it or have to wait until she makes revenue from the photos and prints she sells are a different matter completely… maybe she pays them just through EXPOSURE! Some artists if they're dumb enough; fall for that, but it's been known that she drops advertising those more creative than her once she gets what she wants out of them.

Example being, one of her ex-girlfriends is a seamstress and craftswoman and it's not hard to make the connection there.

If you look on her 'steampunkcouture' site, you can see that Kato's own take on costume design and creation is inexplicably poor work.


This isn't Mori-Kei fashion in the slightest.

She's using bits of fucking tablecloths, lace curtains and your grandmother's doilies to produce nightmares.

No. 105491

File: 1457990870492.jpg (85.25 KB, 640x640, realdoll.jpg)

Well as you can see from the photos, her height is the easiest part of manipulating her shoops. The ones of her face are the best ones where she is completely shaving off her jawline and using the blurring/cloning tooling on her natural facial lines until she's left stuck in one expression.

No. 105493


Holy shit, butts don't look like that naturally, there's even no dimples where her coccyx should be anatomically.

No. 105499

The shooped contouring is an illusion, she has a flat ass in real life. Her tits are like that though, they never move.

No. 105500

File: 1457991846483.jpg (35.34 KB, 249x461, kk.jpg)

Yeah those were the clothes i was looking at, they are so ugly. I do like her trousers in pic related, she originally got around for being this amazing clothes maker. Would love to know who she got the trousers off.

No. 105503

File: 1457992081170.png (1.51 MB, 1333x617, beetlejuicebeetlejuicebeetleju…)


No. 105508

aha my bad, didnt know thats what they were called were just lokking for striped trousers. But getting back on point has she really made none of anything she wears given shes praised for being this amazing clothes maker?

No. 105513

Oh my godddd I've seen this girl everywhere but never cared enough to find out who she was.
Damn she photoshops so much. This is lame but I used to feel super insecure when I looked at her stuff, even though I know it's shoop, it still affects self image. I never understood how anyone could live like this, anyone who compliments or worships you is in love with a ghost for creepy superficial reasons.

No. 105515

Its not, i did too except i didnt know about the photoshopping thing because i was always told that people have different bodies and some look like supermodels ut i dont know any supermodel who has those proportions and wondered why she hadnt been signed, well we know why now.

No. 105516

Most of it went under the radar to be honest, especially for goths when a name like "vampire clothing" came up on the top of google searches from her clothing line.

The products they received were flimsy as fuck, you couldn't give them to a homeless person without feeling guilty.

As for your second question, I don't know but like other anons have said in this thread, she doesn't make her own elaborate costumes.

No. 105519

They live like that because they use normal, helpful and kind people as stepping stones with the promise that they'll make them "famous" at the same time and that they'll keep them in their lives as friends forever.

It's not even uncommon anymore, there are so many cosplayers on this site that have screwed people over for their own gain.

Making fun of how they look is a by-product of their ugly personalities.

No. 105529

You can be a model if you have a sweet and lovely face, which is what most high-end modelling agencies go for, especially eyes that smile when you genuinely smile.

It helps if you have interesting and unique features that sets you apart from the mainstreams idea of beauty too, they don't want stereotypes.

OT as hell, forgive me, but I wanted to cheer this anon up.

On with the milk!

No. 105535

I was refering to her proportions, there are many models who are not conventionally attractive but are incredibly slim. My point was like with other cows it appears, they dont look like their pics and not just with the face. She makes herself look taller and thinner than she is (which is strange as i imagine shes pretty slim anyway). however yes would love to hear more milk!

No. 105550

Man.. I hate how shes such a terrible person. Her plastic self and what not is adorable though. I really like the white haired doe look. It always seems like most attractive people can't be nice. Sage.

No. 105574

Grey hair works when you actually have it.

Kato has burned her hair out to Charms levels, the point of no return.

No. 105594

Mind sharing any info you have about Dr. Steel being abusive?

Damn, this is a real shock to me that this is his ex-wife. After Dr. Steel retired from his music, I never thought I'd hear anything about him again. It's a shame it had to be something like this.

No. 105611

Am i right in assuming her ginger hair is in fact a wig?

No. 105772

Well, not really because her whiteknights will be patrolling this thread for any give aways.

I'd say your best bet is to ask her ex-girlfriend models if you follow any of them.

No. 105779


Yeah, it's fake.

No. 106164

Kenya makes perfect long lasting grey dye, and olaplaex is a dream. totally possible to hair silky grey hair, you just need to get in touch with a professional to either get it done or be told what products to use.

only a slight upkeep too, mainly just colored conditioner rinses, i have it currently. just clearing up a myth bc charms is lazy and stupid and can't hair.

No. 106168

File: 1458082057353.jpg (57.24 KB, 452x720, b258190c5893ca424f5cb47903ba45…)

So this is apparently her but her face looks different (from what you can see) and i know shes slim but something looks off about her whole mid section

No. 106171

Looks like she stretched her midsection and also warped the sides.

No. 106176

I remember seeing her silicon tits at some website and they looked SO freaking deformed and bad :/ I mean, she seems to have the money, then why going to a shitty bungler doc?

No. 106178

Maybe because she wants to look like a cartoon character? Like someone said not sure if here or on the links she seems to aspire to the characters dr steel used to draw and they had very unreal proportions.

No. 106228

Pretty sure she just squished the photo to make her slimmer. Possibly stretched it too

No. 106273

This is really common with her photos. she stretched it to make herelf look taller/thinner.

No. 106643

File: 1458195687990.jpg (67.6 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nyysal44lJ1sznlh2o3_540…)

Yeah, her silicon tits have her making eye contact with her own nipples.

After she filed the only competent employees she had, all her photos leaked and there were no little Dutch boys to run around and plug the dam cracks. Now you can get all that "membership exclusive" Steamgirl content for free with a simple google search (or just head to tumblr: http://theloveofkato.tumblr.com/).

Also, she's having a next-level mental breakdown. She's simultaneously trying to get pregnant and start a band with her gross beanpole of a boyfriend, and she's also going alt now - she's got a huge black tattoo around her arm like an armband, and her hair has gone blue. It really doesn't work for her and she looks like a joke.

No. 106645

I've also heard stories about her doing crazy shit like going dissociative, and one time she just balled up on the kitchen floor sobbing. She'll also fuck off for days at a time when people are frantically trying to get ahold of her.

Her intermittent absences have caused angry emails to backup in her inbox and a lot of people have been trying to delete their accounts to no avail, so they're being charged against their will. Really wondering how big of an iceberg the SS Steambitch is going to hit after taxes are due, because I'm not sure how much longer she can float on psycho fan contributions and gifts from creepy random dudes in Dubai.

No. 106646

File: 1458196452894.jpg (63.03 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nrdk33Qmfm1uy91h1o3_540…)

Wall-eyed nips…someone got lazy with the shooping

No. 106647

>pizza delivery


No. 106651

Spoiler that shit, damn.

No. 106695

Hi everyone. I'm very new to threads, so apologies if I muck things up.
I'm a former employee of Kate's. I'm saddened, but also relieved, that things have gotten this bad but are coming to light. I'm open to answering any of your questions if they do not expose my identity or any information that may point her to me. I have my own thriving career and family now and I'd hate to put them in danger.
As I mentioned above, I'm relieved there is an open dialogue happening (even if things get a little dirty), as Kate is a very dangerous person. I wouldn't take her abuse and narcissistic behavior lightly. I do hope that she doesn't crumble like some of you are suggesting - I think the best thing for her would to be stripped of the limelight and left only with her true self to rely on and heal with. I wish her happiness and recovery, despite my abusive relationship with her and the pain she's caused others. I'll also only questions that provide you with confirmation of her abuses and examples of her manipulation - I'm not here to talk about how plastic surgery or polyamory is wrong or gross.

No. 106699

Can someone see what's Photoshopped here? I forgot the technique used to show where parts have been warped or airbrushed, but something about this whole pic seems… off? Her chest and her leg shape in general do not look real.

No. 106705

Well, give us some examples, then.

No. 106709


If you could detail your relationship with her and what caused it to sour without revealing any personal information that would make a very interesting read Anon and thanks.

No. 106713

My experience is very similar to most of the professional situations I've caught wind of, but my dealings were a bit more specific, as I was among the first of the short lived employees she took advantage of. So I apologize if my descriptions are vague for fear of being outed.
I was hired under false pretenses essentially. I was coerced under the guise a false sense of friendship, so I trusted Kate's offer which promised x amount of money. After I moved for the job, I was told I would be paid far less than x amount. I made it work, while barely getting by working full time for essentially less than minimum wage, while being promised more eventual pay and a slew of other trade/collaboration like services. Some time went on, I worked very hard and enthusiastically because for a time I did really enjoy the work (which I later learned was basically equivalent to the work 6 separate employees should be doing). I became wary of Kate and her husband (actually glad to hear she got away from him) so our "friendship" slowly dissipated. I became tired and started looking for a different job, while hopeful Kate would eventually pull through on her promises, but also realizing I probably couldn't last that long financially. I found out she was planning on going through with some huge unnecessary expenditures that she was trying to hide, but when she finally admitted to them I tried to be supportive as a friend and I stuck by her despite the personal and professional betrayal. We stopped talking almost altogether and then I found out that again, they were repeating the same actions but this time letting me know they could only pay me a fraction of the already low wages we had agreed on. There's a lot of junk before, between, and after our falling out, but that's generally the gist of our interactions.

No. 106791

Do you know personally other people/employees/friends she took advantadge of?

No. 106796

What's the deal with her ex husband? Was he actually abusive then?

No. 106798

A lot of what I've been catching up on the last day or so says to me abusive behavior. Whether that's just on her part or the ex husbands or both I obviously don't know. I've also noticed that a lot of the models seem to be younger and younger. It might be nothing but do you think the models might be in any danger?

No. 106915

(Posting from my phone now)
I can think of about a dozen people I know of or know personally that this or worse has happened to off the top of my head. But by now I've lost count. I think there are really only a select few that haven't left her on bad terms, and if they stay with her it's because they're using her for her following. (Which, I'll put in my two cents - is not a very quality following. It took me years to shake off the creepers she collects.)
To the next question, her ex is abusive. He's a classic narcissist and sociopath, but he's VERY good at it. Kate is the same, but she's not as smart about it. I do believe that he's been teaching her how to be this way for maybe a decade, but she's been at it much longer than that. Her husband was one person she worshiped other than herself, and she needed the narcissistic supply and citizenship from him. Theirs is a very text book definition of narcissistic instigator/enabler. Usually, a narcissistic man with enabling tendencies will pair up with an overpowering narcissistic woman. They tended to switch back and forth between the two. He is very dangerous, more so than Kate, because he has a scary temper and is much better at hiding his illness, gas lighting, and manipulation.
Young models may be in less physical danger now that Kate's husband isn't in the picture, as I know that the two of them had "mommy and daddy" fantasies - meaning they wanted to be in a sexual relationship with a very young girl and control her. But in all honesty I think that they just gravitate toward the younger crowd because of the aesthetic (they are obsessed with youth, beauty, and health, because of some weird alien religious Sitchinist philosophy that may or may not suggest it's possible for them to live forever? I can't remember the details) BUT MOSTLY because they're naive and very pliable. So yes, young models are still in danger of being pressured, taken advantage of, and put in dangerous situations with other people that want to take advantage of them. More psychological and financial danger is what I'm getting at.

No. 106916

She's been dating her new squeeze for more than a year, I hear wedding bells to keep her greencard

No. 106918

Wow, I just saw the Instagram screen shot of her talking about her divorce… All the things she's describing are things she either prompted or agreed to. They BOTH wanted another female in their lives, she openly cheated on him, agreed to see other people but would then flip if she noticed him even having the slightest interest in another woman. She also didn't want people to know she was married so she could gain the interest of men who had their hopes up and would woo her with alcohol (which her husband forbade) and silly gifts and paying for other large items. Hiding it was also a way for her to gain interest from lesbian and bisexual women. I know nothing about polyamory, but that all seems like the wrong way of doing it. I believe their marriage ended when he quit Doctor Steel. She wanted to marry Doctor Steel. When he left, she became something else - the new figurehead monster.

No. 106939

No. 106947

Thanks for posting so much about this. I wondered about the models that are with her now so I'm assuming they're on the good terms side.

Her nose is still really odd. Why doesn't she just get another nose job so she can match her shooped one?

No. 106957

I think that was the point of the nose job in the first place. I think she got all the surgeries done to save time on shooping. She got her nose done the way she photoshops it.

No. 106993

So when she started that "mori" clothing line with that girl (Chole Barcelou), did they end in bad terms too? Because I remember her "mori" adventures didn't last too long and this Chloe girl is the one managing the "Mori girl clothing" page on FB.

No. 107069

Yes, they did. I don't know the details or the severity of it, but I do know that Chloe struggled with it for awhile. I believe she left it all behind her and has forgiven, forgotten, and disassociated herself, which is good but it's also not exactly my place to give away too much information about her situation anyway.

No. 107129

I'm happy for that Chloe girl then. Was at that time when I started to dislike Kato. It was so obvius that she jumped on the mori style because it was kind of trendy and was taking advantadge of this chick (she was the one doing the clothing, right?).

Why did he forbade alcohol?

No. 107813

This post is spot on and I believe it entirely, because she just posted on instagram she wants to have babies. You are a good source anon.

No. 107948

Shes supposed to be dressed as the main character of sucker punch, a role she insists she was meant to play until they got an actual actress, emily browning, in the role. (also again tho you are right, its hardly steampunk now is it?)

No. 109135

You're very welcome. I just want this to be a place people can find to make an informed decision about working with her. There is too much misinformation surrounding her and I think the truth is very important.
Anyway, I'm surprised at the baby comment, but based on her saying that I would assume that perhaps her new beau already has children? She tends to assimilate any man she's with - it's quite sad how little of her true identity remains. I also wouldn't be surprised if this new man was also a musician liike her ex. lol

No. 109150

You mean this "dpunk" guy? Yeah, he's a musician and has a daughter according to his IG pics.

No. 109160

I'm really curious about the model Rin she works with. They seem to be fairly close.. in a sense. I'm wondering if she treats her almost like a mini Kato

No. 109163

Something about Rin weirds me out too, and I can't place it. She's good at editing her photos though, that's for sure. Otherwise she's soooo remarkably bland.

No. 117090

man, I just started watching Steampunk'd this weekend. Such cringe. Kato was absolutely without a smidge of personality during her stint as a judge, she was basically just a pair of tits carted from episode to episode, but even knowing how she edits her photos, the difference between internet-Kato and irl-Kato was jarring. she's kind of showing her age nowadays.

…also, is it just me, or was the entire 'Steampunk'd' show kind of cringe? I love seeing competitive realitv programs, but every challenge they completed, regardless of which team won, the finish product just looked…tacky and/or garish. There has to be a way to do steampunk tastefully, but nobody amongst the contestants seemed to be aiming for that. It was all 'put a gear on it! yeah!'
the finale made me want to punch that one dude who makde the gear-studded smoking jacket in the snout.

No. 118390

she said that her boobs were a wonder bra and that she had no surgeries until recently. this rin, looks great in photos but in candids looks pretty old. i wonder if her boobs are natural. could anyone provide any info on rin?

No. 119100

also, i am intrigued by her and steels philosophies and idealogies. i happen to be a sitchen fan myself and im very curious about this.

No. 119103

i think rin is obsessed with kato. she become a steamgirl by winning a kato look alike contest. and kato, being a supreme narcissist and obsessed with beauty (rins body seems to be naturally hot despite being edited to death) sees rin as the perfect minion.

No. 119314

Why are you name-fagging? Her nipples look really displaced so I doubt it was just a wonderbra

No. 158703

There is someone else's experience working with Kato, written in a comment on this interview.

No. 158719

I was wondering when Kato would get brought up again. She was so skilled at hiding her flakiness.

No. 158721

File: 1469348257747.png (70.77 KB, 483x657, dd.png)

capped for you.

No. 158794

Even her interview answers were OBNOXIOUS. "My personal motivation to be on this show was to let the Steampunk community know that I do a lot of other things than just get my huge knockers out sometimes and that I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to the steampunk work and creative, multi-media practices.".. right. Please, put those things away. They're pointing in opposite directions. And you're too fucking dumb to run a porn website.

No. 158883

I wish that one anon who called everything would spill more milk. They were right about the wanting to be a mom thing, and the transitioning to being 'alternative' and starting a band thing too. I don't know why, but Kato fascinates me so much.

No. 164973

Morbid fascination is what lolcow is about. She's like CWC with a formerly real vagina and armies of orbiting betas.

I've been digging around on Wikipedia during the course of looking for her birthday, and the lurking maintainer of her article immediately removes year-adding edits they all claimed 1982 but were unsourced? saying that he spoke to Kato directly and she wishes to keep it private. He cites WP:BIO for this which is nonsensical and the same thing happened when she was trying to pretend she wasn't married to Dr. Steele.



So a 55 year old dude guards her page all day, and I'm willing to bet any other site that could get decent exposure has a similar orbiter installed.

Looking up her schools and her place of birth was also a dead end. And >>158721 suggests that business records will also be a dead end.

I just want to know whether her visible decay is natural or due to stress and cocaine.

No. 168000

I have old photos of her pre-boob/nose job/lip fillers if anyone is interested?
She definitely assimilates with whatever partner she's with based on what she posts.

On her instagram she has been posting more about her butt-related insecurities. I think she's stocking up on photosets so she can get butt implants/fat transfers and have enough recovery time.

No. 168007

She looks like my ex from high school's mom in the OP pic that I thought it was her for a second and was thinking "wtf did she do??".

No. 171846

The Rin girl seems pretty open about her body and age, think she's 23 now. Watched her on myfreecams a couple times and she talks about her editing process and her relationship with Kato quite freely.

No. 172082

Not sure if you guys did the math or not but she was dating D Punk long before her divorce from Steel. Do some homework and check that shit out. Girl is hot to me but bat shit crazy.

Love you guys.

No. 175247

No. 181126


Ugh…I was a former admin for Doctor Steel's website back in the day and cannot believe this guy is still worshiping Kato. He was a creep then and now ten years later…extra creep.

No. 181156

He sounds it:

"I'm looking for women in the 25-35 age range. (Though I'm open to those outside that range; What counts most to me is maturity and intelligence. Age is mostly irrelevant to me, though I usually get along better with younger people; most of my best friends are 20somethings.) Friends with benefits/fuckbuddies/whatever you want to call it - I'm not into one night stands at all . Not really looking for a relationship - but if one happens, I'm open to it."

I've never seen so much glibness and hyprocisy in such a short space. Also laughing at him thinking he looks 35 no he fucking doesnt he looks like a desperate creepy 48 yr old kek.

No. 181157

Also forgot to say the site thats from is a "discreet sex, married affairs" etc site so yep super creep.

No. 181159

>I'm a Toys-R-Us kid from way back - but now I want to play with the adult toys!
>I'm "old enough to know what I'm doing - and young enough to act on it," as one friend put it.
>I like the beach… but you better bring your sunglasses: I don't tan - I reflect. (Stupid nordic skin, lol)
>Speaks: English, SomeJapanese
Why is this so cringy

No. 239312


wow, not gonna lie but i actually know him (still a fan of the toy soldier thing, but other than meet ups dont do much)

cant say i was hoping to see THAT xD

No. 239414

Kato drama is so under-rated. I know there's more, just more people need to come out with it. I'm still so shocked at how well >>106643
nailed it, because her and that dpunk guy are working on a "secret project" i'm 99% is a band

No. 240932

I thought same about the band stuff.

I hated it how every so often she would post pictures of clothes she made and she would keeps saying she is working on a big thing with Draculaclothing etc. so that her designs can be sold just like the ones from 2015.

She would posts about it and even at one point she said she shipped the designs so they would be available to buy, but it has been 2 years and still nothing.
I bought one of her skirts - Brown Vex Skirt back in 2014 I think. To be fair - customer service was nice - she would reply to my e-mails very fast. She also packaged the parcel like it was a parcel from a friend so that I would avoid horrendous handling fees.
But the skirt itself… I'ts pretty but definitely not worth $200 I have spent back then. Same with aviator beanie - it's nice but it's like fancy dress cheap-y type of clothing. Hence I was really looking froward to some of her new stuff to see if anything would change after she signed a contract with Draculaclothing. Shame.

No. 241467

Please do not buy any more of her items. I only say this so you don't waste more of your money. Her wares have always been cheap modified Chinese factory pieces so I'm sure the deal you're referring to is just streamlining and expanding the cheap quality. Years ago I bought a pipe from her… it was maybe 20 quid if I recall. On her site it was touted as an elegantly carved wooden pipe that was safe to smoke from (the latter may have not been mentioned but I assumed that a pipe would be sold for actual use, not for fancy dress). When it came it was a flimsy plastic thing that was definitely not safe to use tabacco with and it smelled toxic. Please beware!

No. 280204

any more thoughts on this girl?

No. 280228

you necro'd this dry ass thread and couldn't even bother writing 30 seconds of your own speculation?

No. 280277

I noticed around the time someone in this thread spilled some juicy -and accurate- milk, one of Kato's models had a tiff and mutually unfollowed each other. I don't want to accidentally drag someones name through the mud if I'm wrong though. I love Kato drama. I wish there was more, but she's gotten good at laying low.

No. 282964

Am I supposed to? I don't know much about her hence me reading these posts.

No. 282969

It's not a good thing to 'bump' (or post in) an old thread without something new to bring to the table. By posting in the thread without writing 'sage' in the email field (second box from the top), it brings it to the top of the thread list and front page which is like a cocktease and eyesore if there's nothing new to report.

No. 282979

literally lurk more before posting again

No. 283156

Tbh thank you to whoever the fuck bumped this, I was contacted to model for Kato last summer and avoided it by pure intuition (even though I was stoked about the offer after following her online for so long).
A lot of other attractive alternative MFC girls worked with her so I do wonder if I could ask around as to how their shoots with her went…

No. 283665

You can ask me how shooting with her went. You made the right decision, in my opinion. Unless of course you worship her and don't mind being indefinitely used and abusived in exchange for likes from old white men who wear trilbys. For some girls it's worth it. To each their own. Social media presence is worth more than gold these days, apparently.

No. 283820

PLEASE I want to know! It used to be my dream to shoot with her when I was younger. I'm not good enough looking to make the cut, but I used to be a camgirl and I would have jumped at the opportunity before I knew all this. Now I'm glad I never really tried, but I'm still so curious!

No. 283830

(I'm different from >>283156 btw if that wasn't clear. just another curious ex fan/camgirl)

No. 284216


It has been close to a decade since I worked with her and a small team a few times, so maybe her hiring etiquette has changed, but probably not. I kept up on some of this drama until about 2013 (when things started to get kind of gross and nasty and she wasn't really a part of the fashion industry anymore anyway) and up until that point it seemed like most other women have had similar or even horrific stories about working with her. I jumped into this thread because of the talk from models, which made me feel like I needed to put my red cape on. So here we go. For me, I got a couple of barely paid gigs for streampunk couture but I needed the money after a little down time from modeling and I thought the clothes were interesting anyway. Like several other girls, I was promised quite quickly to become the new "face of SPC"… which I wasn't so sure about because my modeling book is much more commercial than alternative. But I was open to it. Anyway, I'm getting winded. Long story short, she'll tell you HOW PERFECT you are for everything, while bringing other girls down she's worked with to make you feel better, but despite your being so perfect, she'll embarrassingly Photoshop you into oblivion to the point you're nearly unrecognizable. She'll actually do your makeup to look like her and then retouch you to look like her. That alone makes it unusable for a modeling portfolio. If other people in her team fall short and are late on making something, she'll ask you to come again later for no pay, basically trying to say that the shoot you're being paid for is still going on, but there's just a several day break so that means you shouldn't get paid for an extra day. She'll hook you in by offering something great for the first shoot, but if you ask her to pay you your regular day rate for shoots after that, she'll guilt you for not being grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore roping you into days of free work, almost like a threat… Two of my old friends modeled for her too, I haven't touched base with them in years, but back then they said the worst part was wanting to be a part of the project and being offered trades in services instead of pay, and then never getting those trades. For example, one was offered help with a costume for a con I think, and another was offered help shooting other images to use to pad her nude portfolio with fashion. She's the queen of little pay, uncomfortable and rude comments on set, embarrassing photo manipulation, and unfulfilled promises. I do know of many girls that have worked with her once just expecting to get a little momentum in the social media aspect, when having a FB page was cool and stuff, and they were okay with ending the professional relationship after one shoot and they felt it was fair. One shoot might be fine if you want a little exposure and that's it (good luck getting her to tag you correctly) but a relationship that goes further will be detrimental to your well being and career. All of that being said, she's not the worst I've worked with or the worst I've researched. I've been working on starting a boutique modeling agency so I've had he pulse on photographers and designers coming in and out of SoCal for the past ten years. You have to be careful when shooting with ANYONE, and sometimes you just can't predict who's going to turn out shady. The sad thing about Kate is that her patterns have always been more or less the same so she's constantly leaving a wake of models behind her that need repairing. It's exhausting for people like us who are trying improve the industry. 9/10 times Kate will behave unprofessionally. You MIGHT get one of those rare 1/10 times if you're clear about expectations and stand your ground, but you might become the subject of another one of her loony smear campaigns. Be very wary, girls.

No. 304929

You guys should really make a submission to a website called zwnation.com. It would get greater exposure. More people should be warned about this piece of shit.

No. 304931

These steampunk bitches are always over the top

No. 304938

That site has one submission every 10 days. It's dead af

No. 304946

dont forget the fedora men who always have a stick up their ass. steampunk is such an ugly aesthetic these people are gross

No. 304977

Any known photos of Dr. Steel?

No. 305008


Can you not google anon or

No. 305481

Does anyone think Kato actually likes her boy toy? The D-punk guy? They both seem weird as fuck. I wonder if it's for all for show.

No. 309053

I think (in a way) it is mutually beneficial for them both. They both use each other. Kato is definitely his sugar momma lol.

Plus, her boytoy supports her awful drinking habits that she claims she uses to cope/ has often posted about going sober. In his most recent insta story he says that he drank half a bottle of wine (with her) + full bottle the night before, and is now drinking even more today (most likely with her).

Calling it now - she reads here and is going to post about her alcoholism, or get her friends to post about how great she is.

No. 312288


This is a great fucking outfit, though. I tried to buy the suspenders from her at the time and she hemmed and hawed about shit so I basically told her to name her price and I'd pay it.

She still turned me down, she's a lazy whore and the quality of the farmed out clothes–is it Draculina now?–is kind of shit.

No. 312346

I knew Kate back before she launched her Steamgirl "erotica" website and saw first hand all the drama that happened during that time. She doesn't have a original bone in her body, I'm so happy that there is interest in exposing her.

No. 340798

File: 1498343708346.jpg (168.54 KB, 523x929, IMG_0809.JPG)

This embarrassing warpy ass needs to ground herself from the web. This is from her last IG post, one of the recents she likes to slap a #NORETOUCH hashtag on.

No. 340799

File: 1498343749047.jpg (89.27 KB, 750x525, IMG_0811.JPG)

#noretouch #nofilter

No. 342482

I see she's been denying she's 41 now. She very clearly looks that age in candids, especially when you consider all the plastic surgery she's gotten. You can find it a million places online. What's the point of lying about that?

No. 343067

She wrote in a FB post that she's 33 and has missed the gym twice in 10 years. How is that possible? She wants attention so much it's ridiculous.

No. 343388

She actually isn't in her 40s. That much is for once true. She is in her early to mid thirties. She probably looks older because if what you mentioned… all the notching and mutilation. Sad.

No. 343392

lol I used to know her personally online and that is a major lie. Good thing she's probably blocked all the people she's known from over 5 years ago along with all her old customers because I remember buying from her once and my item was really late and when I confronted her about it and she said she had an emergency and was in hospital. She was no doubt lying but I'm sure a lot of her customers got that bollocks. Hope they don't see that "never been sick" post!

No. 343397

BUT. She could have been lying to me and the rest of her friends in real life about that. She was about 2 or 3 years younger than me, I can't recall exactly, but I'm 36. So if she was telling the truth then she's most likely 33 or on her way to becoming 34 in September. But like I said, her life could be a fabrication. Not sure if she still talks to anyone that she knew all the way back from her Wales days. They could probably say more truthfully.

No. 353422

File: 1500191167156.jpg (287.11 KB, 849x504, Photos_couch.jpg)

I used to know Rion (Dr. Steel) back in the day. I don't even know if this is worth mentioning, or if it's been mentioned already in links, so I'm politely saging.

I'm not saying Kato is innocent, but she definitely wasn't alone in her skeeziness back in the day. Dr. Steel aka Rion Vernon used to do cartoon drawings under a female pseudonym because he could get more money from guys that way. This is also why he encouraged Kato to keep up the facade that they weren't married, so she would appear available to fans and that in turn would equal more revenue. He manipulated Kato hardcore, and if you look at his earlier drawings, he purposely styled her to look like his ideal pin up girl. All the surgeries she's had, he talked her into getting. I thought the labia thing was the weirdest, but he insisted because women in pornography-esque jobs make more money with an innie than an outtie. I think he said "they look cleaner", or something to that effect. Anyway, that's all I have to contribute on him. I saw people speculating on his role in all of this and figured I'd share what I knew.

No. 357909

File: 1500780023673.jpg (424.05 KB, 1136x571, f6ggNYK.jpg)

Sure, Jan.

Also ALL of this shit is or was on her amazon wishlist. Even the couches. I wasn't able to screenshot everything, but I don't think I need to.

I didn't want to clutter the images with arrows so for the objects are hard to see:
1.)Succulent plants and incense burner are on the table to the left
2.) Octopus pillow is on the right couch
3.) shadowboxes are on the right side of the wall.

No. 367196

File: 1501968184122.png (365.7 KB, 1242x1416, IMG_3900.PNG)

No. 372292

>level 33
did she just finally state her real age.

this is new.

No. 374397

She is in her 40s. Lying about her age isn't a new thing.

No. 374401

File: 1503015957536.jpg (105.38 KB, 450x338, SB1Z6mS.jpg)

I find her pre-steamgirl era to be actually quite endearing.

No. 374404

File: 1503016202243.jpg (72.71 KB, 600x800, wfqLfy7.jpg)

Sage'd incoming pic drop. 1/??

No. 374405

No. 374406

File: 1503016262119.jpg (157.88 KB, 600x800, YCfNcVK.jpg)


No. 374407

File: 1503016281162.jpg (414.24 KB, 600x800, tQGxeHL.jpg)


No. 374408

File: 1503016296837.jpg (43.85 KB, 500x480, ak13u0O.jpg)


No. 374410

File: 1503016328029.jpg (34.16 KB, 450x600, 6RyYIMQ.jpg)


No. 374411

oh dang i find her really attractive here. kind of the liv tyler archetype. i always figured she would be kind of plain and homely before getting all the work done

No. 374412

File: 1503016345502.jpg (30.92 KB, 449x578, SB1Z6mS.jpg)


No. 374413

File: 1503016388018.jpg (96.49 KB, 853x1280, iP5obfi.jpg)


No. 374414

File: 1503016450924.jpg (91.05 KB, 628x800, f6x1fGi.jpg)


She's just a regular girl tbh.

No. 374415

File: 1503016471888.jpg (133.43 KB, 1024x769, nTOHiuH.jpg)


No. 374417

File: 1503016555818.jpg (45 KB, 241x320, 5ajs585.jpg)


No. 374418

File: 1503016575164.jpg (127.95 KB, 600x799, b37Bgok.jpg)


No. 374419

File: 1503016594189.jpg (127.32 KB, 600x799, 4yR8ruC.jpg)


No. 374420

File: 1503016609900.jpg (148.49 KB, 600x799, JzKwjje.jpg)


No. 374421

File: 1503016630720.jpg (145.67 KB, 600x799, TmTyKsO.jpg)


No. 374422

File: 1503016656331.jpg (113.88 KB, 600x799, Se74V7b.jpg)


No. 374424

File: 1503016681507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.77 KB, 387x700, sLbQzvs.jpg)

spoiler for boobies

No. 374425

File: 1503016710810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.48 KB, 525x700, 4EdGbIZ.jpg)

also spoiler for boobies

No. 374426

File: 1503016753329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.03 KB, 500x600, BpdK3h1.jpg)


No. 374427

File: 1503016787651.jpg (99.08 KB, 787x1280, Uc79rja.jpg)


No. 374435

File: 1503017271435.jpg (24.32 KB, 400x546, soZacrE.jpg)

*Bonus pic

Sorry for the spam y'all. Might drop some more pictures later. I honestly find her adorable in all of these.

She was born in 1975. I'm not sure why she continuously lies about her age though. Even without the photoshop, she looks normal for 42.

No. 374440

She actually looks really pretty here >>374408 but then you look at
>>374412 and it's…yikes.

Either way dark hair suited her so much better.

No. 395692

File: 1506832846990.png (212.44 KB, 750x951, IMG_2522.PNG)

Found this thread searching for more info about her after I saw her fucking bitchy pretentious comments about crowdfunding. After buying her a handful of things from her Amazon wishlist awhile back and receiving some nice unexpected photos in return I actually considered signing up for her Patreon but after seeing this shitty hypocrite attitude I'm not going to bother. Thanks for all the info now I know better

- gullible bastard

No. 575490

I knew her personally.

I can tell you for a FACT she is 34 turning 35 in September 2018.

Like her or not - that's how old she is. NOT fuckin' 40+ SMH(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709152

Been following this thread for a couple of years, mostly out of boredom and having found it after reading the blog by Kato's ex-girlfriend. I think I was Googling Kato because I had gone off her after she started the porn and the joke 'mori girl' page. She also started coming across as more and more narcissistic, I thought her surgery had gone too far and it had occurred to me that her photos were blatantly photoshopped.
I first knew about Kato when I 'friended' her on Myspace back in 2007 because I found creative entrepreneurs - at least that's what she was purporting to be - and alternative fashion styles interesting. I'm surprised no one was aware that she was married to Dr Steel because back then it was not admitted outright but very obvious from her Myspace page. Her bio said that she was a full-time PA (obviously to Dr Steel because most of her Myspace was about promoting Toy Soldiers) and in her top friends she had both Dr Steele and his artist alter ego. Part of her bio said words to the effect of "In my top friends are" and she listed each one of the five by stating "one [whatever they were in relation to her]", one of which was referred to as "one soul mate" and I believe I recall her relationship status was "married". It was also obvious that she must be married because she stated on her Mysoace page that she left her home in the UK to start up her fashion line in the US which must have required her having to marry to gain US citezenship, seeing as Dr Steel seemed to be her "soul mate". At the time she was just starting her Steampunk Couture line. I also remember random people on Myspace stealing her image and using her photos as profile pics because she looked natural back then and was reasonably pretty. It must only have been after she gained a big following that she tried to cover up her relationship status, hoping that all her followers were new or had bad memories! Back in 2008 she even featured a photo of me in one of her Myspace albums as I had modelled in a steampunk themed photoshoot and she had offered to feature photos of Steampunk girls on her Myspace (that they had submitted themselves). I was interested in fame back then so submitted my pics but I'm a different person now lol! I also found Steampunk interesting at the time but I find the style tacky and horrendous now! She posted my photo in her album and commented, asking me what brand my boots were. I didn't reply because they were non-brand boots that I bought from a Chinese Ebay shop, that were sold by many Chinese Ebay sellers and I was a bit stunned that she asked as black platform boots are very easy to find on eBay. The very pair popped up immediately from multiple sellers every time you searched for "black platform boots"! I couldn't really find a polite way to reply!
Anyway, on her Myspace page, she always stated she was born on 16th September 1982. I was quite impressed by what she had achieved at her age (or what she had claimed to achieve) as she was 3 years younger than me. I also found her interesting because her birthday was close to mine and she was from North Wales where I was living at the time.
Some interesting points about her online image and her IRL image: I remember her having a modelling profile so that people could book her for modelling work (even though she doesn't identify as a mmodel!). It had her measurements, stating her waist was 23". I then remember her later posting on Facebook that she was selling some of her old clothes on EBay (having read this thread and other things about her, I expect it was because she really needed some income!). None of the clothes were particularly alternative or Steampunk but I remember her selling a pair of black bellbottom jeans and there was a photo of her wearing them as part of a photoshoot. They seemed to fit her well. The measurements of the trousers were in the EBay listing and the waist measurement was 26". It wasn't a case of her losing weight after that photoshoot, either, because she was already shooping her waist in her old Toy Soldiers photos which were apparently older than the pic of her in the jeans. I remember people commenting on her Toy Soldiers pics about her "long, thin waist".
Anyway, I don't know Kato personally but thought I would contribute observations I made about her 11 years ago as no one else seems to have picked up on what I did back then.(read the rules)

No. 757936

I remember reading her ex-girfriends post awhile back. Somehow it came up again and I went and re-read it, but she seems to have disappeared off the internet. Anyone have any idea she ever revealed anymore information?

No. 758368

The ex girlfriend got tired of Kato spitting lies and hate and sending people to try to befriend her to spy, and she deleted the blog. She went on with her life and got over it all. She never posted anything more.

No. 758969


Kato seemed to have the potential to be quite a cow, but nothing really came of it after the ex gf stuff, which surprises me.

No. 769360

No. 795566

Coming upon this thread makes me SO glad I didn’t end up modeling for her when I had a chance just before she launched Steamgirl. The idea of someone like her having control over sensitive pictures is terrifying.

I still follow her because, as many of you have mentioned, she’s a fascinating person for all of her issues. The whole band thing just sticks out to me as incredibly weird. She and the dude she’s dating/in the band with started a Patreon and recorded a video begging for money from people and promising meet and greets, cool merch, early access to music, special entry to shows, and more depending on the payment their when they hadn’t even released a single song yet. It was bonkers to me that’s where her headspace is… “fund us while we figure out how to create music, even though you have no way of knowing if it’s going to be any good.” The sense of self-importance is astonishing.

A couple months ago when they released a new single, she posted a clip of the song to the band Instagram page with a caption that said something like “wrote this about a bitch that betrayed me this year.” I think the caption has since been changed because I can’t find it anymore (was going to upload a picture), but I remember thinking that sounds so cliche and weirdly bitter.

After a while if it seems like people keep “betraying you” left and right, maybe you’re the problem?

No. 803279

Pretty sure the bitch shes on about is forbidden realm/Genevieve shes seems to have scrubbed her from her Instagram. Rin also seems to be strangely absent

No. 803312

Yeah she seems to go to phases of being the best-est of friends with people and then 6 months later it is like nothing happened. I have seen Genevieve give her shout outs every once in a while. Rin and her still work under her parent company but never ever speak of her.

She also seems to have a beef with ex-model/photographer @ gypsy_ayria

Anyone have milk?

No. 807866

What makes you think there is beef?

No. 919809

Hey, another burned ex model/photographer here. Worked with her for years and years.
She’s so much worse than you all even know. I’m embarrassed and ashamed I did so much work for her and helped her make so much money.
She’s a terrible human.(necro)

No. 919810

Oh there’s SO MUCH beef

No. 919857

Well don't tease!
Can you spill?

No. 920991

Long story short, Arya (gypsy_arta) was paid, for most of her work, but not much. She shot a ton of European models and recruited them on her own time for Kato. Models were not paid. After Arya experienced some shady treatment by Kato, she quit shooting for steamgirl. She said she was tired of Kato photoshopping her photos and models even more to look like her. Arya was tired of also being asked to drastically photoshop her models (even Kato asking her to change their genitalia to look more like hers). After this, Kato told some of the models Arya recruited for steamgirl and shot that Kato had paid Arya enough so that she should have paid the models out of her earnings. Trying to put the models against her.
Later when Arya tried to publish a nude art book with a few steamgirl photos she had taken in it (with the models permission) Kato harassed and threatened to sue her.

No. 921005

She claimed she wrote the song about Lumi (another steamgirl model). I think she changes it according to whoever she’s had a falling out with. She told her “friend” recently it’s about Genevieve and Rin lol

No. 921436

Honestly, that sounds fucking stupid of Arya. Why would you agree to do photoshops but not agree to be paid enough to pay your models. You get paid but your models get 'exposure points'.

No. 921952

From what I understand she barely broke even, and assumed Kato was paying models separately.
In hindsight, most people who’ve worked with Kato feel pretty stupid after agreeing to or tolerating unfair/unethical business treatment. She’s the queen of fake promises.

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