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No. 115141

last thread: >>87606
No shame no gain

No. 115144

Fucking a dude in front of his friends, even his family. Like extremely rough degenerate.
Or being walked in but they continue watching (and maybe jack off)

No. 115182

I've been masturbating to what seems to be a video of a man being fatally drowned in dozens of women's urine over the course of 2 hours. Must be fake but it looks so convincing, japanese of course.

No. 115198

I wanna be fucked by gross sweaty men on a nude beach.

No. 115222

I want a man to humiliate me by not letting me go to the bathroom and making me pee in front of him probably as I'm tied up or something.

No. 115251

How does porn of that even work? Is he just dunked, over and over and that's the whole video?

No. 115271

I have spent an unholy amount of time thinking of making deep fakes of a dude I’ve been obsessed with

No. 115282

Can you make those with limited amounts of photos of a person? Or is it best to choose someone who has a lot of footage/pics of themselves?

No. 115287

I want a really hot popular girl to corner me in like a school or college bathroom with her friends and insult and degrade me before humiliating me by pulling my panties down and eating me out until I come loudly in front of everyone

No. 115297

anon that wouldn't be cool, don't do it

No. 115298

Ew. Stop learning your fantasies from middle aged men who have no understanding of young women but still have lolita complexes.

Are you sure you want to leave an online papertrail about your illegal activity?

No. 115299

…. this is for fetishes you're ASHAMED of anon what's your damage?

No. 115302

I didn't "learn my fantasies from middle aged men". I honestly have no clue what the sweet fuck you're talking about. Also people use the word panties lmao what would you prefer me to say instead? Bloomers? Grow up, this thread isn't for criticising other people's fantasies it's for talking about the ones you'd feel too embarrassed to share elsewhere, which is what I did.

No. 115304

You must be new to these threads.

No. 115319


Oh no your fetish was contagious I want you to take full responsibility and give more details how it goes down in your head.


No. 115324

I want my eye to be licked slowly and sensually.

I haven't been able to talk about it to my partner. Probably never will.

No. 115327

File: 1558538869687.png (144.35 KB, 300x294, thumb_gordon-ramsay-seasons-hi…)

If you can't handle the heat get out of the kinkshaming kitchen

No. 115328

What. Why.

No. 115330

I don't understand why some annoying as fuck women come in this fucking thread to complain the fetishes are too deranged, sexist or something. Why don't they just stay the hell out of here then if you can't handle it? What the fuck were you expecting?

No. 115347

I’m NEVER going to do it because it’s fucked and I would hate if someone did that with me

But I’ve thought about it

No. 115348

File: 1558554205248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.43 KB, 640x968, D2620A97-D980-4447-9D7D-F0C46D…)

I know I won’t do it so I have no issue talking about it, honestly it’s less weird than pulling a James charles and catfishing him for wank material.

My illegal meddlings ended at uni when downloading fake books

However I would actually pay him money just to see him doing stuff on cam

No. 115349

You could equally argue that women who can't take criticism about their weird kinks shouldn't be posting them on an anonymous board if they don't want someone to reply. It's not the "safe space for kinks" thread, a bit of controversy and banter is more fun than just a thread of blog posts, but if you don't want to argue then just ignore the criticism. Nobody is actually genuinely offended at some strangers weird fetish.
Except for irl beastiality anon, she's needs therapy.

No. 115358

It sounds pretty good right?
God I would but I might re-awaken "wah wah your fetish was influenced by middle aged men somehow" anon

No. 115364

This is extremely milquetoast for the things that go in these threads.

I really like the idea of giving oral but I don't want to be dominated/throatfucked/have someone sit on my face/etc. ever. Whenever I read about someone who enjoys giving it's usually in the context of being very submissive and "used" and I absolutely don't like that. It's made me ashamed to be aroused by the idea.

Also will probably never find a (male) partner who is interested in gentler blowjobs, rip.

No. 115366

Anon that sounds very normal and healthy,I hope you find a lucky normal boyfriend.

No. 115390

Normal males like gentler blowjobs, in my experience. It's all about showing them you don't have to deepthroat like you are in a porn movie for the act to be pleasurable.

No. 115427

File: 1558657601654.jpg (55.77 KB, 667x660, 38480093_469706170169857_84099…)

I was a tween on Tumblr back when Lorax came out and developed a fantasy of having a threesome with the two versions of the Once-Ler.

No. 115429

File: 1558660066210.jpg (79.27 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)

i have a fetish for a hairy, pudgy, 5'oclock shadowed (but somewhat attractive) blue collared man to come on to me (preferably a mechanic/pilot). not rape me or anything, but be very flirty and smug because he knows i want him secretly. i want him to start doing shit like unbuttoning his coveralls slightly and making me run my hand over his chest hair.

pretty tame by lolcow standards but still fucking weird. i have a thing for men seducing women.

if it makes you feel better anon i had a thing for the turbotastic guy when wreck it ralph came out. its wasn't nemu tier though, i just like pathetic little men with eye bags.

No. 115442

File: 1558684575185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.31 KB, 450x545, 44137dedff71bfa08e928181982685…)

>i have a fetish for a hairy, pudgy, 5'oclock shadowed (but somewhat attractive) blue collared man
>tfw I'll never meet a guy like pic related who's attracted to me like I am him
why live

No. 115444

When I was little (5-6 years old?), I remember watching a lot of cartoon movies.
And I don't fucking know why, but most of them had people being hypnotised against their will??

The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Anastasia, the hypnotism in those movies turned me on a lot. It was awful and, as a kid, I felt very uncomfortable watching those scenes. Later I would fantasize about the characters making out with the hypnotists or something.

Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas was a nightmare for me. I remember Eris being a super turn-on, she was very sensual and flirted a lot with Sinbad. When the scene of the sirens (video related) played, I had to cover my face and ears in order not to give in to the arousement.

Now I'm stuck with a "mindbreak" and "hypnotism" kink and I hate myself. I don't want it to be played on myself, but I get turned on when I watch or read porn/smut related to that.

why me.

No. 115460

Fuck, me too. I also love manlets though so I'm sure it was that for me as well lol.

Your kink is also very cute, anon. I wish men seducing women would be normalized, blue collar or not.

No. 115469

>step 1 move to Australia

No. 115473

I…I thought this ship was a meme.

No. 115477

Fat, very masculine, "rustic" guys with dicks on the smaller, or small to medium side. I don't know why.

No. 115478

Two of the villains from Persona 5 are hot to me (the first villain and fifth villain) but they're both morally repugnant pieces of shit who aren't my usual type for "husbando" characters. I absolutely despise myself for thinking they're hot but I have a really weird thing with some domineering older male authority figures. Not all, only some.

They're not even real and I shame myself for it constantly.

No. 115486

>"rustic" guys with dicks on the small side
Not very masculine.

No. 115487

>step 2 go to the zoo

No. 115488

honestly…wetting and diapers and mind control/hypnosis/forced regression.

No. 115492

Nobody should be ashamed of their kinks because as woke people know, all of sexuality is equally bad. But these stand out as particularly normal and average to me and I wonder how ignorant you have to be to be ashamed of such average, run of the mill fetishes.

No. 115503

Not everybody has such low standards as you.

No. 115508

I like the contrast. And have you ever heard of bears? Please…

No. 115536

i have very specific tastes, even though i probably shouldnt since im not very good looking myself.

i only like men who straight up look like aliens. 99% of men just look either bland and boring or straight up ugly to me unless they have some kind of strange looking features. theres just something about people who look both ugly and beautiful at the same time.

they also have to be from a few specific races. i dont want to say which ones because i dont want to racebait. and i dont mean to say that people of other races are ugly either.

No. 115542

I rarely imagine myself having sex with anyone so my fetishes apply to two people having sex without me being included.

Mating press
Older man/younger man
Older woman/younger man (sometimes)
Pegging/futa on male
Men with hoodies or face masks


No. 115543

Oh and I also forgot
Men being locked in chastity

No. 115549

>Older woman/younger man
Patrician taste
>Men being locked in chastity
I really don't get the applet of chastity from what I have seen the cages look any one could break them with basic tools

No. 115554

Obviously it's just a fantasy to have it be inescapable and it'd be a medical risk if it really was.

No. 115555

What does it have to do with standards?

No. 115668

File: 1559019693925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.46 KB, 500x325, 31c1a55624491b11933478498dfb25…)

>average, run of the mill fetishes
Let me clarify, I am a 20 year old anorexic female with a feeder fetish that gets off to stocky older men with a lot of body hair (and when I say a lot, I mean pic related). I like having all of his weight pressed against mine, it's a turn on. I want to tie him up, milk him, and when we're all done, let him lay on my chest and suck my breasts while I stroke his hair and he calls me mommy. That blueberry scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory was one of my first arousing experiences, and I was only about 6 or 7 years old; I still remember how it felt. It's on the tamer side, sure, but average… eh, no.

No. 115669

I'm not sure if I'm that embarrassed as I've told my boyfried about them. For a long time, I had to think about incest while having sex with him to be more in the mood. He was either my imaginary brother or father. But now it is rape roleplay that works best. I love having him "force" me into sucking him while I fight back and imagine he is some ugly, old and fat creep.

On my own I also fantasize about monsters and such. Not rape, but where the female is so horny she is willing to degrade herself by letting them have sex with her. Being eaten out by a zombie/clown/demon/etc. is the best. I also love good-looking (to me) but sadistic or morally corrupt male villains and want to pleasure and love them while having Stockholm syndrome. I want to completely submit to Voldemort.

No. 115696

I love those kinds of villains too. And looking creepy or ugly doesn't hinder my attraction, it can even increase it. Love me some sadistic and intelligent villains.

No. 115698

Anon are you me? Minus the incest thing. I love sadistic men, stockholm syndrome, and ugliness/monster shit.

No. 115721

I really want to lick my bf's feet, not as a humiliation thing though. They are just so unexpectedly soft-looking and cute in contrast to how masculine he is. Having it done to me feels good in a sexual way, and I suppose now I've associated feet with pleasure. It's especially weird because I'm strictly into femdom and everything we do sexually is based around that.

Sub girls, how would you feel if you partner pushed you down and suddenly started licking your feet? Creeped out? I'm not one to get insecure but this is bothering me.

No. 115724

File: 1559081467640.jpg (55.27 KB, 600x600, 502013150_univ_sqr_xl.jpg)

I want to dom jesus. i feel like he'd be into it.

No. 115725

Getting crucified is bottom energy

No. 115736


No. 115743

No. 115750

No. 115812

You're messed up

No. 115826

some might say you need to find Jesus, but in this case… maybe stay away lol

No. 115848

File: 1559204919105.jpg (56.92 KB, 698x536, lexus5.jpg)

He does look enticing hanging around there on the cross in only a loincloth, I give you that.
What's the problem, just communicate properly so you don't get kicked in the face or something.

No. 115849

The responses seem surprised but honestly if you've ever had to sit through a boring ass church service how could you NOT spend some time looking at their half naked weirdly ripped jesus statues and thinking something blasphemous.

No. 115853

File: 1559207842499.jpg (61.01 KB, 636x800, geefs_genie_x.jpg)

Look at this French church statue of Lucifer. It was a replacement for another statue that made the local girls too horny. Like this nearly naked angsty bondage hunk is any less attractive.

No. 115854

File: 1559207915205.jpg (50.22 KB, 480x640, 5325c4e6fb2b9b1c387870b6473aeb…)

The original. I am unashamed to say that I totally would grope Satan.

No. 115859

I'd hit that

No. 115864

I would commit a crime.

No. 115868

Its always the devilish/demonic boys that are yummiest

No. 115873

I get turned on by the idea of pegging and rimming a guy but only in my fantasies, I have tried IRL and didn't like it. Maybe it was because the guy was way more feminine than I like…

No. 115877

Well if you're not attracted to the guy you're doing it to you're not going to enjoy it. Unless there were other reasons why you didn't like it.

No. 115884

>second version just as slutty, but adds chains

Huh, apparently I like supernatural powerbottoms. Weird thread to find that out. Having a pretty, bloodlusty demonslave sounds hot.

No. 115887

File: 1559253771258.jpg (43.46 KB, 800x450, Salome-Promo-2-800x450.jpg)

the discussion around sexy bible figures reminded me of oscar wilde's salome and her thoughts on john the baptist:

>“Ah, Iokanaan, Iokanaan, thou wert the man that I loved alone among men! All other men were hateful to me. But thou wert beautiful! Thy body was a column of ivory set upon feet of silver. It was a garden full of doves and lilies of silver. It was a tower of silver decked with shields of ivory. There was nothing in the world so white as thy body. There was nothing in the world so black as thy hair. In the whole world there was nothing so red as thy mouth. Thy voice was a censer that scattered strange perfumes, and when I looked on thee I heard a strange music. Ah! wherefore didst thou not look at me, Iokanaan?”

No. 115894

I have a language kink, obviously for the dirty talk in bed. It doesn't matter what language it is but I feel kind of disrespectful for having this as a kink. There's just something so hot about a guy reverting to his native language or whispering it in your ear while you have no idea what they're saying, but you know it's hot and dirty. Bonus points if he starts plowing you hard right after speaking it lmfao

No. 115898

File: 1559294306901.jpg (804.32 KB, 1524x1999, WOA_IMAGE_1.jpg)

I see you're talking about Jesus and I present you this.
Recently went to a museum. Turns out I'm not as gay as I thought.
Ecce Homo by Rubens if you're curious

No. 115901

Ngl this metrosexual fighter is cute, where can I get one?

No. 115912

the 00s

No. 115913

Why do they always draw Jesus as such a twink?

No. 115917

File: 1559320767244.jpg (40.87 KB, 330x462, Michelangelo,_Giudizio_Univers…)

I was always partial to beefcake Jesus from Michelangelo

No. 115961

File: 1559359081598.jpg (180.35 KB, 571x670, 12-571x670.jpg)

maybe gay artists were numerous enough and invested enough in the male form that it influenced depictions by hetero painters?
pic related is christ at the pillar by Caravaggio, who was a homo. I don't think reubens was though? he was into chubby women.

No. 115963

I'm the opposite, I want satan to grope me while I tease him back and get punished for my naughtiness


No. 115972

File: 1559368937463.jpg (38.79 KB, 450x311, proxy.duckduckgo-4.jpg)

I have a reoccuring fantasy about a girl who is born with a penis (which in my fantasy makes sense, this is a full blown woman who happens to have a penis, not a troon) and her parents dont know what to do with her so they put her in a convent when she is in her late teens because they dont want the village to find out. She goes to the convent and after some time the curvaceous, domineering Mother Superior finds out about why she was placed in the convent and uses her as a sex slave. Sometimes in my fantasy the dickgirl enjoys it and they have a fucked up but kinda sweet relationship, other times the dickgirl feels intense confusion and guilt but still secretly loves all the action shes getting and cant hold back frequent arousal.

Not the most weird thing I've ever heard of but it makes me feel fucked up because I dont think many people would think I have such involved and deviant fantasies if they knew me in person. Also it's strange and makes me question myself a bit because I consider myself straight.

No. 116017

I really want to nurse a male partner but I realize that's very weird, not to mention difficult since I've never been pregnant and don't wish to take hormones.
Finding a partner into it is another issue since I'm pretty flat. I'm sure no one's mind would go there lmao and I have no clue how you bring this shit up. "Nestle close and gib succ, boy"

ngl that's pretty hot. Nun themes in general appeal to me.
It sounds like a very bi fantasy imo, although if you'd never act on anything with a girl irl there's no need to identify with that.

No. 116047

My boyfriend has a lactation fetish. I have as well, I guess. Makes me really moist when he suckles my tits like a big baby. No milk though.

No. 116055

File: 1559471147924.png (375.41 KB, 615x393, Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 7.26…)

lucifer was the original bad boy. also pictured, is my other kink: legs. look at them meaty, shapely legs. idk what to do with them tho, maybe hump them? love touching and feeling a good leg. i sound insane lol

No. 116057

I want a fetish so badly because everyone has at least one these days

No. 116063

File: 1559490131523.jpg (157.19 KB, 2000x1125, aLdAjEI.jpg)

i have a huge thing for stockholm syndrome - i just want an obsessed guy to trap me somewhere and then i end up becoming attached to him because he's the only form of contact i have. obviously it's not practical or really possible though. i think i started getting a thing for it after reading killing stalking (cringe ik)

No. 116065

It's hot in fantasy. Recommend you play Boyfriend to Death if you haven't, anon.

No. 116066

I have the same fetish but in reverse, making a guy so devoted to me that he'll do anything to make me happy even if it involves me hurting, humiliating, or abusing him. No matter what I do to him he'll rationalize and accept it as long as he is being useful to me.
It kinda turned me on the other day when my boyfriend told me that he's dropping all contact with his friends, family, etc, everything just so he can spend more time with me. I've read that usually how a codependent relationship starts, but it's not like I told him to or made him… The thought excites me.

No. 116068

You sound really gross.

No. 116069

>idk what to do with them tho, maybe hump them
Can't believe dogs post on lolcow.
(man legs are super hot though, I agree. I prefer long skinny legs myself.)

No. 116072

Out of the people talking about cucking, wanting to be humilated and raped by fat old men and monsters, sex slavery, stockholm syndrome, and this bothers you. That's amusing.

No. 116073

I always thought of wanting a guy to control me and tell me what I can and can’t do, I don’t want to have a choice about anything. I just serve him and his every need. I imagine being tiny and frail and him being really strong and forcing me to slave away at home whilst he happily sleeps around with other women, but gets jealous to the point of slapping me if I even dare look at another man. I want him to control my portions so I stay emanciated and fragile. (This probably stems from my anorexia?)

Another one I have which I guess is fucked up, is wanting to be fucked and cut with a razor blade. Not huge cuts, but i want to be sliced whilst a guy fucks me and I want him to slap me hard in the face while he does it

No. 116080

Yeah, no. Anon sounds abusive, possessive, and creepy especially getting aroused by her boyfriend dropping his contacts in life. I feel sorry for her bf. Interesting you think that's above anons who don't care if they get hurt in their fantasies.

No. 116093

Ah, another woman of culture. Nothing better than some juicy man-legs. I want to hump Lucifer's knees.

No. 116098

i never even wanted to hump anyone's legs before writing it here, kek. i just really like them visually and like… touching and feeling them maybe? idk. i'm bi and don't have the same leg obsession with girls, so it's kinda weird.

No. 116106

Lmao, anon's bf, of his own volition, doesn't want to be around anyone but her because he apparently doesn't enjoy their company in comparison… and that somehow makes her an abusive demon? You sound like you'd be a low-key Holly irl looking to 'save' grown-ass men from "abusive" gfs, kek.

No. 116109

A man being abused by a woman is just pathetic. If you're so pathetic that you let yourself be abused by a woman, you deserve it. If OP likes men who get so infatuated by women that he lets himself get abused, that's on him. Nature has equipped men with strength and societal recognition, getting abused despite that is just weakness. Nobody should be giving a shit.

No. 116117

Thanks for not speed reading my post.

There is no abuse going on and there never will be. I simply find that kind of devotion hot and intimate. Some people don't like that and it's fine. Different strokes for different folks.

>If you're so pathetic that you let yourself be abused by a woman, you deserve it.

Come on, nobody deserves abuse. Sounds really man-hating.

No. 116118

You're normal. I am bi and I'm more into women's butts/hips and men's legs/arms.
Also knees feel amazing against the clit.

No. 116143

No. 116155

I gotta be real with you anon, I was with a guy like your fetish fantasy and he was a total doormat and annoying to deal with. I'm sure it's hot in the bedroom and all but the reality is shitty.

No. 116159

And not exactly favorable to women either since it implies a woman can never have leverage over a man.

No. 116161

I think it depends on the guy. Is he a doormat to everyone? Gross. Is he a doormat to just women in general? Gross. Is he submissive to only me? Hot. Does he have the capacity to learn and anticipate what I want with time and act accordingly Wonderful. To me it's important they act out of love and devotion for me in particular and not because they're scared of saying no, because it makes their peepee hard, or because they're just a people pleaser in general. It's a very specific sort of submissive man I like, most of them are shit.

Which really isn't true at all. I've seen plenty of women taking advantage of men. And not the scrawny doormat types either.

No. 116162

>tfw no doormat bf
nta clearly but I'd love a pushover bf to "protect" so that sounds wonderful.
How did you find it annoying?

No. 116163

File: 1559617239582.jpg (401.76 KB, 3072x2304, hssjl3xrs1001.jpg)

>I always thought of wanting a guy to control me and tell me what I can and can’t do, I don’t want to have a choice about anything. I just serve him and his every need.
>forcing me to slave away at home
>gets jealous to the point of slapping me if I even dare look at another man
I grew up in a household like this and have tons of trauma; my dad's behavior toward my mom also extended toward me. I wasn't allowed to have friends or leave the house as a child. He'd make me clean the house spotless, scream and throw things if there was a minuscule amount of dust. Can't say I can't say I don't fantasize about a guy doing the same to me, especially the controlled portions thing; my dad would tell me when I had enough and would take my food away. I'm anachan also.

>wanting to be fucked and cut with a razor blade

Also same, but with a knife grazing my neck while he fucks me from behind.

No. 116165

i can see all the angry replies already, but i need to get this off my chest because i can't tell anyone. it's just really tragic and gross and no one would take this well because it's, well, offensive to people effected by the tragedy. besides every fetish i'm ashamed of, i can't find the "men you're ashamed to say you want to fuck" thread:

i can't help but find eric harris really attractive even after reading how off the walls that dude was. i'd honestly fuck him.

sorry, i'm not proud of it.

No. 116167

He was an enabler for mental illness, I've seen it happening with his new gf too. Didn't tell the truth about things bothering him and then turned around and got upset with me at the end after I'd ask over and over if he was ok. It's like, it stunts your growth rather than letting you grow because you're not called out when you need to be and aren't challenged.

No. 116168

sage for samefag but forgot to add, yes this was with everyone, it was just especially with me, so it doesn't sound like your type as you'd mentioned

No. 116174

God I know. An innocent, sensitive, submissive boy that's helpless and in need of protection is the cutest thing. Only thing is that the majority of men that claim they're this way definitely are not. They're just irresponsible manchildren. Truly sensitive and sweet, meek boys are so rare. Rarest, limited edition collectible.

No. 116194

>Didn't tell the truth about things bothering him and then turned around and got upset with me at the end after I'd ask over and over if he was ok.
Then that's absolute shit. That's just being passive aggressive.

>because you're not called out when you need to be and aren't challenged

I don't understand why most women want to be "challenged" in a relationship. I never hear guys say this. I can challenge myself. In my relationship I just want a cute guy to be vulnerable towards me without feeling lesser for it, or without getting supremely insecure and trying to challenge me to assert his dominance and masculinity.

No. 116214

I have a big personality and I dislike having partners just yes-man me because I fuck up sometimes and so do they and it shouldn't be impossible to call that out and improve ourselves, because people don't always notice fuckups right away. Someone who doesn't "challenge" me gets swallowed up. My ex would not disagree with me on stuff and just copied me instead of thinking for himself, what I mean by "challenge" me is not agree on absolutely everything and be a doormat and actually say if they disagree or think I'm being an idiot. Maybe my definition of "challenge" isn't the same as yours, but it gets tiring dealing with someone who just agrees constantly.
Men don't say they want to be "challenged" all the time because I surmise many don't like it because they have bullshit egos, but I've met men who like girls who will call them out or disagree openly.

No. 116275

This is the ideal male form, its the prince of darkness apparently

What sort of routine should I give my bf to get a body like Lucifer? He wants to go to the gym with me.

No. 116285

It's about how he feeds himself too. He has to learn about cutting, bulking and counting calories.

No. 116310

File: 1559860318659.jpg (293.88 KB, 1013x1500, joseph-kallinger-shoemaker-mur…)

>having access to fuck some of the craziest guys ever known to mankind and choosing some teenage edgelord who didn't even shoot the people he hated


No. 116319

>>116310 ITA.
i mean eric was full of teen angst and directed his hatred and frustration on people in general, he didn't really "hate" anyone but himself. imo all his rage in the journals was just him being edgy, funny, and putting on a "killer" persona for the future audience of his crime. in his autopsy report it says he had cuts consistent with self-harm.

any of my dumb romanticized hypotheses aside, yeah if hell is real i'd love to be uhhhhh damned to suck his dick forever. i'm not proud of my hybristophilia but god damn crazy men really do something for me.

No. 116330

we need to develop a lucifer fitness routine

He's currently skinnyfat for what its worth

No. 116349

I get seriously turned on by women that could be considered "vulgar". late 20s/30s bimbo-types with no appreciation for art or music, especially when they're smoking, cussing, or falling over wasted. also have a thing for bitchy girls who I know would have bullied me in school.

No. 116380

File: 1560000965155.gif (498.83 KB, 500x205, giphy.gif)

Oh my God, same. You would love the rapper Kreayshawn in her Gucci Gucci era. Perfect embodiment

No. 116386

sameee but this prolly should go into "women you're ashamed to fuck" thread. sucks that most of them are permastraight

No. 116388

That brief scene in Gone Girl where Ben Affleck just silently, aggressively bends her over and quickly fucks her in the hallway, and then walks away..

I think about that a lot

No. 116436

I get petrified and angry hearing about men being sadistic and having rape fantasies, meanwhile I've been fantasizing about the idea of raping men for years. Sometimes I've also come ridiculously close to groping men in public.
Not sure why this is and I am sort of uncomfortable with it. But I've been enjoying these fantasies since I was 14 or so and it's hard to get rid of them at this point.

No. 116437

Revenge fantasies? I often daydream about organising vigilante action with other like-minded women to, say, follow men walking alone at night or grope them on public transport but it's more a political motivation than a sexual one. I think.

No. 116439

I think at some point anger at men factored in, but it definitely started organically. Or perhaps it was somewhat inspired by rape-y yaoi that I consumed in my formative years? Most likely it was a mix of several things.
Overall I think the fact that men are often garbage is what stops me from truly ridding myself of this fetish.

wrt your fantasy, I'm dying at the idea of a vigilante grope squad of women. Remarkable idea.

No. 116442

Since a young age I have enjoyed it when men are hurt, vulnerable or in distress in movies. Now I found out that there is a fandom term for that: "whump". I can't believe it, there are all those blogs on tumblr sadistically collecting gifs and audio of handsome male actors pretending to be injured. All while saying they like it for emotional reasons of what the characters go through. Like bitch what. You're likely a bigger sadist than me if you collect tons of shit like that.

Anyway it was hot when Will Turner died in POTC, there now I got that off my chest.

No. 116445

…who wants to bet his barnacle-covered dad and octupus guy Davy Jones are someone's fetishes too

No. 116446

I always thought sadistic men were pathetic for getting off on hurting someone much physically weaker than them who can't fight back if they wanted to. Even in a consensual situation they can't control themselves and it can get dangerous in the heat of the moment. My logical argument for being an extreme hypocrite who gets off on men in pain is, at least men are physically built to withstand that violence better than women.

I don't hate men though, I just think they're hot when they're in pain and vulnerable and enduring.

No. 116449

First anon, and the thing is I actually like very small weak men. As in men who I know from experience are weaker than I am. In fact this is one of the reasons I don't think it's actually rooted in anger and "revenge" since if that were the case I'd want to harm big criminals. I should want to love and respect tiny gentle men, but instead here I am. Well…I mean I'm also very into doing gentle loving stuff with them, I just want to hurt them at the same time.

But maybe it's still not as bad since the difference isn't as dramatic as between a huge man and a 120 lbs woman. My advantage is only slight unless we're going with a drugged up fantasy.

Anyway the sadism isn't what I'm ashamed of, my fellow degenerate friends even know I'm a sadist so it's whatever. It's just the non-con.

No. 116450

As someone who had an online friend with a big crush on Davy Jones, can confirm.

The fanfics she wrote with her self insert and him were a wild ride.

No. 116458

ahaha i follow whump blogs too as i’m into that stuff myself. i laugh every time they ignore how sexual it is to be obsessed with vulnerable men in pain. i’ve never seen a whump blogger admit they’re a sadist, yet they message each other alllll day about whump ideas and tropes they basically get off to lmao.

No. 116474

File: 1560132692740.jpg (340.96 KB, 1080x1440, mfw.jpg)

I have a scat kink. I love the thought of a hot, stuck up guy shitting himself in front of me after getting all desperate and embarrassed, begging and moaning while he does it.

Pic related. I want to see him crap his pants.

No. 116475

I can respect that. I'm too much of a coward to deal with shit. A guy pissing himself is as far as I can go. Shit is way more humiliating though.

No. 116477

File: 1560136916267.jpg (172.77 KB, 1280x720, 29187922.jpg)

Piss is a lot of fun too, I often like to think about piss and shit at the same time. I also have a thing for tummy aches, like guys with sore stomachs because they need to shit really bad.

No. 116485

File: 1560154346248.jpg (48.39 KB, 1280x720, 1542920708505.jpg)

No need to be ashamed of that, anon.

No. 116497

I wonder why they act like it isn't a fetish. In one of the blogs I saw one "whumper" (why is fandom lingo so cringey) made a post about how odd it was that she didn't like whump with women or gay men. Only handsome straight men. Hmm how weird.

This blog is the best one, definitely not sadistic.

No. 116498

I have a scat fetish too and I have masturbated multiple times to videos of guys taking shits or scat sex. I just can't ever see myself doing this IRL because the smell is so off putting and disgusting. Two things I can't handle well are the smell of shit and death.

No. 116500

File: 1560175934969.jpg (296.25 KB, 925x1049, Church_Servant_Arcane_Legion.j…)

I use to play the shit out of bloodborne and I always fantasies of the church servant enemies ganging up on me and use all of my holes. I also always had a thing for the whole Oedon impregnating the women like Iosefka and Arianna. Iosefka is also very hot to me. A lot of things about bloodborne make me weirdly aroused and I can't explain it but yeah. Sorry for the lengthy post

No. 116515

File: 1560204318648.gif (1.34 MB, 400x300, giphy.gif)

>I also have a thing for tummy aches, like guys with sore stomachs because they need to shit really bad.

No. 116520

Somehow those photos make these posts even more disgusting.

No. 116523

File: 1560210560892.jpg (585.44 KB, 700x589, artist_kaneoyasachiko.jpg)


It has a specific name?! I guess calling it straight up sadism has connotations people don't want to associate with… It's a pity, cause if people were more honest about what they like we wouldn't have these stupid witch-hunts in fandoms over someone being publicly into or producing morally questionable (IRL that is) fanworks.
While hunters…whump…like there's no tomorrow.

Makes me wonder what the heck's the logic behind getting offended about 15 yo anime boy getting molested in their sleep and then getting wet over that same 15 yo drawn with guts spilled all over the floor. Dumb. So dumb.

No. 116524

File: 1560215866957.jpg (80.82 KB, 695x1200, nikolaj feet.jpg)

Thanks for the laugh, anon, but I stand by my fetish. Maybe I'm not so ashamed after all?

(Pic also related as it's another thing I'm into.)

No. 116526

You, I like you.

No. 116527

Men eating apples?

No. 116528

Your posts have big clit energy tbh.
Scope the file name, anon.

No. 116529

those are some ugly ass feet even for feet

No. 116531

File: 1560225598913.gif (401.2 KB, 498x278, 209EAE4B-7275-4FF1-9F38-15783E…)

>big clit energy
Hilarious anon, I’m gonna put that in my insta tagline

No. 116533


It's only better when women do it. Yes I'm straight, no I'm not a man, but I can only enjoy watching women do it. Idk why but it's aesthetically pleasing to me.

No. 116535

I can't believe you girls are real with the scat fetishes for both men and women. Like, truly, I'm almost hurt that you guys aren't men. There's quite a few of you and this is a lvl of degeneracy I like to believe only men indulge.

No. 116540

Lol, I wanted to see how far I could go since this whole thread is a cess pool of cancer to the nth degree.

Don't worry anon, I was baiting. Can't say for everyone else though

No. 116558

Honestly I think it's interesting when women have fetishes beyond basic bitch shit like 50 shades and ddlg shit.

No. 116561

Well I'm one of the anons who replied and I do have a scat fetish though as I said I have no intentions of making it come true in real life because the smell is too much for me. I just like to watch.

No. 116586

no idea lol. i think i saw that post too. i’m not ashamed to be into whump, idk why people who run blogs based around it seem to be. they can’t really be that unaware of their sexual desires. the ones that really make me laugh are the “asexual” ones. probably because they remind me of the high schooler me, a girl that was very into bdsm but ignored it and just claimed to be asexual out of shame…yet went home and had a tumblr blog basically based around whump lol.

maybe they’re just young girls who really aren’t aware yet.

No. 116587

I'm also guessing shame (the blogs are anon though so hmm) or just sheer autism. I remember getting pussy tingles when action heroes were in distress from age 12 and onwards, you'd think people would notice if they're horny unless there is some next level denial.
I kept wondering how you anons handle the fact that this fetish stinks, or if it's part of it.

Btw it blows my mind is that there apparantly are necros on lc, saw posts in ot too about guys having boners after they die. Please tell me why this is appealing.

No. 116591

File: 1560286297823.jpg (50.59 KB, 474x711, 1873453.jpg)

I wasn't joking when I said I liked it, and I can even admit that I'd be open to doing it IRL with the right guy, like pic related. I like the thought of a guy shitting his pants while I'm sitting next to him/on his lap and trying to hide it, but I can tell by the smell. Then I could either take his pants off for him and finger his butt or make him keep them on for a while and sit in it. I also think there are particular outfits that would be especially hot if they were crapped in, like pic related again.

No. 116593

File: 1560286644076.gif (1.28 MB, 343x255, disgstd.gif)

I wish I could unread this.

No. 116594

File: 1560294390634.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.56 MB, 444x333, brap.webm)


No. 116598

Can you tell me how you got into it, I think I got caught in the brap meme too much along with facesitting and that's where I fell into the rabbithole of female scA t

No. 116599

Mine's less extreme but I'm kinda into premature ejaculation? More specifically "accidental creampies" (not sure if that's the official name but the videos I watch are often tagged as that). Basically a situation where the man and woman are having sex and the man is suppose to pull out but the sex just feels so good that he loses control and cums inside her. Kinda a sub-genre of a impregnation kink (which I think I also have lol). I'm not sure how to describe it, but I just really like the thought of men being almost…overly aroused. Like horny to the point they can't control themselves. Some of my darker fantasies involve a guy who gets so turned on that he just has his way with me, even without consent. The thought of a guy being extremely/enthusiastically turned on makes me turned on. Bonus points if the dude is really vocal during sex and isn't afraid to moan and express how good it feels. Hate when they just lie there silently or grunt occasionally.

No. 116603

File: 1560301692511.gif (706.34 KB, 355x200, charlie-countryman-GIF-03.gif)

Just straight up daddy kink.
I don't think I'll ever be able to be with a young guy, older men seem just so much stronger and more masculine and dominant to me (doesn't mean I want some balding fattie tho, only fit guys).
I want him to force me to call him daddy, to tell me that I'm such a good girl and so pretty etc, I want him to fuck me so rough and long that I cry and I want him to make me ride his face. Also clothed sex, like just pulling his dick out quickly and bending me over a table.

Not related, but the thought of taking both a dick and a dildo at the same time (or a dick and fingers) has been my ultimate fantasy for ages already. But it's probably not something I could enjoy (or even do) irl lol

I don't call me real father daddy, so it's not too weird imo, but a lot of people somehow seem to have a special hate boner for that (while being tolerant of more extreme fetishes).

Random gif of Mads because he's perfect

No. 116605

>sniff sniff

No. 116608

I've kind of grown interested in that first one too. Not really into the "guy loses control and gets rapey" stuff because I'm not a sub at all, but turning a guy on so much that he comes very quickly is wholesome and cute.
Pretty pure, anon.

No. 116612

File: 1560311227916.jpeg (155.83 KB, 960x1200, 3216B214-EB05-47FC-9C4F-802B44…)

I don’t really know where to begin since what I’m into is so split, but I know many people have ugly, older men forcing themselves into you and I have that. Brother or father fantasies too, specifically if they walk in on me changing, I sit on their lap, wrestling, and they accidentally get a boner and then start fucking me. Another thing that gets me off is very soft, feminine boys that allow me to dress them up all cute and get them to cum in their panties or humiliate them with a chastity lock. Masculine men wearing girls underwear/lingerie is really nice too

No. 116632

File: 1560338760617.jpeg (32.91 KB, 480x360, 0D5F2DCD-C00F-4AB4-A990-1AFFE9…)

I want an ideal older brother figure who is also my boyfriend. I fantasize a lot about having an imaginary twin brother (who doesn’t look like me because I don’t like myself lol) because being the exact same age is more poetic. It makes perfect sense to me, I didn’t grow up with a male presence in my life or many other children around so I want a peer, a best friend, a protector, a family member and a lover in one person. It instinctively feels wrong to type that last part but when it’s a fantasy it’s not so bad. Now I’m getting sad at how unrealistic that would be to expect someone to have all the ideal traits from all those roles, having a piss fetish almost seems easier.

>Tfw I unironically want an oniichan who gives me headpats

No. 116634

This is extremely cute.

No. 116642

>I want a peer, a best friend, a protector, a family member and a lover in one person

Not abnormal at all. I am lucky to have a relationship like this, and I actually posted something similar in the confession thread not too long ago and man, I got raked, lol. I was an only child too and my dad was gone for work a lot. At camp, I would follow the older boys around because I wanted them to be my friend. I told people at school I had a brother (it was actually my dog) and my parents found out on parent-teacher night because I had been drawing our family portraits with an extra person, haha.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting all of those qualities in another person. When you think about it, a relative is typically someone you have been connected to all your life, and an unspoken unconditional love is meant to exist. They're also "safe" people, not a stranger who might hurt you. It's not like you are attracted to the more fetishy aspect of incest (having sex with the person SOLEY due to the relation) so I actually think it is quite wholesome and nice.

Anyway, sorry for the tangent. Glad to find someone else who feels the same way. I hope you find a person, like I did, who does all of this and more.

No. 116648

I have had a fantasy of taking a guy's girlfriend away from him for awhile. It almost happened too. I lived with a couple a few years back who were longtime friends of mine. I would flirt openly with the girl and she idealized me a lot, called me beautiful, and it would make her boyfriend very uncomfortable. The guy and I were friendly too, we'd play video games together and talk politics, but he would bring up my relationship with his girlfriend sometimes and make nervous jokes about us sleeping together behind his back. Sometimes we made jokes about having threesomes but I would also look at him and go "eww, no sorry," which bothered him I'm sure. I'm not even fully gay, I have a husband now but I still think about this sometimes. The thought of seducing another woman and torturing her male SO really interests me.

No. 116654

it’s ok anon, i have been with my boyfriend for two years and i still always fantasize about hooking up with an older, married man

No. 116668

File: 1560365345144.jpg (33.24 KB, 488x382, not tolerating this.jpg)

I have at least two.

One is a tentacle fetish: I like to fantasize how a tentacle monster (/plant) fucks my boyfriend who has both a vagina and a penis (in my fantasy that is). He then becomes pregant and lays eggs. Rinse and repeat.

Other one is lactation. This was linked to the tentacle shit but then I got bored but now I have this again. I like to imagine one buff and masculine video game character having milk flow/squirt from his nipples. IRL I don't gert aroused by breastfeeding.

One is some monster fucking me senseless.

No. 116700

I grew up without the presence of my brother in my life and ended up with a similar brother complex. I don't really have it anymore, but there was a point where I was really into the idea of having a brother that was protective but also into me.

No. 116753

Same, like, literally my bf doesn't even need to touch himself or touch me to cum, or have me touch him to cum accidentally, and it'll even happen more than once a day. It's largely borne out of the intimacy shared between us. He can't control himself, but I know for a fact that it's very specific to our relationship. It's legitimately the hottest thing. I love it so much and I pray it never goes away. I honestly spent years wishing for something so pure and sweet and to find it irl when not looking for it or expecting it is insane, especially with how pornsick men are.

No. 116757

This is cute. I wish my BF was like this but he watches porn and jerks off everyday. When we have sex it takes forever for him to cum. I can't even really tell him to stop because we are in an LDR and I feel like it'll just encourage his tiny man brain to cheat.

No. 116758

Just making fakes isn't illegal. As long as you don't proliferate them and it plausibly can cause damage to the person's reputation.

No. 116764

I don’t believe in them- but I would absolutely fuck a ghost.

No. 116775

that sounds like shit anon, is he even worth being in an ldr with? ldr is rarely worth it unless you arent that far apart or its 'The One'

No. 116783

I feel silly but he is 'The One'. He told me he'd stop watching porn once we are full-time IRL and I hope that's not bullshit. I considered offering to send him pics of me instead of porn for when he's sexually frustrated but I don't like the idea of taking nudes for obvious reasons. I just think it's cute that there are men out there who don't watch porn at all. Anons really be lucky.

No. 116798

I'm the ayrt and we were in an ldr and it was the same in terms cumming accidentally just from us being intimate online. He used porn before us getting together but stopped naturally when I started flirting with him, etc, and he became more and more sensitive over time. Porn is a non negotiable for us and I know he'd be devastated if I ever suggested that he use it because he feels it's disrespectful if you have a partner at all. He definitely doesn't need it long distance. I don't think it's as necessary as men would want us to believe, they just want their little perks that they've grown up with and feel entitled to, while also having a gf, but I think my case is kind of unusual. I don't know how many men realistically wouldn't try to shame you for being "unreasonable", but if you think porn harms your relationship and that he'd cheat without it, that's not great and maybe is worth bringing up to him. Porn certainly won't make him more sensitive, it just breeds entitlement, but if you definitely don't want to send nudes or anything, it makes total sense to tolerate porn.

No. 116829

just tell him to stop esp if it’s fucking with his head. i’m sometimes ldr with my boyfriend and i do believe he doesn’t watch porn (he hates it for ethical reasons and stuff). fuck his male feelings honestly

No. 116859

File: 1560579487529.jpg (305.7 KB, 1152x911, downloadok.jpg)

I really want to suck off a horse dick. I've always been a size queen and had a fetish for really big dicks and big loads, and i guess horses check both of those boxes. something about the wildness of it really turns me on. It's not like i'll act on it or anything tho

I used to hang out with horses a bit when i was young too, so maybe that contributes to it.

No. 116863

File: 1560582965881.jpg (19.24 KB, 500x367, fuckedup2.jpg)

It's quite a common fantasy, but I'm incredibly ashamed of it anyway. Since I can first remember experiencing sexual arousal, I've found rape/molestation scenarios incredibly arousing. Not being the attacker or victim, but just witnessing it. For a good while I exclusively masturbated to lesbian chikan videos. (japanese porn in general has been a haven for stuff relating to my kink) Reading fanfiction for a new series, one of the first things I do is look for non-con fic, or fic about obsessive one-sided attractions and the like. I can't even explain why, but something about the cat and mouse game lead up to the main event just gets me going. But I only like stuff where the victim is forced to orgasm and feel pleasure. (Forced orgasms, along with orgasm denial are also my kink, but I have 0 shame over that)

Part of me wonders if it just comes from being rather sexually repressed growing up, and not feeling comfortable with my own sexuality until my late teens. Still, I feel terrible about it and have never told anyone irl about it and would honestly die of shame if they found out.

No. 116869

I want all kinds of male animals to fuck me. What a dream. But horses scare me a bit, too big.

No. 116870


No. 116880

Every time I read shit like this I feel like these anons are definitely those self unaware girls from middle school anime club vids that grew up. Like, obv it's not anime or fujo related but I just feel somehow that they're the same type of people

No. 116883

I wasn't a fujoshi and I was never interested in anime. I just like bestiality.

No. 116886

I love cum, but not clear watery cum. I love the thick, almost yellow ones. It doesn't taste good, but I'll swallow every time.

No. 116890


y’all need jesus

No. 116893

im not into scat, but whenever i look at porn videos that involve butt stuff i can only ever watch without feeling sick to my stomach if its a woman recieving. e.g. if its a man having his ass eaten it just instantly ruins everything and makes me want to throw up but i just feel neutral when its a woman.

males are just inherently filthy and disgusting tbh.

No. 116898

Probably because their asses are hairy and disgusting? I like watching rimming videos though.

No. 116900

You are white and probably fucked dogs as well I bet

No. 116905

What makes him cum if he is not touched? I thought this song was a joke kek

No. 116913

Yes you're not straight.

No. 116914

Necrophilia. But I'm the dead body. A guy who loves me so much that he can't resist and fucks me in my most disgusting state. Sobs his heart out, then he goes to work. Bonus if the sight is absolutely gruesome, ie I've been shot or my organs spill out. The fun is not there if I'm being raped while conscious.

As a kid, I'd mastrubate (rub my pelvis) to cartoon characters getting stuck to sticky, liquid, syrupy, glue-ish substances, with tendrils that stretch and everything when you try to get out. I.e Strawberry's foot in the mud, Arceus being electrified, Blue being gagged by a slimy Pokemon, the alike. A guy being raped by a creature like this, or getting stuck somewhere only to make it worse when struggling. Not sure whether I'll still masturbate to it, but it was part of me as a kid.

Characters being beaten up / restricted / tortured / crying, screaming since I was a kid. Browsing this thread and I've learned it's called whup.

Something vanilla: I want a guy to make me delicious food and make me eat it; ignoring me when I tell him not to.

I know I'm fucked up. Most of my fucked up fetishes have originated from masturbating as a 5 year old to weird things on cartoons. I'm certain this isn't normal but I suspect was a product of stumbling on a TV scene of a guy giving a woman oral when I was a toddler, and something instinctive rose out of me. Or fuck, I don't know.

No. 116918

File: 1560718220926.jpg (187.58 KB, 729x972, 3034e7368d5eeedc1ce45c29069b1a…)

there are so many necrofags

No. 116919

Sounds like men/trannies who are larping as women.

No. 116920

My boyfriend and I actually roleplay as siblings sometimes, and not just for sex stuff. I'll call him my "big bro" when I'm talking to him (of course when no one else is around). It's really comfy.

As a funny side note, one time when I was out to lunch with my coworkers and referred to my boyfriend as my brother. Complete Freudian slip. I was so goddamn embarrassed.

But I admit that sometimes I've wanted to introduce my boyfriend as my brother to strangers (that I would never talk to again). Like "hi, my name is X, and this here is my older brother Y". We're both of Eastern European descent, I'd say it'd convince people. But that feels like I'm bringing strangers into my fetish, which is gross.

No. 116923

I'm not sure, it's literally not even the fabric, because it'll be out and it'll happen. It's so fucking cute and wholesome.

No offense but I feel like you've probably drawn this weird shit on mspaint and have posted it on DA. All people who are into weird shit like this have to end up creating their own arsenal of incredibly specific pixelated porn because it's so specific and unbelievably retarded.

No. 116929

File: 1560778446226.jpg (103.84 KB, 874x898, 1560776001092.jpg)

I have a mating fetish. I find stuff animals due during mating season really hot (going into heat, realeasing pheromones, trying hard to impress/defend their mate, and mating for life) and my fantasy is applying that to humans. In my fantasy it's the males who do all that 'impress the mate's stuff if that wasn't clear.

Its a pain to find porn like this because if you search up breeding all you get is 'I gotta imgrenate this bitch cumslut' type videos.

No. 116950

You must love A/B/O fanfiction. I personally, cannot stand it.

No. 116952

I'm not interested in having children but I'd love to have a guy perform a sensual mating dance to convince me to choose him as my bf lol

No. 116955

you might be into heterosexual A/B/O fanfiction. it involves pheromones and mating for life, and since women are writing it it doesn't feature as much of the gross "Take my seed you bitch" stuff that male made pornography has

No. 116969

I'm shaming those men hard for wanting to have children with someone they look down on and insult.

No. 116978

Wtf is this? Is it for furries?

No. 116979

I think it started as a furry thing, but now it's leeched into other fandoms too.

It caught me by surprise halfway through a RDR2 self-insert fic lol

No. 116989

Not big into porn but when I watch it I'm always drawn to the same type. It's always young female older male. Extra points if she looks a bit stereotypical lesbian and being very submissive to the older man.

No. 117044

I want to force a priest to fuck me now after reading the femdom thread.

No. 117045

It would be hot to do it in a church, those Lucifer statues really got me going.

No. 117047

File: 1560900816525.jpeg (56.7 KB, 400x400, B5CD50F1-4C16-4A93-B771-55E338…)

D-damnit anon you’re supposed to shame me out of it… How is your bf okay with it, does he like having you for a sister? I can’t imagine breaking the subject in a casual way.

No. 117049

tfw this is the ideal but you dont date dudes the same race as you

No. 117066

File: 1560953420337.gif (Spoiler Image, 952.01 KB, 245x135, 3E8817E0-7ECA-4B57-AC7D-515FF9…)

Oh god this.
The scene between sister Mary Eunice and Monsignor killed me when I first saw it. Like, priests and stuff never appealed to me but this totally made the whole scenario a huuuuge turn on.

The idea of straight up raping a priest - a man who has devoted his life to god and has faught his urges for decades; making him give in against his will, having him writhe and beg beneath me as I have my way with him and then just abandon him. Having ruined 30, 40 years of celibacy just for a few minutes of pleasure for myself.
I am so sorry for making this so graphic.

No. 117068

I can't shame you! I'm sorry, anon! Your original post reminded me so much of myself that I could have sworn I ghostwrote it.

We're both into it, and quite a bit, to the point where sex is infinitely more enjoyable when we're pretending we're related. I think the topic came up after we watched Oreimo or Eromanga Sensei together. It wasn't really awkward to bring up for some reason? We've always done weird roleplay stuff.

He fits that stereotype of "big angry-looking guy, but has a heart of gold". He's a gentle giant (he's a foot taller than me) and is very, very protective of me. So, he's very much the "big brother" type, and I don't think I would have brought up roleplaying as siblings if he wasn't like that. He's told me before that he has this intense drive to protect me at all costs. He's not easy to piss off, but even the idea of me getting hurt riles him up pretty quickly. You can kinda understand why I like to pretend he's my big brother. I know you can interpret what I said as me being attracted to strong, burly men (which I am), but the whole "intensely protective" aspect becomes extremely sexually appealing to me the moment I pretend he's my older brother.

As I mentioned the roleplay isn't just sexual in nature, sometimes it's just him saying "hey sis" to get my attention, or ruffling my hair and saying I'm cute "despite being his sister". We don't have to actively refer to each other as siblings either, sometimes just cuddling with him on the couch and pretending I'm nuzzling the chest of my older brother is extremely comforting.

I can tell you more about the sexual side of things if you're interested. I'm trying to avoid sperging about this excessively, because I feel like I'm rambling. I've never actually told anyone about this before, so it feels really nice to anonymously tell someone who shares my fetish about it.

No. 117077

File: 1560956405706.gif (156.36 KB, 220x166, 116FFDAD-40CF-4256-8F76-1E9884…)

I don’t either. As long as my bro has the same hair colour as me I can believe it. Although if I dated within my own race I think the solidarity and shared cultural roots would be comfy and cut out a lot of tired questions (the only reason I don’t is because I know 0 people of my ethnicity in my area, it’s white like the North Pole here).

If you tell me just know I’ll be pasting it into my always-offline encrypted hard drive of naughty things for later reading ε-(´∀`; )

No. 117080

This is what anime does to people.

No. 117095

It really is. It's disgusting.

No. 117097

Anon do you live in my head? Lol I think it's extremely hot the idea of a priest crying and begging you to stop tempting him or feeling disgusted in himself but still being unable to stop fucking you because he's too horny for it.

I've been also suddenly really into whump, the idea of a cute boy or a sexy man being severely beaten and bloody and taking care of them is getting more and more my attention, thought I feel is more a romantic thing than sexual. Anyway thank you James for uploading a story of you getting a suture

No. 117106

This is really weird but here goes

I want to feel my breasts grow progressively larger and larger, and to lactate from them while they stretch out my shirt until it rips. My nipples would be extremely sensitive, and it'd be amazing to feel the fabric of my bra and clothes tighten on them as they get soaked.

My partner would use a milking machine on me to try and alleviate the problem, but after some time, he wouldn't be able to resist resorting to hand pumping and sucking on my nipples himself. After that, he'd make a habit of pumping my breasts and giving me special hormones specifically to make them expand and leak milk. He'd put clamps on my nipples just to let the milk build up, watch me squirm as my breasts grow even bigger, heavier and more sensitive than before, and occasionally flick, slap or run his tongue around them just to tease me. After a while, he'd either take off the clamps, letting all my milk spill out, or they'd come off by themselves from all the built-up pressure and the milk would burst out.

I kind of go back and forth between wanting to be some sort of "hucow" who gets degraded as livestock while all this happens, wanting to cuddle my partner while he drinks my milk and fondles me, and just wanting to have a pair of giant, milky breasts all to myself. How big they get exactly depends on my mood. I also sometimes fantasize about my breasts starting to grow and/or leak through my shirt in public, and having to find someplace to hide so I can express until they're back to "normal". This is weird since I have extreme anxiety around any situations like that in reality. I have other odd fantasies, but this post is already long.

I've actually played with the idea of getting Domperidone or something else that can induce lactation, but I know it'd just be an inconvenience in real life. Plus, I'm scared to order drugs to my country (lmao).

No. 117114

Not into that specific fantasy, but I have induced successfully for sexual/romantic reasons with fenugreek and a hospital grade pump and hand expressing. Idk if I'm just susceptible or if most can get by without the hormones. You can't do any of that weird shit though when lactating or you're going to give yourself mastitis.

No. 117140

The fuck mang yall niggas nasty lmfao

No. 117403

the most fucked up thing i've ever thought of is kidnapping a man and his young son, and raping and murdering them. also that priest thing is hot

No. 117423

That's fucked indeed but is the young son 3, 13 or 23?

No. 117449

in his teens, so like 14-16. prepubescent children are never attractive and i'm saying this as a genuine degenerate

No. 117450

How is murdering them hot? Why would anyone want this?

No. 117460

I want to call this degen but its the most logical kink you could have biologically speaking.

The priest thing really bothers me. I don't think the whole taboo thing is shameful I just can't get past the abuse scandals, that is shameful. It pisses me off so much, I don't want to be attracted to people part of an organization that did such vile things to children. A shame because there are some really cute priests.

No. 117466

apparently ugly people

was masturbating last night and i started thinking about the ugliest friend i had and came. it takes me so long to cum but my brain was like yes this hits the spot

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