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No. 133562

Like the title says.
Previous Thread: >>102887

No. 133563

So, I just tested out using a vibrator for the first time but I can't say it really did much for me. It seems like every time I masturbate the pleasure is minimal at best. Am I broken?
My clit is fairly small, so could that be why?

No. 133566

Vibrators have never really done anything for me either anon. I could feel something, but I don’t get the hype. I have a pretty small clit as well, could be it.

No. 133572

Maybe it is a clit size issue

I'm one of those losers that thought they were trans for a while and the one great thing to come from a few months taking testosterone was a larger clit that sticks out. I come mad easy now, whereas I had a lot of difficulty before

No. 133583

i'm typically submissive but have wanted to try something different for a while now. i was nervous, but managed to be a little more dominant last night. thankfully bf didn't think it was weird, enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind more instances of me taking the lead. any ideas for how i can do this? i don't think he'd like the kind of subby stuff i'm into (i like being lightly slapped, bit, choked, etc.) so i'm not sure what to do. i want to be this super sexy bad bitch that pushes him against the wall while telling him to drop his pants, but i don't think i have the confidence. like, i feel a little silly trying to act like that, you know? i'm just not used to it, but i really want to be

No. 133584

Honestly, most guys are switches rather than straight up dom. He clearly likes what you're doing to him. Just do the stuff he does to you, if you actually want to. He can handle it. He is a man, not some delicate flower you need to be gentle with.

No. 133586

if you're worried about being awkward or looking silly just own it and don't try to be overly serious to overcompensate. just approach it with an experimental attitude rather than making it a performance or character. laugh together if you need to. then when your throat is cleared so to speak, it'll probably be easier to get into it unselfconsciously.

No. 133587

Damn. I just want to feel good for once dammit.

No. 133589

this is making me wonder about my clit size now. is there really that much difference in size from clit to clit. how small is small? mine is completely hidden under the hood, is that small?

No. 133590

iirc the smaller the area, the more concentrated the nerve endings, so small is good in this case.

No. 133609

as someone with a small hooded clit, it's really hard to find and is a waste of time finding it. it gets awkward when having other people touch you. not great for being sexual with other people imo.

No. 133617


Idk. My clit is big-ish, I have slightly heightened testosterone levels and have a high libido and intense orgasms. I have no idea if outer clit size plays a role in this but I don't think small clit = more intense.

No. 133618

ayrt, i dont think it necessarily does either. mine isn't sensitive at all and it's small.

No. 133619

that isn't how it works for this. most of the organ is buried so the part that's small is the exposed part, not the entire thing. smaller means less exposed nerves.

No. 133628

thank you anons, i went for it and we both had so much fun. like holy fuck it was hot

No. 133641

If vibrators don't do anything for you I have some advice, hopefully it helps? For me indirect vibration is what feels best. If I was putting a fast-moving vibrator directly against my clit I'd lose sensation FAST and therefore it'd just not feel good.

So I ALWAYS keep my underwear on, use the lightest levels of vibration, and kinda the head around. I use a wand type too, don't have much luck with any other kind. Make sure you are also really relaxed, of course, and don't be in a hurry. What feels best for me is vibrator low, underwear on, and vibrator not directly on my clit, but to the side pressed against the lip + hood. Getting pretty in depth here sorry, but I hope it helps.

Now if anybody has advice on how to cum from penetrative sex other than just use a vibrator at the same time, I'm all ears.

No. 133646

>Now if anybody has advice on how to cum from penetrative sex other than just use a vibrator at the same time, I'm all ears.
Foreplay. I can orgasm from penetration if I'm already really aroused from being teased by my partner.

No. 133679

I asked this in the previous thread, but it died so I'll go again: has anyone lost their virginity in a one night stand? if yes, how was it? and how does one go about finding a hookup? on tinder? in bars?

No. 133682

I did, it was with a tourist I met while hanging out with my friend at a park. Him and his friend approached us asking about the city and stuff, we talked for a while and then they invited us to their airbnb, they were cool so we went.

We had some wine and basically him and I then went to the bedroom, I wasn't exactly drunk just tipsy but I thought eh why not. I was 19 and I wanted to get it over with cause I was starting to get anxious about losing my virginity too late, plus I'm very rarely attracted to guys and he was hot, but most importantly I knew I'd never see him again because he was foreign. Tbh I don't think I would do it with anyone I knew I might see again.

Anyway, I told him I was a virgin and he didn't mind (I don't understand why some guys do) so we just kind of did it. It was awful and didn't even last a minute, hurt a little bit but no bleeding or anything. The guy wasn't the most polite but I didn't really care, left almost right after.

In the taxi home I was excited that I finally did it but the next day I was disappointed that it was so underwhelming but thought it was just cause it was the first time. Looking back it was a pretty shitty experience that I don't like to remember but I'm glad I did it then cause I don't know how long it would have taken me to lose it otherwise. Felt kind of empty for a while afterwards but got over it after having sex with a couple other guys. I gotta say that not being a virgin gave me a lot more confidence around guys hitting on me.

However I always knew I wanted to lose it in a one night stand. I wanted to be "experienced" when I would have an actual relationship for whatever reason.

No. 133695

What does it feel like to actually climax via PIV? I normally feel really good, but not quite 'there'… then I'll typically get too sensitive to continue, and have to stop. I've managed to with a wand, but it was a clitoral orgasm combined with g-spot focus, not vaginal… help

No. 133709

when climax from PIV i can't stop climaxing multiple times in a row. i feel like a melting candle. It's a lot different than clit orgasm but still really good.
I was once on a psych med that the only way i could climax was from penis in vagina intercourse and i'd come in like less than a minute.
my bf felt like a sex master even though it was just my brain chemicals were whacked out on that med.

No. 133716

I'm anxious over the stupidest shit. I'm a whole virgin. I wonder, when you do a blowjob/handjob and you don't want to swallow/get in on your face (the idea of a blowjob is barely comfortable to me, I don't know, seems so disrespectful for myself? lmao idk) what do you do? Like, where do you point his dick when he cums. This seems so awkward when I imagine it, like does he unload on the ground? Into your hands? And what, do you just go clean them off? Lol sorry, but it's all just so awkward to imagine. I feel like it would be rude to just go immediately wipe his cum off like if it's disgusting or it breaks the mood, but what else you gotta do, just hang there with it

No. 133724

it takes some getting used to, but it's just sooo much easier to swallow it. i don't like the texture of cum cause it's kinda sticky, so getting rid of it is like…paramount lol

No. 133732

Or just don't take cum in your mouth full stop. I find it unpleasant so I set a boundary around that. Men could do with learning that we're not here to endure unpleasant shit just for their egos to enjoy it.

No. 133735

Ask a classic "Where do you want to cum, babe?". Easy. If he says mouth and you're like nope.jpg, try something like "I think it'd be really hot if you came on my tits / ass / feet / anywhere but my hair"

No. 133738

Easiest is to aim it at your chest, then if he's nice he'll get you something to clean up with, sometimes you have to ask. I only swallow when I'm really into the guy. Keep it special lol

No. 133745

You don't have to do blowjobs at all if it feels uncomfortable/degrading to you. Never agree to anything you're uncomfortable with just to please your partner.

No. 133750

Vibrators dont work for everyone. For me they only make my crotch feel numb. I also hate electrical toothbrushes because they do the same to my face lmao. But you could try different types and settings.

This >>133745 Sex is to be enjoyed by both not just the male. But if the cum is the issue you can just switch to intercourse or have a paper towel ready or something.

I come from penetration the easiest on a position which is like missionary but my legs are on the guys shoulders.

No. 133761

AYRT. It's a deep, intense full body orgasm. I tense up and then it's like a warm feeling of relaxation and contentment surges through me. It radiates from what feels like just below my belly button all the way down to my toes, through to my finger tips and the top of my head. It does have a downside though, afterwards my vag goes numb and I have no interest in having more sex.

No. 133962

File: 1583711076563.jpg (13.67 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS_d.jpg)

I don't know why this is, but I literally cannot do doggy style. Fingers, dick, sex toy - nothing will go inside me. It's like there's a huge wall blocking my vaginal opening or something. It's only in doggy style, otherwise I can put things inside me just fine. Sometimes my boyfriend's dick hurts a lot but I think it's because he's large and I'm really small. But doggy style hurts like hell, like unbearable. Is this normal just to not be able to do doggy style at ALL? Not even like I could force something inside me like that - I straight up don't think anything can enter inside me when I'm on all 4s or bent over. I suspect I may have mild vaginismus, could this be why? It makes me a bit insecure, I want to try new positions but.. I just can't.
Also, how do you introduce roleplay scenarios in a not super awkward way? I want to try some stuff with my boyfriend we used to fantasize about when we were long distance but I get so nervous and shy about it and am scared I'll look like a weirdo or it'll be awkward. I don't really have any sexual confidence after years of sexual abuse so I don't feel like I can just introduce a roleplay scenario to him without feeling weird about it. Is there an easier way to do it, or how should I go about it?

No. 133965

I had hardcore vaginismus for about 7 months, in which I couldn’t even get fingered in missionary so that’s where I’m coming from anon— it wasn’t until the fourth guy that i slept with, so roughly about a year and a half of sexhaving until I could do doggy style or even just be hit from behind while laying down or anything. Before I would literally be crying in pain trying to do it, and then it’s like one day it just went away! Sorry for the non-answer but I just wanted to let you know that’s completely normal in my experience, and it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong or it’ll be like that forever.

No. 133969

Dif anon but I have vaginismus currently. I can only get 1 finger in with discomfort but every other position hurts like hell and it feels impossible to have him or a toy enter me without pain! I am so fascinated that you managed to get rid of it. Do you have at least a little idea of what made it go away? Did it stop immediately or did the pain lessen over time from repeated sessions?

No. 133977

> I suspect I may have mild vaginismus
> years of sexual abuse

Have you got any real help since the abuse? Getting help for that should really be your first priority before worrying about things like doggy or roleplay. It's very common to have this issue after abuse and it's a sign you need to get professional help to work through serious trauma.

Taking the pressure off when it comes to sex is probably best right now. Step back from sex and address the abuse.

No. 133985

Wow okay so I keep thinking that it went away by itself, but now that I think about it I actually did do some stuff to make it go away. I used to have an involuntary reflux to clench my legs together during sex, and to get myself out of it I would just try to think about sex, just when I was sitting in my room or whatever, and try to stay relaxed and keep my legs open. I also started masturbating with a warm washcloth in the shower, again just trying to relax and be gentle with myself and not be upset if it didn’t work. Since it’s all completely mental, I just had to really really work myself up to finally having sex, feeling really comfortable with my partner at the time, and being able to relax during sex. Taking things one step at a time (one finger, two fingers, missionary, cowgirl, then finally doggy) over the span of about a year as I became more comfortable with myself, having sex and the guys I was with. Lots of lube and being open about what’s happening instead of being ashamed if you can’t do whatever the guy is asking really helps too.

No. 134051

hi anons it's me again

since ive been more "on top" lately, what's something i can call myself/have my bf call me in bed? "mommy" is a definite no-go but shit like "mistress" or "master" makes me cringe too lol

No. 134054

Goddess ? or is that kinda cringe?

No. 134056

BOSS/rookie. I'm top management and he's entry level cutie.

No. 134087

supreme being

No. 134090

hit him with that 'mi amore'

No. 134102

so many top names are cringe unfortunately

is 'miss' too tame? it's formal if nothing else.

No. 134109

Lord God Queen Juicy Pussy

No. 134212

No. 134214

supreme leader

No. 134218

ntayrt but this had me creasing, gg anon

No. 134262

Just got out of a failed relationship that lasted years. I really want to be eaten out, it's been years…. but I've never had casual sex and I dont know if it's right for me. How often to guys eat girls out? Like is it rare or 50/50?

No. 134263

My current partner has a very "poke"-y style of kissing with their tongue.

Kind of like they don't know what they're doing. Absolutely fantastic with everything else, but is there any way to bring this up or guide them in the right direction w/ this?

No. 134603

My boyfriend was a virgin before me. I've finally got him to give me oral sex regularly but he's always so sloppy when he does it. I'll have drool all over myself and have to like mop it up with something midway and it absolutely digusts me. I've mentioned it like maybe he could try not to leave so much spit but I'm worried I'm discouraging him from doing it all. How to handle this? It's making me hate oral sex and I have always loved it with my other partners.

No. 134889

Tell him he'll have to lick sweaty ass and armpits every time if he doesn't stop being sloppy

No. 134894

Tell him that everyone else sucks their own saliva up as they go, virgin or not I would think that most people know not to mindlessly drool on a person and leave it there. His technique must be awful.

A book he might benefit from reading 'She Comes First' by Ian Kerner

No. 134895

> I've finally got him to give me oral sex regularly

Samefag but I realised that if he's just drooling and not instinctively sucking any juices back up it sounds like he has a squeamishness about your bodily fluids. He's going out of his way not to consume them while he's down there.

No. 134898

About to have my first time with a girl, but I have NO clue what I'm doing.
It's like realizing you've always tied your shoes from one angle so you get tripped up thinking about it from another.

Any pointers?
Also wanted to know more about women with smaller clits–the clitoris technically extends a bit inwards, so do women with small clits prefer more internal massages?

No. 135347

What does it feel like to have a penis inside you?
In the vagina thread anon commented about the difference between a dildo and a penis, specifically it "twitches inside you" and I'm in somewhat of a mindfuck on that

I'm old and nothing other than a tampon has ever been in me so I'm lost and curious

No. 135389

It pulsates with his heartbeat, it's warm, the skin is nice and smooth, it's strong (like in essence… obviously a hard dick is hard), it's filling in a wonderful way, you can feel his dick twitch while he cums, the feeling of the skin of his dick coming into contact with the skin/tissue of your vaginal canal is fucking amazing. Sometimes there is more friction between his dick and your vagina skin (condomless) and sometimes it's very slippery based on your and his lubrication levels, giving different sensations. I have never used dildos but the fact that his penis is body temp makes it very comfortable and pleasant. Hope that helps!

No. 135398

it's nowhere near as good as this anon says it is. >>135389 this is an exercise in creative writing in comparison to the actual experience.

No. 135403

Uhhh, yes it is as good as I explained in >>135389. That's literally my experience and feelings about it. Experiences are subjective, after all. I'm sincerely sorry you can't enjoy it as much as I do. Hopefully you've found your own ways to reach sexual fulfillment.

Also I want to rephrase this as it's confusing:
>Sometimes there is more friction between his dick and your vagina skin (condomless) and sometimes it's very slippery based…
Should say:
>When not using a condom sometimes there is more friction between his dick skin and your vagina skin and sometimes it's very slippery based on your and his lubrication levels, giving different sensations.

No. 135405

File: 1585767793408.jpeg (35.99 KB, 474x290, download.jpeg)

Double posting, sorry, but what feels so good about a real penis has a lot to do with the skin and texture. All the tiny ridges of his skin and all the tiny ridges of your skin slide against eachother and stimulate the nerve endings. As he pulls out pushes his dick in, those tiny ridges in yours and his skin catch eachother and create friction. So, it feels like a hard thing, yes, but wrapped in a thinner, soft thing, and the pull/push of the skin of the penis against your vag, and the firmness just underneath, is what feels much better than a dildo. And the warmth, I gather.
This is also why condoms are not idel for pleasure. It smooths out all the skin texture and it's not as nice-feeling.

No. 135407

File: 1585768956058.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 582x296, 1972-look-at-that-pussy-grippi…)

Fully dick sperging out, but hopefully this is interesting to someone.
Note the skin at the base of his penis bunches and stretches as she's moving up or down. The vaginal muscles grip the penis too obv, but my point is the skin-to-skin contact, the friction it creates, and just how good that pull of skin feels (especially compared to a dildo). Although I'm sure there are dildos that have friction, it's the dynamic feeling of a sheath of skin over The Hard Thing that makes the experience especially delicious.


No. 135413

my point is that very few women find it anywhere near as pleasurable as you do, obviously. just look at your fag tier dick obsession and sperging. i don't know if you've been on hopped up on molly every time you've fucked a guy, but you'd be very hard pressed to find women this emotionally involved in the the texture of dick or the feeling of dick. maybe it's because i get very wet easily or idk but other than feeling it with my mouth/hands, the texture is hardly felt in your vagina. i don't think most women share your experiences with dick. most women can take or leave the penis, in actuality.

No. 135446

Oh, that sucks then. I didn't realize so many women weren't sensitive enough in their vagina to feel it like I do, I guess.
I focused on very minute details of the skin bc the original anon was asking what a real penis feels like, chill out and go get fucked… oh, wait, you won't enjoy it. No wonder you're bitter.

No. 135467

>fag tier dick obsession
It's actually called being straight, retard. Don't twist things around.

No. 135472

writing 3 bizarrely detailed, self admitted "full spergout" posts, only about dick, in a row (>>135407, >>135405, >>135403) is absolutely gay male tier.

No. 135512

regardless whether or not anon is a flaming homosexual, thank you for the responses
I've never thought about what it might feel like to have something inside me until now so it's bizarre to think about

No. 135535

Dyke detected

No. 135542

No. 135550

seconding this question. i have a bf of four years i'm planning on dumping for other reasons, but he also refuses to give head. would be great to find someone interested in it…

also agree. deep penetration rarely feels as pleasurable as that anon described. i can feel some pulsing and occasionally it will feel good, but i really need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. PIV is very overrated, IMO, in terms of actual pleasure. it can be mentally stimulating, however.

No. 135844

Faggot scrote

No. 135907

Id just like to ask how to give a proper deep throat? I tried that with my ex but his dick was small and he once said my teeth grazed around his dick so im worried about me giving head in the future. Id like to do better next time

No. 135928

How bad of an idea was sending nudes to my boyfriend of 5 years?

Because of lockdown we're not able to see each other and one thing lead to another. You can see my tattoo on a couple of them but the tattoo is usually covered (on my hip). He also sent me nudes back.

At first I thought idgaf if they end up anywhere but now I'm second guessing it. What's everyone's opinion on nudes?

No. 135929

I can't say for everyone else but like, I wouldn't trust a man with my nudes

unfortunately society still shits on woman who exposes her body if it ever get on the web sooooo

No. 135932

anons do you think asexuality is real?

I've always been confused about my sexuality, have had crushes on both genders. I was a late bloomer losing my virginity at 23 to a boyfriend I was never that into. I kind of enjoy sex acts that aren't penetration but only when I'm the one being acted upon. Even still, I don't get that much actual physical pleasure from it, don't get any physical arousal (literally have never gotten wet in my entire life) and have never had an orgasm. Even masturbating, if I come close to orgasm I actually find the sensation quite unpleasant. The only thing I really feel like I get out of sex is validation.

The main thing is that at no point during any crush- and I have them regularly- have I been actively sexually attracted to the person. I don't have any sexual desire for anyone, it just is the logical conclusion when two people like eachother so it ends up happening. I also have spaced out and ended up crying during like 70% of my sexual experiences.

I have always been trying to figure out why I'm like this and blame it on all sorts of different things but maybe I actually just don't like sex. I also feel like asexual is a fake tumblrina sexuality though so have never given it a proper thought.

No. 135933

i believe that someone can be asexual, but not pansexual, demisexual and all that bs. people don't take it seriously bc the term originated from tumblr, so maybe try not to label yourself as such and just say you don't feel sexual attraction.

No. 135935

Nah asexuality isn't a fake tumblr sexuality. People have been talking about it since long before tumblr sjw stuff. Andy Warhol was rumored to be asexual. I
I think it's real but it should be kind of a last resort diagnosis, especially these days. it can take a long time to develop a sexuality and people can have low/no libido for many reasons.

No. 135943

An extremely low or non existent libido, or just not liking sex is a real thing. Could be physical, psychological, just a personality trait, doesn't really matter, obviously there are people who just don't want to have sex. Asexuality is a special snowflake label though, and trying to obfuscate the definition of a sexual orientation to include things other than gay/straight/bi is obnoxious.

I guess it's just semantics but there's no doubt most people who use the label asexual are usually SJW genderspecial tumblrinas. Like, the sort of idiots who came up with 'gray asexual', asexuals who occasionally experience sexual attraction… aka by definition not a asexual. If you want to retain dignity and not be so limited by such dumbassery that you need to come up with new labels to accommodate every change in your sex drive, I'd refrain from using it.

No. 135944

>people don't take it seriously bc the term originated from tumblr
are you joking? tumblr could popularize it, but not come up with it as it's existed forever as >>135935 said

No. 135947

Idk if it´s true but I´ve read before that it´s scientifically proven like 1-2% of the world population is asexual. Maybe worth looking into if the scientific confirmation of asexuality is a real thing gives you piece of mind.

My own thoughts: If you don't like sex, you don't like it. It doesn't matter if that technically makes you asexual or not.

No. 135957

I've heard people describe asexuality as it's own spectrum where some masturbate, some don't at all, some are sexually active just for the sake of their partner and others are lifelong virgins. Those people all exist and it's just a matter of whether you want to use the label I guess.

I got married years ago with the understanding that me and my partner would never have sex and we didn't for those few years, I was happy signing up for no sex forever. I do masturbate. When my marriage ended (for other reasons) I ended up in a relationship where the guy believed sex was vital to a relationship. I really regret trying to keep that relationship alive by having sex. I could probably apply the asexuality label to myself but I'm just not a fan of labelling it.

No. 135960

I think my bf have some problems related to getting erected.Like,he does never fully get erected,it's always semi-soft,barely hard enough to keep the shape and he always uses his hand to guide his penis inside.And i can never get on top because his penis keeps bending,or if i somehow manage to put it inside i can never fully slide on it,his willy just stretches as i move.At the end of our time we are both satisfied but i'm wondering if this is normal,does anyone else experienced something similiar?

No. 135961

Not normal at all, he really needs to see a doctor about this

No. 136298

Does anyone have any experience with a porn addiction? Recent epiphany, realized I cannot come without porn. Beginning process of cutting porn out of my life, cutting back on masturbating for now - considering nofap.
I feel incredibly dumb for not realizing much sooner how deep in this hole I’m in. When I’m with a guy it’s good and then keeps getting better and then – nothing. Just a plateau. Only recently discovered this dilemma when I tried to masturbate without porn, just tried to focus on myself and the sensations felt; and experienced the same exact feeling - only being able to come after pulling up some porn. Thinking back, I must’ve coupled masturbating with porn exclusively, ever since I first discovered porn (like age 10?)
I guess I want to know if anyone’s gone through the same, how long it might take to rewire my brain? I want to fully enjoy sex with my s/o and be there in the moment. I don’t want my brain to be wired to need intense visual cues to come.

No. 136299

Why are you focusing on yourself and the sensations your feeling. I mean, that's a start but you ever try visualizing a scenario in your head that turns you on? That's what I do. I can do anything I want in my head and you can too. Just start thinking about some hot shit.

No. 136300

question. why are the only two options watching porn or focusing on yourself and the sensations felt? there's a lot between those two options. have you tried looking at a photo of a celeb you think is hot or watching a sexy music video? or anything that's sexy but not full on porn? tbh the idea that women should be able to come just from the touch with no object of desire always seemed like bullshit to me and like it was made up by men who are scared of women doing the objectifying for once.

No. 136303

Ikr. These anons better start smarting up. Wtf are they doing

No. 136304

hmm maybe I could've worded that differently but yes, thinking of hot scenarios/ppl I think are hot is included in what I try to do without porn. When I said focus on myself, I meant that more as focus by myself, in my own head with my own scenarios without porn.
For now I'm just trying to chill out I know if I focus too hard on the goal of cumming it's not happening. Guess I'm just really bummed out by it

No. 136306

got it. thanks for clearing it up. i thought you meant you were trying to literally think of yourself or think of nothing.
still, have you tried supplementing a fantasy with a photo or non porn video? i find it easier than just using my imagination alone

No. 136368

So I recently just started having penetrative sex for the first time. All is great. But is it normal to feel like a bunch of gas is bloating up and about to release during thrusts? I feel like if its inserted deep enough it almost feels like I am about to start passing gas and that would be super embarassing and I really want to avoid it. I am also wondering if it could be air inside my vagina itself but it mostly feels like its pushing through my poop tube. My other theory is that theres air trapped around my cervix and its bloating up my walls and giving me the sensation of queefing. I really cant tell. I had to tell him to pause and let me run to the bathroom but nothing comes out. It only started happening after I was trimming my pubes so I had to open my legs a lot so maybe that's why it had air? I don't know but it doesnt hurt, it's just uncomfortable and I really dont wanna fart or I'll die of humiliation.

No. 136652

how common is it during a blowjob for the balls to be also put in the mouth/sucked? is this something a lot of women do? has anyone here done this or would you say it's uncommon?

No. 136669

I never did before because it seemed gross, but my partner is really into it and I think it's kinda fun with him. Only if their balls aren't ugly looking though.

No. 136670

I feel this, too. Only it never felt like air, but it feels like his dick is pushing on your anus from inside. Which it probably is. I feel this when I insert my finger and feel my cervix as well.

I do this to my bf. I fucking love sucking his dick tho so ymmv

No. 136676


Uhm… what? Do you mean playing with the balls using your tongue/lips (normal) or do you mean literally having the dick and the balls inside your mouth at the same time (wtf)?

No. 136681

If you mean taking the whole thing at once, I dont think it's common. That's a lot to take in and his balls might even slip out a lot unless he has a small dick but even then I dont think that's common.

If you mean like switching between balls and dick then yes that is common. I personally find it fun if he has good hygiene. It gives it an extra sensitive feeling on top of the blowjob from what I was told. If you arent into it dont force yourself to do it.

No. 136712

When I go down on my boyfriend I kiss his thighs and it makes him squirm. I guess they're just as sensitive as ladies around there.

No. 136715

Its an underrated spot.I found that most guys don't even consider their other body parts.
If your bf like the kisses try giving them a squeeze too.

No. 136744

Retarded question but do guys normally only cum when they orgasm? Or can they come randomly then orgasm after?

No. 136816


I believe it's real. I think in some cases, hormones etc could affect your libido. I think I'm asexual, as in I'm not interested in sleeping with anyone at all, irl situations or thinking about someone doesn't turn me on. I do masturbate/watch porn, though. I've slept with a handful of people (some of them were ons, others were people I knew), and it's always been really mundane. I have a boyfriend (long distance) and I don't miss sex at all when I don't see him. In the relationship, sex is honestly a chore for me and I do it purely for him as it doesn't give me anything other than having to sit on the toilet for ten minutes after, squirting cum out of my cabin.

No. 136825

lmao yes I meant at different times, focusing on sucking the balls on their own without the dick involved

No. 136877

I began seeing a guy before quarantine and we had sex a handful of times. He is on Paroxetine (an ssri) and it seriously impacts his performance. He can't stay hard for more than a few minutes. Penetrative sex is nearly impossible and it makes him overall nervous in bed.

Unfortunately, I dislike oral and prefer penetration. Do any other anons have experience with partners on ssris? Can I ever expect to have sustained penetrative sex with him? I'm wondering if this is an issue of incompatibility, which sucks because we have great chemistry.

No. 136879


Well, I don't put the whole damn ballsack in my mouth and suck it like I would a dick but I nibble, lick, kiss and touch it when I give blowjobs and I guess that's fairly common thing to do for people who don't hate giving blowjobs.

No. 136881

Do you ever worry that having sex out of duty or like you said 'as a chore' will catch up with you mentally and be damaging in the long run?

I feel the same way about sex but did it to please partners, I feel awful now looking back at those times. I see people, even therapists saying it's pretty common for asexuals to do that but my experience with it is that many years in it lead to a breakdown. I didn't see how much it weighed on me. I did it to avoid a lifetime of being single but having sex you don't want just seems so obviously unhealthy.

No. 136883

Pretty much it's all in one go. Sometimes it's long draw and it will continue but once it's over they won't again. So essentially once and done

No. 136935

I mean the penis usually ends up involved, but it doesn't have to.

No. 136959

Advice Cookie Monster incoming.

No. 136964

>ends up involved
How so?(read the rules)

No. 136977

File: 1587243433426.gif (1015.92 KB, 386x244, D5EFB817-BAD7-447A-9B4C-1D70C5…)

Wtf is this shitty ass photo of uncooked chicken penis.

No. 136981

That's pretty hardcore. I just give them a lil lick/suck when I'm giving him a blowjob

No. 137013

I definitely do, and thank you for looking out for me. I think I'm at the stage you were where I'm just doing it so that it won't be an issue. I know he'll miss sex if we stop. I know he would understand and respect my wishes if I shared my feelings, but I don't think a sex-less relationship would work for him in the long run.I wouldn't mind him having sex with someone else, but he definitely would. I also don't see myself with him in the future, so I don't bother filling him in on my lack of libido. As things are right now, sex is boring for me, but he doesn't last long at all and it's very vanilla, sweet and intimate so I don't feel disgusting or weird afterwards. If he was pornsick and wanted me to blow him for an hour before having rough sex I would scoot.

No. 137140

Tips on how to give blowjobs when you have a strong gag reflex?
Can't do it without choking

No. 137171

Try sucking him while he fingers you? I can't do anything without gagging unless I'm super horny. Honestly I just don't enjoy blowjobs at all unless I'm so turned on my gag reflex is toned down.

No. 137176


I went from barely taking the head in my mouth to fully six inches with minimal gagging from repeated sessions.
You just gotta practice a lot. Your gag will desensitize over time. Make sure your partner is actually patient and not expecting to face fuck you or it will ruin it. Make sure you're actually aroused and into blowjobs or it'll feel like a chore and put you through unnecessary discomfort.
Dont eat a big meal before bjs obv. And dont feel pressured to deep throat if you're not down that day sometimes the head being stimulated is enough. You can use your hand to stroke the base of him while you suck the head and itll give you length limit before you gag. Your hand will help gauge how deep youre able to go before gagging and he still gets pleasure from the stroking. With repeated sessions ver time you'll notice you can take without gagging.

No. 137179

Focus on the head with your mouth and use your hands for the length.

No. 137187

This might sound stupid but have you tried fucking people of different genders?

No. 137336

Just focus on the tip. Helps if he's uncut, but work with what you've got.

No. 137401

File: 1587683128899.png (5.18 KB, 754x89, 1.png)

No. 137822

Anons who give bjs to uncut men - what's the difference in technique? I know I can search for porn but ew.
Like, do you retract the skin so the head is visible, focus on the head and stroke the shaft? Does moving the skin hurt the guy or is it pleasurable? Or do you just move your hand without pulling the skin, so it has to be well lubricated. Advice, anecdotes, experiences appreciated…

No. 137829

It's not like an extra thing you have to worry about. It does its own thing and retracts as appropriate, and lubricates itself etc.

No. 138005

I have a question; do any of you have any experience with men trying to learn about women's sexuality/pleasure without having to ask them to do it? I remember when I got with my first bf and I would sit for hours and hours and read about how to give blowjobs/watch tutorials etc (which apparently worked bc I remember him complimenting me a lot), but I've never been with a man that seems to know what they're doing at all. After kissing for two minutes, they will go on to touching me really hard or go straight to dry finger banging. I always have to direct them and tell them what to do, and even then it's mostly meh. They don't seem to know that even though they're hard and ready to go, most girls need at least some foreplay and warming up before anything major happens. My theory is that the men I've been with have seen too much porn and have never received any constructive criticism from their previous partners. And of course we all, women and men, have different preferences when it comes to touching and oral, but the general notion of being gentle and careful with someones genitals during the first 10 minutes of foreplay at least, seems to be completely missing from the partners I've been with. It's been dawning on me recently and im honestly bitter about how men seems to lack any sort of interest when it comes to how pleasuring women works/learning the basics and different techniques. I hope most of you don't sit with the same feelings as me, because it sucks, but I´m interested to hear about your thoughts on this.

No. 138008

My bf is uncut and has phimosis. It’s super hard giving head to him as he’s delicate and the skin is thick and gives me gag reflex. It hurts to him if The tip is uncovered and prefers when I play with the skin around his tip while covered. I learned how to do it by asking a lot, even though it’s been super frustrating in the end I managed to deal with proper pressure and movements and now it’s more satisfying and fun. I don’t know if every uncut man is like him, but that’s my insight.

No. 138013

Half the problem is shitty porn that shows men getting 20 minute long blow jobs and women not getting any warm up… the other half of the problem is that they often just don't care about our pleasure. That's been my experience even dating older and obvs quite experienced men, Even after having those 'here is what I need from you' talks.. it's like an orgasm is too much to ask for.

No. 138014

My fiancée read a lot and watched videos about female pleasure when we started dating and was very attentive to my needs as I was to his. So there are those out there too but I think it's partly because we were each other's firsts so we did a lot of sexual discovering together. Nowadays he takes my arousal for granted (as in doesn't spend as much time on warming me up as I'd need in that particular time) but telling him I need more touching and caressing has always done the job. And, yeah, I'm lucky. What I've heard it seems that most guys aren't really interested in making the other person feel good, they're so used to being catered to in other parts of their life, so why not in the bedroom too?

No. 138021

When I retract, I retract LIGHTLY. It kind of retracts itself. You can use the foreskin as part of the stimulation. It's like the clitoral hood. The skin should move back and forth. The best thing you can do is ask the guy to show you how he likes to be touched.

No. 138032

Is there any way to make a guy last longer? I’m very fortunate in that my bf takes care of me. He’s the only guy I’ve ever successfully climaxed with. However, he only lasts about 2-3 minutes max maybe. I really miss the intimacy and bonding experience of sex. It’s not a deal breaker, obviously, but I’d really like to be able to have longer, more intense sex.

No. 138042

one method is having a lot of sex basically, so he will be more satisfied = won't climax that fast. Maybe masturbating some time before the act, just make sure he can perform after. He can try taking pauses mid sex, when he feels he's close. In general edging helps. If he's generally weak with control, kegel exercises.

No. 138046

i took a virginity pledge at 15 (i'm 19) and i want to let it go but i feel so guilty. how do you get over it?

No. 138053

use condoms?

No. 138055

your virginity is as big of a deal as you want it to be. for some people, it's highly valued and for others, it didn't meant anything at all.
think of why you want to lose your virginity. is it truly what you want right now, and are willing to deal with potential consequences (if any) of losing your virginity in the future?
think of why you took that pledge in the first place and see if your ideals still match. if they don't, that's okay. people change.
>be me at 8 years old
>promise my mother i'd never get tattoos multiple times
>10 years later, gets a tattoo

i'd say, if you truly want it, go for it. just make sure you use proper protection - don't risk pregnancy.

No. 138059

Have fun while you’re young anon. There is nothing to feel ashamed of, it’s your body.

No. 138063

Sex is how humans perpetuate, it's how we keep existing. We literally wouldn't exist without it, something as natural as that can't possibly be bad or wrong. There's nothing to feel guilty about. Don't let something as abstract as virginity keep you from doing what you want.

In any case you can choose to let go of the pledge even if you decide to not lose your virginity right now, and instead wait until you feel ready to have sex, because it seems like the pledge thing is weighing on you unnecessarily.

That's what I'd do if I were you, I would abandon the pledge by heart, but I would also wait until I have fully come to terms with sex and gotten over the guilt before losing the v card. You can just be a normal virgin waiting for the right time, with no pledge tying you down.

No. 138088

why did you take a virginity pledge? to who? does that mean you have to stay a virgin forever or just until marriage or something? I have no advice but I'm genuinely curious.

No. 138089

I find my boyfriend really attractive but but i only feel horny once a month of two. It feels pretty good when we do have sex but i feel like i've made sex feel so irrelevant in my life that i don't have any sex drive anymore. Is it normal? Can i fix it?

No. 138097

I have a similar drive (once or twice a month) my relationships always end around the 2 year mark and that's usually the cause. Also interested in seeing if anyone has advice or suggestions

If I date a 'patient' guy he usually loses all patience a couple years in, if I force myself to have sex more often I usually am the one having a breakdown 2 years in. What other options are there?

No. 138098

Date a guy with a low sex drive too?

No. 138110

Hey Anon, I am in a similar situation. I am attracted to my boyfriend, we have been together for almost 4 years. When we first started going out, we would have sex at the drop of a hat, but now I find myself less sexual than ever. I have been getting yeast infections because I cannot get wet enough and that adds to me not wanting to be intimate. I am sort of upset about it, because I enjoy being with my partner and I could never imagine being with anyone else and I want to feel desire for him. Thankfully, he does not have that big of a self drive so I am not "restricting" his sexual expression.

I thought it could have something to do with my IUD or something, but I do not want to go on hormonal birth control and I need to use some sort of contraception.

When we are intimate, foreplay does not really work on me, i usually get off from penetration. I stopped masturbating almost completely too.

Such is life.

No. 139639

File: 1590048954976.jpg (90.8 KB, 640x763, 1580481479688.jpg)

I couldn't find a better thread, I hope posting in here is okay.

Girls, am I doomed? Will I be a virgin forever?

I recently got a cute gf.. the trick is she has a history of genital herpes.
She never hid it from me and I decided to get into a relationship with her either way, cause I didn't really think herpes could be that bad.
But yesterday I read up on it.. to know how to prepare and jesus, will I be a virgin forever? It said it can be transmitted even when in dormient phase. Wtf.
I'm honestly freaked out by it now.

She takes care of it, she says it's painful and doesn't wish it on anybody. So she will probably understand my hesitations.. but right now I'm even scared of touching her with my hands.

If we were straight, I would probably just use a condom. But thinking of oral sex with a dental dam forever sounds.. disappointing in the least.

Am I overreacting? Can someone with history of knowledge of herpes help me out or call me out if I'm being too judgmental? Thanks.

No. 139641

You will get answers from two kind of people here.
1) the ones that have herpes and will tell you how "common it is, -insert percentage here-, it's not that bad, you probably even have it too but it's dormant! don't worry anon!"

2) the lucky ones that don't have it (like you and me) that will tell you to RUN. You are right with it being contagious even in the dormant stage. And btw you can get herpes on your mouth, eyes etc if you go down on her. Imagine walking around with genital herpes in your mouth? jesus. I knew a guy who had it in the uni and he would get terrible wounds around his whole mouth.

No. 139643

Thanks anon. I'm gonna go kms now.

No. 139662

I was worried about having herpes and my gynecologist told me it's very common and most of the times barely any issue. In the end it turned out I dont have it but I'd trust what the doctor says here, it's not just people with herpes trying to make themselves feel better but scientifically a really common thing to have.
Still, if anon's girlfriend has the super-problematic symptoms, i'd be super reluctant too….

No. 139686

Unless you think this will be your forever wife it's absolutely not worth it to take on a lifetime STD over a girlfriend you are only going to be with for two years max. What do you really think? Hahahaha.

No. 139696

I’ve never actually heard about someone who got herpes from someone else in a dormant phase. Idk, I got raped at 16 and contracted herpes so maybe I’m biased. The first years it broke out sometimes but nowadays it’s like I don’t even have it. Last time was two years ago when I had the flu. And I have never transmitted it to someone either.

No. 139718

The type of strain is really important here. If it's genital HSV-1, there is a miniscule nearly nonexistent chance that you would catch it from her. If it's genital HSV-2, then there's a high chance you would catch it even in the dormant phase.

No. 139721

OP here, isn't HSV-1 the one you get around your mouth? She has the painful one on her genitals so I'm pretty sure it's HSV-2…

Honestly anons I feel so hopeless now, this whole thing made me upset for the whole day and I'm acting distant with her now.
>>139686 this anon types like a troll but really made me reconsider.. .

You anon are truly my only hope left.. I wish more people with it would comment and tell me their experiences. I'm actually considering just catching it and living with it at this point.

No. 139729

Not all herpes are made equal though, genital herpes isn't that common at all compared to other types of herpes.
For example, if you ever got chickenpox as a kid, then you have herpes, just not the genital type. If you ever got cold sores, then you also have herpes, just not the genital type.
I think that's where the misconception comes from, because yeah, most people have some form of the herpes virus, but most have the types that cause cold sores, chickenpox, or even mononucleosis, not the genital type.

No. 139735

I'm >>139696 - I can't tell you what to do, just telling you my experience. So, when I contracted herpes (HSV-2) around 10 years ago, I had a fever and other symptoms but I also had a cut and an infection in my vagina from the rape so it's unclear what caused the fever. In the first few years, I had outbreaks circa twice a year and I even had them around the vaginal opening, which wasn't pleasant at all but felt pretty much like a UTI. Nowadays, I only get them when I'm otherwise sick (I guess when my immune system is already fighting off something else) and it's no longer around the vaginal opening but always on the upper left side of my mons pubis. It doesn't exactly look nice but it doesn't really bother me other than that.

I've had regular sex with three people since I caught it. I'm still in contact with two of them, whom I even had unprotected (no condom) sex with. Of course, they all knew about the fact that I have herpes and we didn't have sex when I had sores. None of them have caught it. But I've read that you can contract herpes and never show symptoms, so who knows?

That said, I've read stories online about people who've had it worse than me. I mean, I would definitely prefer not to have it, the worst part is the shame and feeling so dirty and tainted. Especially having contracted it the way I did.

No. 139745

Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for what happened to you, I can't imagine being reminded of it too in such a way.

As comes to me, I think I'll ask her to speak to her gyn to get some medical advice about this.. it' the only thing I can do to be honest.

No. 139746

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should speak to a gyn as well, or you two could go together, depending on how close you are. In the end, there is no right or wrong and only you can make this decision.

No. 139813

Either strain can settle into either area, ie you can have genital HSV-1 or oral HSV-2 too, they just happen less often. Genital HSV-1 can be caught by a person with oral herpes giving you oral sex.

No. 139850

Honestly, STIs are deal breakers to me. I know it's not fair of me, but I just can't get past that squick. I'm terrified at the idea of having an incurable, long-term, contagious illness.

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