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No. 8849

Discuss things you hate about cringey, annoying, or generally shitty anime youtubers such as Lost Pause, The Anime Man, Akidearest, and the rest of the annoying anime youtube community.

No. 8850

>"amazing yuri on ice cosplay"
>wig is falling off of her head in the thumbnail
Akidearest pisses me off the most here, she's the physical embodiment of the "i'm not like the girls" stereotype. She's like a weeaboo version of a "gamer girl".

No. 8851

Digibro is definitely the fucking worst "reviewer". Just another high and mighty asshole with awful analysis and opinions who thinks his shit don't stink.

No. 8852

God damn she drives me nuts. She tries so hard to be the OTHER KIND OF GIRL Because she uses hentai thumbnails

No. 8853


Holy shit, Lost Pause is just another sweaty weeb that puts hentai in the thumbnail just to stay relevant. I'm pretty sure he rode Joey's fame to get subs, I can't see how else this loser could have gotten famous. Him and Aki are basically the same person.

No. 8854

Anime America, annoying little fucks!

No. 8855

I hate those WatchMojo weeaboo style videos holy shit…
>top 10 annoying characters in anime!
they should be on that list tbh… their voices remind me of a bad English dub lmao.

No. 8856

I love Digibro, personally. He's really pretentious and too arrogant for his own good but his analyses are actually insightful and usually pretty accurate (IMO).

I don't like him as a person but I like his reviews and opinion pieces. I mean, he's an ex-brony and loves horrible moe shit, both things I can't remotely stand, but I still appreciate most of his reviews on their own merits.

No. 8857

I have really mixed feelings about his ego.

No. 8858


he can have decent videos (his asterisk war ones are probably his best) but his "I'm right and everything you think is wrong" attitude is the worst. It's like, calm down Greg it's fucking anime.

No. 8859

he loves the sound of his voice way too much and thinks he has a hold of the anime comm when
no lad your a fucking weaboo who got big off mlp stop.

Ive been watching him since mlp though and I like his analysis videos. Also his taste in anime is pretty peak, not amazing sometimes but it doesn't feel too hipster.

No. 8860

lmao what the fuck is this shit

>digidick gets drunk and goes on a rant calling out other anime reviewers

>everyone he calls out responds to him
>cries about getting "misunderstood" in a failed attempt to backpedal his shit-talking
>ends up looking like a complete stuck-up moron as usual
>"everyone in the anime community on youtube sucks and should be more like me!!!"

No. 8861

File: 1490136385453.gif (986.31 KB, 245x245, tumblr_msrsf4WCmk1shia3so1_250…)

>tfw I use to be a part of an anime channel with days of the week for each member
>tfw cringey weebs
>I barely managed to put out maybe a months worth of content before quitting because real job and didn't want to be associated with weebs anymore
The channel pumped out a lot of videos before nearly everyone quit. The channel regularly put out content for SIX YEARS with just the two guys before they stopped all together. To truly grasp the sadness, just look at the fact in a little over half a decade they managed to grab wait for it…650 subscribers. The highest views on a video is a little over 600, but most hover around the 30-40 range. I cringe to think of how many obscure sad anime channels are out there barely getting views despite constantly pushing content. Off topic, why is it that every anime fan on youtube has a weird voice, lisp, or speech impediment? Also the anime man is the worst.

No. 8862

I don't care what anyone says
Mr. Anime is the best anime reviewer out there
but he just stopped I wished he would upload videos again

No. 8863

I think this discussion could have more participants if you brought it over here >>>/snow/260800

No. 8864

joey supports the monogatari series which is basically glorifies pedophilia(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 8865

Of course he does. He's an asshole with a negative attitude. Nigga's got major issues.

No. 8866

Anime should not be a topic for youtube videos, period. Digibro is a pseud who acts like Jesus for having "good opinions", and Mother's Basement just tries to stir shit for the sake of PR so he can get more Crunchyroll shillbux.
Then you have your really, really basic "anitubers" like the Anime Man and False Pause who barely even watch it and really only participate in its "culture". Lastly you have everybody else who either fits into the previous catagories with less than 1000 subs, and finally you have actual wapanese.
Fuck anime youtubers.

No. 8867

Love lilypichu though.

No. 29118

I hope you're not serious.

No. 29643

Thoughts on mother's basement?
I liked some of his vids till I took a look at his twitter. He's another one of those 'totally a feminist ally' creeps. yuck

No. 29647

It's probably lily self posting as usual like she has been here for years.

No. 31208

Lily falls into the "wapanese" catagory, which in my personal opinion is actually the best kind of anime youtuber, because at least they genuinely love what they discuss and aren't vapid about their interest in it for clicks.

No. 31211

Clickbait and controversy: the persona
One day he's criticising Incel Hero, the other day he's praising harem and hentai anime.

Wouldn't surprise me, bitch has been insufferable since her early days, I remember some drama from years ago and an ex-LoL dev who was her friend, I need to dig that up.

No. 31305

File: 1549080693254.png (759.95 KB, 1172x641, reina.png)

>checkout my agehao face yall

Reina must be so happy she was born Japanese. She fetishizes her her own race for attention and validation, she feeds off of the weeb attention. Reina seems like a nice person but everything she does screams HEY MINNA DID U KNOW IM JAPANESE!1! If someone were to call her out on her behavior she would say this is me this is who i am. yes Reina acting like every shitty Japanese stereotype in the book equates to having a personality. Reina would be great and wouldn't be bordering onto snowflake territory if she just cut the weeb bait crap.

No. 31306

Last year she tried advertising her crappy no effort drawings on cc

No. 31316

she's ugly as hell though

No. 135686

Anyone feel like when Lost pause's girlfriend is in a video, she seems extremely uncomfortable? I feel bad for her.(necro)

No. 135766

Ahegao face? Bitch looks like shes having a stroke!

No. 135914

am i the only one who can't stand the cartoon cipher after following mr aj on twitter? his videos were really decent but he's such a costhot attention whore that i ended up unsubbing. it left a really bad taste in my mouth, especially after seeing all the whining he does about people not sharing his content enough.

No. 136056

I'm curious why this community stays incredibly small despite the medium pretty much being mainstream now, with manga dominatign the printing scene. Anime channels don't do as well as videogame ones. The most successful one is debatably supereyepatchwolf (dunno how, his voice is the worst) and even then he's a mix media channel

No. 136200

IDK maybe since once you see one ani-tuber you have seen them all because ani-tubers come in 2 flavors, degenerate coomers and pretentious coomers (sometimes a mix of both). Anitubers I feel also rely on memes too much to keep their audience engaged.

The only anituber I watch is Red Bard because I like learning about a bunch of weeaboo shit from years ago and interesting things from anime I never watched and will never bother watching lol.

No. 138637

mentioned in the other thread but that unfunny bitch sydsnap made a joke about the 7.1 earthquake in japan stating it happened because she fell down, boobs big LOL ROFL
fucking cancer

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