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File: 1556281319783.jpg (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, 20190324_174320_812.jpg)

No. 45205

The "most popular" cosplayer in Austria.

All love her.

You have information about Nana? Do you have an opinion about her? You would like to describe this person? Then welcome.


>>>/w/33300 (last threats of her)

No. 45206


Las thing I heard from a friend about her was, when she made some storytime about having breast cancer and that why she got fake boobs - and if she already get the surgery just get bigger boobs because why not lol

No. 45207

Lastly, she has declared her partnerships. She only claims to have 3 lovers. Her husband, one for cosplaying and one because he is young and sexy. Everyone knows about each other and tolerates the situation. But everyone knows that she has many more lovers and sex partners. All the photographers of her are paid only with sex. Some fans of whom she gets something free may have sex with her.

No. 45209

why do so many follow this fakemodel? Why pay so much on patreon for their pictures? For a handful of toplessphotos? Take a look at the photos on Twitter, Instagram or Discord. She is so prudish, but pretends to be hot. Her lesbian photos are so unsexy, un-sensual. She never shows herself naked because she knows she is not beautiful. But then only shows parts and earns money. The followers who push their money in the butt of Nana you should kick in the ass.

No. 45211

Does anyone have contact with someone who pays for them on Patreon? I would like to know why they pay for these 3-4 unsightly pictures. Are they enough for them? And why do these people believe this slut everything she writes like that?

No. 45212

Oh wow, this totally does not read like one and the same person sperging out about this boring Austrian cosplayer.

No. 45213

Can you explain this?

No. 45217

Sorry to disappont you, definitely not the same peson ( o know because i wrote the first one lol)
probably reads the same because all german speaking have the same kinda english lmao

No. 45218

Okay I see. I can assure you, in this threat are only 2 posts from me. I dont speak English and use only Google to translate. That's what Google is giving me back. And here are only 3 posts from me:
(scroll under)
What about you? Are you a Nana fanboy? A loyal fan who wants to protect her?

No. 45219

Lol no, I am rge one with the boobjob comment.

Saw her a few times at cons around Germany and a friend knows her more or less well so I got all the gossip

No. 45222

Really, she has friends? How well does he know her? Does he then know all the truths? What else do you know?
Germany is good, but originally I come from further south. But now completely elsewhere. Did you hear that with her lovers?

No. 45223

In a german cosplaysales group a girl sells a pair of Nanas Ears and Tail for 200€…anyone know for how much Nana sells them? Because THAT is a ridiculous price

No. 45224

They used to hang around conventions a few years ago and since both are in the "I sell nudes as cosplay" scheme they know her and seem to chat now an dthen - didnt hear about here that much lately though

No. 45225

Are you crazy? Write up the wrong one and this gives annoyance. I am sure, the types they pay on patron, loyal and loyal-stupid followers will be. Moreover, how want you to find one? On Instagram and Twitter everything is represented, also her opponents. On Discord are most even loyal-stupid fans. There is there even one which makes pictures with a graphics programme for them. So about Loyally, naively and stupidly they are.

No. 45226

Oh yes, Nana is an expensive whore. I do not know what her customers on Patreon really get from her. But their leaks then showed that they actually get nothing for it.

No. 45228

This. Can't stand her either but the neckbeard sperging about a thot getting cash for thottery is fucking this up.

This is an imageboard. Quit the ramblings and post proof.

No. 45231

File: 1556290940762.jpg (Spoiler Image,392.05 KB, 1519x794, Unbenannt-5.jpg)

follow her on instagram or twitter and discord and you found the proof

No. 45233

File: 1556291050776.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.74 KB, 1383x752, Unbenannt-6.jpg)

No. 45234

Part of it seems like a language thing but I do get the feeling that the most active poster is some thirsty neckbeard angry that she has sex with men other than him and won’t show him her nipples.

If there’s actual milk, maybe someone with English language skills should write up a comprehensive OP instead of whatever the hell this thread is.

No. 45236

hmm I think this threat is now in the hand of Nanafans and fanboys. Okay then I search a other side to read news of this girl. You can forgett twitter and insta, because only love love love.

No. 45237

Yes, I do not like nipple stickers. Either pretty wrapped in the bra or free. And that she fucks with all, annoys me only because she always pretends that she is loyal to her husband.But okay, defend her and her behavior. Everyone has the right to an opinion.

No. 45246

File: 1556296043884.jpg (235.79 KB, 1400x722, 142092194581.jpg)

No. 45249

This is definitely full of samefag. Look for one key word they misspell in multiple posts the same exact way. That’s not a “German language thing”.

No. 45258

>>452I am happy as it just runs here. . It gives pleasure to read we here everything is destroyed.

Closes or delete this silly threat and and create one wwhere you can really offend and fool all yourself.

By the opening on top, I had expected other and to me desirably.

But I am a beginner and do not know at all why here thus against the information is rushed. Extinguish best of all everything and forget.

No. 45261

The only contribution so far.

She has burned enough bridges, can't be that hard to post screenshots of it.

No. 45262

I wait here to. But I only read comments and anticomments. The Discordpix are only ugly but had no information. Only her fans are…

No. 45263

Either no had contribution and all lie here and Nana is not the person how here are to read. Or all have fear. I dont no what are true.

No. 45265

File: 1556303585250.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.8 KB, 807x597, a424242.jpg)

No. 45266

File: 1556303711463.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.93 KB, 816x595, b356353.jpg)

No. 45267

File: 1556303820471.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.01 KB, 812x596, c3352243.jpg)

No. 45268

File: 1556303923871.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.52 KB, 814x596, d423242.jpg)

No. 45269

File: 1556304052215.jpg (Spoiler Image,353.59 KB, 809x595, e3453432.jpg)

No. 45270

File: 1556304198005.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.43 KB, 821x601, f5342222.jpg)

No. 45271

File: 1556304308818.jpg (Spoiler Image,389.71 KB, 808x602, g2542422.jpg)

No. 45272

File: 1556304422030.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.23 KB, 801x590, h5345342.jpg)

No. 45273

File: 1556304537661.jpg (Spoiler Image,353.41 KB, 808x596, i34534532.jpg)

No. 45274

File: 1556304650432.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.22 KB, 806x593, j34234232.jpg)

No. 45275

File: 1556304767473.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.58 KB, 809x593, k434532.jpg)

No. 45276

File: 1556304876153.jpg (Spoiler Image,344.31 KB, 803x596, l34353452.jpg)

No. 45277

File: 1556304994935.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.02 KB, 1137x137, Unbenannt-7.jpg)

No. 45278

File: 1556305205940.jpg (Spoiler Image,464.34 KB, 1416x492, Sanstitre8.jpg)

No. 45280

File: 1556305324091.jpg (Spoiler Image,623.08 KB, 1376x756, Sanstitre9.jpg)

No. 45281

File: 1556305476854.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.77 KB, 1385x396, Sanstitre10.jpg)

No. 45283

god damn so much, but thx

No. 45284

but I dont understand the german of some pix

No. 45285

There’s no need to spoiler pictures that aren’t NSFW.

No. 45286

Not all are pictures of me. A screenshot had already been sent to me by a friend.

No. 45287

okay I had forgotten to put the tick out, sorry for taht.

No. 45291

Du sprichst Deutsch, aber kein Englisch? Echt jetzt

No. 45293

hab nirgens was anders behauptet. Aber ich kann nur besser deutsch als englisch, das ist alles. warum ist das nun plötzlich ein Problem? bin ihc hier falsch? oder hast du was gegen die die deutsch sprechen?(samefagging newfag)

No. 45299

lock, delete and then end. This threat is redundant

No. 45307

Ok jetzt ist dein Deutsch auch schlecht?? Alles gut. Ich hatte mich nur gefragt, warum jemand im Internet, den besucht lolcow, nicht English kann.

No. 45729

File: 1556702283181.jpg (337.81 KB, 1148x829, Sanstitre12.jpg)


No. 45731

File: 1556702407278.jpg (140.95 KB, 1371x277, Sanstitre11.jpg)

Victorious in the fight against this evil creature.

No. 45735

File: 1556708582317.jpeg (133.54 KB, 960x437, BAF7C42C-7260-4F82-A13F-41ED55…)

If you think she isn’t that bad - she is always using her power to actually get rid of people she doesn’t like at conventions. She’s trying to blackmail people and accuse them of terrible things just so they can’t go to a convention. In pic related you can see a girl discussing with her friends how she was kicked out of being a cosplay judge for a convention (where Nana was one as well) just because Nana told the organizers that she’s talking shit about her. So she was kicked out of the judge position ONE DAY before the convention because “there are too many judges”. Obviously, the real reason was Nanas manipulation and disgusting abuse of power.

No. 45736

File: 1556708693823.jpeg (132.02 KB, 960x437, 62B07EB1-D32E-4382-ABD3-5DCB9B…)

She has done that many, many more times. She wanted to blackmail one of her former photographers at a convention and accuse him of sexually harassing cosplayers so that he will be banned from that convention.

No. 45745

Why does nobody stop this person?

No. 45756

I think its partialy because she has so much influence sho whenever someone dares to speak up she manipulates the situation and you end up being the bad person so not a lot of people dare to say anything I suppose?

No. 45761

Luckily, there are sites like these. But where are they, the victims of Nana? Here they could write about it, post the evidence. Why are they all hiding? Why do not the photographers here admit what they did to them? Whether blackmail or performed by her sexual acts to fans and photographers.

No. 45772

Because most of them are scared. She has many connections and they don't want to risk losing opportunities. She also has absolutely crazy fans and manipulated, dumb friends who are always on the lookout on these boards to tell her whenever someone is talking about her.

She always has an eye out on boards like these as well. And many Austrian people from the cosplay community don't even know about sites like lolcow. And like the other anon said, she will always make herself turn out to be the victim - maybe that's why she's friends with Momokun. Two feathers of a bird.

No. 45780

Didn't know that that bitch had that much influence…wtf

No. 45783

A real shame. But everyone is anonymous here. To uncover the truth here would be helpful. If nobody takes screenshots or has photos or films, nobody can stop them. Nanas fans should learn the truth. Here we could start. Destroying their Instagramaccount is only a small success against Nana.

No. 45848

Although much has been proved here, how bad and evil Nana is to fellow human beings and competitors, I lack proof of the other allegations. Although I think that's all right, because of what a character she has, but I wish for confirmation from photographers, ex-fans, ex-friends, victims. If no one proves it, there will always be doubt, and in the end, Nana will be victorious again.

No. 45894

That will not happen. Any fan that Nana fucks will be happy about that and will not post any evidence here. He will enjoy it. Every photographer she fucks for free photoshoots will not prove anything here. He will be looking forward to the next photo shoot with her. Unless there are former fans and photographers she has chased away.

No. 46144

File: 1556861356056.jpg (366.99 KB, 1453x821, Sanstitre13.jpg)

No real proof. But you see how rich Nana is. She saves a lot of money with the fans' free gifts and free photoshoots. The last photo shoot was in Berlin. A lesbian set. I would like to know if the photographer had a threesome or if Nana waited until the other bitch was gone. Too bad that nobody knows and can ask the photographer.

No. 46167

>"Stay true to yourself you are perfect"

Calling yourself fat to fish for compliments and melting background shoops aren't body positive but sheeps are eating that shit up.

No. 46170

File: 1556881389481.jpg (271.23 KB, 1574x824, Sanstitre14.jpg)

You should have read the comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

No. 46181

File: 1556895762806.jpg (321.97 KB, 726x779, unknown1.jpg)

Thief, cheater, liar

No. 46182

File: 1556895786540.jpg (208.71 KB, 417x417, unknown2.jpg)

No. 46202

thats so sad. I did not know that she also offers movies. What are these films? Are they like on Youtube? Or is she trying to turn her clients on erotic films?

No. 46213

File: 1556907239055.jpg (132.95 KB, 273x500, Sanstitre15.jpg)

Nobody will say what kind of movies they are. But she will try to be erotic. Either with pseudo masturbation or as lesbian video. But she is also very stingy and prudish. That's why $ 100, no one pays and then they need not do anything. And if someone pays, see above, then he is cheated. $ 100, are too much. Who pays that, has too much money and no taste.

No. 46312

100$? wtf

No. 46378

File: 1557062556180.jpeg (307.26 KB, 1080x1455, 70099023-19C2-4378-9C2A-C52DBD…)

I love how she’s acting like this is the hardest job ever. You’re literally just showing your ass and tits. I highly doubt she’s taking pictures every single day and if you need to wake up at 5am to check your mails you must be braindead.

>not eating because I want to look good for you

Lmao, nice going trying to make your followers feel bad for you your poor lil thing. Dumb cunt.

No. 46386

A few weeks ago, she simulated a burnout. Because she would sleep only 3 hours a day. And all her fans, poor poor Nana, take a break.

No. 46388

If that's true, she's a very bad exemple for all cosplayers. And if it's not true, well then she lied again. But you know that from her.

No. 46422

Is the real name of this cow, "Faye Gölles"?

No. 46423

Yes. And you can found her account on FB. But its her privat-account. Not possible to infiltrate. Only the closest "friends" are admitted. So all lovers, sex partners, rich fans who paid her the most money or made the most expensive gifts.

No. 46480

File: 1557139963006.jpg (302.6 KB, 1196x785, Sanstitre1.jpg)

the shame is back, her account is back. So sad, not long enough. We have to start the process again. I hope the next time lasts longer or is final.(5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).)

No. 46489

Why does this bitch has such a big following? Her stuff is just plain, she is plain and boring. Even her stupid "kink" account is just super plain. Wow she puts on some kitten ears, sooo kinky or see makes pics in the stupid bondage harness like ever other cosplay thot does. And of course she made a lewd saber, she is really like momokunt just skinnier and without fucking eyebrows.

No. 46492

Because she is a good liar. She can manipulate like no other. She can not distinguish benevolent fans from her enemies. That is why she treats in her mind all who are too good-natured like enemies. Talk and write about these fans, as they are the best fans. And then everyone is happy and follow her blind. See what they do for this cow. If the most extreme loyal fans realized that they would get nothing from her but to be laughed at secretly, then she would lose a lot.

No. 46493

File: 1557161349173.png (7.67 KB, 847x194, Screenshot_19.png)

It got blocked again

No. 46495

Best news today. But I had no chance to reported to. With my 5 IG accouts, I was not quick enough. But delete is delete. We all are happy now.(cowtipping)

No. 46573

and first reaction?

No. 46587

File: 1557227538128.jpg (613.8 KB, 1810x902, Sanstitre6.jpg)

Are other reasons but bravely beaten.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 46588

File: 1557229382656.jpg (193.2 KB, 500x1080, 201905.jpg)

No. 46598

all that blur on the ass lmao

No. 46601

first rule:
Only rich fans are allowed to write her something and are allowed to grab under her panties.
second rule:
Everyone else, just let me kiss my ass and crawl inside. These are allowed to write only nice things.
Check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Disord. No matter what language, there you can see what Nana wants. Unconditional adulation.

No. 46604

Why do people even "love" those girls, thotsplayers all look the same and they're solely in cosplay for betamale attention and ebucks

No. 46607

Wow, she’s lying out her ass and thinks she’ll look reasonable saying that? That entire photo and caption are so obviously designed to be as sexual as possible she’s practically beating you over the head with it. Why even set up an open-ended question caption related to a sexy lingerie photo with a strawberry crammed next to her crotch that prompts response comments if she’s going to flip out on people who answer it?

No. 46610

Eh is she serious? What did she expect?

No. 46655

Next person to continue cowtipping is getting a permanent ban.

No. 47526

File: 1557827164972.jpg (648.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190514-114518.jpg)

Well her old account is gone but she made a new one.

No. 47779

File: 1557996117620.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, F55B73BD-D401-4230-8D8A-562386…)

She’s really wearing those fucking cat ears out in public in Japan. She actually IS the thinner version of Momokunt. How embarrassing.

No. 47968

Her old account is back too. Now she has 4 IG-accounts.

No. 48089

no, her main account is closed again. aso now 3 accounts.

No. 48192

File: 1558248547516.jpg (81.76 KB, 1070x602, 20190518_102713_044.jpg)

No joke, the queen of all sexual harassment holds a speech about sexual harassment.

No. 49222

File: 1558376267950.jpg (219.62 KB, 1409x564, Sanstitre1.jpg)

First, how could she find us here?
And then she lies about her victim on Patreon, whom she has cheated and robbed.

No. 49224


her orbiters are cringier than her lack of basic english spelling ability.

No. 49259

Her English is so bad I have no idea what she's saying half of the time. Embarrassing.

No. 49262

She's known for touching others without their consent and openly supports Momokun.

This has to be a joke.

No. 49318

Some of her friends say she does more than just touch unauthorized. If she is very grateful for money, gifts, free photo shoots or if the guy looks good. It just scares everyone, so no one dares to tell her.

No. 49790

File: 1558455848889.jpg (132.8 KB, 675x1200, D6x0FVqWkAAU2Ag.jpg)

My God, who likes that? Who pays for it?

No. 51529

File: 1559242531828.jpg (289.98 KB, 905x830, Sanstitre1.jpg)

Here she is holding her breath.
Move in the stomach, edit photos, stop breathing, workout. None of this will help. Nana is fat. She had fat legs, a fat ass, actually everything is fat. Nanas fans should be honest with her. Nobody can be so fond not to see that. She should only bring out honest photos. Unpainted without Photoshop and cheating. Then everyone can see how awful she looks.(Nitpick/vendetta)

No. 51541

>everything is fat
Anon please. This isn't milk and she's not fat.

Is this the same vendetta chan that >>45212 pointed out? The choppy english and grammar seem to match up. I don't know who this girl is, but she seems like a pretty standard costhot.

No. 51550

If she is fat, than skeleton is cubby. >>51529

No. 56464

Do you want to run that thru the translator one more time?

No. 60033

Which Conventions was it? I don't wanna support them if it's a Con I planned going to(necro)

No. 60100

AniNite. She works with them.

No. 65191

File: 1567420606421.png (368.65 KB, 335x622, Screenshot_27.png)

So Nana won the world cosplay summit qualification for Austria and people aren't happy about it.

No. 65217

File: 1567450786788.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 55B64389-68FF-4D2A-94DF-D315D4…)

Not only that, she also talked mad shit about another group that participated in the WCS because she has a personal vendetta against them and would do anything to drag them in the dirt. Basically, she accused them of buying lots of their stuff (even though they just got patterns) even though you can see in her Raphtalia story highlights that she made her whole costume at her seamstress who always helps her do everything. The seamstress also made a few parts of her cosplay as well, so she really shouldn’t be the one "exposing" someone for something she does herself to a much bigger extent.

More screens will follow.

No. 65219

File: 1567450909589.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 232A2CF1-6EF5-4B6A-A40E-77760A…)

Here she pretty much says the other team didn’t deserve to win because they went drinking at the evening. Such a bitter cunt justbecause no one would ever want to party or hang out with her except her brainwashed lapdogs.

No. 65220

File: 1567451004850.png (3.92 MB, 750x1334, 7962397A-77CB-44CD-991B-468C21…)

In this story you can OBVIOUSLY SEE she’s at her seamstresses shop. She also had a story once (didn’t screenshot it) where she admitted to getting help by her seamstress – so why wouldn’t she do it this time?

No. 65221

File: 1567451087025.png (4.22 MB, 750x1334, 9889C522-2E8B-4118-8232-4908D5…)

Another picture of her seamstresses shop. If you wanna lie about doing all the cosplays yourself at least don’t be stupid about it.

No. 65222

File: 1567451140139.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, 2C5CE052-23D2-460C-B785-200DD3…)

Here is proof of her seamstress sewing actual parts of the costume

No. 65224

File: 1567451243609.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 05C3A2E7-6D2E-4F9C-B57D-31B6F1…)

And just for the irony of it all - she also got some patterns for her boots. But she will do anything to make her eNeMiEs look bad, and her army of neck beards believe anything she says.

No. 65226

Showcasing her hypocrisy once again.

No. 65272

Wait, so she's planning to enter WCS with a costume that she admitted getting professional help on on social media? Um… that's not really allowed, I hope they disqualify her.

No. 65273

File: 1567499705569.png (345.88 KB, 333x628, Screenshot_28.png)

She also bought a kamui pattern for her sword but used a bought one in the end. I'm so shocked that ppl in the community defend her, guess they want some of her clout.

No. 65303

idk dude she gets away with a lot of shit, I sincerely hope it bites her in the ass but as far as her history goes she's always slipped through

No. 65331

She is currently sending all her brain dead followers to the team that won second place to harass them because "mimimi ppl in the community were always mean to me, now you have to suffer" something is srsly wrong with her.

No. 65351

>sword case

you mean the sheath??

No. 65390

>bullying is not ok except if I benefit from it

her stories in a nutshell

No. 65400

File: 1567606951914.jpg (501.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190903_223827_com…)

Sending all your wight knights to people that disagree with you is apparently okay. Nana being a hypocrite what a shock.

No. 65522

File: 1567713802958.jpg (290.02 KB, 1714x927, dvbnse732.jpg)

and she keeps on going with the harassment

No. 65572

The only thing she is good at is playing victim.

No. 66910

File: 1569061245134.jpeg (227.4 KB, 746x831, E182163F-7CF9-4842-8651-F5258F…)

Narcissism at its finest. Of course the only 3 people in your echo chamber will tell you what you want to hear. Everyone else will just realize you’re a toxic witch and leave.

No. 67134


Obvious facade though.
She constantly bullies other cosplayers,whines about her looks,only surrounds herself with lapdogs and switches best friends as soon as they give her contra.
She even blames her followers for her bad eating habits.

No. 67370

File: 1569437344231.jpg (549.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190925_204202_com…)

She is so paranoid

No. 67381

Every damn thot gets reported by randoms yet here she is trying to use it as an excuse for another witch hunt.

No. 67382

Every damn thot gets reported by randoms yet here she is trying to use it as an excuse for another witch hunt.

No. 67428

She isn't well liked. A lot of ppl probably report her pics or maybe Instagram removed it because it violated there community guidelines. Still blaming the other team is at this point just stupid and shows how insecure she is.

No. 67501

File: 1569568584424.png (178.06 KB, 311x553, Screenshot_29.png)

She has a fucking meltdown

No. 67504

File: 1569577151260.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 196591A6-B28B-4686-B993-BBA04E…)

No. 67505

File: 1569577255455.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 481B0786-09B5-469A-B263-E7268B…)

>Nono and I want this to stop after all these years
Bitch, you are "friends" for maybe 2-3 years? Stop trying to bring her into this, no one gives a shit about Nono. She’s just taking advantage of Nana anyway because she wants that clout.

No. 71882

File: 1572987725922.jpg (307.43 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20191105_215904.jpg)

Mimimi the second team reports my pics. I'm such a victim.
Why can't she shut up with this stupid accuses?

No. 71914

Is her ass just a single huge cheek? LOL

No. 71917

I’ve never seen anyone repeatedly abuse their platform in order to witch-hunt specific individuals for not doing anything like this. Disgusting. She really is a sad, lonely thot.

No. 71926

The second team actually talked very bad about Nana on Twitter and did stories about her too.
Both teams shod just stop.

No. 71931

>>71926 I never saw anything really bad coming from them. Do you have any screenshoots?

No. 71945

Not even Nana herself posted any proof and I'm sure she would've used it instantly in order to make her followers more aggressive towards them.

No. 71955

Not true. I’ve been following all of them closely for the drama but there was absolutely nothing coming from the "evil" team.

Post proof or spare us your whiteknighting.

No. 71959

File: 1573055259374.jpg (405.76 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191106_164243_com…)

Her main account is gone again.
The second team only has complained about the harassment by her brain dead fans which is totally understandable. Nobody ever showed proof that they actually shit talked her publicly.

No. 72212

File: 1573290279451.png (339.83 KB, 492x750, 1Y8zlPc.png)

I just find this and it make me wander what happened

No. 72220

For obvious reasons I cannot post any proof so I suggest you take the following as a pure story of fiction and falsehood…

Ok so basically:

- Before she entered the Austrian cosplay scene she had a very similar scheme running in the late 00s. She got herself an influential boyfriend in the Goth scene I think until her demeners got her kicked out of the whole thing because the women there don't like to be pushed around.

- AFAIK she tried to get into scene in 2010 which led her discovering J-Rock which finally made her land in the Cosplay community.

- The first time I met her early 2010 she already had her current nose up attitude but she did all she could to sugarcoat any influential neckbeard to gain as much influence as possible. Mr. Goldfinger played a very early role in that and since he overthrew the orga of the biggest convention in austria in the early 2010s they were already so close that she got a free pass for everything and anything. That's the reason why she is getting away with so many things the head non profit who organizes and finances 70% of the austrian conventions is her personal SS. And since that nonprofit is filthy rich from several tax frauds that i dont want to get into right now they also tend to (co)finance a lot of other conventions in DACH. You can figure out the rest yourself. I dont like to admit it myself but she tends to have a stranglehold on quite a lot of people.

Thats also the reason why you dont see her on "rivaling" conventions and also why the orgas of said rivals often are involved in things like >>65219 .

Im to lazy to go into much more details. She is just not worth the trouble. I remember clearly making fun of her and her demeners at several conventions and people always hushed me like she is fucking Voldemort. If you meet her in person just go ask her if the cosplay was made by herself and if she does shit like talk down on judges or other participants fucking bring it up right then and there and make a scene. If i learnt one thing then its that her power is just by association. Aninite banned me like 3 times and i dared them to call the fucking police if they want to get me off their property. These neckbeards aint doing shit guys. Dont be pussies and take your anger out of the farm and onto the real world and once the spell is broken she will be gone in no time. Youll see…

No. 72222

>The first time I met her early 2010 she already had her current nose up attitude but she did all she could to sugarcoat any influential neckbeard to gain as much influence as possible.

Oh yeah, she's always been a horrible person. She just oozes the feeling of being fake too, but I guess people who don't know what genuine affection is like tend to fall for her bullshit easily

No. 72237

From what i've heard that's most likely the case.

For everyone who never had the pleasure to meet her in person: You can imagine Nana as a Onision from 3-4 years ago. Her private life and personal interactions as well as her Internet and "business" persona have so many similarities its kinda uncanny sometimes.

No. 72416

I think a big problem is their hardcore fans. Totally fanatical, blind and naive. They also all seem to have a lot of money. Some pay well over $ 100 a month. On Patreon, the highest price is $ 500. I do not know if anyone pays so much, but it would be believable.

Totally incomprehensible, how to pay a person so much money, for a few photos with tits, ass. I can not shake the feeling that these "fans" get more than a few photos. Live meetings with special physical amenities probably possible.

Since no one publishes their pictures anymore, the current pictures have to be very hardcore and "special" or they get something they can not publish.

But with the fanatical fans we will probably never know.

No. 72895

This is straight tinfoil. You're making baseless accusations on how she's getting neckbeard's to spend their money. She does enough on her own that you don't need to make shit up. If people are willing to shill out the dime for Momokun knowing they're gonna be lied to on what they're getting it's no shocker they're willing to shill out money for Nana who actually does do nudes.

No. 73092

>that nonprofit is filthy rich from several tax frauds
Spill the name and tell us where to dig!

No. 73667

AniManga e.V.
ING. Michael Goldfinger

The mentioned Frauds consist of numerous evasions of Austrian Tax law for "eingetragene Vereine". These forms of businesses are not allowed to make any profit of their ventures. Mr.Goldfinger and the rest of the head of Animanga e.V. are struggling year after year to find new things eligible for tax write off.

In the past years these things included:
- Private holidays in Japan registered as "cultural exercise". Write Off per person of over 10k€
- Buying of one and/or several Properties in Vienna which where written off as "Meeting Centres for Members" Said Properties are either empty for years (Property speculation) and/or have been used as private living quarters which would be illegal.

- Several years ago family members and friends have been hired to do advertisement work for Animanga e.V. A separate company was registered for this purpose to funnel funds out of the nonprofit said new Company charged horrendous sums (6 figures in Euros) to Animanga e.V. Just take a look at their Website and the Websites of their Conventions and judge for yourself if work like that is worth 6 figures on the open market.

Thats all for now. Maybe Ill post more later.

No. 73668

TL:DR There is speculation that animanga uses People like nana for Money laundering. (They pay her large sums to appear as "Special Guest" and she splits a part so there is a paper trail for a tax writeoff.)

No. 73671

Holy shit that's criminal! You need to post more!

No. 73720

That sounds more like a company issue, not Nana's unless she took the money knowing all the shady shit, but I doubt she does. Most schemes like this are closed doors and people like Nana are too dumb to know whats is what when it comes to them getting attention for their looks instead.

No. 76095


I don't know this site very well, but I always thought it was a site for porn stars who want to offer their private porn films and photos themselves without external companies. Does anyone know what Nana offers there?

No. 77380

File: 1578147004170.jpg (87.72 KB, 599x275, inconnu-3.jpg)

Freely translated

But unfortunately I have to tell you, I think I fell in love with you very much, please don't be angry.

No. 77465

Sage your useless posts.

No. 83596

lol 100$ isnt much and theyre like.. extensions of the shots. so.. yeah some boobgrabs or posing ass, but no nipps showing or pussy etc.
so not that kidn of erotic like masturbating or something. doenst change in higher tiers, I can confirm.

No. 83598

basically a lite version of patreon. but you can buy topless directly via dm. so you be off cheaper some sort.

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