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No. 36218

A thread for drama revolving around Net-idol/dance cover group drama.
Currently (from reading the /CGL/ thread):
>Bunny, formally apart of Start:Splash, recently left the group citing that she became a person she didn't like while she was in the group.
>Anons claim she was one of the most toxic person in the group.
>Bunny is most likely self-posting about the other members being toxic.

Current Group Featured: Start:Splash.

No. 36220

File: 1550455479291.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x2029, 60C3F268-8FDB-41FA-A0F5-476C77…)

No. 36221

File: 1550455558448.jpeg (464.33 KB, 1125x1820, 3026DB5B-4CF9-4864-96FF-51DD66…)

Here’s some screens from Bunny’s vent ig.

No. 36222

File: 1550455589175.jpeg (636.35 KB, 1125x1880, A587EF49-858C-45B7-88EA-20D666…)

No. 36223

File: 1550455605733.jpeg (339.67 KB, 1125x1868, 7C87C50C-BD5D-48A8-9884-3C2613…)

No. 36226

File: 1550455754141.jpeg (656.61 KB, 1125x2026, 0F7A5120-DCB1-4878-A32B-CD5F74…)

These were the only interesting posts, imo. It honestly seems she’s trying to play victim.
I’ve heard she’s bullied a few members out of the group (she’ll deny it and make it seem like they were crazy) but I don’t have a lot of information on that.

No. 36229

File: 1550456433313.png (150.82 KB, 1904x1034, cgl ss.png)

idk why the texas idol community has so much drama, but it's entertaining to me so I can't complain.

No. 36250

You must not be in the texas comm since this is the only drama i've ever seen

No. 36251

To be fair, most of the drama in the Texas idol comm comes from SS members. They’re not allowed to be in the Texas Idol Festival iirc.

No. 36252

For what texas idol fest is about, it makes sense to keep toxic groups like ss out.

No. 36260

Ok but literally no one who knows 'bambi' calls her that. It's a name she's being going by so recently that only people who have just now heard of her would call her that. Likely, anyone who does, is not a part of start splash or only joined extremely recently.

No. 36261

Some of the members are close with idol festival regulars though. I just don’t think they want Love Live. This group is nice to their fans and i keep seeing them supporting other groups so i dont know what this is all about.

No. 36265

I think that the group had some good members and most left because of the toxic ones that remained. Texas just has drama because there were so many groups at one point. I’ve seen some members of SS support other groups but others… not so much lolz

No. 36268

The whole texas community is toxic. Members of Love notes defended a pedophile and are petty. Project starlight members are generally unkind and elitist. TIF has the worst management possible and treats their performers badly. Start Splash can’t keep members and always have something going on. Most soloists are so far up their own asses and are overly competitive and fake. It’s not a fun community.

No. 36269

Tbh. That is fair. I didn’t know about the LN thing. I had know PS to be pretty elitist for a long time, despite kinda being pretty boring for their last little spurt. I liked their Vocaloid thing but it just died and that was disappointing- it was really refreshing.

The only pure ones are Tanoshii. Bless them. Protect the beans. ;3;( ;3;)

No. 36270

You can't just say they defended a pedophile without giving details. I'm dying laughing. I just have to know! Is it about Matsuri?

No. 36274

Bunny is literally one of the funniest most sweetest people I know. She has anxiety issues sure but so do a lot of people. Also, Start Splash never bullied anyone out ever. I believe the group as a whole can turn toxic just like any group can having a bunch of people around the same age but individually there are some really nice personalities. They're all beautiful people.

I'm tired of hearing people were bullied out because they weren't. I'm tired of hearing about some battle between TIF and SS that doesn't exist. SS didn't know the DJs at Akon when they performed. That was also rumor.

Also, just because you move on from a group that didn't work out for you doesn't mean that you lose friendship or have nowhere to go. True friends will support you no matter where you choose to go as long as it's what you want and what you need and where some doors close other doors will always open. Spread positive vibes in this community not hate. We won't have this forever. -Former Member (Not Bunny so no starting any self-posting rumors)

No. 36284

>TIF has the worst management possible and treats their performers badly.
More details? I've never heard anything about this

Also, what are people here's opinions of Overseas Idol Collection and its staff?

The sentiment is nice and all but you're not doing your friends any favors by white-knighting for them here

No. 36298

Oh hi bunny nice to see you’re participating in this thread. Deleting posts and privating things now that you’ve been caught on your bullshit.

No. 36301

File: 1550497557288.jpeg (374.93 KB, 1242x2208, DDF8D949-C4EE-4A76-9303-1BC824…)

Adding to the bunny is toxic caps. It’s common knowledge that she shit talks other idols and members so this made me lol

No. 36302

File: 1550497716677.jpeg (207.81 KB, 1236x782, 9FF25E8E-8EF5-4CDA-A2AE-96AA70…)

turns around with new group

u ain’t slick

No. 36303

why can’t this be kept on cgl?

No. 36309

There’s no drama allowed on /cgl/, silly.

No. 36311


I said in the comment if you read it that I wasn't Bunny. Why would I be Bunny and let people know that I was a former member and not Bunny. This is the first time Ive ever been on this website so forgive me for not participating correctly but I'm Kat. Hi nice to meet you.
I was the former Ruby but it's okay if i'm forgotten. I've never been called a white-knight before so that's exciting…
I'm just letting you know what I believe in. It'd be nice to move on and everyone be happy without hearing about all this negativity, that's all.

No. 36312

Whiteknighting your friend doesn’t do anything. Just because she wasn’t toxic to you doesn’t mean she isn’t toxic.

Also, this is lolcow, if you don’t want “negativity” don’t come here.

No. 36314

If you believe she's toxic and I can't change your opinion then so be it. I won't post on here again or come back. But I'd rather I be talked bad about then someone who has done so much for me. So if you want to make a thread about me too then go right ahead. Continue with whatever you have going for you.
Also, what kind of a name is lolcow. Like where did that come from, am I right?

White-Knighting all friends since 2019 :)
Kat <3

No. 36315


Sorry had to fix that

No. 36317

Also what is a white knight?
I'm not even white

(Okay last time i swear)

No. 36318

Are you really so dumb to reach out and defend someone who has said shitty things even about you behind your back?

Bunny has done and said nasty things about everyone in start splash and the members who have left. She may have treated you well to your face idfk but that doesn’t mean she’s not nasty to others.

And your attempts to protect her and stand up for her are falling on deaf ears. The amount of people who agree about the drama she’s caused were enough to get this thread created. Stop trying.

No. 36325


more tea on texas community? TIF seems decent for a fan-driven type of management so im not surprised if they aren't the most professional.

No. 36328

They choose the same performers over and over based on who their friends are and i’ve heard from multiple performers they’re just straight up mean to them during rehearsals. It doesn’t feel like something celebrating idols, just a clique. For example, they were apparently mad at Start splash and Tanoshii even though they rejected both of them and they didn’t even perform at the same time as TIF.

No. 36331

Start: Splash got rejected because of how toxic they were torwards certain past members of theirs, not sure about Tanoshii though.

No. 36336

Who were they toxic towards?

No. 36337

How would you know this unless you worked for TIF? In my opinion, it’s highly unprofessional to reject people based on rumors. It’s Texas IDOL festival, not Texas “here are my friends over and over” festival.

No. 36338

Another cosplayer was preyed on and raped by an older man when she was very young and when she confronted a member of Love Notes about being close friends with him, they blocked her and continue to support him from what i heard.

No. 36343

Why is every single member of these Love Live groups always butt ugly and half of them fat? They aren't even a little bit selective about picking people that fit the characters, that Nico is taller than all the other Muse members

No. 36345

Have you even seen Sunrise or Start Splash? I’m pretty sure they don’t even accept members unless they’re really pretty.

No. 36346

File: 1550520230299.jpg (107.66 KB, 960x960, start splash.jpg)

Are you blind or is the bar this low anon? Only 1 or 2 of these girls are pretty at a push. The Ruby looks like she puts the pig in pigii.

No. 36350

I’m referring to their current members instead of picking a month old pic off their instagram to prove a point like you are. I’m not disagreeing most groups are ugly but that group definitely is not and i call it like i see it

No. 36351

Show the current members then? I picked this from their Facebook banner. I don't keep up with LL groups because theyre shit.

No. 36352

Honestly, this is absolute crap.

I agree things can get toxic but there were several members who were extremely toxic, and still are.

I don’t think one was bullied out but it got messy for sure. The whole idea of people leaving because of being ‘bullied’ constantly is not true. Disagreements happen.

I’m tired of people defending members of SS and past members when they refuse to own up to their toxic and elitist behavior.

Bunny has issues yes but I think she uses them as a crutch to do bad things. This isn’t highschool. You can’t say things like she does then blame it all on issues that she isn’t actively seeking to get help for. Period. At that point it’s a crutch.

No. 36354

Normally I believe survivors, but I go to college with one of their members and she’s active in the sexual assault survivors group here and has spoken publicly about her own rape, and I can’t imagine her supporting something like that. They cancelled their performance at anime matsuri because of the sexual assault stuff too

No. 36355

Tanoshii didn't apply as a group? They applied as a subunit that performs things outside of love live. Quit spilling bullshit if you don't know anything.

No. 36358

I am interested but I need some background on these people.
Anyone willing to make a quick summary of members/group history?

No. 36359

StartSplash is made up of an older LL group that hemmoraged members then died, so SS showed up in like late 2017 with all 9 members, but then hemmoraged members too, I think only the You, Mari, and Dia are original members. They got a lot of drama, but they're decent dancers and I don't think any of them are minors. So there's that.

No. 36361

Anyone else notice how fans of texas love live groups are all creepy older guys? I get being a fan of the actual voice actresses, but these older guys going to every tanoshii performance is weird imo

No. 36363

File: 1550525041982.jpeg (865.83 KB, 1125x744, BAB9D61C-78EC-4865-B9A2-8D6744…)

The only questionable ones might be their Chika and Hanamaru, but the Hanamaru just quit. Individual photos of them are posted though and in western idol standards, they’re really pretty.

No. 36365

Start Splash came from a group called Wild Stars that disbanded a long time ago.

Only I think their You, Chika and Yoshiko were the ones that came over in the transition.

The original group was of Blynn, Liz, Megan, Maddie, Stormie, Bambi, Kat, Bunny and Ally.

Only people left are Blynn, Megan and Bambi who are the You, Dia and Mari.

No. 36366

Who even watches western idols besides other western idols and creepy older dudes? Legit question, I'm an outsider who only hears about any of this secondhand

No. 36371

I appreciate the summaries but the drama seems weak. Any specifics past their group fell apart?
I'm willing to believe there's some drama there but it's not necessarily milk unless we know about it.

No. 36373

The thing is, there’s not really any. I’ve never heard anything from them outside of reacting to ex-members being toxic and annoying. Bunny did a lot on her own accord but as a group, they’re really not that bad and love the other idols in their community from what i’ve seen. A lot of the “milk” ended up being disproven because people love skewing shit. The only 2 things i know of is kicking out a member because she was bullying others and one of their ex s/o’s calling a member of Love Notes ugly.

No. 36386

I’ve heard a lot of things from former members but there is some stuff that’s was posted publicly if anyone has screenshots:
1. One of the members posted something really shitty about their original chika on their Instagram story
2. This was posted on 4chan a while back with screenshots. They made a Instagram story of former members in hilights. Their second chika asked them to take it down because she didn’t want to be associated with them anymore and they didn’t. Apparently they sent her a bunch of shitty messages? No screenshots of that though. She then posted about how toxic they were and deleted her account

No. 36389

I know about that.

They posted her as a graduate to not make things more dramatic on both sides and she asked to take it down, and they did. There was no drama other than that, that I am aware of.

No. 36390

Bunny got super mad and threw a temper tantrum on her insta stories and even brought in super personal things about said member including how her father is suffering from cancer

No. 36391

She’s the one that got kicked out for bullying. I saw the screenshots of what she said while she was a member to another and it was nasty, definitely grounds for being kicked out. If you ask anyone in the Texas community about her, they will warn you. I don’t think it was drama, i think the Chika that got kicked out was probably just being a huge bitch.

No. 36401

File: 1550531227422.jpeg (522.27 KB, 1920x2400, 30432F23-06FA-4C85-ABAA-07E22E…)

No. 36402

isn’t that the girl that just left though? I’m only seeing stuff about her. What about the current members?

No. 36404

Does anyone have screen caps of the Instagram story stuff about the first Chika? I remember that was the really bad stuff

No. 36406

>Gets kicked out of group for being a cunt
>Group puts her on their graduates like they do everyone else
>Group deletes it when she asked
>One member went for her while the rest left her alone


No. 36424

The bullying looks like it came from both sides down to Blynn outright blaming the Chika for his self harm.

No. 36427


No. 36428

I don’t think stating that she doesn’t want to associate with them is outrage. iirc she deleted her instagram after Bunny outed her personal issues on her instagram story.

No. 36433

File: 1550535858696.jpeg (26 KB, 210x252, 5605B482-AF06-412C-95D7-A9BF25…)

Here you go.
Have fun speculating how I got the caps, but just know I’m not who you think I am.

No. 36434

Is that where the marks on her arms came from? It was pretty jarring to watch her perform at anime austin when they weren’t covered. I don’t think idols should show that off.

No. 36438

I’m not particularly sure since I’ve never seen Blynn but, it’s pretty shitty to blame others for your cutting. That’s something you chose to do to your own body.

No. 36448

This doesn’t sound like something he would say? He’s really loved in the cosplay community and is a cool guy. What drove him to even go that far?

No. 36456

Who watches Japanese idols besides creepy old guys? No normal straight guy is an idol fan

No. 36474

Their Chika straight up looks like she has downs. I wouldn't say thats questionable. Also heard shes super cocky and a huge bitch. All those great looking members and they put her center? Has she looked in a mirror???

No. 36475

File: 1550547015766.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1332, 1305BC91-86D4-41D1-88C6-F2D2A6…)

DEFINITELY looks like she has downs. Now you’re just being mean anon, probably mad you don’t look that good.(samefag)

No. 36478

He felt like the Chika was trying to take his group away from him or something like that. I know the Chika, from what I've seen and have heard she has stated that she only wanted to offer input, not to take over the group. Call me biased but, I believe her. She left because of the drama in the group as well as personal issues in her life.

She can be brash as fuck (I've experienced it first hand even) but I don't believe this "Chika bullied the group" narrative. A few members wanted her back and have made amends with her even before Bunny put all her personal business out there.

sage for no milk

No. 36479

The irony is the Chika is the You’s twin sister

No. 36482

Unrelated to the drama being discussed right now, but some people take net idol shit waaaay too seriously for what is essentially just a niche weeb hobby

No. 36484

it's like there's this thing if "net idol shit" isn't taken seriously enough then performances come out cringey vs if it is taken too seriously people still a problem with it

apparently, there's no winning here

i don't see an issue with people taking it seriously. there is absolutely no problem when people are trying to improve their skills and getting better, irregardless if it's considered a "niche weeb hobby"

some niches eventually turn out to become bigger things based on the contributions of the community and right now there's just an oversaturation of mediocre shit.

No. 36485

still see a problem with it*

sorry i had to correct that

No. 36493

…yes? what do you think is going to happen? ppl will magically start liking white girls LARPing as uguu aidorus if they're really good at copying dances from music videos? imo wayyy too many people think love live's plot is how real life works

No. 36494

File: 1550555200487.png (575.55 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20190103-221640_1.p…)

Lol people just want to party and fuck blynn, nobody really likes him and he doesn't really like anyone in the community either, he barely likes his own teammates.

No. 36495

File: 1550555481466.png (80.53 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20190103-223032_1.p…)

Their previous Riko's cat died and she raised money to pay for cremation cause she couldn't afford it and blynn posted this. Talk about a fuck you to someone who just lost their pet.

No. 36499


so she just kept the extra money after getting enough to pay for the cremation?

No. 36501

File: 1550559700204.jpeg (844.1 KB, 1125x1200, B2F9C5C4-76DE-4E6D-A871-A8856E…)

Unless she gave that money back, he’s not wrong… Not the first time i’ve heard about this and i did my digging a while back.

No. 36502

tbh, who the fuck cares. people didn't have to give her money after she met her goal, obviously they wanted to help her out while she was grieving.

No. 36503

I’m pretty sure she used it for the urn for the ashes. Stuff like that isn’t really cheap ? And even if she did, why would it be any of his business ? No. It wouldn’t. She went through a traumatic experience coming home to her cat being passed away. The point is, a good person wouldn’t post that about someone who is their ‘friend’.

No. 36504

This isn’t the first time i’ve seen her raise more money than needed and keep it for herself. Nobody likes someone who cries for money all the time.

No. 36506

File: 1550562771833.jpg (44.33 KB, 720x960, rip.jpg)

yeah because cremating your cat, sending its ashes to england, then have the ashes urned into a wearable necklace for memory sake is so cheap she might as well get it done at walmart

No. 36508

File: 1550563023587.png (62.78 KB, 535x522, rip2.png)

its pretty obvious that ss members are posting here to defend themselves and look innocent

No. 36549

A jaded ex-member probably started the whole thread tbh. Like its been said, tx idol community is pretty shit.

No. 36556

Unless this is something she does a lot this is weak milk. A little distasteful, but not really lolcow worthy.
If there is more, provide proof.

No. 36565

Some girl stared at me funny and is an evil person!! :((:()

No. 36594

Read the rules and info page before posting.

No. 36607

File: 1550605812677.jpeg (337.83 KB, 1125x792, 1228CF89-9755-4919-8956-4C7A30…)

galaxy girl pad put this on twitter from a school thing……… it’s kind of cringe.Place and time for the weeb stuff

No. 36608

This thread is vendetta tier

No. 36630

I thought that was joey, the anime man for a moment. rofl

No. 36734

This honestly just seems depressing and not very noteworthy, why does everyone in the western idol community seem to constantly selfpost or make obvious vendetta posts?
I'm a bit suspicious about a quite a few of the posts in this thread and the lack of actual milk.

No. 36783

The western idol community is just… like that
There are way too many idol groups actively competing for a limited amount of public attention, so half of everyone hates each other

No. 36787

Can anyone explain the deal with Idol Academy? They're west coast iirc. Does anyone actually debut after taking their "classes"? Are the people running it actually talented at all? I think I saw someone mention there's drama with the girl who runs it.

No. 36788

I also never understood that program. You might as well just get into the OIC mentorship program even if the advice ends up being mediocre, at least it’s free.

No. 36825

a former student came forward about the behavior of ally vega


No. 36838

Literally who??? Honestly this thread needs to be contained

No. 36842

So this came from 4chan? Why two threads I mean the websites are he same type

No. 36846

Vendetta-chan, give us some bios on these people. Mentioning people with no context is worthless. Most of us are not fans of this weird group. Giving weird one-off examples of people we don't know being a little dumb is pointless.

No. 36856

File: 1550706261088.png (241.79 KB, 452x711, oh calina.png)

Perhaps I can offer some milk.
Meet Calina.
>Leader of Mosuri
>Constantly shittalks and complains about the other members, all of which are younger than her
>"I'm gonna have to focus on cultivating talent"
>Generally bitchy
>Causes drama in the maid cafe she's apart of
>Cannot sing. Thinks singing louder = singing better
>Lurks constantly for people talking about her
>Possibly has enlisted a friend to lurk for her. Has one of the other members of Mosuri lurking and reporting back to her as well
>Performs by herself so often it's like she doesn't even want to be a part of the group anymore

Attached is an example of her complaining about another member of the group.

No. 36865

Well people kept complaining about all the drama because half the people there don’t care and just wanna check the content so a lolcow thread was suggested for a while. Guess someone got fed up and finally did it

What’s the deal with stellure? They’ve been building hype on their insta for what feels like forever and then they turn around and announce they’re disbanding?

No. 36892

What drama did she cause in her maid cafe? This is the first I've heard of it

No. 36928

There's some speculation that the group members had a falling out since some of them are still going to continue performing, with 3 forming their own group and one (possibly two) going solo.

>They’ve been building hype on their insta for what feels like forever and then they turn around and announce they’re disbanding?

It would have been much less jarring if they had announced before all the hype that this was going to be their final performance before disbanding. It doesn't seem like they had plans to disband at that time and something only just came up

NTAYRT but Ally Vega runs Idol Academy, where people take dance and vocal lessons to become "idols"

No. 37190

So like what’s the difference between this thread and the one on cgl

No. 37195

I felt nostalgic after seeing AcksonL uploading a new video and was wondering if anything happened with Dejavudea? I remember a few significant things happened like her dating obviously gay dudes and such.

No. 37203

You answered your own question

No. 37260

File: 1550912796932.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1086, lurking in the shadows.png)

like a few weeks ago, two net idol threads on cgl got deleted because of drama and infighting overtaking them. now stupid shit like pic related can hopefully be redirected and contained to this thread

No. 37391

JFC do these grown ass adults really think it's ok to get in front of people and do this?

No. 37565

Someone showed me idol academy and was like "this is what you should be doing." I was so offended by that, but now jokes on them because apparently, as I can see now, idol academy really isn't anything amazing.

No. 37567

What she really needs to do is just have a separate solo profile and then leave group stuff when there's group stuff to be had. I have no idea why she can't think of doing this on her own.

No. 37747

why is it that people like you exist on the internet? does size matter? does the body shape matter? no so don't criticize people like that lmao

No. 37750

You’re on the wrong website for that

No. 37771

File: 1551150674460.jpeg (155.55 KB, 1080x897, CAFBA9CB-7274-4EB9-B6BD-49EF8F…)

imagine working at a Japanese restaurant just to see this

No. 37781

Idk about y’all but I think they look fine lol

No. 37782

Lmao no only ugly-chan’s have that low of standards

No. 37784

At least they look like they’re having fun unlike most groups and staying in character- rather than focusing on being ‘pretty’.

No. 37796

You're going to break the table Yoshiko.

No. 37860

She will with her demon powers

No. 37890

If demonic powers include eating too many calories I hope I never go to hell.

No. 37909

That’s nothing. I’ve seen way worse anon. Trust me there

No. 37982

The picture would be almost cute if whale Yoshiko wasn't standing on the chairs for no reason

No. 38234

File: 1551406485172.jpeg (652.27 KB, 2048x2048, B8C226F8-38FA-4534-9C67-5EE5FA…)


No. 38236

File: 1551406677444.jpeg (893.16 KB, 2048x2048, 832184EA-869C-410C-96E5-B808CE…)

No. 38237

File: 1551406750998.jpeg (755.44 KB, 2048x2048, 262935DB-A4BD-4AEA-8244-0F1AC4…)

No. 38262

Who is this?

No. 38296

I found the Instagram of the cosplayers she talking about but couldn’t find her account or determine which group she was in.

No. 38303

The group that she’s talking about is Project Infinite Entertainment on IG.

Currently they do Vocaloid ?

No. 38304

Yeah that’s where I’m confused… I can’t tell if this girl was ever a member.

No. 38348

She was. I think she was the OG Miku.

No. 38605

Is anyone interested in a separate thread for Mimi/Meotashi (Stellure)? She has so much milk that she would fit in well

No. 38612

Maybe, but with stellure ending most of the milk will probably dry up. I don't think she'll be as mean in Darling Idols because she doesn't lead anymore.

No. 38630

the only way you could get real milk out of her is if you had some inside connection, so no. she doesn’t have enough public drama

No. 38636

Yeah I agree with this. If she’s still milky with darling then sure but might as well wait and see

No. 39227

I see no good milk on any of these groups. Seems like a lot of you really have vendettas against the first group mentioned though

No. 39233


>complains about no milk

>doesn’t sage

No. 39454

Welp some people probably don’t know how to sage

No. 39483

if you can't read rules or learn how to do basic things, you shouldn't be on here posting as if you do.

No. 39488

you forgot to sage.

No. 39761

Like what’s the point in saging. This thread is as dead as the six fish I had.

No. 39767

So then other people who don’t give a shit don’t have to see a dead thread get bumped

No. 41841


tia is still together with her boyfriend?

she graduated vantan now

No. 44939

The reason this thread is still up just shows that net idols can’t live without tea(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44940

I mean nobody has posted for a month so nice job bringing it back

No. 44941

Sorry you were posted.

No. 44960

It’s not even real tea being posted it’s just love live girls going at each other for something nobody cares about

No. 45007

This whole thread was started over vendettas, if it's not already painfully obvious.

No. 45041

I came to see some idolized tea and am notlw massively disappointed.

No. 45055

lolcow threads don't get pruned like cgl threads do dumbass

No. 45079

Unfortunate lack of receipts but I'll try to summarize what I understand
>Idolized (a new england group) was in charge of an idol showcase at AB
>showcase was almost all Love Live groups, considered a flop
>one vocaloid performer allegedly bullied
>supposedly members have a history of harassing others
>ex-member was kicked out under unclear and shady circumstances
>2 members try to defend themselves in the thread, accuse ex-member of having sex with someone underage
>someone insinuates ex-member made a sex tape
>everyone looks terrible

No. 45083

That's kind of what I got out of it too. The ages were 17 and 19 so I think that's safe under the law and kind of a shitty reason to kick someone out.

I'm a big fan of one or two of the cosplayers in their group but the ones I don't really know or follow seem to be the delusional ones.

No. 45087

it's already been confirmed that idolized didn't have anything to do with who got in, AB staff picked groups based on who applied first and asked idolized to host because they helped advocate for an idol themed event after the hynes placed a No Dancing rule in play for AB

No. 45088

Just because they helped advocate doesn’t mean they were good advocates. Everyone in the New England community knows how toxic Idolized is but nobody will speak out because they don’t want to be targeted by them.

No. 45089


Is it the group as a whole though? The one or two I've communicated with seem super nice. Obviously they could just be kinda fake but like idk.

No. 45092

As a local I can confirm the only genuinely nice ones are the Rin and Hanayo. Can’t speak for the new Umi but the last Umi (the one accused of making a sex tape) was almost like a brainwashed drone for Idolized- spreading rumors and talking shit about everyone Idolized saw as competition.

No. 45094

Hi, I am the ex-idolized member about the dog surgery! normally i would ignore this kind of stuff but i figured i should share my end of the story before rumors and misconceptions about what happened spread. I think this was about 4 years ago if I remember correctly? Originally I was supposed to do an all day cosplay with Idolized but my friends had invited me to be part of a panel. I’ve never been in one before so I asked the group if it was okay for me to step out for about two hours and then jump back in. And the result was not what I was expecting. The group got mad at me and 3 members openly admitted to talking behind my back about lack of commitment to the group and it felt shitty. I felt shitty and stupid for even asking and I remember crying about it to my friends. So, I told my friends that as much as I would love to do a panel, I can’t.

My dog had to get chemotherapy and a surgery so all the money I had been saving was gone. I was working on average some 30 hours a week while in school and that wasn’t enough to cover the costs so I had to axe some outfits from my lineup. Unfortunately I had already paid for the hotel and badge, etc. so I had decided to go to the con anyways. I told Idolized I couldn’t do the cosplay anymore because I needed to put anything and everything towards my dog. They were “fine” with it but you could tell that some of them weren’t happy with my decision.
Around this time, my other friend had to drop because of money and he had an anxiety attack because he saw how the group had reacted to me. I guess to add worse to the matter, my mom had surprised me with a cosplay from my wishlist because she knew I had been not feeling great. It was the cosplay from the panel. Sometimes I still wish it had been the idolized cosplay.
After the con I remember I had seen the idolized instagram page post that they were looking for a new person to replace a certain idol. I was that group’s certain idol. They never told me. They never said anything or warned me or asked me. Just one day I was gone? I didn’t have the stomach to ask anyone either out of fear of being attacked again so I just cried and moved on. A few months later I started to talk with some of the members again and we’re good mutuals now. I think I went to one of their performances? Idolized has a group of wonderful people but only outside of Idolized. Maybe it was just like a bad roommate situation. This happened at the very beginning of idolized. I don’t know what happened to everyone else but only 2 of the original 9 stayed. I guess the rest of us were voted off the island haha. I don’t do idol groups anymore. In fact, i don’t even do idol stuff that much anymore and if I do it’s by myself or on my own terms. I don’t want to go through that again. Maybe they thought I was lying about my dog? I’m not sure. The only thing I know is that it took me a long time to not feel guilty for not doing the cosplay in order to put the money towards my dog. On the other hand, my dog’s chemo didn’t work and she passed away three months later so maybe I should have just accepted it and cosplayed with idolized.

Either way, I don’t live in the area and have no intention of coming back so it’s no longer my issue, and I don’t have anything against the members. I do hear stories from time to time though of other members that have been given the boot and it feels like nothing has changed but I don’t know. As for the ex-idolized members, we made a group chat just to comfort each other. I don’t know how but a good chunk of people that left seem to carry this guilt of some sort. We all ended up walking out in tears but the one good thing that came out of this is I really have met amazing people. So thank you, Idolized.

No. 45095

That's too bad. I figured the Eli and Nozo might be nice too. It's interesting to hear.

The Maki, and having their partner join with auditions as Umi sounds like a total shit show imo.

No. 45096

File: 1556211724483.png (688.48 KB, 634x629, Oops.png)

this is their Eli, does she seem nice?

No. 45097


I mean as someone who has struggled with people making fun of them on top of also having terrible social anxiety like she does, I kinda get her frustrations? Plus that was on her personal I assume, since it looks like an insta story I havent seen.

I mean idk, like yeah the way it's worded is a bit off putting, but I can also understand the idea that she's just trying to feel better in a way .

I'm kinda neutral on that example.

No. 45100

This makes me so sad. No one should feel guilty for putting their dog first.

No. 45101

Nozomi is notorious for targeting other Nozomi cosplayers and telling others behind their backs that she’s a better Nozomi than them when she looks like she’s 20 years old than the rest of the group. Eli is worst of all, posting things like >>45097 and others about other idol groups on her MAIN instagram’s story.

No. 45102

Woah, that is good to know. Do you know them personally out of curiosity? Or is that word around the block?

No. 45105

I personally know a few of the Nozomi cosplayers she has targeted. Jenna (Eli) loves to run her mouth about people so it’s not hard to find out who her stories are about.

No. 45107


It's interesting how intense these people get over it despite the fact none of them are ever going to be going places with cosplay. Let's be honest lmao.

No. 45110

I'm so confused. How old are these people? I could maybe understand if they were preteens but this is ridiculous

No. 45111

Definitely too old to be acting like this. Their harassment of others has been going on for almost three years. Members are between the ages of 20-26 if I recall correctly

No. 45113


Cosplay and mental health issues lead to bad personalities.

No. 45117

I happen to be one of the Nozomis targeted once upon a time. I don’t want to say too much to be targeted again, but I heard whispers of these rumors of her saying stuff about me, and tried to address every time it came up and everyone always said “oh no, Gabby doesn’t hate you, she hasn’t said things like that about you” over and over again. I tried to get to know her, I thought she was nice and fine as everyone said… But then she finally did it in front of a friend of mine, with another person who’s more or less an enabler. I don’t have hard feelings against the “enabler” as we’ll say at this point because they apologized for having that conversation and felt really bad. But even though the other half of the party admitted to it, Gabby still denies it. I have multiple witnesses that I trust and half the party apologizing to me, but she still denies it… She’s got a huge problem talking behind people’s backs particularly about Nozomi cosplayers, but I assume plenty of her other cosplays she feels just as elitist about.

No. 45119

I know from friends who have mutual friends with her that she is just as elitist about her Miku cosplays despite her untrimmed wig and bad makeup.

No. 45120


Geez like okay I can imagine someone thinking to themselves that they are better, but what's the point shit talking with other people about cosplay? Geez.

No. 45127

File: 1556227470993.png (380.42 KB, 332x589, welp.png)

they're not going to deny bullying people at all?

No. 45153

No because they can’t! Everything anyone has said about Idolized here or on cgl has been true (except the sex tape claims? does anyone know for sure) so they know trying to deny it would make them look like idiots.

No. 60319

any new tea?(newfaggotry)

No. 60320

seems like this thread has been dead for months

No. 60325

File: 1564445339846.jpeg (570.42 KB, 1124x1540, BD911FAA-D23B-4735-A0C9-D59F0E…)

Two members of Idolized are having a performance this weekend, (and starting a new group?) perhaps some tea will be spilled considering they were the last big topic of the thread.

No. 60332

omfg is claudie really still doing this shit? i haven't spoken to her in 5 years!

No. 60343

She’ll do whatever it takes to stay relevant, even if it’s joining the group most widely known in new england to be toxic. Haven’t seen her tripping on the cgl aidoru thread in a while, probably afraid to show her face in case Idolized gets mentioned there again and she gets well deserved call outs for being an attention whore like last time.

No. 60345

speaking of someone’s gotta bite the bullet and make a new thread on /cgl/ already >>60343

No. 60394

>I have found it difficult to find fellow dancers in my area to collaborate with
idk who this person is but it sounds like she's pissed off everyone in her comm lol. any milk on her?

No. 60396

claudie is an old /cgl/ tripfag and she's kind of annoying IRL. she's an elitist weeb (thinks she's better than most weebs) and was a clout chaser forever in the cos comm but that didn't pan out afaik so she's an aidoru clout chaser now. i was friends with her for a while IRL since she lives in my area so i have some tea, but not much more than others from /cgl/.

No. 60413

Spill it anon, this thread needs some revival

No. 60452

File: 1564540929525.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20190730-223820~2.p…)

>tight-knit group
Yeah so tight-knit that they booted a member and started trashing them on 4chan

No. 60455

So tight-knit that they’ve kicked members out without a single warning or word.

No. 60461

File: 1564543609769.jpg (610.24 KB, 1920x1292, inCollage_20190730_232237426~2…)

I was curious so I checked idolized's insta and found the post that announces 2 members graduation and I'm kinda surprised it has such an uwu lovey dovey tone. Given what I've heard about people getting kicked out it seems really two-faced and fucked to pretend everyone is on good terms.

No. 60463

Iirc Kason was kicked out for wanting to be Umi (his best girl of which he already owns tons of cosplays of) after Mairin was out of the picture but Maki was giving the role to her partner.

No. 60466

the nico said something on cgl about kason dating someone young enough for it to be illegal but someone else said the girl was 17 so idk if that actually had anything to do with it

No. 60544

the girls in idolize are insane and hate anyone in better lovelive coplays than they are. i got "recruited" by them and snubbed when i declined.

No. 60550

Anon you should've infiltrated and exposed them

No. 60560

Without giving away your identity, could you tell/show us what you mean when you say they snubbed you?

No. 60571

Isn’t Kason like 20 at this point? A 3 year difference is hardly anything and she’s almost 18 for god’s sake. Idolized needs to take their puritan shit and fuck off.

No. 60578

File: 1564607393361.jpg (165.57 KB, 1080x493, thinkingemoji.jpg)


No. 60580

It actually worries me that a cosplay group is that controlling about a member's dating life. Gotta wonder what else they're controlling about

No. 60591

I feel like she wouldn’t beat around the bush and make up an excuse as to why she’s doing a friends list sweep, so I believe it’s not because she was posted itt

No. 60598

Ew, how’d you meet her? She sounds awful

No. 60629

Other members dated people too young in their teens, but that's buried in the past.

No. 60697

Didn’t idolized have a sugar daddy or something to fund their cosplays?

No. 60703

Where did you hear this? Do you know anymore details? Omg this is so funny I have never heard that

No. 60704

Multiple members have mentioned getting money from @4_str4ng3r_O.O on instagram. There's also interviews of them on his page.

No. 60706

File: 1564681002296.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1773, 2B24172A-831E-4EB3-B7A8-5CB4C4…)

Wtf is this shit, this is so gross. You’re telling me 6 out of the 9 members sold themselves out for this creep?

No. 60707

He’s not a creep, he was socially awkward when i met him but he’s changed drastically and he’s really nice and chill and actually plays a bodyguard role in his friend groups that he hangs out with at cons

No. 60708

“plays a bodyguard role” while giving money to young girls for absolutely nothing in return?

No. 60709

Its not just young girls, dont make it seem like hes creeping, he doesn’t like gifts or receiving things because idk its just how he is, a lot of us feel like people don’t give him enough credit, especially the big groups hes helped out like idolized

No. 60710

>”big” groups he’s helped out like idolized
Hi idolized

No. 60713

If he's not a creep why does he hide his face at cons and go by "stranger" online.

No. 60720

He only hides his face in photos, and for his page, he actually Didnt wear his mask when he met up with my group, and he told us his real name and all that. He just doesntccsre about the recognition, he just wanted to have fun so he made a character or a persona as some would say

No. 60734

When you literally wear a cape with sugar daddy on it, it's what you are lmao

No. 60736

is idolized really dumb enough to think that a man throws hundreds of dollars at them because he's nice or are they too embarrassed to admit they're literally whoring themselves out.

No. 60740

The guy is apparently not even 20 yet so if anything idolized is probably just manipulating him

No. 60743

It sounds much more likely that Idolized would take advantage of someone young and probably desperate for friends.

No. 60758

because no one has ever pretended to be a teenager to prey on girls…

No. 60762

The guy has a literal baby face, and he was born in 1999 so clearly hes a creep????(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 60764

what I'm getting is you guys don't sing, choreograph, make your own costumes, or even buy cosplays with your own money. Truly idol goals

No. 60815

File: 1564760241073.jpg (445.67 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20190802-113538_Ins…)

Fuck Darling to death. Their Ota performance was lame ass shit and they got an award for it then they have the balls to go and say they were "so tired after everything we put into this darling performance day (rehearsal, craftsmanship judging, regular photoshoot, pv filming and solo dance filming Not to mention the actual masquerade itself!" You dumb bitches don't even realize most of the masq participants were doing that shit.

I fucking hate them and I hope they eat shit and die.(a-logging)

No. 60818

Yikes. Salty AND Vindictive, kinda hoping this is bait.

No. 60826

lol it's definitely because people are talking shit about her.

No. 60830

claudie, go back to /cgl/ so you can get coddled. sorry you thought you were somehow above all this. also stop shooping yourself to look asian, you're white. you're acting like ahripop.

No. 60833


Lmfao. Sounds like someone isn't good enough to be in Darling or some shit

No. 60838

You’re gonna hurt your back reaching that hard anon

No. 60839

Darling is just as bad, if not worse, than Idolized. Seeing a post like >>60815 isn't a suprise or vendetta.

No. 60840

Wasn’t Kason from Idolized with Darling at some point as Dia or Kanan?

No. 60841

File: 1564771953922.png (2.06 MB, 1053x1315, Screenshot_20190802-144702~2.p…)

Yes, along with Idolized's Eli.

It seems like Darling is basically a scheme to win as many masquerades as possible by recruiting a ton of members and entering as many competitions as possible. I'm guessing this makes a lot of other groups salty.

No. 60842

lol claudie is clearly here, that fb purge post was about me lmao.

No. 60843

File: 1564772237070.png (165.66 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20190802-145611~2.p…)

Claudie really seems like the type to feed off of negative attention so I wouldn't be surprised

No. 60845

popcult is shit anyway, most of my friends are going there to have room parties.

No. 60851

sounds like you’re really fixated on her, what did she even do to you

No. 60853

just like rEaL aIdOrU

No. 60855

Whatever happened to aqueens? Wasnt merkuma leader of that group?!

No. 60857


Explain this. I'd love to understand. People post this shit without any other commentary and expect people to agree with them.

No. 60858

This, I’m here to talk shit like anyone else but it seems like noone has actual screencaps or tea to back shit up

No. 60859

File: 1564777593064.png (21.66 KB, 245x203, Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 4.26.…)

No. 60863

i'm not really. i just saw the post about her purging her fb friends and thought it was funny she removed me. i don't get why she's lurking here though tbh since she still posts on /cgl/, she might as well out herself.

No. 60865

Fuck I meant the post talking about how they are as bad as idolized. I want to understand that.

No. 60866

So what you’re saying is you’re salty you got deleted

No. 60869

It actually is really funny you care so much about someone who said she was removing anyone inactive or who she doesn’t keep contact with

No. 60895

Sounds to me like Claudie was right to remove you if your reaction to being taken off her friends list is to immediately come here and start trashing her. Idolized on the other hand deserves the hate they’re getting in this thread.

No. 60899

you guys don't get it she removed people after she got posted.

No. 60902

So? Even if it was because she knew she was being posted, can you really blame her for deleting you?

No. 60905

Dude can you stop defending people ITT, she's a tripfag, that's all you need to know.

No. 60906

Look, this person said they lived near Claudie and actually had tea, my bad for expecting them to actually deliver and not just have some weird vendetta

No. 60908

Someone spilled tea earlier about her constant posting on /cgl/, plus the idolize shit in general. Maybe she doesn't want to now since it's obvious she's lurking the thread?

No. 60910

If that’s all there is, this anon is grasping for straws. Her trip doesn’t even show up when you search on cgl. So much for quality milk.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 60912

File: 1564802021277.jpg (303.51 KB, 3264x622, claudie.jpg)

I remember Claudie defending the two weird bearded Ruby and Dia dudes that everyone (including me) has experienced as being disgusting and creepy so I dug in the archives to find it

No. 60913

I remember this, she went from being an annoying handmaiden type to being a full blown SJW.

No. 60916

>I dug in the archives
Like I said, was hoping for new milk like that local anon promised

No. 60919

This is pretty hypocritical coming from lolcow. I remember people posting pictures of Claudie after she was assaulted and laughing at her/saying she should have been raped.

No. 60923

She said herself the milk was from a few years.

No. 60953

Does anyone remember Aqueens?

No. 60966

Yes, Jenna from Idolized and Darling was in that too. It seems that she’s almost monopolized her favorite characters by joining every group that needs Eli or You.

No. 60970

Whatever happened to aqueens tho, they fell off the face of the earth

No. 60973

Last I checked You isn't her favorite Aqours character tho

No. 61079

Did any anons itt go to pop cult?

No. 61141

I did! Susupara did amazingly. Their props and all the decor added so much to the show, and the raffle baskets were such a sweet idea.

No. 61142

do any of them actually sing? i was disappointed that none of them sing at all.

No. 61143

No, people sang at the masq though

No. 61144

well yea, but that's cause it's a talent competition. idol dance thots are the worst, atleast try singing. these girls just dance and get catty at people who are better cosplayers than them.

No. 61267

At this point I’m convinced SusuPara is the best LL group New England has and ever will have- most of the members are cute, they can dance, and they consistently put out good content with decent videography.

No. 61268

Forgot to mention they appear to be relatively drama free and genuinely enjoy what they’re doing and don’t see idol groups as a popularity contest or see other groups as “competition”. Idolized, take note from these girls.

No. 61384

I want to know the tea behind Peachy Paradise that an anon was talking about on cgl. Anyone got stories?

No. 61427

It’s probably Hailey

No. 61430

Ok it is definitely Hayley. She’s been an old bitter bitch and social climber for over ten years now and everyone in Atlanta knows how she uses weeb guys who run cons for special privileges.

No. 61534

I’m fairly certain there’s an old archived thread dedicated to Hayley, it had some stories of her and Peachy Parade.

No. 61842

Has anyone heard anything about start! Splash lately? I know this thread started with Bunny and start! Splash

No. 61844

Can we talk about Sakura Hana though? Cringe lord. She really thinks she’s some talented singer ?? She’s delusional. People give her too much slack cause she’s young. Can’t pretend everyone is a snowflake.

No. 61854

There is a whole thread about her if you really want to talk about her

No. 61908

Bunny has a new group called Kousei. They performed at Akon

No. 62125

A friend of mine commissioned meotashi/mimi for a cosplay a few months ago, and not only was she not very communicative, but the finished product was so lazily made it’s almost insulting (and I’m talking more than just using hot glue to keep things together)
It’s been bothering me for a while because I’ve seen lots of people praise her for her sewing skills and want to commission her, and I don’t want them to be disappointed with a half assed product. I’m not sure if this is the place to be posting about this sort of thing, but I can give more details if anyone wants me to

No. 62137

I’d like to hear about this if it’s really hilariously/depressingly bad, but I’m not sure whether it would fit better in this thread or >>33300

No. 62139


I feel for you anon but honestly “good sewing skills”??? Literally who was saying that. Looking at her idol costumes with your bare eyes doesn’t read as good costuming and you honestly should of went to a sew of costume designers that were available if you wanted good shit. What possessed you to go to her for a commission?

No. 62161

she was good at constructing her own costumes (on the outside), but always lazily made the rest of stellure's. but lately all of her sewing she's done with darling has been hot garbage.

Anon your friend should ask for a refund, even a partial one. If your friend isn't 100% happy with her commission and has to use her own time/resources to fix it then she deserves at least SOME of her money back so she doesn't sink more money into a garbage pit. I've done partial/full refunds as a seamstress myself and while it's disheartening to know the work you did wasn't 100% your best, it's better than a client slandering you all over the internet for refusing a refund. Which will be warranted if Mimi does refuse to give your friend a refund.

No. 63018

I know that Peachy is a bunch of wanabes who dont have real jobs because they're working on being real "idorus" even though they don't put up shit on social media. That's the real sad tea

No. 63722

This group is very ugly, way cuter groups out there just sayin

No. 63723

Darling's PDP group is a hot mess, they all look like trash!!!

No. 63729

There's lots of sad groups out there that are self-proclaimed idol groups that don't post shit. I'm sure we can all name a few, or ones that produce rare crap content

No. 63810

what is with the inexplicable hate boner for darling in this thread lmao

No. 63817

Don't whiteknight

No. 63885

not wking, just haven't seen any actual milk about them in this thread. Just being untalented isn't milky

No. 63972

Only that they’ve been doing a lot better and performed at a-kon. I think that tea is dead, anon.

No. 63974

Who would like them? Not one of their members can dance (seriously, their emma cant even lift her arm correctly) and their costumes are garbage. I have no idea how they’re so popular.

No. 63979

so did this happen or was it made up so we'd feel bad for claudie?
showing up to as many events as possible and posting regularly on social media, and having some members with pre-existing popularity.

No. 64028

the thing i don't understand is how the keep winning these big awards while their costumes look like shit and none of them can dance

No. 64038

If you were oldfag you’d remember

No. 64040

The bar for masq group costumes just isn't very high. Having 9 people looking semi-put together and attempting to dance is enough to get you noticed. It's super rare for idol groups to make their own costumes in the first place so darling is usually the only one in a given masq

No. 64334

You know, i think it's weird that no one talks about how they sexualize love live characters. A lot of their charm points are sexual, a lot of the current members do lewds (not separate from their main cosplay accounts) which attracts those fans to their lives when dfw already has a huge problem w pedophiles in the love live community, and they do 18+ events. I don't think anyone has ever addressed that.

No. 64348

If you have a problem with LL characters being sexualized, grown women dressing as the characters and maybe doing one suggestive pose isn’t the place to start. There are literally thousands of 18+ doujin starring LL girls that are way more graphic than any cosplay I’ve seen. If you want to demonize sexualization of minors, there are bigger problems to address first.

No. 64372

I don't think that person was calling for a riot , I think that they were just pointing it out which is perfectly acceptable. I think these girls are trying to channel actual jpop idols who are supposed to be all ~loli~, that and pandering to neckbeards gets more attention. It's like how AKB48 is fine when you are looking from a distance but then you listen to what they are actually singing and who they are doing it for it gets… uncomfortable. That's why I only listen to groups like Faky/Femm/ Bananalemon.

No. 64555

I lurked through their profiles and didn’t find anything that even suggested sexual LL. If you have real tea post it, not this vendetta tier crap

No. 64558

Love live are cartoon characters.

No. 64580

They're drawings. Cartoons are not real. If they were actual loli characters I'd agree, but most of the Love Live girls just look like generic animu.

No. 64623

Unless you have specific substantial evidence of cosplayers "sexualizing" characters then there really is no reason to bring this up..

No. 64656

Uh huh. Clearly you haven't been to their performances where they list their charm points in introductions. One girl saying it's her 'thick thighs' and slapping her ass as she says it. It's not that they're sexualizing the characters directly, but sexualizing themselves while in love live cosplay or having love live on the same account you post your lewds. It's disgusting. They shouldn't bring their thirsty neckbeard orbiters to their love live panels where underage girls are in the audience. Just saying.

No. 64672

Love live….is….a…cartoon

No. 64693

She slaps her thighs, idiot. It’s not like thighs are even a sexual thing, get a life. When you’re policing what people (adults, by the way) post on their personal instagrams you know you have a problem.

No. 64699

Are we going to ignore how an admin of Texas Idol Festival broke into their email to get information about their A-Kon performance and framed the group for spreading personal emails of staff? This has been the hot topic in the Texas community lately and i’m surprised it’s not being talked about more.

No. 64700

NTA but I get what she means, even if you wks don't. LL is popular with younger female fans and being cringy and lewd in character and directing towards those fans is bad road.

No one was every complaining that they are sexualizing the characters, just that they're trying to make lewd cosplay aidoru shit look appealing to their underage fans.

I don't understand how a thread about cringy weebs who do shitty dance covers is full of so many wks. Any net-idol group is going to be the cringiest group of weeaboos ever. ALl of them are mediocre at best, yet put themselves up there with real idols who sing and dance and make 100ks a year. It's embarrassing and defending them is even more embarrassing.

No. 64701

I feel like the second part of this is going down a dangerous road of slut shaming. These girl’s lives don’t seem to revolve around idols like many in the community. Their profiles hardly mention being in an idol group at all and i don’t think it’s fair to criticize their personal profiles based on a hobby they do on the side. They’re not real idols, they don’t have an image to maintain and i don’t think they’re trying to influence anyone based on what i see as a person of the public eye.

No. 64702

>slut shaming

bitch where do you think you are?

No. 64703

did you miss the part anon said about them doing this at their panels and performances? bitch please.

No. 64705

You don’t have to double post, calm down. I didn’t miss it, i just have a problem with the second part. I haven’t experienced it so i can’t really form an opinion (this thread isn’t exactly reliable information).

Also even if their profiles had to do with being idols, gravure idols are absolutely a thing and these girls photos are way more tame than some actual Japanese idols. I have a feeling you don’t know much about idols at all or Love Live, since one of the new girls personality literally revolves around her sex appeal.

No. 64708

This is exactly the point I was trying to make earlier about there being bigger issues than cosplay “idols” being sexy while in LL cosplay

No. 64710

Selling sex to underage fans is still an issue even though they do it in the glorious nihon.

No. 64712

Excuse me? Does anyone have more information on this?

No. 64713

This is exactly the point I was trying to make earlier about there being bigger issues than cosplay “idols” being sexy while in LL cosplay

No. 64714

Uhh it happens rampantly in western media too

No. 64753

Tragic samefagging.

No. 64758

It’s not op, as someone who frequents TIF i’d like more information on this accusation since it’s pretty serious.(ban evasion)

No. 64794

I think the You posted about this on his story a while back, but then he never really went into more detail?

No. 64816

>I don't understand how a thread about cringy weebs who do shitty dance covers is full of so many wks
Prob because the /cgl/ threads are already circlejerks for wannabe net idols

The best/worst ones are the ones who go all in on making themselves waifus and then get triggered when stereotypical creepy older guys show up to their gigs. Like bitch how do you think idols make money in Japan? Love Live is literally the stereotypical creepy virgin nerd fandom over there

No. 64824

it's not surprising they feel this way. they don't live in japan, they just see idols the same way young girls in japan see them. it's portrayed as this kawaii sisterhood shit on purpose to prey on young fans when the reality is gross and weird.

No. 64975

There was some major drama between SS members in June ish. Idk the details

No. 64976

Cough cough cough bambi

No. 64977

Tbh ya. SS has drama but all groups do. Ppl forget that some is made up or that they’re sort of framed for certain things.

No. 65255

Rith hacked into their e-mail. She lied about having done it until they checked IPs to see who had recently accessed the e-mail, and it was traced back to her. She even e-mailed A-kon staff after the fact trying to demonize them.

Which is why TIF didn't get a panel.

No. 65261

Except that’s…not what happened and both sides of the story aren’t coming out with what happened in detail because they’re not allowed to per A-Kon staffs instructions and demands about the incident.

No. 65264

The only reason TIF hasn't talked about it is because they got caught. There's no demands or agreements, and even if there was, they don't matter here.

No. 65360

They’re allowed to talk about the incident on both sides, but TIF is scared because they got caught and the group is scared because they just want TIF and others to leave them alone.

No. 65363

Makes me wonder if TIF will ever get a panel at Akon although of topic but tbh Rith isn’t even that good of a singer from what I’ve seen. The songs she sings kind of suck (but maybe that’s just her)

No. 65404

TIF had a panel at A-kon last year. I feel like I'm missing a huge chunk of what happened too tho, so….

No. 65527

Rith got caught being a bitch so tif didn’t get a panel at Akon this year 65363 is saying that because tif did that tif May not get a panel at Akon again

No. 65808

This is not true.
No one backed anything and if they did, it was hidden from the original SS members.

If Rith did it of her own accord, she should be held accountable- not the group.

No. 65851

You don't have to try and cover for yourself, you know.

Blynn already came out and said that it happened. You'd be at a loss trying to find any proof to the contrary. Why do you think TIF didn't get a panel?

No. 65889

File: 1568046751331.jpeg (220.93 KB, 1242x813, 24EFE33E-2863-4E96-9CD2-617513…)

So some context here, since everyone is just throwing out hate with no caps or context, way back when with the confusion in akon ownership changes they accidentally sent out acceptance emails to everyone who applied. Then akon had to go back and correct that, and EVERY local idol group got waitlisted. TIF, SS, ProStar, everyone. So there was a lot of stress going around as to what was going to happen to everyone. So then this event called Otaku Overload happens, Start Splash is there performing. Word gets around that someone from akon staff partying with the group told them that they would try to pull strings to bump the group up on the wait list because they thought they were cool people. Concerned between all of the changes in staff and ownership that bumping groups over favoritism; Rith reached out to a friend on staff for advise on if that seemed problematic or not. The person looked in to it and reassured her that the staffer at otaku overload was there specifically to scout for cosplay contest half time show talent and it was unrelated to the panels and just a miscommunication and not to worry. To which everyone moved on about the topic. This was all before Rith was even invited to be a part of TIF staff.

Weeks later, Rith is now on TIF staff, Blynn (SS founder and You) starts interrogating people. Freaking out on and accusing everyone, even people who were never associated with the group, of hacking their Instagram to frame them for leaking emails. Really just a lot of nonsense.

So I have no idea what sparked the whole witch hunt a month later, but it was before Rith was even staff. If something else other than Rith asking a friend for advise happened I’d be interested to see screen caps of it. Otherwise it sounds like a classic Blynn meltdown where they get on 4chan to vent anonymously. They did the same thing to their Chika last year.

No. 65890

File: 1568047027530.jpeg (228.39 KB, 1242x859, E4D40A11-454E-4A90-9E82-16BD54…)

Just more caps for the curious

No. 65891

File: 1568047184893.jpeg (205.14 KB, 870x1884, 7AAD737F-76A2-4443-9B67-0F9D2E…)

Here’s a cap showing Blynn saying that they were framed by someone hacking their Instagram. Rith doesn’t know the head of akon, that’s not who she emailed. So idk what his meltdown was about.

No. 66092

Blynn has always had an irrational fear that everyone is out to get the group when honestly, nobody cares. He just tries so hard to keep and the group relevant.

Don’t get me wrong, they work hard but not hard or better than anyone else. I am so tired of hearing about this but there is some serious dirt on some of the remaining SS members.

No. 66093

What's the dirt?

No. 66140

Nobody cares? This is a whole thread revolving around them…

No. 66144

I think almost everyone in the community would agree they’re sick of talking about start splash. Most people call them “the group who shall not be named” because if you mention them it’s starts a whole shit storm.

But every six months or so people mysteriously start talking shit about ex members, and accusations start going around that someone is trying to “tarnish their name” or “frame them for something.”

No one cares, every ex member just wants to move on, and no one wants to talk about them anymore.

No. 66161

This contradicts everything on this thread. If nobody wants to talk about them, why does this exist? the vendettas are strong here and most likely the posters are from the same community as this group. Your backtracking is a failed attempt.

No. 66166


This, everyone bumping this thread is someone just connected to who they are bitching about.

There’s so much that has happened that is worth discussing for laughs or cringe from other groups but the same groups are discussed here.

No. 66173

I think my point was misunderstood. I said almost everyone. SS has burned a lot of people, they’ve cycled 8 team members in two years (Liz, Taina, Olivia, Bri, Whisper, Rith, Kat and Bunny, then Liz again), only one of which left on good terms. They’ve also had members piss off some other groups. Then once you include friends of offended parties; there is definitely a large group of people that are very bitter and would gladly come and dish dirt.

My statement is to say ALMOST everyone else is over it and just wants to ignore them.

No. 66180

Ironically, almost everyone on that list is infamous for leaving groups that aren’t just start splash. Wasn’t the group formed by a bunch of misfits that couldn’t either maintain their own groups or caused the fallout of another? (Saying they burned through 8 in 2 years is a decent statistic by the way, most groups don’t last that long).

No. 66188

Those numbers/names aren’t to make them look bad. It was to say I agree there are likely still some that would be disgruntled and talk even if most people are sick of talking about it

No. 67249

Not saying names but a start splash member got mono from a homestuck meet up. Maybe they deserve all the bullying lmfaoooooo dumbasses(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67300


No. 67347

Did someone there have mono? How do you know its from the meetup? Couldve shared a drink, someone couldve been a carrier like a boyfriend/girlfriend. You dont just magically get mono and it's a pretty common thing to get tbh.

No. 67357

I saw this on the member’s facebook and it said he was assaulted at a homestuck meetup years ago and got it. I’m not sure if that’s the kind of tea you want to dish out…

No. 67435

They told me themselves and they said they got it from playing spin the faygo (homestuck version of spin the bottle)

No. 67436

They told me how they got it and that wasn’t it chief. Maybe you’ve got the wrong homestuck. 80% of them have gotten monk from each other at some
Point. Homestucks are nasty fucks

No. 67441

File: 1569510808852.jpeg (221.79 KB, 1125x436, 5E81F2A8-B238-46AF-87CA-10FA56…)

Well this is the post, Im not sure if you misunderstood. It looks like the last time he cosplayed homestuck was 2015 too according to his facebook?

No. 67482

They told me myself. It was lighthearted shit.

No names but if that’s the same person then lmfaooo they’re just twisting anything for sympathy huh

No. 68907

File: 1570593423077.gif (5.41 MB, 408x270, giphy.gif)

Is there any consensus on HEART HEX? https://www.instagram.com/heart_hex/

I've heard some old milk that one of the members was caught for stealing at CAD a few years back but didn't know the legitimacy of it.

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