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File: 1480025350100.jpg (45.84 KB, 400x268, A4CJUhw.jpg)

No. 311113

>Swiss dude
>Makes surreal videos where he goes out in public with dakimakura wearing a leotard, makes extremely un-PC jokes, talks about his fap collection, licks cream off figurines
>Apparently has a GF and other weeb friends, good job (has been speculated to work in finance)

Youtube: /Nervli
Twitter: /meidocafe
Flickr: /meidocafejp

No. 311114

Tour of his apartment (nsfw)

No. 311115

taking the waifu skydiving

No. 311116

goes swimming with his gf and body pillow, makes loli jokes in front of actual kids (wtf)

No. 311117

Somehow watching him doesn't phase me. What does though is wondering how he has a stable job, like don't companies look you up on the internet?

No. 311118


No. 311119

samefag but this has been brought up in the comments a few times, especially on this video. Theory is, very high up/boss. He is ridiculous but he's hella loaded.
People don't seem to care, he was umping about in high heels and underwear with a floating bodypillow, gave mothers and their kids some balloons who happily took them. It's really fucking weird. But great how much fuckery he gets away with.

No. 311120


i was thinking the same but somehow i feel like most of the older swiss people barely use the internet yet alone seek otaku shit to find him. even though he is ridiculous you would need to sort of specifically look for this type of content.

he does seem to have a shit load of money though

No. 311121


sorry for the double post but forgot to ad onto that, i have some family in switzerland and it's seriously expensive to live there. a small apartment can cost upwards to at least 9 thousand dollars a month in city places

No. 311122

No one has figured out his identity yet? He's shown his apartment and you can see outside, plus Suisse is not that big and if he really is higher up, it probably wouldn't be hard. Especially if he has LinkedIn or some other professional online presence

No. 311123

samefag, went through comments on >>311119

>UBS. It's a bulge bracket bank that deals with banking with Corporations, Nations, and other larger-than-individual entities. Also, it was founded and is headquartered STILL in Switzerland, leading me to suspect he works at HQ

>UBS HQ are in Zürich and Basel, and it looks like Bern in the video, so probably not exactly at HQ

Or he just filmed himself walking out of a random office. The lesson is that as long as you have money, doesn't matter if your flat is full of fap pillows, you will get bitches

No. 311124

File: 1480037476641.jpg (105.38 KB, 639x720, 1459859526192.jpg)

I know people love him for the meme factor, but fact is his complete absence of inhibition makes him an utterly cancerous degenerate. It's just depressing. Also I hate nothing more than people who pride themselves on "having the best of both worlds" (2D and 3D)they're just generally the most cancerous people on earth.

No. 311125

New vid, pays tribute to filthy frank

No. 311126

I was feeling depressed today but this made me laugh my ass off. Thank you melonpan.

No. 311127

I think it's pretty obvious that he's not serious about this, he's just a crazier FilthyFrank with a shitload of money

No. 311128

dont forget the content is significantly worse. i dont really get a chuckle out of filthyfrank but this guy just humps shit and is all "its iruny hurr am i relevant gais"

No. 311129

No one believes that he's serious, they're just amazed that he's a serious head honcho at a Swiss bank and yet shows his face on videos where he's dressed in lingerie and humping his 9000 anime body pillows.

No. 311130

Doesn't he have nudes online?
I had the misfortune of running into them.
He seems like a massive pervert. His videos make me uncomfortable.

No. 311131

post em anon. Though he's basically nude in all of his videos anyway

Anyone who owns a body pillow is a perverted-ass weeb, which is nothing to note. But this guy has a legitimate career and presumably a professional non-perverted online presence elsewhere. That is the puzzling part. He must be one hell of an autist.

No. 311132

Anon no I love melonpan with all my soul

No. 311133

Then don't watch them. Seems pretty simple.

Also seems odd that you feel uncomfortable by something as comparatively tame as melonpans shit. The guy is harmless and actually quite likable. He has a lot of female fans.

No. 311134

I've been following this guy for a while and it's amazing a) how much money he has and b) how much crazier he gets with the passing years. In just a couple of years his content turned much more sexual and fetish-y than it used to be a while back.
Still, as a fellow Swiss, after getting over the initial shock and disgust at his cancerous nature I can't help wanting to fly over to Bern and be his friend. The fact that he pulls this shit in Switzerland of all places just makes it more hilarious. People are severely uptight and while I don't personally know Bern, pulling this shit in any other smaller town would be horrendous. I'm amazed how he gets away with it. Shine on you crazy diamond.

No. 311135

File: 1480521227006.jpg (384.91 KB, 1800x1200, tfw you will never live a comf…)

He works at a Swiss bank as a head manager. His ic is on the site's webpage but I forgot which one it is. It's out there though.

Basically he's living the fucking dream and giving no fucks.

No. 311136

I need me a sugar daddy like that.

No. 311137

File: 1480530742268.gif (362.88 KB, 500x417, 1478128809899.gif)

I'd let him fuck me. I like degenerates like this.

No. 311138

I'd have a beer with him, as long as he's not too weird.

No. 311139

Trust me, there's people who seriously believes it

No. 311140

File: 1480976806578.png (226.77 KB, 1264x1024, SLbjXtP.png)

in response to a girl who looks underage (wat)
>We can masturbate together anytime my princess. Just tell me where and when. w

No. 311141

>looks underage

Uh huh.

What is this, a witch hunt? AoC in many parts of Europe is 14. They're old enough to know what they're doing.

No. 311142

How can one learn to lose all sense of shame so that they can enjoy their life like he does?
He seems to have so much fun and doesn't care that it makes me envious.

No. 311143

In Switzerland it's apparently 16, but determining age just from a profile picture…

No. 311144

Even if she was 14 or 15 we have no idea of knowing if her mental age was more mature than her physical age I suppose. Physically 15 is apparently the ideal age for a woman to have children according to biology.

No. 311145

He replies to a lot of people on social media, he's replied to me several times. He's just messing around I'm pretty sure. He might be some creep for all we know but just because he jokingly replies to comments on social media doesn't really prove much.

No. 311146

15 is a terrible age to have children according to biology. historically, girls didn't even begin menstruation until age 17-15.

No. 311147

Hi Onion

No. 311148

>>311144>Physically 15 is apparently the ideal age for a woman to have children according to biology.what crack are you smoking? pedophile.the risk of having an autistic kid is basically parabolic. in that, a 15 year old girl has just as high of a risk as a 35 year old woman. ideal age scientifically is 20-22.

No. 311149

File: 1481061889105.jpg (4.74 KB, 129x131, 15267643_1024791510982868_1276…)

What the fuck dude

No. 311150

He has a dark sense of humor. He's made rape jokes and loli jokes in front of some kids he filmed, I don't think anyone has called him out on it. Euro weebs must not cross over with SJW like their American counterparts do.

No. 311151

Oh my god, could you not? That biotruths bullshit is directly contradicted by scientific evidence; teenagers are at a significantly higher risk of complications from pregnancy and children with birth defects than adults who've finished puberty. Go back to r9k you fucking pedo.

No. 311152

There's a nude of him in the SheepCream thread.

No. 311153

Well we knew what 99% of his naked body looked like anyway.

I was hoping he would be bigger kek

No. 311154

Anyone remember his blog from 2008ish? It was before he had his girlfriend and he literally lived in his parents basement. Don't think he was as loaded back then either. He'd post weird depressing shit from time to time about how much he hates himself and how ugly he is. He also posted a picture of himself wearing a thong and you could see bumps on his dick through it and the caption was "YES I HAVE NOPS ON MY PENIS AND YES I DON'T CARE" (all in german of course)

Mid 2008-end he got his current girlfriend and they had a fight about him posting so many nude/revealing pictures of himself and he deleted them all off his blog saying she doesn't want others to see him that way. She obviously changed her mind about that now though lol

No. 311155

Holy shit, OP pic is a spitting image of my boyfriend's old roommate which would have been fucking rich because he was this massive dick with a superiority complex.

I'm kind of envious to not be about to give a fuck like this dude, I'd never heard of him before but he really just seems like he has way too much money and this is how he has fun.
Also I'm mad jealous of his heel skills. I am so bad in heels and he just hops and runs around like it's nothing.

sage for no contribution, I'm now horribly fascinated so thanks for introducing me to this strange swiss man

No. 311156

File: 1482420102367.png (10.1 KB, 56x65, Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 15.2…)


Oy vey

No. 311157

Link to the blog? If it's still up lol

No. 311158

necro-ing this thread,but does anyone in general got stuff on this guy?he scares and fascinates me at the same time

I read that he was fired a few months a go but he seems to keep doing his thing as he used to

i would also like to know if that blog still exists kek(Necro)

No. 311159

https://kilano.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/meidocafe-jp-ist-nicht-mehr/ according to this blogpost in german from 2009 his blog got deleted due to an update error? it was meidocafe.jp though if anyone can find something in the internet's archives

No. 311160

File: 1541608376296.png (294.54 KB, 959x795, ,555.png)

samefag but just saw that someone posted a link in the comments of that post https://web.archive.org/web/20070910224856/www.meidocafe.jp/category/anime/

No. 311161

File: 1541611499623.jpg (74.53 KB, 512x529, aZ3OLM0_700b.jpg)

I forgot about this guy and his blog until I recently saw this article about him almost being detained by swiss customs for trying to bring 30kg of loli doujinshi into the country and honestly I kind of envy how far he's made it while still remaining a complete degenerate.


Also isn't he gay/bi? I thought he was living with his boyfriend.

No. 311162

Idk if he’s bi (he’s pretty gay with his friend richardo lol), but im pretty sure he propossed his gf (i think he calls her kartoffel) this year and she said yes

No. 311163

Wasn’t he in a relationship with this sheepcream girl who also has a thread on here?

No. 311164

So he calls his girlfriend "potato"?

No. 311165

Melonpan's life online is completely fictional. He was never arrested, he never had a boyfriend. Idk why people just believe what he says.

No. 311166

That customs shit seems entirely likely though, I don't think anyone claimed he got arrested (including himself).

No. 311167

No, they are just friends (i guess she likes the attention when he posts something in twitter w her)

No. 311168

Yup, i dont get it but he always calls her like that lol

No. 311169

Maybe she's German? Germans are called potatoes/Kartoffeln a lot.

No. 311170

didn't he lose his job recently?

No. 311171

No. 311172

Haha, pretty funny. But his poor neighbours.

No. 311173

No, a photo of himself walking past a police station doesn't mean it was likely. Please look at how much fucking loli shit that man has imported. Why the fuck would they pull him in NOW? The man is a compulsive liar.

Nope. He works for his father's bank. He dressed up in a DHL uniform that his friend wears. Everything he does is a performance.

No. 311174

It's actually fascinating to hear you ~dismantle the fantasy~ like this so if you have anything else I'd love to hear it. Provide some pictures as well and/or how you found out about this in the first place!

No. 311175

File: 1541853734311.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1600x2400, 1438035788529.jpg)

He used to have a facebook profile that he used for a long time. Here he showed his "real" life. He ended up getting removed from Facebook enough times for posting loli shit that he just gave up on it. He is from an EXTREMELY wealthy family. That flat in his videos is his "city home" and he actually owns a large house (possibly inherited from his father) in the countryside where he spends summers. His father owns the bank that he works in.

He did his degree in accounting, so he works as some sort of senior accountant at the bank and gets paid out the fucking ass (forget how much but he did actually say at one point.)

His parents seem pretty eccentric themselves, he gave his father a loli dakimakura for christmas one year and his dad seemed to find it hysterical. Kartoffel works at a museum, forget her real name.

He used to run a blog where he posted his nudes for ladies to enjoy. I have one of the nudes saved (there were many, but I only saved one. It was a whole blog devoted to it) and he had to stop after Kartoffel asked him to.

Melonpan desperately WANTS to be a lolcow I think because his actual life is just SO easy, SO smooth and SO mundane.

Spoilered: One of Melonpan's nudes

No. 311176

Just remembered another example of Melonpans fictional life:

He took some racy videos of himself as 9S and a woman as 2B. During Melonpan's height of popularity a good number of years ago, EU cosplay thots would actually visit Melonpan's place to take weird photoshoots with him to get a slice of his audience. One of those cosplay thots was the girl featured in the 2B videos. I don't remember exactly who she is, but she was just some cosplay thot.

Cut to 2017 and she's in the 2Bx9S suggestive videos. Melonpan posts these videos swearing that this woman is his sister. Japanese media goes wild and reports on it. I know for a damn fact that woman is not his sister. She wasn't in his family photos, the only time she appeared in photos with him before was in one of the cosplay thot photoshoots years before. But to this day there are people who just believe this woman is his sister, and still talk about "incestuous otaku Melonpan with his sexy sister"

Vid shows the 2Bx9S stuff (although there was more on Twitter and that's where he said that its his sister)

No. 311177


>shaved pubes and balls

>hairy thighs with stockings

No. 311178

This is soooo interesting holy shit anon thank you for all this info! I really believed his lies for a while too lol

No. 311179

me and a few friends were obsessed with Melonpan back at the height of his popularity. I wouldn't say he was a personal lolcow because he really isn't a lolcow (although he tries so hard to be) but he's an extremely interesting person to observe. Born into insane wealth and luxury, very normal family, parents who he clearly has a great relationship with. And through having such a perfect life, craves to be seen as different yet relatable. The whole Melonpan sphere of people is weird too.

Richard Richner, the Asian looking dude in most of his videos, is extremely odd. He's a watch maker for a luxury watch making brand. Also owns two homes, the flat you see in his videos and a nice (not mansion like MPs, but large enough) house up in the mountains. No idea if he comes from wealth but his job pays extremely highly.

In terms of the cosplay thots, the alpha thot was a woman named Fatima. Any video of MP's that has women, she will be one of them. All of these thots have moved on as Melonpan just doesn't have the same audience he did. He gets constant mentions in media which means his audience is mostly freaked out normies, when before it was otaku.

I really could write a lot on Melonpan. As I said before, I personally don't think he is a lolcow (quite the opposite, I think he's painfully normie irl) but he is certainly a very interesting figure

No. 311180

>He's a watch maker for a luxury watch making brand

you can't get more swiss

No. 311181

> Kartoffel works at a museum, forget her real name.

Not true. Maybe she did at one point but she def doesn't anymore.

No. 311182

Thank you for the info anon! I really find him a very interesting character.

No. 311183

Tbh I always tought this was a whole lie, looks like I wasn’t wrong haha

No. 311184

She definitely did at one point as Melonpan posted her work ID, showing her full name, face and place of work

No. 311185

How fucking pathetic is lowcow? You haven't even managed to find out his real name or the company he works at even though everything has been known for years already?

Name: Kerim Roth
Workplace: aberimo AG


And unless he has inherited a lot of money he is not rich. He "only" works as a finance and accounting professional which means he doesn't even have a university degree.

No. 311186

He does have a university degree. He live tweeted himself going to Uni etc. And yes, his family is rich as fuck and he did inherit a house from them.

No. 311187

>removed for loli shit

facebook doesn't remove loli shit usually. hell they used to have tons of real life CP up and still have distribution communities cause they don't ban people for illegal PMs.

No. 311188

nice unsaged sperg with no real milk and harping on facts that are true.
I guess pathetic is subjective tbh

No. 311189

Nobody really cares about that boring stuff, we just want more of his outrageous behavior and to know if it's real or not
We already know he's well off and his family got him a good job, any further information about his finances is just doxing

No. 311190

He posted the screenshot of why he got removed and it was for explicit hentai lolicon shit.

No. 311191

Is he related to Rothschields? xD

What about the whole story about getting fired from UBS?

No. 311192

Obviously not, Roth is not that uncommon of a name.

No. 311193


it's probably just the hentai aspect and not the loli part. facebook is notoriously shitty about CP, just look up their BBC debacle.

No. 311194

He didn't get fired.

No. 311195

was he employed there in the 1st place?

No. 311196

File: 1549317775614.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.09 KB, 133x200, 9379bfebf0c2560360a6dbf6427902…)

a now-defunct imageboard had 12 of his nudes, but only thumbnails were rchived

No. 311197

>Kerim Roth
oy vey. so bizarre he's allowed to get away with posting tons of nudes and lolishit online.

No. 311198

I think you're just bitter that you can't express yourself the same way. Melonpan hurts no one and entertains everyone he comes in contact with. You're just being overly proud. Try to have fun once in a while. Life is short.(necro)

No. 311199

Go back to twitter, don't bump a dead thread with this shit

No. 311200

much love from ghosttranspacificwaifu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 311201

I think you can get all of his nudes and more on kohlchan, successor of now defunct krautchan

No. 311202

Who pumped this thread?I got excited for a moment there would be milk aside from him being a weirdo as usual.

Also no milk but at some point I went throught his now gone archived blog and he says he is born in 1981.I can't comprehend this guy is 40 y/o and has been a weirdo online for the past 20 years yet hasn't gained notoriety like other weirdos

No. 311203


He's pretty famous on Twitter etc. tho https://twitter.com/MeidocafeR

No. 311204

File: 1635781272759.jpg (73.83 KB, 673x673, arpsm.jpg)

I've done some research and he's giving me very creepy vibes. At first I thought it's just some crazy comedy but now it seems that the guy is just fucking around, living his perverted delusion because he has no better thing to do. He is deliberately pushing the limits further every year just to see how much he can get away with.

Yeah sure, live how you like, but I don't really understand why your own perversions must be shown to bystanders. Why walk around with your hentai loli bodypillow so that kids and other innocent people are forced to see it.(necro)

No. 311205

I think cus his lolcowism is only surface level. His personal life seems to be very together and he doesn't take anything seriously enough to lash out in a milky way.

No. 311206

His youtube channel got terminated https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnNAj7O2pARPGC7M0-zybAQ(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 311207

File: 1698611013953.jpg (196.29 KB, 1080x1350, ml.jpg)

No. 311251

File: 1698744684902.jpg (88.65 KB, 640x808, p335782672_201756265791561_366…)

A dead tumblr with some archival content:

Tik Tok (active):
>https://www.tiktok.com/@meidocafe(sage non-milk)

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