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File: 1674359009951.jpeg (85.87 KB, 750x408, 45D54B75-37BD-420B-B39D-B95C16…)

No. 277957

Yet another cow worthy individual in the alternative/j-fashion community

>Self claimed “OG kawaii monster”, insinuating she invented the whole “kawaii pastel monster” fashion while it existed way before she even started wearing it (I.E. in Japan among harajuku kids)

>Claims that she started wearing the style “many years ago”, but actually wore killstar/pastel goth aesthetic back in 2019, according to old pictures
>Harassed, cyberstalked and accused other people of copying/ripping off her “hard work” (Hard work to her = taking selfies and releasing generic discount Jazmin bean/Melanie Martinez music)
>Sperged on her Instagram story about how another person into the same fashion gave her “stress induced vertigo” by “stealing” her look and ideas
>Ironically trying to have Jazmin Bean’s old aesthetic and persona
>Went on “Hooked on the look” series
>Acts like a celebrity on social media but her low engagement might be from buying followers and likes
>”HaTErS gOnNa hATe” attitude

Links -

Instagram : @candyfoxofficial https://instagram.com/candyfoxofficial?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Tiktok : @Hellocandyfox https://www.tiktok.com/@hellocandyfox?_t=8ZEGJeuilYj&_r=1
Facebook : Candy Fox https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012194762912&mibextid=LQQJ4d
YouTube channel : https://youtube.com/@ElectronikZombie
Hooked on the look episode : https://youtu.be/tD15EZvlAPo

No. 277958

File: 1674359164045.jpeg (144.76 KB, 561x816, 9F297907-3045-42F1-9957-9E097B…)

(Her aesthetic in 2019)

No. 277959

File: 1674359227381.jpeg (45.37 KB, 540x960, 3AF1E824-046B-4D60-BD36-E9DE56…)

So dramatic kek

No. 277968

File: 1674365663401.jpeg (78.69 KB, 678x678, C02FE1C7-E9DA-4503-8BBA-E67C46…)

No. 278049

Girl belongs in the alt cow/thot thread on snow. She's not really acosplayer or weeb.

No. 278101

i agree she doesn't need her own thread, but we need a /w/ jfash general here. we have one for gyaru and lolita, but tons of y2k jfashions and "kawaii" style are popular now so it's probably worth it.

No. 278120

10/10 idea, would read.

No. 278138

I was friends with her on fb in like 2016 where she exclusively wore black/killstar and disturb is and had black and purple hair. She was a “true nu goth kween model”. She’s always been a liar and BPD online

No. 278228

No1currs if you can't provide proof.

No. 278258

i don't have a lot of milk to post but i can start a thread.

No. 278259

Please, anon ! That would be much easier since this community is full of cows.

No. 278265

will do, any specific jfash tags you want me to highlight? i know "kawaii" style and jirai are trending everywhere, but i'd love to include more!

No. 278266

Just look for the old one in the catalog for an example

No. 278288

Thank you nonna.

Who else were you thinking of? Seannyboy and Bisuko are potential candidates. K8s thread has been dead so she belongs in a general at this point.

No. 278355

jfash general thread is up
i used an old cow who's been a favorite of mine for the op. so don't kill me just because it's not the worst shit you've ever seen. not saging.

No. 278359

She did a ask me anything on Instagram someone said they followed her since she was goth and she acted like she never was

No. 278364

do you know how to read?

No. 278382

Seannyboy is a girl now. He’s turned trans. Uses she/her pronouns

No. 278410

Did you get lost Twitterfag?

No. 278458

Nta, but pointing it out doesn't have anything to do with Twitter.

No. 278471

he's not "a girl" now nor did he "turn trans", he's a tranny. we don't respect pronouns here.

No. 278529

She reminds me of jude Bishop

No. 278584

lmao yeah right. He will never be a woman.

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