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File: 1427687856399.png (850.71 KB, 599x578, inuashley.png)

No. 161914

Ashley thread, because we really needed one.


Sorry about your face, Ash.

No. 161915

best friend with barbie

No. 161916

File: 1427715968257.jpg (163.45 KB, 594x591, ss (2015-03-30 at 04.42.12).jp…)

oh my

No. 161917

She looks like a Halloween mask.

No. 161918

Holy fuck, Barbie actually looks cute compared to this girl. Dat crone face.

No. 161919

File: 1427717500000.jpg (129.55 KB, 600x597, ss (2015-03-30 at 05.08.16).jp…)

No. 161920

what's wrong with her?

No. 161921

i mean, what did she do? besides being ugly.

No. 161922

She reminds me of Haylie Duff.

No. 161923

isn't being ugly enough for us to laugh at her?

No. 161924

she's rich?

No. 161925

I've met Ashley a few times before. She IS nice but she also does and says a lot OC stupid crap. Like falling for ~*~host boyz~*~ in Japan

No. 161926

srsly what does this girl do. All she seems to do is go to visual kei lives, take purikura, and go to hair salons to get her hair set.

No. 161927

Even her tongue is ugly wtf

No. 161928

Ofc they're friends.

No. 161929

Damn, she's hideous. Doesn't she work out 2 hours every single day at the gym?

No. 161930

Yuup. Someone on Instagram asked her what she did to keep slim, and she said, "I eat 1,200 calories and work out two hours a day".

No. 161931

File: 1427752472027.png (25.15 KB, 380x179, 5667756.png)

No. 161932


actually I believe that she is working in japan but not 100% sure doing what. i just know she has to wear wigs for work L O L

No. 161933

wait wat

No. 161934

Man, she has no life

No. 161935

Yes! She made an Instagram post a little while ago can't be bothered to go look for it soz. Was wearing office clothes as well as a wig

No. 161936

File: 1427765324184.png (960.3 KB, 1013x608, office ashley.png)


pic related.

Honestly, I mean, we all can see she's just not cute, but VK style really suits her. Her features kinda lend themselves to the theatrical makeup. She does not look good in kawaii/gyaru styles or even casual styles though. She needs some work done.

No. 161937

Legit, I would get a fundraiser for her ugly face, I'm not even being mean right now, she's so terrible looking, I'm not even sure what I can do to help.

No. 161938

File: 1427765859096.jpg (66.63 KB, 800x533, inuashley.jpg)

Oh man… I remember this chick from some of the reeeaalllyy old /cgl/ threads. From what I recall she was a spoiled rich bitch from Cali (??? probably wrong about the state) but I remember seeing her pics with some nice cars or some shit. Sorry this was years ago.

I recall her being a Lolita because she was rich enough to afford all the trendy prints but her face was just always the absolute worst. Jeez. Dat shin, dat nose, dat everything. I recall people saying she was a bitch and a snob but I don't have screencaps ofc.

No. 161939

File: 1427765937746.jpg (147.7 KB, 1064x709, ashley6_by_endymius-d69yi0w.jp…)

I agree that visual kei is the only style that can handle her features.

No. 161940

File: 1427766479704.jpg (190.61 KB, 600x900, IMG_4990.JPG)

No. 161941

i bet she would be able to fix her face with the money she spend in japan

No. 161942

File: 1427767982665.jpg (172.2 KB, 1064x709, 1427765937746.jpg)

tried to make her look less like a horse/halloween mask… even photoshop can't save this bitch

No. 161943

gotta shoop her eyes smaller and nose shorter, then she might have some hope but i sincerely doubt it. poor girl :(

No. 161944

Truly if she just got a nosejob and shaved a bit of that chin off she would look miiiiles better. Her mouth and eyes aren't great but…not the worst things on her face.

No. 161945

she looks like andre the giant face wise

No. 161946

that God awful dress

No. 161947

it's funny because that other pic was already shooped

No. 161948

why can't she just use a nude lipstick or something when in gyaru? it's draw attention away from her problem areas…

No. 161949

File: 1427770099596.jpg (160.48 KB, 1064x709, idk.jpg)

No. 161950

File: 1427772073605.jpg (177.45 KB, 1064x709, 1456786578.jpg)

I tried?

No. 161951

Her chin and nose are both equally bad, but at least if she got a nose job, she'd have hope.

No. 161952

Hold me, anons…I'm scared…

I really feel bad tho. If she's rich why can't she fix her face in Korea? She has such a big face, they'll definitely make it oval and cute. Plus she doesn't even need jaw shaving so that'll make it cheaper. Nose jobs are common place so that won't be a big deal. Isn't Korean plastic surgeons famous for reducing huge faces? I've seen lots of before and afters that work with horse faces.

No. 161953

Upon further looking, some jaw shaving is in order.

No. 161954

She does look a lot better without all that eye make up. And yes, i agree she makes a better vk/host boy than a kawaii lolita.

No. 161955

any photos of her real hair???

No. 161956

File: 1427780940363.jpg (107.34 KB, 1026x617, redandbalding.jpg)

Here you are, anon

No. 161957

File: 1427781080197.jpg (96.61 KB, 1020x615, redandbalding2.jpg)

Ngl I do really wish I had all her male wardrobe. That shit must be so expensive. She has some nice shirts and blazers. Must be nice to be rich and in Japan with no worries about finance.

No. 161958

Trash begets trash.

No. 161959

is this the same girl who went by "ashface" in the scene days?

No. 161960

She never had a scene phase. She went to weeaboo straight to vk/lolita/gyaru.

No. 161961

she is actually very confident in her looks from what I gather

No. 161962

File: 1427792212764.jpg (453.9 KB, 1064x709, ashi.jpg)

Y'all motherfuckers need photoshop Jesus

No. 161963

God I thought this was Peacock Feather.

No. 161964

Eugh, terrifying

No. 161965

her hand looks so gross…

No. 161966

It does!

No. 161967

File: 1427834505264.jpg (482.73 KB, 1064x709, ashPS.jpg)

My best efforts. Cba with those hands though.

No. 161968

I remember her from California conventions way back in the early 2000's. She used to do Yaoi skits with her father.

The one I saw that made me cringe the most was her father was Sasuke, sitting on a chair on the stage, and she was Itachi singing about being gay for him.

No. 161969

i wonder what her parents look like

No. 161970

When you're fucked for life with such shit face you have nothing else but to conform and assimilate it.

No. 161971

File: 1427842028215.png (779.24 KB, 608x587, 556454.png)

pic of her and her dad from her instagram

can't find any of her mom, even though she went on a trip with both her parents and they aren't divorced

No. 161972

File: 1427842332643.png (515.03 KB, 605x592, inuashley.png)

She looks 1000x better without ginormous hair and all that shit caked on her face imo.

No. 161973

is she actually slow or something? why would her dad put up with that?

No. 161974

What?! Are you for real? That's…really kind of disturbing.

No. 161975

Is she seriously taking a selfie while driving?

No. 161976

Took me a few to try and find the video, granted it was back in 2006. But I believe she did something similar with her father at various convention masquerades.


No. 161977

fucking gold

No. 161978

lol I'm looking at all of these side by side and the original looks shooped to me because of hoe extreme her natural features are

No. 161979

File: 1427852832456.png (910.44 KB, 605x592, d.png)

I do need photoshop Jesus

No. 161980

Oh my gosh… I'm so beyond uncomfortable watching this.

No. 161981

File: 1427855446926.jpg (12.55 KB, 180x280, kiseijuu.jpg)


They remind me of each other in terms of face.

No. 161982

evil bitch

No. 161983

big improvement but still ugly… very unfair

No. 161984

Yes! Exactly what I was going to say. It looks ridiculous, like someone took it into Photoshop and straight up stretched her head vertically…it's mind-blowing.

No. 161985

File: 1427866748544.jpg (248.26 KB, 605x592, ashley.jpg)

I tried my darndest.

No. 161986

File: 1427867253808.png (816.72 KB, 601x586, wewlad.png)

Even better. :^)

No. 161987

omg, she's actually pretty cute here

No. 161988

Great job, anon

No. 161989

File: 1428171791594.png (826.17 KB, 607x612, lkjkl.PNG)

holy shit that fucking bald patch

No. 161990

Is this recent? Ouch

No. 161991

Might just be where her hair is bleached blond. The filtering is making it disappear.

Also, channeling Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals days here.

No. 161992

California. Or at least she was there for some time because I've met her at Fanime. I had no idea she was a lolcow or anything like that, I just thought her coord was cute and I complimented her. She was actually nice and she told me I looked pretty too. I really haven't seen much on this girl other than her unfortunate face though.

No. 161993

nah looking through her recent pics, she's definitely balding

No. 161994

I wanna hear horror stories gdi

No. 161995


Where do I start. This girl has a horror story history going back years back in the KH days. One of my favorite stories is when she customized her expensive rich girl convertible to be ~*axel themed*~ because of her AkuRoku obsession.

No. 161996

There are stories on getoffegl and old cgl archives with horrible encounters with the lolita community. Apparently she was abusive her ex who was also lolita.

No. 161997

Oh god, I remember her bragging about that shit being permanent. I'd never do that to a car unless it's something normal, like a butterfly not "AXEL" embedded everywhere including the license plate.

I also remember hearing they both stunk at an ALA con while wearing expensive ass Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival (when it was in style).

No. 161998

Doesn't she force herself on girls?

No. 161999

I think I've heard her name on Fuckyeahbangya but she's gaining a reputation in Tokyo for manipulating girls for money and sympathy

No. 162000

Oh man, really? Wouldn't be surprised. She's all over the Tokyo band scene. Seems like a whore.

No. 162001


I went on her twitter and noticed she's friends with that fat whore who got outed for fucking a bunch of band guys back sometime in Christmas. It looks like she can't make good friends.

No. 162002

I'd hate for this thread to die because Ashley is so many flavors of crazy.

No. 162003

Who are you even talking about?

No. 162004

Details please

No. 162005


you are talking about Heather right??? @theheavenshell on twitter

No. 162006

Oh jeez that crazy bitch
She's always complaining about foreigners when she's a foreigner herself

No. 162007


idk if you met some of the foreigners showing up lately you would bitch too lol so I give her a pass on that. mostly she is just a whore

No. 162008

Ugh gross

No. 162009

She's surprisingly cute here, in her original picture it's like she was stuck in the birth canal as a child and her face was squished

No. 162010

Maybe that's what happened.

No. 162011

Heather is super chill but got super bitchy to anyone she didn't know after foreign gya started saying she was fucking bandomen. She really isn't bad irl

No. 162012

File: 1431553339505.jpg (45.61 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

Is heather the girl on the left lol? Of course with bandmen

No. 162013

File: 1431583360807.png (265.15 KB, 401x399, Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.02…)


I don't think so. Heather has longer, reddish pink hair and isn't so fat.

No. 162014

She is super cute. I'd fuck her.

No. 162015

The bandmen look like the Swedish vkei group Disreign.
They're currently in Japan, apparently living in Gackt's apartment and bragging about it.

No. 162016

wtf moustache

No. 162017

dafuq does Swedish people have with Japan and japanese fashion

No. 162018

>They're currently in Japan, apparently living in Gackt's apartment and bragging about it.

No. 162019

soooo anybody notice that Ashley is working at the host bar that sere is at now? Hahah

No. 162020

I'm envious of her vkei wardrobe, but her face without a filter on it still looks incredibly harsh.

No. 162021

Fitting that she works as a host now since all she has going for her is her desprate host obsession and love of forcing herself on girls

No. 162022

You would also be able to have all those clothing if your parents were rich and threw money at you too. What I dont get is why she wont get surgery to fix that horse face.

No. 162023

What the hell?! That guy looks so gross. He wants to try to be pretty boy /vk but insists on having that dirty stache? Nasty.

No. 162024

She's at a host bar? Who would want to be served by her?

No. 162025

what a unfortunate face

No. 162026

yes! "comfort bar". same one that sere/kabukireign is always pimping out haha. i think inuashley just began working there

No. 162027


It can be confirmed just by looking at her twitter. Ashley is doing a trial run there.

No. 162028

forcing herself on girls? deets plz

No. 162029

Hosts make a living off their looks and charm. Ashley is gonna starve.

No. 162030

examples of forcing? that would be scary to have this chick pawing at you

No. 162031

according to the rumors Ash tried raping that crazy avelcain fan but now they are dating. lolwhat

No. 162032

but you can't work at host/hostess clubs unless you have a certain visa
i know rein has a spouse visa so thats fine but isnt ashley just doing some office job ?

No. 162033


not the same anon but she also tried to rape her girlfriend after they broke up. old drama but ashley is a confirmed psychopath.

No. 162034

Yeah Ashley is an English teacher it's illegal for her to work there. She's not working there for money she's trying to work there because "being a host is her DREAM JOB" as said by her. What a joke.

No. 162035

File: 1436724473270.png (815.61 KB, 631x591, fghf.PNG)

No. 162036

>this idiot teaches in Japan

No. 162037

I think this is the only look tgat actually kind of fits her

No. 162038

yeah, she looks better in this look. Lolita doesn't suit her at all.

No. 162039

Pretty sure she only got the job for the visa… her parents were paying for her to dick around there for months without a job.

No. 162040


She should stop trying to be kawaii and go with this style. Her features are too harsh for the kawaii baby look.

No. 162041

File: 1437586731752.jpg (86.04 KB, 640x852, 10343664_10205944297439895_551…)

but ashley, it's illegal

No. 162042

File: 1437588435778.jpg (93.98 KB, 547x688, image.jpg)

So I try to do a more "manageable" shoops- I try to do things that they can achieve through surgery.
That said, she needs to widen and turn up her nose, shorten her chin, and get cheek fillers. The hair narrowing her face doesn't really help her out too much

No. 162043

She's so ugly it's amazing to me–like incredible. Her face is stretched like taffy. I was thinking about how widening her face, getting her chin deducted (and possibly a genioplasty) would help but damn that nose needs help. It makes her face so long too. It needs upturned more or s/t.

No. 162044

She doesn't look THAT b
Oh my.

No. 162045

Her face is so scary. Not to mention she must have some sort of Shallow Hal syndrome if she really spends so much time in Japan, a country that's obsessed with a specific beauty standard, looking that wrecked. She needs to stop spending that money on shitty clothes and trips to Nippon and fix her face.

No. 162046

File: 1437611702522.jpg (66.22 KB, 371x600, tumblr_nq7lwv2rMo1t11zybo3_400…)

I swear she tries to looks like Hiko from Danger Gang.
(Maybe I think this bc of the hair, but idk)

No. 162047

fucking WRECKT it looks like somebody beat her with the ugly stick i'm sorry. she looks like a corrupted lady gaga

No. 162048

This bitch hung out with Charms at one point.

No. 162049

She's trying to look like Zen from Avel Cain she STALKS him and always sends him presents. It's weird that she's in love with him/obsessed over him but also wants to BE him

No. 162050

File: 1437664605940.jpg (72.58 KB, 720x960, 1912291_10206171751726110_7586…)

No. 162051

File: 1437664793269.jpg (46.5 KB, 640x852, 10996073_10206171750406077_658…)

No. 162052

it's bad because her body is alright and her hair and make up are cool…. but her face….. her fucking face….

No. 162053

I like this new trend of hers trying to be sexy

No. 162054

File: 1437666026088.jpg (198.99 KB, 1000x1000, jaw surgery.JPG)

If I were her, I would make it my number one priority to save up and get jaw surgery/a chin shave and a nose job.
Her eyes are quite large and pretty, it's just…everything below them that's mad fucked up.
This could be you, Ashley!

No. 162055

She looks severely handicapped

No. 162056

She definitely has some of the worst genes I've ever seen. I wonder what her parents look like. Not only her chin, but her nose and beady eyes are just insanely unattractive. I kind of feel bad for her. But if I looked like, I would attempt to get SOME kind of surgery to lessen that ugly.

No. 162057





No. 162058

Neither of her parents is particularly ugly, I've seen them at anime conventions. They're pretty normal looking people. IDK what happened to Ashley.

No. 162059

File: 1437704548443.jpg (199.28 KB, 1815x592, Untitled-1.jpg)


To be honest though it's not just her jaw that's the problem unlike that girl in your picture that appears to have Prognathism. Her entire face is elongated, so even if you corrected her jaw she'd still look weird because you'd need to balance her nose too, pictured related, original, jaw correction, jaw correction + nosejob.

I think in her case a wider, flatter nose would balance better to off set the elongation.

No. 162060

File: 1437704897992.jpg (99.32 KB, 603x592, Untitled-1.jpg)


I suppose in addition she could also have her maxillary teeth shortened but then she'd need braces to correct her bite and likely a retainer for life.

It's probably cheaper for her to just learn to accept herself for the way she is.

No. 162061

I hate looking at these shoops because when you go back and look at her real face >>161939 its hard to believe its legit

No. 162062

File: 1437722323057.png (459 KB, 603x583, Untitled-1.png)


No. 162063

Her face is literally a horse.

No. 162064

Damn, I guess there's not really any hope for her after all then. That's pretty sad.

No. 162065

she's disgustingly obsessed with zen. she keeps buying him things and makes him wear them. then tweets about it like OH MY GOD I CAN'T BREATHE

No. 162066

i don't even know how she teaches. her japanese is beyond horrible

No. 162067

You don't have to be good at japanese to teach english

No. 162068

is that the host she was "dating?" "He was different!"

No. 162069

What a creeper bitch. Her twitter handle atm is Avencain, I believe.

No. 162070

No it's still Inuashley she writes the next show in her "name box"

No. 162071

Zen is a guitarist of the visual key band Avel Cain. She dresses up like him and also tries to pass as him but also wants to fuck him???

No. 162072

File: 1438437351815.jpg (701.57 KB, 1002x1004, jfc.jpg)

This is terrifying

No. 162073

at least this style (although her hair looks ratty and her eyebrows suck but i'm not familiar with VK style, so idk if this is part of the fashion) suits her more than the kawaii lolita thing, but i think she looks best doing norm-core like in >>161972. maybe she could pull off the western goth look as well.

does she have a jaw malformalady? i've seen people get surgery to fix their jaws, and by that surgery alone, their noses and teeth are aligned as well.

No. 162074

Her usual "guy" vk look is better than this but she's trying to be "sexy" now for that Zen guy apparently? so she looks like a weird mix between styles and just looks ratchet

No. 162075

I actually kinda like the more guy visual kei style on her. it fits her features and she seems to like it well enough. she doesn't seem to really do anything to call for so much bashing…? idk.

No. 162076

Im scared now because she has been hanging out with one of my friends in Tokyo

No. 162077

Why does she have a thread? whats the drama?

No. 162078

She met up with someone i know in Japan recently and was all over him because he was a white dude who was good at hair/makeup. She's insane.

No. 162079

Her face.

No. 162080

Idk I think her face is fine. She was really sweet in person. Don't believe everything you read. Also, fucking with her face in photoshop a bit cruel since she's fine with her appearance.(necromancy)

No. 162081

Why the fuck did you necro this thread?

No. 162082

anon there is nothing fine with her face, she looks like fucking squidward.

No. 162083

She looks horrible in lolita, but okayish in visual key style

No. 162084

Her personality sucks too

No. 162085

Hi Ashley, you look like you have a face of a horse. Spend some of that money on plastic surgery for that large honker on your face why don'tcha?

No. 162086

Pretty sure this is a man
It's gotta be transsexual male to female

No. 162087

Why is this not in snow?

No. 162088

Because this thread was made years ago before we even had a /snow/, tard

No. 162089

Fuck off, newfag. Learn how to use imageboards.

No. 162090

File: 1491662975937.png (436.12 KB, 400x563, smoke_weed_erryday.png)

this chick is one of my favorite reaction images

No. 162091

What does the question have to do with using an image board correctly? Calm down anon.

No. 162092

File: 1519464912649.jpg (79.39 KB, 1919x384, inuash.jpg)

Guess whose back in America

No. 162093

>>162092 Yeah she was selling all her shit in the Tokyo facebook and VK groups lmao

No. 162094

Anyone knows what when down with her ex Kitsy?(Tokyo Rebel/BTSSB NYC)

No. 162095

I came here from the Tokyo rebel and BTSSB shop thread on /cgl/, someone there said they had more milk.

No. 162096

File: 1519629040537.jpg (168.26 KB, 895x1056, kitsy.jpg)

No. 162097

She’s been back for at least 6 months

No. 162098

Why did she leave though? Did she finally get kicked out for trying to do night work or did she get tired of being forced to teach for a visa?

No. 162099

She never did night work? Just teaching. Pretty sure her job just didn't renew her

No. 162100

so, where's the milk?

No. 162101

she worked at lorenas bar

No. 162102

That and whoever works/worked for Lorena has always been involved in other night work activities too.

No. 162103

>ashley, rumored as forcing herself on girls, assaults girl
>where's the milk

So what do you consider milk?

No. 162104

I heard she says Ashley raped her but I think that was on her twitter account which is on private. Saged for no contribution but that's what someone told me.

No. 162105

She worked there one MAYBE two nights and pretended to be a host lol but that was still a few years before her having to leave Japan for some reason.

No. 162106

File: 1611627489291.png (9.16 MB, 1125x2436, BBE29DA6-BB15-48BC-B020-0B8823…)

No. 162107

That pic is horrifying

No. 162108

jfc this is some Junji ito shit

No. 162109

This is who you show to anyone going through a crisis

No. 162110

Borzoi human

No. 162111

File: 1626539676504.jpeg (415.17 KB, 1125x2010, FC306858-59B9-44E5-B822-964399…)

Her family must have a ton of money, every year on her birthday, she goes over the top with food gifts, spa ect. I don’t understand why she dresses up all nice and everything but she doesn’t wear a wig or try to make her hair pretty. It just doesn’t look good is all

No. 162112

How has she not gotten a nose job yet??

No. 162113

rofl this bitch is still around? And still has that hairline, huh

No. 162114

File: 1626540949495.png (275.7 KB, 464x454, imagen_2021-07-08_125322.png)

legitimately tho

No. 162115

What an unfortunate looking human, christ on a bike.

No. 162116

Don’t know her but she looks like Alaska Thunderfuck kek

No. 162117

File: 1626571778388.jpeg (483.3 KB, 1125x1926, 52216857-BAD7-4672-A5A0-067F37…)

No. 162118

File: 1626571832537.jpeg (284.25 KB, 1125x1987, AF9869DB-BAAD-4110-8E96-831510…)

No. 163469

I literally don't understand why people hate Ash so much.


No. 163544

She's actually balding from all that bleach

No. 165319


I bet not a single one of her haters ever spoke to her, it's all just based on seing the cool things she does and the nice dresses she wears. If you are completely bored with your own life, you hate on those who succed in not being lazy and trying to live a partially good life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165471

Jfc she looks like those sims you randomly generate to “breed out the ugly”. She needs to pick a new aesthetic, this is ugly.

No. 165487

I agree that it might have been jealousy but she's comically ugly, and that naturally draws mockery no matter what your personality or financial status is like.

Welcome to the jungle, newfriend!

No. 165547

Oh definitely. Of course no one is perfect and I am sure she has fucked up in her life but so does everyone.


Even if that's the case it still isn't right.


No. 165606

>Even if that's the case it still isn't right.
Not what I said, but either way your post won't change anything so go pound sand.

No. 200405

File: 1646942074142.png (11.07 MB, 1125x2436, 036BBBB8-200E-4D65-A119-AE7693…)

No. 200415

Wow. This one takes the cake for ugliest cow, hands down. This bone pic is actually the most flattering one in the thread because it at least partially hides that face.

No. 200441

holyfuckingshit. She looks even worse

No. 200462

What in the eldritch horror??!

No. 200551

So she just went full ana-chan, what else is new

No. 200674

I can only imagine how far back her bald patch goes now that she is a full blown anachan. I think you can actually kind of see a portion of her scalp behind the top of the phone?

No. 200784

do i have bad taste if i think she has an interesting look? i just dont find her repulsive. i am a big nose fan but i think her nose is kind of pretty… like shes definitely weird looking but it's intriguing. needs to put on about 30 pounds though, would fill her face out a bit maybe.

No. 201648

> do i have bad taste if i think she has an interesting look?
Yes and it has nothing to do with her nose.

No. 244664

Did this uggqueen do anything except be ugly????(necro)

No. 313652

File: 1701227003239.jpeg (711.55 KB, 1290x2168, IMG_0273.jpeg)

Had anyone been following her lately? She has been posting updates like this daily for a while now(sage your shit)

No. 313672

why what´s going on with her? What therapy?

No. 313680

She’s losing her vision.

No. 313706

She is? Thats fucking awful?

No. 313787

Considering she's looked like this >>200405 recently and has been losing large amounts of her hair forever now, I'm shocked she's just now experiencing major health issues.

No. 314011

Sad tbh. She's only what? in her early 30s. I'm sure this might have been accelerated by her extremely poor health and ED.

No. 314067

File: 1701613872249.jpeg (521.67 KB, 828x1433, IMG_1728.jpeg)

here's what the gfm says. she blames post-concussion syndrome but the ED probably isn't helping

No. 314076

I thought her parents were loaded?

No. 314077

I thought so too. She grew up in a pretty huge house in a nice area and always drove expensive cars. Maybe something happened?

No. 314100

File: 1701637144744.jpeg (793.47 KB, 1290x2145, IMG_0411.jpeg)

The whole story seems kinda of vague. I saw this yesterday, someone took the offer asap though.

No. 314101

If you're wealthy, that doesn't mean you can't slide back down. She was at most modest middle class.

No. 314108

Hold up. Nothing in her GFM has any relation to actually going blind. All she states having is a myriad of conditions that have zero relation to the treatment she is saying she needs. I'm sorry in advance for a huge medsperg but I started working in this industry because of how much unexpected vision loss devastated my family since I was a kid and I can't just, not balk at this.

>My last hope to save my vision and get my life back is by getting a unique and proven device (virtual reality headset) for vision therapy using the most advanced technology.

These type of devices do not, nor have ever, medically helped with preventing blindness or saving vision, as she says. In fact, the very device she says she will buy states on their website:
>NOTE: The VTS 4 – HoloLens Computer Orthoptics SYSTEM does not treat or diagnose any specific medical condition or disease.

And unless I am missing something, the medical case studies available for this device are very limited and biased. None of them show it is "a proven device" to help with vision loss, as she says. At best, this device acts similarly to doing eye physical therapy, which she can also do through her insurance for FREE if she is unemployed. She should qualify for free medical insurance and disability if she is really as debilitated and broke as she says.

>convergence insufficiency

If this is her main grievance, it just requires eye physical therapy. You don't go blind, your eyes just stop functioning in unison, like a gecko or lazy eye. It absolutely treatable and is up to her to be diligent with doing her eye exercises and PT treatment. If she doesn't, it will get worse, but it does not result in blindness or vision loss, just dysregulation. Improvement is fully within her own control.

>central nervous system dysfunction

CNSD can impact vision but it rarely manifests in a slow rolling way, it is typically a rapid onset after a brain trauma. Like if you get a concussion or stroke, your vision instantly changes significantly if it is to be affected. It doesn't suddenly start declining slowly and steadily for years and result in you finally losing your vision.

Vision loss is very scary and serious. It happens due to degenerative or traumatic factors and requires either surgery, stem cell therapy, or simply cannot be fixed. It is tragic. It cannot be restored with something like this and it's gross that she is exaggerating her situation so inaccurately. Saying I'm Going Blind/Losing My Vision is not in the same UNIVERSE of seriousness as My Eye Muscles Aren't Working in Unison. Wording it like that and acting like her life is over for sympathy in a 14K cash grab is an absolutely sick, disgusting, straight up evil thing to do when she is not actually losing her vision, can literally control the dysregulation, and can do it for free through her insurance.

No. 314113

I hope you don't catch a ban for this since this is actually helpful and relevant info, thanks for sharing anon

No. 314126

Thanks anon, I appreciate it and I'm glad it is. Totally understand if that happens but it felt impossible to not share this info considering her hefty 14K goal, on top of the self pitying that her life is over when it's simply untrue. Medical scam GFMs really set me off. She is being absolutely disrespectful to people who actually go through sudden severe vision loss, plus to those who donate to her lie out of kindness and the resources she does have for free medical and financial support in her state. Maddening.

No. 314131

>I’ve been experiencing unimaginable pain and suffering and emotional trauma living a torturous dark existence in what is basically solitary confinement

>I can no longer do the only thing I could do to alleviate my extremely stressful daily existence, which was to read

Her main focus on this whole thing is vision loss. Does she know you can still go outside even when you're blind? Or listen to audiobooks if she misses reading so much

No. 314138

Hellen Keller would be all "this bitch.."

No. 314152

Thank you for this info, anon

No. 314790

File: 1702127455132.jpeg (534.92 KB, 1290x2145, IMG_0622.jpeg)

Literally every day it’s an update like this

No. 314835

If she really needed the money, she'd sell all the weeb crap in her closet. Despite being aware of her eye condition, why was she wearing circle lenses?

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