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File: 1613864931594.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, AC4D0893-2694-4DCC-A896-7BED9F…)

No. 139036

I saw someone else bring up JJ Pyropi and it reminded me how annoying and stuck up this chick is. Creating content click bait yaoi content for 15 year Olds on tiktok. I have never had a good experience running into her at cons either she’s always rude and full of herself.(shit thread)

No. 139043

Surely you could have started with more milk than that including:

- former JJ Kou ; changed to Pyropi when she got into Homestuck
- ex of Mostflogged (they broke up because JJ wouldn't sleep with Jenni)

It's her birthday today so why not spill some ancient milk. "Yaoi bait content for 15 year olds on tiktok" just sounds like vendetta and twitter griping.

No. 139046

File: 1613869979759.png (829.86 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20190616-002347.png)

At least bring some milk if you're going to start a thread. JJ has literally 10+ years worth of it.

Recent milk:

>Is in her mid 30s but is obsessed with becoming a TikTok famous influencer and living the life of a teen boy.

>Now cosplays almost exclusively with minors in teen-heavy fandoms to perpetuate her teen boy roleplay fantasy
>Films shipping videos with those minors (Deku cosplayer in this screengrab is 18)
>Runs a JJ fanclub discord and hosts Meet JJ meet and greets at cons
>Constantly complains about other cosplayers but deleted her twitter posts earlier this year to clean house and delete receipts.

https://www.tiktok.com/@jjpyropi TikTok
https://twitter.com/jjpyropi Cosplay Twitter
https://twitter.com/helloJJhere Second Twitter
https://youtube.com/c/JJPyropi Youtube
https://instagram.com/jjpyropi Instagram

No. 139047

File: 1613870649541.jpg (1.02 MB, 4096x3276, gofundme.jpg)

She also jumps on SJW political bandwagons but then uses them for for clout or personal gain.

Last March she started a GoFundMe to 3D print Covid face shields and raised over $5000. She tried getting Buzzfeed and NPR to pick the story up, failed, and then she only printed 80 shields. She never updated again and now has deleted all the original GoFundMe tweets, so presumably all of that
money went into her pocket and not into masks for hospitals.

No. 139069

Woooah this is ancient /cgl/ milk. I remember threads about her and Soni back in the day. Is she still a lesbian or did she troon out?

No. 139071

18-year old, a legal adult, is a "minor"? Jesus christ nobody gives a fuck about your tiktok vendettas.

No. 139072

I'm pretty sure she's married to a man now? Wonder what her husband thinks about her bringing home high school girls to make out with

No. 139080

This sounds like typical attention whoring until the part about stealing from pandemic maskmakers. That's fucked up. Why did nobody ask where the money went?

No. 139100

If you're an oldfag it's weird af that she is well into her 30s still in her crossplaying little boys for yaoi purposes phase, ESPECIALLY with actual teens. Like what about that is normal?

No. 139101

Show us the "teen" in question then. Again, how is a 18 year old LEGAL ADULT a "teen"??

No. 139105

Original anon here, a 30 year old making out with a cosplayers 10-15 years younger is still skeevy and I'm not going to post actual children on lolcow. An eighTEEN year old is a teen.

No. 139106

Are you actually retarded?
>18 year old

>Uses tiktok, a platform mostly used by teenagers while in her 30s dressing up like a teenager kissing teenagers

Yup, totally normal socially acceptable behavior. It's definitely not predatory at all to simulate intimacy with people half your age on a platform full of minors.

No. 139112

So what's the vintage milk? You can't just allude to it without giving the details.

No. 139123

When she was into Hetalia and then Homestuck she was always friends with and close with teens. Early 20s it wasn't that strange but shes still doing the same at 30+

No. 139135

some of you need a reality check lol. some folk in their 30 still have the mind of half that age. depending on the country, it's even normal to be still living with their moms and all. they're just overgrown teens. not everyone is a 'predator' automatically when they hit 30 or something

No. 139136

Oh so you're using the classic "She's mentally a child, so it's no big deal" like Michael Jackson defenders. I don't know anyone in their 30s that is friendly with teens they aren't related to. Maybe casually through fandom, but most well adjusted adults would be grossed out by the idea of kissing teens or having a social circle of mostly teens.

I never expected her to turn out this way, but something's not right. If she was a man, would you be WKing this hard?

No. 139139

JJ to my knowledge does not live with her parents. She has age appropriate friends as well but mainly make tiktoks with the barely 18 year olds.
Ive seen plenty of people have a decade age gap friendship in fandom spaces, but making out with the on video wtf?

No. 139149

this is the real milk. Is this posted anywhere else? I fucking hate people like this. I don't believe in hell but there should be a place for people exploiting tragedies and trying to make a name for themselves on the backs of actual workers.

The money this scum got could have been given to someone who was actually providing a service to frontline workers.

No. 139164


Most of her friends are in their late teens and early 20s. She doesn't have any friends also in their mid-30s, it's sketchy

No. 139183

Pretty sure that "18 year old" is 21 anyway.

No. 139200

Welcome to working minimum wage and having only younger people working with you and they are your only friends. Unless you have proof of stuff, stop trying to spin this as possible pedo because you ‘think it’s sketchy’.

No. 139210

File: 1613998799429.png (280.67 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_20210222-075445~2.p…)

What minimum wage job? Her last tweet is about hustling through zoom meetings while on her vacation getaway. Do you know something we don't or are you wking for no reason?

No. 139242

Anon, it's understandable that she has friends that are in their late teens/early twenties, especially considering the fandoms she's apart of, what's not understandable is that she's being overtly sexual/romantic to them. Kissing an 18-year-old like that as someone who's in their MID-30s (even if it's just for the ship you're cosplaying) is very, very creepy and wrong. It's just not right to do as an older adult. Like the other anon said, some of them are still teenagers.

No. 139397

Were you dropped on your head or something?
>anons this cosplayer is a PEDO who MAKES OUT PUBLICALLY with MINORS!!!!! here's a picture of her kissing a 18-year old
>so where's the minor?
Jesus, grow up. Maybe if it was a seedy neckbeard in his 30s making out with a 18-year old e-thot taking advantage of her daddy issues it would be gross but a bunch of legally adult fujos cosplay larping is yesterday's news. Twitterfags need to fuck off with their "21-year old minor" meme.

No. 139464

>It's fine that she's taking sexy pics with high school age cosplayers because she's attractive and female

Anon, are you okay?

No. 139485

>Kissing is "sexy pics"
Were you raised in the bible belt? And yes, the fact that she's female is actually less likely that she's a predator or an abuser seeing how men commit over 90% of statutory rape cases. The swapping of genders gotcha doesn't work with this like twitter likes to tell you.

No. 139486

Go groom some high schoolers on tiktok you unhinged loser.

No. 139491

File: 1614264064121.jpg (3.94 MB, 4096x3072, 20210225_093007918.jpg)

Hate to tell you but most adults don't like looking at teens in positions like this. It's skeevy to approve of it and worse to be the 30+ year old who's participating.

Some of her TikToks are already gone. JJ has a history of deleting anything incriminating so I expect her to purge more soon.

No. 139497

I tried searching and can't find it posted anywhere except the GoFundMe page itself and one hospital thanking her (presumably for the one and only shipment in her update). Like >>139047 said she's deleted any reference to the fundraiser or her mask making so it's like it never existed.

Cosplay morals aside, stealing $5000 from covid wards during a pandemic is fucking disgusting.

No. 139523

File: 1614293047507.png (321.07 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr.png)


Here's your vintage milk since you can't stop fighting over whether a 30 yr old licking a teenager's neck is okay.

Some of this already came up in the old Usagi Kou thread. >>119140

>She was one of Usagi Kou's (Sailor Moon skinwalker) Cool Kou Klan friends back in the day

>Then had a falling out with the group and their other friends. Some anceint milk that wasn't deleted: https://asuka-langely.livejournal.com/3078.html

>In the late 2000s she was a constant topic on CGL. She'd self-post and feud with other cosplayers. One of her blow ups happened after she posted a photo of herself wearing a Naruto headband as a shirt.

>She later dated Mostflogged (another cow) and had another public falling out. They accused each other of being psychopaths and attacked each other with their online fans and friends. Mostflogged is actually insane and shameless so the fault was never clear.

>Re-surfaced in Homestuck years later with a new name

This is the oldest archived CGL thread on her I could find, from 2012. It's mostly about how she's narcisistic and blows through cosplay friends every few years. It makes perfect sense she picked up a new group in the 20 and under TikTok crowd since that's where she cosplays now.


No. 139530

File: 1614299401417.jpg (42.57 KB, 426x640, 1173135052076.jpg)

>One of her blow ups happened after she posted a photo of herself wearing a Naruto headband as a shirt.

No. 139531

File: 1614299431723.jpg (39.13 KB, 640x426, 1173137281066.jpg)

No. 139552

File: 1614318206219.jpg (217.11 KB, 748x651, Umg72v3.jpg)

This you? >>139523

No. 139553

File: 1614318384955.jpg (242.02 KB, 529x889, gWVI8VD.jpg)

No. 139554

File: 1614318504073.jpg (340.54 KB, 513x911, gbgu044.jpg)

No. 139555

File: 1614318848226.jpg (561.82 KB, 601x748, fW85zok.jpg)

The lolcow link in the instapost is the OP lmao

No. 139556

File: 1614319478540.jpg (505.09 KB, 601x747, AKgqrEG.jpg)

No. 139604

Pretty sure TikTok deletes most of them, not JJ

No. 139610


>Asking someone in DMs to not delete anything so they can screenshot their stuff to call them out

top fucking kek

No. 139704

Jesus christ how embarrassing. One of the cringiest "callouts" I've seen.

No. 154354

How can a thread about someone so milky be so weak? Can someone with the time and historical knowledge make a thread that's actually good? JJ milk is some of the best vintage milk.

No. 154365

Actually, her friend who was living with her stole her camera theu were on and leaked them. Also, she's only 17 in them so probably best not to have them on your phone or computer since they're literally leaked revenge lewds of a minor.

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