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File: 1501571244935.png (885.6 KB, 667x889, 1483130766670.png)

No. 12143

>married and has a kid
>sexualizes children's cartoon characters
>has porn all over her home
>posts nudes of her online, for free
>made pornhub account with mostly just videos of her slapping her gross ass together in costume
>claims she is better than girls who don't do it for free
>at the same time has an amazon wishlist for fans to buy her shit
>strangely obsessed with hentai artist Shadbase (who has drawn porn based off of real life underage girls among other things)
>has photos of Shad's name written on her ass and asshole, presumably written by her husband
>asskisses other cosplayers because she is desperate for attention, and they never give it to her
>talks shit about casual Mei cosplay on twitter
>deletes the tweets and cosplays casual Mei, casual D.va etc.
>chimped out when someone made a fart edit of her "famous" D.Va cosplay twerk video


last thread >>>/snow/216440

No. 12144

File: 1501592516136.jpg (732.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_9471.JPG)

Had a good laugh at OP's picture. Chel just seems like an aging woman who misses her glory days. I'm more interested in her new friend, the messy haired Satsuki. She goes by "Slowku" on most social media.

No. 12145

Barf, these wigs are Moomoo-level bad. At least the armor is kinda well-done? Could use more work, but it's quite nice.

No. 12146

Slowky is pretty weird and cringy herself and has been buddy buddy with chel. I feel like some of the more desperate cosplayers will leech attention off Chel on twitter because she has a decent sized following there. (Thanks to chel sucking up to shad for years)

No. 12147

File: 1501596315927.jpg (602.08 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7077.JPG)

Satsuki's armor looks like a paper mache mess but she's still hotter than chel

No. 12148

File: 1501597675518.jpg (445.27 KB, 692x875, IMG_3439.JPG)

Fucking christ

No. 12149

File: 1501599456241.jpg (139.53 KB, 750x1061, IMG_7074.JPG)

No. 12150

File: 1501599511957.jpg (317.74 KB, 1242x1533, IMG_7076.JPG)

she is a human fridge

No. 12151

Never fails to amaze me how flat her fat ass is.

No. 12152

I don't know who's worse in this image. Chel for showing off her bare, flat and pockmarked ass or this ugly scrawny dude for being into said ass. Revolting.

No. 12153

The armor is meh but the boots and cloth are pretty damn good.
Slowku seems to have a decent following, she's pretty attractive. I follow her and she seems kind of… misguided? I'm not sure what to make of her behavior. She comes from an abusive home, from what she's talked about on Instagram during live streams. I'm hoping she wises up enough to realize how Chel is,

No. 12154

holy shit the shoulders on this outfit make her look so much worse than the normally does. this is revolting

No. 12155

her facial expression in these pictures make her jaw look like jay leno's

No. 12156


Lol. She has no jawline what so ever. Just a mass of chins.

No. 12157

That Satsuki is so messy. wtf!! That wig and badly made shoulder armor.. Why would someone wear this when it looks so bad?

No. 12158

she looks pretty hot in the dva video tbh

No. 12159


Jesus Christ she just looks like a fat autistic dude??

No. 12160

File: 1501645144523.jpg (132.44 KB, 872x1200, DF2dcCNV0AA8MYY.jpg)

the pics that anon posted are shooped, but she looks awful anyway

No. 12161

i actually feel kind of bad for this chick because she's so desperate for validation from other men and clearly has incredibly low self esteem. then i remember she has a husband and kid.

No. 12162

Every time I see Chel I feel bad for her tbh. If she utilized patreon before she started giving stuff out for free she could have been making a shit ton, but since we've seen her inside and out for free no one is gonna pay shit

No. 12163

She never wanted money and brags about how her shit is free. She just wants attention and followers.

No. 12164



No. 12165

This is what happens when you don't grow out of being a fucking weeb…

Bitch needs to find a real job to support her family - not just her selfish, arrogant, disgusting ass, with.

No. 12166

almost thought this was pixyteri

No. 12167

yeesh I feel bad for this woman at this rate. all she's really doing is spiraling down further into nothingness.

No. 12168

File: 1502190997941.jpg (48.42 KB, 500x495, tiptopkek.jpg)

ahahaha holy fuck anon you got me good

i can't tell if it's the camera angle or the proportions are totally fucked on the costume or what, but it genuinely looks like the top half of her body is twice the size of her lower body? like someone's warped the top two corners out wide in photoshop, and then gone back in to make her head tiny, like the the actual fuck is going on here?

No. 12169


The sad thing is that there are actual dipshits who buy her gifts and pay for her cosplay to spread her disgusting ass cheeks in. She is married and these retards still think that she might maybe want to fuck them if they buy her expensive stuff.

No. 12170

What do they even buy her? She dresses like shit and her costumes are party city quality. Nothing she owns looks like it's worth much.

No. 12171

reminder that this woman is only 26 (or 27?). i absolutely thought she was at least mid-thirties. someone her age could look normal doing lewd shots but she just looks like a soccer mom. tragic.

No. 12172


She basically says that if you buy her an outfit to cosplay, she'll wear it and do a set, which also seems to include a nasty "twerking" video showing her pussy and asshole.

No. 12173

Lmao she does porn for $30 party city costumes.

No. 12174

I don't really care to keep up with this bitch but when i see her, she's always like "thicc _____" (whatever character she's cosplaying as) like….her ass isn't there whatsoever. if she was skinny, there would be no 'ass'. her 'ass' is literally from her being overweight, dear god.

No. 12175

Holy shit, I always assumed she was late 30s/early 40s.
Fat, not even once.

No. 12176


And she acts like a cringey 14 high school weeb wannabe edgelord

No. 12177

No. 12178

two things

1) so she's just doing straight up hardcore porn now
2) what the FUCK is that cosplay honestly

No. 12179


Apparently it's supposed to be "D.Va Harley Quinn". Because clearly that wasn't the dumbest fucking idea ever.

No. 12180

File: 1502831988439.png (836.91 KB, 958x432, chb.png)

lookin good

No. 12181

File: 1502832142367.gif (480.46 KB, 245x155, IMG_5830.GIF)

Oh my god. Is this granny porn?

No. 12182

She is so old, fat, white and ugly that I dont get why she keeps trying to do any dva related cosplay. The costume looks so cheap and awful jesus christ. She spends her own money to make free porn in terrible costumes yet she dared to insult patreon girls? Pathetic.

No. 12183


Seriously, what the fuck is going on with her face?

No. 12184

cakey foundation i think? looks to me like her skin is super uneven because of foundation particles getting stuck on light facial hairs

No. 12185

That ain't even the right wig for god sakes. Plus a 1:45?? How's her fanbase suppose to get off to that? I wonder how her kids feel knowing that mommy is a dime whore who dresses up as cartoon characters naked and is obsessed with a lolicon artist.
I feel bad for them.

No. 12186


How long until she starts doing videos of her getting fucked? Her fans are only going to encourage her to do it.

No. 12187

She's one of those disgusting people that just lives for their fetish. Her house's walls are lined with shad's porn, she had tattooed shad's art on her body, she cosplays his characters and gives him free promo by writing his name on her anus. Now she want's more attention and sees shad noticing more popular cosplayers like momo so she's turned to pornhub. She's honestly beyond sad.

No. 12188


And she is obviously one of those dipshit parents who thinks "my child has nothing to be ashamed of. Doing porn is totally respectable!!"

Her kid is going to get the shit bullied out of him.

No. 12189

File: 1502901325580.jpg (Spoiler Image,236.11 KB, 937x1200, IMG_7483.JPG)

TW for body horror

No. 12190

File: 1502901374812.jpg (189.44 KB, 725x1200, IMG_7482.JPG)

No. 12191

What is this even supposed to be? HQ D.va? She only seems to pick the tackiest "cosplays".

Her boobs are forever a nightmare.

No. 12192

Why does her tits look like they're badly pasted on in paint or something ?

No. 12193


Her tits are the stuff of nightmares. Also not surprised by the shit cosplay, since she is still trying to milk her "d.va twerk video" popularity for all it's worth.

No. 12194

Didnt her d.va twerk only get popular because someone edited a fart in it?

No. 12195


Yup. She then commented on the video and tried to shame the dude for doing it and tried to get him to take it down. Then proceeded to take down all her videos

No. 12196


It's hard to believe that someone actually married this.

No. 12197


Apparently they've known each other since high school. So it's more like a case of he
married the first girl who he ever got laid with and couldn't do any better and she married the first guy who ever found her attractive. No doubt that neither of them could do better than what they have now. Even Shadman wouldn't touch her stank ass.

No. 12198

I'm dying to know what he looks like. Especially since he enables her grotesque behavior and is in her free porn.

No. 12199

File: 1503008017278.png (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5226.PNG)

I don't understand how anyone could get hard from this
She looks like a middle aged man

No. 12200

silly anon… that's because she IS a middle aged man, the chellbunny thing is clearly a masker…
Sage for drunken posting and inciting night terrors.

No. 12201


With those flat tits and beer gut, I'd say you aren't wrong. Bitch is built like a fridge. The cow even admits how out of shape she is.

No. 12202

File: 1503084088210.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, 2r139uyt44.gif)


Chel just becomes sadder as the days go on
jesus christ somebody get her off the internet

No. 12203

File: 1506936242799.jpg (196.16 KB, 900x1200, DK7F8S5UMAAFicO.jpg)

Does Chel have the most rectangular ass of all time?

No. 12204

It's just flabby af.

No. 12205

File: 1506973035422.jpg (127.32 KB, 308x560, IMG_8615.JPG)

It looks like a legit box. Lmao at her trying to cosplay this character when she's built like a Dad

No. 12206

File: 1509898599452.jpeg (Spoiler Image,596.16 KB, 750x1161, 48224228-F9B4-425F-8551-1197BB…)

Vomit inducing

No. 12207

I hope that every single guy who’s commented on that photo with how aroused they are becomes infertile. Fucking basement virgins.

No. 12208

Looks like 2 cracked eggs spilling out of the shell.

No. 12209

File: 1509899897526.png (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 2648x736, christ.png)

These may be posted before… but jesus christ..

Spoiler even though I tried to hide the full horror.

No. 12210

I've never laughed at nudes before now
just the idea behind that photo makes me shake my head laughing
that balloon lmao

No. 12211


Christ, I can't get over her body proportions in this picture. She has the upper body of a quarter backer but also a midget with big ass feet. What also gets me is that that she ripped the skirt to make the slit wider, though I can't tell if it's because she was trying to make it sluttier or if she genuinely needed it bigger to fit her refrigerator body.

It's also unnerving how her face doesn't look the same in any of her pictures.

No. 12212

These photos look so shitty with that terrible background of animu posters and ugly chair. I mean I get that she is doing it for free and doesnt have money like the girls she tries to belittle but come on! Get some better interior decorating. Also cgl posted some pics of her in a bad cosplay thread. Think her whiteknight will show up?

No. 12213

File: 1510118623433.jpeg (413.74 KB, 617x770, 3C4EADAA-0C5D-479B-AC37-5AEB53…)

Here’s the thread if anyone was curious.
They posted this photo of her as the OP pic and just…what. the. fuck.

No. 12214

I wish these were ironic but knowing her it's not.. I didn't think she could get any worse

No. 12215

Wtf is her body??? She looks like a blob. For someone who attention whores themselves so much you would think she would try to look good.

No. 12216

this looks like pennywise going into labor

No. 12217

File: 1510198919770.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.32 KB, 900x1200, DNhCTNOVwAAp9mR.jpeg)

I'm screaming, lmao.
This is actually shooped (albeit slightly.) Here's the original, which is still unsurprisingly dogshit. Spoilered because of clown cooch.

No. 12218

File: 1513909202139.png (Spoiler Image,679.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171221-211727.png)

Poor girl is built like a fridge

No. 12219

oh my god her ass is actually a cube? How is that possible

No. 12220

She’s built like danny devito

No. 12221

Who even is the audience for this shit? I'd love to know who honestly looks at this and goes "yup, this is exactly what I'd wanna whack it to."

No. 12222

If you can think of it, someone can jack off to it, that's the way of the world.

No. 12223

Most guys have terribly low standards and will fuck or jack off to just about anything tbh

No. 12224

File: 1514680628639.jpeg (288.13 KB, 750x998, B36FDBBC-A282-46F3-95D6-315D07…)

This is fucking rich coming from the cow who shit talks sex workers who make actual money and blocks/attacks girls who get more attention than her like that casual mei cosplayer.

No. 12225

File: 1514680682782.jpeg (107.55 KB, 826x1200, 668ED908-F1BE-497A-8D3C-AF7605…)

The full screenshot chel posted. Hilarious she puts this girl on blast when men say worse shit to her all the time. Typical insecure far bitch behavior.

No. 12226

*fat bitch, not far bitch. My bad.

No. 12227

Chel is a picture of what Moomoo will look like in five years.

No. 12228

File: 1514705114151.jpg (Spoiler Image,421.81 KB, 1207x2048, IMG_0804.JPG)

Happy holidays from our favorite saggy grandma!!!

No. 12229

File: 1514732353449.gif (Spoiler Image,980 KB, 500x238, giphy.gif)

No. 12230

File: 1514743260619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,245.14 KB, 859x1200, 617B8CA3-42E3-4F95-A096-D811E5…)

I am appalled at how horrid her tits are. They look like they’re melting.

No. 12231

Even with a corset she still looks like a human truck.

No. 12232

She's an adult woman who's had children. They look good to me.

No. 12233

I know women who have children and breastfeed for a year+ and don't have tits like that

No. 12234

>they look good to me
Get your eyes checked.

No. 12235

Seriously though, as the previous anon said, get your eyesight checked. It's not unusual for a woman with kids to have some loss of volume or even slight sagging but honey, those things are pointing towards the floor and she clearly has a tubular breast deformity

No. 12236

Don't you know the go to insult on here is ugly tits? Duh. Ugly tits and "she looks mature".
Tbh sometimes i cant tell the difference between petty women on here and asshole males who dont realize that porn isn't necessarily how all women look. Its a shame, bc there is plenty to critique about Chel, her personality is ugly enough on its own.

No. 12237

Her ugly ass personality is why we make fun of her gross exterior. Also someone just posted screenshots of her being a fool, her looks isn’t all we discuss. It just so happens this sow always flaunts herself so her looks get brought up. >>12224 >>457565

No. 12238

File: 1515854032872.png (1.05 MB, 728x1105, im poopin.png)

No. 12239

She honest to god looks like an old homeless woman. Despicable.

No. 12240

What's bothering me more is their ugly and mismatched bedding tbh

No. 12241

File: 1515903844512.jpeg (30.7 KB, 234x360, 441A7023-D6A5-4BC0-B898-40BDBA…)


No. 12242


On Christmas I looked at how shitty my Christmas day was going and realized, at least I didn't stick a fucking candy cane up my ass and twerk. For free.

And now this… her hair pulled so tightly back like that does her now favors

No. 12243

File: 1515947102691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,792.02 KB, 750x1058, 1D8BBB32-B956-454D-9A25-30D632…)

Her vagina looks so terrible. I can’t believe people even want to look at this for free. TW for body horror

No. 12244

File: 1515947184174.jpeg (140.37 KB, 750x295, 6FAC4562-7D90-44B3-95E5-D5757C…)

For someone who tries so hard to put up a tough edgy front she sure is a huge pussy. This is that time two children trolled her on overwatch all over again.

No. 12245

File: 1515947660550.jpeg (148.7 KB, 750x320, E7360AF9-F411-4926-A66A-231F06…)

This is fucking rich. She’s so butthurt about girls not liking her after she spent so much tome insulting sex workers who make money to appeal to the loser broke incels. Now those girls are networking and making bank while this bitch is sticking candycanes in her ass for free on pornhub and begging for gifts via PO box.

No. 12246

File: 1515947699247.jpeg (115.47 KB, 750x263, 5E2008AB-9913-4AE3-B48C-F1A553…)


No. 12247

File: 1515947954420.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 8399BA63-E8B5-4CE7-9DD8-AA2032…)

Speaking of body horror, i nearly vomited when I saw this video of her flapping her saggy ass in this diseased looking pond.

No. 12248

oh my god, she's fucking disgusting, i feel so sorry for her kid.

No. 12249

File: 1515949734744.jpg (41.43 KB, 500x500, 1515703944181.jpg)

Imagine being 17 and finding out your mother did all of that. All of your friends know too, since it's on the internet forever. I'd kms.

Threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 12250

File: 1515975300573.jpg (103.57 KB, 1280x720, piggu.jpg)

Shocked she picked The Doll when there's already a Bloodborne character that's just perfect for her.

No. 12251

File: 1515991861357.jpg (257.23 KB, 1920x1080, Merciless_Roller.jpg)


No. 12252

File: 1517341687531.png (376.82 KB, 720x920, 5EC9360F-1EBC-417C-AD21-A3F84B…)

No. 12253

File: 1517341811329.jpeg (307.24 KB, 750x960, 0B9776FD-CEB9-432D-BC74-C82CB7…)

No. 12254


Momokun is such a cunt.

No. 12255


I love cow on cow crime.

No. 12256

>shadbase inspired

This is the easiest way to get attention/and let everyone know that you're desperate for it lmao

Momo tho, she has no place to talk

No. 12257

Are her tweets freaking out over the fart edit still online? Can't find them.

No. 12258


Why does her vagina sit at her fupa??? I've never seen a vagina like this before

No. 12259

>Her vagina


No. 12260


You ok, anon?

No. 12261

File: 1521847706982.jpeg (74.07 KB, 740x504, ABCB97DF-3733-4E5E-9AA4-82F658…)

alert alert the cow is becoming self aware

No. 12262

LMAO. Is she finally realizing her obsession with shad was fucking pathetic and mental?

No. 12263

>Le sigh

No. 12264

Really? Her tattoos of all things? Huh. I would've thought it would be the inevitable fact that one day her kids would have the misfortune of seeing mommy's war-torn vagina plastered all over the internet. But okay.

No. 12265

She tattooed shadmans porn on herself.

No. 12266

Some people just have a lot of fat on their pubic bones and if they're unfortunate it blends in with their fupa.

No. 12267

File: 1521906792712.jpeg (776.46 KB, 1242x2136, EE442A8A-9CA5-4433-9140-E2137A…)

I don’t think anyone is aware of this, but Chel seems to have a depop where she sells her old cosplay/weeb items. It’s kind of gross if people buy from her without knowing the item might’ve been used for her ‘lewd’ shoots or otherwise. She actually bought an item from me which is what brought my attention to this account.

No. 12268

File: 1521932476819.jpg (233.89 KB, 801x792, txtxt.jpg)

he also was fucking pathetic from the beginning, this is a text describing his last job he had - sorry for german.

No. 12269

I wonder if she also sells the stuff she gets gifted as well?

Making money off those neckbeard gifts, maybe?

No. 12270

Can we get a fucking summary for the %99 of us who don't speak German? Jfc

No. 12271

Just use google translate, man …

Gaining experience in the field of graphics and visual design - that was the reason that drew me to finesse. I wanted to be on the front line, in the midst of experienced warriors, in the world of the visual, in order to later be able to embark on my own rambles more confidently. There are some skills that can only be learned by practical application. Many things you want to learn. Much of what you do not even know and where you would not even think of trying it out. What struck me immediately is the positive mood that prevails here. Seems to me unusually positive for a job. My work colleagues are very friendly and I am happy about my excellent work computer with which I am allowed to work. Much more professional than other battlefields, which I once called my place of work. All necessary tools were provided to me, so that I had to carry little from my creative cave to be prepared for the daily front. Already after the first days I realized that the method of working with fineness is very advanced. Designing things like websites and banners is done with the right amount of accuracy and organization. Not like other battlegrounds, where blunt swords are hammered long enough for it to look reasonably satisfying. Here, a sharp dagger is placed in exactly the right place to achieve an effective result.

No. 12272

Except you can't google translate an image and fuck typing it all out myself, but thanks for the translation

No. 12273

No. 12274

>Except you can't google translate an image
Except you can. Just upload the image.

No. 12275

File: 1523824386089.png (861.46 KB, 617x800, 404.png)

404 sagging tits not found

No. 12276

File: 1524270708176.jpeg (393.29 KB, 740x1011, 5F60B647-ED51-4952-9981-AE7ECC…)

So I’m starting to realize with her posts like these that she really likes to bait anti-SJW/anti-snowflake crowd. Because this picture isn’t even real and she’s try to pass it off as if it is.

No. 12277

Hilarious she calls people big babies when she cried on twitter after two little kids trolled her on overwatch and blocks everyone.

No. 12278

File: 1525790972483.jpeg (66.18 KB, 686x386, E0C2CC85-DDE2-43B4-BB7E-7E03A9…)

Another Chel meme…people really want her gone, lmao!

No. 12279

File: 1531774839898.jpg (566.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180716-130136_Twi…)

No. 12280

File: 1533865838513.jpg (131.83 KB, 789x1200, DdBzO5oVQAA2Izm.jpg)

Lumpy potato sack lookin ass(necro)

No. 12281


I can never look at 2B the same way again now. This honestly made me crack up though, like I'm legit ROFL'ing right now holy shit.(read the rules)

No. 12282

shes a big girl

No. 12283

for you

No. 12284

File: 1539791967049.png (58 KB, 640x421, cowpic443.PNG)


No. 12285

Is she a sociopath?

No. 12286

Is she a sociopath?

No. 12287

File: 1542649375363.jpg (129.89 KB, 1439x1549, roflrofalfdead.jpg)

This is the type of person that follows Chel for anyone that's curious

No. 12288


No. 12289

File: 1543241862667.png (Spoiler Image,1019.58 KB, 750x1334, 1A640686-3167-4057-B88D-89398E…)

I’m sorry y’all

No. 12290

Return of the fried egg tits. Somehow they look even worse

No. 12291

Uhh that's not always a good thing Chel. I have a huge bust so weight gain makes them way more saggier and heavier.

No. 12292

those don't look right

No. 12293

File: 1543411823795.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 76F0B486-6EDF-4F44-A10C-C9E524…)


No. 12294

File: 1543411889323.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, D6A8D543-45BE-4ED7-BD5D-F02D3C…)

No. 12295

File: 1543411925316.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 750x1334, 5EA4D084-47A8-4645-938A-68679E…)

Happy holidays.

No. 12296

Anon it’s not even 9am over here and you’ve ruined my day. Thanks.

No. 12297

So I was like, hey, she's pretty covered up these days… then

No. 12298

I can smell this photo

No. 12299

My eyes hurt…

No. 12300

File: 1543430570469.png (Spoiler Image,608.3 KB, 750x1334, B6CAEE3C-5AEF-4220-99A3-2D038A…)

I’ll pass.

No. 12301

File: 1548081176996.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 750x1334, 7B2BAE58-838F-4310-925E-337E30…)

Every now and then I check in with this dear pork darling and somehow, every time, she amazes me with some new fucked up shit.
This time it was by sexualizing Santa’s elves.

No. 12302

File: 1548081233906.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 750x1334, 4A98ED68-4570-4050-8AA2-2D0594…)

Those bows look like they’re attached to hanging sacks of holiday meat.

No. 12303

File: 1548081322377.png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 750x1334, 4C5BCD98-091A-4F96-BDCC-58AF23…)

No no sis don’t put it in your mou—

No. 12304

Few things are as repulsive as this woman. Not even Momo makes me this queasy.

No. 45440

File: 1556455017559.png (157.51 KB, 750x1334, C9EFAF3C-5A7B-42D8-9F56-4A1CE6…)

I don’t know how this cow fell off the radar. She’s a complete trainwreck. In the latest news, she’s destitute. 1/3

No. 45441

File: 1556455061447.png (162.87 KB, 750x1334, B98518B1-9389-499A-A1B9-EF8180…)


No. 45442

File: 1556455140974.png (151.46 KB, 750x1334, B4C758D2-C81C-42CF-8469-E127D1…)

3/3 but wait til you see how she’s been spending her valuable time.

No. 45443

File: 1556455200168.png (249.56 KB, 750x1334, 69AD5041-9179-4E09-B711-A23515…)

This is the top of the gofundme btw

No. 45444

File: 1556455307097.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1624x1319, EDEC9E89-C084-456D-836F-E7556B…)

So no income and no prospects. In an absolutely desperate situation — living in someone else’s house, with one child even! But somehow finds the time to do an Easter bunny photo shoot that I assume took place in aforementioned person’s yard where their neighbors could see.

No. 45445

File: 1556455428654.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1536x2048, 9C807F13-ABE4-475A-AADB-320F43…)

Jesus did not rise from his tomb for this broke bitch to do these things.

No. 45450


kek this is really inconvenient but good luck finding a job when there is all this trash porn of you on the internet. I mean maybe it's the reason why she still does this kind of garbage >>45444 >>45445 because she can't land a job. But on the other hand I would've imagined that her neckbeard fans pay good money to see this kind of thotery so bills could be at least covered or so idk

No. 45452

It’s cause the idiot has always done this shit for free for attention. She never even made an avenue to make the cuckbucks like Patreon.

No. 51558


No. 52680

File: 1559915970707.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 750x1334, 8BBD7BF2-0564-49CC-A050-FE85D4…)

How lucky to be her friend!!

No. 52681

File: 1559916022237.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 750x1334, 0189EF2A-1A92-4F4D-BFA7-0162B9…)

It’s like her breast milk coagulated on her nipples and turned pink from the bacteria.

No. 52682

File: 1559916056797.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 750x1334, 40B1693E-BC0B-4AFD-8A0C-665BBB…)

All I want to do after seeing this is hit the gym.

No. 52684

True cause at least costhots are smart enough to take advantage of patreon in situations like this. Instead raising her nose up at them, she could've like you know maybe tried it out for herself?

No. 52724

I know a lot of people can't help the size of their pubic mound but goddamn that fat vag is fucking disgusting.

No. 55340

File: 1561706246967.jpeg (Spoiler Image,560.74 KB, 1658x1976, 9E3D6EC7-5D6A-46AD-9BB3-576CE6…)

I’m gonna throw up

No. 55342

Please spoiler omg

No. 55373

This is probably the least offensive porn picture posted of her and it makes you want to throw up?
Talk about grasping.

No. 55380

Nta, but that gross ass dick and the way she's sucking that doughy shaven ballsack looks fucking vile. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 55473

It's been blurred to the point of it looking like a damn Mike and Ike and that's the grossest dick you've ever seen? Stick to the muff mounds, sis.

No. 55579

Dude it's a ballsack and a dick, what do you expect them to look like?

No. 55625

Did her husband come in to WK his own dick or has the thread devolved into Chel self posting but also wk'ing herself lmfao
Chel looks disgusting and gross no matter what type of porn picture and her husband is equally visually disgusting,

No. 57790

File: 1563424496661.jpg (286.75 KB, 1080x960, 20190717_232514.jpg)

Next up on things that TOTALLY happened.

No. 57818

She's fat and has saggy boobs. Step outside every now and then and you'll realize that not very many women in their 30s have tight bodies and perky Ds.
Try to heal from your internalized misogyny sis.

No. 57829

>not very many women in their 30s have tight bodies and perky Ds.

lmao, cope

No. 57835

>being salty that a gross woman is getting attention
Mhm, cope indeed. What non milk.

No. 164035

File: 1627210696632.png (374.34 KB, 582x424, chell.png)

It looks like nowadays she has an OnlyFans, but she's up to the same lazy "thicc" cosplays.


I don't know anything about OnlyFans and all I see is Subscribe FOR FREE, so I'm not sure if she's actually charging or just using OnlyFans as a dedicated site for her anus. Can you have a free OnlyFans?

No. 164039

It's a pretty gross looking dick ngl, looks like a slab of plasticine

No. 164113

This thing has children

No. 164124

File: 1627257480409.jpg (25.04 KB, 592x116, power.jpg)

She's actually not doing a certain cosplay because of her weight. I'm impressed. I mean, she's still doing a butterball impression of tons of other cartoon and video game characters, but here is a true and honest acknowledging that she's so fat.

By the way, she's talking about Power from Chainsaw Man, which she has tweeted about several times before. She's still "hip and with it!"

No. 178612

late reply but based on what ive seen and heard, it's free to look at her posts, but she is selling pictures and videos and its pissed a lot of her fans off, particularly because of the prices. there was a discord dedicated to reposting her stuff but apparently the creator left and drama has lead to it being spammed with random porn.(necro)

No. 201048

We off the grid, grid, grid.(necro)

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