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File: 1461604144955.jpeg (78.71 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 124212

Let's discuss about TK tokyo, nobu, kenichi and co

No. 124215

You missed hirororo.

We should post guys name, account and how they'll get in contact with you first (twitter, gyaruru etc)

No. 124216

Is tk Tokyo still active hunter? He must be in Osaka by now. That guy hit on every woman who crossed his path.

No. 124217

I've never heard of him. Any more info?

Does someone here know saran?

No. 124220

Omg Kenichi I still know him lmfao
friends and I used to make fun of him

He posted something about not having people to celebrate his birthday with I think ? That was like 4 years ago or so.
He blocked me after I said that he could celebrate it with his nose

Couldn't stalk him after that and I forgot about him after some time so what is he up to nowdays lol ?

No. 124223

Long time ago he wrote he wants plastic surgery and i asked if it's because of his nose. He blocked me :(

No. 124225

He got one girl pregnant but denies it lmao

No. 124244

tk tokyo and the guy on OP photo are rivals

No. 124269

What Kenichi are we talking about? Kenichi Katayama from Instagram?? He's always up mine and every other blonde gaijin on Instagram's asses even tho he has a girlfriend

No. 124272

who the fuck are these people and why haven't you properly put links or a description

OP you lazy slut

No. 124280

Nah I think other Anon and I were talking bith bout a different Kenichi.
As I said I was blocked by him and I can't remember his full name on Facebook.

But Nose Kenichi had some Brazilian or Portugese last Name bc he was into some footballclub
Anyway he always tried to meet up with girls. Afterwards he would upload Puris from them to show how cool he was or smth dunno.
He also uploaded videos of him alone in a Karaoke bar singing. Fishing for compliments and all that shit.
I don't know if there where actually people who slept with him but I guess so lol
Also he would give everyone his LINE id
I can't remember him that well (it has already been 4 years or so haha) but I can still remember that he was super embarassing always trying to get a new gaijin
I hope there are other people who know him too and can provide better information

No. 124286

Why is the OP picture grainy, why are there no links. Why isn't Hiroro the OP pic. OP try harder.

No. 124293

But it's with katie :'(

No. 124295

File: 1461623813900.png (970.57 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Kenichi the nose izuka

No. 124298

Is ken the nose still gyaruo? Shiena and ken… Dreamteam

No. 124352

Why is she in every "foreigner in Japan" thread OP picture though. She's the most boring of the snowflakes. Makes it seem like the same person making these linkless threads over and over about foreigners in Japan has a low-key vendetta.

No. 124361

File: 1461631462073.jpeg (32.66 KB, 400x300, image.jpeg)

Excuse me for being a lowly midwesterner, but who are these people? I don't get it. Do you have to be in some sort of "seekret club" to know these boys?

No. 124366

These guys re quite 'famous' among gaijin in Japan and try their hardest to sleep with everybody they see. While I only know TK Tokyo….

No. 124373

don't know what the difference between gaijin hunter and all the girls hungy for japanese dick is though
This is pathetic

No. 124403

What about kazuki?

No. 124483

No. 124486

File: 1461663245456.png (916.5 KB, 957x949, Screenshot_2016-04-26-11-31-36…)

This one. I'm not sure, he tend to have multiple Facebook accs, but he's always switching names and I can't find him among the 3000 other people on my list.

No. 124490

I don't get it either.

>girls want Japanese dick

>complain about gaijin hunter

No. 124491

Anyone know this guy Atshushi Kawano?


When I was in japan he sent me a random fb request, I asked around and apparently he tries to get with every gaijin girl

No. 124493

Lol that's Sandras ex. Is he still trying to get into gaijin pants?

No. 124494

Some girls aren't just after the Japanese D, but after serious relationships. Not everyone who goes to Japan is a hooker after all.

Never heard of him before, but damn that hawk nose is unfortunate!
Bu'y the amount of gaijin he has on his friendlist I wouldn't doubt he's a hunter

No. 124495

Wait whaaaaat? That's sandras ex?!?!? Hahahaha omg finally I got the whole story! Thank you fellow farmer!

He still tries to get foreigners in his pants as far as I know. Occasionally writes to me on LINE

No. 124496

He's also Manon's ex. The shop girl at 6%.

No. 124497

The black girl? Or which one?

No. 124498

Jup. They even lived together for a year or so. Could be shorter, my memory is bad.

Kazuki is on almost every dating site existing. Kinda sad. He has to change names all the time just in order to get some white pussy.

No. 124500

Sandra is pretty desperate then. First getting herself one of the most obvious gaijin hunters (he's in his mid 30's isn't she like 20?) and then trying to fuck Seres ex in order to get a visa and now works for sere as a prostitute, such life goals

No. 124503

File: 1461669315240.jpg (49.22 KB, 920x960, 13006690_981166045300540_48516…)

I always mix up Atsushi with his twin brother Takashi. Takashi is better looking, but they both seem to date only white girls. They both seem fairly nice though.

Tensei Sugahara though, now that guy is a creep.

No. 124505

The white shop girl

No. 124506

Tensei is pretty nice tbh

No. 124507

Post a photo or full fb name or sth, I never heard of her before

No. 124509

File: 1461669654883.jpg (78.14 KB, 720x960, 1925250_685280311513225_111374…)

Really? Tensei used to act like a total creep. Has he changed?

No. 124510

He still is a little creepy, for people who aren't into all that fetish and goth stuff. But if you say 'no' it's no and he'll understand you without telling you to go amd die or something like that.

I'm friends with this guy since 2012 now or maybe longer. He's a good one

No. 124524

Someone here who knows any VK guys desperate for gaijin pussies

No. 124527

File: 1461675195404.jpg (740.96 KB, 2204x2503, glass-of-water.jpg)

No. 124528

Sorry, I don't get the joke here

No. 124530

Not that anon, but I'm guessing they're implying that you're thirsty.

No. 124531

Oh, omg hell not! I'm just interested. I know a lot of girls in the VK scene and them bragging about sleeping with this or that jcock, so I wanna know if the ones they supposedly fucked with are easy to get or if they just made up a lie

No. 124532

IG is infested with them
mr.moonlight23, jininokuchi and everlasting_journey are a few prime examples.

No. 124536

thats what this thread is, ya goof

No. 124537

holy sheet

No. 124538

That's why I asked??

No. 124539

this blog hasnt been updated in ages but if you want the scoop on a gaijins journey through kabukicho, this tumblr has some good stories and info

No. 124541

Jininokuchi…that guy is never ever 28!!! kek

No. 124542

That everlasting_journey guy is married to that arisucookie girl

No. 124544

You serious??

No. 124545

fff i just started digging up stuff on hostlove and damn i forgot how much of a rush this scene can be damn…

No. 124547

Dumb question, but do they share the same apartment and is he still up for hunting?

No. 124548

File: 1461677074565.png (218.82 KB, 822x328, candy.png)

im starting to come down with a fever

No. 124549

Yes. He was floating her Instagram some time ago. She suddenly had bigger boobs(he is a plastic surgeon) and saying something about a hubby. And I heard someone saying they are married.

No. 124551

I don't know. It seems she still is living in her pink apartment. I doubt he would live there with her. So probably staying separate for the time being.

No. 124553

They're for sure married, but living separate from your partner isn't that legal

No. 124554


No. 124555

But I also heard she's working as an escort too, so who knows what she's actually up to

No. 124557

It's illegal. But as we saw with sere, immigration gives a shit about it.

She is working as a hostess in a club in Roppongi and supposedly fucking with the manager. Currently run out of her visa so that hunter everlasting came at the right time.

No. 124558

Well, she's at least not having abandoned multiple babies ti become a 3rd class prostitute

No. 124559

Yeah she might even take care but who knows.

No. 124560

Let's get on with talking about them hunters!

No. 124561

Anyone know anything about that farstar designer guy?? Seems to collect gaijin to 'model' for his T-shirt brand…

No. 124574


Wait what? I wasn't expecting such a big response whoa. All I know was he dated an Australian girl, who later claimed he was pretty abusive. Who's Sandra?

No. 124577

Some German girl, being one of seres bitches. She's very desperate for the Japanese D in order to get a spouse visa

No. 124594

Are we still talkin'about kazuki? Because who's atsushi?

No. 124601


soz I got the two confused. deleted my post to avoid confusion

No. 124606

All of you newfags learn to use the REPLY correctly jesus there's like 3 conversations happening confusing each others replies.

No. 124608


Atsushi (https://www.facebook.com/atsushi.kawano.31) has a white girl fetish but I wouldn't say he's a hunter seeing as he's dated Japanese too and mostly hangs out with other Japanese goths. Total goth who goes to alt parties all the time and has a twin brother. He recently dated Manon, the Australian shopgirl at 6%. https://www.instagram.com/manonmarguerite/

No. 124613

Thanks! I didn't know she was Australian, my bad. So she was woth kazuki? When and how long?

No. 124617

The author's personal blog is here:
She got into a tumblr fight with Sere last year. She's pretty much out of the Kyaba/host scene now though.

No. 124619

I really like her! I didnlt know that was her blog as well. She must have a pretty fucked up youth. She once wrote sth like she was 16 when moving to Japan and made it until now somehow. In some kind I'm very impressed, she's a mental train wreck, but she made it

No. 124636

I really like her too! I've been following her blog for about two years now.

From what I've gathered she went with her family to Nara for her dad's job when she was 15, and they went back when she was 18 and she stayed in Japan and went to Tokyo. She was raped around the time she arrived, which I think is what really fucked with her.

I'm not really sure of the timeline, but she has worked as a kyaba-jo, has been married and divorced, went to and dropped out of Temple and now actually has Permanent Resident visa (Mira wishes lol). All that shit and, she's still making it in Japan!

Anyway, back to rando gaijin hunters.

No. 124642

I thought she got a working visa though.

Getting raped in Japan comes faster than one could think, it happened to me too, but I've never told anyone aside of my dearest friend.

Beware of hunters girls. Beware of them.

That's why I think this thread is somewhat important. Everyone should know the most common hunters and how hunters will approach to you

No. 124647

I know so many girls with crazy stories about Kazuki including myself. He's a real nut case but crazy weeb girls keep fucking him. If you want a decent real relationship in Japan stay AWAY from hunters and hosts. Go for boring nice guys who want to settle down.

No. 124651

True story.

Can we make a list of people kazuki fucked with? Kek

No. 124654

He's like 38 and straight crazy.

Just a warning to girls visiting or moving to Japan. Don't go for Hosts unless you want something NSA. They only want money and pussy.

Don't go for hunters. If a guy says "I don't like Japanese girls because XYZ" or some other bullshit run.

If you notice the girls who actually have their shit together in Japan are with clean looking salary men or fellow students like themselves.

Sleazes like Sere or the bunch who want a quick visa get married to Hosts and Hunters. It's only a disaster in the mix. If the Japanese girls don't even want them, run. It's a bad bad sign.

No. 124655

File: 1461690449605.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1419, 20160426_190622.png)

Someone here knows this lil'pervert?

No. 124656

I still miss my ex who still worked as a salary man when we were together. He fucked up his life shortly after I left oops he was such a sweetheart

No. 124659


Most salary man types have no idea how to cook for themselves or clean shit but if you're a huge feminazi you shouldn't be in Japan anyways. Anyway Gaijin hunters are the worst type of guys.

No. 124663

Yeah, that's true! But I'm in love with those stereotypes. It makes me feel comfortable to be the one who takes care of the household why someone else are working their ass off to pay my nails and the new hello kitty soap holder

No. 124676

Learn to fucking read it says right there she dated Atsushi not Kazuki

No. 124683

The guy on op picture had something with shani
He bought her lizlisa. Probably for money
Also the eyebrowtwins emi lea are associated with him

No. 124685

So he fucked katie, shany AND the twins?? C'mon why would you go out with such an ugly twerk?

No. 124700

Katie and Shani aren't the best lookers if you haven't noticed and the only guys willing to fuck them are gaijin hunters

No. 124703

Yeah they aren't the cutest of them all. But I never expected katie really to be that desperate as some ppl mentioned in the gaijin thread and shany well ok shany. But the twins?

Anyway lets get back to the topic

No. 124777

Op guys name is nobu
Or on fb agedashi tofu
He made a list with how much girls and from which country he slept with

No. 124782

>Pretty sure it was Katie's ex best friend who fucked tofu and not Katie. I remember her friend talking about dating him or wanting to fuck him.

No. 124809

Some of these guys sound even worse than the occasional female weeb/koreaboo who go to Asia to get dick, lol.

No. 124815


Oh my god! This guy is insane. Holy shit. He tried to friend me on Facebook about 6 different times, and when I told him to stop talking to me, he told me "Go to hell you stupid cunt" So classy
And when he was trying to get me to go on a date with him, he insisted that he take me to McDonalds because I am American and that's obviously the only thing we can eat here in Japan

Sage for blogish post

No. 124816

>Sorry, I don't get the joke here

>Oh, omg hell not!

>ya goof

>holy sheet

I need you to leave this place or at least lurk fucking more

No. 124819


Atsushit. Oh my god, this guy is a piece of work.
He lives in a beat up, tiny-ass apartment in Saitama, and he can't move out because his cat has torn the wallpaper up to hell. The walls of his bathroom are so moldy that they are black, and he doesn't clean because he's "too goth" to do so.
His poor cat has to put up with him throwing it against walls and locking it in the mold-infested bathroom for hours on end.

I have so much more milk on this guy, I could fill at least fifteen gallons to the brim with it.

He's my friend, but….

No. 124821

You are friends with such a piece of shit? Wow anon…

No. 124824

I became friends with him before I knew what kind of person he is. We don't talk at all anymore, though, so I guess friends would be too strong of a word now. We are more like acquaintances now? Maybe even less than that.
We have the same group of friends, more or less, and are civil to each other when we are together in person. But after seeing how he treats his cat and the girls he picks up, I have distanced myself greatly.

No. 124833


Did you know him when he was dating Guen? She has mentioned in her blog that he would cheat on her and hit her

No. 124836


I didn't, but I have heard stories. And those stories are one of the reasons why I decided to distance myself from him.

And I don't doubt that he cheated on her and hit her. He is definitely that kind of person.
I don't know Guen, but I am glad she got out of that relationship before it got worse. And from what I have heard, it was pretty bad.

No. 124930

What about Dada/Velvet Eden aka Yusuke Goto? I've heard some vague stories, but never something concrete

No. 125097


Hi Haley or Manon! lol

No. 125120

She posted about getting her PR a few months ago. She's been in the country long enough, so it makes sense.

I'm sorry to hear that something so terrible happened to you. Japan is only "safe" for men.

My first bf here was a hunter, which I thought was cool, since I am into Asian guys so whatever right? Yeah NO >>124654 is ON POINT with the advice.

No. 125126

I wish I could get a PR one day…but I'm not even living in Japan.

Anyway, some other popular ACTIVE hunters?

No. 125148

File: 1461779756749.png (546.83 KB, 500x500, 68be356b6c65e84580acd958b7a1da…)

yes my ex boyfriend imai kei says he use to be bandman but hes just a shitty gyao with an equally shitty personality to match. stole money off me and tries to talk to and fuck every white girl he sees. on pretty much every deai app

No. 125149

Did he ask you to pee on his face? He's asking me for it all the time kek don't worry I'm not even in Japan. But do you have some more info on him? Job? Age?

He never told me that he was a bandman though

No. 125151

No i can tell you now hes not into that shit so maybe you have him confused. He ruined my life and I highly suggest to stay away from him. hes 24, has black hair now and works a legit company job

No. 125152

Guess I confused him with >>124655
Photos look so similar, sorry.

Hope you'll get better soon and be able to forger this asshole

No. 125153

I fucked Kazuki but I dont have crazy stories so do tell. Hes actually in a relationship with a Japanese girl and has been since mid last year

No. 125155

ewww wtf he told me hes was 32

No. 125156

He once gave me a complete list with height, age, hobbies etc haha omg that was so akward, but it also said he was 38

No. 125157

Maybe that's why he's been quiet in the last few months. But wonder how long this relationship will last and when he'll start hunting again. Someone knows his current FB accounts? If he still has FB though

No. 125171

From what i know he doesnt date gaijin.he dated a german for a wk once 3yrs. Ago. Hes just into them cause he wants models haha. And to be honest i think this relationship will be a while he dates for long periods

No. 125176

He dated sandra for about a year.

No. 125180

Ew when haha sandra gets around

No. 125181

Before she tried to get ryoya

No. 125298

He's so annoying with his sweettalking

No. 125299

File: 1461794830683.jpeg (26.27 KB, 265x390, image.jpeg)

Kei when he looked like an ugly okama

No. 125300

File: 1461794878992.jpeg (74.43 KB, 482x823, image.jpeg)

At least he paid dinner

No. 125312

I used to date him last year. I wish someone would have warned me earlier. He's a piece of shit who treats you like shit, calls you fat, ugly and all that kind of stuff. He even betrayed me with one of my best friends lol. But to be fair he likes all kind of pussies, no matter if gaijin or Japanese, he takes everything. And he's not good in bed.

No. 125313

What really??? He never called me things.
But he is weird as fuck
He always told me he wants to marry a russian.
A few months after he said he only wants a japanese girl

No. 125316

He treated me like shit, I cried almost everyday because of him. He told me he wants to marry me etc but well he tells that ever girl lol. I did diet because of him and tried to change my looks and my style, it was horrible. I knew he betrayed me so I checked his line, almost 80% of his chats and contacts were girls, Japanese, foreigners everything lol. 95% of the stuff he says are lies

No. 125318

I'm sorry anon
But i knew from the beginning he was a liar.
Met him because i had too much time. He wanted to hold hands and stuff the first time we met. Gross.
I used him lol he helped me with my furniture or paid for dinner
But that was already 3 years ago

No. 125322

He never paid me dinner or anything, even on dates or even purikura we paid separately lol. He's greedy as fuck, tho he still lives at home with his parents. I found his purikura collection ad he had pictures with at least 27 different girls, foreigners and Japanese. Sometimes he dated girls 1-2 weeks before he got new ones, or betrayed them (I checked the dates)

No. 125326

You shall better set your phone to English honey, otherwise it'll be easy to find out who you are

No. 125338

File: 1461799857037.jpeg (115.18 KB, 638x1070, image.jpeg)

Ohhh nobu
Married a russian girl

No. 125392

Hey this is his ex the posted the first picture. He did the same shit with me (didn't call me fat etc) he's emotionally abusive as fuck. Seriously if you want someone to talk to please feel free.

No. 125393

Thank you ! When did you meet him ? And what did he do to you ?

No. 125396

I dated him back when I was 19 (im 22 now so 2yr? ago)and I was very naive. He would make fun of the old self harm cuts I had on my arms call me crazy etc. would hardly every contact me and bilittled me all the time. He would then go on and on about other foreign girls to my face and show me pics of girls and be like oh I tried to get her but she rejected me etc. had some German girls pic set as his background etc. he ended up stealing money from me and blocked me on everything

No. 125400

That guy is really the worst piece of shit ever.. He made fun of my Japanese (intermediate level) telling me I should be more like my friends or different girls (showed me pictures) he tried to flirt in front of me with my friends. And even fucked one of my friends. I blocked him everywhere but he still keeps trying to message me and even my friends tho I told him I'm seeing someone new. Once he's drunk he's the worst shit ever,insults you and even gets aggressive.. How much money did he stole from you ?

No. 125404

What the fuck argh I hate him so much. I hope no other girl has to ever put up with him again. Also I hope you're no longer friends with the girl that fucked him because that's horrible that someone could do that. He asked to borrow 10000 and we organised what day he would give it back etc. I knew his personal details so I thought it would be ok. Comes to the day he replies once to my messages then blocks me. It's not the amount of money that made me upset but the fact that he lied and stole

No. 125407

Me too I hate this guy so much. I think I'll punch him if I ever meet him on the street again.. My friend said she was drunk so I forgave her but still. I wonder if you knew his personal information why didn't you go to his place in order to get the money ? I mean it was still a huge amount ! (Is there a way to talk in private with you )

No. 125409

Did half of /snow/ fuck this guy or what

No. 125410

To be honest by the time he'd stolen the money I was fed up and didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore. I just made a chat on the site ! Username Bleh999 chat room is called shitstain. Lolol

No. 125411

Nah same to anons aha communicating her

No. 125412

It's just two people writing about him in case you didn't notice

No. 125416

Ah and btw he fucked sere and Gaya too

No. 125419

Omg what eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww I'm glad that was after I ditched his ass

No. 125482

>>124654 This dude is such a fucking creep. I'm embarrassed that we even exchanged messages.

No. 125517

Lets talk about the smelly mess that is Hirohiko Nogata aka Hiroro lol

No. 125518


No. 125521

Damn that's some hot mess of a guy. Currently hanging out with Fin.

Recently told me to die, cuz I asked if he was fine kek

No. 125525

Agaha so he told you to die too. I rejected him for sex and he told me to die. What were the circumstances with you??

No. 125526

I just asked him on LINE if he was fine kek because we haven't talked in a while and I wanted to know what he was up to.

No. 125527

Agaha what a freakkk

No. 125528

What's a agaha?

No. 125532

It's my phones auto correct of ahaha

No. 125534

I see! I was already worrying if I've missed a new trend word again

No. 125539

No i missed the chat :(

No. 125541

About kei?

No. 125542


No. 125548

Ill get back on just a sec

No. 125550


No. 125565

who knows takuya sugimoto?
He is also a hunter. A decent one
Is friends with katie and her ex bf

No. 125582

No. 125589

File: 1461850068925.png (850.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 125591

We what an ugly bastard

No. 125592

Anon…I hope when you said decent you meant he's a nice guy because he's really unattractive.

No. 125593

Compared all the other gaijin hunter, he looks pretty normal and good. Not mister perfect but I'd prefer him over Hiroro or Kazuki….

No. 125701

Any more hunters? Or stuff on hirororo? Has someone here had sex with him? Is your pussy still alive?

No. 125732

Is naoki one? He goes to tokyo decadence

No. 125742

Pic please

No. 125744

I had sex with him two years ago lol

No. 125746

Your pussy still alive? Kek
I mean, is he at least good at it?

No. 125824

Holy shit. Im glad I saw this because Kei has been dancing around me lately saying he wants to marry me and he is waiting for my Japan arrival. He keeps begging for pussy pictures but I never give them and I troll him on kakaotalk and tease him and he throws hissy fits like a lil baby. No fuckin way im going near his ass now.

No. 125830

The little girl is alive and thriving lol hiroro is shit in bed. Hes a creepy as fuck M and doesnt give anything back. He has a big dick from what i remember is completely shaven and smelly haha

No. 125832

Yes, save yourself and dont go near him. I Wouldnt be suprised if he had an std either with all the condom less sex he has

No. 125839

I partially think he likes my appearance a lot but doesnt like my attitude, so only comes around begging for pussy pics and marriage every few days (kek) when he thinks i've forgotten about him… I keep ripping him off and calling him bitch, because he didn't seem all that nice to begin with. He will demand a pussy pic and beg me to come to Tokyo and ill call him a bitch or give him a photo of my head photoshopped onto a roast chicken to troll him instead of nudes kek. But now… holy shit. What a dirtbag. I have to thank you actually for informing me.

No. 125843

I won't. Holy shit. I already have a bf but he doesnt care and keeps begging for puss puss anyway. The guys a filthy freak. I regret even messaging him on kakao. He used to pretty much stalk me online even when i changed accounts lol…

No. 125851

I will admit one hilarious gem about Kei tho… He always begs me to make a porn video and he asked me for a "Bean flicking movie"- provided me many lols that day.Tempted to just give him a video where im throwing edamame all over the place kek.

No. 125858

If he wants pussy pics, send him some kittens haha.

No. 125862

Honestly I don't know how to deal with this lil shit other than tricking him and making fun of him. He seems awful, from what i've heard here. Was planning to visit him once in Setagaya initially(where he lives) but now I heard this shit??…fuck.. he wont be going near me or my booty ever again. Im his latest victim, he's trying to snatch me up once I set foot in Japan. I am honestly horrified. He probably has a nasty infected weiner like someone mentioned earlier.

No. 125864

Well to be honest, when he asked for the masturbating videos and pussy pictures, I sent him a cute video of this baby seal twirling around in a tank with funny music, and he got so pissed. Im thinking.. calm down lol.. its a cute animal video. But he just seemed so angry and kept yelling PUSSY!! PLZ!!!! at me. im thinking whoa. calm the fuck down.

No. 125865

And I also noticed that these guys have a damn good memory!
Two years ago, TK Tokyo contacted me out of the blue on Facebook and we chatted for a while.
I didn't tell him that I was going to Tokyo and after one night of clubbing he told me that he saw me in the club and wanted to talk to me but I was gone after some time. That is so scary! Especially, I was in the club that night…

No. 125868

Yeah.. Without revealing too much about myself, Id say yeah, Kei and guys like that do have a good memory. He used to stalk my old deai app account and constantly post comments, and well, I made a new account when I bought a new phone… and..HE TRACKED ME DOWN..and remembered who I was, I was really surprised. And then he kept doing the same to that account. Commenting, messaging, I'd play along thinking he was just being playful, and he'd call me Honey this, and marry me that, on my pictures Id upload. He seemed really stalker-ish but i let him continue because I have a soft spot for guys that look VK. Ugh.. what was I thinking.

No. 125870

Doesn't stalk me anymore now he has my Kakao. I thought i'd add him to stop him from being annoying on my deai profile and I thought he was cute. Boy was I wrong. Continued to be annoying and NOW begs for pussy pictures. Fan-fucking-tastic.

No. 125890

First ex girlfriend here. You have to shut him down dont even give him the time of day. I like how he asked for you to come to his house, like bro you live with your parents and sister still. Cunt

No. 125894

Well after seeing this today, I called him a piece of dog shit and told him I didn't want to get any of his diseases, and to never talk to me or even look at me again.. If he made you cry as well as other gaijin girls, I want to fucking drag him. What a piece of dog shit.

No. 125895

Y'all sound like some idiots. I think you guys cling on to him for validation, and the whole "omg yea hes a freak!" Is an act, can't let the validation completely go away.

No. 125896

lmao I dont need validation, I just thought he was fun at the time but honestly right now im pissed that hes such an asshole. I think you can warn other girls about this cunt without sounding like a whiny baby you know…..

No. 125900

You sound like someone connected to him lol. I originally posted his picture on here to warn other girls because as you can see from not just his exs hes abusive and obviously fucked in the head

No. 125903

im previous anon who kei is targeting right now.. yea i absolutely believe you. I knew he was a dickhead when I first spoke to him, but i didnt realise he was this bad. i am not surprised.. Hes a fucking spider that lures people into his web obvuiously and if I wasnt warned today, who knows I could've gone to Setagaya to his house like he wanted me to and got fucked over.

No. 125904

In saying that tho, I am usually up for fun even with people who seem a bit douchey which is why I kept talking to him, but theres a fine line between douche and abusive dickhead, and I do not want to be involved with the latter.

No. 125905

Kei is the type of dickhead that will pester you for pussy photos and porn constantly YET in the same sentence says he wants to marry you. He's said he wants to marry me about…hmm more than 30 times now and he doesn't even know me irl. If anything hes also an idiot.

No. 125909

I'm surprised he is not already married to one of those visa reaching gaijin. It would be easy for both if he means it serious but then… Who knows.

No. 125911

Nah he's never going to marry a gaijin for that exact reason. He told me numerous times, never going to marry a forgiveness cause all they look for is a visa. In that regards he's smart lol

No. 125912

Foreigner not forgiveness wtf

No. 125915

lol so he's just asking me to marry him all the time for shits and giggles or…..?

nah i already know the answer to that. He wants my pussy. He said to me he doesnt want anyone else to have me and im sitting there thinking dang son the thirst is real. I think he needs a hobby, other than bothering gaijin with fake marrige proposals.

No. 125916

So we just need to wait for the day some dumb bitch like sere comes and get herself pregnant by him kek

No. 125917

Knowing him hed ditch the girl. Thats how horrible a person he is.

No. 125918

Well anon said she already has fucked him…. actually sere has bothered me on a deai app too serenading as her Host half. It was seriously weird. I felt a little bit violated lol

No. 125919

Ew did she try to get you to go to her club? Haha

No. 125920

Second ex here.
One of the first things he asked me was with which visa I'm in Japan lol. He knew my visa was expiring this year so he kept telling me to enter to uni in order to stay with him (tho he told me 100 times he would marry me lol). He also never asked me for nudes or porn videos before we dated tho we had contact for almost 6 months before that. He asked me for porn after we started going out tho, he told me he has lots of videos with his ex's but I told him I'm not into that kind of stuff and he never asked again. He really sucks at sex and his dick is small. once he finds a girl he suddenly stops messaging until he dumbs/gets dumped by a girl.

No. 125921

She was calling me cute and it was really weird because I know all the shit shes done and she encouraged someone else to do something bitchy to me awhile back, and she didnt even recognise I was that person.

No. 125922

REALLY?? LOL thats why when he asked for my porn photos, I asked him back.. well why DONT YOU show me your dick hmm?? and I asked how big it was and he thoroughly avoided the topic… thats so funny. lmao.. I knew it.

No. 125924


If he askes for nudes it means he just want sex, if he doesn't he's interested in a relationship with you. Sometime he came to my place just to hang around without having sex etc.

As far as I heard he asked sere to help him to find a job as host lol

Also when I was looking at his purikura I found some with Melissa and another blond (French?) Girl. He admitted He had sex with melissa and told me that the blond girl was a crazy stalker of his lol.

No. 125925

I didn't date him but met him a few times. He never asked for photos or videos.
But when i went drinking with him and after that went to love hotel xD he didn't want to enter the bathtub naked because hazukashii lol

No. 125926

Really he told you that? I never took videos with him haha >>125924
Thats so gross he fucked saggy old sere and melissa. He doesnt like tattood girls

No. 125927

Ah yeah he told me about that french girl. She wanted to be together with him but he didn't want to because she looks like a horse

No. 125928

First ex again, but i wonder did he even mention me to you? Haha you Wouldnt have seen purikura of us.

No. 125929

I don't believe he fucked sere
She is too ugly

No. 125930

Yeah. I never wanted a relationship with him anyway… He wouldnt because my Japanese is not that crash hot. And he knows I dont give a shit, ill give him credit for that, he is smart in some ways.

No. 125931

I think it was with Japanese girls !
He had so many pictures with girls, I think I still have the pictures of his line chat timeline (full of girls). He told me because I asked him if he took porn videos with his ex girlfriends, after he asked me for porn.

No. 125932

Did he ask you for a "Flicking bean" movie lol?

No. 125933

File: 1461927045919.jpg (80.78 KB, 959x959, 10603206_1146187555421707_5542…)

who got stories about this hot mess?

No. 125934

Heard that hes actually not japanese,but french/chinese

No. 125935

I'm not sure..
He told me about Melissa, the blond French girl and a Russian girl since I found the purikura. He tried to hide the fact that he's a manslut. I just found out because I saw the purikura in his wallet while he took a shower, that little fucker used to shower for 1HOUR ! My bills increased so much…

If you're not good/fluent in Japanese he would insult you like he did with me tho I'm intermediate level.

He just wanted pictures and videos of my boobs and while we were doing it.

No. 125937

too much plastic surgery. you can't tell.

No. 125938

Yeah, ive been in japan since i was 16 so he never gave me shit about my japanese. But since im mixed race (half white half indigenous indian) and even though im very pail he would always compare me to white girls. So hes also racist

No. 125939

Kei also fucked blanka or what her name is

No. 125940

haha…. he chooses not to insult me because I think he's smart enough to figure out i'll rip into him even worse. He hasnt done that yet, he says he likes my personality. idk why. Like I said, I ripped him off on kakao consistently.

Thats weird, Yeah he just mostly just to ask me for pussy. As y'all have heard already.

No. 125941

You're the first gf with the money right?
How long have you been dating ?
I think he never mentioned you and maybe they were purikura of you together but if you're half maybe I mistook you with Japanese !
Well he was telling me all the time how much I sucked and that i should study more (during that time I was studying Japanese for about 6 months ). I had to correct stuff he wrote in English for his work, it was so bad.. But he kept complaining about my Japanese (dude I speak 5 languages shut up)

No. 125942

I can imagine he is racist.
He said he likes european girls mostly. European fetish. But im half brittish, welsh, I dont think it matters to him where it is, even wales sounds exotic for him as long as its white enough. kek.

No. 125943

Random kakaotalk girl here. But his english sucks balls like… where is the lie?!??

No. 125945

Yes im the one he stole money off. I dated him half a year. All our pics and purikura were in a book,but i dont look japanese haha i dont have any japanese blood

No. 125946

how did you meet kei?
i know he uses gyaruru
he wrote to me on kamacho lol

No. 125947

Second ex here! I met him on gyaruru

No. 125948

He tried finding me through his main one, Gyaruru.

No. 125949

Sorry I have to confirm its the kakaotalk anon ^ Theres just too many girls hes tried to get with lmao..

No. 125950

1st gf. Met on some app i cant remember the name lol

No. 125951

Wait… how many of us are there talking about Kei?? lmao…. this man slut really gets around.

No. 125952

He needs his own thread hahahaha

No. 125953

I know.. half of this thread has had some booty call exprerience with him. We need an entire thread just for therapy.

No. 125955

or group chat lmao

No. 125956

second this. lmao. Kei is the 一番man slut lolcow.

No. 125957

Just an entire thread of Kei's sexy times and marriage proposals to half the girls in the thread lmao.

No. 125958

i have a story about tk tokyo

he was dating my friend. in the evening he picked my friend up from the station. he didn't say a word to me.
when i came home he wrote to me on facebook. h e is sorry that he didn't talk to me but he was so amazed by my beautiful eyes. he wants to go to dinner with me lol

No. 125962

Him and his small dirty std dick

No. 125964

ewwwwww im glad I havent got conned into doing that yet. That must be so dissapointing. That must feel like a tiny bento weiner lodged inside.

No. 125967

he was also trying to hit on me after seeing me with my friend in shibuya by accident (who he tried to hit on fb)and did not say anything to me. then the next day he send me a message in fb and i said to him "but you are interested in my friend?" he said "oh no she is just a friend :)))" i told him to fck off. two years later he send me another message on fb, it was hilarious since i could still see the old messages from few years ago but he maybe deleted it himself and did not remember he already messaged me before haha he seems so desperate. so i just lolled at him like um you already tried to hit on me and my friend bye

No. 125968

I lost my virginity to him so you know my pain haha (first ex girlfriend here)

No. 125969

Oh my god I feel so sorry for you anon!

No. 125970

oh noooo. Luckily all the Japanese guys ive known have had bigger than bento weiner size except for Kei, (kakaotalk girl here) lmao but I havent even seen that thing. Hes too embarrassed. I feel sorry for you, If it really is that small…

No. 125971

I'm glad it was not a virgin but still lol. He's a1min wiener lol

No. 125972

Its funny because some of the pretty boy types can either have a toothpick or a firehose rolled up in there.

No. 125973

3 years later he talked to me again. I was in a club in roppongi. When i saw his line adress i run away

No. 125975

I currently date an old ex host that has weird dick implants lmao

No. 125976

Anybody knows that half Japanese/half British guy Ken page? He's a wannabe DJ in Shibuya.

No. 125977

Just spat out my coffee ahahahaha
Please post pics when asking about people

No. 125978

They're Yakuza beads. I found it really weird initially. I thought he had some sort of warts, but honestly he's kind unlike Kei- and his teenie peenie that has nothing going for it.

No. 125980

File: 1461936156466.png (649.73 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

My phone is a slow bitch right now… But here's Ken Page. He is also a cosplayer and Otaku. His private Twitter account: DJkitty_san and his 'work' one: danceoftune_DOT

No. 125981

File: 1461936550345.jpeg (135.97 KB, 719x1280, image.jpeg)

Found a better picture. Not sure if he has this hair color now as he changes back and forth all the time.

No. 125982

Ew fugly. Whats up with him?

No. 125984

agreed lol. There's a lot better looking hafu out there.

No. 125985

Apparently he wants a foreign girlfriend, used to cheat on a girl in the UK with under aged girls etc.
I met him on Badoo some time 2014 and he would always try to get me to one of his stupid events and only wanting to fuck or taking a shower at my home. He never pays his bills so he had to shower somewhere else.

No. 125992

I know that he had sex with my friend

No. 125993

not a gaijin hunter so doesnt belong here

No. 125994

Don't know
He had something with a german girl but cheated on her

No. 126036

File: 1461948669444.jpg (43.64 KB, 720x719, trololo.jpg)

How about Yuto Nagatomo? He messaged me and two friends I know of on FB but I never replied…

No. 126037

That's Kazuki…. So he still keeps changing names?

No. 126038

Wow really? I guess so but from my old messages I could find him under that name

No. 126040

He's so gross why are all the wrens flocking to him

No. 126041

Stay away from that guy!

To the ones who've dated him or went out with him: his real name is Kazuki or is it something else?

No. 126042

I know like what he said was "hi i am japanese how are you??" so um ok. Whatever brings Gaijin gurls living in Nippon to u.

Also other names such as gt noa, Tomohiro Kobayashi, anyone else got messages from them?

No. 126044

I meant weebs not wrens kek

No. 126045

I haven't dated him but yeah, his real name is Kazuki. Really stay away from this guy.

No. 126054

File: 1461951421010.png (235.32 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_2016-04-29-19-35-29…)

Took me like half an hour to find this kek

No. 126055

File: 1461951528322.jpeg (50.65 KB, 480x640, received_527563580661035.jpeg)

Is his chipmunk still alive?

No. 126057

I feel like that's not a big enough cage for a chipmunk. Aren't they super active?

No. 126059

Yes chipmunks naturally run from place to place foraging and dashing to hide from possible pradators throughout the day. Also weird that it is just like a bird cage with hardly any flat spaces to move around on, plus hardly any bedding to dig in

No. 126061

>collecting umbrellas
>hobby "big window watching"

Kek what a loser

No. 126063

you mean hobby as gaijin hantaa

No. 126064


In Japan you can keep owls in cages at home. Or at cafes. And puppies and kittens in small glass boxes and if no one wants them they'll be killed. That's Japan, it literally has no animal rights

No. 126066

Oops building watching, still creepy

How could I forget lol

No. 126067

This is from September 2013, but I don't think his hobbies changed.

But what about his job? I never really believed him there, cuz wouldn't he be rich then?

No. 126075

Kei sent me selfies all the time

No. 126193

Yeah, hes an incredible narcissist

No. 126197

Favorite spot Mcdonalds

No. 126215

Because all foreigners always eat McDonald's, there's nothing else what we foreigners eat

No. 126216

this hairstyle makes me cringe

No. 126217

Did shiena date him? Haha

No. 126242

both stuck in the past. so why not

No. 126245

Lolol so true

No. 126685

Holy shit that guy added me on Facebook a long time ago. Good thing I didn't answer..

No. 127068

He's full Japanese, only his stepfather is British. He tried to marry a British girl he was dating to get a UK visa. Sounds like he was quite abusive to her, telling her she should be taller(??) and thinner etc.

No. 127089

Apparently gayas husband is also a gunter? Lol why are all these guys ugly as fuck

No. 127090


No. 127096

Wow really? He told me that his father is British and that his family is still in the UK but without him because he couldn't get a visa.

No. 127246

I find it really odd how obsessed everyone on this site is with the pets of the people you are tearing apart.

No. 127471

it's not odd - looking at how someone (doesn't) care for their pets is a great indicator of how shitty a person they are and how they're gonna treat any girls they catch …

No. 127550


I think it's more about the assumptions you're making. You don't actually know how they treat their pets. You're making huge leaps based on a tiny amount of information.

No. 127559

Tbh this thread seems full of spiteful girls who've been played by these ugly men

No. 127566

>seek Japanese dick
>have sex with gaijin hunters
>complain about gaijin hunters

I agree, anon.

No. 127706

File: 1462407439636.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 127708

File: 1462407474505.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 127710


No. 127754

just lost my shit hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahh

No. 127761

They are in the UK. If he were genuinely half he would have a British passport and wouldn't need a visa. Page isn't even his real surname, it's his stepfather's.

No. 127770

You're a stupid bitch if you let a guy with eye liner and shitty brando fuck you.
All you girls need better standards.

No. 127778

What even the fuck is this thread? I tried reading half of it but I don't understand. Is it just a bunch of white sluts complaining about how they got pump and dumped by japanese predators?

No. 127782

It looks like it could be interesting too but the girls with the info are too fucking stupid to make a summary post and give us deets.

This is this their virtual hug box after being played by 0/10 asian dudes I guess.

No. 127831

This thread is cancer…bunch of white gurls fucked gaijin hunters….didn't get to marry them and now they are salty.

And jesus, all of these guys look so shit…

No. 127840

Some girls didn't know that the guy could be a gaijin hunter

No. 127861

That's why you make a thread with links and description. Not some grainy ass picture and random posts about random people without description,

No. 127911


Is that not the point of the site?

No. 127941

No you stupid cunt, lurk more and read the rules

No. 130390

File: 1463222662014.png (235.17 KB, 343x378, ugly.png)

is that the hiro guy?

No. 130393

No. 130404

Think what you want, but imo it's a good thread to know which guys to look out for.

No. 130420

File: 1463235347787.png (598.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Here is another one
He's on every app searching for girls to take purikura with
His name on facebook is blue monday

No. 130426

Don't blame the "gaijin hunters", all the weebs wants tje jpn dick and now they're getting it. win-win

No. 130461


Seriously, this thread is pathetic.

No. 130495

Because even the gaijin hunter doesn't want u

No. 130500

This thread is nothing but hooked nose weebs pretending to be better than other hook nose weebs while fucking the same guys.

No. 130518

True. Gaijin hunters and weeaboos in Japan are the perfect combination. Don't know why they're complaining in this thread.

No. 130542

Kek so hard as this thread

Basic white girl weebs who want visa or asian arm body for their insta or youtube videos

This is why I cannot take most AMWF relationships seriously

No. 130997

File: 1463395039912.jpeg (Spoiler Image,76.69 KB, 720x721, image.jpeg)

Does anybody know this guy Keito Onose?

No. 131012

Bleached hair

Says everything

No. 131076

why's there a spoiler over this? kek

TBH not every white/black girl going to Japan wants to repeatedly end up with a gaijin hunter. Just because you like asian/Japanese guys doesn't mean you're a weeb or just after the D.

Japanese men still 'learn how to lurk women into there arms'. Seriously, Japanese men ate the gentlemen gen with huge spoons, but if you get to know them closer a lot of them will evolve back into the macho they're.

sorry for sounding a little weird, i haven't slept for days now

No. 131090

>Lol why are all these guys ugly as fuck

They're the Japanese male equivalent of non-Asian girls who thirst after Japanese dick because they're too ugly or weird to get normal boyfriends, so they fetishize and lust over Jap dudes. Yin and yang.

No. 131094

I don't think all of them are ugly. Some of them can look really good, which is the real problem here.

people like gayas husband are just visa boys

No. 131132

Gaijin hunters like foreign girls. It's the very same thing with your preference for Japanese guys. Where is the difference? I only smell hypocrisy here.

No. 131134

Hunter - someone who's desperately fucking one person after another of a specific race

I'm into Japanese guys, because I've tried a few 'western' guys even european born asians and their behaviour, character and looks where all crap and please never again. The two Japanese guys I've been into relationships with were super nice and cute and treated me like an actual princess. Though I'd never consider me as a hunter, because I'm out for a relationship and not out for fucking around, I'm neither 14 nor sere

No. 131190

Well done for liking Japanese men anon. Well done. But no1 curr

No. 131208

Good for you for liking asian cock lolll. do u want an award?

No. 131316

I just wanted to clarify, that just beccause someone likes asian guys, or because an asian guy likes white/black/foreign girls doesnt automatically makes them a hunter, you dumbfags

No. 131341

Ultimately it should be about the person inside, it shouldn't be about what race they are.

No. 131390

This ^^^

But, to stay woth the theory of evolution it's also always 60-70looks and 40-30% chemistry aka love, inner values etc

No. 131393

you could have easily said that without making a long blog post about yourself and the dicks you like. kek

No. 131405

Then people would have been like 'muuuh weeb' I hate writng these novels too, but on lolcow every non mentioned detail will get burned to hell

No. 131407

I know who you are. Don't reply to me again, fucking moron

No. 131408

you should always use the reply/quote thing if you're replying to someone else

No. 133460

>for his work

No. 133495


This guy added me on facebook holy fug
I never added him back since I had no idea who he is and also no mutuals, he just added me out of blue.

No. 133753

I wrote with him in 2012
He's a weirdo

No. 133766

idk who any of these manwhores/skanks are but this thread is fun to read.

No. 136908

Weebs will fuck anything nihongo.

No. 136910

You'd get roasted like hell on r/hapas loool. They LOVE AM/WF.

No. 136956


This guy married a French girl when he knocked her up, and the ink was barely dry when he left her alone in her hometown. And when she finally got back to Japan, he got abusive and tried to kidnap the babies. They're divorced now. Avoid at all costs.

No. 136957

What the flying fuck???

No. 136972

Holy cow

No. 137113

I knew about the French girl but not that version of it as he kept saying she cheated on him with a host and he then went back to Japan alone to get the divorce papers done.

No. 137138

Nope. He left her for a year all alone with the babes, then came back and brought her back to Tokyo. They seemed like they were gonna try to make it work. But then he got abusive. SHE divorced HIM.

No. 139439

File: 1465806395256.jpg (53.25 KB, 600x600, The_Real_Story_Behind_Black_Gu…)

A story about a nasty ass ho.
>Host asks for my Line. He seems attractive. Big mistake/many keks later

>Sends me a dick pic

>Several masturbating videos later
>He creams himself.
>It looks like runny bird poo.
>I regret nothing. Hosts are the most hilarious gaijin hunters. Don't ever go to a host club, you're just wasting money.They will come to you.

> Lets just hope I don't see this guy in the streets. I cannot unsee the bird poo cum.

No. 139443

Cool story, but what is cum supposed to look like?

No. 139452


Don't understand these girls actually paying for host attention. I have 10hosts on each of my fingers, not spending a single penny on them

No. 139453

silly anon…host cum looks like glitter, cigarette ash and visa waifu tears

No. 139455

Exactly they're such easy man whores. Spending money on them is worse then setting your yen on fire.

Save your money ladies. Spend money on a nice kotatsu for your apartment instead.

No. 139462

I get host buying me stuff without even having sexual intercourses with them.

Want that too? Try gyaruru

No. 139465

Or paying dinner

No. 139467

Yep second this. I get so many hits on Gyaruru (esp from hosts) when in Japan I have to switch my notifications off otherwise my battery runs flat. These are thirsty hoes.

Just wear nice makeup and do your hair and don't look like Shrek and you won't have to spend a single cent on hosts. Honestly. Before people go ruining their life owing host debt, consider not stepping foot in a club in the first place.

No. 139517

Sorry for replying to an old post, but oh man I'm surprised to see this guy on here haha

I matched with him on tinder and had really sparse conversation (probably because i'm such a fucking boring awkward person lol) but I thought it was really funny and weird how we were chatting one day and then he suddenly just said "bye" in the middle of the conversation and that was that LOL

Well, after reading this I'm glad he just said bye though. I was probably too boring for him lol. The profile I found him through had a different name, but I forgot what it was but when I added him on LINE it said Kazuki so I was a bit weirded out about that. I think that tinder profile also said 28? I was trying to see if he also sent me that long ass list of shit but our tinder convo is gone, but I think I did get it too haha

No. 139529

Oh he did this 'bye' thing with me over 10times now?

I somewhere have a dick pic of him and tbh at least that part of him really attracts me kek

No. 139538

I was really confused because it was out of nowhere so I just sent a stamp like ???! but he hasn't read the message or messaged me at all after that so I'm just like w/e about it haha

I'm also Asian (but American born and raised) so maybe I wasn't white enough for him to chase after haha

No. 139542

Well, someone here mentioned that after his sandra period he now has a Japanese gf since last year or sth?

But he recently tried to contact me again several times so I doubt he still is in a relationship

No. 139646

He could be in a relationship but whoring on the side. It didn't stop him when he was together with Sandra tho

No. 139687

During his sandra period I didn't receive a single message from him for about half a year

No. 139690

I know who wrote this. Be careful girl, because I like you and don't want people to shittalk you even further. You better gonna delete that stuff

No. 139691


He contacted me and friends a lot during his Sandra period and he was very active on dating apps

No. 139702

Man that makes me feel unloved *warning for obvious sarcasm

No. 148109

No. 148160

He has gotten pretty popular over the last few months with his DJ stuff. Even though he's a total dickhead

No. 148279

he is disgusting

No. 148287

He's seriously disgusting, but probably has some real mental health issues going on like alot of these guys do. Sadly Japan doesn't give a flying fuck about mental health

No. 148406

already been posted anon late to the show lol

No. 148435

Are there more stories on eg scary bandmen? I heard some of them have fetishes going on for foreigners

No. 149927

Our famous vkei creep kei imai has gotten a facebook and is adding ever white weeb of the female persuasion. crying about how Blanka has ditched him and being a freak in general

No. 149933

She ditched him 7 months ago

No. 149934

ew what a piece of shit. he added me too and i'm not even white, or live in japan, or single. gross

No. 149936

yeah and that just shows how unstable he is ..literally its blanka this blanka that lol

No. 149939

This isn't a fake account?

No. 149940

No it's 100% him

No. 149941

nope its real

No. 149954

But but :( kei and blanka…were the perfect couple. Both are assholes

No. 149956

Screenshot? I don't have Facebook and it says I need to be logged in.

No. 149959

so was blanka the girl that came to this thread crying about how he emotionally abused her and cheated on her with her friend while they were dating? lol

No. 150365

chii liked a lot of keis photos

No. 150366

His photos are so old

No. 150395

She's thirsty lol

No. 150417

No matter who it was, that guys shit anyways.

No. 150484

Ew what's going on with his eyes

No. 150485

File: 1467626154708.jpg (97.88 KB, 720x1280, that kei guy.jpg)

No. 150486

When you think a guy can't be any uglier…. I was so wrong.

No. 150499

File: 1467630947439.jpg (71.73 KB, 720x960, 13566909_127279091035177_49713…)

my personal favourite hahaha

No. 150500

Do people actually want to fuck with something like that?

No. 150502


No. 150504


No. 150508

Blanka and kei in love <3

No. 150510

Yep that was her

No. 150512

File: 1467638364320.jpeg (198.42 KB, 1080x1276, image.jpeg)

No. 150513

Omg what a gross freak. Never change do you kei

No. 150514

Wondering who the other girl was lol

No. 150519

Be careful
Soon he wants to marry you

No. 150520

File: 1467641515275.jpeg (110.96 KB, 750x714, image.jpeg)

Too late

No. 150522

kei quotes I lost in your beauty

No. 150533

Melissa posted the purikura of him. Lol.

No. 150539

Your visa to japan anon

No. 150540

Maressa didn't date him though? There were two girls one confirmed as blanka that claim to be his ex girlfriends.

No. 150541

They didn't date but hook up

No. 150542

Why do u know

No. 150543

Yes so who is the other ex girlfriend that posted him

No. 150544

A french girl

No. 150548

Lol I'm the second ex gf and I'm not French

No. 150857

File: 1467699238076.png (166.26 KB, 470x526, ahhahahaha.png)

No. 150865

what a faggot
which ever weeb bitch dated him is a desperate person lmaoooooooo

No. 150879

He wants to marry me too

No. 150881

Evidence of marriage conversation plz

No. 153250

nice English brah

No. 158801

File: 1469375610076.png (465.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Revival with blanka?

No. 158803

Probably. They suit each other, both have a shitty personality

No. 158804

That's true!
I think they went to see fireworks together awwww

No. 158810

I never imagined to someone be that filthy as these two. Yet, I don't understand why she hasn't already married him? I mean he's totally obsessed with her and wouldn't ever leave her. Such a perfect visa cow, wish I had one like that

No. 158836

I would be embarrased to be together with a guy like kei

No. 158842

You'd just use him for the visa. Imagine that, a guy being totally loyal, buying you shit tons of stuff while you can hang out with friends, work as a prostitute and do however you please. I mean he has a filthy personality, but he at leat looks somewhat decent in comparision to some others

No. 158957

Isn't she going back to Germany ?

No. 158961

Yes she will be going back to Germany but just to let her parents meet her husband. They are going to get married soon for Visa reasons. She may be pregnant aswell

No. 158963


No. 158964

Yeah that rude bitch

No. 158965

I thought blanka wanted to go to a japanese collage

No. 158967

yeah she was too bad though and got kicked ou so now she needs a new visa so she has to marry kei

No. 158977


No. 158979

She got kicked out, really??

No. 158983

If it's really true…i'm going to believe in karma

No. 159034

Did Sandra also got kicked out of University? I mean she'll move to Oosaka, because she married that Yakuza guy. Why would you give up a place at such a great University to marry a criminal and move away from glorious tokyo

No. 159035

No she just stopped going

No. 159039

How do you know? Are you friends with her?

No. 159044

If she stopped going, won't she be kicked out soon?

No. 159054

Does anyone know if kei has slept with someone recently as in this month?

No. 159057

Probably, he's a manslut

No. 159085

Blanka is the bigger slut

No. 159456

what university was she even going to that let her enter with such terrible japanese

No. 159471

Collage not uni

No. 159473


No. 159475

Ooops thanks anon

No. 159667

Looks like Kei deactivated his Facebook lol

No. 159680

blanka forced him to so he cant fuck around anymore

No. 160396

oh come on guys do we even have proof theyre back together? he added me on facebook and I didnt accept but I engaged in conversation with him(already knew him) and he just keep whining about having lost her and he cant contact her etc. and that he has to move on with his life. So until I see evidence supporting them being back together i cant believe it lol

No. 160398

college, uni whatever, where was she going?

No. 160432

Sandra was going to tokyo international university

No. 160435

Wow she is so stupid to throw that away

No. 160448

She's also still selling herself in English AND Japanese, because she's too lazy/stupid for a normal job

No. 160463

Makes me wonder if she even gets any guys spending money considering how ugly she is…

No. 160467

That's not a very good university anyway lol

No. 160477

She's extremely tall, I wonder how she fits all that burando

No. 160484

No she was in a Japanese senmon and took uni classes, get your facts right.

No. 160487

How do you know that?

No. 160498

Her facebook profile and instagram said sth else though

No. 160714

That school listed on her Facebook is a language school idiot.

No. 160729

Her fb previously said tokyo international university

No. 160753

It said 東京国際学院 which is a japanese language school

No. 160881

omg yes he's insane. At first thought he was just a guy a little pervert but as far as I remember everytime we started a conversation he kept telling me he wants sex and sending me a pic of his thing. Got tired of him.

No. 161340

His new name is shinji okazaki

No. 163846

Kei didn't delete his Facebook

No. 163860

Yes, he did. He reactivated it again this week.

No. 164005

Yes thats what I mean idiot.

No. 164040

Aaaand it's gone

No. 164056

If you'd actually read the thread, you would notice someone said DEACTIVATED and not DELETED. There is a difference, idiot.

No. 164091

Blanka probably found out kek

No. 164341

They are going to marry soon anyways

No. 164361

Do we have any proof for that?

No. 164384

She went to Germany because she's pregnant and has to decide what to do with the baby now

No. 164391

She went to germany because everybody hates her

No. 164394

What the friggin fuck?

No. 164483

Wait what??

No. 164485

looololololwho keps on coming here with all these stupid rumors of blanka and kei?She left Japan cause her visa ended idiots. Her and Kei arent together anymore so lets get over it

No. 164501

Do you actually have any proof for what you are saying?

No. 164522

Her visa ended ?

No. 164548

What's with the obsession with this Blanka chick? I've seen very little milk besides her relationship with Kei.

No. 164550

He isn't even interested in Blanka anymore. Talk about beating an old dead horse. You're all a bunch of dumb fucks for even believing that rumour to be true.

No. 164554

Making up rumours about Blanka being pregnant with Keis baby is honestly the funniest shit to come out of the farm. That's so far off it's ridiculous.

Everyone… Ask yourselves… Could Keis dick honestly reach that far in the first place??

No. 164556

you do realize sperm can swim? blanka is pregnant and she will marry kei and its her own damn fault! here she got her std finally: a fucking baby! be happy about her failure and stop asking questions

No. 164557

Proof please you peace of shit!

No. 164558

oh wow you really are that delusional. I'm gonna risk everything and say that I've spoken to him, and there is no pregnant Blanka, or Blanka revival, or any of that shit. He may be a melodramatic little shit that used to be quite obsessed with Blanka but, do not make assumptions. Blanka blocked him, because he cheated. He had a man tantrum. End of story.

No. 164559

And < stop asking questions sounds an awful lot like:

Ooooh I have a big fat vendetta for Blanka, nobody ask questions about my made up little fantasy world where Blanka "fails" at life. NOBODY ASK QUESTIONS PLZZZ

No. 164561

Well that bitch had a lot of dicks, she might got pregnant by another guy. I bet she doesn't even know who it was.

No. 164563

Every gaijin bitch in Japan that looks half decent (as in not a hambeast) gets lots of dicks.

Obvious vendetta is obvious. I don't know Blanka, but seriously some of the shit you guys go on with for the sake of vendettas is ridiculous OR nobody gives a shit??

Everyone's got jap hotdogs thrown down their hallway these days. Don't think it's anything special.

No. 164564

Is it just one anon who is samefagging and spewing vendetta blanka posts? I don't know much about blanka, but if you aren't going to provide any milk, stop posting about her. No one cares about your vendetta. It's boring and I'm tired of seeing this thread bumped over bullshit.

No. 164576

The samefagging is strong in this thread. Also, eweatherill@yahoo.com.au, you don't have to put your real email in the email folder. Is this the first time you post here, and you're just here to defend this Blanka girl? That's suspicious

No. 164582

I know blanka and the truth is
She is a rude bitch

No. 164583

It was that ice tea girl

No. 164587

preggo rude bitch marrying a male whore ugh ugh ugh blanka

No. 164660

File: 1470858765326.jpeg (150.85 KB, 741x1086, image.jpeg)


Elizabeth caught posting on lolcow again, right before she moves to Japan no less. I bet she's planning on getting that nippon dick.

No. 164684

Nice try. But I just came here to shoot down rumours that were SO obviously not true. I don't know Blanka. But that rumour is fake af and if you're foolish enough to believe all these stupid girls vendettas, then there's no hope for you. You just became the cows yourselves.
And when are y'all gonna learn that going to Japan and getting Japanese dick ain't special. Who gives a shit??

Once upon a time I thought it was special and I had vendettas, but you know what happened?? I grew the fuck up. Bevause I don't wanna be like that person. I only come here to shoot down rumours, and stop you from picking on girls that have nothing wrong with them. Don't bring those girls that wouldn't hurt a fly on the gaijin in Japan threads. Get them out of there. And shut the fuck up, like you're any better.

You're all the ones that want that dick more than anything. That's why you talk about these girls that don't mean you harm and pretend they're the biggest whores ever.

So you know what. Grow the fuck up. I don't care that I'm mentioned because I have thicker skin then that anyway. Growing up in a domestic violence situation does that to you. And you know what, I didn't want to turn into a narcissist like my abuser, that blames others for their shortcomings in life. I could see that out of hurt and anger I was taking on traits like my dad, and I chose not to become like that person. I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be like you girls.

Sure I'll joke around about Kei being an asshole, but that's it. It's all jokes. But y'all take it too far, whatever happened to just having a laugh at someone.. It's all turned into ugly vendettas. As soon as you post someone's address or pretend that someone's pregnant, like that's crazy?? What's up your ass?? Who hurt you??

And if you want that Japan life so badly, go get it. There are no limits to what you can achieve in life. Grow the fuck up.

No. 164695

Blanka deserves it

No. 164697

She already has nippon dick lol. That one Japanese dude everyone thought was ugly as fuck.

No. 164699

And say… What's stopping you from getting dick in Japan too?? It's not a crime.

If everyone just realised how easy it is, just to download Gyaruru or Hellotalk and use their feminine charms. You too would discover (shock,horror) how not special it is. Gaijin getting laid in Japan?? Groundbreaking isn't it. Heck, this whole thread is showing you just how easy it is.

No. 164703

He's ugly yeah but he has a kind heart. I'm not with him anymore but, I'm not that shallow to cast aside someone's kindness for a host that doesn't even care if you were discovered dead in a ditch the next day.

That's the first mistake y'all bitches make. Focus too much on looks, and you're gonna turn yourself into a cum dumpster that needs hosts to feel loved.

No. 164713

Nice blogpost, too bad no one cares. I agree that this thread reeks of underage vendetta, I'm not even active in the thread because I don't give a fuck about Japan or Japanese fugly hosts, but if you really were any superior to vendetta-chans you wouldn't have wrote this 9th grader raging rant, this is hilarious

No. 164734

Stop samefagging idiot. If you're so high and mighty why are you on this website in the first place and looking at these threads? You're just butthurt you were stupid enough to put your mail address and get caught out. If you didn't care and were as thick skinned as you claim you wouldn't come whining writing several fucking novels her to defend yourself.

No. 164760

You can always tell when SHIT posts because she writes a FuCKiN ESSAY

No. 164764


Didn't you cyberbully capsule bunny for a time because you wanted to be her? And shitpost about her and her boyfriend because you were jealous. Don't take the moral high ground here.

No. 164918


No. 164986

Quality post idiot. I'd you have nothing to contribute don't post

No. 165014

Way the fuck off topic, I had Gyaruru Chat for a while but the other day actually opened it to look at the style pages and stuff, and this thirsty af dude messaged me trying to figure out where exactly in the (non-jp) city I am. It's really funny. A few others messaged me but I never responded, this guy keeps going at it though.

And then I downloaded HelloTalk because I really need to stick with learning Spanish, and maybe this will help, almost immediately I got inundated with messages from potential Latin lovers lol. Some started off as simple "hey i wanna learn english" but just escalated after being friendly. You can't even see my face in the pic! And the picture is super small! I just want to learn Spanish but, man, girl, you were not kidding.

If you want sex with a guy from another country, these are two very easy ways to find it.

No. 165077

fucking autist-chan

No. 167459

No. 174493

That guy with the fake names is on tinder with the name tanaka

No. 174611

You mean kazuki? Haven't someone mentioned that before?

Also, does someone know more about Tensei Sugahara?

No. 174637

Whos he? Pics please lol

Did everyone witness that elizabeth and kei facebook post disaster on the gaijin in japan thread?

No. 174641

Look him up on FB he's a self proclaimed artist who has been in relationships with multiple foreign girls by now despite looking like a total wreck

No. 174642

Where she talked about him?

No. 174650

Yes were she bragged about having him over and fucking him lol

No. 174809

File: 1474154172273.png (2.8 MB, 2176x1202, hiroro.png)

fucking kek

No. 174830

Oh god hes still at it haha

No. 181373

News about blankas ex?

No. 181390

Shit was posted about kei on the gaijin in japan board. elizabeth who was outted on this this thread made a bragging facebook ppst about hanging out with him and fucking. Very classy

No. 181437

Hello Sandra, your English is shit

No. 181440

Why is anybody who makes a fucking small error in their english all of a sudden sandra?dumb cunt. This isnt a fucking english class its a thread for shitting on idiots.

No. 181442

Because that text was barely understandable and sounds pretty desperate. But you're right, Sandras English is even worse. Might be another German girl maybe.

No. 181447

Sandra and blanka are friends. Why would they tak ahit about each other here? Or am I missing something.

No. 181452

Those girls definition of friends is rather vague to be honest. Gaya shittalked sere, sere shittalked shiena and I do to 100% know that Blanka shittalks most of the people on here and that a lot of posts and threads have been made up by her. So I wouldn't be surprised if at least Blanka would hit on Sandra. The other way around? Well we all know Sandras English kek btw is Sandra already in Osaka with her 'yakuza' husband or not?

No. 181462

When has gaya shittalked sere or sere shittalked shiena? I haven't seen that come up on the thread before

No. 181463

It has been during there FB times. Shiena still makes kinda 2 faced posts on her facebook about sere still. And there are rumours that Gaya is/was one of the main contributors in the previous sere threads, since she knows where to find seres pages so fast and her english is decent

No. 181482

No they're not

No. 181494

Not anymore? I wonder why

No. 181501

They deleted each other on Facebook, also unfollowed each other on Instagram.

No. 181504

Maybe Sandra realised how much of a fake person Blanka is

No. 181505

They are both fake af.

No. 181511

Yes, but Sandra is the one regulary submitting on here. While Sandra only ever posted to 'clarify' a situation and her English is shot so she most likely doesn't understand half of the things posted on here anyway

No. 181927

I don't understand why Blanka is brought up all the time.
She's just another student in Japan. The only mistake she made was being friends with Sandra and going out with Kei.

No. 181930

And being an active farmer and also a prostitute with no serious degree

No. 181932

active farmer, yes, but so are you.
and what makes you sure that she's a prostitute? where's the proof?

No. 181935

I'm only someone who comments I never post screenshots of private conversations or personal information unlike she does.

Hasn't there been proof for that in the gaijin in japan thread?

No. 181940

well okay

No, there wasn't any actual proof.
Assuming that pretty much every gaijin in Japan is a prostitute is just ridiculous.

No. 181944

File: 1476210402096.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-11-20-25-32…)

Well just stop whiteknighting her then.

Anyway, someone here who knows this guy? He recently added a lot of foreigners I think.

No. 181959


Also blanka is the most rude bitch i know

No. 181962

Have to add that he's 22 and not in his late 30's what was what I assumed first.

Yes, Blanka acts like a sweet little angle while being on even a higher level than barbie and sere if it comes to shittalking others. She doesn't even know those people in person who she's talking bad about or has ever interacted with them. She's collecting information just like riana does and then publishes it on here

No. 182191

Let's be real here, he claims to be 22.

He needs to lay off the makeup and fix his brows. His face is almost uncanny valley level.

No. 183266

File: 1476550171193.png (201.54 KB, 750x1108, IMG_0437.PNG)

Elizabeth and…Kei or a look-alike?

No. 183268

Fuck off this is old 'news' check out this or the gaijin in japan thread please.

No. 183272

He's in Osaka now

No. 183277

Thank god

No. 185459

File: 1476871774252.jpeg (396.86 KB, 1077x1291, image.jpeg)

Kei's hooking up with Osaka gaijins now kek

No. 185460

Who's that girl?

No. 185538

I'm so glad my city is too "boonies" for Gaijin hunters.

I'm stuck here with all the fucking foreign dudes who strike out with Japanese girls so try to cock block me from Japanese dudes.

I knew a guy on Line he was from Tokyo. He always wanted me to watch him masturbate. Like he'd be primed and ready to go and just randomly hit me up so casually you'd think he wanted me to watch some youtube vid. XD

Anyway, he had gorgeous hands so it wasn't all bad. I wonder if he's a gaijin hunter…

No. 185541

Im just guessing but isnt that mia-carla?

No. 185542

File: 1476898646861.png (384.53 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-10-20-02-35-14…)

Lol never mind it is mia.

No. 185543

Never heard of her before. Can someone give a short introduction?

No. 185547

Ah yes. Mia-carla is a 26-27 yr old gaijin gyaru british weeb who did a uni exchange in tokyo 2013. She made a hilarious tumblr blog(foget the name. Hopefully another one if you remembers)that was anonymous and featured a lot on gyarusecrets. About her pathetic attempts at thirsting for vkei and host dick bragging about how many guys shed slept with. Like number 70 is coming over to put his dick in me blah blah. She got a bf and stopped updated that tumblr soon after and went back to the uk. She came back to live in osaka with the bf and ended up breaking up with him and is now working as a english teacher and kyaba. And constantly complains on twitter about wanting a boyfriend lol

No. 185706

Now she got kei

No. 185717

Autist-chan will be jealous after bragging about it and being dropped so suddenly kek

No. 185744

I suppose it would be fairly easy to bang 70+ vkei/host dudes when your standards are low enough to include Kei.

No. 185763

Why do girls still fuck kei after all that's been revealed about him

No. 185781

Low standards and extreme desperation for Japanese vkaaay dick.

Are there any pictures of Kei without filters and/or makeup? He seems to wear so much of it, I'm curious as hell as to what these girls are waking up to.

No. 185800

File: 1476928738462.jpeg (143.95 KB, 960x904, image.jpeg)

No. 185877

File: 1476943013308.png (196.46 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-10-20-14-55-55…)

No. 185899

Melissa also looks like shit here haha .ut then again she never looks good

No. 185904

She actually married her ex for a spouse viaa and now works at a low class lounge in Nishinakajima which is basically the boonies of Osaka, and comletely irrelevant.

She also had a short lived friendship with Eleanor according to both their instagrams and fb. Suits them both since they are both super hungry for host dick.

No. 185910

File: 1476949328707.jpg (88.04 KB, 960x720, 12743983_10153975951892112_580…)

She looks busted irl. Kei seems to have low standards too. Makes me wonder all the more what he really looks like without filters and make/up as >>185800 is just more natural makeup and still, purikura filters.

No. 185919

Yeah i heard that she married that ex. That she accused of being physical with her..

No. 185925

If that's true it's really sad. Marrying an abuser just to stay in the country…

No. 185936

Her Japanese is also beyond shit and has all sorts of communication problems. Also is living in a delusional world where she thinks her host tantou is her actual boyfriend.

No. 185993

Yes mias japanese hahaha. Me and my friends used to laughing fits over what shed write on twitter etc.

No. 186016

Where did u get that?

No. 186043


No. 186046

So, is blanka jealous that kei fucks everyone but her by now? Kek

You should have married him for that visa, blanka! (As I know that you're a frequent to this page anyway)

No. 186052

blanka was pregnant with keis kid of course shes salty! She was forced to abort since he fucked around so frequently

No. 186055

Oh god, really?? Or is that just one of these made up stories? Do you have any proof? Amd why abort it? She could've used his spawn as an entry ticket to Japan and to force him to marry her, just as sere did

No. 186056

I know her best friend, she told me a lot of stuff about blanka. well she was actually delusional enough to think that she could have a healthy relationship with kei and when he fucked two other girls and she found out she wanted to break up for good with him now she tries to get into the pants of several hosts and get knocked up

No. 186057

I thought she got accepted in University or something? Wonder who pays for that kek

No. 186058

Didn't they date since 2014?

No. 186060

Shes got a sugar daddy who pays for a lot of things i am not sure but he partly pays for the university too

No. 186061

they dated back in 2014 broke up and he stalked her until she agreed to try it again that was 2016

No. 186065

And people said I was stupid when mentioning that she belongs to the glorious nippon prostitutes as well

No. 186070

Holy shit

No. 186089

Actually she never was a prostitute and never had a sugar daddy wtf

No. 186096


No. 186103

She has rich parents they pay for her Uni. This is a pile of bullshit. Why do you all get trolled so easily?

No. 186108

Her parents are not that rich. The only way she could afford all that shit was having a heritage from her grandmother or so. But by now I guess she already spent all that money.

No. 186111

You do realize that she has a real parttime job and her parents are rich enough to help her out?

No. 186282

She didn't have a part time job for most of her stay in Japan. Just the last 6 months. She was mooching off her grandmothers leftover money.

No. 186387

Stop whiteknighting yourself blanka. We all know that you're a little whore. Also, it was about time that actions on here finally backfire to you. Have fun with the same stuff you've done to others

No. 186400

Just that I am neither Blanka, nor am I in Japan. But I guess you're too dumb to realize that she has friends while you're just a bad excuse for a human being.

No. 186402

Not this shit again…

No. 186417

Blanka the psycho bitch

No. 186419

Stop making senseless posts and tell us about the stuff she has done to others instead

No. 186422

Oh gosh, gurl, stop your vendetta, you're annoying!

No. 186624

Blanka stop

No. 186706

Interesting that as soon as someone tries to talk more about Blanka or Melissa there'll always be some whiteknight around

No. 186710


No. 199850

File: 1479338230788.jpeg (104.44 KB, 640x900, image.jpeg)

Another gaijin hunter

No. 199861


Is this guy on Facebook? Looks familiar.

No. 199886

Yes his name is u-key sweeneysan on fb

No. 199890

Based on his Instagram, he looks like a host

No. 199925

Is it common for these gaijin hunters to approach you at shibuya crossing? I heard a few stories but why at a busy crossing?

No. 199937

probably because it's so busy and a place where many tourists end up being at, so it's easy to pick their prey.

No. 199998

Pretty sure thats a fake instagram. 6 followers and in the captions its clear the person doesnt speak japanese as theyve google translated a few sentences. Its a host whos pics have been stolen lool

No. 200107

But the fb is real

No. 206328

does anyone know where tk tokyo is now? last time I heard of him, was that he was moving to osaka.

No. 211973

No. 212004

That's a hunter? He looks decent

No. 212036

he is half France and got a lot of surgery

No. 212075

Half French, half Chinese. He came to Japan about 9 or 10 years ago? Married some gyaru girl in Hokkaido for a visa then left her to work as a host in Kyoto and soon after Kabukicho.

Never has been interested in foreign girls from what I know of…

No. 212079

Oh the rather someone who'd belong in the gaijin in Japan thread then.

10 years ago? So he's about 28-30 now then?

No. 212096

when he lived in France he was into gaijin gyaru

No. 212108

Did he have like tons of surgery? I've never seen a male hafu looking THAT decent

No. 212139

chin, nose, eyes

No. 212151

he looks pretty damn creepy though

No. 212156

Don't know if he is into foreigners or not but he slept with one of my friends who is not asian

No. 212160

He really does. Where the hell does he look decent?

No. 212173

Also he goes to tokyo decadance or whatever the name is

No. 212260

Are you kidding me? Search better then, cause there are male hafu out there that look fine af. Better than him too, for sure. As for him, probably he would be pretty decent without the shoop and tacky host look.

No. 212430

There was a thread about him on host love, a gossip site basically aimed at hosts, kyabajo, kabukicho, etc. Quite a few girls claimed to have slept with him and/or were tricked or robbed by him. Also some said that they contracted STDs from him.

I knew about this guy back from when myspace was popular and he has had a LOT of work done to his face.

No. 212451

I live in an area with lots of hafus male and female. And the male ones usually turn out to look more white or like absolute derps even if their dads or moms were hotties.

No. 212488

Naoki its half japanese hes half french half chinese、retards. This thread is about JAPANESE gaijin hunters. He isnt Japanese so does count

No. 212507

Can you actually write proper English??

No. 212510

Sounds like French English

No. 212511

Sounds like meririn

No. 212513

French girl who slept with him lmao

Also shiena was into him but he didn'tlikeher

No. 212516

No. 213846

Dania was too lol

No. 221548

Kei is back

No. 221771

Is he the boyfriend Blanka talks about?

No. 221801

No. 221808

I saw them in shinjuku kek

No. 221810

Awww raburabu again

No. 221969

does blanka speak japanese?
what are both of their social media?

No. 221976

lol no they broke up a long time ago and they don't talk anymore

No. 221977

Blanka used to go to a Japanese language school but her Japanese is still shit. Don't know Kei's social media but Blanka is shiirou on instagram

No. 222168

File: 1482792874069.jpeg (71.92 KB, 640x648, image.jpeg)

No. 222430

Kei is with mia carla

No. 222433

You must have seen her with her new bf. Def wasn't Kei.

No. 222494

This is a fake profile

No. 222503

Nah it's him, he messaged me

No. 223005

Does he go by another name? Theres someone named Nao that messaged me from another app, looks a lot like him

No. 223013

Isn't she in Osaka?

No. 223021


No. 223063

File: 1482938867394.jpeg (98.94 KB, 696x484, image.jpeg)

No. 223071

ew since when is he wearing piercings again?

No. 223073

Lol, fitting he'd be with that Mia girl - she used to run that 'secret' blog talking about how many hundreds of host boys she'd fucked.

No. 223076

Kei deleted his facebook, he must lurk on here.

No. 223077

Shame, I wanted to add him. Hunter slut or not he's pretty hot

No. 223081

thought so too

No. 223085

Kei and/or Mia are lurking here, Kei deleted his twitter and mias went private right after the picture got uploaded kek

No. 223139

Those photos were taken in Osaka and Kobe which means Kei came to Osaka to see Mia. She also posted on her instagram stating that she id thinking about moving to Tokyo.

No. 223143

Well, watch out Mia looks like someone is after Kei haha.

No. 223146

wow he spent money to see a girl

No. 223150

does he know that mia is married?

No. 223185

Clearly she is separated.
You can tell when Kei is dating though because he disappears from gyaruru.

No. 223187

but still married

No. 223201

I want to meet Kei

No. 223233

I guess they're just fucking as, she mentioned several times on Twitter how she wants a bf

No. 223648

She serial dates hosts.
Her Japanese is also shit.

No. 223650

does she work at a japanese kyabakura?

No. 223716

Hes an abusive piece of shit. Hope she enjoys his shitty personality and little dick

No. 223718

She's an attention whore, probably enjoying the attention she gets from kei.

No. 223725

Knowing him hes probably giving more than several girls his attention atm haha.

No. 223729

Enjoy his std dick Mia

No. 223794

It's crazy to imagine there's a bunch of Japanese mansluts going around and hooking up with every foreigner in their vicinity.

Do any of you feel dirty going after these guys? People with race fetishes are so weird. And why do they all look like cheap J-rock stars?

No. 223843


It bugs me why girls settle for these scummy fuckers anyway. You know… forget aiming for a Japanese football player or someone decent, toned, good looking with shit tons of money. They go for STD ridden greasy anime bishie lanky fuckers who look like they haven't bathed in weeks and probably stink to high heavens. Yet it's just easier because host club, you as a foreigner are a target and shit like that.

Why settle for a dogs dinner when you could have a golden platter?

No. 224042

Because they are dumb weeaboos who preferences are based off anime, j-rock and k-pop aesthetics. Most indie vk dudes and host guys are trash-tier, drop-outs with no real career options and caked on makeup to hide all the ugly.

No. 224063

Why go to Japan if you're just gonna go for the asian american equivalent. Actually white guys tend to stink more than asians because of the type of sweat gland they have.

Though yes I agree these gaijin hunters are trash. Go for someone who likes you for you and not just because you are foreign.

No. 224138

Has it not occurred to anyone that they just have a preference for non-Japanese? Or that maybe they end up liking someone who happens to be white. I mean all these bitches are fucking every Asian they come across. It's no different imo.

No. 224170

Yeah but even if its the Asian American equalivilent its far better than ugly horse face host club men. Id rather have some toned guy with his life together than a high school drop out STD white fetishizing mongy man by myself.

No. 224171

Yeah ive noticed they all go for foreign (white) girls. Its easier because Japanese women know these cunts are full of shit. Most find them creepy apart from ones who probably hang about the scene or are into them.

When you stick around dirty dogs you catch fleas.

Most these foreign white lasses who shag up all these host club guys are doing a Lorena, either want a baby or visa stay. Shagging them must give these bitches the idea that theyre getting the full japanese experience and being able to boast about it to their weeb mates like theyve just won the lottery.

Half the men so far ive seen on here or anywhere else who is a host isnt worth bragging about. Theyre all manky.

No. 224177

Why do so many bitter British girls lurk this thread lmao

No. 224319

Sorry not everyone likes the american aesthetic.

No. 224479

She's not married. If she was, she would have definitely made a big deal of it on Facebook like she does with everything else. I don't know where this assumption has come from lol.

No. 224572

But how can she stay in japan and work at kyaba

No. 224626

pretty much all Americas dont know shagging means but good try

No. 224630


It isn't hard to just google.

Shagging = fucking

No. 224631


Why do so many desperate ugly yank weebs head to Japan for a good dicking then?

No. 224632


Beats me how lanky scrawny skunk animu hair host club men can be won over by actual decent looking guys though. Either way let them have them tbh

No. 224635


They're less intimidating and more likely to fuck fuggly white weeb girls

No. 224684

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe some people just don't like that agressive furry sweaty smelly meat pack of man you people are into. Neither is more attractive than the other just different taste. Don't think it's more superior just because it's the norm you're used to

No. 224728

so which of the ugly gaijin hunter guys did you hook up with?

No. 224849

She works at a shitty low class lounge in Nakanoshima. Not even good enough to work in Minami or Shinchi. Girls Japanese is shit so I don't know how she does it.

No. 224851

Yes, she is married. If you look at her old FB and Insta photos, the ugly, long haired v-kei wannabe guy is her husband. Like mentioned before, they are separated. Mia just wanted a visa.

No. 224863

whats her insta?

No. 224867


No. 224869

File: 1483189536739.jpg (230.73 KB, 1080x1697, _20161231_220447.JPG)

Mia's visa (husband).

No. 224871

why isnt she with him? 10/10 hot stuff.

No. 224883

No. 224940

even if you have no standards, 99% of these guys are creeps and below standard

No. 225006

He was apparently abusive towards her. Also youve obviously not seen other pics of him cause hes greasy and ugly af

No. 225019

He looks like kei

No. 225020

you must be blind

No. 225086

he was abusive and used to beat her when he got drunk. she used to blog about it.

No. 225277

She is not married to no one! All this is bull!

No. 225386

Welcome to the thread Mia!

No. 225392

So what you're saying is, she is violating her visa status by illegally working in a lounge in Japan? Because if she isn't married then her only other option would be a work visa. I hope someone reports this piece of shit.

As for the husband abuse, it's all likely bullshit. Mia is a psycho bitch that is obsessed with hosts and fucking any guy that will put his dick in her. She also steals and owes a lot of people money.

No. 225429


No. 225451

Evidence??? No??? Ok ??

No. 225502

I remember that. She talked about his abuse on that anonymous tumblr she wrote that bragged about how many guys shed fucked haha

No. 225543


Aren't you talking about Eleanor? That sounds like Eleanor.

No. 225562

She has a working visa as English teacher. The hostess thing is only her part time job.

No. 225602

Why does someone always try to bring up lara. Fuck off vendetta chan
If thats the case then shes fuckng dumb as shit posting constantly about working as a kyaba on the internet for everyone to see. So long visa

No. 225605

File: 1483254509682.jpg (98.2 KB, 473x668, IMG_20170101_160701.jpg)

Lol mia just posted this…she lurks here.

No. 225608

As if those couple of posts further up weren't obvious enough

No. 225609

File: 1483255782283.jpeg (48.15 KB, 750x461, image.jpeg)

"foreign girls write a lot of shit about me in the Internet. Going to lock my Twitter. "
Yeah she does lol

No. 225611

Lool terrible japanese. Also id like to know what lies were saying?where just stating watsup on the internet for all to see. That she herself posts…other than te being married thing which hasnt been 100% confirmed

No. 225626

>foreign girls
spoiler: you are one

No. 225647

And she locked her Twitter again

No. 225651

The fuck? How does that work?

No. 225652

Not everyone wants to marry and some of us are married. I'm cheating on my fiance for example.

No. 225653

Wow youre a fucking shitty person then. Why the fuck are you getting married to this person when you can even stay loyal and bragging about it here. trash

No. 225654

He cheated on me first lol. But ok stay mad.

No. 225660

Then she is violating her visa by working in mizushoubai and is stupid enough to write about it all over the internet. Eurotrash.

No. 225661

Outside Giraffe in Minami. I heard she lurks there as well as Cheval and begs host boys to meet here there after lol

Please move to Tokyo Mia, Osaka doesn't want you.

No. 225662

Please tokyo doesnt want her stank puss either

No. 225665

File: 1483280423057.jpg (73.09 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1483280280467.jpg)

She reminds me of Lorena, flaunting non-expensive shit. Pompador is 800yen sparkling wine you can buy at a regular super market kek

No. 225677

Why bother get married then?

No. 225751

they're both balls ugly so it's understandable

No. 226280

My thoughts exactly. Anons just an idiot that wanted an excuse to cheat

No. 226283

The fuck are you talking about, the Austin Powers movies normalized the term for Americans. Ask someone what "snogging" means though and they probably won't be able to figure it out.

No. 226286

File: 1483348050968.jpg (59.5 KB, 400x300, IMG_0001881925.jpg)

>Tensei Sugahara

A woman once told me that she commissioned jewelry from him, paid him, and he never gave her the product (his jewelry line was insanely overpriced as well). This was some years ago, after he was a guest at Pacific Media Expo in LA (I briefly talked to him there but I had no idea he was a GoH lmao) The woman was an event host I think and she was telling me how he was barred from her events.

He also does BDSM/fetish shows? I haven't heard his name since PMX, I nearly forgot about him. I haven't finished reading the thread so pardon if you guys already know that people have claimed him to be a scam.

No. 226289

File: 1483348738238.gif (489.72 KB, 420x236, 1467672760726.gif)

>I'm cheating on my fiance for example.
>He cheated on me first lol.

Then why'd you let him put a ring on it? What a fucking skank.

No. 226302

Visa I guess

No. 226340

Anyone got more info on this Mia girl? Sounds like she has a ton of milk.

No. 226718

Start a thread.

No. 226899

File: 1483477079930.png (830.55 KB, 500x720, kei.png)

No. 226914


new girl already lol

No. 226941

Poor Mia lol

No. 226952

Why does this Kei look so much like a girl or a 13 y.o. boy. I wonder how does he look under all that makeup, lenses and wig

No. 227011

That was around Halloween, don't worry guys he's still with Mia kek

No. 227182

Sadly ive seem him without makeup and his face is moley as fuck haha. Like big raised moles that you can see vaguely in pics but he covers them with makeup

No. 227355

Like most vkei fags

No. 227550

no matter how much we hate on kei he always gets the pussy though.

No. 227603

Yeah gross weeb pussy

No. 227847

Because 99% of the foreign female population in Japan are obsessed with anime, vkei, hosts, etc. Most of these girls are also fugly and can't speak Japanese for shit and therefore settle for ant guy that is willing to give them the time of day.

No. 227860

Serious question for anons who are attracted to these guys (visual kei/hosts):
Are you also attracted to mtf transvestites or crossdressers?
I'm just curious, no hate.

No. 227867

Not really. I know quite a number of foreign women in Japan who are married to perfectly normal Japanese men. It's really just a question of what you see online vs what's really there.

No. 227870

Serious answer: yes, I am.

No. 227874

I used to be really into visual kei (not anymore) but no, I was never into MTFs. Feminine guys? Yes. FTM's? Yes. Crossdressers? No.

No. 230324

Does anyone know what happened or the latest to hiroro? I blocked his greasy ass last year after he told me to kill myself lol

No. 230351

Still trying to get that gaijin pussy.

No. 230367

how is that terrible?
she writes like most Japanese hostess

No. 230383

Obviously your japanese isnt very good either then..

No. 230462

obviously you don't understand how japanese people write online

No. 230656

Lol my first language is japanese but ok

No. 230666

sure jan

No. 230679

Stop derailing the thread beckie. No one cares that you cant speak japanese.

Anyway do we know for sure if kei has relocated to kansai or is he jst lurking out the foreign weeb puss

No. 230689

He still lives in Tokyo, he just visits Mia in Osaka

No. 232806

Well apparently Mia is moving back to Tokyo, so she is probably moving to be with Kei

No. 232810

not even the same anon that was arguing with you, just pointing out the obvious lol

No. 232860

Well Kei has a legit job and Mia keeps banging on about how she wants to move back to Tokyo, as another anon pointed out earlier. So seems Mia will be the one relocating for Kei
I wouldn't be surprised if he moves in with her but he will have a tough time chasing down girls when she knows his every move

No. 232873

They're not dating tho, just fucking. He even fucked that Jessie chick

No. 232877

Pretty sure Mia sees it differently if she is willing to relocate for him and he goes out of his way to visit her multiple times. Not something someone you're "just fucking" would do.
Kei even refers to Mia as his girlfriend?

No. 232878

Kei refers everyone as his gf

No. 232880

Hahahahah. True.

No. 232882

I think he's just crazy about that chick and she enjoys the attention she gets from him. As far as we know he confesses to every girl he meets so

No. 232889

Okay im going to comeout and say something. I dated kei yearsss ago like when he was 20 and shes thirsty as fuck he travels really far to fuck girls even if its once. Hes not a stable person. Its been said before but he confesses his love to literally everygirl and have a fucking creep folder on his phone of photos of all these girls he thirsts after. His literally with a different girl every weekend is a serial cheater and has a fuck ton of apps that he talks to numerous girls at a time on.

No. 232896

Well it's obvious that he does that, girls are stupid if they think he is staying loyal to them. But if they're only using him too then it shouldn't even matter

No. 232899

any of you ladies? I need a green card and have JP citizenship.

No. 232900

No. 232911

Kei that you? Kek

No. 232919

Nobody wants your JP citizenship

No. 232948

Mia will sit on any dick that shows her some attention.

No. 235395

No surprise, he even fucked Sandra

No. 235436

He did?

No. 235453

No. 235530

Y are these gals sooOoooo stupid??? I would be so embarressed to have relations with some one who would have sex with just about any one, do none of these gals have any dignity???

No. 235532

These girls already prostitute themselves so its not like thry give a shit who.they fuck

No. 235533

Hahahaha that is true!

No. 235541

For many foreigners it doesn't matter how the guys look as long as they are Japanese. Sad but true.

No. 235547

Not many guys are actually willing to approach foreign women or just aren't interested. Also there is a pattern with a lot of these girls which is their Japanese is complete shit and usually these "gaijin hunters" know or are willing to learn English.

No. 235561

Living that Nippon dream prostituting out ur pussy to pay the rent. http://youtu.be/tbxu4PsYLZI - This an accurate portrayal of all the gaijin trash in Tokyo kekkk

No. 235571


most Japanese guys aren't interested in foreign women.


No. 235577

This is true.

No. 235578

So true haha. These girls think theyre special beautiful unicorns that everyone wants though so the fact that a vast majority of japanese men arent romantically interested in foreign women doesnt register. The guys interested in foriegn girls are always the weirdos too ha.seriously if they want normal boyfriends they need to bother becoming proficient in japanese

No. 235601

I have dated a few Japanese men but I avoid the ones that speak English for this very purpose.

These gaijin hunters all are similar. Try to learn/speak English. Most of them are often seen at spots where foreigners frequent. Serial add foreign girls on social media, etc.

No. 235604

Loooooove it when gaijin gals then complain about 'weirdo' gaijin hunters like they dont have a bad case of yellow fever tryin to get any nipon ochinchin they can LOOOL NOT EVERY ASIAN BOY LOOKS THE SAME FOR FUKS SAKE BECKY

No. 253800

Does anyone know if this guy is a hunter I think my friend is seeing him! and I'm worried actually.


No. 253801

Never heard of him but he definitely gives off that trash of society vibe.

No. 253805

If she met him via gyaruru and the icon on his twitter is him, I think I know him. He has a small dick and likes to fab on the toilet at shinjuku donki

No. 253807


I don't think that's true actually.

While there are gaijin hunters there are also a lot of guys that speak English, have traveled abroad for work or hobby, and are pretty well rounded in the world.

A trend I've noticed when meeting Japanese guys or talking to my coworkers is that they're under the impression foreign women aren't interested in them at all (Western men be they black white or whatever isn't Asian, are generally seen as the ideal because they are the epitome of manly men) so they don't bother trying. They have terrible complexes about it, and it's honestly really sad. They're also perfectionists with English and if they feel they can't speak it well enough or they mess up, they just won't bother.

In general they're just really shy, and with low self esteem and the language barrier it's just a waste of time in their eyes. Not all Japanese men are like this obviously, but it's definitely the majority.

I think the statement should be "Japanese men aren't interested in foreign women because they assume foreign women would have no interest in them" most of the time anyway.

No. 253808

I don't know how they met sorry! but maybe that could be him on there too

No. 253839

Ok i know him hes a wierdo and she wouldve definitely met him on gyaruru. Hes a scout and a gaijin hunter…hes really fugly in real life and literally doesnt talk its creepy

No. 253919

But why don't male gaijin hunters have these complexes?

No. 254049

they've figured out how easy weebs are and they keep going. Probably not every guy in Japan is aware of that whole thing.
And I hope at least there's a few who aren't into that kind of shit even if they do know about it, for humanity's sake.

No. 254233

Most guys on gyaruru are bad news.

Is Kei coming up on anyone else's nearby? He's still looking for more desperate weebs lol

No. 254250

true that

No. 254271

Seriously? How do you know him? I met him on tinder a while ago and he said hes not seeing anyone and is only interested in dating me. Also he looks different from his twitter profile. Now he has black hair

No. 254277

Do you really believe that he is only seeing you? Don't be so stupid and naive anon

No. 254278

Its just hard to believe really… We met recently like last month so im not sure if hes still like that

No. 254284


Wtf, is that really him? he has tattoos on his chest….this shit is scary and I cant believe it wow.

No. 254285

How old are you even anon? Stop being so damn stupid

No. 254286

Im 20, Sorry I just have a hard time thinking this shit would actually happen to me… How did you get his photos?

No. 254290

I'm torn between spoonfeeding you and not

No. 254294


What the hell is with the blacking out/shooping. Is he trying to look slimmer or hiding something in the background??

No. 254295


Hes hiding something, I have seen other photos with him in regular photo so i dont think hes trying to look skinny. Anyway, how did you get that photo? and does he still use gyaruru


No. 254297

Dude, I don't think that was a picture of him..

No. 254300

Dude you sound like an extremely sheltered 20yr old haha
I know him because i use to be a slut to put it blantly. He a scout so if you live around shinjuku and are know people you know him

No. 254313

gayas husband is hunting for foreigners around shibuya. saying gaya is his ex hahaha

No. 254317

>only interested in dating me


No. 292997

File: 1492409450978.png (598.83 KB, 1234x1403, IMG_1599.PNG)

This guy has hit on me and just about every one of my other foreign friends in Tokyo. I heard he was dating a girl but I guess not? Seems sketchy "kazu Aki"

No. 293002

Never heard about this nor did I get hit on by home even tho I also live in Tokyo.

No. 293048

Ew, poor you

No. 293062

Loks like a foot

No. 293064

He seems to be dating lavivivien (at insta) atm.. lol

No. 293067

File: 1492426562339.png (593.89 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-17-19-54-04…)

No. 293377

Looks like a dutty host

No. 293715

That poor girl has such a moon face. She should consider a more flattering haircut, this one is giving her white girl Yumi King vibes.

No. 293835

She is clearly a hooker herself, or hostess at least

No. 293846

Literally no chin

No. 293881

Dania's long lost chinless sister

No. 293885

Why are the foreigners in japan always so ugly haha

No. 293892


No. 293948

Haven't had sex in a while? Vagina filling with cobwebs? Men in your own country not interested? Well come try Japan, the land of the rising sun, where all gaijin look the same and all your dreams come true! ★彡 (terms and conditions may apply)

No. 293963

Bahahha this is great

No. 294001

File: 1492537175335.jpg (125.88 KB, 339x340, 142616_340.jpg)

now we know what sailor moon was suppossed to look like.

do you think it's just major bulimia cheeks or does she have some other disease?

i knew a girl with a liver disease. she was at BMI of 17 but her face looked like a blown-up balloon.

No. 294013

doubt it, if you got rid of her cheeks her head would be WAY too small for her body which is pretty small already. It's just lack of chin, like Dania. They have no chin so in their brain it equals "well shit my face is round without a chin… I must be asian… better get packing for Japan!" or something like that

No. 295793

Semi-OT but what sites do you all use to meet men in Japan? Worldfriends kinda sucks

No. 295805

If you've ios you can always use gyaruru, but usually you can't expect more than fuckboys and creepers there.

Other than that, tinder might also work, but it's just the same as gyaruru.

Twitter is also always a nice option

No. 295807

agreed, if u want to meet good looking guys who are fucking weird use gyaruru
tinder is a little bit better

No. 295880

This isnt a fucking weeboo match dot com. You sound like a gross fetishist

No. 295898

OT but how do YOU get to know new people?

No. 295904

are you interested in ending up on this thread or something? kek

No. 295932

Take this thread as a learning opportunity and Don't???

No. 295933

Not that anon but maybe they just meet whatever people they meet and don't target based on race like a gross ass weeb?

No. 300914

File: 1493468223913.png (510.35 KB, 1800x2828, IMG_8815.PNG)

So how many girls is he sleeping with?

No. 300920

Who's that?

No. 300928

Are host-looking guys the only type of gaijin hunters or do normal salary man also have a fetish for foreigners?

No. 300940


No. 300950

Whos kazuya you need to give us more background

No. 300951

There's a pretty famous salary man gaijin hunter, Kazuki I believe is his name

Kei is also a salary man

No. 318933

File: 1495469091337.png (297.46 KB, 397x553, gaya.png)

gayas husband

No. 325105

This thread is full of lolz I dont know who is more thirsty, the girls or guys posted here..

No. 325126


I honestly do find cross dressers attractive.

No. 325247

Who says the question is based on ethnicity/race though? Might be someone living in Japan not having a big circle of connections. But that said, if you are type of person, you are also an easy target for people like this I guess.

No. 326086

Visual kei guys dont dress like this 24/7 if they feel extremely comfortable around you (y)
But I do enjoy the feminine guys, crossdressers, no unless they are feminine and not some drag queen piss.

No. 384402

Seems like Pastelbat is dating Kei, I wonder how that will end…

No. 384403

oh why do you know?

No. 384405

File: 1505050809746.jpg (39.67 KB, 265x379, 21244684_10212198561772422_237…)

Saw it on twitter

No. 384409

oh god,that poor girl. also those photos of him are old af

No. 384419

Can someone wake her up please? I mean she's annoying, but even she doesn't deserve someone like kei.

I always wondered why kei never got together with sere, they're my secret dream couple kek

No. 384421

Btw did she delete those tweets? Or are they just old af? I checked her twitter and can't find them

No. 384423

if theyre gone, probably.

she said also tweeted that hes going to sweden in december lol, good luck with that

No. 384426

He and sere used to be fuck buddies

No. 384432

STD buddies?

No. 384445

He always says shit like this. How can someone like pastelbat who's been in the scene for so long can fall for a trap like kei kek

She probably lurks here then

No. 384460

Apparently she's going back to Japan in October to see him, cant wait for him to get tired of her lol.

I just think shes super naive

No. 384491

How can she NOT know about him, omg some of her followers and friends might already got layed by him

No. 384514

it's so obvious

No. 384527

her friends must have told her, but she seems like someone whos too naive to realize

No. 384532

Well, she's really spoiled so she probably thinks that she's absolutely different from all the other girls that he fucked before her.

No. 384534

No. 384537

normal people would easily see through him because it's too obvious

No. 385525

she seems like a spoiled brat to me

No. 389112

Seconding this. I'm not close to her so I feel it's not my right to tell her but… I don't want to see her sad anymore

No. 389114

To be fair she's better looking than the other gaijin he's been with. Sage for compliment.

No. 389119

Like blanka haha

No. 389253

It's just her photoshop skills

No. 389824

I tried to warn her, she told me that she doesn't believe what's written here as he has no reason to lie to her.

No. 389830

oh god how dumb is she
she will notice soon enough

No. 389908


>he has no reason to lie to her.

Wow she really is naive. Men always have a reason to lie to women, to get into those panties.

No. 390040

A friend of mine met her IRL, and she told me that she is a total bitch! She think she is better than everyone. Also she thinks she took japanese fashion to Sweden.

No. 390123

Even though there's screenshotted evidence too… bitch is just thirsty af. I swear so many of these girls seek validation through these fuckboys, as if getting some Japanese dick puts them levels above other weebs. They can't be a kawaii animu Japanese fashion model but sleeping with one of these nasty fucks is close enough eh?

No. 390365


Just the fact that she posted 4 pictures of him on instagram shows how much of a trophy he is to her, "look guysss i found a vk boi!!"
Normal people don't act like that

No. 391917

Does anyone know anything about this guy? https://www.interpals.net/hiyokeman

No. 391938

Not 100% sure as alot of these dudes will look the same to you after some time, but I think I've seen him on gyaruru before, which is always a 'bad' sign.

No. 392010

yeah he's on gyaruru too. i think he is a host or works in a bar

No. 392165

I know this guy! I have met him in person a few times. He used to be a bar tender but now he works in a normal salary job. At least he did a year ago…

But yeah, there is something super off about him.

No. 392267

I know him, I used to date him and we had sex… I thought he was really strange too… He is super quiet and seems to only date foreign. he is living in shinjuku now as salaryman

No. 392315

Why would you date a gaijin hunter?

No. 392359

Ew you girls better have yourselves checked for STDs.

Do any of you know Kento Hashimoto? He used to try and get with me and a few friends a while ago. He's a depressed wanna-be gyaruo with an obsession with France. I actually met him too (no sex) but I found him weird so nothing ever happened ( he used to be friends with every gaijin gyaru on Facebook lol)

No. 396585

My friend who also dated Kei sent her everything that happened between them and she still wants to date him and see how things go, there's no point trying to help I guess

No. 396608

how stupid is that girl?!

No. 396616

This is going to end in such a shit show. Kei has connections to some very vicious people, so we may soon get to see some nudes of her here

No. 396638

kei works a "regular" job now because he was playing too much i shinjuku before, apparently hitting on kyabajos and owing people money. So he'll most likely get beat up if they see him so he avoids shinjuku.

And that also seems to be the reason why he only "dates" gaijins necause they know nothing about him but the nativies do lol

No. 396643

He has that office job for years now, not because he was playing around

No. 396846

Thing is, there are actually decent non-hunter guys out there but they're merely a sprinkle in a sea of fuckboys. I will say though that they still tend to move a bit fast in relationships which is why you see so many cases of chicks marrying these guys after only a short time of "dating". The visa hags and fuckboys are meant for eachother with their vileness. Seems like both parties get so hyped up on their trophy partners. From the girl's side of things they tend to jump on the first glitter dick that proposes to them when really they could benefit from shopping around and finding a worthwile guy, assuming they're wanting something serious in the first place. Another hunch I have is many girls are hoping to get in on that housewife lifestyle ala Venus which is becoming more and more unfeasible in the current economic climate of Japan.

No. 397027

Decent guys are like unicorns in any country not just japan. But I get what you are saying.

No. 397033

No, Kei fucks Japanese girls too. Any hole is a goal for Kei.

No. 398331

hahaha true

No. 402436

File: 1507799370948.jpeg (194.62 KB, 750x1011, D697B4E1-C0F3-44DA-87CB-691201…)

Anyone familiar with this guy? (I only have his LINE picture…). His name is Yuuki/Yuki. He used to be in a Visual Kei band but he hasn’t told me which one. Just saw some pictures he showed me on his phone. (I can’t separate these guys anyways….) Had a date with him recently and he told me that he had a Spanish girlfriend for 6 years.

No. 402459

Do you have some more photos?

No. 402482

Unfortunately not. That’s the only picture I have.

No. 402484

He looks kinda like Yuuki from An Cafe (or maybe I need to get my eyes checked)

No. 402515

where did you met him?

No. 402671

An Cafe are NOT V-Kei lololol

No. 402693

He randomly talked to me in Shinjuku on the street.

Definitely not Yuuki from An Cafe

No. 402719

No. 402950

clearly you people are n00bs when it comes to dating band guys.
1 - most of them are indie fag vkei bands that no one has heard of. Therefore untraceable on the net unless you have more information.
2 - They don't use their real names, so searching for them via that name won't produce info. If he gave you his band stage name only, then he's clearly not that into you.

If this guy wanted to be found, if his band was even big enough TO be found, he would have given his band name.

No. 429763

File: 1511322211948.jpeg (197.17 KB, 750x1334, 4FE4273C-A53A-48AF-8F5A-23C9FE…)

Yuya is a gayjin hunter i met him on interpals. My friend dated him befindet er that why at first I didn’t talk at all. But then she said that she love someone so it’s ok. So I met him to know him better.
I was thinking he is nice but theming found out that he already had much girls from foreigner country.
If u met him be careful he is just using u.

I was stupid to think that the girl talk the trues about him. She still liked him and in the ending she moved to him when I kicked her out of my room. She and him was just using me.
The name of his German bitch is Melanie.

If u once met him u should now that he just use persons also the girl is like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429800

So you met him despite knowing that he was your friends bf and now you call her a bitch? Also, you're definitely German and since your English is so bad there are only a very few options whom you might be.

No. 429912

Anon, your English is really terrible…Can hardly understand anything you said.

No. 429934

My English is just bad because I wrote in a hurry and out of anger.
I don’t know if you know how it is if someone used you…
it was not her boyfriend, her boyfriend is yuuki, but she has already cheated on him.

She forced me to date her date before, normally I don’t do this. But she said he is nice talk with him. In my opinion was it OK then that’s why I didn’t meet him.

But you need to know the full story to understand me.

Melanie who lived with me that she don’t sit on the street, because she mist her flyed. she said she has no money to afford a hotel.
I met her 10 years ago but we were never friends. I just wanted to be nice when she came here.
I said she can stay here for 1 week but she is supposed to support me for at least 10,000 yen when it comes to electricity and water since I only have one job myself and study. She used all my belongings and never supported me when I had to buy something new.
After a while, I noticed that she is constantly spending money on clothes and cosmetics and spending enough money in the bar ab meeting new people.

After she missed her flight again because she lost Passport. I went with her to the police and helped out.
But I also said that she has to look that she gets a hotel because she can not live longer at my place. And instead of looking for a hotel, she just argue with me and made me feel bad.

I just want you to know that I've helped her and taken care of her. I do not want that she continue spreading lies about me.

No. 429942

Who's that Melanie girl ? Any links ?

No. 429956

Yeah I agree your grammar is so bad it’s not too hard to figure out who you are

No. 429959

No. 430030

Only slightly annoyed I cannot get gyaruru to fuck with these dudes

No. 430055

Description aka grammar and words that are used in these posts it's most likely either blanka or sandra.

No. 450876

Loool Kei is actually hitting on me now,of course with his basic shitty marriage talk xD even though I don't live in japan now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 450878

Anyway, does anyone know anything about that pink haired Masaki guy from Tachikawa? He also has been talking to me about marriage and kids and that I'm his only woman. XD He seems to be host for ages,but he told me recently he became a manager so he doesn't drink or serve customers, idk if it's true tho, never been to his club

No. 450890

You must be 18+ to use this board.

No. 454427

Is kei still dating Emilia ?

No. 454453

I doubt so. He has been in contact with quiet a few girls in the meantime anyway. They were never dating for real

No. 454973

I haven't seen anything lately, but if he's still with her it wouldn't stop him from talking to other girls anyway

No. 467379

Yup he started messaging me daisuki the other night LOOOLLL As if.

No. 467382

Proof ?

No. 467386

File: 1515678166862.jpeg (190.71 KB, 1125x1982, 8ED495C6-3323-48ED-BBEE-B3C682…)

No. 467390


How pathetic you gotta be to fall for this shit?

Didn't even start talking and he's already "I like you! Meet me! I wanna have a gf!"

People who fall for hunters fascinate me…Those guys are the same as thirsty Indian guys who message you "i love u, open bob pls"

No. 543156

any news about kei?

No. 543226

shit I just checked this thread on a whim, went on an awkward date with this guy last month…. he is super not cute irl

No. 543877

Did he pay at least

No. 543977

Thing about lei is he never pays haha

No. 543978

Hes got the grossest mole face

No. 544018

Details pls

No. 545214

I return with details:
first, he showed up super late (I almost went home), we went to a cheap restaurant nearby (he did pay for most of it), but tbh he was just so awkward? Kind of reminded me of L from death note. Also his makeup looks terrible irl. I met him on tinder several months ago, at first his profile said "I have a girlfriend" and we didn't talk but then he messaged me again 2 months later (I guess he must have broken up with her because that was missing from his profile).

No. 545700

That fucker is always late haha

No. 545812

it was embarrassing to walk with him.

No. 545829

Kei always has a 'girlfriend' lol

No. 546109

How can somebod fall for him

No. 546169

While I was studying in Osaka this Winter he wanted to meet up with me too, after reading all these things I‘m happy that god gave me a fever on that day and I couldn‘t go to this date lol

No. 546651

File: 1522889617392.jpg (244.15 KB, 1000x1500, diefall666.jpg)

This guy has been mentioned in Shiena's thread, but it's more appropriate to talk about him here because of his gaijin hunterness.
Daisuke, or 666die_fall666 on instagram, is a 29 year old tortured soul who people just don't understand, but he's oh so ~fashionaburu~ and has been featured on TokyoFashion plenty of times for his 'look how dark and hardcore and 3edgy5me' aesthetic and has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Kyo from Dir en Grey.
He apparently has a hobby of browsing instagram in search of gaijin girls that he deems worthy enough for him and then contacts them so he can meet them when they come to Japan.
His most recent victim was a student who moved to Japan for study abroad and immediately moved in with him. They got pets together despite the fact that she is moving back to her home country soon. They have also broken up recently but are still living together because she has no where else to stay.
He also likes to tell people that his father committed suicide infront of him and that he wants to die and thinks about killing himself everyday.

>>543858 ←— the post in Shienas thread for anyone who wants to read it

sorry if formatting and linking is messed up. I'm still a newfag

No. 546681

He has good style but other then that he's not actually a "looker." Why're some of these gaijin hunters average looking and shit.

No. 546701

Most people are average or below average, anon.

No. 546709

Did he sent anyone else manipulative don’t stop texting me or I’ll kill myself texts? lol

No. 546711

wow seems like he needs therapy

No. 546717

Yea I know but from the comments and all the girls they've laid,I thought they would look model material or a prince..lol I didn't imagined they were low tier.

No. 546727

Yep, he was sending them to me almost every day for a while. Who actually believes those kinds of texts?
He's also super short in real life, but lies about his height when he is trying to get laid. He told me that he was 170 cm tall when he's more like 160 on a good day

No. 547603

Lying about being 5'5" is pretty wild. No wonder he idolizes Kyo who is also just over 5". He basically skinwalks the dude.

No. 548696

Kei is on every dating app trying to convince every foreign girl he loves them. Wasn't he engagd like multi times? Visa desperate girls lol

No. 548701

wtf really?!
that's new to me

No. 549120

No he hasn’t been engaged lol

No. 549261

British gaijin going on holiday to japan, how do I avoid gaijin hunters and what do I need to know? will they approach someone who is in a group of men already?

No. 549267

Just don’t meet guys in Japan

No. 549271

File: 1523151072437.jpeg (189.88 KB, 607x746, 26A2C04D-9AB5-4299-8364-B8EC1C…)

His ex looks busted af without the editing lol

No. 549331

Not British but when I visited literally any guy that walked up to me I just kept walking like I didn’t understand English. Any guy who will just walk up to an obvious foreigner is probably a gaijin hunter.

No. 549391


I heard he asked blanca to marry him. Then a while back I saw a post on Facebook about him getting engaged to a new person

No. 549438

he asks everybody to marry him

No. 549480

Haha everything he says is buckshot. He’s a narcissistic pathological liar

No. 549519


hi, yes. i know this guy. we were dating for three months. i didn't know he was a bandoman, had a spanish girlfriend of 6 years, or that he was a gaijin hunter. today i blocked him. he lied to me and said he was a nurse with a private life. he told me in august to come live with him in Japan.

No. 549520

it is foolish that i believed him, but yes. we were dating for three months, and he planned to come overseas to come and spend 5 days with me supposedly. he told me he booked his flight recently

No. 549521

he's also claiming to be moving to Tokyo around August.

No. 549533

She looks fine… Jfc stop derailing, I came here to see the dirt on the gaijin hunters not another nitpicking appearance piss fest that's ruined the other threads.

No. 549547

What’s his name, how did you let him? Give us more details

No. 549548

If you would go back to the original post you would see what his name is.

No. 549549

what do you mean how did i let him?

No. 549553


his name is Yuuki/Yuki. he kept his LINE and Gyaruru very private. he had told me "let's get married, you can come and live in Japan with me!"

he said he was planning on coming to the USA April 27th.
he claimed he had a private life, and seemed to have a normal worklife, as what it had seemed.
he disappeared recently for 5 days.
we had persistently spoke for 3 months until recently.

No. 549554

File: 1523185613002.jpg (49.75 KB, 450x800, shit noodle.jpg)

No. 549556

File: 1523185738729.jpg (47.27 KB, 450x800, gaijin hunter.jpg)

No. 549559

Original anon here. He did the same with me… I mean, disappearing for a while and then suddenly coming back talking about meetings and relationships. That was two months ago. I have blocked him since.
He’s an idiot… he was very pushy when I met him on a date and got upset that I wanted to sit in front of him instead of next to him.

No. 549563

File: 1523186159686.jpg (13.18 KB, 384x508, shit noodle part 2.jpg)

No. 549566

File: 1523186228850.jpg (26.6 KB, 512x960, shit noodle part 3.jpg)

No. 549567

File: 1523186318680.jpg (9.32 KB, 144x260, shit noodle part 4.jpg)

No. 549570

File: 1523186338013.jpg (10.07 KB, 195x260, shit noodle part 5.jpg)

No. 549571

Lol he’s so ugly. What is with you weebs and falling for fugmo fuckboys

No. 549572

Is this a joke?

No. 549573

weebs? it's called an experience with a shit person. it's life.
if i would've known, i wouldn't of even spoken with him.

No. 549574

don't act like you're superior to anyone.
i'm sure you've been lied to before, huh? sit down.

No. 549575

i wish it was lmfao.

No. 549576

Never trust those shit-tier trash VK guys lmao. Especially if they hide any of their personal details from you… They all act the same. No worth it.

No. 549577

i know that now. i've learned my lesson from it.

No. 549599

better find a normal salaryman

No. 549601

This is a weeb thread so it pertains to weebs of course I’ve been lied to, but really the amount of guys posted here how have shit personalities and faces to match..but because they’re Japanese it’s like all common sense goes out the window

No. 549634

Normal salarymen are no better really. They expect you to be thier mom and maid while they fuck around soaplands. Or they wank off to porn so much they don’t have the energy or sex drive to fuck you if you make it to long term.

No. 549713


it's not the fact that he's japanese. what would make me a weeb is going back to the piece of shit even after this, but no, i have him blocked on everything. i am just here to warn any other girl who may think he's a sweet guy when he's really a compulsive liar.

No. 549714


also, he was trying so hard to ask me to be his house wife lmaooooo.

No. 549859


Find a salaryman??? Lmao. Tell me anon… Have you ever been to japan? Boy do I have news for you.

No. 549871

Pretty guys are no better. Even guys with pretty pictures show up on the date and can look uggo anyway because they all use snow filters. I been catfished so bad once by a pretty picture, that I sent the uggo straight home, and he was pissed off, but he looked like a goblin. Ain't no way I was touching him.

No. 549913

Like a goblin hahaha. I got catfishes a few times in Japan too. Like obviously this fat balding salaryman infrint of me is not the attractive 25year old I was talking to online lol

No. 549979

File: 1523223985449.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

I love it how the idiots on here are saying vkei guys are fuggo.

"Just find yourself a normal guy" Boy do I have news for them.
These are all Japanese men taken from a dating app.

Welcome to Japan. :)

No. 549984

The vast majority of Japanese men are ugly as sin. Don't kid yourself that a salaryman or normal guy would look better.

No. 550001

most people in the world are uggo lol

No. 550016

Yeah doesn’t matter what race. Majority are nasty af

No. 550062

Kei and Kazuki are salaryman kek

No. 550121

Middle right is ok/nice
Rest are your typical cross-section of men

No. 550180

Ewww are you blind hahahaha

No. 550205

About middle right? He has nice features/eyes

Just bad angle and bad hair. Like the rest are terrible (Tho I suspect top left is your standard middle aged Dad type) but you get the same "range" with western men too (to our great misfortune)

No. 550210

Right anon you be lucky if he fuck you with all the overtime salary men pull.
You won't find good looking guys on apps, they don't need it, just walking outside they can find a chick. Low tier guys usually on apps and if you do find a "good looking" one he might be a catfish.

No. 550243

Japanese dudes are mostly vile. Stuck in the past with their misogynistic views. Everyone is so robotics their 'dating' seems to just be the same for everyone. Emotional capacity of a slug.

No. 550364

Id like to share some lovely stories about Kei :)

Kei is uncircumcised and he doesn't wash the cheese from under his dick flaps. He also doesn't like wearing condoms. So he kept having sex and then complaining that his dick was smelling bad (it already smelt bad) but because he doesn't wash under his foreskin it smelt even worse and he blamed me for his dick being smelly even though it was him, not washing his dick after sex.

(Agreeing to let him come over was a lapse in judgement so don't go off at me)

No. 550370

Also, Kei is really racist and he once saw a black woman in the street and said "I hate niggers", but at the same time he was ogling her tits. I yelled at him for that, but me being angry over his racism seemed to make him even happier. He was sitting there with a wide grin across his face still talking about how he hates black people.

No. 550375

I feel sick reading this.

Where did you meet Kei ?

No. 550396

Um what circumcision isn’t a thing in Japan. Young boys are just taught to fold back the skin lol…but gross I fucked him once a longggg time again and thank god I didn’t get chess’s dick lol

No. 550397

And yes he is racist..I’m half white/Latino and he saw a picture of my dad and said some really vile shit

No. 550399

Met him from one of the many dating apps he uses, this was awhile back.
Didn't last even 1 weekend with him because I'd seen quite enough.

I mean… Dude was rubbing his filthy penis all over my belongings because i made a remark that his dick stank and I didn't want him sitting naked on my bed.

Threw all my stuff into the wash and never invited him over again.

No. 550401

My issue was not with him being uncircumcised it was with him not washing under his dick at all in summer after having sex. The smell was unbearable lol

No. 550403

Ewwww wtf what an animal

No. 550404

Loool kei, kazuki etc, I've had them all message me when I was barely legal. I already knew about their shadiness back then (come-on, if you have 100 mutual gaijin gyaru friends with a random guy from Facebook,he's obviously a hunter). So I called them out on it and insulted them, then they all blocked me.
Salarymen in Tokyo are playing too, esp the ones who work for famous companies. They just have to flip their business cards and they can fuck any Japanese girl(and they do). Everybody is anonymous in Tokyo so they don't care about morals

Lol girl, fucking a hunter is one thing, but why didn't you stop when you saw THE CHEESE????? I'm glad you learned from it tho

No. 550409

I told him to stop and put a condom on that cheese weiner but there's no stopping kei. Kei stops for no one.

No. 550415

Can anyone post some pictures of the famous gaijin hunters?

And who knows france obsessed Kento Hashimoto?

No. 550420

You still had sex with him ? Gross.

No. 550422

File: 1523261232429.jpeg (19.93 KB, 240x240, 71D7E4EF-0C43-4A62-A615-B0CDFE…)

Here’s another one of the famous one who ended up fucking barbie kkkk
Hirororo ….he’s a disgusting try hard vkei/bartender/ex host cluster fuck who’s always in Kabukicho. Has had plastic surgery but still looks a mess and is just an all round cringey cunt. He told me to kill myself once when I rejected him kkk

No. 550423

File: 1523261346727.jpeg (47.64 KB, 346x681, DA9A0A4F-1F57-4919-8255-A509EC…)

Then there’s cheese dick Kei Imai lol

No. 550425

File: 1523261376374.jpeg (72.03 KB, 640x1027, image.jpeg)

Picture of kei. Not Keis real name. I just named him that because he smells like ass

No. 550435

Eww he fucked Barbie?? How do you know that?

No. 550436

Every girl he takes purifies with you can guarantee he’s fucked them. He’s desperate as shit

No. 550437

Purikura with**

No. 550443

I was just another weeb wanting Japan dick like most of the people on these threads. Why is this surprising to everyone? This is what weebs do until they get chewn up and spat out by Japanese men.

No. 550454

Sorry than don‘t complain. If I would see something like this my mind who tells me to stop at this moment would be superior than my intention to fuck an asian dick lol

No. 550463

eww saw him near shinjuku station. gross af

No. 550466

Well not all weebs are attracted to Japanese dudes though,I'm a prime example of it. Soon as you said he smelled I would've dropped him. Does he still try to keep in contact with you?

No. 550467

I think I can complain after I discovered what he was like and how he rubbed his cheese dick all over my belongings???
Like bitch. That shit was nasty. Who wouldn't complain. Like I said, lapse in judgement and weeaboo rose coloured glasses.

Certainly was an eye opener for me when I literally had a Japanese man marking himself on my stuff like some sort of male cat that needs the snip.

No. 550474

I’d drag hin myself to a place so he can actually get a snip…..

No. 550475

I still can’t understand how girls are willing to meet Kei after all that shit that has been posted about him.

No. 550477

Please do. He needs to be sprayed and neutered.

No. 550479

I met this dude and didnt fuck him, being around him for 1 hour is enough to know he has issues
Bailed and blocked lol

No. 550484

Nope. He doesn't talk to me. Tried to talk to me once while he was supposedly dating Pastelbat (lol) and ask me out for drinks but I rejected him again and he never did since. I wasn't entirely clueless, he asked me to be his girlfriend multiple times after the fateful dick cheese weekend and I must've rejected him more times then I can count. I'd seen more than enough.

I even got so upset on the last night that I yeeted his ass out of the bed, twice. So… We don't talk anymore. Not at all. He knows I hate him.

No. 550489

Elizabeth is that you ?

No. 550491

Nope. Wrong person. Kei has fucked a lot of people so you'll never really guess who I am nor do I want to reveal.

No. 550492

This was like more than 3 yrs ago and I'm pretty sure Pastelbat and that Liz chick came later.

No. 550493

What the fuck when did he date pastelbat? Hahaha photographic evidence and please,

I’m embarrassed to say I dated this guy 5-6 years ago. But this was before social media and all that was really big and I was never part of any gaining community etc. he was disgusting then..lol

No. 550495

Gaijin community*

I only found out he had a rep for gaijin hunting in 2016 when I was alerted to this thread lol

No. 550500

I was in the dark too about how widespread Keis problems were until stumbling across this. His list of fucked gaijin must be huge at this point.

No. 550501

I wonder if he would date Blanka again

No. 550502

Blanka already seems to have another guy. I doubt she would go back to him.

No. 550504

Kei cheated on Blanka (probably with multiple gaijin of course) and that was the end of it and he was pining for her ever since, and being really psychotic about it too.

No. 550506

they were perfect for each other. no wonder

No. 550508

Kei had a little meltdown after his beloved Blanka was posted on Tanuki "have you fucked a gaijin" mens thread by multiple vkei bandmen kek

They all wrote "Blanka smells"

No. 550513

Great. Lol. They both smell. Stinky and meant to be together <3

No. 550522

and mentally fucked up

No. 550542

I'm on working holiday in Yokohama and am wondering if this area is filled with as many fuck boys as Tokyo is. There's one bandoman (not vkei) and someone claiming they're a DJ that hit me up recently and I'm worried they might be gaijin hunters

No. 550543

Basically be weary of any dude that wears makeup and works in entertainment

No. 550545

Even if they're not gaijin hunters, bandoman and DJs are players, so be careful with STD. Also they're usually poor so prepare for paying at dates

No. 550546

What visa does she have ?

No. 550548

Normal working visa. 3 years I think.

No. 550559

how`? she didn't go to university

No. 550561

She went to a college. I think it’s another way to obtain a working visa. She posted it on her stories on Instagram a while ago. Sorry I don’t have a screenshot.

No. 550568

but she only learned to be a tailor

No. 550573

She went to a college in japan

No. 550581

She only went to a language school

No. 550583

Or just use condoms. Please, everyone should use condoms with people they barely know, it doesn‘t matter if he is an host, dj, doctor, an engineer or something else, everyone could have everything. As long as someone doesn‘t show you any proof that they don‘t have any sti you can‘t be sure.

No. 550588

No she didn’t. She went to a business college if I remember right and graduated this year.

No. 550624

He told me to kill myself too when I refused to let him come to my apartment in the middle of the night. I blocked him after that but he keeps trying to add me on all the other account too!

She posted on her Twitter about dating him but deleted it (it was posted on one of the threads). But he cheated on her too

He is really gross. He tried all the same tricks on me, I guess there’s always a flow of new gaijin to Japan for these kinds of guys

No. 551077

Lol was it some kind of long distance relationship? Or was she in Japan.

Kei once dated a German girl who knew absolutely no Japanese and he said he couldnt communicate with her haha he’s so thirsty

No. 551297

ah, so after language school she went to collage. her family must be rich

No. 551308

Long distance, she went to Japan twice for holiday tho.

No. 551460

Please please tell me you got tested for any kind of diseases afterwards. Cause this doesn't sound like your typical unwashed dick smell.
It sounds like he has trichomoniasis as well as poor poor hygiene

No. 551514

Is there any actual milk about blanka ?

No. 551677

she's only rude as fuck. treats her friends bad. thinks she is the best

No. 551714

So like any of the other weeb trash really

No. 551816

She actually collects info or at least did it about other gaijin girls to post it on here. Blanka is also one of those people who’ll only be ‘friends’ with you until you don’t play along to her psychic game anymore and then she’ll post all the dirt she got on you right here. Also she’s only in Japan because her parents are somewhat wealthy. She’s not the brightest person as she didn’t even manage to go through High School education and only has a ‘degree’ as a tailor which in Germany is even lower than a hairstylist.

No. 552085

Well aren’t you basically doing the same when it comes to shit talking a person on lolcow ?

My friend is a friend of hers so I’m wondering if I should warn her..

What kind of psychic games does she do ?

No. 552292

I agree that I’m also on here, but I only occasionally post what I think rather than befriending people for the mere reason of posting them here once they don’t match my standards anymore.

Blanka will give you presents and help you to get the things that you want from Japan. In exchange she’ll just screen cap whatever private or public talk she might be able to use against you.

This is basically her thing
>presents and help
>dirt on yourself

No. 552325

actually she has a high school diploma and having an apprenticeship is worth more than a high school diploma in germany. just sayin' since you seem to have none of those things.

No. 552388

I have both. And apprenticeship as a tailor or well just an apprenticeship is definitely NOT worthier than a High School dip, because if you got a high school dip you can go to Uni. You can’t do that with just an apprenticeship kek
You receive a monthly income that is lower than welfare money if you work as a tailor.

My friends knew her for years, before she moved to Japan. She didn’t make herself friends in the German scene as she’s been as deluded as she’s now for ages

No. 552393

Idk about Germany but in Japan you can’t go to a business school without a high school degree, she therefore must have somewhat of a degree in order to stay there, because in Japan they don‘t accredit an apprenticeship as degree.

No. 552407

She might have made a Fachhochschulreife during her apprenticeship which is indeed lower than a real HS dip but it grants you the possibility to go to college or Uni in Japan. Though eg Vika who’s also German doesn’t have a hs dip either and is now attending vantan

No. 552437

you realize that many higher paying jobs require any type, yea even tailor, of apprenticeship? (unilever, airbus and many office jobs are the ones i definitely know about) a hs dip doesnt mean shit if you dont wanna go to uni. if you wanna work after hs you better settle for an apprenticeship. i met blanka once and she told me that she wanted the apprenticeship to have any kind of safety if japan doesnt work out so idk where you get your info from but obviously it isnt such a good source.

No. 552444

I think you don’t understand. I think an apprenticeship is a good thing, but tailor is lower than hairstylist and if she’d have to work as a tailor she would probably make more money if she’d be on welfare. If she really wanted a plan b or sth he could build a career on she’d have chosen another type of apprenticeship

No. 552448

I think that YOU don't understand. It doesnt matter what kind of apprenticeship she has. She can work in a completely different job (NOT as tailor) that pays alot better. She could have a nice office job as something like a secretary with an apprenticeship as a tailor. Please educate yourself. I cant believe there are still people like you in Germany thinking that after learning a special job you just have to stay in that job forever ugh

No. 552450

I highly doubt you'd manage to land an office job as a tailor (unless it's something clothing related and even then you need to be very lucky)…
Most people with an apprenticeship for tailoring only went to middle school and usually that's not enough to get an office job, so no, having any kind of apprenticeship is not a free card for higher paying jobs in different fields.

No. 552452

You must be 18+ to use this board girl go back to school. If she wants to work in an office she has to do another apprenticeship towards office management or has to accept that she’ll get less wage than a person in the same job who actually learned it.

And now back on topic: has anyone heard sth from kazuki in the past few months? He used to be super active as a hunter

No. 552453

like i said i know of some jobs that give you the possibility to do so. a friend of mine has an apprenticeship as a baker. he is working an office job at unilever now.

No. 552481

You can fairly easy go to a Japanese senmon gakko after finishing language school. That’s pretty much what she did. You don’t need high school diploma.

No. 552487

If you dont graduate highschool then clearly not mature or educated enough to tackle the real world tbh what kind of cave person cant even graduate highschool smh

No. 552494

Are you familiar with the German school system? HS here is definitely different from what it is in eg Japan or the US

No. 552594

Any german, even those shitty weebs we discuss here, could graduate your american high school lol

No. 552917

Then its not highschool is it dumbass. American 'highschool' is shown through major movies and tv shows. Why would anyone that isnt german or has 0 german relatives know shit about the german school system.
So its college or university equivalent.

No. 553201

So blankas parents paid for everything?

No. 553223

This is t a blanka thread

No. 555567

Hiro's ceepy as hell, he tried to contact me with all of his twitter accounts asking if I was coming to Japan and stuff and chased after my friend in a busy street to get a photo with her

No. 555781

Yeah hes fucking weird

No. 556720

and why is “someone” trying to defend her with so much vitriol lmao… “I met her once and she said-“ sure…

No. 557945

I think she's really pretty, her ex did some pretty awful and petty things, he's really childish

No. 558578

Spill the beans or gtfo.
Really pretty? Shes not ugly she isn’t beautiful shes inbetween

No. 559861

File: 1524128828576.jpeg (34.86 KB, 640x157, 4BF26C25-6656-40D5-A239-184181…)

No girl, nobody wants YOU

No. 559873

Delusional girl will never change… she doesn’t even think that it’s not the guys fault but her own given how she always acts

No. 559880

Always waited for her getting posted on here kek
Ria, it’s not that Japanese guys don’t want German girls (they actually love German girls, because blonde hair big boobs stereotype) it’s just that they don’t want you! And that’s not even about your looks, but your personality.

No. 559884

also said she is too fat for asian men haha

No. 559888

didn't rianna "date" a band man and was so proud.

No. 559914

it honestly doesn't happen as much as these threads and the snowflakes lead you to believe… if you think you are in a seedy area or feel someone trying to approach you just keep looking ahead and ignore them. it's really nothing, same as anywhere else

No. 560039

she is borderline anorexic! cant handle the fact that its just her fucked up personality and her weird face that isnt attractive

No. 560094

Sorry who is this?

No. 560125

No. 560133

…so another nobody with her eyes too far apart

No. 563211

He locked her out of the house because she was home late but he stays out until 2-3am and doesn't tell her, was leading her on and saying he wants to still be with her but was seeing other girls and going on dates and posting it on social media knowing she'd see it and he'd slam doors and throw tantrums and tell her to go back to her country

No. 564147

Sounds about right hes an immature manipulative asshole

No. 564197

Yeah, he's been posting a ton of selfies with a different girl each week it seems? All of them look Japanese though. So maybe he's not a full on gaijin hunter. Seems like the guy just hops around woman to woman despite where they are from. He doesn't speak English either, did she know Japanese? Or was this one of those relationships where it was solely based on looks?

No. 564243

Do you have pics or caps? Those are oddly specific details

No. 564374

He does go after foreign girls, but it's just one Japanese girl he's with now, he was seeing her while still with his foreign girlfriend and telling her they'd try to work it out but instead lead her on the last few months and lied to her, he does speak English and she knows Japanese but he acted pretty superior and would ignore her if she needed help
It was on her Facebook

No. 565167

She speaks basic Japanese and him basic English..So they could communicate on abasic level lol

No. 566156

I thought Ashley moved in with him? They bought animals together and broke up but are living together? How did the original gf not know about all this?

No. 566164

Ashley is the original girlfriend, but he screwed around with another chick while telling her he still wanted to be together and now they're not dating and he's been trying to lead her on again now that she's moved on (but she can't move out at the moment)

No. 568475

Hes got a new girlfriend..I highly doubt hes still living with Ashley lol

No. 568917

They are still living together, she hasn't been able to get a new house, and besides, he was seeing his new girlfriend while him and Ashley were still dating, and he tried to kiss her the other night

No. 569020

Ew thats so creepy. Why doesnt she go stay with friends. Theyre are plenty of opitions for her to get out. Like all the different sharehouses that will let you move in the same day

No. 576678

File: 1525785039085.png (Spoiler Image,964.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180507-180328.png)

Anyone knowing something about this guy?

No. 576691

You better switch your mobile to English stupid German fag.

No. 576719

Japanese men will generally like any woman with a normal to skinny build, not taller than them, have a face that's average cute or up, and a personality that is not dominant to the point it scares them away. That's it, all you need, no matter who you are and where you're from

I don't know which factors she is missing, but I'm guessing height, personality, or both.

No. 576723

I'm not the poster but why lol, chill out

No. 576728

host? wouldn't trust him

No. 576818

Why are you girls analysing japanese guys so much. Try it out if it works, it works, if not, it doesn‘t. This counts for every relationship and for your preferences. If you can‘t handle cultural differences than stop dating guys from different cultures, instead of trying it so desperately wtf

No. 576881

hosts and bandguys are scum

No. 576948

Coming from a mulatto who is dating a Japanese guy…

I think weebs get ahead of themselves a bit. I’m not a weeb but I wouldn’t say that’s all entirely true. I think they do go for a smaller body type but that’s it? They’re just men. The weird host ones and the ones with pink nipple fetish are probably the ones that are posted in this thread. My word

No. 576966

I couldn’t agree more. They need to stop lumping all Japanese guys together. Have you ever heard of individual people?? Some relationships will work some wont. Some guys are scum some arent

No. 586096

File: 1526566667440.png (475.13 KB, 480x482, kiyotaka.png)

A friend asked me if I knew this guy she was talking to. Anyone who has info on him? Is he a gaijin hunter? Name is Kiyotaka.

No. 586102

isn't he from hokkaido?

No. 586248

How common is it for Japanese men to be predatory about white women like this? I've been talking to a Japanese guy and he seems so normal and nice, he works as a university lecturer. But I can't shake the feeling because he's Japanese that he is just a gaijin hunter.

No. 586359

Ew this guys dirty af

No. 586413

I wouldn't compare him to the guys on here, or peoples advice. You may be overthinking. Hard to tell someones legit at frist. Don't let people on this thread give you a complex.

No. 586711

Do I smell tea?

No. 586971

No dont know him was just saying hes gross lmao

No. 587119

You guys have problems(lel)

No. 587189

lmao Kei gave pastelbat a ton of STDs,they always fucked with a condom except for one time and she got herpes and shit lol

No. 587963

Ew thats fucked. Have you got evidence?

No. 588252

I can remember that kei was bad mouthing a french girl who liked him. But she looked like a horse

No. 588468

I'm not surprised, I told her the nasty shit he did to my friend and she didn't even care

No. 591440

Someone remembers ayumu/ ayumetal ?

No. 591524

Wasn’t she just having a bunch of PS done in the past month? And before that she was with some fakeboi?

No. 591685

Yes lmaooo is he still around? His facebook posts were comedy gold

No. 591734

Same must be a fetish or a weird saying over their among men.

No. 591751

Kinda common, they obsess over pale skin but still treat foreigners like dirt, nearly every Japanese guy I've encountered in the J-fashion community has a huge gaijin fetish

No. 591783

Man he was weird
And badmouthed everybody

No. 591826

File: 1527074120579.jpg (37.38 KB, 470x246, P1ZPClW.jpg)

what is he doing now?

No. 591827

File: 1527074349325.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.15 KB, 600x799, dZNEA6I.jpg)


No. 591836

Bahahahahaha whonthe fuck is this LMFAO this is so cringe

No. 591863

he often went to germany
i think he was into SM
and he is the M haha

No. 592269

He looks chinese

No. 592448

Does this chick legit have her vagina out or is it just part of the bad photoshop. What even is this?

No. 592711

File: 1527162326650.jpg (49.39 KB, 600x817, NIkF0AM.jpg)

yep it's out

No. 592721

Eww wtf did he do porn?

No. 592729

guess it's just a weird photoshooting

No. 592739

What the heeeell that's creepy and unsexy af… Too bad these weaboo girls don't care as long as the guy's Japanese

No. 592924

Where did you find these pictures??

No. 592959

lol… this looks like a Glamour Shot photo from 1992.

No. 592987

Google ayumetal

No. 593035

>those white socks

No. 593440

super sexy

No. 593830

It's out and looks like she didn't shave either. This guy is like the only guy on this thread that look decent,among the other guys posted here.
Not all weebs are attracted to asian guys only those weird ass ones are.

No. 593832

He looks decent but he‘s scum like all the others

No. 593834

No. 593947

No. 593948


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 594259

What‘s happening lok

No. 594386

Holy shit…. I know the girl in the video! Creepy.

No. 594480

File: 1527356992487.jpeg (122.58 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)

Does anyone know this guy? He's a little shit who likes to control every girl he talks to and says "only talk to me ! !" Yet he hits on my gaijin friends. He became angry with me everytime I posted on Gyaruru or LINE and would always accuse me of talking to other men daily, while he goes and flirts with many gaijin😂

No. 594485

File: 1527357482457.jpeg (390.9 KB, 1108x1476, image.jpeg)

This is his LINE photo

No. 594488

File: 1527357648114.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.17 KB, 1108x1478, image.jpeg)

Why his dick look like a shriveled MEALWORM? Lol(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 594495

ew gross spoiler that

No. 594516


Why the fuck does it have pubes sticking out the japseye?
And why is it that colour?
Spoiler that shit

No. 594544

if i had to suffer, so do you lolol

No. 594595

yea his dick must be dying or too std infected too be that color.

No. 594602

Guy?? I thought that was a chick or some shit? Does he cross dress or something?

No. 594654

He’s probably in the VK-scene

No. 594885

he also said he likes his ass being licked lolol

No. 594976

question back to you: why would you even waste your time and continuously talk to mentally disturbed trash like that?

No. 595004

Shes thirsty

No. 595006


are you that dumb? lol. everyone on this thread has encountered a weirdo.

No. 595007

because, everyone (if you obviously haven't been reading through it enough) has witnessed trashy men. i'm sure you aren't special.

No. 595008

this thread is for stuff like this. maybe you're new here? lol

No. 595009


fyi, i didn't continue to talk to him nor did i take him seriously. i posted this because he is a g a i j i n h u n t e r and everyone should know in case he hops into anyone's DMs on gyaruru lol.

No. 595010


he said he wanted to marry me, DEMANDED i move to Japan lol.. who would take him seriously? no one, except an idiot.

No. 595074

Whose dick

No. 597079

No. 598430

for the next thread, a photo of the famous gaijin hunter kei would be nice

No. 598450

Maybe this? >>150485
And what should I put as thread description?

No. 598523

omg yeeees

No. 602976

File: 1528254512070.png (270.89 KB, 496x330, morena.png)

Have you guys seen this chick? How many of these "50 guys" do you think have been posted in these threads?


No. 607389

Nobody would sleep with that ugly

No. 608145

Omg ew tge thirst is real bitch gtfo

No. 608429

oh, and she is already writing a book

No. 608439

She's only 18 and she quickly moved to Japan to whore herself.

>She claimed that Japanese men have “small dicks,” although they reportedly make up for it with their “crazy foreplay” which involved making out with her “armpit and kneecaps” and a lot of “eating ass.”

Wow amazing, greatly thankful for her input and all the media that is reporting this shit. I bet that book is going to have some quality writing.

No. 608442

File: 1528797466694.jpg (37.68 KB, 306x572, Capture.JPG)

No. 608443

New thread: >>608441

No. 608448

Her head looks massive…

No. 655851

Somehow was linked this thread. I'm curious why you girls who go to a foreign country without any career opportunities to fall in love with absolute trash.

I just don't understand. None of these guys are particularly attractive. Is it the validation that they give you? Is it a fascination with the culture?(necro)

No. 656308

Low self esteem is a hell of a drug, anon.

No. 661050

>>602976 I am so tired of this bitch turning up on my fucking twitter and it is ONLY my POC friends who keep liking and retweeting her disgusting shit.
No offence but seriously why are most POC hyping this shit? She also posts a lot of photos which I am sure the guys do not agree to?
"This guy eats pussy so good" photo… seriously.

sage for no actual milk, just shes a piece of shit

No. 661055

"Most POC" LOL anon not really at least not me and all my friends. also POC isnt an adjective no offense.

But I've been loosely following her PULL thread for fun and apparently she's an ebeggar too - begs her followers for Patreon bucks, donations, and to buy her shitty merch because she can't save money for shit since she only eats McDs and moved off campus into a big ass apartment despite free dorming (she wants dick and her Christian university probably isn't down with that). Her mom sends her 500 a month too.

No. 661056

Holy hell,same. I'm all onboard with her idea of slut shaming being a shitty thing to do, but she seems to make fucking men, and her bpd her personality traits (aside from overused snarky Twitter humor) She's arrogant and in the FB group I share with her comes off very full of herself because she moved to Japan at 18 like thousands of others haven't done it before her.

No. 661117

There's a new thread, stop posting here.

No. 662068

>>661055 kay so not most but enough to swamp my feed that every black girl I am mutual with will be all hands up YAAAAAS GURRRRL SLAY

But yeah she is an ebegger, brags about the amount of youtube followers but I can assure it is mostly dick thirsty weebs wishing to live her life. Though she fed one dude mac and cheese with just water, like what the fuck and girls licking her ass just for that, what on earth

She bitched her mom could only send her 100 one month/week which was hilarious.

>>661056 She is 100% arrogant cant wait till she stoops even lower to be honest.

>>661117 A link would be nice (: because I am not scrolling through catalog to find this girl

No. 662707

The link is posted literally few posts above yours.

No. 664598

I'm new at this and that post is from the last year but who's he? I mean, his Twitter?

And is so easy fuck with those guys? Btw reading this thread a couple of times I noticed that the most you mentioned here look like creeps.