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No. 5174

who /oldfag/ here?

i know why you're here
are you also oldfag?

No. 5177

no i'm not oldfag i just been around for enough time.

No. 5178

Any oldfags in passing want to tell me what staminarose was? I've been in original cow threads on /cgl/ but since the rules change happened I haven't followed to new boards and kind of drifted away from lolcows until a few years later when lc was an established imageboard already

No. 5180

Is there anything in between an oldfag and a newfag? I've been lurking on and off (making an occasional post here and there) for almost 6 years but never set foot on staminarose.

No. 5184

I'm in the same boat as you, anon. It's been several years for me but I wasn't familiar with SR

No. 5185

Me but nowadays if a bitch brings up SR during a sperg I immediately clock them as newfag who read some lore

No. 5187

File: 1603242528572.png (853.56 KB, 1280x720, pttch3oAGR1whu5rwo1_1280.png)

OP here
I didn't exactly browse Staminarose myself, and I won't pretend that I did, but it primarily discussed our Queen Pixyteri, and it apparently was the second in-line to house /cgl/ refugees. The first was Maximumfaggotry. It went down because of some Pixyteri drama, apparently (but don't take my word on that.)

I made this thread out of boredom a week ago because I got frustrated at the amount of obvious spiteful retarded men, twitterfag migrants, and nobody giving half of a shit to integrate anymore.

Didn't even expect drama with the new Admin to explode (although she's always been particularly disliked).

No. 5188

Yeah, the way timing worked out was kinda weird. I was really surprised to see recent posts on this board.

No. 5189

File: 1603243323958.png (1.54 MB, 2200x874, 1541567367382.png)

I didn't even expect replies.

I'm a bit ambivalent on it since I don't even like imageboards anymore, but it'll hurt my feefees to see this site finally go into the shitter.

No. 5191

Can anyone tell me wtf is happening in OT? I went to meta but it’s a shit slinging fest

No. 5193

File: 1603267708636.jpg (46.69 KB, 381x304, 1316196946580.jpg)

/ot/ was closed ~24 hrs ago for no reason at first, and only major threads were closed (dumbass shit, dumb questions, vent etc). People started speculating it was due to infighting or raids since the past few days/weeks there has been an influx of posters.
Around 12 hrs ago admins message was posted in /ot/ that it's closed for 5 days due to raids, but everyone seems to think that it's bullshit.
After that people proceeded to shitpost in /meta/ in kind of a childish manner but oh well.

No. 5204

What do you miss about old Lolcow? Did you like the board culture back then?

What was wrong with it? (in your opinion.)

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