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File: 1488043817367.jpg (63.73 KB, 448x612, average ''woman''.jpg)

No. 2487

Daily reminder that lolcow is full trans freaks who think they're women just because they wear stereotypically ''female'' clothing.

No. 2488

Joke's on you, I wear stereotypically male clothing and am comfortable being a woman.

No. 2489

That tiny cock isn't going snip itself off.

No. 2490

Great, 'cause it was never there to begin with. Unless you mean my clit, then no thanks buddy.

No. 2491

File: 1488044598696.jpg (433.43 KB, 960x1280, 1488044029843.jpg)

No. 2492

that's /r9k/ actually

No. 2493

Pretty sure that's not true considering all the hate FTMs get here.

No. 2494

Never have been more disgusted with a tranny other than Sarah Nyberg. Both are gross and should be locked up and away from kids and women.

No. 2495

I hate MtF trannies more than I hate regular men tbh

No. 2496

Lmao, somehow I knew this thread as coming. I remember the first trans thread had a few angry trannies

No. 2497

No. 2499

What has happened to the world

No. 2559

you know what I hate is those stupid ass tranny males (female to males) that say they are gay ugh they get on my nerves because you see them wearing make up and acting like a fucking straight girl and yeah but "I swear gaiz im a man" no faggot you're not a man you're just a stupid ass snowflake who wants atention. the biggest lolcows in the rainbow

No. 2560

ugh gurl I know what you mean I've seen far too many on those on dumblr. I don't know whats with us women that we want to find ways to seek atention to get dick, I mean I sometimes feel bad being a girl for this kind of bullshit. ugh man I can't wait till humanity becomes extint. I mean even the gays dont like trans men.

No. 2561

uggh yes! trans men are the worst! they are far more atention whores than the tranny women. both disgusting in my opinion but trans men are the biggest to me they are still girls who want to be "different"

No. 2586


Tired of saying this, but if you have issues with fakebois then fine. But stop lumping them in with real transmen.

The fucking unfounded hate on this board disgusts me, jfc.

No. 2588

This a a town mayor in Texas. Watch him debate.

No. 2612

then what are you doing here tranny trash? nobody likes your kind here so get the fuck out. you're the only disgusting one, I had a trans man boyfriend once and yeah he was a fucking atention whore and pretty much was cheating on me with guys. I told myself as a girl that I was never gonna date another fucking tranny ever again, besides they arent real men and they are dickless

No. 2621

transgender men are worst than the trans females, they always want attention and once they go on T they become these gay whores. I hate trans men with a passion they are so obnoxious and not even gay men like them, my two gay best friends are always shit talking how tranny guys try to hit on them at clubs and they have to kindly reject them because a dry "i'm not interested" will detonate a bomb and saying "you're being ignorant" "you discriminate me because I am trans" "not all men have dicks" blah blah blah, don't get me started on the tumblr kind.

man that sucks, but serves you right for dating a tranny.

No. 2631


This is exactly why this thread ended up in >>sty

No. 2635

kill yourself faggot :^)

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