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No. 2343

Why is lolcow so dead these days?use to be more active a year or so ago

No. 2344

Not enough drama.
Cows aren't lulzy enough.
Flakes aren't lulzy enough.
Too much pointless nit-picking.

No. 2345

Admin change and decisions made by said admin, PULL/Tumblr/r9k invaders, shittier discussion quality from said invaders clogging up the site and annoying oldfags causing them to leave. Then the invaders get bored and leave too. P much the admin change was the final crack though

No. 2358

File: 1486753136569.gif (437.79 KB, 320x240, unnamed (6).gif)

Agreed. Man, I love(d) lolcow. I've done bits of art/banners for this place and I actually wanted to improve it even though I'm not a farmhand.

It's so fucking boring lately. A couple months ago I was still popping up daily, now I don't anymore. I think that the unannounced /ot/ and death of /g/ and /b/ kinda shook things up and made me feel negative towards things because admin did that without saying a previous word. She/they also took AGES to respond certain things in /meta/. I do think current admin is good because at least she seems to be trying to improve things, though I've not seen much from them yet but the things I just mentioned. But changes happened fast and without warning, so yeah… I'm the type of oldfag who doesn't like that type of thing; we had a new admin and didn't even know about it and then she changed things without telling us? WTF |: like, she killed an IMPORTANT board out of nowhere.

I wonder if the discord thing is dragging people away too? I am not sure because I'm rarely active on discord but maybe people are talking and chatting on there instead of discussing things in threads? Do we really need a super active chat? I think that only using it when really necessary (let's say, to spread info without letting a cow read it) would be better. But idk much about how it works and if it influences people behavior on here anyway so fuck my opinion on that.

I fucking love lolcowchan and wish it the best although I guess I won't be here all the time anymore, mostly because the site has been kinda dead and I've been busy. Hopefully things will be handled with more announcements and cows will get milkier again since the only true milky cow imo is onion (hence why I still try to pop up sometimes)


>>Gif unrelated. Sort of.

No. 2365

I would say I'm pretty much the same way about this site now too. I've only been going here for maybe 2 years but I appreciated how it was beforehand. It's an anon board so the discord thing is kind of odd to me tbh. At least with the old chat it felt less personal.

I also liked townhall meetings and being kept up to date instead of things randomly changing. When old admin left and he made a bunch of random changes without much warning. That irritated a few people from what I could see. I think b and g need to come back and stay.

No. 2366

Current admin, I think the last survey we did was a GREAT idea. Just don't randomly change things without warning/asking us, please. It's fucking annoying, makes you look like a bad admin and oldfags will oldfag, which is why I'm complaining even tho these things are pretty much old news.

>>I also liked townhall meetings and being kept up to date instead of things randomly changing

Absolutely. Just saying @everyone on discord to share "announcements" doesn't work because not every single one of us uses it daily/could be assed to have it. I too like town hall meetings better. I understand lolcows discords purpose to an extent, but whenever I went on it was just either quietness or the usual small talk anyway. Also, not trying to be a cunt but those places always end up in shit: the people who talk the most sooner or later will start a shitty argument and that will slowly corrode everything. That's what happens. Always.

/b/ is def not coming back and it has already transformed into /ot/ anyway. /g/ is back but the place is half dead and many threads originally posted in it are now floating around other boards (I suppose).

RIP, lolcow

No. 2376

I apologize for the /g/ situation. It came out of people complaining that /b/ doesn't allow traditionally /b/ shitposts, so I tried to make that happen with /sty/ and decided to group the more serious boards together to avoid clutter.
That was the first mistake. The second was to not ask for input beforehand. I listened to advice telling me to change things first and then reacting according to feedback and the advice made enough sense to me at the time. In the future, I'll put up surveys before any major change. I also often ask for site management input on the lolcow Discord.

Speaking of which, >>2366
Announcements are still posted in their usual spot on the site, along with the black banner. We just invite people to the Discord now instead of linking a Townhall chat. You don't have to make an account to use it, just enter a nickname and it's done.

No. 2379

I agree that discord has possibly watered down the activity here
I think one of the main problems is we don't have enough active genuine cows to follow in order to keep the activity bustling, a lot of the newer members are just terrible at contributing content and prefer to nitpick in stale threads.
There's a cycle where we just stay here when really some of us need to be hunting blogging platforms to catch some real fresh meat

No. 2389

The discord does draw people away. Simply because admin moved lolcows discussion there.
Now a good chunk of core community is there instead of lolcow.

Chat's meta should be revised, if there is meta at all.

No. 2390

I agree. I think Discord is slowly becoming the new lolcow tbh. There is plenty of milk discussion in there but it doesn't translate to the actual website. I think what has also happened is that there has been a ton of focus on Onision over the past couple of months so now the newer influx of users focus on him. So the older jfash/cosplay/cgl related cows which may still have milk aren't actually followed as much anymore for info.

No. 2392

Onision dramma and creation of public Discord server made community myopic in my opinion.

No. 2409


I agree with both.

I can bet no one will agree with me but honestly discord should only be used in necessary occasions. Just close the thing and open it for farmers when necessary. Seriously.

Admin-sama, if you read this, could you respond? What do you think?

No. 2416

When the Discord was first made, there was massive Onision drama users were eager to discuss in the channel, but aside from that period at the very beginning, the vast majority of the Discord chats about lolcows would have counted as derailing and blogging on the site. I don't think we'll close the Discord since it's quite active and has become a place lots of people like to visit every day and have generally reacted very positive to, but I'd consider closing down the lolcow channel and using the Discord for socializing, special occasions/special guests, and for Townhall chats (see >>2376 for reasons why there's no need to return to Cytube for this).

Is that a compromise people would be happier with?

No. 2417

No one called for deletion of discord, but instead people were noting how it became the-new-lolcow.
here is a suggestion - if anyone posts milk on discord, it should be posted on board as well.

You also should consider to not keep link to discord at the front page 100% of time.

No. 2418

>No one called for deletion of discord
>Just close the thing and open it for farmers when necessary. Seriously.
I agree that anything important in the channel should go on lolcow as well and will add some more clarifications.

>You also should consider to not keep link to discord at the front page 100% of time.

Thank you for the reminder, I keep wanting to do that and put it off. It'll be done.

No. 2420

Thanks, admin. Your idea seems pretty good tbh

No. 2463

The discord is def what's killing it imo. I've seen a couple times an anon hint at posting milk here just to get piled on to delete the post and go to discord instead since cows lurk here.

No. 2470

What was the thread and the cow in question?

Who cares if cows lurk here? It never stopped us. Unless it's something that REALLY needs to be said in discord and kept only between farmers, discuss it here ffs

No. 2473

Onision a few threads back is the most recent I can remember

No. 2528

New admin randomly changing shit without asking, huge banners and stickied threads about discord or whatever else staying on for months, no more townhall, people getting banned for necro when it's the only thread on the subject, b should be one board instead of sty and ot because they're nowhere near fast enough to necessate the split

On the other hand we at least have a cool place to post with no bugs and a comfy atmosphere. I actually like how the new admin is running the site, you can tell they do give a fuck unlike the staminarose shitshow.

We got a lot of fresh blood with onison and peenus but that was a while ago and new fresh milk is needed

No. 2529

>people getting banned for necro when it's the only thread on the subject
Necro bans are very short, the ban marker is there to discourage others from doing the same. Generally just make a new thread if there's enough new milk to warrant one. We don't ban for necroing an old thread if there's a new influx of milk on the subject, only for one-off pointless comments on ancient drama.

>no more Townhalls


>New admin randomly changing shit without asking

Addressed here, >>2376
I'm happy to do more lolcow improvement surveys to let people vote on future changes. Any feedback is appreciated.

I know this is very short notice, but feel free to join the Discord tonight for a casual Townhall discussing future site improvements, ways of obtaining fresh meat etc. I'll put up a sticky.

No. 2557

>Generally just make a new thread if there's enough new milk to warrant one
Re-using threads keeps the place tidy though? rather than 5000 Taylor threads or whatever

I look forward to whatever plans there are for finding fresh meat

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