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File: 1586977458790.png (Spoiler Image, 8.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9F4FA4BF-7A0A-4B70-8A57-88B9CE…)

No. 959372

Lilboweep/ Playboywasteland
Actual milk.
>Self proclaimed musician, has a "huge" fanbase of depressed MINOR egirls.
>When realizing music doesn't pay enough, starts selling nudes on Twitter and posting NSFW on Instagram. Also exposing her minor feminine fans to sex working.
>Never stated if her boyfriend knows or care.
>Claims to have lupus, doesn't answer when asked if it's from drug abuse but still abuse drugs on the daily while suffering from it
>Multiple plastic surgery, probably shops herself or is obviously anorexic.
>Is "spiritual" yet is always high and post disgusting statement like "Was getting fingered in the taxi while drunk and moaning loud"
>Has a criminal record for stealing a car and driving without license and is proud of it

Main Instagram ;
Back up Alt : https://instagram.com/theplayboywasteland?igshid=qwzobcys3cfe
Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/LiLBoWeep?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

No. 959446

oh jeez, i need to dig up which thread its in but when the soundclout threads were busier a year or so ago, she got posted because while staying with a girl on tour in texas, she and her boyfriend at the time trashed her house, smeared animal shit on the walls, broke dishes, and threatened her at gunpoint then proceeded to whack her across the face with said gun and bust her eyebrow/socket open… all because the girl they were staying with while on tour asked if they could put soap on the dishes in the sink before she got home from work. on her birthday. you really cant make that shit up, im glad to see this get posted because ive been morbidly curious who else shes fucked over since seeing those posts and especially the amount of blood she lost.. stay tuned to see if after years of lurking i can figure out how to link the posts.

No. 965923

She is a very bad pet owner.
She used to own only one rat and bought a new one when people pointed out that rats should never be left alone. She probably smoke weed/meth whatever the fuck she drugs herself up with around them in the same room which is VERY bad for them, it can cause necrosis or tumour in their body. On top of doing paints in her room with acrylic products ( rats are very sensitive to lungs and breathing disease ) on top of putting very loud music which probably makes them nervous as hell.(necro)

No. 965953

File: 1587997116702.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, C56299E1-3C7B-4707-8DBE-AA2F4B…)

Looked at her story and one of her rats is bloody on the head why would you post this

No. 966048

File: 1588013092619.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20200427-110347.png)

Didn't realize she had a thread…
This retard put adhesive rhinestones on her pet rat

No. 966054

What a douche. Holli, Lilbo, Life After Death Street (Dave Navarro), Laney (DN gf) all friends…crossover with other threads…Hollywood scumlords.

No. 968336

She literally bought a huge mountain dog puppy, forced it to live in a van then abandoned her when she moved to Canada. Her followers would call her out in the comments saying that it’s abuse to force a puppy to live in a van but she would delete them.

No. 976919

File: 1590028584422.jpeg (270.83 KB, 828x1393, 6C74F47F-B595-4153-9984-074060…)

>Multiple plastic surgery, probably shops herself or is obviously anorexic.

No. 976988

>Is "spiritual" yet is always high and post disgusting statement like "Was getting fingered in the taxi while drunk and moaning loud"
Not to defend her but I see no contradiction here, I'm guessing OP is a Christian, which explains her abrahamic/judeochristian perspective.
Lots of religions approve sex and even lots more approve of drug use.

No. 980504

File: 1590709368010.png (1.48 MB, 1125x2436, F48A9960-D57A-4F05-8B9D-5418E5…)

No. 980506

Queen of shitting!

No. 980511

File: 1590709703578.jpeg (311.41 KB, 1124x1675, 753684C4-D0E3-4E17-8E55-B001B5…)

“in defence of blackface”

No. 980513

File: 1590709732043.jpeg (262.48 KB, 1035x1244, 7C6DCB34-5C97-416C-9784-7E4304…)

No. 980516

File: 1590709972906.jpeg (309.18 KB, 1125x1529, 4267284F-F0A4-49F3-92FC-EC4619…)

owns nazi memorabilia coz aesthetics over morality

No. 980517

File: 1590710008436.jpeg (195.69 KB, 1125x1584, 65408F7C-56DC-44C4-8EDC-43254A…)

No. 980519

>a lil offensive! lolz
>just a lil
>a lil
>nazi knife

No. 980521

she been on ig live saying Hasidic Jews r a cult and her homie is a skinhead then goes n flex a nazi knife but iVe NeVer BeEn RaScIsT

No. 980589

She was just on live huffing gas with her boyfriend while trying to sell her wisdom teeth..gross

No. 980713


Once knew a bitch who liked Skrewdriver 'for the music'.

No. 980924

She got them removed? Cause that shit causes facial bone loss over time, she’s gonna looked even more haggarded 1-2 year from now.

No. 980931

Oh wow I didn’t know that. Yep she wants to make a necklace out of them to sell

No. 980935

It happened to my cousin, she had genetic eye hollows before that but they were moderately and like high fashion model ish, after she got her top wisdom teeth removed they def lost volume over a very short period of time and now they look more prominent with that “line” and she wants to get fillers. I think it’s not so bad if your are healthy and young but if you’re an anorexic/drug user any tooth loss will accelerate the process of looking like crap. There’s a whole community of people online talking about how removing their wisdom ruined their face, it’s a crazy rabbit hole to fall into.

No. 981009

where anon? i love those niche communities

No. 981015

nevermind, found it on reddit. really psychologically interesting, almost gangstalking-like thing where it's other people who feel their looks have been irreperably ruined by this procedure and saying it's a conspiracy and dentists know what they're doing. band together. others tell them to seek therapy but they truly feel an us against them where everyone else thinks they're irrational but they have been deeply damaged.

No. 981024

Yes some people take it to a crazy level, but I def believe it’s a real thing, just having seen it happen IRL.

No. 981093

alright I dont come here for much but this histrionic something or other complex cunt is just broadcasting the locations and
Identities of tons of protestors for the sake of “omg oim in the thickuffit ohmgee STEEFHUN oim sowrr scawreddd..” “”haha look how involved I am omggg””

No. 981335

also selling porn via twitter and PayPal again to her mainly underage fanbase no age verification measures in sight also isn’t it illegal to make money in america if ur australian on a holiday visa especially in such a sketchy way like supplying porn to children !

No. 982252

File: 1591074119611.png (633.59 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200602-010240_Chr…)

There's this too

No. 982569

File: 1591132330011.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 961.3 KB, 1125x1808, CBDBF697-7DAB-4618-9C61-1FB315…)

then this

No. 982570

File: 1591132386191.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1125x2005, DB248A9E-DF2E-451B-9C65-EA5C9E…)

No. 982586

dude's lower body is a horror show, wtf are his legs even. thought they were hers for a sec.

No. 982598

I am fucking cackling at how ugly this. Why anyone would pay to see this bugeyed crackhead tweaker looking anachan get railed by her skeletal ass boyfriend is beyond me

No. 982600

If I had money, I'd pay. I get a lot of girls here are on /g/ trying to stacymaxx but there are people who find her and her ilk attractive, people paid for toopoor's 100 dollar polaroids and pieces of her bloody broken nails. She's attractive in her niche, cope.

No. 982603

Are you lost scrote?

No. 982607

Are you lost? Hi scrote has been banned for quite a while. Your spergy comment about how much you hate how she looks contributes nothing to the thread

No. 982631

File: 1591141993801.jpeg (213.57 KB, 1125x1250, 1375DF1E-6090-47FA-94E5-612583…)

No. 982636

File: 1591142678212.jpeg (406.91 KB, 1125x1444, 41674274-BF3C-4C03-8A10-7FC7B8…)

she been scamming

No. 982637

File: 1591142730947.jpeg (370.39 KB, 1124x1923, 8890411C-36F7-490E-9902-603337…)

No. 982642

File: 1591142864784.jpeg (305.69 KB, 1124x1803, 14657F0B-D522-4A0F-B3F2-EC46E5…)

No. 982647

File: 1591142972730.jpeg (501.89 KB, 1125x1882, 2A69343C-83C1-4B5F-8C13-0952D6…)

No. 982747

>Your spergy comment about how much you hate how she looks contributes nothing to the thread
And you wking and saying you would buy her porn if you weren't broke contributes what? kek.

No. 982753

File: 1591169096154.jpeg (107.63 KB, 693x828, 24A06D5C-B003-4C56-A42B-5EA009…)

>I’d pay
nigga wtf go watch some free porn
Y-you’re right anon, I could never compete with this goddess I’m sorry brb gonna go pay for her Onlyfans

No. 983469

good luck she ain’t got onlyfans she sells porn to onlychildren

No. 985036

File: 1591673439139.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x2560, 20-06-09-13-29-54-026_deco.jpg)

Saged since this is probably a nitpick but God damn do I wish she'd stop trying to make out that her giant eyes are real. Ignoring the fact the she obviously photoshop her eyes so she looks even more bug eyed, she very obviously wears lenses. Not to mention there's photos of her with very normal irises. If Kota couldn't get away with it, I don't know who Winona thinks she's fooling (aside from her deluded underage fans and thirsty simps)

No. 985934

She admitted her current drug use and addiction in her recent stories and shared her will to improve her mental health. And thennnn she posts a vid with Lopholora by her side, that chick is an addict. Idk.

No. 987100

How do these people afford rent in Hollywood? As well as plastic surgery? I’m completely perplexed.

No. 987103

Typically escorting.

No. 987127

Wanna add credit card fraud to that list. Esp if you are like lophowhatever, she can prob run up a credit card with fake address and creditors will be confused trying to find her for a while. Conversely idk how it is in Russian but if she can run up credit card debt there and still continue to live LA there are virtually no consequences. Blade/Melanie (the one who died that Lilith constantly uses for clout) stole credit cards and 10,000 cash one time but got arrested and went to jail for that.

No. 987253

Their parents must be proud.

No. 1016299

File: 1596406081345.jpeg (259.98 KB, 1125x1002, A15EB3B9-00B1-443D-B7D3-F57C50…)

when ur cappin so hard u put it in ur bio lol — totally not performative activism when ur so involved with a movement that u typo the acronym of it and don’t notice for weeks :-/(:-/)

No. 1016420

>All Cops Are Pasta

No. 1021037

File: 1597112170652.jpeg (295.68 KB, 828x1426, 5B2A8304-9CD4-4500-B851-1876B5…)

Some choice comments from her latest Instagram post with the blonde chick that does heroin

No. 1021058

File: 1597115972414.jpeg (141.51 KB, 1125x378, CE60A8BE-2D40-4D41-B3E2-0DAE1B…)

No. 1021059

File: 1597116070345.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x2021, 5D8ACBFC-5AAA-4823-A7D6-37CCEB…)

why is she saying she’s sober when she was posted boofing ketamine last night

No. 1021344

File: 1597170948997.png (1.06 MB, 1125x2436, 100F88CA-8E98-4F24-BC73-67F21C…)

She just turned off comments because people are accusing her of shooping. Sorry for no caps because she turned her comments off and I thought someone would have already posted this, but she put up a photo with a warped window and said “I don’t edit my body” and the comments went crazy. And then this:

No. 1021346

File: 1597170991284.png (7.81 MB, 1125x2436, 05C167DF-A30D-4B1A-B09C-03D758…)

Samefag here’s obvious use of snow

No. 1021442

it’s hilarious if her fans think she’s sober, she looks and acts doped up 24/7. same with her deadbeat boyfriend. they deserve each other.
tinfoil: he’s using her for clout.

No. 1021446

File: 1597183452453.jpeg (117.32 KB, 750x936, 22F7C358-EFC1-46B2-9061-41522F…)


No. 1021451

File: 1597184014862.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1714, 71121874-1969-403B-804F-6D105B…)


No. 1021453

Also, one last thing.
She claims to have chronic illnesses and constantly begs people for donations for “medical bills” yet will post stories after clearly off her head. Why not just stay in Australia? Australia literally has free healthcare… yet will steal fans money just to live in LA.

No. 1021489

File: 1597187103895.jpeg (949.42 KB, 1125x2340, 34171DC7-0CC2-4871-A7B6-33F222…)

her family in aus has called her out for lying when she pretty much said they mistreated her which is why she has to live overseas funded by fans and also about having lupus which is another reason she uses to ebeg. she edits her photos so her limbs are even thinner so her comments are full of concern for her health which she uses for profit like having two international nose jobs within a year etc

No. 1021505

File: 1597189045890.jpeg (185.29 KB, 1125x555, BF32CD98-FE12-40C1-B448-9876B0…)

international fraud lawsuit against her in the works apparently

No. 1021506

File: 1597189085104.jpeg (258.8 KB, 1125x705, 5C8D1B46-1966-46A0-BF14-8AE014…)

No. 1021660

The nose job thing intrigued me because it doesn’t look like she’s had any work done or any downtime from surgery. Is it her lips giving an optical illusion?

No. 1021665

File: 1597220278588.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2001, 29A8AC6F-9CE6-4228-8A7A-8A8AA2…)

asked her dr for a pixie nose and she healed quickly according to her

No. 1021688

>Has a criminal record for stealing a car and driving without license and is proud of it

You mean that time she was on that ig account that posts female mugshots or whatever? I think thats bs and the pic is just a pic of her passport, with a made up story. I think I've seen her passport pic before at some point

No. 1021701

no it happened, not sure if I can find the screenshots but she and her ex boyfriend both got arrested
it was more so due to these >>959446 events

No. 1022193

wow a true cow. She’s lying about getting it done to fix her breathing, this has to be a non surgical nose job, you don’t heal that fast from a rhinoplasty

No. 1023656

File: 1597559862239.png (5.65 MB, 1242x2688, 12311134-2FE1-4648-AA19-2D9A4A…)

So she dyed her pink hair back to blonde and got a wig is she to copy her friend?

No. 1023939

yeah she wants to be hofmannita she has been slowly morphing into her - lips, smiley piercing, long blond hair, kroseyi as a bff coz she used to be hofmannita‘s bff before they fell out

No. 1029350

she is getting called out on tiktok rn (@rtheimpaler for the vid) for a lot of the things posted in this tread (blackface and nazi appreciation etc) so she now is posting about how her ex abused her (when he was 17 they had gotten back together since that then she cheated on him and left him in australia more recently but she never says that part) to deflect from the stuff she actually did that there are receipts of and is deleting any comments about it. another thing that she has been doing but covering up is actually stealing from the ex that she says abused her as recently as last week - most of her recent music is actually his that she just sings over and doesn’t credit him at all for the production or lyrics that he wrote which is the reason so many of her tracks have been taken down (when I meet the devil, mirrorz, crybaby etc) imo it is more abusive to continually steal from someone and publicly post private information from ur relationship that has ended years ago. He has her blocked and hasn’t publicly engaged with her since they broke up but almost weekly she will post either his lyrics, a song that she has stolen from him or some slander against him - anything to get a reaction it seems like which is predatory behaviour like a stalker.

No. 1029526

How do you know all that? Interesting

No. 1029695

File: 1598565259374.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x2285, B9BEF34A-2C41-49D0-995F-16906C…)

this song voodoo doll for example was released by her ex 4 years ago and it’s still on his soundcloud now she released this EXACT same song last year just with her vocals included with no credit or acknowledgement that it is his work and there are many more examples like this

No. 1029853

File: 1598589972510.jpeg (516.85 KB, 1125x2048, 05CE7622-79E9-43A1-9484-B97840…)

this is the only version of mirrors left on YouTube - it isn’t posted by lilboweep coz she has had it struck for copyright on her own account I assume - the only reason this is allowed on YouTube is coz it says that it is licensed to 3713 (her ex) the original song is called meaningless and was posted to his soundcloud years before she covered it as her own last year

No. 1029864

File: 1598592713030.jpeg (403.94 KB, 1125x1937, 3B599B36-A221-4C95-A8E3-63F79A…)

the track list from 3713’s (the ex that went by xannyphantom back then) 2018 album with meaningless third from the bottom that she stole as mirrorz in 2019 after they broke up

No. 1029875

Tysm for answering! I've been following her for years I think, started as a fan of her looks and music. What about the tiktok stuff and do you know about the beef with Zheani?

Convenient to cry about David again now that she's getting backlash.

No. 1029880

File: 1598594768946.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1978, 6A01CFFF-5F43-46B1-A920-CDC08E…)

these r some comments on her tiktok related to the video exposing her there are more but she is deleting like crazy.

No. 1029881

File: 1598595031953.jpeg (713.07 KB, 1125x1944, 8C3C0AE3-AE2D-4348-8879-1BEFF2…)

Zheani beef explained by her pt 1!

No. 1029882

File: 1598595248730.jpeg (745.58 KB, 1125x1929, 6E2651DC-8420-466E-9DA6-EB72D0…)

No. 1029883

File: 1598595509798.jpeg (585.22 KB, 1125x1566, B32CB265-08FE-4831-A83A-B98828…)

No. 1029884

File: 1598595837567.jpeg (628.74 KB, 1125x1773, 28CD5BE3-C168-4FE2-9397-DC9510…)

No. 1029886

File: 1598595991690.jpeg (477.14 KB, 1125x1102, DE80F010-16F6-438A-B8FE-64C110…)

No. 1029889

File: 1598596290782.jpeg (768.03 KB, 1125x1905, 75D12A98-B581-464B-A350-B79D6D…)

No. 1029891

File: 1598596559177.jpeg (637.41 KB, 1125x1905, F70BB6EA-584D-4696-81D4-67B4B2…)

No. 1029892

File: 1598596691875.jpeg (671.51 KB, 1125x1869, 33050205-E421-4CE4-86A8-841B97…)

No. 1029893

File: 1598596811608.jpeg (794.99 KB, 1125x1728, DB01B324-A0F7-4622-B403-61DE11…)

No. 1029894

File: 1598596925527.jpeg (768.41 KB, 1125x1929, 63229CBC-08D0-48FB-9AB2-FFD769…)

No. 1029895

File: 1598596995105.jpeg (741.83 KB, 1125x1905, B95FDAFE-B920-49E7-9BB5-310899…)

final pt 11 !

No. 1030119

Again, tysm! I dont use twitter at all so this is all new and milky for me. Anything else you feel like posting, please do haha. Loove Zheani ahhh, around the beef with her and Lilboweep I started to realize that LBW isnt so perfect. Lol laughing at myself for thinking lil bo weep doesnt PS! Just wanted to believe the best.

No. 1030178

no problem ! that milk from twitter dropped in may n ive been waiting to talk about it since so thanks for asking lol also over on tiktok she was getting called out by celttok - actual Irish ppl that have PhD in celtic history coz she made a video trying to teach about fairies and they said everything she was saying is wrong and she’s a cultural erasure queen but she just said she has been learning since she was a child and is super educated blah blah then she deleted the whole thing just now lol so sneaky

No. 1030180

File: 1598645551257.jpeg (756.01 KB, 1125x2069, 4B068C65-64DC-4DEF-A129-135714…)

she just deleted this off her ig so guilty

No. 1032566

File: 1599087776758.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1125x2098, E974EFF0-B86B-4ED8-B3E8-00423B…)

No. 1033049

File: 1599174140873.jpeg (966.76 KB, 1125x1897, 3BDD8156-D4FE-473A-A9AC-364919…)

not only does she own swastica knife she has swastica tattoo

No. 1033068

not wking her, but that tattoo at least is not the nazi swastika

No. 1033091

you’re right technically just like some ppl technically like skrewdriver for the music

No. 1033101

rotating 45degrees ends racism uwu

No. 1033107

For anyone else, I'd agree but it's too much of a coincidence when lilboweep has Nazi memorabilia and is openly racist while pretending not to be. She probably snuck it in there on purpose but intentionally did it with some plausible deniability just like she has all of her other offenses.

No. 1033174

File: 1599190539053.jpg (124.93 KB, 468x656, images (10).jpg)

Looks like an autistic rendition of this symbol to me kek. She probably told the tattoo artist to add some squiggly lines so she could have something as close to a swastika on her body as possible.

No. 1033183

lol not to mention that the tattoo artist who did it is her friend the proud nazi skinhead

No. 1033186

used to love Zheani too until she centred herself in the BLM movement to promo her album which also put Yolandi’s clout chaser statement into about her into perspective unfortunately

No. 1033232

Nta but agree. I think it's a shiloh/onion type of situation. Just because one of them is an abuser doesn't automatically make the victim a saint.

No. 1033261

File: 1599204947306.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1843, C484BCEA-44D5-4B5B-AC00-761576…)

>>1021451 this edgelord photo shoot aestheticise od to sell shitty tshirts is at least on brand

No. 1034718

From what I saw Zheani completely stopped promoting her EP after Georg Floyd died and I think donated her promo budget to some Aboriginal girls charity. She just disappeared after that for months

No. 1035011

yeah she stopped promoting only after she got called out for it. before that she said nothing about george floyd only that the cops in australia didn’t do enough for her which is absolutely besides the point of BLM and everything to do with the themes in her upcoming album. she said she donated to a charity (no proof of course) and went silent on her large platform when it wasn’t trendy to promo herself - telling to only utilise your platform for self gain especially in these times and also to insert yourself into american culture at every opportunity for profit but when said culture can’t be monetised and is instead calling for community discourse - she’s silent, silencing critics and only doing “activism” in australia…

No. 1035031

and by activism in australia i mean having no transparency with one potential donation, bagging on aus for profit at every point saying she grew up with no culture n how trash it is ~poor me~ while reaping all the benefits of life there and then moving her merch business offshore to america to appease her american customers all while biting their style and slang ~what a patriot~

No. 1035241

Called out by who? I missed this.

But also think it’s strange to expect an Australian to do activism for American social issues. I can’t think of a single example of an American music celebrity doing the viceversa

No. 1035243

I bet if she showed how much she donated you would also accuse her of doing it for attention or as a virtue signal.
Imagine being so sad you complain about a stranger you don’t know online donating to charity(emoji)

No. 1035253

you probably did miss it that is the nature of censorship lol her followers where asking but she deleted. I believe influencers are able to engage with social issues globally if the nature of the activism is not performative eg during the australian bushfires this year many celebrities etc from usa and all over the world helped out. I think it’s irresponsible to build a platform by calling out injustice and censorship to then act with apathy and opposition on these same principles when they don’t affect you personally. it’s hypocritically steeped in privilege and boring

No. 1035261

Zheani also donated to the bushfires with receipts. I don’t understand what you mean by performative. How is she privileged if her parents where drug addicts grew up being poor with DV etc?

Your issues sound personal. If you caught your boyfriend jerking it to Zheani or Lil bo weep it’s no reason to come here and talk shit babe

No. 1035265

I’ve never seen Zheani be or claim to be an activist. From everything I’ve gleamed she seems to be about personal growth rather than the typical celebrity trend hop activism. I don’t know why anyone would get their information about social issues from a Zheani or Lil bo weep. They are Australian soundcloud musicians and SWs not intellectuals.(emoji)

No. 1035269

it’s a privilege to only care about ur own injustices that aren’t at all systemic especially as a public figure and from ur weird comment about jerking it over her it’s obvious that ur hypnotised by her pretty privilege and won’t ever see her do any wrong ur lovestruck lol cute but ppl can be more than pretty they can also stick to their morals especially if they wanna b in the public eye and I’ve never seen any receipts for donations soooo

No. 1035271

Zheani activism trend hops in a different way she needs to attach a controversy to every music project dieantwoord, censorship, blm three times is a pattern of clout chasing no ?

No. 1035272

I bet you’re a 3/10.
I’d also bet that by “Zheanis fans calling her out” you are actually referencing yourself.

I hope your boyfriend stops simping for Australian girls and pays you more attention.(emoji)

No. 1035277

>>1035272 I could show you 1000 celebrities that posted about BLM 3 times a day for a month in between selfies and music promo. That’s not the case with Zheani. She donated to charity and then shut up despite having just dropped an EP she might have worked on for a year. That is the moral and classy thing to do.
You really are reaching(samefagging)

No. 1035285

Why are you responding to this emoji-brained cow kisser?

No. 1035287

File: 1599566750417.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, topkek.jpg)

>If you caught your boyfriend jerking it to Zheani or Lil bo weep it’s no reason to come here and talk shit babe

I agree with savage anon

No. 1035389

File: 1599579915111.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20200908-133218~2.p…)

"I didn't know u then ?? I never met or talked to u ?? What lol I met u in 2017."

You don't have to meet someone in person to have stalked thier Instagram back in 2015. Sounds like skin walker's remorse to me.

No. 1035432

File: 1599587424282.jpg (159.6 KB, 540x846, qGsedvC.jpg)

I think she never tried to copy her, bo weep just pulled it off better. zheanis always been jealous of lil bo weep though and its not the first time zheanis had a falling out with people who are more succesful then her.

No. 1035435

File: 1599587781258.jpg (116.01 KB, 540x896, Psp1yw3.jpg)

Speaking of skinwalkers remorse lol she had a nickname called baby yo. She wanted to be yolandi but that failed and well yknow how the rest went.(namefag)

No. 1035444

Don't namefag it's against the rules.

The tough girl act is just not becoming of a miniature Tumblrite kek. From one poor Ausfag analysing another, I'm willing to bet she got bullied in highschool until she found an older group of alt junkies that made her feel tough. ot but isn't she from Gold Coast? That's mostly homogeneous tourist destination where families go on leisurely holidays.

>Yknow how the rest went
I'm not going to discount her abuse accusations because her skinwalking could just as possibly be equal evidence to suggest she was an easy target for the alleged grooming.

No. 1035469

File: 1599591646258.jpg (33.2 KB, 720x445, 20200908_115219.jpg)

The thing with zheani is that she thrives on negativity like what a lot of her ex friends have said. Also the beef between her and lil bo weep on twitter… well the things zheani lists on why shes not friends anymore..she says lil bo weep sided with DA instead of her. And then after this beef some posts started to pop up in lil bo weeps reddit page. The title and who its by is obvious its zheanis bf. But wait theres more! After this post someone started to leak lil bo weeps onlyfans… idk maybe this is zheani n her bf doing it…

No. 1035481

File: 1599592631322.jpg (206.39 KB, 720x1089, 20200908_121707.jpg)

Theyve been trying to get at her for a while now

No. 1035512

Why do you think that's Zheani's bf?? Blah all the recent posts are just Lilboweep stanning shit with no actual receipts

No. 1035548

File: 1599599268395.jpeg (442.41 KB, 1125x1862, FCA751E5-C7F1-4654-995F-FEEA24…)

No. 1035593

File: 1599605232151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 474.21 KB, 1080x1190, 20200908_160442.jpg)

No. 1035612

File: 1599608619235.png (897.15 KB, 750x1624, 3E47047A-E188-4019-993A-026D26…)

Winona has entered the chat

No. 1035615

So that’s about a dozen people she has scammed out of money by stealing beats, not doing reposts, not paying for music videos, not doing features she was paid for etc

No. 1035712

File: 1599619197041.jpeg (724.93 KB, 1125x1491, 3BA0F314-36FB-4E09-A8D1-7F3FE9…)

Winona used to post how much she loved Zheani before the business deal fallout it’s not true they were never friends like she has said more recently

No. 1035713

File: 1599619274880.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1083x1851, BE339EEB-B6E8-486C-8E4E-A7F5CB…)

it’s certainly one way to escape the system if you’re broke

No. 1035736

File: 1599623068620.jpg (229.66 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20200909-134256__01…)

Nta but some of it kind of makes sense >>1035481

No. 1035752

Zheani has been dating mik for years. Unless it’s intentionally a sock to frame him it’s def him

No. 1035814

You can look at the account on reddit. It’s a Russian poppy mega stan with many posts. And was also posting about wanting Lil bo Weep to do a collab with poppy. >>1035612


No. 1035815

Well, there goes that tinfoil.

No. 1035820

File: 1599638602153.jpeg (486.97 KB, 750x1491, 959F9C97-E82C-4928-8CA6-58990D…)

I like to imagine half the comments here are Lil Bo Weep just tweaking out super paranoid

No. 1035826

You replaced the nonexistent tinfoil with a more intriguing one.

No. 1035842

What happened between her and Teale Coco? All I remember from that time is they went from being super close to Zheani trashing Coco for being rich and having her dad buy her a BMW.

No. 1035894

The name starts with Mik but thats it. Also it's a russian email. Dont think theyd be that dumb, or even post that

No. 1035915

File: 1599665216569.jpeg (507.98 KB, 1225x1804, D3A87035-CB7B-404A-A045-3CFA86…)

She’s from a town near Bundaberg apparently.
I remember seeing her and Teale in photos together from around maybe 2011-12ish (we have quite a few mutual friends) in Melbourne so I assume she has also lived there too. (OT sperg but gcfag here, it’s weird seeing my hometown mentioned)

She was probably jealous that Teale came from a wealthy family judging by this interview I just read.

Zheani is such a not-like -other-girls-pick-me type it’s insufferable.
It’s also gross how much she stereotypes people from rural Australia.

No. 1035926

Zheani really is jealous of other girls becoming famous.

No. 1035937

Zheani could use a thread of her own tbh. She does the same shit as other ethots while pretending she's superior

No. 1035940

She sounds like a Melburnian artfag drop out who thinks she was born into the struggles of the 3rd world, I fucking can't kek. I actually listened to some of her music… She can't rap to save her life, so I wouldn't be putting that "accomplishment" on the resume anytime soon.

Nta but agree. She's milky, but you know we'll cop spergs crying vendetta because she has an abuse story.

No. 1035948

File: 1599668955016.jpg (436.04 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20200910-022509__01…)

Also sorry for samefag but I just realised, didn't her dad worship some weird modern Indian avatar which she grew up ingratiated in? And prior to the purge of photos on her IG didn't she have a photo of her mum breastfeeding her? Her parents seemed pretty liberal. They don't sound like the types to discourage artistic professions, at least to me.

No. 1035994

How else can she scam people if she doesnt have the woe is me victim cliche

No. 1036004

And how has Zheani been scamming anyone?? Goddamnit this is a boweep thread. Im really starting to think she is posting here herself

No. 1036006

Boweep is the one with the victim complex, posting about her surgery like its threatening her life lol, and it was just a plastic surgery. Also lying on having lupus and having an abusive family, which her family confirmed

No. 1036011

File: 1599678173819.jpeg (850.73 KB, 1152x1152, AED5D4DC-6CDB-47FF-87CA-C44BA2…)


slight necro but also interesting, to me at least, that's grace neutral with her so zheani's claim that lbw stole grace's neck tattoo also potentially lines up. i know i recognized it as soon as i saw it. they're not identical but the design and placement are very similar, and when you're already a known skinwalker…

No. 1036027

Both bo weep and zheani play that victim cliche though.

No. 1036034

File: 1599681711353.jpg (599.48 KB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20200909_12581197…)

Another one of lil bo weeps onlyfans leaker. This account uses the same stamp as zheanis bf. What a coincidence…

No. 1036048


Anon, that's a unalome. Basic bitches get this tattoo because it means something like a path to enlightment in Buddhism

No. 1036062

File: 1599686610589.jpeg (981.8 KB, 1125x1500, E7261668-C4BD-424C-9A38-3E9F66…)

this is the deleted caption for this post that made her family call her out for lying.

No. 1036063

File: 1599686798706.jpeg (554.58 KB, 1125x1743, 87A73E2E-3EA1-432B-AC8B-4E5C31…)

LBW explaining the deep meaning behind this groundbreaking tattoo

No. 1036064

File: 1599686920027.jpeg (585.23 KB, 1125x1773, 17978F3A-8B07-491D-A082-215414…)

No. 1036071

File: 1599687729184.jpeg (605.52 KB, 1125x2037, 698346CD-3F3F-4CF2-B192-D95C82…)

Winona sent her followers to bully this girl who she thought was copying her neck tat, then when the girl’s friend asked her to delete the tweets to stop the bullying Winona threatens to kill her?!

No. 1036077

Isn’t this bitch from Australia or some shit why is she speaking like a cholo? You’ve been in LA for how long? Pathetic.
> let my chancla go bratata

No. 1036079

Samefag sowy or is she saying that’s what some “unaloon representer” said? Either way cringey as fuck

No. 1036082

I’m pretty sure this was posted when she was living with David in the van so it was probably him typing as the “unaloon representer” still gross and nf

No. 1036087

Someone needs to punch this girl already damn

No. 1036108

It’s obvious half the posts here are Lil bo weep.

No. 1036116

File: 1599693135337.jpeg (61.26 KB, 750x319, 0690B25A-5048-457E-84D9-DDF2DE…)

Why would grimes do this???

No. 1036135

The plot thickens

No. 1036137

File: 1599694597350.jpeg (883.53 KB, 1125x1140, DCE2E2B0-AED6-4DD7-8281-1A9E77…)

No. 1036145

File: 1599695230473.jpeg (480.94 KB, 1125x1580, DF160365-DE4D-4171-BBDB-F72EFD…)

necro but here are some old sc of her ex talking about her she treats him when they are broken up which is probably still happening now

No. 1036147

File: 1599695277425.jpeg (618.9 KB, 1125x1745, C9859BC0-7CA4-46B6-B890-66A4F8…)

No. 1036149

File: 1599695381494.jpeg (490.52 KB, 1125x1123, 454B7119-65A5-4274-AE03-1D6D12…)

No. 1036155

File: 1599695912941.jpeg (481.61 KB, 1125x891, E6B6B2C2-D76D-4594-8F80-BBD2ED…)

necro but here is another time lbw threatened people online, this is old but pretty ironic all the things she is mad at these people for doing (drugs, porn, endangering children, threatening lives) she does now herself very openly and sees no problem

No. 1036191

Necro is when you bump a dead thread kek

No. 1036283

File: 1599723245105.jpeg (386.91 KB, 750x1209, 28609964-2008-4A29-BB68-628B8B…)

~real makeup look~ kek

No. 1036285

File: 1599723902987.jpeg (191.85 KB, 750x1069, 59CE1A44-6598-4279-8993-B48512…)

samefag but I just realized that she literally sent her own passport photo into mugshawtys acting like it was her actual mug shot… i’m at a loss for words

No. 1036293

Scrolling past this thread is always a trip. I've never seen someone who purposely edits themselves to look this grotesque, thinking it's cute.
She really made herself look like Gollum with lip fillers and e-girl makeup. Too much drug use must destroy a person's eye for beauty, because this is insane.

No. 1036313

Yup this is what I meant. She was posting all the cOoLeSt mugshots from that account before sending her own

No. 1036390

Those lip fillers have got to go, she looked so much better without them.

No. 1036566

File: 1599778994269.jpg (373.98 KB, 1079x1834, Screenshot_20200911_010333.jpg)

Does anyone actually subscribe to her to fund her DMT/zannie/rat bag habits? So low.

No. 1036572

File: 1599779813073.jpeg (1009.64 KB, 1125x2142, D58ECC7A-9951-4FFA-B117-A41347…)

People do that is the worst part see the 1.5k likes

No. 1036579

File: 1599780197385.jpeg (460.54 KB, 1125x1963, 16D436BF-F0A8-4E9F-A6A9-727D0B…)

She is ripping so many people off, she posts all the same clips that she posts for free on ig like the 6 second do you like feet clip and then is trying to charge $200 for a long solo clip (longer than the usual 6 second clips so what 2mins long?) all the leaks are on reddit anyway

No. 1036589

Does she ever actually post new music on her OF? She has said a few times she would post unrealesed music and visuals on there? Idk if that's true or just bait to get more fans to buy it who might not be so interested in the sexual side of it but love her music

No. 1036603

File: 1599783583764.jpeg (553.59 KB, 1125x2007, A6EE6F9F-08E0-46F2-A107-C82BAA…)

I think she posts very little related to music and uses it as a sales tactic.

That soundcloud link she made a clip to with kroseyi most of which she posted as a free teaser anyway. Then the “a million” clip she also posted pretty much all of it for free anyway and it was just lil wayne slowed down and her in black dolls kill lingerie (she is a dolls kill brand ambassador but won’t admit it fearing backlash) flicking her nazi knife. She will call it an exclusive remix with exclusive lewd visuals but it’s very low effort for the amount she charges, which is the highest pricing point possible on only fans.

So much of it is pedo baiting as well, all her adult content features some sort of childlike aspect - she looks very young intentionally, always includes stuffed toys and cartoons etc - she cares only about lining her pockets and not the well-being of anyone else, especially her younger fans and supporters it seems.

No. 1036701

Didn't she have a nose job? How does she still have such a potato nose?

No. 1036773

Yes she did get a nose job. And I feel like it just added to this rapid decline of her looks. Seriously she looks gross as fuck, it makes me ill. She used to be decent enough looking, cute even with some photoshop lol but She has always just been a generic "not like other girls" alternative pseudo spiritual girl, and she looked decent enough to work for her, but now she literally looks foul. Her looks deteriorated so quickly, its laughable and disturbing, and almost sad because of how oblivious she is to becoming so rancid. Her nose turned out fucking bad,its like the kind of gross pig nose that you'd see on a child who always has their fingers up in it. I dont know why but she is literally nauseating to look at, at this point.

No. 1036874

File: 1599840962468.jpg (171.99 KB, 720x1421, 20200911_065400.jpg)


You can find that stamp in a fancy text copy and paste generator, it's not that unique. Also what dumbass would out themselves for leaking nudes, the dumbest bit pick.

Imo instead of Zheani and Lilboweep having their own threads, they should be grouped in the soundclout general cause of lack of milk. This thread is close to dead anyway.

No. 1041591

File: 1600509510298.webm (1.01 MB, 426x240, winnieswasteland_20200918_0338…)

She posted this advertising her only fans. How could anyone find this appealing? The way she just zones out staring blankly into the distance with that heroin induced retarded ass expression fucking killed me, how are you gonna film porn while you're nodding off like that kek so hawt

No. 1041599

I thought you were referring to the fact her eyes were open during the kissing but boy was I wrong. That vacant stare into the camera gave me drugged out faux snuff porn vibes. Truly frightening stuff.

No. 1041995

To the person who said pretty early in this thread way back that she's a bad pet owner and that what she smokes n does around her rats could get them sick, she just posted on her insta story about how she just found out one of her rats has a tumour.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1042002

Pics or it didn't happen

No. 1042009

File: 1600592829170.jpeg (538.75 KB, 1242x1843, D97FA399-3ADC-4255-9DFD-B1454E…)

No. 1042482

File: 1600669358486.png (6.07 MB, 1125x2436, FD2EA8DD-EE11-483B-B6D0-9CE69F…)

No. 1042483

File: 1600669417983.png (12.42 MB, 1125x2436, 286375A6-1DB1-4819-B8C6-783B49…)

No. 1042496

That is not a kind angle for her, damn

No. 1042507

File: 1600672991776.jpeg (175.82 KB, 1125x765, E2EEE3DB-CF03-477F-81ED-FC38DA…)

No. 1042552

File: 1600683150025.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x2053, DACB96E8-692D-46A0-9966-F44B24…)

also did anyone catch this pic ? what the fk is happening to her chin

No. 1042640

Someone here commented how she was a skinwalker. The other day askulloffoxes teased a new song about skinwalker. The beef between the two is still going on

No. 1042649

File: 1600705811828.jpeg (673.6 KB, 1242x1422, FDF3B32C-9CE0-4577-B5B1-AEFDDF…)

No. 1042650

File: 1600705861743.jpeg (96.97 KB, 1031x427, 75C4FD57-8743-489C-ABB3-6592A7…)

No. 1043008

Nice cowtip

I dunno the tinfoil about skinwalker coming from here is a bit of a reach, it’s said outside of lolcow

No. 1043043

Its a joke, they are friends. Drug buddies lol

No. 1043949

File: 1600893594257.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x2073, 590C04F0-646C-4184-B0BE-3CC2A9…)

when i searched up lophoelola this account came up lol what the hell is this her

No. 1044191

the lophophora girls @ is kraseyi

No. 1044201

File: 1600919638449.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x2090, FC4481CD-3A22-4B56-A78B-5E672D…)

There is also this account on Twitter, they post old screenshots from VK that might be of kroseyi when she was a child / before the glow up / surgeries. The only person this account is following is spookybaby so it could be her or one of her friends like toopoor digging up old pix because they do have beef with kroseyi.

No. 1044206

File: 1600920079269.jpeg (146.66 KB, 1125x529, A5F7D767-C432-4CDA-8789-7E694E…)

No. 1044335

>>1043949 yes that's her as a kid before the surgeries, hair dye etc It looks like a hate account to expose her

No. 1044468

File: 1600965270330.jpg (5.4 KB, 299x168, 111ljjwf.jpg)


kek this cow looks like sahar tabar

No. 1044864

top kek anon, so accurate.

No. 1044959

Whats all the bad blood between all these people with lil bo weep?

No. 1044984

File: 1601013898871.jpeg (675.26 KB, 1125x1806, 0361698C-E8DD-4015-A7F3-BF3A1C…)

Lilith has called them all out in the past publicly for being racist and corny including lilboweep

No. 1044992

File: 1601017600551.jpeg (73.74 KB, 540x542, 02B8A77C-0323-4254-B3BF-A3608C…)

clearly fucked up on something ahaha when are the sober lies going to stop

No. 1045002

File: 1601021000019.jpeg (904.3 KB, 1055x1285, Screenshot_20200925-000907_Ins…)

I love how with just a little bit of lighting adjustment, her track marks instantly become the focal point of her photos which is funny considering the fact that she photo shops herself into an ogre-esk-baby egirl creature but cant even be bothered to edit out her tracks. You can see them either way if you know what you are looking for, but she leaves them faint enough to go mostly unnoticed.

No. 1045012

File: 1601025263292.jpeg (79.91 KB, 826x305, 2AC91142-BBC4-4653-B478-1CDD36…)


No. 1045091

Why 37? Is this an inside thing or did I miss something?

No. 1045202

3 and 7 are both "magic" numbers within folklore and religion. Every basic bitch who fancies themselves a witch says they're their lucky numbers and "oh wow I keep seeing these numbers everywhere".

No. 1045466

there are only nine digits, of course you see any given digit all the time

dumbfucks are dumb

No. 1045476

Lilith is saying shes racist? Didnt they hang though…

No. 1045816

File: 1601152163115.jpeg (522.88 KB, 1125x1615, 8B63778D-851A-4719-A2BD-C147AF…)

they have never met, Lilith called out LBW for racist stuff she said online, and hanging with kroseyi who Lilith also says is racist, but then Lilith dropped it after she spoke with LBW, now they follow each other as a sort of truce, but Lilith was right the first time.

After this LBW had her minion make a Twitter to just to defend against this, minion also published dm’s between LBW and Lilith, to shame Lilith for having mental health and addiction problems - saying that because of this Lilith is crazy and can’t be believed (now deleted).

No. 1045938

File: 1601161344672.jpeg (782.84 KB, 1125x1935, 6CEFBAAD-F4D0-4715-9F56-C1A58B…)

here some caps of her histrionics / contradictions about her health, drugs and porn

No. 1045944

File: 1601161533159.jpeg (806.83 KB, 1125x1758, CB84E06A-B936-4A1E-9597-B512F5…)

No. 1045947

File: 1601161670252.jpeg (220.93 KB, 1125x969, C14FEC07-722D-4C85-89DD-A9A576…)

No. 1045950

File: 1601161785025.jpeg (661.94 KB, 1125x1905, 94ABCCAB-F204-4D18-AA93-DBA374…)

No. 1045954

File: 1601161886097.jpeg (254.73 KB, 1125x1619, 535B3850-4595-49B7-B018-16D8FF…)

No. 1045962

File: 1601162168367.jpeg (264.67 KB, 1125x985, 067D4C37-578B-48EC-85F4-8F8B32…)

No. 1045963

File: 1601162264370.jpeg (587.56 KB, 1125x1830, 22DEC66C-5835-4D5B-B5A5-3DE19A…)

No. 1045988

Poorly done, cheap chin implant + nose job melted by cocaine/intranasal drug use. When you snort drugs with a nose job it winds up melting the nose

No. 1047621

File: 1601342283068.jpeg (641.27 KB, 750x1076, 002C18A0-A70D-42B9-AD80-BEB2BA…)

She killed her rat. Not the first time she’s been abusive towards her pets so not really surprised. Poor little guy.

No. 1047701

File: 1601349778216.jpeg (429.58 KB, 586x1072, 5D96C23E-BBED-4AB5-A2C6-6B8285…)

she was warned about the dangers of smoking and spray paint fumes around rats months ago, she did nothing to change her behaviour to care for them, only uses pets as props - disgusting rip

No. 1047715

predictable outcomes. no milk

No. 1047716

Poor rat. People like her should not be allowed to own pets.

No. 1047796

The worst part is in memoriam of the rat she posted this video where he jumps two feet off her arm onto the bed and she points out his big jump like it’s something to be proud of when it’s clearly stressed

No. 1048505

File: 1601484936829.jpeg (325.91 KB, 1125x1258, IMG_0915.jpeg)

No. 1048506

File: 1601485019144.jpeg (311.13 KB, 1125x1007, IMG_0916.jpeg)

he is so gross and she is too just absolutely nauseating idk if he did this to her or if they're both sick or she's corrupting him or what but they should not be together she is straight up gonna die

No. 1048507

there's also a video lmao. in her ig. idk how to link an ig video but its in the same post with the photos its cheap whore snuff film vibes

No. 1048598

File: 1601494910996.jpeg (204.35 KB, 938x1531, 5BBFBACB-FD4C-4DBB-86F6-33A788…)

at least her followers are getting smarter to her bullshit these are the top comments on that revolting post kek

No. 1049901

File: 1601623171180.jpeg (665.73 KB, 1125x1663, D4177E21-FA9C-4C80-965C-405545…)

so many excuses to why the rat died and how it was so unexpected, meanwhile she stressed it out on the daily and posted it. she’s so immature and incapable of responsibility

No. 1049902

>v common in rare breeds
it's common in any breed of rat why does she have to make it sound like she had such an uwu speeshul rat

No. 1050355

File: 1601679554873.jpeg (403.44 KB, 1000x1484, 6103FDF2-FD39-4EB9-B41C-37AC82…)

weak explanation for the od post, thought we grew out of tumblr edgelording last decade

No. 1050462

File: 1601685901174.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 002F01CD-4835-4E6E-B95D-69DCE1…)

No. 1050466

File: 1601685990361.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, FDF5B8CC-F0E2-441F-9CBB-566475…)

Looks like lbw wearing a diaper

No. 1050467

File: 1601686048146.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 181.29 KB, 584x758, 3345E43F-BCF9-4B23-A25C-745BB9…)

Nose job.

No. 1050528

File: 1601690158254.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 909.08 KB, 1125x1416, D0BFC70A-17E5-4D41-95D6-B4997E…)

nose job #2

No. 1050584

File: 1601696053875.jpg (159.74 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

I'll never understand why she made her nose bigger.

No. 1050631

The artsy crackhead aesthetic is so damn rank. Hepatitis C but make it ~aRtSy~

No. 1050890

File: 1601746145494.jpeg (319.69 KB, 712x1169, 572823AC-1F04-42E6-BA5D-B61C46…)

She’s selling her ‘art’ now $200

No. 1050891

File: 1601746172701.jpeg (235.28 KB, 750x966, 9BB727FF-6E09-4B2D-9B60-A69B84…)

No. 1050892

File: 1601746213534.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 63E06E99-48D7-4893-B8FC-E7A413…)

No. 1050893

File: 1601746238060.jpeg (400.75 KB, 750x1284, 042209D5-FACE-459B-BDBD-A8B031…)

No. 1050895

File: 1601746269328.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 355.63 KB, 750x1283, 2B837A68-65F3-457B-95CC-7FC81E…)

No. 1050897

File: 1601746310722.jpeg (225.39 KB, 742x1145, F5BF9A88-B8CA-49CA-B8BD-5351EA…)

The reviews kek

No. 1051048

File: 1601762316192.jpg (954.8 KB, 1440x2806, Screenshot_20201003-175937_Ins…)

No. 1051055

File: 1601762765096.jpeg (591.96 KB, 1125x1938, AD077185-F80D-41B8-9AAF-1DC193…)

No. 1051059

This bitch is tore up from the floor up lol LA chewed her up and spit her out, she is already used up way past her prime and she is seemingly oblivious to it. She used to be actually fairly beautiful and had an intriguing look but she threw that away and turned into the living version of some kind of sick paradoy of herself that was made to mock the person she was before, now she is just revolting to look at and nauseating to watch. She thinks her cracked out bullshit is so deep and spiritual and its fucking pathetic to see people go along with it. Kek. She fucked herself over so badly, so will never be anything more than a junkie but that's what she chose to be so it's what she deserves. It's crazy though because it seems like this total deterioration of who she was happened so fast, and I mean shooting up heroin will catch up with anyone who does it long enough, but this chick didnt take long at all to get to that point. Just another cliche has-been wasting away in hollywood, living as a cautionary tale of why you dont trade your dreams for track marks. Just look at courtney love. "Oh, look at my face. My name is might have been, my name is never was. My name's forgotten."

No. 1051119

File: 1601770088528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 917.86 KB, 1125x1818, FA488E58-15E3-4B7D-A6C9-0D48D2…)

her Twitter blocked for the od post

No. 1051127

I feel like this is meant to sound like journalism but this post is dumb. Random courtney love reference? Okay.

No. 1051165

File: 1601773557035.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x2067, 62F75976-6117-4D78-B2FE-AB46C8…)

she turned comments off on this tragic ebegging post but here are some caps from when it was going down

No. 1051166

File: 1601773612057.jpeg (203.7 KB, 1012x637, 8167B673-AEB6-4394-9658-8C7297…)

No. 1051167

File: 1601773732741.jpeg (117.29 KB, 973x816, 8CB70C42-03A1-4952-ABE1-5F66D4…)

No. 1051173

File: 1601773868077.jpeg (143.25 KB, 995x1283, 55C51D7E-EEB8-469A-9734-E6A87F…)

No. 1051179

File: 1601774023447.jpeg (262.35 KB, 984x1724, 0911A38E-037A-4FEC-B0D4-9F249C…)

No. 1051411

There is a video from her Tiktok talking about xans. I’ve never posted here so I’m unsure how to post the video. It’s a shame she’s turned out to be like this and the more I read on here the more disappointed I get. She is begging for money but is lowkey bragging about having to take more xans than other people. Asking why she needs to take more… winona it’s because youre a fucking junkie. It’s not cool or cute. She can’t afford to pay rent but can afford to keep buying drugs? They’re 100% not prescribed, they would not give an addict xans.

No. 1051412

Does anyone know why she has warrants for an arrest? It can’t be the car thing that was posted to mugshawtys bcuz that was proven to be her ID photo lol

No. 1051420

Is there a page for kraseyi? Or any other of bo weeps friends?

No. 1051421

File: 1601807946650.jpeg (844.93 KB, 750x1143, EFA95D37-A3E8-46E3-BCD3-1C2253…)

Did winona sell this as her own?

No. 1051423

File: 1601808060054.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, FC026291-4B47-4735-BB71-F52C1C…)


No. 1051454

File: 1601814076183.png (994.37 KB, 1079x618, Screenshot 2020-10-04 232129.p…)

hadnt heard of this chick n i thought her hair was some mank furry ears b4 i clicked on the thumbnail

she looks like a vampire bat, cept the bat's far cuter

No. 1051681

File: 1601840723201.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x2074, 9D2D2324-C6F2-4B2C-B2BE-89C092…)

here are some comments from the tiktok xan vid

No. 1051682

File: 1601841210769.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1125x1592, 84883C36-3CCE-4D87-9913-732AFF…)

after the ebegging vid got rightfully deserved backlash she created this new venture, charging fans $100 p/h so she can be their personal trainer, which she is not licensed to do at all and when ppl asked about her qualifications for this as they wanted to book in but still train safely, she deleted them

No. 1051694

File: 1601842285847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 315.11 KB, 874x1664, D9C527CD-E1E3-4732-AEAC-63E4F9…)

an example of dangerous misinformation she’s slinging - the body shouldn’t actually be pushed to its limit when stretching, it should always be comfortable and steady (70% effort not 100%) and to exceed this will lead to injury so this is a lawsuit waiting to happen

No. 1051745

It honestly seems like she’s doing everything she can for money. But she’s just gonna spend it on drugs. I miss the old bo weep smh. What the fuck happened to her.

No. 1051748

File: 1601846451979.jpeg (201.51 KB, 983x1508, C159AB54-CE21-4A0F-BA24-0C760E…)

No. 1051750

File: 1601846553832.jpeg (405.96 KB, 996x1740, 861DADD3-2C03-450A-916F-02A04A…)

No. 1051752

File: 1601846947609.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2030, 1C024B11-0399-417D-A1D2-65D46E…)

her management page changed its name from unaloonmgmt to ripunaloon (wasn’t the name change to signify healing and growth?) so it’s clear to everyone even her and ppl close to her that she isn’t even trying to be a positive influence anymore

No. 1051755

Great censoring there buddy

No. 1051761

“bcuz” “lol” “bo weep”
> no sage
> no interrogation
> absolute newfaggotry

You stick out like a sore thumb, Constance-Marie Wilcox @blaidebabi @lostcents @lithiablade with phone number [removed]. Don’t post screenshots from this thread on your story, peak autism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051815


No. 1052101

File: 1601887460700.png (8.48 MB, 1242x2208, D16BE1C8-5333-434F-8C54-9BA1EF…)

at least she actually admits her shit Lol

No. 1052137

It probably doesn’t help Kraseyi with lil bo weep bragging about how much xans she needs and acting as if she’s sober when she’s clearly not. I’m glad at least one of them have spoken out about their addictions, maybe lil bo weep will be the next but tbh she probably won’t be with the way she lies. Maybe she’ll have a break down and beg for sympathy again

No. 1052151


If she can afford collage in us coming from Russia (where higher education is available for much cheaper/free) then her family is rich enough that she can go to rehab. This is one massive retard LARP trying to get clout in the SoundCloud scene imo

No. 1052360

"Afford" can be used to mean having enough time for something as well as enough money for it.

No. 1052592

Dummy can’t even spell heroin ofc she’s hooked on it

No. 1052798

Lilith got her into it. Like lilith does with everyone.

No. 1053211

File: 1602018134803.jpeg (160.35 KB, 1124x899, 472AC057-DC3C-4863-8E05-7E825E…)

it was probably more likely to be Holli, since they have all actually hung out and Lilith has been sober since rehab last year

No. 1053212

File: 1602018216437.jpeg (291.14 KB, 1125x2304, 86C52754-1D0E-43EC-8B16-EB2660…)

her tiktok deleted for community violations

No. 1053308

She deleted the gofund me post and updated the goal to 15k… has only recieved $300 lol

No. 1053326

File: 1602027260437.jpeg (608.93 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20201006-161819_Ins…)

Kraseyi doesnt bother to hide her track either. I dont understand these chicks, how can you act like you are so fuckkng hot as you are literally sticking a needle in your veins? You can't get any lower than that kek have some self respect kek these bitches are just straight up bag hoes using only fans as a means of escaping withdrawal for one more night

No. 1053497

If you scroll back to photos of lil bo weep before she got with “stevie”, she looks much brighter and healthier. She looks dead now. Like a literal corpse. She seemed happier too before. Is there anything known about Steven?

No. 1053501

Lilith been sober my ass

No. 1053555

>Lilith has been sober since rehab last year
lmao, you really believe that?

No. 1053563

I was responding to the kroseyi post and she hung out with lilith like 2 or 3 years ago it’s on her profile. I know bc lafag

No. 1053575

File: 1602058652845.png (814.36 KB, 719x1256, Screenshot_2020-10-07-05-16-24…)

No. 1053721

Wtf didn’t she admit to taking heroin a couple days ago

No. 1053733

They’re sad because no one understand their woes so drugs give them an easy personality.
Weep on the other hand had a lot of opportunities. Diplo retweeted her music not too long ago this year. But drugs are more fun I guess. They’re all hypocritical when a friend overdoes and they claim their going to get clean.

No. 1053759


Its hilarious b/c by admitting she' spent 3 years on pills basically proves she's a rich daddy's girl.

As much as Lilith sucks, she was right. This chick is trying to skinwalk her 1000%, except unlikel Clare she was never even that attractive

No. 1053979

And she wondered why the rat got a tumour and died …

No. 1054034

can the newfags please learn to fucking sage? it’s not that hard.

No. 1054168

I resisted yesterday but there’s no track marks in this pic. Track marks don’t even need the saturation blown out to see them. The milk is there she already admitted to using, stop reaching

No. 1054189

File: 1602150256015.png (10.22 MB, 1242x2208, 31B8CE1C-0C1B-4235-838A-C97FC6…)

oh dear

No. 1054190

File: 1602150286310.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, EA269CD8-F9BA-4984-8608-AC5304…)

No. 1054899

Is this real? She posted this like two hours after posting herself on a walk

No. 1055013

Yeah it’s real. She must’ve deleted it

No. 1055070

LilBoWeep has posted merch. Tacky shoes and tops anybody could make(imageboard)

No. 1055397

File: 1602288753448.jpeg (134.36 KB, 828x1472, 306009D9-7B1D-4441-8799-14B060…)

From kraseyi Instagram story. She posted crying not long later “24/7 pain”

No. 1055452

File: 1602293705194.jpeg (478.61 KB, 1242x1828, A5BDD26B-6986-4AFF-9B31-BB7111…)

@kraseyi ig pic

No. 1055455

File: 1602293923258.jpeg (478.94 KB, 828x1520, 579C7A11-6D5E-47E9-9D43-3DE6B1…)

@kraseyi vs reality pic from her ex boyfriend @vicodindemon(emoji use)

No. 1055483


No. 1055549

Why does @kraseyi keep getting posted? Isn’t this a @lilboweep thread? No one really cares about this ewhore.

No. 1055552

Shes part of the LilBoWeep shit. One of the many druggies to the story

No. 1055567

She’s pretty boring aside from the drugs? Being a junkie isn’t milk. She’s just some rich Russian girl living in America. If anything, Lilboweeps ~fiancé~ Steven should be posted more.

No. 1055573

this is not a kraseyi thread..

No. 1055599

I meant is she telling the truth. Bcuz I don’t really think u die and are ok in two hours, narcan or not

No. 1055601

It’s adjacent enough. Or should we sperg more about bo weeps rats

No. 1055605

Just don’t keep bumping the thread for this kraseyi hoe. No one cares. Learn to sage.

No. 1055667

What’s the shit on Steven then? I haven’t found anything

No. 1056380

File: 1602430056300.jpeg (149.74 KB, 828x1472, A032D2A4-4385-4BDB-B7E2-8EBB8A…)

Kraseyi wants to be diagnosed with “any personality disorder” and she later said how she tried to kill herself twice in the past week… thought she was just being a junkie as usual. They do anything for sympathy I swear(offtopic)

No. 1056573


> literally was living on the floor in someone’s apartment when they got together (blankets and pillows on the FLOOR was his bed)

> while she has been with him she has become a heroin addict
> they make “art” together but looks like >>1048505
> seems like a crazy enabler
> all her diehard fans hate him and blame him for her recent addiction issues

No. 1056574

Not to wk but she’s Russian. English is her second language. I personally didn’t take it as ~any~ personality disorder. Don’t doubt she’s baiting but at least she’s acknowledging that she’s unwell and seeking help. I don’t really see the problem here.

Also PLEASE stop posting kraseyi here! Make a thread yourself because it seems like the same fucking anon posting over and over.

No. 1056616

Bo weep was so pretty before when she had her purple dreads and no work done.

No. 1056857

Stop. Posting. This. Person. Here. Goddammit. Make your own thread, I get the feeling that you have a vendetta against her.

No. 1056873

Ntayrt but I’m interested so someone make a thread or put her in SoundClout

No. 1056874

Ntayrt but I’m interested so someone make a thread or put her in SoundClout

No. 1056887

Uhm, how about you make a thread yourself, bitch

No. 1056984

she looked so much healthier before Steven came into her life. He looks like a fucking rat. Maybe that’s why she likes him so much

No. 1057036

Couldn't agree more. She was still abusing xanax back then but the heroin really did a number

No. 1057469

Fuck this bitch. She scammed me and my friend (we are both from low income families) when she sold clothes on her story.

No. 1057471

Also her ex boyfriend and my ex were friends, her ex took mine for a drive while he was tripping on acid. Driving while intoxicated lmfao fuck everyone she associates with is very scummy

No. 1057484

How tf do you manage to drive a car on LSD?

No. 1057495

man idfk but it’s no different than driving drunk

No. 1057502

How is that no different than driving drunk? lmao have you ever tried acid? Driving drunk is child's play in comparison

No. 1057506

File: 1602583534507.png (9.86 MB, 1242x2208, 101733B0-86CE-4EDB-A089-5D3232…)

sorry to mention again but anyone seen kraseyi story ? claims she had cops and fire fighters called to her apartment, then she went to jail now she’s in hospital ? she said her psychiatrist called the police on her Lol(offtopic)

No. 1057517

make a kraseyi thread already if you are so obsessed and have milk

No. 1057524


i’m here for lil bo weep , as what someone said make a new thread, you already have enough material

No. 1057525

alright calm down Lol idk how to do that i just lurk on here only place to put it was generally just interested in what her story was about . bo weep has no milk rn anyway so jump out ur own ass .

No. 1057529

Oh, shut the fuck up. Make a thread for kraseyi, if you don't know how it takes like two minutes to find out. It doesn't matter if LBW has no milk right now, let the thread die then, but don't bump it with this bullshit.

No. 1057566

I don't know who old Frito nails is but the track marks and dirty track suit remind me of Luna.

No. 1058439

File: 1602670517669.webm (1.15 MB, 240x240, b718914e-f657-4f82-bc2a-6dbad7…)

Kek at the fact that steven claims he has been trappin since the 8th grade, dropped out because he got too many detentions because he is just such a bad boy, but not bad enough to pass up on singing taylor swift to his fellow bad boys

No. 1058440

File: 1602670546250.webm (1.18 MB, 240x240, 9c873538-243e-4c1e-ad89-74b3d0…)

No. 1058441

File: 1602670590363.webm (1.2 MB, 240x240, 2f3a3884-2df0-43b5-adf7-3453ea…)

No. 1058442

File: 1602670618354.webm (1.09 MB, 240x240, 6a160d27-109f-41a7-bca1-5fd6ce…)

No. 1058983

File: 1602720236706.jpeg (590.25 KB, 811x1177, 29D33008-F66E-4A0F-9860-260D13…)

No. 1058996

taylor swift goes hard wym

No. 1059034

Yall are sleepin on Steven's sister fr, raw talent like how come she didnt blow up but he did? So cheated

No. 1059046

she chose dignity instead hopefully

No. 1059060

No one knows who Steven is besides the connection with the girl this thread is actually about so no one knows of or gives a shit about his sister

No. 1059157

File: 1602747519409.jpeg (242.91 KB, 613x926, 1BC19837-1BD8-42D0-BEA2-F340E7…)

Looking healthy and sober, and disabling comments lol

No. 1059317

File: 1602772848274.jpeg (623.71 KB, 828x1065, C8393AB1-77CD-4094-AA8A-5BDEDB…)

i wish she would stop facetuning, she doesn’t look like an actual person anymore

No. 1059328

File: 1602774261876.jpeg (488.52 KB, 828x1196, A234277C-15FD-406A-8441-E0A0DD…)

i had a look through her posts and it made me sad, she doesn’t look as healthy as she used to. she was so much prettier before, but as long as she’s happy

No. 1059335

I don’t think she’s even happy. She seems fucking depressed all the time. On about how she’s getting better and healing but fuck me it seems the complete opposite

No. 1059706

Lmfao did she facetune her boyfriend too

No. 1059975

File: 1602871431058.jpeg (133.59 KB, 750x750, B0B6508F-D922-4A89-BBAD-9CA473…)

No. 1060912

File: 1603001924363.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 0027FA2E-F69E-4977-A465-7315B4…)


No. 1061009

I will be seeing this shit in my nightmares, fucking hell.

No. 1061113

Damn… Imagine the feeling if she ever gets sober and SEES her face. Nose and lips will never be the same

No. 1061164

It’s sad how she begs for money by saying it’s for rent, medical bills etc and to see her with a nose cast or showing off lip fillers the next week :/(:/)

No. 1061294

File: 1603051052868.jpeg (889.35 KB, 1125x1069, 89FD7ECC-6E1C-4C65-9D4D-614241…)

lmao yep she’s been doing it for ages look at this pic that they both posted - in LBW’s post she has facetuned his monobrow out

No. 1061322

Lmao she made the contacts look more realistic too.

No. 1061386

This is such a reach - yes lilboweep facetunes both of them but this photo has hardly any editing. His features are just enhanced.

No. 1061391

That is one ugly motherfucker

No. 1061679

they both go well together

No. 1061816

File: 1603133673615.png (5.01 MB, 1242x2208, AA200D2C-1837-4682-BE28-5AC0EA…)

No. 1061849

You know, these ugly fucking pics aren't really milky so you could probably sage them. We know she thinks she's a qt alien bb by now.

No. 1061874

“Sober”? Lmao. Look at those opioid eyes.

No. 1066224

I have let depop know that she is a scammer, hopefully her account is taken down(Cowtipping)

No. 1067848

File: 1603657820028.jpg (744.88 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-10-25-22-30-26…)

No. 1067851

File: 1603657996238.jpg (573.39 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-10-25-22-30-33…)

kraseyi posted these on her story

No. 1067866

File: 1603659283301.png (510.65 KB, 750x1334, 3D177F21-DC03-4DA4-B112-79F820…)

No. 1067901

Did anyone else see the video she posted of herself nodding out on her bathroom floor while Steven shakes her and says “this isn’t fun anymore”? It was on her Instagram story

No. 1067907

>>1067901 have you got it? Or anybody else? It’s not on her story anymore.

No. 1068942

I dont follow her Twitter, what's up? Some negative comments in her ig

No. 1069462

Her twitter is suspended, probably because she was posting porn. Negative comments are because she told kraseyi that she’s attention seeking and glorifying drug use, while she did the exact same if not worse not too long ago for a shit ‘brand’ her friend owns or something. The screenshots are commented not too long before yours, just look.

No. 1069514

Thanks! I did read the thread ofc just hungry for More lol

No. 1070536

File: 1604001596085.png (6.2 MB, 2048x1365, 84830CC9-1932-487B-8F46-6A80A3…)

This is really sad to see. Don’t do drugs, kids.

The thing is - she’s gorgeous IRL. She has super unique features that make her stand out. WHY she chooses to facetune herself into an alien, I’ll never know.

No. 1070547

Everyone here keeps calling her an "alien" but she doesn't even look alien. She looks like you took a toddlers face and pasted it on a sickly adult drug addict woman. There's something absolutely uncanny about how she looks like if a baby grew up but their facial proportions never grew.

No. 1070786

I was scrolling /snow/ and thought these were 3 different people

No. 1070860

Kek. No anon, I think you mean she WAS gorgeous. So yes back in the day, it was bizarre to see how much she would shoop and facetune herself when it wasn't even needed and almost felt pitiful that her confidence was so trash despite being a pretty attractive girl. But now, she looks nightmarish without the editing, as well as with it. And so if her confidence was that terrible when she was actually still pretty, I cant imagine how she feels now when she has to look at herself in the mirror and face what she did to herself. Which is probably why now she just edits herself into not even looking human anymore at this point. Sorry lil bo weep but No amount of facetune can fix what you have done to yourself but the heroin will keep it numb long enough so that you dont have to think about it again until it's time for that next shot. What a waste.

No. 1071174

File: 1604088676060.jpeg (468.58 KB, 1125x820, F1355DF4-9D47-4BBF-88F1-8A4E0A…)

here’s some background on steven’s and lbw friend /producer eleven aka nohidea. he is apparently an established abuser and changed his handles to avoid accountability and backlash - birds of a feather…

No. 1071879

No. 1071983

Looks like she's trying to make herself look like a child, truly fucked up shit.

No. 1071997

Why would anyone want to show the inside of their nose like this??? How is that a cute look? I don't understand the appeal of this and her chin at all.

No. 1073634

File: 1604367266613.jpeg (42.79 KB, 749x205, 43C42581-B8BB-40FF-ADD8-493A06…)

No. 1073684

not blind. barf

No. 1073873

File: 1604400140096.jpg (787.06 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201103_124211_com…)

No. 1073874

she doesn’t know deafness is a scale and they could probably hear something going on? fucking gross

No. 1073880

File: 1604400913218.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201103_124220_com…)

No. 1073882

File: 1604400958436.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201103_124224_com…)

No. 1073884

File: 1604401011774.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201103_124216_com…)

No. 1073888

This all sounds like a terribly convenient way to deny all culpability of shit behaviour. "I treated you like shit/tried to scam money with shitty 'art' and not sending depop orders, but it wasn't me, it was my addiction". Fuck off Winona, own your shitty behaviour without the scapegoat.

No. 1073891

i mean, the part where she says that "bringing anything up might be triggering" is pretty telling too.

No. 1073931

Yep like wtf. Hope she gets sober but highly doubt it

No. 1073981

she really doesnt understand the concept of building a tolerance or what. i dont get it

No. 1074055

It’s all for attention isn’t it. I pUT THE DRUGS IN MY BODY I CHOSE TO DO THAT BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT WHAT I DID AT ALL I IN NO WAY NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE I WAS ON DRUGS.. it always seems as well they when she’s done shitty things another of her excuses are “I have been thinking about my dead friends”. I love how all while shes saying this shit she’s bragging about what she’s taken too, or at least that how it looks to me.

No. 1074083

she just doesn’t want to hear the shitty things she’s done during her bender.

she should take responsibility and the hard truth and grow the fuck up. you’re not going to go anywhere unless you admit your problems and come to the face the shitty things you’ve done.

this is a boy who cried wolf situation, i don’t think she’s ever going to get sober because she’s said this many times

No. 1074774

not to WK, but i can imagine not wanting to hear every awful thing you did during a seasons long blackout while going through withdrawls.

now whether or not she will ever try to listen and take accountability or stay sober is another question. Im not so sure she will. hope she does. addiction is hard.

No. 1075960

Askullofoxes just dropped a song called skinwalker which could be a jab at lil bo weeps

No. 1075994

who tf is that

No. 1076008

She used to be friends or something with lil bo weep and they had a falling out. They got into it on twitter and she basically said lil bo weep copied her looks.

No. 1076014

Askulloffoxes is zheani. She was mentioned earlier in the thread. The girl that was beefing with die antword

No. 1076165

Lmao why is she promoting vote now like days after the election ended

No. 1076166

this is an imageboard

No. 1076223

File: 1604658411430.png (4.9 MB, 828x1792, 37DE4BE9-56B3-4407-B67E-F916BF…)

Does she not realise voting stopped 2 days ago ?? The drugs really fried her brain

No. 1077111

File: 1604757676789.jpg (412.37 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-11-07-16-00-16…)

Guiltripping her fans into donating money for her go fund me page

No. 1077114

This is disgusting

No. 1077306

If she wasn’t spending all her money on drugs she probably could’ve saved a lot by now. It’s hard to believe that she’s even going to try to stay sober when she’s lied about it so many times.

No. 1077394

File: 1604781231862.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1871, 5D1A77CA-9288-404A-B390-A4CA52…)

Now the reason she isn’t going back to aus is Steven… at least this is probably more true than the gofundme lies.

Ps. a drinking game every time she says new music soon (and doesn’t release any)

No. 1077395

“New music v soon” gonna be an eternity before new music releases don’t lie to the fans like that(emoji)

No. 1078419

File: 1604909573508.png (176.85 KB, 640x1136, 90C16E92-472A-4D84-B997-27C36B…)

Gofundme now closed lol, did she day anything about this?

No. 1078704

There‘s no chance LBW will manage to stay sober. 0%.

No. 1080824

How is she even in the USA? How did she get a visa, especially given the drug use. I’m amazed she hasn’t been kicked out

No. 1081273

File: 1605238614224.jpeg (294 KB, 827x1380, 6811C0CC-7005-48C5-9C04-5D80A4…)

Playing with guns while looking so ‘sober’

No. 1081749

File: 1605305723479.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 5A1B5A75-44B7-4687-8ECA-7F2F24…)

She looks so ill why the fuck doesn’t she go to rehab or hospital or something

No. 1081760

she looks like a Moomin lmao

No. 1082083

Lips: ruined
Hairline: going higher n higher
Hair: thinner and fucked up curl pattern
Drug using: luna level

Just so gnarlyy

No. 1082103

File: 1605351500871.jpg (719.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201114-025110_Pho…)

Kek she posted this to her story and it straight up looks like she is trying to show off her suprise bulge like wtf is even going on there? bitch just got some droopy nasty ass panties cuz she spends all her money on heroin instead of underwear when she needs it, or is that literally a dick and this is her way of announcing it?

No. 1082107

Why you guys follow or want to look at these weird edgy porn junkies is beyond me

No. 1082141

She's a cow and I'm a cowgirl yeehaa, check the site your'e on

No. 1082890

Um why does this bitch photoshop herself to look like she has Progeria

No. 1084222

File: 1605570941146.jpeg (338.76 KB, 1124x1388, 5EBC34D5-6123-4A62-AC7F-0C7BD8…)

new review from her depop

No. 1084417

File: 1605591313422.jpeg (742.84 KB, 1125x1119, 798CBD11-AF2F-4D13-9E84-9A562A…)

Steven has now created a Depop account to sell the exact same 1/1 handmade shirt that Winona has already sold but not sent (scammed) the recent reviewer out of.

No. 1085221

File: 1605678358759.jpg (288.98 KB, 1440x1919, 20201118_004525.jpg)

has anyone seen her latest story + post on instagram?

No. 1085227

I don't understand, did she pass away or what? This is so confusing

No. 1085236

File: 1605679497257.jpg (495.44 KB, 1065x1552, IMG_20201118_080451.jpg)

No. 1085253


Probably being a sadgirl attention whore as usual. Maybe the drugs ran out.

No. 1085254

I saw people speculating on insta that this is a promo for her new album and if it is then that's really messed up

No. 1085312

File: 1605694536420.jpeg (200.09 KB, 828x1450, C3229259-D556-4C49-9019-45A4C2…)

No. 1085313

God what a giant attention seeking cunt to make it seem like she died over a breakup

No. 1085318

If it's really a breakup it's funny that it happened right after she supposedly started getting sober

No. 1085451

why the hell would she post something like that over a breakup? absolutely unbelievable, her attention-seeking knows no bounds.

No. 1085876

File: 1605753606318.jpeg (727.62 KB, 828x1453, 63C4E32C-0CC8-4CEB-A0E2-DB3571…)

No. 1085881

What Are the Symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome?

People with Munchausen syndrome deliberately produce or exaggerate symptoms in several ways. They may lie about or fake symptoms, hurt themselves to bring on symptoms, or alter tests (such as contaminating a urine sample). Possible warning signs of Munchausen syndrome include:

Dramatic but inconsistent medical history
Unclear symptoms that are not controllable and that become more severe or change once treatment has begun
Predictable relapses following improvement in the condition
Extensive knowledge of hospitals and/or medical terminology, as well as the textbook descriptions of illnesses
Presence of multiple surgical scars
Appearance of new or additional symptoms following negative test results
Presence of symptoms only when the patient is with others or being observed
Willingness or eagerness to have medical tests, operations, or other procedures
History of seeking treatment at numerous hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, possibly even in different cities
Reluctance by the patient to allow doctors to meet with or talk to family, friends, or prior doctors
Problems with identity and self-esteem

No. 1085926

File: 1605757220858.gif (843.05 KB, 254x192, ok bitch.gif)

robbed? for what?

No. 1085932

How much do you want to bet she says Steve robbed and raped her like she did with David

No. 1085973

It's really interesting to me how she freaked out at that Kraseyi girl for 'attention seeking' when she came out about struggling with addiction.

most munchies get mad when attention goes to other people, and tend to project the things they do onto others.

No. 1085974

File: 1605763523186.jpeg (591.6 KB, 1125x1586, 1D0431DF-E537-43E2-985D-85DB3E…)

comments from stevens ig 1/2

No. 1085975

File: 1605763555795.jpeg (302.38 KB, 1125x1468, E91392D8-51D0-4CB0-92F6-647208…)

No. 1086026

Lmao i was one of the commenters that got deleted before she deleted her post
Idk y she fuckin did this to her fans lol like dont threaten people with suicide, i think she is having highs and lows from the drug use, those drugs arent like weed, they will kill you and damage your brain. This is so sad to watch, i rlly hope she takes back control of her life and gets clean!!(cowtipping)

No. 1086244


what were the other comments that eleven said explaining the situation? is it only the comment explaining they broke up?

No. 1086459

I’m kind of glad that they broke up. Since she had gotten with him she seemed to go downhill even more. It is kind of out of the blue though? She wants to get sober and soon after they break up?

If it’s true she got raped then as shitty as she has and will likely continue to be, I hope she recovers from that shit, being raped is not deserved at all. But if she’s lying about that shit then oh my fucking god she can rot more than the drugs have already done for her in the first place kek

No. 1087367

File: 1605908621169.jpeg (327.2 KB, 750x1200, F125BC00-97E5-4F27-9195-4F9021…)

Steven has deleted all the pics of Winona from his page.
Tinfoil - I think Steven was using Winona to start his crappy music career. He was a nobody before and now he’s suddenly Instagram verified? When Winona isn’t even verified? Something smells fishy.
I don’t like what Winona has done in the past but I’ve always liked her music and respect her as an artist. The downfall of her life is really sad to watch.

No. 1087462

File: 1605915601964.jpeg (101.9 KB, 750x813, 65B09BAC-8B14-4E90-A848-BA7DEF…)

His verified because his signed to Def Jam- Universal. Has been for a while.

No. 1087601

Shes back in australia for rehab?

No. 1087623

This is an imageboard.

No. 1090129

sorry i’m not replying 2 anyone in particular i just have a lil milk
I don’t know if I still have access to any of the accounts, but way back before Winona was even catsincola in like 2012 she had a secret insta in the eating disorder community, she basically just whined on there about fasting (she always did nori seaweed fasts), being previously inpatient (unconfirmed) and this one photo all the time she claimed was her with an NG feeding tube, it was an X-ray of a torso w a tube but that’s the one one I ever saw of her(?) tubed. She’d always say she was recovering, like delete all her photos, then come back a week later. Then her music got popular and she forgot about her eating disorder and that blog I guess. I see the same patterns with her drugs as her mental illness though, attention seeking, denial, lying about recovery then obviously being whacked/mentally unstable.

She seems to be so fucking high on her stories on IG right now.

No. 1090546

File: 1606246463678.jpeg (242.97 KB, 409x573, 104D1A82-2F50-4081-9BD9-BE0B9C…)

It looks like she still has an eating disorder/low self esteem because it’s very obvious she edits her photos to make herself look super skinny

No. 1090924

File: 1606265469550.jpeg (874.64 KB, 1125x1773, F159BD52-42F4-4283-AF45-89655E…)

her Twitter is reactivated, here are some receipts incase it is gone again, starting off with a classic lol

No. 1090925

File: 1606265551736.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1773, 5941A8C9-3164-49B9-B448-424BC9…)

No. 1090929

File: 1606265700500.jpg (548.77 KB, 1080x2849, 20201124_194125.jpg)

there is a 30 minute video on her @theplayboywasteland account where she claims steven left her when she ran out of money. she also claims to be getting sober as she drinks wine and smokes weed. she basically blames steven for everything, and mentions starting another gofundme. most comments are supportive except for this one person.

No. 1090930

File: 1606265726153.jpeg (621.05 KB, 1125x1773, 02A0A9F4-333F-4C4F-8C91-CB003D…)

sending her fans to bully David when he’s trying to get over her

No. 1090934

File: 1606265841224.jpeg (600.39 KB, 1125x1129, B7BA1575-81BE-43A0-84B2-7C5B8D…)

profiting of blm

No. 1090995

File: 1606267865566.jpeg (621.44 KB, 1125x1123, 3E0076F4-0CF1-4557-9299-FC55F9…)

No. 1091001

File: 1606268041915.jpeg (933.94 KB, 1125x1413, 7C78FDA3-527A-4326-8817-6AAC74…)

No. 1091006

File: 1606268173766.jpeg (630.84 KB, 1125x851, 10555E82-E4DD-40F3-A890-4A3F60…)

No. 1091015

File: 1606268653242.jpeg (746.82 KB, 1125x835, 80A4FC29-E027-4A71-BCB9-41D5ED…)

No. 1091207

File: 1606299236194.gif (8.26 MB, 540x960, 20201125_020241-ANIMATION.gif)

she looks just absolutely fucking revolting now lol its like each time she promises new music while nodding off and insisting she is sober, she gets a even more fugly yuck

No. 1092371

File: 1606428876076.jpg (364.79 KB, 1080x1322, 20201126_140952.jpg)


No. 1092372

File: 1606428972521.jpg (380.81 KB, 1072x1429, 20201126_141029.jpg)


No. 1092373

File: 1606429070814.jpg (373.76 KB, 1080x1404, 20201126_141043.jpg)


No. 1092570


this is the tea, she’s been drinking and looking zonked out on stories or posts then deleting, her family has said she lied about having lupus, she’s supposedly had Derealisation/depersonalisation since she was 10 years old but has only just started this blog about it, never spoken about it before. Nose job for her breathing? She’s also never mentioned that health issue. Constant lies that don’t match up.

No. 1092620

File: 1606462710654.jpg (808.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-11-27-09-38-21…)

in what world is this considered being sober

No. 1092663


Australia don’t do free quarantine anymore. We stopped that months ago even for interstate travel. Our borders have never been closed to Australian residents. We still
have people returning daily.
I think it’s around $3k for the two weeks mandatory quarantine in a 5 star hotel with food supplied but other than that yes we have free medical. If she has health issues you don’t pay for hospital or surgery here if you’re public (share a room)
And rehab is free here too!

No. 1092812

File: 1606496591729.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, 13D35502-3124-41E7-AFB3-F19713…)

No. 1092825

File: 1606497093843.jpeg (224.88 KB, 1125x1194, AC252BA1-D8C6-4275-A55D-50EBC8…)

No. 1092829

What shaman practice uses LSD? It's so far from mescaline/MAOI that it's almost funny. It's frightening what people can tell themselves and fully believe.

No. 1094102

File: 1606618418953.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 71FCB3A5-8E79-4A5C-855A-9CAEBC…)


No. 1094396

jeez. her carpet and walls must be entrenched with the smell of neglected rats, filthy bong water, and God knows what else. does she even ever open a window?

No. 1095782

some actually do work with lsd wether thats mainstream or not but go off

No. 1096819

so funny cuz when she had her eating disorder account she would always say she’s like 45kg then it’s 37kg then it’s 30kg like babe you cannot b 30kg or 40lbs, look at yourself

No. 1097221

File: 1606920840947.jpeg (524.22 KB, 750x872, 5EF5D198-8EBE-4F86-A723-7665CF…)

Yeah. Only totally. Kek.

No. 1097227

File: 1606921514431.jpeg (253.67 KB, 750x971, AF5C7ECD-FB7D-4ECB-BA40-34C94F…)

Still copping it in recent comments.

No. 1099776

No. 1099800

File: 1607143910505.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 2999x3999, EA7DCD4C-7C8E-4314-AC9C-98B067…)

No. 1099881

what ever happened between her and Holli? that was a short lived dope friendship?

No. 1100529

File: 1607211489439.jpeg (415 KB, 827x1512, 3F8C8C06-DF9C-4823-A16C-6806B4…)

Wait, you can’t go back to Aus because the borders are closed? Or because you can’t get a direct flight from LA to Aus? Which is it, Winona?
Instead of going home and going to rehab, she’s going to stay in LA and stay addicted. She’s so manipulative though smh pic related

No. 1100577

File: 1607214679331.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1132, FF0FA0F9-41FA-4F7E-A2E2-AC2005…)

awful facetuning to make her knee so skinny/pointy, look at the same concrete on the first photo its very bumpy and then very smooth and straight lines in the second photo.

No. 1100583

File: 1607214852093.jpeg (709.25 KB, 1125x1137, 583E0022-7684-41DC-A6F7-2EA5DD…)

more excuses to stay addicted

No. 1100658

LMAO next thread pic of this bitch makes it that far.

No. 1106358

Bro why tf is she hanging out with Steven again???? Like are they dating again? If so why tf did she take him back after what he allegedly did?

No. 1106398

Drugs in australia are about 5x the price they are in the us
that's the real reason she won't go back

No. 1106412

no one lasts long with holli. she gets em addicted to h, robs em, then boots em.

No. 1106726

File: 1607895321351.jpeg (589.73 KB, 924x1440, D2BDCD82-B725-442E-AC72-02EEAA…)

coz she had to get back on the onlyfans grind lol

No. 1109927

File: 1608320808721.jpg (776.84 KB, 1080x1327, 20201218_194421.jpg)

Looking even less human than normal if that's possible. Also i feel like u can tell she's messed her editing up worse than usual cause her line tattoo under her lips that goes down the center of her face is really really skewed off. Like im not sure how to explain it but that should not b there.

No. 1111119

File: 1608451785502.jpeg (144.91 KB, 564x771, 73C537EE-D630-469E-8522-18DDD9…)

tonight’s edit….

No. 1111126

So uncanny valley and it’s only getting worse kek

No. 1111178

File: 1608468389678.png (44.58 KB, 220x220, uncanny.png)

No. 1111325

File: 1608491325409.jpg (729.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201220-140514_Ins…)

Looking cracked out on her story trying to sell her used clothes and shoes.

No. 1111327

File: 1608491350582.jpg (635.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201220-140522_Ins…)

No. 1111328

File: 1608491391671.jpg (732.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201220-140630_Ins…)

Bonus e-begging

No. 1112190

File: 1608587738104.jpeg (157.01 KB, 750x1333, 22E01023-B48B-417D-B387-25B32E…)

That’s fucked

No. 1112238

File: 1608591638408.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 31499E3B-70B2-4BEE-846E-5EA748…)

She has fresh picking wounds on her face. God she’s really going down the deep end.

Did anyone grab a screen recording of her acting cracked out in the shower the other day? It was bad.

No. 1112297

wait why is she inside a fucking tent?

No. 1112305

This narcissist lost her power when steven left. She was acting like she was the "artist" and all she does is take pictures edits of herself all day long. She is obsessed with herself

No. 1112308

File: 1608597714269.png (1.09 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-032801.png)

No. 1112310

File: 1608597784015.png (934.46 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-010752.png)

No. 1112311

File: 1608597851228.png (679.38 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-041343.png)

No. 1112312

I cannot believe she paid for that nose…. wtf? It’s the irl version of miss piggy’s nose

No. 1112313

File: 1608597906301.png (626.26 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-041314.png)

No. 1112315

File: 1608598037471.png (669.22 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201219-080643.png)

No. 1112323

She is not even close to seeing she's a mess. She is a grifter. She completely fell when steven left. She is a different person without clout. It's really sad. But she used him. He obviously paid for everything except the only fans thing. She needed that obviously! It was getting kinda gross. Just because you could tell she was so drugged out, and really low low quality porn. She's not crying over being heartbroken, but that "she" is just a victim. She isn't crying because he's gone though. Not one tear that she is heart sick.

No. 1112357

She kinda seems like she's using duster or something. I mean, she has no money.. for actual drugs.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1112394

Does anyone has the video she's in the shower tweaking?

No. 1112578

Dont put your name or email. Erite sage in the email.

Do you have any info on her, or are you just a farmer enjoying the shit show like me?

Shes gone full junkie so fast, damn

No. 1112579

I'm new. I didn't realize I could post otherwise. Oops. I'm just in awe of her having no help with her addiction and mental health. I am just a posted not an actual farmer.

No. 1112582

Wtf… Srsly living under the bridge. Maybe She'll realize she hit the rock bottom and go home soon

No. 1112611

I didn’t know she was into engineering.

No. 1112995

File: 1608689136296.png (365.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201222-195055.png)

She just makes up whatever she wants, and believes it. She has put a video of a dancers legs and pretends it's her. I googled the video, it's not her. She truly is a very sick narcissist, addict. She deleted the 2 rapes now, story.

No. 1113015

why is she acting poor. covered in tattoos (even if they're shitty that's at least $2000 of ink on her body), getting plastic surgery, getting clothes that are in style. she'll just use up whatever her allowance was then go back home to mommy and daddy.

No. 1113206

it's so gross and offputting how shes always finding ways to beg for money. shes just gross like an old destroyed ragdoll. and always trashed

No. 1113903

File: 1608781975587.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201221-164127.png)

This was deleted shortly after posting. Really bullshitty. And why is she always saying she's got all this stuff to sell, and it's always these two pair of shoes nobody wants??

No. 1113906

I'm sorry y'all. I'm new at this. I'll correct my mistakes with posting. I didn't see this was posted before.

No. 1113976

> still doesn’t sage

please read the rules, newfag.

No. 1114042

I’m actually shocked at this, living on the streets in la is no joke. Steven hangs out with her still but he won’t let her scam off him anymore? Wow

No. 1114482

File: 1608858915425.png (689.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201224-190843.png)

No. 1114707

File: 1608901875772.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, CB0793BC-65D3-4D30-8BD0-754052…)

instagram story 8h ago. Delusional

No. 1114920

File: 1608936837179.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1972, 9967B33E-4889-4A48-AE07-3A814D…)

No. 1114921

File: 1608936860437.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1995, C5254ADF-EFC3-4890-8C95-088340…)

No. 1114986

File: 1608945313555.jpeg (791.85 KB, 750x1017, CB6366FA-1870-47C8-A9BA-5E8D2B…)

Didn’t she recently get a nose job? It looks lumpy and worse than before

No. 1114993

File: 1608946019966.png (790.92 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201225-190024.png)

No. 1114996

File: 1608946067977.png (474.35 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201225-185931.png)

No. 1114998

File: 1608946243066.png (590.15 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201225-185853.png)

No. 1115001

I wouldn't trust this lunatic with my health! She has got to be insane?! She doesn't seem to think we witnessed her drugged out, and friendless.

No. 1115047

File: 1608954054557.png (183.74 KB, 248x497, Screenshot_20201225-213532~2.p…)

New unedited weep on a friend's story tonight. She looks beat.

No. 1115050

Her eyes don't look so big here. She looks so different without editing! Omg

No. 1115053

KEK did you actually think her eyes were that big?

No. 1115131

She actually does have big eyes naturally but edits them so big she looks uncanny.

No. 1115178

wow she's actually pretty. who fucking knew

No. 1115298

Im going to do some math. If boweep has 10 years experience in gymnastics, contortion and dance then she started at 5 yrs old, and ended at 14 yrs old. That's wheñ she left home. I know she isn't a gymnast because I was for 20 years. She is an incredibly dishonest person who really believes her own bullshit.

No. 1116580

I wondered if she was "escorting" and got caught by the boyfriend? What are these rape allegations? Now she's been raped twice? I don't believe anything she says. Mostly because she lies like a rug, but she deletes then says nothing. Why not call police? Does anyone know anything else?

No. 1116591

No idea. Put "sage" in the email part so you dont bump the thread

No. 1116688

Her nose job really made her face look so much longer. Her original nose fit her facial proportions better. She’s going to age horribly, especially with those tattoos and her lifestyle

No. 1116692

She said she is homeless and is posting photos from inside a tent, it's not unlikely she has been raped if that is her lifestyle. She also keeps saying she doesn't want to be homeless. During the pandemic in LA she could get free housing easily

No. 1117834

I agree. She is really melting and she's about 21-22? It's already happening. Really sad because she was cute before she seriously fkd up her face & mind. I don't know what the hell drug she's doing know but, she starts moving her body really spastic. Scary.

No. 1117836

File: 1609302836935.png (831.3 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201020-222431.png)

No. 1117839

File: 1609303010649.png (1023.1 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201020-182546.png)

No. 1117947

I never knew her age, I thought she was around 30.

No. 1120093

Old thing but Mik is not connected to that acc in any way nor Mik even tried to stir things up with LBW. I l know this stan account on a personal level and it's def =/= Mik Shida.
Weep looks better w/o facetune on her recent post btw

No. 1120180

Babe listen, type "sage" in the email field if you dont have any milk so you dont bump the thread for old news/no news

No. 1120311

File: 1609609072774.png (1.11 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210102-112047.png)

No. 1120312

File: 1609609109928.png (840.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210102-113421.png)

No. 1120316

Ugh, the filthy nails and the thought of this gremlin procreating make me sick.

No. 1120321

Lilbo is lost in narcississim and drug's. Now she wants a baby.."she posted 5 hours ago some of her baby photos saying, "I wish I mattered." This is the feel sorry for me shit that is revolting. Just stop taking drug's, stop using people, and quit ripping off your actual friends. Just get clean, and shut your mouth. I guess she thinks people owe her something. Lol

No. 1120333

Is this a joke? How the fuck does this street rat who is still a child, with the mental age of a toddler, can even start to think about having her own child. GTFO.
I see Dave Navarro is all over her comments, giving her ass pats. I don’t get it, how can any grown adult think what she is and does is okay on any level. Send this bitch home with guaranteed at least two years intense psychotherapy ahead of her.

No. 1120451

File: 1609623809423.png (964.64 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210102-153440.png)

No. 1120454

This pink faggot is never going to see a final product and should just consider it a lesson on wasting money

No. 1120457

File: 1609624079959.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210101-173248.png)

No. 1120461

File: 1609624204953.png (423.69 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201231-221713.png)

Sad, this girl has deteriorated in one year. She doesn't look even remotely close to this now..

No. 1120592

>>1120312 I’m praying she won’t ever have a child and gets over this phase of wanting one…she will just use it as an accessory/pet

No. 1120833

Next step (of stupidity) is putting shitty rhinestones all over his spine and let him catch skin cancer.

No. 1122575

File: 1609858807006.jpeg (155.06 KB, 750x1333, 2CC3F7B6-9E25-4582-AB58-F10749…)

Another surgery?

No. 1122611

She says these things constantly and never delivers and never tries to go back to Aus. There was supposed to be a GoFundMe. She just came down and realized she needs more drug money again

No. 1122624

She's a tattoo artist now??? LMFAO(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1122651

File: 1609866103032.png (459.3 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-105645.png)

No. 1122652

File: 1609866130774.png (433.02 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-105742.png)

No. 1122653

File: 1609866157320.png (445.92 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-110003.png)

No. 1122657

File: 1609866420671.png (491.22 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-105611.png)

Her live this morning was the scariest. I don't think she will live if someone doesn't force her to a hospital/rehab.

No. 1122658

File: 1609866550930.png (437.62 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-105450.png)

No. 1122662

File: 1609866771258.png (465.35 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-105926.png)

No. 1122666

she looks so sickly. seeing people reduced to this is so sad. what will it take for her to realize her fucked up situation? people in recovery talk about reaching rock bottom, but she seems to be going deeper and deeper into an abyss of despair and dog shit. sad!

sage for emo shit

No. 1122826

File: 1609874274297.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 8BB8F69A-F783-41DB-B09C-806316…)

her shilling intensifies

No. 1122827

File: 1609874299966.png (1.5 MB, 640x1136, AAED2F1A-D93D-49D7-B78D-BBA5CC…)

No. 1122848

Who in their right mind would want to live in this shit hole

No. 1123004

Maaannnn…She looks like she's in need of a square meal and an exorcism. I feel kind of bad for her. She has a sad aura, like Amy Winehouse before she died.

No. 1123036

File: 1609883050496.png (1.23 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-153624.png)

No. 1123046

File: 1609883324126.png (369.11 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210105-154532.png)

I couldn't help but notice the filth in her place. It must smell so bad in there. Chemicals, cigs. I'd want it painted, and fumigated.

No. 1123049

This video was glitching the whole time. I think it was edited.

No. 1123620

File: 1609926576389.jpeg (989.47 KB, 828x1491, 27AD215B-499B-45D7-8F39-7958F4…)

Looking absolutely cracked out

No. 1123623

File: 1609927119246.jpeg (98.02 KB, 750x1333, 35D64B52-E9BE-47D6-A06F-8CA94B…)

No. 1123629

File: 1609927923609.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 1C898960-AFA7-4A55-A0E0-6FE007…)

No. 1123657

What happened to her current bf? She stopped posting photos of them together and his taken all of his deleted their pics on his insta(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1123658

*deleted all of the pics of them as a couple on his insta is what I meant to say. Lol.

No. 1123667

Jenna honey, typing your name in as private isn’t gonna make your email private.

No. 1123702

First, ur email is available to see even if you put your name as private lol. Second, LBW and Steven broke up a couple weeks ago

No. 1123826

He broke up with her. She keeps saying she was raped, and violated, and he said it's her fault. She's probably escorting. Right now she's at a nice house. None of her old gang is hanging with her. No "likes" coming from any of them. None. She has been acting drugged out for two days or more. Yesterday was bizarre. She said she'll be tattooing, and contortion training. "soon." But is leaving in two weeks. Or moving..or waiting on a flight. Going home for surgery..or whatever lie it is today. I think she confuses, contort with escort, lol, and claimed, deleted, claimed again, and doubled the rape story so Steven wouldn't be mad. He full on dumped her.even Sickdoggie and russian drug pal aren't speaking to the bocreepy.

No. 1124487

Its so beautiful watching this pathetic fucking joke slowly crumble as she gets everything she deserves in life but her ego keeps pushing for whatever reason kek how blissfully unaware this shit is hilarious at this point

No. 1124708

What happened to her second pet rat? No more posts and stories…

No. 1125124

Sorry I'm new to this fourm I didn't know my email would be visible haha

No. 1125129

Yeah I had a feeling they broke up when she stopped posting photos of them together. I just never knew why.

No. 1125180

That’s ok Jenna

No. 1125276

File: 1610078368497.jpeg (312.61 KB, 1125x1090, BB5907B8-33B5-4A9D-945D-667E07…)

this ig account that comments on her posts

No. 1125589

Sorry to bring this back up but does anyone know what the original crybaby song was?

No. 1126208

That's my ig account. It's only pictures of her more recently. Her descent into drug induced insanity, and narcissism. I think the narcissism is possibly worse than her addiction. I know none of her close friends were with her on Christmas. Except for that truxxo? Tattoo artist. She is extremely shady. You can't believe one word she says. She suddenly is a tattoo artist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1126210

File: 1610165117864.png (604.5 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-210151.png)

No. 1126211

File: 1610165170979.png (533.77 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-210129.png)

No. 1126213

She just posted that this is her "new look." It's the same look though.. lol

No. 1126220

I'm wondering how many students she has for her contortion, dance and gymnastics classes & training? She literally fell the fk apart when steven dumped her. He obviously was paying for everything. She made it out that she was. Now she's a nobody, and steven got a new apartment. Lol!

No. 1126223

File: 1610166031384.png (1.11 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-205913.png)

No. 1126224

She assumes this picture is proof she's fine, and back!

No. 1126234

File: 1610166504671.png (571.25 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210108-222601.png)

She is so famous she has to cover up in Hollywood so she doesn't get harassed! LMFAO!

No. 1126309

jesus christ you absolute fucking retard can you learn to integrate and stop spamming this dead ass thread with shitty unsaged screenshots of her stories? her being ugly isn't milk. read lolcow.farm/info if you want to post here and stop sperging because you were retarded enough to trust this tweaker with your money 3 times.

No. 1126709

YES seriously. Bet all the not saged posts are the same person

No. 1128743

I imagine she means harassed by men

No. 1129072

>sad aura
yeah she's addicted to drugs what did you expect

why are all these screenshots taken at no more than five minutes

No. 1130091

File: 1610511385434.jpg (479.4 KB, 1080x1642, 20210113_041227.jpg)

Like we haven't heard that 1000 times before. Shes so repetitive. For a munchie im surprised she keeps pressing this "im getting better" narrative anyway especially when she goes out of her way to look as sickly as possible (editing photos to look sicker\thinner). She may as well just drop the act but i think she is so delusional she thinks people actually still think she's credible.

No. 1130159

Who told her that facial expression looks cute? Trying to look like a toddler I guess. She just looks like a junkie with a severely low iq and a serious case of premature aging.

No. 1130168

god her nose and eyes are so terrifying in this picture

No. 1130226

The crack wipes her memory every time so she doesn't know she's been saying the same three sentences for months now

No. 1131565

I HIGHLY doubt she’s on crack lol. Xans n fent n alcohol/downers Deff wipe ur memory

No. 1132277

Can you see? Can you read?

Sage your shit

No. 1132591

File: 1610744432512.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1125x2020, B696C868-DF48-433B-8FB9-55EF48…)

hanging out wit steven again but now they just best friends..

No. 1132664

File: 1610749251531.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, E933F0CC-A0C3-49C5-93B0-EF2C2F…)

Kraseyi Instagram story

No. 1132734

File: 1610753354835.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 31DFEC46-47B0-448D-B71E-611724…)

No. 1132826

Unaloon was so good before getting into plastic surgery and everything. Sad to see her like this.

No. 1134577

File: 1610938245043.jpeg (677.53 KB, 1124x2035, 64051BD3-952B-41DC-80F6-9DFF92…)

No. 1135272

File: 1611012684592.png (2.53 MB, 828x1792, F0087A9E-1868-45FE-AAA3-DF1B23…)

No. 1135423

Now lilith is trying to hit her up, didnt they all have beef against eachother her, unaloon, holi, zheani, and toopoor?

No. 1135490

File: 1611031920745.jpeg (289.44 KB, 1125x753, ADDD978F-B6C8-4AFF-96AF-1347BD…)

No. 1135492

File: 1611032635173.png (451.5 KB, 750x1334, 1AC8FDDE-A40D-4C6E-9186-D6240B…)

No. 1135494

File: 1611032706409.png (728.03 KB, 750x1334, 2C689FD2-0358-4692-995D-3795A2…)

Lilboweep just posted this. Back together?

No. 1135502

File: 1611033674527.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1964, 79C2EB2E-B7E6-43E0-A1AC-616F26…)

this is his story sounds like they are doing great

No. 1135504

File: 1611033769699.png (107.42 KB, 240x240, Tumblr_l_558909481312005.png)

Unaloon needs to go back to her old looks

No. 1135529

Well she can’t because she fucked her face up and chopped off her dreads. I don’t think she will ever be the same unfortunately.

No. 1138889

File: 1611307865384.png (9.5 MB, 1242x2208, 152D6925-990E-4A3A-BB8C-27D0C2…)

is her hair falling out ?

No. 1138946

What the fuck happened to her moving back to Oz?

No. 1139211

She probably will never return. Her last story on IG she is with Steven saying she has moved in with a bunch of music artists so “ new music?? Starting something new this year “ and we all know it will never fucking happen. Cause it never does.

No. 1139651

File: 1611361699104.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1512, 5A9ACA09-8108-460D-9BF9-836C53…)

~working on my sobriety~

actually advertising smoke products (no age restrictions and knows her audience is mainly underage), posting binge drinking and then saying she’s not saying anything more about it so she doesn’t have to take any accountability for all the contradictions

No. 1139652

File: 1611361809168.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x2016, BCE0E5DD-3E5E-40B8-8F38-865D04…)

No. 1140839

That just looks like blonde roots coming in. Idk if she’s a natural blonde, but when you dye it a dark color and have naturally super light hair it looks like…. that after a while (it always does give the balding illusion though lmao)

No. 1142421

File: 1611659914560.jpeg (299.04 KB, 750x879, A43B2CAB-1AF7-4E4E-9C74-FD12D5…)

No. 1142704

File: 1611689873194.jpg (568.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210126-143610_Ins…)

Potentially going to rehab? Bet she will be posting again in a few days.

No. 1143005

File: 1611709239250.png (394.24 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210126-150859.png)

Rehab for a month isn't long enough. Btw, she is not a tattoo artist. She expects gifts for Christmas and birthday?? She steals from everyone.

No. 1143102

this is total tinfoil but I'm guessing Steven said he'll dump her again unless she goes to rehab, and he's the person supporting her currently.

tinfoil again but she probably slept with someone for drugs/money and that's why he dumped her in the first place and why she cried rape. Also makes sense as to why all her ig stories were 'i got raped and the person who loves me doesn't care'

drug addicts are funny. they're very good at convincing themselves of things that aren't true and genuinely believing them.

No. 1147808

File: 1612153185989.jpeg (79.83 KB, 750x374, AE718622-A3BB-44E0-B1E5-64D362…)

Just posted to her twitter

No. 1149479

File: 1612297423230.png (709.56 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210202-141256.png)

Rehab isn't happening. Another lie. She had an early morning tat appointment with Sickdoggie. "Don't Drown" is what it reads. She is busy making new "content" for onlyfans. Complained her screaming by being banged by Daddy was awful for her new housemates until they get a soundproof door to their room!

No. 1149482

I feel she wrote "I miss you, David" to hurt Steven. I saw a post from Steven of a glass table covered with lines of some substance with a straw next to it. He put a broken heart emoji. Then she was silent for two days. She isn't going to get clean anywhere she goes except rehab. She'll only be clean the days she's there. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting any of my money back from her.. lol

No. 1149753

File: 1612306143782.jpeg (147.63 KB, 1125x517, 32312705-F932-4D57-9091-BE8912…)

thiss is after the miss you David (now deleted) probably directed at steven?

No. 1150722

I’m pretty sure this was before the I miss you David post. If not she deleted it and posted it, again lmao. She’s just posted a snippet to her instagram of a new (?) song

No. 1150852

She and Steven recorded that song awhile ago. Last year. She just posted the same snippet that's been on her page for way over a year. She's trying to make it look like it's new, like she's been working. She is only doing sex work right now.. She said she was going to rehab two weeks ago. She said she got the okay to go home. She said she needed surgery.. She çant stop lying. I think she directs these cryptic twitter comments to Steven.

No. 1151614

File: 1612417057797.png (461.61 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210203-232244.png)


No. 1151875

File: 1612440727523.jpeg (611.53 KB, 828x1228, 9612A55D-F158-4D76-BCD2-F3E7BA…)

No. 1151881

File: 1612440856205.jpeg (269.96 KB, 1125x1296, EE854AA1-B740-4F17-AD9A-7A13DC…)

Guess she’d rather sleep on the street if there’s no WiFi

No. 1151883

File: 1612441064591.jpeg (341.61 KB, 1125x1660, 9D363102-81A9-44DA-B948-BF6FA2…)

She’s deleting comments calling her on her shit

No. 1151885

File: 1612441108684.jpeg (400.37 KB, 1125x1710, 0CE44ED9-073C-4D78-AFA1-45AC29…)

No. 1151947

File: 1612448047725.jpeg (190.34 KB, 750x541, 4EAF9348-C4BC-4572-B316-5097E0…)

No. 1151966

Wow she is getting super pathetic. Yea I bet he "fake loved" her, just like she did him lol. Narcs

No. 1152022

She and Steven both used each other for clout/money/drugs. It was a mutually parasitic relationship, and now that he is no use to her she throws him under the bus to what remains of her following.
Her recent actions against Steven really put her past with David in a new light tbh. Not WKing but I’d love to hear his side of the story.

No. 1152395

File: 1612481251051.jpeg (748.42 KB, 1242x1732, 15897B98-92DA-43EF-AA52-370B81…)

Where do these people come from?

No. 1152443

Tinfoil: They haven't broken up he sends her out begging to her fan when they need drug money. I honestly dunno why she gets so much support on IG this shit getting second hand embarrassing to watch.

No. 1153111

she's asking for 40k dollars to go back to australia, that's A LOT of money

No. 1153139

File: 1612544264847.jpeg (447.8 KB, 1125x1201, 55644261-C815-4276-9384-9F5770…)

I’d love to see the math that produced a $20k estimate for a flight and a hotel room

No. 1153338

Flights are horrendously expensive eif she insists on going in the next few days, like as bad as 14k, so it would seem better to find somewhere to stay for at least a week before flying. Hotel quarantine is only 3k in the eastern states.

You'd think you'd have this kind of thing sorted before going overseas to be dependent on a scrote while international arrivals are capped and loads of Australians are complaining of being stranded overseas by costs.

No. 1153552

File: 1612575375915.jpeg (229.54 KB, 839x1124, 89152AC8-5E89-4D5A-9429-A22C69…)

admitting she lived off steven before she turned comments off

No. 1153554

File: 1612575548147.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x2054, 81780741-74EB-4C62-9881-493D1D…)

updated the gfm goal to $20000 after all the negative comments

No. 1153564

File: 1612576491468.jpeg (482.64 KB, 1125x2105, 7CC6EC7B-3C74-4591-9209-B757B7…)

updated gfm description after the backlash, said it would explain why the goal was 40k and where that money would go, instead she turned off the comments and then halved the goal quietly.

the only difference from the last gfm is she is saying she is homeless rather than an independent artist, she admits she got a music advance at the beginning of last year (so lied about being independent in the last gfm).

also tried to say the reason that paypal locked her account is because she got a music advance in it, rather than she broke paypal rules by using it to sell porn

No. 1153574

File: 1612577218661.jpeg (178.03 KB, 1017x669, AB76C240-31C0-49F1-8A10-8AC923…)

No. 1153604

File: 1612580456348.png (323.71 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210205-160813.png)

No. 1153607

File: 1612580501984.png (903.59 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210205-160853.png)

No. 1153608

File: 1612580556629.png (1.15 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210205-160911.png)

Suicidal, but doing great!

No. 1153611

File: 1612580607859.png (1.27 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210205-161111.png)

I'm pretty sure this is for Winnie..

No. 1153613

File: 1612580653059.png (664.1 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210205-160836.png)

She's staying with this guy..

No. 1153628

Hm. Looks like the ex but at least he isnt plastered with face tattoos.

No. 1153793

Ew WTF is that beard?

No. 1153895

File: 1612606947158.jpg (524.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210206-101924_Twi…)

She's been indirectly tweeting at moses again.

No. 1153896

File: 1612607038829.jpg (542.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210206-102034_Twi…)

No. 1153897

File: 1612607137908.jpg (545.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210206-102507_Twi…)

I think she's either high or manic rn cause shes posting like once a minute

No. 1153925

File: 1612613708345.jpeg (442.2 KB, 1125x770, 7CE159EC-AF19-4FCB-827F-ADF92A…)


Definitely just “on caffeine”. Riiiiiight…..

No. 1154224

File: 1612642451553.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x2046, 5EF3260B-ED37-473E-A3A5-C2C3F8…)

posting david again now her and steven are broken up, restored a lot of old ig posts she had with him and other ex-bfs

No. 1154229

File: 1612642790295.jpeg (2.74 MB, 3999x2999, 32AB9613-B27B-4A5E-8181-A005F5…)

her explanations after turning off/deleting comments

No. 1155017

File: 1612721913358.jpeg (218.3 KB, 827x1155, 1552E937-BD67-49EC-8D3C-317744…)

Pretty sure people in Australia understand that blackface isn’t cool lol what a weird excuse
Also not addressing the nazi knife

No. 1155240

File: 1612737569024.jpg (785.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210207-221831_Ins…)


must be because she is getting "sober"(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1155304

Ausfag here, in regards to the black face she is talking about Chris Lilley. He is a popular comedian and produces TV shows where he acts as different Australian characters. He has done blackface multiple times but it was very normalised here (not so much anymore, it was the 2000s)
No excuse, just an explanation.

No. 1156175

File: 1612817133330.jpeg (507.09 KB, 1125x1406, 7A5F7680-D189-47D1-A56A-DC0913…)

this is from another ex bff, did them really dirty like how she did kraseyi

No. 1156176

File: 1612817200017.jpeg (231.04 KB, 750x695, 6CF0EE50-584B-414B-B549-0167B2…)

Wonder if this is true or not, and if it is if she will even end up going anyway

No. 1156178

She looks really bad. She is far from sober, and anyone who has gotten sober knows she is full of shite. She is extremely narcissistic and immature. She knows her teenaged fans are attacking Moses. If she were sobering up, she'd have a little humility, and she'd be quiet. She isn't manic, she's high. She looks, and acts like she is using duster.

No. 1156180

Who posted this?

No. 1156199

File: 1612818429478.jpeg (345.85 KB, 1124x1570, 7BEAE738-A61D-430F-A55A-B4FE31…)

truxoxo ex gf polymorphe

No. 1156213

File: 1612818895690.png (865.47 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210208-143456.png)

No. 1156224

File: 1612819480265.jpeg (394.19 KB, 1125x891, 0E31CD3B-9897-48D3-9E89-040EC0…)

No. 1157408

Didn’t manage to grab a screenshot but Winona posted about travelling in Australia when she comes back. Yes Australia have not many cases but we are still in the middle of a pandemic and cases are popping up in Sydney all the time. Can she just fucking stay put for one second.

No. 1158188

File: 1612980360049.jpeg (689.27 KB, 1242x2060, 1F0D4777-2252-49BD-A751-76C4FE…)

she posted this ‘confirmation’ text but to me it looks fake as fuck, the spacing between punctuation makes it so obvious it’s not an official text … She’s so deluded it’s crazy

No. 1158198

Who supposedly texted her this?

No. 1158333

File: 1612988687987.jpeg (279.49 KB, 827x1480, FA5B31E0-DB14-4688-8A52-638C01…)

The most selfish person ever. Wants to move cities/countries AGAIN during a pandemic. JUST STAY HOME GIRL.

No. 1158337

File: 1612988789984.jpeg (90.96 KB, 827x506, 7A578408-C696-48FC-AB4A-2B6113…)

Samefag but so much for her father being “abusive”. Can’t keep up with her own lies at this point.

No. 1158341

Fuck haven't the Balinese suffered enough bogans shitting up the place?

No. 1158679

File: 1613011933573.jpeg (259.39 KB, 828x1130, 2ED9A3B1-AA68-4860-8F83-F5371A…)


This seems fake af. Australian “mercy” flights were operated by QANTAS & Virgin and ceased last year.
The govt have announced they’ve negotiated extra commercial flights but no one is guaranteed a seat and her flight details don’t add up, and how is she getting a business class seat when she’s broke?
Chartered flights aren’t free.

I could also be incorrect but many transit cities are refusing to accept flights from America and UK due to the new mutant variant of covid. Emirates won’t even fly to Australia at the moment

No. 1158767

The text is from whoever paid for her flight and her dad probably paid for it. This is a weird tinfoil, just roast her actual contradictions

No. 1158786

File: 1613030376905.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, 667BB1A0-915C-4624-B80E-CFABC5…)

posting about david again and deleted all the mentions of him abusing her in her linktree and ig posts

No. 1159184

File: 1613074086235.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3072x3072, B56E3B37-F2DF-492D-97A3-0C65E8…)

agreed. This is just some scam she is going for money.
she doesn’t need to fly business, someone else like family must have paid for this. she chose the most expensive one to show that she was going to fly (see photo for the difference of flight of same flight between economy and business) for her gofundme validation of high cost of 20-40k.

Also, why is she going to Singapore? and not trying to find a direct flight?
I have also added in the photo the difference between economy and business for same flight, the flight from singapore to Adelaide.
AND the DIRECT FLIGHT she can get out of LAX to Adelaide for less than 2.5k.
1- her flight cost for business
2- economy cost for same flight
3- flight from Singapore to Adelaide
4- DIRECT flight from LAX to Adelaide.

No. 1159636

File: 1613105808736.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x2001, D5A6803E-3D74-4789-9A3F-194BFD…)

so red

No. 1160936

File: 1613253758104.png (7.34 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1326.PNG)

I guess she really is on her way to australia after all…?

No. 1161204

File: 1613276911035.png (549.47 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-220457.png)

No. 1161205

File: 1613276942433.png (501.91 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-221021.png)

No. 1161206

File: 1613277143156.png (621.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-220407.png)

No. 1161207

File: 1613277211284.png (620.36 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-220420.png)

This is actually horrible. I hope someone helps her..

No. 1161208

is that a bloodstain?? jfc

No. 1161209

Crackhead energy. She deleted the weird twerking part from her story already. I screen recorded it, but am trying to figure out how to downsize it to post.

No. 1161210

What the actual fuck is going on in these, she’s looking straight up deranged

No. 1161212

File: 1613277648202.png (298.51 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-223813.png)

No. 1161213

File: 1613277677389.png (496.29 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-223848.png)

No. 1161216

File: 1613277722048.png (305.97 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-223902.png)

No. 1161218

the shots of her not in the bathroom is apparently her “trying to sing like billie ellish” but she just sounds drugged tf out and moves around weirdly. she got mad as hell that ppl said she was high. her defense is “I JUST GOT OFF A PLANE IN SINGAPORE LOL HOW COULD I BE HIGH” as though no ones ever smuggled drugs before

No. 1161219

File: 1613277832396.png (295.78 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-223825.png)

No. 1161221

File: 1613277940378.png (466.75 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-220751.png)

No. 1161224

File: 1613278066697.jpeg (87.36 KB, 514x385, 3E78A694-52D8-4055-982C-F72135…)

No. 1161273

File: 1613287629803.jpeg (35.22 KB, 600x600, E2BAB8A1-C3E2-4EEE-A095-D8BEBA…)

No. 1161282

can someone please post these vids omg lmfao

No. 1161311

pls anon you’re killing me

No. 1161334

File: 1613296735671.webm (1.32 MB, 518x1094, LilBoTweak_1.webm)

The pictures were bad enough…

No. 1161336

Seeing this has convinced me to give up the internet for lent

No. 1161339

This is bad. I don't know if she's high or if this is just withdrawals. I'm wishing for the latter, because if you're caught with drugs or even suspected of having brought them into the country you can get really fucked by the Singaporean justice system.

No. 1161344

i wonder what is going on in her brain. i mean, it's weird to post shit like this even for her.

No. 1161351

Lmfao. But seriously, what the actual fuck. There is no way she isn't high as a bird, this is insane, even for her. No one in a sane state of mind does this shit, let alone post it.

No. 1161376

Can anyone translate?

No. 1161378

Good lord she's evolved into a sleep paralysis demon… The chapped baboon ass is also a nice touch.

No. 1161507

I tried to upload the whole video, it was too big. Glad someone did. I hope she sees it someday. Her dad said on facebook that he was happy to be seeing her. She says she has no place to go. I think literally everything out of her mouth is a lie. Except we know why Stevie tossed her. Fkn sad!! Ngl, I'm cackling over LilBoTweak. This should hopefully be a wake-up call for her. She's deleted it all, but posted briefly this morning. She was on duster again. I'm convinced that's what that burn on her chin is. She should hook up with Aaron Carter!!

No. 1161513

File: 1613326633768.png (474.69 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-121430.png)

She's fresh as a daisy and at it again this morning.

No. 1161514

File: 1613326675954.png (554.17 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-111708.png)

No. 1161516

File: 1613326850432.png (856.12 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-041405.png)

Just kidding. But this is probably what was going on in her room. She's a "contortionist" ya know? Along with being an artist, a dancer, a gymnast, a pauper a poet lol

No. 1161523

File: 1613327578338.png (315.82 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-123220.png)

Burn on her chin.

No. 1161565

Duster tinfoil seems pretty likely. Really sad that she thinks this is normal behaviour to broadcast on social media.

No. 1161591

thank you anon the part where she waddles herself over the toilet is hilarious

No. 1161593

File: 1613332993087.jpeg (209.62 KB, 716x1479, 1C7F2D5D-4A04-40D2-84C8-14DFEB…)

Non edited body

No. 1161627

Severe dope fiend vibes. I don’t know why anyone pays attention to her e-begging for money for “flights” and this and that, seems like regular crackhead antics to me.

No. 1161641

God she actually used to be fairly attractive only like 2 years ago. How do you go downhill that fast?

No. 1161647

her hair makes me sad

No. 1161653

she looked like she was about to puke? i think shes withdrawing

No. 1161688

how do you know she was on dust? I mean what did she posted? and also how do you burn your chin with dust? (I really don't know lol)

No. 1161696

please learn to sage, especially when asking to be spoonfed.

No. 1161826

I don't "know" wtf she is on. However, I've known people that use computer duster. It's cheap, and fks you up. They move around fast, and crazy like she does. It's identical. I've seen burns on their mouths from the freezing effect of the chemicals, and aerosol. You can't deny she burned her face after the flight. She probably grabbed a can or two to go get high in her hotel room. If you're not an addict, you wouldn't get it tho. I'm a recovering alcoholic, 14 years sober. I drank mouthwash, rubbing alcohol and vanilla extract. I could go to the dollar tree, by a couple of bottles of mouthwash, and get drunk. That's a sick addict. Drug addicts, especially what weep was using are powerful. I mean, choosing to do fentynal is insane too. I'm terrified for her if she can't get honest with herself. No one else can get sober for her, and she very obviously can't do anything on her own. She sells that image, but she obviously is one big fat lie.

No. 1161836

File: 1613350311870.png (616.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-184804.png)

The sweet girl who let winnie stay over, is a very nice person. I am seeing so many different faces of the unaloon.

No. 1161934

Schizopost but does anyone else feel like she’s pretending to be Russian? Her accent seems hella fake and I know a lot of Slavaboos who LARP as Russian because it’s seen as cool

No. 1161948

File: 1613362400544.png (1.2 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-184553.png)

I don't think she has a real identity. It's all smoke in and mirror's now.

No. 1161949

Im actually kinda into the weird old lady/creepy doll look but this is really hideous.

No. 1161950

File: 1613362604045.png (445.1 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210211-232523.png)

Who is this Circus clown?

No. 1161951

Does anyone know how old weep and kroseyi are?

Weep looks like she could be in her mid 30s

No. 1161959

I hope she leaves her face alone because her nose is destroyed. Jesus. I know she looks extra shit right now, and will look better if she quits doing whatever the fk she is doing. However, she wasn't lying about being codependent and having disassociation. She's 22? She needs serious help. I dislike this chick, but I do hope she gets well, and gets honest. I think she'll die if someone doesn't stop her. Or it's possible she thinks WAY too much of herself?

No. 1161968

She’s too much of a narcissist to let herself die lol. She’ll be okay.

No. 1161973

>she’s 22
W-what? Holy shit…I thought she was around 36. Say NO to drugs kids.

No. 1162007

File: 1613368425943.png (623.52 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-234708.png)

Well, she's "happy & can live" it's an acceptable hotel where this self centered bitch can quarantine for 14 days for free! She is really ungrateful. She was worried it would be a crappy room?? She lived in a filthy one room apartment! God, she is just boundless with her complete narcissist ass! Incredible how truly ungrateful she is.

No. 1162012

File: 1613368860069.png (645.17 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-234600.png)

Apparently she was "burning sage to cleanse her room." The fire alarm went off, she opened the window, and the hotel alarm went off, and the police came to check on her well being. So, she's off to great new start!!

No. 1162013

File: 1613369064416.png (835.28 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-234957.png)

Enablers, I guess.. A hotel worse than this place??

No. 1162017

Her shit show is going to get real the next 14 days. Stay tuned!

No. 1162018

Her eyes look like Arisa Vurrs stained butthole

No. 1162026

I find it interesting how she seemed so confident when she was with Steven, and his recording friends. Like she is this seasoned musician, with knowledge. He gone one day and she completely melts into this…thing. I can imagine what happened at his apartment when he kicked her out. She, of course was lying her ass off about not using drugs. Then she came out of his bathroom, more than once looking like duster can sucking pig woman. Moving all around. LMAO I'm sure he's seen it a few times, and it disgusted him. I'm sure he was embarrassed, and I'm sure he had a deal with her. She could "stay until she either went home or to rehab." She didn't care about his first new apartment/recording studio and roommate. She started putting her ridiculous hello kitty shit everywhere etc. I bet he felt bad for her at some point, and didn't want to hurt her. I don't think he's a saint, but he at least tried to help her move forward. Then she trashed him on social media. How vile. I give him credit for trying to grow up, and do his thing.

No. 1162055

No anons it’s even worse they’re like… 24-26 at the most

No. 1162164

Quarantine isn’t free in Australia. It’s about $3k and that includes meals. Most are at 4or 5 star hotels.
But you cannot leave your room under any circumstances unless you’re being taken to hospital in an ambulance.
It will be an interesting 14days

No. 1162168

The windows open?
They’ve been specifically choosing hotels that don’t have opening windows so people can’t escape or jump.
Any idiot knows burning anything will set off the alarms. You can’t even smoke cigarettes in Australian hotels.

No. 1162336

I don’t understand how she seriously thought sage wouldn’t set off the alarms..? Fentanyl has rotted her brain.

No. 1162456

File: 1613427041189.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-02-16-00-10-21…)

what kind of fucking ebegging is this

No. 1162510

Lol!! Wow, she really doesn't give a fk about anyone but herself. What a hideous creature.

No. 1162512

She hides her face when she is all fkd up. Such a messed up person.

No. 1162539

File: 1613434675822.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210215-213823_Ins…)

As if that wasn't enough she wants people to treat her like a charity case

No. 1162556

Probably hoping some of her idiotic fans will send her drugs.

No. 1162558

Can't wait for her trafficking charge, it would be the perfect South Australia welcome.

No. 1162560


Check the thread before you post. Read the rules. Sage your shit when there's no new milk.

No. 1162575

She went live this morning, a fan suggested sending her stuff and she went on a 20 minute sperg about it. Telling international fans to send “express” because she’s only going to be there for 14 days, not like that’s incredibly expensive or anything….

Didn’t get any screencaps because nothing really happened aside from that.

No. 1162599

Imagine e-begging and having everyone pay for your bad choices, yet you have sage to burn to cleanse your free hotel room? Putting up info on how to send gifts to help her feel better?? Whadda a piece of shit. I noticed earlier She answered one of Stevens fans questions on his ig page. After she publicly said he was a POS for kicking her out. I'm really starting to hate this bitch.

No. 1162602

She blocked me for asking her how out of touch with reality are you that you had no idea Australia was practically covid free?? It blew my mind that she is so self consumed to even really know or care what is going on in the real world. I guess hair color is priority? I mean, she changes it every week, so..(Cowtipping)

No. 1162604


Don’t cow tip you dumb bitch

No. 1162607

this thread is always a mess because the same newfag >>1126309 insists on spamming with milkless screenshots and unsaged replies.

No. 1162609

File: 1613441058986.png (1.15 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210215-200324.png)

That didn't take long.

No. 1162619

Considering the content of the shopping, I think her dad paid for that bunch

No. 1162775

Ausfag here. I can assure you that is not “gifts” that is our supermarkets Woolworths. That’s the only way you get those particular bags is Woolworths delivery.
Also international post even priority still takes weeks to months here as we have barely any planes entering the country.

Anyone stupid enough to send her gifts is throwing away their money and they won’t accept anything other than Uber eats. They won’t even allow people to go to the hotel as it’s a contamination risk.
We’ve had a couple of cases coming from hotel quarantine so they’re cracking down big time even on staff.

No. 1163252

File: 1613514142336.jpeg (409.92 KB, 827x1472, F6B07D61-EAD3-4DA2-92CB-A73119…)

Some 17 year old eboy bought her lush too.

Definitely agree however Adelaide is a lot more relaxed than the rest of Australia. They have no Covid cases and only just bought in QR codes. Imo these were gifts.

No. 1163629

I watched Steven’s instalive and bo weep was there , she commented third times , are they still ??

No. 1163648

Lilboweep went live yesterday maybe and people were asking about them both. She said there that they were both toxic for each other but still love each other. She said of course she’s upset but she didn’t seem it. Someone probably reupload the livestream to YouTube at some point.

No. 1164206

Can someone explain why she’s not friends with Kraseyi anymore

No. 1164214

Because they're both junkies, anon. Junkies can't hold onto friends.

No. 1164219

File: 1613606006352.png (27.71 KB, 615x499, BCF8454D-CF72-48C8-930D-8C21F6…)

No. 1164491

File: 1613643199496.jpeg (228.89 KB, 1125x792, A7BA4019-7FCF-4DD4-AB2B-F32EAB…)

why do a password reset when you can ebeg instead

No. 1164498

there is no password reset on bitcoin wallets, you forget your details once and you're shit out of luck

No. 1164610

she was buying drugs off the black market at 15-16? she's 23.

No. 1164776

That's what teens do. Easier to get them online than meet a real dealer.

No. 1165942

File: 1613793865779.jpeg (231.7 KB, 828x1087, 486C5CF0-EEBA-4EFF-B56D-3B9A31…)

there is no way in hell she bought 300 bc. In 2012 the lowest a bc cost was $3.06 which would be 918 US dollars.
if she had 300bc right now she’d be a millionaire lmao.

No. 1166799

That crab scuttle is freakin me out wtf. Is she going to be in rehab in aus or with her fam?

No. 1167940

Anyone else find it odd that belle delphine follows lilboweep on twitter after telling on a podcast that she only follows accounts back that “inspire her.” Why does an anorexic heroin user “inspire” belle delphine. IMO that’s weird as fuck

No. 1168007

Girl are you retarded, type sage in the email field so you wont bump the thread with 0 milk

No. 1168115

inspire her to scam scrotes out of their wallets maybe. she probably follows chicks who are controversial and are known scammers. aka exactly how she is.

No. 1171060

File: 1614350258968.jpg (432.72 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210226-142234_Twi…)

No. 1171062

File: 1614350383045.jpg (462.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210226-142242_Twi…)

No. 1171074

can you bring your prescription medication with you internationally like that? subs and duster would fuck you up, no wonder she was twacked out in singapore dude.

No. 1171083

File: 1614353198835.jpg (728.28 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210226-102236_Chr…)

Honestly one of my favorite things about her is the fact that she thinks her takes and assumption on certain things hold weight while being an anachan drug addict

No. 1172572

Yes You can take prescriptions overseas even controlled substances. You just have to have documentation from the prescribing dr and the medication needs to be in original packaging with the patients name on it.
You can’t have loose tablets etc.

There’s absolutely no reason she couldn’t get suboxone here in Australia. It has a different name though. If she was legitimately prescribed it they would be even more inclined to give it to her PROVIDING she isn’t abusing it or other drugs. They can deny you if you’re not adhering to the rules.

No. 1172574

File: 1614508890639.png (697.73 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210228-043902.png)

Guess she found some ketomine? So, she's kicking suboxone, asking for ketomine, but she's sober?

No. 1172592

Actually, since she had an overnight layover in Singapore she shouldn't have brought anything apart from prescriptions on her, and even with prescriptions there are heavy restrictions.

No. 1172809

File: 1614537988818.jpg (90.32 KB, 1080x653, 20210228_184543.jpg)

" I might lie alot " yea, like every time you post

No. 1172869


No. 1172871

It’s almost impossible to get off subs. Sumtimes you gotta do wat u gotta do…..

No. 1172873

wait what drugs is she on?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1173923

File: 1614657608000.jpeg (68.26 KB, 827x495, 74EA4BC3-AE42-400D-B0A0-FF3C12…)

The delusion

No. 1174633

File: 1614724855083.png (935.53 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210301-221545.png)

I guess we'll see what kind of sobriety she'll have since she's already begged for ketomine because she is kicking suboxone. She is looking for drugs in Adelaide. She was on fentynal, zanax etc for the person asking.

No. 1174643


No. 1174842

I really thought she would somehow OD in quarantine after that Singapore stunt but she's still fucking alive. Incredible.

No. 1174927

You need to stop omg. The spelling

No. 1175479

You need to sage, newfag. You’re just as autistic.

No. 1175643

File: 1614822592633.jpeg (708.92 KB, 1125x1813, 71CA28BE-D35D-42B0-BE6B-ED68CF…)

No. 1175644

File: 1614822618841.jpeg (408.43 KB, 1125x1368, 35C7B1C4-1C5A-472A-AE7C-291125…)

No. 1175645

File: 1614822656231.jpeg (584.83 KB, 1125x1481, C0844221-5869-4CE7-A6EA-3DEF11…)

No. 1175646

File: 1614822707302.jpeg (237.11 KB, 1125x546, 35895B78-55AA-403E-9A0A-9EFB3C…)

No. 1177596

A gram or 2 of fent a day?
What cut ass bullshit was she getting lmao

No. 1177681

File: 1615033869258.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x2004, BAF684F1-5EBA-4161-AD65-DB4BC8…)

Nitrous while “sober” you say? Okay.

No. 1178392

She was using them on her instagram live. She uploaded the live to IGTV but took it down pretty much straight after

No. 1178393

File: 1615125714961.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 7312484D-E343-4A6D-853A-C3B6EA…)

No. 1178404

She posted a video w/her little sister(?) Is she staying in the same house doing whippits and who knows what else? Please tell me she's not strung out around a special needs child
I screen capped but it's still on her IG so I don't wanna post the child here

No. 1178437

>that wasn't me! Don't shit and piss yourself!
>kills last three brain cells with nitrous

No. 1178617

Her sister is special needs?

No. 1178719

her sister has cerebral palsy. in the deleted live lbw does whip its and plays a drum machine. she mainly ignored her sister except telling her to keep dancing. her sister vomits on herself a few times, lbw doesn’t notice or help her just keeps telling her to dance for the live audience

No. 1178729

Do you know if this video is archived anywhere?

No. 1178818

yeah i was gonna say. she’s gonna go way more damage with nitrous than with opiates. there’s pretty much nothing you can do about the brain and lung damage that inhalants cause.

No. 1178827

It’s probably on YouTube somewhere

No. 1178907

Whippets on the beach on her ig story right now

No. 1178922

File: 1615176827694.jpg (791.58 KB, 1440x2558, Screenshot_20210307-231238_Ins…)

Post screencaps next time, this is an imageboard for a reason

No. 1179010

File: 1615187692616.png (934.09 KB, 750x1334, FAAB2F84-0341-403F-B898-FBF255…)

She was just live on Instagram she couldn’t keep her eyes open she was nodding out and her speech was slurred asf I think she just OD’d she hasn’t posted anything since. Saying she’s sober or not she doesn’t deserve to OD. She was doing whippits again.

No. 1179382

Cmon who tf ODs on whippets lol

No. 1179970

File: 1615281597077.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, B8C1F743-A989-4605-BA13-41F734…)

It ended up she WAS just tired. Didn’t mean OD on whippets, meant because of her history of drug abuse maybe she had taken something and didn’t want to admit it. But obviously she isn’t dead, she’s very much alive and okay.

No. 1180008

omg is she pregnant ?

No. 1180009

File: 1615292248421.jpeg (462.74 KB, 1125x2000, E1BAEBDC-9AFF-42DF-B3F7-C7629E…)

This is an image board. Post screenshots.

No. 1180010

File: 1615292799839.jpeg (67.48 KB, 499x293, 9A97E4BC-24E6-4D6F-AA2B-06D205…)

No. 1180011

If she's not lying/scamming that child will be born an addict. Jfc

No. 1180012

Good god what the fuck? I hope when the baby is born, it comes out holding a can of duster and she's arrested. But of course it's a legal high and nobody does shit about terrible mothers anyway.

No. 1180013

she was huffing on her live a few days ago and she was pregnant?

No. 1180015

If she is i fact 18 weeks, she is now 5 months pregnant and into the 2nd trimester.


We all know she was doing many drugs for the past 5 months.

No. 1180017

File: 1615294037041.jpg (356.84 KB, 1440x2260, Screenshot_20210309-073631_Chr…)

No. 1180020

At least what's left of her fame will crumble, no zoomer actually likes an aging, drug-addicted mommy. She'll go from people begging her to release music to people begging her to actually care for her child. What a disgusting mess, I hope no baby is actually born. Take that however you'd like, kek

No. 1180022

she’s already deleted the tweet, i was gonna reply abt the fact she posting balloons on her story the other day lol(cowtip)

No. 1180025

She got the wrong idea of how you use balloons to celebrate, that’s all!(Emoji)

No. 1180056

the vid she posted in singapore was 23 days ago. can you really go from not showing at all to showing THAT MUCH in 23 days? that's less than a month.

No. 1180128

File: 1615308163928.jpg (977.32 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210308-101604_Ins…)

She's fucking PREGNANT?? I saw her post this yesterday and was skeptical at first but assumed I was reaching too hard. Guess she does need it for herself. Who's the dad anyway??

No. 1180256

This sounds like some junkie scammer shit. "Uwu im pregnant and have nothingg help me send $$$" to collect then a little while later "oh no i miscarried im so traumatized send MORE $$ and also dont judge me for using whatever i can get my hands on." Junkie hoe trick that's been done to death. Either that or its a plain ole attention grab. Pathetic and i pray there is nothing living in that human dumpster besides a few diseases.

No. 1180288


Sucking nitrous oxide on the beach then two days later “I’m 4 and a half months pregnant” wtf I pray this is just a binge bloat scam because if there is a foetus in there it’s already completely fucked up.

No. 1180301

It is somewhat fishy though. About 2 months ago she was posting on her story that she was struggling with infertility and now she's 4 months pregnant? Not to mention she was still drinking about a month ago. I fucking pray she's not pregnant or just ends up miscarrying; kids that grow up with addict parents have it so fucking bad. The bitch doesn't doesn't have a steady job

No. 1180319

Sorry for samefag but actually you're right, this is just another sham for money. She clearly wasn't pregnant in that cracked out video she posted on her story or anything previous. Guess she's getting desperate for money again.

No. 1180420

I honestly don't believe her one bit. She went from wash board skinny two weeks ago to very very pregnant and showing. She's already showns snes a very prolific and pathological liar with no boundaries on how dark and twisted a lie she's willing to tell,she lied about rape multiple times.after leaving Steven and last year about having possible stomach cancer and chronic illnesses like lupus where even her dad asked her to stop on Facebook. Also in been following her for years and that whole time she has been wiming about how she can't get pregnant because of her anorexica snd lataxative abuse and also when she was with Steven i think.she claimed to have endo and was crying about how her and Steven moses.wouldn't have a child of there own ever. I wish i had screenshots not this is all very old milk but it just goes against this and prooves our suspisions further. This whole thread is scattered with her tupical muchie bull shit. As for her pregnancy pic she id always editing her weight to look skinnier and has been for years for the weak fragile broken baby doll look. Is it that much harder to make yourself look pregnant in photoshop than it is to Photoshop your body to be totally disproportionate? I won't believe she's pregnant until.she posts a pic of her pregnancy ultrasound and unless.she posts a pic actually in the doctors office cause ultrasound baby pics can still be faked. As for the amount of drugs We know forsure about she's done we know.about she admitted and fentanly while she was living in LA, and said she said using before she knew she pregnant loke normal.im.the screenshot above. Her stunt im Singapore has alot of us convinced she was huffimg duster, we also know until about a week ago she was on a subuxome taper for coming off of opiates. And she was asking for ketamime when they stopped her tape to helper her get passed kicking opiates. And she was doing wippets in a live and another anon said they thought she was nodding out in a live yesterday so maybe opiates are back om the scene in her life.
Because she's so full of shit when it comes to her health im not sure weather to believe her about her fertility issues or not but there's no way to know for sure and her word is worth piss. If this baby Is real it has had so many chemicals im it already im not sure it will make it all the way to being born but if it does part of a midwifes job is to spot any kind of problem a child may have caused by drugs and to report it to Socisl services atleast in my county. Im hoping they have the same laws in Australia csude if there really Is a kid and by the grace of god they make it there will be some kind of damage after all she has done. Im worried for it that she won't project her own munchaussens onto the kid and become one of those munchaussen by proxy mums. As for her motivations to lie about this she is either trying to scam money for drugs with this or maybe to manipulate Steven like she tried to with the rape posts she made an deleted s few hours after they broke up and announcimg her own death by suicide that day on her main account and story. They recently started being friendly again and he posted her on his story a few days back. Maybe its a mix of both reasons. Either way this baby will probably either end in her denying she even made that post, it basically disappearing or her having a very very very sick child. This night be the worst thing she's done yet
Sage for bringing nothing to the table just s timeline and s breakdown of some of her many many lies

No. 1180430

Iv never been pregnant or had a kid but i find it sudpidious too how shes asking now for premature baby stuff. I thought parents planned for the baby to be delivered on time but sometimes things go a little tits up sometimes and babys are born premature. But nobody wants that or plans for that rignt. Most mothers want there children to be ready to come out and fully developed babies.

No. 1180507

She's gonna fuck this baby up forreal. If she wants to fuck up her own life, ok. But she knew she was pregnant, if this is real, did whippets yesterday!!! And yet her parents let her look after her baby sister?!

White trash in one of it's purest forms. Lol

No. 1180824

File: 1615381556613.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1255, 0858D422-023A-40F4-A798-5E69BE…)

aparently she’s had ‘frequent scans’
but also only found out about a month ago? and has been seen doing noz and more in that month but she’s drastically turned her life around since finding out? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

No. 1180825

File: 1615381611529.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 859A97AC-B35E-4DAC-9682-F35F6F…)

No. 1180832

File: 1615382643706.jpeg (822.42 KB, 1125x4290, 774937A7-2170-4686-8607-5F69F1…)

No. 1180833

jfc so shes been using for 1/3 of the pregnancy. God help that kid…

No. 1180835

>i want to keep her life private
>her name is willow

No. 1180840

File: 1615383489357.jpeg (193.75 KB, 827x1001, 6B5674C1-73F1-4508-9B2A-898A83…)

So private. Much discretion.

No. 1180845


if she's still using then it's likely the baby will be small or preterm.

No. 1180846

Ifind it funny she asked specifically for premie clothes. She already it’s gonna be fucked?

No. 1180856

tinfoil but could she be making this up to keep steven in her life now she’s not physically with him in LA?

No. 1180864

ok so as a mother, i can tell yall shes absolutely faking this whole pregnancy thing.

just watched her video of poking the belly and the baby "kicking back" which was literally just her making her belly twitch. i didnt even start to feel my baby kick til around 20 weeks much less it actually move like that until 30ish weeks. i get shes like anorexic skinny but no.

all this drug use too will either cause her baby to be born stillborn, preterm (which seems like shes already planning on), or just absolutely retarded. if she hasnt lost it already of course, which in that case expect the "wahh i miscarried gibbme money for drugs"(medfag)

No. 1180875

File: 1615387554254.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1548, 589D6107-06A6-4E05-94FB-27BAC3…)

What a terrifying caption

No. 1180877

She smokes and drinks which causes premature birth and small birth weights so if she is pregnant she’s probably aware her baby would come out small, weak and possibly preemie. Midwives will have had to advise social services as she’s very apparently a risk to an unborn child

No. 1180891

>I've decided to keep her life private for the sake of her soul n self
Aka you're not pregnant. Also if she cared about that child she wouldn't have done so many drugs into her pregnancy, like how she was just doing whippets and now saying she's not doing too much that'll hurt the child

No. 1180893

I have a sinking feeling she will likely miscarry due to using so much and not taking care of herself. Miscarriages are just so common anyways

No. 1180960

I’m not sure but I think after around 20 wks it’s considered still birth. I don’t understand how she would even be able to fall pregnant in the first place with her low body weight.

No. 1180966

Already deleted. I just don’t see this being real, at all.

No. 1180972

She’s asking for roommates on insta - who’s going to want to live with her with a newborn baby? Not sure what to think - in her quarantine hotel shower twerking videos she had what looked like her period showing through her underwear, but then she’s looking for a place in Melbourne until the ‘borders open up’ - so you’re going to move internationally with a baby and no job? Riiiiight.. if she is pregnant why is she not going to rehab through the health service? I also feel sorry for her mum, dealing with a disabled toddler and then having a cracked out twenty something return home possibly pregnant and in a total mess, doing drugs in her bedroom while you care for your baby. The whole situation is fucked up.

No. 1180973

People were congratulating Steven on his insta and then he deleted the post entirely
Crazy if she made the whole thing up

No. 1181012

I know she can fake photos but can she fake videos? She put a video up "playing" with her baby touching her stomach with her shirt up (idk how to upload videos) so you could see she was a lot bigger with "pregnancy" i looked at the background of the picture for obvious signs of photoshop like itens in the room being warped at weird angles and stuff. I really didn't believe Her but but im not sure how she could really have got that big when being so tiny before if not through pregnancy which is super worrying. This was disturbing when it just seemed like she was lying but that baby I'd going to be so sick and developmentally stunted just like her only not by choice with everything she's doing. Also i wonder if she is pregnant if she will still keep living like a anachan and make the baby malnourished or if she will be not so selfish and eat enough to keep the baby well tho she doesnt have a selfless bone in her body. Saged cause question(s)

No. 1181017

Wasn’t she just asking for a ketamine hookup like days ago? Saying something like it helps withdrawals or some nonsense? On top of the whippets?!?

No. 1181019

Yes but at the same time saying she stopped using drugs as soon as she found out

No. 1181023

She constantly contradicts herself
She also took down those videos with her sister-she looked like she was not paying the child any attention at all I can’t imagine her focusing on a baby and it’s sad

No. 1181025

Yeah she was sheb said she needed it to help her her kick n smooth coming off off subuxone which is like methadone prescribed for the same reasons so god knows how long she had been taking that and that damage thag will have done

No. 1181034

Ok I’m by no means an expert but isn’t taking ketamine to kick sunk one like ass back wards? Am I just really stupid?

No. 1181036

Kick suboxone I meant I don’t know how to edit

No. 1181042

Maybe I'm just underestimating her, but I feel there's a good chance it was faked to trick her ex into keeping in contact. Why would she be looking online to move in with new roommates if she just found out she's going to be having a baby? All of this seems so illogical. I wouldn't be surprised if she soon claims she had a miscarriage to gain sympathy

No. 1181043

At 18 weeks that fetus is nowhere near strong or big enough to do THAT big of a kick. she made her whole belly twitch and thats how I knew right away shes faking it.

No. 1181057

sage your shit, newfag

No. 1181059

Yeah but if she’s been that fucking big, that doesn’t happen overnight, there’s no way her anorexic ass wouldn’t be like hmmm

No. 1181091

Your a mother right? At 18 weeks is it normal to be that big anyway? I thought the fetus would be so much smaller. How is she faking videos to be that big im the first place? Im so confused but i don't believe her for a second

No. 1181096

File: 1615408854337.jpg (940.34 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210310-153903_Chr…)

Literally just look up thread for the video where she was acting weird as fuck in the hotel room. She's not pregnant. That was barely a momth ago and she had no stomach, if anything she's borderline anorexic. Also that video of the baby 'kicking' was not kicking at all, she just moved her whole stomach. I've never been pregnant but I've seen kicking many times and it looks nothing like that. She's just gonna do the 'muh miscarriage' thing after milking as much money from these retards as possible. What's left of her fan base is a bunch of brain-dead addicts who can't take two seconds to check and see if she's lying.

No. 1181128

Well I’ve been pregnant three times and no my babies didn’t show kicking or moving that soon in my term-she’s also like really pushing on the stomach in such a weird rough way
I think it’s very easy convenient to play the pregnancy card bc she’s in another country and no one can prove her wrong it’s her clinging to the last thread of attention from her ex
Pretty telling that as soon as people were saying congrats to him he deleted all those pix altogether

If she is pregnant that poor child(blogging)

No. 1181129

Ok February 26 she’s asking for k. That was 12 days ago apx
So she wanted drugs 12 days ago but she’s clean and her baby is ok? Good lord

No. 1181170

Baby boom is comin? Kraseyi is also pregnant woman

No. 1181233

Jesus christ these women barely have the capacity to take care of themselves and on top of it they want children, but if Kraseyi is pregnant I tinfoil Winoa is doing this out of sheer jealousy on top of wanting money

No. 1181237

honestly if she does have endo there’s a good chance that could be some serious bloat, it can legit make u look pregnant asf

No. 1181254

guys I'm pretty sure Kraseyi is just making fun of lbw with those stories lol

No. 1181267

I think so. After their falling out, this isn’t the first time Kraseyi has posted about/making fun of lbw on her story. Also makes sense with the tinfoil that Winona is faking her pregnancy to stay in touch with Steven…

No. 1181312

Well that makes sense then. Hadn't really kept up with her since the milk between her and lbw dried up a while ago.

No. 1181314

File: 1615427058808.png (492.96 KB, 750x1334, CC6613FA-89F6-4F2E-9F4C-6CACE8…)

Since nobody is posting the kraseyi story you’re on about right now. It’s a video

No. 1181315

File: 1615427084960.png (865.36 KB, 750x1334, A720FFE5-7C33-4B39-BB3D-2A90B4…)

No. 1181328

File: 1615428458724.jpeg (396.09 KB, 1124x1979, 7CD8EC4C-FECB-496A-A620-7C0B6E…)

lol i think she’s trolling

No. 1181333

File: 1615428844344.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3464x3464, AED97A5B-CE9F-4F71-B091-A48C70…)

lbw ig tagged pix, out with friends last weekend (pack of cigs in hand ofc) she looks prego here? or no?

No. 1181335

File: 1615428973354.png (1.87 MB, 866x1390, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 12.4…)

I'm so sick of this girl having fame. She doesn't deserve it one iota. I knew her in high school and she was racist towards my family, told friends to kill themselves constantly and forced them to cut, and was/is a pathological liar. EVERYTHING out of her mouth is untrue. Even her name. Her real name is Cheyenne Green - She changed it in 2015 to Winona Brooks (After Winona Ryder, and Jai Brooks from the Janoskians). She was absolutely horrible to me and my friends, was known as a bully, and even made up rape allegations that forced a boy to move schools - he had never had contact with her, and she later admitted it was a lie. I'm just sick of this garbage person having a platform of influence and the ability to coerce people into horrible things. She's obviously mentally ill, but that is no excuse for the things that she has done.

No. 1181414

File: 1615435186296.jpg (37.89 KB, 1080x263, Screenshot_20210310-185827_Chr…)

No. 1181511

File: 1615442544207.jpg (38.48 KB, 720x455, 20210311_020114.jpg)

Tinfoil, maybe she is hinting this is the baby's due date?

No. 1181565

File: 1615450398319.png (125.54 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210311-020821.png)

I guess she just came really hard. Yesterday. I guess she still doing one minute vids. I find it odd how she shared being pregnant on twitter, but not on IG? Anyway, she's batshit crazy.

No. 1181588

File: 1615452558212.png (349.1 KB, 1282x1160, Näyttökuva 2021-3-11 kello 1…)

Damn, I knew her image and career were fabricated but her actual identity as well? I'm inclined to believe you since the image you posted doesn't seem to appear anywhere else online. picrel

No. 1181671

File: 1615465532921.png (565.33 KB, 2048x1457, Screenshot_20210309-230122.png)

everything is a lie from her

No. 1181690

File: 1615468563397.png (108 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Bahaha all 100% true. I have more yearbook pics if you need - she does get more goth after this but it's still identifiable as her. She had an obsession with the Janoskians (for whatever reason idk - never my cup of tea). https://cheyennegreenhaw-blog.tumblr.com/archive

No. 1181699

File: 1615470153271.png (1.26 MB, 1844x1142, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.1…)


There's Catsincola, doginpepsi, and hamsterinpotato - all Cheyenne under different aliases

No. 1181708

Do you know what her parents/family were like, anon?

No. 1181717

Honestly, pretty normal. She would mention them in classes as any normal teen does, like "Oh my mum mentioned this" or "My dads picking me up today". The whole abuse thing snowballed. First, in about year 9 she came out that they had been having arguments at home, then it suddenly became that they were abusive and kicking her out. I think that was maybe the first time she tried lying for sympathy, and got addicted. I can't imagine being her parents and being accused of so much and having to watch their daughter become this. I think she has a personality disorder. This lack of self-awareness and empathy for other people is crazy.

No. 1181757

File: 1615475808933.jpg (73.94 KB, 300x339, f36.jpg)

Holy pepperoni!


No. 1181764

File: 1615476437130.jpg (23.89 KB, 512x280, unnamed.jpg)

>She's a "contortionist" ya know?

No. 1181804

Not to armchair, but I think some sort of personality disorder wouldn't be far off. She seems like an extreme social climber too, which obviously is a must-have characteristic for any sort of tryhard artist/musician/media personality/influencer/whatever she believes she is. The manipulative lying is really allarming.

Idk if you feel like elaborating, but how come did you decide to put this information out right now? Was it her coming back to Australia?

No. 1181841

File: 1615483621898.jpg (304 KB, 1070x1944, IMG_20210312_032444.jpg)

No. 1181978

File: 1615493738333.gif (Spoiler Image, 744.18 KB, 327x251, BaggyWhimsicalAnhinga-small.gi…)

>gif related to that insta-screencap


No. 1182118

Yeah, from highschool experience, pretending to be pregnant then miscarry was a choice attention-getter of hers. I wouldn't be surprised if she then turns around in 5-6 weeks and is 'devastated' because she 'lost the baby'.

No. 1182127

Honestly, I've had this info forever, I just didn't even know there were platforms like this. It was her coming back to my hometown that made me google her, and then this came up.

No. 1182572

File: 1615540853593.jpeg (362.17 KB, 828x1290, F58B0569-3DCB-480C-A4E3-B775CB…)

No. 1183780

File: 1615667876092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 680.51 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210313-203406_Twi…)

She posted some promo pic for her only fans i don't know where she took it, before she left la or was claiming she was pregnant but if this is any kind of recent she forgot to edit herself to look pregnant.not sure if this is as close as we will come to her admitting she's not pregnant

No. 1183856

Ohhhh kek I appreciate this.

No. 1184047

File: 1615689176393.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 412.51 KB, 750x773, 2597D758-4596-4013-A2CF-2C103D…)

No. 1184067

holy shit she's posting from the future

No. 1184090

I hope that's sarcasm.

No. 1184142

In this thread?

No. 1184196

File: 1615717608948.png (298.05 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20210312-181129.png)

This was while she was in layover in Singapore. She doesn't look pregnant.

No. 1184910

File: 1615806694073.jpeg (244.08 KB, 750x938, BA26FB93-D679-4D78-BCC4-000899…)

Cigarette in hand as if she isn’t (hasn’t said shes) pregnant. Pretty sure she was just asking for drugs from friends on her instagram live, but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying

No. 1184911

Smoking and I watched her friends insta stories doesn’t look pregnant at all
Hope if she is she decided to stop the drugs and stops cigarettes

No. 1184912

File: 1615807036905.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, BB617D4B-F53A-4A79-AC24-FC89A6…)

No. 1184914

File: 1615807268428.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 897E935C-2F93-4AA2-8CCF-4AF0C7…)

Whippits with friends on the story posted just now

No. 1184927


There’s a hilarious amount of warping on that wall behind her “bump”

No. 1184934

Youd think she’d wear clothes easier to photoshop and actually make effort for the wall to not look fucked up

No. 1184942

Jesus that warping is hilarious. This girl is so delusional if she thinks this looks real.

No. 1184955

Obvious shoop. Blown out pixels on the bump, the chain bending with it instead of falling straight down, same for the fabric.

No. 1184967

File: 1615814817041.jpeg (771.51 KB, 668x1649, 9D601D20-9A09-4B10-835D-A55C8B…)

You can see the warping here too the way her hair is curved around her “bump”

No. 1184977

She’s “pregnant” and smoking. I’d be upset if she was actually pregnant lmao

No. 1185092

And doing whippits it’s on her friends page etc
What a sad mess

No. 1185101

i don't really have screen for this and I'm sorry if someone already told that here but few months ago she posted a story asking for advice about having a kid, way back this pregnancy thing. she was talking like she really wanted a kid. and some months later she is "pregnant". she never posted the answers to the question but she was talking about having a baby and imho this is making this situation ever more creepy and uncomfortable. like she decided she wanted to be a mom and now she is obviously faking a pregnancy. my point here is she might not doing it just for scamming people asking for stuff for "her baby" but she actually thinks that being a mother at her age is cool and a great way of life.

No. 1185113

I remember that too! She said she was having issues conceiving or something like that and wanted advice. I think she thought having a baby with Steven would keep him and her being so far away in another country she could use that to “fake “ it and keep a connection to him
But he deleted all comments people asked him about being a daddy etc
If there’s a baby for it’s sake she needs to put down the drugs

No. 1185151

I'm pretty sorry to say stuff like that but if there’s a baby I don't think she will be ever capable of giving birth to a healthy child or give birth at all. if she is smoking and doing snippets online I can even imagine how many wrong things she is doing to that baby. but I'm now so sure it's fake I mean why Photoshop ur pic to have a baby stomach if u r actually pregnant.

No. 1185152

and yes, now that u remembered me I actually remember too the whole point of her question box was she has problem conceiving. so I'm questioning her pregnancy ever more bc if u have fertility problem how the fuck do u not just get pregnant but even carry on a pregnancy while smoking and doing drugs, also with her weight and obvious ed

No. 1185180

Someone needs to collect all this evidence and send it to Australia’s CPS. This is very disturbing, way more disturbing that she’s posting these things. If she’s actually pregnant.(cowtipping)

No. 1185255

usually I'm all about leaving people doing their shit expecially when on internet bc everything could be fake but if this pregnancy is true this is a real serious serious problem for that unborn child. I think authorities should take the matter in their hands even if I don't know what could they do, expecially with a person this able to lie like lbw.
can someone make some archive of some kind? idk if I can send a tip as an European citizen but I'm hopefully sure they will listen a fellow Australian.(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 1185274

the thing it's making me crazy is that this person has a fucking clout and I don't even think a person like her should be on internet. I hate seeing enablers everywhere on her pages and it's crazy bc she is one of the most fake person I've ever seen on internet but it's like except for people on this thread nobody even cares to know the truth about her. everybody praising her and showering her with likes and even gifts and I know this is also bc she always deletes negative comments but omg people are u blind or what. I was actually a fan and I still like her music but just thinking about her makes me cringe now. when she was just a junkie scamming people it is was terrible but it mean junkies will be junkies, now with this pregnancy thing and this stuff about being open about addictions but also praising being sober but also not being sober at all she really crossed the line

No. 1185275

File: 1615839247391.jpg (686.58 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210315-200020_Ins…)

She's not looking very pregnant in these post 8hours ago. Also there are more videos of her doing whippets on this girls story @arsonaffinity n full body shots of lilbo and also just hanging out with them and she doesnt look pregnant at all. You can clearly see a flat stomach at some points in the videos. I know this is an image board but i don't know how to post videos or record videos from a instagram story as my phone doesn't have screen record the best i have are these from the girls profile where you can see her stomach looking alot flatter in these. If she actually is pregnant these girls are fully enabling her to harm her child by giving her drugs and roof over her head to do them in and doing them with her

No. 1185276

File: 1615839318383.jpg (374.49 KB, 1080x2092, 20210315_200850.jpg)

No. 1185282

You can take screenshots and make a collage or reupload the video to streamable

No. 1185285

File: 1615839747611.jpeg (268.9 KB, 430x980, 4EC4339C-F12A-4B04-965C-73EBB0…)

not pregnant (I hope bc she smoking wtf) not sober

No. 1185341

Does she know about this page? I’m half convinced she’s putting on this show just for us.

No. 1185363

Her fans will just turn on her if she is lying. Let her lie.

No. 1185364

File: 1615845155152.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, 07CFB7E1-5618-4CBA-868F-68442F…)

No. 1185371

Is she having a psychotic episode? Drug induced psychosis ? She's probably twacked out and convinced herself she's pregnant

No. 1185391

you’d be surprised how many pregnant women smoke. i’m pregnant and went to a ultrasound clinic and saw like four women with huge bumps smoking together outside.

i also live in a shitty city so maybe it’s more common here.

No. 1185411

It absolutely is just your city.

No. 1185454

And? Doesn't change the fact that it's an easy way to fuck a baby up.

No. 1185481

And say what to them? Theres a crazy woman on the internet taking drugs who may or may not be pregnant?
Child services here already have their hands full with actual children, I don't think they will care about imaginary ones.

It wouldn't surprise me though if she does attempt to try and get pregnant in the near future so she can collect the extra Centrelink money

No. 1185483

File: 1615860979900.png (1.23 MB, 2048x1365, 0EC5E981-DB75-4F2C-AFC9-87D6C3…)

No. 1185503

omg. What happened to her. She is the most internet girl 2021

No. 1185504

No. 1185506

Rememeber this time last year when kept posting about mystery illness and possible stomach cancer and having lupus. Its even in her discrimination on here how she wa munchie larping having lupus till her dad called her out. She hasn't posted about her chronic illness in ages do u think she forgot she was pretending to have it with drug use

No. 1185512

Her dad called her out? I missed that wow lame on her part

No. 1185514

File: 1615864049638.jpg (149.48 KB, 1080x1646, 20210316_030632.jpg)

Yeah hears the callout. Sageing cause it was a long time ago

No. 1185609

File: 1615885702783.jpeg (420.44 KB, 1125x855, 0A9379EA-5079-4BB9-BA51-F80DD9…)

No. 1185641

File: 1615893356734.jpeg (372.55 KB, 1125x1394, 29152658-6541-41CB-A01F-EC358B…)

Top comment on her most recent post. I’m shocked she hasn’t deleted it yet.

No. 1185699

File: 1615899900389.png (279.42 KB, 828x1792, DCDEB9A3-151F-44D9-90E6-CA2EFA…)

weird how she has a picture of steven in her phone case when he doesn’t follow her anymore. I think Steven is on to her shit about faking this pregnancy.
the amount of warping in this is wild lmao.

No. 1185835

File: 1615911374455.jpg (128.32 KB, 1080x1030, 20210316_161559.jpg)

Weird now they r following each other

No. 1185845

I think they know about this thread, like kraseyi demonstrated many times. idk if we're doing good to them, expecially lbw. (who presumptuously stated she feel like courtney love being analyzed by everyone). but I also think this thread is important bc it's not fair that a fake person like lbw get away with this shit.

No. 1185860

File: 1615913001510.png (829.46 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210316-104704.png)

She's deranged.

No. 1185869

File: 1615913420515.jpeg (102.2 KB, 269x417, 471E5B9D-C5A7-4160-93B5-63DA47…)

don't mind me just taking a cigarette bc now I smoke for two #mommylife

No. 1185926

File: 1615916474602.jpg (201.17 KB, 720x1247, 20210316_143744.jpg)

Once again, she couldn't take the heat in the comments on her recent pic, and deletes that shit.

No. 1186227

File: 1615937040231.jpeg (546.2 KB, 841x2296, 2DA9D4BF-901E-480F-A296-BF5D30…)

Photo is back up with the comments turned off. So people are just commenting on her other pics.

No. 1186232

File: 1615937243858.jpeg (376.34 KB, 828x950, ED10821F-DE3A-4DA0-BD9C-2BC214…)

No. 1186236

And she disabled comments on that post too now lol

No. 1186239

File: 1615937579999.jpg (1.48 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210316-192940_Ins…)

Lmao deadass in the middle of reading comments I got kicked off because she turned them off. She's really doing her best not to let anyone tell her that she's being a shitty person for either lying about pregnancy or doing drugs while she's pregnant.

No. 1186315

I don't keep up on her thread but I read from time to time because she has obvious mental health issues and drug issues so I keep hoping she gets help and stops feeding trolls, but it's also her outlet. I relate because I'm confused too and don't want to affect someone's mental health, and she should care enough about other people to say she's not really pregnant. It's a two way thing and people would forgive her if she didn't lie to them and was open about her issues, but if people think an unborn baby is being harmed with drugs wtf did she expect. I don't understand the impulse to lie about additional things if you're already suffering, so w/e. She lived in a tent on skid row before she went to a rehab so I think mentally she's way too out of it to get it and if anyone cared about her they would take her phone away from her and get her into rehab or whatever, but they're taking selfies like >>1185860 it's dumb.

No. 1186549

File: 1615981541540.png (6.34 MB, 828x1792, 4673BCE0-8EA3-44E8-8136-78ECB8…)

What is this shoop

No. 1186580

Well the video on her TikTok of her pushing on her pregnant belly is gone too guess she was getting too many questions

No. 1186702

Soon she's going to have to choose between coming clean about not being pregnant, or she can double down and lie about a miscarriage / stillbirth / abortion / etc. She should have known in time the jig would be up. Faking pregnancy successfully is probably damn near impossible or at the least expensive (fake bellies, faking ultrasounds, etc.) You would think maybe she would put some money into the scam instead of liquifying her tummy in maxi dresses and calling it her first trimester, kek. I really don't understand her end game here. Was all of this for money? Did she intend on bleeding people dry for her "baby" or was it just to lock down her bf? This whole situation just begs so many questions.

No. 1186715

File: 1615999538584.jpeg (660.23 KB, 828x1136, B01511FD-01AD-4A76-9DD5-606FE3…)

Ah yes, very pregnant I see.

No. 1186716

Sorry for samefag but I just realised the screen cap from above is old because her hair is blonde. Still begs the question why she’s posting this if she is pregnant?

No. 1186741

I'm sure all of this is just going to be another lie swept under the rug, never to explained or mentioned again! How do her followers not notice her bullshit?

No. 1186882

They do, she just deletes the comments.

No. 1186952

File: 1616018719821.jpg (153.97 KB, 677x1124, Screenshot_20210317-140328_One…)

Posted on stevens story not too long ago.

No. 1186953

Toxic but whatever hope she’s safe and not hurting a fetus

No. 1186959

Same, no child should have to go through terrible quality of life like that. They say are a product of your own environment. If that child(Willow) is real I hope lbw isnt the one raising it. She cant even take care of herself

No. 1187136

this is hilarious. I am sure the faking a pregnancy is to lock down Steven. he doesn’t acknowledge her comments, the whole recent unfollow then follow again bullshit, she’s truly attempting to entrap him with a kid lmao

No. 1187285

I heard (saged cuz it’s a rumour) she pulled the same stunt with the guy before steven too. fake positive pregnancy test and all.

No. 1187345

File: 1616070171329.jpg (243.31 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210318-081058_Ins…)

Arsona randomly sent my friend this message to her.. theres more but she kept deleting messages as she was sending them.

she told my friend that she saw lbw have a period and put a tampon in. she still insists that lbw was indeed pregnant but she isnt now.. and for everyone like my friend to stay out of a "strangers business"

No. 1187401

Found a tumblr by chance that is active as of today. Called ‘skinnipegwinnipeg’ I hope she’s not pregnant whilst still actively trying to run a thinsp blog. She openly says it’s her profile on there too.

No. 1187404

File: 1616077291112.jpeg (461.91 KB, 1125x1412, 3BB147DD-9477-48E8-82EC-837608…)

She’s running a discord for people with eating disorders. I didn’t think this girl could get anymore disgusting. Imagine how many underage girls are there? Considering Winona is pretending to be 18 on the page.

No. 1187409

Disappointed but not surprised. Her whole image and aesthetic revolves around being a skeleton drug addict sad girl, and she promotes/glamorizes that lifestyle to her following of minor e-girls. Setting up a discord to encourage/groom young girls into having an eating disorder is just the next step in her sick mind.
I hope this gets the attention it deserves and people hold her accountable for her actions. I bet there are former friends and fans waiting to come out of the woodworks with stories of how Winona influenced them to make bad decisions with her, or plainly used them.

No. 1187443

Yeah pretty sure that’s not her, the age in the profile says 18

No. 1187478

File: 1616084081735.jpg (434.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210318-121349_Gal…)

more from the convo with arson. confirmed not pregnant.

No. 1187909

That new roommate is a huge fan of die antwoord. And lbw supported da between their and zheanis beef. Zheani had lyrics saying she flew from aus to la and liliths vendetta against lbw and was pissed when lbw didnt support her. Think lbw and new roommate are going to try and fuck zheani up. Lbw wasnt going to let those lyrics go unnoticed

No. 1187919

What's the roommates IG handle? I can't find it posted here yet. I saw it in her stories previously but didn't save it

No. 1187937

File: 1616130799915.jpg (53.61 KB, 720x225, 20210318_221326.jpg)

No. 1187943

Thank you!

No. 1187968

Fwiw Zheani is based and unbothered by this junkie shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if she can’t be assed to engage

No. 1188031

Lilith is a figure from Jewish mythology who was the true first woman rather than Eve who was made from Adam’s rib. She was cast out because she was too independent and then became a demon who took revenge on mankind. “Vendetta”
I don’t remember the story perfectly but you can read about her on Wikipedia
Given Zheani constantly references the bible and mythology in her music I would lean in the direction of that lyric not being about anyone.

No. 1188071

File: 1616157632505.jpeg (226.38 KB, 828x1484, FFDFAD40-ACC6-4E12-B87C-726FCC…)

Isn’t she pregnant? Why is she asking for tattoo artists?

No. 1188128

She did fly to LA cause of lbw though.
Yeah shes heavy into the occult but it was confirmed she and lilith were friends at the time and having bedf with lbw.

No. 1188213

Cause she's not pregnant and wants to go back to getting tattooed and making music. I thought it was obvious she's going to act like it never happened and continue chugging along.

No. 1188277

she is not but also pregnant woman can get tattooed during pregnancy

No. 1188535

nothing based about skin walking grimes for a career/personality especially in 2021 sage for off topic

No. 1188595

Just came across this youtube channel that appears to have all/most of her lives uploaded, this was on the 8th of March and she was supposedly clean from opiates, surely this isn't just whippits? Appears to be nodding out completely (if not opiates i'd assume xanax) and I really don't buy the "I'm just tired" shtick

No. 1188646

She claims in the whippet live that she “made well over a million dollars” from I made this song for you.
A song needs over 250 million streams to generate a million dollars. That’s a big lie.