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File: 1585511854635.jpeg (342.51 KB, 736x727, D53C92DC-E0A2-4DA1-BAE6-3C1044…)

No. 950957

Instagram:yungcynical, cynicalshawty, 187cynical
>16 / “bi”
>4chan pickme
>egirl known for falsely accusing some ugly retarded eboy of rape
>cheated on her boyfriend/made up the rape to excuse it
>flirts with memepages
>fake goth tard who thinks lil peep and Bladee is goth music
>constantly panders to misogynist/racist men
>flirts with the Negative XP(the guy who made the incel SoundCloud egirl song)
>runs a page called 4changirlfriend
>cringe “irony” posts
>had nudes of her when she was 14 posted on 4chan and then posted it on her story saying”thanks for the clout” [wtaf] it was technically cp so it was deleted shortly afterwards
>used to post about xans and oxys (now she doesn’t bc she acts trad)
>called another girl a “roastie
Just some ugly bitch with a terrible personality who has to try hard for her desperate male followers. Was mentioned in the personal lolcow thread.

No. 950959

File: 1585511982098.jpeg (34.89 KB, 499x190, F95BA8FC-0FA6-4F3B-8188-6E4424…)

Her saying she doesn’t racemix “muh ew blackppl”

No. 950961

File: 1585512064993.png (868.74 KB, 750x1334, 0A3D2CA5-C320-4BCD-8B5F-596068…)

Calling a girl a “roastie” proof she uses gross moid talk to pander

No. 950962

File: 1585512117844.jpeg (216.55 KB, 750x709, 1A58605E-5934-41F2-A609-C783F1…)

Pretending to be the doomergirl

No. 950967

File: 1585512283143.png (620.57 KB, 750x1334, 71831A5E-5F76-496F-B82D-57C587…)

Samefag: just dropping some milk/cringe things
Her Making fun of Bianca (the girl who died) found in her shitpost highlight

No. 950972

File: 1585512427420.png (865.14 KB, 750x1334, 201C7191-475D-4E47-810D-3DC649…)

Negative XP saying some bs. She added it to her highlights, ~uwu so honored to have the incel recognize me as a hole~

No. 950974

How the fuck do girls so young end up like this so quick. Who the fuck is doing this incel brainwashing

No. 950980

File: 1585513184193.jpeg (185.86 KB, 750x764, 1A30E2FB-C7CC-4295-9FF0-DDCE69…)

No. 950981

And her fat ass couldn't have stayed in the e-girls thread because…? 95% of them are like this.

No. 950984

File: 1585513640254.png (120.44 KB, 750x1334, 9CCA8484-F040-43AD-ACB4-1ED5D8…)

Hot take on abortion

No. 950998

I dont understand the thought process of women like her and like and what do they think they gain from doing this.
Is she doing this because this because she is ugly and fat and being pickme who is regressing mentally is the only way for her to get attention.
But does she realize that she is ruining her life by acting this way, most incels already hate her since she is ugly and they already hate all women are not attractive by default, and the incels who do stand her will drop her fast like they do to many ''4chan gurrls'' like her.
She is also ruining any future friendship with any women by being a pickme cunt all for the attention of incels who hate her piglet ass.

No. 950999

File: 1585516549904.gif (791.58 KB, 320x240, tenor.gif)

She's fat and ugly but still craves male attention and has to regress to this incel pandering bullshit.

Just pathetic.

No. 951017

16 year olds today have had easy internet access since childhood. Teens are dumb and have no life experience. They're living a completely different reality than the one most people late 20s+ remember. There are more edgy teens than ever.

No. 951031

Girls like this need to realize the males theyre trying to cater to absolutely despise them and are bottom tier men. Stop trying to come off as a cool girl who is the exception, these guys will always hold misogynistic views towards you. Go be a normal teenager and go on a date with a nice boy from school, stop going online and craving attention from troglodyte men who hate you.

No. 951036

judging by how fat and unsightly she looks in OPs pic… i guaranteed she has what incels would directly refer to as a roastie vag herself. she's just a brainless tryhard pick me with no real understanding of anything. also, makeup looks like shit. doesn't she know another sign of a hurr big bad roastie whore reeee is cakey heavy makeup lol?

No. 951044

Imagine having to try this hard for male attention, the most available and indiscriminate of attention kek
Also what’s with these girls having the same type of bloated crackhead look?

No. 951048

They ALL look like this.

No. 951076

File: 1585528018362.png (1 MB, 750x1334, B2E6C0E1-D498-435A-9E5B-4A4CD0…)

Been waiting for the day a thread was made on this girl. Just the other day she complains about people ordering pizza to her house late at night because ~muh sick mother~ but goes and brags about her house on instagram live less than a few days later. Her lack of self awareness is insane.

No. 951084

Looking at all the shit in OP, where are her parents? Does she not realize how fucked up her own life is?
This is the last person who should be calling someone a roastie and talking about them "starting out young".

No. 951104

Shes a spoiled cunt and I assume they’re busy working to support her lavish lifestyle.
Can’t you tell from all the expensive hot topic shit she’s wearing? Imo she’s another Erin Painter, spoiled fat white girl pandering to gross men and making a fool of herself online, but instead of acting uwu innocent babey she acts like an edgy “one of the guys” tard

No. 951107

this is the ugliest house i've ever seen.

No. 951115

Don't want to rain on this parade, but she's underage.

No. 951121

iirc16 is old enough for a thread.

No. 951124

File: 1585537585367.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, B9804479-6D2D-4AA2-A434-6B271B…)

Pure retardation

No. 951126

File: 1585537859836.jpeg (414.97 KB, 643x846, A75A10C7-8DA5-4CD8-906D-9D3B1A…)

Samefag; More tiktok stuff incoming image dump

No. 951127

File: 1585537905746.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 09704662-F246-4D01-BA03-A363E8…)

No. 951129

Her lack of self awareness is going to get her in trouble. Over and over and over again we see the same thing played out with these "just one of the guys lol I hate other women" types

No. 951133

File: 1585538389947.png (703.71 KB, 750x1334, 5B720CA7-49DE-447A-8616-89C544…)

She turned off the comments on her gross $B gatekeeping TikTok

No. 951134

I can just visualize a greasy teenage boy watching this video and thinking “omg… an e-GIRL… saying 4chan phrases??” and following her. Like, why would you want to pander to those types of people?

No. 951135

File: 1585538985359.jpeg (397 KB, 750x975, B417B2DC-B6B7-43CF-9F09-57CBA5…)

Sorry for samefagging but my god this girl is truly a cow I’ve saved so much of her antics she is so greasy looking lmfao

No. 951136

File: 1585539233114.jpeg (292.54 KB, 750x1157, 5F292C8D-6110-441F-B3B0-445A36…)

She’s such a 4changirlfriend indeed look what the robots actually say about her
The nicest thing they’ll say is they’d use her for sex

No. 951138

Go on her tagged photos on Instagram, men will literally call her a fat retard and she’ll be like “yup”

No. 951141

No. 951167

Wish young girls like this understood how cringey it is to advertise yourself as an edgy 4chan using woman hater. Like, universally embarrassing. Those pathetic incels online you pander to find you jut as pathetic as your fellow women, but hey you’re an easy target to objectify. You just make yourself disliked by anyone with half a brain and a piece of meat to the dregs of society. Hope one day she grows out of it and realizes how goddamn embarrassing this is.

No. 951225

> bi
> parades around hating other women
> tots not bi for attention!! uwu

oh god she's literally everything she rags on. what a stupid bitch. when you're this unfortunate looking you should probably work on your personality or some other redeemable trait but it seems she's trying to be an all around failure of a person. bottom of the barrel panders to other bottom of the barrel i guess. i'm just mildly surprised she thinks she can pull of the bitchy egirl sassy personality and roast other girls when she looks like the high functioning autist who just got let out of the sped class and sits in the back drawing swastikas on her desk.

No. 951418

File: 1585607417607.jpeg (310.71 KB, 750x939, 9B5BCAD8-2CDD-4180-9A3C-53C149…)

Here is her crying\suicidebaiting on instagram live last year, this is around her rape accusation just before she backtracked


No. 952105

This girl clearly has so many internalized issues and insecurities. If only she could see that projecting them onto other people and perpetuating incel ideals to try and get validation from men is NOT the way to solve it.

No. 952270

File: 1585673007493.jpeg (70 KB, 750x319, 425F99EF-5164-452A-9D98-75214E…)

She has no shame. Most girls are creeped ou by ugly 4chan men saying perverted shit but she relishes in it cause of her desperation

No. 952279

fat bitches always doing the most

No. 952396

File: 1585691354215.jpeg (991.99 KB, 3464x3464, F7373BDE-F7B2-4584-8E0D-DB5616…)

unfunniest shit I’ve ever seen

No. 952450

Sage for irrelevance but every girl who stans shooter/negative XP is exactly like this, that custardloaf girl on twitter also fits this exact paradigm—plain girls who groom themselves to fit the aesthetic interests on the incels who they surround themselves with so they can feel cool about being the Only Girl Around. He even treats his girlfriend like this and has retweeted her with similar comments and it’s indistinguishable from him just doing it to random girls. “Femcels” are mentally ill

No. 954579

File: 1586090930283.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 4429BC32-7D11-47F4-9485-36825E…)

No. 955694

File: 1586307417488.png (796.23 KB, 750x1334, 60077C43-09E0-4BCC-81D5-7FBFE2…)

No. 955697

File: 1586307597369.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 53858BD9-D636-418D-AB03-0146EF…)

She posted some tard harassing Bianca Devins’ sister.

No. 955725

this isn’t even dark/edgy humor, this is just insensitive harassment

No. 956583

File: 1586467323492.jpeg (572.01 KB, 1242x1214, 8CF38E62-7F56-47E2-BA3F-17AADB…)

Literally bro imagine having a whole thread about an underage girl for no reason

No. 956598

hopefully she'll go down the same

No. 956601

Anon I seriously hope the “girl” you’re referring to isn’t this self-loathing pickme cow. There are PLENTY of reasons why she has a thread. Just scroll up and read them. Her laughing at someone harassing a murder victim’s sister is a whole new level of cringey edgelord faggotry and the exact reason she is a cow. Also, her fupa probably smells like deli ham.

No. 956602

are you retarded, those are drawn on?

No. 956618

Checked and shriveled kek

No. 956657

Didnt lolcow mock Bia and her family as well? Your post comes as a false flag because this site didnt hold back on insults towards her either

No. 956696

>Literally bro imagine having a whole thread about an underage girl for no reason
“For no reason”? Why don’t you try actually reading the thread? You’re definitely one of her friends or male orbiters.

>Didnt lolcow mock Bia and her family as well?
No, retard.

No. 956800

obvious selfpost lol

No. 956911

File: 1586555376528.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 5F66A00C-4C84-415C-B409-64B3D6…)

>>956583 looks exactly like the unfunny type of shit Jas would post my suspicions is that that’s her also she posted this as though she just recently found the thread

No. 956927

File: 1586556176650.png (570.08 KB, 750x1334, E556D863-9F5A-4682-8CB1-B789CF…)

She deleted her previous story, the bitch is lurking

No. 956931

File: 1586556376796.png (920.91 KB, 750x1334, DC095C4B-55C0-4F15-9108-4F270C…)

How is this bitch ok with having her underage nudes posted on 4chan but gets hot and bothered at a lolcow thread lmfao sorry we’re not robots talking about how we want to fuck you

No. 956952

File: 1586560343883.jpeg (69.21 KB, 750x470, 3B80CDF5-33AA-40F2-BD6F-8A95A5…)

she was hacked by that berserk guy, she got her account back in under an hour though. sorry for lack of screenshots.

No. 957007

Theres no milk here, leaking nudes and leaking private info is so commonplace

No. 957037

This bitch is boring and look like a big toe

No. 957038

Sf sorry
u keep trying on these egirls this bitch is boring but stop

No. 957041

Looks like her newfag white knights are here to defend their precious e-girl.

No. 957051

white knight faggots are here. She is a huge cow who delivers milk. Classic racebaiter and edgy 4chan incel panderer. Hopefully these threads can show her how embarrassing she is.

No. 957052

How can she hate women when she is so undeniably regular and like the rest of them? You are not unique for having bleached your bangs, wearing huge unsightly eyeliner, and all black clothes. It’s clear she’s insecure. Take our advice and get out while you can 4chan girl

No. 957053

Yet you bumped this thread, this girl is an edgy dumbass who says racist and mean shit. She’s hypocritical af for saying she hates egirls but is one and pandering to males
She is boring, so fat and ugly and invisible to men so she has to wear gross fake goth shit and have a horrible personality to get attention

No. 957054

File: 1586584184485.jpeg (283.76 KB, 750x1160, 360EFEFC-A1F3-4372-B119-8EA1ED…)

Deleted all her pics and turned off comments on her recent

No. 957058

why are you retards acting like this is some special cow? she is 16, of course she is insecure. at that age you either become a leftard and post thirst traps in the chapo discord or you become this.

No. 957059

People are just pointing out the fact that her white knights are flooding in from instagram and trying to defend her (see: you).

No. 957084


What is there to defend? Anyone can have their nudes leaked. This isn't cow worthy. Otherwise we would have a thread up about any random Joe who got photos leaked

No. 957087

>Anyone can have their nudes leaked.
You realize that isn’t the reason she has a thread, right? Have you read the thread and seen her milky ~epic 4chan girl~ behavior? Keep insisting that she isn’t milky though, for some reason.

No. 957145

if you become this pathetic you deserve a thread.

No. 957221

File: 1586630948084.jpeg (121.54 KB, 750x883, 46341266-3135-451F-B537-E1C09B…)

Not an egirl guys she totally doesn’t care about her following

No. 957227

It's a hate/desperation fuck by all of them anyways. Tons of comments about how they'd have to put a bag over their head to hit that. She's still fuggo to the obese bottom-of-the-barrel men she's specifically pandering to, using a style that gives fuggos/fatties a lot of leeway kek how sad.

She's edgy Erin Painter, I love it.

No. 957252

She's a minor, wtf are you doing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 957255

You’re allowed to have a thread if you’re 16+

No. 957268

It doesn't mean you should make a thread

No. 957271

Anon people don’t automatically get threads when they turn 16. she has a thread because she’s a cow. If she didn’t display milk then she wouldn’t have a thread.

Anyways, why aren’t her wks raiding these threads? Her underage nudes were posted on these?

No. 957273

Nobody is even trying to use them being leaked as milk. (Or posting them, yikes) It’s the fact that she didn’t even care about them being leaked and relished in the attention from r9k men
Have you even read the thread or just skimmed past the first bulletpoint? She is a cow and warrants a thread but you wks keep defending her even though she probably wouldn’t even do the same for you because she hates other women.

No. 957281

I'm sorry but she's a minor in school and she had nudes leak as a kid, this can be read as a pedo thread and this situation is the same as Devins and we might have another internet murder(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 957307

She made fun of Bianca Devins and laughs at people who harass her sister see >>955697

No. 957327

Fuck off retard. Literally no one cares about her ugly nudes, and no one wants to fuck her. This board isn't populated by scrotes. I'm sure she wishes she was as "famous" as BD like the other retard egirl Ciara did too but comparing the two is just straight disrespectful to Bianca lmao

This bitch really sent her orbiters here. She's not gonna fuck you, get a real gf instead of a saggy potato face whoring for the validation of incels.

No. 957388

File: 1586660445341.jpeg (840.15 KB, 3464x3464, 6EC5DA59-6B6A-4F51-A5EA-99F04B…)

No surprise her incels turned on her, and convinced her to delete her account. She tried to pay them off with money instead but they hacked @187cynical and posted some retardo memes

No. 957399

I guess this is what happens when you associate with incels. How can anyone just so easily give into their demands casually like that? She offered them 200 bucks. Wtf is the internet doing to gen z.

No. 957540

>tfw you're so unlikeable you need to pay even the most desperate of the desperate to stick around you

how does this girl live

No. 957849

can someone post the r9k thread link? i cant find it

No. 957859

ugh wtf is wrong with her? is she that desperate for male validation that she is giving in to some retard's demands, oh wow pathetic. Where the fuck are her parents in all this? and the dude in the message I bet he is some fat 30+ neckbeard probably.

No. 958182

File: 1586807023905.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 6E6781B0-09C7-4390-BCE0-77B563…)

Still being a gross pick me on snap

No. 962180

sage for ot but its so funny to me how custardloafs orbiters turned on her instantly once her supposed nudes got leaked. even her "friends" like shooter and paultown dogged on her too. really pathetic

No. 964566

File: 1587717430212.jpeg (194.36 KB, 750x1160, E836DDF6-B497-46E0-8C83-B07E12…)

Sorry had to repost
Her new Instagram she linked to her tiktok

No. 964630

I think what's happening to Gen Z is that they're actually afraid of internet smear campaigns and being murdered by internet people, the "early years" of the internet didnt have this issue and it was just internet friends. But now it's all about internet trolls and smear campaigns which makes gen z desperate and scared since the internet isn't as friendly anymore

No. 964657

File: 1587741042621.jpg (167.24 KB, 1080x1187, eesh.jpg)


I mean its a valid fear considering some of the recent stuff that has happened, the internet truly has become the hostile and dangerous place the boomers feared it was.

No. 964738

Have you retards read the thread? Why are you sympathizing with her? She hates women and she cruelly made jokes about Bianca Devins. Why are you not saging?

No. 964764

The early internet years were not friendly. You could never really evaluate who people were and had no points of reference to do so. People would meet without even sending a picture. Now you can verify with multiple accounts. The early internet encouraged way more safety.

No. 964923

>I mean its a valid fear
No it’s not, white knight. Read the thread. She literally has made fun of Bianca Devins.

No. 964944

File: 1587791542195.jpeg (167.46 KB, 750x632, 1CCE8688-1D14-48B3-A9FD-8EDF69…)

I saw this on one of the irony accounts she used to follow lol even the incels she cater to hate her

No. 965569


Im not talking about this dumb incel pandering whale, just about gen z-ers.

No. 965605

Yeah that's exactly what I was talking about. Before it was about making internet friends and now it's all about trolling and screen shotting people

No. 965719

File: 1587936868899.png (832.05 KB, 750x1334, C132CB27-01D9-4984-AE1D-B4D05C…)

She posted this to her story lmao dear lord does she hate herself

No. 966868

File: 1588202627343.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 5C79AA0D-55F3-463E-AEC6-FE0016…)

She’s bi but she uses the word dyke, totally bi but has never dated a girl and hates women

No. 967368

File: 1588291546636.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 7526D99E-2D86-42F0-8DEC-A2EA69…)


No. 967372

File: 1588291883626.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, 3792707B-1130-4BD0-BC67-F7F183…)

Who tf even uses the word “SJW” like it’s 2016. The ~triggered~ comments are just people saying the song is shitty and calling her a pick me

No. 967462

Sage for off topic but her hand looks like a fucking foot

No. 967520

File: 1588322626791.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 80937DA4-1321-46CB-964B-5D8AA4…)

Idk if having this many mental illnesses is even possible tbh. The only thing I suspect is Münchausen syndrome with her self diagnosing attention seeking”incel queen” fat ugly ass

No. 967527

I hope as she grows up she realizes what a dumbass she was as a kid. Male attention isn't ever worth it, especially the type of dengenerates she is wanting the attention of.

Though, the internet never forgets.

No. 967534

not to nitpick but depression/anxiety and bpd/ptsd often overlap and have similar symptoms so its very hard to have one without the other (ptsd causes bpd which can cause depression and anxiety) but theres no fucking way someone can be both borderline and autistic because they're both literal opposites

No. 967556

what are you fucking talking about? there is a big overlap in the traits of bpd and asd, especially in girls. women get diagnosed as one when they have the other all the time.

No. 967561

I'd have this many mental illnesses too if I was that ugly
It's not dysmorphia if it's true fam lmao

No. 967784

File: 1588370899712.jpeg (366.81 KB, 750x892, 20997CA2-1779-4AF5-9094-EEA108…)

>white women not funny
Bitch look at yourself

No. 967788

File: 1588371562832.jpeg (235.19 KB, 774x1376, EF632FF9-942E-4E3B-A1B3-CF8686…)

“Queen of Incels”

No. 967789

i'd hate myself too if i looked like this lmao

No. 967802

What the fuck is incelcore . Are we just making up words now
Hopefully she’ll grow out of it once she’s forced to actually go into the world with normal well-adjusted people and get a job and an education. I was a sad pickme until I was given some self responsibility and grew up

No. 967813

I was a pick me but I never outright said I hated other women.. what the fuck is happening to these girls, or I never made fun of a dead girl or laughed at some shitty meme pages harasssing her

No. 967825

File: 1588375543323.jpeg (410.67 KB, 606x901, 83E3861E-8743-4A9A-85DC-E24621…)

No. 967974

I don't get this, this is the same girl with some makeup? Someone please explain

No. 968311

File: 1588475453458.png (349.6 KB, 750x1334, 5A563514-A449-40C4-A9AC-1E72C6…)

She’s beefing with some egirl ironic meme girl whatever tf

No. 968319

Cow or not, this girl is not fat.

No. 968350

for some reason she looks like a fatty in the face when you cant see her body lol.

No. 968354

She’s got an unfortunate Lois griffin face, it’s her fat ugly face and lips that make her seem so bloated.

No. 968369

This website is making me hate the word unfortunate, stop misusing it. she doesn't look "unfortunate", "ugly" or anything else, she's just a kid with youth on her side for her looks.

No. 968755

She has a twitch now

No. 968773

>she doesn't look "unfortunate"
It was said she HAS an unfortunate face, which she does.

Retarded of you to accuse people of misusing a word when it is you who can't read what is being said.

No. 968778

nta but saying someone has an unfortunate face is exactly the same as saying someone looks unfortunate. are you esl?

No. 969203

Shut up about how people are using their words, she’s ugly as shit and nothing more needs to be said

No. 969204

t. ugly fattie

No. 970184

File: 1588819478939.jpeg (55.02 KB, 692x174, E005B035-DC2A-42A5-89D1-059170…)

So yucky, apparently she got banned from Instagram and is using twitter

No. 970187

File: 1588819626803.png (960.52 KB, 750x1334, 74916B95-B4B3-4A73-83BC-50EE82…)

She’s simping for that ugly incel singer

No. 970192

I almost feel bad for these kids who will inevitably grow up and realize how stupid they were, but have this shit haunting them online forever.

No. 970199

>This website is making me hate the word unfortunate, stop misusing it. she doesn't look "unfortunate", "ugly" or anything else
Yea she does. She has a moon face.

No. 970220

she isnt unfortunate, shes just fat. she would actually be pretty without the ~30 extra pounds shes carrying around

>She has a moon face
she just has fat cheeks

No. 970258

stop wking you retarded bitch

No. 970268

nta but she's not wking for just stating that she's not ugly. just because you hate her won't magically change how she looks. she's not even wking, she said this girl was fat

No. 970322

I don't care if she's the fountain of youth itself and weighs literal 91 pounds, this bitch is visibly chunky and ogre faced whether you like hearing it or not. Cope harder, fatties and incels.

No. 970346

She does have a moon face though. There’s nothing wrong in pointing that out, she brought it on herself by caking on a shit ton of makeup every single day

No. 970357

stop trying to bone rattle, your flabby arms get in the way

No. 970363

Does anyone else think the retard that keeps saying “stop wk” is this bitch herself? The writing style is almost the same lmao

No. 970417

Honestly assumed from that this whole thread is herself and whatever handful of bottom-tier depraved orbiters she has. So embarrassing when young girls want to become the next 4chan princess cumrag this bad

No. 970432

ah yes the two body types, ana and hamplanet. kys fattie, no one will ever love you, it's over.

No. 970477

You need to be 18 to post here. Learn to sage, newfag

No. 970491

not a newfag, i just don't feel like doing it. punish me mommy

No. 970497


oh my god shut the fuck up, no one can stand you shitting up the thread anymore, i've never seen such an obnoxious annoying self post like this, even dasha herself was better at being on lolcow than you.

get the fuck outta here you insuferable bitch.

No. 970500

at the very least sage your middle school level infighting

No. 970523

File: 1588893484744.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 95B72FA7-572C-4E20-9558-58AA5B…)

She deleted her incelcore video

No. 970541

you think i'm the cow in this thread because i said she was fat? how can someone be this retarded. do me a favor and neck yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 970597

i was just thinking the same thing. they replied too me so fast and hostile. they also arent saging. its either her or vendetta chan.

No. 970702

boxxy had more personality in a single strand of her scene mane than this girl has in her entire body. when will these people find their own voice

No. 970705

i will rape your corpse queer-chan owo

No. 970711

This chick weirds me out so much because she looks exactly like someone I knew briefly. (though she’s about 20 and from Texas, but I keep coming back to this thread convinced it’s her.)

No. 970713

go to bed. you have a zoom class tomorrow

No. 970717


No. 970723

Wowzers, this chick sucks! Misogyny is wrong!

No. 970737

It’s the fact that you’re only saying this to pander to people who won’t ever like you for anything other than thinking they can get some easy coochie, but you’ll still suck their insults up as “banter” because you’re the exception right? If people who hate all women because they’re not good people don’t hate you because you parrot their opinions maybe you’ll feel some sort of validation in how special you like to think you are. Surprise surprise, you’re not, not even to them. I honestly hope you grow out of it sooner than later because this shit is embarrassing as hell lmao

No. 970740

Nonny, are you alright?

No. 970745

holy shit this thread is autistic

No. 970759

How much are we betting that atleast half the thread is this bitch selfposting so she can get more neckbeards to follow her or cry about le sjw boogyman?

No. 970764

worst thread lolcow awards 2020

No. 970900

banned for maleposting but people still think i'm this bitch lol

No. 970970

yeah.., we should lyek… tots delete it. ya know.. cus theres lyek no milk watsoever kek x10 owo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 971005

girl do be looking like Louis Griffin tho

No. 971211

Peeta, misogyny is based.

No. 971212

Samefag as >>970970 my tinfoil is shes trynna pull an Erin Painter and get the thread deleted with her autism.

No. 971213

nigga do you know sarcasm? and how to properly link posts too dayum

No. 971216

this one ain't even mine
the bitch must b laughing somewhere while im getting my ass ripped apart

No. 971217

seriously the state of this board is embarrassing with all the tinfoiling

No. 971733

This is the only post I’ll make about her since it isn’t her thread and I’m sorry for derailing but I wish she had her own thread. She’s such a joke. She knowingly associated with with white nationalist types and then once it all became a little too real she tried playing it off like she was never political and she just had no clue where these people even came from. She’s dropped the act though and currently faves posts that include race & IQ statistics. I remember the first fight she had with that Shawn guy where she declared “I’m left again now” except obviously in more dramatic wording since she was being attacked by his followers for reasons I can’t exactly remember, but this was before the nude incident. She’s cow material and she even looks insane and just not all there in her tiktoks she posts but because she mainly posts memes no one pays attention to her or takes her mental illness seriously, she’s just le funny girl poster to her pathetic male orbiters.

No. 971791

seconding a thread about custardloaf tbh. her backpedaling and saying shes not political, crying about racism and harassment after her nudes were leaked was funny as fuck

sage for ot

No. 971824

There’s so much you can go after this bitch for and you go after her for associating with white nationalists? Embarrassing

No. 971835

Ntayrt sage your white autism

No. 971864

That’s not what makes her milky, it’s how she pretended to have no clue where those people came from once her nudes leaked

No. 972724

File: 1589264844693.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 750x1334, 590A2FB9-FE7E-4713-82E8-8069C9…)

Her dumb orbiters “exposed” her but it was actually some other alt white thot from reddit.

No. 972785

Looks just like her. I bet her seeing that get posted and people thinking it was her really took a toll on her “I’m unique and not like other girls” personality

No. 972826

Thirding custardloaf thread because she's fun to cringefollow and has the kind of face where you know they're 1.5 seconds from hitting the proverbial wall

No. 972998

Someone make it she sounds interesting, idk the bitch and would like to be spoonfed

No. 973363

Idk if she's interesting enough on her own, but I think there should be a general thread for all the pathetic 4chan starlet wannabes. They're all exactly the same, but different from regular e-girls since they have a specific audience (chan incels) and they know it.

No. 973427

I think there should be a thread dedicated to “right wing twitter”. They’re all pretty histrionic. She says she isn’t a part of it but she pretty exclusively interacts with that circle so I think it’d be fitting. Beardson, Shawn, Tara, they’re all cows.

No. 974345

File: 1589523938020.jpeg (210.86 KB, 595x484, AF12E608-7BD2-4692-A006-374B88…)

Please please someone make a thread

No. 975535

right wing twitter is fucking disgusting lol someone pls

No. 975560

No. 975579

File: 1589778339617.jpg (38.94 KB, 992x558, ramsityKillYoself.jpg)

Hey uh OP you sound like a 9 year old.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 975589

t. one of her orbiters

No. 975595

No. 976455

> Nobody needed another general thread that can attract obvious self posters. Make a new proper thread for cows with yungcynical, if there are other cows that meet the thread criteria in the rules page then they can have their own respective threads. Like other anons have stated, we already have the tradthot thread.

What is up with some of the mods here? There are worse threads open right now. The OP wasn’t very informative but people were steering it in the right direction. Millennial tradthots and gen z “based” right wing twitter e-girls are completely different.

No. 976797

File: 1590013866837.jpeg (147.62 KB, 750x567, 32EE26F9-3003-4BEC-B3E0-CEEBDF…)

Idk I guess just post that custard-loaf bitch in this thread too, right? What’s the point in a new thread if mods will probably lock that one too.
Those girls aren’t technically trad thots they’re edgy white supremacist groyper one of the guys
Anyways fatcynical is backtracking about her false rape accusation

No. 976925

File: 1590029482637.png (456.1 KB, 750x1334, 94A1960C-1816-4808-A9B0-DD41DC…)

She’s posting some argument. She didn’t even refute that she posted Anti-BLM shit. She just raking in gross white nationalist groyper attention

No. 976973

She's got a point though. Tankies are cringe, they're just on an equal cringe level to WS.

No. 976977

How is this milk, BLM are faggots I don’t see how this is a bad take

No. 976986

See >>976797 ; "just didn't happen but thanks for invalidating my trauma" to strangers on Instagram. She's literally as bad and embarrassing as the buzzword-throwing Twitter discourse SJWs that she claims to dislike, despite obviously being one that's disguising herself as a "trendy internet right-winger!!" to seem cool.

>"anti BLM"
>"weird crypto fascists"
>"ok Marxist"
>"OK racist"
>"weird ass online fascists"
This entire conversation is the peak of internet teenagers being like "I'm going to try and act educated on political matters when I clearly don't know what I'm talking about and have no idea of the meaning of the words I'm using"

No. 977007

>”how is this milk?”
>bumps thread
Retard, if you don’t want your queen’s thread to stay relevant at least sage.

No. 977042

I bet half of this thread is self posts. She messed up in >>976925


No. 977059

> if you don’t want your queen’s thread to stay relevant at least sage.
>your queen
Shut the fuck up faggot, I can’t stand this bitch as much as the next person but post actual milk instead of stupid bullshit. I don’t see how saying that makes me a simp or a fan of her you fucking braindead nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 977082

Jesus this is embarrassing to watch. This is the first time I've seen someone go in the opposite direction of failing to integrate. You're not on 4chan dumbass, nobody talks like that and having a vagina isn't enough to make you an interesting topic here.

I don't understand how these girls don't learn, especially after watching the other trainwrecks get harassed and murdered. Is the incel attention really that meaningful? Is your empty life worth risking? Most of us have been there, you are not even a little bit special, and you're just going to regret this later. Wake up

No. 977253

>having a vagina isn't enough to make you an interesting topic here.
what are you talking about, this bitch has a lot of milk but I just said it’s retarded to post shit that isn’t milk on her like “not supporting black lives matter”

Not supporting BLM and finding it retarded isn’t milk. Most people with more than 9 brain cells don’t support BLM. post actual milk about this girl, there’s a lot of it

No. 977468

nice selfpost

No. 978677

File: 1590365744505.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, E090577A-4DDD-473A-94E1-D7F78A…)

I’d probably be right wing if I were a rich white bitch too

No. 978678

File: 1590365795916.jpeg (212.73 KB, 750x1334, F2FD22F3-415D-4939-96A3-D17C65…)

goth kaitlin Bennett over here fellas

No. 978689

File: 1590368103916.png (275.8 KB, 386x521, balloony.png)

God her face is so fat and bloated

No. 978734

Sure, Jan

No. 978736

you sure told her with that one

No. 978807

>Not all alternative ppl have to be left wing too. There's centrist teenage girls who learned everything they know about politics from Twitter and incorrectly call their views "right-wing" to get attention from virgins
Fixed that for her

No. 979026

File: 1590444221259.png (814.14 KB, 750x1334, A16DBD46-2D39-4DE7-B709-95FAAF…)

What kind of insensitive Retard posts Elliot Rodgers

No. 979080

>white people bad
Saying this shit makes you sound like a cow yourself nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 979081

sage your racebait

No. 979084

Triggered much? Kek

No. 979129

No I don’t give a shit about saging my posts kill yourself
I mean shitting up the thread and making yourself look worse than Cynical is annoying so

No. 979134

>shitting up the thread
>implying any contribution to this pathetic thread isn't already more than it deserves

I take it back, this is entertaining. Tell us more about how milky Yung Sausage is, vulgar-chan

No. 979139

>No I don’t give a shit about saging my posts kill yourself
Ok newfaggot from instagram

No. 979165

File: 1590474601330.jpg (58.1 KB, 320x240, 1590007623874.jpg)

>I don't give a shit about saging my posts
Kek probably because you don't know how 2012fag.

No. 979245

>shitting up the thread
and you're not by posting unsaged cringe kill yourself replies?

No. 979747

File: 1590559214030.png (226.97 KB, 750x1334, 0F58C270-5141-4087-B8C2-9B3FA3…)

>Brandon Christopher McCartney, professionally known as Lil B and as his alter ego The BasedGod, is an American rapper, motivational speaker, and activist. Lil B has recorded both solo and with Bay Area group The Pack. His solo work spans several genres, including hip hop, new age, indie rock and choral music. He was born August 17, 1989 (age 30 years),
>yungcynical just turned 17

No. 979858

she's so dumb, why is she posting the dms to brag like nobody cares about lil b and now he's gonna get shat on

No. 979907

File: 1590596887516.jpg (47.54 KB, 675x1200, DuTn6yxU0AEunu6.jpg)

Lil B replies to everyone who dm's him and is nice to them. That's part of his shtick. Reposting because I forgot to post the image. If you google Lil B dm's you realise he tells everyone he loves them.

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