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File: 1577021344769.png (141.75 KB, 261x275, C17FB648-FA21-4C43-9831-8432DB…)

No. 908614

Old thread bio updated
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little // Sexual //
-faux bi
-hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Rosie - roommate
Clayton/sadboiaccount - skinwalker
Rotten_hollow: her ex daddy who kept her ass a secret
Pyromantic_Prince - friend , briefly lived with them or was at least planning to
_chl.o - ex friend , also DDlg

Original thread
-now ex-friends with Rosie, starting cos J flipped at R doing weed
-used "gay" to mean bad a lot, followers didn't like, cue many sperg rants defending self
-says daddy doesn't want to be public, anons find out who he is
-J and Clay find lolcow, J is unusually quiet, Clay isn't
-J and Clay's recent beef with @salvjiia and @jazminbean over transphobia and attacking(?) jazmin.
- Homer Simpson vagina
- Underage nudes in fatbois discord server (which for some reason Jude takes over from time to time)

IG: https://www.instagram.com/yung_bish0p
YT: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCa2V6eboma2qawVmnK3Vr2w
Last threads:

No. 908618

- Jude and Will break up, Jude insists they still adore each other despite Will not following her or my fatboi on Instagram anymore, probably out of embarrassment.
- Fatboi and Jude meet up and make some awkward videos together, while fatboi’s internet girlfriend third-wheels.
- Jude moves to Brighton because of pollution.
- Still doesn’t seem to have a job, but can afford to travel around England to see yung blud thrice.
- Speculation she was shagging pyromaniac prince, no proof, as she’s strictly into cocks.
- Rotten moves on pretty quick posting photos of him and a new lady and some old photos of Jude, probably to stop her going psycho.
- Jude continues to post minimal effort content and fills out copious q&as on Instagram.
- Chloe starts getting her butt out on the regular and her and Jude are no longer friends.
- Jude still says that she is her favourite person in the world.

She’s exhaustingly boring and possibly doesn’t deserve a thread, but she does frequently come out with some corking clangers and fatboi new to ‘goff’ arrogance and antics is always a laugh.

No. 909187

I feel like the reason she’s seemingly less milky now is because of the Kinda reaction people we’re having to her bullshit. I have no doubt she’s still an absolute cow, just being very careful as to what she wants to show. Which again, nice going Jude with the constant hypocrisy

No. 909191

wait in the thread description it says "homer simpson vagina", has jude posted her privates before lmao? im not a horny male, just generally wondering

No. 909203

Ha ha no, myfatboiaccount said he wanted a homer simpson vagina on his ideal woman. Which is rich coming from a pasty low iq dough boy - i hope his internt gf had the required homer simpson vagina. What kind of imbecile equates a cartoon charater of a fat middle aged man with genitals?

No. 909225

File: 1577142544825.jpg (113.15 KB, 1043x851, SmartSelect_20191223-150556_Yo…)

On the latest video.

When cows collide

No. 909400

Is there a thread on Emily Boo? What did she do?

No. 909469

She pops up in the altcows thread, she's not really milky enough for her own topic.
We have a longterm cow in /pt/ called Raven Sparks who has or had a weird vendetta against Emily.

No. 909746

File: 1577279645272.jpg (319.09 KB, 720x989, 20191225_131258.jpg)

That stupid kick me tattoo is on her arm

No. 910006

File: 1577357862800.jpg (713 KB, 1054x1523, SmartSelect_20191226-025321_In…)

I'm honestly surprised Clayton was able to stay with someone who is relatively attractive, but this makes sense now her using him for the "clout" and being able to make him look like an idiot

No. 910032

File: 1577365862778.jpg (551.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191226-131035_Ins…)

More e begging

No. 910598

File: 1577442258404.jpg (358.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191227-102349_Ins…)

No. 910952

File: 1577553810565.jpeg (495.71 KB, 750x1204, B86E53B3-7428-4F49-B3B3-EDED0D…)

Lookin’ great!

No. 911005

is that a piece of bacon or meat in his nose??? he looks like shit what is he doing omg

No. 911105

He looks like utter shit, why is he doing this? It’s not edgy, especially for some straight edge loser who does looks for the ‘gram that literally no one other than his underage fans want to see. Also what eboy looks as crusty and busted as this?

No. 911681

File: 1577717149097.jpeg (407.08 KB, 750x913, AF4BFBDB-1BEB-4D86-89D3-B856C6…)

Of course she buys dollskill(emoji)

No. 911708

File: 1577724092811.jpg (510.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191230-163958_Ins…)

No. 911710

File: 1577724225698.jpg (326.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191230-164050_Ins…)

No. 911727

I'm sorry. She knows she has new followers, so therefore they don't know she doesn't like being called queen. But they have to know she's a little before following her? The contradictions.

No. 911853

This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on lolcow and we used to have Asherbee threads.

No. 911869

don’t call me queen bc i’m a little and it makes me uncomfortable because i don’t want to be reminded that i’m an adult
but also gay is an insult and fuck you if you find homophobia offensive
ok kween

No. 911871

he looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome and a tampon up his nose

No. 911989

Wow she wears dollskill, not even a surprise lmao. I thought she cared about the shit she wears? It's a known fact that dollskill made fucking racist ass designs, and it's known how garbage the people are, and their products are actually shit. I love that she's supporting them and telling her fans how much she loves it. What a queen.

No. 912001

File: 1577788625934.jpg (433.35 KB, 720x1022, 20191231_103520.jpg)

Rosie got a new job despite having 2 giant face tattoos and a ton of other viable body mods. Whats judes excuse?

No. 912013

Her sexuality is looking at baby stuff online and consumerism. She really is a total mess.

No. 912014

File: 1577794890070.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 9C126788-295E-42D4-8128-1DC4E8…)

Forgot pic

No. 912031

File: 1577802999197.jpg (472.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-143448_Ins…)

No. 912032

File: 1577803030895.jpg (369.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-143529_Ins…)

No. 912055

should/are kinks really taken to this sort of level?

They should be left in the bedroom/private between people actually involved.

No. 912077

File: 1577816804543.jpg (947.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191231-182655_Ins…)

>>912055 precisely - the whole point of kinks is consent. you cant take it out into public and include non-consenting parties in your sexual kink. it's fucking weird, and invasive. pic related - who the fuck wears a dummy out in public?

No. 912136

File: 1577829034738.jpg (401.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-215013_Ins…)

So edgy

No. 912158

File: 1577834332019.jpg (469.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191231-231844_Ins…)

Rosie already doxxed her new place of work..

No. 912180

cranky cause you’re spending new years alone. aren’t you jude?

god this girl is a fuckin vacuum. no wonder her friends and bf dropped her. she’s so dull.

No. 912181

rosie and jude are both perfect examples of how attitude literally gets you everywhere in life lmfao, rosie has a job (even with all her mods& alt way of dressing) and jude is a basic bitch who is unemployed and lazy. lighten the fuck up jude.

No. 912185

I still find it hilarious how they said that Rosie was the nasty evil bitch while Jude was the kind and caring martyr. I wonder if Jude still thinks she's hot shit since almost everyone dropped her in a short span of time.

No. 912193

Funny, if dates and time are simply an illusion, why were you encouraging your followers to send you Christmas and birthday gifts? Truly boggles the mind.

No. 912465

Anyone else think it’s super weird that she holds her little meet n greets at actual celebrities concerts?

No. 912518

File: 1577916866326.jpg (461.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200101-220955_Ins…)

No. 912541

> hates new years
> doesn’t believe in time and dates
> CoMe JOin My NEw YEaRs sTrEam”

No. 912699

Sounds like a bitter bitch who didn't get invited to any parties because she's a bitter bitch.
Having an "anti new years stream" is pathetic and sad. She sat there streaming shortly before midnight just to pretend she doesn't care about it, how fucking sad.

No. 912715

File: 1577966906430.jpg (517.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200102-120811_Ins…)

'Super intelligent'

No. 912719

she's like those people that always have to mention how 'kind' and 'nice' they are but with her its she's sooo unbothered and so intelligent uwu

No. 912722

She hates new year's so much she makes a stream dedicated to new years. 10/10. She tries so hard to look difficult to please that it does opposite and outs how much she does care, at least about how she appears to her followers who think this fake edgy act is cool because they're tweens and Jude has said she's proud of mentally still being 13.

No. 912751

No. 912756

>>912751 she's pretty much covered in friday the 13th flash

No. 912785

That video was hard to watch. She said uuunhmmm uuhhm uuhmmm constantly. She’s so boring.

No. 912804

Shit quality ones at that

No. 912858

>>912751 For someone who loves body mods so much, she CLEARLY invests in her tattoos, lol

No. 912861

File: 1578004927137.jpg (555.29 KB, 1058x1166, 20200102_143114.jpg)

I follow this Elitist Joe guy and a interesting convo about Jude broke out in the comments. Its good to see more people who are aware of her crap. Will post screen shots.

No. 912864

File: 1578005076549.jpg (356.35 KB, 1030x1498, 20200102_143935.jpg)

No. 912865

File: 1578005117912.jpg (380.49 KB, 1019x1512, 20200102_143859.jpg)

No. 912866

File: 1578005165108.jpg (390.71 KB, 1028x1667, 20200102_143711.jpg)

No. 912868

File: 1578005210444.jpg (443.57 KB, 1038x1670, 20200102_143518.jpg)

No. 912908

File: 1578009691933.jpeg (159.31 KB, 738x413, F3F7EF28-434D-4685-8191-91C668…)

She wants to be covered in tattoos but gets trashy Friday the 13th shit. All the content she puts out just reinforces what a dullard she is. Totally agree with the goth thread about how vile it is that she promotes ddlg to underage fans. She doesn’t even realise how problematic and harmful she is. How can a jobless friendless neet still be so proud of herself?

No. 912913

File: 1578010262253.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, DDE2F65F-F8B7-40FE-B38D-7CE6FF…)

Skanky tongue, infantalising filter and bitchy request for assumptions - 2020 Jude is just as obnoxious as ever.

No. 913070

File: 1578044372236.png (728.98 KB, 640x1136, 68BAB88A-EFC2-4FF7-A0F7-423843…)

Fucking charming Jude, exactly what ppl wanna see on their feed in the morning

No. 913082

Lmao is this even her bc if it is it’s before the god awful fuck doll tattoo as far as I can see
She really doesn’t know the meaning of over sharing does she

No. 913086

Way too early in the morning for this, I thought I was looking at Ashley Isaac's knee or something here

No. 913121

that’s just gross lmao, she’s forever gonna be pushing this “i’m so edgy daddy uwu” image huh?

No. 913125

keeping in mind that her parents can see this, what a mess. this is some trashy shit. just why?

No. 913186

File: 1578080396694.png (655.28 KB, 750x1334, 468C1572-D007-45FA-88F1-47ECC5…)

When will she fuck off already?

No. 913627

File: 1578167177883.jpg (527.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200104-194558_Ins…)

No. 913630

What the fuck am I looking at, kek.
Pretending to be a baby getting fucked in a creepy, pro-choice sexualized, "little princess pussys" onsies?

No. 913633

This is a new level of insane degenerate, posting it where everyone can see it too even her parents, has me conflicted between laughing and secondhand embarrassment for her parents. This must be the worst timeline for them.

No. 913726

I’m shocked she hasn’t posted on her story about Australia’s bush being on fire now because 5 months ago she was all about “Saving the world” kek

No. 913728

“little princess pussys” what the fuck.. this is a whole different type of disturbing

No. 913898

She does a spate of of saving the world posts when it gets pointed out how self absorbed she is. Her actually caring about the world is so forced, as indicated by her constantly posting about her boring gross life to a bunch of tweens. She’s too busy looking at pedo shit online to care about the destruction in Australia at the moment. For someone who wants to save the world, I doubt she keeps up with current affairs. As she’s been jobless for such a long time she could have done volunteered with charities or taken on a more active role campaigning for animal rights or tying to get the Tory government out. But no, Jude with the world on her shoulders carries on with fast fashion consumerism and getting her arse out online. She’s a pathetic clown.

No. 913987

Jude is a horrible trashgoblin. But I do ferl bad that she describes her extremely skinny body as "disgusting" because she hasn't been to the gym. Her body is fine. It's the shitty flash she puts all over it. Great message for your young fans jude. Skinny isn't good enough, but "disgusting."

It makes me feel kind of sorry for her. Both that she feels that way about her body, and that she chooses to fixate on that,rather than her shitty personallity.

No. 914063

She could go running which is free or do free YouTube work outs. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s a vain, self obsessed dumbass that relies on male sexual attention to validate her dull existence.

No. 914317

at least she doesn't pretend to be bi anymore.

No. 914395

Bum ass lighting and a bvb tattoo??
God this is heinous

No. 914404

File: 1578340197588.jpeg (166.52 KB, 640x744, F00875D6-AFA0-442C-8F6A-77531C…)

Half of this is quoted from a movie. Wow Jude so deep, so original

No. 914419

She has now, likely from checking what’s being said here

No. 914440

File: 1578344921925.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 81507C5C-AD9A-437A-9488-82233B…)

Token post in between wanking over herself, as predicted

No. 914878

There are so many things you can do. You can donate. If you can't afford that, the animal rescue craft guild is asking people to sew and send in marcupial pouches and bat wraps. If you xan't sew, you could collect textiles and ask others to do so. You could promote the information of charities on your social media. You could start a collection among your goffgang or write to your MP to get him or her to support efforts to fight global warming. You could go to a climate march.

Or you could do the most valuable thing possible. Post on instagram about how you, personally, feel bad. Glad Jude is on it. The world will be saved any time now guys!

No. 915242

I love how Rosie and Chloe are getting sponsorships and Jude isn't.

No. 915523

Not surprised. She comes with far too much baggage for anyone to sponsor her. That is if she can be bothered to get off her arse to actually film the video. She is shamelessly thirsty for a killstar sponsorship. But even a brand like that, who aren't exactly known for their integrity, won't touch her. Her reach is tiny and her reputation is trash.

No. 915657

rosie is so soft spoken and listening to her is actually nice. I couldn't get through judes video at all

No. 915780

Lol, Rotten has removed the pics he put up of them together. Is Jude still convincing herself that he adores her.

No. 915980

File: 1578672677375.jpeg (372.56 KB, 755x3458, 4EA096D7-A954-4573-83B4-0D82ED…)

I’m surprised Emily said this since last year I personally spoke to her and she seemed put off by Jude since the transphobia got outed pretty much

// my comment was in response to someone calling Jude out on Emilys selfie w Jude //

No. 916009

There are many people in the altcow thread like Lilachris and Maimagi who weren't fond of each other behind the scenes however still decided to suck each other's ass in public for clout. Don't be surprised.

No. 917284

File: 1578894012213.png (506.24 KB, 804x546, judenewpost2.PNG)

She posted something angsty with a new makeup "look" I guess she's having a falling out with someone from her fanbase?

No. 917285

File: 1578894039356.png (17.96 KB, 276x351, judenewpost2rant.PNG)

No. 917286

File: 1578894159290.png (9.08 KB, 266x231, judenewpost2rant2.PNG)

No. 917293

at least someone like Yungblud can tuck his unoriginal mISfiTS riSe uP!@ spiel into the music he's selling
Jude has nothing to offer

No. 917340

Jude saying absolutelynothing as per. Lol about having a sharp mind, where has she demonstrated this? The more she spouts the more vapid she becomes as she's not particularly bright at all. And insisting that everyone around her is weak. It's been brought up multiple time that she's the problem. A little humilty would go a long way Queen Jude. 

No. 917347

jesus fucking christ how full of herself can she be? It absolutely baffles me how she actually thinks that she's this holy martyr, all while sitting at home 24/7 taking nudes for instagram and raging over 13-year-olds who don't check her faq before asking questions. God she's insufferable.
It's not that deep Jude. Just embrace the fact that your audience is only there for your mediocre make up and SpIcY aDuLt content, stop it with the 'save the world' bullshit. You ain't doing it and you know it

No. 917357

She is so shit at social media. People are only intersted in her makeup, and aesthetic - so stop posting poorly written essays that indicate how you're unravelling - spark up a blunt Jude and chill.

She's obviously upset that people pull her up on her ass-clowning and wants to play it off that everyone just can't handle the truth bombs she queefs out.

Jude is an unemployed loser, who dick hops for validation and thinks reposting fleeting insta stories of a few global events counts as saving the world. Grow up, and get off your ass Jude.

No. 917365

>it's full of opinions and real people and things that can hurt you. So if you're scared then go the fuck to sleep
Take your own advice Jude, you gigantic hypocrite.

No. 917375

'Sick of being looked up to so I have to look down'

Nice to know what you think of your fans.

No. 917415

I love how the only options she can come up with are "I'm amazing so my fans love me" and "I'm amazing, so if my fans don't love me, they're wrong."

Regretting that shitty "goffgang" tattoo yet?

No. 917460

what the fuck is she on about

No. 917474

How can someone simultaneously try to be serious and use the words "G0ff gang" unironically?????

This bitch causes me physical pain she is so cringey

No. 917573

File: 1578946018121.jpeg (856.97 KB, 750x1154, 34ECB9B5-832B-48C2-BE3E-513E75…)

Hilarious how her best friend lover for life was too ashamed to even go public with her, but happily posts photos of him twinning with this new bird. Jude is so fucking deluded. And she lives in Brighton now in a Christian household because her ex lives there, behold queen Jude. No job, no prospects - just a load of makeup and mummy’s money. You get what you give babe.

No. 917963

File: 1578992676701.jpeg (73.39 KB, 724x306, 609EF46B-1437-4D24-9F38-B49EEC…)

How does she make money ?!

No. 917967

By letting her fans donate to her lmao

No. 918016

"you aren't goff gang, goff gang is an idea i created"
She's basically telling her fans, you aren't my real fans, my real ideal fan standard is imaginary which you can never live up to because I'm so speshul

Also, was that cringy poem thing a song, or something she wrote herself?

No. 918191

That’s such a horrible point as well, anyone can “make money” from the way they look but that doesn’t mean they are making enough to live.
Just because your fans toss you a fiver when you beg them isn’t “getting money because I look like this”

You wanna make a living off the way you look? Go be a stripper Jude, oh wait I forgot that’s too far all her lewd gotta go to Instagram My bad

No. 918241

>>917963 she isn't getting brand deals. she doesn't have enough yt views to be earning a decent wage. she doesn't have an only fans ect if she is making money, it isn't enough to live.

No. 918284

Her engagement on Instagram is piss poor too. Does she think being sent shitty T-shirts from horny and sad is ‘getting paid’? She’s too plain to be an alt model and too boring and rude to be an influencer. Certainly doesn’t have the brains and drive to start a business. So I guess working retail it is!

No. 918482

Plus Rosie, who is a good comparison to jude since they're known from the same show and have the same "i look weird" brand, works in retail so her engagement has dropped and yet brands send her free stuff. Jude's lewds (kek) may get superficial attention but that is it.

No. 918683

File: 1579124167062.png (439.37 KB, 640x1136, AA4BD371-FEFE-430F-B184-19F4D6…)

Oh my dear god is she fucking serious

No. 918685

I am SCREAMING someone come get this edgelord

No. 918693

That’s it, someone get Chris Hanson on the case this lady seems predatory as fuck with all this illegal shit. First it was telling ppl it’s okay to have sex at 8 and now incest

No. 918700

I haven't read Jude's thread in a while and this is the first thing I see holy shit what a messed up bitch.

If she wasn't off putting and rude enough already no brand or company is going to want to touch her with a ten foot pole after this. No way she's making decent money off of social media like she implies in >>917963

Just gross. What the fuck is wrong with this woman.

No. 918997

Every time I think Jude is not worth a thread, she comes up with vile corkers like this. Well done Jude on making yourself even more unlikeable, unemployable and unmarketable…slay queen!

No. 919049

… she's absolute trash. No wonder everyone in life but fatboi left her.
"incest is ok, but if you're not vegan, you should die"

No. 919069

she doesn’t go outside

No. 919356

Apart from being fucking gross, this is also very irresponsible. There are a lot of power dynamics in families, like between parents and kids and older and younger siblings, that mean one person is an authority figure over the other. "Consent" can't exist in a situation like that. That's called abuse.

Fucking hell Jude. If for some reason you don't realize that fucking a relative is inherently vile, at least realize it's unethical.
I know thinking is hard for you, especially if it means taking your mind off beinv an edgelord. But you have tons of young, impressionable fans. What if they do something or go along with something that could really end up emotionally damaging them.

But I guess I'm just not edgy and rad enough to understand.

No. 919622

Jude is going to be an old woman one day - the ddlg thing will be even more than a joke than it is now. She doesn't put any effort into anything and sits on her flat ass all day - what the hell will uwu bb Jude be doing in her 30s? Fucking her brother? Still getting her mum to pay for her shut-in lifestyle?

No. 919791

File: 1579290080850.jpeg (168.57 KB, 828x1139, 9FA3124B-9C59-44AE-A447-41EFEC…)

No. 920062

John Wayne Gacy would be laughing his ass off.

No. 921851

File: 1579710282042.jpg (308.54 KB, 1079x1052, Screenshot_20200122-102431_Ins…)

An actual representation of jude. A quack with metal in her face.

No. 922300

Really starting to feel Jude and co are one trick cows, new milk is the same as old stuff they did and the thread is drying. Just me?
(Saged ofc.)

No. 922381

I reckon they're scared of their shitty antics being brought up here, so are posting less. Although whenever I think Jude is too boring to bother with she'll tell a load of teenagers that incest is chill.

No. 922478

No. 922481

>>922478 killstar actually sent her stuff

No. 922495

File: 1579807432197.jpeg (268.85 KB, 828x1035, 2A157924-ACD9-4C8C-B8B1-70B054…)

They may have apparently sent her stuff but it’s literally teddies imagine receiving a couple of stuffed toys and tagging it #fuckingmilestones like it’s a huge achievement
Ooh minor work with a really problematic fast fashion brand well done you’re such a hard worker

No. 923117

>I never really have a break

Lol. Painting her face, taking and editing her ugly pictures and being one massive cunt must be a 24h job.

No. 923118

Remember, when she said she had "checking discord" as something on her daily checklist like it's this big task. She never goes outside and is pretty vain so lifting a finger for others is ~so exhausting~.

No. 923125

File: 1579878486056.jpg (448.71 KB, 2048x2048, 04D444F9-B6E0-4E47-9894-B6378A…)

Poor poppet has got a lot of work to do, eating Smash in her pyjamas.

No. 923130

File: 1579879416754.jpg (292.95 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200124-092141_Ope…)

That can of gravy mix isn't vegan. Good job, Judith. Save the world uwu.

No. 923135

Anon, Bisto is vegan. The only thing non-vegan about it is how it is produced in factories that handle animal products. Do more research. ~ UwU(UwU)

No. 923142


Depends on the vegan in question, but seeing as Jude is a 'save the world, ethical vegan' it's pretty hypocritical for her to eat it. No surprise there.

No. 923151

god the 20p can of Sainsburys sweetcorn REALLY make this pic something good

No. 923246

File: 1579898497548.jpeg (243.81 KB, 1331x677, 3556B231-4143-4EC8-90D7-5C575B…)

Our sweet baby princess eco warrior loves to eat processed vomit. God she’s such a joke.

No. 923375

Ayrt, and I'm a'Merica vegan so I just did a quick search since idk the brand. Since it's got MSG in it which can have non vegan sources, that's a big avoid. [And not super good for you]. As you point out, its processed in a facility that processes foods with animals so I personally and many other vegans wouldnt be okay with eating it.

Exactly my point, someone that's high and mighty about being vegan and hardcore committed would most certainly look into what else they make to avoid a facility that also uses animals. But we all know how Judith's convictions are just for feeling above others.

No. 923582

i’m a vegan and i don’t see a problem with buying things that are produced in the same factory as animal products. there’s so many things that say they may contain traces of milk or something that it’d be super difficult to avoid. the point of veganism is to not support/create a demand for animal products, buying something otherwise vegan but made in a factory that produces stuff with animal secretions doesn’t create a demand. saged for ot

No. 923763

File: 1579988109591.jpeg (431.43 KB, 828x1421, 8C3A5214-4540-409A-AEC0-622890…)

in the older Jude thread some anon posted this.

No. 923835

File: 1580000998145.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 562.97 KB, 750x1067, E07531B2-D509-4069-9E3B-78E77D…)

Baby Chlo keeping it classy, probably posing like this while mum is cooking her dinner downstairs.

No. 923836

Jesus Christ. Jude, love yourself.

No. 923851

basic food prep is for normies

No. 924484

Tinfoil maybe. But in this video Angela Benedict talks about goth influencers pushing kink on their young audience, and specifically mentions killstar. Think it's Jude?

No. 924530

this girls arms are disgusting

No. 924535

Wow I lurked and just saw this bitch face for the first time… NoW I understand why she doesn't show herself on most of them.

No. 924548

I dunno, I think this video was mainly a vehicle for Angela to let everyone know what a hot teen she was.

No. 924568

File: 1580139399357.jpg (158.61 KB, 750x698, IMG_7875.jpg)

Dat jawline tho

No. 924593

If you get that from somebody's story about being sexually exploited at 16, you've got issues.

No. 924994

File: 1580226923243.jpg (518.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200128-155314_Ins…)

No. 924996

File: 1580226975016.jpg (472.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200128-155324_Ins…)

No. 924998

File: 1580227485957.jpg (300.24 KB, 954x1491, 20200128_170351.jpg)

Keeping the wishlist classy Jude.
The rest is mostly killstar, figurines, and stickers.
Link is here:

No. 925011

Why do the kids that follow her spend their pocket money on her and why does she think she is important enough and/or deserves strangers to buy her random presents?

No. 925020

Looking at the trash she follows on insta, along with Little for big, is a load of creepy shops with cutesy names like 'Itty Bitty Wonders' and 'Cuddle Me, A Little Shop' - what gross grown ass man is turned on by someone talking in a baby voice and sucking a pacifier? She mentioned - copious times - that she wears her pacifier while being fucked by daddy, but yeah it's not pedophilic in tone at all…

No. 925029

She needs to just drop the whole act of being somebody. the “you can’t kill an idea” and just start selling pics of her tits and arse on patreon like she wants to.

the only people who care about her “message” are baby goths. i can imagine the rest of her followers are just lonely old perverts.

No. 925032

Probably. And the babybats will outgrow her. Now that her initial barcroft fame has worn off and more and more of her shitty behaviour comes out, it will be harder for her to win over new fans. Some new poser will come along to milk their goff image for views, and she'll be left behind.

No. 925356

Why was she begging for presents if "time and dates are just stupid concepts people made up"?
I thought Jude ~couldn't care less~ about such events?

No. 925424

she’s an insta-thot with no personality who wants a sugar daddy.

No. 925446

File: 1580314156316.png (92.98 KB, 961x515, bwahaha.PNG)

She already posts pacis and lingerie (and gets the posts banned lol) on her IG so why would she need more, especially now her daddy left her?
Apart from wanting to show her kink off to her fans, since she clearly gets off to flaunting how speshul she is. Grow up Jude, literally.

No. 925821

File: 1580385322260.jpg (542.63 KB, 1438x1760, 20200130_065307.jpg)

Oooof (from the killstar plushie post)

No. 925857

For someone that acts so proud of themselves, she sure does alot to hide her huge ass nose.

No. 925864

- rape jokes are funny
- it's not racist because i'm white and i don't think it's racist

slow claps for pea brain jude

No. 925875

File: 1580395953253.jpeg (5.76 KB, 189x144, images.jpeg)

>They backpedalled on the racist thing eventually after facing backlash over it. And it isn't racist anyway because it was just something a bunch of white people didn't think about too hard. So it's fine.

Also, she can't be "looking into" killstar stealing art too hard, since this is the first hit when googling "killstar art theft."

No. 925891

That's an amazing screenshit, anon

No. 926053

File: 1580429756735.png (244.35 KB, 587x513, Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.14…)

>>925875 couldn't find the original tweet to upload a higher quality version so here

No. 926101

File: 1580436221907.jpg (841.34 KB, 1417x2228, Screenshot_20200130-210143_Ins…)

This sounds a bit like one of Kaya's posts

No. 926127


Maybe she's figured out her "influencer career" is stalling, and she's hunting for a new gimmick.

No. 927161

File: 1580651883295.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 4F7C1D70-DD8A-4A7A-8B1B-E2BB67…)

Looks like the doughboi is back in the UK

No. 927359

File: 1580669367518.jpg (689.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200202-184932_Ins…)

No. 927360

File: 1580669432152.jpg (562.74 KB, 720x1029, 20200202_185115.jpg)

She liked Rosie's latest post

No. 927366

Jude alluded she was moving into a house with some people - I reck it's fatboi and his Jude proxy and maybe Jude's ex. I'm calling it and it'll be a shit show because Jude is a cunt.

No. 927430

Oh man. Curious to see if you're right. If so, imagine doughboi's poor girlfriend having to live with the goblin your significant other thinks about when he's fucking you. That has got to hurt.

No. 927677

Jude keeps asking people to tell her who got her stuff or they’ll be anonymous on the video lmao is it only me that thinks she’s brought the stuff herself and is like “uwu soz guys dunno who got it me but thanks goffgang forever” to seem like she actually has people getting her stuff or

No. 927735

She's doing it on youtube too.

No. 928360

I just don’t fucking get how she strives for attention but is so aggro to anyone that’s shows her any. All this “fuck you” when responding to things people have sent her. It’s laughable how she thinks she’s going to get anywhere by being a dick to the few people who pay her any fucking notice.

No. 928899

File: 1581012095128.jpg (423.21 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-02-06-20-01-04…)

where did this dude come from

No. 928903

shes's started to do fortnite dances on tiktok… jesus fucking christ

No. 928914

Oh my god I just saw her tiktok like I’m all about having fun n doing what you want but imagine tryna pretend to have the image she so badly craves and then literally proving you really are still mentally 14 ooof

No. 928925

Ha! She found herself a michael jackson cosplayer.

No. 928927

File: 1581017490902.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 43493AAE-FDBF-4B69-9DD4-7E4855…)

She’s so angry and triggered over everything. Her attitude is absolutely awful.

No. 928942

This is incredible - asked how she finds the motivation and she’s like ExCuSE Me I don’t NEED the make up and how DARE you assume I wear it OFTEN

her attitude is vile

No. 928944

here's hoping her next phase is fresh faced granola hippie

No. 928969

This exactly. And the annoying thing is that if somebody calls her out on all of the offensive shit she says, she accuses her fans of being overly sensitive triggered pc snowflakes.

No. 929192

I find it more laughable that there’s one of her deep throating what I think is a cucumber…like are you trying to be trash or does it just come naturally Jude?

No. 929198

File: 1581068979307.png (2.54 MB, 1125x2001, B24A26BE-54D1-4948-A02B-393AB4…)

No. 929200

File: 1581069188413.png (936.13 KB, 1125x2001, E3CE264A-EE92-4568-9D29-6E84C9…)

Also Doughboi is back at it again. This time with a new account for his pics that ain’t Goff Enoff. This is peak middle schooler behavior

No. 929220

Genuinely don’t get it is she trying to shit on the whole e-girl thing by having her whole boob out and deepthroating veg it’s so all over the place I’m crying
The licking of her finger when she swears, ew.
Her pushing her cleavage out of a vest or into her neck is getting old real fast. Add a filter and that’s 100% of her insta story pics

No. 929229


She acts like she’s not like other girls when in reality she is every “goff” girl on instagram

No. 929242

I don't think I've ever seen an e-girl suck off a Tesco's cucumber. I think we're lucky she's on TikTok now, more opportunity for her to show off her lack of a sense of humour and her scuzzy personality.

No. 929292

Whoever he is he tags all his pics with emo and sad rap so i guess he's a soundclout rapper wannabe, Jude loves that shit

No. 929368

File: 1581104967274.png (15.65 KB, 253x277, jude.PNG)

bitch just say you have a lazy eye & go

No. 929440

She’s removed that tiktok video of her trying to be edgy with veggie from public view do you think she realised how fucking disturbing it was

No. 929659

No users probably reported it for violating some no porno rule like they do on her IG. But Jude never learns from it so.

No. 929724

Not sure, her likes on her page still show the likes from the video so I assumed it was just private to her now instead but you could be right

No. 930379

File: 1581333610765.jpg (593.06 KB, 2048x2048, 82E642A5-CE29-49AB-87FE-4F5764…)

'Sick of being inspiring but never inspired'

Jude has done a piss poor recreation of Durga Usagi's make up, I thought I recognized the style.

No. 930385

File: 1581335195793.jpeg (286.54 KB, 828x1529, 1F71787E-F00A-44DF-B46A-B87328…)

Wow so the small amount of content she makes isn’t even original idea wise, yikes.

Also this whiny essay - ‘Looking up to me isn’t the same thing’ - what does she think people look up to her for? Make up she doesn’t think of herself or do content on? Her clearly getting back with her ex in Brighton? deepthroating cucumbers? She has such a superiority complex considering she just sits in her room 24/7

No. 930452

File: 1581351327579.jpg (647.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200210-111336_Ins…)

"Apart from myself"

No. 930497

Nitpick. But that's not a castle. That's a stack.

No. 930553

Jude would never know the difference.
Castle, stack, flock, potato.

No. 930586

Wide mouths are not a new concept at all so why would you say she is copying some rando especially since Jude's makeup looks nothing like it? Might as well say she is copying Jeff the Killer at this point.

No. 930680

wiping that makeup off must be a huge pain in the ass with all those piercings.

No. 930775

The previous makeup artist mentioned is older and more experienced and is known for this style of makeup. Jude is just copying stuff poorly and pretending to be innovative.

No. 930881

File: 1581438027816.jpeg (582.33 KB, 828x1215, 10F9F277-AD46-4247-86F1-7F4D4B…)

She so predictable - back with her ex, called it

No. 930882

File: 1581438048024.jpeg (559.41 KB, 828x1074, 232452D0-3375-4782-9625-B0DAC4…)

No. 930893


No. 930894


No. 930898

no way is this not her ex, right
in which case she moved on QUICK lmao

No. 930901

No. 930969

Hurray, Jude dick hops her way back into a meaningful existence as an old shag bag!

No. 930975

Saving the world by sucking off your ex after a romantic maccy d date.

No. 930997

You reckon she’s like ‘don’t just say it, show it’ and pushing that so hard bc her old daddy (rotten obvs) literally would never own up to being with her lmao

No. 931014

Aslsdkflgyl I’ve just notice she’s put a TM mark near #goffgang

No. 931020

jesus she wants to be selling nudes so bad.

No. 931025

File: 1581457832703.jpeg (388.31 KB, 750x1194, 2A630EF9-4486-43F2-B35E-20A1B6…)

Such an unfortunate potato

No. 931113

File: 1581464824156.jpg (962.2 KB, 1080x1336, 20200211_174643.jpg)

How come no one's posted this unfortunate photo? If his chick reads this thread - run and don't look back. Man is already balding in his mid 20s…

No. 931118

File: 1581465024654.jpg (401.09 KB, 1080x1326, 20200211_175002.jpg)

The way this photo and the photo attached below ( her "bad day" ) is still a millions times better than Fatboi. You had a day out ( a date, mate ) and STILL couldn't be bothered to fix your hair?

No. 931122

File: 1581465174512.jpg (344.23 KB, 1080x791, 20200211_174947.jpg)

Also this photo reminds me of Rotten; a basic pose with her usual makeup but it somehow stood out from the rest of her feed.

No. 931168

Hes moved here and they have a flat together it’s too late for her to run as easily now rip

No. 931206

please tell me she's just cosplaying rooney mara in girl with the dragon tattoo

No. 931230

If this is the photo she chose to post, I wonder how bad the front facing one is lmao

No. 931294

File: 1581499774139.jpeg (94.59 KB, 285x254, F7EC736F-3DAE-406B-9653-B9B51A…)

Mmm mmm that doughboi profile

No. 931304

Oh… My fucking god. He looks awful in his own photos but this is another level entirely

No. 931314

What the actual fuck? His face is just an extention of his neck. He looks straight up deformed.

No. 931358

Once again, this is the ogre with such high demands on female physical beauty…and this is what he’s working with.

No. 931369

His girl must have some low self esteem lmao I remember the days I use to date people I considered below me because I knew that I would look good no matter what.

No. 931372


Imagine thinking that loving someone that's conventionally less attractive than you means you necessarily 'must' have 'low self esteem lmao'. What a narrow-minded, superficial way of viewing relationships.

No. 931375

Yeah that anon has missed the mark by a mile.

No. 931422

I agree, but think about who we're talking about. It's not like he really has any redeemable qualities to compensate for his ugliness.

No. 931524


That's entirely subjective.

No. 931582

Female subs are so disgusting.

No. 931585

hes not gonna fuck you sis

No. 931587

Say what you will but she went out of her way to post her most flattering photos that did him no favors.

No. 931681

You can’t polish a turd, as they say.

No. 931823

File: 1581626757069.png (308.01 KB, 1125x2001, 487F0B75-641E-442A-A0ED-D3E985…)

No. 932239

File: 1581723569716.jpeg (648.48 KB, 1330x956, 64A36588-183E-4008-96C5-AD836E…)

Unsettling how similar they look
Predictable though
could fatboi be any more obvious in his Jude obsession

No. 932454

I do believe you, but why are you making posts that primarily come after Jude for hanging out with rapists, but no callout posts about the guy who actually raped you? How is Jude more at fault and deserving of criticism for a moids' actions?

No. 932480

File: 1581790823348.jpeg (417.02 KB, 750x1281, 267F5D3A-3AEF-4029-BF8B-E49F3E…)

More top quality content Jude is sharing in her stories - get a job bitch

No. 932534

Jude posted this look and has now deleted it already? Anyone know why? Story promoting it has gone too

No. 932581

It was the knives I think, people reporting her shit again and getting it removed

No. 932739

The funny thing is the more people report her edgy thirst pics the more she wants to post them, like the tween she is, so she'll repost them for us soon dw

No. 932746

If I were her, I'd probably assume that a) if somebody is willing to rape me, they're probably not going to admit to it and change their behaviour because they're an irredeemable bastard. But maybe I can persuade the people who hang out with them to change and b) my rapist gets away with it if they don't experience negative consequences. Clearly guilt on their part isn't going to happen. So the only way I can get them to experience consequences is if others call them out for their behaviour.

Also, jude has a lot of (impressionable) fans. So if she keeps promoting this guy it might give him more opportunity to rape again. Her fans need to know that this guy is dangerous.

If you ask me, it's a pointless pursuit. Jude clearly doesn't give a fuck about ethics when it comes to sex, underlining the importance of consent, or ever sticking up for anyone else. She's a piece of shit, and expecting her to do the right thing is futile. But I can understand the reasoning behind it.

No. 932757

She only cares if guys validate her existence, if something doesn’t directly involve her I doubt she cares about human suffering. She doesn’t use her platform to highlight issues or uplift. And no, posting 24 hour stories about Australia - which I very much doubt she even donated too - doesn’t cut it as activism. She bitches about Instagram censoring her ‘content’, which just amounts to ads for shit brands, photo shoots by herself in her bedroom and going on about her infantilising sex life. She has no room in her tiny brain for anything else.

No. 932776

I think calling someone a rapist pretty much means you're calling them out.

No. 933066

File: 1581949185765.jpg (131.83 KB, 425x715, IMG_8253.jpg)

Oh fuck off little boy.

No. 933088

File: 1581955538360.jpg (64.7 KB, 1116x743, image001 (1).jpg)

Pleasing to see that Jude's low energy and lacklustre youtube career is getting less and less engagement.

No. 933194

Also shows that her body is as boring and flat as someone who eats the pathetic diet she does. You’re not fooling anyone Jude you’re malnourished and yes we see the pathetic attempt at forcing scoliosis on yourself to make your flat ass seem like there’s something there

No. 933455

File: 1582056181269.jpg (169.78 KB, 720x1041, IMG_20200218_210201.jpg)

Apparently it's not pyromanicprince in the valentine's pic. She isn't denying that she has a new daddy tho

No. 933657

her new daddy is her old daddy - her ex from brighton. t or whatever. she's strictly into cocks remember!

No. 933672

Yeah nah no one thought it was pyro it’s Tom or whatever his name is that ‘broke her heart’ that one time

No. 933830

Isn't she the one that cheated on him??

No. 933901

Oof. Please stop telling your fans to google DDLG Jude.

Love how she clearly had to stop recording to google who Andrew Eldritch is.

No. 933969

That pretend rasp she puts on in videos is SO grating. And I'm so confused trying to picture her as an uwu little when all her mannerisms and such are so manly??

No. 934143

Yeah she's faking a deeper voice in this vid and not even subtly.
I think her mannerisms are to persuade people she's so edgy and tough, at least that's how it comes across, but her butthurt IG story sperg's tell us otherwise lol.

No. 934168

But !!!! She's a little!!!! It shows in her PERSONALITY !!!!! Our g0ff queen isn't anything but real with us !!!! So she can't be faking it !!! It isn't the real her so it must be a fake account made to look like her !!!

No. 934187

There's a thread sticking out on her right cheek and what's the deal with the pimple on the left? Gross.

No. 934188

File: 1582217606853.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, 65067CEF-964B-4A76-9494-1EE9B1…)

Aaaannddd we have more e begging due to him moving here so he can take clown pics with his goth gf, pls pay for him to do this thanks

No. 934223

Her umm umm eehhhmmm uh is driving me crazy. Uurrrrrr uuuhhmmnnn

No. 934264

ugh, i really hate this kind of e-begging. if you know you're going to move somewhere save your fucking money. ppl do this but somehow magically have funds for other things and it's like, why are you asking for more.

No. 934283

the pretend batman voice and also trying to maintain a posh dialect its just so much for her to balance and you can tell that she's really struggling

No. 934498

i'm curious about the type of visa he's currently on to even stay in the UK. A tourist visa only lasts for six months at the most and i think you have to have a job offer first in order to qualify for a work permit but i'm not entirely sure.

No. 934625

Perhaps you should get a…job? Wasn't he just on holiday in Australia? He's run out of mummy and daddy bucks I guess and needs to continue doing shut in make up looks like his bestie Jude…that's a viable career.

No. 934698

File: 1582295378273.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8286.PNG)

The nerve of this cheap bitch. How insulting to tattoo artists. If you want free work go to an apprentice. Or carry on getting your cheapo friday the 13th flash. No reputable artist would exchange work for promotion. She doesn't even understand tattoo culture but wants to be 'covered in them' - Also dickhead, do your own research instead of Insta-storying your fans.

No. 934699

What a fucking cunt. I'm mates with tattooists and they rely on money and tips for paying for their family to fucking eat, yet this cheap arsed bitch wont pay and thinks promo will put food on the table for a family? Get the fuck out.

No. 934700

The tattoo artists I know, at varying career levels, hate this shit. It is so insulting as it demeans their work. If she truly doesn't understand why this is offensive, she really shouldn't be getting tattoos. It also indicates that she doesn't give a shit what she gets, as long as it's for free. And fucking newsflash, if you don't have the money to get tattooed, don't get tattooed.

No. 934701

She really has no respect for artists and their time wooow. News flash Jude since I know you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a job, but being a tattooist is something people do to make MONEY. Exposure pays nobody’s rent, and no one wants to be associated with your online presence anyway.

No. 934706


Attitudes like this are so demeaning to artists and tattoo artists alike. Can't afford it. Can't get it. Take your entitled ass and jump it off a bridge!

No. 934710

File: 1582297064475.jpg (409.06 KB, 750x1334, fuckoffjude.jpg)

Oh and while you're at it can you give me video ideas too. Complete with unnecessary pissyness about not being about makeup. Which is the only thing she has any ‘fame’ for. I’d like to see a video of you getting a fucking job, you lazy, entitled fool.

No. 934712

File: 1582297645555.jpg (253.04 KB, 1116x743, 1581955538360.jpg)

Here's some free tattoos for you Jude.

No. 934730

This is disgusting imagine thinking you getting art -which takes hours to create and money to put onto someone and time out of their day for paying clients- is equal to posting a shitty pic of their hard work with them tagged. shes absolutely clueless. Good art and good tattoos cost a lot for a reason And the added insult is she can’t even be bothered to search out local artists herself!

No. 934733

here's hoping that if someone's stupid enough to do this then they fuck her body up lmao

No. 934736

I can’t make content on a normal schedule like other people who want to make money this way and I won’t do videos on the one thing I’m known for. Side note: she can’t edit videos for shit either that latest one of her leaning over her laptop to read and turning back every five minutes is dogshit if you’re gonna make content make clean concise content that’s actually made with effort not just sticking your phone on a shelf above you and doing it all in one awful take

No. 934737

Absolute cheapskate, is she even working? Sort out your priorities Jude no ones gonna give you freebies because uwu goffgang

No. 934950

Would it be wrong to hope someone pranks her and she ends up with just a giant dick tattood on her forehead?

No. 935009

If I didn’t already know the entitled bitch would sue me (or better yet her parents) I would 200% tattoo a massive “strictly cocks” piece on her in a colour she hates like bright blue or something

No. 935949

A strictly cocks chest piece in comic sans

No. 935952

File: 1582487062151.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 35A5B309-6ACE-4C86-8C49-727108…)

I love the fact that Rosie despite having a full time job is still more successful than Jude purely because she’s actually a nice person to interact with, she is queer and has a partner but doesn’t base her personality or self worth on another person. Take note Jude you desperately boring hag.

No. 935954

File: 1582487319530.jpeg (351.24 KB, 750x1104, F678FFCD-DC57-4C6D-B8EA-B1EE86…)

Yeay fatboi is in the UK doing this and begging for money

No. 935961

Why did he move again, apart from being closer to Jude, of course? He seemed to up and do it pretty fast. (And still has the audacity to e-beg kek)

No. 936021

Omg I want to set his hair on fire kek

No. 936291

Probably because the UK seemed like a better choice. He has maybe one post dating back to 2015 or so of him hanging out with someone else. Or maybe my memory is shit and he basically has no one but his mother. Also why does he multi post photos like Jude? At the weeping Saint one - the posing for the first photo was decent but then he had to ruin it with the rest of the set.

No. 936303

File: 1582544858314.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8343.PNG)

macked on this girl and now they live together. he didn't seem to have any friends in the US.

No. 936307

File: 1582545169291.jpg (549.9 KB, 750x1244, jude.jpg)

Jude's recent whiny pseudo-intellectual essay on why being a clingy, obsessive girlfriend that depends on others for validation actually makes her strong and passionate…sure.

No. 936308

Ew, imagine using the word crazy and saying being obsessive is fine. I’m sure those who have mental disorders love there she’s like ‘I’m crazy’ when actually she’s just unhealthily obsessive.

No. 936352

I love her looking utterly miserable while explaining this. I know it's probably a default pose for her. But it looks more like a hostage situation than a romantic gesture.

No. 936534

File: 1582580110909.gif (255.44 KB, 400x225, F6245B1C-43F1-4843-B1C9-F65B2E…)

No. 936550

Imagine thinking this is actually deep. In reality she probably annoyed whoever she’s fucking by being an obsessive no life idiot and is making it out to be how passionate and driven she is. I can’t imagine how vile it is to date a ‘little’ who can’t actually step up and be a responsible adult.

No. 938704

File: 1582946089149.jpg (490.18 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200228-190953941.…)

This has more to do with Rosie than Jude but I noticed that Rosie's girlfriend likes a lot of Jude's sexy pictures. I don't know, I liked her at first but now I think Rosie is too good for her. Am I being weird about it or is it cool to like your significant others ex best friends nudes?

No. 938862

File: 1582978955509.png (1.46 MB, 1053x1562, Screenshot_2020-02-28-21-38-03…)

Imagine getting your own shit art tattooed on yourself, how embarrassing

No. 938933

File: 1582999938157.png (452.64 KB, 720x845, wp_ss_20200229_0039.png)

This is her art acc right

No. 938939

There's nothing wrong with tattooing your own art onto yourself. People get tattoos of art all the time. Example? Tattoos are seen as a work of art🤷‍♀️ it's inevitable.

No. 938954

That's just that two-tone bunny she showed off in a haul. That is one crude fucking tattoo.

No. 939227

the only thing that bothers me about the tattoo is that chloe keeps complaining about her abusive parents, but then turns around and covers herself in tattoos instead of, y’know, saving money to move out.

No. 939275

Wasn't she going to move in with Jude at one point, before Jude ran to Brighton and her ex anyway

No. 939762

Chloe, Jude, and the other girl they were suppose to move in with had some kinda falling out. I think it was related to the situation with Rosie.

No. 940846

File: 1583338972674.png (279.34 KB, 427x761, chet.png)

Shes cheated on every single one of her boyfriends lmfao

No. 940850

So it's been mentioned, but there's no proof. I don't doubt it, she's hypocritical thickie.

No. 940851


I knew her irl, not sure how you want me to prove it

No. 940898

Yeah idk how you'd prove it without pictures or something, which would make you not anon anymore. I'll humour the notion that you did know her for a sec - when was it, what was she like, and what do you think of her edgy 14 year old IG persona?

No. 941062

Yeah, legit would be pumped to see this pompous faker taken down

No. 941092

A friend of mine dated her so I never had much to do with her tbf. She literally told him to his face that she'd cheated on all her boyfriends before. Think he just stayed with her for the sex. She had 0 personality, all she did was sell weed which she stole from her mum, buy clothes and games with mummy's money, and fuck people. She was pretty well known at college for fucking whatever new emo kid she met, even though most of them had girlfriends at the time. Pretty sure she dropped out after a year and forced zarah to as well. Eventually one of her boyfriends slept with her bestie, idk if I should namedrop here.

No. 941168

Wow, assuming this is true she's even more awful than we knew, given her self-righteous anti-weed stance

No. 941258

Ha, she's such a low life - she bangs on about monogamy and how bad cheating is all the time. What a tit. The selling weed is a hilarious addition to our sanctimonious queens repertoire.

No. 941447

Where did this bollocks about saving the world come in? Was she straight edge while selling weed? Feel free to name drop as long as it doesn’t compromise your anonymity. Was she thick as 2 planks but pretentious in college?

No. 941473

The weed thing is also funny because in a tag video Rosie and Jude did, Rosie said she admired how Jude is straight edge bc it's the opposite to Jude's family (implying they're addicts/users?) but this anon says Jude basically used her family's drugs to her own advantage. And if she was also straight edge at the time of using them, she's the ultimate hypocrite. Oh, and the thing about hating Rosie for smoking.

No. 941476

*by "using" I mean the selling, idk if she smoked them too. But yeah using drug-users to your advantage by selling them weed, while being straight edge yourself. Hmm.

No. 941699

File: 1583461288822.png (830.64 KB, 466x856, jb.png)


I asked the guy I know who went out with her. Apparently she wanted to "save the world" etc even then, he doesn't know why. She was always straight edge, she didn't want to take drugs herself, but was chill with other people taking them. I have no fucking clue why she went mad at rosie then, I hadnt known about that. Dude also says that her mum is an ex heroin addict? That might be why she doesn't like drugs.

Image is Jude with her bestie, who eventually ended up fucking Judes boyfriend. Jude is the one on the right.

No. 941897

Do you know if she was pretending to be a baby during sex back then?

No. 942748

Nitpick AF but how does Jude have thin lips and duck lips at the same time

No. 943227

File: 1583791099190.png (244.81 KB, 447x653, j.PNG)

looks like she's finally doing something with herself

No. 943317

Looks more like she has zero time management skills.

No. 943465

She's moved in with fatboi and his third wheel and she's got a job in retail I reckon. Mind you, she thought getting pissy on Instagram was a job and was yelling at people that she gets paid to look the way she does.

No. 943555

I think, she got mad at Rosie cuz Rosie was getting popular and was more well-liked. I'm guessing this "save the world" bitch needs to be better than her friends–if she's worse, she drops them for stupid shit

No. 943578

>She's moved in with fatboi and his third wheel
This is ging to be a shitshow

How long is fagboi allowed to stay in Britain?

No. 943582

5 years

No. 943612

I don't think her and fatboi will shag - but there will be some aggro tension because fatboi luvs her and him and his third wheel smoke cigarettes and I'm sure Jude can't live with anyone because she's a self-obsessed, self-entitled lay about. In three months there will be a vague faux deep essay from Jude on Instagram about having a really hard time because she just feels so much. When in actuality she's just a cunt to live with.

No. 943613

If her job involves working with other people that probably won't last long either, and off she'll knob hop to another part of the UK.

No. 943858

Does she really think she can work with colleagues or even customers when she behaves like she does on insta?
I hope someone leaks her place of work. My guesses are: obvious goth-edge-shop; retail with minimum wage; sex work. But I doubt she‘sbeing a threat to actual sex workers lmao

No. 943881

I'm going with the wildcard: vegan Jude at KFC

No. 944045

File: 1583924274339.jpg (521.12 KB, 750x1204, IMG_8627.jpg)

Jude is an adult baby 'it's just who I am' and Fatboi looking like an ass clown - as per. I'm looking forward to the shit show of them all living together.

No. 944051

Haha! She'll probably claim that being a shitty employee is her "taking them down from the inside."

No. 944282

why does he look like a lol tolhurst cosplay

No. 944286

pwuffessional smol baby goth bat uwu
pay per diaper; if u want with added princess part juice owo
sage for not adding much, just making fun :D

No. 944350

File: 1583975971609.png (413.84 KB, 694x566, northern-short-tailed-shrew_sh…)

Jude looks like a shrew

No. 945080

File: 1584127751136.jpg (143.08 KB, 720x1205, IMG_20200313_202803.jpg)

Is he fucking serious. That's his fucking black spit on the wall. Can't believe how disrespectful and gross he is.

No. 945146

File: 1584138308075.jpg (518.04 KB, 1080x1564, 20200313_172446.jpg)

Bringing up old news probably but I always think how funny it is that people that Jude fall out with always do better after some time and she's still a nobody.

No. 945159

Fucking frumpy bastard. Hope all of them get struck down. I wonder how Jude is going to save the world of this pandemic as a drop out neet?

No. 945160

These people are part of sometime minority communities that make cultural products. Jude is a straight girl that likes to be slapped around by her partners while she pretends to be a baby. She doesn’t contribute to any community and has no marketable skills, her makeup is dusty and she’s demonstrated repeatedly that she doesn’t care about anyone else except herself. I really wonder about where she’ll be in a few years as her only aspiration is to be a girlfriend.

No. 945162

Does this guy even have a „good hair day“ to begin with?

No. 945164

No, he has frazzled pubes on his head and is balding despite being in his early 20s, ya hate to see it.

No. 945536

I’m wondering how Jude is saving the world atm

No. 945769

How you gonna act like the most woke people on this planet then hashtaging coronavirus on your crusty ass selfie.

No. 945817

File: 1584281384730.jpg (263.13 KB, 720x915, 20200315_140912.jpg)

Shes so passive aggressive

No. 945818

File: 1584281451796.jpg (315.84 KB, 720x1025, 20200315_141057.jpg)

No. 945843

She sounds like ateenager going through the emo phase we've all had and writing "poetry" about that. Oh boy.

No. 945844

"yandere baby" literally shut the fuck up oh my god….. get professional help if you are having these intense feelings/emotions or some shit don't go around un-medicated and thinking that's fucking okay

No. 945850

imagine not doing anything to improve your life and then whining about it, ashe's really insufferable

No. 946554

File: 1584457617897.jpeg (150.79 KB, 624x944, CE365778-80D9-4E7B-9541-9E656D…)

Anons you all called it

No. 946569

Now she's not devoted to dAdDy anymore it's time to whore out to find a new one lol. She wants to be an influencer but all she knows is being surface level edgy and flashing her tits. Her and every other 16 year old on the planet.

No. 946648



No. 946740

Ah, saving the world with her boobies, you go girl!

No. 946763

No. 946783

She was worried no one would get her a little for big baby grow. Wow priorities, what a self absorbed twonk. Also still supporting fast fashion and promoting kids buy her stuff from Amazon. Why does she believe she deserves presents from strangers. Hopefully cruddy ‘creators’ like this will drop off the radar, as there’s some other stuff going on right now.

No. 946811

File: 1584497005050.png (19.87 KB, 1070x80, aadd.png)

No. 946862


The amount of times she says "This is so my asthetic" is just…barf inducing. that's all her personality is and its sad as fuck. I feel like if I met her in person all she'd try to do is draw attention to how "goth" she is.

No. 947016

Why do her lips move like that? Some other anon said she had duck lips and I didn't see it until I saw her talking with them. She literally pushes them out like a duck lmao. (saged, obviously)

No. 947030

File: 1584552312782.png (227.19 KB, 720x756, wp_ss_20200318_0021.png)

The difference between Rose and Jude.

No. 947047

File: 1584557066598.jpg (328.96 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-18-20-41-57…)

how the fuck is coronavirus related to veganism

No. 947204

Someone ate a bat and this transmitted corona, i think that'S it.
But I am happy I was almost right with "she's goign to do sex work" lol :D

No. 947209

What is this retarded bitch on about? I have seen noone be racist with COVID-19… And I live in 'murcia, racist brewing ground.

No. 947213

There is. I'm also from the US and I've heard quite a bit about people being racist toward Chinese people because of it. Even one of my coworkers was saying she refuses to go into Chinatown cause of the virus.

No. 947234

actually that theory has been disproved jsyk

No. 947367

This sounds like a normal reaction to me, tbh.
And sorry Jude, but, eating a damn bat and causing a fucking pandemic because of that, is the fault of that Chinese person.

No. 947466

She shoves her veganism into everything, like she's insecure about it and has to keep telling us. Are you sad the virus is taking attention away from you Jude? Cos your crusty IG lewds are so much more important right.

No. 947518

Sorry to blogpost. There's actually a lot of bigotry towards Asian people going on right now. I'm Chinese American. Have never been to china, don't even speak the language. Nobody around me has been to china for years. But I've had customers refuse to use my register, asking my manager why he "has one of those people on the floor where they can make us all sick" and have had some rather shitty things yelled at me from cars.

Having said that, I honestly have no idea what veganism has to do with anything. I think at this point it's just a habit for her to point out how vegan she is.

No. 947581

File: 1584658690077.jpeg (58.38 KB, 628x790, 626F4F5A-7758-4261-95ED-EABE38…)

Fixed Jude’s bio for her

No. 947662

File: 1584668655138.jpg (333.32 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-20-03-43-35…)

No. 947666

File: 1584668855544.jpg (324.23 KB, 720x1288, IMG_20200320_034551.jpg)

No. 947767

Ew. Get a therapist Jude. Pedophilia isn't a kink.

No. 947783

She's BISEXUAL y'all

No. 947832

File: 1584715167320.jpg (504.43 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-20-15-36-32…)

No. 947835

She wants to be treated like a baby by her bf as well as her friends because that's just "who she is" bitch is too dumb to tye her own shoes and thinks it's cute. It's not even really her fetish it's just that she can't handle being an adult.
Btw that not even representative of the ddlg community, most littles are actual functioning adult who like to play this role sometimes, I believe. Can't stand this whiny ass behaviour

No. 947877

File: 1584723908222.jpg (483.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200320-170137_Ins…)

No. 947957

Making other people part of your kink, especially kids, is not OK. This is kink/ bdsm 101.

No. 948009

She obviously cares kek. She thrives on attention like her IG proves again and again. Ddlg is her identity for attention just like the fake goth and fake bisexual thing, it's I'm not like other girls uwu on steroids. Imagine being so empty.

No. 948059

Her idea of ddlg is so out of whack, and from what she’s showing online seems more like a genuine mental issue. As harsh as it sounds it’s probably the reality. The kink community is very clear on the fact that there is a time and a place for kink and public is rarely the place for it. Not only that but I can imagine it would be the downfall of most her relationships considering she requires her partner to be in “daddy mode” 24/7 which I can not imagine is pleasurable for many people.
Yes In kink there is so such things as 24/7 subs/doms but it’s within the privacy of their own homes. Everything about what she thinks is ddlg is quite literally just “treat me literally like a fucking baby 24/17, I’m 22 but that doesn’t matter because I’m a B A B Y” which is kinda bordering those territories where you do gotta question if shes straight up into fucking kids or in this case being fucked as one.

No. 948151

Yeah you need consent, and the cashier at the store probably won't give it. I think it's about the attention for her like another anon said. Kids get way more attention than an adult bc they need to be cared for, right? So this might be a way of making her partner fawn over her without having to put in any work herself. Add to that her entitledness and you have a 24hr adult baby who needs to tell everyone to feel special and valid. Ick.

No. 948154

Samefag but she's never acted like a baby on her socials though, wonder why. Like she's happy doing it in public, but not in her YouTube videos that get such low views?

No. 948157

Because nobody wants to see that shit. The young teens who are her target audience want edgelord faux rebellion. They are trying their hardest not to be viewed as kids.

No. 948194

File: 1584807285904.png (24.11 KB, 289x711, dc257728d74c4eaa10c005617a0754…)

Idk about that. Her discord is full of littles who identify in a similar way to her with a channel for DDLG discussion that's open for all to see.

No. 948508

Does anyone know what happened with Jude and her two uwu little friends heavy metal princess and chloe? I guess Jude doesn't need them now bc of the cringy discord but yeah they were about to move in together and now they don't seem to hang out at all.

No. 948535

They had a falling out with her. I don't think there was ever anything specific posted about it. Looks like metal princess has a second account where she claims she's a "mummy" now. So I guess she no longer wants to be known as a little. I don't see posts mentioning being little anymore either. But I could have always missed them. Chloe is still a little and posts lewds on her account from her bedroom. I don't know about her art cause I really don't like looking at it.

No. 948805

File: 1584963546875.jpg (300.54 KB, 720x1262, IMG_20200323_133817.jpg)

imagine being her actual dad

No. 948809

what an embarassment, I'd be ashamed

No. 948814

File: 1584969195527.jpg (503.29 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-23-14-06-44…)

She should really get help.

No. 948815

File: 1584969236308.jpg (540.55 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-23-14-09-19…)

also this doesn't make much sense

No. 948817

What a dope. You're making pornographic images for guys to jerk off to in exchange for money. That's sex work and producing pornography, even if she sees it as just taking cute pictures of herself…Anyway, she's fucked if she thinks she's going to be able to make much money during a global crisis. I bet fatboi will secretly buy her nudes to jack off to.

Also her latest IG post where she complains she won't be able to go to the gym because of coronavirus. She's such a piece of shit.

No. 949105

>i dont agree with the ideas behind porn
The main idea is giving people something to jack to. Your trashy onlyfans has the same idea. Hypocrite. #youcantkillanidea amirite

No. 949601

File: 1585180714125.jpeg (160.04 KB, 632x920, 448F17A1-0938-439F-8359-34A5EF…)

Was she drunk or high when she wrote this lmao

No. 949637

The actual “look” is what’s the worst part.
Reminiscent of fucking literal cows

No. 949638

File: 1585189616039.jpeg (450.42 KB, 640x993, 9925FAB4-86EA-435A-A257-E065DC…)

Shit you’re not wrong. She is becoming a true cow, physically now too.

No. 949899


No. 949916

Fatboi does resemble a Rorschach a bit, Jude looks like she came from the pastures. Also, I wonder how fatboi feels now that his walmart version of Jude is becoming friends with actual Jude without him?

No. 949963

they all live together, jobless in lockdown. what a time to be alive.

No. 949993

File: 1585249706851.jpeg (253.08 KB, 737x1223, 4B68AC2E-DA19-408E-96EB-DBA024…)

The ropey bastards and supposed rapist Jude is hanging with.

No. 949995

Lockdown madness content - fuck you bitch for making this a laugh because you’re not affected, yet.

No. 949999

>lockdown madness

bitch and jobless and doesn’t go out anyway.

No. 950013

Sorry if this is a dumb question but how do they have a place in Brighton if they are all jobless? From what I hear Brighton isnt a cheap place to live in the UK? Does one of them own the place outright?

No. 950035

Jude has mentioned in a past video bout having house mates so i think it's shared rent or some shit. And if that's the case, shitboy's gf coming to stay for the virus is her leeching off that. But who's to say Jude isn't trying to avoid paying rent too, the onlyfans despite hating porn says "money troubles" to me.

No. 950041

Ah ty for the reply I also just remembered that they may also claim benefits which, if theres a few of them in there would cover the costs.

No. 950202

Jude lives off 'savings' - her mums.

No. 950281

No. 950303

Skipped around bc the vid is 30 mins but basically
>Jude says she got 6 shoes like she bought them but the description says she's "working with the brand"?
>she's making merch
>her voice is way higher than that fake Batman voice she does in other videos funnily
>fatboi unironically calls her a little

No. 950315

She says "I gave them 7 links so I don't know what [6] they sent me." So I assume she didn't buy them.

No. 950427

This video is such a mess I don’t know how anyone could watch the whole thing. If Jude hadn’t had her 15 minutes of fame on Barcroft I guarantee her videos wouldn’t get nearly as much attention, they all feel as if they were made by a child and accidentally uploaded

No. 950484

Isn't it unethical to not outright state a sponsor in a video?

No. 950511

Pretty sure its illegal too but I'm no expert.

No. 950536

Apparently US Youtubers legally must say the sponsor out right. For the UK I'm not sure. Jude's channel is such a non-event that people probably won't care anyway.

No. 950545

Pretty sure she can still get in trouble over it because it reaches US audiences. Not 100% on that tho. But yeah I doubt anyone really cares. Certainly not anyone who watches her will.

No. 950705

File: 1585445034200.jpeg (64.06 KB, 251x278, 799F2EB0-C9F0-448F-847A-70E650…)

No comment

No. 950707

There was a law established a few years ago here in the UK that people being paid to promote items must declare this. Not sure if there is a law when you get the items for free but I dont see why it should be different.

No. 950740

omfg KEK

No. 950877

His fat turkey neck just looks like it wants to spill out. How long will it be until he copied Fake Munro and paints his four chins black to hide it?

No. 950878

*copies not copied smh

No. 950963

I’m genuinely surprised she didn’t go for dolls kills online model search

No. 950970

her makeup is awful

sage for no contribution. it just looks bad and she’s put no thought into it

No. 951003

He draws in a neckline for most of his looks. I never get what Fatboi is doing, he's not interested in being a makeup artist, he doesn't have the skills - technical or personal - so what's he doing?

No. 951041

Trying to gain jude's approval and her p*y

No. 952383

No. 952393

Those accounts are still up, perhaps Instagram just glitched

No. 952421

Wow her voice is so much more normal and less pretentious.

No. 952424

File: 1585694605302.png (914.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-03-31-23-42-26…)

She has this holier-than-thou "i want to save the world" attitude and yet wears a shirt that appears to glorify church burnings…nice way to show you love, support and care about people, Jude.

No. 952468

Just stopping by to say her nose looks like an actual willy

No. 952669

It’s sad seeing how she’s stagnating with her shitty attitude and still painting her face black and white like it’s a personality.

Compare to Rosie who’s evolving her look, is thriving and easier to talk to/engages more with her followers.

I don’t think it was weed that ruined their friendship. Jude probably got tired of people messaging her to ask about Rosie. She always kicked off that even if they’re besties who live together they’re not attached at the hip. which fair, but she had a shitty attitude about it.

sage for no real contribution.

No. 953506

File: 1585886073581.png (391.8 KB, 1440x2044, Screenshot_2020-04-02-21-44-58…)

Her discord had drama over a former mod soliciting nudes and she took away his mod abilities.

No. 953507

File: 1585886113026.png (510.63 KB, 1440x2229, Screenshot_2020-04-02-21-45-10…)

No. 953509

File: 1585886220642.png (265.23 KB, 1428x1494, Screenshot_2020-04-02-21-45-21…)

No. 953510

File: 1585886356803.png (414.1 KB, 1440x2072, Screenshot_2020-04-02-21-45-58…)

No. 953512

File: 1585886450593.png (556.75 KB, 1440x2285, Screenshot_2020-04-02-21-46-34…)

No. 953527

Oh fuck now I cant unsee it KEK

No. 953860

Jude started off reasonable in her first message but then straight after just regressed into her default of name calling lol

No. 953933

surprising nobody. She takes a dummy with her wherever she goes, she’s already made it very clear she can’t act her age. She literally wants to be given everything for nothing. She wants to be fucked while she lays there, wants to be babied, wants money in exchange for pics of her malnourished ass.

No. 954187

File: 1586021132898.jpg (537.35 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-04-04-20-25-01…)

i see someone has been lurking again

No. 954195

>content creators

lel. showing your ass on instagram and begging for handouts isn’t creating content.

No. 954245

An entitled brat who makes assumptions and accusations all the time, telling us something that she needs to be told herself. Hah.

No. 954509

She can’t even call herself a content creator when she was asked what she wants to do for a job and just says “this shit”
What shit? Like you can’t even describe what it is you do. Because it is obvious she does fucking nothing.

No. 954584

File: 1586093651850.jpg (240.96 KB, 1080x1920, 91934206_622301455292501_78832…)

1) imagine buying something for Jude 2) imagine that thing being a sippy cup

No. 954620

3) imagine someone sending her a cow sippy cup while she's on lolcow

No. 954631

File: 1586101760277.jpg (499.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200405-164735_Ins…)

Who is buying her stuff

No. 954667

they already look so dirty.

No. 954731

File: 1586116512520.jpeg (302.87 KB, 750x1166, 0406FCE4-FC75-4FED-8666-C9C5F0…)

From a burner account. She’s so stupid and deluded.(cowtipping)

No. 954750

>idk how to save the world but I want to
She really out here acting like a tortured vigilante justice hero but also not knowing what she wants to do. It takes a quick google to find out many causes that need aid. I guess crusty onlyfans nudes are just so much more important.

No. 954876

Pity that "not encouraging pedophilia" isnt on that list.

No. 954890

File: 1586135219550.jpeg (162.17 KB, 640x1025, CAC4B2B9-B460-43C2-A577-A43CA6…)

She can’t even credit people when copying their Makeup.

No. 954891

File: 1586135346706.jpeg (430.51 KB, 640x979, B06B0921-4727-4B9E-9A4D-3E7924…)

The artist posted it in March last year so I don’t think Jude thought anything would notice

No. 954981

There are countless pictures and tutorials for similar makeup looks on the internet and most of them were made way before 2019. You are reaching.

No. 955530

File: 1586283927297.jpg (528.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200407-192259_Ins…)

Jude finally got a job.

No. 955531

File: 1586283962393.jpg (392.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200407-192249_Ins…)

No. 955532

File: 1586284014348.jpg (449.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200407-192307_Ins…)

No. 955539

That's one ugly ass.

Inb4 they tell her to tone down her makeup a bit because she's at a kids store and she flips her shit and quits

No. 955548

File: 1586286312564.jpg (345.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200407-200358_Ins…)

No. 955555

>especially when asking for any sort of money for your content is seen as e-begging.

LMAO, what content? All she does is take selfies and does QnAs, only recently she decided to make an onlyfans. Asking for money just so you can sit at home eating filler garbage is e-begginf Jude.

No. 955573

Not to mention the identity crisis if having little kids there while she works like the adult woman she is and there's no daddy to coddle her. Babies dont work jobs, dontcha know. Dumb choice working somewhere she'll blow money on tat.

I kinda hope working teaches her some shit about real life. It would be cool if she became less of a fucking nob.

No. 955647

Jude you're an e begger cos you don't make content worth money. If you did, you'd actually have a foundation for being the social media star uwu that you want to be. Until then, have fun working in a kids accessory shop by day and then pretending to be a kid for nudes at night.

No. 955649

File: 1586299988657.png (641.77 KB, 640x1136, D714752E-3810-47B3-B6AB-606534…)

I might be remembering wrong but hasn’t she explicitly said in the past she wouldn’t sell nudes or content of that nature because her body belongs to her boyfriend

No. 955867

Lmao girl needs to get grip on that attitude. I don't think the fan who asked that will bother to see her only fans now. She also needs to get a grip on her brain because onlyfans is porn and she said she hates porn.

No. 955868

Samefag to add she could've changed her views, people do that over time, but Jude never admits that cos she wants to look perfect so she looks like a fat hypocrite

No. 955884

I agree, which is why it’s odd to me and I’m sure others. She’s always going on about how her views don’t change and how headstrong she is. Which is why I’m guessing she has been more hesitant to speak on it as much as she goes on about other shit because she knows people can easily find holes in what she says.

No. 955900

File: 1586365867581.jpg (486.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200408-181018_Ins…)

No. 955959

>nintendo twitch

No. 956342

What is it with cows asking heir followers for stuff they can easily google, is it the attention? Or hoping to get a discount price froa fan?

No. 956343

(excuse my typos jfc)

No. 956420

Well given all the stuff people have brought her on her wishlist, its not surprised shes acting like this. I really dont understand buying stuff for a total stranger, if you know them sure but I watched her what i got for my bday/xmas vid and fuck she got a ton so shes gonna continue being like this now.

No. 956500

File: 1586457522260.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, A672541C-F49D-4A44-866E-A184DC…)

Welcome to the start of her porn career

No. 956529

File: 1586461663717.jpg (283.37 KB, 720x1132, 20200409_204650.jpg)

No. 956534

Am I insane for thinking that's a lot? I realize I'm not super familiar with this line of work so maybe thats a common pricing but damn.

No. 956542

Unless she's doing full on penetrative pornography it is pretty expensive. That's around the price of a specialty porn site subscription.

No. 956556

god she looks like a malnourished child.

No. 956575

Anachan angles for sure

No. 956587

Seriously. Is she anachan or is it just because she eats mush for dinner.

No. 956599

Think those things might be linked, so. Yes.

No. 956629

File: 1586475617283.png (1.77 MB, 1125x2001, 6DB7E06F-5FCE-4974-9092-1E236A…)

Here we go again, baby Jude is having another tantrum about an issue that she created for herself

No. 956631

Let me guess she’s talking about religion? Okay Jude then people don’t have to respect Veganism, DDLG,or any other bullshit you participate in and preach about lmao

No. 956632

Lamo, a bunch of her “fans” are getting butthurt about her mocking ouija boards, in her latest YouTube disaster

No. 956638

>this isn’t the fan base i want

Jesus Christ. Heaven forbid anyone who isn’t her have an opinion.

No. 956649

"i don't have to respect your beliefs but you have to respect mine"

No. 956652

This is the video shes talking about

No. 956654

File: 1586482619088.jpg (29.17 KB, 700x185, Unjude.jpg)

No. 956655

File: 1586482671586.jpg (56.42 KB, 730x341, jude2.jpg)

these are the only negative comments kek

No. 956668

Doughboys girlfriend is starting to look a lot like him They look gross(emoji)

No. 956672

In other news: Rosie is still making better content than Jude

No. 956684

imagine being trapped in a quarantine flat with these four, wow
fatboi is painfully out of place, like he's wearing a costume he's not quite secure with

No. 956692

File: 1586492425890.jpg (507.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200410-051918_Ins…)

No. 956693

File: 1586492448140.jpg (450.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200410-051856_Ins…)

No. 956733

she's not ana, she's just using angles that make her look a lot skinnier. lots of women use those angles and it doesn't necessarily mean they're ana.

also that's really expensive. ive never seen a sw charge that much on onlyfans, especially one that's just starting out (even the girls with years of experience and professional content don't). can't imagine she'll get many subscribers.

No. 956767

They all look like they fucking smell. And kek, that drawn in jawline on doighboi

No. 956817

File: 1586538609065.jpeg (234.19 KB, 927x521, C889BA0F-E806-440D-95E3-9DDBF2…)

Why does Jude look like that old guy who ate paint?

No. 956886


and just a way nicer person.

No. 956971

File: 1586562915670.jpg (435.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200411-005345_Ins…)

No. 957111

>shoves opinions own fans' throats, says they're not the fan base she wants if they don't agree
>"don't come into my world and tell me what to do"
Kek she has to be joking at this point nobody can be so constantly hypocritical. …Right?

No. 957182

Oh, anon. This is miss i-hate-porn Jude we're talking about.

No. 957203

it’s judes world and we’re all just living in it.

No. 957958

If she thinks ouija boards are a load of rubbish, why the hell has it been the intro for a load of her vids? Ah yes, because she's a poser.

She also went on a rant months ago about how evil Claire's Accessories are due to them pircing kids with a gun. It's good to know that you can trust Jude to have absolutely no convictions or substance.

No. 957968


Sage your shit, don't bump the thread without milk

No. 958086

File: 1586795920508.jpg (412.84 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-04-13-19-37-29…)

i'm wheezing

No. 958106

File: 1586797650112.png (270.4 KB, 750x1334, 5DE0C580-8AC8-43CD-96E1-14F176…)

Here's his response, I suppose.

No. 958144

Holy shit what happened

No. 958148


Probably didn’t agree with Jude

No. 958184

>>958086 they have matching tats kek

No. 958192

In her live, she mentioned that things are "a whole lot better now" So I'm guessing she and fatboi aren't friends over some disagreement

No. 958193

And did all the intro music for her shitting youtube stuff. LOL! Jude really can't keep friends at all. Next few months she will have moved back in with her mum after falling out with her current daggy bunch of pals.

No. 958194

File: 1586808850240.jpg (3.47 MB, 3627x2285, IMG_9564.jpg)

Too fucking funny.

No. 958284

Sorry change of topic but does anybody follow @livvyversion2? Chinese pro Ana wannarexic BPD alcoholic from Aussie married with kids in her mid thirties? Holy shit I’ve never seen such a train wreck. She has self posted here before and I know she lurks here. So hi livvy. This is completely not a self post though. She’s been accused of sending people some of the awfullest anonymous messages and some girl even had proof. I just can’t believe how she acts online given her age and occupation (mid thirties pharmacist degree I think). Poor kids. Her kids are going to grow up with a mentally ill basketcase who bullies mentally ill girls online young enough to be HER daughters. Livvy, you’re not 21. Go get a real job again, prioritize your children’s emotional needs and stop acting like one yourself. Somebody should show her husband all of her online presences. Yiiiikes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 958372

>>958086 Holy FUCK. I would say I'm shocked but, online and irl are wildly different, they must hate each other now lmao, hopefully fatboi comes out saying something if Jude doesn't

No. 958709

File: 1586888877960.png (502.81 KB, 504x823, wp_ss_20200414_0124.png)

And she accompanied that with some lovely selfies

No. 958744

That got me too. Fatboi prob ate a scotch egg in front of her and she went mental. Who will fatboi skinwalk next, and will be talk about what happened? He basically built his personality around Jude who has no personality. Where do you go from there?

No. 958912

File: 1586908407747.jpg (131.46 KB, 1124x1500, IMG_20200409_183125_536.jpg)

Leak from her only fans

No. 958916

And she’s really out here charging THAT MUCH for a hardly wank worthy picture.

No. 958922

Her prices are so unrealistic compared to others who plan out and schedule better content for half of what she’s asking. Esp when this is basically what she posts on insta anyway. Paying for porn is great If it’s from people who make great content but £25 for access to this is a fucking joke. She half asses everything.

No. 958931

Was coming on here to make the point as a sex worker, that OF has issues and for people like herself who obviously don’t take sex work seriously, risk the chance of her stuff getting leaked…….and long behold here we are.

No. 958934

Oh and yes her prices are fucking laughable. The majority of girls on onlyfans who are signed with professional studios don’t even charge that much. She’s a joke

No. 958938


Anyone who has her onlyfans is it all thirst photos or is she actually posting porn

No. 958939


Girl made an OF thinking she could post riskier thirst traps and prance in her pacifiers and uwu goff adult diapers but still preserve her “”dignity”” by not flashing her nips like those other thots because she’s so teehee quirky and totally not like other girls.

don’t worry jude, you’re totally a special snowflake. /s

No. 958950

Wanted to say this. He spent a lot of time and effort getting close to her and then…something happens and he leaves? Really want to know what went down for this to happen. First Rosie and now sadboi. Makes me wonder whats happening behind closed doors.

No. 958958


There has been no leak. That picture is from her discord.

No. 958959

File: 1586913919612.jpg (532.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200415-022435_Ins…)

Same image shes using to advertise her only fans

No. 958964

File: 1586914325763.jpg (18.37 KB, 400x406, IMG_6417.jpg)

No. 958966

File: 1586914366035.png (61.6 KB, 228x406, IMG_4374.png)

No. 958969

File: 1586914459674.png (Spoiler Image, 113.28 KB, 210x374, IMG_4602.png)

No. 958974

I thought he was in UK supposedly to be with his girlfriend. And then Jude moved in with them. Did I miss something? Wouldnt it be his gf that has the say here?

No. 959012

Are these ones she posted on only fans? she looks like she's still a minor in these, she doesn't even have the tattoos on her legs showing that theses are fucking old.
This bitch is making people pay 25 dollars for old ass nudes

No. 959015

>>959012 they're from her discord. they may or may not be on her onlyfans.

No. 959127

She looks like a emo boy… who's paying for that

No. 959154

Not a leak. Was posted in her discord 9th April, before she made her Onlyfans.

No. 959159

File: 1586949327641.jpeg (645.18 KB, 828x1363, B51402C5-95BA-41AF-8C43-66A7B0…)

Jude destroys everything she touches(namefag)

No. 959160

I'd almost feel bad for him if it wasn't clear from the beginning that Jude is a fucking cunt and getting involved with her is gonna hurt you. Its pretty funny how many people she goes through though, no one seems to be able to stand her long enough

No. 959163

I don’t know how he got back to the US though, considering the UK is on lockdown I thought there wouldn’t be any flights.
I feel sad for him, I think his gf is gonna get burned by Jude too. She’s poison.

No. 959178

I imagine Clay asked Jude to get a job, one that pays, and he just threw in that tidbit because he was pissed.

No. 959179

Yeah.. he could be in quarantine right now. It is odd though.

No. 959182

Do you have any evidence or anything at all to suggest this was Jude's fault? Seems like a standard break up situation.

No. 959185

Except that Jude is the one that made a statement about it. Why not the gf? Unless she asked Jude to do it. Idk. Has gf even said anything? Stuff seemed fine until Jude moved in with them.

No. 959193

Jude and Clay had a lot of content together that predates the relationship, so it makes sense that they'd be the first to post about it.

Obviously a relationship is going to be at it's most loving when it starts out. Anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship knows that if you're not compatiable - that shows after spending more time together. From their statements, everyone's hurting and will respond to it in different ways. To assume that one parties silence means guilt on a third parties involvement is beyond illogical.

Stick to posting actual milk on her - this is just showing your bias.

No. 959195


You aren’t posting milk either, so you should sage your posts.

No. 959216


He probably had to end up paying the bills and told Jude to earn her own money or something and she tore him a new asshole calling out Joe pathetic he is.

I'm just surprised it went down so suddenly.

No. 959229

>an influencer isnt a real job and putting out free content doesn't entitle you to anything
Lmao I thought fatboi was stupid but he has eyes. We all know how lazy and entitled Jude is, that's why she started her e-"career", but even that needs effort if you want to be an influencer. I bet he pointed this out and she cut him off. But obviously, we won't know the whole story unless his gf weighs in.

No. 959437

It happened really quickly, similarly when Rosie moved in with Jude it went downhill really fast. She must be a horror to live with despite being all 'i'm a chill lad' but don't call me queen because i'm an adult baby. She prob expects everyone to pay and look after her.

As for the cellulitely underage and poorly lit nudes she's trying to flog for primo money - you can wank off to porn for free honey, you're not worth a penny.

Extreme tinfoil, I'm wondering if Jude is bulimic. In a video with Rosie when they had just moved in together and were still friends Jude mentioned how she pukes almost every day…which is fucking weird. It would explain her saggy skinny body and mood swings.

No. 959497

Tinfoil but Jude's ex-friend Chloe made an only fans and is apparently in the top 6 percent. Maybe Jude saw that and wanted a piece since Insta and YouTube are clearly not working out for her.

No. 959523

>>959497 chloe posted on her instagram the other day about having nearly 300 fans and that its her main income ofc Jude would want the same

No. 959530

She's trying to sell this??? Her smash and sweetcorn butt is flat as fuck and…wrinkly?

No. 959546

File: 1586989927914.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 634A76B7-943A-4F4A-8118-63F2A9…)

How long do you reckon this cast of goons can put up with cunty Jude?

No. 959647

I can confirm she's around 17/18 here. They're not on her onlyfans unless she's posting old underage pictures of herself.

No. 959654

File: 1587002722515.png (172.08 KB, 422x748, jmeme.png)

No. 959679

>>959647 She is not underaged in any of these. She has tattoos in them, which she has confirmed she started getting when she was 18. See around the 11 min mark on this video.

not saged because it's important to note these arent CP.

No. 959958

Then where do these saggy nudes come from?

No. 960018

File: 1587066388111.jpg (259.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200416-204429_Ins…)

No. 960087

you forgot the hypocrite, thirsty fanbase.

No. 960238

Keeping it real by having a ‘daddy’ that was too embarrassed to be associated with you. Living off money from your mum. Selling weed despite being piously straight edge. Hating porn but making it half arsed because your desperate for cash. not being able to maintain friends and maintaining you love yourself the most. When is this sludgy grey demon finally going to fuck off? How has anything Jude has presented online been ‘keeping 100’?

No. 960750

File: 1587161959654.png (Spoiler Image, 3.88 MB, 828x1792, 6FA4A755-7909-4176-9261-F5D2AB…)

Why would anyone take a pic of this as a joke why are they all so gross

No. 960827


No. 961476

How the fuck does someone misspell "buy"

No. 961594

File: 1587284444543.jpg (233.39 KB, 720x1054, IMG_20200419_101958.jpg)

Can't even take a decent promo pic where she at least has eyebrows on. I would be embarrassed if this was my brand

No. 961652

File: 1587300497327.png (1.27 MB, 1228x763, Untitled.png)

I like how you posted the most "decent" of the pics because look at this shit who tf would find this attractive? I know ddlg is shit but the level of cringe is off the charts.

No. 961689

Why do companies send free shit to "influencers" of this tier? It gives these cows more reasons to keep being entitled and lazy. Apart from desperately needing the exposure, idk why you'd send anything to an edgy tween in an adult woman's body pretending to be a sexy baby.

No. 961706

god looking at this is so uncomfortable.

No. 961754

She's trying to pull that ahegao face and failing so damn hard

>an edgy tween in an adult woman's body pretending to be a sexy baby

No. 962162


Legit thought she had a turkey neck. Gross.

No. 962213

she looks so unwell.

No. 962215

For someone who wants to be an e-celebrity so bad, her pics are such bad quality. They're always cringy and tacky.

No. 962375

File: 1587410857853.jpeg (749.82 KB, 2048x2048, 7D82E5C2-7CAB-4B5F-874D-E5DDD6…)

What sicko wants to fuck an adult baby with tits? Also note her new roommate/ shmuck has provided music for her new pedo vid, now she’s dumped fatboi. God I hope fatboi speaks out, but he’s got no clout so probably won’t.

No. 962385

File: 1587411423975.jpeg (253.06 KB, 606x846, 45B12B67-8FE0-478A-88E0-E7B94F…)

How can you review a photo like this and not realise how fucking gross you look?

No. 962393

File: 1587412171555.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 750x1334, FD5B9ACC-86A7-4295-853F-068231…)

more e-begging. I’m bored so after watching her most recent youtube vids, i noticed she kept cutting fatboi off and making snippy replies. kinda funny during the koi footwear haul, like hes asking simple ass questions to keep the review going. so yeah I’m betting they had a fallout. its what he gets for skinwalking.

No. 962398

she reminds me a LOT of chin chan in this latest set of photos

No. 962410

pretty sure they grayscale is to hide imperfections too. her lips look really gross and chapped.

No. 962425

Yeah she scrapped doighboi's music. Lmao she dropped him quick. At least she isn't still taking advantage of his (low quality) stuff after the fall out.

Anyway enjoy Jude pretending to be a slutty toddler. Her fake-tough persona takes a back seat in this one which is interesting.

No. 962455

File: 1587417812933.png (278.25 KB, 448x1175, wp_ss_20200420_0057.png)

This is old milk so it's saged but this made me kek - the comments under the video of Rose and Jude explaining why they stopped being friends.

No. 962689

He’s got no real clout but I’d say just because he was an accessory to Jude, if he spoke out about what really happened, people will listen.

No. 962697

>>962375 clout or no clout, I think even he knows he only has a following for trying to skinwalk Jude, I wouldn't doubt he's gonna do something

No. 962720

>Choke me till I pass out… safely.

Thanks for adding that disclaimer Jude. Wouldn't want to inspire your teenage dans to do something dangerous. Like cut off the flow of oxygen to their brain until their body shuts down.

She also says thar her tacky gross adult pacifyer things "really embody who I am as a person." Which is actually true. But it's not a good thing. It just means that being a trashy edgelord hoarder who likes to pretend she's a slutty toddler is all there is to you.

No. 962896

My god Jude, stop telling everyone to google DDLG/CGL…

No. 962929

this is the first video i've ever watched of jude's and she's so boring. her voice is really monotone. she collaborated with these creators and got these dummies for free. they spent their time and effort on her for basically nothing (a shoutout in a video with 4k views after almost a day) but even so she had to be a dick to them

>i am a bit annoying about a lot of things. for example, this one: when i designed it i didn't ask for the pink rim around the outside, and when i saw it, i was like "oh…it really needs an edge"

she can't pronounce the name of one of the shops that sends her something for free, even though it's relatively easy (faffusemporium). she tries once and then just doesn't bother.

the rest is really boring.

No. 963117

Just flitted through a load of her recent videos - she's just so stuck up, superficial and nasty. No natural charm or anything compelling about her. Being an adult baby is not really marketable - good luck with trying to sell your flabby tits on onlyfans Jude…

No. 963121

and the fact that the only thing that makes up her personality is plastic trash. and little brands that literally have people pissing in nappies to promote them. well done jude and her esteemed piss baby colleagues. it's beyond me why she is so up herself when she is so boring and plain and her kink is being an adult baby. it's not cute jude, you're gonna have to get a job after you rinse your druggy mummy dry.

No. 963426

The older she gets, the sadder this will become. Not that it's not pathetic now. But the way she is going she'll find herself at age 45 with no marketable skills, no job record, and no financial base. And it will be significantly harder for her to coast on acting like a slutty baby then.

No. 963526

But Anon, at least she has a nice Credit score build unlike us!!

No. 963532

They were definitely all living together at one point. Dk when this was filmed, before or after fatboi left but either way its so boring. She has no idea how to make content, which is so laughable bc of her internet star dreams.

No. 963543

She's gonna hop on this guy's dick in sex starved desperation.

No. 963548

File: 1587581538148.jpeg (376.95 KB, 2048x2048, D2A15929-D7EE-42A0-8A95-592DE1…)

Who could resist?

No. 963711

How can someone be skinny and flabby

No. 963719

File: 1587595331326.png (133.27 KB, 720x433, wp_ss_20200422_0107.png)

Yikes you might be right. Unless, "daddy" means she already has one, instead of looking for one?

No. 963938

A diet of instant mash potato and tesco value sweetcorn.

No. 964061

I don't usually make fun of looks, but if you're this busted and think you can sell on onlyfans for a higher price than professionals, lmfao. IG has girls' crusty bedroom pics everywhere and you're no higher than that Jude. No wonder you cling to CGL, your only "unique" thing …and it's not even unique. How sad.

No. 964089

I wouldn't rag on this plain jane so much if she wasn't such a bitchy cunt with an over inflated sense of importance.

Isn't she 'tiny' and useless all the time anyway?

No. 964137

Sounds to me like she's saying she has one but he isn't with them.

No. 964289

It's meant to be her ex 'T' or watever - but the amount of vague shit about daddies she shits out, who knows. She was still claiming to be daddy's pretty little fuck doll when she was single and prior to that rotten hollow was obviously too embarrassed to be associated with her. If she wants to be an adult baby and thinks that's sustainable as a long term relationship model - she's in for a world of hurt. As everyone's mentioned above she's going to age and 'just who i am' as a weak baby aint gonna cut it.

No. 964402

File: 1587683627707.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 0B55E0A8-0F56-40D4-973B-854D28…)

Feel like pure shit. Just want Daddy back x

No. 964551

Lolling hard at this anon, well done!

No. 964668

File: 1587744602506.jpeg (340.61 KB, 750x1131, CB9CC75F-9D4E-4C86-81D9-F172EA…)

She seems fine now, getting her bangers out for Monami Frost.

No. 964754

File: 1587761819468.jpg (236.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200424-215551_Ins…)

No. 964755

File: 1587761936383.jpg (544.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200424-215858_Ins…)

No. 964756

Wow Jude, this is really exciting news…

No. 964757

tiny inbred little baby

No. 964762

im surprised anyone bought her onlyfans, let alone enough to get her into top 19%. Dunno if that's really a big achievement or not though, don't know much about onlyfans.
I'm really curious if it's the same crap she posts on insta, too bad she made it expensive as shit

No. 964789

I'm sad if her followers who are mainly little kids have subscribed to her onlyfans. Not dissing online sexwork in any way - but for someone who is so half arsed about everything and doesn't even know what porn looks like, I can't imagine her onlyfans is that exciting. It's probably just her Insta content but with her nips out.

No. 964792

And I wonder how a self obsessed wank stain is ever going to save the world.

No. 964796

Did anyone else watch Jude's livestream about the killstar unboxing? At the 4 minute mark, they admitted that fatboi smelled atrocious when he sweats. Also sounded like they were insinuating he's bad in bed lmaooo

No. 964905

I peaked in around 20 minutes in and saw that Phee was wearing one of fatboi's scace hoodies and covered it up when she was on camera. Also Jude was being a self righteous vegan about a viewer's boyfriend being a butcher

No. 965001

Straight off the bat as the stream begins she mocks her fans for being introverted dweebs.

No. 965023

Like the hypocrite she is.

No. 965070

I‘m surprised someone wants to see her nudes. So many nice (real) goth bitches out there and people pay her smh

No. 965153

I think Jude also gaffaws that everything fatboi does is atrocious…and then seems to laugh at someone in the chat 'are you a virgin?!' - she literally is still a bitchy teenager. Almost feel sorry for fatboi, but this is what you get if you obsess over a shallow adult baby.

No. 965158

File: 1587838618158.jpg (520.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200425-191532_Ins…)

Ah yes helping small businesses by demanding free shit

No. 965159

File: 1587838810435.png (5.76 MB, 2048x2732, 1D380580-5043-4A0B-A715-4FF84F…)

Does she have no shame? She’s asking to “work with” businesses in this time of crisis, aka. Send her free shit wheile most are probably financially struggling

No. 965161

Ah I see we had the same thought, yeah she’s a fucking leech sucking literally everything from her following and giving back nothing but shitty content

No. 965209

with her gross baboon tit hanging out. she truly is a piece of shit and i wish her fanbase could actually see how thoughtless and self obsessed she really is. i'm really hoping this pandemic shows up how little she really cares about the world, it's just about her leeching off society. if you're reading this jude, you are the problem and total scum.

No. 965210

Bit nitpick. That looks like a nice perky tit. Bit jealous tbh

No. 965211

I beg to differ, that fat tit strapped to a saggy baby…not hot

No. 965298

She's so rude and holier than thou, especially to her fans. And a huge hypocrite. That killstar livestream was just her being rude to people in the chat, there was a whole exchange where she spoke down to some people saying they didn't like Yungbloods new song, about how "people have different tastes and some might like it so shut up", then goes on to list her top 5 most hated bands…

Also went in on Jazmin Bean, because she speaks to people in her comments. The irony is lost on Jude and her new beta orbiter.

They also discuss how Jude's only money comes from onlyfans, and how that 'rapper' lives off his student loan. I doubt it'll be long until sadboi's ex leaves because she has to work and will probably get sick of their entitle shit

No. 965344

It’s all a money thing for her, weather it’s getting paid to do nothing, or not having to pay for products, at the end of the day everything she does is in hopes she will receive money in return.
Which is not only a toxic trait but it’s giving all these young people who follow her that it’s the way to go.
We all know she’s a hypocrite but I’m honestly really bothered by her attitude towards religion, when she herself puts forward ideologies that line up with fucking cult and religious activity. She’s basically running an adult baby oxygen thief cult weather they know it or not.

No. 965411

>times are tough
>send me free shit from your tiny business

No. 965494

File: 1587896206511.png (690.78 KB, 640x1136, C6D9D80E-5904-4209-B4F6-E9DB68…)

Now this is something

No. 965498

File: 1587897338925.png (633.15 KB, 640x1136, B5754180-B338-40CE-8E29-811B1F…)

I’d put money on the fact all he probably did was smoke weed or go eat a burger from Macdonalds. We know what Jude is like lol

No. 965502

those sound like some serious allegations and then for her to say 'but I'm not telling you why' is so shitty it reminds me of J*

No. 965509

She sounds as if she is insinuating he’s a predator or something, which seems like a very odd thing to stay quiet about if she cares so much about her fans.

No. 965516

Agreed. Tho I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was. He hardcore creeped under the guise of jokes on his server before he removed the nudes/nsfw channel.

No. 965517


The Plot Thickens

But for real, did he rape someone or something? This sounds a lot more serious than "he smoked weed and didn't tell me"

No. 965518

File: 1587901335244.jpeg (87.24 KB, 750x1204, 6AF6D928-E1E5-444D-A648-3DC437…)

User not found, not the act of an innocent man. Unless I’ve been blocked?

No. 965520


Got the same error on my account and I don't follow any of these cows. Think he's deleted.

No. 965521

Nope, same happened to me and I’ve literally never interacted with him

No. 965528

He seems to have deleted everything his patreon and youtube too, not that he got much traction on any of those platforms anyway. Wonder if he'll try and rebrand himself.

No. 965544

He probably will, his entire current brand was based off skinwalking Jude. Hopefully he'll leave the whole fake goth thing altogether it's cringe as fuck.

No. 965600

not saying dude is innocent or anything but she pulled the same shit when her and rosie stopped being friends. ppl kept asking her what happened and she said she didn't want to talk about it but would bring it up and of course that made ppl curious. him deleting his ig definitely looks sus though.

No. 965653

File: 1587929136718.jpeg (627.19 KB, 746x1032, 51C692F8-D730-4917-A502-0C1904…)

This trashy old cow is still using ouija board imagery despite thinking it’s a load of shit and still wanking off to killstar - grow a personality girl!

No. 965671

Thought this was her arm at first

No. 965701

Agreed. I could absolutely see Fatboi being a predator. But if she really wants to warn people it would be good to actually name it, so people know what to be on guard for. Vaguebooking will make it harder for any accusations to be taken seriously. It might even affect the credibillity of other people speaking out if he did do something.

He might be a predator, or he might not. Or he might be a predator, and Jude didn't care until they started fighting about the rent or something.

No. 965706

If she knew he was a predator and kept quiet, lived and even befriended him I‘ve lost all respect for her.
Enabling molestors/rapists/etc. shows you‘re scum.

No. 965712

Apparently the 'rapper' she lives with raped someone and she doesn't care. Who knows if that holds any weight. I've never had any respect for her, but because she bigged fatboi up so much she does owe her fans an explanation. But she's too insipid to have any convictions. That or it really is as simple as he smelled bad and was shit in bed and ate a beef burger. Either way, she can't claim to keep it real and pivot from 'he's gone back to america' to 'he's a scary liar'…

No. 965790

Peep Jude saying that she “looks schizophrenic “ in her vlog…….

No. 965814

She has such a naked molerat face.

No. 965920

File: 1587984701664.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, F90E104C-8CAD-4577-B7F5-D21379…)

No. 965939

now tell me how could that be that people who know nothing about clay except for what he shits out online have figured out that he's a creep waaay back when he just started skinwalking jude, but the princess herself, who has constantly been around him this whole year JUST noticed it and now acts like this is such a shocker. Is she that dumb or what

No. 965942

I have a really hard time believing her stories. something about this all seems off.

not to say fatboi isn't a huge weirdo/creep

No. 965944

Maybe she saw a few signs like him creeping on the NSFW chat but didn't say anything, and has only bothered to figure things out now they've had a falling out. Basically she doesn't care about anything unless it directly affects her like the entitled toddler she is.

No. 965981

Jude also reads lolcow, so she would have seen in the previous thread that he was rating girls bodies, some underage - including a 13 year old and begging for nudes on the NSFW chat. But that wasn't a warning bell for her? These people are grubby as hell. #youcantkillanidea

No. 966019

>so she would have seen in the previous thread that he was rating girls bodies, some underage - including a 13 year old and begging for nudes on the NSFW chat.
Sorry, but am I being wrong in thinking that someone who openly promotes ddlg would attract someone like that? Can she really be shocked she attracts people like that?

No. 966056

I have a hard time believing she didn't have at least an idea. I agree that she probably just tried to not really think about it before, until they fell out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad doughboi is being called out on his pervy bullshit. That's still important, even if Jude has the shittiest motives for doing it. But if she knew about it and didn't do anything to stop him, she bears the responsebillity for that.

No. 966069

Yeah that's why its funny she's acting shocked. Red flags like the nsfw server, there's no way she missed that. So I also think Jude put up with his slimy behaviour until their argument. From shatboi's IG story about entitled influencers, that's probably what they argued about, and then Jude retaliated with the creepy stuff he's doing which unearthed the paedo/rape stuff.

No. 966216

As much as I detest fatboi I do have to wonder if this is real or if this is just her doing some early damage control to discredit him in case he comes out and says anything about her. Neither would surprise me.

No. 966245

Both. We know that he's encouraged young girls, including a 13 year old, to post nudes. He is clearly a predator. And Jude just didn't care until it suited her to.

No. 966272

File: 1588074313321.jpg (25.77 KB, 261x344, cringe.jpg)

Speaking of fatboi being a creep… do we know how old Jude's 'daddy' is?

He comes across like one of those teenagers who's just discovered the gym and has to let everyone know. He also lurks her dischord 'fitness' section dishing out advice like he's Ronnie Coleman when actuall he's pretty small. Maybe ego's attract?

No. 966310

Who knows if he really is her daddy, there was obviously a massive disconnect between Jude and her last boyfriend as he was too embarrassed to admit they were together. She might have got the wrong end of the stick again. No doubt they'll be through by the end of the year.

But yeah, boasting about lifting is peak cringe.

No. 966358

"you're almost at my weight" lmao isn't Jude a size XS? And this guy who boasts about his gains actually weighs less than that?

No. 966377


I think she was implying he's almost lifting her weight. Still not much of a brag.

No. 966380

as >>966377 says i think it means nearly lifting her 'so smol liddle' body.

it's not much of a brag at all because he looks small, and it isnt a lift people care about.

I dunno whether Jude seeks out equally narcissistic people or she creates them but it really is quite a cast she surrounds herself with.

No. 966385


>I dunno whether Jude seeks out equally narcissistic people

That's basically what she's looking for in a daddy, yeah

No. 966601

That’s the thing though, if a bunch of people on the Internet were seeing the signs there’s no way she didn’t see it too. It makes it miles worse because not only was she protecting someone like that for so long but it means she’s so fucking low as to use it to deflect from whatever the problem originally started from.

No. 967077

On a lesser note, how can you see someone talk about Homer Simpson vaginas and not run a mile from the weirdo.

No. 967107

I think she turned a blind eye because she enjoyed having him skinwalk her, he said in one of his videos he became (fake) goth after seeing Jude's "content" and that probably fed her ego very much.

No. 967265

File: 1588277353591.jpeg (579.97 KB, 746x1114, 316148B5-649C-47C7-BFD7-3FC732…)

Just highlighting Jude being shit at the most basic of stuff, blurry pointless photo at the end of 4 of her new crappy tattoo. It is blowing my mind how she is making money on only fans. People with a stable income must be very bored right now.

No. 967302

Is this a new tattoo? In her tattoo tour vid some months ago she said she only has tacky Friday the 13th flash. Ig now she had cash to spare from only fans she's blowing it on her priorities

No. 967304

File: 1588284026689.png (33.96 KB, 935x194, 88.png)

No. 967325

go to the fucking POLICE JUDE
This guy has done creepy stuff and even creepier we don‘t know of. Have the guts once in your life, SAVE the world and report this prick

No. 967332

lol it's ridculous that she's still going with the 'save the world' shit while being too cowardly to report abuse.

No. 967571

It can be hard to take action against someone who was a friend… But this is Jude, who binned her years-long best friend over weed even though her other friends smoke too, and has a god complex where she's Batman and must save the world. She'd have no problem reporting this. Or is she afraid they'll call her out for turning a blind eye for so long?

No. 967602

If the abuse happened to someone else, and that person doesn't want to report it, things are a bit more complicated.

However, that doesn't mean that vaguebooking about it without offering a concrete warning to her young, impressionable fans is excusable. And neither is turning a blind eye until it was convenient not to.

Whomever the abuse happened to might not want to report it. Both because they fear backlash, and because having to relive the trauma for the sake of an investigation is fucking hard, especially since there is very little guarantee that Fatboi will suffer any legal consequences.

And it's quite possible that Jude covering for Fatboi for so long, has made it harder for other people to make a case against him. So way to go Jude, you fucking bitch.

No. 967752

There is never an excuse to look away from abuse , Shame on you Jude, ffs . That aint savin the world btw !

No. 967988


she can't even save herself from eating instant mash and gravy as the staple part of her diet so saving the world was never on the cards

No. 968018

Change of subject but she’s literally got plates and cups on her wish list, as in she’s asking people to buy even her basics for her and her house
She takes e begging to a whole new level imagine spending money on pacis or adult baby grows and not on fucking crockery

No. 968146

She could honestly pop down the local tesco and get shit cheap but it has to be black and white to fit her “aesthetic”

No. 968148

Yeah she's using her followers as free cash machines. This is what happens when people see online influencers, and want to be that just for clout and free shit. Lazy and entitled is a hilarious combo. Keep it comin' Jude.

No. 968158

I am so glad that this freeloader is trying to make it as an influencer/titty pic gal just as we're about to hit a major recession…good luck bitch!

No. 968180

File: 1588447838246.jpg (691.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200502-202908_Ins…)

No. 968185

he just wants to see your unimpressive tits jude.

No. 968207

'if you just sort it by priority…' the fucking nerve of this bitch. hi jude - there's a global pandemic going on, buy your own shit, you horrible cow!

No. 968215

File: 1588454875763.jpeg (156.94 KB, 750x775, ACDAE733-E9F1-432C-B916-F28138…)

Top priority is a phone tripod. This girl is a joke.

No. 968236

Amazon employees have recently spoken out about the terrible conditions they are working in during the pandemic, and have asked people to only buy essential items, since shipping is delayed, and the workers have to function in busy fascillities where social distancing is not maintained and sickleave is not provided. People rely on Amazon to get their essentials sometimes, but this is not the time to order random stuff.


But you know, Jude is saving the world and stuff. So she needs more cheap, mass produced crap that is shipped to her during a pandemic. Those Amazon workers and sweatshop labourers aren't edgelord adult babies. So fuck 'em.

No. 968298

File: 1588471963432.jpg (280.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200503-031232_Ins…)

No. 968301

'Literally dying'

Sure, Jude.

No. 968391

She is literally dying like the covid 19 patients with compromised immune systems, because she is taking this so seriously by ebegging for essential tripods. She really needs to take the saving the world shit out of her bio.

No. 968423

File: 1588512607447.jpg (108.23 KB, 1171x659, tempsnip2.jpg)

No. 968445

File: 1588517325808.png (483.64 KB, 750x1334, B1D005A1-2BC2-4951-A76D-37EFD9…)

I texted her concearning her reporting a possible predator.
Also: Look at how much she cares about her ~aesthetic~ she wants to create a whole new insta because of it.
People can like multiple things, you know?

No. 968487

File: 1588522994064.jpeg (413.69 KB, 1125x1337, C33CBAF8-5A23-45FC-A456-5D4376…)


No. 968488

File: 1588523028381.jpeg (284.77 KB, 1125x1060, 80F9DF53-56C3-44D3-B4E1-6A755D…)

No. 968489

File: 1588523083106.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1511, 103C3E92-4536-4E31-9733-337BA8…)

We literally look nothing alike 😒

No. 968491

If she's being serious it's probably because she thinks she's the better looking one lol

No. 968502

I can confirm (via dm) she reported him.
If that‘s true at least she has grown a spine, finally.

No. 968506

Jude is definitely NOT the pretty one, here. And they both look fucking awful. Her face looks like it's drawn on a damn balloon.

No. 968510

Dresses alike to do a homage to famous horror movie twins

“We look nothing alike”
She has to be joking

No. 968518

did she mention what for?

No. 968522

Imagine having such a constant need to be special that even with a twinning look you have to say BUT WE'RE DIFFERENT! Tuck that insecurity away darling or you'll never be a real influencer.

No. 968524

this pic looks so shooped

No. 968557

so much for "uwu smol baby". she has such broad shoulders and a full figure bodyand you can tell she's slouching to seem smaller. What height does she claim to be because she looks to be at minimum 5'5 here.

No. 968658

File: 1588554374950.jpeg (1021.58 KB, 1125x1185, 7157FEC6-31DB-4D33-B7BD-951972…)


I don’t get it. They do the same hairstyle, similar clothes and similar makeup. Their caption is famously said by the twins from the Shining. Isn’t the whole point to look alike???

Also this just doesn’t look good in general

No. 968721


Had to check which one Jude was they look so similar. Only her ears are different as a telltale sign.

Other girls make-up skills are better, much more exaggerated and pronounced whereas Judes looks soft and much more like your average wannabe goth rather than the look they're going for.

No. 968770

Whats hard about jude giving credit? We all know she didn't come up with the makeup look herself, neither did fatboi's ex. I'm actually looking for the person right now. It's quite unusual so unless I'm reaching, not everyone does a look like this lmao

No. 968795

Jude’s the one on the right, her ears aren’t showing

No. 968805

File: 1588604152861.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 5DDF82C6-FB18-4ECC-AD9C-AB1B43…)

Her weedy daddy dom

No. 968815

File: 1588607874506.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 46078B61-F4B1-4738-B877-B7FAE4…)

The way she thinks she’s entitled to peoples attention for doing literally nothing is infuriating

No. 968827

She wrote me two long-ass messages after I thanked her for reporting. Her behavior is like usual, sadly. The world does not revolve around you, Jude.

No. 968831

'don't bother' fuck you self obsessed dullard. i really wish she'd just fade into insignificance. i mean she will, the only thing she's qualified for is retail and getting out her floppies. well done queen.

No. 968834


Even checking it out I got it wrong, just shows how much they don't look alike.

No. 968856

my literally rock

glad we have a braniac here to save the world

No. 968929

File: 1588623639186.jpg (331.58 KB, 720x1205, 20200504_212014.jpg)

No. 968930

File: 1588623788405.jpg (139.21 KB, 720x624, 20200504_212324.jpg)

No. 968933

File: 1588623848207.jpg (96.66 KB, 720x695, 20200504_212438.jpg)

No. 968935

File: 1588623956684.jpg (90.51 KB, 633x454, 20200504_212608.jpg)

Shes such a cunt

No. 968937

my god her ego is so fragile

No. 968947

OMG you guys you don't know what it's like to do a twin look on social media and for people to think you look like twins. I'm literally dying right now from being an alternative girl. Buy me a tripod and look at my fat bangers.

No. 968950

I love that Rosie has more fans than her, has a stable realtionship, is still in London, has a more independent sense of self and doesn't have to resort to onlyfans because Jude's only unique selling point is being an adult baby.

No. 968983

How pathetic can you be that you get offended about being called twins doing a twinning look?

No. 968991

File: 1588628645704.jpg (284.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200504-224408_Ins…)


No. 968993

But she is? Shes based her entire personality around her "aesthetic"-has got lots of followers-some buying her shit from her wishlist and that wasnt a problem but now it is? She should be grateful.

No. 968994

fucking kek

No. 968995

File: 1588628779487.jpg (330.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200504-224411_Ins…)


No. 968996

File: 1588628908429.jpg (310.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200504-224414_Ins…)


No. 968997

File: 1588629025899.jpg (300.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200504-224417_Ins…)

4. Shes so aggressive and awful to everyone constantly.

No. 969001

Fucking hell is this girl entitled. There are people out here struggling and shes whining about insignificant shit. I guess this is what people mean by "first world problems".

No. 969017

nah come on. give the other girl credit for not having judes massive honker

No. 969038

File: 1588633039215.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, A52297E2-5E2F-4F5F-B40F-423215…)

I’m yelling she literally compared seeing her friends eat meat to them being racist - ‘it’s hard to be around’ I’m going to scream I can’t believe she’s a real person

No. 969046

hey shut up anon he can do a 40kg single arm dumbell row hes fucking massive!!!!

how tall is jude? he doesnt look much bigger

No. 969102

people would view her as a person if she wasn’t so bloody insufferable.

The insecurities are jumping right out though. She’s realising nobody likes her for her shitty personality and that the only thing “unique” about her is muddying up her face with black eyeshadow and eyeliner.

No. 969198

I wonder if she'll get dragged for saying that.

No. 969267

be careful you'll trigger her into sperging why she's a PRINCESS and not a queen

No. 969275

Imagine having the time on your hands and the intellect of a piece of sweetcorn to think this is important enough to shout at your fans. Luckily I predict 2020 post pandemic is going to be less kind to our adult baby queen, fans dropping like flies as they seen more and more of her nasty and superficial character. Plus no one is going to have the money to waste on your onlyfans.

No. 969282


What exactly is it she spends 'hours and hours' doing?

No. 969283

File: 1588668528502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 387.04 KB, 2048x2048, Image-1.jpg)

'i just love aesthetics' i.e the way things look rather than the critical study of beauty, because our little lady is a thickie.

No. 969286

Okey cokey Jude you utter dumbass - comparing eating meat to racism is demeaning and diminishing to minorities who suffer systemic violence as a result of race. It screams from the rooftops sanctimonious white girl and dare I say is actually pretty racist in itself.

No. 969303

oh god she really used racism as a point for veganism? I‘ve officially lost all faith lmao

No. 969358

It is racist in itself. Not to mention it nullifies the efforts of the civil rights movement and activists of colour to raise awareness and fight racism.

Non-white people are not comparable to animals. We are capable of advocating for ourselves, something a cow can't do. You can make the case that eating meat is bad without comparingit to racism.

No. 969399

Her being a mega fan of Tom MacDonald, who feels oppressed for being a straight white male, indicates that she does not give a shit about systems of oppression that actually hinder/kill off minorities. Sorry to get 'woke' and serious, but if someone has the audacity to say they want to save the world and don't get how prevailing power structures fuck over communities that she is not a part of as a straight white female - I have to kick off. As long as she gets her fast fashion and plastic crap and pretends on the surface to live an ethical life - she does not give a fuck about anyone else. I see she's just posted a haul on youtube, more tone deaf crap from someone who has never felt a day of hardship in their life. Except of course she is literally dying from not being strangled by daddy atm.

No. 969455

At this point she feels like pixielocks in fakegoth to me lol.

No. 969462

File: 1588702296584.jpeg (168.68 KB, 750x1334, E33ED75B-4359-4617-B9E8-DB45C4…)

If you need more proof of her being rude, just check out her YT.

No. 969473

It just seems like she hates her followers, she should quit this before it gets out of hand. this obviously isn't for her

No. 969477

Her fans are even sorry and thanking her for her time. Like wth
This person clearly doesn‘t care about anyone else but her goff image and Killstar.

No. 969547

She looks like she has downs. Also stop touching your face, that’s covid-19 basics.

No. 969550

File: 1588713392028.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 1DCF4210-8C05-46A5-840D-FDC22D…)

Telling everyone to stay safe and they’re not friends anymore, but without any info despite the fact she bigged up her ‘ride or die’ for the last year.

No. 969559

File: 1588715483726.jpeg (159.3 KB, 961x600, 274E4670-878A-442D-9723-0E06AB…)

ruthless lmao, hope it’s fine I didn’t block the name out since it’s clearly a burner acc

No. 969609

she called everyone idiots for saying they look the same

No. 969612

File: 1588723000238.jpg (146.58 KB, 728x170, judecomment.jpg)

No. 969614

File: 1588723261416.jpg (328.19 KB, 1366x768, bishopjude.jpg)

>>969609 she's so aggressive the entire video as well as unprofessional. She goes on multiple tangents about other stuff. I would be so unhappy if I was the brand.

No. 969617

Being a cunt to her followers

No. 969823

File: 1588771462652.png (291.79 KB, 1080x1920, 20200506_101613.png)

Sadboi came back last night with a new account. The post and story were deleted when I checked an hour later and this morning the whole account is gone.

No. 969824

File: 1588771505128.png (878.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200505-225526.png)

No. 969825

File: 1588771536517.png (750.8 KB, 1080x1920, 20200506_101719.png)

No. 969828

Nobody wanted his cruddy makeup looks and he was just doing it to get girls and impress Jude. Stick to being a soundcrap rapper. Probably deleted it because then he'd have to explain why Jude has publically smeared him.

No. 969918

He's still doing with the uwu sad boy fake goth thing, even though that was all because of Jude and she's cut him off now? Talk about dedication kek. At least he's shaved the pubes from his head.

No. 969943

At least he's at one with his receeding hairline despite being in his twenties. The granny pube fuzz was a bad look. How can he rebrand himself after basing his whole personality on someone else for a whole year? Not to mention the only reason he got traction, a wild 3000 plus followers was because Jude was promoting him. She's painted him as a manipulative predator…where the fuck do you go from there? I dislike fatboi a lot, but I'd love if he dished dirt on our adult baby queen Jude.

No. 970023

"If you were really fat it would not be good" (1:40)


No. 970095

File: 1588809326710.jpg (445.22 KB, 1080x1591, 20200507_015334.jpg)

In cow crossover news: jake munro got a haircut. All these pudgy talentless fake "goff" wannabe mucisian ebeggers with terrible makeup skills are starting to resemble each other.

No. 970118

File: 1588811245247.jpg (294.25 KB, 720x1030, 20200507_012237.jpg)

Jude is still pissed

No. 970119

File: 1588811308969.jpg (370.92 KB, 720x1033, 20200507_012303.jpg)

No. 970121

File: 1588811361049.jpg (197.84 KB, 720x650, 20200507_012329.jpg)


No. 970136

File: 1588813129617.jpg (360.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200507-015836_Ins…)

No. 970144

Literally why is she so pissed off people are saying she looks like her friend? If I were the friend, I'd be pissed at her.
If it makes you feel any better Jude, you don't look like your friend, you look like a rodent.

No. 970150

There’s people on the post literally telling her that she’s never gonna be able to do this as a job if she is this much of a sensitive cunt and she’s ignoring them but replying to all the fans sucking up her ass going “oMg YoU GUys LoOk NotHiNg AlIke”
When they are literally posing as twins

No. 970151

File: 1588814375467.jpeg (325.16 KB, 1242x999, 53B2464E-DECF-4155-9996-DCCC10…)

she looks like such a stupid child in this entire post, basically “how dare YOU” to her whole audience even though she acknowledges a lot of them were just making a joke

You can tell she’s triggered as fuck because of this comment. She should take comfort in the fact that she’s actually just really ugly and probably wouldn’t get mistaken for anyone unless she was wearing the exact same makeup and clothing… kek

No. 970166

File: 1588816978542.png (4.5 MB, 1125x2436, 26DB7119-748B-4CB1-8EE1-AE3200…)

No. 970185

I mean, how stupid do you have to be to do a makeup look which is exactly the same as your friend, post it, then get mad that people cant tell you apart or say that you look alike? Shes really gunning for the award for being the most dumb person on insta which is quite a feat considering the people on there.

Also I feel sorry for her friend because judes spergeouts "how can you NOT tell us apart" just seem to be insulting her.

No. 970205

She’s going hard on the tantrum shit in the comments. I think she’s finally snapping

No. 970247

‘The situation’ - get a fucking life Jude.

No. 970250

She‘s voluntarily exposing herself to the world and gets mad when people point out her shit??

No. 970259

She is just such an insufferable brat. If she actually had something to occupy her day, like school or work, she would probably not get so worked up over petty shit like this. Try worrying about getting a job and paying your own bills Jude.

No. 970304

File: 1588859828657.jpg (64.19 KB, 613x315, 20200507_145707.jpg)

No. 970305

File: 1588859927462.jpg (121.79 KB, 607x579, 20200507_145917.jpg)

No. 970308

File: 1588860019963.jpg (120.52 KB, 715x613, 20200507_150016.jpg)

No. 970309

File: 1588860212869.jpg (50.42 KB, 631x255, 20200507_150310.jpg)

How is people thinking you look similar to your friend in a photo a struggle?

No. 970311

File: 1588860591142.jpg (128.41 KB, 590x578, 20200507_150946.jpg)

No. 970317

she loves saying she’s a “content creator” with “thoughts and feelings”

jude love. you put your face and tits on the internet. you’re as average as any other goth thot. you should also try being more respectful to these people cause they’re the one consuming you precious “content” and they can as easily move on to the next girl.

No. 970321

File: 1588861926847.jpeg (69.76 KB, 750x327, FC3493D1-1B90-44FA-B2A7-4B967E…)

Her friend handling it without going on multiple rants.

Jude is so hilariously insecure. She needs to go out and learn how to interact with people.

No. 970330

>"i hate social media"
>is desperate to be a star on social media
Lmfao. She wants everyone to bend to her will and the second they don't she bites the hand that feeds her. She gets more entitled by the day, huh? Also, loving her new thing to hide from criticism with, "content creators are people too you're dehumanising me!!!" You're right Jude this is very first world problems. You don't want to save the world you want the world to save you.

No. 970332

Why would most people know her face? She got followers for her makeup style and she doesnt have a lot of pictures where shes barefaced?
She really is a fucking special snowflake throwing a toddler trantrum over people not being able to tell which one is her in a TWIN MAKEUP picture. Also I have a strong feeling she lurks here.

No. 970344

I remember Jude didn't even have any social media until the video with Rosie went viral. If she keeps her shit up she won't have an audience to give her money and attention. Maybe she'll quit in a couple years after everyone gets sick of her.

No. 970354

File: 1588868274258.jpg (367.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200507-171704_Ins…)

No. 970362

Acting like the correct take on a topic that has been controversial since the beginning of civilization is both simple & obvious, is truly the calling card of persons who are as egotistical as they are ignorant. People write entire dissertations exploring the question if humans are animals philosophically in the same way they are biologically, but go off Jude

No. 970374

Give fucking over you insufferable turd. Throwing a piss fit about looking similar in a twin look is doing everything in her power to rewrite and change social media to so that everyone will pay her for half arsed, rude, racist, fatphobic, thick as shit content and go along with any sweetcorn fuelled idiocy she comes up with. How does someone so unintelligent get such a big ego?

No. 970380

Are you seriously thinking she is even mildly aware of the debate human beings-animals-ethics?

No. 970398

She’s currently on livestream on Instagram dodging every question she possibly can that isn’t gassing her up

No. 970428

Because Jude is a living personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

No. 970799

File: 1588941034199.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, CF86C617-0287-40F3-8C94-0CC8C6…)

Nice honker

No. 971072

File: 1588978042796.jpg (584.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200508-234645_Ins…)

No. 971083

"i want goff gang input!"
See, she says that, but then every other time she says that she shits in the inputs and goes with her own opinion. So why ask in the first place? Apart from wanting the ego boost.

No. 971103

so she talks down to her followers, feels like an outsider in her own “fandom” slash community.

perfect time to launch march. it’s gonna be shirts with her face on it “GOFF GANG” in edgy font or something.

No. 971104

fuck me forgot to sage

No. 971111

Sounds like she’s out of ideas

No. 971169

hilarious that he's talking about that many follows like that's an achievement. his username also read as my sad bois cace.

did he steal clay's old hair lol.

probably, who would even know that it's her outside of the ppl that buy it.

No. 971309

File: 1589027763116.jpg (93.87 KB, 896x1056, Untitled-1.jpg)

Just helping a sister out

No. 971322

Omg anon this is amazing!! More merch pls! Show me your

No. 971379

File: 1589041027144.jpg (174.88 KB, 896x1056, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 971616

File: 1589070020955.png (741.2 KB, 640x1136, F4280550-C909-463B-9F69-67FBE6…)

>guys wtf I’m so much more than my makeup, I’m offended that’s all you people see.
>does makeup on stream because she knows it’s the only thing people will watch her do.

No. 971861

Bless you Anon, you beautiful bastard!

No. 971874

That’s fucking brilliant

No. 972074

How long until she starts injecting her lips like every other insta-thot

No. 972316

When she either 1) finally scrounges enough cash from only fans or 2) it's a sponsored surgery a la Kelly eden

No. 972392

File: 1589217636935.png (2.76 MB, 1440x1801, Screenshot_20200511-181740~2.p…)

Didn't Jude say in a recent q&a that her daddy was gonna get her a bunny after quarantine?… If so this is mega awkward

No. 972404

I really hope Jude doesn't get a rabbit. That thing is going to be dead or given away in no time. They are high maintenance pets.

No. 972437

Honestly. She can barely feed and look after herself.

No. 972482

If she does insist on getting a pet though a herbivore like a rabbit would suffer less, bc if she got a carnivore like a dog or cat she'd try to turn it vegan.

No. 972487

well she has said in the past that she doesn't think she could ever have a cat even tho she really wants to since it couldn't be vegan

how is it 'mega awkward'?
am I missing something??

No. 972764

Quarantine isn't exactly over but that's the only thought they came to mind.

I wonder where the bunny is from. The local pet stores don't seem to be selling pets at the moment (at least Pets At Home) so it could be from a breeder or adopted.

No. 972786

she made a video about it

No. 972829

Are you all blind? That‘s Rosie, not Jude.

No. 972832

work on your reading comprehension

No. 972833


W-we know, anon

No. 972886

Rosie on the whole seems ditzy but caring. A stark contrast to Jude when she says that she is receptive to anyone's advice and opinions. I'm not fussed about her content, but it seems a lot more thought out and aesthetically pleasing than Jude's. Also Rosie has it together enough to sort out getting a bunny and posting a disclaimer about not just going out and getting a pet. Jude must be burning up with jealousy, her ex best friend is living in london, with her partner and now has a bunny. Jude is living with Fatboi's ex and some rando in Brighton and has to sell tit pics to get by.

No. 972897

File: 1589304727788.jpg (470.45 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-05-12-20-28-59…)

lmao she just casually admits that her OF content is low effort

No. 973043

i know its the filter glitching, but look at her fucked up eyes. she bangs on about her daddy in these q&as - who's guessing this won't even last until the end of lockdown. i think it's also hella comical she's demanding these english boys be her daddy and refer to her has a baby. do you think they just go along with it for a submissive shag? what horny 20something really wants to pretend he's fucking a child?

No. 973051

Having said that, she does have a majorly lazy eye which she tries to hide with makeup, and posh it up with technical terms to make her more special. If you look at her less extravagant makeup one eye is noping out the whole time.

I'm only being a dick about this because she is such a shallow, unlikeable and unkind human being. Have some humility you lazy eyed, inbred, unintelligent bitch!

No. 973177

This makes me think of kelly eden/dre royane but reversed.
>has to sell tit pics to get by
Didnt another anon say her parents are pretty rich?

No. 973250

Of course it’s low effort. She doesn’t bother with makeup, slaps an insta filter over the picture and calls it done.

No. 973317

Judging by her Amazon wish list full of basic needs like crockery I don't think they're helping her much. And if they are, she's wasting it on killstar hauls and hoping her sheep fans will cover everything else. I think that's also why she wants to be an influence tbh - not because she cares, since she puts in 0 effort even into onlyfans, but because she wants gullible people to give her shit.

No. 973391

If you guys really want Jude to fade away into obscurity. Message the brands she "works" with. Tell them how toxic she is and how you don't want to buy their product because they support a person like her.

Flag her videos for copyrighted music even if there is none.

Mass report her Instagram/pictures for imitating a minor, bully harassment or promoting sexual underage things.

Report her twitch for breaking some sort of TOS.

e-mail Barcroft TV about how she's a pedo.

Spread the word in comments to people about how selfish and manipulative she is. All she cares about is herself and for people to give her stuff for free. She doesn't do anything. Even the things that would require her to put effort into aren't even strenuous things. She literally wants to get paid for doing nothing. Maybe that would work if she wasn't such a huge cunt about it.

She's honestly not hard to take down if enough people put the work in to do it. You have to cut off the hand that feeds her.

It'll result in some great milk as well.(no)

No. 973398

Sage your nonmilky "evil" plan next time.

No. 973414

She might be annoying, bitchy, and downright creepy with her ddlg lifestyle, but i cannot see why we should ruin her life because of it? Your entire plan is fucking psychotic, please turn off your computer.

No. 973484

how about no.

No. 973536

As per the rules of this board, you're in violation of the following:

4. Do not harass or brigade against any subjects posted. (cowtipping)
5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army)

No. 973543

I don't know what your fucking damage is. But don't try to unload it on farmers just looking to have a good laugh. We don't cowtip. And we sure as hell don't go out of our way to actively ruin someone's life. I don't know if Jude murdered your parents or something. But take your personal vendetta to people who give a shit.

And learn to sage, you idiot.

No. 973591

Ew, fuck off. We all think she’s a knob, but this is so obsessive and vindictive.

No. 973636

File: 1589415893008.jpeg (253.3 KB, 640x1086, 20AEDFB2-DB7A-4A70-ADAF-04FDE7…)

Seriously, are these brands not reading her posts, what exactly she’s saying. If I was the owner of that brand I’d be really pissed that I sent her a free wig and she described it like that in what Is effectively an add.

No. 973756

She goes on a month without putting on makeup, ergo putting out actual new content because she's just too lazy. How does she think she deserves being an influencer? There are so many internet personalities that put 50+ hours a week into content but apparently this "is her life".

No. 973828

File: 1589461113250.jpeg (253.03 KB, 750x1200, A68B7E0B-69A9-4610-8BBF-1B869F…)

I guess they don’t care as long as they get some promo?

No. 973843

Yeah some brands don't mind what you say about the product as long as you say something. That's how entitled cows like Jude still get sent stuff for free even though its clear they don't care. Luke toxic tears and her hundreds of unboxings she never uses after opening. I hope the mor reputable brands steer clear.

No. 973845


No. 973860

i wish she’d keep that fat slug in her mouth.

she says she’s a little and a baby but makes the same disgusting “orgasm” face in all her pictures.

No. 974178

File: 1589496677127.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 5FC77DC1-FA2F-4FAA-A1B5-EEFF81…)

She is beyond fucking angry at Instagram for whatever reason. Just get off the internet Jude, no one wants you here and it’s pretty obvious the only reason you ramble on about saving the world is because you have a deranged ego for someone with no skills, talent, humour nor charm.

No. 974305

It’s because in the DMs section of Instagram slightly changed their format lmao. At this point I genuinely think she needs to see someone, her overreactions to everything show some serious issues.

No. 974396


Didnt someone say that she has bpd?

No. 974400

I think she's just an unstable cunt with nothing better to use her baby brain on.

No. 974406

File: 1589545249679.jpeg (836.14 KB, 750x1206, 4ABE94C1-1C6D-4F80-BDD7-D58061…)

This did not age well

No. 974462

no that was ex-friend chl.o

No. 974466

>i wish she'd keep that fat slug in her mouth
Right, it's her go-to pose for any picture, but how does she actually thinks it looks nice? Plus, she should just keep her entire mouth shut because these random rants aren't a good look either. Neither are her 300 Q&As she obviously uses as a stand in for real content. As such an image obsessed person (me and phee don't look alike waaah!) how does she not see any of that.

No. 974514

File: 1589568421449.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, F0F39F8B-D66E-4E29-B31C-95A868…)

‘We just wanted free tattoos’ - she’s a cold mean cunt. She’s also spitting that this was 2 years ago. Jude, most people are able to maintain friendships.

No. 974559

File: 1589573239986.jpg (347.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200515-210636_Ins…)

Shes still trying to disconnect herself from porn despite having an of

No. 974572

Doesnt her ddlg stuff count as porn or no?

No. 974608

Lmao I just watched the VOD for her stream called Cam's Birthday Stream and at 50:13 someone makes a comment that you can see on the screen that says "We're starting a [petition?] let's take T away from Jude so he can't be her daddy anymore and swap him with clay."
She ended her stream right away after reading the comment.

No. 974629

All these fucking streams by someone who lacks any charisma and only wants fans so she can get free stuff. Also wants to save the world without any interest or understanding of politics. Keeping sticking your dumbass slug out girl, I guess that’s the only thing that’s going to make you money. Until you age, and you’re that gross old lady with the fuck doll tattoo on her legs. And have burned through multiple daddies until it isn’t even cute anymore.

No. 974684

Something that’s both extremely low effort and very strange Is how she streams. It’s either her no makeup just chatting shit or her playing video games…without being able to see anything but her mug looking up at a screen. Is she not aware people watch gaming streamers for the games more than the person?

No. 974801

>modeling for of now
wheezing, she's posting low effort lewds [has she put up nudes?], that's not fucking modeling.

No. 975022

Generally i don't care about only fans, but so many people and their mothers are starting accounts now for some low effort money. But if you flash half a tit and call it a day, charging high for it won't make many people turn up Karen. Your entitledness is showing. So I wonder what Jude's content is since she's charging £25. Like hell I'm going to give this entitled toddler my cash though so unless there's another leak…

No. 975318

File: 1589734166714.jpg (669.48 KB, 1080x1847, 20200517_184743.jpg)

Even while windowshopping to stave off quarantine boredom I can't get away from this bitch's face.

But I guess this seller felt they got their money's worth with this unappealing shot.

No. 975329

i feel sorry for the seller. nothing stands out because everything in the picture is black and white.

nothing sticks out. her fashion sense is as bland as she is.

No. 975465

that tongue is most definitely standing out

No. 975493

Some saddo in her bedroom. Also the fact she is not actually a skilled makeup artist and just uses black and white eyeshadow for her make up really shows in her dusty, grubby looks. She looks dirty because she doesn't have a grasp of colour theory and just puts a filter over her looks.

No. 975508

File: 1589766228429.png (1.69 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200517-203907.png)

"Being an adult baby is so overwhelming and hard boo hoo"

No. 975511

File: 1589766781013.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, 9FC4F371-FF9C-4C1C-9C4E-457D32…)

Oh give it a fucking break Jude, you are not ”soooo smol” that dicks are too big for you. Are her followers really that gullible? It’s like basic biology that vaginas stretch to the size of a god damn baby. She’s a fucking idiot if she thinks this makes her sound cute or more little.

No. 975602

Yeah, no. Huge dicks aren't always pleasurable and sex with them can be especially uncomfortable at some points in your cycle because the cervix changes positions. Getting dick punched in your cervix feels horrible.

No. 975605


I’m someone who can be considered goth because of my fashion sense and music taste. As much as I like black and white, when those are the only two colors in your house it really loses impact and aesthetic. Everything just blends together and it looks generally bad. I honestly don’t know how she can live like that

No. 975606

Found the gold star. Vaginas don't typically expand to that level unless someone is is active labor. Under other circumstances it's very difficult and takes a lot of patience that can be hard to find in a sexual situation.

No. 975620

File: 1589793784048.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0800.PNG)

yeah, you said that about the last one Jude…

No. 975622

File: 1589794146766.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0801.PNG)

No one wants to pay rent and cover living costs you stupid old fart. What a sad existence she leads, aspiring to be a good little housewife. I totally doubt that she would be as she's half arsed and lazy and thinks instant mash potato and gravy constitutes a meal.

No. 975656

File: 1589808154890.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-18-14-21-49…)

Why she gotta snap like that

No. 975660

so we know wanna be gymshark model daddy has a small dick as well as small muscles

No. 975669

She pops off at the smallest things its hilarious. It's clear she has nothing better to do. From the other story it's also clear she's aspiring to a life of laziness, being a ~perfect little housewife~, so her influencer "career" right now is soul-less and just her scrounging for free stuff in the meantime.

No. 975674

she really thinks everyone’s out to get her. it’s sad.

No. 975832

Exactly. Just because you can technically fit a penis in with a lot of effort, doesn't mean it feels good. Yes, a vagina can accomodate a baby. But few people would describe that sensation as plesurable. Position and angle of the cervix matter, and that has nothing to do with your physical size. Jude is usually full of shit, but there is no reason to disbelieve this. It's just biology.

No. 975834

File: 1589835836797.jpg (355.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200518-220252_Ins…)

No. 975841

>"bUt I dOnT dO pOrN!!!"

No. 975842

Doubly funny because she gushed over a pink lingerie set she got herself in one of her videos and said she likes pink, so its not like this question is out of the blue?

No. 975854

It looks like she has to strap her tits down or they'll collapse downward.

No. 975867

File: 1589837849582.png (862.64 KB, 640x1136, 95311B74-A7A8-4AB2-B8BB-B6A468…)

sorry I don’t know how to do these- first time apologies if this ends up on a random thread. But ffs Jude if you’re going to promote BDSM and DDLG to a young audience or any audience please practice is safely. Doms are 100% entitled to use a safe word there are times where that might be too much. You’re expecting them just to make everything stop when it’s too overwhelming? What the fuck

No. 975873

Our uwu pwincess, the sexual rolemodel.

I should have known, coming from someone who tells her young audience about the joys of "daddy choking her out."

No. 975893

File: 1589841310028.jpeg (72.96 KB, 750x608, BBF31685-C9DD-4EA3-AB1A-F9A7DB…)

I know the main point of this pic was her floppies, but once again for someone obsessed with ‘the aesthetic’ no makeup postman pat nose, come on. It’s like the turkey neck pic. She does not have an eye for this kind of thing.

No. 975957

All the sexual appeal of a piece of raw chicken fillet.

No. 975959

She looks like a man and the pircings make her nose look like a penis, I'm not ever sure how that's possible. It must be so weird to be so into yourself that you lack the critical eye to see that you're putting out really unflattering images of yourself.

No. 975962

File: 1589847287947.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, EFC49EFE-2503-4D5C-A55E-9243C7…)

I don’t like porn but I think it’s cute. I don’t make porn I just take cute pictures of myself. Whoever the hell is paying for your lacklustre content is jerking off to you. You are a sex worker now, no shame in it, stop pretending you’re modelling.

No. 975967

File: 1589847903937.jpeg (570.81 KB, 750x1196, 1C633788-6CEA-4ECA-B261-215CE1…)

Never 4get

No. 976013

>aesthetically i love hentai

i’m trying to comprehend what this means and i don’t like where it’s going.

No. 976069

She's trying to outdo Grimes in the "i'm so cute and deep and edgy" schtick.
>i’m trying to comprehend what this means and i don’t like where it’s going.
I dont blame you anon, shes into ddlg and has messed up views about whats appropriate, I also worry where this is going.

No. 976088

All the images she's used in the background for her scummy q&a deeply imply CP. She's so disgusting that she thinks it's cute and utterly foolish to be peddling that to her young fans.

No. 976150

^^^ im assuming that she would defend it like "its a fucking cartoon its not real" if she was asked about it. lol.

No. 976250

File: 1589909644301.jpg (38.69 KB, 390x358, Capture.JPG)

She can't even spell "lose" FFS

No. 976252

Kek. The word "loose" just comes naturally to her.

No. 976267

File: 1589911012549.jpeg (240.59 KB, 640x1135, 86AC7DB9-8294-45E0-AC97-42E4B8…)

oh dear god how could such a great crime be committed

No. 976272

the way she insists people call her pet names is so gross.

i call my niece “princess” cause she’s literally a child. If Jude insists on being little i’m honestly past caring, but that it’s sexual for her and she drags everyone in is sickening.

No. 976289

File: 1589913315421.png (4.21 MB, 750x1334, BFD84527-A447-42D7-A17E-9C1E42…)

Rosie’s doing a Q&A and handling it with more wit and wisdom than Jude could ever.

No. 976343

File: 1589920860921.jpg (430.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200519-213841_Ins…)

No. 976344

File: 1589920932281.jpg (432.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200519-213910_Ins…)

No. 976345

File: 1589920996311.jpg (345.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200519-213926_Ins…)

No. 976347

>"I dont post porn"
bitch please.

No. 976382

Jude it’s not normal for your family to be so involved in your life. You need to grow up and keep some things private.

No. 976416

I’m finding it a bit hard to believe that judes family is so chill will all of this stuff. I’m pretty sure most people’s fathers wouldn’t exactly be comfortable with hearing about his daughter calling the dude she fucks “daddy”. Could be wrong but who knows.

No. 976467

I come back to read her thread from time to time but I don't recall what we know about her parents, if anything. there was some speculation up thread her mother was a heroin addict or at least a drug addict of some sort, and if that's true I wouldn't find it hard to imagine her parents aren't exactly the 'caring' sort…

…at the same time she comes off as very spoiled. I could imagine her dad (or at least real dad) wasn't in the picture or something, with mom or other relatives over compensating by spoiling her/giving her extra attention. it'd be the perfect recipe for this kind of person.

at the same time, i could see her having a completely mundane family life. i vaguely feel like there'd been some more mentioning of her mom back when it was still being speculated rotten whatever was her ashamed 'daddy' at the time, but i really don't pay this flake enough mind to commit anything to memory lol

No. 976542

File: 1589963303261.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 6F87F33B-1903-4A06-B1A3-2E3A56…)

Yeah right, your giant musclebound daddy dom…Rotten looked pretty puny as well.

No. 976551

File: 1589966633747.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 40A43969-AC07-430A-A2E4-034D2F…)

How is being a judgemental self obsessed cunt helping anyone? Why is telling your fans to google ddlg and getting your tits out important? As mentioned by a previous Anon, she truly embodies the Dunning-Kruger effect. Google that Jude…

No. 976556

File: 1589967125152.jpg (498.01 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-05-20-11-29-40…)

just gotta love rosy.

No. 976560

Whereas classy Jude lets everyone know she likes to get choked out, give big sloppy blowjobs, get cut up by her daddy and incest is ok…is that the important shit she needed to share with the world?

No. 976586


Her mom was a heroin addict, which is why jude hates drugs (despite stealing weed from her mom and then selling it to her friends)

Her parents are divorced, don't think anyone knows what happened to her dad.

Im pretty sure that the daddy dom thing was a result of her 1st boyfriend being into it and not because of her dad. Her 1st bf was like 19 when she was 13/14?

No. 976591

Ew, if she lost her viginity to him when she says she did then that was statutory rape. She is such an unfortunate human being - 'it's just who i am'

No. 976592

Lol if this is true it explains a lot. A kid in a relationship with someone older wants to impress them and try hard to be edgy and mature when they're not. And Jude never let go of acting like that. Her only goal in life is even being a good wittle housewife. It's all subconsciously an act but she doesn't even realise it.

PS hating that your mum does drugs, but then taking advantage of that to make quick cash? She was a little miss hypocrite even as a kid huh.

No. 976614

Explains why she hasn’t matured at all since then

No. 976622

File: 1589984856987.jpg (596.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-152726_Ins…)

No. 976626

File: 1589985031594.jpg (492.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-152940_Ins…)

No. 976631

File: 1589985288081.jpg (595.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-152957_Ins…)

No. 976632

File: 1589985345743.jpg (553.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-153013_Ins…)

No. 976633

File: 1589985418771.jpg (531.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-153020_Ins…)

No. 976635

File: 1589985472658.jpg (620.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200520-153032_Ins…)

No. 976662

Its funny because he's nowhere near looking like that-theres a reason he hasnt posted new pics in around a year.

No. 976674

at least her fans know she should be keeping that shit separate
not like she'll monitor who's following tho so it won't matter and there will still be a bunch of kids following

No. 976685

File: 1589992922953.png (7.62 MB, 1125x2001, 80AA1998-3749-4AC5-81E5-FC0DAB…)

Who knew there was a job market for people who aren’t entitled and arrogant?

No. 976750

>he likes to show me off cos he's the only one who gets to have me
Was she depraved of love as a child because wow she loves attention. Her sexy toddler uwu thing is all about that. Hey Jude, your "daddy" isn't the only one who does this with partners, other insecure men all over the world do it too. You aren't as special as you crave, don't worry!

No. 976785

This is not where racism comes from you dimbo. ACAB anon here who does not have the energy to point out systemic racism on a thread for a pedo goth.

No. 976826

wtf is this reply lol. ppl being concerned about makeup being released during a pandemic has nothing to do with anyone dressing up at home.

No. 976850

hes a typical /fit or misc type kid whos being hitting the gym for a few months and thinks hes massive now because he got a little bit of shape, but he's really not very big or even that lean

she also said she likes masculine looking guys but he looks very boyish/almost femme to me.

She's just very into this dude and wants to massage his ego, he clearly wants to be big and masculine and shes playing the role of good little girl and blowing smoke. They're both feeding eachothers delusions, on her dischord he acts like hes the hot shit of the fitness section

No. 976881

Does she not realize that she's being a hypocrite?
She spews that all meat eaters are horrible animal abusers. But she gives cops a pass?

No. 976939

anon it's because j* is releasing a palette that's death themed during covid

No. 976974

I think anon understood that and was talking about how Jude just had to insert herself in there as an example even though nobody gives a shit about her sewww GoFFic styLe

No. 977031

Guys since we‘ve filled 5(?) threads about this edgelord pretending to be a sexy toddler, I‘d like to make a video about her. Ofc on a channel with zero videos, she needn‘t know who I am.
Is there anything you particulary want me to stress/look at?

No. 977052

Make a massive point of her more harmful behaviour. We can all sit and have a laugh at her stupid hypocritical rants but at the end of the day if it’s gonna be addressed via YouTube, really stress the points of her promotion of pedophilia and bdsm to minors because at the end of the day that’s the most harmful part about her.

No. 977067

Promotion of DDLG pedo lifestyle to underage fans
Her only goal in life to be a girlfriend
Terrible vegan advocacy
Inherent racism
Vapid consumerism
Going fucking off on minor issues, while being weirdly silent about apparently supporting a predator
Rude and cunty to everyone, even fans
Anti-porn while now a sex worker
Inability to maintain relationships
Galling entitlement that people pay for her to do nothing
all while apparently to saving the world…sitting on her arse doing endless Instagram q&as

No. 977080

Great list. Just wanted to add:

-wants to be an influencer, not bc of passionate, she just wants to be sent free shit.
-happy she hasn't matured past 14
-dropped bff of 5 years Rosie over weed, even though her two casual friends at the time smoked
-but then she dropped them too, even though they were going to move in with her. Her friends drop like flies.

YouTube anon, if this is too much for a video, maybe some of the points and the ones from the other anon can be condensed/merged lol

No. 977119

Thank you guys! I shall work on a video in the next week. Might be a biit of 30 minutes showing how aweful she is, but hey, I‘m just listing what she puts outside. If you have info to share with me, contact uwu3 (at)mein.gmx
I‘ll post here once the video is done, thank you! sage lol

No. 977142

ikd if its necessarily important but she constantly asks for free stuff like tattoos and basically wants to pay artists in 'exposure'

No. 977255

File: 1590090621759.jpg (181.13 KB, 720x918, IMG_20200521_215010.jpg)

sorry for sharing a meme, but this fits so well. She is both of these people and believes it's a good thing.

No. 977267

pretty sure her daddy was saying the n word in chat in one of her streams too so I mean…

No. 977306

Not being shitty - but if you need help with English let me know and I'll get in contact.

No. 977353


please address her transphobia, he promotion of adult stuff to minors (check her dischord) and mostly her shit with clay, about saying how harmful he is but not revealing why. Those are genuine concerns. also how rude she is.

Dont dwell on superficial shit like bad makeup and gross tongue, thats all funny but i think shes actually quite a concerning person for other reasons

No. 977358

this is also a niche one but… the fact she worships elon musk/tesla/grimes yet claims to want to 'save the world' is ridiculous. i cant understand how she doesnt seen that they represent so much that is wrong with the world

No. 977365

I'm pretty confident with my English, but it wouldn't hurt letting someone skim over, I'll hand you the script once done. Please contact me!

No. 977446

File: 1590107276737.jpeg (174.21 KB, 737x1215, 305971A5-CF85-4BAD-8D3B-5F3CD9…)

Aw look at our cow

No. 977543

nitpick but i find the choice of dying her bangs blonde and having the rest of her hair black so off-putting. her hair must be so crunchy.

No. 977590

it certainly looks crunchy

No. 977638

In her wig video she said her hair is thick. Uh huh sure. The bad diet as well aa the bad dyeing is probably a big factor.

No. 977740

Has anyone messaged her via a burner account to ask about clay. She said she was happy to speak about it behind closed doors.(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 977766

File: 1590175080920.jpg (334.23 KB, 1080x2084, 20200522_210750.jpg)

I realise I'm a bit late with reaction to her tiktok but I really do wonder if our straightedgeprincess did any research and knows the translation of that tiktoksong she's using.. it's a Dutch song called Drank en drugs by Lil kleine and Ronnieflex.. which translate as booze and drugs.. let me find the translation for that small part

"I won't come alone, 'cause I have booze, and drugs
I have booze, and drugs
All teens say yes to MDMA
Your girl is a moth, she had sex with your dad
Not sucking on a lolly, but on my *
They won't be there if I'm doing bad
Ay bitch just move"

No. 977775

She will just say that its "ironic" in the same way she has a bag and clothing with cigarette designs on them even though shes straight edge

No. 977813

File: 1590180586106.png (192.75 KB, 420x748, of.png)

Sub to my onlyfans! Only 25 quid a month! Look at my tits and ass! Just remember that it's not porn - I wouldn't ever do that.*

*Apart from that one time that I literally and publicly got someone off on insta for money

No. 977850

I did and she blocked me, lol!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 977853

Who the hell would wank over this when you can get sexier porn for free or much cheaper? If the photos shes selling are high contrast and black & white with an arse that looks like marshmallows - who on earth is paying for this? Other than fatboi, her daddy and her mum. Someone please leak this low energy content!

No. 977892

this is me being nice but even shayna has more wankable material than this.

stale as fuck, jude.

No. 978014

What the fuck even are those poses. Lying down like a beached whale. What kind of goth gf simps got her to 12% because they wasted their money.

No. 978410

>Apart from that one time that I literally and publicly got someone off on insta for money
Are you referring to when she sold some guy a picture of her feet and then blasted it on a story? Cos yeah wow Jude that definitely wasn't to get the guy off. To top it off, she was with rotten hollow, the daddy she worshipped so much, at the time.

No. 979014

Why do these kinda look like police photographs of a crime scene? Girl learn how to pose…

No. 979765

Jude's Daddy T aka Tom is a pedo who works with kids.

Jude is also a pedo. Ask her about her fantasy which involves kidnapping a child and torturing it.

Jude hates her fans and only uses them for money. She also makes fun of them. Especially people brave enough to post their bodies in her NSFW section. She also doesn't care about age if you post in there as long as you don't say how old you are.

Jude makes fun of people with eating disorders.

Jude cheated on Will (Rotten Hollow) with T. That's why they broke up. She has a long history of cheating and using men.

Jude has a secret dom side.

I can't reveal my source but it's all true.

No. 979766

what does Tom do? As in his job

No. 979836

yes let's all believe a random anon with no proof of any kind or even a source! You cant just call people pedophiles with no evidence at all, spill some real milk and prove it or GTFO

No. 979884

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this is all true, she’s just overall a terrible person. Do you see how she replies to her “fans” on IG?

No. 979886

Reveal it vaguely so you won't reveal who you are if you care about that, and can somewhat prove you're telling the truth. Cos anyone can jump on here and say anything.

No. 979904

She definitely had a secret dom side that she was only showing to Pyroprince when they were still a thing - which might have been more why her and Rotten broke up as I don’t think she actually cheated on him
Although I think T visited her when she was still with Rotten?

No. 979910

gonna need to add a bit of credibility to all this mate, could be a load of bollocks

how do you know T is a pedo? How did you hear about the fantasy? They're pretty serious allegations and need some further info

No. 979998


> Jude is also a pedo. Ask her about her fantasy which involves kidnapping a child and torturing it.

I disagree with a lot of what Jude says and does, but I couldn't ever imagine her actually torturing a child. Wtf?
Pretty sure that this is just one of those edgy things that she says.

> She also makes fun of [her fans]. Especially people brave enough to post their bodies in her NSFW section.

This should be easy for you to get a screenshot of without needing to reveal yourself, right?

> Jude cheated on Will (Rotten Hollow) with T. That's why they broke up. She has a long history of cheating and using men.

Pretty believable. She does have a long history of cheating on people, but she also had an open relationship with Will.
Is that really cheating? Maybe she kept it a secret.

> Jude has a secret dom side.

Unless this is a recent development, this is hard to believe.
Couldn't imagine her being dom to someone with a cock. Makes sense if it was with Pyroprince though.

All sounds believable but exaggerated.

No. 980005

Hey sadboiaccount, please back up your points with examples so we're more inclined to believe it. We're open to believing it, only if it's credible and not something you're pulling out of your ass.

No. 980739

File: 1590755653892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.14 KB, 750x739, 6963BE5B-5569-4AB6-8A31-2DBCA5…)

saged for no contribution but sadbois taste in women?

No. 980795

File: 1590767157969.png (239.09 KB, 640x1136, D32A4E50-E661-4C47-8D56-826770…)

> I’m here to save the world guys, I am your martyr, I will be your personal Batman.

> one of the biggest societal movements in the last decade breaks out.

> guys this is too much for me, Batman can’t handle all the hate in the world.

For fucks sake Jude.

No. 980796

File: 1590767225670.png (556.03 KB, 1125x2001, 2AF61227-21F0-40C9-AE92-289AC2…)

Poor baby, takes a lot of breaks for someone who “does this for a living”, but I guess she doesn’t care since she’s charging $25 for poor quality pornography and getting free shit from idiots online

No. 980825

"Me! Me! Me me me, me me! Me, me, me! Me! Me me"

No. 980834

>I cannot deal with all the hate in the world
>Hates her own followers and is rude to them for no reason
Oh look another hypocrisy!

No. 980932

she reminds me of the girls who are nasty as fuck then the minute someone gives her a taste of medicine she freaks out going “i’m an empath i can’t deal with drama!!!” to avoid any responsibility.

No. 980941

Jude : I am saving the world I am batman :3
Also Jude when black people are getting killed and she should be using her platform to spread awareness for it : I need to go and take time for me

No. 981155

She won't even specify what's bothering her in an effort to sound deep. But it would be much more meaningful if she told us what it was and linked to charities and fundraisers that could help, if she really wanted to save the world. But she actually just says that for a personal ego boost and so she can feel like Batman. And kek "I'm still posting on OF". Feeling overwhelmed but still able to make porn for quick cash.

No. 981162

She strikes me as someone that thinks 'black lives matter' is racist against white people. She's said eating animals is like racism and she loves Tom MacDonald. She also uttered pro-cop sentiments in an Insta story. I think systemic racism is too much of complex issue for dim-witted Jude. She's probably upset because she hasn't had a shag in a while. Her only 'activism' has been sharing links on her Insta stories and suggesting she might do a Twitch stream 'for Covid-19' (she won't) and she can't even be arsed to do that any more. But she will still be getting her tits out for money. I want to thank you Jude for your efforts in saving the world.

No. 981491

At this point I wonder why she doesn’t just go back to not being on the Internet. Or a social figure so to say. It’s obvious one of the only things keeping her around is the little cash she’s earning, but people will only want to pay THAT much for seeing hardly anything for so long before they realise they are wasting their money.

No. 981513

Because offline she would have to work to survive. Online she can reach a simp base to welfare queen off of. She's a lazy ugly big nose bitch.

No. 981542

lol she blocked me after sending a structured response to that story(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 981799

>>981162 didn't someone on the last thread (or this thread) find that she listened to some soundcloud rapper that sung about how hard it is being white?

No. 981816

tom macdonald

No. 981824

she probably got some responses from her acab story and because she has the intelligence of a doorknob and fragile ego, shes gonna peace out for a while. guess our queen cant handle real world problems

No. 981928

File: 1591010031164.png (2.97 MB, 828x1792, DBC32646-543A-40FA-ADA0-9333A8…)


Not to turn this thread into an i Stan Rosie thread but she’s literally the opposite of Jude and it must piss Jude off so much because she thinks she’s better than everyone else but in reality Jude is the one who needs to grow as a person bc she’s the worst

No. 981957

File: 1591018955717.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, CB6A6A5B-1077-413F-8BEA-6C7068…)

Hopefully this is a pop at Jude from yet another ex friend.

No. 981977

Apparently dolls kill posted a tiktok supporting the police in the protests which has been taken down and they’re now posting BLM content on insta to backtrack. I’m only mentioning this here because if Jude continues to support them after this and stealing designs etc then she really is a hypocritical piece of shit

No. 982029

My mistake, the owner of the brand posted to Instagram I believe, not tiktok

No. 982199

File: 1591064853025.jpeg (71.85 KB, 640x482, C9245C93-B138-4566-857C-CEB16A…)

HA this explains a bit then.
This is in the comments of the most recent giveaway she’s entered.

No. 982212

I'm starting to think that Jude saying that Rosie is the bitchier one was just Rosie setting boundaries that Jude didn't like.

No. 982358

Yeah I've always assumed if Rosie ever spoke up to Jude or stood her ground Jude would've said she was an uwu bitchy toxic bully uwu

No. 982359

In a time like this, for a person who wishes to "save the world" her silence is deafening

No. 982369

Yup, she has proven loud and clear that she does not give a fuck. We see you Jude, you've shown your ass and I'm not talking Only Fans.

I wonder if her audience will care? It's so distasteful that her last Insta post if for a pedo paci competition and her peace out message was centered all around her, ending with a bitchy comment that she wished everyone would do the same regarding self reflection.

We know she's using this time to ignore what's going on in the world because it makes her uncomfortable by playing video games and getting her knockers out.

No. 982371

File: 1591105243408.jpeg (243.74 KB, 750x1204, 885D53E5-A170-47EB-B903-2B654B…)

Black is even your aesthetic Jude, what gives? Ah, you don’t actually care about civil rights, systemic racism and police brutality. But your are saving the world by being a snotty straight edge vegan. I hear ya!

No. 982388


I know Rosie isn't perfect but she seems genuinely likeable, and is willing to actually use her platform for a greater good. All Jude does is talk a good game but doesn't do anything productive. She wont even volunteer at a charity once a week or something despite all her free time.

Maybe tinfoil but I think the reason Jude split from rosie is because Rosie is doing something with her life and it makes Jude feel bad

No. 982395

File: 1591110013684.jpg (249.03 KB, 1079x832, Screenshot_20200602-105918_Ins…)

No. 982413

Considering Jude never speaks on any other issues regarding civil rights, systemic racism and police brutality the choice to not insert herself in this is probably the best she's made, especially considering how many influencers/brands/companies are making it into a promotion for themselves.

No. 982422

She's also thick as brick and self centred, so she'd come up with some offensive 'all lives matter' shit anyway. Her silence is letting everyone know where she stands though, that she does not care about the black community.

No. 982459

Just bc someone isn't posting about these events, doesn't mean they're doing nothing. They could be doing stuff privately. But, we all know for a fact our pedo queen Jude is actually doing nothing. Taking a break from socials because you're "so overwhelmed" but still posting on Only Fans? Eww. Claiming to save the world every other day but nothing today. Though, maybe this nothing is better than a quick vapid virtue signalling story Jude likes to make during world events, like she did with the wildfires?

No. 982638

File: 1591142769981.jpeg (266.64 KB, 532x548, 3D79F339-8221-4F25-AF02-A0BACF…)

Institutional racism

No. 982649

she set herself up by saying she wants to save the world when in reality shes a whiny entitled kiilstar whore. she couldnt even tell people what fatboi did so people know to stay away from him. i bet when she comes back the tiniest comment will set her off

No. 982659

I love laughing at a cow, but whatever she comes back with will be piss weak and begging for hand outs while totally white washing the current situation. I get anons saying it’s wise she doesn’t say anything now because she’s a thicko, but she really has to revise this whole saving the world shit if she can’t get a basic grasp on global politics.

No. 982819


you're sort've right, but the fact she talks about 'wanting to save the world' all the fucking time shows she does insert herself into current events. She's done nothing during the last 6months and there's been plenty of chances. it just shows she doesnt give a shit about anything except herself

No. 983135

she’s exactly where she wanted to be. she got her five minutes of fame and now she’s a “content creator” and getting paid for lazy photos of her malnourished ass.

i cant wait until the only fans bubble bursts because she’s putting zero effort into that.

No. 983424

I'm calling that she comes back at the end of the month trying to launch some shitty merch pretending nothing in the world has been happening - other than she's really had to suffer because she couldn't shag during lockdown. My dream is she just deletes her web presence and becomes the boring retail worker and gf that is her station in life.

No. 983454

File: 1591317888541.jpg (268.72 KB, 810x1440, 20200605_024329.jpg)

From the altcows thread.
Since killstar is basically Jude's identity, I'm assuming she'll just ignore this. If someone calls her out she'll just throw a tantrum.

No. 983677

She doesn't partake in cancel culture don't you know, which is another way of saying she can turn a blind eye when it suits her.

No. 983726

Ah. I thought not explicitly accusing fatboi so others could be warned more effectively was an act of cowardice. But now I understand it's a brave rejection of cancel culture.

Thank you Jude, you never fail to inspire us. Changing the world by sitting on your flat ass eating instant gravy and longing for scrawndaddy's undersized dick.

No. 983983

File: 1591430583955.jpeg (63.16 KB, 633x763, 05A78D61-20D9-4DD7-92D1-4ECB32…)

Apparently fatboi has a new Instagram.
Taken from the comments of her second most recent video.

No. 983984

File: 1591430617156.jpeg (67.19 KB, 640x766, AD7789CE-E2D3-4009-A89B-85FAFA…)

No. 983992

I really don't get the whole "I won't let him do this to more innocent girls" when her Discord has (or had) a NSFW channel where literally anyone could take advantage of some of the people there as there is no way all of them are of a legal age.

Obviously you can argue that's nothing to do with her but she's still in one way or another providing easy access to her fanbase.

No. 983993

Exactly. She opted into this easily abusable system. I know she's as thick as a yard of lard, but even she knows what that leads to. Her experience with fatboi should have shown her that even if common sense didn't.

No. 984060

>I'm not about to let him do his hit to more innocent girls
Do what exactly? Stop being a vague posting coward and tell us what he did so you can warn us properly. Or it'll look like you don't actually care about these "innocent girls". I guess stringing your fans along and getting that ego boost is more important. What a narc.

No. 984082


Did some googling to try to find it. He took down all of his social media.
…other than his patreon, ko-fi, and merch shop lmfao. Still trynna make a dolla even though he's supposedly a sex offender.

No. 984084

File: 1591461341247.png (19.63 KB, 828x149, sad.png)

>> 984082

No. 984195

Is this recent? Someone posted his online dating profile in the last thread. More interested in seeing how he’s trying to salvage his rep after being ‘outed’ by pedo nonce Jude.

No. 984211

what kind of degenerate shit would you have to be into to disgust jude?

No. 984498

Fucking a slab of beef probably.

No. 984609

Sorry if this is a daft question but how many of these looks are done by her? Because the one she freaked out about-the twin one, was done by someone else. Does she do these looks or get her flatmates to do them?

No. 984630

So impressed with all the important shit she's had to say recently.

No. 984635

she’ll do a “look” with that gross cum lip and some slogan scrawled across her cheeks and nose.

some rambling bullshit about how shes so fragile and was too upset to speak up and this isn’t the world she wants to see. then a link to a charity act one of her “Goff gang” is doing.

No. 985096

File: 1591693937951.jpeg (149.22 KB, 640x878, D68F4F04-95F0-4194-B00F-3D0AD4…)

Seems as people on her instagram are finally starting to get sick of her shit.

Imagine the audacity though, stating that a global movement is just too much for her to the point she can’t be online….but she’s fine enough to post her saggy tits on OF.

No. 985097

File: 1591693967530.jpeg (117.07 KB, 638x859, A016E4F0-B879-4553-860B-993AFF…)

No. 985106

I saw Rosie in London once, she looked absolutely busted and almost nothing like she makes herself out to look online, her makeup was cakey and her clothes looked very cheap
Sage because I didn't add anything to the convo (and this is judes thread)

No. 985118

That doesn't really come as a shock, looks like that are only ever good from a distorted camera angle. I don't think I've ever seen someone alternative dress for real life as opposed to dressing for camera footage. Very different maneuvers!

No. 985187

Makeup is actually VERY cakey IRL and doesn't look as good as it does in Instagram photos. As for clothes…well…when you buy from fast fashion ‍♀️ it is what it is.(emoji)

No. 985435

well our queen wants to save the world, and no better chance than in the middle of a pandemic and forseeable revolution. lmao she really needs to remove that from her bio.

wont say anything about fatboi (and probably forced phee to do the same), e-begs, and has shown no genuine interest in social issues. lmao she cant even save herself. even rotten has spoken up about the protests.

i checked her OF and it says she was active 2 hours ago, but I’m not subscribed.

No. 985547

To be fair I don't think anyone here really cares, you always look like a dork when you dress alternatively to that degree and are seen out and about as opposed to in photos. She's a nice person and way more interesting and endearing than Jude could ever hope to be.
Tbh I think heavy makeup in general looks absolutely busted irl every single time, even when it's not alternative

She's absolutely the exact type to double down on "ALL LIVES MATTER", surprised she hasn't yet lmao. She's just Soo edgy and honest and real!

No. 985776

maybe she'll come back with cum lip and kkk makeup because it's her aesthetic af. the fact that she went silent during a civil rights movement but still carried on shilling her tit sacks should not go unnoticed. Jude if you're reading this - you do more than suck ass you're actually the problem regarding white silence. Just delete your accounts and be some dumbass fuckdoll to whoever will have you until its not cute anymore - coz you're an adult baby who lives off instant mash and gravy. No one needs you or likes you. There's just a few blokes who wank over your soft (not porn because you don't believe in porn) and ffs remove that saving the world nonsense - you just want to get free stuff online - and have signalled loud and clear that you don't give a shit about the black community which you rip off with your shitty obsession with soundcloud rappers and tom macdonald.

No. 986000

None of that is at all surprising when you think back to when the pandemic first broke out, the first thing to come out of her uneducated mouth was that non vegans are to blame with nothing more to back it up other than a few insta posts from vegan accounts.

No. 986556

File: 1591993171914.png (1.78 MB, 828x1792, 2BBFAF1B-BEF9-40FD-988F-2F06F0…)

The queen herself, clearly tired from selling pics of herself and eating mash

No. 986664

Really goes to show how much she edits her photos. Yikes.

No. 986706

And you can visibly see she’s put on weight lmao

No. 986756

„her best life“ looks like crap.

No. 987209

Good Lord, she's actually turned into instant mash potato.

No. 987232

Yeah. She looks like a photo used for a glandular disorder awareness campaign.

No. 987457

File: 1592180731799.jpeg (400.84 KB, 640x988, 04D9E105-8291-4955-A2F4-5BF435…)

jude deleted her most recent photos- the ones that had comments regarding backlash over her not using her platform to "save the world" as she so badly wants to do.

No. 987482

i know it was performance but sue couldn’t even post a black square? or share other people’s posts and links in her story? it takes literally two seconds.

what does she even do all day if she’s not posting makeup looks?! it can’t just be posting lazy over filtered pictures to her porn account.

No. 987633

It’s so telling that she’s taken the time to come online to delete a give away post bc she didn’t win but hasn’t said anything about the current situations going on.

I’ll bet any money when she returns she’ll say she couldn’t look at it all bc she was too upset or something. Ugh.

No. 987686

File: 1592235045671.jpg (930.7 KB, 1232x610, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 988868

File: 1592484729013.jpeg (586.59 KB, 828x1151, 5A96501C-C776-4673-A609-68166E…)

imagine a random guy getting your face tattooed on his arm

No. 988882


Why do males always insist on nonsense like this

No. 988893

And what do ya know, she hasn’t even idk? Thanked him for that ridiculously regrettable decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow found a problem with it just like she does when anyone doesn’t compliment her in a way she’s explicitly outlined. Welp hope this dude likes heavy black work tattoos because that’s all that’s gonna fix that atrocity.

No. 988908

I doubt she would thank him since I checked his page and he is a stoner and vape kind of guy

No. 988921

The artist captured her retarded expression and unfortunate nose perfectly. Which makes for a terrible tattoo. If the guy's aim was to get jude's attention it looks like he didn't even get that and is now stuck with Jude's fucking Instagram picture on his arm.

No. 989283

Heaps of people just go to an artist and say they want an edgy looking girl for a tattoo and then the tattoo artist will just reference some random models face. But the fact it’s such a spot on reference and then the hashtags of course, shows he is begging for her attention.

No. 989406

Oh wow. Imagine going on a first date with this winner and asking him what his tattoos mean…

Not only did he not get Jude's attention, but he's also made himself (more) undatable.

No. 990865

File: 1592774447437.jpg (145.37 KB, 750x786, IMG_1772.jpg)

No. 990879

File: 1592774827174.jpg (76.82 KB, 749x417, IMG_1773.jpg)

Looking forward to her wet fart of a comeback

No. 991464

File: 1592836219438.jpg (335.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200622-152851_Ins…)

No. 991466

I LOVE how she posted this trying to be somber and ‘look I do care’ and then a slide later she’s promoting brands straight after my god you’re two weeks late and then you shove it in before a promo

No. 991472

File: 1592836467664.jpg (327.83 KB, 720x1068, 20200622_153404.jpg)

No. 991473

File: 1592836606340.jpg (262.84 KB, 720x782, 20200622_153552.jpg)


No. 991558

she needs to shut the fuck up and open her purse. also what kind of retard posts a link in an instagram caption? that can’t be clicked or copied. absolute zero effort.

No. 991564

Sorry to add:
I know the brand is helping BLM apparently but there’s no need for her to say it’s a brand she’s worked with like it makes her better that they’re doing something

Posting old links people can’t click bc it’s a picture as well, she put more effort trying to sound like a poor sad soul who is helpless with what to do in the caption than she did on the post.

No. 991642

tinfoil but that last part sounds a lot like "blm protesters have so much hate in their heart, it is right to combat hate but you have to look within yourself, too. Police are people too" aka boring anti blm pro cop bullshit

No. 991650

File: 1592846430682.jpg (245.8 KB, 706x1159, IMG_20200622_191953.jpg)

wtf is this asskissing

No. 991676

maybe I’m dumb and yes I am all for the blm movement. 100%. But it seems like so many people are just posting this shit to say “hey I’m not racist!!!” Rather than raising awareness for the cause. Jude seemed a lot like this. And saying her feed matters less yet everything is still in black and white? Uh

No. 991702

File: 1592849566719.jpg (401.16 KB, 1080x1974, Screenshot_20200622-201025_Ins…)

No. 991833

she wouldnt have posted shit if she hadnt been called out twice, she already tried deleteing the original posts people called her out on

No. 991846

File: 1592864539861.jpeg (97.27 KB, 828x288, 47F2E37D-C61F-4C84-BE1A-2E5E7F…)

Absolute joke of it, how much it ‘effects’ her and how much she cares? she’s so self centred not even funny anymore I’m so sick of her self righteous bullshit honestly

No. 991884

Why wtfcan‘t she pronounce „affect“ and why tf does she think she‘s making an impact? Like? You don‘t have ten followers Jude where your post will not really matter, you have a following of thousands of minors. But I forgot, you‘d rather show them how sexy a toddler can be, right?

No. 992056

I’m genuinely confused as to how this particular situation in the world triggers her. She’s a straight, upperclass, white bitch who’s had everything handed to her.
The only foreseeable reason is that she’s upset at the fact that it’s an ACAB movement when she’s publicly outed herself as a bootlicker and she’s anti acab.
But yes Jude the world revolves around you.

No. 992304

File: 1592912116749.jpeg (136.82 KB, 828x1647, A662B076-BDCA-4A9E-9E28-9B94A9…)

Has she deleted her account?? People called her out in the comments and she couldn’t handle it oooft

No. 992310

It's still there. Either a glitch or you're blocked

No. 992329

It was a glitch my bad

No. 992341

Everything triggers her. She's a sheltered coddled basic bitch snowflake. Nothing more laughable than an internet badass.

No. 992352


Anyone else clock the images being B&W to keep up with her A E S T H E T I C.

Imagine thinking that the look of a ‘I’m sharing this because I don’t want you to think I’m a racist’ Instagram post was more important than the message it conveys.

Save the world? The only saving you’ve done luv, is saving other people’s photos and content into black and white.

What a pathetic, deluded, self-aggrandising individual.

Get a job. Have some therapy. Grow the fuck up.

No. 992370

She’s also deleted any negative comments that were on the post that called her out about her opinions on dread and ‘just being hair’ and how’s she problematic

So instead of owning up to being ignorant and late to say anything she’s pretending all she’s getting is praise for it how vile

No. 992754

Her wording is so vague, what is she trying to get at? What movement is she for? does she not realize that her making this non-statement makes her sound more Racist since she's not addressing the issue head on? This whole "UwU be nice to evwe one" bull shit is the same things that the racists here in america is spewing.