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No. 872516

General thread for altcows, cows in the alt scene who use that to fuel most of their cow behaviour.

Featuring (no particular order):
Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D
Of Herbs and Altars
Aurelio Voltaire
Psychara & Manic Moth
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Avelina de Moray
Drac Makens
Jude Bishop (also has her own thread for some reason)

Previously on alt-cows:
>Jake thirsts on teen fans, calls himself daddy while dressing like a kid high on crayola, announces new cover/rip-off with his band

>Kaya continues to be lazy af and broke the TV a fan sent her and Jake

>After another hiatus IBF returns with pity-me video of things that were mostly her fault, lives in Scotland for now, currently visiting doormat fiancé in NZ

>Voltaire has creeped on and groped young fans, dated someone half his age then made songs after they broke up like Taylor Swift (he's 50)

>Cassandra groped the corpse at a funeral of her friend who committed suicide

>Psychara and Moth lie about totes sustainable clothing, overprice stuff on Etsy, continue to be superficial and catty

>Kat still secretly raising son antivax, Seb still fake lgbt, Erin still a poseur, Dre still without toxic friend Kelly whom Jake thirsts over, Jude still wants to be famous with 0 effort and thinks Jake is the best YTer while Jake rips off his look from her daddy

Last thread: >>>/snow/855132

No. 872680

File: 1569362539559.png (553.62 KB, 745x585, utube.png)

I'm so annoyed.
Kaya's outfit and hair actually look cute in her new video but she ruins the entire thing with the dorito eyeshadow.
apparently some guy started hitting on her in the street which I find hard to believe

No. 872707

Yes me too. She spent money on halloween stuff, got sent a lifesized skeleton by a fan, and dressed it up in the clothes she doesn't fit in anymore. She also repeated the totally true not at all made up story of the guy who said she was a man and her witty comeback. On the bright side, she didn't look as mopey and miserable as she usually does.

No. 872746

We're using the other thread

No. 872795

Nope, it reached max reply limit

No. 872812

there are 2 altcows 15 threads, we're using the other one.

No. 873102

What a sell out. Jake selling halloween merch even though he goes on about how he hates halloween?

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