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No. 851117

Amanda Marnoff (genderneutral name: Ren) is an Instagram scammer, Koldtec towel ambassador and "vaccine-damaged" munchie from Bullshead, Arizona, USA. Amanda is 19 years old and is responsible for creating a dubious charity called "Beads of Strength" which she uses to solicit for money online on many different websites. Amanda has also created other GoFundMe fundraisers for accessories like wheelchairs and service dogs- these are items that Ren does not need. One of these fundraisers was created by someone who claimed to be Amanda's mother, who confirmed that she had nothing to do with it and that it was created by Amanda.

Alleged Diseases:
- Asthma (caused by hospital visits when young)
- Astigmatism
- Blindness in one eye
- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Heart problems
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Chronic fatigue syndrome
- Chronic pain
- Depression
- Ehlers Danlos (hEDS)
- Fibromyalgia
- Gastroparesis
- Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- Hearing impairment (claimed to understand ASL)
- Keratosis Pilaris
- Peripheral Neuropathy
- Pressure headache thanks to pressure in the air
- Reactive hypoglycaemia / prediabetes
- Restless Leg Syndrome
- Seizures
- Serious allergies requiring EpiPen use
- Shoulder problem that makes her unable to wipe her own ass
- Small lungs
- Some neck things that require the use of a neck brace?
- "Spasms and tactile hallucinations from my nerves"
- Vaccine damage (gardasil vaccine)
- Vocal cord dysfunction
- "And many more".

Amanda's mother was seriously injured in 2017 and developed a bone infection as a result. While on hospital, Amanda often posted Instagram stories with the obvious intention of misleading others into thinking Amanda was the one being sick. Amanda, who refuses to get a job, was also recently caught trying to sell her mother's used medical supplies online.


/r/illnessfakers discussion:
(Ceddit link: https://snew.notabug.io/r/illnessfakers/search?q=flair%3AAmanda%2FRen&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=all&after=t3_c6low6&count=100)

misc. screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/OLRYUPP

beads of strength:


A quick Google search of "Amanda Marnoff" or "Beads of Strength" also reveal many additoinal fundraisers.(use the munchies general thread)

No. 851122

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Amanda is a "zebra for life":


No. 851136

weren’t munchie threads banned/don’t you have some kind of general you could put her in. we don’t need an individual thread for every attention whore faking illnesses and grifting, and these threads ALWAYS attract munchie ass anons who shit up and derail the thread by splitting hairs over medfag shit.

No. 851170

not the OP- munchies aren't banned anymore but they're required to stay contained to the general thread, last I heard?


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