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No. 756627

Previous thread

Stell Bell/ Stella Sundrop/ Prairie Faerie/ Stella Lawson is goth alternative girl from Virginia turned “trad”, Stella is a narcissist who has turned to fringe nazi niches to garner attention from males many years her senior.

>known for denying her eyes are brown, trying to pass them off as pure green, not even hazel

>claimed to be a natural coppery blonde
>clearly has dark brown eyes and hair
>obsessed with looking pale, average fail caucasian complexion
>serial dater
>dated neo nazi who leaked her bra pics and other suggestive (not child porn) images
>said nazi broke up with her since she allegedly let another man grope her breasts
>posted anti semitic comic with pepe the frog in it unironically
>obsessed with her “pure German” ancestry, looks like Anne Frank
>mostly British, ignores that
>calls out sister for being 6% Cherokee (supposedly), retarded alt right fanboys follow along
>Stella is 2% non white but gets to ignore that (mostly African)
>name will forever be tied to Red Ice interview https://redice.tv/radio-3fourteen/advice-for-young-women-who-want-to-live-a-feminine-life
>posted view of her bending over in see through leggings, revealing her traditional and modest thong https://archive.org/details/youtube-it7zHL6B1Q8
>fakes heavy southern accent, excuses the fact it wasn’t in 90% of her old videos because she was “embarrassed” and “toning it down”
>her southern accent is ever-changing
>claims science is a masculine subject to excuse her failing high school level chemistry
>believes women are miserable in college since she can’t handle non challenging academia
>has posted multiple shoe videos including her walking in 6 inch heels, as well as many pictures of her bare feet, and not deleting any sexual comments
>told women to not wear shirts shorter than finger length or spaghetti straps
>now wears spaghetti straps, shows her entire midriff, cleavage, wears mini skirts and short shorts
>obsessed with slut shaming, lost her virginity at 13 to a 17 year old
>does private skype sessions with beta orbiters
>friends with Evalion, a known nazi who lives in her autistic husband’s parents’ basement
>known for wearing heavy makeup at school
>doesn’t wear a bra to school with tight shirts
>shames women for wearing makeup

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_xwn-dF5RFAcJEYsc_kfg
(videos with her in them from other uploaders can be found by searching “Stell Bell”)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stellasundrop/

Archived Videos:
>An Inconvenient Bell Curve

>White Nationalism is the Answer

>The Art of the Heel

>The Gene Pool is Being Polluted


>Friday Evening Chats (long but usually very milky)


No. 756629

File: 1546225299667.jpg (226.28 KB, 978x978, trad.jpg)

No. 756630

File: 1546225344843.jpg (240.16 KB, 712x784, tradd.jpg)

No. 756631

File: 1546225435552.jpg (447.64 KB, 1080x1989, retard.jpg)

No. 756632

File: 1546225493795.jpg (846.99 KB, 1078x1749, reetard.jpg)

No. 756633

File: 1546225693238.jpg (464.42 KB, 1080x2220, sister.jpg)

when she threw her sister under the bus for being 6% nonwhite when Stella herself is 2% nonwhite. Where is the purity line drawn?

No. 756635

Imagine being this proud of being a dumbass

No. 756636

File: 1546225898949.jpg (525.78 KB, 1512x2016, modest.jpg)

No. 756637

File: 1546225950686.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, modest.png)

No. 756638

File: 1546226029943.jpg (251.46 KB, 1080x2006, ok.jpg)

obsessed with being pale

No. 756641

File: 1546226143361.png (2.19 MB, 2400x1409, stell.png)

No. 756642

File: 1546226203304.jpg (221.88 KB, 1079x851, um.jpg)

No. 756644

File: 1546226299172.jpg (442.21 KB, 2729x1538, lipgloss.jpg)

No. 756645

Side note: She has also been known and virginiangoddess and americandandelion

No. 756646

also tit pics are gone (for the best) but there are mentions about them and replies to the deleted image in the previous thread

No. 756649

something something "muh 100% pure german aryan ancestry!!!1"

to be fair, that picture is from right before the start of her tradthot phase, i believe. still wears a face full of makeup, though.

No. 756650

File: 1546227364786.jpg (746.18 KB, 1072x1812, Screenshot_20181230-213554_Ins…)

This is her usual look

No. 756651

File: 1546227578751.jpg (379.62 KB, 912x753, Screenshot_20181229-192925_Pho…)

No. 756659

She has such an ugly nose, it's not only pointing downward but it's so rigid and bumpy

No. 756668

it's like an offensive jewish caricature

No. 756673

File: 1546232223442.jpg (95.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

She literally has the lookism meme witch skull

No. 756691

I tried searching for anything I could find about her on youtube and instead found some other trad youtuber. I’m watching her videos now and does anyone else have a morbid fascination with these types? Sorry for going off topic but I could watch these kinds of channels all day. There’s something about them.

Also lol @ Other Side’s comment

No. 756706

Lol my picture made it as the OP pic.
Is there really any recent milk though? From this post ( >>738711 ) it seems like she became somewhat self aware and probably won’t be as milky anymore.

No. 756830

No, sadly there is no recent milk because she hasn’t said or done anything political online in quite some time. She even deleted her channel with political ties. Basically a dead cow. All we can laugh at now is her pathetic looks.

No. 756835

I’m wondering about the anon with all the recent milk. Were you friends with her at some point or friends with her friends? I imagine she isn’t so popular that everyone watches her all the time, but you seem to know a lot about her and keep an eye on her. Did she do something really bitchy to you or backstab you in any way? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, knowing her erratic behavior and subpar mental state lmao, but genuinely wondering what brought you here with all this supposed milk (in reality mostly just high school rumors, but better than nothing)

No. 756849

Lmao yes somebody has got to seriously do something to you for you to go through the trouble to find this thread and also your old yearbook and expose her real name. Curious if anon knows what damage she/he really did with that. This thread is going to follow stell for her whole life and potentially ruin it (I don’t mind) and anon really contributed by giving us her real name. So yeah, I’m curious also what stell did that pissed you off

No. 756857

Tbh it sounds like Stell tries hard to be attention seeking at school. Probably one of those girls who lets EVERYONE know what's going on via internet and then turns around going "Why is everyone so obsessed with me?"

No. 756910

i am friends with her "friends", although i was closer to her in the past. while revealing what she specifically did to me would reveal my identity (ive already revealed too much info about myself tbh), i will say that she loves to turn people against each other through rumors and lies and just act petty in general. earlier in the previous thread, someone mentioned she pulled some "spiritual healing" shit or something on their friend. i have no idea who that person is or if that's true, ive never heard anything about that incident, but i wouldn't put it past her. she likes to get boys to fall for her and then reject them, throwing them out like yesterday's rotting trash.

i am aware that i probably just fucked her over. but if she's going to spout racist, harmful shit over the internet, she should suffer the consequences. it was bound to come out eventually, and even if it didn't get leaked, if she ever bothered to get a job, her employer would find out sometime or another. (besides, she's kind of already fucking herself over by not going to college. can't get anywhere these days without at least a bachelors.)

No. 756916

do you know where the "Von Platen" last name came from?

No. 756922

honestly i don't know. oddly enough, von platen is a noble surname, so one would wonder why a "noblewoman" is living in the middle of buttfuck, virginia(emoji)

No. 756941

Could be that her parents or grandparents were from a noble family and got booted way back.

No. 756944

how many boyfriends/girlfriends has she had?

No. 756957

idk the exact amount, but i know it's a lot

No. 756967

It's just a stereotype Brits have bad teeth, what is she trying to say here

No. 756971

Sage for tinfoil hat but it sounds like the 'two' anons you replied to could be Steff trying to find out who you are. Don't take the bait, be careful.

No. 756973

on board with >>756971 those anons didn't sage either, smells fishy

No. 756984

Yeah am worried about you now anon. She could easily find out who you are by the history class comment and report you to the school or whatever snitch shit. I’d watch out, we know stell is mentally unstable and idk how she’d react

No. 756998

Despite the A+ thread pic, why is there a retread thread for a dead cow? This is … odd.

No. 757234

I wouldn't say she is totally dead, her classmate is coming to share milk.

No. 757377

Uhh there is fresh milk right here, retard. This thread is getting replies. This "dead cow" filled an entire first thread. Dumbass.

No. 757381

Her family must be well to do if all of her dresses are 80+ dollars, handmade or authentic vintage. Her mom seems like dumb trailer trash though, and her dad doesn't seem much brighter. Rich grandparents maybe?

No. 757388

What dresses are we talking about here? Pics?

No. 757393

The classmate said she lived in an upper middle class neighborhood, but I’ve seen pictures on her insta where she’s in a lot house in the woods. It’s been too common a theme not to be somewhere she lives, whereas I haven’t seen any that looks like she’s in an upper middle class area. Tbh, stell is too much the racist hillbilly white trash type to not live somewhere in the damn woods. Classmate anon, maybe she moved? When was the last time you knew for sure she lived there?

No. 757408

All of the ones she showcases on Instagram and gets on etsy

No. 757409

Yeah, she filled the first thread because she was active, you fuckwit., I questioned this second thread because as others pointed out, she's barely active.
And what milk? this milk-like product from some random saying 'yeah, she's a bitch'? wow. amazing.
but sure, go off.

No. 757410

She doesn't live in a cabin lol, that's just where she's pictured, doesn't mean she lives there

No. 757482

She still has active social media.

No. 757489

File: 1546385331799.jpg (447.86 KB, 1075x840, Screenshot_20190101-172650_Ult…)

No. 757491

File: 1546385355298.jpg (335.51 KB, 1074x787, Screenshot_20190101-172752_Ult…)


No. 758986

Ran through this thread, hilarious, a bunch of emasculated soyboys crying over a girl they will never meet, like anyone cares.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758999

This is no place for penis havers. Also why do wks always put their email when they post??? Guess you have to be retarded to be a wk kek

No. 759017

I know people on lolcow harp on looks a lot but this bitch has to be the ugliest cow I've ever seen, the fact that she's a nazi/sympathizer doesn't help her case.

Good. She's old enough not to be larping as a trad uwu nazi. I hope this shit haunts her dumb ass forever.

Also, to the anons saying she's a dead cow, she's a self-hating tradthot, she's bound to get bored and seek attention, therefore getting a lot milkier.

No. 759059

This exactly. All of this.

No. 759364

I'm not sure how to start this off at I've never posted here before but I read the rules over so I hope I'm not breaking any. I'm a senior in high school with Stella. A friend in my class linked me this and told me I have some information people would be interested in.

My story is from our junior year. Let me start off by saying Stella is known for being extravagant and wearing big heels, lots of makeup to school, and big hair. She isn't known for being interested in academics or talking to people very much. That's just her general reputation. I had English class with her junior year. She complimented my eye color, I said thank you, not much else happened. My sister was a freshman (sophomore now) at the time Stella and I were juniors. While waiting to leave school one day she asked my sister "why don't you have pretty blue eyes like your sister?". My sister was shocked and didn't say anything, and Stella just laughed. I never said anything to Stella after my sister told me, but it made me very upset and it didn't help that after that Stella would wear blue contacts to school. I also remember seeing her doodling herself in the margins of her paper, down to the hairstyle and hair accessories she would wear that day. She also asked me if my hair was natural, after saying yes she remarked "no one can have hair that light". She also asked about my ethnicity, and when I wasn't sure she gave me a confused look. I'm just white, and never taken any sort of test to know what I am ethically. I'm shy and insecure and the way she asked me strange questions and talked so loudly did make me uncomfortable, but most of all implying my sister's brown eyes weren't as pretty made me angry. I've heard some more things about her, however I'm not sure if they are lies. I decided to tell this since I know it's true.

No. 759385

Wow Stella is such a cringey weirdo. She does the same thing to her little sister, puts her down for having different racial features. I'm sorry you had to put up with that. I'm interested in more stories and rumors! Bless you anon.

No. 759399

Thank you for your kindness! I heard about her being behind in math by 2 years, also she would dye her hair every few weeks. Seems awfully expensive. Just some little things I remember.

No. 759403

Does she have any friends or boyfriends? It seems like everyone who knows her in person thinks she's hard to take, but online she has a lot of orbiters. I've always wondered if that translates into real life.

Also, it doesn't surprise me at all that she was fetishizing your blonde hair and blue eyes. It's very creepy.

No. 759410

she's like a whiteaboo. I never understood her obsession with race and eye color. it's cringy and sad.
she definetely has some deep self esteem issues.
sorry you and your sister had to experience her harrasment.

No. 759436

I don't know who she is friends with, only of a handful of guys who have since graduated that she has dated in the past. I think this last year or so she has dated guys that didn't go to our school.>>759410 thank you

No. 759439

it seems many people that know her are discovering this thread. deserves it for being such a bitch.

No. 759499

proof or gtfo

No. 759559

agree with >>759499
show us a yearbook, school ID with your name and face blacked out or something
I really want to believe this is true lol

No. 759589

"This is no place for penis havers"

Boy I can tell. Its basically a bunch of basement dwelling 4 inchers who are upset a girl is more popular than they are.

"I went to high school with her and like this one time she was white and like I was offended and shit my pants and like my mom came with my furry costume and like I voted for Bernie Sanders because hopefully if he can take money from the evil 1% they can give it to me so I can buy more butt plugs" -lolcow users(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 759600

How should I prove? Her initials are SCL… I don't want to name our high school and I don't have a year book handy. Any ideas?

No. 759601

How would we be the opposite of penis havers yet also have small penises?
Alt right nen are the dumbest. The people coming forward are white than she is lol.
Hmmm… no school ID?

No. 759607


Personally I believe you anon because you didn't say anything outlandish and it definitely seems like her. This is how I think she would act at school with or without your testimony (but confirmation is milky)

No. 759612

Okay but why the fuck are all these anons from “her school” coming out of the woodworks to tell dumbass stories? We are so desperate for milk that we are falling for this? Anon, proof or gtfo. We are above high school rumors and he said she said bullshit. Why should we believe your story even if you do go to school with her? For all we know you could be saying this because she cut in front of you in line, you envied her clothes, or some other high school girl shit And also playing devils advocate here, what are your motivations for coming forward on stell? From your story, sounds like she’s a loser lone wolf who saida Stupid offhand comment one day. I Am inclined to believe there is much more to this story on stell and her schoolmates (if these anons really are) if so many of them dislike her but she doesn’t speak to anyone or have friends . I am wondering what stell did, outside of her politics, that caused so many girls to want to visit a thread such as this one. My guess is nothing but they do say teen girls are like sharks. They smell blood and they come running

No. 759613

It's only 2 anons and they probably know each other. We all have characters from high school and Stell seems like one of those. She acted strange, that's worth talking about. they never claimed she's a horrible person or anything.

No. 759614

>stell did nothing
She's said offhand comments to anon and her sister on multiple occasions. She isn't the nicest person if you haven't noticed. Also anon said she didn't know stella's friends, not that she didnt have any.

No. 759632

I know her too, I am in the same class as the other two guys…I may spill some dirt on them as well

No. 759676

Thread for an inactive cow with at least one rabid vendetta-chan, and now we get these anons that totally knew her in school bumping it along. Don't know what you're talking about anon, this seems totally legit rolleyes

Oh wow, me too. This whole thread is just one big school reunion.

No. 759686

>that anon who chases away the milk

No. 759814

This is obviously untrue.

The other two anons seem credible

No. 759815

Then stop browsing the thread, retard. ONE anon jokingly pretended to be in her class, there has others posting proof.

No. 759845

okay ugly stellbell orbiter, get a life or at least sage your bitter deluded bullshit and your projecting about your 2 inch penis you jerk off with while browsing through her edited instagram pics lel

No. 760093

Doxing is illegal

No. 760136

Giving out public information like a name isn’t doxing, go back to pull

No. 760190

But her name was never public

No. 760205

Stale itt doing damage control lol high school gossip spreads, people need only pass a link stop chasing milk away

No. 760314

It was.

No. 760317

No. 761000

Did anyone from your high school or even from your city knew she dated Styxhexenhammer666? That dude from YouTube who apparently got in trouble for it.

No. 761011

Yeah, all this amazing milk, drowning in it. Truly cow of the year. Why would this dopey bitch need to do 'damage control'? There's nothing here.

No. 761162

other school anon here. i dont think anyone did (or if anyone did eventually find out then i didnt) but basically some of us knew she had an older youtuber boyfriend but she never said who iirc, idk how many people actually found out.

No. 761314

I think it was funny when she tried to cover the whole thing up lol.
Isn't he a pedophile or something?

No. 773901

File: 1548955754849.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2034, Capture _2019-01-31-10-07-36.p…)

fellas, how much older than stell do you think this guy is? (this isn't her boytoy from school btw)

No. 773909

He looks like he's 35~40, wtf. Who is he?

No. 773933


No. 773939

Please tell me that’s her dad

No. 773942

File: 1548960286508.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

No. 773990

File: 1548969407281.jpeg (423.83 KB, 750x1149, 3164A033-CA54-43E1-8E70-C0CBFE…)

Found this pic that looks like it could be him on her other account. He has to at least be in his 30s?

No. 773995

"Yay! I just got my ARYAN daddy uwu*~" The sad thing is, this shit is most likely ~*legal*~ wherever the fuck she is. This creep probably has CP of children way younger than her on his computer. This almost makes me sad, she's literally living out a Lolita fanfiction and thinks this is romantic. And how typical of her hick mother to think this is cute and is taking pics of them, ew. (real talk, dude look like a bootleg Jeremy Irons)

No. 773997

Samefag but judging by this, the rumors about her and Styxhexenhammer666, and the Lana Del Rey aesthetics she’s posted on her instagram it seems she has a thing for older men.

No. 774006

actually, the age of consent in virginia is 18. stell won't be 18 for another 7 months. so no, this is not legal.

No. 774093

That’s the age of consent for SEX, but it’s sadly legal to date at 16 with parents consent.

No. 774108

There's a lot of weird laws regarding courting, marriage and sex with minors in the US, especially in the south and the midwest. It's probably perfectly legal even if it raises some eyebrows.

No. 774136

File: 1549006179661.png (122.04 KB, 398x309, 0d2.png)

I honestly thought that dude's her dad. But no, he's definitely not her dad…freaking ew.

No. 774237

File: 1549053595857.png (2.68 MB, 1080x1560, IMG_20190201_143625.png)

Not milky, but I thought this picture where she shows off her black friend is funny.

No. 774338

GOOD LUCK trying to date after whatever new boy finds this out after a 3 minute search online. You're dating a 40 year old man, stella. What good can come from that?

No. 774359

Both of them are disgusting

No. 774449

Her alt-right orbiters don't care. She would get in more trouble with pics like these >>774237

No. 774606

Holy shit.

No. 774618

Isn't she in a relationship with this guy? https://www.instagram.com/nathanial.walker/?hl=en

No. 774632

File: 1549157901451.jpeg (519.7 KB, 741x728, 5789ECD2-533C-4AC9-B6DE-C0BAF0…)

This is how I wrote fanfics at 16 but they were about fictional characters. It depresses me deeply that she posts this cringe all over for everyone to remember for ever. Girl I destroyed all my fanfics, no one needs to see this. Also what is wrong with her mother???

No. 774636

And her mother is fine with it? She took the picture.

No. 774654

Sorry if nitpicky but this dude looks like a Jimmy Champagne doppelganger who escaped prison

No. 774712

A memoir from the guy who had dated her btw, he was in the last thread

No. 774714

>guy that dates stell turns out to be gay

lul. also
> Trust me when I say that I am probably one of the most misogynistic people you'll meet, I'm full on Revolutionary Zero Tolerance Read Siege National Socialist. I don't fuck around with tolerance, but god DAMN are these women in our movements absolutely shit. It's like this is the only thing that gives their life any meaning because all they do is sit around masturbating to the amount of attention they receive for being so "trad"

No. 774720

This is one of the most pathetic things I've ever read

No. 774721

Yup! Her mom is 100% okay with it. Not to mention this creep is around Stell’s sisters. Hopefully he isn’t left around them. It seems some people have an issue with their “relationship” but Stell doesn’t care, she’s in luv.

Y’all remember when this nigga ran when anon pulled up his YouTube? “I’m a revolutionary nigger killin neonazi, w-wait don’t pull up my stuff, man!” It was already too late, the moron posted his own pictures.

No. 774737

File: 1549197139555.jpg (137.21 KB, 649x1168, IMG_20190203_133144.jpg)

No. 774752

You anons just don't understand him because he is beyond morally inhibited laymen like you.

No. 774753

So after all that nazi cringe he turns out to be gay, stell bell cucked him and didn't even fuck him. He's so dumb he puts it bnb out there he kills animals and plans on bombing ICE.

Like where the hell is the 150 IQ? Must've killed it with all that jankum

No. 774756

Also, do you think she'll ever learn not to post pictures with these cringelords?

No. 774772

Sounds like another mentally unstable teenager who's trying to "find himself". He should definitely stop posting about his edgelord exploits though.

No. 774774

File: 1549210510823.jpg (606.09 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20190203-101500_Dri…)

No. 774775

Nah, this guy is like comedy gold. I think the hyper edgelord shit is just their way of begging for Male attention. Especially with how many jump down the throats of women whenever Fuentes or the other fags say so.

No. 774781

>God you people are fucking pathetic, I’m going to release this anyways since at least then I’ll have gotten my message out and you will see how mistreated I have been. None of you deserve your ethnostate. Fuck all of you.

My sides.

Otherwise, this whole text is quite an autistic mess. This kid needs help. IMO he probably released it for that reason, as a cry for help - otherwise why include all those the pathetic/humiliating details of your life and post about your plans to bomb something. He probably subconsciously wanted to be arrested. I wonder how dysfunctional his family is that they didn't do anything and didn't care about what was happening. If it's true that he was starving himself, self-mutilating, etc., then wew.

No. 774784

I somehow actually support Stell for dumping this loser so hard and feel bad for her that THIS dude is who she dated

No. 774797

>Further down the line, someone named Manimalia was questioning my sincerity about some of the things I had stated, such as my high IQ. While it wasn’t proven, I knew I was a genius so I told him the fairly conservative estimate of my IQ at 150.
I'm dying, holy shit.

No. 774798

File: 1549217332622.png (95.95 KB, 795x259, aaaa.png)

I'm cackling, but this is actually kind of sad

No. 774815

She cheated on him… that's not really good.

No. 774819

Is this ironic?

No. 774822

I'm pretty sure the guy's being completely sincere. This is what happens when parents let their kids be raised by the internet.

Imagine being so deranged that you make a cheating tradthot look sympathetic.

No. 774826

File: 1549229875436.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, d5c05bf3-695c-4741-a8d4-60f635…)

>His reply was a simple "OWO" but it meant the world at the time

No. 774857

Oh my GOD wait a second, I’ve literally seen this dudes nudes posted in political discords. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the picture of him in an atomwaffen skull mask with his asshole and all that showing with his feet. I’m assuming it’s cp then according to his dumb manifesto so I won’t post it but LMAO, and sorry for semi off topic but I cannot believe this is the quality of men Stell chooses

No. 774909

THis guy is cute. I would fuck him with a strapon. I guess the roleplay would be I'm disciplining him for his Nazi war crimes.

> I’ve seen the picture of him in an atomwaffen skull mask with his asshole and all that showing with his feet.
Is that like nazi goatse? That sounds hilarious

No. 774976

If he was a liberal like he claims he used to be (or just someone who's less politically extreme), he could now have been in a happy relationship with a guy and wouldn't go through all this self-harm, humiliation, edgelord nonsense, failed "relationships" with tradthots, wouldn't ruin his education, and wouldn't now have a record as a potential terrorist. I kind of hope that he'll change his mind after this clusterfuck and distance himself from these extremist ideologies that obviously harm him (and also push him to be dangerous towards others), but who knows.

No. 774983

@ These anons trying to save this him, this fag need to go to jail now before he shoots up a school. I bet he's autistic and has been sheltered his entire life, pls arrest him.

I told y'all those alt-right niggas are gay. Judging from his obsession with traps and the fact that he is obviously male and can't be mistaken as female, I see him going the tranny route (if he doesn't shoot up a school any time soon). I predict in a few years he'll become a tranny pornstar drinkin gallons of cum. Will probably die a horrible death from AIDS like the true high IQ Aryan king he is.

No. 775036

No. 775061

he needs to be institutionalised. he's obviously a complete and total psycho, and jail would just make him even more dangerous without prior mental help.

No. 775075

File: 1549315255816.jpg (243.38 KB, 812x810, 1494826067539.jpg)

>His reply was a simple “OWO” but it meant the world at the time.

Okay, anon. Thanks for letting us know you'd fuck a literal psychopath who kills animals and have awful taste in men.

No. 778801

File: 1550350926875.jpeg (255.27 KB, 750x938, EAE4DCAB-2CAB-4F8A-B72E-F06905…)

Sorry if this is old milk, but I was revisiting this cow and here she is inadvertently saying she looks a Jew (Lauren Bacall) who was also related to one of the Israeli presidents. I know she isn’t the most well known Jewish actresss or most jewy name but if a basic skim of her wiki will tell you that kek

No. 778806

She looks like she could be the mom of her sister.

No. 778815

Pretty sure shes talking about the way their hairs done dumbass. Classic Lauren and grace styles. Only know from watching old movies

No. 778816

Pretty sure shes talking about the way their hairs done dumbass. Classic Lauren and grace styles. Only know from watching old movies

No. 779071

Ruh roh… are you sad to find out that Lauren Bacall is Jewish?

It's OK, no one thinks you look like her. You're a dead ringer for Anne Frank instead.

No. 779484

File: 1550596820070.jpeg (366.82 KB, 631x893, C57D88D5-2654-48AD-BFC8-3B60BD…)

Well now that the thread is active again… I thought I’d share her new persona. Her side insta is primrosepeachfield and she’s going for a ~uwu feminine Victorian nostalgia aesthetic. She is also selling a lot of her stuff online now, purging some of her 50s dresses and goth girl and Bowie stuff from her Styxx phase I guess?

Idk but whatever prairie girl vintage shop seller phase she is going through right now, I hope it leads to a productive life and keeps her grounded. It’s just a shame that her cringey white power tradthot phase will forever be immortalized on the internet.

No. 779496

This is probably her best look so far, weird as it sounds. She actually looks her age at least. I hope eventually grows into a more normal version of this fashion, maybe with ruffled blouses and long skirts or something.

No. 779498

Who cares about her white power shit. I swear this board hates white people who take pride in their race. She really isn't any worse than black power black girl magic we wuz kweenz type shit. Her real milky shit is her preaching a trad lifestyle while being a total slut lmao(racebait)

No. 779509

At first her new look made me chuckle but it's growing on me. It's very elegant and relaxed and blends in well with her rural setting, unlike the pin-up phase which looked so forced.

White power isn't the worse thing ever, and I agree that the real milk was Stell being a hypocrite regarding her beliefs about women's roles versus her own actions. I just mean't that even if she reinvents herself there is still content floating around that would upset a future employer for example. Also no one on this thread hates white people, we just hate cows. And her Nazi moment was the cherry on top of the ice cream.

No. 779512

No one hates white people, stop projecting idiot

No. 779513

She isnt even really a nazi though? she is just a cringey white girl who takes pride in being white and yadayada. Compare her to Emily Youcis (who has many stans here on lolcow, just control+F her name in the tradthot thread) who takes it to another level and says Africa should be nuked.

No. 779517

I think she should be criticized for associating with literal Nazis but I've never personally bought the idea that she truly believes a lot of what she spouts. Maybe I'm optimistic but I just don't think she's a very hateful person. Rude, lacking social skills, and easily influenced definitely, but not hateful.

No. 779530

>I swear this board hates white people

Newfag detected. You know we also have threads for the “uwu black power we wuz kweenz” cows too, right?

No. 779579

She has posted anti semetic comics, endorsed "hyperborean" people, made shekel jokes and bragged about being "full German" with "dirty blonde" hair and "hazel eyes". Check her first thread. It all points to nazi. Especially reading Evola and naming her bird after george Lincoln rockwell

No. 780411

File: 1550841235794.jpg (611.13 KB, 1080x2066, 1548649681807.jpg)

what is wrong with her body? repost from previous thread

No. 780425

She's just not very conventionally attractive or feminine in her face or body is all

No. 782645

File: 1551556634652.jpg (139.74 KB, 550x689, Annex_-_Bacall__Lauren_15.jpg)


LMAO she was def trying to link herself to Lauren Bacall, since the latter was known for her deep voice and strong features but still considered attractive.

Speaking of, does anyone know the extent of her relationship with styx? Don't they live in totally different parts of the US?

No. 783007

File: 1551645198952.jpg (132.82 KB, 720x932, IMG_20190303_143245_917.JPG)

Nice arm hair.(nitpicking)

No. 783010

Apparently they would flirt with each other back and forth on YouTube, Styx is actually the one that made her famous. Question why all the people he associates with also talk to her. From the rumors I've heard, he even sent her things in the mail. He had a breakdown over her, etc. He was pretty much obsessed over her too. He was found out though, and denied he ever did anything. She made a video claiming they've never spoken/dated etc. Which of course is false.

No. 783117

I visited her Instagram and she's bragging about "only" paying $100 for a dress with three holes in it including the armpit? It wasn't anything luxurious or fancy either. I agree this persona is better on her than the 50s housewife neo nazi thing though.

No. 783124

Hair!?!?! How unfeminine and untrad!!!

No. 783127

this prairie girl style she is going for is super cute but sweet jesus, how much money is she making (or getting from her family or sugar daddy) that she is able to buy gunne sax dresses on a weekly basis?? (btw she's posted a lot more on her instagram over the last couple of months but keeps deleting them)

also maybe it's just me, but her style now reminds me a bit of natural kei… idk man, but what if her next "phase" is j-fashion? like she slowly transitions out of vintage americana then into a huge weeb phase? that would be the most ironic thing ever.

No. 783129

Shit I had no idea this was her. I had followed her and even had a few exchanges, having seen her Gunne sax posts. A bunch of other Gunne sax fans have followed her and liked/commented her posts and have no idea either. Do we know if she is still into this white supremacy shit? When was her last post about it?

No. 783131

i also found her in the gunne sax tag on instagram. i realized it was her because she had some face pics posted on primrosepeachfield (which are now deleted). as far as her politics go i have no idea, she seemed to quiet down and clean up her social media image in the fall.

No. 783165

When I saw she was selling all her clothes I thought she was poor or needed money but now I see her with all these new clothes. Idk she could be using the money from old clothes for this new style of praire

No. 783174

yeah that’s logical scenario, i just wasn’t sure how much of her stuff she’s actually sold and for how much.

No. 783181

File: 1551709233776.jpg (793.99 KB, 1073x1907, 20190304_074405.jpg)

She hasn't posted anything about politics or white supremacy for years. Mostly she just post family, clothes and guys

No. 783192

It looks like this confirms that the edgy nazi phase was indeed just a phase. I hope stell does actually change for the better tbh, she doesn't seem like a truly awful person so much as someone with a very messed up life.

I will miss her milk though.

No. 783493

That's not what is going to happen. He's just going to become one of those "stunning and brave" women who claims he's biologically a woman because he says so, and we'll be coerced into not just playing along, but giving him a job he's supremely unqualified for and where he's a threat to the girls and actual women he has to work with.

No. 783788



No. 783897

thank you

No. 783931

yeah i was about to say that, the last time i saw her post anything political was maybe before the school year started last year? there was some wild shit on the previous thread last summer (less than a year ago)…

No. 783932

File: 1551904463148.jpg (7.32 KB, 215x234, 1532643789903.jpg)

do you think she's actually changed though, or is she just trying to sound remorseful so she can be accepted by the boho thrift fairy community?

No. 783938

Many that do this still retain their beliefs, they just hide it very well and aren't stupid to post on social media like this bitch

No. 783964

My tinfoil is that the Nazi thing itself was initially part of her stupidly recreating the 1950s racism/sexism/red scare aesthetic because she was into American vintage and kept pushing it because it got her a lot of attention. Now she's going into a new aesthetic and it doesn't match the reputation she just made for herself. Again this is just a tinfoil and unfortunately we'll likely never know how genuine her nazi beliefs are/were

No. 784549

Wasnt the last video she made early 2017? She doesnt even have a YouTube account anymore and the archived stuff is from like 2016. I'm pretty sure that was years ago but I could be wrong

No. 785107

I think the last video she posted was in late 2018 where she talked about almost being hit by a speeding car when she was trying to take lemonaid and cookies to class. Nothing of note happened in it, other that her stating her height was 5'2 and that she weighed 90lbs I think.

No. 785444

She’s talking about hooking with a bunch of low tier altcels and spreading the dirty laundry online. Not about her beliefs. I just saw her on a recent Instagram post of evalion, getting trashed for following the thegoldenone and being a “leech” on the “scene” I’ll see if I can try to find it again.

No. 787975

File: 1552943399042.jpg (280.9 KB, 640x875, D5C99B55-1D17-434A-AE31-A5B7E9…)

i don't even know what to say

No. 788110

I hope she goes full free love hippy chick.

No. 788113

A sexually liberated nazi hippie Trad thot…
Now that would be a sight!

No. 789170

Why can't girls like this ever just chill out? It's like they have to jump from one extreme to the next

No. 789373

wait, evalion is still around? holy shit I thought that bitch disappeared years ago after she was publicly shamed to hell and back

sage for ot

No. 791488

File: 1553839635677.jpg (954.57 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190328-193612_Ins…)

Loli for her 40 year old man hehe

No. 791490

File: 1553839668004.jpg (852.8 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20190329-010426_Ins…)

She's 18. This act is cringy

No. 791500

File: 1553847800063.jpg (43.85 KB, 809x583, pp2.JPG)

So, what’s the deal with her and this guy? And does this have anything to do with why that Styxhexenhammer666 guy has been so upset lately? I noticed she was posting Marilyn Manson photos the other day and Styx has been writing and posting youtube songs trying to win back some “mystery girl” with cringe lyrics like:

Stellar chorus sound aloud
Pick you out in any crowd
Your need is my command
Because you need a better man

Is he all heartbroken she found her a new aryan daddy?? Hahaha! The audio is so bad it sounds like he’s shouting down a toilet bowl. And “stellar” chorus? Pretty stupid to put the chicks name in there your dog whistling to. Can anyone confirm if true?

No. 791506

File: 1553852222173.jpeg (184.76 KB, 750x760, 4FC15E56-AF3F-4C2C-94A8-9F66B0…)

He’s still obsessed with her? I thought happened ages ago and over with and the chick he was upset about was someone else.

I never thought I’d say this but Styx …can do better then this. At the very least, he could get a gf with less body hair then him.

No. 791584

there's nothing wrong with her body hair. it's a normal amount of body hair and a ratfaced pedo can't do better than her.

No. 791586

I didn't even realize why this pic was posted with what you said until I enlarged it. What a reach.

No. 791589

Styx is a cringy cow in his own right tbh

No. 791607


Lol idk each to their own but I too have dark thick hair (Armenian..maybe she is too? Lol) and that coarse arm hair just triggered me specifically out of everything that’s wrong with her. I can’t believe he doesn’t have any other fangirls that aren’t even slightly more attractive, and maybe less slutty/dumb. He’s one of the most popular alt lite youtubers.

No. 791630

He manages hammerhead. they flirt with each other a lot

No. 791680

Can someone make a Styx thread? His latest videos have been so whiny and he alluded to someone stringing him along and some other weird interpersonal stuff. I wonder if there’s more milk between them to spill.

No. 791718

How does Marilyn Manson have to do with styx

No. 791744

LMAO y’all acting like she’s more relevant than she is hahahah you really think she could have some guy with 350k + subscribers strung out over her? Yeah right

No. 791792


Damn, just when I thought she calmed down and found her place trying to collect every Gunne Sax dress on the planet… she gets back into that Lolita shit haha. Any clues as to who she is seeing at the moment, or is it a mystery?

No. 791795

didn't her vampire goth girl phase peak when she was involved with styx? i thought she got into that kind of stuff and marylin manson to be more appealing to him or something.

No. 791825

She's not 18. If she was 18 then this thread wouldn't exist

No. 791919

Styx isn't exactly a catch anon. He's literally tried, and failed to groom her before.

No. 792516

Followers doesn't translate into anything other than being a content-churning attention whore. Actual rock stars have been child groomers, why is it shocking to think a whiny youtuber would be any different?

No. 796998

Does anyone have her ex’s memoir saved? I tried clicking the link but it’s not working anymore. The bits I saw though are funny in a sad way.

No. 797094

I'm here to answer questions.

No. 797109

Do you know more about Stella and her older boyfriend?

No. 797112

Mods I know you wanna but please don't ban
I second this.

No. 797120

I don't want to give out private info or cause problems here. I can provide insight as to why Stella made the YouTube videos that she made and why she quit. I just want to help others understand.

No. 797121

I don't want to upset the moderators and I'm not familiar with the rules here. What can and can't I post? I just want to provide information and understanding for those who are curious about who Stella is.

No. 797125

You're not bothering the mods anon, I just made a bad joke and your post formatting is good now. If you just wanna share why she made vids in the first place and why she quit, that follows the rules. You seem new, so just know it's really hard to break the rules here. worse stuff commonly gets shared than just that

No. 797135

I am new here. I have been reading this page for the last few days and decided to add to it. I live in the same small town as Stella and I know her and her family. The YouTube video she was making were are reflection of who she was at the time.

She honestly did believe in what she was saying in those videos. After some serious soul searching she realized the stupidity she was involved in. Stella is actually a quite intelligent person who has made some poor decisions and gone through some bad things with her family. Her goth phase and her alt-right phase were a direct result of years of confusion.

Since her early teen years she has been on a search for the real her. As I mentioned before her upbringing and dealing with a nasty divorce really messed with her.

No. 797137

Also shortly before Stella quit her YouTube channel her mother was starting to become worried because people were finding out little bits and pieces about her. That played a role and her leaving YouTube as well. Her mother did not want anything bad happening to her.

No. 797139

That's all well and good and good of her mom but it doesn't really mean she's changed. It just means mommy took down her YouTube. Has she actually changed? Has she apologized to those she shit on and wronged? Yeah a messy divorce can mess a kid up but being super anti-Semitic and alt-right is a bit of an extreme. The daddy issues make sense sure, but the rest? Those don't exactly come from nothing and aren't exactly simply "bad decisions". I don't think people can't change I'm just doubtful she has and would like some context and information about that.

No. 797142

Double posting but another thing
What about her upbringing would lead her down that path? Is her family known to be racist?
Also it's hard to believe someone intelligent would go on and on about how wonderful it is she's terrible at anything beyond literature (and even then talk about how the literature in school is terrible basically indicating she suffers in that subject too). Intelligence isn't necessarily tied to grades but most intelligent people don't advertise and sabotage themselves into being a dumb Trad waifu. And wouldn't do most the things she said, did, and advertised herself as

No. 797143

I can't say that she has 100% changed but she has definitely thought about things and made some changes in her life. She does realize that the majority of her YouTube videos were ridiculous. Her mother always knew about the content of her YouTube videos and advised her against it but she never stopped Stella from making or posting the videos. I will say we live in a very small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and this area is not very open minded or liberal. I'm not saying we are surrounded by Nazis in my town but racism is a very common thing in my town. Stella's biological father would be considered by many a backwoods racist. The man her mother is married to now is a completely different type of person. I honestly believe that Stella is still very confused as to who she is as a person. She does struggle with self-esteem issues. You have to keep in mind that she went from a social justice Warrior to a goth and then to the alt-right in a very short amount of time.

No. 797145

Okay anon, please explain then (If you can) why Styx is still talking about her, making veiled allusions to the fact that he was planning a future with her, and trying to get her attention by dropping a mixtape about her.

I can imagine a scenario where he is just delusional and she hasn’t interacted with him for years, but he isn’t that much of a cow from what I’ve seen and seems relatively level headed.

No. 797146

Quick question, how do I make it so it shows that I'm responding to you directly?

No. 797147

Click the number next to the post you want to reply to. That will automatically generate it in a response box.

No. 797148

I've watched a few Styx videos but I can't say I'm up to date with what is going on with him. I have no idea about the mixtape.

No. 797149

The real question is everyone itt expected this girl to be a pc, non anti-semite? She is from the bible belt and that's just how some people are. Not everyone can be as enlightened as the lefties on this board lmao

No. 797153

The town Stella and I live in is well known in the area for being a backwoods racist area. We aren't that far from a pretty liberal College town but our little town is nothing but farms.

No. 797179

There's a difference between being a basic racist and pretending to be a pure Aryan trad wife who idolizes nazis and fascists. And not anti-fa fascists but actual historical ones. There are probably tons of brown haired girls in her town so I doubt she would have needed to pretend to have blond hair and green eyes for them for example. If she were just an ordinary racist no one would give a shit in the first place about her
Also the impression we got from people was that she made her classmates uncomfortable so she entered beyond typical redneck territory

No. 797201

She found a home and comfort in the alt right. She finally felt welcomed and appreciated. She has searched for many years for meaning. After the divorce she was lost and confused. Her many phases were just her looking to belong somewhere. These issues go very deep. I know her family very well. She is not just a confused teen, she has serious emotional and abandonment issues. Her biological father is a real piece of work. Hopefully she finds what she is looking for in life and gets the mental health issues taken care of.

No. 797203

This really bugs you doesn't it

No. 797221

It sure does. She's like 16 when this thread was started and there were so many weird af anons who wrote shit like "I hoPe tHis ThReaD follOwz her racisT AsS 4evr && ruins her life!!!11" like so what. She is cringe and latches onto being white bc of a fucked up childhood. I still don't think she is a nazi because I don't even think she comprehends any of it. I mean there are actual nazi alt right chicks who call for Africa to be nuked (Emily Youcis) meanwhile Stell doesnt say that so ??

No. 797222

Stella was into white pride as a way of finding something to belong to. The phase has passed and she moved on. She is still very much into traditional clothing and the lifestyle of the 40s and 50s.

No. 797224

That's great, I hope she sticks to it and stops being a cringey white pride whore who sluts it up for bugman styxhexenhammer types. I mean she should just get off the internet completely or make her profiles private because there are so many anons who absolutely despise her.

I think the vintage stuff is cool and she isn't a bad person but that's just me

No. 797232

She has a strange relationship with her biological father and I think that has something to do with her
being drawn to older men. She looks for a father figure in the men she dates.

No. 797238

I forgot to mention that she has been going to church regularly and that has played a big part in her abandoning her racist views. She attends the same church as my aunt and they preach that God loves everyone regardless of color.

No. 797368

Lmao fuck off, until this ugly ass bitch condemns Nazism she's still complicit. Who cares about her ~tragic daddy issues uwu ~ backstory

No. 797433

It seems like you have some serious anger issues and possible mental issues. You obviously don't believe in free speech either. Fuck right off you fat piece of shit!

No. 797439

Lmao, if this is the "friend" still then wow, you showed your true colours fast
Anyways, while I wouldn't go as far as that anon I do agree, she can't just casually stick to the old timey aesthetic and hope people forget she's got a past in the alt right. Her alt right following won't think she's changed and neither will any of us honestly. If she's found god and is suddenly not racist or a nazi lover then good for her. But we're going to need a bit of proof honestly. We're not going to believe a random anon who claims to be a friend. If she's worried about the backlash from the alt right then she should delete her social media. She deleted her Pinterest real fast the moment it was found last thread with her pins after pins glorifying nazis taking over countries and their ~aesthetic~.
As for her daddy issues honestly I really hope she gets help on that one and hope her dad doesn't continue their relationship in inappropriate ways. Regardless of me not believing she's changed I can see there's something fucked up there and no one deserves that

No. 797442

Remember the good old days when 'free speech' was a noble concept and not a shield for screeching autists to defend their Nazi bullshit?

Anyway, why do I get the feeling that this new friend of hers is the same anon that was posting about going to school with her upthread.

No. 797452

Hitler was a noble man and Stella is a great woman. You are just jealous. You are also fat. Free speech forever!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797462

You sjw types are hilarious. You are seriously so entitled that you think people have to prove themselves to you. What a cunt you are. Get laid and get a life. Haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797476

Imagine if it's actually the gay Neo-Nazi guy who sent nudes to some other gay neo-Nazi and said "His reply was a simple "OWO" but it meant the world at the time", lmao.

No. 797479

Here you go, anon. For future reference, you might want to download it. Let the cringe live on forever.

No. 797480

This is Stella's mother and I just want to say that the moderators here are pussies and need to get laid. Hitler was not a bad guy. Hitler loved animals. He was a very sensitive man. The mods here are pussies conpared to Uncle Adolf. Fuck off sjw scum!

No. 797491

Well aren't you all the saddest trolls ever
Oh wait sorry,
Uwu I'm so sad some random people triggered me by posting baby's first edgelord Heil Hitler messages in a thread on fucking lolcow
Well anyways, at least it made this thread interesting again. Guess Stella Lawson is still pro Nazi, wants to fuck her dad but will make do with any man who gets hard at the thought of being alpha, she has the most pathetic bunch of 12 year old white knighters, and I guess she's ashamed of being known as a nazi? Kind of pathetic and hilarious but I guess that comes with being a nazi worshiper

No. 797512

I honestly think the anon is Stella or her mom.

No. 797515

Pro nazi is the best way to be! You are jealous of our superior genetics. Grow up.

No. 797521

You can hate stell but don’t slander her mom like that. We have no idea what her moms beliefs are. For all we know she got stell help/made her stop. And also this is obv someone trolling and not someone who really believes this shit

No. 797540

The Lawson family is pure aryan and we all treasure the 3rd Reich. My daughter is of pure European blood and proud. Stella has nothing to apologize for. She loved her race.

No. 797547

LMAO yes, THAT anon is the one with mental issues. You're literally stanning a wannabe Nazi (or yourself, hi Stell, get your hook nose fixed yet?)

No. 797552

You are jealous that I had a successful youtube page with many viewers. My nose is sexy as hell and you know it. Pure aryan goddess here!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797569

File: 1555118050302.gif (498.39 KB, 500x235, 42ECC9F3-DCDD-473E-AA2D-09A97A…)

No. 797584

gg troll harder wk this is some weaksauce shit

No. 797596

I think the original "in same town" anon was not a troll, though likely Stella herself or indeed her mom. There's a lot of a-logging ITT right now, I'm not sure why anons hate her so much as opposed to just finding her cringey.

In any case, to the question anon, how old is the guy she is dating? Does her mother worry about her dating older men?

No. 797658

Regarding her mom, in the video where Stella does her mom's hair, the mom made a comment about a book on the fall of Rome or Europe or something. She said it held a lot of truths. Seemed alt-righty to me

No. 797666

Is everything alt right to you? Do you have more than 3 brain cells. The book does hold truths. You must be sjw from head to toe. You probably think blacks need payment for slavery. Hahaha

No. 797672

This thread needs autosage. It's so much worse than even the pnp thread.

No. 797676


Lol whoever this is white knighting her, good job. This will def. help defend her if any future employers google her, or if she tries to go to uni. /sarcasm

No. 797686

We don't appreciate name fagging here.

No. 800656

did y'all see that styxhexenhammer666 is hitting on a new high schooler lmao

he sure likes them young

No. 800688

Would you mind posting proof? Where did you see it?

No. 800839

File: 1556413099640.jpg (497.25 KB, 708x1638, youtube.jpg)

My guess is that the anon is referring to the girl who posts under the youtube name xernue. Styx has been creeping all her vids within the past few weeks and posting flirty comments. If you read her twitter feed, it's obvious she's still in high school.

No. 800855


Evalion called, she wants her gimmick back.

No. 800857

I was going to ask who the dude in the background was and then I realized that's a cardboard cutout. Why does she have a cardboard cutout of an old man in what appears to be her bedroom?

No. 800868

File: 1556421467631.png (79.51 KB, 479x509, mike-desktop.png)

thats the my pillow guy, you can order a cut out of him. the guy is known for supporting trump

No. 800874

Why hasn't anyone reported styxhexenhammer666 to the police yet?
He's clearly into underage girls and probably has images of them on his computer.
I have heard rumors that people he knows irl don't like him. They know him to be a massive hypocrite to spout shit he doesn't even believe in. He uses girls he meets online and chucks them away. In fact I believe he uses Twitter purely to pick up chicks.

No. 800905

I'm pretty sure she has the cutout because it's dumb and memey, not because he is pro-Trump.

No. 813834

File: 1559012591787.jpg (84.22 KB, 439x431, Screenshot_20190527-220210_Ins…)

This is the almost 100% german girl with green eyes and dirty blonde hair who begs to be called aryan online :))

No. 813835

File: 1559012624714.jpg (863.63 KB, 1078x1660, Screenshot_20190527-161850_Ins…)

Still with her 36 year old boyfriend while she is underage

No. 815278

File: 1559190872995.jpg (532.98 KB, 1079x1390, Screenshot_20190529-233457_Pho…)

No. 815310

File: 1559198938508.jpg (159.76 KB, 1078x1666, IMG_20190530_024526.jpg)

So I think I might have found Stell's old ass boyfriend through her follows…similar hair and features to >>773990

Oh and yes yes, he is a father. Kid appears to be 3

No. 815311

File: 1559199129309.jpg (104.67 KB, 959x956, 13680836_10154342686113680_137…)

She's posted pictures of a kid that looks like his on her FB profile too

No. 815312

File: 1559199162328.jpg (82.86 KB, 960x960, 19510661_10155548552338680_421…)

gotta be at least what, 30?

No. 815632

I'd say older than 30. Assuming he's divorced, considering the 3 year old kid? What happened to his wife?

I know Stella has sunk pretty low but she seems to be setting the bar lower and lower with each new boyfriend, and she's not even an adult yet. She's going to look back and cringe so much in a few years

No. 815655

I'd say that she's just normal now. Pretty much plain Jane. Sure she had a lite thing in with the nazi shit but now she's just your basic run of the mill thot. No more traditionalism bullshit, no more nazi bullshit and no more woman bashing or slut shaming. We won. She's everything she hated now

No. 815668

I feel bad for stell. Shes obviously just being a normal girl now, she doesn't post anything remarkable but holy shit this ugly old as fuck predator is grossing me out. Obviously he's a hebophile and im worried about these old men manipulating her mind all the time.

No. 815726

I'm on the same page as you. She is just back to the state of mind before being a nazi, still obsessed with older men. It's sad.

No. 815759


For sure. A 17 y/o dating a 30+ y/o father is depressing

No. 816000

>now she's just your basic run of the mill thot

how so? outside of the older boyfriend thing she seems somewhat boring. the fact that she's underage and so open about dating a 30 year old, but then puts up this front that she's a pure farmgirl because she lives in a rural town and takes care of little kids and animals and wears prairie dresses, is weird. it's not thotty, just weird.

also, does she seriously think that suddenly switching over to being a virtuous vintage seller is going to help cover up the online reputation she built for herself? oh sweetie…

No. 816051

It's not weird. Its dumb. I said shes just a basic run of the mill thot. I didnt say she was super slutty or interesting and I doubt she gives a fuck about her reputation anymore

No. 816076

no she doesn’t care. she just wants to play dress up and have her older boyfriend be her ~daddy and wisk her away with no consequences and pretend her life is a lana del rey song.

No. 816085

That sounds like a normal girl to me…

No. 816498

No, it sounds like an infantilized self hating girl who probably faced some kind of abuse in her early life.

No. 816829

You guys are saying he looks 30. Are you guys very young? That's NOT what a 30 year old looks like. He's definitely closer to 40 than 30.

No. 816931

sage your autism, nobody gives a shit. this kind of thing is 100% up to interpretation and shitting your pants over it isn’t going to change that

No. 817207

Shes 18 or this thread would be gone

No. 817241

She's 17. And he's closer to 40 than 30.

No. 819343

File: 1559929869285.jpg (679.6 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20190607-124941_Ins…)

A bent over back view with these sort of tags… sexy school girl is so trad now. So is being a nymphet.

No. 819344

#highschool …. uh, ew. Her boyfriend must like that

No. 819635

Instead of working or planning college she just spends money on dresses all day… and she's not gaining any money, either.

She also pretends her family isn't wealthy and that they didn't just move into a nicer home.

No. 819636

File: 1560009626988.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190608-105926_Ins…)

Instead of working or planning college she just spends money on dresses all day… and she's not gaining any money, either.

She also pretends her family isn't wealthy and that they didn't just move into a nicer home.

No. 819654

why the hell do you think she should be thinking about college? this girl is dumb as a bag of rocks. she should wait a couple years and try to get out of this dumbass persona she’s created before she considers real life adult shit, because if she picked her major tomorrow, guaranteed it’d be something ridiculous.

No. 819679

She could go to one of those Jesus colleges where you can major in being a housewife.

No. 819797

Lol yet another girl with middle class privilege pretending to be working class/poor. This type of behavior is so normalized, I see it all the time irl and the lolcows in snow like ariana, phoebe, shay… etc

No. 820223

Stella posted a picture on her Instagram of her holding her high school diploma. It shows the name and location of her school for those who didn't already know. It's on her stellasundrop Instagram page.

No. 820228

File: 1560121505533.png (654.58 KB, 595x600, Screenshot 2019-06-09 at 6.03.…)

She didn't dox herself.

I can't see shit and I doubt anyone else can see anything either!

No. 820241

I can see that is says East Rockingham High School Elkton, Virginia.(namefagging)

No. 820244

She also has a picture on her Instagram of the old Elkton theater.

No. 820256

wow, that school is so fucking white

there are like two black dudes on the whole football team

she’s an ignorant idiot

No. 820310

do you want her school to be full of black dudes or


No. 820340

my point is that her racism is based completely on ignorance because everyone she knows is white

and a school that uniformly white is weird as hell in the us

No. 820349

>and a school that uniformly white is weird as hell in the us

Agreed. Esp since there are plenty of people of color in Virginia.

No. 820361

but the entire U.S. was like 95% white up until the immigration act of 1965. it's not weird at all

No. 820394

NTA but it's very weird that someone who's probably known like…2 non-white people in their entire life has dedicated themselves to an entire ideology of hating and complaining about them

No. 820421

when did she say she hates them?

No. 820422

When she posted racist caricatures on her Instagram and agreed that the SS had "honorable men" in a livestream around a year ago…

No. 820429

I live about 20 miles away from where Stella went to high school. The town she lives in is called Elkton and it's a small community outside of Harrisonburg Virginia. The town she lives in is known for meth and farming. Now that she has graduated from high school I'm sure she will settle down and start producing children. The next chapter of her life should be interesting.

No. 820446

>>820349 Her town isn't very diverse. It's 95% white.

No. 820477

While removing pics of her black friend as well
Pretty disgusting

No. 820490

That's whiter than her DNA test haha

No. 820895

She lives in McGaheysville, nor Elkton. She went to school in Elkton.

Sadly she's gone from fucking up her life with nazis to eventually eloping with a man twice her age who already has a kid. She probably should have just stayed a nazi.

And if you knew anything about her you'd be sad for her- most of this is the fault of her abusive father and a few other men who have taken advantage of her, much like her current partner is.

No. 820919

She went to school in Elkton and currently attends church in Elkton. You know that she lives in McGayesville?

No. 820920

If she lived in McGaheysville wouldn't she have attended Spotswood High school?

No. 820926

She lives in McGaheysville, not Elkton. So does her middle age boyfriend. I think she went to school a bit further off because of drama. As for church, no clue.

No. 820936

You'd rather she be a nazi then in a relationship? Tbh she seems to have mellowed out

No. 820941

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there is no ex wife (or if there is, it's a 21-22 year old who got too old for her boyfriend-ie old enough to drink- and was either dumped or wised up enough to leave his ass. My guess is that the ex either has some custody agreement for the kid, or Stell's boyfriend has full and the ex escaped him.

I'm from the same kind of small-hick town and this is what happened to a cousin of mine. She had daddy issues, some older man came into her life when she was 16 and he was 37, he trapped her with a baby and I'm just waiting for her to turn 21 and see her boyfriend leave her for the next teenager with abandonment and daddy issues.

No. 820948

No she hasn't, she's with a man twice her age, with a kid. One that isn't exactly a looker. If you think that's normal, I don't know what to tell you.
There's an ex. Not sure if it's an ex wife.
I am sad to report that it's definitely at least a partially abusive situation. I wish it wasn't true but it is.

No. 820949

she has indeed mellowed out and apologized and that's fine and dandy, but we are still concerned about her well being if she is dating an older guy who might use her/put her back in a cycle of abuse that she previously experienced, like >>820941 is stating.

she has 0 milk anymore as far as her politics go, but we can't help but be curious about her relationship or discuss now that it's public.

No. 820955

Ok yeah I get that but shes 17. She just graduated high school so she must be somewhat close to 18 or old enough to work for sure. As long as she's not dumb enough to go to an expensive college or gets involved with someone excessively violent then I dont see how it matters what happens to her.

No. 820965


I know there's an ex because there's a kid. That's what I was saying is I don't think it's an ex wife because typically men don't switch from preferring women their own age- to suddenly going for teens.

like I said my money's on the ex either being a ex girlfriend, or (not as likely) an ex wife who's like 25 max.

No. 820972

I have no idea how old the ex was. I agree though- probably a very young girl.

And if Stella should be impregnated by him with a daughter I assume she's pretty much giving birth to his next victim, to continue the same treatment she suffered by her own father.

No. 821015

Are you local to the area? I'm a 20 minute drive from Elkton.(this isn't a chat room)

No. 821027


I hope she wises up and leaves him before she gets pregnant. The cycle of abuse is horrible.

No. 821030

I do, too. Sadly I doubt it.

No. 821037


I really hope I don't get put out to pasture for saying this, but this milk is sour and sad. Stell just graduated high school, she did so much of this when she was (and still is) a young stupid teenager.

Yea, she's done some stupid shit like her trad thot phase,I'm not excusing anything she's done. but I feel….IDK this isn't like poking fun at one of those lolcows who are close to thirty and still all milky (Baylee Jae, Heather Sparkles ext..or hell even some of the older trad thots)

All I'm saying is that I hope the next update we get on Stell is her leaving her boyfriend and going to therapy or using some of her parents money to go to college or a trade school. Not, her announcing she's pregnant while attempting to parent her boyfriend's 3 year old while he's out stalking the local high school parking lots looking for underage jailbait behind her back. :S(learn 2 integrate)

No. 821042

I agree completely. She never should have been ridiculed, even though it may have helped her get past her former issues. But now she has a new issue that is a far bigger danger- namely screwing with a predatory loser who might rape her sisters or eventual children.

No. 821062

She said she wouldn't have kids until she is married. Is it 100% that she is dating this older man?

No. 821068


As much as she likes showing off dresses I believe that if she was married to him she would have shown off her wedding dress or engagement ring on Instagram by now.

No. 821090

jfc I really hope she doesn't fall into a baby trap with this older man, especially if he's done it before, she should run for the hills while she still can

No. 821279

She posted a new video on her Stellasundrop Instagram of her showing off her dance moves.

No. 821377

she posted that dancing video along with a bunch of photos of a venue with a nice ballroom recently… maybe she's planning a wedding?

No. 821743

I think it was a family vacation.

No. 821751

She was also at a wedding recently, so maybe that was the venue or where they was staying for it

No. 821810

The wedding she recently attended was held at the church she goes to in Elkton.

No. 822153

File: 1560520633430.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190614-095637_Ins…)

Tradthot confirmed

No. 822157

what?! context to this please?

No. 822160

She just posted this

No. 822169

I think she posted that to fuck with us. After she posted that story she posted a video of her and her younger sibling playing with a baby doll, she's not talking about a real baby

No. 822170

Her idea of a joke.

Although it would be pretty funny if she got pregnant fresh out of high school. Living the dream I guess.

No. 822376

No reason not to, but she might just have to cut back the spending on those gunne sax dresses if her 30 year old baby daddy can't provide well enough

No. 822423

They're like $150 each and she has 60 of them.. she resells at way lower prices, what an extremely expensive hobby..

No. 822428

Her mom and stepdad are well off.

No. 822429

Wouldn't it make more sense for her to buy dresses with some flaws, restore them, and then sell them marked up? I guess she never said she was good at math…

No. 822430

No they aren't.

40 year old.

No. 822437

You did see her mom in that one video, right? They're "well off" if your standard is a trailer park

No. 822549

I'm local and know where they live. They are in half a million dollar property in the nice part of town. Stella's stepdad is the one with the money, her mom is just along for the ride.

No. 822552

They live in the upper class part of town. I'm local so I know the area well. Their house and property are in the half million range. In this area that is very well off. Facts.

No. 822560

File: 1560595226734.jpg (402.08 KB, 720x1116, 20190615_063911.jpg)

Looks as if she made serious changes in her life.

No. 822562

She’s still young so not all hope is lost

No. 822563

Tbh, I do kind of feel sorry for her. I said and did stupid things for attention as a teenager, and while I was never a white nationalist(lol), the thought of having my teenage shenanigans forever following me around because of the internet feels horrifying.(no1curr)

No. 822576

how is it y'all can call out MooMoo any day of the fucking week for her gross existence but fall for this "iVe GrOwN sO mUcH" bullshite when it comes from the former nazi-aboo because she's 17?

she's as much cow as anyone else, how does this read as a sincere post to you and not as what it is, her LARPing as yet another trad-waifu

No. 822584

Moo moo is an adult, Stellbell was like what, 14 when she started sperging online? Teenagers do dumb shit. I also don’t believe in completely ostracizing someone for an eternity if they show that they are willing to change. I don’t think that does any good and only serves to further radicalize that person. But, maybe i’m wrong though, dunno

No. 822591


I don’t think you’re wrong Anon. Your views are mature and practical. I agree, ostracizing people and making them pay for their sins forever fuels that fire that continues radicalization. Of course, the person has to be willing to change, but I also think it’s a healthier mindset to have in general. I know maybe it sounds stupid, but I hope in a way she is trying to at least, do something with her life other than spew hate.

No. 823160

File: 1560719054994.jpg (330.42 KB, 1080x1356, IMG_20190616_165923.jpg)

Spending her old ass bf's money on expensive vintage dresses

No. 823163

She is doing what most women do. She is in the relationship for her reasons and he is getting the young pussy he desires. Sounds about average to me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 823193

Sounds like you’re bitter.

No. 823194

File: 1560772236818.png (5.41 MB, 1125x2001, 3B798453-A30D-4C5B-9F81-47DBD7…)

She posted a weird image of herself and her (dad? boyfriend?) with zero clarification. Whoever he is, he’s wearing the crusaders cross, and some commenter got excited about. So, she’s still probably a racist idiot, or at the very least dating one.

No. 823196

>had to beg my bf for the money to get it
Homegirl better naturalize that if she thinks having a career is despicable.
I find amusement in the fact that one very usual outcome of this sort of dependence is the husband treating his wife as something they own and pay for, feeling entitled to cheat/be shirty in general and the wife having to take every turd of shit without complaining because they have nowhere to go and no job experience aside from thoting.

No. 823199

robot begone

No. 823236

That's her daddy.

Whether it's her dad or her other dad remains to be seen. Probably the latter.

No. 823260

Oh this makes me so sad. I really did think she had grown up and was just doing her fashion thing now, its sad she's still endorsing nazi shit

No. 823264

What are you going on about? What does that picture have to do with anything nazi related? Not a damn thing!

No. 823265

You just described every relationship in the middle east. You should learn to respect other belief systems. My wife is my cook and my maid. Learn it and respect it!

No. 823266

She isn't dating her dad stupid.(wk; spamming)

No. 823272

What? The cross is not a nazi symbol, if that's what you mean.

No. 823273

File: 1560797634310.jpg (458.09 KB, 720x995, 20190617_145113.jpg)

And I passionately whispered in his ear "tonight I will swallow your fat cock".

No. 823274

That cross has nothing to do with Nazis and if anyone thinks it does then they are beyond stupid.(ban evasion)

No. 823305

No. 823558

File: 1560869522371.jpg (648.84 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190618-094918_Ins…)

"PMs"… like she's not lurking here hahaha

No. 823601

tbh the jerusalem cross is kinda racist… it came from the crusades

No. 823613

After looking up the cross there’s literally nothing that points to it being racist, just a Christian symbol

No. 823644

yeah ur right racists never appropriate old symbols like swastikas or deus vult

No. 823646

if you retards could learn to sage your autism, that'd be great

No. 824065

>>823644 It doesn't matter what people appropriate. The original meaning is the true meaning.

No. 824099


ok then bitch faggot

No. 824756

File: 1561116342774.jpg (563.65 KB, 720x893, 20190621_072413.jpg)


No. 824807


Is it just me, or is this photo kind of awkward?

No. 824870

How many times are we going to go back to this old ass photo >>774237

New milk, or let it die

No. 824871

It's awkward considering her disgusting behavior and the sad thought that that poor girl is unaware of her racist shit and probably calls Stell her friend.

No. 824946

>>824870 I have never seen that photo until now.(lurk moar)

No. 824947

File: 1561148309989.jpg (346.67 KB, 720x540, 20190621_161711.jpg)

Best friends

No. 824948

okay? learn to sage and learn to scroll upward

No. 824970

When was the second one from? I thought someone here confirmed she and the black girl were friends because they were both school misfits, and then the girl distanced herself from Stell

No. 824972

ffs sage your nonmilk necro posts! I'm starting to think the only anon posting old pics in here has a vendetta

No. 825385


No. 829320

File: 1561846880357.jpg (520.05 KB, 1078x1176, Screenshot_20190629-171933_Ins…)

Why is her chin so morphed? Did she edit it to make it smaller?

No. 830366

File: 1562030718897.jpg (292 KB, 1080x2031, Screenshot_20190701-201952_Ins…)

She's not working, she's not going to go to college. She's literally a NEET who just spends all of her 35 year old boyfriend's money, jesus.

No. 830367

Also, muh green eyes

No. 831476

She works at a daycare.

No. 831479

File: 1562186182031.jpg (232.39 KB, 720x677, 20190703_163415.jpg)

After taking care of children Stella starts to doubt if she would make a good Mother.

No. 831481

She said in a previous post that she only gets paid $20 a day. My guess is she's watching a friend's kid or her own siblings. She doesn't work at a daycare. I can't find it, she might have deleted it.

She is only fresh out of high school, she needs to stop being so baby crazy.

No. 831511

File: 1562189370531.png (648.55 KB, 1336x609, listing.PNG)

Oh wow. I just came here to post how a listing for a Gunne Sax dress was on my Ebay front page. The girl modelling the dress looked to be Stell - lo and behold, I was right. If you go to her other listings, she's selling a few other pieces. I wonder if her boyfriend is making her do this.

No. 831566

She works at a daycare in Elkton.

No. 831816

No, she watches her daddys' kid and he gives her an allowance.

No. 831921

Why on earth would you argue with the facts? I know where she works because I live in Elkton where she works. I won't name the daycare but it is a religious based center. She works there part time. This is a very small town.

No. 832341

She said on her Instagram story she has to watch 2 kids because something came up in her family. Stop lying.

No. 832344

She was and is 18

No. 832491

One is her "daddys" kid.
No. She was known to be 16 less than two years ago.

I sense damage control.

No. 832505

File: 1562356454908.png (413.71 KB, 404x693, mushrooms.png)

She posted about her hamster's cage having mushrooms in it. I figured she's clean it out like a responsible pet owner.

No. 832506

File: 1562356564474.png (425.44 KB, 377x686, eatenmushrooms.png)

Then later she posted this, saying OMG he ate the mushrooms. Why the fuck did she leave him in there with probably poisonous mushrooms? She posted video and he's making weird squeaking noises. Why couldn't she have at least scooped out the mushrooms overnight? I hope it doesn't die. Glad she had time to film it instead of taking him to a vet.

No. 832522

I'm telling you that I live in Elkton Virginia in the same town that Stella lives in. She may of had an Instagram story about watching kids but that doesn't have to do with anything I am talking about. I'm telling you that she works part-time at a local daycare center. there really is no reason to worry about where she works anyway unless you are attempting to stalk her.

No. 832532

Maybe so but the children in her posts are definitely not daycare charges- since she's posted about one of them (her relative) and the other is the apparent offspring of her far-older boyfriend/daddy/whatever he is.

Nice buzzterm whiteknight.

No. 832704

How long has she been working there? Do they know about her nazi beliefs? Does she treat the children fairly or does she bully the minorities? I hope theres real supervision there. She shouldn't have access to any records or addresses she could use to target innocent children and thier families. Please keep a close eye on her

No. 832905

Even worse is if her "daddy" is around the kids since he likes em young

No. 832979

Nazi beliefs? Stella never identified as a national socialist. Anyway, this is Elkton we are talking about. This community is known for bigotry. The town even protested the pride parade. Research this place. I don't know many from this town that aren't racist. This is small town Shenandoah Valley.

No. 832986

File: 1562439499436.jpg (14.35 KB, 300x300, 26667.jpg)

I know many of you live in diverse areas, but this is Elkton.

No. 833131

File: 1562457195108.jpg (314.68 KB, 720x935, 20190706_195208.jpg)

Fresh out of fucks forever.

No. 833805

Does anyone see her accounts? It looks like they’re all gone. I went to go look at a story she had just posted and it said it was unavailable.

No. 833810

She was made aware of the many people stalking her.

No. 833815

Damn, looks like the fun exploiting this little bitch is over unless she comes back (she probably will cuz muh attention)
Tbh I’m laughing so hard because we made her look so bad even if half the shit we said was twisted and half truths

No. 833837

You should probably seek some professional help. It is obvious that you are a stalker and you are obsessed with Stella. The vibes you put off are super creepy and paint a picture of a person out of touch with reality. Try going outside for a walk and doing some serious thinking about your life.

No. 834014

You know. I hope she doesn't and she'll just focus on what matters in life from now on. People like you deserve to die however and it fills my heart with joy knowing that eventually you and all shitheads like you are going to die lonely miserable deaths and the entirety of your pathetic existence amounts to nothing beyond an example of how disgusting people can be

No. 834208

it's weird to harass someone because he's different. It's sort of the Nazi mentality. You hope to make her normal by doing that?

No. 834246

So you were getting pleasure from exploiting someone? Do you hear yourself? You sound like a truly disgusting human being. At least Stella is trying to improve her life and realizes she made mistakes. You on the other hand you're nothing but a worthless pile of human feces.

No. 834294

someone has news of Stella?I hope she's fine.I noticed that in the USA people are put in boxes and as soon as someone stands out he gets lynched. Idk if you understand, my english is bad

No. 834535

She's gone

No. 834611

Stella is fine. She's moving on with her life. I suggest others do the same.

No. 834686

>less than two years ago

She's 18 right now, what are you on about?

No. 834954

Stella just graduated high school and is 18 years old. Why are people arguing about this?

No. 835940

File: 1562886560697.jpg (359.78 KB, 696x969, 20190711_190755.jpg)

No. 835941

File: 1562886865558.jpg (332.94 KB, 678x956, 20190711_191407.jpg)

No. 835968

I don't get what's wrong with these. Doesn't she sell these clothes online?

No. 836040

Where did you get these?

No. 836276

Wau! She is so beautiful!

No. 836279

No. 836826

File: 1562976331869.jpg (192.53 KB, 477x636, 20190712_200422.jpg)

No. 840061

File: 1563493170081.jpg (132.05 KB, 1024x1820, 2031703564392367234.jpg)

No. 841743

File: 1563743511469.jpg (3.08 MB, 1960x1601, 20190721_170716.jpg)

Sorry to put you through hell for the past 14 days. One last bridge to burn. In the event you somehow manage to want to contact me after all this go to (me)n(pet).com See ya

No. 841744

File: 1563743736914.jpg (6.2 MB, 4032x1960, 20190721_163326.jpg)

No. 841746

File: 1563743886668.jpg (1.23 MB, 4032x1960, 20190720_215946.jpg)

No. 845095

what the fuck is this

No. 848371

Where did you see this? Did she make a new Insta?

No. 851367

File: 1565466939023.jpg (300.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-145447_Ins…)


No. 851368

File: 1565466994289.jpg (433.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-154149_Gal…)

All the missing names w the payment are to her friend

No. 851369

File: 1565467025190.jpg (425.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-154312_Gal…)

And she cant help?

No. 851370

File: 1565467049940.jpg (419.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-154500_Gal…)

But I'm the bad guy?

No. 851371

File: 1565467083565.jpg (451.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190810-154816_Gal…)

And I never do anything?

No. 856547

Happy Birthday Stella.
Congratulations on your pornhub debut Stell Bell at work

Hope you're enjoying their side. Here's some fun reading as well.
Sex With Stell Bell

No. 857027

You realize this is basically you admitting to paying for sex with a minor, yes?

No. 857183

Give me a fucking break! You can barely see or hear anything! How are we supposed to be convinced that that is her, hmm? Could be any white girl. We couldn't even hear her voice ffs! Pft!

No. 857230

I actually agree, there's no way to really know if it's her or not. I watched the vid and from that distance and angle it's impossible to tell. Could be anybody. And yeah, a voice verification would have helped (with her deep accent, even more so.)

I read through "Sex with Stell Bell." It's easy to fake IG convos and Idek who her friend is (but I suppose we have nudes of her now.) And who was the naked little girl crying??? O_o

Sorry, but I won't really believe anything until I see either nude pictures or a nude/sex video where you can clearly see her face.

No. 857232


Bullshit my guy lemmie see her face. Shit video

U finna have to do better than that

No. 857239

None of that was for any of you. Btw feel free to report the file to get it taken down. Its served its purpose

No. 857240

I also took down the video

No. 857244

I already reported it but more people doing so would speed up the process

No. 857258

It was simply to break the promise that meant the most to her like she did to me, and to solidify her decision permanently.

The rest of you don't matter at all

No. 857270

Only present I could give her anymore is a life without me and every reason possible to enjoy it. Not what I wanted but it's how things are.

No. 857295

Wait, please explain. Who exactly are you? Seph, her boyfriend with the son? And like we said earlier, you can't tell that it's her in that vid.

No. 857296

And just like that its almost like nothing ever happened.
Bye all

No. 857297

I just wanna see her naked!!!

Does noone have any nude images of her?? C'mon! I'm desperate to see her. I've had a crush on her for two years now!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 857301

Ah shit! Why'd you remove it! Someone repost the vid, please! I never got a chance to see it! Can't believe she finally did porn!

No. 857303

Do you have any other videos of her?

No. 857306

I'm someone who cant do anything that matters for anyone and who no one should care about.

If she ever comes to me for any reason then you all fucked up massively.

No. 857307

Please tell me someone downloaded the vid

No. 857309

How did we fuck up massively?

No. 857653

Doesn't anyone have even a picture of Stella in like a bra or something? I'm so desperate to see her. 😩

No. 857656

I wish. I've heard rumors that there were bra and panty pics at one point but I've never seen anything. I still have doubts about that Pornhub vid. If it really was her than wow, she's definitely a little whore (literally.) Had us all fooled for years. I'd gladly pay $300 just to have an hour with her. That would be an awesome experience.

No. 861155

Apparently I did a piss poor job last time. Here ya go then


No. 861175

No. 861191

What's that? There's nothing in these links.

No. 861193

Neither one of these links works!

No. 861196


Piss poor job at wat?

No. 861243

If you have Stell material, please post it! Please!!!

No. 861258

No. 861337

This link is dead. C'mon…

No. 861345


Stop posting empty files, please.

No. 861408


Wat is thiss??

No. 861454

Idk. Why post dead links?

No. 861485

It's a temporary file I think. Upload a regular file. Noone was able to see that.

No. 861520

It doesn't matter, there's nothing there. All these links are dead.

No. 861522

File: 1567281831045.png (78.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190831-160311.png)

This is all that appears. Can someone please just post either a working link or the pictures/videos directly here.

No. 861558

Okay, Idk wtf these temporary posts are all about that disappear after only a few minutes, but can someone please post some good pictures of Stella?

No. 861562

I read that pdf post, too. And Idk what all of that is about, just a bunch of money transaction screenshots. But are there any pics or vids out there? At the end of one of the pdfs it said "Styx" has pics. Can someone upload, plzz!

No. 861769

If Styx really does have nude photos of Stell when she was underage, why has nobody reported him to the police yet?

No. 861816

Can Styx please post these photos. I'm dying to see her.

No. 861845

He can post them here anonymously and noone will ever know it was him. Please, Styx, post something.

No. 861853

Mmm! Stella naked must be a lovely sight indeed. She's an angel.

I wish this guy would repost her Pornhub vid. I only got to see it once.

No. 862168

To Stella,

Remember how you were so scared of these people for all these years? They were given 2 documents. The first with everything you were afraid they'd ever find out. The second with everything they'd need.

You remember all those times you felt ugly? Do you see now how beautiful you really are? No one cares about anything other than how beautiful you are.

They're so desperate to see the real deal, complete and unedited in all it's wonderous beauty. So here it is :) https://xhamster.com/videos/dad-daughter-7185450

Do me a favor and talk to Liz about this thread and how much you've enjoyed your life for the past 8 weeks because of her. Imagine just how much better everything would have been for everyone involved if she just stopped believing that she is going to replace you. Oh well.

The password for stuff right now is No1Cares4U. Part of my mantra and a reminder. No one cares for you, No one ever cared for you, No one will ever care for you, So care for no one.

Elizabeth is somehow convinced she could give me faith in these people or convince me they're actually worth something. Well they were given about 18 hours of my time and everything they could ever ask for except her nudes and this is all they are capable of. I baited the thread and they were all so active and yet, this is them. At least 3 years of their lives spent pursuing the destruction of her compared to the 3 days I decided to see if I was wrong about them. I wasn't. They're all irrelevant.

She also thinks she's not one of them. You know how I warned you not to become obsessed with money and how it ruins people? There you go.

For the rest of you, I hope you don't feel to disappointed or used. It's been hilarious proving my point about how little you matter and how trivial you all are.

Still find it hard to believe you choose these people lol. Anyways this is my last post. Was fun but I got stuff to do. Fuck you all and good night.

No. 862235

And yes it's just a look alike

No. 862243

It… it was never her? Fuck…

No. 862246

goddamit published 2 yrs ago! we were had! dat aint stell! Fggghgbghhhfhhvgb

No. 862249

Even though it was uploaded 2 years ago it even sounds like her

No. 862252

True but it's not like her voice is all that unique. Plus we didn't hear enough to detect an accent. Obviously not her, though. Old daddy/daughter vid. Guy chose a good one, though. Had me fooled.

No. 862256

Ha! I just noticed that girl had a tattoo on the right side of her waist. Def not her.

No. 862257

somebody post this

No. 862259

They did. It was just a pdf with a bunch of rambling and screenshots of money transactions.

No. 862263

by the way, who has news of evalion? Is she dead?

No. 862286

I heard it's the same old, same old with her. Still married, I think. Did she ever continue her friendship with Stell? I remember it was through Evalion that I found out about Stella. That creek video…

No. 864159

Does anyone actually have any real NSFW photos or footage of Stella?

No. 864319

The thirst is strong with this one

No. 864322

I just think she's beautiful and really want to see her. Can you blame me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864343

Yes, waaaaay to much crazy around and involving her. You're gonna die xD

No. 864608


Lmao only Stell is crazy about her witch nose, fucked teeth cleft chin, and chiseled jaw line. Have fun fucking yourself.

No. 864610

File: 1567726090986.jpg (445.61 KB, 900x900, 20190905_192314.jpg)

Yes, I am pretty crazy about her. I think she's absolutely beautiful. I would do anything just to see her without any clothes on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864613

You can't say you wouldn't fuck her either if given the chance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864617


Sure. Every girls wet dream is a racist teenager who looks like a witch had a baby with actual trailer trash.

No. 864625

She doesn't have a kid.

No. 864631

It's not worth it. The last guy was definitely a psychopath. No wonder she left the internet. I would too if I had all these nutcases chasing me.

I thought my sex life was shit but this is ridiculous. Feel kinda bad for the girl.

But if you do manage it, take pics and post em before you die. Cant wait to read your story lol

No. 864635

She's just had some bad luck. She can start fresh, clean slate. And if I ever do manage to fuck her, that would be a blessing all on it's own! I think she'd be worth it. All teenagers go through a confused stage but now I think she's starting to accept who she actually is; becoming more stable.

It's honestly hard to believe noone has gotten their hands on any pictures or videos of her considering how much sex she's had since she was 13.

No. 864640

Bad luck…

5 guys came here to fuck her over. No idea what the last guy got out of it but he had ne fooled with the video. Then he decided to tell us for some reason. Said it was to prove a point but I'm not buying that.

I hope she gets help or protection because that is some scary shit right there.

No. 864646

All things aside the vid was pretty fucked up. You don't do something like that if it's not true. It was pretty convincing, though. The girl in the vid had a nice body.

The accusation that she was fucking for money and thus being a literal whore was pretty low, too. I never understood the full story. This has been super complicated and noone wants to clearly explain what happened.

Still hard to believe she's been a slut all these years. She always seemed so wholesome and pure. Part of the reason I'm so thirsty for her.

No. 864649

Yeah I am with you on that. She needs to find a good man to take care of her and settle down with. To bad she doesn't practice what she preaches.

No. 864652

We don't even really know what she believes at this point but I hope she can settle on a set of principles and a stable lifestyle.

I'd be happy just fucking her a few times but if she's really so unstable and deceptive and it's not just a passing phase than no thanks.

My advice to her: admit your mistake, try to make peace with everyone, burn the bridge behibd you and just start anew. Fact o' the matter is she doesn't even really have anything incriminating leaked out there (that we know of,) not even any lewd pics. Her reputation is salvagable. Though the part of me obsesseed with her obviously hopes there are pics/vids…

No. 864657

She's definitely beautiful but it seems like noone cares about anything other than fucking her and ruining her life afterwards

No. 864667

I don't have anything against her. Tbh Idk what she did to piss so many people off. I do honestly want to fuck her, though. I'd cum from just watching those beautiful red lips wrapped around my cock while she looks up at me with those pretty eyes. 😍💦

No. 864755

Idk, as far as I'm concerned everyone she's been with is a loser. White trash extraordinaire.

No. 864888

it's a shame not to let a woman be free by being a little naughty. people are still forced to blame the liberated girls by harassing them, so they shut themselves up.

No. 864989

Well do you feel the same about guys? How naughty can they be without consequences in your opinion?

No. 864993

why a young girl who discovers herself and wants to expose her body needs to be hunted and harassed?why not leave her alone? why do people like to hate her? why do not people like different people and need to be mean to them?

No. 864994

Maybe she deserves it.

No. 865017

for her reason she deserves it? she broke your heart? you feel emasculated so you need revenge?

No. 865030

I dont know. I was just pointing out that you were fully in support of women being able to do whatever they wanted without any consequences and seem to believe she didn't deserve any of this.

So I just asked if you felt that guys should be allowed to do whatever they wanted without any consequences either. I mean the majority of the prison population are men.

No. 865046

File: 1567807799498.jpg (120.39 KB, 640x640, d48374d0a86eb03e38ae2307d26788…)

Guys, can we just appreciate how lovely she is? 🌹

No. 865047

File: 1567807891382.png (546.18 KB, 478x599, 24c4934cc8afa4e58308ded220ceeb…)


No. 866823

Where is she? Is she on Instagram or any social media?

No. 873920

I miss her.

No. 875258

She's doing fine. She had to completely remove herself from having any online presence. She's moved on with her life. She had to do this to protect herself and her family. We live in a very small town and things travel fast. You may see her again in the future.

No. 875576

So to clear things up, she was neither the young lady in that porn video nor was she having sex for money, correct? I always knew it was nonsense. She's too good a person for all that. I hope she's doing better. We're sorry for all the distress she was caused.

No. 875705

There were a number of objectives that I had wanted to accomplish by doing all that.

1. Make sure Stella felt better about her decision. (Hopefully Success)
2. Expose people who wouldn't believe or support her at her word and allow her to cut them out of her life. (Immoral if you go by supposed "rights"). (Success)
3. She'd always be afraid I'd screw her over either way (sadly) so I might as well get her the most help and sympathy as I could (Success).
4. Get Elizabeth to stop using her for money. The car thing and other stuff. (Success)
5. Get Styx to move on and eliminate whatever he has on her. (Success)
6. Make this thread into something that would make her smile and feel beautiful. (Probably Success idk)
7. I always told her just be honest with me. She wasn't but that didn't really matter. A bit of payback in that sense. (Success if she learned, failure if not)
8. It was just my way of passing the torch to others. As long as she's happy and safe, then I am ok with things. Just want her to be happy, protected and not have to worry(failure T_T).
9. I wanted less distractions. (Success)
10. In the unlikely event that she ever wants to be with me, first she'd have to fail her current relationship, then her family would be against it, then her friends, I'm pretty sure all of you guys would be, and pretty much anyone else who knows anything about this will be which means if she gets past all of that then I'd believe she's genuine, else she can do whatever she want's. She's perfect in my eyes. (Probably Successful)

I've already said so but no, she was not the girl in the video. Finally, my issue wasn't her, it was Elizabeth claiming she needed money and I was tired of using her as a proxy and not being able to be certain if she was lying or not.

No. 875709

There are other reasons but it's kind of pointless. I felt this was mostly low level stuff that was self apparent. The porn stuff was simply for bait and a catalyst to prove that given the choice, you would all throw your principles, feigned morals and opinions away in a heartbeat

No. 875716


SHe doesn't need to worry about me. You guys can have an online presence. I'm like 90% over her. Just relax and enjoy life if you can. Yeah I know this was a bitch move but she was going to be afraid of it anyways. If she gets a fresh start as an adult then it's better for everyone. I miss her as well but that's how life goes sometimes.

No. 875766

Does she really have sex, though? I really thought she wanted to save it for marriage. How good was she in bed if you don't mind me asking.

No. 877442

Stella attends church every sunday and is doing her best to live a pure life. She really does believe in traditional values. She still has a bit of a bad reputation around town due to her old youtube videos that were racial in nature. Most of what you read about her isn't true at all. I know her and have lived the same little town as her for many years. Just know that she is doing good and you won't be seeing her online anytime soon.

No. 877779

Do you know what Elizabeth's new Instagram is? I loved her nudes. She has really beautiful tits.

No. 877872

Dont bother, you're to poor

No. 877923

If you do anything that results in her coming back into my life again you will not like how things turn out btw

No. 877952

Umm, what? Too poor? And what are you talking about? I just want Elizabeth's Instagram. Also, can someone please repost her nudes.

No. 877990

I'll trade it for your entire ancestry report then

No. 878078


Learn how to search for nudes and leave her alone loser

No. 878942

Stella would look so beautiful with her face covered in ropes of cum while on her knees.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879865

I'm going to make a cum tribute for Stella. I hope she likes it. 😊

No. 880292

Oh that would be lovely! 💐 Which photo are you going to use??

No. 882154

I'm over her now. Wont be checking the thread anymore, giving a damn or bothering you. Do whatever you want.

No. 882365

I keep checking in case anyone posts nudes of her. 😃

No. 885728

Stella isn't what people are saying she is. She is a girl who made mistakes by getting involved in right wing politics and racism. Today she is over all of that and lives a normal life here in small town Virginia. She attends church weekly and tries her best to live a good life. She isn't doing porn or whatever people are saying. The people who have claimed to have sex with her are lying. She has moved on with her life and you won't be seeing her online anytime soon.

No. 886105

If I posted a sex story about her, would you show her? It's just an erotic short story.

No. 886620

If she was smart, honest, blue eyed blonde, European, 10 times as popular, able to be sponsored and had actual fans that support her. https://youtu.be/qV-gSNGVnQk

No. 886797

Why would she want to see that? I don't see how that would be interesting to her.

No. 886835

Because it'll be hot. I'm going to include a photoshopped image of her riding me. ❤

No. 887024

Do you suffer from mental illness?

No. 887692

Shut up, no I don't! I love her with all my heart! I'm going to fuck her one day!

No. 887782

Lol, well my advice to you is to get it done within the next year. You never know what could happen. Would be a tragedy if war broke out or the world was destroyed or natural disasters or a freak accident makes it impossible. And really, if the bibles true, then maybe god will destroy humanity and start fresh again. In such a case, I think we'd be better off without trash like you.

Way to exemplify the value of eugenics. You're retardation, desperation and inability to value her for anything other than sex means you have a high chance of being a rapist or an uncle. So why shouldn't you just be shot? You're going to die one day anyway and when you do you'll finally be doing something to make the world a better place.

No. 887798

Okay but first I wanna fuck her. I wanna eat her out then let her give me a nice blowjob. After that I wanna fuck her in a few different positions and do a 69. Then I want to fuck her anally in doggy position. And finally after I slowly pull out of her tight, beautiful little ass I want her to get on her knees and blow me one last time as I cum in her mouth and watch her swallow everything. It'll be amazing. ❤

No. 887809

File: 1572701816004.jpg (51.91 KB, 197x265, 20191102_093257.jpg)

My beautiful little lolita! I can't wait to just hold her and tell her I how much I love her. I bet it'll feel like Heaven having my cock inside her ass. I can only imagine how soft, tight and warm it feels. She is truly an angel. ❤(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 887814

But what if she doesn't want your little dick? What then?

No. 887815

I think my dick will be good enough. It's a nice average size. If I were bigger I might hurt her while putting it in her ass. I'll also be eating her out all the time and making her cum.

No. 887816

Don't you think she looks beautiful in that picture?

No. 887830

This sounds like a better time honestly

No. 888000

No. 888005

No. 888032

No. 888800

File: 1572893840203.jpg (48.09 KB, 270x555, sexyposted.jpg)

Wanna see something funny?

No. 888801

File: 1572893875664.jpg (61.44 KB, 270x555, sexy.jpg)

No. 888803

File: 1572893924624.jpg (342.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-124737_Ins…)

No. 888804

File: 1572893958941.jpg (332.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-124751_Ins…)

No. 888805

File: 1572893985824.jpg (271.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-124835_Ins…)

No. 888806

File: 1572894006616.jpg (266.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-141321_Ins…)

No. 888809

File: 1572894263207.jpg (369.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191104-140407_Sam…)

How do you feel about broken promises and lies?

No. 888810

File: 1572894307950.jpg (465.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191104-135229_Ins…)

Looks cute huh

No. 888811

File: 1572894335682.jpg (431.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191104-135222_Ins…)

But I think this one is better

No. 888813

File: 1572894388019.jpg (445.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191025-084040_Ins…)

I mean it's not like people lie ever

No. 888814

File: 1572894431698.jpg (74.28 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20191005_210312_576.jpg)

Isnt that right?

No. 888816

File: 1572894459987.jpg (115.62 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20191031_194354_196.jpg)

But you do look really good.

No. 888817

File: 1572894492734.jpg (41.49 KB, 542x744, IMG_20191104_130132_348.jpg)

Even though it's my money xD

No. 888818

File: 1572894522147.jpg (44.16 KB, 527x846, IMG_20191012_144509_728.jpg)

You're a cutie

No. 888819

File: 1572894576044.jpg (52.01 KB, 518x837, IMG_20191012_141607_581.jpg)

To bad you guys didnt wanna chill

No. 888820

File: 1572894613575.jpg (121.54 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20191104_133011_048.jpg)

But love that twirl you do

No. 888822

File: 1572894640785.jpg (24.4 KB, 540x540, IMG_20191104_133008_988.jpg)

And your beautiful smile

No. 888823

File: 1572894721303.jpg (326.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-012536_Ins…)

Sucks huh

No. 888825

File: 1572894921567.jpg (283.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-012421_Ins…)

No. 888826

File: 1572894972173.jpg (315.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-012238_Ins…)

No. 888827

File: 1572895066304.jpg (391.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-011758_Ins…)

Right now it's actually like 6200 ish tbh

No. 888828

File: 1572895212085.jpg (310.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-012434_Ins…)

Kind of an annoying question I guess. But she so wants to be your replacement lol

No. 888830

File: 1572895411541.jpg (385.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191025-085959_Ins…)

No. 888832

File: 1572895507135.jpg (321.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191017-221604_Ins…)

No. 888834

File: 1572895558247.jpg (327.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191017-221328_Ins…)

No. 888839

File: 1572895906365.jpg (418.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191104-143115_Ins…)

The answer to her question

No. 888846

Yeah, she doesn't do porn.
This is full of lies

No. 888848

File: 1572897819887.jpg (329.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-025036_Sam…)

No. 888849

File: 1572897845603.jpg (325.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-025025_Sam…)

No. 888851

File: 1572897868941.jpg (337.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-025017_Sam…)

No. 888852

File: 1572897890029.jpg (336.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024959_Sam…)

No. 888853

File: 1572897929273.jpg (330.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024913_Sam…)

No. 888854

File: 1572897981343.jpg (326.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024857_Sam…)

No. 888855

File: 1572898018212.jpg (332.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024844_Sam…)

No. 888858

File: 1572898102360.jpg (332.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024831_Sam…)

No. 888860

File: 1572898125158.jpg (322.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024757_Sam…)

No. 888861

File: 1572898152084.jpg (341.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024733_Sam…)

No. 888863

File: 1572898178510.jpg (345.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024716_Sam…)

No. 888865

File: 1572898253609.jpg (329.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024630_Sam…)

No. 888867

File: 1572898331938.jpg (322.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024613_Sam…)

Someone was getting suspicious around this time

No. 888868

File: 1572898378206.jpg (334.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024553_Sam…)

No. 888869

File: 1572898424026.jpg (312.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024529_Sam…)

No. 888870

File: 1572898453231.jpg (323.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024515_Sam…)

No. 888871

File: 1572898484624.jpg (310.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024500_Sam…)

No. 888873

File: 1572898531799.jpg (343.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024420_Sam…)

No. 888874

File: 1572898559448.jpg (321.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024446_Sam…)

No. 888875

File: 1572898590506.jpg (310.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024321_Sam…)

No. 888876

File: 1572898623473.jpg (318.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024340_Sam…)

No. 888878

File: 1572898757011.jpg (318.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024253_Sam…)

No. 888879

File: 1572898808400.jpg (332.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024234_Sam…)

No. 888881

File: 1572898919397.jpg (324.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024213_Sam…)

No. 888882

File: 1572899009836.jpg (332.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024157_Sam…)

No. 888884

File: 1572899049302.jpg (314.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024135_Sam…)

No. 888886

File: 1572899098690.jpg (331.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024117_Sam…)

No. 888888

File: 1572899132210.jpg (327.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024058_Sam…)

No. 888889

File: 1572899168640.jpg (311.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024037_Sam…)

No. 888890

File: 1572899198230.jpg (324.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-024020_Sam…)

No. 888892

File: 1572899253074.jpg (329.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023957_Sam…)

No. 888893

File: 1572899282033.jpg (321.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023934_Sam…)

No. 888894

File: 1572899311089.jpg (330.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023913_Sam…)

No. 888895

File: 1572899345679.jpg (323.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023852_Sam…)

No. 888896

File: 1572899368490.jpg (321.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023833_Sam…)

No. 888897

File: 1572899391713.jpg (309.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-023820_Sam…)

No. 888899

File: 1572899535575.jpg (315.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-012515_Sam…)

Not gonna show patreon or ebay transfers. Or nudes. She's a good girl after all. She'd never lie to you, or cheat on you, or break promises.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888901

File: 1572899696755.jpg (313.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191104-153456_Ins…)

Glad you're taking care of her so well.

No. 888904

what is this creepy stalker shit? am i missing a meta joke somewhere?

No. 888906

Some sloppy retard apparently gave her a lot of cash and she didn't give a shit about him. In a triggered rage he decided to sperg out and compile instagram messages (which may not even be real) into a pdf among other things.

No. 888908

and the weirdo anons in this thread declaring their love for her? i thought robots aren't allowed but these comments are pretty recent

No. 888909

No clue, probably just trolls.

Since there's no "lol" to be had here, at this point it's just one hopeless lunatic with a vendetta and a hard on.

No. 888910

Yeah it's just funny. Elizabeth was getting money and all she had to do was not pull the stella card. Stella promised not to talk to liz, liz promised not to talk to me, and she promised not to use stella for money. And it's hilarious that they could all just chill and relax but people just dont learn. Life is funny like that

No. 888911

You're expecting people here to infer what the hell you're talking about without the benefit of any back story.

No. 888912

Either way. Do you think that they should leave me alone or do you think the TRIVIAL amount of money they get from me is worth all the bullshit?

No. 888913

If those transactions are you, I'd say you're the one who ought to have a lolcow thread, since you could have bought a house and a limo instead. Are you a spurned lesbian lover?

No. 888919

Yeah that's me. I'm doing pretty well for myself tbh. That's pretty much just extra money I was giving them. Life's not bad at all. Not interested in a limo xD

No. 888920

Why you would give thousands of dollars a month to random women without even the benefit of sex is beyond me. Each to his own.

No. 888930

Yeah, I get that. Not like I'd enjoy exploring new horizons or anything. Either way, 93% sure that it definitely didnt matter in the slightest and 60% she faked everything but it was fun while it lasted.

Maybe I just need to hop into an uber and go for a ride and move on. The money's not ever an issue in my case but the whole stella needs money stuff is probably as annoying to me as all of this is to you

No. 889453

Nice tits on that Elizabeth chick.(don't do this)

No. 889454

(self posting)

No. 889459

Spoiler that. Or better, delete it, what the fuck

No. 889469


No. 889533

By the way. Did you know that unique names when they're deleted become available to use on Instagram?

No. 889714

File: 1573039941974.jpg (307.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191105-105730_Ins…)

No. 889715

File: 1573039980574.jpg (429.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191105-125626_Ins…)

No. 889869

Can you please fucking stop with all these fake screenshots already? We already know this shit's not real. We know how easy it is to fabricate fake online conversations. Someone here even posted a how-to video. Geez, get a life…

No. 889902

Sure. That's the last of the soft options anyway.

No. 889996

The fuck is a "soft option?"

No. 890083

Soft option

If you take the soft option, you do the thing that is easiest or least likely to cause trouble in a particular situation.

[mainly British]

We take the soft option. I like to keep the crowd happy because that's what they pay for.

The job of chairman can no longer be regarded as a convenient soft option


Look out for her and don't stress over this shit. Enjoy life. None of this matters anyway. She can go back to whatever she wants to do. If money is such an issue then maybe ebay, etsy and social media will help out. Otherwise just take care of her and keep her happy.

Liz will have her 10k by the end of the year unless she decides otherwise.

No. 890093

Do u got anything on stella like crazy info or sexy pics?

No. 890098

Subtext isn't really your strong suit in life is it? Just give up on the hope that you'll ever see her naked

No. 890101

Why? Shes really hot and i have a mad crush on her. I mean can u blame me? Just look at her!

No. 890358

Every one of her pictures are sexy. It's impossible for her to look bad.

No. 890364

Exsctly! But imagine her with nothing on. Or at least in a skimpy bikini 😍

No. 890384

It's cute you have to imagine those xD. Anyways real talk. I think I'm probably being way to much of an asshole to her. What do you think?

No. 890412

From what i can tell there's probably about 6 to 7 people active in this thread. You seem to be someone who views her in a positive enough light to overlook her more controversial aspects though the impression I get from you is that you're only after her sexually. Not much of a barometer and I know it's off topic but you're just gonna fanboy anyways. One person's vehemently opposed to her 2 are tacitly sympathetic but opposed to me for sure and the rest are defending her to the best of there ability.
So do you have any opinions about me and this situation or are you just here for the dream and drama?
I personally think I'm being extremely immature and giving into my more destructive tendencies far to easily. I do want to say I'm sorry but I doubt it matters to her at this point. I hate being reminded of her and being powerless to do anything to make things better for her. She's got every right in the world to hate me and I kinda want her to because I just love that about her but I'm worried I'm hurting her to much (which is egotistical lol, she'd have to have cared about me first).
My biggest concern is that I want her to be safe, happy and looked after. Oh well, get outta your head xD

No. 890446

Opinion on u? Bruh idek who tf u r. I just have a mad crush on stella…

No. 890449

Lol ok thirsty one.

No. 890456

I need a gallon o JUICE my guy, coz im mad thirsty, ya feel?

No. 890498

File: 1573188181668.jpg (325.53 KB, 1050x2158, 20191107_190917.jpg)

Good times, great price

No. 890564

Bro wtf is this even supposed to be? Why you keep posting this shit? Like post stella shit

No. 890593

So I guess we can derail threads, same fag and vendetta/blog post, brag about how much money we have for months and admit to it and the mods wont ban or clean up fake post.

No. 890711

Well, well, according to Elizabeth, she has nudes of Stell (though not showing her face.) Perhaps the thirsty ones here might get to see something after all.

No. 890753

"though not showing her face"

So fake. Whatever vendetta you have is getting very, very old.

No. 890872

Shouting fake at everything when you cant even take a hint. Post here all you want but you're never gonna get the message are you? I swear, something could be staring you in your face and you'd miss it. Do you fail to spell your own name like you failed paint by numbers?

No. 892035

File: 1573519555937.jpg (103.25 KB, 606x607, IMG_20191107_222705_349.jpg)

No. 892044

File: 1573520682906.jpg (309.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191111-192909_Ins…)

No. 892124

kys thirsty ass creeps

No. 892257

File: 1573554471346.jpg (96.64 KB, 606x807, IMG_20191109_085735_363.jpg)

Like this?

No. 892463

Smoking?! O hell no, dats a dealbreaker. I take back all i said. Bye

No. 892677


No. 892738

Lmao, that's your guy's breaking point. Definitely not for me. I'd take her in a heartbeat. Hopefully people have learned thier lessons now and can enjoy thier lives instead of wasting it online where they're powerless to do anything.

Restraint is so difficult.

No. 892786

At this point your obsessive posting is more milky than anything else here. You seem infatuated with the idea of being with a person you are throwing under a bus, a train, and a steamroller at the same time. Are you convinced that by debasing her, she will see you as some sort of savior-like figure, or "way out"?

I highly doubt that matters to you, and it definitely doesn't matter to most of the others posting here. Just my two cents.

No. 892845

I'd say a bus, then a steamroller, then a train. I actually hope for the opposite if I'm being honest. Hopefully she never needs me for anything.

No. 892914

I dont understand, doesnt anyone have at least a photo of her in like panties or a swimsuit? Anything remotely sexy? Anything at all? Come on, lets all be honest here, we'd all be jerking off like crazy if someone posted anything like that of her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 893024

Stella doesn't smoke. She just held that cigarette for the picture. She thinks smoking is gross.

No. 893062

So, what's your game plan? I already said for you to leave and that this site can do nothing but hurt her and you're a fool for even being here.

Are you going to defend her honor when the thought to report files or violations of the rules never crossed your mind? Are you just going to say thirsty like the impressionable dumbass you are? Are you going to follow the breadcrumbs of examples like the video until the end of time? What could you possibly gain from being here when you cant assess the situation or grasp how much you have to lose over something as trivial as your ego and a lousy forum thread?

No. 893644

This is the most fucking bizarre thread I've read in a while. Stella has some creepy people in her life, that's for sure.

No. 894386

I wanna feel my cock inside her tight, warm ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 894807

File: 1574046916154.jpg (7.42 KB, 261x215, GjXz0Ym.jpg)

You disgusting cretin

No. 895455

How am I disgusting? I just want to make love to her. Can you imagine how incredible it would be?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 895477

You really love anal don't you.

No. 895661

I mean who doesn't? It's tight, warm, soft. Could you imagine Stella's? 😍❤🍑

No. 895706

Is this just one creepy dude samefagging? Her ex-sugar daddy perhaps…?

No. 895852

File: 1574282682338.jpg (67.99 KB, 500x279, 635.jpg)

No. 895924

File: 1574297876489.jpg (3.49 MB, 4032x1960, 20191112_081651.jpg)

Not me. Sex is easy to get. Rides are cheap. Relationships however are impossible.

No. 895976

I've seen trannies who are way prettier than her,you,have shit taste.

No. 896342

You're gay

No. 896549

For real. If you're into trannies you're pretty gay.

No. 896963

No. 896975

You motherfucker… 💀

No. 896996

What? You can't handle seeing someone get pussy?

No. 897134


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