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No. 705869

who - streamer, only started playing games when she was in her twenties and realised it would make guys like her better


so apparently she's been getting big. She initially got attention by dating some lonely older guy who helped make Day-Z, and has been making similar connections since and growing for that reason

People eat up that cutesy voice and her British accent and assume she's pretty because she doesn't use a camera. In person all she does is humblebrag about being a known by some people. and she's horrible irl. She told straight up lies about an autistic girl at our uni so that no one would talk to that girl for the whole three years. It worked. And everything she says is an obvious humblebrag to put people down. and yet shes known on the net for being down to earth. she pretends to be cute and makes money off it, but she's a bully irl(shit thread)

No. 705874


No. 705881

Nice obvious vendetta post.

No. 705898

Don't make an obvious vendetta thread about some rando you go to uni with, it's really not cute anon.

No. 705953

>She told straight up lies about an autistic girl at our uni

what lies did she tell about you, anon?

No. 706086

whats her real name?

No. 706187

oh she didn't do anything to me personally. I just know how horrible she is. but fair point. if it seems like a vendetta post then i guess she's not as well known as i thought

No. 706188

tbh i'm just glad you see her as a rando. she gave us all the impression she was famous. my bad lol

No. 706190

hahahaha I was asking for that
there was a girl at uni with high functioning autism. she bullied her (blamed her for shit she didn't do etc) until no one would even speak to her. the girl was totally isolated for the three years she had to live in halls.

No. 706196

ok so I should clear some things up. totally thought she was a famous streamer from what people around us said. people fanboying over her videos don't seem to know how awful she is to the people around her so I thought I'd clear that up. but I guess her "fame" was totally exaggerated and now this is just some post bitching about some nobody. hahahaha sorry guys. will delete once the responders see the explanation

No. 706461

I mean couldn't you tell she wasn't famous by her follower count? She sounds like an ass but yeah this is literally personal vendetta since you go to the same uni

No. 706662

OP, you seem relatively reasonable and self-aware, so I'm still not sure how this abortion happened, but good on ya for owning it

No. 706773

well she was always weird.

No. 717012

lol i dropped out of Uni in my first year


No. 776326


lmao did she google herself?

No. 778732

k, since I'm just remembering this horrendous thing i posted

this thread talks about her, if it helps: >>>/snow/302068 but yeah, sorry, it was a vendetta. i'd spent the day around people who were chatting shit about an autistic guy and it reminded me of her and made me angry, and later i was drunk af and posted this passive aggressive crap because i couldnt keep it in. immature, yes. low point in my sanity levels, and remembering that i actually did this is almost as annoying to me as this bully herself

yeh, dropped out after bullying an autistic girl

thanks xx i actually super appreciate that

No. 786901

Oh dat ugly british alcoholic and drug addict trash who only going to clubs ans tryin bang some rich guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 795880

Not using face cam will pay off as she becomes a middle aged NEET streamer.

No. 852977

op was the autist being talked about i was literally there xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865777


There or not, how could you know?(necro)

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